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Barco On Tour



Opposite: Barco’s Ashley Raines, Nigel Brown, Waseem Ghos & Daniel Murphy.


In the initial stages of its three-month tour, TPi embarks on a 20-minute round trip to Old Trafford to join up with Barco and witness the company’s latest product offerings.

As an innovative technology company, Barco is constantly at the forefront of bringing new capabilities to the event industry. Following the success of the Barco 4K truck tour in 2017, the decision to once again bring the tradeshow to end-users this year was a “no brainer”.

“This time we wanted to go bigger and broader for Europe and we have enough products to make it worth-while,” Barco Country Director UK and Ireland, Ashley Raines began. “It’s an opportunity to showcase our latest innovations before the summer break in an immersive environment.”

The #BarcoOnTour truck takes some of the company’s latest offerings directly to industry professionals to see the technology up close and in action – backed by the mantra, Shape It. Show It. “Innovation has been the lifeblood of Barco for over 85 years. It’s also what professionals in the event sectors need to bring exceptional shows or experience to audiences and visitors,” Barco Multi-Market Marketing Manager EMEA, Sylvia Stevens explained.

From the Prolight + Sound exhibition trade show in Frankfurt, Germany in early April until the end of June, Barco’s truck will navigate a series of European cities, stopping at over 50 pitstops. “We had over 300 people visiting the truck at Prolight + Sound,” Raines enthused. “We’re travelling the continent and spreading the word as we go.”

Among Barco’s range of new products on show was its single-chip laser projectors purposed for a wide range of market segments, the brightest 4K laser projector under 100kg, and even a sneak preview of its all-new mid-level laser 3 chip DLP projector. Other products on show included its

RigiFlex roll-up screen, Direct View LED tiles and UniSee.

“Barco has been expanding its range of projectors with the new brighter F80s as well as a new G60-series, providing both mid-range and high-end solutions, both launched at ISE 2019,” Raines said.

Barco also expanded its UDX projectors series with the arrival of 4 new members of the UDX family, a pair of 26K and a pair of 40K units to complete the offer to its wide audience of users.

The unique FLEX2 feature ensures partners to get even more out of their investment. It allows users to regulate and adapt the brightness and resolution to their specific needs. This means fewer projectors are now needed to cover a wider range of brightness levels and resolutions.

These recent additions also keep the same proof points as Barco’s predecessors. The resolution reaches 4K UHD, matching the widest colour spectrum compared to other laser phosphor projectors in the market. While latency is kept at its lowest due to the Single Step Processing technology.

Thanks to the Barco Pulse electronics the projectors have a recognisable userfriendly interface. “We cover all technology whether it’s LED, LCD, projection, laser, light source and every-thing in between,” Raines concluded.

#BarcoOnTour will pass through Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. TPi www.barco.com/ontour