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MEDIA SERVERS In recent years, media servers have opened the doors for show designers, allowing further integration of video into touring productions - from single screens all the way up to fully immersive stages. TPi takes a look at some of the leading media server brands from the world of live events.

The vx 4 is optimised for playing up to four times uncompressed 4K60 using its high-performance NVME RAID drive array; as well as the capability of playing lossless 10-bit video. Additionally, it can capture either 16 3G-SDI sources, or four 4K sources (2160p60). With the introduction of r15.2 and the vx 4, disguise now supports HDR content and provides a means of applying colour profiles. Consisting of a colour space and a gamma curve, users can now set a colour profile to their content, or capture images and disguise does the real-time conversion. The vx 4 also offers users a choice of content quality using industry

DISGUISE disguise’s new vx 4 server has been engineered to play back video at higher quality and resolution than ever before. Previewed at Integrated Systems Europe 2019, where it scooped the Installation Best of Show 2019 Award. 86

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