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Yekaterinburg’s impressive stadium underwent a huge audio and lighting upgrade ahead of the World Cup.

We take a closer look at the state-ofthe-art technology installed at one of the newest stadiums in Romania.

Clear-Com’s Regional Sales Manager for NW/MW USA and Canada discusses his career and recent projects.

We delve into the world of audio, with products and projects all featured in our first focus.






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Mondo Stadia_URSA Broadcast (Sports Image)_EU.indd 1

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e’re incredibly proud to bring you the new MONDO | STADIA magazine… as you can see, we’ve decided to change a few things. The feedback we received since starting the original supplement has been hugely positive and that, along with being involved in such a fascinating industry, is why we’ve made the decision to become a bimonthly title - with a whole new design and features, too. We hope MONDO | STADIA captures the ingenuity and passion of the work that goes into the incredible stadiums and sporting venues we see today. Without the creative uses of technology we see in every single part, from the original concept through to opening ceremonies, these venues simply wouldn’t be the same. In this issue, we look at the spectacular transformations we’ve seen in Russia for the World Cup. From Volgograd to Ekaterinburg - and everywhere in between - we focus on the technology that helped to deliver a unforgettable tournament. Elsewhere, there’s an eye-catching lighting revamp at Kuala Lumpur Sports City and an impressive audio installation at Ion Oblemenco Stadium in Romania. We hope you enjoy our first issue…


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064 Ion Oblemenco Stadium | Craiova, Romania


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088 Sanford Stadium | Georgia, USA TURF 092 GrassMaster | World Cup Round-Up DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE


098 Kingsholm Stadium | Gloucester, England

024 Jay Wallace, Clear-Com

BROADCAST 100 TCO Studio | Minnesota, USA

THE FULL PITCH 030 Volgograd Arena | Volgograd, Russia


040 Ekaterinburg Arena | Yekaterinburg, Russia

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048 McCauley Sound & RAM Audio | World Cup

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DAVID LABUSKES, AVIXA Audiovisual Technologies Help Redefine the Modern Fan Experience

Images: AVIXA

here was a time when fans went

been monitoring the in-home experience to

use laser projectors to show compelling imagery

to a sporting event to watch the

best ensure that our arena experience always

and motion video on the court or ice rink.

game. Today, however, the game

remains one step ahead of it,” said Tom Wilson,

“We’re doing some pretty interesting 3D

represents just one facet of a larger,

President and CEO of Olympia Entertainment.

animations, where it looks like the ice is turning

more engaging experience. Leading stadia are

“So as home technology gets better, we

into a wall of ice, or the ice is cracking, or that

leveraging audiovisual technologies to create

continuously look to create certain ‘wow’

there’s something under the ice that is powering

a new kind of immersive fan experience, one

moments that give our fans something they

it,” said Pete Skorich, Vice President for

that is helping to reaffirm the importance of the

haven’t seen or felt before, and can only feel in

Entertainment Services, Olympia Entertainment

stadium in modern sports. From shape-defying

our arena - and audiovisual technology helps us

and the Detroit Red Wings. “We’re also having

high-definition displays and data-driven

create these moments.”

fun with showing images of our team’s history

digital content, to state-of-the-art projection

To get fans off the couch and in the door,

on the ice.”

mapping, and - yes - augmented and virtual

venues understand that they must offer more

Little Caesars Arena is also using a 12-laser

reality, game-day experiences are evolving.

than a game; they need to deliver a compelling

projection system to cast images and video on

Leading venues have begun to prioritise the

experience - and new audiovisual technologies

its ‘jewel skin’, a 600ft metal-panel canvas

audiovisual fan experience in response to the

are the foundation.

that runs along the Via, an enclosed, street-

rapid advancement of home entertainment

When Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena opened in

level concourse that surrounds the arena with

and the reality that, when it comes to watching

September 2017, the first-year home of the NHL

restaurants, concessions, a team store and

a game, many fans enjoy doing so from the

Red Wings and NBA Pistons featured floor-to-

endless amenities. This unique feature has a

comfort of their living room.

ceiling visual innovations designed to enhance

massive impact with fans, and the venue may

“Since the advent of the television, we’ve

the fan experience. On the floor, venue operators

just be scratching the surface of its potential.





“I don’t want to say we’re just figuring out how

boards in the west end zone and 51ft high by

operators have their own sets of goals for

to work with it, but we’ve had a year to play

88ft wide boards in the east end zone. And the

incorporating these experiences into their

with it, and now our motion graphic artists are

screens are hung as low as possible to provide a

long-term fan engagement strategy. However,

becoming a little bit more daring, and they’re

more engaging experience for the fans.

all of most understand the need to heighten

becoming used to the technology,” Pete said.

“By positioning expansive video boards in low

the in-stadium fan experience to a level that

“Now they can go out and do some really

proximity locations surrounding the seating

simply cannot be replicated at home. A growing

spectacular stuff with it.”

bowl, fans feel like they’re in the middle of

array of audiovisual and digital technologies are

The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings moved into the

the action - as live game video, highlights,

empowering stadia to do just that.

new $1.1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium at the start

and replays are displayed,” Bryan said. “We


of the 2016 NFL season and felt as though

invested in both high pixel quality video boards

they were playing catch-up in the evolution of

and camera production equipment to produce

audiovisual in sports venues. Their old home at

a completely unique and immersive game-day

the Metrodome featured what the team’s Vice

experience that our fans can only enjoy in the

President of Content and Production, Bryan


Harper, referred to as ‘postage stamp-sized’

The old lure of peanuts and Cracker Jack

display boards. They’ve upped the ante quite a

has been replaced by immersive audiovisual

bit since.

experiences that are thrilling fans as much

Harper now has 68ft-high by 120ft-wide video

as a last-second victory. Teams and venue



1240W LED FLOODLIGHT Broadcast-Ready Ultra-HD and Super Slow Motion Low Glare, Flicker-Free Feature Rich Dynamic Controls True HID Replacement

A New Level of Spectator and Athlete Experience

Midstream Lighting Ltd e. sports@midstreamlighting.com | t. +44 (0) 207 584 8310 1 Chesham Street, London SW1X 8ND UK


SC FREIBURG STADION Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

ack in 2015, a referendum saw the city of Freiburg decide to build a new stadium, which is part of a large urban scheme including new residential estates. The international tender for the stadium was won by HPP and Köster, who proposed a concept with simple yet distinctive architecture and a sound infrastructure - all below the initial estimates of 80-metres - 90-metres at 76-metres. Largely built using prefabricated elements, the Freiburg venue also includes diagonal ties and an imposing rectangular roof, ensuring that it doesn’t become lost as a indentikit stadium. The stadium will have a capacity of 35,000, with 36% of that figure dedicated to standing areas - particularly in the south stand, which will be one tier. The other stands, which will all have two tiers, will include 2,000 VIP seats. To reduce its carbon footprint, the stadium will use a heating system that cuts 550 tonnes of CO² per year. Its roof will also enable the creation of photovoltaic panels later into its operation. With these plans having been in place for a number of years, it seems a crucial decision from the city parliament means work could feasibly start in October 2018. Following a 90-minute debate, the city councillors voted in favour of the proposal. However, the project still needs to be approved by regional authorities, but this is expected to be met with a positive response, too.




If all goes to plan, groundbreaking would start in early 2019, with final delivery still scheduled for 2020. If nothing stops the project, enabling works should start in October, then groundbreaking on the stadium itself would come in early 2019. That’s a slight delay compared to initial plans, but should not impede delivery in 2020, as expected. One thing to keep a close eye on is if opponents of the stadium file lawsuits against the city’s approval. The court would, of course, have to find these valid to put the project on hold. A thorough consultation process was carried out by the city in order to minimise the impact of the stadium to the surrounding area. For example, some noise pollution is expected, while lighting pollution would prevent ant aircraft landing at the nearby airport during games. It’s certainly one to keep a close eye on - SC Frieburg could have its impressive, new stadium in 2020.






UGMK ARENA Yekaterinburg, Russia

new multifunctional arena in Ekaterinburg, Russia is being built, with HPP Architects providing the plans. The city and client, the Ural Mining and Metallurgy Holding (UGMK), have now agreed on one of three proposed designs. The UGMK Arena will be the new home of the Awtomobilist Ekaterinburg ice hockey team and the women’s basketball club, UGMK Ekaterinburg, meeting the standards of international competitions. Designed as a multifunctional arena, it is also able to be used as a venue for other sports, such as volleyball, figure skating or boxing, as well as major international events. The grandstands and playing field adapt flexibly to the various uses and, thus, offer the city new opportunities in the sports and event business. “We are sure that the new arena will make a contribution to the economic and commercial development of Ekaterinburg,” said Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, HPP’s Senior Partner responsible for the project. The construction site is located in the heart of the city on the revitalised banks of the Isset River. The TV tower, which has been unfinished since the mid-1990s - and has since risen 220 metres into the sky as a ruined building - was demolished for the development of the area, which is currently partially fallow. The arena enlivens the quarter through its varied use and the development of new, urban entertainment space.


“Both the client and the city wished to create a new centre with which the city and its inhabitants identify,” explained Antonino Vultaggio, responsible HPP partner. A spacious, raised platform defines the entrance level of the building and integrates the stadium in terms of urban development. The translucent façade cladding made of horizontal metal rods and the glass access floor open up the arena to the outside. The podium houses all the necessary security facilities, parking spaces and delivery as well as a central entrance for visitors, which can be used at major events. As one of the Russian industrial cities built from the beginning of the 18th Century on tsar’s decree for the development of the metalworking industry, the history of Ekaterinburg is closely linked to this. As the largest producer of copper, zinc, hard coal and precious metals in Russia, the client, UGMK, is still the most important employer in the region today. The core elements earth, fire, water and air are therefore bestowed with a particularly important role for the interior concept: they define four different areas of corresponding colour and surface design and therefore give the visitor orientation. In the Water area, for example, glass block walls are displayed, while the Metal area is characterised by copper-coloured materials, for example. HPP Architects have been commissioned with the Concept and Schematic Design stages for the architecture and interior design of the new arena. The construction work is scheduled to begin at the end of the year.



agliari Calcio has been planning to build a new stadium for quite some time, with the plan being to build a new ground next to the temporary Sardegna Arena - where the Serie A side currently play its home games. Earlier this year, the Italian football club presented three visions for the new stadium to its fans. A conference saw those bidding to design the venue deliver their ideas, with the main brief being to deliver a 25,000-seat stadium that could be expanded to 30,000 in the long term. There had to be commercial areas, too, as well as leisure spaces for supporters, residents and corporate clients. Following 5,000 people coming to see the potential plans, Cagliari Calcio identified Sportium as the preferred bidder for the design of its new home. Sportium encloses partners Progetto CMR, iDeas, B&L Real Estate and Manica Architecture, belonging to the American David Manica, archistar who has worked on projects of impressive stadiums and arenas all over the world. The plans submitted to Cagliari Calcio by Sportium was conventional in terms of urban planning - with the design by Manica Architecture of the Sportium consortium welcoming all fans from street level. The surrounding area of the stadium in the design would be occupied by parking for visiting fans, however, a public green area of a significant size is also planned behind the east side of the stadium. The design also sees no additional buildings around the stadium, which means that the ground itself would hold all the required facilities that were




specified by the club. This means that hotel rooms are placed above a corner section and, quite impressively, an open hospitality deck is incorporated in the plans, with a swimming pool overlooking the sea. Now, with one eye on Italy’s potential bid to host the Euro 2028 football tournament, Cagliari Calcio has confirmed that it intends to eventually increase the capacity of the new stadium to 30,000 seats, allowing it to become a potential host city for the tournament. As mentioned, the designs from Sportium were based on a 25,000-seat venue, but with the extra 5,000 seats, the final size of 30,000 sees it hit the minimum criteria for Euro games. The expansion will not happen straightaway, though, with the expansion planned for a later development. The bidding process for Euro 2028 is yet to begin, although it is thought that Italy and England are two of the most likely to be involved. Following necessary approvals and completion of executive design, the stadium should go under construction in 2019 with the venue likely to open in 2021. The 60 million Euros stadium will be carried out by Progetto CMR, iDeas, B&L Real Estate and Manica Architecture. Cagliari Calcio and the city of Cagliari will contribute 10 million Euros each, remainder will be financed privately and from available loans / investment funds.


IMAGE : Cagliari Calcio, Manica Architecture









100+ MEDIA





Chairman Juventus & European Club Association





Manchester United Football



Sports Director

Player and Co-Founder

Dorna Sports

AS Roma

of Common Goal








KICK OFF | AUDIO A closer look at products and projects from the world of audio...

RCF HL 20-WP The HL 20-WP from RCF is a compact, wide dispersion, two-way passive line array module that offers the highest performance from a small size line array. The incredible high output and dynamics, the extreme accuracy and high frequency extension, plus the compact size, makes the HL 20-WP the ideal tool for outdoor sound reinforcement, live performances and events, as well as fixed installations in theatres, concert halls or auditoriums. Connections to the amplifier are made through a watertight multi-pole connector. The grille is in custom perforated aluminium with open-cell fibres and water repellent woven fabric backing. The cabinet is constructed of multiply baltic birch plywood and finished in a fire resistant, textured coating. • Very compact size • Maximum output per size available on the market • Wide, constant directivity, horizontal coverage angle • Minimum weight • Water tight multi-pole connector IP67 • Baltic birch cabinet www.rcf.it



The D.A.S. Audio HQ-212 is designed for medium-to-large scale installations such as stadiums and sporting venues. The HQ models offer tightly controlled coverage patterns and high output capabilities being usable individually, or in multiple unit arrays. The series enclosures incorporate cutting-edge interior and exterior coatings for weather resistance and extended durability in extreme environments. • Two-way long-throw system • Horn loaded 2 x 12-inch low frequency loudspeaker • M-78N neodymium compression driver • Selectable passive / biamplified operating modes • Tight 60º x 40º coverage angles • Rotatable horns • Stainless steel rigging kit www.dasaudio.com

The Delta Series combines the latest quad channel amplifier class D platform and power supply design in both DSP and non-DSP formats. The DSP enabled models have four processed inputs, with analogue, AES and optional Dante networking and, uniquely, 8 channels of independent processed output - four for the local power amps and four aux channels which can feed other non-DSP amplifiers, or be fed back onto the Dante network for use elsewhere. The Delta non-DSP amplifiers may also be fitted with Dante networking making them ideal for system expansion. Legendary XTA DSP, including FIR filtering capabilities, means processing quality is assured, and 2 ohm stability with powers ranging from 4 x 1000W (4R) all the way up to 2 x 6800W (2R) means effortless driving of any system. Ethernet, USB and RS485 control via AudioCore: Amped Edition, XTA’s remote software application, the DeltaDirect iPad app, or even full front panel control. With GPIO and integration with Crestron and Lutron systems, Delta can be used for anything from high power top end touring and club installations to cruise ships and stadia. All models come with a five year warranty. www.audiocore.co.uk 017

MEYER SOUND CAL Designed primarily for vocal reproduction in fixed installations, Meyer Sound’s CAL loudspeakers produce a vertical beam of programmable width and then digitally steer the beam’s pattern up to 30º up or down for best intelligibility. CAL comes in three models - 32, 64, 96 - each providing a different maximum output level over an operating frequency range of 100Hz to 16kHz. A single, unobtrusive CAL loudspeaker can provide clear vocal reproduction over a large area while minimising undesirable reflections. CAL is a great choice for stadiums, sporting venues, airports, convention centres, places of worship, shopping malls, retails spaces, and reverberant spaces requiring low-profile sound reinforcement for voice reproduction. As the first loudspeaker to claim AVnu certification, CAL will have seamless interoperability with certified AVB devices from other vendors, and offer numerous advantages of the open IEEE AVB standards. Flexible mounting options allow users to mount CAL loudspeakers against walls or columns, and custom colours ensure they will blend into any background. Weather protection is standard and permits outdoor installations, making it easy to integrate CAL into any environment. www.meyersound.com

KV2 AUDIO SWEDEN WORLD CUP FAN PARK Fremlab AB, KV2 Audio’s long-term partner in Sweden, played an important part in the recent madness kick-started by Sweden’s progress at the 2018 World Cup. This all began with the ever popular event, SM Week, which takes place every year in summer and winter at different locations in the country. The traditional event aims to increate interest in Swedish sport. In 2018, the location of SM Week was in Helsingborg and Landskrona taking place from 2-8 July. On 3 July 2018, the organisers decided to show organise a fan park for Sweden’s World Cup match against Switzerland, using 15 sq metre LED screens for an expected audience of 1,000 fans. Gröningen Park was suddenly flooded with more than 10,000 people and the original plan to have just two NEXO 12-inch loudspeakers as FOH needed quickly re-thinking for



the next game against England on the 7 July, where one KV2 VHD2.0 mid/ hi per side were added to the original set-up with a pair of KV2 VHD4.18 18inch subwoofers for added low frequency reinforcement. Given the results from the first match Fremlab SE was again hired in by Tylösound to provide a VHD system with four KV2 Audio VHD4.18 subwoofers as the main FOH system covering a crowd of 15,000 people. Having suffered defeat to England, attentions turned to a homecoming ceremony for the return of the squad. The ceremony took place on 11 July, where the VHD System (with two delay points at 40-metres and 80-metres comprising of original RCF Event6000 cabinets designed by KV2 Audio’s Head of R&D, George Krampera) was again deployed for speeches by the city mayor and Helsingborg FC chairman in front of 10,000 people. www.fremlab.se | www.kv2audio.com

KICK OFF APART AUDIO METHLEY CRICKET CLUB Methley Cricket Club, founded in 1863 in the village of Methley near Leeds, UK, is home to two senior teams playing in the Bradford Cricket League, as well as five junior teams playing in the Heavy Woollen Cricket League and the Leeds & District Cricket League. The cricket ground at the club has also hosted the Jack Hampshire Cup Final on many occasions. The audio system at Methley Cricket Club needed an upgrade to allow for announcements to be made outside on matchdays and for background music and announcements in the bar / function suite. An Apart Audio system was selected to allow two separate zones of audio, with MASK6CT-W loudspeakers inside the building and MPLT32 two-way, long-throw horns used outdoors. Powering the new loudspeakers are Apart Audio’s PM1122 and REVAMP4120T amplifers. As well as the new audio system, there is also a radio mic and multisource music player as sources - both of which are controlled from a pair of Apart Audio’s PM1122RL wall control panel. www.apart-audio.com

MARTIN AUDIO LEE VALLEY HOCKEY & TENNIS CENTRE Old Barn Audio (OBA) has completed its fourth high-profile project for the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, equipping the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London with a customised Martin Audio CDD-WR PA system. The £30m centre was opened in June 2014 and consists of two outdoor hockey pitches and four indoor and six outdoor tennis courts. The primary hockey pitch has a capacity of 3,000, which can be increased to 15,000 for major events. The requirement was to make the centre ready for a number of high profile international events, starting with the Hockey Women’s World Cup, after which the PA system will be reconfigured and extended. OBA Project Manager, Neil Kavanagh said his company entered into a fiercely competitive tender and provided the successful bid, demonstrating to the relevant bodies, including England Hockey, that Martin Audio’s CDD series was best fit for purpose. Using patented Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology and featuring user rotatable horns, the powerful, passive two-way CDD15-WR provides 100° x 60° dispersion. Additional seating for the World Cup, doubling the capacity, will be accompanied by 17-metre high scaffolding, with the bottom tier seating fivemetre above the pitch. The sound system will adapt to the different World Cup and European Cup scenarios before settling in as a stand-alone system. There are also numerous hospitality boxes positioned in the North stand for the World Cup - all receiving OBA installed feeds.

In the first phase, the West, East and South stands only have been equipped with a total of 18 CDD15-WR 15-inch loudspeakers, which have been customised and weatherised to IP65. This includes seven CCD15-WR on the West stand, mounted on 4.6-metres custom designed poles in landscape mode. A further five are situated on the South terraces, with another four under the existing cantilevered stand, which contains the press area. The final pair feed the seats to each side of this stand. However, the present complement of 18 CDD15-WR will eventually rise to 23 as Neil explained. “For the World Cup, the North segment will be occupied by portakabins for corporate hospitality, and a broadcast centre. This will make way for the final five enclosures to be installed post World Cup on custom poles in the North stand.” He added: “These loudspeakers meet all the power and dispersion requirements, and exceed the IP rating of any competitor. The client is extremely happy. “We have been able to run the CDD15 without sub extension as they contain extended low end. Every single speaker has its own amplifier and DSP channel.” Completing the contract, OBA has supplied a 32-channel Soundcraft Si1 and custom designed software run through a Symetrix Radius DSP with its own PC, enabling it to be zoned from a touch screen. “We’ve also organised the radio system so it can be used in every seat without drop out, and supplied tie-lines over the console’s digital matrix for broadcast purposes,” said Neil. martin-audio.com 019

KICK OFF CLAIR BROTHERS BANKERS LIFE FIELDHOUSE To capitalise on the buzz of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the Indiana Pacers organisation turned to Randy Skaggs at Village Audio for innovative ideas on a high-energy system with low visual impact. They wanted complete courtside coverage on all sides and down-firing court coverage, with self-powered loudspeakers. Randy looked immediately to the Clair Brothers kiT Series for a solution. The kiTCurve, with its 90° H x 15° V coverage pattern, performed solidly for the short throw to the long sides of the court, but Randy recognised that something more directional was needed to project to the far court corners; and for that he sought a TrueFit - another breakthrough Clair Brothers concept. Clair Brothers and Village Audio collaborated to study the speaker positions and coverage angle requirements. They determined that indeed a custom dispersion on the scoreboard corners could offer better coverage with minimum overlap to other sources. A separate zone was created to cover the court itself and consists of the point source 12-inch member of the Clair Brothers kiT Series the kiT12. Randy concluded: “IThe fact that Clair Brothers can deliver customised solutions is an undeniable asset. The team at Bankers Life Fieldhouse is thrilled with the result, as are we.” www.clairbrothers.com

DANLEY SOUND LABS DOAK CAMPBELL STADIUM The Florida State Seminoles play all of their home games at Doak Campbell Stadium, which has grown from 15,000 seats in 1953 to nearly 80,000 seats today. Now, the the Florida State University has the most powerful sound reinforcement system of any sports stadium in the world. The system is the first to feature two massive Danley J-5 Caleb loudspeakers, which have proven capable of delivering 113dB of clean, undistorted audio to the seating beyond the opposite end zone, along with additional Danley’s Jericho Horns, Synergy Horns, and BC subwoofers. Larry Lucas, Director of Audio & Broadcast Engineering at Anthony James Partners, created the new design for the system, which relies entirely on Danley’s point-source boxes. “Unlike most stadiums of its size, Doak Campbell Stadium has no balcony from which to hang a distributed system, or even to hang fill loudspeakers,” said Kyle VanLandingham, Project Manager for All Pro Sound, the company that installed the system. “The relatively small footprint of the Danley loudspeaker system allowed us to utilise spaces within the scoreboard structure instead of creating new spaces in various areas around the stadium. Aside from the increased simplicity of installation, the Danley Caleb and Jericho series loudspeakers provided the absolute best solution for clear, impactful coverage 020


across an incredibly large space.” Michael Walden, Systems Designer at All Pro Sound, worked with Larry’s plans to make the design a reality. Among those boxes are two Danley J-5 Caleb Horns, which provide coverage for the field and the far side of the stadium. At 10ft tall - and strategically packed with 108 drivers - the Caleb Horn fires phase-coherent audio with a 40° by 15° beam width and frequency response down to 30Hz. Doak Campbell Stadium is acutally the first facility to use more than one Caleb Horn. In addition, five Danley J-3 Jericho Horns cover the remainder of the stadium, with fill provided by four Danley SH-46 Synergy Horn loudspeakers and two Danley OS-80 molded loudspeakers. Eight Danley BC-218 subwoofers provide abundant low end. “It’s notable that this design ultimately required so few boxes,” said Michael. “In part, because of that simplicity, the end result is very balanced, very even, and very clean.” Kyle added: “From what I understand, FSU now has the most powerful sound reinforcement system in all of sports. At four channels each, 16 Danley DNA-20K4 PRO amplifiers power the system. You’re not going to go to a sporting event anywhere else and get a better experience. This system is at the top.” www.danleysoundlabs.com


ShowMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers provide better coverage for outstanding vocal clarity. With DeltaQ technology, new ShowMatch array loudspeakers more Š2018 Bose Corporation.

precisely direct sound to the audience in both installed and portable

Bose_Showmatch_O2_V2.indd 1

applications. Each array module offers field-changeable waveguides that can vary coverage and even create asymmetrical patterns. The result is unmatched sound quality and vocal clarity for every seat in the house. Learn more at SHOWMATCH.BOSE.COM


02/08/2018 14:10:01

GoalSport_Mondo Stadia_v1b.pdf



2:40 PM

goal sport

Reliable tool for real-time decisions.










video referee _Specially designed for sport referees _Suitable for multiple sports _Up to 24 cameras _In-sync reviewing _Zooming, slow-motion and marking

_Enhanced image quality _Intuitive touch screen operation _Fixed/mobile/centralized solution _Timekeeper integration _Recording from all inputs

Approved by FIFA™ for trials organized by the federation.

Learn more about our projects at www.goalsport.software/references Barcelona FC (ESP) | Juventus FC (ITA) | Totenham Spurs FC (UK) | Stoke City (UK) | Burnley FC (UK) | West Ham FC (UK) | Stade Rennais F.C. (FRA) | Ligue Nationale de Rugby (FRA) Irish National Football Stadium (IRE) | Seoul World Cup Stadium (KOR) | Ashgabat Olympic Complex (TKM) | Siofok KC (HU) | Hawthorn Hawks (AUS) | IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship (CZE)


“Everybody needs what we have there’s never a dull moment and that’s the fun part of it. Different workflows and customer needs - sports is one large component of it.” Jay Wallace Regional Sales Manager-NW/MW USA and Canada Clear-Com


JAY WALLACE Regional Sales Manager, NW/MW USA and Canada, Clear-Com

Tell us a little bit more about your background…

Can you explain what Clear-Com specialise in when it comes to stadiums

So, I began in commercial television here in the United States, then moved

and sporting venues?

into radio work, which included working on The Dallas Cowboy football

So, we found ourselves in three different areas within stadiums -

team radio broadcast for 11 seasons.

depending on the size, of course, and the type of client. We’re typically

I then moved to California to take over Regional Sales Manager position

found providing intercom for broadcast or providing intercom for stadium

with Clear-Com - that was in 2009. My territory is North Western US, Mid

scoreboards, display boards and marketing.

Western US and Canada.

The marketing side of it typically consists of wireless intercom for the people that are coordinating the special events during game day - that can

What does your role consist of?

be the opening ceremonies, half time breaks and so forth.

Day to day, it’s interfacing with our partners, dealers and integrators. As

The scoreboard and broadcast side are very similar; in some cases, the

well as users in various parts of our industry be it sports related business,

stadiums are switching these continuously with different crews. This can

broadcast, theatrical, medical, so across several different platforms in

be a Partyline Intercom system or Matrix system. Basically, it’s a director

several different markets.

working with multiple cameras, audio, replay and graphics.

The cool thing about what I get to do, is that I get to go to a lot of different How does a stadium or sporting venue project start for Clear-Com? These projects begin in a couple of ways, either a client or end user will hire a consultant to come in and lay out the facilities for them, this includes a broadcast, scoreboard or video display board. Another way is for the client to partner with an integrator and begin a design build project. In this

“We are constantly working on new products and designs to satisfy this part of the market.” Jay Wallace

case, the dealer or integrator will discuss with a client in lieu of having a consultancy do it. In some cases, our relationship with individuals in the industry will lead to us getting the call first and they will say ‘look, we are about to do a major upgrade and we would like you to give us your impressions of what we need to do to be able to do our job’. So, it can go those three ways. Which is the most common? The most common is normally a consultant on a design or build project with an integrator, as opposed to dealing with the client from the very beginning. However, that has started to change because these clients are much more

venues, a lot of different clients - sports is just one component of it. I

tech savvy than they once were as they are attending trade shows and

could literally be in a grand theatre one morning and an athletic stadium

regional events. They are getting a handle on it themselves before they

in the afternoon, so that makes it really cool for me. Everybody needs what

start dealing with consultants and they have an idea about what’s in the

we have - there’s never a dull moment and that’s the fun part about it.

market and what their fellow sporting teams are using. There is a word of

Different workflows and customer needs - sports is one large component

mouth element that is permeating within the industry and that certainly

of it.

wasn’t there a few years ago.

What are the main things you have to take into consideration when

multipath concerns that can affect range. Designing the wireless

working on a stadium or sporting venue?

component can be the most challenging portion of it - luckily, we have

We want to get an idea of the number of users and the way they work.

tools for that!

While all of these people are doing similar jobs, they usually have their own independent workflow. For instance, I have one professional football team

What stadium or sporting venues have you worked on recently?

and their marketing department has 15 people on wireless intercom on

We have done several projects in my territory recently. The Husky Stadium

the field simultaneously, others have eight, and some have only four. It all

at the University of Washington has recently purchased wireless systems.

depends on their workflow, so we try to hammer that out first.

Another large project was the Vivint Smart Home Arena for the Utah Jazz.

Once we get an idea of how they want it to work, including the desired

The Jazz now have a large FreeSpeak II system for game day use and we

coverage area and number of discrete channels that are needed, we can

have a similar system at the Moda Center – the home of the Portland

then provide options of our product offerings that will allow them to

Trailblazers in Portland, Oregon.

accomplish their tasks. We can advise them on better way – or more

We also worked on multiple venues at Northwestern University. They

efficient way – to use our products. It’s a real learning curve, we go in and

have a workflow that a number of universities are moving toward. They

listen to what they need and then we can guide them throughout the whole

use a centralised control room and are connecting the individual venues


remotely through IP or over fibre. That’s kind of a new thing that has come up in the past few years.

Are there any difficulties that you experience on a regular basis?


Absolutely - some of the venues are quite large and invariably, what a

What would you say has been your favourite stadium/sporting arena

client wants, especially on the intercom side, is a large and wide area

project so far?

coverage of wireless intercom. That can be challenging on implementation,

That’s an interesting question! I rather like the NBA arena projects, purely

in terms of where to put the antenna transceiver modules, cabling,

from a personal standpoint. I am a fan. From start to finish, the Vivint

networked antennas versus home runs and general issues with potential

Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, was the most interesting, because that



was a full building retrofit. They installed a complex FreeSpeak II wireless

What would you say is the next big thing in terms of stadium / sporting

intercom system, with multiple users and a large coverage area which was

venue technology?

little tricky. That was a design build project and we were brought in to the project as a result of a recommendation from another NBA team. After

It’s going to continue to be challenging on the wireless side, with other

several visits and a successful demo during a playoff game, our FreeSpeak

devices competing in a limited RF spectrum and more users wanting the

II system was chosen.

freedom to be mobile. The spectrum isn’t getting larger – it’s getting smaller and more congested. We are constantly working on new products and designs to satisfy this part of the market.

Clear-Com’s award-winning FreeSpeak II wireless communication system

the area around the pitch and the broadcast compound (connected via fibre

was deployed at all 12 stadia across Russia during the recent global football

with a splitter).

tournament. The 12 standalone systems have been installed by Clear-

“FreeSpeak II is once again playing an integral role in one of the world’s

Com’s channel partner WNM, which has responsibility for wireless and

highest profile live sports events, where communication is crucial to

infotainment for the event’s Host Broadcast Services (HBS).

ensure the best broadcast coverage,” said Nicki Fisher, Sales Director,

The FreeSpeak II high performance wireless intercom system is designed

Clear-Com. “The power, reliability and flexibility of FreeSpeak II make it a

for extensive communication in large-scale operations. Its ability to

system that can be relied upon in the most demanding environments.”

maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive

In addition, Brazil’s TV Globo is harnessing Clear-Com’s latest IP

coverage area while providing crystal-clear digital audio makes FreeSpeak

communication solutions to reduce costs and simplify its production

II the ideal wireless roaming solution for live events, broadcast and sport

workflow at the global football tournament. By using the Agent-IC app

production, and the communication system of choice for many of the

with V-Series Panels and LQ Series IP audio codecs, TV Globo has a

world’s largest and most prestigious events.

streamlined, reliable and mobile communication solution, while saving

At the Russian tournament, FreeSpeak II basestations, antennas

considerable export costs to Russia, since they only brought panels and

and rugged beltpacks provided extensive, reliable coverage and

mobile devices which connect via IP to the Eclipse matrix system back at

uncompromised audio quality for the camera and production teams

the broadcaster’s facility in Rio de Janeiro.

throughout each stadium, including the tunnel where the players arrive,





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030 Volgograd Arena | Volgograd, Russia 040 Ekaterinburg Arena | Yekaterinburg, Russia 048 McCauley Sound & RAM Audio | 2018 World Cup Round-Up, Russia 056 Orlando City Stadium | Orlando, USA


VOLGOGRAD ARENA Volgograd, Russia

Images: The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organizing Committee


t’s 18 June and the sun has set in Volgograd. England are about to face Tunisia in one of the opening games of the 2018 World Cup at the newly built Volgograd Arena and expectations

are high. Volgograd Arena was designed by Moscow-based SportEngineering, the winner of an open tender. Stroytransgaz was the project’s general construction contractor and Inline was the lead contractor for various audiovisual aspects of the project, including the main bowl sound system. The 303-metres diameter stadium has a capacity of 45,000 seats, including 2,280-seats in the media area, 640 VIP seats, and 460 accessible seats. The façade, roof, and bowl have been designed as three independent structural systems. The grandstand areas are roofed with a lightweight tensile structure supported by a ring cable. Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, saw one of the largest


battles in human history during WWII, as the Soviet army

The Volgograd Arena project has been both challenging

halted Hitler’s advance, marking a turning of the tide in

and rewarding. From the outset, it was clear that there

favour of the Allies.

would be some logistical obstacles. Firstly, producing such

The World Cup is seen by many as an opportunity for a new

an extensive order of equipment, and secondly shipping

beginning. In the weeks before the tournament, Director

it from the UK to Russia to meet a series of unwavering

of Volgograd History Museum, Sergei Morinov, told the

deadlines. Add to that the fact that this is an official World

world’s press that he hoped it would drive tourism and

Cup venue, therefore there was a strict set of performance

help to craft a new image of Volgograd as a city of peace.

criteria from football’s governing body, FIFA, that had to

While the Tunisia vs England game was draped in the

be met.

hopes and dreams of two nations, there were certain

Edelweiss Audio’s Technical Director, Andrei

people dotted around the world who were watching on

Kremenchugski, explained: “We spoke to some partners

with an additional level of anticipation and excitement. For

who suggested we put in a tender. In Russia, the design of

the team behind the stadium’s huge Funktion-One sound

any system is done in two stages. Firstly, the preliminary

system, the game was the ultimate sign-off on a project

stage - when the main solutions are chosen, the budget

that had been at the forefront of their minds for the best

is set and acoustic modelling is done - is quite formal.

part of two years.

The second stage is when the design work is done and the

That team was led by Edelweiss Audio – also known as

equipment is specified.”

Funktion-One Russia - who worked very closely with

From the very beginning, Andrei worked closely with

Funktion-One in the UK and were also supported by MC2

members of the Funktion-One team. It started with


Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews. Andrei and Tony

Edelweiss Audio has pedigree in sports venues, having

discussed the project at length and formulated a design

completed work on a bespoke Funktion-One loudspeaker

that would give the stadium the highest level of sports

system at Krasnodar Arena in south-west Russia (in 2016),

venue sound.

which was at the time regarded as the most technically

There were a number of key factors to consider. FIFA

advanced stadium in the country. Then there are the

states that ‘excited football crowds can reach levels of

company’s installations at Sochi for the 2014 Winter

110dB SPL’, therefore ‘the sound system shall be capable


of overcoming the crowd noise by at least 6dB, with



deviations in overall sound levels across the spectator area

renowned bass technology, they provided the perfect

not exceeding +/- 3dB.

building blocks for designing a sound system that would

In addition to that, the PA system should be capable of

meet FIFA’s criteria and give visitors to the stadium a first

having its volume increased in response to crowd noise

class listening experience.

to ensure intelligibility of voice messaging, a maximum

The final system design features 638 Funktion-One

SPL of 125dB should not be exceeded and the frequency

loudspeakers and 50 MC2 Audio amplifiers.

response in the seating areas should be at least 120Hz to

The loudspeakers are accurately arrayed and aimed

5kHz +/- 3dB.

using bespoke metalwork - 24 C-shape clusters along

It should also be capable of reproducing music with an

the sides and 12 Y-shape clusters for the corners. Each

extended frequency response between 40Hz and 120Hz

array features Evo 6SH loudspeakers with 50º horizontal

+6dB/-3dB and between 5kHz and 12kHz +/-4dB, and

dispersion for the closer seats and Evo 7SH loudspeakers

should provide enough headroom to compensate for

with narrower dispersion and resulting higher intensity for

atmospheric loss of high frequencies.

the further seats. To help spread the load on the suspended

Working with this criteria and architectural plans of the

roof, alternate clusters are supplemented with either two

stadium, Andrei collaborated with the Funktion-One

F215 Mk2 midbass or a single F221 bass enclosure. Under-

design team on simulations and modelling in EASE.

balcony coverage is provided by Funktion-One’s highly

This allowed them to pinpoint specific challenges and

intelligible and compact F81 and F101 loudspeakers.

ways of overcoming them, and to map out the optimum

Andrei said: “The Evo clusters have really strong

loudspeaker specifications, configurations and positions.

directivity control - both in the horizontal and the vertical

Funktion-One’s Evo Series was already a proven entity

planes. If you run just one cluster, you could clearly

in stadium technology, having been deployed in bespoke

hear its zone of coverage. If you walk just a couple of

cluster arrangements at Krasnodar. At Volgograd, where

metres outside the coverage pattern, the drop in level is

Evo loudspeakers combine with the manufacturer’s

astonishing. You can easily localise the sound to the closest



cluster at any seat and, overall, we achieved very even

The SH versions feature the mid-high section only (no 15-


inch mid-bass) and aren’t housed in a cabinet. This means

“The combination of midbass and low-bass enclosures

that, while they have the Evo performance characteristics,

delivers strong overall bass and, once carefully time

they are very compact and extremely light.

aligned, combined really well with the Evos. Due to the

With the system spec’d, the design team needed

high efficiency of these bass loudspeakers, the system

amplification that is both Dante-enabled and capable

response has good balance even at very high SPL levels.”

of preserving the sound quality of the Funktion-One

Funktion-One’s David Bruml, who was heavily involved

loudspeakers. MC2 Audio has been a trusted partner for

in the project throughout, added: “The Funktion-One Evo

many years and, once again, the company delivered.

system at Volgograd Arena offers class-leading clarity and

Amplification comes from 50 OEM Delta amplifiers from

intelligibility for voice announcements, plus it delivers

MC2 Audio. The amplifiers are all quad output, providing

impressive and truly immersive full-range musical

200-channels of DSP and amplification, and a total power

reproduction to enhance the match-day experience for

just short of 500kW.


Richard Fleming, Sales and Applications Manager at MC2

Evo loudspeakers feature Funktion-One’s latest

Audio, who was involved in drawing up the specification of

technological developments. Both the Evo 6 and Evo 7

the amplifiers explained: “All the amplifiers are connected

are available in various derivations, resulting in a series

via Ethernet and configured using our ‘AudioCore: Amped

of loudspeakers that is adaptable to a wide variety of

Edition’ software with our killer new feature - grouping





“The custom designed arrays of Evo, F215’s and F121’s,

“By using the input grouping, I could create a single

plus the F81’s and F101’s, with the requirement for Dante

control to adjust selected channels on each amplifier to

audio networks, and full monitoring of all amplifiers,

have separated control over the media inputs picked off

could have been a tall order to setup and control. Using

the Dante network. All the output groups have relative

the grouping architecture, we logically grouped and

gain adjustment, so any gain structure already in place

sub-grouped to minimise the apparent complexity of the

between individual elements or across the entire system is

system, simplifying it from 212 channels down to just eight

maintained if I make changes through the group controls.

sets of grouped controls.”

I also was able to create the most dangerous group of all -

All 50 Delta DSP amplifiers are running AudioCore, and are

the ‘mute all’ group - which controlled over 200 channels

spread across multiple sites throughout the stadium - with

of audio.”

most racks containing eight amplifiers. All amplifiers are

Deltas have powerful and comprehensive DSP and full

equipped with Dante digital network audio, which was

audio networking. They also feature four additional aux

used for audio distribution throughout the entire stadium.

outputs, running entirely independently of the amplifier

This allows the amplifiers to have their input channel


sources controlled globally and changed easily without any

MC2 Audio’s Waring Hayes said: “While in this application

local re-patching.

the four extra aux outputs on each DSP amplifier weren’t

Andrei explained: “The grouping architecture in AudioCore

required for the live audio, they could easily be used to

made my life a lot simpler when it came to taking control

provide broadcast feeds as they are fully independent of

of the entire system. I was able to create output groups of

the main amplifier channels and have their own DSP and

all tops, and mid sections of all cabs, plus separate control

routing options. They could be thought of as a method of

of the subs - ending up with just three control faders. The

breaking Dante off the network for other uses without any

groups have an additional feature - solo - which enables us

additional cost. Audio can even be routed through them

to quickly check individual parts of the system.

from any source and put back on to the network without




the amplifiers ever using it - break in and break out if you



The final stage of the project saw David travel out to Russia

A single non-DSP amplifier was used for some of the VIP

with Funktion-One founder John Newsham. “John and I

loudspeakers. Waring continued: “The non-DSP versions

visited Volgograd in May 2018, ahead of the World Cup, to

also have the option of a Dante input card - this fits out the

help finalise tuning,” said David. “The system performed

amplifier with 4 x 96k DACs - the same as used to drive

fully as modelled and predicted during the design phase.

the four additional aux outputs of the DSP amps so you can

The sound feels perceptibly close to the audience, with

guarantee the same superb audio performance.”

an intimacy and accuracy rarely heard from stadia sound

The sound installation at Volgograd Arena was only


possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of

Russia hosted the most competitive and enjoyable World

everyone involved. There is special recognition for the

Cup in recent history. Though one of the favourites,

production team at Funktion-One’s headquarters in

France, lifted the trophy after a 4-2 win over Croatia in the

Surrey, England.

final, the tournament was full of entertaining matches and

This project required close cooperation and support from

unlikely victories.

the company’s suppliers and assurances that each link in

For those behind the audio infrastructure at Volgograd

the production chain could deliver. The order was shipped

Arena, the memories of being involved in bringing a FIFA-

in three stages during November 2017, each one sending a

approved sound system to a World Cup stadium will live

40ft container the 2,385 miles from Dorking to Volgograd.

long in the memory.

David continued: “We worked the Volgograd order in with

Waring reflected: “This was an amazing opportunity to

the overall production schedule, as we had orders from

showcase our latest DSP amplifier platform, and we were

other customers that also had to be delivered on time. We

thrilled that Funktion-One chose to specify DSP amplifiers

had a lead time of 14 weeks from order to all equipment

exclusively for the entire system. The amplifiers come in

being supplied, which isn’t a huge amount of time, but

DSP and non-DSP - but still with network audio - flavours,

with careful planning all of the equipment was supplied on

so the additional monitoring and control aspect was



TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 174 x Funktion-One Evo-6SH loudspeaker | 210 x Funktion-One Evo-7SH loudspeaker | 36 x Funktion-One F215Mk2 mid-bass loudspeaker enclosure | 18 x Funktion-One F221 bass loudspeaker enclosure | 88 x Funktion-One F81 loudspeaker enclosure | 112 x Funktion-One F101 loudspeaker enclosure | 18 x MC² Audio Delta 80Q-DSP(D) four-channel amplifier with DSP (Dante enabled) 2,000W per channel / four ohms | 35 x MC² Audio Delta 100Q-DSP(D) MC² Audio four-channel amplifier with DSP (Dante enabled) 2,700W per channel / four ohms | 1 x MC² Audio Delta 80Q(D) four-channel amplifier (Dante enabled) 2,000W per channel / four ohms

important in the choice of DSP models.”

as well as at the final phase of the project, when John

David commented: “Following large-scale installations

and David came over to Volgograd to help us with tuning

for the Winter Olympics in Sochi and for the Krasnodar

of the system. There were quite a few valuable pieces of

Stadium, Funktion-One is honoured to have now supplied

advice from Tony and John when we were designing the

the loudspeaker system for the Volgograd Arena World Cup

system. These included recommendations with regards

stadium, particularly in light of the historical significance

to the cluster configuration and metalwork, evaluation of

of the city. Our designs are perfectly suited to the demands

EASE modelling results and many other things. They were

of world-class sporting applications and we look forward

available throughout the World Cup period and I’m happy

to further installations in similar arenas in the future.

to say everything went very smoothly.”

“We are extremely happy with the sound system

Volgograd Arena’s wider legacy is both immediate and

installation at the Volgograd Arena and are grateful to

purposeful. Following its role in the 2018 World Cup, it

our Russian partners for their unwavering support and

became the home of local football team - Rotor Volgograd.

excellent communication throughout. The whole company

It will further serve the local community with the opening

was energised by this major contract, which is amongst the

of a new health centre and as the venue for a mix of

largest Funktion-One installations to date.”

cultural and entertainment events.

Andrei concluded: “Funktion-One has provided unprecedented level of support both during design stage

DISTRIBUTOR: Edelweiss Audio | BRANDS: Funktion-One, MC² Audio | WEBSITES: www.funktion-one.com, www.mc2-audio.co.uk 038


Innovative install solutions. Simply your sound.

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EKATERINBURG ARENA Yekaterinburg, Russia

Images: The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organizing Committee


katerinburg Arena garnered a lot of attention

they have to seat at least 35,000, so the city’s World Cup

before the World Cup in Russia due to a unique

organising committee were presented with a problem,

solution that saw the venue temporarily

particularly as Ekaterinburg Arena is a protected landmark,

increase in capacity for the tournament.

with its historical façade - complete with columns in

The stadium, which opened in 1957, holds 23,000 fans,

a Soviet, neoclassical aesthetic - also needing to be

however, a FIFA requirement for all host stadiums is that



The decision was made to build two temporary, 45-metre

the stadium. It was necessary to allocate separate acoustic

stands outside the venue, which offered a view of the pitch

systems for the external tribunes. At the same time, it was

through large holes at each end of the ground. It was an

important to cover the stationary stands, so that, later,

unorthodox solution, but one that made perfect sense.

after the tournament, there would be no need to remodel

Local side, FC Ural has an average attendance around the

the system and all these carefully tuned and calibrated

low 20,000 mark, meaning that a permanent extension up

acoustic systems continued to work.

to 35,000 seats would leave the club with a stadium that

“After the World Cup, the acoustic systems intended for

simply didn’t after the tournament. With the temporary

the external stands will have to be dismantled and used

stands, the extra seating can be deconstructed after the

inside the stadium to cover the pitch. According to FIFA

World Cup, leaving a much more sustainable capacity.

regulations, there is no need to cover the playing field,

While it may look strange, it is certainly a solution to one

whereas UEFA requires it. Therefore, all the stadiums of

of the main criticisms of past tournaments, which have left

the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland were

large, soulless stadiums in cities that simply do not need

equipped with additional acoustic systems for the field.

them beyond the excitement of a World Cup.

And this kind of configuration will also be requested for

After the competition, as well as continuing as FC Ural’s

other types of events.”

home ground, the stadium will be used by the city as a

The design process for the audio system was a complex

multifunctional sports and entertainment complex. It

one, with the stadium design as well as FIFA requirements

is planned to hold sports competitions of various levels,

taken into consideration. Sofit Light was in charge of this

concerts, performances and exhibitions.

task, as Alexander explained: “In accordance with the FIFA

CROC was appointed as the general contractor for the

requirements, the sound system should provide a level of

development of the stadium infrastructure, creating and

intelligibility not lower than 0.55 STI for a full stadium.

implementing a complete suite of facilities, including low-

“The difficulty is that we must ensure the intelligibility

current designs, ticket entry and physical security systems,

of the voice, and the crowd creates noise with the same

telecommunications, broadcast, multimedia, sound

voices, that is, in the same frequency spectrum. We, of

reinforcement and engineering systems monitoring.

course, achieve the result, also by increasing the sound

At the invitation of Andrey Korogodin, Director of

pressure level. For adverts and music intros, such levels

Corporate Customers Department of CROC, Sofit Light

are not needed, but in certain situations, such as security

Company worked closely with the lead contractor in the

and emergency evacuation, it is extremely necessary, so

design of the sound reinforcement system. As a distributor

you need to be able to reach it with the help of a sound

of Outline systems in the Russian Federation, the decision

reinforcement system. All our electroacoustic calculations,

was made to use the Italian companies products for the

preliminary modelling, repeated measurements and so on

audio at the venue.

were focussed on this task.”

Alexander Klinushkin, Sofit Light’s Senior Engineer, takes

For the existing and temporary stands, 26 clusters of

up the story: “When the stadium was reconstructed, this

Outline STADIA 100 LA loudspeakers and 16 clusters of

kind of architectural solution, naturally, was reflected in

STSUB 215 subwoofers were used to deliver an exceptional

the configuration of the sound reinforcement system of

level of sound to each seat. The guest and VIP boxes were






equipped with small, two-way acoustic systems, made


up of 54 Outline VEGAS 24 loudspeakers. Powersoft X8

Mikhail Vasilyev, under contract with the company CROC,

amplifiers are predominantly used with the Outline audio

oversaw the implementation of the project consistently


up to the stage of commissioning. During the first three

“Thanks to integrated processors and the ability to

matches at the World Cup, together with the specialists

integrate into local networks, amplifiers allow you to

of CROC, Mikhail worked in the control room behind the

remotely monitor all of their main operating modes,

mixing desk and controlled the operation of the system.

such as input and output voltages and current, internal

The final result left everyone involved with audio section

temperature, and track errors,” added Alexander. “Each

of the project delighted, which is exactly the reason needed

STADIA 100 LA loudspeaker system is driven by two

ahead of such a huge tournament.

separate amplifier channels for the mid-range and high-

“When we turned on the system for the first time, it was

frequency sections.”

impressive. The use of just the factory presets offered an

Although the project went smoothly, according to

intelligible sound. Of course, we did some fine tuning,

Alexander, it wasn’t without its issues when it came to the

mostly because of the increase in low frequencies due to

stadium drawings.

the radiation area of the clusters,” Mikhail added.

“At a certain point, we had to redo the acoustic model.

“Everyone was looking forward to the moment. It’s

This happened when we looked at the pictures of the

amazing - no other system brings so much joy and pride

already constructed part of the venue and found out the

like a PA system.”

discrepancy with our drawings of the roof of the stadium

As well as the audio, the stadium lighting at Ekaterinburg

and the structure to which all clusters of loudspeakers had

Arena also had to be modernised, with the two main

to be attached,” he said.

objectives being that it had to be compliant with

“As it turned out, at some point the developers changed

broadcasting standards and support the revitalisation plan

the project, and no one sent us new drawings. Therefore,

of the home city.

we had to make changes in the upper part of the acoustic

The latter was part of a vision for the city Yekateringburg

model and completely correct the composition and change

that would see the stadium become a landmark to attract

the position of the clusters. Fortunately, this was done on

both citizens and visitors.

time, and, in the end, everything turned out well. It will

MT Electro, one of the leading lighting design companies

now serve us as a lesson for the future: to be attentive

in Russia, were tasked with the project. After taking the

to the details at all stages of the work, in order to avoid

brief into consideration, with the need for fully broadcast-



compliant, flicker-free lighting, the decision was made to utilise Philips ArenaVision LED floodlights from Signify across the pitch. As well as being fully compliant with international and national standards, and, therefore, able to facilitate highquality, slow-motion broadcasting, the floodlighting solution from Signify also enables a better spectator experience for fans in the stands at Ekaterinburg Arena.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 121 x Outline STADIA 100 LA loudspeaker | 48 x Outline STSUB-215 subwoofer | 54 x Outline VEGAS 24 loudspeaker LIGHTING: Philips UNIDot LED lighting system | Philips Tango G2 LED floodlight luminaires | Philips ArenaVision LED floodlight luminaires

As part of the project to help the stadium become a new landmark in the city, the team at MT Electro installed colourchanging architectural lighting on the stadium façade. To increase the attractiveness and the impact of the façade further, the management decided to invest in the installation of media screens, providing the Ekaterinburg Arena with a platform, which can be used for both advertisement purposes and as a way to introduce a higher level of interaction with its visitors. The new lighting system from Signify offers a greater level of flexibility in terms of lighting management, as well as improved safety and visibility both on the pitch and in the spectator areas - all of which enhance the stadium, making it a modern venue that’s more than capable of holding its own on the world stage. Ekaterinburg Arena, with its new audio and lighting system, was a fine choice for the World Cup, successfully hosting four group games - including France’s 1-0 defeat over Peru on its way to winning the tournament for the second time.

DESIGN & SYSTEM INTEGRATOR: MT Electro, Sofit Light | CONTRACTOR: CROC Ltd | BRANDS: Outline, Signify | WEBSITES: www.mtelectro.ru, www.outline.it, www.signify.com 046


P R O D U c t s   |  S A L E S  |   G R O U P   |   I n s t a l l a t i o n s   |   W I G W A M   |  S I G M A P R O D U c t s

Audio at The O2

t sa eu Se

Integrating Audio for the World’s busiest music venue 16 PLAS -18 A S h Se pte ow 2 mb 01 8 er 20 18




Installed by SSE Audio Group in collaboration with Bose Professional, Crown and QSC Q-Sys at the O2 Arena. Fully integrated, managed and monitored Public Address, Voice Alarm (PAVA) upgrade – controlled via bespoke touch screen GUI. Quality audio, inherent safety.


SSE Audio Group Limited Tel: Head Office (Redditch) 01527 528822 Tel: London Office (Park Royal) 020 8961 1225 Tel: Northern Office (Heywood) 01706 363800

Email: installations@sseaudio.com

SSE Audio Group Ltd. Burnt Meadow House, Redditch B98 9PA

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05/08/2018 00:24

McCAULEY SOUND INC & RAM AUDIO: 2018 WORLD CUP ROUND-UP Luzhniki | Samara | Saransk | Rostov | Kaliningrad, Russia

Images: The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organizing Committee, McCauley Sound Inc, RAM Audio


enowned for not scoring large quantities of

purely a football stadium came into play with this redesign.

goals in a single match, France went against

It was a couple of years into the planning process before

the norm in the 2018 World Cup final, scoring

a tender document was issued, it had been drawn up

four goals to beat opposition side Croatia, to

by on behalf of the principals, The Big Sport Arena

be crowned victors of a 4-2 win, and take the title for the

Luzhniki, with the technological requirements detailed

first time since 1998.

by Moscow integration specialists, S-Pro Systems,

Having made the bid for the 2018 World Cup in 2009,

together with the German company, Broadcast Solution.

Russia was announced as the host country the following

The team responsible for the audio design comprised

year and immediately set to work on building the 12 venues

Andrey Matveev (S-Pro), Evgeniy Stepanenko (Broadcast

that would host the tournament. Two stadiums that met

Solution), Pavel Pyshkin (S-Pro) and Ivan Khizhnyak

the FIFA regulations were already built, two received

(S-Pro). S-Pro’s project managers were Sergey Manserov

significant upgrades and eight were built from scratch,

and Grigory Yurov. Audio distributor, Russian Sound

although two of those eight had broken ground ahead of

Systems (RSS), led by Vladimir Samuskevich was brought

the 2010 announcement.

in to supply the PA, and as McCauley Sound Inc was

It goes without saying that to deliver a world-class

selected as the solution, Executive Director, Sam Ocean

performance to a global audience, state-of-the-art audio

worked closely with RSS and the rest of the team.

solutions were needed throughout the stadiums.

McCauley Sound, along with RSS, installed a new ILA412

MONDO | STADIA takes a closer look at five of the

long throw line array system, which is both weather

competition venues.

resistant and provides seamless coverage and concert



level sound to all of the seating areas. A staggering 216 McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 line array systems were

Hosting the opening and final match of the 2018 World

needed for this project. The ILA412 was engineered to

Cup, Luzhniki Stadium is one of the most iconic venues in

meet the strict FIFA intelligibility requirements, providing

the line-up. Already the largest stadium in Russia - able to

significant headroom above the crowd noise, even with the

hold 81,000 supporters - and home to the national football

largest of audiences.

team, renovations began back in 2013, and whereas

Sam commented: “Our system was recognised to be best

previously the stadium had been used for football matches,

among the bids by an independent audio consulting firm.

athletics and other sporting events, the decision to make it

While designing the system for the stadium, McCauley


Above: Luzhniki Stadium where the World Cup final took place.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 216 x McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 long throw line array cabinet | 54 x RAM Audio V12004 amplifier | 22 x RAM Audio V12044 amplifier | 17 x RAM Audio MDi2-6K amplifier | 1 x Yamaha x 02R96 digital console | 1 x Optocore M8-BNC MADI switch | 1 x V3R-FXINTERCOM unit | 2 x BroaMan Route66 AutoRouter unit | 1 x Optocore X6R-FX converter | 1 x Optocore X6R-TP V3R-FX converter | 1 x Optocore V3R-FX-TP converter

Sound Inc designed a one-of-a-kind 12-inch woofer. With

Optocore M8-BNC allows OB Van MADI connection with

four of these 12-inch woofers in an ILA412, it makes the

additional feature of Emulation Mode to control on-site

need for subwoofers unnecessary.”

Optocore mic preamps directly from the Van’s console.

RAM Audio V12004 and V12044 models, in their fully

Secondly, the media control room, with a Yamaha 02R96

equipped version, including Ethernet, DSP, Dante, standby

digital console equipped with an Optocore Y3R-TP Yamaha

and impedance monitoring, were the chosen models to

card - enabling it to work with Optocore’s proprietary

drive the McCauley Sound Inc line arrays. Besides the V

SANE protocol.

Series, MDi amplifiers are also installed in VIP area at

Igor explained that the system had needed to meet a

the stadium together with smaller acoustics cabinets of

number of objectives: to uplink the environmental bowl

other international brands. All V Series amplifiers are

sound - the stadium crowd noise - with the Optocore

controlled from the central control point using the RAM_

modules bundled in the technical racks positioned

OCS software. All DSP presets and configuration were

around the playing field perimeter; to integrate with the

specifically created in situ for these installations, using

intercom systems of the technical personnel - achieved

RAM_OCS software.

by using Optocore’s dedicated V3R-FX-INTERCOM; to

At Luzhniki Stadium there’s a total of 54 RAM Audio

integrate with the stadium’s sound reinforcement system;

V12004’s, 22 RAM Audio V12044’s and 17 RAM Audio

to integrate with the stadium’s patch panel room; to

MDi2-6K for the VIP areas. Combined this adds up to 338

integrate with the stadium’s media room, which comprises

channels at 3,000W per channel, producing more than

all the multi-media signals, and finally to integrate with

one million watts of RAM Audio power. The amplifiers and

the commentator’s communication system.

cabinets are located at 45-metres above the pitch.

To expedite broadcast requirements Audio Solutions

Sitting alongside the McCauley Sound Inc and RAM Audio

turned to Optocore’s associate company BroaMan, which

inventory is a new network broadcast transmission,

in turn harnesses the power of Optocore. Two of the

and at the heart of it are 57 Optocore and BroaMan

new Route66 AutoRouters are stacked, with each fibre

fibre interfaces, designed in a fibre ‘star’ out of the ring

node connected independently through the Route66.

topology, and supplied by Moscow-based distributor Audio

“The combination of redundancy and ability to close the

Solutions. After the bid was accepted they became involved

Optocore loop automatically when active devices are added

in the project as an S-Pro partner, with responsibility for

or disconnected, are the main advantages of the BroaMan

equipment supply and warranty service management of

Route66 AutoRouters,” added Igor.

the whole system.

The installation also takes advantage of economies, for

Audio Solutions was able to demonstrate the advantages

example the Optocore TP devices are separated and placed

of producing a site-wide multi-node fibre transmission

up to 50-metres above the main FX devices - resulting in

system and broadcast/multi-format links to the OB vans.

the need for fewer FX devices and less fibre cabling.

Igor Kovalev, who manages the Audio Solutions’ Pro Audio

The system, which conforms to all worldwide broadcast

Department said: “Optocore and BroaMan create a perfect

standards, has certainly met the approval of The Big Sport

synergy, providing an extremely robust optical network

Arena Luzhniki and Igor said that with the successful

system for audio transport and auto routing functionality.

fulfillment of signal conversion and audio/data transport

Optocore I/O modules also have a wide working

- with the delivery of pristine, low latency audio - all

temperature range, which was one of the important

objectives have been met.

criteria for choosing equipment for this project.”

“The great advantage of an Optocore solution is that there

The Optocore system was designed around two main

is no interference from power cable runs, perfect EMR

nodes. First, the stadium patch panel room in OB Van area

isolation and it has extremely flexible functionality, with

for multi-signal conversion to MADI. Various Optocore

the ability to handle any audio transport tasks with ease,

X6R-FX, X6R-TP V3R-FX and V3R-FX-TP converters

over long distances,” he concluded.

Above: The McCauley line arrays systems were designed specifically for Luzhniki Stadium, and were then subsequently installed in four more World Cup stadiums.

were mainly fitted with mic-in and line out cards, while an


TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 214 x McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 long throw line array cabinet | 52 x RAM Audio V12004 amplifier | 22 x RAM Audio V12044 amplifier | 8 x RAM Audio MDi2-6K amplifier


structure, RSS still installed 214 McCauley Sound Inc

After successfully completing the Luzhniki Stadium,

ILA412 line array systems.

McCauley Sound Inc and RAM Audio, as well as distributor,

“For the amplifiers, the brief was to have a complete

Russian Sound Systems (RSS) were invited back to kit out a

system in order for the in-house technicians to perfectly

further four 2018 World Cup stadiums.

control the system from a remote control room,” said

Samara Arena - as it was known during the tournament,

Monica of RAM Audio. “DSP was installed into every

typically named after its location - also goes by the name

amplifier so that every McCauley Sound cabinet could

of the Cosmos Arena, due to the Samara region being

have its own specific process. Dante was also installed

known for its links to the space industry. The design

to send digital signal from the control room to all the

itself, conceived by GMP Architekten also strikes some

amplifier racks distributed all around the stadium.” For

resemblance to a spacecraft, having a 60-metre high dome

Samara Arena, 52 RAM Audio V12004’s and 22 RAM Audio

covered with translucent panels in favour of a façade.

V12044’s, all equipped with DSP, Dante, Ethernet, standby

Ground was broken for this stadium in 2014, it’s located on

and impedance monitoring were specified, alongside eight

the banks of the Volga River and can hold 45,000 people.

RAM Audio MDi2-6Ks for the VIP section.

Prior to the Luzhniki Stadium, it took almost six months

Despite its construction problems and delays, the end

of testing, measuring, and making prototypes, until the

result for the Samara Arena is an eye-catching one.

products were perfect for the application. So, when it came

The dome roof provides a cosmic-like introduction for

to the Samara Arena - and the subsequent installs - it

fans, which is followed through with the steel structure

was a case of repeating the distributed system comprising

inside liken to a starship chassis, that leads fans into

McCauley Sound Inc clusters of line arrays. The major

the promenade of the stadium. The auditorium itself

challenge as this stadium though, was the design changes

is traditional in its layout with two seating tiers and

during construction. The finished stadium has deviated

corporate areas separating the two. It was the last

quite significantly from the original design in terms of

stadium to be approved for the 2018 World Cup, just

size, construction, and spatial effect. With it’s uniquely

six weeks ahead of the kick-off for the first match, but

tall roof - four-metres higher than Luzhniki Stadium - but

unfortunately, there are no longer term plans for it at

with almost half the capacity, the loudspeaker locations


did differ. Despite the smaller capacity and unique design



Above: Samara Arena was the final venue to be FIFA approved, just six weeks ahead of the competition starting.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 128 x McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 long throw line array cabinet | 24 x RAM Audio V12004 amplifier | 16 x RAM Audio V12044 amplifier | 3 x RAM Audio MDi2-6K amplifier


the rest followed suit. A total of 128 McCauley Sound Inc

Not designed and built specifically for the 2018 World Cup,

ILA412 line array systems were flown in the Saransk Arena.

Saransk Arena, won the bid to be a host venue, mainly due

Due to the low roof, not as many boxes were required to

to the advanced preparation that had been undertaken

provide the arena with even coverage across the bowl.

prior to the announcement of Russian being the host

Yet more RAM Audio amplifiers were installed too. And

country for the football.

similarly to McCauley Sound Inc, the manufacturer made

In 2010 the old stadium of Saransk was demolished, and

customised tweaks to its products to ensure it met the

in its place an indoor was built. However, with football

requirements. Monica Royo of RAM Audio continued:

club, FK Mordovia relocating to a newly built athletics

“We had the V Series amplifiers in our catalogue with

stadium, it because clear quite quickly that this would

optional DSP, but we didn’t have any control system to

only serve as a temporary measure and that a new football

install in the amplifiers, which was a requirement. So we

specific stadium would need to be built. The new stadium

developed a system - including DSP, Dante, EtheRAM

was supposed to be ready in time to celebrate the 1,000th

control, and impedance measuring - to be included in

anniversary of Mordovian unification with Russia, but

all the V Series amplifiers, which were installed into

unfortunately that deadline provide impossible to reach.

the stadiums.” Control impedance in all the amplifiers

Once again, there were many design changes along the

was particularly important to ensure all channels were

way, quite possible due to the dual purpose the venue was

functioning correctly at any given time. If a fault appeared

now being built for - the anniversary and the tournament.

on a loudspeaker, a warning protocol will kick-in, in the

The renowned Populous was behind the original design for

control room to notify engineers of the fault and where it is

the stadium. The exterior kept its solar symbolism with

so it can be addressed and fixed.

intensive orange-to-red facade, like the sun rising above

It’s more of the same at Saransk Arena with the line-

the horizon. The seating also remains largely untouched

up here comprising 24 RAM Audio V12004’s, 16 RAM

in terms of a redesign. For the 2018 World Cup the

Audio V12044 and three RAM Audio MDi2-6Ks plus five

seating capacity was 45,000, but with temporary sections

RAM Audio MDi8-6Ks in the VIP areas. The amplifiers,

throughout the perimeter, which will now be removed,

monitoring and signal redundancy systems, media

the new reduced capacity will stand at 30,000 people. This

converters, routers and BSS matrixes, Midas control

decision was made to the due to Saransk Arena being the

panels are all connected by an optical cable. This allows

smallest of the host cities, with a matching population.

the ability to control the configuration of all systems by a

Saransk Arena didn’t cause too many issues with installer,

tablet via Wi-Fi. “You can go anywhere on the field or in

Russian Sound Systems (RSS), although one common

the stands to achieve the desired sound,” explained Nikolai

problem across all stadiums was the weather. Executive

Usov, Head of Design and Installation at RSS. Added to the

Director, McCauley Sound, Sam Ocean furthered: “All the

seating alterations, it appears the Saransk Arena is one of

products had to be really well protected from moisture,

the most flexible venues to be built.

Above: Work began in Saransk Arena before Russia was announced as the World Cup host country. Its advanced preparation went in its favour when the tournament venues were being chosen.

snow, UV and temperature changes.” But once again, after implementing the protection during the first installation,



TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 164 x McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 long throw line array cabinet | 22 x RAM Audio V12004 amplifier | 20 x RAM Audio V12044 amplifier | 2 x RAM Audio MDi2-6K amplifier


This didn’t affect the overall performance of the sound

Another brand new facility housed on the banks of the

system though, as Executive Director, McCauley Sound

River Don, the Rostov Arena is similar to some of its peers

Inc, Sam Ocean expressed: “We’ve had some really good

in size - totalling 45,000 seats - and its delayed build,

feedback from the commentators on the quality of the

going seven months over its complexion date. However, it

sound system.”

was still ready in plenty of time for the 2018 World Cup.

Driving the 164 ILA412 line arrays are 22 RAM Audio

Concept design was undertaken by Populous. Christopher

V12004’s, 20 RAM Audio V12044’s and two RAM Audio

Lee, Managing Director of Populous (EMEA), said: “We are

MDi2-6K amplifiers for the VIP areas. Nikolai Usov,

very proud that Populous–designed stadia are playing such

Head of Design and Installation at RSS said: “Computer

a pivotal role in making the 2018 World Cup a successful

programs for monitoring each of these devices has been

tournament. Fans from around the world are uniting in our

implemented. Using RAM_OCS, each of the amplifiers,

venues and the shared passion of football is bringing us all

located at high heights, can be watched while sitting in the

a little closer together.”

control room. The parameters of each individual device or

Damon Lavelle, Principal and Project Leader added: “It is

each group of amplifiers can also be adjusted remotely.”

incredibly exciting to see these four venues [Rostov Arena,

When this project first began, it was due to be part of a

Saransk Arena, Kazan Arena and Fisht Olympic Stadium],

larger complex, and although the other proposed buildings

each of which had their own unique design challenges and

didn’t get finished in time for the Summer of 2018, now

opportunities, come together to feature on the biggest

that the stadium has completed it duty, building work can

footballing stage.”

begin again. Landscaping, leisure facilities, offices and

One of the most striking parts of the design is the

commercial investments are all expected to come back into

stadium’s façade. It is brought to life at night through its

the fold, which will strengthen the desirable use for the

covering of perforated aluminium, and built-in LEDs that

stadium in years to come.

illuminated the façade. Adding to the visual, a large screen has also been built into the western side of the exterior. The perforated aluminium roof, deemed a ‘soft roof’ in audio terms, raised some issues with McCauley distributor, Russian Sound Systems (RSS). Instead of hanging 22 McCauley Sound ILA412 clusters in the same configuration as the other stadiums, RSS had to install 44 smaller clusters, consisting of 164 ILA 412,



Above: A perforated aluminium roof with built-in LEDs brings the Rostov Arena to life at night.

power to scale. We created the pro range with one thing in mind: to play huge video content across massive canvases, in the toughest of live environments. disguise.one/en/products/pro/

NBA Playoffs’ - Portland Trail Blazers The disguise pro range powering the Portland Trail Blazers NBA Playoffs’ Pre-Game Show


TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 144 x McCauley Sound Inc ILA412 long throw line array cabinet | 20 x RAM Audio V12004 amplifier | 20 x RAM Audio V12044 amplifier | 4 x RAM Audio MDi2-6K amplifier


and the hardware to be white, which proved to be a bit of

Kaliningrad Arena, also known as Baltika Arena moved

a challenge, but we managed to overcome it with the help

from its original planned home after a concept put

of RSS. In fact, we appreciate all the help and cooperation

together by Willmotte & Associes and design work carried

during the manufacturing and installation processes that

out by Mostovik came to a hault when the latter company

RSS provided.”

collapsed. However, with the quick suggestion by the

More RAM Audio V12004’s and RAM Audio V12044’s,

sports minister from the Kaliningrad authorities to

20 of each in total were installed at Kaliningrad Arena.

relocate to an easier site, the project was back on track.

These sit alongside four RAM Audio MDi2-6K in the VIP

The new location for the stadium was Oktyabrsky Ostrov

areas. Nikolai Usov, Head of Design and Installation at

(October Island), which is located in the heart of the city.

RSS commented on the advantages of the having the DSP

The site was not only a new home for the venue, but plans

presets and configuration - specifically created using the

were put in place to create a microdistrict around it that

RAM_OCS software - working directly with the amplifiers.

in total would stretch 140 hectares. Along with a new

He said : “In the programming interface of RAM_OCS,

location, a fresh design and construction team was also put

we have developed a special window that shows only

in place - the Crocus Group.

malfunctions: if something happens, the amplifier

To adhere to time restraints a lot of the design needed

number and the nature of the malfunction immediately

to be simplified, but the finished arena is a conservative

appear. Technologies enable the operator to navigate in

one, which still deserves it place of the football stage.

the environment and make decisions quickly, almost like

Perforated white and blue aluminium panels create an

a surgeon. You can see a picture of the functioning of the

angular exterior form. The colours are replicated inside for

entire system and promptly adjust the overall picture at

the seating and are the home colours of resident football

the expense of other devices and nodes.”

club, FK Baltika. The roof height peaks at 47-metres and

The stadium will likely decrease its capacity in the not too

the stadium capacity is smaller than the rest of it siblings,

distant future, but will remain the home of FK Baltika,

housing just 35,000 people.

so fans will be able to enjoy this new-built stadium in

Russian Sound Systems (RSS) followed the same pattern

future years, hopefully with the addition of the rest of the

for the audio set-up, using 144 McCauley Sound Inc


Above: Kaliningrad Arena followed the same audio template at the other stadiums, with the exception of the hardware being white.

ILA412 line array systems in total at Kaliningrad Arena. Executive Director, McCauley Sound Inc, Sam Ocean explained the exception though: “The customer decided at the very last moment that they want the sound system

ARCHITECTS: GMP Architekten, Populous, Crocus Group | INTEGRATORS: Russian Sound Systems (RSS), S-Pro Systems, Broadcast Solution | BRANDS: McCauley Sound Inc, RAM Audio, Optocore, BroaMan | WEBSITES: www.gmp-architekten.com, populous.com, crocusgroup.com, www.s-pro.tv, www.mccauley.com, ramaudio.com, www.optocore.com, www.broadcastmanufactur.com 054



w w w . r o b e . c z



Images: Clair Solutions


ith a desire to join the MLS in 2015, the city of Orlando knew to stand a chance of getting the proposal accepted, it needed to have a new soccer-specific stadium for what would

become its home club, Orlando City SC. Plans were announced to build said stadium that same year, and construction began shortly after. Orlando City SC played its first two seasons in the MLS at the Orlando Citrus Bowl before moving to the new stadium once it was complete. Orlando City Stadium is North America’s first MLS stadium to have a standing section, which upped its originally planned capacity from 19,000 to almost 30,000. The new facility was designed by architect, Populous and boasts another unique feature with the closest first row and steepest upper seating bowl in the league. “Being able to describe features of the stadium as the first, the closest and the steepest really tells the story of what kind of impact it will have on the league,” said Populous Senior Principal, Bruce Miller. “From the sightlines to the seatto-pitch proximity, Orlando City Stadium is optimised for the ultimate match day experience.” “Our new facility truly reflects the energy and intensity of the growing soccer market here in the United States,” said Orlando City Soccer Club CEO Alex Leitao. “From the start, Populous understood we were designing for soccer first, everything else came second. As a result, we’re extremely proud of the new home they have helped us create for the Orlando City SC and Orlando Pride.” Populous worked in conjunction with audiovisual consultant, WJHW, which provided design services for the LED scoreboard / video display systems, video production system, distributed video system, broadcast cabling provisions, meeting room audiovisual system, coaching video system, seating bowl sound systems and security


(video surveillance / access control systems).

mounted, large versus small form factor.

“The bid and interview process for Orlando City Stadium

JBL also offers some of the best price to performance ratio

was extremely competitive,” explained Tim Jacobs,

in comparison any manufacturer in the industry,” Tim

Project Manager for Clair Solutions. “Populous was the


architectural firm for the stadium, and WJHW consultant,

BSS processing and Crown DCI networked amplifiers drive

Gary White, designed the sound reinforcement, broadcast

the system. Dante digital audio and BSS HiQnet Audio

cabling, and video production systems. Over the course of

Architect control are distributed from the mix booth to six

the roughly six-month installation process, Clair Solutions

separate amp rack locations over single mode fiber optics

installed all of the audio for the building - including the

using Cisco SG500 switches. Harman BluLink distributes

bowl, the VIP lounge, bathrooms, locker rooms, and press

digital audio within each amplifier rack location, where

area, as well as the broadcast cabling and the video replay

the Crown amplifiers power the JBL loudspeakers. A

system. Typical for a project of this size, timelines for

Soundcraft Si Expression 2 console is located in the

project milestones were tight. Working with Jose Sandoval,

announcer’s booth serves as the main interface for the

project manager for Barton Mallow, we were able to stay

system. A Soundcraft Si Expression 1 provides mixing

on schedule and deliver the finished product on time.”

capabilities in the video production booth. Extron switches

To ensure a smooth installation on site, the Clair Solutions

and controllers link systems, and to save space within the

team set up, programmed, and tested the entire system

venue, an externally-positioned, stainless steel enclosure

under more controlled conditions at their facility in

houses audio tie lines, Triax camera connections, fiber

Manheim, Pennsylvania. The distributed JBL system

optic, data, and video ties between the dock and all camera

comprises a mixture of PD, AM, AW, and Control Series

positions around the stadium.

loudspeakers. The main field loudspeakers are attached

Using brands that all sit under the HARMAN parent

to the underside of the grandstand canopies, while the

company offers certain plus points including streamlined

smaller distributed loudspeakers cover the press areas,

ordering procedures, service advantages, and flexibility

club levels, suites, and concourses. “JBL offers a complete

to make inevitable changes as they may come up on every

line of weatherised products so it was truly a one-stop-

project. “The goal of the audio system was to provide

shop, since many of the different stadium areas required

adequate level, coverage, and fidelity, while remaining

difference loudspeaker types - surface versus ceiling

discrete, and ascetically complementing of the stadium


Above: The Orlando City Stadium’s purple seats make for a striking appearance.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 200 x JBL x Control 26CT ceiling loudspeaker | 68 x JBL Control 24CT ceiling loudspeaker | 56 x JBL Control 25-1-WH loudspeaker | 164 x JBL Control 28-1 WH loudspeaker | 58 x JBL AW566 loudspeaker | 86 x JBL AWC82 loudspeaker | 16 x JBL AW595 loudspeaker | 88 x JBL AM7212/00-WRX loudspeaker | 24 x JBL PD6322/64-WRX loudspeaker | 28 x JBL PD6322/66-WRX loudspeaker | 102 x JBL AC18/26-WRX-100T loudspeaker | 4 x JBL JRX212 monitor | 28 x JBL Control 25-1 loudspeaker | 2 x Crown DCi 2|300N amplifier | 4 x Crown DCI 2|1250N amplifier | 20 x Crown DCi 4 | 600N amplifer | 40 x Crown DCi 4|1250N amplifier | 10 x Crown DCi4|2400N amplifier | 7 x BSS Sound London BLU-806 DSP unit | 1 x BSS Sound London BLU-BIB break-in box | 1 x BSS Sound London BLU-BOB2 break-out box | 12 x Clear-Com RM-702 remote station rack mount | 6 x Clear-Com RS-702 dual channel belt pack | 2 x Clear-Com MS-704 heeadset/speaker station | 10 x Clear-Com CC-400-X4 headset | 20 x Clear-Com CC-300-X4 headset | 16 x Blackmagic Audio Monitor rack unit | 2 x Sennheiser ew 300-2 IEM G3 wireless monitoring sound system | 4 x Sennheiser ew 365 g3-a-x wireless condenser microphone set | AKG mics | Shure mics VIDEO & LIGHTING: 2 x Ross Video BVS-102P-10 two-channel multi-definition video server | 2 x Ross Video BVS-100AP-BP BlackStorm 102 & 104 breakout panel | 2 x Ross Video NK-3G72 72x72 3G/HD/SD reclocking SDI router | 2 x Ross Video NK-A64 64x64 stereo analogue audio routing system | 2 x Ross Video NK-IPS NK network IP configuration device | 2 x Ross Video NK-VRC NK virtual routing core device | 16 x Ross Video RCP-NK1 40 LED Illum Button local/remote panel | 10 x Ross Video UDA-8705A-R2L analogue video utility distribution amp | 6 x Ross Video ADC-8434-A-R2A quad analogue audio to AES / EBU converter | 2 x Ross Video DAC-8418-A-R2A dual AES to quad analogue audio converter | 2 x Soundcraft Si Expression 1 lighting console | 2 x Soundcraft Si Expression 2 lighting console



architecture. This was accomplished by utilizing the

could use a different way, and subcontractor C could use in

distributed JBL loudspeakers and a mix of JBL’s lines

a still different way,” explained Seth Morth, Engineering

depending on the area. Also, Clair created custom rigging

Manager with Clair Solutions. “It’s a real sandbox - users

brackets for the canopy speakers to rig as tight to the

can configure it any which way, but the trade-off for all

building steel as possible,” added Tim.

that power is the risk of making it too difficult to use. We

Continuing with the HARMAN inventory, but also

fell back on industry best practices, including predictable

recognising that certain microphones work better than

signal flows and abundant, consistent documentation.

other for certain applciations, Clair Solutions installed

Every source, destination, and connection always get

models from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, and Klover. Two

exactly the same label in all the documentation.”

Shure desktop microphones serve in the writing press

Major components in Orland Stadium’s in-house video

booth for production announcements and two Shure

replay system include a Ross Video Carbonite 2ME

handheld paging microphones allow for remote or on-field

switcher, Ross SDI-based NK-Series video and analogue

production pages. Two Sennheiser wireless systems convey

audio routers, a Ross video Blackstorm Video Server and a

performances of the national anthem and other a cappella

Ross MIRA Slo-Mo / Replay system. An AJA FS-2 handles

performances with solid musicality, and four wired AKG

video signal conversion when necessary, and IHSE KVM

microphones join them to accommodate larger vocal

matrix switches transmit video signals. Several Ikegami

groups. One Sennheiser lavalier microphone used with a

HC-HD300 Cameras with Fujifilm lenses cover both

Klover parabolic collector pick up specific on-field sounds

the stadium and the stands. Bittree B96H Series Video

and voices for use in broadcasts.

Patchbays provide robust connection points and Forecast

Finally, two headset microphones, interfaced with two

Consoles and Middle Atlantic Products provide custom

Studio Technologies announcer’s consoles, deliver public

furniture and racks.

pages and commentary with intelligibility and intuitive

The design and building time for a stadium project such

control for the hard of hearing.

as this can often take a number of years, however, from

Because different independent contractors for different

plans to opening for Orlando City Stadium was around the

teams and events handle in-house video production for

two-year mark. It was an fully privately-funded project,

the stadium’s scoreboard, Clair Solutions worked hard to

which may have contributed to the timeframe, but not

provide a powerful, open-architecture video replay system

matter what the reason, it means that the new MLS teams

with impeccable documentation. “We had to build a system

of Orlando have a state-of-the-art facility even though

that subcontractor A could use one way, subcontractor B

they are still very new to the game.

Above: Orlando City Stadium is North America’s first MLS stadium to have a standing section.

ARCHITECT: Populous | AV CONSULTANT: WJHW | INSTALLER: CLAIR SOLUTIONS | BRANDS: JBL, Crown, BSS, Clear-Com, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Extron, Cisco, Ross Video, Soundcraft | WEBSITES: populous.com, www.wjhw.com, www.clairsolutions.com, www.jblpro.com, www.crownaudio.com, bssaudio.com, www.clearcom.com, en-uk.sennheiser.com, www.akg.com, www.shure.com, www.extron.com, www.cisco.com, www.rossvideo.com, www.soundcraft.com 060





064 Ion Oblemenco Stadium | Craiova, Romania

092 GrassMaster | 2018 World Cup Round-Up, Russia

070 The O2 Arena | London, England



076 KL Sports City | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

098 Kingsholm Stadium | Gloucester, England



082 TCO Performance Center | Minnesota, USA

100 TCO Studio | Minnesota, USA

086 Moda Center | Portland, USA 088 Sanford Stadium | Georgia, USA



Images: Bosch Building Technologies


naugurated at the end of 2017, Ion Oblemenco Stadium is located in the Romania city of Craiova. The design concept was conceived by designer, Proiect Bucuresti and was based

upon the Brâncuși egg, one of Romanian artist, Constantin Brâncuși, most recognised works. The height of the stadium reaches 60-metres, making it one of the tallest stadiums in this vicinity of Europe. The roof design adds the extra height, reaching upwards from the steep stands, and at the same time offers well-insulated acoustics in the bowl and doesn’t interfere with spectator sightlines. The new stadium has a 30,000-capacity, took two-anda-half years to build at a cost of 51m Euros, and is home


to football club, CS Universitatea Craiova. To future-proof the stadium for mass sporting events, it required the security solution to abide by the stringent guidelines set out by the 2020 European Football Championships. The Craiova officials found their solution in Bosch Building Technologies. Working closely with the on-site team, Bosch Building Technologies installed a fire and safety solution comprising four fire panels and 1,500 detectors. The stadium was also equipped with a new state-of-theart sound system from Electro-Voice for music and commentary, Dynacord for evacuation, and Bosch loudspeakers for interior sound, as well as a Bosch conference and interpretation system for the press room.

“When we modelled in EASE4 we got excellent results with the Electro-Voice EVH-1152D 15-inch two-way loudspeakers and so decided to deploy them throughout the project.” Alexandru Tican

Alexandru Tican from Bosch partner, Gerom International said: “We have been installing audio systems in Romania for about 20 years. We were the first company to use EASE 3D simulations. The scale of the project called for


software simulation, so the contractor asked for our help.

EVH Series dedicated installation loudspeakers would meet

A key requirement was to achieve uniform SPL with high

the spec with their high sensitivity, compact dimensions,

intelligibility for evacuation purposes. The goal was to

dispersion pattern options, and EVCoat weather-resistant

achieve a SPL of 110dB, with a difference of less than 6dB,


across all areas of the stadium.

Alongside the main sound system, Bosch Building

“When we modelled in EASE4 we got excellent results

Technologies also supplied and installed a video security

with the Electro-Voice EVH-1152D 15-inch two-way

system including 211 cameras, centrally managed on

loudspeakers and so decided to deploy them throughout

a single platform through an enterprise edition of the

the project.”

Bosch Video Management System (BVMS). The networked

While the main sound reinforcement and public address

cameras serve a wide range of functions at entry and

systems serve different functions, they are completely

exit points and areas surrounding the stadium. On the

integrated. A Dynacord DPM 8016 digital matrix handles all

perimeter, 115 robust DINION IP bullet 5000 cameras

audio inputs, which are transported on optical fibre to four

watch central avenues leading to the stadium, while 86

Electro-Voice Dx46 processors, and then to the amplifier

discrete FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras monitor visitors.

racks containing 22 Electro-Voice CPS 2.12MkII amplifiers,

For added security, eight AUTODOME IP 7000 cameras

16 Dynacord DPA 8150 and four Dynacord DPA 8225

- two on the stadium outside, six inside - safeguard the

amplifiers on 100V line outputs. A Midas M32R console has

surroundings with on-board Intelligent Video Analytics.

also been installed. Bosch Building Technologies was keen

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) allows for smart video

to have a digital console in order to have the possibility to

surveillance functions. For instance, Intelligent Tracking

store and load presets as required.

automatically tracks moving objects based on predefined

The result of the final audio tests was much better than

alarm rules. Besides automatic tracking of objects of

expected. Alexandru explained: “We measured the SPL at

interest once certain predefine rules, like loitering,

between 112dB and 113dB, compared to a predicted level

security operators in Craiova can also manually track

of 114dB from the EASE simulation, and the maximum

groups of football fans or follow specific individuals.

difference was only 4dB. The stadium now has very clear

Video streams of all 211 cameras are monitored in a

and intelligible sound. We knew that the Electro-Voice

central security room, manned by operator personnel



FROM 18 TO 100


Cameo’s ZENIT W600 combines exceptional illuminance and amazing versatility with








21000 lm

four optional diffusers that are interchangeable in less than a second without the need for tools. Boasting a total output of 21000 lm, Cree LEDs and a built-in W-DMX™ Transceiver by Wireless Solutions Sweden, this highly professional wash light has been designed and engineered in Germany for superlative performance even in the most demanding applications.

Leave the competition behind and visit


Cameo® is a brand of






share the experience at



TECHNICAL INFORMATION AUDIO: 68 x Electro-Voice EVH-1152D two-way horn-loaded full-range loudspeaker | 22 x Electro-Voice CPS 2.12 MkII Contractor Precision Series Class-H power amplifier | 4 x Electro-Voice Dx46 two-in / six-out FIR-Drive sound system processor | 4 x Dynacord DPM 8016 digital matrix manager | 2 x Dynacord DPC 8015 paging console | 16 x Dynacord DPA 8150 500W 100V line Class-D power amplifier | 4 x Dynacord DPA 8225 2 x 250W 100V line Class-D power amplifier | 1 x Midas M32R digital console VIDEO: 115 x Bosch DINION IP bullet 5000 camera | 86 x Bosch FLEXIDOME IP 5000 camera | 8 x Bosch AUTODOME IP 7000 camera | 1 x Bosch Video Management System | 2 x Bosch DIVAR IP 7000 network video recording unit | 1 x Video Recording Manager (VRM) software package

and members of Romania’s police during matches. Video

video level, Ion Oblemenco Stadium has become the first

data is safely stored on two Bosch DIVAR IP 7000 network

stadium in Romania to be fully certified to host matches

video recording units with a total of 256TB storage

for the First Romanian Football League, European league

capacity. The recorders feature Video Recording Manager

matches, Champions League and national team matches.

(VRM) software to increase reliability and reduce storage

It has also set a standard for future stadiums that are due

volumes and costs, by automatically balancing the video

to be built for the 2020 tournament. Furthermore, it has

stream load to the free available storage devices. Also the

earned a fourth place ranking on the StadiumDB.com list

recording units support forensic search enabling security

for Stadium of the Year 2017.

operators to quickly retrieve the relevant video data from hours of stored video to deliver irrefutable evidence. By adhering to the international guidelines for the 2020 European Football Championships on both an audio and

INSTALLERS: Bosch Building Technologies, Gerom International | BRANDS: Bosch, Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Midas WEBSITES: www.boschbuildingtechnologies.com, gerominternational.ro, www.boschsecurity.com, www.dynacord.com, www.electrovoice.com, www.midasconsoles.com 068


Celebrating 50 Years of Intercom Innovation www.clearcom50.com

AV Transport from any Stadium! COMduit AV Signal Transport - Equipment template for remote broadcast - SpeciďŹ ed to your AV transport requirements - Multiplex for Fiber or IP distribution - Clear-Com and BroaMan product reliability The next phase of Clear-Com Intercom Solutions is here. Join us.





THE O2 ARENA London, England Images: SSE Special Projects


he O2 is the world’s most popular music and

bespoke control for security, engineering control and fault

entertainment venue and was named 2018

reporting - because primarily the system is used for both

Pollstar ‘International Venue of the Year’

production and life safety.

for the tenth time since its opening on 2007,

“We reviewed the main factors of the technology

amongst other numerous awards over the past 10 years.

available; looked at various networks; talked to different

Last year The O2 celebrated its tenth anniversary with a

manufacturers and got an insight into where they thought

series of concerts featuring Ed Sheeran, alt-j and Celine

they were going with their networking technologies. We

Dion. Famed for its musical performances, The O2 hosts a

found one we were happy to work with, a company we’d

plethora of other events including comedy, exhibitions and

worked with before. Next we looked at loudspeakers and

sporting competitions from the worlds of NBA ATP tennis,

again talked to the manufacturers and we then looked at

martial arts, gymnastics, boxing and was a venue the 2012

how we were going to integrate all these technologies into

Olympic Games.

a single platform.”

No matter the type of event taking place, a production

Eddie opted for a QSC Q-SYS digital audio platform and

audio and Public Address/Voice Alarm (PAVA) system is

network with Bose ShowMatch line arrays powered by

a vital element of the arena. It is used for every date in

Crown amplification within the main performance bowl

the diary for general messaging and security, and with

area. The BOH areas are served from multiple equipment

sports games, it is often utilised for FOH presentation and

racks containing Q-SYS and Crown amplification. “We had


to consider the network topology and consider reusing

Venue operator, AEG, has been working with system

the existing fire rated fibre cable backbone. The system is

integrator, SSE Audio Group for the past 10 years, so

based on two redundant QSC Core servers, each of which

when AEG began a life-cycle analysis to identify a critical

has a separate fibre network and two separate equipment

equipment replacement programme, SSE Special Projects

racks, so in effect there are two networks running from

was its first port of call for the technical review. Director of

independent locations. In the event of an incident in one

Building Services at The O2, Lee Lacey explained: “Back in

part of the building, it doesn’t compromise the system,”

2013, we did a site-wide lifespan analysis and looked at all

Eddie continued.

our assets - electrical, UPS, mechanical, ventilation and of

“We had to look at the network connectivity to the Crown

course our PAVA system. Our consultant said, even though

amplifiers, too, because they obviously run on Dante

the system did have some life left in it, we should start

as well as HiQnet, but not on Q-SYS. We sat down with

looking into options. We wanted to enhance the system,

Harman (Crown amplifiers) and over a period of about six

not just swap it out like for like. We also needed to work out

to eight months we developed a Q-SYS plug-in, a software

how to upgrade the system bit by bit without interrupting

plug-in that is an object within a Q-SYS design file. It

the arena schedule. The system has to work across the

allows us to extract data from the HiQnet ports on the

entire venue, even if there isn’t an event taking place.”

amplifiers, so we can monitor the loudspeaker circuits, the

SSE Audio Group’s Head of Special Projects, Eddie Thomas,

signal paths and check the condition of the loudspeakers.”

was tasked to provide a new PAVA design with a number

Originally Eddie was going to use Bose RoomMatch but

of options for The O2. After many discussions and design

because of his relationship with Bose, he got a little

concepts SSE Audio and AEG settled on a preferred option

insider knowledge, and hung back for the ShowMatch

and set about a five-year upgrade plan. This began with

instead. The Bose line arrays as a general rule, run on Bose

the sitewide PAVA network, then the Back of House (BOH)

amplifiers, so matching them with Crown for this project

amplifiers, with the arena bowl loudspeakers and the

posed another challenge for Eddie and the team. He had

subwoofer arrays added this year.

to develop DSP tunings that would work within the Crown

Eddie commented: “We looked at replacing key elements

amplifiers, and offer the optimum performance expected

of the technology by doing an evaluation exercise, looking

from the ShowMatch. “We sent the two models of the

at what might be around the corner and what future

amplifiers to Bose, and they put in some DSP tuning, which

technologies were coming up. We wanted to provide a 10-

were not far off what we’d put in ourselves, so we were

year future proof life cycle system. We looked at networks,

pleased with that,” said Eddie.

amplification, loudspeakers and of course we had to look at

The Bose arrays have been flown on a central circular truss

the operational suitability - which systems could provide

in the bowl. Two of the arrays feature nine ShowMatch




cabinets, and the remaining six comprise eight boxes.

low frequency and DCi 8|600 for the high frequencies. The

“ShowMatch offers great coverage, right down to the

sub-bass arrays are powered by Bose PM8500 amplifiers.

floor, and that’s because of the different elements that are

The same Crown DCi-DA models were also used in the BOH

available within the series - 5º, 10º and 20º with different

loudspeaker zones.

horizontal dispersion horns. We’re using a combination

Tying the entire system together is the QSC Q-SYS

of those in the arrays to give us even coverage all the

network. Eddie specified a pair of QSC Q-SYS Core 3100i

way down the bowl. The centre clusters cover the entire

processors as the backbone of the system. From the two

audience, all the way down to the front seats but don’t

remote control racks Q-SYS Cores are linked over dual fibre

cover the arena floor,” Eddie continued.

optic cable backbone to over 100 Crown DCi-DA amplifiers,

For sub-bass, the Bose RMS218 subwoofers were selected.

housed in 16 amplifier racks and also security and control

A total of 24 RMS218 cabinets in six vertical hangs were

network stations with full GUI access.

roof mounted alongside the centre cluster arrays. Concert

Eddie elaborated: “Our Q-SYS network has complete

production arrays were installed within the horseshoe

redundancy, with separate fibre cable connections,

end of the arena and comprise four ShowMatch eight-box

separate fibre cable distribution switches, every rack

hangs, which throw across to the rear of the arena at level

has an A and a B fibre going to it from the Core servers

four. These provide the delay coverage to the upper levels

in different locations - so there are multiple levels of

when connected to the visiting / event production PA

redundancies. We can lose quite a bit of the network


without it affecting the performance of the VA system.

The loudspeaker setup was designed in Bose Modeler

Independently in the rack, we have our two fibre cables

prediction software. “We had to look at the performance

coming in, going through two separate A and B network

criteria and the BS7827 standards, which is fairly normal

switches and then split out to the amplifiers. Each

for arena and stadium use. It’s not an EN54 scenario but

amplifier is on its own separate A and B Dante network as

it’s a PAVA system that meets BS7827. The performance


standard we were looking for was around 110dBA on the

Part of the operational requirements are security and

floor and around 103dBA on the production delays. For

general messaging during events, so SSE has provided

speech and intelligibility - 0.5 STI is the standards required

a number of control screens for The O2. These are quite

target, but we’ve actually achieved .65 STI. The broadband

large - 32-inch touchscreen monitors to be precise. One is

RT is about 1.9 seconds, which is good for an arena of this

located in the main security room, one in the event control

size,” Eddie explained.

room and another in the sound control room. The in-house

For both elements of the PAVA system, FOH and BOH,

SSE Audio engineers can use these to look at the status

Eddie specified the same amplification for consistency of

of all the racks; any faults turn orange in the system to

maintenance and performance.

indicate that piece of equipment is compromised. The team

For the Bose ShowMatch arrays in the bowl and production

can then use the touchscreens to interrogate the rack fault,

delays, Eddie specified Crown DCi 4|1250 amplifiers for

the GUI will then identify exactly where the fault is, so it


Extraordinary Projects Demand Extraordinary Solutions

The complete solution for digital audio processing, distribution, amplification and control

pcasupport.emea@peavey.com peaveycommercialaudio.com

The most powerful drag and drop audio, video and control platform featuring the award winning Kiosk2Go, web browser user interface and application for full system control. MediaMatrixÂŽ NWare 2.0 now with freshly updated features including a new-look configurable interface, new devices and plugins, plus built-in project templates.


can be addressed and fixed. Paging units (GUI), were also designed specifically for this site, that allow full control of both the emergency and event security messaging systems. A message can be recorded, stored in the system, to be played out at the correct time, in different zones, as required. Each zone 140 in total at the last count - is allocated in the system

TECHNICAL INFORMATION 8 x Bose ShowMatch line array | 6 x Bose ShowMatch RMS218 subwoofer array | 4 x Bose ShowMatch production array | 2 x Bose ShowMatch upper delay array | Crown DCi 4|1250 amplifiers | Crown DCi 8|600 amplifiers | 2 x QSC Q-SYS Core 3100i processor | QSC Q-SYS Core 510i processors | QSC Q-SYS I/O Frame Type 2 | Dante audio cards

and there are a number of presets that are used in each zone for almost every event - standard general messages. Live announcements are obviously, also possible. Summing up, Eddie concluded: “The venue now has a great sounding, robust and incredibly flexible audio and PAVA solution, that we can now build on for future developments on the site. The PA system is used as a standalone audio solution for sporting events and other productions in the round. For concerts and touring productions, where a stage is built at one end of the bowl, the touring system will provide the main L-R audio but will interface with the house system for upper delays and infill. In all applications the system is the venue’s PAVA solution, enabling security and management staff to provide guidance in the event of an incident or emergency.” There’s still more to come too, with further plans due to be implemented over the next two years.

DESIGN & SYSTEM INTEGRATOR: SSE Audio Special Projects | BRANDS: Bose Professional, QSC, Crown WEBSITES: www.sseaudiogroup.com, pro.bose.com, www.qsc.com, www.crownaudio.com 074





KL SPORTS CITY Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Images: Aaron Pocock


ompleted in just 18 months in order to host the 2017 South East Asia (SEA) Games, the new Kuala Lumpur Sports City - the largest sports complex in Malaysia - was designed

by Populous and developed by the Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB). The complex, which saw the existing Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex transformed, includes high-performance sports training facilities, a sports rehabilitation science centre, a youth park, a public sports facilities, a sports museum, a youth hostel, a convention centre and a sportsfocused retail mall. Being such an ambitious rejuvenation project, the aesthetics were of vital importance, which is why Singapore-based Limelight atelier was appointed as lighting design consultant. Melvyn Law, Director at Limelight atelier, explained the task they were given for KL Sports City: “The brief was to create a seamless integration of façade lighting, expressing the architecture and the space. We had to pay particular attention to the costs and timeline due to the tight construction deadlines, too.



“We took it further to increase energy efficiency and

blending in as part of the architecture. It allows for the

reduce cost by creating a lighting scheme that encourages

illumination of two blade surfaces, illuminates the roof

multiple values in return.”

ring structure and, at the twisting juncture of the blades,

Limelight atelier worked on the design of the façades of

reflects some light inwards, adding visual depth to the

the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Axiata Arena, National

architecture by paying homage to the existing iconic

Aquatic Centre and the new covered link way.

skeleton structures. This adds not just aesthetics, but

The 87,000-seat Bukit Jalil National Stadium is at the

allows for the reduction of functional lighting to the

heart of the complex - and the new, striking façade

perimeter of the stadium.

has a distinctly local feel, reminiscent of the stripes of

Another venue Limelight atelier worked on was the Axiata

the Malayan tiger. It allows for sun shading, natural

Arena - formerly known as Putra Stadium. The building

ventilation and transparency to the existing iconic

fabric of the indoor arena was to have illumination


radiating through the undulating perforated façade

The lighting scheme consists of concealed lines of lights,

panels, revealing a tremendous visual interest of form,

which are carefully integrated within the 678 parametric

light and colour after dusk. The positioning of the grazing

twisting blades using Acclaim lighting’s LED Flex tape

luminaires for an optimised display of the geometry of

RGBW, with eight-pixel control of the LED nodes at

the façade - especially at the entrance’s wavy roof - was

every metre that allows for close and far away visuals of

the first challenge. However, with multiple desktop

graphical displays and colours. This gives the operators the

simulations, small scale tests and full size mockups with

ability to display a fully bespoke visual for every event.

the support of the contractors and manufacturer, the issue

The second layer of the lighting design saw the design and

was resolved.

implementation of a bespoke six-headed adjustable gimbal

The Limelight atelier team faced another challenge in the

luminaire from Acclaim. The solution greatly reduced the

form of concealing the luminaires and its auxiliaries to

amount of light fixtures needed to illuminate multiple

minimise electrical and control cables routing disruption

aspects of the façade, adding a welcome ecological aspect

to the existing building due to cost and time limitations

to the design.

and site constraints. Working closely with Populous, an

Each luminaire is carefully placed in between each blade,

architecture tray detail was designed to integrate into the



TECHNICAL INFORMATION LIGHTING: Acclaim Lighting Flex Tape RGBW pixel | Acclaim Lighting HP-MIDI RIG Blue | Acclaim Lighting HP-Linear RGB | Acclaim Lighting DynaWash | ELR Vasari 3 with Rosco glass coloured filter | Simes Loft Wall Square | Targetti CCT LED Architectural Mini | Targetti CCT Architectural Classic Adjustable HP | Targetti Dart Medium | Meyer Expolux

edifice, concealing fixtures, cables and drivers.

pendant lighting using Targetti’s recessed downlights for

Meyer Epolux luminaires, mounted on columns, were

functional needs.

used as uplights for the main entrance to the arena.

ELR Vasari 3 recessed narrow beam downlights, with

Downlighting was designed as a distinct visual marker

selected Rosco colour filters, are used to graze the new

with a warmer 3,000K colour temperature, flanked by the

fritted façade glazing to optimally portray a new colour

cooler colour temperatures of 4,000K.

identity for the international-graded swimming arena.

At the boulevard, horizontal twisting blade roof elements

Following phase one of the project, the overall results have

formed the newly-constructed shaded canopies, linking

already seen an increased usage and social growth to the

the existing light rail station and various sports venues.

surrounding area.

Each structure column is up-lighted in hues of blue using

“All lighting design should be smart in a way or another,

Acclaim’s HP-Midi-RIG.

it does not make sense to have a design that does not

Melvyn explained the reason for this decision: “Besides

improve lives or the situation. Our designs not only

enhancing the aesthetics and decreasing energy usage, we

embrace this, but also push the limits in what we do and

also utilised colour psychology in the circulation area.

how we achieve it,” added Melvyn.

“The columns of the covered linkway are deliberately lit

“We treated each stadia and arena separately, but

in blue hues. This reflects the user’s journey, encouraging

holistically plan the lighting design to create a revelation

calm and authority if the spectators are ever upset with the

of sight and display.”

result of the game.”

KL Sports City has been recognised both internationally

Finally, the National Aquatic Centre, equipped with an

and regionally, too, highlighting the success of the project.

Olympic-standard swimming pool, is illuminated in the

Besides being a finalist of the World Architecture Festival

style of a “glowing lantern from within” expression,

in 2017, it is also a winner of the exterior lighting category

with Targetti luminaires uniformly uplighting the new

of the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018 and attained the

membrane canopy, along with suspended customised

Singapore Good Design Mark (SG MARK).

ARCHITECT: Populous | LIGHTING DESIGNER: Limelight atelier | BRANDS: Acclaim Lighting, Targetti, Meyer by Electrix, ELR WEBSITES: www.populous.com, www.limelightatelier.com, www.acclaimlighting.com, www.targetti.com, www.meyer-lighting-us.com, www.elr-group.com 080


Power Steering (Standard on All Models)

Introducing the new ICONYX IC-Live X series of Full Range Steered Arrays from Renkus-Heinz. Voiced for enhanced musicality and boasting increased horsepower, the IC-Live X series includes two Full Range enclosures plus Low Frequency and Subwoofer modules. These combine to deliver affordable Power-Steerable solutions that make it easy to navigate even the largest and most challenging acoustic environments. Designed to exceed expectations, the new ICONYX IC-Live X system provides the balanced and consistent listening experience that only Renkus-Heinz can offer. Visit www.Renkus-Heinz.com now to learn more.

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Images: VITEC


fter moving to its new training facility in

here. Facilities are very important. It’s important to our

March this year, the Minnesota Vikings NFL

day-to-day operations, it’s important to how we continue

team officially opened the complex with a

to develop and grow this roster. As Zygi [Wilf, co-owner]

ribbon cutting ceremony in June. The grand

stated, Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center gives

opening of Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center

us a huge competitive advantage by the resources that

(TCO Performance Center) was born after the team has

are provided here - to our players, to our coaches, as we

made use of Winter Park - the 15-acre headquarters and

continue to try to strive to get better.”

practice facility in Eden Prairie - for the past 37 years and

Co-owner, Zygi Wilf commented during the opening that

it was beginning to feel tired.

he was honoured to be a ‘steward of such a great franchise’

Vikings General Maager, M Rick Spielman said at the

and reflected back to 2005 when he, his brother, Mark,

opening: “I’d just like to thank Mark [Wilf] and the rest

and their cousin, Lenny, led a group that purchased the

of our ownership group for providing us with tremendous

franchise. At that time, in addition to establishing the

resources to try to accomplish winning championships

Vikings as a world-class organisation, building a new


stadium, hosting a Super Bowl and bringing a Lombardi

architecture that is ideal for the ever-changing video,

Trophy to Minnesota, the Wilfs aimed to construct a new

marketing, and sales requirements of today’s sports

headquarters - and it seems they met the latter goal.

venues. The VITEC equipment provides full control of each

The new facility boasts over 277,000 sq ft of space, which

video stream, allowing the Vikings to support its staff and

includes administrative offices, five outdoor practice

players, as well as enable a new fan experience during its

fields, an outdoor training area, an indoor practice facility,

practice games. With centralised creation, distribution,

a team auditorium, a media centre, locker rooms, and

and monitoring of live and on-demand video content and

several specialised fitness zones. In addition, the centre

digital signage, each display offers a unique experience

is designed to offer an incredible fan experience with a

that meets the requirements of the user and space.

6,500-seat practice stadium that will be used for training

In order to effectively manage satellite/cable TV content,

camp and other events.

VITEC’s approved AES content protection capability

To make the new centre one of the most advanced sports

offered through the EZ TV Platform enables the facility

practice facility in the world, the Vikings owners Zygi,

to quickly receive approvals from DirecTV for using the

Mark and Lenny, agreed that video capabilities had to be at

Com2000 IP gateway as a source for dozens of DirecTV

the forefront of every area. And to that end, more than 300

channels. Streams from the Com2000 are processed in

video displays of all different sizes were installed around

real-time by VITEC’s Ocaster DRM server and streamed

the complex. The screens are responsible for delivering a

fully encrypted from the server room to any desktop

wealth of content to the organisation, including providing

and physical end-point connected to a display. EZ TV’s

access to a broad range of TV channels, live camera feeds,

field-proven and service-provider-approved end-to-end

as well as digital signage content. The digital signage alone

encryption architecture provides a major advantage for

includes workout schedules, nutritional information and

venues as they discuss IPTV distribution with their content

human resources content.


With such multifaceted technical and operational

Concluding, Vice President, Corporate & Technology

requirements, the Vikings needed a centralised solution

Partnerships at Minnesota Vikings, John Penhollow said:

that would allow its administrators to manage, create, and

“VITEC’s IPTV and Digital Signage Platform has enabled us

distribute any video feed and enable on-demand access to

to connect every layer of our organisation - from our staff,

TV channels within an easy-to-use, affordable system that

administrators, coaches, players, and fans - with leading-

would deliver the best performance and quality of streams.

class technology that allows every stream of content to be

After reviewing a number of providers, VITEC was

reliably delivered with low latency.”

specified to equip the facility with its video needs. VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Platform provides the Vikings with a professional, broadcast-grade IPTV and digital signage ecosystem that builds upon the ethos of being one of the most advanced sports practice facility in the world. VITEC’s IPTV and Digital Signage Solution for Sports Venues offer a cost-effective, flexible, and open

BRANDS: VITEC | WEBSITES: www.vitec.com 084


Above: More than 300 VITEC video displays have been installed across the complex.


Images: disguise



re-game NBA shows are often extravagant,

takes up the story: “The Trail Blazers’ creative services

eye-catching displays, designed to capture the

and game entertainment staff were looking for a fresh

attention of the crowd and get them ready for

pre-game intro look, with a long-held belief that the

the game - and, at the Moda Center, it’s no

experience should have the same impact from the floor to


the 300 [tier of seats] level.

The venue - home to NBA side, Portland Trail Blazers -

“Many of the creative options available in an NBA pre-

has a capacity of 19,393 for basketball, though that can be

game environment did not pass that test, so Craig Winslow

increased to 20,796 with standing room. Each fan there for

of Craig Winslow Studio and the Trail Blazers’, Billie Olson

the NBA Playoffs was wowed by the pre-game show, which

conceptualised a 360º projection cylinder that would fly

was delivered with the support of disguise and its 4x4pro

in from the scoreboard and disappear just as fast as it

media servers.


Along with MeyerPro, a broadcast and audiovisual

“A kabuki curtain release system was used to reveal

specialist that worked as the Trail Blazer’s production

the cylinder from its position tucked away below the

partner, the disguise system showcased its flexibility

scoreboard. Projectors from each corner illuminated the

and utility to deliver fan content for all types of national

canvas for a seamless 360º video intro including highlights

sporting events, delivering dynamic, superhero

from the Trail Blazers’ season.


“The concept was to tell a story of the team and fans

Luke Buchanan, Lead Technician at MeyerPro, who served

coming together aptly set to Junkie XL’s remix of The

as disguise Systems Designer and Operator on the project

Beatles’ song, ‘Come Together’. We also wanted to make



sure the 35ft tall screen made the players larger than life,

of a team of stagehands on the ground,” explained Luke.

in superhero form, as they walked out during intros.”

“Each drop of the cylinder screen took roughly one hour to

As the startling line ups weren’t released until shortly

reset and, with the screen down, all court operations had

before the game, Luke had to have a list of all possible

to be at a standstill since the screen floats onto the floor at

starting players on his timeline. Once the introductions

half court. This gave us only a few moments in each cycle

had finished, the fabric was released from the scoreboard

to walk the arena and touch up the warp and blend. I was

above the court, dissipating down to the floor with the

able to take a disguise Designer license out wirelessly on

projection following the screen position, dropping and

a laptop to apply those changes from different seating

going dark.

sections.” A disguise 4x4pro is deployed as the master system, with a second one as an understudy, providing a robust solution that delivers stability, flexibility and functionality.

“The system did an outstanding job of keeping up with our demands and being part of our workflow from conceptualisation to show.”

Luke explained the benefits of the system in further detail:

Luke Buchanan

“The system did an outstanding job of keeping up with

“Once we loaded the Moda Center in as a venue, we were able to host flyovers and offer proof of concept for the jobThis allowed us to look at sight lines and consider where on the canvas content should be rendered and get all of the snapshots, video, flyovers and even VR walkthroughs needed to make sure this concept would deliver.” The Designer license enabled Luke to “previs without servers”, while the Advanced Projector Toolkit “helped us survey our projector locations, verify lensing and handle our overlaps, blending and warping with ease.” There was plenty of praise for disguise’s HAP playback and streamlined UV mapping, too. our demands and being part of our workflow from conceptualisation to show,” said Luke. Alongside Luke, the team included MeyerPro, which was

“The projector position and blend projection features on

the Trail Blazers’ production partner for the pre-game

the cylinder meant that our warping and blending was

show with Production Manager, Stephen Vandervort,

90% there before the projectors were even hung. This was

and Projectionist Bill Bassett. The Trail Blazers’ Koji

important because of the extremely narrow window we

Matsumoto did the motion design with Dane Sayer

had to execute this job,” added Luke.

handling the video edit and Todd Bosma acting as Game

The design for the pre-game show had to take the quick

Operations Director. ACMEPDX did the fabrication.

turnaround from show to tip-off into consideration. The NBA requires any design used to be fully mobile and clear of the court so the game can be started instantly. “With this narrow window to accomplish a look and tell a story, we had to use a material that could appear from nowhere, and get out of the way just as fast with the help

INSTALLER: MeyerPro | BRANDS: disguise | WEBSITES: www.meyerproinc.com, www.disguise.one 087



Images: Daktronics


anford Stadium, with it’s huge capacity of 92,746, is the 11th largest stadium in the US and the 18th largest in the world. However, first and foremost, it’s home to the Georgia

Bulldogs - the University of Georgia’s football team. Located in Athens, Georgia, Sanford Stadium has been the subject of numerous expansions since it first opened in 1929, though each of these were carefully planned to fit in with the stadium’s existing aesthetic. With the University of Georgia looking to enhance its game-day productions, its attentions turned to updating the LED display and control system at the stadium. Daktronics has a long-standing relationship with the university, providing products and services at its venues for basketball, baseball, gymnastics, softball, soccer, volleyball and practice facilities across the campus. From there, Daktronics designed, manufactured and installed a new LED video display and Show Control System for Sanford Stadium. “We continue to value our long-standing relationship with Daktronics for our LED technology, event production and digital content,” said Josh Brooks, Deputy Athletic Director - Operations, University of Georgia. “They have continued to provide Georgia Athletics with the highest quality of service and support, which is extremely important to us as we put on the best game-day production for our student-athletes and fans.” Daktronics installed a new end zone display, which features a 13HD pixel layout - the same technology that is used by many professional football teams. The display at the Bulldogs’ home ground is 30% larger than the previous display, measuring 52ft by 100ft, delivering a massive visual experience to fans, student-athletes and coaches alike. The Daktronics display brings crisp, clear imagery,


with wide-angle visibility to every seat in the stadium.

Athletic Association.

As well as the display, a new Daktronics Show Control

“Fans are going to get more of the content and transitions

System was installed, which features an easy-to-use

they’re used to seeing on television, but they will be in

workflow that allows the new display to be used as one

the stadium experiencing the games live in front of their

large canvas or it can be divided into multiple zones to

eyes; an experience that simply can’t be replicated. We’re

show any combination of live video, instant replay, real-

thrilled to be able to engage our fans on a deeper level with

time statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship

the new functionality.”

messages. Unlimited layering and keying enhance the

In addition, the Bulldogs are working with Daktronics

overall production, allowing the university to build layers

Professional Services team to have custom content

and key score bugs, fan prompts, and other elements

developed and integrated, and to provide game-day

over the top of video to deliver today’s modern broadcast

production services. This marks 14 years of collaboration


with the university providing live event support.

Some of the new functionality showcased during the

“The west end zone expansion project will improve the

G-Day Spring Game included key/fill, transitions between

fan experience at an already great venue at the University

the different video looks and sources, as well as creating

of Georgia,” said Kyle Adams, Daktronics, Regional Sales

transitions from full video to a live squeeze back revealing


the full canvas below. The show had more of a broadcast-

“The new display and control functionality is a game-

type feel and was received well by the university, building

changer for their game-day productions that will blow

on the excitement for what is yet to come this upcoming

their fans away at every event. We’re proud to continue

football season.

our long-time partnership on campus and look forward to

“We’re incorporating updated control features from

seeing everything in action again this fall.”

Daktronics that will launch our game-day productions to the next level,” said Mike Bilbow, Assistant Athletic Director - Digital and Production, University of Georgia

INSTALLER: Daktronics | BRANDS: Daktronics | WEBSITES: www.uga.edu, www.daktronics.com 090



1.2MM / 1.5MM / 1.9MM / 2.5MM PIXEL PITCH 2D & 3D LED WALL

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GRASSMASTER: WORLD CUP 2018 ROUND-UP Images: The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Local Organizing Committee


here is no greater stage in football than the World Cup and a competition of such magnitude means that only the best is required, which is exactly what was delivered when it came to the pitches in Volgograd, Kazan and Nizhny

Novgorod. GrassMaster Solutions, the hybrid grass division of Tarkett Sports - a worldwide leader of innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions - was the team behind the high-end pitches at three of the World Cup stadiums in Russia. Having successfully provided exceptional pitches at the last two World Cups - Brazil in 2014 and South Africa in 2010 - the pioneer of hybrid grass was enlisted again to ensure the standards were met in Russia. The GrassMaster pitches for the World Cup are composed of 100% natural grass reinforced with unique, synthetic fibres, which are meticulously installed on the sub-base. These fibres - high performance polypropylene monofilament fibres (HPF) - are produced in-house using a patented method. These fibres are injected 18cm deep in a grid of approximately 2cm x 2cm to provide vertical reinforcement throughout the pitch. The fibres protrude 1.5cm2cm above the root zone surface, with 20 million HPF fibres reinforcing the pitch. The GrassMaster HPF fibres perform three primary functions on the pitch; offering stability to a sand-based structure, providing an anchor which the grass roots can entwine around and, finally, maintain the stability and uniformity required, even when extensively played on. Such is the sophistication of the hybrid grass technology, GrassMaster pitches have laying characteristics of natural grass, with no divots or isolated spots allowed to occur. At the World Cup, GrassMaster technology was certainly tested to the limit, with 16 games in total played on the company’s pitches at Volgograd Arena, Kazan Arena and Nizhny Novgorod Stadium - all of




which had a new, pitch installed.

days, and six matches in two and a half weeks at Nizhny

GrassMaster’s Russian partner, InSport Pro Co, installed

Novgorod Stadium, proving that GrassMaster is ideal for

the hybrid grass pitch at the Kazan Arena and was

top-level tournaments.

responsible for the maintenance, too. The venue hosted

GrassMaster’s installation partner for the Volgograd

six games at the World Cup in total, including eventual

Arena and Nizny Novgorod Stadium was Golftechnology.

winners France, which faced Australia in its first game.

Furthermore, Charles Henderson of PSD/Labosport Group

Belgium faced Brazil in a memorable quarter final on the

acted as a pitch consultant.

impressive pitch, too.

Maintenance is key for the continued quality of the pitches

Meanwhile, at Volgograd Arena, four games were played

- particularly when games are played in quick succession

on the GrassMaster pitch, including England’s opening

like the World Cup. Maintenance programmes vary

clash with Tunisia. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium hosted its

depending on the venue, such as enclosed sports stadiums

first game on the same date - Sweden v South Korea - with

and open training grounds. Many factors determine the

more group stage games, a round of 16 tie and a quarter

maintenance management programme that the grounds

final also played at the ground.

manager will follow, including natural light availability,

In total, there were six games being played in three weeks

air movement, local climatic conditions, site specific

at the Kazan Arena, four matches at Volgograd Arena in 10

microclimate, frequency and type of use.


Above: The GrassMaster team was responsible for high-end pitches at three of the World Cup stadiums.


Every GrassMaster installation includes a Pitch

Andrey Kanunnikov, Managing Director of InSport Pro

Monitoring package to make sure that the stadiums have

Co received good feedback from the teams on the pitches:

the knowledge required to get the best performance from

“Both the German and Japanese teams recently visited

the new hybrid pitch. Generally, the Pitch Monitoring

their training grounds and were satisfied with the pitches

package includes several days of on-site follow-up,

we’ve prepared for them.”

training and advice for the grounds team by a GrassMaster

GrassMaster can look back on the World Cup in Russia as

Solutions hybrid pitch consultant, from installation

a huge success - highlighting exactly what its technology

through the following 12 months.

can deliver and the hugely positive impact it has on

As well as the three official World Cup venues,

the world stage. With a lifespan of up to 15 years, the

GrassMaster provided the pitch at Arena CSKA, which

GrassMaster pitches will leave a legacy for the Russian

was used by the Germany national team for training. The

teams, communities and for the venues.

training pitch at Rubin Kazan was used throughout the tournament for training by the Japan side, too.

BRAND: GrassMaster | WEBSITE: grassmastersolutions.com 096


Above: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.

Medialease has been providing financing for sports and entertainment technology for nearly twenty years. From pitchside replay screens to a complete stadium fit-out, we understand the unique requirements of

Medialease finances entertainment technology, stadium and arena fit-outs

this industry and offer a range of financing options, including medium and long-term rental, leasing and hire purchase. We have financed catering, seating, bars and hospitality areas for venues, along with public address/ voice alarm, fire and lighting systems, so are well-placed to advise on the best way to bring your stadium to life.

To discuss finance for your next project, please contact Medialease at: T: 01327 872531 • E: sales@media.lease • www.medialease.com

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KINGSHOLM STADIUM Gloucester, England

Images: Martin Bennett / Gloucester Rugby, AS PR


ome of rugby union team, Gloucester Rugby,

stadiums because the connectivity and Wi-Fi are poor.

the Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester,

Landways expertise in infrastructure means the fibre

England has a capacity of almost 17,000

network allows multiple audio and video streams to be

people, with its main grandstand seating

delivered live. It can also be connected to the screens

7,500 of that capacity. Over the years, it has played host to

and access points, or connected to food, drink and

a number of international rugby union matches including

merchandise. As part of the fan experience platform,

the 1900 Home Nations Championships, the 2011 Churchill

the club will be able to offer forward thinking brands

Cup and the 2015 Rugby World Cup, to name just a few.

many more opportunities, other than just traditional

It was originally built way back in the 19th Century, but


structurally, it was most recently upgraded in 2007, which

Ben Silcox, Chief Strategy Officer of Clock, said: “The

resulted in the new main grandstand.

future is looking bright for our partnership with Landways.

Technologically, it was the digital services within the

There are too many clubs and venues not delivering

stadium that received a recent overhaul, which came about

experiences that people have come to expect in other parts

through a partnership between digital infrastructure

of their lives; the sum of the technology is not adding up

specialists Landways, digital agency Clock, and Gloucester

to something better. With our unique partnership of a


connected infrastructure and an end to end connected fan

Landways has designed, financed and built an industry-

experience, we are well positioned to help rights holders

leading high-density digital infrastructure and Wi-Fi

and venues gain commercial growth and a younger fan and

network at Kingsholm Stadium. The infrastructure is

customer base. Our rugby clients are moving first but we

completely future-proofed and will cope with several

are experiencing interest across a range of sports and live

generations of data growth, network upgrades and new

experience venues.”

digital services.

Testing of the new service has taken place over the last

This state-of-the-art capacity will underpin a new

season during home games, and now that the stadium is

generation of digital services to be provided to Gloucester

able to offer high capacity Wi-Fi capability, fast speeds and

Rugby by Clock. A new fan experience mobile app will

‘always-on’ connectivity, the new stadium-wide digital

use Clock’s Colooder platform to deliver a variety of

infrastructure will be rolled out in full for the new season,

experiences including half-time quizzes, games that allow

alongside the new mobile app.

children to interact, play and understand the game of

Stephen Vaughan, Gloucester Rugby CEO concluded: “We

rugby, a range of audio feeds to enhance what’s going on

are firmly in a digital world and part of the future-proofing

in the game, pre-ordering of food and drinks, rewards and

of the club going forward is to ensure we are at the

offers, debates and discussions, live ‘Man of the Match’

forefront of technology that allows us to give everybody

voting, a fans’ gallery of pictures and exclusive content

that visits Kingsholm stadium not only fast connectivity

around players, the game and fans.

but also gives us the ability to engage our audiences better.

Chris Smedley, Chief Executive of Landways, said: “We

The app will allow visitors to Kingsholm to access high

have deployed a record quantity of optical fibre throughout

speed Wi-Fi and a range of services designed to improve

the stadium, as well as several unique technical designs, to

the experience on a match day. We are delighted to be

manage the huge forecast growth in demand for wireless

partnering with both Landways and Clock to help provide a

data over the next few years. We will be monitoring the

more connected environment for our fans.”

network closely and, as required, working with Gloucester Rugby to install upgrades to ensure that the Wi-Fi system does not run out of capacity and that Kingsholm remains one of the UK’s best-connected sports venues.” The experiences Clock delivers are not possible in most

BRANDS: Landways, Clock | WEBSITES: www.landways.com, www.clock.co.uk 098


Right: The digital services at Kingsholm Stadium is the most recently technology upgrade.







Images: Dak Dillon


aving outgrown its training facility and

depth sit-down interviews. The third area is much more

offices where they had been located since

edgier-looking and hosts social media podcast, while the

1980, Minnesota Vikings has recently opened

fourth section serves as the space for stand-up reports.

the spectacular Twin Cities Optical (TCO)

Mike positioned 75 Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC

Performance Center. Located on the former Northwest

LED ellipsoidal fixtures with a mixture of 19°, 26°, 36°

Airlines Headquarters site, the 194-acre site includes four

and 50° lenses throughout the studio. The RGBA-Lime

outdoor practice fields, an indoor practice facility, state-

fixtures serve as key lights as well as colour washes in the

of-the-art health and fitness amenities and a 6,000-seater

four shooting areas, where they are hung from centre-set


positions. In addition to this use, the Ovation units also

However, one of the unexpected crown jewels at the

work as front stage lights when the acoustic wall opens and

incredible site is the TCO Studios - a space designed to take

the main studio is used for live broadcasts.

the team’s video content to another level entirely.

“Being able to flip the colour from the Ovations to

Featuring four distinct video-shooting areas, the studio,

anything we need is hugely helpful, especially given

designed by Peter Provost of Provost Studio, is illuminated

the emphasis on versatility at this studio,” added Mike.

by a colourful lighting system created by Mike Grabowski

“Another invaluable feature was the ability of the Ovation

of the Lighting Design Group that features close to 100

fixtures to project very crisp gobos. This is a sports studio,

CHAUVET Professional Ovation and COLORdash fixtures.

so we needed to project team logos - and, of course, they

Beyond its breathtaking appearance, the studio offers

had to be flawless.

maximum flexibility for broadcasting during the football

“Aside from delivering this level of perfection, the

season and throughout the year. An example of this can be

Ovations allow our clients to preview gobos before they

seen in its main section, which has a cutting-edge acoustic

purchase anything. On several occasions, we printed the

wall that rises to open to an impressive 170-seat theatre

gobos on acetate so we could get the sizing and art exactly

for live audience programmes.

right, and then we sent it off to be built in glass after we

The Lighting Design Group’s system, with its ability to

knew we had exactly what everyone loved. That was a real

create an array of realistic colours that can be changed


quickly, supports the TCO Studio’s combination of

Mike has positioned 20 Chauvet Professional COLORdash

beautiful aesthetics and responsive versatility.

Accent Quad fixtures throughout the four shooting areas

“This was a really neat project to be a part of, not just for

for added colour accents, too. As well as offering extra

its great looks, but also for its functionality,” said Mike.

colour, these fixtures are used as eye candy in some

“It’s the first fully fleshed-out studio that the Vikings have

backdrops - always with an emphasis on displaying

had - and one of only a handful of such facilities in the

accurate colours.

entire league.

“Along with the quality and evenness of the light, colour

“From an aesthetic standpoint, this studio is sleek, cutting

rendition is of the utmost importance here,” explained

edge and powerfully branded without being over the top.

Mike. “The Minnesota Vikings logo colours are instantly

Bryan Harper, the Viking’s Vice President of Content

identifiable, and they must be accurate. We even built two

and Production, Jordan Struck, VEN Producer, and the

versions of a lot of the colours - one for the naked eye,

Production Designer, Peter Provost, deserve a lot of credit

when tours are being given, and another for the broadcast.

for making something very special happen. I think this sets

It’s all part of the versatility that’s been designed into this

a gold standard for the league.”


Left: The TCO Studios have been kitted out with almost 100 CHAUVET Professional fixtures, thanks to a design by Mike Grabowski of the Lighting Design Group.

The primary area at the TCO Studio is devoted to the anchor desk for potential sportscasts, game-day halftime reports and post-game programming. A second area, complete with comfortable leather chairs, is used for in-



PRODUCT FOCUS 104 Polecam 106 FaberExposize 108 Ephesus Lighting 110 BR Remote 112 Midstream

EVENT DIARY 113 Conferences & Exhibitions

FULL TIME 114 Gert Sanner, d&b audiotechnik APAC


Polecam | IntelliJib olecam Limited is a UK company based out of Bedford, which, for the last 20 years, has designed, developed and manufactured unique, modular, carbon fibre-based, lightweight, low profile, single operator camera cranes - proving the perfect platform for any of the leading manufacturers and trending 4K, HD and super slo-mo/hi speed/hi-mo camera systems. The Polecam systems are very versatile and are seen and used in a broad spectrum of productions, including many major sporting events from around the world. They were extensively used for both the Winter and Summer Games, Commonwealth Games, X Games and Fina Swimming World championships to name but a few; whilst the adoption by the Premier League and Champions League of the new IntelliJib remote system, providing the unique Through Net Technology (TNT) shots, which were initiated and pioneered by Polecam with the use of 4K, hi-speed and HD cameras, has now been implemented by the major football leagues globally. The precision electronic remote head provides smooth ramping and damping through complex transitions of Pan and Tilt, with a boom that can be extended anything from one-metre to eight-metres, is capable of delivering previously unseen views and angles of the athletes, players and performers - whilst being unobtrusive to the crowds and not interfering with the live action and talent. The design and ethos of any of the Polecam systems are based on a quick to deploy, quick to relocate principal,




which give the Polecams the unique edge when used in the professional broadcast domains. These features were recognised early on and adopted by others inside the traditional broadcast industry. Many of these early adopters were indeed the sporting channels and broadcasters, seeing the benefits that the Polecam offered meant a very smooth and rapid transition and integration. Recognising the needs of these adopters, helped Polecam develop the accessories and ancillaries’ needed - such as RCP/OCP control, SMPTE fibre systems and twin monitoring as well as waterproofing, hot and cold climate use and overnight storage negating the need for a de-rig each day. Polecam has recently launched the Autopod Duo - a remotely operated, low profile, powered telescopic elevation unit with programmable pre-sets. When strategically placed close to the action, Autopod gives great opportunity to locate any PTZ or similar in very close proximity without obscuring the paying crowds view, or indeed the sports person actions. In addition, the latest development is the SkyJib - an evolution from the recently launched Intellijib remote. Simplified, this is an unmanned, remotely-controlled Polecam crane system, which is suspended from a stage lighting or sound truss, giving unprecedented shots never seen before. The SkyJib has been deployed above both Boxing and MMA rings.


Polecam’s versatile product range in use at various sporting events.


FaberExposize Pitch Banner aberExposize, Europe’s largest printed fabric supplier, also operating UK-based Northern Flags, printed 12,500 sq metres of fabric for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Emirates FA Cup at Wembley Stadium. Producing the largest stadium pitch banner in Europe, as well as bespoke fabric products, it helped create an entertaining start to an iconic sporting event. The English FA wanted to produce an opening ceremony that would eclipse anything that had come prior in the events 145-year history. The cornerstone of the ambitious undertaking was the development and production of one of the largest pieces of digital fabric print produced for a major sporting event and the largest fabric banner produced in Europe. FaberExposize worked with its specialist pre-match entertainment company to deliver a total of 12,500 sq metres of spectacular print. The showstopping pitch cover was designed to showcase the Emirates FA Cup branding alongside the 2016 FA Cup Finalists’ club badges. This meant a literal army of volunteers were required to haul over three tonnes of fabric over the hallowed turf of Wembley to create a full reveal. With a complex design and production, the pitch banner and opening ceremony materials were produced




with a quick turnaround time of less than two weeks. Utilising its pool of resources over their UK, Dutch and Polish factories to deliver Europe’s largest pitch banner, FaberExposize also provided over 85 flags and banners in various sizes and finishes. This included large scale bespoke fabric hand wavers, ceremonial and display flags and large kabuki team banners that were hung over the crowds. Helping deliver a spectacular feature in print production, the custom opening ceremony materials were enjoyed by 90,000 visitors at the Wembley Stadium with millions watching around the world. FaberExposize operates UK-based Northern Flags, an industry leader in fabric printing. The group has operations across Europe and Asia with nine production facilities including high capacity production hubs in Holland, Germany, Poland and Thailand. The combined group employs over 450 people specialising in ‘just in time’ production for many of the world’s largest sporting events and stadium branding. Recently relocated to larger premises investing over £1m into brand new print production, its capabilities have grown tenfold and are the preferred suppliers of some of the world’s most iconic sporting events. www.faberexposize.co.uk

A staggering 12,500 sq metres of fabric was produced for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Emirates FA Cup at Wembley Stadium.

Our reach is growing. Grow with us.




UK SALES +44 (0) 116 278 6177

Sales@AcclaimLighitng.com ACCLAIMLIGHTING.COM


Ephesus Lighting | Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System ower management company Eaton parent company of Ephesus Lighting - has announced the introduction of the Ephesus Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System. An adaptive, fully customisable LED sports lighting and controls system allows facility operators to buy what they need and then remotely update, adapt and expand the system as their needs change and new technologies and features become available. Lumadapt’s intelligent cloud data approach connects the entire system, therefore allowing users to remotely monitor system heath and upload new features, functionality and upgrades. The fully integrated system can expand with a wide range of a-la-carte options such as RGBA colour, beam tuning, colour temperature tuning, remote health/status monitoring and a dynamic scene builder with the capability to make personalised lighting scenes. As functionality is updated or new functionality is developed, it will be available to Lumadapt customers as an upgrade or update of their system.  With the capability of downloading new features and product updates, similar to a cellphone or laptop, Lumadapt affords customers an easy and efficient way to stay current with technological advances. This level of adaptability can




reduce the initial investment by allowing customers to select from a suite of features as needs change or budgets expand. “Lumadapt unlocks the full power and connectivity of solid state lighting by evolving and expanding as needs change and new functionality becomes available, freeing facility operators and owners from a one-size-fits-all approach that does not adapt to changing needs,” said Lee Davis, General Manager of Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting business. “This is the natural evolution of the first LED sports lighting solution that we introduced in 2012. Lumadapt makes LED lighting a reality for more venues by freeing operators and owners from the concern that new technologies will make their system obsolete.” This Eaton solution continues the rapid acceptance of LED lighting at sports and entertainment venues of all sizes across North America. Hundreds of facilities have made the switch to Eaton’s Ephesus LED Sports Lighting System including: University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals); Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Dolphins); PNC Park (Pittsburgh Pirates); the United Center (Chicago Bulls and Black Hawks): Bridgestone Arena (Nashville Predators); and the historic Martinsville Speedway in Virginia - the first NASCAR track with LED lighting.  www.eaton.com/ephesus

Ephesus Lighting’s Lumadapt LED Sports Lighting System.


BR Remote Proteân XMi | CamBall4 R Remote, manufacturer of remote controlled professional camera equipment, is set to release the brand new Proteân XMi camera head and the latest CamBall camera - the CamBall4 - a PTZ camera enhanced for AR and VR and updated with a brand new sensor, new control options, VR and AR capabilities, and importantly - HDR.


Proteân XMi BR Remote’s latest, totally silent, remote controlled head for programmable cameras in studios, live events and sports broadcast. The key feature of the Proteân XMi is its smooth, precise, silent movement. BR Remote has taken a new design approach, using direct drive motors to achieve a silent, zero-backlash performance. BR Remote places the ‘intelligence’, which stores camera positions, moves and timings, within the camera head, which simplifies the operator’s control of the cameras. The camera head can be driven with a joystick, wheels or a pan bar system. BR Remote has used its own unique ‘predictive motion smoothing’ algorithm which makes positional control from wheels or PBS as smooth as it is with a joystick. “Our Proteân head, introduced last IBC, proved to be incredibly popular, and its orders have already amounted to over £1m. They are being installed in a group of studios across Europe,” commented BR Remote’s MD Nick Percy. “They are so quiet they can be placed by the orchestra in 110


a concert and will not be heard. The new model combines zoom and focus with the built-in motion control, which enables a simple route to studio automation, with full Free-D metadata including for the lens.” BR Remote has added a host of other features including new control protocols and built-in profile moves. The Protean XMi can be extended in both height and width to suit many lens and camera configurations and has options for IP or fibre control and fibre output. CamBall4 A PTZ camera enhanced for AR and VR and updated with a brand new sensor, new control options, VR and AR capabilities, and importantly – HDR. BR Remote has added Free-D metadata outputs to create a turnkey solution for many camera applications wanting to move towards studio automation. CamBall cameras are completely weatherproof, and are widely used in outdoor filming, studios and live events. The CamBall range has been revised to create four camera models that include many previously add-on features such as DMX control as standard, and built-in IP and fibre options are readily available for even greater flexibility. “It’s revolutionary to have HDR and Free-D metadata in a small, weatherproof camera, added Nick. “The CamBall camera range is achieving excellent sales in broadcast and the live events industry.” www.br-remote.com

BR Remote’s Proteân XMi camera head and CamBall4 camera enhanced with HDR, VR and AR.


Midstream | Modus Sport 1,240W LED Floodlight idstream is a pioneering designer, developer and manufacturer of specialist high-powerLED floodlighting systems, used across a wide spectrum of industries requiring high quality, mission-critical lighting. Based across two offices in London, UK and Milan, Italy, all aspects of technical R&D are managed in-house and the products are manufactured to exacting standards across two facilities in Europe. The company’s proprietary optics and heat dissipation design, as well as the use of aerospace grade materials, has led to the prestigious 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation. Having become a market leader globally in specialist high-power lighting, Midstream is now extending its innovative and award winning technology offering to the sports and stadia market. Midstream is working with a large network of M&E design consultants, architects, sport agencies and end-users to provide optimal layout configuration and lighting design which meets with the requirements of the national sporting bodies or international standards. With a wide choice of optics, power-ranges, remote or integrated drivers, the luminaires are highly compact and low weight, meaning they are a perfect fit for both new installations and retrofit projects. In addition, Midstream works with multiple contractors who are able to carry out the installation works, meaning full turn-key projects are possible on a global level. One of the main challenges in the sport market for LED manufacturers is delivering a true replacement for the 2,000W Metal Halide projector at a comparable size and weight, and economically viable, taking into account energy savings and performance and feature improvements.




After a year of development, Midstream has launched the Modus Sport, a broadcast-spec lightweight, high-power 1,240W LED delivering a lumen package of 150,000 lumens. This modular floodlight is powered by a single remote IP67 rated driver, using just once cable for quick and tool-less connection to the luminaire. Powered by the latest top binning CREE chips located on a ceramic-plated copper core PCB, the product delivers high quality light without lumen depreciation and colour shift throughout its useful life of 15 years (based on daily use of six hours a day). The fully scalable lighting solution, available with a feature rich dynamic control system, allowing for remote monitoring, dimming and scene switching, is the perfect match for the technically challenging requirements of professional pitch and track lighting. Built to operate in harsh environmental conditions, the product range is optimised to deliver low glare, broadcast level flicker-free lighting with ultimate light control for zero spillage. As a true one-for-one replacement for the conventional HID Metal Halide projector, the end-user is finally able to deliver a new level of spectator and athlete experience in a cost efficient manner. The Modus Sport range is the right choice for those that must be ready for the cutting-edge ultra HD and super Slow Motion broadcast requirements. The dedicated team of engineers and consultants are passionate about delivering reliable and efficient lighting design solutions tailored to any sport or leisure application.


Midstream’s Modus Sport 1,240W LED Floodlight

EVENT DIARY 2018 - 2019

Blackbook Motorsport Forum 25th August, London, UK www.blackbookmotorsportforum.com

Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 30th - 31st August, Osaka, Japan

Coliseum Summit ASIA-PACIFIC 24th – 25th October, Beijing, Chine www.coliseum-online.com

ISE 6th – 8th February 2019, Amsterdam, The Netherlands www.iseurope.org

The Stadium Business Design & Development Summit 13th – 14th November, London, UK www.stadiumdesignsummit.com

Coliseum Summit EUROPE 20th - 21st March 2019, London, UK www.coliseum-online.com


LuxLive 2018 14th - 15th November, London, UK www.luxlive.co.uk

Prolight+Sound 2nd - 5th April 2019, Frankfurt, Germany www.pls.messefrankfurt.com

PLASA 16th – 18th September, London, UK www.plasashow.com

UK Sports & Venues Summit 15th November, London, UK www.majoreventsinternational.com

Soccerex China 17th - 18th April 2019, Zhuhai, China www.soccerex.com

Coliseum Summit MENA 19th - 20th September,Abu Dhabi, UAE www.coliseum-online.com

Soccerex USA 15th - 16th November, Miami, USA www.soccerex.com

Coliseum Summit US 9th - 10th May 2019, Detroit, USA www.coliseum-online.com

WFS 24th – 25th September, Madrid, Spain www.worldfootballsummit.com/en

International Sports Convention 5th – 6th December, Geneva, Switzerland www.iscgeneva.com

The Stadium Business Summit 4th - 5th June 2019, Manchester, UK www.stadiumbusinesssummit.com

ALSD International 11th – 12th October, London, UK www.ALSDInternational.com

ESSMA Summit 22nd –23rd January 2019, Porto, Portugal www.essmasummit.eu


IBC 13th - 18th September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Who? Gert Sanner. Job title? Regional Application & Education Manager APAC, d&b audiotechnik. Favourite stadium or sporting venue? Sydney Cricket Ground. Why? My last project. It went very quick and turned out good. The stands are all different ages, dating back from around a century – it’s good to walk through history. Life motto? You only need back-up if you aren’t fully prepared.

Profile for Mondiale Media

mondo | stadia - Issue 01  

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