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SASI6060โ ข

IK08 Shock

600 x 600 mm Available in 5 colour temperatures

UV Resistant Long lasting


Continuous Lin IP68 rated, sub All relevant acc

AIR HANDLING LED LUMINAIRES Our new range of high performance Air Handling LED Luminaires have arrived !!!



5 Colour Temperatures

Extra Warm White

Side Lit Architectural Linear

w w

Top Lit Architectural Linear

Flame resistant Highly durable material

k resistance


SASI1230โ ข 1200 x 300 mm

IP68 Submersible No LED Trail Continuous and uniform illumination


near LED provides endless opportunities for any application. ubmersible, internal or external use, No LED trail/hotspots. cessories are provided to suit your requirements.





Warm White1

Warm White2

Warm Neutral White

Cool White

Available as Surface or Flush mount. Bespoke options for any ceiling grid. 40W - 700MA ยง 50W - 900MA

ยง 60W - 1050MA

2 Colour Temperature Options:


01707 663 883

Warm White

Warm Neutral White



F O R T H E F U L L O R L I G H T R A N G E V I S I T:

w w w . o r l i g h t . c o m

Project: Amphitheater - Beer Sheva, Israel

Project: Radission Berlin - Germany

Project: Mondeal Square - India Lighting Design: Atelier dada Photography: Neha Mevada+ Pratik Chandresha

LED There Be Light!

To get the best from LED technology, you need the right partners with the appro-

With Bright Ideas from EBV LightSpeed

to DMASS, EBV is the leading specialist for optoelectronics technology in EMEA

priate expertise and the ideal product range. This is where our customers benefit from the success of EBV Elektronik. With more than 30 % market share according semiconductor distribution. Based on the innovative and trend-setting technologies for illumination, visualisation and sensing of our supplier partners we offer you full support in turning your lighting ideas into reality. EBV is also the first company in EMEA semiconductor distribution to provide customers access to a lighting laboratory.

For all questions contact your local partner of the EBV LightSpeed team or visit us at

For more information simply contact the EBV LightSpeed team or check us out at

Distribution is today. Tomorrow is EBV!

VS_LightSpeed236x333.indd 1

06.03.14 17:18

I’m an architect. I don’t design buildings. I design places where people feel good. I don’t start a project by sitting down in a quiet office. I sit in the busiest café in the busiest place in the city. I watch the people. Hear the stories. Smell the scents. Feel the light. I sit there and wait until an idea strikes. Until it nudges me and says, “This is how we’ll do it. Exactly like this.” I’m an architect. I don’t design buildings. I design places where people feel good. Inspiration is found wherever you look for it. Find your lighting solution at

ERCO, the Light Factory.

ANOLIS - inzece ArcSource_Out_48_24_4MC_(format_236x333).pdf 16.12.2013 7:04:47









We bring quality to light.


LIGHT More at Light + Building 2014

Putting LEDs in the right light. SSL solutions from the world leader in LED measurement Right from the start, we have been supporting the LED industries with our measurement equipment. You will also benefit from this expertise in the new Solid-State Lighting applications. Our solutions combine highly precise spectroradiometers and photometers with a complete family of goniometers and integrating spheres. Discover light with Instrument Systems.

LGS 1000 Goniophotometer with new features

Visit us at LIGHT + BUILDING 2014 Frankfurt, Germany, March 30 - April 04, 2014 Hall 4.1 Booth No. K89/90

light measurement Instrument Systems Germany 路 Phone: +49 89 45 49 43 0 路 路

DR_2394_IS_Light_AZ_236x333mm 1

19.02.14 16:54

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1 0 9 6 735



1 0 6 0 249



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1 0 9 1 483


























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1 1 2 6 407





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Nicolaudie presents

The star of the STICK family STICK-DE3+


New glass design


Graphic color display Color/dimmer/speed palette Touch sensitive buttons Multi-zone microSD memory 500 scenes / 10 zones 1024 DMX channels USB & Ethernet connectivity RS232, ports Clock and Calendar Network communication Catalog of designs OEM customization Windows/Mac software iPhone/iPad/Android

Galaxy S3 with DMX Lightpad 3

Connect with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to program with the Arcolis touch lighting editor or control with the DMX Lightpad 3 remote app.

Nexus 7 with DMX Lightpad 3

iPad 3 with Arcolis app

78% Dimmer

Nicolaudie Europe - 838 rue de l’Aiguelongue - 34090 Montpellier - France - Tel +33 467 661 041- Nicolaudie America - 8751 Commodity Circle #8 - Orlando, FL 32819 - USA - Tel +1 786 543 7225 - Nicolaudie Asia - Onelink plaza, Office 2902 - Jiefang nan Road No.39 - Guangzhou 510120 - China - Tel +86 208 364 1823 -

COME SEE US! Light & Building

LightFair 2014

Hall 4.1 Stand A76

Stand 2024


Find us at:

+44 1223 403 500 | | LMR - LumaRange.indd 1

13/03/2014 17:13

Arc-adv-april-may-cls-OL.indd 1

04-03-14 13:59

More  efficiency. More  atmosphere. More  light. Noortek is the leading manufacturer for indoor and outdoor lighting applications in Saudi Arabia. We offer advanced and reliable solutions for offices, retail environments, hospitals, industrial buildings, educational institutions, streets and tunnels. We enable our customers to create more value with lighting applications. More efficiency, more safety, more atmosphere, more comfort: More light.

Noortek LED Portfolio


Al Nasser Group

noortek_l+b.indd 1

06.03.14 13:58

30/3–4/4 2014 Frankfurt am Main Hall 4.2, Stand C11

Come and visit us at our stand at

1/4 at 6 pm


We look forward to meeting you there.

Come to the party and enjoy real Czech evening! Taste the Czech beer, Moravian wine and music!

Helping you to use light more creatively

LED | FLUORESCENT | EMERGENCY | DIMMABLE WAT E R P R O O F | CO LO U R E D | D I F F E R E N T New brochure | New website 3 D d w g & r f a f i l e s | P h o t o m e t r i c d a t a | S a m e d a y q u o t e s | Wo r l d w i d e d i s t r i b u t i o n

01525 376974 |

2445 Mondo Arc Cover Ad 236x333.indd 1

29/01/2014 10:32

Envision the future. graphics: Vilfredo Maria Ricci - © 2014 Studio Due

Creating memorable lighting experiences for a bright future. Now available in two versions, RGBW and RGB + more

visit us:

• optional antiglare

• optional barn door

• optional wireless DMX receiver • touch control panel

• IP 64 protection rating • intelligent temperature control

• up to 65° wide beam angle • + 9° adjustable heads

emotion and creativity in light

PROLIGHT+SOUND March 12 - 15, 2014 Hall 9.0 - Stand D70 LIGHT+BUILDING March 30 to April 4, 2014 Hall 4.1 - Stand C37

Headquarters: STUDIO DUE light s.r.l. • 01100 Viterbo (Italy) t. +39.0761.352520 • f. +39.0761.352653 e mail: STUDIO DUE UK (England) - STUDIO DUE Far East LTD (Hong Kong)



[apr/may] Front cover: John and Frances Angelos Law Center, the University of Baltimore, USA by Prakash Patel

040 Interview Vilma Barr talks to US lighting designer, Susan Brady.

DETAILS 022 Editorial Comment Paul James announces a new conference for Designers With Light. 024 Headlines The latest industry news. 026 Eye Opener Infinity Bamboo Forest, Wuxi, China. 028 Drawing Board Proposed projects in the UK and a rather special stadium in Spain. 030 Spotlight A selection of brand new projects from the UK, France and Switzerland. 036 Snapshot An introduction to the work of lighting design firm Light Vision India. 038 Lighting Talk An illuminating chat with industrial designers Eoin Billings and Duncan Jackson of Billings Jackson Design. 226 Inspirations Light Collective introduces the inspiration behind lighting designer Claudia Kappl of Concept Lighting Lab.

ART & DESIGN 124 Design File A profile of Dutch designer, Coen Hoogstraten. 126 Design File A look at the work of Australian-based creative partnership, Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter. 128 Project mondo*arc takes the short trip into Manchester to experience a great sound and light event from a new design collective, Subluminal, at John Rylands Library. 130 Design File A close look at the Lightcatcher, the latest creation from Joost Heremans, Associate Partner at Foster + Partners and Director of Muunlight. 132 Dark Source Stories The latest installment in Kerem Asfuroglu’s dark vision of light. 134 Design File The Social Light Movement gathers pace by reaching its 1,000th member in just four years.

TECHNOLOGY 136 Case Studies A selection of manufacturers’ projects from around the world. 164 The IALD Column The IALD provides the details of their Enlighten Europe conference. 166 Product Review David Morgan finds the smallest gobo projector in the world, Darklight’s Gantom IQ Micro Image Projector. 169 May Design Series Preview A look ahead to the UK’s biggest design exhibition. 180 Light + Building Preview A look ahead to the world’s biggest lighting exhibition. 204 Lightfair International Preview A look ahead to the world’s biggest annual lighting exhibition. 208 Euroshop Review A look back at the world’s biggest retail exhibition. 224 Event Calendar Your global show and conference guide.


we do IT

the GRIVEN comprehensive catalogue of outdoor, indoor and underwater LED lighting fixtures has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the most renowned lighting designers and architects the world over. Wherever sustainability, energy efficiency and indisputable performance are required, our products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, single pixel and façade lighting applications are always at the forefront.



Contractors: Compagnie de Phalsbourg Photo: Eric Héranval LD: les éclaireurs

GRIVEN S.r.l. I Castel Goffredo I MN I Italy I Tel. +39.0376.779483 I Fax +39.0376.779682 I




Online Watch the video of the roof louver system at the Piano Pavilion in action on Pic: © Arup



048 Piano Pavilion, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas Arup’s scheme lets this extension to Kahn’s masterpiece see the daylight.

070 Tour Eqho, La Défense, Paris Roger Narboni’s Concepto has developed a lighting design for day - and night - in the financial heart of the French capital.

060 John And Frances Angelos Law Centre, Baltimore, Maryland MCLA Architectural Lighting Design supports Behnisch Architeken’s innovative, daylightdriven scheme.

080 Pawtucket River Bridge, Rhode Island Abernathy Lighting Design takes inspiration from Pawtucket’s history.


086 Hakkasan, LasVegas Isometrix create a dynamic scheme for this upmarket club and restaurant.

PROJECTS 110 Mondeal Square, Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India Atelierdada creates the biggest media façade in India and brings the building to life in light. 118 Blacktip Reef Exhibit, Baltimore, Maryland Flux Studio produce an enthralling lighting design for shark-infested waters.


094 Knightsbridge Estate, London GIA Equation creates an all LED façade design for this regal area of London. 102 2-22, Montreal Moment Factory use LED panels as architectural lighting in their treatment for the façade of Montreal’s new downtown culture hub.

Pic: Neha Mevada + Pratik Chandresha



[editorial] Paul James, editor, writes: The more observant among you may have noticed that we have changed our tagline to The International Magazine for Designers with Light. We began mondo*arc some fifteen years ago with the sole editorial intention of promoting good lighting design on an international scale. The name mondo*arc, an offshoot of our sister title mondo*dr (for professional lighting and sound), was a convenient title to encompass the worldwide architectural, retail and commercial lighting markets. There was no need to include the word ‘design’ or ‘designer’ in the tagline, everyone knew where we stood. But, as the market has developed and LED has come to the fore as a disruptive technology we have increasingly seen that, for large parts of the market, ‘design’ is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Lighting may be about lux levels, watts per metre and CRI but lighting design is about so much more. It’s about creative flair, inspirational projects and exciting interactions of light. That sprinkle of magic that distinguishes a special project or product from one that is purely concerned with reaching the legislative lighting levels to be acceptable. Designers with light because, in the very best instances, light (whether artificial or natural) is used as a tool to create special spaces by many different design professionals in the built environment who have an intrinsic involvement with, and love of, light. People like Patrick Arends of Mecanoo, Joost Heremans and Nicholas Ling at Foster + Partners and Eoin Billings of Billings Jackson Design. I mention these people in particular because they will be talking at a new type of lighting conference, ‘Designers With Light Forum’, that we are organising as part of May Design Series in London this year (details from page 169). As ever, our principle of getting designers of all persuasions together to talk about light holds true and this free-to-attend event will be no exception. We want to spread the lighting love beyond the lighting industry. I hope to see you there. Pete Brewis, deputy editor, writes: As a poet, politician, philosopher and playwright, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was well acquainted with the power of words. Yet at the end of his life in the last days of March 1822, Frankfurt’s most famous son is said to have uttered just two: “Mehr licht!” As if in answer to this final exclamation, the good folk of Messe Frankfurt have once again obliged with the return of Light + Building. As March 2014 draws to a close, the doors of the Halls 1 to infinity will open to reveal what the world’s luminaire producers have been busy preparing for international show-and-tell time. For many years - particularly during the last heady decade of LED development - the big news was indeed ‘More light!’: more lumens per watt, better efficacy, delivered in ever smaller, more convenient units. The words used were packed with hyperbole and lofty promises, and the products presented could often struggle to live up to expectation. Thankfully, the emphasis seems to be shifting, with ‘better light’ returning to the top of the agenda. Better reliability, better controllability, better colour rendering, and a better quality of lit environment are all given increasing credence - perhaps not within the lighting design profession, where these have long been factors for consideration, but in the wider world of the client and end user. Increasingly the actual owners and occupiers of a space are learning that the real debate is much subtler than a simple demand for ‘more’. In truth, there’s a suggestion that Goethe’s purported final words may themselves not be entirely accurate. Give google a quick shake and a host of uncertain alternatives quickly tumble out. One theory is that he was misheard and actually said “Mehr nicht!” (a poetically inflected ‘no more!’ - a feeling which will be familiar to anyone who has experienced a full week of L+B stimulation), though a more plausible - and for the lighting designers out there, more pleasing - suggestion is that his last gasp was a request: “Open the second shutter so that more light may come in.” A plea for better lighting design, if ever I heard one...



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news headlines Speakers announced for Designers With Light Forum

For the latest news stories, head online:

Light Bureau celebrates 15 years of lighting design

Speakers from Mecanoo, Buro Happold, Foster+Partners, ChapmanBDSP, Billings Jackson and many more announced for special conference at May Design Series.

The practice mark anniversary with the launch of a totally new website and refreshed identity. Read the full story online...

Read the full story online... 1

Light IQ hit African fundraising target Design consultancy to provide funds to install solar kits in Chigawi School in the Mzuzu district in Northern Malawi Read the full story online... 2


gpstudio adds new lighting design division gpstudio, the specialist retail design consultancy, introduces new lighting division following acquisition of creative lighting practice office of [light]. 4


UK Lighting Design Awards ready to roll

Read the full story online...

DX Freight to return to May Design Series

Record amount of entries for UK’s premier lighting awards competition.

mondo*arc editor Paul James to choose a selection of Light + Building products for this year’s DX Freight.

Read the full story online...

Read the full story online...

OMS increases R & D facilities 3,600 square metre Lighting Innovation Center (LIC) with over 120 R&D engineers and global specialists to be foundation for OMS’ lighting technology and product innovations. Read the full story online... In pictures


the latest news online


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1 Created by mondo*arc and sister magazine darc, the Designers With Light Forum is focused on creative designers working with light. 2 The Chigawi School in the Mzuzu

district in Northern Malawi. 3 The new site features a refreshed identity. Deliberately short on words but big on imagery, it lets Light Bureau’s work do the talking. 4 The 12th annual UK Lighting Design Awards will take place on March 20, 2014. 5 Gregor Jackson, Partner at gpstudio. 6 Wooden shipping creates will contain an expert-selected overview of specific shows from around the world, including Light + Building, Maison et Objet, Milan Salone and IMM Cologne. 7 The Slovakian R&D laboratories were established in 2009.

Project: na Barcelo Encants S p a in ) (B a rc e lo


tos t: Arquitec Architec ázquez V ín rm b720 Fe r: Designe Lighting és G i auric in artec3 M t: c e l archit ments Technica acilities Manage F & Projects (BIMSA), nicipals u r: M e s p re lo e Dev estructu a d’Infra Barceloiennto de Barcelona) (Ayuntam

ctor: Constru OHL ring: Enginee Facilities G Grupo J : re Structu A BOM ment: Manage s e ti ILES ili c a F NEL AV R – MA E V O C X E Year: 2013 s Lighting: luminaire d Step Shot an - - tel. +34 93 736 68 00



eye opener Infinity Bamboo Forest, Wuxi, China This stunning light installation in the concourse of ‘Moonlit Garden’, the Chinese headquarters of Daiwa house, Japan’s foremost property developers, in Wuxi, China, was designed by Prism Design, a Shanghaibased architecture and design studio founded in 2009 by Tomohiro Katsuki. Because Daiwa House is a Japanese company, Prism wanted to use the image of a full-grown bamboo forest prominently in the space, continuing the reference to traditional Japanese design and culture. Having limited budget, time and space, Prism took a minimal approach in its design. Inspired by the concept of visual infinity they decided to create the illuminated passage using only a small amount of the total space and creating a clear focus on its enhancement. LEDs, supplied by Koizumi Lighting Technology, are positioned below acrylic pipes emitting light upwards to create a beautiful effect. This is made even more spectacular as the rest of the room is dimly lit.

Pics: Studio W – Wataru Ishida




[drawing board] The latest exciting works in progress from the world’s most imaginative designers.

TOWERING INFERNO At the end of 2013, Ipswich Borough Council announced the winners of their hard fought competition to rejuvenate the large square at Cornhill. Light Bureau, alongside Hall McKnight and the Paul Hogarth Company are now developing the project, which involves discrete amenity lighting, illumination of listed facades and a new central feature to the space, all of which are intended to create a welcoming and memorable experience for locals and visitors.


BERNABÉAUTIFUL A team consisting of GMP, L35 and Ribas&Ribas has been chosen by Real Madrid Football Club to convert the mythical Santiago Bernabéu Stadium into the new architectural icon of Madrid and a worldwide sporting landmark. The remodelling will give the Santiago Bérnabeu a truly avant-garde design: a new outer skin made of metallic strips of changing curvatures and LEDs and a retractable roof will represent a radical change to its outward appearance. Although the new envelope is shaped freely, its geometry is not accidental. The curved volumes are able to reflect light in a changing way, its marked lines expressing energy and drive. While visually dominating its surroundings, the stadium volume is adapted to the program behind it, swelling or shrinking without losing unity or character.

The ventilated cladding material is designed to allow or to block sunlight through its changing pattern. The skin geometry is line-based, which allows a building process that -despite its high-tech component- is relatively simple and allows for large sections to be shop-assembled. From the structural point of view, the new roof is designed with elegance and efficiency. A compression beam rests neatly on the existing concrete columns. Supported on this outer ring, the inner ring is supported on stressed cables. The whole roof is mounted on the pitch and lifted into position. The project also includes the construction of a hotel with views of the pitch, a shopping and leisure centre, an underground car park in the Paseo de la Castellana and new public spaces in the surrounding areas.

Energy efficiency, integration with the surroundings and new technology are the principles upon which the design team based their innovative proposal. “We feel incredibly proud to have met this challenge and we are convinced that the new image of the Bernabéu will stick in people’s memories,” assures Tristán López-Chicheri, managing partner at L35. Volkwin Marg, founder and owner of GMP Arquitectos, stated: “We have had the honour of participating in the construction of 20 stadiums, but this is the most important project of our career. The design reflects the value of the legendary club that is Real Madrid”.




TROXY MUSIC London Art Deco theatre the Troxy was struggling to grab the attention of passers-by at night, with very little light emitting the building suggesting that the theatre was closed. The primary objective of the lighting upgrade was to bring some new life to the exterior of the building, reflecting the same energy present on the inside. During the summer of 2013 Troxy called upon Architainment Lighting for a number of external LED lighting solutions. Wanting to make the most of the original 1930s features, Architainment specified Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst Compact, ColorBlast TRX and ColorBlast Powercore fictures which remained sympathetic to the architecture. Troxy knew prior to Architainment’s involvement that they required an all LED solution, this was due to, primarily, the durability associated with LEDs and secondly, because of the reduced running costs. (Troxy have

already been making an impressive £30,000 per year saving after replacing their internal spots to an LED alternative.) In addition to the fixtures supplied, Architainment’s Technical Services team built a custom web interface specifically for the Troxy allowing easy synchronisation between the already existing internal lighting system and the newly supplied external fixtures – allowing clients the flexibility to brand the venue with their own corporate colours and/or theme. The Troxy now stands firmly and proudly with a façade as bright as the entertainment inside.


GAINING MOMENTUM Barbican commissioned United Visual Artists to create a new work for the Curve, its art exhibition space, showing 13 February - 1 June. Coinciding with their tenth anniversary, UVA present Momentum, an immersive installation that combines light, sound and movement. Drawing on physics and digital technology, UVA are turning the Curve into a spatial instrument, installing a sequence of pendulum-like elements throughout the 90 metre long gallery to create an evolving composition of light and sound. The pendulums

– sometimes moving in unexpected ways – project shadows and planes of light across the six metre-high walls and curved floor of the space. Visitors are invited to explore the room at their own pace, and their movement through the gallery shapes their individual experience.





Since December 2013 GNI projects’ first permanent laser installation can be experienced in the top floor cigar bar of a 5 Star Hotel in Davos. GNI designed three ‘Laser Disks’ (manufactured by Mike Stoane Lighting), building on their trademark laser mesh concepts. The three interactive and intriguing laser sculptures appear to be no more than identically formed mirrored hoops, but they come to life during the evening, and as cigar smoke rises. The three mirror finished, slim pendant rings are suspended above tables in the smoking room, revealing their red laser lines of light after smokers are tempted to blow their smoke through the rings. Each of the three loops consists of twelve red dot lasers and 24 miniature mirrors, all mounted via specially designed ball joints to adjust and lock each component individually. The frame is machined from solid black anodised aluminium. The underside of the loops are hand polished to a mirror finish, reflecting the environment, camouflaging the form and helping the disks to discreetly hide within the atmosphere of the bar. Laser intensity pulses and ripples as the smoke density changes, with the number of visitors or amount of smoker interaction.

Pics: Michael Koeditz

POISON ARROW Located in the heart of Lausanne, the Théâtre de l’Arsenic is a lively venue for creations and encounters. As part of architectural firm Pont 12’s renovation, Sophie Guyot’s installation, Überflux, creates dashes of light underscoring its effervescence whilst decking the Arsenic’s new envelope with a light imprint of roadway signs. Like a road emerging beneath the Route de Genève to the north, her creation melts in with the walls of the new theatre building, underscoring the latter’s contours and layers of building materials, before diving back under the Tivoli hill to the south. Beyond illuminating the building, Sophie Guyot’s contribution confers a signature on the venue, a trademark identity.


• Up to 45.000 lumen • Energy saving up to 50% • System efficiency 130 lumen / watt • - 35°C to + 45°C • IP65 • Instant light, dimmable, Emergency light

Sportallee 8 · 22335 Hamburg · Germany · P. +49.40.51 30 09-0 · ·

140214_NORKA_AZ_MondoArc_333x236_eng_isoV2_print.indd 1

14.02.14 12:05

Light Years Ahead

What makes the world’s most advanced range of integrated fire rated LED downlights? Four core technologies combine to provide all the thermal, optical, installation and performance benefits required for any application: CrystalCool™ higher quality, brighter light for longer™ LEDChroic™ controlled, even light distribution icDOB™ (driver-on-board) NO SEPARATE DRIVER HVLED™ superior colour rendering The 10W m10™ delivers 550 lumens for neutral white and up to 600 lumens for Colour Xchange versions.

visit the

microsite at

retail lighting just got easier L70 at a 50,000 hour lifetime 5 year warranty High quality of light: CRI (RA) 80+ 20°, 30°, 45° & 80° Interchangeable TIR


18°, 30° and 55° Interchangeable reflectors Citizen high-power COB LED or Philips CrispWhite™ LED Passive cooling

size does matter We’re proud to introduce EDDI, our new mini LED spot that takes all the great things about our groundbreaking MOVI luminaire and puts them into a smaller package. This range combines innovative optical design and optimised passive cooling to create a compact fitting with a powerful output, available in recessed and surface mount to suit all applications. generated at


Group Company



[snapshot] An introduction to the work of the India based lighting design firm Light Vision India. SUZLON ONE EARTH, PUNE, INDIA CLIENT: SUZLON ENERGY LIMITED (SEL) ARCHITECT: CHRISTOPHER CHARLES BEGINNERS ARCHITECT (CCBA) Suzlon Energy Limited (SEL), Asia’s largest and the world’s third largest wind turbine manufacturer received the leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Platinum Award for its corporate headquarters, developed on an area of 41,000 square meters. The facility is one of the largest green building projects in India and LVI was signed on board as the lighting designer for the project, working on the structure’s facade, landscape and its public spaces. The design philosophy for the project was to harness the play of light and shadow, while using minimalistic fixtures that blended with the structure’s architecture, becoming aesthetic features during the day and providing light at night.

PRIVATE RESIDENCE, PUNE, INDIA This 52-acre farmhouse in India was built in accordance with the philosophy of the great Sri Lankan Architect Geoffery Bawa. The architecture and the lighting design are both in sync with his idea of integrating architecture and landscape along with Bawa’s stenographic manipulation of space. The space is treated as a hideaway for the inhabitants, while emphasising the comfort and the functionality of the space and its lighting. LVI took a rustic approach with the design of this project. The lighting is nontechnical and relaxed while being functional.


KOCHI BIENNALE, KERALA, INDIA CLIENT: GOVERMENT OF KERALA ARCHITECT: VIKAS DILAWARI The Kochi-Muziris Biennale was the first biennale in India, an international exhibition of contemporary art held in Kochi, Kerala. It is also the first fully-fledged LED lighting design to be fitted in a museum in India. The client wanted something that was technologically advanced and minimalistic to match the aesthetic look and feel of the space. The luminaires used were the ones that merged into the architecture, providing optimum visual comfort, while highlighting the artwork on display. Since the location of art in a biennale is in constant flux, the lighting design utilises track-based products, so that the direction of the light can be changed as and when is needed.

HOTEL ALOFT CESSNA BUSSINESS PARK, BENGALURU, INDIA CLIENT: STARWOOD & PRESTIGE GROUP ARCHITECTURE: RSP & SEEMA SEENIVASAN Starwood and Prestige group from Bengaluru got together to build the first Starwood managed Aloft in India. The philosophy of Aloft is very clear and simple and the hotel has an atmosphere that is simple, vibrant and colourful. The lobby, which serves as the reception and waiting area during the day, transforms into a buzzing live activity space at night, accordingly RGBW luminaries were used to provide the dynamism that was required. Lighting played an important role in adding a splash of colour and patterns, created with the use of various gobos and moving heads bring the space alive. LVI created a scheme that was in sync with the intent of the interior design and the character of Aloft hotels worldwide.

LIGHT VISION INDIA, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA • OWNER: Satish Rana • HEAD OFFICE: Pune, India • ESTABLISHED: 2005 • EMPLOYS: 7 • CURRENT PROJECTS IN INDIA: W Hotel, Goa; Playboy Club, Lodha Belmondo Township, Pune; JHLP Township, Hyderabad; Castle Royal, Pune; El-castillo Mumbai; Westend Mall, Pune; Century Mill, Mumbai; Cummins, Pune; Sai Mandir, Mumbai; Masjid-E-Billal, Bangalore.

“We, at LVI want to continue to live by the famous diktat ‘...the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do’.”



[lighting talk]

This issue we talk to industrial designers Eoin Billings and Duncan Jackson of Billings Jackson Design.

COULD YOU TELL ME... … what made you become an industrial designer? E: I really wanted to be an artist when I was young… I loved drawings. I was always making things and fascinated by how things worked. My Dad (facades specialist Sean Billings) did a lot of work with the “hi-tech” architects of the time, so there were always samples around the house and great big mock-ups in the garden. I was thinking of Art college, and was working as a fitter in our family’s facade plant when a friend’s father introduced me to industrial design. It was a perfect fit. It was while studying that I met Duncan. He hired me to work one summer. D: I took a different route. I studied Civil Engineering but as I got into the course I became determined to work at a more human scale. This drew me to furniture, at first. I designed, made and sold my own furniture pieces. I met Eoin while working on a project for Herman Miller. We developed a unique way of working, rapidly developing ideas and carving out a new business area. We saw that there is a gap between building process and the manufacturing industry. I see us, now, as a specialist industrial design team bringing ID process to the built environment. We call it Applied Industrial Design. … how important lighting is to your work? D: Lighting is a large part of our product work. We’ve been developing solutions with lighting manufacturers for some twenty years and, more recently, we have been actively engaged in the huge shift to Solid State Lighting. This has brought us new opportunities, allowing us to break away from convention and really dive deeply into the subject of how light affects us, how it’s specified, where it’s applied and how it’s manufactured. This shift represents an amazing opportunity for architects and designers. We strongly believe that design is an essential component to fully realising the potential of this new digital light. E: As Duncan says, much of our time is spent designing and developing new lighting products (eg, Zumtobel Cielos LED [1] and Trilux Aurista [2]), so you could say light is pretty important to our work. We do, also, work on architectural projects in the urban realm and for major transit systems like the New York City Coordinated Street Furniture project [3], so we are often working with lighting designers and architects on new ideas for light schemes. We can bring a new perspective, as we can bring in the guys who are developing the latest technology… not the sales teams but the optics designers, the engineers and, new to the field, the physicists. We bridge that gap between the consultant and the maker. On a broader subject, we have gained an increasingly deep understanding of light’s impact on human health. Wellbeing has always been an important part of our work, and light is a powerful tool in improving an environment. It’s not so much a question of how important light is to our work it’s a question of how important it is to yours. … why spending time thinking about and working with light is important to you? E: It is difficult to imagine light not being important given it has such a profound effect on the way we experience environments. And the more thoughtful we are in unlocking the full potential of digital control, the more responsive our environments will become. D: As a specialist it never ceases to amaze me how diverse the industry is and how much opportunity there is for improvement. We can quickly tell whether potential clients share our approach. They

will welcome our engagement with every facet of the team, from the technical to the sales force, and it’s this dialogue that catalyses the best solutions. Lighting is the means by which architecture is articulated and the the challenge we set is to design products that enhance lighting designers and architects work, rendering their work without the luminaire being a statement in itself. It’s no simple task. The light and the shadow are the heroes, not the fitting. … about the role lighting plays in the life of a city? And through your work, how do you contribute to it? D: We consider the person at the centre of any experience in the built environment so it is natural that comfort is paramount and lighting is one of the most important drivers of creating safe, comfortable spaces. E: It can play a negative role though. Light is too often a pollutant – the light levels we endure in cities are just brutal and completely unnecessary. We need far greater consideration of how light is integrated into the built environment. And this goes for interior lights as well – a downside of digital tech is the proliferation of tiny flashing LEDs on every last appliance in your home. As far as what we contribute goes, we seek to simplify, dematerialise, refine, integrate – just make the kit go away and concentrate on the quality of the illumination. … about the best and worst illuminated places you have visited? E: Anything by James Turrell is perfect but that probably doesn’t count. I think DHA Designs did a beautiful job of lighting the Science Museum façade [4]. It’s the precision of it – using LEDs to illuminate the stonework without bleeding onto the windows. We are interested in the extreme and what you can learn. We have recently been learning more about how NASA developed solutions to introduce circadian rhythm lighting systems into the space station. At the extremes you can learn much that can be fed back into our other developments. D: When I visited St Louis the metro has such low light levels I couldn’t work out what station I’d got to. I got completely lost, which was very unnerving. At the other extreme I recently took a Virgin flight with a new, responsive lighting strategy that changes the illumination over the course of your journey. It was very relaxing. … about the importance of shadows and the balance of darkness and light? E: James Turrell [5] expresses it best. Obviously contrast is important as it’s so much a feature of natural light. It’s actually incredible to me what we put up with for so long in terms of workplace lighting – a homogenous, bland, fluorescent wash that drained faces and spaces of any articulation. But with LED we have to be mindful of glare and distracting multiple shadows, making it a careful balance of performance and comfort. I think one of the most interesting potentials of OLED is its use as a proximal light source. We can use it in conjunction with LED to create more dynamic and characterful environments, with light just where you need it and – even better – artificial light that responds to both natural light levels and to your needs at different times of the day. Eoin Billings is presenting at the free-to-attend ‘Designers With Light Forum’, London on 19th May,


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WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? Susan Brady applies her personal brand of energy and enthusiasm to bear on mega-projects for offices, performing arts, museums, education, and healthcare. Vilma Barr finds out about Brady’s principle of thinking big.



JFK International Arrivals Building, Terminal 4, New York, NY; Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York, NY; Completed: 2001.

Photograph: ESTO © Jeff Goldberg

“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work.” Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846-1912) Lighting designer Susan Brady was not in the audience when renowned architect Daniel Burnham made his memorable observation. Its essence, has however, been the operating style she has established for her lighting design consulting firm, SBLD Studio, New York. “I really do like to be involved with large-scale projects, with their scope and complexity,” she says. Now celebrating her twentieth year in private practice, SBLD Studio (formerly Susan Brady Lighting Design) has grown to an 11-person staff. She and her team have created the lighting for numerous projects in a variety of building types around the U.S., from lawyers’ offices to airport terminal buildings. SBLD handles 50-60 projects in an average year. “My career preference from the start has been to be involved in many lighting assignments at the same time,” Brady says. To accomplish this work ethic, she and co-principal Attila Uysal have adhered to a management style that spreads project development and design responsibility among their senior staff. Her design training at Parsons School of Design earned her a BFA degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis on architectural design and history. “There was no major at that time as part of the environmental design program, although a lighting course was a requirement for graduation,”

Brady recalls. She decided to pursue her initial introduction to the field of lighting by applying to the International Association of Lighting Designers for a summer internship grant. “I was really thrilled to get it,” she recalls. “Diana Mesh, who, at that time was a lighting designer and the instructor of my lighting class at Parsons, advised me that the architectural lighting design firm, Fisher Marantz, was looking to bring a new designer on board. In less than a week, I was interviewed for the position by Richard Renfrew, formerly of Fisher Marantz. Within days, they called and told me that I had the job. I was astounded! It was the start of my involvement in this industry, and the whirlwind hasn’t stopped yet.” Brady had planned to work for a couple of years for Fisher Marantz, and then would move on to join an architectural firm, “I’d be able to offer an understanding of lighting and could better contribute to the firm’s design output. My perspective then was that I’d be able to offer workable solutions to the user’s lighting needs and be a better designer.” As she gained more experience, she also gained self-assurance that she could successfully direct her career to specialise in lighting, and eventually established Susan Brady Lighting Design in 1994 with offices in downtown Manhattan. Overall responsibility at SBLD is shared by Brady with Attila, and the pair work during concept and project planning phases. “We both subscribe to the practice of giving our staff a good deal of responsibility to run a project successfully,” Brady says. “They assume a role of ownership of the pro-

ject, from beginning to end. We check in regularly, with the project team, of course. But our management objective is to give the younger staff members the opportunity to learn how a project comes together, is developed, and is then seen through to completion. “ Designers at SBLD come from diverse backgrounds, Brady indicates. “Some have architectural or interior design training, or have previously worked for other design firms, while others bring their theatrical lighting experience to our practice.” Over the last few years, many of the firm’s designers have earned their MFA Lighting Design degrees from Parsons The New School of Design in New York. In her almost 30 years as a lighting professional, Brady has witnessed a shift in client appreciation of lighting’s contribution to their investment in the built environment. “They understand that there are technical issues and energy codes to be complied with,” she acknowledges. “Now, they also accept that a lighting plan is more than wattage limits, but that the light level has to be sufficiently bright for users to perform their tasks. In our experience, showing the clients images of similar concepts that we pull from many diverse sources to explain the techniques we are considering,” she reports. “Then, with the architect’s rendering of the spaces, we can relate the light level calculations and demonstrate the conceptual solution we propose,” she says. “It’s important that we show how the lighting scheme will respond to the proposed surface finishes and how the layering of

slvt_mondo.indd 1

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Left 11 Times Square, New York, NY; Architect: FX Fowle, New York, NY; Completed: 2010 (LEED GOLD Certification). Below North Shore LIJ: Katz Women’s Hospital and Zuckerberg Pavilion, New Hyde Park, NY; Architects: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York, NY; Completed: 2011. Bottom Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN; Design Architect: David M. Schwarz Architects, Washington, DC; Architect of Record: Earl Swensson Associates, Nashville, TN; Associate Architect: Hastings Architecture Associates, Nashville, TN; Completed: 2006.

Photograph: Anton Kisselgoff

Photograph: © Eduard Hueber / archphoto

Photograph: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing

the light sources we suggest will contribute to the final illuminated finished space. It’s a story that unfolds as a collaborative approach between the architect and SBLD,” she recounts. Brady credits establishing a close working relationship with the design architects from a project’s outset as the springboard for her team’s conceptual lighting process. “When I started in practice, there were only two-dimensional visualisation formats available from which the architect and the lighting designer could generate and share ideas. It was an intellectual process that is far different from how we go about organising our tasks today. Rendering from a three dimensional perspective from the beginning has established an accelerated creative process for the designers and introduced a method for the client to contribute to the final product.” Now, she says, face-to-face meetings bring her team together with the architect and the interior designer to gener-

ate ideas that lay the groundwork for establishing the project’s parameters. “Then, the initial lighting program and phased timetable are communicated to the engineers to coordinate with my team on such aspects as energy use, code reviews, LEED requirements and controls,” Brady explains. Adherence to this schedule was important in keeping two recently completed major projects on track to completion: The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, and the John Jay College for Criminal Justice. “Every one of the lighting fixtures for the Smith Center was custom designed and detailed by us,” Brady states. “I virtually invested my life in that project for two years. It was the largest budget we had ever worked with. Fortunately our fixture manufacturer, Creative Light Source, was headquartered in Las Vegas, and they specialise in large-scale signature fixtures. David Schwarz was the design architect and we had consulted with his firm before, so

we were familiar with each other’s working style.” The building’s overall design theme is a sleek updated version of Art Deco, which the architect described as an interpretation of the design of nearby Hoover Dam, opened in 1936. The dramatic trio of fan-topped chandeliers in the main lobby, luminous expressions of opal, textured and art glass, establish the facility’s grand scale. For the 58,000m² John Jay College for Criminal Justice in New York City, there was an eight-year gap between the initial design in 2003 and completion in 2011. Brady had to track the viability of the design as numerous fixtures that were part of SBLD’s first set of lighting specifications were discontinued or revised by the manufacturers. Metal halide and fluorescent were the primary lamp sources on the final specifications. “If we were designing this building today,” says Brady, “we would certainly be using LEDs.” Like other successful female lighting


Photographer: Olof Thiel

Sรถlvesborg Bridge, Sรถlvesborg, Sweden Lighting Design: Ljusarkitektur

mondo arc_publicity_Solvesborg_bridge_2.indd 1

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HIGHLIGHTS Projects that you would like to change: I miss the concepts and solutions that were value engineered out of a project to save money. We originally designed the Changi Airport Terminal in Singapore to have blue accent light on the exterior wall and white lighting to highlight the intricate interior ceiling. But the layering, depth, and hierarchy of the architecture that I envisioned were all lost when the blue filters where deleted. Projects you admire: There are certainly many current projects that I admire but I find I am most inspired when I travel. It takes me out of my comfort zone, so there’s time to really absorb my surroundings. I love the European piazzas, especially in Italy and France, where they provide beautiful (and often minimal) decorative fixtures mounted to the perimeter buildings, sometimes with an illuminated fountain in the centre. It makes for such a warm and inviting experience; being wrapped in the glow of the beautiful buildings. In the U.S., we often have to provide 5FC minimum in a public plaza. It’s so unnecessary, to turn a beautiful outdoor space into something that feels more like a parking lot. I wish our local authorities had the sensitivity and restraint to understand the perception of light and brightness rather than being dictated by the metrics of horizontal footcandles only. My favourite lighting experience is Paris, with its beautiful illuminated bridges, and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower. I just love the way the structure of the Tower is illuminated and the strobe effect of the sparkle light feature is exciting to watch. The choreography of the patterns not only marks time and place, it makes people happy. It’s that sublime nature of lighting that I find so inspiring.

Photograph: Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing Photograph: © Eduard Hueber / archphoto

designers, Brady juggles personal and family responsibilities with professional priorities. Her husband is an architect and she has accompanied him on his international travels. Their son, Taner, now a high school senior planning for college, is a competitive downhill racer. “When he was young, I wanted to be with him and still develop the business,” she relates. ”With the assistance of Attilia, we built the senior staff so that I could set aside time to be home and still feel confident that things were moving smoothly at the office.” Starting with the eighth grade, Taner transferred to a boarding school in Vermont. “We drove up every weekend to see him,” she adds. Brady has memberships in both IALD and IES. As her schedule allows, she participates

Above The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV; Design Architect: David M. Schwarz Architects, Washington, DC; Architect of Record: HKS Architects, Dallas, TX; Completed: March 2012 (LEED GOLD Certification). Left CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY; Architects: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York, NY; Completed: 2011.

in the activities of the local New York City chapters and encourages her designers to attend the professional events staged regularly at venues around the city. SBLD’s workload currently includes a new group of major, high-profile projects in the U.S. and overseas. “Regardless of the project type; sports arena or airport, hospital or law firm, my mission is to transform the space with light in a subtle but effective manner,” Brady says. “In my mind, the most successful projects are those where the lighting is not immediately noticed. Instead, the spaces are lively, animated and comfortable. They just ‘feel right’,” she concludes.

Projects you dislike: I generally dislike designing residential projects, and have done very few. My preference is to work directly with another design professional, as opposed to an owner who who does not understand design. Once again, my love of large-scale work comes into play here. Lighting Hero: Paul Marantz is a fantastic lighting designer who taught me so much. Not necessarily the technical aspects, but how to see the light when beginning a new project. We discussed how light could transform and enhance the space as well as how to respect the project’s architectural integrity. I also respect the work of Paul Gregory and the late Jonathan Speirs. Notable projects: The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas; Schermerhorn Symphony Hall and the Frist Visual Arts Center, both in Nashville; JFK Airport, New York City, Terminal 4 Expansion. Most memorable project: From 2000 to 2004, we developed a master plan for the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. We had to survey the rooms at night, and then document our observations. Unfortunately, the work was never implemented because of a reduction in the Government’s budget. It would have been very exciting to see the transformation had the design been completed. Current projects: Renovations to the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York, and to the U.S. Tennis Association in Forest Hills, N.Y., involving a new stadium and upgrades to the grounds and facilities. Offices of the International Monetary Fund, and for numerous law firms in Washington, D.C. We are the lighting consultants for the Shanghai Tower Exhibition & Special Events Center. And, for my own firm, a new website.

Light that slows a pace, quickens a pulse, turns a head.

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PLAYING WITH PIANO’S FORTE Arup has once again joined forces with Renzo Piano Building Workshop to create a daylighting system within the roof structure to make Piano’s Pavilion an instant classic.

All photography © Nic Lehoux unless stated



Designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) and Kendall/Heaton Associates, the highly anticipated expansion of the Kimbell Art Museum opened late last year to critical acclaim. Subtly echoing Louis I. Kahn’s classic building (with lighting design by Richard Kelly) in height, scale and general layout, the RPBW building has a more open, transparent character. Light, discreet (half the footprint hidden underground), yet with its own character, setting up a dialogue between old and new. A highlight of the design is the top-lit east wing with its innovative light-controlling and power-generating roof system thanks to the work of Arup’s UK office who provided the lighting consultancy services (as well as mechanical and electrical engineering). Addressing the severe lack of space for the museum’s exhibition and education programmes, the new building provides gallery space for temporary exhibitions, classrooms and studios for the museum’s education department, a large auditorium of 299 seats, an expanded library and underground parking. The expansion roughly doubles the Museum’s gallery space. The 9,400sqm colonnaded pavilion stands as an expression of simplicity and lightness - glass, concrete and wood some 60 metres to the west of Kahn’s signature cycloid-vaulted museum of 1972. The Piano Pavilion is made up of two structures connected by two glazed passageways. The front, or east wing, opens into a glass-enclosed lobby leading to two simply expressed galleries: here, coupled wood beams run north and south, the floors are oak, and the walls are perfect, long expanses of light-grey concrete or curtain glass. The beams support an elegant roof structure of steel and glass, fitted above with louvers that control the flow of sunlight and below with scrims that filter the light before it enters the gallery. As spaces for viewing art, both galleries benefit from the presence of this natural illumination and, through their window walls, from the changing impressions of exterior weather and light. The principal function of the south gallery is to display temporary exhibitions; the north gallery, to show works from the collection. The West Wing is tucked under an accessible green roof flanked by light wells that allow daylight to spaces below. Glimpsed from the porch of the Kahn Building, the Piano Pavilion’s east wing conveys an impression of weightlessness: its recessed glass entrance is centered between crisp concrete walls that define the galleries to the north and south; a wafer-thin layer of glass hovers over the heavy steel and wood roof system; and the overhanging coupled


Below and left Canted walls channel light in the stairwells connecting the upper and lower levels. Below left The view to the auditorium from the first floor.



Pic © Robert Laprelle

wood beams appear to float above the exterior walls. Approaching the Piano Pavilion, a visitor is aware of its transparency: through the glass lobby the eye moves to the walls of the west wing, sheltered beneath a green roof. Here, in the second of the two structures, unfolds the pavilion’s surprise: an auditorium with bright-red, raked seating plunges below ground to a stage, which itself is set against the backdrop of a deep and broad light well animated by shifting patterns of natural illumination, which shine through the whole structure towards the east. As always in their museum designs, Piano and Arup continues to experiment with ways to animate and direct natural light, here with a roof system that is notable for its integration of the wood beams as the support for a system of north-opening aluminum louvers and solar cells, mounted above fritted glass and stretched, silk-like scrims. “The Kahn building is famous for its natural light,” Piano said. “But that was a natural lighting system designed in the late ’60s and ’70s. Technologies have advanced considerably since then. We needed to capitalise on the new technologies and make a design that is more flexible and responsive to the issues of today, like sustainability.” Within and outside the building, they have manipulated light and provided unexpected

sightlines by dramatically slanting some of the building’s walls. Canted walls also channel light in two sets of stairwells connecting the upper and lower levels: one leading from the main entrance to the underground garage, and the other descending from the upper level to the lower auditorium entrance. Arup developed and designed bespoke systems to conserve and display the art in the most appropriate environmental conditions, whilst seeking to reduce carbon emissions. The roof system above the southeast and northeast gallery and lobby spaces was key to this. A system of motorised photovoltaic louvre elements, constructed from glass and aluminium, generate enough power to offset up to 70 per cent of the carbon emissions relating to the gallery lighting and environmental control systems. The louvres filter daylight to the galleries below and can be adjusted to control daylight levels. This highly integrated design performs three functions in a single element, controlling daylight, excluding direct sunlight and generating power. “Our collaboration with Renzo began in spring 2007, shortly after he accepted the challenge set by the Kimbell Trustees to construct the extension,” states Arfon Davies, Associate Director of Lighting at Arup. “The client brief was clear, that new

Above and above left LSi LED spotlights, suspended from tracks positioned in between the wood beams, supplement the daylight from the façade. Top WE-EF 20W CDM-T metal halide uplights illuminate the glass canopy at night.

iGuzzini illuminazione UK LTD Astolat Business Park – Astolat Way Off Old Portsmouth Road GU3 1NE Guildford T: 0044 01483 468000

Laser Blade revolutionises the concept of downlighters, as it is an invisible line that creates a circular light emission. The product, with miniaturised innovative optics and high visual comfort, uses the physical principles of point source light to generate a circular emission. Laser Blade is an ideal choice for minimalist applications, as glare is completely eradicated. Innovative in its simplicity, Laser Blade is the result

of an integrated development process from different disciplines:light science, technology, design and culture. This versatile product is available in trim and trimless bodies and the product family has also been extended to include wall washer, adjustableand recessed system versions. Laser Blade has been recognised with some of the most prestigious international design awards.

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3.1 E31




Pic © Arup

Pic © Arup

Top Even the seemingly most mundane of spaces were given the design treatment. The underground parking space benefits from graphics on the floor and walls and Axis Wet Beam 35W T5 suspended frosted lens luminaires. “A very nice space which exceeded our expectations,” according to Giulio Antonutto of Arup. Above left Theatrical lighting includes Piano’s very own designed Le Perroquet luminaires from iGuzzini. Above right The motorised roof louvers have a number of pre-set positions that are controlled by a web interface, moving twice a day.

galleries were to be daylit, and it was immediately clear that we had a huge challenge responding to what many refer to as the pinnacle of daylight design, sitting just 200 feet away from our project. It was the presence of the Kahn building and its magical use of daylight that formed the first of three ingredients that informed our early daylight design thoughts and discussions.” The second ingredient was the large body of work they had already created together, especially the museum projects in Texas (the Menil Collection and Cy Twombly Pavilion in Houston and the Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas). The brief from Piano to the team was to be inspired by but not restricted by their past work: the solution for the Kimbell project was to be a new chapter and

innovation in their 25 year journey of design together. The third ingredient was the desire to generate a project that minimised carbon emissions and energy consumption. Early studies with the wider Arup design team clearly identified daylight as a key driver to achieving carbon and energy reduction targets. It was the first ingredient that was focused on initially. What was it about daylighting at the Kimbell that made it so special to so many people? Arup undertook a thorough study and assessment of daylight conditions at the Kahn to understand the quantity and distribution of daylight within the galleries. Interior illuminance levels were logged and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging was used

to capture daylight conditions at different times of the day, and under different sky conditions. It quickly became apparent that the quantity of daylight within the Kahn galleries was much lower than was expected; the presence of artificial light in the space is much more. Further study and discussion with the museum also showed that there was a preference for a mix of light, the use of both electric light and daylight at all times, something that low levels of daylight can accommodate. “The museum was keen to maintain this ability to have a mix of light on objects, with electric lighting being the primary source of light on objects,” recalls Davies. These early discussions with the museum


TRIPLE GLAZING Arup used a three-pronged approach to the control of the Pavilion’s daylighting system. The need to provide control of daylight levels required the use of a moving, adaptable element in the daylight system. Initial ideas focused on interior motorised louver elements, similar to those used in past projects at the Beyeler and Cy Twombly. This resulted in a system with three layers: 1, EXTERIOR MOTORISED PV LOUVERS This single layer combines four functions in one layer: - Keeps sunlight out of the gallery space; - Keeps sunlight off the glass surface, providing shading and reducing heat gain; - Regulation of daylight levels by adjusting rotation angle of louvers; - PV energy generation. The 2,322 extruded aluminium louvers each contains 13 PV cells. 30,186 PV cells in total and aare organised into panels, 6 louvers per panel. One panel is 5’ x 10’. Each individual panel can be individually controlled from the others, and can be organised and grouped together to provide larger

areas of dedicated control e.g. a 40’ x 40’ gallery space with different daylight conditions to the remainder of the gallery. The louvers have a number of pre-set positions: - 0 degrees, fully closed; - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 & 30 degrees open; - Hail mode – louvers fully rotated with PV facing skylight glass. This has a dual purpose, to protect the PV cells during hail storms (which can produce hail the size of golf balls), and primarily to protect the skylight glass below. The louvers are controlled by a custom designed web interface, which automatically position them based on timeclock events moving twice a day, once when the museum opens to a pre-set position, and once to a fully closed position once the museum is closed. The louvers are not actively controlled. They do not try and respond to changing daylight conditions based on photocell measurements. This is intentional as it was desired to keep the variability of daylight, in a similar way to what is experienced in

the Kahn building. The museum have a lookup table, which allows them on a month by month basis to select the appropriate louver open angle when the museum is open, and based on the exhibition requirements. 2, CURVED DOUBLE GLAZED SKYLIGHT GLASS Krypton-filled with PVB laminations to filter out harmful UV radiation. The glass has a low-e coating on surface 2, an acid etch on surface 3, and a simulated acid etch frit on surface 6. The etching treatments were extensively tested to provide some diffusion, whilst maintaining some view of the louvers above. 3, FABRIC SCRIM PANELS Panels span the entire 40m length of the gallery space, provide final diffusion of light. The material is a custom woven fabric material consisting of 100% Trevira CS yarn, selected to provide transparency to allow visitors to read the volume above the fabric ceiling.



Pic © Arup

Extensive testing by Arup revealed that there was not as much daylighting in the existing Kahn building as first thought, relying on a mix of natural and electric light.

also showed that there was a keen interest in exploring the potential to make the new building as ‘low carbon’ as possible. Electric lighting is a major source of carbon emissions in most museum buildings. Even with the significant potential of LED light sources, it was found that using daylight as the primary source of light within the galleries for most museum hours, with a minimum electric lighting at these times, would be a major step in reducing the carbon footprint for the new building. A low carbon strategy encourages the use of daylight over electric light, which leads to a regime where, for much of the year, the art is displayed under natural light alone, and electric light is used only in the winter and towards the end of the day when daylight

JAPANESE レンゾ・ピアノ・ビルディングワークショップと ケンドール/ヒートンアソシエイツが設計し た、待望のキンベル美術館が昨年暮れ開館 し、批評家たちの賞賛を浴びています。設計 の注目ポイントは、革新的な照明調整機能と 屋根発電システムを備えた天窓付の東棟で す。東棟には2つのデイライトギャラリーと大 きなロビー空間があります。西棟は低層空間 に日中の光を取り入れる天窓を側面に備え、 その屋根には緑が敷き詰められており入場 することもできます。 アラップ社は (メカや電気技術サービス同様 に)照明コンサルタントサービスをこの野心 溢れるプロジェクトにおいて提供ました。 アラ ップ社は最適な環境条件において芸術を保 護すると同時に展示するための特注システム を提案し、開発し、設計する一方、二酸化炭 素の排出を抑える努力をしました。 スカイライ

levels fall. This approach was somewhat different to the existing Kahn building, with relatively low levels of daylight and electric light used during all museum open hours. The museum were keen to maintain the ability to recreate this mix of light – their brief was “The new building should likewise seek to set a new standard in the sensitive use of natural and artificial light in a way that enhances the appreciation of both architecture and art”. At the same time the museum were keen to be as efficient and as low carbon as possible, and to create an exhibition space that can be flexible and adapt its lighting conditions based on exhibition needs. The final brief for the gallery daylight systems was:

トギャラリーでは、補助的な電気照明を絶妙 に組み合わせ、 どんな種類のアートの展示で あっても日光と電気光のちょうどいいバラン スが実現されるようになっています。 ギャラリ ー空間内のすべての照明がLED光源で、 こ れらは最高の光の質を実現できるように慎 重に選ばれています。

CHINESE Renzo Piano Building Workshop(伦佐皮亚 诺建筑工作室)与Kendall/Heaton Associates合作设计了金贝尔艺术博物馆(Kimbell Art Museum)扩建工程,在满怀期待中博 物馆于去年年底开张,好评如潮。设计亮 点是屋顶采光的东楼,有新颖的照明控制 和发电屋顶系统。东楼包括两个日光照明 画廊和一个硕大的大堂空间。西楼的绿色 屋顶有通道可达,日光通过两侧的采光井 进入下面空间。 Arup工程顾问公司就该宏伟项目提供了照

• To provide a condition where daylight is the primary source of light for the display of art • To have the ability to tune daylight transmission, and therefore change the mix of daylight and electric light within the gallery. • To be able to reduce daylight levels within the gallery to allow the display of sensitive objects requiring 50 lux or less. • To be able to reduce daylight into the galleries to a minimum when the museum is closed. To this end, supplementary electric lighting has been delicately combined with daylight within the skylight galleries, ensuring that the correct balance of daylight and electric light can be achieved for all types of art exhibition. All lighting within the gallery

明咨询服务(以及机电工程)。Arup公司提 供资料、开发并设计了定制系统,以在最 恰当的环境条件下保护和显示艺术品,同 时力求减少碳排放。 天窗画廊内,补充性电气照明与日光精妙 结合,确保实现各种不同艺术展出所需的 日光与电光之间的正确平衡。艺术馆空间 内的所有照明均来自LED光源,精心挑选 的灯具提供了最优质的照明。

FRANÇAIS Conçue par le Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) et Kendall/Heaton Associates, l’extension très attendue des locaux du Kimbell Art Museum a ouvert ses portes l’année dernière et fut saluée par la critique. L’événement marquant de cette conception est l’aile Est du bâtiment éclairée par un système de toit innovant générateur d’énergie et contrôlant la lumière. Cette aile abrite deux galeries éclairées par la lumière du jour et un grand es-

pace d’accueil. L’aile Ouest est nichée sous un toit végétal accessible et flanqué de puits de lumière laissant la lumière du jour éclairer les espaces se trouvant en dessous. Les services de conseil en éclairage ainsi que l’ingénierie mécanique et électrique pour cet ambitieux projet ont été donnés par le Cabinet Arup. Cette équipe a conseillé, développé et conçu des systèmes sur mesure pour conserver et afficher les œuvres d’art dans des conditions environnementales des plus appropriées tout en cherchant à réduire les émissions de carbone. Un éclairage électrique supplémentaire a été adroitement associé à celui de la lumière du jour dans les galeries à coupole lumineuse, veillant à ce que le bon équilibre de lumière du jour et de lumière électrique puisse être atteint pour tous types d’expositions d’art. Dans les salles d’exposition, tout l’éclairage est généré par des diodes électroluminescentes soigneusement sélectionnées pour fournir une grande qualité de lumière.

Arena Luci srl via Svizzera 12/14 - 46042 Castel Goffredo (MN), Italy Tel. +39 0376 782411 - Fax +39 0376 780973 -



PROJECT DETAILS Renzo Piano Pavilion, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas Client: Kimbell Art Foundation Architects: Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with Kendall/Heaton Associates Lighting Design: Arup M & E services: Arup with Summit Consultants


Top Arup sketches of the lighting integration within the louver and roof assemblies. Above RPBW’s section drawings of the new space and its relationship with the Kahn original.

spaces is from carefully selected LED sources, a first for the RPBW-Arup team. Using LED lighting within the galleries provides significant energy savings: lighting energy consumption is estimated to be 75% less compared to the existing Kimbell galleries. In fact, the LED lighting, building and system design and photovoltaic power generation reduce the carbon emissions per sqft of the new building to approximately 50% of those from the existing Kahn Building. Just as Kahn and Kelly made a perfect

DEUTSCH Der mit Spannung erwartete Ausbau des durch den Renzo Piano Building Workshop und Kendall/Heaton Associates konzipierte Kimbell Art Museums eröffnete letztes Jahr und wurde von der Kritik gefeiert. Ein Design-Highlight ist der von oben beleuchtete Ostflügel mit seinem innovativen Lichtregler- und Energie erzeugendem Dachsystem. Im Ostflügel befinden sich zwei lichtdurchflutete Galerien und ein großer Foyerbereich. Der Westflügel liegt unter einem zugänglichen Gründach, das von Lichtschächten flankiert wird, so dass Tageslicht zu den darunter liegenden Bereichen einfließen kann. Arup fungierte bei diesem ehrgeizigen Projekt als Beleuchtungsberater (sowie als Berater für Mechanik und Elektrotechnik). Arup hat maßgeschneiderte Systeme geprägt, entwickelt und konzipiert, um die Kunst unter den zweckmäßigsten Umgebungsbedingungen zu konservieren und auszustellen und bemühte sich gleichzeitig, die Kohlenstoffemissionen zu reduzieren.

partnership for the original design back in 1972, Renzo Piano and Arup have created an a scheme for the 21st century. Yes, it is very energy efficient. But it doesn’t achieve this at the expense of great design. As Piano says: “It is the overall design, as well as the solar technology built into the roof system, that yields important energy savings. This is the way it should be: designing for energy savings is not an ‘add on,’ but, rather, the proper way to build.”

Zusätzliche elektrische Beleuchtung wurde in den Oberlicht-Galerien feinfühlig mit Tageslicht kombiniert, um zu gewährleisten, dass das ausgewogene Verhältnis zwischen Tageslicht und elektrischem Licht für jede Art von Kunstausstellung erzielt werden kann. Die gesamte Beleuchtung innerhalb des Galeriebereichs stammt von LED-Quellen, die sorgfältig ausgewählt worden sind, um beste Lichtqualität bereitzustellen.

ITALIANO Progettato dal Building Workshop di Renzo Piano e da Kendall / Heaton Associates, l’ attesissimo ampliamento del Kimbell Art Museum è stato aperto, al plauso della critica, alla fine dello scorso anno. Un punto saliente del progetto è la copertura illuminata dell’ ala est con il suo innovativo sistema di controllo della luce e di generamento di energia del tetto. L’ Ala Est ospita gallerie illuminate per due giorni e una grande hall. L’ Ala Ovest è nascosta sotto un accessibile tetto verde circondato da pozzi luce che permettono alla luce del

Gotham 4” & 6” Ecos Square LED downlight ERCO 99406.023 recessed CFL downlight/wallwasher iGuzzini / Sistemalux IROLL 2x26W CFL ceiling mounted tripod iGuzzini / Sistemalux Le Perroquet pendant (with Xicato XSM8030 LED module) iGuzzini / Sistemalux MiniWoody 20W T4 floodlight iGuzzini / Sistemalux 54W T5HO Linear System iGuzzini / Sistemalux Lingotto Ceiling 35W G12 luminaire iGuzzini / Sistemalux Seat Light 3W LED custom fixture iGuzzini / Sistemalux Zip-Plus Round 18W CFL recessed downlight BEGA 8643P 54W T5HO drive-over in-grade floodlight BEGA 8856HM 39W T4 drive-over in-grade luminaire BEGA 2221P 9W CFL recessed wall luminaire with shield BEGA 7593P.537 54W FL floodlight WE-EF 611-3050 20W CDM-T inground uplight Targetti Phenix 12W/6LED inground uplight LSi MHLX2004 35W T6 CDM-T recessed downlight, with custom stem / mounting LSi LX2044 – Gallery Lighting Fixtures with custom stems (with Xicato modules) LSi Busway – Lighting track in all locations Hydrel M9420/M9440 35W CDM-T modular in-grade luminaire Philips Gardco 90W Cosmopolis streetlight LED Linear VarioLED Flex Venus IP67 LED Linear XOOLUM LED IP67 (with Mean Well HLG- 240-24-A remote power supply) Selux M100 28W T5 recessed linear fluorescent Axis Wet Beam 35W T5 suspended frosted lens luminaire io Lighting raye Gen 2 LED downlight eldoLED Linear 100/S driver

giorno di entrare nei locali sottostanti. Arup ha fornito i servizi di consulenza luci (così come di ingegneria meccanica ed elettrica) su questo progetto ambizioso. Arup ha informato, sviluppato e progettato sistemi su misura per conservare e visualizzare l’arte nelle condizioni ambientali più idonee, pur cercando di ridurre le emissioni di carbonio. L’illuminazione elettrica supplementare è stata delicatamente combinata con la luce del giorno all’interno delle gallerie provviste di lucernario, assicurandosi che il giusto equilibrio tra luce diurna e luce elettrica potesse essere ottenuto per tutti i tipi di mostre. Tutta l’illuminazione all’interno degli spazi della galleria proviene da sorgenti a LED che sono stati attentamente selezionati per fornire la massima qualità della luce.

ESPAÑOL Diseñado por Renzo Piano Building Workshop y Kendall/Heaton Associates, la tan anticipada expansión del Museo de Arte Kimbell se inauguró a finales del año pasado con acogida entre los críticos. Algo para desta-

car en cuanto al diseño es la cúpula del ala este con su innovador sistema de techo con control de iluminación y grupo electrógeno. El Ala Este alberga dos galerías con luz natural y un enorme espacio de lobby. El Ala Oeste se inserta bajo un accesible techo verde con aire y luz de costado que permite pasar la luz natural del día en los espacios que se encuentran por debajo. Arup suministró los servicios de consultoría (así como también la ingeniería mecánica y eléctrica) de este ambicioso proyecto. Arup informó, desarrolló y diseñó sistemas a medida para conservar y exhibir el arte en las condiciones ambientales más apropiadas mientras se buscaba reducir las emisiones de carbón. Se combinó delicadamente con la luz natural una iluminación eléctrica suplementaria dentro de las galerías con tragaluces, asegurando el correcto equilibrio de luz natural y luz eléctrica que puede haber para todo tipo de exhibición de arte. Toda la iluminación dentro de los espacios de la galería proviene de fuentes LED que fueron cuidadosamente seleccionadas para suministrar la mayor calidad de iluminación.

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Photographs: Prakash Patel

WHAT’S NEW BALTIMORE? The John and Frances Angelos Law Centre is a new Baltimore landmark. MCLA Architectural Lighting Design produced a design that matched the building’s progressive vision.


Behnisch Architeken and Ayers Saint Gross put sustainability at the heart of the Frances Angelos Law Centre. The design also put daylight to good use in the building’s design.

The new, 12-storey John and Frances Angelos Law Center at the University of Baltimore, completed in April 2013, was conceived as a transformative, architectural landmark for the campus and the City of Baltimore. Behnisch Architeken, in partnership with Ayers Saint Gross, developed a concept for the site that utilised the use of form, volume and materials to express the building’s functions. The project also made a commitment to sustainable solutions, giving primacy to daylight throughout the building. Working closely with the architects, MCLA Architectural Lighting Design understood and embraced the progressive nature of the project. When the design process began in 2008, MCLA pursued a solution that included a mix of sources including fluorescent, metal halide and LED. However with rapid advancements in LED technology and fixture design, it quickly became clear that LEDs would provide not only a more energy



Above left The exterior of the Frances Angelos Law Centre in Baltimore. MCLA Architectural Lighting Design decided that an LED lighting design would provide the most energy efficient solution, while increasing the opportunity for creativity. Above right The atrium encloses a lobby, two coffee bars and informal meeting spaces.

efficient solution but also offered new opportunities for creative lighting design that would support and enhance the bold architecture. The building’s architecture is shaped by three interlocking L-shaped volumes, which articulate the functions of the building’s classrooms, offices, legal clinic, and the law library. At the heart of the building is a narrow, sky lit atrium that connects the three volumes together. In addition to linking the central program spaces, the atrium also encloses the lobby, two coffee bars and a handful of informal work and meeting

spaces. Beyond its connective value, the atrium is critical to the technical performance of the building. Daylight spills into the space from exterior and interior wall glazing, brightening the shallow floor plates to maximize daylight and visual access to daylight for interior workspaces. At the same time, it creates a transparent and communicative interior, visually linking public space, teaching space, and administrative space in an open environment. Glazed office partitions allow daylight to enter from exterior walls through the office

and into the interior corridors and shared spaces, reducing the need for artificial lighting. The glazed classroom partitions create visual continuity between the teaching spaces and the public areas, while the activity of the students and the general hubbub of the faculty acts to bring the atrium to life. Although a great asset, the abundant daylight required some visual balance. Given the higher illumination level along the perimeter, careful attention was focused on the internal areas, which do not benefit as much from the daylight. A slightly higher


New Era

In LED Lighting

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technology beyond the bulb



Top Glazed glass partitions in the classrooms link them with the public space. Above The plans for the Behnisch Architeken and Zumtobel designed multi-pane chandelier. MCLA worked further on the design refining the mounting height of the fixtures.

illumination level and accents on vertical surfaces near the building’s core allow the interior areas to appear as bright as the perimeter areas. A bonus was that the energy efficiency, long life and minimal heat of LEDs allowed for greater creativity in the design of the luminaires. Although the owner’s ambitious goal was 100 per cent LED usage throughout the building, the lighting design ultimately incorporated LED in 95 per cent of the building’s spaces including the central lobby

atrium, terraced study spaces, 300-seat moot court room, law clinic, classrooms, 32,000sqf library and the auditorium. In consideration of the State of Maryland’s requirement for a competitive bidding process and the use of evolving LED technology on the project, MCLA developed performance-based specifications for all lighting including a custom, disc-shaped luminaire with a ceiling mount for use throughout the building. A 1,640-lumen fixture, with a colour temperature of 3,000 kelvin, provides

the intensity of a 100-watt incandescent A lamp. Seen from across the spaces, the luminaire’s acrylic plate offers an even glow; viewed straight on, the diodes are clearly visible. As a result of the combination of LED and daylighting the installed Lighting Power Density measures .76 watts per square foot, or approximately 25 per cent less than code and better than the ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 by 43 per cent. This contributes significantly to the LEED Platinum rating

Your light in a world of change.

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L+B_236x333uk_mondoArc.indd 1

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11.03.14 16:03



The atrium, the building’s signature space, features specially designed fixtures from Zumtobel and Behnisch Architeken. Made from acrylic panels, the luminaires are translucent from most viewing angles.

the project has recently been awarded. This efficient, innovative lighting solution creates a warm, inviting evening environment for the students and the faculty as a whole. Because the school is still active after sunset, the artificial light becomes a more prominent feature. For the atrium, the building’s signature space, Behnisch Architeken collaborated with Zumtobel on a multi-panel chandelier, which forms the centrepiece of the lighting design. MCLA further refined the configuration, lumen output, orientation and mounting height for each fixture. The 334mm x 434mm acrylic panels are translucent from most viewing angles and transparent when viewed directly. Suspended by steel cables the chandeliers help to create a sense of scale without obstructing views or daylight. Descending into the atrium, the fixtures serve as impressive visual features and provide the perception of a brighter environment. To provide flexibility and minimize energy usage, a central dimming system manages the lighting. The central control integrates with an array of photosensors and occupancy sensors throughout the building. When adequate natural light is present (measured




concours de design, l’agence Behnisch Architeken a



développé en partenariat avec le Cabinet Ayers Saint

する、 すべての照明を性能第一に開発しまし


Gross, un concept modulant l’utilisation de la forme,

2013年4月に完成した、 ボルチモア大学の12



du volume et des matériaux. Le projet s’est engagé à




utiliser des solutions durables en offrant la primauté

ェロ・ロー・センターは、 キャンパスのみならず

すが、 まっすぐ見ると、 ダイオードがはっきり見


à la lumière du jour. Afin d’apporter le maximum de




souplesse et minimiser la consommation d’énergie,


un système de gradation central gère l’éclairage.

建築物となりました。 デザインコンペの勝者、 ベーニッシュ・アルキテクテンは、 エアーズ・セ ント・グロスとともに、 フォルム、 ボリューム、資


MCLA a développé des spécifications axées sur le ren-


dement pour tout l’éclairage, y compris le luminaire



した。 プロジェクトは持続可能なソリューショ

格洛斯法律中心(John and Frances Angelos

Le nouveau John et Frances Angelos Law Center de 12

fond et qui est utilisé pour l’ensemble du bâtiment.

ン提供を目的として、 日光が一番重要視して

Law Center)高12层,于2013年4月落成,按

étages de l’Université de Baltimore, achevé en avril

Vue au travers de ses fentes, la plaque acrylique du



2013, fait dorénavant partie d’un patrimoine archi-

luminaire propose un éclat uniforme, mais vues de

使用を最低限にするために、 中央調光システ



tectural inférant des changements fondamentaux

face, les diodes sont clairement visibles.


chiteken和Ayers Saint Gross合作,提出了

au campus et à la ville de Baltimore. Gagnante du

en forme de disque fait sur mesure et monté au pla-

OMS_fullpage-EN-curves.pdf 2 12. 3. 2014 11:02:19



PROJECT DETAILS John and Frances Angelos Law Centre, Baltimore, Maryland Client: The University of Baltimore Architect: Behnisch Architekten, Boston / Ayers Saint Gross Inc. Lighting Design: MCLA Architectural Lighting Design

LIGHTING SPECIFIED Zumtobel Slot 2 Series, modified Ondaria pendants, custom panel fixtures, custom panel ‘chandeliers’ Nimbus Office Air LED Floor luminaire Lighting Services Inc LumeLEX 2044 series Optolum Megaline linear light fixture Vode Rail LED BK Lighting modified Lite Stick Filix Flex Submersible Eureka Flare Suspended Bega modified 8875 bollard IP44 Lumen #9 sconce iGuzzini iSign luminaire w/ catenary cable mount Lutron Quantum Series control

Lighting in the atrium is based upon the time of day and can be controlled by photosensors to suit the clock. This is one of the many features in the building that ensures that environmental concerns are always considered. Occupancy sensors also ensure lighting is off when a building is out of use.

500 lux in the classrooms), the lighting will dim and eventually turn off. All lighting within eight metres of the glazing is dimmable, an area where there is the most to be gained in energy efficiency. In addition to this, automated sunshades operate during sunny conditions to control glare and heat gain. The atrium and library lighting operate based on the time of day with an override provided by the photosensors. Occupancy sensors and photosensors govern the classrooms, seminar rooms, group study

DEUTSCH Das neue zwölfgeschossige John and Frances Angelos Rechtszentrum an der Universität von Baltimore, das im April 2013 fertig gestellt wurde, wurde als ein transformatives, architektonisches Wahrzeichen für das Unigelände und die Stadt Baltimore konzipiert. Die Sieger eines Design-Wettbewerbs, Behnisch Architeken, entwickelten zusammen mit Ayers Saint Gross ein Konzept, das den Umgang von Form, Volumen und Materialien benutzt. Das Projekt hat sich verpflichtet, nachhaltige Lösungen zu verwenden und dem Tageslicht Vorrang zu gewähren. Für mehr Flexibilität und zur Minimierung des Energieverbrauchs wird die Beleuchtung über ein zentrales Dimmersystem gemanagt. MCLA entwickelte leistungsbezogene

rooms, offices and conference rooms and MCLA developed a series of present scenes for each space, which guide the system programming. With daylight controls alone, the University can expect to save an additional 40 per cent to 60 per cent in power. Occupancy sensors further reduce the energy load by turning lights out when rooms including the classrooms, private study, restrooms and corridors are not in use. A spirit of collaboration among the archi-

Spezifikationen für die gesamte Beleuchtung, einschließlich einer scheibenförmigen Sonderleuchte mit einem Deckenstativ für eine Verwendung im gesamten Gebäude. Durch den ganzen Raum gesehen bietet die Acrylplatte der Leuchte eine gleichmäßige Lichtfarbe; von vorn betrachtet sind die Dioden klar sichtbar.

ITALIANO Con i suoi 12 anni di storia il nuovo Law Center di John e Frances Angelos (presso l’Università di Baltimora), completato nell’ aprile 2013, era stato concepito come un punto di riferimento architettonico e di trasformazione per il campus e la città di Baltimora. I vincitori di un concorso di design, Behnisch Architeken, in collaborazione con Ayers Saint Gross, svilupparono un concetto che prevedeva l’utilizzo della forma, del

tects, lighting designers and manufacturers set the tone for this project from the very beginning. The lighting design has brought Behnisch Architeken’s innovative, daylight-driven aspirational scheme to life, while incorporating the latest advancements in LED technology and control systems to achieve a luminous, energy-efficient design that maximizes wellbeing for the occupants and cost savings for the client.

volume e dei materiali. Il progetto si impegnò a soluzioni sostenibili, dando il primato alla luce del giorno. Per fornire la flessibilità e ridurre al minimo l’energia, un sistema di regolazione centrale gestisce l’illuminazione. La MCLA sviluppò specifiche basate sul rendimento per tutta l’illuminazione tra cui una luminaria personalizzata a forma di disco con montaggio a soffitto che ne permette l’utilizzo in tutto l’edificio. Visto da tutta la struttura, il piatto in acrilico della luminaria offre un bagliore ancora maggiore. I diodi sono chiaramente visibili visti difronte.

ESPAÑOL El nuevo Centro de Leyes de 12 pisos, John and Frances Angelos, en la Universidad de Baltimore, finalizado en Abril de 2013, fue concebido como un

punto de referencia arquitectónico y transformador para el campus y la ciudad de Baltimore. Ganadores de una competencia de diseño, Behnisch Architeken, en sociedad con Ayers Saint Gross, desarrollaron un concepto que utilizó el uso de la forma, el volumen y los materiales. El proyecto estaba comprometido con soluciones sustentables, dándole prioridad a la luz del día. Para suministrar flexibilidad y minimizar el uso de energía, la iluminación es manejada por un sistema central de apagado. MCLA desarrolló las especificaciones basadas en la performance para toda la iluminación incluyendo una luminaria a medida, con forma de disco con un montaje en el techo para ser utilizado a lo largo de todo el edificio. Visto a través de los espacios, el plato acrílico de la luminaria ofrece un brillo parejo; visto en dirección recta, los diodos están claramente visibles.



THE DÉFENSE OF PARIS La Défense is the financial centre of Paris and sits at the western end of the Axe historique, a line of monuments that leads from the Louvre through the Arc de Triomphe to the centrepiece of the area L’Arche de la Defense. Concepto Lighting Design developed a lighting scheme for the refurbishment of the nearby Eqho Tower, ensuring the structure continued to live up to its lusty neighbours.


Left Patterns of multi-coloured reflections can be seen on the floor as the light pours into the atrium space. Above The ERCO Beamer projectors are visible casting light on the Dichroic glass, which reflects sunlight prompting coloured light to pass into the space, a fine example of the emphasis this lighting scheme puts on the importance of natural light.

Every major world city, as the times changed and commerce fully replaced conflict as the arbiter of power on the continent, needed a brash and impressive central business district, full of glass skyscrapers and architecture that spoke of power and wealth. New York never had a problem with this as business has always grown hand in hand with the city. The transformation of London’s Square Mile was made easier by the destruction wrought by Hitler’s bombs during the Second World War, the city needed to be re-made and most sites were fair game for redevelopment, as long as new structures were respectful towards the

iconic talisman of the area, St Paul’s Cathedral. In Paris the choice of site for a financial centre was some-what tougher, by a minor-miracle the city had survived the war intact and the beautiful Haussmann boulevards were hardly going to give way to the march of commerce. So the city authorities had to look outwards, towards the old city limits and La Défense, an area named after a statue marking the heroic defense of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war. Starting in the late 1950s the towers of La Défense began to rise out of farmland at the very edge of the city’s 20 arrondesments. The area really began to come into its own

during the presidency of François Mitterrand, a man who had set his mind on leaving an architectural legacy on the city to match the sweeping reorganisation of Paris seen during the reigns of Napoleon III and Louis XIV. He didn’t come anywhere close to matching their achievements, but he did leave a series of modern Parisian monuments including the Louvre Pyramid and the Opéra Bastille. One of these ‘Grands Projects’ as they were nicknamed was the Grande Arche de La Défense, a great white structure that sits in the middle of La Défense echoing the Arc de Triomphe. It was built as a monument to



Left During the daytime light floods in, the glass skylights creating colourful patterns on the floor. Above In the lobby two vertical panels are flanked by two lines of Philips Color Kinetics iColor Accent MX Powercore linear fixtures.

humanitarian ideals, rather than to military victories like its brother on the Champs-Elysées and represents perfectly the overall feel of La Défense as a light and airy space, free of the bombast and overt patriotism of central Paris, a secular, relaxed space, with sharp modern architecture created to exude, and to make, money. In 1988, the middle years of the Mitterrand presidency, the Descartes Tower was built. Later renamed the Eqho Tower, the 130-metre high-rise echoes the architectural style of the

Grande Arche de La Défense, a simple, sleek design that, nevertheless, manages to make a grand statement. The building was fully refurbished in 2011 and this included a complete restructuring of the building’s lobby in order to allow for the entry of natural light and to open the space up visually to the bridge-type structure that supports the tower. A renewal of the building’s façades was also proposed. French architectural studio, Hubert & Roy and lighting designers Concepto studio

were approached to work on a daytime and nocturnal lighting scheme for the lobby. In addition to wide doorways out into the impressive urban environment that surrounds the structure, the lobby of the Eqho Tower has a large glass roof twelve metres above floor level. It is suffused in natural light, which changes the space as the days and seasons alter. At certain times of the year, and depending on the path of the sun, sunbeams shine into the lobby beneath the bridge, projecting onto the





Left The atrium space of the Tour Eqho. The design puts natural light at its heart, using dichroic glass to reflect sunbeams. Above The bridge structure on the exterior of the building.

walls and floor the shadowy silhouetted spans of the metal meshlike structure above. To breathe life into the space, highlighting the lobby’s size while revealing the sun and the changing seasons, a glass installation, consisting of coloured tinted dichroic glass was integrated directly into the laminated panels in the glass roof and reflective panels made of mirror-polished stainless steel were suspended vertically. Dichroic glass has the ability to colour rays of light passing through it, changing the colour

within a predefined range, in this case, from blue-green to purple, depending on the variations in the angle of incidental sunbeams. Dichroic glass also reflects sunbeams by colouring them differently from the rays being transmitted. Because of this installation the sun’s rays are projected onto the floor and the white walls of the lobby, generating spots of colour that slowly move and change tone throughout the day. Mirrored panels have also been hung vertically within the space to allow the coloured rays to

be deviated and projected onto the inner wall of the north-facing auditorium, an area that never receives any direct sunlight The chromatic density of the various panels of coloured glass used in the atrium is increased in the southern portion of the glass roof, in order to reduce the light and heat caused by the sun during the often-hot Paris summer. In the winter during the beginning and the end of the day, the sun strikes the building at an acute angle, so the space is flooded with light from the large vertical clear glass walls. Due



Left ERCO Beamer projectors have been installed above the glass roof, with the colour patterns visable in the glass. Above The bridge-like support, a major feature of the building’s architecture, is floodlit at night using Thorn Contrast LED projectors, turning the structure into a local landmark.

to these features the lobby has become a light trap offering occupants and visitors interesting, moving and changing images during the day and throughout the year. At night the entire lobby is lit by ERCO Beamer projectors equipped with various optics and 150W ceramic metal halide lamps from Thorn, which have been mounted above the glass roof on the exterior of the building, along a metal duckboard that was installed to enable easy maintenance work.

This lighting system makes it possible to use the metallic mesh like a huge stage grid, concealing the lighting fixtures from view. The beams of light shine vertically downwards, into the lobby, lighting the floor of the ground floor, as well as the openings into the basement, the stairs and the walls. The average illuminance in the lobby is 150 lux, with additional light picking out certain areas or meeting specific uses when necessary. The coloured glass panels that make up the

building’s façade play an active role in the nocturnal lighting system. The beams of light form an irregular pattern as the translucent panels take on colour while passing through the glass roof. These hues combine creating delicate pastel shades. In the centre of the lobby two vertical panels are flanked by two lines of Philips Color Kinetics iColor Accent Powercore linear fixtures. The vertical lines are brought to life by colour variations in complementary shades,

ームライトはロビーへと垂直に輝き、 地上の床



a également été engagé. La lumière naturelle est



essentielle à cette conception. Le hall d’entrée de la




Tour Eqho est couvert d’un grand toit en verre haut de


ートルの高層ビル、Eqhoタワーは、 ロビーに


douze mètres et est baigné d’une lumière naturelle, ce


qui modifie l’espace au fils des jours et des saisons.


La nuit, le hall est entièrement éclairé par des project-


eurs équipés de différentes optiques et de lampes aux


自然光が入るように再建築され、2011年に 装いを新たにしました。 ビルのファサードもリ ニューアルしました。 自然光はこの設計の要



halogénures métalliques en céramique de 150 watts




厦Eqho Tower经历了一次翻新,包括大堂

をふんだんに取り入れ、 日々季節の移り変わ


La Tour Eqho, un gratte-ciel de 130 mètres à La


cale et vers le bas dans le hall, éclairant le plancher


Défense à Paris, a été entièrement rénovée en 2011,

は、 ロビー全体にビル外部のガラス屋根に取

du rez-de-chaussée ainsi que les ouvertures vers le

要。Eqho Tower大堂巨大的玻璃屋顶距地

tout comme son hall d’entrée qui subit une restruc-


sous-sol, les escaliers et les murs. La luminance moy-


turation complète afin d’y laisser pénétrer la lumière

メタルハライドランプの光が降り注ぎます。 ビ

enne dans le hall est de 150 lux avec un éclairage


naturelle. Un ravalement des façades du bâtiment

supplémentaire visant des endroits bien particuliers.

installées au-dessus du toit en verre, à l’extérieur du bâtiment. Les faisceaux de lumière brillent à la verti-

째diabolo diabolo 째poirot

째pinocchio 째on line

Frankfurt am Maim 30.03 - 04.04.2014 visit us at Hall 1.2 Stand H02 -



Top left The exterior of the Tour Eqho is lit creatively ensuring that the structure is noticable amid the brash atmosphere that is La Défense. Right An analytical summary of the heliodon on the glass roof determined the positioning of the glass panels.

ranging from emerald green to deep blue on the west side and to pale orange and reddishpink on the eastern side. The transparent lift shaft running up to the auditorium and the business centre is also lit by coloured LEDs. Visible from the lobby and from the wide public esplanades in the nearby Courbevoie district and in La Défense itself, the bridgelike support structure that sits below the tower is an emblematic sight. At night, the lighting reverses the daytime perception of the building, emphasising the open space created beneath the tower. This is done by using dynamic blue uplighting that accentuates the underside of the building, as well as its side

DEUTSCH Der Eqho-Tower, ein 130 Meter hohes Hochhaus in La Défense, Paris, wurde 2011 einer Sanierung unterzogen, die eine komplette Umstrukturierung seiner Eingangshalle umfasste, damit Tageslicht einfließen kann. Eine Erneuerung der Gebäudefassade wurde ebenfalls angeboten. Für das Design war Tageslicht ausschlaggebend. Die Empfangshalle des Eqho-Tower verfügt über ein großes Glasdach in zwölf Meter Höhe über dem Boden. Sie wird von Tageslicht durchflutet, das je nach Tages- und Jahreszeit den Bereich verändert. Nachts wird der gesamte Bereich durch Flutlichter beleuchtet, die mit unterschiedlichen optischen Systemen und 150W Keramik-Halogenmetalldampflampen ausgestattet sind, welche über dem Glasdach im Außenbereich

walls and its recesses. The empty space created by the bridge is flanked and bounded by the coloured light, giving visitors a mysterious, unusual view from the lobby up through the glass roof. The coloured lighting varies very slowly in tone from deep blue to cyan, thanks to variable colour LED floodlights mounted along the walls above the glass roof and on the roof terraces. The lighting design for Tour Eqho acts to revitalize a building that symbolizes the style of La Défense itself, a modern space with high ideals.

des Gebäudes installiert wurden. Die Lichtstrahlen leuchten vertikal nach unten in die Empfangshalle und erhellen den Boden des Erdgeschosses sowie die Öffnungen zum Keller, die Treppen und die Wände. Die durchschnittliche Beleuchtung der Empfangshalle beträgt 150 Lux, plus einer zusätzlichen Lichtquelle für Bereiche von besonderem Interesse.

ITALIANO La torre Eqho, 130 metri di grattacielo situato presso La Défense, Parigi, ha subìto lavori di ristrutturazione nel 2011 tra cui una completa ristrutturazione del suo atrio per consentire l’ingresso di luce naturale; inoltre è stato proposto un rinnovo delle facciate dell’edificio. La luce naturale è un punto critico del progetto. La lobby della Torre Eqho ha un tetto in vetro di grandi dimensioni, a dodici metri dal pavi-

PROJECT DETAILS Tour Eqho, La Défense, Paris, France Client: Tour Eqho Architects: Hubert & Roy Lighting Design: Concepto studio

LIGHTING SPECIFIED Dichroic and colored tinted glass panels: Schott glass panels Lobby floodlights: ERCO Beamer projector 150W & 70W HIT Floodlights for the bridge-like support: Thorn Contrast LED projector (18 blue LED and 18 green LED) with DMX control LED lines in the lobby: Philips Color Kinetics iColor Accent MX Powercore, linear LED fixture with DMX control

mento, ed è soffusa di luce naturale che cambia lo spazio all’alternarsi dei giorni e delle stagioni. Di notte l’intera lobby è illuminata da riflettori dotati di diverse ottiche e lampade ad alogenuri metallici in ceramica da 150W, che sono state montate sopra il tetto di vetro sulla parte esterna dell’edificio. I fasci di luce splendono verticalmente verso il basso, nell’atrio, illuminando il pavimento del piano terra, così come le aperture nello scantinato, le scale e le pareti. L’illuminamento medio nella hall è di 150 lux, con luce supplementare puntata sulle aree di particolare interesse.

ESPAÑOL La Torre Eqho, de 130 metros de altura en La Défense, Paris, fue sometida a una restauración en 2011, lo que incluyó una completa reestructuración

de su hall de entrada para permitir el ingreso de la luz natural. También se propuso una renovación de las fachadas del edificio. La luz natural es fundamental para el diseño. El hall de entrada de la Torre Eqho tiene un gran techo de cristal doce metros por encima del nivel del piso. Se encuentra bañado en luz natural, lo cual cambia al espacio a medida que los días y las estaciones cambian. Durante la noche, el hall entero es iluminado por medio de focos equipados con varias ópticas y lámparas de haluro metálico de cerámica de 150W, las cuales se montaron encima del techo de cristal, en el exterior del edificio. Los haces de luz brillan verticalmente hacia abajo en el hall, iluminando el piso de la planta baja, así como las aberturas al sótano, las escaleras y las paredes. La iluminancia promedio en el hall es de 150 lux, con luz adicional que selecciona áreas de interés en particular.



PAWTUCKET CROSSING The story of the Pawtucket River Bridge offers a cross section view of American history, from the Industrial Revolution to the Obama administration. When the bridge’s latest incarnation was constructed, Abernathy Lighting Design made sure the structure’s lighting scheme matched its biography.

Pics: Christopher Abernathy and Matthew Merola


The Art Deco features on the Pawtucket River Bridge echo the design of Pawtucket City Hall. LED Bridge Light fixtures (puck lights) from Forum and colour changing LEDs from Beghelli have been used on the span of the structure, they are able to change colour, meaning the bridge’s look can reflect the time of year.

The Pawtucket River Bridge in Rhode Island makes up a critical chunk of Interstate 95, the road that carries travellers between Boston and the Island’s most populous city, Providence. The crossing, over the Pawtucket River in the city of Pawtucket, has a long history, the very name of the area originating from the term Native American’s gave to the place where a trail crosses a river. During the 19th century the bridge became a commercial crossing when America’s burgeoning Industrial Revolution began to gain strength in the area and by the mid-twentieth century Interstate 95 had become the most travelled highway in the nation. In many ways the bridge in its different forms presents a good picture of the political history of the United States. The original bridge was built in 1958, during a time when President Eisenhower was investing

in the nation’s infrastructure. The original art deco style of the bridge was created to reflect the Pawtucket City Hall, itself built in 1933, during another public works programme, created by Franklin Roosevelt to ease the unemployed back into work in the wake of the Great Depression. On the eve of another financial crisis, the Great Recession of 2008, the 1958 bridge was declared unsafe. Construction on a replacement began in 2010 at a time when another President, Barack Obama, was once again investing in the American infrastructure, this time as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It has been estimated by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation that 162,000 vehicles travel across the Pawtucket River Bridge every day, but the bridge is more than a crucial travel link, it has also, since

its creation, acted as an iconic talisman for the city of Pawtucket and the replacement had to echo this sentiment. From hand hewn covered bridges to steel and concrete marvels, Rhode Islanders have long expressed pride in bridges and regard them as iconic structures. The defective Route 95 overpass created an opportunity to demonstrate that State and Federal wings of government could cooperate, not always an easy task as American politics continues to polarize. Not only did the differing tiers of government have to work together, but they also had to work in concert with a design team eager to present an engaging creative vision to revitalize the city’s historic gateway. The design challenge was not to create a linkage over a relatively narrow New England waterway, but to convey the series of



The Pawtucket River Bridge makes up a crucial part of Interstate 95, the road link between Boston and Providence in Rhode Island. Accent spotlights from Lumenton were used on the bridge, as well as uplighting from Kim lighting and ERCO.

extraordinary events that have for centuries converged on that very spot. The project entailed replacing three separate structures with a bridge to carry I-95 Northbound; a bridge to carry I-95 Southbound; and a bridge for the on and off ramps to George and School Streets. Inspiration for the new bridge’s Art Deco design, once again, just as it did in 1958, came from other structures in Pawtucket built during the Great Depression, such as City Hall, McCoy Stadium and Shea High School.

JAPANESE ポータケット・リバー・ブリッジはアールデコウ ィングの様式を特徴とする4つの柱から成りま す。 川から見ると、夜間LEDカラー照明でライ トアップされる金属鋼製の橋は、 ポータケット 川に架けられた上品な銀のアーチのようです。 アベルナシー・ライトニング・デザインがこのプ ロジェクトを担当しました。 プロジェクトにかか った費用は八千万ドルで2013年に完成しま した。設計で難しかった点は比較的狭いニュ ーイングランドの水路をつなぐことではなく、 現在橋が架かるその場所にある、何世紀にも 渡る多くの歴史を伝えることでした。 設計過程 ではコミュニティーの貢献を特に重視しまし た。最終的な構造は地元の建築物に見られ、 オープンスパンドレルアーチ構造の、 シンプル

Inspiration for the new bridge’s Art Deco design, once again, just as it did in 1958, came from other structures in Pawtucket built during the Great Depression, such as City Hall, McCoy Stadium and Shea High School. The new bridge’s four pillars feature representations of Art Deco wings, bringing to mind the eagles chiselled atop the tower at City Hall. The lighting sceme for the bridge was developed by Abernathy Lighting Design of North Providence and is reliant on LED. The lighting design took inspiration from

なラインと角度に強さと恒久性が見られるア ールデコ建築を参考にしました。手斧掛けし た木製の橋から鉄製、 コンクリート製、大理石 製まで、 ロードアイランドの住人達は橋に歴史 的な誇りを持っており、 橋を象徴的なものと捉 えているのです。

CHINESE 波塔基特河大桥(Pawtucket River Bridge)由 四个桥墩构成,彰显了装饰艺术派风格。 用强化钢材建造而成,夜间由彩色LED灯 具提供照明,从河上看,大桥恰似一道跨 越波塔基特河优美的银色拱门。Abernathy Lighting Design照明设计事务所负责制定 方案。项目耗资$80000000,于2013年竣 工。设计面临挑战:不是在一个相对狭窄 的新英格兰河流上架起连接两岸的桥梁,

Pawtucket history, particularly the city’s role as cradle to the American Industrial Revolution. With a strong daytime image due to strong design, the bridge’s night time presence was created by emphasising simple lines and by elevating accents. One of the key features of the bridge is its Art Deco styled pylon sculptures. The task of lighting these was made simpler due to the use of a full mock up, set up outside Pawtucket City Hall, which allowed a detailed lighting plan to be put together, while the bridge itself was still under

而是要表达数百年来汇聚今天桥梁所在之 地的系列特殊事件。设计过程主要聚焦社 区贡献。最终结构借鉴了当地建筑的装饰 艺术建筑风格,用敞肩上承式拱桥结构的 简单线条与角表达了力量与持久性。从手 工凿成的廊桥到钢混奇迹,罗德岛人长久 以来表达了桥梁自豪感并视其为标志性建 筑物。

FRANÇAIS Le pont de la rivière Pawtucket présente quatre piliers accueillant des représentations d’ailes de style Art déco. La nuit, ce pont en acier métallisé s’illumine de diodes électroluminescentes de couleurs, ressemblant alors à une élégante arche argentée recouvrant la rivière Pawtucket. L’entreprise Abernathy Lighting Design est à l’origine de ce concept. Le projet fut

achevé en 2013 et a coûté 80 millions de dollars. Le défi conceptuel n’était pas de créer un lien au-dessus d’un cours d’eau relativement étroit de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, mais plutôt de transmettre l’héritage d’une série d’événements extraordinaires qui pendant des siècles ont convergé à l’endroit même où se trouve le pont aujourd’hui. Le processus de conception du projet fut fortement inspiré de l’apport de la communauté. La structure finale du pont rappelle les styles architecturaux Art déco trouvés sur les devantures des bâtiments locaux et cherche à exprimer la force et la permanence par les lignes et les angles simples des écoinçons de son arche. Du temps des vieux ponts couverts et taillés à la main aux merveilleux ponts en acier et béton armé d’aujourd’hui, les habitants du Rhode Island affichent depuis longtemps leur fierté par l’entremise de leurs ponts et les considèrent toujours comme de vraies structures emblématiques.

Wireless Adjustable Aiming & Dimming. Sealed LED Light Engine. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kim Lighting is under license.

kim_ltv8_mondo_arc.indd 1

3/14/14 11:10 AM



The impressive outlying Art Deco pylons were lit with Spyder Mini fixtures from Beghelli, while Beghelli Spyder Large fixtures were used were used to graze the walls with white light.

PROJECT DETAILS Pawtucket River Bridge, Rhode Island, USA Client: The City of Pawtucket Architects: Richard Ventrone Jr., Northeast Collaborative Architects Lighting Design: Abernathy Lighting Design Systems Integrator: Barbizon


construction. The discreet accents on the north and south arches of the bridge have been lit with four LED, four colour, programmable ‘puck’ lights, provided by Forum which add colour changing light sources to the bridge’s principle architectural features. Uplighting was provided by fixtures from Erco and Kim Lighting, while Lumenton spotlighting fixtures were used on the bridge span. At night, these pucks, in concert with the pylon sculptures and the fixtures installed on the bridge span are able to change colour, giving the structure a night time character and allowing the bridge to change colour to suit the time of year. The bridge’s lighting scheme is controlled through an ETC Mosaic Show Controller, integrated by Barbizon, which uses custom

DEUTSCH Die Pawtucket River Bridge besteht aus vier Pfeilern, die Darstellungen von Art Deco-Flügeln aufweisen. Vom Fluss aus gesehen ähnelt die Brücke aus metallisiertem Stahl, die nachts mit bunten LED-Lichtern beleuchtet wird, einem eleganten, silbernen Bogen über dem Pawtucket-Fluss. Abernathy Lighting Design war für das Projekt verantwortlich. Das Projekt kostet 80 Millionen $ und wurde 2013 fertig gestellt. Die Herausforderung des Designs bestand nicht darin, eine Verbindung über einen relativ engen Wasserweg in Neuengland zu schaffen, sondern eine Reihe außergewöhnlicher Events zu vermitteln, die seit Jahrhunderten an dem Platz konvergieren, an dem die Brücke jetzt steht. Der Designprozess war stark auf den Gemeinschaftsbeitrag ausgerichtet. Die endgültige Struktur bezieht sich auf architektonische Art

scripting to execute programmed lighting looks. This lighting playback device is housed in a weather proof, climate controlled, cabinet and is remotely programmable from the state transportation offices. To manage issues of voltage drop over the project’s long transmission distances, the pylon sculptures serve as distributed power supply cabinets. In response to concerns over long term maintenance, all Metal Halide luminaires requiring lamp changes are easily accessible and all LED wiring connections are made at roadway level. Abernathy Lighting Design has developed a lighting scheme that not only respects Pawtucket’s history, but gives the area a landmark for the future.

Deco-Designs, die in lokalen Gebäuden zu finden sind und bringt Stärke und Permanenz in den einfachen Linien und Winkeln seiner offenen Bogenbrückenstruktur zum Ausdruck. Von handgebogenen überdachten Brücken bis Stahl- und Betonwundern verfügen die Rhode Islanders über einen langjährigen Stolz für Brücken und betrachten sie als ikonische Bauwerke.

ITALIANO Il ponte sul fiume Pawtucket è composto da quattro pilastri che mettono in risalto le rappresentazioni di ali Art Deco. Visto dal fiume, il ponte, realizzato in acciaio metallizzato e illuminato di notte da LED colorati, assomiglia ad un grazioso arco argenteo posizionato sul fiume Pawtucket. Il progetto, che è costato 80 milioni di dollari ed è stato completato nel 2013, è stato affidato ad Abernathy Lighting Design. La sfida progettuale non era quella di creare un collegamento

5 x Kim Lighting Archetype Duel head pole mounted roadway 1600w metal halide lamps 5 x Kim Lighting Archetype Single head pole mounted roadway 1600w metal halide lamps 4 x Kim Lighting LTV10 In-grade adjustable uplight (Spot) 280w metal halide lamps 12 x Kim Lighting LTV10 In-grade adjustable uplight (Flood) 840w metal halide lamps 6 x Spaulding Magnuspec Yolk Mounted Roadway metal halide lamps 14 x Lumenton OVO-AG Adjustable Accent Spotlight with 36 degree beam & blue filter 980w metal halide lamps 22 x Lumenton OVO-AG Adjustable Accent Spotlight with 10 degree beam metal halide lamps 22 x Lumenton OVO-AG Adjustable Accent Spotlight with 36 degree beam metal halide lamp 8 x ERCO Tesis In-grade adjustable uplight 160w metal halide lamps 50 x Forum Bridge Light colour-changing visual accent “puck light” on support arches 3000w LED lamps 907 x Beghelli Spyder Mini Small format linear white light luminaire for outlining pylons 6530w LED lamps 316 x Beghelli Spyder Large format linear white light luminaire for wall grazing 2370w LED lamps 648x Beghelli Spyder Mini Small format linear color changing luminaire for bridge span 4666w LED lamps 300 x Beghelli Spyder Mini Small format linear color changing luminaire for sculptures 2160w LED lamps 1 x ETC Mosaic Show Controller

su un relativamente ristretto corso d’acqua del New England, ma quella di trasmettere la serie di eventi straordinari che per secoli sono confluiti proprio nel punto in cui si trova il ponte oggi. Il processo di progettazione è molto concentrato sul contributo comunitario. La struttura finale fa riferimento agli stili architettonici Art Deco presenti negli edifici del posto ed esprime forza e stabilità nelle linee semplici e negli angoli della sua struttura a ponte ad arco reticolato. Dai ponti coperti tagliati a mano alle meraviglie in acciaio e cemento, gli abitanti di Rhode Island hanno da tempo espresso orgoglio per i ponti e li considerano come strutture iconiche.

ESPAÑOL El Puente de Pawtucket está compuesto de cuatro pilares, que representan las alas de Art Deco. Visto desde el río, el puente, fabricado con acero metalizado

e iluminado en la noche con luces de LED de colores, parece a un elegante arco plateado sobre el río Pawtucket. Abernathy Lighting Design estuvo a cargo del proyecto. El mismo costó 80 millones de dólares y se finalizó en 2013. El desafío del diseño no fue el de crear una unión sobre un relativamente angosto canal de Nueva Inglaterra sino el de expresar la serie de eventos extraordinarios que por siglos convergieron en el mismo lugar donde hoy se levanta el puente. El proceso de diseño se focalizó mucho en la contribución de la comunidad. La estructura final hace referencia a los diseños arquitectónicos de Art Deco que se encuentran en los edificios locales y expresa fuerza y permanencia en las líneas simples y en los ángulos de su estructura de arco de enjuta abierta. Desde los puentes tallados a mano hasta las maravillas en acero y concreto, los nativos de Rhode Island han expresado su orgullo durante mucho tiempo a través de los puentes y los cuales son considerados estructuras icónicas.

ETC Source Four Mini LED Good things really do come in small packages. Big Source Four attitude, small size‌ now in an LED. Get everything you know and love about the ETC Source FourŽ in a footprint that can fit just about anywhere, in traditional tungsten or LED.










DESERT ROSE Hakkasan Las Vegas, opened in April 2013, is the latest addition to the Hakkasan portfolio and its largest and most ambitious venture to date. Developed with partners Angel Management Group (AMG), Hakkasan Las Vegas is a bold evolution of the global restaurant brand into an allencompassing nightlife experience. Isometrix was responsible for the architectural lighting design.



RCL’s DR8 LED spotlights are used in the triple height ceiling of the nightclub on levels 4 and 5. The luminaires can be adjusted in pan and tilt using RCL’s patented ‘Select & Direct’ system, which uses a simple handheld controller to select individual lights and focus them from floor level.

Covering over 80,000-sq ft (7,260sqm) spread over five floors the site incorporates a large restaurant with mezzanine private dining area, an intimate after-dinner lounge bar (the Ling Ling Lounge) and the Ling Ling Club, and a two-storey main nightclub on the fourth and fifth floors. The scale and scope of the development, built within the iconic MGM Grand Hotel & Casino complex, presented an interesting challenge for Isometrix Lighting + Design, whose scheme was shortlisted for a 2014 UK Lighting Design Award. “Having worked with Hakkasan for many years on a number of restaurants all over the world, Isometrix has developed an understanding of the brand’s unique ethos and aesthetic style. However, from the outset, it was apparent to the whole team that this particular location was going to be very special, and that it would require a step up in gear,” says Isometrix lighting designer

Althea de Ste. Croix. “The scale of the project and its location in ‘larger than life’ Las Vegas demanded a careful and considered approach. A balance needed to be struck between recreating the signature intimate experience familiar to regular visitors of Hakkasan restaurants worldwide and delivering a scheme that could stand out among the bright lights and glitzy, varied attractions of Las Vegas,” she adds. Located on the first level is the main dining area, separated by latticed woodwork known as the ‘Cage’ to create intimate dining spaces that also share the atmosphere of the dining area as a whole. The restaurant has at its heart what Hakkasan describes as ‘the kitchen, a dramatic culinary theatre helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Ho Chee Boon and his team of highly skilled wok and dim sum chefs’. The lighting is an integral part of the relaxed but upscale

‘dining experience’. As the evening progresses guests move upstairs to the third level 10,000-sq foot (930sqm) Ling Ling Club and the Ling Ling Lounge, a separate, more intimate environment. On the fourth level, the main nightclub has oversized VIP booths that surround the dance floor whose DJ space has a custom DJ booth and suspended performance area, all enveloped with floor-to-ceiling LED screens. The pavilion, with its indoors oriental garden, operates either as an extension of the main nightclub or in its own right. It is equipped with its own DJ booth, the Garden Bar, an amphitheatre-style setting and a two-storey water feature with lifelike foliage. Elevated above the main nightclub is the mezzanine on the fifth level, which provides a more private, VIP environment while still giving access to the energy of the dance


VARIABLE WHITE TECHNOLOGY Patented Technology | Multitude of Outputs | OEM Manufacturing


w w w. a c o ly t e l e d . c o m / v w d e m o

Acolyte Industries’ Variable White RibbonLyte provides a color temperature range from Amber (1800K) to warm white (2400K) to cool white (6000K) - all on one LED light source.


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Two different graduations on the moving part allow 1° and 5° aiming.


quick and easy to adjust at any angle.



The lighting design from Isometrix started in the restaurant with Hakkasan’s signature carved partition screens cut from dark stained oak with thick white marble inlays. The panels are lit from theatrical lighting bars suspended above the screens.

floor. It can accommodate large groups in semi-private rooms with their own customisable screens, coolers, sound control and mixology supplies. The design of the lighting scheme started in the restaurant with Hakkasan’s signature carved partition screens cut from dark stained oak with thick white marble inlays. With a ceiling height of 4.3m, the fullheight screens have a monumental quality. The open fretwork of the carved panels provides privacy within the booths while also allowing glimpses out. These panels are lit from theatrical lighting bars suspended above the screens, using AR111 spotlights from Lighting Services Incorporated. The spotlights were adapted by LSI to mount on to the theatrical bar via a G-clamp fixing, with the transformer positioned between

JAPANESE 2013年4月にオープンしたハッカサン・ラス ベガスは、ハッカサンポートフォリオの最も新 しく追加されたものであり、現在までで最大 かつ最高に野心溢れる取り組みです。 エンジ ェル・マネージメント・グループ社(AMG)との パートナー開発で、ハッカサン・ラスベガスは グローバルレストランすべてを取り込みナイト ライフが経験できるよう大胆に改革したので す。発展の規模を体現している、 シンボル的な MGMグランドホテル&カジノコンプレックス 内に建てられた、 この施設は、 アイソメトリック ス・ライティング・プラス・デザインのわくわくす るような挑戦でした。 アイソメトリックスはこの ナイトクラブとレストラン全体の建築照明を担 当し、劇場の照明はアイルランドのオーディオ テック社が行いました。照明設計は、 レストラ ンの中の黒塗りのオークを白い大理石の象 嵌細工で切り抜いたハッカサン独自の曲線を

the luminaire yoke and the clamp. This enabled great flexibility on site during focusing, and allowed Isometrix to move, add or remove fittings where required, to provide the best lit effect on the wood and marble. At irregular intervals within the screen, both at low level and up high, Isometrix placed Hakkasan’s signature glass votive holders, which are lit from beneath by small recessed LED uplights from DGA Lighting Italy. These diminutive LED fixtures are small enough to conceal beneath the delicate glass vessels but powerful enough to provide a strong lit effect. Isometrix hung a mixture of small metal pendants, large rectangular box pendants and large white glass pendants low over the tables to provide accent lighting. It lit the waiter stations positioned throughout the

描くパーティションスクリーンから始まります。 下部と上部の両方に不規則な隙間があるス クリーンに、 アイソメトリックスはハッカサンを 象徴するガラスの灯明を施し、小さくくぼんだ LEDの照明により下部からライトアップしてい ます。 クラブエリアには、 クラブマネージメント チーム、AMGにより、 ゲストがドリンクメニュ ーを読めるようにと、個室に向けた方向変更 ができるライトが取り付けられています。

CHINESE Hakkasan Las Vegas餐厅于2013年4月开张 营业,是Hakkasan公司投资组合的最新成 员,迄今最大、最宏伟的项目。Hakkasan Las Vegas餐厅是Hakkasan与合作伙伴Angel Management Group (AMG)共同开发 的项目,是对这个全球餐馆品牌的大胆革 新,向一站式夜生活体验领域进军。该项 目建在MGM Grand Hotel & Casino建筑 群里,其规模与范围给Isometrix Lighting

space with linear LED by Acolyte, in very warm white 2400K to replicate the warm colour of a carbon filament lamp dimmed to a low level. At the bar and entrance, Isometrix decided to break away from backlighting Hakkasan’s blue glass with white light and instead opted for a blue LED tape from Luminii USA to create a deep, very saturated colour which it felt was more befitting a Las Vegas environment. This is complemented by dramatic blue accent lighting to the exposed concrete interior walls of the restaurant, provided by Source 4 LED Lustre projectors positioned high within the ceiling space. A signature feature in Hakkasan restaurants is the combination of water effect projectors on natural slate or tessellated cut marble. At Hakkasan Las Vegas, this

+ Design照明与设计事务所呈上一个有趣 的挑战。Isometrix负责整个夜总会和餐厅 的建筑照明,而舞台灯光由爱尔兰公司 Audiotek设计并提供。照明方案的设计从 餐厅入手,Hakkasan标记性的屏风用深 色染色橡木雕刻而成,上有厚重的汉白 玉镶件。在屏风底端和顶端不等距的位置 上,Isometrix装上了Hakkasan标记性的玻 璃烛台固定器,烛台从下面由微型嵌入式 向上照射的LED灯点亮。按照AMG俱乐部 管理团队的企划书,在俱乐部区域,要为 私人卡座提供灵活、集中的照明,以便客 人看菜单。

FRANÇAIS Le Hakkasan Las Vegas a ouvert ses portes en avril 2013 et est le dernier ajout au portefeuille d’investissement d’Hakkasan et sa plus grande et plus ambitieuse entreprise à ce jour. Développé avec Angel Management Group (AMG), le Hakkasan Las

Vegas confirme ici une évolution audacieuse de l’idée générale du restaurant englobant toute l’expérience de la vie nocturne. L’ampleur et la portée du concept construit au sein de l’emblématique complexe MGM Grand Hôtel & Casino a présenté un défi de taille à l’entreprise Isometrix Lighting + Design. Celle-ci était chargée de l’éclairage architectural de la boîte de nuit et du restaurant alors que l’éclairage théâtral a été conçu et fourni par l’entreprise irlandaise Audiotek. La conception du système d’éclairage a débuté à l’intérieur du restaurant avec des paravents sculptés à la signature Hakkasan et découpés dans un chêne foncé avec d’épaisses incrustations de marbre blanc. À intervalles irréguliers en haut et en bas des paravents, Isometrix a placé des bougeoirs décoratifs en verre signés Hakkasan et éclairés par dessous par de petites appliques encastrées à diodes électroluminescentes. À la demande de l’équipe de direction de la boîte de nuit, AMG dut fournir une solution d’éclairage flexible et focalisé dans les cabines privées pour permettre aux clients de lire la carte des boissons.

QELA – DOHA, QATAR LIGHTING DESIGN: dpa lighting design PHOTOGRAPHER: Adrian Haddad PRODUCT: EcoSpec® Linear HP INT EcoSpec® Linear HP INT WW




PROJECT DETAILS Hakkasan Las Vegas, USA Client: Angel Management Group Lighting Design: Isometrix Lighting + Design Theatrical Lighting: Audiotek

LIGHTING SPECIFIED DGA Gem internal illumination to ceramic pots Litelab Corp Trimless Basic Slot lamped with Soraa 9.5W LED MR16 lamp from Soraa Lucifer ISL ALED Impact step lights with red gel filter Lucifer DL2RZP pinholes with Soraa 9.5W LED MR16 lamp EcoSense Linear HP INT LED grazing bars to textured walls Rosco X24 X-Effects DMX water effect projector ETC Source 4 LED Lustr gobo projectors Acolyte Ribbon 2400K linear LED RCL DR* LED remote control spotlights in high ceilings LSi 236 AR111 spotlights on theatrical lighting bar Luminii Line LED RGB Linear

was provided by Rosco X Effects projectors. “These projectors took a fair amount of tweaking to get the water effect looking right,” explains de Ste. Croix, “but once we were happy with one it was simple to match the effects on the rest and the effect of the multiple projectors working together was virtually seamless. The water effect coupled with the texture of the stone wall has a dynamic cascading effect.” Moving upstairs, Isometrix lit the public staircases using the wall-recessed ISL ALED floor washer from Lucifer Lighting. “To create a more theatrical feel these were gelled with a red colour filter,” says de Ste. Croix. “This worked very well with the colour palate of grey natural stone and lent the stair space a very moody, mysterious atmosphere.” This red theme follows through into the Level 2 lobby, where tall Chinese red-lacquered wall carvings are lit with LiteLab ceiling-recessed gimbal downlights fitted with a red gel to add vibrancy and intensity. In the intimate Ling Ling Lounge, the palate of black and white finishes is pepped up with red gel filters fitted within recessed downlights, washing the walls. The deco-

DEUTSCH Hakkasan Las Vegas, der jüngste Zuwachs zum Hakkasan-Portfolio, wurde im April 2013 eröffnet und ist das bisher größte und ehrgeizigste Projekt. Hakkasan Las Vegas wurde zusammen mit Angel Management Group (AMG) entwickelt und ist eine gewagte Weiterentwicklung der globalen Restaurantmarke in Richtung übergreifende Nightlife-Erfahrung. Der Umfang und die Tragweite des Bauprojekts, das im kultigen MGM Grand Hotel & Casino-Komplex gebaut wurde, bedeutete eine interessante Herausforderung für Isometrix Lighting + Design. Isometrix war für die architektonische Beleuchtung im gesamten Nachtclub und Restaurant verantwortlich, während die Theaterbeleuchtung durch Audiotek aus Irland konzipiert und bereitgestellt wurde. Das Design des Beleuchtungskonzepts begann im Restaurant mit den Raumteilern mit Hakkasan-Schriftzug aus dunkel gebeizter Eiche und dicken Einlagearbeiten aus weißem Marmor. In unregelmäßigen Abstän-

rative screens to the centre of the space are lit with white light, throwing them into sharp contrast against the red backdrop. At the bar, a bright yellow glass counter is backlit with a strong white LED tape from Luminii. In the club areas, a brief from the club management team, AMG, was to provide flexible, focused lighting over the private booths to allow guests to read drinks menus. In the Level 3 club this lighting is provided by AR111 spotlights by LSI. “However,” says de Ste. Croix, “in the Levels 4 and 5 club the immense ceiling height created a challenge. We needed a high-output spotlight that would provide a narrow beam capable of pin-spotting the tables from the almost triple-height ceiling and that could also be easily focused. In addition to this, AMG specified that each light be individually controllable to allow independent dimming control of each light when required.” The solution was provided by Remote Controlled lighting. RCL’s DR8 LED spotlights create lighting in the nightclub booths that is highly versatile, providing mood lighting for guests and carefully directed task

den innerhalb der Leinwand im oberen und unteren Niveau hat Isometrix Kerzenleuchter aus Glas mit dem Hakkasan-Schriftzug platziert, die von unten durch kleine, versenkte LED-Deckenfluter beleuchtet werden. Für den Clubbereich verlangte das Club-Management team, AMG, eine flexible, fokussierte Beleuchtung über den Séparées, damit die Gäste die Getränkekarte lesen können.

ITALIANO Hakkasan Las Vegas, inaugurato nell’ aprile 2013, è l’ultima aggiunta al portfolio Hakkasan ed è la sua più grande e ambiziosa impresa fino ad oggi. Sviluppato con i partner Angel Management Group (AMG), Hakkasan Las Vegas è un’audace evoluzione del brand di ristoranti a livello mondiale in un’ esperienza di vita notturna onnicomprensiva. La scala e la portata dell’ampliamento, costruito all’interno del pittoresco complesso MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, ha presentato una sfida interessante per Isometrix Lighting + Design. Isometrix si era occupato dell’illuminazione architetturale per

lighting when the bill arrives. The luminaires can be adjusted in pan and tilt using RCL’s patented ‘Select & Direct’ system, which uses a simple handheld controller to select individual lights and focus them from floor level. In addition, staff can adjust the dimming of the DR8s via DMX to create lighting zones for dining parties or group events. RCL supplied a total of 65, DR8 LED spotlights with a warm colour temperature of 2700K spread throughout the nightclub area. “We have used RCL’s luminaires before in areas that are inaccessible and they were ideal for the triple-height ceilings at Hakkasan, Las Vegas, where we needed to light individual booths,” says de Ste. Croix. “One of the advantages of the RCL equipment is that it is very quick to set up,” she adds. “Whilst fulfilling the brief, RCL’s lights also have the advantage of being incredibly easy to focus from the ground, eliminating the need for access equipment. The remote control also makes them a favourite of contractors on site. We did not struggle to find volunteers to assist in focusing them!”

tutta la discoteca e il ristorante, sebbene l’ illuminazione teatrale sia stata progettata e fornita dall’irlandese Audiotek. Il progetto del sistema di illuminazione ha preso inizio nel ristorante con la firma di Hakkasan incisa sui separé e scolpita su quercia scura con spessi intarsi di marmo bianco. A intervalli irregolari, all’interno dei separé, sia in basso che in alto, Isometrix ha messo i votivi portabicchieri Hakkasan che sono illuminati dal basso da piccoli LED incassati che emanano la luce verso l’alto. Nelle aree del club è stata utilizzata una memoria, dal team di gestione del club (AMG), per fornire un’illuminazione flessibile e mirata sui privé per consentire agli ospiti di leggere i menu delle bevande.

ESPAÑOL Hakkasan Las Vegas, que fue inaugurado en Abril de 2013, es la última incorporación al portfolio de Hakkasan y la empresa más grande y ambiciosa a la fecha. Desarrollado con los socios Angel Management Group (AMG), Hakkasan Las Vegas es una

audaz evolución de la marca global del restaurante hacia la experiencia más integrada en relación a la vida nocturna. La escala y el alcance del desarrollo, construido dentro del icónico complejo del MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, presentaron un desafío interesante para Isometrix Lighting + Design. Isometrix fue responsable de la iluminación arquitectónica de toda la discoteca y el restaurant mientras que la iluminación artística fue diseñada y provista por Ireland-based Audiotek. El diseño del proyecto de iluminación comenzó en el restaurant con las divisorias pantallas grabadas cortadas de madera de roble oscuro teñido con gruesas incrustaciones de mármol blanco. En intervalos irregulares dentro de la pantalla, tanto cuando está baja como cuando está subida, Isometrix colocó la firma de Hakkasan en porta velas de cristal que se encienden por debajo mediante pequeñas y empotradas luces indirectas de LED. En las áreas del club, una indicación del equipo de gerencia, AMG, fue la de proveer iluminación flexible y enfocada sobre los stands privados para permitirle a los visitantes leer los menús de las bebidas.


As simple as it sounds

Introducing the new Director® DR8 MK2 LED, the next generation of remote controlled luminaire from RCL. Individually adjustable in pan, tilt and dim level using a simple handheld controller, the Director® DR8 MK2 is ideal for double height spaces due to its

high output and precision floor level adjustability. Bold styling and high versatility set this spotlight apart, while its compact design allows for seamless integration into troughs just 200mm wide. Available in a choice of beamwidths including a very narrow 8° with a peak intensity of 51,000cd and a colour rendering of CRI 92 as standard.



PRIDE OF LONDON Knightsbridge is the true centre of regal London. Topped and tailed by Kensington Palace and Harrods, with a collection of multi-million pound properties in the middle, the area is prime city real-estate. GIA Equation has developed a scheme that ensured one of London’s crown jewels sparkled a little brighter.

Photographs: Mike Thomas




The newly completed exterior lighting installation for the Knightsbridge Estate is the first in a series of steps to realising the owner’s vision for the estate. Chelsfield, the real estate investment partnership, hopes the area in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, will become one of the most prominent retail assets in London. The site is in a prime spot, the 3.5 acre estate is flanked by a number of high-end stores, including Harrods and Harvey Nichols and is not far from Kensington Palace, the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The total length of the lit façades is in excess of 500m, making it the largest installation of its kind in the UK and, when considered in full, provides a stunning lit panorama. The exterior lighting project originally started in the autumn of 2011 when Chelsfield appointed GIA Equation to produce a façade lighting concept that would create a new and unique character for the area. The Knightsbridge Estate building complex is a puzzle of different building styles and periods, each hosting retail activities on the ground floor, which are in themselves characterized by a considerable variety of styles. There are a variety of stone sizes and shapes on the façade itself, as well as a cloud of light spill from the windows and branding labels across the site. Overall a consistency and visual continuity of lighting was painfully absent. The new illuminated façades required a character of their own, proclaiming the eye-catching nature of the property and its distinct identity, in comparison to the equally strong images of Harvey Nichols, Harrods and the nearby Mandarin Oriental. To achieve this a lighting design was required that was quite distinct from any other exterior lighting scheme, at least in the vicinity of the site. Elegance was certainly a watchword during the development of the scheme. Kensington and Chelsea is a particularly elegant area of the city and elegance is socially linked with minimalism and sophistication. Higher end retail spaces tend to follow more minimal lines and in order to achieve an elegant result on the building façade, a composition of white light tones was proposed for the project, as well as a simple sophisticated visual language that complimented the surface finishes and colours. For example it was required that a white light range was focused onto the stone façades, while golden whites were used on brick surfaces. The early brief was to provide a lighting

A great deal of effort was put into ensuring that the intricate detail found on the façade’s 19th centaury cornices and octagonal columns were correctly lit. Discreet fixtures were used and painted in a colour that matched the wall finishes. A mixture of acdc, iGuzzini and Philips Color Kinetics products were used to light the façade.




Dynamic white LED luminaires have been used throughout the lighting scheme, offering a varying colour temperature, the light can be adjusted to suit the differing materials used on the building’s façade, be it white stone or red brick.

JAPANESE ナイトブリッジ・エステートの完成したばかり のエクステリア照明の取り付けは、エステー トに対するオーナーのビジョンを実現するは じめの第一歩です。不動産投資パートナー のチェルスフィールド社は、, ロンドンのケン ジントンとチェルシーのロイヤルボロー内の この地区が、 ロンドンで最も重要な資産的価 値を持つ場所になることを願っています。3.5 エーカーのエステートは、ハロッズ、ハービー ニコルズなどの高級ショップに囲まれており、 ケンジントン宮殿からもさほど離れていませ ん。GIAイクエーションによる照明スキームで は、 ファサード全体にダイナミックな白色LED 照明器具を使用し2700Kから6000Kの範

scheme that unified the asset above the varied retail outlets in order to provide a powerful yet unified and refined lit façade. The lighting was to be of the highest quality, not just from the design aspect, but also in the case of the lighting equipment and installation in order to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. The complexity of the predominantly early 19th century façades, of which three are Grade II listed buildings, commanded the use of discreet, specially finished custom made luminaires, that were unobtrusive in daylight conditions. At the time the project was designed, there were no narrow beam dynamic white exte-

囲の照度があります。 これによって白色光の 色相がそれぞれのファサードの建築材にふ さわしいものに変わります。14DMXユニバー ス全体で3000以上の制御チャンネルを用い るDMXプロトコルにより一か所から調整さ れるブロック全体のファサードと合計1500 の照明器具が使われています。

CHINESE Knightsbridge Estate刚刚完成了外部照明 灯饰安装,是该产业业主实现产业憧憬 系列行动的第一步。房地产投资合伙人 Chelsfield希望,这个位于伦敦肯辛顿和切 尔西区的皇家自治镇将成为伦敦最杰出的 零售资产之一。该产业占地3.5英亩,周围 有无数的高端商店,包括Harrods百货和

rior uplights that were small enough in size. GIA Equation worked closely with acdc to adapt one of their standard range products, the Plaza surface mounted uplighter, into a custom luminaire. Bespoke metal channels were also designed for the façade to conceal the linear lighting at the low levels. The selection of lighting equipment was a very rigorous process and lighting proposals were thoroughly mocked-up on site and tested well before commencement on site. Given the project location, on Kensington High Street, one of the busiest roads in London, the scaffolding needed to complete the project could only be in place for a very limited period and there were no opportuni-

Harvey Nichols百货,而且离肯辛顿宫不 远。GIA Equation制定的照明方案在建筑 立面上使用了动态白光LED灯具,提供的 照明幅度从2700K至6000K。这使得白光 色度可以进行调节以适合各立面的建筑材 料。使用的单个照明灯具总数达1500个, 经由在14个DMX universe间使用超过3000 个控制通道的DMX传输协议可从一个地方 控制整个街区的立面。

FRANÇAIS La toute nouvelle installation d’éclairage extérieur du Knightsbridge Estate est la première d’une série de projets visant à mettre en œuvre la vision du propriétaire du site pour l’ensemble de son domaine. Le partenariat d’investissement immobilier Chelsfield

espère que la région du District royal de Kensington et Chelsea de Londres deviendra l’un des sites commerciaux les plus importants de la ville. Le domaine de 3,5 ha est flanqué par un certain nombre de magasins haut de gamme, y compris Harrods et Harvey Nichols et se situe non loin du palais de Kensington. Le système d’éclairage conçu par GIA Equation utilise des luminaires dynamiques à diodes électroluminescentes blanches sur toute la façade, offrant ainsi une gamme entre 2 700 K et 6 000 K. Cela permet aux tons de lumière blanche d’être réglés en fonction des matériaux de construction de chaque devanture. Au total, 1 500 luminaires individuels sont utilisés sur l’ensemble des façades et ceux-ci sont tous contrôlés d’un seul emplacement par un protocole DMX utilisant plus de 3 000 chaînes de contrôle dans 14 univers DMX.



RGB colour changing luminaires have been used in order to highlight the detail on the buildings. The colour of the lighting can also be changed to mark special occasions.

ties for any significant last minute adjustments once work started on site. The lighting scheme utilises dynamic white LED luminaires across the façade, offering a range from 2700K to 6000K. This enables the hue of white light to be tuned to suit the building materials of each façade. A total of1500 individual luminaires are used with the entire block’s façade being controlled from a single location via a DMX protocol utilising over 3000 control channels across 14 DMX universes. In order to accommodate the planned refurbishment of one of the buildings, a wireless DMX link has been used to ensure that construction work does not interfere with the functionality of the scheme. The use of LED technology has resulted in the development of an extremely low energy solution with the lighting using

DEUTSCH Die kürzlich fertig gestellte Außenbeleuchtung für das Knightsbridge Estate ist der erste von mehreren Schritten, um die Vision des Besitzers für dieses Anwesen zu verwirklichen. Chelsfield, die partnerschaftliche Immobilieninvestition, hofft, dass sich das Gebiet in der königlichen Gemeinde von Kensington und Chelsea in London zu einer der bekanntesten Einzelhandelsimmobilien in London entwickeln wird. Das 3,5 Morgen große Anwesen wird von zahlreichen Luxusgeschäften flankiert, unter anderem Harrods und Harvey Nichols und liegt nicht weit vom Kensington-Palast entfernt. Das Beleuchtungskonzept von GIA Equation benutzt dynamische LED-Weißlichter auf der ganzen Fassade, die ein Spektrum von 2700K bis 6000K bieten. Dies ermöglicht die Färbung von

only 3.6W/m2. The lighting scheme is also programmed to turn off at 2am reducing energy usage further. This is a completely ‘digital’ lighting scheme that offers a subtly different façade appearance in summer and winter months. Additionally RGB colour change luminaires have been installed within the window reveals of the corner buildings of the block, allowing for the colour enhancement of the scheme for special occasions such as Royal events and bank holidays. To the delight of Chelsfield and the retail outlets resident in the area, the pleasing visual outcome created by the lighting scheme has already attracted a greater interest from both shoppers and retailers, bringing further elegance to one of London’s most refined districts.

Weißlicht, um sich den Gebäudematerialien von jeder Fassade anzupassen. Insgesamt werden 1500 Einzelleuchten benutzt. Die Fassade des gesamten Blocks wird von einer einzigen Stelle über ein DMX Protokoll gesteuert, das mehr als 3000 Regelkanäle über 14 DMX Universen verwendet.

ITALIANO L’impianto di illuminazione esterna recentemente completato per il quartiere di Knightsbridge è il primo di una serie di passi per soddisfare la vista dei proprietari del posto per ciò che concerne gli immobili. Chelsfield, la vera società di investimento immobiliare, spera che l’area di Kensington e Chelsea, nel Royal Borough a Londra, diventerà una delle più importanti risorse di vendita al dettaglio di Londra. Il quartiere di 3,5 ettari è affiancato da una serie di

PROJECT DETAILS Knightsbridge, Brompton Road, London, England Client: Chelsfield Architect: Riddington/Stephen Marshall Lighting Design: GIA Equation

LIGHTING SPECIFIED iGuzzini Glim Cube LED RGB (variant with special wiring) Traxon Technologies Nano Liner Allegro linear luminaire acdc Blade dynamic white linear luminaire (variant) acdc Fino dynamic white linear luminaire (variant) acdc Plaza Micro surface mounted uplighters (variant) Philips Color Kinetics iW Burst Powercore (supplied by Architainment) Lighting control: Traxon Technologies | e:cue

negozi di fascia alta, tra cui Harrods e Harvey Nichols e non è lontano da Kensington Palace. Il sistema di illuminazione, prodotto da GIA Equation, utilizza dinamiche luci a LED bianche su tutta la facciata, offrendo una gamma da 2700kw a 6000kw. Ciò consente alla tonalità di luce bianca di essere sintonizzata per intonarsi con i materiali di costruzione di ogni facciata. Un totale di 1500 singole luminarie vengono utilizzate con l’intero blocco della facciata e sono controllate da una singola postazione tramite un protocollo DMX che utilizza più di 3000 canali di controllo in 14 universi DMX.

ESPAÑOL La instalación de la iluminación exterior recientemente finalizada para el Estado de Knightsbridge es el primero de una serie de pasos para llevar a cabo la

visión que el propietario del sitio tiene para el estado. Chelsfield, la sociedad de inversión inmobiliaria, espera que la zona del Distrito Real de Kensington y Chelsea, en Londres se convierta en uno de los activos de venta más importantes de Londres. El estado, de una hectárea y media, se encuentra cercado por una cantidad de tiendas de alto nivel, incluyendo a Harrods y Harvey Nichols y no se encuentra lejos del Palacio de Kensington. El proyecto de iluminación, de GIA Equation, utiliza dinámicas luminarias de LED blancas a lo largo de la fachada ofreciendo un rango de 2700K a 6000K. Esto permite que la tonalidad de luz blanca se ajuste a los materiales del edificio de cada fachada. En la fachada completa se utiliza un total de 1500 luminarias individuales controladas desde una única ubicación a través de un protocolo DMX utilizando más de 3000 canales de control a través de 14 universos DMX.

Product: LD36-500/LWW/50/OB/ABM

C r e a t i v e

L i g h t i n g

S o l u t i o n s

Curved details can use linked modules from 150mm 1000mm in length depending on radius of curve


High Power Linear Lensed LED Wall Washer Straight details can use lengths from 100mm to 2100mm in length

More cost effective than using a linked system for an entire project Exactly the same product used for both straight and linked sections guaranteeing a matching effect and colour 50mm or 75mm LED spacing depending on budget and light output required Maintained LED spacing across multiple lengths, so no dark spots Optics chosen for there quality of beam and efďŹ ciency 93 CRI LED Low proďŹ le design Black or white versions available depending on mounting detail

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STREET THEATRE Multimedia studio Moment Factory used LED panels as architectural lighting in their treatment for the façade of Montreal’s new downtown culture hub, 2-22.


The corner of St-Catherine and St-Laurent in Montreal is an area in reform. Once an address synonymous with peep shows and dive bars, this iconic address is now at the heart of a municipal project to create an upscale arts district for the city. The new 2-22 building is in many ways the cornerstone of the Quartier des Spectactles project. Sitting at this crossroads location, it provides a home to a number of cultural organisations, including community radio station CIBL, cultural information service La Vitrine, documentation centre Artexte, Le Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogeres du Quebec, and visual arts centre VOX. Collectively, these groups - all co-owners of the building - make 2-22 a hive of creativity. The five-storey structure is the brainchild of the Société de Développement Angus and architects Aedifica and Gilles Huot. Its façade comprises a double skin: a wooden facia covered by an outer glass layer, between which run a series of communal walkways. At street level a diagonal section cuts through the very corner of the building to create the main entrance, the façade pulling back like opening theatre curtains to

reveal the activity within the foyer. The building is designed to have the versatility to accommodate what city planners hope will prove a rich variety of cultural programming over the years to come. To emphasise this role as cultural and creative hub, La Vitrine culturelle turned to Montreal-based multimedia designers Moment Factory to bring the exterior space to life. Moment Factory had already worked with the client on a number of previous projects. For La Vitrine Culturelle’s previous home at the Place-des-Arts, the team created an award-winning interactive LED façade, and within the foyer of 2-22, they had already created a six metre tall interactive sculpture with ribbons of LED screens that present the latest offerings from La Vitrine culturelle in an informative yet artistic installation. Because of this relationship, the team were brought in at the very start of the project and continued to meet with the client and architects regularly in order to exchange ideas as the plans evolved. As Moment Factory’s Gabriel Pontbriand explains, this was key to the success of the design. “Often on these kinds of projects we’re

2-22 sits on at the junction of St-Catherine and St-Laurent in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles. A diagonal cut across the corner of the building reveals the foyer space and the dynamic sculpture, also designed by Moment Factory. The new façade conforms to the principles of the Luminous Pathway - a visual identity created for the Quartier des Spectacles Ruedi Baur and Jean Beaudoin.

brought in at the end of the process, so the application of the multimedia is quite minimal,” he says. “Here the building hadn’t started construction, so early on we were able to recommend details to help us better integrate our features.” This closer cooperation helped Moment Factory ensure their scheme would work with the ‘gestures’ of the architecture, rather than providing an extra, unrelated layer on top of the structure. For example, Pontbriand and his colleagues emphasised the diagonal opening at the building’s entrance by integrating grazing fixtures at its edge. As a consequence the structure was adapted to accommodate approximately 100ft of



Moment Factory designed lighting effects for four aspects of the façade of 2-22. 1 DMX-controllable numerals spell out the building’s iconic address. 2 Approximately 100ft of custom grazing fixtures emphasise the opening into the foyer space.


3 RGB LED panels line the underside of the walkways that sit between the glass outer wall and the building’s inner facade. 4 In the final installation, linear lighting is used to accentuate the top edge of the building, though plans are in place to extend this around the perimeter of both façades.

narrow beam fixtures, used to throw light across the length of each façade. The shape of the building is further emphasised by a 190ft contour of RGBW linear fixtures running along the top edge of the building, controllable at inch-long intervals. There are plans in place to extend this around the edge of both street-facing façades at some point in the future. Key to Moment Factory’s design was a series of LED screens installed on the underside of the six walkways that sit between the glass and wood façades. Each screen matches the area of the walkway precisely to create six 2ft-wide sections, in lengths of between 50ft and 140ft. To work within their budget, the team selected an older RGB LED technology with an 18mm resolution (rather than a more modern SMD, where all pixels are within a single capsule), as pixel resolution was considered secondary to achieving a complete coverage of the walkway areas. Indeed, rather than considering this a restriction, Moment Factory created content that would work to optimise the effects achievable with the installed technology. For the majority of the day, the panels display a scrolling ‘ticker-tape’ of forthcoming attractions and shows - an external expression of the tickets available from La Vitrine Culturelle and an extension of the scrolling sculpture already installed in the building’s foyer, visible from the street though the tall entranceway windows. Though displaying information-rich content, it was essential to the designers that this be done subtly. “We were very careful not to create another Times Square,” says Pontbriand. “The people of Montreal pass by this building every day, so we developed content that was more minimalist, more timeless, less dynamic - more like a digital art piece - so that people don’t find it annoying and don’t get tired of seeing it.” As a consequence of this approach, the scrolling text feels quite unlike an advertising hoarding and more like a dynamic piece of graphic design.






When not displaying news of forthcoming events, the screens are programmed to generate a variety of unusual effects. “Early in the process we realised that the LED screens could also be used as an architectural light source,” says Pontbriand. “We did renders to see how the wood façade would be affected by the LED and it became clear it was something we could really work with.” These architectural lighting effects were factored in when Moment Factory carried out the programming for the exterior scheme, blending them with the building’s curtain grazing and contour lighting. Into this mix was added a third LED screen effect. By producing a single line of light,

JAPANESE 照明とマルチメディアデザインスタジオ、 モメン トファクトリーは、 モントリオールのサン・カトリ ーヌとサン・ローレントのコーナーに位置する ラ・ヴィトリーヌ・カルチャレルにダイナミックな エントランスを創り出しました。街の中心地カ ルチェ・デ・ペクタルに位置するこの建物は、 近日開催されるイベントについて知らせていま す。 モメントファクトリーは、建物のコーナーフ ァサードの3階の外部通路の下部にLEDパ ネルを取り付けました。 これらはエントランス 照明として使用され、建物の直線が歪み、波 打っているかのような目の錯覚効果を生み出 します。 パネルは建物の縁部分に電光文字ボ ードのように回転しながらこれから開催され る文化的なイベントの情報を伝えています。 こ

three pixels thick, along the length of each walkway, the team were able to create a series of trompe l’oeil style visual illusions. With the introduction of tiny fluctuations and adjustments to these light lines, the entire structure appears to warp and ripple. Moment Factory’s own X-Agora system, installed on site to control the entire façade installation, plays back a selection of stored scenes throughout the day and night. During the day, the feed of forthcoming events scrolls round the building (this is updated daily through an interface in La Vitrine’s office). Every hour, the feed fades out and the building delivers a 60 second performance of ambient lighting effects. Further into the night, the building becomes

れらのLEDスクリーンに加えて、 線状の光がビ ル頂点と三角形のコーナーエントランスのア ウトラインを作り出しています。 モメントファクト リーのマルチメディアコントロール・再生システ ムXアゴラがビデオと照明効果を使ったライト ショーを毎時間、 エントランス部分で開催して います。

CHINESE 照明与多媒体设计工作室Moment Factory为 位于蒙特利尔St-Catherine 和 St-Laurent交 汇处的La Vitrine culturelle创想了一个动态 立面方案。大楼位于该市Quartier des spectacles的中心,提供有关未来活动的信息。Moment Factory在建筑三个楼层转角立面的 露天走廊底面安装了LED显示屏。显示屏 用作照明元素来点亮立面并造成使建筑直

Above left The illuminated 2-22 sign, custom made by Enseignes Alco Neon, acts as a beacon for the heart of the Quartier des Spectactles. Top right The LED screens beneath the walkways provide amient lighting for performers during the building’s grand opening. Above Fed by Moment Factory’s X-Agora controller, the screens scroll through upcoming cultural events in as a very simple, graphical effect.

线扭曲跳动的错视感。显示屏还能放送有 关未来文化活动的信息,像图形“自动收 报机纸条”一样沿建筑边沿滚动。除了这 些LED显示屏之外,环绕建筑顶部和三角 形角门边沿的线型灯具凸显了建筑轮廓。 每隔一小时,凭借一个预定程序X-Agora传 输的视屏特技和灯光效果、Moment Factory 自己的多媒体控制和播放系统,立面方案 就会上演一次灯光秀。

FRANÇAIS Le studio de nouveaux médias et de divertissement spécialisé dans la conception et la production d’environnements multimédias Moment Factory a créé un agencement de façade dynamique pour La Vitrine culturelle au coin des rues St-Catherine et St-Laurent à Montréal. Le bâtiment, situé au cœur du Quartier des spectacles de

la ville, fournit des informations sur les événements à venir. Moment Factory a installé des panneaux à diodes électroluminescentes sous les passerelles séparant les trois étages de la façade du bâtiment situé au coin des deux rues. Ces panneaux sont utilisés comme élément d’éclairage pour illuminer la façade et créer un effet de trompe-l’œil donnant l’impression que les lignes droites pulsent et se tordent. Ils peuvent également transmettre des informations au sujet de la programmation des événements culturels en roulant comme un téléscripteur graphique autour du bord du bâtiment. En plus de ces écrans D.E.L., un éclairage linéaire délimite le sommet de l’immeuble et les rebords de son entrée triangulaire en coin de rue. Toutes les heures, l’agencement de la façade présente un spectacle de lumières avec des effets d’éclairage et de vidéo produits par X-Agora, un système de lecture et de commande multimédia préprogrammé, propriété de Moment Factory.

The Conical Media Wall at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay - Hong Kong Hysan Place is the new flagship development by Hysan, Causeway Bay’s most significant developer of high-end retail and office properties. Given the considerable competition in this entertainment and shopping hub, Hysan Place needed something unique for its grand entrance. This led to the genesis of the Conical Media Wall; a vast electronic integrated façade which forms the arch under which most visitors will pass. The shape was immediately problematic as the overhanging façade is formed in the contour of a truncated and inverted cone 15 metres high and 24 metres wide. This created a three dimensional puzzle that no conventional modular media wall product could match. Illumination Physics solved the problem with one of its linear media wall products IP X-Pipe. This is a linear tubular LED product that is vertically mounted in separate rows. The distance along the vertical pitch of the LED was fixed at 40mm. The distance between the horizontal rows varies imperceptibly from 80mm to 110mm in order to best suit the conical dimensions. Another example of ‘Built-In Design’ from Illumination Physics. Visit our ‘projects’ section online to find out more...

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The LED screens cover the whole area of the walk way undersides providing a wide range of possibilities in the creation of architectural illumination and trompe l’oeil style visual effects.

more subdued. The lighting adopts a bluer pallet and begins to pulse very gently, slowly breathing, as if sleeping. In addition to this regular, preprogrammed cycle, the building can be used for special events, with the lighting adapted to suit. To mark its grand opening, for example, 2-22’s walkways became the stage for a series of street theatre performances, for which Moment Factory provided additional lighting effects. Equally, it is hoped the city’s many festivals - such as Fashion Week and Montreal Jazz Festival - could provide

DEUTSCH Das Beleuchtungs- und Multimedia-Designstudio Moment Factory hat ein dynamisches Fassadenprojekt für La Vitrine culturelle an der Ecke zwischen St-Catherine und St-Laurent in Montreal kreiert. Das Gebäude liegt mitten im Quartier des spectacles der Innenstadt und liefert Informationen über Veranstaltungskalender. Moment Factory hat LED-Paneelen auf der Unterseite der offenen Gänge über drei Etagen der Eckfassade des Gebäudes installiert. Sie werden als Beleuchtungselement benutzt, um die Fassade zu beleuchten und eine optische Täuschung zu kreieren, die die geraden Linien des Gebäudes in Wölbungen und Impulse verwandelt. Sie können auch Informationen über kommende kulturelle Veranstaltungen vermitteln, die als grafischer Lochstreifen um die Ecke des Gebäudes rollen. Zusätzlich zu diesen LED-Bildschirmen verschafft eine

the impetus for other one-off ‘happenings’. The X-Agora system is user friendly enough to be reprogrammed by visiting performers, either independently or with help from Moment Factory as required. As their tag line ‘We do it in public’ suggests, the combination of traditional theatre with urban spaces is at the heart of what Moment Factory do best. And with the new 2-22 façade by La Vitrine culturelle, Montreal has a cultural hub that truly wears its heart on its sleeve.

lineare Beleuchtung einen Überblick im oberen Teil des Gebäudes und um die Ecken seines dreieckigen Eckeingangs. Stündlich wird im Fassadenprojekt eine Lichtshow mit Video- und Beleuchtungseffekten geboten, die durch ein vorprogrammiertes X-Agora, einem Multimedia-Steuer- und Playbacksystem von Moment Factory, übermittelt wird.

ITALIANO Lo studio di Illuminazione e design multimediale Moment Factory ha creato un sistema di facciata dinamica per La Vitrine Culturelle all’angolo tra St- Catherine e St- Laurent a Montreal. L’edificio, situato nel cuore della città nel “Quartier des Spectacles”, fornisce informazioni sugli eventi in programma. La Moment Factory ha installato pannelli a LED sul lato inferiore dei passaggi esposti sui tre piani della facciata all’angolo dell’edificio. Questi sono usati come un elemento di illuminazione per

PROJECT DETAILS La Vitrine culturelle, Montreal, Canada Client: La Vitrine culturelle Architect: Aedifica et Gilles Huot Multimedia Design and Production: Moment Factory Lighting Supplier: Pledco Lighting Installation: Solotech

LIGHTING SPECIFIED Control: Moment Factory’s X-Agora 2-22 sign: Enseignes Alco Neon Light Contour: Pledco custom continuous RGBW fixture Light Curtain: Pledco custom grazing fixture Video Walkways: Pledco LED panels

illuminare la facciata e creare un effetto “trompe l’oeil” che rende le linee diritte dell’edifico incurvate e pulsanti. Essi possono anche trasmettere informazioni sugli eventi culturali in arrivo, arrotolandosi come un “mangianastri” intorno all’edificio. In aggiunta a questi schermi LED c’è un’ illuminazione lineare che fornisce un contorno intorno alla sommità dell’edificio e lungo i bordi del suo ingresso ad angolo triangolare. Ogni ora il sistema della facciata esegue uno spettacolo di luci utilizzando degli effetti video- luci forniti da un X – Agora (sistema di controllo e riproduzione multimediale della Moment Factory) precedentemente programmato.

ESPAÑOL El estudio de diseño de iluminación y multimedia, Moment Factory, creó un proyecto de fachada dinámica para La Vitrine culturelle en la esquina de St-Catherine y St-Laurent en Montreal. El edificio,

ubicado en el corazón del Quartier des spectacles de la ciudad, brinda información acerca de los próximos eventos. Moment Factory instaló paneles de LED en la parte inferior de los pasillos expuestos en tres plantas de la fachada de la esquina del edificio. Éstos son utilizados como elemento de iluminación para iluminar la fachada y crear un efecto trompe l’oeil que hace que las líneas rectas del edificio se tuerzan y latan. También pueden dar información acerca de los próximos eventos culturales, pasando la información en pantalla alrededor del borde del edificio. Además de estas pantallas LED, la iluminación lineal brinda un contorno alrededor de la parte superior del edificio y a lo largo de los bordes de su entrada triangular de la esquina. A cada hora la fachada presenta un show de luces mediante efectos de video e iluminación de la mano de un X-Agora pre-programado, del control multimedia propio de Moment Factory y de un sistema de reproducción.



A LIGHT IN THE EAST Ahmedabad, a textile town, is a city on the grow and the new Mondeal Square is a signifier of the area’s burgeoning boom. Boasting the biggest media façade in India, Atelierdada brought the building to life in light.

All photography: Neha Mevada + Pratik Chandresha




The LED media façade that features prominently on the exterior of the Mondeal Square structure was developed for the project by AHL. A specially designed irregular grid was conceived especially for the project.

The Mondeal Square project is a shining example of the increasingly buoyant nature of India’s new economy. The project has been marketed as the new commercial centrepiece of Ahmedabad, the fifth largest city in India and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Located in the Gujarat area of the country, the city was at one point nicknamed the ‘Manchester of the East’ due to Ahmedabad’s bourgeoning textile industry. A hotspot of civil disobedience during the fight to end the British Raj, Ahmedabad has always sat right at the heart of the Indian story. The Mondeal project is comprised of a twin tower of ten and twelve storey office buildings with a connecting two storey retail area. The impressive visual display is comprised of an architectural blueprint by Blocher&Blocher and an innovative lighting

and video content design from Atelierdada. Boasting the biggest media façade in India, the structure’s lighting design is quite something to behold and features an impressive 3968 media LED lines that cover around 5293m2 of the glazed façade, Products from the media façade and media architecture specialists AHL Lighting were used on the project, with many products being especially customized for the Mondeal project, such as a new version of the D32 from AHL, which was developed for integration into the structure. What makes Mondeal Square unique and interesting is the use of a smart architectural language. The design opts to use light as an architectural element, a defining medium, and this is a tangible part of the design. The integration of the lighting into the sun shade structure has been done so that occupants have unobstructed views even while

the lights are on. The impressive grid based orthogonal media façade provided by AHL, which forms the most eye-catching element of the building’s lighting design, required the creation of a special irregular grid, as well as the development of a challenging video content program and design. The theme of the lighting programme, which produces a five hour daily light show, was developed in order to summon a sober weekday feel. The was created with the use of gently moving geometric light content, in a warm white colour that respects the nature of the building’s function and the original nature of its structure. A program plays periodically for five minutes at the start of each hour, displaying a different animation each time, turning the building’s exterior into a huge timepiece, an abstract light marker of the changing hour



The architecture has been merged with the street in a creative manner, with palm trees being used to create a boundary and mounted lights acting as beacons. The innovative media façade is able to produce abstract animations that mark national and local events as well as adapting to the days of the week.

that connects people with the building via a visual temporality. Beckoning in the start of a new working week, on a Sunday evening, a more agile and colourful play of shadow and light has been designed. For festivals, special abstract animations take inspiration from the local culture and Gujarat is an area rich in history and ritual from which to draw ideas. Event videos play to mark Christmas and Uttarayan – The

and Navratri, a nine day festival of dance in honour of the Hindu deity Durga. A pattern of glowing linear light can be found throughout the lighting scheme for the buildings and the square. A continuous line of light wraps the whole building, while continuous lines wrap the grand steps toward the retail area. The benches and planters in the social spaces are also natily illuminated, while radial lines drive onwards toward the corporate

International Kite Festival, one of the biggest events in the Gujarat calendar and an event that see’s locals construct a host of homemade kites to celebrate the day when winter starts to turn to summer. Light animations have also been created to mark Republic Day (one of three national holidays in the Indian calendar), Diwali, Holi (a Muslim festival of colours that sees people running about the streets pelting each other with brightly coloured powder)



dynamiques au monde. La conception du système



d’éclairage de cette structure fut imaginée par le



bureau indien de consultants en éclairage Atelier

マンディールスクエアは、 インドで5番目の大

と一体化するよう開発されました。 メディアス



Dada et est dotée de la plus grande façade-média du




pays. Celle-ci est assez impressionnante à regarder,




car elle présente 3 968 lignes de diodes électrolumi-


nescentes média couvrant environ 5 293 m2 de façade


vitrée. L’entreprise AHL Lighting, les spécialistes de


業中心地として取引されています。 インドで最


大のエントランスを誇る、 照明コンサルタント、 アトリエ・ダダのインドオフィスが手掛けた建

la façade-média et de l’architecture-média, a utilisé

築物の照明は、人々の視線を捉え、 ガラスで






plusieurs de ses produits spécialement pour le projet


La Place Mondeal est proclamée la toute nouvelle pièce

qui a été développée afin d’être intégrée à cette struc-

す。 このプロジェクトではメディアファサードと


maîtresse commerciale d’Ahmedabad, la cinquième

ture. Le programme de contenu vidéo et son design ont


公司Atelier Dada印度办事处完成的建筑照

plus grande ville de l’Inde et l’une des villes les plus

notamment été conçus pour l’écran-média.


Mondeal, comme une nouvelle version de la D32 de AHL



Mondeal Square in the day makes for an engaging sight, featuring architecture by Blocher&Blocher, the sun shade has been developed so that views from inside the building are not obstructed.

PROJECT DETAILS Mondeal Square, Ahmedabad, Gujarat State, India Client: HN Safal Architect: Blocher&Blocher Lighting Design: Atelierdada

LIGHTING SPECIFIED Façade: AHL D32 (6-12W RGB LED fixture) customised version designed by Atelier dada to integrate into the sun shade members Steps: Neo-Neon LED Neon Flex Plus Warm White 2800°K Benches and Round Planted Beds: iLED/GenLed 10W/ RMT Flexible LED strip, 3000°K Ramp: Unilamp Retina 32W CFL, 3000°K Retail Promenade: Meyer Night Focus 35W Metal Halide; GE contant colour 3000°K Canteen: Unilamp Fuji Bollard 35W Metal Halide; GE contant color 3000°K Tree Uplighters: Arcluce O7548 SS Inground Uplighter with glare schield - 26W CFL, 3000°K Grass Planter Beds: CNC 6W/ RMT LED Neon Strip in custom channel Plaza: Simes Continuous line 10W/RMT LED, 3000°K Continuous band between retail and commercial: Osram Linear Fluorescent Battens with ecopack T5 Foyer: Custom Integrated 15W/ RMT LED strip lights from Osram, integrated into walls, cove and signage; Unilamp Mega SONIC 70W Spotlights Palm Trees: Unilamp Telescope 20W Metal Halide; GE contant color, 3000°K

entrance to the building. To express and highlight the architectural decision to merge the architecture with the public street, without an obvious border or boundary, it was proposed to use palm tree mounted lights in order to create a welcoming green natural border, while avoiding the use of any extra lighting furniture that could obstruct views of retail space, or the impressive architecture. Palm trees were symbolically planted around the public green space to compliment the architecture further. The palm tree was chosen as an icon representative

of a prosperous Ahmedabad and the history and character of Ahmedabad city in the 16th century, the area’s golden age. Mondeal Square, with its vibrant architecture, lends Ahmedabad, the one-time ‘city of adhoc billboards’, a breath of colourful art that celebrates the stirring architecture it is presented upon. This new structure in the heart of the ‘Manchester of the East’ is a symbolic sign that the city, after a rich history, will sit at the forefront of India’s 21st century story, just as it has in years past.

das Mondeal-Projekt angepasst wurden, wie zum

impressionante numero di LED, ben 3.968, che co-

quinta ciudad más grande de la India y una de las

Beispiel eine neue Version des D32 von AHL, der

prono circa 5293 m² della luccicante facciata. Per

ciudades con crecimiento más rápido en el mundo.

für die Integration in die Struktur entwickelt wurde.

il progetto sono stati utilizzati i prodotti degli spe-

Presumiendo de contar con la fachada de medios

Der Mondeal Square wurde als das neue kommer-

Ein Video-Content-Programm und -Design wurde

cialisti di facciate e architetture multimediali AHL

más grande de la India, el diseño de iluminación

zielle Prunkstück von Ahmedabad vermarktet, der

speziell für den Medienbildschirm entwickelt.

Lighting, molti dei quali sono stati appositamente

de la estructura, por parte de la oficina de la India

adattati per il progetto Mondeal come ad esempio

de los consultores en iluminación, Atelier Dada, es

una nuova versione del modello D32 della AHL, che è

realmente para contemplar y presenta 3968 impac-

stato sviluppato come integrazione all’ interno della

tantes líneas de LED que cubren alrededor de 5293


fünftgrößten Stadt Indiens und weltweit eine der Städte mit dem größten Wachstum. Die Struktur prahlt damit, die größte Medienfassade in Indi-


en zu sein und ihr Beleuchtungsdesign durch den

Il Mondeal Square è stato lanciato come il nuovo

struttura. Inoltre un programma di contenuti video e

m2 de la fachada vidriada. Para el proyecto se uti-

indische Geschäftsstelle der Lichtberater Atelier

centro commerciale di Ahmedabad, la quinta città

di progettazione è stato sviluppato appositamente

lizaron productos de los especialistas en fachadas

Dada ist etwas, was auffällt und eine beeindruck-

più grande dell’ India e una delle città con la più

per lo schermo multimediale.

y arquitectura de medios, AHL Lighting, con muchos

ende 3968 Medien-LED-Linie aufweist, die rund

rapida crescita al mondo. Vantando la più grande

5293 m2 der Glasfassade abdeckt. Produkte vom

facciata multimediale dell’ India, il design luci

Spezialisten für Medienfassaden und Medienar-

della struttura, che è stato creato dall’ufficio in-

chitektur AHL Lighting wurden bei diesem Projekt

diano di consulenti di illuminazione Atelier Dada,

El Mondeal Square ha sido promocionado como el

la estructura. Se diseñó especialmente un programa

verwendet, wobei zahlreiche Produkte speziell an

è piuttosto qualcosa da guardare e dispone di un

nuevo “plato fuerte” comercial de Ahmedabad, la

y diseño de contenido de video para la pantalla.


productos personalizados especialmente para el proyecto Mondeal, como la nueva versión del D32 de AHL, el cual fue desarrollado para la integración en

Pool Lighting.

NEW: RGB-White Swimmingpool-Light 4.0282 12 Multichip POW-LED RGB-W Stainless Steel Protection class IP68

WIBRE Elektrogeräte GmbH & Co. KG +49(0)7131 9053-0 Leingarten/Germany Anzeige_210x150.indd 1

Hall 5.0 Stand A86 30. March – 4. April 2014 Trade Fair Frankfurt

Made in Germany. Since 1919.

14.03.14 13:53



Photographs: Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc / Kwesi Budu-Arthur

BEAUTIFUL BRINY SEA The National Aquarium in Baltimore is an Aladdin’s cave for fish fanatics, with hundreds of species dwelling deep within the museum’s many habitats. The Blacktip Exhibit with its thrilling sharks and rays has been boosting visitor numbers three-fold since it opened in 2013. Flux Studio produced an enthralling lighting design for the exhibit.


The exhibit entry features a reflective acrylic art piece overhead that refracts water-like light patterns on surrounding surfaces. The blue Lumenpulse Lumenfacade LED fixtures that graze the wall surfaces fade in intensity, introducing visitors to the dynamic lighting conditions featured throughout the exhibit.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is a gargantuan love letter to the seven seas. With a living collection of over 17,000 animals, together numbering 750 species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, the site is a glass cathedral to all things aquatic. The building of the aquarium in 1981 was a vital part of Baltimore’s urban renewal plan and the institution has since proved continuously popular with an annual attendance of over 1.5 million. The animas all reside in carefully constructed habitats, which are naturalistic to the core. In the summer of 2013 the Aquarium opened Blacktip Reef, an impressive exhibit that replicates an India-Pacific reef in all its unfathomable complexities. The replica reef features more than 700 animals, including the real crowd puller of this aquatic muster, twenty blacktip reef sharks. In 2011 Flux Studio was approached by Cambridge Seven Associates to join the design team handling the creation of the Blacktip Reef exhibit at the National Aquarium. From the outset, it was clear that this was a project that would call for delicate handling. Artistry was required to create a memorable and enjoyable setting, but equally, a high level of technical precision was needed to meet the scientific demands of the project, ensuring the optimum relationship between light and water for the best viewing experience throughout the five-storey space. The differing requirements of numerous species of animal had to be taken into account too when developing a lighting plan, including the needs of numerous rays, sharks and countless other marine species, each with their own biological requirements in relation to light.



“We performed a walk through and an assessment of the space and it was clear to us that the area as it stood lacked a hierarchy of focus,” comments Glenn Shrum, Flux Studio’s project head. “This was creating a rather bland environment, and one where the richness of detail in the upgraded tank habitat would be hard to make out.” In response to these complicated requirements, numerous steps were taken during the development of the lighting design. “Non-featured surfaces were illuminated to similar levels as exhibitions,” comments Shrum, “and by using High Dynamic Range photography to analyse the existing luminance levels, we were able to clearly show this to the clients as a visual map, and also to show them what focusing light on the displays and reducing it in other areas could achieve.” Improving the quality of the light in terms of colour and consistency was also considered, as well as creating easy access to lighting in order to allow maintenance work to be completed without unnecessary problems. To create a dramatic visual effect both above and under the water surface Flux Studio set out to increase the apparent brightness of displays, while counter balancing this with a dimmer saturated blue light in the non-display areas. As visitors move throughout the space, the interaction of light and water is called to mind by the use of reflective and refractive materials such as acrylic and mirrors combined with dynamic lighting. The resulting ripples, patterns and shifting views create the feeling of being immersed in a magical underwater world. At the entrance to the space a reflective acrylic art piece refracts watery patterns onto the wall, while blue light gracefully rises and falls in intensity, grazing the wall surfaces, setting the scene for what is to come. An eye-catching feature has also been created in the entrance by focusing

Over 50 ETC Source Four framing projectors with HID sources direct light at the tank below. Seven mounting locations were identified that provide optimal aiming angles for light to penetrate the water and accommodate maintenance access.



l’eau. Pour produire un effet visuel spectaculaire

いるため、 ビジターは空間内を移動すると、


à la fois au-dessus de l’eau et sous l’eau, Flux

光と水の相互作用を彷彿とさせられます。 こ


Studio dut augmenter la luminosité apparente des




affichages tout en contrebalançant ceci avec une

ングを作り出さなければならず、同時に、 プロ



lumière bleu saturé plus douce dans les zones de


non-affichage. Quand les visiteurs se déplacent


ジェクトの科学的要望を満たす高精度の技 術も必要でした。 このため光と水の最適な関 係が成り立ちました。水面上と水面下の両


dans l’espace, l’interaction entre la lumière et


l’eau leur est rappelée par des matériaux réflec-



ために、 フラックススタジオはディスプレイ表


Un grand talent artistique s’imposait pour arriver

et les miroirs, le tout combiné à l’éclairage dy-



à créer ce cadre agréable et mémorable. De même,

namique. Toutes ces ondulations, ces images



il fallait un haut niveau de précision technique

changeantes et ces schémas donnent aux visi-




pour répondre aux exigences scientifiques du pro-

teurs l’impression d’être plongés dans un monde

います。動きのある照明とともに、 アクリルや


jet et offrir un rapport optimal entre la lumière et

sous-marin magique.

teurs et des éléments de réfraction tel l’acrylique


The Vibrant Series LED module creates a world where colours are more vivid, whites reveal their brilliance and textures emerge. Bring a new dimension to your colours. ™

Visit Xicato’s “Shack on the Square” Stand A G.0 A10 The corner by Halls 3 & 4



Low-level adjustable blue LED fixtures and edgelit LED graphic panel address display lighting from Insight has been used, meeting lighting requirements without causing eye adaptation challenges.

PROJECT DETAILS Blacktip Reef Exhibit, Baltimore, Maryland Client: National Aquarium, Baltimore Interior Design: Cambridge Seven Associates Lighting Design: Flux Studio MEP Services: Kovacs Whitney and Associates Tank Lighting Focus: Barbizon Artist, ccrylic entry feature: Adam Nelson

LIGHTING SPECIFIED ETC Source Four HID Ellipsoidal Series framing projectors Philips MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide lamps Cooper Lighting IRIS, P3LED downlight Dasal Architectural Lighting Aurora recessed downlight “XIC” with Xicato 85CRI and custom blue module Lighting Services Inc LumeLex 2030 Series spotlight Lighting Services Inc 260 Series spotlight Lumenpulse Lumenfacade (Static White and static Blue) linear Lumenpulse Lumenbeam Medium projector Insight SmartPanel Rosco Roscolux colour filters Lutron control system

light onto large acrylic tubes with water bubbling inside them, the bubbling water prompts changing light patterns that reflect off the nearby mirrored wall and ceiling surfaces. The central tank within the Great Hall presented an exciting design challenge to the team. The intent was that no direct light would strike the visitor walkways or adjacent surfaces within the complex three-dimensional space. Over 50 framing projectors in seven optimised locations were aimed to ensure the full impact of the light is restricted to the tank, as well as being accessible for maintenance. A building wide control system has been in-

DEUTSCH Künstlerisches Geschick war erforderlich, um ein unvergessliches und angenehmes Umfeld zu schaffen, aber ebenso wurde ein hohes Niveau an technischer Präzision verlangt, um die wissenschaftlichen Anforderungen des Projekts zu erfüllen und das optimale Verhältnis zwischen Licht und Wasser zu gewährleisten. Um einen dramatischen visuellen Effekt sowohl über als auch unter der Wasserfläche zu schaffen, hatte Flux Studio das Ziel, die sichtbare Helligkeit der Displays zu steigern und gleichzeitig dies mit einem Dimmer-gesättigten Blaulicht in den Nicht-Display-Bereichen auszugleichen. Während sich die Besucher durch den Bereich bewegen, soll das

stalled in order to manage the photoperiod setting, including gradual sunrise and sunset transitions that support animal health and limit algae growth. By limiting all direct light to the water surface the architectural surfaces throughout the Great Hall are animated with reflected light patterns. Mirrored surfaces on the diagonal overhead walkways present shifting views as visitors move through the space, but the central focus remains always on the tank, with detail and depth visible even from the upper floors. Low level adjustable blue LED fixtures for general light and LED graphic panels address circulation and display requirements with-

Zusammenspiel zwischen Licht und Wasser durch die Nutzung reflektierender und brechender Materialien wie Acryl und Spiegel in Kombination mit dynamischer Beleuchtung beachtet werden. Die sich daraus ergebenden kleinen Wellen, Muster und sich verändernde Betrachtungen vermitteln das Gefühl, in eine magische Unterwasserwelt eingetaucht zu sein.

ITALIANO Ad Artistry era stato richiesto di creare un ambiente indimenticabile e divertente, ma allo stesso modo, era necessario ottenere un alto livello di precisione tecnica per soddisfare le esigenze scientifiche del progetto garantendo il rapporto ottimale tra luce e acqua. Per creare un sensazionale

out causing eye adaptation issues, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the exhibits without any awareness of the lighting challenges. “Although it appears unified when viewed from above, in fact the lighting to the tank is varied in both intensity and distribution,” concludes Shrum. “This increases the perception of scale and distance when seen through the underwater viewing windows. The light patterns have been designed to emulate the quality of light and shadow that would be found in an Indo-Pacific coral reef at noon.”

effetto visivo sia sopra che sotto la superficie dell’acqua, Flux Studio si è messo a lavoro per aumentare la luminosità dei display controbilanciandola con una luce intensa blu scuro nelle aree che non ne sono provviste. Visto che i visitatori si muovono dappertutto, l’interazione tra la luce e l’acqua viene evocata attraverso l’utilizzo di materiali riflettenti e rifrangenti quali l’acrilico e gli specchi combinati con l’illuminazione dinamica. L’effetto delle increspature, dei disegni e dei finti panorami creano la sensazione di essere immersi in un magico mondo sottomarino.

ESPAÑOL Se le solicitó a Astistry que creara un marco memorable y agradable, pero igualmente, se

necesitó un alto nivel de precisión técnica para cumplir con las demandas científicas del proyecto, asegurando la relación óptima entre la luz y el agua. Para crear un impresionante efecto visual, tanto por encima como por debajo de la superficie del agua, Flux Studio se dispuso a incrementar el aparente brillo de las exhibiciones a la vez que lo contraponía con una luz azul más tenue saturada en las áreas donde no hay exhibición. A medida que los visitantes se mueven a lo largo del espacio, la interacción de la luz y el agua es recordada mediante el uso de materiales reflectantes y refractivos, como el acrílico y los espejos, combinados con una iluminación dinámica. Las olas, patrones y vistas en movimiento resultantes crean la sensación de estar inmerso en un mundo subacuático mágico.

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Above left Lightberg creates an abstract iceberg out of recycled industrial fluid tanks. Bottom left Etree, a piece of light sculpture that recreates leaves in a beautiful turquoise hue. Right: Coen Hoogstraten.

design file COEN HOOGSTRATEN Coens, a light and design studio based in the Netherlands, produces projects that highlight the magic in our everyday existence. Coen Hoogstraten is a light artist who values the interaction of people with his art and he often gives those who choose to interact with his work a little piece of knowledge or a self crafted trinket. He is perhaps best known for the Lichtbloem, a light flower, a do it yourself light project. Originally developed by Hoogstraten as a workshop exercise for school children, and for use as an activity at festivals, the Lichtbloem is a do-it-yourself piece of light art, constructed out of simple everyday materials, such as a clothes peg, a ping pong ball, a push pin, a battery, some optical fibres and an LED. The final result, once constructed, is a beautiful object,

a little ornament that resembles fireflies hovering around a miniature sun or a little universe orbiting about a star, all atop a clothes peg. Out of the commonplace something magical and mysterious is born. The instructions for construction of the Lichtbloem were broken down into a simple step by step guide and a box produced containing the necessary items allowing Hoogstraten to translate the DIY workshop into a beautifully presented DIY kit. The boxes have been internationally distributed and Coen’s clients include the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Guggenheim in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Hoogstraten has been working on both light objects and installations since 2009 and has presented his lighting designs at events such as Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and Maison et Objet in Paris, as well as at other leading design shows around the world. After finding success with his original lighting designs, he founded Coens, his own light and design studio based in The Hague in the Netherlands. Public artworks have been a focus of Coens and one such project was Lightberg, a fascinating light sculpture made out of recycled industrial fluid tanks, melted to resemble an abstract iceberg. The tanks glow a distinct aqua blue, a colour that has


Top Left The charming optic grass of Marram. Top right Technology and its importance is a key factor of Etree. Below Lichtbloem is DIY light flower, it is one of the principle success of the Coens Studio.

been designed to bring to mind the blue colouring of a glacier, a natural occurrence that takes places when snow falls on a glacier, due to the compression caused when air bubbles are squeezed, making the ice not only clear but able to absorb the red end of the colour spectrum, leaving the blue end reflected and visible. Hoogstraten values the effect that technology can have on his artwork and the innovation and inspiration its use can prompt in his art. The artist likes to highlight the often hidden technological aspects that power a canny product and then place them front row centre in his work. With Etree, a piece of light sculpture, recreated leaves are lit up in a beautiful turquoise hue. Coens first presented these lighting leaves

in real trees, and then later translated this exterior artwork into an interior object. The result is a cropped version of the tree, the base, branches and leaves representing its key elements, but critically the wires that power the leaves are strengthened into bendable branches, changing the appearance of the lamp, but also acting to recreate the purpose of the stem in nature perfectly, to give the plant life, or in the case of Etree, to feed the leaves with electricity. Nature has consistently been an area of inspiration for Hoogstraten and Marram, another piece from Coens, is a case in point. The piece was created for the Into the Great Wide Open festival that takes place in Vlieland, a small, windswept island off the coast of the Netherlands. Hoogstraten was commissioned to create a

light installation inspired by the beautiful nature of the island. Coen found a perfect spot for his artwork, just outside a forest at the top of a dune. Inspired by the sight of the wind hitting hard against the sea-side marram grass, he created optic grass that was only visible at night, tufts of shimmering light that bring to mind the magical ‘spangled starlight sheen’ from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. From the charming Lichtbloem to the wonder of Marram, Coen Hoogstraten finds and articulates through his light art work, the magic that is to be found in our everyday existence, highlighting, in the process, the inspiration that can be taken from simplicity.



design file RUTH MCDERMOTT AND BEN BAXTER Primarily concerned with the relationship between nature and the city, McDermott and Baxter are continually inspired by the mysteries of natural phenomena. After four years of collaboration, their creative partnership continues apace.

Above right: Cloud of Bats was part of VIVID IN 2009 recreating the swirling clouds Fruit Bats create when they swarm across the Sydney sky. Above left: Wagner Licht creates a sound-scape while enveloping the viewer in light, condensing Richard Wagner’s epic Ring Cycle into three minutes.

Light, materials and the forces of nature form the basis for the craft of Ruth McDermott and Ben Baxter. The artistic double act have been collaborating for four years and combine a fine arts approach with a strong knowledge and a love of lighting. They also bring an industrial designer’s eye for detail to projects, with the intent of creating something utterly unique. They have a history of creating large scale works and have featured in the past four VIVID lighting festivals in Sydney. They have also exhibited at the recent Wellington LUX light art festival and are included in the forthcoming Thames and Hudson publication on light art. Their projects have been many and varied. One of their most recent noteworthy pieces was ‘Moths to a Flame’, which was created for VIVID Sydney 2013 festival and was installed at the city’s Walsh Bay Precinct. ‘Moths to a Flame’ is based on memories of

long Australian summers and the texture of swarming moths congregating around porch lights and streetlights. In Sydney the yearly Bogong Moth migration makes these swarms a regular feature of city life. The moths migrate from the flat plains of New South Wales and Queensland to the mountains every spring, but on the way they become distracted and hypnotised by the bright lights of Sydney and Canberra, descending on the city in swarms, creating shimmery clouds around streetlights. Thoroughly inspired by the yearly biblical plague McDermott and Baxter created a series of lightweight moth sculptures using gold plated metal moths mounted on netting. They then rigged them onto existing external streetlights in the Walsh Bay area. The aim was to enhance the lighting effect from the light fixtures, while create aerial sculptures which move with the breeze. The gold plated moths create a golden glow

around each light. Created for VIVID Sydney 2012, Cumulus was installed on Mill Lane, the Rocks, Sydney. Looking like a net of balloons suspended over a political convention, ready to be dropped at a moment of celebration, the Cumulus was inspired by the weather, particularly the unsettled storms and rain that have appeared to be more common in Australia lately. Cumulus was made from perforated aluminum sheets interlocked with specially made brackets. Internally installed LEDs were programmed to produce colours and effects that reflect the theme of the piece. Light source LMX Nodes were supplied by Xenian. McDermott and Baxter worked diligently with engineers and riggers to create a specially made mounting array and the hard work paid off, as the Cumulus went on to win an award at the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) NSW State awards in 2012.


Left Cumulus was an attempt to create a cloud that celebrated all the different hues of light created during a single day. Top right Moths to a Flame recreates the image of moths congregating around outside lights during the summer. Above right Cascade was inspired by the many reservoirs that were built as Sydney expanded.

Pre-dating the natural theme that would go onto inspire ‘Moths to a Flame’, ‘Cloud of Bats’ was created for VIVID 2010 in Sydney and was installed on Observatory Hill, The Rocks. McDermott and Baxter collaborated on the project with the architect Trent Middleton. ‘A Cloud of Bats’, was created initially for the first VIVID light festival in 2009 and the installation aimed to evoked memories of the nightly bat migration that has existed in areas of Australia for thousands of years. The sandstone used in the piece was chose to remind those who saw it of the amazing natural landscape on which Sydney exists. The 18 meter long installation used netting to support the bat cloud as it flew up to Observatory Hill to feed on the fig trees that can be found there. The artists opted to use the colours of sunset to wash across the magnificent sandstone wall to act as a fitting backdrop for these creatures of the

night as they bid farewell the day. Philips Color Kinetic Color Blasts supplied by Xenian, were used to light the piece. McDermott and Baxter created ‘Web of Light’ for the VIVID festival of 2011. Again held in Sydney, the artwork was located on Cambridge St, the Rocks, it was also later displayed at Globelight Melbourne in 2013 and ArtLIGHT 2013. The inspiration behind the Web was the brilliant refractive effect that light has when it hits a spiders web. The artists created a three metre wide giant web using 1,000 chandelier crystals. This was then lit using energy efficient LED arrays from beneath. The light source used was the x ewGraze Powercore module supplied by Xenian. McDermott and Baxter were also trying to relate to the space, which has a particularly romantic and moody atmosphere, with some natural vegetation and textural walls. Later that year McDermott and Baxter re-imag-

ined the Web for daytime. ‘Cascade’, created in June 2012 and installed by a Sydney reservoir was inspired by the original purpose of the lake, which was to store water for the rapidly growing city of Sydney. ‘Cascade’ creates the feeling of being immersed in water, the piece acting to form a gentle waterfall. This was a very low budget project so simplicity was important. During the day the afternoon sun slants through the reservoir gardens forming a pool of brilliant blue on the lower surface. So the viewer standing in this pool and looking up at the ‘Cascade’ feels the water. The installation was lit at night with LEDs which were powered by an adjacent solar panel, another beautiful example of our atmosphere and light corresponding.



Pics: Chris Lowe

sub-, prefix

repr. L. sub- = the prep. sub under, close to, up to, towards, used in composition (cf. under-)


[f. L. l큰min-, lumen + -al1.] Of or belonging to a lumen


SUB CLUB A design collective consisting of members of BDP, Arup, WSP, acdc, Cundall Light4 and SLL created a spectacular lighting and sound event at one of Manchester’s most celebrated architectural gems. There will hopefully be more to come... One of Manchester’s most famous sons, John Rylands, was an entrepreneur and philanthropist who made his fortune during the Industrial Revolution, becoming Manchester’s first multi-millionaire as a result. The John Rylands Library was opened in 1900 in his memory, a decade after his death, by his wife. The late Victorian, neo-gothic architecture of the library created the ultimate interactive theatre for the first Subluminal event. A design collective comprising light, sound and electrical designers, the Subluminal team aspire to set new boundaries of collaborative design and create beautiful, transient installations. The Subluminal team consists of Chris Lowe (lighting designer), Rhiannon West (lighting designer), Helen Varley (acoustic designer), Joe Lally (environmental engineer) of BDP; Luke Artingstall (lighting designer) of Cundall Light4; Simon Jackson (acoustic designer) of Arup; Stephen Peters (electrical engineer) of WSP Group; Eliot Horsman, who was with acdc at the time of the event; and Brendan Keely of the Society of Light & Lighting. The event, sponsored by acdc lighting, attracted members of the design industry and public whilst drawing attention to the value of the sensory narrative within the built environment through the medium of light

and sound. Subliminal brought a new level of appreciation by granting the audience access to the library where light and sound came together to create spectacle. During hours of daylight, hundreds of visitors walk through the library daily and are wowed by the majestic architecture. Over three consecutive nights, the Subluminal team demonstrated how light and sound can shape and enhance an environment that is established and celebrated. The lighting design introduced the attendees to architectural elements that are unique to John Rylands Library, and brought to life a space that could be appreciated in a way never seen before. Elements of sound intrigued and inspired emotions by immersing visitors in a vivid and memorable sensory experience. Starting the Subluminal experience, guests entered through the historic entrance of the library where a warm light highlighted the vaulted structure, contrasted with areas of complete darkness creating an eerie atmosphere. Leading up the wide staircase and towards the upper level reading room, a bellowing voice read quotations of light and shadow from literature that were projected onto a 58 foot high wall. The upper level Main Reading Room was

flooded with a saturated red light. Contrasting light and shade filled the ceiling picking out the smallest of details whilst highlighting the gothic arches overhead. Lower down, single beams of light illuminated historical books and enticed those present to move toward them as the speech emanated from hidden directional speakers. A statue of John Rylands illuminated with a cool white beam of light greeted the audience and explained the history of the building. From here, the audience was invited to enter the basement (getting there was not for the faint hearted!) via a tight spiral staircase dimly lit with LEDs led the way. As the staircase descends each step grows smaller. A deep bass rumble emanated from below the building which became more apparent during the descent. A sub-bass soundtrack accompanied guests through the low basement corridor lined with ancient books and the occasional strobe flash to light the way. During the subterranean experience the element of sub-bass vibrations took over from audible sound to reach a climax before the exit and return to ground level. With close to 800 people visiting this event, the Subluminal team plans to resurface in the future to create a whole new experience.



design file JOOST HEREMANS A London-based architect, designer of the Lightcatcher and one of the speakers at the Designers With Light Forum at May Design Series.

As an architect and designer, Joost Heremans’ credentials are beyond dispute. He joined Foster+Partners in July 2002 and initially worked on the award-winning Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building at the University of Toronto, Canada, preparing the scheme for detailed planning application submission and preparing the construction documentation. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of design projects, including the transformation of the Public Library in New York; a carbon-neutral resort in Cuba; the five-star ME hotel in central London; a design for a 600m tower in Chicago; a headquarters tower in Calgary, Canada; The 2022 World Cup football stadium in Qatar, a Children Hospital for the University of Iowa,

a 300m high residential tower in Beijing and the ETFE Khan Shatyr tensile structure in Astana, Kazakhstan. In 2006, Heremans was promoted to Associate before stepping up to Associate Partner a year later. Outside of his architectural work - or rather, running alongside it - Heremans has a passion for designing large-size pendant light structures and last year launched the Lightcatcher. Three years in the making, the piece is a fusion between interior design and fashion. Launched, appropriately enough, during the 2013 London Design Festival and Paris Design Week, the piece is a reinvention of the pendant lampshade. Viscose fabric is stretched across a wooden

Bottom row (l-r) Heremans’ note book, showing initial sketches for the Lightcatcher; prototypes in the studio; Joost Heremans.

frame to work a three dimensional ‘lightbox’, reflecting the light onto the ceiling whilst creating a stunning lit effect with the choice of fabrics. Heremans gained inspiration for the design of Lightcatcher when studying the basilica in Venezay, Burgundy, France, a story you can hear in full at the Designers With Light Forum this May. The Forum will take place as part of May Design Series, where you’ll also be able to see the Lightcatcher on the stand.

Project: Gresham Showroom, London, UK



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LIGHTING LANDMARX The Social Light Movement has reached the milestone of 1,000 members and it’s still rising on a daily basis. It is fitting that the movement has reached this landmark on the eve of Light + Building as it was there that the movement was created four years ago. Since the founders came together and decided there was a need for the group at Light and Building in 2010, the SLM has given numerous lectures around the world and held two major international workshops in Belgium and Sweden. It has just seen the first permanent SLM lighting scheme installed as a result of the Swedish workshop. It has cracked America and has just completed its first US workshop. It narrowly missed out

winning a Professional Lighting Design Recognition Award in the Award at Large Category at PLDC last year. It has also inspired a couple of PHDs and spread a lot of love. Founders Isabelle Corten, Erik Olsson, Joran Linder, Elettra Bordonaro, Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers believe that as designers, we need to put ‘People before places’ and that ‘Light is a right, not a privilege’. The main objec-

tive of the SLM is for us to get out of our offices and into the spaces that we are designing for. To put down our laptops and speak to the people that we seek to provide light for. Check out our philosophy, the workshop format and results on our website and join the network on Facebook.

What is the SLM? The Social Light Movement is a philanthropic movement and has been founded in order to create a network for lighting designers and other interested parties to collaborate on the issue of improving lighting for people: particularly those who are unlikely to have access to good quality illumination within their environment. The SLM exists: • To demonstrate and to design well lit environments for social and underprivileged housing areas and people. • To involve the community in the actual design of their own environment. • To encourage other designers to work in similar environments and use similar methodologies to educate

housing associations, housing management teams and social housing ownership bodies about the benefits of good lighting. To gain the support of city administrations, urban planners, architects, landscape designers, electrical engineers, lighting designers and other associated

disciplines. • To create attention, arouse public opinion, influence politicians and decision makers. • To promote responsible energy use within lighting design. • To persuade people that they have the right to expect good lighting. • To never use sodium.


Hjulsta is a suburb with a housing stock made for around 3,000 people. Today there are about Hjulsta, Sweden 6,500 people living there, so overcrowding is a major problem. Immigrants and refugees make up “We don´t want any special treatment, we the demographic. Children and young people are just want to be treated like all other areas.” therefore forced to use the outdoor environment as Bahere Sadeghi, aged 19 a kind of extended living room and because there is no place for youth it often leads to fights and vandalism in the area. Working with lighting in a city centre is never questioned so the SLM aims to draw attention to the neighbourhoods that are in the periphery; physically, socially and economically. The Hjustla workshop contacted local community groups, schools, housing associations, local council and street lighting departments to ensure they understood the intentions of the SLM and then under guidance, the participants were asked to create a concept for the chosen locations. They spent time developing their ideas, undertook mock-ups, liaised with local residents and finally presented their proposals to the relevant interested groups and to the residents themselves. Along the way the workshop participants spent time talking, dancing and playing football with kids and teenagers in the area to understand how their lives are shaped by the place they live in. Olsson and Linder have implemented the first permanent design based upon an idea from the Hjulsta workshop by students. The Forest is located in the middle of a residential estate and the students design was to add colour and vibrancy to an essentially no-go area. Brightly coloured tree stumps for seating, illuminated bird feeders in the woods, coloured lights washing across the pathway on the ground and coloured trees. The solution was achieved using a catenary system to suspend lighting and negating the huge cost of burying fixtures and cables in the ground. In order to engage the community and advertise the scheme, an unusual opening event was held.

Providence, USA “I saw the build up of huge interest, enthusiasm and connection people felt for the cemetery, the neighbourhood and each other. You brought Providence a wonderful gift and a vision of what is possible.” Polly Elettra Bordonaro has headed up the first SLM workshop in the US at the Rhode Island School of Design. The ‘wintersession’ was a five week program on public engagement and light, titled Light, City and Community. The school identified an organisation called SWAP (Stop Wasting Abandoned Properties) and Grace Church, the owners of a historical cemetery in South Providence that was in need of much love and attention. Despite being the only green space in the area, it was perceived as a dangerous and unattractive area. Fourteen international students from

the RISD’s Industrial Design, Furniture Design and Architecture departments engaged with neighbourhood businesses and residents to find out what ideas and concerns about the cemetery existed. The class then worked in teams to create several ideas for installations, distilling their work into one final concept Southlight that was presented to all interested stakeholders. The class then had a race against time to secure donated luminaires, test the ideas, clear rubbish, negotiate deep snow and build the structures required. The concept was based on ‘the Tree’ as

the main element of life and to provide a connection for the past, the present and the future of the community. Stories from the families buried in the graveyard were collected and along with stories of the existing community projected to personalise the space. The students also used 300 hundred candles in paper bags to create new paths to encourage to people to wander through the cemetery. The end result was opened to all in order to demonstrate how light can transform a neglected and unloved space.



WRITTEN AT THE CLUB In its heyday the Reform Club was a cornerstone of ‘high society’ with Henry James and Winston Churchill calling themselves members. Zumtobel produced a lighting scheme for the club’s newly refurbished interior. The long-established Reform Club has many connections to the English glitterati, but some of the most noteworthy of these have been literary. Siegfried Sassoon wrote here and Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg ended his trip Around the World in Eighty Days at the club. Situated in the heart of London’s Club-land the institution’s founders commissioned Sir Charles Barry to design an ‘imposing and palatial clubhouse’, which went on to open in 1841. The original decorative finish, which has been undergoing a delicate restoration, is considered one of the most important Grade 1 listed interiors in London. From the outset, a clear client vision and concept was to introduce life back into

the Grand Hall, with its galleried landings and wonderful atrium. The lighting was to be ‘the eyes’ through which to enjoy the opulent interior, providing a warm threedimensional glow that brings architectural details and artworks to life. The Bristol-based Lighting Services worked closely with the client to deliver a lighting solution that delighted English Heritage with the way it enhanced the building’s interior. Zumtobel was chosen as the appropriate partner to provide the lighting and control systems. The chosen products fulfilled the necessary requirements in terms of efficiency, sustainability and flexibility. Based on Zumtobel’s intelligent Luxmate Litenet lighting management system, Lighting Services were able

to develop an innovative concept that provided adaptable multiple DALI LED spotlights, which cross washed portraits and the once dark and out-of-sight coffered ceilings, swags and pilaster capitals. The columns are set in relief providing a wonderful overall, balanced visual effect to what is in essence a fabulous stage set. Thanks to the system’s compatibility, the lighting solution can be adjusted as required and can also be extended to incorporate other areas and fittings. Groucho Marx once famously said that he “would never care to belong to a club that will have me as a member.” For the rejuvenated Reform Club, he just might have made an exception.



BRIDGE ON THE BRDA Bydgoszcz is a Polish city worthy of attention, with its beautiful water courses and fine concert halls, the city is polishing its look. A lighting design from Griven has added further pizzazz to an arresting new bridge. Serving as a fitting backdrop for historic buildings in the city center, the waterfront of the Brda River in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz has long been a hidden treasure. The city authorities realised it was high time to take advantage of the asset and has encouraged new initiatives aimed at renewing the riverside, including the creation of bike and pedestrian paths. Recent changes to the architectural outline of Bydgoszcz have delivered a more captivating look to the city. The most noteworthy new structure is the unusual extra-dosed bridge on the River Brda, which is made up of two differently shaped intersecting arches reaching a total height of about 230ft, which has been erected

and lit in order to facilitate urban road communication. The suspension bridge is one of a kind and is based on two horseshoe-shaped shafts that sustain, with the help of steel cables, two long spans. Specified by the construction company Elbrox, eight units of Powershine MK2 D RGBW with spot optics have been located at the base of the steel structure of the bridge for an even light distribution and an overall dynamic colour changing effect, designed by the company ElmarCo. Moreover, three units of Powershine MK2 S RGBW Spot have been installed on the nearby footbridge supplied by the distributor for Griven products in Poland, Prolight Sp. z.o.o. The Powershine MK2 units allow the double

arched construction and the pedestrian walkway to be seen from far away at night. Using a total of 192 powerful RGBW LEDs, Powershine MK2 D, is a double cluster configuration projector that offers full independent digital control of each LED bank, while Powershine MK2 S is its versatile single module version. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides a good white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate colour hues for an even,6 broader range of application purposes. The lighting scheme makes an already eyecatching structure even more appealing to the eye.



Megaman fixtures are used throughout the lighting design, including the Intalite Kardamod and an 11W retrofit fixture. Top Vibia Skan fittings by Lievore Altherr Molina can be seen above the reception desk. Bottom left In the downstairs sales room Prandina Notte Metal fixtures are been utilised to fine effect.

IN THE HEART OF DESIGN Tyson Lighting developed a lighting scheme for Gresham’s new home on Clerkenwell Road, the heart of British design. Megaman fixtures were utilised in order to develop a stylish and economical new look. When Gresham, the designers and manufactures of stylish office and leisure furniture, acquired a new showroom on Clerkenwell Road, London’s design hub, the company immediately began to set about creating an office space that lived up to both its product line and the slick design that is the hallmark of Clerkenwell. The office space came pre-fitted with typical office space lighting but Gresham were keen to revamp the space to suit their new showroom. The existing space consisted of two floors

with ductwork and piping, along the perimeters and covering the majority of the ceiling. The challenge was to use lighting to transform this typical industrial office space, which lacked character and was flooded with suspended fluorescent battens. In essence it was necessary to create an office environment that had the flexibility of a showroom, so buyers could easily place themselves in situ when selecting furniture. Henry Opara of Tyson Lighting, in conjunction with interior design practice Northern Backdrop, began to put together a lighting

scheme that supported these aims. Before any construction commenced the lighting design went through a very thorough process to ensure the desired outcome was achieved. Tyson worked out the existing energy consumption of the space in order to offset against the saving on the new installation, they also calculated the required lighting levels needed in all the different sections within the sales areas. With no dimming system in place or specified on the refurbishment it was even more vital that the correct levels of light were achieved.


The Northern Backdrop designed Newton’s Cradle style fixture makes for an eye-catching centerpiece to the boardroom and glass windows allow it to be seen from across the office. Stylish desk lamps also make for an important part of the lighting scheme including fixtures designed by Verner Panton.

For the main upstairs sales area Tyson used white surface mounted directional spotlights to blend into the ceiling and open up the space. The spotlights also produced a far less intense lighting effect than the previous fluorescent T5 installation. These surface mounted directional spotlights were fitted with Megaman 10W QRB111 2800K in order to lend them a warm comfortable light and also serve as a reliable LED solution. This was necessary in order to achieve energy reduction targets whist providing a good quality of light. For the downstairs sales area the same luminaires were used to highlight the furniture and give each product a spot light. In this area the lighting had to be more focused as there was a much lower ceiling height, this tends to close up the space, so it was important that Tyson use the correct

beam angles in order to isolate pieces of furniture, preventing them from getting lost in the space. The fabric display section was also a key area for consideration in the lighting design. Tyson opted to isolate this section of the space, so the lighting arrangement would be utilised to perform the task of inspecting fabrics. This was done by surface mounting a track system in a square shape, using spotlights from Intalite, which use a Philips Fortimo LED module, a product ideal for high colour rending applications and for bringing out the true colours of fabric. Tyson lighting was able to source an array of high-end decorative lighting pieces for the project, in order to give the scheme a sophisticated appeal. One of the main features of the lighting is the Northern Backdrop designed Newton’s

cradle style boardroom pendant as well as a ‘dont walk/walk sign’ custom created by Tyson for the project. This was such a valuable piece to the jigsaw puzzle that comprised this lighting design, that it was of critical importance to the project that it was done right. Tyson decided to use state of the art 3D software to build a real life visualisation of the piece, in order to remove all the guesswork before production. It also gave the designer and customer a chance to confirm that the fixture supported the required look, as well as confirming the fitting could actually be built to the specification it was designed to. When completed the interior and the lighting design meshed perfectly, creating a space that fits perfectly into the heart of Britain’s principal design district.



INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXITY The Kaiserstuhl mountain range is the centre of German wine country. Insta helped to light the new wine making facilities at Franz Keller, one of the nation’s oldest proponents of fully-fermented dry wines. Photographs: Tom Gundelwein

Franz Keller is a winery and a restaurant in Oberbergen near Freiburg in the Black Forest area of Germany. The picturesque town is right at the heart of German wine country and the winery’s new building fits well into the surrounding Kaiserstuhl mountain landscape. Light planner Tobias Link, with whom Insta has been realizing sophisticated projects for years, designed the light installation for the new building, a structure that has been considerately adapted into its rural landscape and integrated into nature on three levels. The lighting scheme makes a luminous reference to the differing building details. Inside the building Insta LED luminaires (Instalight 1065 and 3065) have been

installed in the cellar, while luminaires from the Instalight Glow series (2030,2031 and 1031) have been installed in the offices and in the grape reception area. In addition, especially for this project, Insta fabricated Glow luminaires with 25 optics (bubbles) in RAL special lacquering DB 703. On the top level of the building the grape reception can be found, along with all the necessary functions of a winery. Next to this there is a 50-seat restaurant with a terrace, offering an amazing view over the neighboring vineyards. The grape reception and the restaurant can be converted into a multi-functional event surface for different occasions. This allows the tradition of concerts and cultural events being held in the existing cellars of

the Schwarzer Adler to continue and to be expanded upon. On the second level of the building you can find the entrance to the winery with areas for wine tasting and presentation, administration as well as the mash tanks and presses that can be filled directly from the grape reception above. Level three houses the cellar for the wooden barrels as well as the storage tanks. The lighting design for Schwarzer Adler was created with the multifunctional nature of the building very much in mind and is a successful scheme because of that consideration.

ProSpex Aim A new family of adjustable recessed accent lights designed for minimal appearance in the ceiling. The Aim range comes with with lockable tilt and rotation that allows hot aiming. ProSpex Aim can be specified in knife-edge trimless, trimless and with ceiling trim with 2 choices of aperture, pinhole or slot and slot with snoot. For Lucent LED 50, Xicato led modules and CMH MR 16 metal halide lamps. Lucent continues to provide innovative solutions for lighting professionals worldwide. For LED 50 Ambiance Warmdim and Manufacturer of the Year

Product shown: knife-edge trimless with snoot

Trim with snoot | Trim pinhole | Trim slot | Trimless pinhole

Professional Architectural Lighting | London | New York

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DO LET THE SUNSHINE IN The sunshine on Rhodes is almost unremitting with blue skies and hot weather gracing the Aegean island for the majority of the year. Electron brought a soothing light scheme to The Alila, a luxury spa and hotel.

The Alila Resort & Spa is located on Rhodes in the Aegean Sea. The sunshine island is sometimes nicknamed the island of light due to the 300 days of blue sky it is lucky enough to see every year. The sun-streaked resort has recently been renovated and has now re-opened its doors to welcome visitors and guests from all over the world. Electron SA joined the project and contributed to the illumination of the refurbished resort with the aim of creating a luxurious refuge, a paradise to share with family and friends. The general illumination of the lobby, the café, the restaurant and the pool bar was achieved with the use of more than 250 ALTRA downlights, manufactured by Electron and using Xicato XSM LED modules. These were

fitted in accordance with the requirements and specifications of each area in terms of correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index, lumen output, optics, dimming options and emergency control options. In addition to the general illumination, concealed lighting has been installed to underline the general relaxing atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable. The concealed illumination is achieved with the use of linear LED fittings that are also custom made according to the needs of the space, in terms of both colour and lumen output. Different linear fittings were also developed to fit the installation requirements of different locations throughout the site.

The whole installation can be dimmed when necessary via LED converters that Electron manufacture. These afford the user 2,040 steps of dimming, allowing a smooth control that reinforces the relaxing environment. The illumination of the lobby highlights the architecture and provides a unique setting for the ‘flying elements’ within the space when seen from a distance. The illumination of the main restaurant gels well with the scenery of rugged Rhodes and the lighting of the pool makes the notion of a nighttime dip particularly inviting. This is green installation that is entirely compatible with the luxury resort and its lush surroundings.

World of white!

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STAR OF BARRIO RETIRO The Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro is the architectural treasure of the Retiro district in Buenos Aires. A lighting scheme by Estudio Diz, featuring economical fixtures from Megaman, brought the Basilica to life. The Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro (Basilica of Our Lady of Help) has been a place of worship since the 1700s. The Basilica was built on land donated by a Spanish devotee of ‘Our Lady of Mercy’ and from the marble onyx baptismal font and the frescoes on the ceilings, to the sculptures of the patron saint of Buenos Aires, San Martín de Tours, the Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro is a place of both beauty for visitors and a centre of worship for the local community. The historic structure was in dire need of lighting refurbishment and internationally

renowned lighting designer, Ernesto Diz, founder of Estudio Diz, was commissioned to help develop a new scheme. As well as bringing a new vibrancy to the rich religious history displayed throughout the Basilica, it was necessary that Diz ensure that the lighting met the daily needs of the Basilica’s loyal congregation. Diz, who is renowned in the Argentinian capital for his excellent lighting of Teatro Colón, the stunning principal opera house in Buenos Aires, said of the project, “I wanted the majesty of the interior of the Basilica

to really stand out, my aim was to light the masterpieces discretely, yet lead the worshipper’s eye up the aisle to the central altar. With this in mind I decided to use tight angles to spotlight key pieces and then wider angles and warm colours to wash the columns with light, framing the altar and its magnificent sculptures.” Strong spotlighting and colour rendering was required for the project, as well as the latest in LED lamp technology in order to ensure that the ancient masterpieces were not damaged by heat or light radiation.


With high quality light intensity and colour rendering, but with no UV and negligible IR light radiation or residual glare, it was decided that Megaman’s LED AR111 and PAR30L lamps were the ideal solution for lighting a space of such historic, as well as spiritual value. Over 270 Megaman LED lamps were installed in the Basilica, creating both a beautiful and an energy efficient scheme. As well as highlighting the beautiful interior of the building, the new lighting design ensures that savings of €1,882 in electricity costs are maintained, as well as a 28,977kg in CO2 emissions per year compared to halogen equivalents. Father Gustavo Boquin, Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro said of the Basilica’s transformation: “We have been following a programme of refurbishment at the Basilica

for many years and the lighting was an area that needed an upgrade. We have many works of art, frescoes and sculptures within the walls of the Basilica and we wanted to bring out the beauty of the individual pieces, as well as reduce the yearly cost of lighting the space.” Part of Megaman’s LED Reflector Series, the LED AR111 range lasts up to eight times longer and uses 80% less power than halogen equivalents. Within Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro, 244 of Megaman’s AR111 10W, 2800k LEDs were used in a range of 8°, 24° and 45° beam angles, for spotlighting as well as wall washing key areas. In addition 28 Megaman PAR30L 15W, 4000k 25° and 45° LEDs were used light the ceiling frescoes. “The variety of beam angles available in Megaman’s LED Reflector Series,” said

Sebastian Serra from Artelum S.A, a distributor of Megaman LED lamps who supported Ernesto Diz on the project, “we were able to use the lamps to ‘paint with light’ throughout the Basilica.” The lighting scheme produced such a dramatic improvement that worshippers at the Basilica Nuestra Senora Del Socorro initially thought that the sculptures and frescoes had been repainted. As well as the dramatic visual improvement of the scheme, the use of low energy replacements for halogen reflectors greatly pleased the Basilica’s administration office, the reduced running costs helping the Basilica to continue to play a leading role in the community of Retiro for many years to come.



ONE TEAM ONE DREAM Barbizon helped to create a memorable and energy efficient lighting design in celebration of Super Bowl XLVIII and this year’s champions, the Seattle Seahawks.

Photography: Michael Lee (Michael.Lee.Pics.NYC Flickr)

In preparation for one of the more glitzy events on the sporting calendar, the Super Bowl, the NFL unveiled the roman numerals XLVIII on Super Bowl Boulevard in Midtown Manhattan, to focus attention on the footballing event that was held on the second of February. In conjunction with this, three iconic buildings in New York adapted their lighting schemes. The newest of these structures was One World Trade Center, which was finally completed on the 10th of May 2013, it’s spire reaching a very patriotic 1,776 feet, the year America declared its independence. The other two buildings involved were 4 Times Square (H&M Building) currently home to magazine publishing giant Condé Nast, and One Bryant Park home to the Bank of America and the third tallest building in New York after One World Trade Centre and the Empire State Building. The buildings were lit orange honouring the AFC Champion Denver Broncos, and bright

green, in order to honour the NFC Champion the Seattle Seahawks, the two teams who fought it out for the Super Bowl, with the Seattle Seahawks going on to triumph. The celebratory lighting scheme was overseen by Barbizon and was officially illuminated on Wednesday, January 29 2014. Over the course of the weekend the two team’s colours alternated until the game’s conclusion on the Sunday, when the Seattle Seahawk’s bright green was seen across the entire metropolitan region celebrating their win. Barbizon Lighting’s New York office coordinated the installation of energy-efficient, colourchanging lighting on all three of the iconic landmarks. The lighting systems that Barbizon installed and commissioned could all be remotely controlled and were coordinated by the Durst Organization.


Church of Santa Cruz, Ribeira de SantarĂŠm in Portugal Specifiers: Vasco da Cunha and Secimec Pic: Dias dos Reis AP-mundo-arc-032014-SantaCruz-OK.indd 1 11/03/14 18:17



WHAT A GAS As part of the regeneration of Brisbane’s derelict industrial areas, an iconic Victorian gas ring has been transformed into a cultural plaza, set ablaze by over 500 Anolis fixtures. The Newstead Gas Ring - a heritagelisted piece of Brisbane’s historical industrial architecture – has been reborn as Gasworks, the iconic hub of a major urban regeneration project. Launched just over two decades ago the project is part of a long term stratergy to transform the formally derelict post-industrial wasteland into a busy and vibrant contemporary living, working and commercial environment. The newly launched Gasworks Plaza, stands below the Victorian superstructure of the former gas storage ring, which has been brought to life by an integrated sound system and 500 Anolis LED lighting fixtures supplied by ULA. Lighting designer Heath Williamson of Brisbane-based Firefly, collaborated closely with Jono Perry, Technical Director of the Brisbane Festival to create a scheme of gasflame colours. It was Williamson who initially pushed the

Newstead area’s developers FKP to let him re-imagine the landmark Gas Ring as a giant public sculpture for all to enjoy. The Gas Ring is 40 metres in diameter with a circumference of 152 metres and features 20 spires each 20 metres tall. Anolis ArcDots - a super-bright Cree MC-E RGBW multichip based LED ‘pixel’ fixture with an IP67 rating for good weather resistance – are used on every bracing cross-member of steel on the middle and top rings, which are approximately 1200mm apart. There are also five runs of 7 x ArcDots at 1200mm spacings on every fourth spire, and a further 40 units up-light the finials at the top of each spire. In addition to these, 60 Anolis ArcSource 96s are utilised to up-light the main frames of each of the 20 spires, and 20 x ArcSource Integral MCs are ensconced in the ground beneath the trees around the Gasometer to complement the glowing metal.

Williamson loves the ArcSource 96s, commenting that in terms of output they were easily “the best” relatively compact outdoor LED flood that they tested. Ahead of making the final decision, he and Perry travelled to Singapore’s Garden By The Bay where they saw ArcSource 96s in action lighting the Supertrees, and that impressed them enough to confirm the fixtures for the Gas Ring. “I love the power and the throw,” he adds. All the lighting is controlled via an e:cue DMX system which was programmed by Williamson and Perry. Perry produced four special ten minute musical tracks for a weekend lightshow which plays out on Friday and Saturday nights. During the week the Ring is lit after dark in a signature scheme of different colours to suit the season or special events.



All photography: © Luna Wies

BREAD DONE BETTER OMS helped turn a centuries old family bakery into a fresh brand for the modern consumer. When Martin Auer took over the family bakery business, he saw an opportunity to combine the three centuries of traditional expertise with a fresh, modern aesthetic. Auer applied an entrepreneurial approach, keeping the existing quality of the products and services, whilst at the same time developing and growing the brand. Following consultation with Austrian lighting specialist LEDFORLIVING, he decided to introduce LED technology into his three newly opened bakeries in Graz. Specifically, luminaires from OMS Lighting were selected with the aim of achieving optimal illumination for both product display and customer comfort, while also helping to create an elegant interior design. Architect Markus Katzenberger helped develop the new Auer bakeries. “We wanted the lighting to provide optimal illumination in terms of light colour and intensity, while at the same time we naturally wanted it to have an elegant design,” he says. “The result was more than impressive. I wasn’t

previously aware that LED lighting already has these required properties and is also particularly attractive in terms of the design of the light fixtures. This really made a positive contribution to my architectural design.” At the bakery’s Center Nord and Center Seiersberg outlets two high-end luminaires were installed. The Rebell LED was selected due to its retail-oriented lighting properties and the fact that it could be custom produced in black to match the company logo, integrating perfectly with the brand image. The Track Avior Advanced was also used, its high efficiency and excellent lighting parameters helping make the bread produce look irresistible. In the third bakery, located in Tumerplatz, the main goal was to achieve optimum performance within a complex interior architecture. OMS’s Zipar Duo, Zipar Trio Recessed and Tarf had the versatility necessary for the space.

Eva Kuß, DI Architect at coabitare, worked on the Auer Tummelplatz site. “From its planning through to its realisation, this project was very quick indeed,” she says. “Illuminating the café and shop using conventional lighting was an arduous process. What’s more, there were technical building specifications that could only be satisfied with certain models. The result and delivery time of the LED products now in use were more than satisfactory. Until now, I didn’t realise that LED lighting of this quality is more than a match for conventional lighting.” For Martin Auer, the lighting has proved a success on a number of fronts. “I am highly satisfied with the result, because it’s not just the visual appearance of my products that has improved significantly: the amount of energy that I have saved in return for the same light quality is also really impressive,” he says.

Lighting Design by Speirs & Major Project Domtower Utrecht In-House developed Xicato outdoor fixtures Fully DMX controlled

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Lighting Design by Arup Project High School Saxion Deventer Custom-made indoor fixture with Xicato LED Fully DMX controlled

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OPENING UP A DIALOGUE The City of Bologna has refurbished Piazza Minghetti, one of its historic squares, thanks to the creation of an inventive lighting scheme from Viabizzuno. The City of Bologna is one of the most vibrant, lively and flourishing cities in Italy. Piazza Minghetti has a number of functions ranging from garden to desirable lunching spot, yet thanks to project architect Glauco Gresleri’s project, the 4500 sqm space is now even more suited to its role as a busy public space. The project has been designed to evoke presence of the Aposa, a river that until the end of the nineteenth century, still flowed through the area. The project inserts itself with the urban

context of Bologna, taking into account the historic nature of the city. Differing elements of the square have been given precise identities, from the via dei Toschi, to the garden, the post office palace, the savings bank and Piazza del Francia. The new look square is an inviting place to stop and take a moment to relax on the benches and take in the dramatic building facades of the Palazzi del Mengoni. The bus platforms have been made transparent to better the view, giving the area a perspective depth, while making the houses on the

via de’Toschi. The lighting design was created by Mario Nanni who chose fixtures featuring a 3500k colour temperature, which allows for realistic colour rendering and differentiates the lighting in the square from the traditional yellowish urban lighting in the rest of the city, while highlighting the beauty of the piazza’s setting. The Sentiero di Vals light guides visitors through the space. This IP65 outdoor light fitting is made in one piece and integrates seamlessly into its environment, merging


with the nineteenth century architectural context of the setting, thanks to its simple, but modern shape. Aligned parallel to these fixtures, is the GiraeFFe dissuasore, a fixture that features a 1W LED accent light. The Central monument in the square by Marco Minghetti, of an Italian politician from the nineteenth century, is now placed on the pavement. A special quality is given to the object due to the emotional strength of Mario Nanni’s design, he has composed a luminous symphony, both poetic and respectful of the energy consumption required. The Lucus family of lights has also been used on the project, an IP65 system for outdoor use and consists of four stainless steel tubes, holding several light sources. It was decided by those working on the project to integrate past and present in the

project new technologies and old light fittings, creating a contemporary project that respects tradition, giving life to a design that originated from the notion of ‘conservative renovation of light’. The aim of this project was to make citizens using the space feel safe and to bring life back to this urban area, prompting visitors see a familiar area in a completely different light. All this arose from a discreet, functional and well designed lighting scheme, which maintained some of the piazza’s original light fittings and cast the surrounding buildings in a supportive, economical light. The carefully judged lighting level ensures the surrounding buildings, such as the post office palace and the savings bank, which comprise the scenic background to the garden, underlines the building’s formal identity and give them the relevant volumetric

element. The chosen lighting level does not act to flatten the architecture. What has been created is a nighttime interpretation of the city, which changes the perception of the urban area. Taking into account the many roles the piazza plays, an efficient lighting scheme has been designed, utilising metal halide light sources and street furniture LED sources, which are long lasting and boast a minimum maintenance cost. Light has created a cohesion between the important architectonic elements of the square, restoring a dialogue between the urban space and those who live in it, during the day as well as the night, acting as an emotional, sensory space, feeling critical to well being.



THOUGHT PROVOKING The new home of the Society of Christian Doctrine in Malta is a thoroughly modern structure devoted entirely to thought and contemplation. L&L Luce&Light developed a fitting lighting scheme. L&L Luce&Light, in cooperation with architect Richard England and Light Design Solutions in Malta, created Dar Il-Hanin Samaritan, a futuristic new home for the Society of Christian Doctrine, in Santa Venera on Malta. The modernist structure has been built in reverence to Saint George Preca, an influential religious figure on the tiny Mediterranean Island. Preca was an inspirational religious icon

during the time when Malta was still part of the British Empire and he still inspires religious devotion to this day. A lighting design was created to ensure that the strikingly forward looking architecture of the building stood out at night. The lighting scheme emphasises the differing shapes that form a critical part of the structure and the many changing and altering perspectives that make the site such an interesting building to wander through.

The lighting has been developed to highlight and underline the sense of silence that is found in the space. As this is a religious location, the opportunity for thought, prayer and contemplation has to be offered and encouraged. The lighting scheme seeks to calm and inspire, the soft colours creating an atmosphere where it is easy to think and contemplate, as thought is the principled activity of those who use the building.



PARIS JE T’AIME Inspired by the glamour of Saint-Tropez in the 1960s, the Hotel de Paris, located in the Cote d’Azur town, features an inventive and economical lighting design from Crestron.

Built in the 1920s, the Hôtel de Paris, located in the centre of Saint-Tropez, was forgotten until renowned hotelier Claude Dray decided to renovate it. The project was orchestrated by the architect François Vieillecroze. One of the main innovations brought to the hotel industry by the Hôtel de Paris was the addition of automation systems in all the guestrooms. The designer, Sybille de Margerie decorated the rooms, using several inspirational themes such as Saint-Tropez and the arts and the 1960s era. When the guest enters their room, a welcoming and refined lighting scene is automatically activated. The scenario can then easily be changed via an engraved keypad. The Crestron lighting solutions enable the

staff to better manage guests in the hotel as they can monitor the energy levels of each guestroom and suites thanks to occupancy warnings and alerts with the ‘Service’ or ‘Do not disturb’ button. Guest requests are signaled via flashing LEDs, replacing the bells of old, which are reproduced in the corridors or at the reception desk so that staff are much more reactive to satisfy guest’s needs. Crestron lighting solutions have also been installed within the common areas, reception desk, bar, restaurant and hotel lobby. Crestron dimmers provide different lighting scene settings according to the time of the day or for special events. Crestron enabled scene settings allowing another opportunity to increase energy savings. The Hôtel de Paris is equipped with

three meeting rooms that can be adapted for different configurations and dimensions. These meeting rooms are all equipped with a Crestron DigitalMedia TM system. Three iPads manage the control of the lighting, audio and video in each of the meeting rooms. The project installers, Energie Côté Sud and Domotic helped realise the vision given by Crestron and the investor. “It was a great opportunity to implement Crestron solutions in this hotel,” says Alexis Nazarian, Sales Manager at Domotic. “It meets the increasing demands within the hotel industry to integrate automation systems, not only for the comfort of the guests but also to increase energy savings.”

Comprehensive lighting knowledge is just a click away at Anyone involved in the manufacture, sale, design or who just has an interest in lighting can join the Society of Light & Lighting (SLL) and have continuous free access to online versions of the latest Lighting Guides, Codes and research – not just to view but to download. This includes all the related electrical, energy and maintenance guides from the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) as well.

* Updated editions of LG8: Museums and Galleries, LG10: Daylight – a guide for designers and LG6: Outdoor Environment will be published in 2014.

The Society is one of the world’s leading lighting organisations: with more than 2,500 members in over 30 countries and the producer of Lighting Research & Technology – referred to by Sage as ‘the leading international peer reviewed journal that publishes the highest quality original research on the subject of light and lighting.’ Visit or call 0208 675 5211.

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VENICE AT NIGHT Philips lighting and Litek worked together to bring a new lighting scheme to Venice, replacing antique light sources with LED, casting a beautiful city in an entirely new light.

Venice is a city for lovers. An evening spent traveling along the Canal Grande or strolling through the spacious Piazza San Marco is enhanced by a warm glow from antique luminaires. So when it came time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient lighting solution, Venetians and historians, including the Commission for the Architectural and Landscape Heritage, got involved to see to it that the exact lighting quality in all of Venice was preserved. Litek, the Italian provider of lighting fixtures was commissioned for the project and decided to use Philips Lumileds LEDs within the fixtures after four years of testing. In partnering with Philips Lumileds, Litek

was able to deliver LED lighting that was 80% more efficient, yet maintained the light quality (lumen output and colour temperature) of the previous mercury discharge lamp technology. Piazza San Marco was designed for people, a vast public space in the heart of Venice. At night the perception of notable architectural structures in the piazza including the Basilica de San Marco, the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower) and the Palazzo Ducale, is keenly affected by the lighting. For this reason, it became necessary to maintain the exact light quality that was delivered by the mercury discharge lamps of the past, when they were replaced by energy-efficient LED lamps.

On the piazza, post-top luminaries were fitted with LUXEON K high-lumen-density arrays due to their high efficiency, ease of use and low maintenance. Along the Canal Grande, across the Accademia Bridge and in the Rialto shopping area, a second type of luminaire has been used, which also utilised halogen bulbs. The retrofit LED luminaires incorporate LUXEON M high-flux-density emitters that have been optimised for high efficiency and consistent colour point. When the project was completed, over 1,000 luminaries in these areas had been retrofitted with LED emitters.


LIVING [Pico-T] [Petit] [Mini]


[Mega] [Tiger] [Giga]

Sharp offers product developers, lighting designers and architects

available in all colour temperatures from warm to cold white and in

an extremely broad spectrum of LEDs for innovative and efficient

compact housings for more design flexibility. ZENIGATA LED devices

applications in its latest ZENIGATA portfolio. Whatever the applica-

will light up any decorative or functional lighting solutions. Why not

tion – office, home & living, shop & retail, industrial or outdoors –

profit from over 40 years of LED experience at Sharp and visit us at

Sharp ZENIGATA LEDs outshine the competition through high quality,

Light + Building from 30 March to 4 April 2014 in Frankfurt (Hall 4.2,

accurate colour rendition and maximum light intensity. And they are

Booth J71). Or get in touch with us by e-mail:

Visit us at the Light + Building 2014 Hall 4.2, Booth J71

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REMAKING THE OFFICE Solatube International have created an innovative and economical lighting scheme for DPR Construction’s Phoenix Regional Office.

Solatube International, Inc the manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs), recently played a large role in daylighting DPR Construction’s Phoenix Regional Office. The circa-1972 building has been officially certified as a Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) through its Living Building Challenge program. It has also received LEED-NC Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). DPR Construction is a national technical builder specialising in highly complex and sustainable projects. Eight-two Solatube Daylighting Systems were installed in the renovated 16,533-building, formerly an abandoned retail boutique at

the corner of 44th Street and Van Buren in Phoenix. In less than ten months, designbuild team researched, designed, permitted and built a highly efficient and modern workplace with numerous innovative sustainability features. “The use of Solatube Daylighting Systems was an integral part of our sustainability and lighting energy savings plans for the renovated space,” said Dave Elrod, regional manager, DPR Construction Phoenix. “Solatube products are a cost-efficient solution to provide lighting since they nearly eliminate the need for artificial daytime lighting.” Other features of the office building include an 87-foot, zinc clad solar chimney (releases hot air from the building while drawing

cooler air in); shower towers that act as evaporative coolers to regulate building temperatures; 87 operable windows designed to open and close automatically (based on indoor/outdoor temperatures); and two ‘vampire’ shut-off switches to keep electrical devices (radios, cell phone chargers, microwaves) from using power plug energy when no one is in the office. The architecture/engineering firm on the project was SmithGroupJJR and the Solatube Commercial Distributor was Norcon Industries. DPR’s San Diego office first used the Solatube Daylight in its building in 2010, followed by Phoenix in 2011 and Raleigh-Durham, NC in 2012.

STRAIGHT THINKING FOR LIGHTING PROFESSIONALS A series of linear LED profiles, Aura Linear by Applelec includes surface mounted, recessed, suspended and decorative designs. Profiles are supplied with LEDs or suitable for use with a preferred LED system.

The Aura Linear profile range will be launched on stand J71 at the May Design Series London ExCel 18-20 May 2014

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A NEW ENLIGHTENMENT The IALD Enlighten Europe conference will take place in Berlin on 9-11 November hot on the heals of successful events in Asia and North America. The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Enlighten conference will return to Europe - specifically, Berlin - on 9-11 November 2014. IALD is proud to expand its portfolio of international programming on the heels of the success of Enlighten Asia 2013, the first of IALD’s conferences in Asia, and Enlighten Americas 2013, which drew a record number of attendees. The IALD Enlighten Europe Content Advisory Group will meet during Light + Building to finalize the roster of speakers and content areas for the conference. This group is chaired by Tad Trylski, Associate IALD, and includes Enrique Peiniger, IALD; Gerd Pfarré, FIALD; Anna Sbokou, Jr. Associate IALD; and Andreas Schulz, IALD.

The educational sessions for IALD Enlighten Europe will be organised into three dedicated tracks (Art, Science and Professional Tools), allowing attendees to focus on one content area or to mix and match for a bespoke conference experience that’s all their own. IALD Enlighten conferences are unique in the lighting-related conference environment in that attendee numbers are carefully curated based on host city and venue to maintain a boutique feel. To ensure a quality experience, registration will be limited to 500 attendees. “We’re looking forward to bringing together the European Content Advisory Group, comprised of an outstanding team of renowned professionals, to shape a conference with

genuine European relevance and expertise,” says Tad Trylski, Assoc. IALD. “IALD’s Enlighten conferences are well known for the quality of speakers, valuable content and professional networking, and we now have the exciting opportunity and responsibility to build a specifically European conference addressing the needs of the global lighting design profession.” Previously held in coordination with The ARC Show in London, Enlighten Europe 2014 will be held in Berlin, Germany - and will return to different cities in Europe on even-numbered years. Already confirmed for IALD Enlighten Europe is a keynote presentation by one of the founders of the globally heralded


design firm, seymourpowell. Founders Richard Seymour and Dick Powell lead the London-based group of award-winning designers, and have produced some of the milestone products of the last two decades. seymourpowell’s Richard Seymour kicked off IALD Enlighten Americas 2012 with a keynote address that attendees called “powerful”, “inspiring”, and “amazing”. Providing a fresh, non-lighting perspective to a room full of industry professionals, Seymour’s perspective on innovative product design demonstrated how lighting professionals can interpret and leverage their place in a designed world. Attendees were abuzz about the session throughout the conference, and many noted it as one of the highlights of

the weekend. IALD is also excited to bring other successful elements of its Enlighten conferences to a European audience at Enlighten Europe. The conference series is heralded by attendees as a unique opportunity to network with their peers and become re-invigorated by the power of light. Attendees can look forward to connecting at exciting evening events, as well as niche networking opportunities that appeal to their love of light. “More than ever, the architectural lighting design profession is in the spotlight for its leadership in matters related to quality of light,” says Gerd Pfarre, FIALD. “This conference offers a great opportunity to explore the power of light just as the world

begins preparations for the UNESCO International Year of Light in 2015.” Lighting specifiers in attendance will also have the opportunity to participate in Lighting Cross Talk, a unique chance to provide feedback on the latest lighting products to manufacturers in an intimate, focus groupstyle environment. Attendees of Enlighten conferences describe Cross Talk as “indispensible” – a place where they can lead the conversation rather than follow it.

In the coming months, find more information on IALD Enlighten Europe at



David Morgan comes across Darklight’s Gantom IQ Micro Image Projector, the smallest gobo projector on the market today, and finds it packs a much bigger punch than its small size suggests.


In the words of the early 20th century Austrian economist Leopold Kohr small is beautiful. The founders of the American based lighting company, Darklight, have followed this simple idea - at least in part - by creating a range that includes the smallest LED gobo projectors that I have seen so far. However, whilst they are small, but not exactly beautiful, they are certainly attractive. Darklight was founded by three business partners Quan Gan, his wife Charlie Xu, and Jun Dong in spring of 2010 when they operated the first Hallowe’en attraction in mainland China. Apparently they could not find any suitable luminaires for the occasion and decided to quickly develop and launch their own

using their diverse skills. Quan Gan holds multiple engineering degrees from UC Berkeley and Stanford University with a focus in robotics, Xu has an art and design background from Shanghai Tongji University, while Dong has extensive manufacturing experience as a former employee of Cree and Tokistar. Since then, the company has developed a limited range of compact LED luminaires including mini projectors, DMX controlled colour changing projectors and gobo projectors, whose primary markets are amusement parks and museums. Ceiling rings are also included in the range to allow the luminaires to be recessed. The most interesting product in the range is the Gantom IQ Micro Image Projector. This mini gobo projector is only 90mm long with a 30mm diameter tubular body. The perceived quality of this mini luminaire is good, with a simple satin black machined finish and neatly knurled angle adjustment

screws. Even with a very cool white single 2.7 watt Cree XPG LED source the light output is quite limited but at close range it can provide quite dynamic effects under the right ambient lighting conditions. The body and lens holder seem to provide sufficient heat sinking surface area so the body does not get more than warm although I did not investigate how effectively the LED is thermally bonded to the body. At a distance of three metres and with the zoom set at 25 degrees the light level in the centre beam is 35 lux. The zoom lens adjusts from 25 to 40 degrees and is lockable with a couple of small screws. The focusing adjustment is made in the same way with two lockable screws. The quality of the lenses is not the highest but perfectly adequate for the scale and type of projects where this projector is used.


As with all LED based gobo projectors the user is able to make their own slides using ink jet printers as there is so little heat in the beam compared to halogen projectors.

The 19mm diameter gobo is a custom size but the usual gobo suppliers will produce to this scale. As with all LED based gobo projectors the user is now able to make their own slides using ink jet printers as there is so little heat in the beam compared to halogen projectors. In this case the resolution of the slide would need to be high as the image is so tiny. Changing the gobo is easy and involves unscrewing the lens holder and removing a cover. An integral constant current DC to DC driver keeps the LED running at a safe level of 225mA. The DMX version has three channels to control light intensity, strobe, candle flicker and other pattern effects and thirdly speed of pattern change. Although Darklight claims an IP65 rating and UL wet location listing for the luminaire, the lens holder itself is not sealed so there is nothing to prevent water and dust from entering this area and settling on the lens which over time will affect the light output.

The 12 VDC power input and DMX signal connection are supplied with a simple non IP rated power jack which also makes the IP 65 rating somewhat questionable. The Gantom IQ Micro Image Projector is an attractive luminaire for use in niche applications where the miniature size will enable it to be used where larger luminaires might be too visible or out of scale. Although giving the impression of being almost toy-like, it actually creates bright, well-defined images and effects for professional applications making this a successful addition to the Darklight range.

David Morgan runs David Morgan Associates, a London-based international design consultancy specialising in luminaire design and development.

The light level in the centre beam is 35 lux at a distance of three metres and with the zoom set at 25 degrees. The zoom lens adjusts from 25 to 40 degrees and is lockable.

Explore 5 sectors at the UK’s definitive international furnishings fair: The Furniture Show Kitchen + Bathroom Lighting Decor DX



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Lighting in association with mondo*arc and darc Whether you are looking to source architectural or decorative lighting, be inspired at this year’s May Design Series by new and established brands serving the residential, commercial and hospitality markets. iGuzzini | Concord | Xicato | LED Linear | Innermost | Lladro | DARK | Brick in the Wall | Modiss | B.lux | Megaman | KKDC | Sharon Marston | Exenia | LED Light Sheet | EBB & FLOW

Register now at quoting MDS118 07/03/2014 09:33


May Design Series features five show spaces that together cover every aspect of interior and architectural design.

EXCELLING FOR DESIGN Five shows under one roof, the May Design Series returns this year with an enhanced lighting design focus, and the introduction of the new Designers With Light Forum. Last year, over 10,000 visitors from across the design and property sectors - including interior designers, architects, retailers, lighting designers and property managers flocked to ExCel in East London for May Design Series. The concept was simple: bring together key players from complementary disciplines and allow their respective audiences to explore the worlds beyond their immediate industry. This year the show is doubling in size as the popular Interiors Birmingham show joins the line-up, under its new name The Furniture Show. Lighting is once again a key segment of the event, with products on show from a host of high-end architectural and decorative brands including: iGuzzini, Concord, Innermost, acdc, Megaman, Xicato, KKDC, Lumenpulse, Kreon, MONO, Led Linear, LED Light Sheet, Rako, Modiss, Grunzell, Brick in the Wall, Enigma, Compact, Philip Payne, Exenia, Timage, Retrotouch, Radiant, Beta Calco, B.lux, Inspired by Design, Sharon Marston, Ebb & Flow, Avivo, Castro, Albioncourt, Latoaria Ponte Rol, Villa Lumi, FB Internacional, JH Miller, Ondalight, Astro, Shane Holland and more. After a popular debut last year, May Design Series will once again be shipping in inspira-

tion in the form of DX Freight. This year, DX Freight will host a display of 60 of the best products from the international show circuit in four specially designed rectangular crates, open at both ends for ease of visitor viewing. Products will include highlights from across a selection of shows including Maison et Objet, Paris; IMM, Cologne; Light + Building, Frankfurt and iSaloni, Milan. The four crates will be curated by industry experts including: Paul James, Editor, mondo*arc (encapsulating Light + Building), Bethan Ryder, Luxury News Editor, Telegraph Luxury (collating the best bits of Maison et Objet Paris), Johnny Tucker, Editor, Blueprint (unearthing the gems at Milan) and Tobias Lutz, Managing Director, Architonic (rounding up IMM Cologne). With up to 60 different companies getting involved, the feature will demonstrate the best in up and coming new design as well as showcasing a vast blend of design talent from across Europe. In addition, a brand new lighting design conference will make its debut. Designers With Light Forum (details overleaf) will bring together designers from all disciplines to talk about their love of light.


Organised in partnership with mondo*arc magazine and our sister title darc, the Lighting section will provide a space for visitors to discover creative architectural and decorative lighting and control solutions. Perfect for those dealing with the retail, hospitality, office and residential spheres.


DX is the place to find fresh and market leading solutions for both contract and domestic interior projects. Exhibitors will be showing unique, innovative and high-design signature pieces – produced in the newest materials, with the latest technology. DX is also the May Design Series’ content hub.


Featuring a wide range of decorative accessories, Decor is a new and exciting way to source table top pieces, wall hangings and free standing items for design projects and retail customers - those pieces that add aesthetic value to a room.

The Furniture Show

The new name for INTERIORS UK, which previously took place at the NEC in Birmingham, is relocating to London as part of May Design Series.

Kitchen + Bathroom

A host of high-end brands will be showing the best of their product ranges including sleek contemporary kitchens, luxurious bathrooms and a variety of materials for giving projects a top-quality finish. May Design Series will take place at ExCel London on 18-20 May 2014




The Designers With Light Forum is a new type of lighting design conference that will bring different design professionals together to talk about light. There are many lighting conferences and seminars across the world. However, the majority appear to be by the lighting industry for the lighting industry. The Designers With Light Forum will offer a more diverse range of presentations by reaching out to design professionals outside the lighting industry as well as within. Presenters will include Lighting Designers, Architects, Product Designers, Manufacturers and Interior Designers. A select band of professionals who have different experiences of working with light. The goal of the Designers With Light Forum is to combine an exceptional conference programme with a unique networking platform that brings together individuals and companies who have not previously had the opportunity to all meet in one space. The conference provides an informative schedule of highly prolific speakers which in turn brings a distinguished list of attendee’s benefiting everyone involved. WHO WILL ATTEND? Lighting Designers, Architects, Product Designers, Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Engineers, Retailers, Property Developers. WHO ARE THE ORGANISERS? The Designers With Light Forum is organised by mondo*arc and darc magazines in association with May Design Series by UBM and is supported by the IALD and SLL. It is sponsored by Concord, Xicato, Megaman, Lumenpulse and acdc - five of the most creative lighting manufacturers on the market. The goals of the magazines and May Design Series

is to appeal to the different design professionals in the built environment. We believe strongly that lighting professionals needs to communicate with design professionals and vice versa in order to teach and learn more about the principles of good lighting design. Lighting design is more than lux levels, watts per square metre or the Colour Rendering Index. It’s about creative flair, inspirational projects and exciting interactions of light. This is what mondo*arc and darc have always stood for and promoted and the Designers With Light Forum is a continuation of this principle. HOW TO ATTEND? Simply register for May Design Series taking place at London ExcEL 18th-20th May. The Designers With Light Forum will be situated in a specially built seminar theatre on the show floor of the Lighting Sector which will feature a diverse range of architectural and decorative lighting exhibitors. These include Xicato, Concord, Megaman, acdc, Lumenpulse, Innermost, iGuzzini, Ebb & Flow, LED Linear, KKDC, Brick in the Wall, DARK, Enigma, B.lux, Modiss, Vivid, Kreon, Radiant, Beta Calco, Exenia, Avivo, Sharon Marsten, Shane Holland Design Workshops, Compact Lighting, LED Light Sheet, Astro, Grundell, Philip Payne, MONO, Timage, Rako, Retrotouch, Wandsworth, Hamilton Litestat, Recolight, Cox London, Castro, JH Miller, Villa Lumi, Inspired By Design, Luminer, United Lights, Spanlite, Albioncourt, Envy and many more...

SUNDAY 18TH MAY 2014 11.00am PRODUCT DESIGNER / MANUFACTURER Terence Woodgate / Ciaran Kiely, Project Marketing Manager, Megaman International Differences in Design Terence and Ciaran talk about the differences in approach between designing for yourself and designing for a company. 12.15pm ARCHITECT / PRODUCT DESIGNER / INTERIOR DESIGNER Joost Heremans, Associate Partner, Foster + Partners; Director, Muunlight Learning from Architecture in Product Design Joost will tell the story of how he gained inspiration from the architecture of the basilica in Venezay, Burgundy, France to make the Lightcatcher, a fusion between interior design and fashion design. 1.30pm LIGHTING DESIGNER John Bullock, Principal, JBLD John Bullock Plays By The Rules - A Conversation About Residential Lighting Design More than any other field of lighting design, schemes for someone’s home brings with it an intense depth of detail. As the projects roll by and the client conversations become more and more philosophical, it has become obvious that there is an underlying matrix of rules and guidelines that inform every project. Here, for the first time, John Bullock will unveil his Rules of Three… 2.45pm INTERIOR DESIGNER / LIGHTING DESIGNER / MANUFACTURER SBID Lighting Design CDP (TBC)


SPONSORED BY MONDAY 19TH MAY 2014 11.00pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / CLIENT Mark Major, Principal, Speirs + Major / Richard Meier, Partner, Argent Group Light And Darkness In King’s Cross Central An approach to the lighting of public space in one of London’s largest and most celebrated urban renewal projects. 12.15pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / ARCHITECT Farhad Rahim, Senior Lighting Designer, ChapmanBDSP / Nicholas Ling, Partner, Foster + Partners Me Hotel, London - Hospitality Lighting Blended With Architecture ChapmanBDSP worked closely with Foster + Partners on an integrated lighting scheme for the ME Hotel in London based on a monochromatic concept of dark and light. Here, both lighting designer and architect discuss the creative process and the challenges of using light to create volume in the public spaces throughout the hotel. 1.30pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / MANUFACTURER Kevin Grant, Director, LIGHTALLIANCE / Sam Woodward, Head Of Control Systems, Havells Sylvania Europe (incorporating Concord) The Essential Guide To Retail Lighting Kevin and Matt explain how to use modern lighting techniques and equipment, and more efficient light sources, to provide significant reductions in energy use, whilst achieving enhanced quality and improved visual appeal. 2.45pm ARCHITECT Jonathan Mizzi, Owner, Mizzi Studios Fusing Architecture With Light Architect Jonathan Mizzi explains his passion for futurism, science and love for nature characterising the studio’s design

ethos. 4.00pm LIGHTING DESIGNER Peter Fordham, Director, DHA Design How to light museum galleries - Revealing the secrets of The Mary Rose Peter Fordham discusses approaches to modern museum and gallery lighting, including the recently opened Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth. 5.00pm LIGHTING DESIGN SOCIAL EVENT Light Collective presents The Lighting Design Family Tree sponsored by Xicato When Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton set up Light Collective they realised that we are the bastard love child of Andre Tammes and Miles Pinniger, two of the pioneers of the UK lighting industry, with a good chunk of foster care from LightMatters and BDP. This spurred them to try and create a map of the UK lighting industry. That was back in 2011. Things have moved on from then. It’s about time there was an update... a live update. With alcohol.


11.00pm PRODUCT DESIGNER Eoin Billings, Partner, Billings Jackson Design The Designer’s Role In Redefining Light The fundamental technology shift from analogue to digital light represents an extraordinary, once in a lifetime opportunity. Designers and architects are in a position to play a pivotal role in redefining the market. It is the designer’s role to interpret these needs and to drive industry. It is a great opportunity. 12.15pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / CLIENT Maida Hot, Managing Director, GIA Equation / Will Montague, Development Executive,

Chelsfield Digital Façade Lighting For The Knightsbridge Estate The newly completed exterior lighting installation for the Knightsbridge Estate is on one of the first steps in realising Chelsfield’s overall vision for the 3.5 acre estate between Harrods and Harvey Nichols to become one of the most prominent retail assets in London. 1.30pm TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHER Paul Littlefair, Head Of Lighting, BRE Selecting And Planning Lighting Controls Paul Littlefair describes new BRE guidance on how to select controls that are appropriate to the space (daylit or nondaylit, high or low occupancy) and how it is used. 2.45pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / ARCHITECT Richard Morris, Lighting Designer, Arup / Charles Valla, Architect, AZPML New Start For New Street - A Study In Façade Glare Control Due to be completed in 2015, the redesigned Birmingham New Street train station has undergone detailed glare studies by Arup to ensure its new façade, designed by AZPML, does not dazzle train drivers and members of the public. 4.00pm LIGHTING DESIGNER / ARCHITECT Laura Phillips, Design Director For Lighting, Buro Happold / Patrick Arends, Associate, Mecanoo Library Of Birmingham - The Design Challenges Of Meeting Breeam Excellent Standards Patrick Arends of Mecanoo and Laura Phillips of Buro Happold Lighting will take you through the design challenges and the process involved to achieve the creatively striking building, while achieving the very demanding energy targets set by Birmingham City Council.




This year’s May Design Series will contain some gems of architectural and decorative lighting

Living Sculpture 3D Philips Philips will be showing their LivingSculpture 3D module system in London for the very first time. The sculpture, composed of separate OLED tiles and linking rods, will take centre stage at May Design Series ensuring a spectacular and dynamic design with light.






LEDmix KKDC LEDmix – With clever PCB design and control via their high frequency visDIM sub-controllers, KKDC offer their new, ‘tuneable colour’, LEDmix range. A two-channel white mix is available across two lumen packages, using whites from their renowned high CRI colour temperature suite, to give dynamic blending. Also available is a four-channel RGB-W which uses a trichip RGB package with one white from the colour temperature suite. The PCBs are available within various KKDC standard extrusions to give lighting specifiers extensive creative possibilities of lighting control.


XOOLUM LED Linear XOOLUM is based on an innovative and modular design concept and offers enormous possibilities in adaption to the desired room ambience. The fixture, which has been awarded with a Red Dot, is a multifunctional luminaire suitable for ambience, cove and general lighting. New: the XOOLUM profile becomes more interesting for shop lighting through newly developed corner connectors. The corner connectors are fully adjustable from 90° to 270° and allow a new freedom of design with appealing lines of light around corners.

Underscore6 iGuzzini Dean Skira has changed the original version of Underscore with an innovative approach: the result is Underscore6, a system with extremely compact dimensions - only 6mm - provided with an innovative aluminium profile designed to obtain very thin lines of lights and suggestive luminous effects. It is a flexible strip for linear lighting with monochromatic LEDs.

BEACON PROJECTOR HIGH PERFORMANCE WITH ACCENT ON FLEXIBILITY The award-winning Beacon LED spotlight range just got even more versatile with a new projector version. Using the same high-output 26W LEDs, it has an additional connecting snoot and manual focusing lens to create a highly flexible display tool for museums, galleries and high-end retail. Four adjustable arms allow you to frame the beam exactly to the desired size and four-sided shape, whether square, rectangle or irregular, while an iris component can mask a circular beam when it needs to be tighter than 10ยบ. The Beacon Projector also takes gobos, including images or wording printed on to acetate for more creative freedom. With a typical CRI of RA95, it has built-in dimming control and a 50,000 hours lifetime.

Tel: 0870 606 2030

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Lumenline brings high-quality LED general illumination to architectural and commercial interiors – with greater flexibility, simpler integration and 25% energy savings over T5HO fluorescent. At 2.5 inches wide, Lumenline linear LED fixtures can be easily integrated into any interior space. Extremely rich in options, the line offers a choice of outputs, colours (including RGB mixing), colour temperatures and mounting: suspended, surface mounted or recessed. Lumenline is compatible with multiple controls, including Triac, ELV, 0-10V, DALI, DMX or Lutron EcoSystem.

Phi B.lux



ALMA Modiss Exhibiting on the Vivid stand, Modiss will be showing their new product, ALMA. Combining a voluptuous shape with deep and vivid colours shows a progression from the more blingy executions evident in so many of the previous collections. Utilising a 20w LED source the Alma design also demonstrates the factory’s progressive development from both a performance as well as aesthetic point of view. Alma is designed to make a statement with a diameter of 585mm.



Designed by David Abad for the ‘Deco’ sub-range of the B.lux lighting collection, the Phi family of Scandinavian inspired models will be shown on the Vivid stand. The complete range (table light, floor light and 3 sizes of pendant) are all available in sober, understated white, grey and beige finishes. To complete this simple harmony the fabric cables used within this timeless piece are supplied in the same colour as the body.



Atmos Brick in the Wall Looking like a cut on the wall, the Atmos LED fitting from Brick in the Wall, on the Enigma stand, is a stunning example of how plaster-in lighting can seamlessly transform a space. Quick and easy to install, the Atmos comes with a 7w 600 lumen high output LED, available in 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and to be launched at May Design Series, the new 2200k colour temperature. Also with built in driver with options of switch on/ off, 1-10v or phase dimming, the fitting just requires 240v input.

Beacon Muse Concord


The Concord Beacon Muse LED uses cutting-edge technology and ancient lens principles to create a fully adjustable spotlight. The new Muse’s adjustable optic system provides a wide flood 65˚ beam angle which can be adjusted to a 10˚ spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors. This fully adjustable spotlight provides all the benefits of LED technology, no UV / IR radiation, 50,000 hours life at 70% luminous flux, maintenance free applications and a considerable reduction in energy consumption over traditional light sources such as halogen.



Facet Innermost Polished stainless steel sections arrayed around the circumference of this beautiful luminaire create a surface of small facets that fragment the image of its surroundings, replicating the mesmerising beauty of a carefully cut crystal. In stainless steel or brass finish, Facet is available as a feature-sized pendant or lavish wall fitting.

Fast track Lighting supply

We Love Your Project

Invisible Integration of Light Tel: 01420 473889





Megaman will be showing their new Incanda-LED range, a breakthrough in LED technology as it provides a brilliant sparkling light effect with a unique lamp design that resembles a point light source and the sparking light effect of an incandescent lamp. With a high luminous efficacy of up to 100 lumens per watt of high-quality warm light, the Incanda-LED lamps can reduce energy consumption by up to 89% when compared to its incandescent equivalent, whilst offering a longer life of up to 50,000 hours.

Avivo Lighting will be showing their Bubbles range of chandeliers. The elegant solid glass balls are handmade and injected with random air bubbles that shimmer and sparkle as the light reflects through them. The standard range includes several sizes of chandeliers, from 1-light to 26-light pendants, all fully height adjustable, which can be supplied with either halogen or LED lamps. The range in stock has polished chrome metalwork with clear glass balls, but models can also be manufactured bespoke to any size and finish, with coloured glass balls such as smoked grey and, our favourite, champagne!

Bubbles Avivo Lighting





Apollo DARK The Dutch designer Romy Kühne has designed the impressive Apollo which will be on display on the Enigma stand. The body has a heavy industrial lookand-feel and is a patchwork of metal triangles, held together by bolts and nuts. Inside, the dome gives a superb soft light, feeling almost like velvet! The magical mix between industrial roughness and sweet soft light makes the Apollo unique. Available in a number of different colours both inside and out. STAND


MONOCOVE AC MONO MONO launch MONOCOVE AC, a powerful and versatile main powered triac dimmable LED cove luminaire available with either 14 or 22 x Samsung LM561B LED per 305mm, with a wide beam distribution. MONOCOVE AC comes in 305mm, 610mm, and 1220mm nominal lengths and 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K colour temperatures. The housing is constructed from extruded aluminium with injection moulded transparent plastic end caps providing a seamless line of light. Integrated “Plug N’ Play” connectors enable quick and easy installation whilst the ratchet style moulded plastic mounting brackets enable the luminaire to be rotated -/+ 15°, for fine tuning of the aiming angle. Also available in IP65 version.



ZERO - Suspension Exenia ZERO – Suspension using a specially diffused PVC shade, allows a continuous and clean light, which reflects the Exenia range. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes the Zero is a product which is an example of the Exenia approach to Lighting.


Hall 4.2 Stand H31





Pinspot Enigma



The pinspot fitting from Enigma Lighting is a simple, versatile and beautiful light. Available in both a track mounted or surface fixing and in a number of metal or RAL finishes, it should suit any kind of space. With lamp options of standard AR111 Halogen, CDMR111 Metal Halide or with our AR111 Array LED lamp, the pinspot can be applied in retail, leisure, domestic and commercial spaces alike.


Aura Linear Applelec


Aura Linear by Applelec is a new range of high-quality aluminium profiles that have been designed for linear LED lighting installations. The range will be officially launched at the May Design Series. Providing options for surface, recessed, suspended and decorative LED strip mounting solutions, Aura Linear profiles are simple to use and elegantly constructed. With a made-to-measure service, the profiles are supplied in specified lengths to a maximum 2500mm with a choice of colour temperature or RGB LEDs. Further flexibility is afforded as the profiles are available individually for use with a preferred LED option. STAND





LED Bulkhead Timage Timage have responded to the ever-increasing demand for low energy lighting by launching a new LED bulkhead light range. The models vary from 8 Watts through to 18 Watts and offer a considerable energy saving when compared to their traditional bulb counterparts. Available finishes include natural brass and chrome plated brass.

LED Projector Grunzell German designed and engineered, Grunzell’s new outdoor projector series utilizes the latest COB LED, and adapted reflector technology. With a performance between 11W and 75W, and a luminous flux between 1300lm and 7670lm, the new projector series provides high flexibility in its applications. Suitable for both exterior and interior lighting areas and available in various beam angles for floor or accent lighting applications and a choice of colour temperatures.

3D LED Flex Radiant The Radiant 3D LED Flex 25 IP 68 is a new addition to the 3D LED Flex range. The Radiant 3D LED Flex 25 IP 68 is an innovative underwater three dimensionally flexible LED linear lighting system produced in stainless steel which is a world first and was developed for use in the refurbishment of the swimming pool in an iconic Paris hotel.

At Light+Building 2014 MEGAMAN® will be launching its range of Smart Lighting control solutions. From domestic scene setting to large-scale applications controllable from anywhere in the world, MEGAMAN® Ingenium® Smart Lighting Solutions will revolutionise the way you control your lighting. Visit MEGAMAN® at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, Hall 4.1 Stand H70 to find out more. MEGAMAN® will also be at the May Design Series in London, where we will be sponsoring the Designers with Light Forum.

Visit us at:

Hall 4.1 Stand H70

Hall 4.1/Stand H70 Frankfurt, Germany 30 March - 4 April 2014

30th March - 4th April 2014




With Light + Building fast approaching, we bring you a taste of what you can expect to find in Frankfurt Messe and beyond.

The time has almost come to join the 196,000 visitors who flock to Frankfurt Messe every two years for Light + Building. To help you navigate the multilevel halls and moving walkways, we’ve put together a preview of the product launches and add on events you can expect to find at this year’s show. Top of the list is the mondo*arc stand, located on the busy foyer walkway outside hall 4.1, where you’ll be able to pick up extra copies and share your latest news with a member of the team.

THE BUILDING FUTURE AWARD The Building Future Award will be presented to Professor Helga Kromp-Kolb during the opening ceremony of this year’s Light + Building. The Austrian scientist is renowned for her achievements in the field of environmental meteorology, especially in relation to the dispersion of harmful substances into the atmosphere and climate change. Her numerous scientific publications over the years include studies on the dispersion of radioactive substances from Chernobyl and on hypothetical accidents in atomic power stations, as well as systematic and practical works on global and, in particular, regional scenarios. In this connection, Professor Kromp-Kolb draws attention to the significance of technology in terms of climate protection: “Increases in energy efficiency represent a very important contribution to climate protection whereby efficiency is greatly dependent on the prudential use of energy. Technology can help control energy consumption to this end.”

HALL 4.1 FOY17

IALD LIGHT FORUM For two days during Light + Building, the IALD will host Light Forum, a set of free lighting seminars taking place within the fairground. 31 MARCH 2014 9.30 Welcome Emma Cogswell, Associate IALD

1 APRIL 2014 9.30 Welcome Emma Cogswell, Associate IALD

9.40 - 10.25 Digital Light for Architecture Tapio Rosenius, IALD, APDI

9.40 - 10.25 Lighting Basics: One Method Infinite Ways Manuel Lozano, APDI

10.40 - 11.25 Lies, Damn Lies and Photometrics Tad Trylski, Associate IALD

10.40 - 11.25 Ephemeral Art: Light Installations in the Urban Landscape Luisa Alvarez, APDI

11.40 - 12.25 Review of current Trends in LEDs and What to Look for in 2014 Dr. Geoff Archenhold

11.40 - 12.25 Panel Discussion David Ghatan, IALD; Heiner Kolde, BDIA

13.30 - 14.30 Lighting Basics: Inside Job Mariel Fuentes, APDI

13.30 - 14.30 Best in Show - Tour of Light + Building with APDI and IALD

WHEN: 31 March - 1 April 2014 WHERE: Hall 3.C, Raum Aspekt Congress Centre, Messe Frankfurt



Pic: iGuzzini, Christian Uitz

Pic: RaumZeitPiraten

Pic: Lumicaching

Beyond the exhibition ground, the bienneal Luminale light festival will once again take place across Frankfurt. Held in tandem with Light + Building, this showcase for creative light art installations proves universally popular to visitors both in and outside the industry. Besides the traditional Luminale venues, such as ‘Börsenplatz’, ‘Hauptwache’, ‘Römer’ and ‘Palmengarten’, the focus will also be on the Main Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof) as a cathedral of mobility, as well as the illumination of the River Main urban area, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014. From being an area of shadow dividing Frankfurt, the river and its banks have developed into an artery of light for the city and the region. A new bridge illumination in the east of the city, at the foot of the new ECB Tower, will extend this urban area towards the neighbouring city of Offenbach – an example of how Luminale contributes to the sustainable development of Frankfurt’s urban landscape. Further upstream, there will also be several Luminale installations in Offenbach. The Port District with the ‘Hafen 2’ off location, the Heyne factory and a variety of Art Spaces demonstrates the potential of the city as a creative location.

Pic: Violetta Vollrath

Pic: Julia Schaefer Johannes Schmidt

Pic: Sounds of Silence

Pic: Twinkle Twinkle


Pic: Prof. Tjark Ihmels



PRODUCT PREVIEW Light + Building is always a launch pad for a wave of major product innovations. Here we present a flavour of what you’ll find at the Messe.

DIALux evo 3 DIAL


9.0 B49


The latest development of DIALux evo, the DIALux evo 3 is a tool for lighting designers. The choice of tools available has been reduced to basic functions, a fast and simple generation of rectangular space, automatic luminaire arrangement, calculation, summary and documentation is now possible with the product. With the latest version it is also possible to carry out street calculations and energy assessments very easily. The product has more storage space, bettering performance, while at the same time the visualization of material properties has been improved.

MegaZENIGATA family Sharp

Isotera Havells Sylvania

Arktika-P Biolux Osram HALL

6.2 C04


This contactless LED power and control system offers flexibility and an ease of configuration. Isotera can work with any constant current LED luminaire and the system removes the need for mains wiring to fixtures, ensuring saftey. The system covers everything between the distribution board and LED lighting luminaires while offering cool-running remote power, a single run of high-frequency cable and no polarity to complicate installation.

Osram will present Arktika-P Biolux, an office luminaire, which generates ‘artificial sky’ indoors. The luminaire concept is based on the scientific recognition that a receptor in the eye is responsible for controlling our inner clock, and this receptor responds to light colours. The Arktika-P Biolux brings the effects of daylight into offices, improving concentration. It directly illuminates the working plane and also, indirectly the ceiling according to the time of day, with individual control and dimming. The Arktika-P was awarded this year’s iF Design Award.


4.2 STAND J71

The extention of the MegaZenigata range features new high-efficiency XFC models in the 15, 25, 35 and 50 wattage classes. The new line-up retains the product’s orginal features and adds a greater level of efficiency combined with a lower drive voltage. The new XFC has uniform, high-quality illumination, luminous flux of 1,000-6,00 lm, luminous efficacy of up to 113lm/W, and CRI options of Ra 70+, 80+ and 90+. 113lm/W, and CRI options of Ra 70+, 80+ and 90+.

Converter Series Tridonic


2.0 A30


Tridonic will present the new TALEXXconverter family at the show, offering tailor-made converters for a wide range of applications for the commercial, educational, retail and hospitality sectors. TALEXXengine SLE for LED downlighters and spotlights are now available in new performance classes. The fashion version offers a brilliant white light, with a LED light engine offering a new level of quality. The new Fashion White has specially selected spectrums that combine warm and saturated colours with a pure cool white.


2.0 STAND B10


3 A11


Skim features a specially developed lens system that provides efficient and ergonomic light, creating an elegant light effect. With a wide flood and an oval flood, Skim offers efficient visual comfort. The linear light emitted by the round downlight of the oval flood version is created by the complex asymmetrically shaped polymer lens with special light distribution. Skim owes its powerful light and glare control to efficient and innovative photometrics. The two lens versions allow Skim to meet different lighting requirements.

LIGMAN - Mondo ARC Magazine - APR-MAY - 2014 (For Printing).pdf 1 14/03/2014 11:47:44

Professional Lighting Solutions.

PowerMission 4 6830 - 32000 lm (82-323 W) PowerMission 3 4900 - 15700 lm (55-162 W)

PowerMission 2 1030 - 6420 lm (15-59 W)







PowerMission LED Street Lighting



Highly versatile, exceptional performance street lighting system based on LIGMAN’s scalable modular platform Engineered from the base up with environmental consciousness and energy efficiency in mind, LIGMAN’s PowerMission series,developed specifically to fulfill the demanding conditions of road and street lighting applications, are highly flexible and can be easily retrofitted onto existing street lighting infrastructure making it a state-of-the-art technology that is practical and affordable.

Industry leading optical technology that minimizes light pollution and optimizes light distribution ensures that only the targeted areas are illuminated, reducing unwanted light trespass and sky glow. This characteristic ensures PowerMission’s compliance to the Dark Sky requirements.


Booth # 1346

Hall : 5 / Stand no : C90 30 March – 4 April 2014



Visit LIGMAN website for our NEW LED

Worldwide Country HQ. | Ligman Lighting Co.,Ltd. 2912 Ladprao Road, Klongjun, Bangkapi, Bangkok, 10240, Thailand

LM Lighting UK Ltd.

International Projects :

Tel : +66 (0) 2 733 9140 Ext. 1638, 1634 | Fax : +66 (0) 2 733 9154

Thailand Projects :

Tel : +66 (0) 2 733 9140 Ext. 1462 | Fax : +66 (0) 2 733 9150

Tel : +44 (0) 208 952 8407 | Fax : +44 (0) 208 951 0325 | |



3 Series Downlight Family Lucifer


4.2 B51


Conceived with attention paid to efficiency, beam optic quality, and spacing flexibility, Lucifer Lighting unveiled its 3 Series Family of Downlights. Offered for interior and IP64 exterior locations, the new 3 Series includes fixed models with precision tapered apertures to optimise lumen output. With advanced aiming mechanics to ensure beam quality and lensed wallwashers with internal linear optics for superb wallwashing coverage, the products feature LED configurations of 80+ CRI and 95+ CRI, with lumen packages up to 2220lm (35W). Available in colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K and beam optic options of 20°, 40° and 60° allowing for easy beam angle changes

Miro Cube Arc Rosco

Fusion acdc


4.2 D50


This family of intelligent, highly efficient IP66 architectural floodlights is available in two sizes. The 24 LEDs version delivers 4460 lumens and the 48 LEDs version delivers 6700 lumens at 3000°K. Featuring an unobtrusive, innovative design, Fusion is capable of 12 lux at 70m. With a fully integrated internal driver and a plug and play connection, the LED colour options include RGB, RGBW, RGBA, dynamic white and single colour. The LED arrangement provides a rapid colour mix from 0.5m and flexible focussing means that the product can be tilted +50° forward or -95° back and rotated + /- 45° from 0°.


4.1 K31


Following last year’s successful introduction of the Miro Cube family of LED luminaires, Rosco is introducing an updated Miro Cube Arc configuration to its 4C and WNC models. Designed to streamline architectural and museum installations, the Miro Cube Arc features a direct-wire power cable and recessed RJ45 connectors for data input. These modifications eliminate bulky connectors, which gives the fixture a more elegant profile and offers simpler installation for contractors expecting to pull hardwire power connections and data lines.

The Radiant Aleta Radiant


4.2 A16


This spotlight collection has a number of new products which will be shown for the first time at Frankfurt including an MR 16 luminaire for the Radiant Micro Track system. This new head has been optimized for use with the Sora LED MR16 retrofit lamp. David Morgan, designer of the range, says: “We are taking advantage of the Sora LED MR16 qualities which include high colour rendering. The product will be a perfect solution for high end residential, retail and hospitality applications. This new Aleta product benefits from a very narrow beam and a range of glare control accessories”.

Sapphire CLS-LED


4.1 H06


Aimed at museums, galleries or retail, the new Sapphire range from CLS offers the ultimate combination of design and functionality. With a large choice in Lumen outputs, colour temperatures, CRI values, beam angles, dimming options, colours of housing and accessories the CLS Sapphire is a good choice for public lighting schemes. DMX control is also a standard option. The CLS Sapphire series will be expanded with surface mounted and pendant versions in the near future.



OLED Panels LG Chem

Dynamo Arlight


4.2 A61


Dynamo had been designed for office usage due to its serious look, it is also suited to lobbies and galleries. The product offers a variety of colour and texture and the design uses LED to its full potential. The optional acrylic ring that stays between the two parts of the fixture creates an elegant look and a selection of colours are available. The differing colours allow the creation of a colour scheme that can, for example, refer to the corporate identity of the company it is used in, creating a graphic language in the interior architecture.

LG Chem has been providing OLED panels since 2011. Since then the company has been recognized as the leader in the OLED market with a high performance rate across their diverse portfolio. Eight different shapes and sizes of panel are available including a flexible type and the world`s largest panel (320x320mm). The panels come in three different colour temperatures (3000K/3500K/4000K) and feature high colour rendering (CRI>90). They also offer high luminance and a long lifespan at high efficacy levels ((Expected to reach 100lm/W in 2014). oled-lighting

Skelp Deltalight

Green Light Crestron


11.1 STAND B06

The new Green Light Integrated Switching Panel provides an inexpensive, standalone solution needed for smaller installations. Crestron has announced the launch of their new Green Light Integrated Switching Panel (GL-IPAC-SW8), designed to provide affordable and reliable performance for smaller lighting systems. Supporting up to eight circuits of lighting loads, the GL-IPAC-SW8 features inputs for keypads, occupancy sensors and photo sensors, plus an LCD display for easy system setup. The GL-IPAC-SW8 is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including retail stores and small office spaces, which typically require only ON/OFF switching.


6.2 A80


Diabolo Eden


1.2 H02


Resembling two opposing hemispheres or a couple or twins, one of diabolo’s faux hemispheres is lit by LED and is able to rotate 190° / 360° on an axis. Single or in line, the product evokes images of a solar eclipse, a chesterfield chair or a diabolo toy. Available as a table-lamp, a wall lamp or ceiling lamp, Diabolo is available in several colors.


3.1 B60


Skelp means shell in Belgian and the shape of the fixture makes you think of a shell, the rear of the fitting being cut-out in a spherical shape, created in white aluminium. The LED, which is built in under the Skelp, produces a pleasant, indirect light. The new Skelp comes in one surface-mounted and two recessed versions, one with and one without trim. There is also an outdoor fitting that incorporates Skelp into a post. Skelp has a slim design, making it ideal for small spaces, such as a narrow hallway in shops or office lobbies.

LGS 1000 Instrument Systems


4.1 K89


Instrument Systems will present its complete range of measuring equipment for LEDs and SSL sources, spectrometers, photometers, imaging colorimeters, integrating spheres and goniometers. Special emphasis will be on the goniophotometer system LGS 1000 for high accuracy, angle resolved photometric and colorimetric analysis. As a new feature, the luminous flux integrator offers the possibility to quickly determine the characteristics of lamps and luminaires in their required burning position within a compact setup.

PROLED DOWNLIGHT SIRIUS 650–3300 Lumen warm white 3000 K + neutral white 4000 K CRI 80+


g light+builDdE4in 8+49 HALL 4.1 – STAN


MBN GmbH Balthasar-Schaller-Str. 3 86316 Friedberg · Germany Tel. +49/8 21 /6 00 99 -0 Fax +49/8 21 /6 00 99 -99 E-Mail




Siri L&L Luce&Light


3.1 D25


A projector for indoor and outdoor applications, with outstanding design, Siri has a scaled and adjustable bracket that allows multiple installations on the ceiling, wall and floor. Siri comes in different sizes (2, 4 ,9 Power LED), with recessed optics, both in white and RGB versions and the product features NTC temperature control onboard. Anti-glare accessories are also available, such as as a honeycomb louver and hood. The product features an IP66 rating and is available in white: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K.


3.1 C21


TRACE gives prominence to the space being lit. It consists of four models for indoor lighting, all with warm white LED light sources. The square TRACE 100 model (100 x 100mm) has six LEDs; whereas the rectangular TRACE 200 model (200 x 100mm) can be installed either horizontally or vertically and has six LEDs and six or twelve LEDs, respectively. TRACE can be installed on walls and is made of galvanized iron sheet with asymmetrical optics in matt white. Featuring a minimalist and timeless design, this range of luminaires is very suitable for flooding walkways, stairs or rooms and premises that require comfortable lighting.

Xoominaire LED Linear


4.2 J10


Xoominaire comes with a higher efficiency than T5, providing better and more homogeneous light output. The luminaire, which has been awarded with the IF product design award, provides a wide range of lumen packages, colour temperatures and optics. This makes it easy for lighting designers to compose the perfect luminaire for the desired application. In short, Xoominaire is the perfect symbiosis of a linear architectural luminaire, offering unlimited design options, increased uniformity, reduced glare, decreased energy use, quick installation, easy maintenance and low upfront cost.

Selectable Output Current 10.1 LED Driver D31 Mean Well HALL


Soft Series Sattler


1.2 H51


The slightly stretched geometric form of the Soft Series light fixtures accentuates any space and lends it a dynamic character. The soft shapes Delta, Quadra and Square allow for different surfaces, sizes and numerous forms of application.The Soft Series is based on a flexible system, which aims to offer various light configurations. The fabric covering (B1) in the Acousticlight version creates a soothing effect while it redirects light and at the same acts as an acoustic diffuser.

In response to the market demands of intelligent LED lighting control and to provide a flexible power solution, Meanwell introduces LCM-25/40/60(DA) series, the 25W-60W multiple-stage output current LED drivers. Featuring constant current design, the output current level is selectable by a built-in DIP switch. The non-DALI models are designed with 0-10VDC and PWM signal dimming, while the digital-control models have a builtin DALI interface and a push dimming function. The series will support a DALI edition 2 standard.

Luxer LUXinTEC


4.2 B71


This high performance LED modular system is an innovative solution. Offering up to 130,000 hours of useful life, the standard version is available with up to four adjustable modules achieving up to 216W. Other options are surface or suspended mounting, light colours, optical apertures or IP degree. It incorporates the patented optical system Xquare Optics with a unique range of optical distributions (spot, square, rectangular), which offers great performance in lighting, excellent uniformity,a maximum light utilisation factor, low glare, and good visual comfort.

43 consistent, repeatable colours created by design professionals.

Frosted Dichroic Filters combine colour and diffusion in one filter.

Glass Dichroic colour correction filters ideal for warming or cooling a light source. All LEE glass filters are available in custom shapes and sizes

LEE Filters offer a wide range of products to help control, colour and correct different light sources. Visit our website for further details.

5425 LF_Arch_Ad_Di_QR_333x236.indd 1 +44 (0) 1264 366245

30/04/2012 13:43



Pull -Out Series Nexia

Ingenium Megaman/Neonlite


4.1 H70


At Light+Building 2014 Megaman will be launching its range of Smart Lighting control solutions. From domestic scene setting to large-scale applications controllable from anywhere in the world, Megaman Ingenium Smart Lighting solutions will revolutionise the way you control your lighting.

Square Grazer Grupo MCI


3 C10


The new Pull-Out Series is a polyvalent product (projector pull-out & wall-washer), designed to highlight the natural characteristics of fabrics and fresh products, attractively and safely. This recessed LED downlight is manufactured from injected aluminium and anodize reflectors with high purity. The Pull-Out Series seeks to emphasise the colours and textures of clothes in the retail sector with a ‘crispy white’ CRI 97 version. It also provides the best, safest qualities of colour for horeca installations and shop displays for breads, meat, fruits, vegetables and fish.


4.1 G11


Square Grazer´s unique design, with PSU integrated, is a perfect solution for architectural illumination using 48W, 66W or 132W that perfectly fits as part of the architecture. The swivel head projector comes with a wide range of colours (from cold white to RGBW) and optics (9º, 28º, 45 and 10x50) which helps to create many lighting atmospheres with great precision. Square Grazer finds the optimal balance between aesthetical and functional values, technical perfection and easy mounting.

EcoSpec Linear INT Ecosense


4.1 K11


EcoSpec Linear INT and Linear INT LP (Low Power) are designed with slim profiles, making them the smallest linear cove luminaire in the Ecosense product line. The integral brackets with 180° vertical rotation adjustability provide versatility making these luminaires suited for interior architectural, hospitality, retail, exhibit and display applications. Featuring dimming technology and standard and low power options: 3w, 5w as well as 180° vertical rotation with an integral bracket, the fixture is available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.

Duelis OMS Lighting


4.2 STAND F10

Duelis features a minimalist design, a streamlined form and subtly sweeping lines. The slim dimensions create the impression that Duelis is floating and the product is customisable with any colour combination, pattern or finish, meaning the product can blend elegently into any room design. Duelis can be supplied with predominantly direct or indirect illumination, allowing choice, while delivering psychologically beneficial illumination. Duelis ensures high levels of visual comfort and acuity thanks to the specially designed diamond microprismatic optical system and features an office friendly glare rating of UGR ≤ 19.

CompoLED Long Life Aura Light


4.1 B50


Aura CompoLED Long Life is a new type of replaceable LED light source with a high light output and a high energy ef¬ficiency. It is not a retrofit LED lamp, but a new type of LED light source for new LED luminaires and solutions. Aura CompoLED Long Life gives you all the benefits of LED lighting today while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation without having to replace the entire LED luminaire, as LED technology continues to develop.

Frankfurt am Main 30 March - 4 April Hall 6.2 Booth A04

palm? archaeopteryx? lamp?

If this is a lamp –

we make it shine! The ACRICH2 boards, featuring Seoul Semiconductors unique MJT LEDs, give designers, engineers and interior architects limitless freedom to design. It’s so small it fits in any general illumination concept. With no need for a converter, ACRICH2 requires less space, is lighter and can be connected directly to alternating current. The low energy consumption between 4W to 16W leads to an extraordinarily long life. ACRICH2 can also replace MR16 halogen lamps, recessed spotlights and down lights in addition to light bulbs.

Anzeige_Lpi_210x150_engl.indd 1

ACRICH2 · Energy efficiency of 90% · Power factor greater than 0.97 · Efficacy up to 140lm/W · THD less than 25% · Dimmable · No noticeable flickering

be bright

10.03.14 11:51





4.2 STAND C11

This LED linear aluminium profile luminaire with opal diffuser has a unique shape. The product will be officially introduced by HALLA at Light+Building 2014. SANT was developed to offer excellent LED lighting parameters, it has direct and slight indirect lighting distribution and it is a suitable solution for projects with low consumption, tackling the highest requirements needed for a modern visual look. SANT, is a mix of excellent LED lighting and attractive design. Luminaires will be available as a single standing option and as a continous lighting system, with dimmable options for emergencies. Also available in a range of colour temperatures (2700K - 6500K) and mixing version.



4.2 STAND H31

This is an elegant new range of linear lighting products for use across a range of display applications. All variants will utilise KKDC’s renowned high CRI LEDS boasting excellent R9 values across their full suite of in-house designed colour temperatures. The first offering will see a choice of two lumen packages, in a directional, surface mounted solution. It can be mounted on a vertical plane as a picture light or on a horizontal surface for vitrine/showcase displays. KKDC will be at Light+Build and the May Design Series.

Trick iGuzzini


3.1 E31


Ergetic Intra lighting


3.1 D20


Trick is a button-object, an LED capable of generating spectacular geometrical effects, with a well defined and punctual shape, circles, concentrated lines, decorative graphic elements in numberless combinations, as well as grazing light effects. The fitting is capable of defining and personalising space, giving rhythm and creating design sets. Three bodies are available: small 45mm, medium 90mm and large 160mm. Trick has been created in blade of light, wall washer and radial versions to create eight different luminous effects and offers a complete system.

Ergetic represents an alternative approach to the recessed light box. It combines a distinctive design with three modes of functionality. The backlight mode with white LEDs creates a uniform and perfectly balanced light, ideal for general lighting while RGB colour-changers create an ambient atmosphere. The central part of the product integrates an efficient high power LED spotlight, a third mode, developed for use in lobbies or corridors. Ergetic offers a direct diffused light performance with 4600 lm at 92 lm/W, while spotlights generate 1700 lm at 89 lm/W with CRI Ra 95.

Pride Series Lamp 83

LED50 Lucent


3.1 B18


Lamp 83’s latest product, Pride Series has been designed to perform at the highest performance levels. Working well for the long term, the product offers 4900 lm output with minimum energy consumption featuring 3000-4000K,12-18-25-30-44W dimmable and minimum 50,000 hours LED economic life. The product also offers four different beam angles, adjustability and 11 different body colour options. There are also seven different body versions such as spot, fixed recessed and single, dual and triple adjustable recessed fixtures.


4.2 D04


This 50mm LED engine is specifically designed to offer a warm dimming option LED source to the Lucent range of LED modules. The LED50 Ambiance WarmDim is powered at a constant current and is designed to be used with a dimmable driver (phase or digital/analog protocols).



New 530 series ONOK


1.2 D40


A large family of downlights equipped with the latest LED technology, offering high quality LED solutions, this product is suited to shops, museums, hotels, restaurants and offices. This range offers many options, giving clients the possibility to adapt the product to the real needs of their project. 3 different beam reflectors, 25º / 36º / 60º, can be combined with different regulation systems, 1-10V/PUSH or DALI. Various protection levels are offered against dust, solid elements and humidity, with a maximum IP54. A changeable diffusor with three options is available: prismatic, satin or transparent. Colour temperature also variable.

Allegro Traxon


2.0 STAND B50

This discreet, yet revealing fixture offers a brilliant radiance. Traxon Allegro reveals and illuminates key architectural features, bringing them immediately into focus. Yet Allegro’s extra slim design means it can be discreetly installed in confined spaces – ensuring the structure’s shape and outline remain uncompromised. Simple cabling makes installation quick and easy, while energy efficient design keeps running costs low. Captivating illumination that goes hand in hand with true simplicity.


Ozone 70W-150W Series 4.1 ROAL Electronics HALL



Ozone Series is designed for directly powering LEDs in high power indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. The product features a field programmable output set point (using Ozone Programming Tools), adjustable dimming and is DALI & PWM ready. With fade time setting and a constant light function, the product also features 0 – 10V or 1 – 10V, standard dimming controls and universal inputs of 120V/240V/277VAC. This is a highly efficient product with a single channel constant current output and cooling devices included. Offering high efficiency at 90%, an active PFC 0.9, THD 20% and auxiliary 5V output for powering active. Worldwide safety approvals are also featured.


TLON LED is the latest offering of the FLASH DQ brand by LUG. Its an interesting fusion of simplicity and modern technology. Made with use of LED produced by LUG, the product is an attractive interior lighting product and an efficient fixture. Dedicated to office spaces, conference rooms, lobbies and reception areas, as well as shopping malls, car showrooms and boutiques. The product will be availbale to view at Light+Building.

Fioreled Forma HALL

4.2 H21


ROFY was designed for all types of market sectors such as offices, receptions, waiting rooms, meeting rooms and public areas. More than illumination, its elegancy, style colour, attractiveness and comfort, lighting solution to increase the wellbeing of people. ROFY is available in five different sizes, seven colours and three types of applications: surface, suspended and recessed. These features make ROFY a most suitable product for any application, between T5 and compact fluorescent.Now also available in LED.


4.2 E71



4.2 E10


An exquisite and charismatic miniature ground or wall spotlight system designed by renowned Italian architect, Franco Mirenzi, that enhances architectural landscaping features, such as flowers, trees and woody bushes, as well as outdoor sculptures and signboards. The advanced technology compatibility enables LED optics to use collimating lens for different bean optics, as well as variable color LEDs for creating decorative colour lighting effects. To emphasise its versatility, FioreLED can be ordered with an earth spike for portable or temporary use to create additional lighting effects as necessary.


Design: Cornelissen

Our sense for good design and a demanding focus on functionality are the core values which determine our work. When creating new lighting solutions we continuously strive to develop unique designs and create new ways to improve on each collection. This can be seen in our current lighting series that enhances architecture in a natural and cohesive way. We look forward to presenting our latest product news: Frankfurt, 30.03.-04.04.2014 hall 1.2, stand F50

>>> In search <<< For local dIstrIbutors UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Greece. Please contact us at the Light & Building hall 1.2 stand F50 or at our Head Office +43-7242-698-0.

Head Office: EuropastraĂ&#x;e 45, 4600 Wels Austria, T. +43-7242-698-0,

Mondo Arc.indd 2

10.03.14 13:43



Trybeca Reggiani

YOA SchrĂŠder


5.0 B46


This energy efficient urban lighting solution offers a touch of ambiance From large avenues to narrow streets and squares, the various configurations on offer with side-entry, post-top and catenary solutions provide aesthetical ensembles to create identity through the city landscape. The Yoa range offers flexible combinations of LED modules, driving currents and dimming options to provide the most cost-effective solution while improving comfort and safety for people. A good match between design and performance.


5.0 C80


SONIC the family of spot and floodlights are available as ground or wall mount and also in various setting. Body housing made of enhanced LM6 high-pressure die cast aluminium alloy and protected by Nano Ceramic film with double layer powder coating. Available in 3 sizes with a choice of 6 colours. SONIC is operated with High Power LED and Metal Halide lamp. Lumen output of the LEDs range from 1120lm to 7050lm. High efficiency reflector and pure-white glass are used in this luminaire family. SONIC is designed and tested at Ta 40 °C.

3 E81

Trybeca is a family of recessed ceiling-mounted luminaires comprising three basic shapes (square, rectangular and round), in four sizes (38, 75, 150 or 300mm), each with the same metric, so the luminaires integrate harmoniously with one another and their environment. Boasting three special spacers for recessed, flush or drop mounting in both. Available with colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, Trybeca integrates latest generation LED technologies with lumen packages from 280lm (38mm version) to 4200lm (300mm version).

Sequence Zumtobel

Sonic LED Unilamp



Acrich MJT Seoul Semiconductor


6.2 A04


The Acrich MJT LED is available in various packages, brightness, forward voltage and power consumption, this LED works flawlessly with Acrich2 IC for 230V AC, they can also be used in DC solutions. Due to the small current, the LED shows high efficiencies due to low current densities. Furthermore due to the increased forward voltage, the AC DC conversion losses can be significantly reduced because it operates closer to the primary voltage. In addition, passive components can be used with a lower power in the circuit so that you can reduce the required space and costs of the lamp.


2.0 B30


Sequence has been designed as a pendant or surface-mounted luminaire and consists of 8 or, optionally, 14 side-byside module units of identical design, each with 6 x 3 centrally located LED lighting points. Special lens technology with symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution characteristics in front of each of the 18 central LEDs ensures a perfectly directed task lighting with good glare control. This prevents annoying reflections on screens, tablets or smartphones. At the same time, thanks to an opal cover frame, the 24 outer LEDs provide diffuse ambient light.

Line Lights Wibre


5.0 A86


Luminous lines, continuous, installed almost without space, installed flush with floor. No wishes remain unanswered. The new Wibre line lights offer exactly that. A new design element, which can be incorporated perfectly into the surroundings and the architecture. There are two variants availaible: Completely even light emission - suitable for accenting and orientation lighting. Matte light orifice with visible LED light points - suitable for lighting walls and facades.

Crestron presents


Crestron offers lifestyle technology, providing greater comfort, convenience and security. Manage and control audiovisual equipment, energy, lighting, shades, security and HVAC from anywhere, any time using touchscreens, remotes and smart devices. To experience the lifestyle that Crestron technology can offer you, visit the Design Showroom at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour.

To book your personal tour, visit: Crestron Design Showroom South Dome, 2nd Floor Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London SW10 0XE

Mondo Arc ad v06 aw.indd 1

E T 020 7352 0028

27/09/2013 12:12



MIRA LED Arena Luci


4.1 E91


A unique LED Street Light series with a streamlined design for lamp housing, elegant appearance. The modern design and high efficiency LED driver technology make it ideal solution for roadway illumination, bike track, parking lots and parks. The advanced thermal management system contributes to unparalleled lumen maintenance. Surface with powder coating and anti-corrosion treatment for a durable fixture.

Linear Fittings Electron

3.1 STAND D11

EMFA’s new addition to the Belkis and Patnos series takes wall-washing to a new level using newest COB led technology, a high-efficiency reflector and a special acrylic diffuser to evenly spread the light. The COB led can be run up to 25W (700mA) and is available up to 93 CRI. The 84% efficient asymmetrical optics direct the light towards the wall and the painted glass cuts any uncomfortable glare. Rated at IP67 and IK10, this fixture suits most environments.

70W LED driver Helvar


4.0 B30


Helvar has expanded its 70W LED driver platform range to include a solution for high bay luminaires. Featuring at Light & Building in Hall 4.0, Stand B30, the driver is ideal for warehouse, storage facility and large atrium applications. The dimmable DALI version features smooth and flicker-free dimming performance from 1%-100% and is complemented by the Digidim router and iDim luminaire – creating efficient lighting control solutions for single room or fully integrated buildings.


4.1 G70


This new series of waterproof custom LED linear fittings has been added to the IP20 series. These fittings are IP65, IP66, or IP67 and are ideal for inground, concealed, general lighting for outdoor installations. They are made according to custom requirements in terms of CCT, CRI, lumen output, with Nichia LEDs. The lengths vary from 33cm to 202cm.

H25-S LED Castaldi

Patnos 5 EMFA



3.0 B41


SLED is a new lighting concept that Castaldi will show at Light+Building. SLED range has nine different optic beams and is a modular system that uses a patented connector that allows infinitive solutions, maintaining IP67 protection.

EDDI Microlights


4.2 D71


The latest innovation from Microlights, EDDI is the new tech spec mini spot that takes all the great things about MOVI and puts them into a smaller luminaire. It combines optical design and optimised passive cooling to create a compact fitting with a powerful output. A combination of this optical system and CFD thermal simulation software means the size of the head can be much smaller and it can be installed into a variety of track, or recessed 1, 2 and 3 way fittings. EDDI is the first Microlights product to feature a TIR lens (total internal reflection lens), which delivers a wide range of optics.

PowerMission Ligman


5.0 C90


Engineered for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, PowerMission is a versatile high performance LED street lighting solution and roadway application. Easily retrofited onto existing mounting systems, this is a simple and affordable product. PowerMission incorporates scalable light modules designed to be an aesthetic and economic alternative to high pressure sodium or metal halide street lanterns. Excellent optic product technology delivers industry leading optimized target illumination performance and light distribution.



Lamella Molto Luce


1.2 STAND F50

Lamella is a classy luminaire series made out of aluminium that revives the well-known design of the 70s in an updated way. The idea had its source in the Molto Luce Award, a design award which was announced by Molto Luce in 2012, for the first time. Through its precise, but also soft and pliant shape Lamella illuminates the room in a charming way. Furthermore the pendant plays with fascinating lighting and shade effects. Lamella impresses when mounted in groups as well as a single pendant.



4.0 STAND F31

MCPET and MCPOLYCA provide very high levels of total and diffuse reflectivity. These materials can be formed into three dimensional components or can be blade or laser cut into two dimensional parts. Its rigidity means that no support is required and aluminium is redundant as a structural component. Other products include heat sink, heat pipe, thermal transfer pads and moisture absorbing materials.

LuxiTune LED Engin


4.2 STAND J20

LED Engin will demonstrate a new model of its tunable white light engine LuxiTune, designed to replace halogen downlight dimming applications at Light + Building 2014. Joining the existing Warm Dim award-winning module, the new unit operates with DMX dimmers and controllers and has a CCT function allowing tuning between 4500K to 2100K with users being able to separately tune both CCT and (flux) light intensity. LuxiTune delivers warm, soft tones of dimmed light in a compact single emitter while maintaining colour quality and consistency.

Hall 4.2, Stand D50


70m tall & lit to perfection

Broadcasting Tower, Leeds, UK. Fusion: Launching at Light + Building 2014 Mondo L+B Ad.indd 1

17/03/2014 12:24:23


Xicato spotlight Proliad

Agora Plaza

Agora Plaza

This robust fixture is marked out by its simplicity and quality. It is manufactured out of one piece of aluminium and the design enables a variety of applications. Therefore it can be used for different kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. This fixture is offered with Xicato LED-modules, but the use of other LEDs in this is also possible. The product can be offered as a complete fixture, as well as a White Label fixture.

LVX Mike Stoane Lighting The LVX launched last year, introducing on board manual dim as well as down the line dimming. The new LVX-i looks subtly different from past products. MSL, Xicato and Eutrac have been working together to launch this ground-breaking new combination, a 48V data track from Eutrac and a new intelligent module from Xicato with endless technical capabilities, all delivered in the Mike Stoane Lighting type X body. The product will be available to see for the first time Xicato Light + Building stand.

Tel 44 ( 0 ) 208 348 9003 Web email

Luce 6 MP Illumination


4.2 H46


The Luce 6 Picco Directional fixture is a waterproof, wall recessed fitting made from rigid die-cast aluminium. The LED unit in this luminaire produces 1-2W of power, producing an even, linear beam, and incorporates its own LED driver. The recessed box design with protective rubber gaskets makes it ideal for outdoor applications. It is perfectly at home in gardens, walkways, corridors, and stairs, illuminating a variety of projects, from home to hotel.

Frankfurt am Main 30.3 - 4.4. 2014 Visit us at Hall 4.2 Stand A16

Visit us at Stand K111

Photography by Tom Cronin


3D LED Flex 40 system RGBW 120 degree version Up to 55 Watts per mtr

Hammersmith Apollo, London Lighting design Jim Morse 3D LED Flex 40 system adjusts on site to follow complex cove profiles

Design by

Mondo March 2014 half page.indd 1

3/11/2014 11:04:43 AM



NEW LANGUAGE OF LIGHT Lightfair International returns to Las Vegas before heading to New York City and San Diego in the next couple of years.

Lumenbeam Grande Lumenpulse The Lumenbeam Grande is a high-performance, 100-watt luminaire for lighting architectural exteriors and façades. It has numerous options including optics for flood or accent lighting; a choice of color temperatures and colors; various mounting options, accessories and spread lenses; and dimming control via DMX, DALI, 0-10 volt, Lumentalk or Lutron EcoSystem.





Square Peerless Square is a complete suite of LED luminaires in linear suspended, wall-mount and surface-mount models ideal for us in in a wide variety of commercial office, hospitality, healthcare and retail applications Square luminaires are engineered to solve the most complex lighting design challenges and enable architects, designers and other specifiers to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout projects using luminaires from one product family. The luminaires feature a 3.5-inch square form and provide flicker-free, glare-free and worry-free illumination from a Peerless 360° total system solution.



Tangent VoksLyte VoksLyte Tangent customisable lighting contours are available in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes. These stunning sculptural illuminated contours are available in a direct-indirect configuration (as shown) or direct only, which may be recessed into a ceiling. These luminaires sturdily and easily link together to form seamless circular, curved, elliptical, freeform or straight illuminated architectural forms. Light engine options are either standard output or high-output LED in four high-efficacy color temperatures from 2700ºK to 4000ºK.



ORBIS Intense Lighting AOne lamps Aurora



AOne lamps are available as high output GU10, PAR20, PAR30, PAR 38 and the AR111 options, in both dimmable and non-dimmable versions. The next generation thermal management HVLED and advanced optics combine to offer maximum reliability and lifetime.

Featuring a high efficacy of 68 LPW (lumens per watt), the ORBIS LED family consists of OB1 Track, OB1 Recessed Multiple, OB2 Track, and OB2 Recessed Multiple luminaires. ORBIS LED luminaires have a modern and compact form with clean lines that blend with architectural and design elements. They have a 258° vertical tilt with locking mechanism, no exposed wiring and the upper housing is not visible.





Maya Tree Pendant Dreamscape Lighting



LightVault 8 Kim Lighting LightVault 8, the next generation of Kim Lighting’s precision engineered, vandal-resistant in-grade fixtures features an IP68 rated sealed light engine with aiming and dimming controlled by game changing Bluetooth wireless technology. A UV resistant pour box ships ahead offering convenience and ease of installation. The LTV8EB Eyeball’s optical module is adjustable to plus or minus 15°, and is ideal for delivering additional tilt required to focus on illuminating signs or facades.



LED45P Times Square Lighting The LED45P delivers the lighting equivalent of a 300-watt quartz pattern projector utilising a 45-watt LED module. The rewards are 10 times the lamp life as well as 85% energy savings. The LED45P projects stock or custom patterns (gobos) and is equipped with four framing shutters for precise beam shaping. Numerous mounting options are available. Standard finishes are black, white and silver. Custom colours are available at an additional charge.

Available in three styles, Dreamscape Lighting’s solid brass Tree Pendant provides a uniquely ‘organic’ copper look that is a welcome sight in backyards, urban parks, quads and green belt developments. A 2700K 5W Cree LED chip provides a subtle ‘tropical effect’ with either small champagne bubble light perforations (Suki), rounded square perforations (Maya), or with a frosted acrylic rod (Illume-air).




Gallery White LED Engin


LED Engin will showcase Gallery White, the world’s most compact emitter for directional lighting boasting an exceptional colour rendering index (CRI) of 97, at Lightfair 2014. Designed for high-end applications, including retail outlets, galleries and museums where accurate colour representation is vital, Gallery White offers high colour fidelity in warm white light (3000K) and achieves impressive individual R values (R1-R15) to enhance the contrast of retail merchandise, artwork and skin tones. Colour temperature and CRI remain stable over time, temperature and drive current.

Z Series Lucifer

EcoSpec Linear EcoSense EcoSpec Linear INT and Linear INT LP (Low Power) are designed with slim profiles, making them the smallest and best-selling linear cove luminaire in our product line. The integral brackets with 180° vertical rotation adjustability provide versatility making these luminaires ideally suited for interior architectural, hospitality, retail, exhibit, and display applications.

Updated and redesigned for improved wallwashing, two precision engineered reflector mechanisms bounce light to the top of the ceiling line for more even wallwashing. A special spreading film allows for greater lumen output. Generous 36” (915mm) on-center and 36” (915mm) setback provides better spacing flexibility and allows for greater than 1:1 setback to on-center ratio.






Las Vegas Convention Center

TRADE SHOW & CONFERENCE 6.1.14 – 6.5.14





EUROSHOP A selection of the products on display in Dussesldorf.

Alurays Profiles Alurays Alurays Profiles can be surfaces-mounted or recessed, horizontally or vertically on walls, hung as a pendant, or in-ground. Light profiles for interior applications are equipped with LEDs with protection grade IP20 and polycarbonate diffuser profiles with protection grade IP40. Alurays also produce a fully encapsulated version for outdoor applications with protection grades up to IP68.

MonoRail Feelux Feelux’s latest LED system, MonoRail, has a flexibility that makes them ideal for the retail environment. The slim, linear LED lighting fixture can be ‘snapped’ into place anywhere along the length of the accompanying Power Rail. Power Rail has maximum capacity of 180W through its length and can be installed with just one power feed to a maximum run length of approximate 20 meter in a single row. The track can also supply power to other electronics.

Hydralux LED Linear Hydralux is field cuttable and can be easily installed maintaining a high protection rating of up to IP67. It is available in three different light intensities 500, 1,000, 1,500 l/m, with a single 3 step MacAdam’s bin only. The cross-section of 12.5mm x 3.5mm (WxH) allows it to be used almost everywhere.

Mondo Due Forma Lighting Zest Nualight The Zest LED accent lighting system is designed with a sleek linear form that not only disappears out of sight and blends discreetly into all environments, but also delivers ultra-efficient performance in terms of energy and brightness. Zest has won multiple design and innovation awards including a Red Dot and supreme winner at the Lighting Design Awards.

EasyRemote LightingSoft The Nicolaudie Group’s smartphone and tablet software company LightingSoft has introduced EasyRemote, a Smartphone and Tablet app that allows users to remotely control a wide range of DMX lighting software packages over a local network. A customised screen including buttons, faders, dials, XY grids and colour wheels can be built using a designer included with the lighting control software or with the EasyRemote app. When the app is started, all compatible software instances are detected over a WiFi network and the screen is automatically built.

Mondo Due is a surface and track mounted, adjustable, cylindrical spotlight, with unique added features to deliver a crisply defined geometric aesthetic with concealed fasteners and wiring in order to increase the range of display lighting applications. Providing ultimate flexibility of lamp sources and accommodating any combination of up to three internal optical accessories, Mondo Due comes in two sizes, each offered in three colour finishes.


Pipes Intra lighting

EyeNut Harvard Engineering

Impressive light quality with high light output up to 4,700 lumens makes Pipes a top performer when illuminating even the most demanding lighting cases with vivid colours and textures. This compact and innovative spotlight is available in two sizes, reaching LEF up to 98lm/W. With a variety of beam patterns with improved light comfort and DALI dimming option, Pipes resolve almost all needs for precise accent lighting. The luminaire has been awarded an IF Design Award, Red Dot and Good Design Award.

The award-winning EyeNut solution allows users to completely configure, control and monitor their own lighting. EyeNut allows retailers to implement various control strategies, including ambient and accent control, aisle dimming, scene selection by zone depending on footfall and occupancy levels, and daylight harvesting.

Mundo AcryLed Grupo MCI Mundo AcryLed is a thin acrylic material that is illuminated from its edges by LEDs. With a specific milling system Grupo MCI are able to produce Mundo AcryLed units up to 1500 x 3000mm in size, offering a high performance and homogenous light output. This new LED lighting system is principally designed for architectural lighting projects, backlight advertising, commercial furniture, signage and direct lighting.

Vecto Ansorg

Glorious Prolicht The open ring form of Glorious gives the fixture a light, almost floating appearance. The resulting ring can easily fit into any room type, without appearing overly heavy and bulky. It can be equipped with LED and/or fluorescent lamps and may be controlled normally as well as 1-10V or Dali dimmable. The shape of Glorious means larger areas can be evenly illuminated, while also acting as an attractive design object in itself.

Vecto is a versatile series of luminaires able to fulfill three functions. For ambient lighting it can be used as an orientatable downlight. Its head can tilt through up to 20째 giving the lighting designer the creative latitude for zoned general illumination, so that aisles, waiting areas or intermediate areas can be dynamically illuminated. For the central area of the room a directional spotlight variant is available with a 40째 tilting range to ensure glare-free accent lighting. For peripheral areas, its 20째 (forwards) to 60째 tilt makes it effective for upper wall and decorative areas.

Pound Linea Light Pound is a track spotlight with an LED array light source that delivers a high quality of colour rendering. The luminaire incorporates a metalised polycarbonate reflector and a powder-coated, extrude anodised aluminium body. It can be adapted with a choice of three different optics, making it suitable for a variety of applications.



Men Sole Viabizzuno

Dynamic White LED Hera

This IP20 light shelf system uses 24Vdc electrified racks made of a special conductive alloy. They are available in three lengths of 3000mm: rack A with a section of 12x30mm, for exposed fixing; rack B with a section of 39x20mm for exposed fixing or fully concealed rear panel fixing; and rack C with a section of 47x20mm for exposed fixing or for fully concealed rear fixing, to hold two shelves placed close together.

The Dynamic LED Line uses state-of-theart LED technology to deliver dynamically adjustable and dimmable light colour. Depending on the application required, the luminaire’s colour can be individually adjusted from warm white (2700K) to cool white (5000K). Units are available in 333, 1000 and 2000mm lengths. For the basic 333mm length, the strip lighting is fitted with a maximum of 24 (70mW) LEDs. A continuous strip of 6m can be combined per connecting cable – the strips can also be shortened every 167mm.

TECOH MHx & RDx LED modules Megaman Megaman’s LED range has been extended to provide a full suite of Metal Halide replacements. Used with Zenia® Modena tracklights and Zenia® Carlo and Conxento downlights, Megaman’s TECOH® modules provide solutions that perfectly replace 20W to 70W Metal Halide lamps. Megaman’s TECOH® MHx and RDx LED modules deliver luminous efficacy of up to 125 lumens per watt for high performance light, have instant start and hot re-strike capabilities and offer excellent colour consistency.

LED AR111 Soraa

Splyt Reggiani Created in collaboration with lighting designers LAPD, Splyt is a system of interior projectors with high performance wall washer optics, very narrow beams (<6°) and an optic compartment thickness of only 40 mm. The system allows the installation of the luminaires to be adapted to specific design needs by offering semi-recessed, track-mounted, surface-mounted and wall-mounted systems. Splyt is availbe in two sizes: 120x120mm or 150x150mm, with lumens from 1600lm to 2880lm, powers from 18 to 32 Watt and CRI 80/90.

This a full-visible-spectrum 8º AR111 LED lamp has a CRI of 95 and R9 of 95. Available in June, it will has a peak luminous intensity of 27,500 Cd and light output of 980 lumens. The high lumen density of the GaN on GaN LED enables single source, high luminous intensity, and superior beam control. Soraa’s AR111 lamp is dimmable, and is available in a wide range of colour temperatures and beam angles. It works in fully enclosed fixtures, and conforms to the IEC/ANSI AR111 form factor, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of fixtures.

Vinci Lystra Vinci has a form factor that is traditional and functional, yet innovative. 
A symmetrical housing for the electronic gear box incorporates two arms that hold the cylindrical reflector with its integrated heat sink. The fixture is created with subtle surfaces, hidden cables and the distinct geometries that characterise Lystra products. The Vinci system can be fully tailor-made to suit clients’ specific needs and preferences.




STAND I98 W: E: T: 01376 343087


Economical lighting.


LED spotlight

Equipped with efficiently, high-performance LED technology and innovative reflector technology, NAVO sets the standards for an economical and sales-promoting ambient lighting. By means of indirect light directing NAVO ensures an extraordinary, light-intense presentation of the goods and puts brilliance on the shelves.

ANS_14_0022_Anzeige_Navo_106x310_RZ_10032014.indd 1

Lighting solutions for retail.

10.03.2014 09:35:26



reflect+A Almeco

LED Light Box Bright Green Technology Bright Green LED Light Box is an aluminium profile light box for front-loading tension fabric graphics, available in 35, 65 and 150mm depths. The boxes are fitted with the optimum LED system to meet specific requirements, ensuring a low energy, low maintenance installation. LED Light Boxes are ideal for retail displays; improving illumination, reducing costs and increasing efficiency compared with traditional boxes lit with fluorescent tubes.

Vega98 is Almeco’s line of highly reflective aluminum material, offering 98% total reflectance. It is used in the production of Almeco’s reflect+A team. The reflector is compatible with most LED engines and the most popular holders on the market. It can be easily customised, for small batches.

liteCarve Zumtobel liteCarve is a freeform reflector (patent pending) allowing extremely precise, well-balanced rectangular light distribution, right up to the outermost peripheries. Mounted in front of a single LED (CoB) point light source, the reflector directs 100% of the light indirectly in a targeted manner and makes it possible to bring vertical surfaces alive: this allows uniform, efficient illumination, not only of displays, but also shelves, large posters, recesses and specific wall areas. This system spotlight has established a completely new product category – the vertical flood-spot or vertical wallwasher. The system can also be fitted with other gimbal-mounted spotlights, depending on the particular lighting task in hand.

Luce Verde Sattler

Lady Y Spectra Lighting Lady Y is a family of LED projectors for installation on 3-phase track. The luminaires use a third generation Zhaga COB Ra>80 or Ra>90 LED module with the flux from 1100lm to 5000lm, depending on the version. Available with various optical units (spot, medium, flood and wide flood), all fixtures are manufactured with passive cooling (including the 5000lm version).

Sattler’s Luce Verde series introduces nature - and so a sense of well-being - into a space by integrating a luscious green moss surfaces into their delicate LED ring luminaires. The Anello Verde draws the eye both through its homogeneous illumination and the large-scale green areas set within the inner part of ring. The piece has been created to deliver an individual flair to any environment, be it a shop, a lobby or a reception.

Linear LED light engines Forge Europa The linear LED light engines are now available in 280mm x 24mm and 560mm x 24mm formats with options on typical light output of up to 1789lm/unit. Available in 3000K and 4000K CCT, with high CRI of 80+ and a maintenance free long life of 60,000 hours. The linear LED strips are ideal for use in linear luminaires to replace traditional fluorescent tubes in retail and commercial lighting.

Exclusive meeting of architecture with light !

MAY 2014

Organized by

At lumibat trade fair

lumi bat

The international indoor lighting trade fair



Oliver Ling (left) and Steve Dean (below) from LAPD, with the ProAir at the Euroshop launch.


PHILIPS PROAIR Philips revealed the new LED spotlight ProAir at Euroshop, a collaboration with the UK based lighting and product design consultancy LAPD. ProAir’s clean and simple look means it will perfectly blend in with the design needs of today’s fashion retail environment. Available in a white or black finish, this new luminaire, which took six months from R&D phase to the finished product, can help create a stylish and elegant instore feel. Retailers are able to tailor ProAir to their specific design requirements by opting for the most appropriate LED technology for them. This includes Philips’s Crispwhite technology, offering excellent rendering of white and colours with one light source. By making whites appear pure and bright, while simultaneously presenting deep, vivid colours, retailers can be confident that clothes on shown in their true colours. ProAir has been developed specifically for retail applications with a strong emphasis on light quality and beam distribution, to ensure the perfect balance between the accent effect and the surrounding environment. An innovative airflow casting ensures heat management is achieved without aesthetic compromise. Offering excellent colour consistency and energy efficiency, this technology has a range of optional accessories for design flexibility. An easy commissioning port is fitted as

standard to facilitate adjustment from the shop floor. Menno Kleingeld, General Manager Professional Lighting Europe of Philips comments, “Through this collaboration we have developed a solution that combines superior light quality and colour rendition with a beautiful clean design. By combining our technical expertise and knowledge with LAPD’s design capabilities, we are meeting retailers’ needs with truly meaningful innovation.”

Steve Dean, Director of LAPD, said, “Conceptually, this collaboration has born a new league in spotlight design and application. We believe its performance and flexibility balanced with the commercial proposition will allow any retailer and designer to create their own unique solutions.”




B ce ar

lon a

JOIN industry the leading scheme for the lighting

E ng ine


95 lm/W






rt e


a ch


Li c h t L

a bor

HIGH LITE® To light up work areas with high ceilings. 4 types: 6.500 lm | 12.500 lm | 19.000 lm | 25.000 lm Luminaire efficacy: 95 lm/W 2 beams: 70º and 110º IP65: easy changeable LED modules and drivers Excellent uniformity Extra flat (55 mm) and antiglare Modular light fixure every 375 mm Thermal test certificate Bin control



Recolight members have recycled more lamps and luminaires in total than any other UK scheme – over 30,000 tonnes since 2007. Average annual membership growth of 16% from 2009 to 2014, proof that we’re the lighting industry’s scheme of choice. We have a dedicated customer service team managing over 550 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month. Accredited by the Environment Agency.


Committed to maximising the recycling of all lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations. UK wide network of over 2300 collection points giving our members and their customers access to FREE recycling. Not for profit maximising funds available to provide free recycling. Set up by the lighting industry, working for the lighting industry, and a member of the LIA.

Applications: Shopping Malls, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Sports Centers, Warehouses, Airports, Maritime Terminals, Petrol Stations, etc.

Recolight operates the UK’s most comprehensive network for recycling lamps and luminaires, taking away the burden of compliance from our members. Recolight is not for profit and leads the way in lamp recycling with continual investment in initiatives to make lamp recycling as easy and efficient as possible for all. To date, Recolight have funded the recycling of over 200 million lamps.


845 601 7749


Frankfurt am Main 30.3. - 4.4.2014 Hall 4.1 | Booth G11

AF_Anuncio 2014.03 MONDO ARC Producto HL.indd 1

LIUXLive2013_Popupbanner.indd 1 11/03/14 16:37


0 O12

31/01/2014 14:30



Cone LTS

Avior TW Motion OMS Lighting The Avior TW Motion is a highly flexible lighting solution for use in presentation and retail environments. Providing superior colour rendition, toollessly exchangeable reflectors in three beam angles and a fully adjustable head, it allows you to perfectly highlight any displayed item. The light itself you can precisely adapt across a wide range of colour temperatures at any luminous intensity.

MOVI Microlights Highly adjustable, with Microlights’ signature “Hot Spot” reflectors and optics, MOVI matches and even exceeds traditional technologies. The latest thermal simulation software was used to develop and optimise an active cooling system consisting of a die cast aluminum heatsink and axial fan. This ensures the LED package is cooled sufficiently to deliver the high lumen maintenance figures, colour consistency, CRI and reliability. MOVI features a CRI (RA) 80+, L90 at a 50,000-hour lifetime, and COB LED module and reflector optical efficiency up to 97%.

Cone is available in two sizes, customized for up to 2,000 lumens or 4,000 lumens, either in white light colours or as a special light. The larger version is suitable for use with the new Hyper Beam Technology (HBT) where it unfolds its capabilities at its best. HBT is an extension of the PRI reflector system offered by LTS; it was developed for accent lighting and provides brilliant clear light – oriented towards the HIT light concept.

Illumini Molto Luce Illumini is classy and hardly visible at the first glance. With a diameter of 3.5 mm only it is strong in effects but pleasingly low key as a light source. The LED profile is also available as a dimmable version and can be rotated 360° in the stilted version which allows an optimal positioning. The system has a generous beam angle of 110°. It is available in 4W or 6W (SYS). You can choose between the colours black, chrome or pearl chrome.

Tino LED LUG Light Factory The Tino LED is available in two versions, 2000lm and 3000lm, each with two available beam angles: 20˚ and 40˚. The fixtures have a passive cooling system that ensures correct air circulation and improves heat dissipation, so prolonging the lifespan of the LED module. Tino LED is perfect for retail applications. Luminaires are available in white and black finish.

Algoritmo Artemide With Algoritmo, light becomes an integral part of the architecture. The minimalist design and the wide range of technical options (LED, LED RGB and fluorescent) create a huge range of design alternatives. Available in recessed, surface mounted and suspended, the family is suitable for a variety of different contexts, including home, office, hospitality, retail and museums.



euroshop displays With an entire show targetted towards the retails environment, manufacturers set out their stalls with an array of eye-catching displays.

Ansorg The large central area of the Ansorg stand went under the motto ‘Tunable White’ and demonstrated how different room atmospheres can be simulated with different white light colour temperatures. For five days the area acted as a hub for of Ansorg’s presentations, talks and discussions.

Philips As well as the launch of their new LED spotlight ProAir, Philips drew crowds with three of their eyec-atching OLED installations, including their You Fade To Light interactive mirror.

Viabizzuno The Vibizzuno stand had a typically relaxed air. At first glance, a flowing studio appartment of spaces, from espresso-serving kitchen to sleeping space. Look closer, however and a range of Viabizzuno products had been packed in.

Linea Light The automotive, fashion and food industries each had their own dedicated area on the Linea Light stand, with three conceptual themes - colour rendering, the value of different CCTs of white light and the relative spectral power distribution in relation to the different colour predominance of fresh food - were key discussion points.

Microlights Celebrating 30 years of full-solution UK lighting design and manufacture for retail environments, Microlights paid homage to their theatre-lighting roots with a stand theme that includes a large-screen feature presentation and backstage tour of retail and lighting technology. New products, MOVI, TUBI and Easi were also presented.







STAYS IN SHAPE WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF ALUMINIUM! We will also be displaying our capability in heat sink technology at Frankfurt.

Please visit our stand or contact us for further information.


Hall 4.0 Stand F.31

Aura Light Roadshow Aura Light will be visiting a town near you. This will give you a chance to learn about Aura Light and see first hand the products and solutions that Aura Light can provide. Our Lighting experts will be be at hand to answer all questions you may have regarding Lighting, lamps, luminares and controls for all applications. Guest speakers will be available to advise you how to reduce your carbon footprint and financing options. Location and Dates •

London, March, April

Birmingham, April

Manchester, May

Space for the Aura Light Roadshow are limited. For more information, please email

Aura Light UK, 4 Pearson Road, Central Park, Telford, TF2 9TX Phone +44 (0) 1952 200181,,



SPRING CHICKENS A selection of new spring products.

Reflex Orlight

Outdoor LED Lamps LED Lux Italia Presents a step forward in LED lamp technology. This kind of LED lamp maintains the same shape of a traditional incandescent bulb with the advantage of using the most advanced LED technology available to emit high luminous flux, projected at 350°. The energy consumption is reduced by 60% compared to a traditional incandescent lamp.

Orlight’s new linear LED solution is set to take the architectural lighting market by storm. Reflex – the continuous, flexible, submersible linear LED solution is available in both top edge and side edge illumination. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Reflex eliminates LED trails on reflective surfaces and negates the need for profiles/extrusions. Most importantly, Orlight believes the price point for this product will ensure Reflex is adopted on varied projects in both the UK and international markets.

LED Lightline ADO Lights ADO Lights has developed a LED light line that is totally sealed and features an IP68 rating for inside and outside use. The housing is made of an aluminum (12mm width) or stainless steel (20mm width) profile depending on the requirement of the area of use. Straight and curved versions are available, which are produced in a customised length and radius. RGB, white (in different light colours) and also a coloured sealing is possible.

Street Lights Noortek Noortek offers high-end professional lighting and advanced and reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting applications, including lighting controls. Noortek products are suitable for highly sustainable lighting applications as they make use of latest the technologies, gear and optics to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. The products allow for lighting designs that are economic and, at the same time, meet the need for comfort, reliability and emotional atmospheres of people. All products conform with the latest quality standards.

Silver AgonLight LD36 Lightgraphix LD36 surface washer features the latest in LED technology and uses collimating lenses to focus the light, packaged in a new, compact profile. Designed to create a continuous wash, the LED spacing is maintained across multiple lengths, so no dark spots! New high efficiency optics specially designed for LightGraphix guarantee excellent beam spread and shape. LD36 offers great flexibility to the designer, with a range of options that suit most applications, details and project budgets. Lengths are custom made to suit.

This high-quality solution designed by AgonLight is perfect for facade architectural lighting. A RGB+W/A or static/ dynamic white version with built-in PSU and DMX512 control, the product is addressable by dip-switch or RDM protocol. Silver can feature narrow, medium and wide beams and is availbale in different sizes such as 600-900-1200mm (38-60-77W). Housed in silver anodised aluminum with tempered glass, a vent valve makes this the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor, permanent, lighting installations. AgonLight worked on the Princess Tower in Dubai, the highest residential tower in the world, a project that was later named Best Middle-East Lighting Project in 2013.

GILE2014_236X333MM.pdf 1 2013-10-25 10:47:33









Project and Assistant Designers Lighting Planners Associates is an award-winning Architectural Lighting Consultancy with offices in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are looking for highly motivated lighting designers for our Singapore office to work in our large scale projects in the region. Applications are open for project and assistant designers. Project Designers must have completed projects to show their experience. Assistant Designers should have a lighting education background as a minimum requirement. Applicants must have good skills in AutoCAD, Photoshop rendering and Lighting Calculation software. Hand sketch skills, Architectural Photography, and Visual Communication skills, Mandarin speaking will be considered as bonus skill sets. You will be expected to work on highend projects, both in Singapore and overseas, as part of a team and travel to project locations may also be a part of your job scope. Salary and benefits will be based on your ability and experience. Interested Applicants should send e-mails to : The Recruitment Officer Lighting Planners Associates (S) Pte Ltd 51 B Neil Road Singapore 088829

Looking for creative staff? We’ve got it covered. mondo*arc has the most targeted circulation of any international lighting magazine. Look at our International Lighting Design Survey to see what we mean. Reach our comprehensive circulation of 12,000 lighting designers, consultants, architects, manufacturers, distributors and end users in 107 countries. Adverts are also included in the digital issue and website. Call Mark Hattersley on +44 161 476 8350 or email

E-Mail: Website: To apply, please send a CV with your portfolio that clearly explains your work with light. Only Interested applicants may apply, no agencies please.

ADVERTISERS INDEX A&O.....................................................................191 acdc.....................................................................201 Acolyte..................................................................89 AHL..........................................................................2 Alto........................................................................69 Amerlux.................................................................47 Anolis.......................................................................6 Ansorg.................................................................211 Applelec..............................................................163 Architectural Area Lighting....................................43 Architonic................................................................8 Arena Luci..............................................................57 Arlight..................................................................139 Aura Light............................................................219 Aurora....................................................................34 Axis LED................................................................57 Barbizon..............................................................123 Castaldi..................................................................89 CD+M Lighting Design Group............................223 CLS........................................................................12 Crestron...............................................................197 Cundall................................................................223 Dalcnet................................................................123 David Morgan Associates....................................202 Deltalight...............................................................79 Dial......................................................................145 EBV..........................................................................3 EcoSense Lighting.................................................91 Eden Design..........................................................77 Electron...............................................................149 EMFA...................................................................105 Encapsulite............................................................16 Enigma................................................................175 ERCO....................................................................4-5 ETC........................................................................85 Fuhua Electronic .................................................211 Furukawa.............................................................219 Griven....................................................................19

Grupo MCI..........................................................215 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition......221 GVA Lighting.......................................................109 HALLA...................................................................15 Havells-Sylvania...................................................173 Huda Lighting......................................................185 IALD.....................................................................205 iGuzzini..................................................................53 Illumination Physics.............................................107 Insta...............................................................59, 145 Instrument Systems.................................................7 Intralux...................................................................23 Kim Lighting..........................................................83 KKDC...................................................................177 Lamp .....................................................................25 Lamp 83.................................................................11 LEC-Lyon.............................................................149 LED Linear...........................................................228 LED Lux Italia.......................................................117 Lee Filters ...........................................................189 Light Bureau........................................................223 Lightfair...............................................................207 Lightgraphix........................................................101 Lighting Planners Associates...............................222 Ligman.................................................................183 Lucent..................................................................143 Lucifer....................................................................21 LUG.....................................................................123 Lumenpulse...........................................................45 Lumibat................................................................213 Luxintec...............................................................199 May Design Series...............................................168 MBN....................................................................187 Microlights.............................................................35 Molto Luce..........................................................195 MP Illumination....................................................200 Neo-Neon...........................................................199 Neonlite...............................................................179

New Sun Lighting................................................203 Nexia Illumination..................................................85 Nexo Luce...........................................................113 Nicolaudie...............................................................9 Noortek.................................................................13 Norka.....................................................................33 OMS......................................................................67 ONOK Luz TĂŠcnica..............................................151 Optolum................................................................63 Orlight.....................................................................1 Paul Nulty Lighting Design..................................223 Proliad.................................................................153 Pulsar.....................................................................10 Recolight.............................................................215 Remote Controlled Lighting..................................93 Rising Dragon Technology..................................217 Rosco...................................................................137 Roxo Lighting......................................................157 SAT......................................................................195 Sattler..................................................................227 Schreder................................................................73 Selux......................................................................59 Seoul Semiconductor..........................................191 Sharp...................................................................161 Signcomplex..........................................................14 SLL.......................................................................159 Studio Due............................................................17 Timage................................................................211 Traxon:e:cue..........................................................99 Triolight.................................................................75 Tyson...................................................................131 Unilamp...............................................................115 Wibre...................................................................117 Wuxi Jinshun Lighting.........................................193 Xicato..................................................................121 Zumtobel...............................................................65

ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE MADE TO JASON PENNINGTON. TEL: +44 (0) 161 476 8350 EMAIL: J.PENNINGTON@MONDIALE.CO.UK The US annual subscription price is USD105. Airfreight and mailing in the USA by agent named Air Business Ltd, c/o Worldnet Shipping Inc., 156-15, 146th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA. Periodicals postage pending at Jamaica NY 11431. US Postmaster: Send address changes to mondo*arc, C/O Air Business Ltd, c/o Worldnet Shipping Inc., 156-15, 146th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA.

Lighting Designer - Manchester Salary Commensurate with Experience Our award-winning Light4 team provides lighting design services for UK and international clients across a variety of sectors; independently or as part of the wider design team. Our focus is on designing creative lighting solutions which harmonise daylight and electric lighting design.

WE are seeking talented lighting designers to help us craft new and exciting projects for our clients in more than 30 countries, worldwide.

WE can provide opportunities for creativity, professional growth

An opportunity has arisen in the team for a talented designer. Our ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate creativity in their design and the ability to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively. Competence with PhotoShop, InDesign and CAD software is essential.

and international travel.

WE are an award-winning, multi-disciplinary lighting and controls design firm, developing the foremost theme parks, casinos, resorts, commercial towers and retail centers, every day. YOU must have at least 3 years of experience in architectural lighting design and be fluent in English. Proficiency in Mandarin or Arabic is a plus. Ideal candidates will possess a comprehensive knowledge of international lighting, controls and industry practices and will have proven experience with Autocad, AGI32, Adobe CS, Dialux, Revit, Sketchup and Microsoft Office.

We offer exciting and challenging work for high-profile clients, and genuine opportunities for development, as well as a great working environment. Our competitive salary and benefits package includes the flexibility to tailor your reward to suit your personal circumstances.

Please submit a CV and cover letter describing your interests to

To find out more about our business, or to apply for this role, please visit our website at

CD+M is an equal opportunity employer. For more information about our team and our work, please visit us at:

Asia Australia Europe MENA UK Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP

Lighting Designer.indd 1

SENIOR, INTERMEDIATE AND JUNIOR LIGHTING DESIGNERS PNLD is a young, ambitious lighting design practice that works across a broad spectrum of sectors. We’re looking for equally ambitious Senior, Intermediate and Junior lighting designers to join our close team. Successful candidates will be looking for an exciting challenge in a fun and dynamic design studio. Salary commensurate with experience

Please forward your CV and portfolio to:

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Light Middle East November 3-5 Dubai, UAE IALD Enlighten Europe November 9-11 Berlin, Germany

LpS September 30 - October 2 Bregenz, Austria Illuminotronica October 9-11 Padova, Italy

Lightfair International June 3-5 Las Vegas, USA Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 9-12 Guangzhou, China Shanghai International Lighting Fair September 3-5 Shanghai, China

LEDTEC Asia May 8-10 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

INALIGHT 2014 May 13-15 Jakarta, Indonesia

Designers With Light Forum May 18-20 London, UK

Interlight Moscow November 11-14 Moscow, Russia

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair October 27-30 Hong Kong

Light India September 18-21 New Delhi, India

Lumibat May 20-22 Lyon, France

IstanbulLight April 16-19 Istanbul, Turkey

IALD Enlighten Americas October 16-18 San Diego, USA

Strategies In Light Europe October 21-23 Munich, Germany

The LED Show September 16-18 Los Angeles, USA

May Design Series May 18-20 London, UK

Light+Building March 30 - April 4 Frankfurt, Germany

000 226



Like the last Back Page, this edition is also based on the idea that what inspires us is already around us, should we choose to look, and our friend Claudia Kappl of Concept Lighting Lab has chosen to use an image of her local surroundings to illustrate what it is about light that inspires her. She is lucky enough to live and work under the vast Arizona sky and we are jealous of her unrestricted access to such an incredible shifting and changing backdrop for life. Claudia says: “Most often my inspiration derives from the experience of a short and epiphanal moment during the day. A moment where light catches my attention and stops me in my tracks. A moment where light is comforting or glaring, sudden or subtle, poetic or harsh. The impact of this moment becomes inspirational and leaves me filled with wonder or joy. It depends on the ‘becoming aware’, ‘the registering’ of the presence of (or lack of) light in its manifold ways. To that extent, what inspires me about light has a lot to do with ‘learning to see’.” Photo: © Claudia Kappl . Tucson/Arizona . Sunset.


TOCCATA Harmony for the Senses TOCCATA, with its dynamic arrangement of five intertwined rings, it is in continuous interplay with the surrounding architecture. The tangent arrangement makes the movement of

Ø 1900 mm 74.8"

Ø 1550 mm 61.0"

Ø 900 mm 35.4"

the light visible for the observer. Its linear light distribution creates an incomparable aesthetic presence of the LED application. – Recently awarded with the IF- product design award 2014. Design: Markus Bischof

light + building 30.3.-4.4. 2014, Frankfurt Hall 1.2, Stand No. H 51