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London ExCeL 17–19 May 2015 Be part of it now

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The May Design Series is the UK’s definitive interiors event. Meet British and international suppliers across five show sectors: Lighting | Furniture | KBB | Decor | DX The lighting sector at May Design Series will showcase the full spectrum of lighting, from decorative to architectural. Source from previously unseen international lighting suppliers alongside the best of new and established British talent.

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COVER IMAGE: A SPACE, BERLIN © Christian Rudat Photography

#10 Welcome EDITOR • PAUL JAMES I am excited to announce that, together with our sister publication mondo*arc, we have launched our very own awards for decorative and architectural lighting. The darc awards is a great opportunity for lighting designers, architects and interior designers to submit their most innovative project work and for manufacturers to enter their best products. Even if you don’t win your work will be displayed on the website and you get your own profile page. Based on the reaction at the darc awards launch party, three components that people particularly seem to like are the year-round online presence of projects and products; the low and high budget project categories; and the peer-to-peer voting. And that’s without even mentioning the exciting interactive element of the planned darc night awards evening in London on September 24th. More details are on page 14 and go to to start submitting your work. Good luck! DEPUTY EDITOR • HELEN FLETCHER Welcome to issue #10 of darc, which comes to you bigger, bolder and with a brand new editorial team behind it following the sad departure of Pete Brewis. You will notice we’ve given the magazine a bit of a design tweak and there are some great new editorial sections for you to peruse. Kicking things off is our Details section, where you’ll find all the latest decorative lighting news, this issue’s Postcard courtesy of Factorylux and our new Focal Point pages. Next up is the projects section, pages you’ll be familiar with... There’s too many great projects to mention here but make sure you check out our cover story on A Space in Berlin. We’ve also introduced an In Focus section, which takes a look at the technology behind the finished design and then there are the profile and event pages. This issue we’ve got products from Maison et Objet, Northern Light Fair and a Euroluce preview. If you’re heading out to Milan look out for our Euroluce booth, we’ll be in Hall 15, but for now we hope you like the changes we’ve made and enjoy the read!



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Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015 from 13th to 19th, April 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Ugolino rectangular photo Gionata Xerra

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Showroom Via Vivarini 7- I-20141 Milano Tel. +39 02 89502342

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darc awards now open for entries

Sussanne Khan joins Yoo (India) – Sussanne Khan, one of India’s foremost design icons joins design company Yoo as Creative Director. Read the full story online...

(UK) – You can now enter your projects and products into the darc awards, the international lighting design awards organised by mondo*arc and darc magazines for lighting designers, suppliers, architects and interior designers. Read the full story online...

Moooi founders regain 100% control (The Netherlands) – Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers repurchase the remaining stake from B&B Italia, making them full owners of Moooi. Read the full story online...

Innermost celebrate Astroid success story (UK) – A decade of success for Innermost with designer Koray Ozgen’s Asteroid light. Read the full story online...

Clerkenwell Design Week returns for 2015 Clerkenwell Design Week is back for the sixth edition with full programme announcment. Read the full story online...

designjunction announces Milan line-up (Italy) – designjunction launches San Babila Design Quarter - uniting design showrooms and fashion stores in Milan. Read full story online...



Postcard Two paragons of cool, Factorylux and Light Collective, have teamed up to release a series of natural light in architecture cards, exclusively available through darc and its sister title, architectural lighting design magazine, mondo*arc. Each issue, Light Collective will explain the reason for their choice and then, inserted in the edition, will be a limited edition print.

#3 HAGIA SOPHIA, ISTANBUL This issue’s Natural Light In Architecture #mondocard collaboration with Factorylux is totally unique. It has a tear off section - fill it out and send it back. The best suggestion wins and will be printed up as the final #mondocard in the series. It will be distributed to the lighting design community around the world and you / your practise will also be celebrated here within the pages of darc. Our pick for this issue is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The historian, Procopius of Ceasarea wrote in 560, in his work Buildings, that Hagia Sophia “exults in an indescribable beauty” and a visit to this wonder of architectural history will confirm the ancient description is still relevant. The way that light permeates the space in this building and the resultant interplay between light and surface creates in the visitor a sense of architectural awe. Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofya (Divine or Holy Wisdom) was a supreme masterpiece of Byzantine architecture built in 532-37 by Emperor Justinian. It was crowned by a huge dome, only supplanted in dimensions a thousand years later when Michelangelo built St. Peter’s Basilica. The ambitious scale of the design led to an unstable structure. The first dome collapsed after an earthquake and was replaced in 563, with a higher profile than the original. Daylight penetrates the Nave from the corona of 40 arched windows located in the lower part of the dome and smaller windows north and south under the great arches that support the dome, flooding the interior with dusty shafts. Some windows consist of elaborate large semicircular openings divided by columns between which marble lattice screens also admit light through their openings. People believed the dome was constructed of such thin material that the hundreds of

000 0 O N

© Corbis

* Missing your Factorylux limited edition card? Then contact for a replacement.


candles hung within would cause the dome to glow at night like a great golden beacon, visible to ships in the Marmara Sea. The reported inner light actually shone out from the multitude of windows around its base, created either during the day by sunlight, or at night by the artificial lighting reflected from the mosaics within. The mosaic tiles are constructed with layers of gold leaf and glass or coloured glass rendered opaque by oxide of tin and create a huge reflecting surface of warm hued light. For once, it is worth mentioning the artificial lighting, as it is as magnificent as the natural lighting in the building. We can’t beat this description: “No words can describe the light at night time; one might say in truth that some midnight sun illumined the glories of the temple… Stretched from the projecting rim of stone… Long twisted chains of beaten brass, linked in alternating curves with many windings… And beneath each chain… Fitted silver discs, hanging circle-wise in the air, round the space in the centre of the church. Thus these discs, pendent from their lofty courses, form a coronet above the heads of men. They have been pierced too by the weapon of the skilful workman, in order that they may receive shafts of fire-wrought glass, and hold light on high for men at night. One might also see ships of silver, bearing a flashing freight of flame, and plying their lofty courses in the liquid air instead of the sea.” ‘Constantinople: A Study of Byzantine Building’ - Lethaby & Swainson Factorylux has launched a crowdfunding project to reprint the Natural Light In Architecture #mondocard series as affordable full sized wall prints for your home / workplace. See for details. filament-light-bulbs/low-energy-lightbulbs

Simon Says Lighting wall composition, 2015 Individual lighting tiles enhanced by crushed silk and Mahogany wooden frames 252 x 178 x 7 cm

Grosvenor Waterside, Gatliff Road, London, SW1W 8QN

Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier



darc awards darc and its sister publication mondo*arc, in collaboration with Light Collective, launched their new international lighting design awards at the darc night event in London on February 5th.

darc night, the launch party for the darc awards, took place on February 5th at Dilston Grove in Southwark Park, Bermondsey, London and featured a special lighting scheme by Light Collective using fittings from the darc awards commercial partners. A Dark Source animation and exhibition by Kerem Asfuroglu of Speirs + Major also featured. Over 150 designers and partners attended the event. Paul James, awards director and publishing editor of mondo*arc and darc, gave a presentation explaining the awards programme and darc night concept. “With our database of over 1,000 international lighting design practices, as well as interior designers and architects, there is a unique opportunity for every practice to get involved in the awards process,” commented James. “We intend to make the darc awards the most accessible and global awards programme ever. After the shortlists have been chosen by an expert panel of international lighting designers, each of the 1,000+ lighting design practices and their designers will be invited to vote on their favourite projects via our specially developed website. Using the model developed by the Oscars where all members vote on the work of their peers, the darc awards will give every designer a vote,

making this the only truly peer-to-peer lighting design awards in the world.” Each award will be split into low and high budgets, thus allowing the smaller projects a chance to compete and not just given a token ‘Special Projects’ award. Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers of Light Collective are excited by the prospect of a pluralistic awards event: “Having been involved in many lighting awards programs over many years, this is a great opportunity to build on all of those experiences and try to create a different version of celebrating the best of lighting design where the judging is in the hands of everybody. Helping to shape darc night in collaboration with mondo*arc and darc has given us a chance to create an awards ceremony that is by the people, for the people – it’s the Oscars of lighting design!” All the projects and the companies who have submitted them will be present on the website so that, over time, will become a comprehensive online lighting design resource that can be used by designers and clients alike for inspiration. There will also be product categories (two architectural and one decorative) that will follow the same philosophy resulting in a comprehensive online database of products.


Following the voting process the awards ceremony will take place as part of darc night on September 24th, 2015. This will be an atmospheric party in a unique venue in London. Imagine light art, street food, lighting installations… this breaks all the awards rules and will be unlike any other awards ceremony to date. Each commercial partner will be able to show off the capabilities of their product via a series of light installations from collaborations with lighting designers. Currently the manufacturer partners consist of Lucent, Megaman, Innermost, LSE Lighting, KKDC, Concord, L&L Luce&Light, Reggiani and Cooledge. A maximum of twelve partners will be involved in order to create a dozen inspiration spaces at the specially selected venue in London next September. darc night will be part of the IYL2015 (International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 ) related activities program and will be promoted by the L-RO (Lighting-Related Organizations) to raise awareness for the lighting design profession and showcase the importance and beauty of light.


Light Collective created a stunning lighting scheme for the darc night launch party using Megaman’s Dim to Warm LED lamps as a chandelier, Arturo Alvarez V floor standing lamps (supplied by LSE Lighting) and Reggiani’s Rios spotlights shining through the windows.

DARC AWARDS CATEGORIES 1 Best interior scheme - low / high budget 2 Best exterior scheme - low / high budget 3 Best landscape scheme - low / high budget 4 Best decorative lighting installation 5 Best light art installation 6 Best architectural lighting product interior / exterior 7 Best decorative lighting product 8 Best lighting concept Pic: Caroline Sterzi




focal point DANCING LEAVES PARIS, FRANCE Lasvit designers Luděk Hroch and Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá, in collaboration with Chhada Siembieda & Associates Shanghai and Hong Kong, have created a breathtaking light and design experience in the lobby of The Peninsula Paris. Made of 800 hand-blown glass abstract sycamore leaves - some clear, some with silver leaves on the inside - Dancing Leaves evokes a gust of wind, gradually spiraling upwards, which is created by entering the hotel lobby. Eventually falling into the pond, the leaves’ weightlessness in the air gives a mingled feeling of harmony and balance.



focal point ROCKSALT SILEMA, MALTA Rocksalt bistro & wine bar is aimed at those loving good wine, traditional food and fine cuisine. A 165 sq metre space that includes a bar, shop and living spaces, the interiors - designed by architectural studio Daaa Haus - are directed in a minimalist style with clean lines and dark tones; features that are reflected in furniture pieces chosen from Italian design company Pedrali. To light the space mostly recessed LED fittings are used. However the feature lights have been handmade by local artisan designer Roberto Tweraser using resin and real rocksalt. Pic: Sean Mallia


Pic: Sean Mallia



A-Ok Decor Design When industrial attributes and high-quality materials take on the space of a former 1920’s cinema, the result is ‘A Space’, plajer & franz’s answer to a real estate showroom.


Pics: Christian Rudat Photography



Top left A city map of the area greats guests to the showroom. Above left Five-metres of long thread curtains hang above the consultation islands serving as partitions. Right Graypants Moon lampshades, made from recycled cardboard boes hang down from the ceiling.

Tucked away in an industrial building of Berlin, occupying the former space of a 1920’s cinema is ‘A Space’, a temporary showroom for Natulis Group. Designed by plajer & franz, the focal point of the space is an ‘A’ shaped lamp installation inspired by illuminated cinematic advertising from the twenties era. An eye-catching space with convincing charm, ‘A Space’ is a fascinating symbiosis between industrial attributes and high-quality materials. With the space completely gutted, allowing for a blank canvas, the previous false ceiling has been removed to reveal a room with almost eight metres of ceiling height, referring back to its original cinematic use, while the walls have been stripped back to their raw, primary state exposing brickwork and traces of repair

work from over the years. A secondary lighting feature makes use of high-end design from Graypants and its Moon lampshades that are made from recycled cardboard boxes and hang down from the ceiling. Additional decorative elements come from Lightyears’ Carvaggio lampshade in black, while general ceiling lighting on the power rail is provided by Ansorg’s Bit BTC spotlights. Serving as a space to present and sell lofts in the Arkona Courts, the design of the showroom had to correspond to its functional purpose and offer spacious presentation opportunities as well as lounge areas for client communication. While a city map of the area greets customers, a model of the building and floor plans on the walls give a visual idea of the apartments up for sale.

Working with the lighting, seating furniture throughout is made of dark oiled standard industrial palettes covered with premium quality upholstery, while all tables are made of black steel. At the end of the room there is a small bar for snacks and drinks made from Aleppo pine, while five-metres of long thread curtains hang above the consultation islands serving as partitions throughout the space, and to ensure younger guests do not get bored, a kid’s corner awaits.

PROJECT DETAILS A Space, Berlin, Germany Interior Design: plajer & franz Lighting Suppliers: Ansorg, Graypants, Lightyears




Drifting Elements The Philips Wing of the Rijskmuseum in The Netherlands has been transformed into an opulent exhibition space, now home to the first ever permanent Studio Drift light installation. With the transformation of the Rijskmuseum Amsterdam now complete, it was time for the fully renovated Philips Wing to also reopen its doors to the public. Housing thirteen exhibition galleries, along with a separate gallery for temporary photographs shows, along with a large restaurant with sun terrace, the Philips Wing also finds itself home to five Studio Drift Shylights light sculptures. The installation, which is seen as a performance sculpture, is the first time an installation from Studio Drift - founded in 2006 by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta - can be seen permanently by the public in a Dutch museum. Aiming to unite the movement of industrial motors with silk chalice structures into a natural choreography, Shylight is inspired by a highly evolved

natural mechanism called ‘nyctinasty, which regulates that certain types of flowers close at night for self-defence purposes and to conserve their resources. This principle relates very much to human emotions, while most manmade objects and buildings have a static form, everything natural in this world (including people) is subject to constant metamorphosis and adaptation to their surroundings. With Shylight, Studio Drift explores these changes that express character and emotions in an installation of inanimate objects. Shylight descends into blossom in all its glorious beauty, to subsequently close and retreat upwards again. The goal with Shylight is to find live emotion and personality in dead material. More than 50-metres of silk, hundreds of man-hours and precise handwork com-

bined with refined technology is used for the realisation of the Shylight project at the Rijksmuseum. Its choreography can be programmed to an exact and graceful dance performance.



Crystal Clear French crystal brand Baccarat teamed up with talented designer Thomas Dariel to create a showroom that was timeless yet elegant with a touch of Parisian chic.




In the dining room Dariel plays with crystal, mirrors and lighting to achieve a game of spectacular reflection. In the centre of the room a sumptuous crystal table glitters with thousands of lights, while above a huge stainless steel framed mirror occupies the ceiling, allowing the superb crystal objects to shine off their own reflection.

To celebrate its 250th anniversary, French crystal brand Baccarat wanted to write a new Chinese chapter in its legendary history. In order to pay homage to its heritage while revealing a new image to the Chinese market, the brand invited Thomas Dariel, the talented Shanghai-based French designer, to imagine its new showroom space and create a bridge between the two countries. The showroom is located in the newly renovated Rockbund compound, which combines historic and new buildings, luxury stores and cultural venues, at the confluence of the Hunagpu River and Suzhou Creek, illustrat-

ing the diversity of Shanghai culture as well as the city’s timeless elegance. Baccarat House is hosted on the ground floor of a red brick heritage building that fits well with the brand’s image. Eliminating mundane and predictable clichés, Dariel defines the showroom as an elegant Parisian apartment with crafted textured details yet in a modern and youthful way. Inspired by French Haussmanian style, Dariel divides the showroom into two distinctive spaces. Accessing from the Victorian porch, the main living room is a pastel pink scheme, with coordinate contemporary

furniture in wool fabric and simple lines, the first impression is of purity and warmth. It is a simple scenography that allows highlights of three magnificent Baccarat chandeliers from the Zenith range - icons that punctuate the space. Modern style extends through to the display area where a pure white marble hexagonal high table and black pillar shaped displaying features toning down the pink and distinguishing themselves as functional areas. Shiny stainless steel trays superposed on the dressing tables exhibit Baccarat’s latest collection. Elements extracted from Parisian



Project: SLS - Las Vegas Designer: Philippe Starck Purchaser: HPG International




Haussmanian influence continue through the display space, with the wooden floor cut into herringbone patterns, carefully chosen pastel tone wallpaper evoking the feeling of a French salon or boudoir, and as a contrast to this traditional setting Dariel designed quirky moldings drawn in neon lines that galvanize the space by spreading out pink reflections to the Zenith chandeliers. As you walk through a preserved old door, you enter into a dining room that offers even more sophisticated scenography where Dariel plays with crystal, mirrors and lighting to achieve a game of spectacular reflection. In the centre of the room a sumptuous crystal table – designed by Philippe Starck – glitters with thousands of lights and harmoniously displays and blends timeless Baccarat collections. Above the table a huge magnificent stainless steel framed mirror occupies the ceiling. While magnifying the table’s setting, the mirrors positioned above and around the table also enlarge the dining room that becomes a fantasy place for opulent parties. What’s more, the three-dimensional geometric wallpaper especially designed for Baccarat House, plays another role – adding more angularity to the space. For this project, Dariel’s aim was to bring to the Chinese customers a feel of an elegant and exalted French lifestyle, experiencing the domestic life of Parisians with the use of Baccarat’s products… This is the core design concept of Baccarat House.

PROJECT DETAILS In the display area a pure white marble hexagonal high table and display features are used to tone down the pink and distinguish the space as a functional area.

Baccarat House, Shanghai, China Interior Design: Dariel Studio Lighting supplier: Baccarat

designjunction edit Milan 15–19 April 2015 Via Pietro Mascagni 6 Milan 20122

The leading design destination Register now to visit

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The Presidential Suite Cocktails with a view will never be quite the same again with nemaworkshop’s versatile redesign of POV’s lounge and terrace. Indoors or outside, the views are endless.

Pics: Vincent Chih-Chieh Chin


Above The Fransden chandelier hanging behind the Dome bar represents the creation of D.C. as capital. Below left The VIP lounge looking out to Washington Memorial. Below right A custom desined light fixture by nemaworkshop sits above the communal table commemorating approval of the residence act.



A Fransden chandelier is used in the POV bar with Gladstone Industries’ brass dowels as presidential portraits.

With bars that transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor, a 3,200 sq ft terrace and American pride beaming throughout, the W Washington D.C.’s newly renovated POV lounge and terrace invites guests to enjoy a cocktail atop the nation’s capital district. Hotel group Starwood commissioned interior architecture and design studio nemaworkshop to draw inspiration from the rich history of D.C. and craft a playful narrative that speaks of the conversation between the capital’s iconic architecture, history and modern night-life scene. Having worked on other W Hotel projects, nemaworkshop knew to focus on a concept narrative derived from historical, social and physical insights. They created versatile settings in which one can go comfortably on a date, in a large group, on business, or for the ultimate outdoor dining experience with

a spectacular view. With the indoor Dome bar, transitional VIP bar, and outdoor terrace POV bar, nemaworkshop created different areas from communal, to banquette spaces and seating nooks. In each of these spaces, the lighting was used as a means of story telling. POV is dowsed in gold, vintage marquee lighting with chandeliers from Danish company Fransden, and a back wall made of a few hundred brass dowels depicting three interpretations of presidential portraits fabricated by Gladstone Industries. Combined, these features depict the presidential wealth of the treasury building, all designed by nemaworkshop. Another tribute to the history of D.C. is the lighting feature above the communal table, marking the date, 16 July 1970, in giant bold numbers that looks down over the table as guests dine. The numbers commem-

orate the approval of the Residence Act for the creation of the capital district. Lastly, the Red Tape wall is an integral element in combining D.C. history with its contemporary significance. Created by artist Lady Aiko, who’s eclectic work is part of a current wave of global contemporary street art. Each of these elements in the POV bar and terrace seamlessly deconstruct barriers between past and present, standing as a vibrant mark of achievement in history and design.

PROJECT DETAILS POV Lounge and Terrace, Washington D.C., USA Client: Starwood Hotel Group Interior Design: nemaworkshop Lighting Suppliers: Fransden, Gladstone Industries

out of darcness comes light...

welcome to darc night

a unique international decorative and architectural lighting awards concept and event from


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Slow Luxe Hotel Hotel is a luxurious city hub that engages surrounding eucalyptus forests in its organic architecture. Sustainable and glowing, Hotel Hotel does its environment justice. Hotel Hotel in NewActon, the cultural heart of Canberra, is the latest venture from the Australian-based Molonglo Group. With a strong focus on sustainability, community, diversity and lifestyle, Molonglo Director Nectar Efkarpidis had a vision of creating a hotel unlike any other; a sanctuary from the norm – a luxury shack in the middle of the city. The project is a curated piece of art, with almost everything custom made or crafted specifically for the hotel. Stylists Don Cameron and Ken Neale curated a collection of pieces for the hotel, featuring a number of Australian designers along with refurbished Australian design classics from

Kafka and Featherstone among others. Bespoke furniture, natural materials and art are featured throughout the hotel, along with a spectacular entrance staircase that has been handcrafted from salvaged timbers and features Reggiani Yori fittings stitched into it. Two chandeliers created by Anna-Wili Highfield hang in the hotel’s lobby – inspired by the Bogong moth and the owl. The Bogong moth fixture began with a story its designer discovered about how the lighting in Parliament House had to be redesigned to deal with the moth invasion that takes place in Canberra every spring. The Moth Light at Hotel Hotel imitates

this phenomenon and features a circular radiating motif of the moths clustering around the light’s brass internals. The Owl Dance chandelier radiates out and gives the impression of owls flapping their wings at different moments of flight: some hunched, some with their wings in full flight, all with big eyes and heart shaped faces. Lighting design came from PointofView (POV) and while their brief was pretty open it was clear from very early on, from the client’s passion and the calibre of the design team being put together, that design excellence was key. The hotel’s 68 rooms and 31 apartments



Above top A varying angle of one of the custom made lighting chandeliers featured at Hotel Hotel. Above bottom Various lighting features were used in the guestrooms to highlight the space and add detail. Items were manufactured by Nocturnal and custom designed by POV in collaboration with Don Cameron.

have been designed by Fender Katselidis Architects. With no two rooms alike they feature glass pendants designed by Amos Enders-Moje - each individual and providing a rippled light effect dancing in the guest room walls. Other lighting features include bedside lamps, mirror lights in the bathrooms and desk lamps that have all been custom designed by POV in collaboration with Cameron and manufactured by Nocturnal Lighting.

“Don Cameron comes from a music video direction background and it is his aesthetic that brings the shabby-chic to Hotel Hotel,” said POV’s Design Director Mark Elliott. “Don worked closely with Nocturnal and the management team on the guestrooms, public space, soft furnishing and styling. The combination of these designers with the architecture by Fender Katsalidis delivered an amazing space for us to light.” Equally important was sustainability and

Molonglo had the conviction to follow through with ecological ambitions and its associated additional costs, as Elliott explained: “As a lighting designer, I still love the quality of light delivered via a halogen lamp, but this was quashed following direction from Molonglo, who held strong on his desire to create a sustainable project and LEDs were used throughout instead. “Everyone knows how important lighting is to a space, especially in hospitality where

Visit us during Milan Design Week, April 12-19 graypants showroom, Via Tortona 31



On this page Decorative lighting features throughout. Concept sketches of the lobby, reception and bedrooms were presented to Molongie Group ahead of the project.

you want to make everyone feel and look their personal best. “At the same time, architects and designers want to minimise the visual impact of light fittings in the space and this is why we have a philosophy of always trying to integrate the light.” However, on the Hotel Hotel project POV had clear instructions not to present a ‘slick design’. It had to be more honest in its delivery and consequently the lighting scheme became a careful balance of integrated design and purposefully obvious fittings that chime with the interiors. In the guest rooms for example there are integrated cove and joinery details to provide ambient light and to accent the raw materials used, while the downlights are surface-mounted spots with a custom

bracket so they don’t look out of place on the concrete slab. This is critical for the daytime appearance of the rooms. “The night time experience is very sexy,” added Elliott. Unlike when working for big hotel chains where blanket standards for light levels are often higher than a lighting designer might think necessary, this project was about trying to push the limits of darkness and functionality. Canberra is known as the Bush Capital and is surrounded by eucalyptus forests and wildlife. The NewActon precinct is Canberra’s new cultural hub, hailed as a cool new precinct where arts, business, local community and university life mingle. The POV team has considerable experience in hospitality and knows that often, to achieve something different they need to

approach it from a new perspective. “This is really something out of the ordinary and we have it right here in Australia,” concluded Elliott.

PROJECT DETAILS Hotel Hotel, Canberra, Australia Client: Molonglo Group Architect: Fender Katselidis Architects Stylists: Don Cameron & Ken Neale Interior Design: March Studio Lighting Design: PointofView Lighting suppliers: Nocturnal Lighting, Reggiani, Kafka, Featherstone, Amos Enders-Moje, Anna-Wili Highfield


IP Pearls is now a mature product and is ready to be exploited in grand foyers, porte-cocheres, casinos and other attractions. Illumination Physics is also able to custom design many other decorative lighting elements for these type of interior spaces. The VIP gaming suite in The Star Casino is just another example of the unique custom solutions and specialised design illumination Physics offers to the architectural lighting market. Imagination has been realised. This is the essence of Illumination Physics contribution


A custom designed lighting attraction for The Star Casino in Sydney by Illumination Physics

Specialists in customised lighting to suit your design

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Lose Yourself To Light The cinematic adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has been hotly anticipated by fans around the world. Sultry set lighting from Covet Lounge brings Christian Grey’s lavish apartment to life. Fifty Shades of Grey, one of the most highly anticipated films of the year, opened at cinemas around the world in February. An adaptation of the bestselling book and global phenomenon by E L James, the film tells the story of a love affair between a shy Anastasia and the older, more experienced Christian Grey. Asked to furnish the set of Grey’s penthouse apartment - bringing to life his extravagant ways and millionaire tastes - were Covet Lounge partners Boca do Lobo, Brabbu, Delightfull and Koket, with all pieces matching perfectly, the story’s nature, each lighting piece was carefully selected to fit its designated environment, from bold and avant-garde, to organic and feminine, aiming to mirror the film and brands’ common qualities. The set’s space holds a strong contemporary design influence while referencing organic and feminine shapes the idiosyncratic combination is believed to ensure a timeless and unique décor. Just some of the decorative lighting features employed to bring Grey’s apartment to life include DelightFull’s Ike floor lamp - from the Vintage collection - character-

ised by the rhythmic composition of its elements, reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black; Brabbu’s Vellum wall lights, composed of hammered glass, and Koket’s Hypnotic chandellier, which intricately coils and bends in golden spirals, weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette, are just some of the decorative lighting features employed to bring Grey’s apartment to life. Also from DelightFull, handmade lighting pieces struck a chord with Fifty Shades’ set decorator, chosen for their unique design that reinvent fresh classics with an added twist. Luxury lighting pieces such as the Coltrane table lamp, created by John Coltrane; and the Turner table lamp, with its art deco shape and inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves. Other products that can be seen throughout the film from the brand include the Meola and Amy table lamps, the Galliano wall fixture, and the Evan floor lamp. From Koket, exclusive pieces from the Guilty Pleasure collection, designed by the brand’s Creative Director and Founder Janet Morais, transformed the set into lustful

scenes. Taking its brilliance from the skilful application of crystal, the Koket Eternity chandelier works together with the playful Kolet Chloe sconce, casting a sultry glow upon Mr Grey’s flat. While the Vivre sconce, offering strong vintage details combined with a decidedly modern profile gives a strong and captivating light flow over the bench in the room. Commenting on the use of Koket products on set, Morais said: “My passion and mission with Koket is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces. The essence of my pieces dreamily complements the film’s aura of desire, passion and power. Although I never thought my collection would be powerful enough to grace the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, our inclusion has revealed the influence of exceptional design.”

PROJECT DETAILS Fifty Shades of Grey, New York Interior Design: Covet Lounge Lighting Suppliers: Boca do Lobo, Brabbu, Delightfull, Koket


Chloe sconce

Turner table lamp

Eternity chandelier

Vivre sconce

Hypnotic chandelier

Vellum wall light



Buen provecho What was once a humble bakery in Derby now houses an enticing blend of Latino culture and grandeur in the newly opened branch of Las Iguanas, adorned by B3 Designers.

London-based hospitality interior designers, B3 Designers, have continued their creative collaboration with Las Iguanas restaurant group, taking over the decor of Las Iguanas in Derby. The restaurant chain brings an irresistible bolt of Latin American energy to the high street with a combination of eclectic-faded grandeur style and flamboyant Latino flavour. The brief was to take the Las Iguanas brand, this time within a Grade II listed building in Derby, and reimagine the character of the

space in context of the brand’s ethos. Opened in October 2014, the 380 sq metre venue, which was once a bakery, has a capacity of 140 covers and spreads across a ground and mezzanine floor. The older areas of the building are connected by a double height atrium space which brings natural light to the central area of the restaurant. To complement this space, an internal courtyard was created dressed with overgrown exotic planting and oversized, antique, bronze chandeliers manufactured

by Lightingplus, dominating the apex of the central atrium. Beneath the balcony Orlando Vintage Wire Cage Retro wall sconces in brass from Industville are mounted on the brick. Also from Industville, handcrafted unique vintage cage wire metal pendant lights add soft lighting overhead to seating areas under the balcony. The restaurant also features pendants sourced from Chantelle Lighting, NUD, Holloways of Ludlow and Ebb & Flow.


Top Industville handcrafted unique vintage cage wire metal pendant lights hang over dining tables beaneath the balcony. Above left Lightingplus chandelier hangs at balcony dining level. Above right Industville Orlando Vintage Wire Cage Retro wall sconces in brass are mounted on the brick walls.



Exposed historic brickwork and giant distressed graphics recreate the feeling of street advertising prominent throughout South America. It’s with these existing architectural features that B3 Designers allude to ideas of faded Latino glamour, in keeping with the Las Iguanas brand, while reclaimed crates are stacked high above the fixed booths within the bar area. Key materials such as Granito cement tiles feature in B3 Designers’ bespoke Latino-style pattern in washed out green and ochre, while reclaimed timber boards in pastel tones add to the fun and flamboyance of the space. B3 Designers’ Design Director Mark Bithrey commented: “We always relish the challenge of bringing a vibrant Latin aesthetic into UK restaurant sites. Working with a Grade II listed building gave us a great opportunity to play with the idea of faded grandeur which is so prevalent in South America and of course stay true to the fabric of the building, giving an engaging sense of story to the space.”

PROJECT DETAILS Las Iguanas, Derby, UK Client: Las Iguanas Interior Design: B3 Designers Lighting Suppliers: Lightingplus, Chantelle Lighting, NUD, Industville, Ebb & Flow, Holloways of Ludlow

On this page Lightingplus chandeliers hang over the Las Iguanas open-plan dining courtyard.

Handcrafted Unique Vintage Cage Wire Metal Pendant Light - Drop As featured in Las Iguanas Restaurant, Derby, United Kingdom.

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Suburban Berlin

JOI-Design was responsible for creating the interior design for a new hospitality area in Berlin’s O2 World. Wire and crystal fixtures were specified to add to the hedonistic style. JOI-Design has recently completed the reconstruction and design of a the new VIP lounge at the O2 World Berlin, a concert venue and sports arena in the east of the city. With subtle allusions to the clandestine allure of an exclusive members club in Berlin’s 1920s heyday, the Diamond Ball.Room is comprised of four compact private stadium boxes that were merged to create an entertainment hub for as many as 72 guests. Comprised of warm hues of gold, platinum, cognac and ebony, when overhead illumination levels are lowered in the room, high-contrast lighting accents amplify the drama and excitement of the interior design. The room can be divided into two areas with their own entrances. Screened from each other by a black velvet curtain, the halves – dubbed Vodka and Champagne – feature different design elements that form

individual identities for each area yet also harmonise for when they are joined together. In the Vodka side, pendant lights specified by JOI-Design shimmer above the bar suggesting the cuboid shape of ice cubes as they clink in a cocktail glass. Manufactured by 2F Hotellicht the wired lamp shades that surrond some of the fixtures are highlighted with a decorative Edison light bulb. In the Champagne side, iridescent golden accents, glittering lights and soft curved forms recall the tingling effervescence of sipping bubbly. The cut crystal pendant lights above the bar in the Champagne section were manufactured by Lee Broom with high quality crystal glass added with the golden bulb fitting to create a golden glow. This duality extends through to the bar that is split into two parts. Recessed into the wall above each section’s back bar is a diagonally oriented composition of diamond-shaped bottle displays and cabine-

try with mirrored and leather finishes. Backlighting, as well as yellow internal illumination, creates a theatrical, ethereal glow. The Vodka section is characterised by its strong angular form and leather fascia washed by recessed downlights. Suspended over the dark timber counter are modern pendant lights whose bent metallic wire frames transform them into glowing asymmetrical sculptures. In this project the inspired specification of effective fixtures sympathetic to the interior design helps to cement an aura of glamorous style.

PROJECT DETAILS O2 Berlin, Berlin, Germany Client: O2 Berlin Interior Design: JOI-Design Lighting Suppliers: 2F Hotellicht, Lee Broom





Left The Seed chandelier from Ochre decorates banqueting space at Continental Oslo. Right Zonca wall lights are used to add warmth and design to various public spaces.

A fresh take First opened in 1900, Hotel Continental Oslo recently received its third makeover to date, resulting in a multifunctional space that blends art and accentuated lighting to maintain the building’s history while introducing a modern twist. As the only Norwegian member of The Leading Hotels of the World, the bar was set when it came to Hotel Continental Oslo’s most recent renovation. Working alongside hospitality interior designers RPW, dpa lighting was tasked with renewing and improving existing spaces, while working within the constraints of the existing architecture. Current hotel custodian Elisabeth Brochmann and Jan Wilson of RPW asked dpa to put together a design for the hotel’s third floor conference and banqueting facil-

ities. The design team, working closely with Brochmann and Wilson, was able to maintain the unique feel of the hotel while completely refreshing its presentation. With an extensive art collection and culturally notable restaurants such as the renowned Theatercaféen and newly renovated wiener-café, which has made it on to the New York Times list of the world’s most famous Vienna-styled cafes, dpa aimed to support and enhance the interiors through providing the right lighting solutions suited to the needs of each specific space.

While some of the hotel’s existing chandeliers were refurbished, contemporary decorative lighting elements specified by RPW with the help of dpa lighting, maintain an appropriate style. Bespoke table and reading lamps from Zonca and Porto Romana feature in the guestrooms, while table lamps from Heathfield add warmth to the public spaces. Wall lights and chandeliers from Zonca further brighten up the public spaces, as does the Seed chandelier from Ochre. Architectural lighting has been integrated



Above left A chandelier brings a touch of elegance to one of the dining rooms, reflecting the historical building in its design. Above right & left Chandeliers are a prominent feature throughout, whether reconditioned or specifed for the project. Right Table lamps from Porto Romana add a decorative touch.

into the hotel - working to maintain style and highlight featured artwork. Lucent Lighting’s Pinhole Accent and Focus 60 downlights create the brightness and drama needed for active modern spaces, while allowing appropriate beam angles, colour temperatures and smooth dimming to point sources. Osram’s LinearLight Flex provides concealed lighting throughout the hotel and is fitted into the ceiling coffers and integrated into the furniture. The hotel required a flexible lighting system that allowed different options, and so everything is controlled through a Helvar Digidim 910 system offering different

preset scenes. Thanks to a communicative approach between all parties bright, fresh scenes appropriate for business use as well as more intimate moods for functions and celebratory events were achieved. The overall enhanced lighting effect was achieved with equipment integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the building while maintaining the functional requirements of a conference facility. Working around the historic building constraints presented dpa with an interesting challenge, while ensuring simple but effective lighting was achieved. Each lighting element and opportunity was taken

into consideration with an overall finished lighting scheme providing interest, accent and emphasis on the surrounding interior while intelligently supporting the hotel in its day to day activity.

PROJECT DETAILS Hotel Continental, Oslo, Norway Client: Hotel Continental Interior Design: RPW Lighting Design: dpa Lighting Suppliers: Porta Romana, Heathfield, Ochre, Zonca, Lucent Lighting, Osram, Helvar



Pics: Adam Luszniak


A String Of Pearls Casino-goers can now wish upon a star under the newly twinkling light of Sydney’s Star Casino with Illumination Physics’ Pearl chandelier. When the Illumination Physics team was asked to create a decorative lighting concept comprising strings of LED pearls, never did they imagine the journey it would take them on. Originally developed in 2013 for a project that later fell through, the manufacturer’s Pearls ultimately found themselves debuting at The Star Casino Sydney, Australia, in December 2014. Following an enquiry from US consultant Shop 12 Design, the Pearl chandelier was then fully customised for the casino and as part of a dramatic upgrade, today takes centre stage in the VIP gaming suite. Made up of 5,600 pearls that use unique and complex LED technology that allows each pearl to be individually programmed

and capable of displaying 3D graphic content, the use of two, newly developed, RGB LEDs in each pearl gives an even colour mix within a diffused sphere that is not much bigger than a golf ball. Strings of up to 10-metres are supported by a driver, specifically created by Illumination Physics, each of which can drive two strings of up to 50 pearls. Specific enhancements to the Pearl included slimming the metal glands that secure the cables, down to an absolute minimum and then finishing them in gold rather than silver. The cables themselves were also manufactured in a gold colour. With a maximum distance of just 350mm between each pearl and less than 100mm

between each sphere, the main challenge for Illumination Physics was assembling the string of pearls… and all within a 30-day deadline. A tight schedule indeed, but the manufacturer’s engineers rose to the challenge, mapping out a procurement and manufacturing program that would allow only a few days for the final installation and testing - little room for a contingency plan or error! A project of such complexity required a powerful media server to control the content and Arkaos proved to be the product of choice - a capable system for the type and complexity of the content intended for The Star. While for the end user interface a Pharos touchscreen was used so that the



On this page The Pearl comprised of 5,600 lamps, that use unique LED technology allowing each pearl to be individually programmed and controlled.

Finally, a mains dimmable LED with the look and feel of a filament lamp


Squirrel Cage

35mm Globe


125mm Globe

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Top Illumination Physics’ Pearls cascade over the Star Casino VIP lounge. Above Technical illustration of pearl strings hanging off chandelier rails. Right Illustration close-up of the LED lamps that each feature two RGB LEDs allowing for an even colour mix.

activation of various content was simple and intuitive to select. A complete service was provided to The Star by Illumination Physics, from the control system design and supervising the installation of the Pearl strings in the chandelier, to the testing and commissioning. IP Pearls is now a mature product and ready to be exploited in grand foyers, porte-cocheres, casinos and other attrac-

tions. Illumination Physics is able to custom design many other decorative lighting elements for these types of interior spaces and a dense Pearl structure which is significant in width, depth and height has already been envisaged by the manufacturer to exploit multi-dimensional programming and create the illusion of 3D images within a matrix of IP Pearls.


200 Degrees Coffee Shop, Nottingham

Pizza Hut, Trafford Centre


Delivering on our promises for over 50 years... Blending the aesthetic with the technical

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Spring in the Park Lighting doesn’t always have to venture indoors to transform a space into something eye-catching. Sometimes, designs can work even better in the open space, as seen at the iconic Central Park’s Tavern on the Green.


Tavern on the Green, New York’s iconic Central Park restaurant, opened last year to much excitement. Since the landmarked building’s transformation from a sheepfold to a restaurant in 1934, Tavern on the Green has become one of the highest grossing restaurants in the US. Architect Richard H. Lewis and Broadway set designer John Lee Beatty helped execute the owner’s vision of restoring the classic and timeless elegance of the original restaurant. Focus Lighting was tasked with creating the lighting design, along with Ken Billington of KB Associates. “The lighting at Tavern on the Green was designed to embrace a more authentic and classic approach relying less on layers of technique and flourish,” said Christine Hope, Senior Designer at Focus Lighting. In the exterior gardens and courtyards, the lighting is conceived to have less of a negative impact on nature, while maintaining a strong visual impact. Custom configured suspended festoon lighting from Primus Lighting, sweeps across the courtyard and features custom made crystal chandelier pendants from Canopy Designs. For additional decorative affect, custom blown glass and metal ribbed exterior lanterns manufactured by Lumid and designed by Focus Lighting, also feature throughout the exterior space. “By using careful accents and suspended miniature chandeliers we created a land-



The Canopy Design chandelier pendant in detail

Renderings of the custom configured suspended festoon lighting featured in the courtyard.

Design sketches of the chandelier crystals used for the lighting feature.

scape of magic and romance,” said Hope. “Our inspiration was Warner LeRoy’s elaborate and iconic Crystal Room. We wanted to design an ode to that magical feeling of nature wrapped in light in a fresh and modern way. Recessed uplights highlight key architectural features along the restored façade, while steel blue coloured accents wash the new slate roof in patterns of light meant to evoke dappled moonlight.” On the interior, lighting details are seamlessly integrated into the custom millwork to create a warm, modern glow throughout the space while hidden accents softly illuminate furniture arrangements. Ornate, Victorian-inspired decorative sconces and chandeliers from Robert Ogden that evokes

memories of the glamour of the original Tavern of the 1930s complete the beautiful composition, combining antique components into a modern form. The decorative fixtures at the Tavern on the Green complement the overall lighting scheme by casting a warm light over the dining room and creating an alluring repetitive image along the ceiling trusses. The restaurant is supposed to feel as grandiose as a Victorian palace, yet as comfortable and intimate as a summer cottage. Softly uplight white decorative ceiling panels from Tokistar tie each space together with a bright airiness that accentuates the impressive volume of the structure. Throughout the restoration of the property careful attention has been paid to accurate-

ly update the original historic elements, as well as designing new elements that are a clear departure from the authentic Victorian style. The lighting design has also embraced this approach.

PROJECT DETAILS Tavern on the Green, New York, USA Client: Jim Caiola & David Salama Architects & Interior Design: John Lee Beatty, Richard Lewis & Robin Key Landscape Architecture Lighting Design: Focus Lighting & Ken Billington Decorative Lighting Suppliers: Canopy Designs, Robert Ogden, Primus Lighting, Tokistar, Lumid


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Carbone GREENWICH VILLAGE, NY, USA Carbone pays homage to the classic Italian-American eateries of mid-20th Century New York. Created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick, Carbone celebrates simple, delicious food that takes culinary cues from modern day techniques. Since arriving in Greenwich Village in Spring 2013, the 72-seat space has been acclaimed as a classic Italian eatery, showcasing traditional red sauce Italian-American cuisine. Coben’s design concept embraces the history of Italian New York, blending traditional elements such as brass chandeliers from Restoration Hardware, that were then antiqued by a decorative painter, and a tiled floor reminiscent of The Godfather, with modern touches like contemporary artwork on old-school Italianate-themed canvases.

Our regular feature highlighting the importance of decorative lighting in the work of one interior design practice. This issue, we present Glen & Co Architecture. Glen Coben has established a reputation as one of the most prolific hospitality designers in the industry. Glen describes what he does as telling stories and while some storytellers tell their tales through the written word, he tells his through form. With a passion for architecture, design and food, Glen has seamlessly blended his interests into a challenging and rewarding career. Some of his most notable restaurant and hotel work includes Mario Batali’s Del Posto, Carbone, Empellón Al Pastor, and the newest arrival on the boutique hotel scene, Archer New York, which opened during summer 2014 in New York City’s Garment District. Yet the seasoned designer is known for much more than his hotels and restaurants: Glen also designs fitness studios, retail spaces, and high-end residences.

If you’re an interior designer with an eye for decorative lighting and have projects worth sharing, contact:

Empellón Al Pastor MANHATTAN, NY, USA After a whirlwind visual and tasting tour through Mexico City with chef Alex Stupak, Glen Coben set out to create an interior that mashes up the concept of street tacos with a dive bar set in the grittiness of Tompkins Square Park. While no specific decorative lighting was used in the space, lighting from the Dulanski Group provides just the right light for the numerous art pieces - from sculptural and graffiti-style art treatments, to artefacts acquired during Coben and Stupak’s sojourn through Mexico City. The ceiling is canvassed in a large-scale mural by Gaia Street Art in collaboration with fellow artists Lunar New Year and Nanook. Cracks in the walls reveal porcelain sculptures by Brooklyn ceramic artist Biata Roytburd while curated artwork from Sylvia Ji and Dennis McNett dress the space. Additional features include a long bar at the front entrance wrapped in repurposed wood from New York City scaffolds. In the back, an open kitchen framed in blackened steel and yellow Mexican tile, offers a direct sight line to the restaurant’s main attraction, the taco al pastor.



Archer New York GARMENT DISTRICT, NY, USA Since arriving on the scene in May 2014, the 22-storey property has been heralded as a new American classic in the heart of the Garment District; a hotel combining the history of the area with elements of luxury and the personality of Archer, the persona behind the brand. Industrial elements were juxtaposed with finely tailored details crafting a unique identity for the property. At the entrance, herringbone tile, brightly coloured leather seating in red, blue and yellow, and custom artwork evoke the atmosphere of a chic living room, along with chandeliers from Illumination Lighting and Restoration Hardware - selected for their ‘residential’ feel in keeping with the rest of the design approach. As guests make their way inside the lobby they encounter new American small plate eatery Fabrick, again featuring chandeliers from Illumination Lighting and Restoration Hardware to complement a wood-burning oven and open kitchen framed by reclaimed wood from New York City water towers. Rooftop bar Spyglass, inspired by the phases of the moon, invites guests to enjoy breathtaking views of some of Manhattan’s greatest landmarks. In each of the 180 guestrooms Cerno Lighting sconces can be found with one of four custom palettes featured, where custom drapery, ottomans and throw pillows in muted grays, greens, and dark purple give each space a unique personality. General recessed lighting throughout the hotel comes from Senso Lighting.

Mediterranean design is the inspiration for TRYP Times Square South located on 35th Street in Manhattan. Guests first experience the Plaza Central, a grand lobby filled with Spanish-evoking elements such as a vaulted ceiling, suspended lamps hanging over the bar area, and sitting niches. Because of all of the natural light coming through during the day, the lobby area has minimal lighting including not only the suspended lamps, but also spotlights found throughout. The guestrooms have ample lighting with table lamps featuring solid-coloured shades, spot lighting, and suspended fixtures, complemented by wood flooring, area rugs and splashes of colour found on walls and ceilings. All of the selected lighting is contemporary, speaking to the clean and fresh design that Coben and his team wanted to create. Lighting manufacturers featured include Lamp Works.





Joyce Wang Known for her architectural approach to interior design, Joyce Wang redefines the traditional concept of the crystal chandelier through a Swarovski collaboration. Swarovski crystal house has collaborated with acclaimed interior designer Joyce Wang on a lighting installation unveiled at Art Central and held during Art Basel Hong Kong from 14-16 March. Incorporating Swarovski crystals in a visually and emotionally captivating piece that explores light and space, Oculus is inspired by an ancient Roman and Byzantine architecture feature that allowed the elements to enter through an opening in the dome. Wang is known for her architectural approach to interior design, incorporating different materials into her work and transforming traditional elements into modern creations. While lighting design has always been an integral element in her work, this exciting collaboration with Swarovski has offered her the opportunity to redefine the traditional concept of the crystal chandelier. “I am honoured to collaborate with Swarovski on this project which has allowed me to explore my passion for spatial and lighting design through an installation using crystals,” said Wang. “Lighting is the most important element within interior design and to have the opportunity to isolate it, explore it and capture it in this project has been truly rewarding.” Just as the Oculus bridges the inside with the outside world, Wang has created a poetic installation in which refractions and

reflections dance through space as light penetrates the crystalline inner structure of an egg-shaped silhouette. The simplicity of the design’s seamless exterior is juxtaposed with the striking shapes of 60 20cm crystal spikes and 300 crystal chatons within the structure, which emit an unexpected kaleidoscope of light. Art Central is a new event in the Art Week calendar aiming to showcase the next generation of talent alongside established contemporary galleries and art spaces from around the globe. Timed to complement Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Central firmly cements the city as one of the world’s leading art hubs. Commenting on the collaboration Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, said: “We are delighted to partner with Art Central for its inaugural show, and to present Oculus by Joyce Wang, a young designer who is making a real impact through her mastery of light and space. Art Central is a welcome addition to the city’s amazingly vibrant art scene, providing a platform for some of the most exciting talents from Asia Pacific and beyond, and cementing Hong Kong Art Week’s reputation as a key destination on the international art calendar.” The collaboration between Swarovski and Wang forms part of the crystal house’s ongoing programme of support for emerging

talents in art and design. Offering a new perspective into the unique nature of light and space through the innovative use of Swarovski crystals, the installation will be enclosed in a specially designed circular structure.





Extruded Geometric Mandala chandelier

Protea chandelier

Fuschia chandelier

Adam Hoets With an acute understanding of geometric shapes and architectural education, Adam Hoets is changing the way chandielers and pendants bring beauty and elegance to a space. Adam Hoets is the man behind award winning South African lighting company Willowlamp, which uses an original and patented method of attaching ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames in order to create intricate lighting designs. A tiny notch in the metal frame is Hoets’ magic ingredient in creating a fastener-free curtain of chains - the result is a collection of vibrant chandeliers and elegantly swaying pendants. After graduating as an architect, Hoets travelled through Africa becoming increasingly enthused by the complex patterning he found in the continent’s natural surroundings. An acute understanding of geometric shapes combined with his architectural education thus resulted in a collection of sculptures that are masterpieces of both

structure and aesthetics. “Many of my designs are inspired by nature,” said Hoets. “Whether a direct translation like the Faraway Tree chandelier, or like many of my designs that are derived from sacred geometry - an understanding of nature in its purest form.” Hoets’ signature pendants emit not only light but also creative energy and this is a key part of the brand’s ethos. According to Hoets: “Our designs fuse organic forms with high tech materials and processes to create a dramatic new genre of lighting. Each fixture is the result of a collaboration between the needs of the user, the creativity of the designer and the skills of the fabricator. Our responsibility is to harness creativity and transform it into

high-quality objects for everyday use.” These unique works can be seen suspended from the ceilings of globally renowned hospitality, retail and commercial sites. For instance, a custom-designed work was commissioned by The Melia Hotel in London, which took form as the Fuchsia in Smoke chandelier. Other projects include the crafting of 35 large chandeliers for the Ritz Hotel in Dubai, the creation of the Flower of Life chandelier for the Seerose Resort and Spa in Switzerland, a customised Protea installed at the Ritz Carlton Chicago, and a custom-made oversized Flower of Life chandelier in chrome that hangs in the hallway of the Mena House Hotel Giza, Egypt, to name but a few.



Home & Away The January edition of Maison&Objet was a celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary. The 20th anniversary Maison&Objet was held at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte in Paris in January. This edition featured a theme of regaining control, with a focus on the popularity of homemade and handmade production. The show aimed to investigate this by presenting three trends within the sphere, nature made, human made and techno made. Nature made was examined in a display by François Bernard who focused on work that mimics the way living things develop, while Elizabeth Leriche considered the role human being’s play in turning a raw material into a finished piece. Vincent Grégorie and NellyRodi completed the troika with an examination of our ‘benevolent partnership’ with technology.

Peppone Formagenda Peppone is perfect as a bedside table reading lamp or as an atmospheric object on a side table. The head of the fixture rotates creating a warm lighting atmosphere due to its high quality LED. The matte surfaces and polished elements give Peppone its own character.

Snowdrop Innermost A soft glow playfully peeks through the candy-coloured veils of this innovative lighting product. Each Snowdrop is inspired by flowers of the same name, drifting effortlessly in mid-air, delivering charm and character to any room.

Paul Smith Table Lamp Anglepoise This interpretation of the classic Anglepoise Type75 table lamp was designed by Sir Kenneth Grange. Its streamlined, modernist form becomes a palette for Paul Smith’s striking, colourful treatment, whilst its no-frills, mechanical functionality is clearly articulated by the playful colour-by-component approach.

Bloom Light Tom Raffield

Galliano Suspension Delightfull

Utilising petals of bent wood arranged into a symmetrical shape around a central bulb, the Bloom Light is available in sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, or in a combination of oak and walnut. The piece is inspired by the opening of a flower, the shape creating soft shadows of warming light.

Made of steel tubes crafted into a round and unique shape, the Galliano Suspension is unique in character. Inspired by jazz music, the design of the fixture is balanced and beautiful, especially when light is cast through the pipes that form it. This retro lighting piece is well suited to today’s style.


Fibula Lux Sarah Colson This elegant wall mounted light creates a simple graphic pattern. The product is formed from hand blown borrow ciliate glass, which is sculpted to create a dome. Simple on its own as a singular lamp or in multiples together creating a dramatic wall lighting fixture.

Matrix Chandelier Martin Huxford

Maggiolina .exnovo

Made entirely in Britain and designed on a geometric modular basis so that it can be enlarged to fit the client’s needs, Matrix Chandelier is fabricated from brushed brass and mouthblown opal shades, designed by Martin Huxford himself.

Inspired by the writing of Franz Kafka, the Maggiolina table lamp is rooted in the beauty and magic of discovery. The lamp’s designer Alessandro Zambelli considered the surreal aspects of metamorphosis when creating the lamp, a subject Kafka dwelt on in his work.

I.Rain Blackbody OLED This OLED suspension designed by Thierry Gaugain can be adapted in size and height in order to suit any project. Featuring from 37 to 137 lights, the fixture’s flexibility ensures that custom made suspensions can be adapted for use in stairwells or corridors.

Dub Pendant EOQ Design

Firmament Collection Ango

The ‘dub pendant’ series is available in a number of different colours. Featuring soft sculpted metal styled into a soft form encased in a hand-blown glass vessel produced in the Czech Republic. The ‘dub’ pendants are available in three different sizes

Available in both gold, silver and as a stand alone LED stainless steel floor lamp, the single fixtures can be placed together to create a cascade of light falling from the ceiling. Hand finished, the product is comprised of stainless steel with nickel.



Contemporary Plane Tom Dixon

The Double Dine Curiousa & Curiousa

Contemporary Plane by Tom Dixon, features a range of pendant, floor and table lights, including the Copper Shade and Mirror Ball. The range of lighting accessories includes an innovative pendant system to create a clustered lighting look and Megaman LED lamps. All of the designs are inspired by Britain’s unique heritage and are designed in London, made using unique processes and materials.

Spanning nearly half a metre, this is an statement piece combining a contrasting walnut disk with six freeblown reflective bowls of glass. This eye-catching light is made to order using any combination from a range of 21 glass colours.

Moresque Alessandro Zambelli The new collection of pendant and table lamps by Alessandro Zambelli aims to capture the Moorish charm of the Alhambra. Clear lines and compact volumes are features of this collection of light fittings, the surfaces flaunt an array of bold colours.

Lean On Me Ebb & Flow Form and function meet in the new table lamp, Lean on Me. Designed to sit snugly on a shelf to support your favourite books, its curved metal shapes reflect the light from the bulb. British and Nordic textile styles infuse lighting and glass with simplicity and a modern edge and depth of colour.

Studio Lamp MUUTO The dusty red STUDIO lamp reflects shades of raw iron and oxidised metals and is an exceptional fit to the industrial look and minimal silhouette of the design. Made from powder coated aluminium for a matt surface, STUDIO’s glass diffuser conceals the bulb, ensuring that a warm light is emitted from the lamp.

Light Forest &tradition Light Forest is &tradition’s first collaboration with Dutch studio Ontwerpduo. It is a highly adaptable wall and ceiling lamp system that can be configured in multiple ways, and which can vary in expression from organic and whimsical, to geometric and austere.







Euro Pop Back for another year and bursting with high-end design. Celebrating its 28th edition, Euroluce is back for 2015. Held at the Milan Fairground from 14-19 April, it is devoted to excellence in the world of lighting and features the best lighting solutions for homes, offices, hospitality and outdoors, as well as light sources and lighting design software. As always, there will also be a collateral event in the city centre, allowing non-professionals an opportunity to get caught up in the magic of light. You’ll find darc magazine in Hall 15, stand F43.

Vanity-oval Le Deun

Ginestra Astro

The new Vanity-oval is available in differents sizes and shapes and is an epoxy painted, steel oval, real dark silver mirror, featuring 96 LEDs with a dimmable driver and direct and indirect light.

With a retro reference but an entirely modern and individual execution, Ginestra offers considerable design flexibility with two size choices and standard lamps, LEDs or decorative filament lamps (squirrel cage). As such, Ginestra can play the lead or supporting role in a variety of upmarket domestic or hospitality design schemes.

Wave Baranska Design Wave is the new pendant lamp from Baranska Design. Made from handformed glass it uses energy saving LED Osram 5000 lumens modules and is ideal for kitchen spaces or reception lighting.


Liza by Elisa Giovannoni SLAMP Inspired by the classic crystal lampshade in a modern and functional design, Liza combines subtle Baroque evocations. The hat and stem are made of Lentiflex with thin vertical slits. The base transforms into a source of light thanks to a LED arranged inside.

Impossible Collection Metal Lux

Taut Lolli E Memmoli

Massimo Mussapi’s Impossible collection consists of suspension, ceiling and floor lamps that can be used individually and in groups. Designed for private and public areas they are a union of contemporary design and unique craftsmanship tradition.

Designed by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli. The mesh of crystal is taught by circles irregularly spaced between them - these tensions create a sequence of curves that are always different. The pendant lamp is available in different sizes and colours.

Original 1127 Brass Anglepoise The Original 1227 Brass table lamp faithfully represents the most iconic Anglepoise design. Incorporating Anglepoise linear force spring technology, this lamp offers unrivalled flexibility and perfect balance, with heavyweight cast metal base for stability. Can be combined with wall lamps and pendants in the collection to create a fully coordinated lighting scheme.

Beads Innermost Beads combines detailing and finishing from designer Winnie Lui’s jewellery craft and blends with engineering and technology of modern lighting design. The results are striking forms providing an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels.

Ahrendale 4lt Elstead Elstead will launch 500+ new products in their 2015 catalogue at Euroluce. There are some great designs from USA partners Hinkley, Feiss, Quoizel and Kichler. Featured is the Ahrendale 4lt rustic chandelier which has open anvil mesh to surround the Mica shades.



Tint Zero Tint boosts a room simply with its presence. Fredrik Mattson has played with screens, volume and colour and the final design, slightly oval in shape, offers both fantastic shadow play and different appreciations of the various shapes and colours depending on where Tint is viewed from.

Volver Round Terzani

Melting Pot AxoLight Designed by Sandro Santantonio Melting Pot features a combination of lampshades in various decorative patterns and colours. The suspension lamp is available in three different sizes with one, three or four lights, while the wall lamp comes in one size with two lights.

Geometric design from designer Diego Bassetti and architect Andrea Panzieri combines thin nickel chains with LED technology to create a light that is both elegant and modern. Volver melds technology and art to achieve a new level of luxury.

OLEDs LG Chem Nine different models are available with two different color temperatures (3,000K/4,000K), delivering high colour rendering levels, high luminance, high efficacy and long lifespan. They emit no UV, very low heat and no blue light.

Aspen B.lux B.lux will showcase its latest decorative illumination offerings, bearing the names of internationally-renowned designers. Werner Aisslinger will repeat his collaboration with B.lux, with his Cone Light and Aspen lines, pictured above.





Stockholm Syndrome This year’s Northern Light Fair in Stockholm boasted record visitor numbers and a rearranged style. The first Stockholm furniture fair was held in 1951 and since then it has grown into one of Scandinavia’s leading design events. Nearly 40,000 visitors attended the show this year, which had been rearranged. New areas launched this year included the Modern Mix area and the knowledge area at the end of the Cedar hall. There was also a section that dwelt on nature and environmentally friendly products.

Cymbal BSweden Designed by Helena Svensson and inspired by its namesake’s simple shape, Cymbal can be used as a floor light or a pendant. The fixture’s light design is a fine example of craftmanship.

Say My Name Northern Lighting Designed by Morten & Jonas, Say My Name voices the dialogue between materials and the act of making. This can be hung from the ceiling as a pendant light or placed in an upright position as a table lamp. Each light is mouth-blown in Italy and made from Venetian glass.

Hobo Orsjo Designed by Gustaf Nordenskold this rough brass and white opal glass fixture is ideal for use in an elegant setting. Featuring a soothing light source of 400 lumens, the fixture can be installed in a room a ceiling socket. Nordenskold is renowned for exploring designs, crafts, arts and industrial production.

Tilt Nyta

Stampa Zero Lighting

Tilt emanates a soft light that can be directed where it is needed. Easy, handling allows the turning and swiveling of the shade along its works like a cupped reflector that you can freely move around the light source, thus gathering the light and directing it towards the space you want to illuminate.

Designed by Cate & Nelson, Stampa is a a sound-absorbing fixture in a friendly, welcoming form. Flexible and adaptable in its elemental structure of laminated textile, Stampa easily changes in size, number of levels, colour and shape. Stampa is available as ceiling fixture or as pendant in three sizes.

May 16-19, 2015 Javits Convention Center

Even more of what’s best and what’s next, in the design capital of the world. Come experience the all new ICFF 2015. Register now at for access to more than 700 top international design brands and independent design studios. Find thousands of innovative custom products including accessories, carpets and flooring, textiles and wall coverings, furniture and lighting. For the first time – classic contemporary design in LUXE, a special new section of ICFF. And an remarkable array of special features – ICFF Talks, ICFF Studio, Editors Awards and ICFF Public Day.

FEATURING: The Italian Lifestyles Event

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The Luxury Design Showcase





On Show A look ahead to forthcoming design shows with a strong lighting element.

EUROLUCE • MILAN, ITALY 14-19 April 2015 (




ICFF • NEW YORK, USA 16-19 May 2015 (


INDEX • DUBAI, UAE 18-21 May 2015 (



MAISON ET OBJET • PARIS, FRANCE 4-8 September 2015 (

100% DESIGN • LONDON, UK 23-26 September 2015 (

DARC NIGHT • LONDON, UK 24 September 2015 (

DESIGNJUNCTION • LONDON, UK 24-27 September 2015 (







clusters of stars were hidden on Earth, Upper Bergamo had them all during December 2014. As part of a series of unforgettable events celebrating Christmas, Catellani & Smith created a striking installation in the middle of Piazza Mascheroni using its handcrafted Fil de Fer lighting feature imbued with a magical charm - like little nebulae, galaxies or stellar constellations. Shaped to give its spherical body a different form, larger and more elongated, creating a cloud studded and animated with white lights, the metal used for Fil de Fer was woven and folded by hand, giving life to unique artistic elements that went beyond the concept of simple luminous body.


darc is an international magazine focusing on decorative lighting in architecture. Published four times a year (plus a digital-only Summer R...


darc is an international magazine focusing on decorative lighting in architecture. Published four times a year (plus a digital-only Summer R...