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Following our introductory solo event in 2017, we ramped things up for the 2018 darc awards / decorative. We received 200 entries for this year’s awards, which in turn received 6,000 votes from independent architects, interior designers, lighting designers and product designers. The awards ceremony itself, hosted by product designer Job Smeets and held at the iconic London nightclub Fabric, saw just under 500 people from the design community RSVP to attend and celebrate. The darc awards / decorative are the only international awards that celebrate and focus on decorative lighting within interior design, covering all areas of hospitality, commercial projects and private residential projects, as well as the latest product designs from the past 12 months. And to make sure the right people win, we use a peer-to-peer voting system so you can be sure that the darc team’s ‘favourites’ are not guaranteed winners! If you are a designer, this event is for you and changes the dynamic of traditional awards where you have to buy a ticket or wait to be invited by a manufacturer - something that is out of the grasp of many junior designers and small practices. We also take a much more relaxed approach to the traditional awards ceremony - there’s no dress code and no table plan. Instead we bring you a night of entertainment, creative light installations from our sponsors for you to explore, as well as some of the finest street food London has to offer... and let’s not forget about that free bar! If you’re a manufacturer, the best way to get involved in the awards is to become a sponsor. You can read more about the benefits of sponsoring the darc awards / decorative inside, but with 90% of the awards party’s guest list made up of designers, it is a brilliant networking opportunity in a social environment. Over the next few pages we take a closer look at the 2018 winners, the awards night itself - including concepts behind the sponsor installations and you will also find details on how you can get involved in the next event. Thank you again to each and every one of you who that took part - sponsors and designers - and we look forward to welcoming you all to the next darc awards / decorative. Helen, Emma & Stephen www.darcawards.com/decorative www.darcmagazine.com



The Best Use of Decorative Lighting in a Residential Project


Nottinghill Residence LUUM were commissioned by interior designers Studio QD to create a Leaf installation for the entrance of a newly renovated residence in Notting Hill, London. Formed from aluminium and finished in a brushed anodised gold, Leaf cascades from the ceiling to create a grand centerpiece. Integrated LEDs radiate light upwards, scattering shadows and illuminating the brushed finish to create a range of golden tones. Narrow beam downlights are embedded into the ceiling, casting shadows reminiscent of the dappled light from the sun filtered through the canopy of a tree.

Max Cairnes: “This year’s darc awards were a fantastic showcase of contemporary lighting, culminating in a memorable evening at Fabric nightclub. This is our second year running, and we are delighted to have won again. The acclaim generated has strengthened our reputation in the lighting sector as ones-towatch. The awards night itself was a great opportunity to network with designers and specifiers in the industry as well as being great fun!”

Project: Private client Location: London, UK Interior Design: Studio QD, UK Lighting Design: LUUM, UK


SECOND PLACE Shades of Grey Show Apartment Project: Shades of Grey Show Apartment Location: Shanghai, China Interior Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart / Shanghai Lighting Design: pfarré lighting design, Germany Decorative Lighting Suppliers: Davide Groppi, Classicon, Georg Bechter, Oluce, Autobahn, Wästberg, Areti, Pulpo, Barrisol, Viabizzuno, Brokis, Lambert & Fils, Flos

THIRD PLACE The Green Monkey Project: The Green Monkey, Kingswood Location: Banstead, UK Architect: Barry Hillman Design, UK Lighting Design: The Lighting Asylum, UK Decorative Lighting Supplier: Vibia



The Best Use of Decorative Lighting in a Workplace Project


Revolution - Portman Square House Revolution was created to bring a bold sense of energy and drama to the Cushman Wakefield London Headquarters. Suspended through an eight-storey atrium space it provides a sense of dynamism and poise for the onlookers across the eight office floors, with each illuminated circular form balanced as if frozen in time. As viewers move from floor via the high-speed lifts or walk underneath the spoked nature of each ring provide a moire effect, creating movement and energy that transform the communal atrium interior designed by Anvari design.

The entire sculpture can be lowered electronically to the ground floor and folds into a specially made cradle to allow maintenance to the glass roof above; one seriously adventurous feat of light engineering to create a graceful landmark sculpture. Ben Rigby: “We were delighted to take part in the darc awards, and over the moon to have won three categories with our sculptural works. Being voted for by our contemporaries makes these awards extra special; thank you to all who voted for us.”

Project: Revolution - Portman Square House Location: London, UK Client: Anvari Design Interior Design: Anvari Design Lighting Design: Haberdashery


SECOND PLACE Hanse Merkur Versicherungen Project: Hanse Merkur Versicherungen Location: Hamburg, Germany Client: Hanse Merkur Versicherungen Architect: Querkopf Architekten, Germany Decorative Lighting Supplier: NEO/CRAFT

THIRD PLACE Hackney Town Hall Project: Hackney Town Hall Location: London, UK Client: Hackney Council Architect / Interior Design: Hawkins Browns, UK Lighting Design: dpa lighting consultants, UK Decorative Lighting Suppliers: Madson Black, Timage



The Best Use of Decorative Lighting in a Hotel Project


Forty-three years after opening, the iconic 465 key Hotel Sofia, re-opens after a nine month refurbishment, leaving behind the classic design and incorporating a more vivid, welcoming, modern and cosmopolitan design. Once the full height steel doors open, you enter a 3.5 metre high vestibule through which the main lobby becomes visible. It counts as two levels, the 3.3m high ground floor, which is connected to the threemetre high second floor via elevators or a main staircase that also connects the lower floor. From above, the atrium allows the viewer to have an overview of the main entrance whilst experiencing the spatial dynamics that the prevailing sculpture creates. Designed by Montserrat Garrigos at Selenta Group, the arrival experience starts as an emerging passage, created through rectangular planes that are angled in different directions with different mounting heights. The atrium sculpture

is composed of reflective gold and silver rectangular planes that drop from the ceiling with different angles, while the surrounding ceiling is composed from both matte white and reflective silver planes. The sculpture in the centre of the lobby breaks with the symmetry of the space turning it into a dynamic architectural environment, the lighting scheme aims to emphasise exactly this, by integrating a very slim opal LED channel within the vertical or horizontal edge of the floating planes. Depending on the location and plane they are lighting, the colour temperature can be 2,200K (on gold panels) or 2,700K (on silver panels). To accompany the main sculpture, the surrounding areas, with their rectangular white and silver planes mounted in different directions, integrate pin hole, darklite type recessed downlights in a random order that allows for the circulation and task areas to be lit, while the surrounding areas appear darker.

Project: Hotel SOFIA (lobby) Location: Barcelona, Spain Client: Selenta Group Architect & Interior Design: Montserrat Garrigos - Selenta Group, Spain Lighting Design: BMLD, Spain Lighting Supplier: Davide Groppi Birgit Walter, BMLD Founder: “Being part of a great event and winning the award for best hotel lighting project has been an amazing experience and it was fantastic to connect with the British lighting community - a great party.�


SECOND PLACE The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square Project: The Principal Edinburgh Location: Edinburgh, UK Architects: 3D Reid Architects, UK Interior Design: Goddard Littlefair, UK Lighting Design: Susan Lake Lighting Design, UK Lighting Suppliers: Twenty Twenty One, Mullan Lighting, Broughtons, A Shade Above, Jim Lawrence, Objet Insolite, R&S Robertson, Restoration Hardware, Vaughan, Chehoma, Anthropologie, Tinek Home, Gervasoni, OKA, Heathfield (Bespoke Lighting)

THIRD PLACE The Ned Project: The Ned Location: London, UK Client: Soho House & Co / Sydell Group Architects: EPR Architects, UK Interior Design: Soho House, UK Lighting Design: Nulty, UK Lighting Suppliers: Chelsom, Alger Triton, Kalmar, Lutyens, Preciosa, Madson Black



The Best Use of Decorative Lighting in a Leisure Project

WINNER Célon Lounge

Tucked below Bryant Park Hotel in bustling Midtown Manhattan, a staircase with mandala light projections from custommade pendants and highlighted arches, invite guests to descend into a modern Moroccan oasis: Célon Lounge. The non-daylit space is transformed by Saharan dunescape-inspired windows. The apertures’ size and pattern of the perforated metal screens were carefullycoordinated and backlit with 27K dimmable LED grazing fixtures. Playing off the existing framework of the space, custom pendants are centred in each ceiling vault to provide a dramatic play of light and shadow, enveloping guests with dappled light. The result is a sensuous gathering of dramatic architecture and layers. Célon unfolds itself to a lower level, where the panorama of illuminated sand dunes extends along the perimeter of the space.

Moroccan tiled steps, highlighted by discreetly placed dimmable 27K LEDs, are flanked by flickering LED lanterns to guide the guests through the lounge. The luminous curved bar acts as a beacon in the lounge. Halogen table lamps anchor the bar, providing an enchanting glow to the guests, while puck lights and linear LEDs highlight the bar’s displays. A private nook next to the bar is swathed in low-level illumination and sparkle to create intimacy in a public space. Thoughtfully angled antiqued mirrors at the private bar ledges, reveal the ceiling behind connecting the guest to the overall experience. The texture of the light pays homage to the vibrant texture of the fabrics: overlapping and soft to the senses, creating an immersive experience that transports guests to an opulent refuge just steps from the busy New York streetscape.

Project: Célon Lounge Location: New York, USA Client: Phil Columbo Interior & Lighting Design: ICRAVE, USA Decorative Lighting Supplier: Lukas Lighting


SECOND PLACE Victor Restaurant Project: Victor Restaurant Location: Toronto, Canada Client: Le Germain Hotels / Michael Sullivan Interior Design: DesignAgency, Canada Decorative Lighting Suppliers: All custom designed by DesignAgency (fabricated by Abbe Quebec)

THIRD PLACE Asha’s Restaurant Project: Asha’s Restaurant Location: Manama, Bahrain Client: Insight Restaurants & LXA Interior Design: LXA, UK Lighting Design: Lighting Design House, UK Decorative Lighting Suppliers: Moroccan Bazaar



The Best Use of Decorative Lighting in a Retail Project


Origin of Wonder - Haberdashery

The Origin of Wonder celebrates the 10th anniversary of Europe’s most prestigious retail space; The Wonder Room at Selfridges & Co Oxford Street. Over 1000 photo-etched and patinated brass panels fixed around a 20m diameter ring depict the story of how precious metals and gems are extracted, refined and crafted into the beautiful objects of desire that can be found in the Wonder Room. These intricate surface details are illuminated by custom LED arrays designed to highlight the form of the sculpture without providing unsightly glare or hotspots on the display cabinets in the

space below. ‘A sculptural story in light and texture that dominates the space with the lightest of touches.’ The sculpture flows between three distinct chapters which depict its narrative and allow visitors to truly explore the space: The Origin of Wonder - the energy of nature, contorting and conforming the elements Savoir Faire & Craftsmanship - the shaping and forming of the refined ingredients The Illuminated Article - the precisely worked and controlled end result. www.haberdashery.com

Project: Origin of Wonder Location: London, UK Client: Selfridges & Co. Architect: Househam Henderson, UK Lighting Design: Haberdashery


SECOND PLACE San Francisco’s Market Street - Electrolight Project: San Francisco’s Market Street Location: California, USA Lighting Design: Electrolight, USA Decorative Lighting Supplier: Tech Lighting


Löhr Center Koblenz - ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Project: Löhr Center Koblenz Location: Koblenz, Germany Client: ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Architect & Interior Design: ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Lighting Design: Tobias Link Lichtplanung & ECE Projektmanagement & Co. Decorative Lighting Suppliers: ES System



The Best Decorative Bespoke Fixture


Ebb and Flow - Haberdashery ‘The energy of flowing water is reimagined in an interior space using the magic of light.’ Combining innovation in lighting and Brook Street’s history, Ebb and Flow pays tribute to the river Tyburn, the hidden underground tributary of the Thames. By using advanced caustic modelling to explore how lighting effects can be created through layers of cast acrylic, molds were CNC-milled to create a series of unique water casts allowing light to be manipulated as if dancing across the ceiling surface. Often in today’s cities we find that the natural lay of the land that

originally influenced the urban development has been lost beneath layer upon layer of concrete; this forces city dwellers to live within conformed patterns of street layouts, grids and systems, however the way we move and think lends itself to a more fluid approach. This tributary of the Thames was a navigable waterway in the Victorian era, and its flowing form is a nice antidote to the formulaic city development going on all around it. For the final sculpture, the casts were suspended in a formation mimicking the river Tyburn, scattering light reminiscent of that reflecting off a moving river surface. www.haberdashery.com


SECOND PLACE Reflecteur - Lambert & Fils During Paris Design Week 2017, The Conran Shop hosted Reflecteur, a light installation created by Lambert & Fils. Playful yet solemn, Reflecteur stimulated the eye through a series of mirror effects and the use of sheer ceilings. Visitors on the street or in the store were invited to draw the drapes in order to discover the studio’s poetic lights - and become part of the installation themselves. www.lambertetfils.com

THIRD PLACE Lavazza’s chandelier - Bilumen The Lavazza chandelier is a collaboration between Bilumen and JHP. With JHP responsible for the interior design, Bilumen’s Giorgio Brambilla designed the whole lighting scheme for the store plus the core lighting element of the space. The chandelier occupies an area of almost 30sqm, spread over an elliptical shape of 7.5m in the major axis and 4.5m in the minor axis and weighs approximately 900kg. www.jhp-design.com www.bilumen.it



The Best Decorative Pendant / Chandelier


Highwire - Anony ‘Highwire is a gravitational balancing act, created by tension between two points and a weighted centre.’ Designed by Christian Lo & David Ryan, the Highwire luminaries are composed of anodised, machined aluminum and laser-cut diffusers. These elegant, individually-weighted discs rest on taut electrical cables. By loading the cables with the luminaries, the cables lightly trace shapes in three-dimensional space, allowing the fixture to frame to any setting. These shapes are further accentuated by the light emanating from both sides of each disc,

which illuminates the surrounding area and also the fixture itself. Up to five luminaries can be added to a single power drop. www.anony.ca Christian Lo: “To be part of the this international lineup of designers and win was a truly humbling experience. Receiving this recognition from darc, whom we’ve followed for years, is a milestone on our creative journey. Thank you for the honour and for the wonderful night.”


SECOND PLACE Keplar - Innermost Kepler is an innovative luminaire designed by COHDA for Innermost. The unusual pendant light can be positioned in multiple ways to create fascinating and impressive installations. It is named after the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who discovered the Supernova, Johannes Kepler, as it is reminiscent of black holes and portals from science fiction. www.innermost.net

THIRD PLACE Aurora - Sans Souci Designed by Katarina Kotulacova, handblown glass components imitate the fascinating phenomenon that originates in polar areas. The light sources are programmed to put on a pulsating show of different coloured fans, rays or drapes and can be quickly and easily controlled by an iPad. Each pendant is made of two parts, a handblown crystal-clear drop with soda effect inside and a handblown crystal clear cap with silver nanocoating finish. www.ss-gd.com



The Best Decorative Wall Fixture


Abstract Panels – Sonneman - A Way of Light Presenting a fresh alternative for biophilic design, Abstract Panels is a collection of sculpturally artistic sconces that features LED illumination emitted through the layered voids of abstract-shaped panels. These river stone shapes infuse the surface mounted panels with a natural essence. Used individually or set in composition

with others, Abstract Panels brings an intriguing tone of sculptured art to a surface, wall or ceiling. Designed by Robert Sonneman, this collection of sconces comes in textured white, and is available in a small two-plate LED sconce, large two-plate LED sconce, or a four-plate LED sconce. www.sonnemanawayoflight.com

Matthew Sonneman: “The darc awards were truly a fabulous event! On behalf of my father and the entire Sonneman firm, we were honoured to have won the 2018 Decorative Wall Category and to participate in the event.”


SECOND PLACE Cometa - OKAPI Suspended weights balance thanks to gravity with absolute elegance. Luminosity travels to the ground, directly from the rock spheres. Cometa comes as a ceiling or wall lamp, featuring marble rounded forms with brass details. Available in three different marbles, with metal parts in mat gold or nickel brass finish. The 2W LED recessed spot features a 30° light emission. The suspension cable length can be defined by the customer. Cometa is an art piece luminaire, suitable to light up a console or a side table and as a standalone piece. www.okapilight.gr

THIRD PLACE Chestnut - VISO The perfect amalgamation of form and function the Chestnut decorative metal plate light fixture comes in a hand brushed champagne finish. Plates are sold in sets, but can also be customised to create installations on walls and ceilings, attach them to a singular j-box and you have yourself a unique custom cluster. Inspired by mid-century modern design, the light’s sophistication and organic beauty make it the ideal candidate for any interior space. www.visoinc.com



The Best Decorative Floor Standing Fixture


Duncan Meerding - Stump ‘Stump’ utilises waste wood / logs, which would have, otherwise have been burnt or chipped. It takes what is often associated with waste, cracks, and makes it a feature of the design. Each light has been custom made, utilising a range of traditional and new making techniques, creating a very unique artistic light form each time. This design can be used as a table, stool, or to illuminate an area with shards of light. These shards come from utilising the directional properties of warm white LED strip lighting fitted into the lamp in a custom fixture, pushed through the cracks in differing patterns. The dispersion of light through and around objects with a concentration on overall form, rather than intense detailing, encapsulates the alternative sensory world in which Meerding designs - being partially

blind, with vision concentrated around the periphery. A different light pattern is cast by each lamp due to each ‘Stump’ being handmade and unique. Stumps measure in at approximately 400mm high and 300mm wide and as each item is unique and made from salvaged timber the diameter varies. The Stump Light is designed to be used in an outdoor environment and is made from Macrocarpa and other rot resistant timbers, with outdoor / marine rated glues and finishes in order to increase the longevity of the piece. The central light core has been tested by a third party to IP65 ISO conditions and has a key hole styled stainless steel bracket, if the user wants to hold down the Stump adding extra stability if used as a table or stool. Stump is ready to be wired to 12V DC

power supplies for inside/outside use. Installation by licensed electrician required when hardwiring. Current draw 700mA, voltage 12v DC. Colour Temp: 3000K. Each stump can come with a driver for indoor use only, ready to plug into the wall. www.duncanmeerding.com.au Duncan Meerding: “Winning any award is great for any lighting designer. This award is especially amazing to have won, due to the fact that the judging is done by design peers. This model is a fresh change to the traditional ‘judging’ by limited selected judges and winning a category in this new peer-to-peer system makes it all the more special. Engagement in this sort of event is especially important for me being based in Tasmania, Australia, a relatively isolated place in terms of design.”


SECOND PLACE Bert Frank - Lizak Sophisticated yet unexpected, the Lizak floor lamp juxtaposes a cylindrical blown glass shade with opalescent globes on linear brass arms. Grounded with a solid marble base in either black or white, it offers a beguiling play on contrast and will lend elegance to any room. Available in: Bronze and Amber Glass (with white marble base) / Brass & Peacock Blue Glass (with black marble base) / Brass and Smoked Glass (with black marble base). www.bertfrank.co.uk

THIRD PLACE Louis Poulsen - Yuh Designing to shape light and inspired by the classic virtues of Danish design, GamFratesi have designed a lamp dubbed Yuh. “We are very inspired by the AJ lamp design by Arne Jacobsen,” says Stine Gam. “There is something very striking about its geometry. It is angled, but the shade is designed in such a way that one part of it is always aligned with the floor in one way or another. It is extremely sculptural, but also very geometric.” “It is a piece of architecture,” adds Enrico Fratesi. www.louispoulsen.com



The Best Decorative Table Standing Fixture


Cairo - Martin Huxford Studio Martin Huxford’s Cairo table lamp is a playful reworking of geometric forms, a celebration of modernity, luxurious materials and traditional handcrafting skills. The tilting lamp shade, defined by the pierced black circle and distinctive brass pyramid, appears to defy gravity, and to balance on the slender upright brass stem. The polished smaller brass stem and circle, acts as a counter weight to this movement. While celebrating popular culture and designing for mass production were cornerstones of the Bauhaus philosophy, Martin Huxford foregrounds the importance of the authenticity of natural materials and small scale production. Using British handcrafted workshop manufacturing, Martin highlights the revitalised role that skilled artisans, working in small batch workshop

production are now making for designermakers like himself, allowing great design freedom and flexibility. Martin Huxford’s focus is on the natural properties of brass and marble and their intrinsic role in shaping the Cairo design. The hand polished brass of the crisp geometric Cairo pyramid shade, captures the symbolic role of the ancient pyramids in reflecting light. Production: Based at Martin Huxford’s design and manufacturing studio in Sussex, production is based on highly skilled small batch workshop manufacturing, which combines the latest CNC machining with brass metal art casting techniques. The dark circular top section appears incised by the sharply contrasting lustre and angular shape of the pyramid. The circular form is 3D CAD designed and

machined by CNC from billet aluminium. Made in three sections, the outer discs are colour lacquered, seen here in black. The complex inner section, which allows for the hidden securing of the horizontal brass rod, has a raised narrow profile which forms a simple detail running between the two flat caps. This profile is gold plated. www.martinhuxford.com Martin Huxford: “We are especially thrilled to be darc awards winners with our Cairo Table lamp, as the awards represent the views of our international peers in the creative lighting industry. A huge thanks to the darc team for promoting the best of contemporary lighting design with these awards, and for organising such a great event!”


SECOND PLACE Superlight - Pablo Designs Designed by Peter Stathis and Matthew Boyko, Superlight balances the demands of both workplace and home with a combination of minimal form and maximal function. It is a task light reduced to its essence; a gestural line in space resulting in a precise yet playful structure defying gravity with an appearance of near weightlessness. Superlight achieves fluid, sweeping movement in every direction with a full three-axis range of motion providing warm, glare-free LED light exactly where you need it. www.pablodesigns.com

THIRD PLACE Madison - Light-Point Designed by Marie Holsting, the Madison T1 Black/Gold is a functional, sculptural installation, which is sleek yet unpretentious. The lamp is 25cm tall to the top of the lampshade, which almost floats over the heavy base. Both parts are made of aluminium. The LED light is reflected off the shade golden surface, producing a soft and warm glow and its simple and functional design has a clear Scandinavian aesthetic. You can easily tilt the shade 30ยบ casting a beautiful oval form on the inside surface of the lampshade, creating a more eyecatching expression. www.light-point.com



The Best Decorative Exterior Fixture


Redwoods Treewalk - David Trubridge Studio Redwoods Treewalk and David Trubridge Design have partnered to create an iconic nocturnal tourism experience: the Redwoods Nightlights. Incorporating unique creations from New Zealand world-acclaimed design and sustainability champion David Trubridge; the Nightlights is New Zealand’s first design-led tourism experience. The new nighttime experience offers visitors and locals the opportunity to explore Rotorua’s majestic Redwood forest under the shroud of darkness; illuminated by Trubridge’s bespoke creations to create an immersive and captivating environment. The Trubridge design team and the arborists at the Treewalk worked hard to place the 30, 2.5m tall lantern creations in areas embracing the natural beauty of the forest, to provide dramatic contrast for visitors. Trubridge and his team were excited to take on the Nightlights challenge, initially

finding inspiration in New Zealand native birds; the Ruru (NZ owl), Karearea (NZ Falcon) and the Miromiro (Tomtit). “The lights needed to feel weightless, yet be able to survive the conditions,” says Trubridge. “Some are suspended over 25 metres above the ground, with others installed to circle the trees. In the giant scale of the Redwood grove they had to be much larger than most lights the studio normally makes.” www.davidtrubridge.com David Trubridge: “One of the best things about this award for me is that my work, in a far-off forest corner of the world, is more widely recognised thanks to the reach and inclusiveness of darc magazine. Thank you for your support. Since I began my working life as a part-time forester in Northumberland while l taught myself to make furniture, trees have played a vital role in my story. To be able to take my

lighting designs back into the forest where it all started was a dream come true - but what a challenge!” Mark Holloway, Holloways of Ludlow: “David is a designer with absolute integrity in his designs and in his philosophy. He is that rare designer that will absolutely not compromise his beliefs for business gain. In everything that he does, the health and beauty of the planet are put first and his work continues to help inform others how they too can be successful designers and manufacturers whilst preserving the natural world. Holloways of Ludlow are very proud to be his distributor in the UK. We have helped place his lighting in beautiful domestic and commercial projects for nearly ten years and we look forward to more exciting collaborations in the future.”


SECOND PLACE Syphasera - Catellani & Smith Syphasera is a potentially endless family of customisable light sources, which are available in different versions for the ground, for pots or for water, and which when turned off are able to blend into the surrounding natural environment. The family includes several elements, developed by Guido Parenzan and Maurizio Quargnale together with the expertise of the agronomist Maurizio Vegini. www.catellanismith.com

THIRD PLACE Rich Brilliant Willing x Meyer Davis - Hoist Rated IP65, uniquely designed for both indoor and exterior applications, the waterproof and highly durable Hoist collection is a versatile fixture that is offered as a pendant or a wall sconce. As a pendant, it is offered with generous cable length and can be swagged with a stylish cord gripper to allow greater opportunities for where a pendant light can be installed. As a sconce, the opal glass emits a soft radial glow, adding a layer of interest to any planar surface. The shade is available in a variety of colours and diameters. www.richbrilliantwilling.com



The Best Lamp for Decorative Fixtures

WINNER Porcelain - Tala

The Porcelain range represents a departure from the exposed filament design that Tala currently champions. Characterised by their playful yet elegant geometric forms, Porcelain is a tetralogy of LED bulbs centred around four distinctive shapes, that deliver tranquillity and harmony to all interiors. Oval, Noma, Enno, and Oblo are the names given to the four designs founded on simplicity and gentility. Each bulb is carefully moulded from glass, before being individually mouth-blown and sandblasted by hand. Form and function are perfectly combined to produce a delicate, yet sophisticated, silhouette that combines subtle ‘Art Deco’ influences, highly-advanced LED

technology and tactile, textured glass of the highest quality. The result is the pinnacle of craftsmanship; A lightbulb that we have elevated to become an exquisite design object in its own right. The Porcelain range is now available to be paired with the Graphite Pendant, a new fixture specifically designed to be paired with this range in order to achieve a new aesthetic, inspired by futuristic minimalism. www.talaled.com Technical Specification: 6 Watt | 540 Lumens | 2700K Materials: Brass cap, mouth-blown glass Finish: Matte porcelain Beam angle: 360’

Base: E27 Working temperature: -5C to 40C Warm up time: Instant

Joe Armitage, Tala Design Director: ‘We are delighted to have won an award this year. The darc awards are incredibly wellrespected within the industry, so it’s a great honour to receive one for our Porcelain range. The awards event was a night to remember - it had a fantastic buzz and atmosphere and was a great opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s top interior designers and architects.”


SECOND PLACE New Crystal Bulb Collection - Lee Broom The original Crystal Bulb pendant in brushed brass first launched in 2012 and has since become an iconic design synonymous with Lee Broom. The new reimagined Crystal Bulb collection was launched to celebrate Lee Broom’s 10th anniversary in 2017. It is available in a polished chrome pendant fitting, engraved with the Lee Broom logo, creating a clean and simple outline with the Crystal Bulb in a clear or frosted finish, as well as a new Crystal Bulb ceiling light and a new Crystal Bulb wall light in a brushed brass finish. www.leebroom.com

THIRD PLACE deco LED collection - Philips Lighting The Philips deco LED collection adds a contemporary twist to the industrial-style lighting trend and features highly-stylised, giant filament LED lamps that are designed to be seen. From a striking centrepiece, to a distinctive standing lamp or even as part of a series of suspended ceiling lamps, these decorative giant LED lamps fit into every space in the home and add an industrial chic or rustic style. The smoky gray giant LED lamp, with thin single vertical filament, creates a crisp and clean ambiance. www.lighting.philips.co.uk



All images: Sarah Cullen & Andy White


THE AWARDS Russell Cameron, Innermost “All awards evenings should be this good! Recognising the finest in the lighting industry, Innermost is proud to be an original sponsor.�



Sandi Moolman, Applelec “We were delighted to once again create the trophies for this year’s awards. darc night is a fantastic event that showcases and celebrates the best in lighting and is a great opportunity to have exceptional talent meet all under one roof during a truly atmospheric party.”



Job Smeets, Studio Job

This year’s decorative awards were hosted by internationally renowned product designer Job Smeets. Bringing a unique presenting style and energy to the evening, he is a pioneer of contemporary conceptual and sculptural design and founded Studio Job in 1998 in the renaissance spirit, combining traditional and modern techniques to produce once-in-a-lifetime objects. Joined in 2000 by graphic designer Nynke Tynagel the duo went on to work with a vast range of high profile clients including sculptures for Swarovski, Barneys and Land Rover, and product collections for brands including Venini, Alessi, Swatch and Pepsi. Studio Job are consistently ranked as one of the world’s most influential players within design and art with work in more than 40 museums around the world, their highly collectable work creates a bridge between object and product by merging monumental design and graphic artwork. Smeets has designed lighting collections for a wide range of

producers, the famous ‘Tit Lamp’ for Venini; a hugely successful collection for Slamp, desk lamps for Lensvelt; and the highly crafted ‘Wonderlamp’ for Italian gallery DILMOS. While last year saw a joint venture between Italian manufacturer and Smeets to form the brand BLOW, launching the Banana Lamp based on his limited edition bronze sculpture that was 3D scanned to produce in resin. Most recently ‘JOBBY the Cat Lamp’ was launched in Stockholm in February, a life-size cat sculpture based on Smeets’ own cat that has proved a huge hit for the brand. Commenting on the awards, Smeet said: “London is an amazing and crazy city and I love it. For me light is one of the most important things in the world, it’s more than LED and flashlights, light means life. Design should always be serious fun!” www.studiojob.be


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Artemide’s darc awards/decorative installation lit up the alcove in the main room.The installation featured Orsa, designed by Foster + Partners, and Alphabet of Light by BIG. The industrial design team at Foster + Partners experimented with various materials, surfaces and optics to achieve the desired lighting effect and volume of Orsa to create an elegant pendant light pared down to its essential elements, allowing the light to express a larger volume. Orsa’s slim metal stem flares out at one end to form the heat-sink and housing for the LED, with a UV bonded methacrylate cover containing the light source. The cover’s design ensures that the light source remains invisible, giving it an appearance of a floating disk of light.

“The Orsa and Alphabet of Light products were selected due to them both having been launched relatively recently,”says Artemide’s Richard Corcoran. “We wanted to take part in the darc awards to give the products greater exposure to the design community.” Designed by BIG – Bikarke Ingels Group and inspired by an abacus of essential geometries, Alphabet of Light is a language based on light intended to convey freedom. The round elements, available in two diameters can be separated into modules to join the linear elements together according to different angles, while the simple modules, with specific geometric proportions can be combined with each other to create countless basic or more complex, linear or

curved structures of light, thus producing suspension appliances matching with architecture or space functions. BIG’s idea joins the optoelectronic competence of Artemide to define an innovative construction principle and provide continuous and comfortable lighting. “Both products have been developed by Artemide in co-operation with highly regarded architects in Sir Norman Foster and Bjarke Ingels, and we wanted to showcase this collaborative approach. The luminaires combine technical excellence with unique designs, demonstrating Artemide’s determination to provide the market with inspirational products to enhance interior spaces.” www.artemide.com


Pierpaolo Ferrari, 2018


106 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3NB Tel. 020 7631 5200 info@artemide.co.uk

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Niche took over Fabric’s staircase at the decorative awards to showcase its most recent product launch. The Marquise, pendant lights in a brand new shape were presented in three sizes and featured defined angles and an elegantly elongated body. “Because the design is reminiscent of the marquise-cut diamond, I wanted to use refined but vibrant glass colours,” Creative Director Jeremy Pyles tells darc. “Our Muted Plum is reminiscent of Amethyst, our Condesa is a turquoise colour reminiscent of Emerald or Topaz, and our Crystal glass with optical treatment is reminiscent of the intricate facets of a diamond and how they reflect and refract

light in beautiful ways.” Like all of Niche’s pendant lights, the Marquise Series is handblown by a team of glass artisans in their New York studio, where their entire approach, from design to fabrication, is aligned with the guarantee of quality and luxury in mind. The idea for this series came about rather fast, and in just a few short weeks, after the first introduction of it, Niche was able to debut the series at the 17th annual Architectural Digest Design Show, where it received exceptional praise. “Like all Niche pendant lights, the Marquise is handmade with love in our New York glass atelier,” says Pyles. “The design all happens in an instant in my

head, and the drawing of it is simply the recording of that concept that I see in my mind. The entire process - from concept to prototype - can take place in less than a week.” On the night you could find Marquise in a cascading cluster illuminating the staircase in a range of sophisticated colour options, including Crystal, Condesa, and Optique glass. The full pendant collection includes other finishes such as Muted Plum, Gray, Opaline, and Effervescent glass. “We had a brilliant time at the darc awards/ decorative with old friends and new,” says Pyles.” See you next year in London!” www.nichemodern.com












Designer of the Brixton lights, James Bartlett, headed up the design of Innermost’s lighting installation for the decorative awards. After the initial site visit, James and the Innermost team had plenty of ideas to fill the space with light, choosing some of their newest products to display. “The curvaceous brickwork of the old Smithfield stores makes for a fantastic installation space and we were immediately inspired by the challenge of lighting this historic and iconic building,” Bartlett tells darc. “We wanted to create an installation that complemented the structure and worked well with the curvature of the bare-brick arches and store rooms.” The result is a dynamic installation of Kepler and Brixton units that followed the curves of the interior dome while providing gentle and subtle illumination. Named after the German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer who discovered the Supernova, Johannes Kepler, Kepler is an innovative luminaire designed by Cohda for Innermost, reminiscent of black holes and portals

from science-fiction. The design uses highly innovative materials, multiplying single LEDs over a large thin surface to widely refract the light and give the illusion of infinity. The unusual pendant light can be positioned in multiple ways, then locked into place to maintain the configuration and position. While Kepler looks great as a stand alone piece, layering the transparent units creates a dazzling impact and produces a fascinating display curving over the nightclub’s ceiling. The disks of light create an intriguing effect which worked perfectly inside the dark and cavernous interior of Fabric. Brixton Spot pendants were suspended around the venue’s walls, these pendants were inspired by the Victorian railway and residential architecture of south London. Bartlett took the octagonal turrets that appear on buildings in the area as the starting point for this design, which has a strong engineered aesthetic. These octagonal turrets originated from medieval castles and later became popular in Victorian architecture, conveying an

impression of wealth, power and strength. The unit extrusion acts as a heat sink for the LED. The turreted shape allows light to glint through the slots in the side and provided interesting reflections on the inside walls of the former cold stores. In the middle of the Kepler display, Bartlett and the Innermost team also installed a unit of Brixton Cluster, where the Brixton modules are suspended around a circular disk. The clusters can be arranged in various patterns to give different design options. Arranged as a down-lit cluster chandelier, the cords themselves crisscross to create decorative geometric patterns. The cluster itself was subtly lit from the surrounding Kepler pedants, while providing further down-lighting at the centre. Russel Cameron, Co-founder and Sales Director of Innermost said: “All awards evenings should be this good! Recognising the finest in the UK’s lighting industry, Innermost are proud to be an original sponsor.” www.innermost.net



Karman brought its brand of experimental, daring and innovative lighting to this year’s decorative awards. Taking over the main room, Karman’s playfulness and technical skill wowed guests. This year Karman enriched its design vision with new products and designers, the installation included elements such as the new Ugo Rilla wall lamp, a gorillashaped fixture that enriches the already populated Karman zoo with one more friend. Designed by Matteo Ugolini, this light is not created to excite, the gorilla screams as a mark of protest making us wonder what it is capable of doing to nature and its peers. Ottavo the dwarf also made an appearance, Ottavo is an outdoor or indoor floor light. Ugolini’s other designs

included in the installation were Torcia, a suspension light, Don’t Touch, an outdoor floor light, Cell, an indoor /outdoor floor lantern, Alibabig an outdoor suspension light, Tobia an indoor floor light, Ti-Vido table/wall/floor light and Dejavu an indoor suspension light. Luca De Bona & Mario De Meo showcased Periplo, an indoor suspension light that houses a metal weave inside a circular frame, Ghebo, a chrome chandelier and Notredame an indoor ceiling/wall light. Ceraunavolta designed by Edmondo Testaguzza and Mattei Ugolini illuminated the main display along with Bag by Baldessari & Baldessari. Long limbed horizontal light Nox, designed by Laura Alesi & Sivia Braconi was also featured.

“We focused mainly on the new items we presented this year. It is important for us to show how eclectic we are using different materials and the darc awards helped us do that,” Federica Bellato, Karman’s International Sales Manager tells darc. “We showed our decorative outdoor collection throughout the venue and of course our zoo. The installation showcased our playful way of thinking about light. Federica Bellato, International Sales Manager said: “darc awards/decorative was a great event and fantastic exposure for new kid on the block, Karman. Also, we recieved very good support and organisation from the darc team. Bravo!” www.karmanitalia.it

Under another light www.karmanitalia.it



At this year’s darc awards/decorative Megaman collaborated with Tom Dixon, displaying its LED Crown lamps with Tom Dixon’s Void and Stone lighting fixtures in darc’s product gallery. Recognising an emerging trend for lighting designers working for the hospitality and leisure sectors to hide the lamp – or at least make it a part of the overall decorative fixture design, Megaman developed a low energy lighting solution in partnership with Tom Dixon – to perfectly complement high-end design light fixtures. The range incorporates a clear GLS style lamp with a silver or brass plated top with a splash proof seal to the lamp. These crown tops reflect the light from the lamp back into the fitting, which contains a reflector that re-directs the light forward for decorative effect – which at the same time reduces direct and reflected glare. Both the silver and brass plated lamps

provide instant full light with an enhanced warm white colour temperature of 2,800K, which still delivers a colour rendering index of Ra80 and a rated life of up to 25,000 hours at L70, the lamps offer the longevity necessary for hospital and leisure applications. The lamps provide up to 80% energy savings and last at least ten times longer when used as a direct replacement for an incandescent. “The Crown lamps were originally commissioned to work with Tom Dixon’s pendant fixtures – a fairly forward thinking move back in 2013,” Glen Krise, Managing Director at Megaman UK tells darc. “When we originally released the lamp, designers were reluctant to include LED light sources in their products due to fears that they would not be able to replicate the same effects and aesthetics that a traditional incandescent could achieve.

“Our design team worked extremely hard to ensure the Crown lamps could not only replace an incandescent LAMP, but also provide the efficiency and performance criteria expected of a modern lamp. “When the Crown lamps made their debut at the MOST 2013 show with Tom Dixon’s Cell Wall Light, designers were so enthralled by the way the LEDs could play with light and dark that many left with the idea to include LEDs in future fixtures. “Since then the Crown lamps have gone through many developments – this year we created the latest generation, which features a unique seal – making it IP44 rated – allowing them to be part of a splash proof fitting. This generation is compatible with Tom Dixon’s Void and Stone fixtures.” www.megamanuk.com www.tomdixon.net

DECORATIVE GOLD With a 2200K colour temperature, the dimmable Megaman Gold Filament LED range provides extra warm illumination perfect for creating mood lighting. This trendy decorative lamp range is perfect for restaurant and bar applications.

01707 386000 | sales@megamanuk.com



LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION... Download your photos at: www.open.photos/DARC/

Sophia Burr, Bright Goods “Bright Goods were delighted to sponsor the 2018 darc awards; it was an enjoyable, fun-filled evening celebrating the very best in decorative lighting. Being a branding sponsor meant that we could brand the most popular attraction of the night, the photo booth, which has captured plenty of long-lasting memories for those who struck a pose! We look forward to celebrating the awards next year.�


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION... Download your photos at: www.open.photos/DARC/



An interactive installation was created at this year’s darc awards/decorative, allowing guests to create their own Sunlight Graffiti images with a Little Sun solar lamp against a Studio Job backdrop. Sunlight Graffiti is a microcosmos of the Little Sun project, where one can feel, in a creative, playful and mindful way, the impact he or she can have on their immediate physical surroundings just by putting solar light into action. What started as a humble idea to create a small, portable solar lamp for people without electricity in Ethiopia is now a global project that has changed over a million lives through the awesome power of the sun and the work of Founder Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. Designed by Eliasson, Little Sun aims to

bring clean, reliable, affordable light to the 1.1 billion people living without electricity in areas of the world known as off-grid. Currently available in over ten African countries, including Ethiopia, Senegal, South Africa, Rwanda and Burkina Faso – as well as in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and the USA, Little Sun uses on-grid investment to kick-start off-grid small businesses that sell Little Suns, providing funding for sales agents to receive business starter kits and microentrepreneurial training. Little Suns are sold at a higher price in areas of the world with electricity so that the products can be sold in off-grid areas at much lower, locally affordable prices. When you buy a Little Sun, you are making sure that sustainable solar energy gets to people

who need it most. “We see solar power as one solution to a cleaner planet and a way to achieve global energy access for all. Solar is on track to becoming the cheapest form of sustainable energy within the next few years, making it also the most economically accessible form of energy for everyone,” Olafur Eliasson, Founder of Little Sun tells darc.“We envision a future in which the number of people without access to clean, sustainable energy will drop from 1.1 billion to zero. We believe passionately in energy access for all – improving health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability – aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the UN.” www.lightgraffiti.littlesun.com


Ben Rigby, Haberdashery

“We were delighted to take part in the darc awards, and over the moon to have won three categories with our sculptural works. Being voted for by our contemporaries makes these awards extra special; thank you to all who voted for us.”

Matthew Sonneman

“darc awards was a truly fabulous event! On behalf of my father and the entire Sonneman firm, we were honoured to have won the 2018 Decorative Wall Category and to participate in the event.”

Duncan Meerding

“Being over for the night and having the opportunity to meet a range of people in the industry was great. Engagement in this sort of event is especially important for me being based in Tasmania, Australia, a relatively isolated place in terms of design.”

Christian Lo, Anony

“To be part of the this international lineup of designers and win was a truly humbling experience. Receiving this recognition from darc, whom we’ve followed for years, is a milestone on our creative journey. Thank you for the honour and for the wonderful night.”

Birgit Walter, BMLD

“Being part of a great event and winning the award for best hotel lighting project has been an amazing experience. It was fantastic to be able to meet with the British lighting community and it was a great party.”

Joe Armitage, Tala

“Always a sparkling event!”

“The awards event was a night to remember - it had a fantastic buzz and atmosphere and was a great opportunity to meet with some of the industry’s top interior designers and architects.”

David Trubridge

Martin Huxford

Renee Joosten, iCRAVE

“One of the best things about this award is that my work, in a far-off forest corner of the world, is more widely recognised thanks to the reach and inclusiveness of darc magazine. Thank you for your support!”

Max Cairnes, Luum

“Brilliant atmosphere, perfect mixture of fun, creativity, food and drink! A great chance to meet friends and colleagues, and to mix with other creative people. And the presentation of the awards was enthralling thanks to the compere! Fabric is the perfect venue.”

“This year’s darc awards were a fantastic showcase of contemporary lighting, culminating in a memorable evening at Fabric nightclub. This is our second year running and we are delighted to have won again. The acclaim generated has strengthened our reputation in the lighting sector as ones-to-watch. The awards night itself was a great opportunity to network with designers and specifiers in the industry as well as being great fun!”

SPONSORING THE AWARDS The darc awards launched in 2015, breaking the mould of stuffy, black-tie awards dominated by non-sponsor manufacturers. It is a unique concept that utilises darc’s reputation as the only decorative lighting design magazine in the world, making use of our database of interior designers, architects, lighting designers and product designers. The 2018 darc awards / decorative attracted 200 entries and over 6,000 votes from designers, proving the concept has been welcomed by the design industry. The awards ceremony itself, held at the iconic London nightclub Fabric, attracted a 500 strong guest list of designers. There are two ways to get involved in the darc awards / decorative - through a product sponsorship package or branding sponsorship. While designers attend for free, non-sponsor manufacturers pay for a ticket, ensuring the room is filled with clients not competitors. Alongside the awards presentation, the night is a relaxed, atmospheric party offering entertainment, free bar and street food.

Product Sponsorship Benefits • Product display in dedicated area & product gallery • Tickets for 10 VIP designer guests • Awards Winner Presentation • 3 free awards entries • Logo on all awards editorial • Logo on awards advertising, promo material, invitations and signage on the night • Company profile on awards website • Advert & editorial in digital & printed awards magazine sent to subscription database of 12,000 • Free use of official photography and videography from darc night • ‘who’s in the room’ list

Branding Sponsorship Benefits • Branding around sponsored area within venue • Tickets for 5 VIP designer guests • 1 free awards entry • Logo on all awards editorial • Logo on awards advertising, promo material, invitations and signage on the night • Company profile on awards website • Advert in digital & print awards magazine sent to subscription database of 12,000 • Free use of official photography and videography from darc night • ‘who’s in the room’ list

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Stephen Quiligotti | s.quiligotti@mondiale.co.uk Helen Ankers | h.ankers@mondiale.co.uk

ILLUMINATING THE POSSIBILITIES Characterised by a slim profile and created to bespoke requirements, LED Light Sheet is a versatile backlighting unit suitable for architectural, retail and commercial lighting applications.

The 2018 darc awards / decorative trophies Designed by Light iQ, manufactured by Applelec

www.ledlightsheet.co.uk ledlightsheet@applelec.co.uk +44 (0)1274 774 477

LED Light Sheet is manufactured in the UK by Applelec

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darc awards 2018 / Decorative  

Celebrating the best in lighting design

darc awards 2018 / Decorative  

Celebrating the best in lighting design

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