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12 Colleges Were Represented At Debate Tourney

AT BOOKSTORE A new s<'lectlon or records hllS Ju"r arrlwd. It lncludea an uaortmrnt or some or the lat~at bits. Tbeu recon11ncs 9miar be pu:chaud In either mooaural or atcl1!o, accol'llln1 to Mrs. Eileen AndeN1on, book&lotc mnna&N â&#x20AC;˘


R ehear&e Play



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GARAGE SALE Or . Priddy's garage sale of househo l d things, plants, books. music, garden equipment etc., s Saturday and Sunday April 20 and 21 . al 720 South Elevenlh Street.


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t. d111e~nt !rom Wt yeaz - " a sac~ss " acc"rdlnc IO


&litorial ... APRIL FOOL

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·s who hod rood ~ on c: 0> ;>age 1 ' " of .J pope<. Thesci •.:i•!>er ov,.ogx! s •1d!rn ·~ · •.,., S'~•OS WC"'t •rw C' were used OS 0 f Jlor. S. f>9 n10"""'ld th · ~ ....os o $oluro, bot · ne s ·of'. •o April Foos Da)"., they ·ool< •no rll"'o•ndor of · ho s•or"OS cs 0 O•• and SPOO:. Fo,. 0,.,,1 persons. who wer"l cancorned w • •he page we o:tcr oti apo 91 .,nd ,..,.. or t '# v- f'I rc.- ~ •tr Foo 's ok...

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" RESPONSIBILITY WITH PRIVILEGE" ' I or •, v Clo" •!41-q o ... •tircr " 5,tOC. boo•s. 200 per o.; ..;'1d o: ' ,,... o . • o · :> ays the usci c' o m cr:>-i m rooder ond hos 400 •oo s or m c•of1 "'9d rr.agcz "9S. These fcc1I • es con be used 10 :he 51roor ber>el I ci 'NOf'f N!JC • •udenr. Ir hos become opporGt11, hoNIN"', •ho· SOMO srudon•t ore cttus1ng ·~ r librory pr1v1le510s. A f1KJ n; cf pe<sono .,.spor1sibll1•y shoula be oHumed beach • rvdon· us1no llbrory 'oclh1tes. A"'fone bo<ro" ng boo:<• should ouu~ •ht duty of mo1n1a1nttl(I Ille good c0<1d11 on cl rite book ond rs prompt ro•urn on'"" duo dote. Oror tlJ ~tudotlls now haYe 150 ~s overdue!. Obv1ovs ..,,. those b~.s our of c rculo11on, otho• s•uden•• D'll den od •ho r uto. Thore ts olso an 1ncroos1ng tondoncy fO' lono cuerdUD bookl •o bo los r. This loNe rs tno efficiency of 11> l1b<ary rhough no fault of !ho l!oll bu1 rhroud> •he students. Mi bollavo ll'IOI rho uso ol 1!>e ltl:ro•i1 1s o prrnlaQ" ond H~!ad •n on ea•l1or od, •oriol: "N11h •ho• prno11~ shoo. come !M o.!11b111on of rnsoons1btl11y." We uroo ~·..dorr.s r 9U0rd their librory prlvtloge~ wnh core. f lo...,s of thCHo l!udon rs hovtng overdue books art> pos·«I ' I n r Ack r tro1ton Bu11d1ng . Ploose c:~l. !ho l1s• oks. - KV.P · r n n • •d

'Botcl" p:oclSu to be one of lhe better plays prt>s .. nted b)' the Cardinal Pl1.yers, acccxdln s to Gar; Jodd. wto wUI te playtn;; :be role ot Theodore Ole! '11e. betel d~tec· tl~. Tbt' Pia? '11"111 be pre· HDIP-' April 26·27 " Acllllc b1 the members o! !hl' cu: will be te:rtnc. The:l! Is a lot or powe: belll:id t be d ia.-na and wll I be ,.e ;y wortbwbUe to see," Judd &ald. "Tb•re are Q >e £t0Tl~s Jn• •OITf'd le :bll tl.'lll"a ..-ll!c takes p\ac" ID 111 old :s Orleans hotel wllb blch eta:... cllentele. Blackoo:.s are .al'd IO keep th!' Storl~ :110\"!nt.• czeaun1 a ceraln Potenc:Wllhln thl• SPr10U pl1')', ' Judd concludrd.

JC EHGlHEERS HEAR TALK ABOUT YOOD Us& or ood " " lh• taptc or a lllCIUr< ''" n t DellA ChaPltr 11 or t~ :Satlonal Society of Prorcaslocal Eni nerrs, by John Howe. Howe. rrom lh" l"n!· FACT OR RUMOR? Ru " hove- t,.. . n clrcula11ng rhtouoh01JI NIJC pt'•to1n1ng to vrrsll) or Idaho. coll,.i;e or • ony • g. T ford1nol R11vteN would lt\e ro reminds• • t.. reatl)', spoke at lb,. Much m el.Inc. acccrdlnc to D 11 1 donrs r/,o• second honcJ nf0<mo' on IS not foe;•. Sec11ng ·hit ovon1 •ol<o ploco s •"-only woy •hot one s sure Moser . .:tiapi.e: ath1ao: Howe also ex1 lain d necea of c"""' 1nlormo11on. su,p1c1on or 1n1nk1ng one know• who• sary quallflcatl ons !or rnlllUl~ ..,.ii horr'°n •s rror a fact . lnlO lb wood It 117.aUon S1>roodtng •urnc.o •s human no•ure bv• 1f •-.a rumor can dtp~n1 at lbr Unh·•r&11Y scriovsly slordor or 1n1uro onorl-m parson, • s!Q.kl l.• dos "ot•d How de • ono d•ntroy o rumor? Br keeping ono' s l!lOoJth s'1u1 ard •lJ'IO<ll'IQ gos••P· C1r umston110! cv1d11nc• ccnnol M token a• foe• ond al•o · I I J f. •gn.•• • ' 1 .., d ow 11iem $peak of you.-S·::rlf

\Ir . D w"IL Stellir n \Ion· t •On Sch llllltruc ior In Coeur d' Alenu. spoke a t the Ma rch ?O mP•tlnc or £dut:t1tlon Lectwu. Sbc uplalned tM procrush-e leamlnc e:nployed In these schools. Arl)'~ne may attend but It Is prele rred that one bes1ns his scbool1n g In the Montessori syste:a. Sludents ranee ln aa<? !:om two 111d one halt to 18 ycan;. Mrs. Stellmon said. Mon~ssorl schools teach the same subjects 11uch1 1n pubUc scbools with a re11 exceptions. For uample. younc students recelvf' In structlon In foreign l1111Ua1es. Tiie) ue also taucht how to ue :shoe .,1r1nss. polish brass. dust tables and pour milk. she said. Mrs. & ellmDll sald tbat anyone msy \•tslt the Montessori School. Ho..-ever. 111 appoint· ment Is pre!errPd.

!LSs KristJ cbalmran. Miss Belto sald the acmospbere ,.as "relaxtd" and l:IOSt ar the students were In the ::.ood er Uie ruU'l'lty. Sile ad!led tbat the band. Oestructo :.IOWJtles, did a itood Job. 111d really add~d to the mood o! tbf' "Tr1p". The nl:::s !lbown at the •·Tnp·· we:' the ..-mners of a film tesm-.l In 1966. Miss Belio sa.ld i:iost students OAHCE BAHD HAS ellJoy!!d the movies. Miss &Ito sald :hat a "pe- A BUSY SCHEDULE Tiie :SIJC OanCt' Band will clal thanks sboald ao 10 s:en· SMpperd ... ho did 111 rxcellent play tor t\\O aren hlsh school On April 20 they• job wotkln1 on the "Trip" d111ces. She added that thanks so out •Ill p:ay at Clark Fon. and on April Z6 they will pl1')' at to all ..ho conttlbuied to th• Worley. JCCess of the Sh°'' The band wll I also play a1.4 SHEA MEMBERS NlJC for lh< Ouldance 09-)' procmm todl,)'. Tbe conference ASKED TO VOTE <na bl es area bi lb ~cbool The ball •t ror StaL or Idaho senlois to 'le" college Ille Eduawun AssoctaUon o!O· ~Core they rmiduatc. cc rs Is In the May Issue ot the ldahos:udent EducaUon nt'ws- FOUR HIJC STUDEH TS pape: ATTEtlD YR COHVEHTIOH AU mcmbt'r.s of NIJC Stll· Four NlJC students attended dent :So.Ilona I Education Ass<>- the star.e platfonn convention clauon have been asked to or Idaho Younc R<'publlcans ob:aln a bollot and vote ac· In Nampa Idaho April S-7 . co!'k11 :o Carl Ecklund, pru· The dd~ptes. L. Oa\'ld ldent \' ln1 mu.•t be com- Sanders, James L. Curtis. pleted and ballots submitted Thomas A. Hend ricks and 1 :o Ecklund L April 17 o.•orce \\llllams were elected Eck und "las ncouraaed 11 a special buslne meetlll1 SXEA 111 - ' " w Mt• for April 4. J Grlfflths 1... 1 vi -president. ortt!llhs ls a NIJC FILM SCHEDULED BY ·~:it and a membt'r or NIJC BIOLOGY OEPARTMEHT Th~ BIOIOll' Oepaztm••nt ..-111 5."\EA ho" "lnhtrlt lbe \\Ind" a4 !ull-lencth movie . at :? p.m. Apri l 29 In Room ~ 8 Allen· dance Is required !or nil tuolo1.r departmPnt students. ~~~~~~~-

GRAFFITI CENSORED BY SAC Tl• II o· · h • ianqi1 k,,.>.,n os rho "TR IP", cous<'d a th1 (]( . rnt •, I °' .. De'ftOIM~ fO tile do(QrQt Of'1), us«l or rho "Tr p" . The focal PO•"' of hoored orgumc •s wo• rho groffr11 W1•' '"n on pope< which wn• hung an woll• of tl.i




Ac 1d1ng ro •O~t•ro l •ludlonrs, ony soy•ngs obo..r •ho foculry "'"' coruorod . Th,.e s 1udon1• 0110 so1d rt.a• tho 1oc h ho:! o 1 ng 10 101~ obo1.1r me groff •1 d rcc.'ed o• ti. Both of rhe poinrs ore ""'°"0· h 1s o •oc• •ho• s ; 11. \O_l'tng~ obour rho focuhy we<o consorod. Soy ngs con< ·rnrn~ Cre>wo, Hynomon, Lody Su-d John>on ond •ho Poiie -ro 1><11n1cd OVV<, Tho la ht dtd ho'llV o ...atong +e clay •hoM ......, c bl.• r moc1•ng wos nc• cotlod for rh s P\'PD>O. No press .. wa o~ d by tlvi locul1i1 to hovo ony soy•"!!• censored. Stud<int Ac11v1llO$ Commlr rae member spro)'Od o'~' ony gro! f1• that wos ta>•• w11 block paint. lJpen be ng o'kt why, I ,. parson onswered 1hc1 11 ...os •ho plan cl tho c~ •eo I onsor ony vu gcr 17olf11.. When o•lod why these ccr •a n oy n~ ..,.,o ensored ond °""~ about God, LBJ ond Jos"Pfi Smt•h '""'" n 1, rho por•an roplood 1t.o1 rhose left per lo <'Cd 1 ollglon and pal • u and v.-eni n common USogtJ Thi tn od:lod 11-ct rhe sayings the focu • did '10! cc:mo r •11ese ho:tod1ng1 ond rod no place on •hi! paper. who hove teen saying · h<:o •ocu !y p<eUUreO SAC 1nro c r$0<1nq_ tltls pan ·cvlar groff11i ho~ no bos s for such on arg1111Cru, F r1ho1~cte, •ne s•uden•s saying •not tho racu • P\11 thom.,ilvos obove God by i'ov1ng golf" about •hor.i cor-sm.Oard rhosoobout Gad efr, ha..e no bu• for rli1s org n• It • hcpocl 1ho• rnls ,.. Ill cloor up ony m •C:once9! on~ ·~· ~!· f~· ferhops "'"' yoor '1tgll 011ons conce·n ng 11' • "' bof0<a beg1no . - DY




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"CHOICE 68" •


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onol Coll~gro~ p,.,., dan••al Pnmory, Apr

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00 N. ~'" STREET



Woodcock's Drug Store



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TM• M OP .. CO. ---~ ,.0.... m.urra. .m 1.u~-­ CA_


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c ...t o ; ne oto"v'tl 4

~ PEPSI ~ ...___ _ _ ___..11 Taste that beats the others cold!


c..., 4'Alene

Please, Let's Keep

The Graffiti Original

14.ho, ......... •M•. April 17, 1968

SUB veraion "WHAT IS YOliR 1·A \ 'OR/TE Tl' PROOR.All AND WllY'" R. 0. \\ORRIS. School: "Lau ah In btcau~e It la the but ,.._,. I can think or. to meet tilt Judge." PHYl..Ll.S THQ.\IPSOf>, Bua. Ad .. "Star Trek bocause It

Grarnu. oramu. Grarnu• Samples we ~ round In abundance la the SV B prior lO the Tttp, ~larch 30. Grarrttophlles. lovu~. round them· selves unable to PRU 11.Y tho fat out ftttam wans or blank white paper makes bell!'Vllble," without maltln1 a PM~onal BRAD LITTLEFIELD. Bat · cooulbuUon. Vnforrunately. soma P!'l~ona ch.,lor or 8artl'ndln1: "Tom Sllcrlt-lle 111 m• devout Idol." dtsappro\erl ot what waa GARY PETERSEN, BA . •tltt••n. and re..tded th,. r:ratnu LS proof o r atudent "Smothers BrOlhNS beCAWll' tmc:ioralll)'. lrr<"unonco, and II a1 ..--.v11 knocks Johneon." HARVEY SCOTT, lndwitrlal lac~ o! cood taste. To lhese Ed. "The Huntl•Y· Brlnkl•y Leoa.~ 0 ( ,,,. NTJC v• ..rora C h. .,., ccr .. &,... " ~~ •" '• G ~ a.c ••, ~· 0. '· peopl<> I would llk11 to PU~ Report 1e about all I can t 0110<101 °"' o/ 90 t01'1""1•' ,.,.... c•me.l"l 1r-A, olons ,(.. 1• c 'Ital',. .. ,i.;:eet ro. oo an obur•.. Uon by Biil eland anymolt'. and ome llmoa (°' Oft• of ,....,, P'O ~C"J;. 0# C'C'!"l c .... ~ 0. I #:,, "i' O'dv J. AdlPr •ho WTQll' a book on I think It Is •tbod' " The Veterans Club at NIJC, tra.ns c.•c:anlu~ons in :II the aulljecr. In the lnuoduc· OEBBIESAYl..OR.Socloloo ; under t!ie direction o! clu D t"ll1. IJlCI tile club hopes t HOME EC STUDENTS tlon to "OralltU" , Adl • r "The new11-b-'caus, Ir Is lht orncers, Glen Becker. vresl· ror.n a bulletin boa:d cam::JW1l· INVITED TO MEETING HJ'~' "I think tho lmportanl only w-.y to become bo•U"r dent, Dennls Burr, '.ce-pres- t"at!on between lh~u orpnthln1 to undf'r5tand about Info rmed without Jolnlna thr Tb int n nL '"!I "'' tllP ldent, and Ron Lindquist, lutlons. i;ra!tltl ti; that tll1•lr <:r~allon Pres ident'• commltte<•." seorctary-treasurer: and War· Becker Hid that ooe or the "°t..illln~t0n Ho...i• E: no.nrst la t!llSl'ntla lb II gaaturt', Md BILLMORTON . BA "Cap· As.•octaUon and the llulllns· ren Keating, adviser, has been b1a proJectb o! the local club that that ac•turl!' h1 b.Y naturo 1'hl11 •'-•~ csoeclally active th!s year, ls t0 set up a !acUlcy tO aid ton Stare OlrteUc AllSO<'l&Uon defiant. Oratntl aro tun, It 111 Ulln K an111100. mP a aooct op1JOrtun11.y to vetemns Club Is an asso- stud~ntS t.ransrerlns to dlr- will be beld April 18·:?0 &11110 pr1marllv tll•· act llJIP!r which ract the touah cruel, 1rlndln1 1 elation open to all ex-service re~nl collt'it'I ln !uidin~ Oavenpon Ho~I In Srioltane. elves th~ w11t"r a ch Ill", and cloy at NIJC." men and women studenis. boustni. Thie !aciU:\ •mild :.iembe:s or the :-;uc collece onl.1 aecondarll7 lb" con tPnt TERRY RICE , Social Acllv lta objective Is 10 help meet Ideally, ulst 1n a!: c:o!lec~ cba~r !or lhe Hom" Econo- of llU era th to." a sood propattlon lllf'ls: "The Ne wly \\ cd GarMthe needs or '"ettl'l.DS attend· and universities and woi:ld cllM As:soclaUon wlll be Ina the coUece and also to be orpntzed :!l:o~C!I tlle cue.sts c! the \\asbJn11tonState or cratnu Ill obscene, Thia bf'tcau11r when Kathy Cral c anrl married •ct wlll b4l abln !unction as a service orpnl· Veterans Club< on tl:.e n:!o:i.s col. ie cba~ter at their Is because !he 1t111111lus and Ito1•1win bll prlz,.a for our lain uon dtnaer durtnc the pleasure or a 1rarrttophllt1 la utlon. c:ampu " con,..eallon accordtns to to ddy authority an<! Plud~ home." I Club orrtcers ha\"e oraantzed FORM_E_R_S_T_U_O_E_N_T_G _E_TS M"' f"lor,nce Stranahan, head POnlsh~nl. HowevPr, ma111 STEVE SHEPPERD, Ana· several projects for the club. t tht< home economics depart· 118.!tlu aho• a cr~at deal ur tOmlcal F'actOr• "I 11•11111 Mem~rs are In chnree ot the SURVEYOR'S LICENSE ment. enjoy Loet ln S1111c• for th~ lnal&ht or becocn• phllo~ophl NIJC reader board on North· "f"ocua on lnreracuoa" Is rlne 1ct1n1 and action. Or. A land iUf\ ' r u •ase cal. 1 west Boulevard nnd repa1nt1n1 LIFE IS A YO-YO, ANO Smith Is a mM nfler my own the NIJC billboard on Sherman .... pre •ent<d to Ga.,, 0-111· lh" tll•me o! th• con-. ntlon hcnrt." Avenue. The club memrers man April 3, 111 the pr"s'nta· SIJC ru•·sts will hear lhw• '·IAN TIES KNOTS IN THE 80B WELLS, B 0 "'Bat aerve as door checkers tor lion banquet of tbe Idaho spc-akors Or. John Barnhart STRING or Proless!onal from 111~ Unlver~lt) of ldlll'<J athletic evenlS, plays and Soclt>~· SomP •PP<'at 10 ti.. l&Cltl· man' because ol th~ trftmrn· Dahlman Is a will &P<ak abOut "Space mall' au1~··sllon to anyonr dous character 11cUn1.'' dances Dt lhe Junior colle1e. Enc:lneera. BILL SCHUETZ, Ed . "Wiid and F'reezins" •ho care• to II t"n nnd are a \'all able ror aJI former stud~nt or ;\IJC and F'el'dinc currenU) attend$ the l:n!' er- :Ur,y Epn •Ill Iii><'&~ at>out St'lvlce project.s. COSOEN5E SOUP NOT Wild Weaa b<!ooue~ Weat la unreal In 1eu1n1 out ot chlld nutrition. "Problcr:u. stc;r o! l d&bo, accordln1 10 BOOKS. ~ckcr said that In thl' ltoublc." m \'enel\'al 01seue" •111 ~lier Mour . bud o! tbe or futult' the club ,.W ba\'e a CECIL HOLT. Police T"cb· be the topic or Or Jot-.n Gu.idance ~panr.ient. PRACTICE BIRTH CONpropam or tllms and speakers nlquu. "SYPO. I rnJoy Bea:e •bO Is ID :M llasbln1· Four member:; o! t!le ~lta , ror club meeUncs. lncludlnc Chapter 11 o! the Sational ton State H~llb Oepa:unent. TROL-PEOPLE ARE l\ORSE -tc:hla1 this •how because THAN THE 80!.IB speaker& rrom the \"eterans Society or Pro!essloaaJ En11- Mrs . Stranahan said. It elves me som" forethou&ht On th• oth r hand, 11ome AdmlnlstraUon of Spokane. to the h•P!M'nlnp In nt>tl'$ at~nded tb- l:anQuet. ~'"· Sttanahan and )lrs. Ra:b repres'11t a a<"c=ent or out aa Tht club Is also plannlns to Sandpolat ror the> ensuln1 Tht'I' WCI\'. K tl!b llcGtarus . )!cf'arland, DOCle economics society. The " hippier." arf I offer t,..o 1'1JC schol&l$hlPS week " i.nslrUC:41, &It' ~:nbers or th• ·..-ell r<!pr~ ;.-nted ln this form. pres.ldent, Lund,) Want!und neit year. PATTI LA.\IPERT, Ed.: "I \'IC<'·Prhldt>nt, Ronald Rius IVashlncton Stat• Economic• PREPARATION 1..60 NlJC Vetel'llns Club works la like 'Operation Entertainment' AS!'octadon secretary. and Outer H SHRINKS HE.'IORRHOIOS coordlnatlon with other vet· Moser because It is dlrtel'Pnt 11nd and does a lot ror our servloemon VETS CLUB SHOWS LSD MELTS IN YOUR MINO, In that It Is enw1raJnln1.'' MARC SU ARCTIC CIRCLE FILMS AT MEETING NOT JN YOUR HANO. BETHO'HALLORAN. Psych: A !a•orlte pa,um" or 1rarBeauty Salon & Scbool Sottb loaho Junior Colle1e "Rowen & Martin or l\llulon D" c Clt1s1s Ill 1y, tema!lc bluphem· \'ecs Club poru;orl'd :h• lmposst ble becaU5e they are Inc or scandsll"tn1 or public Ev•ntrt9 ond ,,19hr OiOef"OfOf"I. Fos"ts' S.r. ce "-°"~ showinc o! two ntma at a ncures. both very clf:\'et In the Ir own Tbe unfavorabl1J> rovr c~~l"l'.'•"c• ,-...:e:ans open lO au rei::arkSabout !Acuity ~m~rs 3221\ si.......... . v~terans a::d !belt •l~e11. n: a.a:IJ' In Ibis catt1ory CRIBBED F'ROM BOOKS ANO Aprt. 10. at ::ie A!:M!rtca: and ..., ts the c&&e •Ith moat THE :."E'll' YORK TIMES. Lec1oo Hall,a:cc:dlnc toGte~ sratnu. •as not •rtt~n ...... . H.C.T. P U.G.P.AO.TH Beck~r , IJ(ealdec:. Wlclousi,. Here arlJ> aocr II'. CAO HOC COMlUTTEE TO • waui Wit!: '4e" a ~5 :cl.o1>1e tn:r.ples ol tb1s type ot PR.EVE..'"i OSORIOINAL !~ and a !Uc: a bl ... ~ Vie:. GRAFf'TTl FROM APPEA!V Sa:n , narrated Ii) Jolla 'o\ayae. ..rltlac: Sp•<:ioliz in9 in Colle9iote H..Js CAPTAIS KA.'~GAROO TOR· !NO OS TIJESE HALLOWED er-e shown. rt.'RES DUMB ANl.MALS WAL.LSl for Hea lth onJ Hopponeu G<les: apea.lters •ere R. P. JEA.>;·PAUL SATRE SAVES · AU vra//ttt quoted Jroa Peadar. national atr>'lce " CAa//ill" /Ill 8•11 Adl4!r o!ncer !or lbe Disabled GRE.E!-1 STA'IPS Oa1 Plozo Rutouront LBJ DRINKS SASPARILLA \'ete:ans and Jim Erickson, a SAHCTIOHS EXPLAINED Ploo1u Polot• ood Pur1e In concluslon let ua all repre.sentatl•e ol lbe \'elt'raM Idaho saacUona wrre ei· enJ01 ll'attltt, but: Admlnistradon &octer nld. 1207 N. fou'1h ORIGl:.IAL GRAFFITI plalntd t0 the SIJC 5tud~nt COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO PLEASE LET US NOT Naelonal EducaUon Asaocta· 111'.ASTE: POST.ER SPACE 0:-1 at1oo. Aprtl 3. The ·~ecn THAT WHCH ll'E HAVE . . . Sll'eD b)• Erne I Ecklund, SNEA p:uldeat. Ecklund attended the 11cate S.rvin9 Your StvJenl Union











Taste that beats the others cold!

Coeur d 'Alene Laundry & Dry Cle aners


.)fonr-A' Y.JllJI Ooc"lf""

l'HON E l-2181

Boise \lucb 22·:?3

Hagadone Building Ire cleon 11>o l»s• ortd fcx..ndor ~ r•sr · (cot~<

•kc>• 1$)




SNEA and tJ::A con. n<l<>n In

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Choir Preparing To L eave On Tou r

Siebert Sets Record For Flying A Kite


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l doho. W'ednH4oy. APt"ll 17, 1968

Card Nine Dumps Whitworth JV' s


A •Iii! !Inns d~onst.-u on and a chal ltn& rec<'nt17 prc--

lll'nl~ b) Harla.'1 Strb<


' Kine Ra l" • rn0\1C dt>PIC't · lni; th• llf<' or Ensllsh and Amtrlt"lln soldlrrs In a Jap· an1&tt 11rl son c amp. wu sho•n ta ~lud•·nt1< In thr SU 8 March 2




tbr :->LJC rl.,cuonlcs d<'part· mrnt. prompltd two •n~tprt • tnsat~nLS to acceptSJeben'• cballense to beat his kite rlJ'lns proweu and record. At the Um• hb record was col,J 1470 yards o! line. Tbe challense accept!'d, thr pair set a mer t for April 5 In the :>LJC par•lns lot . Slebe11 a11erd to the dat" and orr they went ptbttlns maxerlili. Tbe con1rnd""' were do1n1 wrU, but al~r lfttlns out !our rolls t>f tl•hlna line. two rolls of aulns and a ll&U ball of packastns twin<! the palt ad· 12111~ defeat. Slebfort. not one to qul t. was out IO set a new recotd. so what It bla tou r foot wide. black tat kit" looked like a hummlncblrd on<'·hund red yards away! On. up and out or alaht w1mt thr kite. How many hA vc seen a kite BEHJND a c loud? Forty Wit· nraar• saw th!• rare occu r· tt'nc• on that cloudy day. Olldlnc a nd 11alllnc a o last that nobody could k"•P track Of It IOI V•fY lone. SCOULS •er" ll"nt out to Ond It. The acouts round th e kl~ sa!Uns so hlch abo•e the Wasbln 1ton ltatN P owM Bulldlnc at Bf'at and I Sib that It looked Il k~ a Ul\Y bird. Thr rtnal momPnt a rrived. Slrblirt hAd lc lt 111aa than 100 or thr orldnlLI 5500 ynrda or 10 p0und ir, t mononlament f lahl nc line. wht>n It snapped. Now the clulll~ncr Ill re!Lll,y oul. Sl,.bt'rt' " record ls mo11 than thr•·• mil<'• or line out •Ith klw havlns an es llmawd altlturl•· 01 on• and one· halt mll,.s. Thia lf'al .,..,. reoort" d to KJHB Radio and challrn1" wu lsaurd 10 Oonzaca Uni · v1·rs1ty t o beat the rt!cord NOTICI:: It anyone s et'a a 1&111• black bot salllnc lhrouR)l th•· ai r t ralllnaa "''" lh ou~a.nd ya lll Jona llNhlna Uno, do not hr 11la nnt1d Ju111 notllv uny· on1• tram llw rlt•t'lronlca d~porum•nl of NIJC . App roprlah tr1> wl ll b•• takrn.

:->I JC' l>A ebal: tt"IUll an, r u!te: ., t ur drka t.1 In a r ,.. re" ortetl to SOfll<' basi ~




A achedul ! n;r.e: cc.•.ce ln se\tr. '1~111 1..n :he :>!J C A C.~lla Choir !111!• t tor a l1ht·s~elnc <>n thelr 1ov Marc h 31·APrll 6 accc;rdlnc ta Lou Keib . choir 11:ec :'lr. Kelly 11a1d ti ,, ctotr was •ell re e lvM a t e a-:n of the Concetta. Al Paclht LtHll• ·a.~ t:nlve rs lty th c~ o1 : 'l\U h"ard b) appr:illr-atcb : 100 r.tude nta. The c hoir nni: to the pr.· aoners In rr.u i::u:i s,.c-,r. I)' at llalla \\alla Stat Penh"n· tJary . " It Is an od!l fPelln:t walklnc: through rna1l:-u:r. ec urlly 1u u " Kellv sald bul thl' Prl SOD"t S alway nJo:r Ille pcrto rman cP," Thr Pro 11am by thl' choir cons l•tl'd or uc r~d iru.~I hy th,. A Ca o~ll· Choi r ltnd llabl"r munlc by th• E n•e::ibl•·. .,.,.ml>l't& '"'II "'' rt tn lM pe : !ormanet's "'' " \II R lla Damiano an Int" IP' ' :he• dancce. \II s T rr) S:J,;t'."dll: a solo, and Ml &ti Sia r oo Tu:.: and C Unt Cornplon a du~1. Th" nln• concrrts ... . t .. sJvrn a t P a<'ltk l..utlleran Un1vNs l11 Se1>t tl Unlvrr51lv l..uthPran BlblP lns t ltutr 1..1~ fir Id Colle ii<• R dmond Jo n Oft• lll1n St hool. J hn I»" O Mld1 ~h ool , ll alla 11•11S!At•• P••nttPnllar.r and lltilla Wo lin Colle M• A chon••h d bus lrnm Okano 1on 8u11 I.Int " rru,hl I t raru portall on on lhr l ur whleh C0\1' l'l'd mot• than I 000 milt'& , Ar.commodallona "t r< PIO\ld• d b\ la: hl I• th lll~&JI,

l\ olh


Chaoi;m , R \\ om,.n" ~ e..a. th ~ - ~ th dis trict rr.Pttlni: ci: th!' Her £ conor.i1CJI Aa•oclatlo· h~. , April 6 at th tJ-. .\-e: 11 Idaho. Spo,ake:s at :be we: e o· Otn ss ~· : s at.:: r-al ps7 l:ol er a th t,;,y Cl! l dah and ' 1:-s Marus. a e t~ : o \t' cow H omea:akt:s Cl.b M'mt, rs Cl! ~I scooo- HE... chap:. : modeled !uh !t ~ Roban' aM \I mbe" c! an c:lll.sses 111 :h unlve::slty lnsi:uct~~ th










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000 OJO :Ji


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a cad~mlc


:=1s Dee: P ark 0111,. Str.r tli>1iih: ho:ne mo re l: ;>!l!e~ to add lo thflr e1· H E :s:l:li; colli,c1.on. :-uc Tim" l! 4 Inc Assoc •• :ion OJ'I.' M~~


C.rdtnal 1111nclad11 111... con· •• llh ha d WCl!k In arr ettort to put NIJC Into con· tenuon " Ith 1unh•r collPars 11nu1n ~

tn :,..e non•., ~~t


o: ,. .

Dl,.d- TOLl..O,..ed1 3 mon:n' pnu ~: Ject ot Assoclat"dl w :i S·ud -i:s ..\u1!1111rr nnd 11 s-all !lan<1Cul Of hom1 CO· r. :--!cs f1uthru.s 1n Room ~3. OnlJ SUf\1\lni heir IS J'OL L<1 fl e1pect• d 1 n • m soc1 11 I rronan• n· ·•· n+-\l S··rt•·rnt r

de l"ca~s Ir. prlr.tlric <'•lllr.~ car'18 "Ith POtato pnnt rs. S'lne mNnbcrs of th !~IJC HEA chat>U!t au nd :l th


\ 'ocatlonal

srudent::. a!le: a fine :epre· st!:ta:I n "t :11e Ol><'ntni: co.

0 0

Golfers Lose Second Match


Tb' • •

Linda Amell :.!Is B&·m·a Kai tall '4 lBA Llnda TI: Ml Janie,. Pi;:d Bi llie Jo Haz I ,).\, Kusch. ~!l as ~l.\n Roi .Miss K1>ren s lberc M:s Ruth Mc""-rla-d t'C:Ollt.:lllc:.'1 lrulbJ \Ir \' r- K <I th Ir



A •n •t •C o'>d f"lvnt,,,q Eov1~,, ,







)OI s.a..~


· M~ • ·•

f0f' O v•lity u d S..,..ic.• ' MOI>•.,\ ~ll•S o• • ·64a A"'• · • Co•wr d 'A1•tt•


'in I



Blll d.

Oh, oh. Bet my date is the one with "personality:•

al lhr f> St 0r!l I t>nd I alna\I! co thrrl' h> Cbl' L ll\) mal• "'Of~ &

Tim• ,.,,., yovr


"~' yo. r fr• •• od> 01 1he


BALL AND CUE 411 )~•"""" rt•d •t10\o '' Lodi• " L•••n T• P lo Gell


For a Lifetime of






.:.00 • 8·00

Fr.dcy - 3 30 - J.30 Sa•ur•;i - I .OC • 0.30 S""•a - 1·00 . o. ~: · - " .... i.. S· :>e:i· s S ,... S: : S:o., ; 5 · h ~!'t ~


While You Are Youn9

... . . . . . N'l t

\:lov -


----------'-~ _·.

lake City lanes, Inc. 24 14 H.


St •• C..ot 4'AI• • •




0\ ~. RHl::ARO a rn tr mrc· b<•t H\1ni; II\) bo) lrlend







101 \.,., "" A..t • • Cotut d"A l9nt



ba~eba.11 " Ith m1U1.v hou rs sPtnt on dtl!enst H v. erk and h l ttln~ p111ctlce. A" th tl o ld cllche g0<!~-1o111 of hud wa r~ 11.nd practice I'll.\ o ft. It holds tru<> In bas~bull lOO-ttS NIJC PIO\'ed April I swel' plnll O\'ef ,\'hJ :-.1 o r:h J. \: i; 9·3 ,,

Blind d otes o re o chance. But yo u can a lways depend on refreshin g Coco .Colo for th e tosre you never gel lired oF. Thol's why thin gs go be tte r w ith Coke, ofter Coke, afte r Co ke. ...... - - . . . . . . . ttl a.. C-.C-C....,.., .,_ . ~ !..- A'- :l lVPJJ l

C A•


L A 9 0 1 1'"1,.!:0.C CO.WPA S-Y



N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 22 No 14 Apr 17, 1968  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College

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