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NIJC Dance Band Helps College To Project Good Image b

II lb a ~ene ral v r :nl n ltal' l\IJC atudenl3 lack prld I · lhrl r 5Chool. HOWt!Y1'f, II th<' 011lnlon of lhla 111ud.,. · that c~rtaln ,roups Md orp·.· l zatlona on campus wcr.t di acnt lr to project U11 thrlr lndh ldu11l conUllKl' n a fruornbl lciac I :UJ stud.'nts to lh publl • a can all take p:Jd In th accomplls~nts One di JIOUP Is thr Dan Band ilia pradomlnanl chuac~r· lstlc ol this sroup la th lhu,.la:;m the ~ rll1<11l111 n ""'"'·· Uml••r the 11~.,1y and capabl,. di r~c1lon of Jamu Burn!\. they Pia~ uch number wt th a llcht·heaztednl'll& thlll cnh11nces thl'I r perfonnancc. n rt! lmml'dlat lY nware lhnt these people l'nJo' "11nt thl') nre dolni:. thus In· c r~wnn a t he ll ~ 1 enl n1t pleasuH-. Enthusiasm • lone doo not mnkc the D11ncc Blind 11 h111 11 Ill. Ttll ~ nl, and thl' develop· IJK' nl o r thnt talent, Is a pr~· 11.-qu ~lle . Thi ~ results In mt>mbers Ilk" Jim Jackson. 1 prc.. tdcnt ol th•• bnnd and len lllrl'd trombonist, nnd Oan Turk. ,.ho 1'1ecut~ a fin<' :>anphone solo. The 1 ar1ecy of nch per· formance Is rl'h<lihlng. Sine· inc: by )USS Themsa Susodlll •and danclna; by Miss Jud) FoutA add app at. cuual but poised lntroducuonii b} Miu Sand) Bald• In prevent stiltedness. M e11d~nce ol the 1"<'r a· llUu ol the croup, •lln<-SS the M:ulacht Band •hlch ·~ pe1>n'<I on Mace In the Rtu th· mica! Roi lick In& Rr•ue. S"lnGlnc with a TlJuana 8n13s sound, th~) "er• peppy, color ful. and run to Ila ten IO. At a lime "hen evrr)one clnsslOe:i mu,.lc as that !or the olde r set or lh" sound ol the "No" O<-n<'1111lon " , thr D:lnet' Band br~nches the pp b,\ PIA.Yin& lune:; ,.hlch arc plell.lltnc to the oldrr u~t~npr.s y N mBlntatn the· ablllty to meet the rcquln•mPnt.s made of music by student:. By pleasing both catecones or llst.•ner.s. the Dance Band sN1·,·:; llS a llnk b 1we4:'n 5tud~nr,,, and other members of the communl11. :-101 onl.> Cll "' e be proud ol their musical achlcvl'm«"nts, but "'" can nlso be i;rateful for the manner ln ~lrh I!: ) r 11r · " · ~ "' tud• n'-'O.

Choir, Chorale To Sing At Shrine-Nile Benefit r

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:-.1·c Ac •. , 1. c . .r

o .. :. na.I Ct. "' · ens rm bl 11e lcctcd hom t~ choir. "111 sine nt th• ann..., Shrtne-:rne be~rlt, Dec. :? 8:00 p.m. Tb A Olppclla Choir WI './!

Popular Coed Is Victim Of Auto Accident

··The .~louse That Roared'' Practice Foresters Register;

Final Enrollment For Fall Semester Is 933 F"inml

fall t• rm •nl< llmrnt ha\ n (n11 be n tc-• I osed b.1 th rr.1111nar'll Of• li e • •Ith the com pl~tlon o f


rt' ct stmuon f or

r o r~ a tn

h r h·

nt elan lllud•nui In th~ ' oca· tlonal <II\ hllon The o!llclal I al lnatlnn IOI lh• !11.I t•nn "'' Nn \ m~r " •11.~ 933 Thi! com1>arabl 11.ur<' a ) <' RI ll i!D \\OJ\ 860 Thill fnll'a r"c ord total thu~ IM an lnrft,_lQ ~ of 73 , or a :i 1wr ("f nt . Mah• l\lurl•·n1" nulnumoor ll•malt i; tutl~nlll 62ti to 301. Th• acu1h•ml<' cltvlAlon hn11 1H itu<l1•nt , lh• vol"atlonal rlhl slon 159. 'fh" frufihmnn c luM numl>Pt 1>22. \\Ith 201 wonwn and 421 m• n . Th" 11ovhomor 111 c om• l'09l'<l ol t03 worn n and 203 llX!n. Thrre 11re aloo n... Apt'Cflll &tudt ntll. In l h• 'OCllllonal dM11lon , lh<'I aro• 11 S lreahm n and H sophomor••JI. Twelva vo• ("lllf<maJ ~ tudrnl.1 a'1"'


Bonnie Mae s...-.o. St. :.tull'll H.;h 5 nlor The o:h r pau na;et In the C!lr Stcv n Oro• s. :-01JC stud nt •as 111.)Ured sllchtl.>. Mlss K ss1n,r: was a th.rd· 1tar stud~nt Ill :-OIJC and was active 1n student al!;urn, pa rtlclpatln& In •o:k or Ille u caPl>t!ll• cbotr and 'nsemblc. the dramaUcs d· l)Urtmen.t and ne\\s r<portlnR. El<> cause sh<' "as r..o hue appeared with lhe Cnrd1nal Pia.) er:s 1n the proouc:lo:1 ol "Thi! Mouse That Roered" lbe pta~ ••~ poslpone<I fro~ !\OV. l"H 8 lO :-1 \'. :?9·30 M:s. :.ta: pr I Cal br:id of the dramatloes de;iarr::nen• a..'lnounced. In a~Uon to he~ pa: n· :.uss Kessto.~r ts s:11..1" ~ by one broth : W. 11' K Inter. Jr . w.:h lhe t:.S Ill B:el:le:tO:l, 1'a "' c:andp:i: nlS M: ~ . \I Had clt or Gnlt Calif. a:id Mn; Ml ll ;.. .. p ' .. '\a\°Y

ACT Test Interviews Available To Students


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AWS Will Sponsor Hobo Dinner Dec. 1

A ho!>J ·. ~r • . , ici a : oucd the community cbol r, :>:orth A'-S : r IX • 7, Idaho Choral Soclet)'. will p •...nn ~ All wo:ncn ~ lnclud In It pc r!ormanc<' 5:30-8'00 11.m. b n ncoura d lo YHllks b} &ch. The Cudlnal hav alien l, acco:dlns; ID Su ~lse Chonil onp .. 111 lnclud works arnani:••d by Fr"d 6C!Cl'!tan, M~rcu. Ed•n:ds, 11c•·P: "'1 .. "ulni:. accordlnc to L ou <I nt, hAJ "'qu t d tha t ucil Kell,>. chol r director . Othrr pcr!urmNs 1nc luclPd woman plannlni: 10 altend. will b<l lht' Pt•rcus,.lonaut s, a. 1tl • hN an emptr c !foe can QC\1••St nrtiRt Clolk < tni~r l AO s h cun ma.lte !uors for Keib: Cre1"1l, Iha "Oodfr• > t \ cryon • \\ omr-n a r to Wl"..n r Blnqu1·" tlllnd, an ln t,.rpr1•· arubblcs. The Invitation ts uvc dQJICC by Rlra. DlllTl llln<l . R.S.\' P. - Jill Rlphnge r, "11 •l olln KOi o b) Joy c:o · T ot .,·· MO ~ ·3009 n nd ~liu cl:I Eel· ~ on. ancl l he An;u~ Scott Ba i: wa rd.., MO 1·9055 ~U ss Ills,,. Pipe &nd . said

Student Board Had Busy Slate At Last Meeting A proposal for ~har11nc 2Sf ;adlllUBlrm to SUB movkul WU

brousht befo re the 8'udent Board Oct. 24 bJ Tom Morrie " n· o f lb" Stud<!nt Aetlvl111111 Commlttre. Morris 111l d lhe ~~ fo<• would bl' used IO l)OJrc:hn..~•· a projector for !he Mud•·nt un Ion bullcllna and !or P11Yln11 the Janitorial 111'1· "1 ce which cl toan• lhe SUB 11!1e1 th~ movtl'. Olstus11lon and n mouon wu made nnd appro»ed that lhP proposal nd,. and no ch111~ should be Imposed. The Student Board meeUnp ba•e bi!~n r<'scheduled. Tb4!)' •Ill rneet TUe.&da.y at 4.00 p.m. Ins tead or acU•1t1 pe·lod OD Tueaclar. acc ordln& 10 Shan· non Carlson . ASB secr•tat)". She said that lut 1ear•1 bard bad aj)pto•ed 111 .. pur· c:hasl' o! a piano from tbf n"SNve !und o f th budsct. Mr. Ha:ct la to makP the sel cuon wltll tbe board'• r approYal In Ille DPat fut:itt Cbes:c: Rellb', Cb&rlea Dodaon. and Jtm' Rlebl' were appointed to Improve tulltUa boards 'Ibc:r att IO llrlnc a - •' - Thanllaono1 ll!COCl1:itndallon for 1111 Im· n prond polley to the lilucknt ~o..- :s - ~ovl e 8'lllrd at a latPr clai. lllA :-<o 29·30 - "Th :.rouse Carlson aa.ld. Thal Roll e d" Pt stnted by A request for fuada wu th Card. nAl P IDJ' m . made qi- the V•~tana Clab Dec I - Euk~tbell: OOn· ror a ettlnc up a flllnc 11si.m. z:ap L:nl• e ra ll.)' Frosh at ill., student board rol'llaed Co~r d' Alen ·8:00 p.m Dance Ille r.,qucsl due 10 Ill• tact : llowln c lh pme. that tbe Ve~rans Club did D r 5 - \lovlr " ~hotel a not aubmll a buclcel lut P•l H r •" aprln1 and thPrc ls no _ . , to alloca~ 10 them, Illa• LOAH APPLICA TIOHS DUE All tud ·nt: lntNl'l\tl'd ID Shannon Carl.lion said. "A bud&el comlllltttt coa· s uuno.I ~·r..n!u" Loans for ond 11Cm'5t r must obtain a111Un1 of Ste,. AIDN. Dennla npptlcaUons in th Aclmlnts RJua and CbHi.r Rell.l7. tratlon Ulc" ix'fo lt' D • I. was appola1ecl IO reriew Ille 11 rdlns 10 Raymond L. budl"' and aulDH lloal approval to Ille boUd. •• St nc o an f F'llcul1Y


SAC To Set Rules For Casual Dances


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!2~~~~~!.. -~····.~.-,. S-• ll- • • A1-1e...i


Bo4r • •


=.-.............. . •••••••••••••• . . . . ...,..:. .;:...... J•• • • • • • • • • • • • . .••••.• "-• v . ......


ca-...u-......... . . ~: ·c~.:

Kat .....• ~-:r-=:

Roer1\.'•,... H.11""8

·.;.:.·...:.;..;.:.; ·.;.....•_.,. wuu.--..

r.:..,.._...,....... V•...._. ..... c.. ve,...H-

SUB11enion Ql! £STIO.\. "II Aor I th aosl 4UoPtnC1 lhl•CJ c a;rl bov doc~ oa c de I<',.' l\.a,RRES RUES, 8.J\. "TM mast ann ,-Inc thine a clrl CllD do Is be uncooperative.•• GJ\R\" TURK. Enp .. "'\\llt!n

a drl gets co::iple: 1) 11111)" 1Utd d cidea she •:ants r


shoes. 5lll n. ~It, etc Thill la prt'tty annO)'lnc especially <lD a d:lUble ~t wb n your >.Ste! Is •Ith th n!hl,. ~. •• HJ\R\~1· SCOTT lndustr al Ed.· ••Q.!:s bun;.7 fl!IJ" C'lll :s f:'l!!l :.?:e n~:eat C'.S!e ... LJ\RRY IR\"~ MA:ietlnc

y......, · -

"'F"!rst·Talllto0 mi:th. Second· ,_.,, able to mah U1> h : :::Ind.·· L~·:;s Dt.'RA:>;D, omcc .a.d.mln.: ••Romeo an!! his cc.:ist&llt coi:unents about IU old girl trtends." lol!KE :.1EBUHR F'or st:; "\\'!:en she HJ'll :>;O." DOROTHY HEGSTJ\D Ed •• "To ro to 11lei-p at a drl\ e·ln

&litorial. • •


SHA.'>SO:>; CJ\RLSO~. O!!lce

Admln.: '•).Ir. F'unru··:nan and his worn out slacis ... 1\IL!AA Ht;ST, Psych. '"The most llll!IOJ"lnc thine for a iier· son IO do on a dste ls to tty to be some:.Mni: they are not." JOH.'; RCSSEl.L, F'ol"l!£try tech.: "It's th11t lime acaln." \\ESLEY \\ILLJ.A~. "To bave a drl talk about ber date n tilt. .. H. sn::ve::.-sos. Fo• L7 "'l\btna~• nt.atotohoc " BOB GAG!:: BJ\ • "'Sc:tbiDg

•c.rse tho.n a bobble m;oso~






.. TALKS'"


~ta f:~sh."

:.!ARIE BOZJ\RTII. Ho ,. ec.: • "D:l.-cs lute: than 60 cipb a.nd l"m In the truck. l'C"_,lnc - I couldn't tllkl' another "reek.•• MIKE V.EST Pre-nt. •• Bow.e It up D.Dd th n fill

TIME TO TA KE PRIDE St ,..t., ' • If I ftr•. bottl.,. "" '' t • '"" ' o



m1gi1• ol o 1 I<

l><tlnp paid t




irno;p of r~IX.

,...,,,,Jo,f 10 ~ ....r - l'TP

u.It>tp:• MIKE BLACK, N Zl.Pllt r..


At. A\\:,

Iron llf al 1o r 1, • I· 1

" nc!l

., Letters


10 THI f01 10 a

Are .r u a mtmber 01 uie "Garbo.g~ to: l.uncb Bunch'" Do you descend upon th ~UB ti. tw~ n the hours of 9 ~S to 1.00 strewlni: your g:ublli;t' btohlnd1

llould you

t a\C! lbc m!'lls you create In t!le SUB nt your own table at home where It •Ill make a bad lmprl!Sslon on all tbosc who att It' Do you ration· aU7. tllat students a:c cm· plo) td to clear tht'< table:>, tbU'I lrttln c you 011 the hoak' \'illy do you I !low the same µactlcr on ,. f'ktnds wt:ren there ls no one to clean up behlnd you? \\bat would you do to: lhe SUB •Ith the ironer Ulat could bt' sa\"'C!d by t"anyinc you: P&PCH plllte and !lllplltn to the ;;arba ce con· talne:? .At you proud of .rou:


16 SCHOOLS COMPETED IN DEBATE TOURNEY Th u North ldi.h<- H,_ School De beat Toumlllllenl Vias held o.t ~IJC. :>;o..-. 11. Tiit'! pro11ram wn.' conducted b~ Ml~s Kristy setto, tournament director, wllh An Tbll) er and Jack

f'ull,.J!cr, h~o.ds o! separate catcgorle:. of urcument:ulon, D.Dd the pub!lc >P akin~ clnss of :.1JC. all under the supcr'is1on of Rtcbart! L. Ryn1•m1111. :>."IJC debate A !ull da.)' ol debate "ns cllrnnxed by the prl'seot&Uon o! the IOP teams In each


.o\w1uds ,..ere pre·

sented in C.1Cur d'Al,ne. Gen· nnd Ma~ cl UC. Tb ere wue oni· thlrtr tt'ams from ,.111ecn dlrterPnt ni'h scnools l:m> !hroui:bout th Inland E:r:pltt' enter~ In the touma· :z&Cil

ment, acco:dlni: 10 Mlss tournlL.":lc-nt dJ ·~tor. I~


often shews a rtn1- com· 10 110.)

you p:oud of be!.Dt; a maod of the lancua cb r of lhl' • "Garbact to: ~ thin


Lunch Bancb?'" Del Rhoades Alaska Wlldltr ". a color r-ad to' Don and Jun Mulford will be r.hown No\ :!~·2S In lb NIJC gym &I 8 00 p Sllcno c ! lh th publlc



REllT ·SALES REPAIR 0111 hong & Typ1n9 Supplo., ·' • • "~··· 11 CL J lJh


"u hold


11 th nomn o! Ed,.mrd • A\liS ~le • rresld nt ~o,. t0nl6 OOp m








ll~m• to IH' h~nt u ChrlM naa alfta to local arrtlr.1•m11 ata Uoned In \'It t N•m wuo co ll~cted hv m~rn~ni of tho• CardlnalNtea. l\1JC drill t•am. arcordln1 to Linda Stoc:k•~ll. orl&lnator of th• ldl'& Tw• nt.Y·!our tMDllwnl iant<"lpat d In th<' drh c b)· POPPIRI popcorn and collrct• tn1 and packaonc rh~ Chrta1 • mu Ill Ila. Mias Stock,. •II


ol Cardinal So fl .c r• Ir tiM 'fl' • actud 1u1 host all a on i;uld d tour , and 11 lablc dla pla•ln' th" rlub a thlttes al lhP open howu• Mid ~o' 8. nccordln c to lJe.r hll ~nn. t~ atd nt. Club m<'l!lbc rs \\Ill hrlp "Ith th<' 1 lu, "Tb J.lousc Mrinbo r


•'f\• d


That Rt>arcd" to i.. ri"· a""'"d So'. .:9·30 and the Slmn ·Srln llt'n .. m o ..c. '.!, Mias Mann ~aid.

TV RENTALS New and Used

STAMP,............ IT I

Come in and meet


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.,_.,,,. ,,,.


lmOlllllCn8U 1111&1.

---..... c:ti.M•


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

.... ,.. '° i•r ~ Lp ~ 'So .,_.....,. ~ M114. •• ~--~•• 44'



t ""'

TM• M O ll'll' CO. 0 ._URl1--&r\Mf&. .... )alK

CtJ•ar 4 •A •• ,._.





R egistration Desk For Open House


N. I J.C. !!EVIEW Coe • d'"l.., •. ldoho

T Dear Tt-~: Hann' & YOU bttnl Of U&ht W&, Dear Wu Beatrice I a::i In !Oft .-Itb Ill)' !JS' · cho 01:7 tu bl!! r But It ls tmpcsslhlr t ' I bis atten· llon as b ls ah•llY• looklna at the bla kb.>&nl I ha 1:11!<1 .- ulna rnlnl NIJC DELEGATES GD &ILlrta !lperl nt d with nt• TO AIS CONVENTION cos= u and th 11 ru. s o 'IU '· RJ~, r r A11'S lu k C.:xild It ba my 'radtll • M X.V prestdtnt. ana :.i. u Ma:cla Edward.s, AYoS 1lcc-pr<:slden:. Oenz ~11 To bJOlltlnc your cni dea accompan1t'<I bJ' Mrs. ~cy adns r, am.:lded and If that d<K'& not W.'O 111 . Ute A WS coc>rn:lon at :\:Ds· diac l\lm otf In the bush •· cow, :'\01. 3· 5. Tbls was uie n rst A\\S ce;:nentlcn co In· Dea• Miss ~trice A boy I've kno,.11 cu112lly e lude r•·p1<-scnta1 •..-es t= a Junior collc1e. aec::dlni; to Io: same tlm twlb' aned oe fo: a dat \\ had a cood Mrs. McLain. 5.!nator f'ra.nlt Clit:rch. ke1· lia::e. but Ille n<'st ttm" I note speake: adtir ssl'd IU saw blm bl! lant!ed m • AH r 115 delecates. lbe sor.c o! an!Xb • date be did th hb 11iittch .-as ".\eel ca:lS Sllould I :efusl' 10 date him &bould &how m • Wtb ID a;aln c: continue IO be huml · C11.-edom. rather lha!I so .di lla~ by blc? Ready 10 F'tght lnr of Com'"lllruam." Dlscuss1onscon m1ng wt:ou D«JU Ready AWS dors as an o:p.iili:atl Reta 10 date blm. At th" rollowcd. Smt!J : cre,,.,s SIJC there at lbr-.1! boys to dlacussed aead ::Uc b • st1 ency on 1:1r1 c-it out you r and the ni;!:ts and : d ::is flslllnc .POie ai:d catcb anotbe r ol stud n1>1 .M:s. Al Lain flab Ir. the SCll. Dell! ).!;gs BeA t:I ee 11ald. As a result o1 mttU!li; •1:11 I b:l.Y a unco:iqu rable 0\'11.l\s or \\'D11:en lro::i thro;i;ll· ll!Obl I ha 1l Y rJ' ba:d oul Idaho and \\ tot:. • ce c. mac up In lllt> mom· Mr s. Mcl.a1n S!lld. "I reel ou.r l~c. I a lllwaya r: ttlcc up rei;ulaltons a! hours and coo- bole &a!! Ill • by nm late 10 duct a"' :;lmllar to .no..e o! ::iy cci.:n n~ clll511. I hue other colle;rs." In refNeace u1ed alarm clocks wllll loud lO Lilla parltc1pat1on o! J.Uss bells tc. I ba• e•en us...d EdWJUds and ~hss RJplini:• :. a clock rlldio w!lh the volume ~rs. McL llln ~llld. "lbey sre l.1lmed on hlsh. What can I Clll~d ,.1th ae" tnl.husl11Sm do i.o cu re ID3'B II of thla and plan,. !or A l\'S." habit• Mr. Slee py ~ar SI "P'ARCTIC CIRCLE C.:t catrl d nnd hu e your wlf eel 1ou out ot bed.

Open Hou sr h fld :->01. f te rmed \'C ry UCCC6Slul by Donald \'an Klee k, chai r man o f tb~ open houM! comll b!UI bet'n flit:· mlllt'e . moted thot '100 P<'OPlt' a1tend"d th«! e vent. Thlny-sel'en alumni. the oldes1 class daUna bock 10 1933, 11'CIS· terod. Vls h o rs were t>ncouraa«!d lO vls h lilt' c lass room•. Ute vocotlonal build Ina. thl' SU 8 and She rman Hllll. To a ccomodate aucslll. tours o r the ca mpus we rt' aulded by s tudt'nt m~moers o r col.t' ce c lu bs. Ca rdina l $e tl'lce Club memlx'rs se rved tt'fr<1ahmenta throu&hout the e1t'nln1. £nte rlalnmtnt •• u pro11d"d b) Ute SIJC Chorale and th~ dance band. The dance band lll so p1011ded music for danclna . "S:ud~nl ~lubs and faculty members did an excellen11ob" \'an 1\1" ck said.

JILL RIPLINGER • AWS PftESIDENT J ill RJpllnvr. pre11Jdent , Matclll Ed"ard... I ICt'·l)leSI· dent. Sue \\ h;e, stt rtl&q, Doree n Reed. i;oclal chatnnan. Mrs Lola 5'1 lor and Eloise WUson . publl cl~· co· cha1rmen, Les lie \lossbu rah. SN\ Ice committee . Kall!l' Harri son and Donna Ed\\1Uds. bis· torlans. nr.> the All S officers.

MARC SU Beauty Salon & Scbool f .., ""'"'0 " •q . . .,,, .,

O""' lo!Jss 81.>attlcc.

tQI YQV( c;()l"'l~,,f·l"lC•


MODERN DRUG AND GIR CENTER Speciali<il'9 '" Calle91ot• Huds (o, Healrli a,.d Happil'Hs

I Ilk" to talk abOut Inte rest• .ng Ullni;s and list n to oth•r&• mments. Somet!mn 11ei. Is . =;;b.t Into tb" CC>nve11J11 tlon . Shoold I ad~ co tbe discus ShOUld I add to tbe dl5CUll• slcm? I afra d If 1 lalk o r d!SC"J I: wt:ll boy I wlll lose r:iy r patatlcm ll'lll 1 ~ ci"' me 1001 opinion on tJ::1s



o., Plozo Rutoo,.,•I

Dear Oebauni:

Pl"'" Polot• ood Porn

Oiscasslnc sex will on.•

add IO .rour rtJ)lltnUon a· : knowlecli;t> as I nc u II . talked about and no: d c ~ · lltra'ed.

1207 N. F.....i.


Th• annual J·<IA~ Urld tnp sCb•'<lul d b) UI<' c lass ln social ecoloQ" end rr.source coas n11Uon Bloloc I l) occ:um'CI S v. ID 12. Th" c lus of I'.! •as a ccompanied by lolr ana lolrs Bll.5s Bl anall and Mr EY&D..~ th ln~lructor Thl'fl' cars ,. t <' u&ed for th<' t:ir and th• r und t rl11 die· tanee •u 666 c lles . Th f !Sl rrinclt'OI 1'IOI' "1lll Ult' :->aUonal Bia n Ran1<' at' M n1ana whu s om ranlt' ecoloi;y and as1,>ec l5 o f .. lldUI conStr\1lll on Wtf<' obsuvt'd Tho clas" s aw elk d..., r. rron&IK>rn ant<' lope and bison In larct' num~rs 'tti th1a 111111 nau onal 11anN11ar. . Slutl n 1 Chuc k K~ator told lh<' c lass that bul!olo (or blllOll I \\U nam<'<I aft<'! ' 'Bulfnl o Hill" Cud.~.who had abot so mall,) C•f th••ml \<Ua e•nt tn the Blaon Raocc the c la n dro'" thrnuah th e :o!IM Plpt> Satlonal lla1~r­ lo,.l twr). which •~ a l•O un•l• r th«! admlnlatratlon 01 the U.S . Fl1h & \\lldli!" :;.,rv1c r Thtt IOUH• lh1•n COO· Clnu ~t up thr Flathud Vall~). sklrtc t thP e aM •hare ol Plalh ad Lake and lh••n 1h11 weal a id• or Olacler Nallonlll Park 10 Evans • PAnorama Ranch Jus t '.!'.! mild a bort ot the Brtlla h C<>lumbla llne. The clrua &P<'nt boll\ F11da.1 nd Sauwlay nll.hts In tt10 lar1 wild tn•'H c abin . Trips afi e ld on Saturday w~r.· for th puq>ose or lllUdJIDI vccei.atton and .-lem•nlli ot loreat ecolo a . Sunday mom· 1n, Ille class v1s lted Lak~ McDonald lo Clac tor :-/atlonal Par• to 11 Ule annual ml1ra· llClll and ll1*•nln1 ot IA!na or thounncls of !And·locked H•· mon. The eulmon. ln tum , attrac t 11 concentrallon of bald <'&Cl ea •hlch aca,.nce I.he fish that dh• aft r a pa,.•n · Ins;. The rec•·n1 larc"' forPat bum wu obs• r'c d u th" su ecealiful a tacu o f for.,at lhal toll ow s uch llrea . \Ir. E1an s adv!lled that th•• purpcsto or thf' trip WQ.Js lbat 01 landscape lntNprruauon. Thia acuvlty auempts Ill note ~ lost c orlpns. relate these lO lhl'lr lnflu<'nce on cll~a1e, soil , l'l'&ttallon. anlo al lit• and !lnall,y on lb" number and economic heal lb of the people tbat 11ubll!s1 • IUtln the ari•a Thus blator> ceoloa plant and anlcal ecoloo . PDllllcs aoclolog , eaUteUcs and ..-1r~ally C\t't)' &$pPCt of kn0>o1· ed, becomes rehted to lb<' b.llr:sn scene .o lbe caUJ1r ar.d t'trcct r lallonsh1ps lbal are a :nancted. Th" mp •u






1t at~

===========.l- -..L' n..... St WOOIKtKll s .,. q • e

CandO.. -



c -ur d'Alene Laundry & Dry Cleaners +

Hagadone Building


P10•0,. Growlh - Good Hoolth - Energy



·•4t •

., • ,


-~' 'f

0'101'iE :.2a11

.. .



to tcavt'l back In



,,,., area around Panorama Ranch ha.9 r~malnf'd quite un banif'rl 11tn<'I! It was hOlllr· at~ad,.d orly In tbr Cf'ntury. ,,,., "'"nine dart and plnochl• r hamplonshlpio occu~ b)' th llaht of k"roaenr l a and In h,..tcr aiove com!orl Sign.~ PIO\ dl'd by Ult' atu d n Ill ..r It' l>Ostc>d on the t'abln On< d<-slcnated th" cabin as lh1 Eult>m Branch Of SIJC. 0th IA WPl't' <'quail)' en1er1&1nlnc • Mr. E•ans *U lh<' C'ooll and the atud.,nUI •aAhrd and drl"d th" dlah•JO and did rhorert t'hopplns wood , •lc Olen B<-ckN cornmf'nled, "You rullY pay a·1.,n11on whrn th" 'prrl•s~or' It dolnc the rook· 1n1". Frldll.Y nla/11 lh" claaa •u ••n..,d sp~uhNll •Ith meal •auce made lrom t'Oupr mrat. Saturda.v noon th" class aat down at lh" bla ranch tabl~ and at<' bleun Aluw. 'Ibat nlaht lh~rr •as an lmmonrtr llU'al that lncludod charcoal 1rlllo•d t•lk •trake dune by lantom liabt In a whrel· barrow. 'Ibe 111,.aka • .,,., pro· vlded by lolr. and Mrs. Reamer How.,11, atudlont11 Mr. £\1\na' !lnat comm•nt wL• 10 the dfect that another ti..nefll of such an acllvlly wa.• tM ddlahtful aaaocta· ll<>n and uaderatandln1 that could •tlM bel••f'n atud<'nta and lMttuClor •

PANEL DISCUSSES COLLEGE TEACHING T"achln& 1n a Junior collt'p and lh" ~nional character· latlca rrqu.r<'d for !<'•Chins at that IHel Wt'te Olacuaaed by a panel of ~JC lnairuciora bt'for-. the E!lucauon lA!cturea clasa Thurllday. Nov. 2. ac· cordlnc io Carl Ecklund, class ml'mbl'r. Th" panel mf'mberR were. Mlaa Loretta DuMIPn. trad of buAlnellll dept, Mrs. LJclle hl'ad of EncJlab df'pl, John Mcf'11r· land. h"ad of lansuaato dept, Jwnet1 Crow•. h<'ad of social aclrnce depL. Ecklund Bald.


CARDINAL SERVICE CLUB ADDS FIVE NEW llEllBEllS A C<'t acquainted party for tbP new 11emblora of lbe Cardinal SerYlce Club •u held Oc:t .10 al th<' home of Linda lblt'mt'llB • Se• ~rs are Janet Hazel. Bartara Kalatad. KrlB .Mundt. LJnn Durand aod Pam Seedham. accordJn1 Ill Manila Mann. vtce•attllldent


Annual In I<' r co I h cl• t •



and m•n•a

bo•llnc. bi1l&ldll tabl<1 left• n1ll and br:dp toat11aJHllla will be bt'ld a1 Wubltl1toa Slate IJnht'tSllY at Pullmall. Tom lllOrrts. SAC cbal.-.

baa ubd tba1 llllJ'Oll• la· 1n aue toatll&l&ellta 116 N . ~ St. • C:- ~N. .. ccotact blm for tllrlber lnfor·




Biology 11 Class Takes Annual Montana Trip



••41., No..,.i.., 21


,.. _ucs

- - - -----=



MW PalC)' KNne realped brr poalUOll u p-ldent or Ille Newman Club. No\'. 3. Mias Keane aald lbat alle CDuld not bold lb• poalllan and ducC<t enou(lb 11111• to ber acudlee. A apectal elHtlcll to aD till• ottlce will 119 lleld Ho... 25 la 25 a& llCld'ftl:r period.

N.IJ C. REVlfW Co.v• ,.i•41.,.., ldo..


Debaters Place In Centralia Tourney


DIC I qalllat a auoa1 Ualftnll&J F'roU laUI. Coecll RollJ' WllllaJU wtll Geld • aqaad wllb onblluee aeutrmen-Doa Bamea. 8111 llloderlck. and 8111 Sdluetz-11111 baa au ..cai. ra ~ IDcllua and N<'• J•-1 aeel!DI apaea Oii lb IHlll Nlllt' or Ill• 11111111 squad att flolll Nortll ldallo. Pour ~ C<Mur d Al<'n<' and cme eacb COIDt' from Paa1 hlla. Wallace, K"llou. PrlHt Rlnr. aad Oronno. nu.e play•rw """'" from Mon· taaa, lllree rrom 0.11. lndlana. J<'l'8"1 and onr t10111 Wulllncton. Coac:b Wllllama otru•d lht'll<' com•nta ror lhe Cardinal Ren••. "'Jbl' Ii play~ra pioYlcll' lbl' lt'am w lib u · ceptlonal df'plb, which wlll be the SUODI point or th<' 1n111 wblle faclnc a lllOtll rl&Droua and nll'nd~ ached· ule. 'Ib• ll'am abould ha v" IOOd OYeiall apeed and acor· ln1 balanc.. " Wllb HrJ few r<'l11m1n1 lettenwa. our U•am la In· esperleaced and onl1 came compeUUoa wlll •bo• lh4'1r errecUYlnH•. "'Ib• •CIMdule lbl• HUon wW .,. lbe moat difficult •l' haft faced , •lib lb!' addition or a•• and • 1ron1•r oppo· aeata. Our uadlllonal appo. aeata are alao much auon1<'r. Our nrat cam• nnda ua qalaat a mucb auonser Oon· zap l"'n»b 1"8m lban •• baYe eacounll'red In lb" put. Jr we can aurvhe our Dec•m· ber same• •lib a r"uonable win percentace. we ahould baYI a aucceHful •Neon." Tnai manacera Ibis nuon anP Spettdy R•llb-. ro1umln1 from lut 1<'ar, and D•nnl• Rlcp. Team trainer la Da\'ld Prlano. UlllA~ll'"'Y.,..,T'""'O,...,C"'" L=os=E-



- ,,_ N••



C•dinal Squad Of 17 Includes


\!. r:wn




h.-ad cbc rl.-aa : :-Ow, . 13. durU1i; actlrit} per od. Also dla;en "":' : Jill F'rena· RA-tu mine I• tter:nen Don t\';lf, Cork) Smltl'I, Ju1111IU1 Bamra. 8111 Brod•rick and Xyoori:. Call Rose. JL°llB Bill SchuelZ form tb" nueleul Hllarea la tl:at alteruate aad of SUC's \t.r.llt) buketball Palt; Hansen seco:id. &Quad this winier. seventeen The wlnnrra wue d te1· hopefuls are stlll seekin11 mined by a cc::imlttac co::· b<'rlba on the squad will poaed o! the 11tudent board r1>presmt sue this 61'UO!l. and srlectPd faculty membc .. lnd h1 dual into real.I oi; on 'Ibey °""e Jud;:cd aecordlr. uch of the Ii follows. t.o pPp, &kfll •l:IJ'th::: Q~

Three Lettermen




•PP< a:anc




n ,\



b • n proH.:l d t;;, Ui

business alu· d nl$. accordlni; to Mlsa Lo: llA Dllnnipn. hrad of lb tiuslr: ss d ran nt A cllc.uaphoc laboratory v.11icb can acco::iodate all· t n "tudenls has ~ n set up In •oom 8. Tbe laboratocr lnclud~ s v~flll professlooall)" record d tapl!s aad ~:orldes ~ choice or assla:n· ::ient.> ro: lh stud nt..s. The (lWpose of the !Jib I& to l~cb :stud~nls 10 take dictation •'lllch ~~phas!z s buslne&S Eagllsh. and to adjust 10 In· dhidWl. d1ffer~nec11. The dlc:aphone lab mll,)' be co· c.:d.iaatcd wttb Marvin Far· mer'& lab. ~Uss Dunntnn explll.lned. Re uses three tape recorders: one for dJciallon and 1•0 for studeat transcription. A phonOJ1'11Ph I::. also used for supplemen· tary 1ranscripllon. Also lo use is a stenorette transcrtbJng machine. The tapes on th is machine em· pbasize Kltneral business. !epl. and medical \'Ocabu· lary said '.Uss Dunnlpn. ~

por:m-'"nt :er


196• Ceatralla Collcc fc.1 nsl :auruament h Id Ill Centmlla \\UhlnClOn. X vcm· b<'l 3·~ Tb debatr sqi.-ad cons.steod of Krllll.Y Bello. C.audla Btawnlr Stt"r A:nes Biii Kacbn r Cllllrlrs Dodson, \al : e Pet ' n and Coach Richard I ff1nc=. Th oral la: :p• tatlon '1QUP Included Claudla ).!cl)t_:::ild, Ii:~ ~la: ur and c.:iac!l lJAr· pr t Gal • bead or Ille Dl'1l:la D put::icnt. lollss Belto and /.!!11$ 8: ...-nlee p!Aced tblrd lt<>m a !!old or 26 colle;es 11.nd un1'frs!· lies. Tb<'.1 r.osted a 4 Yln1 loss record 1ncludla1: ,..ins mer Puc.fie t.:nlnr:.;lcy. &; Clark Colle1e. t.:nl · .rrs.1.r of O:ei;on. and Pac:tllc LuU\el'lln Unl\erslly. The second tnm composed o! K.acbner 11.nd Am<'.S corn1>!1ed a -I win-I la:>s record. Dod· aon and \t!ss P 1erson won '.? and l~l 3, llCCC:.tdlnE to COtlCh HJ'nema.a. '.Ila;; ~:eoermld plac•d second In women's 1111.,rpre· SCHOOL RINGS ARRIVE tAUOn and ~Urcure wu a •.\ new Unc or school rtncs naall~t 1.::. n·~ .rrerpretaro: '1:Ls a r cord assort· .,. ~ fbc. .,an cea: ha\'e arm·ed 1n the book· YOUNG REPUBLICANS store. accordlnc to Eileen And.rson. ~·•er or Ille MEET NOV. 21 AT 4 boc"~tor 'I". • ,. c. "n R. . "' 1• .ac Tu ,da_, A.•l"t,1#1 C' O"C Na.-. :?I, at ~:00 In t -vn• .,..e Eat.1 pt"'1en' Sl"B. All apubl!can irnldents tun been lnYlted to this THE LIGHTHOUSE meet!~ accor.11n, to John SPORT/HG GOODS Ru on• of the 01· Ille




Th ~1JC d bo• and •iral ID! erpr IAUOD 11qunds 1>ttc-ndcd

1QJC'9 ~ bUkeuall ,_. wtll opea Ila at


W•d. N -


lettl'rman, bllh school AU· Amttlcan from Coeur d'Alea~. INTRAMlllAL CAGERS 811..L BRODERICK-forward. 6·2. letterman. all-state rror:: START PLAY NOV. 21 Mlaaoula. Montana. Th u: ;:.. .,,.., · ._ II ROS COBB-·crnte:, 6·-1. lroc :a.irn= "' u. ._rt;.; ••• I. Prtf'lll R!vl'r. Tb!.rt? •Ill be an "A" leai;ue CLARESCE HARRIS-·!or· co::ipoaeod o! mm with pre· ward. 6-4. fro::: Gary. lndlana. \1008 npe:ance In bl lOS S~........ ...... . MO~e•I 4.172 I HARRY ffAYWARD··forward. scbool o: c:ollece baaketbll . 6·3, all-state from 1Hld•ood. also, a "B" lr&iUC cocpa: FOR THE &EST HAMBURGER Sew Jerary . or any male student " IH TOWI( CO TO THE DOS ffOLOM··cuard, 6--0. w11hcs :0 pla)·. aCCOtlllnc ~ from Co<'ur d'Alen.,. Jaclt B.010::1. P E. lnstr~cto: HUOSOH S ''Oro. ... c. BILL JAMES-forwa:d, 6·2 All male 11tudent.s t<bO art 7 _, l•lllC."S. MISSOURI LUNCH from K<'lloca. Interested la plulnc latra· DICK MORRIS-auard , 6·1. mural t.altelball ha\'8 b<'en - ue!>:!c - ~:00 · !!:CC from Anaconda Montana. requestPd 10 contact Jack F.,.;ay - 3.Jt - 0:30 LARRY 01\ES··suard. 5·10. Bloxom 01 Roland lll!Uam So• '.GC · 0:3C rrom Clar)" lndlana. In room 0·2 or the c;yc u WILSON PHARMACY z,:o - 1 CHARUE PETERSON-tor· aooo u possible, Blc1om DUllllG VACATION The Ubrary wlll bt' cloa~d ward. 6·3. from C~ur d'AIPne. said, ::>;..,s - N CS· ::en·s BILL SCRUETZ··auard. 6--0. II -,11--.,.-t-tt_r_t_o~b-e_o_ld· durln1 Thank111lvlna vaca· S ~ 50: Sa..ino Bo•hs 1.00 fuhloned and rl1h1 , than to llon, accordln1 10 Ruaa~ll lotturman trom CD<'ur d'A!Pnc PAT Sii ELL.EN BERGER- II<' up·to·da1111nd •tons. \10 ~·l 55 60i' ll ••• Ph: H602 8od11lln1. hHd librarian. forward. 6·3, from llhlte Sl\aD, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __:-:_TI.!,.!!o:,:rt~o~-============ -========= ===I IOUOUITS. COUAeu • e 1m \\uh. ............. .....,......,....... -... ............ ... f'&- • 0 J>t..... , .... POl IYHY OCCASION Cl.YOE SMITH-suard, 6--0 COEUR D'ALEHE 'S all·stal«i from Oat). lnr1lana JOELSPECHT··lorward , 6·2, IYD•lllN PLOIAL rtom l\allace. AND •111T SHOP RICK S\\EENEY-1P-1ard, 5·9, • .... 0..ollty .... s-i.... group really l'rom Poat F'all1. MOli.-l 4-J l• I ., ,_..76 you the I 211 llwMM " -· • C:....t 4°Aloao TOSY TfflESSE.';·-ct!nter, 8-4, from Orotlno. JIM WALCZAK-forward , 6·.5, yOJ• i.onos ; from ffeleoa. Montana . ._.... )'our f,,.,..d o• •he s.,..., y ••• A4..,,... .. '



.;ea -








:oc . a:oc

cold shoulder.

• "'• °"

IALLAND CUE .., :oi........

Ewe~ t\eo,...uro.,. '• l..ocU•• Nf9"' i.-,. T• Pi.r

For • Lifetime of



BOWL Whde 'You Are Young

JEFFRIES' TY S.. UI fot ~ •s,. •.. :>es


•ooe "eto'ce's

, ,.,.o , •. ' . rec 0$ Or rep0 '• er 4"> c• '"- c':xlve

lallt City lants, Inc. 2414 N. '-tlo St•• C:..... 4°Alo..

I02 111.., .....

MO •·20CIO

C-4' Alo .., W.lio

So flght ice with ice. Bribe them with o bottle of ice·cold <;:oco -Colo. F?r Coke ~as the refreshing taste you never gel tired of. Thot s why things go better with Coke, ofter Coke, after Coke. ................ .... C-...C.C-.-, ....




N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 22 No 5 Nov 22, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College