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Every Student Can find Extracurricular Activity Of Interest Exuacurrtculu ct \'II or North Idaho Junior College • open to all 111ud•nta. Thl' aasorimrnt o! actlvltleii atlould pro' Id~ somNhlnc ror !!Ill" s1u~ nt. Thu< ar socla srr' Ice and r llgJou" clul In ,..hlch lht atudenta m pazll clpote In addition to a riles and music. a rdlns: Herschell RI II<?, D an \tt~n .

As Dir• CIOI or Stud nt A itf11lr.< and Df'&n or M n. RI,. 1s ll\'&llabl< to: lntormaUon Pl'rtalmng to am of th or· pnt7.at1on». Club mcetlni;h at!' POStC'd dolly on the bullt'tln board In the main entrancl! to th" ad· mlnlstratton bulldlni: !or the ~onventenct• or lltud•nts. Rlt>bl' ask~ that club o!rl· cers noU!y hlm of &11) 11prclal met>tlnlh or chnna~s ln rcgu· lnr m.... ~un RS· Orguntmllon~ and mectlnll'> nn• · Ai;~oclowd Women Stud•·nts ml'l'tll on "rcond and fourth Tuesdoyi. durtna ncU\'H.l Pt:'r!od In room 32. • Cardlnnl S•·l\'ll"r Club mHt" !11111 ond lhrld Thursdo'" du r· lncocth·tt.l P•·r!od In room ~6 Clrclr "!\" meets C\N\' •Thursday durlnit actl\'111' P<"rlod In room ~8. Dome:; Club me< IS on the St>cond FrldA> at noon ln th< .Student Cn!on. Di:mlbutl\ ,. Educauon Club ml'ets ""!) Thursda• 1lurlnc ac!lvlt.l period In room '45 Enitnecr.s Club mt"ela second and founh Tu<sd~s durrnc acth tty period tn room 41. Home Economies Club met'l.5 •~econd and !ou11h Thur<d•>" durtngacll\11~ pcriO<l In room3. Letterman',; Club metts U,.,.1 • 1<nd third llednesda~~ du rtni: llCll\'ll) pertocl In room Z6. Phl B"'" Lamb<la m•'cl !lrst and third Tu .. sdll\' s dur· 1111c1t"ll' pertod In room 7. Phl ThNB l\UPPll met-ts :>econd ond fourth F11 da.,'~ durlna 11c1l\'lt) P< rtod tn room 36. Student N11tlonal Education Association me~ts s,•cond :llld fourth l\edn1·sdan durtni: l#rth1t\' Dt'rlod tn room 36. SKI Cluo ml'N~ !lrM and third \londll) s durlnc acU\'lly Ptnod In room 32. Spanish Club mt'NS s<'cond and fourth Monda)·~ durlnc acll\'lt) period In room 25. e1eran·.s Club mee1S eHI)' 'i"dnesdJa) durlni: activity ~rlod In the Student l'nlon. Church i:roups meet r1rs1 and third F:1d11p: BapUst.& In 100111 41 Catholics In room 2S Latter Day Saints In roo:n Z6 • Lutherons In roo:n 23 ~l cthod16UI In l\)()CI 36 Presb,ytertans In r,)Om 3Z 0


The roll011< Inc ,roups do no• bll•e reau1arn schedultd me tlnp• Della Psi Omep Phi Rho Pt. S!."'!'Ch A<"tl\ltle. ~lub and Fr .. neh Club.


STUDENT PARKING STICKERS NEEDED StudenLo "ho 010 no1 pu1 l numbt!r on their pruklnrt atlekt•r appllcatton c'lhoutd come ln und do 110 Im· m~la1t>ly, llJluko Nl~hlo, rr· sl•trar, &ntd. th~lr llc1·n

All !ult llm" BtUdl'nl5 ma,y !>1ek up th••lr Insurance card~ Ill th ortlc.-. ~tlhs Sl•hlo added

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Cardinal R e1:i ew Editors

On-Campus Parking Regulations Will Be Strictly Enforced bY

A thoulb I• raun · r.,r th ran term h .ti not b.: n com· pkle I by tbe copy d• 11<1l!n" for this IBKU., , R•·~I trM Slshlo rep01tr•<1 unnlrlcl 1lh thal 87b Rlu<lcnta hu~ r• • 1lstN l b\· l11~t F'rlduv, S<-11l••m!x•r :?II ,..1111 th• h•st duy or r• GlStrutton tor thr. full tNm. Tho nbovo rtaure for 1•n·

.-U· lsr1ze Ill el s •Ith colle, parting aad dn nni: rerula· uons Reti;mt.•u: st.:'Jt'nt.s lbould also r !: sh Lbelr z:iem· cries. Studen:J c:&) 1>a:• ::ietr auto:nobll'' In th ls•i;c lot north ol the \l<"Chanlcal A:"..s Bulldtns Ill lbe pa:U1111 lots l'ast or the Libra!) Bulldtnc. 1n tht." parklni: lo: be:weeo the Gymna,.lum and StiJdent Union. and all Str!'eu. sutuec1 to city r<"aulatton~. Puktni: I~ problblled an :he faculty park1nc 101 behind "he am:un· lstratlon. l:)mnuluc and llbtal\ bulldtnp, In c:.l.Ss· \\al ks and c • -s·hatl"hM art'as, and on the curl! µlnte 'rllo") east c.: lh" .!t:anAn.\ curbl> pa1at d HllO"' compus are pr hlb.ted a: ~ Studl'nt' mu t pa:i. t.t motor btk• s an:1 r.: :~ orr th•• p1u~d '" as ,-\ II stre ts runnlni: lb• u;:h thr campUs ar 11.Y ~:· • and ar pa I! 11.-d b• lh 11) llOllCt. OH·. tr t PJ.l;tlDI: Is : ,ulat d b\ th,. II i:e II.lid Holat :s 1rl11 bf> 1s "l'd ra:.tnG tickets b) th" ct':! i; pe::;onnrl Sludtnt~ are :tlso temlnd..-c! ol Sherm:m i;rad" school adJac~nt :o lh., collec;> campus and art> ur,t"tl 10 bl; e5pec!Alb careful .. hen pa~~•ni: this ocb ·I.

HIJC Bands Heed Humber Of Players Th W.n r band :uid th" concert tand ln need ol lnstrumentalu:~. The con· cell band Is In 1111n1cular of v.ood" 111d» and tn1mpe1:.. The dance band could u"e sauphon" and guitar pla,yers ace rdtni: to Ja::ies Bums band d r ctcr. Bums u:ael> anyone «ho can p~ a band lnstru:r.ent and 1<bbes to oln the dance band or coo· ceri band 10 see hl:n 3..s soon u possible. One cred1: boor ls i:h•cn !or e:icb bclnd attended. Tht' conctrt b&od prac:c..ces l'H/l l'Jesdll) and Thursday. and dance band C"•el\ ~!onda,· . l\C'dnellOay and Frida!' at noon tn ..,nai;lu-


Gebhart, Smith Annual Editors Lynn G boar! Jaolce Smith an. lhL annual l!dlto.~ ror this year. Wl' hoP<! to make th" •' Dr1rtwood " lhe beast annual that Sorth Idaho Junior Colleae has yet to aee and read. " Janke Smith :;ald. "lie also bope uiat lbc atudents \\Ill be coopertltlve with our 1•rrorta." 00


annu'll editors ask··d tntere,lt'CI lo Jolnln~ the Annuul :oaaff com<' to room S-1 In the SCB or conl4ct on or the cd:tor . lhat


Enrollment For Fall Semester Unofficially 876

' I•

Improvements Made During The Summer A



a1 SIJ<.; O'f I 1n 11 o:dln~ l.o C 0 11' odt tiustne neai: • c, Ines and w11lls w r p;it n lh bodJ and f nd r and ..·bin shOps and the body !UI~ I nd t clas r A c \ Ml , to tb O • nasla:n from tn" admlnlstra· uo:i bu.ldtn• wos cons1ruc1 d to allow trA!!lc 10 b<' protc-ct d !:u!il th 'l>r:ith r A 1rall 1"U buill to s al hall noise from the library A numb!!: m rooms werf' l)lLlnted :in I minor "pu.ra m:ide tn most bulldlnES. A ne,. sel\ Ing counter Wll8 added to ttlt! SW len1 Union. makln1 It posslbl~ to handle dormltor; .tud,.nt 11nd non· dorm!IOI)' cu .•tomers In a•pa·


~tn·tn.: lltt"b

Lockers for th• mllln hall and lock~n; and bL~ket.J; ~ hand.le SOO phys lea! educ • uon "tud~nts ore on odrr and ,. UI bl' 1a5tall"d os soon a th y Atr\> r

Practical Nursing Course Started A he- •o


"' n •

I 'luraln1: to the curriculum a: the YOOH!ontl d~pa:t-e:n :ii :>:c:ui Idaho Junior collecce for th 196~· 1968 school 1nr. Thia Is an 11-moatt course desli;nt'd to 11re1>1re .&Uld•nta for a carttr In practlca. nu~ln£. acco:-:1· Ing to Cla: nee Hsueh:. roca· tlona.J d~par:me01 IU:rc1c:. The first two ,..~ks were con · ceotrs~ classroom atu1y 111 tile Kootenai :.! mortal Hoa· pltlll. The rest of the cour ,..Ill consist ot cllnlt:al ex· !>"r.t'llce tbrouchout the hos· Pltal, 111clud1nc one moath a: Pinewood ~lAnor :\u:s1n11 Home. Diane Grani;er, R.N •• Is the lnstru<:IOr (OI thla COU1"P ,..hlch hD.S 11n cnrollm n1 ot !0 SUJdfnt:!. "' This cou r"e "Ill b• or· 1.. red as lone: 115 lh~ ~· r<I l!Xlsu, OD • PPfO•'&I by In .. Kt:lte board rach ynr " Hnucht said. "'-'U~






J• Yaung C1rdtnal R<l\ 111>< has o- dltor~ thl ynar. Solh Kllor are rctum1ni: 111.uU by




I\ n \'NnCin, a tal•nt«I uni: lllAO, acn.d aa actlnc t'd1tor laal yr.11r durtni: th11 o.da:or•a abl\<nc•. an •<'II a.A a 1 port•1 and ad•~rtl111nr manoi: r Ill ablllll s a~d Id as DI fllr 11 aching ln lb• n Id or Joumallam. Vr.mon' a bltlon Is to make th• "Cardinal R,.vtc• •• 1he be 1 coll ' 1111per Of lh" \IPSt , l\:tthle Palntn• r. co-editor. e rverl as a c-hlcf reporter Ot th" paper suirt Inst year. Sh returns thl& year u an editor wtlll th .. dr.,am or moklnc th• coll .. c;e Pill>< r the bt 111 :-; !JC hu e• r seen. from thll lone houns und har<l work she put Into the Pill' r Inst yl'ar, '.11&8 PotntnN ha& tb~ 11plrlt and knnwl~dll:" 10 rruk~ th!~ dr• am omr llU"·

Students, Faculty To Host College Open House Nov. 8 o.


rollmc•nt rt'Pfl'St•nl!'l u four P<'t ,..,•nt lncr..:ni;o O\'•'r Uno.I enrollmPnt lut full, which WU 8~1. ' l hl 18 u l••Corrl ""' rnllm1•nt for NWC. \\lwn !or· 1•111rv t••chn1c1nn atud1•n1" f'n· roll ln Non•mb• r, lit" lot ii 11hould pus th•• !100 mu rk ror th< fl151 lime. t;;nrollmenl tor thP foll t rm In lf'Cf'nl Yl!alll .... ~: 567 In 1!162. SIG In l!lG3, 71 1 In 196~ . 83 1 In 1965. 841 In 1966. An aoalvsls of r• Klstrallon data wlll be prtn1'1ll In the R•·•·lr" after thr recla&nar' a otrlce has ha n able 10 pro· th• daL

Chorus Girls Are Feature Of Revue Planned For Oct. 20 A lln ! ·l,Olll .rl will b on• ol the many attrac· lions at lh<1 R) lhmlcol Roi· llckln1 Revue to be hold Friday, On. 20, at 8:16 p.m. ln lh" North Idaho J unio r Collue io·mn111<tum. Th• them•• ol th• R•vu•· wlll be " Caber• l, " A ~com· penlmrnt music 18 tak<'n from the Broa.d,.oy phay or that name. Acla In 111" R"VU" .. 111 Include •ocull111s, lndl vi dual lnstrufll('ntall&LS, thn '•1Ar1· Juana BraSs, rand a varl•tY o r dr;nces, lncludtnc the c:horu s line t:it>ntlon d. Thi' :O:JJC dance band wl II provld<! be•k· cround music und 11ccocnpant· ment. accordlna to ~U ri:iu N Gale. b• ad ol the drams dt'·

h"dh ; '> I fr Ill 6 p.m to JO p.m. G~est.s wlll :ei:tst r lo ellb r Lile Student Un on Bulldlna or In lbe Gyc. panmtDt. Alt" lb cpeo bouSC" program. The Rythclca.I l<Oll!CklDC 1 Ir h:n t.s arid entel'.Jlla· Revue will be sronsored lo' II! •Ill be lum!Sbt!d !c: lb!! th~ XIJC Boosr.c: c:~b a a ccordlnc :o Do:ial'!I !und nll.slnc proJt'Cl. Thr \an Kl k, chalnnao ot lbl' RcmJe will be dl r cll'll by c.p :i house co::rmtt :e<". ;.wpre: Gall'. Sten• C10' s The Pll:i>03 11 o: th open w!ll bt' ustsiant dlrec:tor bouse arc to ans• : peoplc '.a ciuotlona about Lile collec". Sta"-' setuncs and m:tke-11P .-111 be pro' ldcd by d11LOA d...,~plaln collecr pollcy and pertmenl S~cda1s. SfJC ch' hlib school &tt:denl.Jl a alumni and swde oL• •Ill pro>cba::ce to 11ee the college. wld~ tb" 1&l~n1. AccordtnE to \'an Klerclt aald. ~n<l- ~ G<l.I :.;;...·~~~~~~ Tbe co:nmltl ... r••spoa.slh · lot ori&lllztnc th open bou DRAFT DEFERMENT Is c ~ed ol Arv.nad Deck I, Doi PanaOl'll ROil<'!' NOT AUTOMATIC llrlcbt, and '.lrt1. Annett•· All rnal :ud• n: ar ,,. Bh;nall. \'an Kl,.eck aleo minded tbal 1r: c;d : 10 11cc um atated that hf! rntend<>d :o dcrrrm DI or ,. .. l"CllVl' SCIYIC • call uPOn lb" ll rvlce clubs lo they mllfit Obtllln .. I QUO I, 11 11lst •·lslto rs n t a qualnted 1111 11 m and 11ubmtl II to tht' wllh the campu and Its draft ooa rd . In othN words, b11ll llni:a. drJe 1111.-nt 1 not automall c. 11 \I arr pr ud DI wllal "'" mu ~ t be Jnllla l d b.> ah ~ stu· ~"n1 . n. 101111' may tw ha• h : und wr ' d Ilk<' aa oblaln d /rom Ill dro.!I board tn:lll,T p(!Ol> I ~ ,..ho C A O 10 ~_,,. our coll i: • \an Kie k 1Jnld. c•r fr· m thr rr p inrar' otrl .

Library Makes Changes To Add Value To Students

THE N.LJ.C. REVIEW ~llth.4 S.-•""°""' , Ovtil't ""•Coll..,. Y.or &, tit• Auod••-4 Sf\.o•,.• 8o4r 3 ' NORTH IDAHO JUNIOR COLLEGE COE

fd •~


O'A, fNf

.( "' • . .


. . .

• ..

A ·~r:.. . -,:.

V•moft, /...o.O. •Po r •n.r

Plwo•..-""'E''"' ....................... J .. Y_ M,enept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... .... Kf'!I VetftOl'I

u ..,, ,

1 c, ., ""~·~' . . ........................ R•' v.. mon

R..- Hun• :;.:.- Lan .. M •• 0.1 J"" Y-..ir19 Jotw H::i,..' • °"'- J""'1 ~eu ,..., S.,,. y__..4




Editorial ...


in r

Jl.a'. ·.

Donates Books

Mrs. Edminster Guest Speaker R


ll dJff rent " l·UP In lb II· t<ary bave be<n lmpl nulPd :hls JQ.Z r.o lmp:o•r lb llb:uv ' .s nlue r.o s111d nl.S accc.rd-~s: to Res 11 Sod r· line. head of 111 lltirar:i Th" only dllllli:t' In : ;:ub· uoos Ulls yrar concetllS lb u5" of boota. Sludects • lsb· .nc r.ousea boo:k lo lbe llll..'111')' lor an !:Du: o: mOtf' will now 'iave to re~s~' t!:e book at ·hr dleclL-Ollt d sir.. ~:Unc said. Students wlU adTI lb,. llb:&rlan In cb&r,~ If tbr) •1 ab 10 c se th" booll In I.he llbrazy or cbPCk lt 0111 for lb uaaal 1>ro-weck ~rod. he

said. The library bu bcf'n dl\1drd lnr.o two di~:lnct pari.s. One al1"a w!ll ~ used lor 111udy 1111r1>0ses a.nd Ille other 111 a !or blowsln11. resnrch, and 1ead1n1. En:rance r.o !hi! lattrr art'a wtll be lhrouah n on ... ,.,., tumstll<!. 10 be In· r.tall"d later this lnl I, accordln1t io Sode11tni;. Thr pollt> on over<lu• books rt::ialns the aamo. Sod rlln &aid. SOOks k•pt past lb dul' dll~ will cost tbt' stude~ lbrN• c:eoi..s per dlly In lln"s If thl' studen1 allows ,,. weeks 10 ll p by Wllboul " iurolnc lhe book a rrolnd ca:d 1<111 be matlrd IO lhe s1u tlen1. Ea~b r mind r card wlll C06t an addltlooal ltn cenl.S, ~rllncsald.

Ore_.s rer;ulat. ns also ,.,.. 1:1aln tbf' sam" as last >..., • Duun1 lhr d~ achoo! cloth ar<" rl'qlllr •d En11lna;s D: more ln!11rmal arid atcdrnts m.,- wear kn~e·I• ni:lh. h e1Cfil sbons or lac:k11. SI 1 r1 at· we Is ot'v• r perrnltt!'d t o be nm In the h brarv Sod rlln' said.

Th<' library !.~open '; ;& a m to ; :30 p.m. :.!.:inda' thr uc!I F'nda). p.m. 10 10 oo rm


\londn 1hroulth Thur da). nd 1·00 pm I<> 4 oo II·"' n Sell·

The !\cnb ldabo Junia: Col· le~

lltiran bas recr1ved a dft ot appro11e1au-ly ~50 \OI· umc tr.:im lhe prhate llbrar\ or J. Ward Amey. accordlni: r.o Russell Soderhns. head of the library. AmPy. "·tio was a promlnPnt Co..ur d'Al<'ne attomP) lor many year.; prior r.o rtllft'm<'nt. Ill• nd •d somP CIL~Ses "' SI.TC last Sonne. Arn l "5 c:c.n1nou11on "tll make ml.II)' prol!Lllbl" lllld pleasurllbl< hour~ Of 1c:u!tn1 (Or SIJC J n1 Sou rltn~ sa.ld.

Circle Klnvttes Students To Join \f




fl 1f"



n al r' sill· d ni.s 10 olo lhel: act.•llle~. 11cCCJ•d1nc to Jerr, Riebe. club '" d n1. Rlebo! sui:i;e.Med lhllt s111~nt11 ln1trested In l:lln1 lhr c:lub contact hill' f : nt r:::atlon C: le K ts a men·.11 eolle,, n1CI' Clt'1Ull%al!On atnual d • 1tb a tranC'b or the nntlonu Kl• n Club It serH'S rn c11par1ues throudiout th munll) and lhl' •Cho I f ·th bell rment or all,

- - - - --"


P•Pll' r'" , " n ad· Ht' diliOD ID h • O~·l<>I !.- • H'l'\ CCI little fellCJ\\ and students aro 1n.,.lted to CCJme down and mel't him. 11C'· cordlnr o Mrs Ell en Ander· on. ti. k.• mana '"\I•

TYPEWR IT ERS ROYAL REHT ·SALES· REPAIR D111h.09 & Typ1•9 Soppliu INTERSTA-< •R -i;p CO Sh...... ;..


-- --- -











100 ~ ••• STRUT C0£UR l;'.l f P<E IOAHO


Del Gitt.I H. ,,.... A.,... • C..'""'

'1'1i.i.• •

TV RENTALS ,\ 'eao a nd Used





Woodcor.k's Drug Store Conde -



12' N

f.owHo S. • C... .fA!...,

Hagadone Building

Come in and meet






CHd Comes 11 Pl. A c.....i couts<' Ill arcb<'IY and i.dmlllton bU be•n lo· trodu~ by Mrs. Ca lhettne Sea~•. p1!7slcal t'ducatloc Jiwuuc«>r. 1be cl&.Ss meets Tuesda,s and Thursdays an lbe arch•rr ranse behind the ballt'ball field with bOth bl'ldnnlnc and upcncnced arCh<'lll.

TarccUI oave be<:n pa.lnir.d

rrom cardboard contributed by atud<-oL" and atUICht>d w hi.>' balPs. ID front or the dlk• The class •Ill conllnu• m• • t· Inc th•,.. unlll thP weath .. r h tad, at which lime :11~1 ,. 11! rttum to th• om tvr badrnln· ton It i. hop@d th at the clrla comptllnc •llh boys on !lie court wtll rurtMr d••rlop lbf!lr badrnl.~ton skills and enhance the i;osslblllt1 o! a girls bad1111nto11 team . accord· Inc to Mr . Scat•

BOILING CLUBS AT TWO LANES STARTEO Th• bowlln1 cluha or the Covr Bowl and l...a.kl' Cit)' Laor11 •Ill soon be conte.tlnc """ another tot top positions. Tnams have l>l!cn chosen and h.•1iu• play wUI beslll oo th(' 25th and 28th . Mrs. Catbrnne Sciates, Pl>Y· a!cal ,,.iucau c.n lns 11uctor. "UI be In ctuarc of bowllns . F'llt:IS ahowlnc the co rr•c t p rocedur~ ma:r be used ap.ln this yrar 10 11how the s tudPnt. lhfO COrtfOCI Il l) It' Of bowline Old and n•" a tudrnta a rr 1nv1trd to Join thl" rnJoyablf P . ~•. clnKB, uc cord!nc to Mr11. SCatt 3, T rophl• s w111 be Klvrn to th ~ hlPI aam•. hl~h s erlllll and fHHh•r:i ht ah a-. race to m• n an<! woa> n t or bOth Th banqu• ta at whi ch th• 8l.' trorhl a •re pro :.entl!d wilt bO hrld thlft :r••ar al thr end '>C b"'th t\rmr tPr • Mroi;.. Srat1•s al<I



STUDEHTS ASKED TO BUS OWN DISHES Stu•lf ntr ha•·• b.. •·n by


~·· ton

lt atch. SUB tnJ&ODKN, to r••mov• lht•h own dl•lw~. lt nlch 11tt1d ll\111 mo11 ~qu1t1rn,.nt wJJ I b•• nl'ldrd to larllltalo 1hl• opclflllon.


ao uouns. coRs.t.6ES





•• d S.,,,ic.•"

~ "• M()t.••' 4 )14S Oil 4 6'4 7• ~,cl.Ale••

lll Sl.•""'911 Atte .

SAC R enta Color Portland Is Site Of First Debate, TY Set For The World Serie& Drama Tournament Th


taa.. " : •.!

,,. ;\





Dr. Ogg To Retire At End Of Year b•-.

Ou h• a.d or th• <duc•llOn d"P•rL;, nt , JS p: · • parln1 tor h• r rt!lrernent neu or.

y.:'ar. She haa 11en~d as DMln ot l\ Omt'Jl at :>011h ldahO Junior Collec c th" la!it :?O yru • One or her duties hu b<'~ n to work •Ith the .~ sso­ clate<l \l om•n Studt'nts In Its socia l pr ouam. Two or Its ac ll Vltl<'JI a r th,. mc.tbrr's t~a and th•• 111Yl o show. As d• •an Of womrn, Or. Ou " orkPd "Ith women &lUdent.s concrmlna 1111.v probh ms lh"Y ~ncounlt·t• d throughout tho nc ud1•ml c yr Dr. Mr 8' II)' Mel .Din IB NIJC' s third d1•1n ot ,.omrn. She la aval11 bh•, ah., 1<a ld, !or coun• •·l!n11 at a ll llmra. llN !l~t dutt•·s eonalatrnl or • bric! talk at oru ntaUon Dnd IM!ct· ln E d <>llll!IOI) .. om ..n. ··u Is l'llmulat!n; 10 work •Ith " omen alu<ltnla IUld I aa> lookl n 11'.', ,..rrt '" 11 l'tllhtlS· la 11.·a!b." a 1 I Mr M ·Lain.


,, ...

L•• ,,._ T,. Vl•t

n U


For a Life time of





. hl•



for the cn)07 111l'llt o r the b&Keball tans 1tman1 lh" 11:udrnt bOdy . Th" television Is belni: !ur· ntabcd ~ Sp0kanc Elcc· uon!cs, D loca l business fir::i Becll•r said, U the t lnlslc:i ta properly c:ared tor. he add~. Spoken EJeetronlcs w!ll sec that ii ta an.llab.e ro: tutu:" e .-enta. Studr nt.a ar encoortced to mah ua o: :bis opportunll)' w 11ec !he wo rld series in col or : howevtt, lt 111 requ~sted :bat thn atudcn:.a i:sr ex:ra car In c! tanlni: up alt• r U11i1M e lve11 so lbat thNe will be no prob le-ma tr: c tttng per· ml aslon to hrlnc lbe telr•ls!Gn ta<:k to lb~ chool roi Cot u: e 4'\ents, B~cke r 11&!1. The u-!evl11lon •111 be ln the ,..,st sit! or the studtn: union bulldini:: • brr• awdnits can watc h lhe se ries In peace and qu iet a nd the telnlalon will no1 dl &turb those •bo do not ca re IO watch, Beckrr "'Id




p: v "'' i;i.>rl< ii


Learn to


DE Club Helps Develop Leaders


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A barl• r.u• " a b• Id bl.'hlnd lh1 ISUB DI i;:30 , li<'ptrmber 2:!. Th" monu " •s t1almoo and b<•t•f. A dance follow ~ In the from 8:30 to I 2:30. En· tutalnlns danllt' bond • u "P<•~h a nd th" Pus••. Tht\ placed ntlll In lhe battle cif lh btlt<t- . s; ar

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c;, Bli.qu .. 111d rorm .ly kn01<D U Th \ lbr.lDts. mad lhe h:st cbnce or the yea: a :nashlnc success, acoc:dlni:: to Jun Younc NIJC n: Youn' s:Ud lh:Ll th bru:ld J;ll:IJcd all or the C!Odcm b:t llOl1P lnc!udtnc l)!lvcbt'dehc Ctlter al. Tbc «Uncr r.tS te!d In the stud 111 union bull<hn~ ldonday. Sept. 11. The <bnc was held L~ a put ot orientation. to £1\ e lbe ne1< s.udent.a a chance to get :acquaJn1ed DCCordlni: to Glenn Becker, Chairman or :he Stu1e:c1 Act! vltlt>s Com::tlt:ee Codfrl!l Bl.aque band mcmbe:s ar ?.!.ire Flt>cln; drums. t.:~ Heber\ r~n. Tom Cope • ad --~· _ _. F · - Bur •

utl"" Educnu n Club or Atn< :lo Is to d ' lop lutui:i I :ul :s to• 11\ Cl&rkr!lns IUld merchandlslns lnduslry. Th on!r : ,quit 111 nt 10 Join thta club Is th:>t the person mua bl! tnkln g th man11i: mt!nl cur· r!culum. 11ccordtni; lo Tom Robb, ad·•lsor. Them on ti. hlnho co. le~es lbDt ha> branches ot DECA. Th"'> Include: Sorth Id.aha Junior Colh,ce. Sol e Collese. Idaho SIAt<' t:nh ii sl~. Collci:e or SOuthem Idaho. nnd LA.-• ls and Clatk Sc::nal. Each branch l0>cti : p:est'%11llUVC$ to so to lM Slate COD\'l'DllOP. usual{)' held In Boise. At the con•tntton, represenmll•<'S elect sun~ o!tlccrs and hold competition In mllllllgement declston. per· sonnet p1 obl~m~ and markrt!na lmpro\'P111~n1 D"ards. Th lllSO choo:;e repr escntallves 10 i:o to the nD1Jon11! conven· tl'ln ot OECA In ChlcDKO. Tb'! 01strlbu11•·c Educauo'il Clubs or America bnlnch at :0-.1JC "" ur.-ant •t'<I three ars airo. Robb "''d


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..._.,, -o E~ Of"'"'' THE LIGHTHOUSE



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~Qfidli'MMIE 2111 N. 4th Sttt•I







While You Are Young

KRYSTAL PLUNGE And wheu:ver you find o congenial crowd, you'll find Coco -Colo. For Coco·Colo hos the refreshing ta ste you never get tired of. That's why things

go bou., w;~

Cok. oko,

oft" Coko.

lake City lanes, Inc. 24 14 N. Fe.oft St •• C..w d' Alooo




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N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 22 No 1 Sep 27, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College

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