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"99 Students On NIJC Dean's List At Mid-Semester There we>re lllnf'l.1 full-time honor 111udent11 dolnc 3. (Blor better wak at tbe mld·polnt or lb~ cuurnl s~mt'stt'r. ~ver!y McHrnry - s tbe

CIDnb 4.


Olbe>ns with pade Polnl ave"'c"• o( 3 S and abo,.. WNt Salb Amey. Jan Btlll "Dennis Burr, Cs.IOI HoW&Id KllJ' Llnd1ren, lrf!fte McCord Kennelb Marcure, RI nite Ro mine. Jacqu.,llne Ross Mlcbsel Roa~. John Ru<!bel· mann. BobbY Sheldon, Sharon Smllb, Kenneth llall4'fll. Earl Wolfe. Sludents "llb a vera1es bt'· tween 3. and 3.~ were Elaine Adkins, Linda Amell. Carol oAndcnson. Cathryn Andtews, Connie Alclllson. Everell Bar· ton, Etue Balor. Claylon Beck. Sheryl Brr1suom. Du nn c Bl s cho rr. Charles Blakely. Dona sou chard, Paul Brellb111pl, Cole Cord Jr .. Chnrlcs Camic, Gao Casey. llel13' COllcll, Joy CUip, Ernest Ecklund, Linda f'ln· ley, Ronald Fisher. Kathlc.-en Frosl. KlrbY Ora.> . Palrlcla Hanson. Carol Hll,)'es. Belva Haywonb, Marl,yn Heinemeyer Randall Henley, Joaepb • Hul)les. Donald Hull. Julie Jensen, Keith JuUla, Barbara Kalslad , Howard Kent Jr., Marvin Kirchner. HatOld Lar· .son. Sheryl Leonard. RobyMe McClure. Roberta McC o, Rosanne McCoy. Delano ldar 11. Ellzabetb Mead . Ronald •Mensch PbUIP Merl!dltb Shir lt'Y \llllbelsler. Slepben •lor· pn, HenQ' Nall"l. Pun Nansen. Kaiol Olkonen Oen· •eV!e\·e Pelerson. Valorie Peterson. Jo Anne Richmond. Dennis Rlcr Lucllc Rices. Roben Roland. Marjorie Ru· •bow. Ronald Schm ldt. Dorothy Secaur. Robin Selvaltt'. Claire Simmons. Karen Solber1. &le r Starr. Kay SUxldard. John Thom11.11. Jeannc Thcxn11son, Phy Ills Thompson. Ro 1>e rl Toedler, Rotter Vernon, Nanc;i .. Wo.lch. David Wedc\•ln, Robert Wiibur. Cacol Worlbln1ton. Gary Wutzke Stan Zysk.


Church Speaks At NIJC

5enaior Frank Cburcb apoke In lhe SUB APrll 21 al 10:00 Lm to mo:e tban 300


Senaior Chwch spoke ror an bour on the United SaUons and Its role as a Pt"•ce kttper. •ne also sp0ke or U:-1 lo•oh·ement In \'let Sam, the Ruulan and French debt to Ille Ul\, ,.and the Bii Five and lhelr use or tho veto p0wer. Cburcb f&\'OIS UN lnTolvemenl In lbe \'let Sam situ a II on becauae "tbe U.S would lbeo 11 cet neazl.J universal approval or 1!11 acUone as It did In Ko,_ wboo we 0'"1rled th• Dburd~n under UN culdance." Ken Canham. sophomore, &P· plauded St'n&lor Church's direct answera to queatlona. "Atlell.lllhe WDllO't ~•'Ulvto," Canham said

PLAHT SALE Collc1e crown dahlia lube111, cannas. ra1l·bloomln1 natera C~Uchllt'lmas dalslN1), and lor1c ehnsta daisies aro on ala In the Student Union. Proceed.a 10 to buy more PlllnLS and lhNbll for thv campus.

'10UJM f xx


COEUR 0'4l£>1E. 104H0


Instructor To Speak May 11 In Sub On Dangers To Mankind •


,n •

NO TROP HI ES FOR PIE· EATlNG CHAMPS TIMI' Ill ~ p!Ues for lh~ pl. • ..:10 wtnoer.>. accordJnc to Gra:i• Tbe

mal• and

f.ioale ,..Inners 'Aili be i;lven alnn~r at 1.implln:. wltb &111 escon Ille) chos,, "ll should bt' QUlle an e..-t'nt and there IS sull time for anyone. man or "oman. to enter." sald Merriman.

ACT REGISTRA TIOH &udents "·ho plan to talle lhe American College Test may plclc up reclsuation blank. Ma.y 15 to Ju\y 13 for lbe test to be elven on Au1. 5. acoord!n1 to Mrs. JOllll O' Lea~ counseUnc secretary

Student Board To

Publish Student Handbook Next Year


or ~ m&lllllnC: eun1Te'" wlll be tbe tbe=e or a C1la· cussl:ic br Edward T. I..ncbfleld. ,IO'~rnalls!!: IM:JUCUI:, Joi&)' 11 at 11 1::. lbe 6\iB. Wtelltleld wa.a ln,ited b:r lbt' Stud..ot Acth1tlN1 Coc::llt· tee lo address the scudt'!ltS on a toe>lc he tbouchl would bP or general lolen!St Steve Oro-es. commluee membrr, •aid. The dlscuasloo Lttchtleld &&Jd, wtll concern the an•~ dsni:•'r5 no" Cac1111 manllod due to the development or nuclear weapons, and It will atlempt to lon-"5tl;;a:c lbe reasons for man's ltQsule conducl over :he &&es An l'xplanaUon fQr lhlr. r.ll ~ orrered and a rosslble :aw~ countl' of acllon on tbe PA:" or lll&lll<lnd Ulch· tleld said


Hotrod BPd

The bed tact' ,..Ill I: tU 3:00 p.m



held It •lU

run ::om Elchlh and Sbennan

to :be !\lJC parklo1 IOI Four Clhlsloiu will be Nn Th re ar 16 b<;ds 1eclatered lacludlnc l•o girls teams and one racu111 tC&lll. 11om..n !:om tbc llon:i •Ill aid tb" omc~rs In blocklnc tratnc:. 1&ccorcllnc to Glen Jkr ,., I>"

tw.d rar




IN SOCIAL SCIENCES T D tal cl~nce ..:iurs •Ill b'' r d neil yeas, :occonlln1 to Richard Champoux, head or !be social sciences departmeol. The ne.,, courses •Ill com" und"r a comparall•e eoammet1t uue. lb•• flr.ll lnvolvtnc democratic govern· meat and lbe &PC'ond &Pmes· tot&lltCLllan ~overnmenl. The cowae will be taucht by Dr. En. Ou head ol thf poUtlcal SCIPn<:" departmrnl.

Sign-Making Kit In Use

Sophs Asked For Help On Study

A >tud .. nt handbook wlll ti<' publl. h :d r.• 1l yl'&r Al the ANll 2S student boan1 meN· Inc Nell Pel"rson appolntNI Dave Prtano. SPe•'<l!· Rt-111.J and Dt-nnl5 Rl11~ to PIOOUC!· the handbook whlc:-h will con· la.Jn antcln an lho NIJC con atltutlon ll'IUlatlonb nnd ac:-tlvll.les. Howard Fflstor nnd Jtunoa Youn c reported on lh~ SUB mu~lc l11su.-. They •11lcl lh•• SLudrnl Union Commlll~r hod •lvrn lhrm pr•nnl 1•lan tu make CUI rxperlmrnrnl lllpe, bul they had found lb• !tufl.>nl ucll vllll's eommlllrt tapo rrcordor lnad1•quato. The board 111ve lhrm prrmla•lnn lo hllVO the record"r Uud ApplJ1:4llon~ ore belnc ac· cepl d for ASB .rr·rt'tan for nut year. AppllC'llnts mu•! have a faculty recommendaUon. SP<'ld.J R,.111.J rtpor\ed on a review b" had mad" of !hi' conalltutlon submltl"d b)' Phi Bel& Lambda Rll"Y moved that the con•lltullon b<t passed, It was apprond b)' lbe ml)orlty. Nell PNeraon reacu valed •he bu<lce1 commlll~c. Ice funcUon IS lo &el up lhe enur" bud1cl for student runcuons for lbe 67·88 yur

Th ~onh ldAho Junior colhicv counaellnc staff In cooperallon w.lh tbt Atnfflcan Colleae Tcaunc Procram Re· snrch Cenl<'I will be ask.In& !'onh Idaho Junior Collece sopbomorcra to Ulll~r In a Hrles or 11l)or reanrch atudlH. Snith ltl•ho Junior Collece Is cne or tbc few colleces 11elecled to r>&/llcl • pate In this pro1ram. accordlnc co Deuer ~losvr, SLJC coun· 11eltn 1 dlrecto·. The purpoae Of lhla llN(e will be to provide more tnrormauon about alud,.nc.a In American c:olleaes: lbelr 1oala, atlltudl!s and ~lid& lbPll auccess In eoll~C" and oecoratlon& hll'le been plwi · In life: lhe kinds or collesea necl ror lhe snufuallon ball thal roaler hlib achfevem1:nt: which will b<> held May 20 In and a numbM or sfmllat probo lbe SUB. Enllllnce lo the ball These &ludlea will lemll. wUI be p!Df'd IJ)' croealnc a yield uaerul 1nrormallon for br1d1e over two •P•rklln1 r~·eu.mlnln1educatlonal pl!lc· pools or w1w·r which wlll tlces and poll:lt'S. conl&ln a~b Pee Dohnnwi. Each aopr:onor,• 111 asked to SAC membtr reported. The fill out the 11 tudc nt profile barld Th" Better MOuae Trap, ~c:tlon or :he ACT te£t. wUI be on t.,o conllnuously Co:pl~llon or lbts prortle iotauno clrculaz Olatfonna wUI take aboul 30 minutes 'Tbe ball will open wltb the (not tlced>. and can be don~ lbecie llOllC. ··Sonly I Will ~ repllnlllc to Room 11 1U11· Leave You ." aunc b)' Tom time atantn1 on TueadaJ'. Smith. SIJC A c;appella cbOlr :.ta,r m,-mbet. Host and bOstess for The COOPt'~Uon or lhe lbe evenlnc wlll be lllnk soP!lo=~ la tbls rtsnrch Andersoo and Edna Simons. proJect will bt creacl,y llj)l)re· ).taster or cue:nonles •Ill ~ ·'" ~ "' wo •r. Speed; Rdlb'. wbo •Ill also be honor~ as lncoi:tloc A.SB BAND TO MARCH prealdenc. "Oscum awarda IN LILAC PARADE wtu be pven tbrou&bout tbe T'lt :-.1JC bond "' •rcn everunc," said Miu Dohrman. ., ,. • Sp. <ane l..11.e F"SUval Ticllets !or UH• e>enlnc •Ul Pararlf' •Ith tbe float or ht- $5 50 per couplf'. Frattma.J Order or Eaclea Atrle ~86 on 11.,- ::o. acc0<d· Inc lo BOb Dahlb<'rc, band p1ealdent. I.lay s - Beard COntesl "Thia will be the !lrst Um - Car Bub starts tbal COl"ur d'Alene bu l>ffn Ma,y 9 - Pl" Eatlo& contest repreentt'd In lh" Liiac Fes· - Solt Ball Gama Uval Pared" t>ecauae or a ~lay 10 - Trike Race lack or enthusiasm by local - ll'ator Ficht chic arou~ .n Pr<'parlnc a - Band Concerl float for lhe ~111d~. A float I.lay 11 - Dtt>H·UP Day 15 D prtrf'QUl81tf for •n tnulC~." M'Y I:! - Grubby DI.)' hP&:Df~d~,~~~~~~-Tuc·O-ll'ar SIUOt'nC.S re1um1nc nut ta.It - S.-d Rae• r•mlnd•d to complet... ai>- Bar 8-Q pllcallona for rradaltcudon - sueet Dan« ~torr Jul) I

Decorations Planned For Graduation Ball In SUB On May 20



I.JC Officials Were

At State Meeting Of Deans, Presidents P rt'sld• nt P erry ChrlsUan· •on. ~mond S.onc 111td

Claronat' Haullbt were enl.l!r· tallied by 111t " excellent cboral croup" dunns their visit to Rlck '~ coll.,fe at Rexbu rr. Idaho. !Qr a semi· annual cneelln1 ot th,. prPst .. d•nts and onnt. or the col· l~st'" of Idaho. Dean S1<>oe reported. Thq altiO toured I.Ile campus. which " was ,.,.,, IJflPr<'ll6fV<'. .. Re aid bt' wtu1 C61)&Cl&ll.l' Impressed IJJ· Ult' computN operated planeta.r· enter tainment 111td lur>. tour were onlr a sciall part of th<' bospflaillY •hown us. " he •aid. The ml!elfnp are held ln a.n •!Cort w brtn1 the prealdeots and d"aDI Of Idaho' s COllC!lt'b togt>tber and dtect more cooperauon between school& In vn noua areas of blgber edu· e&tlon. Attendlnr ot11c1al11 discuss problems which occur throughout tbe state 10 accom· pllsh more unlfonnUy amon1 thl' colleg,,~. Th~Y excbance ldel.ll and values. Ston" saJd. Since tltlr. meellnJ' ll tOPIC wa.. •'Oaatlonal edue&Uon. ffaucht, bead or the vocational di vision, wrnt alon11 10 reprt>· sent th~ vte ... s or NJJC In 1he dl.Jlcuulon. The group dis· cussed the acneral !Opie o! ovl'rlapplna cunlcula In n•llhbortna coll•&l'll, Stone aa.ld. He •aid that onr 11pecl· nc t11f'a ot dlecuulon was the Aasoclal~ of Aruo decree In our11ln1. Sam Olen. hl'nd or lhl' State .o~parunent ot Voc:allonal Education made a preaenta· Uon talk on the ov1>r·all pie· 1urr· or vocational l'ducntlon In l<:laho. Chairman ot lb• 11aaoclallon I' Boyd MazUn. D••On or tho Colle1001Lo1tN1 andSclencl'e •t lh" Unlversll.y or ldnbo. Th• n1•x1 m! eunR 01 1n1> 113&0· claUon will be h1•ld lil NJJC ~omntlmr nnt t11JI, concludrd Slo11c. To enaure th•I college ground• lhla year .... kept lookln1 neat. lludenta who· H I lunch In lholr cara aro r eminded lhat empty u oka, wrapp•ra. and tort drink bolllet • •• to be depoalted In proper waato contalner1 Th• adm1nl1trauon expecu atl'1cl adhorenco 10 tht1 col· l•.ft ••Rul atlon.


ARCTtC CIRCLE ().,f •C •Ou• Ho'llbvrgen



172• .S"'-tfYflon

In Town


To The Edluw ,.\I 9: ~5 In tM moml111. at Los An~lu. C&litomta, (t11•' campus or 'l!JCl. th" tum· Plk.,. 111td rr ..ew~a (tlle 11tdewalts and suetui or ~1JCl are Jai:imed bumper w bumper by cars mo•·tnc IDIO tM h"•rl till& 1rand old cay Cbr stue1< nt' m0\'1111 lnlO the h!"llrt or ltr&lld old ~1JC, tbe st,;B,. \lllbtn th" hear. of Lo' A1111elna tbc NIJC SUB autos csruden1a1 are !Pf! runnlnc at a pa s t.alioo (at a tab!" lll tb" SUB> belos fill<d up Wltb petro ccorre .. ). ~ tbls nme tbe cara. all 2.000 000 ot then: t ZOO atudt>ou. ln tbe SUB> bave caused a smotclnc smoe to dlo.ce the b"a.rt of the c:Jty CU!e srand old SUB). \\bat hlll>P~- wbeo you l~ve a car runnln1 •llen It bas been tilled with gu• Havt you ever taken a loOll at the statistics tn deaths amon1 tt',.n·aaers who smoke clsam. cJprette&. or tlparillos• I think you sllOUld o;h!Jc you park youraelt at a table In In lht! h~art of !'JIJC. your smo the bee rt or ll!JC rour 11m0ke· filled SUB. TAKE NOTE: Flr61 aid for emok!'m For mental tlrat aid call U.S. Ne'Ns and Worlil Repon on the ~ub)ect, or the vomltln1 mo•1cb on tbe subJect' F'or 11pl rltual fir ~t aid call for Christ and If )'Ou are on your last lap !Llld you net'd phyelcal !Ital aid, call your ramtly doctor !Auto Mechanics Rtpalr at the vocational dcpnrun.,nt). A non·amok,.r tor life P'led MltC:hllll. Jr. P Fuc:ul17 Included.



To Tho E:dltor Thi' American Oas la a symbol or th• Unltl'd s1a1e1 or America. In a 11<>nao. tho wo.y Wt' treat our nae I• M "lPr,.1111lon 01 our foeUnp tow11rd our country. It la to bo tak~n In ou1 or th" nLln nnd bnd weath~r and protectlld rrom dirt. 1br person "ho mki.r. can: or thl! fla& which tlle11 OVN our colleC" Is rv101•n11y not aware of tbln Our 111\g files 1brouch rain. or snow, ot ~ll'~t like. th" nro1·rrbllll PObunM. II I& l'X· lrt!ml'ly dlrcy. Look tor your ~olr lt l a.Jw••a up th••f1' to tll'f'f


ll'hl can'I wt' show 4 lll\lc mor• r~s111>cl for our rla1 !lnd our count!')·• L•·t" ha•e a nl'\\ noa a1 NI.JC and tht"fl mnltr ,;urt• tl\nt II Is lal."n car<• or nccomlnc 10 law and tho prlnclpl"s or patriot!<' h'l•ltna.

R OY AL A(r<T SALE$ REPAIR Oreh•111 1 & TO''"I Suu h •• 1.. 1usa 1£ TVPCwA1rcA c o




,.hoi11e 41' 11

Colleg1"1\I are ridulg blkea to achoo! and nndlnr I.hem dellChl· tuuy In~>~ - one OM)' payment, no pa, oil. lnllUl'&n.C.. ~t c.








~.... oo.

T1111. .4off


ti&lc.MeJ Al'· Pabid• .......,.


8Aa.t..t.o. E•u.U. a.,,.._ SJ...., . . lot. O.fld .., Jr. t..ny a.~ltnn RJ.c-.- a.-..n. A..t7l S.,.-•lrOl9., B!ald..7 Donn.e ~a.let.ff! Bi•J'M.


x..n. .........


,.Q.,.., • ·•Sia



Edttor • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••• Sorbaro G. McM•"O

Pno7ct>her · · • • • • • • • · • • • • • . • .•.•.•.• Duane Bhchoff Jtt'I'\ JmD•1.

Cir"t\I 011°" lAoftog:ot • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


2'.t11. .ulo ~

•""t JA..,..,.., • · · · · · · • • • • • • • · •••. • · .,,, 'l•mon


Bill Tum•r.

O·•f Reopotrou • •••• • • • ••.•••• Kor~;. Po1tun•1. Jim You"O R•potttn: K•" V•mcm Judy Kcn•no•t. Ron L~Mo W1U1c:m1



Deal Dcry.r, PaaJ 8"11l:t.'CllP:..


C.Gl.•~ 11r1M7. P•t..r J•rwt Brvetwr. L.e.o 8g.cbaf". l>a'f'fid 9uckteJ'. J*A 8u1J. Dwl•M httc•. A..,... lk#laolf 1:.-nn•th X.rm•Ot c:..nbiui, IUd•rd c..-1.aoo o.m.a1


c..m.,,.o.r, •• ~.,,., J ...-:iAI Chair-. J..,., Clatil Hanttd 0...0•. 8e1t7

A.ttbvr Ceop.-r Ceri:Mia. JoM

C.U•U. . .t.rt C0«1 -n,,.... Cope ~117 Cr.A•. J07 CCIJp, ltoben Olhlbilf'S.



Willia• Oahl""rc. Pat:rtcli: .Oe•kf•oa. RooaU O.U..•t:.u. Shuoo 0.rrU:q. R:oti.n Ol.9u. JOCUrb DUJ.a.1111uu. Geoe DOG•1. ~ Qof'(balt. o. • .....- Dotu. 0.-C. gcwa.rd.9. RJcl:.fd &d•wd•. BUI BUJ.on. Robtrt Dkboca, O.ftftl• P•,._oa., .&ldoo J•CM• Phbcr Jt°'*1d P'l•bw


,\AJU rt.r:•t. J••H 1'1.ath•n, J--•• J'or... u, J ..1 P•rd. Patric.ll. l'taV•r~ Eath.Je.a Pro•t, C.!'ldr Fuller J~.. GeUwaitlil.


o.,...n. Walt•r

GU-o. Joba c.i ... n. P1ll1Jp Cober, C.ors.T•"-•ln er.u1,

Or•eae au,,.




&Uao. Ou.1m.ond. S..11 Oooaa111H, JUc._rd H.alll4a1. J.c·l. tcaamond. J• Anti IU•k•, Or•rorr Har•np. o-1d H..Uc..kU•. R..acS..U

H.aJ•r. a.ala.h Kirt•, K•leA Ooaa&d HoJlimb.c:lt P•t~t Hot..m.r, Rob.,, thi:ahr. D...,,_ J••u. JtmmT

1••··· J•.,.•

Robyn ,,,.l')ku,. J ..•tck, ft.row J..aio... T. . .,. J•br,,._., J - uph Jolwt•l-mli, DOG&Sd, JUI KauJ,..n. •Udw•I C•dor :lllua K.itlla•t. Gat7 •~mrpton, Patrlrle lt•m•. n • &•"''.-PP~ a.,,. K--.:i••n, .-.,.... ltopiK'hlE•. AtUtw llrulu.a X!lby Kn!Jlt•. K'•dtJ c.&ft1.1, Alb.-rt D4i.ccla• lAnJ/rif'od Ct.rton


t:.,-:;:-· ..1 1.-lftda t,,.a,..-n ,.,. ...,






.... *'•- Thoctsa• W••n4ot11i• "-•th t.••t'I. B•ttf Ll1Ubrl4c•. P. ..tJ l-o"'ft. Clt.rJ•• LoolE-•r. O-tml• l,.W'_.• O..l•



W..:Cor. aainaW

WtC..-CQft J•f'IJU• Wt&Wft • u t l f Wtlf•""7 itu..n M~Poland. MIC',...• I Ml'Ta'f'tah. H..Nld 1Upw10-n l)alr ' ' "

tie."···· JO••Ph

W.rc-h*'" 0.-Nld W..rti,n P2l1Up W..,..dlftt, 0.•id W tch•U ltath.1-• Mo•.r L..,,.,. W..,..11, KH•T ~•s-•t.

P•co N•n••n ..,,_,. N•u


Tl.-.,11 Slc,h <Mf"I' . . .,...... 01. . r..4 , • ._ 0°'"•01. C'tat\ 0.t•hMt. P•t•r.. .... . • Ute.a• a.yr P1irna1, aocta.r ,,Ulr' D•,,.I Pi•t"" u \.'•mJe Pri.,.Ht. R.,. L...S R•lt•11. Jo Ann• ate.._. ..._,,.. J>.Jh&





ltc>!J n•


Shf'nt .M...

. . . •ti•



Wilt.• ~.u..


C."":lt WlAa"-tp, Mar• Wolf• •alrH• Kjrh••l W' WOW'lhlttCHtn llttdwud Wri.-h1 •"""""f'<'k., O.ry W111clle.

Da,., ,-... • l"aJ!!Ma.,, , Th•



Ccw11rin9 R•veols

Co,,..ct TMtperolu<e

BY >tJMln ;h, numbt'r of ,rps a r,ckr' mal!l'S In 14 S<'conda o.nd addlna -10 to that nu:nber, you can !Ind lb< Sclencom>ct 1,~pera1uce. tl sts clal<n :hat tests proved I 15 llO>Slble to jtet th~ cor• rec1 '•"'ti<'ra.lcre wtthln one



°"'"''"' ....


J o••f\ll tJ•un RaUa





Wa:r.r T'T'-91 Jt. P'htlll• \ ' • ...... ••tc•

L•lcB L..,,.,


llC• •.Ji.n

c.,., •••, Patt.a J•.,.• A.... •U.aa. Jui.- L

OPE.N ':00 A. I.I, TO 5 lO P. M


C..ty f t '•· 0...U.• • LU1A9•

c1uvvn F.·~

Coeur d'Alene Laundry

ft'talte u.p

& Ory Cleaners '.:l.nck.



an..Day .5e1.1ce

)07 Fl'Ont


(k44ed iJI.

........ .,......... u... tr1Ul.a-•


l e.i. /)/l.eJdert Hel..p 'lou. FWlfitf!.lt



Woodcock's Drug Store1 I U N Fo1.1rllt St • Coew, d Ale11a

fhM•• ~•'

,,, ....,., n...p ..... T,..•••• 0.--*• Utt~ \

"nny l)l'oplc hurry to catch up; rc-. hurry to act ahead.


0.-a tstal•Y L•- U 11.,,. Jn 5110.u, ~ •tn hUJ...-.,. etwu:aa T•Jlor U.I~ Tari• 'Tb.HJ. ,... ,........ lil:~ C'-1'4 TMdt•t, r,.tC'hs1

According 10 the National Ge O(lraph1c Soc1etu. the ua cnme before the chicken . I Birds. 1bey so,y . nre an orri.hoot or reptile stock lhot laid eita mUUoni; or yea"• belore lhe rlrsl pre· hlstonc bird flt'IL

Cond•es -


• •l.&•ll. 0-Ld Drre•r RN"" SUI ._,, CJ•1.t1 S._..1, ~-- lt~tlll


degree iS percent ot lht time Bnd within two depees 90 percent or the time.


Llno. .......,,,.... Jot. tclilit.a. Rtr ......

"'t'EE P C-<UP At._. DEL.. \ERY

10 0 N , ,,. S t•cn

o•.t.'-c."'c. 10 ,.,.. 0




Cot " •


J.... Atch..l •Oii JT.


a.uu.. wuu..

SP<1c1~I. P•O• l


A.rUuw W'aa.Mr, L...-a W•tb , O.•ld

Pothlnlu Yo" Adwrll•01•




C-..1 d"Al•n•. ldoho Wea.. Mov 3 l967

Publhh•d During 11,• Collo go Y••t 81 The Auoclore<I Stvdent Body 01

Folio" tnr I a l!!nta.U•·~ ~St of •raduate:>. Aeyon" "ho Is on lhl» Ua1 "bo wtll not II<' 1111duaunc. or Is not on Lbe list and wUI be Cflld· uauni la asked to com,. 1n to tnl! bu&lnL-ss or!Jce. ac· COrtltDI! to MISS ltsuko Nishio. rccu•ua.z.



11.IJ.C. REVIE'<>

Candidates For Graduation This Spring Are Listed


Zfi.e1tk_ CHA RM & MODELIN G SCH OOL 605 Zukor Bldg.

Spokane, Wasn.

MA 4-8822

Card Players A t Wo rk


Phi Beta Lambda Installs Officers

N.l.J.C. REVIE'<J Cooo• d'AI..-. ldoho. 'll'td...., 3 106"

lnsta.11~11 ., O'. o!Uc:- N; by M!M Loretta Dunnlcan hli;h lli;hted the dinner t:iPetln~ o! Phi Bell Lambda April :G &I 6:30 p.m. Tt<eonty·&enn ::itm· tiers aUe!ld d tbe ml'~tlc~ •hlcb w::u; bl'ld In lhe Olalnut

Room o! the S\J B. accordlni:: to llts. Chari., l.lcLAL~ ad·



Dance Band To Play At Nelson

Stud<' nf•

1be NlJC dance band will play ror a function of the Nelson, B.C.. chamber or commerce Friday cveninG. Mo.y s. according lo Bob Dahlberg, band member. The per!ormnnce wlll be 11Jven as a part or tbe band' s tou r Into

Cnnada. The band 1\111 le11ve NlJC Ma,y 4 and stop for 1heir Clt:>t performance Thursday nrter• noon st Creston. B.C. After the concert , the band will continue to Kelson. where they wtl I stay at Pecble' s Motel, which ls o wned by tbe Cather or NlJC Cheri Harrison. 1 srudent

Dllhlbera t>ald.

Th e bnnd Will ahe a con· cert Friday momlna for CnsUegnr Hl«h School and one for lbc Nelson Hl;h School In tht' anemoon. Tht' band will return to NlJC Satu[l!a,y, he said. There on.., Le<!

was a



1 Who aat by my aide at 11 UA. ae.r rumbltnga al> Were 90mo phenomenal

And evoryone thought tl wua me! Stt






Unditrwood Sal.s & Se rvice


Fa::ller overdlJ~

bO h-

bOOU ll1 Ill l11H1ll' '"" !foll.• Albertini. Lloyd ~ Alan Boehm. Rusty CooPtr. Donna Edwards. Bob Gai•· Jo!ln Ol\·ens. Du·ld Harmar.. Randall Henlf'y. Cind)' BolmqulSt, Lari)' Hopp Bob Husbs. Diane James. Danlrl C Johnson. Tami Johnson. Jon Jones Suzanne K~p Patt! Lampen, Claudia McDEormld. Jf'aru1e \lcPca1<. \laiy t><>tn ~tu..on , Tero· Melnel".'l, '.Uk• Pentlalld, Larry Peten;. Anthony Popp, Rick Rauenhorst. lolarsball ~ddekopp, Rt>oe" Romine. John Rue~lmano Linda Schaffner, David Se1btn. Alan Smlth Gary SUW"an An Th'ver. Richard Tuckct Bob VtLll Klreck, Jim \\&!ti, LeAnna llllllam.s and Dand

Yandt. ThOS(' 0\\ Int fio<"o; "" Sall) Amel·, Pt>& Dohnn.ui. Judy Dykes. Ju~· Eachon Shlrle)· Fsussett. Anita Flace1 Steve Groves, PNer ilolzemer Linda Larsen \Jar:i· Bel.II Matson. Pat Moore. Lola Pender pst, Erwin RauQl.;t Tom Smith. l\~·ne Tyrell, Joe \'lnson. San~ llllllams, Mike \\Iller and Carol 11 msbJp. The meo wltb a ne,. Idea Is 11 crank until tbe Idea succ,.eds.

BOAT DRIVE INN Fr. ,.d Cr c••,.

HO'!'!~ ol · ~ c~"



l\11e 'li'alker. 1nnil$N o! t!le eoour d ' .o\lcn ChambN or COmmtr~e. was the IU'M speaker. sbe sald.. Toplc or Illa w:u "Tou~Pach­ .....,. to Prac •" Pre:; Iden\ and lilrs.. Perry Chr1stla11."10n .,..en SPl!Ctll! ltUCllt.~ \Ira. 'll'allcer, Cl:alle11 McLll.ln M1~s Gertrude Ollbl)r: and MU\'ln

a1110 attondl"d

sa.ld. Memben; w ~



a dell· S•lss 11tak dlnn r, :she said. "It ba<l aU the dou~

trtmcunis and .-nd<!d up •ltll

apple cobbler •Ith •hipped cream tor des11 rt " ~lrs. l.lcL:lln said \!lat llrs Joan O'Lran •no was Chair woman of \be tab! decor uons COllllftl\!ei• did on e1 c:ellent Job. Coeur d'Alen E•or'1••D Floral Shop don1&t 11 the crnt< rplect". CIRCLE K C!rclt K I . hard at work Mrs. :1cLa.lo 11Jso rt•port ~ mo.Icing ftli:ns which will \bat at the ceaular m•!<ot lnil on Apnl 18 R. II. IX'nnl5 PDlnl the way to th~ Kiwanis or 111e D••nnls lnsurllnce park Roa:, Pornc on lhf' Compam •as tbe rueat Sc>okane RlvN, Dour Olonn .. prealdrnt, reoortl!d, spco.Jc~r "" .&poke on the Thi! club finlshrd 1hr al1111~ nt.nous phases In the Insur· &nOI! fluid She also "aid that ror thl' hllltor1co I Fon Oround11 the chapter cunsututlon nu church and will ll!SO PUI UP be~n BPDtO\ ed by Student aluminum 1111ns In thr stiape of cardinals to direct trafftc &ard. Futur» Plans Of the Club for lo thP colleao at the be1ln Ibis ynr lnclud(' a picnic and nln1 ot next ye11r. boat trtp somtUmc befort achoo! Is out sbe 111lld No " word biter. so llMcely ai; an evil tor> u~. Read \bis and bead for the - Slr Philip Sldntoy DJ>Plrins - In Just 23".z 7cars ,,,.e 111111 11&1 out !n lnte r ~st alone. an 11mount equal co the national debt, but ,.., .. stlll owe every dime on 1he prlJ1cJpal acconllna to news from Wa.shlncton.








Dlunb Wrllt- r und Mm. Flor· "nc1• SlrnnuhQD tlll"ndnd lhl!

ltluho flomf' Econornlc" AMoC'lnUon m""tln• In Bollin APrll 13 14. Th< purpose of lht• mM>Unc WB8 to ~l'l IM dJlll! nod plan !or the lo.JI conv1•nUon of lh,, us~oclu lion . Tb• convention wan "'' ror Oct. 14 15 at Bol11r. ati.ondlnc



wern Rick& CollP&•'o UnlvN~11.Y or Idaho. Idaho Stut•• Untvorl\lly. Bol~P Colin au

and Northwr"t S'll7.u r•ne Col·


JEFFRIES' TV 00~1 , l<w -Id f4.~, ' bP I •opo '"'-"'dc.r•

s•et"° ...,. ... ·radios or rapo ,. 'l' ,,. • f rt.., obo'.-o


·• lo'"<I

1306 F,....• A •••


Dal Gittel l 17 H• trdo& A"• .. • C:O.v.t cfAf• "•

CloM!.lt ct•Alt:t'!•. ldclho

IO"l R•.., A.... MO 4-2000 Coeur , ....i..... W.ho

MODERN DRUG CENTER SO!'!c•ol•71n9 "' Coll1>91o•e N~s for Heo/1/, or>d Hoppmf!Ss

1-UP.•• RllT

Our Plozo Resrourat>r P l.,oses Polore ond Purse 1101 N . Fo.ur~

MO· 4-1223


Suvin9 Your StuJent Union

'ASTEUllZfD MILK MUNS 100 % SAFE MILK Promote Growd! - Good Heohh - Eno191



AIJAllST TH/ISi! Aid first to 11tisfy JOI. 7-Up is Wit, wild, . . . . chilli•&. llold, llr•cl•&. bript. s.tilfild7

Think 'In'


Q(. £~ :. 0\ O.. '!t' ~

- .. ~ . M.:,, \





Choir Back From Tour To Coast NJJC's A Cappella Cbolr recently completed lt5 nnnual tour. Tiils year concert.s were 11h•en In SentUe, Tacoma. a.nd Y.alla Walla. plus t.apina 11 "'lcvlsl on PrDirazn for KING-TV In Seattle. Tbr tour brpn the mornln1t or April 11. and members ~tum4'd Hrly April 16. Lou!:> Kl'llJ choir director, reported . Tbe choir r••c Its first ~r­ mllnt:t' April 11 at SeatUt> Unlven;lt_v. The next t>'l'enln1 memb(-"' ;ang 1u Shoreline College. On Communll.,l Thurad11y. April 13. lhc choir performed ror more than 1,000 students a1 lhe con\'O· callon nsscmblY or Pactrlc Luther11n Universll.Y In Tacoma. Kelly On Fnda)· thl' choir returned to ~attle to tape a television prosram ror KlNG·TV. The rcsl or that dill was .;pent tra\elln1 to l\alla \\alla, be

said. The choir tour~d the \l11Ua \\alla< Penltendll'.'" and the Marcus Wbltman Mu&"u:n on Saturday. That a.!t<'mooo they performed at the even· sona sen•tce or tbe seventh D'l,l Adventist Church. Kl'll.l' sa Id that ror the llnal performance the choir sang SaturdaJ t'\'tnlns ror the men or the minimum secunty dJ\'lslon or the 11allll Walla Stair Prison.

MOH EY TO BURN! Thl'Pbta:.e "money io bum" ortalnated In 11th century E:ncland E:ngllsb sail· or~. back from succes,;ful moot') · maklna v e01wes. Ill tbf'lr pipe:. wttb pound notes to a~tonl ,b friends 'lri:b their .....1th.

Three Debaters At National Tourney T'!r






Jn"Ci LD,ttauon to lltt~nd the Natlonal Jaolor Colll'ce Df'~te Cbai:iptcn·

ships to be b~ld on·CUIPl.IS at Mod~to Junior COUece \lod••sto Caltromla :.lay 3-6. accordln1t to Ric!lard f!ynenan, delMtl• coach. PatsJ 810•0 a::d K:Ut:r lk'lto "111 enter tte oaUClll&l "omens Junior co!!ei:e cba::iplooshlp debates Bro'll n and Mls.s Selto a:e ahead) ranked llW:lb • on amon~ ,..omen's dt!bate teCUI In th!! western Sllltes n~ to tlvneman. Cati\) Hl•rtza will e :u ttr national Ch1L1T1p1onsl:tps In oral lntnprcl.4llon Niss H•·riu la now cl11mplcn lo Idaho In \\Oman's Oral Inter pretatton. Tht' 'Aomm L'ld tll'DCC!ID f1r to M11dcato M•:r 3 !llld WUI return b) plane oc M.I.) ;, H.rne=n anld. R!.'clstraUo:J and c1ra'A" to: competltors ,.Ill s:an at 9:00 a.m. 1\edoesc!._.-. The atrls will be~ll their n~t round or debates at 6:30 p.m. \\ednt"aday. Eacb tea.m will dcbat~ In six prcllmtna.ry rounds. All tearn11 "ho finish these preliminaries with a win record ot 6·0 or 5·1 will IUll'&nce to the quarter-finals whlcb l>tart at I ~:00 Ma~ 6. This toumac:~'ll will a•riact ccxnpeUtors lrom Junior col· lr;;cs all 01·e1 tbe Cnlted S:at.ea. H.rnecan said. Ln.m to know that .. veiy da:r mor~ 1 Axpected f V"1l. - • bo ~talllii.ker

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Key Chains- Regularly 90c, Now 50c

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JERR\' 1.."SE F rJ .. I:l t:..ef I a fl • n.: t.r of Ill inD Chat a:e to CbUI It. SOit s-.reet and lllt' damn ba:j to fled In Coeur d •Alene Janlor Colle Cl'." DlASA JA.\lES i.tuslc Ed: "\'"J' l'ducntlonal In fact, for ~ 111' rAl:C 11111rteot at this acllool It 1a beyond tMm. The- adnrtlscm nts exhibit booze and sex. This tbc students undtrst.And. l&I\' n:i a::lcl s " rlh r!'&dlne< p:nrctrd Tbes a: abo..-c OU: a tad DUI •• H.\LDE:S GALLES P:e-· ;.~,.. cal Tb r&PJ' "Tb• laat t c I aa• was 'lltlen I was In tll• al xt.h ''°d Then I C'Ollldll'I IU'ldcrstsnd I:, a::d DOW D bodJ I ts m •n'!l It" EDNA SlllOSS. F.ncloe r "lt'a p at ror anAIOl:l3' cl113S' .. JOHN BCDROW Sile ph rd· lo&: "Thci wa,r I ll!'t' II, if Ht!l11t1 can atart •Ith 1500 1rn a:id tam It Into a multi· mUUac coin error. It m • ba..-e aomelhlnc colnG ror 11 I'm In Ille p:oc:t'u of r ean:!I lnc It d rplJ'-11 I can c IJISI tb'-' fold-out." JERRY 1'YATT Educatlo::: "Tl: s mai::izlne bu a ,r~I var t'C, of topics to read and s=• lantastlc t'dltorlals. The l'!ctoilals ..,, someUuce to behold'" C."ROL llORTHISGTO.-;, "Th• want-ads Educauon IL~

5ftlll 1 . .

ASITA FLAOE'T Educa· tJon• "The Play bo> ma111· Zlflt' bas fabulous amcl•s and Jokes and of cou~e tbe oth.N unmnitlon11bl<!ll." CAROL ASOERSOS Edu· CAiion. "The c:artoans 111 ~Ulat Is a.a mach as I ever set to rea'!I be!o: tbt: mao.zlne la taken • ......,. l:om me by ao:ne boy." SASORA ROBBi:SS Educa· tlon: "\'ery 'educational' r...adlni; U :rw'r' lac lined to be educated tbat •n:r." COK:-01£ \'AS HESS, Educ:a· Uoo: "I think that It CO\~rs many blood topics In fine de ta.ii." ~EY S SMITH Bus· lnes.s Ad.· "In my opinion Pl».ybQr I& n gr~t periodical e1Ull%.lne. 11"1 lb Its many ar.Jcle.s. Ille r~!"~:n lllld Pla:r· bo:r adrlsoz .1 dves toclar'11 modern a d~r Tie• of iod&J's btllets Ill G'Jd sex. ad•e:UaL'lC L'ld aa Uoccal

r.·n Usm.··

Sl'SAS BUCHHOLZ and PEOGY RAJSIO B~ • Ad.: "lf ·he fellows would lr.e<:p JI .r ~yes off tbt' pbotoi;raphs, :heY ml£ht learn somet111n1 fro.- tn• •dltor ...1 . "

Drop-Out Po" • ' Drops Out On• I · a:.loo In· r ~ r . . :iaol d: pcn:ta to partlclp:>.ll! la a pa:iel wscussl a pr c111:1 r p::llng tbei: reaac;:is fer ci: pplag oat t acbool ~d the i:.: blms of tlndlnc ec· pJoyceot. Each mc::iber ot th pane. r :urned the rrplJ' card •r.· dlcaUnc tbat be woalll be at th T\' s:atlDn a: the stlttu· lated tlm<' and date. Reault. tbre" lal!~d l.O sho\\ up, t'llD ""re late. on• mad<e it. The pan~I dlacuulon ..-u POMPODotl •••

Creal works '1e pe rf~nr.!?d by 151renct4 blt by prr· eue:ancr. - Johnson n~1

AnM· 1nllon Eau at1on r pon on h~ahmen rntennc caller; In 1966 hu been released rec ntly. The survey COHrert 2~1 . 180 freshmen In 307 coll"£<S llll'1 unl\'ersHh 11 an~ 11oucht d.110 on educauonal M<1 c1u1 • r plans, atlltudo11 and btohovh•ur. 11nd vartoua ch11rac1er111t1c11. Followln1 ar" aom" ot llll' bla:hlla:htll of th Undln;11 for the ms& enlcrln1 frcllhllllln clllaa: :->early half Of lb Stud~n! sllld th~1 planned oH•ntualll 10 obtain graduate cir pruh.••· atonal de11 rs, a 11111 mor than ont· lhlrd aald they planned to obUlln only l.b bacbelor'11 deer e. About one student In SO sald be planned to ~como a collece proreasor, but onu In live Hid bl' would seek 11 careN In elementary or secoadary <·<lucatlon. About Oii!! ID 30 aa Id he hoped 10 ~come a res~ch aclentl t. )!Ore Ula.a hal! Of Ille l>IU· dl!llts ISS.3 percrnt) said paten!al Bl!I would be a major sowce of 1!11andal a ::ppor. durtnc Ille !r ahca:i 1esr, 'll!:lle 28.3 pe· c :a said a =In ao12•·e wwld be CC...'lt"J' ea~

las: &ll= •.


Qajor fiDllllclal aoureea 11tr· l!Cllal sndnp (15.8 p rccnt . :sctiolar.ill IP (l ~ .6 p rcen: , Fedtral conmcent (9.6 pu· c ot), ecp!oymt-n1 dunoir college (8.3 p rc••nt), CO!!' · merc!al loan (3.2 pcrc•n t1. tuition '.!eler.::ent loan from :be collece (2.1 prrcent), and G.I. bill fl.~ percent). SlfibtlJ CCL UllJJ llnHnlrd of tile a:uclecte C35. I p :c ntl sald Ill J ~ no ccacc:n tlbcr.l.: Qnan cc :bet: ed:Jea• lion. S6.3 pu• nt reported some coacxm . L'ld 8.6 per·

cen: said flnanclr.s "oulcl a


o • concern. ll"hen ask~ ID eatloate :bet: parents' total EH>U In· cCIOe tor lut year. thl' lar· £~61 perccntase-25.Z-&ald It WU betl<C!C'D $ 10,000 snd $15,000. The complrt rancr: Ina than $-1 ,000 (6 .6 perccntl. s 10 $5. 999 c r ~.9 perce1111. k',000 to Si,999 ( 17. 3 "" ' -"'·' · $8 ,000 10 $9,999 I';.~ l>''fCCDt , $ 15,000 to st<i, 999 9.~ p~rc•nt • cia

$2~. qpq

( 1.6 I' IC< nll, to •'l c~. ~ p rct'n tl, an I $30.000 or mor ( ~. 7 porctntl. l "a~ thlln hair or thtT U• h· men ( 13.9 P<'IC ntl said they felt thrre 'Aa k n oml>('ll • tlon !or i;nul• 11. ThltC, · c.v J>erc,.nt odmlll <I that "I I II Ioat whrn I cum hPt • " Only 21.1 pcrc••nl f It thot " tu· drn111 Ill<' II~ numbrra In a bOoJ. , " and ~ .2 pe r< ent lbat "111hl1!tl<:11 ar• ovcll'mpha· lo

Study Of College Frosh Released


!l{ZPd. "

MRS. FRANK CHURCH SPEAKS AT OINNER A l'.llM ·r - • Un " honor ol • Fr C1...rcb April 2'1. IZ:OO 111 Templin& waaau.ended I)) i;e~cral mtmbtrs of th :-:'!JC raculty and one atad nl - Or . E111 0££, '.!!a Lor tta Dunnl111n. ~Ir a. tlo: nee Stranaban. and &ludrnt 6&<11 Broot~n accol'lln1 to Dr. On. !Jr& . Church 11pok• on tbn aubJPcl oJ beautHlcutlon of ou r COUDU\, Sh" fnrll thul Nom~n can do a a r•at d•!U I In !hi.A 1U'<'1l. Or . Osit 1 Id. Sh<t said that Mrs. Olurcil 11ac beautlncaUon from the t.lm that Jacqueline K• nne1y " r" turblsb•'11" tbe lib: lloase to tte pre f.'DI COUntf7 wld t!rort. Or. Ou empha.atzrd tnat It was a verv loter tlnc talk and that hf.' gea!ly n 1 4!: !':diD"'

WAR CORRESPONOENT SHOWS VIET FILMS K11nnttb Ann tr irHt. • ar cor r~:.pandl!n1 fr pri?S.. nled two

Viet 1'.'am factual rllmed

r pc r.s or ac•lvt:l a In VI t Sam on AprJI 2~ Th e as seo!IU~ wtilch we!'f' b Id Ille :->UC ere wen- bOUl narrated and filmed b)' Arm atro:ic. Art:l!l:ZOOC bas been In \ I sa::i fl\'e dl!ftt c! tlm ~Ince 1961 and la now bock Ill.rt !or thf' 11blb time His lecture dnlt •Ith Ill different bnancll of th &O'f\'lcc and lb<'lr role In \ 'let Nam aa well aa the< tn • Uu<'nce of lilt di lferf.'nt \'I I namese rt-llidou arci.. Tb" films P• 1 vi \'let :>om ranslns fro cities 10 Ille Juocl flcbtl~ ....... t lb lands

o ~


NIJC Student Says

~-A.qLL~E-A. Handicaps Exist



THE COUNTDOWN TO SUMMER .. telt trom oae COTner or u.e campus to the other. The race t on lO tlnlsh pa~rs, conr the unna work and Rnd aomelhinii to do thr. aummer t.erort I.he umesur ends. So with aitiht.s on aplittlnr the camp1111 1ttne Jet'• check out your warm weather wardrobe !or Summer '6;. ~

MAKE A BIG SPLASH wilh the tatcat 1001t in awim awta. For the uninhibited act, there's nothing better than the Tarzan atyle loincloth swimsuit. we highligbttd In the Febniar) column. For more conventional good looks. we like the new li•htweisht quick~rrinl cotton corduroy awim-play ahorta. St)'le ru113 lhe pmut !ram extension wain band to belted modela and !rom bric! to ... rter ICJ'tb leg. Bright color is the ke~·notc !or '67. Yellow. srnen and Sold bathing trunka are getting the biggul play and the multi-color stripe slrnltihl hanging jer11ies nre a natural to lOp them olf. The colorful cover-ups llre not only amnrl looking but tailor made to suit C\'Cry tllsle. You can chooae anytbini; from a cool, tlff••elts1 boat neck lo a !rec swinirlng mock turUe neck AAlrt v.1lb '• l.nrth alccvca.



It the new bold i:eomttrk. pabley or native print cotton hats that are designed for or hohday wear. It's lhe hnl that's fun lo wear, look$ well on and just m.ay change 11 barehended generation of coUei:e men into a nation of bat men. Both the round and llat t op models att alway• brim down.




m this aeuon'• l!exicao.

Azte-c or African inspired print button down collar sport •hlru. Sohd color slaclu or walk shorta in brirbt •hades hand.omely aettot the bold 1h1r1.1. Or. r~erH the order and oport thecolorlul nati~~ print ~bcka with a aohd shirt. A couple of pairs of we•tern 11yle Jeans or chinos roond out the bui< caau1l equipment.

In The Mind Only ri

, .ip,s

11:'.\l •



tile 1:11.:!d •• l>l:s. J .,. Culp sopll ore a.t ~!JC told a lus::uue A \'IC11m of POlio. 5be ?las bee:i co:i!lned to a •~el dlllir fo: lb p:u;1 I~ 1eard. ff fr sta1~:n~n1 1"U vtri fird on April '; •im1 )Ir Culp wu ta.."Pt"d !il: Piil Theta Kappa ~· onal ban :ar.r aod•ll Sile ti..cac b : collu ca: i:r b)' takloc nro cb.ssn al 1'1JC ID the summ I Of 196S Dunne lhl.3 Uceahr commurt.'d dallr from Im bo:n In r<el lou Mtc: Uils trial Pfriod abe conUoued to commut for lh fall ae- trr but wa.~ uaable to find t:aasportaUon for I.he a~rtoc se t"r K~ Ollp sol.,..d lb l111.'\s• portaUoa problem bJ mo•lnl: to Coeur d' Alfne and 1hn a1tended aum::w: aehool in

1966 In ~Ptember all became a :n.d Dt of Sll•rman

Hall w=m·.s dOn:lllOIT. 1111<:1 ls Do• c:ampleUoc b : !Ina! a~ester at :>;!JC Sbe la lookinc ro,...ard to conllnulnc: her education 1u i;;~1em l\aslllncton StaLr. COllece 111 Chcne3 •h r llh will :naior In 1ulda:lcc and COUDliCllnc. In JwlJ I 9S5. Mrs. Culp !!le •II or On111(' Culp and moUI r 01 1w11 cb1ldr n Lam· 11nd

M111sue1. ;

was a1rtckl'!l

polio whlell ltfl her armi; and lees pnral)'r.1"1, ff t brcathlnc capaC1ty was rP· daced to 50'!< She was bos pl1.111lud at SI. Lui; 's Hoal'I· llll In Spokane !or thrre


months •lllcll was followed In' !IT con:.11 • boapl111l!za tion al tht' E!ks R habllitatlon C~nlt! In Bolse. She rttum• d

home ln a .. brel chair In :.uu:b 1956 to s~~" lse ber bocir and lamllr. ff : rlcht !Wld was equipped wlth ba.~ L'\d c:adle braces In 19~8. Thl s enabled ber to write. type and reed beni.,I!. Dunne her b11:h acbool rears Ill :.tarycll:I In Spokane. :.tri6. Culp 11u In debav•. aanc .n the all-cl:y choir wu busl::ess manacor or tbe ~ THE SOCKLESS LOOK and cunmon tense ba•e ceme to terms. acbOOI ;>apt:. a.:.d part! c:.pated While we hke 111< I<> >k of bare ankle. with certain casual clo~ 1n drama. " Because of lhe we know ll'a harmful to feet a nd murder oo shoes. So, we tteam· CIL1)' •cth111es ,.blcb I f-D· ' mend you alip on the new mini !llOClu. that 11rcae..-·e the naked look Jo> ed so much my 'rad<?S nnd offer protection at the ume time. For sporta"e•r you can't go aurrered and I onl> received ooc •A' dunnc cy loor ycani wrong with tht new smooth leather r~- suede cuual •hoes in 1n blch .school," she aald either the ali1H>n or eyelit tie model. Color is eeneralini: a lot of ~ Culps wer ii::mled la excitement in daytime !ootwur. Chooae from a wide ranire of tan, Juae 19~;. "V.e went to gold, pa. tel 11Tetn. blue or buriruody. Other newsworthy !ootno'..ea K~llo" to Un f : the s:i=, are the e;uy i:oini: aand&15 in a .,. ide ranire of leathers and colon.. mer. bi."t On1lle lilted the &:Jail toW?I 111mosph •e liO ...11. we retnlllncd l.h•rc lvr ZO ) rius " sbe recalled. ANYTHING GOES during the dny but when the During tboe ,ream ~lr.1. sun iioes down there :ire plenty o f places. C1'en oo Culp ..-as a llc•·:l!led pilot. the casual summer circuit tlwt won't let you in and;c1! to PTA and s. Rita•s Alta:,r A::loo; without a coat and tie. The took "'' hke beat is a ber bobbles •ere ltcltti:li: na''Y or medium blue double breuted bluer \Hlh nl.'edl pol!:t aewlos an(! whit.e stitchlnii. Tie on a printed allk tie lo the new CUlll!!ICS. Sil~ la aa &\"Id •vidcr wldtha and )'OU 're ready lo do the town. If tl'adrr. He r husband became this summer will aee you m1k1 nir nn important mana,er of the K~llocc airentry into the bualncsa world. a lhrhtweli:bt wool port. 11nd polyesl<r "ult in any of the new lishter color•· "'lllle Culp ,.... !lTiDc O\l' r tions will ace rou handaomtly tbrourh the hectic .,., :>o::-.t!o:k RJ.-e: oo At>t11 daya ahead . And for the ..-ant prde, a double _, 1•.ss. In search of the br9.Sted or :?-button model au1t Is an excellent bodlu of 1.-0 boys Wllo bad choice. dro11oea tnl'~. his plane bl: a PO•er line. I: landl.'d "Ith &uch Impact In th~ watt: that ht> ausuilned a rraclur<•ihkuU TIME TO RING DOWN THE CURTAIN on another academic year. 11nd wu dro,.ned In tile So. whether you plan to aurf. aoak up aome raya or try the Junior rlH•r ~ • CUip assu:ied c:anacorue-cutive life. make the moel of 1t and ha\~ a ball this summer! Au tt\'Olr until the ran when ....·u be back with the acoop on Baclc-to- sblp or I.he airpol"' until JIHil "1lCll a ::ew o::e wos con· Colle,., !athlona. See you in September. c C.nriat.t. lMT. DQUllLE. I•.

s1rur:ted At that llm" h txopn to ,.rllt !01 " Conf.,A&ton SIOrle&" ma .i. In<' U •Inc lur ba kcround mrot,.rla.l atttrlP,



" In lh• min Inc 1&rca. In I %3. nhe um tJ s1200 M1tm1 una Look her chlld r«D 101 a conlh • ' c:utlon to Ala.aka Durlnc 196~ 1>nd 1'16~. h< kept l•o lo lN chllclr• n, 1gu I~ and 16 In hu home I be c11me convlnc••d th111 l• nd,.r, IO\ Ina C'llrr wu not rnoul/I. II waa then thal I d cl•fod to go OD to school so thnt I Jrould be b Iler equipped 10 belp Ill ~.d.


tanh•y P"r' hr as&o• clatll It> th< dlr •ctor 1! admls· stons of C r.rce f'o1 Coll111". located at •;'"II< II Or~con •.II b on Cllll:pu /.I&)' 8 from 9:00 to 11 :00 a.m. to lllllt to 1>tu~nt.s lnt~rute'.l ia all ml Inc Ccor'"' f'o1 Collt'K • AP po1n1mrnta l?lllY b•. scheduled In tbl' counsellna offlc<'.

TbeM I1 no:Jlln• so !atd: to as hlllMlr.t bt!d

cbaracter tuks.


{ _~) 't.

BAND PLAYS FOR CDA LIONS CLUB 1111· NIJC ffqnd Ill\~ 1111 •'Vrnlna r,1nrrr1 APrll 1'7 to1 lh• I.Iona kl th blkR L.o<lro ThP1 t>lay!'•I plrr~a by H•nl) Mancini Al 11111 Dlslrland tun"'• and a.,Y<,nal Jazz and march numbe1' Thto T1Ulr.;11ll! Concert I a IUI• d Srll P olrraon. Jan Bull, Tom llf•bt•n , H1ch1ir<I Dav and lfnrb H•· i&uorn. Jim Jackwn pl•Y~d a 6010. accordlni; to (:;VII R"M ban•I mem~r


feuur d

<! mnc the were danclnc 11od twtrlln1 a't& IC> the mu91c C>I Jazz Sull• C laudia Mr!knnlit and Patty t.rnn1>n danced. Th" twlrl•r lncludtd Miss ~lcOerml1 Elatn Adkins Sand) Horrr :ui'l Donna M..1-

en n1n1

z1., I ~~~~~~~-

lta.u... la•...,f<od Comma Th• ILallan prlntn-bum&ALtl. Aldua W.nuUu fl460-16Ull wu tll• Inventor or tll• comma alone wtlh otb•r pun<'luatton mark• fr• Wat . . aure or hi. profeo·

atonal ability !Wt ot!•red a eokl nown ror •v•ry •'""' pointed out.





Track Team Wins L-C Invitational Meet

A Mighty Swing


• r t.r

I.. RE


c-• I'·


J'il]C Golfers





-.J~C t an in.-l:a. nal &:a ~ t a1 Coec.: d ' '>ltn" MA1 3. ace •.,Inc U> 'rack coacn Tocn P..obb Spo•lltl Com "DI()' ColleEe aad Elliem 'llublnitan s.a• Coll I:" ba bt>ED l:ni' ed ht said


Ills la:!:e: a week bdote he


tltJon Ir

··1 :im Tery much annoyed U> !fod ti.: JOU line brandl'd m) ctild Uhtt:Qtr. Tbis la a di:!) Ue 2S I ,.as marrted 11>

was bJ:i:."


"In ans,.. • to 1 ur letter. I ha~" s:!Ten ti:th lO a bo7. 1<t!1Jl:I~~ I 0 PoUods. I bol)l' Uus ls sacsfac:torv ."


m•I! rlwlced


Utile boy to a Sit!. \\Ill lb.Ill TV Prtn t...S J'a.ce I' )'OU an to Ilk• <ol~• work you must I kr to read Tb<> pnnted l>"ce la •Ull lb• ry zn<'dlllm of IJlltrucUon E• m wtlll the lncreulng 11>0 of

audlo\'lsu!ll o.T.aln ao


Ul<tl\· lo


J'urc.luo L'lll•trslty

tudtnl Publlcallon

KRYSTAL PLUNGE S• 1•11un9 - R•cr•otiori

S.uoo St..,• Boll.•



IALL & CU! ••

T ,.~.P IOUOull\





COl\• 6U I •t1t$

CO fU• O'AL(llf'S

IYHGHIN FLOIAL AND GIFT SHO' '•· o... tr . ... , \ e•• ' ' , "" ., '


... Qti.... t


417 \ ... , ..... " ···"'"' • "fll


..... .' c.. ••. ....

l , , ...... . - · ·

4 • . ...


' .. For a lifetime of


BOWL While You Are Young


Plo, l'ul At

c••• a•• 1

Ro•n 60c 1'11 "'"'

lake City lanes, Inc. 141 4 H ,...... St •


4A • • •

lc9-<0ld Coco.Colo "'""" Ofly COll!p<ll " 11et-J09eltter" a party. Coca-Calo hos rho tam yo11 ft.VOt . . . h,.,i of . • • always rofrflhing. That'• why thing• 90 batter with Coke •.• aflw Co&o ••• oft0t Col.a.

N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 21 No 15 May 5, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College

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