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Will Allow Card Playing In SUB On Trial Basis

Card playe-111 Ill br allo"IW! to pla,y In tbt nl!w Portion or thl! SUB ror a Ume. Tbe;r will be on lrlal to see If lbe7 will clran up !bell mt"lla and keep tblncs neat JC tbt!J' cannot k"p the Sl1B clean. there will be no CulUlu c:a:IS pla3fnc In the upper p01tltm o r the SUB aflu tM trial Umr la over. Thia •aa lbe decision or th,. Stu®nt Ulllao Commllll!I! held April fl, Thi' mf!E'Unc •aa atu-nded by member« or sue. Nell Peterson. M I k e Anderton Speedy ReUl,y. l\e$toD Hatch 1 Pec and Gertrude Gilbert Dohrman and Phil Gober... bl> were Interested In the card play lna controversy. al&o at· te nded the meell nc. Durlna the meellnc SPeedy Rell l,y &&Id that IC cards were to be bMIShed then chess and all other go.mes must be bani shed as well. He also snld thut there must bl> ap'" clal consldc rntlon and thouabt ai ven to this problem. He went on to ~ that card pl 1')'crs were mes~y even In the card room .. hlch had be~n provided ro r thrm. He eald that card playera DJe a 6elect croup around which a pile or 111 rubbish seems 10 p.ther. P11 Dohrman. an a11endln1 etudent, su11utPd that the • card Plll,)'1!111 be PUI In the new stctlon or the SUB. She said that this "'"0Wd allow them 10 tit' upsl&lra ana allll 111 bl> ln onl' place. Pbll GObPr, another arudent said that SU8\t!ralon bad condoned cardplll,)'lns. SPeedy replied that SUBvcrslon was nat a maJorlty 01110100. Gober said that lbl! ASS had a minority that rules the ma· • Jort~ without con~ensus. He said that the wholr problem was conceml!d "Ith the He !mace or the colleae. went on to sa,y that no one really wants to make a dee!· slan. because they want to stay I n the. middle or tbl' • road. Weston Hatch said that It was Cine ror card players to •stay upstairs. but there wer oroblem:; such as tbe messy tables and rout tancuaae. Nell Peterson said tbat tr card ola.vtrs could sbo• responslblllly and matun1y. tb'1 would bf allo"l!d uoaialra tn lbe ne"' portion of th St; 8.

STYLE SHOW APRIL 26 The II' mbns •I the \"Oca· uonal d~part?" nt ' •ninc uMenslon classes ...111 model oulflt.s they made In class at a a17le sbo..- to be beld at 7.30 p.m. In tbe St:B •April :?6. The ebow •Ill be pUt on br tbc c:omblnl!d classes or "bcS1nn1n, sew· Ina" and "adult l&llonna". lolclattnce Hancbt. bl'ad or the vocational depa11men1 repo11ed. Ceruncu°'s or cocnpletlon wUI be UDJded durln' the show, h<' said RPCresbmtnt.s wlll II<> 8cn~d.

COMING EVENTS April 19 - F'rt hman Clasa Meetlns. Movl• APrtl 2 1 -Assembly. United Nation" April 24 - Assembly, \'tet Allseball: llhltwonb .,Colles, (JV' aJ April :?6 - Stylr Show '.lla,y ~ - Bucball. Bl; Bend Community Collese


tale Presidenl 0 J DECA And A t<'ard ir-·inners

1S NIJC Students Are Nominated For College 'Who's Who' f'ICt•• n :;uc student~ ha•• lk ··n nominated ror th~ col leac « rslon or "Who's \\ho " In American Junior Colle "\\ho'.a llho amona Studenta In Americ an Junior Co llr1011." accordln1 to Ri chard Cham· poux. head of thl' nomlnallnc commllter The ft!Ud,,nt• wrre selt•c!Pd rrom a poll or thP teach""' with tht' moll student• Th~ solec tlona werr build on lh'-' nomln•oa' acholat8hlp, lelldPr· 11hlp QualltlN•. ocllvllln and (u IU I\' POIQnllal, Champoux Blild. £1rnnor J . &tor Jan Bull . Arthur J. Cooper, KAthy Frost , Gw&0ry O. Hayen1a. J11nlco McEu~n. Luelle R111a . Clair•• Slmmona, and Diana Weller DJ" nominees that rtt• l\lde In Coeur d'AIPnr, Hrnry Na1r l , Jo Ann Ri chmond, MatJOllC Rubow . and K ..nnPth Walters live In Hl)'den L.ak11 • Potay Brown lives In Rath· drum. N~ll Pvterson tt!llld"8 In Po.i Falls. F rom these nom l.of'ea th" u tlonal commlllNI •Ill Bt'lcc t .ho ,. 10 •Pll"at In the l>'>Ok .



Campus Days To Be Greatest "The Campus 0a,y .. CesUv· Ille• Will tw the cteatest thal the Collect' bas eve: kno.,.n. Tbere Is mucb and· clpatlon awallill& this piety. Tbe commltll!es bave• done much .,.11111 to make their acth ltll'S llll' best there has ever been." said Davl' Prlano, f' re sh man class president. Tbe exact schedule o! events ls In the planntni; stace and will be announced shortlJ·. Dress·Up dt.Y w!U be May ~. Students have been asked to wear their finest clothes lb&l dllJ' . Priano said. !oleo are expt.oeted 10 •ea: suJis. wocnen to wear ;ood dres~ and they ml,) wear llli::b heels lf they wish, be add~. Tbe imdereround aiovies wU! be shown Ml,J' 3. "These mo,its will be QUlte lnte:,,,.11.:tc and !ablllous &bows," said Ptlaoo. A talk "Folklore and You .. •ill be clnn br \"lrsuua nnslcy. Encllsb i.ns:rucio:. )ia,r


Da.J wl!l be b<>ld 5. This day will be the Grubb..'f

crand noale to Camp-JS OllJ':;. On Ibis ~ :he tuc-oC·•a:. lbe bed race, and nnocs olber act.h11Jes will be beld. A dance and batbecue =>:11 be beld tbal e<reninc bt'!llnd the collece In and near the racull: parltlnc 101. Prtano said. Marble pmea. a watu ftcbt In the baseball !h~ld. tbe trlcyclo race, Pl" eattnc COll101. and car ta:;h will bl! Otbet allractlons fOI alJ SIU· denl6 to attend. Prtano asaerttod Students who wer!l not enrolled tbe rust semester are rcrnlnded to pick up their Blue Cross cards rrom the reSlatrar'a officl' as sooo as p05Stblf' •

Tbe !'>1JC Cll&Dt~r or DECA bt'O<lchl bome three tropblea and !ou: plaques rrom co::i· petition at Ille annual con· !ercnce or ldaha OECA dlapters )£arch 31-Aprll l at Twto Falls. carol !'lest, DECA ltPoller Hld. Diana Sd!nebl!r,er and Jim Y.ll&on won lndhidual awarda. and the chao~r as a whole won iwo olaces. Dlao:i Scbnellersu won second place In the Job I n· tervlewee Contest. This I a contest to see who would be best able to cet a Job on lbe basis of an Interview. Jlln \\llson won Cl rst placP In tht Job lntelTl,.wee COn· test . second place In Job lntelT!ewer contest, second place In l4an&St'ment Decision· aialtinc·-Pcmonel, and third place In llanaetment Deel· sloo-maltl111-Sto1e OperaUo:ts. The !'>1 JC ctiaptN u a •bole cook firs: and sea111d place a Tbe :.OlJC cbap1er u wtole IOOlt Clrs1 and s.ecood place ill me Cbap:c ll!lPtoYeRnl Comoetltloo. 'Ibe cbllpu: e::te.~ t'll'O lllUVO;T8 lO we botli or the top prizes. J.liss West :r~Ooe or the surveys wu a bu51oeu a c: ",,. concerninc the :elaUoosl1lp betweui em· pt07e: and u:.:i.01ees. D ECA members uted quest!~ of empl~rs and empl~ees to f!Dd what eacb co~lder d most Ui lbelr r lAUonsblpa, abe aald. The other was a commun1t7 survey to tl:ld out wbctbft Coeur d'A lene abopp•r boucbl m<>!>t In lh•ll boalc· 1own or In SPOkane. •.uss ll'ut repartee! !hat DEC A round most pl'Qple " "re loyal Coe w d'Alene sbQl'lpers. Sbl' aal d that tbne aurnya helped tmpro\f! public rel& · lions bet11 een chapter and communll)-. Bet~r public r.,. tar.Ions aod an reaee l n

1nowl~ce deOnltcl1 helSHtd In c b ap tc r improvement. 11 he Mid. Miss •~•t also sa1<1 !hat state prf!Sldent o r Cll:;CA . Don Hollenbeck, a membN o r tbe local chap<er . 11 coin s to Cblcaco April 28 ·29 to thr national convention , wbor~ he plans to run for tl!'l' o C!lc• o r Wcstt'm t•Slonal repreaenta· UVI!. Elahi DECA membera Wl!lll to the conrerencP. accomp· anted b)' T om Robb. advisor .

Graduation Ball Set For May 20 Th.. ror.n&I Graduation Ball •lll be bC"ld Ma, 20 ror all :.i!JC BlUdPnta. Th!! lbt m" •Ill be " Sofll7 I Will Leave Yoo:· The music wi ll bt played by The S..111!1 Hair or the Mouse Trap. The menu •Ill cocialn a lrlple enuee. There will be a cbolce or a bet! baroa dlnner a prawn dlccer. or a chlcli:en dlnn•rPtlCI! wUI be $ r. 00. .. The decorations a:e In t be plannins • tace 11 ell: no• . Tbe c:ad:mllon ball • 111 be the cos: ~utlCul ball e.-e: beld ln the SU B. As t!le Trip WU ai:perl11 tlY!~ ID It.a welrdaeas I.lie Cradua:.on Ball will be au~ rlatlYe In ,ta ~a c11... Pee l)Obrman , SAC I" ~t r ai d.

REVIEW REGRETS ERROR IN STORY II t 17 ln Ill CarO!nal R"\le.. I< J)OrtlDI lblll the Debate Club wu unable to tePllJ" S28r> to the alumni asaoc:ta!.lon was In error 111• Ot bali' Club did not borrow th .. mone) . TM loan conce rned the alumni aasoclall on and Ille student board , TM Cardinal Rult•• l earned. nie Cardinal Re· vi ew r eczets the error.

Trustees Commend NIJC Booster Club A resolution cornmendJnc the NUC Booister Club Cot Its errorta ln t>lohalc or the colleae was paased by thtl collea~ Bo11rd or Trus tees at Ila April 10 meet1n1 Th,. re~o­ lutlon reads. WHEREAS. Ille Narth I daho Junior Coltec~ Booster Club, a non·profll corporadon not c onnected with the collece. has lf'nerous ly donated ath· Jelle scho1Ar8blps , wblch ln· eluded 1)9.)'al,_.nts ror tulllon. books. board and room ror de~rvtnl •tudenl6 at tbn :.iortb Idaho Junior CollP&e. In exc,.6S o r $8. 000 oo durtnc lb~ 1966-61 academic J<'at. THEREFORE. BE IT RE· SOLVED b7 the Cbalrman and lite Board or Trustees or Son.b Idaho Junior COllese. In !Awful tr.••llnc assembled. First That the Sonb Idaho Junior Collece Boostf't Club la bl'teby extendf:d a vote or tha:ills rrom th" Board or Trustees !or tbe aforemen· tJonl!d mootea pvPn to Ille stud,.cts attf'ndlns !'lortll Idaho Jwilor Callese. SecOGd : Thi.I the BO&td Cully apprecl1.1ea tbe amount o f worlt_ llmf' and monlea tbat lbe aoo.1e1 Club. IDdl· vldua.Ur and u a clull. bave donated !or the bt'M!lt or the collec" tn this ,.ndPa,-o:.

BOOKSTORE CLEARANCE SALE IS COHTINUINC A clraranc" aur atart•d April 11 In th,. booutore will oonUnue unlll lb<' tad of school. Mra. Elleen And ..nion


She B&Jd tbal Iller" ate four price tables and MJe u . . . on thne l&bl••·

H.l.J.C, RE_v1 r • , _, ol'AI ....

Registration For Bed Race Is April 19 R "' · ra·. ·. t ' ·.. ..&d P..a " ••u uako place \\'edllesdaJ'. Ap:JI 19 la tM SCB

S...lioroG...._ 0 f:'.-nV..,..,.,

Eflt0,. •• • • • • •• • • •••••••• A( t "t Ed to• • • • • • • • • • • ... • •

Photo ..... •f

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0 C,.1Q1I•"°" "'- "9"' • • • • • • • • • • • •

°"'°"• 8i-..chofl J.

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~ouno. ' • •Po .,,., ,_· ·~ ·~ Ran Girouh . '-"" Ve~

Oa •' ~•pcn••n • • • •'"

Ft.pott•fl 8111 Tvf'l\H u Jul, Ko11nipr '-"••· JOT Cvlp


fr.= 9 oo a.c. t o 3 00 o.m. A cconUn c to C.<'r: Becker this la tM cml.r <b7 !bat s tudents can reci.ter. It Is nKesaarr to lmow now ho,. runr beds will be in the race 50 that ell)' otnclals c:an sttt up 11 tllllC! to block the s uee~. A raculty team comm!tt<'d at uus t ime conslata o f Bob :i&cC!nr;y, Harlan Sieber., Jaclt Ste.-e. J i:n Crowe Torn Robb, RollJ 111llla.c'5. Dick Ra.rmCICld, Bob 11:iellt. :antn ~-me: Dale n11:en a:id ctarenee Haaellt aue:na:e. Bob ~cGJn!J ,s cap:ai::, and ::ie na:::e tile ua.c: ls .. ~lam... &=Ull Cycle ls the sponsor . T :ophlu will be elven to Q.!'!lt, second and t11Jrd place wlnners. The first place troplu' wlll be a rovln1 troPhY and •Ill retum to the school annually. It will remain In the hands or I.he sponsor of tbe nrs: place team ror one 1ea:. i.iecibera or tbe first p!lce lt'llCI will rect-lve lndlTldual tni:rued l!ledala. Seco:id and tblrll place wtnr:ers will rcceln tropble& •blcb tber wtll be allo•ed tO keep. T rophies are no• on dlspt.J ln tile SUB Clen Bccktr said .. We •1lllt a creat dAaJ of student part. clpallon. JC Ulla eoes over well tills Jt'&f then It will be tnstalled u an annual event for aucceedinc ctusea." The "Bed Ra ce" •Ill be th~ climax or Campu~ O&,ys hPld on F'riday M S

Beards To Be Judged May 1 Jua.;ln

..rd contul

111 .rat • nci.r o! Ca"'l1>11B Days ~\ &7 \. K:isty Bella cl:lll,.,.o::ian. ntd tbat 40 studeous ban' &lsned up !o: tbe e • eat. loll.SS 81.'lto said tbat It thNe Is t'nouch enthusiasm ror this contc-st, it will be made Into an annual event . Shc wtmt on to H ) that barbers Crom ! ht' Cot'ur d 'Alene area will be tbc Jud,es. They ""' be1n1 chosen no• These Judces









- & Scoat World Jambc.: e Rodeo Acc.


4. 5 and 6 Mra Rllcht' Raseabc:.: r or tbe Koot n CoantySaddlo Clubannounc:ecl Applicants hu<- bttn a k " lO contac:t Mrs. Rosenber,er SP 2·34 SS, by Ar•! I 20 Appllcanta must be alllabl bors~womm between I~ and ~3 They must never hue b<lta married 11h•• said. Th $:&ddle Club •Ill PIH· chase a c:o:rplelt' western outfit lo: th wlnn : :.i..-s Raaenbc'rs r aa d .. The c;u l"ll •Ill mu P11bllc •Pp~raaces to PllllDO lb Boy Sc t I\ rid Jlllllbo: P.odeo .. Th" rodeoo 11"111 lnclcde 11r0 perfo ant.a f 1 tbe S«Jata 4 and publl pe •r=anees l\us. 5 and 6

a.,, :

jOtJS ll$ Vl!t. \lb)· must we let our •llert>o


900,.. fot conr•s. r


"U1 aanoun.:e 111e •lnnNs after careful rumination while tbe contestants Ill<' oraJung. The contclll will bc held In the m&1or portion of the St:B The three dl•t&lon Ar musta•be betrd and cootce TrolJtl.t'~ '11111 CO 10 lb Orsi and s d plac •Inners i.: ss a.. ulr.C'd anyone WbO 11"1 d I w lbd:aw from the Ollt&Cl


SUB Has Been Cleaner Lately


SAC SELECTS ITS COloOO TTEE CH.lllUIEH A r , •"• or th bad£ t from XIJC Ilsa la.led 1nud 111 body Qf!Cl111IDC lt:Portll WU ch n tu " ston !latch SAC lbl!ll eatlma!cd l:s coat3 tor lbe m:Wnd r of tbe 1 r and Plei>lltaG a ICP0:1 f ' lb Stud~nt Boan:! A cn-callic cachine Is be 11' tlU'dl&sed ey tbe Stud n BO&rd '111 lb tbe 1 ern fll:lll and will be T>'-l'Cs ntlld to SAC f r publidlJ' IJ()stU

Cll&lrm r r va.'lat: c • tttts ..- re s .ected for lb 1967·68 terni Thn lncl~de Shc rr lo Leonllrd dances ccasu11l and ton:iall. Tom \lorr ~ mo• les. st...,ve GroVff art-cultult' and blldE cc >rdlnatar, Kil t:r Bc!lta hr Ides. 01 n B ck : P1:bllclt1 • nd lolike Rocchi lntermura! and •cloamlnc ac:c:ctdlnc ta Ka! !\)' F'n>at sec:etll.I)'

To Tb EJLor A few 1.. " tttd II letter :.> the editor concem1nf! tr e music: lhlLI would be tl4>t'd wt111 a. ,..Ide nrlel)'. I bue also read a SUB•erslo column and other articles about this. Now what l want to know Is what ls bc>lni: done about lt. l have !\ea.rd notblnR, can It be that our Orrat Whit" Fathers 1Student Bolird) do nnt conct>rn themselves •lib student need.•• The mlllorl~ ot stud~nts w11n1 trt'e music •ltb a fairly cood •'11rtety that Is CODStant. \\beM ls the ~ ctslon n: cocpromlse con• cernuig Ibis Issue~ Stud~~ like constant mu~tc and ::iost cannot attord to kttp smmni: lha.t Jukebox hP:u tlle music. It ls close 10 tht' end of lhP school ,-rar IUld most O( tbP 111\Jdents lllt' runnlni: lo" on money becaus thev do not have their summer







bo ..Ut ,..Ill return lhl&

b.. !!: • .;a

!ew .,;eeks



equipment rot when "e could be pumnc 11 to aood use• sure. ~e money m..,· ha\e ~ ;o 10 repal: 11ome m1no1• ~iects ln lbc equipment, but Isn't It worth It. Ob Cn.-at llblte Fa!ht.:s, woa ' t you clve the srudents a break and t . to b~lp them :tow'>•,. susall• To Th,.. Editor I like 1ttdtn11 CUI" !111.)'lnl:ll• on cards a.nd in books. dlsllkt' the •-ulcar uy1n1 .vrlttrn on the w11lls In the bathrooms, e~Pl'Clnlb In th< SCB bathroom. II this .ort or childishness mu~t ell&I. then some son or bulletin board tor tbl'S" author should be lnst11.lled. 1have heard n lot ol comment 11bout U>I! fact that the 11m0 doors are locked rorclni; Stu· dents to "alk around ln&t"1ld or throur.h the l:.\m. I feel sorry ror tbt'se Pf'Ople. I did not know lhat thcv ho.d i.uch wnk lei:s th•t thry could not io 10 steps out of their Wt.) &10 as not to truck mud 1111ch Clllh on lb• B.Ym noor. I do not think thnt our 11Ym i<hould l> used a.:; 11 walkway. L1•t's et"rcbe our lei: musclf'!• a Uttle and w11lk around the om and enjov th" sunshine ror a brief P<!rtod. I also do not think that th • Janitors should be a.llo,.••d to cler. between tbe hours of 11-1. It bas come lo Cl.) alteotlon !bat these men clt'an :be St:B ~l a!moi;t any hour. It Is most dlsturbtni; to ha•e cloud" of duM pour ln'.011111 on on• ' & lunch while the JIUlltor.i arc swet'plns. Must W<! h11•<! our tablci< o.nd h Im pushed and pulled wl\(! awd u are 11tlll occupylnG th • I think a lime llmll d b<l IDYOk d lo put the an! r11 on a. a h dul I d Ilk to eat du ty food, tc; i:-i ed or puII I a.round lie I a:::i "•tine and 1 n· dl11tu1bed bJ !heir cl antnc during luncb peilod Howard F'rlstoe Vit'dllesda.J April 19. )!rs • Ja"n O'Le1lry aald Tbey 1<11 1 be h~re every 11-rdne,.da.y until the end or the 11c:hool year 10 to IUI)' ~tudent& who care to lit!" them, abe added. The counselors ha~e beeno eone because of the mid· semester cums at :0.1JC and r;prU1e vacation at \\ SU.

Panel Of Businessmen Finds Grades No Longer Most Important Education Aspect Ml .. Loretta Duru:ilp.n. bead or tbe business d~par'.ment. reparted that !4Jss Gutrude c:<Jll~rt. Mt11. Cba:lea McLain, Marvin Farmer &ad sbe •eDt IO Spokane April 6 to attend th~ Inland Empire Education A1111ocl1Uon me•Un1. The hl&hll&ht or the meet· Ina wu a dlacu.ulon b7 a panel or Lhree pemonnel mana&l'tll. One or the mana aer• •u Crom an e1ectrtca1 company. one Crom a lar£e paper compl.ll)·. and o:ie lrccn a medical aen1ce COfPOta· Uon. Sbe uld tbat they dia· cussed salutes and "le auucturea. l>f'r50nal amwdea or applicants to their Jolla . Job conduct and ort·Job coD· duct. c. She saJd. "they all sttessl'd that lhe more education a person had. the more value he was to the company; but. l round hlah grades are no lonaer considered the most Important aspect or the pe,.. son 's educaUon: · Accordlnc ~ the panel. the arade 00101 avera11c docs not al•~·s show the true patenUal o! a 1.eraon. Attendance In clas· sea &ad the lnlUaU,·e sbo"'D often welch the scales more heavily In ravor or an appll· 41=ant with a sll&htl>' IO"er GPA. the panel said. Pensonalltr. too ls taken Into consldPratlon more than tl'Ver borore accordln1 to the panel The applicant must rlt In with !he rest or the sroup. Mitts Dunnlgan sald, O 'thl s mlaht brine: more oplimlsm Into the life or 111~ a verace student. The \•lew· oolnt eipressed by this liianel •as that the neraae student with a pln.sant ~r­ sonallt.v "ho attends classe• IJ1!1Ulad.l m9.)· have a better chance or betn' hired for the Job he IS seeklnc than Ille brllUanl student 'lrbo ~an' t cet alone wttb people. " f'ot10 ..1n1 this panel. Dr. llllllam Abraham Of Ar1zxln11 State Unl\·erslty spoke on " 'Ne" Thin~ In Education.'' Accordln1 io Dr. E\'ll 011. wbo also attended the meet· inc with another group. Dr ~braham's theme was propammed Individualized Pdu· cation "CODl@U>J)Otary SIU· dents want to know WHY and •.. e must ans, them." she The onlr wa;i lhts can be done erfectl\ elY ls lhrou~ 1.4DdMduallz;P<I te11ctunc. and i"lt'chnolocr appllt!d In educa·




- ... t


.-ut resoa:ce catenal u tht'lr finr;cttps and !her ba.-e teachers wbo all! ~­ cl al la ta In lbrir field. ~­ d~ta IGSI also be a!lo•P<I to P!'OIT~ at thr! r own apced W1tboal :be stlci:ia of "eoo<l IUldCa." Buie micrsaltte11 tor this l1i>e or educ:auoo art': non· i:•~d elementary acboala, 10dt rldual bf'IP teaz:i !Hcbln I teac:brrs &1115 r 901':cc peo. Pie proCesslo:iaJ llbra:les computer• andp·~c:~d leL-nlc; alch So ti peopltt haft CQCl• plal.'led U:al c:oaipc:e:s de· bumanlu leam 01: bo•eV«r , accc.:dl::c IO Abrah-. this I• DOI tn:e In bill \IC!'lrs , cccpatus actual17 tuc111Jz;e leamtnc by i;lrlnc apec.l!!c belp t' tta.cb lndlY!dual . F'<'d ral aid bas btto s Cl'l!at belp In flnanclna de· velopment or lhut' teachln1 methods. b• i;atd

Beito Wins First In North Idaho Debate J...rt t) a. 0,.0 ·"--1,d first place In tbe WDcol::· Doualu debate pe.:U oo o: thl' F'lr.;t Artnual :-O~ rtll ldlJ)O Panhandle ln•1tattonal Oeball' Touma:: ent held at '1JC APrll 7-8. Rlcha:d Ii.YD~. head 0 1 th• l><'bate Depart· ment. ttpomd. This •aa th Urs t In\ itallonal deba1~ C\er held at NIJC be 51.ld . ll IS to be an anoual event. S1udents from tea sellools attl'ndcd lhl' d('bate. 111'1' "ere· Gonzaca 'lla&btnltoO State CnlHtSlt) . Boise Collei.e, Yaklr:ia \'alley CoUe,e. \\'hll•or.JJ . Llnfleld . Sorth•e:o1

Sazarcne. Euitm \\ubington Slate. Sor:b r"~bo Junior Collcce. and IL<' Unh·e:-slt.r oC ldabo. Sl'lt year IS schools will be ln•lled. Ryne· man said. Other "Inners •4ere Wasbtncton State •blcb took second placr In Ille WncolnDouctas de bait. and Goozai:a and Ea.stem \\asblnetDn Sia.~ •blcb to0k first and second places rcspccUveb 10 tPam

coa:Pet!llon. Tcac11er •• Job:uU' . •hlci. parable do you like :be best•" Johnny: '"The one abo&I th ciultlt~.. ha. loafs and ll:>hes."

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Starting Salaries In Business Are At All-Time Peak SW."1.inC ;all I - WS1• acss and lndus:rr ro: 1967 collece Cl'lldt::lttll •UI be Ille bl."1es1 la hlatoiy, accordiac to Ille Zl ~ 11.0DUal study or " Trtnda In Ecploymmt of College and Unlnrsll:r Orad· 11&1es In Bualness and lndu<IQ' •• b;J F'nUlk S. F.ndlcott. dltKIOI Of plaCl'llll'DI al

Sc:!.bwestl'm ClllTNSlty. Enclneerl11c swdents acain •W be the blthrsl paid al 111 uerat:e atar.Jnc salary or SilZ • c=lll. cocpar d to S6~5 • CO!ltb In 1968. OUler i>::lllP• lccltllle accountants. !5 l :! a conU:: 11alu pos\• tl=ii. $583: mm •lt.b t:alnlnc

In ba51ncss adm.lllWratlo::.

ssn: 11.11d UtJ<,ral arts grad· uates. U6~. E:lldlc:ot: aald tbe ::00 ccn· panles In his aurnr plan co employ 10~ pC"rct'tlt mor. ~n­ cinecr11 •lib ba~h•lor'a d• • sniu 111d 108 po rccnl m re. cai;lne ~ with m&a~r·a d • crees than •ere hired In 1966. He said tb•rt' la aJ90 a Siarp rJae to dl'mand ror ~tea lo olh•r fields. Tbe COCPlllllea blred 13. 93:? crad'atu ....:1!1 bacbrlci' a desreea In 1966; tt1q plan 10 b1rt' :?l,:?Sl nNt June. In 1966 lbe} hired :.~H srad· uatu wlLh maaur' 11 d<.>crees and plan to blrt' 3, 7; I wt th maste r's decret's In 1967. He said H2 companies com· pla.ln~ lbat they were band!· capped In r c:rultlnc stud• nt "1th bach lnr"11 decree:. b..caua " to many 11tud1"nta au bl •D urged to co to Crallut I<: llCl....:il." £1 tlJIJ • UX of I.lie companies would ur~e eoue,es and unJ .erallt.' to 1nov1de mor adfijwal<! •<>ea· :ioaal coucselloc aervleN :.o studtnta bPc:a111e the COr"'. · pa:i.les !ound many craduat " bave 001 decided •bat :h '1 want to do. Thos-· •1th ::iaater' dP· pets alllO 'lrlll recel •e bllbt'r start1111 salarlea than were pa.Id In 1966. Thoae In eacl· oeertna wUI tart at about $83S 11. month; a• eountants 11 Si36. sal,.. 111d mmeuor m 1 IU $773. and tho'e wltb ma.· u,r• s decrees 1n bu sloes o.'1· C!ln~uatlon, at $752. Endlcx.t: uld abc

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6S p. •·


o! the coc:iani• paz; to blre co!lt'ce wee ~- "V · or these cocr.;>an. "' .; emplo, more coll • - n 1! :he,r ..e:e aullau1• . peclaUy ln aucb t. Id a mathl'mauc • data 1woee Lll enclneertns. accoun:.n •• chemistry and Otberscten~e ." be said. 8



Slui In u1e window of a dru store : "'Tl')' our cou Jrup 1ou'll ocHr cet LV · :• r""



·• •

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lllllt!ODS Oll Al)rll 6 'l•SS !..<' • Ila Du,~lnn Mad of tb b\t!om • d•partr" nt rt'l>Ort d


& Dry Cleaners c~.

S..od• ..1

Pteicr p••O"'~ 116 ,. ~ So . c - 4 Alo..




, .. ~-o "Slet"'\ 5,..,.,,,ctt 111 ....°""""'



1111 !,J.e .-." A •ef'we

Co.rrOOJs S..rvrte

Spec ., , O,., ..-Doy Se•••te PMOTO OFF5'T


Woodcock's Drag Store Con<i-e• -

Coeur d'Alene Laundry


lf.ey Chains - R egula rly 90c, N ow 50c



•00 "" ., .. 5,.,,, Coc u • o " "'"''

10 ... 0

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t.•· 1 .w....... 11111

'" 'c•su ' c r .. ~c••nt• Co

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...._. .,.,,


B. "Ah yrs.

... '" ~- , lh• Xurth ldahO

J unior Colleie. I rNnemti.or II w•ll· I ,..ent to ;>;IJC rn.1·&Plf." Tb•se II(' lhf' words or onf'll 111mllar 1h.i m1u1y of us ..-!II Sil.'' someday tn the n"a.r future. "" .. 111 "4• th•m to frfMd& , filLllCCS, wf-.,S. cbtl· dren. 1111d P<"rhaps e,·~n 1n1J1d· ch!ldren. I have one qur.~uon . lboup : wbat will .vou ae.y after you bav• mad• the ror~gotn1 statl'!llf'nt? 'Alli vou ac::uolly aas. "That plac~ wu a hol~... or "I ,.., Ill'• rr so ltlad 10 crt out o: lher". " I think you wlll tell lta good points. lht! run ond mishaps you had. and about cla&11es. I ~enously doubt that most or you wlll say aru·Woc con· llatY IO what I have ~aJd. You wont ;your collear 10 Ix 1tood and you wtU be proud of being a member or the alumni. wm you be telhnc a Ile? w~u. l<'t'11 look tnco It. Th~ collec,. ls small but It rank& !Jrsl amooc two-year collece• for lntelll sence and irades. and blch among uni· v1-1s!tles. It has a cood !acuity wblch reall.I' and honPsll,y trfl-& to IPaCh u s, but It w11 don't want to l,.am and Just coot otr. II Ian ·1 I ta fault. Moat of th• trac hN1' .,,. wllllnc to !live 1tudnnt1 a break and try to hnlp them u b<'at they can. N,.xt ypar mandatory cluP. altt-ndanca f up to th~ Individual tr.achf't and aa11,.mblfr, 1&re not bclnc ro rc~d on u, a m1111dlitory • I Cf'fOUh'S.

Our StudPnt Union 11 fAlrl.Y ¥Ood. Sludrnt> hav,. their w11y

most or the lfm• and cnJor tht•ml~IV•• In thr SUB. Stu· d~nt omcrr ofrAr atutlcnts Uttl• 11ltl but .,..,, h11\'~ a &ood tlm• with a maximum or trot dom. Now. gom1 of you arr think· In,. "Woll , I can nam•· a '"" lnJuMlc1•s around hM• that h• hu lnll••d to m"nUon. "Okay, h•t' ft dwf'll on thoe1• lor a mom~nl. h l 5knov.n that "' cannot wnlk throuC)I lht· gym nny mor• bocuu50 on!' or lhr doou, I' lockf'd. I onnm>t th1 lnJu·11lc•· """'· Our 11.Ym IM nnt Ul'POlll'fl to .,., ua~d a• a •hon cut. 11"1• tr11<k di rt nmt mud on th• flour, Wu 1n1•rrup1 a h111ftPll b•·lna h• Id


In lh•rr. \\ou:d we Uk• peowalktnc 1n and ou1 or our history or Ensllsh chlsa• I Ullnk .,, woul~ bec:omr annoyed art~r awhlle and lock lb~ door. l C1lll bardl.I' ~­ u~,·e ·~a.lklnC !!0 MCP5 OUI O!

our wa.' I& an inJus:Jee. l ha,·e heard II said that lbe SUB food Is bad, and lhat peopl e- don't Uke wa!Un& lo hne. \\ell, I think 1ha1 th" SUB food ta sood. and :Jf'S I do ell.1 It and Ilk" II. Tbe cooks ,..o:kJnc In 1be ldtchen do nil lb~ c:in to give us Good lood. I will bet Iha I H la bNt~r tban ire coo~ or cct at home Ill t.:r•s. As !o: ,..alltnc. I can rcm~mber wait· Ing 1n man> cares and res· taunints a 101 lon1te r Just try· Inc to ordc r The worn •n worklnc up rront are uylnc to aervf! as as a.s por;slb!f' but •h~ a huacn. norde dP. scfods upon th"'lll, a001eone ts 1oln ~ 10 htl\'C to wall ..... 1i11.... Someone I , bound co be lhlnkiog, "We bave IO pay !or ou r music wh-n 7 cou ld ~ !t'!ltlns It tr~." Yt. tbls la true and h beln1 wo:ked on very s lo,.11 by our b<-loved lt>&.dNfi. Tber1> hould be a compromise on this Issue In lhe Mill future. All I can aay to tbl& ts. "bold on t.nd "&lt a r.olutlon la In the :naldna." • "How come our big P&rkln& lot la not paved1" Simple. IM colleee cannol a((ord It now. I think tbat th" tldm!nl· alroUon will retlllze tbls rs a leclllmatc GnPe ILnd Ptrhaps It will aoon be paved. r know that the administration does not Uke '"rlns atud,.nta Oounderln~ In mud. So one can 110.y an7thlnc about card pla> lnir. 11 has been brought bllclt Into IM UPP"r portion o! th• SUB. and II lhC card pla;y•·ra will ehow re!ipon 1blll~v In cleanlnc: up tb•·lr rubbish. It v.111 '"main up 1uulrs. l reallzt' that 111"1' arc other complaints, but th".Y asc minor and 'Kill be lronPd out Jn urn n~xt school year . I think, and most ot you r•·ally lhtnk ln~lrl• , that :'ilJC Ill rl'alh a pr• ti) KOud col· Jea<'. not th" hol• aomtt i;,.y, Surt • atud•·nts .. 111 always htl\'I ltt ti ght lor lbla or tba.t but I nm &urt moat of us "Ill ha Vt a \ t'I')' rond r~mtmhnince ol lh• Nonh l dlll1u Junior Collr·c~ In our h~arta and mind• lor all tlm•

H.l.J.C. REVIE'#, Coovo d'At.,.•. ld• ho, w.d •. Ao,1t 19 1967



QUESTION: II.bat do pou t"2ek of trollle11 IAat tlmnr tlt~sc:wes a.1 .. ~,,, MICHAEL DAWSON B. S~ " II reaunda me of the sooc La" <\y MHIS K1Aud1." JOHN R O'NEILL. Crimi· ooloar. "I ne\'u could rttslllt • sood sales Pltcb. but I al,.11.)·s m.aoace 10 mllkt> O\lt ...

BET!i' LILLIBRIDOE. El· ementa.Q' educauon: "I lhlnk they most ellber be herd up o r Insecure. As the man usuoll1 llltei; to p0rsue, all I can 11.,- co Ibis type of woman 15. p>od luck." MIKE HILL Business: "If they a:e sood "look1es" and DOI too heal/)' (37·23·361. It could be p:etty lnterest1011. " CLETA LONG. Business: "I ,ust hope lht1t the men ar e suooc enoup to catch them." SHERRY LEONARD A."0 LINDA 11i!E)l£NS, Ed and Home Ee: "Ooean' t It hurt?" JA.'ilCE PURDY. Elome Ee: "(( a tnall Isn't sman eaO\lgh to reeog111ze 1our c:bamls. then ,..117 waste yoor ener11 and Ullents tbrowl1111 yoursel! at him? " SALLY AR.'IEY B.A.: "If 11tat Ill their onlJ' means of aucblng a man, I 11t1ess tbey too. " J08N CRANE, Pre-vet.: "It Is okay •Ith me. but I think they should be called broad

Jumper&. " LARRY \'ERHEI Ed.: "I IK>lle~e a.It tbelr names should be put on a ll.s1 and the ll11t "hould b<' ma.l!Pd 10 me at the •nd or the yea: If not sooner." BOB VAS Kl..EECK. Eogtneerlng: "If they bapp~n co be conllns In the ncn1 dlrecUon. It ta okay "Ith m<'."



Joumallsm: " I don ' t know. WllJ' don't you a.sit CaptaJn Nice about 11. " CAROLYN NIRK Home ec. "If It IS Just one man I say " mott p0wer IO ber " lf •ouien throw themselves at all m,.n, they have UtUe value and neither dol'i. then

lotmtlorlb. " CHUCK LOO~IER Ed. "I nHer could rt"SlSI a eood pUncbUn ." OAS JORNSON. B.A.: "II depend& a lot on how larv tbP)' If lhat 11 their onlv method tor CetUoc a man.... "ell bal! the fun !a tbe ml.'m



DE:.IA l\'EY A..~D KATHY "It attms BRINEY, Ed. : that lbe "'omtn ba• e co be lbl' ttc~ssors , for II llet>mll th 111 tbeseo men coday are not The bO) s or tbla school b&n rorco11ea U.ieir ro.le u tb~ •cttesaor. I! • woman dldn 't chase a man. tbe ropulatJM v.ould tile out Some tromeD do carry tb1ncs a llltle 100 tart:. oudl "


:'ilJC to ~orlh ldahO CJUece "ou.ld ~Quire eoablln• le&:l:.l.atlon ~

the Slate le'1sla:ure la e.ddJtion co a Ca\orable YOte II) tb~ Junior colle.:e d.stricl. 11 was rt!por.ed a1 tb~ :<'aular mee:lac of the bollrd or irustees. April 10, Pus1d~~:

Chrlstlan:.on said. He atso ,-aJd that the bo:l!d SWlNI StUdl~S o! salaty schl'dul~s Jor next .rear.

Theo b!~i;est trouble wtt.b be!nc a loa!eor 1s 11:tat one can 't >top and "'"ti

Purple Avenger Feels Satisfied Que.Ilion Do you lb1nk thttl your al en has ~co sue· cesstul? Anawe1. My purpose was io bnnc awareness and I think I ha> c llCCOlllPU8bed that. \lore and more students un: rt! that the only ·~· thtU 1-'lJC can remove the supa ot "clo11ne<1 bl&h school" la. to cbo.oce 1be a.t· maspbMe or the colleae. I bave been ObSCr\"'lnl: Ille l'f· torts of the many lbat bu·e tried IO alter the situation , and althouSb some of these Pfrorts "'E'I" unsuccessful, u sho" eel lb e DPllth..V bad Uftt,>d. Quesnoo. \\'bat do you think about card playlnr bein~ a.llow:ed back Into tbe SUB• AOS'Ker. I tbink the Student Union Commltt~<> sbould ti.. coaur.end~d lo; tbelr compromlse In allo,. Inc cllrds to be played In the new addition or th., SIJB. One or the motn .ssues tn lh!s c!llUlil! Is lb<' Utu.:inc probl4'm. I hope th a.t lbe s1ud~n1 body sh«:s tba.t lhe sruden1 body sbol\'S :Jr. Flatcb that thts arcument ls unJuatl!led. Qu..stlon : Do you think Iha: the elect•~d student represen· tatlves are doinc all they can !or the studentS' Answer. I belJe\·P thlll tbl'.} u.> not belni responsn•e to student opinion. This. or course . does not apply to all or tbe represen111.11ves but there .,,. tbOSl" members that do not remember that lheir du~ Is to repre•enl the ma· JOrlty. QuPStlon. Do \'Ou accept th" ple-eaunc cootl'sl cballl'n1:e• Ansv;er Y~s I \\Ill be ir~,...

Champoux Lectures On Early Explorers Rl cba:d Champoux ch&lnnnn or the a<X!!al sciences department ltttured on pttCo lumblan uplorers on April 6 at 7 30 p.111. In the SUB. The title or bis spet.>ah was "Tbe V.ottD In RI story. or Tbe llllll th:u Burle,. Stones." !.like Ro:>:> lntTOduced Cllam· PDUX ll> tbf' audience. Cll&::lpouJ; oull1ned the conuo.-ersy about pre-Columbian explorers and related tales of aUeced Hplorera. Be pr,.. llf'oted docnments, mai>s and attlfao:ts co persuade bis llstene:.s tha.t Colwnbus was not the ti rsl co explore Amer· lea. A quutlo11 3.lld llns•er Period foll-. ~


• .,

Sor. ."'3 Deiter ....b r d a !elloirsblp !rom a CaUt.o:c!a uo.h rs.I)' rf'Ceh·e l11Stn1c tton on J.:nlor colles• adminlstratloa. DcanStooe reponed. They •.II auend th LS summer Moser's !ellowa.blp la tior the lioJ\e:Si\3' o! Cnllfoml• at Berltelt!y. Moser wltl t M11!1<r ha

an adnnced cours st.lice be received pre•loo,. mtinlne 1n this fleld l.iti.. 1ea.r Stoa~ osld. De-1111 Stone':. fello-·..sh1p .r I ror Stan to rd University "'b ·re h" will receive tnse1>1c. .nttnln., in :ueu or U!Structlcn, otudent pc rsonnel senlc!'s, busloe:.b operation a.od adult educauon, h" explalaed. at~eodinc

World Traveler


J 1ri


I was surprtsed to !lnd tllnong our student body n world tntveler. Although many or tbe students. especfnlly th'ex-sen·fce men, have bl>f'n 1n fore I ~n counu1es. Steve Cit0\·es bas bet.>D In every m_,or country or the world except E~pt and Russia' Steve started bis "'Otld tra· vellng at lhe ase or seven duPo lo his lather's Job with the 0 n It I'd States Go\'emment. Because or his father's work StM·f' went to Ta.Jwon fo rour yeacs. Be a\tt>nded the Taiwan American school set up b) the Amertcan Embassy while he wos In Chtna. Odt his trl P back to the United Stairs rt0m China. he stopped In 37 countries In the Fnr Enst ~Uddlt Enst. ano Eut0p• llht'n h1' father mo\•rd to Turke~ StPve v. ent 10 boardIn~ school In Cheslere,., s" ltzrrlnnd. The school was called La Villon and he attended this school from 195\ to 1963. Durln11 •his time. h~ took one 1r111 by car rrom SwttzNlnnd to Persia, going tbt0ui;h ltuly, YuRos lavla, Bui-. ~11rla. Turkey and lnto Perslti. Stt>•" returned to the states In 1963 nnd Joln<'d the Ofll\Ylt the Stlln<' year. He served for two months at F'on Ord. Call!om 111, fou r months at F'on Sam Houston. Texus. 11nc 3 1 months ln Cielohausen, Ciennon\ with H end ClufU.lers or the F'lrt'lt aauohon 33 rd Armor ns a medic and compllllJ· clerk. Upon European d1schar11e. he bummed nt0und Europe goln1t 10 the countries or Switzerland. Holland, Enaland, nnd ll.lllf. rowmlns to the states In Au1111st or 1986. Re enm-. IO :-IJJC In the tall term or 1966. His maJor Is Liberal Ans. It mu:>t be noted here that this Is tne first um Ince he wa.• In thl' ftrst ;rade Iha: he hod 11nended an Aatcr1can 11c1tool. Wbl'n Uklld about his !utur pbns , Sieve aald, "I plan to 10 lnco a\latlon and do n



lln ••

COLLEGE PRESIDENT OH ACCREDITATION TEAM P" •!dent PerryCllrlallansort'.l ~pent two day«. April 6-7. as a member or On tlCCr~dftBllOn team In a vlsllallon at Mull· n'lmtth College In Porllnnd. Oregon. The t:ollelf! w<U; due for ,... accredll.lltlon b.Y th,. North· west Association of Seconda.ry~ nnd Hli;her Schools, Christianson said.

Honors Programs At NIJC Are Unique In Junior Colleges •tt

81 ~ V•tr uon aml u d u ' ht ;.,u "The Honors P rocnun:i at material. NIJC aze unique In Junior A Ion' theme Is al•llJ'S recollc~e,. It 111 not often that quired lo the firs: seme<ter. rreatunm set 10 partlclpalt' It ls usually btor;rapblcal or on a 11~1nar tlllls at I.his autoblog:aliblcal and tm1S: be level." Raymond Stone aca· written oclJ Ir lnteme"'s dcmlc dean, said or recoUecUon ~o : fe-ence r;IJC orrcrs an honors p10- ciall'rlal Is allosed fer tllls cnun in En1Usb and oo• In lbeoe. Ou:uic Uu! aecood history. Stone aatd that he a ter a ac.and&:d te:::i 11<ls bed tbllt more p1ocrama ~· ls ·rq-~L:ed "t= Wblcll could be atazted •!Lb th llP- D!> t:esh::la:> escapes•" utd roacb to aull)cct c:aurlal 0: Beard used by the honors proc:a a Qudenla are allowed ,.ork but that no mor we~ pla:&Od per ocls 1~ c:l:u:s •ll ·e sta· at present. d n:.a brlns: nr : dralt or It Or , Frances l!nard ln:stru Lb Ir tb s Ccr lo-clua tor tor honors ED'11a hrlll a.::d er Uciam troc their course, cxplLlned !hat In lhe octei::pararles u w II u pas1 students wer~ aelec~d lb teach • Streas Is pat cm •fo r the accelerated c:ourae o:i s~lc ra:bc • than Ille ciecbaa· the basis ol the Purdue Test lea Of £n '1}sh <• colle1e En1Ush plact'm nt "loerttablJ ~se awdects t.estl and lhe freshman Iheme. arc lfllded a little mci<e bThese melhods also v.u atnctl)- than n!'1llat Ellcllsll used tor drlermlnlna those In studtnlll, twcausc they aze need or remedial Enallsh. She llUPPo.lled to be A and B 81U· said lhnl ~nter1n1 freshmen dent.a. ~ost ot them don't were now 11dmlt1ed on the ba· 51.'t'm to Clln~ bf'<'.&118'" or' sl& or lhc ACT test. Another addlUonal stunuJw; or "o:Uo1 way a " ludent could catn with ol.bcr adnncN Stu· It entry to lhla more ad•·anced dents." ,.ere Dr. Ream's c lass la recommendauon ~ CIOSIDC rt'ClatU. the Instructor o!lhe s1udent'11 Rlchazd Chaml>Ollx hsd or first stmcstcr clasa on the the aoclal aetenee dl'Partci'°t ba.sla of bla "ork. and Instructor or the honers Dr. Heard has be~n teaching hlatOt\ class. sald !bat t.'le lhe class t>•·en ) ear since class was ron:ied to CS.-e the propam "as lnau«Ura1cd ad•·anei<d i;tudents a beu : opportunllJ r.o eJll: ss lbri: •with onls ono excrpUon. \\bile Dr. Heard "as cone, ideas both orallJ and I: Mrs . Lucile Lo.nee head or • rltlcn •or& Hr u~-p:.s IO rv lh< En11tsh d•partment, tauliht have studec:.s deln tn~ •the ctasa first semester of re11car.::h material ratb : tllan Ibis yrar. Dunne the 1963·t;4 rouo,. a tl'Ubook be ei school rear tberu we~ t"o Plained. He sald the class uses a secUon!I and Mrs. Robt'rt problems approacll IO his~o lT Kirkland tau.sit onl· 11rc1lon. Dr. Heard said lhat Ille History ls broten up Intl' honors class dlrtns rrocn &Pe<:lfle problt:ns SDCb &o ,re au lar Encllah compoa1uon the American Revolu?tCCIJY class In SC\crlll ways. If the l\ar, Quesllono azc Ukcb' r.o class uses a tcztboO'k, It ts lnvoh e the war and 1111 cause:. Ille effects of the 1'at. ll011o dl!fe~nl lro:n usual claa!lt's , •"omettmes no textbook at all rnvolutlonary ,.as the revo· Is used. Someumea "Harpers" tuucoarr ,..,,, and is 1t sull or "Atlantic Monlhl.'" ls taken eolnc oo• Some other problem areas Include the ConsU· on a threP monlh' sub' ·rtp tuuonal Period. thl' Ch'tl l\ar and R~onstrucuon Su us for For to·tt matNtal Lbts ~ Uncfe,...oocl Sele' & Service BOAT DRIVE INN ~' C,., c.l.1r








IC CklS ~"'~Pf'S ~t.o·t



~~ fto"•A~. (~t d'Alf'f"!~. \ff.ho

216 N 4th Strttt


SMc1ol.rm9 '" Co1 1t9•o•e l\.,.Cs IQI t-<eolrli "<td ~oiiomeu

Q ... Pla: o Pe-!ttO"O"'t' P eo.e• Pofo•e O"d Pur.e

1107 N

f..,, ... COEU~

!.l.J.C REVlE"' c-., 4•1.1..,. ldo~o. '*•d., 4 0.,1 19, 1967

u~e:. pap :ba k ...,cb ~ "The Amrrlcu Prob 111 Ser it'S."' "De bat on ;.II Amer. cao Roolutlon ·· • Th Amtr· lean Rcwolullontbroucb Btlttsl'l £Jes," and lbe " Acbal'l!· Problem S!!r r<." Cbai::pau1 said lb at thl! mlc1.:nu!D r ot boots a siudcct .s oblls:ed ~ :nd ts six paperbacks pe1

occa~1oc io

•IJ :laac•·rs and m••tt ~r ~ona tuclnated Jllr.les B. ero...,, Ellt11 81'l and hls:o,,. IDlllNCICI, du:lcc the cionl.b b• 111~nt ahr>l:ld tbln past


sw:im~ r.

se-.ic: Oii the

nn la caps llea!5 special re-

por.s f:.Jm O!le or t•o •tu·

dents. .u an exa.cple Cham· POQI told ot lhc t1ay•11 reporl to be ch·ea b)" two stud nta oo the • lluckiake:s" tn "Tbe Years or Cc..'lsc:leacti.'' He aa!d that ttpo:Uac studec~ ll<OUU Ulllain WllO \lie !~ck rackt rs were, cl~ 11pccltlc ladhiduals and rPad ncerpu !rom lhdr wo !lea to aho., their poin:s ol ..-It• Requltfmenta for admission 10 tMs class a~ a score or 8~ c: abo.e In th~ 11oclal acte11<:1! secllon or ACT test plus an BOii. acore or abo.-e on compoalt4l acor t>. le acdluon, lht atudcnt'a hlcb school rnco1d tn bt•r.ol)' la tovtoSUpted. The clllSI IS limited tn nU111ber and mcm· ben! a~ obtained b1 lnvlt& Uon o! the departmtnt onlT. 5-!co:id s•meste1 studtn:.s asay invited on tht tiula or th rt.: work ui ftrst Bl'Cli'lltrt blaton upon recommmdauon ol tbetr lnsuuctor Champou1 said. Th• boocra blstol)' procram I s ce• this 1ea1. but tbc bo nocs Encllsh p1ocram bas ~en ID t!tect for rive 1eara. "These Procrams arl' 1 real acblcvemtru for a two-ytar " • i ' 0. an Stoa .a!d.


EVANS' PAPER IS STILL IN DEMAND Alw u;:h r r • ar bave SIJC In tractor Frank £vans Prt!llented a sclenU!lc pa~r at the !'lortn Amencaa l\tldlHe Coof~rtoce, be s11ll recl'lvea frequent req1.:ests fo1 rl'!lrlnta or tl'lc scknl1nc: toveaucauon. Dur· Ins the last achool year h" has euppUed mor lhan 20 rt· prtnrs. \\hll .. se.-ral requ1::1111 ham been made In forelK!I lancu&icS, most distant came lrom Enaland. Tbt scteollllc papei "'Ill pr1nttd In "'Transactions of L!le :ior-.11 American llltldll!c" &ad "Satural Resources Coo· :.-~n~" allet being presented befc:.r• tbe conltre:ice at Lu \'eps. S.:p;i:rt:ic repnc:a oa rtqcest ia a courtesy a:id ot>Ucu!oo of tbO&e' ,.hl> cont: • bute to adenti!lc k:lo,.ledce EV1lll5 explained. The UUe o! Eva:u;' pal"': was "An lnve~r:atloa o! W:>Odland Cc Ibo'~ le .s~-J:•esitm t::ilt Sate.s." pa..,<>dJ ..m..



P:i?Jldtct Perry Ch!JsUan oa s.. .d lba1 Clarence Bauidlt. ~:::ond Stone and be ..-111 at:eod lbe seml-anot:21 oeu· Inc c! deans and presldto:a at Rlcil.s c.,, . Ul R 1tiur~ Idaho 111 . · o •11 lutun

Se1vin9 Your StuJent Union

JEFFRIES' TV s.. us'°' ~

bo" tape

S ~c'~

ftA STEUllZED Mlll( MUNS 100 0/o SAFE M lll(

o r repc '


e•, ••


,.,. • • rod o:. Qf"lf

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Promote G1ow th - Good Heohh - Eo1191


. •


PHONE 4·218 l

NIJC Instructor ls Fascinated By Tour Abroad Last Summer

10'2 st~ .., A•.


c..... , ....i.... 14•~


Thrxt '!'I "'




'411.b bis w1 r.. and lour children. Cro>wo tit'• b} lei from :" " Yark H> loladrld, ~aln, o.nd Ulen on to lt&l.v, Tur11e1. Crel'cr. and Francr. The C'rowtB cnme tn con· tact with peop\t! or m1111) COUDlr1 r• but thrlr favorltll • en! lhC' Spanl5h "Th• ~antsh are tru\) 111mpa1loo' c1.e •• cona~nlllll." C'r~w• 1tal··d. Thll Tutkll, to • "Ila•· a ltClod re .. 11n1 for AmPrlcanl\." lie nlllO nou'll that "thP Or1 C!ka we>re not ns fr1rndly aa lhe Spnnl•h but much moru llO lhM the FrC'n ch." "The FrPn ch tllattk•· /\mn· leans lnt1•ne11ly and ... "' con · !ltantly fl'lt It," •aid Crowr. Th o Crow<'' VIBltod m1111y plmcca o r hi torlcal and cultural tnt•Ntl. wh4'ra Crowft took hundrtdi; o r slldf'a whlcl\ Crowe plans to ahow In hl8 blttol)' ctu11oa. In ~ladrtd, they louu•d a flll!IOUs art center, the Prodc Mu~um. In Romo they many ancient ruins ln~ludlnc the Culosseum Crowe•a O•e-year-old daui;hti r finally ooncluded that " Ror-e waa 1eally just one blo ruin'" '4htlelnTurlLey,lh•y view d Ataturk ' 11 Tomb, and llboppcd at a bu1e bazaar covertn& They saw an 100 ac1cs. emerald 11lz.e or a cucum· ber at the au I tan •a palace on 'h'" Dard•'"f'tle11. The Crowea lllatted tM Acrooolla In Ath•·n , wberl! th•y u • th~ Parthrnoo, which Crowf'. cited u " th' most ~autlful build· Inc l ' vt e•-er SPCn... In Part 8, one o f thl'lr 11tops wu at an anclPnt palace, lhe Lou\'le, "'1ere LbPy looked at many uea1 palnttnca or lh" world, lncludlna Mona Llaa.. In each count!)' lhat the1 vl111tPd, the C1owca sampled m1J1Y dHter..nt klndll or rood. Th• children eapl'clally Uked th• Cann••lont Pl:tza tbat they

boucht In Rom.,. Btol'ck. &l· l•matlna layera of meat and doulb. 11au11n~d their appeUtc11 ID TurUy. Two-foot· 1001 h1.111 aandwlcnes CO!ltlna 11 Ctn\S aole<:o auracted lhclr au.,nllon In Part a. E:ven· tuail). however, the Crowu ~came so tired of forclan tood that tbe> went to tb" American Eintas > In Part•. •hN.i Ibey bapptty dined on hambura<-ra. bacon and •ac•. and other .~mcr1t'11n ravorll••. Crowo comment"CI that " the cruttoat thine .... hl'ard on our whole trill was th•• U.S. customs Otnc1·r who &aid to us as w '"tumln&. '\\clcomt' back to lh• U.S. • to which W<) ICPllNI, ·w.. · r~ slad 10 Ila b~ck ·." Nut summrr. lh•• Crowo11 nl•n to loumcv to A~ta.


CAMPUS CLUB NEWS CARDINAL SERVICE CL UB Thr Cordlnol S<'f\ I C:l' Cl ub wlll l>e ru11ponslbll' !or auld· ln11 th• proapoctlv~ NIJC .iudPnts to vocatton11I mcrt tnaa Ill 10:30 a.m. on Aprlt 19 durlnc the Annual Ouldance Contel1'ncc tor Rlldu1ttn1 hlch school ll<'nlora After their ml'<'ttncs with thn vocattonal counn•lora, the Cardinal S•·rvtcc Club "Ill t&ke thPm on o lour of th" campus. The tour wlll ba followed by • luncheon which wtll b<' &en<'d by the urvtce club. accordlna to Mazsha Mann. vlce·pr< •ldent

PHI BETA LAM BDA Dlnnn Ill 6:30 p.m

In th~

SUB I. plann•d April 26


Phi Beta Lambda m<'mbera and a111 otl\Pr huaLneas 111u• d•nta wbo wish 10 att1Pnd, Dennie Burr, Preat<knt, an· nounccd. He aLld th•m will !><' a IU"lll IPf'akf'r. Th'I dlnn•·r mc•Un1 will atao In :lud• ln11tallat1on of o!!IO!lra Thi' club hat! approved a constitution and. accordlnc to Burr. Is currently undPr con~ldQraUon by the Sudrnt Board. It will co tnr.o effect upan thPlr approval. hf' aald. n ls as eaay to draw back a stone tl'lrown wltl'l forot !rom th e band as to recal I a word once spoken . - Menander

Badminton Tourney Has Been Scheduled

Winnill/{ Run For Cardinau

N IJ,C REVIE•. C:O...• d'"'"'"· ldoho, 'llod •. ,.,.. 119. 1967

Practice Makes P erfect

/lo ID: r · "' u r a. UllO ioumam.,1n ••h be h ..ld dutlllc lbe las: : .. o 'lfttks or 111ml 1be tl.nll week of :.aa.r. Tbe ma:cll~s •111 include cico's and wo::ien'• doubles. Sincles will bl! It lbe:r &re e:ioucli l111ereated studen:s s!~d up. "To e111e: this contesl, a SI 00 e11ay ~ Is belnc cba:cl'd. 11 •lll be used fo: Che buJ'IDc of tr.>Pbles aod will enUtle Che COD~lllJ;I to 1'1111 l.D as caor :oaldles u be w1ahe11." said J.ln. Cathenae Scates, P.E. las\luctor and Head Of :be Badclr.toa Tourna:ient ''Badm111tcn 11 caoe or lbc spolt6 belac tos:ered imdcr lbe Life Tl::le SpottS pn·


Baseball Team Has Slow Start p ,,

, ,,

/I• bel>"ball ~uon tdl"d Into th" P•nhandl P or Idaho, so did the cold r.prln( "'1nd~ and 'tfet "''•thcr. ~1th ,.,ur outaldP p111ct1cea IM'rorn tbll Ont cam ... NUC trPkkt'd ott to Moae11 l,.ako and a double header undN c loud7 sklca Th.. Cardinals PUI UP a vaUant flSht, but th lack or outdoor pracllc~ took I~ coll and Uu Cards ••nt do>on to dcreat Th•• n~lJt two <by11 anw lb Canis PVlhlnc three cars o•,..r two mllea up Mabo roads covered •ltb sla Inches of snow. /lltrr m11111 11llde11 and lru,llallns momrnts, the llrt'd, bul ii:am tl'a::i arrived In L wtatc.n /lflrr grabblnc a rancid ham· bura,..r and rullhlnr ciut to th!! dlnmond, Ibey were broui:ht do'lfn by a 'ood 1.rwl11 and Clark t~m. l\llh th~ season JuM tour 11 old, tbf'J mad,, Pr< Plllo!fona lo lrav• tor Pa co and 11noth••r doubt" ht nd••• with Cul um bl a Ba&ln . thi- c rram or the crop baa1•b11ll lrom. TI10 wenthrr wa1 Won • dr rful tor a ch 1n11• 11111! lt1,. t"um madr 11 r.mnd "Hort. na..y lost rtu rtnll •nmP I O and tho Bt'COfld I I . Thi • had rt1r Cords d1rnn, but With ~


T,,,.. Of!

r,°"' hands '

,.,..., you• 11and1 o r •he

rull wrck 10 praec .ce Wllll Columbla Basin lnvad'd CO'!'ur d'/llPM for a return pme, tbc Card8 ·• orkt'd bard and a.s true champion splrlt pre~U.S. they tUmPd the ru!lhlor Colom· bla Baa!n team back lut Seturaay 1-0. Thia was tbP tlrsl home same and lbf' !11$t victory ot 'h Ions &ea.son Ytl 10 CO"·

Track Competition Tough This Spring T·"

tta(' IP.II!' •an 11110 I.With compeUtlcm at l'>SU lndoc.: meec bPld ~Larch 18. EJ1tht freshman l t'COrds W~nl llU1P9ASMI Jo Ibis meet ouc or 16 evencs. The dl&cus rel:Ord was IM'at.e.n b1 30 fftct and the &bo: put by 11 f,.t:' In llPll<' of lbls bQllle


coa>p~mton. Coaell Tom Robb uld hi! wu h•Pl'1 wltb the

performance of thl.' team.. He U;urfl<I that hl• boH took lhreo !Uth place win~. Cocicn Robb nam~ All Tbiu-er, Jim s~an. and S ri! l'l't<'raon u• thOSfl "ho placed. II•· 111td that Jay Koopsea. Omni Joki. Al Boehm. Man ~oust , Rands H~nln and Or"Rll \ltll• also Wt'll' l'n-

torj•d Jn lh•• /II th1




sponsored b;y' th" U111verslcy ofldaho, but beld In Lew1scon. th.. Ca.:dlnals took tlllrd In tbe HO .1aril relay a::d lourtb In lbe 880 ) ud rela.r. Seven tea:::s ..ere enle:~ tn Illes!' eveo:s, coach Robb aid Robb aa d :ha: runneo •en! Jlo Beat: 880 and HO. Rus:, COQl)er. HO C: CIC lollll 880 and HO. Art Thayer ~~D Al ~bm 880 and Raarly l!enlcy, 680. ~ell Pe: nion also auead"d but was Wlllbl 1 run Coach 1111ld

~ B.F' D.' of b Co Bowl az~ a1111 In !1:,t place. Sl'Hral 1n1:1s ar cballeni:inc lo: this bonor•d position. Mike :\.~derson bold5 ht Ell pee of ZZI and b1ih sertt'S of S48. Claudia ldcl>emdd got In the gr.)OYe duanc one of b r sen of three p:i:cs and blwl~ o hlch pee of t5S. On mlsslni: a spar~ Dcnll.) 1"' ll5 COi !K'rtur~d and did a tdp tease 10 r~llP>l' his Ir ltatloo His teammates told h t l>Ut II on Th F T ~ • or the t-K

DORM NEWS Undervound bu n aold In Ilk SUB as the women's dorm's contribution to campus 0a)a. residents f Sh~aan Hall <Jncld~d at an /lpr1 I S me ell na /I Joint blrthda,) pany !CH Chic~ H1&1r1110n, N<'l on Brl· Ush Columbia and Prl~c1Ua Hodpon Mosco,. ldllho con clud~d Ch" mreun,



Swimraing - R•cttolion

Souno Stoota Borfu

• Now

•'I> ....

t here's a d ouble-date.






'•' o... .., ••, s... u

"'· ' .uO·•· • • I • \ - • • • '• C.e. • 4 A'• ••




I J Sile•• • • Au

C11y Lanes blazed their wiuto l!rst place hu·tni; d~f< ate• tbr<'e first place li.'•'ns In a row. Tht') claim to be the master race llDd so rar have i:ro'ed tbe!r cla.lm to ram.0 Ga:y He!Lld has h1ch nme o! ZI: and Phil Meredith holds hlib -e:les or 552. HNb Hel.stro::i recel\ ed a pulJ)ll! bt'an rr,,m his leammatCll to: bowling out a frame •bile In· Jured. Dick Blak«'l> lost hi~ gr:p on thl' ball and hur!Pd tt baci;\\&:ds lnslead or forward. He was ln!o11Ded that to bowl 011 · tl~ :.. ball ,. u to .Jn d at •h PIM



411 Sfil •'"'•"" ..., ,..,,, Jo · ·~a NIJC It og a ' - rn CAI? l?At" •t ..


Runana Bf It Rel"·

•111cb Is an OUIJlOWlb

of lbe Presldtnt'a Council on Ph711lcal F1tnUll," Mrs. Scates said. /I meeunc will be held Wednesday. /lprll 19 in tbe ne'lf portlOn ol the SUB at /lcth1ty Penod for all ln· ierested swdent.a. She sald that 20 111ud"llt.a bare ~n reslsteted thus faz for :he event w1tb mor" eapec1ed. l&alA:bca wUI be acbedul~ for all student.a rec!atered 10 J)9rt!clpate.



11 .. ,......

._..., -·

• H

For e Lifetime of


BOWL While You Are Young


- - lake City lanes, Inc.

Ploy Poe I Al Ct •• &owI Ror.. 60r p., How•

141' N.

~ SI •

c..., •rAI•••

Coca-Colo add' extra fun lo da1in11-.ln11I• or double. That's t>.causa Coke hal . th• tall• you never 11•1 lired of • •• always raf'rashln11. That's why thin111110 better w ith Coke .•• ofter Coke ••• attar Coke• ........ ......, .. ~ftl-. C...-C- O..-, ""' t:ft..A~

&YPlllt& COC,...COLA 801TU!'iG COVPA:c'T




N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 21 No 14 Apr 19, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College

N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 21 No 14 Apr 19, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College