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Th<' P ropa11a1or of Pr•~,. met \larch 9 "Ith President • A. Christianson to hear the answNs to aludent r • Que!lta. Spectnc der.lllnda to- ,.,. enta hue been accocpr • i by requ~sc.s for ..:norc lltw r: conuol. .. Cbrlstflll1aon a 1vocated D .. middle or ti road aolullon- bet•cm ana.t· cby and re11mentatlon. •• He said th<' .. automa:Jc F clause In the colh•ce colaloa would be rewritten. lb., c urrent r 1965-Bi) edition 69.)!l, .. tJnexcuSl'd abscnCl'& fr\)J:I 10 per cent or more or the meetln cs or a clus (after e nrollment) will automallcalb constltuttt an F' (raJlure1:· ChrtstlanAon announc('d lbll e xcessive absences s till .. tecbnlcal!Y ' earn an &uto· matlc .. F'" but he uld he had a dvised the faculty agains t s uch rlctd • "'ding and hlld as ked them to .. use the ir own Judcment... He told the Prooa s a tors or Pride tha t Instructors would con· tlnu e to c hN?k roll because G.!. Bi ll Pt.Ymenl.ll 10 veteran" depend on auendancc. ChrlsUnnson re ported that studenl.ll may bt' excue;cd If ,an Ins tructor la 10 minutes late , unless pre,1ous arnn~­ ment s ha\'e be<·n made. No distinction '" made for d~ chalrm~n In thla 8 pe rtmen1 re card. Students had comptaln••d of unreUablht) or the NIJC caialoc. He a&ld that the cataloc would still be .. u1>Jec1 to ehanae because 11 Is published bl·annuall" Girls may \\taI &lacks In tbe llbral) alter schOOI and Saturdas. "The) m11,1 be casual bu t nol crubbl . .. t P resldenl Chrlsllan»on an· nounced lhat student:. and racull.l' must bus lhelr own dishes, or "lees will ao up." 1 concern1n1 card· pla,.\in& in the SUB, he said he Is .. opposed only tO 11.11.>thln& that . undul.Yabsorbs !ltudent time ... The president objected lo .. excessh·e usl' o! cards. " Phil Gober. Nell Peterson . i.Dennts Rius. nmmy John· son. Llndn Lar11en. Kattu· Frost, Mike Md nm· Anderson. Dave Prlano. candJ •F'Ull~r. Sand.> Bald11oln. and Jan~ Laut an lhe 111ocl'e who comPilt'd and ,.,·aJu111cd stu· den1 r~quests and submlllcd *'the:n to tbe ad:nlnl~tra\lon. Qober said they han• dl~­ banded. l\lth rep.rd to tM OUICOCIC •of lbe work or the Propai:a· tots or Pride, Gober said , .. It Is the propc·rty or Lrue eenlus U> dl5lurb old settled 1 tbOui;hlS... He credited Lhe QU<>taUon tO O< th~

"linrJ OpRlg On

Sabl'day SuccessfW

Ubnuy has ti. •n open from I ·4 p,m Saturday olnce Man:h 4. and lhe! reapona" ha.s bfoen l"aaonabl~ aood. r~ c.IJ(ll1~d Ru.~sell Sodl'llln1. head libra rian. 111<' llbral) star! h a~ been " well -ph1ued wllb lbe nlU tud~s and "ork habits OShown by the studr.nta ," ha s nld. Soderlin g also 11tat ~d that si nce the llbrnl)' la open "Satu rda~. nnea v.111 be col· lectl'd for that day also on ove r-du< boo~ . Th~

Ol. ME XX, NO. 12

COEU ll 0'4l[N£, •OAttO

'A Tmner Cniwal' Is Cardinal Players Presentation For Apri

WEDNESDAY, W.RCH 22, 1 '67

New ASB Ojjicer1

Celece Trmtees


Cmiler Piii For Ca eas Dnelapn!Ill

Cw PU..'len. 111 ll present "A 1burbe: Ca.'UI val" A"nl I~ &Dd 15 DI 8 IS p.c. The cut •lll be Or&.111 Mem· mac. CllWllla llcDe::ld. Geral:! Sibert. K:ls11 Bel:o. SkJP ~l\lh1. sandy Bald•tn. Jlrn ~an. Sberyl Be:1strom. Keo \'emon, \'em Pnrtu. Stephen Cro•es. P&tsy Brown. Edna SlmoM, James Cro•e • Gl<'n l\e&t0•11:. Helen Holland. Pee Dohrma11. and C&lby Herlu, accordlnl to Mrll . l\larpzet Gale. chalnoan of the drama depa1uneot. The play 'll'lll be directed by Mrs. c.Je With lbe assls· 1ance of ~llss Herlza. and Bob Dahlberr; 1<UI be musical d.Jr<"ClOr. "The pl'v Is a re,'\le reaturlns quick scene cban~s. qutck·cbanse costucif'S. and rapid chances or cbaracte:. The sta11DC Is of a type aocl macnuud~

n"'"t· be.!or

A prPllC:lna1' Uf\"Y or n ls tlni; racllhlu and a •urs ested plan !o r campu' d•· " ' 1opmenl and lmpro•ement W'll& preae nt.,d to th• board o f trusi..•s of !\1JC Mond11.1 e v.•nlnc b) the Campu• Plan· nine committee. The tru~tn 'oted 10 tokt the atud,v und• r nd\'lsemrot. The nr111 ~ tep or tho th r~• ­ pha:se plan lnclud"ll th~ ad· dill on o r c hun room ond oUICA' 8p&c e to tht> rxlnlln1 pl11t\l, propOHt'd to 110 Into l'lfoct In 1969. Durtnc a ducuaMon of l~ &lslnllvl' acll vltloh , Proal• dPnt P. A. Chrl11t1anaon re· POrt~d meNlnc with othN ldnho Junior Collftao presl· dent:> and thP Education Com· mluee o r tbf' le clslatu~ In Bolar Marc h 11. and that the future o f thft JLnlor Colle10 bill "looks promlaln&.. at th ls t rme . M•nl'y !o r lhr Juni or colle1ra I& Inc luded In the 10.emo" a llne -llem budcet, Clm s ttanson added. A proposed new OD~>.,., cou r ~ In aucocnoth·., bocl> and [l'od•r 1epaJr • Ill approve d by th" tru •teca. NUC tru &teea are Dr. Lynn Fredrikson: Sco tt R...,d, E.A. Selt~r. chairman. Charles H. Ru ss<'ll: and II. J. Sam a.


lempt~D al NUC. Th<' sldts will tc put on 1111b ll::e ass.!· tancr of a lour-p:ece combo frOCI the :oilJC Band. 1: •Ul be ar f\enlni; Of music, fun. and e:i1en&1nment." Oth•r positions in lbe prcducllon Include ~:aid ~ ­ le:r. tecblllcal dtrl'cuir. Sl>IP Murphy. s1~nc dlr~:o:: Hldec Lambie• , U&11U~ di· rect01. John Budro"· sound dlr"Clor. Grant Memman. ~ral:I Sll>lltt, Jun Bean, and Ken \'~rnon. uslstaotS. Sand.>' BaJdwtn. cosiumes. Claudia McDrrmld. mak~P. Olen llestover. pubUclt:r. and \'em Pll\1tt, props. .. , wish to <'mph as lze that lhts I:. something entlr<'b' new and dlrr&reot that we are ntt~mpUna 111 :-llJC... said \Ir;:,. Gall'. She went on lo Sil,\' tho.I she was surl' thal this "ould be an e,·~nlna !uU of 1:otett&1nm~11t ror lbe eat!~ fal"U!.

Two U Dellaters lnwitetl To latiml DeWe CbrqwillSlip

Conmittees Named For Campus Days Fr J:lr!:'l 1.. a pl"'n" !o: Cacipas Da)oS lo :.Sa._T 111 a mettllac Much 9 dunn' acll v111 period. Chairmen ror :bt' cam:n:tees b1ne be"n appointed, Tom 14orrla Is ln ehari;e o! tbc :u,-of· •ar Claudia )lcOe:mla heads the trtcy:le mce con:· mlltt-e with lbe belp o! Janice Humphrey. Grant Mfrrtman '"' tbe ct airman o! the ple-uuoc contest with lbe u:ust.ance of Thr. Johnston. K rl~ty &!Ito Is dlainnan of th• bt"1d· srowl.n& conte&i. Oree "lllls 15 lo Char&" or the car be.Sb; helplr.1: him are Bill Schuetz and L&n; Ha ttt-nbUii;. J ohn Hans•n hoads lh" bed race other• on th~ commlllee are Ol~n &>cker. Mike l\llllams . Jack Emc'tSOn . Lari)' Ye ri.lcr. and Jw1 Cobb. Students i;uuea t ~d a Kid Day and a Kanproo Co urt with the Pu11>lc A\'l'n&er a11 th<! jUdGe.

PANHANDLE DEBATE TOURNEYAT NIJC Tb sue d .... ' ..m .. 111 sponllDr lbe first annual S orth ldabo Panhandle ln,1tatlon Deba:~ Tournament Apn l 7 o.nd 8. Both Team Crosti • Eumlna tlon and Lincoln· Oouctas e• elll& 'l<lll oo ot· re11.'ll. The tou ma men l will lo\'oh• deba"rs of freshman or !IOPbomorc aca demic l'tand· Ing , o r those o f Junior and senior o tandin c u111.t haH• M d onb one .)('at 01 compe tltl vc lnter-1:0lleclate dubaUn i:- R~ Sistratlon wi ll be held In th" lobbyor the s orrh Shore \lotor Hotel /\prt l 7.

Cb t r loll rd)'l Reilly 'll'OD tile lllUd al body ()J aid ntiaJ election .March IS ore: Ou ld P r.aoo. Dennla Rh:p bca: Jack Ec'°'son la the 'le• · pr ald,.nd:.I rare,

Reill.> II• the thi rd con .. cu· Utt SUC /\SB pr sldcnt "ho




pg.,, Fa ll


CALENDAR \lwch 22 - Fr• hr tan Cius \lh·lln& March 2~·i7 - SprJn~ Vaca· 1!00 March 28 - Mld- ... m ·a~r Euma 1)1,dn \la rch 3 1 - \lo\l e

Krl~ty Belto and Patsy Brown ba\'f be"ll lnvlti.d to re present S !JC at lhP National D•·bclt• Championship at ~licblll&D State Unlvl'rslty, In addlUon they April &8. ha"' bl'en 1m·lted to the Nallonal Junior Collece De batt> Championship In Modesto , caur. s uc I& lb*' only t1'0·\'UI co!l~ae lnvlt.t'd :o me nauonal s. debale coa c h Richard 11Yn<"man an· nounced rece ollv. ConM:· QU~ lly, NLJC stll, 1r tbl'J' anead tilt' n&l.lonals. be dt· baun11 sucb c om~utors u HarvaIO. O&Itmoutb . Stanford. and t:.C.L.A. H\'Dt':DWI tmPl:Ulzed tbat sue Is tlX' only collece In ldabo and ltaahinc:on. .nth the exc.,plion or Pa~!Oc Lulllerao t:ntveNll). to be lnTt ted ID tll!' nat!oaals. lnVIWlOOS WNt COnDDIPnt on tbe Llnfield toumiu::ent win. l!J'nrman said. whtre10 Patsy Brown :and Kr("!) ~Ito had a nrst· placc tie •ltb thP t:nh·ersltY of 01't'&On in tbe Junior \\omen Oxford debate. Patsy Brown pla~d second In JunJor l\om<n Lincoln· oouclas. 11!11amrtt<' CollPlll placed nrst.

colle~e calalo~s rrom a larce number or colle aea .,., avaJl&llle In the cenoral of· nee. Students may noc take the cataloas from tht' omce 'K lthout l)l.'rm1sslon.

lnitw Reporter filds Sollt S.rprises While Ditlill lllo SUB Cini Pl1Yi1t ColtroJersy

the atud nt mllJ ha• IO pay a small ($1.00 ff'<O 1 Pm sate ror the clran.,.p oroJect. The solutton I Editor"• .'Vote: CatthMI Re· tl'Jr Uth r l)f1"·r •' -. und ~ cor. · T Th• EdJIOr: uoJ . h~ Mell au :uct,.nt rt-:r slmp(.Y PIJ' the dolla1 and set 11u tt rcporur Kc• Vcn1 .. ••I think thA: th" " Trip•• WU the sr11·1c~. I Cor on<! •H\JO) 1•ut111akd card-11/a111•11 son IO malnl&ln the rule in thl' bcst ldt-s and t•nll'rtaln· It. COll/TOl'<O•I/ Gild <ab•lltrd tffrel. ment that tbe 1'1JC baa u \'ou don't Ilk~ b8'1nc a Tbt' cud pla,,vln~ lssur In Ille fo /101t1ag •cPotl ' p+rlc:iced In ClllllJ nara. uparate card room• Ycu lb e al a vra were • f:r1 eood tbe SUB la tumlnc Into a In ORICI IO cbfe« u.. •"Lil• dll1 or tbe Quet:IOll!> raJ&f'<I want card-pl&J1nc back In lllld ll:r JOkl'S werl' OUtatand· !luco. II seems to me that In tbla leuer cid to satlsty the m&Ul 1'&11 o! the SUB' Inc. the tn-.lon:.y HJ 11 Is ok11 '!bf' decorat10:11, ftre ca-o rooc tbe curlOallJ or tl:e paptl v ou want tll o:t c1nal and had a sreat and tbe mlnorllJ" S&Yll ao. but \\b:>tt'nr acart. thla repor1er. usln1 the t11••d up tlc'Utr' tbe mtnorlt) ruJ.,,;. The ettec:t, pu:un1 the partlci· sanr eiamole - tbe card· the an PC •bOut c•rd-o!os inc p11nts la th<.> mood for th" Purple Avencer is calllnc in the SUB. th• Place to tal.:e the SUB the FUS and I am pl&JIDI rwe - made on In· ab011 . vcsUpaClll In ~arch ol th" It la to tb• Stud~nt Union beatnnln1 to aclt!e with him. Pee Dohrman Is • aenlus In It bun"t done ans•••• io these QU•"Uona committee. Alan BoPhm bcr O'llll rtch! !or tnall.loc and aeyone allY cood to crti>e to plua a !f!• of m,r own. To Tbe Edltor: prodUCIDI this abatrllCI TenJ')Ur !r1tnds. Hue 111 a llut· conuazy to lbe uperca ~ Tboa tbat helped tUlt'. Action sttms IO be the ~ are do1n1 the QOSt o r Ille 1"'1:loa that will do SOllle make It poa;lble dcsern a word these dars. The Purple 1rt1>ln1 on lhla c:a:npua. Mr. 1ood• Go to the &.:dent round or t11alllt11 u Wl'll tor A v narr said, ••1 lmnc AwareHa:ch and Mr. Chn6tllll900 Boud and dt-mand that I.Ile tll~I r effor ts . ness. You tnust brto1 Acllon." wett not IO blame for this Student t:nlon Committee do I ha1'll . and b&\"f' bMrd, but A letter In the last paper sue· reiulaclon. SUrprlae• II la eomethlnc! \Ir. Hatch menon~ complaint. ~like Daley. ses11!d an ~nd to cripln 1 and the 111udenca alone who hu.. tioned thal th e Stu<l~nt linlon tbe emcee was a bit atale a belfanlnE or action. broucbt about this rule! COmmltte~ has not met in the alnce be Uaed CIOat Of the "Acuon nt>V ." Is th" baule .Mr. Cbr11uanaC11 broustit last :wo years because they ace dlalocue rrom club c:y. me up !lhort •b~ I aaked blm baa never bttc 11.PP:o&Cb~ ""Let all Call before Orpheus. Bu sln11Dc wu 1bose wl:o dare to do.·· eeems Ht> said. about a117 POiley QOesUma. abou t the rule. 11uprr b bet his jokes were "" There 11 no n.11• ap1n111 The Student Union Coma:ltte~ 10 be th<l Mnlioea:. I acree. plaJlna card a In th" SUB." •1d. A ClllD •Ith his ta.len: bat I dlsacree. Action la la a POllc)~atunc aaeney. Mr, Batch back od that up b.Y and Its views are taken 1ato hould ha,·e tnore than one proper. and action ts aece• · routine. a11Yln1 that althoush there account v.'ll en aeUlnc SUB sary. Before action canes Prraooall,J, I tblnlt that we a Step which Is betnc left bas ar Wll)'!I bt>en a rule poll cl ea. aplnst pl~nc carda. It hu nould bave tn0re new Ideas out. hOllrever. and •ithout Well .YOU mlaht a.K , '"\\bo not bl"en enlom~d for the la the S!udtnl Ualo:: C ~t · 11ke lb " T:1p •• Produced this Step all action must fall' Jut several "'9111· II th~re tee>" :>o one knoo. ..1cep1 lcatead of aslac old wore la no rul" apln&1 li&Jin1 tbe a1ude111 ~ pres.dent I rHer to tbe step, -i,;\'EScard• In tM SUB. then wtiat and poutbly the member~ TIG.ATIO,;," Tbl' studt'Dts L!ncla F1oley la tM p robl.,m• or this colles• must not so themeelve~. I would like to To Thi' EdllDr: I found that what th• arlpera auuest that the names or off haH-coc:kt'd or thPY are I b&l'e one ouesuon to &Jlkwere lf!tllna al was thlll they thla cornmlttel! be posted on doomed to rallure. Before any ' "V.'ho llku mud•" · I ror one. could not pllJ' cards In th" action can be talt!'Jl . all of the the SUB bull~tln be.rd so do not like .t . I dislike main part ol tbe SUB but that wt- kno11 '"1lo to take answers to a multltud or parkln& au- C8l lo thf' larc" were rrqueat~ ID Pia) In a our rrlpea to. I 11 lao auneat quest.ens mu<! be round. parltinc lot, and npon ttetUn1 room ""t ulde u a came that tbls coom111ee m~t ruJP acaLMtcan!· pla.>lnc ou:.. slnk!nc up to rI:-3 anltles InTbe room, su~h u la found on oe nodlcaJty to di acua the In ooztnc IDlllf. tb SUB Is bt'Ln~ roundl.r I cannot l&rl" ~mpua"s such as the dHrNent problrma relat"d to I don't 5ll)" coodemn,.d. stand n11httn1 1111 way throulh Unlv.. mlty or Washln1ton. thr SUB so 1h111 \Ir . Hatch ls "' Rbe up and stamp ou1 the moun1a.1na or tnlre. How come This di dn ' t •~em to ti.: "uch not forced to takr dJcLatorlal rule-makers'" I am for u thr lacul11 has a nlc:e pa vl'd an Imposition to mc• Ullle lnve9Upllon. PM· I '11'1111 c."On •1nc~ ac tion. p111klntc area •bile atudenca I think that everyonr 111 lrom t111kln1 to him tha1 he bapi; :be lovc•tlcauon M>uld must wai:· a loa inc tam., 1&111111111 with th<· rcuori- ror has run the SUB &Jone tbroucb ~hminalC ll:e Del'd for llCtlon. acalns: puddles. bole~. and lnalstln1 Iha.I lhc PJDPA bot nec~uJ l.1. not f ro:n c-hotCC" An~ .. cr thtse quesllons. H cllnc ud In our pazklnc )'OU ~n: mond. w., .,., all aware that ·1 11ould II"" riaa to ntscuss &I• a• It ther,. Is anrthlll& I tbrro 1 "' thOIY' arnon1 us this oueallon •Ith th" r~t 'l!bo :nlldl' the rule' do not cravl'. It ta dfu!nr; who cannot bt· bothorl'd to WbJ" 11as the rule made• or the Student l'nlon Comm!!· mud ofr 1111d ou1 ol m.v shoea. hr lp kM•p our SUB clf'an. II It •er.• 10 cure a specUlc teu It they were approached. Ev"n In a mJoe field you ha11! •ltuallon. has It dOlle th~ ProbG l)ly most or us know Howc1'er. the commlttN• baa a chance or ml1>sln1 the Job• that •ann or tht studrnts nevrr bP,.n appro1achod." wu mlnrs. but ow p11kln1 area were 8kl pplnc cl&lllles to PllJ' Is !Mre autnclent reason to Mr. Hatch"a closln1 atatement. la bl& mine trap, It you :nal.Jltaln th.. rule ln errect• cards. All or ua hu·o bNrd V. e mad< thl' ln1't!aUc;o11i:.:i . •UI pardClll 1b~ upreJlsloa. tho roul IAncuaa., that 10.•a Ca:i U'Js IHIPPQlt b- round~ Now 11>1"11 ha•,. the proper One mu at almost be an acrQ • up Wilen ne-cdcd' With 50ffit' or thrse c ard acllonl etar :o •"~P rrom f&Jlln1 baUc pm..s and aom1• o r us don"t ll'bo C11."$t be seen to c~ thr• A CTI 01' ' ' down •.t'lllle crosslnc tbe iapprPclall! It. rule rescinded' Pllkln' lot. Are you preparea to go 10 In anewN to lhc ourstlon , JUNIOR COLLEGES ENROL L I propose that th" parklnc "" I( fl WMI' tO CUrt· !l SPf'CI• the necellllary lenaths to 1\'ln U MILLION IN 196~7 lot bcl pal'ed. Ooea this your ~se e'en Ir It tnvohe• lie slluauon ha' It donr· lhl" sound cru ..1• llell. trhat llu llO:?:e Of :JOUI time al)(! ertort• Total ~nrolln · nt In "" Job?'". Mr. Chrl111ta1n011 lllld mull 1nrr done tor you' nation' s Junlur ~ulle£t's that II had Otalb CUll&llf'd l'bt>Se QU •tloos mustneces· Howar.1 Fnstoe reach ed 1.~65.000 In tbc c111d-ol11>1nc. This would, aa:U,. be answered to assure • Each Sllccess In act!on. 1966-67 academic .l\'&r, ac- To The D!ltor: or courM. m.·an that studrnts i\e llan bel'll asked Ume cordln1 to a r<'l'Ort ldazch :? situation e1'e>lYes lls own WNO not pln,tnc carda lnat.•ad am! time ap.Ja to have Pride Qllesttons and eacb situation or attending ellUI~•·•. Ht• did by l!:dmund J. Olra7.t'r, Jr., l'Xt'CUtll'e dlr<'CtOr Of the In our collec;e. requires thli; lnvest11111t1on not commit hlm1u Ir on thr \le b11e been asked llr:K' Amrrlcan A• od1t1on or ror success Lo resolvlnc Lt oursllon or Ill! lmprovl'm•·nt Dl:lUO to bus OUI to the satisfaction of th• lie aald IUld I In th• lllltr drpanmrnt. ~Ir. Junior CollPC• •· o..n rood and not to play aiud;!nt ~. Hatch al&trd, ho •r,er, !hat lhl, was an" or 171.3~6 Ol t't till' 196H6 car6!. In n .r Sl~nt Wl!Oo Jo!l.-l R. O":>elll ha• tnc th•• rul,. In ..rr•.ct dt'llnll<'l> hrlplna to kl'•P ~ ar. and that 5~ new Jcnlor blllldlnc- Ho• bave se l'I! · A ••••ear txu•' U1 ll:t' nllt'd to these f'l!1IU sts • We th• llll<'r probltm down. but col1~1e11 l:lesan ac«-iUn dza!tinc clus:oom or :he ve re 1'0llded :o 5ame and Nlnce It wu not thl' l'holr 1ttudtonts last rail. GI· 1u1 • TOcatlaaaJ buUdlng bu • !usetl to concede to Others. aausl' , it h1111 not complc1t•ly r11•dlc tcd a total Junior col· been abandoned beca05e ~tud<nts &tt! cetUac more <'llml na11•d llllNlns. A5 long lrato enrolhnrnt or 2.5 million student ,. re col111 !lrote. 1 rid ln the coUe1~ brC'o.use as thP slud1•nta rannot k~t'P hi' 1970. The let> o! one ce111 pe: Ult atmospller" ls •lo•b' "bad 1"Crd" p:OYl'd :00 etu.-icloc a.::d because prot>L :J1(. " Ml::le, "11~ 1 arc belnc b."011cht Ot:t t &II an .,c .... the opto. Also. SOQe 11m Pw~hhe4 S-1-Mo.! 0..11ng rh• Coll•go Yeor la bf>.ln c tak<'n to111Ud th &, The Auoc1ated S"-'dt nt Bodr ot rtnlll &oluaons to tllest' lcl. RCTIC CIRCLE J\lstkes. NOlTH IOAHO JUNIOl COUK.i The faculty 11.t1d students COlUI D'AUNl IDAHO ().ol o Ho-o-..rg'"'' u 61111 no: busstq their f'c::>IJ' coffPO CllPS •ad plates. ":••esr S•t• "'In T°""" This ts noc co:i:l~b' lbel: E•'°' ..•••..... . .......••...••• &rl>oro G. .._lo; f&:llt. thou ch. The Sl.i B adAd••ttilt "O~OO'fl •• • ••••••• • ••• • ••••• J • P M.i)blt"l tnlnl Hattan ba:> &et Into Pho1~1i1., • • • • • • ••••••••••••••••• [),,.,. B 1c~cff !feet the Pl'QJl!Ct ol plcklnc R.,o,t•r•I J1"' Y°"n" J.,,d, ~•u 1nger, ROft Gtotc••• T Y PEWR IT ERS Po1ntl\e1. Com., AAd1ew1, ROHM• ._.,,~. Oon1 eo,.,. 019'\Q up lhe US<Jd :irtlcles. Thi• Umpfuey 1 Ken Vernon. ODft Sttt1t~, Bill T1t.itt'\er has become upected oow R O Y I. L Q(N T S.. lfS Qf P .. IA &ad It I& Just a lulbl: 10 lrn" D••h .. , & t,, ,., s.. ,, 1 • • • th cu~ o:i I.Ile table because lh"COs· .. c Tr•c • • · ca Co f \ r:rone kno•s tbey will . .. ~..... - . .. • • • '·~· 4 l• • be Picked up. I: Is &aid th.a:




Ko'"' •

A nev. bu llno•as club. Pb1 Beta La mbda. held tu1 o raan· lz:atlonal mt'~t1n1 \larch 7. Tblrt)'·thre" studtntll auended the llrst meetlnc: and. accon11nc 10 !hr advl!•or, Mrs. Olarlea McLain, all showed a creat dfoal or Purposes and obJecUves o r the arcsnlzatlon were dlscu:;sed. A aomlnatlnc comlllltwe coaslatlnc or Dennis Bun, cb&Jmian: c;. ne 0ona1: Betty \\alkN; Su'20 Buchholz, and Olan~ Oouclas was G.P· f>OUlled.

The club plans to meet thP nrst and third Tuesdll)' o "acb month. Ail students In the business Ile Id are ln\•lt.ed to attend. accordlni to the &dvtsor. Pbl Bet• Lambda Is a natlon- 'A'!dt orcanlzallon. It operates as a par. or tbe school Pl'Ollflln under thll"I auldance of buslnMs teachers, school admlnlstra:ors. and busln<'ssmen. Pbl Beta Lambda clubs customadl.r ha\ c chapter projects which promote friendly relations bPt..-.,en the siu-_ dPnts and the business community and aid the !itudents In leamlnc about the field they ha' e choMe n. reparted \lrs. McLain. A project may be o;taned to !<DOnsor an emplo.)111ent otnc< which would brln' thr :\1JO. buslne,;s stud .. nt11 In ID con· l&ct with th~ businessmen or the commun11,y, shr . The local chapter hopes 10 buslne~smcn rrom \'IU• lous Uelds In the communlt)· soC!&k on \"Br1011~ phases ot business acth 111. They lllsd"' 11r" plannlnc on 1ours of tbc local busine~11 oraces and firms.. accC'lrdln11 to Denni ~ Burr. temoorary chal rmnn. The club Is petltlonina the •14te and the national ori;a.nlzatlon ror a cb&ner and permission to use the Greek ll'ttt'fs Phi &ta Lambda. There ls a chaPt•'r or Phl Beta Lambd11 at tht Uolver· ver:illy or l dl\ho: tu1d the NIJC chapter I• considering a Joint metollnc In th,. near llltwt'. A cllnner mcetlnc Is belnc plan~ for Installation or omcers. According ID lits, ~lcLa.ln. all who join before this meeting ·.Ill bt> cbnner ml'mbers. Pa ttonlto Your l.dvorti un

Woodcock's Drug Store Cond•e\ -

P•e\C<1pl•oM 11' H Fown9' St • C .. v, d'Ale "-J

Coeur d'Alene LaunS, & Dry Cleaners Ou1c". '.:' o s~·ol.



ou S..rv1ce


~r ..ce 0

DecoratioTUJ For 'The Trip'

N.!J.C. RE Vl(N, Co..,, 4' Alon•. ld.11-o, '*od., lolooc~ U , 1967



The Voyageurs

Qt' £.o TO \ [)o ro• Pr•'"' ~d :iusrc or Jdcdio.r sdcc · twxs u Uc sus• MICHAEL ROCCHI . F'llrelta1 "ll'll1 should ..e p.,- fc: socttlllns •hlle •e can hue ll 'r~' A:uw~. S:uder.t ~et.S a,,. mos1 o: the tlcle ft!Y lo•." \1C GI ROU X. &ru:1n«rln1t: " To cbeaii to P'-' for lht' same thlni: I can set I: t'. " DOUG RE.>;f'REYi , Educa· uoo: " I •outd pn'l~ r l rt•t' music II lhr records could be p!chd by the student.~. oUlcrw15C'. Ult' music bos 19



Por1 ol

tn• ~pln95 lor r... JC. £ p1yc~O.

" Thr Trip' · . a \'Brle13· show. wa~ Prt'Sented Murch 3 In tht> SUB from 8 to 11 p.m. Mike Oall'y, f rom the Uoh·er· sit)· o l Montana, master ol sit•· of Montann, '1111lS master ot C•'ll'monles at •'Th<• Trtp", Entertainment "as an In· • corporulon of Ja.zz and lolk IDUlllC. MISS Pee OOhrn:an rt'aO poems entitled "Fed· •In'" and "Gone", •rttten tu an anonymous SIJC studl'nt. A portabl<' bar was run by oavr Mltcht'll and \\Ink And• r~on. Bannalds weu: 11 Tammy Sha•. Claud Ill \lcD,·rmid . und Pranc1f' Silencer. A bullet tunch••on also was avallnblt. Dohrman said . "lie apprtclal• and civ~ thanks 10 uwse p<!'<>ple tor their lald." Sh~ added "A speclal thanks i:o to the En'lntt:~ Club !or ils work on the decort.ttons. they "'Ne the •farthest out and lhe nute::.l th&t IU\l club ha.< ·.., "ladP." Planh suoport d b) b er


us .,=-----------=--Stt



. ~:,.,j,:r,, 216 N 4 tb Strttt

c ••h-H: ..,

•••.. '"'• TH;:.

kegs scl\t'd as low :ablrs. with stud..nt.5 1utllt1G 011 the Ooor. ~e: bottles wllh candln IMt'ned ute the source ol tlluc.lnaUo:i. lbt' walls ~re cow:ecl wr,tll 'ellow pape:, splashed •Ith dlf!Prenl colors of i:a ot t..-td unusual aarlocs •:!~11 in \Ulous plac s. trlldlr pl.loled CIL!dboa:d s!:ml>es hunc fro1:1 th Ct'lhnc :o I :id an LSD eflec1. A corru::ent mad tu' Sii :r: Ro ... r, •hlch n lnd1~1h ol th• m1')orlt\ :ea ton to "The TrtP". ,... ''It •as lant&111lc, I think we ucht to hll\'t' mote or tM Slmll" ClLIJ· llflr." lle,.ton Hatch. miu1u~r or lh• St~dt>nt Unlor.. s:Ud that the sh<>" .,.as unlqut-the moll! ctclUn' P:t>dUC'!IC!l :-OUC has seen In .rrar • ""Tbe IH'tSOn& tt'sponslble :or '"Tbe Trip" sho•ed r::iatunt)' la tht'lr handllai: of 1u·nu:ce· mens a both bc!On.' and after lbe oertc.::nance." Only ri ··ople "~o do thlnrs cet cr1uc11ed.



.,.,. ha~

C• c °"~ H.? Wo-r1 5•0'' °'~ 7306 F,.,,... .... "· (";.e-"


MODERN DRUG CENTER s~c;or::'"q ..,.. Co .-q;o'• .... '!'eds •or "'eo ·~ o"<i "OPO•,,.S s

ER.>;EST EC'KLU:-OD. lndu • Ula! Ar:s: "Ta!)fd mu51c, I'm t: e." CJ.IOL LACEY. B.A .: "'Free cutdc. I think lb~"' sbould be conslarlt music Ir lhe SUB. Thia should bt pta7~ !rum ta;>es lbat a:t selected as lbP most pot'Qlar ll7 tl:e sllld.,nl•." Diana 1\ vllt r, chai rman o r DI ASE SCHSEBl::ROER. "\'arlel,) Is th<' spice or the atl\le collr5" M.: tlon of life. and. II 1U1 C'&ll "nJoy the Idaho Homo Econo mic" varlet;y 1'\thout Pa.Ylnl !or A ~~ocl11 tlan. Mr •. ~·t a ronen It, I'm In luor or taped Stranahan, Rlllh• ad\'l ftor. Donna Bl1111 fo rd , 8' ll.Y COr· OUSIC'." SASDRA ROBBJ:-s. £,duca· bell. and Rosalia ZPl 1IN. tlon "f'ree music "Ould be atat" 1rea11urer from tho Uni· best bee•~"" I'm too te::ipted •~r&llJ' al Idaho wtll attend 10 apend t:11 conC>y In the a Homo Economics con V1!n· lion In ll rnatc h ~e . \\ 1u h.. ukebos." APnl 7 and 8. The- wom .n LARR\' FITCH. Buslneaa: "l think as Ion' as •e ban •Ill be &1lf'Ms or W1U1htni:1on abo'Jt s~.000 orth or e~ Ip· State College. =en: In the atNeo room •e Tbe thel!Kl or t h ~ convrn· sbou!J use 11 . and ,..lthoul 11011 la •• Advrntulf' of Chance llllJ rea111ctlons by cC>rll.ln In Famlllf'a and Conaua • r&" . lndh lduals, of course." Guest fiPt'llllt' r• wil l b<• Dr. DESSY LUCAS, Education: Elizabeth Crandall. lnoom1ns "That's not a ha.:d question. president lh< AmMl can 'i'iho has the money to Pru !or Rome Economic~ A HoclaUon their mu Mc an)ho•' and Earl" K . Sto .,•art !ram )!!KE SUSALLA, Chemistry. Eastern 11u h 1n11on s tatr "Yes. Thi' SUB does oot Colle&•'. :!?allze aey pronta Crom the Also. d"t"catea rrom tht! Jukebox aiuw111 ao •'11 not Home Economlca Club sue the r.tuder:ta' money ~1JC will l.ltend &he tnlllnd EmPllll and play unln!.<::rupied ouslc Educatlc.n A"aoclatlon con· tha: Is tree. Tbelf' mus: be a wide .-artet¥ or cuslc from '·entlon In Soollane on Aprll 6 . Tbe lbelllll ol thct con•enUon classical. to Jazz. to bazd 1& "\\111.l".s :-;~• ". and aubrock. tbour:~. becauM! not taplcs will be " Caze of e\eryc;oe bas the same ta.ates Fabrics" , '" EduC'allonat TV". In m11&1c: othffwlK. Corcet " :-;ew Food Dl!•rtop~nt.S" . lt, t:iecaus.e ll •on' t be worth ""ThtOUCb the 1Aokln1 Oluft tbe troubl~." wtlb All<"", and "Food Pro· BEL\'A KAYl\ORTH . Educa· CP.SSIDC and 11... dlatlon" Uoo: " I prefer free mu&lc, constant with a l!IOOd vat1e1.y. JI liet:!lllo rt.lhtr toollsh co p_, !or music when "'e bsve an!IJLl>IP lbc tacllltles for JO<I. !rte music. " BILL Tl"RSER . Ell'!Deer· lac: "I pre!tr tall('d music. Pr..go ?e ~ Tbc n'&SOD for r:J1 feellns :>ens - S<· 1 • ~eo . Pl tbla say Is that I 'm stck and =>ens - Seri ured of bearlni: the sa::ie sonp ottr tuid ovez apJJI



1107 w.



WOROS OF TRUTH T be w rid 1 dy .or ! want, DOt of 11>od pr...ctllr.c, but o f ~ood heartn1. - G.D. Boatd:::&n



· .1S1

Hom,. Ecanaml 1 t. In Bu~ I· ne1111 Is lhP dlvl1lun ol th!! American flam" Econamlen A&soc lntlon to l\hlch lh ~11e Pt'llkf'IM bl!lon~ . They told or oppnrtunlllPS In buSll\P&S !or humo ecanomlcJI ara•I· uatea:... . · - - -- - -'"\\'orr y a lton Cl Y<!S a small ti.odotl'. " th! ng a l:f"~dl ~ h pr Vf'rb







( ..w, 4*AleN ,


Penc: s -


Boo· Band

oll YN, b ue, QT • ~


• .

~ob., -

• Et.



. 15


.20 1.'XI

. 0 •r,o





Boo> s


r Mdc .. :. s.rfl • r \; OS or repan O"I onv ' '~ above

I O? R•- • .......

Ho w

.!I • •

1. • ~~g

~ .

Co ar<!d

Die GrOJI) Poperbc

s.. us (o;


Several 1 ° nlor clrle lro'll Cot'llr d' Alonr 111&11 School and lmmaculah't llPlllt ul Marv Ht&h Sc hool Int• reA Utd In born• rconoml c11 u a collr1e major aucndcd.


~-crdc.!i: c~


P'ASTIEUllZED M ILK MEA NS 100 °1. SAFE MILK Promolt C1ow1h - Cood H•olth - En••9Y USE COEUR D"ALEN E CREAMER Y M IL K

Mi H~I· n Dun Ml• . nutrition consultant !or the 1111 hln 111on Slate D11lr> Council. Mr• . E\'f'i,) n V1>nlthl&ll, hom1• econ· omlat !or l11t• l\hr111 Comm!'>· Rion. Md MIR• Cvnlhla lkatt. from U. and t. SU1ur Inc. . 11pok e IO tho NIJC Chaptt r or th!.' Amorlc an Home Economi cs Ill A saoclallon Mar t h H 7 p .m. In th<! sue.

I like a cbanif!

!re>.-;, this same line of music once In a whUe." PEG DOHRMAS . Speech , Encll ·h: "'Since I'm always brok• I'd rt.thcr lla«'D to 1Duslc p&ld !or b~· '\O,..~a ne elsP_·_·_ _ __ _ __ _




enry Q..,, Pfo:o ;;>t'S'O""D"' P eo•es Palo•~ or< P.,.w


M.0 4•1000 t4e.hit






A lr.iQui • h

The crark I• am 1 Jo, kinr roraazd 'o a LnP to L.,t-•1a&.0:.

IOI Ill<' Banana a.:.11 Rl'la>5 Mar h :?~. Tbla Cl<'t't la "pan· aor~ tG Ill<' Unl\tral()' or ldabO and la usually well· attt'odl!d. accordlni:: to traclt coach. Tom Robb. Oilier m~ta aze comln' up. Oot' will be hrld AP:ll 22 In Cof'ut d"AI nr. Anotb r wUI bf' a alilll match at C>lll!:lbla Basia Olli '" at Pasco. Tbe date 1sn°1 a t tor su. ,..1. ·· bf' aald. CO•dl Robb alao said Uat b<' bad ab0!11 IS m<'n tumlnc out recularly. ibey Ill~ • or.. Inc out a: P r.ioo•a Fitld •ilb Ill<' blch acllool track tum a.s lht' Wt'&lhN Ptl!lllU. H,. 11ald lhal It •H 100 rarl.y to prf'dlct the team·a future ablllll,.. 00

HELEN HOLLAND QUEEN OF ENGINEERS BALL Hr lon Holland " h:ni d &b !hr £n1Pnr"r Ball March 11. f:nslnt>tr• also chost Prlnceaacs Shtrrl Ro"" and JreM Turnbo•. Th•• thl':lle •aa "Fantas7 In Ll&hta " slth Pink and lann · dar d .. corallon11. Th<' cen u,rPl.,ce •u mad of t"16te d err~ PAP'"! ~llh a futurlatlc omamrnt rotatlni:: In the middle. It was nnncr d by rotatlnc mulll~olored lli::h11. Th" annual Endneer Ball •as hrld In Ill<' SUB lr-.::i 7 to 12 30 and ••• nttrndt'd b7 more !ban II o . Thi:- Elks Band provldl:'d thr n-.uslc. Ch'PN<lOts wer Mr . and Mr&. Horlan 61tbert. Mr. and \Ir Ja•k s· ' • a~"' \Ir ~~ Mr D< n Van Kl••·;. Qut~o of

DAHLBERG, BRIGHT ARE NEW STUDENT TEACHERS Ethrl Brl lhl ttnd Bul Duhl · bu1 havr ~cun th• Ir tudrnl lra~hlnc.

accordlnc IQ Or. Eva Occ. h~arl of thn l'dUca· Uon dr11111tm•nt. Oahlb~·1a. ll aoptt<Jmo r• . Is I• al'hlnw &l'lunr• nnd music 111 Lnkr · land Hl1h &hool. Ml" Brighi. a 1mdua111 of NIJC. I• l••uchln~ th• ntih eradl' al Po t f )111 ...

T,,,... on Y°"' horods ' lroond, or •no

~'cle• your

rl... and bl ~ll ca:>• r ' •o::>rn. Htr hli::h ciu::e ..-as 209 and bJgh s•n<'s ..... 50~. :-;ur::bcr ODL' teAlll al Co.. Bowl ls th<! '"R lllni: S:cn s ·· "1th a ll'CCHd ol 11 - J. !.! bt'r or thr tnm •'" Biii Pe: raon, L. ~d Don , Kdlh J•tlla, and Jeanne Slmlr. Tbt- s.o.s. ,., th l..alte Ci:;r L.nces la fir I r.ace w!lll sll wins and tso I • Gene Do!lllf, Ja:> t DL'lqi;1st, Phil 8:11•11. and Jic Cu:t!11 eom· POS<' Uils team. A r,>ec1ac;lar was rnadr b; J1::i Younc of Ule H~ roul~

p.:ne. and on each lou. hl' bad :oil rd a al.rllt . Tb :lllf'l !oul IUlel 11tr1tf' ~ him lay1ni: a bout a tlli:d of thit wa7 down tile &llt!J. f! was ad•lllt'd 121 r to :ise a ball ln51ead o! !:la bodT !er bowline. Yount: alao bu all· llm" low pme o! .W. Bob Oa1• o r l ilt' Co•e Bowl rollM consecutive twohundred i;ames. Al the Lak e Cl!.> Lanes PhU Merl!dltb Is holdlns an ntrai• or 182. f!lll COUSIO. -nm ~! trtdlth , la boldlna an a1trar:o or 116. Bob Cap has an avuag,. of 1<:? Cor the Co1·e Bo• I. M•redltb bas hl1h arrles or 558 ror the 1.ake Cl fJ' Lanes •1 lb Gary Heald holdln1 hid! cnme ol 212. Fo r the Con 80'A'l M k<' Ande tao:i bu blcb H rlea ot .5:?:8 an:! Bob Gu


J1>•• ·~

fJI JC 'L'OQ •

'L"T CAQ RA. t.,.

r .:»...





RE VlEW. Co9U' d A1.,., 1641 -• Wed., MorQ\ 22. 1967


Rc!e11 f:;r t.l: :ac St1J star.ti&:~ lliz ul or double bed "1tb aey :>e of

,.b.,.,!1 and ac:r st : n' ::ec:taA1.Sm. :So eta o. me ·

cla:1 cal. r.: c:ol.O: dnHc beds "1 .. be allowed The :-;ilea :eqci; ttal •lnlle bed



rid ;


daub!• beds nro nde::s t: m sta:t to rtn! ah- :be sa::io r ders lh:aughout the race. S1n1le ~s are allo•t-d o::I o:ie pcsh r and doubt,. ~ 1a-o. Tt-arn llmlts hD.\e been •~t at rtve ~mlK'r& for alncl bed and 10 members !or cloub!• bed$ "Ith the rldeu Included a.s rr.embers. A speociAI excepdon !: m these rules allows orl1 10 cbao" push :s e.- ry two blocks, al:houch their :Jde11 - usi s:CQ abcrn:d I • th!!

whOle :ace est as Ibo :nen. Fi:at~lacl! "' nnt: ,.,11 rtceJve a :ropey, and tlJe•e will be n bboo5 c.: plaquea r : n· :. &e ::cl. and :rl·pla e

PHI THETA KAPPA Pb : Kar>P • r i::lonw .. _ ..... or lh rest ," nnd of Delta Kappa C!lapte: wUI be wort· Inc to mllli.e lbelr cbap1cr " a Utile ml'lllllndul on CBl:IPUS as • msult Of tbf' k · rc:i::allcn nchL'lC:ed with other cbapttrs 111 Aberde~n." J.lf' be• wUI POlllllbly visit ar a hl1b achools 10 ~::imote PTK. 1111d .. loolt onr cie::· be:al:lp Pf pec".s.'" llCCO<d• log to ca:cy Anes ...... :nt!ll:·

be:. :>e• next

CIRCLE K Tll• Cir I• K Club boca1') ...:ii\. at tb• Kl,..anls camp 0"1lf Rosa Point on Mazch 18. ·"Thi' Improvement project. •bleb la ID Include bulldlno a dock. ..111 probably laat nbout • mcnlh.' • acconllna to Jnmes Yoong, club att1ctu7.

embus will be lapped lllODU:.

All ellllibl"

11tt1dcnt11 •11! be ln' lttd a:id t'llO)Urait!d to a:tend at lea&t o::e m ellnc: be!e:e ta iii ng

ceremonies lalte place, said Miss Andrews. In Ibis wa, . they will become a llttlr core acqua:.nted si 111 Ille orpnlzallon. anel will be abl~ lO p: nt t . •"It \1 5 lO p1tn PTK m""lb :... CAMPUS CRUSADE T" Car.po C'W ad mee:· In~ a .. Id March I at the home of )!rs. Jean Gibbon. Two mlssJon1111es spoke on tb" lh'lnc conditions and cultu: of tbl' :-;e;::oe& In Trl:lldad. They te!d ho\\ lbe~ •ere t:;i in' to a co<! o: \'lllU"5 ( I the peopl . I: .-as stnted thnt nriy r r cent l lhi.' child: n !>om ,., Trlntd11CI a.: lltei;lll:ruue. s :y lll!e tbat wbllt's m:i:" ~ g In T: nlda..1 bowev.-r, lb cbUdr c : ultln' !".:im a· •• dea!IJ l':l"EOC>dl Okin~ ..


mmt to be II Id tl:is spdn&;. The t•o-nour s sloru; !or bat tin K the bird Ill CODUD.e uotll Aprll 1i . E11>n111 scheduled at Cl a's sln cl H . 11omm'a s!oglea. and double& d l<'rmlned all to tb mllke·up of tht A SJ .00 l'ntrancl'! f<t> atll ennl>IP the r111tlcipart 11 to c-n:• r all of th• <::0nt,.s1&. "S.,autllul uo· phi• 11 11111 b< glv n to the "1nn•rn." said )!rs. ca•berln fit'ntf!ll, bndrnlnton 0011ch. "Th1111" lnl<rNllt I hould

The camp ls locatf'd on th SP01;1111e Rive:. Palndn; ol tbe lttte: the Fo:t Q:~und Cbweh' torleal s!i:n al.lo boian I~ ..-eek. 1111c!. said Douc D1onnl!. club president. tbe NSJI irlll ~ completed wben th• '"Bt· ol!!ihlni:: COil! ls iu>Pllf'd. Red punted alumlnur:i Card· lnal signs will be pu1 up wu.lun tbe ne1: two weeka11 said Olonnr. Th~e are 10 ,;. " as decorative dlrcc· looal Plt'Ct'S. be said. SHEA Discussion between tbe :-01JC chapter of Sluden1 l'allonal Educauon A!IRO· elation and 1t1e Future Teoctr ers ! rom coeur d ' Alent' hlch school Is planned In lhe near future. accordlni; 10 ~llss Sherrie Rowe . SN E.. secretary. She allllO reportrd tb111 members did not rece11·e tbetr siudont membert<hlP bla.oks In lime 10 receive thP club map.zlnt,;. These mc::r · """' -., 11 hal" tbelr mone) refunded b.,. S."\EA on campu • FRENCH CLUB Sllel)I Beri;strom spoke on the !u ul sl ~. nib Cl!otul)· Kloc Frand:> I of France at a Fiench club meellns Marc:h 6. Slide~ coocemlne R• nlJ~ · saner a~ and cultur 1. r:anC" dunoe lh" 16th Cl'a• .11) ·r t.o n also.

KRYSTAL PLUNGE Swi•r11i ng - Recrtatlon Suno Stoom Botlu

... .., :s.:, k

101 In COCllnrl "Ith mt' a oon ru po · lbl • b• aid

••• ••• SQ:


o.:r sci-~ I~ lo• ••m<1s)


ULL & CUE 411 Sh• '"'•" A"t "lillt

CIU' !Anes. tbr e limes 1D c.:ie

F. T.O\. al l..ak


tl. 1 .J.

~EWS ' ,.1

C-· • B<. v, '\ur \









••• o....•t

h • •,


..,_ ~•·• • I • \

, ,, s.... ,... •••


• ... ,,

c..... . • ·•••




...o :- ))


For a Lifetime of



BOWL While You Are Young

..,..._ Plor Pool Al Co•• e.. 1 Ro 1.. 60c Por Ho••

lake City lanes, Inc• 2'14 N . ......... S.••



lc..cold Coca.Colo Mok•• any ca Mpu t " g et-togelher" a party. Coca-Colo ha• lh• tasta you never get tired of ••• olwoy 1 refrething. Thot'r why things go better with Coke ••• after Coke ••• crfler Coke.



N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 21 No 12 March 22, 1967  
N.I.J.C. Cardinal Review, Vol 21 No 12 March 22, 1967  

Published Semi-Monthly During The College Year By Journalism Students At The North Idaho Junior College