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Introduction Future Thoughts TV - Broadcasting Phi Thetta Kappa Politics 1972 Instructors Popcorn Forum Debators Walt Wagner Chess Club Home Economics Cross Country Dorm Life Basketball Musicians Instructors Faculty Achievements Students Instructors Campus Life Nursing Spanish Club Tech Club Cardinal Review Driftwood Oread Instructors Wrestling Tennis Track Golf Baseball Politics Aftermath 1973 Graduation Vocational Closing Index

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In days gone by where soldiers were here

And Classic Bands Played


The roads filled only on Sunday with bicycles . And the logging was done with horses .

'="'( /f2.. 0

The traffic was controlled only by Juilius .

. And . sw1mm1ng was called bathing .


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ifolt11 s '掳ll


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. /.... ,.

North Idaho College and Students are now where the Fort and soldiers were •• , •• • .••.••••..•.••





And Here Begins


Our Future Today




Till the bridge you will need be form' d, till the ductile anchor hold, Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, 0 my soul." . .. Walt Whitman

Seventy-One Hours Since September 18, 1972, North Idaho College broadcasters produced 71 hours of programming, a showing each week -night . The shows included three regular and one special series. Dignitaries for this year's shows represented the national scene, with Senators Humphrey and McClure, the inter national scene with Mr. Quaison -Sackey, Secretary of the U. N., and the Chief Police Inspector of Hong Kong. Among the many local representatives were spokesmen from Hot Line, AFL- CIO, Joh n Bir ch Society, U of I, and NIC . Even with four to five hours set-up time for each show, the production cast proudly stated, "We've never missed an air date. "



Clockwise From Top Right: Pat O'Malley keeps a close eye on his monitor. Subject's view of a TV cameraman as demonstrated by Dave Mourning. Assistant di rector Dave goes over the shooting script with Mrs. Richards. High intensity light needed for the correct effect infilming.


Phi Thetta Kappa members (L- R) Bottom Row: Paula Steuve, Wilma Teagarden, Nancy Haught, Dorothy Dolph, Barbara Jordan, Lori Schenkenberger, Barbara Gilliland, Dave Jessick, Johnnye Alkinson, Leslie Teske, Lonnie Brown, Debra Rumelhart, Marlis Anderson, Debbie Smith. Second Row: Faye Dahl, Judy Marifield, Elizabeth Hughes, Clifford Bellmore , Barbara Bray, Jim Steele, Sam Welch, Gary Gilliland, Peggy Ponack, Robert Brueggeman, Nancy Plaster, Joe Wadsmoth, Verna Rice, Cherey! Kmosinski, Debbra Cossairt, Kathleen Taylor , Shirley Marcy , Twila Little, Dave Patzer, Mike Lyons, Craig Wise.


Members of Phi Theta Kappa are students who have proven their scholastic ability by obtaining a 3. 2 point grade average while carrying 15 or more hours a semester and are in the top 10 per-cent of the student body. To remain a member, they must maintain at least a 3. 2 point grade average. At the beginning of the second semester Phi Theta Kappa taps new members and later in the year a Banquet is held for the purpose of initiating new members.

Scholastic Excellence Honored Always willing to go the extra mile to serve the members of PTK, George Cook acted as purse post while annual photographer snapped away.







cGovern,... Shriver


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Clockwise From Top Right: Mrs. Lucile Lange, English; Mr. Dale T ritten, Mathematics; Mr. Cli ve Gri mmett, Body and Fender; Mr. Dale Parsons, Vocational Counselor; Mr. Don Sprague, Psychology; Mrs. Leona Hassen, Spanish, English.



Clockwise From Top Right: Miss Gilbert, Business Admin. ; Mr. Douglas McLean, Physics; Mr. Howard Welton, Forestry; Mr. John Steve, Electronics; Mr. Ronald Rodgers, Vocational Communications; Mr. Tony Stewart, Political Science.

. I



' Clockwise From Upper Right: Mr. Les Hogan Dean of students; Mr, Barry Schuler, President; Mr. Edwin Stuart, Law Enforcement; Miss Virginia Tinsley, English; Mr. Warren Ratcliff, Auto Mechanics; Mr. Bill Pecha, Chemistry.


High Attendence Marks Success of Popcorns The third Popcorn Forum Series was marked by a high attendence figure this year. Senator Humphrey drew 1200, while the average attender.ce settled around 300 but many people were reached that cannot be counted in th is figure. Due to the coverage given the Forums by NIC' s Channel 11, numerous people viewed the Popcorn Forums from their own homes listening to some well versed and interesting people. The large attendence figure may be partly due to the free popcorn served, but is more likely due to the quality speakers brought on campus by Tony Stewart this year.





Practice Nets Debaters Sixth in Nation


Opposite Page: debaters Lori Schenkenberges and Sue Prater team up against Nancy Haught and Frank LaBare in one of many practice sessions. Top: Coach Christie appears obviously pleased. Bottom : A Happy group of debaters display hardware won in numerous tourneys during their very successful season.



Opposite Page: Tom Mathes puts some of his valuable research to work shooting down an opponents argument. Below Top: An impressive amount of hardware brought to NIC by a young and ambitious group of debaters. Below Bottom: Coach Christie congratulates and discusses with his debaters factors which contributed to the year of sue cess they enjoyed.


Bottom: Walt, and his bass player Jim Anderson, musically harmonize during the show. Below: Jim Ganduglia, drummer for the Walt Wagner Trio, ponrlers his next downbeat. Right: W:ilt packed the western dining room in the SUB during his afternoon performance.


I •t ~! I


Walt Gets His Licks at NIC Listening to the jazz beat As Walt Wagner pounds On the piano. The Keys dancing musically To the rhythm of today -Chicago, Beatles, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, And Walt Wagner at NIC.

Far Left: Wagner and Anderson, between numbers. Left: Walt Wagner. Below: The Walt Wagner Trio, Jazz musicians in concert at North Idaho College.


Prime movers in the c lub included: (L- R) T ed Robertson, 1st Board; Dal e Fitch, Sec- Treas. ; Dave Baker, Pres. ; Frank LaBare , VP.

L- R Back: Dale Hol mes, Unidenti fied , Ted Robertson, Dave Dean, Frank LaBare , Wayne Magnus , John Conrow, Willis Sharp. Front: Jim Gessner, Dave Bake r, Dale Fitch.


Chessmen Enjoy Long Mating Season With an active membership of 28, The Chess 路 Club was able to acquire new equipment, spon sor three school tournaments , and field teams to represent NIC in the Regional match. In the Pullman, Washington meet, Ted Robertson and Dave Baker teamed to finish 6th of 28 teams . A second team of Bob Pitcher and Ron Perry placed in the upper half of the field with a 12th position showing. Advisor for the club was Dale Tritton with assistance by Jim Crowe.

Dave Baker maintains a stout defense against Dale Fitch's aggressive middle play.

Clockwise Top Left: Mrs. Stranahan demonstrates food preparation to Wendy Daugherty while Mrs . Carnie discusses another food problem with Anne Lunceford. Duane Crockett prepares food for the oven. (L-R) Mrs. Laura Carnie , Connie Westfall, Kathy Mckim, Laverne Dietzel, Norma Pecha, Duane Crockett, Jackie Bentz, D. J. Naylor, Louise Fullmer, Janene Guyette, Anne Lunceford, Wendy Daugherty, Terry Woods. Mrs. Carnie Assists Laverne Dietzel by holding open the door while he places his con- coction in the refrigerator. Wendy Daugherty and D. J. Naylor appear pleased with the results of their efforts.




The sand grabs for my feet As I run ever onward. Fresh air burns my lungs And I run Cross - country in the autumn breeze. The miles seem endless And I run Onward, ever onward. Through s oft blown meadows , Across new harvested fields . I trek to a finish Only to say My race is run. ABOVE: Jon Standahl and Kent Kirby look over their times as Julie Spinazza records others. TOP CENTER: Mike Fahland, Jon Standahl and Chris Anstine find little relief from the placid Spoka ne River as they pass the two mile mark. TOP RIGHT: Terry Heath treks on ahead of his opponents. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kent Kirby hi ts his stride. BOTTOM CENTER: agony of racebows Kent Kirby, but not enough to make him lose his placement stick. SLIDE: El i Armandariz and Bob Singer stride through scenic setting of trees, water and sand.





Dorm Life

Clockwise Bottom Right: Dick Gaskill burns the Mid- night oil. Betty Drake and Friend . Bert Buckingham reveals his finding of an unidentified bottle cap. Verna Rice and Joe Slotte appear to be showing off their best sides. Steve Willis and Harry Price come forth with big grins while sipping a Coke in the SUB.

Maplewood thoughts College ball Isn't like Street games played As a child On cement driveways And dirt packed alleys College ball is Fast, exciting And smells Of popcorn


Above : Mike Standley is the center of attention as he sets to shoot from the baseline. Joe Podrabsky, 54, and Charlie Rose , 40, jockey for rebound position. Top Right: Steve Willis scores another two points in a classical fast break play as his BBC opponent watches helpl essly. Right: Hanging above the key, Cha rlie Rose fires to the amazement of his Southern Idaho guard.


Top : Walla Walla has the ball, and the problem of what to do with it. Rose and Standl ey move in to cutoff t he route to the basket. Bottom : Squirt Keating watches for referee 's signal while Ken Martin, NIC's stat man, ponders the action.


Top : Coach Williams outlines strategy as the C a rdinals pause to reorganize following a temporary slu mp . Below : Steve Willis drives around hi s CSI a dvesary.


Opposite Page : Gonzaga 1s frosh learn first hand the Williams philosophy of tough defense. Standley gathers rebound as fellow cards clear the goal area. Above: Charlie Rose scrambles to keep a loose ball in play near the out of bounds line . Below : Daryl Daniels sets to pass into the key.




.... . , ....

::.·.··''·. .

OPPOSITE PAGE: Charlie Rose puts the ball up for another two while teammate Joe Podrabsky sets himself for the rebound should something go wrong as CSI players eagerly watch. ABOVE: Cardinal fans Linda Binfield, Marcia Johnston, Ruth Brunko and Cheryl Hansen watch the fast action of college basketball. TOP RIGHT: Cardinal cheerleader Connie Hand shows a little concern over what' s happening on the court. SIDE: Coach Williams offers a few pointers to Dave Stockwell, Charlie Rose, and Steve Willis during a break in the action.


Musicians Sounds

Off on Coast Tour Far Left: Nort h approach to Golde n Ga te Bridge announces San Francisco. Left: Authe ntic Clamshell from North Ca lifornia beach. Right: Choir Di rector Rick Frost with wife Julie and d aughter Jenni.

Back L to R: Curt Nead, Bob Olson, Herb MacDonald , Kevin Roche, Bill Power, Bill Woolum , Mick Hess, Darre ll Dloughy, Dennis Ketron, Charlie Grosvenor, Tom Seumas, Laverne Dietzel, Greg Squires, Chad Maynes, Rick Stapleton, T i m O 'Reilly, Mr. Rick Frost. M iddle: Joanne Richardson, Sandie Gittel, Diana Comfort, Diane Dreshse l, Leslie Dahl, Jennie Jones, Joy Persoon, Cherri Komosinski, Jan Jeffries , Ruth Bnmko , Gladys Peterson, K. C. Ferguson , Peg Pona ck, Marion Richardson. Front: Dee Ayn Susedik, Wendy Mcl<ay, Julie Frost, Kathy Foutz, Becky Priano, Carol Stewart, Marlene Tritt, Jane Eische n, Lori Schenkenberger, Heather Ha rris , Colleen Bedwell , Char Berquist , Debbie Wakefield, Kathy Craner.

Clockwise From Top Right: Motel Bathroom, a sterile part of life on the road. Unloading at Clackamas Communi ty College , one of eleven concert sites. Windswept trees frame Cannonball Rock, a scenic landmark of the rugged Oregon Coast. NIC 's Band plays while members of the Coeur d'Alene Concert Band look on. approvingly. Capitol Building Salem, Oregon topped by "The Golden Pioneer. "




Clockwise From Top Right: Robert Singletary, NIC Bandmaste r, directs a final rehearsal. Stage Band of 1973 shows: (L to R) Bob Olson, Darrell Dlouhy, Mike Mundt, Mick Hess, Bill Power, Gary Ackerman, Dennis Burt, Jim Henderson, Peg Ponack. Faye Dolph and Dave Rosencrans bend a reed to a catchy tune. Home livi ng , tour style. Jim Steel e on Bass and Deni Linhart on drums held a steady tempo as foundation for the rest of the band.


Clockwise From Top Right: Another opening for another show. Cardi nal Chorale i ncludes Back: Tom Seumas, Joy Persoon, Ruth Brunko, Laverne Dietzel, Bill Woolum, Peg Ponack, Sandie Gittel, Bob Olson; 3rd Row: Kathy Craner, Greg Squires, Tim O'Reilly, Heather Harris; 2nd Row: Becky Priano , Kevin Roche , Wendy McKay, Colleen Bedwell, Charlie Grosvenor, Ca rol Stewart; Front: Darrell Dloughy , Dennis Ketron, De Ayn Susedik, K. C. Ferguson, Herb MacDonald. Joy Persoon bends over the piano as Jan Jeffries and Becky Priano work their vocal interpretations. Becky Priano manages a smile as the bus approaches San Francisco. California Date Palm alone on a Friday evening.


.' .

.' '



. ~.

路..\ \





Clockwise From Top Right: Mrs. Annette Bignall , English , Speech; Mr. Roland Williams , Athletic Director, Basketball Coach; Mr. Harlan Siebert, Electronics; Mr. ] ack Bloxom , Physical Education, Baseball Coach; Mr. John Smithson, Motorcycle Repair; Miss. Loretta Dunnigan, Business Ad min. ;







Clockwise From Top Right: Mrs. Joyce Boswell, Coordinator Extended Day C Adult Continuing Education, Speech; Mr. Mike Miller, Business Admin. ; Mr. Stanley Hughes, Welding; Mr. James McLeod, English; Mr. David Cohen, Sociology; Mr. Merlin Miller, Art; Mr. James, Burns, Dean of Men, Biology.


Faculty Members Achieve Being students, we sometimes fail to realize the value that instructors represent. On these two pages you see some of this years outstanding faculty who have achieved various things this year. The faculty and their achievements are as follows: Mrs . Joyce Boswell was cited by PhI Rho PI for outstanding contributions in communications. Mr. James McLeod published a new book "THEODORE ROETHKE: A BIBLIOGRAPHY" Mr . Tony Stewart was chosen for the 1972-73 edition of PERSONALITIES OF THE WEST AND MIDWEST, Cd'A Jaycees' 1972 distinguished service award, and Idaho State Jaycees' 1972 outstanding young Idahoan. Mr. Les Hogan was chosen Idaho coach of the year. MR. TONY STEWART





Mr. George Ives and Mr. Bill Pecha won a third place on their "North Idaho Wrestling 1972-73" brochure. (and not pictured) Mr. Tim Christie delivered a paper in Montreal Canada entitled "Communication Audit of Missoula Bank of Montana" Mrs. Leona Hassen received a young Humanist Fellowship Award, and Miss Mildred Wade was elected Region I representative for the Idaho Nursing Association. All of these indivi duals as well as the entire faculty should be congratulated on a job well done in 1973. P. N. & W.O.




Ackerman, Gary R. Ackerman, Richard G. Adkins, Barbara J.

Adkinson, Johnnye L. Admyers, Joyce A. Akers, Edwin A.

Albinola, William A. Allen, Pat S. Allen, Randy L.

Anderson, Janice E. Anderson, Marlls J. Anstine , Chris M .

Anthony, Sally L. Antonelli, Derek S. Armendariz, Elias

Arthur, Chris

Avena, Paula G. Babcock, Robert E.

Bachmeier, James V. Baldwin, Barciea M . Bauer, William N.

Balch, Anna L. Barrett, Hattie Baugh, Carol J.

Beck James R. Becker, Kaye E.

Beckham, Scott L. Beckman, David P.

Bedwell, Colleen R. Beidock, Gerald L.

Beito, Renee A . Bomis, llrice L. Bennett, Carol A . Benson, Patricia C .

Bentz, Jackie L. Berg, Dawn R. Bichov, Kathleen D. Binfie ld, Linda A. Birdwell, Judy K.

Blanchard, Rosalyn Bliven, Judy B. Bohn a, Linda M.

Blockwenn, Stanley A. Bee, Steven). Bolich, Janlee N .




Boni , Ken W. Borleau, James L. Briant, Gerald W. Broadfoot , Dana S. Booth, Earnest D . Boseth, Mike M. Bincken, Patricia R. Brown, Debrah R.


Borello, Alice L. Brown, Donald A. Jr.

Brueggeman, Donna J . Brwll<e , Ruth M . Buckingham, Bertie G. Buvel, Laura A. Brown, Steven B. Brueggeman, Robert F. Brunner, Theresa J. Buroker, Kelly Brown Lonnie R. Burkg art, Kay F.

Comfort, Diana R. Comow, John W. Contor, Daniel J. Copaul, Deborah Bussell, Joseph L. Jr. Camster, Dougleas M. Cammon, Rebecca S. Capellen, William M .

Cardwell, Rickie C . Caron, Barbara E. Caron, Jerry J.

Carper, Patrick, J . Carroll, Michelle M.

Cornell, Daryl J. Cossairt, Debra S. Cossairt, Karla M.

Cothern, Gloria J. Criswell, Terri L.

Cuff, Debra G.

Carver, Donald R.

Chapman, Jane A. Chad ton, Kenneth J. Claflin, Mae L. Clarke , Jacqulene D. Clemetson, Carol E. Cline , Timothy J.

Dean, David A. Decker, John E. DeKorte, Sandra L. Derr, Linda L. Dickinson, William C . Dietzel, Laverne R.

Dahlgren, Edwin D. Dahlin, Randy J. Daniel, Daryl E.



Dillard, Donald H . Dinning, Wal ter Dlougy, Darrell C. Dodson, James B. Donkelaar, John C.

Donnenwirth, Donnie D. Doran, Gretchen A.

Doty, Harumitsu, Dow, Robert L.

Downing, Karen C. Drake, Berry J.

Drechsel, Diane L.

Egger, William R. Ehrlich, Robert E.

Emerson, Carol A.

Emerson, Jean E.

Duff, Sandra G. Duncan, Jaynine S.

Evans, David N. Fahland, Micheal E.

Eachon, Rob G. Eakin, Debbie D. Eastman, Jan M .

Fandry, Kathleen A . Ferguson, Katherine C . Fessler, Gary D. Fisher, Thomas W. Fitch, Dale E. Flaherty, Grad R. Flynn, Ginger P.

Echelberger, James J. Eddings, Annette M. Edgar, Esther K. Edwards, Darlene D.

Gilliland, Gary L G!~land, Joseph G11l1land, Judy L.


Fossum, Jeffery L Fountain, Gilda J:

Gilmore, Karen E Gittel, Sandra K. '

Freeman, Estelle J. Fromm, Maureen K Fuhriman, Jack N. '

Fuller, Barbara M. Fullmer, Louise Fuson, Randy C. Gamet, Marcia J,

Geldade, Brian D.

Garberg, Gary G Gardipe , Warren. R. Garton, William J Gaskill, Charles Gebhart, Joan E. '


Gednalske, Robrick F Gehr~, Rodney Râ&#x20AC;˘ . Gervais, Dennis D. Gessner, John F Geuin, Ronald Gilliland, Barb.;a A,


Censer, Grahm, Dougleas C. Jeahhe L.

Gr,ebil, Michael J.

Grebil, Steven J .

Green, Edward D.

Greene, Dale , J.

Greene, Teresa J.

Greenfie ld, Dwight E.

Greenfie ld, Monroe D.

Grygny, Isabelle D.

Gunderson, Kenneth E.

Hallock, Craig C.

Hamilton, Margee M.

Hammock, Terry W.

Hamshar, Edward K.

Hand, Connie S.

Hanson, Cheryl L.


Guyette , Elin J . Hagen, Mary P. Hagerty, David M. Haines, Barbara E. Hall, Ross w.

Halley, Judith E.

Lisbeth S.

Lawrence G. Hans.on, Douglas L. Harris,

K. Ham~ay,GeMary rald E. Jr. Harris,

Jean E. Ha~anF â&#x20AC;˘ Heather Harris,

Paul D .

Haro.l d'Ja mes M . Harris,

k Gwen P. Hauc , Janet K. Hayenga, Robert U. Ha~lso~.lliam N. Hanis, 1

Edward L. Haufe , Judith M. Hayenga,

Hensley, Marianne B.

Holmes, David T . Hone , John O. Hood, Barbara A.

Hill, Robert E.

Hodgson, Bonnie M.

Hook, Michael W. Hopper, John O .

Hoiland, Laurie L. Holman, Richard c .

Hough , Bruce R.

Houser, Randall J,


Huaco, Miriam M . Houx, Vkkie L.

Hurrell, Scott W.

Hutchison, Elena M.

M . Dawn

Johnson, Michael H . Johnson, Richard J.

Johnson, Thomas C . Johnson, Vaughn J. Je ssick, Michael J. Jobes, Cary E. Jobes, Raymond P. Johnson, Lorraine M.

Jacobs, Gayle A. Jacobs, Kurt L. Jacobson, Daniel J. Jameson, Jamy K.

Johnston, Lisa D. Joki, Edward E.

Joki, Shirley A. Jones, Harold O.

Jones, Jennifer L. Jones, Terry L.


Jordan, Barbara M. Jordan, Scott W.


Kauim an, Kathy S K enncy, Mark E • K~tron, Dennis K1cfcr, Terry p • Kill' • Kin rn?, Timothy H. Kl c:ud, Kathleen Kl ng , Raymond L. ng, Robert D.


~~~er• Jacqualine ~r y , Kenton o. :grkpkland, Michael S r atrick, Willia • Kl~us, Phyllis m R. Klmc , Walter J Knaggs, Jack



Bernard L

Koudson, Edward ·T

ep, Roch J. • ~ash, Wayne L. mer, Laureen K.

Kreager, Rosalyn s. Kuespert, Paul D Kuhns, Sam J. · Labare, Frank L Lahaie, Albert




Kachner, Mar C Karwaski • A ndrea Y • L.

Lamb, Sylva J. Lankford , Bonnie C Large nt, Allen w · Larsen, Bruce R •.

Lines, Be1Ty B. Linscott, Laurelie A. Little, Twila F. Lofstedt, Michael W.

Lassfol k, Matthew E.



Lough, Charlee R. Jr, Lukinich, Paula L. Lunceford, Anne M. Lyons, Michael F.

Magnus, Wayne 0. Magorty, Francine C. Maines, Robert R.

Marcy, Shirl ey L. Ma,rks, Nadine F.

Martin, Rubye L. Mason, Starl ey L.

Muters, Mic.hael D. Matheny, Daniel H.


McAnally, Nancy B. McCammon, Cathy A. McCullough, Virginia D. McDonald, Craig G.

McKahan, Randall D. McKay, John A. McKay, Wendy S .

McKim, Kathleen S. McPeak, Monte P, McPherson, Linda K.

Merrifield, Judy D. Meyer, Barry R. Michael, Douglas B. Mikel, Cherrie M.

Millard, Carol Millard, Keith S. Mille r, Diann L. Mille r, Jack D.

Mill er, Michael C. Mille r, Raymond C. Miller, T eresa A .

Moore M ' w·ii· t iamG M~~s, Marsha L. • ~an, Marcia D · Morine Do Morris,' Dal:"~ L. Morris • Nelson · w.

Mor· Mou~~i Robert D. Mourni!g, David R. Mye g, Martha J M rs, James J . yklebust ' Mari • . 1yn K.

Mylcrain Madison eThD onald E. Jr. Nash v' . omas E. N ' erginia A ead, Curtis L. •

Nead, Kim N Nearin g, Robert • L Nel son, David L. .

M111er w·1. Millh eisler ' ' ham K G• Moate R ' aren A. Mofftt Obert T. ' ' Edward D.

M Mohs, Allan R onagh • Moody a~, William L Moore ' D ynthia A. • Jr. Moore' Cebra L. ' ary J.


Nelson, Joan S. Nelson, Robert D.

Newburn, Chrisann L. Newell, Patrick A. Newton, Rodney N. Nichols, Donald W.

N!ederklein, Lyle L. Nigh, Susan 1. Nixon, Rich D.

Neugebauer, Jerry R.

Norgan, William B. Norlander, Quinton R.

Norris, Jan A. Norton, Marc A.

Novak, Bradley P. Nutt, James R. Nystrom, Kennet h E. Olson, Robert

O' Connell, Patricia M. Offenbacker, Lindie D. Oliver, Jimmy L. Oliver, Marsha D. Olson, Warren E.

Parcher, Timothy W. Paterson, Craig A.

Piekarski, Michael S. Plaster, Nancy J, Platter, Elizabeth B. Pletcher, Don E. Plummer, Michael F. Podrabs!w, Joseph A.

Posey, Lesta L. Posnick, John F. Powell, Robert E. Prater, Susan K. Pratt, Sheila K. Prlano, Rebecca G.

Price, Harry R. Purdy, Susan L. Quinn, Cl audia R. Raftery, Teresa L. Rainbolt, Richard E.

Rainbolt, Richard E. Jr. Raine, Frank E. Jr. Ransom , Mary E.

Reid, Cynthia J. Remmick, Bonnie J. Rex, Donna J. Rhodes, James E. Rhodes, Michael P.

Rice, Rhea M. Rice, Verna L. Richards, Buster B. Richardson, Dougl;â&#x20AC;˘s A. Richardson, Marian G. Richey, Paul A.

Rifte, Judith Riggs, Chrlltlne E. Rlplinger, James R. Rlplinger, John M.

Rude, DanJ, Ruebke, John S Ruen, Darius L

Rumelhart, Debra C. Rutten, Robert W.

Rogstad, Kim K. Rose, Charles E.

Sampson, Robert J.

Sanden, Keith T . Satterthwaite, David R.



Schaner, Robert D. Schave, Charlene M.

Semich, Brad M. Shaw, John L. Shawley, Timothy R.

Schenkenberger, Schloss, John A .

Shelden, Jeffry H . Shepard, Ralph A. Sherwood, Cary A.

Schmidt, Debra D. Schmidt, Mark R.

Schnabl, Linda E. Schuon, Gerry L.

S.chrum, Amos A. Sichelstiel, Larry W. Siegfried, Vicky A .

Schurman, Allen E. Schwartz, Michael D. Scott, Howard L. Scott, Steven P.

Silver, Craig A. Simning, Terry E.

Sears, Ann M. Sears, Pamela D. Seidemann, Dennis H. Semanko, Maria R.

Singer, Robert H. Singer, Sylvi a M.

Singletary, A . Kathleen Skat1$, David K.

Spencer, Kurt M. Spinazza, Julie L. Spooner, Arthur W. Squires, Gregory M .

Stach, Cherie L. Standley1 Michael W. Steele, iames S.

Smith, Denise R. Smith, Mary E. Smith, Steven L. Solberg, Kathy D. Stender, Roxanna StephC11$, Wayne E. Stevenson, Edna M . Stewart, Carol A . Soper, Judy A . Soper, Kenna L. Seumas, Tom D. Jr. Spencer, Cary L, Stewart, Michael Stockwell, David A. Stoeklen, Linda M. Stone, Tom

Tait, David D Taro, Sana Taylor A • Taylor'' Kathleen ndrea G.


Taylor ' Maureen M T Taylor, Russell J • Teall , Sandra K ' eeter, J.orne


i:~:1ej~ Wilma F. Thom ' D mes B. • onald J.

Thomas Thom,.,.' C harles D. ,...on , Perry M.

Thornton, Roberta E.

Wachsmuth, Joseph G. Wachtel, Rodney A . Wachter, Robert J.

W,.ilson, John C . Wilson, :famsin L, Wilson, Vicki l. Winebarger, Cheryl A . Wi se, Craig R .

Weistaner, Janet K. Wel ch, Holly

Wood, Teresa A.

Woodruff, Frank


Worley, Greg D. Worthington, Nancy S. Young, JamesA . Youngblood, Rick D. Yurick, Edward J. ZeJun, Donna M. Wright, Kevin F. Wright, Linda J.

Zysk, Sherry A.

Sec on Semester

Edwards, Donna E. Ford, Krista D. Fortney, Frank W.

Baker, David L . Bakken, Doug E.

Banks, Corinne L. Benson, Mark

Boyer, Gary N. Branning, Dale L. Caine, Donald L.

Chaney, Rick D. Cleveland, Robert J. Cox, Don] ,

Garrett, Blain A. Grant, Mark A . Henderson, Sue E,

Jenkins, Lawrence D. Jolmson, Terry J. Joseph, Paul Kester, Betty

Holthaus, Terry A . Jackson, Scott L. Jefirles, Maurice R .

Keuter, John J. , Jr. Kirby, Kevin 0 , L:ltSon, Chester L. Martin, Ray A ,

Mathes, Thomas P, Merrill, Robert A. Montreuil, Kenneth D. Nutting, Paul S.

Olson, Carla K. Perry, Robert A .

Piet5ch, James B. Power, William M.

Pratt, Gene Richardson, Jeanne S . Schlelmann, Anne Schuerman, Clifford E. Searle, Kevin o.


Clockwise From Top Right: Mr. Marvin Farmer, Business Administration. Mrs. Beverly Hatrock, Nursing director. Mr. Richard Raymond, Biology. Miss Maralee Foss, Physical education. Mrs. Florence Stranahan, Home Economics.


Campus Life


Top left: Nurses check program before Graduation. Bottom Left: Randy Delaney, Merry Malm (Delaney), Esther Edgar, Art Spooner, and Llnda Davis appear to have lost something in the closet, but nobody seems to have found it or have they? Top Right: Paula Stueve and lrnie Booth look on as Kim Bartel tells what appears to be an interesting story, while Bert Buckingham tries to interupt still fascinated with his find of an unidentified bottle cap. Bottom Right: Ted Robertson concentrates on his writing.


NIC Nursing Program

Clockwise: Right Carol Emerson selects equipment to practice on wound dressing. It's the real thing, a "disaster", law enforcement students help "victims" (nursing students), from scene of explosion to fie l d hospital. Mike Tredway and Carla Cossirt, give aid to "wounded" Cherrie Mikel. This is what nurses training is all about the aid and care of patients. Mrs. Begnall submi ts herself to a blood pressure test at the hands of a nursing student, who has apparently learned her lessons well. Chuck Reidenger checks flow of intravenous fluid, to his manikin "Victim" .


Stresses ''Patients" and Care

Spanish Club

Top To Bottom: Anne Lunceford, Mrs. Hassen, Phil Hayes, and Michael Stewart discuss Spanish i n class on the back lawn. Spanish Club (L-R Front Row) Gerry Shuon, Kathy Bichov, Miriam Huaco, Mrs. Hassen, Anne Lunceford. (Back Row) Phil Hayes, Michael Stewart, Ed Hamshar, Robert Dow , and David Holmes. Ed Hamshar, Kathy Bichov, and Gerry Shuon take turns drilling each other in oral recitation.

Technicians Club Left: James Jameson cleans his drafting board. Bel ow: Mr. Cope assists Darlene Edwards with her drafting machine.

First Row (L- R) Jim Wiley, Dan Contor, Bert Buckingham, Neil VanDemark, Amos Shurm, James Jameson, Jerry Caron, Richard Nixon, Tom Stone, Terry Hammock, Second Row Al Lahaie, Mr. Cope, Dennis Hohn, Pat Allen, Robert Wiles, Craig Sil ver, Terry Peterson, Larry Webb, Darlene Edwards, Third Row Mr. Van Kleeck, Glen Collins, Dan Mat heny, Donald Donnenwirth, Gerald Briant, Mike Plummer.


Mechanics, Jello Lead

Stick \t \n With C. A •

Ji 1 ;


News Editor · · · · · · ·


N\0 104

Continued on Page 2




Disaster Strikes NIC ASNIC ~ Election ~

..,........,...._ •J




-- - -


~~ Production ......... . . . ......... . K . Michael Roche

..,? ../





Advisor .............._....................George L. {ves'

l 05












w 0



g a




Assistant Editor Warren Olson

Photographer Dini Lenhart

Staff member Dale Branning

We the staff of the 1973 edi tion of the DRIFTWOOD hope that you will look upon our efforts with appreciation . We have tried some new and different ideas with a fresh approach to publication. We would also like to congratulate last years staff for their awards Two third places in their category and a special award for photography. Edito r Pat Newell


Visiting Poet James McAley cuts through poems written by members Quinton Norlander (L) and Robert Larsen

Sherrie Stack & "Sam" Welch dream up new works.


The Members of OREAD, headed by Edi tor A. Edward Schurman and Advisor Jim McLeod, brought forth on the thunder of hoofs the

In sunshine I wiggle my toes in the sands of your heart In rain showers I stretch in your warm


Holly "sam" Welch

"Sam" contemplates comments drawn from her works.

Jim Mcleod and Miss Foriyes iron out poetic difficulties.



Clockwise From Top Right: Mr. Keith Sturts, Librari an; Mrs. Betty McLain, Dean of Women, Business Admin. ; Mr. R ay Stone, Dean of Faculty; Mr. Leonard Cope , Drafting f, Design; Mr. Bob Brown, Vocational Counselor; Mr. Robert Murray, Biology.



Clockwise From Top Right: Miss Itsuko Nishio, Registrar; Mr, Leonard Durkin, Auto Mechanics; Mr. James Crowe, History; Mr. Richard Frost, Music; Mr. Neal Evarts, Photography; Mrs. Edwina Gustafson, Director of Learning Skills Center.

GRAPPLING FOES Wrestling mats smell funny And burn your skin If you slide on them

While throwing an opponent Down for a pin. Grappling a decision Over worthy foes As the match progresses In the Battle of your life.


Top Left; Paul Richey and Jim Whiteman practice on the soft grass. Top Right: Coach Pecha excitedly sits on the edge of his chair, while Coach Hogan watches the time factor at the nationals in Farmington, Minnesota. Bottom: team members (L-R) Dennis Campbell, Dick Gaskill, Bob Nearing , Ba.rry Meyer, Frank Raine, Allan Mohs, Mark Robbins , Lorne Teeter, Sam Kuhns, Greg Darden, Larry Sichelstiel, Dave Tait, Jim Hendricks, Brad Flaherty, Skip Elliott, Kurt Spencer, Jim Whiteman, Rick Cardwell, Paul Richey.



Top Left: Frank Raine prepares to throw his opponent in practice session. Top Right: Tim Parcher lifts Mark Robbins off the mat. Bottom Right: Tim Parcher moves in under Mark Robbins in practice match. Bottom Left: (Top) Larry Sichelstiel watches for a wrong move by Greg Darden in practice, while Steve Gannon attempts to pin Sam Kuhns (Bottom).



Center Left: Steve Cannon works a hold on his opponent Ron Ray (national Champion) at the nationals in Farmington. Top Left: Chuck Woolery works to turn his opponent in a match in Farmington. Top Right: a trainer works on Bob Nearing, while Coach Pecha offers a little advice during a break in the action at the nationals. Bottom Right: Greg Darden attempts to gain a favorable advantage over his opponent i n one of his tougher matches. Bottom Left: Steve Cannon applies a little more pressure as he waits for the referee to slap the mat.


Team Record OPPONENT


35 37 36 31 28 40 42 31 33 38 22 35 33 41 22 36 43 33

Univ of Alberta Univ of Montana Arizona Western Central Arizona Glendale Arizona Mesa College Phoenix College Columbia Basin Univ of Idaho Univ of Idaho Highline College Yakima Valley Southwest Oregon Central Oregon Univ of Washington Big Bend Treasure Valley Columbia Basin

9 3 6 15 15 5

6 6 3 3 12 9 9 6 15 8 0 3


11 8 126 134 142 150 158 167 177 190 Hwy

Rick Cardwell Dennis Campbell Paul Richey Skip Elliott Bob Nearing Barry Meyer Greg Squires Mark Robbins Chuck Woolery Steve Gannon Duane Tait Greg Darden Jim Hendricks Ray King

23 -2- 1 26-0 6- 8 13-2 21-3 5-6 9-6 8-7 26 -2 19 -0 11 -6 11 - 1 17-0 23-1 - 1

Cards Pin Down 2nd in Nationals


Center Left: Nelson forces his opponents shoulder to the mat for the pin in a home meet. Top Left: Bob Nearing turns under his University of Alberta opponent. Top Right: Gary Garberg works on his opponent while referee , Bill Pecha, NIC instructor, watches. Bottom Right: NIC grappler watches for the right moment to spring. Bottom Left: NIC wrestler appears to be all tied up wi th the problem at hand,




Top Left: Chuck Woolery strains as he attempts to throw his opponent in nati onal match. Top Right: Chuck Woolery is turned skyward by his opponent throwing hi m off balance, and Below he strains to keep his shoulders off the mat. Bottom Left: Bob Nearing moves around to throw his opponent. Bottom Far Left: Steve Gannon and his opponent appear exhausted as they stagger about attempting to put one of their favorite holds into action.


This is the second year for tennis at North Idaho College. The schedule for the NIC tennis team , counting tournament play, included 18 teams with the season running from April 7 thru May 8. NIC is a member of the Northwest Community College league with schools in Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The league tournament, won by NIC , was held on May 11, in Coeur d' Alene. This win qualified the tennis team to represent Region 18 in Ocala, Florida June 5 thru the 9, in the NJCAA national tournament. Judy Hayenga was the first woman to play on a mens team in NWCC league. Judy was also the first woman to compete in the NJCAA national tournament. Clockwise, Top Left; Duane Crockett returns high forehand and gets ready for return. Rick Yackley and Judy Hayenga disucss previous matches during league play. Judy shows her form during a match. Rick Youngblood serves an ace to win a game in the league tournament; line judge Dave Mourning checks closely.














ONE WORD TRACK AND FIELD Sprinting Jumping Throwing Leaping Dashes Broadjumps Javelins Hurdles Winning Races


Clockwise From Top Left: Coach Bundy surveys the track at Lane Community College . Steve Worley takes to the air in Broad Jump competition. Derek Antoinelli hurdles his way down the track. Mike Fahlund gets set for the mile relay. Track team participates in 11 Annual Buss Riders Pinochle Championship. 11


Team Members: L-R Bottom Row: Bob Singer, Mike Fahlund, Jim Bachmyer, Terry Semning, Rod Gehring, Rudy Chavez 2nd Row: Ed Moffet, T im Shawley, Derek Antonelli , Terry Heath, Bill Colstien 3rd Row: Coach Michael Bundy, C . Michael Anstine, Kent Kirby, Brice Bemis, Paul Harold, Dennis Hall, Ron Owens. Top Row: Scott Stuart, Robert Owusu, Terry Keifer, Barry Lines, Paul North. Clockwise From Top Left: Dennis Hall breaks the tape. Team members lounge around on the warm grass during a break between events. Team members pause on the bridge at Multnomah Falls on their way to Lane Community Colle ge.



PAR : 5 YRDS .路 559 Clockwise Top Right: Larry Keatron has a rough time of it. NIC golfer swings his way down the farway . BLOP. Mike Grebil strokes the ball toward the hole.




A prodigious stance Versus a majestic wind -up . A sliding delivery An air splitting swing A cracking bat A sailing ball Rounding Bases Racing Home Sliding safely Scoring the winning run

Clockwise Top: Ed Yurick selects the right bat. Monroe Greenfield pauses and prepares for the pitch. Coach Bloxom checks Yuricks elbow before letting him take first after Ed was hit by a wild pitch.


Baseball Squad Tough in 73


Clockwise Top Left: Mark Schmidt prepares to snatch up a loose ball. Scott Hurrel puts a little effort into his throw as is apparent by the expression on his face. Ed Yurich covers third base while his opponent slides under him. Rich Visintainer prepares to slug one over the fence .


--. ~- -

.... ~ -":7 ::.:-- ~"-'- .. -:--::' 路-...

-路 ..




~ ~



IN DO-CHINA A War That Won't Go Away




A year is but a blossoming flower, Its beginning now far away. Yet in these closing moments our reflections of days gone by burst into bloom with the scent of summer.



G r


d u

a t





s p a r

k s



e g




n n



n g

s Graduates have now a new frontier cast before them; life, which thrives and continues to reach toward the future. They themselves are pioneers in that new frontier and the knowledge that they have gained becomes their tools with which they can build a future in which to live, cope with the present and preserve the past. (AND FROM HERE BEGINS OUR FUTURE TOMORROW)



Clockwise Top Left Opposite Page: Nursing graduates chatter nervously while Mr. Keating l ooks twice to see if his eyes deceive him or is that really a temporarily crippled nurse . Female graduate appears to be looking for someone special. Graduates hoof it to Grad uation Ceremonies . ( a pictures worth a thousand words) J\uto Mech anic graduates discuss all those carberators, pistons, and valves that lay ahead. This is the point where mother remembers when those feet used to pitter patter instead of clomp clomp.



Clockwise From Top Left Opposite Page: Graduates pause for a smoke, a brief look to make sure its signed, and a moment of thought. Members of the Board of Trustees pause and recall when they last received a diploma . Senator Frank Church delivers h is address on "The New Patriotism" to a full house of graduates and guests. Deni Lenhart didn' t even take those shade off for graduation. Candidates for graduation stand anxiously while fellow students march in. Graduate ex tends arm eagerl y to receive d iploma.



Vocational Graduates Work Ready Although often overlooked Vocational students are very likely the most valuable NIC students to the community because they provide the work force for tomorrow. When they walk from between the Ivy covered halls of NIC they have completed their training and are ready for work. They have the knowledge and the experience required of their particular skill to allow them to serve their community as working citizens. Below: unidentified welding student beads a seam


The Morning After There's got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the su nshine Let's keep on looking for the light Oh can't you see the morning after It's waiting right outside the storm Why don't we cross the bridge together And find the place thats safe and warm Its not too late, we should be giving Only with love can we climb It's not too late, now while we're living Let's put our hands out in time There's got to be a morning after We're moving closer to the shore

I know we' ll be t here by tomorrow And we'll escape the darkness We won't be searching anymore There's got to be a morning after There's got to be a morning after .......... M auree n McGovern


l 972 20th century Fox record Corp.

What Will Tomorrow Bring If we make it through the night, what will tomorrow be like? Will man be slaves to a greater grace that comes from the stars, or will man be the great race that spreads throughout the stars and enslaves? Perhaps man is to blow the world and himself with it, up in some atomic war? Or, on the other hand, maybe the great God in the heavens will step in and take the matter out of the hands of man.

As a sign of the "conclusion of the system of things," does this mean that the world is to end as some would have us believe? The world coming to an end whether from man blowing it into small chunks with his atomic weapons or by act of God does not seem too promising! "A genera tion is going, and a generation is coming; but the earth is standing even to time indefinite. " (Ecc. 1:4 NT). Yes , the world was created to last, and it was created to be inhabited, "for this is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens, He the (true) God, the Former of the earth and the Maker of it, He the One who firmly established it, who did not create it simply for nothing, who formed it even to be inhabited: ' I am Jehovah, and there is no one else . 111 (Isaiah 45: 18 NT). Because "the heavens are Jehovah' s heavens, but the earth he has given to mankind," the earth was not only created to be inhabited, but to be inhabited by man. (Ps. 115:16 By).

According to indications man has been unable to make the world a fit place to live; in the news each day a person reads of wars and rumors of wars, while man talks of peace, of which there is none. Throughout the world at this time, food shortages are very real, and even in nations that are considered lands of plenty, there are beginnings of shortage. Even with his ways of curing, man is inflicted with many horrible diseases , such as cancer, heart disease, and epidemic V. D. It has also become unsafe to walk the streets in most cities alone , because of the increase in lawlessness. On account of all these things, the nations appear to be in great anguish, and they do not know the way out.

If the BIBLE speaks of the "conclusion of the system of things," then who is to live on this earth that was meant for man to live?" We are told, "The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it, 11 and "happy are the mild- tempered ones, since they will inherit the earth. 11 "And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more: And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be, But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. " (Ps. 37: 29, Matt. 5:5, Ps. 37:11 NT) .

A very interesting point is that these things were foretold in the oldest book written by man. The 24th Chapter of Matthew and the 21st Chapter of Luke record the words of

the most important man ever to walk the face of the earth. Christ Jesus said "For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress. 11 (Matt. 24: 7, 8 NT). These comments, along with others, were in answer to an inquiry made by his disciples, "Tell us, when will these things be, and what will be the sign of your presence and of the conclusion of the system of things?" In connection with other prophesies in the BIBLE, these are to be the signs of Christ' s presence and the "conclusion of the system of things. " These would be a sign of times that would be hard to deal with, a time when "men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, self-assuming, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up (with pride), lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God. " (Tim. 3: 2-4 NT). Which of these do we not run into each day?

In a true and honest study of the BIBLE, a person can come to find that Jehovah God has from the beginning meant for man to live on earth in a paradise condition, but through man' s sinning it has been delayed, but nevertheless it is t o come about, for "so my Word that goes forth from my mouth will prove to be . It will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted, and it will have certain success in that for which I have sent it. " (Isaiah SS: 1 1 NT). Yes, it is the will of Jehovah God, that through His Son, Christ Jesus, that man is to again live on earth in peace and harmony with his brother. Patrick A. Newell - 1973


Index Ackerman, Gary 66, S7 Ackerman, Richard 66 Adkins, Barbara 66 Adkinson, Johnnye 66 Admyers, Joyce 66 Akers, Edwin 66 Albinola , William 66 Alkinson, Johnnye 18 Allen, Pat 66 Allen, Randy 66 Anderson, Daniel 93 Anderson, Janice 66 Anderson, Kathleen 93 Anderson, Marlis 66, 18 Anstine, Chris 66, 41 , 128 Anthony, Sally 66 Antonelli, Derek 66 , 127, 128 Armendariz, Elias 66 , 40 Arthur, Paul 66 Avena, Paula 66 Azadegan, Reza 93 Badcock, Robert 66 Bachmeier, James 66, 128 Baker, David 93, 36, 37 Balch , Anna 66 Baldwin, Barciea 66 Banks, Corinne 93 Barret, Hattie 66 Bartel, Kim 99 Bauer, William 66 Baugh, Carol 67 Becker, Kaye 67 Beckham, Scott 67 Beckham, David 67 Bedwell, Colleen 67, 53, 58 Bel lmore , Clifford 18 Beideck, Gerald 67 Beito, Renee 67 Bemis, Brice 67 Bennett, Carol 67 Benson, Mark 93 Benson, Patricia 67 Bentz, Jackie 67, 38 Berg, Dawn 67 Berquist, Char 53 Bichov , Kathleen 67, 102 Binfield, Linda 67, SO Birdwell, Judy 67 Blanchard, Rosalyn 67 Bleckwenn, Stanley 67 Blenl1orn, Jim 144 Bliven, Judith 67 Boe, Stephen 67 Bohna , Linda 67 Bolich , J anlee 67 Boni , Ken 68 Booth , Earnest 68 Borello, Alice 68 Borleau, James 68 Bose th, Mike 68 Boyer, Garv 93 Brarming, Dale 93, 106 Bray, Barbra 18 Briant, Gerald 68 Brincken, Patricia 68 Broadfoot, Dana 68 Brown, Deobrah 68 Brown, Donald 68

Brown, Lonnie 68, 18 Brown, Steven 68 Brueggeman, Donna 68 Brueggeman, Robert 68 , 18 Brunko, Ruth 68, SO, S3, S8 Brunner, Theresa 68 Buckw1gham , Bertle 68, 42, 99 Burkgart, Kay 68 Buroker, Kelly 68 Burt, Dennis S7 Bussell, Wilburn 69 Buvel, Laura 68 Caine , Donald 93 Campbell, Dennis 1 l S Camster, Douglas 69 Cannon, Re be cc a 69 Capellen, William 69 Cardwell, Rickie 69 , U S Caron, Barbara 69 Caron, Jerry 69 Carper, Patrick 69 Carroll, Michelle 69 Carver, Donald 69 Chapman, Jane 69 Chariton, Kenneth 69 Charney, Rudy 128 Cl aflin, Mae 69 Clarke, Jacqulene 69 Clemetson, Carol 69 Clevel a nd, Robert 93 Cline , Timothy 69 Comfort, Diana 69, S3 Conrow , John 69, 36 Contor, Daniel 69 Colstein, Bill 128 Cornell, Daryl 69 Cossairt, Debra 69 , 18 Cossairt, Karla 69 , 101 Cothern, Glori a 69 Cox, Donald 93 Coroner, Kathy S3, S8 Criswell, Terri 69 Crockett, Duane 38 , 124 Cuff, Debra 69 Dahl, Faye 18 Dahl, Leslie S3 Dahlgren, Edwin 70 Dahlin, Randy 70 Daniel, Daryl 70, 48 Darden, Gregory 70, llS , 116, 119 Daugherty, Charles 70 Davis, David 93 Davis , Linda 70, 98 Dean, David 70, 36 Decker, John 70 DeKorte, Sandra 70 Derr, Linda 70 Dickinson, William 70 Dietzel, Laverne 70, 38 , S3, 58 Dillard, Donald 70 Dinning, Walter 70 Dlouhy, Darrell 70, 53, S8, S7 Dodson, James 70 Dolph, Dorthy 18 Dolph , Faye S7 Donkclaar, John 70 Donnenwirth , Donnie 70 Doran, Gretchen 70 Doty, Harumitsu 70 Dow, Robert 70, 102


Downing, J<aren 70 Drake , Betty 43 Drechsel , Diane 70, 5 3 Duff, Sandra 71 Duncan, Jaynine 7 1 Dunsworth, Gary 93 Dutton, Randy 93 Eachon, Rob 7 1 Eakin, Debbie 71 Eastman, Jan 71 Echelberger, James 71 Eddi ngs, Annette 71 Edgar, Esther 7 1, 98 Edwards, Darlene 71 Edwards, Do1ma 93 Ehrlich, Robert 71 Eischen, Jane S3 Emerson , Carol 7 1, 100 Emerson, Jean 71 Evans, David 71 Fahland, Micheal 71 , 126, 128 Fandry, Kathlee n 71 Ferguson, Katherne 71 , S3, S8 Fessler, Gary 7 1 Fisher, Thomas 71 Fitch, Dale 7 1, 36 , 37 Flaherty, Brad 7 1 Flynn, Ginger 7 1 Ford, Krista 93 Fortney, Frank 93 Fossum, Jeffrey 72 Fountain, Gilda 72 Fautz, Kathy S3 Freeman , Estelle 72 Fromm, Maureen 72 Frost, Julie S3 Fuhriman, Jack 72 Fuller, Barbara 72 Fullmer, Louise 72, 38 Fuson, Randy 72 , 106 Fuhrimon, Jack 144 Gamet, Marcia 72 Gannon, Stephen 116, 118, 119 Garberg,, Gary 72, 121 Gardipe, Warren 72 Garton, William 72 Garrett, Bl a i n 94 Gaskill, Charles 72, 43, 11S Gebhart,, Joan 72 Gednalske , Rodrick 72 Gehring , Rodney 72, 128 Gervais, Dennis 72 Gessner, John 72, 36 Geuin, Ronald 72 Gilliland, Barbara 72, 18 Gilliland, Gary 72, 18 Gilliland , Joseph 72 Gilliland , Judy 72 Gilmore , Karen 72 Gittel, Sandra 72, S3, S8 Goldada, Brian 72 Gonser, Douglas 73 Grant, Mark 94 Grebil, Mike 130 Greene, Dale 73 Grenne , Teresa 73 Greenfield , Dwight 73 Greenfield , Monroe 73, 133 Gromenor, Charlie S3, S8

Grygny, Isabelle 73 Gunderson, Kenneth 73 Guyette , Elin 73, 38 Hagen, Mary 73 Hagerty, David 73 Haines, Barbara 73 Hall, Ross 73 Hall, Dennis 128 Halley, Judith 73 Hallock, Craig 73 Hamilton, Margee 73 Hammock, Terry 73 Hamshar, Edward 73, 102 Hand, Connie 73, SO Hanson, Cheryl 73, SO Hanson, Lawrence 74 Hanson, Lisbeth 74 Hanway, Mary 74 Harman, Joan 74 Harold, Paul 74, 128 Harrelson, Robert 74 Harris, Douglas 74 Harris, Heather 74, S 3, S8 Harris, Gerald 74 Harris , James 74 Harris, William 74 Harwood, Jerry 74 Hauck, Gwen 74 Haufe, Edward 74 Haught, Nancy 74 , 18 , 30, 31 , 33 Hayenga , Janet 74 Hayenga, Judith 74, 124 Hayes, Phillip 74 , 102 Heath , Terry 74, 4 1, 128 Hedland, Sarah 74 Heglund, Michael 74 Helheson , Clarence 74 Hende rson, James 74 Henderson, Sue 94 Hendricks, James 74, 11 5, 57 Hendrickson, Nancy 74 Hess, Mick 53, 57 Hensley, Marlanne 74 Hill, Robert 75 Hodgson, Bonnie 75 Hoiland , Laurie 7S Holland, David 75 Hol man, Richard 7S Hol mes, David 36 , 102 Holthaus, Terry 94 Hone , John 75 Hood, Barbara 75 Hook, Michael 75 Hopper, John 75 Horn, Martha 75 Hosie, Bobbie 75 Hotchkiss, Rona ld 75 Houck, Frederick 75 Hough , Bruce 75 Houser, Randall 75 Houx, Vickie 75 Huaco, Miriam 75 , 102 Hurre ll, Scott 75 , 135 Hughes, Elizabeth 18 H utchinson, Dawn 75 Hutc hison, Elena 75 Ihly, Donald 75 Ireland, Bonnie 75 Isaacson, Mary 75

Jackson, Scott 94 Jacobs, Gayle 76 Jacobs, Kurt 76 Jacobson, Daniel 76 Jameson, James 76 Ja rrett, Geraldine 76 Jeffries, Janet 76, 53, 58 Jeffries, Maurice 94 Jenkins, Lawrence 94 Jennings, Alan 76 Jennings, Mark 76 Jensen, Mark 76 Je rnstrom, Steven 76 Jessick, David 76, 18 Jessick, Michael 76 Jobes, Gary 76 Jobes, Raymond 76 Johnson, Lorraine 76 Johnson, Michael 76 Johnson, Richard 76 Johnson, Terry 94 Johnson, 1110mas 76 Johnson, Vaughn 76 Johnston, Lisa 76 Joki , Edward 76 Joki, Shirl ey 76 Jones, Harold 76 Jones, Jennifer 76, 53 Jones, Terry 76 Jordan, Barbara 76, 18 Jordan, Scott 76 Joseph, Paul 94 Jurkovich , Nick 77 Kachner, Mary 77 Karwaski, Andrea 77 Kaufman, Kathy 77 Kenney, Mark 77 Kester, Betty 94 Ketron, Dennis 77, 53,58 Ketron, Larry 130 Keuter, John 94 Ki efer, Te rry 77, 128 Killan, Timothy 77 Kincaid, Kathleen 77 King, Raymond 77 King, Robert 77 Kinze r, Jacqua line 77 Kirby, Kent 77, 41 , 40, 128 Kirby, Kevi n 94 Kirkland, Michael 77 Kirkpatrick, William 77 Klaus, Phyllis 77 Kline, Walter 77 Kmosinski , C herey 18 , 53 Knaggs, Jack 77 Knapp , Bernard 77 Knudson , Edward 77 Koep , Roch 77 Kovash , Wayne 77 Kramer, Lauree n 77 Kreager, Rosalyn 77 Kuespert, Paul 77 Kuhns, Sam 77, 115 , 116 LaBare, Frank 77, 36 Lahaie , Albert 77 Lamb, Sylva 77 Lankford, Bonnie 77 Largent, Allen 77 Larsen, Bruce 77


Larsen, Kathleen 78 Larson, Chester 94 Larson, Robert 108 Lartz, Cheryl 78 Lassfolk, Ma tthew 78 Lee , Deborah 78 Lee , Nancy 78 Lei gh, Gordon 78 Lesterberg, Ronald 78 Lettchet, Beverl y 78 Lewis. Sandra 78 Lindgren, Kay 78 Lines, Barry 78, 128 Linscott, Laurelie 78 Linhart, Dini 57, 106, 143 Little , Twila 78, 18 Lofste dt, Michael 78 Lough, Charles 78 Lukinich , Paula 78 Lunceford, Anne 78, 38, 102 Lyons, Michael 78, 18 McAnally, Nancy 79 McCammon, Cathy 79 McCullough , Virgi nia 79 Mc Dona l d, Craig 79 McDonald, Herb 53,58 McKahan , Randall 79 McKay , John 79 McKay, Wendy 79,53,58 McKim , Kathleen 79, 38 McPeak, Monte 79 McPherson, Linda 79 Magnus , Wayne 78 , 36 Magorty , Francine 78 Maines, Robert 78 Malm, Merry 78, 98 Manning, Billy 78 Manning, Sandra 78 Marburger, Cassandra 78 Marcy, Shirley 78, 18 Ma,rifield, Judy 18 Marks, Nadine 78 Marks, Wiley 79 Marquette, Rick 79 Mars, Bruce 79 Marsolais, Dennis 79 Martin, Kenneth 46 Martin, Ray 94 Martin, Rubye 79 Mason, Starley 79 Masters, Michael 79 Matheny, Daniel 79 Mathes, Thomas 94, 34 Matthews, Jon 79 May, Nancy 79 Maynes, Chad 79, 53 Merrifie Id, Judy 79 Merrill, Robert 94 Meyer, Barry 79 , 15 Michael, Douglas 79 Mikel, Che rrie 79, 10 1 Millard, Carol 79 Millard, Keith 79 Miller, Diana 79 Miller, Jack 79 Miller , Michael 79 M11Jer, Raymond 79 Mille r, Teresa 79 Miller, William 80 Millheisler, Karen 80

Moate , Robert 80 Moffitt, Edward 80, 128 Mohs, Allan80, 115 Monaghan, William 80 Moody, Cynthia 80 Moore , Debra 80 Moore, Gary 80 Moore, William 80 Moos, Marsha 80 Morgan, Marcia 80 Morine , Donna 80 Morris, Dal e 80 Morris, Nelson 80 Morris, Robert 80 Mourning , David 80, 124 , 17 1 16 Mourning, Martha 80 Mundt, Mike 57 Myers, James 80 Myklebust, Marilyn 80 Mylcraine , Donald 80 Madison, Thomas 80 Nash , Virginia 80 Nead, Curtis 80, 53 Nead, Kim 80 Nearing, Robert 80, 115 , 119 1 120 Nelson, David 80 Nelson, Joan 81 Nelson, Robert 81 Neugebauer, Jerry 81 Newburn, Chrisann 8 1 Newell, Patrick 8 1, 106 Newton, Rodney 81 Nichols, Donald 81 Niederklein, Lyl e 81 Nigh, Susan 81 Nixon, Ri ck 81 Norgan, William 8 1 Norlander, Quinton 81 , 108 Norris, Jan 8 1 Norton, Marc 81 North , Paul 128 Novak, Bradley 8 1 Nutt, James 81 Nutting, Paul 94 Nystrom, Kenneth 8 1 O 'Connell, Patricia 8 1 Offenbacker, Lindle 81 Oliver, Jimmy 81 Oliver, Marsha 81 Olson, Car l a 94 Olson, Robert 81 , 53 , 57, 56 Olson, Warren 81 , 106 O'Malley , Charles 82 O 'Malley, Jon 82 O'Malley, Patrick 82, 17 O ' Reilly, Timothy 82, 53, 58 Ortiz, Loretta 82 Owens, Ronald 82, 128 Owasu, Robert 128 Page , Anna 82 Parcher, Timothy 82, 117 Parcher, Vic 82 Paterson, Craig 82 Patzer, David 82, 18 Peasley, Garry 8 2 Pence , Gregory 82 Perry , Madilane 82 Perry, Robert 94 Perry, Ronald 82

Persoon, Joy 82 , 53, 58 Peterson, Gladys 5 3 Peterson, Marie 82 Peterson, Susan 82 Pew , Berton 82 Piekarski , Michael 82 Plaster, Nancy 82 , 18 Platter, Elizabeth 82 Pletcher, Don 82 Pletsch , James 94 Plummer, Michael 82 Podrabsky, Joseph 82 1 44, 5 1 Ponack, Peggy 18 , 53, 58 , 57 Posey, Lesta 83 Posnick, John 83 Powell, Robert 83 Power, William 94, 53, 57 Prater, Susan 83, 30 Pratt, Wallace 83 Priano, Rebecca 83, 53 , 58 Price, Harry 83, 42 Pri ce , Barry 144 Purdy, Susan 83, 98 Quinn, Claudia 83 Raftery, Teresa 83 Rainbol t , Richard 83 Rainbolt, Richard E. Jr. 83 Raine , Frank 83, 115 , 116 Ransom , Mary 83 Reid, Cynthia 83 Reidenger, Chuck 100 Remmick, Bonnie 83 Rex, Donna 83 Rhodes, James 83 Rhodes, Michael 83

Rice, Rhea 83 Rice , Verna 83 , 42, 18 Richards, Buster 83 Richardson, Douglas 83 Richardson, Jeanne 94, 53 Richardson, Marion 83, 53 Richey, Paul 83, 114, 115 Rifte , Judith 84 Riggs, Christine 84 Riplinger, James 84 Riplinger, John 84 Robbins, Mark 84 1 115 , 1 16 Roberge , Kenneth 84 Robertson, Ted 84 , 36, 37 Roche , Kevin 107. 53.58 Rodgers, Richard 84 Rogstad, Kim 84 Rose, Charles 84, 44, 46 , 48 , 51 , 50 Rosencrans, David 84 1 5 7 Rosenlund, James 84 Ross, Jean 84 Ross, Shirley 84 Roth , Thomas 84 Rothwell, Debra 84 Rude , Dan 84 Ruebke, John 84 Ruen, Darius 84 Rumelhart , Debra 84 1 18 Rutten, Robert 84 Sampson, Robert 84 Sander, William 84 Sanders, Keith 84 Satterthwaite , David 84 Schaner, Robert 85


Schave , Charlene 85 Schenkenberger, Loreli 85 , 18 , 53 , 30 Schleimann, Aru1e 94 Schloss, John 85 Schmidt, Debra 85 Schmidt, Mark 85 , 134 Schnabl, Linda 85 Schuerman, Clifford 94 Selmon, Gerry 85 Schurman, Allen 85 Schwartz, Michael 85 Scott, Howard 85 Scott, Steven 85 Searle , Kevin 94 Sears, Ann 85 Seidemann, Dennis 85 Semanko, Maria 85 Semich , Brad 85 Semning, Terry 128 Sharp, Willis 36 Shaw , John 85 Shaw l ey, Timothy 85 , 128 Shelden, Jeffry 85 Shepard , Ralph 85 Sherwood, Gary 85 Shrum , Amos 85 Sichelstiel, Larry 85, 11 5, 116 Siegfried, Vicky 85 Silver , Craig 85 Simning, Terry 85 Singer, Robert 85 , 40 , 128 Singer, Sylvia 85 Singletary, Kathleen 86 Skans, David 86 Slette , Orville 42 Smith, Debra 86 , 18 Smitl1 1 Denise 86 Smith , Jerry 94 Smith . M:i.rv Rn Smith , Steven 86 Solberg, Kathy 86 Soper, Judy 86 Soper, Kenna 86 Soumas, Tom 86 , 53, 58 Spencer, Gary 86 Spencer , Kurt 85 , 115 Spinazza , Julie 86 , 40 Spooner , Arthur 86, 98 Squi res, Gregory 86 , 53, 58 Stach , Cherie 86 , 108 Standahl, Jon 40, 41 Standley, Michael 86 , 44, 46, 49 Stapleton, Rick 95 , 53 Steele , James 86 , 18 , 51 Stender, Roxanna 86 Stephens, Wayne 86 Stevenson, Edna 86 Stewart, Carol 86 , 53, 58 Stewart, Michael 86, 102 Stockwell, David 86, 50 Stoeklen, Linda 86 Stone , Daniel 95 Stone , Jeffrey 86 Streeter, Janet 87 Strickell, Charles 87 Stuart , Scott 87 1 128 Stueve, Paul a 87, 99, 18 Suckow , Mary 87 Suitter, Eric 87 Sullivan, Eugene 87 Sullivan, Robert 95 Surplus, Gregory 87

Susedik, Dee 87, 5 3, 58 Swank, Donald 95 Taro, Sana 87 Tate , Ray 95 Taylor, Andrea 87 Taylor, Kathleen 87, 18 Taylor, Maureen 87 Taylor, Russell 87 Teall, Sandra 87 Teeter, Lorne 87 , 115 Tegarden, Wilma 87, 18 Tenney, Sally 87 Teske , Leslie 18 TI1om , Donald 87 TI1omas, Charles 87 Thompson, Douglas 95 Thompason, Michael 95 TI1ompson, Perry 87 Thornton, Roberta 87 Timblin, Timothy 87 Tofte , Gayland 90 Tolman, Timothy 90 Tracht, David 90 Travers, Mary Ann 90 Tredway, Michael 90, 101 Tritt, Marlene 90, 53 True, Janet 90 True , Richard 90 Tulleners, Sylvie 90 Turnbow , Donagene 90

Wood , Teresa 9 2, 38 Woodruff, Frank 92 Woods, Richard 92 Wool ery, Charl es 92 Woolum , William 92 , 53 , 58 Worley, Greg 92 Worley, Steven 95, 127 Worthington, Nancy 92 Wright, Kevin 92 Wright, Larry 95 Wright, Linda 92 Wuest, James 92 Wyl ie , James 92 Yackley, Richard 90, 124 Yager , Donal d 90 Yliniemi , Linda 92 Yorgensen, Kent 95 Young, Gary 92 Young, James 92 Youngbl ood, Rick 92 , 124 Yurick, Edward 92 , 132 , 135 Zehm , Donna 92 Zeller, Chuck, 92 Zoeller, Ronald 92 Zysk, Sherry 92


Valente , James 90 Valenti, Ann 90 Van Patter, Connie 90 Vedder, Clarence 90 Vedder, Kim 90 Visintainer, Ricl 1ard 90, 134

Bignall, Anne tte 61 , 101 Bloxom , Jack 60, 132 Boswell, Joyce 63, 65 Brown, Bob 110 Bums, James 62 Bundy, Michael 126 , 128

Wachsmuth , Joseph 91 Wachtel, Rodney 9 1 Wachter, Robert 9 1 Waddell, Linda 91 Wadsmoth, Joe 18 Wakefield, Debbie 53 Walker, Kathryn 9 1 Waller, Phyllis 9 1 Walton, Shirley 91 Wandl er, James 91 Ward, Kathleen 9 1 Way, Kyle 91 Webb, Larry 91 Weidemann, Constance 95 Weistaner, Janet 91 Welch , Holly 9 1, 18 , 108 , 109 Westerberg, Richard 9 1 Westfall, Constance 9 1, 38 Whalen, Patricia 91 Whatcott, Douglas 91 White, Mary 91 Whiteman, James 91 , 114, 115 Wiles, Robert 91 Wiley, Terry 91 Williams, Duane 9 1 Williams, James 95 Willis, Stephen 9 1, 42 , 45 , 47, 50 Wilson, James 95 Wilson, John 91 Wilson, Tamsin 91 Wilson, Vicki 91 Winebarger, Cheryl 91 Wise , Craig 9 1, 18

Camie , Mrs. James 38 Christie , Timothy 3 1, 33 , 65 Cohen, David 62 Cook, George 19 Cope , Leonard 110 , 103 Crowe, James 11 3 Dunnigan, Loretta 60 Durkin, Leonard 113 Evarts , Neal 11 2 Farmer, Marvin 97 Foss, Maralee 96 Frost, Ri chard 112, 53 Gilbert, Gertrude 25 Grimmett, Clive 23 Gustafson, Edwina 112 Hassen, Leona 148 , 102, 65 Hatrock, Beverly 97 Hogan, Leslie 115 , 65 Hughes, Stanley 63 Ives, George 101, 64 Keating , Warren 46, 140 Lange, Lucile 23 Mclain, Betty 111 Mclean, Dougl as 25


Mcleod, James 62, 65 , 109 Miller, Merlin 63 Miller, Michael 6 2 Murray, Robert 11 0 Nishio, Itsuko 113 Parsons, Dale 22 Pecha, William 115 ,119 , 1'.': , 27, 64 Ratcliff, Warren 26 Raymond , Richard 96 Richard , Pat 16 Rodgers, Ronald 24 Schuler, Barry 27 Siebert, Harl an 61 Singlet ary, Robert 57 Smithson , Jolm 60 Sprague , Donald 22 Steve, John 24 Stewart, Tony 24 Stone, Raymond 111 Stranahan, Florence 96 , 38 Stuart, Edwin 26 Sturts, Keith 111 Tinsley, Virgini a 26 Tritten, Dale 23 Wade , Mildred 65 Welton, Howard 25 Williams, Roland 47, 5 0, 61





~-. 'I

.. •




' '.:



. . .... . •

. . '


. ...


.. ,.. , · ' t ~~ I





• ·,.

, .,

'. 'ti . •·

Yearbook 1973 Driftwood  

A publication of North Idaho College

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