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Publisher’s Perspective

The Era of TRUMP

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself The Presidential Election is over for us in the United States, but the aftermath is just beginning. It’s a new year and the election of Trump marks a new era in American history. Racial unrest and affirmative action need to take a backseat to self-reliance and increased Black entrepreneurship. Plantation politics need to make way for Black conservatism tempered with compassion and a support of Human Rights for all. Liberal ideologies that no longer serve us must be replaced with a philosophy that better serves the survival and the advancement of civilization and the assurance of a strong and proud Black culture. Spending a majority portion of your income outside of your community must cease and desist if you have a single intelligent brain cell in your body. Cooperative economics is one way to solve the 45.8% poverty rate amongst Black children under the age of 6 which is a travesty! “Black Americans must stop being consumers who are sitting ducks for everyone else waiting to get rich in America.”


The Tipping Point Is NOW! Nielsen reported that in 2015 Black consumer spending reached a “tipping point”. That spending is projected to be $1.2 trillion dollars in 2016. According to Author Malcom Gladwell, a tipping point is the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. Simply stated, people are concerned that with Black spending power, we could actually take control of the American economy which means every major market sector is gearing up to advertise and market to you even more to keep you from setting yourselves free. A tipping point is a historical pivot whereby if you make the right decisions about where you want to spend your disposable income, you would gain control and be in control of this American economy for the FIRST time in history….and by spending more money in your own

country in its boots. There is much good going on. And we have allies in other people. Embrace those allies and stop being religious bigots and hypocrites. Stop making ourselves even bigger targets for the rouges in law enforcement who can’t wait to stop, frisk and shoot you. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Learn from this sordid history and tragic mistakes. And move to change it for good! We should know by now or at least ascertain that marching and crying in the streets is a colossal waste of time, energy and shoe leather. Instead, do business in the community. Abide by the laws that are just. Use the system to repeal laws that are unjust. Stop electing crooked Politicians and stop supporting sellout preachers. Leverage our collective buying power to create more jobs, businesses and opportunities for the community. Live the American dream and stop chasing after the nightmare on Wall Street.

Subscribe To Economic Empowerment Tap into the Civil Rights Act of 1866 passed by Republicans (and not the watered-down version passed

in 1968 widely promoted by Democrats) and leverage what the Constitution has laid out as our birth-right as descendants of American slaves. The reparations are already written into law! But nobody has revealed this to us until now. Use education to advance yourself and not merely to find a job. Stretch yourselves into viable growth industries like technology, bio-science, green energy. And stop using social media to be a jigaboo. Finally, support this magazine. Advertise in this magazine because it is time for us to do what’s right by each other. Stop expecting a hand-out. And give more of yourself knowing that the laws of the Universe support a cheerful giver. “Your subscription does not mean you agree with everything we say, but it means that you value advancing our community. You will be helping to create a job for someone else.” Here’s to wishing you and your family much success and opportunity in the coming new year! Thank you for supporting Black Business Moguls Magazine and Swan Simpson Media Group. @SwanSimpson Publisher Unbought & Unbossed!


Perspectives The Heart To Start


ave you ever found yourself sitting on the doorsteps of destiny wondering what direction your feet should move toward? There are many paths that lead to your next destination of greatness, yet because there are countless options we often find ourselves stuck in a rut of indecision. The power rests in your ability to make a swift decision and detach from the outcome, detach from the fear of failure, detach from the opinion of others, detach from the disappointments, detach from the unknown and embrace the beauty that rests in the present moment. I have had innumerable conversations with entrepreneurs and one statement that frequently arises is, “I don’t know where to start.” We have to be aware of the underlying subtlety of self-sabotage. It wears many masks and if you are not discerning it can easily rob you of seeing your potential actualized. One of my favorite quotes for taking action when all the pieces have yet to appear is by Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are.” You have limitless resources at your fingertips if you would dare to look outside of your current problems. There is always a solution readily available, if you are open to discovering it. As I look in retrospect, most of my achievements were preceded by adversity. I learned to dig deep in the cavern of my soul for precious pearls of inspiration to move forward in spite of the odds stacked against me. I was not an honor


roll student, in fact I was the polar opposite of the class president and valedictorian.

3 forms of mental blocks that will prevent you from starting:

Today, my life is completely different! Every day is filled with new and delightful surprises! I speak across the nation, write on authority based platforms, host my own radio show, empower women through coaching, image consulting and inspirational products etc...It all started with me saying YES to success and nothing less. Did I have extremely difficult days where I wanted to throw in the towel? Absolutely! If I gave up on my dreams there would be millions of lives who would never experience the gift of hope that I was destined to share with those in despair. I had a vision bigger and brighter than the darkest night that haunted my soul.

1. Resistance-defined as fighting against change. You know what needs to be done but you are unwilling to do the work necessary to shift your life.

Let’s dive into the keys you need to succeed! The first step I want you to take is to write out exactly where you are presently. What do you like about your life? Be as specific as possible. Clarity leads to confidence. Next, list everything that brings you dissatisfaction. This includes, your living environment, finances, toxic relationships, employment etc... If you were to place the good next to the not so good which list is longer? If you have more negative than positive you know it is time to make immediate changes. This is the critical step where you have to get radical! I always say, “Nothing massive ever occurred by being passive.” When I am ready for an overhaul. I instantly create a vision board of what I want. Currently I have 9 vision boards on my office wall, placed up high so I can see them every day. It is a proven formula to manifesting your deepest desires. "What you think about, you bring about." Once you see what you want and boldly say it out loud, you must be prepared to courageously seize it! In between seeing and saying is where internal opposition arises to prevent you from possessing. This is why it is critical to remove yourself from toxic individuals and environments where you are not free to thrive.

2. Avoidance-defined as withdrawing from something. This is very common in women as we tend to allow our emotions to dictate our behavior. What does this look like? Hiding under the covers or like the ostrich burying your head in the sand. You cannot conquer what you refuse to confront. 3. Dissonance-defined as lack of harmony or agreement, inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs. How this shows up is when you say you want to write a book but you don’t believe you are smart enough to accomplish this goal. In my youth I wasted valuable time that I will never get back. I am determined to live life to the fullest, on my terms and free from the expectation of others. What are you willing to change today that will impact tomorrow? It takes heart to start now, to start over, and to start something beautiful. Let it begin with you. Kristie Kennedy is a Licensed Image Enhancement Consultant, Certified Women’s Worth and Wellness Expert, who provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners who are exhausted from being the world’s best kept secret, ready to claim center stage as the leading lady of their own life, powerfully shift in mind and magnificently shine. She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization. Ms. Kennedy has a passion for helping leaders who have reached a plateau with the ability to turn their cant's into cans and their dreams into plans. Her life is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one bold step at a time.

A Platform for micro-job market place, where any one can sell their skills related service work and buy quality service in reasonable price.

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Inspiration Going From Dead Presidents To Dead Broke


’ve pretty much worked in the entertainment industry the majority of my adult life. I’ve worked as a press writer for several publications, an indie television producer, a videographer, a talent scout for major television shows, a street team promoter for up and coming artists and I’ve worked as an artist consultant. I’ve watched as a lot of entertainers catapulted to the spotlight. I also watched how seamlessly they lost control of the steering wheel, causing their own demise. It’s not easy watching entertainers lose their fortunes. It hurts me to think that one day a person can have millions in the bank and before they are comfortably in the spotlight, their wealth is gone. This happens across the spectrum in the entertainment world. Many that I have spoken with shared that if they had listened to their first mind, they wouldn’t be broke. Losing a fortune can lead entertainers to a state of depression. Financial ruin is definitely an ego crusher for many. The purpose of this article is to inspire entertainers to take control over their careers from the ground up. My hopes is that you will use this to help make better career decisions. During a recent conversation with rapper STIC from Dead Prez, he shared with me that people have to realize that certain aspects of their lives should be treated as a responsibility. When you treat your career as a responsibility, you require yourself to take the time to learn the business and subsequently take the time to effectively manage your business affairs properly. If you’re too busy to manage your money, I encourage you to slow down! When Oprah Winfrey stated, “Sign every check yourself” she shared this because oftentimes entertainers hire and trust people to manage their money and sign checks. Sadly, a lot of entertainers don’t realize their finances were mismanaged until it’s too late. If you make it your responsibility to be involved in the discussion of how


your money is spent, you have a better handle of what’s being withdrawn from your account. For some reason, entertainers feel comfortable with the notion that someone else knows what’s best for them! I totally disagree with that notion. You know the type of life you want to lead and it’s your responsibility make sure it happens. I’m not saying, “Go out and fire your manager!” What I am saying is that you should be front and center of discussions that deal with your brand, your career, and most importantly your MONEY! Here are a few things I recommend to all aspiring entertainers who want to take control over their lives: (1) Take the time to know yourself first (2) Identify the vision you have for your life and career. (3) Determine who are the key players that you need around you to accomplish your vision (4) Determine what risks you are willing to take to accomplish your vision. Which things are negotiable and which things are non-negotiables? These are things that you have to be willing to lay out on the table when talking to a manager. “Write the vision – Make it Plain” – Habakkuk 2:2 Andre J. Thomas is a 5x Award Winning producer for the hit show, College Talk. Andre is also a contributing blogger for Black Moguls Magazine, GumpTown Magazine, BeatsBangBlog, The Birmingham Times and SwurvRadio. You can listen to #AndreTheBlogger on The Joe Lockett Show 101.1 FM & 1260 AM WYDE (Alabama) on Saturdays from 4pm – 7pm CST. You can read more stories by Birmingham’s Favorite Entertainment Blogger at

Consciousness Silencing Women Of Color


few days ago was what many in America would consider a holiday, a crash course collision in history for all those who choose to celebrate a criminal who claimed to discover America. Some of the notable atrocities that were committed by Christopher Columbus relevant to the framing of this necessary dialogue are the raping and murdering of women and the selling and exploitation of girls. These acts were historically preserved in his writings and those of fellow crew and “dignitaries” who accompanied him. In the wake of such a holiday, celebrating such a disturbing figure in history; I considered it refreshing that on the Friday before; Birth of a Nation was released in theaters. I will reserve my opinion about Birth of a Nation in regards to the content of the movie because I have yet to see it. However, in these times it is undeniable that the Nat Turner story needs to be told and I applaud those who would be inspired to attempt to reincarnate and distribute accounts of revolt as they are just as important and relevant as how colonist chose to declare their independence from Britain. Contrarily, everyone did not embrace an anticipatory demeanor when it came to the publicizing and releasing of the movie. Amid the marketing campaign to promote the movie, there was an outcry for conversations in our community of not only how we treat women of color but specifically how one dismantles rape culture. By just imagining the magnitude and scope of such a request I would think that it is rather lofty. The exchange of ideals must start somewhere; thus, the rationale for disclosure in attempts to curate further conversations. Before the controversy around the movie reached

the forefront of my consciousness, I remember being disheartened when learning that a man took the life of a female college student because she wanted him to stop grinding on her. St. John’s University student Tiarah Poyau, 22, was fatally shot in the face during the J’Ouvert festival. I could not begin to understand the mentality of someone who would think that they are inherently owed something from a woman nor could I comprehend the proceeding violence that ensued when the unwarranted aggressive behavior was shunned and refused. A month later another tragedy occurred, the Michigan State graduate and a human resources supervisor at a local architecture firm, Julia Martin was fatally stabbed to death by her ex-fiancé. It is vital that stories such as these are prevented. Two more women of color lives were claimed by violence, while their emotions were exploited. And it is important to remember that one does not need to qualify the significance of a victim’s stature or position in life to recognize when wrong has been done. Choosing to remain silent when such prevalent issues dominate our community is a mistake when easily, any loved one can fall victim to the same fate unless we respond accordingly. Gabrielle Union, the co-star in Birth of a Nation, acknowledged those who declined to watch the film in light of the rising controversy. “As a rape survivor and as an advocate, I cannot shy away from this responsibility because the conversation got difficult. I don’t want to put myself above anyone’s pain or triggers. Every victim or survivor, I believe you. I support you. I support you if you don’t want to see the film. I absolutely understand and respect that,” Union told Essence.


I chose to attend a breakout session entitled Violence, Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Challenge: A Movement to End Violence in Our Communities. There I learned about the prevalence of child trafficking and the experiences of youth who have to endure it. Hearing statistics quoted by the panelists was eyeopening, 42.2% of female rape victims were first raped before age 18; 29.9% of female rape victims were first raped between the ages of 11-17; and 12.3% female rape victims when they were age 10 or younger. With the criticism of Black Men ignoring issues that arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t directly problematic to them I felt obligated to lead by example and challenging behaviors vocally, as a contributor to the solution. One of the panelists echoed something similar that resonated while having my own conversations about the topic. The panelist said that those you can learn the most from are survivors of Human Trafficking. Similarly, in this specific instance, we have to listen to all women as we are unaware of those who have suffered through these experiences. In closing, I think all aspects should continue to be discussed. In the plight for justice ending the culture of rape means that we listen and have an open dialogue with our brothers and our sisters regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. I would consider this undertaking personal as it aligns closely with the mission of my nonprofit. Students Talking Out Problems embraces candid dialogue in a forum setting to create solutions for current social ills. As it relates to this specific ill, I am positive those who are enlightened can make a difference as we create more allies than foes in this collaborative pursuit of justice. Evan McCullough is a young CEO, Community Activist, and the brainchild of STOP (Students Talking Out Problems). He spends his time being a part of the solution.


Solution Consciousness Defy Ventures Helping Ex-Offenders Achieve The American Dream


one of us would have been where we are today if we were to be judged by the things we’ve done in the dark. But for some who have been caught up in the Clinton era of the new Black slavery via the Crime Bill of 1994, there is a glimmer of hope. Catherine Hoke, Founder and CEO of Defy Ventures believes in giving second chances to ex-offenders. Defy Ventures is a New York based startup and a non-profit organization started in 2010. It aims at combating recidivism in offenders and people being released from the prison industrial complex. These offenders range from drug-dealers to gang leaders and are very often convicted of some serious crimes. In American culture, a criminal record usually means a dark eye on your background placing limits on professional career choices and options. Defy ventures is hoping to disrupt this process and create a different set of outcomes. On her visit to a Texas prison, things changed for Catherine. She began to see and understand the plight of convicted felons in a better light. She found out that such people, even if they want to improve, are not able to because American society is slow to forgive especially if you are a convicted person of color. This societal rejection and roadblocks are what lead to prison being a revolving door for many. If you can’t get a job, you can’t vote, you can’t be a productive citizen. All of this is a vicious cycle that leads to an emotional and mental breakdown oftentimes placing people in the path of being offenders again. Moreover, many offenders who have managed crime based organizations seem to possess a natural business management acumen, which if channeled properly, can be put to good use. Catherine created Defy Ventures to leverage these skills and possibilities. In a rigorous guerilla MBA style program, she creates Entrepreneurs–In-Training (EIT) out of ex-offenders. There are in-person and online sessions from mentors (Hoke


calls this “blended learning”), who are essentially a group of entrepreneurs, lawyers and consultants from the likes of Harvard University. There are sessions titled “How to write a resume even if you’ve served 19 years in prison.” These trainings are meant to sharpen business skills and forge entrepreneurial ideas. But Catherine does not want to focus solely on financial self-reliance. She also aims for an all-round, holistic development and change of conscious. Offenders can be eventually reunited with their families and make peace with their past.

To Become A Part of Defy Ventures Individuals Must Be:

By engaging top corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs nationally, Defy Ventures catalyzes broad scale personal and economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals, and shatters perceptions of one of the most stigmatized and overlooked populations in America. At the end of the EIT, there is an on-stage competition where participants present their business ideas in front of a panel of investors and potential employers. This presents tremendous opportunity for participants to get a true shot at realizing the American Dream.

• Exceptionally hardworking


• Formerly incarcerated with felony histories (“tougher” criminal backgrounds don’t scare them; they PREFER a history of leadership in gangs and drug rings) • Ambitious and hungry for legal success • Committed to their personal transformation and a crime-free life

• Entrepreneurial and willing to “get it done” no matter the obstacles • 100% drug free How To Apply Defy is a competitive and rigorous program. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-of-heart, and our training reflects the intensity you’ll need to succeed as a business owner. To apply visit

Dynamic Key Note Speaker, Award-Winning Author, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive who manages multi-million dollar accounts in the world of biotechnology. Relationship & Life Coach, Associate Minister at Victory for the World-a mega church located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Mother, sister, friend.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;SharRon Jamison is one to watch for in 2017. Her latest book, Deciding to Soar, will help you step into the new year like a champion.â&#x20AC;?Swan Simpson, Publisher of Black Business Moguls Magazine To learn more about visit Network with her on social media @SharRonJamison and be sure to mention that you saw her in Black Business Moguls Magazine.




lot of companies still consider Twitter as merely a public interaction tool. However, Twitter is beyond just a means to advertise a new service or product. It’s a technique for organizations to swiftly connect as well as interact with with clients, associates and workers as well as develop a faithful following. So how can you utilize Twitter to grow your business? Following are 4 revolutionary strategies to make use of the social networking website service that can benefit your business. 1.

Lead generation. “Twitter can be used by businesses to get leads” according to Brandon Hoffman, director of Online marketing , KEA Advertising. “For example, if you’re an automobile mechanic. You can search for phrases such as ‘need mechanic’ or perhaps ‘recommend automobile mechanic,’ searching for posters within ten miles of your company address.” After that you can “engage them as well as possibly get a new client.” An alternative way to get potential clients on Twitter is to look out for intent- based tweets. “300 million tweets are delivered every day as well as 2 of the most widely used keywords on Twitter are ‘I want’ together with ‘I need,’” according to Bernard Perrine, cofounder as well as Chief executive officer, SocialCentiv, a Twitter promoting tool. “ Analyzing Twitter for key phrases as well as geolocation, companies who represent products or services that respond to the ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ tweets have got a wonderful opportunity to respond with a customized offer and appeal to a new client.”


Market analysis. “Are you wondering what clients would think of your new service or widget? Present it on Twitter with a customized hashtag and request for opinions,” according to Erika Taylor Montgomery, founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of Three Girls Media, a PR and social networking management company. “The system is a fast, simple as well as affordable method to acquire useful insight from a


preferred target audience.” 3. Customer support. “Several clients nowadays would rather get in touch with companies on Twitter for instant solutions to their challenges,” states Susan Ganeshan, CMO, Clarabridge, a client experience management firm. “They will be able to save time instead of searching for a telephone number or email address as well as being required to wait on hold additionally, it saves you money. Due to the fact they are disregarded, these clients turn out to be ever more disappointed, and strive for a technique that allows reply within 1 hour.” 4. Media relations. Harness Twitter to “find the journalists as well as publishers that are publishing articles relating to your space and start to follow them on Twitter,” according to Mark Karayan, media strategist at , LEWIS, a worldwide communications firm. “Pay attention to their discussions and jump right in to add your experience, respectfully, the moment it feels natural.” “Take advantage of Twitter for media outreach,” declares Meredith Warren, social media manager at, Idea Grove, a Public Relations firm which specializes in B2B technology. “A number of journalists might choose a tweet over a telephone call. As soon as you notice an active Twitter member on your media list, a customized tweet may be the ideal approach to get their attention. Many users simply don’t take the time to reach out through Twitter in the event that they haven’t published a tweet in half a year. Twitter is an excellent way to retain connections with crucial media influencers as well as reporters,” according to Sarah Hilmer, Communications, BetterWorks, the creator of goal-setting software for businesses. “You can make use of Twitter to understand their likes, hates, tool preferences as well as writing style and humor by communicating with them, which provides you with an enormous advantage when you go to promote a story or business idea/product to them.”

Much Ado About Millennials T

he big question in the business world is how to retain top millennial talent. One in three American workers are between the ages of 20 and 36. In 2015, the Millennial generation surpassed Generation X and Baby Boomers as the largest population in the U.S. Workforce. It is said we have different needs and agendas than our Baby Boomer or Generation X’er parents. We don’t stay at any job longer than 18 months on average and we are always looking for the next best thing. Just like the anticipation of the next IPhone, we are always looking to move on to the next company that can offer us more than the last. So, is there anything that can be done to get and keep our attention? The book “Generation X” by Douglas Coupland is credited with popularizing the phrase to describe people born in the 60’s and 70’s. The name ‘Millennials’ was invented by historians Neil Howe and William Strauss, and includes people born between the time when Generation-X ends to 2000. The years are less important than the awareness that during these years’ children were exposed to an influx of technological advances and easy access to the world. There is a sense of urgency and even entitlement to succeed but also a great sense of responsible to sustainability. Millennials want to feel they are making a difference in the world and their work meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future. This is important when identifying the retention requirements for this generation. Millennials seek a company that is diverse not only in the corporate culture but in the mission agenda of the company’s goals. Philanthropic endeavors move us because we understand that we have a responsibility to contribute to the legacy of the world we live in. Companies should invest in non-monetary compensation to encourage the Millennials within their workforce. Mentorship, autonomous supervision, flexibility, and encouragement are among the top ideals that millennials seek within an organization. Cultural diversity being one of the biggest factors since Millennials generation are the most diverse workforce ever present in the United States. It is important for companies to realize that as soon as 2019, less than 50% of live births in this country will be Caucasian.

Contributor Meloni Boatswain resides in Atlanta.


Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams The Lavish Store through a boutique where one can choose opulent tours or exotic packages with names like “Paparazzi” and “Red Carpet”. All packages are customized by Maurice who arranges and personalizes your arrival in style with real photographers clicking and a real red carpet laid out to make you look and feel like a true Hollywood Star


here was a time when Maurice Morris was working a regular job in the healthcare industry when a co-worker urged him to quit and start his own business. He did just that. He became a fashion designer with high profile clients like Sean Combs. His success in business and champagne taste prompted him to consider expanding into other avenues. The introduction of all luxury transportation for people of color was eventually born.

Helicopter arrival to prom night? Rolling up in a Rolls Royce Black Phantom to homecoming? A Yacht ride on a beautiful lake with friends on your birthday? Arriving to your event in exotic lavish style whether classic sedans, helicopter, or boat is not exactly price-less, but the moment will be indelibly imprinted on your mind. Maurice is a business mogul who is taking luxury transportation to a whole new level. He is the owner and CEO of the Lavish Store, the world’s first Black owned, upscale transportation company. His company provides services to those who can afford a lavish, over the top, VIP experience. The Lavish Store offers A-LIST clients and others a first class, red carpet, top of the line transportation fleet of exotic sedans including Maybach, Bentley, BMW, Rolls Royce along with Magnum Helicopters, and water travel in pontoons and custom yachts. His business operates


The Lavish Store originally started out as Magnum helicopters in Detroit back in 2008. When Maurice determined that he did not want to be known as just a helicopter service provider, he looked at the community and saw a void in luxury transportation. Hoping to capture the attention and the dollars of affluent people of color, Maurice expanded his business in 2012 to include an array of upscale transportation options, a lavish fleet of vehicles, and once in a life time types of experiences that are beyond that of conspicuous consumption. For clients who desire last minute availability, Maurice maintains a staff of professional chauffeurs, 5-star Chefs, Pilots and boat Captains on call 24-7. The company is headquartered in Detroit and Chicago with satellite locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, and Georgia. Visit to reserve an experience in advance. Story by Shelby Talley who is a freelance writer residing in Arlington, TX.

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Start-Ups Airfordable CEO Ama Marfo Getting Premium Air Tickets for Layaway Prices


ow frustrating is it when you need to buy an air ticket, but your credit ratings hold you back? This is a problem thousands of travelers face when the need to buy a high-priced air ticket but have bad credit history. Airfordable is a travel startup seeking to make it easier for travelers to get air tickets which they could not afford otherwise due to their bad credit history. Airfordable was a brainchild of Chicago-based Ghanaian native Ama Marfo. She says the idea was born out of his frustration of being not able to afford to take her family to Ghana during the holidays. She teamed up with Craig Henry and Emmanuel Buah to make the idea into a viable model. Founded in 2015, the start-up got assistance from incubator Y Combinator.

Micro loan Airfordable has brought the micro loan model to the flying industry. For example, a $1,000 ticket will need $200 deposit up front then the rest be paid in bi-weekly installments. Airfordable makes the booking on behalf of the traveler. When the traveler completes the installments, Airfordable releases the e-ticket. This is like Airfordable is loaning the traveler $800. Airfordable helps the traveler lock in a highly priced ticket for lower cost. Considering air ticket prices are lower when one books in advance, the traveler gets the double advantage of the lower cost and paying in affordable installments.

Airfordable says the traveler’s credit history is not one of their considerations when booking the ticket. The process is simple and straightforward. The traveler goes to the airline of choice and searches for a ticket. She takes a screenshot of the details of the air ticket she wants to buy and uploads the picture on Airfordable along with a deposit of 10-20% as calculated by an online calculator. Airfordable makes the booking and releases the e-ticket after payment of installments is complete.

Takers Airfordable has been warmly received especially by those who are held back by bad credit history. The startup says it has already attracted 10,000 travelers doing over 1 million air miles. The startup has competitors like Chicago’s OptionAway and San Francisco’s FareKeep. However, Airfordable allows a longer time for the traveler while these two allow only 3 weeks of locking in the air ticket. Airfordable is following the lead of micro loan providers like Kiva. These providers operate on trust but see a repayment of over 95%. Airfordable has stated the repayment rate is 95% which is higher than for some credit card providers. The startup says once the air ticketing model is successful enough, they will extend this facility to other costs that a traveler needs, namely hotel and holiday spots booking. Visit to sign up Linda Lee loves to follow the successes of Black owned start-ups. She is a freelance writer residing in Paris, France.


2017 Black The Damn Salon & The Business of Hair We made numerous attempts to reach out to Lou and the representatives of the Damn Salon to get more of a one on one with the beauty boss herself; but were not successfully able to make a connection in time for this publication. So, this story is about why we have chosen this dynamic woman to be our 2017 Black Mogul of the Year versus a live interview which should happen later in the year. At some point in time, we as Black women must come to the realization that we must find a way to work together to save our community. Reality TV is the abyss of entertainment in that there are always Black


women willing to look like fools in front of the camera. But what we see too little of is women on these shows with purpose. Instead of sheer buffoonery, bring some individualized beauty and brawn to the table. We believe Mushiya Tshikuka embodies the qualities of a mogul. Selecting a Black Mogul of the Year is no easy task. We spend time watching people the entire year. Watching the way they move. Checking out how they deal with adversity. Making note of their achievements. Determining if they are doing good for the community. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a year-long all eyes on you process for the most part, with few exceptions.

“I am beautiful and I don’t give a damn what you think” Mushiya Tshikuka

Mogul of the Year

Publisher’s Words

To give you a strong reference point, President Barack Obama was our 2016 Black Mogul of the Year. So, those are some big shoes to fill. So, why Mushiya? Mushiya Tshikuka was born in the Republic of Congo and went to high school in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. She learned how to do hair from her mom. She traveled the world, went to college and headed back to the ATL where she has chosen to make her dreams come true. She is the Creative Director and Founder of The Damn Salon which has locations in Atlanta and Charlotte. She is a mother, a wife, a Reality TV Star and the boss of her own bustling empire. The Damn Salon is the premier natural hair salon in the country. Mushiya started her business wanting to

bring something new to the table for Black women. Her primary purpose is to get us back to loving ourselves. Loving our own natural kinky, wavy, curly hair, the way nature intended it to be. The salon started in the kitchen of her home with nothing more than a comb and a very large vision. With the word spreading like wildfire she expanded to her first physical location and now a second location. Mushiya owns multiple trademarks to numerous natural hair techniques including the very popular Runway Curls. Runway Curls is a glamourous line of upscale 100% human Ethiopian textured natural hair extensions which has exploded since her appearance on the WE TV Network reality series, “Cutting It In The ATL”.


Runway Curls is part of a natural hair movement which has expanded around the world through a massive network of independent distributors. The movement has a tremendous cult following and is all about educating women of color on natural hair care thus giving them more optimal choices. The goal of the movement is for women to return to their natural roots therefore walking away from harmful techniques such as relaxing the hair which introduce dangerous chemicals to our hair, our bodies, and the environment. According to the Global Hair Extension Industry research report, the global hair care market is an $80 billion dollar industry. Black hair care represents approximately $7.5 billion dollars of that. And hair extensions account for nearly $1.5 billion dollars in business. Global Production and Consumption of Hair Extensions China (20%-30%) USA(40%-60%) EU (20%-30%) Africa (0%-5%) rest of the world (0%-20%). Global Consumption Volume Market Share of Hair Extensions China (20%-30%) USA(40%-60%) EU (20%-30%) Africa (0%-5%) ROW (0%-20%). Global Production Volume Market Share of Hair Extension in 2015 originated from Germany, yet the hair extension market enjoys its prosperity in the US. Regionally, the US is the largest consumption area of hair extension, with leading players like Great Lengths, Klix Hair Extension, Socap and Cinderella. No major Black players have dominated the game as of yet. Ms. Tshikuka is working to change all of this. A controversial figure in both business and activism, she has oftentimes called Black American women “lost”, but has plans to help them save themselves. The success of “Cutting It In The ATL” has her traveling across the country opening new markets for Runway Curls which is a far cry from the typical boring natural hair styling. The success of her salons, her brand, and her movement to take on an industry where we are the biggest consumers, yet almost absent from making the money is what makes this beauty boss a true Black Mogul. When she is not bossin’, she is making music and creating a line of beautiful Black dolls. Her voice is quite impressive and so is the newest doll. Congratulations to Mushiya Tshikuka our 2017 Black Mogul of the Year! Shout her out on social media Twitter @TheDamnSalon and Instagram @MushiyaTshikuka and to learn more visit and mention that you saw her in Black Business Moguls Magazine.


From C-O-N to CEO Get Fit with a Convict Workout


oTheTime. That is the slogan on the walls of ConBody Bootcamp Studio located at 294 Broome Street C-Level in New York City. With barbed wire motifs, the place does look like a jail cell. Why would you want to train in a jail cell? Have you not seen those bodies of convicted felons on TV? Being locked up gives one time to perfect their workout and the results are surprisingly quick. Coss Marte, the Founder of ConBody, used the routine he deployed at the prison gym to shed 70 pounds in just 6 months. Marte says you would take at least 2 years in a traditional gym to shed that kind of weight.

Convicted Coss Marte was living the life of the decadent drug dealer when he was busted by the Feds. He was making $2 million in a year. That is the kind of money that grows on you literally in form of fat and cholesterol. Marte was sentenced to 7 years in jail for his illegal deeds. A Doctor at New York’s Greene Correctional facility told Marte he would never see the free world again if he did not shed the weight. This dire warning plus his sister’s religious exhortations made him relook at his life starting with his physical form. Marte started working out using only his body weight and tweaked military style routines. In 6 months he was 70 pounds lighter.

Inspiration After release from prison and living with his mother, Marte was looking for ways to make an extra buck while he an idea struck him. He had been working out with his friends when a passerby asked to join. Marte charged the guy $200 for a month’s routine. The guy happily paid up.

Marte started Coss Athletics first operating out of the basement at Delancey Street day care. His routines grew in popularity and now attract about 400 people per month. The uniqueness and effectiveness of his routines have become popular with people who have tried other fancier gyms with little result.

Conbody Coss Athletics became ConBody. The routines are strictly based on body weight. Drawing from his time in the cell, trainees perform their routines in a small space the size of a yoga mat. There are about 40 classes a week. Marte says about 80% of his clients are women. They seem to prefer the challenge and the hard going routines, unlike the usual aerobics routines. At $25 per session or a monthly pass for $100, Marte’s clients believe the workout is the best they can get. Marte has engaged other people who needed a second chance just like he did. Shane Ennover is one beneficiary of ConBody’s social responsibility. He says that ConBody has given him a chance to make an honest living doing something he enjoys and helping people attain healthier lifestyles which are a win-win for both sides. Visit their website at


Mogul Travel The Luxurious SLS Hotel (W Hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest acquisition) via Las Vegas There are no flashy neon lights and other gaudy signage inviting you to the SLS Las Vegas, just quiet aristocracy. The SLS Las Vegas says class without being showy. Housed in the building of the old Sahara Hotel and Casino at the northern end of the strip, the SLS commands an air sheer luxury and opulence just like as one can imagine it to be in the Sin City. The SLS Las Vegas is partly owned by the SBE group whose face has been the renowned entertainment mogul Sam Nazarian. The SLS Las Vegas has some of the trendiest bars and eateries on the strip like the Cleo, Katsuya, and Umami Burger.

Casino The casino at the SLS is a mix of the old and the new. There are LED tiles on the floor that change color when you step on them. There is a huge 3D video screen that hangs at the center of the Casinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bar which is itself at the center of the Casino area.

Dining The SLS has made a name for itself by having some of the top eateries on the strip. There is the Bazaar Meat with celebrity chef Jose Andre whose beef steak is legendary. For Japanese cuisine


head to the Katsuya. There is also the Ku Noodle for oriental style dumplings and the Cleo for Mediterranean inspired cuisine, and 800 degrees for Italian style pizza. For the best in good old burger and fries try Umami Burger. There is always a party going on at one of the night spots in the SLS. For drinks head to the Sayers Club. There are luxurious couches from which you can enjoy the acts lined for the night including comedy, live music and DJ mixes. High energy partying is to be found at the Foundry or Foxtail. There is a pool by the Foxtail where you can enjoy your drinks as you mingle with the rest of the revelers. There is also the Monkey bar which has a fantastic view of the Vegas skyline.

Luxurious Accommodations There are options for a double bed room or king room. Each room is 360 square feet. The double has two beds with each headboard set near the window. The King rooms are also 360 square feet with one king sized bed. The tower story rooms

are 325 square feet and set in the offbeat style. Each room has a 55 inch HD LED TV and a music system. There is also a sofa and a working desk. A Saints and Sinners snack pack and a mini fridge takes care of your hunger pangs before heading down to the eateries. Each room has an all-glass luxury shower and Infinity sink. This is mogul luxury and style beyond compare.

Mogul Upgrades in Expected W Hotel Like Style The W Hotel is snagging the SLS to become a member of its family of hotels. The W emblem sits on top of the front building of the hotel reminding you that the old is making way for the new. And for those with mogul pockets who desire to step your game up, the one-bedroom Wow Suites offer chic comforts and a dash of playful mischief. Incredible views of the Nevada Mountains or the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Wow Suites offer guests VIP entrée to the hotel’s exceptional nightlife venues. To stay in these suites and enjoy this level of exclusive access, guests must be 21 years and older. In the private bedroom, our kingsize bed sits atop an illuminated platform giving it the look and feel of a floating poolside daybed. Sink into the comfort the hotel’s exclusive Sleep Lying Still Beautyrest brand of Mattresses and dreamy linens for a perfect night’s sleep. The illuminated headboard and ceiling mirror add a dash of playful glamor. Choose from an imaginative Phillipe Starck interior or a stunning Lenny Kravitz design with private balcony. The ingenious bathroom is divided into separate bright yellow alcoves that house an oversized walk-in shower and multi-use sink. Sliding mirror doors to each alcove introduce a mischievous ‘peekaboo’ element. Exclusive Ciel Spa bath amenities plus our signature terry robes and slippers round out the indulgence. Your stay in the Wow Suites requires a direct call to

Starwood Preferred Guest Reservations for upgraded pricing and availability. Or directly to the hotel’s concierge at 702-761- 8700. For more details and room stylings visit https://www. Rayna Rich is an avid traveller, woman of leisure, and mother of one. She resides in Las Vegas, NV home of the fabulous.


Mogul Rides The 2017 Maserati Ghibli Affordable Luxury


he 2017 Ghibli named for the African desert wind has received mixed reactions from car aficionados who were not too impressed with the 2014 version. It seems Maserati decided to work on the interior and mechanics while leaving the carâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exterior styling just as it was in the 2014 version. The 2017 Ghibli has come in 3 forms; Ghibli, Ghibli S and Ghibli S Q$. The basic version is going for $71,600 while the other two are going for $77,200 and $79,700 respectively. Again, Maserati is pushing luxury as the differentiating factor. All versions get a V6 twin turbocharged engine. The basic Ghibli has a 3 liter 345 HP, while the S version has 404 HP which is also equal to the Q4. The 404 Hp allow the Ghibli to jump from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds and achieve a top speed of 175 mph. Maserati engines are designed by Maserati and built by Ferrari. The signature note of the growling V6 is impressive. The 2017 Ghibli has an improved driver assistance package. There is lane-departure warning, blind spot alert, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning and automated emergency braking. The driver also gets a rear camera for dynamic parking trajectory suggestions. There is also 360 degrees that can be turned on optionally. The Q4 differs from the S version by having an all-wheel drive which has improved the agility and grip while channeling the 404 Hp to the ground. The S version features Urano polished


wheels with Maseratiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proprietary Skyhook adaptive suspension and red brake calipers. The Q4 version 19 inch Poseidon wheels with black brake calipers. The infotainment has been upgraded with a touchscreen set featuring a central dial for easier control. There are options to upgrade to premium systems from Bowers & Wilkins and Harman Kardon. The 2017 Ghibli does not disappoint in terms of luxury. The front seats are in a wraparound style and can be adjusted in 12 ways for the perfect sitting position. Both rear and front seats have leather covering coming in 3 colors. The leather can be extended to armrests, dashboard, and instrument panel, doors, and interior side panels on demand. Maserati has engaged renowned car interior designer Ermenegildo Zegna for the interior. There is the option of a silk trim interior by Zegna. The silk is hand stitched and has a micro chevron pattern to cover seats, door panels, roof lining, sunshades and ceiling light fixture. The Maserati Stability Program has been deployed for greater stability while keeping the agility of the car. There are 7 airbags to keep all the occupants safe. These supplement the impressive driver aids in all versions of the Ghibli. Prince Aiden Aziz lives in London England and happily writes for Black Business Moguls Magazine in his free time.

Business Finance How to Build a Paydex Score


ore and more businesses are realizing how important a business credit card is, just like it is for an individual person. However, the question many businesses will keep asking is why they keep getting denied business credit cards and other lines of credit. Just like there is credit scoring for individuals, businesses get scored too. A Paydex score shows how well a business repays its debts and thus its creditworthiness. The scoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cut line is 80. A number below this is a poor score while above 80 shows the business pays on time, or before debts are due.

it even if it has a low limit. The credit card should be in the business name and not a personal name. Again, there are many credit card firms willing to take on new customers at low limits. Take out a small loan you know the business can comfortably pay back on time. This should be possible after 3-6 months of consistently paying your trade accounts and business credit cards on time.

Ensure that all these payments are made on or before they are due. All transactions should be crafted to be paid on credit where possible, and be paid before the due date. Negotiating for longer payment periods works in your favor. Instead of Net 10, ask for a Net 30 arrangement. This keeps the business on the safe side in To get scored, a business has to obtain a D-U-N-S number. case the cash flow gets constrained. This number is issued by Dun & Bradstreet, a credit D&B will start picking up your credit trail in about 3 months. scoring agency. This number will be tracked through You can apply to have your Paydex score in 6 months. other businesses dealing reporting to Dun & Bradstreet. Following this process to the letter will help you lay the foundation for building strong credit for your business.

Paydex number

Improving scores

If you are dealing with a physical product, getting scored is a pretty straightforward affair. Look for vendors who report to D&B. Open at least 4 credit lines with these vendors as that is the minimum reporting requirement. You should take care not to overdo it. Typically 10 vendors are OK for a quick feedback on your creditworthiness.

Sharon Neely is a freelance writer living with her two dogs in Los Angeles, California


Wellness The Power of Acupuncture


n 2009 the US Air force began teaching ‘Battlefield Acupuncture’ to troops deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. This would seem laughable but an entity such as the USAA understands medicine and anything it takes serious cannot be laughed off. Indeed the 2,000 years of history behind acupuncture means it has been thoroughly studied and refined over the ages, which is longer than has been the study of chemical drugs in modern medicine.

Acupoints According to the Chinese and other oriental societies, life is enabled by a life force known as Chi (China) or Qi (Japan). This life force is in constant flow and gives function to form in matter. That is, it animates the body. This life force is present in all living beings. When chi gets blocked or flows imperfectly, there is an imbalance which leads to pain and disease. Only the restoration of this balance can make the body healthy again. Points of the body at which chi flow may be hampered are known as acupoints or meridians. The human body has about 350 acupoints.

Acupuncture This is the stimulation of acupoints to restore chi. The most common method of acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles in the acupoints. Other methods include heat therapy (moxibustion), manual massage, cupping, and application of topical medicines. Acupuncture became popular in the West in the last half of the 20th century. Serious studies even by leading academic institutions led scholars to believe that acupuncture was effective in relieving problems in the digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems.


The World Health Organization found that acupuncture could help alleviate problems for 28 ailments. The USAA found that acupuncture relieved pain during and after surgery reducing the need for strong painkillers, hence the recommendation to teach battlefield medics. Although western medicine has never conclusively studied the concept of Chi, some scholars opine that acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural painkillers in the nervous system and the flow of blood which delivers more immune cells to ailing body parts. What is not disputed is that acupuncture has been found to effective in treating several ailments among them: • Allergic rhinitis • Epigastralgia including peptic ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis • Headache • Hypotension, primary • Knee pain • Low back pain • Neck pain • Renal colic • Tennis elbow • Nausea and vomiting • Sciatica • Pain in dentistry • Rheumatoid arthritis • Postoperative pain • Stress • Female Issues • And many more Acupuncture treatment starts with a physical examination. The examination is pretty much like the ordinary medical examination where the doctor is looking for symptoms and signs. The doctor may look for symptoms by examining organs such as the tongue’s color, coating, and dryness. According to his or her conclusions, there could be a recommended a number of sessions for several weeks or months. Each session takes about 30 minutes. Check for the best recommendations in your city.

Meet The Author

The Brodie Family

Renata Brown-Brodie Renata was once a social butterfly who turned stay at home mother. She left her work life behind to be at home for her children and husband. As her two kids got older, she returned to the corporate world. First as a Realtor in Wilmington, DE until the markets crashed. Secondly, she settled into a promising career with Bank of America. Being young and restless, Renata was doing well in corporate America, but still was not satisfied. Her passion is writing and has been the case since she was at least 11 years old. After leaving work at her corporate job, Renata would come home and start cranking out pages developing the groundwork for her latest successful novel, “From Hunt To Teen”. Her teenage children are her muse and provide inspiration for the book and many of her other stories. She will be the first to tell you, getting her work out there did not come easy. Writing requires discipline and passion and if you are not serious about the craft, you will throw in the towel in frustration. With many attempts at getting her work published, Renata finally landed a 3 book deal with Tate Publishing. The success of her first published book has placed high demands on her time. Once she leaves work at her day job, she conducts radio interviews and book signings across the country. Renata is proof that once can never be too busy to start living your dreams. This super busy mom and career

woman has found a way to balance life on her terms successfully. If you like “Harry Potter”, then “From Hunt To Teen” is a great book to grab as a gift for yourself or someone you love. And you can get a copy with the assurance that it contains wholesome family friendly language. Read more online at Connect with Renata on Twitter @rdevia08 and be sure to shout out Black Business Moguls Magazine when you do.


BOSS MOVES Natural Hair, Beauty & Empowerment Expo Founder Marita Walton Publisherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Words


work that makes them happy. After making her move, she found herself working in corporate events and wanted to do something that would give her own life personal fulfillment. In 2011, when she decided to move away from chemically processing her hair, she had the idea to network with other women of color who were making a similar move. She started a Natural Hair MeetUp offering workshops and support to other women wanting to get away from the snap, crackle, and pop of using relaxers and damaging heat. After her own hair started falling out and shedding, she had had enough. Marita wanted to find a way to teach other women how to learn to love who they were starting with their own kinky or curly hair. In 2013, Marita and a dedicated group of supportive volunteers birthed the 1st Natural Hair, Beauty and Empowerment Expo with very limited funding. The expo was a huge success with more than 1000 people attending from across the county. The expo took off a when launching year two in October 2016. Working with her promotional partner, Dee Ware, more than 2000 people, vendors, and


natural hair experts were in attendance. The 2016 event was held at the beautiful SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. And it's a clear indication from the packed attendance that the event is here to stay. One can find at the Natural Hair, Beauty & Empowerment Expo an abundance of workshops overflowing with attendees. And a mainstage of internationally renowned speakers like Patrina Wisdom, who give powerful lessons on loving yourself and the skin you are in. There is a fashion show, food vendors, and a showcase of other talented individuals who round out the showcase.

3. Find A Mentor 4. Read & Meditate 5. Find tools and resources, organizations & networking to tap into 6. Be prepared for surprises 7. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to fail or start over as it may not work the first time To learn more about the Natural Hair, Beauty & Empowerment Expo 2017 visit

Marita wants to expand the expo and continue to build on the success of the event. She still maintains her full time corporate job while working hard on her passion. Many Entrepreneurs believe you have to go all in head first in order to run a successful business. But Marita is proof that you can build your dreams on a part-time basis without completely risking your financial well-being. I asked her to share with our readers and other Black women her blueprint for start-up success:

THE BluePrint

1. Ask yourself what do you REALLY want to do? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not easy because with your dedication to your dream, something is going to suffer... children, spouse etc. 2. What are you willing to give up (relationships, friendships)?



Secret Kitchen

Mogul Eats W

hen traveling to Las Vegas, you don’t want to miss this wonderful little find. Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen is home to some of the most exquisite Thai cuisine being served in America. The restaurant is located in the upscale neighborhood of Summerlin amid multimillion dollar homes and breathtaking estates. It is a far cry from the tourist scene that normally comes to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas. Chef Nittaya Parawong believes in serving food loaded with authentic flavors that come from her native Thailand. Every step is taken to create culinary masterpieces that will tantalize at least 4 of the 5 senses. And in some cases, they will hit all 5. The restaurant is a cozy blend of soothing wood and dim lighting that give it an intimate feel. A recent expansion allows them to accommodate a few more than the original 12 or so tables they originally offered. Reservations are a must as the place fills up quickly. The menu reads like a secret garden oasis of flavors awaiting your beckoning. Of course, you have the familiar spring rolls, pad Thai, and Thai ice tea. But give your palate something different and try the fried spinach salad, panko breaded avocado, or volcano shrimp served flaming tableside. The tapas and dinner menus are extensive. And the wine


list is impressive. And so is the selection of hot teas. Desserts are a must especially the sticky coconut rice served with thick slices of freshly cut juicy mango. The secret kitchen is all about the rest of the menu offerings that take you deep inside the food of Thailand that Chef Nittaya grew up enjoying. Dishes like lemongrass soup, drunken noodles, southern Thai Cornish hen, eggplant with fresh basil, and garlic rice which is my personal favorite. Only superior ingredients go into the making of each ultra-fine dish on the menu. Lunch sampling is available six days a week. And dinner service is available nightly seven days a week. Go to www. to explore more of the menu which changes often. Also visit for more photos and fabulous reviews.

BUILD Business Credit In 90 Days UNLOCK Bonus Material Scan With Your Mobile Device

Discover How You Can Build A Complete Business Or Corporate Credit Profile In 90 Days! You Can Use Business Credit To Get Lines Of Credit To Start Or Expand A Business Or Purchase Investment Real Estate Including Apartment Buildings!


Strategic Moves The Places To Be For Black Entrepreneurs The Motivation Behind Our Findings Mainstream media always has a way of leading our community down a rabbit trail. Taking propaganda and calling it news and putting it in front of us by way of social media, entertainment and the nightly news. This method of feeding us so called news oftentimes influences our decisions about places to live, work and do business. The same propaganda is what keeps us chasing our tails. It’s divisive and misleading and it keeps us from fully realizing the American dream….a dream that should have made us rich from our time, talent, contributions, and gifts… decades ago. So, we decided to research and investigate the data that we could find about Black owned businesses in this country to see where it would lead us versus where the media wants to push us. The list is surprising and the statistics in some places were staggering. If you are building a company and are looking for “the places to be”, this list is for you. We’d love to hear your feedback on social media! We're on Twitter and Instagram @BlackMogulsMag


About The Data According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, there are more than 2.1 million registered Black owned businesses in this country producing $138 BILLION DOLLARS IN REVENUE and they create approximately 921,000 jobs. Black Business Moguls Magazine crunched numbers for 100 metropolitan areas around the country with populations over 100,000 people; viewed statistics for medium incomes for Black people in these areas; factored cost of living and unemployment rates to create this very telling Top 10 listing. The general thoughts and ideas behind entrepreneurship are to solve problems that create economic opportunities for the community. Opportunities that also build financial freedom and independence for the owners and Founders. Numbers don’t lie.

10 Top

Cities For Black Entrepreneurs

10 Salt Lake City, Utah Black owned businesses in this city have the highest revenues of all the cities on the listing. Revenues for these businesses are 5xs more than the other cities in our listing.

9 Buffalo, New York Buffalo has the 2nd highest percentage of Black owned businesses with actual paid employees in the country.

8 Montgomery, Alabama 1/3 of all businesses in the area are Black owned



Washington, DC/Alexandria, Virginia With a highly educated population, this area is growing in technology. There are increasing business opportunities for companies with large contracts in the public and private sector.

Memphis, Tennessee Music, Film and TV are putting "The Bluff City" back on the Black economic map. Memphis has always maintained a majority Black population. Known as America’s distribution center because of its location to multiple sources of international transportation and waterways. Memphis also excels in Bio Science, Green Industries and of course Manufacturing.


Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC



Richmond, VA

Its proximity to DC and Alexandria, VA allows the success to rub off on this big sleeper town with more than 270,000 daily commuters. Baltimore Open for Business offers online guides to help you do business in the city.


The research triangle is a technology epicenter filled with opportunities. A number of incubators, business accelerators, co-working spaces and entrepreneurial MeetUps exist to support business ownership. Social entrepreneurship is growing in the area as well. Durham Black Chamber of Commerce serve as a good source for information on doing business in the area.

Quietly known as the “hub” of Black capitalism, Richmond has 8.67% Black owned businesses with actual paid employees-the highest on the list. The city has the 2nd lowest unemployment rates at 5.3%. And is the best place for Black Millennials to do business.

Baltimore, MD


Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL The area has the highest percentage of Black owned businesses of any major metro area across the country. Over 12% of businesses in the area are Black owned.

Columbus, GA (Surprise! Surprise!) “People THINK Black Entrepreneurship is concentrated in Atlanta, but it extends to other cities in the State.”-Bill Murphy, EVP Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce Columbus, GA has a robust, affluent Black community. Over 1/3 of the cities small businesses are Black owned. The low cost of living gives it ideal appeal.


The Conspiracy That Is Atlanta The Dying Black Mecca


ides have turned in Atlanta and things are changing in major ways. Mainstream media always puts Atlanta on the top 10 list of places for Black people to live. It even shows up on other people’s listings for the best places to start a business. But the end results say something different. So, why do other people want to continue to lead you to Atlanta?

In its former life, Atlanta was indeed becoming the Black Mecca. But something happened. It has since been coopted by people who chose to sell the community out as opposed to continuing the progress lead by a Black Attorney who would ultimately become the city’s first Black Mayor, Maynard Jackson. Jackson’s vision for the city has been quietly stifled. There is literally a 20 point plan to destroy Atlanta’s Black political power structure thus redirecting all the economic gains. Reference the book “The Black Metropolis In the 21st Century.” But what makes Atlanta so important to mainstream America so much so that they want to continue to sell you the false hopes of its appeal? Atlanta is the 3rd largest Black CONSUMER Market in the nation, valued at $73 Billion dollars…that’s why. Atlanta’s low cost of living, strong business environment, and heavy Black affluent consumerism make it ideal for OTHERS to do business. Atlanta’s appeal is its Black consumer purchasing power. This appeal is the opportunity is for others to get rich at your expense. For more information on the changing tide in Atlanta visit And share your thoughts with us twitter@BlackMogulsMag and Instagram@BlackMogulsMag


15 1

Female Bosses You Must Know

Bari A. Williams, Senior Counsel- Facebook

Bari is the head of Global Infrastructure and Operations at the world’s largest social network. Twitter@ BariAWilliams


Emelyn Stuart, CEO & Founder-Stuart Film Group

Emelyn is an Executive Producer and heads up the Oktober film Festival in New York City. Twitter@ StuartFilms


Umukija Singh, Owner & Community Activist for the Homeless

Umukija is a Master Distributor of Hair Care Products. And uses profits from her company to provide weekly meals to homeless families in Atlanta. Twitter@ kijafoodprayer


Wanda Dee, Performer & Female Boss at Goddess Empire

Wanda Dee is a Recording Artist and international performer who has multiple Reality TV projects in production. Facebook @ wanda.dee.90


Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO-TaskRabbit

Stacy is a power mover in Silicon Valley having been large and in charge previously at Google. Twitter@ sbp04


Erica Baker, Senior Engineer-Slack

Erica is leading the way for diversity and inclusion in the world of technology. Twitter @ EricaJoy


Zuhairah Washington, General Manager-Uber

Zuhairah runs the show for Uber in Washington, DC. Twitter@ Zuhairah


Okpo Designs

Sisters Darlene & Lizzy started their own designer label in New York City with influences from Nigerian culture. Twitter@ WilliamOkpo

11 Ituen Basi, CEO & Chief Designer-Ituen-Basi Ituen is a rising Nigerian designer who was professionally trained in London. Twitter@ ituenbasi

12 Janice Bryant-Howroyd, CEO-ACT1 Group Janice founded the largest woman owned privately held workforce solutions company in the U.S. Twitter@ JBryantHowroyd

13 Kiana Webb-Severloh, Restauranteur & Top McDonald’s Franchisee.

Kiana owns 5 McDonald’s restaurants of her own and runs 16 others owned by her family. Connect with her on LinkedIn

Elizabeth Blount-McCormick, President-

14 Uniglobe Travel

Elizabeth runs her family owned corporate travel management enterprise. Twitter@ elizabethb15

15 Erika Alexander-Actress & Co-Creator of Concrete Park graphic novel series

Erika is the former star of Living Single and is the first Black female creator of a widely distributed comic series. Twitter @EAlexTheGreat

Swan Simpson, CEO-Swan Simpson Media Group

Swan is the Publisher of Black Business Moguls Magazine & runs a digital media empire. Twitter@SwanSimpson


10 Darlene & Lizzy Okpo, Owners-William

Jasmine Lawrence, Program Manager Xbox-Microsoft

Jasmine is responsible for user experiences with Xbox. Twitter@ EDENsjasmine

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Tech Watch Pay Sell Co. Pay Sell Co. is a provider of e-commerce solutions. The company grows as a provider of modern solutions that serve the unique needs of each business, individual, organization or cause. Pay Sell helps clients to get paid easily by customers, order prepaid services, promote their brand, and send charitable donations among other transactions.

The Founder Pay Sell Co. was founded by Mr. Jibril Sulaiman. He started off as the owner of a store to support music and wireless carrier industries in their transactions. Sulaiman was a pioneer in the refill / reup / payments / topup industry having come up with one of the earliest payment systems called Cell Pay. It is still one of the leading IVR/ TXT2PAY systems that can be quickly deployed at any level of business. The second product was Kontribute which allowed for donations to be made through a phone number. From the wireless store, Sulaiman went on to offer more solutions in e-commerce for businesses with unique needs. Pay Sell relies on new emerging technology to tailor make e-commerce solutions for their clients. Pay Sell Co. has 5 employees and 4 advisors. Mr. Sulaiman remains the President of the parent company Pay Cell Systems. Pay Sell Co. is located at 418 W Garden St Pensacola, FL 32502. The company landed on the 2016 Inc 5000 and is worth $9.8 million dollars.

Products Pay Sell Co. offers two main e-commerce platforms; Cell


Pay and Razsum. Cell Pay allows collection of wireless payments via phone, SMS, and the web. The second, Razsum, is for people, businesses and organizations looking to do fundraising. Razsum offers 7 different kinds of platforms for fundraising: 1. Eventbrite for event fundraising 2. GoFundMe for social goal page fundraising 3. ActBlue or Crimsonred for political fundraising 4. Cashme for twitter donations 5. Web fundraising 6. Phone call fundraising 7. SMS fundraising The beauty of Razsum is its simplicity. A client simply signs up, sets up the fundraising campaign and promotes it. The client gets a link for the promotion to push the donation on social media, texting and so on. Clients can fundraise for a variety of needs; non-profit charity, religious, sports and politics. The needs of each fundraising cause have been assessed carefully to present the client with the best payment solution. Pay Sell Co. says the fact that they provide modern needs does not have to mean having tap to pay, mobile apps and other fancy technology. The company believes in offering the client an e-commerce solution that works for his business by being the most efficient way of collecting the payments. Terri West is an American freelance writer living in South Africa. She loves keeping up with the latest news from the high-tech world.

How To Create A Fortune In Network Marketing marketing business. You get a commission for every downline under you and those who are under them and so on. This means you can create infinitely deep levels of downlines all making money for you. You can make more money from your downlines in two ways; push them to drive more volumes, or train them to create and retain more downlines themselves. The first approach is good for quick returns while the second approach is good for longterm commissions and wealth creation.

Get Training & Give Training

Can anyone make big money in network marketing? The answer is a solid yes. Some people have bad-mouthed networking marketing over the years because of simply not understanding what it is about. Network marketing works by pushing a product and getting others to do the same. Unlike a conventional job, networking marketing gives a freer hand in what you can do with the product. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your own business. Many people find it hard to make money from network marketing because of using the wrong tactics and lacking the discipline for selfmanagement. So, how do you make big money in the network marketing business?

BE A Product of the Product Do not make the mistake of rushing to promote a product you barely understand or that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe in. Pick a product type that you are familiar with or that can be explained with simplicity. For example, if you are a regular exerciser you will find it easy promoting dietary supplements and other weight-related products. You will come across as more believable when making your pitch. You will also believe more in the product which is a great morale booster and shows in your marketing presentation.

Training is crucial for you and your downline. You will have to get the skills to push the product, manage and retain your downlines. Your downlines will also need the training to understand the product, commission model and how to push the product. Attend company provided trainings and seek out additional training on your own. Encourage your downlines to attend all training organized by the network marketing company and the additional trainings as well.

NETWORK One of the main attractions of network marketing is the creation of income streams from those you introduce to the business. Tapping into social networks and introducing your friends and family is always a good starting point. Ask for electronic brochures of the products, video presentations and video trainings. Post these along with some success stories on Instagram and Facebook. Make a video testimonial to show potential downline members and/or customers how the product or service is helping other people and can do the same for them. Zee Butler has built a network marketing downline with more than 3000 active members. She travels the world teaching people how to live the Herbalife. Zee resides in the Bahamas with her husband, three children, a dog and their cat.

Establish Personal Goals Just like you would start off your own business with a business plan, it is important to know what you want from your network marketing business. Are you doing it as a side business or as the main source of income? Your answer will help you determine your goals and how much time each week you need to put into your business.

Build A Solid Team Downlines are people you introduce to the network



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