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2 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.orgwww.CannaBistroAtlanta.com

EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN IN “WEED” There is a prevalent stereotype that sees men as the ones that can play active roles in the legal cannabis industry. But today, that stereotype is fast fading away. Women from all around the world are now coming together to play relevant roles in the cannabis industry. Statistics show that over 37% of senior level marijuana executives as of 2020 are women. This is higher than the average 21% for other industries. 37% may look small, but it shows that there is an increase in influence and power from women. By 2021, the United States marijuana industry is set to grow by over 500%. These statistics show that there is a lot of potential for female scientists, advocates, and entrepreneurs that want to get into the business.

GROWING WOMEN’S ORGANIZATIONS Women Who CANnabis is now a lobby group that is taking the initiative to bring women together; especially women of color. I started the organization in 2018 after being dismissed by mainstream women in larger more prominent organizations. Women Who CAN was created with the idea of forming an alliance of women that leverage partnerships and network together towards the goal of inclusion in the multi-billiondollar legal marijuana industry. We had our first conference in 2018 with about 63 women in attendance. It was an intimate gathering with an awesome amount of good information being shared. Many partnerships were formed. And my goal as an organizer was fulfilled. 2020 marks our 2nd historic conference and our first Business Expo with more than 450 registered attendees, 20 vendors, and 8 speakers. We know the impact of Covid-19 may impact the actual turn out, but we have added a free online live stream to our virtual conference so that those who still want to make history with us, can do so from the comfort of their home. This 2nd conference is focused on the women (and some men) who are making strides as people of color in an industry that has not openly welcomed us to the table. It is so important that we build our own tables in cannabis and not accept the crumbs that people will throw from the tables they proclaim are theirs. With this we ask you for your support. We are stronger together than we will ever be separate and apart.

Women Who CANnabis inspires, connects and educates women to be pioneers and giants in the legal marijuana industry. The organization by far is one of the only organized advocates for more inclusion of women and people of color in business ownership and governmental contract opportunities in the legal Cannabis Industry while working to make changes to laws and expand economic opportunities for all women. Membership in Women Who CANnabis is open to all women of color including students, business owners, CEOs, medical professionals, students, advocates, and influencers in the CBD and legal cannabis industry. The annual membership is $49 and can potentially be tax deductible (check with your accountant). As more research is done on CBD and marijuana and both become mainstream, more women will get involved in the space. Women Who CANnabis will be working diligently in the foreground with our membership, members of congress, and state legislators to advocate for equitable inclusion. Equitable inclusion meaning not the crumbs left on the table, but big slices of the economic pie that everyone else gets to partake. If you would like to see more favorable laws and economic policies that are inclusive of women of color, visit https://www.womenwhocannabis.org to join us now! THE TIME TO COME TOGETHER IS NOW Swan Simpson, Publisher @CoachSwanSimpson



WOMEN WHO CAN BUSINESS EXPO GOLD SPONSORCannaB Spa Atlanta Brittany is a licensed Esthetician who’s in love with CBD & Hemp. She’s from Decatur, GA which is just 15 mins outside of Atlanta. Her love for skincare started just in 2017 when she was told she had to go to beauty school to get licensed in order to manage a family business. So she did! Even with her reservations of going back to school, she did it because it was best for the business. While being a student at Beaver Beauty Academy, her love for skincare grew. During this time is when Brittany struggled with anxiety and depression the most. It was always a struggle for her growing up but it became more severe as an adult because she ignored it. At age 27, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression by her doctor because symptoms started showing up in her health/body. Her doctor prescribed traditional medicine to reduce her symptoms but she hated how it made her feel. After just 6 months she stopped taking the medicine and had to go though hard withdrawals. One day CBD was brought to Brittany’s attention when she walked into a local shop. The salesperson explained how it could help with her anxiety in a more natural way. When Brittany tried CBD oil, it helped tremendously and gave Brittany better relief. A year after finishing school and doing more research on CBD, she was amazed to see the wonders it could do on your skin as well. For a year and a half, Brittany began trying CBD/Hemp products and even experimented with

4 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

creating skincare from her kitchen to gain a better understanding of how it would work on her skin. She could see and feel better results with her new skincare routine in just 2 months. From CBD/Hemp facial cleansers to body wash, she felt good and her skin looked even better. Brittany knew she wanted to work in a spa and to eventually open her own but it wasn’t until 2019 when an idea came to mind. Brittany noticed the trend of CBD and Hemp starting to flourish in the beauty industry. Businesses were starting to add CBD/Hemp to their services. Her goal was to open a spa with more CBD/Hemp infused products but soon decided that it can ALL be CBD/Hemp knowing what it has done for her. Why not provide an entire experience using CBD/ Hemp-infused products?, so Brittany got to work to make this idea come to light. From October 2019 to January 2020, she kept this business plan on the low as she worked on her own logo, name, marketing, services, building relationships in the industry, finding a location and more. Created partnerships with CBD/Hemp companies like Therapeutic Treats, The Georgia Hemp Company, S.W.A.G Essentials, ATLrx and others to provide her customers with a full cannabis experience to also be able to shop products at her spa. Then by February 2020, she surprisingly announced the opening of the only ALL CBD/Hemp treatment spa in Georgia...”CannaBSpa”.



Cannabis is a plant through which cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted. CBD is a multi-functional smart molecule which not only acts as a regulator and an adaptogen but also works as a modulator inside the body depending upon its location and situation. CBD’s multifunctional list includes analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive, anti-cancer, epilepsy, antianxiety making it a smart compound which has the capability to do multiple of things in a single shot. Therefore, CBD is also referred as the “boy scout molecule” because it always does the right thing in the body.

6 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

THE WONDROUS BENEFITS of CBD oil Natural pain relief and antiinflammatory properties For pain and its relative stiffness, people tend to use a big amount of different drugs but researchers believe that CBD oil can do this analgesic work much better than pharmaceutical drugs. When a study was done on the analgesic effects of CBD, it found that CBD oil not only reduced acute but also the chronic pain in mice and rats. Therefore, researchers are hopeful that CBD oil can be a new treatment for conditions of chronic or prolonged pain (Oláh, A, 2017).

Fighting cancer Along with other various diseases, CBD also helps in fighting cancer. It is found that CBD not only stops the progression of cancerous cells but also suppress the growth of these cells and endorse their demolition as said in a review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. CBD has a less toxic level as compared to other cancer therapy drugs and researchers are hopeful to suggest a new mode of therapy which has much higher success rate and much lower toxic levels (Massi, P et al, 2013)

Type 1 diabetes Type 1 diabetes occurs as a result of inflammation and this inflammation is triggered by our own immune system cells and destroys the cells of the pancreas which releases insulin causing type-1 diabetes. CBD protects the cells of the pancreas from getting trapped in the inflammation and hence helps in the prevention of type-1 diabetes. The research is also published by Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation in 2016 which is further confirmed by a paperwork done by in Lisbon, Portugal (Lehmann, C et al, 2017).

Anxiety disorders According to authors of a review from Neurotherapeutics CBD is a game changer when it comes to multiple anxiety disorders. This study shows that CBD is very effective with anxiety and certain related disorders. This review also gives a list of disorders in which CBD can reverse the condition. These conditions are: • panic disorder • obsessive-compulsive disorder • post-traumatic stress disorder • social anxiety disorder • general anxiety disorder The present drug treatments for these conditions can produce complicated side effects, but with CBD, there are no known side effects.

Acne Acne is a condition which happens due to overworking sebaceous glands and inflammation. Therefore, it can also be used for acne as confirmed in a study (in 2014) published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation due to its antiinflammatory properties.

Alzheimer’s disease Same as in type-1 diabetes, CBD is also helpful in Alzheimer’s disease. It is helpful for patients who are social deficit and has developmental issues. This means CBD helps even in the early stage of life

Conclusion Although research is still going on the multifunctional properties of CBD and its extracts, but scientists are hopeful from the results that CBD can be that miracle element from cannabis which has multiple benefits with no known side-effects.

References • Massi, P., Solinas, M., Cinquina, V., & Parolaro, D. (2013, February). Cannabidiol as potential anticancer drug. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 75(2), 303–312. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3579246/ • Lehmann, C., Fisher, N. B., Tugwell, B., Szczesniak, A., Kelley, M., & Zhou, J. (2017, February 2). Experimental cannabidiol treatment reduces early pancreatic inflammation in type 1 diabetes [Abstract]. IOS Press. Retrieved from https://content.iospress.com/articles/clinicalhemorheology-and-microcirculation/ch168021 • Oláh, A., Tóth, B. I., Borbiró, I., Sugawara, K., Szöllõsi, A. G., Czifra, G., … Bíró, T. (2014, September). Cannabidiol exerts sebostatic and antiinflammatory effects on human sebocytes. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 124(9), 3,713–3,724. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm. nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4151231/



THE MEDICINAL POTENTIAL for CBD In America CBD versus THC Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are among the various cannabinoids which can be found within the cannabis plant. The two compounds merge with the cannabinoid receptors located in the immune system. But the kind of effects offered by these substances is outstanding. Consequently, CBD is used for daily medicinal purposes in contrast to THC.

THC THC is the organic psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. THC can likewise be characterized as the compound which conveys the “high” feeling related with the use of cannabis. THC works by manifesting the effects of anandamide which a neurotransmitter is often made by the human body to help in the regulation of sleep, appetite, and pain.

The effects of THC include: - - - - -

Mental rest An enhanced sense of sight, smell, and hearing Tiredness Stimulation of Appetite Reduced hostility

The effects of CBD include: - - - -

Reduces bipolar disorder Alleviates seizures and nausea Reduced anxiety Reduced irritation

The Medical employments of CBD Recent investigations into CBD show that it may be profitable in treating the following conditions: - - - -

Schizophrenia; Decrease psychological instability Social anxiety disorder; Reduce nervousness Depression; Lessens indications of depression Reduces side effects of Cancer treatments; Reduction in pain and nausea while stimulating \ appetite Shrinks Cancerous Tumors Treatment of Alzheimer’s Helps Relieve Chronic Pain Eases Insomnia

The Medical employments of THC

- - - -

Past investigations have demonstrated that this cannabinoid may have the ability to help in the treatment of the following:

Why is CBD more valuable for medicinal use than THC?

- After impacts of chemotherapy; Increase in yearning due to a decline in nausea and vomiting - Multiple sclerosis; Enhanced spasticity and working of the bladder while diminishing horrendous spasms and chronic pain - Glaucoma; decreased impulse inside the eye - AIDS; Eases signs by activating appetite and food consumption - Spinal damage; decreases trembling

THC is considered as an unlawful drug with usual short and long-term psychological symptoms such as decreased thinking and reasoning, fall in the ability to plan and create, change in basic decision making and fall in the regulation of impulses. Additionally, constant use of THC can prompt significant abnormalities in the heart and mind.

CBD CBD and THC have a similar chemical formula, yet the particles are unexpectedly orchestrated. This slight change makes THC to build up a psychoactive effect while CBD needs such an impact. CBD contains around 40 percent of cannabis concentrate. Its extensive nature joined with its failure to make a “high” effect, make it reasonable for medicinal purposes.

8 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

CBD does not have the harming effects of THC. CBD does not have the psychoactive impacts of THC, both as plant and when taken from a concentrate. Cannabis plants with tiny proportions of CBD and raised measures of THC result in an all the more dominant inclination, while plants with more CBD and fewer THC results to a relaxation effect. Because of the ascent of medicinal cannabis, producers are currently making strains with higher CBD to THC ratios to constrain the psychoactive manifestations. The little health dangers of CBD, joined with its effectiveness, make it suitable for medicinal applications than THC.

The Historic

2ND ANNUAL WOMEN Who CAN Business Expo August 8, 2020 10AM-6PM

“Together We Can”


Registered Attendees



1st Ever Black Cannabis Awards Ceremony at 7pm



Honoring Our Truth With Our Dollars



August 8, 2020 at the Doubletree Atlanta Hotel Perimeter

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Canna Bistro Vegan Kitchen & Dope Artist Gallery

Nominated Best Infused Restaurant by Canna One

RE-OPENS FALL 2020 1861 Mountain Industrial Boulevard #102 Tucker, GA 30084


Chef Swan served as the Executive Chef for the Georgia Cannabis Industry Alliance. She served as the Executive Chef for Indica Capital's Cannabis Investors Summit in 2019. Selected As Featured Chef for CBD USA Expo 1st Woman of Color to Open A Cannabis Restaurant In The Southeast Canna Bistro Features Infused, Organic, All Natural, Largely Gluten Free & all Vegan/Vegetarian Menu including a selection of Dr. Sebi Approved Entrees 1st Gallery Dedicated to Cannabis Artists in North America. Featuring the works of Cannabis Artists from Around The World. We source our produce from Black owned farms where available.

www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org 10 @CannaBistroAtlanta @CBDOilAtlanta


We use our own Colorado grown and locally made culinary CBD oils in our food to insure safety and potency. And we make our house made hemp infused sauces and dressings from scratch in our kitchens daily.

-Chef Swan


HOW MARIJUANA Can Be Infused into Your Every Day Skin Care Routine CBD provides various benefits like antiinflammatory benefits, anti-cancer, antihypertensive, analgesic, treatment for anxiety, treatment for epilepsy, etc. CBD can do a lot of things for the body. Out of these numerous benefits CBD can also serve as a perfect drug for skin care.

Why is CBD Used for Skincare? Thousands of years ago, CBD had been used as a herb for the cures of various conditions. Now, the magical herb is known for providing various benefits. Marijuana can help in the treatment of several skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis etc. Here are the benefits that CBD provides for the skin:

Anti-bacterial properties CBD contains terpenes which give it strong antiinflammatory, anti-bacterial, sebum-reducing and antiseptic properties. When CBD is applied to areas of the skin, it can work as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory to cure and heal affected areas of the skin.

Ultraviolet Protection Hemp oil which is gotten from marijuana seeds contains a lot of fatty acids that can treat sun damage. Ultraviolet rays are associated with various skin ailments like cancer and aging. CBD oil can be used to ease dry skin to give a healthy, protected skin.

Healing CBD provides various anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties for the body. It could even be more effective than Vitamin A and C as an antioxidant. CBD can soothe and treat painful acne, irritated skin and they stimulate cell regeneration for a youthful, healthy look.

How You Can Include CBD in Your Skincare 1. CBD-infused creams: You can start using a CBD-infused cream instead of a regular cream for supple and replenished skin. These CBD-infused creams come with a plant-based and non-greasy formula that is specially designed to work with the natural pH of the skin. You can also buy CBDinfused sunscreens that work perfectly fine. 2. CBD-infused cleaners: CBD-infused cleansers are great products that provide several rejuvenating and nourishing properties. These cleansers do not contain sulphate, and they can wash away oil and dirt to keep the skin smooth and looking young. Using CBD cleaners can keep your skin clear and your pores clean. 3. CBD oil: Several people have been using tea tree oil and coconut oil for their skin. But very little people know about CBD oil. CBD oil can be used as a night serum and applied to face masks and scrubs for rejuvenation and hydration. You can get pure CBD oil that has no THC content to get good results. 4. CBD lip balms: CBD-infused lip balms are good CBD products that you can integrate into your skincare routine. CBD-infused lip balms help to moisturize and hydrate dry and chapped lips for soft, supple lips. These CBD-infused lip balms are available in several nice colors. 5. Topicals: Topicals are the best method of applying CBD for instant pain relief. A lot of people use topicals to treat aching joints and feet and to soothe cramped muscles in the body. CBD topicals also provide anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent acne and wrinkles.



10 SOLID WAYS to INVEST IN LEGAL CANNABIS in 2020 Globally, the legal marijuana industry is projected to be worth $32 billion by 2022. That is three times larger than its size in 2017. As an investor, now is the best time for you to enter the legal marijuana industry. Entering the industry now means that you will gain from the growth in the industry. Here are some stocks and sectors to consider adding to your portfolio. Recommendations cannot guarantee a return. This article is for informational purposes only.

12 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

1. Marijuana Royalty Streaming Companies: Marijuana royalty streaming companies are companies that provide financing to marijuana companies in exchange for income which could be a fixed percentage of the cannabis produce. One prominent royalty streaming company is Auxly Cannabis. Auxly Cannabis has about 5 subsidiaries to help them operate within the marijuana supply chain.

2. Marijuana Grower: A lot of investors are investing large sums of money on marijuana growers. Marijuana growers cultivate marijuana plants in greenhouses, outdoors and indoors. One of the top marijuana growers in the world is Canopy Growth Corporation which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Canopy Growth Corporation has about 4.3 million sq. Ft. of growing space for marijuana production in Canada alone. Canopy Growth Corporation sells various marijuana products including softgel capsules, marijuana oils and marijuana flower. Canopy Growth Corporation operates in over ten countries. 3. Real Estate: Real estate capital is another major way of financing marijuana growers. Companies buy properties and develop them for cultivating marijuana. These properties are then leased to marijuana growers. A major medical marijuana real estate investment trust is Innovative Industrial Properties which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Innovative Industrial Properties owns about 9 properties in 7 states with a focus on legal marijuana. 4. Cannabis Grower Suppliers: The marijuana industry relies on several suppliers to provide the products and equipment needed to grow marijuana successfully. A lot of cannabis growers need the supply of fertilizers, lighting systems and hydroponic gardening products. The number one supplier of the marijuana industry is Scotts Miracle-Gro which supplies these products and other ones. 5. Marijuana Distributor: Marijuana must be distributed from the place of production to the consumers that will use it. The marijuana products have to be stored in various warehouses along the way. CannaRoyalty which is now known as Origin House is a major marijuana distributor. CannaRoyalty is listed on Nasdaq. 6. Marijuana Dispensaries and Retailers: Marijuana dispensaries and retailers are at the low end of the marijuana supply chain. These dispensaries and retailers sell recreational and medical marijuana products to the final customer. The largest marijuana retailer is MedMen Enterprises. MedMen Enterprises operates in New York, Nevada and California. Soon MedMen Enterprises will start operations in Florida. The acquisition of PharmaCann by MedMen will make MedMen Enterprises will make it

the largest marijuana company in America with operations in at least twelve states. 7. Marijuana Partners: Apart from investors in the marijuana industry, there are now partners into the industry. These partners include liquor companies, food companies and others. For example, Constellation Brands sell spirits, wine and beer including Svedka vodka and Corona beers. In 2017, Constellation Brands bought a 9.9% stake in Canopy Growth. In 2018, the company invested $4 billion more in Canopy Growth to increase their ownership to 38%. Canopy Growth and Constellation Brands now have plans to release several marijuana-infused beverages to the market. 8. Exchange-traded Funds (ETF): Exchangetraded funds are for investors that want to buy several stocks in various categories within the marijuana industry. Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Exchange-traded Fund is a major marijuana-focused ETF. Horizons owns positions in almost 50 stocks that are marijuana-related. The top holdings of the company include Scotts Miracle-Gro, GW Pharmaceuticals and Canopy Growth. 9. Providers of Technology: The marijuana industry requires the use of technology. The recreational marijuana retail market even uses technology more than others. Shopify comes in here for marijuana companies. Shopify is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to create stores for the sales of their products. Most recreational marijuana companies use Shopify to sell their products online. Shopify’s e-commerce service has been a great help for recreational marijuana companies. 10. Biotechnological companies that focus on cannabinoids: The cannabis plant contains at least 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids act on the cannabinoid receptor in the brain. There are some biotechnological companies that are focused on developing cannabinoid drugs that target the treatment of various diseases. GW Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company that became the first to win United States regulatory approval of a cannabinoid drug that is plant-based. The drug called Epidiolex gained approvals to treat LennoxGastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Both syndromes are rare forms of epilepsy. GW Pharmaceuticals is looking for new ways of using Epidiolex and other drugs from cannabinoid to treat other diseases.



The Case for CBD In America

CBD oil for Colon Health What is CBD? CBD is also known cannabidiol, and it is a compound found within the cannabis plant. CBD is the cannabinoid with a lot of medicinal advantages. CBD comes from the hemp plant, and it’s comprised of the useful components of the cannabis plant but without the psychoactive properties. CBD functions by associating with the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) or endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is in charge of directing the body’s homeostasis or general state of balance. The endocannabinoid system controls activities like Appetite, Sleep, Mood, Pain, Immune System Response, Hormones. The colon, generally called the large intestine is found in the lower digestive system. The colon is accountable for removing water and salt from the solid waste in the body before going through the rectum and out the anus. Colon cancer is the second most predominant disease in both male and female in the United States. Colon cancer isn’t like rectal cancer, even though they usually function together in a procedure known as colorectal cancer. Changes in age, genes, diets, lifestyle, and habits are the leading causes of cancer. Various ailments are connected with a high risk for colon cancer, for example, diabetes, radiation, and Crohn’s disease. When colon cancer starts spreading, the patient doesn’t encounter any side effects. However, when it becomes mature, the patient begins experiencing constipation or diarrhea, rectal bleeding, blood in the stool, pain during defecation, unexpected weight loss, fatigue, iron deficiency, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

How Can CBD Help? Hemp has been proven to treat colon cancer. According to a report distributed in the Journal of Molecular Medicine, by researchers in the UK and Italy, it showed that CBD concentrates comprising of high amounts of CBD can stop the spread of colon cancer in mice. The “botanical drug substance” used that contained high measures of CBD was fruitful in hindering the development of tumor cells without affecting healthy cells. The researchers likewise found that this movement was encouraged by the presence of the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the cells. The report additionally focused on the effect of unadulterated CBD on colon cancer. From the data accumulated, unadulterated CBD played an essential job in enacting CB1 receptors which prompted the confinement of tumor development. As indicated by the report, “Even though cannabidiol can annihilate glioma cells, to stop the intrusion of cancer cells and to restrain the development of breast carcinoma and lung metastases in rodents, its effect on colon carcinogenesis is still examined. This is a crucial omission since colon cancer impacts many individuals in Western nations. “According to the scientific journal Current Drug Safety, clinical review data was distributed which inferred that CBD is “not harmful” for solid cells.

14 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

There exist a ton of anecdotal episodes online where individuals have effectively treated their colon cancer using CBD oil. Researchers need to conduct more research on the effect of hemp and when more research will be done on the impact of hemp and its compounds on colon cancer to save many lives. Hemorrhoids, fissures, and pain in the anus are different issues which can be treated with CBD oil. Even though CBD might not prevent hemorrhoids from occurring, people who are allergic to opiates will prefer using CBD. Moreover, CBD oil diminishes aggravation, caused by hemorrhoids and fissures. Usually, the occurrence of hemorrhoids, fissures, and pain in the anus can likewise have unfavorable impacts

to the state of mind, which makes it difficult to lower stress and anxiety, and it can also increase depression. CBD oil reduces stress, anxiety and mood disorders, which makes it perfect for individuals who are experiencing severe difficulties with their hemorrhoids fissures, and anal pain. Hemorrhoid, fissures and anal pains frequently lead to discomfort, making it hard to sleep. CBD oil liquefies the body, prompting profound sedation, which is exceptionally vital for individuals who have sleeping problems due to hemorrhoids. For those experiencing awkward manifestations of hemorrhoids, fissures, and anal pain, CBD can be a valuable alternative to pharmaceutical pills.

Sources • Aviello, Gabriella, et al. “Chemopreventive effect of the non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid cannabidiol on experimental colon cancer.” Journal of molecular medicine 90.8 (2012): 925-934. • http://norml.org/news/2003/11/20/pot-compound-inhibits-tumor-cell-growth-study-says • http://norml.org/news/2006/06/01/cannabidiol-dramatically-inhibits-breast-cancer-cell-growth-study-says • http://norml.org/news/2011/12/22/non-psychotropic-cannabinoid-is-safe-well-tolerated-in-humans-study-says • Leweke, F. M., et al. “Cannabidiol enhances anandamide signaling and alleviates psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia.” Translational psychiatry 2.3 (2012): e




GemStoned Customs launched in 2019 from the creative mind of Yvette Langley. An Atlanta, Georgia native, she was immersed into diverse cultural customs at a young age and developed a high curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Being introduced to crystal therapy elevated her complete mind, body, and soul. Her goal is to educate communities about alternative crystal healing in a fashion forward manner and evolve the world. Website: Gemstonedcustoms.com

Gem Stones


Denetra Staton is a a independent distributor of My Daily Choice / HEMPWORX. A company that offers a wide range of CBD products for you and your furry pets. As well as other health and wellness products. Products that are made in the USA with no artificial ingredient. Denetra graduated in 1995 from Northern Nash High School in Rocky Mount, NC where she was born and raised. She received her Electronic & Electrical Engineering Degree from ECPI University while working for Polo Ralph Lauren for 9 years. After leaving her employment with Gilberco in Greensboro, NC attended Living Arts College for Filmmaking and became founder and CEO of Creative Styles Productions LLC. and owner of My Lips R Sealed. A division of Einnaf Cosmetics. www.mydailychoice.com/dstaton0408

Denetra Station

ReLeaf, Healthier Together

“The best company! Answers all of your questions thoroughly and just an absolute pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, friendly, efficient and honest. Highly recommend!” - Laila Tippens

“This is a great company with a great product sold by great people who care.” - Todd Overton

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ReLeaf is a web-based CBD and Hemp company, with a heavy customer base in the greater metro Atlanta locality. Since 2018, ReLeaf has helped families achieve a higher quality of living by providing them access to choice hemp-derived products. In addition to retailing, we’re a wellness and lifestyle brand specializing in science-based educational outreach. We offer a variety of very unique products and services. Currently, we offer: assorted concentrations of CBD oils; gummies; softgels; teas; pain cream; and menstrual relief capsules. Over the next 8 months, our customers can expect a gradual rollout of prerolls, pet care solutions, disposable vapes, soaps, bath bombs, transdermal patches and much more. Some of those services include educational outreach in the form of our monthly flagship demystification series called “Who Told You That?”. We also provide business consulting, staffing, as well as, privately held hemp-infused culinary events. This Summer, our “Free Library” will be available to neighborhoods across Atlanta featuring literature related exclusively to hemp and cannabis. We are in the helping business. In addition to CBD solutions, we sell hope; we sell peace; we sell clarity; we sell relaxation; we sell happiness.


Divine Supreme Cafe Sip Good, Live Well A hemp-based CBD infused cafe serving coffee, teas, juices and desserts. Promoting wholistic living through our organic products, unique environment and healing experience. A coffee house to enjoy our products, networking, live music, workshops and events. Website: www.divinesupremecafe.com Email: divinesupremecafe@gmail.com

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Local woman aims to help “Cool Hot Mommas” embrace and conquer menopause G.G. Hankerson founded Cool Hot Mommas with the hope of sharing what she used to help herself and friends get through menopause with ease. In her book, How To Keep Your Cool During Menopause: The Playbook, she discusses how to kick the humiliating hot flashes, simple lifestyle changes to stay fit, how to get a handle on mood swings and more.

G.G. Hankerson

“I hope that women of all ages will embrace and change their mindset of how they see and are seen,” Hankerson explained. “I hope that women will edify, support and celebrate each other and themselves as they work through this phase of their lives.”

Since its launch, Cool Hot Mommas has garnered feedback from women all across the country. G.G. has appeared on mass media platforms, been featured at the nationwide expo Women Empower X, has partnered with and appeared in Ashley Stewart stores and is continuously selling copies of The Playbook, tackling this hot topic. But this brand is more than just a book. CHM carries natural products and supplements that promote better health and aid in controlling menopausal symptoms. G.G. is a dedicated mother, grandmother, sister and friend. As an author, creator and entrepreneur, she is most fulfilled by serving and interacting with people. It is her goal to bring relief to women and remove the “black eye” associated with menopause. www.coolhotmommas.com Jazmyne Lee info@itsthekey.biz (954)822-1479 @divinesupremecafe www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org



With over sixteen years of experience as a spa professional, Andrena Kilgore-Mackins has acquired the necessary skills and insights to provide the most excellent management service in the field of wellness. Originally from Greenville, South Carolina and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia - Andrena has always channeled her enthusiasm for people and self-care through her work efforts. As a former healthcare professional, her passion for educating people on the value of selfcare attracted her to the spa industry. “I love introducing people to something new that might make a difference in how they feel and experience their world,” she states. Within the spa industry, Andrena has served in several spa/salon capacities. Andrena brings a fresh and invigorating approach to the customer experience. She is proficient in spa management including training, employee management and finances. In tandem with her vast work experiences, she has an Associates Degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Massage Therapy and an Esthetics certification. Over the years, Andrena has also mastered several key techniques, from modern spa methods to global wellness.

Andrena K. Mackins

Her latest project, Canna Babes At, is an exciting combination of her love for both the beauty and wellness industries. Canna Babes ATL is an online CBD store that carries a varieties of CBD products and more. It is Andrena’s dream to continue making an impeccable impact on the any person that’s within her reach.


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WTF is an alchemist??? Someone who transforms things for the better! Designing catchy graphics, dreaming up explosive campaigns, crafting an entire story from video clips and snapshots, making loyal clients out of complete strangers: it all transforms into ---->

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Founder of Love Her Productions

$$$ money in the bank! It’s what I do, it’s my jam. Notable clients include Canna Bistro, Erykah Badu, Bill Walsh, Sony Music, Coach Swan Simpson, Instacart, and many others.

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18 www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org

*More Speakers & Participating Vendors Will Be Represented On The Expo Floor


Membership Has It's Privilege

Become a force with other women of color around the country wielding our economic power and making positive change in the Cannabis Industry

Women Who CAN is the 1st Black Lobby for Economic Inclusion in the Legal Cannabis & Marijuana Industry Beyond Social Equity: We Expect Inclusion Billions Made. Billions Shared. All Grounds Leveled because Black Cannabis Lives Matter, Too! No Crumb Snatchers here! We are professional, educated, business minded, entrepreneurial.



A Year Gets You In The Family!

For more information, Visit: www.WomenWhoCannabis.org www.WomenWhoCANnabis.org Let’s Hold The Next President Fully Accountable


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Women Who Cannabis Magazine Fall 2020  

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