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World Issues Course Syllabus

Course Overview: World Issues will cover the cultural, social, economic, and physical aspects of each region of the world. Current events and comprehensive overviews of each region will accompany our study. There will be a research project at the end of the semester. Books: The World in Transition from the Southern Center for International Studies and other related materials Rules: 1. Respect one another 2. Do the Right Thing Consequences: 1. Warning: Verbal 2. Detention 3. Conference with parents 4. Other measures: Blue Slip 5. Anything Major will result in an automatic Blue Slip Assessment:

Tests= 25% (4 per quarter) Homework= 25% (8+ per quarter) Quizzes= 10% (2-3 per quarter) Classwork= 25% (8 per quarter) Participation= 15% (All combined) **Final exam at the end of the Semester/Research Presentation at the end of the Semester


All turned in via the Drop Box Late policy: Not in Drop box or late in the Drop Box but emailed before class is out= 8/10 Emailed after class ends/next day: 5/10 Not turned in= 0/10

Class Format: 90 Minute Class Warm-up Lesson Break Activity Round up/Exit work/Homework Procedures:

1.Enter the classroom quietly and find what is on the board 2. Anything that needs to be given to the teacher should be laid on your desk 3. When exiting class, please be quiet and place paper in the proper place 4. We will not hand out books; they will be on my X drive. 5. DyKnow: Log on everyday when you first enter the room


Computer Paper and Pencil/Pen Binder Notebooks

World Issues CP1