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How to get hot Ombre lips cover model

Nzinga Imani

Mod Trends/02

RADIANT Model: Esther Andersen Photography: Gil Vicente

Mod Trends/03

AESTHETIC Model: Esther Andersen Photography: Gil Vicente

Mod Trends/04

ANDERSEN Model: Esther Andersen Photography: Lenaic Sanz Makeup Artist: Hicham Ababsa Hairstylist: Camilla Hair Styled by Murielle Kabile

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Mod Trends/06


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Nzinga Imani


How to get Hot Ombre Lips

Cover Model


40 Tessier

42 Sklouchere Pierre

Looks to try

Mod Trends/08

Photography: Shaun Micheal Model: Chavalier J.

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Mod Trends/10

Nzinga Imani


Cover look originally created by Joey Rosado and The Empress


Photography: Will Brown Jr. Makeup: MadeAmazingMUA Accessories: Mianik eyelid, and solas on the crease for brown smokey eyes. Next, top that eyelid color with a Gold Deposit from Mac cosmetics. With Lumiere creme color in lcr-10 Jade by Ben Nye you can accent waterlines. From there switch the lip color to Dark Night by Mented Cosmetics topped with Brown Baby from their lip gloss collection. Finally, apply a favorite mascara, Miss Manga, by Loreal to really emphasize the eyes. And last but not least, layer on favorite gold accessories from MiANiK accessories or

ompleting a natural look to appear easy, one should build on top of the look and create something more dramatic. Use the Kat Von D And...there you go! You've got Shade and Light eye palette colors samael over the the look!

Mod Trends/11

Letter Editor This past year also marked a major shift in how we define beauty standards as it sparked a conversation about what we, as consumers, deserve from the industry at large.

“My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself. I don’t use special creams or treatments – I do use a little bit of everything. It’s a mistake to think you are what you put onto yourself. I believe that a lot with how you look has to do with how you feel about yourself and your life. Happiness is the greatest beauty secret’’. – Tina Turner. Beauty doesn’t rely on how much makeup you put on. It’s better to let your natural beauty shine— be happy with your appearance. We are in the season of new beginnings! Now is the time to try something new. The year 2017 was a big one for beauty. It brought us forty shades of Fenty foundation, an entirely new Kardashian beauty line to lust over, and many unicorn-inspired #looks2try that it all became hard to keep track of.

Beauty assistance, Sklouchere has listed few looks of she wants you to try; from a bold, high fashion, grunge look... to gold glitter eyes and dark lips. Cover model Nzinga Imani tells feature editor Otoja Abit how she is able to juggle a career as a model, singer, actress, makeup artist and also running her own accessories brand. With over ten years of artistic talent, Daurisa Tessier (celebrity makeup artist) takes this into her world of creativity. I'm confident this issue will provide inspiration for everyone. Enjoy

Victor Silas Editor In Chief


Mod Trends/12


A Timeless and Classy Choice T here's a reason why nude nail polish is always on trend, it's because it's a timeless and classy choice. No matter the season, the occasion or your age, nude nail polish will always work.

However, there's a little trick to help you pick the best nude nail polish for your skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, go with nude nail polish shades that have a rose or grey base, and if you have a medium/dark skin tone, go with nude nail polish shades that have a camel or sandy brown base. That way, you'll be sure that your nude manicure perfectly matches your complexion. The thing about nude nail polish, is that it doesn't only give you that chic look, it also elongates your fingernails, giving your hands a feminine look. What's not to love about that?

Mod Trends/13

Mod Trends/14

ADUKE Hairstylist: Royce Samuel Photography: Prince Meyson Makeup Artist: Cass Koncept Model: Aduke

Mod Trends/15

Hairstylist: Royce Samuel Photography: Felix Crown Make up: Bisola Model: Aduke Bey Mod Trends/10

Mod Trends/16

Editor’s Favorite

Exfoliate and brighten the skin with this rich combination of natural fruit acids; including Glycolic, Lactic to loosen and exfoliate the dry, dead and damaged layers of the skin. With the addition of Kojic Acid, this formula rejuvenates the skin while effectively brightening. *Helps brighten skin tone, Lifts and dissolves darkened and damaged skin cells.

Tarte Double Duty Shape Tape Contour Concealer, $27, available at Ulta Beauty. Photo: Courtesy of Tarte

All Mona Venus’ products are available at

Mod Mod Trends/17 Trends/17

Alpha Arbutin, Melanostatine 5 and Tyrostat come together for an effective brightening serum. Skin appears more radiant and smoother with a more even tone. This innovative formula contains intensely moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and natural extracts to leave skin refreshed and rejuvenated. *Brightens skin *Moisturizes dry skin

Using a moisturizing body wash (like Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash) is obviously a good idea. It sounds gross, but if you also stop sudsing up areas that don't need it every day (like your arms, legs, and stomach), they'll be even less likely to dry out.


My personality surprises most people. Mostly they assume I'm stuck up. In all honesty, I’m probably the goofiest and most playful adult you will encounter. I love making jokes, laughing and being spontaneous. As an Aquarius, I'm a social butterfly who does not truly fit into any social norm. My favorite attribute is my nurturing ability. I like to make others feel loved and appreciated.

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Mod Trends/19


y ultimate goal is to be a broadway star! I would love nothing more than to perform musical theatre every day for the rest of my life. I hope to start my own makeup line in the future. Then expand my accessories brand MiANiK to stories across the world. Mod Trends/20

Nzinga Imani "Im not even who I am yet." I have so much more to accomplish and I’m

“Networking is 80% of my success in all these industries”

nowhere near where I plan to be. When I become that person I'm sure I will expect more from myself. I believe there

She broke out of the intended comfort zone in

is always room for improvement. When

pursuit of her passion while starting her makeup

you stop growing you start dying and I

and accessories company in order to maintain

believe that's true in all aspects of life.

stability while fighting for her dreams. Now she is a full time actress/singer with two successful companies and a blossoming modeling career.


zinga Imani is an actress, makeup “How do I juggle it all? I rarely sleep. My artist, singer, model and CEO of two schedule is jammed packed most days. I do try companies. At a very young age she to take a day out the week to rest and hangout started as a singer leading choirs and with friends since networking is 80% of my performing in talent shows. Introduced to musical theatre in high school, she was success in all these industries. Also, many of consumed by it all. Although knowing these jobs are interwoven. I often end up on a set performing was all she ever wanted to do she as the makeup artist then end up with a role. appeased her traditional Guyanese parents Sometimes my cast-mates hire me as their MUA by going to college and finding a more on other sets. I fell into modeling by a complete dependable job. After some time she couldn't accident— I absolutely love that. Juggling it all is fight off the urge to tell stories or step into the a struggle every single day”. spotlight.

Mod Trends/21


have NO LOYALTY when it comes to

makeup brands. I buy different products from all sorts of brands. From highend Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palettes and dip brow to Beauty supply store lip sticks by Nicka K New York Lip Shine. I think it's all about what works for you!I do adore Mented Cosmetics nude lipsticks and lipgloss specifically made for women of color. Becca Cosmetic's Champagne Pop highlighter is the holy grial of highlighters.

Mod Trends/22



Beauty Mod Trends/23


Learn how to give a lifted effect to your eyes and enhance your eye shape thanks to this classic lift step by step.

Mod Trends/24

Timeless Model:Deepa Devendra Photographer: Anurag Kamilla

Mod Trends/25

Mod Trends/26

Model:Deepa Devendra Photographer: Anurag Kamilla

Mod Trends/27

Mod Trends/28




mbre means having two different colors that are monochromatic. Ombre style has been popular in hair coloring, nail art and yes lips


Ombre lips can look awesome, but if not done correctly they can make you look very tacky! The secret to doing ombre lips is to first try it out with your regular lip colors. Play around with different hues that merge well together and once you are satisfied with the results only then step out into the open.

THE DARK OUTLINE What makes it special: This is what most people think of when they imagine an ombre lip—darker around the outside and corners, fading inwards to a lighter, complimentary shade. It's a gorgeous way to give depth and dimension to lips; it can even make them look fuller.

How to do it: Begin with the lighter shade and apply it all over your lips. We love to use a matte lipstick (rather than a stain or a liquid lipstick) for the perfect canvas it gives us. Then take a lipliner in a darker, complimentary shade and trace the perimeter of your lips. Using a flat brush, blend the liner into the lighter color by brushing it towards the center of your lips, but not pushing it all the way in to the center. You want to soften the line, not muddy




completely. Shades we love: Try a vibrant true red lipstick with a deep burgundy outline for this love season.

Mod Trends/30

BUTTERFLY We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has through to achieve that beauty - Maya Angelou Photography: Tamara A. Fleming Model: Bre Scullark Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Makeup: Too Faced Cosmetics

Mod Trends/31

Mod Trends/32

Photography: Valcin Photos Model: Melo Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Creative Director: Collective Vision Makeup: Too Faced Cosmetics

Mod Trends/33

Ombre Lips Photography: Portrait_Papi Model: Rose Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Makeup: Mac Cosmetics

Mod Trends/34



Photographer: Garry G Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Model: Jasmine Metivier Hair: D. Auxilly Creative Director: Fred Tessier

Mod Trends/35

LIQUID GOLD Photography: Diaja Model: Naevann Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Makeup: Too Faced Cosmetics

Mod Trends/36

Natural Photography: G. Marshall Model: Annisa Smith Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier

Mod Trends/37

BOLD & GOLD Photographer: Garry G Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Model: Ash Hair: D. Auxilly Creative Director: Fred Tessier

Mod Trends/38


Beauty Photographer: Garry G Makeup Artist: Daurisa Tessier Model: Avadora Mimouni Hair: D. Auxilly Creative Director: Fred Tessier

Mod Trends/39

Daurisa Tessier


Celebrity Makeup Artist

ith over 10 years of artistic talent, creativity, and dedicated passion throughout her professional makeup career, Daurisa Tessier is recognized as one of the most amazing makeup artists to ever grasp a color palette and a makeup brush. Her work is featured in many notable publications and is also publicized in many global ad-campaigns, including Vogue, Berta Bridal, MAC, Chanel, Nars, Victoria Secret, and much more. Born with a Latin influence from Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico, Daurisa represents her boricua pride effortlessly with style and grace. She was raised in the borough Brooklyn (New York), while her Puerto Rican roots served as the pivotal drive to her success and influence. She wears her Latina heritage on the cloths of her sleeve with complete confidence and love for the country's culture, beauty, and versatility. Daurisa's inner beauty shines very boldly with a radiance that is built on the foundations of love, which is recognized by her Christian faith as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Her divine spirit serves as a big factor to building and nurturing her client relationships, while also reminding her clients that beauty starts from within the depths of their souls and throughout the image and likeness of God.

Mod Trends/40

"While providing my services to local friends and family in the neighborhood, I didn't realize that I was on the brink of something great until I saw how makeup served as a big influence to the women that I grew up with, including providing a sense of empowerment, rebuilding their self esteem, and making their smiles grow larger than their hurts & cries."

Mod Trends/41


hile the conditions in her community were heartbreaking and continuously evolving, Daurisa prayed faithfully for change and decided to one day launch an organization that could help raise awareness to the many women that suffer from lack of inner beauty and self esteem. Today, as an extension to her makeup brand, Daurisa has founded ICBEAUTYNU, which serves as a nonprofit beauty brand that was founded with a mission to recognize, embrace, encourage, and celebrate the inward beauty of all women-kind. ICBEAUTYNU is developed on the core principles of divine love; and communicates to all woman that their beauty is solely defined and manifested by the creation of For more information God. regarding Daurisa Tessier, Today, Daurisa continues to serve as a professional p l e a s e c o n t a c t h e r makeup artist in many verticals, including bridal, management agency at beauty, fashion, grooming, corporate events, info@keenmanagementg advertisements,film, television, and so much more., or follow her on Her specialties include full makeup application, skin i n s t a g r a m : care, air brush, lips, eyes, brows, lashes, men's @daurisatessier grooming, SFX design, and so much more.

Mod Trends/42

Sklouchere Pierre


neutral look a for a bold woman? A look showing

confidence that can be classy? Earthy tones portrayed in the eyes are supported with blends of browns and nudes to

compliment the melanin in the skin. The cut crease is humble yet extremely attractive. It’s a nice depth to grab the eye of anyone who notices. Nude colors provide a look with a little embellishment. In contrast the chocolate cut crease is a calming touch to a lighter nude eyelid with balances of lights and darks. With lashes to top it all off, one must brings attention to the eyes. Simple, elegant, but a very dangerous look utilizing only the simplest of make-up concepts to portray the mastering of the basics. This look showcases the humble quality of make up and the knowing of how to apply it. Dark Lips are the new fierce— forever beautiful and ever vibrant. The use of a starlight highlight from veezaj cosmetics helps to complement subtle facial features. A natural brown cut crease with dark lipstick can be a sweet but threatening vibe. This look is best suited for a night on the town with friends celebrating life with sweet red wine or on a date with your new bae. Mod Trends/43

Gold Glitter Eye Mod Trends/44


Photography: Ankita Nevrekar Model: Karolayne Costa Makeup Artist: Umesh Makeup Stylist: Catandthecloset

Mod Trends/45

Mod Trends/46

Mod Trends/47

Mod Trends/48

Mod Trends/49

Mod Trends/50

Mod Trends/51



“One of the most beautiful things you can do is embrace your natural� - Marianna

Mod Trends/52

Photography: Taza Jenkins

African Inspired Jewelry & Unique Chokers

Mod Trends/53

Beauty Issue  

Our beauty issue featuring bold, high fashion, grunge look... to gold glitter eyes, ombre lips, inspired-unicorn looks2try and beauty tips t...

Beauty Issue  

Our beauty issue featuring bold, high fashion, grunge look... to gold glitter eyes, ombre lips, inspired-unicorn looks2try and beauty tips t...