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Volume 4; Issue 4; Jul/Aug 2015

features william stone A Dignified Look for the Modern Man: Learn more about the talented designer behind the London-based menswear brand + get an exclusive look at his SS16 collection ‘Emporia’


FW15 Preview: fringe benefits


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Fringe isn’t just for festival season, anymore! The fun, frilly trend appeared at Balmain, Burberry Prorsum & more on the FW15 catwalk. Find out how you can rock this look to perfection, this fall!

golden glow

Illustration by António Soares

fw15 preview: velvet allure As if you needed an excuse to get touchy-feely, designers have made fashion’s most finger-friendly textile even more exciting! Indulge in the smooth texture of velvet with luxurious pants, capes & jumpsuits.



Want that golden summer glow you see on all the stars? Check out our editor’s favorite skin products of the moment that’ll be sure to help you achieve the healthy, dewy look that you desire!

on the cover CREDITS: Photographer: Anna Kirikova, Fashion Stylist: Polina Moiseeva, Makeup & Hair: Anastasia Zakharova, Model: Maria @ Nik Management, Retoucher: Taisia Afanasieva

This is the last splash, folks! In this issue, we’re closing out summer with a pretty big bang! We’ve rounded up all of our hottest photography submissions of the season -- and I’m pretty sure you’ll love ‘em! Lots of killer swimwear, gorgeous locations & smokin’ hot beach bodies in this edition. So if you’re seeking some style inspiration for your next tropical vacay, look no further! Enjoy!!!

- Shannon Phelps


stone A Dignified Look for The Modern Man by Jacob LaBarbera

ashion is always most notable and prominent when accenting a man’s body to emphasize his best features. The ability to create hand tailored garments is no easy task, yet it is one that designer William Stone has certainly mastered. Designing pieces that are both cutting edge and timeless, Stone takes his inspiration

and turns it into a wearable piece of art. Showcasing his talent through the notable brand known as William Stone: London, this designer is one that emphasizes a true respect for detail in the modern world of menswear. Stone has gained many years of experience with sketching and fashion, as he began experimenting at a very young age. “As a child growing up, I would draw for hours. I used to draw all sorts of things, but I remember designing my own football boots and kits. I suppose my love of de-

signing clothes has always been in my subconscious,” Stone recalled. It was at this stage that Stone had realized his true talent for sketching, and saw the potential he had to pursue it further. After years of honing his craft of sketching, despite very limited resources, Stone went on to attend the Royal College of Art in London. This was the point at which he began sorting out the specifics of his passion: “My educational story is one of contrasts. I had completed my Masters degree in Printed Textiles by the time I was 25. I remember feeling at the time that I had made this incredible journey working on projects with incredible brands such as Umbro, Oasis and WGSM. This gave me a true taste of what life is really like working in fashion. I knew for sure I wanted to be a menswear designer, however I lacked not only a technically knowledge but a true understanding of what kind of menswear I wanted to create.” With many talented designers in the market and many notable labels to look up to, Stone was able to draw much of his design inspiration from various sportswear companies.

“I have always looked up to sportswear brands. I love Adidas, Nike and especially Japanese brands like Mizuno and Asics,” Stone said. As Stone expressed a genuine love for the subculture that surrounds athletic brands, he enjoyed the idea of having apparel you can wear casually and comfotably everyday. “I found the sports culture fascinating and loved the use of technical fabrics and silhouettes. There are subtle signs of this in my collections, where I may use a technical Scuba jersey for a bomber jacket, or showerproof nylon for a tailored blazer.” With multiple collections already under his belt, Stone is no stranger to designing pieces that are perfect for various seasons. When asked about his design preferences, he stated: “Its hard to decide what season I like best, I really couldn’t choose as both autumn/ winter and spring/ summer because they both have their advantages. Spring and summer for me is all about conveying a feeling. You can use a bold African print on a shirt for instance, and don’t have to worry about scaring guys off! I love that in autumn and winter I can focus on detailed tailoring, all the while using my favorite material, which is wool. “ No matter what season Stone is designing for, he always asks himself an important question: “Will this garment be functional and practical?” That question acts as the basis of Stones design process, as he wants each individual piece to be something that his clients can wear multiple times -- each time getting a feeling of self-confidence and simplistic joy. When setting out to create a piece or an entire collection, it is no surprise that this eccentric designer has a very detailed procedure that must be followed. “To start, I generally look through a lot of books about traveling, or I travel myself. These references then allow me to refine, change or get rid of an idea. I am constantly moving around London, so I get to see all types of people and what they are wearing.”

With such a successful brand in the works, it begs the question of what satisfies Stone’s sweet tooth in the design world. “The most enjoyable aspect about being a designer is having the ability to work with different fabrics,” he said, “It starts from the moment I feel the texture in the shop. I then get to take it back to the studio, and turn it into a 3-dimensional object that somebody can wear and enjoy. Having the ability to do that is such an incredible feeling.” Creating the perfect piece is something that Stone strives for, and what his brand ultimately represents. Being a perfectionist at heart, he is willing to work endlessly in order to create a unique and hand tailored piece every time. Stone describes the feeling of his work to be “addictive.” “It’s a feeling any person who makes or creates can relate to. A lot of the time it can be a laborious and tedious procedure, but it is important to get something exactly how you want it. The best feeling is when you see a person’s mood change when they put your garment on. It’s at that moment when I get the most pleasure.” With Alexander McQueen standing as Stones biggest inspiration within today’s society, it is no secret that William Stone has major plans for his future. Capturing his own vision and striving toward it seems to be the route this purely talented designer is taking. In reference to future plans and goals for the brand, he noted: “My immediate plan is to work towards another show for AW16 in January. With the support of my fans, I will continue developing the brand’s presence in the UK market and will further envelope my stockholders. Eventually, I aim to explore international markets.” As William Stone’s label continues to grow, and his talent is seen around the globe, there is no doubt that he will soon see the success he longs for. His humble and energetic attitude, mixed with his raw talent for design are going to play as his best assets for this upcoming season. With an abundance of talent and a keen eye for detail, there is no doubt that Stone’s future work will be nothing short of perfection.


MOD Magazine: Volume 4; Issue 4; The SPLASH Issue!  

Summer isn’t over until the last SPLASH! We’ve ended summer with a bang, this year! The Splash Issue includes: Roundup of all our hottest su...

MOD Magazine: Volume 4; Issue 4; The SPLASH Issue!  

Summer isn’t over until the last SPLASH! We’ve ended summer with a bang, this year! The Splash Issue includes: Roundup of all our hottest su...