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Volume 3; Issue 3; MAy/jun 2014

features trend alert: flower power Learn how to pull off one of this season’s hottest fashion trends!

Trend alert: graphic glam This ongoing trend is bolder than ever this season! Find out how to wear it. Editor’s Picks Find out which beauty products our editor thinks you should try this summer.

IVANOVA: An Artist’s World

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Illustration by António Soares


Get to know Lena Ivanova, the designer and mastermind behind the Ukrainian fashion label IVANOVA. AU NATUREL This season is all about embracing your natural beauty! Find out the easy, 3-step process to get the look!


the splash! Wondering which kinds of swimsuits to look into this summer? Check out our top 5 super hot picks !


Pastel Play We’ve got shoes & bags galore! Find out which soft pastel items you should check out this season.


on the cover CREDITS: Photography by: Sarah Fountain, Model: Lorelle Crawford @ Tamblyn Models, Wardrobe Stylist: Ashleigh Kelly, Makeup & Hair by: Gemma Elaine

Get ready, ‘cause here comes the sun! As we’re transitioning from spring to summer, it’s the perfect time to refresh those wardrobes with sizzling new styles! Whether you’re seeking beauty tips, outfit ideas or swimwear recommendations, we’ve got you covered! As usual, we’re showcasing some of the most stunning photography editorials from creative teams around the globe! Not to mention, this issue is packed with accessories, beauty guides & more. Enjoy!!!

- Shannon Phelps

Photographed by: Ira LAN’, Accessories by: Ira LAN’, Postproduction by: Ignat Dozo, Prints: DELO Graphic Design Studio, Model : Darina Krasnikova, Styling by: Lena IVANOVA & Anna Litkovska

[ fashion design ] puddle of gasoline lays on the cold, hard cement ground, but what enters the eye of Lena Ivanova, mastermind and founder of fashion label IVANOVA, is an ornate collection of clothes composed of light silhouettes complimented by bold and daring prints. A graduate from the Academy of Art, Ivanova perceives fashion designing as a form of art in which one must use various mediums to assemble an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece, or in her case, cropped flare pants. After sifting through the mind of the Ukrainian fashion designer, “a random song, a piece of bread on a plate,” or even “a puddle of gasoline at the pump…” can transform into a variety of modern dresses and metallic pants. Raised in what was once the Soviet Union, Ivanova’s devotion to designing womenswear began with her interest for art. “There were no fashion magazines and websites at that time, but at my home, there were always plenty of art books and a lot of reproductions of great art masterpieces,” recalls Ivanova. With art serving as her gateway to fashion, Ivanova considers herself an artist rather than a designer. Her unconventional ways of inspiration lead to unique elements embedded in her designs which also contain a hint of her own style. “The color black, mystical prints, and colorful accents” play not only into her personal style but are also ingrained into her intricate designs for her collections at IVANOVA.

ism is dying off, Ivanova predicts the introduction of much more complicated and richly decorated styles including glitter and embroidery which can be indentified in her most recent collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Her evidence of the presumed death of minimalistic designs and the resurrection of luxury wear is derived from “the rise of rap culture” which might serve as the reincarnation of Elizabethan era luxury as it brings with it a craze for “shine, furs, and gold.” Although fashion has proven to be bipolar at times and critical always, Ivanova refuses to let the demanding industry to blur her perception of who she is and what she likes. “I never chase the latest trends or the slightest changes in fashion. I believe style is more important than fashion, and beautiful color combinations are better than ‘on-trend’ pieces.” As an artist, Ivanova appreciates art in its purest form: free of conformity and regulations. This leads to creation based on her “own sense of beauty,” which she prefers much more than “trying to catch trends.” Her goal throughout designing has never been one to be on track with trends but rather to create clothes that help accentuate the natural beauty and charm of the IVANOVA-dressed individual.

Her unconventional ways of inspiration lead to unique elements embedded in her designs which also contain a hint of her own style.

Her love for individualistic creation, which led her to a fashion career, began with serving as an assistant to various famous designers along with working as a stylist and then as a merchandiser for a CHANEL boutique. When Ivanova’s constant craving for creativity could not be fulfilled through working for other labels, her creative outlook and abundance of ideas soon spurred into the launch of her own brand in 2007 followed by the showcase of her first collection on the main stage of Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2008. Since then, IVANOVA has won her various awards and recognition throughout the fashion industry that have exemplified the magnitude of artistry each masterpiece in her collections hold. Seeking a less prevalent way to approach the ever-evolving trends in modern society, she “also introduces less traditional fabrics, such as wool and cotton into eveningwear and luxury fabrics into everyday wear.” Seeing that minimal-

Due to her unwillingness to conform to the rules provided by a demanding career, fashion shows have proven to be both the best and the worst aspect of Ivanova’s career. Her eagerness to watch heroines glide down runways, bringing her clothes to life, is often coincided with emotions of disappointment that her career is dependent of the assessment of critics and other opinions. But, the rush of excitement that surges through her as she watches her past months of hard work being displayed often triumphs over whatever concerns she has on her dependency on critics of fashion. The purpose of fashion to her has never been about the trends that constantly are being rotated in and out, but instead, she sees fashion as a creative outlet for the imaginative soul. “I am very bad and always search the web and read reviews the day after the show. But, so far, everything has been good!” she admits. Fashion is no game of the thread and needle to Ivanova. To her, the art of fashion has served as a way to express her creativity and to be constantly inspired by the beauty which surrounds her in the city of Kiev—a favor she wishes to return by bringing awareness to Ukraine’s fashion industry. Ivanova’s passion for her career and determination to make IVANOVA stocked internationally has allowed her to realize that “sometimes stopping everything is harder than starting.”

[ fashion design ]

Photographed by: Ira LAN’, Accessories by: Ira LAN’, Postproduction by: Ignat Dozo, Prints: DELO Graphic Design Studio, Model : Darina Krasnikova, Styling by: Lena IVANOVA & Anna Litkovska

MOD MAGAZINE: Volume 3; Issue 3; May/Jun 2014