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May 20 - Bonnie Raitt – Gallo Center May 24 - Boz Scaggs – Gallo Center MAY 24 May 29 - Robben Ford – State Theatre May 2 – Red Dog Ash – West Side Theatre May 17 -  Collie Buddz Prescription Tour  - Fat Cat May 16 - Oakdale Chocolate Festival  - Downtown Oakdale MAY 29 May  30 – The State Theatre 80th Birthday with Lavay Smith May 31 – Preservation Hall Jazz Band – Gallo Center May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 – Music In the Plaza  7-9 pm – 10th St Place May 11 – Blue Monday Jam -  Gustavo Ramirez Cuban pianist with Ultralounge Band To get details and up to date information on these Top 10 events, please check out the following places and follow us on Twitter so you are always up to speed: • modestoview • • Instagram #ModestoView • Radio 1360 KFIV AM

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by Chris Murphy

Moms, Daughters and Bikes Oh My!

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May is the most amazing month with so many things happening. It is just crazy from Mother’s Day, to cycling festivals, chocolate festivals, music festivals, and we are just around the corner from Graffiti Summer, my favorite Modesto season of the year.   This is an especially fun time this year as my oldest daughter Madison is getting married next month to a wonderful guy named Ryan and we are wedding planning and I am loving being the father of the bride.  As a total bonus, they have decided that they want to live in Modesto.  That is some of the best news any parent can get, and it is a good sign for Modesto. We want to have our next generation come back and make their lives here.  That is one of the reasons I started ModestoView back in 1997 to celebrate the good that is here in our community.  We want have a city that is loaded with things to do and reasons to live here. We need to be a good place to create new jobs, start families and have events and successes that create civic pride and make us all proud to be Modestans.  The fact that you are reading this means that you want to live in a city that celebrates the good and encourages people to get involved and make a difference.  Thank you for doing your part and that is why ModestoView exists, to be a force for a positive Modesto. This May we are revving it up big time.  May is the wrap up for the school year.  The college kids will be coming home, the local school kids will all be out and ready to start their summer by Memorial Day.   It seems like it was about ten minutes ago that we just came back from winter break and enjoyed those few days of rain and snow.  Modesto USA is truly a Classic American City.  We have so many things going on that you need to sit with your calendar, and check

out our ModestoView calendar and plan out what you need to do.   We have events like Lemonade Day this month on the 16th that teaches kids to be entrepreneurs.  Our Modesto farmer’s Market is in full swing twice a week and our baskets are overflowing with fabulous local produce, cheese, nuts, fruits and wine.  Everything seems to taste so great this seasons as the back yard BBQ season begins, the evenings are long and the neighborhood get togethers are a blast. Festivals are fun for everyone and we have a beer festival, a chocolate festival in Oakdale and a family cycling festival and bike race in downtown Modesto.  We all come together every May and really ramp up for summer.   Guess what, next month is even busier than this month so we did a Graffiti Summer preview in this issue so you can plan accordingly and won’t miss a Moband.


Yes, we are ModestoUSA!   We are a great place to live and we hope that you enjoy ModestoView.  We are here 24/7 to make your Modesto area experience as good as possible.  If you have a friend that is bored, tell them about ModestoView and make their day.  When you are out and about, shop at the businesses that advertise here in ModestoView and let them know they are part of a positive movement to make Modesto better.   Thank you for reading and being Modesto friends Chris Murphy  

by Chris Murphy

On the Cover this month is our friend Heather Brent of CW31 Good Day Sacramento and her #adorable kids in a fun photo by Michael J Mangano showing just a little bit of what it is like to be a supermom, juggling a million things at once like moms are expected to do.   All moms are supermoms when you get right down to it.  They handle everything, they make it great to be a kid and there is really nothing more special than a relationship between a mom and child.   My wife Becky is the most amazing mom.   Our girls Abbey and Madison are so fortunate to have her in their lives.  She is creative, talented, crafty, pretty, caring and loving and her super mom skills have made our family so special.  My Mom will win some sort of eternal MOM award for raising me as I was a lot more than a handful.   From a small skinned knee, to a costume for class plays, or just a hug to nurse a broken heart or a sad time, or even just a smile, Moms have one of the most important roles in the world.  Things are different for everyone and being a mom or a dad can mean so many things.  Many dads need to be a mom sometimes and there are moms out there that have to be both mother and father to make it all work.  We celebrate all of the supermoms out there that do the best they can for their kids and family. We live in a great community where people look out for each other and treat people like family and for this I am thankful.  We love our moms all year long but make a point to send out a special greeting to our moms on Mother’s Day May 9.  No gift is too big to too small if it is done with love and care. You don’t need an elaborate dinner, or extravagant gift. Just like the Beatles say, All You Need is Love.  

ModestoView is made possible my the generous support of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group. Locally owned, Sierra Pacific is an award winning industry leader in frozen, refrigerated and dry warehousing and logistics services that is committed to reinvesting and supporting our community.  Sierra Pacific is solar powered, and is AIB certified Superior and BRC Audited and Certified to meet the needs of the best food companies in the world.

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May 14, 2015


May 14, 2015

10. Albondigas at Bauers 66 ½ Delicious meatballs in a spicy sauce served with bread to dip or eat as mini meatball subs. 1700 McHenry, Modesto 9. Salmon Tacos at Urbano Grilled salmon, mangos, tomatoes, onions and cilantro wrapped in lettuce. A perfect plate to share or order just for you. 1016 H St, Modesto 8. Guilty Fries at Rivets American Grill Pipping hot French fries covered in cheese, bacon, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes and chili. These are a meat-lover’s dream. 2307 Oakdale Rd, Modesto

4. Chocolate Panini with house whip at Camp 4 Wine Ok, not quite an appetizer but I have yet to find the rule that says you can’t have chocolate before your meal. Perfect blend of chocolate, cinnamon, sugar, toasted to a gentle crisp. Dip it in homemade whip cream for a blissful bite. 1509 10th St, Modesto

3. House bread with honey butter at Redwood Café Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread, except eating fresh baked bread! Their house bread is too delicious to dip into olive oil, instead they have concocted a special honey butter to spread graciously on it. Sweet enough to leave you wanting more, not enough to replace your dessert. 4342 Dale Rd, Modesto


10 Best Appetizers

2015 201

by Brandilyn Brown

Thursday May 14, 2015 • 6:30am-8:30am

Thursday MayTenth 14, Street 2015 Plaza • 6:30am-8:30am Tenth Street Plaza free continental breakfast for all bicycle commuters • free and prizes to first 150for bikeall commuters all day secured• free free t-shirt continental breakfast bicycle •commuters bike parking available! t-shirt and prizes to first 150 bike commuters • all day secured bike parking available! Sponsored by: City of Modesto, Modesto Police Department, Downtown Improvement District, American Medical Response, Commute Connection, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT), Stanislaus County Bicycle Club, Modesto Area Express (MAX), Stanislaus County

577-5344 · Sponsored by:For City ofmore Modesto, info Modestocall: Police Department, Downtown Improvement District, American Medical Response, Commute Connection, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT), Stanislaus County Bicycle Club, Modesto Area Express (MAX), Stanislaus County

For more info call: 577-5344 ·

7. Blue Cheese Brussel Sprouts with Bacon at Fuzio Universal Bistro I’ve been known to order two of these as my whole meal. The sprouts are fried to nutty perfection, and are perfectly tender. Add bacon and blue cheese and it becomes magical. 1020 10th St, Modesto

6. Irish Nachos at P. Wexford’s Pub Fries made it twice onto this list, because I can’t say no to fries. Especially covered in corned beef, whitecheddar cheese and onions. 3313 McHenry Ave, Modesto 5. BBQ Nachos at Commonwealth Thinly sliced potatoes fried to become delicious chips, smothered in ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, onions and pulled pork, carefully spread out on a pizza pan. This could easily be your whole meal. My happy hips can attest to how delicious these are. 1022 11th St, Modesto

2. Rooster Bullets at Twisted Pig Deviled eggs topped with jalapenos; what is not to adore about that? An honorable mention goes to the Cup of Bacon, which goes great with the bullets and a Penny Farthing. 2717 Coffee Rd, Modesto 1. Bacon Wrapped Dates at Fuzio Universal Bistro Plump sweet dates wrapped in bacon, with a crunchy hazelnut deep inside, and drizzled with balsamic sauce. One order is never enough to share. One order is never enough for just you…be safe and order two. 1020 10th St, Modesto

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PGrimaldi, Creative Art Director / Designer

Peter Grimaldi Contributing Artist


Ruben J. Porras Nicole Van Dyke - Photo Curator Madison Murphy – SF Correspondent Abbey Murphy – Berkeley Correspondent Russ Allsup - Hollywood Correspondent CONTRIBUTING WRITERS

Jim Christiansen Aaron Rowan Kaye Osborn Jennifer Allsup Middagh Goodwin Kate Serpa Efren Martinez Mike Vanek Javier Lopez Leia Johnson Dana Johnson Earl Mathews Mary Layton Monica Barber Ken White Blia Vang Brandilyn Brown CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS

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Sad Words, Abandoned Spaces and Dancing Horses by Ruben J Porras

I’m sitting here listening to Oakdale’s Willy Tea Taylor, and surfing the web for some spark of inspiration for this article. All I can think about is that I’d rather be outside. There is a slight breeze coming through the win-dows that surround my workspace and the temperature is perfect. I could be on a beach in Pacific Grove or in San Francisco on the hunt for a unique restaurant, but no matter where I would be something would be miss-ing. You see, the new daughter that I was so looking forward to having in my arms in April passed away before she was born. This is difficult to write about, but I am putting it out there for a reason and that reason is to thank so many people for Modesto supporting my family and I through this difficult time. I’ve said it a million times before — Modesto is the home of the best people in the world. Now that May is here I am at a loss in a way. I had planned on spending the month getting acquainted with my little girl. Instead I will need to find something else to do to occupy my mind and keep myself sane. I’m one of those people that must keep busy to stay ok. I have to think, create and learn constantly or I just of get lost in my own head and that is never good for me. The Month of May is never easy for me for some reason. Graffiti Summer Events kick off in June and Inde-pendence Day is in July but nothing all that special ever happens in May with the exception of the Crows Land-ing Road Cinco de Mayo parade which I really enjoy. The parade always features Mexican dancing horses and you have to see these at least once in your life. They are beautiful! Consider these events in May if you are looking for some fun — If you aren’t the type interested in dancing horses you might consider an event such as McHenry Museum’s Night at the Museum Art Show and Fundraiser. Tickets are only $20 per person, and for that you get a great selection of appetizers and refreshments and a chance to score a piece of art created by a local artist during the event’s silent auction. Chocolate fans will want to dig through this issue and find all the details about the Oakdale Chocolate Festival. Spend a delicious day in the sun with your family and friends. Those looking forward to wearing something fancy for a night of great music will want

The focus of my photography over the last several years has been to make common things look beautiful. Even abandoned buildings and their surroundings can yield great results if you look closely enough. Focus on lighting and texture. to visit the Gallo Center on May 15th. The Modesto Symphony Orchestra’s Sea Symphony Concert promises to be terrific. See gal-loarts. org for tickets. I’ll be honest — The passing of our little girl really made me think about my place in the world. Questions like, “What I am I doing with my life?” and “Is Modesto really where I want to live and die?” popped into my head quickly but so did the answers to them — Continue to work to promote the best little farm city in the world,

and work toward the goal of having another baby as soon as possible to raise in this special place full of color and friendship. It looks like you are stuck with me Modesto. Let’s make this town the best it can be! Teamwork is the key to a better community. Keep your eye on for other events happening in the 209 and beyond and as always, feel free to email me at r.porras@ with information on events that you’d like promoted or story ideas.


Chocolate Lovers by Ruben J. Porras

Do you go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Have you watched Charlie and the Saturday - May 16 Chocolate Factory more times than you 10am - BoyGirlBoy care to admit? If you answered yes to Noon - Highway 99 Party Band one or both of these questions, you 3pm - Third Party won’t want to miss the annual Oakdale Chocolate Festival. Sunday - May 17  When Hershey left town, there was 11am - CallBox a common feeling shared by many Oakdale residents and chocolate fans Noon - Silly String Band that the chocolate festival would pull up 1pm - The Detours stakes and go with it. That however is 2pm - Francesca Bavaro not the case. The chocolate festival is 3pm - Threshold here to stay and it grows bigger yearafter-year. This year’s festival will feature over 200 vendors selling arts and crafts, a variety of live entertainment (including ModestoView’s house band, Third Party), and of course several food vendors selling a little something for everyone including giant onion rings, sausage, funnel cakes, smoothies, Chinese food and good old-fashioned hot dogs and hamburgers. The most popular attraction at the festival is also growing this year. Chocolate Avenue will offer a long list of mouth-watering treats. Count on rich fudge, sinful ice cream creations, decadent chocolate cheesecake, huge caramel and chocolate-dipped apples and much more. Tickets are available at the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, Bucksworth Western Wear, Oakdale Leader, Oakdale Community Bank or online at Pre-sale tickets are $4. Tickets at the gate will be $6 for adults and $5 for seniors. Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult. Save $1 at the gate when you donate canned food.

What: Oakdale Chocolate Festival When: May 16th (9am-6pm) and May 17th (9am-5pm) Where: The junction of Hwy 120 and 108 at Wood Park. For more Modesto info:

ART May Day, May Day by Jim Christiansen May Day, May Day. As I write this column, I’m still in the midst of clearing out my studio for Stanislaus Artist Open Studio. I have quite a bit of framed and unframed art, and the studio is ready for visitors by appointment.  If you missed Open Studio weekend, you can come by and maybe take some of these paintings and sketches off my hands! (537 Bodem Street, 209-241-7130.)   Stanislaus Artist Open Studio Tour isn’t quite finished until this month, when we pick the five winners for the $200 gift certificates to spend with the participating artists. The drawing will happen the first week of May.  We’d like to thank our sponsors, including ModestoView, NASCO Arts, Gallo Center and others  for their support, and the 66 artists who exhibited their work and opened the doors to their homes and studios to show not only what they do, but where they do it, and the tools and resources it takes to create art in our community.  Thank you, visitors!

The Central California Artist Showcase runs til May 8 at Carnegie Arts Center and Mistlin Gallery. Best of Show was Anne Pinkowski, with her strapped, neon and found objects.  The show exhibits 72 artists from central valley, foothills and bay area communities.  The exhibition is a cooperative show of the Mistlin Gallery and Carnegie Arts Center. To see the entire showcase, visit both galleries. I have one painting in the showcase, “Sew What-Not a Stitch” at the Mistlin Gallery.  All works in the show are for sale, and commissions on completed sales benefit the two nonprofit galleries. Last month I was invited to show some art at Hinkley Optometric, 1009 Sixteenth Street, in downtown Modesto. You can see it if you hurry, during business hours, and meet their very friendly and art supportive staff.  The 23 paintings, drawings and printmaking, cover

For more Modesto info:

pretty much the range of what I do, and received good comments during their opening and trunk show during April Art Walk. New murals keep going up in Modesto.  The Mural on 15th is finished with its agricultural theme, and a new one going up on McHenry backing Sonic Drive-In.  Ed Cesena has work up at Barkin Dog Grill, David Bienkowski has paintings up at Tokyo Express, and Jen Coffey has work up at 13th and J as well as her display at DEVA.  I got to see most of the work Eva Hass had up at Crow Trading through April 25th.  Maggie Camps has paintings up at Chartreuse Muse, and Tammy Jo Schoppet has her ceramics there.  Mistlin has their Spring Members Show following the showcase. May 30 and 31, I have music, art and

blueberries to enjoy at the Riverdance Farms Pick and Gather festival in Livingston. I have a lot of signs to create to help you find us, but we have Art, and friends like Poorhouse Millionaires, Faux Renwah, Red Pony, Victoria Boyington and Silly String Band, Boulder Creek Bluegrass Band, Cottonwood Creek, and much more as we do the 11th year on the Merced River at 12240 Livingston-Cressey Road. Great all-ages family event. More info on that, including tickets and activities listing, see The exhibition includes pieces by 72 artists from throughout the greater Central California region including Turlock, Modesto, Altaville, Ceres, Copperopolis, Coulterville, Cressey, Fairfax, Groveland, La Grange, Livermore, Mariposa, Merced, Oakdale, Oakland, Ripon, Sacramento, San Andreas, San Francisco, San Leandro, Tracy, Valley Springs, and Woodside.


BAR La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant By Kate Serpa Photos by Phil Johnson

“So did you know,” stated Phil, “that may-

onnaise was first mass produced in England during the turn of the century? In fact, in 1912, the famous unsinkable Titanic was carrying in its cargo over 12,000 jars of the condiment, bound for delivery in Veracruz, Mexico, which was the Titanic’s next port after arriving in New York. This would have been the single largest delivery of mayonnaise to occur in Mexico.” “Wow, Phil. Random, but interesting,” I replied. “But,” continued Phil, “we all know what happened to the Titanic. The loss was such a disappointment to the Mexican people who had been eagerly awaiting the shipment of mayonnaise that they decided to declare a national day of mourning on the day the Titanic was supposed to arrive, which is still celebrated currently on May 5th. It’s called Sinko de...” NO, Phil. We are NOT starting out with lowbrow Cinco de Mayo jokes. I think I eye-rolled so hard that I need some exceptional liquid libations in order to recover properly. Now, I’ve been going to La Parrilla on Oakdale Road for as long as I can remember; the restaurant, for me, has always been synonymous with savory authentic Mexican fare. Needless to say, when the sleek and modern new La Parrilla was opened in McHenry Village November of last year, I had to practice some level of restraint, rare for me in terms of seeking out delectable drinks, to save haunting their barstools until Cinco de Mayo because I knew they’d be incredible. I saved myself for La Parrilla, and they did not disappoint. Yaser and Xelah Herrera, brother and sister


duo and managers of La Parrilla, are no strangers to the restaurant/bar combination. Both grew up in the industry; their family has owned and operated the La Parrilla restaurant on Oakdale since 1999, and also hold another La Parrilla in Riverbank in addition to their newest location in McHenry Village. Over 15 years of experience is evident through the quality of food and service -- their success Yaser and Xelah credit towards their mother, who you can still find in any one of the three restaurant’s kitchens overseeing and cooking. But, hey, we’re not here to talk amazing Mexican food; we’re here to talk about amazing Mexican booze. Xelah doesn’t miss a beat: “You have to try El Cantarito!” This big fruity beverage is taking no prisoners; swimming with Cazadores Blanco, Cruzan Guava Rum, Limon Bacardi, pomegranate liqueur, soda, and topped with pineapple, grapefruit, it’s served in a traditional El Cantarito glasses ( an upper body workout, to be sure), which Xelah herself brought from Guadalajara, Mexico. Yaser continues that nearly every restaurant is able to serve a margarita with any number of variations, but La Parrilla is unique to the fact they are striving for excellence through an authentic base; they have a clear message to convey which is evident through their cocktail list and menu. Next cocktail in bartender Carlos Zarate’s lineup is a fresh mango martini, followed by a restaurant-favorite, a cucumber margarita with a chile seasoning rim. Thankfully, Carlos was holding the cocktail reigns in this case, else I likely would have found myself swimming in the savory flavors La Parrilla’s cocktail list offers -- Hennessy horchata, house-made sangria packed full of fruit and mixed with gin, Martell sidecars, specialty micheladas, jalapeno-

This coming Cinco de Mayo will, undoubtedly, be quite the bash assure Xelah and Yaser: Mariachi bands, give-aways, and food and drink specials. Slap those mediocre margarita mixes out of your damn hands and get yourself some La Parrilla goodness this Cinco de Mayo.

La Parrilla Restaurant muddled margaritas. Come any day during La Parrilla’s generous Happy Hour to pair your cocktail choices with appetizers, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Don’t mind if I do.

1700 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA 209.572.2420 ** Be sure to check La Parrilla’s Facebook page for additional information regarding their upcoming Mexican Sunday Brunches (with bottomless mimosas, of course)!**


MOM poem

Mom to the 3rd Power

by Sam Pierstorff —for all mothers but especially for my wife, Ruhi

Now that he understands that there’s a tiny child inflating inside the balloon of your belly , I tell our oldest son when he misbehav es that I have kept the receipt on his life and he can be returned to the store from which he came at anytime if he doesn’t stop pulling his sister’s hair. And that’s when he begins to cry, imag ining his long body warped into a pretzel then swallowed by his mother. But what I don’t tell him is how lucky he would be back inside the one-womb apartment that he left 6 years ago with you, the most beautiful landlord in the world, living in the loft just above the heart that beats like rain on a wooden roof. Once inside, he’ll discover his name carv ed into uteran walls— the M in Hakeem drawn into humps of a Loch Ness monster. He’ll trace the A of his sister, Ameena, though it is upside down like a teepee flipped over in heav y winds. Then he will find a new name, Deen, who you believe writes with his feet since he kicks so hard against the thin walls of your stomach. But you have not evicted him. Not yet. You let him stay until he is ready to face the cold, hars h world. And even then you will hold his hand so he never walks alone. Some mothers give birth. Some give life where every cut is bandaged by a kiss and every tear is absorbed by a hug that can be felt forev er. These are the lucky ones. These are your children, and when they fall, they hurry into your arms to rest their heads against your chest like they did on day one when they were pink and scared and planted in your arms to hear your familiar heart beating like the knuckles of an eager gues t rapping on the door. There is room at our table, so you welc ome one more. Tonight you will serve love on a silver platter, enough to feed your new family of five for the rest of their lives.

For more Modesto info:

PERFORMANCE A Time to Perform in May

Friday, May 15th 2015 is Fall to Earth By Joel Drake Johnson May 8-24

by Kaye Osborn

May Madness is upon us with dance recitals, music recitals, field trips, promotions, graduations and all good things that means the end of the school year. It is a busy time for sure!  Try to save a date or two and catch some of the shows listed below.  My husband and I are preparing for a drama audition.  We are busy memorizing and reciting words, hoping to impress the director.  It is an exciting process.  Fingers crossed we can be part of the ensemble!  Will keep my loyal readers posted!  Don’t just go to the theater, try it yourself and be a part of the action.  Here is what’s happening in our neck of the woods! Gallo Center for the Arts From White Plains Friday, May 1st 8 PM For mature audiences Deals with life themes and bullying The Midtown Men Thursday, May 7 7:30 PM Sixties hits Forbidden Broadway Friday, May 8: 8 PM Parodies of popular Broadway shows Big Daddy Weave Monday, May 11 7 PM A Christian band Chanticleer Wednesday, May 13 7:30 PM World’s reigning men’s chorus Clay Walker Friday, May 22 8 PM Country Singer Teo Gonzales and La Chupitios Saturday, May 23 8 PM Boz Scaggs Sunday, May 24th 7 PM

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. We will be having a Cookie Caravan and will be going throughout downtown and handing out cookies. If you would like us to come and visit your workplace, all you have to do is message us on our Facebook page. A meditation on family bonds and a whole lot more. Kenny lived his life in secret. His mother and sister travel to an unfamiliar town looking for answers. With the help of a local policewoman they uncover tragic truths about him, their family and themselves. Playwright Joel Drake Johnson’s funny and harrowing play explores the treacherous terrain of parent/child relationships, where everything changes, yet always remains the same. Performances at 8pm 5/8, 5/9, 5/15, 5/16, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23  & at 2pm 5/17, 5/24 Center Stage Lower Studio McHenry Museum’s Second Saturday May 9th- Ed Arnold talks about Baseball in Modesto. 2-3 PM, McHenry Museum, Free

GO Modesto! Make Stuff Day

Make Stuff Day is a day of DIY craft workshops and a delicious lunch. This is our 5th year! The cost of this event is $35 per person, which includes breakfast and lunch and three finished projects. It is a wonderful opportunity to discover beauty, delight in creativity and build relationships with other crafters in our community. For more information and to view the workshops being offered this year, please visit our site Redeemer, 820 H Street in Modesto, Saturday, May 2, 2015. Workshops start at 9am.

For more Modesto info:



Mother’s Day Brunches

The New American Latin Mingle

Sunday, May 10th – The Fruityard –

by Dana Johnson

FB: Dana’s Family Kitchen FOX40: See Chef Dana every 1st Friday of the month

8am – 3pm Dungeness crab, prime rib, ham, shrimp, omelet bar, dessert bar with chocolate fountain $40 per person Call 577.0225 to RSVP. 7948 Yosemite Blvd., Modesto

– Maxi’s – in The Doubletree Hotel 10am– 2pm

Urbano California Bistro is blending a lot more than American and Latin flavors as I found Japanese chilies, Mediterranean pasta dishes, Tuscany grilled salmon, and Mahi Mahi tostadas as just a hint to this bounty of tastes on the menu that I’m drooling over! So awesome while your lips & tongue are mingling your bod has the opportunity to share in the motion. Yes, on Monday nights you can learn how to Tango from a pro! Wed., Fri., and Sat. nights 7-pm to midnight feature free live entertainment and ask about salsa night, sometimes they have lessons and other times it’s all about the salmon with pineapple cranberry salsa! I know, I had you at “pineapple!” Urbano had me at “pineapple” margarita! That was a 1st for me and in my morning interview I’m thinking this could be out my usual Bloody MaryJ. Urbano has a full bar and several specialty cocktails, wine, and 12 brews on tap including local favorites like Dust Bowl and Sandude! While I was so enjoying a mojito NY steak, I was shocked to find myself eyeballing the Dana~licious looking salads that kept parading by as lunch time rolled around. Right when I started to focus again, I overheard the entire buzz about the Nasty Burger! Say what?! Nastygood! Onions, mushrooms, bacon, Gorgonzola,

U 10


rosemary yellow mustard mayonnaise, oh Baby it’s on with this burger! Urbano is family owned and operated. The Sanchez family of brothers; Noe, Noel, Lydia, and Edgar have been busy for years in bringing their sensational blend of taste and smell to the table. The family also owns Jacob’s Fine Dining that once was on McHenry. No worries if you have been missing them; Jacob’s is about to re-open at 910 12th St. in Modesto and only a short jaunt from Urbano. I often wish there were more places in Modesto and its surrounding cities that serve brunch. What a great way to wind down from the weekend and spoil myself before I’m immersed into another work week. Urbano granted my wish! Starting at 10am on Sundays you will likely find me as the first one seated and ordering the waffles with fried chicken and yes I’m going to tease you and say it… BACON!!! Oh whatever bikini season is overrated! My seafood loving family will also be thrilled to find sole and calamari with eggs gracing this menu. Modesto View signature question: Beatles or Stones? Noel looked baffled as he guessed Beatles while he followed up with they both are very good. Nice save!



Urbano California Bistro also on FB 1016 H Street Modesto 209-622-1108 Hours: M-Fri. 11am – 3pm M-Thurs. 5pm-10pm Sat. 5pm- Midnight Sunday Brunch 10am-3pm

– Redwood Café –


Dana- icious Quick Dip 3/4 c. sour cream 1/2 c. jarred green salsa 1/2 c. diced tomatoes 2 tsp. fresh chopped cilantro   Combine all ingredients. Serve with corn tortilla chips or pita bread :)


Fresh berries and fruit, bacon, sausage, eggs, omelet station, French toast, prime rib, pecan chicken, Smoked Salmon, sundried tomato pasta salad, desserts include cheesecake, bread pudding, orange cream cake and chocolate cake Adults: $38, children (6 to 12): $17, 5 and Under Eat Free Call 209.525.3075 to RSVP.


9am-2pm 4342 Dale Rd., Modesto Call 209.545.9248 to RSVP.

– Surla’s –

10am-2pm Unlimited Champagne. Call 209.550.5555 to RSVP. 431 12th St, Modesto

Mother’s Day Tea – McHenry Mansion – Saturday May 9th 11:30am & 2pm $30 per person Call 209.522.1739 to RSVP. 924 15th St., Modesto

For more Modesto info:

ROCKABILLY Summertime is Coming! by Jennifer Allsup The sun will beat down on the valley causing us to take out our beautiful swing dresses and Bobby Sox. Whether you go to a summer dance or even take a small vacation, where would your tiptoes take you? My favorite place to journey would be a place where I want to know everyone’s name. A place where you can hear the whistle of a harmonica blowing, and bass strings screaming in the wind. A place that the gentle touch of a strong hand takes me out to the dance floor. It all comes from a daydream of what Modesto used to be back in the 1950’s. I find myself sitting in the window ledge of the big building, gazing at the sunlight. When a man approaches with a twinkle in his eye. “Excuse me, miss? May I have this dance?” A gleam appears across my face. “Why, yes sir. It would be my pleasure to share the sunlight dance with such a handsome fella.” As I jump from the ledge, I see the neon lights sparkle with rhythm. Feeling stupendous with a handsome fella I am confused by the bright lights

May Movies

that outshine the sunlight. A star came across our faces while jumpin’ and jivin’ in the streets of downtown Modesto. Out of nowhere a familiar face takes the streets. Next thing you know Wanda Jackson has a party going on! Wow! What a great summer night! Oh to daydream of what summers we’re like in the 1950’s in my hometown of Modesto. Leaving you with this

small tidbit of what Modesto summer nights have in store for you: the city is gearing up for our long-awaited Graffiti nights. Stay tuned for more exciting news for those summer day and nights of an exciting Graffiti summer! Don’t miss the Elvis Tribute at the State Theatre, June 13 at 7 pm featuring Third Party, Triple DDD, and Kent Whitt and the Downbeats

GO Modesto! Juliana Presto publishes first of trilogy series

“Fire and Ice: The Awakening” Juliana is an eight-grade Modestan, who published her first book recently, and the second is currently in the last editing stages. The sciencefiction adventure story follows the tale of two teenagers, Marina Coralin and Carter Pyric, who have recently discovered they possess powers. Described as a “Fresh take on a classic star-crossed lover story” on amazon, it’s got a 5 star rating. She likes to speak to other students and encourage them to follow their dreams, no matter what their age might be. She says, “Don’t put off accomplishing your dreams later, if you can make them come true today.”

You can get her book on amazon for only $10.78




VFM-5156-A97D AD1 MODESTO VIEW.indd For more Modesto info:


4/2/15 10:54 AM


UNPLUGGED ROCKing the Cradle A view from a MAMA

THE MASK YOU LIVE IN DEFINING MASCULINITY IN AMERICA Is American masculinity harming our boys, men and society at large?

By Patty Castillo Davis Photo by Ruben Porras

My earliest memories I mean the very

A documentary from Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the team behind Miss Representation

Fri. May 1 at 7 p.m.


Ford INTO THE SUN TOUR Five-time Grammy award-winning guitar virtuoso

Fri. May 29 at 8 p.m.

Celebrate the State’s


evocative ones, with colors, tastes and smell triggers, are so alive and they all encompass music and my Mother. Before I was old enough to attend school I was my Mother, Jeannie Castillo’s Helper. I would stand upon a chair to reach the sink and do the dishes with her. The breeze fluttered in through the kitchen curtains while strains of the Young Rascals, Bobby Gentry and the Beatles floated out of the radio and into the backyard of our place on Van Allen Road. My mother and I would sing together all the time. I was four years old when she and I recorded a 45 single record, we sang a cover of “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. My Mother’s singing and encouragement prompted me to mirror her and I KNEW I wanted to be a performer. My creativity was championed by both Dad and Mom.

Patty Castillo Davis and Maya Magdaleno

Guitars, a piano and lessons, notebooks and writing tools, stereo equipment and all access to any records and tapes in Dad’s collection was at my disposal, (you scratch it, you die). I honed my vocal chops by singing along with Linda Ronstadt, Karen Carpenter and Wilson Pickett at the expense of my family’s eardrums. My Mom and Dad accompanied me when I was a teenager to clubs and contests and dragged their faithful friends along for moral support. My folks allowed me to explore my dreams and fortified my efforts. When

With a Party

With saucy songstress Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers Speakeasy opens at 6:30 pm. Music and dancing at 8 p.m.

Sat. May 30, 2015

The Party Continues with

Cake and A Classic Cake at 2 p.m. The Thin Man at 2:15 p.m. Sun. May 31, 2015

Oak Valley COmmunity Bank

1200 I Street - 549.2265

4120 Dale Rd - 758.8000

3508 McHenry Ave - 579.3360

Experience the perfect blend of old-fashioned personal service and modern technology to meet your every need. Let us make your banking, our business.


Deep Roots ~ Strong Branches

I started my own family, it felt alot like creating Art. The parallel between Motherhood and Songwriting exists. You make great sacrifices so that the end result is your perfect composition. The difficult, beautiful work has begun. For musical Mothers, parenting is a natural place to channel creativity. I called on my improvisational skills to remedy sleepless nights and colic. My children became my Muse and enlightened my frame of reference on the world and my songs became more affective.I feel more emotionally connected to my material. Motherhood has shaped my perception. Finding balance is a challenge and the goal of everyday. I want to have my guitar and play it too. I have spent a lot of time by the light of a ladybug nightlight writing music. My girls’ vocabulary differed from their peers and included phrases like, “My Momma has a gig”, and “I get to be Mom’s plus one.” In 2004, I went on hiatus to be with my children and passed on career opportunities. I returned in 2012 to a local scene teaming with more players than ever and the rules of engagement were very different. As my children grew more independant, my music returned to it’s prominence. I did not want to wake up in the middle of my life and wish I’d done something with my music. Christian and Maya Magdaleno are my greatest masterpieces and the final reward. And as for my Mother, on her last birthday, October 14, 2014 I was voted the Best Singer Songwriter MAMA, which I gave her as a gift, which was really a present she gave to me.

For more Modesto info:

Live & Local

Join Us For

Fridays 7pm-9pm 10th Street Plaza Begins May 8th

Music in the Plaza May 8 The Wrongdoers May22 Patty Castillo Davis

May 15 Kickstart May29 Josh Rosenblum Band

LISTEN to the “Band of the Week” at


COULD USE A massage Sign Up as a PF Black Card ® member and get unlimited use of our massage chairs.

Sign up now for $0 down and $l9.99 a month.

SIGN UP AS A BLACK CARD® MEMBER AND RECEIVE THESE BENEFITS: ≠ Use of 900+ locations nationwide ≠ Unlimited Use of Massage Chairs ≠ Unlimited Guest Privileges ≠ Unlimited Hydromassage ≠ Unlimited Fitness Training ≠ Unlimited Total Body Enhancement ≠ Use of Tanning ≠ Half Price Cooler Drinks 2401 E. Orangeburg Ave. Suite 400 • Modesto CA 95355 • (209) 572-2921 2045 W. Briggsmore Ave. Suite B14 • Modesto CA 95350 • (209) 341-2500 See the front desk for details. Annual membership fee applies. l2-month commitment may apply. Billed monthly to a checking account or credit card. Checking only may apply. Participating locations only. Planet Fitness facilities are independently owned and operated. See club for details. PFIP, LLC 20l5 Must be at least 18 years old, or 13 with parent/ guardian. Incentives offered for enrolling in other memberships. Participating locations only. Planet Fitness facilities are independently owned and operated. ©Planet Fitness

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NON-PROFIT Local nonprofit, Center for Human Services (CHS) is celebrating 45 years with a big move! by Kate Trompetter,

Center for Human Services new home!

Marketing/PR Director

In 1970, Richard Nixon was President and gas was 36 cents a gallon and Head Rest opened its doors. It started as a drop-in center for youth struggling with drug and alcohol use, originally located where Ralston Towers now stands at 5-points. In 1972, my Dad was on the Board of Directors. My mom was an early volunteer. Clearly, I was born to work here. As time went by, Head Rest grew. The focus shifted from programs reacting to issues in our community to a broader, educational approach aimed towards youth and their families. In 1984, Head Rest became Center for Human Services. Today, CHS employs over 200 people. I am one. I love what we do and what we stand for. My colleagues work in every community throughout the county and we continue to grow. In the past 5 years, we have increased staff by 34% and revenue by 36%. Building

futures and changing lives is what we do. We provide quality treatment for mental health and addiction issues, offer shelter and educational services for youth, and connect people in need to resources in our community. Long before I came to work at CHS, there was a dream of a new location, which included the ownership of our own building. In September 2014, CHS purchased a building in Modesto. The building was once the much-loved Roller King. For me, the essence of Roller King was family (chosen and otherwise), connection, and optimism. Whether I was at the Snack Shack, preparing for the girls fast skate, or maybe stuck in “jail”, the thing about Roller King was that you felt you belonged there, you were connected, and even in “jail”, there was a way out and people to share life with.I grew

up at Roller King. For many of us at CHS, it feels fitting that we will inhabit the same space, continuing the essence of family, connectedness, and optimism. As we celebrate our 45th year in Stanislaus County, we’re preparing for a move into our new home. With the larger facility, we will be better positioned to meet the current and future demands of our community. We have launched a Capital Campaign: Framing Our Future. The goal is $1 million. I’m proud to say we are more than half-way there! A successful campaign will secure funds to support the construction of the inside of our new building, while allowing CHS to use more of our fundraising and operating budget in service to our community.

For more information on Framing Our Future, a campaign for Center for Human Services, please visit or call 209-526-1476

Bike & Ride Program You pay your Fare... Your Bike rides Free! - Stanislaus Regional Transit allows bikes on most StaRT buses. It’s easy and convenient, whether you’re loading onto one of our new front loading bike racks or loading your bike inside the bus.

- StaRT bike racks are designed to keep your bike away from the bus and other bikes…and loading takes less than 20 seconds. - So if you’re on your way to work, school, or the bike trails, you and your bike will get there together in style!

StaRT Information, Bus Routes, Schedules, and Bike & Ride Program details online at :


Responsibility Bike racks are provided as a convenience to bus riders. Stanislaus Regional Transit is not responsible for the theft or loss of bikes, or damages incurred or caused to bikes while on the transit system or at a bus stop, or during loading and unloading of the bike, or injury to the cyclist loading or unloading a bike. Cyclist will be responsible for any damages caused by the cyclist or bike while loading or unloading the bike, and if they fail to secure the bike on the rack or in the bus correctly. If a bike is in a wheelchair space and a person who uses a wheelchair boards the bus, the owner of the bike will be requested to remove the bike. This may require the bike owner to get off the bus. Remember to get your bike off the rack when you exit. If you forget, call 1-800-262-1516.

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MV: You had a wonderful turn out at your Love Modesto clean up event, but you do events and activities all year long, what are some of the highlights? DJ: Yes, on April 18th we hosted our first Dry Creek clean up event in conjunction with Love Modesto.  We had over one hundred volunteers that showed Dry Creek a lot of love.  These clean up events have gained support of neighborhood groups, high school leadership groups, trail users, and non-profit groups.  We work closely with the Tuolumne River Trust, City of Modesto staff as well. 

Darin Jesberg by Chris Murphy

Darin and I share a common history of growing up in independent sport activities and then working for global sporting goods brands, my path leading from Raleigh Bikes to Specialized Bikes and Darin’s leading to Royal Robbins Inc. and Hi-Tec Sports USA. This common connection lead to our meeting when the first railbanking efforts were made to convert the Tidewater Central Railroad to a bike trail.  This fledgling effort of about 10 people was Friends of Virginia. Now over a decade later, it is the beautiful Virginia Corridor.  Today, Darin, now a Modesto Firefighter, is a father of two and married to Elisabeth, a high school Science teacher.  As a super avid cyclist, Darin lives what he preaches and is a leader in positive cycling efforts, local riding and trail activism leading the Dry Creek Trail Riders. The impact of this group is amazing and their reach spreads across our region and is making a positive change.  We share another common bond as Lakewood School parents and we love our  family, neighborhood, friends and community. Let’s meet Darin.   ModestoView: Modesto is virtually flat, so we are a dream city to grow cycling don’t you think? Darin Jesberg: Modesto is set up really well to cater to cyclists of all ability levels and interests.  Since Modesto is flat, much like Davis, it makes it easy to get around on a bicycle.  I am a member of the Modesto Bicycle Advisory Committee; we are currently working with city staff on making Modesto a more bicycle friendly community; you have probably noticed the increase in bike lanes and signage that identify designated bike travel routes.  Although there is much work to be done, I think that we as a community are on the right path to becoming a great city to promote and support cycling activities. MV: It seems like your move to firefighter allowed you to be even more passionate about local cycling and trail advocacy.  How did this evolve? DJ: After completing my enlistment in the Air Force and moving to Modesto in 1992, I went back to school, attending The University of the Pacific. Not really sure where my next career would take me, I took business courses, did an internship at Royal Robbins Inc,  and began volunteering as a firefighter.  After graduating from UOP, I continued to work in business for Royal Robbins as their first web master and continued to volunteer as a firefighter.  I was then offered a marketing manager position with Hi- Tec Sports USA, which I accepted in 1999.  Although I really wanted to be a firefighter, my business career was looking more promising at the time. 

In 2003 I decided to make a career change and pursue a career in firefighting; that decision has been an excellent choice for me. With my new career and new schedule, working twenty four hours on then twenty four hours off, I was able to spend time during the week focusing on raising my daughter and son and spend time on my hobbies- cycling.  Although I am at work for fifty six hours per week, I have more time off during the week. This allows me to get involved in community based advocacy projects. MV: What was your favorite sport activity as a kid and where did you grow up? DJ:  I grew up in southern California in the 70s and 80s.  Back then every kid on the block rode their BMX bike everywhere- I used to ride to school, the store, friend’s houses, and explore my surroundings every weekend on the bike. So, I’d say cycling has always been my go to sport.  In 1987 I borrowed a friends mountain bike for the weekend; I instantly became a big fan of mountain biking- I bought my first mountain bike in 1988 while stationed in Germany.  I continue to ride, race, and advocate cycling as a healthy, family friendly sport. MV: What is the biggest need we have as a community for trail access? DJ: Fortunately Modesto has a really nice trail system- Dry Creek Regional Park and Tuolumne Regional River Park.  After moving to Modesto, I discovered this little gem of a trail system- Dry Creek.  I appreciate the fact that I can ride from my house to the trail and get an hour of trail riding in without having to drive anywhere.  As a community I think it is important to take care of our trail system and valuable green space.  As an avid trail user, I rallied a few of my riding

For more Modesto info:

partners to begin taking care of our trail system. In 2009 I started the Dry Creek Trail Riders then two years later Dry Creek Trails Coalition. The Dry Creek Trail Riders group, DCTR, has grown to five hundred members since 2009.  What I have found is that there is a sense of community at Dry Creek amongst trail users; the two groups capture this sense of community to benefit Dry Creek. MV: How would you rate Modesto as a cycling town? DJ: Modesto is set up really well for cycling; the weather is relatively mild year round, the terrain is flat, and the city is really not that spread out.  We have great bike paths and bike routes throughout the city.  And we have great places for recreational riders to ride near Modesto, either on the road or off road.  So, I would rate Modesto relatively high as a cycling town. MV: What can people do, that may not be super avid cyclists do to get involved. DJ: As I mentioned earlier, I started a group called the Dry Creek Trails Coalition as an advocacy group to focus on preserving Dry Creek Regional Park.  I found that the Dry Creek Trail Riders group did not capture all of the trail users of Dry Creek, so the coalition encompasses cyclists, trail runners, and many other trail users.  The Dry Creek Trails Coalition model has become very successful in providing a venue for all trail users to give back to their trail system.  We host a trail clean up every two months and recently began partnering with Love Modesto.  With the support of Love Modesto, we have expanded our partnership opportunities for the greater good of our community. 

MV: What do we need to do to make sure that the next generation of kids become bike riders? DJ: It seems like kids are riding their bikes less these days. I think that creating kid friendly bike activities is the key; I am currently working on a bike park project with city staff and a bike park builder.  If things work out, Modesto may have a bike park that will cater to kids.  The best way to ensure that the next generations of kids become bike enthusiasts is to take them for a ride, explore their surroundings, and maybe even get a little dirty.

MV: If you were king of Modesto for a day, what changes would you make for alternative transportation? DJ: I would encourage more people to commute by bike, create bike paths along our canal banks, encourage stores and businesses to become more bicycle friendly. MV: Describe your ideal day in Modesto. DJ: My ideal day in Modesto would, of course, involve being on a bike. With so much to do and see in Modesto on the week-ends, hopping on my bike and getting out there to take part in downtown activities, enjoy the trails at Dry Creek, riding to have breakfast or lunch and spending quality time with friends and my family- that is pretty close to an ideal day in my opinion. MV:  Beatles or Stones? DJ: Beatles! To get involved, please contact Dry Creek Trail Riders &  Dry Creek Trails Coalition:



By Chris Murphy and ModestoView Friends

BIKES&BOULEVARDS Local May Bike Rides and Events

Fix or Free? Flat or Hills? Fast or Slow? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when you are thinking about cycling here in Modesto.   I grew up on a bike here in Modesto, from rides out to Knights Ferry when we were in 7th grade, Yosemite Bike Rallies, Bike-a-thons, and riding by bike to school everyday.  Racing in high school and college lead me to a career in cycling and allowed me to explore the world. As kids, bikes were our freedom and in the current age of child safety, sadly we have lost some of this freedom.  But it is time to get our freedom back and create safe routes to schools and better bike racks, better local bike trails, bike parks and create a cycling friendly city from recreation, to racing to commuting.  Awareness is needed from both cyclists and no cyclists.   Q&A Fix or Free – A lot of people use the word “fixie” for a single speed urban bike.  A fixie means the rear cog is fixed, meaning the pedals don’t freewheel and are directly turning the back wheel. Brakes are optional and if you don’t have them, your legs have to slow down the pedaling. This requires experience and the ability to do a track stand in one place is helpful.  This isn’t for everyone. Most people would prefer a single speed free-wheel. You can coast and you can use handbrakes.   One speeds are fun, light and are perfect for the flat riding conditions here in the Modesto area.   Flat or Hills – I was built for flat land riding.  I trained hard to be good in the hills. Some of you are lucky to be good in the hills.  If you are, then road racing and mountain bike racing/riding is for you.  Climbing skills can be learned and good out of the saddle conditioning is key.  If you like flat land cycling, then time trials, commuting and Criterium riding may be your thing.   Fast or Slow – These are questions older than time itself.  The first race probably occurred soon after the invention of the wheel. Both styles of riding have great benefits. Slow riding is great for tours, exploration, sightseeing and family rides.  Slow riding will allow a more upright riding position and more comfort.  If you like it fast, you want a light road bike or a upper end mountain bike.  Many of these are made of carbon fiber and aluminum parts and a long stretched out position for speed and agility.   Ask yourself “Why do you ride?” and the bike selection comes easy.

May 2nd

Stanislaus County Bicycle Club - Meet at 7am at Stouffer Park in Ripon May 3rd Stanislaus County Bicycle Club - Meet at 7am at Knights Ferry

May 9th

The 4th Annual Ride for Mom staged at Johansen High School. Last year there were over 400 riders, 100 volunteers and 17 exhibitors at the lifestyle event that is part of the event. Complete details and registration link:

May 10th

Jenny Lind Breakfast Ride (tinyurl. com/jennylindride) Meet at Raley’s at 3020 Floyd Ave. Choose from three rides A Ride - 7am 72 Miles with some rolling hills. Start at Raley’s parking lot. B Ride - 7:45am 50 Miles with some rolling hills. Start at Oakdale General Store park-ing lot, corner of Hwy 120 and River Rd. C Ride - 8:15am 30 Miles with some rolling hills. Start at Eugene, corner of Sonora Rd and Milton Rd.

May 14th

Bike to Work Day at 10th Street Place. The event starts bright and early at 6:30am and will end at 8:30am. Attendees will even receive a continental breakfast to help keep them fueled up as they ride. This event is good for our friend Mother Nature. Do this for her. She needs a breather once in a while.

The Bicycle Passion By: Brian McDermott. The bicycle passion is growing all over

May 16th

the Central Valley. Several local groups get together once a month or more for local rides and rides in other cities and locations around the state.  Some, like Central Valley Cruisers and Modesto Area Bike Rides can be found right here in Modesto, CA.   You can find both groups on Facebook.  There are many other groups in the area as well that hold kid friendly and adult rides, some of which have themes that make it even more fun.   For me it started several years ago when I designed a S.F. Giants themed bike using a computer program.  A friend of mine that was in to custom bicycles at that time, saw my design and said…”Hey, I know a guy that can build that bike”.   I said, “Are you serious?” and then, I was hooked on creating cool bikes.   Since then, I’ve picked up a few more bicycles and love riding all of them.  I find it to be a great stress reliever.   The local rides encourage getting family and friends together, and being active outside of the house and exercising.  It gives us all a chance to see other local communities in a way we may have never seen them before.    The bicycle rides, swap meets and shows also give adults and kids a positive outlet for their energy and ideas.   Whether you are in to custom stretch, vintage, cruiser, BMX, fixie, fat tire, road or mountain bike, you’ll find that there are several rides going on each month. The growing bicycle community benefits from our rides as we make a point to support the local economy wherever we ride.  We bring people in from all around the region and usually stop to eat and drink on our rides and the local bike shops get our business.    We are not a club.  We are just a group of people who want to encourage everyone, even those who are just learning to ride to the bicycle enthusiast, to come out and join us.   Exercise, have fun, be safe, and as we say, “Let’s Ride!”

Family Cycling Festival - 10am-3pm in front of Stanislaus County Courthouse on 9th Street. Enjoy safety seminars, bike races for kids, free helmets for kids and entertain-ment. This is a free family event.

May 16th

Modesto Downtown Criterium presented by Ciccarelli Enterprises - Downtown Modesto between 12th and 15th/ H and J Streets. This is an awesome event to watch. It is amaz-ing to hear groups of riders as they fly through downtown. You will understand the sound of the word “whoosh.” Details and registration:

May 17th

Del Puerto Canyon Ride ( Meet at Rogers Rd and Sperry Rd in Patterson at 7am. Park behind Jack in the Box. This popular ride consists of 33, 43 or 50 mile options. Be prepared for moderate to hard climbing. See riding and safety tips at the above link.

May 23rd

10 East Brunch Ride ( Meet at 10 east Kitchen and Tap House at 10 E. Main Street in Turlock. See link for times. Choose from 55 or 32 mile ride options. 55 Mile option consists of easy terrain with some rollers. 32 Mile option is on flat easy terrain. See

More bikes..Rolling Relics on Page 18


for rides of various levels starting in Oakdale. See: for rides starting at their McHenry Village location. See: for rides starting at their Turlock location. by

Ruben Porras

For more Modesto info:


Graffiti Summer By Chris Murphy

ModestoUSA is where Graffiti Summer lives all year long. June is coming faster than you think and many of our hall of fame American Graffiti events will be extra special.  People from all over the world come to Modesto to experience the place that was the inspiration for George Lucas’ milestone movie.   Downtown Modesto features the Historic Cruise Route that is a walking history tour of the music and Graffiti experiences of Modesto.   The Walk of Fame showcases our Legends of the Cruise and new inductees will be unveiled June 10 in 10th St Place.   The legendary N. Modesto Kiwanis American Graffiti Car Show and the Cruise Parade will be on June 12 featuring the Grand Marshall, Wendell Reed, Parade Champion Gene Winfield, Candy Clark and Bo Hopkins and the other Walk of Fame inductees.   The Cruise Parade will go up McHenry to Orangeburg.  The car show has a new and bigger location at Muni Golf Course.  Yes, good times will be had by all and the show of classic chrome and cars will fill our streets all summer.  

This will be an epic Graffiti Summer with will lead off with the showing of the 1973 film American Graffiti at the vintage historic State Theatre on June 6 and the first big car show of the year is The Modesto Street Rods in McHenry Village on June 7. Use our handy dandy guide of events so you don’t miss a thing.    So Modesto, let’s get our Graffiti on!  If you are a business, plan some great cruisin’ events and promotions.  Have your employees dress retro and play the music from 1956 – 1964. This is our time, this is our story and this is who we are!  #ModestoUSA is the home of American Graffiti and we should be proud.   See all the events happening and your one stop link to ModestoCana and all things Graffiti at &

Graffiti Summer 2015 Fri & Sat Nights, A&W Root Beer, Classic Car Show Wednesday Nights, Velvet Grill & Creamery, Classic Car Show June 6-3pm, State Theatre, American Graffiti movie June 6-5pm, Hangar 1-S, 700 Tioga Drive, Modesto, “Hopping at the Hangar” Sock Hop June 6-8pm, Gallo Center, “So Good for the Soul” June 7-10am, McHenry Village, 10th Annual Graffiti Classic Car Show June 8-5pm, American Chevrolet, Mid-Valley Chevy Club Car Show June 9-5pm, Vintage Faire Mall, Mid-Valley Chevy Club Car Show June 10-5pm, Downtown Modesto, Mid-Valley Chevy Club Car Show June 10 7pm, Downtown Modesto, Historic Graffiti Walk of Fame Unveiling June 11-5pm, Cool Hand Luke’s, Mid-Valley Chevy Club Car Show June 11-8pm, Graceada Park, MoBand Concert in the Park – Cruisin’ Dreams June 12-7pm, Official Kiwanis Classic Car Parade June 13-7pm, State Theatre, Elvis Presley Tribute June 13-9am-5pm, Muni Golf Course, Graffiti Car Show & Festival June 14-9am-3pm, Muni Golf Course, Graffiti Car Show & Festival June 20-7pm, John Thurman Field, Modesto Nuts Graffitit Night June 20-6:30pm, State Theatre, Sing-along GREASE June 28- 9am-4pm, Elks Lodge, 8th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show Check for updated event and show times

For more Modesto info:

Legends of the Cruise – Walk of Fame Every visitor to Modesto will have a chance to experience the Historic Cruise Route and see our new Walk of Fame that will have a celebration grand opening on June 10 at 6 pm with the Mid Valley Chevy Club and our local legends. These markers will be in the sidewalk along 10th St beginning in front of the Brenden Cinema.  The Walk of Fame celebrates the people that were the inspiration of the movie American Graffiti and George Lucas’ childhood.  The mission of the Walk of Fame is to highlight the character and history of Modesto and educate and illuminate these stories to own citizens and visitors alike. Chris Murphy and ModestoView are the creators of the Cruise Route and the Walk of Fame.  Take a walk on the walk of fame and enjoy the historic cruise route.

Graffiti Summer Calendar Highlights It will be an action packed summer here in Modesto USA.   These are just some of the epic events that celebrate our American Graffiti history.  Get more info at our amazing local event calendar.  

State Theatre of Modesto is celebrating American Graffiti with root beer floats and their annual screening of American Graffiti June 6 starring Ron Howard, Harrison Ford, and many more. With admission at $3 and the State’s now-famous root beer floats at just $3, bring the entire family. Dress up in your best duds, go out and enjoy. Doors open at 5:30pm with the film starting at 6:30pm. For additional information visit  

Look for something new an exciting called Modesto Graffiti USA to keep your memories and cruisin’ dreams alive all year long.




Rolling Relics

Truth through fictional stories. D.V

by Chris Montoya

The Rolling Relics a group of vintage bicycle enthusiasts of all ages. Tony DeLorenzo and I started the group 5 years ago in Stockton, Ca. and has grown immensely ever since.  We started off with less than a handful of people and now we get anywhere from 50 to 200 riders.  We are not a club at all, just a group of people that love to ride bikes.  The Rolling Relics hold monthly rides in Northern California.  We highlight the great things the city has to offer as far such as restaurants, parks and other places you wouldn’t normally see driving in your car.  All of our rides are focused on family and friends going out on a Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and relieve the stress of the normal every day work week.  The rides consist of a very leisure pace that young and old are very comfortable with.  I am a strong believer that no one gets left behind.  The rides are usually an average of 12 to 20 miles round trip with 3 stops on average with one being an hour long lunch stop.   Some of the cities we have ridden are San Francisco, Monterey, Sacramento, Lodi and Modesto just to name a few. 

by Javier Lopez Can there be truth

The bikes of the Rolling Relics vary in years from an 1800’s hi-wheel to 1960’s Stingray’s. You will see many different manufactures you many never have known existed.  There are many others such as Shelby, Colson, Elgin, Hawthorn, Rolfast, Schwinn, etc.  These vintage bikes have grown in popularity lately thanks to some of the television shows that discover them all over the country being neglected.   Riding these vintage bikes is a way of resurrecting the past, to which has been nostalgic for many admirers during our rides.  Each one of the bikes on our rides has their own look and personality.  Some of which are extremely rusty while other or fully restored with chrome and paint. So dust off that old bike and come on out for a ride with the Rolling Relics sometime.  We can be found on Facebook at:

behind fiction? The human mind can project images that tell a story only you can relate, sometimes real life and sometimes fictional. Allow your imagination to run wild but never lose focus on realty. Why not share your minds most deepest thoughts and creativity through art? Where most never conjure up the courage to speak their minds and remains silent as if a zipper attached to your lips stays zipped. No sound can project with mouths  closed. Where most stay dormant, death is a black sea with no end.  In the summer of 2013 D.V had emerged. With dry heat and wind pressing, what felt like an eternity, had only been several months. Blood sweat and frustration had lead him to this very pressing moment on November 5th with the release of Death of A Poetic.  The missing pieces had finally come together, producing possibly

his richest sound yet. The texture more complex yet smoother than he could ever imagine. Once his hunger grew he could not quench his thirst without finding himself crawling to only finding Letters From The Attic released in May 2014. The influence of atmosphere drove the heavy vibe felt in his chest. Almost as if the lyrics of an old school record player spinning in the back ground where filling his soul with musical symphony. All the while the summer had passed with 40 oz of rhythm and blues he had struck GOLD. Gathering his thoughts and contemplating his approach on how & when he could express his most diligent and creative artistic creations.  The decision had been made. No longer would he hide his anger, his love nor his passions from others. He chose to write and deliver. The beginning. “Gold” was released on April 10 and you can now hear it and feel his most personal effort yet. For more information about DV:  https:// 



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MAMA by Middagh Goodwin We are in the last month of spring, but it is already feeling like summer and with the warmer weather you know what that means a lot more bands touring and hopefully stopping off in our area. Take a look at the calendar in the back of this magazine and see what is happening around you. Remember to buy some merch, tip your servers and bartenders, and show your support for live local music in the 209. Mother’s Day is May 10th, so maybe make plans to do something fun and entertaining with your mom. At last year’s Modesto Area Music Awards we mentioned that things were expanding, that MAMA was going to become more of a resource for the arts community and not just an annual awards show. I want to share a big step in that direction with all of you and I think this is big: M.A.M.A. Records has been formed with plans of having the first release coincide with this year’s MAMA Celebration in October. The first scheduled release will be a compilation paying tribute to the last 15 years of MAMA Winners. What better way to kick things off then to pay homage to the past while looking

towards the future. MAMA Records plans on having the CD’s ready to be given away at the awards show. This will be a curated compilation featuring an eclectic mix of marquee bands along with bands still out there performing. A downloadable compilation with all submissions will also be made available (already have confirmations from Nothing But Losers, Zombie Death Stench, Clockwork Hero, Patty Castillo Davis, House of Orange, Fallen Short, DAM, Triple D and more). Plans for M.A.M.A. Records to become a resource for local artist from distribution to public relations, to recording. Our goal is to help bands move beyond the confines of the Central Valley and compete on a national scale. Like them on facebook and keep an eye out for what great things are happening next. Great news for music lovers in Stockton: the Blackwater will be opening up again with a slight change in branding, becoming The Blackwater Republic. For over 30 years the spot has hosted and helped nurture some of the

best talent from around the Valley and beyond. Fans used to be able to see (in an intimate 50 capacity venue) acts like the Torn Boys (whose members went on to form Broken Toys and Grant Lee Buffalo), Dirk Hamilton, Cake and so many others. Tony Homsi who was a patron for many years has decided to move back to Stockton and give the spot an overhaul and plans to use it not just for music but also for art shows and performance art. Open Mic will be returning every Wednesday night and plans for Punk Rock Karaoke on Sundays. The Brew Ha Ha which had a successful run at Hero’s will return in June at the Blackwater Republic with the #209 Comedy Competition. I have been relatively quiet as far as live music is concerned, working on several projects behind the scenes. So far this year I have only done two shows at DEVA, The Toasters (NYC) in February and Downtown Brown (MI) in April. With summer approaching that is about to change. May 23rd at the Blackwater Republic I am bringing Doug C and the Blacklisted along with the Delta Bombers for a night of hillbilly stomp and rockabilly. Some of you may know Doug from his days performing with the Descendents, Dag Nasty or his work he did with the Kottonmouth Kings. On July 18th I will be helping produce a show at the Gallo Center for the Arts. Broken Toys will be


C e

returning to Modesto for the first time in over 20 years celebrating the release of a new DVD documenting their rise to fame in the late 80’s with a full live set which was filmed at the Empire Theater in December 2012. This is going to be the most ambitious show I have been involved with since returning to Modesto. Try to get out a couple times a month, be it Open Mic at the Queen Bean or Sunday breakfast at Deva, hard rock or metal at the Other Place or jazz on a Monday night at the Barkin’ Dog, a great cover band at Nino’s, or P.Wex. If you want to get out of town, head to the Gypsy Shack in Jamestown, Bixel Brewery in Columbia, the Partisan in Merced or Whirlows in Stockton. Music is all around us and it will only thrive if you support it. Friends don’t let friends miss great entertainment.

20 th


& Criterium

WE INVITE YOU TO SHOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE CHS purchased a new home! Join our campaign to raise $1 million dollars for Center for Human Services (CHS). Your gift will support the build-out of the interior space of our new building. *Permanent naming opportunities start at just $300.

Please give generously.

• Free prize drawings and helmet giveaways • Bounce Houses Face Painting Rock Climbing • Safe Kids Stanislaus Safety games & activities • BMX Stunt Team (10:30, 12:00 & 2:00) • Kids who ride their bikes will have a blast: • Participating in bike races • Getting bikes licensed for free • Riding on an obstacle course


Contact Monica Ojcius, Fund Development Director at (209) 526-1476 or email or visit

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AUTHOR “Dylan” In honor of his 74th birthday. Photo by James A. Ewing

by Ken White

Boys and girls together. Hormones erupting. We had gathered in the living room of Cathy’s house to listen to the Womenfolk, a trio of high school classmates who wanted to be folksingers. Janis was the ring-leader, the passionate one. Julia was the one I was passionate about. Sherry was there for the harmony. The Wild Men, another trio of guy classmates and friends, were there to listen and wait their turn. We talked about Friday’s football game against Downey, the obligatory post-game gathering at Hob Nob Pizza, and the float our two “Y” groups were collaborating on for homecoming. I eyed Julia as they sang. She smiled a sweet, crooked smile. I could still smell her perfume on my sweater. The song ended. We applauded. “That was ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’,” Janis said. “By Bob Dylan.” She pronounced it like Matt Dillon. “No, it’s Dylan,” I corrected, pronouncing it like Dialin’ for Dollars and pointing at his name on the album cover. I was always a bit of a contrarian. It was fun. Sort of like punching the girl we liked when we were in kindergarten. Flirtatious taps. “It’s Dylan,” Janis countered, getting frustrated. “Like the poet Dylan Thomas.” “Better buy an amp,” I said. “The times they are a-changin’.” “Man, those folkies were pissed off,” said Alan, the front Wild Man. “Newport never sounded so radical.” “It sounded cool,” Warren added, the tallest and oldest of the Wild Men. “‘Like a Rolling Stone’ all shot up with electric guitars and drums. Truly awesome.” “He sold out,” Janis said. “That’s why those people were so upset.” “They don’t like change, I guess,” said sweet, sweet Julia. Dylan had altered the course of music. Yet again. He shocked the 1965 Newport Folk Festival by plugging in with Al Kooper and Michael Bloomfield and the music scene would never be the same. The Folkies were about to enter Sunburst Stratland. And they weren’t happy about it. Dylan truly was our troubadour. Our canary in the coal mine. He spoke the Truth, with a capital “T.” I was not that big a fan. I was into old time rock ‘n roll, like the Everly Brothers. And the new stuff by the Killer Bs – the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield. I hated Dylan’s voice, but his lyrics were pure poetry. They inspired me. They inspired the nation. They inspired the world. They inspired a generation to sing, to write, to act, to get involved. We did. And we changed some things. Some. I listen to Highway 61 Revisited and am still blown away. I watch the movie I’m Not There and realize he was, and is, a true Force of Destiny. I attend a concert at the Stockton Arena where he plays some of his old stuff rapped in a new package. It still works. He can still bring it. And it’s great to see all those old Folkies come out of the Woodstock to worship their God. I pop “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” into the CD player and I see all those fresh-faced kids standing around the piano in the Spanish-style home on Magnolia Avenue on a fall Saturday in Modesto circa 1965. They were thinking about music. I wasn’t. They were in love with the music. I was in love with Julia. Janis never felt the same about Dylan or me again. You say yes, I say no You say stop and I say go, go, go Oh, no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello, hello “Hello Goodbye” The Beatles


SAFE DRIVING IS NO ACCIDENT. Don’t let distractions drive you to danger.


You like potato and I like potahto, You like tomato and I like tomahto Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto, Let’s call the whole thing off “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off ” George and Ira Gershwin

seasonal menu full bar event venue

greens on tenth 953 tenth st. 209.572.1700

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BLUES&JAZZ If You Luv Music, You’re Gonna Love This by Eric Benson May is upon us with Cinco De Mayo celebrations going on all week and hopefully all month long. Now’s the time, don’t dally to turn your dirt over, plant your spring veggies, pray for rain, and empty standing water around the house so as not to encourage our blood sucking friends the mosquitoes. Plenty of opportunity to partake of some music here in the downtown. Blue Monday Party & invitational jam returns to the Barkin’ Dog Grill the second Monday May 11th, with special guest classically trained virtuoso Jazz pianist Gustavo Ramirez up from LA. Gustavo is coming through for some dates and will also be featured Thursday May 7th at Café Urbano with an all-star cast of musicians for a Cinco De Mayo celebration with Salsa, Cha Cha and plenty of Latin music and Jazz to dance to. On Blue Monday, the house band Ultra Lounge will accompany Gustavo featuring: Johnny Valdes guitar, Tim Allen bass, vocals, Dave Hawks on drums, Eric Benson, Pat

Governor on Keys, Jamey Dubberly on Trombone. The jam this month will features Jazz, R & B, Funk, Latin and a little of everything else with special guests sitting in for listening and dancing.  Show from 7 to 10:00 PM with food and drink available in all age venue. Call the Dog for reservations: 572-2341. Blue Monday Party features in June Barry Finerty acid Jazz guitarist rocks the house with hopefully Dave Mathews on keys. If you play, come on down and sit in with the best musicians in the area. The Gallo Center for the Arts continues with their diverse booking, field trip to Buddy Guy who is still smoking, and Lila Downs who played world music with amazing band. More to come: in May: Midtown Men 7th, Forbidden Broadway (adult themed) 8th, Mariachi

Vargas de Trecalitlan 10th, Big Daddy Weave 11th, Chanticleer 13th, MSO series 15 & 16th, Clay Walker, 22nd, Mr. Boz Scaggs on the 24th coming back to bring you the dirty lowdown. And coming up also is Bonnie Raitt, and Peter Frampton, I’m having Day on the Green flashbacks right now! The State Theatre brings in May for the States 80th birthday Celebration Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers. The sultry vocals of Lavay Smith tunes in the styling of Lady Day, Ella and vocals from the swing era. And off the beaten track Newman, the West Side Theatre in restored theatre environment brings in May 2nd Red Dog Ash and Thunernation as part of their Bluegrass series. The band is smoking with fine pickin and grinning music with

vocal harmony. Call for the lowdown on the how down: 862-4490/ Live music in DEWZ Wine Bar in April booked by myself Eric Benson continues live music on Friday and Saturday nights 7 to 10:00 PM, incorporating the best local musicians playing in the intimate wine bar environment. What I have booked for all you music lovers in May is: Frid 1st Larry Stewart Jazz guitar duo, Sat 2nd and Frid 22nd Andrew Rosenblum Jazz guitarist, Friday 8th & 9th Cuban Jazz pianist Gustavo Ramirez, Frid 15th Pat Durr & Friends (of Homegrown Band), Sat 16th, and 23rd John King & Robin Montgomery Jazz guitar duo, May 29th John Albano Jazz guitarist and vocals, and Sat May 30th Eric Benson’s Ultrlounge & friends. The room is small so best to call for a table if you know you’re coming if you want a seat. Lowdown on the jam session in the downtown: Barkin’ Dog Thursday night jazz jams with Dave Dow, Queen Bean Sundays open mike night also in an all age environment. Remember please support our local live venue’s for live music and the arts. So take some time out to hear some live music and the arts of our own town as well this month, think globally and act locally. All the best, peace out! Eric Benson, cell 209, 918-7033.

MOTHERSDAYSPECIALS “Choice Meats, Fresh made Sausage, Grass Fed Beef” – Local dry rubs and marinades – Open 9am - 6pm Everyday! We accept VISA, MC, Discover, ATM & EBT

2625 Coffee Rd. Modesto at the corner of Coffee & Floyd

Call to place your order

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MoBand and the City of Modesto

Sunset Dreams...

Amazing Adventures by Leia Johnson I hope your last month was filled with amazing adventures, and if it wasn’t I have some plans for you! I had the opportunity to fly an airplane over Oakland and San Francisco with the help of a trained copilot. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life and I crossed it off my bucket list too! Out of Hayward California you learn how to fly and control the plane in a simulator and then the real deal. The flight was filled with breathtaking views and lots of learning. Go to for more information. It may sound expensive, however it’s cheaper than you think.   I know that saving money is important too.  Here is something we do in our family so we can afford awesome experiences.  I went thrift shopping over my Spring Break. Now I have a ton of unique clothes all for really cheap. The Hope Chest is now one of my favorite places to go to, they have two locations on McHenry. 

• Not only do these stores have clothes, but music, mugs, lamps, and basically everything you would want! My family even found a Beatles record that we didn’t have. I’ve gone thrifting with my friends and family and we always bond while on a scavenger hunt for the coolest outfit. The other neat thing about many of these thrift stores is that they raise money to support great causes in the community.  The Hope Chest is for Hospice, Endless Possibilities contributes to the Society for the Handicap, and so on.  Whether you’re in the sky or in a thrift store, I hope to see you around soon!



Wine and Beer Tasting • Restaurant Sampling • Live Music

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 6:00 – 9:30 / Mancini Bowl Graceada Park, 403 Needham Street Proceeds Benefit MoBand and the City of Modesto Parks Department MV2015PGC

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FIT Old Guys Rule by Efren Martinez I met Alton Raibfe at the Oakdale Library 5K and 1 mile run last February. At first when I saw him, I thought to myself “This older guy shouldn’t be out here cheering on the runners! It’s windy, cold and raining!” Much to my surprise, Alton wasn’t there as a spectator, but as a racer. Quickly my heart filled with joy along with amazement. Here I am, at the starting line with some of the most hard-core runners I know and next to all of us is Alton,96 years old. Make no mistake friends, it takes a certain kind of person to want to get out of a warm bed so early in the morning only to be up to race in such horrible weather conditions. Alton (like the rest of us on that starting line) is that kind of a person. He is a hard-core racer. With little to no competition in his age group, he ended up taking 1st place. For me, I like to think that he not only took first place in this race, but also first place when it comes to motivating and inspiring others to live a healthier life at any age.

Alton’s story is a special one. Two years ago he landed at Dale Commons, which is an assisted living home, after he became very sick. He, like the other 100’s of men and women who live there, enjoy the best of care, rehabilitation and physical fitness this facially has to offer. They even have a quarter-mile walking track on site. Soon after living there, Alton started to feel stronger. He wasted no time in getting his body moving once again to a healthier state. He first hit the Dale Commons track; easy with short walks to the first marker. It wasn’t long after that his distances started to get farther and farther with each day passing till he conquered his quarter-mile track. Now what? You guessed it, when you run out of road you just run that road again and again and once more for good

measure. Today Alton walks his quarter-mile loop several times a day averaging 2-3 miles a day. Let me remind some of you once again, Alton is 96 going on 97 years young this year! He was in poor health when he arrived at the assisted living center 2 years ago. It was his will to get healthy for himself, his family and friends. Congratulations on taking 1st place in your age division Alton! I’m proud to know you. You are an inspiration to me and a testament to all regarding what they can do at any age. For more information on how you can stay active after 50, visit our friends at The Healthy Aging Society online at www.facebook. com/4HealthyAging or come out to “The Age With Movement Celebration” on Friday, May 1st, at East La Loma Park from 8am to 12pm. Featured May Fitness Event Rina’s Run 5K & Half Marathon May 9th RinasRun

GO Modesto!

Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life is the world’s largest and most impactful fundraising event to end cancer. It unites communities across the globe to celebrate people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and take action to finish the fight once and for all. Today, with the support of thousands of volunteers like you, the American Cancer Society is helping save more than 400 lives a day. That’s 400 more birthdays to celebrate! Come out and participate, or support a team of your choice. More info at www.main.

May 16th, 9am, Johansen High School, 641 Norseman Dr., Modesto

Serving our local community since 1946 HVAC PLUMBING REFRIGERATION DESIGN-BUILD NEW CONSTRUCTION DeHart Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc. 311 Bitritto Way Modesto, CA 95356

(209)523-4578 (209)523-4587 Fax |

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ZEN Aging

by Mary Layton

Some things improve with age. Wine, whiskey,


vinegar, Persian carpets, bonsai and our old treasures not only improve but get more expensive! For people it usually means that they become wiser. Aging is a natural process of life. We age from the moment we are born. We may be able to control many things but we cannot stop the process of aging with all its challenges, wrinkles, aches and pains. The only thing we can do is to accept our aging, and then we most likely age well. We can eat healthy. Do things that we love and enjoy doing. Spend time in nature. Do things in moderation. Get plenty of sleep. Stay positive. Exercise our bodies as well as our minds. I believe age should be something to be proud of, not something we resist and fight against. What we define as old has changed. A 60 year old person is not considered that old anymore. The other day I heard someone say, 60 is the new 40. That makes it easier already the way we  think about these numbers. My parents,

who are close to 90 now tell me that  they still can have very  good days - followed by not such good ones. So they take one day at a time. A good way to handle life anyway.   It is amazing that no matter how old we get we always feel so much younger inside. In the end aging becomes something of a spiritual journey: Saying goodbye to our youthful looks, the way our bodies performed for us before and saying hello to the unknown. Thank God we are in it together. For more info go to or call (209)572-4518

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Music Benefit for Eric Lasalle & Family May 23rd, 8pm Eric and his family suffered a house fire and lost just about everything they have! They have been forced to relocate for 5 months until their home is repaired from the fire. All the proceeds of this show will be donated to the Lasalle family. All donations accepted, whether it is canned food, money, household items, etc. Music by: Nothing but Losers, Sworn to the Black, Brutal Innocence, Path of Totality, Broken Trojan & Dying Image. Spinnakers, 2031 Yosemite Lane, Modesto


Where Bling Meets Bliss! An eclectic mix of personal homeopathic items, unique gifts, crystals, jewelry and much more. A place to find the perfect gift for people of any age.

209.409.8510 Susie Fagundes Michelle VanArtsdalen


1214 J Street . Modesto

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BARGAIN May Whirls Again! Words and Photos

by Monica Barber May is a whirlwind of activity during the Spring season. There are plenty of things to do, but certainly the VIP on your list should be spending time with your Mom. Ms. M happens to love spending time with her mom and she finds there is absolutely nothing more embarrassing than running out of money when you are spoiling someone! If you are like me then you are keen to know any way to save while showing people a great time! There’s nothing like a hint of culture for your special lady so order up a bit of Broadway for a fraction of the cost! Big Valley Christian High School presents a production of Into the Woods May 1st & 2nd. A big of Broadway magic and mischief follows the plot of this Tony Award winning play. It’s a showstopper not to miss. Tickets: $10 adults/ $5 children. Showtimes: 7pm Sat/ 2pm & 7 pm Sun. More info: 209-527-3481 Not all mom’s were created the same and in such a lovely tradition we honor them for exactly who they are not who we want them to be. Some Mother’s prefer a bit of tea and other Mother’s can’t wait to get home and crack open a cold one. May 9th offers you two opportunities to spoil your favorite person! McHenry Mansion hosts an afternoon tea from 11:30a-2pm. $30 reserves you the privilege to enjoy a fancy treat of traditional tea with sandwiches and desserts. RSVP for this delightful event for it’s sure to sell out! Info: Call 5221739 before May 2         On the flipside, you can take Mom out for a

frosty brew at the Central Valley Brewfest at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds from 1-5pm. $30 admittance gets you a variety of samples from the areas finest brews. Enjoy! Info; http:// Dropping a dime on charity and treating Mom to some live music is a great way to win points. Don’t miss the Northern California Women’s Music Festival Fundraising Concert at the Queen Bean Coffee House. Performers include Josephine Johnson, Mattéa Overstreet, Emily O’Neill, Erin Odessa, Iraya Cress and Kayla Just. $10 tickets at the door includes a silent auction in addition to the music. 5-10pm. http://northerncaliforniawomensmusicfestival. com/      A majestic celebration is a fabulous way to spend the day! Make sure you visit The State Theater at the end of May to experience and celebrate the 80th birthday of this historic treasure. Step into a Speakeasy and enjoy the sounds of Lavay Smith. On May 30th head on down for some cake and candor to commemorate this historic occasion! $80/couple $30/ individuals. More information on this event: Let the month of May be a whirlwind celebrating your life and love affair with everything in it but make it mild on your pocketbook!

Protecting Your Independence

GO Modesto! Lemonade Day Modesto is empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Youth learn how to create budgets, secure investors, select a site, serve customers, set profit-making goals, repay investors, and give back to the community, all while teaching youth the life skills and character values they need to succeed in both school and our community. Lemonade Day sets them on a path of financial learning and goal setting that can continue throughout their lives. For stand locations, go to and click “locations”.

May 16th, 10am-5pm, various locations around Modesto.

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117 N. Maple Ave. P.O.Box 71 Manteca, CA 95336 209.823.7151

license #0288149

1317 Oakdale Rd, Suite #910 Modesto, CA 95355 209.524.6366




Check out our awesome calendar

24/7 before you

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Wine Bar Shows Friday 1st

Larry Stewart Jazz guitar duo

Sat 2nd and Frid 22nd Andrew Rosenblum Jazz guitarist

Friday 8th & 9th

Cuban Jazz pianist Gustavo Ramirez

Frid 15th

Pat Durr & Friends (of Homegrown Band)

Sat 16th, and 23rd

John King & Robin Montgomery Jazz guitar duo

May 29th

John Albano Jazz guitarist and vocals,

Sat May 30th

Eric Benson’s Ultrlounge & friend



Enjoy Modesto Night Life! • Enjoy Responsibly

May 1 5 to 7 (movie) Battered Beaver Live DJs Ceres Library Book Sale Clouds of Sils Maria DJ & Live Music DJ Otto & Guests DJ Tease Empire Library Book Sale Faith Healer by Brian Friel Great Valley Museum Kid’s Program Joe & Tim Johnny & Kelly Johnny Cardenas & The Wise Guys Karaoke Night Live Music Neil Buettner (Live music) One Eyed Doll Sun House Blues Band Teens Rockin’ Jump The Age With Movement Celebration The Mask You Live In The Weekend Dance Party TOSCA VFW Hamburger Night May 2 42nd Annual Special Olympics Area Games 5 to 7 (movie) As You Like It B/C Morning Ride Stan Co Bike Battered Beaver DJ Awal Bilingual Preschool Storytime CASA Light of Hope Cinco De Mayo Parade Clouds of Sils Maria Community Hospice Annual Gala DJ & Live Music Empire Library Book Sale Enslen’s Got Talent Faith Healer by Brian Friel Free College Financial Aid Workshop FREE COMIC BOOK DAY From White Plains Highway 99 Band Joe & Tim Karaoke Night King Lear Mizz Monique’s Dragalicious Show Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Oakdale Museum & History Center Old School Saturdays Red Dog Ash and Crary, Evans, Spurgin Rick Barnes Rockin’ Saturdays Saturday Easy D Ride Show & Shine (Car Show) Super Hero Fun Run & Walk The Weekend Dance Party TOSCA Used Book Sale May 3 Acoustic Live Music Clouds of Sils Maria Faith Healer by Brian Friel Fancy Nancy the Musical FOE Breakfast House Music & Vibes Karaoke Night King Lear Queen Bean Open Mic Night Senior Spotlight Talent Show Seniors Club Breakfast The Big Mix VFW Breakfast May 4 5 to 7 (movie) Alex Lucero Clouds of Sils Maria Dance Exercise Class Funky Tim Josh Rosenblum May the Fourth Be With You Overreaters Anonymous Preschool Story Time

Riverbank Mayor’s Book Club Wiggle Worms Wiggle Worms May 5 5 to 7 (movie) Book-n-Craft Clouds of Sils Maria Computer Basics class Crazy 8’s Math Club Day of the Child Party Forever Young Dance Club Funstrummers Ukulele Play Along Golden Valley Chorus Johnny & Kelly (Live Music) Josh Rosenblum Karaoke Night Karaoke with DJ Andrew Kite Craft Madrigals & Knightengales Pinata Sun Catcher Craft Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time 1202 Stonum Rd, Modesto Preschool Storytime State Theatre Toastmaster Supper Club Modesto Library Turlock Seniors Dance Oakdale Bicycle Shop Wiggle Worms Battered Beaver, Oakdale Yoga with Rosa Modesto Library May 6 Del Rio Country Club, Modesto 5 to 7 (movie) Crows Landing Road, Modesto Butterfly Craft State Theatre Crazy 8s Math Club TBA Creole Jazz Kings Surla’s, Modesto Dinner Theatre Empire Library, Empire Family Game Day Enslen School, Modesto Flower Card Craft Class Prospect Theatre Project Jive Turkeys Salida Library Karaoke Night Bonanza Comics, 2308 McHenry Ave, Modesto Knit and Crochet Class Gallo Center for the Arts Lego Play Barkin’ Dog Grill Neal Griffin Jazz Duo P. Wexford’s Modesto Neil Buettner Run Around Sue’s Modesto Pops Concert CSUS Turlock Preschool Story Time Climax Bar, Modesto Preschool Story Time Downtown Modesto Preschool Story Time 212 West F Street Preschool Story Time Shooter’s Pub & Grill Preschool Storytime West Side Theatre, Newman Preschool Storytime Rivets, Modesto Riverbank Golden Ages Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Spring Concert Oakdale Bike Shop Successful Business Women Parkview Christian Estates Turlock Book Club Graceada Park, Modesto Wine Down Wednesday Crocodiles Nightclub May 7 Gallo Center for the Arts Blue Diamond Band Modesto Library Blue Line Cassanova’s Nightclub Deva Cafe, J St, Modesto Clouds of Sils Maria State Theatre Crazy 8s Math Class Prospect Theatre Project David Dow and friends jam session Gallo Center for the Arts DJ Jason Gulley Eagles Hall, 126 Camellia Way Fishing Naked The Boardroom Glitter Card Craft Run Around Sue’s Modesto Handprint Craft CSUS Turlock Johnny & Kelly Queen Bean Cafe Karaoke Night State Theatre Live Music Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Crocodiles Nightclub Oakdale Museum & History Center VFW Hall Modesto Preschool Story Time Spanish Preschool Storytime State Theatre Spring Cards Craft The Boardroom Taste of the Valley State Theatre The Midtown Men Salida Library Turlock Sunshine Strummers Rivets, Modesto May 8 P. Wexford’s Modesto Avengers Overnighter Keyes Library Battered Beaver Live DJs Sutter Gould McHenry Village Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen with The Agape Trio Keyes Library DJ & Live Music State Theatre Battered Beaver, Oakdale Ceres Library State Theatre Surla’s, Modesto Urbano, H St Modesto The Boardroom Empire Library Prospect Theatre Project MJC, West Science Center P. Wexford’s Modesto Rivets, Modesto Shooter’s, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Redwood Café, Modesto Fat Cat Music House Barkin’ Dog Grill Rockin’ Jump, Modesto East La Loma Park, Modesto State Theatre Crocodiles Nightclub Gallo Center for the Arts VFW Hall Modesto

Riverbank Library Modesto Library Modesto Library State Theatre Salida Library State Theatre Oakdale Library Oakdale Library Turlock Library Modesto Senior Center Trinity Presbyterian Mancini Hall, Modesto Rivets, Modesto The Boardroom Run Around Sue’s Modesto Tiki Lounge Newman Library First United Methodist Church Deniar Library Ceres Library Denair Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave 11914 Cahill St, Turlock Modesto Library Patterson Library State Theatre Hughson Library Newman Library Shooter’s Pub & Grill Modesto Library Patterson Library Riverbank Library Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Waterford Library Modesto Library Sabatino’s, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Modesto High School Auditorium Empire Library, 18 S. Abbie, Empire Keyes Library Keyes Library Newman Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank Roosevelt Jr High Gym, Modesto Clarion Hotel Turlock Library Redwood Café, Modesto French Camp Sports Cafe Manteca Rivets, Modesto Crocodiles Nightclub State Theatre Riverbank Library Barkin’ Dog Grill The Boardroom State Theatre Denair Library Hughson Library P. Wexford’s Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Downtown Modesto 212 West F Street Hughson Library Modesto Library Empire Library Howard Training Center Gallo Center for the Arts Carnegie Arts Center 250 N. Broadway, Turlock laserQuest, Modesto Battered Beaver, Oakdale State Theatre Surla’s, Modesto

For more Modesto info:

Have fun and be S afe! • Please Designate a Driver DJ Otto & Guests DJ Tease Faith Healer by Brian Friel Folk Music Festival Forbidden Broadway Go Red for Women Luncheon Gotcha Covered Great Valley Museum Kid’s Program Hughson Senior Dance & Potluck Johnny Cardenas & The Wise Guys Josh Rosenblum Band Karaoke Night Live Music MJC Beer, Wine & Gourmet Food fundraiser Music in the Plaza The Wrongdoers Neil Buettner (Live music) Spring Concert String Quake (Live Music) Teens Rockin’ Jump The Weekend Dance Party VFW Hamburger Night May 9 “Your Inner Power to Heal” Workshop A Touch of Class Fundraiser B/C Morning Ride Stan Co Bike Battered Beaver DJ Awal Bilingual Preschool Storytime Central Valley Brewfest 2015 Couponing Class Salida Library DJ & Live Music Faith Healer by Brian Friel Joe & Tim Johnny & Kelly Johnny Rocket and the Thrust Karaoke Night May-Day Memorial Run Meditation with Susie Mizz Monique’s Dragalicious Show Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Mother’s Day Tea Mothers’ Day Tea Oakdale Museum & History Center Old School Saturdays Ride For Mom Rina’s Run 5k Marathon Rockin’ Saturdays Saturday Easy D Ride Star Wars Cosplay String Quake The Weekend Dance Party Turlock Uke Jamz Used Book Sale May 10 Acoustic Live Music Camellia Society Meeting Faith Healer by Brian Friel Fancy Nancy the Musical FOE Breakfast House Music & Vibes Karaoke Night Manteca Senior Dance Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan Queen Bean Open Mic Night Seniors Club Breakfast The Big Mix USA Dance Ballroom Dacing VFW Breakfast Welcome to Me May 11 Alex Lucero Big Daddy Weave Blue Monday with Eric Bensen and friends Dance Exercise Class Funky Tim Josh Rosenblum Litter Bug StoryTime Overreaters Anonymous Paper Roses & Origami Preschool Story Time Welcome to Me Wiggle Worms Wiggle Worms May 12 Alex Lucero

Urbano, H St Modesto Rivets, Modesto Prospect Theatre Project Modesto Covenant Church Gallo Center for the Arts DoubleTree, Modesto The Boardroom MJC, West Science Center 2307 Fourth St, Hughson Shooter’s, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto MJC West Campus, Modesto 10th St Plaza, Modesto Redwood Café, Modesto La Loma Jr High Gym, Modesto Greens on Tenth, Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Crocodiles Nightclub VFW Hall Modesto

Computer Basics Computer Basics class Crazy 8’s Math Club Every Secret Thing Forever Young Dance Club Funstrummers Ukulele Play Along Golden Valley Chorus Jam at Queen Bean Johnny & Kelly (Live Music) Karaoke Night Karaoke with DJ Andrew Knitting Class Poetry reading and open Mic with Gillian Wegener Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Storytime Salida Book Club Scholastic 50% Off Book Sale Intrinic Elements, Modesto Toastmaster Supper Club 1021 S. Santa Cruz Ave., Modesto Turlock Seniors Dance Oakdale Bicycle Shop Unicorn Craft Battered Beaver, Oakdale Wee Move & Play Preschool Class Modesto Library Welcome to Me Stanislaus County Fairgrounds Wiggle Worms Salida Library, Salida Yoga with Rosa Surla’s, Modesto May 13 Prospect Theatre Project Butterfly Craft P. Wexford’s Modesto Chanticleer Rivets, Modesto Crazy 8s Math Club Barkin’ Dog Grill Creole Jazz Kings Run Around Sue’s Modesto Jive Turkeys Mitchell’s Harley Davidson, Modesto Juicing Class Intrinsic Elements Modesto Karaoke Night Climax Bar, Modesto Knit and Crochet Class Downtown Modesto Lego Day McHenry Mansion, Modesto Lego Play McHenry Mansion, Modesto Neal Griffin Jazz Duo 212 West F Street Neil Buettner Shooter’s Pub & Grill Preschool Story Time Johansen High School, Modesto Preschool Story Time Ripon High School Preschool Story Time Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Preschool Story Time Oakdale Bike Shop Preschool Storytime Modesto Library Preschool Storytime Greens on Tenth, Modesto Riverbank Golden Ages Crocodiles Nightclub Stanislaus County Coin Club Carnegie Arts Center 250 N. Broadway, Turlock Toastmasters Daybreak Waterford Library Welcome to Me Wine Down Wednesday Deva Cafe, J St, Modesto May 14 One Church Scenic Drive Modesto Bike to Work Day Prospect Theatre Project Blook Club Patterson Gallo Center for the Arts Blue Diamond Band Eagles Hall, 126 Camellia Way Bunny Craft The Boardroom Cassanova’s Nightclub Run Around Sue’s Modesto Crazy 8s Math Class 295 Cherry Lane, Manteca David Dow and friends jam session Gallo Center for the Arts DJ Secret Queen Bean Cafe Josh Rosenblum Band Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave Karaoke Night Crocodiles Nightclub Live Music Odd Fellows Hall, 6941 Hughson Ave, Hughson Live Music & Paul’s Rustic Pizza Truck VFW Hall Modesto Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market State Theatre Night at the Museum Art Show & Fundraiser Oakdale Museum & History Center P. Wexford’s Modesto Perier Bead Craft Gallo Center for the Arts Preschool Story Time Barkin’ Dog Grill Spanish Preschool Storytime Salida Library Too Soon Rivets, Modesto Tuolumne School Concert The Boardroom Turlock Sunshine Strummers Riverbank Library May 15 Sutter Gould McHenry Village 5 Flights Up Oakdale Library A Sea Symphony Keyes Library Backyard Bookworms State Theatre Battered Beaver Live DJs Modesto Library DJ & Live Music Modesto Library DJ Otto & Guests DJ Tease The Boardroom Great Valley Museum Kid’s Program

For more Modesto info:

Newman Library Oakdale Library Oakdale Library State Theater Modesto Modesto Senior Center Trinity Presbyterian Mancini Hall, Modesto Queen Bean Cafe Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Tiki Lounge Turlock Library Barkin’ Dog Grill Ceres Library Denair Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library Salida Library Modesto Library Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave 11914 Cahill St, Turlock Turlock Library Salida Library State Theatre Modesto Library Patterson Library


Keyes Library Gallo Center for the Arts Newman Library Shooter’s Pub & Grill Rivets, Modesto Patterson Library Run Around Sue’s Modesto Waterford Library Hughson Library Modesto Library Sabatino’s, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Empire Library, 18 S. Abbie, Empire Keyes Library Keyes Library Newman Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave State Theatre Redwood Café, Modesto

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May 1 The Mask You Live In May 29


May 30 Celebrate the State’s 80th with a party! Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers

10th St Plaza, Modesto Patterson Library French Camp Sports Cafe Manteca Hughson Library Crocodiles Nightclub Riverbank Library Barkin’ Dog Grill The Boardroom P. Wexford’s Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Bella Vagos, Modesto Downtown Modesto McHenry Mansion, Modesto 212 West F Street Hughson Library Hughson Library Modesto Library Rivets, Modesto State Theatre Carnegie Arts Cente r- Turlock State Theatre Gallo Center for the Arts Great Valley Museum Battered Beaver, Oakdale Surla’s, Modesto Urbano, H St Modesto The Boardroom MJC, West Science Center



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Irish Cultural Society Joe & Tim Johnny & Kelly Johnny Cardenas & The Wise Guys Karaoke Night Live Music Music in the Plaza Kickstart Neil Buettner (Live music) Teens Rockin’ Jump The Weekend Dance Party Valley Jazz Company VFW Hamburger Night May 16 5 Flights Up A Sea Symphony B/C Morning Ride Stan Co Bike Battered Beaver DJ Awal Bilingual Preschool Storytime DJ & Live Music Family Cycling Festival Finale Concert Ice Cream Cone Garden Ipso-Facto Karaoke Night Lemonade Day May Day Ukulele Play Day Mizz Monique’s Dragalicious Show Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market MODESTO’S DOWNTOWN CRITERIUM NAMI “In Our Own Words” Oakdale Chocolate Festival Oakdale Museum & History Center Old School Saturdays Relay for Life Rick Barnes Rockin’ Saturdays Saturday Easy D Ride Scholastic 50% Off Book Sale Slosh Ball Tap Your Way to Freedom The Odd Couple The Weekend Dance Party Tony & the Tough Times Band May 17 5 Flights Up Acoustic Live Music Collie Buddz EuroSunday Car Club Fancy Nancy the Musical FOE Breakfast House Music & Vibes Karaoke Night Knight Sounds Jazz Band Oakdale Chocolate Festival Prospect Theater Play Reading Project Queen Bean Open Mic Night Seniors Club Breakfast Shadow of a Doubt Stanislaus Humanist’s Coffee Klatch The Big Mix VFW Breakfast May 18 5 Flights Up Alex Lucero Dance Exercise Class Josh Rosenblum Overreaters Anonymous Preschool Story Time Villains Invade Summer Reading Class Wiggle Worms Wiggle Worms May 19 5 Flights Up An Evening of Mantra Yoga Backyard Composting Class Caregiver Coffee Break Computer Basics class Crazy 8’s Math Club Family Dinner & Movie Night Feats of Flight Craft Forever Young Dance Club Funstrummers Ukulele Play Along Golden Valley Chorus Jam at Queen Bean

Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave P. Wexford’s Modesto Rivets, Modesto Shooter’s, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto 10th St Plaza, Modesto Redwood Café, Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Crocodiles Nightclub Barkin’ Dog Grill VFW Hall Modesto State Theatre Gallo Center for the Arts Oakdale Bicycle Shop Battered Beaver, Oakdale Modesto Library Surla’s, Modesto Downtown Modesto, I St Gallo Center for the Arts Newman Library Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto All over Modesto Church of the Brethren, Modesto Climax Bar, Modesto Downtown Modesto 12th & 14th/ H & J, Modesto Turlock Library Downtown Oakdale 212 West F Street Shooter’s Pub & Grill Johansen High School, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Oakdale Bike Shop Modesto Library Enslen Park Modesto Intrinisic Elements, Modesto State Theatre Crocodiles Nightclub Barkin’ Dog Grill State Theatre Deva Cafe, J St, Modesto Fat Cat Music House Village Baking, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Eagles Hall, 126 Camellia Way The Boardroom Run Around Sue’s Modesto Clarion Hotel Downtown Oakdale Prospect Theatre Project Queen Bean Cafe Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave State Theatre Queen Bean Cafe Crocodiles Nightclub VFW Hall Modesto State Theatre P. Wexford’s Modesto Salida Library Rivets, Modesto Sutter Gould McHenry Village Keyes Library Keyes Library Modesto Library Modesto Library State Theatre Intrinsic Elements, Modesto MJC Community Ed Center Hospice, 4368 Spyres Way, Modesto Oakdale Library Oakdale Library Patterson Library Turlock Library Modesto Senior Center Trinity Presbyterian Mancini Hall, Modesto Queen Bean Cafe

Karaoke Night Karaoke with DJ Andrew Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Storytime Rick Barnes Superhero Accessories Craft Superhero Training Toastmaster Supper Club Turlock Seniors Dance Wee Move & Play Toddler Class Wiggle Worms Yoga with Rosa May 20 5 Flights Up As Seen on Pintrest Class Bonnie Raitt Crazy 8s Math Club Creole Jazz Kings Foam Craft Class Jive Turkeys Karaoke Night Knit and Crochet Class Lego Play Neal Griffin Jazz Duo Neil Buettner Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Storytime Preschool Storytime Riverbank Golden Ages Stanislaus Humanists Colloquium Successful Business Women Superhero Training Camp Wig Out Wednesdays with Nina West Wine Down Wednesday May 21 5 Flights Up Blue Diamond Band Building STEAM with Dia Cassanova’s Nightclub Crazy 8s Math Class David Dow and friends jam session DJ Jason Gulley Johnny & Kelly Josh Rosenblum band Karaoke Night Live Music Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Oakdale Museum & History Center Preschool Story Time Preschool Talent Show Spanish Preschool Storytime Third Thursday Art Walk Turlock Sunshine Strummers Unplugged Benefit Concert Vintage Faire Mall Kids Club May 22 5 Flights Up 8th Annual Memorial Weekend Cruise Nigh Animal Talk kids program Battered Beaver Live DJs Clay Walker DJ & Live Music DJ Otto & Guests DJ Tease Faux Gitane Gypsy Jazz Kings Band Funky Tim Great Valley Museum Kid’s Program Johnny & Kelly Johnny Cardenas & The Wise Guys Karaoke Night Live Band Karaoke Live Music Music in the Plaza Patty Castillo Davis Neil Buettner (Live music) Stanislaus Humanists Karaoke Night Teens Rockin’ Jump The 100-Year-Old Man The Weekend Dance Party VFW Hamburger Night

Run Around Sue’s Modesto Tiki Lounge Ceres Library Denair Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library Rivets, Modesto Hughson Library Modesto Library Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave 11914 Cahill St, Turlock Oakdale Library Modesto Library Patterson Library State Theatre Turlock Library Gallo Center for the Arts Newman Library Shooter’s Pub & Grill patterson Library Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Waterford Library Modesto Library Sabatino’s, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Empire Library, 18 S. Abbie, Empire Keyes Library Keyes Library Newman Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank Manteca Library Clarion Hotel Hughson Library Tiki Lounge Redwood Café, Modesto State Theatre French Camp Sports Cafe Manteca Oakdale Library Crocodiles Nightclub Riverbank Library Barkin’ Dog Grill The Boardroom P. Wexford’s Modesto Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Downtown Modesto 212 West F Street Hughson Library Hughson Library Modesto Library Downtown Modesto Carnegie Arts Center 250 N. Broadway, Turlock Downey High Audiorium, Modesto Vintage Faire Mall State Theatre Regal Cinema, Modesto Great Valley Museum, MJC West Campus Battered Beaver, Oakdale Gallo Center for the Arts Surla’s, Modesto Urbano, H St Modesto The Boardroom Barkin’ Dog Grill P. Wexford’s Modesto MJC, West Science Center Rivets, Modesto Shooter’s, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Yosemite Lanes, Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto 10th St Plaza, Modesto Redwood Café, Modesto Torii’s Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto State Theatre Crocodiles Nightclub VFW Hall Modesto

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May 23 2nd Tradition Funk Band Aircraft Display B/C Morning Ride Stan Co Bike Battered Beaver DJ Awal Bilingual Preschool Storytime Community Outreach Concert DJ & Live Music Josh Rosenblum band Karaoke Night Mizz Monique’s Dragalicious Show Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Modesto Elks Chicken BBQ Drive Thru Modesto Memorial 5K Modesto Memorial Classic 1-mile run Modesto Memorial Classic Run Modesto Nuts Knock Cancer Out Music Benefit: House Fires Suck Fest Oakdale Museum & History Center Old School Saturdays Rick Barnes Rockin’ Saturdays Saturday Easy D Ride Scapbooking Fun! SuperHero Summer Party Teo Gonzales & La Chupitos The Weekend Dance Party Triple D Variety From the Valley Talent Showcase May 24 Acoustic Live Music Boz Scaggs Fancy Nancy the Musical FOE Breakfast House Music & Vibes Hughson Senior Dance & Potluck Karaoke Night Madrigals & Knightengales Manteca Senior Dance Pan’s Labyrinth Queen Bean Open Mic Night Seniors Club Breakfast Stanislaus Humanists Brunch The Big Mix VFW Breakfast May 25 Alex Lucero Dance Exercise Class Josh Rosenblum Overreaters Anonymous Preschool Story Time Wiggle Worms Wiggle Worms May 26 Alex Lucero Computer Basics class Crazy 8’s Math Club Forever Young Dance Club Funstrummers Ukulele Play Along Golden Valley Chorus Jam at Queen Bean Johnny & Kelly (Live Music) Karaoke Night Karaoke with DJ Andrew Lego Day Oakdale Book Club Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Storytime Riverbank Book Club Toastmaster Supper Club Turlock Seniors Dance Wiggle Worms Yoga with Rosa May 27 Crazy 8s Math Club Creole Jazz Kings Jive Turkeys Karaoke Night Knit and Crochet Class Lego Day Lego Play Lupita D’Alessio Neal Griffin Jazz Duo

Barkin’ Dog Grill Turlock Airport Oakdale Bicycle Shop Battered Beaver, Oakdale Modesto Library Creekwood park, Modesto Surla’s, Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Climax Bar, Modesto Downtown Modesto 645 Charity Way, Modesto Tuolumne River Regional Park Tuolumne River Regional Park Tuolumne River Regional Park John Thurman Field, Modesto Spinnakers 212 West F Street Shooter’s Pub & Grill Rivets, Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Oakdale Bike Shop Modesto Library Turlock Library Gallo Center for the Arts Crocodiles Nightclub Ninos, Modesto Mariachi’s Restaurant Turlock Deva Cafe, J St, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Gallo Center for the Arts Eagles Hall, 126 Camellia Way The Boardroom 2307 Fourth St, Hughson Run Around Sue’s Modesto Emanuel Luthern Church, Modesto 295 Cherry Lane, Manteca State Theatre Queen Bean Cafe Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave Panera Bread, Turlock Crocodiles Nightclub VFW Hall Modesto P. Wexford’s Modesto Salida Library The Boardroom Sutter Gould McHenry Village Keyes Library Modesto Library Modesto Library The Boardroom Oakdale Library Oakdale Library Modesto Senior Center Trinity Presbyterian Mancini Hall, Modesto Queen Bean Cafe Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Tiki Lounge Hughson Library Oakdale Library Ceres Library Denair Library Keyes Library Keyes Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library Riverbank Library Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave 11914 Cahill St, Turlock Modesto Library Patterson Library Newman Library Shooter’s Pub & Grill Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Waterford Library Patterson Library Modesto Library Gallo Center for the Arts Sabatino’s, Modesto

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CALENDAR Neil Buettner Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Story Time Preschool Storytime Preschool Storytime Riverbank Golden Ages Stanislaus County Coin Club Superhero Necklaces Craft Wine Down Wednesday May 28 Blue Diamond Band Cassanova’s Nightclub Crazy 8s Math Class David Dow and friends jam session DJ Secret Garden Starter Craft Johnny & Kelly Josh Rosenblum band Karaoke Night Live Music Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Oakdale Museum & History Center Preschool Story Time Senior Awareness Day Spanish Preschool Storytime Superherp Training Turlock Sunshine Strummers May 29 Bar Code Jazz Trio Battered Beaver Live DJs DJ & Live Music DJ Otto & Guests DJ Tease Funky Tim Great Valley Museum Kid’s Program Johnny & Kelly Johnny Cardenas & The Wise Guys Karaoke Night Live Music Music in the Plaza Josh Rosenblum Neil Buettner (Live music) Robben Ford Into The Sun Tour Soul Train Stop Motion Poety Teens Rockin’ Jump The Weekend Dance Party VFW Hamburger Night May 30 B/C Morning Ride Stan Co Bike Battered Beaver DJ Awal Bilingual Preschool Storytime Craftapalooza DJ & Live Music DJ’s Ipso-Facto Karaoke Night Mizz Monique’s Dragalicious Show Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market Modesto Music Instruction (Kyle Barker) Mud Run Mud Run 5k Del Osso Oakdale Museum & History Center Old School Saturdays Research & Development Rockin’ Saturdays Saturday Easy D Ride Soul Train State’s 80th Birthday Party The Weekend Dance Party May 31 Acoustic Live Music Fancy Nancy the Musical FOE Breakfast House Music & Vibes Karaoke Night King Lear Kiwanis 59th Annual Pancake Breakfast Preservation Hall Jazz Band Queen Bean Open Mic Night Seniors Club Breakfast The Thin Man VFW Breakfast

P. Wexford’s Modesto Empire Library, 18 S. Abbie, Empire Keyes Library Newman Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave Keyes Library Redwood Café, Modesto French Camp Sports Cafe Manteca Crocodiles Nightclub Riverbank Library Barkin’ Dog Grill The Boardroom Hughson Library P. Wexford’s Modesto Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Downtown Modesto 212 West F Street Hughson Library Modesto Library Modesto Library Oakdale Library Carnegie Arts Center - Turlock Barkin’ Dog Grill Battered Beaver, Oakdale Surla’s, Modesto Urbano, H St Modesto The Boardroom P. Wexford’s Modesto MJC, West Science Center Rivets, Modesto Shooter’s, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto 10th St Plaza, Modesto Redwood Café, Modesto State Theatre Gallo Center for the Arts Deva Cafe, Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Crocodiles Nightclub VFW Hall Modesto Oakdale Bicycle Shop Battered Beaver, Oakdale Modesto Library Modesto Library Surla’s, Modesto The Boardroom Rivets, Modesto Run Around Sue’s Modesto Climax Bar, Modesto Downtown Modesto Barkin’ Dog Grill Dell’Osso Farm, Lathrop Del Osso Farms, Lathrop 212 West F Street Shooter’s Pub & Grill P. Wexford’s Modesto Rockin’ Jump, Modesto Oakdale Bike Shop Gallo Center for the Arts State Theatre Crocodiles Nightclub

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Gallo Center MAY 20th

Bonnie Raitt MAY 24th

Boz Scaggs MAY 30

Preservation Hall Jazz Band LI K E U S O N FAC E B O O K

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Deva Cafe, J St, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Eagles Hall, 126 Camellia Way The Boardroom Run Around Sue’s Modesto CSUS Turlock Seasons Event Center, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Queen Bean Cafe Denny’s 1525 McHenry Ave State Theatre VFW Hall Modesto


Open Early!


Many restaurants start serving dinner early so that you can get a nice meal in before the shows and movies that begin at 7 or 7:30.

Open Late!

Downtown Modesto is the place to be late Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. There is live music every night of the week in one of our great clubs or restaurants. After the show, stop and enjoy a nightcap.


There are parking garages at 9th and L Street, 11th and K Street, 11th and I Street and 12th and H Street. Parking is close to all restaurants!

Try a Cab

It’s getting easier to catch a cab, both to downtown and home from downtown. Why deal with driving and parking? Take the easy way... Affordable Cab 209-753-8005 Touch of Class Cab  209-575-0609 Cash Cab 209-740-1390 Checker Cab: 888-487-5411 City Cab  209-818-4144 DeSoto Cab: 209-577-8888 Edith’s Cab: 402-0377 Lucky 7 Cab: 209-985-8533  209-877-7676 Metro Cab: 209-533-3333 Modesto Cab Company:  209-521-7320 Quality Cab: 209-552-9898 Red Top Taxi Cab:   209-524-4741 Taxi Taxi Cab:  209-756-1035 Town Cab:  209-404-2727 United Cab:  209-888-8888 Urban Taxi Cab:  209-351-0222 Yellow Cab of Modesto: 209-524-8294 Oakdale Taxi:  209-869-5552 Uber Personal Car Service: Download the Uber app

Find local restaurants

Locally Owned Most all of the downtown restaurants are locally owned. They hire local people and the money you spend stays right here in town. Local restaurants purchase from local farmers and feature local ingredients.


Go Downtown Modesto

MoBand Night at the Bowl - June 2   6 pm – 9 pm Do you love MoBand like we do? Do you love the party for those 6 Thursdays each summer  from June 4July 9? Do you love it that MoBand is FREE?  We know you do and we want you to help keep MoBand playing.   Join us June 2 at Mancini Bowl for a Night at the Bowl Fundraiser.  You can enjoy wine and beer tasting, sampling from our best local restaurants and a night of entertainment featuring Third Party Band, Ernie Bucio band and more!   Get your tix from a MoBand board member or at 10th St Place.    MoBand Schedule 2015 Concert Series  “Sunset Dreams”     All concerts are free and begin at 8:00 p.m. Make sure you get there early to put your blankets out!                                                                      June 4th            Bandstand  June 11th          Cruise Control June 18th          Satin Latin June 25th        Net Flicks July 2nd            Let’s Be Patriotic July 9th             Sweet Dreams  

Go Downtown Modesto

Music in the Plaza It is that time when downtown comes alive!  10th St Plaza is the place to be every Friday night all summer long.  The best local band will be playing music in the plaza, Fuzio has special drink and dinner specials and the music is perfectly timed so you can hit a movie and enjoy it all.  Music in the Plaza is free and you should invite your friends.  May 8 – The Wrongdoers May 15  - Kickstart May 22 – Patty Castillo Davis May 29 – Johnny Rocket and the Thrust  

One Table Community Dinner

There is a wonderful program at United Way to help raise the high school graduation rates here in our community called Graduation Coach. This program is promoting student engagement, building a path to academic success and inspiring in our students the drive to achieve.  You can be a part of this success by attending the One Table Dinner on June 7 on 15th St at J by the new Corazon del Valle mural.  There will be live music, family style dinning and drinks.  No raffle or auction, just buy a ticket! Lend a hand to graduation success by buying tix inadvance at http://www.eventbrite. com/e/one-table-community-dinner-tickets-16637687772   May 16  -  Northern California Women’s Music Festival Show Do not miss this special fundraising concert at the Queen Bean.  You will be treated to amazing performances by Josephine Johnson, Mattea Overstreet, Emily O’Neill, Erin Odessa, Iraya Cross and Kayla Just all to benefit the big NCWMF Festival at the State Theatre October 23 and 24th featuring Lita Ford, Tracy Bonham, Megan Slankard and more.  Tix $10 and there will be a silent auction.

For more Modesto info:

For more Modesto info:


Memorial Medical Center and the Modesto Nuts present

Saturday, May 23, 2015 Gates open at 6:05 p.m. | Game time 7:05 p.m. | John Thurman Field The team will sport pink jerseys in honor of the event. Fans can bid on autographed jerseys during the game. Proceeds will benefit Memorial Medical Center Cancer Services programs.

You can purchase tickets at, visit the stadium box office weekdays or call (209) 572-HITS (4487)


For more Modesto info:

ModestoView May 2015  

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