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Inside dining at both locations


New Boardroom menu Live music and more



BluesBox Bayou Band

August 20 - 22 - American Graffiti Parade and CarShow August 19th - Legends of the Cruise and Mid Valley Chevy Car Show 10th Street Plaza August 27th - Rick Springfield & Richard Marx at Basi Nationwide Amphitheatre at the Fruit Yard August 13th - Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra Concert f or Casa at the State Theatre August 7th - Everclear at the Gallo Center f or the Arts August 8th - Modstock at Graceada Park August 28th - TacoFest Downtown Modesto August 14th - BluesBox Bayou Band at Black Oak Casino August 5th - Monophonics at Dying B reed, Oakdale August 15th - American Graffiti at The State Theatre

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Inside dining at both locations

New Boardroom menu Live music and more

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Here we are in August, on the verge of a rebirth of our culture, hopefully. August has brought the return of Graffiti Summer, so sadly missed last year. The cars are out, the chrome is polished, the music is rockin’ and we are taking tentative steps for some big celebrations as we prepare to induct a new class of the Legends of the Cruise and Cruising returns to downtown Modesto, if only for one fun night. It is magic to see all of the cool cars, all over town and making people of all ages smile. There is so much to be hopeful for as the Gallo Center and the Prospect Theatre opened for live performances and school is about to start. Could this be the return to school plays, talent shows and school band and orchestra? I, like you have been digging our live music on the various patios and in our cafes and restaurants as our local musicians are booking up their schedule again. As a musician, it is so good to play for people again, taking requests and interacting. The live performances are truly what we missed over the last year and it feels good and Music in the Plaza will be back on Friday evenings in 10th St Plaza. The chance to hear a live band, socialize with friends and family is truly worth getting vaccinated. July had me up at 4 am daily to watch live feed from the Tour de France and the Olympic trials and games. The excitement and achievement is truly amazing with athletes keeping their condition for an extra





whole year. One of the things that always blows my mind is the balance beam in gymnastics. I feel like our whole society is on the balance beam right now. If we do it right, get vaccinated, stay safe in groups, we are going to win the gold medal. BUT, if we wobble, get off balance, we fall, maybe break our leg, and our Olympic dreams are dashed after all the hard work. This is where we are right now, there are so many that have done it right; masks, distancing, and getting vaccinated and these are the ones that are making the team. Now we are at the mercy of the unvaccinated and this is where we will fall. This is not over friends, we have to stay on our game and be world class. If we want to enjoy Graffiti Summer, go to concerts, keep our stores and businesses open, hang out and socialize, please, lets do this right. Get vaccinated. I did. My family did it and you can too. It’s not all about you, it is about all of us together. Ok, you’ve heard enough, but I hope it set in. We mustn’t go backwards. OK Modesto, what do we want to be? Are we a town that is going to take advantage of Modesto Forward? Are we going to leverage some of these one-time funding opportunities and really move the needle? Can we become a destination with great museums for kids, special needs people, and for those that celebrate our classic culture? Can we refresh our city with wayfinding so that all of our residents and visitors and learn to navigate our city? Will we link our social services so that we are doing a better job and connecting the dots? Will we make our neighborhoods safer for all of our people equally? Yes we can. What’s cool about Modesto is that is big enough to have the momentum of the big machines, but small enough where each of us can make a difference. People, couples, individuals can create ways to change Modesto for the better. I know I can count on you, the creative

and engaged ModestoView reader to be a leader for positive change. Let’s celebrate and embrace our local, let’s make each thing we work on better and build better connections. Join one of our local non-profits or committees and lend a hand, your skills and energy. Let’s collaborate with our city leaders and engage our businesses to invest to make our city more interesting to visitors and more importantly our own people. We need the shot in the arm right now, both literally and figuratively to move Modesto forward. We are standing on the balance beam and let’s make sure we compete, win and stay on and go for the gold. We can do this. Thank you to each and every one of you that read ModestoView and pass on this civic goodness each month. Thank you to the wonderful writers in the ViewCrew for making it through the last year and for creating the cultural events in town and sharing what they do with our readers. We thank our advertisers so that we are able to design, print and distribute the awesome ModestoView Magazine. It has been a hard year and ModestoView has been here, day in and day out, to celebrate and promote our community events and people. With gratitude, Chris Murphy Founder and Publisher, ModestoView

On the cover

The ever delightful CupCakeMama209 is showcasing this beautiful custom, and it is waving at us. CupCake MAMA Irene Mondragon is all over our local social media at the car shows, around town and is a wonderful ambassador for all things Graffiti. Her pin-up photos capture the spirit of our cool classic culture and you should check them out @cupcakemama209 The sweet customized 1978 Monte Carlo belongs to Albert Hernandez and we are sure you will see this around town this month.


Please Come Join Us ! August 21 & August 22 @ Modesto Municipal Golf Course 400 Tuolumne Blvd. FREE PARKING ON GOLF COURSE

Lots of cool cars, great music and food Spectator admission $10 per person, with children 12 and under free at the gate or in advance on EventBrite. Classic car parade 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 20 - downtown & McHenry Ave. First 800 show registrants only!

Saturday, August 21st

Classic Car Show & Festival 9am – 5pm TM


11am to 12pm - Seve Botello as Elvis Autograph signing afterwards. 12:30 to 2:30pm - Third Party Band, performing 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s music. 3 to 5pm Triple D finishes up the day. Live radio remote by The Vine 92.3 FM, 920 AM. LeRoy Production DJ’s ’50s & ’60s Music

Sunday, August 22nd Car Show & Festival 9am – 3pm ON THE STAGE

11:30am to 1:30pm - Threshold – Tribute to Chicago, BS&T, and More! Live radio remote by The Vine 92.3 FM, 920 AM. LeRoy Production DJ’s ’50s & ’60s Music

2:00pm Classic Car Awards

The awards presentation for top cars of 2021!

Where It All Began (and continues!) - Modesto, California by Kiwanis Club of North Modesto Foundation: a 501c3 non-profit organization run by volunteers and serving the community. ALL PROCEEDS from this event go to local non-profits. FOLLOW US:

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By Chris Murphy Do you remember when school used to start the day after labor day? If so, you are aging yourself. Each June I do remember wishing for school to get out, but as the summer went on, I was anxious to get back and wished for school to start earlier. Now that wish has been granted. For the Modesto City School kids, the classes start on August 9. At this point it will be in person classes and please check with the school for the mask policy that will be in place at the time school starts. We know that school supplies are in short supply this year so please post your backpack and school supplies wish lists on @modestoview on facebook so we can share and help spread the word to get donations. You can also find ways to lend a hand at and make sure our kids and teachers get the support they need this season. Most importantly, drive safe around our schools and be careful and look out for students. Let’s make sure we have Safe Routes to School

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our 2021-2022 season tickets are on sale now!

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By Salvatore Salerno, Poet Laureate of The City of Modesto 2021

We will never take them for granted again,

All the essential workers we need— The nurses, medics and doctors on feverish fronts, Those who beat down fires, those who uphold the laws, But we’ll also remember the overlooked, The often ignored or invisible ones— Ranchers and farmers in the fields and sun, Farmworkers stooping over the crops, Truckers hauling their produce to market, Cashiers and clerks at all of the stores, Those who deliver goods to our doors, Teachers who nourish the growth of our children— But this list grows for as long as we build it, For all those who work are essential. All their labor has dignity, valorous worth As they save themselves and those they love While building back our battered town. For Modesto has suffered the scourge of disease, And our air growing thick with the smoke of flames, Our airwaves dark with the fog of deceit, And cries for more justice rang out on our streets. When these storms rolled through our town, Stores and offices shuttered down, Playgrounds and schools were empty and bare, Workers were lost, giving in to despair. But perennial earth was reborn with the spring, And following that with the richness of summer— Look up, we have come through the fire and storms! Modesto has had its Phoenix-like change— Our doors and windows flung open again, Children are playing and laughing once more, We can all see out to clearer horizons And back at each other smiling again! A town is more than its buildings; It’s the people and what they can dream. Modesto, what have we learned from the plague? Be brave and keep strong, The hard days have taught us. Be more kind and caring, This harsh year instructed. We will never take each other for granted again, But love anew what we thought once was plain. Now as we rise with every new sun Bringing its hope with our own once again, Our reason for living’s not only the common, What’s in this town only for me? But after all of the storms and fires, After the hardships and sadness of plague, We must ask of ourselves, and put them to work, these purely essential questions— How can I lift up somebody else, Who else can I serve while I save myself?




By Jim Christiansen Middagh Goodwin writes to the ViewCrew each month to inform us of the month’s theme. August is our Back to School, and also the Graffiti Summer Issue. He also notes to cite any new businesses opening, and usual ModestoView support of Community events and activities. Need to view some art related to Graffiti Summer and cars? Kruse-Lucas gallery over on Tully across from MJC features a three-artist celebration of Graffiti Summer. Artists on display are. Carolyn Huff, Rhett Regina Owings and Tony Pooler. The gallery is on Tully across from MJC and not far from the new Modesto Graffiti Classic Car Museum, featuring classic cars and memorabilia. Back to School has a Student Docent opportunity at the Carnegie Arts Center. The Teen Docent Program is open to youth from Stanislaus County in grades 8 to 12. Carnegie will provide all necessary training in art appreciation and history. Young volunteers get the opportunity to engage with the public, earn community service hours, and learn in detail about the artists and works on display in Carnegie Exhibitions. The program requires a commitment to training and participation on a regular basis. Training starts on August 31 and is limited to ten students. For details and application see Back to class and relatively new business, Modesto Art Academy or MoArt at 500 Scenic is one I’ve noticed driving over near my old address, but during the pandemic, it has been a mystery to me. www. is the website, and they have all sorts of art-related classes and workshops. Textiles and Fiber Art, Print Making, Art History, Mold Making, Architectural Design, After School Art

Programs are just some of the offerings I see on their promotional postcard. For more information, 209-595-8854 or email There are classes and workshops at Dragonfly Art for Life, The Chartreuse Muse, Mistlin Gallery, Peer Recovery Art Project, and MoCon Conservatory over on 10th and E. Details can be found looking up their Facebook Pages or dropping in on a trip downtown. for the third Thursday Artwalk on August 19. One of those Hot August Nights excursions should include Art Walk. July return of Art Walk drew a crowd at Mistlin Gallery. The Domestics: Art is Home show competing with MoBand’s last concert in the Park for the season. It was awards night. Chelsea America won Best of Show, and the last award to be announced, “The People’s Choice” was a photograph by John Wynn. The people have spoken. Opening August 10 is the Mistlin Gallery/ Central California Art Association

Autumn Art Festival 2021. This is a member show, and though I have 5 entries it is a juried show, and some submitted work won’t be on display. Artists will know what got in, and what didn’t on August 9. The show runs to October 8, and is not just a

showcase of CCAA Artists, but is also the Annual fundraiser for Mistlin Gallery, with silent auction items, and the Awards Gala and Fundraiser on September 25 with music, banquet and raffle. See you there.

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W E I V BREW Hey There, Manmosa

Chef Tye Rhone Bauer is a household name, one of Modesto’s local celebrities. He opened Bauer’s 66 ½ in the back of McHenry Village in November 2009. If that sounds familiar to you, it should! It was featured on the popular show “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives”. Since then he has opened two new restaurants, the Bauhaus (near Five Points), and Bauer’s Downtown Gastropub (on 9th), subsequently closing the doors of Bauers 66 ½. Now it resides as a happy place in our memory for nostalgic purposes. He grew up in San Lorenzo, CA, as the youngest in a family of seven. Both of his parents did the cooking at home, so when birthdays popped up, the kids got a special treat: they got to pick where they wanted to eat and everyone went out. Dining out was a special unique experience, and tied in with being raised on home-cooked meals, his culinary love was born. He is a magician in the kitchen, creating culinary delights to truly tickle all your senses. I fell in love with Bauers 66 ½ after eating their mac ‘n cheese. If you have eaten it, you know what I’m talking about! It will haunt your dreams in the best of ways. I hold all his food that I’ve consumed after that to that delicious standard of his mac ‘n cheese, and I am proud to announce any dish you choose is going to be amazing and I dare you to eat it slowly. Because you can’t. Savor it, surely, but you’ll be shoveling as fast as your fork allows. Wait a second, aren’t we BrewView? Why are we even talking about food? Because friends, nothing goes better with one of his tasty, fresh, hand-ground beef burgers than a refreshing beer. All his restaurants feature a fantastic selection of tap and cans, that rotate and feature some of our local favorites like Last Call, Blaker, and Tapped Apple Cider. Tye gives back to his community like that-he is a big supporter of other local businesses. And if the word


All About C.A.S.A by Steve Ashman

By Brandilyn Brown & Christopher Mitchell

“burger” makes you want to flip this page to another View because you’re vegetarian or vegan, stop! The vegan options are just as good (if not better I dare say!) than the meat-centric dishes. So please give them a try no matter what lifestyle you live. The burger of the day is never a bad choice. Go with it, try something new! But back to beer and cider….and also the manmosas. Yes, you read that correctly, everyone can drink a mimosa these days, and who wouldn’t want to when it’s something as delightful as a blood orange mixed with champagne? The offerings change up frequently, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised all the time. Believe it or not, because it took us quite a bit to get to the entire reason we chose to write about Bauer’s Downtown this month, we want to brag on these manmosas. They are a perfect summer drink! They are offered bottomless on Sundays for brunch, so we suggest that is when you go. You’ll be serenaded with some great live music too, from some of your favorites like Mattea Overstreet and Big Earl’s Poorhouse Millionaires. Just look at it! Isn’t it so beautiful you almost don’t want to drink it? OK, that’s a lie, you TOTALLY want to drink it. Drink it up and love it! They ARE bottomless though so bring a designated driver and sip on, friends!

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Stanislaus County’s mission is to provide quality advocacy services for all abused and neglected children in the dependency system through the use of trained volunteers. Become a CASA Volunteer and be rewarded with some of the most fulfilling experiences you can find. Your involvement as a Court Appointed Special Advocate will provide a “Light of Hope” In your assigned child’s life. We welcome volunteers from all cultures, professions, ethnic and educational backgrounds. Once you complete their application and training process (interviews, background checks and 36 hours of training and 10 hours of court observation), you will be sworn in as an officer of the Court by the dependency judge. You will then pick a case from one of the 400 plus children on their waiting list and you’ll be on your way to providing a much needed service to that child and our Court. Stand up and speak for the most vulnerable children in our community, our children in foster care.

If you would like to support CASA’s efforts to meet the needs of these children and families, join us for the most epic August fundraiser at the State Theatre on August 13 featuring San Francisco’s Rhythm & Blues legends, the 13-piece Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra. Joining the “Pitts” will be local favorites the Joe Barretta Band. To learn more about CASA, call 209-548-632 To buy tickets to the show,

Bauer’s Downtown Gastropub/ Downtown Bauer’s 209 822 9th Street Modesto, Ca Phone #(209) 312-9558 www.facebook. com/8229thstreetmodestoca/

Monday & Sunday closed Tuesday – Wed 11 am to 8 pm Thursday -- Saturday 11 am to 9 p





It is game on! At the time I am writing this, our local stages are open. I am hoping that people will do their part and get vaccinated so we can keep our stages open and not go backwards. Let’s take care of each other. A couple of big things you need to know are that the live events are back at the State Theatre and Jack Souza has announced a new season for the Prospect Theatre that will be both eclectic and exciting and they went live with an inspired King Lear with the next fully staged shows in September with Steve Martin’s “The Underpants”. The Gallo Center went live during July with YES Company’s 30th Anniversary Show and it is back to full steam with Modesto Performing Arts presenting West Side Story, coincidentally aligned up with the new movie remake. Should be fun. August brings some fantastic live music across our region as the Gallo Center presents Everclear on August , Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan on August 21. The State Theatre will feature the Zasu Pitts CASA Fundraiser on August 13 and George Michael Reborn on August 19. Of course, our local restaurants and cafes filling in the spaces and featuring music again, primarily at Ralston’s Goat, P. Wexford’s, Rivets, Nino’s, and Bauer’s Downtown. Big news is that Music in the Plaza returns to 10th St Plaza


30,000+ friends at:

By Chris Murphy

in August on Friday’s at 7 pm. Bring your chairs and enjoy these free shows thanks to ModestoView, DOMO, Modesto DID, Fuzio, Ralston’s Goat & the City of Modesto. The Turlock Community Theatre returns with the Van Halen tribute Atomic Punks on September 3. The West Side Theatre in Newman just announced a reopening schedule with James Garner’s tribute to Johnny Cash on the 14th and Boys of Summer Eagles tribute on the 21st. Do you want to get involved? There is a new Stanislaus Art’s Council, reborn from a dormant organization to help reach out to our community and also connect all of the arts groups in town from Opera to Painting to Poetry, Ballet and the Symphony and everything in between. If the first meeting was any indication of our community desire to work together, we are in for something good. Thanks to David Schroeder and Brad Hawn for kicking this off. Join up and help make a difference at stanislausartscouncil Get tix and info at:

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Magnolia Southern Kitchen

I walked into Magnolia Southern Kitchen on a bright Thursday afternoon, and I felt right at home! Upon opening the door, the aroma of the soul food almost knocked me down, (in the best kind of a way)! It was as if I was walking into my grandma’s kitchen in Fairhope, Alabama. You see, I was born in Alabama, and aside from my mom’s cooking, it has been a long time since memories from my childhood summer vacations hit me with such a positive rush! As I continued to stroll in, I was immediately greeted by the employees who were standing behind the serving counter. Each of them grinned and hit me with that good-ole, southern kind of hello. You know, it’s the kind of greeting that makes you feel all warm and mushy in your heart. And you’ll never believe this? The employees aren’t even from the south! I guess the food turned each of them into the epitome of down-home southern charmers! While waiting to meet with the owners, MsTrace Tedde-Vega and Mr William “Dyno-mite, aka Dyno” Ross, I soaked up my surroundings. There was art on the walls, blues coming out of the speakers, and honestly, I felt like I was in a real Juke Joint! I mean, this place is not just a


“VIBE” – IT IS A WHOLE MOOD! Then, my plate arrived, and I was in “The Clean Plate Club” rather quickly! I have braces on my teeth, and even those couldn’t slow me down! I was eating so quickly that an older gentleman passed me while in route to the restroom. He slowed up next to my table, looked down, and said to me, “Mmmm, mmm, that must be good!” Boy, was it ever! The fried chicken was seasoned through and through. Every bite of chicken was flavorful. The fish was amazing. I never eat fish, but it looked so good, that I decided to try it. It was pure perfection! Magnolia Southern Kitchen has been open for a little under a month now. I heard about this restaurant through word of mouth. Shout out to my bay area friend, Feliciano Good, for letting me know about it! The name of the restaurant came about because Tedde liked the fact that “Magnolia” is the state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana, and she loves both places. I assumed Tedde was from the south, but instead, I found out that she hails from the Northern Part of the United Kingdom. She grew up in a restaurant family and then started her career in the culinary realm, (cooking European food), but her former in-laws were from the South and her ex-husbands “Southern Mother” told her, “Your food is good, but it’s time for you to learn how to cook “RIGHT!” Literally, anyone from the southern states knows exactly what her mother-in-law meant. Most southerners feel that the only way to cook is the “Down-South Way” so Tedde allowed


By Tasha Wilson

her mother-in-law to teach her! William “Dyno-mite” Ross got his nickname as a child when he fell out of a two-story window. The Doctors told his parents that it was a miracle he survived and that he was going to be a “Dynamite Kid.” Apparently, the doctor knew what he was talking about because Dyno-mite is a graduate of the CA Culinary Academy of San Francisco before they changed the name to Le Cordon Bleu. Trace and Dyno-mite met eight years ago at The French Chamber of Commerce Competition in San Francisco, CA. Randomly, they were chosen to be on the same team and ended up winning the competition. While making names for themselves as private chefs, they stayed in contact throughout the years. Eventually, they decided that together, (as a team), they could be even greater and Magnolia Southern Kitchen was born! There are so many menu options to choose from but call ahead to inquire about the specials happening on the day of your arrival. Here is the menu that was served on the day I arrived: Macaroni and Cheese, Black-eyed peas, Cornbread, Collard Greens, Red Beans & Rice, Chicken & Sausage Gumbo, Fried Chicken, Fried Fish,

and (including a Po’Boy Fish Sandwich), New York Steak, Brisket Cheeseburger, and Tamale Pie. And please, don’t get me started on dessert! There was: Old Fashioned Banana Pudding, Bread Pudding, Apricot pie, and much more. Tedde and Dyno-mite are excited to be serving soul food here in Stanislaus County and they feel so welcomed by the people. Let’s get the word out Positive Peeps. Finally, I asked our signature question: Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Tedde said, The Beatles and since she is from the Northern Part of the United Kingdom – Doesn’t that just make sense?

Magnolia Southern Kitchen

4937 Beckwith Road, Modesto (209) 566-2303 We’re open Tues-Sat 12-9 to help make your day more delicious! Don’t forget to wear stretchy pants


Graffiti Shakes

By Chris Murphy Graffiti Summer & Classic Cars go hand in hand with a delicious milk shake. We Scenic Drive In are not talking about an oily fast-food milk A & W Drive In shake, but we are talking an ice cream and Velvet Creamery milk loaded blended treat. Complete with Ice Cream Company whipped cream and a cherry on top. These Sno-White Drive In are some of the most wonderful things Picadilly Deli ever. Two straws? Instant date loaded with Sonic Drive In memories. There are some hall of fame milk shakes in Frosty King Modesto. Also, many of these places have Fast Eddie’s MOAB amazing burgers and fries so you can make Adult Shakes it a Graffiti Summer meal with your significant other. The ViewCrew has worked @ Rivets really hard to taste test all of these so that Honorable Mention: you won’t be let down when you get there. Chocolate Dipped cones So here are some of our faves!

August Movies

Sno White Drive In Frosty King Drive In

R O C K A B I L LY VIEW Rockin’ Rick puts the “Wild” in Wild Records! When you think about Modesto’s Graffiti years, the music that comes to mind is the hard driving Rockabilly, with the big slappin’ bass and sounds that make it impossible not to dance. Rockin’ Rick has been tearing it up around our area for many years, he is a regular at Viva Las Vegas and he tours regularly to some of the Rockabilly shows and festivals across the west. Rockin’ Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers are going back into the studio to lay down some high energy tracks for a new Wild Records release. Here’s what Rockin Rick has to say about the new record. “Guaranteed to be the record Disk Jockeys spin the most and the one that our “Worst of ‘em all” gang has been waiting for with dance floor hits such as “Jump n’ bop”, “Wax on the Table “, and “GO”. There are tales of broken hearts & the macabre with the spooky tune “The Blob”. But don’t fret cats we have somethin’ for you greaseballs as well with a story of a hot rod kitten who loves to race to the finish in “Heart Attack” It just have to love this music. They practice in Tony Trevino’s Barber Shop on 10th Street after hours so every rehearsal FOLLOW US:

30,000+ friends at:

By Chris Murphy

is an impromptu concert with people coming by, hanging out on the sidewalk or piling in the check out the action. Rockin’ Rick Torres as been an important part of our music community, playing the MAMA Awards, hosting Rockabilly events and even doing the Rockin’ Holiday Christmas series in 10th St Plaza in the snow. Rockin’ Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers are the amazing Tony Trevino, David Wayne St. Germain and Kevin Schwarz. This band is rockin’ so get your hands on these new tunes. Make sure to pick up Wild Records new release Rockin’ Rick & the Rhythm Wranglers “Wild till the End” Watch the video here: watch?v=23DAA8JpFoM Follow the View Crew on Twitter, starting with @modestoview

View Crew people places and things on our Instagram feed #modestoview

DriveModesto By Chris Murphy There have been major transformations over the last year in our downtown. In order to slow traffic and support the restaurants, there are new 4-way stops and parklets in our downtown core. The traffic slowing is good for business and is a lot safer. BUT, we need some remedial lessons on the rules of 4-way stops. It’s in the DMV driver handbook, but by experience, everyone has forgotten how this works. So here are the rules. 1. The first vehicle to arrive at the intersection has the right-of-way; if you’re unsure, the vehicle on the right. 2. If the intersection is busy, the two lanes of traffic will take turns - your lane of traffic will go, and then the cross traffic will go. 3. Now the other thing you need to know about intersection is that the straight through traffic has the right-of-way over turning traffic. 4. So if you’re proceeding through the intersection and the vehicle across from you is turning, they need to give you the right-of-way, but proceed with caution. Got it? Now go practice and I’ll see you downtown. Subscribe to our You Tube channel at:



E S I U R C e h t f o S D N E LEG The Walk of Fame By Chris Murphy

Back in 2012, when I approached George Lucas about getting involved in the Modesto Historic Cruise Route, Candy Clark and Abigail Power I explained that our mission was simply to tell the stories behind the story that he told. He liked the idea and made a video that you can view at The spirit of “American Graffiti” endures today on 10th Our efforts here in Modesto USA are to share the & 11th Streets in Downtown Modesto on the Historic people and the places that were the inspiration for Cruise Route, where the people of the true cruisLucas’ milestone film that has made Modesto USA a ing route inspired George Lucas’ film. People across popular part of pop culture. If you haven’t already, America and all over the world are invited to have a take time and walk the Historic Cruise Route of 10th rockin’ good time as the “Walk of Fame” Class of ’21 is and 11th Streets and watch videos from the Legends unveiled on the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route of the Cruise and see our Walk of Fame markers beginon Wednesday, August 19th, on 10th Street between J ning and ending 10th Street Plaza. Modesto is a cool and K Streets in conjunction with the Mid Valley Chevy city with so many great stories and legends. Club’s Park ‘n Shine that hosts approximately 300 classic cars and hot rods. The Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route Walk of Fame sidewalk markers celebrate the Legends of the Cruise that made it all happen. They are the cruisers, the racers, the musicians, the students, the DJs and the dreamers that brought Modestocana to life then and now.

Walk With the Legends

Six local legends will be added to the Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame:



Let’s meet the 2021 inductees into the Modesto Historic Cruise Route, Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame. Car Club:

The Modesto Area Street Rod Association Mike Fenley Jack Flower Sam Gottshall Jack Kearney Marvin Narbaitz Walk of Fame Induction Celebration

Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route August 19, 2021 6:30 pm - 10th St Plaza Modesto

Thank you to Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group, United Signs, Matt and the crew at Flying Turtle Concrete, the City of Modesto Streets Crew and the Graffiti USA Cruise Legends for the support and dedication to showcasing Modesto’s Cruising and Classic Car history.


Modesto Area Street Rod Association by Ray Lee

46 years ago, a group of guys and gals with a passion for street rods started our club, the Modesto Area Street Rod Association. Remember the year 1975? Cruising the streets of Modesto was still legal and cruising we did. This was our form of communication. What a great way to visit with old friends and meet new people who all share a love of classic cars. Our club started as a pre-1949 street rod club. To be eligible, club members had to own a 1948 or older vehicle. We all drove hot rods, our own creations, some loud and obnoxious and some mild and classic. We are a family- oriented car club, with a goal of promoting an interest in street rodding and safety in classic car driving and maintenance. In the early days, we would have our club meetings at a pizza parlor on Oakdale Rd., but soon moved to a more permanent location a few doors down, Monaco’s Restaurant and Bar. They had a great meeting room in the back and even allowed us to put up glass cabinets to store all of our memorabilia. We conducted general business and discussed upcoming rod runs hosted by various street rod clubs up and down the valley and beyond. Some of our annual shows included drives to Reno, Nevada, Sacramento, Lodi, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Santa Maria, Pismo Beach, Bakersfield, Fresno, Merced, and many others. If any club member broke down we were always there to help one another. However at the next club meeting, the club member who broke down would be awarded the “Green Car”. This was a homemade wooden car that was painted green and was to be kept in your car at all times. The only way to get rid of it was to award it to the next club member who broke down while on a club run. One club member had the car so long that, when he had the chance to give it to another club member, he made a big presentation at a club meeting and handed the car to the next recipient in a large paper bag. The bag was full of sawdust, we all had a big laugh. Reminiscing with fellow club members about all our adventures and experiences is something that we all cherish. The Modesto Area Street Rod Association has never been dormant and we still have charter members from 1975, as well as many club members who have 35+ years of membership. We are active in our community and proud to say that we donate thousands of dollars each year to local, worthwhile charitable and nonprofit organizations. Our main fundraiser is our spectacular Graffiti Classic car show at the McHenry Village. We are the kickoff event for Graffiti Summer in Modesto. Our show is a sight to behold with over 500 of the finest classic cars and the friendliest people from up and down the valley. We invite you to join us and see for yourself, Sunday, August 15, 2021. We are honored to be on the Walk of Fam

John Kearney

My family moved to Modesto, CA in 1949. I attended Thomas Downey High School and graduated in 1961 one year ahead of George Lucas. Upon graduation I joined the United States Air Force and served 4 years in Strategic Air Command as an MP. While I was still in high school I started building model cars. During that time our neighbor had a 1932 black Ford coupe with white tuck and roll upholstery. Every time he started that car up and backed it out of the garage I was right there! I was hooked! Got my first car, a 1940 Ford pickup at 16 years old. Since then I’ve owned several street rods including a 1958 Corvette that I raced many times at the Kingdon Drag Strip in Stockton. In 1969 my good friend Donny Brazil and I found the body for my 1927 Ford Model T roadster. Donny helped me get the roadster on the road in 1973 and I have been driving it ever since. In 1989 I found our Woodie at the Turlock Swap Meet. Soon after we joined the Santa Cruz Woodie Club and became regulars at their annual event, Woodies on the Wharf. We have been attending this event for over 20 years so I had to learn to surf and oh what fun! The surfboard on top of our woodie is a custom board made specifically for our Santa Cruz Woodie Club which we won in a raffle for members only. I met my wife Peggy in 1991 where we both worked for Stanislaus County Schools in a program for individuals with severe disabilities at John F Kennedy School. During our careers we acquired degrees, earned two credentials each as well as Masters Degrees in Special Education. We are both retired now living the good life!! Long story short both cars are still on the road and still showing up at car shows. It’s been a great ride and it’s not over yet!! FOLLOW US:

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Sam Gottshall

By Gayle Gottshall Sam Gottshall was born and raised in Modesto. Sam attended Downey High School and Modesto Junior College. He has been involved with old cars and hot rods since the age of 12. Sam’s cousin, whom was 6 years older, had a 1941 Willies Quarter mile car, and from that time forward Sam was hooked. He has built several cars over the years; his last one being a 1940 Ford Coupe that he built with the help of his son (Matt). Sam has been involved with several car clubs over the years: In the ‘60’s the Deacons from Downey High School, later Mid Valley Chevy Club and Modesto Area Street Rod Assoc. Sam has probably logged several thousand miles cruising 10th and 11th Streets over the years. Many years ago Sam had the idea to promote “Show and Shine” shows during the week of graffiti with the help of Jack Flower and Mike Cassel. These became very popular and attracted cars from everywhere. Later the shows were taken over by Mid Valley Chevy Club and still run during Graffiti week today. Sam worked for Carlson Scale for fifty years, the last 25 years was co-owner with his late wife Gayle. Today, the business is operated by his son Matt. Sam is now retired and enjoying the good life and still cruising and is a key part of the Graffiti Legend and the current events and regularly volunteers at the Graffiti Museum. Chris Murphy’s note: I was interested to learn that Sam was busted for drag racing in the Downey High Parking lot during his student years. In the spirit of the code of the day, he did not reveal with whom he was racing. I’m sure the statutes have all expired now. More Walk of Fame continued page 16 & 17 Subscribe to our You Tube channel at:



Graffiti Summer Lives On

Graffiti Summer is an international attraction, drawing people from all of the main continents to get their slice of “Modestocana”. There is a special feeling in the air during Graffiti Summer where you can hear Australian, French, Chinese and British accents on our downtown streets as the art and excitement of this era is on display on the streets, parking lots, movie screens and driveways of Modesto. The vroom of a big motor, and the squeal of tires can be heard all across the town.

W E I V BIG Graffiti Summer is here! Wow... In August!

i t fi f a r G r e m m u S 2021

Does this mean that we have our own Hot August Nights as for a few weeks, the classic car universe revolves around Modesto USA? So yes friends, let’s get out the poodle skirts, your Bill Haley and Chuck Berry records, shine up the chrome on your favorite classic, and head to a local drive in or your favorite hangout and do a bit of cruising. Ignore those signs and celebrate our history. We are indeed the “intergalactic home of American Graffiti” the “Home of George Lucas” and as such, the “birthplace of Star Wars”. Yes, it all connects and it is time to celebrate as we celebrate a delayed Graffiti Summer, introduce new Legends of the Cruise on the Walk of Fame and show the world how cool we are.

Car Shows for Everyone

Graffiti Summer isn’t all about just classic cars. There are car shows and car styles for everyone. Modesto is home to many cool Low Rider and custom clubs like the Modesto Customs, Modesto Impalas and more. This is a very important part of our local culture as the Latino culture is a key part of Rockabilly culture, car culture and our musical culture and the future is so bright for these cool cars and you will see them at our local shows and on the cover of this August issue. Music, art, cars and culture all blend together in Modesto USA. It’s a beautiful tradition and the detail of these cars are amazing.

By Chris Murphy

It Almost Never Happened

We can’t forget how close we came to having none of these things. Miraculously, George Lucas survived a horrific accident in his custom racing Fiat near his home off of Sylvan Avenue, before his high school graduation. His survival made him focus more on his education studying Anthropology and developing his passion of story telling and film-making at USC. As they say, the rest is history. Lucas continued to support the racing career of his friend and Shelby Cobra racer Allen Grant as he went to film school, even designing the yellow livery of the race-winning car. The future creation of American Graffiti, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and so much more was in motion.

Where it all began.

Burge’s Drive in was the Modesto place that started it all. The unique round drive-in opened in 1947 and was a refreshing motorist beacon along old Highway 99 in years after the end of World War II, when car travel became popular. But in the evenings, Burge’s became a place for the youth of Modesto to hang out. The classes of ’47 to ’67 made the weekend evenings a happening place. ModestoView readers get an exclusive look of never before seen Burge’s photos thanks to the personal photo collection of the late


Cars and Coffee

Tony Ramirez, son of long time Burge’s carhop and Cruise Legend, Gerry Ramirez. These are were the Graffiti stories originated along the downtown streets. American Graffiti

is a Hit

George Lucas’ American Graffiti was released to critical and box office success on premiering on August 2 and released on August 11, 1973. Since then, Modesto USA has been immortalized in one of the top 100 films of all time, launching the careers of Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark and more. There were so many people, cars and experiences that George drew inspiration from his nights on 10th and 11th Streets and these were all put together for this legendary film that is popular around the world.


George Lucas is crew chief for Allen Grant in the #96– Courtesy Allen Grant George racing his Fiat with a roll bar that saved his life – Courtesy Lucas Family

Graffiti Night Gets Huge The weekend after school got out was known as Graffiti weekend and the Friday was Graffiti Night. I remember watching Grease with my girlfriend at the Briggsmore Theater on Graffiti Night and then cruising McHenry along with thousands of our best friends. Graffiti Night grew through the years until it got too big in 1993 and was shut down.

Do you love the exotic cars of the Fast and Furious? Fancy a sharp Ferrari or super fast Honda? Do you feel that need for super speed, sleek lines and high power motors? The Cars and Coffee movement is growing all over and some of these cars are becoming classic and part of our culture. There is a special event this month with a special day of Fast and Furious series films at the State Theatre and special free concert with 5-time Grammy winner Julius Melendez and his All-Star band in 10t St Plaza on August 28 at 5 pm for the Furiously Fast Weekend. For more info - and

Graffiti Night Returns

In the early 2000s, the Graffiti spirit came back to life with the North Modesto Kiwanis Club creating the American Graffiti Festival. This event grew and events like Back to Graffiti, Mid Valley Chevy Park and Shines and the Modesto Area Street Rod shows grew and became more popular. The Friday night cruise parade features over 1000 cars and attracts 25,000 spectators. FOR MORE MODESTO INFO:

Graffiti e g a P s d Ki Graffiti Future

Graffiti USA Museum

For years, Modesto has been working on a variety of ways to celebrate our classic history, educate the public and draw tourists from around the world and now, the Graffiti USA Museum is under construction, that will be a beacon to Graffiti fans of all ages from all around the world. Please consider being a part of this exciting project. You can learn more at

Classic Graffiti Murals

Modesto USA is home to some of the best classic Graffiti themed murals anywhere. From the ’32 Deuce at 13th & J to the State Theatre inspired mural in the Art Alley on J Street, there are big works of art to check out. Some of these murals may be at risk as two of the buildings have sold. So please get out and enjoy this while they are there and in the meantime, we will be looking for new places to place classic murals. You can also check out the hometown themed murals by Murals in MoTown and DoMo Walls in the Alley connecting J and 10th Street. So many great things to see and show to your friends. FOLLOW US:

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Modesto is ready to celebrate the class of 21 and beyond. Modesto’s car culture is for everyone, young and old. There are many among us that lived the early years of the cruise and for those growing up now, this is an exciting part of our culture. To learn and know Modesto’s history makes being a Modestan that much better. Best of all, it’s cool. The music, the cars, the Rock “n” Roll, the chrome and the people are all something that people will love from years to come. One recent editorial in the Modesto Bee asked about the next generations, and they already a part of Graffiti Summer and the Graffiti USA Museum will help tell those stories about Modesto on historic Highway 99, just like Cars Land at Disney tells the story about Highway 66. It is fascinating, fun and will help us all stay young. Our history is amazing and telling people about it will be good for the future. Best of all, we have Rodney, Chuck and Tina and their friends to guide us along to cruise the future.

Graffiti Word Search Can you find all of these Graffiti USA words?

Downey Coupe DragRace Modesto Drive In Chrome Burger

Fries Shake Impala Ford

Tenth Eleventh TBird Debbie

Toad Milner Faros

Graffiti U.S.A.

Hey Kids! Get your Graffiti on!

It is never too early to learn about Modesto’s awesome classic cruise history! Modesto USA has a cool history, in Rock ‘n’ Roll, cool cars, sparkle paint jobs, film making, racing in addition to our wine making, rock climbing, acting and performing and music making history. Modesto has many mascots to help young people learn about our businesses, sports teams and civic programs. Meet Chuck, Rodney and Tina and all of their friends. Learn how cool Modesto can be and get acquainted with some of Modesto’s legendary cars, cruises and stories. Chuck and friends will introduce you to our history, our cruise legends and make it fun to learn about Modesto USA. You can get your own T-shirts at Modesto Graffiti USA on-line and at the Graffiti USA Museum. Look for the Modesto Graffiti USA trailer at local car shows and events and you can get a coffee mug, fuzzy dice or cool t-shirt. You can even get a “onesie” for a new Graffiti baby! You can download a free coloring book here:

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Cool Graffiti Things to Check out in town:

Modesto Historic Cruise Route Classic Community Murals Lucas Plaza Graffiti USA Museum (opening Late Fall 2021) Eat at Graffiti Dogs Drive in at A & W Drive In Knock Out Burger at Scenic Drive In Subscribe to our You Tube channel at:

Graffiti Summer Resources More Graffiti Events next page...




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1 Summer 20-2August 20th -

The Walk of Fame

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Graffiti Cruise

- August 21st-22nd -

- August 15th -

American Graffiti at The State Theatre

- August 15th -

Summer Turlock Auto Swap at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds

- August 15th -

MASRA Graffiti Classic at McHenry Village

- August 16th -

American Graffiti Car Show and Festival at Modesto Municipal Golfcourse

- August 22nd -

Hot August Night Sip & Shop Car Show at Elks Lodge

- August 22nd -

Bullit at The State Theatre

- August 27-30th -

Furiously Fast Weekend at the State Theatre

- August 28th -

Mid Valley Chevy Park n Shine at Century Center

Cars & Coffee Downtown Modesto

Mid Valley Chevy Park n Shine at Vintage Fair Mall

Grease Sing-a-long at The State Theatre

- August 17th - August 18th -

- August 28th -

- August 28th -

Jack Flower

Jack Flower was one of Downey High class of 1960s fastest graduates. Driving a 1955 2- door Chevy Bel Air, his car was known around the region. Soon after graduation, Jack went to work for George Reed, Inc, essentially building the streets he was cruising and driving on. In 1969 he had the chance to upgrade his car to a 1958 Bel Air with a way-too-big 409 motor in it. Jack remembers many great nights dragging 10 and 11th in Modesto and one particular night, they had beer in the car and some of the police were checking them out. They quickly pulled over to stash the beer before getting pulled over a short time later. The police admonished them to “go straight home”. They quickly went back to get the beer, but the police had beat them to it and the beer was gone. Throughout the 60s he raced Go Karts through out the region and also raced indoor slot cars. Jack was very involved in helping our local car clubs grow and thrive. He was a member of both the Mid Valley Chevy Club and also served as the President of the Modesto Area Street Rod Association. These clubs were key to Modesto’s car culture through the 70s and 80s. Jack never slowed down, in 1964 his daughter Sherri was born and he got a Chevy SS. In the 80s he built a 1940 Ford, 1948 Ford Coupe, 1950 Olds and a 1950 Ford, all during the 80s. In 2005 he built a 1960 Bel Air hardtop, an original 3/2 4 speed car. Recently he has been rebuilding mid 60s Chevy pickups. He lives in Modesto with his wife Vicky and has been volunteering at the Graffiti USA Museum.

Mid Val- ley Chevy Park n Shine Furiously Fast Music Fest at Cool Hand Luke’s, Riverbank at 10th Street Plaza

- August 19th -

- August 28th -

Mid Valley Chevy Park n T.S.C. Hot August Nights Shine at Downtown Modesto Car, Truck, Bike Show at Turlock Sportsmans Club - August 19th Legends of the Cruise at - August Fridays 10th Street Plaza Cruise-In at A&W

GOModesto Concerts Back at the Fruit Yard

The Basi Nationwide Amphitheater at the Fruit Yard 7948 Yosemite Blvd. Modesto, California is back for a new season of fantastic not to be missed talent. Kicking off August on the 5th Warner Brothers recording artist Cole Swindell(“Chillin It” “Aint Worth the Whiskey” “Middle of Memory”) and Nick Tyrrel(“Now She’s On Her Own” “Coming Through Your Radio”)will hit the stage. On August 27th Grammy Award-winning songwriter, musician, actor and best-selling author, Rick Springfield(“Jessie’s Girl” “I Get Excited” “Don’t Talk to Strangers”) will be joined by Richard Marx whose S/T debut went triple platinum and spawned the hit “Don’t Mean Nothing” he has had 3 #1 hits and 14 top 5 and he won a Grammy for his song “Dance With My Father”. For those who like to Rock get your tickets to see Foreigner the multi-platinum-selling rock band with hits like(“Urgent” “Waiting For A Girl Like You” “I Want to Know What Love Is”) and Great White(“Once Bitten Twice Shy” “Save Your Love”) on September 24th. For more information and tickets



Mike Fenley

By Chris Murphy Mike Fenley met his future wife Lisa when she picked him up to cruise McHenry in 1968 and the rest is history. Mike worked in his family business of the 5 Minute Car Wash since he was 12 years old. The first location at McHenry & Mensinger opened in 1963 after Mike’s father Charles saw a similar car wash in Merced. Hand wash was just what was needed for cool classic cars. During the 60s, Mike would drive his 67 El Camino and Lisa was part of the Oakdale Mustang Girls who would hang at the Dutch Boy Paint store parking lot. 5 Minute Car wash had a ringside seat to the cruising of the 60s 70s and 80s where in the later years, it would get too busy and they closed on Graffiti Night. One of the hang outs was a coin op car wash across from Helm Chevrolet where burn outs were popular with the wet tires. 5 Minute moved to McHenry and Morris in 1983 and their Oakdale location became very popular and a 3rd opened on Carpenter Rd. Back then, Mike’s dad was friends with many of the police so he would know exactly when Mike was home, where he cruised and what he was doing. The car wash was a great hangout for cool cars. Thought out the years, Mike collected some amazing cars, some of which are in mint condition. He still has his ‘67 El Camino, an Olds 442, a ‘67 Chevelle with only 60K miles, a ‘68 Camaro with only 50K miles and ‘66 Nova with 840 miles. All of these are still in his garage today. Oh yeah, he has an ‘89 Porsche Coupe. Mike and the 5 Minute team have been cruise legends for years, having supported the Park and Shines since the 80s with the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, supporting all of the car clubs, and being one of Modesto’s most generous people and companies supporting community activities, local schools and organizations. Mike Fenley has been one of Modesto’s silent supporters and their contributions are nothing short of legendary in our classic car history. Mike’s fondest memories of the cruise years was that “everyone was nice”. Mike and Lisa are still active in the carwash and community activities. They have one son and one grandson and they expect the classic car traditions to continue. Someone has to drive those low mileage classics. FOR MORE MODESTO INFO:

The Walk of Fame

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Awards Return By Middagh Goodwin

Marvin Narbaitz By Dennis Wilson

Marvin Narbaitz moved to Modesto in 1958 and was a classmate of George Lucas in Downey 1962. At 16 he started driving his mom’s car that he took to Smitty’s muffler where they’d heat your coils for $2 a side to lower front but only did one coil hoping she wouldn’t notice. He’s never owned a car he hasn’t lowered. Near end of his senior year (1962) he bought a 55 Chevy. A stock 265 3 speed put on chrome wheels and cheater slicks. No one in the area shifted a column shift faster. He worked along side racing stand out Jack McCoy and on Fridays mounted race tires then went to races each night. He also learned by taking auto and body shop classes, working on his toys was better done by professionals while he earned money to pay for his ideas. After leaving McCoy’s he was asked by a friend with no license and little time if he could take from Bucks Racing Tires to Kearney Bowl in Fresno to deliver tires for main event. Returning his El Camino the next day he was confronted by Buck if he was driver night before, as he had a neighbor on 99 when the El Camino went by so fast “he thought he was going backwards.” Answering “yes”, Buck offered Marvin a job for rest of season helping mount, groove and deliver tires to Fresno and San Jose on Friday and Saturday nights and to the Clovis Dirt Track on Sundays. He met many ol’ school legends like Vuky Jr., Pombo, Kaeding, Sargeant and more. Later, his friend gave him his new 383 4 speed Dodge he was letting get repossessed to keep until found. Marvin lowered it and it had 456 gears so he raced and beat nearly everything. Later interest turned to Harley’s and he bought first of two. There were few choppers in Modesto back then and in 1964, a lady hit him on McHenry. While rebuilding bike he had legendary Gene Winfield paint it two colors candy green faded into light pearl green. Total cost $60. At ‘04 Graffiti Show, Winfield show autographed an old picture of Marvin sitting on the bike. When asked if he could still do the job for $60 the answer was just a laugh. Throughout the years he’s owned an array of bikes, Cads, El Caminos, Impalas and pick ups. He worked at first auto stereo shop in Modesto installing 4 tracks and 4 speakers for $129. In 68 he suffered a near death paralyzing accident. Realizing he’d couldn’t ride again he turned to boats and nice trucks. The prettiest came in ’82, an 18’ Hondo with a Bozarth built 454, equivalent of 23 coats of black lacquer and multiple colors of candy graphics towed with an ‘81 Chevy P.U. sporting 10” wire knock offs custom interior and gauges with Craig Judd striping. What he’d always wanted was a separate rod to take to shows or on runs. In ‘99 his wife encouraged him to buy a 383 powered 34 outlaw-bodied coupe they’d found. He always enjoyed driving and trailering to the car shows and he thought that driving with group was more fun. When he was called asking to join their group he said no because he wasn’t good with rules. When he found out the only rule was, “no one gets left behind” he joined the Bandits. Starting with a few people, the Bandits now have members around the state. His is working on a 56 Bel Air rebuild he hopes to have ready for Graffiti shows before adding more H.P. next winter. If time allows he wants to build his last cars. A frame-off 62 bubbletop or Biscayne he’s been building in his head for years, and or a 67 or 68 C/10. FOLLOW US:

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The Modesto Area Music Awards was created by Chris Murphy and Ricci and first took place at Club Maxx at the Red Lion Inn(now the DoubleTree) in the year 2000. The music community celebrated 20 Years in 2019, and less than 6 months later, we were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. In general, music, art, and life was put on hold for a year and a half, including the 2020 MAMAs. Good news: the MAMAs are back, and the awards show is scheduled for October 19th at the historic State Theatre in downtown Modesto. Venues, event organizers and promoters, we want to know who is the standout, who tops your list of nominees? Email mamarecords209@ your choices to be considered for the 21st Annual Modesto Area Music Awards. I am sure the event will celebrate several individuals that stepped up to do a little more to keep us entertained during the pandemic with the iconic dashboard mama. The dashboard was created to honor those in a category all their own. The goal is to have voting go live at www. by the end of the month and run until midnight October 17th. Remember, you are the Academy. You choose the winners. In related news Modstock is taking place on August 8th from 10 am until 8 pm at Graceada Park and will have live performances by 50 VMI bands and another

Subscribe to our You Tube channel at:

dozen professional acts including Triple D, Sweet Taunts, Whiskey Skulls, Threshold, The Good Ones, Mystic Moon and more. This is a free event so make plans to come on out. KCBP will be collecting sneakers for a unique fundraiser so consider bringing your unwanted sneakers and drop them off at the KCBP tent. Live music is coming back slowly but surely around town at places like Ralston’s Goat, P Wexford’s, Nino’s, Rivet’s, Urbano’s, shows happening at the Gallo Center and the State again as well. There is also a brand new event the Knights Ferry Music Festival scheduled for September 4th 11 am until 9 pm at the 50s Roadhouse, admission is $20 per person. featuring Whiskey Skulls, Borderline, Triple D, G Project and more. Make sure to go out and support live music when you can, tip the bands and your waitstaff. Together we will create a stronger music and arts community.




r e m m u S ti fi f a r G s t’ I All Year Long!

The Graffiti USA Museum will be a place for people around the world to gather and share their Graffiti stories. It will be a place for kids to discover the magic of our classic car culture, it will be a place to explore and learn about the magic of the automobile and stroll the 10th St of our past. It will be a place to connect with who we are and the people that made it all possible. You will be able to walk amongst our Cruise Legends, hear the sounds that make Graffiti happen, learn about Modesto Radio history and even shop for records and sit in a drive in. The Graffiti USA Museum will be new and different every time you visit and it is under contraction now. We want you! We want your ideas, your support, your cars, your donations so that we can great a place that will wow and excite people from around the world, and even those that live right here in Modesto USA! We all have so much to learn and our location on Historic US 99 is the perfect place to cruise by and check us out.

Build 10th Street

Did you know?

Dozens of Local businesses have donated their valuable labor and supplies to help build the Graffiti USA Museum. Thank you so much to Board Member Ron Pippin of Pippin Investments LLC and the members of the Valley Business Exchange who have been cutting, chopping, welding, digging and so much more to bring this museum to life. Over $470,000 of in-kind services have been provided and this means the world to us. It’s starting to look great and we are pretty excited.


We need your donations, you can do it monthly, annually and we have some great donation gifts that will make you feel like the coolest cat in town. We are also talking big donations, like building naming donations. We now have a new recurring monthly donation option to make it easier.

Naming Opportunities

If you want to recognize one of your family with a wing, or an exhibit room, we can do that.

Help us build it.

Inside our museum, we will be creating Check out our facebook and website to see a newly imagined “10th Street”. You the business that have donated their time, can create or sponsor one of the busitalent and labor. @graffitiusamuseum nesses along the street. For example, my family is putting in a record store, Murphy’s Records, it will be a real Events record store. We are working with the The Graffiti USA Museum is now home Modesto Radio Museum to put a radio to some of our local service clubs like the station inside the museum that will be North Modesto Kiwanis. We can even their museum. There will be a Sanders help you host your event as we go into Appliance Store. You can be a part of the fall. We have 40,000 sq ft and a great this and we want your help to create the parking lot that we can use while we build. magic that will attract people from all over the world. Please contact us a to connect or you can donate at We are on the corner of Coldwell and Historic 99, aka North 9th St. Look for the Modesto Graffiti USA trailer at at Graffiti Summer event this year and we will see you at the car shows, and most importantly, the American Graffiti Festival on August 20, 21, and 22. Let’s do this Modesto and bring the Graffiti USA Museum to life.

Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum 501 (c) 3 and your contribution

is tax deductible 610 N 9th Street Modesto, CA, USA 95350 @graffitiusamuseum




UNPLUGGED VIEW Pretty And Witty And Bright By Aaron Rowan

Before the very colorful and very pointlesslooking Spielberg remake of one of the great classic musicals comes to cinemas later this year, Modesto Performing Arts has quite the summer treat for you. Among the very first shows at the newly reopened Gallo Center is MPA’s fourth production of ‘West Side Story,’ with a cast featuring numerous young vocalists who’ve appeared at my own series. They include 2019 Valley Talent Project grand prize winner Kalea Jackson; VTP 2019 double prize winner Zoey Rae; Cossette Asenjo; and Roland Carbajal. But the talent I most look forward to seeing when I see the show won’t be on the stage, but in the pit - it’s my good friend, Marie Maxfield, pulling double duty as orchestra and vocal director. It’s been far too long since I got to watch Marie flex her musical muscles. The show also features choreography from Central West Ballet artistic director René Daveluy. Five chances to savor this spectacular: August 7, 13 and 14 at 7:30 PM; and August 8 & 15 at 2 PM. Tickets run $21-$38, www. I’ll host two Young Artist showcases this month. Friday 8/6, Elizabeth Barton makes her second starring appearance at my series. She’s a distinguished graduate of Opera Modesto’s ‘Summer Opera Institute’ who debuted with them professionally in 2019 with ‘Rigoletto.’ Ellie will be joined by Jamie Byous on guitar for a recital of opera, musical theatre and pop selections.

Then on Friday 8/13, it’s another musical theatre program with Abigail Nunis, a recent graduate of Sierra High who has also performed with the SOI and made many local appearances in shows such as the ‘Broadway Dreams’ intensive, Oklahoma, The Little Mermaid, and Oliver! The Musical. Catch her before she leaves us to attend USC. Doors for both shows open at 7 PM at The Dragonfly Art For Life, 1210 J St. Music starts at 7:30 with a $10 admission, and extra fees to paint while you listen. It’s great creative fun for the whole family at the Dragonfly. One of the very last acts to appear on the stage at my former venue Moon & Sixpence was Esoteric, the youth rock group that won Best Band at the 2019 VTP. They’ve recently completed an album, and your final chance to hear them live is at the CD release show set for Saturday 8/14 at Strings restaurant in Manteca. Lead singer Charlize Elizabeth has made a shift toward acoustic singersongwriter music and was my sponsored attendee of the Yosemite Songwriting Retreat earlier this year. Support this lovely indie-rock ensemble one last time starting at 8 PM. Very limited table reservations run $50 for 8 people or $30 for 4. Contact GK music for yours - or 209923-4121. Intimate performances. Infinite playlist. MODESTO UNPLUGGED. www.

WL e’re Open!

9am-6pm everyday

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The Good Listener or Please Tip the Musicians By Patty Castillo Davis

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked about the rules for tipping live musicians, I would have an overflowing tip jar. Tipping in any industry, profession and even country can be a nuanced topic. Music is about as subjective as an art form gets and performances and settings vary too wildly for hard-andfast rules. Be it a pickle jar or empty beer pitcher most live venues have a receptacle near the stage where patrons can drop bills for the benefit of the musicians. Tips shouldn’t be expected but they are always appreciated and a common gesture to acknowledge the musician’s contribution to any ambience. You never know if the artist is playing solely for tips and if they are a full-time career musician. According to Kurt Deutscher, drummer, blogger and Musician’s Union representative, tipping guidelines follow a situation base-street busking, live music venue or online remote. There’s a huge difference between getting from one end of the street to the other and one that’s a deliberate choice to settle in and be entertained. If you have stopped for a song or two while walking to your destination and you pass a Street busking musician, it is customary to throw in a few bills. If you are inside of a venue that you enjoy you can be assured that the musicians are relying on tips whether they are being given a stipend by the venue owner or not. Think of the tip jar as collecting a gate fee or a cover charge with the added benefit of knowing

that your contribution is going directly to the artist everyday budget for living expenses. Experiences in which you feel transformed or intrigued by should garner a respectful tip. There are few cultural exchanges that surpass music when it reaches you in a personal way, when you are fortunate enough to experience this, baseline tips fall to the side and if you can afford to let yourself -go crazy. The tips are not just money, you are formalizing your status as a fan, you are giving encouragement to a musician to keep going. You are also capturing a share in their merchandise and recordings. This is the equivalency of respect. This means everything. I reached out to clients, promoters, venue owners, musicians and the local AFM 12 music union for baseline settings for tipping. Busking-$1-$5 Live Venue-$25-$50 per musician Livestream Remote-$20+ The AFM recommends musicians include mobilizing online tip info at every situation. Fans and Followers can leave tips at their leisure or on paydays, especially in these difficult times. If someone affects you- complete the circuit. Thank you for the acknowledgement. #showmeyourtips Here is what you can look forward to in AugustGiant party band Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra will take over the State Theater on 8/13 for its annual CASA fundraiser, benefiting youth in foster care. The award-winning Zydeco group Bluesbox Bayou Band will bring the party to Sonora Magic of the Night on 8/6, Black Oak Casino on 8/14 and Ralston’s Goat on 8/27. Tiffs Rose & The Outlaw Hearts will also be at the Sonora Magic of the Night on 8/6, Murphy’s Irish Pub on 8/13 and at the River Ranch Music Festival on 8/27. Live music is coming back

GOModesto Furiously Fast Weekend

with Julius & His Latin All-Stars

August 27th-30th at the State Theatre you can watch the first 8 Fast anFurious movies you can buy a weekend pass and watch all 8 movies at a discounted rate. Also part of the FF weekend check out Cars & Coffee 8 am - 10 am on August 28th, they bring out some incredible imports. Don’t miss Julius & His Latin All-Stars performing in the 10th Street Plaza 5-8 pm Saturday, August 28th playing Latin jazz and R&B. Julius Melendez is a 5 time Grammy Award Winning trumpet player who has recorded and performed with some of the greats. Julius played on Carlos Santana’s Supernatural featured on “Smooth” with Rob Thomas, and Shaman featured on “Game of Love” with Michelle Branch. Julius has performed all over the world with a virtual galaxy of musical stars, including The Grateful Dead, Sheila E, Jose Feliciano, Lucecita Benitez, Maraca, Tony Vega, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, Luis Enrique, Ray Ruiz, Francisco Aguabella, and Bobby Hutcherson. He is bringing to Modesto some of the best players the Bay Ara has to offer. This event is intended to help bridge the gap during Graffiti Summer and celebrate the next generation of car enthusiasts and give music fans something a little different.


Excellence in Home & Kitchen Appliances

In-store + online + phone + text/chat via website + 209-238-3000 x 1 (McHenry) - 209-238-3000 x 3 (Outlet) 209-238-3000 x 5 (Service) Your local one-stop remodeling and new build center. We offer installed flooring, counters, cabinets, sinks and design services. Our inventory will fit your budget, from economical to very high end, all in a store that homeowners and contractors have trusted for years.

The best national brands with the best local service

2412 McHenry Ave. • Modesto CA



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Well now things are opening up a bit and I am cautiously optimistic, yes the glass is half full, not half empty! Nice to see folks out and about living life and getting back to the business of living! More shows are planned and tours being booked: Chris Cain Band is going out on tour in August! The Modesto Blues Crawl will miss him but could not happen to a better band. Sunday, August 29th Modesto Blues Crawl will feature Barry Finnerty guitarist, vocalist and writer with the Blues Monday band with Dave Hawks drums, John Adey Bass, Andrew Rosenblum Sax and Horns! Barry has played with Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Tower of Power, Jazz Crusaders, BB King and many others. He will be playing some of his arrangements from people he has played with from Blues to R & B, to funk! RSVP Eric Benson if coming: (209) 918-7033. 25 dollar cover charge for Barry Finnerty show. We are trying to do more live events outside with social distancing to keep people safer and inside shows with smaller capacity at Ralston’s Goat, Downtown Bauers and Café Urbano. The monthly Blues Crawl returns promoted by Eric Benson and Big Earl Mathews will also feature: Ralston’s Goat High st Blues Band 11 am until 3 pm. Head on over to Downtown Bauer’s where Tony and the Tufftimes kick off at 1 pm. Ralston’s Goat & Downtown


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Live Music If You Want It By Eric Benson

Bauer’s are outside within walking distance of each other in Downtown Modesto with food and beverage available. Café Urbano continues with live music: Sunday, and August 9th The Blue Monday Band features John Adey & Conrad Johnson Bass, Dave Hawks Drums, Andrew Rosenblum Sax, Kevin Marin Trumpet, John Burt Sax and Dave Dow & Eric Benson keys playing Jazz, Funk, R & B, Latin and the Blues. Urbano’s host DJ events Salsa, cumbia on Taco Tuesdays, and Thursday through Sunday, Well, folks, thanks to all you good people doing the right thing, wearing masks, social distancing and getting that Soul Vaccination things are continuing to improve. We also need to support our local business and economy, so they continue to stay healthy also, so please continue to support our local venues. Peace out, Eric Benson! Need to get me or co-conspire with me (209) 918-7033 And be like Alpha Beta and tell a friend or a hundred!




The Modesto Noir Series Finale Professor Arnold Schmidt, CSU Stanislaus With Bogey RandybySiefkin, Modesto Film Society/State Theatre Noir fans are encouraged to view both the virtual introduction to the film and the radio play prior to August 19th’s live discussion, which features cast members and crew of the Gallo Center’s broadcast and film noir devotees. Register on The State Theatre’s link to the Join Modesto’s historic State Noir Film Series (www. Theatre and The Gallo Center There is for the Arts as they present a classic Noir no charge for registration or the discusfilm, radio drama and discussion of the sion. Noir classic The Maltese Falcon starring The State will celebrate American Graffiti Humphrey Bogart. month with screenings of American Graf The State Theatre launches the program fiti, the singalong version of Grease and on August 12, with a virtual lecture on the a Steve McQueen weekend featuring The 1941 detective story, based on Dashiell Blob (1958) and Bullitt (1968). Hammett’s character Sam Spade. The Gallo You will find The State’s printable schedCenter’s re-creation of the radio broadcast ule at And the next can be accessed at any time on the Center’s time you cruise down J Street, take a ganwebsite ( Find der at the newly restored Neon marquee, the film at the usual sites or see it on The a fitting symbol of the theatre’s 87 years in State’s Big Screen on Wednesday, August almost continuous operation and a sup18 at 6 p.m. portive community.

GOOakdale Oakdale Rodeo Returns

Returning after a year and a half break the 69th Annual Oakdale Rodeo will take place this year on August 14th and 15th at the Oakdale Rodeo Grounds. The Oakdale Rodeo Parade starts at 4 pm on Saturday the 14th beginning at Oakdale High School and heading down E Street to the SaveMart. The Grand Entry is at 5:30 PM Saturday and 1:30 PM Sunday. The Rodeo history goes back to 1946 and the Oakdale Saddle Club held their first pro rodeo in 1954 and has been hosting the event ever since. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the gate. The Rodeo will return to its regular dates, the second weekend in April 2022. For more information

GOModesto Music in the Plaza is back starting August 13th happening every Friday until October 1st. Music will take place between 7-9 pm except on Graffiti Night when the band will start at 6 pm and go until 9 pm and First Fridays when there will be two bands the first one starting at 6 pm with music going until 10 pm. Remember on there will be artists, crafters and vendors at First Friday. Make reservations to sit on the patio at Fuzio or Ralston’s Goat or bring out your lawn chairs and grab a good spot in front of the stage. This event is sponsored by DoMo, DID, VisitModesto, ModestoView, Modesto Area Music Association, Fuzio and Ralston’s Goat. Plans are to return with a full season of music in 2022. September 3rd - First Friday August 13th - TBA September 10th - Threshold August 20th Graffiti Night w/ September 17th - TBA Gary Gervase & Kickstart Blues September 24th - BluesBox Bayou Band August 27th - Remedy October 1st First Friday

E City of Modesto E FR Waste Tire Recycling Ciudad de Modesto

Amnesty Event Reciclado de Llantas Gratuito

FREE DISPOSAL AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATION: King Kennedy Center Parking Lot, 601 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Modesto Saturday, August 7, 2021 9:00am-1:00pm Sabado, 7 De Agosto, 2021

PROGRAM GUIDELINES • City of Modesto residents only • No businesses • Car, Truck & Motorcycle Tires - OK • Up to 9 tires accepted at no charge • No Commercial or Tractor Tires • Tires with and without rims - OK

Questions? Call ¿Preguntas? Llame al (209) 577-5494

UPON E THIS CO disposal! MUSTcoHupAV on... no free No



Funded by a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)





Find Your Own Fitness

By Efren Martinez

There are so many choices when it comes to physical fitness. Quite often I get several emails in regards to what other options if I don’t or cannot swim, bike or run. Maybe the 3 I just mentioned don’t work for you as they once did before. My advice is to step back and remove yourself from the normal and quite often the go-to fitness routines. As we age so do our bodies and we must learn to adapt our fitness plan to them. Perhaps we were once able to run or even ride our bikes for long periods of time. Possibly an injury or age no longer allows us to do that anymore. I always try to recommend other forms of physical fitness that don’t involve so much impact on our bodies. Why not try Yoga, Pilates or even Taichi. If you’re looking to get back into fitness and those don’t work out for you I’d invite you to explore other options. How about joining a baseball or basketball team. Joining a team is not only a healthy alternative but it allows you to practice working with others to achieve your goals. If that still doesn’t sound like your game, I’d invite you to think back

and remember the days when you were more athletic. Look back and try to remember what physical fitness activities you enjoyed or even might have been pretty good at it in high school. Getting back to physical fitness that you once enjoyed while you were a student is a good start. Give it a go! Some more options would be Golfing, playing Frisbee, 4 Square, Tennis, Tether Ball, Racquet Ball or simply playing catch with a football or baseball. For myself, it’s not hard to remember some of the fitness activities I did after high school. My buddies and I stayed in contact with each other by forming games at the park such as 3 flys up with a Frisbee. We also liked to get together at night and form games of tag. Silly as it sounds it was really quite a workout. We would pick any given playground at a park and the rules were that we couldn’t leave the sandbox area. Mind you we always got pretty roughed up playing 3 flys up and tag but one thing was for sure, we always got quite a workout. I guess the bottom line is don’t be afraid to try something different when it comes to physical fitness. After all, any kind of physical fitness is better than none. Follow me at &

Oak Valley Community Bank

Modesto - Dale

Modesto - 12th & I

Modesto - McHenry

4120 Dale Road 758.8000

1200 I Street 549.2265

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Come home to Oak Valley Community Bank and experience the perfect blend of old-fashioned personal service and modern technology to meet your every need.

“Where Bling Meets Bliss”

An eclectic mix of personal homeopathic items, unique gifts, crystals, jewelry, and much more. A place to find the perfect gift for people of any age.

Let us make your banking, our business.

Mon and Sat ~ 9:30am - 4pm Tues - Fri ~ 9:30am - 5:30pm Closed Sundays

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Welcome Back!

The longest and warmest days of summer are upon us with the month of August. Ms M is enjoying a cooler day in town, sipping an iced tea on the Fuzio’s patio and listening to the sounds of summer. First time in a while, there is noise in the plaza and it is the most wonderful sound. If you want to step out and enjoy the summer here are some ways to play and save. Give yourself a break from technology and connect with your neighbors. National Night Out is August 3th. From 6-9 pm, Modesto area residents across the nation are encouraged to go outside and spend time getting to know the neighbors in order to prevent crime in our community. Modesto neighborhoods have participated in this event in the past in various ways; some include block parties, barbeques, potlucks and cookouts while playing games. For more information on how to register your neighborhood event or how to organize in your area go to: August 8th welcomes back one of the area’s favorite live events, Modstock at Graceada Park. The 11h annual free music festival kicks off at 10 am and rocks the day away until dusk. The event includes over 50 musical acts, including local favorites and all of the youth bands produced by VMI Rocks. Social distancing protocols may be in place and posted. Be safe, enjoy the music, food, art, crafts and plenty of family fun.


By Monica Barber

One of the most renowned events in the Modesto Area is the American Graffiti Festival and Car Show Parade. The 22nd annual festival cruises in August 20th and goes through the 22nd after a delay due to COVID-19. The classic car parade starts Friday, August 20th at 5:30 pm in downtown Modesto and continues up McHenry Avenue then circling back. The festival car show will be held at Modesto Municipal Golf Course, Saturday, August 21st and Sunday 22nd with a $10 entry fee for Adults and children ages 12 and older. There is no charge to view the parade. Info: http://www.americangraffitifestival. com/ Bring your own instrument and join in the fun of a Drum Circle. On Saturday, August 28th, Drum Love will be hosting a drum circle in the MoRo Music Garden in front of the Gallo Center from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Because of Covid safety protocols, there will be minimal or no drums or percussion to use on-site. All are encouraged to bring their own or join in by chanting, singing or clapping. Additionally, there are built-in instruments in the garden that will be available for use. More info: https://facebook. com/events/s/drum-circle-at-the-moromusic-/285619783328317/



Happy August Modesto!

By Sofia Johnson

Happy August and Graffiti Summer Modesto! For all of my fellow Downey High students and graduates, we have an especially close connection to this celebration, as film director George Lucas is an alumni. His 1962 film titled “American Graffiti” was inspired by his own experiences in Modesto. This PG rated movie is most fun to watch as a family and try to pick up Modesto references such as Gallo Winery, Ramona Avenue, and the “J.C.” In the spirit of Graffiti Summer, all are welcome to attend the Graffiti Night Parade on August 20th at 5:30pm and the 2021 American Graffiti Festival & Car Show on August 21st from 10am-4pm. For more information on these events and others this month, feel free to visit the event calendar tab on Modestoview The Independent Guide to the Modesto Area Since 1997 For the past four months, I have spent the majority of my free time at the Stonehenge climbing gym in downtown Modesto. This is a great spot to socialize with friends and exercise both your mind and body. I have introduced many of my friends and coworkers to this gym over the last few months and now nearly ten more people have a membership. Every time I am there,

I see parents with their kids, friends, and couples. This truly is an all-ages experience. There are top roping and bouldering walls for both advanced and beginner climbers. Colored routes indicate difficulty and are regularly rearranged so there is always something new to try! This is definitely a must-do this summer. Every time I climb I can’t help but think of another Modesto icon - Royal Robbins. You may have heard of the clothing store in McHenry Village or Camp 4 restaurant with the great mural of Yosemite. Did you know that Royal was a worldrenowned climber leading first ascents of walls on El Capitan and Half Dome? He was also a proponent of clean climbing and helped change the attitude of climbers to use equipment that preserved, not damaged the rock. I hope the stories of world famous Modesto legends help you find your own inspiration this August.



Harmony By Mary Layton

Harmony? What is it? Any time I watch a flock of geese flying in formation it looks like they have that harmony down. It is an exhilarating experience for me. What magic! To experience a little harmony in your day can do wonders to help unwind and recuperate. In an orchestra, everyone has to be in harmony in order to produce a pleasant sound. It is only when all the players are in harmony that the audience will be able to experience the pleasure of listening. We feel in harmony making music with others and also alone, singing, dancing or watching a beautiful sunset. Taking a walk in nature gives us a feeling of harmony. The feeling of having a common focus can give us that feeling too, participating in a common goal.. seeing eye to eye. We need these feel-good moments. Humans don’t do so well when they argue and disagree for long periods of time. Even if we can only hold a thought

of harmony for a short moment it is good medicine for the soul. Seeking harmony can affect our state of health, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally in profound ways. Personally, I love the experience of practicing Tai Chi with a group, everyone stepping at the same time, doing the same movements. You are in a large room with people from all different walks of life, different ages, backgrounds and occupations with the intention to move simultaneously! At first, this is quite difficult because we are not used to following others, we are so used to doing our own thing in our own tempo and style. We don’t often know about the sensitivity and alertness that is required to match another person’s movements. In Tai Chi, there is a sequence of movements that involves learning the transitions from one posture to the next. All the movements are executed slowly and deliberately and bring more awareness, energy and concentration. There is a gradual experience of relaxing within oneself and flowing together with others. The feeling of separateness so common in our world is gone. I believe it has something to do with giving up the ego, and something to do with really wanting to listen to each other with all one’s senses. For more info, you can go to:

Picture Perfect.

Protect your car, home and wallet.

Save up to $710* on insurance tailored to you.

We’ll work one-on-one with you to analyze your needs and create a personalized plan that’s right for you and your family. Plus save up to $710 by bundling your car and home insurance with Nationwide. Call us today for a fast, free quote. CA License #: 0288149 209-524-6366 1317 OAKDALE RD., STE. 910 MODESTO, CA 95355

*Savings are as compared to stand-alone price of each policy, based on national sample customer data from July 2017. Products are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies, Columbus, Ohio. Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies, and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company. Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle, Nationwide is on your side, On Your Side and Vanishing Deductible are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2020 Nationwide AFC-0372AO (04/19) 11626199

McHenry Village

Enjoy the best of California with our wide variety of fresh and natural almond products, from seasoned to chocolate or glazed! Visit Our Modesto Company Store in McHenry Village Store Hours: Monday & Tuesday 11am-7pm Wednesday thru Saturday 11am-8pm Closed Sunday

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No watering from noon – 7:00 p.m. daily and no watering on Monday.

AVOID A VIOLATION y Repair water leaks within 24 hours y Don’t water turf or ornamental landscapes during, and 48-hours following, measurable rain (>0.01 inch). For measurable rain data, visit y Prevent water run-off Penalties for violating water usage restrictions include: 1st notice – No penalty or fee 2nd notice – $150 fee violation 3rd notice – $250 fee violation Subsequent Violations – $500 ATTENTION: TURLOCK, GRAYSON, CERES WALNUT MANOR, DEL RIO These water systems will remain on a continuous two-day, year-round watering schedule because they are supplied by groundwater wells.


Get money back on new water conservation products for your home City of Modesto water customers may be eligible for a rebate when water-saving products are purchased and installed.

ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS INCLUDE: y Smart irrigation controllers y Drip irrigation y Turf replacement y Toilets * y Clothes Washers *

APPLY ONLINE TODAY FOR THE CITY OF MODESTO’S REBATE PROGRAM 209-342-2246 Funding is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. * Toilet and clothes washer rebates are not available for commercial properties. 26



WE BELIEVE & INVEST IN TWO THINGS: QUALITY & COMMUNITY You made us the last locally-owned body shop.

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August 1st Art Show Audio Roots Project California Audio Roots Project Josh Turner King Lear Koala & the Golden Boy Little Big Town Modesto Skate Nights Sunday Breakfast August 2nd Art of the San Joaquin Blue Monday Comedy/Karaoke Night MAMA Radio Open Mic The KeyHive August 3rd Clovis King Karaoke Freak Radio Karaoke This is SKA August 4th Art of the San Joaquin California Audio Roots Project Fun Junkies Comedy Karaoke Karaoke Night Open Mic with CT Rogers Riverbank Golden Ages The KeyHive The Peril and the Promise Theatre Night August 5th Cole Swindell Dave Dow Jazz Jam Dj Invisible Freak Radio Fred McCarty Fun Junkies Comedy Show High Street Blues Band Kaiser Farmer’s Market Karaoke Manteca Market Modesto Certified Farmers Market Monophonics Music Thursdays at Dust Bowl Story Break Tony & The Tufftimes Women of the Valley August 6th 12 Mighty Orphans Barbra Findlay & Jim Ramont Clovis King Karaoke Dj Invisible Elizabeth Barton Friday Night Dinners Hypnotist John Farley Jewel Hanson & Company Jose Ortiz Josh Rosenblum Duo Listening Show MAMA Radio Matt Davis Duo Matt Neilson & the Whitehots Tim & Marlon Western Bound August 7th 12 Mighty Orphans Central Valley Brewfest Alex Lucero Andrew Perez Brantley Gilbert Brunch Beats Clovis King Karaoke Crossman Connection Everclear Freak Radio Gary Gervase & Kickstart Blues MAMA Radio Old School with Dj Dtrix The Peril & the Promise This is SKA Radio Tim & Marlon Tony & the Tuff Times Top Pick True South West Side Story Who Wants the Crown August 8th 12 Mighty Orphans Art Show California Audio Roots Project La Adictiva, Terremotos Jalascienses Modesto Skate Nights ModStock Neil Buettner Sunday Breakfast West Side Story


August 9th 80’s Night Dj Steve Dtrix Art of the San Joaquin Blue Monday Comedy/Karaoke Night MAMA Radio Open Mic The KeyHive August 10th Clovis King Karaoke Freak Radio KCBP 95.5 FM Karaoke Urbano California Bistro, Modesto This is SKA Nino’s Place, Modesto August 11th KCBP 95.5 FM Art of the San Joaquin Modesto Conservatory of Music, California Audio Roots Project KCBP 95.5 FM Karaoke Karaoke Night Fire Bar & Grill, Modesto Nathan Ignacio KCBP 95.5 FM Open Mic with CT Rogers Low Key Saloon, Modesto Riverbank Golden Ages KCBP 95.5 FM The KeyHive The Peril and the Promise KCBP 95.5 FM Theatre Night KCBP 95.5 FM August 12th Tap In Wine Down, Ceres 12 Mighty Orphans Bookies, Modesto Dave Dow Jazz Jam Bookies Bar, Modesto Dj Invisible Ryderz, Oakdale Freak Radio 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank High Street Blues Band KCBP 95.5 FM Jazz KCBP 95.5 FM Kaiser Farmer’s Market Modesto Conservatory of Music Manteca Market Matt Davis Duo The Fruit Yard, Modesto Modesto Certified Farmers Market Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Music Thursdays at Dust Bowl Cru, Turlock Scales KCBP 95.5 FM Story Break Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market Tea Noelle The Boardroom, Modesto Women of the Valley Nino’s Place, Modesto August 13th Kaiser Dale Rd, Modesto 12 Mighty Orphans The Udder Place, Turlock A Concert for CASA Maple Ave, Manteca Abigail Nunis Modesto County Library Ava Grace Trio Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale Clovis King Karaoke Dust Bowl Brewing, Turlock Dj Invisible Stanislaus County Library Facebook Dj Mendy Papapolloni Mediterranean Bistro, Modesto Friday Night Dinners KCBP 95.5 FM Horatio Monroe Jose Ortiz The State Theatre, Modesto Justin Moore/Clay Walker Dorada Park, Oakdale Lansky Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Listening Show Cru, Turlock MAMA Radio Dragonfly AFL, Modesto Matt Davis Duo VFW Post 3199, Modesto Music in the Plaza The State Theatre, Modesto River City Outlaws Nino’s Place, Modesto RockHaven Low Key, Modesto Scales P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Scott Patrick Modesto Conservatory of Music, Tongue & Groove KCBP 95.5 FM Trax on Wax The Boardroom, Modesto West Side Story Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Western Bound Rivets American Grill, Modesto August 14th The Udder Place, Turlock 12 Mighty Orphans 2nd Saturday Family Art Studio The State Theatre, Modesto Blue Line Band Stanislaus County Fair BluesBox Bayou Band Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale Brunch Beats Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market Clovis King Karaoke Ironstone Amphitheatre, Murphys Dj Invisible Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Esoteric Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Freak Radio The Udder Place, Turlock Gotcha Covered Gallo Center for the Arts Highway 99 KCBP 95.5 FM Koala & the Golden Boy Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Lansky KCBP 95.5 FM MAMA Radio Knockin Boots, Modesto Michael Walker Band KCBP 95.5 FM Oakdale Rodeo KCBP Radio 95.5 FM Old School with Dj Dtrix P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Scales Rivets American Grill, Modesto The Peril & the Promise Cru, Turlock This is SKA Radio Nino’s Place, Modesto Tim & Marlon Gallo Center for the Arts Tony & the Tufftimes Bookies, Modesto West Side Story August 15th The State Theatre, Modesto 12 Mighty Orphans Modesto Conservatory of Music American Graffiti KCBP 95.5 FM Art Show Stanislaus County Fair Audio Roots Project Johansen HS, Modesto California Audio Roots Project Graceada Park, Modesto Chaz & Jess Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Lansky VFW Post 3199, Modesto MASRA GRAFFITI CLASSIC Gallo Center for the Arts Modesto Skate Nights Modesto Conservatory of Music KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Gallo Center for the Arts Prospect Theater Project, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto Johansen HS, Modesto VFW Post 3199, Modesto

Bookies Bar & Grill, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Urbano California Bistro, Modesto Nino’s Place, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art & Theatre KCBP 95.5 FM Fire Bar & Grill, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Low Key Saloon, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Bookies, Modesto Bookies Bar, Modesto Dying Breed Brewing Oakdale Ryderz, Oakdale 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Modesto Conservatory of Music The State Theatre, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Cru, Turlock KCBP 95.5 FM Nino’s Place, Modesto Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar Kaiser Dale Rd, Modesto Maple Ave, Manteca P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Modesto County Library Dust Bowl Brewing, Turlock The State Theatre, Modesto Stanislaus County Library Facebook Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market KCBP 95.5 FM The State Theatre, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto Dragonfly AFL, Modesto Dorada Park, Oakdale Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Cru, Turlock Ralston’s Goat, Modesto VFW Post 3199, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Low Key, Modesto Ironstone Amphitheatre, Murphys The State Theatre, Modesto Modesto Conservatory of Music KCBP 95.5 FM The Boardroom, Modesto 10th Street Plaza, Modesto The Udder Place, Turlock Nino’s Place, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto SpeakEasy Lounge, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts Rivets American Grill, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto Mistlin Gallery, Modesto Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Cru, Turlock Strings, Manteca KCBP 95.5 FM Nino’s Place, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM The Udder Place, Turlock Oakdale Rodeo Grounds, Oakdale Knockin Boots, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP Radio 95.5 FM P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Rivets American Grill, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts The State Theatre, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto Modesto Conservatory of Music KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Ralston’s Goat, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto McHenry Village, Modesto Johansen HS, Modesto


Have fun and be Safe! • Please Designate a Driver Oakdale Rodeo Scales Summer Turlock Auto Swap Sunday Breakfast West Side Story August 16th Art of the San Joaquin Blue Monday Comedy/Karaoke Night MAMA Radio Mid-Valley Chevy Park-n-Shine Open Mic The KeyHive August 17th Clovis King Karaoke Freak Radio Karaoke Mid Valley Chevy Park n Shine This is SKA August 18th Art of the San Joaquin California Audio Roots Project Girls Night Out Karaoke Night Mid Valley Chevy Park n Shine Open Mic with CT Rogers Riverbank Golden Ages The KeyHive The Maltese Falcon The Peril and the Promise Theatre Night August 19th Dave Dow Jazz Jam Dj Invisible Freak Radio George Michael Reborn Jazz Kaiser Farmer’s Market Legends of the Cruise Manteca Market Mid Valley Chevy Park n Shine Modesto Certified Farmers Market Music Thursdays at Dust Bowl Patty Castillo Davis Story Break The Maltese Falcon Virtual Discussion Women of the Valley August 20th Borderline Band Borrowed Time Clovis King Karaoke Dj Invisible Friday Night Dinners Gary Gervase & Kickstart Blues Graffiti Night Parade Jose Ortiz Listening Show MAMA Radio Matt Davis Duo Sam Cary The Australian Bee Gees Show Tony & the Tufftimes Triple D August 21st American Graffiti Festival & Car Show 4 on the Floor Brunch Beats Chris Scoville Band Clovis King Karaoke Dj Top Pick Freak Radio MAMA Radio Old School with Dj Dtrix Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan Rewind to the 80’s The Blob The Coffis Brothers The Peril & the Promise This is SKA Radio Us4Love Western Bound August 22nd American Graffiti Festival & Car Show Art Show Audio Roots Project Bullit California Audio Roots Project Hot August Nights, Modesto Skate Nights Neil Buettner Sunday Breakfast August 23rd Art of the San Joaquin Comedy/Karaoke Night MAMA Radio Open Mic The KeyHive August 24th Clovis King Karaoke


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Oakdale Rodeo Grounds The State Theatre, Modesto Stanislaus County Fair VFW Post 3199, Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts

Freak Radio Karaoke This is SKA August 25th Art of the San Joaquin California Audio Roots Project KCBP 95.5 FM Fun Junkies Comedy Show Urbano California Bistro, Modesto Karaoke Nino’s Place, Modesto Karaoke Night KCBP 95.5 FM Open Mic with CT Rogers Century Center, Modesto Riverbank Golden Ages Modesto Conservatory of Music The KeyHive KCBP 95.5 FM The Peril and the Promise Theatre Night Fire Bar & Grill, Modesto August 26th KCBP 95.5 FM Dave Dow Jazz Jam Low Key Saloon, Modesto Dj Invisible Vintage Faire Mall, Modesto Freak Radio KCBP 95.5 FM Fun Junkies Comedy High Street Blues Band KCBP 95.5 FM Jazz KCBP 95.5 FM Kaiser Farmer’s Market The Udder Place, Turlock Manteca Market Bookies Bar, Modesto Matt Davis Duo Cool Hand Luke’s Steakhouse, Riverbank Modesto Certified Farmers Market Ryderz, Oakdale Music Thursdays at Dust Bowl 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank Paul Espinoza KCBP 95.5 FM Story Break The State Theatre, Modesto Women of the Valley KCBP 95.5 FM August 27th Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art & Theatre 2 Fast 2 Furious Albino Crowe Ralston’s Goat, Modesto BluesBox Bayou Band Cru, Turlock Clovis King Karaoke KCBP 95.5 FM Dj Invisible The State Theatre, Moddsto Friday Night Dinners Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar, Modesto Fun Junkies Comedy Kaiser Dale Rd, Modesto Jose Ortiz 10th Street Plaza, Modesto Kap’N Krunch Maple Ave, Manteca Lisette & the Loudmouths 10th Street Plaza, Modesto Listening Show Modesto County Library MAMA Radio Dust Bowl Brewing, Turlock Mark Macsenti & the Tailights Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market Matt Davis Duo Stanislaus County Library Facebook Michael Walker Band The State Theatre, Modesto Remedy KCBP 95.5 FM Rick Springfield/Richard Marx 21st River Ranch Music Festival Dorada Park, Oakdale The Fast and the Furious Nino’s Place, Modesto Western Bound Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto August 28th Cru, Turlock Brunch Beats VFW Post 3199, Modesto Cars & Coffee 10th Street Plaza, Modesto Clovis King Karaoke Modesto Dan Mendez Low Key, Modesto Dave Dow Trio Modesto Conservatory of Music, Art & Theatre Dave Hawkins Road Band KCBP 95.5 FM Fast & Furious The Boardroom, Modesto Freak Radio The Udder Place, Turlock Furiously Fast Music Fest Gallo Center for the Arts Grease: Sing-A-Long P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto MAMA Radio Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Matt Neilson & the Whitehots Old School with Dj Dtrix Modesto Municipal Golf Course Patty Castillo Davis Contentment Brewing Company, Modesto Rogers, Allen, Murphy Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Hot August Nights The Udder Place, Turlock Taco Fest Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto 21st River Ranch Music Festival Cru, Turlock The Fast and the Furious: KCBP 95.5 FM The Peril & the Promise KCBP 95.5 FM This is SKA Radio Knockin Boots, Modesto Neil Buettner Gallo Center for the Arts Wolf Jeff Nino’s Place, Modesto August 29th The State Theatre, Modesto Art Show Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale Audio Roots Project KCBP 95.5 FM California Audio Roots Project KCBP Radio 95.5 FM Fast & Furious 6 Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market Fast Five Ralston’s Goat, Modesto High Street Blues Band Modesto Skate Nights Modesto Municipal Golf Course Sunday Breakfast Modesto Conservatory of Music 21st River Ranch Music Festival KCBP 95.5 FM William Sconce The State Theatre, Modesto August 30th KCBP 95.5 FM Art of the San Joaquin Elks Lodge, Modesto Comedy/Karaoke Night Johansen HS, Modesto Furious 7 Ralston’s Goat, Modesto MAMA Radio VFW Post 3199, Modesto Open Mic The Fate of the Furious KCBP 95.5 FM The KeyHive Nino’s Place, Modesto August 31st KCBP 95.5 FM Clovis King Karaoke Modesto Conservatory of Music Karaoke KCBP 95.5 FM This is SKA Freak Radio Fire Bar & Grill, Modesto Follow the View Crew on Twitter, starting with @modestoview

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KCBP 95.5 FM Low Key Saloon, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Wine Terrace, Modesto Bookies, Modesto Bookies Bar, Modesto Ryderz, Oakdale 3600Santa Fe St, Riverbank KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM Modesto Conservatory of Music Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Cru, Turlock KCBP 95.5 FM Grains of Virtue, Oakdale Nino’s Place, Modesto Papapavlo’s Mediterranean Bistro & Bar, Kaiser Dale Rd, Modesto Maple Ave, Manteca P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Modesto County Library Dust Bowl Brewing, Turlock Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market Stanislaus County Library Facebook KCBP 95.5 FM The State Theatre, Modesto Nino’s Place, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Cru, Turlock VFW Post 3199, Modesto Twin Rivers, Modesto Low Key, Modesto Dying Breed Brewing, Oakdale Gallo Center for the Arts Modesto Conservatory of Music KCBP 95.5 FM Dorada Park, Oakdale The Boardroom, Modesto The Udder Place, Turlock 10th Street Plaza, Modesto The Fruit Yard, Modesto River Ranch Campground, Twain Harte The State Theatre, Modesto Revit’s American Grill, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Downtown Modesto Buffalo Wings & Rings, Modesto Cru, Turlock Ralston’s Goat, Modesto The Udder Place, Turlock The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM 10th Street Plaza, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Nino’s Place, Modesto Knockin Boots, Modesto Modesto Certified Farmers’ Market P Wexford’s Pub, Modesto Turlock’s Sportsman Club 11th Street, Modesto River Ranch Campground, Twain Harte The Sate Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP Radio 95.5 FM The Udder Place, Turlock Dying Breed Brewing, Modesto Modesto Conservatory of Music KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM The State Theatre, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto Ralston’s Goat, Modesto Johansen HS, Modesto VFW Post 3199, Modesto River Ranch Campground, Twain Harte Ralston’s Goat, Modesto


A TOUCH OF CLASS TAXI 575-0690 AMERICAN CAB CO 225-8795 CASH CAB COMPANY 541-7860 CENTRAL VALLEY TAXI 241-6122 CHECKER CAB 596-7919 DE SOTO CAB CO 577-8888 DELUXE CAB 888-8888 EDITH’S TAXI 581-6870 LUCKY 7 TAXI 877-7676 METRO CAB OF MODESTO 222-2222 MODESTO CAB 521-7320 ORANGE CAB CO 238-0500 QUALITY CAB 552-9898 RED TOP TAXI 524-4741 SUPER CAB 497-3393 TAXI TAXI CAB CO 756-1035 TOWN CAB COMPANY 404-2727 UNITED CAB LLC 888-8888 URBAN TAXI CAB 351-0222 YELLOW CAB CO 544-8294

KCBP 95.5 FM Nino’s Place, Modesto The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Modesto Conservatory of Music The State Theatre, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM Fire Bar & Grill, Modesto Low Key Saloon, Modesto KCBP 95.5 FM KCBP 95.5 FM

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17. Amazing Cello music by Damian Ortega at the Stan Art ReStart


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