Modern Fae, Season 1, Chapter 6: Will'o'the'Wisps, Kappa, and Manticores, Oh My!

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Modern Fae, Chapter 6: Will’o’the’Wisps, Manticores and Kappa, Oh My! (Written by Pidj, Rory) SCENE 1 [At Diya’s house, with Tik and Tok on the kitchen bench] Diya But is a dinner too formal? Should I save it for later - ugh, what if there isn’t even a later? What if she doesn’tTik What if the restaurant burns down? Tok Or it’s a cover for a bunch of cannibals who just want to eat’cha? Diya Hey. Remember, if you’re not going to be helpful, you can leave. I have enough what-ifs as it is. Tok Fine. Bring her flowers! Tik Or a hammer! Tok A hammer? There’s nothing romantic about a hammer. Tik But Aoife ​loves​ her tools. Remember that time we messed with her tool kit and sheDiya I barely even have the nerve to invite her to dinner, I am ​not bringing her flowers. Tik OrDiya Or a hammer. Ugh, forget it. Scram kids, I need to get cooking.

Tok All by yourself, Dee? But you’ll be ​so ​lonely. Tik And you looove Aoife. Diya That’s enough of your ‘helping’. Shoo. (She locks the door with a sigh.) Diya Like that will do any good. They always manage to find a way in somehow. Anyway. The oven. (Just as she’s turning the oven on, her phone starts ringing) Diya (A little irritated) Who now - oh. It’s Aoife. Ahem. (She lets it ring one more time, clearing her throat, then eagerly snatches it up.) Diya So, hey Aoife. Aoife (Tense) Hello, Dee. How’re you? Diya (Picking up that something is amiss but not sure what). Fine, are you… doing okay? Aoife What? Oh yes, yes, I’m grand. I was wondering if you’d like to come to the Island with me tonight. Diya Everyone keeps talking about this island. Aoife I just have some properties out there, haven’t checked on them in a while. You’re still getting to know the place, thought you might like

to check it out with me. But I understand if it’s a little late noticeDiya No! I mean, I’m quite curious. As I said, I keep hearing about it. And I’m always up for checking it out with you. Aoife Wellllll, you should know that folks who live that way have taken to calling it haunted. I’m hoping to find out a little more. Diya Of course. If you want, you could come over to my house and we could plan it out? I found something the other day I’d like to show you, too. Aoife (By now, warmer, and less tense)That sounds perfect. I’ll be over soon and we can talk it over. (Hang up phone sound) DIYA Modern Fae, Chapter 6: Will’o’the’Wisps, Kappa, and Manticores, Oh My! SCENE 2 [Diya’s house] (Doorbell, door opens) Aoife Hi. Diya Hi! Come in. (Door closes behind her) Aoife So… What did you find? Diya You knew the guy who worked at the fount before me, right?

Aoife (Uncomfortable) Not really, to be honest. Is this about the Tengu, Dee? Diya Kind of, yeah. Collin was keeping a journal, which Mr Washi and Mr Karasu gave me. “Journal of Collin Devereaux: a New Eternal Database.” Aoife That’s w ​ hat it was. And…? Diya It has some… sort of power. Like the Fount. Aoife But- How? Diya I was hoping you might know. Aoife It’s really not my realm of expertise. Does Enki knowDiya No! No, I haven’t told him just yet. Clio knows. Aoife Fine. Show me the journal, then. How does it work? Diya Well… I just, uh, ask it questions and then it turns to a page, which is filled with vague hints. That seems to be how things work in this town. Aoife Unfortunately, yes. I prefer straight answers myself, so I know how you must feel about all this. Diya Yeah...I guess, let’s try it out a bit? I might at least have something useful to say about what’s going on on the Island.

AOIFE Al...right. (creaking leather as Diya opens the book) DIYA Okay, uh. I guess let’s start simple: “Who and what lives on the Island?” (wind noise, pages ruffling) (Diya reads) “Troll crime families”?? “Selkies”?? AOIFE Yeah, uhhh. The trolls control the bridge, see. DIYA Wow, I guess some stories are true, huh? AOIFE Yeah. The bad parts, too, when it comes to that particular stereotype. The selkies are okay, though. DIYA ...Soooo how do you get to the Island if the trolls control the bridge, then? AOIFE Well, we could pay their toll...or we could just take a boat. DIYA Boat, definitely boat. (Brief pause) Right, well, let’s try this again. Journal, “is there anything new on the Island?” (wind noise, pages ruffling) Hmmm. “Lesser known guard creatures of Encrucijada”. AOIFE That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with ​hauntings​.

DIYA No...Kappa and Manticores don’t seem like a walk in the park, though. You ever seen any of these things there? AOIFE No, but...if the journal is trying to say that something is being guarded...well, maybe I was a bit hasty. That might not be something we wanna get mixed up with. DIYA But what about your properties? AOIFE They-they can wait, it’s not a big-DIYA Look, Aoife. You seemed worried earlier, I think we should do this. We can even go pick up some weapons from Clio, if that would make you feel better. (Quieter, almost to herself) I still can’t believe that I’ve said something like that twice in the past week. AOIFE I-Okay. Okay. But we’re turning back if things get hairy out there. DIYA Of course. Let’s head over to the Fount and pick up the weapons and then we can be on our way SCENE 3 [The Fount] (Door to the Fount opens, footsteps) CLIO ‘Sup, Dee, Aoife. Coming back from a da--OOF ISIMUD (clearly having just elbowed Clio in the side) Hello, uh, y’all. DIYA Since when do you say y’all, Isi?

ISIMUD Um. Just today. Thought I would...try something new out. AOIFE ‘Lo, Clio, Isimud, Mr. Enki. MR. ENKI Why, Aoife! We don’t often see you in here, how have you been? AOIFE Oh, keeping busy, you know how it is. MR. ENKI Indeed. DIYA So, sorry to come in on a day I don’t work, but Clio, I was wondering if we could borrow those weapons we, uh, used last week? * CLIO Oh, yeah, sure, dude, they’re still in the back, just a sec. (Footsteps, door open and close) AOIFE (Slightly strangled) Why were you using weapons?? DIYA (Oh shit oh shit she didn’t mean to freak Aoife out, all of this sort of tumbles out) Wellllll, Enki’s son An sort of showed up last week when my house flooded and he ​really​ doesn’t like any of us but wants to take over the Fount and he sorta fought Mr. Enki at the river and then I distracted him and, um, Clio shot him with an arrow and we’re pretty sure he’s gone for now. (Pause) ISIMUD ...Yep, that’s pretty much it.

AOIFE (turning on Mr. Enki and Isimud) How the hell could you let something like this happen!? DIYA Aoife, it’s fine, I’m fine, really! We’ve all talked about it and are on the same page. MR. ENKI (somewhat frostily) Yes, quite. And I do believe that we were not the only ones keeping Ms. Greenberg in the dark, if I am not mistaken. DIYA What’s that supposed to mean? AOIFE Never-Ach, I’ll tell you on the way to the Island. MR. ENKI (sharply) The Island? That is why you require weapons again? And you lecture me about putting Dee in danger? (To Diya) Be very careful. I have heard some distressing things about the current state of affairs out that way. DIYA (A little pissed that apparently she is ​still ​in the dark, and that people assume she doesn’t know anything) Yes, we will be, thanks, I ​had​ figured that out, funnily enough. (Door opens and closes, footsteps, a clatter as Clio deposits the weapons) CLIO Here ya go! DIYA Thanks. (She grabs some stuff)

Shall we? AOIFE (Also picking up some weapons) Uh, yeah, yeah let’s head out. DIYA (softening a bit) Sorry for snapping. See you all tomorrow. (Footsteps, doors open and close as Aoife and Diya leave) MR. ENKI Well, really. If you two need anything, I will be in the office. (Footsteps, door opens and closes) CLIO So when d’you think they’ll start dating? ISIMUD Who knows. If you and Mustardseed are anything to go by, I would say...never? CLIO Listen(Door opens and closes, enter the Twins) TIK Clio and Isimud, how’s it, like, going? TOK Yeah, like, what’s the hot goss over in Fount-ville? ISIMUD (long-suffering sigh) Is there something we can help you with, kids? TOK Well, now, I don’t rightly know about that, my dude. Tik what do you think?

TIK I reckon there might be something, yeah! How ‘bout a little jaunt through the Fount’s storeroom, that’d be pretty rad, n’est pas, Tok? TOK Y’know, I think you’re right! Whaddya say, Clio, Isi? CLIO (Laugh) Yeah, right, dudes, like we’re gonna let you back there. ISIMUD Enki’d kill us, Dee too! TOK Of course, of course...but why would they need to, like, find out about it? On the other hand, if you ​don’t​ let us back there, you might find that you have a, like, ​very​ big mess to clean up from all the games you’ve been playing. CLIO We haven’t played any games since-TIK Dude, like, who’s Dee gonna believe, you or us? ISIMUD I mean...hmmm. Uh. CLIO That’s--She wouldn’t--I-ISIMUD That’s a very good question. TIK (giggling) But do you really wanna find out the answer?

Scene 4 [The Docks/on a boat] (crunch of gravel as Diya and Aoife make their way towards the Docks) DIYA So, taking a boat is safe, right? AOIFE Safer’n’cheaper than the bridge, that’s for sure. DIYA But, like, there aren’t...sea serpents or anything like that? AOIFE (laughs) Dee, the laguna’s about a meter deep, max. There’s not ​room​ for a sea serpent. DIYA (A little defensively) Well, I don’t know, I’m new to all of this magic and monster stuff! AOIFE Hey, I know, I know! It’s okay, you don’t need to worry about any nasties jumping out of the water atcha. DIYA That’s--Wait, is that Kalyani? (Louder) Hey, Kalyani! KALYANI (Distracted) Oh, he-hello, Dee. Oh, and Aoife. AOIFE (reservedly) Kalyani, long time.

KALYANI Yes, well. Time does fly, right? DIYA You, uh, helping Selena out with the pizzeria? KALYANI Mmmm? Oh, that. Yes, from time to time. It’s been...hard. Since we learned about Sabbia. DIYA (Unsure, sadly) Yeah. Uh, yeah. That must’ve been hard. AOIFE Well, we need to be on our way. Dee? DIYA Right. Have a good day, Kalyani. See you around. KALYANI Yes. Be careful, Dee. We all should be, you know. DIYA ...Yes, sure. (Footsteps as Kalyani walks away) (Footsteps on dock as Aoife and Diya approach a boat) DIYA You know, don’t be mad at me, but popular culture led me to believe that the boat we’d be using would be tiny and look like it was about to sink. AOIFE (Both amused and slightly offended) You really think that I’d let any boat of mine get in such a state of disrepair? Honestly, Dee, it’s like y’don’t know me at all! DIYA ...And you’re ​sure​ there are no sea serpents, right?

AOIFE (Sigh) Yes, I’m quite sure. Now hop aboard. SCENE 5 [The boat/the Island] (rev of outboard motor, lap of waves on beach/dock, sound of swell/wake) AOIFE (Whistle, if you can?) Well, that’s a sight more overgrown than it was last time I was here. Look at those vines! DIYA How are we gonna even get through all of that? AOIFE Oh, I have a machete squirreled away somewhere on board, not to worry. DIYA ...You do?! (Shuffle of stuff as Aoife unearths the machete) So, when ​was​ the last time you were here, then? AOIFE (Uncomfortable) Oh, well. The ‘60s, if you really want to know. DIYA (Incredulous) The 1960s?? AOIFE (You can just tell she’s wincing) Yeah. DIYA That’s...I mean, you can’t be really surprised it’s gotten overgrown, then, right?

AOIFE (Defensively) I’m not the only one who comes out here or who has property out here! Based on what others have told me, I just thought it would be more, I dunno, landscaped, is all! DIYA (Trying to suppress a smile/hiding her amusement) Well, landscaped it certainly is not. (Shuffling as she picks up the bow and arrows) I’m best with a bow, you want the club? AOIFE Dee, machete, remember? DIYA Right. So, which way are we headed? AOIFE Dead ahead, unfortunately (Sounds of hacking vegetation and footsteps) SCENE 6 [The Fount] (Conversation in a low voice between Clio and Isi) CLIO If Dee finds out we let them back there, she’ll ​incinerate​ us. ISIMUD Do you mean Enki? CLIO No, I mean Dee. She may not have any magic, but I’m very sure she’d find a way to do it. ISIMUD But if they trash the shop…

CLIO I’m sure Dee would believe us if we told her it was them! ISIMUD Dude, they’re k ​ ids​, we’re still the “responsible adults”, or whatever. CLIO (muttered) They’re, like, 800 years old. ISIMUD Yeah, and we’re both several thousand years old, so do you really think that argument will get you anywhere? I say we let them go in, help them find what they need, and then get them out as quickly as possible. (Brief pause) CLIO Ugh, ​fine​. (They both speak louder, to the twins) ISIMUD Okay, here’s the deal: we let you in the storeroom, we help you find what you need, and then you leave. Doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that, right? CLIO Yeah, and if you cause any trouble back there, we’re gonna get Enki involved, got it? TOK (giggling) Oooooh, really scary, Clio. Sounds like a plan! TIK (With swagger) Let’s do this! (Footsteps and door open and close as they all go to the storeroom)

TIK Wassup, Fount! TOK Long time no see! ISIMUD (Under his breath) Really, you’re gonna get Enki involved if things go sideways? CLIO (Whispering) Well, no...I was just trying to seem tough. ISIMUD Okay, okay, whatever, I guess I’ll keep watch in case he decides to come back here. CLIO Hey, kids, stay where I can see you! TOK Yeah, yeah, sure thing! TIK Hey, Fount, what are the strongest wards you know about? TOK Yeah, and where’re the most effective amulets in town? (Three books fall) CLIO Yikes, that’s some serious stuff, what do you need all this for? TOK Oh, don’t you worry about it, Clio. It’s, like, ​totally ​under control! TIK (picking up the books) These look pretty good, bro, I think this is what we need.

TOK Sweet. We’re borrowing these, Clio! Don’t worry, will bring them back in, like, mint condish! CLIO Wait, you can’t(Muffled, through the door) MR. ENKI Isimud, where on earth did Clio run off to? ISIMUD Oh, uh, don’t worry, she’s just, um, in the bathroom. MR. ENKI Hmmm. Well, when she returns, tell her that I need her to get on ordering the new cookbooks right away. ISIMUD Yeah, sure, absolutely. MR. ENKI Yes, well. (Muffled sound of door closing) CLIO (Hissed) You can’t just take those books! TOK Well, then try and take them from us! (Loud crash and giggles) SCENE 7 [The Island] (Slashing of vegetation, footsteps) DIYA (Panting slightly) Fuck, it’s humid. How much farther, d’you think?

AOIFE (Also panting a bit, machete-ing is ​hard​ work) Ooof-Not that much further, I don’t think. (Creep, ethereal sounds) DIYA Do-do you hear that? AOIFE (Distracted) Hmmm? DIYA It’ music, coming from over there. (Twinkling sounds) DIYA (Footsteps slowing) Oh, they’re so ​pretty​, Aoife, look! (She starts moving faster) AOIFE Dee? DEE, NO, THOSE ARE-STOP! DIYA So...beautiful… (Soft splash as she steps into the water) DIYA I just...wanna… AOIFE (grabbing her, wrestling her to land) DEE, NO, SNAP OUT OF IT. THOSE ARE WILL’O’THE’WISPS, LOOK!! REALLY LOOK! (The tinkling turns into a screech?)

DIYA What the--? Are those--? Fuck, are those ​alligators?? (Sounds of scrambling back in the mud) What the hell!! AOIFE (Panting harder) Will’o’the’wisps. They catch you unawares, lure you to a sticky spot. Bogs, alligators, stuff like that. They’re new here, though, I swear, maybe someone introduced them along with whatever the hell guard creatures the Database was going on about? DIYA That’s so messed up. I-thank you, Aoife, I could’ve gotten...ugh, I don’t even wanna think about it. AOIFE Eh, don’t mention it, we’ve got each other’s-ARGHHHH (Splash, and shrieks) AOIFE GEROFF, GEROFF ME. DIYA AOIFE. Hang on, wait, I know this one, I do! I, uhm, a kappa, kappa, kappa...bow to it! It will be honor bound to do the same and you’ll be able to weaken it! AOIFE CAN’T...REALLY...BOW...DEE! DIYA Right, right, sorry! Kappa, HEY, KAPPA! (Hiss) Hey! Here, I’m bowing, we mean you no disrespect.

(Another hiss, and then sound of water falling out of something, and a yelp as Aoife breaks free, splash as the kappa jumps back into the water) AOIFE (Hoarsely) Thanks, Dee. DIYA (Panting, but happy) Hey, like you said, we’ve got each other’s backs, right? AOIFE (grunt as she gets to her feet) Right. DIYA You okay? Looked like it got you pretty good… AOIFE Oh, I’ll be fine, believe me, I’ve seen worse. DIYA Still...that’s a pretty nasty cut. Let me wrap it? I brought some antiseptic, just in case. I don’t have any bandages, but I can use some fabric off of my shirt. AOIFE Really, it’s okay, Dee, don’t go tearing up your shirt for me. DIYA Please, Aoife? (Pause) AOIFE (Shyly) Oh, go on then. DIYA (Happily) Okay.

(She tears a strip from her shirt) DIYA So, what kind of property is it we’re checking up on? We haven’t seen a single house or anything since getting here… AOIFE It’s...well, it’s just a little place that I like to keep up. (She makes an attempt at a bad joke) AOIFE Besides, there can be houses out alone in the woods, Dee, haven’t you seen a horror movie before? DIYA Oh, ha ha, yeah, I know. But ​is​ it a house, though? AOIFE Well...look, you’ll see when we get there. I think it’s just a few more hundred feet. DIYA Alright, alright. The cut should be okay for now, but you should rewrap with actual bandages when we get back, okay? AOIFE Yes, ma’am, Dr. Greenberg! DIYA Ugh, don’t call me t ​ hat​, that’s my mother. (They both laugh) SCENE 8 [The Island] (Footsteps, slashing at vegetation) AOIFE Well, here we are. DIYA Is this...a bunker? Aoife, what’s going on? AOIFE No, it’s-well, just hang on a sec and you’ll see.

(clattering of keys, grind as Aoife unlocks the rusty lock, groan of metal as she opens the door)

AOIFE (Grunt as she opens the door) UNK, c’mon in, Dee. DIYA Is that...a chariot? AOIFE Aye, that it is. This old life, I suppose you could say. The one you read about in those books of yours. (footsteps on concrete as Diya walks around the space) DIYA These swords are amazing, and that beautiful. It must be special to be kept in such a display case. AOIFE (Deep breath) Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that...Look, I’m gonna talk for a bit, if that’s okay. I haven’t really told anyone this stuff before, and I’m not sure… DIYA Take whatever time you need. AOIFE (Another deep breath) Okay. Thanks. So, like I said, this is, like, my old life. Back when I was a warrior, when I was constantly fighting with my sister, Scáthach. We never really got along as kids, and it grew worse as we aged, but I regret that I let it go so far as to become actual battle. And when that goddamned bastard, Cú Chulainn, showed up...well, you’ve read the story. It’s hard for me to even think about, to be honest. After that, after he...I decided to start again. Become someone else. Fix things instead of destroying them. That’s when I packed all of this stuff away. It’s still a part of me, and I can’t let it go, but I don’t want to be constantly reminded of

everything that I’ve done, that’s happened to me. So I keep it here. And...well, I hope it’s not too forward of me to say, but I’ve really come to care about you, Dee. You’re kind, and passionate, and getting to know you has truly been wonderful, and so, I suppose, I wanted to share this part of me Because I trust you. (Another deep breath) So, I’m going to tell you my name, the true name that I took up when I decided to start again. I’m Aoife Ní Caillte, Aoife Once-Lost. DIYA (She’s gotten a little emotional) Aoife, I--thank you. Thank you for sharing that with me. (Pause) DIYA this a date? Is that what you’re trying to say? AOIFE (Flustered) I-No! I mean, only if-that isDIYA No, no, I-I actually had been thinking about asking you out, too! I just, after the break-up with Maricela, I wasn’t sure, so-AOIFE Yeah, no, I get that, it’s hard to figure out if it’s just rebound feelings, or something realDIYA But it definitely is! You’re amazing, and you’ve been helping me since the moment I got to Encrucijada, and I’m just sooo awkward, and you’re, well, you’re very cute, andAOIFE (Barely suppressing laughter) Are you saying you want to go out, Dee? DIYA Yes. Yes!

AOIFE Then let’s do it! For real this time! DIYA Absolutely-after this, we can go plan a ​legit​ date. AOIFE I like the sounds of that. I’ll just lock this up, and then we can be on our way. (Groan of metal as she closes the door, squeaky lock, jangle of keys) AOIFE All set, let’s-(ROAR, growl, and something large bounds into the clearing) AOIFE DEE, GET DOWN. DIYA FUCK, GAH. ​ (Whooshing sound as the manticore’s tail passes over her head) DIYA What the fuck is this thing?? AOIFE Manticore, watch for the tail, those spines are full of venom. DIYA (Slightly panicky) Yep, yep, got it, uh-(More growls and hisses, yowl as it launches itself at Aoife) AOIFE OOOF​, Dee, stay back, I’ve got the machete, I don’t want to accidentally hit-DIYA (Snapped)

I’m fine, just focus on not getting eaten. (She draws an arrow from her quarrel, pulls and--) DIYA AOIFE, DROP DOWN. (Aoife drops to the ground) AOIFE Ooof, don’t miss-(THWANG as the arrow is release, THWACK as it hits the manticore, which roars, and turns tail, crashing into the vegetation) AOIFE Nice shot! DIYA (Distracted) Thanks. You-you okay? AOIFE Fine, fine, honestly the kappa did a worse number on my arm than that oversized house cat did. Whatcha got there? (clink of Diya picking up something) DIYA I...don’t know. It’s almost like a radio collar or something? AOIFE (Getting very serious) That sure ain’t natural. DIYA It sure isn’t. Should we--? AOIFE I don’t think either of us will be able to sleep at night if we don’t. DIYA Agreed.

AOIFE Keep that bow out, I have a feeling you’ll need it again. (Crunch of broken twigs/vegetation as they follow the manticore) SCENE 9 [The Island] (Footsteps through vegetation) AOIFE It looks like it’s headed to the north end of the Island. DIYA Is there anything around there? AOIFE There’s an abandoned resort, lots of big old hotel buildings slowly rotting the perfect place for a shady enterprise to set up shop. DIYA But why would anyone want to put a radio collar on a manticore? Seems like more trouble than it’s worth… AOIFE Make a helluva a good guard, though. Hell, if you hadn’t been an ace shot with that bow, we’d probably be a pile of bones right now. DIYA ...Thanks for that image. But what if-AOIFE Wait. (Silence, birdsong, then a twig snapping) AOIFE It’s here, get that bow-(another ROAR as it bursts from the trees and a crack as it knocks the bow from Diya’s hands)

DIYA FUCK​. Did you see where it went, I can’t-AOIFE (Almost roaring herself) LEAVE IT. RUN. (More growling and hissing) DIYA I--I, okay, but I’m gonna circle back around-GAAH (Crash as the manticore swipes at her) AOIFE HEY, LOOK OVER HERE, YOU FUCKING BASTARD. (Running sounds, crashing vegetation) DIYA (Panting heavily as she runs), gotta..find...a weapon… (Crashing sounds as she trips) DIYA ARGH, SHIT. Crap crap crap, gotta-(Voices are muffled) SABBIA --don’t worry about it, it’s probably just that damned manticore again. NEAL WATSON I could’ve sworn I heard someone speak… (Diya moves closer) DIYA What the--?

SHADOWY FIGURE (Voice is modulated in some way) We are getting off track. We have only two thirds of the participants necessary to even begin processing these magics, and we are quickly running out of time. SABBIA Yeah, well, after that shit with Aoife and the human, it’s been a little hard to keep up kidnapping sacrifices, sorry, r ​ ecruiting sacrifices. NEAL WATSON You think they care about that? This blood magic requires ​actual blood, ​ you know, and the Courts do not take oaths like the one you swore lightly, Sabbia. SABBIA (hissing) I am well aware, Watson. SHADOWY FIGURE (Their voice fades as we focus back in on Diya) ENOUGH. You can both see how close the fog is getting to the town, we cannot waste time. Sabbia, you will find that last sacrifices that we need, Watson, you will prepare the site to open the portal. DIYA (Under her breath) Sacrifices?? (Pulling out the Database, opening it) DIYA Alright, journal, what do you know about portals--​SHIT! (She drops the Database, it makes an audible sound, a weird haunting blowing sound to indicate fog moving in) NEAL WATSON Who’s there?? I told you, there’s someone-

SHADOWY FIGURE (Hissed) NO, come with me, it’s already getting too close. Sabbia, deal with whatever that was, but ​don’t let the fog cover you​. SABBIA Fine. (Magicky sounds as the Figure and Neal Watson disappear) SABBIA (Musically, siren music starting up) Come out, come out, little one, I won’t hurt you… DIYA (Under her breath) Fuck fuck fuck. (The fog sound gets louder) SABBIA (Yelped) What the hell?? NO! Fuck-fuck this. (Magick sounds as she also bolts) (Vegetation sounds as Diya stands) DIYA (with a gasp) Fog?? It was clear not twenty minutes ago, how--?? No, no, can’t think about all of this now, focus: get back to Aoife. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Branch to hit manticore. Got it. (Running sounds, heavy breathing, pushing through vegetation) DIYA (Panting again)! AOIFE

(Also panting) GAHH! DIYA There you are, I thought-AOIFE It’s right behind me, there’s no time to-(ROAR, growls, heavy footsteps as it circles them) AOIFE (muttered) You think that branch can land a good hit? DIYA (Also muttered) I don’t see what the alternative is, so sure, let’s go with that. AOIFE Okay, on my mark, we hit it in the face. One...Two… (Manticore growls louder) AOIFE THREE! DIYA (YELLING) HYAHHHH GET BACK! AOIFE (ALSO YELLING) GET! AWAY! FROM! US! (Accompanying smacks with the machete and branch respectively, the manticore howls/roars, and runs away) DIYA (Panting heavily) So...I know...that was really dangerous, but...that was really, really hot. AOIFE

(Kind of sexily I guess??) You’re damn right you were. (Pause, they move closer together, figure out how to make it sound like they’re hugging?) DIYA I-AOIFE Yeah. Maybe...kiss later? DIYA. Yeah. Yep. Definitely. Run now, then? AOIFE Ohhh, yeah, for sure, I don’t know how long that spike-assed monstrosity will stay away. (Running and panting from both of them, crashing of vegetation) DIYA I think...we’re where...the will’o’the’wisps...were… (Sure enough, the tinkling, chimy music starts ups) AOIFE JUST...STUFF...YOUR...FINGERS...IN YOUR...EARS. DIYA Sure...thing.. (More running, footstep sounds change as they run onto the beach/dock) AOIFE Here, sheath the machete, I’ll get us cast off. Keep an eye out in case the manticore decides it wants fourths... (Various sounds as they do this, outboard motor starts, sound of wake and waves as they pull away from the Island) AOIFE

I don’t think manticores are good swimmers, Dee, you can stop watching the shoreline… DIYA (Distractedly) No, it’s not’s just...does that fog at the north end seem, I dunno, weird to you? AOIFE (Clearly shrugging) I suppose. We always get weird weather this time of year, though. DIYA (Abruptly) I found the resort you were talking about. AOIFE Mmm? DIYA Yeah. It was...well, Sabbia was there, and that Court enforcer guy, Neal Watson? AOIFE (Suddenly paying a lot closer attention, sharply) They were there together? DIYA Yeah, and someone I couldn’t make out...they were talking about some sort of...plan, I guess? Sacrifices and portals and ​blood​. And then they heard me and that fog started up and they all disappeared. AOIFE That’s...did they see you? DIYA I don’t think so? AOIFE Good. Good. But that’s...that’s alarming. DIYA You’re telling me…

(Wake and motor sounds fade away) SCENE 10 [The Fount] (Weary footsteps on concrete) DIYA You ​really​ didn’t have to come all the way here with me. AOIFE It’s all good, I figure we both owe Clio an explanation about the weapons, and I need to apologize to Enki for being short with him. (Coyly) Plus, you know, I really like spending time with you! DIYA (Laughing giddily) Right back at you! God, it feels good to finally be open about that… (Door opening and closing onto...crashes, bangs, yelling) ISIMUD (Yelling) PUT THAT DOWN, TOK. TIK YOU CAN’T MAKE US. TOK WE’RE, LIKE, UNSTOPPABLE! CLIO Just stop! Please for the love of everything, STOP!! MR. ENKI HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH A MESS OF THIS SACRED SPACE, I WILL-DIYA WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? (Small explosion in the background) TOK

Oh, hi, Dee! We were just-TIK Leaving! We were just leaving! DIYA (She is mightily pissed) Oh, I don’t think so. I think you’re gonna stay here and help clean up this disaster zone. I think you’re going to apologize to Enki, and Isi and Clio. CLIO Yeah! DIYA And you two! How the hell did this happen?? You can’t just… (Her voice hitches, she starts passing out) DIYA You can’t...just… (She collapses to the floor) AOIFE Dee!! END CREDITS Modern Fae is a podcast from Sinking Feelings Productions. This episode was written by Pidj Sorensen (pronounced Pidge Sore-en-sen) and Rory Eggleston (pronounced Ror-ee Egg-el-stun). The voice of Diya Greenberg was Srikripa Krishna Prasad (pronounced Shree-kri-pah Krish-nuh Pruh-sahd ), the voice of Tik was Read Ruddick (pronounced Reed Ruddick), the voice of Tok was Aurora Balogh-Zanin (pronounced Aurora Bay-log Zah-nin), the voice of Aoife Ní Caillte (Eefa Nee Kyle-tuh) was Méabh de Brún (pronounced Mayv deh Broon), the voice of Clio was Dzifa (Jiff-a), the voice of Isimud was Nicolo Scolieri (pronounced KNEE kuh LOW (accent is a little heavier on first syllable ) skuh LAIR ee ), the voice of Mr. Enki was Shayan Ardalan (pronounced Shah-yawn Ar-dal (like dally)-on), the voice of Kalyani was Shivangi Sikri (pronounced Shiv-ahn-gee See-k-ree), the voice of Sabbia was Lia Eggleston (pronounced Lee-ah Egg-el-stun), the voice of Neal Watson was Cole Jenson (pronounced Coal Jen-sun), and the voice of the Shadowy Figure was Antoinette Berry-Snowden ​[DON’T READ: full disclosure, this will probably be white noised out in the ep for secrecy reasons]​. No Kappa

or Manticores were harmed in the making of this episode. Music was composed by Oliver Morris and Nicolo Scolieri, and our theme song was composed by Oliver Morris. This episode also features songs by Rose McMahon and Rick Gagne, used with permission. This episode was edited and produced by Rory Eggleston. All sound effects were found on If you like this podcast, please let us know by leaving a review on iTunes, SoundCloud, or whichever podcasting platform you use. If you would like to contact us, please email us at, or send us a message on Twitter at MFaePodcast. Thank you all for listening!"

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