Modern Fae, Season 1, Chapter 5: Enki-er Management Problems

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Modern Fae, Chapter 5: Enki-er Management Problems SCENE 1 [Outside Diya’s home, immediately at the end of Chapter 4] (Loud, gushing water is heard before eventually subsiding. As the water subsides, you can hear Diya’s loud and exasperated sigh) (A phone number is being dialed. A dial tone is heard one, two, three times. The call goes through and cuts a fourth dial tone off, as someone on the other end picks up) DIYA Hi… Enki? ENKI Yes? DIYA Um, yeah, I’m in a… situation. My house is basically shot for at least a couple of days. Is there any way I’ll be able to crash at the Fount for a little while? ENKI Yes, of course. When could I expect you? DIYA Give me a couple of hours. I’ll… see you soon. (A click is heard, signifying the end of the phone call. Another number is dialed, before Diya sighs again) DIYA It’s… late. I don’t want to bother her, especially at this time of night. (Diya’s footsteps leading to a car are heard. A door opens, the ignition is turned, and the car rumbles to life. The car is heard driving farther and farther in the distance, before it’s eventually heard pulling up into a different location. The door opens again, and footsteps are heard leading away from the car. Door opens and closes as Diya steps inside, footsteps as she enters.)

DIYA Hello? Sir? MR. ENKI (muffled, he’s in the back) Ah, hello, good evening! I’m in the back, I’ll be out soon. (creak of floorboards as Diya makes her way to the work room) DIYA Enki? What’s going on? MR. ENKI [startled] Ms. Greenberg! (crash, as Enki swipes everything on his desk onto the floor, effectively creating a louder noise than anything else) I must apologize, I didn’t expect you here for another hour or so. DIYA [distracted] Yeah… Sorry, are you okay? What’s going on? MR. ENKI It’s ah… nothing, Ms. Greenberg. Just a little clumsy today is all. You… must be exhausted! Come, let me show you to your bunk. DIYA [unconvinced] Uh… okay. Thank you. MR. ENKI [while walking, so footsteps are heard] Anyway, I’m so sorry that this was the only thing that we were able to scrape together on such a short notice… I hope it’s to your liking. DIYA Absolutely. Thank you, so much.

MR. ENKI One last thing before you get some rest. DIYA Yes? MR. ENKI Please do knock, next time. You’ve become wise to some of the...peculiarities about this place, and I would hate to inadvertently expose you to anything...well, anything dangerous. Good night, Ms. Greenberg. DIYA Um, yeah, okay. Good night, Mr. Enki.

Scene 2 [The Fount/Bean There] DIYA Mr. Enki?? Are you alright? Is there another roach infestation? Wh-why is the account book all torn up? MR. ENKI (Clearly in a foul mood) Why all the questions, Ms. Greenberg? You need not know why I run the Fount this way, you need only follow my directions. I’ve been at this for 4000 years, you think I don’t know what I’m doing?? DIYA Um, no, no, sir. (Pause) I’m going to go get coffee, you want anything? MR. ENKI I’ve told you many times that I prefer tea. And no, I don’t want any, thank you.

DIYA (Okay, the rudeness is starting to get at her) Fine. See you later. (Footsteps, door opening/closing) Oh, hey, guys. How were your nights? ISIMUD The usual. Slept in my corner of the shop, got a day old pastry for free from Mustardseed. CLIO I played pool with Cassandra until like 1 am, but it’s weird, I can’t remember a thing she said… What about you, Dee? DIYA Oh, you know. Had to sleep here because the twins flooded my house. ISIMUD Couldn’t you have called Aoife? I’m sure she would’ve fixed it. DIYA Um, yeah, haha, yeah, I could’ve, but I didn’t want to bother her, she’s already done so much for me, and I don’t wanna scare-um, anyway, wanna go get coffee, let’s, uh, go do that. CLIO Uhhh huhhhh. Wait. I want coffee but… uh, could you order it for me? DIYA Can’t you just talk to Mustardseed? CLIO Can’t you just talk to Aoife? DIYA ...Fine, but if she asks me why you’re staring at her again, I’m going to tell her exactly why. (They open the door and cross the street)

So did either of you notice Enki being-CLIO A total asshole? Oh, yeah. It’s been really bad the past few days. ISIMUD Yeah, I told him that the new travel guides were going to arrive 4 days late, and he yelled at me for 15 minutes about tourism in Spain decreasing by 5% if we did not do our bit to contribute. (Entering Bean There) DIYA But, like, is that normal for him? I know he can be snappy sometimes, but this seems extreme. ISIMUD Uhhhhh, well, I wouldn’t say it’s ​weird​, per se… CLIO Are you kidding, he’s-MUSTARDSEED Hi, Founties! The usual? CLIO I, um, ye-umDIYA (Deep sigh) Hey, Mustardseed. Yeah, two mochas and a triple shot espresso, thanks. Any news about Narcissus? (Pause, credit card noises) MUSTARDSEED No. Did Aoife put you up to this? DIYA No? I just know you’ve been worried, I saw one of your flyers the

other day... MUSTARDSEED Right. Sorry. I--No, I haven’t heard anything, and I’m getting desperate. Aoife said she’s worried too, but she thinks that it’s--uh, some bad people. Who I can’t get involved with. DIYA That wouldn’t be the Courts, by any chance? MUSTARDSEED Uh-how did you--? DIYA I figured it out, with a little help from the Fount and these two. ISIMUD (Even more miserably than usual) Happy to be of assistance. MUSTARDSEED Ah. Well, yeah, if you really wanna know. But I’m not going to throw around accusations against...them, unless I know for sure they’ve got something to do with it. I honestly don’t know what Aoife’s playing at… Anyway, here you go. DIYA Thanks, bud. Um, let-let me know if you need anything, okay? MUSTARDSEED (Wryly) You got it, new girl. See ya, Isi. Clio, do you wanna(rapid steps, the door opens and closes, Clio is gone) (Mustardseed sighs) ISIMUD Sorry ‘bout that… (Footsteps, door opens and closes)

DIYA Hey, I’ll catch up in a few, Isi, I just need to make a call… ISIMUD Sure thing. (He walks off, Diya dials Aoife) AOIFE Hello? DIYA Hey, it’s me. Sorry to bother you, but, um, the house flooded last night. The twins. AOIFE (Méabh, feel free to insert appropriate curses in Irish or otherwise here) Offff course. I’ll take a look as soon as possible today, I’m so sorry about this. Do you need a place to stay? DIYA (Oh, Diya wants to take that offer SO BAD but she’s still worried about starting anything of that nature now…) Thank you! And, oh, um. No, I’m good, thank you, I’m crashing at the Fount. AOIFE Oh, no! I didn’t, uh, I didn’t meanDIYA (CRAP CRAP CRAP no, this went too far!) No, no, it’s okay! I, um, Enki is acting...weird, I think I should stick around here for a while. But, one you think the twins are acting off? I keep getting the feeling that there’s something that they’re, I don’t know, ​scared​ of? I know there’s that enforcer guy around, but-AOIFE Enforcer? I-I’ll look into that too, after I check the house. That does sound unlike them…

DIYA Thanks, Aoife, for everything. Talk to you later! (She hangs up) Scene 3 [The Fount]

DIYA (Opening the door to the work room, with slight trepidation) Hey, Mr. Enki-MR. ENKI What?? Who--? Oh, Ms. Greenberg. DIYA Yeah, um-I ordered a pizza for dinner, you’re welcome to have some, when it gets here. MR. ENKI Oh, thank you Ms. Greenberg, but I have far too much to do. And would you mind eating out in the shop? I find the smell of pizza quite, quite distracting… DIYA Yeah, of course...Uh, Mr. Enki? MR. ENKI (Losing patience) Yes? DIYA I just-Is there anything that I can do to help? MR. ENKI No, no, I assure you, everything is under control. Now, if you’ll excuse me? DIYA Sorry, yeah. (She closes the door and walks back to the store proper, knock at the

door, Diya runs over and opens it) Hi! Oh, Selena? SELENA Hi, Dee! DIYA How’s it going? Haven’t lured any more hapless bookshop managers, I hope? SELENA No, no, our practices here have quite put an end to all of that. No, I’ve been spending more time on running the pizza shop, ever since Sabbia went rogue...I’m so sorry about that. DIYA Not your fault, but I’m glad you and the others are doing well! How much’ll it be? SELENA An even fifteen. DIYA There you go, thank you! Have a good night. SELENA G’night, Dee. (Door closes, Diya walks over to the counter) DIYA Ah, crap, forgot my water bottle in the back… (She quickly hurries to the work room, opens the door…) Sorry, Mr. Enki, I forgot(She sees AN-ENLILDA, who shouts)

AN-ENLILDA We were supposed to be ALONE. UŠU (


(Magicky sounds) DIYA What?? MR. ENKI NO! DIYA What...did… (She passes out, sounds of her collapsing onto floor as music fades in) Scene 4 [The Fount] (faint fuzzy ringing noise fades out as DIYA regains consciousness, dialogue is faint in background) ENKI ...but all the same, you can’t throw words of power around like thatAN-ENLILDA She’s an intruder! She has no rightENKI NO. You have no right. Whatever has happened between us, you are still myISIMUD She’s awake. (ENKI and AN stop talking) Dee, are you feeling alright?

I-I think so.

DIYA Wait, Isi? Where did you come from? It was just me and Enki, and-

ISIMUD It’s ok, Dee. You were just- knocked out. ENKI By a word of power, no less. I imagine you might be feeling a little disoriented. AN-ENLILDA (frustrated screech) But she is only an ​ephemeral h ​ uman! How can you letENKI SILENCE. She deserves to know. (pause) My dear, An-Enlilda here is one of the Abgal, one of my...children. (soft, dark music underneath his voice) Many ages ago, ​they​ were guardians of knowledge and morality, and they worked by my side to protect the Fount in its many forms throughout history. However, one by one they began to misuse the powers I entrusted them with, in search of the fame and treasures that I could not offer them. Some of them simply lost sight of our purpose. Some began to propagate only violence. When I discovered their betrayal and tried to call them back to me, they fled. I started to rely on Isimud, and then Clio, and then some exceptionally talented humans to assist me with the Fount and its collections of knowledge. Since their betrayal, my children have faded away from the memories of humanity and then eventually from their own memories. It has been difficult for me to accept, but I thought they would never return to me, and they were all lost to oblivion. It seems, however, that An has returned. He...wants to return to the Fount. ISIMUD Basically, he wants his old job back. AN-ENLILDA It never ceased to be my ​job​! You two ​children​ are ​nothing​. Father(screech) -Enki, enough of this pandering. We have important things to-

ENKI (strained) We will discuss shortly, An. Ms. Greenberg, I hope you can understand for the time being. DIYA This is...a lot to take in. I think I need to get out of here for a little while. ISIMUD Why don’t we go to the Storeroom, Dee? I think I can help explain.


DIYA (sigh) Can you help me up? Still a little dizzy.

ISIMUD Yeah, of course. (sound of footsteps receding and door opening and closing as DIYA and ISI leave.) AN-ENLILDA Finally! Good riddance. I am here, Enki. I know you’d rather deny my existence, but I demand to be heard. ENKI And you will be. But Isi, Clio, the human- they are my assistants. They have proven themselves time and again, and they have earned their place here. What have you or your siblings done in the past 3500 years to protect the knowledge of all? AN-ENLILDA Their place? Ridiculous. ​We ​were the original guardians. My siblings are lost in their minds, but ​I ​remain. Listen closely, Father. If you do not cast out those two miscreants and the human and restore me to my position, I will take care of them myself. I can be ​very​ persuasive, as I’m sure you remember.

Scene 5 [Storeroom, the Fount] ISIMUD So… DIYA So. Clearly I didn’t learn ​everything​ from my research… ISIMUD Ummmmm, yeah. Yeah. So. The Abgal. DIYA Enki’s kids? ISIMUD ...Basically. That’s an approximation. But yes, Enki created them as the...well, as templates for human leaders, you might say. Not that that worked out very well… DIYA Isi. ISIMUD Right. Yes. They’re his kids. They were supposed to help maintain the Fount, and to make sure those who needed to access it could do so. They were supposed to keep knowledge available to everyone, but they became swayed by the lure of power and greed and influence and so some of them began working for the highest human bidder. DIYA Okay, so what does that have to do with you? ISIMUD Right. So, you’ve gotta understand that even though I was originally Enki’s messenger, I was of his generation. DIYA The OG. ISIMUD ...Yeah, sure. So, ​technically​ I had seniority over the Abgal, though they didn’t see it that way. I was also out and about around the world more than Enki was, so I found out what they were doing and...,

I had to say something, right? Enki was furious, didn’t even give them a chance to explain themselves, really, and banished them from his side. And ever since then...well, you saw An. Most of them have lost who they were, I’m not even sure if they’re around anymore. But An remembers and he wants back in. DIYA I guess I just don’t see what the problem is, though? If he wants to help us… ISIMUD I don’t think he does, though, and neither does Enki. He hates me, thinks Clio’s an upstart, and he’s not too hot about humans in general. It’s all or nothing for him. It’s either him or us. DIYA (delivered somewhat in jest until she sees Isi’s face) is he, like, dangerous in some way, then? Or are we just preparing for a campaign of passive aggressive posters? ISIMUD He’s still powerful, Dee. If you let him talk to you long enough, he can convince you of anything. He can twist your memories and leave you completely untethered from what you thought you wanted. And he’ll use whatever connections he can make to get what he wants. DIYA (Another moment of “what the fuck did I get myself into???) Right, so dangerous, then. Cool cool cool, good to know, good to know. ISIMUD And whatever you do, don’t give him your n-DIYA Name? Yeah, I figured. (Door slams in the main store, door opening to store room as Enki enters, floor creaks) ENKI Many apologies, my dears. An has left, if you would like to return to your pizza.

DIYA (hesitant) And is everything-ENKI (Snapped) Everything is fine, fine! No need to worry about a thing, this time I have everything under control. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some errands to run. Enjoy your evening. (He stomps away, door to storeroom and store open and close) DIYA I take it we’re not trusting that everything is okay? ISIMUD Seems best, yeah. DIYA I’m gonna follow him. Make sure that he doesn’t get into any trouble… ISIMUD No! No, I, uh. I think it would be better if I did, I think. You stay here tonight, I’ll let you know if anything happens. (Footsteps and doors opening/closing, fade out) SCENE 6 [Diya’s house, the Scrublands] (Squelches as Aoife exits the house, a clunk as she sets down her toolbox) AOIFE Just gotta let the fans do their work for now, then. (Some giggles and rustles from the backyard. AURORA AND READ CAN YOU BOTH RECORD SOME STOCK LAUGHTER PLEASE) AOIFE Come out Tik, Tok. We need to talk.

(Silence) AOIFE Kids? (Silence) AOIFE (muttering) Fuck, they’re really gonna make me come back there. Maybe something is​ up… (Branches and twigs snapping, Aoife cursing and huffing/grunting/any other “I’m walking through dense vegetation and Do Not Like It” sounds) AOIFE Twins, this isn’t funny, I just wanna talk--WHOA (Shout as she stumbles into a clearing she didn’t see coming) TIK Well, well, well, how the turns have tabled! TOK (With false indignity) How dare you just drop in on our home, like, unannounced! That’s so rude, Aoife! AOIFE (Cutting across both of them) Dee’s worried about you two. So am I. TOK Oooooh, worried about the ickle little kids, huh?

We’ll tell you what’s up if

TIK you can answer these two questions!

AOIFE Or you could just tell me--

TOK NO. Questions first!

AOIFE ...Fine. TOK First: What do you call us all the time? AOIFE Are you serious? TIK Like, deadly. AOIFE Kids? TOK We have a winner! TIK Second: What do old people do? AOIFE I dunno? Complain? What’s the point of this? TOK Answer. The question. AOIFE Get cold? Nap? TIK DING DING DING. Yes! Old people really like to nap. AOIFE ...Okay. So then, what’s up? You’ve been really, I dunno, jumpy, lately…

TOK And wouldn’t you like to know why! AOIFE Yeah? That’s why I’m ask-TIK Well, see ya around, Aoife! And mind the Spriggan when you leave, she can be a bit, like, tetchy! (Sounds of twigs snapping and running footsteps as they run off) AOIFE God​dammit​! (Sounds of vines and and dust kicking up) SPRIGGAN Out. AOIFE I’m going, I’m goin-(A branch whips out and hits her across the chest) OOOF. SPRIGGAN OUT. AOIFE There’s no need for(More smacks and whipping branches) SPRIGGAN YOU DO NOT LISTEN. THEYAOIFE (Slashing with a blade of some sort) I GET IT.

SPRIGGAN (Frenzy intensifying) NO YOU MUST ​LISTEN​. THEYAOIFE LET. ME. GO. (She frantically slashes and breaks free, ploughing after the twins in a hail of broken branches and crunching leaves) TWINS. SPRIGGAN THEY. THEY NEED YOU.

SCENE 7 [The Fount] (Knocking on the workroom door) CLIO Dee? Dee? Dee? DEE? DIYA (groan, yawn, getting up to open the door) Wha’ goin’ on? CLIO Where’re Isi and Enki? Isi always let’s me in… DIYA (suddenly awake) They’re-Enki isn’t back yet? Isi was supposed to check in… CLIO (suddenly alarmed) What-?? DIYA Last night, this guy showed up and started yelling at Enki. Knocked me out with...magic, I guess?? An-An..An something? Isi told me he was Enki’s kid who went to the dark side?

CLIO (faintly) Oh, that’s not good. So, so not good. But Isi-? DIYA He followed Enki out last night, he said he’d...let me know if anything happened. CLIO Oh, oh no. No, An ​hates​ him, maybe even more than he hates Enki. DIYA He didn’t seem too hot about either of us, either. CLIO Honestly, I’ve only heard about him from Isi, but all of it has been bad. DIYA Okay. Okay. Well. It’s only been like 8 hours, right? If they aren’t back today, we’ll go look for them. Yeah. CLIO ...Yeah. DIYA So let’s just, just open up for now, okay? (She flips the sign on the door) CLIO Um, sure, sure. I can see if there’s anything else about An in the back. DIYA The journal. CLIO Sorry, what?

DIYA Uh, well, a couple days ago I settled a bet between two tengu and they gave me this journal, which I guess belonged to the former manager? Collin Devereaux? CLIO Oh. Uh. That’s...are you sure it’s his? Washi and Karasu can be-DIYA Yeah, yeah, Aoife’s mentioned, but they’ve been pretty up front with me thus far. Except for the part where they were just playing with me. But I haven’t actually had a chance to look a the journal yet… CLIO (Cautious, worried), he never even mentioned ​having​ a journal. DIYA Well, maybe it’s his and maybe it isn’t but we might as well see if there’s anything in it, right? (She pulls the journal out of her bag) CLIO “A New Eternal Database”? Oh Collin, what did you do… DIYA Wait, aren’t you all tuned into history? Shouldn’t you know about...all of this? CLIO (forced laugh) That’s definitely not how it works, Dee. History isn’t objective. Sure, there’s one true version of what ​happened​ in the past, but that isn’t history. History is how we interpret the past in the present. And those interpretations are infinite. So no, I don’t know what this is, or why Collin made it. DIYA (muttered) I thought this magic thing would be a lot more useful. But that makes sense.

(Creak as she opens the journal) How long was he even here? There is ​a lot​ here. CLIO 5 years, I think?

DIYA (flipping through pages) “Known amulets, “Troll crime families”, “Blood magic?”, well, he was definitely thorough, I guess? These diagrams are pretty detailed, and there are even interviews. And the Courts are popping up in pretty much everything. This is making it seem like they’ve got fingers in everything, Clio. You guys said-CLIO That you should avoid them, which is true. DIYA I-Fine, we can talk more about that later. An...An...An...wait, here’s something: “He’s a jerk”. Wow, helpful. Uh…”works with illusions, super persuasive, yada yada, hates everyone at the Fount, we know...oh, and may be working with the Courts! Of course...Wait-”only vestige of what he used to be seems to be his skills with herbs and poultices. On two occasions, I have seen him trade various plants with Court messengers at the river, near the old docks.” That’s gotta be it, yeah? CLIO (Uncomfortable) Um, could be. DIYA Okay. Okay. We should give them, like, a few more hours, and then I’m gonna go out and look for them. Whatever this bullshit is with An, it’s better there be four of us against him than just two. (She takes a deep breath, still incredulous she can even think about asking something like this) Uh, do you have any...weapons, or, like, protective gear?

CLIO What, like amulets or charms? Yeah, there’s a few I’ve got back home that might at least deter An for a bit. Got a couple of bows too, but we’re not gonna be able to do much, especially if he’s near water, that’s what both he and Enki get their essence from. DIYA (Drily) I mean, we’re all mostly water, but I’m guessing this is a magicky thing? CLIO ...Yeah. I’ll go get that stuff. Meet you back here in an hour. DIYA Okay. (Clio walks towards the front door, opens/closes door)

Alright, any other tidbits in there, Collin? How scared ​should I ​ be? (wind, frantic ruffling of pages) What the-?? Stop--FUCKING MAGIC. (Page ruffling subsides) God​dammit​. (She grunts as if trying to pry something apart) Go. Back. To. The other. Page! What does this even mean? It’s just a string of random letters… Wait. Groups of five. Random letters. Not random! A cipher? (Faint wind sounds) AN-ENLILDA Been doing some homework? DIYA Fuc-Get out. Where the hell are Enki and Isi?

AN-ENLILDA Oh, I’m sure ​I ​ don’t know. But I wanted to talk to you. I...reacted poorly last night, and I just wanted to, ah, clear the waters, so to speak. DIYA ...Okay. AN-ENLILDA I meant you no disrespect, I am merely...frustrated with my father’s attitude. DIYA Calling me “ephemeral” and an “intruder” was your idea of meaning no disrespect? AN-ENLILDA It was unfortunate word-choice, I admit. But I also did want to ask you why you’re here. A bright, passionate person like you, moving all the way down here? DIYA (She is ​tired​ of answering this damn question) Look, not that I owe you an answer, but I just needed a change, okay? It really isn’t more complicated than that. AN-ENLILDA Oh? So if Maricela called you right now, telling you she’d take you back you wouldn’t pack up your bags and go speeding back to her open arms? DIYA What the fuck are you--? AN-ENLILDA You could be with her again. You could go back to your old life. I could even arrange for that bigoted coworker of yours to have...moved on. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To have life make sense again? DIYA I--

AN-ENLILDA Surely you don’t want to deal with all of...this, on top of a broken heart? I have a way with words, you know, and in ten minutes I can have both Mari and your old boss begging you to come back. DIYA I-No. No, that isn’t what I want, you don’t fucking know me. Mari made her choice, and fuck my old job. Get the hell out. AN-ENLILDA (Hiss or growl, if you can :P) I ​do​ know you, human. You’ll break, like all of your kind. DIYA Dude! this shit out with your dad! If you’re so good with words, I’m sure you can work something out with him. AN-ENLILDA (Cackle) Oh, I shall, I shall. And this time tomorrow, ​Ms. Greenberg, ​ I will come for you. (More wind and he disappears) DIYA Collin was right, you are a jerk. SCENE 8 [The Fount, the streets] (Diya eating and leafing through the journal, Clio enters) CLIO They aren’t back yet? DIYA Nope. But An, uh, dropped in. CLIO What?? Are you--

DIYA Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. He ​definitely​ wants me out of the picture, though. Do you have the stuff? CLIO Two strong wards and an amulet for safety, yeah. And the bows, plus I found this. (sounds of Clio hefting something weighty) DIYA A club? Covered in nails? Are we expecting zombies or something? CLIO (somber) I wouldn’t rule it out. DIYA ...O-kayyy. I didn’t find anything else useful in the journal, so I think the docks are still our best bet. CLIO Agreed. Can you use a bow? DIYA I went to wilderness camp every summer in high school, I’m good. CLIO Oh. That’s, that’s cool. Take the club too, you never know. (Shuffling, footsteps, etc, as they collect their gear and leave the Fount) DIYA Oh, HEY, Mustardseed! Locking up early? MUSTARDSEED Um, hi Dee, Clio. Yeah. CLIO Uh umm, h-h-

MUSTARDSEED Look, I-I gotta go. (rapid footsteps as she walks off) DIYA Huh. CLIO Dee, let’s go. DIYA Right, right. (Footsteps for a bit, then) NORNA Another day, another mission, my dears? CLIO GYAH. Give us some warning next time, Norna. NORNA Warnings are so often looked for, and so rarely found, I’m afraid. Stay on your toes tonight! But I must be off-it wouldn’t do to leave my date waiting! DIYA Jeez, everyone’s out and about tonight, huh? (A few more footsteps, and then a muffled shout/shriek and thud, followed by dragging sounds, as in the end of ep 2) What the hell was that?? CLIO Dee, ​come on. ​ DIYA But--

CLIO Whatever that was, it’s nothing we want or need to be getting involved in. We gotta find Enki and Isi. DIYA Okay, okay… (Clio walks off, after a beat, so does Diya) SCENE 9 [The Docks] (sound of water flowing, lapping at shore/dock, crunch as Diya and Clio walk across gravel/mud) ISIMUD (From a ways away) Enki, you can’t keep this up… DIYA That’s them, definitely. ISI! ENKI (still somewhat far away) Isimud, your loyalty is commendable but everything is under control. (Running on gravel from Clio and Diya) CLIO Isi, Enki! ISIMUD You shouldn’t have come, it’s-AN-ENLILDA You can’t keep me here forever, old man! (Water rushing sounds) ENKI Like on so many other things, we shall have to disagree, An. DIYA Clio, go help Isi, I’m gonna distract An.

CLIO But-(Diya is already running off) Great. AN-ENLILDA Oh, father, what will you do when I destr-DIYA AN! AN-ENLILDA Given my offer a second thought, then? DIYA Not even close. (this exchange happens further away) CLIO C’mon, dude! You’re exhausted, you’re going to hand yourself to him on a platter if you keep this up! ISIMUD Just let us help-ENKI NO! I won’t...let it...happen...again. DIYA Look, An, I hate to break it to you, but you don’t scare me. I’ve already been run out of a job, I’ve been being judged by others for who I am my whole damn life. You think you’re any different? AN-ENLILDA I don’t think, I know. You are nothing to me, just another blip in a long, long list of dust motes that I’ve had to brush aside to get here. When I break free, I will shred your skin in front of my father and then I will chain him to his precious books. Don’t look so shocked, Ms. Greenberg. I am secure in the knowledge of who I am and

I’ve killed to protect that security. The Courts know, they frequently request my services. DIYA The C-AN-ENLILDA Yes, the ​Courts​. We’re quite well acquainted. But, that aside, I wonder. Even if my father somehow manages to keep me imprisoned, I wonder how long it will be before you find yourself in my place. He’ll tire of you eventually, he always does. No one can live up to his ridiculous standards. And when you fail, he’ll cast you out. ISN’T THAT RIGHT, FATHER? ENKI No! I-I would never-AN-ENLILDA You can and you would, don’t lie to them! ENKI I(Sound like ice breaking and An is free) AN-ENLILDA Yes, that’s right, father. Weep. And while you do, I’ll deal with Ms. Greenberg, here. DIYA Stay the FUCK away from me. (Creaks as she backs away from him onto the docks, out of the water) AN-ENLILDA (dripping and creaking as he steps out of the water and onto the docks as well) Didn’t you do any research, Dee? Water is my element! Some puny nails won’t help you much.

DIYA Good thing I was the distraction, then, huh? AN-ENLILDA What? CLIO You heard the lady, get the fuck away from her! (THWANG and THWACK as Clio lets fly with an arrow and it hits An, SPLASH as he falls into the river, various running sounds as they all go to see where he goes. He doesn’t resurface) DIYA (breathing heavily) Is he-uh, is he dead? ISIMUD I doubt it. But that was a good shot, Clio, I doubt we’ll hear from him for a while now. CLIO Thanks, dude. You okay, Dee? DIYA Umm, yeah. I mean, no, of course not! But I think I will be. ISIMUD (helping Enki to the bank and sitting him down) Enki, breathe. CLIO Take it easy, man, it’s over, it’s over. DIYA (running up) Enki, I’m sorry, are you-? ENKI No, no apologies from you, Ms. Greenberg. It is I who must apologize. To all of you. I am a stubborn and foolish old man.

CLIO No...Well, maybe a little bit, butENKI I thought I could rectify the mistakes that I made with the Abgal. I thought that if I kept you protected from all of this, from them, then you wouldn’t ​become​ like them. I thought this was the best way to let you find your own way to serve knowledge and the Fount. But that was wrong. I let An become a threat because I was too much of a coward to admit to any responsibility for what he and his siblings became. And that almost got you killed, Ms. Greenberg. DIYA (sniffs) I-you can just call me, Dee, Mr. Enki. But I forgive you. ISIMUD Yeah, you can’t have known he would end up like...that. CLIO Hey, I should be thanking you for the target practice! ISIMUD and DIYA CLIO! DIYA All that aside, though, I do have a question. ENKI Yes, anything, my dear. DIYA That contract you had me sign, back on the day I got here, that clay tablet? Does that...does that tablet mean that I have to do this job, be...the Guardian, no matter what, now? Was that some magic thing to keep me from, I dunno, becoming like An? ENKI No, no, of course not! I have learned ​that​ lesson, believe me! No, you must come to that decision on your own. I confess, however, that there was some magic involved there. I included some protective wards, just to keep you safe until you knew what you wanted. Keep away psychic interference, and the like. I can remove them, if you wish?

DIYA Oh! No, I appreciate that, actually. But I do need more time to figure out what exactly I want. ENKI Of course, of course! ISIMUD Can you get up? ENKI I may be old, Isimud, but I can take care of myself, thank you very much! Though some nice tea would be nice, once we get back to the shop… DIYA Of course-and I think that by the time we get back, Mustardseed will be opening up Bean There! I’ll make a run for all of us. SCENE 10 [Aoife’s house] (heavy footsteps, through grass/pavement) AOIFE (muttering in Irish, then pulling out her keys) All bloody night, and not a single sign of them. They’ve never been this hard to find, I swear. Well, if they don’t want to talk, that’s on them, I can’t be expected to-TOK (nervously) Eve? AOIFE (yelps and drops the keys) GYAH, and where the hell have you been? And what were you two playing at, setting a Spriggan on me? TIK (also nervous) We...we had to. To makes sure.

AOIFE Make sure of what? TOK Just, come with us? AOIFE Because last time that went so well… TIK Please, Eve. AOIFE I-okay. (footsteps as they walk through grass to her back yard) AOIFE (another yelp) What did you--?? Have you burned wards into my damn yard?? TIK We had to, Eve! TOK It’s, like, the only way to know we’re safe! AOIFE Safe from what? From who? Kids, what the hell is going on? TOK Okay, like, you don’t trust us? That’s fine. Here. (throws an amulet on the ground) That amulet kept you from catching me. TIK (doing the same) And this one kept you from finding the secret back entrance I have into Dee’s house. AOIFE What--?

TIK You gotta listen, Eve. TOK They’re coming for all of us, Eve. END