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On behalf of everyone at MA (ModernAtlanta) and our proud sponsors, we would like to welcome you to MA08 Design Is Human, Atlanta’s first annual international design event. For six days you have the chance to experience unique and powerful ideas that could enhance your life. Creating an event like Design Is Human is no small task and requires a talented and dedicated team to pull it off. The pace is insane and you have to be extremely focused to deal with whatever gets tossed your way. We scout locations, meet with exhibitors, manage limited resources, handle the media, find sponsors, and do so much more to make a charged event like Design is Human possible. Then there’s the mounting expectations as the event gains momentum and generates buzz. Through all the excitement, you realize you’re making history, redefining for future generations what is considered Atlanta design. If you are passionate about design, the effort becomes a labor of love, the rewards intangible. Each of you will take a part of Design Is Human back home with you. Personally, we have enjoyed working closely with the tight group of both experienced and emerging designers on this special project and gained a deeper appreciation for Atlanta-based design and creativity. We are in awe of their abilities within their respective design disciplines, and have also enjoyed our collaborations. Most importantly, we have been elevated by the human perspective in design which is what this event is all about. Every year we will seek to stir up emotions and to wakeup, inspire, connect, and help you better understand why designers design in the first place. It is just that simple. There is no need to dress up the notion that design at its core is human. It can bring people together and provide some measure of happiness.

Stefan Kjartansson; Marta Czosnowski and the rest of the Armchair team who spent countless hours elevating and pushing the MA brand and delivering one very cool website and program book; Metropolitan Home and Deidre West; Bulthaup and Adrienne Grzeskiewicz, who have stood by MA from its inception.Our new family at Artefacto for participating and showing so much love for this project; architect and artist Mehmet Dogu for his spirit and creativity; my new friends in Belgium, illustrator Jarno Kettunen, Philippe Oorts of Something Blue, and Dirk Wynants of Extremis; Jeffrey Kalinsky, Don Purcell and the amazing team at Jeffrey New York/Atlanta for supplying Belgian fashion; our great friend and supporter Rick Fisher, who got MA from the beginning and brought H.A. Sigg to us. Jerry Moskowitz at Domus for a very insightful interview and for creating the Extremis lounge as part of Belgium Design and Fashion Weekend; Mark Karelson at Mason Murer Fine Arts for providing the perfect space for a special event; Magdalena Bach for space layout; The Atlantan; Hank Richardson and Portfolio Center; Jeff and Pui at Context; Michael Shapiro and The High Museum of Art for granting MA access for the architects’ group photo; Jorge Menes for MA photography; and everyone else contributing time and resources to Design Is Human. You know who you are. Elayne would like to thank the architects, designers, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers and docents who make MA and Design is Human possible. Special thanks to her incredible family and friends that understand the amount of work and dedication we put into MA. She promises to call you on May 12th! Bernard McCoy, Chief MA Elayne DeLeo, Co-Chief and Event Director MA

Design Is Human. Keep this theme in mind. Share in its philosophy, and give it relevance in your day-to-day activities. Who knows, perhaps Design is Human will help you to discover new and exciting ways to embrace the powers of humanity and begin to live a fuller existence. So sit back and relax with your beverage of choice (you’ll find Bernard at Octane, of course) and discover what’s in store in your Design Is Human program material. Have a great time in modern Atlanta, meet new friends, and we look forward to seeing you at the kickoff party and the many MA08 Design Is Human events lined up just for you.

Photography Jorge Menes

Bernard would like to thank the following people whose contributions helped get us here: my wonderful wife, Antonella Mazzucco, and daughter, Asa; Elayne DeLeo, my other half in the design trenches; our very MA creative director Kevin Byrd; my main man and good friend 03



Kevin Byrd Art Director, Armchair

Stefรกn Kjartansson Designer, Armchair

Farbod Kokabi Designer, Armchair

SO DI And a round of applause for the supporting cast:

Assistant Photographer Ross Martin

Marta Czosnowski Producer, Armchair

D Contributing Writer Moria Deshpande

Copy Editor Mindy Stombler


Jorge Menes Photographer

WE Contributing Designers Mehmet Dogu Roger Wong Lauren Jung Hadi Seyfi Elise Mattingly

Contributing Sanity Nate Steiner Darcey Topham





Without the kind support of these folks, you probably wouldn't be reading about the kind support of these folks:

FO 2009 Design Is Human call for sponsors begins now with discounts available to companies and individuals interested in sponsoring, advertising, and exhibiting. For inquiries please contact Elayne DeLeo, MA Event Director, elayne@


R And here's what we have up our sleeves for next year:

2009 Design Is Human Kickoff Party Brand New International and Local Exhibitors Design Lectures Cool Products Fashion Contemporary Art Furniture Design

Architecture Interior Design MA09 Tour of Homes Registered Drawings Design Fundraiser and oh-so-much more...


2 Hello From MA A few words from MA head-hanchos Bernard and Elayne


10 Domus: The First 35 Years MA sits down with Domus founder Jerry Moskowitz


18 Save Our Souls Harsh, beautiful furniture with a bittersweet aesthetic



Something Blue For Your Calendar Antwerp's talented and environmen- MA08 list of events tally conscious designers


Home Tour Guide A closer look at the homes featured in the MA08 Modern Home Tour

Belgium: In Demand A peak inside a special event to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Darfur

Darfur Learn about the conflict in Darfur with help from MA and CARE

Jarno Kettunen MA sits down with the young and talented Finnish illustrator





Some People Sit/Stand Atlanta's modern architects unite... to take a picture

Anxiety in the ATL Stefรกn Kjartansson's troubled mind presents Black Slabbath

The Glass House MA takes a closer look at C&A's Italian villa... in Phoenix


Fusionbrands Atlanta's architects of unique kitchen gems

68 H.A. Sigg Inside the world of the highlytalented Swiss artists

94 KIDS Asa and Thor: True urban nomads


At bulthaup, we understand the desires of individualists who are fascinated by the sensuality of high-quality materials and the aesthetics of form. So this is why, with bulthaup, you can create living spaces that stretch beyond the kitchen. Talk to the specialists in the new kitchen architecture from bulthaup. bulthaup Atlanta 800 Peachtree Street, Suite G Atlanta, GA 30308 800 808 2923

Metropolitan Home, April 2008; photographer Matthew Millman

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Photography Jorge Menes

Words Moria Deshpande


If you live in Atlanta and have ogled an Agape tub, reclined on a B&B Italia design community, Moskowitz speaks to the fact that he has always strived sofa, or run your hands over an MDF Italia table, chances are it was at Domus. to play an educational role. “It’s a huge part of the job. We’ve been trying to educate consumers and designers all these years about what design is, Even before Domus was the Southeast’s preeminent International Design what it costs and why they should specify and buy it. It’s much more difficult Center, it was already a unique place. Opened in 1972 on East Andrews in than people think. In the early days, we had some clients who saw our Buckhead, Domus carried unusual little gifts and items for the home, which chairs and thought they were too expensive and had somebody build them at that time were very hard to find. The global marketplace as we know it and they turned out awful. Out of proportion. Just really horrible.” was still decades away, so Domus’ presence was all the more essential. Domus exists because three architects wanted to bring the high design look The brands Domus carries are the brands Moskowitz surrounds his family of imported furniture to the city. Founder Jerry Moskowitz and his two busi- with at home. “We have to like what we put in the store and if I don’t like ness partners had just graduated from the Georgia Tech College of Architec- it, we don’t put it in. Driade is one of the best lines we carry. I have a Driade ture in 1968 and were working on suburban school and state commissions kitchen at home as well as pieces by B&B Italia, and Montis. Muurame is when the call of modern design took priority over a steady paycheck. still one of my favorites. And it’s not all broken,” he laughs, referring to the Moskowitz and his partners named Domus after the influential design and early days when he brought home the damaged items that couldn’t be sold architecture magazine founded by designer Gio Ponti in 1928. They had in the store. When asked what his children think about growing up around 400 square feet to call their own. In 1973, their new store at the Prado on all this marvelous furniture he says, “I’ve ruined them. Once you know, you Roswell Road was the first to bring the Scandinavian brand Muurame to At- won’t accept mediocre design.” lanta. Thirty six years later, Domus still carries Muurame. “Our criteria has always been design and value,” Moskowitz says. “It doesn’t mater whether How does Domus thrive in a throw away furniture-minded culture? Some it’s more or less expensive, it just has to have the right value.” people just get it and the Domus staff attempts to enlighten the rest. “People love the price of disposable furniture but they don’t love the quality. The Italian lines fit the Domus criteria perfectly, but in those days the ItalWhen you compare quality to quality, suddenly, it’s not all that expensive. ians would only deal with importers, not retailers. Yet Domus didn’t give up Our sofas are for 20 years,” Moskowitz explains. “You can recover them on the quest to carry Italian furniture directly. One of Moskowitz’s friends easily, change the cushions, or any part of it. And if you ever get tired of it, is Nasir Kassamali who owns Luminaire in Miami and Chicago. Kassamali sell it and recoup your investment.” was essential in convincing the Italians to give the Domus retailers a chance to carry their product. “Nasir was persistent,” Moskowitz recalls. Clients see the peaceful, inspiring style of the Domus showroom and ask “He got them to change their attitude and give all of us a chance. We for guidance in bringing the same look to their homes. When Domus takes would go to Milan and try while we were there. We’d start with the lesser- on the project of furnishing a client’s space, the designers find out what known lines and work our way up to the better ones when they saw what the clients need, what their tastes are like and what their budget is. As we could do. Herman Miller used to import B&B Italia. When we started Moskowitz puts it, “We don’t have a ‘Domus look,’ per se. It all depends on with B&B, our retail prices were cheaper than Herman Miller’s wholesale the individual client. In general, we are very minimalist because in today’s prices. That gives you an idea of what kind of margins the importers work world, the less clutter you have the better off you are. It’s more calming on.” than having stuff everywhere.” Three decades later, 400 square feet has blossomed to over 30,000 square feet. In 1995 Domus purchased the former House of Denmark location on Piedmont Road. Domus is one of the largest showrooms in the United States and for that matter, the world. When Domus moved to its current location in 1995, Moskowitz did the basic makeover of the 1940s building, tearing down the ceilings and uncovering the floors. For the renovation in 2000, Rowhouse Architects gave the AIA award winning building an update.

When Moskowitz is not at the store or at the furniture shows, he is most likely traveling. Along with furniture, European travel is his passion. He takes in the architecture and the food and feels it’s best enjoyed with family and friends. The Moskowitz family loves to rent a farmhouse or villa in France or Italy and spend the days sightseeing and the evenings creating a meal.

Moskowitz is not much for being in the public eye, and is happy to influence the city’s taste from behind the scenes. In the first three Domus locations, including the store at Perimeter Mall, Moskowitz was on the selling floor. These days however, he relies on his polished staff, having empowered them to deliver expert guidance and design services. As every Domus customer can attest, the staff is an integral part of the showroom experience. Tyler Hanna, the showroom manager of Domus, goes on buying trips with Jerry and has the responsibility of putting together the showroom floor. “If I have two cents, I put it in,” Moskowitz admits. “And then we negotiate…” When asked how it feels to be one of the charter members of Atlanta’s

Moria Deshpande is a freelance writer and design enthusiast.

Thank you, Mr. Moskowitz, for a glimpse into your well designed life.


Gargantua Table + InUmbra Parasol Designed by Dirk Wynants available at domus 800.432.2713

DomusAds_3.08.indd 1

3/12/08 2:53:41 PM


















3050 Peachtree RD NW

STE 145


Atlanta GA 30305

2008 sponsor









Photography SOS

Product designer Johannes Carlström and ceramicist Magdalena Nilsson of Swedish company Save Our Souls make harsh, beautiful furniture with a bittersweet aesthetic. Dark does matter and needs not be forgotten, so in addition to being desirable and functional, SOS designs stand as a reminder to the pain inflicted onto the planet. Their expressive furniture carries the weight of the world with controversial names like “Drops,” created in the shape of black drops of oil, and the “Lightning” shelves with their harsh edges made of thin metal sheets. One of SOS’ pieces from their first collection, called “Fucking Far From Ok” (FFFO), debuted at the 2006 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Words SOS

FFFO’s design was influenced, in part, by preceding natural and human-made disasters like the tsunami and regional wars. Since exhibiting at Salone Satellite, SOS is busy designing new products and adding more colors to it range.









Photography Something Blue

About 3 years ago, Philippe Oorts developed the idea of doing a project of sustainability outside the world of architecture and design but applied to the fashion industry. For Oorts, the concerned consumer realizes that the earths own resources are limited and is therefore sympathetic to products not linked to wasteful practices. The current trend lends itself to the need to be fashionable but also be socially responsible in a world where mass-production and outsourcing is critical to survive. Based in Belgium, Something Blue's designs are handmade in Antwerp by talented and environmentally conscious designers.

Words Something Blue

The SB line stands for funky, up-to-date fashion for women and girls. According to Oorts, “Our team consists of young creative fashion designers, coached by celebrities in the fashion world. All SB collections are smart and distinguished as a pioneering concept and major sustainable initiative within the Belgian fashion industry. Success for SB means an educated consumer who is aware of green alternatives in fashion. They can dress in a sustainable way knowing they have not compromised the sensibility to fashion and looking their best.



3050 PEACHTREE ROAD NW ATLANTA GA 404.926.0004 MERRICK PARK CORAL GABLES 305.774.0004 | THE GALLERIA FT LAUDERDALE 954.564.5775 | M STREET GEORGETOWN DC 202.338.3337 | MEXICO 55.5281.5655 SAO PAULO | RIO DE JANEIRO | w w w . a r t e f a c t o . c o m NO PAYMENTS AND NO INTEREST FOR 1 YEAR*

Whether hosting an intimate party or a large corporate event we offer guests, a uniquely artistic experience.

199 Armour Drive Atlanta, GA 30324 404.879.1500




ed gardens. a ’s t h r e e f e a t u r t a k i k o T n o . o f n uide for more i Reference this g

T O K I K ATA : R e a d i n g t h e c o s m o s t h r o u g h t h e g a r d e n .



s o r.

Design & Build

d to be a MA s pon

Landscape Architecture,

FOR YOUR CALENDAR: MA08 LIST OF EVENTS Siematic / Poliform Switch Wine Artefacto Tasting Party Tuesday / May 6th 6:30-8:30 pm / Free / Open to public / 1193 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GA 30318 Why save the wine for the weekend? Start out the MA08 Design is Human week of events by meeting us at Poliform SWITCH for a Wine Tasting Party featuring unique European wines for all. With your wine glass in hand, find inspiration for your kitchen, closet and home furnishings from the Poliform SWITCH interior design collection.


Wednesday / May 7th 5:30-9 pm / Free / Open to public / 3050 Peachtree Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30305

Bulthaup Party Thursday / May 8th 7-9 pm / Free / Open to public / 800 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Kitchens are living spaces. Isn’t that why everyone ends up in the kitchen at every great house party? MA will be at Siematic’s open MA will be in Bulthaup’s kitchen house at 5:30pm sharp, snooping for a cooking exhibition and a live through the premier modern kitchen interview with one of Bulthaup’s ardesign, wiggling to Brazilian chitecture partners. The company is rhythms and German techno beats. dedicated to providing a functional We'll snack on a treat prepared kitchen space no matter the shape using state-of-the-art Gaggenau or dimensions of a room. Bulthaup’s appliances to accompany our tasty ergonomic designs are created to libations. Beginning at 6:30pm, suit any need and create a space we’ll saunter through the promthat is both warm and minimalist. enade to Artefacto’s showroom for Join MA and get an intimate look at a presentation on modern furniture their innovative approach to kitchen design in today’s market. Both design. showrooms will remain open from 7-9pm. Look for both SieMatic and Artefacto installations at MA08 Design is Human Launch Party at Mason Murer, and on the Modern Home Tour.

Domus & The MA08 Design High Muse- is Human um Forum Launch Party Thursday / May 8th 8-10 pm / Free / Open to public / 1919 Piedmont Road Ne Atlanta, GA 30324 MA, Domus and the High Museum of Art welcome two Belgian designers, Dirk Wynants and Philippe Oorts, to Atlanta for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and a lecture series. Wynants, founder of and product designer for Extremis outdoor furniture, will speak on how his company has solved manufacturing problems using environmentally conscious methods and chosen eco-friendly materials for his products based on their quality and durability. Philippe Oorts, founder of Something Blue, will speak about his company’s philosophy of manufacturing sustainable women and children’s clothing while being mindful of reducing environmental impact. The reception and lecture will be hosted at Domus’ showroom, the premier retailer in Atlanta for avant-garde modern furnishings. See you there.

Friday / May 9th / 7-9 pm / Free with Home Tour ticket / $20 at door / Mason Murer 199 Armour Drive Atlanta, GA 30324 You want to be at this party. With a weekend full of events, we need to get it off to a good start. The MA08 Design is Human Launch Party is a time for us Modern Atlantans to gather, enjoy one another’s company, talk about our home tour routes and debate which of the week’s parties have left us most inspired. Beyond the drinks, food, and music you can preview and purchase pieces from H.A. Sigg’s art exhibit, peruse the High Design Showcase, and inspect architects’ modern residential models and renderings. H.A. Sigg is an artist who engages in a dialogue with the forces of nature and his inner thoughts, ever pushing familiar themes to new dimensions. Born in Switzerland, Sigg has exhibited his work throughout Europe since the 1950s. Educated in Zurich and Paris, he studied briefly with Andre Lhotte, assimilating influences as varied as Cubism, Expressionism, and Constructivism, honing his own unique blend of abstraction. The High Design Showcase will include vignettes and displays from a number of Atlanta’s design firms including a fully-designed living space from Artefacto, a modern kitchen from SieMatic, and living landscape exhibit from Tokikata. Modern home models and renderings from Dencity Design, House Walker Architecture, AlloyProjects, West Architecture, Philip Babb Architecture, TAC Studios, Phobos7, and Cre/8 will be on display with their respective architect’s and designers nearby for questions. Come by and enjoy all that MA has planned for you. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Belgium De- Modern Atsign Fashion lanta Home Fundraiser Tour Saturday / May 10th / 8:30-11 pm / $60 in advance / $70 at the door / $15 student discount / 214 Permalume Place NW Atlanta, GA 30318 MA, in collaboration with design powerhouses DOMUS and Jeffrey, and the international relief agency CARE, unite for a Belgian focused runway fashion show and design exhibit to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Darfur. Belgium based Extremis, Ann Demeulemeester, and Dries Van Noten take center stage at the event. Extremis was established in 1994 on the initiative of Dirk Wynants. Their products can be found in the most exclusive design furniture shops throughout the world or are prescribed by the world’s leading architects in a wide variety of projects. Demeulemeester’s clothes are described by others as very creative and spirited rather than trendy. Her attention to detail and unexpected fabric choices are among the traits that make her designs desirable. Demeulemeester’s collections are raw and oftentimes edgy, but always in sync to a natural rhythmic flow. Dries Van Noten’s designs are beautifully simple yet sophisticated, interlaced with classic and contemporary design elements. And, just off the heels of the Dior Homme show in Paris, Belguim-based fashion illustrator, Jarno Kettunen makes his America and Atlanta debut and captures the mood of the fashion show through his expressive “action drawings” performed live backstage.

Saturday & Sunday / May 10th & 11th / 11 am4 pm / $30 for one day / $50 for two days / Various Locations MA expects lots of company on the 2008 Modern Atlanta Home Tour. This event provides design enthusiasts and the general public with an inside look into the world of cutting-edge and distinctive modern residences in Atlanta. Beautiful contemporary homes and their designers are showcased here with the front doors wide open, and tour participants have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the city's latest residential projects from the inside out, hobnob with the architects and interior designers, explore new housing trends, and discover design solutions that inspire modern Atlanta living. The MA08 Home Tour focuses on showcasing exemplary examples for living modern through lifestyle, architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Homes range from the classic postmodern to the state-of-the-art contemporary.

Architects’ Forum

DWR Demonstration

Saturday / May 10th 6 pm / Free / Open to public / 199 Armour Drive Atlanta, GA 30324

Sunday / May 11th 3-5 pm / Free / Open to public / 2451 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, GA 30305

Join Design Within Reach and MA as we engage in an open discussion around architecture and design with some of Atlanta’s best established and emerging contemporary architecture talent. This year's theme? Designing Your Personal Space. We’ll explore the future of Atlanta’s built environment and discuss new building concepts and ideas, design philosophy and urban planing. Our panel consists of Linda O’Keeffe (moderator), Director of Architecture and Design at Metropolitan Home; Liz Martin AIA, AlloyProjects; Todd Bertsch AIA, Director of Design, CUH2A; and Tom Sandonato, Designer and Architect, kitHAUS.

MA and DWR want to introduce you to kitHAUS co-founder and designer, Tom Sandonato. Sandonato will join us in the DWR Atlanta Studio to demonstrate the simple assembly and green-friendly aspects of this innovative aluminum building system. Leave your preconceived prefab notions at the door. This is the future of modular construction installation is quick, economical and practically waste-free.

*Modern Home Building Seminar Wednesday / May 14th 7 pm / Free / Open to public / Cantoni Furniture 1011 Monroe Dr Ne Atlanta, GA 30306 Even though this event isn't part of the Design is Human feature, MA wants to make the ins and outs of the design and construction process transparent, and so promotes this seminar as a must-see. Join us along with architect Scott West and realtor Scarlett Lyda, principals of the design/build company modernhabitat as we discuss what to expect in this complex, but ultimately very rewarding process. Some items that will be discussed are finding and securing land, construction financing options and expectations, the typical design process, what to expect from your architect, working with a builder, green building programs, costs and timelines. Their short presentation will be followed by an in-depth Q&A session. * This is not a MA08 event










The MA Home Tour provides design enthusiasts and the general public with an inside look into the world of cutting-edge and distinctive residences in Atlanta. Beautiful homes and their designers are showcased here via an “open house� format, and tour participants have the opportunity to see some of the city’s latest residential projects from the inside out, meet with architects and interior designers, explore housing trends, and discover design solutions that inspire modern Atlanta living. The MA08 Home Tour focuses on showcasing exemplary examples of living modern through lifestyle, architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Homes range from the classic postmodern to the state-ofthe-art contemporary.

711 Kendall Street / 711 Kendall Street Atlanta GA / 4200 SF / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture:Â TaC studios / Contractor: TaC studios


5890 Hildebrand / 5890 Hildebrand Dr. Atlanta GA / 4200 SF / 3 bedrooms, 3 baths / Architecture: Cre 8


64 Montgomery Residence / 64 Montgomery St. Atlanta GA / 4,000 SF (heated) 500 SF (decks + balconies) 4 bedrooms, 4 baths / Architecture: Dencity LLC


Bertsch House / 817 Brookridge Drive Atlanta GA / 2500 SF livable area, 1,500 SF garage, storage / Architecture: Todd Bertsch, AIA / General Contractor: Michael Shepard Construction Co.


Nancy Creek Pool and Pool House / 2914 Nancy Creek Road NW Atlanta GA / 800 SF (pool house), 2600 SF (pool deck & pool) / Architecture: Philip Babb / General Contractor: David Coley Contracting


“Un-white House” Residence / 2595 Winslow Street Atlanta GA / 3,800 SF (conditioned) / 4 bedrooms, 3 baths / Architecture: Dencity LLC


Redbone – Serenbe House / 9230 Selborne Lane, Palmetto GA / 2100 SF / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: Charles Cameron / Engineer: Jerry Hopkins PE


Debra Johnston Home / 2730 Ridgewood Road NW Atlanta GA / Architecture:Â Knox Griffin / General Contractor: Wesley Moran / Original Construction: 1959 / Renovation: 1998


575 East Avenue / 575 East Avenue Atlanta GA / 3200SF (heated) 500 SF (decks + balconies) 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture:Â TaC studios / Contractor: Pinnacle Custom Homebuilders


The Worth House / 210 Worth Drive Atlanta GA / 8500 SF (total), 7700 SF (conditioned) / 4 bedrooms, 4 bath / Architecture:Â Firefly Design Build


Lightroom Studios / 15-B N. McDonough St Decatur GA / Architecture:Â William Carpenter, FAIA


Mauldin House / 982 Mauldin Street Atlanta GA / 2200 SF / 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths / Architecture:Â West Architecture Studio


81 Weatherby / 81 Weatherby Street Atlanta GA / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Designer:Â ConcourseE


1012 Manigault Townhomes / 1012 Manigault Street Atlanta GA / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Designer:Â ConcourseE


Nicholson Residence / 2105 Fairhaven Circle Atlanta GA / 3593 SF / 2 bedrooms, 2 baths / Architecture:Â Dencity


Gatti-Serenbe Residence / 9230 Selborne Lane, Palmetto GA / 2400 SF / Architecture: Karl deSantos / Contractor: Moon Bros. Architects and Craftsmen


Home Kithaus / 2451 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta GA / 117 SF / Architecture:Â Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann


Nancy Creek Pool and Pool House / 2914 Nancy Creek Road NW Atlanta GA / Pool House: 800 SF Pool Deck & Pool: 2,600 SF, Original 1958 House: 5,000 sf / Architecture: Philip Babb / Structure, Framing: Palmer Engineering Co. / General Contractor: David Coley Contracting / Commissioned by: Philip & Melissa Babb / Design: 2005 / Construction: 2006

711 Kendall Street / 711 Kendall Street Atlanta GA / 4200 SF / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: TaC studios / Contractor: TaC studios

64 Montgomery Residence / 64 Montgomery St. Atlanta GA / 4,000 SF (heated) 500 SF (decks + balconies) 4 bedrooms, 4 baths / Architecture: Dencity LLC

The house is organized by separating working, living and sleeping into three levels. The interplay of intimate and open spaces provides the stage for daily living and entertaining. Light penetrates throughout the residence, creating a constant dance of light and shadow. 711 Kendall has become a useful “full scale” model for clients and rarely do architects have the opportunity to practice what they preach.

The house’s design explores the relationship between different materials and their application depending on the interior space of the residence. Each opening of the house was carefully placed to not only allow an enormous amount of daylight into the house but also to create a feeling of openness between the interior spaces and their exterior adjacencies. The construction of this house has been done with extreme care and control sacrificing the advantages of a speedy construction schedule for a precise and high quality construction process.

TaC studio is a full service architectural firm. The firm is led by two principals; Jose E. Tavel and Cara B. Cumins. Our broad experience includes project types that range from single and multi-family to retail, corporate and restaurants. Our goal is to provide the highest level of services that will ensure the project's success. We apply an integrated approach to design that unites the disciplines of architecture, interior design and furniture design. We approach each project with the intent of providing a process that will stimulate the client through the design phase and ultimately, upon completion, provide a lasting experience for the visitor. Our portfolio reflects a design process that develops through collaboration; with the client, we collectively evolve the work. Each project is unique and a high degree of energy and enthusiasm is devoted to every undertaking in order to discover the natural (simple) solution for each design challenge.

The grand Magnolia tree in front of 5890, affirms the Mod-Asian influence on this unassuming 4200 sf modern home. Simple geometry transcends exterior and interior on a very human scale with CRE-8’s trademark use of light and textures that integrate into the 14 foot-high glass face central living room. Imperial red graces the oversized pivoting entrance, leading into a loft-like first floor where 24 carat gold-leaf adorns the bar, fireplace, niches and alcoves. A SieMatic kitchen with Gaggenau appliances addresses efficient kitchen functionality in a clean, bright style. The master suite is conveniently hidden in the rear half of the first floor, with a private spa like master bath. The house rounds out with two more bedrooms and a private office up the walnut cascade stairs.

The new pool and pool house occupy the former site of an asphalt tennis court. The new constructions include a large swimming pool, stone terrace, lawn, and pool house. The pool house provides a sheltered seating area, kitchen, guest room and bath. Within the confines of the original tennis court, each design element is positioned to enhance its relationship to the site and to other elements of the project. The pool is positioned to avoid morning shadows, and the pool house is sited to frame the view from the existing house.

Debra Johnston Home / 2730 Ridgewood Road NW Atlanta GA / Architecture: Knox Griffin / General Contractor: Wesley Moran / Original Construction: 1959 / Renovation: 1998 / 5000 SF This mid-century modern home was built for a family in 1959. The exterior is three shades of pale pink and beige St Joe brick.

This contemporary residence is for a professional couple and their young daughter. Bertsch hoped to create an environment that lets them focus on their small family and create a refuge for laughter, reflection and solitude.

The building materials of concrete, glass, wood, and metal were selected for their inherent beauty, contemporary expression and environmental sensitivity. All are locally produced, including a utilized green roof system and environmentally sensitive landscaping.The internal organization and external envelope respond directly to the movement of the sun. Almost no artificial lighting is required until the sun has set. The thermal mass of the envelope keeps the house evenly cooled and heated.

Owners office/separate living area, mudroom at entry with built-in storage, laundry room off owner’s suite with built-in storage and laundry sink, 1500 sq ft. deck spans south side of house and features Deckmaster fastening system to eliminate nails, large storage/utility area accessed on north side of house,Terrace level suite with separate entrance. Optional build out with full bath and kitchenette. Passive solar design utilized sun's energy to maximize natural daylight and minimize dependency on the traditional electrical grid for home's power needs. Passive solar also allows for breeze to be captured with operable windows. Exterior original site-specific architectural design Grade A FSC tongue and groove tight knot cedar siding run horizontally, decks/railings and porches are cedar, custom Norco windows: exterior finish bronze, interior to be stained natural. Insulated glass panels, metal roof and zinc gutters, custom designed xeriscape exterior landscaping eliminating traditional irrigation needs, custom built cedar shades to create privacy and shade.

To strengthen its relationship to the pool and to the surrounding site, the pool house incorporates a “lift and slide” glazed door system along its three principal elevations. When opened, the sliding doors disappear behind mahogany wall panels, effectively creating an open-air pavilion. Incorporating a four-foot overhang along the southern elevation, the roof design enhances the pavilion theme as it hovers above a continuous band of clerestory windows. Inside, a mahogany paneled “box,” containing the bathroom and storage elements, defines the living and bedroom areas.

Bertsch House / 817 Brookridge Drive Atlanta GA / 2500 SF livable area, 1,500 SF garage, storage / Architecture: Todd Bertsch, AIA / General Contractor: Michael Shepard Construction Co. / 2004 Design; 2004-2006 Construction

One enters the home through the deep concrete foundation and moves up and into the light-filled heart of the residence. The heart is an open plan that combines living, dining and play. Expanses of glass frame important views and bring nature into the home. Bedrooms on the upper floors are small and simple. 5890 Hildebrand / 5890 Hildebrand Dr. Atlanta GA / 4200 SF / 3 bedrooms, 3 baths / Designer: Cre 8

The Nancy Creek Pool & Pool House are additions to an existing mid-century modern home on Nancy Creek Road in Northwest Atlanta. As is typical of the area, the two-acre property is sloped and heavily wooded.

*Redbone-Serenbe House / 10728 Serenbe Lane Palmetto GA / 2100 SF / /3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: Charles Cameron / Engineer: Jerry Hopkins PE

“Un-white House” Residence / 2595 Winslow Street Atlanta GA / 3,800 SF (conditioned) / 4 bedrooms, 3 baths / Architecture: Dencity LLC Designed for a bachelor, the client’s wish was to have something nice to look at from every space. The house’s spine cuts through the middle of the house dividing the open floor plan social spaces on one side and the private bedrooms on the other. Views of the exterior pool are framed from the master suite, kitchen, and media rooms. The living room cantilevers out towards the front of the house framing views of neighborhood street life. One of the main wishes of the client was that he did not wish for any white surfaces within the house and as a result this house is often referred to as the “un-white house.”

The home is situated on a wooded one acre lot facing east with a large pool. The house itself is horizontal with large fascia boards that create a band around the exterior. It is also evident in the living room, which the only vertical space in the house. It has a flat roof system with a slight pitch in the center. There are 4 bedrooms and 5 baths with hardwood and slate flooring throughout. In 1998 the home was completely renovated. In 2001, it won Metropolitan Home’s “Home of the Year” Award. All of the custom cabinets in the kitchen and baths are cherry wood. The fixtures in the bathrooms and the door hardware are Arne Jacobson. There is also an original Arne Jacobson Artichoke light hanging in the dining room. The master suite was added during the renovation and matches the original architecture. It is a 3 sided glass box on stilts that connects to the house. The master bath also features clearstory windows, beautiful marble countertops, a double steam shower, and 2 walk-in closets.

575 East Avenue / 575 East Avenue Atlanta GA / 3200SF (heated) 500 SF (decks + balconies) 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: TaC studios / Contractor: Pinnacle Custom Homebuilders Nestled in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, this residence was built for a young couple desiring to create a sophisticated urban oasis that will provide for their living needs, their home/office requirements and their growing art collection accommodation. The long narrow house features a small private garden with a fountain. Multiple balconies and patios expand the interior to the exterior space. The roof terrace, with recycled rubber pavers, provides a private “yard” and features skyline views. This house was awarded the EarthCraft House “Premium” certification. This is the highest status awarded under the EarthCraft House program. The program is a green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthier, more comfortable homes, which reduce utility bills and protect the environment.

The Worth House / 210 Worth Drive Atlanta GA / 8500 SF (total), 7700 SF (conditioned) / 4 bedrooms, 4 bath / Architecture: Firefly Design Build Set on 1.7 acres in Sandy Springs, this three level house shares the north boundary of Chastain Park (City of Atlanta) with an almost 500 foot property line. The site was selected to take advantage of this feature as the park affords privacy (no one will build on Chastain Park) and the availability to have the house work directly with the environment. The house sits over 100 feet back from the end of Worth Drive and has been massed with smaller volumes leading to larger, giving the appearance that the house is smaller than it actually is. Through form, construction, materiality and color, the different areas of the house and the landscape are locked together both horizontally and vertically. Being of the environment and respecting the relationship the house has with the land was the starting point for many sustainable elements to be incorporated into the design. Day lighting is an important design consideration and through careful window placement and skylights, artificial lights generally do not need to be turned on during the day. Rapid growth materials such as bamboo flooring were installed on the ground and second floor common areas. To take advantage of the three stories and the temperature difference between floors, a high-efficiency fan regulated by sensors, moves air throughout the volumes for a more comfortable environment. Many features inside the home and in the landscaping are zero to low maintenance to save upkeep time and resources. Many more features can be listed to describe the quality of house, the cabinetry, appliances, counters, etc – for indeed no expense was spared to achieve the clarity of space and the quality of construction. But for all that can be described here, the real character of the Worth House lies in experiencing the home.

an exciting enclave of contemporary homes. Given the small size of the lot and the desire to preserve a grand old oak tree on the property, it quickly became apparent in the design process that the house would need to be more vertically oriented – hence the relatively small footprint, but 3-story height.

Lightroom Studios / 15-B N. McDonough St Decatur GA / Architecture: William Carpenter, FAIA The program called for parking two cars, a model shop and utility room, an entry stair, a large studio space, kitchen, guest room, two baths and a loft bedroom. A roof terrace was requested to overlook the historic town square. The project is located within a very sensitive fire district in the core of downtown Decatur. This project solution is about the compression and expansion of space. The project is a wooden volume placed within a concrete container--these materials contrast the industrial loft feel with the warmth of a jewelry box. As one enters the building through the courtyard and up the entry stair, the space contracts and compresses. Moving through and under the wooden box, the space decompresses and expands to reveal the historic 1870’s era building in front (a lawyer's office) and the view to the town square of Decatur to the north. In the other direction are the train tracks that activate the views periodically, like a film, with the colors of the train cars moving through the view from the studio. A large oak tree shades the glazing in the summer months. The Atlanta skyline and Decatur Square are visible from the roof terrace. Materials, Engineering Systems and Other Pertinent Technical Information The materials relate to the historic house (made of scored paint, stucco and native Georgia materials such as cypress, maple and pine). Concrete masonry units, structural steel and precast lintels, fire shutters and sprinkler systems. Glass is argon filled with UV inhibitors. Cypress is sealed with UV inhibitors and water-based sealers are specified throughout the interior and exterior. Recycled concrete blocks, hard coat natural stucco with metal galvanized bead edges, porous concrete slabs to allow root growth and water saturation of tree roots, Georgia cypress 4” tongue and groove cypress (from a sustainable forestation program in South Georgia Swamps, trussjoist roof frame and smooth cedar plywood soffits. Four inch Recessed halogen lighting. Careful arborist input was sought and implemented to care for the existing water oak trees.

In this home, as with all West Architecture Studio projects, there is an emphasis on very site-specific design and seamless integration of the home with the outdoors. This was achieved in obvious moves such as the large glass roll-up door opening the living space onto a private, small, but lush courtyard garden with an outdoor fireplace and waterfall pond and in less obvious ways such as the careful integration of the house’s exterior volume with the existing tree canopies and the semi-enclosed microgarden space that acts as a welcoming transition at the house’s entry. The house features low-maintenance exterior materials and drought-resistant landscaping. Impeccable detailing was achieved on a relatively modest budget through judicious use of quality materials and efficient use of space.

are supplied via its solar hot water system. These features not only help offset energy costs, but decrease the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. One of Manigault’s most distinctive and innovative features is its living vegetated wall. A large portion of the front facade consists of a suspended steel matrix that was designed to be enveloped by plants growing from the ground level. This screen will not only serve as an intriguing organic architectural feature, but will act as an oxygen and habitat creating thermal barrier for the building.

Nicholson Residence / 2105 Fairhaven Circle Atlanta, GA / 3593 SF / 2 bedrooms, 2 baths / Architecture: Dencity

**81 Weatherby / 81 Weatherby Street Atlanta GA / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: ConcourseE 81 Weatherby is a single-family, Greensphere 3 (LEED Platinum equivalent), modern green home located in Reynoldstown. One of the first residential structures in Atlanta to incorporate a green roof, 81 Weatherby is a ground-breaking model of modern design and environmental consciousness. Its green roof captures up to 80% of storm runoff, acts as a thermal barrier, insulates, and eliminates the heat island effect traditional black shingle roofs create. Inside, 81 Weatherby has a large open floor-plan which consists of a floating office/bedroom. Supported by 3 main beams underneath, the floating/office bedroom is a room within a room giving it a ‘floating’ appearance.

Kithaus / 2451 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta GA / 117 SF / Architecture: Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann Designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, this 9’x13’ structure redefines conventional prefab with its proprietary clamping system that makes installation quick, economical and practically wastefree. Kithaus can tuck into any area, even remote locations, without needing ultraheavy equipment. All of the lightweight, anodized aluminum pieces are pre-cut and drilled in Southern California and shipped to you for on-site assembly. Installation is fast, taking only a few days, and Kithaus is built with eco-friendly components.

The Nicholson Residence has four major factors that will separate it from most homes in Atlanta.

* Home is open from 9am-4pm. The community of Serenebe is a 30 minute drive from downtown Atlanta.

The first factor is the home was designed and built exclusively by Dencity LLC. We took the project from concept to completion.

** Home may still be under construction. Interior tours may not be available.

The second factor is the house was built in a flood plain. The original house was flood damaged and consequently torn down. We had to design and build a home that fit exactly inside the footprint of the original home. The home also had to be elevated 7’-6” above grade to deal with future flood water levels. So the entire ground level can be flooded and the concrete and steel will not need to be rebuilt, only cleaned up. The third factor is the home was designed for a bachelor so it is extremely open both physically and visually. The need for rooms and privacy was diminished dramatically by the owner’s lifestyle requirements. The final factor has to do with the flood plain issue as well. Because the land is deemed unbuildable except for the grandfather clause of building on top of the existing damaged house, it was not highly sought after by potential buyers. Because of its challenging nature the owner was able to secure a gracious and secluded lot right off of Peachtree Street in the heart of Peachtree Hills.

**1012 Manigault Townhomes / 1012 Manigault Street Atlanta GA / 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths / Architecture: ConcourseE

Mauldin House / 982 Mauldin Street Atlanta GA / 2,200 SF (heated) / 1,240 SF (garage, decks, courtyard) / 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths / Architecture: West Architecture Studio This home was built on a small (40’x150’) urban infill lot in the Reynoldstown neighborhood located between Inman Park and East Atlanta that is quickly becoming

1012 is a two-unit modern green town home located in Reynoldstown. A Greensphere 3 (LEED Platinum equivalent) home, 1012 Manigault boasts a large living space with incredibly high-energy efficiency. Not only are the units energy efficient, but they also produce 40-60% of their power via the solar panels mounted on the roof. In addition to solar power, 1012 Manigault also uses solar energy to heat its hot water. Up to 95% of Manigault’s hot water need

*Gatti-Serenbe Residence / 9230 Selborne Lane Atlanta GA / 2400 SF / Architecture: Karl deSantos / Contractor: Moon Bros. Architects and Craftsmen Inspired by a nearby historic early 1900’s barn. Like the barn, soaring open spaces and balanced geometry define the extraordinary effects of this one bedroom contemporary house.



/ Classic Modernist

good design award

+SEGMENTO kitchen featured in Marsh Oak and Mineral Beige

For over 115 years, Poggenpohl has pioneered modern and classic kitchen design. Today we’re the world’s leading luxury kitchen brand with over 60 cabinet styles. Our emphasis on using sustainable products gives our kitchens a distinctly superior edge. The incomparable luxury of owning a Poggenpohl kitchen is a truly worthwhile investment.

Email: t XXX

Visit our Poggenpohl Studio at: NEW LOCATION Pacific Design Center Visit Poggenpohl 8687 our Melrose Avenue, Studio Suite B at: 188 Los Angeles, 100 CA 90069 TERMINUS 310-289-4901 3280 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 125

Atlanta, GA 30305 404-816-7275


A t l a n t a ’s p r e m i e r m o d e r n f u r n i t u r e s h o w r o o m r o c k s o n

in our new location just across the street.

N o w f e a t u r i n g t h e n e w M i n o t t i R O C K S TA R c o l l e c t i o n ,

your wildest dreams really can come true.

805 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30308

404.228.4600 www.spacemoder

BELGIUM: IN DEMAND From impressive architecture to the coolest looking products imaginable, Belgian creativity is in high demand and has gained a solid reputation for pioneering design and cuttingedge fashion. In an exclusive MA collaborative project, DOMUS and Jeffrey, two Atlanta powerhouses in international design and fashion, along with international relief agency, CARE, unite in a special effort to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Darfur. Belgium’s top designer brands showcased in this exclusive event include Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Extremis.


ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Ann Demeulemeester is an internationally acclaimed Belgian fashion designer who lives in Antwerp in a 1926 Le Corbusier-designed pavilion. In 1987, Demeulemeester debuted onto the fashion scene when she and five other students rented a truck and headed to London with their designs to show at London Fashion Week. Because no one could pronounce their names properly, they were dubbed “The Antwerp Six;” and although they hardly knew one another and had very different visions for fashion design, the name has endured over the years and is now legendary. Demeulemeester's clothes are described by others as very creative and spirited, rather than trendy. Her attention to detail and unexpected fabric choices are among the traits that makes her designs desirable. Demeulemeester’s collections are raw, oftentimes edgy but always in sync to a natural rhythmic flow. In 2007 Demeulemeester opened her new shop (located in Seoul), designed by MASS STUDIES. In Atlanta, you can buy Ann Demeulemeester at Jeffrey, located in Phipps Plaza, 3500 Peachtree Road NE, across from Lenox Square.

DRIES VAN NOTEN Antwerp’s own Dries Van Noten is third generation in a family of tailors. In the 1980s, he was one of the original Antwerp Six who descended onto the London fashion scene helping jump start his professional career in designer fashion. At the young age of 16, he began his studies at the fashion section of the Antwerp Royal Academy. While studying, he worked as a freelance designer for commercial collections and established Belgian designers. As a graduate, he continued freelancing while developing his own haute couture collection. Dries Van Noten’s designs are beautifully simple yet sophisticated, interlaced with classic and contemporary design elements. In 2007, he opened his second-ever shop in Paris and now sells his men’s, women’s and accessories collections all over the world. In addition to his boutiques in Antwerp, Paris, and Hong Kong, Dries Van Noten works in partnership with some four hundred boutiques in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. In Atlanta you can find Dries Van Noten at Jeffrey.

EXTREMIS Extremis was established in 1994 through the initiative of Dirk Wynants. The company started very modestly with the creation of the multifunctional Gargantua garden table. From the tiny village of Gijverinkhove in the ‘Westhoek,’ a far-off corner in the Province of West Flanders, Extremis managed to secure a firm position on the international design scene. From the very outset, a major part of the production was meant for the international markets, as the home market could not provide the necessary continuity. In its major markets, Extremis works with a network of agents and importers who are aware of the local market dynamics. Extremis products can be found in the most exclusive design furniture shops throughout the world and are prescribed by the world’s leading architects in a wide variety of projects. Ever since Extremis was established they have been recognized and rewarded for being innovative and trendsetting in the field of contemporary design.







Photography CARE

The current conflict in Darfur is complex, caused by a host of political, social, economic and environmental problems. The result is a humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people. The conflict erupted in early 2003. Fighting among various factions has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced more than two million, most escaping to larger towns where they stay in camps for “internally displaced people,” and some crossing the border into Chad, where they live in refugee camps, straining local resources. Attacks on civilians during the conflict have been brutal and include burning homes, killing and rape. CARE has been active since April 2004 and currently provides direct humanitarian assistance to over 526,000 war-affected people in Darfur and in neighboring Chad. CARE’s work includes water and sanitation, community services and distribution of food and other relief.

Words CARE



b.s. in architecture master of architecture m.s. / advanced architectural design m.s. / building ecology + emerging technologies m.s. / classical design m.s. / computation, composition + construction m.s. / urban design Georgia Tech Solar Decathlon 2007 International Competition House Project Leaders: Professors Ruchi Choudhary, Russell Gentry, Chris Jarrett, and Franca Trubiano

G+G Gamble and Gamble Architecture . Interiors . Planning











FOR CREATIVE SOULS ywriting, ection, Cop ir D rt A & n ction, L for Desig ing Art Dire is rt e v THE SCHOO d A , cture edia Archite Design & M on y & Illustrati Photograph


E N T E R .C O M

x 26








Belgium-based young Finnish illustrator talent Jarno Kettunen is dedicated to high fashion, lifestyles and luxury. He has developed a highly personalized and expressive style inspired by the traditional techniques of fine arts. After he was asked in January 2007 to draw backstage at the 2007 Wendy & Jim Homme fashion show in Paris, Jarno Kettunen’s unique illustrations have been in increasing demand in the world of designer fashion and luxury. In his young career as an illustrator, Kettunen is best known for his action drawings that he makes directly backstage at designer fashion shows. These spontaneous sketch-like drawings describe the

Illustrations Jarno Kettenun

Words MA vs. Jarno Kettenun

collection and the mood of the show in an expressive manner. After the show the drawings are exhibited and published in magazines and books. At his studio in Brussels, he also makes artistic illustrations of the latest high fashion collections and coming trends by using photographs and his inside knowledge of the fashion industry as inspiration. Recently MA caught up with Kettunen in Antwerp, Belgium.


62 How did the technique evolve?

Absolutely. Usually I want to know how the collection looks before I go on site so that I can select the proper material for artistic expression.

So there is considerable preparation involved?

I select the technique according to the collection and what I see. When I’m asked to draw, I take as much material as possible and try to learn as much about the event as possible.

What are your preferences in art material?

Most recently, I participated in NOOVO festival for international fashion and photography. There I was asked to draw the collections of designers Boudicca, Mikio Sakabe, Romain Kremer, Eley Kishimoto, Gareth Pugh, Patrik Söderstam, and Petar Petrov. Some of these designers are more established and others are emerging talent. I have also drawn for the Wendy&Jim Homme Collection which took place in Paris.

Who are some of the designers you’ve worked with?

The idea for action drawing is based on my knowledge of the fashion industry and in fashion trends. I create them backstage at fashion shows. They are bought to life really fast just before the models hit the runway. The purpose is to make an artistic expression and presentation of the collection and of the mood around the collection at the show.

MA found your work on the Belgium website Addictlab, and because we loved your work with fashion, contacted you to participate in Design Is Human in Atlanta, Georgia. Tell us about the concept of action drawings?

I studied art in Brussels and I have a master’s degree in graphic design.

Where did you study art?

I come from Helsinki, Finland but I am based in Brussels, Belgium. I’ve been living in Brussels for six years.

Jarno, where are you originally from?


I like the idea and with Design Is Human you have the fashion show. It has Belgium designers and I love their collections, which of course is a big reason for me.

You are participating in Design Is Human. What made you decide to accept?

My first break was doing the Wendy&Jim show in Paris. I had introduced myself to them and showed them my work. They proposed their project to me. Since then people have been noticing my work.

What was your first break?

I am more inspired by techniques of fine arts. I like the technical part, for example using traditional materials but doing very spontaneous drawings. Also the way of perception, looking at things, I draw the model without looking at the paper which makes the artwork more personal.

Inspiration? What inspires you to draw?

Not really, actually I’m just starting out but opportunities keep popping up to give me more exposure. For example, my participation in NOOVO festival caught the eye of and was featured in Diane Pernet‘s fashion blog which got me lots of exposure. I’ve received very positive feedback because of it.

Have you had the opportunity to work outside of Europe?

I’m very comfortable working with classical drawings and photography for inspiration which can be used in more detailed illustrations as in advertising or fashion magazines.

What lies in the future for Jarno Kettunen?

It began during my studies. There was a level of experimentation out of my love for fashion and drawing models. I think the style fits very well in context to fashion.



Philip Babb Architect

Urban Courtyard Houses - Atlanta, Georgia



8:48 AM

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© 2008 Design Within Reach, Inc. The Tulip Armchair is manufactured by Knoll® according to the exacting specifications of the designer.


T H E S O U R C E F O R F U L LY L I C E N S E D C L A S S I C S™ 2 4 5 1 P E A C H T R E E R O A D N E , AT L A N TA , G A 3 0 3 0 5 | 4 0 4 . 8 4 1 . 2 4 7 1 | W W W. D W R . C O M



H.A. SI H.A. Sigg engages in a dialogue with the forces of nature and his inner thoughts, ever pushing familiar themes to new dimensions. Born in Switzerland, Sigg has exhibited his work throughout Europe since the 1950s. Educated in Zurich and

Paris, he studied briefly with Andre Lhotte, assimilating influences as varied as Cubism, Expressionism, and Constructivism, honing his own unique blend of abstraction. His work is in numerous public and private collections throughout Europe and the United States, including Union Bank of Switzerland; Pfizer Inc.; the Barbier-Mueller Collection,

GG Geneva; Buehrle Collection, Zurich; and the Kunsthaus, Zurich, among others. His large-scale public murals and commissioned works in stained glass are permanently installed in the University of Zurich; Hotel Marriott, Zurich; the Church of Fribourg and Siemens Corporation, Iselin, New Jersey.

MA is proud to include the works of H.A. Sigg as part of the MA 08 Design is Human event. Sigg’s works will be exhibited and available for purchase at the Mason Murer gallery during the MA08 Design is Human Opening Night event through June 15, 2008. MA would like to thank Legacy Advocacy and

Mason Murer for bringing the Sigg exhibit to Atlanta. To learn more about H.A. Sigg and to view his work, please visit:



When you purchase your home tour ticket, you are automatically entered to win the Nais wire chair designed by Alfredo Häberli for Classicon. The chair will be on display at Mason Murer Fine Art from May 6-9, 2008, courtesy Domus-Atlanta. The winner will be presented with the Nais at the Design Is Human launch party on May 9. Deadline for entry is 9:30 pm, May 9, 2008 and restrictions may apply.

Alfredo Häberli on Nais “To make a chair made of titanium wire was one of my dreams. A chair made of very, very little wire is the reality. The wires of the seat run lengthwise (all other benches and chairs run crosswise!), and this detail makes comfortable sitting possible with less wire. Surely you know why. And up until now no other designer has seen it this way. "A sketch, an unfinished drawing. is something wonderful. While working on Nais, the chair was always in front of me - in graphite. The plan was to execute it in titanium, an idea that has persevered since the first sketch.”


SOME PEOPLE SIT. SOME PEOPLE STAND. Great architecture usually makes its way to an admiring public via a finished project. Yet rarely do we acknowledge the creative minds or processes behind what is seen. MA wanted to change that, so recently we invited some of Atlanta’s most talented contemporary architects to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art for a historic group photo. We also invited a few of Atlanta’s own top designer showrooms to participate by supplying iconic chairs created by some of the biggest names in design.

Some people standing (l to r) Robert Trestch / Harrison Design, Staffan Svenson / Dencity Design, Scott West / West Architecture Studio, Bryan Russell / Dencity Design, Valeria Valencia / Dencity Design, Magda Bach / Magda Bach Architect, Michael Gamble/ G+G Architects, Jose Tavel / TaC Studios, William Carpenter / Lightroom, Hank Houser/Houser Walker Architecture, Greg Walker / Houser Walker Architecture, Ken Higa / Lord, Aeck & Sargent, Jude LeBlanc / Jude LeBlanc Architect, Todd Berstch / CUH2A Some people sitting (l to r) Dawn Bennett / Harrison Design, Lee Ann Gamble / G+G Architects, Amanda Orr / G+G Architects, Cara Cummins / TaC Studios, Tobin Mansfield / SieMatic, Philip Babb / Philip Babb Architect, Amy Leathers / Lord, Arck & Sargent Chairs that sit and stand (l to r) Pylon by Tom Dixon for Cappellini, Gregory Stool by Gregory Lacoua for Ligne Roset, LCW by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, Louis Ghost by Philippe Starck for Kartell, Nais by Alfredo Haberli for Classicon Wiggle by Frank Gehry for Vitra






, aracters etric ch f contrasts m o e g n o betwee juxtaposition a lways a s a reating h ation at- c rhythms. n g ty ta ie s x f n ao na and the , The ide rtansso b serif in fán Kja fjörður, Iceland la te s S t s n e ie v giv iglu hea orn in S design It is the tacks. B BA in graphic . 3 9 9 . 1 d is s in worl he got h háskóli Ísland faces, ta e p is L ty e m s fro ha n and r to purc ver. Too poo making his ow ctive slab E d u e tr rt s n he sta a deco As soon d GOR, release Garagefonts. res h it the sho serif, w rnet reached his te e as the in ík, Stefán mad a job in v to ja k d y le e of R hich . In bsite, w ning e w n w o d ig s e rk d o nw e , GA Atlanta ve years, Stefá signer de t fi the nex om interactive e birth fr r th y e a ft w A r. his ecto ir d e v unded ti o to crea Thor, he co-f , rmchair on of his s tive agency, A uch c s ra the inte ected projects ative dir s a s a cre h d n a ’s M5. A s designing la o -C a c as Co ntinue tic tefán co g the humanis S t, e tl in ou lay d p lu is the d es, inc typefac Reykjavik and / Y S P ith rif sans se hair Modern w lack c ,B e rm c A t fa r pe fon latest ty tly released fo is H . S n P e O c re ly n s o wa re’s Slabbath For Them. The bath that b rk la o S W k lac You about B : the razor-thin g in th k e c on bla nd lossally rough a isn’t co ce. It slices th pa white s

raphy Photog rd y Kevin B


Quality appliances, faucets and sinks for the modern home

Distinctive Vacuums & Appliances 1885 Piedmont Rd (Near Cheshire Bridge Rd)


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river dwelling silent



Modern living at its finest River Dwelling is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath modern vacation home in the North Georgia Mountains that sits on a quiet stretch of the Toccoa River, across from the Chattahoochee National Forest and a short drive from Blue Ridge, Georgia. Sitting high on its concrete pedestal, River Dwelling guests are treated to the spectacular surroundings of old growth pines, oaks, and the hypnotic rhythms of the river. architect :: robert a. tretsch iii, aia, leed ap :: harrison design associates


2007 EarthCraft Renovator of the Year

CUSTOM COURTYARD HOMES AND H O M E S I T E S AVA I L A B L E N O W A place where life is not just lived ‌ a place where life is defined. Nestled on 158 pristine acres on the serene Gulf shore of northwest Florida, Alys Beach is created with the highest standards for beauty, sustainability, and quality of life. White masonry homes are inspired by the architecture of Bermuda and Antigua, Guatemala. Courtyards meld indoor and outdoor spaces. Parks and trails preserve the wonder of a unique coastal habitat. A place to rediscover the pure blessing of living. Homesites from $415,000 0 Rowhouses from $1,178,000 0 Resort Homes from $1,900,000

1.877.259.5500 P R E V I E W












Words Bernard Mccoy


An American developer’s obsession to build thoughtful high-end speculative homes based both on his personal taste and his mission to promote a style that is ultra modern and minimal, presented a departure from the more traditional residential architecture he was accustomed to building and seeing. He insisted everything about this project be Italian, except for its America location, and commissioned Milan-based architecture studio C&A (Caimi and Asnaghi) to design a speculative project. The result, “Made In Italy,” positioned in the most prestigious residential quarter of Phoenix, Paradise Valley. After several site visits, countless meetings, and many hours of research, C&A architects and designers Dario Caimi, Franco Asnaghi, and Matteo Caimi built a beautiful contemporary Italian-designed villa that is meticulously detailed. It emerges harmoniously from its hilly and rocky terrain, typical of the region, with breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain. The planimetric disposition of this residential project allows a desirable isolation with wide panoramic views that include the city’s extended skyline. The concept of the project was to maximize transparency by having both view and nature going in, through, and exiting the house. Such positioning has suggested the planning of transparent spaces in continuous dialogue with its surrounding natural environment. It is fittingly named Glass House. The architects and designers paid particular attention to the balance of natural and artificial light.


The Glass House is also notable for its main structural feature, a purposely exposed iron skeleton: “The heavy beams are a key structural element indeed but also give the illusion of extending into the side of the mountain resulting in a dynamic projection rising from the mountain upwards to the sky," says Matteo Caimi. The client’s choice to keep the project fluent Italian inside as well as out resulted in C&A's responsibility for all interior design. Even objects of common use (linen for everyday use, accessories for the bath and kitchen) exemplify the Made in Italy brand. Glass House has been featured in Interni and Casa D magazines. C&A’s second project in Paradise Valley is already underway with its model and renderings on exhibit at Mason Murer, part of Design Is Human launch activities, Friday, May 9. C&A ARCHITECTURE italy 39 0362 70880 usa 404.522.5769








Design at its intrinsic reality is solution-based. The context may vary, but smart design always delivers the same results: clarification and simplification of otherwise complex problems. The best also make it look good. Everyday tasks can always be made easier, faster and more pleasurable. By blending materialscience into simple machines, Fusionbrands does just that. For over three years, the Atlanta-based company has been creating playful and unique culinary gems aimed to simplify the cooking experience. Kraigh and Anna Stewart launched Fusionbrands in 2005 with their flagship product, The Food Loop, the first heat resistant silicone food trussing tool. Designed to replace kitchen string and toothpicks in the food prep and cooking process, The Food Loop not only provides an effective solution, but presents itself with a colorfully-sleek and modern exterior.

Photography Fusionbrands

Words Farbod Kokabi

The overwhelmingly positive response to The Food Loop allowed Fusionbrands to expand their product line with equally efficient and chic kitchen tools such as the Drizzlestick, Poachpod and a family of Food Loop offshoots. Their latest venture is the intergalacticallyinfluenced Ice Orb, the world’s first vertical ice tray. The Ice Orb’s multi-use design reaches far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary ice tray, allowing it to double as a mini-cooler. Make it, chill it, serve it, store it. Smart design prevails. Learn more about Fusionbrands and their line of innovative products:


When looking for Modern real estate in Atlanta‌ I specialize in the nuances of modern architecture and design-centric properties. Contact me to help you ďŹ nd your dream property or to uniquely market and sell your home.

Debra Johnston 404.312.1959 • 404.261.6300

mido rdn

ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS VIALE BRIANZA 18 - 20036 MEDA (MI) - ITALY TEL. +39.036270880 - FAX +39. 036272920

alloy projects |

alloy forms unique collaborations for each project through practice, research, and exhibition. alloy projects is a design consultancy with offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

An alloy combines two or more materials or ideas by fusion making it stronger.

For us there is rarely a separation between life and work.

We bring the power of creative thought with the ability to make it happen.

We are simply not an office like any other.

We put a lot of value in craftsmanship, precise craftsmanship.

A passion for design is the foundation for us.

Alloy Projects is about different people coming together with design as a common language. We believe in the ability of good design to transform culture.

We do more than collaborate; we build on each others ideas. We look at the connections between elements.

We believe in making the ordinary extraordinary. Our aim is to deliver the best possible experience to both clients and end users.

alloy projects | contact: liz martin | los angeles | atlanta | | [t] 323. 377. 0465 | copyright Š alloy projects, 2008

Dencity LLC is an Atlanta-based design-construction firm focused purely on modern architecture in residential and commercial environments.

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© Pictures by Anka Van Raemdonck I model: Rosalie Goots

sustainable • ecological • socially responsible • fair wear

Something Blue is the first sustainable fashion label in Europe. Handmade in Antwerp, Europe's fashion capital,








Something Blue uses high quality fabrics, which were not produced but rather not used. Something Blue has a heart for ecology and a sustainable society.

All information: 0032 473 470 817

fair wear, handmade in Antwerp

Architects and designers appreciate that Cruickshank Remodeling speaks their language. Innovative design, quality construction practices and a deep respect for clients energize our work. Contact us to learn about collaboration. 1079 Alco Street, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30324 Phone: 404.235.0988

Modern and eco-friendly, concrete is the ideal material for contemporary homes. Our services include concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds,outdoor furniture and customized kitchen and bathroom renovations. 390 W Pike ST, Suite 304 Lawrenceville, GA 30045 Neil Deshpande, 678 296 3419

Premium Japanese Green Teas / Tibetan Sorig (Medicinal) Herbal Tisanes / Japanese Cast-Iron Teapots / Tea Gift Sets / Organic and Free Trade 877-321-5889

DUCSHOP: If you own a Ducati, there’s no other place! 963 Industrial Pk Dr. NE Marietta GA 30062 678-594-7717



True urban nomads know how to make the most of their nontraditional environment. From living in lofts to enjoying time with mom and dad at the cafe, or playing in the park, there’s no limit to the excitement downtown offers the modern day child. MA sent photographer Jorge Menes to Castleberry Hill Loft District to hang out with two young, energetic and modern kids– Asa and Thor.

Photography Jorge Menes

Wardrobe Stylist Sonya Boissard

Thor, 7 Midtown West

Asa, 5 Castleberry Hill


Asa’s white embroidered tank top and yellow shorts with green piping provided by Something Blue.

We don’t know what Thor’s wearing.

Philippe Oortz, founder of Something Blue visits the Domus showroom in Atlanta to speak on Sustainability in Fashion. 97

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