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Your Essential Guide To DJ Technolog


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DISPLAY THROUGH MARCH 2002 Off. 200/ $4.95US $6.50CAN


P5-7DDJ Rail-glide 45 mm assignable and removable cross fader Rotary balance and master output controls Neutrik combo XLR/1/4" mic connector

Slereo channels 3 Phono, 8 line and 2 mic inputs with talkover and tone controls Balanced outputs Cut feature for low, mid and high for each channel




8 Ohm Sub

8 Ohm Mains tn nun at 31tVIKllUtl Iperctainiu mwnnuu ISOWMIMIIII 4 Ohm Mains MM Eicoounindtd 3se«Musa niwwimu IRW cfu«n«ll

Ch Mode


4 aim Sun


> Ohm Silt Htwuiisit 1B5W«I«IB1 530W«tS»b 750 W«l Kilns

• • • •

3 channel amp powers subs and satellite speakers Built -in, selectable Linkwitz Rily crossover Can be switched to 2 channel full range amplifier Switchable low frequency boost


ttlua 221 WC

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XTR-4DU Speaker System • • • • •

Contains 1 XTR-400 sub and 2 GT-1002 satellite speakers Sub contains amp which powers subs and satellites via speaker ou Amplifier has built in electronic crossover XTR-400 sub: 15" ported sub with 4 casters for easy transport GT-1002 satellites: 10" woofer w/dual piezo horn with stand mount cup. Fits perfectly on top of sub for easy transport • 820 Watts total • SPEAKER STANDS NOT INCLUDED

© 2001 Gemini Sound Products Corp. 8 Germak Drive, Carteret, NJ 07008 Phone:732-969-9000 Fax:732-969-9090 E-mail: Website: OFFICES: Florida • France • Germany • Spain • United Kingdom

VSn 8GQQ6 V3 'soialiuv 30 oaijou jnotfjiM i>Buttt(3 01 TO A.iii/\ Airy\j asijgt jattatg » (fi-i

jssajppe i/BUJ-a jnoA sn aniB pue luoo'lpueouaujB'MMnn ojuo 607

aAiayo\/ no/ Luoo-fpueoijaiue&ojui . LEed'EEC'DOB •eajB unoA ui ja/esp pazijoyyne ue pue Bo/eyeo aajj e joj Aepoy sn joejuog

•sduie-] MOOS '-a6e.iano3 waag api/\/\ '.swejBojd BuisBtjg '.sweag djei/s 'aj/i//|/|

•jdliojiuos jno )/oe/g 51 sduje-] 'sa/qej Buiyui-f '531/6/7 XJ fr ujnies xf '-sapniouf MOHS1H3H ±NV±SNI

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained In this edition of Mobile Beat's annual Gear Book. However, because the Information presented here has been supplied by a variety of sources, the publisher can make no representations that the information presented here is absolutely accurate, complete. 1 and free from errors. Errors and omissions can occur. The publisher does nol assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any FOBS or damage claimed to relate to errors or omissions, whether they resufi from negligence, accldenl or any other cause.

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• Reid Goldshorough • • Jim Kerins • • Mike Starnes • ' Thomas Edison •

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$28.95 for 100, Case of 500 for $125

1..Sâ„¢ Mini LigliSHi $1 4.95 for 50, Case of 1 000 for $250 $29.95 for 50, Case of 500 for $250

\V 6" LithfStleks 50 for $42.95, Case of 500 for $400

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Have you just taken your first step into the amazing world of DJing? Or are you a sea­ soned veteran looking to upgrade your equipment arsenal? Whoever you are, Gear Book 2002 is here, with product listings and company contact info to get you started on your search for the "right stuff." It will help you get a firm grasp on the choices available and will point you in the right direction for further research. Every year we see interesting new items listed in the Gear Book. In this edition, we have added MP3 controllers to the CD playei category to indicate how this new technology has followed the popular dual-CD model. Predicted in this space a year ago, these units are now a reality. From dual turntables to dual CDPs to twin MP3 interfaces, it's clear that creative mixing requires a certain "duality." While MP3 continues to take root in the DJ jungle (see also the mixer and karaoke categories this time around), gear manufac­ turers will keep on coming up with new ways to help you get the job done—and have fun in the process. If you have a grip on the mobile or club/scratch DJ scene (or both!), you'll find plenty inside to get your creative juices flowing.






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5wbp-5 way binding post A-aux" AC-alternating current ASC-anti skate correction ASM-anti-shock memory AT-adjustable tonearm B-booth* BS-barrier strip C-controller cap-capacity CD+G-CD with graphics cir-circuit CL-current limit CLS-cue point, loop, sample access buttons comp-compression driver con dir-constant directivity (horn) D-C-dust cover dB-decibel DC-direct current dia-diaphram DO-digital output DVD-digital video/versatile disc EQ-equalizer F-fader FCS-fader cue start (moving crossfader triggers CD play) FF-ferrofluid g, kg-gram, kilogram ham-hamster switch HF-high frequency HPh-headphone Hz, kHz-Hertz, kiloHertz (K)-designed for karaoke use L-line, limited (warranty)* L-R-Linkwitz-Riley filters LCD-liquid crystal diode display LED-light emitting diode display M-master m-mono mag-magnet, magnetic MAS-mechanical anti-shock mic=microphone MIDI-Musical Instrument Digital Interface MSRP-manufacturer's sugested retail price N-combo-Neutrik™ combo jack (1/4"TRS + XLR) NF-no fault O-overload n-Ohms P-player Ph-phono* pzt-piezo tweeter R-record' rec-receiver rep-replaceable rev-reverse RF-radio frequency RGL-retractable guide light RMS-Root/Mean/Square (power measurement method) RP-relay playback (automatically alternates between CDs) RU-rack unit S-sampling SC-short circuit SL-seamless loop SM-slip mat SPL-sound pressure level SR-sound reinforcement St=-storage capacity (#cue points.loops,and/or samples) St-stereo T-tape', thermal Talk-talkover (automatically lowers music vol when mic used) THD-total harmonic distortion TIS-true instant start trans-transformer switch TRS-tip/ring/sleeve (balanced 1/4" jack) TT-turntable U-ultrasonic V-Volt vc-voice coil VCD-video CD W-Wart x-F-crossfader Z-zone *A, B, Ph, L, R, T inputs are stereo RCA, mic inputs are 1/4", and Hph jacks are 1/4", unless othe wise noted. LIGHTING:

brkt-hanging bracket CP-candle power en-channels cu' cubic feet/minute fix-fixture fps-flashes per second incl-included ind-independent inf-infinite IG-interchangeable gobos MB-mirror ball MF-moonflower pat-pattern P/T-pan & tilt rem-remote SA-sound activated sp-speed sw-switch SM-stepper motor T-thermal X/Y-horizontal/vertical/diagonal movement

A ^ ILIGHTIIMGiiMC.__ The. ~Intelligent arid 'affordable solution. .^ _ ._ • ^ •,,•••


| .. •"

..;.«• . ' •* Patented 360° Barrel movement -^, Powerful H5D 20(5w lamp ^ 4"Channel DMX ''*..., " X '.•& ' , Built in 4 unit show in music mode Slick Die-cast aluminum body .


Patented 360° Barrel,movement. 16 Colored goboi effect wh'eel 4 Cnannel DMX .' .' 4 Unit built in show in music mode' Automatic lamp shutoff Lofig life and economical lamp sou

••••••••i: iiiifeiii ii



750w linear lamp strobe 2 Channel DMX.: * ' 0-100 Dimming 1-12 FPS Manual control of all functions Slick design and light weight

. 16 Unit 4 channel or 6 channel 14 Preset mbveixieii 'X 84 Y Joystick contra. t 6'Shows*6f 55 scene eaen- Full manual control of a]l function

•i •




jufi{3 feland CitV, NY 11101 , TO: 718^-3^ ight.cQm http//:www.optimalighd

Taking a Different Stand Music Industries Corp. has introduced the new M91 MONOLITH Keyboard Structure from Quik-Lok to their line of professional keyboard stands. Why is this of interest to DJs?The M-91 blends form, functionality and portability with a total load capac­ ity of 200 pounds, providing a possible solution for those in search of a sleek look for their support structure. The unit's open shape allows performers to freely perform with plenty of leg room and maneuverability. It has 9 height-adjustable settings from 26.5" to 35.9", with a tier depth of 14.56". The whole package weighs 23.3 pounds. MSRP: $179.95 Quik-Lok Systems (Music Industries Corp.) 625 Locust St Garden City, NY 11530 Tel: 800-431-6699/516-794-1888 Fax:516-794-4099 /

An 8KB GigRig with a side order of Hot Wings!

SKB.. .on the road for 24 years!



DJ Golott-Div

Buffalo Room Productions

re do these Professional DJs

Frank J. Bruno

Read what some of our customers have to say... "You guys are incredible! I rely on ProSound's exper­ tise when I need to upgrade my current mobile setups You representatives are kind, knowledgeable and down-to-earth. I look forward to receiving and reading your catalog every month."


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Ride the


With upgraded features like a new PCI card for increased PC interface capabilities (also USB and PCMCIA interface options), LightJockey 2.0 is an advancement on Martin's LightJockey controller. It is Windows 2000 compatible, other new features include a Solid Beam Virtual Visualizer and a high quality visualization simulator capable of creating realistic, solid, 3D beams. Visually accurate and easy to understand, the simulator allows you to create virtual visualizations off-site. For more flexible music capabilities, LightJockey 2.0 interfaces with Winamp * to play a multitude of digital audio files including MP3. LightJockey 2.0 includes original features such as: a large fixture library, user-friendly graphic functionality, advanced shape generator for intuitive automated movement programming, and drag and drop technology. Martin Professional 700 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy Sunrise, FL 33325 Tel: 954-858-1800



P GEimOURD lilt

1'^l n 111

I I..I I I




Every Audio & Video Rack Needs... Protection Against AC Power Spikes, Surges, Sags, EMI and RFI Transmissions.

Power Distribution Power Conditioning Power Regulation Power Sequencing by ETA Systems




Source Code: MBM 725 Pleasant Valley Dr., Springboro, Ohio 45066-1158 Phone: 937-743-3000 Fax: 937-743-1677 E-Mail: Web Site:


The Painer Just Keeps On Coming 1532 Enterprise Pkwy, Twinsburg OH 44087

imply the best


simulated burning flame effect



$199 240 multicolor dancing be


240 multicolor beams move to the beat 155 North Aspan Avenue • Azusa, CA 91702 • Tel: 626.334.0800 • Fax: 626.334.0226

Packing a Punch Gemini has unleashed a three-piece speaker system, designed to easily meet the needs of Mobile DJs.The XTR-400 system contains two GT-1002 satellite speak­ ers and one XTR-400 15" subwoofer with 3 tuned ports and an efficient bandpass box. The subwoofer contains an amplifier which not only powers the sub but also the satellites via the speaker cable. Simply plug your mixer output into the amp's inputs, connect the amplifier to the satellites and you are ready to rock. The amp provides 230W RMS to the sub channel and 85W RMS to each of the satellite speakers. GT1002 contains a 10" woofer and 6" dual Piezo horn. The satellites pack up completely on top of the XTR400 subwoofer, which has four caster wheels for easy transporting. MSRP: $999.95 Gemini Sound Products 8 Germak Dr. Carteret, NJ 07008 Tel: 800-476-8633/732-969-9000 Fax: 732-969-9090

All The Sound You'ue Never Heard BBS

mm 'With the BBE Sonic Maximizer™, the sound hasa new level of clarity and definition. It is as though someone has removed a blanket from in front of the speakers." -Mobile Beat


Tel: 714. 897. 6766 Fax: 714. 896.0736 Web: In Canada Please Contact Sounds Distribution Tel: 416. 299. 0665 14

CC1RE store



Numark Martn SffUffUE CrOliin



The Power of the


The AuxPander insertable matrix mixer, an auxiliary send expander for mixing con­ soles, is now available from Shure Incorporated. The device is a flexible solu­ tion for situations in which more aux mixes are needed. This unique product allows users to turn any mixer into an 8-bus con­ sole by mixing eight input signals and dis­ tributing them to any of the eight available outputs in any combination and at any vol­ ume level. Interfaced via a host console's insert points, AuxPander is expandable both vertically and horizontally to meet future sound system needs. MSRP: $990 Shure Incorporated 222 Hartrey Ave Evanston, IL 60202 Tel: 847-866-2200

Arranging Your Wedding Music has become a resource for brides and grooms world-wide as they search for music. Beyond selecting the music, the site also offers help in planning how the music will be used on the big day. MusiConcepts™, the company behind the site, has released a series of CDs designed to provide beautiful and useful wedding music. The first of this series, Set Your Wedding to Music, is now available gift-boxed together with a comprehensive wedding music guide and plan­ ner, How to Set Your Wedding to Music. In the book, Emmy Award winning music expert Gloria Sklerov and co-writer Barbara Rothstein share information on all aspects of music as it relates to the wedding experience. The CD includes 18 updated productions of wedding standards and a number of original songs including the 1997 Emmy Award Winner, "Until I Was Loved By You." MSRP: $35 book/CD MusiConcepts™ 17404 Ventura Blvd., Ste 110 Encino, CA 91316 Tel: 818-783-8485 Fax:818-783-7687


Four on the (Club) Floor! Two new four-heads-inone lighting packages from American DJ, the Saturn 4 and Luna 4, contain all the compo­ nents a DJ or club owner need to add instant visual excite­ ment to their dance floors. Each includes four sound-activated fix­ tures that can be linked together for synchro­ nized lighting effects. A black-out controller and three 10' XLR cables are provided for linking. The Saturn 4 shoots out sharp beams of white light that move Luna 4 back and forth, criss-crossing each other on the floor. Each of the four Saturn heads has six lenses, for a total of 24 dazzling, moving beams of light. The Luna 4 is a multi-color moonflower effect with rainbow-like dichroic beams. Both units include an easyaccess replacement door, a hanging bracket for mounting, and a 300-watt LL64514 lamp. The Saturn 4 measures 11.25" X11.25" x 5.25" and weighs 8 Ibs. per fixture. The Luna 4 measures 10" x 5.25" x 5.5", and weighs 7 Ibs. per fix­ ture. MSRPs: $419.95 each

s The DJ Magazine

American DJ 4295 Charter St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 Tel: 800-322-6337 Fax:323-582-2610


e Audio fldre Whether you're spinning for audience of 300 or 3000, you n power with impact—and noth else delivers the clarity and puna n*:- •

QSC's PLX amplifiers. With

/""•patented PowerWave™ Technok *

they're powerful enough to fill b, *i

Jgesf of rooms, but lightwei

and compact enough to make set nd breakdowns a breeze. / I <ecause they're from QSC, you count on our 30-year reputation


'reliability. No wonder they're jrtumber one choice of mobile < club DJs. Pure audio adrenalineyour authorized QSC dealer n For more information about the, Series, log onto our website at: J


PLXFeatures • PowerWave'"Technology for superior bass and wider dynamic range • Ultra-low distortion (0.03% THD) • Up to 3400 watts in a compact 21 lb,2RU chassis • Selectable dip limiters & subsonic filters • Class H output reduces power draw and heat by 40% (2402,3002, & 3402) • Advanced Thermal Management system for solid 2-ohm performance


PLX 1202 PLX 1602 PLX 2402 PLX 3002 PLX 3402

200W 300W 425W 550W 700W



325W 500W 700W 900W 1100W

600W 800W 1200W 1500W 1700W

Bft 20 te-20 Ht 0.031 IB ta 20 It-20 Ht OJBI1HD

Aphex Delivers the Digest Improvement to Your Sound... ^ ...for the Smallest Investment

Why the Aphex Model 204 is superior to other "Enhancers"



The Aural Exciter adds dynamically related harmonics to the signal at very low levels and these harmonics add little, if any, level to the signal. Because of the intelligence in the Aural Exciter side chain, the effect is useful over an extremely wide input dynamic range.



output waveform


Dynamic EQ boosts a part of the frequency spectrum when the input is above a threshold. If the input is already high, the additional equaliza­ tion can result in overloading the amplifier, speakers or both.

amplifier tweeter'

output waveform

Bic BOTTOM vs. OTHER BASS ENHANCERS A speaker's excursion increases with low frequency peaks. If those peaks are increased by a Dynamic EQ and/or a Subharmonic Synthesizer the speaker, at the very least, will fatigue more quickly. This will also increase the danger of the speaker jumping the gap or literally coming apart. BIG BOTTOM IS THE SAFEST BASS Big Bottom adds little or no peak ENHANCEMENT PROCESSOR energy to the signal. Instead, it adds amplifier woofer output waveform density (persistence of a low peakto-average ratio). This additional bass density adds presence and punch, even in less than powerful playback systems. Dynamic EQ boosts a part of the frequency spectrum when the input is above a threshold. If the input is already high the additional equal­ ization can result in overloading the amplifier, the speakers or both.



output waveform

Installed & Touring PA Systems D] Sound Systems Multitrack & Stereo Recording Broadcasting, Webcasting, MP3 Files Musical Instrument Amplifiers Aural Exciter increases intelligibility, enhances clarity, detail, presence and stereo imaging. Optical Big Bottom adds low-end punch £ deeper, more powerful bass. ^ Safely pack more bass and highs into your PA system or tracks 4 Make a voice or instrument dance on top of the mix + Punch-up your entire mix out of a noisy or reverberant environment + Pump life back into your MPs files ^ Extend frequency response at both ends of the spectrum

Subharmonic Synthesizers synthe­ size bass where none existed before by generating a signal component an octave below the lowest frequen­ cy present. The result requires much more amplifier power and extreme woofer excursions to reproduce.


The All New Aphex Model 204 Aural Exciter® and Optical Big Bottom®



output waveform

^ Sound almost twice as loud without adding more amps and speakers

^ Internal power supply ^ Balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O

Improving the way the world soundsSM


11068 Randall Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352 U.S.A • 818-767-2929 Fax: 818-767-2641 Aphex, Aural Exciter and Big Bottom are registered trademarks of Aphex Systems

Light Caseload American DJ offers you portability, convenience and protection with the Flight Moon—a DMX moonflower effect/foot controller that comes enclosed in its own travel case. Not only does the sturdy case offer pro­ tection against knocks and bumps, it also features a unique removable lid that dou­ bles as a 3-pad foot controller. Heavy metal corners cover all sides and the bot­ tom of the case. Just connect a 1/4" cable (included) to the back of the unit and the controller will operate the fixture in three modes: Black Out, Speed and Strobe. The Flight Moon features 17 gobos plus spot, 5 colors plus white, split colors, and the ability to strobe in every color. Sound acti­ vated and linkable, it also features built-in programs. MSRP: $399.95.

I Am Superman Want a superhero to make an appearance at your next grand event? TubeWorks has made this idea a "reality" with their new Superhero Giant Inflatables. These colorful giants greet guests with a wave. Two stories high, they set up in less than five minutes. The Superheroes are made of high-quality fabric and are inflated with a simple vertical air system that generates a dancing motion. You can place them on just about any flat surface and simply set them into motion. Customize your Superhero by putting your company's logo or message on the chest and limbs of the character. Each deflated inflat­ able weighs less than 5 pounds and fits in a breadbox. The fan weighs about 30 pounds. MSRP: $1,545 each TUBEWORKS

3220 Derry Avenue Suite L Agoura Hills, CA 91301 tel: 800-962-2556/818-879-2386 fax: 818-879-2388 20

American DJ 4295 Charter St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 Tel: 800-322-6337 Fax:323-582-2610





DEAR Dear Waldo, It's funny, but my name is Waldo, too...I have a technical question regarding turntables. My prob­ lem concerns skipping. There are all these mechanical things like the weight on the end of the tone arm, the tracking force, and there's even an anti-skating knob on the turntable. How do I set all these up?! Every time I backspin the record, the needle jumps. I apply gentle force, and I have a slipmat under the record, yet I can't keep the needle still. And it varies among LPs, some skipping more easily than others. I tried playing with the settings (like putting more weight on the head-side and tweaking that anti-skating knob), but I really didn't notice a difference. Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me pointers on all this stuff, or even point me to some document somewhere that explains all these matters in sim­ ple terms. Thanks a lot. More power to you.

tridge in the grooves of the record and the force with which it tracks. Some people start with the weight and skate both at the maximum settings, slowly backing off of their total settings as they backspin with an audible signal. Please also remember that the vinyl and grooves differ from cut to cut. Your smoothness is also a definite fac­ tor. Make notes of every turntable setting that you see. You may find that you are correct in your set­ tings, but that you require more practice scratch­ ing. Online chat groups like those at ProDJ.Com can be good sounding boards. I have found that my settings for Stanton 680EL cartridges on the 1200s and 1210s that I use are very light when compared to those of some fellow DJs. Another trick is to place your turntables at eye level. Then observe very closely the angle in which the needle hits the grooves. Turn the skate control while watching this angle to see how the arm and car­ tridge track the grooves. This may give you the perspective that you need.

Waldo Z.

Dear Waldo Z., The best sources for all of your desired informa­ tion are usually the manuals for the turntables and cartridges. The cartridge documentation normally tells you the "maximum tracking weight." This indicates the most weight that can be used with that specific cartridge to insure a long life com­ bined with good performance. Bear in mind, also, that the "combination" of the weight and skate determines both the angle of approach of the car­

The DJ Magazine


Waldo, Several months ago I had a show at a local com­ munity college homecoming. We powered up our equipment and found we were connected to a 220V supply circuit. The unmarked standard 3prong receptacle had been modified by mainte­ nance for use in conjunction with their floor pol­ ishers. Needless to say, much of our equipment faced its death immediately. I did not feel this was


speakers for more than a decade. I have used something errant on our part! We finished the show with our backup equipment and made the best of power amplifiers even longer. Front-end electronics (turntables, mixers, CD players, etc.) are normally the situation. Everyone at the college has been very considerate throughout reconciliation of the matter. shorter-lived than sound reinforcement gear. This is It is now being handled by their insurance company partially due to the fact that their replacements are (whom they have instructed to settle). The insurance ; typically "upgrades." While my collection includes several mixers that were manufactured in the sev­ company is requesting receipts of the equipment, current replacement costs, and "average lifespan" enties, commercial usage normally dictates a quick­ of all the equipment present. I am not going to have er replacement. The replacement value used by most insurance companies in this area is not based any trouble with the first two but do you have any recommendations on where to find or how to docu­ on life expectancy. To cover yourself clerically, get a copy of your receipts, and then back them up with ment what an estimated lifespan would be on each a replacement bid for equivalent gear from a rep­ piece of equipment? Would this be available from the manufacturer? utable local store. Darrin Sappenfield I also suggest that you consult your favorite electrician about securing a voltage tester. This can be as simple as a three-prong plug-in device with Damn, three lights that tell if the AC outlet is properly wired Many manufacturers will give you the life expectan­ (hot, ground, neutral, etc.). cy of their products, but the result may be more related to marketing than anything else. I have used Waldo

Call now for the best prices on the planer,,, we Mill nor be undersold! Nurnnrk MPro Series I ___Ir-rii r


• ^b ,,.. ' *%jtjjjlJ&F

Denon DN1800F

RMX-SeriesH SRM-450 ^

• '^S^Pcoi 1000

SRS 150



)enon DN21C




C,'MDRV700 BAS $69.99! ^™

Saue an entra $25,00

JAVE $25.00 ON YOUR NEXT ORDER OF 5250.00 OR MORE WHEN YOU MENTION THIS AD. One rebate per customer offer ends September 30, 2001 Not valid with any other discounts or promotional offer.



C3» \h today for Your m Catalog!




M447 1!



Music Store

Music Store

The Source from Which DJ's Get Their Music has Evolved. Numark has Evolved as Well...

DIGITRL MEDIR CONTROLLER-MP3 Always eager to find new sources of material, DJ's are now downloading MP3 files to add to their music collect!.... The Numark DMC-MP3 is a revolutionary way to manage digital tracks. It incorporates a control surface similar to a Numark dual CD player along with the PCDJ Digital 1200SL software by Visiosonic, Inc. Now the DJ can work directly from their PC's hard-drive with features such as total management of MP3 libraries, user selectable pitch control, automated beat matching, true instant start and multiple cue points. Visiosonic's™ PCDJ BLUE digital software permits DJs to upgrade the software online allowing compatibility with all future media formats. The Numark Digital Media Controller-MP3 allows DJs and their gear to grow with the new digital media generation.

•a I :<< Visiosonic™ PCDJ BLUE software included



11 Helmsman Avenue, North Kingstown, Rl 02852 Phone: 401 -295-9000 Fax: 401 -295-5200

ow Aval


wi berklee press


Turntable Basics

Turntable Technique: The Art of th


Get in the game Reed Enterprises, maker of FOR THE RECORD® 50s, 60s and 70s version, has rolled out a new 80s and 90s version of its music trivia board game. Rick Reed, President of Reed Enterprises, and the game's creator says, "We designed our games to be very social and player-friendly for any age, but we wanted to create a format so that different generations could have choices that cover their life experiences." While the questions may be different, the game's basic objective, rules, and guitar-shaped board remain consistent. For example, "The Mosh Pit" replaces the "Disco Purgatory" cate­ gory of the previous version. The company is expecting the new game's reviews to equal or surpass those received by its predecessor. The 50s, 60s, and 70s version earned a spot on Games Magazine's Top Games list in 1999. For more on both games, surf over to or call 1-888-597-7333.

New karaoke CDGs from Top Tunes A full eighty minutes of karaoke, plus additional album cuts highlight a new line of karaoke CDGs from Top Tunes. The collection includes individ­ ual discs with 17 to 42 songs, a 12-disc Tune Pack, 7-disc Country Pack, 7-disc Teen Pack and a 2-disc, 40-song Fun Pack. Joey Spencer, CMO of Top Tunes says "Top Tunes not only selects the top songs off the charts, but also the top songs off of an artist's newly released album. For instance, when girl group Dream released their new album, Top Tunes immediately recorded the three hit singles from the album and released them in karaoke versions, while others only did the one hit single. Later, when the second single


was released, Top Tunes already had the song available. What a boon to consumers to get the hits right away!" Each Top Tunes karaoke disc also has a full eighty min­ utes of karaoke, including vocal versions. "We wanted to give our customers full value, so after choosing the 17 best songs for our discs, we added vocal versions for those songs that might be a little more diffi­ cult to sing the first time," explains Spencer. All-male or all-female formats are also available for each individual disc, making it more likely that the buyer will be able to use all the songs from one disc. Check out Top Tunes on the Internet at for further info and pricing.

Vestax announces R&D Room Design Competition Attention budding designers and inventors: Vestax has announced their "R&D Room" Design Competition. If you have a great new idea for a musical product, you may be able to win some of over $10,000 worth of prizes that are available. The competition was devised by the President of Vestax himself, Hidesato Shiino, to pro­ vide a new way of listening to musicians and dreamers all over the world. The grand prize is $5,000 in cash, while other prizes include cash or premium Vestax gear. To see the full list of prizes and information on how to enter the Vestax R&D Room Design Competition, go to Vestax also announced that their Vestax DJ Competition World Final 2001 would be held in Los Angeles on November 10, 2001. This is the first time the event has been held outside of Japan. Check their website for info on international heats (dates, venues, contacts). The US dates are TEA. Judges for the finals will include Melo-D, Rhettmatic, D-Styles, Roc Raida, Rob Swift, Revolution, Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut, and QBert.

i,ooo Watts of power will put a smile on anybody's face. D|S" 4 by Peavey

Nothing gets 'em on the floor like a kickin' beat, so Peavey designed the D|S 4 specifically for mobile DJs and clubs. It's a powerhouse speaker that's specially voiced for prerecorded music, and with 1,000 Watts running at four Ohms, it makes even the Duck Dance rock, the house with power to spare. The D)S z, features two Scorpion* Plus 15" woofers with field-replaceable baskets and delivers such amazing low end, don't be surprised if people ask you where the sub is. Add multiple handles and casters for mobility and Peavey's reputation for reliability and you've got a DJ speaker that's locked and loaded for your next gig. Just make sure you give fair warning before you unleash it on an unsuspecting public. Or don't.

To learn more about the DJS 4, visit your local Peavey dealer or go to^.html



Future ofKARAOKE

Song lyrics are displayed on your JL TV screen H are highlighfrplorasyou

. an any D1/D Player Suitable for all audiences Up to S audio options per song, including music only, demo vocals, with or w/out background singers, male or female duet parts

DJ / KJ Friendly

P.O. Box 345

Pleasant Grove, UT 84062


Come together, right now... At the request of the ProDJ.Com Internet community, a little "pow-wow" for community members in the Midwest is being organized for November 4-6, 2001, in Des Moines, Iowa. It's not a convention—no ven­ dors, no keynote speakers, no passes to purchase—just a small-group networking event. Organizers have a goal of 40-50 attendees and are planning an exciting 2-1/2 day get-together in ProDJ.Corn's hometown. It will start with a relaxing Sunday evening party. A full day of activities is planned for Monday along with another party at night. Festivities will wrap up Tuesday morning. The gettogether will provide ProDJ.Com friends to touch base in realtime, further solidifying relation­ ships begun online. Call 800257-7635, check back periodi­ cally to or e-mail for the scoop as this event comes together.

Visualizing the scratch A six-minute video including masters of the scratch DJ genre is available for viewing at From the Slip Mat Studies symposium hosted on April 9, 2001 by Scratch

Media Productions, the footage features Jam Master Jay (Run DMC), Mista Sinista (X-Men), Roli Rho and Kuttin Kandi (5th Platoon), Supa Dave (Turntable Technicians), Precision (winner of the Boston DMC Regionals), Gerald "World Wide" Webb and Rocky LaMontaigne. The sym­ posium was moderated by Reg E. Gaines, author of Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk. The next symposium will be set to coincide with the official launch of Scratch Media Productions. ; • ; j ! i

Promo Only debuts caliente DVD Orlando, Florida-based Promo Only has launched a new music video subscription format with the announcement of its new Latin Video DVD. Subscribers can now receive the new month­ ly format, which includes genres like Salsa, Bachata, Latin Pop, Ranchera, Merengue and more. All Promo Only DVDs, including the new Latin Video format, are produced in the company's recently opened, all-digital video facility in Orlando, using uncom­ pressed PCM audio (better than CD quality) and state-of-the-art video editing and DVD authoring equipment. For additional information visit Promo Only's Web site at or call 1407-331-3600.


Still lugging around heavy equipment? Still rummaging through your CDs? You need DJPower! Mixes like your existing mixer plus so much more! Auto & Manual Beat Mixing The only MP3 mixer that also Mixes Video! (Karaoke too!) Optional RF Remote Control Optional Touch Screen IP Optional Advertiser/Banner add-on

—— rJ

ifX •\J Fully Customizable Hot Buttons Customizable Screen Rip your CDs. Record your vinyls. Record your mixes. Requested songs at your fingertips. Program your sets in advance. Don't settle for less....Meet ALL your needs in one box ETV & Top Hits Karaoke libraries now available preloaded on your system & ready to go!


DJPower Internatio 501 Deodara Drive, L 94024, USA (6 djpower@<

of MP3 Mixing.


£ 1

Beam Enact Beam Effect Beam Effect Beam Ellect

American DJ American DJ American DJ Chauvet

Aggressor HazzMaTazz Verfl-Pral CH-204 Octopus


Beam Effect BenBlwt

Chauvet Ctnevet

Ban Enact


Beam Effect


CH-207 Meteorite CH-209ABen

26 -

52 12

MM Muffl

CH-21 5 MM Una Dancer



Muffl, dchrdc 3XJ120V100W110V,

Clay Pahy Clay Paky Elektrallte Gem Sound Gem Sound Gem Sound LyteQuest LyteQuest Omnlsistem MBT tighling & Sound American DJ American DJ Chauvet Chauvet Gem Sound LyteQuest American DJ American DJ American DJ Chauvet Chauvet

8-50 til Bubblier BU25 BM-200 Bubble Maker Mum-Star Sunray 190D Tempest II 575 CH-590 Aurora CH-960 Rate-Sphere

Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Effect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Ellect Club Etlects Club Ellects Club Ellects Club Ellects

Gem Sound Gem Sound LyteQuest LyteQuest LyteQuest Times Square Lighting American DJ American DJ American DJ American DJ American OJ LyteQuest Martin MBT Lighting 8, Sound MBT Lighting & Sound MBT Lighting & Sound MBT Lighting & Sound Omnlsistem Chauvet Chauvet Chainlet Chauvet

. Orbit Triple Ex LQ-300 Apolln LQ 420 Round Dp 37 LQ-430 Dazed Beetle 4 Aquarius Fire Bowl H20 Tapaz •~ '•:••:'. Trance Wheel Acid Beam Atomic 3000 DMX FL1 Flamellght FL2 Standing Flame Light ME2150-1 Shimmer ME21BO-1 Waterlan • Hypnotic CH-145 Dancing Flower . CH 250 Mushroom CH-320 Firecracker 31 CH 418 Sweeper 8

Club Ellects Club Ellects Color Changer Color Changer Color Changer

Chauvet Elation American DJ American DJ Chauvet


CH-650 Defiant


Color Changer Color Changer

Clay Paky Elation

Combfcolor 360 Pro-Calar


Color changer Color Changer Controller

EteMratte Times Square Lighting American DJ

ProScan Colort ech 150 DMX Operator 2

1 1

Astroraggl Twin Adas Chameleon 3 Double Dutch Morning Glory Trip LQ-123 Super Twister LQ-414 White Star Exciting ME202M Saturn BO-300 BO-400 B-200

Waterfall Color 150/R6 Ramtnw-290

108 14 1 20 15 87 18 48 '-

62 M 14 21 40 39 74 38 144 20

12 . • -



75 Focused Solid/MF 216 >100

74 30 4 21 00

10 30 02

Muffl • -


Vertt-Pro WC control Clear lenses

$279 S269.9S $248.89 $108.88

SA, lightweight, crossing pan, lan SA, lightweight, lan, 360°, adjust sp, stand

Clear lenses Clear lenses

$89.88 $89.88

SA, criss-cross patt, lan

Clear lenses


SA, lightweight, lan, 300', adjust sp, stand

Clear lenses


Color wheel Dichrolc titters

$1,400 $2,750 8495 $229 $249 $219 $129 $219

SA,lan, SA, dlchroic color wheels DMX, progs, XLR, stepper motors, SA 2x64514 120V 300W 110V, SA, lightweight, rotating pan, lan





2-300W JCR/H5 halogen SOOhr -

MultJ,wttte 6, white Mutfl MUM

82 .

Beam Effect Beam Effect Beam Ellect Beam Effect Beam Ellect Beam Effect Beam Effect Beam Effect Beam Effect Beam Effects Bubble Machine Bubble Machine Bubble Machine Bubble Machine Bubble Machine Bubble Machine Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece Centerpiece



40 94 39 32

CH-260 Mini Sphere




2x64514 120V 300W 230V 2x64501 1 20V 1 SOW 64514 120V 300W (110V), 64516 230V 300W (230V) 3XJ120V100W230V 64514 120V 300W (110V), 64516 230V 300W (230V)

White, motor, lan White, motor, DMX, lan, XLR, strobe, dimmer SA, fan cool, motor, 9 gobos 24V/250V halogen 6 SA.Ian Mutd SA.Ian Mum SA.Ian Mutd 2-EHM-C 120V/300W SA, fan Mum 3-EHM-C 120V/300W SA, tan, 180° Mum SA, Internal programs, 20 gobos HLX 12V/100W 21 Sphere, gyrating elf MUM . . High output, Iront tank, high velocity fan, bubbles rise High output, Iront tank, high velocity fan, bubbles rise Plastic housing (no rust), 100s bub/min., bubbles rise Plastic housing (no rust), 100s bub/min., bubbles rise High output Hot air, upward motion, 0 warm-up 5 rotating colorballs, 360° Mum ZB-HTI-152750nr 6 rpm, mounting plate. Hat stand Mum Bflclroic, white KArcstaam15uWOQOO<r4200K SA, progs, stepper motors, DMX, lan Low profile, SA, lan, progs eUcnrafcwtitB EVD 3BV 400W 64514 120V 300W (110V), 360*, slow rotation Mum

Mum Mum Mum MumMum"

2-24V/150W halogen HKH-575

8451 6 230V 300W (230V) -

120V/300W 2-120V/300W 2-120V/300W



Orange/Hue Mum

ZB-JCR/H51 5V 150W 500-hr ZB-JCR/H51 5V 150W 500-hr JCR/H5 150W


ZB-JCR/H51 5V 1 SOW 500-hr ZB-JCR/H51 5V 150W 500-hr EKH120V/250W



7, white Muffl 15

. -

250W, 2000-hr • -


117V/100W ISOOhr

4Schrolc Multl 7 tichroic, white 5, white

SB141B120l3DOlV(1lOl?30in 2X 6S141ZOV 300W(11Hffi30V) 2X64514 120V 300W(110V|230W DYS 120V 600W 110V/

3 color balls / 1 white ball, rotating 3 spinning balls 360° rotating ball SA, lan Criss-cross beams, fan 4-IG, motor, SA, fan Psychedeic en, fan, rotate/cokrchange, focus (Canon lens) Fire effect, hanging chains Water-flow elf projector, lan, change/static calar Water flowing ell, beveled glass wheel, SA, lan, focus Psychedelic oil wheel, beveled glass, SA, locus Psychedelic elf, liquid/dry wheels, var sp Motorized, DMX, SA, X/V, 6 gohos, shutter, locus Table top 6' stand, torch eff Water ripple eff, changes color Psychedefc water rfcfe efl, slow rotate, cokrdonge Adjust locus, motor, T protect Rotating SA, crossing elf Criss-crossing, rotating, lan Chase, strobe elf, lan



Am DJ bubble Juice Am DJ bubble Juice Wireless rem CH-551 controller


UghtJockey control

. -

DYR 230V 6BOW 230V CH-KJT4 (4 bulbs)


21 1 -

Simulated flame, 34" tall, table stand Efl: water flow across wall, DMX, SA DMX (Mi), rotating gobos, tricro-step motors, locus, tan, SA DMX (2-ch), SA, lan, stepper motors, dimmer, progs DMX (2-ch), dim, SA, progs, micro stepper motors, thermal sw, locus, strobes=1-7lps, yoke, lan HTI-300 Motor, DMX, IG, X/V, XLR, Irost niters, dimmer, strobe SC-150120V15uVI42ak9DOOtr DMX (2-ch), lan, Irost, color scroll, locus, Dimmer, heavy duty yoke 24V/250V halogen SA, fan cool, X/Y, motor, adjust mirrors 150W/15V EFR XI 9 gobos, motor, DMX, SA, lan, XLR, link/single modes 12ch16IMeacHP/rsorotlogttoa!CDWMi^6|na Mn, XLR, aH override, SA, ran, polarity sw

6, white 150W 6000-hr 7, white, spot 2-300W 7, white 9ifchraic,whte EFR 15V 150W 49, white lOolchnHc, spit, white 6 8

MINI/C Blackout Control CH-522 Easy Controller

$239 $138.89 $190.99 809.90 $49.99 $119 $149 $488.89 $919.99 $1,888 $048.88 $139.89 $449 $399 $249 $229 $288 $328 $888.89 $118.89 $378 $188.89 $108.99 $389


$179 $179 $279 $329 HIS

108.88 89.98 125.99 169.89 89.99 $788.89 $268.89 $288.85 $245.88 $2,285 $599.95

PP-DMX20/20L dimmers

$485 $378 $569.99

I h

With her cry sta I clea r vole*, TX-do has auotacwjes ha^lvvg Okv her every word, eve^ otiier artists grab herperforwtat^^cs

•for their OWIA< recordi-^vgs. every time E>ldo perforvvts, she grabs a se^u^heuser.

sennheiser wireless

Visit for your chance to grab a copy of Dido's multi-platinum CD 'No Angel'


Sennheiser Electronic Corporation • 1 Enterprise Drive, Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371 USA Tel: 860-434-9190 • Fax: 860-434-1759 Mexico: Tel: (525) 639-0956 • Fax: (625) 639-9482 Canada: Tel: 514-426-3013. Fax: 514-426-3953 • Mfg: Am Labor 1,30900 Wedemark, Germany

LIGHTIIsfc £ o Coitrattr



Show Designer 1


rmiiia rmnitu rmimi

EMctnft* EUrtnlti


DMX/Uttraplex Series



nagenatjon Series

CMnMr CMtntaCannier CMtmar CMnfcr CMtnlar Cwtntar CratrHar Counter n»u j» CnMhr Coitnier

Gem Sound Gem Sound Leprecon Leprecon Leprecon teprecon Ughtcralt lightcralt Uujitu'fltt




LP-824HWX-0/X IP-X24



8-1 01 4 Switch Panel Plus • 8-1200 Club Machine 8-412 MW Control Center DMXpert P04 SF-S8 SFC-288 PDC-IODMXControfcr -


American DJ


FNMKMna Fog Machine

Chauvet Chauvat

MOM F-1200

FOB Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine FnMacnhe Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine Gobo Projector Goto Projector Eobo Projector

Ctimivet Chauvet Elation Gem Sound Gem Sound KLS Technology Group LyteQuast LyteQuest MET lighting a Sound Ontnlsistem Tracoman Tracoman American DJ American DJ BaBon

F-1500 F-800 Haze-400 GflOOO GT825 FM1 000 London Fogger FG-1 100 Baby Dragon FG-5001 Dragon FM-7BO "The Creature" Ready Fog Antart F80ZWH Ice Roto-Gobo/OL Whirl X-OHur/SC

Gobo Projector Bobo Projector

Gem Sound KLS Technology Group

Chameleon FAL2000

Mo Projector

KLS Technology Group

FAL 880/2

Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector

KLS Technology Group KLS Technology Group KLS Technology Group KLS Technology Group KLS Technology Group

Fandarao! Mantis

Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Gobo Projector Goho Projector Gobo Projector


. . . . . . . . . .

LD 360 DMX-HP LP-812-MPX-D/A

CuntroRei' Controller Foam Machine Fog Machine Fog Machine


. . -


Lytequest LyteQuest LyteQuest Times Square Lighting Chauvet American DJ American DJ




Haze Generator Master Blaster 1000

. . . . . -



White (dear) Mum, dchrolc 9, white 20 E*** •fratct

MOW 9iHnfc,vMa 9dttnt;2*n

Mndar -

Quasar Sigma

CyUar •

Tango 1



Mum 7dtehnHc 7dtebrofc 7Hcnrolc lOcokn/gnbDs

Lytaqunt LyteQuHt Omnislstem Times Square Lighting Times Square Lighting Tracoman

10/441 Prism 4 IQ244 Illuminator 4 GohoOanco Goho FX IT-75 logo Tech SpinHead


21 21 34 20

3 Mum 21 12





15*ehrolc, 2 spot, white 12Hchrolc


CH-206 Thunder BM






-» i

48 32-ch flxtures, 18 sw, 8 laders, MIDI, P/T/sn/lada, data wheel, 1024 scenes DMX, XLR, 128 ch, GOO cues, 99 chases, SA, 18" DMX, XLR, 19", preprog, replay Dfcn, DMX, 4/8-ch, rack/truss, dual clr brkrs, toroidal choke filter 8-ch (muttiplBX), 12-ch, 24-ch (DMX, MH), mufti scenes/chases 8 It on/on sw, 15 amp . 8 ch, rem power pack, on/oft, flash buttons 8-ch dimmer, DMX, XLR, mlcroplex 12-ch programmable, DMX, XLR, mlcroptac 24-ch programmable, DMX, XLR, mlcroplex 24-ch, DMX, XLR, X/Y control 432 Mini-Dimmer Pak, 430 MinHtelay Pak, 2-25' cables 880D Dimmer Pak, 860PR Pro Relay Pak, 2-50' cables 2-430 MinHtelay Paks, 25' cables . For Motor Series, 8 prog, SA, manual.nlackout 4lt8w,1700W,15amp,19" 8 ch, +1 unsw AC, 18", 8 latch sw, 8 Dash buttons IS can* power pack, liner, 8 inputs and 1 new AC ch DMX, SA, 10 prog . HBloutp^novvarm^o4rtes&'d^stpates,20cu''/n*l Heaterless, 3500 cu1, 30' rem 1000W, 7000 cu', 5 min warm, 1 nt, T sense, time/interval control wflO1 cable 1300W, 10000 cu', 5 nun wan, 2 liter, T sense, rem w/25' cable 1000W, 5000 at, 1 A nt, 2 rem (thier/wlrakim) . lOOOlnl 15000 at,1 tea, S3 qt, ran (umr/wWessi DMX-capaUe 1500W, 25000 CO", T lose, 1.5 qt, rem, DMX 700W, 2500 cu1, 1 qt, rem 8,500 cu", no warm-up, 2-liter internal tank 750W, SO-mOon dash 1300W, 20000 at, 5 liter, DMX 700W, 3500 cu-, 1 Dter, rem . ISOW 21 flB at, 120V/5 amp, DMX, OS gal tank, nnM rem 700W, 3000 cu-, rem, 1 liter 120DW, 10000 cu', rem, timer, 1.5 liter 700W, 2500cu', rent/30' cable 100W, 5-min warm-up, rem Wireless rem, 700W, 2,500 of, 0.8 liter 1000W, 10,000 cu', DMX, timer rem, auto pump 2 crossfading fixed gobos, custom 1 rep gobo, rotate/SA/stadc sw, focusing, fan DMX, stepper motors, fan, 9 Bonn, shutter, strobe=1-5 fps, XII, Tl\ 16 gobos, SA, fan 7 rotate/Index gobos, DMX (10-ch), strobe, dim, focus, MSR/H8H 675 Ms, varl-sp prisms, frost, UV filter; P/T-3GOV270* 4 rotate/3 fixed gobos+open, prism, shutter, BSD 250 DMX (8-ch), linkable, progs DMX, SA, varl-sp, 360* ELC 24V 250W DMX, SA, 8 gobos, cluster/color change BU 24V 250W EC 24V 250W DMX, SA, 8 gobos, swirling DMX, SA, 8 gobos BU 24V 250W 16 color/gobo combos, strobe, hg optics, ELC 24V 250W micro stepper motors, DMX, SA SA, 4 gobos, 3 pat, fan ENH 120V/250W 120V/250W SA, 1G gobos, static, prog 20 gobos, SA, rotating HLX 12V/100W 24ov/25ow ac xi 11 gobos, motor, DMX, SA, fan, XLR, link/single modes Motor, glass/metal IG, 35mm slides MR 18 110V 18 gobos/open, DMX (8-ch) sep gobo/conr ffll-150/ 03-150(1000* wheels, strobe, P T-3GO , 380 RPM KTH50 1000-hr Rotating, progs, SA, XI R DMX (8-ch), sep goto/color wheels, strobe, P/T-360727G" 2xSS1412UV30DHniOlK30V) 2 wheels, 380* -

3.5" ask drtve -

I $2399.95 1,185

$595 N/S




Haze/G liquid only American Fog Juice

$48 $148 $725 $849 $1,448 $4,850 $528 $949 $420 $209 $39 $149 $179 $229 $259.99 $849 $418.95

Timer, wireless ram



$142.88 $818.88

LD-360 OMX-HP 10-360 DMX-HP

Other cable lengths Other cable lengths Other cable lengths

DMX-4F interface

timer/wireless rem Haze/G on-based juice Wireless rem Wireless rem

Wireless rem Wireless, timer rems Timer ram Dlchrolc colors/prism 28mm Roto-Gobo gobos

$488.88 $69 81,998.95 $599 $149 $899 $128 $349 $89 N/S N/S $1,500 $179.95 $169.95 $888.85


$248 $2,288



Easy Pro DMX control Easy Pro DMX control Easy Pro DMX control

$383 $378 $358 $378 $393


$299 $249 N/S $888 N/S $1,808 $1,800



:ajouj puo sjgpap 'o^u; pnpojd jno

an/D/l OSZ$ °

°»PM "PHI 3> *<*.'! / 00-/lfa


S-00£-Wfo I PUO

UMO jnoX 3)D%i3 - as/-) o) ASDJ )9)fJDlU 3(/) UO

joa§ )saq aqj /-xog-/Q at/) a>/DUj

f3ADJ) S/§ /SD3 JO/

•jsaq a i/j I/J/AV



| 1

' | I 1



Intelligent Lighting American DJ

Mighty Scan

15, split, white -

Intelligent Lighting American DJ

Pocket Scan

16, spot, white -

Intelligent Lighting American DJ Intelligent Lighting American DJ

Spin Out The Max

MuW 20, spilt, white -

Intelligent Lighting Chauvet

CH-825 Mtero Scan

4oMrofc,spR EFR15V150W

Intelligent Lighting Chsuvet

CH-8Z5 Voyager

Intelligent Lighting Chauvet

CH-848 Explorer

Intelligent Lighting Cnauvot


ujnLwHh) 4oMr*,8pB, EFR15V150W wad, white SdttrofespB, EIC24V250W quart, white 18, split, white HM1575W

Intelligent Lighting Chauvet

CH-925 Gyro

4lttn*,WttB EFR15V150W

Intelligent Lighting Clay Paky Intelligent Lighting Clay Paky Intelligent Lighting Elation"

Mini Scan HPt Stage Color 300 Joy 300 ___

CMVmh 9/28, unite

Intelligent Lighting Elation

Vision 575

lldfctnfcvHie Osram HMI575/BS-


HTI-300 800W discharge SOflOhr

575W BOOOk 750-hr

Intelligent Lighting Intelligent lighting Intelligent Lighting intelligent Lighting Laser Later later Laser Later lator

later Later

Bektrallte LyteQuest LyteQuest Omnlslstem American DJ American DJ American DJ American DJ Chauvet Chauvet LyteQuest MBT Lighting a Sound Tracoman Tracoman American DJ Amerlcen DJ American DJ Chauvet Chauvet

Astrascan Bralnscan Motorhead II Omnlscan HQ1 Emerald Star Laser Widow Laser-4800 OctoBaam CH-500 Mini Laser

1 . -

Lffi-3010 Photon Generator




Laser Launcher LQ 800 Baby Devil LZ200 LaZerboy Spyder


SyncnroTech n/sc

Moonllower Moonllower Moonllower Moonllower Moonflower Moonllower

American DJ American DJ American DJ American DJ American DJ Chauvat

Alpha-Moon Bectra Flight Moon Rover Wlldflower 2 CH-1 50 Wild Moon n



CH-160 Duo Moons


Chauvet Chauvet BektrsfttB LyteQuest LyteQuest MBT Lighting & Sound Omnlslstem Ballon

CH-202 Mini Moon CH-205 Tunnel Star TrlstarZ


Muld 177 177 177 •

24V/250W 300hr 1SOW HQI/MBI

4.9 mW green 4.9 mW red 4.8 mW red 4.8 mW red SmWred 4.8 mW green

2435niW green -

4.95mW green White 11-200 20DW(120/V or 220V) 11-200 200W(120/V or 220V) White White 11-200 200W (12DW or 220V) -



2 ptnspots w/ ext SOW pinspot


MBInri 36

72 MFdlsh 3G Mfttmj SB 1 inl

LQ-52 LQ-82 ME3360-1 Big Dipper 1

Janus Color Spot 575

ENH 120V/250W


Mirror Ellect

Moonflower MoonOower Moonflower Moonflower Moonllower Moonllower Moonllower Moving Head

GE ArcStream 150

4.9 mW red

Cote-ado Sound tlittt MOTS* Sound « light LyteQuest ____ American DJ Elation

Chauvet Chauvat Chauvet

8 8 8

10 Muld 12, spots 7


SpyderScan M-200L Mini Starhall Mini Starball 12" MB MB-12 MB-18 16" MB MBK-1 Party Kit 8" MB MBK-2 12" MB MBK-3 16" MB CSL MB RoadCase System CSLMBPius MB-008 012 016,020 Cross Flash______ BarrelTech B7SC

Laser Mirror Ban Mirror Ball Mirror Ball "Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Ball Mirror Effect Mirror Effect


• 2 Pert* -

Mum, white

11-64514 128V 3DBW 15QW 6000-hr

Miud, white

1 SOW 6000-hr

Mutti, dichrolc Multi, dichroic 5, white, split Multi, dichrolc Multi, fllchroic Muld, dichrolc, whlto


DMX (6-ch), 20 gobos, spot, SA, focus, strobe, X/V, stepper motors Laser/halogen, 14 gobos, X/V, SA, ram, DMX (LED display), locus MF, SA, DMX, 4 lunc wheel, carousel wheel Minl/C Blackout control SA, zu gonos, spot, shutter-imps, rem, aaszMW'am'.iUFtttt DMX (8-ch), 360 , progs DMX (3-ch), SA, 380*, progs, 8lrobe=1-7fps, locus, CH-B21 Controller mlcrostepping motors, thermal sw, P/T, fan DMX (4-ch), SA, strobe=1-7lps, focus, mlcrostepping DMXI motors, thermal sw, P/T-180790°, lan, yoke ___ motor DMX DMX(>(4^), SA, strote=1-7lps, focus, ntocstEopiia n CH-637 Controller thermal them sw, progs, lan, yoke DMX DMXI(9-cb), P/T-190790°, prism, stroFeVl -1 Dips, SA, CH-637 Controller focus, frost mlcrostepping motors, thermal sw, fans_________ ~OMX (6-ch), high-sp shutter, mlcroslepplng motors, Repl colors/goons reset, thermal sw, P/T-360°/274°, fan, yoke Wlile, motor, DMX, lan, 6«, XJV,X1R, prism, UWfrostatBre Color wheel White, motor, DMX, fan, X/V, XLR DMX, 6-IG, 4 rotating gobos, spot, prism, strobe, lan. stepper motors, P/T, effs 616,11 fixed gobos,prism,strobe 1-10 fps, frost, UV inter, auto Iris, P/T DMX, SA, lan cool, motor, white, 19-16, XLR

12 gobos, prog, linkable, SA DMX, X/V, white, 12 gobos, SA, 4 prog, dimmer DMX, 6 ch, fan, IG, locus, white SA, 16 patterns, hanging bracket 18 patterns, battery/av DC, auto sp/SA/manual 48 progs, 3-D, auto sp/SA/manual, linkable (10 units) SA, hanging bracket, progs, 8-sided case 13 pan, SA, last/slow, adapt/battery pwr 16 pans, 110U, art coaled niim Multi-beam, SA, brkt


180 pat, SA

4-AA batteries

1 6 geo/1 00 manual pans, brkt Dual delract grating, DMX (8-ch), SA, masster/slave

MunJ, dichroic, 2x BRL 12V SOW

SA/rotadng/static, independent lamg function, progs SA/rotating/static, 1 1 0V 230V, lightweight SA/rotating/static, 1 1 0V/23DV SA, fan cool, motor Static MF/mirror reflector Rotating, SA white, 3-way Scans, extra tunnel dish, White, SA, X/V, lan, T protect, 20 gobos nmx,UVfltirs,3M,l5gobos,sti*o,strate1-10fps,

2-250W/120VBW 575W

8488.85 $499.95 $1,399.95

8229.99 8849.98 8419.98 81799.89

81,400 $4,200 $1,999.95 82.899.95

$795 $368 $1,189 N/S $1,199.95 $79.95 $298.85 8489.85 $59.99

$859.99 $289 $88 $79 $1,800


SA, DMX (3-ch), 24 pan, master slave, XLR

8 " MBal (MOD) w/ base, PL-1000 phspot, 4 cokr gels Projects MB-style beams without pinspot, 6 rpm Projects MB-style beams without pinspot, B rpm Includes motor ring Includes motor ring Pin spot, battery operated MOT-5, pin spot w/ bulb MOT-5, pin spot w/ bulb 12" MB, 2 pinspots w/ ext, motor arm 8" MB, mnunting arm____________ jr/12"/16"/20" "______________ SA, lan, criss-cross _________ DMX (4-ch), 16 color/gobo combos, strobe, stepper motors, SA, lan, X/V, XLR DMX, 16 color/goho combos, 180', strobe, progs, SA, lan, X/V, XLR _______ DM* hi-qual optics, multi-unit sync __ BMX, SAj'static/continuous, SA/! 2 rotating mirrors JJMX, DMK SA, lan, 17 gobos, road case, strobe SA, barrel mlrror/dichro-dlsh $A/; SA/slatlc/conllnuous, rotating mirror SA7rolating/static,Tioll/23liv,lan7l80' SA/r

wMte 4dfchroic,wnrte Multi, dichroic 10 White Muffl MUM 5 15, white

BRL12V50W FCB12V/100W 24V/250V halogen 12V/5QW 12V/58W

4 AA batteries Rem-24 pat, extra nines 4 AA batteries


Power supply lor base

$58.85 $79.85 $78.85 $25.99 $49.99 $37.99 $49.89 $68.88

Barrettech/C controller

$249 $119 828-8148 $219.99 $799.95

Barreltech/C controller



$229.99 $139.99 $388.95 $158.89 $199.99 $119.99

MBMAC-2 motor


Color wheel

Case, glass/alum gobos

$42.99 899.89 $529 $84 $118 $178 N/S $5,399.95

Aut'dlUOO |[!UOjlEUJdlU| UEUJ1BH V }|

a§uej ||n.j e aAup ueo jauue puoDas •WOD'OJdjqf'MMM

je aui|uo sn JISJA *3|dno3 hddei] Sjqj ano >|DaqD 0} >jse pue J3|eap leuoissa^ojd igf pazuoijjne jnofi JJSJA (ssj|q ajqipne p sjeafi uo >|jequia 01 hpeaj aj(noh .j; 05

e sdiund |auuei|3 UMOJ3 ±o S|auueqD ^sja>)eads -jgf pue



suiof jeqj uiaashs ja>|eads pajaMOd jnoqe MOH 'saSeujeui ^eajS jnoqe >||i

ueqa ajqejouiaui ajoui aq p|noD jeijM pi



-£ fiGv^uDwao^

-^^f^E ^155151 SpU9IJJ POOJ9

T^ro^BuJAOTV ^——————'

7^555^ ^u>QVf:Vl





Color Wash 575

Pant* -

CMyntXwIitB 575W

Moving Head


Patand Light 1200

86, spit

1200W 750-hr


Chaovet Chauvet Chauvet Batton

PAR 88 PAR56 PAR 84 OptH>ar

• -

• -


Gam Sound KLS Technology Group

Vsrlous KLS-ParCans16-48

PAR Can PAR Can PAR Can PAR Can Pin Spot Pin Spot Pin Spot Pin Spot Pin Spot Pin Spot Adapter Portable System Portable System Portable System Portable System Portable System

LytaQuest LyteQuest Urnes Square Lighting Times Square Lighting American DJ Chauvet Clay Paky Cokrado Sound IT light LyteQuest Chauvet American DJ American DJ American DJ American DJ Cnauvet

PAR-38BL PAR-64CU64BL PAR 56 PAR 64 PL-1BO/CW VA-15 Pin Scan CSL SuperPn PS-3BBL Cfl-212 Fab 4 Luna 4 Party Gobo Lamp Saturn 4 CH-208 Rotating Moons

Portable Syatem


CH-210 Tracer



Portable System Portable System Portabui System

Cnauvet Chainiet Chauvet

CH-211 Starburst CH-214 Tetra CH-5002 Pro Package

72 98

Multi Multl Mutti

Portable System Portable System Portable System Portable System Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Rope Lighting Snow Machine Snow Machine Stage Lighting Stage Lighting Strobe Strata

Morado Sound HTUght Colorado Sound ItTLtJit Ughtcratt MBT Lighting a Sound American DJ Chauvet Chauvet Chauvet Chauvet Gem Sound LyteQuest LyteQuest Chauvet LyteQuest American DJ Elation American DJ American DJ

ACL-24 Aircraft lighting CSL TrussUght 12 SL-860RM Mobile System 4 DJ401 -


SN-300 Snow Maker Mlcro-Brite FS-150Sci Followspot City Rash Bash Shot Pak

White 7, white Multi Mufti, white

2X 250W 120 BW 150W 6000-hr 70W -

Strain Strobe Strobe Strobe Strobe Strata Strata Strata Strata

American DJ Chauvat Chauvat Chauvat Batton Gam Sound lyteQoett LyteQuest Martin

Snap Shot II CH-2000M Techno strobe CH-730 Mini Hash CH-750 Mega Strobe 1 Galaxy-750 SLB5 ST-175 ST-300 Starshot Atomic 3000 DMX


70W CH-1000B CH-1000B CH-775B 7S9W,50-miSionllash BOW STR-75W

Strata UV lighting UV Lighting UV Lighting UV Lighting

MBT Lighting & Sound Chauvat Chauvat LyteQuest OmnMstam

RS-1 Rotostrabe CH 400 Black Shadow M8A BL-18 Black Lantern





1 -


1 1

MF.tun 84


RL-160 DL-30/150 DL-30/150UL SL-12 SL-19 RL-11/R1-1B1 RL-12 RE-16

120V B7SW

DYS600-C 300-1000W 300 -1 000 W

4 . .

White Multl, white Multi, white Multi, white White White Mum

4515 6W30W -

12V/100W halogen 100W aircraft 6V/30W . 4XBRL12V50W 4x 84514/16 128V 300W 110V/230V see above see above

50W pinspot 12 etrcratt 150W 4P»ore 4 4-120V/250W Clear/R/B/6/Y 60-1W 8.5V 0.46W per 1" Mum 8.5V 0.46W per 1" Mufti 40-1W Multi Mum 80-1 W Mum Mum Mutti RBVM RBVM .



. White

STR-G5W 10 mil

3000 W, Xenon XOP15-OF

H400BL400W F40BLB40W BIHB-188L 150W HOI-T/MBI-T

P/T, prism, lan DMX, CTC Biers, 360°, 15 gobos, shake, strobe 1-10 IPS, P/T, prism, locus, lan DMX (17-ch), 360*, 7 rps, sep gobo/color/etl wheels, 5 efls, 3 prisms, control panels Rlack/chrome, gel holder Black/chrome, gel holder Black/chrome, gel holder High output reflector, gel Irame, Interchangeable angle lenses

Case, glass/alum gobos




S-3458 150W

$23.50 $44.50 $50.50

Rfk/whlte/akim cases

$110.95 •$129.95

PAR 38, 56, 84


Fused cord, polished or Mack, spun aluminum, gel frame, clip, 40V trans Black finish, lamp Chrome/black, rellector, lamp Steel Steel PAR 38, motor, rotating color wheel, 4 D» 120V/230V White, motor, DMX, fan, X/Y, XLR For mirror hall, damp Black finish Adds efl to pin spots DMX, SA, XLR, 4-heads, progs, fan (master), MF, SA, XLR, 4-heads, progs, blackout controller HJH+1/Z MB+motor, 4 gobos, locus, 360', 3 rpm, 4 Us SA, XLR, 4-heads, progs, blackout controller 1 master/3 slaves, up to 16 heads, MutbHM System™, 16 pans, SA, Hash, chase, ail-on 1 master/3 slaves, up to 16 heads, MuttHHc System™, 16 patts, SA, Hash, chase, all-en see above see above Incl Octopus, Tunnel Star, Mini Una Dancer, MH-Sohare, Mini Flash Strobe 24-28V laser, roadcase, amahte 1 1 iti CP, 2 AC en aglets Encased wiring, series, aimable PAR 38 spots, 16 pat, linkable, SA, 11' w/ bar 4-ch controller, SA, full-on, 9' stand 16 tt/IBOIt max, 4 circuit, 5-pin, 110V-Cut 36"/230V-Cut 72", chase w/ controDer Cut 18", 150ft max 12ft, 240ft max, chase w/ controller 16n, 32011 max, chase w/ controller 12', 161

A111 lalostar lamps

4 circuit, 12', 192' max 4 circuit, 16', 192' max Rom, no warm-up, adjust output, 10 cu"/imn 600W, linkable, 2 sp, 1 gal, 0 warm-up Single channel DMX, 4-sp shutter, adjustable Iris, fan, prop, tripod

1-15 IPS, linkable 4 Snap Shot B strobe, S-4A/DMX 4-ch DMX controDer, G/R/Y/B color domes 1-1 5 Ips, linkable 75W, dim, 1 -201ns, linkable, SA w/ controller Adjust sp, 35W, M2lps 750W, dim, 1-20lps, linkable, SA w/ controller DMX, MStps, XLR, dimmer, bracket Var sp, linkable w/ opt controller 2-14lps, linkable w/ controller BOW, 2-14lps, linkable w/ controller DMX, blinder/autolade, Integrated haat central, flash: 20ms-2 secsprog ells Dual strobe, rotate/spin w/ sp control rem 79' x 80' coverage, hlgh-pwr, long throw 48", on/off sw 18" Dlchrolc UV conversion filter

4515 Bulb Dichrolc fitter -

Color gels Dlchroic ashes

$28 - $58

HIS $77 $83 $63 $70 $87.85 $12.88 83,495 $88 $28 $27.99 $349.95 $419.95 $79.95 $419.95 $249.99 $249.88

dear lenses

Bags, tripods, bars Footswttch clear/RTB/G/r

RLC-1 controller RUM controller -

Haze/6 on-based Juice B/R/Y/G color domes

Snap/D colored covers Controller RCS-2 controller RCS-2, colored domes . . . -

$249.99 $249.99 $419.99 $1,099 $999 S599 $399 $49.95 $1.89/1001 S1.88/loot $16.89 $19.99 S28/S45 $24 $85 $258.89 $988 $178.60 $1,083.95 $25.95 $429.95 $105 $57.99 1 S13.99_J $149.89 $258.85 $88 $89 $89 N/S

$349 $409.99 S47 $29 N/S

ACCURACY ISN'T CHEAR Introducing the exquisitely precise

S50015-INCH 2-WAY. I

f you're willing to settle for "OK" sound in your sanctuary, just turn the page right now. Because the Mackie S500 costs more than a commodity-grade, 15-inch 2-way sound reinforcement speaker. That's because Greg Mackie figured the world didn't need yet another "ho hum" loudspeaker. So instead of starting with a pricepoint, we started with a goal: make the best-sounding, widest-dispersion, highest-accuracy 15-inch 2-way loudspeaker yet. A speaker that renders the spoken word, choirs, soloists and instruments with incred­ ible detail. Without even a hint of harshness, even at high sound levels. We started with a new damped titanium compression driver and an ultra-efficient LF transducer with .heat-resistant Inside/Outside voice coil. Then we combined it with a low-impedance, low-distortion cross­ over and tossed in some sophisticated electronic protection circuits. TheSSOOusesanew The result is 500-watt RMS power RCF Precision™ titanium compression driver with a handling and !27dB SPL output with 3-slot optimized geometry smooth frequency response and phase plug that signifi­ cantly smooths high-end superb horizontal and vertical frequency response and dispersion — so all of your audience provides exceptional cou­ pling with the 75'x65* hears the same great sound. exponential horn. If you want your worship service to sound as good as it can — and are willing to spend a bit more to get unparalled accuracy, the Mackie S500 awaits.

PERFECT MATCH: THE M'2600 POWER AMPLIFIER • 2600W 4-ohms bridged • I300+I300W 2-ohm load • 850+850W 4-ohm load • 500+500W 8-ohm load • Fast Recovery™ circuitry • Front-to-side T-Tu nnel fan cooling via mirror-polished heat sinks • Variable low-cut filters • Switchable limiter circuit • 60Hz/90Hz/ IZOHz electronic subwoofer crossover • 5-way and Speakon® out­ puts • Signal present, OL, status, temp & short circuit LED displays

The S500 may look like a lot of other 15-inch 2-way SR loudspeakers but it sure doesn't sound like a lot of other 15-inch 2-way speakers. You'll notice the increased accuracy the minute you hear an S500.

end caps top and bottom


RCF Precision™ 1.75-inch diameter titanium com­ pression driver with 3-slot, opti­ mized geometry phase plug IB-ply Baltic Birch plywood trapezoidal

Weight-balanced side handles plus top and bottom handles 15-inch RCF Precision'" highefficiencyLF transducer with heat-resistant Inside/Outside voice coil Inside: Phaseprecise, low-Z crossover with active electronic HF protection circuitry


American Audio Cartridge BakTrak : American Audio Cartridge Banana American Audio



Power Drive 1.6 Direct, manual

American Audio Turntable TTD-250D Mkil/C Denon







High torque -

±10%, 20%

Direct, manual Direct, manual, quartz 2.2kg Direct, manual, quartz 2.2kg

±10% ±12%

0.7mm spherical diamond, head mount, incl 2 carts w/styli & 3 extra styli 0.7mm spherical diamond Incl cart, rev play Incl cart, AT, RGL, ASC, SM, start/stop remote output, strobe Digital out, S-arm, removable cords, ASC, AT, 3-way elec brake etf

±12% w/dlgl key adjust Digital out, S-arm, removable cords, ASC, AT, switchable L/Ph level,

S259.95 S129.95 $348.85 $308.85 N/S N/S

3-way elec brake eff, no ground req

Belt, manual Direct, manual

>650g/cm >650g/cm -

Direct, manual, quartz Direct, manual, quartz Direct, manual, quartz Belt, manual Direct, manual

Phat Irak PROTT2

Gem Sound



Gem Sound Gemini



Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini wfcart) Numark Numark Numark Numark Numark Plckering Plckerlng Pickering Pickering Pickering Shure Shure Shure Shure Stanton Stanton Stamen Stanton Stanton Stamen Stanton Stanton

Stamon Stanton Technics Technics Vwtax Vestax Vestax Vestax


Cartridge CM-25 Turntable PT-2410 Turntable




Turntable XL-200

Turntable XL-50011



<0.25% -


2.2kg/cm 1.2kg/cm 2.2kg/cm •










Direct, manual Direct, manual Belt Direct




>600n/cm -



±10% ±10%

2 speeds 2 speeds Durable, fits S type tonearms, magnetic S tonearm, ASC, LED, LCD, locking platter Straight tonearm, ASC, locking platter, angle HS, SM, high gloss Vertical, straight tonearm, ASC, locking platter, angle HS, SM Sett touch start/stop, strobe, cart S tonearm, ASC, locking platter, angle HS, SM, strobe, cart

$188 $278 $38.85 $588 $288 $528 $158 $288 (SS29


Cartridge Turntable Turntable Turntable Turntable Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Cartridge Turntable Turntable Turntable

TT-100 TT-1B10 H-1520 150-DJ

EP-HW N-PAC V15-DJ M35S M35X M44G SC35C 500-AL-ll 680-a-fl 890-SA Gnoovemaster B Pro Trackmaster II RS >2.2kg Direct, manual 8TR-100 Direct, manual, quartz >1.6kg STR8-80 >2.2kg Direct, manual STR8-100 >1kg Direct, manual STR8-50 >1kg Direct, manual STR8-60 Direct, manual, quartz SL1200-MK2 Direct, manual, quartz SL1200-Mk3D VR-5E EP-DJ

Turntable Turntable Turntable Turntable Cartridge Turntable PDX2MO Turntable PDX-D3MK2 Turntable PVT-B2

2kg Direct, manual Direct, manual, quartz 1.6 kg/cm Direct, manual

±10% ±10% -

Dance mix House/techno mix Club/rave, scratch mix Scratch mix -




±8, 12%






±10% ±8% ±8%

±10% 0.03% -

Built-in target light Fvud/rev, LCD, rem start/stop, SM, AT, strobe, Fwd/rev, rem start/stop, target light, SM, incl cart ASC, strobe, Incl cart, SM ASC, strobe, incl cart, SM, aluminum platter Groove holding Tight tracking Light tracking High output -


N/S N/S N/S N/S N/S $88 $148 $68 $48.85 $88 $75 $75 $100 $60 $45

Rugged, balanced -


Avail matched pairs, high output Roger Sanchez signature model Key adjust, AT, S tonearm, pttchbend (6%), DO Key adjust, DO Key adjust, AT, straight tonearm, pttchbend (6%), DO


Start/stop rem input, strobe, sw guard, SM Start/stop rem input, strobe, sw guard, SM Pitch slider w/ reset button, diecast base, anti-skate Pitch slider, diecast base, pop-up light Elliptical stylus Repl globe/cable, ASC, AT, SM Anti-skip tonearm Unit pivots 36°-ASTS-needle tracks at any angle, ASC, AT, SM


$88 $148 $788 $448 $788 $325 $688 $688 $55 N/S $838 N/S

Key Changer

Graphic Equalizer

Power DJ/KJ Mixer Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

UHF Wireless Microphone

H & F Technologies, Incorporated

650 Flinn Avenue, #4, Moorpark, CA 93021 Tel: (800)661-8069, (805)523-2759, Fax: (805)523-2021

E-Mail: Website: http://www.audio2000s. com

f »&«»„_



Semi-open, supra-aural




Semi-open, parabolic

20HZ - 20KHz

American Audio



20HZ - 20KHz

eooa soon 820

American Audio



20HZ - 20KHz




Single, sealed cup

20HZ - 20KHz



Single w/ mic, sealed cup

20HZ - 20KHz



Dual, sealed cup

20HZ - 20kHz



Dual w/ mlc, sealed cup

20HZ • 20kHz






Dual, w/ mlc

20HZ - 20KHz -






Picketing PiOflflfJP

88 dB


99 dD


102HB, ±3dB

Son cushion, adjust headband,slngle-slde cord, st mlnl/1/4" adapt


102dB -

Bass amp w/ sep vol & on/on, sett cushion


Foldable, 12' coll cable, 1/8"/1/4" connector



Faldable, swiveling gooseneck dynamic mlc, 1/8"/1/4" connector



Foldable, VS"/l/4" connector



Foldable, swiveling gooseneck dynamic mlc, 1/8"/1/4" connector


2013 -

108HD -

12' cable, l/B"/1/4" connector


FuB range mlc





Foldable, gold-plate Jack, bag


Dual cup

5Hz- 28KHz





Dual, closed

20Hz - 30kHz



Closed, dynamic


102HB -

Vibrating, bass enhance (5Kz-2SKHz) Shoulder pest, rotatable housing, loldable design, st/m sw




Closed, clpcumaural

12HZ- 22KHZ



Distort resistant, bass resp


Stanton Stanton Stanton Stanton Stanton Yamaha

DJ PRO 1000 Mkll

Dual, closed

20HZ - 20kHz






DJ PRO 2000 S

Dual, closed

20HZ - 30kHz



Black, silver -


Dual, closed

20HZ- 20KHZ



Neodynium magnet


DJ PRO 500 Mkll


25HZ - 20kHz



Black, silver



Dual, closed

20Hz- 28kHz





Closed back, dynamic

10HZ- 30kHz


100 dB/mW

Extra lew end -







master the with PPM Studiq;Th<= flual MP3 Pfiggjifc ODO3DD


• •••••ODD* ••••» «IT>DO> ••••D*BD •> • ••••DBG) ••••BDOD ,


•« <••• :* 4B


OT •"

«'••• «0< • •••930 -

. 0». **-*::»* D00» • QD DDOQB*


- « • a fc • '


Available as Remote Control



with 2 rack units as well.

O l---- 00.00.





ao»ODD • oneiaano

BPM Studio 4 has all the features you ever need to master the beast in your creative potential as a DJ. Leave your CD's at home - create, mix, loop, cross-fade and play with full access to your whole music archive. Add a powerful remote control to the system and you have complete control over the BPM Studio 4 Pro software.

BPM Studio Pro 4 Features:

Remote Control Features:

- Automatic Beat Matching - Realtime BPM Counter - Automatic Gain Control / Equalizer - Master Tempo - Archieving of IOO.OOO titles and more - Playlist Management - CD Writer Module - Print Functions - Playlist History - and much more...

- Beat Stepping





- Loop Player (Automatic Loop Cutting) - Direct Cue (6 CUE Points directly recallable)

- BRAKE Function -Sampler - Quick-Load from Archive - BPM Pitch Wheel - Large VFD Displays - Track Selector - Jog Shuttle Wheels

Aliuays one step ahead...

<%ALCATech ^r


For a free demo and additional info on the BPM Studio visit us at:

PROCESSORS Audto Enhancer Aufo Enhancer Auio Enhancer Aufo Enhancer Aulo Enhancer BPM Counter BPM Counter Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor

Aphex Systems BBE Peavey Rolls VocoPro Gemini Numark Aptiex Systems Astily Audio EteK (Music Ind) Peavey Rane Bolls Sabtm

Compressor Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Crossover Delay/Echo Ells Control Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer

Yamaha American Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Gem Sound Gemini Rolls SoiindTech Yamaha Gem Sound Korg American Audio American Audio Aphex Systems Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio AudloZOOO's AudloZOOO's Gem Sound Gem Sound Gemini KLS Tech Grp Numark Peavey Peavey Peavey Peavey Power Teq Power Teq Power Teq Power Teq Power Teq Rane Rane Rane Bane Rane Rolls Rolls Sablne



Aural Excltor® 104 2 SortcMaxMzer382-SW 2 kosmoB RP2BZ st Sonic Exciter SE-B90 BPM-1

BCM135 Beatkeeper-2 EaKvrtlBr@Autoconii.10B I CLX-92 2 DynamaglcBual 2 CEL-2 2 DC 24 2 BP252 2 GRQ-31 00 Series M GC2020C XCR-232 XR-1001 XR-2001 XR-4001 ST-3S CX-10 RX321 XP2 D2040 EC-7

Kao88 Pad XEg-152 XEg-312 Tubessence® EQ 103 GOX-1502 6QX-3102

2 2 1 2 2 2 1/2 1/2 2 2

XLR, 1/4" TRS Comp, Dm, expander Comp, lim, expand, gate Comp, lim, gate 2-way/3-way/4-way

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

Comp, lim, gate St 2-way, m 3-way St 2-way, ra 3-way St 3-way, m 4/5-way St 4-way st 3-way, m 4/5-way 2/3/4-way 2/3-way 2-way 4-way

XLR, 1/4" TRS Floating & balanced XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

REQ232 REQ313 GRQ-31 00 Series Power-Q ADF-4000

1/2 Parametric/graphic

MQX-2310 POX-571 PQX-572 AEQ8010S AEQ8015S GEQ-255 GEQ355 EQ-30 AP215 EX1500 Q215B QF131 QE21S QF231FX Q-131 0-1 31 L Q-215 Q-21SI Q-ZS1 ME1BB ME SOB ME GO MQ302S Mojo PE17

XLR, 1/4", RCA RCA PM.-4 PM.-4 1/4" TRS MB, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

Graphic Graphic PaanetrfcSttnZ/'Hjanl Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Parametric Parametric Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic 2 Graphic 2 Graphic 1 Parametric Graphic 1 Graphic 1/2 Parametric/graphic

MQX-1310 MgX-2150

1/4" TRS 1/4", RCA XLR, 1/4" TRS

. -

1/4" TRS, XLR XLR, 1/4" XLR, 1/4"

XLB, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" IBS, 1/4" 1/4"


4 N/A XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"


XLR, 1/4" TRS 1/4" TRS, XLR

20Hz- 20kHz ±1dB •

31x2 • -



20HZ- 20kHz ±1dB -

31x2 -

10Hz- 20KHZ


1/3 act 1/3 oct -

XLR, 1/4" XLB, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS Heating & balanced


XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" 1/4"


Big Bottom® circuit extends L/H Ireqa Sep sub level control w/ low-pass filter Sub x-over w/tevef umliuL darity/spread/localioii Sep subwooler out (K), adds warmth B0-180bpm range, olfset Indie, update/beat 2 dfenbys, update/beat, tempo/beat onset graphs Easyrider® transparency tech Detector patch point X-over: variable polnts/ch TRS Insert, st link, side chain w/ It panel sws 24dB/oct active x-over, side chain insert Side chain lor detector circuit FBX Feedback Exterminator®, digital EQs, delay, delay, ClipGuard®, PC rem Side chain, stereo link X-over: 80Hz-S20Hz, phase Invert mute, CD boost X-over: 40Hz-24kHz X-over: 40Hz-24kHz X-over: 40Hz-24kHz

XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLB, 1/4" TBS, 1/4"

2HZ-20KHZ ±0.25dB ZHz 20kHz ±0.25dB

XLB, 1/4" TBS, 1/4" XLB, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLB, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

2Kz-20kHz ±0.25dB 2HZ-20KHZ ±0.25dB 2Hz-20kHz ±0.25dR

XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

2Hz-20kHz ±0.25dB

2X31 7 7

1/4", BCA XLR, 1/4" TRS


2x10 2x19

X-over: 50Hz-8kHz X-over: 100Hz-5kHz, sot Bter, CD Eg, x-over overlap Sub processor w/ EQ.Iimiter, lined 120HZ Ellter/EO comp/dclay per ch, 15 mem pts, mutes Digital echo, delay, repeat, output level control X/Y touch pad, 13 ell types, GO prog, MIDI out Constant g, 6dB/12dB control 2/3 net Constant g, GdB/12dB control 1/3 oct 1/9-2 oct Tubessence® sweetening circuitry ±15dB range, subsonic Tilter-18dB/oct @20Kz 2/3 oct ±19dB range, subsonic tilter-18dB/oct @20Hz 1/3 oct ±15dB range, subsonic Iliter-IBdB/oct @20Hz 1/3 oct ±15dB range, subsonic inter 18dB/ocl @20Hz 2/3 oct ±15dB range, subsonic lilter-18dB/oct @20Hz 1/3 oct .05-3.33001 ±15dB range, subsonic Iilter-18dB/oct @20Hz .05433 oct ±15dB range, subsonic lilter-18dB/oct ®20Hz Freq spectrum display, 1 rec a 2 tape outs (K), peak LED, level meter

RCA XLR, 1/4", RCA 1/4" TRS, RCA

30HZ-1GKHZ 25Hz- 16kHz -

2X10 2x19 2x19

2/3 OCt


2x19 2x19

1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" 2st 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TBS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

20HZ- 20kHz ±1dB

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLB, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

20Hz-20kKz 20Hz- 20kHz

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TBS XLB, 1/4" TBS


XLB, 1/4" TRS XLB, 1/4" TBS XLB, 1/4" TBS

1/4" TRS XLR, AES/EBU 1/4", RCA L, Ph (RCA) XLR a 1/4" TRS XLR a 1/4" TRS 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" IBS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" 1/4", RCA XLR, 1/4" TRS RCA XLR, 1/4", RCA 1/4" TRS, RCA -


1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"


XLR, 1/4", RCA

XLR, 1/4" 1/4" TRS XLR, AES/EBU 1/4", BCA L,HPh XLR & 1/4" TRS


XLR & 1/4" TRS

20HZ - 20kHz ±0.5dB -

1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

XLB, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4", BCA

XLR, 1/4" XLR, 1/4"

XLR, 1/4"

XLR, 1/4"

XLR, 1/4"

XLR, 1/4"


Equalizer Equator

SoundTech Stanton

Q190 EQ-215H



Graphic XLR, 1/4" Notch, bandpass fDturs XLR, 1/4" TRS

Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer Equalizer

Vamaha Yamaha Y tun sits Yamaha

9Q1031C 0201 5A 02031 B VDG2030

1 2 2 2

Graphic Graphic Graphic Graphic, digital



1/4", RCA XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4", RCA BCA


RCA XLR, 1/4"

2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 ~12

1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR

XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR, 1/4" TRS XLR

20HZ - 20kHz ±0.5dB

2Hz-20kHz ±0.25dB

26Hz- 16kHz 20HZ - 20kHz ±1dB 20HZ- 20kHz ±1dB 20HZ- 20kHz ±1dB

20HZ20Hz 20Hz 20HZ -

20kHz 20kHz 20kHz 60kHZ

20HZ- 100kHz 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB

2x19 31 2x19 2X31 31 2x19

2/3 oct 2/3 act 1/3 oct 2/3 oct 31x2 1/3 oct 31 loct 31 loct 2x19 loct 2X19 loct 2x31 loct 2x19 2/3 oct 30 1/3 oct 2x30 1/3 2X30 1/3 oct .03-2 octs 9 2X31 1/3 oct 31 1/3 oct 31 (digital) 0.9-1 oct 19X2 31 19X2

Level LED, ±12db boost/cut tonstantai5iBcm*rt,18dB,'40«zlovKUtlIta' Constant g, Feed* Local Sys, 1 8dB/40Hz towoit ater Constant g, Feedbk Local Sys, 18dB/40Hz taviKat «ter Constant g, Feed* Local Sys, 1 8dB/40Hz towcut flier

St, 1 control set tor both ens 120dB dynamic range Sep high/low shelving niters 20Hz - 20kHz Constant g, switchable boost/cut ±6dB/±12dB 20HZ - 20kHZ FBX Feedback Exterminator®, comp/llm 20HZ - 20kHz ±0.3dB delay, ClipGuard®, PC rem 10Hz- 20KHz ±0.2dB 31 (digital) 0.1-1 oct, FBX Feedback Exterminator®, comp/llm, PETBHUHKOI delay, ClipGuard®, PC rem, RTA 20Hz- 20kHz 2X19 2/3 oct 10HZ- 20kHz 2x19 2/3 octs Cut selector w/LED, peak indie, level control, bypass, low cut tune w/LED 20Hz - 20kHz High pass filter, bypass 31 1/3 oct 20Hz - 20kHz 2x19 HPF,6-12dB boost/cut 2/3 oct 20Hz - 20kHz HPF, 6-1 2dB boost/cut 2x31 1/3 oct 20Hz- 20kHz 2x31 1/3-2/3-1 oct 90 user presets, 4 notch inters 20Hz-20kHz+0,-2dB 10Hz- 20kHz ±0.5dh

1RU 1RUX1S" 1RU 1 BU x IB" X B" 1RU 1 RU X 18" X 3" 1RU 1RU 1 RU X IB" X 6" 1RU 1RU 1RU 1 RU X 19" X B" 1 RU, 2 RU 1RUX19"X9.9" 1 BU X 19" X 6.75" 1 RU 19" X 6" 2RU19"x6" 2 RU 19" X 6" 1BUX19"* 8" 1RUX19"X6" 1RU 4" X 19" X 1938" 2.3" x 8" x 8.6" 1ROX18"X8S" 2RUx19"x8J9" 1RU 2 RU X 19" X B" 3 RU X 19" X 6" 1RUX19"X8" 1RUx19"x6" 2RUX19"X8" 1RUX19"xG" 2RUx19"x6" 2ff'x18#'x9ff' 23"x19"xa8" 1RUx19"xa7S" • 2RU 2RU 2RU 2RU 1RU 2RU 1RU 2RU 2RU 1RU . 2RD 1RU 1RU 1 RU X IB" X 0" 2RUX19"xW 1RU.2RU 1 RU, 2 RU 1RU 1RU 1J93" X 19" X 9" 2RUx19"xB" 2RUX19"X9" 1 RU X 19" X 18"

pcj • {)3 pueg t qii/w sinduj :>in {, do<r| 5i33)H • mdmo pasueieg jn


TOOZ ® Xuediuo;) dncug uoiu9j$ y


UDI5 Jope-j • |auuct|3 ipeg uo Xc|dsiQ Q3T pue ()3 pucg ;. • indmo paxicicg y-|x

-Z g S

ueiS jappj • 03 joiscw pucg f. 5induj 3in t> • indinQ p3DUP|cg yi

'rvair^xwctji r-ii/Tirii 1

•)o§ no* JBI.IM jeaq PMOJJ ai|j ja| pue -MOU ja|Eap U04UB15 |BDO| .inoX oj UMOp asmjD -05 'jancM .inoX a|jje.i JUOM jei|4 S3DUd M3LI JD SIL|) ||V 'dOO| SS3|LUB3S |EaJ pue >peq/fc|d XB|3J '3I1D

ijDjea^ aiue-ij

ojne ^loiuaui Jaijnq ' (a.iaL|MXuB a|qs|iBAB JSOLU at|j) 'uoipajojd >|Doi)S ijue p spucoas gt7 a>l!| sa.injea| i|)|M papso| QOZ'S PUB 099'S 3LI1 OJC' doj aqj .iO} pauSisag jaAanaq JUOM noX aDud e jc KIBM noX jjnjs aqj ||G auiqaioa sjaXB|d g;j |Bnp Mau suojuejj



1SION dO 101 V

S33idd H3M01 M3N



xm Parametric, digital Notch, bandpass niters 1 RCA, 1 Ph




Key Control AuoMOOO/s Kay Control VocoPro Mum-enacts Ploiuw

AKM70e DKC-100

EX-600 Blotter

EQ, enacts

Miiltl-etlocti Multhmects Pwr Condition Pwr Condition Pwr Condition



amber nur

Yamaha Starton

Roland vamaha ETA Systems ETA Systems ETA Systems

Pwr Condition ETA Systems Pwr Condition ETA Systems


Optfcaiycoax x 3 RCA



OCA 1/4" TO, RCA




XUU/4" -

XUt, 1/4"


IS amp, 120V 20 amp 20 amp


140 amp, 240V, 18BDOW 16 amp, 120V

. .




1/24 octtMi 60 user presets, 4 notch tutors Isolator, EQ, chrome knobs, on/olt,trlgger, Input level control, bypass sw Turns CD/DVD w/ dlgl outs Into CD+B (K), digital key control 00, 12-step dgnsl key canlrol dtact key access Isolator, L/M/H cut, Jog ells, BPM counter, BPM-llnked ells, MIDI 16 ells alg, DSP synth, BPM count, Step Mod, IWI Reverb, delay, auto pan, sample&nold+more ens Spke/sirge, BVWH), 10 outlets, seq on/on, 3-yr war Sptearge, BVKRH, 10 outlets, saq on/ofl, 3-yr war Spike/surge, EMI/RR, 10 outlets, seq on/ott, digital meter, 3-yr war 8 20-amp circuits, 12 outlets Spike/surge, EMIHF1, 8 outlets, rack lights, 3-yr war, UL listed


1RUx18"x13" 8 1RU 8 1RU 1RUX1B"X8.8" ZS"«ia38"xa7b" ia38"x2£"x&6a"




1 1 1 1

RU X IF X 12" RU x IB" x 12" RU X 18" x 10" RU X 19" X 10"


2RU 1RUx18"XS"


i mi v in" v ft"


avalHIuor blue/green/red/vlolet RR-16 RsckRMer Revarb Yamahs Reverb Yamaha SUTardProc Bernini


. . 48UP -



XUL 1/4" 2XLR

MB, 1/4" BXU1


N avall-lluor blue/green/red/vlolet 1 6-blt digital, St I/O, 99 presets 1RUX18"X8" 8 32-hlt digital, St I/O, 1 00 presets/1 00 user 1RUx19"x9" 8 <Hrode, swM efl, Hers, bass ennanca, wht notes gen 1RUx19"x10JS" 8

Get with the program. TM

CDs are out. Computers are in.

Play thousands of songs anytime, anywhere. Setup your system in less than 5 minutes, and carry under 10 Ibs. It's easy to see why music professionals rely on AMPS every day.

Questions? Visit us online at or call us at 877-AUDIO-PC to find out more. 42

in' Awesome, Antori has the fullest range of ETL/UL listed fog, haze and effects machines available today - including the incredibly affordable F-80Z series Fogger to the DMX Z-1200 with removable heating core, the high output Z-1500


low fog ice machine ZGI ice Fog

or Z-3000, the Z-300 "Fazer',' the S-100 Snow Machine and the new HZ-400 Professional Hazer. Many available with affordable wireless remotes and built-in (or converted) DMX. With outputs ranging from 2,000

high output logger with wireless remote

to an incredible 40,000 cubic feet/minute, you can be sure your audience will be in a fog no matter what size crowd you have.

Without Anteri, you don't have the foxiest,

Z-300 Fazer continuous high output hazer

,'j9 1 Vanilla, 2 Strawberry, / topical Blend & 1 Jurbo Clenaer!


2SK - ZFuel Scent Additive Kit.. Six Ixotic Flavors!

Octane Foe;

-' r Premium Octane Fo?

3000 SW 42nd Street, Hollywood FL 33312 954.689.8833 / Fax 954.689.8460 Tracomon West / 503.760.6177 / Fax 503.760.6196 / A Stanton Group Company Š 2001

NEW B-100 Bubble high output bubble machine with timer remote


Universal Fo^


CD PLAYERS American Audio

DCD-PR0200 Mklll



±8%, 12%, 16%

Single, cont, HP


American Audio




±8%, 12%, 10%

Single, cont, rev, HP


American Audio


Dual CD Digital Scratching System

CDP/Scratch Box/record

Tempo Lock



American Audio American Audio


Single Dual-style MP3 Controller

Front load Controller/software

±12%, 25%, 50%, Tempo Lock

Single, cont, repeat, RP Rev

American Audio

Pro-Scratch 1


Front load

±8%, 12%, 16%

Rev, RP


Demon Denon

DN-1800F DN-2600F

Dual Dual

Drawer Drawer


Single, cant Single, cant

Music Music

Bern Sound

CO-16 CD-25

Single Dual Dual Single Single Dual

Drawer Drawer Drawer Top load Top load Drawer

±8, 12, 16%

Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont

Music Music Music Music, time code Music, time code Music, time code -

Gem Sound Gem Sound Gemini

Gemini Gemini



CD-55 CDJ-20 CDJ-30 CDS-1000

±8%, 12%, 16%

±10%, ±16%

±12% ±12% ±16% ±16% ±4, 8, 16%

asmam Front load Front load Drawer Drawer

±100%, key lock ±100%, key lock


Tabletop Dual Dual


Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont


Digital Media Controller

Dual-style MP3 Controller






CDJ-1000 Digital Vinyl Turntable


Top load


Single, cont


Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer


Front load Top load Top load Front load

±10, -16%


Single Single Single Dual

±6, 10, 16%

Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, corn

Music Music Music Music, time code




Front load


Single, cont

Music, time code

PylePro PytaPra PylePro



Drawer Drawer Front load Drawer



Dual Dual, w/mlxer Single Dual


Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont Single, cont

Auto, to music Auto, to music Auto, to music Auto, to music





±8, 12, 16%

Single, cont

Auto, to music





±8, 12, 16%

Single, cont

Auto, to music



Dual Single

Top load Front load

±32, 100%, pitch/tempo lock ±12%

Single, cont Incremental

Music, time code Auto cue


COX-16 COX-36

Dual, w/mlxer Single or dual w/controller

Top load Drawer


Single, cont Single, cent, rev, rep




Numark Numark Numark


*>"s « Axis 8

••^•1' Tabletop




GO 450


±10 ±10, 16%

±16% ±8, 16%


Music Music, time code



ce a.




Yes, 30 tracks



Yes, 30 tracks

SL, FCS, Stor=8, TIS, ASM=20/Slde, MAS, DSP ens (skid, coast, bop) Vinyl controls CD track; SL, FCS, relay play, DSP ens, jog will, ASM=20/side SL, FCS, TIS, 10 CLS, DSP eHs (skid, coast, bop) S (7 sec x 3), SL, FCS, 3 CLS, ens, jog wh, BPM counter, playllsts, MP3/WAV/WMA/CD lormats S (mlxable), SL, FCS, TIS, 3 CLS, DSP etls (8), jog wh, ASM=20/slde, MAS Key adjust, pitch bend (±18%), CLS, brake enect, TIS, EOM, ASM ASM=10 sec/side, DO, serial out, CLS, sampler (18 sec/side), ens, TIS, digl-scratch, SL -



Wheel Wheel

Yes, 30 tracks Yes



Wheel Wheel

Yes Yes

Button, joystick, wheel Button Button Wheel Wheel, button, joystick Wheel, button, joystick


Wheel Wheel Wheel Wheel, buttons

Yes Yes Yes Yes





Wheel Wheel Wheel Wheel




SL, ASM=10 sec, DO, TIS, BPM counter Stutter, SL, ASM, TIS, FCS, DO, RP, BPM counter Beatkeeper w/ sync, SL-2, CLS-3, ASM=48 sec, TIS, FCS, DO, RP, pitch lock For use with PCDJ 1200SL software, TIS, auto beat match, sort/search Large platter, CLS, rev, relaop, SL, RP, shock resist, FCS, MMC mem, Wave display, scratch, Legato link Tempo w/o pitch change, jog ens, RP, DO, high sp search, FCS Tempo w/o pitch change, SL, RP, FCS Tempo w/o pitch change, SL, RP, shock resist, FCS Auto beat mix, mix ens, RP, DO, FCS, ASM, wave display, scratch mode, SL, BPM sync Auto beat mix, mix ens, RP, DO, FCS, ASM

Wheel Wheel Wheel Button


FCS, SL, etls, TO FCS, RP, TIS, mixer: 3-band EQ, M/B outs, eH loop, rep x-Iader ASM, SL, ens, TIS, DO, CLS, multi display FCS, hid CD wallet

Button, wheel



Button, wheel



Button, wheel Button

Yes Yes

DO (S/PDIF), FCS, CLS, SL, S-10sec, TIS, scratch elf St=1000, tempo sync, SL, ASM, S-10 sec

Joystick Joystick

. .

ASM=10 sec, dual nine joystick (pitch/cue), CLS, mech shock Analogue touch cue, point locus, SL, CLS, mech shock, key/tempo lock

77?e DJ Magazine


No -


Loop-reloop Loop-reloop ASM, direct access keypad SL, ASM, direct access keypad SL, ASM, RP

§ C-2RUx18"x2.5" P-2RUx19"x10" C-2ROx18"x1.58"









P-2ROx19"x8.88" 3RUX18"X2.25"



4.63" X18.5" X 10.25" 3RUx1B"x2.25"

5.3 3.8

$448.88 $788.86

3.22" x 8.68" X 12.05"



C-2 RU, P-2 RU C-3RU.P-2RU


N/S N/8



$378 S588

8.88" X 8.88" X 8.76" 8.75" X 8.6" X 3.25" C-2 RU X 18" X 3.5" x 3" P-2 RU X 18" X 10"

4.6 5 C-6.P-11

$888 $48186 $848.86


• • -





12.63" X 14.5" X 4.12"





C-3RUx18"X2.88" P-2 ROX 18" x 10.56" C-3ROx18"X2.88" P-2 fill X 18" X 10.68" -

C-4.14, P-11.2

$648 $888 $788 81,098




C-2RUx18"Xl.B" P-2RUx19"XlO" C-2RUx19"Xl.B" P-2ROx19"XlO" C-3RUx19"x3.1" P-2RUx19"x10" 4.1" X 18.8" X 12.2" C-2 RUx 18" X 8.7" P-2RI)X18"X10.3" .


N/S N/8 N/8 $688



C-4.6, P-11


11.2 C-6.8, P-13

$1,350 S788


N/S N/8

Beatkeeper, sync en, SL, ASM=48 sec, FCS, DO, RP, BPM counter










JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) ' RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro

Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Dlsc/MP3 Player Karaoke Disc/MP3 Player Karaoke Dlsc/MP3 Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Turn-key Unit Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Turn-key Unit Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Player Karaoke Disc Plaver Turn-key Unit .

AVC7500 HDV-201A P-99N JB-99 40GB JB-99RG Karaoke Jukebox JB-99RT Karaoke Jukebox JVC 22 JVC 303 JVC 333 JVCJ111 DVD-V550 DVD-V555 DVD-V630 DVD-V888 CGK-100 MV-333 SV-222 C6K-90 CD6-4000PHO CDG-8000PRO DKP-10G BRAVO-8

Turn-key Unit Turn-key Unit Turn-key Unit Turn-key Unit Turn-key Unit


Turn-key Unit



, f-W






VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro VOCOPPO












1 3 3

2 2 2 2 2






No Dual




3 3 3 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 2






, carousel , carousel




1 (tray) 3 (tray) 5 (carousel) 3 (tray)






2 2 2 3 2

19 8 8 8 6 6 12 12 12 12 11 11 12 12 12 -

1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3

20HZ- 30KHz 20HZ- 20kHz 20HZ-20KHZ 20HZ- 20KHz 20Hz- 20KHz 20HZ- 20KHz 4HZ- 22KHZ (DVD) 4HZ- 44KHZ (DVD) 20HZ- 20KHZ 20Hz- 20KHZ -

12% 12% 11 18 18 12 10% 12 18 19

20Hz- 20KHZ 20HZ- 20KHZ 20HZ - 20KHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ - ZOkHz 20Hz - 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz 20HZ- 20KHz


a ll Echo, programmable Song capture, 2HOOO song capacity, EQ, voice cancel

. . . . .

JVC (del Karaoke Warehouse) Pioneer Pioneer Pionoop Pioneer

RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) __ RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dst Sound Choice) VocoPro




Audlo2000's CAVS USA CAVS USA CAVS USA CAVS USA CAVS USA JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) __ JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse) JVC (dst Karaoke Warehouse)


2" twtr, 4.78" wlr, 36W/cn RMS 2"twtr,4.78"wlr,38W/chHMS

Song capture, 20,000 song capacity, EQ, vox cancel Interact jukebox unit (or w/JB-99 player hteract jukebox nit hr w/JB-99 player, touch screen Component Component Component Portable Key control, digital out Dig! out, echo, mic incl Key com, ng out, Doty decoder, echo, video noise rate Dlgl out, echo, DVD both-side Portable, hxrioad, echo, vocal replace, mte/9 CD+Gs kid 3 sur modes, muUex, echo, remote, iric/CD+Gs nd 3 surr modes, muVex, echo, remote, iric/CD+Gs hd Portable, topHoad, echo, vocal replace, iric/9 CD+6s hd __ 110V-240V, PAL/NTSC switchable Dual decoder, 110V-240V, PAL/NTSC switchable Dtital echo, ran, 110V-240V, PALWTSC switchable Int/ext spkr sw, RF out, 2 video ins, 3 audio inputs 2 video Inputs, 3 audio inputs, RF output

. . SI 5" wire, MS' twin, 40W/cn RMS-1BOW tot St 5" wlrs, 1.5" twtrs, 160W tot Audlo-ln, digital Echo, 5 band EQ, AM/FM St4"wtrs, 1" twtrs, 4DW tot St dual 4", SOW tot Audo*, ed loop, do echo, music ens, Hph jack, AIWFM SI 4" wlrs,1" twtrs, 6" sub, 156W tot____ Sub amp, autocall hop, dp" echo, ens, Hph jack. AM/FM Echo-2mfcs,3vtdenlpits,4audhiv2 out, RF output 2 video inputs/3 audio inputs, RF output St 8" wfrs , 3" irtds, 1 S' twtrs, 1 SOW tot

2RUX19"X11.8" 18.5" X 13" X 3.5" 17" X 14.5" X 4.5" 5" X 17" X 13" 25" X 25" x 80" 25" X 25" X 60" . . . 16.56" X 4.13" X 11.31" 18.56" X 4" X 11.25" 18.58" X 5.06" x 14.81" 16.58" X 5.75" x 18.38" 16.38" x 12.08" x 9.36" 5" X 17.63" X 13.19" 5" X 17.3 " X 13.19" 16.38" X 12.09" X 9.38" 3.75" X 1 9" X 10.75" P-3.75" X 18" X 10.75", C-3.75" X 19" x 2" 4" x 17" x 12.5" 18.5" X 12.5" X 15.13" 18.5" x 12.5" X 15" 12.25" x 9" x 21.5" 10" X 11" X 20" 31.17" X 16" X 9.5"

20" x 18" x 11" (tort 20" x 18" x28" (bottom) 18" X 17" X 23"

17 15 25 25 350 350 15 18 15 20 6.63 6.63 8.34 18.84 8.4 11.7 10 8.4 14 18 16 40 37 48 30 52 138 75

$368 $698 $588 $1,685 $6,885 87,695 $388 $488 $488 $499 $848 $789 $788 $1.488 $588 $488 $398 $489 ; N/S



Make New Income with Karaoke + Jukebox Machine Karaoke Jukebox JB-99RT is an one-stop solution for karaoke entertainment without the hassles of hardware and software. Simply roll in the JB-99RT. It is easy to operate, has thousands of karaoke & jukebox songs, and delivers professional quality sound.

Touch screen at your finger tips for fast and easy song selection

Cassette Recorder to take home your singing

Mic volume and echo controls with aluminum caps and automatic resets

Professional sound with 400W RMS power and dual 10" 3-Way 3-Speakers

Dual Microphone with 15' cords. Steel safe door for bill collector.

Bill Acceptor with independent pricing for karaoke and jukebox

CAVS JB-99 Digital Jukebox for DJs and KJs Now available with 9,000 Great CD+G songs of Chartbuster, Music Maestro, and DK Millenium. There is no need to carry CD or CD+G discs. You can capture CD/CD+G songs into JB-99 from the discs and instantly access up to 20,000 songs. 800-957-2287

Santa Fe Springs, CA










10HZ -40KHz, ±1dB 10HZ -40KHz, ±1dB 10HZ -40KHz, ±1dB 10HZ -40KHz, ±1dB 10HZ -40KHz, ±1dB 20Hz - 20KHz -3dB 20HZ - 20KHz -3dB 20HZ-20KHZ ±0.2dB 20Hz-20kHz ±0.2dB 20Hz-20kHz ±0.2dB 10Hz -30kHz

<0.1% 1% 1% <0.1% <0.02% 0.05% 0.05% <0.004%(1kHz) <0.004%(1kHz) <0.025% (1kHz) 0.01%

Variable speed (an Fan & convection Fan & convection Dual sp fan, heatsink Dual sp fan, heatsink Fan, convection Fan, convection Fan Fan Fan Fan

DC, 0, SC, on/off, thump DC, 0, SC, on/off, thump DC, 0, SC, on/off DC, 0, SC, on/ell Fuseless SC, DC, U, RF, turn-on delay Fuseless SC, DC, 0, RF, turn-on delay Fuseless SC, DC, U, RF, T T, 0, power-limit

330 660W 1000W N/A 1000W

N/A N/A 1400W N/A 1300W

20HZ - 20kHz +3dD 20HZ -20KHz, +0, -IdB

>O.OB% >0.05% >0.05% 0.5% <0.03%4.Q(-10dB)

Fan Fan Fan Fan, convection Fan, variable

Or, SC, DC, T, on/off, hfush, trans, U, sd


1S50W 1000W 1000W

2200W 1300W 1300W

20HZ -20KHz, +0,-1dB 20Hz -20KHz, +0,-1dB 20HZ -20KHz, +0, -IdB

<0.03% 4iJ HOdB) Fan, variable <0.03% 4.Q (-10dB) Fan, variable <0.05% 412, 1KHz Fan, variable

400W SOOW 275W 600W

750W 1000W 450W 1200W

1500W 2000W

20Hz - 20KHz, +0, -IdB 20HZ -20kHz, +0,-1dB 20HZ -20kHz ±0.1 dB 20HZ - 20kHz ±0.25dB

<0.05% 40, 1KHz <0.05% 4.Q, 1KHz <0.5%(1KHz) <0.5%(1kHz)

Fan, variable Fan, variable Fan, proportional Fan, proportional

Cr, SC, DC, T, on/off, hrush, trans, U, sub Cf, SC, DC, T, on/off, hfush, trans, U, sub SC,0,T,DC,Cl


1800W 2400W 1100W 3600W

K-1 K-2 MA-2402

350W SOOW S20W


1100W 1600W 1585W

1SOOW 2500W 2070W

20HZ - 20kHz ±0.25dB 20HZ - 20kHz ±0.2BdB 20HZ -20kHz ±0.1 dB

<0.1%(1KHz) <0.1%(1KHZ) <0.05%(1KHZ)

Convection Convection Fan, heatsink

Thermal Level Control (TIC) Thermal Level Control (TIC) ODEP circuit (see leatures), DC, lault

Crown Audio






20HZ -20kHz±0.1dB


Fan, heatsink

ODEP circuit (see features), DC, fault

Crown Audio






20HZ -20KHZ ±0.1 dB


Fan, heatsinK

ODEP circuit (see features), DC, fault

Crown Audio Crown Audio Crown Audio Crown Audio FBT

PT1.1 PT3.1 XLS 202 XLS 602 FBT STOBOL 16000

220W 540W 145W 370W 700W

SOSW 700W 200W 660W 11 SOW

600W 1525W -




20Hz- 20kHz 2DHZ -20kHz 10HZ - 40kHz 10HZ- 40kHz 20HZ -20KHz

<0.05%(1KHZ) <0.05%(1KHZ) <0.01%(1KHZ) <0.01% (1KHz) 0.02%

Fan, heatsink Fan, heatsinK Fan Fan Fans, dual, variable

ODEP circuit (see features), DC, fault ODEP circuit (see features), DC, fault CL (linear optocoupler) CL (linear optocoupler) DC, T, SC, on/off, SOA

850W SOOW 200W 320W 250W 250W SOOW SOOW 38BW|350WaJl 100W 130WX4CH. 850W 275W 475W

1700W 1000W 400W B40W -

2400W 1300W 4SOW 780W -

0.02% 0.02% 0.02%

250W SOOW 1000W -


N/A N/A 1700W SSOW 930W


20HZ -20KHz 20HZ -20KHz 20Hz -20KHz 20Hz -20kHz 40Hz -20kHz 10HZ - 30KHz ±1dB 10HZ - 30KHz ±1dB 20HZ -20KHz 20HZ -20KHz 20HZ - 40KHZ -SdB 20HZ - 40KHz -3dB 20HZ - 40KHz +0, -0.01 dB 20HZ - 40KHz +0, -O.OIdB -

0.1% (1kHz) 0.1% (1kHz) <0.025% (8H) <0.025%(80) -

Fans, dual, variable Fan, variable Fan, variable Fan, variable Fan Fan Fan, heatsinKs Fan, heatsinks Fan, convection Fan, convection Fan Fan Dual lans, heatsinKs

DC, T, SC, on/off, SOA DC, T, SC, on/otf, SOA DC, T, SC, on/off, SOA DC, T, SC, on/ofl, SOA - • T, output T, output SC, T, DC, subsonic, RF, turn-on delay, CL SC, T, DC, U, sub, RF, tUTHH CL, iHIBh Protection circuit Protection circuit On/off, DC, SC, T On/off, DC, SC, T, CL CL, SC

1350W -

1800W -

20Hz -20KHz


Dual fans, heatsinks CL.SC Fans, large heatsink DC.CL

N/A 200W 400W 250W SOOW 600W 7SOW 1000W


30HZ - 15KHz -

<1% -


10HZ -50KHz lOHz -50KHz 10HZ -50KHz 10HZ -50kHz 20HZ - 20KHz ±0.2dB

0.1% 0.1% 0.1% 0.1% <0.01%

American Audio American Audio American Audio American Audio American Audio Ashdown (dst. HHB) Ashdown (dst HHB) Ashly Audio Ashly Audio Ashly Audio AudloZOOO's

GX-300 VI 500 V2000 MKI 1/3000 V4000 PM1000 PM600 FTX-1501 FTX-2001 MFA-8000 APA8230

100W 200W 250W 400W BOOW 320W 210W 185W SOOW 750W 200W

1BOW 280W 400W BOOW 1010W SOOW 320W 276W 47SW 1200W SOOW

SOOW BOOW 820W 1100W 1050W 550W 850W 2400W 450W

8GW Systems BGW Systems BGW Systems CAVS USA Crest Audio

Millennium 1 Millennium 2 Millennium 3 CAVS CPA 240 CPX1500

110W 220W 330W N/A 280W


Crest Audio Crest Audio Crest Audio


SOOW 280W 280W

LT1600 LT2000 CE1000 CE4000

Crown Audio Crown Audio Crown Audio

Crest Audio Crest Audio ___ Crown Audio Crown Audio


FBT SYMHL 8000 SOOW SOOW FBT-HP-1000 120W FBT-HP-400 170W FBT-HP-600 COREX250flnplVhE MBOW Galaxy Gem Sound 125W PA-550 Gem Sound 150W PA-750 Gemini SOOW XPB-1600 Gemini 220W,220Wsub XPM-3000 "N/A Jaguar (ifstOVSUSA) PA-203111 Jaguar (dBtM/SUSA)PA-506N N/A Mackie Designs M2600 SOOW Mackle Designs M800 140W Numark SOOW Dimension 3

Nuntark MS

Pioneer Power feqtausfc®) Power feq (acousfc®) Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio ^_ Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio QSC Audio Products


Dimension 4 PAS 3.3 SA-V 350k

A-200 A-400 PT1600 PT2000 PT3200 PT4000

PLX 1602

41 2W 660W BOOW(Ch1/2), 800W(cl)1/% aoow (chsi 1SOOW(ch3) N/A 120W SOW 180W 150W 280W 100W 140W 120W 17SW 200W SOOW 260W 400W SOOW SOOW


. 1050W 1SOOW 2500W SSOW 1100W 3000W




±0.1 dB ±0.1 dB +0, -IdB +0,-1dB

0.02% <.06% <0.01% <0.01% <0.01%


Fan Fan Fan Fan Fan, variable

DC, 0, SC

f>, SC, DC, T, on/off, hrush, trans, U, sub Cr, SC, DC, T, on/off, birch, trans, U, sub Or, SC, DC, T, on/ofl, imoft, trans, 0, sub

SC, 0, T, DC, CL


power, clip power, clip power, clip, signal power, clip SC, opener, DC, itoufrastii; Iff, lon/ol

Speakons Speakons XLR, 1/4" TRS XIB, 1/4" THS XIH, 1/4" XIB, 1/4" XIB, 1/4" XLB,RCA


Speakons, 1/4" Speakons, 1/4" Swap, 1/4" Swbp, 1/4" Swbp, 1/4", Speakons Ranana, 1/4" TRS

Swbp 5wbp Swbp 4O-8fi 2-mlc, 2-aux m 1/4" TO 3* Phoenix™ Speakons, Swtap XIB, 1/4" XIB, 1/4" XIB, 1/4"

XIR, 1/4" IBS, fym Phoenix™ Speakons, Swbp XLR, 1/4" IBS, »flh Phoerix™ Speakons, Swbp XLR, 1/4" US, Wn Phoenx™ Speakons, Swbp XIB, 1/4" IBS, Wn Phoenix™ XLR, 1/4" IBS, Wh Phoenix™ N-combo, BB N-combo, BS

Speakons, Swbp Speakons, Swbp Speakons Speakons

XLR, 1/4" IDS XLR, 1/4" TRS 1/4" TRS, opt. XLR

Swop Swbp Swbp

1/4" TRS, opt. XLR


1/4" TRS, opt XLR



Swbp Swbp Swbp Swbp Speakons

XLR XIH, 1/4" XIR, 1/4" XIH, 1/4" 1/4" (plus A, L) 1/4", RCA 1/4", RCA XLR, 1/4" XIR, 1/4"

Speakons Speakons Speakons Speakons

2-mic, 2-aux 2-mlc, 2-aux XLR XLR

XLR, 6.33mm XLR, 6.33mm

Swbp, 1/4" Swbp, 1/4" 5wbp(110ASpeatans(230v) Swbp . Speakons, Swbp Speakons, Swbp Swbp, Speakons

XLR, 1/4" TBS

Swbp, Speakons Swbp

Mic, LD-2, VCR/T, video-3 XLH, 1/4" TRS XLB, 1/4" TRS N-combo, XLR, 1/4", RCA N-combo, XLR, 1/4", RCA N-combo. XLR, 1/4", RCA N-combo, XLR, 1/4", RCA XLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4"

4 . Swbp, banana Swbp, banana Swbp, banana Swbp, banana Swbp, Speakons

The DJ Magazine

. ModeLH) -

11 seg level, clip, protect 11 seg level, clip, protect 11 seg level, cfc hit, T, protect

Front panel reset ff panel reset inter per ch, 2 liters (30HZ, GDHt) Subwooler, crossover Subwooler MOSFET MOSFET -

16.3 25 30 31 81.7 76 36 46 60 68 17.6

2-yr 2-yr 2-yr 2-yr 2-V 6-yr 6-yr 6-yr 1-yr

S279.9S $528 $599.86 $724.96 $1,328 N/S HIS S858 $1,138 $2,139 $562

32 38 44 28 45

B-yrL B-yrL B-yrL 1-yr 3-6 yr

$788 8848 81,288 8228 $648

48 40 20.7

3-B-yr 8-5-yr Q_C_VM irlrjr

8888 8648 8738

32.5 35 33 34

8-6-yr 8-5-yr 3-yr, full, NF 3-yr, full, NF

$1,059 $1,388 $731 82,237

32 38 62

3-yr, full, NF 3-yr, lull, NF 3-yr, full, NF

$1,659 $1,972 $2,339


3-yr, fun, NF



3-yr, lull, NF


32 38 30 33 82

3-yr, lull, NF 3-yr, lull, NF 3-yr, full, NF 3-yr, lull, NF 6-yr

$999 $1,288 $528 $828 $2,399

5-yr 3-yr (3-yr ext) 3^ir (3-yr ext) 3-yr (3-yr ext)

7" X 1B.5" X 14" 5.2" X 1 9" X 15.65" 5.2" X 1 9" X 15.65"

53 31 27 29 14.5 28 28 35 31 28 28 55 55

$1,999 $999.95 $699.95 $828.86 N/S $448 $509 $699.86 $888.85 $399 $599 $1,199 $1,188 N/S







18" x 18" x 6.18" 1 RUx19"x16.8" 2RUX18"X1B.8" 1854" X 1134" X 4.19" 1834" X 11.84" X 4.19" 18#T X 11*1" X4.19" IBM" xllM'x 4.18" 2RUx19"x13"

21,6 20 28 19.8 19.8 19.8 19.8 21

1-yr 5-yr 5-yr 3-yr 3-yr 3-yr 3-yr 3-yr (6-yr ext)

2RUx19"x8.8B" 1 RU x 19" X 15.25" 2RUx19"x15.9" 2 RU x 18" X 15.9" 3RUx19"x15.9" 2RUX17" 2 RU X 17" 2RUX19"X16.5" 3RUX19"X16.5" 3RUX19"X16.S" 2RUX19"X11.8"

(K), high-pass niter, monitor jack, spkr on/off sw, independent vol Switcnable clipping eliminator Power, signal, clip/limit 3RUX18"X12.8" Power, signal, clip/limit 3RUx19"x12.8" Switcnable clipping eliminator 3RUx19"x14.4"~ Power, signal, clip/limit Switchable clipping eliminator 5.5" x 17" x 12.5" " (K), vol, EQ, echo Level, protect, active, GCL/IGM 2RUx19"x14" GCL=Gain Comparator Limiting IGM=lnstantaneous Gain Modulation Level, protect, active, GCL/IGM 2RUX19"X14" see above Level, protect, active, GCL/IGM 2 RU X 18" X 14" see above ACL=Aclive Clip Limiting, IGM Level, protect, active, ACL/IGM 2 RU X 19" X 17" lGM=lnstantaneou« Gain Modulation____ 2RUx18"x17" see above Level, protect, active, ACL/IGM 2RUX19"X17" see above Level, protect, active, ACL/IGM AB+B circuitry, aux fault jack, I/O modules Power, signal, fault, clip 3RU Dalanced Current Amplifier® circuit, Power, signal, fault, clip 3RU sw mode pwr supply, LPF/HPF per ch 2RU Balanced Current Amplifier® circuit, "Y" input TLC, clip, IOC, signal 2RU Balanced Current Amplifier® clrcuit,"Y" Input TLC, clip, IOC, signal Output Device EnUafion Protect nut sensitivity, Enable, signal/IOC, ODEP 2RU 2n op, PIP™ compatible Output Device Emulation Protect nut sensnMtii 3RU Enable, signal/IOC, ODEP 2< > op, PIP™ compatible, VZ pwr supply ~2RU Output Device EnUadon Protect h"t sensrdvitil Enable, signal/IOC, ODEP 2n op, PIP™ compatible Output Device Emubtion Protect sensitivity sw 2RU Signal/IOC and enable Output Device Emubtion Protect sensitivity sw Signal/IOC and enable 2RU 30Hz/15Hz on each channel, 2i> operation Power, fault, clip 3RU 30HZ/15HZ on each channel, 2i> operation Power, fault, clip 3RU 2RUX19"X18" Of, acdve, protect St/br/para, grd R Crossover, ground lilt sw, select high/low pass filters/bypass, St/parallel/br sw <: 2 RU X 18" X 18" Ch acdve, protect St/tr/para, grd R see above 2 RU x 18" x 18" see above Clip, active, protect 2RUx18"x18" see above Clip, active, protect 2RUX18"X18" see above Clip, active, protect 2RU 4-cb mixer (3 XLR, 1 1/4" TRS, 2 RCA ins) Power, comp/lim

Clip, protect, signal Clip, mode, power, signal Signal, 0 & Status LEDs, Signal, 0 & ch-status -

Ripolar tech, 2O op 3 ch (* various pwr combos) (K), vol, EQ, echo (K), vol, EQ, echo 2 low-cut filters, 2 sub x-overs, llmlter 2 low-cut filters, 2 sub x-overs, limlter, 2Q. op, 2O on, R panel vol, sub x-over 2U-200H2 adjust SOHz/SOHz low Ireq roll off filters see above AC mahs, pwr, level controls, 11 LEOs 3-channel amp w/ bum In crossover


crip cnp

Protect, cDp, signal Pwr, signal, dp /ch, brikje/paralel

(K), tone/key controls, echo, 4 video outs A-B spkr selector, dual VI) A-B spkr selector, dual VU A-B spkr selector, dual VU A-B spkr selector, dual VU PowerWave™ Igtwt pwr sup, hgvpass mere, Zo op

3RUX19"X11" 3RUX19"XH"

2RUX18"X13.75" 2RUX19"X13.75" 6" X 17" X 13"

3-yr 3-yr 5-yr 5-yr 1-yr 1-yr 5-yr 5-yr


83,886 $1,100 $600 $680 $437 $497 $797 $997 $698


700W 280W

110W 450W


QSC Audio Products RMX 1450


3400W 1400W

ZOHz- 20KHz ±0.2dB 20Hz- 20KHz +0,-1dB

<0.01% <0.03%

Fan, variable Fan, convection

QSC Audio Products RMX 1850HD





20HZ- 20KHz +0,-1dB


Fan, variable

QSC Audio Products RMX 2460





20HZ- 20kHz


Fan, convection

Rob RSO Audio SounrffedlProAutto VocoPro

RA900 DP-A202 PS802 DA-8900PRO

410W 100W 400W -



1100W N/A N/A -

Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha

CP2000 P3200 P4500 XS250 XS350

260W N/A 230 150W 450W 370W 620W 18SW 230W

650W 520W 720W 280W 400W

1300W 1040W 1440W 560W SOOW

2000W . . -

20HZ- 20KHz 5Hz- 20kHz ZOHz- 20kHz ZOHz- 20kHz 20Hz-50zHz 10Hz-50zHz lOHz-SOzHz IDHz-SOzHz lOHz-SOzHz

<0.05% 0.03% (IkHz) <O.OS% >75dB 0.1% 0.06% 0.05% 0.05% 0.05%

Fan, 2-sn Convection Fan Convection Fan, variable Fan, variable Fan, variable Fan Fan

QSC Audio Products PLX 3402

SC, open *, DC, Wat*asot, RF, \ art* SC, open cir, DC, inlra/ultrasonlc, ft on/oil, AC, CL, triac crowbar SC, open cir, DC, inlra/ultrasonlc, II on/oil, AC, CL, triac crowbar SC, open cir, DC, infra/ultrasonic, K on/ott, AC, CL, triac crowbar 0,T SC,CL,T, DC, on/of! SC,T, DC, on/off, AC On/off, DC, T, Dinner, SC On/oft, DC, T,SC On/on, DC, T,SC On/olf, DC, T, SC

on/on, DC, T,SC

IT'S TIME FOR A CHANCE! Unlock your hidden potential now! Career entertainer

Todd Mitchem The smash hit of DJ conventions coast to coasjy.; —

The OU-1284CT table feature turns this rack into a complete work-station. The design allows the table leg to fold into the tabletop. The tabletop attaches to the rack as the front lid during transport.

Gtt internetwt A 4 hour, 2 video series of workshops ar»H sAmiriflirs teaching you to... •> Create your own original interactive show elements Control ANY age or size audience Create helpful "tools" from unexpected mishaps

The OU-1284CT features Grundorfs exclusive Glide-track™ system.The aluminum Glide-track™ system gives you smooth adjustability of the top and bottom rack sections with no rug-to-rug contact.

i Utilize new skills to generate higher profits

HI )RDER.NOW'-' online at: or call Phone: 323.876.8011


712-322-3900 Fax 712-322-3407

Visit us online ai Email, 721 Ninth Avenue • Council Bluffs. IA 51501

<Lti, 1/4" TRS, 1/4" KLR, 1/4" TRS, 1/4", BS

5wbp, Speakons 5wbp, Speakons

Pwr, stand, dp /en, lHUmlM-afcl Power, signal, clip /ch

PowerWave™ btwt pwr sup, IMvpass nters, 2a op 2RUx19"x13" 2RUx18"x16" BUB* signal processhg, htalHBSs Biers, 2ii op


5wbp, Speakons

Power, signal, clip /ch

BuR-ti stonal processhg, Mgtvpass fliers, 2O op

m, 1/4" TRS, 1/4", BS

5wbp, Speakons

Power, signal, clip /ch

1/4" TRS, XLR

1/4", 6-wbp Swbp Banana 1/4", Swbp Swbp

Pwr, signal, clip, protect Power, protect, mono, cup, T Power, protect T, clip, signal Power, protect, T, clip, signal Power, protect, T, clip, signal Power, protect clip, signal, T

1/4", XLR JCA OR, 1/4" TRS «LR, 1/4" TRS, BS K1R.BS UR,BS

5wbp,BS 6wbp,BS

21 40

3-yr (B-yr Bxt) 3-yr (8-yr ext)

81,189 $498



3-yr (6-yr ext)


Bdt-fci signal processhg, hfcjbpass Stars, 2Q op



3-yr (8-yr ext)


Low cut switches (K), vol, EQ, digital echo, key control Class H digital switching power supply (K), bass/treble, DSP key control, flg echo, A/V h, ran Yamaha Speaker Processing THX approved, UL rated THX approved, UL rated Built-in x-over, HPF, UL rated

2 RU X 18" X 16.8" 1 7" x 6.8" x 18.67" 1RU 17" X 14.6" X 5" 2RUx19"XlB" 2RUx18"x1B"

31 16.76 16.6 33 28 30 SB 87

1-yr 1-yr

8700 SB46 $599 N/S 8800 $849 $999

"nunrir x is"

3 RU X 18" X 12.6"

lyr 3-yr 3-yr 8-yr 3-yr


IT TAKES EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! Every Wells Cargo trailer is built with rugged durability and hassle-free performance as standard features. No shortcuts. No cutting corners. Just the best built trailer you can own and customized the way you want it. Expect at least 15 years of reliable service from your Wells Cargo . . . every time out. Thousands of trailers on the road are our proof. Our comprehensive 3-Year Warranty Program is your protection. There's no doubt about it, Wells Cargo is the sound saving, image making way to go. Call (800) 348-7553 for a FREE

info packet with complete literature, pricing, and nearest Wells Cargo dealer.


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American Audio Audlo2000's B-52 Pro Audio B-52 Pro Audio B-52 Pro Audio Bag End Loudspeakers Bag End Loudspeakers Bag End Loudspeekers BGW Systems BGW Systems BGW Systems Celesta Celesta Celesta Cerwln-Vega Cerwln-Vega Community Community Community Community Crest Audio Crest Audio Crest Audio D.A.S. Audio D.A.S. Audio D.A.S. Audio Eastern Acoustic Works Electro-Voice Electro-Voice Electro-Voice FBT FBT FBT FBI Galaxy Gem Sound Gem Sound Gem Sound GMH GamM Gemini Gemini Harbor Beech Audio JBL Professional JBL Prolesslonal JBL Prolesslonal JBL Professional JBL Prolesslonal Mach Speakers Mach Speakers Mach Speakers Mach Speakers Mackle Designs Mackle Designs P.R.O. Manufacturing P.R.O. Manufacturing PAS PIS PIS PAS Peavey Peavey Peavey Power Teq (acoustic®) Power Teq (acoustic®) Power Teq (acoustic®) Power Teq (acoustic®) Sound Bridge Sound Bridge SoundTech Pro Audio Yamaha Vamaha Vantta Vamaha Yorkvllle Yorkvllle Vorkvllle



APX-152 ASP5212 SH-18 8H-181BX SR-1515X S18E-C TA2000-C TA5000-C Ml 100 M2200

M8SOT CI0 1221 CX1 1681 CX1 1811 Intensel T 36,750 V-122 MVP26 MVP3B MVP40 XLT500 LQ10 L012 U)1B PF-012 ST-16 ST-S2 MS103 Eliminator" Force" E Sb180 FBT MAXX 2a FBT MAXX 6a FBT MAXX 9s FBT MAXX 9sa CORE PA5X140

Club Series (4 mod) GSP Pro Series (2 mod) Trapezold Series (4 mod) GSM-1500 GSM-3200 GT-1202 GT-1502

HBA 108 Full Range

EON1562 MP215 MP255S MP412 MP418SP M72I TX12F TX216F

TXI18 SRM450 SRS1500 1-18 OF Powered Baby Blue FT-1.2

MF-218 PB-1 "Plug & Play" System T2840 118 Sub SP2X SP5X

SA-118 SA-12 SA-15 SA-215 2106HT 221 5HT DS5C SI 121V S115W


S215W EF500P L804 NX20

^» -1S

2-way 2-way Subwooler, lolded horn Subwooler, lolded horn 2-way Subwoolep 2-way 2-way Subwooler, powered Subwooler, powered Subwooler, powered 2-way 3-way Subwooler Sutawooter 2-way 2-way 2-way Subwooler 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way monitor 2-way, powered 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way Subwooler 2-way, powered 2-way, powered Subwooler Subwooler, powered Compact, powered monitor 3-way 2-way 3-way 3-way 3-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way, powered 2-way Subwooler, dual band-pass 2-way Subwooler, powered 2-way 2-way Subwoolep, reflex waded 2-way 2-way Subwoolep Subwoolep 2-way 2-way coaxial Subwoolep Integrated sys w/rack, cables Subwooler Subwooler 2-way 2-way Subwooler 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way 2-way Subwooler 2-way 2-way, powered 3-way 2-way

V'comp 3" X 5" horn w/ rap da N/A N/A 3", 70 oz mag titanium ma N/A

1" comp w/ 80 x OOrnrn horn 1" comp w/ 80 x 40mm born N/A N/A N/A

1"comp 1" comp, 8" kevlar N/A N/A

Dual elem, bl-morph LM20' non-metal LM20' non-metal 1" non-metal 1.25" titanium comp 2" titanium comp 2" titanium camp 2" titanium comp 4" titanium dla 2" 1.4" comp, con dir horn DH 201 OA DH 201 OA N/A

B+C 1.4" titanium ramp B+C 1.4" dtanium comp 5", 40oz magnet HF-bullets, MF-comp/horn Comp w/ radial horn HF-bullet, MF-comp horn 2x 3" piezo tweeters, 17" horn 5n 3" piezo tweeters, 17" horn 11" dual piezo hopn 11" dual piezo hopn Audax 1" dome, horn-loaded 1.75" titanium comp 1" titanium comp 1" Annular Ring dla 1" horn, magnetic coll 1" comp 1" ramp 1" RCF ramp N/A N/A Comp w/ level control DE 750/8 2" exit comp DE 750/8 2" exit comp 2x FT-1.2 15" Coaxial spkr RX 22 2" comp, 1" exit RX 22 2" comp, 1" exit



IB" die-cast 12" wooler 18" cast, 180 oz mag 2 -18" cast, 200 oz mag 2 -15", 120 oz mags 18" ELF cones 12" com 15" ram 2-15" 4-15" 15"

60hz - 15kHz (-3dB), 45Hz - 10kHz 1-IOflB) 55Hz- 16kHz 35-250HZ 30 - 250HZ 45 Hz -20kHz 8Hz - 85kHz ±3dB w/ ELF-1 Integrator TSHz- 20kHz ±3dB SOHz -1 8kHz ±3dB 25-1 SOHZ 25-180HZ • 48Hz- 20kHz 45HZ- 20kHz 45-450HZ SOHz -300 Hz SOHz - 20kHz


ir kovlar IS" kevlar 2 - 18" high-power L-1 81 5 18" elephant motor CWW-12 12" cast 12" 15" cast


10" titanium ramp 12" titanium comp 15" titanium comp 12" 15", rotatable horn 15" coexiel 12" DL15BFH 15"W/RMD EVX-180B B+C 10" wooler, cast, Neodynhim B+C 15" wooler, cast, Neodynium 15" wooler, cast 4" coll 15" woofer, cast 4" con 8"-18" 12"-15", high temp vc 8"-15", high temp vc 15" wooler 15" wooler 12" wooler 15" wooler Eminence 8" steel basket 15" Neodymium 15" 2 x 15" 12" 18" w/ Vented Gap Cooling' 8" 12" 18" subwooler 2x16" 1 2" RCF w/ 2.5" COJ 15" cast RCF LF w/ 3" con, mag clr 18" cast 10"

2" titanium comp, CD horn 2" titanium dia, horn

CXI-2580C 15" cast, coaxial 2XLX-280D 18" cast, cone 2x MF-218 dual 18" subwooler 2x 18" cone 18" Black Widow BWX w/lield-repl basket 15" Black Widow BWX w/lield-repl basket 15" Scorpion Plus w/fleld-pepl basket 18" 12" 15" 2-15" 6.5" woolep 2x 15" woolop 400W cast frame 12" cast basket 15" cast basket 18" cast 2x15" cast baskets IS"

HF-DeGOO, MF-2 X 6" AEB HD120

2 x 15" 12"


Con dir 1" comp Con dir 1" comp Con dir 1" comp 1" titanium comp 2x 1" titanium comp Ring radiator, w/ FT 2" titanium comp, CD horn 2" titanium comp, CD horn


70HZ- 16kHZ 60HZ-17kHZ 40HZ - 250KHz 50HZ- 18KHZ 74Hz-18kHz±3dB 76Hz - 16kHz ±3dB 64HZ-18kHZ±3dB 60HZ- 20kHz 40HZ- 20kHz 60HZ - 20kHz 70HZ - 17kHZ ±3 dB 50HZ - 20KHz ±3dB 60HZ - 20kHz 40-250HZ-3SB SOHz - 20KHZ 40HZ - 20KHz 40HZ-12SHZ 40HZ-12SHZ 200HZ- 20kHz 26HZ - 20kHz 24HZ - 20KHz 32HZ - 22KHz 35Hz-18kHz SOHz - 20kHz 40Hz - 20kHz 35IIZ - 20kHz 105HZ- 20kHz 42HZ- 17kHz ±3dB BOHZ- 12.5kHz ±3dB 38Hz-160Hzi3dB 67HZ - 20kHz ±3dB 40Hz-12DHZ±3dB SOHz - 20KHZ l3dB

1GDHZ high-pass fflter 55Hz-2kHz 4SHZ-120HZ SOHz -18kHz 32HZ - 300HZ


30HZ-300HZ SOHz -IkHz S3HZ- 16kHz 68HZ- 16kHz 36HZ-500HZ SSHz - 20kHz SOHz- 20kHz

38Hz - 20kHz 100Hz-18kHz 45HZ-18KHZ

20Hz- 20kHz OOHz- 16kHz SSHz -16kHZ SOHz - 2kHz 42HZ- 16kHz

45Hz- 18kHz -2dB BOHz- 17KHz -3dB

••••••••>EiS^5S^S^S£3}§§3iW?'£;0 !. • •

• ':'•.:;/ ':.?sp^f? "^'^-^/^r:v^:'-rX/''' ">V.:--,'^f5A^r .•. ^-<;7,~iv • -:,> ;;:fr*S^^8»j>$!^^^^ii-SSii^lg^f^Sf'SS^'^^J ^'"!.

225W 150W 400W 1BOOW BOOW 400W ZOOW ZOOW 950W, Internal 1000W, Internal 800W 760W BOOW 1000W 250W 150W ZOOW 300W 400W 250W 500W BOOW 260W 400W/ZOOW 300W 400W 860W ZOOW


ZOOW LF, SOW HF (biamp) 700W LF, ZOOW HF (biamp) 900W BOOW


300W - 800W 460W - 600W 125W - 300W 150W 300W 100W 100W 178W HF-100W, LF-300W (U-amped) 280W SHOW 350W 860/Gh (4fl), 400W/dl (BfiHtal arm 160W SOOInKP, 100W-KF

eoow 300W

ZOOW amp 400W 1ZOOW Z400W

300W 22SW 226W 450W 150W 460W 440W

soow 500W SOOW 500W 650W-U, 160HHIF



The DJ Magazine

900W 300W 550W 2000W BOOW 400W

eoow eoow


zeoow zooow soow 375W SOOW 7SOW 1000W SOOW 1000W 1000W 1200W 1200W 1400W 800W 2400W 500W LF.250WHF (biamp) 1 SOOW LF, BOOW HF (biamp) 1800W 1800W -

sn sn sn 4n 4n an sn an

eoow 200W 320W

eoow 1000W 2000W 1400W 400W

2400W PdS3*3000W,3<Jiarnilv/x-owr 1000W 1000W 700W 300W 2Z5W 2Z5W 4SOW SOOW BOOW 8BOW


1000W 1000W 1000W

101dB 1B1dB

sn sn en sn sn an 4n an sn sn sn • an an an an 4n sn 80 8Q


OSdB 88 dB 1M11B 10906 OBdB SedB@80Hz

an an an sn sn sn 4n an sn an -


87dB 100dB 104dB 108dB lOZdB S4dB 87dB 88dB SSdB 99dB 100dB OOdB 97dB BBdB SBdB SSdB 97dB SSdB B7dB B7dB 98dB 10Z-113dB 110-115dB 91-1 OOdB BBtB 103dB SSdB 100dB BBdB BBdB lOZdB SSdB 94dB

sn an 4n 4n sn sn sn sn sn sn 4n sn 4n sn sn sn sn 4n 4n sn



100dB OOdB S2db SSdb SSdb 101 dB BBdB 101dB 07dB 99dB BBdB BSdB BBdB 101dB

132dB 139dB 130dB

122dB approx. 124dB approx. 124dB approx. 124dB, above 40Hz 130dB, above 40Hz >120 dB, 40Hz IZSdB IZSdB ISIdB ISSdB • 12DdB BBdB 184dB 184dB IZSdB 1S2dB 1Z8dB IZBdB 1Z4dB 122* 127dB IZIdB IZBdB IZBdB IZBdB -

IIBdB 1Z8dB IZBdB 136dB ISSdB ISZdB 117dB •

'*'"-- :





27.17" X 17.72" X 14.17" 17" X 16" X 24" 24" X 36" X 24" 24" X 54" X 36" 24" X 48" X IB22" X 22.6" X 18.6" 22" X 17.5" XI 9" 28" X 22.5" X 18.6" 27.38" X 32.25" X 28.68" 27.38" X 32.25" X 28.83" 27.38" X 32.25" X 28.63" 27" X 17" X 14" 40" X 20" X 17" 82" X 21" X 32" 36" X 24" X 38" 24.5" X 10" X 16.5" 20.4" x 14.5" X 18.8" 27.4" X 18" X 28" 84" X 18" X 16"

26.9" x 20.3" x 18.2" Iront 1 8.75" x 1 4" x 13.1 8" Iront 23.65" X 17.75" X 14" Iront

28.5" x 21.25" x 17.25" Iront 1 6.4" X 23.3" X 18.8" 28" X 20" X 15" 18" X 21" X 28" 80" X 15.54" X 14.75" 38.75" X1 8.8" X 24" 30.25" X 1 6.8" X 15" 23.75" X 22.5" X 31 .75" 14"x21.6"Xl2" 18" X 30" X 16" 18.5" X 25.5" X IB" 18.5" X 25.5" X 18" 8.75" x 10.94" X 8"

81" x 23" x 18.76" (largest) 30.5" xl 9.5" xl 8.5" (largest) 18" X 13.25" X 25.5" 28"x16"x42.25" 18" X 11" X 24" 9" X 14" X 28" 1 8" X 8.88" X 13.88" 27" X 17" X 17.5" 28.5" X 18.3" X 18.7" 37.4" X 20.75" X 37.0" 23.9" X 1 5.6" X 13.8" 24.3" X 21 T\ 30.6" ie"x18"x14"


33.28" x 21" x 22.78" Iront


60 81 48 68 46.2 72.6 58 65 66 80.6 102 28 84 56 84 12Ji 82 -1 76 (w/ rasters) Z1-62 40 87

1823 52

45" X 22.5" X 28.76" 33.6" X 21.13" x 30" Iront



210 115 88 68 70 190 878 100 58 152 184 148 85

101" x 87" x 46" 28" X 23.8" X 16"


12" X 17" X 10" 21.25" X 17.25" X 17" 21" X 42" X 24"


B8.B2 41

28" X 18.84" X 18.31" Iron! 27" X 21.25" X 25" 23.5" X 15.5" X 13.5" 28" X 1 8.5" x 16.5" 43" x 1 8.5" x 16.6" 7.8" X 13" X 8.3" 20" X 20.5" X 48" 27.75" X 18.75" X 17.18" 16" X 25" X 13" 18" X 28" X 14" 21" X 26" X 31" 20" X 4ff' X 24"


Z8" X 16J8" X 14.8" Z8.6" X 17.17" X ZS.74"



31 28 48 48 116 47 110 28 . • 51 105 • 87 78 160 • 185 122 85 70 65 34 48 88 18 84 54 48 01 71 188

1Z7dB IZBdB 1Z50B 1284B



8489.95 8279 8689 81,899

8688 N/S N/s 81040 82,996 84,899 N/8 81,076 81,600 81,260 N/8 N/S 3302.00 3647.26 8684.76 8778 8328 S46B 8688 8499 81,399 8980.00 N/8

8882 8462 81,460 8888 81,399


81,248 N/S 8209 - 381 B 8238 • 8288 899-8216 8178

8888 8149 8219 N/8 8848 8488 8749 8878 81,040 N/8 N/8 N/8 N/S 8899 8899 8496 8688 81,674 81,485 88,285 81,168 8848.69 8878.88 8438.88 8880 8370 8420 8660 N/S N/8 8468 8386 8416 8418 8825


Hit N/8



i American DJ




American DJ

ProHU Stand/A!

Audio stand


60 regular Jewel cases, 70 IPs, 4 colors Metal comers, lock-tight 6.29" x 39.9" x 18"

For Prc-DJ/Case/Al, Pro-Scratch/Case, collapsible, 1 shell For Pro-DJ 1,2,3 systems, 10" mixers For Pro-Scratch systems, hinged doors 90 regular jewel cases, shoulder strap, ext a'p pockets, mack Detachable lids


Udnjt, lUUfetS

American DJ American DJ American DJ

Pro DJ Case/SH Pro-Scralch/Case 8HCO-300

Road casa Calim CO

Canvas Alununum Semi-nerd

American DJ

TIC-366, TIC-38S/AL

Amp rack

ASA Case Cotorano Sound HUtt FJA Gator Cases Gator Cases

CDJ-Combo Supertable Plus Ughtruss' 6- Shock 4, 8, 8 GNU, 6, 8 OU-1284CT

Collln Table light truss Stand, lighting Rack w/shock absorb Rack w/shock absorb VJoriistanon

Grundorf Modern Casa Co.

Rack-A-Dapt 10 Various

Accesory Road/lllght cases

Modern Case Co.




SP-180 BoB-X Reck Mt Cases



SKB-1717DJ CD-400



Stand, speaker Case/rack CD Workstation


-CDJ Command Moduto $KB19-1010GlgRlg X-Rack Swiss

Workstation Case/rack




28.5" X 17.5" X 9" ' 30" X 16.5" X 6.5" 14.26" x 17.25" X 8" Metal corners, lock-Wt 18" (3 RU/ 6 RO/5 RU)

Wheels, handle Locking latches Heavy duty handles

8.4 17.75" mount depth 54 1 6.25" X1 6.5" X 5.5" 8.3 3/5/2 RU sections 23

Rota-mold Roto-mold


22^3" X 24.25" X 27.75" 54 6-8 10.38" mount depth

10 RU angled top, 10 RU rack below 2, 3, 4 RU units


Aluminum, 1 3/8" -


_____ Carpet, bk/r; lamhateScoD OdmatrCnrduna, Bcofcrs Rote-mold Hardshell RotHnHaeHrti

Heavy duty latches



Holds 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000S, built-in pwr sup Dual pofefflount Hit support w/work taUe, Back curt* 2'-10' sections, 1" aluminum tubing Rubber shock mounts, adjust rack ran, 4/6/8 RU Ft/rear lids, rear rack rail, 4/6/8 RU Glide-Track™, 4 RU-top, 8 RU-slant, 12-BU-hotlom, lld=tablB_____ Adapts 10" mixer to 19" rack Custom cases; 36 Oj/karaoke cases/racks available Water resistant; high-wear resistant plush red linings Pneumatic tripod, 4'-6.5', mum finishes 3, 4, 5, 6 RU units Tongue/groove gasket, 400 CDs In sleeves For CD controller/player

ABS, Mack -___ Wood

10 12.4

VHHfccudliiytylllllt Heavy-duty

40" X 20" X T -


8/12" box, 8/14" W -


m 300 Pern FabrtaBon,

ProTek/CD-S60, /IP-S8G, /TT-S111 $179.89 $119.85

TLC-365-S339.95, TLC-389/A1-S319JJ5 $599 N/S N/S $249.99 - $349.89 $199.99 -$199.98

N/S N/S N/S N/S $109.95-8119.95 $180 -$190 $188 $880 $880 $80 -$114


...those heavy jewel boxes! And say goodbye to scratched disks, broken hinges, and cracked cases. Introducing The Jewelsleeve™, the first truly archival CD storage sleeve designed just for DJ's. Replace those fragile, bulky jewel boxes with a thin, lightweight, scratchproof poly sleeve that cannot break or tear, takes up 75% less weight and room than a jewel box, and protects and stores every part of the CDINCLUDING THE BOOKLET AND TRAY CXJRD-without folding or cutting.

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Music Maestro's New Club Pack

FROM BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD Great new Karaoke Club Pack featuring 5 CDG Discs of the Most Popular Songs from Stage and Screen Bring Down the House at Your Next Party!

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MICROPH American Audio American Audio American Audio Audio Technics Audlo2000's AudloZOOO's AudloZOOO's AUdloZOOO'S


AudioZOOO's AudloZOOO's AzdenCorp. Aider Corp. GAVS USA Crown Audio Bectro-Volce Bectro-Volce Bectro-Voice

Gemini Gemini Gemini Numark Numark Numark Peavey Peavey Peavey Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer RSQ Audio RSQ Audio (dlst. by Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dist. by Sound Choice) RSQ Audio (dlst. by Sound Choice) Sablne SaMne

SaJHne Sennhelser Sennhelser Sennhelser Shure Shure Shure Shure Shure Shure VocoPro


50HZ-1BKHZ 4SHz- 16KHZ SOHz -15KHz SOHZ -15kHz SOHz - 15KHz GflHz- 14KHZ 60HZ- 13KHz SOHz- 14KHZ SOHZ -18KHz SOHZ - 18KHz, ±3dB SOHZ - 18KHz, ±3dB SOHz- 18KHZ, ±3dB

Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld, lavaller, headse Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headword, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier Plug-on, bodypack Handheld, lavalier, headset, plug-on Handheld Headworn Handheld Headworn Handheld Headset, handheld, lavalier Headset, handheld, lavalier Headset, handheld, lavalier Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Handheld Headworn Handheld Handheld Handheld Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier

Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Condenser Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic For dynamic mics For dynamic mlcs Dynamic Condenser, electret Dynamic Bectret Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Condenser Condenser Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Condenser Aub dynanfc (handheU), condenser

40HZ-1BKKZ 60HZ- 18KHz BOHz - 18KHz BOHZ- 14KHZ SOHz -15KHZ SOHz -18KHz SOHZ -15kHz 20KZ- 16KHz SOHZ - 15KHz 20HZ- 20KHz

Handheld Handheld Headworn Handheld Handheld Handheld Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn, handheld, lavalier Headworn 3 handheld/1 headset

Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Dynamic Dynamic Condenser Dynamic or condenser Dynamic or condenser Dynamic Dynamic, condenser (head)

Wired Wired Wireless Wireless, UHF Wired Wired Wired Wired Wireless, VHP Wireless, VHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, UHF Wireless, True Dh/erstiy, UHF Wireless, UHF Wired Wired/wireless Wired Wireless Wireless Wireless, True Diversity VHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, Dual Channel UHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, VHF Wireless, diversity Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wired Wireless, True Diversity UHF Wireless, True Diversity UHF Wireless, True Diversity

SOHz -13KHz SOHz -13KHz 100HZ- 12KHz -

T Series UT Series WH20

Wired Wireless, UHF Wireless, UHF Wired Wired Wired Wireless Diversity, VHF Wireless Diversity, UHF Wired



DJM-200B DJM-600B WR-80

Freeway™ ACM190 ACM193 APM1B8NB APM175 AWM6031 AWM603Z AWMG071DS AWM607ZS AWM6504DP

1000 Series Performance Series UHF CAVS M-5 CM-311A


NHU-H1 NRU-NZ NX-210 NX-210 UX-1620 WS-31 WS-32 WS-33 PVi PVM22 PVM48 DM-V100 DM-V230K2 DM-V40 HS-10 P-10 P-20 P-30 SWM-1600 True Mobility Systems SWM-3000 True Mobility Systems SWM-5000 2.4 GHz Systems E835 EW136 EW1B2 BG3.1 SM58 SM87A

SOHz -18KHz SOHz -18KHz SOHZ -15KHz SOHz -18KHZ SOHZ -12KHz SOHz -12KHZ SOHZ -15KHz SOHz -15KHZ SOHZ -15KHz SOHz -17KHz 45HZ- 15kHz GOHZ - 14kHz 25HZ- 15KHz 100HZ- 12KHZ 100HZ- 12KHz lOOHz - 12KHz .

Cardioid Cardioid Unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirectional Cardioid, unidirect Cardioid, unidirect Supercardioid, unidirect Hypercardioid Differoid (see features) Cardioid Cardioid Cardioid Unidirectional Unidirectional Unidirectional omnidirectional omnidirectional omnidirectional Cardioid Cardioid Hypercardioid Cardioid Hypercardioid Hypercardioid Hypercardioid Cardioid, omnidirect (lavalier) Cardioid, omnidirect (lavalier) Cardioid, omnidirect (lavalier)

. -

Cardioid Cardioid Supercardioid Cardioid Cardioid Supercardioid Cardioid or omnidirect Cardioid or omnidirect Cardioid Cardioid

N/A 300' -500' 300' -500' 3281 300'

The DJ Magazine

150' N/A N/A N/A N/A 150' 150' ZOO' 150' 200' N/A N/A 300' LOS 300' Log 400' 150' 400' 100' 100' 100' . N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 328' 328' 328'


Low noise, low dist, BOOH Low noise, low dist, case, 600'} Quartz oscillator, ban low light, 8 Iroqs Docking pwr sup, 10-ch, dipole ant. (K), AA or phant pwr, cable (K), AA or phant pwr, cable (K), Neodymium mag, chrome or black (K), deep-brown shine, or black (K), wired-to-wireless convert (K), wired-to-wireless convert, dual ch (K), true diversity, dual Ireq/ch (K), dual freq/channel (K), True diversity, phase lock loop, freq cent 121-ch, dielectric filters, LCD, mic/L 121-ch, dielectric liners, LCD, mic/L (K) 8V or phant pwr, DHeroUSHardUd Wrear reject, note cancel ClearScan™ auto select, metal housing . 1-ch/unlt 1-ch/unit 16 Ireq, 2-ch/unit, mixed or dual output 1-ch, quartz crystal oscillator 2-ch, quartz crystal oscillator 1-ch, quartz crystal oscillator Diamond-coated dia, shock mount, black rubberized finish Diamond-coated dia, shock mount, black rubberized finish Diamond-coated dia, shock mount, black rubberized finish (K) (K) (K) (K), on/off switch (K), on/off switch (K), on/off switch (K), on/off switch 16 ch, FOX Feedback Exterminator®, de-esser, comp/lim 30 ch, FBX Feedback Exterminator®, de-esser, comp/lim 50 ch, 1 & 2-ch systems, FDX Feedback Exterminator®, de-esser, comp/lim, digital mic modeling Rugged, distort resistant, 1-yr warr Diversity, all-metal Diversity, all-metal For vocals, 15' XLR-XLR cable incl For vocals Phantom pwr VHF fixed Iren UHF fixed freq Lightweight, low visibility (K), 3 mics for singers, 1 lor DJ/MC



mlc-0.5, roc-0.6 . 1 1.2 2 2 8.6 8.6 7 8.6 8 . 1.76

Mlc-2.1oz/beltpack-8.1oz 0.63 . . 10 oz 3.82 oz 8.82 oz 0.72 1 0.66 -

..n^™™,. II^I^K I•PR

$24.95 $49.95 $189.95 $349.95 - $459.85 $79 $95 $39 $78 $162 $287 $281 $328 $539 81,350 Sup $625 - $076 $19.99 $329 $150 $804 $804 $149 - $158 $239 - $288 $488- $488 N/S N/S N/S $58.99 $168.88 $188.88 $80 $145 $110 N/S $68 $78 $88 $688.88 $949.98 $1 ,09099 (1-dVlmfc), $1,79089 (2-CIV2 ratal $168 $836 $835 $145.86 $188 $372 $260 - $680 $625 - $882.50 $127.30 N/S



fmm IS*^.







B, C, S

Dolby HX Pro, auto rev, auto tape sel, MPX filter, opt rent,


manual bias adjust, Display dim Dam







DghyHX Pro, NPh out, Has (tie adjust,








DoBy HX Pro, 3 head, opt remote, manual bias adjust,


3 RU X 18"

opt wired remote, mem


SBS»;i •


8 RU X 19"


end detect, search DHon







Dolby HX Pro, 3 bead, opt remote, manual bias adjust

3 RU X 13"


112 MKB


RCA (opt XU)


Dolby B,C


Dolby HX Pro, return-to-0, 2 locate points







RCA (opt XU1)




Dolby HX Pro, parallel port lor ext/lader start



81,245 81,488



122 MM




Dofty B,C


Dolby HX Pro, (rent panel Mas & level caBbratien, HTSC




202 MM




Dotty B,C


Dofty HX Pro, dual rec, HS dub, dig! counter, Mas control

5.82" X 17" X 11.08"








Dofty B,C


Dotty HX Pro, HS dub, auto rev A & B (sync),

5.18" X 18.84" X 11.8"





Single w/CO+G


18 step


4" X 17" X 12 1/4"



auto tape select

UNIVENTURB Safety-sleeve'




(B, dW key control, digl echo, RF output «-V I/O


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Entertainment Systems Corporation

imes B-52 BOMBERS WAGE WAR AGAINST WEAK BASS! B-52 SH-18X Folded Horn Subwoofer Leads Attack B-52's Compact And Powerful New Weapons B-52 pro-audio has added two models of band-pass subwoofers to their already impressive arsenal. These new weapons allow mobile infantry and B-52 allies to add powerful 18" subwoofers to their sound systems without adding amplifiers and crossovers to the audio system. The B-52 subwoofers are loaded from within the cabinet, which protects them from physical damage inherent in taking to the battlefields. A 3/4" thick plexi-glass window offers visual contact with the 18" cast-framed subwoofer(s) when engaging the enemy. B-52 offers both single and dual 18" band-pass models. DJ Shorte of Pittsburg, PA. calls his B-52 BP-18 subwoofer "a mobile DJ's dream ... the B-52 band-pass sub let me drop seri­ ously tight bass without adding another amp and x-over to my system." When asked about their size DJ Jam of Los Angeles explained "that not only are these subs extremely compact, but they're built like tanks." In the war against weak bass, the new B-52 band-pass weapons are compact, powerful and built for the battlefields. The DJ Magazine

A Common Weapon: Uncommon Power And Force

The SH-18X foldedhorn subwoofer has weak bass running for the hills. The unique folded-horn design pro­ vides long throw, allow­ ing the low frequencies to reach a far greater distance than any of the enemies' weapons. Reports from the battlefields indicate that even when standing 80 feet away from the B-52 SH-18X, it still feels like you are being hit by a nuclear blast. B-52's main competitor uses a 18" subwoofer with a 3" voice coil subwoofer on their most popular weapon, which results in weak bass, while the B-52 SH-18X utilizes a powerful, 4" polyamide voice coil. When comparing sound, Music Magic Entertain­ ment's Daniel Sherwood, of Bremerton, WA. explains that "instead of the blap, blap, blap I was used to from my old subs, B-52 finally gave me a true deep, tight thump that I always wanted... my B-52 subs attacked that really deep stuff and spit back into the crowd like I just could not believe. My old subs just couldn't take it. they would puke, clip and sound like crap but the B-52 subs seemed to want more".

The B-52 SR-18S is one of the most commonly used weapons in the war against weak bass. The SR-18S is powerful, has deep tight bass and is extremely cost effective. What makes the SR-18S differ­ ent from the enemies' weapons is its specially designed 18" subwoofer. The B-52 181 SOS is a dedicated subwoofer that offers tremendous power handling and will only play low frequencies even when con­ nected to a full-range signal. There is nothing worse than B-52 Pro-Audio invites all mobile entertainers, club having your subwoofer fail in the owners and bass addicts to join in the war against midst of a heated battle against weak bass. To enhance your arsenal contact your weak bass. That's why the B-52 18-1 SOS utilizes a virtually fire local dealer or B-52 headquarters at 800-344-4ETI. retardant 3" polyamide voice coil, You can also check out our website at a cast aluminum frame and a 180 or e-mail us at ounce magnet structure.

B-52 Now Recruiting






s 1


American Audio American Audio American Audio American Audio AwaoZOOO's AuHo20001 AudtoZOOOl

M-1 M-2IXLR) M-1 M-1 Ph-2, L-2 M-1 L-4, mlc-6 (1/4") M-1, R-1 1-4, mic-6 d/4") Ph-2, L-4, mlc-3 (XLB, 1/4"), T-2, «-1 M-1, 1-1, R-1 Ph/A-2, L-2, mlc-1 Ph-3, L-4, A-3, mlc-3 Ph-2, L-2, A-2, mlc-1

No No

4 10 8

L-8, Ph-3, mlc-2, 4 digital L-10 d/4"), 4 (81 1/4"), 10 (XLR) L-8 d/4"), 2 <8t 1/4"), 6 (XLR)

DMX-2 DMX-6 DMX1030 DMX1070 MP3-X PRO MPX-6 EX-26 PMX-2400 PS-6761 PS-8001 UMX-9 CDM:3 CDM-10-4MK2 MSX-1 MSX-2

2 4 6 5 4 3 2 4 3 4 8 2

Ph-2, L-2, mlc-1 Ph-2, L-5, mlc-2 Ph-3, L-5, mlc-2 (N-combo, 1/4") Ph-3, L-5, mlc-2 (N-comho, 1/4") Ph-2, L-5, OH , IVP3-1, irtc-2 (Nonto) Ph-2, l-l, mlc-1 Ph-2, L-2, mlc-1 Ph-3, L-8, mic-2 Ph-3, L-3, mic-1 Ph-3, L-8, mic-2 Ph-3, L-5, mic-1 4



3 X 2, 2 mlc 3 X 3, 2 mlc 3x2 2x2 feenfcnufc) 3x2 teEnfcnufc) 3x2 Yes 3x8 M-1,Z-1,R-1 No 3x2 M-1,Z-1,R-1 No M-2 (baO, B-1, T-1, Z-1, SUM, 2 0#UI Yes 3 M-21/4",Z-21/4", R-2 No 3X10 (sweep mid) M-2 1/4", Z-2 1/4", R-2 No 3X8 2-M(nvyr,Spaatal)2-M(XLR),3-A Yes, Inserts M-1 No 3x2 M-1, Z-1 No 3x2 M-1, R-1 No M-1, R-1 No Yes 4x3, mlc-3 M-1, B-1, R-1 M-1 NO N/A M-1 3x2 M-unbal, B-unbal, B-unbal 3x3 M-1, R-1 ,8-1 3x4, mlc M-bal, B-bal 3x3 M-2 (XLR, RCA), R-1, Z-1 2x2 2 3x2 1

Numark Numark Numark Numark

COMbM DM1720X EM-480

2 4 3 3

2-PH.2-L, 2-CD, 1-mte Ph-3, L-5, mic-2 Ph-3, L-7, mlc-2 Ph-3, L-6, mlc-2

2-M (ball, 1-R M-bal, R-1, Z-1 M-2 (ball, R-1, Z-2 M-bal, R-1, Z-1


3x2 Perch 3X3 3x3, mic-2

Numark Numark Peavey Peavgy Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio Pyle Pro Audio Dane Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram


3 6 2 4 2 4 4 3 3 3 4 2 4 2 6 2 4 4 2 4 8 5 4 3 4 4 4

Ph-3, L-6, mlc-1 L-B, PM, mic-3 Ph-2, L-2, mlc-1 Ph-3, L-6, mlc-2 Ph/L-2, CD-2, mic-1 Ph-3, L-2, CD-2, mlc-2 (XLR, 1/4") Ph-3, L-5, mic-2 Ph/L-2, L-4, mlc-2 Ph-2, L-4, mic-2 Ph/L-2, L-4, mlc-2 Ph/L-2, L-B, mlc-2 (N-combo, 1/4") Ph/L-2, L-2, mlc-1 Ph/L-4, L4, mic-XlR/1/4" Ph/L-2, L-2, mic-1 Ph/L-4, A-5, mic/l-2 (XLR, 1/4") Ph/L-2, L-4, mic-2, A-1

M-2 (ball, R-1, Z-1 Z-2 (bal, unbal) M-1 (St/m) M-2, Z-2 M-2 M-3, Z-1

YBS, Inserts No YDS Yes Yes Yes -

3X3 zone, mlc 2x2

Amozoon AudtoZOOO-l

Denon Boon-Voice Bectro-IMce Etek Gem Sound Gem Sound Gem Sound Gem Sound

Gem Sound Gem Sound Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini Gemini KLStehnokigy Group KLS fcchnotoBV Group KLS ledratogy Group KLS fechnology Group

Bane Boland Bella Snnnadi Pro Auto Stanton Stanton Stanton Stanton Stanton Tascam Vastax Vestax Vesta*

Q-221 Q-Deck Q-Spand

qo-3 Battle Deck XDM-Z50T AKJ7100 AKJ71SO AKJ7300 AKJ7301 AHJ7302 DN-X800 PSX 1000 PSX 600

MA400 Notemlx

Matrix 8 BM6 3D MIX CD Mix Nine DJM-300 DJM-500 DJM-600 1010 1015 1020 1810 720 MM 82 MP2 MP201B MP222 MP242 MP44 TTM 521 DJ-2000 RM65 DJ8 BM-100 BM-30 RM-50 RM-80 VRM-10 X-9

2 4 2 2 7 7 11 11 11



Vasts* Vestax Veitax ftatax Vettax VocoPro VocoPro VocoPro

PMC-03A PMC-05 PRD II PMC-06 PRO A PMC-07 PISP PMC-07 PRO PMC-15MkU PMC-170A PMC-270A PMC-46 Mk n PMC-55 DA-2200PRO KJM-7900PRO KJM-8000PRO

2 2 2 2 2 4 3 3 4 4 2

Yanam Yamaha

EMXB60 GF12/12


Vaatax Vastax


e 6


Ph-2, L-4, mlc-3 (XLR, 1/4"), T-2 Ph-2, L-4, mic-3 (XLR, 1/4"), T-2

6-XLR, 10-1/4"

Ph/l-3, L-5 (1 1/4"), miC-XLR/1/4"

Ph/L-4, L-4, mlc- 2 combo L-2, Ph-2, mic-1 d/4" TRS) Ph-3, L-4, mic-2 L-6 1/4", mlc-6 XLR, 1 RCA Ph-2, L-5, mlc-3 (XLR-1, 1/4"-2) Ph-9, L-4, mic-3

Ph-3, L-3, mic-2 Ph-9, L-4, mic-4 Ph-9, L-4, mic-3 Ph-8, L-4, mic-2 Ph-4, L-4, mic-1, DkJ-2 Ph-2, L-2, mic-1 Ph-2, L-2, mic-2 Ph-2, 1-2 Ph-2 Ph-2, L-3, mlc-2 Ph-3, L-B, mic-2 Ph-3, L-5, mic-4 Ph-3, L-6, mic-2 Ph-4, L-8, mic-3 (XLR, 2-1/4") Ph-4, L-8, mic-3 L-2, mic-6, video-2 Ph-2, L-5, mic-3, video-3 Ph-2, L-5, mic-3, video-3 Ph-1, L-B, mlc-6, T, A Ph-2, L-12, mfc-8

M-2 (XLB, RCA), R-1, B-1 M-1 (RCA 8, 1/4"), R-1, Z-1 M-1 (RCA 6, 1/4"), R-1, Z-1 M-2 (RCA & 1/4"), B-1, Z-1 M-3(2-RCA81/4"),R-1,Z-1 M-1, R-1 M-XLR/1/4",Z-1,R-1 M-1, Z-1 d/4"), T-1 M-2 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-2 M-1 /4" TRS, Z-2, R-1 M-1 (XLR), Z-1, R-2, 8-1/4" M-2 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-2 M-2 d/4" TRS, RCA) M M-2 1/4" TRS, R-1 M-1, Z-1, R-1 M-1 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-1 M-1 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-1 M-1 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-1 M-1 (XLR, RCA), Z-1, R-1 M-2 (XLR/RCA/dijital), Z-1, R-1

M-bal/unbal/digi, B-1 M-2 M-2 M-2 M-4 d/4") M-2 d/4" TRS, RCA) M-2 M-2 11/4", RCA) M-2 d/4" TRS, RCA) M-4 (2-XLR, 2-1/4") M-2 OUR, 1/4"), B-1 d/4"), CUB d/4") M-2, Video-1 M-2, Z-1, R-1, Video-2

M-2, Z-1, R-1, sub-1 video-2 M-4, R-1 M-1 2, R-1

Send only No Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yes Yes Yes Yes

3 x 2, mlc 3x4 3x4 3 x 3, 3 mlc 3 x 3, 3 mlc 3 x 3, 3 mic 3 X 3, 3 mic 2X1 4X3 2X2 SxBopt 4x2 1x4 4x3 2x2 3 x 4, 2 mic 2x6 2 X 1 mlc 3X3 3x4 M-3, mic-2 3x4 3x4, parametric mid 4x4 parametric, 2-mic 2x2 2 x 2, 2 mlc 2x2 3X2 3 X 2, 2 mlc 3X4 3X3 3 x 3, 2 mlc 2x4 3x4, 2 mlc 2x1 3xB 3x6 3X12


'S !

l^M 20HZ - 20kHz ±2dB 20Hz - 20kHz ±2dB

N/A N/A N/A 7X2 7x2 7x1 7x1 3X N/A N/A 7x2 7x2 N/A 7x2 N/A

20HZ - 20kHz ±2dB 20HZ - 20kHz ±2dB 20HZ- 30kHz

20Hz-30kHz 20Hz- 20kHz 20Hz- 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz

-83dB -83dB

20Hz - 20kHz ±3dB


20KZ - 20kHz ±0.5dB 20Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB 20HZ - 20kHZ ±0.5dB

20Hz-20kHz±1dB 20Hz-20kKz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz <10Hz-24KHz

>80dB >93dB (L) >94dB(U

20HZ- 22HHZ

>B7dB (L) . Ph >70dB, L >9IMB Ph >70dB, L >90flB SOdB >85dB 87dBO) MIC 55dB, Ph-65 dB, L-70ffl Mic 55dB, Ph-65 dB, L-70ffl me 55dB, Ph-65 dB, L-70dB Mic GOdB, Ph-70 dB, L-80dB Mic SSdB, Ph-65 dB, L-70HB SOdB 82dB

20HZ - 20kHz ±2dB 20HZ - 20kHz ±2dB 20Hz - 20kHz ±2dB

20Hz - 20kHz ±2dB


>80dB >8BflB >80dB >88dB MIC-68dB, ph-73BB, CD/I >87dB Mic-BSiB, ph-7SdB, CD/I >8SdB




20HZ - 22kHz ±0.5dB 20HZ- 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz

20Hz - 20kHz 20Hz - 20kHz






75dB 76dB

15Hz- 60kHz (mixer) 15Hz- 60kHz (mixer)

20Hz - 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20Hz - 20kHz 20HZ- 20KHz 20HZ- 20kHz 20Hz- 20kHz 20Hz- 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz 10HZ- 33kHz ±1dB 20HZ- 20kHz +0,-3llB 20HZ- 20kHz 15HZ- 65kHz +0,-3dB 15HZ - 38kHz 15Hz- 30kHz +0,-3dB 10Hz- 30kHz +0,-3dB


L/A >75dB, 1* >55flB, ph >65cfi L/A>70dB,ph>6SlB,miC>Safi L/A >65<B, Die >55dB, 1*1 >60dB L/A >70dB, UK >55flB, [tl >65dB SOdB BOdB TbdB

94d8 94dB 90dB 10BdB >70dB <90dB <70dB <70dB <70dB BGdB

30Hz- 20kHz 25Kz- 25kHz 20Hz- 10kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ- 20kHz 20HZ- 10kHz 20HZ- 10kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20Hz - 20kHz 20HZ - 20kHz 20Hz - 20kHz


20HZ- 20KHZ 20Hz- 20KHz

83dB B8dB

. >70dB >70dB >70dB

Rap Alps feather Fader Rep Alps Feather Fader Rep Aha Feather Fader Rep



N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 sec, w/pltch/level control 12 sec, 4 banks, w/pfati/tevel control

Yes Yes Rep VGA, adjust curve N/A N/A Rep Rep Rep

ROD Rep, assign Rep Rep, VCA Railglide® Rep, VCA Railglide® Rep, VCA Railglide® Rep, VCA Railglide® Rep, VCA, Proglide Rep • Rep Reg Rep Rep, ALPS Rep


12 sec, w/pltch/level control 12 sec, 4 banks, w/pRcMevel control


Rep, CFVR M19 Rep, CFVR M10 Rep Rep, VCA Rep, VCA Rep, VCA ROD, VCA Rep Rep Rep Rep Ran Rep Ren -

The DJ Magazine

N/A . -



80 oils -


Auto beat-8 sec, 18 bit

8 BPM ell! 8 ells, beat control

. -



Rep Rep, Focus Fader VZ Rep, CFR M1G Rep, CFVRM19

N/A N/A 6 5

5 sec, 48kHz

ROD, Infinity' optical Rep Rep Rep Rep flap Rep Smooth Glide, assign Rep Smooth Glide, assign Rep Smooth Glide, assign Rep Smooth Glide, assign Rep Smooth Glide Rep, Active VCA Rep, Active VCA Optional Rep, Active VCA Rep, Active VCA Rep, Active VCA Active VCA Rep

N/A . N/A Echo, key control Echo, key control Echo, key control Echo, 8 en, key control N/A Brake/planer 200 digital 2 x 100 digital DBtal revert, echo, belay

. Dual . . . . . . . .

Irans, x-F curve control, FCS/di SRS audo uriuiua 1 (3 wuiwO taft, nHmtJO trie, res Talk, x-F curve sw, FCS/ch, ham Trans, x-F curve control, 3 kllls/ch, split cue Opt onboard amp (AKJ7000) Opt onboard amp (AKJ7000) Level meter w/ peak hold Enact level/speed controls Talkover, cue level control FCS, x-lader controls hot starts/sampler/iff! Powered SR mixer; llmlter, Inserts chs Powered SR mixer; llmlter, Alps® Fs Pwrt teptaretyh PA atar. ZOOW/sto. phantom pw PH. EQ / punch buttons turntable autostart, VDs Echo, turntable autostart, VUs MP3 modulB-SZMB Dash mem, USB hi, MMC card Galn/ch, ham, balance, curve select Gahfch, ight nut, takover, soft cue, w/OBflrog xHana Galn/ch, ham, split CUB, w/cuB-prog x-lade Gatvch, intit ipit, tekover, spit cue, w/cue-grog x-lade Ham, x-F assign, curve control Ham, BPM counter w/ update & ollset, sep kill sws, Input gain, 3-way input select, talkover Dual CDP w/ ±12% pitch, FCS, wheel, BPM counter Gain, pan, PR. par ch KADSS Pad triggers ells, MIDI, FCS, talkover, M pan, FCS, trans buttons, gain, pan, PR., BNC light Input, 1/4"+1/8"HPh lacks Pan, gah, ham, -40dB cuts, spit/blend cue, pan, x-tedB slope Aux mixer, opt mic automate, pan SRS® stereo enhancer FCS, HPh monitor switch FCS, BPM counter BPM cantor, a w/ stretch, HPh mm spB, FCS, xf adjust Selectable VU, BNC, cue assign Echo, delay and depth control, trans M & Z sum switch, cue assign, BNC, Echo, trans, select VU, BNC, cue assign Irans X-lade contour control XP2016ontpanelw/EQax-f X-lade contour control -

Digital, 10 -

18 24-bit DSP, fitters 2 processors -

Digital echo Digital echo Digital echo Dig! reverts

BPM counter, MH out, x-f assign, SR mixer Talkover adjust FCS, LEDs/ch, Ms FCS, talkover, LEDs/ch FCS, talkover, LEDs/ch, BgM input FCS, talkover, LEDs/ch, light Input Valve pre-amp Adjust x-lade curve, FCS-assign, loot sw control Adjust x-F curve Adjust x-F curve, ham, pan, trans Adjust x-F curve, ham Adjust x-F curve Adjust x-F curve, ham, pan, dins Adjust x-F curve Adjust x-F curve Ham, rumble fliters/ch, It panel Input Adjust x-F curve Adjust x-F curve, talkover (K), Key control 11 step 00, Key controM 1 step, expand mo** (8 mfc or he) (K),KeycontroH1step,expaHmi(UB(3mtorlne), sub Ireq control SR mixer, Hi-Z jack, pad sw, ell level, phant pwr SR mixer, phant pwr, PFL, 2 st aux returns

4" X 12.6" x 10.26" 4RI)x18"xr 4" X 1 2.6" X 10.26" 3.26" X 7.65" X 8.3" 1 8.5" XI 5.7" X 5.1" 18.6" X 15.7" X 5.1" 1 1.8" XI 8" X 4.3" 8.4" X 18" X 4.3" 8.4" X 18" X 4.3" 4RU 8.3" X 20" XI 8.8" 8.8" X 17.8" X 13.4" 8" X 0.6" X 11.6" 13" X 8.25" X 2" 2RUX18"Xll" 2RUX18"x11" 18"x10.5"x2.76" 7" X 8" X 2" 4"X18"X8" 10"x4.5"x12" 4" X 18" x 8" 14.76" x10"x 4.26" 10.14" X 14.83" X 6.27" -

8 8 8 6.2 18 20 18 11 11 44.1 28.7 35 14 14 12 10 7 10



11.7" X1B.8-X 7.02"


IT- x ID- x r


. . .



12*6" X 10" X 4.6" 1RUx18"x8.6" 6RU 3.76" X 14" X 10.26" 3.75" X 14" X 10.25" 3 RU X 18"

8.1 18 14.56 8.5 8.5 8.5 8.5 5.5 • • 16 7 0.1 -

6 mix ie"

8RUX18" 10.28"X4"X1Z£7" 10.25" X 8.14" X 14.6" -


2 RU X 19" X 14.6"

11 • • 22 20 22

18.63" X 10.88" X 10.88" 23.13" X 8.18" x 18.18"

86 30.8

1RUx17"x13" 2 RU x 18" x 14.5"

N/S N/S N/S N/S N/8

1RU 10" IB" 6.2" x 12.18" x 0.68" 4.2" x 12.88" x 14" 1 2.38" X 4.18" x 14.08" 10.25" x 14" X 3.6" 10.26" X 14" x 3.6" 10.26" x 14" x 3.6" 10.26" X 14" X 3.8" 8.7" X 10" X 3.4" •

8178.86 8398.96 S278.85 888.88 S37B S448 8477 S351 S238 N/S 82,524 81,788 S888.86 S128 S158 SI 88 S218 N/8 876 8269 S383 $338 S618 S448 S185 8482 8838 (441

8278.88 8888.88 8488 81,089 81,388 8258 8263 S286 $285 $145 8888 S448 $1,488 $888 $1,288 81,889 $888 $1,485 8320 $388 $788 $688 8888 $460 $2,286 81,376 (188 (788 8448 $1,388 81,048 8388 $888 $588 81,088

81,888 N/t Hit N/S

8860 $1,000


Never underestimate the power of quality lighting and sound produ-*^


MPC2000XL-PIUS MIDI - Sampler FEATURES: Flash ROM, time stretch, 16 assignable pads, resample, multitrack recording, 32 voice 16-bit stereo, 64-track sequencer


•••-••• -•'::


ES-1 Electribe S - Sampler / Sequencer FEATURES: 95 sec maximum sample time, 128 patterns 16-song memory, effects, 256-patt seq, dual out


MC-505 - Sequencer / Sound Module FEATURES: 712 patterns, 3 effects processors, 64-voice polyphony, 3St/6m outs, Smart Media, D-Beam hand control


SP-808EX 4 - Track Phrase Sampler FEATURES:

8 tracks, 16 pads/64 banks, auto BPM, 256MB Zip, resample, effects, step mod, D-Beam hand control, 3 assignable knobs Yamaha

DJX-llB - Groove Box FEATURES: 700 presets/50 user patterns, analog filter x-fade, assignable scratchpad, speakers, BPM sync


SU200 Loop Factory - Sampler / Effects FEATURES: Variable sample rates, BPM sync, 24 pads, loop remix, slice, MIDI, resample


ST224 Sample Trak - Sampler / Sequencer FEATURES: 24 sounds, resample, tempo autosync, assignable pads, 22 effects, 8 original songs

lighting & soun An MET International Cori

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Octignslnc 0\ r* r

Lowest noise. Highest neanroom. Sweetest EQ. Best mic preamps. Four convenient sizes. If you're gonna Ho It,

mixm, Optimized for Line Level freaks and geeks: 8 mom chs., 2 stereo chs., 2 hybrid stereo chs. w/mono mic inputs

no it riant.

phone preamps...the best on any compact mixer available today at any price. rts~on~mono cn&nrteis. l-band EQ with swept midrange on mono channels. harp 18dB/oct. 75HrLow cut filters on all mic inputs. aux sends per channel with 15dB extra gain above Unity to optimize output of out­ board gear. nm-log-taper faders. -level set via Stereo In-Place solo. 2 hybrid channels with o/mono line inputs and fixed 4-band EQ. A-type tape inputs and outputs. reo channels with 4-band fixed EQ. -errbaclcHGffFsub-bus outputs (double-bussing) to feed 8 recorder channels without re-patching, 8 direct outs and Main L/R inserts. itereo-Atix-returns^with flexible assign options.

4 mix buse ; • 16 XDR" f. premium nic preamps • 16 •j mono lin< inputs • 3-band ^ EQw/swi pt mid • 6 aux , sends per ch. « 16 inserts • 8 direct ( uts • 60mm logtaper fader i • The Classic.

1* n SeSr

>•, 1 mix buse + ALT 3/4

j_ • 14 chanr els • 6 XDR" || premium nic preamps '•*? • 6 mono ine level chs. •\ -4 stereo chs. • 3-band EQ • 2 aui sends per ch. t • 6 channe inserts 60mm log -taper faders

2rnixbuse ALT 3/4 • 12 chanr els • 4 XDR" |t premium nic preamps |f • 4 mono ine level chs. - • 4 stereo chs. • 3-band ? EQ • 2 aui sends perch. • 4 channe inserts • Rotary gain control

SolW-steet-thasstsr1 True-4-bus-dcsfgn-wfri L/R bus assign and separate L/R master.

EFJHo-Monitor controls fold effects back into Aux Sends 1 & 2: invaluable feature Control Room/phones if you ever play live. source matrix sends ^Separate tape input any combo of tape, level control and Tape Aux 1, Aux 2 and Main to Main Mix switch. Mix to phones and —Two-headphone studio monitors. outputs with separate volume control. wooUinville usa-8OO.Z58.B883


TR225 2-Way Speaker Cab

Minimum Purchase

600391Y0 List $569

CE1000 Power Amp

MDR-V700 DJ Headphones



^r Vestax PCV150 5-Channel DJ Mixer 800987.Y_List $480.00

NflBOOF Dual CD Player

Pro-Scratchl CD Player

240120Y List $699.95

test) Fton) The /^

LS-50/A Portable Lighting Package

Mini Starball 801085Y Lis'S79-95

*199» 800896Y* List $299.95

Flight Moon

Laser Launcher

800070Y List $289.95

801083Y List $399.95

$299" F-800

Fog Machine with Remote 803028Y List $99.98


"online^ at'

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KROM 200/65 CD

804505Y List $119.00

45-Day Double Guarantee! • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee • Best Price Guarantee

Limited to stock on hand; prices subject to change: standard catalog shipping rates apply. ^Additional delivery charges for 2-day service. *On orders received by 5PM ET Mon.-Fri. BGround delivery only.

Area(s> of Interest- ""^rn^~~~~——————— '-.S.u.,,0 C~ooX» r-f°" s'^ o ( ^^J^^~12^r m.

SOFTWARE Be/o w you 'II find brief summaries of key features for each program. See manufacturers' Web sites for complete details and system requirements. AMPS Pro from Audio Box FEATURES:

Auto cross-fades, tempo change w/ pitch lock, pitch change, ampli­ fy/silence, Real-time format conversion, user-defined groups, play his­ tories, memory of speed, pitch, volume, etc. per song, "as-you-type" searching, Cool Edit sound editor, dual deck interface, single card/dual output stereo mixing, single chip/dual output mono mixing, pitch bend slider, auto/manual mode, auto advance. DJPower® from DJPower Intl FEATURES: Folders/song lists/playlists, BPM counter, headphone cue, full "drag and drop" functionality, movable mixing bar, volume and pitch info savable per song, auto mixing on the fly, scheduling lists, beat mixing (requires dual sound cards or dual mono setting), record directly from external source, graphic EQ, true multi-tasking.

BPM Studio v4 from Alcatech (dist. by Instant Audio) FEATURES:

Dual deck interface, mixer, playlist/archive/history of tracks, drag & drop functions, auto/scan/manual bpm modes, sample editor, pitch control, Print Designer for song lists, fader-start, disc-at-once extrac­ tor; Automatic Gain Control: adjustable real-time gain level matching between tracks, w/limiter (for program play); RCP-2001-B 19" remote control: VFD displays—pitch, rendering, mode/track; track selector button, 6 direct cue points BPM/pitch wheel, 60 mm jog wheels. DART Pro 98 from DARTech FEATURES: Audio restoration: DeClick, DeHiss, DeNoise, DeHum, ReTouch, Duplicate, NoisePrint; realtime functions, Filter Builder (function com­ bos), forwardbackwards processing, record analog/digital sources; editing functions: mix, split, unite, compare, reverse, trim length, fade, filters, equalizer, gain, mute, scale, resample, adjust speed, smart mute/cut, crossfade cut, unpack/separate tracks, DirectX support, 2D & 3D spectral analysis, playlist manager, one button transfer playlist CD.

MegaSeg 2.0 from Fidelity Media (for Mac) FEATURES: Library search/categorizing system, cross-fade and beat-mixing capa­ bilities, multiple outputs for independent cue and program channels (Mac built-in + external), Requests List Display, edit/preview/delete songs from lists, QuickTime audio/video: MP3, AIFF, WAV, MOV, Flash animations, iMovie support.

Mixman StudioPro 4.0 (PC/Mac) FEATURES: Integrated suite of professional remixing tools—recording studio to add sounds to the mix, editing studio to tweak performances, FX stu­ dio to tweak individual sounds, and remixing studio to put it all


together; also available (PC only): DM2 - Digital Music Mixer hardware controller.

MusicBoss v2.0

FEATURES: Air Studio: auto segue, as-you-type searching 3 active channels of auc on one sound card; Music Vault: add, categorize, maintain, set fade points, intros times, bpm, print lists; Grabber: Xing Technologies encoi Event Planner: song histories, track customers, print lists; ProdRoom: editing functions—cut, copy, paste, mix, stretch, amplify, echo, fade points. PCDJ Red - from Visiosonic FEATURE:

Synchronized auto-mix, looping, auto BPM detect, bpm stepping, norn ization, turntable brake, playlist log-in, rip/record, proprietary MP3 file encryption, beat match w/20 cue points, visual cueing, info mode, sear field history, auto cue/play, shuffle, auto pilot (segues if no user present plug-in support, metronome BPM counter, shell mode, case player, use with Numark DMC-1 Controller.

MANUFACTURERS AUDIO BOX, INC PO Box 9280 Portland, OR 97207 tel: 503-452-2735 fax: 503-452-2736

MEGASEG (FIDELITY MEDIA) 1923-A Melrose Dr Champaign, IL 61820 tel: 217-351-9952 fax:217-351-9953


MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLTD 6900 Six Forks Rd Raleigh, NC 27615 tel: 919-810-0344

CUSTOMWARE SYSTEMS 3941 Legacy Dr, Ste 204 #305 Piano, TX 75023 tel: 240-266-7568 fax: 240-266-7568 DARTECH (ZH COMPUTER) 7600 Metro Blvd, Ste 550 Edina, MN 55439 tel: 800-799-1692/952-844-0217 fax: 952-844-9025 DJPOWER INTL 501 Deodara Drive Los Altos, CA 94024 tel: 650-964-5339 fax: 650-938-8792 INSTANT AUDIO 50690 Rizzo Rd ShelbyTwp, Ml 48315 tel: 810-247-5739 fax: 810-532-0615

MIXMAN TECHNOLOGIES 850 Montgomery St, Ste 350 San Fancisco, CA 94133 tel: 415-403-1380 fax:415-403-1388 MUSIC BOSS (CRONST INC) 1006 S.E. Peterson Ankey, IA 50021 tel: 573-474-8333 VISIOSONIC LTD 21939 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater, FL 33765 tel: 727-799-3828 fax: 727-799-2747 /

Music & Video Services ENTERTAINMENT RESOURCES GROUP Unit 18- 435 Lawrence Bell Dr Williamsville, NY 14221-7806 tel: 800-465-0779 fax: 800-753-3547 ETV NETWORK tel: 800-344-5744 HOT HITS PO Box 41600 Nashville, TN 37204 tel: 800-248-4848 fax: 615-259-0930 HOT TRACKS PO Box 701347 Tulsa, OK 74170 tel: 888-HOT-TRACK fax: 888-2-HOT-FAX www. NVS-TV 1360N Hancock St Anaheim, CA 92807 tel: 714-777-4200 fax: 714-777-4107

PROMO ONLY 257 S Lake Destiny Dr Orlando, FL 32810 tel: 407-331-3600 fax:407-331-6400 SYBERSOUND RECORDS PO Box 6464 Malibu, CA 90264 tel: 310-457-8062

fax:310-457-6182 ULTIMIX RECORDS 2705 Branchwood Dr Greensboro, NC 27408 tel: 336-288-7566 fax: 336-288-0060 X-MIX 8 Blanchard Rd Burlington, MA 01803 tel: 800-711-9649 fax:781-272-3710

Rack-A-Oapt The Rack-A-Dapt 10 converts most 10" mixers to fit In a standard 19" wide rack mount. It accommodates mixers up to 12.25" high. The panel size is 14" high (8 spaces) by 19" wide.

Rack-A-uapU 10

The Rack-A-Dapt 10 is constructed of sturdy 14-gauge steel with a professional, non-glare, black texture finish. The panel includes a hole for mounting a headphone jack. The headphone jack accessory kit is available for separate purchase. See your local Grundorf dealer for more details!




Fax 712-322-5407 Visit us online at www Email: 721 Ninth Avenue - Council Bluffs. IA 51501

MegaSeg + New iBook = DJ Solution

lfl Fidelity Media

The DJ Magazine


Karaoke Hardware & Software (H) AUDIO2000'S (H & F TECHNOLOGIES) 650 Flinn Ave, Unit 4 Moorpark, CA 93021 tel: 800-661-8069 fax: 805-523-2021

(S) MUSIC MAESTRO 605 S Douglas St El Segundo, CA 90245 tel: 310-727-0744 fax:310-727-0752

(S) SOUND CHOICE 14100 S Lakes Drive Charlotte, NC 28273 tel: 800-788-4487 fax: 800-577-7464

(S) PIONEER 2265 E 220th St Long Beach, CA 90810 tel: 800-782-7210 fax: 310-952-2990

SOUNDTECH 444 E Courtland St Mundelein, IL 60060 tel: 847-913-5511 fax:847-913-7772

(S) POCKET SONGS 50 Executive Blvd Elmsford, NY 10523-1325 tel: 914-592-1188

(S) STARR KARAOKE 415 N Ardmore Ave, Unit B Villa Park, IL 60181 tel: 800-990-SONG fax: 708-629-6649 (H) CAVS USA, INC 2392 E Artesia Blvd Long Beach, CA 90805 tel: 562-422-9743 fax: 562-422-3854 (S) CHARTBUSTER KARAOKE 10840 Chapman Hwy Seymour, TN 37865 tel: 800-347-5504 fax: 865-573-1811 (S)(H) (dlr) FREQUENCY MUSIC 27821 Tamiami Trail #1 Bonita Springs, FL 34134 tel: 800-972-2736 fax: 941-498-9392 www. (S) KARAOKE WAREHOUSE 4401 Lyman Dr Hilliard, OH 43026 tel: 800-645-8401 fax:614-527-2933 (S) KARAOKE WHOLESALE PO Box 39454 Phoenix, AZ 85069-9454 tel: 888-900-DISC fax: 602-864-1884

(S) PRIDDIS MUSIC PO Box 345 Pleasant Grove, UT 840620345 tel: 800-326-3062 fax: 801-785-6705 (S) PRO-SING PO Box 650 Pinellas Park, FL 33780 tel: 800-PRO-SING fax: 727-533-8760 RSQ AUDIO, INC 16300 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723 tel: 562-272-4650 fax: 562-272-4652


VOCOPRO 1728CurtisCt La Verne, CA 91750 tel: 800-678-5348 fax: 909-593-8890

H - indicates hardware suppli­ ers/distributors S - indicates software suppli­ ers/distributors



- Mixmaster Mike uses Vestax PDX-2000 turntables and the PMC-07PRO mixer. Why? From Studio to main stage, his equipment never lets him down. One of the most demanding DJ's on the planet uses strictly what makes him perform trouble free. Let's face it, you can't have your tables skipping in front of large crowds or when you're producing dope tracks. So next time you enter your local Vestax dealer, what are you going to walk away with? estax America • 15320 Valley View RD., Unit 9 • La Mirada, CA 90638 • For your nearest dealer: 562.623.9881 •


DJ EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS A & S CASE CO. 5260 Vineland Ave N. Hollywood, CA 91601 Tel: 818-509-5920 Fax:818-509-1397 A.R.T. 215 Tremont St Rochester, NY 14608 Tel: 716-436-2720 Fax: 716-436-3942

AMERICAN DJ (American Audio) 4295 Charter St Los Angeles, CA 90058 Tel: 800-322-6337 Fax:323-582-2610 ANVIL CASES 15650 Salt Lake Ave City Of Industry, CA 91745 Tel: 800-359-2684 / 626-968-4100 Fax:626-968-1703

AB INTL 1830-6 VernonSt Roseville, CA 95678

Tel: 916-783-7800 Fax:916-784-1050 AC-CETERA 3120 Banksville Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15216 Tel: 800-537-3494 Fax:412-344-0818 ACOUSTIC 18521 Railroad St City Of Industry, CA 91748 Tel: 800-592-9393/626-964-4700 Fax: 626-965-5224 AKAI MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CORP. 4710 Mercantile Dr Fort Worth, TX 76137 Tel: 800-433-5627 Fax: 817-222-1348 AKG 1449 Donelson Pike Nashville, TN 37217 Tel: 615-360-0499 Fax: 615-360-0275 ALL BULBS LIGHTING 44 Nottingham Rd Rockville Centre, NY 11570 Tel: 800-491-1505



APHEX SYSTEMS 11068 Randall St Sun Valley, CA 91352 Tel: 818-767-2929 Fax:818-767-2641 APOGEE ELECTRONICS 3145 Donald Douglas Loop S Santa Monica, CA 90405 Tel: 310-915-1000 Fax:310-391-6262 www. apogeed igital .com ARK INTL 949 W Duarte Rd Monrovia, CA 91016 Tel: 626-447-6699 Fax: 626-447-7899 ASA CASE 4375 Prado Rd Corona, CA 92880 Tel: 909-738-8222 Fax: 909-738-8222 ASHLY AUDIO 847 Holt Rd Webster, NY 14580 Tel: 800-828-6308/716-872-0010 Fax:716-872-0739

AUDIO-TECHNICA 1221 Commerce Dr Stow, OH 44224 Tel: 216-686-2600 Fax:216-686-0719 AUDIO2000'S (H & F TECHNOLOGIES) 650 Flinn Ave, Unit 4 Moorpark, CA 93021 Tel: 800-661-8069/805-523-2759 Fax: 805-523-2021 AZ-IZ CASE CO 3825 Willat Ave Culver City, CA 90232 Tel: 310-841-2340 Fax:310-204-6412 AZDEN CORP 147 New Hyde Park Rd Franklin Square, NY 11566 Tel: 516-328-7500 Fax:515-328-7506 B-52 PRO AUDIO (ETI) 3383 Gage Ave Huntington Park, CA 90255 Tel: 800-344-4ETI Fax:323-277-4108 BAG END 22272 N Pepper Rd, Unit D Barrington, IL 60010 Tel: 847-382-4550 Fax: 847-382-4551 BBE 5381 Production Dr Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Tel: 714-897-6766 Fax: 714-896-0736

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What I'll do with my spare time: • start jogging • learn a second language • run errands or maybe just catch up on my



Can't believe your eyes? Wait'11 you hear it... YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EARS! -• Atonlyl3"Lx9"Wx3"H, ... thettekNotemixMA-MJOisthe size of a laptop computer.


• 14 Inputs 6 Mono f^ Stereo Channels • Digital effects processor with 99 presets, echo and delay effects • WJV Phantom Power •SPEAKON™ speaker connections

ZOOWxZOOW@8ohms, over 300W @ 4 ohms Channel inserts Panel light display BAuxsends 3-bandEQ per channel PR


• Fits in any car (15" x 19" x 25") • 70lb when docked, 35 Ib woofer, 1Mb each satellite • 12" Subwoofer Folded Horn Cabinet •Z-6-l/Z"Midrange,l-l/Z" Dome Tweeter Satellite Cabinets

•*.- 20' Speaker Cables '2-T Tripod Speaker Stands (with Nylon Zippered Carry Bag) •300 Watt RMS Per Channel Stereo Power Capability • Utility Storage Box (for chords, mics, etc)

Sources for Props & Novelties BOBBY MORGANSTEIN PROD 77 Buck Rd Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 tel: 800-355-8288 fax:215-953-5864

PINTO NOVELTY 2118 Ave "X" Brooklyn, NY 11235 tel: 800-854-8490 fax: 718-332-8141

CELEBRATION EVENT SUPPLIES 2400 S. Weccacoe Ave Philadelphia, PA 19148 tel: 888-864-3992 fax:215-336-5129

RHODE ISLAND NOVELTY 19 Industrial Ln Johnston, Rl 02919 tel: 800-528-5599 fax: 800-448-1775

CHEMICAL LIGHT, INC 595 N Lakeview Pkwy Vernon Hills, IL 60061 tel: 800-FOR-GLOW fax: 847-680-9250 CREATIVE IMAGINEERING 4153 SW 47th Ave. #146 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314 tel: 800-644-3141 fax:954-316-6005 ELECTRIC BLUE ENTERTAINMENT 17302 S Oakpark Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477 tel: 708-444-0674 fax: 708-444-0676

The Notemix fits right inside the subwoofer cabinet opening for easy transport!

STREAMER EFFECTS INTL 350 Cloverdale Rd Riverview, NB E1B 3J4 Canada tel: 888-738-3367 fax:506-372-5176 TUBEWORKS (Skydancers) 3220 Derry Avenue Suite L Agoura Hills, CA91301 tel: 800-962-2556


Patented Programmable Dispersion W°tol80°

FLUTTER FETTI, INC 19224 Orbit Dr Gaithersburg, MD 20879 tel: 301-926-4242 fax:301-926-4259 MAGIC GLO 1-A Chestnut Ridge Rd Montvale, NJ 07645 tel: 800-524-0848 fax:201-391-7198


SHERMAN SPECIALTY CO 114 Church St Freeport, NY 11520 tel: 800-645-6513 fax:516-546-2979

fax: 818-879-2388 XSTREAMERS.COM PO Box 282 Monroe, CT 06468 tel: 888-925-7699 fax:209-671-4462

THE FUTURE IS HERE... •«Kx* -^Pv-•••-?&&

The MP3-X is a revolution in DJ mixing capabilities. It is the first mixer to integrate the functions of an analog mixer with MP3 digital technology. Digitally downloaded music can be stored in the mixer itself or pnto an memory expansion slot, then used for ypur mix. The MP3-X is also its own recording studio. It has the capability of digitally recording music to its pwn internal 32MB flash memory. Whether you want to record music from one chan­ nel or record your whole mix from channel to channel. In short, the MP3-X mixer is the bridge to digital mixer technology' LCD text display

Volume control Track skip and music search 4 mode function • Memory switch (internal <->external) • 5 programmed equalizations • Repeat function(Normal/Random/Repeat1/Repeat All) • Record and stop recordins MP3 files from CPU Memory expansion slot. Allows for upgrading memory for more MP3 music capability.


••„ •"•• §




The mission is mobility with Etek's powered mixer and a miniar ture Galaxy monitor system After surrendering all of my documents and passing the retina scan at Mobile Beat headquarters, security led me down a long dark hallway to a secret room located just behind a movable book­ case. I was seated in the dimly lit room, at a cold oak table. After what seemed like an eternity, Agent L entered the room, and placed two small cases on the table. He then informed me that this assign­ ment was of the utmost importance to national security. He went on to explain that the miniaturized technology contained in these mysterious black boxes must not fall into enemy hands. I assured him that besides my car keys, I hadn't lost anything recently. He said my assignment, if I chose to accept it, was to review this pair of miniature technology marvels, and to let DJs know if these pieces can help them win the cold cash war.


Spare me the spy novel Okay, so I will probably never be a great fiction writer, but I'm really good at abusing new high-tech equipment. MB's chief actually did send me out with two very small wonder boxes. One case was the size of a small piece of lug­ gage you would see trailing a flight attendant, and it contained a three-piece powered monitor system from Galaxy. The other box, from Etek, was the size of a laptop computer and supposedly contained a 14-channel mixer with digital effects and 200-watt power amplifier. I had my doubts about boxes that small holding all sorts of amazing technology. It was time for the famous Jammin' Jim torture test.

Booting up the laptop For starters, the Etek MA400 Notemix powered mixer opens up and looks sur­ prisingly like a laptop computer. When you flip up the top, instead of finding a screen, you're greeted by a panel with over 50 faders. This mixer is totally unlike any I have seen before, and indicates some very creative thinking. The Notemix was designed in Italy, the same country that brought you the Ferrari...lets take it out for a spin. Although the unit is small, it has a metal housing and weighs about 35 pounds. The Notemix is extremely well laid out, with a pro­ fessional array of connectors. The rear panel features six balanced microphone inputs and four unbal­ anced stereo inputs. Connecting to speakers and other equipment is a breeze with the mixer's arsenal of con­ nector options. There are stereo balanced, unbalanced and RCA jacks, three aux sends, as well as the powered stereo speaker outputs, rated at 190 watts per channel. The three aux sends can be configured in many ways. You can use

es Bond Technology for the Regular DJ


them as monitor outputs, for your karaoke show, or for effects process­ ing. Power comes through a remov­ able computer-style power cord (no cheesy wall wart—joy!). This mixer lets you easily connect to any sound or speaker system you may encounter.

Human interface At first look, I thought the mixer had an unconventional, almost jumbled look; yet after taking a moment to study the layout, the logic of the inter­ face becomes clear. Once you've mastered one section of faders, you're all set, since all the rest are duplicates. The six microphone chan­ nels all feature three-band equaliza­ tion, gain control, clip lights, three aux sends, pan, level and pre-fader listen. The four stereo inputs include level controls for main output as well as the ability to be routed through any aux send. This is handy for sending music to a monitor system or adding effects to your prerecorded music. The master section has a usefully switchable five-segment LED meter. Microswitches let you utilize the meters for various monitoring situa­ tions, even allowing you to customize an output for in-ear monitors. Those crazy Italians have thought of every­ thing! And as if that wasn't enough, they included a built-in digital effects unit with 99 presets. Quicker than you can get a Maserati from 0 to 60, I had the Notemix connected to my system. For the test, I connected several CD players, a karaoke machine, a few microphones, and a pair of full-sized Bag End speakers. Certainly, the most amazing part of this mixer is its built-in amplifier. As I cranked out some dance tunes I was impressed at the amount of power the miniscule machine delivered. You may not be able to do a high school dance with­ out the addition of a subwoofer, but it is quite capable for many small to medium jobs. The microphone chan­ nels deliver low noise and high out­ put. The three-band EQs give you

The DJ Magazine

ample control over your various sound sources. The onboard digital effects unit has a variety of high-qual­ ity, low-noise reverbs and delays. And the ability to add your favorite proces­ sor is icing on the cake. The more I explored the Notemix, the better I liked it. How many times have you been asked to provide a small sound system for a ceremony or speaker? Those situations have usually required me to either rent extra equipment or drag my whole big setup out for a short event. What a hassle. The Notemix, some small speakers, a microphone, and a portable CD player would certainly make for a simple, portable, yet pow­ erful system.

Sonic weapon hidden in a bag Galaxy Audio has been building pro­ fessional compact monitor systems for years. Their latest offering is a beautifully packaged self-powered monitor system, dubbed the Galactic Package. It includes the following: a PA5X140 powered monitor, two Hot Spot speakers, three mic stand adap­ tors, and two 25-foot speaker cables, all contained in a Transport heavyduty nylon bag. As of press time, you'll also get an extra Audix OM-2 mic (with cable) when you purchase the system. The Transport has moveable dividers, allowing each monitor (the three cabinets are identical in size) to have its own compartment within the case. Three outer pockets and a zippered mesh interior com­ partment provide ample space for adapters, mics and other necessary stuff. The heart of the system is the Core PA5X140, a single powered speaker unit with a built-in 146-watt amplifier. The controls and connec­ tions are straightforward and func­ tional. The power unit features threeband EQ, with 1/4" and balanced XLR connectors. Connecting the slave speakers is a snap with the provided speaker cables. The multi-angled

cabinets are great for placing the speakers in various positions. They can be used as floor monitors or wherever you have enough space to hold a small loaf of bread. For moni­ toring, they work best when mounted


on conventional microphone stands. This gets the sound where you need it—near your head. Speaking of sound, the voices in my head are telling me it's time to grab all my new gear and head out to the big karaoke show...


The heat is on

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Hear samples of our Music at WWW.SETYOURWEDDIN6TOMUSIC.COM Major credit cards accepted (877) 600-1123


The only thing I like better than high-tech sound equipment is high-tech sound equipment that I don't have to pay for when I break it. Well, it was karaoke night and I had a great attitude, a full bar, and the latest in miniature electronic marvels. Because I had the super versatile Etek Notemix and the Galaxy system, I chose to go with an interesting setup. First, I plugged all my CD players, microphones and my karaoke machine into the Notemix. I chose to power my main speakers with the mixer's internal amplifier. To give me some more low end, I connected a powered subwoofer to the balanced outputs. To send the signal to my Galaxy monitor system, I simply connected it to aux 1, which gave me independent control of voices and music in the monitor. Cool as O07's martini—shaken, not stirred. The Galaxy monitors sat nicely on top of tripod microphone stands, which were easily positioned near the "talent." My little setup had a really futuristic look to it, with the combination of laptop-style mixer and miniature monitor array. Getting all the mics and players adjusted was a breeze with the Notemix's metering capabilities. I could apply reverb to my happy singers with an easy fader throw. The little system sounded great, and with the addition of a powered subwoofer it made for some real sonic pleasure. The "Mini-me" monitoring system had a wonderful tone for such small speakers. With some minor onboard EQ adjust­ ments, all of those demanding karaoke singers were at ease and free to dream of future stardom. As our resident Elvis impersonator crooned, I continued tweaking and pushing the system's limits. These amazing machines per­ formed well and sounded terrific all night long. Some less talented singers were frightened by their own voices being accurately blasted back to them by the precise Galaxy monitor system. The night was a stunning success (and I only spilled one cocktail on the amazing mini-mixer).

Mission accomplished Both the Etek Notemix mixer and Galaxy Galactic Package monitor system performed as advertised, and were an absolute blast to have around the shop. Whether you do karaoke or have a desire for super small sound or monitor system, you should check these little guys out.* Final Credits MA400 Notemix Professional Laptop Powered Mixer by Etek (MSRP: $699.95) Distributed in the US by Music Industries Corp., 625 Locust Street, Suite 300, Garden City, NY 11530, 1 -800-431 -6699, www.musicindustries. com. Galactic Package (including: PA5X140 powered monitor, 2 Hot Spot monitors, 3 mic stand adapters, 2 25-foot speaker cables, Transport heavy-duty nylon bag, and Audix OM-2 mic with cable; MSRP: $799.90) Galaxy Audio, 601 East Pawnee, Wichita, KS 67211, 1-316-263-2852.

> Remix and post production > Back-up mixer for nightclub mixers > Lightweight mobile mixing > Live radio remotes

> High performance VGA Active Crossfader > Phono/Line switchable inputs > Two stereo, balanced outputs > Separate EQ on each bus


MP 2 Mobile Mixer. This revolutionary 1 RU ign is skinny in stature, but fat on ,1 n-uiures and functions. Just think of


., everything you can do with this compact â„¢ie of DJ dynamite!

Rane Corporation

TEL 425.355.6000

FAX. 425.347.7757


In Canada:

Omnimedia Corporation

TEL 514.636.9971

FAX 514.636.5347




Four PC Purchasing Comman dm en ts (And Other Words of Wisdom) display). A Mac or a Linux PC can still makes sense, but Windows' overwhelming market share is a powerful selling point.


By Reid Goldsborough

ven in the quick-changing microchip world, some advice stands the test of time. More than ever, personal computers are commodity, with relatively standard configu­ rations. PCs, in relative terms, are less expensive than ever. Yet buying a computer can still be tricky and involve a sizable investment; whether you're purchasing one system for home use or multiple units for business use. You may not be in the market for a new PC right now, but you probably will be in the future. Here are timeless tips on buying a computer—advice that's been good in the past, is good now, and will likely be good in the future—plus timely tips on buying in today's market.


Choose a standard. Sure, you could go with a Mac or Linux-based system. And if you buy a Windows unit you could choose a newfangled all-in-one flat-panel system. But for most people, choosing what the majority chooses makes the most sense. You'll have a smaller chance of getting burned with expensive or unreliable technol­ ogy, being left out in the cold with technolo­ gy that never catches on, or feeling isolated with niche technology used by few of your peers. For better or worse, today's standard is still a Windows-based desktop unit with a traditional CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitor, rather than a flat panel or LCD (liquid-crystal 78


Go for the sweet spot. For years, the way to get the biggest bang for your buck has been the middle ground, a few notches from the top of the line in terms of the computer's CPU (central processing unit). This advice applies even more so today. You can save nearly $500, for instance, by choosing a 1.3 GHz Intel Pentium 4 instead of a 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or nearly $150 with a 1.0 GHz AMD Athlon instead of a 1.4 GHz Athlon. There's little difference right now between the Intel and AMD chips, for most applications. You won't need the speed of the very fastest chips unless you're doing processor intensive tasks such as high-end photo edit­ ing, video editing, and 3D games, and even here the relative speed improvement as you move to the top of the line is small. (See the sidebar, "Computers and Music," for more on computers for DJ use.) Of course this happy-medium approach flies out the door if you have the urge to splurge. But avoid being sucked into speed greed. Well-regarded Dell ran an embarrass­ ing magazine ad campaign not long ago in which the ad headline read, "How much speed does my PC need? More than my friend Bob's." This is obviously not the best approach to determining your computing needs. Happy medium also doesn't work if you're on a tight budget. But being cheap won't hurt you much because even the slow­ est CPUs today are extraordinarily powerful. They do quite well, and will likely continue to

do so, with common tasks such as Web surfing, e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheets.


Avoid lemons. There's nothing more frustrating and damaging to productivity than having a com­ puter that repeatedly goes down. You can't guarantee that you won't get stuck with a problematic PC, but mak­ ing a smart buying decision can defi­ nitely stack the odds in your favor. PC Magazine's latest computer reliability survey put Dell once again at the top for reliability and tech support. In its latest survey, Consumer Reports also ranked Dell number one on both repair history and quality of tech sup­ port. As evidence that reliability pays, Dell recently surpassed Compaq as the world's largest PC maker, accord­ ing to the market research firm Gartner. Other PC makers that fared well on reliability in both magazines included

without. Choosing when to buy should be based primarily on your needs. However, analyzing the computer mar­ ket can also be smart. This year hap­ pens to be a good time to buy. The slumping economy pushing down prices considerably on complete sys­ tems as well as most individual com­ ponents from last year's boom times.

Micron, Gateway, and HewlettPackard. PCs assembled by local computer stores also scored high in the PC Magazine survey (they weren't evaluated by Consumer Reports). Considering computers from different companies can often save you money without appreciably sacrificing reliability. Systems to avoid, according to the reliability rankings of both maga­ zines, included those by eMachines and Acer. Of the large retailers, Cosco, Office Depot, and Staples fared best in overall satisfaction in another Consumer Reports survey, while Best Buy, CompUSA, and OfficeMax fared worst.

At the end of the day, an educated consumer is the best computer buyer. Have a clear vision of what you need your machine to do, how much you can spend, and the best places to buy. Being well prepared before you put your cash down will save you giga­ bytes of frustration.*


Reid Goldsborough is a syndicated columnist and author of the book Straight Talk About the Information Superhighway. He can be reached at or

Timing is everything—or not. It's been a truism in the PC industry from day one that if you wait to buy, prices will drop as performance improves. But meanwhile you'll be

Computers and Music While your typical off-the-shelf computer is certainly powerful enough for basic music playback, you'll want to do a little more research if you plan on using your new machine for DJ performance, remixing or digital recording. Extra items to consider include: • Type of CPU. While it may not matter if it's a Pentium 4 or Athlon for most general computing needs, some music-oriented programs work better with a particular CPU. Get as much info as you can from software companies on which chips provide the best perform­ ance for their programs. • Sizes and number of hard disk drives. The best way to run any intensive music program, especially recording software, is to have the program and data files on separate hard drives. Storing large numbers of MP3 files in one place requires ample hard drive space. A 15 GB drive for programs and a 30 GB drive for music files is a good place to start. • Sound cards. Again, having multiple sound cards will facilitate mixing and recording. Typical consumer-grade cards provide minimum sound quality. If you have discerning ears, you'll want to look into a professional sound card or audio interface. Many different kinds are available, some with "break-out boxes" that provide audio inputs and outputs away from your computer's back panel. If your computer will be doing more than running numbers and spitting out brochures, the time you spend checking out these musicrelated hardware options will be well worth it. Audio Interface Manufacturers CreamWare Audio Solutions Inc. 6879 Russell Ave. Burnaby, BC V5J 4R8 Canada 800-899-1939 Creative Labs (SoundBlaster) 800-998-5227 Echo Digital Audio Corp. 6460 Via Real Carpinteria, CA 93013

The DJ Magazine

805-684-4593 Edirol Corp., North America 425 Sequoia Dr., Ste 114 Bellingham, WA 98226 800-380-2580 Frontier Design Group, LLC 199 Heater Rd. Lebanon, NH 03766 800-928-3236 M-Audio / Midiman 45 E. Saint Joseph St. Arcadia, CA 91006 800-969-6434 Mark of the Unicorn 1280 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-576-2760



Getting Your


Into Alignment By Jammin' Jim Kerins


et's face it: the final link between your music and the audience's ears is your speaker system. Speakers are the acoustical machines that ultimately determine how the music will sound. You can skimp on CD players, as they all sound nearly the same these days—you're just paying for fea­ tures and reliability. Even a budget mixer will not muck up your sound too badly. Certainly most modern amplifiers from rep­ utable companies will provide clean power. This leaves us at the place where I feel you should allocate a good portion of your sound system budget. A good set of speakers should serve you well for many years. Once you have committed (you know how I hate commitment), you'll be reminded of the sound quality every time you fire up the system.

Bag End's TA5000-C Time-Align® speakers put the sound waves where they should be


Testimonial As a multiple DJ system operator, and a writer for "The Beat," I have owned or tested just about every brand of speaker on the market. Ten years ago I purchased a pair of high-quality speakers from a major name company. I estimate that I've played extremely loud music through those speak-



X' <PZ

ers on at least 1000 jobs, including abusing them with a 12-piece band. While other speakers have come and gone from my arsenal, these battered speakers still stand ready for action in my garage. Although I have beaten on them mercilessly, they still sound great. The moral of the story: you'll never be disappointed when you spend a few extra bucks on real speakers.

Bigger, better,, faster

TA5000-C Time-Align® Specs Low Frequency Transducer:

15"cone 2.5" voice coil 80 oz. magnet

High Frequency Transducer:

1" exit compression driver 1.25" titanium diaphragm 24 oz. magnet Exponential horn

Many old technologies endure and mature. Take, for example, the great American V-8 engine. This mechanical marvel was invented over forty years ago. In its earlier incarnations, a typical V-8-powered car would produce one hundred fifty horsepower, and on a good day deliver 12 miles per gallon. Jump ahead forty years and add the refinements of an electronic ignition, computer control, and modern alloys. Today's 8-cylinder motor can deliver three hundred fifty horsepower at almost double the gas mileage. Similar comparisons can be made with speakers. Some things have not changed very much: the wooden box still contains a 15inch woofer and some form of high frequency driver. Subtle yet potentially amazing improvements bring an old design into the 21st century; things like titanium compression drivers and high-tech crossovers. Such state-of-the-art components especially a technolo­ gy called Time-Align®, are what set Bag End's TA5000-C speakers apart.

Time Offset Between Drivers: < +/- 25 microseconds

The box is thinking

50 Hz to 19 kHz ±3 dB

The UPS person was straining a little as she dropped these speakers off yesterday. They weigh 70 pounds each, but considering their full size (28" x 22.5" x 18.5"), this is quite reasonable. The cabinets are professionally finished in ever-popular black carpet covering, with a nice metal grill, beefy handles and nice matching corners. The enclo­ sures are made of plywood, not that get-wet-and-crumble particleboard that seems to be a cheap and popular way out. The boxes are loaded with a 15" woofer and a titanium diaphragm high-frequency transducer. The speakers are designed to deliver all appropriate frequencies to the listener's ears at the same time. More than just physically lin­ ing up the loudspeaker components, Bag End's Time-Align® system involves driver placement, driver delay and adjustment of the crossover delay parameters. Additional time correction is processed through a special crossover, the specs of which were calculated with a time alignment generator built by a way-smart guy named Ron Wickersham. Does it really make a difference? Simply put, yes. When timealignment is executed correctly, it sends the full spectrum of sound to the listener at exactly the time it was intended. Quickly passing transients, like the heavy beats in dance music, sound crisp as the speaker reproduces them, rather than slurred or sluggish. This assures that the music will be extremely detailed and provides very high fidelity sound, even at extreme levels. In other words, TimeAlign® provides optimum "punch."

Plugging in... Connecting the TA5000-C to my Crown CE 2000 was a breeze. Connectors on the speakers include dual banana-style, 1/4" and

Input Connectors: 1 - dual banana 2 - 1/4" phone 2 - Neutrik Speakon System Type:

2-way, vented, 3.4 cu. ft. Impedance:

8 Ohms

Crossover Network: Passive Time-Align® equalizer type at 1.7 kHz

Frequency Response: Sensitivity: 101 dBSPL(1W@1m) Dispersion:

90 degrees Horizontal (-6 dB) 40 degrees Vertical (-6 dB)

Power Handling: 200W continuous sine wave 800W instantaneous peak

Enclosure: 3/4" 7-ply poplar plywood

Grille: 16-gauge black vinyl-coated perforated steel

Standard Hardware: 2 - recessed handles 1-35 mm stand adapter 8 - interlocking corners Finish:

Black carpet Dimensions: 28"hx22.5"wx18.5"d Trapezoidal, 8 degree taper per side

Weight: 70 Ibs. MSRP: $1,040 each


\Louder../ Brighter...


t Call For a Free Catalog 1.800.336.1185

{Showcase I Tresentations Call For a Free Catalog 1.508.587.1423


Speakon. The Speakon connectors also facilitate biamping the drivers. This simply means you can use separate amp channels and an external crossover to power the speakers. Power ratings are 200 watts con­ tinuous, and 800 watts peak. I'm sure these are con­ servative ratings, based on my experience with other Bag End products. The speakers are physically well balanced and sit nicely atop tripods. Their overall look is very clean and professional, guaranteeing that your friends will become jealous of your set-up.———

>awli*-t your ouun start page with fVi^M/r content updated regularly, im the top names in the industry, and C the hottest on the net!

Ow 7,500 DJ* Uron§ Sir** tfW! 'TVERSITVATPMOI.COH in. mi

on everything from beatmixing to weddings, V((m\u AW<:W$ to help jump start your business, many exclusive to DJU,

loin ujfohawleomjcito Over 5,500 Disc Jochtyt improve tholr business at BJU *

S/tO[among dozens of online stores, retailers and other businesses serving the online disc jockey community, fl great classified ads area inhere you can sell your unwanted equipment and music.

PrOU J . Get your ftcY listing and look at enhanced options that luill moke the customers flock to your web site! Our thousands of brides and party planners are looking for you every week! Dear Disc Jockeys, Over the last 6+ years ProDJ.Com has grown into the home of the largest and most popular community of disc jockeys online. UUe welcome you to come by, visit our site, join in the hundreds of constructive conversations occuring every day on our chat boards, reod reviews and educational articles written by some of the best known DJ industry writers and much more! flfter you have had time to surf around please feel free to email me personally at with any comments or suggestions! Signed,

Ryan Burger President - ProDJ.Com Internet Services 84

...and cranking up With a variety of songs in my CD player, and 400 watts per channel at my disposal, it was time to really get it on. The first track was a whiney Maria Carey song. At twenty percent power, I actually liked what I heard. The sound was creamy smooth, with warm and accurate detail. The speakers sounded terrific in stereo, creating an open and full sound environment. It was then time for everyone's favorite: processed dance music with a social agenda. As it turns out, these full-sized, ridged boxes give the woofer plenty of room to generate ample amounts of solid low tones. Perfect for the punchy dance music I continued to jam, moving the faders north. When there were about 350 watts being fed into the speakers, the boxes were really starting to sing. They had incredible output, without a hint of dis­ tortion.

The bottom line From tight bass to brilliant highs, the speakers were very impressive, overall. With premium components and solid construction, the TA5000-C Time-Align® sys­ tem is very efficient and would certainly sound great even with a small amplifier. I used and abused the speakers (I don't own them, so what do I care) at sev­ eral jobs, and they worked well in all situations. With this system's ability to reproduce low frequencies so well, you may need a sub at only your biggest gigs. Like the old warhorses in my garage, you could live with and love these speakers for a very long time. And just to put you more at ease, Bag End confidently backs up their TA5000-Cs with a 6-year warranty. As for customer support after the investment, I called Bag End and got a real person within two rings. These are serious speakers for serious profession­ als. The TA5000-C Time-Align® system will help you keep your sound quality in line with the completely pro­ fessional image that you strive to present as a Mobile DJ and entrepreneur. Until next time, jam on.*

You can drop Jammin' Jim a line at jamsound@aol. com.



INTRODUCING THE NEW B-100 FROM ANTAR1. The only professional bubble machine with a timer remote. Think the timer remote is the only thing that makes our B-100 unique? Think again. Other features include: spout on front of unit eliminates dripping and recycles bubble liquid • Easy liquid refill« High output • Attractive easy to open housing • Hanging bracket included. So go blow your next show - call or click for more info today. tmasivcii

(TRACOMAN) 3000 NW 42nd Slreel, Hollywood FL 33312 / 954.689.8833 / Fox 954.689.8460 Irocoman Wesi / 503.760.6177 / Fox 503.760.6196 / / www.lrocomon.tom OIMI loam™, UC


There's no escaping the sound with the SRS Pro 22O Spatial Enhancer



f you've ever watched one of those cheesy 3-D movies through red and blue paper framed glasses, you know that there's a big difference between watching a flat, 2-dimensional moving image and actually feeling like you're right on the set. Yet, while it most certainly adds another dimension to movie viewing, 3-D video remains a novelty best saved for double features starring horrible creatures like Godzilla, Gargantua, and Cher (just joking). Ironically, the idea of 3-D audio has been around for a long time. In the early '70s, "Quadraphonic Sound" offered consumers the opportunity to have, in their own homes, a sound system that would play the entire Barbra Streisand catalog on LP and eight-track through four extremely inferior speakers. Or, for the same price, you could buy a really great sounding stereo. Fortunately, consumers made the right choice and the world is again safe from Quadraphonic. But it was close.

What you get is what you hear So what's the deal this time around? It's "SRS," and while that looks like a twisted abbreviation for SurRoundSound, it's not. If it were that simple we probably wouldn't waste the ink.


SRS stands for Sound Retrieval System, which is the original technolo­ gy that SRS Labs is named for. Simply stated, SRS retrieves the spatial infor­ mation lost in the recording process and restores the original three-dimen­ sional sound field. For example, compare the experi­ ence of being at a live concert to listen­ ing to a recording of the same concert. Regardless of how good the stereo recording is, it's still a flat wall of sound. In a live performance however, sounds comes at you from all directions, bouncing off walls as well as coming directly from the stage. "SRS 3D" tech­ nology takes your stereo recording and reproduces sound that is much closer to that of a live performance. You become part of the soundscape. While any sound enhancement technology that requires the audience to grapple over a single square foot of banquet hall space may make a great party game, it's hardly practical. With SRS 3D, the acoustic "sweet spot" is much larger than that of standard stereo sound, creating a naturally threedimensional sound image using any two-speaker stereo system, regardless of where you put your ears. In addition, SRS is based on characteristics of the human hearing system for non-fatiguing sound.

How do you get it? In a previous issue (October/November 2001), Dan Walsh told you about the new Q-Spand mixer from American Audio, with WOW™ from the same SRS Labs. In that report, Dan talked a bit about how WOW dramatically improves

The DJ Magazine

the quality, dynamics, image field size and bass tones of digital audio file for­ mats. With WOW, any sound system can deliver an audio performance with drastically improved image size, dynamics and immersion. In addition, bass becomes deep, rich and con­ trolled through means that don't require a speaker with a large woofer or cabi­ net size. But what if you're not in the market for a new mixer, yet really want to offer SRS 3D to your audiences? For you, SRS has introduced the Pro 220 to restore the original three-dimensional sound field to your music. You can use the SRS Pro 220 to convert mono to 3D stereo, expand the sound stage, restore natural spatial cues and control the center channel. This single rack space, unbalanced audio signal processor, can be used in recording or for stereo sound reinforce­ ment to create additional width and depth. Controls allow you to increase and decrease the width and depth of non-centered musical material and adjust the range of featured vocals or instruments. There's also a bypass switch for taking the unit off-line when desired and a level control for balancing the output volume. In a typical DJ application, the SRS Pro 220 can be inserted in the audio chain either by way of a processor loop from the mixer or in front of the power amp. On location, you'll want to adjust the unit for the size of room you are playing. This can be done strictly by ear. We found that newer recordings produced the best and most noticeable 3-D effect. Not surprisingly, older CDs,

SRS Pro 220 MSRP: $299.95 SRS Labs, Inc. 2909 Daimler St. Santa Ana, CA 927O5 Tel: 1-800-2-HEAR-3D (1800-243-2733) Fax: (949) 852-1099

especially compilations of '50s and '60s tunes, were harder to center. In some cases, you may want to just bypass the SRS processor and save the effect for music where it can best be appreciated.

What will Joan and John Q. think? Given the variety of venues you play and crowds you play for, it may be hard to actually grasp the fact that this is an audio processor that really does make a difference. Regardless of how good your present system is, the SRS Pro 220 adds a new dimension that really must be experienced. But to get the greatest response from your audiences, think of the SRS Pro 220 as you would a lighting effect. Rather than leaving it on for your entire performance, save it for those special spotlight dances. Just as your crowd enters the dance floor, flip the switch on your mirror ball and kick in the SRS Pro 220. When the song is over, your stack of business cards will be leveled like Godzilla stomping through Tokyo. WOW!*







$99.99 (shipping included)







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$7QQ QQ (shipping FCP-38S /SIS> ' 5'^ inClUded1

$ 199.99


flWVAPORIZER (shipping included], OUTPUT 4500 CU. FT./MIN.
















$ 129.99


$ 199.99





LISTS AT'1349.95











Phone (480) 539-5588 • Fax (480) 539-2525 •


Turn Proo


Chauvet Lighting is Forging a New Standard in the DJs Lighting Equipment Through Innovqti^ Affordable am i Reliable Produc

How I Spent My Summer "Vacation" (Ideas for the Next Sunny Season)


By Mike Srornes


y $245.99


ome members of the DJ population view summer as a time for slow­ ing down, especially those whose client base is primarily made up of schools out for the summer. If you have this kind of lull during the summer, or at any other time, you might want to use the time for a methodi­ cal, piece by piece cleaning of all your gear. If your speakers are carpetcovered, go over them with a vacuum cleaner. If the corners are black metal, small scratches can be touched up with a black permanent marker. Make sure to tighten all of the nuts and bolts that hold the speaker jacks and input plates. A touch of Loc-Tite' will ensure that they stay in place longer. Use a small paint brush to wipe the face of your mixer. This keeps dust from getting into the sliders that cause a crackling noise. If your ampli­ fier has a fan filter, check with the manufacturer to see if it is cleanable or replaceable. Many can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Windscreens on your microphones can sometimes be removed (the key word is some­ times—don't pull to hard!) and cleaned with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. Be sure that they are completely dry prior to reinstallation.

Keep the parties pumpin' Of course, you only have so many pieces of gear to clean. Why not book some summer fun? One of our more energetic friends researches local apartment associations. He joins one, purchases their mailing list, and

Some DJs take the summer easy, while others take it by storm!

You only have so many pieces of gear to clean. Why not book some summer fun? prepares a flyer. His approach is to give a reduced rate for pool parties that "MUST BE OVER BY 5:00 P.M." This enables him to do two events per day on most days, leaving the evenings free. My best friend's uncle makes cold calls to all of the regional parks and recreation departments, offering his services for reunions, pool par­ ties, splash days, softball tournaments, teen nights, volleyball tourna­ ments, and other recreational events. These contacts, he assures us, have made him a regional celebrity sportscaster at events where he casually introduces himself on the microphone as "(Joe Blow) from (Whatever) DJ Services, your guest sportscaster for the evening." Other DJ events usual­ ly flow from this microphone advertising. He also claims that an offer to generate revenue for one of the local park services by doing an 80-20 per­ centage split of the gate for dances resulted in four dances in one sum­ mer. These were advertised by the client, managed and staffed by the client, and the DJ's percentage was more than his normal contracted amount. Your primary selling point is having all of the teens in one area under supervision at the same time. A similar sponsorship arrangement can also be made through local police departments. Some areas even have cable access television that lists all of the upcoming local class reunions with a contact name. How easy can it be?

You've Golf Travel Light/ Not Expensive1 Chauvet is Forging a New Standard in the DJs Lighting Equipment With . Innovative, Affordable and Reliable j Products. -•

DUO MOONS CHAUVET'S Exduji" "nlim R nlnu-Vj

MobileUpJitJj j^^^.

^* ,

'Take it outside

At this point, it's worth mentioning several items that can make your sum­ mer events easier. One worthwhile investment for outside events is the EZ-Up tent. This is usually a simple square that measures ten by ten feet. It enables you to set three normal (6') banquet tables in a U-shape pattern underneath, shaded from the sun and rain. The cost is approximately $400. One person can set it up in about ten minutes or less, with two people making it much faster. My favorite accessory to add for party com­ fort is a clip-on fan from the drugstore. I have several in my bag of tricks. Many outdoor events require that you use several "speakers on a stick" to cover wide spreads. The prerequisite extra long speaker cables can be rolled up on orange extension cord reels that sell at your local department store for about four dollars. They will decrease your teardown time and extend the life of the cables. Never wrap cables around your elbow. The copper wire inside will eventually develop a crease every two feet and be impossible to place on a flat surface. It will also wear thin in the spots where it is bent. These are just a few ideas for making summertime more profitable. If you have any unique ideas of your own for pumping up summer income, keeping gear in good shape, or any other tips and tricks, send them in to Mobile Beat by snail mail (see the front of the magazine for address info) or e-mail them in care of the mangling, er, managing editor at



1-8OO-762-1O84 E-mail: n US Dollon. PraJutls ovailable from pur

The DJ Magazine

CIRCA 19??

To turn, turn, turn,

there is a season turn, turn, turn...

Kid Stantes reclining against his old


'I know.we.saia you.should start at 8, out everyone & here, now, can you start at 6:30 instead?' I Ift 6:15. ^ room we're in has lots of space for the DJ, mOOter^aK power outiets everywhere'. Actually, thiMels.onelltBe>ble In the comer for the DJ, ejctSSrecjbjreDnoutlet ... down the hall."


a CO. ai prabfefn will it?' AcffiBatworVtbea problem either. H^HIkiAliiHIflBi^^^^- •

"I cant believe how much^easieTit is'.to^dp a show with the powered DJM806 thalTnfJoTanyoiier set up. I have 80Q.watts of real power built right into the mixer. That's more than enough for almost any of the gigs I do . It has high qualh^ reve^for'singe'rsydelays and special effects for the DjlrifcW bpard.'if njToj^^njte required. Versatile inputs wjth lotsjrf Eq that will .take.anyltypeTbf wireless mic or ;Perfect for my rentals tojhe Karaoke crowd. Separate zone and record outputs: built in

il love carrying one main unit, I jam the tables and the CDs into into the amp cuts and I'm playing loud and clean. Just plug in and play."


United States Yorkville Sound Inc. 4625 Witmer Industrial Estate, Niagara Falls, NY 14305 Phone: 716.297.2920 Fax: 716.297.3689 I

Canada / ff • Yorkville Sound / |' '. 550 Granite Court, / ckering, Ontario L1W 3Y8 / \ Phone: 905.837.8481 / \. Fax: 905.839.5776 /


w / w

chnology /KJ Profile us I "r*^i?COVER PRIC* '65 OFF COVER PRICE • 3 Years $55 - Save $48.95 OFF COVER PRICE


| _...



Address, City


1 Year $33 - Save OFF COVER PRICE 2 Years $50 - Save $28 OFF COVER PRICE 3 Years $75 - Save $42 OFF COVER PRICE



Name on Card.




a Signature___


Check/Money Order. Exp.Date_________


Whether your DJ company is big or small, there's a software package available to fit your organizational needs helpfully industry-specific, and in some cases, extremely powerful programs to fulfill the needs just mentioned.

By Don Welsh These days, most people who manage their own businesses are aware of the multitude of choices available in the realm of productivity software. Most businesses share certain basic needs, such as accounting, lead tracking, customer databas­ es, invoicing, and the like. Microsoft Office, the suite of choice for basic productivity, with its standard spreadsheet/database program, Excel, is a typical solution. For accounting, names like QuickBooks, Peachtree and Crystal Reports provide more specialized functions. For con­ tact management and database construction, Lotus, Outlook, Act! 2000, and even Palm pro­ vide solutions. The kind of soft­ ware that you need obviously depends on the business size and type. While the majority of business software solutions are customizable, you may not want to take the time or suffer through the aggravation of making the software more useful for your company. Knowing this, savvy developers have cre­ ated software specifically tailored to certain business types. Everyone from locksmiths to doctors can find pro­ grams to fit their needs. DJs are no dif­ ferent.

Customware Probably the best known of these is Customware's InfoManager. An outgrowth of a DJ company's specific needs at the time, InfoManager has been available commercially ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— since the mid 1990s. Version 3 of this program is currently in beta testing. The heart of this program is the Event Information form. It is designed to capture information on clients and prospects, events, and billing. Linked closely to the Event Information form are the Venues and Event Packages forms. The first of these helps you keep track of info on the places where you perform most often (contacts, special instructions, etc,). The second automates the process of creating contracts. The Check Availability form helps you avoid booking conflicts. This can be especially important for DJ companies with separate sales and performance personnel. The Address Book is a collec­ tion area for all pertinent information on contacts and ven­ dors. To keep track of the bottom line, InfoManager provides an Assets/Inventory form as well as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Spinning and spreadsheets forms. The Assets form catalogs equipment Mobile DJ business managers need to and other holdings, and even lets you include have access to information in a variety a scanned picture for insurance purposes. of ways, all cross-referenced to each Other forms track expenses and information other. For example, bookings and for each employee of a multi-system opera­ schedules need to be coordinated, so tion. DJ Solutions that conflicts are not created. To have MusicManager allows you to enter the best chance of booking an event, album, song list and custom recording you need to be able to tell a potential client immediately information. Along with quick data entry and searching, it can about the DJ, equipment and pricing that are available for a track which of your DJs has which music and also keep a given date. You also need to keep track of various kinds of record of requests. (Note: The basic MusicManager was client information, ranging from music choices to payment included with earlier versions of InfoManager, but the most histories. The ability to get the information out of your com­ recent version (3), with a 30,000 song database, is now a puter and into printed form is another necessity. Software separate program.) can also help you get a handle on your music resources by The updated version of InfoManager features interface way of inventories and categorizing. improvements, a checkbook, invoicing, payroll, Document As with many other unique business types, a number of Manager, and InfoManager Designer. The last of these gives developers who are familiar with the needs of DJs have come up with you control over document appearance

Get Your

Business Into Gear


VTOPif AUdiOSTREAMS * Microphones if Cordless Microphones * Mic Cable * Amplifiers 1 if Speakers * Speaker Stands ,,„.;«, * Speaker Cable * Karaoke Players *Songbooks ^ ,

*Pop*Country * Rock* Latin * Hall Of Fame * Featured Artists * Children - Holiday I*Fun Packs

Compact Bit

*Teen Packs * Christmas Packs

Karaoke CDG

«v Compact Oisc+Oran

Karaoke Cl

gmiSkiaraoke I



Singers" ~*

iijji 4401 LYMAN DR. - MILLIARD, OH 43026 61 4-527-2916 - 800-645-8401





Karaoke CDG

«. Oro*m Mrm Ooni Civ • flm McOUK ». • You C«n Oo A n/O*w E) i* - OMRfr 5

T. iriACi(MoiyTDi«)iHv>-rtnnrrii


Prices on various configurations of InfoManager range from $195 for a basic, sin­ gle-user version, to $995 for a server/multiple workstation environment. Go to for complete details. and decide for yourself.

F-1300 Fog Machine

DJ Pro 2000

New from Neodyn, replacing their DJ Pro 3.0, is DJ Pro 2000. Its features include a Client Power Browser, where you can DJ Solutions manage client information, events calen­ Another powerful program is Professional dars, availability, and letter generation— Disc Jockey Management Computer Customware all from a single starting point. Clicking Software from DJ Solutions. Version 4.02 on the appropriate areas in the Power Browser brings up a features a main page that links to a whole filing cabinet's window for each specific category. Event Management pro­ worth of functions. vides drop-down menus for selecting location, event type, In the Customers And Events section you can enter and package description and assigned DJ. Event Calendar tracks view complete details, including event and contact histories. all bookings and lets you enter call-back reminders. The An area for rental customers is also provided. The Event Availability window is useful for determining the availability of Details section features an 8-step tracking process including: a DJ for a selected date. The Reports and General Event Information, Send Contract, Contracts windows help you create, man­ Receive Contract/Deposit, Send "~3Ff3 I F"" ' =BSB Confirmation, Print DJ's Report (load-out age and print out a multitude of docu­ info), Post-Event Data, Thank-You ments. Letter/Survey, Survey Results. Obviously, Media Pro is DJ Pro 2000's song manage­ ment program. It allows you to generate cus­ these functions can help you track the entire process from initial prospect contact tomized song selection lists, based on the crite­ ria you specify, such as artist, title, BPM or DJ through to the all-important repeat book­ ing in the future.A Mass preference. It also has a Karaoke Menu for Mail features also allows you to create let­ printing songbooks. The current cost of DJ Pro DJ Pro 2000 ters and target them to specific customer 2000 is $149. Check out for further information and a demo. types. I DJ Solutions contains a Wedding Planner to help you DJ Calendar keep your grasp on all the important details of the bride and DJ Calendar helps you create contracts, invoices, reminder groom's big day. Categories such as Reception Details, Order letters, wedding applications using the software's "Easy of Activities, Wedding Reports, and Ceremony Details are HTML Design" editor. You don't have to know HTML, you just included to aid your planning. have to type in your text and insert pictures. This feature One of the most attractive features of DJ Solutions 4.02 is its allows you to easily drop client data into your custom forms. price tag of only $99. If this seems too good to be true, con­ Other features include Export/Import contracts (to other DJs sidering all the features listed above, check out the demo at using the same software), a wide vari­ ety of available reports, employee and business Rolodexes, advertisement tracking, and saving of contracts as HTML documents. DJ Calendar 2.0 is available for $99. Go to for a full tour of this program.


Huge Selection • Great Funeionality • Oustanding Value • Amazing Servio

When it comes to your gear, we've got you covered! 1121-20 Lincoln Ave. • Holbrook NY 11741 800-343-1433 • 631-563-0773 • FAX 563-1390 Ultra Fast Turn Around Time!

Standard ah cases to (it every need


This was a quick tour of some of the software tools available for managing your DJ business. They are all designed for Windows-based PCs. (As far as we know, no one has created a DJ-specific business program for Macintosh as of yet. If someone has, let us know! For now, Mac users will have to tailor database programs like FileMaker Pro to their needs.) Further details, like system requirements and available options, can be found at the developers' Web sites. Check them out—they just might help you get your DJ business into high gear! •

The Ultimate Music Guide for Mobile DJs!

The #1 Guide for profit minded DJs and Entertainment Services

Categories include:



We- din Dana- To to thousands ot songs. TWs book lists over 1,500 ol ttte most requested songs el en-fine. Ewh fisting includes tte title, artbt, year released and the BPM (where upBcaMe). Phis, lor your convenience, the entire list is sorted live ways: aljjttabetlcaity by title and artist, category, BPM count tat

Alternative/Modern Rock Big Band Disco 1970-79 Dance 1980-89 Dance 1990-01 Fast Country Rhythm and Blues/Rap Reggae Rock and Roll 1970-01 Slow Songs 1959-79 Slow Songs 1980-89 Slow Songs 1990-01 Slow Country Sock Hop 1955-1969 Special/Novelty Songs Vocalists Wedding/Love Songs

Now available ON DISK for just $9.95 additional! To Order: With Visa or MasterCard - Call 716-385-9920 or send check or Money Order for $59.95 (includes shipping) to: PSWCDT Music Guide, c/o Mobile Beat Magazine P.O. Box 3O9, East Rochester, NY 14445

DJ All Star World Tour T-shirts NYS add 8°. Sales Tax*

RO, Box 309 East Rochester, NY 1444S, or call 716-385-9920 to charge also available at The DJ Magazine


J« 99

RE AT THE I The Mobile Beat DJ Show

...».»_ JS. MMI I and Conference .nicTMfie AH A MTEL

WINTER BLUES! I February 19-21. 2002!




Find it all and much more in the huge exhibit area! Ask questions, test equipment and purchase gear!


Experts will be on hand to teach three full

days of interactive seminars that span

every aspect ofthe industry! Explore new ideas that will increase your bottom line! Liil

Registration and Badge PICKUP begins at NOON,

Monday February 18


For up-to-date show information check out bur website at:

1 February 19 February 20 8pm

Customer Appreciation Parti Join the Team! call 9 78-597-6344

4 Ways To Register ONLINE wwwjnollIefcMUoin/<i$li(iws.ajp

FAXTHISFORM 716-385 3G37

TELEPHONE(chargeonly) 7I6 385 3320 (M-F9am-5pmET)

Personal Information:

(Please fill om a separate form for eachattendee) Name

MAIL THIS FORM Mobile Beat Magazine rOBox303.E.RocbcstCf.HYH445

Paymen! Information:

(Please specify card type) ° erediicard: Visa_AfflEx_MO_DISC,

Company Name

ereditCard# _________

Street Address

Cardholder's Name(print)






Cardholder's Signature

Zip Code

D Check enclosedipayable to Mobile Beat)


Refund Policylfor non attendees only): Must be in writing and include proofofpayment (Iess$l8 processing fee)


Conference Passes & Fees: Fees are per person AlllnclusivePass:T-W-TH (Seminars,Exhibits, Parties) ExhibitHallOnly:W-TH

Note: Mobile Beat reserves the right to restrict or prohibit photography and/or videotaping at any show event.

thru 12/31/01

thru 2/11/02

after 2/11/02 (°"S|TE)




$60 (On site $35 per day available only at the door)



800-634-4000 Air Travel 800-521-4041 Code: 557HR


Auto 800-634-6186 Code: MBDJ


Rack Up Cash



Wedding Songs


Bob Carlisle






I li




If your local Music Store or Newstand is NOT carrying Mobile Beat Magazine They need to call RetailVision: 800-381-1288


r From siwjiwj in the shower, to KaraoKe,to ct/vttiruj a demo in a home studio, to performinq live, to the release of a Grammij winning CD, Sirujer"Magazine has it covered. Everij issue of Singer brings readers closer To Their dream of stardom by blend­ ing Hie insight and experience of fop art­ ists mbo've "been there" mi practical advice for respected vocal coaches and tips on bom to land o recording contract. Singer Magazine's mix of editorial shines the spotlight on the hottest neui gear for stage and home studio and the latest karaoke and performance track titles-everything for singers and musi­ cians mho sing! There are many exceptional pub­ lications for professional singers and musicians. But only one magazine offers amateurs, semi- professionals and tomor­ row's top artists the information they need to fuel their careers today.

r i i i i i i i i i

Subscribe to Singer Magazine today! Simply fill out the form and mail it to: Singer Magazine Subscriptions, 1782 Penfield Road, Penfield, NY 14526

Q1 year-$23 a 2 years-$4O (Save $7.40 off of cover price) G3 years-$55 (Save $16.10 off of cover price) In Canada 1 yr./$33-2 yrs./$50-3 yrs./$75 All other countries $60/yr. NAME & COMPANY ADDRESS CITY












DJ EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS continued from page 70 BGW SYSTEMS, INC 13130 Yukon Ave Hawthorne, CA 90250 Tel: 800-468-2677/310-973-8090 Fax:310-676-6713 BIAMP 10074 SW Arctic Dr Beaverton, OR 97005-4102 Tel: 800-826-1457 Fax: 503-626-0281 CADENCE MFG, INC 1961 Pine Ridge Dr Jenison, Ml 49428 Tel: 616-662-6400 Fax:616-662-6444 CALZONE CASE CO 225 Black Rock Ave Bridgeport, CT 06605 Tel: 800-243-5152 / 203-367-5766 Fax: 203-336-4406 CARVER CORP 15300 Woodinville Redmond Rd N Woodinville, WA 98072 Tel: 206-775-1202

iTho GAD ST SERIES is dosignod with the aid of Etho most advanced technologies in the audio field.*& ¥--<*•* -\% -.f# ."•. |STSERIES moots the demands; of the mobile entertainer - sound systems with high definition, high power and high SPL audio. <£'Jxr*'' .-"•' Fivo year limited warranty ,, Titanium diaphragms Fcrro-fltrici cooled components

.J All models constructed of multi-layer plywood "!.} Dado joint construction for cabinet strength / 16 gauge perforated black powder-coated grilles^ Equipped with stand mounts

CAVS USA INC 2392 E Artesia Blvd Long Beach, CA 90805 Tel: 562-422-9743 Fax: 562-422-3854 CERWIN-VEGA 555 E Easy St Simi Valley, CA 93065 Tel: 805-584-9332 Fax: 805-583-0865

continued on page 106 -. 721 Ninth Avenue • Council Bluffs, IA51501 •£ Phone: 712-322-3900 Fax: 712-322-3407 •*• Visit us online at




PAKS INCLUDE: The Foundation The Foundation II Party Pak Party Pak 2 Teen PakTM Teen Pak TwoTM


PowerPicks® Spotlight Series®

SOUND CHOICE 14100 SOUTH LAKES DR. • CHARLOTTE, NC 28273 • 1-800-788-4487

DJ EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS continued from page 104 CHAUVET 3000 N 29th Ct Hollywood, FL 33020 Tel: 800-762-1084/954-929-1115 Fax: 954-929-5560

DB SYSTEMS 22909 Forest Ridge Dr Estero, FL 33928 Tel: 330-545-1986 Fax: 330-759-6511 DENON 19 Chapin Rd, PO Box 867 Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9777 Tel: 973-396-0810 Fax: 973-396-7459

CLAY PAKY 200 Sea Ln Farmingdale, NY 11735 Tel: 631-249-3662 Fax:631-753-1020 COLORADO SOUND N' LIGHT 7301 N Broadway Denver, CO 80221 Tel: 888-429-0418/303-429-0418 Fax:303-429-1242

DOD ELECTRONICS CORP 8760 S Sandy Parkway Sandy, UT 84070 Tel: 800-999-9363/801-566-8800 Fax: 801 -566-7005 COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL LOUDSPEAKERS 333 E Fifth St Chester, PA 19013-4511 Tel: 800-523-4934/610-876-3400 Fax:610-874-0190 CREST AUDIO 100 Eisenhower Dr Paramus, NJ 07652 Tel: 201-909-8700 Fax:201-909-8744 CROWN INTL 1718WMishawakaRd Elkhart, IN 46517 Tel: 800-342-6939/219-294-8200 Fax:219-294-8329 D.A.S AUDIO 1 Enterprise Dr Old Lyme, CT 06371 Tel: 860-434-9190 Fax:860-434-1759


EASTERN ACCOUSTIC WORKS 1 Main St Whitinsville, MA 01588 Tel: 800-992-5013/508-234-6158 Fax: 508-234-8251 ELATION 4295 Charter St Los Angeles, CA 90058 Tel: 800-322-6337 Fax: 323-582-3311 ELECTRO-VOICE 12000 Portland Ave. Burnsville, MN 55337 Tel: 952-884-4051 / 800-392-3497 Fax: 952-884-0043 / ELEKTRALITE 200 Sea Ln Farmingdale, NY 11735 Tel: 631-249-3662 Fax:631-753-1020

www. mobi

ETA SYSTEMS 1532 Enterprise Parkway Twinsburg, OH 44087 Tel: 800-321-6699/330-425-3388 Fax: 330-425-9700 FBT - North America PO Box 8144 1940 Wilbur Cross Hwy Berlin, CT 06037 Tel: 800-333-9383 Fax:800-829-1026 FENDER 7975 N Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Tel: 602-596-7124 Fax:602-596-1384 FLEXLITE, INC 102 Fernwood Ave Edison, NJ 08837 Tel: 908-417-0777 Fax: 908-417-2129 FLIGHT FORM CASES 5950 192ndStNE Arlington, WA 98223 Tel: 206-435-6688 Fax: 206-435-5144 FOAM MASTERS 9715WBrowardBlvd Plantation, FL 33324 Tel: 800-745-8599 Fax: 954-587-2376 FOSTEX 15431 Blackburn Ave Norwalk, CA 90650 Tel: 310-921-1112 Fax:310-802-1964

FURMAN SOUND INC 1997S McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954 Tel: 707-763-1010 Fax:707-763-1310 GALAXY AUDIO 601 E Pawnee Wichita, KS 67211 Tel: 316-263-2852 Fax:316-263-0642 GEM SOUND 600 E 156th St Bronx, NY 10455 Tel: 718-292-5972 Fax: 718-292-7976 GEMINI SOUND PRODUCTS 8 Germak Dr Carteret, NJ 07008 Tel: 800-476-8633/732-969-9000 Fax: 732-969-9090 GLI 2691 W15thSt Brooklyn, NY 11224 Tel: 800-454-7761/718-372-7849 Fax:718-946-4151 GRUNDORF CORP 721 9th Ave Council Bluffs, IA 51501 Tel: 712-322-3900 Fax: 712-322-3407 HAFLER 2055 E 5th St Tempe, AZ 85281 Tel: 888-423-5371/480-517-3046 Fax: 480-894-1528 HHB COMMUNICATIONS 1410 Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90025-2501

Tel: 310-319-1111 Fax:310-319-1311

The DJ Magazine

ISLAND CASES 1121-20 Lincoln Ave Holbrook, NY 11741

Tel: 800-343-1433 / 516-563-0633 Fax:516-563-1390 JB CASE 1316 W. Chester Pike, Suite 190 West Chester, PA 19382 Tel: 610-827-2273 Fax:610-644-3965 JBL PROFESSIONAL 8400 Balboa Northridge, CA 91329 Tel: 818-895-3350 Fax: 818-830-1220 JEWELSLEEVE PO Box 147 Nutley, NJ 07110 Tel: 973-667-6767 Fax: 973-667-6644 KAB ELECTRO-ACOUSTICS PO Box 2922 Plainfield, NJ 07062 Tel: 908-754-1479 KICS USA 13628 Cobra St Victorville, CA 92394 Tel: 619-246-3866 Fax:619-246-3494 www. KLS 27587 Schoolcraft Rd Livonia, Ml 48150 Tel: 313-425-6620 Fax:313-425-2103 LEPRCON (CAE) PO BOX 430 Hamburg, Ml 48139 Tel: 888-422-3537 Fax:810-231-1631

LIGHTRONICS, INC 509 Central Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Tel: 804-473-8541 Fax: 804-473-8640 LITTLITE/CAE INC 10087 Industrial Dr Hamburg, Ml 48139 Tel: 313-231-9373 Fax:313-231-1631 LYTEQUEST PRO 8 Germak Dr Carteret, NJ 07008 Tel: 800-476-8633/732-969-9000 Fax: 732-969-9090 MARTIN PROF / MACH SPEAKERS 700 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway Sunrise, FL 33325 Tel: 954-858-1800 Fax:954-858-1811 MACKIE DESIGNS 16220 Wood-Red Rd Woodinville, WA 98072 Tel: 800-258-6883 Fax: 425-487-4337 MBT LIGHTING & SOUND PO Box 30819 Charleston, SC 29417 Tel: 800-845-1922/843-763-9083 Fax: 843-763-9096 METEOR 8000 Madison Pike Madison, AL 35758 Tel: 256-461-8000 Fax:256-461-7708 MOBOLAZER, INC 790 Hampshire, Unit D Thousand Oaks, CA 91361 Tel: 805-230-2166 Fax: 805-230-2168





5" TFT LCD Color Karaoke Monitor

1 SOW Key Control CD / CD+G Dual Cassette / AM/FM Tuner Sub-Woofer Digital Karaoke System

60W CD / CD+G Dual Cassette / AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System

DECODE-G1 Professional CD+G Decoder

DA-1050 PRO Professional Karaoke



Professional Key Control CD CD+G / Cassette Digital Karaoke Player

DA-8900 PRO 600W Professional Key Control Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

DKC-100 Direct Access Digital Key Controller

DA-809G Professional Key Control Karaoke Mixer / CD+G Decoder

CDG-8000 Profesional Dual Deck CD/CD+G Player

KJ-M7900 PRO Professional Key Control Digital Karaoke DJ/KJ Mixer

BRAVO 160W Professional Key Control CD / CD+G Cassette Digital Karaoke System

COLT 160W Professional Key Control CD / CD+G Digital Karaoke System

DUET / MILLENNIUM DUET SOW Semi Pro Key Control CD / CD+G Dual Cassette AM/FM Tuner Digital Karaoke System

WANDERER 1 SOW Professional Key Control CD / CD+G Digital Karaoke System

TWISTER-11 250W Professional Key Control CD / CD+G Cassette Digital Karaoke System


La Verne, CA Toll Free: (80O) 678-5348

Tel: (909)593-8893 ULTIMATE CHOICE OF KARi

Fax: (909) 593-8890

VIPER-11 300W RMS Professional Key Control CD CD+G / Cassette Digital Karaoke System

continued from page 107 MODERN CASE CO Po Box 14 Bessemer, Ml 49911 Tel: 906-667-0342 Fax: 906-663-4074

ODYSSEY CASE CO 155 N Aspan Ave Azusa, CA 91702 Tel: 626-334-0800 Fax: 626-334-0226

MONSTER CABLE PRODUCTS 455 Valley Dr Brisbane, CA 94005-1209

OLYMPIC CASE 2604 Tampa E. Blvd Tampa, FL 33619 Tel: 888-243-5525

Tel: 415-871-6000 Fax:415-871-6592 MTX 4545 E Baseline Rd Phoenix, AZ 85044 Tel: 800-225-5689/602-438-4545 Fax: 602-438-8692 MUSIC INDUSTRIES (QUIK LOK, ETEK) 625 Locust St, Ste 300 Garden City, NY 11530

Tel: 800-431-6699 Fax: 516-794-4099 MUSIC YELLOW PAGES 184 Hempstead Ave W Hempstead, NY 11552 Tel:516-489-6514 Fax: 516-538-9424 NADY SYSTEMS 6701 Bay St Emeryville, CA 94608 Tel: 510-652-2411 Fax: 510-652-5075 NUMARK INDUSTRIES II Helmsman Ave N Kingstown, Rl 02852 Tel: 401-295-9000 Fax:401-295-5200 NYTE FLYTE III S Columbus St Galion, OH 44833 Tel: 419-774-0303 Fax:419-468-1186

The DJ Magazine

Fax: 631-979-5920 P.R.O. MFG 52 S Main St Castleton, NY 12033 Tel: 518-732-7231 Fax:518-732-4016 PAS (PROFESSIONAL AUDIO SYS) 2270 Cosmo Court Carlsbad, CA 92009 Tel: 760-431-9924 Fax:760-431-9496

OMNISISTEM 19639 84th Ave S Kent, WA 98032 Tel: 253-395-9500 Fax: 253-395-9494

ORTOFON 1363-42 Veterans Hwy Hauppauge, NY 11788 Tel: 631-979-5828

PEAVEY ELECTRONICS 711 A St Meridian, MS 39301 Tel: 601 -483-5365 Fax:601-486-1278 continued on page 110

On the 8th Day, God said, "LET THERE BE LIGHT"

We do not sell party favors, paper products, inflatable palm trees, stuffed animals or goofy costumes!


201-391-6522 Web Site: E-mail:

Since we missed you at the show, YOU are entitled to OUR SHOW SPECIAL PRICES! Mention This Ad & Ask For Keith NY,NJ,CT,PA, MD NEXT DAY DELIVERY AT GROUND LEVEL PRICES!


continued from page 109 PIONEER 2265 E 220th St Long Beach, CA 90810 Tel: 310-952-2111 Fax:310-952-2990

QSC AUDIO 1675 Mac Arthur Blvd Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel: 800-854-4079/714-754-6175 Fax: 714-754-6174

POLYSONICS LOUDSPEAKERS 3415 Christie St, #3 Eureka, CA 95503 Tel: 707-442-3831 Fax: 707-442-3975

R&D INNOVATIONS 4080 NE 9th Ave Oakland Park, FL 33334 Tel: 800-852-9706 Fax: 954-568-1554

PYLE PRO AUDIO 1600 63rd St Brooklyn, NY 11204 Tel: 888-318-PYLE Fax: 718-236-2400

RANE CORP 1080247th Ave W Mukilteo, WA 98275 Tel: 425-355-6000 Fax: 425-347-7757

PYRAMID SOUND CORP 5549 NE Northgate Crossing Lees Summit, MO 64064 Tel: 816-246-8787

RAXXESS 261 Buffalo Ave Paterson, NJ 07503 Tel: 201-523-5105 Fax:201-523-5106 RENKUS-HEINZ 19201 CookSt Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 Tel: 949-588-9997 Fax:949-588-9514 RIP-TIE CABLEWRAPS PO Box 77394 San Francisco, CA 94107

Tel: 415-543-0170 Fax:415-777-9868 ROLAND CORP U.S. 5100 S Eastern Ave Los Angeles, CA 90040-2938 Tel: 323-890-3700 Fax: 323-890-3780 ROLLS CORP 5968 S 350 W Salt Lake City, UT 84107 Tel: 801 -263-9053 Fax:801-263-9068


Increase Your Profits




with professional brochures and postcards for DJs.

Increase Your Bookings For: • • • •

Weddings School Dances Corporate Parties Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

To Request FREE SAMPLES: Toll Free: 1-800-810-4152 Phone: 515-276-9266 Fax: 515-276-4267 E-mail: Visit our website to view our entire product line now!


RSQ AUDIO, INC 16300 Downey Ave Paramount, CA 90723 Tel: 562-272-4650 Fax: 562-272-4652 S&M TRUNK & CASE CO 250 Canal St Lawrence, MA 01840 Tel: 800-491-7428 / 978-989-9200 Fax: 617-445-7428 SABINE, INC 13301 Hwy441 Alachua, FL 32615 Tel: 904-418-2000 Fax:904-418-2001 SAMSON TECHNOLOGIES (ZOOM) P.O. Box 9031 Syosset, NY 11791 Tel: 516-364-2244 Fax: 516-364-3888

SENNHEISER 1 Enterprise Dr Old Lyme, CT 06371 Tel: 860-434-9190 Fax: 860-434-1759 SHOWCASE PRESENTATIONS INC 970 Montello St Brockton, MA 02301 Tel: 508-587-1423 Fax: 508-586-2488 SKB CASES 434 W Levers PI Orange, CA 92867 Tel: 800-410-2024 / 714-637-1252 Fax:714-637-0491 SONIC 3383 E Layton Ave Cudahy, Wl 53110

Tel: 414-483-5091 Fax:414-483-3344

SHURE BROTHERS 222 Hartrey Ave Evanston, IL 60202 Tel: 800-25SHURE/847-866-2200 Fax: 847-866-2270

SONY 3 Paragon Dr Montvale, NJ 07645 Tel: 201-930-1000

SINE AUDIO ENGINEERING 457 W 22nd St, Ste B New York, NY 10011 Tel: 212-243-1028 Fax:212-243-1063

SOUNDTECH (WASHBURN) 444 E Courtland St Mundelein, IL 60060 Tel: 847-913-5511 Fax: 847-913-7772 STANTON MAGNETICS 3000 Northwest 42 St. Hollywood, FLA 33312 Tel: 954-689-8833 Fax: 954-689-8460 STEWART AUDIO 1000 Technology Dr Columbia, CA 95310 Tel: 209-588-8111 Fax:209-588-8113 SUPERSCOPE/MARANTZ 2640 White Oak Cir #A Aurora, IL 60504-9679 Tel: 708-820-4800 Fax:708-820-8103 TASCAM (TEAC) 7733 Telegraph Rd

Want to become part of a future DJ ALL STAR Review? Have a Seminar idea to share?



Presenters'Panelists* Moderators'Enter t ainers

The MOBILE BEAT DJ SHOW is always searching for new and creative topics for educational sessions and entertaining ^&^~, r i • ~i on,-*. j I.L- r- • «ir^i presentations for the interactive DJ All Stars and the Spinnin DJ All Stars. If you specialize in a particular area of the DJ profession which you think would be of interest to other DJs and feel you are qualified to present it at a seminar, WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU! The DJ Magazine

Please send

re| ated jdeas to

For info on becoming an All-Star call

Mike Buonaccorso j im Johnson via FAX (716)385-3637 at (9 78)597-6344 or ore- mail: FAX (978)597-2968


continued from page 111 Montebello, CA 90640 Tel: 323-726-0303 Fax: 323-727-7656 TECHNI-LUX, INC 10779 Satellite Blvd Orlando, FL 32837 Tel: 407-857-8770 Fax: 407-857-8771 TECHNICS (PANASONIC) TECHNOMAD PO Box 421 Goshen, MA 01032-0421 Tel: 413-584-4842 TECNEC 4 High St Saugerties, NY 12477 Tel: 800-252-532/914-246-0428 Fax: 914-246-0626 TEI ELECTRONICS INC 570 W 18thSt Hialeah, FL 33010-2492 Tel: 800-327-8811 Fax: 305-885-4950 TELEX COMMUNICATIONS 9600 Aldrich Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55420 Tel: 612-884-4051 Fax: 612-884-0043 THEATRE EFFECTS 642 Frederick St Hagerstown, MD 21740 Tel: 301-791-7646 Fax:301-791-7719 TIMES SQUARE LIGHTING PO Box 671 Stony Point, NY 10980 Tel: 845-947-3034 Fax: 845-947-3047 TOPTONE MFG, INC. 1830 Belcroft Ave South Elmonte, CA 91733 Tel: 626-401-9901 Fax: 626-401-3688 TPR ENTERPRISES 644 Fayette Ave Mamaroneck, NY 10543


Tel: 914-698-1141 Fax: 914-698-9419 TRACOMAN 3001 N 29th Ave Hollywood, FL 33020 Tel: 954-689-8333 Fax: 954-929-5201 ULTIMATE SUPPORT SYSTEMS PO Box 470 Fort Collins, CO 80522 Tel: 970-493-4488 Fax:970-221-2274 UNI-PAR LIGHTING 905 Tyree Rd Paducah, KY 42003 Tel: 502-898-8962 Fax: 502-898-8932 UNI-TEC PRODUCTS CORP 1250 Bedford Ave SW Canton, OH 44706 Tel: 800-782-3296 Fax: 330-456-9403 UNIVENTURE PO Box 28398 Columbus, OH 43228 Tel: 800-992-8262 Fax:614-529-2110 VESTAX AMERICA 3315 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 204 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 Tel: 954-926-6622 Fax: 954-926-3304

WOODWORKS DJ CASES & RACKS 2079 Niagara St Buffalo, NY 14207 Tel: 877-DJ-CASES Fax: 716-447-1426 WRIGHT BROS. SOUND 1101 Three Maple Dr Manchester Center, VT 05255 Tel: 888-927-6863/802-362-5808 Fax: 802-362-5809 YAMAHA CORP OF AMERICA 6600 Orangethorpe Ave Buena Park, CA 90620 Tel: 714-522-9011 Fax: 714-739-2680 YORKVILLE SOUND INC 4625 Witmer Industrial Estate Niagara Falls, NY 14305 Tel: 716-297-2920 Fax: 716-297-3689

Selected Dealers ABRACADABRA - THE DJ PRO SHOP 1015 Sunrise Hwy

West Babylon, NY 11704 Tel: 800 355 7746 / 631 655 2300 Fax: 631 655 2309 FREQUENCY MUSIC 27821 Tamiami Trail #1 Bonita Springs, FL 34134 Tel: 800-972-2736 Fax:941-498-9392 www. PLANET DJ, INC 3050 Mill St

VIKING CASES 10480 Oak St NE St. Petersburg, FL 33716 Tel: 727-577-1216 Fax: 727-577-2082

Reno, NV 89502 Tel: 800-404-8230 Fax: 775-323-8320 THE CORE STORE


2027 Park Street

Bronx, NY 10466 Tel: 800-422-3639/718-324-0011 Fax: 718-324-0300

Tel: 800-324-2673 / 713-529-1151

Houston, TX 77019 Fax: 713-529-5646 WELLS CARGO PO Box 728 Elkhart, IN 46515 Tel: 800-348-7553 / 219-264-9661 Fax:219-264-5938

UPSTAIRS RECORDS 140 58th St, Suite 6W Brooklyn, NY 11220 Tel: 718-567-3333 Fax:718-567-2310

$9.50 Hanging Strobe

Blacklite 150 watt flood 18" Blacklite $3.65 fixture & bulb $12.50

Intelligent Light with 12 gobos + spot, 12 colors + white + bi-color + rainbow (close-out)

12" half mirror ball with internal motor

Great looking flame .simulator

Crystal Ball Lamp with color changer



Snow Machine TWISTER centerlight



www. cheap! ights. com 800 880-0883 CD-DUAL F-1007 Timer remote fogger

Water Columns ,ÂŤ with built in color changer


$319 $184 SEDUCER Intelligent center light!

PC-DMX Control your lights from your computer! $655 $557

Compact and sharp looking!! 250 watt trapezoid 12" 2 way speaker black PVC covering square mesh grill

$109 each

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LTIMATE Instructional on Cassette; Indicate how many tapes of each selection you are purchasing In the space provided.

27. _ Single Operator Forum 28. _ Single for Life: The One Person Operation 29. _ Single Operators: How to Survive Large Companies 30. _ Multi-systems: Options & ideas 31. _ Working With the Competition THE BASICS 32. _ Beating Burnout 4. _DJ 101: Parti 33. _ Organization 5. _DJ 101: Part 2 73. _ Hidden Secrets of Business (2 tapes for the price 6. _ Ten Steps: Starting & Operating a Successful DJ of 11) 74. _ The Biz: From Little Extras to Crisis Management Service 70. _ Raising the Standards 75. __ DJ Problems: What Would You Do? 76. _ Difficult Sales: Get the Edge


1. _ The Mitzvah Connection 2. _ A-B-Cs for the Bar Mitzvah DJ 3. _ Bar & Bat Mitzvahs


7. _ School Dances 8. _ Kids From 2 to 22: Parties. Dances, Special Events 9. _ School Daze Dances 10. _ Dance For DJs: From A to Z 11. _ The Video Dance Party 12. _ More Than the Macarena: Latin Music

PERFORMANCE 13. _ Mobile Mixing: Yes You Can! 14. _ More Mobile Mixing 71._ Music Programming

WEDDINGS 15. _ Finding the Bride 16. _ Wedding Performances: The Finishing Touch 17. _ Wedding Receptions: Control! 18. _ Wedding DJ Supersession 72. _ Weddings: The Right Stuff

BUSINESS OPERATIONS 19. _ Getting Your Price: Part 1 20. _ Getting Your Price: Part 2 21. _ Increasing Your Profits 22. _ Increasing Your Profits, Part II 23. _ Developing Your Entertainment Team 24. _ 99 Ideas for'99 25. _ Problem Solving Forum 26. _ How to Expand Your Mobile DJ Operation

MARKETING 34. _ McKay's Marketing Megamix 35. _ Buzzwords: Corporate Proposals 36. _ Newsletters, Printed Materials, Keeping in Touch 37. _ Bookings Through Agencies & Party Planners

INTERACTIVE GAMES 38. _ Icebreakers 39. _ Icebreaker Supersession

40. _ It's More Than the Music: Magic & More 41. _ Beyond DJ: Props & More 77. _ Icebreakers: The Grand Finale 78. _ Games: Not Just For Kids Anymore

LEGAL/TAX 42. _ Taxes & Bookkeeping for DJs 43. _ Legal Contracts, Contractors & the Competition 44. _ Legal & Business: BASIC

45. _ Legal & Business: ADVANCED

46. _ The 1099 Subcontractor 47. _ Payroll & Taxes 48. _ Legal Warfare: Boot Camp For DJs 79. _ From Copyrights to Contracts

80. _ Legal Nuts & Bolts

TECH 49. _ Tech Support: The Speaker FAQs 50. _ Understanding Your Sound System 51. _ Audio Troubleshooting



63. _ Making Money With Trivia, Nostalgia & Reunions 64. _ The Over 40 DJ: In For the Long Haul 65. _ Women in the DJ Industry 66. _ The Mobile DJ & Music Promotion 67. _ Video: All Aspects 68. _ DJ Association Forum 69. _ Be All That You Can Be 87. _ Club DJs: Tips & Topics 88. _ Latin Music: The Market & The Mix 89. _ Country DJ Round-Up PRICE PER TAPE:

1-5 6-20 21 - 40 over 41

add ( $ 3 s/h) to total ( S 5 s/h ) ( $ 8 s/h ) ($10 s/h)

$8 ea. $7 ea. $6 ea. $5ea.

# of tapes _ Please add S& H"

x$_ price of tape

Total amount due



KARAOKE 59. _ Karaoke Koncerns: Part 1 60. _ Karaoke Koncerns: Part 2 61. _ Karaoke: Alive & Growing 62. _ Target Marketing For Karaoke 85. _ Adding Karaoke as a Profit Center 86. _ Karaoke Promotions




52. _ The WOW Factor: High-End Toys

53. _ Tech Tips & System Design 54. _ Tech Talk: Bi-amping, Tri-amping 55. _ Lighting & Special Effects For the 21st Century 56. _lighting From A to Z 57. _ Robotic Lighting, Design, Dichroic Colors 58. _ Soundcheck: Can You Hear the Difference? 81. _ Understanding Your Sound System, Part 2 82. _ Beyond the CD: The Future is Now 83. _ MP3 & New Technology 84. _ Hands-On Tech Workshop




Please fill in the required information and mail this form, with payment, to: Mobile Beat Magazine PO Box 309 • E. Rochester, NY 14445-0309 or for credit card orders only, call (716) 385-9920 or fax this form: (716) 385-3637 or order online: Make checks or money orders payable to Mobile Beat Magazine PAYABLE IN US FUNDS ONLY


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The Dive The Surfer The Wave Runner

The Side

The Front Pulp Fiction The Flick Airplane The Wave

The Slide

The Slide Jump Jump The Slide Twist Twist Wax On Wax Off Paint The Fence Rollin Reach Out Chalie Brown Dirty Bird The Paddle Alligator King Tut Rowing The Twist Pointing Twist Cross Pull


Disco Motion John Travolta The Snake The Robot Sunday Driver Windshield Wiper Kid N Play The Rush Hour Grease Lightning TheDJ The Apache The Funky Walk The Punch

The Double Punch The Shoop

The Four Corners The Pee Wee Herman The Hula The Heart The Skier The Kangaroo Single Single Double Tootsie Roll The Butterfly

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3) Yellow Rose Of Texas - High Energy 4) California Here I Come - High Energy 5) Take Me Out To The Ballgame - High Energy NOVELTY MOVIE THEMES 6) Star Wars Theme 7} Austin Powers Theme 8) Pulp Fiction (You Never Can Tell} 9) James Bond Theme 10) Toy Story (You've Sot A Friend In Ms) NOVELTY PARTY THEMES 11) Saber Dance (Racing Music) 12) Food. Glorious Food (buffet or Dessert Music) \3) Happy Birthday - English "Party version" 14) "La Maneras* {Hispanic Happy Birthday) NOVELTY MUSICAL FX 15) Suspense Bulld-Up (short) IS) Suspense Bulld-Up (long) 17) "Psycho" Build-Up IS) Short Surprise Suspense Organ Chord 19) Funny Game Music #1 - Cheesy Organ 50) Funny Game Music #2 - Xylophone 51) Gameshow Organ Fanfare ('You've Wonl") EH) Longer Gameshow Organ Fanfare 23) Cheesy Organ Gameshow Patter Music S4) Heavy Metal Entrance #1

25) Heavy Metal Entrance #2 NOVELTY PARTY BEAT 26) Tricky Rlcky's Beats (Transition Energy Beat Medley) NOVELTY FANFARES 57) Trumpets #\ 28) Trumpets #2 29) Trumpets #3 30) Trumpets #4 3D Trumpets #S 3S) Trumpets #6 (Swing Beat) 33) Trumpets #7 (Swing Beat) 34) Trumpets #S (Swing Beat) NOVELTY SFX 35) Timpani Drum Roll 36) Timpani Drum Roll 37) Timpani Drum Roll 38) Timpani Drum Roll 39) Camera Click 40) Glass Breaking 41) Big Wet Smootch 42) Timpani Drum Roll

46) 47) 48) 49)

You're all thatl That's what I'm talkln' 'boutl Da bomb! My badl

50) You are the weakest link, goodbye) INFLATABLE ORCHESTRA SOLO WARMUPS 51) Drums 52) Bass 53) Rhythm Guitar 54) Lead Guitar 55) Keyboards

56) Sax

(IO sec) (15 sec. Heavy Bass) (3O sec) (I mln. Heavy Bass)

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NOVELTY COMEDY DROPS 43) Final answer? 44) You go. girll 45) Don't go there..

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