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in Arboretum Circulator Spiegel Entrance Garden Photo by Don Olson

Arboretum Circulators One great way to enjoy your “summer in motion” at the Arboretum is by making use of two solar-powered electric “Visitor Circulators.” Differing from the Trumpet Creeper Tram, the circulators do not include narrated tours, but rather offer visitors complimentary rides with step-on, step-off options at various pre-assigned stops along Three-Mile Drive. The 11-passenger, wheelchair-accessible circulators run Friday–Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and were funded through the generosity of donations from the 2012 Arboretum Gala “Fund-a-Need.” The circulators help you enjoy the exquisite Arboretum gardens and collections up close. Try it out on your next visit! J u ne 2013 • VO L 32, NO. 4 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Magazine is published seven times a year by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Foundation, 3675 Arboretum Drive, Chaska, MN 55318-9613, 952-443-1400. The magazine is a benefit of Arboretum membership. No portion may be reprinted without permission from the Arboretum. The information published in this magazine is not necessarily endorsed by the University of Minnesota. Patrick B. Petersen, Editor Judy Hohmann, Marketing & Communications Manager Tanya Kingery, True Reflection Design, Art Director The Arboretum welcomes feedback from readers at Edward L. Schneider, Arboretum Director Dave Maiser, President, Board of Trustees Timothy S. Kenny, Director, Education Peter C. Moe, Director, Operations Frank J. Molek, Director, Development and Communication The Arboretum is part of The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota. To request a copy of this publication in alternate format, please call 952-443-1438.


arboretum magazine

A Message From the Director... Ed Schneider

Summer is on the move at the Arboretum and already creating many memories in the process. The glorious gardens are in bloom. The sunny, longer days enable visitors to linger and enjoy the outdoors. The green setting is the perfect backdrop for friends and family to experience nature at their own pace. Summer is indoors, too, ranging from the Outdoor Extraordinaire exhibit by the Outdoor Painters of Minnesota in the Reedy Gallery, to the Beauty in a Briefcase exhibit, featuring reprints from plant and nursery salesman sample books of yesteryear, to Weekend Family Fun programs on “Fast-Track Adventure Salads.” This summer, two solar-powered Visitor Circulators will shuttle you to pre-selected destinations along Three-Mile Drive to explore various gardens and tree collections up close. The gardens are the venue for live music, open houses with experts, family movies, yoga (co-presented by Life Time Fitness) AND whimsically painted Goldy Gophers in residence. The Home Demo Gardens are always a favorite stopping place to see what’s beautiful and edible. In addition, the gardens are the site of the annual Gala in the Gardens, hosted by the Arboretum Foundation Board of Trustees. Last year, the Gala “Fund-a-Need” generously underwrote the purchase of the Visitor Circulators. You’ll notice the investment in making your Arboretum a must-see place to visit again and again. Installation of the new Harrison Sculpture Garden (grand opening in August) amid improved landscaping, and the newly renovated waterfall at Woodland Azalea Garden are on track. What keeps summer on the move though are our members and visitors. See you this summer!

Table of Contents... Summer Annuals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Summer in Motion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Home Demo Garden. . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Summer Offerings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Dragonflies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Calendar at a Glance. . . . . . . . . 9-11

Azaleas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

Save the Date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Photo Symposium. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

june 2013

On the Cover: Azaleas in the Japanese Garden Photo by Mark MacLennan

Canna Photo by Diplomat128,

Petunia Photo by Thomas Brandt,

Summer in Bloom Duane Otto Landscape Gardener

This summer, the Arboretum gardens will be ablaze with orange flowering annuals and alternately cooled with blue and blue-violet flowering varieties. In all, 30,000 annuals − roughly 335 varieties − will bloom in mid-July and August. Arboretum visitors will discover lots of fun, colorful surprises in this year’s gardens. The garden layouts incorporate heirloom, antique and newer species and cultivars of annual and perennial plants. This design − inspired by a sunset − captures the cool rays of the blue sky and golden sun in summer displays throughout the Arboretum. Here’s a look at the garden plans: Annual Garden: Look for the first new, orange petunias such as Hells Bells Improved and Perfectunia Orange, Colocasia ‘Diamond Head’ with large violet leaves tinged blue, Salvia ‘Oceana Blue,’ Salvia ‘Mystic Spires,’ Canna ‘Freckle Face,’ and Beta ‘Oriole Orange,’ an orange-stemmed Swiss Chard. The Entrance Garden (in front of the Oswald Visitor Center): Highlights are Salvia uliginosa, a 3-ft. tall light-blue bog sage; Canna ‘Orange Punch’ with dwarf bright orange flowers; Isotoma ‘Blue Star,’ a low-growing plant with sky-blue star flowers; and Tithonia ‘Fiesta Del Sol’ a 30 to 36-inch Mexican sunflower with orange flowers.

The Visitor Center Containers will overflow with interesting mixes of color, texture and form. Look for Impatiens ‘Patchwork Cosmic Orange,’ a new orange impatiens blotched with violet. The Snyder Building Front Sidewalk Garden: Highlights include ‘Rustic Orange’ coleus, Heliotrope ‘Marine,’ Verbena ‘Santos,’ Sanvitalia ‘Sprite Orange’ and ‘Fresh Look Orange’ Celosia. At the Arboretum Entrance: Canna ‘Orange Punch,’ Verbena bonariensis ‘Finesse’ and Salvia ‘Mystic Spires,’ surrounded by blue petunias, marigolds and Verbena ‘Santos.’ Snyder Building Front Terrace Garden (under the crabapple tree): Cigar plants, Angelonia, Scaevola, Persian Shield, Impatiens, Begonia, Browallia and Coleus. Read more: “Annuals for Minnesota and Wisconsin” – provides gardeners with needed horticultural information specifically suited to our unique climate and conditions. Don Engebretson and Don Williamson, $19.95 – available in the Gift Store (952-443-1439).

june 2013

arboretum magazine


Intensive Garden 2 (with recipes online) Artichoke, potato, black-eyed peas, pepper, onion, dill, tomato, okra, corn for cornmeal, carrots, cumin, turmeric

Home Demonstration Garden

Intensive Garden 3 (with chickpea recipes online) Purple carrots, coriander, garlic, Yukon Gold potatoes, zucchini, sweet potato, tomato, chickpeas, onion, celery Intensive Garden 4 (with humus and yogurt sauce recipes online) Garlic, cilantro, coriander, tahini, sesame, red pepper, chickpea, pomegranate, walnut, sumac Garden for Small Spaces: Middle Eastern Salad Mint, Deep Purple carrots, basil, red potato, cilantro, red onion, Romaine lettuce, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, white cabbage, green pepper, celery, garbanzo beans, purple radish, Baby Oakley, lettuce Ornamental Vegetables Garden with Water Feature Vegetables to stuff with fixings: pepper, eggplant, tomato, squash Outer Bed: Mid-east Origins Onion, lettuce, cauliflower, black and purple carrots, fava beans, okra, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, carrot Flower/Vegetable Garden by Greenhouse Vegetables for grilling and roasting/ flowers for colorful beauty: asparagus, paprika, verbena, Yukon Gold potatoes pear, salvia, petunia, Tithonia, capscum, miscanthus, chickpea, calendula, serviceberry, solanum, zinnia Main Vegetable Bed for Family of 4 For soups and stews with herbs and flowers that like each other. Border: onion, leeks, carrots, chives, garlic, spinach, tomato, parsnip, cilantro, fennel. Rows: pepper, marigold, eggplant, green beans, potato, chickpeas, celery, parsley, tomato, mint, zucchini, bean cannellini, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, okra. All-America Selections


arboretum magazine

Where in the World are the Home Demo Gardens? Judy Hohmann Marketing & Communications Manager

Venturing into the Home Demo Gardens (just off Three-Mile Drive) is akin to exploring a world of vegetables and herbs. This summer, Arboretum gardener Ted Pew tantalizes your imagination and taste buds with Middle Eastern and Middle Asian themes. Whether you fancy yourself as a novice or experienced home gardener, home-style cook or adventurous foodie, the Home Demo Gardens will inspire and offer ideas in a “lab garden” setting. “This is my first-ever try at growing these vegetables with this theme. Looking through food images found in magazines, catalogs and photos drove me to start designing the gardens to fit an entire menu,” says Pew, “and I kept going until I ran out of space.” Pew cites as the most unusual vegetable, the black and purple carrot; as the MVP (most valuable pod), the chickpea; and all-around versatility, the stuffed vegetable because it gives maximum creativity for fixings. By organizing the collection of nine garden beds corresponding to a multi-course menu, you experience a culinary taste of the region, including recipes recommended by Pew. How many ways to mix and match? Track how the gardens are growing all summer long and share your garden (and eating) experiences. Visit Read more: “The Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers” – identifies the 100 most common gardening mistakes and gives information on how to avoid making them,Teri Dunn Chace, $12.95; and “Edible Gardening for the Midwest” – growing vegetables, herbs, grains and fruit in your ornamental garden, Colleen Vanderlinden and Laura Peters, $21.95,– both available (along with a wide variety of gardening supplies) in the Gift Store (952-443-1439).

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Green Darner Dragonfly (anax junius) Photo by John Anderson

‘Mosquito Hawks’ Patrolling the Arboretum

25th Anniversary Gala in the Gardens: Summer in Bloom

Matt Schuth Naturalist

Thursday, June 20, 6-9 p.m.

While walking through the prairies and wetlands of the Arboretum on a summer’s day, it is fun to observe the dragonflies as they dash and dart about looking like tiny helicopters performing daredevil tricks. Dragonflies could also be called “mosquito hawks” as they are major predators of this pesky insect. The eyes of the dragonfly are composed of nearly 30,000 lenses and can scan 360 degrees as well as up and down.

Support the Arboretum at the premier party of summer! Al fresco dining, live music, auction and more. Guest emcee: Belinda Jensen, KARE 11-TV Chief Meteorologist

Dragonflies snare most of their food while on the wing, catching small insects with their mouths and using their hairy spiked legs as a net to snag larger insects. Their large eyes are their only means of communicating since they cannot hear, smell or vocalize.


All proceeds benefit the Arboretum

Dragonflies drink by dropping their bodies onto the surface of water one to three times as it is absorbed by the exoskeleton. While mating, the male grips the female by her head while their abdomens meet and her eggs are fertilized. This often takes only ten seconds. The female then dips her abdomen into the water washing the eggs off as they are pushed out.

Basic individual $250 ($100 tax-deductable) Presenting Sponsor: Wells Fargo

Dragonflies do not overwinter as adults in Minnesota, however in larval form most species overwinter in suspended animation beneath the ice. The large Green Darner is one species that does migrate to the south with its offspring, returning the next year. A Green Darner migration is a spectacular show that is a wonder of nature. Another species called the Spiny Baskettail emerges by the thousands in late May and early June. They can be seen hawking mosquitoes in and around the Dayton Wildflower Garden. Their air show is worth a trip to the Arboretum.

Platinum Sponsor: UnitedHealth Group Gold Sponsors: Dorsey & Whitney Mosaic Pentair

As children we were told dragonflies would sew our ears shut if we didn’t behave. In Swedish folklore, dragonflies were said to pick out human eyes. In parts of Asia, dragonflies are considered a delicacy. At the Arboretum, there is no need to fear dragonflies or eat them. We can enjoy watching their antics as they feast on some of the insects that make our summertime activities less enjoyable. Thank you, dragonflies! Read more: “Dragonflies of the North Woods” – handy field guide size book contains 200-plus color photos of living dragonflies, Kurt Mead, $18.95 – available in the Gift Store (952-443-1439).

Patron Individual $500 ($350 tax-deductable)

Silver Sponsors: Accenture Ford Harrison Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens J.P. Morgan For tables and corporate sponsorships, go to 612-625-9437

june 2013

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Rhododendron “Mandarin Lights” Photo by Ken Evans

A Riot of Color

The Third in a Continuing Series: Tree and Shrub Collections Jeffrey Louis Johnson Woody Plants Specialist Azaleas are the shrub for spectacular spring flowers. Although azaleas are in the genus Rhododendron, not all rhododendrons are azaleas. The two differ in the number of plant parts, with the majority of rhododendrons being evergreen and azaleas mostly deciduous. The original Northern Lights F1 Hybrid Azaleas developed at the Arboretum were seed-grown crosses between R. x kosteranum and R. prinophyllum. The seedlings were variable in flower color, hardiness, disease resistance, shape, size etc. These were the first azaleas to be generally cold-hardy for Minnesota’s climate. Micro propagation brought means to economically clone selections to create new cultivars. The Arboretum, through the University of Minnesota’s Applied Ecological Service, has released 12 cultivars of azaleas (Lights Series), with two more coming out next year. A personal favorite is R. ‘Northern Hi-Lights.’

The Woodland Azalea Garden is the spot in the main gardens to view all the Lights Series cultivars. You can also find a very nice sampling of azaleas and rhododendrons in the Bailey Shrub Walk. The most spectacular viewing spot is the “Research Azalea” beds in the Pine Allee, where scientists are breeding and selecting for new hardy introductions. The riot of color and fragrance in the spring with the pines backdrop is fantastic. Also intriguing, thanks to the installation of the Rhododendron Garden, is the prospect of a more diverse availability of hardy evergreen rhododendrons. This planting of evergreen rhododendrons is for demonstration, trial, evaluation and breeding. Come out soon to see the rainbow of colors in the Arboretum’s blooming azalea and rhododendron collections. Read more: “American Azaleas” – inspires gardeners to grow more American azaleas. L. Clarence Towe, $29.95 – available in the Gift Store (952-443-1439).

A Year of Yoga in the Gardens – Membership Minute Nate Kells Marketing Specialist The Arboretum has teamed with Life Time Fitness to offer A Year of Yoga in the Gardens. These monthly events will take place on alternating Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. or Sundays at noon, in some of the most scenic places on the Arboretum and Horticultural Research Center grounds. Get your zen on while taking in the sights and sounds of spring in the Crabapple Collection, summer in the Sculpture Garden, fall in the Vineyards and Apple Orchard and even the Fireplace Room in the winter. All of these places highlight the amazing views and offerings of the Arboretum in every season. Complimentary for current members of the Arboretum. For non-members of the Arboretum, the event is complimentary with paid gate admission. All participants must register online at or call 952-443-1440.


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june 2013

Sponsored by:

yoga in the gardens Photo by Rebecca Malkovich

penguin Photo by Chris Linder

Kitchen Day Camp at the Arboretum

Always in Focus

7 Tips to get Kids Eating Healthier

Susan Thurston-Hamerski Adult Education Manager

Arboretum photography classes provide a sharp focus. With gorgeous Arboretum collections as inspiration and expert instruction from world-class professionals, photographers at all levels of experience are able to take their craft to the next level. Upcoming classes feature the basics of digital photography, photographing flowers, and getting the most out of natural light. Center stage is the Photography Symposium: Conservation Through the Lens. Always an energizing gathering for photographers and those who love nature photography, the symposium also provides a forum for those impassioned about conservation. Presenters underscore how an image can motivate a viewer to protect our precious environment. This year’s symposium features award-winning photographer Chris Linder ( Linder will share images and stories of the environmental perils he is witnessing as he documents climate-change research at the ends of the Earth, Saturday, June 8, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (optional master classes follow). Linder is acclaimed in his ability to bring clear and moving information to the public about science, to inspire the next generation of researchers, and to communicate the need to protect wild places. A trained oceanographer, Linder has documented 32 scientific expeditions. His photographs have been featured extensively from the Field Museum to the Smithsonian, and in numerous publications, including his book “Science on Ice.” His work has been recognized by the BBC, Nature’s Best, and International Conservation Photography. For details and to register: aspx. For information about all of our upcoming photography sessions, see or call: 952-443-1422.

Presented by:

1. Get kids cooking. Kids will want to eat what they’ve created. 2. Be creative. Eat “baby trees” instead of broccoli! 3. Make it “fun” size! Baby corn, baby pickles or mini bananas. 4. Be a role model. Make healthy choices for yourself. 5. Go shopping. Let kids select the produce. 6. Plant it! Kids who grow their own food are more likely to eat it. 7. Send them to camp! Arboretum day camps make: Healthy + Tasty = Fun! • Fresh Picked Feast for Families • Garden Gatherers for PreK - K Grads • Kitchen Creators for 1st - 2nd Grade Grads • Fridays in the Kitchen for 2nd - 4th Grade Grads • Cooking with Ease for 5th - 8th Grade Grads Programs fill up quickly, so reserve soon! Read more: “A Kid’s Summer EcoJournal” – inspires kids to read, write and experience nature during the summer months. Toni Albert, $9.95 – available in the Gift Store (952-443-1439).

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HostaGlade Photo by Mark MacLennan

Arboretum Green Travel Club & Tours

Minnesota Corn Growers Present:

with Peter Olin, Arboretum Director Emeritus Your world tour starts at the Arboretum. Subscribe to Green Travel Club eNews and discover the possibilities. Go to • Previews of upcoming trips • e-trip brochures •A  dvance registration for Mini-Trip Series, limited to 15 •C  ustom Trip Notes: history, culture, environment, cuisine • Early bird registration discounts • Trip reunions Current Trip Offerings: Gardens of the Atlantic Maritimes, Aug. 15 – 24. Bay of Fundy, Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables farm, Cabot trail. Scotland: Gardens, Castles, Loch Ness, Sept. 21 – 30. Thailand Botanic Gardens and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. Dec. 2 – 13. Elephant rides, floating markets, orchid farm, temples.

“Gophers in the Gardens,” “Music in the Gardens,” “Outdoor Family Movie Nights” and more add up to family fun all summer long throughout the Arboretum—all proudly presented by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. “The Arboretum is a wonderful place for families to experience nature and to also learn about good conservation practices,” said Tom Haag, president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association. The partnership with the Arboretum started in 2010, with sponsorship of the Powerhouse Plants summer exhibit. Added Edward Schneider, Director of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, “We are grateful for this partnership that highlights a commitment to healthy families, innovation and sustainable agriculture practices.” More Corporate Partner Support C.H. Robinson, a supporting corporate sponsor of “Summer in Motion,” has been a dedicated Arboretum partner since 2008, with their annual sponsorship of summer exhibits and family programs. “It’s great having the abundant natural beauty of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum so close to our corporate headquarters and 1,600 employees in Eden Prairie,” said Chris O’Brien, senior vice president at C.H. Robinson. “The multiple terrains and education opportunities the Arboretum offers is a unique benefit to our community.” O’Brien also serves as a trustee on the Arboretum Foundation Board. Park Dental, a sponsor of “Gophers in the Gardens,” emphasizes the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles. “With the expansion of our practices in the Chaska and greater Twin Cities area, this sponsorship provides the perfect opportunity for us to connect with local families, help preserve a treasured Minnesota resource, and encourage families to get outside and spend some quality time together,” states Dr. Chris Steele. Park Dental is also sponsor of the June “Music in the Gardens” series.

Presenting Sponsor:


arboretum magazine

june 2013

Supporting Sponsor:

Music in the Gardens Photo by Mark MacLennan

calendar-at-a Exhibits... Saturday, June 1 Gophers in the Garden

Summer Offerings Barbara DeGroot Public Relations Specialist

Gallivanting gophers, live music, outdoor family movies, yoga in the gardens and garden open houses. It’s all part of “Summer in Motion” at the Arboretum, a celebration of the University of Minnesota, state pride and our beautiful gardens. A highlight will be “Gophers in the Gardens,” a series of 5-ft.-tall Goldy Gopher statues − each uniquely designed − gracing our grounds. See if you can find them all! Don’t miss Opening Day – Saturday, June 1. Here’s what’s on tap: Open House in the Dayton Wildflower Garden (10 a.m.noon); Gophers in the Garden ribbon-cutting with Arboretum Director Ed Schneider, Goldy Gopher and members of the U of M Marching Band Fraternity (noon-1 p.m., Oswald Visitor Center); and guided walking tours of the Gophers in the Gardens exhibit, plus photo ops with Goldy (1-2 p.m.). Remarks from our presenting sponsor, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, and giveaways too! “Summer in Motion,” running through Aug. 31, also serves up live music (see below), outdoor movies with a Minnesota angle (“Little Big League,” June 13; “Mighty Ducks,” July 11; and “Miracle,” Aug. 8), open houses in the gardens, outdoor yoga with Life Time Fitness (see page 6 for details), plus exhibits on Goldy Gopher history and U of M plant introductions. These events will provide a dose of fun and whimsy, while highlighting the Arboretum’s mission as a great horticultural resource. Music in the Gardens Lineup (Presented by Park Dental): • Sunday, June 2: SlovCzech, 1-3 p.m. – Trex Deck • T hursday, June 13: F Sharp keyboard duo, 5:30-7:30 p.m. – Sensory Garden. • Sunday, June 23: Dragonfly, 1-3 p.m. – Trex Deck. • T hursday, June 27: Will & Stymie, 5:30-7:30 p.m. – Sensory Garden. June Open Houses in the Gardens: • Saturday, June 1, 10 a.m.-noon – Dayton Wildflower Garden • Thursday, June 6, 4-6 p.m. – Iris Garden •S  aturday, June 15, 10 a.m.-noon – Nelson Shrub Rose Garden

Art at the Arboretum (See page 12)

PROGRAMs & EVENTS... Saturday, June 1 Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads Noon-4 p.m., free with gate admission, Marion Andrus Learning Center Taste and prepare adventurous salad recipes using all the plant parts from root to fruit. Plant and take home a pot of micro salad greens. Creative Container Gardening (150-06-01-13) 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., $40 member/$55 non-member, Learning Center Learn expert gardener Larry Cipolla’s expert techniques to create colorful designs with unexpected combinations of color, texture, height, form and color. Open House in the Garden Series 10 a.m.-Noon, free with gate admission, Wildflower Garden Open Houses in the Gardens feature areas in bloom and give visitors an opportunity to meet and talk with the talented gardeners on the Arboretum staff. Minnesota Rose Society: Free demonstration: “Rose mulching” 8 a.m. Wilson Rose Garden

Sunday, June 2 Music in the Gardens: SlovCzech 1-3 p.m., free with gate admission, Trex Deck Mixture of Central European folk rock. “Paint Out” with Outdoor Painters of Minnesota See plein-air artists at work Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Tuesday, June 4 Twos and Threes Out to Play (968-06-04-13) 9:30-11 a.m., $40/$48, Learning Center This 4-session series also includes June 11, 18 & 25. Cost includes one adult. We will focus on a different aspect of outdoor play each week, with ideas to bring home.

Wednesday, June 5 Fours and Fives Out to Play (969-06-05-13) 9:30-11 a.m., $40/$50, Learning Center This 4-session series also includes June 12, 19 & 26. (See description above)

june 2013

arboretum magazine


calendar-at-a Thursday, June 6

Wednesday, June 12

Pea Pods for Preschoolers (975-06-06-13) 9:30-11 a.m., $100/$120, Learning Center This 10-session series also includes Thursdays, June 13-27 and July 11-Aug. 15. Cost includes one adult. Delight your young learner through planting, art, sensory and science discovery.

Day Camp: It’s a Snap! (See June 11)

Open House in the Garden Series 4-6 p.m., free with gate admission, Iris Garden (See June 1)

Thursday, June 13 Music in the Gardens: F Sharp 5:30-7:30 p.m., free with gate admission, Sensory Garden Piano duo playing melodies in harmony. Movies in the Gardens – “Little Big League” Free with gate admission, 9 p.m. (dusk), Trex Deck See the Arboretum in a whole new way! Enjoy a Minnesota-themed movie al fresco. B.Y.O.B.S – Bring your own bug-spray!

StoryTime at the Library 10:30-11 a.m., free with gate admission, Andersen Horticultural Library, Snyder Building Stories for the young and young at heart. Geared toward toddlers and preschoolers.

Day Camp: It’s a Snap! (See June 11)

Friday, June 7

Friday June 14

Pea Pods for Preschoolers (975-06-07-13) 9:30-11 a.m. This 10-session series also includes Fridays, June 14-28 and July 12-Aug. 16. (See June 6)

Saturday, June 8

StoryTime at the Library (See June 6)

Day Camp: Young Artist Series for 2nd– 4th Grade Grads: Printmaking (993-06-14-13) 9 a.m.-Noon, $26/$29, Learning Center Use foam and safe carving tools and learn techniques to create a master plate that easily makes colorful prints. Register for each day separately or bundle all three for $68/$77.

Arboretum Explorations Special Access: Grassland Explorations (960-06-08-13) 7:30-9:30 a.m., $15/$30, Ordway Parking Lot Join Arboretum naturalist Matt Schuth to explore the outer edges of the Arboretum looking for grassland birds including bobolinks, meadowlarks and more.

Day Camp: Friday’s Artist Series for 5th–8th Grade Grads (998-06-14-13) 1-4 p.m. (See description above)

Photography Symposium: Conservation Through the Lens (750-06-08-13) 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., $80/$95, Oswald Visitor Center Optional master classes, 2:30-4:30 p.m., $25 for 30-minute sessions Join award-winning photographer Chris Linder, whose work has been featured in numerous publications, including his own book “Science on Ice.” (See page 7)

Basic Digital Photography for the Outdoor and Nature Photographer (750-06-15-13) 10 a.m.-6 p.m. $115/$130, Learning Center Join acclaimed photographer John Pennoyer ( to learn how to fully tap the potential of your digital single lens reflex camera.

Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Sunday, June 9 Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Tuesday, June 11 Day Camp: It’s a Snap! Photography and Basic Photo Editing for 2nd-4th Grade Grads (993-06-11-13) 9 a.m.-Noon, $79/$88, Learning Center Look through the camera lens to find little miracles. Requirements: a digital camera with SD card and a laptop with (free) Picasa photo software installed. Taught by Willis Bowman. Day Camp: It’s a Snap! Photography and Basic Photo Editing for 5th-8th Grade Grads (998-06-11-13) 1-4 p.m. (See description above)


arboretum magazine

june 2013

Saturday, June 15

Open House in the Garden Series 10 a.m.-Noon, free with gate admission, Nelson Shrub Rose Garden (See June 1) Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Sunday, June 16 Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Tuesday, June 18 Day Camp: Budding Arboretum Artists for 2nd-4th Grade Grads (993-06-18-13) 9 a.m.-Noon, $79/$88, Learning Center Create art with paint, pencils, and pastels while observing the Arboretum gardens in this three-day camp. Includes a tour of the new sculpture garden! Day Camp: Art at the Arb for 1st-2nd Grade Grads (988-06-18-13) 1-4 p.m. (See description above)

To Register for Classes: call 952-443-1422 or visit

Wednesday, June 19 Day Camp: Art at the Arb (See June 18)

Day Camp: Sun Catchers 2 for Pre K-Kindergarten Grads (980-06-25-13-02) 12:30-3 p.m. (See description above)

Thursday, June 20

Wednesday, June 26

Gala in the Gardens 6-9 p.m., $250 and up, Arboretum grounds Don’t miss this special evening in the gardens with dinner, program, music and more! All proceeds benefit the Arboretum

Day Camp: Sun Catchers 1 & 2 (See June 25)

Day Camp: Budding Arboretum Artists (See June 18)

Arboretum Outdoors! with Hoigaard’s 1 & 6 p.m., free with gate admission, Oswald Visitor Center. Learn the techniques of Nordic walking. StoryTime at the Library (See June 6) Day Camp: Budding Arboretum Artists (See June 18) Day Camp: Art at the Arb (See June 18) Arboretum Explorations Special Access: Spring Peeper Meadow (960-06-20-13) 9-11 a.m., $15/$30, Ordway Parking Lot Join Arboretum naturalist Matt Schuth and learn about the history of Spring Peeper Meadow.

Friday, June 21 Day Camp: Young Artist Series for 2nd-4th Grade Grads: Sculpting Nature (993-06-21-13) 9 a.m.-Noon, $26/$29, Learning Center Build magical sculptures from natural materials and use woodworking tools. (See June 14 for more details) Day Camp: Friday’s Artist Series for 5th-8th Grade Grads: Sculpting Nature (998-06-21-13) 1-4 p.m. (See description above)

Saturday, June 22 Summer Perfect Party Dishes (800-06-22-13) 9-11 a.m., $35/$45, Learning Center Get a new scrumptious dish for the next picnic or backyard party. Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Sunday, June 23 Music in the Gardens: Dragonfly 1-3 p.m., free with gate admission, Trex Deck Folk ensemble of five seniors, ages 55-85. Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Tuesday, June 25 Day Camp: Sun Catchers 1 for Pre K-Kindergarten Grads (980-06-25-13-01) 9-11:30 a.m., $66/$74, Learning Center Play games and make new friends in this three-day camp. Explore Arboretum gardens, find scratch-n-sniff plants, look for tadpoles and play in the mud.

Above photos by Mark MacLennan

Thursday, June 27 EcoNetworking for Sustainable Solutions 7:30-9:30 a.m., $12, MacMillan Auditorium Creating Sustainable Performance: Professionally and Personally with Powerhouse Performance Coaching. Music in the Gardens: Will & Stymie 5:30-7:30 p.m., free with gate admission, Sensory Garden Guitar duo playing Latin rhythms and melodic blues. Craft Beer and Bites 5:30-7 p.m., $20/$25, Learning Center Experts will be on tap to discuss the complex flavors achieved in various beer styles, food-beer pairings, hops and barley and more. Beer tastes and bites to accompany. Sponsored in-kind by “Edible Twin Cities.” StoryTime at the Library (See June 6) Day Camp: Sun Catchers 1 & 2 (See June 25)

Friday, June 28 Day Camp: Young Artist Series for 2nd-4th Grade Grads: Wax! (993-06-28-13) 9 a.m.-Noon, $26/$29, Learning Center Harvest materials from the garden and woods to make molds and cast wax candles or sculptures. (See June 14 for more details) Day Camp: Friday’s Artist Series for 5th-8th Grade Grads: Wax! (998-06-28-13) 1-4 p.m. (See description above)

Saturday, June 29 The Blooming Photograph: Flower Photography (750-06-29-13) 10 a.m.-4 p.m., $95/$110, Snyder Building Join acclaimed photographer John Pennoyer with your camera, close-up/macro lens (recommended but not essential) and a tripod. Fire in the Garden: Beyond the Barbecued Burger (150-06-29-13) 11 a.m.-1 p.m., $45/$55, Sensory Garden Shelter With acclaimed chef Anna Christoforides. Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads (See June 1)

Sunday, June 30 Weekend Family Fun: Fast Track Adventure Salads

(See June 1)

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Art at the Arboretum

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Outdoors Extraordinaire – Reedy Gallery, through July 31 The Outdoor Painters of Minnesota (OPM) is made up of over 100 landscape painters who enjoy the challenge of painting in the open air. Their paintings are fresh and their colors are beautiful and true. Presented by Wilcock Gallery and OPM. Free with gate admission.

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Beauty in a Briefcase – Snyder Bldg. Lobby and Andersen Horticultural Library, through Oct. 13 A showcase of vibrant images from horticultural sample books. Selected images available for purchase in the Gift Store. University of Minnesota Plant Introductions Photo Exhibit – Restaurant Gallery, June 1-Aug. 31 Amazing variety of cold-hardy plants, fruits and vegetables developed by University of Minnesota scientists and introduced into the marketplace. Free with gate admission.

Save the Date Art Crawl Through the Gardens, August 17-18 Enjoy an open-air art fair along Three-Mile Drive. Local artists will exhibit a variety of media among the Arboretum’s rose gardens, prairie, shrub displays and shade trees.

SHOP FOR FABULOUS SummerHouse is now the new “Shop for Fabulous” – Open daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Check out the fabulous eats and treats, blooms and greenery, and (new!) décor and fun. Repurposed, handcrafted and vintage finds and one-of-a-kinds for home and garden from “Mama’s Happy” occasional store and more.

MN Arboretum Newsletter June 2013  
MN Arboretum Newsletter June 2013  

MN Arboretum Newsletter June 2013