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Summer Camp Week I

June 11—15, 2012

Newsletter by: Caryss Baldwin, seventh grade

with Mr. Richard

The students have spent the week practicing different techniques and applications in photography. Patience and composition were the first two ideas discussed on Monday. Other lessons during the week included creativity color, use of shadows and light, perspective and the functions on the digital camera. We enjoyed our field trip to the Thomas Center and thank the chaperons for taking time out of their day to drive. Our week wrapped up with making a photo album of a few of the many pictures and a project on portraits.

In this issue:

Digital Photography I and II with Mr. Richard and Ms. Susan


2 Football with Coach Cam and Ms. Sam 3 Wild About Nature: Beginners with Ms. Crystal and Preschool and Kindergarten with Ms. Liz

French with Ms. 4 Jeanne-Marie

Next week: Big Smiles at the Thomas Center

Posing in the Photo Studio.

Woodworking with Mr. Richard and Ms. Susan Olympics with Coach Cam and Ms. Sam It’s Alive!: Beginners, Preschool, and Kindergarten with Ms. Liz and Ms. Crystal

Photographed by Alex, third grade

Photographed by Jagger, sixth grade

with Coach Cam

Down…Set…Hike! This was a week full of football skill, knowledge and FUN! Campers participated in a wide range of activities falling under the pigskin theme. While outside the group took frequent water breaks and takes constant walkthroughs of our awesome doorway o’ mist to stay cool and hydrated. Inside we played trivia games, learned about the NFL draft and combine, and completed a couple of football craft projects. Campers also learned how to make a paper football and participated in a double elimination tournament of the classic table game. During indoor recess after lunch they enjoyed brief periods of football themed mini-games on the internet with everyone vying for the high score. All that said, the best action in camp happens outside. Each day we focused on a different drill set to enhance our individual skills. Campers were coached in formations and routes. A cornucopia of catching, kicking and flag pulling mini-games were great fun. Each gridiron great also participated in a NFL style combine and a punt, pass and kick competition. Believe it or not, we also played quite a bit of flag football. The teams were so evenly matched that the majority of games ended in a tie. Each

camper had a myriad of highlights over the course of the week. From start to finish this was an action packed, exhausting and smile producing week. Please make sure each camper arrives promptly at 9:00 a.m. so that we can begin our day together as a group. Campers should have closed toed shoes and preferably shorts with no pockets. Sunscreen is required for admission to the field and courts. Each student is offered sunscreen before our first outdoor rotation each day. However we encourage families to apply it at home before camp for greatest effect. Fridays are Splash Day! Every Friday afternoon we transform the field into a mini waterpark. Campers are asked to wear their bathing suits (with appropriate shirt and shoes) to camp and bring a change of clothes to change into once the festivities are over. Please remember a towel and sunscreen! Should you have any questions or concerns regarding sports camp please contact Coach Cam at We hope to see you Monday for another awesome week!

This week has been lots of fun, We welcomed many new friends to MMS. Many lessons and crafts centered around animals

Dress Up Day!

was our main focus. We all enjoyed animal dress up day, and moving like the animals. We also played rhythm games.

Animal Work is so much fun.

Welcome to “Wild About Nature”! We have had a great time this week! The children really seem to be enjoying their time together! It is nice to have children from all different classrooms together! The older children have been showing the younger children new work and the younger children are having fun being in an older and different classroom! We have enjoyed working with all the children and we are looking forward to being together for the next five weeks!

Animal words.

“Worm Workout”, “Bean Bag Bop” and “Going on a Lion Hunt” (words and movement instructions attached so you may enjoy doing it at home with your child!).

Birthday Celebration: We celebrated a birthday this week: Happy 4th Birthday goes out to Brady Baughtman!

Here are a few of the activities we enjoyed this week: Geography and Science

Some Additional Activities:

We have been learning about the difference between birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. We have talked about some of the places where animals live in the world. In particular the children enjoyed learning about wild cats, chimpanzees, alligators and crocodiles.

Story time: Animals from A-Z, National Geographic Mammals, DK Amazing Animals Q & A, Sloppy Joe, Colorful Chameleons, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

On Wednesday (“Movie Day”), the children learned the common characteristics of mammals and what makes them different from other animals as well as learning about the animals that live in the rainforests of Costa Rica.

Animal Bingo, push-pinning safari animals; painting, and craft activities (i.e., coloring, making a special gift for Father’s Day, sewing and Perler Beads) as well as animal puzzles and traditional Montessori classroom activities such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language activities.

Music and Movement:

And Making New Friends!

We have been singing many songs this week including: “Move Fast, Move Slow”, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, “Star Bright”, “Three Blue Pigeons”, “Five Frogs Jumping on a Log”; and “Alligator Stomp”. One of the children’s favorite song and story of the week was “Puff the Magic Dragon” and their favorite movement songs were

Have a Nice Weekend and next week our theme is “It’s Alive”! !

with Ms. Jeanne Marie

Lydia and Ava are determined to peel the potatoes with all ten fingers in tact. Learning about the country. French books and artwork.

and crafts


This week we had

some extra special language fun: *Doing conversation and role-play activities, Promethean board activities and games, and skits to work on speaking skills. Listed below are our activities: Will Sarah peel the little potato in one peel for the cheesy potatoes?

*Studying culture through games and cooperative learning activities *Using your inner chef to prepare delectable cuisine *Exploring the art forms of different areas of France with creative projects

*Traveling through different France via virtual tours to learn the geography and history of each area *Crafts: Impressionist art with Shrinky Dinks, clay sculptures, decorative frames and photography, painting famous French prints from the classics to modern art with water colors. *Food: Crêpes, pain au chocolat, parfaits with mousse a la vanille, des fruits et “de la crème de Chantilly”, aligot (cheesy mashed potatoes), mousse au chocolat, crudites, pain au jambon, pain au fromage.

Caryss is working on the newsletter.

Courtney is helping with French cooking. Royce is punting the football for students to catch.

Millhopper Montessori School Week One Summer Camp 2012  
Millhopper Montessori School Week One Summer Camp 2012  

The students enjoyed themselves as they transported themselves to France, the NFL, Photogrpahy and Wild About Animals.