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Alum enjoys successful engineering career Edward Lesny ’58 feels he graduated from MMI and college at the perfect time. “I stepped into a job the day after I graduated from Penn State,” he said. Lesny earned his degree in civil engineering at “exactly the right time because there was a lot of work at the time in that field,” he said, mentioning specifically the interstate highway system and building programs at college campuses throughout the state, including Bloomsburg, Millersville, and Lock Haven. His first job was at F.T. Kitlinski Associates, an engineering firm where he had worked one summer. The company, located in Harrisburg, specializes in geotechnical engineering, which deals with the foundations of buildings, bridges, and highways. Lesny then worked for several other consulting firms for about 20 years. “One of the highlights of that portion of my career was working in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, in 1970. I spent seven or eight months over there training local technicians about soil and concrete testing for bridges for a major highway project that involved the construction of eight very large bridges,” he said. During his career, he also worked on many projects throughout the United States, including locations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nevada, Wyoming, and South Carolina. “In almost any town or city I visit in Pennsylvania, I can see a project I worked on,” Lesny said. He also participated in a project in Hazleton to fill a strip mine behind Giant Food Stores with dredge material. “This required investigating the underground mining that occurred, something I’m very interested in and had a good deal of knowledge about,” he said. When Lesny was in his mid-40s, he lost his job as a result of downsizing and started his own consulting business.


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“I had a very successful 10 years on my own and then decided to take on a partner,” he said.

another familiar face – their blue pig. When they were in school at MMI, they often went to a restaurant called Al’s Blue Pines.

His partner, Phil Kitlinski, is the son of Lesny’s first employer. Lesny and Kitlinski worked together at Lesny & Kitlinski Associates in Enola, just outside Harrisburg, for about 12 years until Lesny went into selfdescribed “semi-retirement.”

“One day, we were in Mr. Andy Stofan’s math class and he made a comment about ‘you guys going out there to Al’s Blue Pig’ – and the name stuck,” he said. “One of the guys somewhere along the line purchased a piggy bank and painted it blue. Every year, we put money in it at Homecoming and joke that the last guy standing will get whatever’s in the pig.”

“We agreed that I would retire and Phil would keep working as Philip C. Kitlinski Associates. I talk to Phil just about daily to discuss projects we are working on together or independently or just to socialize. We have a mutual respect for each other’s knowledge regarding the work we do and play devil’s advocate,” Lesny said. Today, Lesny lives in Camp Hill with his wife, Susanne. They have two sons and one daughter and five grandchildren. He attributes a good deal of his success in life to MMI.

On a serious note, Lesny advised MMI students to work hard, saying, “Just because you have a good education doesn’t mean things are going to fall your way very easily. You need to use your education as a tool to be successful while being humble and working to make the best impression on people.” Edward Lesny ’58 works on a site navigation at the PPL Bruner Island Steam Electric Station.

“I went to MMI because my father immigrated to the United States from Poland and wanted me to have a better education than he had. He was a coal miner who saw the value of education and wanted me to have the best that my family could afford,” he said. Lesny and a group of his 1958 classmates return to MMI every year for Homecoming. “We have a very nice core group that comes back every year. We attend the picnic, have a nice dinner together, and get together for breakfast the following morning,” he said. He and his classmates are joined each year by

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From the Head of School “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Attributed to Albert Einstein Many people consider Albert Einstein a genius. His theories of relativity and energy-mass relationship (E=mc2) were the basis of multiple generations’ understanding of quantum mechanics. Einstein also thought about the way people learn and develop. You might expect that a man as brilliant as Einstein would believe that people were either born smart or they weren’t. On the contrary, he believed that each individual had gifts that could be nurtured and developed. This thinking reflects a more modern educational philosophy than the IQ-based, fixed-mindset era in which he lived. The statement above highlights that it is important to identify and nurture each individual student’s talents. A large part of our mission at MMI is to find and develop the talents of each of our students. The statement above also identifies the necessity to properly assess student talents and, by extension, student learning. The topic of student assessment is a conversation being held throughout the K-12 education community. There is a common misperception that rigor is developed in an academic program through challenging assessments. If a school gives hard tests, it must be a hard school. This is not true and misses the point of student assessment. Assessment should support student learning by helping the student and the teacher identify the concepts that have not been grasped. It is a tool for the teacher as much as a means of measuring student performance. If students score low on a test, it indicates that they do not fully understand the material presented. Consequently, the teacher may need to cover the material again before moving on to new material. True rigor is developed in an academic program by requiring deep thinking by our students as well as the sharing and defending of diverse ideas. Students must read extensively for understanding and write as a form of thought development. Additionally, students must be capable of taking a position and defending it both orally and in writing. Project-based learning, with students working in teams to accomplish complex tasks, is another way to develop rigor. MMI’s great faculty is doing all these things to push our students in preparation for success in college. While the techniques may be different than in past eras, the goal is the same. We must prepare our students for acceptance to and success in college as well as throughout their lives. We don’t want to educate smart and talented students who think they are stupid. All our students, as they have always been, are special. By developing each student’s special talents and effectively measuring how a student is learning, we can ensure students continue to recognize how special they are once they leave MMI. I hope it is warming up in your part of the world. All the best,

Thomas G. Hood Head of School

MMI Today is the official newsletter of MMI Preparatory School 154 Centre Street Freeland, PA 18224


Thomas G. Hood – Head of School

William A. Shergalis ’58, Ph.D. – President Emeritus

570-636-1108 570-636-0742 (fax) Joseph G. Rudawski – President Emeritus

Mid school guidance counselor named Madison Simmermon has been hired as mid school guidance counselor at MMI. As part of her responsibilities, Simmermon oversees guidance for sixthto ninth-grade students at the school. She works with students and their parents in making decisions about educational needs and developing educational plans. She also meets with students, parents, teachers and faculty members to discuss Simmermon important issues pertaining to students’ educational and social interactions. “I feel privileged to have been welcomed into the MMI family and am enthusiastic about becoming

the school counselor for the mid school,” Simmermon said. “I believe in challenging, supporting and encouraging students, and that school counselors have the critical responsibility of fostering academic, personal and social growth.” She earned a Master of Science degree in school counseling from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and medical humanities from the University of Richmond. She completed an internship as a learning specialist at St. Paul’s School, an independent day school in Brooklandville, Md., where she then accepted a full-time position. As a learning specialist, she collaborated with the Student Services Team, faculty and families to promote academic success in students through teaching organizational, study and test-taking skills as well as

goal-setting and follow-through. Simmermon has experience in providing learning services, academic resources and individual coaching to students, as well as creating learning support plans based on psychological evaluations. She has also attended a conference on “Learning and the Brain: Preparing 21st Century Minds.” “Maddie makes an excellent addition to our wonderful MMI team,” Hood said. “Her background in individual counseling and creating learning plans in an independent-school setting makes her the perfect fit for our school, and we are excited to have her on board.” Simmermon lives in Henryville and enjoys camping, running with her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, reading and attempting to cook. 

Spring calendar of events announced Many exciting events are planned at MMI for the upcoming months. Here are a few of them: On Monday, March 11, at 7 p.m., the Grammy-nominated Wister Quartet will perform a concert at MMI. The concert, which is open to the public, will be held in the Athletics and Drama Complex on the MMI campus in Freeland. Admission to the concert is free and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Lapine, “Into the Woods” is a witty and irreverent re-imagining of beloved classic fairytales Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. On Sunday, April 21, from 2 to 4:30 p.m., MMI will host its annual Open House, which is open to the public. Each year, MMI students are challenged with preparing special research projects that are displayed at Open House.

The Wister Quartet, which formed in 1987, was named to honor Frances Anne Wister, founder of the Volunteer Committees of the Philadelphia Orchestra. This marks the 10th consecutive year that the quartet will perform at MMI.

Graduation 2013 will be held on Thursday, May 23, at 7 p.m. The fifth annual Jake Kislan ’56 Memorial Golf Tournament will be held at Valley Country Club on Friday, June 21, with a tee time of 1 p.m.

This year’s concert will once again feature special guest Allen Krantz, a critically acclaimed guitarist, composer and chamber musician. MMI students will have an opportunity to perform with the Quartet under the direction of faculty member Tina Lizbinski. The concert is sponsored annually by Dr. James W. Feussner ’65. On Friday and Saturday, March 15 and 16, the MMI student Prepper Playhouse will perform “Into the Woods” at 7 p.m. A Tony Awardwinning masterpiece by musical theater giants Stephen Sondheim and James

On Saturday, April 27, MMI welcomes all visitors to attend the Spring Festival, hosted by the Parent Faculty Organization. The event, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., will offer a variety of activities for all ages, along with plenty of delicious food, great fun, and live entertainment. Spring Festival also includes MMI’s Art Walk, which displays the artistic talents of MMI students.

The tournament honors the memory of Jake Kislan, an MMI alumnus and athlete who passed away in December 2008. Tournament and hole sponsorships are available. Grab a foursome and come out to support MMI!

Hayle Shearer displays her project during last year’s Open House.

Homecoming 2013 is slated for Friday and Saturday, September 20 and 21, and will feature the Head of School’s Reception, the Annual Homecoming Picnic, and the 2013 Wall of Fame Induction Dinner and Ceremony. Reunion classes include those classes ending in -3 or -8.


Today’s MMI This column highlights just a few classes within MMI’s outstanding academic program, taking a closer look at classes taught by Mr. Anthony Cusat and Mr. Michael Mele.

Comprehensive Core

Instructor: Mr. Anthony Cusat Mr. Anthony Cusat, a legendary math teacher at MMI, instructs two very different levels of core-subject math: seventh-grade level pre-algebra and 12th-grade calculus. Seventh-grade math is a pre-algebra course that helps students from different mathematical backgrounds be better prepared. The goal is to help students understand the basic mathematic operations using real numbers. The second part of the course involves solving simple algebraic equations in preparation for eight grade Algebra I. On the other hand, MMI senior calculus prepares students for collegelevel mathematics courses, with an emphasis on trigonometric and logarithmic functions. A member of the MMI faculty for more than 40 years, Mr. Cusat is integrating technology into the teaching of his core math classes, even using an iPad to help graph equations. “It has been an honor to be part of the MMI family for so long. I love what I do and count it a privilege to teach the hardworking students at MMI. I appreciate the developments in technology over the last several years and enjoy using them in my classroom. I find


Mr. Anthony Cusat engages students by using an iPad that projects math problems to the front of the class.

that technology helps students work with the material on a different level,” Mr. Cusat said.

Exhilarating Electives Instructor: Mr. Michael Mele

Mr. Michael Mele has introduced two new elective classes to the science curriculum this year in a full-year Anatomy and Physiology class and a halfyear Marine Biology class this spring. Anatomy deals directly with the structure of the components of the body and how the components integrate and relate to each other. Physiology is the study of the function of the body and its component organ systems. The two are interconnected. The curriculum covers the array of organ systems and regional,

systemic, and gross anatomy. In the Marine Biology elective, students learn how the marine environment encompasses the majority of the Earth’s biosphere and contains an incredible array of microbial, algal, and animal life forms. “The goal is to inspire, and I believe both of these classes do just that,” Mr. Mele said. Recently, MMI received a $4,000 national grant from Dominion Resources Services, Inc., as part of its 2012 Dominion K-12 Educational Partnership. The grant helped purchase equipment that will enhance and enrich the learning process in the two new elective courses, as well as others.

Mr. Michael Mele explains brain coral to David Polashenski, left, and Jeffrey Lotz, right, during his Marine Biology class.

Key grant purchases included a digital 400x microscope and stereoscopic microscopes. The digital microscope can connect to a Windows-compatible computer to display live color images, save them, edit them, add text, and even email them. The stereoscopic microscopes have two eyepieces for a threedimensional view. Mr. Mele said, “The new resources lend themselves very well to the curriculum by expanding the level of understanding through state-ofthe-art technology and firsthand exploration. The grant funds will help the biology department broaden horizons, stimulate learning, and enhance research opportunities.”

Students honor school’s founders

Seniors, sixth-grade students, administration and faculty gathered for Founders’ Day on the grounds of St. James Episcopal Church in Drifton.

MMI students honored school founder Eckley Brinton Coxe and his wife, Sophia Georgianna Coxe, during a graveside service November 21, giving thanks for the Coxes’ contributions to the school and the area. Seniors, sixth-grade students, administration and faculty gathered for Founders’ Day on the grounds of St. James Episcopal Church in Drifton, where they held a wreath-laying ceremony at the Coxes’ gravesite, more

than 117 years after Eckley Coxe’s death. Afterward, senior class students presented a history of Coxe’s life, including the mining industry and the beginning days of the Mining and Mechanical Institute, the school he founded that is now known as MMI Preparatory School. They also spoke about Sophia Coxe’s contributions and generosity to the area. Speakers included Farrah Qadri, senior class president; Sean Ducaji-Reap, vice

president; Sandrine Gibbons, treasurer; and Katlyn Frey, senior class member. Anjni Patel is class secretary. The wreath-laying ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lawrence Barriger, Greek and Latin instructor at MMI. Barriger and the Rev. Jeffrey Funk, pastor of St. James Episcopal Church, then spoke to the students about the Coxes’ history in the school and the area.

Newest alumni return to MMI

On January 7, twelve members of the Class of 2012 returned to MMI to share their first-semester college experiences with MMI’s current senior class. College Admissions Counselor Stephanie Shandra invited the panel back to her Senior Seminar class. Topics of discussion included: adjusting to college classes and collegelevel work, differences between high school and college, roommate issues (the good, the bad, and the ugly), getting involved socially, and being away from home.

Dylan Donaldson ’11, Matt Oakum ‘11, Head of School Thomas Hood, Dana Chippi ‘11, and Josh Fulk’11 spend time in the new Joseph A. Turri ‘45 Library and Learning Center at the young alumni get-together held in conjunction with Founder’s Day.


Grandparents head to school at MMI Mid school students at MMI recently had a unique opportunity to bring their grandparents or grandfriends to school with them. More than 94 grandparents and grandfriends returned to the classroom on November 27 as part of MMI’s third annual Mid School Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day. The day began with a lunch for everyone in the MMI Athletic Complex. Following the meal, grandparents and grandfriends joined their MMI student for sixth-period class. After class, all the guests were treated to a preview of the MMI Holiday Concert featuring the second-year violins, thirdyear violins and the mid school choir. Jack McCarrie, grandfather of seventh-grade student Colin McCarrie,

Jack McCarrie and his grandson Colin McCarrie, who is in seventh grade, complete a generational activity during Grandparents’ Day.

said, “I was happy to have the opportunity to spend quality time with my grandson at a beautiful educational facility surrounded by caring people.” All four grandparents of sixth-grade student Ethan Warner attended. His maternal grandparents, Joseph and Lois Zoldi, said, “As always, it was a joy to spend the afternoon with our grandson Ethan and observe firsthand the exceptional learning opportunities available at MMI. The day was thoughtfully arranged and thoroughly enjoyable.” Per Byriel traveled from Denmark for the Thanksgiving holiday and Ethan’s paternal attended MMI with his grandson, eighth-grader Niklas Byriel. grandparents, Joan and Stanley Warner ’56, also MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood attended and Stanley said, “This was an enjoyable time for our described being back at MMI as “a very students as well as their grandparents heartwarming experience.” and friends. Family involvement is a very The grandparents and grandfriends important part of a student’s education completed a number of crossat MMI and we would like to say thank generational activities that encouraged you to all the grandparents and friends the younger MMI students to learn more who visited MMI.” about their guests.

38 inducted into National Honor Society


MMI Preparatory School inducted 38 students into the Andrew J. Stofan Chapter of the National Honor Society on December 13. Inductees, officers and others taking part in the ceremony are pictured here. NHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. Membership in the National Honor Society recognizes students for their accomplishments and also challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

Students take part in research project Earth Science and Physics students at MMI are taking part in a National Science Foundation research and education project headed by scientists at Michigan Technological University (MTU). The students became involved in this project through MMI instructor Dr. Gregg Bluth, who is an adjunct faculty member at MTU. Schools around the country are moving toward a new model of merging classroom science education with actual research, called the Next Generation Science Standards, which can be viewed at The idea is to create a more realistic understanding of science and engineering by focusing on students generating their own data to analyze, rather than following textbook examples and demonstrations. This past summer, a five-year project was initiated at MTU that will study the development of Earth’s magnetic field by analyzing the signatures of the strength and orientation of Earth’s magnetic field preserved by iron particles in ancient rocks (a field of study known as paleomagnetism). During the summer, teachers and researchers spent several weeks together at MTU doing field and lab work, with the goal to cultivate methods for precollege physics teachers to integrate active paleomagnetic research into classroom activities and help students integrate mathematics and physics into logical problem-solving approaches.

Seventh-grade Earth Science students Gabriella Kupsho and Kyle Falatko use hand lenses to help identify minerals and other characteristics of rocks. As part of a National Science Foundation research and education project, they are learning how to “read” the rocks to understand how different rocks form and how they are changed over time.

As part of the project, Bluth will bring the science research into classroom teaching and evaluate how the students respond to the new material. Thirty Earth Science and 35 Physics students at MMI are doing a series of experiments and exercises to learn how magnets work, how magnetic fields are created, how magnetic fields affect objects around them, characteristics of Earth’s magnetic field, and magnetic properties of minerals and rocks. Bluth said, “The research project gives us a way to link separate textbook topics of magnetism and magnetic fields, rocks and minerals, Earth composition, plate tectonics, Earth history and the scientific method of research.”

MMI and MTU will continue to collaborate on the project for five years. The ideas and exercises developed as a result may become part of the curriculum. “The integration of active research into my classroom activities gives the students added incentive to learn and explore – it’s not just textbook pictures and words, it’s the real rocks and drill core I collected, and compass exercises to measure and learn about the Earth’s magnetic field. The idea is to help students to go ‘beyond the textbook’ to build on the basic Earth composition topics – they’re learning something about the Earth that no one else has seen, rather than compiling a list of facts,” Bluth said.

MMI inducts students into Science NHS MMI students were inducted into the school’s chapter of the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) on December 6. The purpose of the SNHS is to encourage participation in and recognition of scientific and intellectual thought, to advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science and to encourage students to participate in community service to foster a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all mankind. Inductees, officers and others taking part in the ceremony are pictured here.


Senior featured in photo magazine MMI senior Alexandra Baran, the daughter of Richard ’87 and Maxine Baran, Sugarloaf, was recently featured in a magazine that specializes in professional photography. Baran won the Emerging Photographer online photo feed contest, sponsored by Photo District News magazine, and was featured in a story about her work in the Fall 2012 issue of Emerging Photographer. The Emerging Photographer feature includes several of Baran’s photos, including “Images of Broken Light,” which caught the attention of the editors. She will also receive a camera from Sony. In additional recognition of her talent, Baran had a photograph selected for the Drexel Photography High School Contest Exhibition for two consecutive years. Both of those years, one of her photos was chosen from among thousands to appear as part of an exhibition at Drexel University’s photography gallery in Philadelphia. Baran would like to attend the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and study advertisement photography. At MMI, she studies art under the direction of art teacher Lisa Ferry.

Alexandra Baran with two of her photographs, “Kimberly” and “Erupt.”

Student chosen as national merit finalist MMI Preparatory School senior Gregory Yannes has been named a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship Program.

MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, “It is an honor to have one of our students selected as a National Merit finalist. We commend Greg on his hard work and achievements that have led to this recognition.”

Yannes, the son of Robert and Christine Yannes, White Haven, is one of 15,000 finalists out of more than Yannes 1.5 million students throughout the country who entered the program this year, placing him in the top 1 percent of all entrants.

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, which serves as an initial screen of each year’s entrants, and by meeting published program entry/ participation requirements.

The National Merit Scholarship Committee will soon begin notifying the 8,300 Merit Scholarship winners. As a finalist, Yannes is eligible for a $2,500 National Merit scholarship, a corporatesponsored Merit Scholarship award or a college-sponsored Merit Scholarship award. Merit Scholarship awards are supported by some 440 independent sponsors and by the National Merit Scholarship Committee’s own funds. Sponsor organizations include corporations and businesses, company foundations, professional associations and colleges and universities.

Spanish II piñata contest winners named MMI recently held its annual Spanish II Piñata contest. The contest continues the Spanish tradition of constructing papier-mâché figures for children’s celebrations, birthdays, holidays, and traditional festivals. Winners and their piñatas were, from left: Claire Sheen with Jake the Dog; Soprina Guarneri with Kirby, a Nintendo character; and Alexzandriea van Hoekelen with a giraffe. Spanish teacher Dennis Clarke is at right.


Mid schoolers bring friends to school MMI mid school students enjoyed bringing their friends to school to show them what MMI is all about. The friends came to school on Tuesday, January 22, an Act 80 Day for students in the Hazleton Area School District. All students in grades six to eight at MMI were able to bring a friend to MMI for the day. Their friends went through the day just as an MMI

student does, learning more about the school and classes and activities there. Friends took part in classes and had lunch with MMI students. MMI Head of School Thomas Hood said, “This was an excellent opportunity for students to have their friends learn more about MMI and what the school has to offer. This is always a popular day for our students and their friends, and we enjoyed spending the day with our students’ friends.”

Above: Lauren Herman hosted her friend Rudy Urenovich. Center: Talia Logerfo was accompanied by Kaitlyn Bellizia. Right: Zachary Young brought Matthew Marchetti to MMI for the day.

MMI honors ‘Best of the Best’ MMI recognized six students as the “Best of the Best” during an assembly program held at the school.

The annual MMI Phonathon is under way! The support of our donors is essential to our continued success; in fact, the Annual Fund pays for two months of the school’s operation each year. We hope you will participate in this important drive.

MMI’s assembly program provides each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom. The best student performances from the assemblies are presented to a joint assembly of both prep school and middle school students to determine the “Best of the Best.” For the first semester, six students presented programs that were rated as outstanding by the MMI faculty. i

Phonathon under way

MMI recognized six students as the “Best of the Best” during an assembly program held at the school. Best of the Best presenters were, first row, from left: eighth-grader Erin Sari; sophomore Claire Sheen, runner-up; and eighthgrader Lois Polashenski. Second row: sophomore Chiara DeMelfi, senior David Polashenski, and senior Brianna Nocchi, winner.

The Annual Fund quietly benefits every student, every teacher, every parent and every alumnus every day. If you would prefer to put your gift to use immediately, please visit MMI online at and click on the “Giving to MMI” button.


Students to attend state FBLA conference Twenty-one students from MMI’s chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America received firstthrough fifth-place finishes during a competition at the Pennsylvania Regional Leadership Conference held January 3 at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke. The students will advance to the state-level competition, the State Leadership Conference, which will be held at the Hershey Convention Center in Hershey from April 15 to 17. Students who place at the State Leadership Conference will attend the national competition in the summer. Kate Lengel and Tina Lizbinski are the co-advisers to MMI’s chapter of the FBLA.

Mock Trial team wins awards at tournament MMI’s Mock Trial team competed in the Monroe County Invitational Mock Trial Tournament in the fall and won a team award as well as five individual awards at the closing ceremony. The local competition prepares participants for the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division Statewide Mock Trial Competition. The MMI Mock Trial team is advised by teacher-coach Dennis Clarke as well as Attorney Emeline Diener and the Honorable Correale Stevens, president judge of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

MMI saddened by loss of Dr. David Wagner


MMI mourns the passing of Dr. David S. Wagner, who passed away on February 9 following a brief illness. Dr. Wagner, who had residences in Hazleton and Palm Beach, Fla., was a member of MMI’s Board of Directors from 1973 to 1980 and served as the chairman of Wagner the board from 1978 to 1980. He was also a charter member of MMI’s Honorary Board of Directors, which was formed in 1996. His support of MMI will be greatly missed. A lifelong Hazleton resident, Dr.

Wagner practiced dentistry for more than 50 years. He served as president of the Hazleton Rotary Club, the Hazleton Dental Society, and the board of St. Joseph’s Hospital. He also served as a director on the boards of the Peoples First National Bank and the First Eastern Bank of Wilkes-Barre. Dr. Wagner was a director emeritus of the Penn State Hazleton Council and a vice president of the Jewish Home of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists.

Active nationally in the world of dentistry, Dr. Wagner served as president and secretary of the Pennsylvania Dental Society and chairman of the Commission on Dental Accreditation for the American Dental Association. He was a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, the

He is survived by his wife of 55 years, Edith (Oberson); daughters, Dr. Audrey Wagner ’76, wife of Craig Harris, Acton, Mass.; and Barbara Wagner ’79, wife of David Stern, Blue Bell; and a sister, Elinor Calmenson, wife of Kenneth Calmenson, Boca Raton, Fla.

He was an active member of Agudas Israel Synagogue of Hazleton and Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach, Fla. Dr. Wagner graduated from Hazleton High School in 1942, attended Penn State University and graduated from Temple Dental School in 1948. He served as a dentist in the Navy before opening a practice in Hazleton.

MMI mourns passing of Llewellyn Dryfoos Jr. The MMI community is saddened by the loss of Llewellyn F. Dryfoos Jr., who passed away February 4 in Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, Allentown. Mr. Dryfoos, who lived in Sugarloaf, served on the MMI Board from 1978 to 1988, was chairman from 1985 to 1987, and was a charter member of the Honorary Board in 1996. Through MMI’s most recent Capital Campaign, Mr. Dryfoos was a great friend and servant to our school. Mr. Dryfoos was a graduate of George School, Bucks County; and Ursinus College, Collegeville, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. He was chairman, president and CEO of Dryfoos Insurance Agency Inc., a fifth-generation general insurance agency with offices in Hazleton, Lehigh Valley and Milton. He was chairman of N.E.P. Insurance Services Inc., Sybertsville, a third-party administrator handling self-insurance programs throughout Pennsylvania; and National Insurance Network, a national insurance brokerage marketing service. He served as past national chairman of COMPAR Agents of CIGNA Corp. and was a past president of the Greater Hazleton Independent Insurance Association. Dryfoos Insurance Agency was founded in Hazleton in 1901 by his grandfather, Henry Dryfoos Jr. For many

Llewellyn F. Dryfoos Jr. spends time at MMI during Grandparents’ Day 2011 with his wife, Carolyn, and grandsons Llewellyn IV ’15 and Evan ’17.

years, the agency specialized in insurance coverage for complex and hazardous coal mining operations in northeastern Pennsylvania. As a pioneering insurance organization, it was the first in the area to insure an automobile, write the area’s first aircraft insurance policy, and provide insurance for emerging commercial operations. Mr. Dryfoos joined Dryfoos Insurance in 1963. Previously, he worked with the Life Insurance Company of North America. He also served in an advisory capacity to insurance companies on both the regional and national levels. In addition to his service to MMI, Mr.

Dryfoos served on the Board of Directors of the Hazleton Area Public Library and Anthracite Automobile Club. He was a past member of the Board of Directors and vice president of the Hazleton YMCA; past member of the Board of Directors and campaign director of the United Way; member of the Board of Trustees and chairman of alumni major gifts for the National Capital Campaign of Ursinus College; and a member of the Board of Directors of the Mountain View Cemetery Association, West Hazleton.

He was an Army veteran and was a member of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Conyngham; the Hazle-Azalea Fellowship Masonic Lodge, Hazleton; and a past member of Rotary. He is survived by his wife, the former Carolyn Boyer, to whom he would have been married 50 years on June 21, 2013; five children, Llewellyn F. III ’82 and his wife, Maura; James B. ’83 and his wife, Jacqueline; Mark B., MMI’s tennis coach; Jennifer; and Alison Mazzie and her husband, Keith; six grandchildren including Llewellyn IV ’15, Evan ’17 and Madeline ’19; a brother, Walter F. ’59, Allentown; two nieces and two nephews.

Honorary board meets; new members named The MMI Honorary Board of Directors held its 16th annual meeting in the Joseph A. Turri ’45 Library and Learning Center on October 17. Honorary board members are close friends of MMI Preparatory School who have been actively involved for several years as a volunteer, a donor, a member of the Board of Directors, or a member of the Parent-Faculty Organization. In 2012, the Honorary Board welcomed new members Dr. Joseph A. Donato ’66, Ms. Andrea A. Kosko ’74 and Mrs. Lillian L. Urenovich at the start of the meeting and then received a state of the school briefing from Head of School Thomas G. Hood. The group then enjoyed food and fellowship with each other and their spouses during the Honorary Board Reception.

The members of MMI’s Honorary Board of Directors include: Mr. William J. Flood, Chairman

Mrs. Mary Ann Keirans Mrs. Barbara M. Koenig Ms. Andrea A. Kosko ’74 Mr. Daniel P. Kostick ’54

Mrs. Lucetta S. Alderfer

Mr. William M. Loftus ’62

Mr. Roman J. Baran ’60

Atty. Albert F. Maier Jr.

Atty. Donald M. Barnes ’61

Mrs. Agnes O’Donnell

Atty. Denis V. Brenan ’55

Mr. Frank Orlando

Atty. Martin D. Cohn

Mr. Joseph G. Rudawski

Mrs. Ann Coyle

Mr. Donald W. Sanderson

Dr. Edgar L. Dessen

Atty. Pasco L. Schiavo

Dr. Joseph A. Donato ’66

Mr. Edward M. Sharp ’36

Dr. James W. Feussner ’65

Dr. William A. Shergalis ’58

Mr. Anthony V. Fornataro

Mr. Joseph A. Turri ’45

Mr. Jeffrey S. Gicking ’75

Mrs. Lillian L. Urenovich

Dr. Joseph A. Donato ’66

Ms. Andrea A. Kosko ’74

Mr. Robert K. Gicking Mrs. Kathleen S. Haentjens


Mr. Robert D. Jones ’48 Mrs. Lillian L. Urenovich

Class of 1946 establishes scholarship MMI’s Class of 1946 has become the first class at the school to establish an endowed scholarship. An endowed scholarship holds the balance of the investment in trust while giving a scholarship each year from the interest earned on the fund’s balance. The idea to establish the Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship Fund came from Weld Coxe Coxe ’46, the greatnephew of Eckley B. Coxe, who founded MMI as the Mining and Mechanical Institute in 1879. Weld Coxe, who passed away in 2011, was the last member of the Coxe family Schaub to attend the school. Additionally, Harry Carl Schaub ’46 was

visionary in his annual challenge gifts to help the class surpass this goal. “Weld Coxe was excited to give back to his alma mater and for his class to be the first to establish such a scholarship at MMI. He hoped not only that the class’ generosity would impact the school for years to come, but also that other classes might follow in their lead. Harry Carl Schaub has also been a driving force in raising critical dollars for the scholarship and has personally accounted for almost half of the gifts to the fund,” said MMI Director of Advancement Kim McNulty. The first gift to the Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship Fund was made in 2006, 60 years after the class graduated. In December 2012, donations surpassed the $25,000 mark, which will allow the first Class of 1946 Endowed Scholarship to be awarded to an MMI student for the first time next year. To date, donors to the scholarship include: Mr. George Allen ’46 and Mrs. Naomi Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bebla, Mr.

Mid-Winter Social draws crowd Current MMI parents Dina Harman, Robynn Smith, Karl Wallen ‘87, and Kimberly Kirschner enjoyed the MidWinter Social and Hazleton Area MiniReunion at Valley Country Club on January 25. Despite a snowstorm, more than 50 members of the MMI family were in attendance!

Karl Bierley ’46 and Mrs. Mary Bierley, Mr. Jack H. Churbock ’46, Mrs. Amy Coxe, Mr. Donald M. Coxe, Mr. Weld Coxe ’46, Miss Nina C. Dei Tos ’01, Mr. Doug Dobbs and Mrs. Sal Coxe Dobbs, Dryfoos Insurance Agency, Attorney and Mrs. Bart E. Ecker, Attorney Eugene Feingold ’46 and Mrs. Rosalind Feingold, Mr. James Gaffney and Mrs. Trudy Coxe, Mr. Albert Lorenzoni ’46 and Mrs. Elaine Lorenzoni, the Honorable James R. Roebuck, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Rudawski, Mr. Gordon Schaub ’60 and Mrs. Dawn Schaub, Mr. Harry Carl Schaub ’46 and Mrs. Kathryn Deans Schaub, Mr. Christian K. Schaub, Ms. Irene C. Schaub, Ms. Lisa A. Schaub, Mr. George Stershic ’46 and Mrs. Jacqueline Stershic, Mr. Paul Super ’47 and Mr. Owen D. Williams ’46. MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, “We commend the Class of 1946 on their dedication to MMI and the future of our school. Thanks to their generosity, more students will have the opportunity to take advantage of an MMI education.”

Calling all alumni authors! We’re looking for MMI alumni authors so we can add their books to the new Joseph A. Turri ’45 Library and Learning Center. If you or an alumnus you know has written a book, please email the book’s title to Director of Advancement Kim McNulty at MMI will purchase the book and add it to our collection! Posthumous submissions are also appreciated.

Alumni Notes

What’s happening with MMI graduates around the globe Attorney Scott A. Coffina ’85 joined the law firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reath in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., in 2012. Attorney Richard DiLiberto ’79 recently presented a Delaware State Bar Foundation legal seminar on civil case settlements. U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia also spoke at the seminar.


Attorney George C. Morrison ’99 was recently selected as a 2012 Top Young Attorney as published in Super Lawyers and Philadelphia magazine.

Joseph Mucha ’50 writes, “Personally, I couldn’t be better. My four daughters located on the East Coast survived Hurricane Sandy, but the drought reduced the 2012 Indiana corn and soybean crop yields!” Margaret Vos ’85 had her poem “White Daisies” selected for inclusion in the New Zealand Poetry Society’s 2012 anthology. She recently relocated to London to focus on her creative writing.

Milestones Events in the lives of the MMI family Weddings

Emily Fischbein ’09 wed Gregory Piazza on October 14, 2012 in Wilkes-Barre. Jeremy Kuhar ’97 wed Anastasia Kalashnikova on August 18, 2012, at Skytop Lodge in Skytop, PA. The happy couple were again married on August 25, 2012, in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the bride’s family and friends.

Lucy Fierro Cusat passed away on January 21, 2013. She is survived by her sons, Neil Cusat and his wife, Carol; MMI faculty member Anthony Cusat and his wife, Elaine, and Rocco Cusat Jr. and his wife, Maryann; and 10 grandchildren including Anthony Cusat ’92 and his wife, Kristen; Grant Cusat ’95; Michael Cusat ’99 and his wife, Courtney, and Marc Cusat ’03. Twelve great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews also survive. John Czarick Jr. passed away on November 28, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Olga; his son, John P. Czarick ’64, and his wife, Susan; seven grandchildren; and nine greatgrandchildren. Martha L. DeFant, sister of Lee R. DeFant ’61, passed away on September 23, 2012. Anthony N. Durso Sr. passed away September 24, 2012. He is survived by his daughter, Teresa; son, Anthony Jr.; brothers, Daniel Durso and John M. Durso ’49; and sisters, Rose Yori and Gertrude Opert. Joseph A. Gardecki passed away on December 10, 2012. He is survived by his children, Joseph A. Gardecki ’84 and his wife, Ramona; Rosella Gardecki ’86; and John Gardecki ’90. Barbara C. Hutton passed away on October 15, 2012. She is survived by her daughter, Christine Jenkins and her husband, Russell; her son, Gilbert F. Hutton ’72, and his wife, Cyndi; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Anna Lesser passed away on October 19, 2012, and her sister Irene Evancho passed away on January 13, 2013. Both women are survived by Paul Lesser ’73, Anna’s son and Irene’s nephew and caregiver. Michael F. McDonald Sr. ’58 passed away on December 24, 2012. He is survived by his wife, Elaine (Shiffert) McDonald; sons, Michael F. McDonald Jr. and Kevin P. McDonald; and stepson, Troy Shiffert.

Anastasia Kalashnikova Kuhar and Jeremy Kuhar ’97 on the steps of Peter the Great’s Summer Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Bill Deaton ’92 and his wife, Nancy, welcomed a son, Wesley John Deaton, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012. Lindsay A. Gorski ’07 gave birth to a daughter, Grace Ann Cassidy, on September 3, 2012. Jodi Washinsky Lenko ’99 and her husband, Jason, welcomed a daughter, Ava Susan Lenko, on July 11, 2012.


John J. Corrigan Jr. ’34, DDS, passed away on January 24, 2013. He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Courtenay; his children, John J. Corrigan III ’63 and his fiancée, Maria Nora Orr; George J. Corrigan ’65 and his wife, Rebecca; Courtenay Corrigan Shaughnessy and her husband, Coleman; and Theresa Corrigan Chasko; nine grandchildren; and eight grandchildren.

Marie Perkosky passed away on September 12, 2012. She was the wife of the late Emilian Joseph Perkosky ’42. She is survived by her daughters, Jeanne M. Perkosky and Lori Kollar and her husband, Kevin; and her son, Emilian J. Perkosky II. Clementine Reczkowski passed away on November 22, 2012. She is survived by her children, Carol Keller and her husband, David; Judy Demchyk and her husband, John; Rosann Thomas and her husband, Emmett, Freeland; and William Reczkowski; and five grandchildren, including Brian Thomas ’06 and Allison Thomas ’09. John Silvasi Sr. ’33 passed away on November 13, 2012. He is survived by his son, John, and wife, Katharine; a son-inlaw, Peter Cake; and four grandchildren. John J. Walton passed away on December 17, 2012. He is survived by a son, John R. Walton ’10; brother, Donald; and sisters, Angel Giarrizzi and her husband, Mike, and Tracey Franzosa and her husband, Richard; and nieces and nephews, including Richard Franzosa ’11 and Anthony Franzosa ’15. Stacy Marino Walton passed away on December 17, 2012. She is survived by a son, John R. Walton ’10; her mother, Julie Lyons, and her husband, Dominic Lyons; her father, Joseph Marino and his wife, Teresita Marino; and her sisters, Melissa and Amanda Marino.



Library Memorials, Annual Fund Memorials, and Honors donated between October 15, 2012, and January 31, 2013 In memory of Edward Abrams ’62 Mrs. Marlene Abrams

In memory of Joseph A. Gardecki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood

In honor of Kim McNulty Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parmegiani

In memory of Beverly Ackers Attorney and Mrs. James V. Senape Jr.

In memory of Ira M. Goldberg ’64 Mrs. Louise A. Goldberg

In memory of Charles S. Medico Jr. Bryn Mawr Trust

In memory of Ms. Stella Amentler Mr. Dan Ravina

In honor of the Goldman family Dr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss

In memory of Thomas Merrick ’51 Mr. Edward R. Merrick ’54

In memory of Helen Avellino Mr. Lawrence Walko and Mrs. Debbie Walko ’79

In memory of Attorney Morton J. Gordon ’52 Mrs. Marilyn Gordon

In memory of George Miglas ’37 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Merenich

In memory of Michael Balliet Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morrison

In memory of Coach Walter Greshko Attorney Richard DiLiberto Jr. ’79 and Attorney Faith DiLiberto

In memory of Stanley F. Balon ’38 Mr. Frank D. Balon In memory of Thomas F. Cadwalader Jr. Attorney J. Stoddard Hayes and Attorney Sophia Hayes In memory of Nicholas Calello ’48 Mr. Lester Calello In memory of Mr. Neil F. Carrelli Mr. George Yenchko ’59 and Mrs. Angeline Yenchko In memory of Marie Carsia Attorney and Mrs. James V. Senape Jr. In memory of John J. Corrigan Jr. ’34 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood In memory of Lucy Cusat Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McNulty MMI Parent Faculty Organization M&T Bank Dr. William Shergalis ’58 and Mrs. Miki Shergalis In memory of John Czarick Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood In memory of Martha DeFant Mr. Lawrence Walko and Mrs. Debbie Walko ’79 In memory of Anastasia DeFazio Mr. Salvadore V. DeFazio ’67


In memory of Irene Evancho Mr. and Mrs. Wally Golab Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood Mrs. Joanne Korol Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McNulty

In memory of Walter D. Haentjens ’39 Mr. Gavin P. Haentjens ’94 Mrs. Margaret H. Stone In memory of Mary Douglas Hankins Heinrich Mr. Lathan M. Ewers In memory of Walter and Vivian Hess Ms. Robin Hess ’84

In memory of Nicholas Nemesh Mr. Jason Cabe and Mrs. Melissa Cabe ’96 Mr. James Cibak and Mrs. Deirdre Cibak ’85 Mr. Salvadore V. DeFazio ’67 Attorney and Mrs. Bart E. Ecker Dr. George F. Feissner ’61 Mr. John E. Kish ’85 Mr. Harold Refowich ’68 and Mrs. Antoinette Refowich Dr. David Stiller ’61 and Rev. Connie Stiller Mr. Karl Wallen ’87 In memory of Harold Ocker Mr. Joseph Turri ’45 and Ms. Barbara Sowers

In memory of Robert L. Horn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morrison

In memory of James A. O’Neill ’41 Ms. Suzanne C. Ludlam

In honor of Ed Kushma ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kushma II Mr. Glenn Kushma

In memory of Michael Ostroff ’50 Mr. Joseph Mucha ’50 and Mrs. Nancy Mucha

In memory of Anna Lesser Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood Mrs. Joanne Korol Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McNulty Ms. Helen Schwika

In memory of Mr. Joseph Rebarchak Dr. William Shergalis ’58 and Mrs. Miki Shergalis

In memory of John V. Lukac ’64 Mrs. Donna Nestor In memory of Alvan Lynn ’55 Mrs. Patricia J. Lynn In memory of Walter H. McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McClellan In memory of Michael F. McDonald ’58 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood Dr. William Shergalis ’58 and Mrs. Miki Shergalis

In memory of Clementine Reczkowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Hood In memory of John Ross Mr. Edward Lesny ’58 and Mrs. Susanne Lesny In memory of Sylvia Schiff Ms. Roxanne Abrams In honor of Miki Shergalis Ms. Taylor E. Olian ’10 In honor of Dr. Fredrick Sherman ’63 Mr. Albert Frank

In memory of Hubert E. McGovern Attorney and Mrs. James V. Senape Jr. (Memorials continued on page 15)

Faces in the Crowd “Faces in the Crowd” is a feature of MMI Today that includes more information on MMI students and faculty members. Through these articles, newsletter readers will have the opportunity to learn more about members of the MMI family.

Angelica Alday – Class of 2018 Angelica Alday enrolled at MMI this past fall and made an immediate name for herself in the MMI community when she was named the winner in the Carnegie Hall Family Concert KidsNotes Art Contest. As the national contest winner, she had her artwork chosen as the cover page for the program of the Carnegie Hall Family Concert: Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra that was held in December. Based upon her talent, it is no surprise that Angel’s favorite class at MMI is Art, which she studies under the direction of Mrs. Lisa Ferry. A gifted performance artist as well, Angel started dancing ballet at age 3 and dances with Ballet Northeast at Wilkes

Conservatory. From 2009 to 2012, she was a member of the String Project Orchestra at Marywood University as a violinist. She is currently enrolled in Suzuki Strings mentored by Maryann Saylor. Angelica is the daughter of Senen Alday and Milagros Azcueta-Alday of Mountaintop. She studied at the Wyoming Valley Montessori School’s Upper Elementary program (grades 4-6) before coming to MMI in seventh grade. Angel’s mom, Mila, said, “We believe that MMI is the best educational opportunity to help Angel transition from her Montessori years. She was trained to be independent in accomplishing tasks, which has helped

Angelica Alday designed the cover of a program that was used during a performance at Carnegie Hall.

her significantly in her adjustment to MMI. We are most impressed with how MMI challenges her and how she’s motivated to excel and have fun. We are proud of what MMI stands for and grateful for the wonderful faculty. It seems a perfect world for her.”

Cole Wenner – Class of 2018 Cole Wenner is also new to MMI this year. The seventh-grader from Palmerton enrolled at the start of the school year along with his brother Nash, a ninthgrader. Cole is a highly successful youth hockey player who was chosen to play on a team in the PeeWee International Ice Hockey Tournament in Canada. He is one of 18 players from the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Junior Knights hockey team who competed at the tournament in February. The tournament, held in Quebec, is considered the world’s premier youth hockey event. The competition included 120 teams from around the globe. More than 2,000 young players from 16 countries play in the tournament.

Cole is the son of Darren and Tracy Wenner of Palmerton. Tracy said, “Our boys have been given life-changing opportunities being students at MMI. They now see so many new possibilities for their future. Everyone at the school that we have interacted with truly seems to be there for the students’ benefit – not just the teachers, but all the staff and administration at the school.” Cole began skating at the age of 5. He is also a baseball player who plans to compete on MMI’s mid-school baseball team this spring. He has aspirations to work in the dental field when he is older and his favorite class at MMI is Latin I, taught by the Rev. Lawrence Barriger.

Additional memorials In memory of Frank A. Shilling Mr. Joseph Turri ’45 and Ms. Barbara Sowers In memory of John Silvasi ’33 Dr. Thomas Gabuzda ’47 and Mrs. Stella Gabuzda Dr. William Shergalis ’58 and Mrs. Miki Shergalis In honor of George R. Stecker Ms. MaryIvy Bayard Ms. MaryIvy Noone In memory of Camillia Stiller Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Thomas

(Continued from page 14)

In memory of Andrew J. Stofan Mr. Gerald Boyle ’48 and Mrs. Joan Boyle In memory of Joseph K. Tito ’92 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tito In memory of Michael Wassel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Boyle In memory of James C. Warner ’54 Anonymous In memory of Gertrude Weaver Mr. Joshua Kiddish ’11

Cole Wenner was chosen to play in the PeeWee International Ice Hockey Tournament in Canada.

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Williams Mr. Robert Klotz ’58 and Mrs. Carol Klotz In memory of George Yannes ’29 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Yannes In memory of Dr. and Mrs. K. Yoon Dr. and Mrs. Myung S. Yoon In memory of Sarah Jane Yuscavage ’04 Mr. Paul Ferdinand ’63 and Mrs. Nancy Ferdinand Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Yuscavage




MMI Preparatory School 154 Centre Street Freeland, PA 18224 Address Service R equested

Digging up the past... MMI seniors, clockwise from top left, Trebor Hall, Beau Samonte, and Brianna Dzurishin participate in an archaeological dig along the banks of the Susquehanna River near Pittston. They were part of a group of 17 students from 10th to 12th grades, along with two recent MMI graduates, who participated in the dig to assist the Frances Dorrance Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. Mrs. Lisa Ferry, who teaches anthropology at MMI, arranged the visit.

Important Dates The Wister Quartet with Allen Krantz . . . . . . . . March 11 “Into the Woods” by the Prepper Playhouse . . . March 15 and 16 Open House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 21

Spring Festival . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . April 27 Graduation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . May 23 Jake Kislan ’56 Memorial Golf Tournament. . . . . June 21

MMI Today – Winter 2013  
MMI Today – Winter 2013