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2 Florida State University College of Nursing

Message from the Dean

We are excited about this year’s annual report and the opportunity to share some exciting news

regarding our progress towards realizing our four strategic directions, and the accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni.

Our faculty has been recognized nationally for their contributions to nursing research and

the nursing profession; some of the recognitions received are a first for the College of Nursing. We are excited about our newly hired and promoted faculty, as well as the faculty research publications, presentations, grants and awards received this year.

Students in our undergraduate and graduate programs continue to work hard in the classroom

while making a difference in the community. We are proud of the work they have done!

College of Nursing alumni continue to be

recognized for their professional accomplishments, which reflect positively on the College of Nursing, Florida State University, and the nursing profession. We hope you enjoy reading about some of their career highlights and the recognitions they have received.

We are also excited to share with you news about

the success of our fundraising activities, including the Raise the Torch campaign, and our fundraising priorities for the upcoming year.

Finally, I would like to say thank you for your

continued support. Whether you have given back to the College by sharing your time, talent, or treasure, your support has allowed us to continue to provide innovative undergraduate and graduate programs that are designed to educate the next generation of nursing leaders for professional practice and research in diverse settings.

Dean Judith McFetridge-Durdle, PhD, RN, FAAN 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the Dean..............................................................................................2 Faculty Honors & Achievements................................................................................4 TMH Center for Research and Evidence-Based Practice.........................................7 Faculty Research Publications and Presentations.....................................................8 Spring Doctor of Nursing Practice Research Exposition........................................12 Student Highlights.....................................................................................................13 Community Outreach and Volunteerism..................................................................15 Outreach to Veterans and Service Members.............................................................16 From the Archives.....................................................................................................18 Alumni and Friends Outreach..................................................................................19 Alumni Achievements................................................................................................20 Development Updates................................................................................................22


We have approximately 7383 alumni providing nursing care across the globe! Undergraduate Student Enrollment: 205 Traditional BSN: 181 Accelerated BSN: 24

Graduate Student Enrollment: 78

Masters and Post-Masters Program Students: 15 Doctor of Nursing Practice: 63

2015 - 2016 New Alumni: 109 Traditional BSN: 86 Masters: 3 Doctorate: 20

STAY CONNECTED! To stay connected to the College of Nursing, you can visit us on Facebook (, Twitter (, or the College’s website at

4 Florida State University College of Nursing

FACULTY HONORS and ACHIEVEMENTS FSU NURSING DEAN TO BE INDUCTED AS FELLOW OF THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF NURSING College of Nursing Dean Judith McFetridge-Durdle, PhD, RN, FAAN was inducted as a fellow in the prestigious American Academy of Nursing during the academy’s annual conference on Oct. 22 in Washington D.C. Dr. McFetridge-Durdle’s selection while serving as the dean was a first for the College of Nursing. She is part of an exceptional class of hospital and government administrators, college deans and renowned scientific researchers who will join the more than 2,400 nurse leaders from the education, management, practice, policy and research domains. “It is truly an honor to be selected for induction as a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing,” Dr. McFetridge-Durdle said. “My colleagues in the Academy are exceptional nursing leaders from around the world, and I am excited by the opportunity to work with them. Together, we will strive to make a difference by advancing health policy and nursing practice.” Dr. Sally McRorie, provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs said “We are so proud of this important recognition of Dean McFetridge-Durdle’s achievements. Her research is critically important to the lives of so many people. She is a great example of how our faculty research leads to applications that make the world a better place.” Dr. McFetridge-Durdle’s contributions in research have generated knowledge of the impact of gender, race, and age on the vascular response to stress and the role of estrogen in ameliorating this response. Her findings have improved understanding of the role of gender and menopause in the development of heart disease and provide essential evidence for nursing interventions to improve cardiovascular health in women. A champion for collaborative practice, Dr. McFetridge-Durdle led the development of the Seamless Care Model of Interprofessional Education, which brings pre-licensure health professional students together and engages them in collaborative practice with the goal of assisting patients to assume a more central role in managing their illness. This model serves the nursing profession and the public by improving patient safety and supporting patient and family engagement in health care decisions. Dr. McFetridge-Durdle has received research funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Health Canada. She is widely published in scientific journals in nursing, medicine and physiology. For six years, she served as Mentor and Associate Director of FUTURE, the Canadian research training program that prepared cardiovascular nurse scientists to generate and disseminate nursing knowledge to improve patient care.

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Whyte, Associate Professor in the College of Nursing on his election as a distinguished fellow in the National Academies of Practice (NAP) during the Annual Meeting & Forum at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD in April. Dr. Whyte’s research interests include high-risk sexual behaviors and barriers to health care among African Americans living with HIV/AIDS, and differentiating performance attributes of highly skilled versus novice nurses in simulated task environments. 5

Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Laurie Abbott, presented her dissertation research at the Southern Nursing Research Society Conference in Williamsburg, VA earlier this year and won the “Best Student Research Poster Award�. This was a highly competitive award among a large field of student research posters, and speaks to the excellent quality of her dissertation research. Dr. Abbott received her PhD from Florida Atlantic University, and her program of research focuses on health disparities. Dr. Abbott is the new Director of Community Outreach at the College, and she oversaw student involvement in the community outreach projects in Chapman and Immokalee.

Congratulations to Dr. Theresa Winton on her selection as the 2015 DAISY Faculty Award recipient! Dr. Winton was recognized for her extraordinary commitment to educating future nurses and nurse researchers.


Dr. Hye Jin Park was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. University. Her research focuses on the use of standardized nursing languages to document and validate key aspects of nursing care and eHealth literacy skills.

Dr. Cynthia Studenic-Lewis, Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate Program was promoted to Teaching Faculty III.

6 Florida State University College of Nursing

NEW FACULTY NEW FSU NURSING FACULTY HIRE TO CREATE RESEARCH CENTER FOR HEALTH EQUITY OF NATIVE AMERICAN, INDIGENOUS PEOPLE A leading educator, researcher and global advocate of culturally competent healthcare for Native Americans and indigenous populations has joined the faculty at the College of Nursing. John Lowe, PhD, RN, FAAN, a Cherokee Native American tribal member and one of only 20 Native Americans nurses in the United States who has a doctoral degree, is the new endowed McKenzie Professor in Health Disparities Research. Dr. Lowe will create the Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity (INRHE) -- the first research center of its kind worldwide. Dr. McFetridge-Durdle, dean of the College of Nursing shared that she is “delighted to welcome Dr. John Lowe to the College of Nursing. Dr. Lowe is an outstanding researcher and a passionate advocate for Native American health. He is an eminent scholar and global leader, who will have an immediate impact on our research agenda, our curriculum, our faculty and our students.” Lowe will continue his innovative work through the planned one-of-a-kind Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity. The center will partner with indigenous peoples, communities and organizations, nationally and internationally, to attain health equity. The newly planned center will work with multiple disciplines to create an environment where nurses have a voice in the research that needs to be conducted in these communities and also be a voice for communities who have not had a voice. In addition to studying substance abuse interventions, Lowe and his colleagues will look at many issues facing these population groups such as obesity, diabetes and cardiac disease. Lowe, a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, has received funding from the National Institutes of Health for his work with Native American substance abuse prevention, most recently to implement and evaluate an after-school substance abuse prevention intervention, the “Intertribal Talking Circle.” The Talking Circle intervention has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs as a Promising Evidence-Based Program for the well-being of youth. He was recognized and featured for this intervention as one of the American Academy of Nursing’s “Edge Runners,” practical innovators who have led the way in bringing new thinking and new methods to a wide range of health care challenges. Lowe’s achievements are well respected in the field. Most recently, the American Nurses Association chose Lowe as the winner of the 2016 Luther Christman Award, which recognizes the significant contribution an individual man has made to the nursing profession. A global advocate for the cultural competent health care of Native Americans and indigenous people, Lowe also has represented Native American and indigenous nurses in many national and international forums and with national leaders such as the U.S. Surgeon General and former first lady Rosalyn Carter. He has also provided healthcare services and research consultation to underserved and disadvantaged groups in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Jamaica and China. Lowe previously served as the John Wymer Distinguished Professor at Florida Atlantic University. He received his undergraduate degree at Eastern Mennonite College (1981), earned his master’s at Oral Roberts University (1986) and completed his doctoral degree at the University of Miami in 1996. An alumnus of the pre-doctoral American Nurses Association Ethnic Minority Fellowship, Lowe now serves as the chair of the advisory committee for the fellowship. Lowe also serves in several elected, appointed, advisory and consultant positions nationally, internationally and at the state and local levels. 7

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Center for Research and Evidence Based Practice (TMH CREBP) The TMH CREBP promotes nursing practice improvement through interdisciplinary collaborative research and integration of evidence-based knowledge and science into nursing practice at TMH, with the goal of optimizing patient and family centered care. Dr. Eileen Cormier, the Center’s director is pleased to share the following updates on the collaborative activities between nurses at TMH and the College of Nursing. PUBLICATIONS:

Bahorski, J.S., Hauber, R.P., Hanks, C., Johnson, M., Mundy, K., Ranner, D., Stoutamire, B., & Gordon, G. (2015). Mitigating procedural pain during venipuncture in a pediatric population: A randomized factorial study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. Cottrell, B. H. (2015). A review of opioid-induced itching after Cesarean birth. Nursing for Women’s Health. PRESENTATIONS: Bahorski, J.S., Hauber, R.P., Hanks, C., Johnson, M., Mundy, K., Ranner, D., Stoutamire, B., & Gordon, G. (2015). Mitigating Procedural Pain related to Venipuncture in a Pediatric Population. Podium presentation. Southern Nursing Research Association, Tampa, FL. (Regional) Bahorski, J.S., Hauber, R.P., Hanks, C., Johnson, M., Mundy, K., Ranner, D., Stoutamire, B., Gordon, G. (2015). Mitigating Procedural Pain Related to Venipuncture in a Pediatric Population. Poster presentation. Society of Pediatric Nurses, Annual Conference. (National) Fields, A. (2015). Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Cardiac Arrest Patient: Time to Initiation and Neurological Outcomes. Podium presentation at the 2015 DNP Exposition, Tallahassee, FL. (Local) Florence, D., Glady, R., Simpson, G., & Whiddon, C. (2015).Transformation of Care to Increase Our Exclusive Breastfeeding Couplets”. Poster presentation. 4th Annual Florida Perinatal Quality Collaborative Conference, Tampa, FL. (Regional) Harris, L. R. (2015). Developing Problem Solving Guidelines, Checklists, and SBAR Tools for Precepting

New PD Nurses in a Hospital Setting. Poster presentation presented at the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) National Symposium, Orlando, FL. (Regional) Pappas, C., Griffin, J., Abbott, L., & Ai, A.L. (2015). A study on the effect of the nurse-led multidisciplinary Transitional Care Model on self-management in younger vulnerable chronic disease patients. 6th Annual National Nursing Research Symposium at Stanford, Palo Alto, CA (National) Stefani, S. (2015). The Effect of a Workshop on Moral Distress for New Graduate Nurses. Poster presentation at the 2015 DNP Exposition, Tallahassee, FL. (Local) Pappas, C., Griffin, J., McCauley, M., & Gaillard, G. (2015). Assessing barriers to healthcare access in chronic disease patients at a transition center. Southern Nursing Research Society annual conference, Tampa, FL. (Regional) Pappas, C., Griffin, J., Abbott, L., Martinez, M., Rasnick, K., Gaillard, G, & Ai, A.L. (2015). A Study on the Effect of the Nurse-Led Multidisciplinary Transitional Care Model on Disparities in Younger Vulnerable Chronic Disease Patients. Podium presentation. Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Conference, San Juan, PR. (International) GRANTS: Graven, L., (2015). Funded by Florida State University. Research entitled: Coping in Heart Failure (COPE-HF) Partnership: A Telephone-Based Intervention Study. Funded by Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity First Year Assistant Professor Grant. Total award $13,000.

During 2016, Laurie Grubbs, PhD, FNP, the TMH Nurse Scientist engaged in the following educational activities: 1. Developed and taught an 8 week Evidence-Based Practice course to all Nurse Educators. 2. Developed a 1-hour HealthStream module on EBP for the Professional Nurse Advancement Program. 3. Updated the EBP website on the TMH Intranet. 4. Provided guidance regarding TMH IRB process with 2 DNP students(Teryn Talley; Brittany Tenorio). 5. Worked with the Nurse Educators on EBP projects that were initiated during the EvidenceBased Practice course. 6. Provided additional library resources for TMH nurses.

8 Florida State University College of Nursing


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RESEARCH GRANTS AND PROGRAM FUNDING AWARDS Graven, L. (2015). Principal Investigator “Coping in Heart Failure (COPE-HF) Partnership: A Telephone-Based Intervention Study” Funded by Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity, First Year Assistant Professor Grant, $13,000. Whyte, J. (2015). Project Director, Nurse Education, Quality and Retention: Veterans’ Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program (VBSN), HRSA, $796,743. Lowe, J. (2015). Diversity Supplement Pre-doctoral application for Rose Cirilo to the R01DA035143-01A1 “Intertribal Talking Circle for the Prevention of Substance Abuse in Native Youth” project, $56,000. Lowe, J. (2014). Principal Investigator with Baldwin, J. “Intertribal Talking Circle for the Prevention of Substance Abuse in Native Youth”. National Institutes of Health: National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. R01DA035143-01, $2,900,000. Lowe, J. (2011). Principal Investigator. “Testing a Substance Abuse Prevention for Keetoowah-Cherokee Early Adolescents.” National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse. R34DA029724-01A,1 $616,892. Lowe, J. (2011). Co-Principal Investigator with Wagner, E. “Brief Intervention for Substance Using Native Youth.” National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse.R01DA029779-01A1, $3,569,840. Lowe, J. (2010) Faculty Advisor. Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) project (CFDA no. 84.200) U.S. Department of Education. P200A100018, $131,265. McFetridge-Durdle, J. (2016). Co-Principal Investigator with Bjoernnes, A.; Clarke, H.; Cooper, L.; Gordon, A.; Harvey, P.; Lalloo, C.; Leegaard, M.; LeFort, S.; McGillion, M., O’Keefe-McCarthy, S.; Parry, M.; Price, J.; Stinson, J.; Victor, J.; and Watt-Watson, J. “Heart Pain: An integrated smartphone and web-based self-managment program for women with ischemic and non-ischemic cardia pain.” Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $100,000 (Canadian Dollars).

12 Florida State University College of Nursing

2016 DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE (DNP) SPRING RESEARCH EXPOSITION On Thursday, April 28, the College of Nursing held its annual DNP Spring Research Exposition. The exposition featured the capstone projects of 20 graduating DNP students. Clinical research podium presentations were provided by DNP students Alicia Craig-Rodriguez, Charmaine Gilmore, and Ellen Huenink. Poster presentations provided DNP students with an opportunity to speak with exposition participants about their clinical research. Name Andrew Blix, BS, BSN, RN

Project Hepatitis C Screening Practices at a County Health Department: A Gap Analysis

Alicia Craig-Rodriguez, MBA, BSN, Florida’s Nurse Practitioners and Transition to DEA Prescribing: A Needs Assessment RN Mary Elizabeth Davis, BSN, RN, CCRN

Addressing the Issue of Quality Nursing Care and Patient Satisfaction

Nancy DeVries, BSN, RN

Care Management and Self-Care Support for High-Risk Patients in a Patient Centered Medical Home

Daiquiri Frieling, BSN, RN

Knowledge of Alternative Theraphy Use in the Management of Asthma Symptoms in Florida

Amy Gallagher, BSN, RN

Florida’s Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner’s Perceptions, Understanding, and Knowledge of Transitional Care Teams

Sarah Garrett, BSN, RN

Does a School Based Vaccination Program Improve Influenza Vaccination Rates?

Charmaine Gilmore, BSN, RN

Nurses’ Knowledge of Depression and Factors Affecting Intent to Assess for Depression in Myocardial Infarction Patients

Ellen Huenink, BSN, RN

Assessment of Needs for NICU Parent Support Programs

Sarah Jackson, BSN

Exploring Physiological Stability with Implementation of Pediatric Early Warning Score

David Lowery, BSN, RN

Delirium Tremens Prevention: An Analysis

Dawn Lyke, BSN, RN

Nurses’ Perceptions of their Competencies in Managing Mentally Ill Patients in the Acute Care Setting

Kristin Owens, BSN, RN

An Assessment of the Relationship between Autonomy and Job Satisfaction Among Florida’s Nurse Practitioners

Bridget Ratner, BSN, RN

Mortality Rates with SCVO2 in Sepsis

Jessica Scharein, BSN, RN

Evaluation of Migraine Headache Treatment in the Emergency Department

James Sellers, BSN, RN, CCRN, CFRN, CEN, NR-P

Workplace Violence and Incivility in the Healthcare Setting

Christina Smith, BSN, RN, CCRN

Critical Care Nursing Retention

Abisoye Somorin, BSN, RN

Pain Management, Self-Efficacy and Quality of Life: A Cross-Sectional Quantitative Study

Kyrie Stewart, BSN, RN

Breast Cancer Literacy Among Female Undergraduates at a Southeastern University

Sarah Whipple, RN

Building Resiliency in Staff Nurses through Reappraisal: A Pilot Study 13

STUDENT HIGHLIGHTS Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society On October 15, 2015, 42 nursing students were inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society. The induction ceremony was held in the grand ballroom of the FSU Alumni Center.

Garnet and Gold Scholar Society This spring 201 graduating seniors from the University were inducted into the Garnet and Gold Scholars Society. The College of Nursing is pleased to announce that 22 of the inductees were nursing student, which was the largest number of inductees from a major or college at the University. To become a member of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society, students had to demonstrate how they developed leadership, professional, citizenship, and/or research skills while building collaborative relationships in the academic, local or global community. Congratulations to the following nursing graduates: Ann Benitez

Jessica Dueno

Darby Meade

Meagan Smith

Ravina Bhakta

Lindsey Greeman

Deirdre Milio

Carren Soriano

Mia Canellas

Makayla Halamoutis

Andraya Richard

Shelby Stagg

Kristina Corba

Carson Hausmann

Sydney Sibner

Madison Thomas

Christina Davis

Lydia Husfelt

Brooke Sliman

Laura Watt

Sara Jacobs

Katrina Wojcik

Humanitarian Award - Deirdre Milio Deirdre is an exemplary senior nursing student, and a Garnett and Gold Scholar with a passion for leadership and service. She has served the community in multiple ways as a student at FSU including volunteering her services in flu clinics, the CON relief Bag Project, Children’s Medical Services and the Big Bend Homeless Coalition (to name a few). She also served as the Student Nursing Association President in 2015-2016 and represented FSU at the national student convention. Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Leadership Awards Undergraduate: Mazel Sievers Mazel is an exemplary junior nursing student and veteran dedicated to community service. He serves on the CON Student Leadership Council and is an active member of FSU Cares. He participated in the spring break Immokalee Trip where he and three other FSU nursing students provided health screening and education to migrant workers in south Florida. Graduate: Andrew Blix In his three years here at FSU he has demonstrated outstanding academic success with his 4.0 GPA as well as been actively involved in the community, state, and national activities. The focus of his doctoral research is hepatitis C screening effectiveness in the Sarasota County Health Department.

14 Florida State University College of Nursing FSU Featured Student - Megan Smith Nominated by the College of Nursing’s Student Affairs and Scholarship Committee, Megan Smith has been described as a rising star and natural leader. She has been noted for her hard work and passion for nursing, and as a result Megan was chosen as a “FSU Featured Student” for April 2016. You can view her profile and read more about her accomplishments on the FSU website ( Megan graduated in May and has been recruited by several prestigious pediatric hospitals. She chose to start her nursing career at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee. Veteran’s Affairs Learning Opportunity Residency (VALOR) Program College of Nursing student Lauren Poiley was selected for the VALOR program. VALOR provides students with the opportunity to develop competencies in clinical nursing, pharmacy, and medical technology during residency at an approved VA health care facility. The program is designed to improve participants’ clinical skills, clinical judgment, and critical thinking while caring for our Nation’s Veterans. Undergraduate Student Research The University’s 16th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on March 29 in the Oglesby Union Ballroom from 10 am to 2 pm. Several College of Nursing students under the guidance of College of Nursing faculty members participated in this year’s research symposium. The symposium provides students with an opportunity to present their research to the university community.

Poster Presentations:

Kaylyn Harper and Keyiera Joseph (Dr. Lucinda Graven) Effects of cardiac rehabilitation on physiological and psychological well-being in individuals with heart failure: A systematic review. Emily Dailey (Dr. Eileen Cormier and Dr. Hye Jin Park) College students’ use of online resources for mental health information and their proficiency in recognizing and seeking help for mental health problems Elizabeth Nimitz (Dr. Eileen Cormier) The relationship between eMental health literacy and perceptions of child mental health disorders among parents of preschool children. Jessica Jarrell (Dr. Eileen Cormier) A systematic appraisal of the literature on the effectiveness of fall prevention interventions in acute care settings. Marta Salazar (Dr. Sabrina Dickey) Family Cancer Communication Alex Whitaker (Dr. Eileen Cormier) Hospital nurses’ attitudes and perceived competencies in providing care for psychiatric patients. 15

COMMUNITY SERVICE College of Nursing students continue to make a difference in the community while striving academically. In 2015, undergraduate students at the College of Nursing under the guidance of Dr. Cindy Lewis, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies, and several faculty members administered a total of 739 flu shots during eight flu shot clinics with the Health and Wellness Center. In addition to the flu shots, our students also volunteered over 100,000 hours of health related services at a variety of agencies in local communities from the summer of 2015 through the spring of 2016. This year the value of the volunteer health related Nursing students making a difference during their spring break by services provided exceeded more than $3.4 million. The health providing health screenings to the underserved in Immokalee. related services provided included medical screenings for diabetes, high blood pressure, and vision problems. Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar: Alicia Craig-Rodriguez Doctor of Nursing Practice Student Alicia Craig-Rodriguez was selected as a Jonas Scholar from 2014 to 2016. She has been actively involved with academic, state, and local organizations to increase awareness of health/wellness of Florida’s residents, and in particular, how the health of Floridians can be maximized through the better utilization of the state’s advance practice nurses. Alicia also participated in the Suncoast Action Coalition (SNAC), a regional committee of the Florida Action Coalition, in which she was involved in the revision of the Coalition’s 2015-2016 Strategic Plan. Additionally, she worked closely with SNAC Nursing Education Navigator (NEN) to develop an evaluation tool and infrastructure that will be able to support the collection, and analysis of target data to track project accountability metrics of the pilot program. She joined the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners and presented to the Sarasota County Nurse Practitioner Association: “Review of 2015 Legislative Priorities and Bills impacting Florida’s Nurse Practitioners.” Graduate Program Community Service On November 6, the College of Nursing conducted sports physicals for area Special Olympic students. Six Family Nurse Practitioner students (Garrett Gaillard, Nancy Hertl, Michelle Kostic, Clarie Winfree, Kristin Owens, Myeshia Carroll) and three faculty members (Drs. Grubbs, Hauber, and Porterfield) conducted 47 sports physicals. The activity coordinator was very pleased with the professionalism of our students and how much they accomplished in a short amount of time. On November 21 and 22 the Remote Area Medical (RAM) USA clinic in the Bradenton area provided $1 million in free care to those without health insurance. This event took place at the Manatee Technical College with more than 750 volunteers and 1,600 patients. Five, third year FNP students (Alicia Craig-Rodriguez, Bridget Ratner, Sarah Whipple, Andrew Blix, and Dawn Lyke) participated in the twoday event along with FSU nursing faculty member Dr. Barbara Jamison. Our students arrived both days at 5:30 AM to begin seeing patients. Two of the students (Alicia and Bridget) provided women’s physicals, and Dr. Jamison, Sarah Whipple, and Dawn Lyke took over the Pediatric Clinic; they saw every child that came. Two FNP graduates Rachel Marquina and Sarah Luce (pictured right) also participated.

16 Florida State University College of Nursing

OUTREACH TO VETERANS AND SERVICE MEMBERS STUDENT VETERAN ON THE FAST TRACK TO NURSING DEGREE College of Nursing student-veteran Christopher Brooks (pictured left with Dr. Jim Whyte) is using the medical training he received in the military to fast track his way to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Brooks, 31, who has spent years as a platoon corpsman or medical specialist in the Marines, is the first student in FSU’s new Veterans Bachelor of Science in Nursing (VBSN) initiative, funded by the Health and Research Services Administration (HRSA) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Associate Professor Jim Whyte in the FSU College of Nursing a veteran himself wrote the grant and directs the VBSN program, which accelerates a veteran’s entry into a high-demand civilian career as a registered nurse.“One of the national priorities that developed with the advent of these recent wars is the need to help veterans transition to civilian life more effectively,” Whyte said. “(HRSA) put out a call for more innovative ways to get people through nursing school.” The VBSN track is an accelerated program that allows corpsman in the Navy or Coast Guard, or medics in the Army or Air Force, to enter the program and finish in one year. Their previous experience and training in the military is applied toward advanced academic standing in the nursing program. While these student-veterans still must complete the standard prerequisites before entering the program, they’ll get into the workforce one year faster than regular nursing students. “The goal of the grant is to bring in veterans who are qualified but might not otherwise get a shot,” Whyte said. Brooks, who drills at the Naval Operational Support Center in Tallahassee and medically supports Marine units outside the area, is a native of Coral Springs, Fla. He originally came to FSU in 2004 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminology. “Someone in my life got sick and passed away during my junior year of college and that made me want to reevaluate my life,” Brooks said. “I had an epiphany that I wanted to be a nurse.” After graduating with his first bachelor’s in 2008, Brooks joined the Navy and trained as a corpsman. “I specifically chose that job because I wanted to get the training and experience to work in nursing,” Brooks said. He returned to Tallahassee and began completing prerequisites for a bachelor’s of nursing at Tallahassee Community College. Then, he had the opportunity to deploy with his battalion and welcomed the chance to gain more experience. Brooks was sent to Yemen during the country’s civil war in 2012, which coincided with the Arab Spring in the Middle East. At the time, he was one of only 46 Marines in Yemen. His team was charged with protecting a compound where State Department, FBI and embassy employees were living. “Thankfully, nothing bad happened,” Brooks said. “No one attacked us and no one got hurt. I was grateful for that.” Another positive for Brooks was plentiful hands-on training mostly in emergency and trauma situations and being able to put to use the skills he had acquired such as learning how medications work, how to start IVs and how to assess different injuries. His experiences during deployment have given him an advantage in a VBSN program that Brooks describes as “hardcore.” “It was a big learning experience kind of like this,” Brooks said. “You learn a lot on the go. You have to pick up things quickly it’s kind of same thing here.” Whyte agrees the program is very intense, but military training has prepared these specialized student-veterans for it. “The people in the program are not traditional college students,” Whyte said. “Most are a little older, a little more experienced and are motivated to get a better job. It’s a different population.” FSU, which will receive almost $800,000 in federal funding from the HRSA over the next three years to serve the educational needs of military veterans who aspire to pursue nursing careers, is looking to recruit more veterans for the program. Brooks definitely recommends the Florida State’s program for anyone who has served as a medic or corpsman. “It’s really fast track so you have to have a good grasp already, medically speaking,” Brooks said. “It’s a great opportunity because in one year you can become a nurse.” For more information, visit or email info@nursing. fsu,edu. 17 FACULTY MEMBER SERVES AS GUARDIAN ON HONOR FLIGHT College of Nursing professor Dr. Jim Whyte recently served as a guardian for a 93-year-old veteran during an Honor Flight earlier this year. Jim Whyte, director of the Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and a veteran himself, made the trip to Washington, D.C. alongside retired USAF Colonel Robert Jones, a veteran of World War II, Korea and Vietnam, on April 9. Honor Flight’s mission is to transport veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit memorials that are dedicated to honoring veteran’s service and sacrifice at no cost to them. “I wanted to participate in Honor Flight because I want veterans to get the respect and honor they deserve for giving so freely of themselves in service to their country,” Whyte said. Colonel Jones, a retired United States Air Force fighter pilot who started out in the Army Air Corps during World War II, also served during the Korean conflict and Vietnam. Guardians play a very important role in facilitating the dreams of veterans to see the memorials built in their honor. Their responsibilities include flight preparation, making sure boarding passes and IDs are available, distributing honor flight t-shirts and getting veterans through airport security and safely boarded on the flight. “Colonel Jones had a lot of medical needs and could not walk,” Whyte said. “I was essentially his private duty nurse for the entire day.” Whyte and Colonel Jones departed Orlando at 5 a.m. and returned at midnight the same day. They visited the World War II Korean, and Vietnam War memorials, the monuments for each individual service and attended the change of watch at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. Whyte remains in contact with Colonel Jones and has spoken with him several times. He has forwarded his cruise book to Whyte to look over and Whyte connected the veteran with his son who lives in the Orlando area in case he needs anything. SAILORS PRACTICE PATIENT CARE SKILLS IN SIMULATION CENTER Sailors from the Naval Operational Support Unit Tallahassee (pictured with College of Nursing faculty members Dr. Jim Whyte, Program Director for the Veteran’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program; and Dr. Maria Whyte, Coordinator of Simulation) visited the College of Nursing’s Simulation Center on May 15 to practice various patient care skills.

18 Florida State University College of Nursing


Student nurse Ann Hodges examining a 4-H Club member, 1955. College of Nursing Collection, Heritage Protocol & University Archives, Florida State University Libraries, Tallahassee, Florida.

PRESERVE, PROTECT, SHOWCASE In order to preserve our rich history, the College of Nursing established the Legacy Project. To ensure the preservation of historical objects related to the history of the College of Nursing, the archives was created to store the collection of historical items. The mission of the College of Nursing’s Archives is to preserve, protect, and showcase the legacy of nursing education at Florida State University. Students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and friends have expressed this history through published, unpublished, audio, and visual materials, memorabilia, and ceremonial objects. To accomplish the mission of the Legacy Project, activities included: • • • •

Ensuring the preservation of historical objects related to the history of the College of Nursing. Capturing memories of student life for nursing students at FSU over the decades. Portraying the evolution of nursing education at FSU in a chronological depiction of school experiences across the decades since the 1950s. Recognizing the legacy of excellence earned by alumni and all who have contributed to the teachinglearning mission of the College.

In keeping with our mission, we have been working with Heritage Protocol & University Archives to relocate the College of Nursing Collection (1948 - 2014) to FSU Heritage Protocol in Strozier Library. The College of Nursing Collection is now available online, and the finding aid can be viewed on Archon, the Finding Aid Database, and selections from the collection have been digitized and are available on DigiNole. The College of Nursing Collection consists of papers, ephemera, and photographs that document the history and activities of Florida State University’s College of Nursing from its development in 1948 through 2014. The collection includes donations from alumni, records from the deans, the graduate nursing program, various faculty committees, student organizations (Student Nurses Association and Sigma Theta Tau), and the Legacy Project, as well as materials created for special events such as pinning and graduation ceremonies, homecoming events, conferences, and presentations. To learn more about the College of Nursing Collection visit Special Collections. If you are interested in donating, please contact Sandra Varry in Heritage Protocol and University Archives at svarry@fsu. 19

ALUMNI & FRIENDS OUTREACH Fall 2015 Tailgate On Saturday, September 5, 2015, the College of Nursing hosted its third Annual Fall Tailgate for alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students prior to the FSU vs. Texas State football game. Tailgate attendees had the opportunity to interact with faculty and their fellow alumni, and tour the College of Nursing Simulation Center with members of the Student Leadership Council.

Homecoming 2015 During Homecoming 2015, College of Nursing alumni, friends, faculty, and students participated in the Sigma Theta Tau Research Dinner, Homecoming parade, Alumni and Faculty Awards Dinner, the President’s Tailgate, and the Homecoming Football game. Homecoming activities took place from Thursday, November 12 - Saturday, November 14, 2015. Attendees enjoyed touring Duxbury Hall, learning more about faculty research, and interacting with College of Nursing students to hear their stories about why they chose nursing and what they want to do after graduation.

20 Florida State University College of Nursing


Dr. Kristy Kiel Martyn, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC, FAAN (BSN ‘78), is currently a tenured Professor at Emory University School of Nursing, Assistant Dean of Clinical Advancement, Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and the Independence Chair in Nursing. She is a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, a member of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Research Committee, and an editorial board member for a number of journals. Since 1981 Dr. Martyn has been actively involved in nursing education, teaching and leading nursing education programs at all levels, including undergraduate pediatrics and community health; master's advanced registered nurse practice (family and pediatric nurse practitioner) programs; doctor of nursing practice programs; and PhD research and dissertations. She engages students, post-doctoral fellows, and other faculty in her scholarly work with most publications and grants co-authored with them.


Chiffon R. Holiday, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C (BSN ‘90), has served in many roles during her nursing career. She's been a Patient Advocate, Nurse Educator, mentored and precepted new nurses and often gave lectures at conferences and seminars on various topics. She currently works as an Adjunct Professor for both Nova Southeastern University and as a Clinical Instructor for Internal Medical Students at Ross University, and American University of the Caribbean. In addition to her extensive professional career, Chiffon has held many positions serving and representing the Nursing field, being an active member of the FSU Black Alumni Association, and volunteers her time and support to her High School Alma Mater, Miami Norland Senior High.

Recent Alumni

Dr. Jennifer “Ally” Fields (BSN ‘05, DNP ‘15) began her career as an emergency and trauma nurse. She worked closely with the University of Pennsylvania Center for Resuscitation Science to bring an innovative, new, cutting edge treatment for survivors of cardiac arrest called Therapeutic Hypothermia. By cooling post-cardiac arrest patients to 91 degrees Fahrenheit it gives patients in the Big Bend area a better chance for survival and full neurological recovery. She went on to earn several awards including the Caring Hands Award and the hospital-wide Excellence Award. She returned to FSU in 2013 to pursue her Doctorate of Nursing Practice and focused her research on cardiac arrest and resuscitation science. Her research project titled “A Study of the Effect of Initiation of Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia on Neurological Outcomes in the Cardiac Arrest Patient” won the Sigma Theta Tau Outstanding Scholarship of Practice award. Her other research interests include organ donation, molecular genetics of sudden cardiac arrest, and near death experiences. She is certified in emergency and critical care and was one of the first people in the United States to be certified in Therapeutic Hypothermia Life Support (THLS). She currently serves her community as a cardiology ARNP for Southern Medical Group in Tallahassee, Florida. Sophia Khawly (BSN ‘11) is currently practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Miami, Florida, at Better Choice Medical Center. Since 2003, Sophia has been volunteering with Hope for Haiti’s Children (HFHC) non-profit

Pictured left to right: Ally Fields, Chiffon Holiday, Dean McFetridge-Durdle, Kristy Kiel Martyn, and faculty member Dr. Eileen Cormier (accepting the Distinguished Graduate Award on behalf of Sophia Khawly). 21 organization. As a Board of Directors member, she helps raise funds to support public schools in Haiti. She also leads the medical outreach mission trips, which provide health care access to HFHC students and their families. Through HFHC, several hundreds of students are receiving a free education and health care. Sophia was awarded Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College of 2010, the FSU President’s Humanitarian award in 2010, and the FSU College of Nursing Dean’s Leadership Award in 2011. She enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures, going to the beach and hiking, and is learning to play the piano.

NOTEABLE ALUMNI ACCOMPLISHMENTS Dr. Kathleen P. Wilson (BSN ’78), was inducted as a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) on Thursday, June 23, during the AANP 2016 National Conference at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Wilson is a certified PNP and FNP from Tallahassee, Florida, where she practices as an endocrinology specialist. She is also a graduate faculty member at Walden University teaching in both the DNP and PhD programs. In her career, she has held positions in research, administration with extensive experience in chronic disease prevention and management, and community program development. She has a sustained record of excellence in teaching, dissemination of evidence-based practice through scholarly publications and presentations, and service to the profession for more than three decades.

Dr. Kathleen P. Wilson through outstanding contributions.

The AANP is the largest full-service national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners of all specialties. The Fellows of the AANP (referred to as FAANP) was established in 2000 to recognize nurse practitioner leaders who have made outstanding contributions to health care through their clinical practice, research, education or policy. Fellows of AANP are visionaries and, as such, hold an annual think tank to strategize about the future of nurse practitioners and health care. As a new Fellow, she will be expected to continue to demonstrate leadership and contribute to the mission of AANP. As a new FAANP she will continue the tradition of impacting national and global health

College of Nursing alumna Dr. Janine Overcash (BSN ‘78), (pictured 2nd from the left) was elected as a distinguished fellow in the National Academies of Practice during the 2016 Annual Meeting & Forum at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD on April 8-9. She is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Director of Adult/Gerontological nurse practitioner program and the Clinical Nurse Specialist program at the Ohio State University, College of Nursing. Dr. Overcash’s research interests include understanding falls, performance status and independence in older cancer patients. She speaks nationally and internationally on aspects of geriatric assessment and care of the older person diagnosed with cancer.

SHARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS The College of Nursing would love to highlight the professional accomplishments of our alumni. If you want to share your professional accomplishments with the College, please send your information to the College of Nursing, Attn: Marilyn McGhee, Marketing Representative, 98 Varsity Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4310. You can also send your updated information via e-mail to

22 Florida State University College of Nursing

DEVELOPMENT UPDATES Thank you to our donors, sponsors, corporate and foundation partners, and alumni for helping the College of Nursing reach a robust fundraising level -- our second highest in six years -- during our past fiscal year (July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016). With your generous support, the college will be able to continue to invest in excellent programs, recruit faculty members, support students, bolster research and respond to the changing demands of the nursing profession. A special thank you to donors who contributed online during our sparkFSU campaign in April. During this 36-hour online fundraising campaign, the College of Nursing raised $2,820 in online gifts. Dollars contributed during this unique, annual fundraising campaign will help students offset gas, food and lodging expenses incurred during their required weekend clinical Jennifer Albaugh Director of Development pediatric rotation at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. Because the funds raised are critically important to students, we will re-launch the project this Fall and you can contribute online beginning October 18th at The project will continue for several weeks and close at the end of the day on Tuesday, November 29, which is #GivingTuesday - a national day celebrating philanthropy and giving back to your community. If you haven’t contributed yet, we invite you to consider making a tax-deductible gift to support College of Nursing fundraising initiatives that ignite your passion such as nursing research, scholarly support for faculty, student fellowships or scholarships, or technology and equipment upgrades in our clinical skills labs. Florida State University has been distinguished as a preeminent university on the verge of becoming one of the nation’s premier higher education institutions. In order to reach even greater heights, Florida State has launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in University history -- Raise the Torch: The Campaign for Florida State. With a goal of $1 billion, Raise the Torch will ignite big ideas to improve the student experience, serve as an economic engine for the state, and improve the quality of life for society as a whole. At the College of Nursing, funds contributed during Raise the Torch will: • Help us provide scholarships and academic programs that will engage and transform the next generation of students; • Enable us to recruit and retain world-class faculty members; and • Harness the energy and talent of our research faculty and programs to improve the public good. To date, the College of Nursing has raised more than $6.17 million toward our campaign goal with the generous support from our alumni and donors. From creating the nation’s first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary, degree-granting school of entrepreneurship to funding programs that provide deserving students the guidance and academic support needed to succeed, Florida State can only accomplish monumental achievements because of the enthusiastic and unwavering support of donors like you. You inspire creativity and generate transformational opportunities for our University community. Florida State University President John Thrasher believes we live in a world where private philanthropy is the determining factor between a good university and a truly great one, and your support continues to build Florida State’s legacy. Join us to ensure that the College of Nursing can achieve our greatest success with support from individuals like you!

THANK YOU! The current list of donors, which will include gifts made as of June 30, 2016, is being compiled and will be posted on the FSU Foundation website - We sincerely apologize for any inadvertant omissions or misspelled names. Please contact us at (850)644-2647 to discuss any changes. 23 Fundraising Priorities: The College of Nursing has set forth an ambitious fundraising plan for the 2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017). With your help, we can meet our goal and raise crucial funds to support our clinical programs, students, faculty and endowed scholarships. 1. PhD program: There is a strong imperative for the College of Nursing to achieve a seamless progression in nursing scholarly activity to meet the new and ongoing demands of nursing education. Knowledge in and contributions to nursing research are long-acknowledged hallmarks of successful academic programs. In addition, the demand for PhD prepared nurses both within academic settings and the health care system outstrips the current supply on both state and national levels. Our effort to develop a PhD program closely aligns with FSU’s strategies to retain preeminent status, supports the college’s succession efforts and provides opportunities to increase research funding and productivity. The college will apply to the University for the PhD in Nursing to be considered a new program. Funds are needed for start-up and recruiting costs to establish the new program. 2. Graduate Fellowships - $250,000: Fellowships are critical in attracting the best and brightest graduate students to FSU. These awards allow talented students to complete their degrees and undertake research without the need for outside employment. The college offers two online master’s degrees: the MSN Nurse Educator and the MSN Nurse Leader. The programs prepare registered nurses to pursue successful careers in patient, staff and student education and to assume higher-level practice and leadership roles in a variety of health care settings. The college also offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Family Nurse Practitioner Program to prepare registered nurses for the highest level of clinical practice as a clinician, leader, educator, consultant and researcher. Private contributions are needed to fund graduate fellowships to help recruit and retain top graduate students. 3. Named Professorships - $150,000: Professorships are the most respected and sought after positions in higher education. Funding a named professorship can help ensure that our students get the best possible education from faculty who have demonstrated excellence and are committed to remaining at the top of their field. Endowed professorships help attract and retain exceptional professors, and income from the endowment contributes to faculty compensation, scholarly research and classroom activities. 4. Endowed Scholarship for a Nursing student in the CARE program - $25,000: The University’s Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement (CARE) program provides preparation, orientation and academic support programming for students who are among the first in their family to attend college and may face unique challenges because of educational or economic circumstances such as experiences in foster care or homelessness. Scholarships not only reward high achievement and bring the region’s best students to FSU but also enable deserving students with financial need to develop their skills and experience careers and futures they might never have had. The college’s newly formed Advancement Council has selected to endow this scholarship for a first-generation student as their fundraising priority. As of April 2016, there were 23 pre-nursing students enrolled in the CARE program. Join us to help ensure all deserving students can achieve academic success at the College of Nursing. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for investing in the FSU College of Nursing. Naming opportunities are still available for the spaces in the College of Nursing, including the skills labs, board room, computer lab and classrooms. Schedule a tour of the Duxbury building today to see how you can support the College of Nursing in a tangible way, or contact us to talk about leaving a legacy at your alma mater. In Seminole Spirit,

Jen Albaugh Director of Development (850) 644-2647 or

Alumni interested in making contributions to the College of Nursing can give securely online at the FSU Foundation, or via check by mailing a gift form that indicates your gift’s purpose. Contributions made by check should be made payable to the FSU Foundation and mailed to: FSU Foundation, 2010 Levy Avenue, PO Box 3062739, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2739.

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Florida State University College of Nursing 2016 Annual Report  
Florida State University College of Nursing 2016 Annual Report