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OUR VALUES Courage | Compassion | Respect | Growth
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In the sporting arena, our girls have once again shone; with several brilliant individual and team performances in a vast array of sports. MLC School teams won multiple prizes and premierships this year across swimming, cross country, badminton, netball, water polo, volleyball and rowing. Congratulations to all our athletes!

Our debaters excelled this year, winning the Friday Evening Debating Competition, the Archdale Grand Final and being awarded Top-Debating Girl’s School for 2022. Congratulations!

Arts, Music, Dance and Drama students continue to impress, showcasing their talents at various successful and well attended events including:

• Illuminate, our Design, Art and Technology (DART) Showcase

Address delivered at 2022 Speech Night

On behalf of the MLC School Council, I welcome you all to our Speech Day Celebration for 2022.

After two extraordinary and disruptive years, 2022 has seen the return of our campus to a hive of activity; with the resumption of sporting, music, drama and other co-curricular activities as well as the reintroduction of several social events and celebrations. For this we are grateful.

The achievements of our students this year have been exemplary. The academic year began on a high note, with 12 students from our Year 12 Class of 2021 attaining an ATAR of 99.95, and with several works by our Year 12 students accepted for external showcases and exhibitions across Dance, Drama and Visual Arts. We look forward to the results of the Class of 2022.

• The Resounding Voices Concert at the Sydney Town Hall

• and, of course, our in-house productions, including the musical Little Women and the 2022 Dance Showcase, Finding Alice.

As parents returned to campus, our social, sporting and cultural program of events have taken off again! We have had great attendance at our Celebrations of Learning: grade assemblies; House Chapel services; Athletics and Swimming carnivals. We hosted our first Intergenerational High Tea, celebrating families with a long connection with the School. Our first-ever Father’s Day Breakfast was a big hit!

The generosity of our girls and community is well known, with:

• The P&F Fees Raffle raising almost $50,000. $25,000 will go towards new spectator seating around our Hockey fields


• The MLC School team for The World’s Greatest Shave raised over $56,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation

• The Margaret and Rosalind Coulsen Scholarship was announced following a generous donation of $1,000,000 to establish an endowment to support a scholarship for an Australian indigenous girl to attend MLC School from Year 5 to Year 12.

Improvement and upgrades to our school teaching facilities continue:

• Junior School renovations due for completion at the beginning of Term 1, 2023

• Upgrades to the Senior School teaching kitchens are currently underway

• Resurfacing of our basketball courts which will take place over the upcoming holidays

• The creation of the Wellbeing Centre occurred during the year. It now houses our nursing, clinical psychology and Heads of Years to enhance the pastoral care of our girls.

This year, we farewelled long-standing Council member and former Chair, Pauline Johnston. Pauline was the first woman and first former student to hold the position of Chair of MLC School Council. Having graduated as a Senior Prefect and Dux of the School in 1988, Pauline became a member of the School Council in June 2001, and held the Chair’s position from February 2010 to April 2020. During her tenure, Pauline oversaw improvements in

our educational facilities including the building of the Senior Centre, and the expansion of the academic programs at the School through the Introduction of the International Baccalaureate (IB). Pauline was committed to helping MLC School be a place where girls thrive. We thank her for decades of dedicated service to the School and wish her and her family all the very best for the future.

To all students of MLC School, thank you for the effort that you have put in this year. Thank you for your resilience and for your enthusiasm, as well as the commitment to your academic studies and co-curricular activities.

To the parents, guardians and friends of MLC School, thank you for your support of your daughters, our girls, and of the School. Thank you for your engagement and participation.

To our Principal, Lisa Moloney, once again thank you for your brilliant stewardship of the School as it returns to a renewed, but more normal, modus operandi. To the Executive and staff, thank you for your dedication to our girls and for your tireless efforts.

To MLC School Council, thank you for your governance and oversight of the School, aiming to make MLC School a place of growth for our students and staff alike. Together, we continue to build a strong community with the girl at the heart of all we do.

Students of the Class of 2022, I wish you all the very best for your upcoming results – you have a bright future ahead of you. Through your endeavours at MLC School, you have learned to build resilience, cared for and strengthened your community. We congratulate you on a successful school career, wish you all the best for your future endeavours and encourage you to continue to ‘walk as daughters of the light’.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas, and a relaxing and safe holiday. Enjoy your time with your loved ones – your family and friends. And all the very best for the new year.

‘Thank you for your resilience and for your enthusiasm, as well as the commitment to your academic studies and co-curricular activities.’


I would also like to acknowledge our 2022 School Captains for their leadership and hard work; these young people are wonderful ambassadors. Along with the rest of the leadership team, School Captain Anna Gough (Year 12) and Vice Captains Julia Gough (Year 12) and Tina Papamanuel (Year 12) have led with a clear purpose and determination, while also demonstrating care and a sense of fun that inspired and encouraged us all.

Address delivered at 2022 Speech Night

It is my pleasure to welcome you here this evening and to thank you all… parents, staff and students for your contribution to MLC School this year.

As I begin, I would like to thank and acknowledge:

• Moderator of the Uniting Church, Rev Simon Hansford, Chair of Council and MLC School Old Girl, Dr Eve Tsironis, members of Council, Members of the MLC School P&F Committee, Members of the Old Girls Union (OGU), invited guests, including former member of staff, Jennifer Brown. And importantly, MLC School staff past and present, and students and their families.

Thank you to every one of you…not only for your attendance, but for your commitment to MLC School and ongoing support.

As someone who has almost no understanding of the layout of Sydney other than how to get from my house to MLC School, for me, one of the most useful technological advancements is the in-car satellite navigation. Regardless of where I want to go, I just type in the address and the ‘route is calculated’. While it can be more than a little annoying when I hear ‘please make a u-turn as soon as possible’… I have worked out that you can ignore it, and after a short period of time, the GPS realises that you are right and recalculates plans to match what you want. What could be better?

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a GPS? How useful would that be?

For MLC School students, it could be like a ‘Head of Year for life’, reminding you when to tie your hair back, unroll your skirts and urging you to ‘please make a u-turn as soon as possible’ when you lose your way.

The downside is that it could also mean that all your decisions would be recorded for prosperity. In Britain, a notorious gang of armed bank robbers were brought to justice because their driver planned their raids using his car’s GPS, and added the addresses of the 12 banks into his device as ‘points of interest’ when planning the robberies. It didn’t end well.


And of course, we’ve all heard stories of drivers who unthinkingly followed the GPS even when it was more than obvious that the instructions were wrong.

Apparently as many as 83% of GPS users have been misled by their systems, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to cars in the past 12 months. Cars have been driven up rivers, through golf courses and down the stairs in front of city buildings, andit is reported that 52% of those drivers who were led astray ended up shouting at their devices while continuing to follow the directions.

So maybe a GPS for life isn’t such a good idea?

Maybe we need to look beyond technology for the guidance and direction we need? Perhaps there is another way?

This year, as with every other at MLC School, our focus has been to help our students to develop their own internal navigation system. When our Chaplains encourage us all to ‘walk as daughters of the light’ and when we unpack our School values of Courage, Compassion, Respect and Growth at assemblies and in setting our expectations, it is with this very clear goal in mind. When they graduate, we want our students to have the skills and capabilities to forge their own paths and have the insight and confidence to know when it’s time to do a u-turn or a different destination.

There are many people involved, working tirelessly to support our students and help them find their way back onto the correct path.

Thank you to the outstanding MLC School Executive team, our Chaplains Rev Viniana and Rev Sally, the Senior Leadership Team,

the Heads of Years, Heads of Houses, House Patrons, Heads of Department, Year Coordinators, the Health and Wellbeing team, and all those who teach and support our students or who work behind-the-scenes to make the School a fabulous place to work and learn.

During Term 4, many staff stepped into additional or new roles as we awaited the arrival of our new Executive team members in 2023. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken on additional responsibilities, and in particular, to our Acting Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School, Linda Emms, who has been an exceptional leader, supporter and endless source of wisdom.

Thank you parents and carers, for working with us to help your daughter navigate her own path through the secondary school years – it is sometimes a bit of a bumpy ride and- with your support, it is always so much easier to keep things moving in the right direction. I appreciate that so many of you attended our coffee mornings, parent forums and school events. After being isolated for so long, I have enjoyed the opportunity to connect again and discuss issues of mutual importance.

We have an incredibly talented, committed and hard-working School Council who are literally developing the road map to the future of MLC School, and making sure that I drive us in the right direction; they are part of my GPS navigation system! My very sincere thanks to them all, and in particular to our Chair of Council, Dr Eve Tsironis who is passionate and works tirelessly to advance our cause and support me.

The end of any school year brings with it the inevitable changes to our staff, and farewells to students and families who are leaving us.

If this is your final MLC School event - thank you for the way that you have played your role. I hope that your journey reconnects you with MLC School in future – you are always welcome.

Year 12 students - each one of you has taken a different path to get to this point, some of you have certainly required a few ‘u-turns and recalculations’; I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of you.

You are now ready to navigate your own way, and I hope very much that you will draw on the lessons and values of MLC School as you do.

This year, we have three very long-serving members of staff who are retiring and I would like to acknowledge their contribution to MLC School:

• Peter Klamka, 2000 – 2022

• Robyn Mackertich, 1999 – 2022

• Loretta Toole, 1998 – 2022

2022 has been a big year; so many moments of joy, amazing achievements and people literally knocking on our door to join the School. So much of our strength comes from our collective commitment to putting ‘the girl at the heart of all that we do’ and I thank you all; parents, staff, Old Girls, MLC School Council and the broader School community for supporting us as we work toward that collective goal.

There is lots to look forward to in 2023, but until then…

Thank you for your part in the achievements of 2022. Have a wonderful break!



Saturday sport was up and running again, with the weather being the only impediment to play. And then, finally, we got to hold the Swimming Carnival, complete with Year 12 Synchro, House cheer competitions and most memorably, Mrs Booth taking a leap from the diving board.

Life at MLC School this year started with a sense of caution. Would this really be the year that we could run face-to-face classes? Would we be able to hold events? Would the carnivals run? And what about camps? The first hurdle was Year 7 Camp in Week 1. With sharing tents still off the agenda, we regrouped and a Sydney-based program was put in place. Excursions were put back on to enrich the academic curriculum, and the School started to feel more like the busy, energetic place we know so well. Then came the assessment blocks, and it was back to the examination room with pen and paper; no more lockdown browsers or online invigilators. The Drama Theatre lights came back on as the cast of Little Women took to the stage. We could sing at Chapel, although we did need a refresher on the words for some of the hymns.

Term 2 arrived and the horizon was bright, but it was not without its challenges. Cadet Camp revealed the true grit within our girls and they matched their Newington counterparts step-for-step. The Year 9 Adventure Program was relaunched, and I have it from a reliable source that the Year 9 girls were not exaggerating about the leaches. But like the true MLC School girls they are, they dealt with it and made the most of the adventure. We held our first artist-in-residence workshop in Design, Art and Technology (DART), in collaboration with the indigenous artists of the Hermannsburg School from the Northern Territory, before two groups of staff and students travelled north for the Red Earth Indigenous Immersion in the June/July break.

Jazz at Camelot and Illuminate finished the term on a high note. The creative and performing arts were back in full swing, and showed us that not even two years of restrictions could dampen the expertise, drive and energy of our performers.

Co-curricular trips once more featured on our School calendar, with trips such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award adventurous journey to the Northern Territory, the Round Square Conference in the United Kingdom (UK), WoW Design Tour to New Zealand, and Snowsports to name a few.


In Term 3, we relaunched the Immersion program with the Year 8 program ‘A Sense of Place’. Focusing on the development of our understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, the girls went on a journey through the Central West of New South Wales (NSW) via Wagga Wagga and Canberra. This was the culmination of a 4-week program and enabled the girls to get back to true experiential learning experiences. Term 3 also brought us the Dance Showcase at the National Institute for Dramatic Arts (NIDA) Theatre and Wakkakirri, along with a host of debating and public speaking events.

By Term 4 it felt like we had shrugged off the last vestiges of the restrictions, and we were back in full stride. Year 10 went on Immersion to the North Coast of NSW, while Year 11 went on retreat to Crosslands, before returning and being inducted as the School valedictorian leaders for 2023. MLC School hosted the Rowing Regatta at Rodd Point and the Diving Championships were held. I think there can be no greater illustration of courage than watching our divers launch themselves backwards off the board into a summersault before a smooth entry into the water.

The 2023 Captains team led their first initiative for White Ribbon Day, with the focus on raising awareness and education about domestic violence, and in the process, raising funds that will be donated to support victims of domestic violence in the local Burwood area.

This was followed by the second of two highly successful Professional Learning sessions for staff on the topic of ‘Cultural Safety’ that was devised, led and evaluated by the student leadership team.

As always, we ended the term with Speech Day and Speech Night. If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that the opportunity to meet as a community is not one we should ever take for granted. While not every girl has the chance to walk across the stage, we know every girl has grown in the past year, we have seen what they are capable of and we are proud of them. I am so very grateful we were able to make the final year of school for Year 12 the celebration it should be; that we could bring back the events that are such an important part of closing one chapter of their life before beginning the next. My thanks to the teaching staff for all they do to support, nurture and care for our girls, and for keeping them at the heart of what we do always. To our wonderful support and operational staff without whom a School such as ours does not function, thank you.

MLC School continues to be a place where courage, compassion, respect and growth are nurtured, where diversity is celebrated and where we always remember to find joy in all that we do.

Linda Emms
‘I am so very grateful we were able to make the final year of school for Year 12 the celebration it should be...’


offerings. We commenced with a revised and popular co-curricular program. Our immersion programs that commence in Year 5 and continue into the Senior School also continue to evolve. And we have embarked on a renovation program providing new music facilities, Year 5 space and drama studios, canteen and external student toilets!

We have embraced the new with energy, while also holding onto what is dear to us. The Junior School has continued to help others in need, giving generously to many charitable organisations including the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) and the Lismore Library

We are living in a new time referred to as the ‘new normal’. The pandemic has driven us to change, but also provided us with the opportunity to embrace change for the better. MLC School, whilst steeped in tradition, has throughout its rich history embraced change that benefits each girl. Socrates taught us “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. It is our commitment to continual improvement, seeking new opportunities, and knowing when to change and what to hold onto that makes MLC School the progressive, highperforming school for girls that it is today.

This year, I have witnessed our School devoting enormous energy to the new, for the better. Outdoor adventure camp programs have been completely reshaped and will be extended to Kindergarten. Grade teachers continue to lend their expertise to the significant curriculum changes in NSW primary schools. Our specialist teachers continue to review and improve our

We have continued a strong emphasis on STEM education. Our Year 6 team won first place in the Primary Novice Division of Robo Cup. Our Year 7 team achieved second place in the highly competitive Secondary Novice Division. This would not be achieved without the strong STEM programs in our Junior School.

In music, our younger performers are achieving outstanding results in piano and violin. One junior violin player won first prize in a local eisteddfod and also performed in New York where she won in her age division for the American Youth Music Competition. Our much-loved Kindergarten to Year 2 Music Concert returned and we had our first and successful Year 6 musical, Moana JR. I was also reminded that Churunga won this year’s Sing-off Competition!

In musical theatre, speech and drama, and public speaking, we have achieved many accolades. Five Junior School girls received the Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA) Excellence Awards and medals for their outstanding achievements.

MLC School continues to stand out in the sports arena. In the pool, we had strong representation at the Combined Independent School (CIS) competitions. A Year 6 girl


was the School Sport Australia National Champion at nationals. In Diving, we made waves at national level competitions and represented at the CIS Athletics and Crosscountry carnivals. We competed at the state level in Skiing and Football, and national level in Beach Volleyball. We are proud Netball Grand Final winners.

In Dance, our Pom team placed third and Hip Hop fourth at the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) Winterfest, and in the Dance Battle both these teams placed first. In Wakakirri, our Junior School team received a series of state awards, and our story-dance entry was nominated for a national award for Best Entertainment Story A personal favourite is the truly magical Dance Magic Twilight Dance Recital for our youngest dancers.

The girls’ artworks are proudly on display all over the Junior School. Once again, we were able to collaborate with our Senior School to showcase works at Illuminate. These occasions provide our young girls with inspiration from their older peers. The annual MLC School Portrait Prize was a hit! Students responded to the theme of ‘Inspirational Women’. We also participated in external competitions and had four artists selected to showcase their works in ‘Operation Art’ and were awarded second place in the National Portrait Gallery’s Little Darlings Youth Portrait Prize and in the Young Australian Art Award. An MLC School girl featured in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA)’s Design Your Own Banknote Competition, and another won the Gould Studio Creative Impact Award

We received a Highly Commended Award in the 2022 Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Student Achievement in community languages. Languages have continued to flourish, with Italian being taught from PreKindergarten to Year 5 and the introduction this year of the Italian Club

Within academia we continue to reach for the stars, achieving many high distinctions in the optional International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Competition, placing those students in the top 1% of participants. In literature, we had many inspiring author visits and partook in National Simultaneous Storytime and the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

A new initiative, in conjunction with our parent volunteers, was our first Book Fair and parent book talk from The Children’s Bookshop. Our Junior School magazine has continued to be a popular read thanks to our future journalists.

When Kindergarten was asked about their achievements, they highlighted going to House assemblies, playing the xylophone at the Kindergarten assembly and learning about halves in maths because they got to make fairy bread!

My thanks to our supportive and committed parent body, including our Junior School Parents and Friends (P&F) President, Sarah Prince, as well as committee members, grade representatives, parent ambassadors and volunteers, who have reinvigorated or recreated our loved community events which bring families together.

There was a big turnout for the return of the Mother’s Day Disco and Dad and Daughter Cardboard Challenge. The wet weather at the Cardboard Challenge could not dampen our spirits as we dressed as knights, princesses, and other medieval characters. It was a delight to see girls dancing with their families again and dodging catapults being launched from cardboard castles.

To staff leaving our MLC School community, our deepest thanks. You, alongside all our colleagues, produced our highly successful flexible learning mode online throughout the pandemic. You assisted our students to adjust academically and socially as we

returned to learning onsite this year. To all members of our Junior School team, words cannot express our thanks for your dedication and commitment.

To the Junior School Leadership team, including our Deputy Head of School –Learning, Natalie Hird and Deputy Head of School – Pastoral, Joanne Sharpe, together with our School Executive, and Dr Paraskevi (Eve) Tsironis, School Council Chair and members, thank you for your leadership and guiding us as we strive towards building the new.

To our Principal, Lisa Moloney, I have witnessed you tirelessly focusing your energy on building MLC School to be the best school, where the girl is at the heart of all we do..

Girls, your tenacity as young learners is evident in how you have refocused your energy on building the new as we learn together again.

Year 5 you have stepped up as leaders during your final year on our Junior School campus. You have modelled our School values of courage, compassion, respect and growth, led by our School Captain Leela and School Vice-Captain Eloise.

Year 6, take pride in what you have achieved. Remember the book I read to you at your dinner, Girl on Wire by Lucy Estela. As you enter Senior School, be brave and fall forward.

Finally, when we work collaboratively together towards the ‘new’, I am reminded what a privilege and honour it is to be part of this very special community.



‘Generosity is the beginning of everything.’ I heard this phrase while watching a documentary last year and I immediately thought about the generosity I have encountered during my time at MLC School. When I look at the previous School Captains of MLC School, I see strong, compassionate, diligent women and I have always wondered how they accomplished all that they did. Over the course of my leadership experience, I have grown to realise that ‘School Captain’ is not a title carried by one person, but it is instead held by all students. The biggest lesson I have learnt this year is that with generosity, anything can be accomplished.

Generosity has been a hallmark of our 2022 Leadership Team-and I am most grateful. I am incredibly proud of the initiatives the team and other students have developed with the goal of opening and progressing conversations that some may view as uncomfortable or taboo.

This includes the Cultural Safety Conference, a student-led event with School staff, which was a discussion about racism and cultural awareness. MLC School’s inaugural Consent Day was organised by the Gender Equality Committee. I was uplifted by the determination, spirit and patience of this team, who worked incredibly hard to initiate meaningful dialogue with the student body about consent.

I hope in coming years that these important conversations continue to strengthen and grow.

What I wish most for the MLC School student body is that everyone has a sense of belonging at this school. The events held by our leaders focused on culture, gender and identity, as we aimed to emphasise that everyone is valued in our community. To contribute, I enjoyed writing to the whole school on holidays such as Ramadan, Easter and Diwali to provide some context on why these are important.

‘The events held by our leaders focused on culture, gender and identity, as we aimed to emphasise that everyone is valued in our community.’

The aim was to raise awareness about the diverse cultural celebrations in our community and encourage all girls to share in the richness of them. Through generosity comes understanding. With understanding comes compassion.

As the students of MLC School take on new adventures and challenges, may we all remember that generosity is the beginning of everything. Small actions can move mountains.




If I was told a year ago that there would be a silver lining to starting our captaincy journey online, I would not have believed it. Yet at the end of this rollercoaster of a year of leadership, I realise more than ever how ’perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached‘. The milestone events of 2022 were accomplished as a collective, as we returned from lockdown with more teamwork, spirit and a sense of community than ever before.

This enhanced teamwork was also apparent in the Middle Years Leadership team, as our weekly Monday meetings and fortnightly assemblies brought us closer and allowed us to accomplish our goal of making Middle Years assemblies a time to both relax and celebrate student achievements. The creative assembly ideas - including an Easter ‘egg roulette’, Family Feud, newspaper catwalk, and Friends TV show parody video - are credited to the enthusiasm and spirit of all 10 leaders.

This year the Middle Years Leadership team started an ‘ initiative of crafting a Guide to Year 7, which was a booklet designed to support incoming Year 7s navigate MLC School, with essential tips from a student perspective.

A second initiative was the Easter Egg Drive, where the combined efforts of the Middle Years Leaders and School community enabled us to deliver 11 large easter egg boxes to Wayside Chapel, Newtown Mission and The Bills Crews Foundation.

The Year 6 – Year 10 Mentoring program continued during Term 2 and Term 3 thanks to the leadership of 20 Year 10 students, who offered their fortnightly Monday Luminary times to run indoor and outdoor activities, and form friendships with the incoming Year 7s. This initiative aimed to introduce the Year 6s to their future Big Sister and Little Sister year groups, and its success is credited to the enthusiasm and commitment of the Year 10 mentors.

It is certainly special to have led the Middle Years community alongside spirited students and leaders, but it is a blessing to graduate knowing that these communities and friendships will be lifelong. The Middle Years team and community have become a second family that has brought profound joy and comfort this year - so I owe the Middle Years a heartfelt thank you!

Tina Papamanuel Vice-Captain (Year 6 to Year 9)
‘It is certainly special to have led the Middle Years community alongside spirited students and leaders...’



At the commencement of my role, there was no doubt I was quite intimidated to step up and lead Senior Years, including at our fortnightly assemblies. I tend towards introversion and love to be behind the scenes. That said, I felt tremendous support in the room, which was at once touching and humbling. I am grateful beyond measure to have had the opportunity to learn, grow and test new ideas with the support of the Senior Years and Executive team, whom I thank deeply.

A key part of this portfolio for me was sparking support within the student body. I sincerely hope that this has been achieved at a level that has been felt by most, whilst there will always be students who need additional care and support. I think a central tenet of MLC School is a strong group of Senior Years students who are able to connect with one another and realise the value of their similarities and the strength in their differences.

My greatest lessons have been learnt from my fellow captaincy team members. As a team, we have supported one another’s initiatives and have worked to create greater

inclusivity across the School community, focusing on how we can improve so that students feel welcomed in all areas of school life. It has been an honour to work alongside such inspirational young women in this team and I am proud of all they have achieved this past year, particularly organising the inaugural Cultural Safety Conference and Consent Day

Undoubtedly the greatest privilege of this role was being able to spend time and talk with the Senior Years students and hear about their passions and ideas. They are all incredibly bright and bold young adults – there is strength in their gentleness, courage in their kindness, and integrity in their actions. I have no doubt that the Senior Years students will continue to grow and learn with the grace and humility they have demonstrated to me this past year and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

‘It has been an honour to work alongside such inspirational young women in this team and I am proud of all they have achieved this past year...’


What a year! For the Student Representative Council (SRC), 2022 provided new opportunities and life to the School following a year in which it was difficult to leave the house – let alone organise school-wide events!

Our goal was to find a balance between holding events for charity and events that were simply for fun, which led to our first initiative in collaboration with the Round Square team in Term 4: Candygrams and the Christmas Toy Drive. From there, the SRC team held the World’s Greatest Shave in Term 1, in which the MLC School community raised a new school record of $57,000! In Term 2, we continued the tradition of holding Teacher Appreciation Week, which involved activities run by the SRC representatives of each year group and is always a highlight.

In saying that, none of the tangible successes of the SRC could have been possible without the representatives from each year group, who became more confident, collaborative, and proactive as the voices of their cohorts throughout the year.

Being SRC Captain has been a position made all the more enjoyable thanks to the 2022 SRC representatives:

Year 6

Mara Nichols

Sierra Rowe

Alana Siluk

Emma Sugianto

Year 8

Kathleen Chrun

Sienna Dodd

Jemima Zoud

Year 10

Esther Kim

Catherine Kong

Isabelle Lin

Year 7

Sophia Hu

Stephanie Keo

Hannah Olsson

Year 9

Maya Gupta

Angie Lan

Angelina Zhang

Year 11

Maddie Hutchens

Chloe Jing

Annabel Twomey

I would also like to say a massive thank you to our SRC supervisor Toby Duncan, who joined the team in Term 1, and provided support and guidance for me and the rest of the team in organising initiatives and proposing new ideas. Without his support, I’m not sure any of our crazy ideas would have come to fruition.

Finally, as all good things come to an end, I will be passing over the baton to the incoming SRC Captain for 2023, Julia Lok, who I have no doubt will lead her new team with confidence, kindness and humility – I know the 2023 SRC team is in safe hands!

Natalie Cavallaro

Student Representative Council (SRC) Captain



After being elected as part of the Middle Years Leadership team, not only have we grown as true leaders, but have formed an everlasting bond together. Although this year didn’t start as we had planned, it was certainly more than an amazing experience.

Throughout the year, we participated in numerous wonderful events. Tour days, interactive assemblies every fortnight, preparing guides for Year 7s, making origami ornaments for Christmas, an Easter Egg drive, and countless more. All of which we have enjoyed with the Middle Years students.

We started off together as merely a group of classmates; but throughout the year we faced many challenges that helped us grow and bond together, not only as a team, but as friends, with memories we will cherish and look back on throughout our lives.

Our Middle Years journey commenced with a setback many of us are familiar with, COVID-19, and we had to navigate doing our very first assemblies online. It was definitely challenging; not only were we unable to see the Year 6 to Year 9 cohort face to face, but we had to think of creative ways to make assemblies entertaining, whilst online.

To Tina, the Middle Years Vice-Captain: words can’t describe how thankful we all are for your extraordinary efforts this year; you have made our Middle Years journey so memorable. From organising meetings and assemblies to buying lollies, we are forever grateful. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

To the Middle Years: Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, and our Year 9 cohort. Thank you for always participating in assemblies and cooperating with our crazy ideas, you have all made our activities possible, and we know that the 10 new leaders for 2023 will do an astounding job and continue to thrive in their own ways.

We have been honoured to be your 10 leaders for 2022, we have enjoyed every moment and wouldn’t change a thing.

Sophia Grave (Year 9), Sophia Malas (Year 9), Maya Gupta (Year 9), Evie Papamanuel (Year 9), Marirose Giann (Year 9), Annaliese Yan (Year 9), Amaya Karunakaran (Year 9), Misha Behi (Year 9), Anita Mohanan (Year 9), and Angelina Le (Year 9)

Middle Years Leadership team



Our School Values are an important part of who we all are.

What a fantastic and lucky year we have had. For the first time in three years, we have had an uninterrupted year of school. Not only has this been easier than learning from home, but it has also meant that we have been able to enjoy whole School events, camps, excursions and carnivals again. I am sure that the girls all agree that being at school and in our classrooms all year has been great.

It has been an absolute honour to be Junior School Captain in 2022. I would like to thank many people personally and on behalf of my fellow students. First, I must thank Eloise Wong (Year 5), who has shared this year of leadership with me. Eloise, you have been a great friend, ally and captain; I will cherish the experiences that we have shared this year. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Ms Moloney, Mr Sandral, Ms Sharpe and Ms Hird, thank you for continuing to make MLC School an inspiring place to learn, play, develop our life skills and life-long friendships. Thanks to all our Junior School class teachers, specialist teachers and support staff; your dedication to teaching us is appreciated and admired.

We thank you not only for the daily class teaching, but for the extra time you give to running clubs and co-curricular activities at lunchtime, before and after school. We thank you for taking us on excursions and camps which are always a highlight. I believe that our teachers are the best - because not only do they teach us from the book, but they also teach us from the heart.

Thank you to the girls of Year 5, 2022. You have all taken on leadership roles this year, you have fulfilled these roles expertly and been exceptional examples to the rest of the School. Your Courage, Compassion, Respect and Growth have allowed us to admire you all. Our School Values are an important part of who we all are.

I thank every girl in the Junior School for giving something of themselves to make MLC School the amazing school it is today. Last, but not least, thank you to our parents. You are a constant source of love and support, and encourage us to be our best. On behalf of the Junior School girls, I wish Year 6 all the best for the beginning of their high school journey. I am sure that you will be leaving Junior School with many happy memories.

To the 2023 student leaders, I know you will do us proud. Enjoy the journey that the leadership role takes you on.

To finish I will share a quote, ‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless’.



2022 has been a year of change. A year of recovery. And a year where we returned to a more normal life. Various lockdowns allowed us to appreciate and value simple things like hugs, smiles and fun times in the playground. We have been able to reconnect, revive and restore MLC School’s lively community.

I would like to thank Leela Das (Year 5), my true comrade and dear friend for working with me and making this year an absolute delight. MLC School has provided me with many precious memories and opportunities. Being Junior School Vice-Captain has been such a fun and exciting experience and I am so grateful.

One of the many special things about MLC Junior School is the warm and nurturing environment created by the one-to-one involvement of our incredible teachers and Heads of School. Who could forget our teachers’ amazing Little Miss characters costumes in Book Week, and the courageous Battle of Houses during the Cardboard Challenge with the fall of the tall towers in the rain? Mr Sandral and Ms Sharpe have always made every one of the 500 Junior School girls feel welcome on the red carpet.

We are fortunate at MLC School to have such a team of enthusiastic teachers who encourage and inspire us to learn. Special thanks to our kind, energetic Year 5 teachers who make learning fun. To my fellow Year 5s, together we have grown and shared so many memorable times like sports carnivals and our first overnight camp…finally.

I would like to share a quote from one of my favourite movies Kung Fu Panda. It is based on a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, UN ambassador and one of the most influential women of the 20 th century. It goes like this:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, however, today is a gift. That is why it is called The Present”.

We can put the difficulties of the past behind us, and look forward to an exciting future, however, it is important to live in the present. MLC School constantly inspires us to ’Dare to be More’ and live life to the fullest every day.

To all the students, MLC School wouldn’t be the amazing school it is without you. Thank you for your positive attitude and willingness to participate. Continue to challenge yourself as much as you can because opportunities are created, they don’t just happen. Exit your comfort zone, face your fears, and continue your journey for knowledge.




This year we had a very enthusiastic, terrific group of girls on the JSSC. Two JSSC members come from each class in Year 3 to Year 5, plus the Junior School Captains. Our aim is to build community in the Junior School to make it an even better place than it is already.

The first thing we tackled was to ask Ms Moloney and Mr Sandral if we could have garbage bins that don’t need the lids to be lifted, because all the girls in the Junior School hated having to lift dirty bin lids to throw away their rubbish.

Thankfully, this was agreed to, and we now have the same bins as the Senior School; the girls are very happy. Most importantly, we think there is also less rubbish on the playground.

Finally, Stay and Play – the highlight of the Junior School calendar – was able to take place this year. All the girls in the Junior School enjoyed it so much. The girls and teachers in Year 3 to Year 5 did a terrific job in organising many fun activities and food stalls for all to enjoy.

Lots of parents joined us on a lovely sunny afternoon and had a wonderful time. The JSSC members are grateful that it turned out so well. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.

We enjoyed representing our classes this year and hope we made a positive contribution to the Junior School.




For many of us, the pandemic has been one long, exhausting obstacle that has blocked us from fulfilling our hopes and dreams; it kept us from connecting with others and changed our lives for the worse. Even if we’ve managed to find joy and keep our lives on track, we may still be feeling depressed and depleted. Around the world, the call is growing ever louder: we want things to go back to normal.

But what we knew as normal no longer exists and we can’t yet see what the new normal will be like when it finally arrives. If we’ve learned anything from the last two years, it’s that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. We will be navigating this pandemic and its impact for years to come. We have learned that we need a stronger, more resilient, and more sustaining spiritual practice... which means that we desperately need a new and deeper capacity for resilience. Without resilience, we cannot re-build and re-grow!

One of the joys of being School Chaplains is witnessing the resilience of teachers and

students alike. Every pastoral conversation held within our School community in 2022 echoes the dedication of our staff members and students, no matter how difficult the year has been.

In Junior School, one of the major changes that took place was the creation of a new timetable for fortnightly Chapel Services that is sustainable and more contextual for the different age groups and classes. This coincides with the liturgical themes and seasons, as well as classroom lessons that are led by our Chaplains.

In Senior School, our weekly Devotional and Chapel Services continue to be studentled as we follow the Lectionary-based Bible Readings, Reflections and Stories; and follow the seasons of the Church. It is intentionally themed around sharing the values and ethos of MLC School. Our school activities, functions and special events promote a spiritual approach as communal and individual prayers are offered by the Chaplains. Thanks to all our Heads of Houses and House Captains; all House Services for

2022 were well attended as they re-commenced again this year.

The generosity of our School community is expressed through the many donations, charities and major fundraising held throughout the year. As ordained Ministers of the Uniting Church, we connect and build relationships between our School and agencies such as Uniting, Uniting Justice, Uniting World, Wayside Chapel, and others, as our students seek ways to connect and assist the vulnerable in our society. We are proud to say that MLC School is also well known for its service and compassionate heart.

Our primary role as School Chaplains continues to be pastorally caring for the School community and being present in a way that brings the Love, Peace, Joy, and the Hope of Jesus Christ, in every aspect of School life that is required of us.

The MLC School girl is at the heart of everything we do, so, ‘re-building and regrowth’ is an evolving process in our daily work. There’s a Nigerian proverb that says, “with a little seed of imagination you can grow a field of hope.” In some places, the land is thriving and almost ready for harvest. In others, seeds that were planted have begun to sprout. In other places, the land is frozen and resting, waiting for spring. When seeds are planted, the sowers imagine a future full of promise and hope!

As MLC School seeks a deeper capacity of resilience for re-building and re-growth, we can only pray that the seeds we plant for 2023 will bring many more blessings for our School community!



FRONT ROW Natalie Cavallaro, Julia Gough, Anna Gough, Tina Papamanuel, Olivia Clowes SECOND ROW Ms L. Moloney (Principal), Sarah-Bronte Andrikis, Mounica Akula, Jacqueline Flett, Doris Yang, Madison Clemens, Mr N. Scotney, Mrs F. Booth
FRONT ROW Annabelle Banfield, Haya Yahia, Amelia Chan, Isabella Chapman, Sasha Green, Zunairah Mahfuz, Mahibhana Mahinthan SECOND ROW Briana Tran, Charlotte McCrory, Chelsea Hunt, Trinity Elghitany, Ruby Smith, Zoe Churchill THIRD ROW Grace Selim, Layla Hare, Zoe Johnson, Tara Grasso, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Indianna Miller ABSENT Mia Jameson
FRONT ROW Ms J. Sharpe, Eloise Wong, Leela Das, Mr D. Sandral FRONT ROW Evie Papamanuel, Angelina Le, Tina Papamanuel, Maya Gupta, Anita Mohanan SECOND ROW Mrs F. Booth, Misha Behi, Marirose Giann, Sophia Grave, Sophia Malas, Ms L. Moloney (Principal), Mr N. Scotney




Lisa Moloney BEd, MEdLead, GDipMusEd, MACE, MACEL, AHISA

Deputy Principal (Term 1 to Term 3)

Frances Booth BA(Hons), PGCE, ARI, MACEL

Acting Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School (Term 4)

Linda Emms BEd(DesTech), MACE

Head of Learning and Teaching

Head of Senior School (Term 1 to Term 2) Neil Scotney BPhysEd, BEd(PDHPE)

Head of Junior School

Daniel Sandral BEd, MEd, GDipTESOL, DipTeach

Head of Finance Systems and Administration

Ross Kirby BBusStud, DipAcct, CertGIA, ASA, JP

Head of People and Culture

Nyrissa Filetti BSc, Cert Coach, PRINCE2


Head of Information Technology

Steven Swarts PGCertBus, MCP

Head of Marketing and Community Relations

Michele Dunn BJuris Law

Executive Assistant to the Principal

Tracy Neale

Executive Assistant to the Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School (Term 1 to Term 3)

Alexandra Norton

Executive Assistant to the Head of Finance and Systems and Administration (Term 1 to Term 2)

Andrea Prevost


Head of Finance Systems and Administration

Ross Kirby BBusStud, DipAcct, CertGIA, ASA, JP

Wendy Allen Cert III Teacher’s Special Aide, DipEd Support

Carla Comitogianni

Robyn Di Christoforo AGIA, JP

Brett Grey BCom, CPA

Easso Mathews BCom, CPA

Trinh Nguyen

Andrea Prevost

Katie Qian BCom, AdvDip(Business Mgt), CPA

Navoda Wellege CPA, ACMA, CGMA


Aquatic Centre Manager

Luke Goddard BBus

Melanie Alibuyog BEd(Primary), BMgt, GradCertFinPlan, GradCertSMSF

Jessica Schell

Facility Operations Manager

Ashley Wierzbicki BBus&Com


Head of Careers and Academic Advising

Loretta Toole DipT, DipRelEd, GDipCarEd, DipCoun, MBTI Accred

Jo Cilia BA, DipEd, DipCarEd


Senior Chaplain

Rev Viniana Ravetali MTh, BTh, DipAdminMgt

Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell BTh THL


Director of Experiential Pedagogy

Blake Fatouros BHlthSc(PDHPE), BEd(Secondary PDHPE and Dance Ed), Cert III LiveProdServices, Cert IV WorkplaceAssess, MEd(Leadership & Management), Assess Co-curricular

Jessica Dyson BADance (Hons), Cert II LivePro, Theatre and Events

Tara Robertson

Andrea Rowe BA(Hons), MPhil, PhD

Counselling and Student Health Services

Susan Rountree BA, DipEd, MA(Psychology)

Head of Department

Anna Michalopoulos BA, GDipSc(Psychology)

Marion Delprado BA, DipEd, MA(Social Work), GDip ClinicalSocialWork

Cara Milwidsky BPsych(Hons), MEd&DevPsych

Katelyn Morris BNurs

Catherine Roach RN, Cert IV G CarDev

Anna Zaher DipNurs


Head of Department

Lisa Jinga BA, DipEd, MA

Kate Drady BADance(Hons), MEd(Dance and Drama)

Teresa Huzij BCA(Hons), MTeach

Bojana Kvrgic BA

Leigh-Anne Robinson

Jenna Skepper BEd(Secondary PDHPE and Dance Ed), Cert III LiveProdServices, Cert IV WorkplaceAssess

Kathryn Smith-Sergi

DipTheatreArts&Design, BEd(Hons), Dip(Teach English & Drama), MEd


Head of Department

Sally Marks BA, DipEd, DipFA


Assistant Head of Department - TAS

Renee Willemsen BEd, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert II Kitchen Operations, Cert II Food and Beverage

Technological and Applied Studies

Natalie Adaimy BSc(Hons)(Food Technology), Cert IV Commercial Cookery, Cert II Hospitality Operations


Richard Burgess BEd(Secondary) Industrial Arts

Robyn Langford DipTeach

Bryce Lindstrom BTeach, DipIT

Robyn Mackertich BEd (Home Economics)

Pamela McGowan DipTeach

Jake Morrissey MTeach VA, BFA

Caitlin White BINTArch, BEd(SecondaryDesign & Technology)


Emma Hogan BA, BArtTh/BArtEd

Assistant Head of Department –Visual Arts

Camille Softley BArtED

Caitlin Boyd BArtEd, BDes

Victoria Bradshaw BEd(Hons)(Primary)

Ciane Brewster BVA/BEd (Secondary)

Harriett Clark BFA(Hons)

Emily Cribb BArts/BTeach

Jesse Hogan PhD (Fine Arts), MFAEd, MAEd, BFA

Anita Lee

Liane Simpson JP, Cert III Hosp, Cert Clothing Assembly

Lesley Snelgrove BEd(Art), MEd(Art & Design)

Dayna Wilding BDes(Hons)


Head of Department (Term 1 to Term 3)

Cecilia Batista BEd, MA(Lit), CoGE

Assistant Head of Department

Deborah Moir BA(Hons), MLitt, GDipEd, COGE

Georgina Brewer BA&Comn, MEd(TESOL), GradDipEd(Secondary)

Joelene Cheney

Kellie Cogin BA/BEd

Gemma Goldberger BA, GDipEd

Nicholas Greenfield BA DipEd

Bridget Kovats BEd(Secondary - Humanities and Social Sciences)

Emily Marsh BA(Media&Comm), LLB, MTeach(Sec)

David O’Donohue BA, DipEd, Cert TEFL

Joseph Pfeffer BLAS, MTeach

Fiona Pow BA (Hons), PGCE

Wayne Symes BA, DipEd, BTh, Dip Min


Head of Department

Lynne Slarke BA, BEd, DipEd, MEd, MSPEd, GDipSpEd

Acting Head of Department

Dijana Mastonardi BEd (Primary), BA

Diane Bonnici DipEd (Support), Cert IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Jacqui Donnelly MA(Psych), Grad DipEd

Dovia Graice BA Dip Ed (Primary and Secondary) - ESL major

Sandra Mann BA, GDipEd(Secondary), GCertEducationalResearch, MSpecEd(Vision)

Kathy Meintjes BSc, DipEd

Belinda Merrick BEd(Early Childhood)(Hons)

Jennifer Rodger BEd

Irene Swain DipTeach, DipEd, GDipSpEd, Cert IV Assessment and Training, Cert Comp in EdAss

Jackie Tanevski Cert III Early Childcare


Facilities Manager

Gregory McGirr Cert III Electrical Fitter Mech Trade, Cert IV Ind Electronics

Erdal Altas

Patrick Barker

Scott Ingwersen Horticulture Cert, Assoc Dip Landscaping

Vince Marino Trade Certificate Electrical

Jorge Schell

Jeffery Wright


Head of Department

David Posker-Hill BArts, DipEd, Grad Cert RE, MArts, MEdLead

Antonella Accurso BEd(Sc)

Lynne Bondar BA, DipEd

Sharon Connolly BA, DipEd

Annie Conway BA, DipEd, DipCS, MA(Theology)

Bryana Cooper BExHlthSc, DipEd, CertRE, Cert II Commercial Cookery

Peter Klamka BA(Hons), DipEd

Esther Maling BExHSc, DipEd

Christopher Moysa BA(Hons), MTeach(Secondary)

Judy Tenzing BA(History) GDipEd (History/ TESOL)

Megan Westwood

Vicky Zinopoulos BA, BEd, Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training


Head of People and Culture

Nyrissa Filetti BSc, Cert Coach, PRINCE2 Cert

Paige Valiotis BCom

Andrea Casey BSc, Cert IV in HR

Vanessa Lau BCom, Cert IV BA test

Cecily Stolte BALinguistics, MAIntercultural Communication (Netherlands)


Head of Department

Danielle Rodrigues BA, DipEd, MEd(Learning and Leadership), Cert II Bus, Cert IV Training and Assessment

Assistant Head of Department

Paul Batten PhD, BSc(Hons), DipEd

Assistant Head of Department

Henry Wijanto BBus (Applied Finance), MA International Relations, Grad Dip Ed

Manuel Condoleon BCom, BEd, MEd(Research), PhD

Christopher Highman BA, BEd(Humanities and Social Sciences)

Jocelyn Jabbour-Perez BEc, GDipAFin&Investment, DipFinPlan, GDipEd, CertRE

Helen Kondos BEc, DipEd, Cert II Bus

Dexter Martinez BBus, MEd

Polly Meadows




Head of Information Technology

Steven Swarts PGCertBus, MCP

David Allen

Shane Beal

Meghan Charters

Jake Katrakis-Larkin

Bikash Lumba BIT

Kelly Lyu MIT

Supriya Maradana MCa

Julie Prijana BSc(Computing)


Head of Junior School

Daniel Sandral BEd, MEd, GDipTESOL, Dip Teach

Deputy Head of Junior School –Student Learning

Natalie Hird MTeach(Primary), AdvDipFrenchStudies, BA(Social Science & International Studies)

Deputy Head of Junior School –Wellbeing

Joanne Sharpe BEd, DipTeach, MEd, MEdLead

Alyson Arestan

Elizabeth Astle BA(Hons), DipEd

Ellen Balassone BEd(Primary)

Kate Beange BEd(Early Childhood Education, Birth to 12)

Amber Bidwell BA, Dip Ed

Susan Blanche BEd, TTCertHigher DipEd, DipVArt, (Primary), DipEAL

Rachael Borg BEd(Early Childhood)

Emily Bryson BEd(Primary)

Melissa Bye

Marie Cassar BMechEng/BCompSc(Hons), MTeach(Secondary)

Claudia Catania BEd(Early Childhood and Primary)

Selina Clark BPsych(Hons), MTeach

Maya Cupac

Deborah Doyle

Annie Ellis

Samantha Edwards BEd (Primary) (Hons)

Penny Fahey DipTeach

Jan Falls BA, DipEd, MEd, MECH, DipDecorativeArts

Richelle Gyau-Awuah BEd(Primary), MEd Leadership and Management

Donna Keane BA, HigherDipEd

Michael Lewis BPsych, PGCE

Vicki Liubinskas AssocDipECH

Andrea Martinez BA, MTeach(Primary), MIncIED

Eleonora Monda

Gabrielle Nottle BEd(Primary)

Victoria Noy BEd(Birth to Twelve Years)

Andrena Otton BEd(Primary), DipEd (Primary), DipRE

Eddie Park BSc(Biomolecular), MTeachPrimary

Danielle Pham

Rebecca Putna BSportExSc, MTeach(Primary)

Bede Schofield BA, MTeach

Courtney Simmons BEd(Primary)

Madeleine Spencer

Erin Torres

Kim Tran BTeach(Primary)

Connie Tsokas BEd (Primary), Dip Ed (ESL), Cert Gifted and Talented Ed

Madeline Woods BEd(Primary)

Michelle Wyatt BA, DipEd(Hons), MInclEd

Gina Zucco BEd, DipTeach


Head of Department

Louisa Macdonald BA(Hons) MA, PGCE

Assistant Head of Department

Gregoire Bricage

Natasha Collins BA, GDipEd (LOTE), GDipSpecialEd

Manuela Di Giovanni Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, BATeach(Secondary), MA(TESOL), PhD(Arts and Social Sciences)

Sandy Huang BA, GDip LOTE

Kentaro Otani BSc/BEd

Bronwyn Peace BA, GDipEd

Erika Pieri BPolSci, MTeach(Sec)

Rosa Scalzo BModern Languages, DipEd, DipSpecialNeeds, MA

Helene Schmit BA(Literature), MMFL, Cert IV Marketing

Josephine Schreuder BA/LLB, GDipLOTE

Elisa Tagliabue MA App L (LT)


Head of Learning and Teaching

Linda Emms BEd Design, MACE

John Clear BA, DipEd

Rochelle Dagher BA(Education and Sociology)

Tim Lennon BEc, MTeach, MEd(ICT)

Cathryn Moore DipEdPrimary, BEdEarlyChildhood, MEd(Educational Leadership)


Head of Department

Louise Piggott BEd, DipTeach, MEd(TL)

Kerrie Backhouse BA, DipEd, MEd(TL)

Nola Booth DipLib&InfSc

Jody Gilroy BA, MTeach

Sharon Goad BA, DipEd, DipLib&InfSc

Grace Kapellos BA, MA(Psych)

Michelle Olah BA/BEd, GCTESOL, MEd

Anne Sullivan DipLib&InfSc


Head of Department

Michele Dunn BJurisLaw

Fadia Aoun

Jillian Avramis DipEventMgt, AssocDipFA

Hanh Bayes BDes

Nerida Coman DipTeach(Primary), Cert III BusAdmin

Heleen Fourie BA, PGDip(Communication)

Barbara Hoffman BSc(Hons), GCRecordsMgt

Lucile Jaillais BBus, MMarketing

Judy Lezon

Amelia Morgano BA, GCertMktg

Melissa Pollett BJour(Hons)



Head of Department

Penny Pachos BSc, DipEd, MEd(Curriculum), MEd(TL)

Assistant Head of Department

Jason Truong BEd(Secondary: Math), BSc

John Abi-Elias BSc, BTeach, MA

Toby Duncan BSc, BE(Chem), DipEd, MEd

Christopher Eddleston PGDipEd, MMath(Hons)

Shirley Green BSc(Hons), MTeach Stavroula Koulouris BLAS(Economics), MTeach(Sec)

Monica Lee BEd(Secondary Math), BSc(Math)

Kestie Neligan BEd, DipTeach

Angela Renwick BAppSc(Math), BTeach(Secondary)

Alex Schroder BSc, DipEd Vito Zurlo BEd(Mathematics), DipTeach


Director of Music

Trevor Mee DipMus, BMus, AMusA,GDipEd

Assistant Director of Music

Elizabeth Gilberthorpe BMus

Tristan Coelho BMus(Hons), MMus, MTeach

Richard Coward BMus/BEd, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert III Live Prod, Theatre and Events

Joanna Drimatis BMusEd(Hons), MMus, GDipMus, PhD

Alison Duncan BA(Hons), MMus

Sophie Grattan-Smith BMus, MTeach

Ying Ho BMus(Hons), MMus

James Larsen

Amanda Lavender BMusEd

Megan Ling BMusEd

Laura McDonald LMusA, BMusA(Hons), PG study Italy (Fiesole) and Russia (Tchaikovsky Con of Music)

Sophie Podrasky

Karen Roberts BMus, PGDipMus, MMS, ATCL

Minna Veinola

Leon Vitogiannis BMus(Perf), MTeach(Secondary), LMusA


Olivia Nolan BExcSc, GDipEd, MEdLeadership

Head of Department

Sarah Papachristoforou BComm/BJ, DipEd

Jane Ferguson BEd(Phys and HlthEd)

Michelle Hiss BEd(Phys and HlthEd)

Sarah Jauncey BEd(Phys and HlthEd)

Claire Johnson

Marlei Klapper

Emily Osborne BEd(Human Movement and Health Education)

Andrew Simos BEd(PDHPE and RE)

Gavin Starr BPhysEd, BEd(PDHPE), Cert Marketing

Benjamin Wheen

Claire White BEd(HMHE)

Science Susan Rowley BSc, GDipFDA, GCertEducStud, MSc, MTeach(Hons)


Head of Department (Term 1)

Margaret Isaac

Head of Department (Term 4)

Maryellen Ottaway BSc, MApplSc, GDipEd

Assistant Head of Department

Scott Tibbey BSc, MTeach

Glenn Blackburn BEd(Secondary Science)

Kaitlyn Calluaud BExPh, MTeach

Felicity Cassidy BPharm, BTeach

Moira Gaha BEd(Secondary Science)

Tracy Getts BSc(Hons), MSc, GDipEd

Brooke McAlister BRurSc

Kate Schurch BSc(Hons), DipEd, MEd (Educational Leadership)

Ingrid Smolka BSc, DipEd

Martina Stolzi BSc, MSc, MTeach

Roseanne Thompson BAppSc(Hons), GDipEd


Head of Senior School (Term 1 to Term 2)

Neil Scotney BPhysEd, BEd(PDHPE)

Acting Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School (Term 4)

Linda Emms BEdDesign, MACE

Deputy Head of Senior School –Academic (Term 1 to Term 2)

Christopher Barnes BA, DipEd

Debra McRostie BBus

Deputy Head of Senior School –Academic (from Term 3)

Penny Pachos BSc, DipEd, Med(Curriculum), MEd(TL)

Deputy Head of Senior School –Wellbeing (Term 1 to Term 2)

Sarah Tynan BSc, MTeach, Cert IV HR

Acting Head of School Administration

Wendy Strachan

Deputy Head of Senior School –Wellbeing (Term 2 to 4)

Irene Swain DipTeach, DipEd, GDipSpEd, Cert IV Ass & Tr, Cert Comp in EdAss

Acting IB Coordinator (Term 3 to Term 4)

Andrew Simos BEd(PDHPE and RE)

Head of Students

Al Roland BA, GDipEd, MEPA

Martina Miu BCom, MCom(PAcc)

Alexandra Norton


Director of Sport

Lisa Filby BEd, DipTeach

Assistant Director of Sport

Kylie Bickerstaff BEd, DipM

Tea Alexandrova BA

Naomi Bruce BA, MCom, BClinicalExPhys, ESSA AEP/AES

Ludovic Catherine

Robert Glendenning

Ashley Harris BS&ExMgt, Cert IV Fitness

Clare Iongi

Jessica McAndrew

Caitlyn Richardson BSc(Nutrition Science)

Tara Robertson BDance

Colman Wong BSc(Exercise Science), MSportsCoaching







Canvas’s consistent format means students immediately know the learning intention of the lesson, where to find information, and what is expected of them to achieve mastery.

This year, we have addressed several areas that will help ensure our girls’ experiences with technology are as rich and rewarding as possible.

Year 7 is a significant intake year, and most of these girls, whether from our own Year 6 or new to MLC School, are using a computer at School for the first time. It is easy to assume that young people have the requisite skills and dispositions to ensure Information and Communications Technology (ICT) mastery, but to do so is naïve. For this reason, we introduced Academic Care sessions during each term, teaching the girls to work safely, efficiently, and ethically; with sessions focussing on eSafety, ICT skill acquisition, citing, searching, content creation and more.

It is sometimes surprising how quickly change is adopted, and how what was once an innovative technology or way of thinking, becomes embedded into practice.

This is certainly true for our Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. It was only a few short years ago that teachers shared curriculum content and resources with their students using a range of approaches, including: shared Google Drives and personal Dropbox and OneDrive accounts. While these approaches were sound and far from ad hoc, they lacked the considered and universal approach an LMS affords.

Of course, it is not just the girls’ needs that need to be addressed regarding eLearning. When a new teacher begins at MLC School, part of their onboarding is to work through courses to ensure they can operate effectively in MLC School’s technology space, can maintain and build courses for their classes, and take advantage of all the wonderful services offered by our Library and other services for which MLC School has subscriptions.


Accessibility, ensuring that all students have equal access to resources, continues to be a focus. Technologies that allow students with specific disabilities to learn to the best of their abilities are implemented, and gentle pressure continues to be applied to external technology providers to ensure their solutions cater for the learning needs of everyone.

eSafety continues to be an important focus. Sadly, with the eSafety Commissioner publishing concerning reports regarding young people and their online behaviour, this vigilance remains front of mind.

MLC School’s significant investment in Apple technology continues, and this year our ICT team has met with and continues to work with Apple’s technicians to ensure teachers, parents and students have the best experience possible, both at home and at School.

Technology continues to be constantly shifting, but I’m happy to say that, in this ICT space, MLC School continues to adapt and adopt as required to ensure the girls are provided with safe and engaging opportunities to learn with technology.

John Clear Director of e-Learning
‘Technology continues to be constantly shifting, but I’m happy to say that, in this ICT space, MLC School continues to adapt and adopt as required... ’



All the research is clear that education is not just about learning within the four walls of a classroom or a school campus. The outdoor environment encourages skills such as problem solving and negotiating risk which are important for child development (Brooks, 2010). As a Round Square School, the “Spirit of Adventure is characterised by those who push themselves beyond their perceived limits, cross boundaries and discover that they are capable of more than they thought.” In the Junior School, all our adventure programs provide the students with worthwhile, sequential, challenging, fun experiences where they are not only learning but stepping outside their own comfort zones. We have a challenge by choice approach. This means for some students, just coming along, being away from home is a challenge big enough. For others, it is going on the giant swing or surfing or even climbing to the top of the climbing tower.

As Kurt Hahn said, “If we could see what we were capable of, for the rest of our lives we would be unwilling to settle for less”.

In 2022, the Outdoor Adventures program kicked off with a bang!

In March, Year 6 students headed to Sydney Harbour for a week-long outdoor adventure and marine biology immersion program. Throughout the week, the Year 6 students participated in the following activities:

• Kayaking

• Survival challenge

• Beach games

• Sailing

• Camping on Cockatoo Island

• Rock ramble

• Initiative activities

• Coastal walk

• Snorkelling lesson

• Working in the Sydney Institute of Marine Science labs

Here are some words from the students... This year’s camp was (in one word) enjoyable. There were many activities that I had not ever experienced, such as sailing, snorkelling and kayaking, as well as the camping itself. It was probably the first camp I had been to where we were required to cook our own food over a stove and sleep in tents for more than a night.

The first thing I enjoyed was sleeping in cabins. I cannot explain the relief Groups 4, 5 and 6 felt when finally sleeping in cabins after being thrown into a drastically changed atmosphere of being in tents for two nights. We were extremely lucky with the weather, being in the tents when it was dry and the


cabins when it was raining. The cabins were by far the cleanest and well-kept of any camp I’d been to. I loved the privilege of having experienced people cook for us after two days of us attempting to cook for ourselves, which wasn’t too bad, albeit we only technically cooked for a night.

The second thing I enjoyed was snorkelling. Although it got off to a rough start (me attempting and failing to use a snorkel), by the end of the activity I had managed to learn a skill that I will be able to perform throughout later holidays or camps. I do remember, however, the freezing water upon getting into the water. That was probably the main reason I found snorkelling so hard. The highlight of the activity, by far, was jumping off the jetty. Jetty jumping was fun because my friends and I could create silly poses in the air before landing in icy water. My least favourite thing at camp was getting up in the morning. It was frequently cold in the mornings and the early morning wake-up was no treat, especially after having stayed up the entire night talking. The first morning in the cabins, my cabin slept in. I think this was from the drastic contrast of sleeping on a proper mattress for the first time in three days.

In conclusion, I enjoyed all the activities on camp and feel that they will benefit me in the future. I will admit I found it humorous that the camp took place no more than 20 minutes from my home, but because I had never been there, without the simple knowledge that I was so close, I would’ve thought it was in a new state. I remember the relief we all felt when we got back home. We were all so ready to have a good night’s sleep as well as, of course, catching up on all social media and streaming services. If anything, this camp was extraordinarily memorable.

On 21 March, the whole of Year 6 went on camp! We were all so excited for the week of fun ahead of us. There were six pods, three of them went to Chowder Bay first, and the other half went to Cockatoo Island first. On the Wednesday, the girls from Cockatoo Island went to Chowder Bay and we all got to see our friends who weren’t in our group. The whole day was just fun, games, and catching up with our friends. At the end of the day, we all swapped over.

One of my favourite activities I did during the camp was sailing. The sailing was amazing; it wasn’t the boat that I normally sail, it was a catamaran. I was on a boat with all of my friends the whole time. We even went to a nearby beach and collected seashells! I found a really pretty iridescent shell. When we got back to shore, everyone was happy and enjoyed the sail. It was fun having the wind push you through the water.

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Another activity I really enjoyed was jumping off the jetty at Chowder Bay. The actual activity was snorkelling, but the water was murky so you couldn’t see much, but the jumping part was awesome. Snorkelling was still fun though. My friends and I did all sorts of jumps off the pier. Afterwards, we got to keep the snorkel.

There were a few things that weren’t as enjoyable as others, but one of my least favourites was shoving wet sand through a sieve trying to find little pieces of plastic. It had just rained before we had our activity, so all of the sand was wet. It made the sand really hard to sift. I found a little piece of plastic, but the activity overall was helping scientists with research about plastic pollution.

Most of the activities on camp were really enjoyable, I also really loved the amount of dogs that came by at Chowder Bay. The owners even let us pet them! They were all so cute. Most of my friends were with me except one, MY BEST FRIEND! We were separated for a whole week! But afterwards we caught up and had a really good time. After camp we were all so exhausted from the amount of fun we had from camp. It was so good to be back at home with my family and my bed.

Year 6 camp began with a LOT of pleading, a painful packing experience, a sad farewell, a jam of songs on the bus, a headache, and finally arrival at Balmoral Beach. Camp wasn’t looking good for me. Especially with an extension of the duration so it went for

an entire two days more than normal, which just exacerbated my homesickness.

A deep breath and a leap of faith off a wharf really put things into perspective for me. Firstly and most obviously, it was really fun. But secondly, I was really frightened to do it. I stood on the wharf and stared at the distance between me and the water, which was extremely daunting. Another thing that wasn’t helping my circumstances was the level of opacity that the water had that day. But I jumped anyway, and the water was okay and the distance wasn’t as high as it seemed. In fact, I extremely enjoyed myself, and it reminded me of my camp experience. It was really awesome when I just jumped in.

The fun didn’t cease after that. On just the next day, we went kayaking. Although frightened by a past experience on a previous camp, I decided to put that behind me and start over. Climbing into the kayak felt wonderful. And as soon as I dipped my paddle in the water and scooped it behind me, I began to move forward. It was honestly euphoric. I learnt to raft, and after that, we played a game. But nothing – not even the sheer amount of effort that it took to move the paddles sometimes, and the back pain it caused me – could stop me feeling like a brand-new brave person. And although camp had plenty more wonderful experiences, it had its share of not-so-great ones too. For example, the excessive amount of sausages I ate on the fourth day (my fault, I’ll admit!) left me feeling extremely weak on the fifth and final day when we had to do a massive hike along the edges of Cockatoo Island!

I was absolutely exhausted and ready for the long bus ride that awaited me. And when I finally boarded that bus, I had some time to rethink my camp experience. I realised I had been irrational with my expectations for camp. The homesickness wasn’t that bad when I was distracted by fun activities all day. I had all my friends in my camp group. The food was great. It was sunny for most of the week. I learnt how to put up (and take down!) a tent. I made all my friends laugh with jokes about llamas and my funny voices. I got to have an experience other people would pay so much money to have, as part of the School curriculum. Just like when I leapt off the wharf,it looked daunting at first, but all I had to do was jump.

– Celeste Ong (Year 6)


In week two of Term 1, Year 5 were due to go to the Illawarra for a ‘surfs up’ three-day, two-nights camp. COVID-19 had another curve ball to throw. Unfortunately, it turned into a daytime camp. This meant that the girls travelled to Balmoral Beach and participated in sailing, swimming, beach games, initiatives, and a BBQ dinner. It was a great three days, but the girls were craving an overnight camp. In August, the Year 5 students finally were able to go to Tallong in the Southern Highlands. Have a read of some reflections from the girls:

The metal rope wobbled under my feet. People surrounded me, helping me regain my balance. Trust – you needed trust.

The red sun lowered down and the night rose. We gathered in our cabins. It was time to see the true personalities of one another. Some were whingy and bad-mannered, but others were hidden gems and undiscovered friends.

THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! My favourite was probably the pasta. The one with mushrooms was absolutely delicious! The BEST food I have ever tasted! The sausage of the hot dog was the best! Crunchy and sizzling. Yum! After that we came home and were all very tired.


Overall, camp was an experience I will never forget. Thank you.

– Aleeya Sharma (Year 5)

The scenery was lush and verdant. The air was pure and fresh. The experience was unforgettable.

– Eloise Wong (Year 5)

Then . . . it was the Talent Show! After all the cabins performed their items, the teachers performed something hilarious. They sang ‘Dancing Queen’ and dressed up as ABBA. They had costumes and Mr Park wore a dress! Everyone laughed their head off!

– Sophie Hong (Year 5)

This camp experience will be one I will NEVER forget! Our leader was funny and cheerful, the food was so appetising that we hope Jeffrey/CHEFFREY can become our School chef. My recommendation for the next camp is for ‘NOTHING TO CHANGE!’

– Charlotte Yiu (Year 5)


The Year 4 students also went to Tallong in the Southern Highlands. It was a three day, two night adventure, and excitement levels were sky high. Students participated in team flags, low rope, flying fox, bushwalking and mountain bike riding. Some reflections and insights are here:


At mountain biking, we had put on our gear which included knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet. After we got sized up for a bike, we went to the oval to start our ride. There were two groups: the Starters and the Adventures. I first went to the Starters to learn how to ride a bike, but after a short time I moved to the Adventures group and did some cool things. I was so proud of myself.


Before I saw the flying fox I wasn’t scared because I’ve been on lots of flying foxes at parks, but once I saw it I was nervous because of how high it was. But after I had my first go, I wanted to go again and again. We had to use lots of teamwork so that we could.


Team flags was when we created a flag for our team on a thin piece of cloth. One-half of the group went outside and collected various items such as leaves, twigs, bark, miniature nuts and much more. The other half of the group stayed and drew on the flag. Some things we drew were our team name (Camp Champs), our personality traits and decorations. At the end, due to everyone’s participation, the flag looked outstanding.

– Valentina Palazzolo (Year 4)


Bushwalking was fun and took an hour. Although I wasn’t a fan of all the poo! We saw erosion under the trees where all the rain had washed away. We saw wombat holes and the best part was that we saw an Australian native beehive! It looked like an upside-down city!

– Claire Liang (Year 4)


Everybody had to work together because it was really hard to get from corner to corner. Everyone had to keep the ropes balanced so we wouldn’t fall.

– Daphne L’Estrange (Year 4)

My favourite part of camp was the giant swing. I loved the feeling when I pulled the rope and swung down and saw the beautiful view. I also loved when I was getting pulled up because it felt a little like flying and it was exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking.

– Alicia Wang (Year 4)

I showed growth on camp when I got a leach on me. The first time I saw it I freaked out, and then the second time I saw it I wanted to scream but I stayed quiet and panicked a bit!

– Genevieve Nguyen (Year 4)

To end the year, Year 2 also went off on a day camp to Clifton Gardens. They went rafting, played beach games and made their own kites! What a day to finish the year!

Sarah Jauncey




We left Canberra on 1 November and the first thing we saw was Lake George on the bus.

We officially entered Canberra at 11:11am and drove past 20 embassies. We looked at everything from the bus.

We arrived at the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) at 1:10pm. We did an activity where we split into groups and received questions that we had to answer. We walked around the CSIRO finding answers. We learnt that insects are full of protein, and burger patties that are vegan are made with pea protein and sunflower oil.

Then we went to GeoScience (2:55pm – 3:15pm) where we learnt about many facts including different kinds of rocks, metal, gold, quartz, earthquakes and how Australia tracks the earthquakes. We learnt all of this by listening to a guide and doing an activity where a guide gave us each a sheet of paper to fill in. While we were doing that, we explored many interesting places and interesting facts such as the honeycomb stone can float in water, and diamond is the hardest material. We also touched a polished piece of the moon there.


At 8:30am, we arrived at the War Memorial and saw sculptures of aeroplanes and humans. We also saw the badges on the Army uniform. We learnt that the Pool of Reflection was for reflecting on yourself and soldiers, and that the eternal flame never fades.

At 10:15pm we arrived at Parliament House There, we visited the portraits of many retired prime ministers. Then we went to both the Senate Chamber and The House Of Representatives Chamber. In the Senate’s Chamber, we learnt about where everyone sits, what they do and the number of senators. In The House Of Representatives, we learnt about their seating, what they do, and about the Speaker that can organise everyone.

In the Museum of Democracy which is the Old Parliament House, we also saw the chambers of the Senators and the House Of Representatives, as well as copies of the clothing worn for the speaker in the House Of Representatives. The older one for males was a black robe with layers of white lace underneath the chin, while the female one was a blue and green robe.

At 5:45pm we went to Questacon where we went to seven rooms. They each had a different theme. We saw a lightning bolt up close and felt an earthquake.


We went to the National Art Gallery of Australia and walked around it for 40 minutes, looking at art from different artists and themes, then made the trip home. Other classes had some different locations and learnings. We all had so much fun and learnt a lot about politics, science, museums and artwork.

Ava Meng (Year 5) and Jenny Chen (Year 5)



Year 8 were the first cohort to experience the Immersive Learning Unit entitled ‘A Sense of Place’. The year group was taken through a program centred on better understanding the experiences of Indigenous Australians. The Immersion commenced with an in-school experience which included presentations from School staff as well as external providers such as Terry Jenke and The Scale Institute. The in-school experience also included a day excursion on Sydney Harbour with representatives from Tribal Warrior and a walk to the local Wangal Park

The off-campus Immersive Learning experience involved travel to Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, and Orange. Students participated in art-making classes, walks through native bushland, were led by elders through traditional lands and enjoyed bush tucker. Students were able to visit country and learn about culture and practice.

On their return to School, the cohort worked in small groups to develop a project proposal that was aimed at improving Aboriginal recognition within their community.

These proposals were colourful, thoughtful, detailed and a fantastic reflection of their learning across the experience.

Student reflections on their week-long journey through the Central West:

The time spent in Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, Orange, and Canberra was an enjoyable, immersive experience that involved learning about the local Aboriginal community, the Wiradjuri people. It was a fun adventure with my friends, where we learned about bushtucker with Uncle Gerald and how councils can work with the local Aboriginal communities to care for sacred flora, fauna, and sites with Uncle Mark. Our time away from School was an educational adventure that I’m glad I got to experience.

– Haegan Sitou (Year 8)

Our trip was such an amazing experience and I really enjoyed spending time with friends and getting to know people from our year better. I loved being able to learn more about Aboriginal history and culture and found learning about different plants and foods interesting.

– Isabelle Millgate (Year 8)

I found the Immersive learning experience interesting and exciting; it intrigued me to want to know more about Indigenous culture and practices. What I found interesting was learning about the way that Aboriginal peoples express their feelings or experiences through art and music in such a beautiful and unique way. One thing I have taken away from my involvement in this time away is to have gratitude for what you have and the experiences you get, because a lot of people don’t get to experience the amazing things we get to.

– Edith Hynes (Year 8)



2022 saw the reintroduction of school trips and cultural immersions. On our travels, we focused on bonding as a cohort, cultural awareness, and physical challenges. The trips broadened our perspective of the nation and taught us practical skills (like cooking a meal), enabling us to cultivate valuable memories and friendships.

From late June to early July, a group of 25 girls spent time in the Top End on the Red Earth Immersion Trip. The primary locations of the trip were the Indigenous lands of Nauiyu and Menngen. These two vividly different lands and communities provided us with opportunities to be traditionally welcomed to country, socialise with the children, learn more about the rich culture, history and traditions, and meet the elders of the community; 2021 Senior Australian of the Year, Dr Miriam Rose and accredited author, Uncle Bill. While the trip forced us to adapt to a new way of living, it also allowed us to gain a renewed sense of independence while gaining a newfound authentic appreciation for the Indigenous culture and way of life.

Then on 18 September, Year 10 students travelled to Central Australia for our Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold awards. Over the 7 days, we travelled from Uluru to Alice Springs, making stops at Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, and the MacDonnell Ranges. This trip, whilst being both a mental and physical challenge, developed new friendships and many new experiences.

Some highlights were sleeping in swags while staring up at the starlit sky, climbing Mount Sonder at 2am to see the sunrise, and learning about the significance of the land, so rich in Indigenous culture. This immersion provided experiences that have both impacted how we perceive necessity and Australia as a whole; it’s a trip that we are eternally grateful for.

At the end of October, the whole of Year 10 left for Nambucca, Tuncurry, and Forster on camp. The cohort was split into groups to visit these locations, equipping us with valuable life-long skills. We were required to cook our own food to sustain us for the duration of the camp, which meant we had to budget and plan meals beforehand. We were also taught a range of skills that enabled us to gain independence; fishing, surfing, meditation, and cooking, all of which provided different levels of challenge.

It was great to be moved out of our comfort zones and to spend time getting to know other students in the year group. The camp gave our year more shared experiences, creating stronger bonds and connections, working towards us becoming a more united cohort.



I don’t know that you can ever properly prepare yourself for just how much you learn and grow through an immersion trip. Experiencing a whole community, culture, and landscape so vastly different to our own and living and sharing in it for 10 days was mind-blowing. What was equally as exciting was seeing how the MLC School students stepped up to every challenge they were faced with.

The theme that I still reflect on today is openness. The openness of the landscape, the openness of the communities that welcomed us; not only to their land, but to families by giving us skin names and teaching us songs, language, and history. The student group’s openness to try new things and to work hard as a team to make the immersion something that everyone could enjoy.

One of the memorable moments for me was hunting for mussels in the billabong at the Bigedi homeland. The girls had to wade into water and bend down, feeling around for

mussels under rocks and on the billabong floor. They needed to work together to balance on the rocks and not slip completely under the water. They quickly adapted from individuals to teams, with some girls offering to hold the mussels that were found so others could hold the rocks up for others to reach under.

Once the many mussels were collected, they had to be soaked and cleaned before they could be cooked in the traditional way the next night. Every part of this process was new to the students, but they all took part and were willing to learn new skills to benefit the whole community with the feast we were collecting.

By the campfire at night, the local family met us to tell stories, and the local children met us to play spotlight and games. Each day brought us new challenges and new opportunities to see how country and community are connected. We went on bushwalks to learn history and medicine. We were shown the white gums who held

special woman’s business secrets, and were shown a grave site from someone who got lost during the war and was stranded in far southeast Arnhem Land, and was welcomed into the community. Every part of the land held stories and community. We are so grateful for the elders who welcomed us, and proud of our students for the growth and support they showed throughout the physical and mental challenges this immersion confronted them with.

I loved hearing the questions our students had for the community and how respectful they were. They wanted to honestly engage with how they can participate in reconciliation in a meaningful way.

I have been truly blessed by the experience and have enjoyed continuing to reflect on the Red Earth immersion with the students as the School year continues.

Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell School Chaplain
‘The theme that I still reflect on today is openness. The openness of the landscape, the openness of the communities that welcomed us; not only to their land, but to families by giving us skin names and teaching us songs, language, and history.’




The theme for Book Week this year was ‘Dreaming with eyes open’. This theme underpinned our focus in the Junior School library throughout the year, with students being encouraged to read something new in 2022.

Our year in the library started when all students were introduced to the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). In this reading challenge, we combined the PRC and a House-based incentive system to encourage in students a love of reading for leisure and pleasure. Over the year, all students made a start on their PRC, with 260 students completing the challenge and Leawarra raising more House points through their reading than any other House.

During Term 1, our library captains and monitors put their concern for those caught in the floods into action. They held a Book Swap to raise money for Lismore Library, which had been devastated by floods that

had hit northern NSW. The students raised over $700 for the Lismore Library, and girls throughout the Junior School beamed as they walked away with a new book/s for the holidays.

Term 1 was also a time to consider our rights and responsibilities as digital consumers and creators. Through their lessons, students explored our physical space and those from Year 3 to Year 6 were instructed on how to navigate our online platform. Here they looked at databases, used safe search engines and found where to locate copyright-free images. Those in Year 3 learnt the 5 P’s to online safety, while Year 4 worked through the eSafety website, and Year 5 engaged with aspects of the Be Internet Awesome website to brush up on their understanding of digital citizenship.

During Term 2, we promoted National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) with a performance of the book The Family Tree

by Josh Pyke. At 11am on 25 May this book was read simultaneously in libraries around the country to promote the value of reading and literacy. At the MLC Junior School, we gathered on the red carpet to watch as Year 5 and Ms Klapper sang the story of the book, accompanied by our wonderful ukelele musicians, while staff members enacted a representation of the book. There was music and laughter as Mr Clear, Mrs Hiss, Mrs Cassar and Petrice Cassar (KB) took on the various roles within the story. While Mr Clear was the tall and dashing tree, Mrs Hiss and Mrs Cassar were the couple who grew older together with the tree, much to the amusement of the audience.

Term 2 was also the start of our journey through the Kid’s Own Australian Literature Awards (KOALA), with students in all grades nominating books to be considered for an award. Two of our students, Victoria Cassar and Estella Tran (Year 3), were so inspired by Australian literature that they wrote their own books to share in the library. This sparked the start of others writing and starting to submit their stories for publication. They are our most borrowed books!

Term 3 was our busiest term as we explored dreaming stories and books shortlisted in both the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) and KOALA Book Awards, always with the theme ‘Dreaming with eyes open’ at the heart of our literary exploration. The Bookmark Competition was again hotly contested, with Valentina Palazzolo in Year 4 winning the competition. Her entry was printed for all students throughout Junior School.

In Week 8 of Term 3, we celebrated Book Week with a number of activities designed to promote reading and Australian literature. Each day there were activities to participate in, prepared by our captains and monitors. The students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 5 enjoyed an author visit with the entertaining Kate and Jol Temple, and for students in Year 6, a session with the talented author Tristan Banks. Students purchased books at the Book Fair, while parents were invited to attend our first book talk with Paul McDonald, owner of The Children’s Bookshop

On Friday 9 September, students attended School dressed as a book character that they love as we immersed ourselves in the world of stories and explored the theme. The Book Week Parade was the highlight of our week of events, with characters leaving the pages of books and dancing around The Daphne Line Hall. These same characters then found themselves in House groups reading to each other before voting from the shortlisted books for the KOALA Awards and then purchasing books to take home from the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) Book Swap.

During Term 4, students continued to be immersed in literature with the announcement of the KOALA awardwinning books and visits from two accomplished Australian children’s authors: Sue Whiting and Jacqueline Harvey.

What a year it was. 2022 was the year to meet new characters and new authors, celebrate literature and work through the

process of reading, nominating, and voting for our favourite Australian books. Many thanks to the library captains and monitors for their support in promoting the library and reading throughout the School. Thank you to the parents who ran Book Club, who worked at the Book Fair and the Book Swap, as well as those parents at home who supported our aim to ensure that all students read something new in 2022.




Teaching and learning in Visual Arts was stronger than ever in 2022. Our young artists and visual arts teachers alike whole-heartedly and enthusiastically embraced being back in the art studio, and enjoyed getting stuck into some exciting projects. It was a wonderfully busy year of artmaking, art appreciating, collaborating, learning new skills, and experimenting with a wide range of artmaking mediums.

Pre-Kindergarten began the year by discovering what it means to be an artist, an exploration that continued throughout the year. Our youngest artists investigated a variety of artworks as the stimulus for their own artmaking expressions. Throughout each term, they experimented with a range of media including: paint, watercolours, oil pastels, clay, and natural materials. A standout for the PreKindergarten girls was working together to create a jellyfish installation made entirely out of upcycled and found plastic materials that would have become landfill.

Kindergarten created a wide variety of art forms this year. Inspired by artists Frida Kahlo, Georgia O-Keeffe, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Niki de Saint Phalle, our Kindergarten artists loved creating self-portraits, 3D mixed media hangings, and paintings of zoomed-in flowers and plastic bottle planters. Kindergarten can agree that the best part of Visual Arts this year was making a collaborative series of artworks that captured Australian bush animals. For this project, they worked together to create bush leaf prints using gelli plates and acrylic paint, painted

with watercolours, creating the background with a wash of diluted dyes and painting bush flowers with acrylic paint. They were stunning!

Our Year 1 young artists further developed their artmaking practice by exploring the role of portraiture in the history of art by analysing the works of Anthony Van Dyck, Renoir, and Picasso. Their studies inspired students to make their own much-treasured portrait of a family member. Studies of the work of Cézanne and Australian artists Margaret Olley and Margaret Preston springboarded delightful still life detailed paintings and drawings. In Term 3, the artists became designers, exploring their perspective skills in portraying interiors visually in difficult collage forms. Surrealist artists Salvador Dalí and René Magritte further inspired students to be film directors and create their own ‘Surrealist dream bedroom’ photoshoot art print. In Term 4, students were further inspired by the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and Australian artist Suzie Stanford by using upcycled plastics to create colourful flower sculptures. As an extension, Year 1 responded to their memories of an excursion to Burwood Park. A study of ’en plein air’ artists such as Monet inspired their ink painting and drawings which were displayed with considerable pride and acclaim at their Year 1 Assembly.

Year 2 Visual Arts students began the year with clay work. They explored the tactile qualities of the medium and created beautiful pinch pots which captured their personal story of family and belonging. This was a highlight of the year among Year 2 students. The girls continued learning new skills including monoprinting, collage techniques, working with watercolours and embossing. Year 2 were particularly captivated by the work of Alexander Calder which inspired their own kinetic sculptures made with metallic mixed-media materials.

The artists in Year 3 were introduced to a wide range of new artmaking skills and inspirational artists. Excitement ran high when they were ‘commissioned’ to create a collaborative beachscape for the Junior School Reception. This triptych turned out beautifully with many sweet and funny details added to make their audience smile. A standout for Year 3 was learning the skills of wet felting, where wool rovings are bonded through the application of hot soapy water and rolling to create a felt piece. After this fun and soapy process, the art studio never looked so shiny! Printmaking and sculpture also proved to be highly effective and enjoyable experiences too.

Our Year 4 artists spent their year in Visual Arts learning from a broad repertoire of artists, refining their artmaking skills, and learning new artistic techniques.


They made a low-relief assemblage of an imagined flying machine, a concertina journal documenting their progression in drawing and painting botanicals, and a painted-paper collage of the earth’s crosssection, telling a story of the passing of time. They finished off a year of exciting art projects by making a clay form that expressed a story of deep personal significance using natural materials. The stories Year 4 shared with each other were very heart-warming. According to students in Year 4, they have loved using so many different art mediums and tools throughout the year; firm favourites include clay, ink, metal pieces and printmaking tools.

Year 5 have been further challenged in defining ‘what is art’? They explored a considerable range of historical and contemporary artist practices to support their class studies of natural disasters; how sustainability impacts the world; the solar system and political activism. The breathtaking and exciting scientific images this year of NASA’s galaxy cluster SMAC 0723 (which is over 4 billion light years away) was a timely stimulus for Year 5 to explore as the basis of their sculptural ‘alien sculptural creatures’. They also explored a vast range of art mediums and forms to express their ideas and to further develop their artmaking skills. This included reuse plastic and textile weavings, traditional skills in watercolour painting, the formalities of scale and use of tone in their self-portrait pencil drawing studies, modelling ceramic sculptures and digital/photographic art forms of documentation.

Throughout the year, there were many opportunities to celebrate achievement in Visual Arts and showcase the amazing talent and creativity of our Junior School students.


In Term 2, the MLC School community celebrated the annual Art, Design and Technology festival, Illuminate. This event provided an opportunity to showcase a wide variety of artworks throughout MLC School from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. The artworks on show from the Junior School captured student stories and the stories of others through individual, small group, and collaborative artworks; using art mediums ranging from paint and drawing media to textiles and clay. It certainly was a celebration of Visual Arts across the School.





The annual MLC School Portrait Prize was a highlight in Semester 2! Students responded to the theme of ‘Inspirational women’. With 43 entries, subjects ranged from mothers and grandmothers, popular sportswomen and public female figureheads, scientific and creative pioneers. It is fantastic that our MLC School girls admire so many inspirational female role models both in their personal lives and beyond. Congratulations to the following winning entries:

• 1st Prize: Lavinia Xu (Year 4), Admired Woman

• 2nd Prize: Caydence Sumantri (Year 6), Our Warmth in the Winter

• 3rd Prize: Elyse Ma (Pre-Kindergarten), Mummy and Me

• Packing Room Prize: Ines Vieria (Year 3), Frida Kahlo

Congratulations to the following students whose artworks were selected as ‘Highly Commended’:

• Petrice Cassar (Kindergarten), Mum

• Olivia Zhang (Kindergarten), Magic Dots

• Emily Zhong (Year 1), The Queen

• Victoria Cassar (Year 3), Polk-a-dot Party

• Alexandra Huynh (Year 4), Jane Goodall

• Chantel Huda (Year 5), The Different Gymnast


Participating in the Operation Art Exhibition is fast becoming a Junior School Visual Arts tradition. An initiative of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Operation Art provides students with a forum to display their artworks publicly through exhibitions at the Armory Gallery at Newington Armory in Sydney Olympic Park and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. This year, four of our MLC Junior School artists showcased their artwork in the Operation Art Exhibition:

• Olivia Ngo (Year 1), My Pastel House

• Colette Obaid (Year 1), My Pastel Farm House

• Zoe Baker (Year 2), Fluorescent Still Life

• Sienna Khouzame (Year 3), Coogee Beach

As we reflect upon this year, we are proud that our Junior School artists have achieved so much both individually and collectively, to embrace many new skills in artmaking, art literacy and appreciation expression. Thus, we look forward to 2023 with muchcontinued enthusiasm.

Junior School Visual Arts Teacher



It’s been an exciting and innovative year for Italian at MLC School. Our students have been engaged in a series of different activities. For instance, at the Junior School Italian Club, MLC School girls learned about Italian culture and language ‘by doing’. They connected with this language and culture by playing Italian card games, making ‘bruschetta’ and ‘pesto’, singing Italian hits or learning the ‘Tarantella’ steps.

They also learned about Italian regions, Italian cultural milestones and gestures. The idea for the Italian Club was to share our passion for this language and country, and let the girls have significant and fun experiences … because after all, we need to love our learning if we want to learn to become better!

Ciao dalle maestre d’italiano.

Rosa Scalzo, Manuela Di Giovanni and Elisa Tagliabue Junior School Italian Teachers



Music was back in full swing in the Junior School this year. Girls were able to sing and play all instruments freely in music lessons again and enjoyed a great number of performance opportunities. We had our first-ever Instrumental Program Concert. This was a huge concert featuring all girls from Year 3 to Year 6 playing string and band instruments, ukuleles and singing. After such a long break from live music performances, the girls were thrilled to get on stage and were talking about it for weeks after.

This was our second year having music captains and monitors, and these young leaders enthusiastically shared their love of music with the School. They took on roles running our lunchtime ‘Piccolo Stele’ concerts, raised the profile of music around the School and hosted our Junior School Instrumental Concert. We had our first-ever House Sing-off too, where each House Music Captain selected a song to teach to their House, to compete against the other Houses. The girls came up with great choices and included some great choreography as well.

After a number of years with no musicals, we held a Year 6 production, Moana JR., and what a production! Potts Hall was transformed into a magnificent theatre with dazzling lighting, sound, and digital scenery. The girls amazed us with their singing, dancing and acting skills.

Our younger girls in Kindergarten to Year 2 also took to the stage with their Early Years Musical: A Kindergarten to Year 2 Nativity

The girls once again collaborated with Opera Express, creating lyrics, music, and choreography for an original nativity musical. The girls really embraced their creative side and came up with some truly catchy and memorable songs for a unique and original telling of the very first Christmas.




Junior School PDHPE in 2022 was one of the best years yet. With the completion of the resurfacing of the Sports fields, classes enjoyed getting outside to learn and refine their skills and game sense.



Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 went back to basics this year. Consolidating their fundamental skills was the focus for these age groups. Getting the small things right is the key to establishing their skills to be able to progress through to greater accuracy and strength. Kicking, throwing, catching, bouncing, jumping, hopping, and skipping have all been key skills practised to be applied to many different game situations.

Intensive Swimming

Kindergarten to Year 2 participated in the Swim Intensive program at the MLC School Aquatic Centre. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get into the water, improve their water confidence and their skill technique. It was wonderful to see personal achievements throughout the year groups. Improvements ranged from girls, initially scared to put their faces in the water who now happily doing so; to girls improving their breathing and stroke technique; and those girls who are now able to swim 33m! Amazing work and well done everyone!


Kindergarten to Year 2 have been involved in fantastic discussions during Health this year. Learning about communication and how to be a good friend, healthy eating and the five food groups, safety and how to be safe in many environments, are just some of the amazing learning examples this year.

Year 2 visited the Royal Botanical Gardens as a part of the bush tucker cultural food unit. This was a fantastic experience for the girls to touch and feel the plants, even try some, and participate in Indigenous games.


Year 3 to Year 5 have had a great start with everyone participating in aquatic units. Combining lifesaving skills along with swim fitness - flipper ball proved to be successful in terms of high participation levels and enjoyment. All years participated in an athletics unit to prepare them for the Athletics Carnival, and Years 3 and Year 5 enjoyed the Term 3 gymnastics unit. We still had time to focus on fundamental skills, in particular, throwing and catching; combining these skills with netball-style modified games.


In Health, Years 3 to Year 5 have covered a lot of interesting topics. Some fantastic discussion has taken place and it’s great to see the students thinking thoughtfully about many issues. Some of the topics covered this year have included, friendships and communication, bike safety and equality, bullying and cyber bullying, puberty and the amazing me presentation. Year 5 also had the opportunity to create their own marketing campaign for a healthy eating bar. This was super impressive, and the students really enjoyed this.

Well, that’s a wrap for this year! Keep moving, and we look forward to another great year of PDHPE in 2023.






As in all areas of the School, this year for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Lab was a refreshing change from the challenging disruptions of the past two years. The return to focusing on teaching and learning face-to-face allowed us to engage the students with fun and exciting handson activities once again. Our units of work integrated with each Year group’s Collaborative Learning Project (CLP), along with our range of co-curricular offerings which teach the students a range of 21st century skills. From creativity and resilience, to collaboration and designthinking, to upskilling in digital technology, these skills will help prepare these younger generations to become lifelong learners who create their futures


We were overjoyed to be able to hold our Dad and Daughter Cardboard Challenge after two years of cancellations. The turnout at this event showed that its popularity has not dwindled since we last held it in 2019. The medieval theme of ‘Cardboard Castles’ encouraged dressing up as knights and princesses, while the main House challenge of building a cardboard box castle saw battlements, drawbridges and towers rise and fall as participants worked together to create the best fortress. Booralee took the honours for 2022 and we are excited about next year’s challenge.

Another event that enjoyed a return to face-to-face participation was the RoboCup Junior NSW Robotics Competition. This year, we entered three teams: one from Year 5, one from Year 6, and for the first time for MLC School, a team from Year 7. We are proud of all the work put in by the team members and their efforts received recognition, with the Year 7 team taking second place in the Secondary OnStage Novice division and the Year 6 team taking first place in the Primary OnStage Novice division.

We are thankful to have been able to provide a space in our STEM Lab for investigation, experimentation and innovation at MLC School for our Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 students. The delight on their faces every day brings us joy, as we do our small part in fostering in them a lifelong love of STEM and learning.




After some tricky years of limited singing, Angeli was back in full force this year! Choir numbers grew steadily each term as the Junior School enjoyed many performances from Angeli at our weekly assemblies and other special events. Some highlights include singing a combined number with Ukestra to farewell Frances Booth on her last day (alongside a beautiful rendition of So Long, Farewell from Kindergarten), combining again with Ukestra to perform Count on Me at Assembly, and performing at Speech Day

One of the most special performances was at our Junior School ANZAC Assembly, where the choir performed a new piece of music from our Head of Composition, Tristan Coelho. The piece, Alfred’s War, is a response to a picture book of the same name that tells an ANZAC story from the perspective of an Aboriginal man. The beautiful and moving performance featured Michaela Kwaan (Year 5) on the trumpet, who also performed the Last Post and Rouse for the Assembly.

‘The piece, Alfred’s War, is a response to a picture book of the same name that tells an ANZAC story from the perspective of an Aboriginal man.’


FRONT ROW Lauren Nguyen, Ramida Phanngam, Sofia Nguyen, Hannah Omari, Elyse Ma, Zoe Zheng, Opera Park, Jordan Carattini, Selena Nguyen, Cherry Ren, Elizabeth Lim, Kaira Lal SECOND ROW Leah Gao, Sharaya Ratnakumar, Angelina Hord, Alexis Choo, Aurelia Christoff, Simone Sidhom, Olivia Yang, Yingyi Zhao, Nidhirupa Jaikanth, Katherine Huynh, Mavis Wang, Julia Singh, Oriana Zhao, Kylie Pita Culqui THIRD ROW Annabel Han, Charlotte McKenzie, Riona Sengupta, Yumo Weng, Bella Zhu, Emily Obaid, Alina Choy, Estelle Zhou ABSENT Joanna Pan TEACHERS Mrs V. Liubinskas, Ms G. Zucco, Mrs R. Borg, Mrs E. Monda

FRONT ROW Celine Ykmour, Victoria Lim, Olivia Huang, Kate Alarcon Dominguez, Catalina Baramilis, Chloe Zheng, Maryam Refai, Isabella Cheng, Maya Ganda, Lavinia Yeh, Evelyn Coomes, Emma Yan, Isabel Selim, Zoe Huang, Petrice Cassar, Vicki Nikolakopoulos, Noelle Liu, Amelia Lim SECOND ROW Tianna Sui, Vy Nguyen, Charlotte Qian, Amelia Huang, Victoria Bongiorno, Annabelle Ling, Erika Ni, Ariela Barakat, Ellie Park, Bella Yao, Olivia Zhang, Isabelle Galilee, Celine Wang, Ruby You, Amelia Libdy, Yinuo Lyu, Naomi Singh, Grace Luo THIRD ROW Selina Doan, Alana Jin, Mialina Angell, Lauren Eggers, Aisha Ashour, Yaya Chen, Jaiyana Habib, Doris Mai, Alexandra Southwood, Chloe Mai, Harper Begnell, Hannah Wang, Keira Dempsey, Aleemah Trad, Isabel Zoghbi, Elizabeth Feng, Lakshmi Bedadam ABSENT Syra Advani TEACHERS Mrs D. Keane, Mrs E. Balassone, Mrs E. Torres



FRONT ROW Madeleine Wong, Sammi Liang, Leah Le, Amelia Stillone, Jacqueline Ha, Edith Savage, Isabella Castillo Sun, Alyssa Trinh, Evelyn Tsang, Marina Chen, Olivia Ngo, Ayla Sumantri, Nina Varkas, Aurora Chau, Maya Srisathkurunathan, Gem McGuire SECOND ROW Sonia Chung, Emily Wong, Angela Ge, Rhianna Sui, Riven Jay, Chloe Tang, Jasmin Ganda, Colette Obaid, Myer Boulton, Yisa Liang, Hillary Gu, Olivia Li, Hoi Cing Yong, Yvonne Henderson, Tahra Peries THIRD ROW Aimee Li, Delaney Wiedner, Chloe Robic, Marie Kristallis, Cassie Mackiewicz, Shruti Hasanat, Emi Liu, Anouk Thorley, Emily Nie, Camila Morcos, Tara Kuhan, Eva Bangia, Aida Sidhom, Mila Yuan ABSENT Leila Chalak, Selina Lo, Anaisha Sharma, Emily Zhong TEACHERS Ms M. Woods, Miss S. Edwards, Mrs S. Clark

FRONT ROW Caitlyn Wong, Chuchu Huang, Hayley Lam, Mia Yao Reeve, Eloise Qiu, Leonie Nguyen, Caitlin Eadie, Olivia Li, Serena Yuchen Li, Charlotte Lim, Verity Anne Evelyn Hodgson-Fopp, Caitlyn Law, Amanda Zhang, Olivia Cheng SECOND ROW Amelia Ko, Sienna Nguyen, Zoe Baker, Laura Chang, Nina Bai, Peita Nikolakopoulos, Sabine Woodhouse, Anushkaa Thadani, Leah Maidment, Le Chan Gui, Sum Yeung Cheng, Mariangel Corrales Solano, Delilah Anne Catherine Hodgson-Fopp THIRD ROW Moyi Chen, Miranda Ho, Amelia Lee, Leanna Shen, Avni Narang, Dora Weng, Mila Barakat, Vaani Narang, Angelina Galilee, Zhiyan Wang, Henrietta Britton, Alev Brennan ABSENT Skye Nguyen, Isabella Rocca, Anaya Sharma, Avianna Tanios TEACHERS Ms M. Di Giovanni, Mrs M. Bye, Mrs C. Catania (Absent)


ROW Naomi Ang, Annabella Xiang, Nia Immanuel, Poppy Frederick, Estella Tran, Carla Di Leo, Ava Storey, Catherine Coorey, Katherine Zhai, Daisy Han, Mia Jin, Avery Satchcroft, Genevieve Nguyen, Jazelle Sayed, Annika Bou, Vivienne Woon, Victoria Cassar SECOND ROW Chloe Huang, Michelle Wang, Kyrani Countouris, Victoria Xuyi Wai, Niamh Gorman, Arielle McBrien, Aaliyah Liu, Audrey Henderson, Ruby Tzouganatos, Georgie Varkas, Jolyn Nassif, Bailey Tong, Hannah Girgis, Macy Bellew, Isabelle Ng, Alicia Wang, Sienna Dib THIRD ROW Olivia Smith, Camellia Yao, Averie Ling, Tara Siddharth, Eloise Dastyari, Grace Liang, Elana Lane Chrun, Sienna Khouzame, Elizabeth Horvath, Audrey Barnes, Ariana Paterson, Gisele Wayong, Irene Chau, Angela Jabbour, Qaylah Mohamed, Shantelle Nguyen FOURTH ROW Lara Byrnes, Jaiyanna Sayed, Eve Hutchison, Georgie Coutts, Joyce Guan, Henriette Pitman, Vera Papaluca, Zara Pandher, Clara Southwood, Georgia Sioutas, Lily Sugianto, Scarlet Akers, Mia Li, Jesselle Jiao, Kathy Zhang, Elissa Chami ABSENT Kiara Assassa, Peta Bianchi-Howden, Mishika Kapadia, Ines Vieira TEACHERS Ms K. Tran, Ms C. Tsokas, Ms E. Astle



Freda Xie, Indiana Hill, Elise Gao, Elina Yu, Lydia Ye, Lavinia Luoyi Xu, Frida Yao, Taylor Bakir, Alexandra Huynh, Faith Huynh SECOND ROW Charlotte Hing, Vivienne Nguyen, Annaliese Bott, Manjima DuttaGupta, Sophia Hall, Aleena Habib, Leona Nadarajah, Cassandra Eadie, Sateni Shoaib, Christa Jeyasingam, Latoya Iese, Elle Monteleone, Valentina Palazzolo, Queeny Guan, Stella Scott THIRD ROW Angela Thorn, Magdalena Volikas, Vy Truong, Kristy Che, Sophia Correia, Maggie Ma, Halimah Bokhari, Selina Shan, Abira Sanan, Chloe Zheng, Anna Pham, Mia Licenblat, Claire Liang, Adora Xu, Keira Ritchley FOURTH ROW Sherlyn Lin, Alicia Suen, Caitlin O’Shea, Megana Pasupati, Elly Chen, Sofia Callegaro, Jing Wen Qiu, Angie Xiang, Kamora Edwards-Ware, Zoe Fotoulis, Helen Liu, Daphne L’Estrange, Dora Cai, Ashwini Kanesalingam, Zara Nicholias FIFTH ROW Felicity Wang, Ella Le, Hayley Trinh, Yasmin Maidment, Evelyn Tran, Zoe Zlamal, Emily Ward, Gaia Bigolin, Mariette Karam, Ketura Sun, Anaahat Kahlon, Queena Chen, Jessica Lim, Olivia Wang ABSENT Amanda Houltham, Emily Tu, Arianna Xu

TEACHERS Mrs A. Martinez, Ms G. Nottle, Mrs A. Otton, Miss K. Beange (Absent)

FRONT ROW Aerin Kim, Fedra Nikolakopoulos, Shiloh Gao, Chelsey Gao, Lieu, Woodhouse,


FRONT ROW Eloise Wong, Larissa Pham, Giselle Tanios, Scarlett Pham, Brianna Ai, Maeve Judith Thornton, Jocelyn Yao, Madeleine Cassidy, Isabella Ritchie, Beth Pidcock, Frances Yi Wen Xie, Lara Crystal Murray, Clementine Lonergan, Yan Hei Rosanna Tsoi, Jasmine Chib, Aditi Knowles, Michaela Sheung Yee Kwaan

SECOND ROW Joumana Reehman, Sophie Hong, Emma Cardwell, Ella Rose Zraika, Arabella Kuo, Ava Lingxi Meng, Chantel Huda, Charlotte Yiu, Amara Sivagurunathan, Chelsea Keomanivong, Scarlett Innes, Avery Lee, Olive Rose Simmons, Sally Nguyen, Evangeline Black, Bella Yan Nguyen, Raquel Gill, Tia Spyropoulos THIRD ROW Kelsey Pham, Jaya Mehta, Angelyn Xiang, Aleeya Sharma, Ariahna Giann, Elisa Li, Cailise Campbell, Zara Stewart, Olivia Connolly, Izzy Horvath, Aasha Eva Pistilli, Aurora Sharma, Audrey Lazar, Lucia Cicinelli, Chloe Price, Juliet Anne McLean Crozier, Alana Bakir FOURTH ROW Cathy Ge, Ivy Doan, Zining Jenny Chen, Francesca Masters, Anny Xie, Jenny Lin, Layla Abdelrahim, Lilian Zhang, Erin Banyer, Sofia Kljajevic, Anastasia Countouris, Charlotte Sweeney, Nayana Vanza, Bethany Haddad, Sienna Munoz, Alisha Ji-Lee FIFTH ROW Kaitlyn Yang, Justine Cable, Euna Cho, Leela Das, Olivia Burke, Imogen Sutton, Ruth Overton, Imogen Bush, Nella Duncan, Audrey Buck, Anna Poortvliet, Amelia Hodges, Vita Gohil, Sophia Du, Janani Kanthathas, Lexie Bellew

ABSENT Gabriela Lim, Eva Rocca TEACHERS Mrs J. Tanevski, Ms A. Bidwell, Ms J. Falls, Ms S. Blanche, Mr E. Park




ROW Eloise Wong, Jasmine Chib, Sofia Tzouganatos, Maeve Judith Thornton, Chelsea Keomanivong, Olive Rose Simmons, Piya Kaur, Ava Lingxi Meng, Joumana Reehman, Isabella Ritchie, Michaela Sheung Yee Kwaan SECOND ROW Ms A. Bidwell, Zara Stewart, Charlotte Yiu, Aurora Sharma, Jiarui Song, Rithika Vinoth, Nayana Vanza, Stephanie El’ Attrache, Olivia Connolly, Ariahna Giann, Audrey Lazar, Ella Rose Zraika THIRD ROW Francesca Masters, Anakha Nalliah, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Ada Savage, Euna Cho, Victoria Xuyi Wai, Erin Banyer, Layla Abdelrahim, Emily Van Der Westhvizen, Anny Xie FOURTH ROW Kaitlyn Yang, Lexie Bellew, Anna Poortvliet, Megan Kuit, Indigo Hannah, Audrey Buck, Jacqueline Wang, Lilian Zhang, Olivia Burke

FRONT ROW Chelsey Gao, Freda Xie, Frances Xie, Ella Rose Zraika, Elina Yu, Shiloh Gao SECOND ROW Elisa Li, Anakha Nalliah, Euna Cho, Ingrid Henderson, Charlotte Yiu




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Maggie Wang At MLC School since 2015 Brittany Warner At MLC School since 2011 Cameran Warner At MLC School since 2020 Lola Whittaker At MLC School since 2017 Sophie Wilson At MLC School since 2016 Mei Yan Wong At MLC School since 2015 Sen Sen Xie At MLC School since 2015 Penelope (Poppy) Yacoumatos At MLC School since 2019 Haya Yahia At MLC School since 2018 Doris Yang At MLC School since 2019 Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang At MLC School since 2019 MOORAMOORA


FRONT ROW Anna Constantinidis, Joanna Tsoi, Zoe Churchill, Helena Panos, Madison Clemens, Olivia Clowes, Amelia Bresolin, Doris Yang, Charlotte Trieu, Madeleine Lewis, Sanya Mehta, Lok (Samantha) Chan, Tina Papamanuel, Natalie Cavallaro, Soina Thind, Cameran Warner, Sarah Kanaan, Ananya Wakhare SECOND ROW Marissa Tsaousidis, Armita Dutta-Gupta, Sarai Rollason, Jade Di Girolamo, Hayley Ma, Brittany Warner, Sophia Au, Sienna Strauss, Alicia Ding, Chloe Correia, Kristy Spyrakis, Raeja Pashos, Tori Charalambous, Briana Tran, Natalia Hollands, Tiana Michas THIRD ROW Ayushi Bhujel, Vicky Zhang, Jessie Tang, Zoe Brase, Sophie Wilson, Maggie Wang, Lia Al-Soufi, Sarah-Bronte Andrikis, Ruby Smith, Julia Gough, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Ashmini Ganesh, Maeve Halliday, Sasha Green, Zunairah Mahfuz, Gauri Sharma, Laryssa Latt, Darah Elsawi FOURTH ROW Anna Gough, Haya Yahia, Pandora Eliades, Maria Gourlas, Kirsten Moller, Annabelle Banfield, Isabella Chapman, Coco Huang, Sarah Pearson, Grace Selim, Annading Chen, Mounica Akula, Alexandra Robinson, Chelsea Hunt, Arya Sharma, Victoria Pachos, Charlotte McCrory, Amelia Chan FIFTH ROW Jacqueline Flett, Juliette Beattie, Christyn Cordato, Sophie Beraldo, Jasmine Balfour, Sophia Heyde, Cosette Cromer, Emma Mahant, Tia Van Den Borne, Robin Phillips, Renae Varvaris, Trinity Elghitany, Erykah Lakkis, Mia Sumich, Poppy Yacoumatos, Lara Taleb, Ruby Scott-Wishart SIXTH ROW Eda Haller, Amelia Jubelin, Dylan Rose, Lily Dunnallen, Nikki Juffermans, Sophie Reid, Natalie Toomey, Briar Campbell, Zoe Johnson, Layla Hare, Indianna Miller, Eloise Drake, Claudia Kritzler, Anna Sundquist, Shivani Spencer, Sophie Ciesielski, Sophie Thomas

SEVENTH ROW Zoe Clark, Evie Gallagher, Meenakshi Nagarajah, Mei Yan Wong, Tara Grasso, Tia Athanassiou, Katrina Marquarding, Kerry Fu, Courtney Roberts, Sophie Walker, Zoe I Johnston, Sen Sen Xie, Erini Stavroulakis, Lola Whittaker, Himani Gupta, Sophia Kang, Molly North ABSENT Olivia Alden-Hallit, Sophia Cairns, Andie Clark, Andie Comino, Kaitlyn Flanagan, Caitlin Hartnett, Wisteria Hu, Mia Jameson, Georgia Mouscas, Emma Nguyen, Claudine Talbot STAFF Ms L. Moloney (Principal), Ms F. Booth, Mr N. Scotney


We would like to acknowledge the following students who have been students at MLC School from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.

We would like to acknowledge the following students who have been students at MLC School from Kindergarten to Year 12.

FRONT ROW Anna Constantinidis, Marissa Tsaousidis, Lara Taleb, Indianna Miller, Alexandra Robinson, Gauri Sharma, Chloe Correia, Tina Papamanuel SECOND ROW Ms L. Moloney (Principal), Hayley Ma, Tori Charalambous, Zoe Brase, Arya Sharma, Mrs F. Booth, Ms W. Allen THIRD ROW Erykah Lakkis, Trinity Elghitany, Renae Varvaris, Tara Grasso, Himani Gupta, Sophie Ciesielski FRONT ROW Anna Constantinidis, Marissa Tsaousidis, Lara Taleb, Amelia Chan, Mounica Akula, Gauri Sharma, Chloe Correia, Tina Papamanuel
SECOND ROW Ms L. Moloney (Principal), Hayley Ma, Charlotte Trieu, Zoe Brase, Arya Sharma, Alexandra Robinson, Laryssa Latt, Tori Charalambous, Ms W. Allen, Mrs F. Booth THIRD ROW Erykah Lakkis, Trinity Elghitany, Renae Varvaris, Tara Grasso, Himani Gupta, Sophie Ciesielski, Indianna Miller





Congratulations to the entire cohort. Below we highlight some of the outstanding achievements.

Outstanding ATARs*

• Lia Al-Soufi 99.95

• Laryssa Latt 99.95

• Tina Papamanuel 99.95

• Sanya Mehta 99.80

• Christyn Cordato 99.75

• Zunairah Mahfuz 99.75

• Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang 99.75

• Natalie Cavallaro 99.55

• Charlotte Trieu 99.55

• Mounica Akula 99.45

• Grace Selim 99.45

• Erini Stavroulakis 99.20

• Ayushi Bhujel 99.10

• Maria Gourlas 99.10

• Himani Gupta 99.10

*This is not a full representation of achievements. ATARs are not made public or provided to the School. We rely on students confirming them. Some students elect not to share this information or prefer for it not to be published.

HSC All-Rounders

Three students were placed on the HSC All-Rounders list for those who achieved Band 6 in 10 units of studies. Congratulations to:

• Layla Hare

• Sarah Pearson

• Shivani Spencer

Distinguished Achievers

Congratulations to all the girls who were placed on the HSC Distinguished Achievers list for those who achieved a result in the highest possible Band for one or more courses.

Tia Athanassiou

Lok Yee (Sophia) Au

Juliette Beattie

Zoe Brase

Amelia Bresolin

Briar Campbell

Tori Charalambous

Sophie Ciesielski

Andie Clark

Zoe Clark

Madison Clemens

Andie Comino

Jade Di Girolamo

Zizhuo (Alicia) Ding

Lily Dunnallen

Kaitlyn Flanagan

Jacqueline Flett

Evie Gallagher

Anna Gough

Tara Grasso

Maeve Halliday

Layla Hare

Caitlin Hartnett

Coco Huang

Chelsea Hunt

Zoe Johnson

Amelia Jubelin

Nikki Juffermans

Claudia Kritzler

Emma Mahant

Molly North

Helena Panos

Sarah Pearson

Courtney Roberts

Ruby Scott-Wishart

Ruby Smith

Shivani Spencer

Kristy Spyrakis

Sienna Strauss

Lara Taleb

Sophie Thomas

Briana Tran

Ananya Wakhare

Lola Whittaker

Penelope Yacoumatos

There were 111 instances of students awarded a Band 6 or E4.

60% of the cohort achieved a Band 6 in at least one subject.


Works Selected and Nominated for Showcase

A number of performances and major works from MLC School girls were selected and nominated for recognition as part of HSC Showcase events. To be nominated for any of these showcases is a significant achievement as it acknowledges these projects as best in the State. To be selected into a Showcase event is an outstanding recognition.

Callback selection

• Madison Clemens for her Core Composition – Traffic Light

Callback nominations

• Tori Charalambous (Core Composition)

• Madison Clemens (Core Performance and Major Study Performance)

• Olivia Clowes (Core Composition)

• Raeja Pashos (Core Performance)

SHAPE nominations

• Amelia Bresolin (Industrial Technology: Multimedia)

• Zizhou (Alicia) Ding (Industrial Technology: Multimedia)

• Evie Gallagher (Industrial Technology: Multimedia and Design and Technology)

ARTEXPRESS selections

• Zoe Brase for her Printmaking Work –Feathered Phobia

• Jacqueline Flett for her Printmaking Work – Accepting Purple

ARTEXPRESS nomination

• Caitlin Hartnett for her Photo Media Work – Confined By the Clock

ENCORE selections

• Jade Di Girolamo for her Performance –Gothic Carousel

• Ruby Scott-Wishart for her Composition

– Soliloquy for Winter Solstice

ENCORE nominations

• Jacqueline Flett (Music Composition and Music Performance)

• Emma Mahant (Music Composition)

OnSTAGE selections

• Amelia Jubelin for her Individual Performance – The Countess

OnSTAGE selection (Reserve List for Group Performance – The Death of Theatre)

• Juliette Beattie

• Anna Gough

• Layla Hare

• Amelia Jubelin

OnSTAGE nominations

• Sophie Ciesielski (Group Performance)

• Anna Gough (Individual Project)

• Tara Grasso (Individual Project)

• Layla Hare (Individual Project)

• Indianna Miller (Individual Project)

• Kirsten Moller (Individual Project)

• Sophie Reid (Group Performance and Individual Project)

• Sarai Rollason (Individual Project)

• Ruby Scott-Wishart (Group Performance and Individual Performance)

• Lola Whittaker (Individual Project)



Once again, MLC School girls achieved at the highest level internationally in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. 55 students from Year 12 studied the International Baccalaureate in 2022.

19 students achieved an ATAR over 99

Mounica Akula

Lia Al-Soufi

Ayushi Bhujel

Natalie Cavallaro

Christyn Cordato

Maria Gourlas

Himani Gupta

Laryssa Latt

Zunairah Mahfuz

Sanya Mehta

Tina Papamanuel

Grace Selim

Erini Stavroulakis

Charlotte Trieu

Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang

Plus four girls who elected not to be included

3 students received a 45/45 score

• Lia Al-Soufi (ATAR 99.95)

• Laryssa Latt (ATAR 99.95)

• Tina Papamanuel (ATAR 99.95)

5 students received a 44/45 score

• Christyn Cordato

• JiYang (Wisteria) Hu

• Zunairah Mahfuz

• Sanya Mehta

• Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang

6 students received a 43/45 score

• Mounica Akula

• Natalie Cavallaro

• Trinity Elghitany

• Grace Selim

• Charlotte Trieu

• Doris Yang

Snapshot of 2022 MLC School

International Baccalaureate (IB) results compared with Australasia and the world

number of students sitting the 2022 IB Diploma

Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge

• 27% of MLC School girls received an A in their Extended essay (15% worldwide)

• 32% received an A in Theory of Knowledge (7% worldwide)

18,174 2,421 55 Grade 4.9 N/A 6.0 Grade average 30.9 35.6 38.6 Pass rate 81.8% 97% 100%
Worldwide Australasia MLC School


After two years of lockdowns, it was wonderful to return to normal school routines and resume activities including excursions and co-curricular in 2022. In Term 1, we welcomed our new Year 7 students, and brought in the new academic calendar with Year 10 to Year 12 engaging in the Elevate study sessions. The girls explored various techniques for notetaking, summarising and preparing for examinations. The face-to-face sessions were a success, with our girls coming away feeling they had the tools to tackle the academic year ahead. These skills were especially useful with the first round of examination blocks occurring early in Term 1.

It was a treat for our students to finally go on excursions; trips including Nan Tien Temple for Studies of Religion, the Sydney Jewish Museum and Great Synagogue, and the onsite Careers Expo made a welcome return. This set the tone for what was to become a very busy year, particularly for Year 12 who immersed themselves in their studies whilst enjoying being onsite organising fundraisers and inter-House competitions and activities.

2022 saw the return of normal examination conditions for both the HSC and IB programmes. 75,493 students studied one or more courses in the HSC in 2022, whilst over 600 schools across 29 countries in the Asia-Pacific region undertook the IB programme. This year, MLC School had 75 students study for their HSC and 56 for the IB Diploma. The range of subjects across 73 courses included the Sciences, Creative and Performing Arts, Humanities and Languages. MLC School students took full advantage of the expertise of staff in selecting the courses about which they were most passionate. As a result, the creative talents of our students were recognised by NESA, with four students receiving nominations for ENCORE, the showcase of performances and compositions by HSC Music students; four nominations for Shape, the annual exhibition of exemplary

Major Projects developed by HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology: Multimedia and Textiles and Design students; three nominations for Callback, showcasing outstanding performances and projects from HSC Dance students, three nominations for ARTEXPRESS, the annual exhibition of exemplary artworks created by students for the HSC in Visual Arts and seventeen nominations for OnSTAGE, the showcase of performances and projects by HSC Drama students. Amelia Jubelin’s performance The Countess was selected as part of the OnSTAGE showcase, whilst Zoe Brase and Jacqueline Flett were both chosen for the ARTEXPRESS 2023 HSC Showcase season, and Madison Clemens was selected in Callback for her Core Composition in Dance. Further good news arrived with Jade Di Girolamo performing for the ENCORE showcase and Ruby Scott-Wishart’s composition also being selected.

Our Extension 2 English pieces were varied this year, demonstrating the unique writing and creative talents of our students. The works included a storytelling podcast titled When Morning Comes; a mixed-genre piece

titled Legacy Redacted that examined the impact of the altruistic ambition of Richard Nixon; and a lyrical piece examining the sense of self through the loss of memory function accelerated by dementia.

Students in History Extension investigated a broad spectrum of historiographical questions for their Major Project. Some of the research topics included the role of intersectionality in the Women’s Liberation Movement, varying perspectives on the life of Gandhi, whether video games could be considered valid pieces of historical study, and the reasons behind a shift in holocaust filmography. Of the sixteen Major Works, a healthy mix of ancient, medieval and modern historical topics were covered, and all were completed to the highest standard.

The IB students worked on their Internal Assessments, Extended Essays and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) oral presentations. TOK requires the students to complete a written commentary arising from the exploration of the key themes: Knowledge and Language, and Knowledge and Indigenous Societies. Thought-provoking questions explored


by our students were ‘Within an area of knowledge is it more important to have credibility or power?’ and, ‘Is it better to have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned?’.

In addition to their examinations and internal assessments, our IB Diploma students submitted their 4000-word Extended Essay on a range of topics. Some examples of topics explored in 2022 included: ‘The cultural myth of Australia’s beaches - an iconic place of social tension. To what extent is the beach truly a free, egalitarian,

and open space in Australian history?’, ‘An investigation into Australia’s history of division and the social attitudes of beach culture’, ‘In Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite (2019) and Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby (2013), how are sensory techniques used to communicate the intransigent nature of class structures?’, ‘To what extent is Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) a more effective treatment approach for improving communication and behaviour in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), than Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapy?’.

Year 7 to Year 10 engaged with their subjects in a positive and enthusiastic manner. The growth we saw between the two semesters reflected their engagement and ability to step up when faced with challenges. It has been two years since our students have been onsite for the entire calendar year and they flourished, making new friends, and enjoying school life. Year 7 learnt to navigate a new campus and new teachers, whilst Year 8 settled into their curriculum and have begun to think about areas of interest for elective choices to come. Year 9 have matured and chosen electives based on their interests, as well as taking on the challenge of the camp experience with memories they will share for years to come.

Year 10 explored careers and the wide range of subjects on offer for Year 11. They enjoyed their weeklong immersion on the Mid-North coast and came back refreshed, ready for the challenges of their final years of schooling.

Overall, was a wonderful year and we look forward to an even more exhilarating 2023.



It was wonderful to see the buzz in the Senior Centre at the MLC School Careers and Tertiary Expo this year, after two years of interruption. The Expo has been an outstanding resource for the students and parents of MLC School for over 20 years. It provides an opportunity for students to speak with representatives from metropolitan and regional universities, as well as other tertiary providers. In addition, we held a variety of presentations, which both parents and students could attend on the evening. The Expo featured 41 exhibitors from universities, vocational-focused institutions, overseas study, gap year providers, industry groups and the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). Students were able to choose from 10 presentations throughout the evening on topics such as ‘What is an Arts degree?’ by The University of Sydney, ‘Psychology and Cognitive Science’ by Macquarie University, ‘The ATAR and applying to Uni’ by UAC and more.

Studying medicine continues to be the ambition of many MLC School students, however the admission process and selection criteria make it extremely competitive. We invited Natasha Eyles (2019), one of our recent graduates, to come and speak to the students about the different pathways

into medicine. She was able to help them understand the process and to develop some alternative options which may result in them gaining access at the postgraduate level. She completed the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences at Macquarie University, a 2-year fast-tracked program that helps to prepare students for a range of postgraduate health and medical careers. At the end of a very exhaustive interview process, she was offered a place in the Doctor of Medicine Program at Macquarie University.

During Term 2, we also provided our usual Lunchtime University Presentations, hosting The University of New South Wales (UNSW), The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), The University of Sydney and Macquarie University. Former student Emily Eker (2020) was welcomed back to promote the Bachelor of Accounting Co-op Scholarship at UTS. All students from Year 10 to 12 have access to these presentations.

Technology continues to make the exploration of careers and courses more accessible than ever before. There’s a plethora of websites, podcasts, social media platforms and even Virtual Reality (VR) to inspire. The adage ‘if you can see it, you

can be it’ was reinforced when we had some fun in the Junior School with a VR headset. Students (and Ms Booth) chose from dozens of careers for a fully immersive experience. These scenes ranged from harvesting in an expansive cotton farm in Queensland, a forensic investigation at a fire scene, designing a product as an industrial designer, following a Bioprocessing Scientist and Dentistry.

University early entry programs continued to grow in popularity, with more than 60% of MLC School students receiving an Early Offer to at least one university; some students received multiple offers prior to their exams. Many students also took the opportunity to apply interstate this year where they were also made early offers. The School Recommendation Scheme, where the Careers Team can rate students for tertiary study based on personal attributes, motivation, good study habits and potential for success at University, is another alternative entry scheme that has a positive influence on student motivation to study because it takes the pressure off just getting in with the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) alone.



“If we shadows have offended, Think but this, and all is mended, That you have but slumbered here While these visions did appear.”

Indeed, the arts have slumbered in the last couple of years as we faced lockdown and online teaching and learning. Theatre and dance productions across the world shut down and we turned to the digital world to see human stories; told through theatre and dance, but streamed onto our screens. So, it has been a welcome awakening to think we have only slumbered while these visions of COVID-19 appeared to shake us. 2022 has seen the reawakening of the arts in our classrooms and it has been a busy, successful year for the DDE Department and the girls we teach. The talented, enthusiastic students and dedicated staff have been busy inspiring and devising collaborative works together, in the rehearsal rooms and studios rather than online, despite frequent absences due to COVID-19 and a bad flu season.

Our Year 12 IB Theatre class had not one, but two Solo Performance evenings; each girl must create and perform a solo work, which is followed by a question and answer session, which is referred to in a written portfolio that is submitted to the IB for marking. The maturity and dynamism shown by our students after the lockdown was extraordinary. These nights produced some of the most innovative, creative works we have seen in a long time. Many of the Theatre students undertook Theatre extended essays and so we went to the theatre when possible to gain material for these original research essays.

Our curriculum classes have had a great year as they were reminded of what it is like to hear the laughter, debate and discussion when devising theatre. Our Year 12 Drama students performed original works at their Trial Showcase and their final works for the HSC were outstanding. There were 16 nominations for OnSTAGE this year, the showcase of outstanding HSC Drama works for 2022. The following eight students were

nominated for their Individual Projects: Anna Gough, Tara Grasso, Layla Hare, Indianna Miller, Kirsten Moller, Sophie Reid, Sarai Rollason and Lola Whittaker, whilst the following students were nominated for their Individual Performances: Ruby Scott-Wishart and Amelia Jubelin and congratulations to Amelia who was selected to perform. The following students were nominated for their Group Performances, The Death of Theatre, and were placed on the reserve list; Juliette Beatie, Anna Gough, Amelia Jubelin and Layla Hare. Girls in Much Ado About Nothing; Sophie Ciesielski, Sophie Reid and Ruby Scott-Wishart were also nominated.

Our HSC Dance students also achieved wonderful results. The following students were nominated for Callback: Madison Clemens (for two components and selected for her Core Composition), Raeja Pashos, Tori Charalambous and Olivia Clowes.

Our annual Year 11 Drama production was a challenging contemporary reworking of the ancient Greek play, Antigone. However, we had to cancel the production at the last minute, though our girls had worked with enthusiasm to create meaning for this ‘oldie but goodie’. Our Year 9 Drama Night was also cancelled due to sickness, so we are hoping for an exciting 2023 for these students. Our girls participated in a range of workshops from the Italian Comedia dell’arte to Japanese Rakugu sit-down theatre. We went on a theatre excursion for the first time in two and a half years.

So, ‘think but this, and all is mended’; the arts, especially drama, dance and theatre have rebounded to shake off the COVID-19 spectre and next year should be even bigger and better. We look forward to the next show.



2022 saw outstanding results for the DART Department across all year groups. MLC School students engaged in creative projects and learning that broadened their opportunities and understanding of art, design, food, technologies and culture. Our immensely talented group of staff adapted and created new programs to be taught both at school and flexibly, with outstanding results. We sadly farewelled Caitlin Boyd and Robyn Mackertich as they moved on to the next chapters in their lives and thank them for their contributions to these wonderful achievements. We wish them all the best..

The 2022 Year 12 cohort performed extremely well, exceeding all expectations. We could not be prouder of their work ethic, dedication, passion, and flexibility. The HSC students of Visual Arts, Textiles Technology and Design and Technology created exciting artworks, innovative projects and technically refined masterpieces that reflected their unique personalities and passions. This was clearly seen during their showcase, where so many families and friends were once again able to experience these amazing works in person.

The Year 12 Visual Arts students drew inspiration from identity, a fear of birds, mental health, illness, the ocean, ideal representations of the body and cellular structures. The class worked so closely together and helped each other succeed. We achieved three nominations and two selections in ARTEXPRESS, which is a testament to just how exceptional the works are.

The Year 12 Design and Technology students solved a range of design problems including, architectural studios, creating a recycled timber occasional table with resin highlights and a bespoke jarrah computer case which gained a nomination for the SHAPE Showcase exhibition.

The Year 12 Food Technology students applied themselves diligently to their coursework, exploring theoretical concepts and industry case studies. The students also had a visit from the owner of Merna’s Crumpets who provided a first-hand account of the challenges faced by a small, artisan food company, with the highlight being the box of tasty treats to take home.

The Year 12 Industrial Technology: Multimedia students continued to excel in producing projects of a professional quality, with each student receiving a nomination for both the InTech and Shape exhibitions. The projects showcased the students’ extensive experimentation and drive to develop their skills within a range of multimedia contexts, including game development, 3D modelling and animation. The students’ projects were supported by detailed documentation of their project management.

The Textile and Design students worked hard until the last moment, and produced a wide range of Major Textiles Projects to a high standard.

The range of projects spanned from evening wear to clothing inspired by significant figures, to textiles arts, including a wall hanging inspired by native flora and a sunsmart children’s clothing range.

The IB candidature exhibition was also of an exceptionally high standard, with sophisticated, diverse concepts and technically masterful works displayed in exhibitions for their families and friends to experience all their success. Themes explored include the female body, academic pressure, behavioural performativity, domesticity, neurodivergence, materiality, fears and phobias. Thank you to all the incredible and dedicated staff in the DART Department for their outstanding support, enabling students from both HSC and IB to transform their ideas into reality. We wish the 2022 graduating year every success as they move into the next chapters of their exciting lives. Their achievements will continue to inspire them for years to come, as they have endured this journey well and opened so many possibilities for themselves.


The IB Design Technology students produced a wide range of solutions to authentic problems which included: water-saving devices, learning aids for visually impaired students, medication dispensers and nonstereotypical toys for children.

A combined team of HSC and IB students from a range of DART subjects across Industrial Technology: Multimedia, Design and Technology and Visual Arts represented MLC School at the opening of the Deloitte Cyber Security Academy. The students performed well against six other schools in a Hack-a-thon Challenge, responding to a range of real-world cybersecurity threats where they had to crack codes, save breached data and ensure the safety of an organisation’s intellectual property. They demonstrated proficient skills in problem solving, collaboration and divergent thinking.

Year 11 DART students made excellent progress in their Preliminary year. In Visual Arts, students were lucky enough to visit the 2021 ARTEXPRESS, view our own Kittu Hoyne’s (2022) sophisticated Body of Work, gaining inspiration before beginning to develop their individual artist practice and the study of Modernism.

In Design and Technology, students explored the design cycle process, where they completed individual design projects to explore an area of interest to them. A range of projects were produced, including a desk utility and light, a balcony bird feeder, multimedia productions, phone holders, infinity tables and architectural designs. In Textiles, students created a textile artwork comprising of a culturally inspired kimono. They experimented with numerous colouration and textural techniques to find the perfect feature to reflect their chosen culture. From here, they moved on to produce a historically inspired jacket from a choice of decades which resulted in a wide range of creative garments.

Year 10 DART students excelled this year in Visual Arts. They continued to develop their artmaking through the exploration of portraiture, textiles and fibre work of the hyper-real and sculptural practice of Kerry Toomey, as they explored, their personal cultural connections. In Design and Technology, the students extended their skills, creating incredible timber furniture pieces and bespoke sterling silver jewellery. In Textiles Technology, they designed and

created their own range of activewear using the sublimation printer while studying the history of apparel design. In Photography and Digital Media, the students delighted in creating a passion project that demonstrated all the skills they have acquired throughout the course. The Information and Software Technology (IST) students developed logo branding using vector-based graphics. They also explored computer hardware, network infrastructure and coded prototype devices using Arduino microcontrollers. This provided a fantastic experience for the students to explore the process of applying code to a physical device with real-world applications. In Food Technology, students developed their understanding of food security, food product development, as well as the food service and catering industries. They also enjoyed working as a part of a team to simulate the food product development process to devise, test and market a new smoothie bowl or protein ball product.

Year 9 DART students in Industrial Technology: Multimedia engaged in multimedia contexts which provided them with aesthetic and technical experiences to foster their range of skills and confidence for



problem-solving. The students explored the creative process of developing vector animations, as well as website creation using HTML/CSS, and utilised the Unity game engine to create environments and games. In Visual Arts, Year 9 began the course with an investigation into land art, constructing first an intricate miniature environment, and then creating and photographing their own land art in Burwood Park using found materials. They also produced amazing sculptural works in ceramics, connecting to a place that held meaning to them. To round off the year, each student developed imaginative and sensitive artists’ books using a range of 2D materials. In Design and Technology, the students continued to push the boundaries of design. Students used a wide range of technologies including the laser cutter for product design, including a personalised set of coasters and a holder using sustainable materials. The 3D printer was heavily used in the Solar Technology module, where the students worked to produce the fastest possible solar-panelled car to compete in the UNSW Mini Sprint Challenge. The Architectural project enabled students to display their skills in their creation of an EcoPod design for a small habitable or non-habitable space.

Year 8 DART students explored the bizarre and wonderful world of Surrealism through the creation of Surrealist-inspired illustrations with a collaborative ceramic tea party. In Semester 2, students examined the places and spaces they call home, and created a series of successful lino prints inspired by our exciting Luna Park excursion. In Technology, students grew their own micro-greens and herbs. They also prepared and styled a range of herb-focussed recipes, displaying their recipes via photos and videos on a website. The students also produced

a fabric container that featured a range of creative colouration techniques (including dyeing), as well as the use of original, digitally printed designs for their fabric design. The students also learnt about digital technologies related to privacy, security, networks and coding.

Year 7 DART students completed a range of design projects, including a Memphis Milano-inspired timber box, featuring a lid that reflected the philosophy of the design style using colour and shape, as well as basic engineered pivoting pieces. The students also applied knowledge of engineering concepts related to bridges and designed, created, tested and evaluated a spaghetti bridge structure. They worked with Adobe Illustrator software to design the graphics for an acrylic lantern which was manufactured using laser cutter technology and lit up by a hand-soldered circuit. One class also undertook the Food unit, where they grew a chosen herb, prepared recipes to hero the herb, and produced a website highlighting their food styling and preparation skills. They also used a range of software to create their own fabric design, which was digitally printed and paired with fabric that had been dyed to produce reversible tote bags. Students in Visual Arts explored the representation of hybrid creatures in both

ancient mythology and contemporary art. Inspired by the works of Sophie Woodrow and Jenny Orchard, students created ceramic mythical creatures. In Semester 2, students visited The Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW) to view the 2022 Archibald Prize exhibition. Students took on the role of the art critic to critically examine a portrait of their choosing from this show. They then created a diverse range of self-portraits, extending their drawing, painting and printmaking skills.

Year 6 DART students explored the elements of art, including colour, line, shape, tone, form and texture to learn about how artists create successful artworks. Through a series of artist case studies and activities, students accrued practical skills in a range of mediums including drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. In Semester 2, students applied this knowledge to create architecturally-inspired sculptures in differing forms, sizes, and mediums; drawing interconnections between the natural and the man-made.

Art and Design Week was a huge success, with the 2022 Illuminate showcase proving to be one of our best yet. Led by our amazing Art and Design Captain Sarah-Bronte Andrikis (Year 12), alongside the hard work of the Art and Design Committee members,


this year’s students explored the theme ‘Shining a Light on Your Stories’ to celebrate the collective stories of the MLC School community. The event showcased a creative sculptural display developed by the Art and Design Committee, a comprehensive exhibition of artworks and design projects from across the Junior and Senior School campuses, performances from a range of music and dance students, and of course, the extremely popular Putt Putt House challenge. It was wonderful to see our School community come together to celebrate the creative work of our talented students.

A group of 36 Year 9 to Year 11 DART students from a range of subject areas also travelled to New Zealand in the September break where they visited Christchurch, Nelson and Wellington. The students engaged in workshops related to textiles skills, including weaving and fabric dyeing, as well as make up and special effects and an Italian cooking class. They also visited an olive grove for a tasting, as well as Little River Estate to learn about cheese production. The muchanticipated highlight of the trip was the World of Wearable Art Awards Show, an extravagant display of incredible costume designs modelled by choreographed runway models which was supported using computer-generated set design and live music.

We look forward to 2023 with much excitement; we hope that the students, staff and School community will enjoy the diversity DART has to offer. We feel privileged to teach such dedicated, passionate and innovative young women who we know will go on to achieve greatness in the world.


Cyril Connolly, the literary critic and writer, claimed that “While thought exists, words are alive”; this is an idea that the English Department has attempted to instil in students throughout 2022.

Whether it be analysing the works of writers ranging from John Donne to Banana Yoshimoto, or creating their own compositions, our students were encouraged to explore how language can shape and create meaning.

Year 7 students were asked to play with language as part of our introductory poetry unit. Joelene Cheney led her Year 7 class on a tour of the School where they stopped at key spaces such as the Bird Bath Quad to reflect on what they could see, smell and hear. Using their senses and inspired by Jack Davis’ poem Death of a Tree, her students wrote their own poems and created a class ‘poe-tree’ in the process.

Writing poetry was not the only opportunity our students had to demonstrate their creativity. Year 9 had the incredible opportunity to meet Clare Atkins, whose novel Nona & Me, was studied this year. Inspired by this, they made short films underpinned by the concepts of country, home and community. The students were able to vote for the best film made by their peers and the wonderful Rohan and Jaanu took out first prize.

The recognition that language shapes our relationships with ourselves and others is an important one. The three students who undertook the arduous yet rewarding English Extension 2 course demonstrated their understanding of this in their major works, ranging from a mixed-genre piece on Richard Nixon, to a recording of an original play, to a lyrical piece on the impacts of dementia.

Thanks must go to Louise Piggott and her team in the Library who have continued to deliver exciting and thought-provoking Wide Reading lessons for Year 7 to Year 10.

The partnership between the Library and the English Department is a strong one and continues to encourage students to broaden their minds by reading widely on a regular basis.

This year we farewelled Cecilia Batista who has led the Department through some of its most challenging times – including not one, but two COVID-19 lockdowns! We also farewelled Georgie Brewer who took parental leave. With their departure, we welcomed two new teachers. Emily Marsh and Wayne Symes joined the faculty, each bringing with them energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge.

2022 has been a busy year in the English Department, and I have no doubt 2023 will be just as exhilarating as we continue to actively inspire our students with a love of language.



2022 has proven another fine year for the study of History and Religious Education at MLC School. With the hope of a return to ‘normal’, this year has brought with it some great successes and many enjoyable learning opportunities for the students.

January greeted the Department with the exciting news that Elsa Tonkinwise (2021) had achieved first place in NSW for HSC Ancient History, having been mentored wonderfully throughout her senior studies by Vicky Zinopoulos. Such a fine achievement was celebrated at the Chau Chak Wing Museum, where Esther spoke passionately about History and gratefully about her teachers. Congratulations Esther.

This year saw a number of wonderful excursions take place, affording our students the opportunity to broaden their learning experiences and engage with the content studied in a hands-on manner.

Year 12 Studies of Religion students travelled to both the Sri Venkateswara Temple at Helensburgh, and the Nam Tien Temple at Wollongong. Here they spoke to priests and practitioners of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, enhancing their knowledge of both religions. Moreover, they enjoyed participating in guided meditation sessions as well as receiving blessings at both temples.

Year 10 students spent an insightful day at the Sydney Jewish Museum, gaining a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and their roles in ensuring such events never happen again. Furthermore, they were honoured to hear from Holocaust

survivors who brought a personal face to the content they had previously studied in class. Finally, the students walked down to the Great Synagogue where they received a guided tour to further their understanding of the faith.

Sadly, however, 2022 brought the retirement of the long-serving former Head of Department, Peter Klamka. His tenure at the School was marked by a desire to engage students passionately with the historical world. Over many years, he led with purpose, developed enthusiastic and joyful young historians, oversaw the running of a myriad of classics tours and was never shy to dress as his favourite 1960s hippy cousin ‘Bernie Klamka’. Peter leaves a longstanding legacy at MLC School and I thank him for his service.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the staff in the History and Religious Education Department. This year has seen the implementation of a significant number of new programs and assessments, which have been expertly developed and implemented by the team. It is a joy to work with the highest quality of educators.

And so, please allow me to leave you with the words of the philosopher Confucius: “Study History, Study History.”



2022 was a year of big ideas and wow experiences for the HSIE Department at MLC School.

In Term 1, we launched HSIE on the Roof, a homework/study club dedicated to our HSC students. Students set the agenda and were able to work through difficult questions, consolidate their understanding of course content, leverage peer feedback and have access to the Senior HSC teaching team in one space.

Term 2 marked a new approach to assessment design in our Year 10 Commerce course, as students became both economists and political reporters by assessing the economic policies for a range of stakeholders in the lead up to the Federal election. This project was pioneered by the Year 10 Commerce team, which challenged students to apply their knowledge to the here and now. Year 9 Commerce students also had a trial at being a future politician and ran their first mock election. Leading up to the election, students had been working in groups to devise their own political parties, slogans and ad campaigns in preparation

for their upcoming mock election. Students had the freedom and flexibility to develop a political party based on their own ideology and views towards contemporary issues which matter most to them and broader society.

Year 9 Geographers were challenged on their perceptions of food and baked insect cookies. They investigated the food of the future firsthand, and completed a blind baking and testing with some special guests, including Neil Scotney, Lisa Moloney and Frances Booth. This sparked a debate on social perceptions towards new food sources. This tactile experience was also used as a part of the Year 6 Excitement Day which also included an insect cookie decorating competition!

Fieldwork was also an important component of the Senior IB and HSC Geography courses; students ventured all over Sydney to complete fieldwork testing. From studying consumer preferences towards food in Balmain and Five Dock, urban renewal projects in Breakfast Point and Barangaroo,

urban design in Redfern and Burwood as a site for local tourism; our Geographers applied and tested their geographical knowledge to the real world.

2022 also highlighted the vast range of expertise within the HSIE Department with Henry Wijanto presenting in the 2022 AIS NSW Business Studies Professional Development Day in Term 2. Henry presented on how to bring the Business Studies Syllabus to practice in a creative and innovative way. Dr Manuel Condoleon represented MLC School as a workshop leader in Singapore, presenting a 3-day training workshop on the implementation of the new Business Management Guide, which starts in 2023.

We look forward to maintaining our commitment to providing high quality and dynamic learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom in 2023.



学一门语言,就是多一个观察 世界的窗户

“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” – Chinese proverb

It is widely acknowledged that learning a second language will help to extend a student’s horizons and allow them to develop cultural empathy and understanding; offering them a new window through which to view the world. This is at the heart of the MLC School Language Department and is something that has been explored in many ways during the course of 2022.

The highlight of the year was definitely the return of our annual Languages Day! Students from Year 6 to Year 9 were immersed in a range of vibrant and engaging activities and workshops which aimed to further their understanding of language and culture. These included French storytelling, drama and crêpe making, Indonesian dance, exploring traditional Indonesian island costumes, Taiko drumming, Chinese bracelet making, Italian commedia dell’arte, Japanese origami and manga, as well as Aboriginal basket weaving! We even had a guest appearance from the Consul-General of Indonesia, Mr Vedi Kurnia Buana, who visited in the afternoon! Students were also

able to purchase a lunch that showcased the cuisines of different cultures. It was a colourful and exciting day where culture and language came to life, where diversity was celebrated and embraced.

Another exciting moment was when four of our Year 10 French students Fiona Feng, Kaylie Keogh, Vanessa Nguyen and Isabelle Lin had their film selected as finalists in the Modern Language Teachers’ Association (MLTA) Linguafest Short Film Competition. Year 9 Indonesian students also submitted entries to the competition, whilst Year 8 students conducted their own ‘market day’ where they used their newly learnt bargaining skills to buy and sell goods from one another. We also celebrated Old Girl Natalia Giannakos (2021) who attended the Indonesian Consulate to accept an award for outstanding achievement in the 2021 HSC Indonesian Extension course.


The Chinese and Japanese culture clubs were again buzzing with activities this year. In Term 1, they celebrated Chinese New Year (中国新年) with some delicious treats. Students were also involved in MLC School’s Illuminate and they worked together to design a huge dragon along with Chinese lanterns and painting artworks which were displayed in the Senior Centre. Meanwhile, Japanese students hosted their own stall during Round Square Week and enjoyed workshops about Taiko drumming and tea ceremonies.

Our Italian program in the Junior School has been going from strength to strength, and was further enhanced this year with the creation of an Italian Club. Here, the girls have learnt Italian culture and language through a range of engaging kinaesthetic activities.

They have connected by playing Italian card games, making ‘bruschetta’ and ‘pesto’, singing Italian hits and learning the ‘Tarantella’ steps.

Finally, the Language Department would like to congratulate the graduating Class of 2022. We hope that you have enjoyed learning a language at MLC School as much as we have enjoyed teaching you, and that you will find new ways to immerse yourself in language and culture to remain a lifelong learner!



2022 began with a celebration of Higher School Certificate (HSC) and International Baccalaureate (IB) results for the Class of 2021. MLC School prides itself on the offering of all Mathematics courses across both the HSC and IB Diploma courses. Over 90% of students chose to study Mathematics in their Senior years at MLC School. Our results go against nationwide trends of girls in Mathematics, proving that girls can achieve outstanding results. 88% of our Extension 1 Mathematics students achieved a mark between 42 and 46 out of 50, with over 60% of our Advanced and Standard 2 students achieving results in the top two bands of their respective courses. 100% of our Analysis and Approaches Standard Level students achieved in the top two bands in the International Baccalaureate. 91% of our Applications and Interpretations Standard Level scored in the top two bands and 75% of our Analysis and Approaches Higher Level students were in the top two bands.

The love of Mathematics and the challenge it provides is promoted from the moment the girls begin in Year 7. As we came out of isolation and enjoyed working collaboratively solving problems in the classroom, our students took up as many enrichment and

competition opportunities as they could. Our students embraced these challenges and performed at the highest levels.

We were like proud parents when Nitya Nimalan (Year 9) was awarded second place in the UNSW School of Mathematics Competition, a competition that is designed to assess mathematical insight and ingenuity, rather than efficiency in tackling routine problems. It attracts over 700 entrants across NSW, and Nitya was awarded her prestigious prize at a ceremony held at The University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Australian Mathematics Competition Results 2022

Best in School Award and High Distinction

Nitya Nimalan (Year 9)

High Distinction

Jocelyn Su (Year 8)

Distinction Award Winners

Hannah Banks (Year 9)

Lara Bazzi (Year 9)

Allegra Chiang (Year 8)

Kathleen Chrun (Year 8)

Josephine Doan (Year 7)

Jaslina Duong (Year 8)

Fiona Feng (Year 10)

Isabella Gadelrabb (Year 10)

Gigi Guan (Year 7)

Rebecca Ho-Bui (Year 7)

Sophia Hu (Year 7)

Meena Kanthathas (Year 7)

Claire Lee (Year 9)

Cheylene Leung (Year 7)

Zoe Likely (Year 9)

Bella Nguyen (Year 8)

Anna Obaid (Year 8)

Anikah Sanan (Year 10)

Riya Singh (Year 7)

Chloe Song (Year 7)

Elena Sun (Year 8)

Ava Tong (Year 10)

Laurelle Yim (Year 8)

Elly Yu (Year 7)

Chloe Zhang (Year 9)

Emily Zhou (Year 8)

Students from Year 8 to Year 11 also entered the Australian Mathematics Trust Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition. This problemsolving competition gives students the opportunity to explore algorithmic thinking, a type of logical thinking that identifies students’ computer programming potential in real world contexts.



Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Results 2022

Best in School Award and High Distinction

Sophia Hu (Year 7)

Distinction Award Winners

Carina Chu (Year 7)

Gigi Guan (Year 7)

Meena Kanthathas (Year 7)

Georgina Lim (Year 11)

Hannah Olsson (Year 7)

Nitya Nimalan (Year 9)

Chloe Song (Year 7)

Ava Tong (Year 10)

Our students also worked through the Mathematics Enrichment and Challenge programs offered by the Australian Mathematics Trust. Special mention goes to Haegan Sitou (Year 8) and Nitya Nimalan (Year 9) on their High Distinctions in the AMT Maths Challenge; Carina Chu (Year 7), Gigi Guan (Year 7), Rebecca Ho-Bui (Year 7), Sophia Hu (Year 7), Elly Yu (Year 7), Lindsay Zeng (Year 7) and Tasha Wong (Year 9)

on achieving Distinction awards and finally Carina Chu (Year 7) and Sophia Hu (Year 7) on their Distinctions in the Euler Enrichment program.

Finally, three of our Year 8 students entered the Australian Taxation Office Tax, Super and You Competition, winning first place in the Junior Division with their stop motion animation. Congratulations to Anna Obeid Year 8), Harriet Hahn (Year 8) and Emma Sullivan (Year 8) who each received a prize of $200 and were presented with their certificates in Canberra.

Our enrichment program has taken off under Alex Schroder’s stewardship, with mathematics learning opportunities being offered to our students in many creative ways. We ran the talented mathematics students Problem Solving Day at MLC School this year, with visiting talented mathematics students from Newington College, Burwood Girls High, St Scholastica’s College Glebe and Santa Sabina sharing a day full of fun problem-solving activities.

Our Year 8 students enjoyed a day of exploring practical hands-on mathematics activities with The World of Maths, and we again had our Year 10 students enjoying the challenge of solving problems with the Inquisitive Minds incursion.

I would like to thank the Mathematics Department for their support and efforts in instilling a love of Mathematics in our students every day. We bid farewell to two much-loved members of the team, Jason Truong and John Abi-Elias. We were blessed to have them as part of our team, and we wish them well in their future endeavours.


For two years, most performance opportunities were dashed. This highly unusual period gave our Department a chance to renew its focus on our classroom practice. The pandemic also brought a necessity to be able to deliver curriculum though the use of technology, so 2022 saw a Music Department with a forward-looking purpose and state of the art delivery through the online CANVAS platform. Building on the previous year’s changes, 2022 was the year growth came to fruition; with students enjoying their classroom music making and achieving some fine outcomes.

Having a full co-curricular program able to operate normally this year has had a beneficial flow-on effect to music in the classroom. Being able to experience both the theoretical and practical side of our subject again has made the year special.

A major innovation in 2022 was a restructuring of the Year 5 and Year 6 program. These two years were combined across a double period which allowed students to collaborate in practical music making together this year. In particular, having the two year groups combined improves the fullness and confidence in sound of the String Orchestra and the combined Band. The students were also afforded the option of playing ukulele or singing as the practical component in the Year 5 and Year 6 program. Year 6 students undertook the enormous project of performing the musical Moana JR.; with the result being an extremely exciting, highly polished performance.

Our Year 12 students successfully completed the new IB Music curriculum and HSC Music 1, Music 2 and Extension courses. Congratulations to Jacqueline Flett and Jade Di Girolamo who were both nominated for ENCORE (a showcase of excellent performances and compositions by HSC Music students). I pay tribute to this cohort who adapted so well over the past two years without losing enthusiasm for Music.

I extend my sincere thanks and congratulations to all Music Department staff and students. In particular, I would like to thank Karen Roberts and Dr Joanna Drimatis for their contribution to MLC School Music. An opportunity to move back to New Zealand arose for Karen Roberts, and Joanna accepted a position with the Australian Music Centre to promote Australian music within education institutions. Karen and Joanna both made substantial contributions across curricular and co-curricular Music throughout their time at MLC School. Staff and students alike were sad to see them leave, but wish them the very best in their new roles. Our Department welcomed Amanda Lavender and Leon Vitogiannis in the classroom and choral roles, as well as James Larsen as our new Head of Strings.

We are happy to have had a much more normal year and look forward to continuing on the strong growth in our curriculum development in 2023.



More than ever, 2020 and 2021 shone a light on the importance of health and wellness. As Personal Development, Health and Physical Education teachers, we feel fortunate to deliver a course that provides students with the opportunity to learn about a range of areas that underpin health, wellbeing and physical activity. With that said, teachers offered a huge variety of sports, games and activities to promote the importance of physical activity. Year 7 students showcased newfound skills during the gymnastics unit, Year 8 students performed water acrobatics during synchronised swimming, Year 9 students completed the 1,500m endurance swim and Year 10 students participated in the Bronze Medallion Award. In the Junior School, students visited the Royal Botanical Gardens as a part of the Bush Tucker Cultural Food unit and Year 5 students had the opportunity to create their own marketing campaign to promote a healthy eating bar. Underpinning these lessons was the desire to foster lifelong physical activity habits, and allow students to explore their personal identity, develop resilience and immerse themselves in opportunities for growth while learning.

The Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) course has consistently grown to be a popular elective amongst Year 9 and Year 10 students. Differing to PDHPE, PASS students study areas in-depth, work towards a particular performance goal, pursue a formal qualification and examine an issue of interest related to the physical, emotional, social, cultural or scientific dimensions of physical activity and sport. In 2022, students went to Manly Beach for a surf awareness and snorkelling excursion during the Promoting

Active Lifestyles module. They also spent two days skiing in Thredbo as part of the Participating with Safety unit and visited the Sydney Cricket Ground to investigate Australia’s rich sporting identity.

For Senior students, the PDHPE course and the Sport, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) programme have continued to challenge students academically whilst being unwaveringly supported by their teachers. Students were encouraged to set goals and take risks as they worked in and out of the classroom to practically apply their knowledge of theoretical concepts to different settings. For the first time, Year 11 SEHS students completed a research project exploring the impact of exercise on blood pressure. This enabled them to gain a greater understanding of the requirements of the Internal Assessment scheme, significantly benefitting their Year 12 studies.

In 2023, a group of PDHPE and SEHS students will travel to Japan to experience first-hand some of the key course concepts they will encounter throughout their Stage 6 studies. The opportunity to engage in experiential learning will undoubtedly deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of content studied in the classroom.

As a Department, we look forward to continuing to cultivate innovative and memorable learning experiences which supports active, confident and informed individuals.



Science is about equipping girls with the understanding and the thinking skills to make a difference in society and the environment. Our girls will become leaders, and Science has developed their abilities to interpret and analyse global information.

2022 has been a period of evolution. Our new Head of Science, Maryellen Ottaway, is a vibrant teacher injecting new ideas and approaches into the Science Department, developing a Department that is adaptable to the innovations in learning for the future.

It has been a year of varied activities, with Year 11 Biology students visiting the Australian Museum to study evolutionary design and observing how Australian wildlife has adapted to the harsh environment. Year 7 students competed in the Egg Drop Challenge where they designed structures with limited material to protect an egg. Many eggs experienced the negative effects of gravitational attraction. Ultimately, two teams from Ingrid Smolka’s class won the challenge.

This year, the girls have also performed in the Science Australian Olympiads. A selection of Year 9 girls also tested their communication and collaborative skills by participating in the Sydney Science Park event, achieving a gold, silver and bronze award for innovation and design for the cities of the future. Finally, Year 10 students were involved in the Lighthouse Experience where industry experts with past links to MLC School presented various sciencerelated opportunities that have developed due to their passion for science.

Interest and excitement in Science continues to evolve. Biology studies the interactions of life, Chemistry studies how life is constructed and Physics explains how the universe works.

Regretfully, Tracy Getts, the enthusiastic and innovative teacher of the most important subject ever (Physics) departed MLC School to take on an Assistant Head of Science Role at Trinity Grammar School. Tracy is a well-respected teacher, and will be missed by the girls and the entire MLC School community. The ever-changing, dynamic and exciting Kaitlyn Calluaud departed to undertake further education at university; her enthusiasm and dedication to the wellbeing of the girls will also be missed.




”Any work of art must first of

The ability of art to act as a vehicle of storytelling has underpinned the achievements of the Art and Design Society this year. The overarching theme for 2022, Illuminate your stories, encouraged students to use art and design to create bonds of understanding, to reveal their own stories.

Under this theme, DART Society organised and participated in a range of events, including a workshop on the symbolism of Indigenous Art during NAIDOC Week, the annual MLC School Christmas Cooking Challenge and a Max Dupain Photography Appropriation Competition. This hard work and creativity culminated on 16 June 2022, as the wider MLC School community celebrated MLC School’s largest student-run festival, Illuminate. This event provided the opportunity to interactively showcase art and design works created by MLC School students from Kindergarten to Year 12, through stalls, games, and exhibition displays. Throughout the night, dance companies, string quartets and singers performed in the amphitheatre and

MLC School celebrated the inauguration of the House putt-putt golf holes. Every MLC School student contributed to Illuminate, as each MLC School House designed and built a putt-putt hole to represent a different education faculty. Additionally, Illuminate offered a range of stalls - from basket weaving to Chinese traditional painting. Donations from these stalls allowed for the continuation of artistic storytelling, as the money was donated to Hope Vale Arts and Cultural Centre in Cape York, Queensland.

These highlights from Art and Design would not have been possible without the creativity, innovation and dedication of the Art and Design society members, the eight sub-portfolio captains, Art and Design staff and Executive staff. In particular, the leadership and drive of Sally Marks, Caitlin Boyd and Camille Softley were fundamental to these events and to my journey as Art and Design Captain. Art and Design Society has provided an outlet for every MLC School student to share their stories, developing into a central aspect of my school life and something that I am so proud of.

all tell a story”
– Robert Frost


On 25 September, 36 Year 9 to Year 11 DART students and four teachers departed Sydney for our Trans-Tasman neighbour as part of the 2022 WOW Tour. Travelling to three cities over 10 days, the NZ WOW Tour 2022 was full of fun, new experiences and eye-opening workshops, tours and activities.

After landing in Christchurch, the following days were packed with a wide variety of day trips and activities. From touring the colourful mosaic garden that was the Giant’s House in Akaroa, to going on a Black Cat Cruise Tour and studying the blue waters where we encountered fairy penguins, seals and hector dolphins. The next day, we went to Quakecity where

we learned about New Zealand and its earthquakes; primarily the one that hit Christchurch in 2011. We also attended the Cardboard Cathedral before going to an artisan workshop where we learned how to create handmade rings and glass-blown beads. On our last day in Christchurch, we toured and studied their botanical gardens. Then we caught a bus to the International Antarctic Centre where we experienced a -20 degrees Celcius snowstorm, 4D immersive movies, a Hagglund (Antarctic transport) drive and penguin watching.

When we arrived at Nelson Airport, we made our way to the hostel and took in the stunning mountain views. The next day, we spent the day at the New Zealand Textile

Experience where we make flax baskets, felt bags, loom-woven fabric or screen-printed designs onto t-shirts.

The following day (despite the weather and stormy clouds), we took a 1-hour bus trip to Abel Tasman Bay where we learned how to use a Waka (Māori canoe). Then we toured around the countryside, tasting fine olive oils, sheep’s cheese and had dessert in Nelson’s oldest inn.

In Wellington, we attended the main highlight of the trip; the WOW Show. We saw incredible wearable art costumes from all around the world. Each design was innovative and incredible in all aspects. The next day, we were delighted to try out chocolate making at Bohemian Chocolate before going around the corner to the Weta Workshop (which was responsible for manufacturing the props for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We learned about the process and saw the props they had made for so many of the movies that we enjoy today. We all had a go at SFX make-up, where we created realistic-looking wounds.


The next day, we attended an Italian cooking class where we learnt how to make delicious gnocchi and tiramisu. We also attended an escape room in which the Year 9 group proved victorious with the fastest time!

On the last day, we explored the famous Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa where we viewed the interactive earthquake display and toured the stunning ANZAC display. It consisted of huge realistic wax figures created by Weta Workshop

The trip was an extraordinary experience. We all immersed ourselves in the activities and enjoyed learning new skills, having fun, making memories and pushing our comfort zones. The trip was certainly a memory that will be treasured forever. A special thanks to Ms Langford for organising the trip and Ms Williamson, Ms Stolzi and Ms Peace for coming along to look after the students.

Sophia Grave (Year 9) and Anita Mohanan (Year 9) DART students



2022 was a momentous year for the MLC School Newington College Cadet Unit (NCCU). After an intensive year of double lessons in 2020, MLC School Cadets were eligible for promotion to the most senior roles and succeeded beyond all expectations. Cadet ranks are awarded on merit and require a Cadet to display significant levels of skill, commitment and leadership qualities.

I was honoured to be the first female Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) leading over 600 Cadets of the NCCU. A significant percentage of Year 12 MLC School Cadets were promoted to Cadet Under Officers (CUO), taking on roles including Platoon Commanders, Company Commanders and Head Medic. I am so proud of the Senior MLC School Cadets. They are passionate, resilient and have created cohesive platoons in new environments. They are an inspiration and source of comfort and strength to the younger Cadets, as shown by the retention and exponential growth in MLC School Cadet numbers.

The Cadet program aligns with the structure and values of the Australian Defence Force Skills and activities range from bushcraft and trekking, to carrying out traditional ceremonial roles. MLC School Cadets proudly served as parade leaders, flag bearers, catafalque party and other roles in memorial and ANZAC Day services with Burwood RSL and Petersham RSL, Newington College and MLC School, as well as the City of Sydney ANZAC Day Parade. These experiences were powerfully moving for the Cadets and their communities.

Throughout the year, Cadets participate in fortnightly home training to learn foundational skills of Mapping, Navigation, First Aid, Radio, Knots, and Drill taught by the CUO. The highlight of the year is the Annual Camp (AFX), where these skills are employed and strengthened. The entire unit spends a week in the unmatched beauty and difficult terrain of the Colo River with open-air camping, Cadet planned and led trekking, as well as canoeing. The AFX camp is an extremely challenging mental and physical experience for all Cadets; the comradery and rewards of this shared experience are unique in a School setting.

As RSM, I hope to have been a positive example to all Cadets, and that MLC School Cadets especially continue to aspire to leadership positions having seen the high quality of this year’s CUO.

Jacqueline Flett

(Year 12) Regimental Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 1)




Collective Voice had a great year in 2022. We would like to acknowledge the amazing efforts of our group co-ordinators, Robin Phillips and Ruby Scott-Wishart (Year 12) for initiating and conducting important discussions and ideas. We also had many other students from the Year 12 cohort lead discussions around gender equality, LGBTQI rights, ableism, cultural appropriation issues, supporting and believing victims of sexual assault and working with the boys from Newington College to continue discussions surrounding consent. Other important issues we covered in 2022 centred on our usual feminist issues, discussing political issues, supporting minority groups and exploring Indigenous issues facing Australia today. A big focus of our discussions was the use of gender-inclusive language around the School and promoting it in our community.

We finally saw the introduction of trousers to the MLC School Winter uniform. This has been a long and patient journey for Collective Voice, as we started asking for

and initiating this about 10 years ago. We were able to contribute important written testimonials to pass on to the School Council, to express how important it was for many students to be able to wear trousers to School, just like our mothers and female teachers do. We were so excited and happy to see this come true. Fingers crossed for shorts to be introduced to the summer uniform in the future.

We were so happy to be able to celebrate Wear it Purple Day in person this year, acknowledging the importance of diversity and acceptance of all students in the School, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation. We celebrated with lots of cupcakes and badges, raising money to donate to important charities.

We would like to acknowledge our new Year 12 leaders for 2023, particularly our new co-ordinators Arabella Zeederberg and Maya Lecuna who will continue open-minded discussions and conversations in Collective Voice for the year ahead.

‘A big focus of our discussions was the use of gender-inclusive language around the School and promoting it in our community.’


da Vinci Decathlon is a competition that sets challenges in Cartography, English, Science, Code-Breaking, Art and Poetry, Ideation, Engineering, Creative Producers and Legacy. These ten disciplines are covered in one hectic day. While these challenges require academic rigour, the competition is also about working together under time limits to achieve a result.

This year, Year 5 to Year 11 competed in the da Vinci Competition online. There were several successes:

• Year 6 did brilliantly, achieving sixth place overall against over 45 schools

• Year 9 achieved seventh place overall

• Year 8 achieved tenth place overall

• Year 11 achieved eleventh place overall

• Year 10 had success in Mathematics, Ideation and Legacy

• Year 7 placed ninth in Creative Producers, Legacy and Art and Poetry.

Training began at the beginning of the year under the guidance of Kentaro Otani, Jan Falls, Susan Blanche and Danielle Collins. The commitment of time and effort by these teachers contributed greatly to the girls’ success.



After two years of online debating via Zoom, it was great to see debating finally transition slowly back into face-to-face! We did not miss the annoying moments when there were issues with the internet, for instance, leading to debaters being disconnected midway. But getting to stay at MLC School every week, rather than travelling to schools far across Sydney will be an aspect that many of us will miss.

As part of the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) team, it was exciting to travel with my team again, and be able to face opponents that were across the room from you in person, rather than on the other side of a screen. The added experience of getting food together at a local restaurant before heading off to debates will continue to be a fond memory

of mine, as it is those small moments of group bonding that have added to how much I enjoyed and will miss debating. Although spectators were often limited to one person per speaker, I am sure many of our debaters have excitedly come home talking about how it went, and how well they spoke!

For my last debate of the season, it was definitely a heartfelt moment for the team. In reflecting on our past seasons together, I have the utmost respect and am incredibly proud of how much each one of them has developed as individual speakers, and as a team together. Truly, the friends that we have made along the way through debating have been the ones that we often continued to stay close with. Being able to grow in confidence to speak and improve various skills such as manner and structure are core aspects that make debating at MLC School such an encouraging environment that always prioritises having fun (and of course winning!).

In completing Friday Evening Debating (FED), Archdale and ISDA competitions over the past four years, I have immense respect for new Junior debaters that have joined this year, and I hope they continue this cocurricular activity through to Year 12. Good luck with your future debates!

I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to be on a team, where it has played an essential role in not only occupying many Friday nights, but has supported the development of important public speaking skills, and fostered friendships.



This year has been our most successful yet for co-curricular Debating and Public Speaking. The program has expanded in 2022 to include competition and social debating teams, as well as expanding our participation in different public speaking competitions. This has meant many more students were able to contribute to our classes and teams, and our many successes are proof of our overall improvement.

In the FED Competition, our eight teams put in a solid performance in the preliminary rounds. Seven teams made it through to the quarter finals and our 7B, 8A, 8B, Year 9, Sen B and Sen A teams all won through to the semi-finals. The 7B and 8A teams competed in the grand finals; both teams won and received their trophy as 2022 champions. Our ISDA teams also put in a great performance in the preliminary rounds and all eight teams made it through to the

octo-finals. Our Primary A, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Sen A teams won through to the quarter finals. In the semi-finals, our Year 7, Year 8 and Sen A teams competed. The Year 8 team won through to the grand final, won their debate and were crowned the 2022 champions. In the overall tally (out of 32 competing schools), MLC School came third and was the top girls’ school. For the All-girls School Archdale Debating Competition, our eight teams were enthusiastic to return to face-to-face competition both hosting and visiting other schools. After seven preliminary rounds, our team was coming fifth overall and four teams made it to the finals series. For the semi-finals 8B, 8A and Year 9 teams competed and all three teams won through to the grand finals. The 8B and Year 9 teams won their debates and were awarded 2022 champions trophies. For the overall Archdale Shield, MLC School were announced as the winner of the whole competition.

For public speaking, we have had students compete in several NSW competitions, including: Rostrum, Legacy, Plain English, UN Negotiations and UN NSW Voice. We had students reach the semi-finals in most of these competitions in 2022. Our final event of this year was the IGSA Festival of Speech where 26 girls’ schools competed in various events in both Junior and Senior sections. We had outstanding results, including first places in Junior Public Speaking, Readings and Poetry. Our combined Junior team (Year 7 to Year 9) won the overall trophy for all Junior events. In the Senior section (Year 10 and Year 11) we came third in Poetry, second in Current Affairs and fifth in Ethical and Religious Questions. In the overall standings, MLC School came third this year, our best result for many years.



My wish last year, was that COVID-19 restrictions would be over and debating could begin in person. My wish was granted and we had a season of face-toface debates with many schools!

At the start of the season, there was great excitement in the Junior School playground when the first school to visit us arrived from Trinity Grammar. Girls from all grades were awestruck as the boys made their way to the Year 5 studios to compete. Faces were glued to glass doors as the boys set themselves up for their debate. It was as if they were animals in a zoo. The novelty of visitors to our School was interesting to observe.

One of the great changes for 2022 has been exposure to the wider world. The enjoyment, satisfaction and learning that Year 5 and Year 6 debating teams have experienced have been quite wonderful. We visited many schools – some by bus and some by train. We even walked to Meriden School for the Gala Debating Day. Each debate allowed the girls to experience more and learn new things.

Debating at different schools required the girls to manage their nerves, as well as show courage and resilience. They were surrounded by unknown faces and needed to adapt to settings quite different from their own. Every girl in IPSHA Debating improved all aspects of their public speaking.

They grew in confidence and managed to present strong rebuttals against the opposition. Over the season, the girls had only a handful of losses and, with each of these, lessons were learnt to take with them to the next debate.

A special thank you to the Senior debating girls who came to assist with training and preparation early on Friday mornings. Courtney Simmons, Rebecca Putna and Jan Falls also spent many hours preparing the girls for their fortnightly debates. Many Junior School classes have now been exposed to debating and I look forward to enthusiastic girls joining the debating squad in 2023.



2022 saw the return of outdoor Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey camps and expeditions. There were trips for Bronze, Silver and Gold participants to undertake throughout the year. I was fortunate enough to embark on both the Glenworth Valley Bronze Camp and the Central Australia Silver and Gold Camp.

In May this year, 65 students accompanied by several teachers went to Glenworth Valley for three nights and four days. 2022 was one of the wettest summers on record, so it was no surprise on the first day that we were met with an abundance of rain and wet terrain. Despite the weather, we ventured out to

complete our practice journey to obtain a sense of the environment and the types of hikes we would be undergoing throughout the next few days. On day one we were presented with campsites waterlogged from nine months of rain, tracks where we were ankle deep in water and which were overgrown due to two years of little use due and an abundance of leeches. My cohort and the teachers realised that this camp was going to be very memorable.

The following days were a testament to how resilient we were and how well we could push ourselves to keep going. We endeavoured on numerous hikes, ranging

from 15kms to 25kms in length, up steep inclines and mountains; all whilst battling the wild wet weather, ceaseless rain and mud. We needed to adapt to not having the common luxuries we take for granted at home like regular showers and eating our preferred foods. Despite all the apprehension about adapting to living in tents during the wet season, this trip fostered perseverance, brought us closer and enabled us to try and experience things we wouldn’t normally do. I would not change a thing. On reflection, the trip showed those who took part (myself included) that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and take on challenges to get the most out of life.


September saw the Silver and Gold students venture to Central Australia, where I was also fortunate enough to join them for the week. 18 MLC School girls from a variety of cohorts ranging from Year 9 to Year 11 were accompanied by two teachers (Ms Callaud and Mr Mole). This trip could not have been further from my experience earlier that year. From cloudy and cold rainy days back in May, this trip featured cloudless days with beating sun and temperatures reaching nearly 40 degree Celsius!

After flying into Ayers Rock Airport we headed off to our camp for the next two days. Here we found out that our stay in Central Australia would be spent sleeping under the stars in swags. Day one was also about getting climatised to the conditions and an overview of the Indigenous culture. So we visited the local cultural centre where we learnt about the local Indigenous people and undertook an eight kilometre walk to the base of Uluru

Forecast weather conditions for our hike in Central Australia meant all our walks had to start very early each day, saving our exposure to the searing heat.

The first three days saw us complete a circumnavigation of Uluru, trekking through Kata Tjuta’s Valley of the Winds and undertaking the Kings Canyon rim walk, with a visit to the Garden of Eden. On reaching our final campsite, we realised that the above walks were to prepare for our largest hike, Mount Sonder, where we woke up at 2am and hiked nine kilometres up a mountain in the dark to catch the sunrise at the top of the mountain. We then hiked back down in the light for another nine kilometres.

This trip encouraged us to be resilient, especially through the sweltering weather, long and tiring treks, blistered feet and burnt backs, not to mention our inability to have the foods we missed the most. However, we persevered altogether to overcome these challenges and helped each other when needed. This trip was definitely a highlight of my year as I was able to experience something exciting, meet new people and make friends from across the different cohorts.

I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to embark on these amazing trips that were on offer throughout the year and could not praise the experience enough.



“I have a passion for teaching kids to become readers, to become comfortable with a book, not daunted. Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful.” –

This quote has embodied our 2022 widereading program in the Senior School Library. We have continued to encourage our girls to be passionate readers; readers who view books as exciting, wonderful and a little bit magical, to not be daunted by books, but rather exhilarated by all the possibilities the story may offer.

This year (more than ever) has seen our collection continue to grow as diversely as our student body. From award-winning works of literature, to what is promoted

through TikTok and our ever-growing collection of graphic novels, we ensure that all readers have the opportunity to connect with stories. The data on the most popular books of 2022 highlight our eclectic readership and the need for such diversity, with classics such as Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird ranking alongside new books such as One of Us is Lying, Heartstopper, Smile and Red Queen

This year, we have been very fortunate to have two amazing authors inspire our students. Tristan Bancks, author of Two Wolves, The Fall and Cop and Robber to name a few; and, Sue Whiting, whose books include The Book of Chance, Missing and Tilda. Both authors shared their passion and love for books and reading. None of their books have been in the Library since they visited, which is a testament to the influence that listening to authors can have.


Semester 2 saw the Year 5 students begin to use the Senior Library. With comments such as, ‘we love all the different books’ and ‘we love being able to spread out’ suggests that this was an enjoyable and positive experience. I am guessing that our ever-socomfortable bean bags were also a huge drawcard.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so here is 2022.



2022 has been an incredibly exciting year for Round Square at MLC School as many traditions returned after two years of COVID interruptions.

In Term 4 2021, with the Student Representative Council (SRC), we organised a Christmas Toy Drive, which encouraged students to bring in gifts and resources for struggling individuals and families at risk of homelessness. We ran a candy gram stall where students spread the Christmas spirit by sending appreciative messages and a candy cane to their friends. Proceeds from these initiatives went to Wesley Mission to support vulnerable individuals.

In Term 1 2022, we organised a baraza group for Years 10 to 12, led by students from the IDEALS Society, on the topic of cultural safety. The discussion group encouraged students to confront the topic of racial discrimination as part of a wider school initiative to tackle this issue. Another focus was gender equality and planning for our annual postcard later in the year. These two topics also formed the basis of our weekly meetings.

Term 2 was dedicated to the annual Round Square Week. Each day focused on a different one of the IDEALS, we ran activities such as a teacher-student debate, games encouraging awareness of environmentalism and of course, we sold our rainbow badges. The week culminated in the first Cultural Mufti Day, where students wore cultural dress to school, and an international fair featuring traditional dance performances, food stalls and games run by the culture societies. It was a great week celebrating the diversity and multitude of passions in our school community.

Finally in Term 3, our planning for the postcard was put into action. The Zoom discussion group was based on the theme of International Women’s Day: Break The Bias Students from around the world confronted their own unconscious biases and norms from their cultures that diminish the voices of women with a view to enacting change and progress.

Thank you to Ms Esther Maling, Mr Blake Fatouros and all members of the IDEALS Society for their commitment, drive and passion which made this year possible. The next year will undoubtedly be one to remember under Elizabeth Wilkie’s leadership, as the philosophy of Round Square grows further.



For the first time since 2019, the annual Round Square International Conference returned in 2022 and was hosted in the United Kingdom (UK). Our incredible journey started at 3am at Sydney Airport on the first day of the September holidays with eight girls and three teachers, travelling to join students and teachers from 140 schools from across the world.

Leaving Sydney, we landed in London after 22 hours of flying and dived into the trip headfirst. After a day of sightseeing in

London, marking off some historic sites from our bucket list, we ventured to Oxford University for the start of the Round Square International Conference for 2022.

The theme for the week was ‘Take Less, Be More’, with a focus on sustainability (both environmentally and ethically) in our community and as leaders. Over the next three days, we participated in fascinating keynote seminars from Emily Penn (researcher and oceans activist), Ben Fogle (adventurer and film director) and Dieter Helm (economics and climate professor), alongside a speaker panel of Round Square alumni and charity directors from across the world. Each of these presentations was later broken down and discussed in small ‘baraza’ groups where we questioned both our individual and community perspectives.

Each evening included dinners in the Oxford College dining halls, along with exciting and interactive activities. The first evening was filled with a cultural night of performances and the second night gave us an immersive experience of Ceilidh folk dancing from Scotland and Ireland - a highlight of the trip.

We travelled to Surrey for the second half of our conference, which was hosted by Box Hill School. This included a trip to London for a West End performance of Mary Poppins, conservation talks and a visit to Marwell Zoo focusing on rescue and protection programs. The three days camping in Surrey saw the international delegation bond through card games, dancing and music as we built connections and made memories we will never forget. By the end of the week, all eight of the MLC School students left the conference with incredible long-term friendships, new ideas and dreams for the future; and a new perspective on our own role in society. The conference was an amazing opportunity for us to meet students from across the world, compare our outlooks, opinions and dreams for the future and be able to collaborate on the issues that affect us all.



Tournament of Minds is an opportunity for students with a passion for learning and problem-solving to demonstrate their skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way. There is a Long-Term Challenge where teams present a group performance based on a script that responds to a challenging scenario. The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Tournament Day. This challenge requires a rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think creatively and well-developed collaboration.

Training began for Tournament of Minds in Term 2. The Junior teams were led by Michelle Wyatt and Amber Bidwell. Jan Falls trained the Senior teams. This year, the competition was held ‘live’ at Randwick Boys High School We had a record number of teams competing – 14 in all. Congratulations to the following teams who received honours awards:

Senior Stem:

Eveyln Kerr (Year 8)

Elena Tulloch (Year 8)

Umaiza Mahfuz (Year 8)

Christine Jin (Year 9)

Sarinna Cai (Year 9)

Allegra Chiang (Year 8)

Ella Hu (Year 8)

Junior Arts:

Olivia Burke (Year 5)

Kaitlyn Yang (Year 5) (absent on the day)

Anna Poortvliet (Year 5)

Ava Meng (Year 5)

Olivia Connolly (Year 5)

Stephanie El’Atrache (Year 6)

Rithika Vinoth (Year 6)

Junior Language Literature:

Jourmana Reehman (Year 5)

Charlotte Yiu (Year 5)

Aurora Sharma (Year 5)

Erin Banyer (Year 5)

Audrey Buck (Year 5)

Emily Van Der Westhuizen (Year 6)

Megan Kuit (Year 6)

Jan Falls

Mind Challenge Coordinator



The Journalism Society’s School newspaper, The Edge, has continued to grow and improve this year. Our 2022 editions covered a wide range of topics. In Term 1, Issue 19, we looked at the heart-warming side of mankind and the celebration of Valentine’s Day. In Term 2, Issue 20, we investigated the impact of cinema on viewers as well as the process of creating film, music, photography and film scores in the Film issue. In Term 3, Issue 21, we provided readers some Food for Thought, including food trends, recipes, food celebrations, food history, short stories and find-a-word activities. This final issue for 2022 is themed ‘Celebrations’. In Issue 22, we investigate several festivals from around the world including their histories, interviews and puzzles.

Every semester, students from Year 6 to Year 12 participate in The Edge. Together, we have been the simple parts that construct the journalism community at MLC School. The contributions made every term have been diverse; subtly reflecting the personalities of the students hidden in our essays, interviews, reviews, recipes and short fiction. Whilst we have contributed based on our skills, we have also excelled at the challenge of learning new skills such as designing, layout, communication and art.

We celebrate the finish of The Edge 2022 and continue to have high hopes for 2023. We will continue to face any challenges that may come with positivity, energy and new ideas.

The Edge team meets on Wednesdays in the Library at lunchtime - new members are always welcome. We appreciate all ideas and contributions, email theedge@mlcsyd.nsw.edu.au any time if you are interested in joining or have any questions.

Zihan Joanne Chen (Year 8) (on behalf of The Edge Team 2022):

Zizhuo (Alicia) Ding (Year), Seetha

Nathan (Year 11), Ada Sophia (Quinn)

Tetley-Sutton (Year 11), Radhika

Talekar (Year 11), Dalia Alsaad (Year 11), Persephone Wahltuch (Year 10)

Jana Mourad (Year 10), Aleksandra

Lichaa-Shornikov (Year 10) Caitlin

Tetley-Sutton (Year 9), Zoe Gao (Year 9), Sarina Nagra (Year 9), Jordan Vo (Year 8), Anna Obaid (Year 8), Harriet Hahn (Year 8), Gauri Nathan (Year 8), Anisha Sivagurunathan (Year 8), Zoe Andrews (Year 8), Alice You (Year 7), Zihan Joanne Chen (Year 7)

Jocelyn Su (Year 7), Alana Mellare (Year 7), Chloe Ha Eun Song (Year 7)

Katherine Woo (Year 6) and Ilia Morelli (Year 6)

Kerrie Backhouse

The Journalism Society Coordinator




FRONT ROW Eve Vantas, Anita Mohanan, Uma Singleton, Shine Liang, Ms B. Cooper, Ms E. Maling, Christyn Cordato, Jacqueline Flett, Briar Campbell, Ms E. Cribb, A. Schroder, Mr G. Starr, Anastazia Samad, Mariyah Sfarjalani, Taara Kotibhaskar SECOND ROW Madura Gaikaiwari, Nghi Nguyen, Harriet Scott, Madina Ioakimidis, Anika Springford, Sophia Malas, Bella Upcroft, Christina Coffey, Anisha Miah, Zaz Tiglao, Misha Behi, Sarah Carmody, Khushii Varma, Erin Clowes, Madeline Haller THIRD ROW Abigail Bush, Kristy Spyrakis, Lily Grace Simmons, Gabrielle Wilkie, Eloise Ward, Olivia Cassell, Jessie Johnson, Macy Tanner-Black, Ellie Girard, Sophia Bucci, Vadeesha Kanagaratnam, Ava Farah, Liliana Hollands, Madison Clemens, Raeja Pashos FOURTH ROW Isabella Bednaic, Riley Chantler, Sasha Kovarik, Zara Coates, Olivia Clowes, Sarah-Bronte Andrikis, Julia Gough, Anna Gough, Edie Baker, Scarlett McNamara, Isabella Kristallis, Magdalene Miltiades, Amy Lee, Sarinna Cai FIFTH ROW Aria Swan, Ella Baker, Sima Tebbutt, Aadhya Dhanpal, Kirsten McLelland, Molly North, Sophie Beraldo, Nikki Juffermans, Eda Haller, Sophie Wilson, Zara Cathcart, Zoe Howes, Ruby Mansergh, Charlotte McCrory SIXTH ROW Charlize Hosking, Tara Gentle, Sophia Grave, Zoe Likely, Sen Sen Xie, Nia Richards, Charlotte Penny, Lucy Dickson, Hannah Banks, Gisela Labraga, Olivia Zein, Isabella Liu, Mia Gerbino, Abigail Latham

FRONT ROW Emily Van Der Westhuizen, Elysse Diep, Lindsay Shi Han Zeng, Jocelyn Su, Allegra Chiang, Yerina Kang, Doris Yang, Stella Wallace, Alana Mellare, Jordan Vo, Sophia Hu, Genevieve Thai, Josephine Thien Tran Doan SECOND ROW Taylor Lu, Rithika Vinoth, Chloe Lu, Ingrid Henderson, Uma Singleton, Luella Farah, Angelina Zhang, Lara Bazzi, Annaliese Yan, Sarinna Cai, Chloe Jing, Madhavi Chauhan, Riya Singh, Chloe Zhang, Cheylene Leung THIRD ROW Taara Kotibhaskar, Rebecca Ho-Bui, Umaiza Mahfuz, Sanya Mehta, Jemima Blake, Anna Obaid, Isabelle Millgate, Alice van der Stel, Anna Xu, Nitya Nimalan, Elena Sun, Ella Hu, Harriet Hahn, Jade Di Girolamo, Liana Petrolo FOURTH ROW Zihan Joanne Chen, Tina Papamanuel, Chantel Nguyen, Sophia Bucci, Olivia Ebel, Amisha Khatri, Erica Chou, Meena Kanthathas, Indigo Hannah, Vishaalini Ravichandra, Anikah Sanan, Andrea Yixuan Wang, Amelia Tchan, Isabel McKeough, Keiralyn Dao FIFTH ROW Kathleen Chrun, Alice You, Esther Kim, Isabella Kristallis, Elena Tulloch, Cara Britton, Sarah Pearson, Himani Gupta, Grace Selim, Annading Chen, Mounica Akula, Zara Poortvliet, Jody Feng, Sylie Bhat ABSENT Bridget Cortis-Jones, Evie Fergus, Alana Siluk, Vivian Greenwood, Chloe Ho-Shon, Moira Peach, Georgie Roediger, Georgia Pasas, Angelina Le, Madura Gaikaiwari, Alannah Christodoulou, Kerry Fu



FRONT ROW Tasha Wong, Sarina Nagra, Uma Singleton, Charlotte Priebbenow, Khushii Varma, Anikah Sanan, Liesel Kidley, Erica Chou, Jossie Liu, Sarinna Cai, Angelina Zhang, Kristina Bitar, Giovanna Lim SECOND ROW Sofia Iezzi, Madura Gaikaiwari, Abigail Bush, Lucinda Hutchins, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Sameera Khatri, Christine Jin, Amreen Thind, Nitya Nimalan, Vadeesha Kanagaratnam, Riya Chib, Lucy Coxsedge, Lara Bazzi THIRD ROW Sanya Mehta, Angie Lan, Gemma Qiu, Ilaria Korompay, Anna Sulan, Amisha Khatri, Helena Panos, Kaitlyn Hoang, Olivia Clowes, Zoe Gao, Amelia Armstrong, Soina Thind

FOURTH ROW Martine Zeilinga, Vishaalini Ravichandra, Divya Sharma, Jacqueline Flett, Briar Campbell, Zoe Clark, Cara Britton, Harriet Campbell, Zara Poortvliet, Azzurra Zappacosta, Ashmini Ganesh, Mahibhana Mahinthan FIFTH ROW Isabella Smith, Sima Tebbutt, Sophia Grave, Zoe Likely, Sally Obaid, Lily Hatton, Charlotte Penny, Meenakshi Nagarajah, Emily Davis, Marirose Giann, Lily Kim, Claudia Padman

FRONT ROW Lindsay Shi Han Zeng, Chelsea Chen, Jody Feng, Mounica Akula, Meena Kanthathas, Tiana Robinson, Liana Petrolo, Sophia Hu

SECOND ROW Alice You, Sanya Mehta, Sarah Furlan, Grace Selim, Selena Read, Elizabeth Wilkie, Esther Kim, Liliana Hollands



K. Otani, Harriet Hahn, Vivian Qin, Moira Peach, Layla Hamdan, Ava Tong, Bariah Khaznadar, Dalia Alsaad, Erica Chou, Hope Selim, Yerina Kang, Carina Chu THIRD ROW Isabel Baudille, Uma Singleton, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Sarinna Cai, Anna Obaid, Eve Ireland, Tiana Roins, Keiralyn Dao, Nitya Nimalan, Sophia Shaikh, Sarina Nagra FOURTH ROW Christine Jin, Zara Poortvliet, Helen Liu, Emily Davis, Elena Tulloch, Anisha Sivagurunathan, Marirose Giann, Angie Lan, Alice You, Meena Kanthathas

FRONT ROW Michaela Kwaan, Joumana Reehman, Emily Van Der Westhuizen, Caydence Sumantri, Ada Savage, Francesca Masters, Ethelia Cassar SECOND ROW Mr B. Schofield, Anna Poortvliet, Cheylene Leung, Indigo Hannah, Audrey Buck, Nicola Keast, Mrs M. Cassar
FRONT ROW Allegra Chiang, Jocelyn Su, Stephanie Keo, Nicola Keast, Chloe Zhang, Chloe Jing, Valerie Tran, Elisha Brown, Tasha Wong, Janice Leong, Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Mr



‘Rock on, legends’ was our slogan for Music 2022. As a community, the MLC School Music legends have shown up, persevered and truly rocked on.

The absence of performance opportunities and the ability to rehearse together because of COVID-19 over the past few years has been disheartening and challenging. It’s been wonderful that this year our Music community has been able to reunite. I describe the feeling of excitement and adrenaline I get from music as ‘feeling the bubble’. With the ability to rehearse and perform together again this year, the bubble is back, stronger than ever. Despite the many challenges faced, MLC School’s love of music continues to grow stronger as we came together to sing our hearts out at MLC School Idol, grooved along at the Camelot Lounge and encouraged each other at lunchtime concerts. From the girls who support the performers, to those in a weekly ensemble for fun, right through to the girls playing multiple instruments in many groups - each girl makes a valuable contribution to MLC School Music.

Music becomes more powerful when it is shared. The ‘big’ moments of performances and concerts, including our Resounding Voices Town Hall Concert, are as important as the countless hours spent in the Music Centre practicing.

Our rehearsals have a positive atmosphere filled with laughter, happiness and support. It’s during rehearsal that musicians from across cohorts move from being stand mates to music friends, and on to close friends for life.

At MLC School, our music experiences are so positive and memorable due to the music staff. Their expertise and skill, combined with unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, passion, kindness and patience, encourages us to learn and grow together. It is because of them that so many of us have experienced the full benefits of a music education that we know will have an impact on our future lives.

Being Music Captain was an honour and a dream come true. I am so happy to have had wonderful music opportunities and friendships at MLC School since Junior School. I hope many other MLC School students also feel welcomed and at home in music.

Rock on, legends!

Jacqueline Flett Music Captain
‘With the ability to rehearse and perform together again this year, the bubble is back, stronger than ever.’



After two years of severe restrictions around gathering together and performing music (especially singing), 2022 finally offered a much-needed opportunity to step on stage and do our thing once more. Our Music Department is buzzing again with the energy that only comes from attending rehearsals with the knowledge that there is the thrill of performance; the ultimate reward at the end of an arduous rehearsal process.

The year began with some conservatism around performing; the Principal’s Cocktail Event was cancelled. There was also a planned Weekend Mini-Band Camp in February that was cancelled as a precaution. From that point onward though, all events ran as per the planned calendar. Band students enjoyed travelling to Newington College to participate in a sight-reading afternoon with our brother school, and our Friday Live performances took place in their scheduled sessions.

We also placed an extra round of MLC School Idol in Term 1 to make up for the missed event in Term 4 2021; congratulations to Trinity Elghitany (Year 12) who had her name inscribed as Idol champion.

Term 2 saw the welcome return of the Big Bland Blast in Port Macquarie. This regional tour is always a highlight for our Jazz ensembles, and the girls gave a great account of themselves in both their performance standard and their exemplary behaviour representing MLC School on the Mid North Coast.

June included the Junior School Concert in The Daphne Line Hall. This evening was a huge success. The junior program includes all students from Year 1 to Year 5 in Choirs, Orchestras and Bands. Congratulations must be afforded to Sophie Grattan-Smith for successfully co-ordinating such a vast array of items, and to our Head of Strings,

Term 2 also included the Camelot Lounge performance. This relaxed annual event in one of the Inner West’s most iconic venues saw students perform some amazing music once again for a very appreciative audience who can enjoy a meal and drink while they enjoy the concert.

Dr Joanna Drimatis, and the Head of Bands, Richard Coward, for such a successful showcase.
‘Department is buzzing again with the energy that only comes from attending rehearsals with the knowledge that there is the thrill of performance...’


The major performance for the year was held on 15 June at Sydney Town Hall Resounding Voices was the theme of this year’s concert; a little play-on-words that celebrates the opportunity to perform once again, while celebrating the wide range of musical offerings within our diverse School and Music Department. The feeling of renewed vigour in each ensemble and musician is difficult to describe, but it reminded all students and staff how much performance really is the lifeblood of the musician.

An initiative to bring back a Middle Years Concert also came to fruition this year. This helped our middle ensembles carve out their own place within the School.

They performed magnificently, and the sausage sizzle held before the concert was definitely a highlight for the students. Our Chamber Music Festival, Piano and Voice Festivals rounded out a welcome year of performing at MLC School. As we finish the year and prepare for the annual Speech Night, it is enlivening to report that music at MLC School is well and truly back.

‘The feeling of renewed vigour in each ensemble and musician is difficult to describe...’


Victoria Cassar, Nia Immanuel, Daisy Han, Lavinia Xu, Katherine Zhai, Niamh Gorman, Olivia Smith, Aditi Knowles, Michaela Kwaan, Jazelle Sayed, Naomi Ang SECOND ROW Eloise Dastyari, Ariana Paterson, Freda Xie, Elina Yu, Queeny Guan, Valentina Palazzolo, Audrey Henderson, Kathy Zhang, Indiana Hill, Arielle McBrien, Catherine Coorey THIRD ROW Sophia Hall, Chloe Zheng, Jesselle Jiao, Abira Sanan, Ashwini Kanesalingam, Mia Li, Ava Meng, Frances Xie, Christa Jeyasingam, Jaiyanna Sayed FOURTH ROW Alicia Suen, Elana Chrun, Ariahna Giann, Ella Le, Audrey Buck, Euna Cho, Nayana Vanza, Megana Pasupati, Halimah Bokhari, Selina Shan

FRONT ROW FRONT ROW Tia Spyropoulos, Eloise Dastyari, Ava Meng, Michaela Kwaan
SECOND ROW Anny Xie, Grace Likely, Maya McBrien, Audrey Lazar


FRONT ROW Annabella Xiang, Annika Bou, Eloise Wong, Leanna Shen, Katherine Zhai, Lavinia Xu, Olivia Smith, Aerin Kim, Daisy Han, Serena Li, Vivienne Woon, Mia Reeve SECOND ROW Miranda Ho, Shiloh Gao, Frida Yao, Elina Yu, Elise Gao, Sophia Hall, Kathy Zhang, Queeny Guan, Audrey Henderson, Freda Xie, Chelsey Gao THIRD ROW Elissa Chami, Chloe Zheng, Kristy Che, Sophie Hong, Elana Lane Chrun, Dora Cai, Olive Simmons, Claire Liang, Maggie Ma, Frances Xie, Angela Thorn FOURTH ROW Angelyn Xiang, Alicia Suen, Joyce Guan, Helen Liu, Alisha Ji-Lee, Bethany Haddad, Felicity Wang, Lily Sugianto, Ariahna Giann, Selina Shan FIFTH ROW Ella Le, Leela Das, Clara Southwood, Mariette Karam, Gaia Bigolin, Nella Duncan, Vita Gohil, Zoe Zlamal, Janani Kanthathas, Anaahat Kahlon


FRONT ROW Evie Papamanuel, Rose Lin, Amy Lee, Erica Chou, Alexandra Varvarigos, Samantha Chan, Jennisa Ha, Violet Le, Madhavi Chauhan

SECOND ROW Seetha Nathan, Chloe Miller, Persephone Wahltuch, Hannah Shortus, Claudia Padman, Kerry Fu, Charlotte Hughes, Inez Murray, Clementine Hendriks, Esther Tonkinwise, Gauri Nathan


Emma Rose Koeswandy, Tasha Wong, Justine Zhang, Claire Pepperell, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Nichole Wang, Tiffany Chong, Elysse Diep, Josephine Thien Tran Doan SECOND ROW Mr R. Coward, Cheylene Leung, Abigail Bush, Sarinna Cai, Amy Lee, Rose Lin, Daisy Li, Hannah Kang THIRD ROW Samantha Chan, Jade Di Girolamo, Olivia Sun-Ryan, Juah Hyun, Laryssa Latt, Sophie Wilson, Christine Jin FOURTH ROW Joyce Zhang, Fiona Feng, Sarah Pearson, Emily Davis, Coco Huang, Jacqueline Flett, Isabelle Lin

Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Nichole Wang, Hannah Kang, Justine Zhang, Daisy Li, Claire Pepperell, Tasha Wong SECOND ROW Jade Di Girolamo, Laryssa Latt, Juah Hyun, Isabelle Lin, Christine Jin, Sophie Wilson, Samantha Chan THIRD ROW Joyce Zhang, Sarah Pearson, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Amber Johnstone, Coco Huang, Fiona Feng



FRONT ROW Joanna Williams, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Amritha Ravichandra, Sanaya Nair, Thea Grace Davis, Melisande Pitman, Kerry Fu, May Nguyen, Yanxi Chen, Ingrid Henderson, Evie Papamanuel, Charlotte Djamhur, Niamh Canadas SECOND ROW Sofia Iezzi, Violet Le, Gauri Nathan, Elly Yu, Luella Farah, Priya Mohan, Inez Murray, Samantha Chan, Clementine Hendriks, Soina Thind, Adelaide Abernethy, Uma Singleton, Ananya Wakhare THIRD ROW Angelina Huang, Madhavi Chauhan, Grace Likely, Moira Peach, Sarinna Cai, Kathleen Chrun, Anikah Sanan, Eliza Kershaw MacDonald, Amy Lee, Diar Kabaha, Rose Lin, Vivian Qin, Natalia Hollands, Sophie Ye FOURTH ROW Seetha Nathan, Kirika Beattie, Vishaalini Ravichandra, Chloe Miller, Summer Ryan, Andrea Yixuan Wang, Jacqueline Flett, Sophia Heyde, Charlotte Hughes, Alice You, Rose Turner, Jemima Blake, Erica Chou, Claudia Padman FIFTH ROW Hannah Shortus, Chloe Hui, Isabelle Lin, Eva Diessl, Emily Davis, Zoe Likely, Sally Obaid, Lily Kim, Taotao Jiang, Anna Sulan, Esther Tonkinwise, Vanessa Nguyen, Chelsea Hunt

FRONT ROW Hannah Dastyari, Sarah Zhang, Pip McGuire, Melisande Pitman, Yasmine Kanagaratnam, Allegra Chiang, Isabel Warusavitarne, Mia Coady, Sacha Jeyasingam SECOND ROW Gauri Nathan, Rebecca Ho-Bui, Ophelia Li, Yerina Kang, Angelina Xu, Jessie Xu, Grace Likely, Hannah Grave, Chloe Ha Eun Song, Lucy Sulan THIRD ROW Zoe Bigg, Amaya Karunakaran, Fern Ryan, Lam Nguyen, Chloe Miller, Ellen Gadsby, Kaitlyn Hoang, Hellen Ou, Sameera Khatri, Anika Springford FOURTH ROW Eliza Kershaw MacDonald, Olivia Ebel, Hannah Shortus, Alaska Durie, Zoe Likely, Marirose Giann, Anna Overton, Anna Obaid, Kathleen Chrun

FRONT ROW Amritha Ravichandra, Gauri Nathan, Sameera Khatri, Ophelia Li, Chloe Miller, Anika Springford, Amaya Karunakaran, Isabel Warusavitarne, Sarina Nagra SECOND ROW Amelia Tchan, Anna Overton, Marirose Giann, Zoe Likely, Alaska Durie, Olivia Zein, Olivia Ebel, Anna Obaid FRONT ROW Piya Kaur, Taylor Lu, Madeleine Girgis, Elysse Diep, Dr J. Drimatis, Chloe Lu, Ingrid Henderson, Jiarui Song, Niamh Canadas
SECOND ROW Emma Rose Koeswandy, Sophia Hu, Mikayla Woon, Stephanie Keo, Hannah Mingxian Koh, Stephanie Kang, Violet Le, Janice Leong, Bianca Xie, Megan Ouyang THIRD ROW Katherine Woo, Sophie Ye, Gigi Guan, Clarice Chi Yin Yeung, Carina Chu, Chelsea Chen, Chloe Lay, Valerie Tran, Elly Yu, Rima Zhang FOURTH ROW Heeseo Yeon, Alisha Dhaliwal, Olivia Sun-Ryan, Elena Sun, Meena Kanthathas, Hannah Olsson, Jodhi Bou, Rose Lin, Cheylene Leung


FRONT ROW Taara Kotibhaskar, Maya Lecuna, Natalie Cavallaro, Liesel Kidley, Arya Sharma, Selena Read, Madeleine Lewis, Megan Ebel, Kali Springford

SECOND ROW Mr R. Coward, Sanya Mehta, Tessa Tomkins, Jacqueline Flett, Nikki Juffermans, Ivana Dolenac, Elizabeth Wilkie, Seetha Nathan

FRONT ROW Taara Kotibhaskar, Maya Lecuna, Sarina Nagra, Natalia Hollands, Arya Sharma, Serena Farley, Kali Springford, Khushii Varma, Jocelyn Su

SECOND ROW Mr R. Coward, Natalie Cavallaro, Madeleine Lewis, Maya Gupta, Megan Ebel, Liliana Hollands, Sanya Mehta, Hayley Ma THIRD ROW Elizabeth Wilkie, Chelsea Hunt, Serena Ha, Joyce Zhang, Meera Rawal, Mia Johnston, Liesel Kidley, Anna Obaid FOURTH ROW Selena Read, Jacqueline Flett, Nikki Juffermans, Olivia Zein, Hannah Banks, Ivana Dolenac, Caitlin Zeilinga, Tessa Tomkins

FRONT ROW Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Claire Pepperell, Aileen Leong, Khushii Varma, Jade Di Girolamo, Dr J. Drimatis, Coco Huang, Hannah Kang, Nichole Wang, Tasha Wong, Jossie Liu SECOND ROW Justine Zhang, Kali Springford, Maya Lecuna, Sarinna Cai, Alyssa Hur, Anikah Sanan, Christine Jin, Amy Lee, Samantha Chan, Jocelyn Su THIRD ROW Daisy Li, Abigail Bush, Laryssa Latt, Mia Johnston, Chloe Hui, Isabelle Lin, Fiona Feng, Haya Yahia, Amelia Chan, Sophie Wilson FOURTH ROW Juah Hyun, Emma Mahant, Sarah Pearson, Emily Davis, Amber Johnstone, Hannah Banks, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Zara Kilborn, Joyce Zhang
FRONT ROW Thea Grace Davis, Khushii Varma, Le Yan Gui, Abigail Bush, Zara Luong, Kirika Beattie, Sophie Ye SECOND ROW Tascha Ireland, Kirsten McLelland, Hannah Shortus, Claudia Padman, Tessa Tomkins, Zoe Howes, Fern Ryan



The successes of Dance, Drama and Entertainment (DDE) in 2022 can be attributed to the dedication from all the MLC School girls involved, along with the devoted DDE teachers. After two years in which we could not perform due to restrictions, the opportunity to showcase the incredible talent in performing arts within the School community was very exciting for everyone involved.

The 2022 Dance Showcase, Finding Alice, represented all the amazing Year 3 to Year 12 co-curricular and Year 9 to Year 12 Elective Dance performers, who by engaged with the iconic characters and themes of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Under the direction of the talented dance teachers, in particular Jenna Skepper, Blake Fatouros, Kate Drady, and Jessica Dyson; the Showcase demonstrated how the narrative through movement in our program teaches us how to use dance as a platform for communication, storytelling, and as an expression of creativity. This year, we were successful in being invited for both the Senior and Junior division to the Wakakirri Awards Night. The Senior team entry, titled

‘Guernica’, was described by National panel member Scott Irwin as, ”Breathtaking … emotionally powerful piece exploring Picasso’s ‘Guernica’”. It was awarded Best Direction, Excellent Staging, Excellent Set Movement and Staging, Excellent Polished Performance, Excellent Theme/Concept, and was nominated for the National Festival Award: History Story Award. This success continued with the Junior team with their entry titled ‘What Makes a Superhero?’ which was awarded Best Back Stage Crew, Best Individual Costume, and Best Public Speaking Award. Another success for dance was the achievements of the Senior and Junior school Hip Hop and Pom teams in the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) Winterfest Competition. Pom and Senior Hip Hop were awarded first places, while our Middle Years Hip Hop and Senior Pom were awarded second places in their respective divisions. Overall, MLC School teams took out second and third places in the Scholastic Dance Overall Championships, which was an amazing accomplishment.

The achievements in drama at MLC School continued to flourish under the guidance of the incredible and enthusiastic DDE Department, in particular Lisa Jinga, Kathryn Smith-Sergi and Bojana Kvrgic. The captivating Senior School production, Little Women, which showcased many MLC School students in both drama and entertainment with a combination of drama, sets, music and dance, created an emotional and engaging performance. Drama elective students also exhibited their works, demonstrating what they have achieved and created this year with a live audience for them to perform their skills to the school community.


All of these breathtaking performances would not have been possible without the dedication and assistance of the Senior VET Entertainment students who are responsible for everything, from creating and designing sets, makeup, sound and lighting. Even though these individuals aren’t particularly seen during the performances, their talent and skills have been recognised in Wakakirri as they won the Best Backstage Crew Award, Best Teamwork Award and Best Individual Costume Design Award, which is much deserved.

2022 was also a year of firsts. The enthusiasm and commitment of the DDE Committee allowed for MLC School’s firstever Dancing With the ‘Staff’ Competition, during SRC’s Teacher Appreciation Week The talents of our Principal Lisa Moloney, Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell and Kentaro Otani were presented in front of the School; it was amazing to see them bravely volunteer to be involved in something new and their

dedication and commitment shined through with the incredible performances they had. The DDE Committee also managed to spread fun and excitement around the School with the success of the annual DDE Talent Show, where students showcased their secret talents to the wider School community.

I feel absolutely privileged to have been involved in and observed the tremendous growth of the DDE community through the exciting year of 2022. I’m eager to see what exciting opportunities arise for 2023 under the leadership of the kind and talented Selena Read.



In 2022, the MLC School co-curricular program returned to its full performance schedule, with students involved in Wakakirri, Dance Showcase, Twilight Recital and AASCF Cheer and Dance Competitions. The Dance program equips our students with a range of style-specific technical skills and allows them to explore dance as a means of communication and creative expression.


This year our Junior and Senior Hip Hop and Pom teams competed in the 2022 AASCF WinterFest and Dance Battle competitions. All teams performed with enthusiasm and professionalism, with results noted below.


Junior School

Pom – 3rd Place (Primary School Pom Division)

Hip Hop – 4th Place (Primary School Hip Hop Division)

Senior School

Pom – 1st Place (High School Pom Division)

Senior Years Hip Hop – 1st Place (High School Hip Hop Division)

Middle Years Hip Hop – 2nd Place (High School Hip Hop Division)


Scholastic Dance Grand Championship 3rd Place – Senior Years Hip Hop


Junior School

Pom – 1st Place (Primary School Pom Division)

Hip Hop – 1st Place (Primary School Hip Hop Division)

Senior School

Pom – 2nd Place (High School Pom Division)

Senior Years Hip Hop (Year 9 Year 12) –1st (High School Hip Hop Division)

Middle Years Hip Hop (Year 7 – Year 8) – 2nd (High School Hip Hop Division)


Scholastic Dance Royalty 2nd Place –Senior Years Hip Hop (Year 9 Year 12) Scholastic Dance Royalty 3rd Place –Senior Pom



MLC Junior School Wakakirri Entry, ‘Who Is Your Superhero?’

This year, both our Primary and High School students returned to the Wakakirri Story Dance Festival. Our Junior School Team is comprised of students from cocurricular Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance Ensembles. While our Senior School team is made up of students from the co-curricular Jazz and Contemporary Dance Companies, supported by the Year 11 VET Entertainment Crew.

Our Primary team hit the stage on Friday 12 August, with their story dance titled ‘Who Is Your Superhero?’ The judges were impressed with both the level of professionalism, direction, performance quality and skill of our girls both during the rehearsals and in the evening.

State Performance and Production awards:

• Excellent lead cast

• Excellent performance teamwork

• Excellent artwork on sets

• Excellent ensemble

• Excellent polished performance

The Junior Wakakirri Story Dance entry was nominated for a national award for Best Entertainment Story 2022.

Panel feedback from Scott Irwin, “Great work from a well-mannered and enthusiastic group! Lovely storytelling and acting, and good variety of choreography for different skill levels. Simple in story – told with energy and was clearly well-rehearsed. Nice clear message, and great work from leads and ensemble.”




Our Secondary team competed on Friday 26 August with their entry titled, ‘Guernica’, unveiling Picasso’s compelling 20 th century anti-war protest artwork about the Nazi bombing of Guernica, which reflects the visceral, violent international tensions that continue to highlight the actions occurring in the world today.

State Performance and Production awards:

• Best direction: Combination of dancing and acting

• Excellent staging: combination of all aspects

• Excellent set movement and staging

• Excellent polished performance

• Excellent theme/concept

The Senior Wakakirri Story Dance entry received a national award for Best History Story 2022.

Panel feedback from Scott Irwin: “Incredible. My written notes are full of superlatives. I would like to commend you for the most exciting, thoroughly entertaining and powerful piece I’ve had the pleasure of seeing for a long while. Absolute commitment from every single performer, and storytelling at the highest level. With costuming, sets, lighting and makeup to match. The choreography was excellent and executed at such a high standard. This ticks every box for the Wakakirri Festival Congratulations to one and all!”


2022 MLC School Dance Showcase –Finding Alice

Dance Showcase has become one of our most anticipated events of the calendar, after a two-year hiatus, involving over 250 students from Year 3 to Year 12. This year’s event returned to the prestigious NIDA Parade Theatre, where our girls worked together to showcase three terms’ worth of class work in a showcase titled, Finding Alice.

This year’s Showcase, Finding Alice, investigates the iconic characters and themes of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871). It has always been our philosophy as a School-based program to pursue dance as a communicative art form. Encouraging our students to look beyond the aesthetics of generic codified dance to promote critical thinking and non-verbal communication skills. The exploration of movement in our program is used as a platform for communication, storytelling and expression of themes and issues. As

such, throughout the development of this year’s production, our students have been encouraged to contribute to the thematic narrative using their own perspectives to guide their interpretation of performance elements. Students reflected on the key lessons of Carroll’s characters and how they have contributed to the liberation of Alice; as a universal representative of today’s youth solving the puzzle of finding their unique identity and place in society. This overarching concept has allowed students to access their unique voice through performance and composition of dance. They have creatively communicated ideas that are stimulated by abstract thinking and driven by personal perspectives of Alice’s curious adventures.

2022 Twilight Dance Recital –Dance Magic

In Term 4, our littlest dancers took to the amphitheatre stage for the annual Twilight Recital titled, Dance Magic. This year’s Dance Magic theme celebrated the wonderful feeling that overcomes a dancer when they perform on stage. The annual

Twilight Recital aims to develop confidence in students, whilst promoting teamwork and celebrating the growth of MLC School’s youngest dancers by celebrating their learning with friends and family.

That wraps up another successful year for Dance; thank you to the parents and students for their ongoing commitment to the program, and to the co-curricular Dance staff for their endless enthusiasm and creative ideas that pull together such a wonderful program for our dancers.

MLC School’s co-curricular dance program continues to pride itself on creating an inclusive environment that caters to students of all dance abilities. We emphasise that dance is for everyone, and a class is where you learn and support one another’s achievements.



Our annual school production, Little Women, directed by Lisa Jinga and Kathryn SmithSergi, with technical expertise provided by Bojana Kvrjic was a highlight of Semester 1 and involved over 50 students. This classic was loved by our girls and wellreceived by our sell-out audiences. The authentic period costumes and symbolic set conveyed a message that was very powerful considering the lockdown, which was that the family is the core of much that is good in our world, and that young women are at the centre of that goodness. The threads of our relationships create the tapestry of our lives, and many of the cast and crew created lifelong friendships. We welcomed boys from both Newington College and Trinity Grammar School into the cast, and the creative energy and commitment they brought were a credit to them, their families and their schools.

In Term 4, our Middle Years Production of The Witches was on a larger scale than in previous years, which included 40 actors, a big crew and great set. The girls were drawn to the play directed by Kathryn Smith-Sergi and Kellie Cogin, as this play unleashed

the power of make-believe, the power of children’s stories and the power to help a friend when they are in need. Certainly, witches in a treehouse and scary monsters in the cupboards can be horrid, but in this show, using the imagination and creativity of children was exciting and a great addition to our performance program.

Through the magic of theatre, this cast and crew created a show that took the audience into the world of a classic Roald Dahl story. The world of orphaned ‘Boy’ and spoilt ‘Bruno’ shows how even opposites can become friends and rely on each other to solve problems. Set in the late 1950s before the technological revolution, we relied on our own eyes to decide if something was believable. To our delight, more than 100 girls auditioned, and more than 50 students

applied to be on the crew. Through a rigorous process, amazing performers and technicians were selected, and worked tirelessly to showcase their skills.

The highlight of Semester 2 was the fantastic achievement of the MLC School Wakakirri teams. There was great anticipation leading to the competition and our junior team won Excellent Lead Cast, Excellent Performance Teamwork, Excellent Artwork On Set, Excellent Ensemble, Excellent Polished Performance, Best Individual Costume Design, Best Public Speaking and were nominated for a National Festival Award: Entertainment Story Award. Our Entertainment class were the crew for this team, and won the Best Back Stage Crew. Our senior team focused on ‘Guernica’ and won a number of performance


and production awards including, Best Direction: Combination of dancing and acting, Excellent Staging: combination of all aspects, Excellent set movement and staging, Excellent polished performance, Excellent theme/concept. Wow! All our dancers and crew are exceptional. Our annual Dance Showcase held at National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) was Finding Alice, which produced outstanding works and our Junior School Twilight Recital, Dance Magic saw our youngest dancers begin their MLC School dance careers. You can read more about these on the Dance report pages.



The Speech and Drama Studio’s reputation for excellence continued this year, with our students achieving highly both within and beyond our School community.

Over 200 speech and drama students participated in the ASCA (Australian Speech Communication Association) and Trinity College of London examinations, achieving outstanding results. The following students were awarded the prestigious ASCA medals for their outstanding performances and commitment to speech and drama

Centre Medal:

Lavinia Xu (Year 4)

Arianna Xu (Year 4)

Zoe Zlamal (Year 4)

Mariette Karam (Year 4)

Misha Behi (Year 9)

Isabella Townsend (Year 9)

Studio Medal:

Anny Xie (Year 5)

Arabella Kuo (Year 5)

Eloise Wong (Year 5)

Aurora Sharma (Year 5)

Chantel Nguyen (Year 12)

Dalia Alsaad (Year 12)

Studio Achievement Medal:

Kaitlyn Yang (Year 5)

Bella Nguyen (Year 9)

One hundred and twenty students represented MLC School at the Inner West, Ryde, Parramatta and Sydney Eisteddfods, achieving numerous winning places. Two students received 1st Place and one student received 3rd place in the IGSA Association of Independent Girls Schools Festival of Speech where MLC School ranked 1st in the junior section and 3rd overall out of 27 schools.

Our Theatresports Intermediate and Senior teams represented MLC School at the 2022 Theatresports School’s Challenge (hosted by Impro Australia) with both teams making the semi-finals. This year was our first for

Year 3 - Year 6 Musical Theatre, who enjoyed performing in their showcase. Next year, we are opening up Year 7 to Year 9 Musical Theatre.

Junior School students from PreKindergarten to Year 6 were assisted by a talented production team of Year 7 to Year 12 students, and produced four very successful holiday productions, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and A Snow White Christmas

Our Acting for Camera students had great success in the industry, with many receiving audition opportunities, getting booked for work and landing quality agents. Our Writer’s Club students are gaining excellent knowledge and understanding of writing


techniques across a variety of literary styles and genres. Students are writing their own pieces which include scripts, prose and poetry, and are starting to submit their work to writing Festivals and competitions.

Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 group students gained an understanding of the Round Square values through the 12 Heroes of discoveries which they explored through role play, poetry and public speaking exercises.

We are so proud of our students for their enthusiasm and commitment throughout 2022. We look forward to another successful year in 2023.



FRONT ROW Jazelle Sayed, Jaiyanna Sayed, Jenny Chen, Catherine Coorey SECOND ROW Charlotte Sweeney, Grace Zhao, Amelia Hodges, Anakha Nalliah
FRONT ROW Lara Byrnes, Jasmine Chib, Isabella Ritchie, Aleeya Sharma, Dora Cai, Claire Liang, Charlotte Hing, Mia Jin SECOND ROW Elana Lane Chrun, Zoe Fotoulis, Anakha Nalliah, Anaahat Kahlon, Jenny Lin, Alisha Ji-Lee, Kamora Edwards-Ware, Lily Sugianto THIRD ROW Janani Kanthathas, Stella Intharong, Jasmin Srisathkurunathan, Evelyn Gogos, Emma Sugianto, Liesl Wong, Mariette Karam

FRONT ROW Mia Jin, Kathy Zhang, Elle Monteleone, Sophie Hong, Aleeya Sharma, Elana Lane Chrun, Isabella Ritchie, Jasmine Chib, Annaliese Bott, Lara Byrnes, Katherine Zhai SECOND ROW Ariana Paterson, Cailise Campbell, Dora Cai, Lily Sugianto, Alana Siluk, Evie Fergus, Zoe Fotoulis, Kamora EdwardsWare, Selina Shan, Alicia Wang THIRD ROW Alisha Ji-Lee, Jenny Lin, Zara Paterson, Erin Banyer, Mariette Karam, Stella Inthavong, Anaahat Kahlon, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Anakna Nalliah, Bethany Haddad FOURTH ROW Jacqueline Wang, Liesl Wong, Jasmin Srisathkurunathan, Evelyn Gogos, Julia Saad, Emma Sugianto, Elyse Vivash, Anna Poortvliet, Katie Goldring

Chloe Huang, Lara Byrnes, Indiana Hill, Elise Gao, Annaliese Bott, Grace Liang, Alicia (Yuanke) Wang, Jaiyanna Sayed, Kathy Zhang, Ariana Paterson, Katherine Zhai, Jazelle Sayed SECOND ROW Elle Monteleone, Jasmine Chib, Isabella Ritchie, Piya Kaur, Kamora Edwards-Ware, Lily Sugianto, Evie Fergus, Zoe Fotoulis, Cailise Campbell, Aleeya Sharma, Sophie Hong, Jocelyn Yao THIRD ROW Zining Jenny Chen, Anakha Nalliah, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Zara Paterson, Katie Goldring, Mariette Karam, Anaahat Kahlon, Erin Banyer, Bethany Haddad, Alisha Ji-Lee, Alana Siluk FOURTH ROW Charlotte Sweeney, Liesl Wong, Miss M. Ling, Syra Advani, Olivia Li, Julia Saad, Alicia Wang, Elyse Vivash, Anna Poortvliet, Amelia Hodges, Mia Jin



FRONT ROW Kiara Assassa, Lara Byrnes, Elle Monteleone, Jasmine Chib, Beth Pidcock, Magdalena Volikas, Annaliese Bott, Indiana Hill

SECOND ROW Jaya Mehta, Angie Xiang, Justine Cable, Lexie Bellew, Jenny Lin, Juliet McLean Crozier, Aleeya Sharma

FRONT ROW Jemima Hardy, Ava McLean, Yanxi Chen, Fubing Yang, Madhavi Chauhan, Kyra Narang, Madison Clemens, Aashi Shah, Jasmine Wolfe, Chloe Ha Eun Song, Sasha Murray, Kushla McCaul, Jilly Pidcock SECOND ROW Layelle Chmeisse, Hazel Gohil, Madelyn Phu, Riya Chib, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Sarah Carmody, Chloe Nguyen, Nghi Nguyen, Madura Gaikaiwari, Kristina Bitar, Ava Roins, Allegra Carlini, Kirika Beattie THIRD ROW Sophia Antipas, Alyssa Corbett, Freya Patterson, Isabella Townsend, Amreen Thind, Lana McLean, Yianna Mitropoulos, Sophia Malas, Jorja Papantoniou, Tori Charalambous, Ashley Lee, Lilli-Rose Nasr, Erin Clowes FOURTH ROW Sameera Khatri, Lily Clemens, Jasmine Stavros, Olivia Clowes, Ruby Newton, Lucy Cui, Ella Hu, Amisha Khatri, Sophia Hendriks, Aria Swan, Mia Eker, Megan Ebel, Gurnaaz Kahlon FIFTH ROW Lucy Fickler, Andrea Yixuan Wang, Kate Forster, Jemima Zoud, Sara Placanica, Grace Williams, Isabel Garner, Sophie Winnall, Ruby Tan, Sarah Leeder, Kate Peadon, Stephanie Ivy Skilton SIXTH ROW Anna Sulan, Jessie Johnson, Anna Devlin, Haegan Sitou, India Makovec, Tara Gentle, Sophie Ciesielski, Zoe Johnson, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Sima Tebbutt, Ellie Girard, Chiara Corbett



FRONT ROW Sofia Iezzi, Hope Selim, Dalia Alsaad, Amanda Ou, Soina Thind, Selena Read, Madeleine Lewis, Maiee Hanna, Madhavi Chauhan SECOND ROW Sarai Rollason, Zara Cathcart, Kirsten Moller, Sofia Jury, Francesca Morrison, Romy Dobbie, Kate Forster, Sasha Kovarik, Jennisa Ha THIRD ROW Poppy Hardy, Sienna Marriott, Emily Ward, Grace Selim, Sophie Reid, Lily Walker, Tara Grasso, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Juliette Beattie FOURTH ROW Julia Lok, Adriana Re, Kate Cvetkovski, Lucy Dickson, Gisela Labraga, Samantha Brady, Ivana Dolenac, Mounica Akula ABSENT Natasha Whitmont, Magdalene Miltiades, Imogen Johnstone, Kyra Ioakimidis, Tessa Tomkins, Zahli Harris, Aadhya Dhanpal




This year MLC School sport saw a multitude of exceptional sporting results showcasing the vast talent and skill across the school. The Sports Department, School community and I are incredibly proud of every MLC School athlete.

Returning from lockdown where sport was restricted and mostly cancelled, students remained positive and eager. Fortunately, sport was able to start up again in 2022, allowing students to compete against other schools. Several teams made the Semis and Grand Finals for a number of sports.

The sub-Sports Captains and I continued the ’Athlete of the Month’ recognition program that was started up by the previous Sports Captain, Katie Sutherland (2021), aiming to highlight students that have shown resilience, sportsmanship and most of all commitment and dedication to their sport. It encouraged others to nominate their team peers who were most deserving of the award.

We also ran inter-House lunchtime sport competitions to encourage students across the years to participate and compete for their House. Additionally, the Captain’s team and I got involved in the Push Up Challenge which aimed to raise awareness and funds for mental health - opening the conversation and highlighting the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being for all individuals.

What we have achieved this year was made possible by the support, direction and dedication of the Sports Department especially Lisa Filby and Kylie Bickerstaff. Their love for sport is infectious, leading to successes both on and off the sporting field. We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and hard-working Sports Department.

I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the Sports Department and sub-Sports Captains, while leading such an amazing school. I can’t wait to watch the growth of the MLC School sport community in the coming years.



Highlights of the year included:

• A new Fitness Studio was created in the Aquatic Centre. Students are now able to participate in Yoga, Circuit training, plus Strength and Conditioning.

• We introduced triathlon.

• We began the Pink and Blue Send Offs to recognise Swimming and Diving, Rowing, Tildesley Tennis, Athletics and Gymnastics teams who represented MLC School at IGSA Championships in 2022.

• We introduced a Lunchtime House Challenge each term. Term 1 – Netball, Term 2 – Soccer and Term 3 – Rowing. Points for rankings in the House Challenge go towards the GA Davey Cup presented at Speech Night

• We have had an upgrade of the Sports Field.

For us, 2022 has felt like a new beginning; a fresh start after two years of cancelled competitions and sports tours.

Some positives did come out of the lockdown…it gave us some time to rethink and redevelop our programs. Our mission remains the same: to provide a safe, supportive, positive environment for girls to develop their skills and learn new ones, so they are able to participate in sport now and into their adult lives.

In 2022, things slowly started to return to normal. Sports participation has increased. We have had over 1,500 registrations for sport.

• We introduced the Nicole Horton Spirit of Sport pin to be presented to Year 7 students that competed in four terms of sport in 2022.

In 2023 we aim to:

• Reintroduce the MLC School Challenge, a sports exchange between MLC Kew, Victoria and MLC Claremont, WA.

• Launch the Emerging Athlete Program.

• Continue to improve performance.

• Provide opportunities for parent education.

• Introduce the Big Sports Breakfast – an opportunity once a term for parents to meet with sports staff and coaches over breakfast on the sports field; to provide feedback, ask questions, view training sessions and make connections with other families.


Thank you to those families that attended the Sports Awards to acknowledge commitment to sport and the achievements of our student athletes.

We are so proud of all our students and love the fact that our jobs provide us with those proud mumma and papa moments every day!

Congratulations, and thank you to all who took up a sport in 2022 for your contribution to MLC School sport.

We look forward to your continued participation and support in 2023.

‘Some positives did come out of the lockdown…it gave us some time to rethink and redevelop our programs.’



In 2022, we were able to host the Sports Awards. This was an evening where we gathered to acknowledge the commitment to sport, and the achievements of our student athletes.

We also heard from our guest speaker, Kai Sakakibara. Half Japanese, half British and following a childhood being raised in both Japan and Australia, Kai’s great international success in the world of BMX racing is hardly a surprise. The eldest of the Sakakibara duo, Kai was the first to get into BMX as a sport. Right from the get-go, Kai prided himself on giving BMX his absolute all, which has resulted in Kai finding himself within the top 10 of World Rankings.

In 2020, Kai had a horrible accident in attempting to qualify for his first Olympic Games

He suffered brain damage, was in a coma for eight weeks and had to be told what COVID-19 was when he woke up from it! His story is like something out of a movie, he has rebuilt his life and worked his way back to be a mobile person taking on the world. His story will have you laughing, crying and wanting to fight for the best life possible.

As far as human beings go, they do not come much more inspirational than Kai and he kept all the guests at the Awards enthralled with his story.


– Thelma Coyne Long Award

Olivia Clowes (Year 12)

– AFL Athlete of the Year

Zoe Clark (Year 12)

– Athletics Junior Athlete of the Year

Harlow Elsibai (Year 6)

– Athletics Athlete of the Year

Lucy Lee (Year 11)

– Badminton Athlete of the Year

Daisy Li (Year 10)

– Basketball Athlete of the Year

Sienna Strauss (Year 12)

– Cross Country Junior Athlete of the Year

Maggie Ma (Year 4)

– Cross Country Senior Athlete of the Year

Riya Singh (Year 7)

– Diving Junior Athlete of the Year

Ada Savage (Year 6)

Tamara Abdelrahim (Year 6)

– Diving Senior Athlete of the Year

Megan Ebel (Year 10)

– Fencing Athlete of the Year

Elena Sun (Year 8)

– Football Athlete of the Year

Ria Simone Farag (Year 11)

– Gymnastics Junior Athlete of the Year

Tamara Abdelrahim (Year 6)

– Artistic Gymnastics Athlete of the Year

Hannah North (Year 7)

– Rhythmic Gymnastics Athlete of the Year

Isabella Wang (Year 11)

– Hockey Athlete of the Year

Indianna Miller (Year 12)

– Netball Junior Athlete of the Year

Olivia Burke (Year 5)

– Netball Senior Athlete of the Year

Lucy Lee (Year 11)

– Rowing Athlete of the Year

Amelia Glastonbury (Year 10)

– Snowsports Junior Athlete of the Year

Dora Cai (Year 4)

– Snowsports Senior Athlete of the Year

Haegan Sitou (Year 8)

– Swimming Junior Athlete of the Year

Iris Ji (Year 6)


– Swimming Senior Athlete of the Year

Annaliese Yan (Year 9)

– Tennis Junior Athlete of the Year

Harlow Elsibai (Year 6)

– Tennis Senior Athlete of the Year

Indianna Miller (Year 12)

– Touch Football Athlete of the Year

Madeleine Hutchens (Year 11)

– Volleyball Athlete of the Year

Isabella Liu (Year 9)

– Water Polo Junior Athlete of the Year

Zara Stewart (Year 5)

– Water Polo Senior Athlete of the Year

Kaylie Keogh (Year 10)

– 4x50m Freestyle Relay Team: Junior Team of the Year

Olivia Burke (Year 5)

Ada Savage (Year 6)

Harlow Elsibai (Year 6)

Jacqueline Wang (Year 6)

Iris Ji (Year 6)

– 4x50m Medley Relay Team: Senior Team of the Year

Florence Jiang (Year 10)

Annaliese Yan (Year 9)

Christine Jin (Year 9)

Suyi Yin (Year 9)

Isabella Liu (Year 9)

Yuuki Onuma (Year 8)

– Professor Joan Beck Award for Service to MLC School Sport

Madeleine Hutchens (Year 11)

– Overall Junior Athlete of the Year

Harlow Elsibai (Year 6)

– Overall Senior Athlete of the Year

Lucy Lee (Year 11)

– Rhythmic Gymnastics Australian Representative

Isabella Wang (Year 11)

– Sailing Australian Representative

Caitlin Hartnett (Year 12)

– Swimming Emerging Talent

Madison Chantler (Year 7)

– Athletics Emerging Talent

Elana Chrun (Year 3)

– Tennis Emerging Talent

Zara Stewart (Year 5)

– Coach of the Year

Leonie Stewart


(All Year 7 students)

Adelaide Abernethy

Lucia Barrington-Higgs

Jemima Blake

Jodhi Bou

Madison Chantler

Chelsea Chen

Joanne Chen

Amelia Chung

Charlotte Cleland

Josephine Doan

Amy Fallick

Luella Farah

Hannah Grave

Anika Gupta

Harriet Hatton

Rebecca Ho-Bui

Emily Hutchins

Defne Isikli

Sophia Ivannikova

Sacha Jeyasingam

Eliana Joseph

Gurnaaz Kahlon

Yasmine Kanagaratnam

Yerina Kang

Meena Kanthathas

Nicola Keast

Grace Kuman

Charlotte Latham

Ashley Lee

Cheylene Leung

Chloe Lin

Eleanor Longcroft

Naoise Lynn-Black

Annabelle Mansfield

Connor Marshall

Eleanor McKeough

Ava McLean

Chloe Miller

Holly Moore

Isabella Munoz

Lam Nguyen

Hannah North

Hannah Olsson

Krystal Pham

Amritha Ravichandra

Aaliya Salim

Eadie Scott

Riya Singh

Jocelyn Su

Chelsea Sumich

Rose Turner

Alice van der Stel

Liana Wai

Imogen Walker

Stella Wallace

Isabel Warusavitarne

Imogen Wong

Mikayla Woon

Bianca Xie

Angelina Xu

Sophie Ye

Clarice Yeung

Alice You







8 Years

Champion: Mila Barakat (Year 2)

Runner Up: Victoria Xuyi Wai (Year 3)

9 Years

Champion: Macy Bellew (Year 3)

Runner Up: Anna Lieu (Year 4)

10 Years

Champion: Maggie Ma (Year 4)

Runner Up: Nayana Vanza (Year 5)

Chloe Zheng (Year 4)

11 Years

Champion: Nella Duncan (Year 5)

Runner Up: Lexie Bellew (Year 5)




8 Years

Champion: Victoria Xuyi Wai (Year 3)

Runner Up: Elissa Chami (Year 3)

9 Years

Champion: Dora Cai (Year 4)

Runner Up: Clara Southwood (Year 3)

10 Years

Champion: Zara Nicholias (Year 4)

Runner Up: Adora Xu (Year 4)

11 Years

Champion: Olivia Burke (Year 5)

Runner Up: Euna Cho (Year 5)


8 Years

Champion: Audrey Henderson (Year 3)

9 Years

Champion: Megana Pasupati (Year 4)

Runner Up: Macy Bellew (Year 3)

10 Years

Champion: Maggie Ma (Year 4)

Runner Up: Zara Nicholias (Year 4)

11 Years

Champion: Raquel Gill (Year 5)

Runner Up: Lexie Bellew (Year 5)




Year 6

Champion: Harlow Elsibai

Runner Up: Bridget Cortis-Jones


Champion: Elysse Diep (Year 8)

Runner Up: Eve Ireland (Year 8)


Champion: Tara Gentle (Year 11)

Runner Up: Macy Tanner-Black (Year 9)


Champion: Ria Simone Farag (Year 11)

Runner Up: Victoria Wan (Year 11)


Year 6

Champion: Iris Ji

Runner Up: Jacqueline Wang


Champion: Chloe Miller (Year 7)

Runner Up: Madison Chantler (Year 7)


Champion: Florence Jiang (Year 10)

Runner Up: Christine Jin (Year 9)


Champion: Victoria Wan (Year 11)

Runner Up: Juliette Beattie (Year 12)




Year 6

Champion: Bridget Cortis-Jones

Runner Up: Danika Krekacs


Champion: Riya Singh (Year 7)

Runner Up: Lucia Barrington-Higgs (Year 7)


Champion: Christine Jin (Year 9)

Runner Up: Amelia Armstrong (Year 9)


Champion: Victoria Wan (Year 11)

Runner Up: Zoe Clark (Year 12)




The 2022 AFL season, although largely disrupted by weather, was one of dedication and perseverance. Each girl stepped up to the occasion and put their best foot forward to improve their skills with a positive attitude each week. Whether that be in tackling, handballing, kicking or in team strategising, the improvement of each player has been recognised.

MLC School fielded four teams this season into the Term 1 Saturday Competition, where they faced tough competition. Two teams were able to make it into the grand finals, where hybrid matches were played in knockout ‘lightening rounds’.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the girls who gave AFL a go this year for the first time, the dedicated coaches, and to those returning from previous years. I would encourage all of you to keep going with it and keep trying your best to improve and kick those goals!

Usain Bolt says...’Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself’. In typical MLC School style, the Athletics Team did this and more. We ran, we jumped, and we threw our absolute best in 2022. Highlight results included Anisha Sivagurunathan (Year 8) placing third in Junior shotput and Lucia Barrington-Higgs (Year 7) placing fourth in high jump, as well as our IPSHA girl Harlow Elsibai (Year 6) placing fourth in long-jump and high jump; all progressed through to CIS Athletics Additionally, we had cross-country athletes compete at IGSA, CIS, NSW All Schools and Schools Sport Australia competitions, and

MLC School was recognised as the ‘Most improved cross-country school in Sydney’. All these wonderful results serve as inspiration and motivation for our athletes. Another outstanding event was the House Athletics Carnival which was full of colour and laughter. It brings us all out to participate and celebrate, which is what sport is all about.

Lucy Lee 2022 Athletics Captain


2022 was a great year for badminton at MLC School. The sport is coming into its own and the participation numbers continue to grow.

This year saw the teams compete in two different competitions. In Term 1, we competed in the Loreto Normanhurst Competition where we had a successful tournament, with MLC 15 placing first and MLC 14 placing second. We also saw three other teams play for third position.

Towards the end of the year in Term 3, MLC School competed in the Meriden School Competition, where MLC 5, MLC 7 and MLC 9 placed first; MLC 1, MLC 3 and MLC 6 placed second. Congratulations to all our Badminton players and a big thank you to the coaches.


This year, basketball at MLC School has been both successful and rewarding. The support and camaraderie between the players are maintained every year, creating a fun and exciting environment at both Saturday morning games and training sessions. The great aspect of basketball at MLC School is that it is for girls of all ages and skill levels, allowing them to come together and make lasting friends within the broader School community.

In Term 2, the IGSA Competition challenged our teams, but we fought hard All teams played their very best and although none of our teams won the competition, our MLC 01 team came close.

Thank you to Ashley Harris and all the coaches involved for their time and efforts in helping make basketball such a memorable and enjoyable season.

I hope basketball continues to grow and thrive in the years to come. Good luck to the upcoming 2023 teams!



In 2022, we had cross country athletes compete at the IPSHA, IGSA, CIS, NSW All Schools and Schools Sports Australia competitions and were recognised as the ‘Most improved cross country school’ in the IGSA Competition. Congratulations to all our cross country athletes for their great results this year. In particular, Maggie Ma (Year 4) and Riya Singh (Year 7) who were our 2022 Junior and Senior Cross Country Athletes of the Year.

The 2021/2022 diving season has seen some impressive results across the board for MLC School Diving. The Senior girls took on IGSA with an optimistic outlook and competitive spirit, resulting in amazing scores! The Senior team are working hard on developing new dives and improving skills, and the hard work is evident in competitions and training.

The Junior team has also been a standout, with Tamara Abdelrahim (Year 6), Ada Savage (Year 6) and Dora Cai (Year 4) representing MLC School at CIS Diving. Ada Savage (Year 6) has represented MLC School and NSW around Australia this year, smashing her personal best at 1 metre and 3 metre springboard events, and was named the ’Australian Aged Champion for U11’s’.

I am so proud to be the captain of this supportive and courageous group of girls. Every MLC School diver should be proud of their improvement and achievements this year. The girls’ can-do attitudes and selfassurance are to be admired, both in the pool and in everyday life.

In 2022, fencing went from strength to strength, with the program growing and the need for extra training days to accommodate all our fencers. We welcomed back the competitions that we were unable to participate in during the last two years. Special mentions to Vivian Qin (Year 10) on her Bronze Medal and to Elena Sun (Year 8) for her Bronze Medal in The Roberta Nutt Senior Fencing Tournament

In the AJ Rae and RA White Championship for the Senior foil teams’ event, MLC School’s Yellow Team came third, these girls include: Savannah Hazlewood (Year 10), Moira Peach (Year 10), Emily Ward (Year 11) and Leylim Ozer (Year 8). MLC School Blue Team won the Gold Medal, in a 45-20 win over Sydney Girls High School: these girls include: Felicia Hannah (Year 9), Vivian Qin (Year 10), Amy Lee (Year 9) and Sen Sen Xie (Year 12).

Congratulations to Elena Sun (Year 8) on her success at the Australian Intermediate School Championships in Canberra. Elena won the Gold Medal in the Girl’s Epee. Elena was also selected for the NSW A Team

Lucy Lee 2022 Athletics Captain


Football at MLC School reached new heights in 2022! Once again, we excelled as a School during all our competitions: IPSHA, IGSA and the CIS Cup. We had eight Junior School teams in the IPSHA competitions and four Senior School teams in the IGSA competitions. Additionally, we had the representative team in the Senior School competing in the CIS Cup, a state-wide knockout tournament.

All teams demonstrated great improvement thanks to the dedication of their coaches and the efforts of the girls. A special mention and congratulations to the squad of 18 girls from Year 8 to Year 12 who competed in the CIS Knockout Cup. This was MLC School’s most successful team in tournament history, reaching the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, we lost the quarter-final to SEDA College, but the team should be extremely proud of their achievements in the tournament.

Congratulations to all MLC School 2022 footballers for a great year!

The gymnasts at MLC School have shown next-level resilience and enthusiasm this year after returning from COVID-19. The beginning of the year saw the transition from online gymnastics to face-toface classes once again; passion and excitement filled the gym once more. The gymnasts are to be commended in the strength and positivity they showed. The reopening of competitions, as well as the IPSHA and IGSA interschool competitions allowed the gymnasts to demonstrate the true community and spirit we have at the School. The girls represented themselves and the School in an outstanding way throughout the year, and should be proud of their efforts. We cannot wait to see them back for another year as a part of our MLC School Gymnastics community in 2023.




2022 was a fantastic year for MLC School Hockey. Every girl brought her skills, dedication and enthusiasm to training and games. In Term 2, we competed in the Sydney Eastern Hockey Association (SEHA), where we built our game skills and tactics in preparation for the IGSA season in Term 3. In this year’s IGSSA Competition, the MLC School 1sts team lost to Queenwood in the final. Playing with these girls has been the highlight of my schooling at MLC School, and I will never forget what it’s like playing on the field with them. A huge thank you to the coaches who have given us the strength and support to grow in this sport. To all students, both graduated and current, I encourage you to keep playing or give hockey a try as it is the best sport!

Wow, what a season it has been! First, congratulations to all the students who played netball this year; for their dedication and commitment to games and training, as well as their excellent efforts against other clubs and schools. The staff in the Sports Department and I are extremely proud of everyone.

A number of our MLC School teams competed in the Eastwood Ryde Netball Association (ERNA) Competition, with several teams making the finals. Shoutout to MLC 4 for winning their division.

Additionally, the MLC School representative team competed against several girls’ schools and made it to the grand final. Despite the nerves prior to the game, MLC School won 20-12 against Meriden School, taking first place in the IGSA Netball Competition. I am so proud of every one of the girls on the team, they worked so hard and well together to achieve such an amazing result. Congratulations to MLC School 1.



The 2021/2022 rowing season has been defined by our rowers’ perseverance, resilience and tenacity.

As a team, our bonds grew stronger over the 2021 lockdowns where we conducted strength and conditioning sessions and erg races online from home. The greatest impact manifested through COVID-19 restrictions this season was the cancellation of a multitude of competitions, including MLC School’s Annual Regatta. With only half a season of regattas, the rowers still came together as a group and worked to explore our potential as a crew. This season was filled with highlights across the board,

and of course, our highly anticipated Rowing Camp. COVID-19 restrictions and floods meant that this year’s camp was held closer to home, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. With five full days of training, the crew worked hard to prepare for this year’s season.

The crew’s resilience is reflected in our ‘rowing’ start to the rest of the season. We were fortunate to represent MLC School at five regattas, recording outstanding results and personal bests. Determination and strength were seen at the peak of the season, with five podium finishes at IGSA. The tremendous tenacity and commitment

of the crew was unwavering at the longawaited Head of The River, despite the regatta’s relocation to Iron Cove due to flooding.

This season was an unconventional one to say the least; from a pandemic to floods, we were all impacted in some way. Yet, these challenges are what also make the season so special. The rowers’ enthusiasm and commitment drove success and the growth of the MLC School rowing community. We were supported by wonderful coaches led by Robert Glendenning and the parent support team. We are thrilled to see the exponential growth in our crew’s numbers. We are excited by what lies ahead for the 2022/2023 season, which is filled with events; from the Head of the Yarra to our very own MLC School regatta! This year’s Vice Captain, Amelia Glastonbury (Year 11), and I have been privileged to be your MLC School Rowing captains; leading and working with such a wonderful team has been an absolute honour.

‘We are thrilled to see the exponential growth in our crew’s numbers.’


The MLC School snow Sports team was fortunate to compete in the 2022 Sydney Regional Interschools Championships. Our team came back stronger than ever, with girls from Year 1 to Year 11 taking part in Downhill skiing, Moguls and Snowboarding! In the July school holidays, the team competed across all six divisions, demonstrating outstanding efforts and results!

Nine girls also travelled to Perisher in August to compete in the 2022 Interschools State Snowsports Championships. Five girls competed in Nationals for Alpine, Ski X, Snowboard Giant Slalom and Snowboard Ski X. Six girls competed in Cross Country, with special mention to Christine Jin (Year 9), Dora Cai (Year 4) and Lavinia Xu (Year 3) who qualified individually for the 2022 National Interschools Snowsports Championships

Finally, a huge thank you to the staff and parents who supported the girls this year, and an endless thank you to Ms Bickerstaff whose organisation and support we couldn’t have done without.

Due to weather conditions, the 2022 season was a shorter one. However, both MLC School teams made the most of the season, with great attitude and enthusiasm towards training and games.

The First’s played two games. At Frensham School we demonstrated dramatic improvement throughout the game. Despite the disheartening first innings, the game provided the opportunity to develop our confidence against the opponent. The second and third innings brought us closer to winning, however we just missed out in

the last minute. The second game at Loreto Normanhurst started off with amazing batting and ended with a fabulous double play by Anabelle Banfield (Year 12).

Thank you from the Firsts to our coach Deon, whose passion for softball and endless enthusiasm we enjoyed for four years. Thank you to all the parents and coaches for supporting the students through the season and creating an enjoyable environment for all.



2022 was an extremely successful year for the MLC School swimming program. Our senior Swimming Team did an excellent job at the IGSA Carnival, placing eighth overall. A special mention to those who progressed to CIS, and to the six students who went onto NSW All Schools. Annaliese Yan (Year 9) was also crowned the NSW All Schools 15-Years Breaststroke Champion and progressed to the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships

The MLC School Junior Swimming Team had amazing results at the IPSHA Championship, placing third overall, with 10 students progressing to CIS.

Furthermore, eight of these students progressed to PSSA, with special mention to Jackie Wang (Year 6) and Iris Ji (Year 6) who represented NSW at the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships

The MLC School Swimming Team’s exceptional performance this year is a testament to their hard work and determination in training, in conjunction with the expertise of coaches Colman Wong and Caitlyn Richardson.



This year, MLC School’s participation in the 104th Tildesley Tournament demonstrated high levels of determination, effort, sportsmanship and teamwork. The MLC School doubles showcased their ability to collaborate during play, while collectively devising strategies and tactics. Whether it was pairing a girl who had never played in Tildesley with a girl who had, our fearless MLC School girls demonstrated a willingness to collaborate, apply great effort and and excellent teamwork. Each team member performed with extreme focus, skill, ambition, dedication and most importantly, loud voices for cheering on teammates.

Congratulations to all those that competed this year, with special mention to our Year 12s who played their final Tildesley Tournament. Thank you to our head coach, Ludovic Catherine, the rest of the coaching team, and the Sports Department for their continued support, they all contributed to Tildesley 2022 being as successful as it was.

Indiana Miller

2022 Tildesley Tennis Captain

This year, MLC School competed in the newly arranged two-term structure of IGSA Tennis, fielding 13 teams in Term 1 and 15 teams in Term 4. Both competitions were hotly contested by our girls, who have been developing their skills and strength throughout the year in a newly structured competitive training program. In 2022, we entered seven teams across Year 5 to Year 12 into the Sydney Inter-District Tennis Competition. Our teams place highly, with some of the younger teams earning a place on the podium.

Indiana Miller

2022 Tennis Captain

Although the touch football season of 2021 was unable to commence due to COVID-19, we were lucky enough to have two IPSHA teams play in Term 3, and it looks as though there will be eight teams playing IGSSA touch football in Term 4. A big thank you to the Sports Department, with special thanks to Ashley Harris, whose hard work, support and dedication this year has helped grow touch football at MLC School. I wish all the students playing touch football in the upcoming season the best of luck and hope they enjoy the sport!

Olivia Clowes

2022 Touch Football Captain



MLC School Volleyball teams saw great success in the 2022 season. This year, MLC School entered four teams in the Santa Sabina College Recreational Competition, where the girls put their best foot forward each week and achieved great results.

A special mention and congratulations to the 10 girls who represented the School in the Sydney Volleyball League. The team placed sixth in the Under 16s Division 2, which was well deserved given their hard work and dedication. The representative team also be headed to the Gold Coast in December to represent the School in the Australian Volleyball Schools Competition.

All girls who participated in volleyball this year should be exceptionally proud of their efforts in training and games. A huge thank you to the coaches and Ashley Harris for making this season possible. Their support has seen the growth of volleyball at MLC School.

Water Polo once again showcased the incredible determination, enthusiasm and talent of MLC School students as they excelled in the pool.

Unfortunately, the Term 4 IGSA Competition was cancelled due to COVID-19 which was disappointing for our players, but nevertheless, they persevered by showing up to play in the following terms. The Term 1 IGSA Water Polo Competition was a highlight this year, with all four teams getting excellent results in their respective divisions. MLC 02 placed first overall, while MLC 03 placed third; an incredible achievement for both teams. Term 3 MLC School Friday Night Water Polo teams also displayed significant levels of improvement and commitment from all our players.

2022 was an exceptional year for water polo, thanks to the hard work of our players and coaches who put their all into every game and training.



FRONT ROW Annika Bou, Audrey Henderson, Victoria Wai, Chloe Zheng, Zara Nicholias, Macy Bellew, Mila Barakat, Giselle Tanios, Zhiyan Wang

SECOND ROW Maggie Ma, Zara Stewart, Nayana Vanza, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Harlow Elsibai, Amelie Cowling, Elana Lane Chrun, Raquel Gill

THIRD ROW Ada Savage, Leela Das, Mariette Karam, Nella Duncan, Avery Dauphinee, Olivia Burke, Lexie Bellew, Erin Banyer

FRONT ROW Aditi Knowles, Claire Liang, Amelie Cowling, Tamara Abdelrahim, Dora Cai, Maeve Thornton SECOND ROW Stephanie El-Atrache, Eloise Martins do Vale, Ada Savage, Lexie Bellew, Rachel Ming, Layla Abdelrahim


FRONT ROW Claire Lee, Erin Clowes, Mimi Pullinger, Lucia Barrington-Higgs, Sienna Strauss, Mia Eker, Chelsea Sumich, Yasmine Kanagaratnam, Harriet Scott, Madeline Haller SECOND ROW Katie See, Zahli Harris, Charlotte Cleland, Vadeesha Kanagaratnam, Liliana Hollands, Natalie Cavallaro, Gabrielle Wilkie, Amelie Rettig, Lila O’Keeffe, Charlotte Latham THIRD ROW Maeve Halliday, Elsa Pickering, Indiana Hodgkinson, Sienna Dodd, Ashley Denton, Elena Tulloch, Jemima Zoud, Olivia Clowes, Madison Clemens FOURTH ROW Matisse Liu, Olivia Chapman, Halle Hiss, Ella Van Den Borne, Zoe Johnson, Jessie Johnson, Ellie Girard, Macy Tanner-Black, Amalia Labraga FIFTH ROW Anna Sundquist, Eloise Drake, Jade Davis, Tara Gentle, Lucy Dickson, Gisela Labraga, Zoe Clark, Eda Haller, Victoria Pachos
FRONT ROW Victoria Wai, Zara Nicholias, Adora Xu, Scarlet Akers, Zara Stewart, Elana Lane Chrun, Chloe Zheng, Elissa Chami SECOND ROW Dora Cai, Hayley Trinh, Harlow Elsibai, Arya Benton, Isla Leung, Olivia Wang, Alana Siluk THIRD ROW Olivia Burke, Pip McGuire, Isabel Floro, Iris Ji, Jacqueline Wang, Ada Savage, Euna Cho

FRONT ROW Bianca Xie, Jocelyn Su, Chelsea Chen, Gigi Guan, Clarice Chi Yin Yeung, Vicky Zhang, Annabelle La, Seetha Nathan, Chloe Shubei Lin, Elly Yu, Emma Ung SECOND ROW Daisy Li, Jana Roy, Anita Mohanan, Valerie Tran, Jessie Xu, Emily Zhou, Isabella Zhou, Chloe Zhang, Cassandra Tong, Chantelle Wan

THIRD ROW Gauri Nathan, Kathleen Chrun, Angelina Zhang, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Annading Chen, Annaliese Yan, Sophia Shaikh, Charlotte Priebbenow, Jossie Liu, Aleeza Asif FOURTH ROW Zaz Tiglao, Sarinna Cai, Christine Jin, Amanda Ou, Taotao Jiang, Amelia Jubelin, Jenny Wu, Angie Lan, Dalia Alsaad, Elena Sun

FIFTH ROW Cameran Warner, Ashley Pagewood, Kaitlyn Hoang, Laurelle Yim, Aahana Singh, Inez Murray, Ella Ma, Amelia Chan, Mahibhana Mahinthan

ABSENT Sahasra Bandi, Amelia Bresolin, Sophia Bucci, Zara Cathcart, Tiffany Chong, Veronika Czerniawski, Madura Gaikaiwari, Evie Gallagher, Angelina Hu, Angelina Huang, Violet Le, Claire Lee, Ellie Li, Georgina Lim, Giovanna Lim, Helena Lu, Umaiza Mahfuz, Joyce Mai, Krystal Phuong An Pham, Whitney Pham, Gemma Qiu, Tiana Robinson, Georgie Roediger, Aryana Sah, Claire Taylor, Lucy Vu, Chloe Wang, Minda Wang, Madeleine Wood, Jennifer Xie, Julia Zarlenga, Isabella Zhao, Aaliya Zhou, Allura Zhou

FRONT ROW Hannah North, Maria Stamoulos, Tahlia Jeffery, Gabrielle Wilkie, Stella Sivyer, Jilly Pidcock SECOND ROW Megan Ebel, Sima Tebbutt, Sophia Grave, Olivia Ebel, Layla Hamdan


FRONT ROW Mikayla Woon, Chelsea Sumich, Abby Coxsedge, Charlotte Latham, Eadie Scott, Indianna Miller, Lila O’Keeffe, Sophia Antipas, Madeline McLean, Lucy Coxsedge, Yasmine Kanagaratnam SECOND ROW Tina Papamanuel, Chloe Zhang, Liliana Hollands, Yianna Mitropoulos, Zoe Proctor, Arya Sharma, Madeleine Lewis, Jacqueline Flett, Jorja Papantoniou, Mia Eker, Anastazia Samad, Naoise Lynn-Black THIRD ROW Hayley Ma, Isabel Baudille, Chelsea Hunt, Sophia Pavlovic, Azzurra Zappacosta, Evelyn Kerr, Anna Gough, Julia Gough, Abigail Bush, Bariah Khaznadar, Lara Varol FOURTH ROW Serena Ha, Brittany Warner, Amelia Chan, Isabella Gadelrabb, Sarah Furlan, Dylan Rose, Annading Chen, Amelia Jubelin, Olivia Gouganovski, Sienna McCormack, Isabella Kristallis

FIFTH ROW Charlotte McCrory, Sophie Beraldo, Sophie Reid, Eda Haller, Grace Scanlon, Tia Athanassiou, Lola Whittaker, Eloise Drake, Anna Sundquist, Shivani Spencer, Claudia Kritzler ABSENT Anika Cuganesan, Jasmine Fordyce, Kaitlyn Hoang, Harriet Hatton, Maxine Hawkins, Catherine Kong, Giuliana McCluskey-Voigt, Hellen Ou, Kate Peadon, Charlotte Priebbenow, Georgie Roediger, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Seraya Srikumar

FRONT ROW Amy Fallick, Sacha Jeyasingam, Cheylene Leung, Felicia Hannah, May Nguyen, Yerina Kang, Emily Hutchins SECOND ROW Amelia Chung, Uma Singleton, Kathleen Chrun, Amy Lee, Vivian Qin, Stephanie Keo THIRD ROW Elena Sun, Emily Ward, Sen Sen Xie, Savannah Hazlewood, Alice You, Sophia Heyde

FRONT ROW Georgina Solly, Emily Van Der Westhuizen, Amelie Cowling, Zara Paterson, Amritha Ravichandra, Nikhita Kumar, Jemima Hardy, Isabel Floro, Olivia Clowes, Christy Luo, Ilia Morelli, Madison Chantler, Madeleine Girgis, Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Hannah North, Minna Yates, Evie Fergus, Eliana Joseph SECOND ROW Grace Barnes, Chloe Lu, Carina Chu, Maria Stamoulos, Riya Singh, Sarina Nagra, Riya Chib, Isabella Zhao, Madura Gaikaiwari, Erin Clowes, Madina Ioakimidis, Chloe Miller, Isabella Dodd Shipsey, Annaliese Yan, Tiana Robinson, Luella Farah, Jade Scott-Rogers, Lila Yuan Yuan Zheng, Eleanor McKeough, Anika Gupta, Sienna Clark THIRD ROW Alana Mellare, Rebecca Ho-Bui, Sophie Ye, Jodhi Bou, Saalbhinii Aravinthan, Riley Chantler, Megan Ebel, Milla Papaluca, Kathleen Chrun, Zoe Bigg, Matilda Dugan, Matisse Liu, Joyce Mai, Kirsten Tran, Hannah Grave, Eleanor Longcroft, May Nguyen, Stella Wallace, Grace Likely, Aaliya Salim FOURTH ROW Briana Tran, Maeve Halliday, Krystal Phuong An Pham, Jana Roy, Dahlia Issmail, Sophia Malas, Nitya Nimalan, Anna Obaid, Eve Ireland, Chevonne Collins, Isabel Garner, Eliza Kershaw MacDonald, Zaz Tiglao, Isabel McKeough, Poppy Hardy, Lucy Fickler, Emma Sugianto, Katherine Woo, Chloe Ha Eun Song, Jasmin Srisathkurunathan FIFTH ROW Georgia Sinclair, Maya Gupta, Zoe Gao, Eloise Ward, Olivia Cassell, Meena Kanthathas, Chloe Ho-Shon, Ella Baker, Tika MacMaster, Jessie Johnson, Ellie Girard, Rose Turner, Ivy Ross, Sophia Bucci, Angie Lan, Amelia Armstrong, Sameera Khatri, Elisha Brown, Maddie Hutchens SIXTH ROW Anikah Sanan, Vishaalini Ravichandra, Divya Sharma, Madison Snowden, Aimee Goodridge, Kirsten McLelland, Amelia Tchan, Amelia Comley, Zara Poortvliet, Ruby Tan, Grace Farrow, Caitlin Zeilinga, Brooke Bucholtz, Sofia Jury, Vanessa Nguyen, Savannah Phengsavath, Bella Upcroft, Alice van der Stel, Sienna Strauss SEVENTH ROW Sophia Grave, Zoe Likely, Anisha Sivagurunathan, Lucy Lee, Amber Johnstone, Isabella Smith, Zoe Johnson, Claire van der Stel, Nia Richards, Lily Hatton, Sally Obaid, Zoe Clark, Molly North, Pascale Simington, Claudia Padman, Emma Lawrie, Eve Parker, Isabella Liu, Halle Hiss ABSENT Sophia Ivannikova, Clarice Chi Yin Yeung, Harriet Hatton, Kate Peadon, Jenna Chiang, Ellen Marshall, Katrina Athanasiou, Markella Krekacs, Olivia Walker, Lucy Vu, Amaya Karunakaran, Cleo Clark, Imogen Johnstone, Lucy Dickson, Marah Tryphon, Kate Morfoot, Lucinda Howlett, Brianna Chiang, Elisha Matthews, Amisha Khatri, Grace Scanlon, Emma Guermanoff, Courtney Roberts

Clementine Hendriks, Sasha Kovarik,


Baker, Sophie Winnall, Persephone

FRONT ROW Seraphine McNamara, Liana Wai, Eleanor Longcroft, Luella Farah, Haya Yahia, Amelia Glastonbury, Lily Vujcic, Nicola Keast, Eleanor McKeough, Imogen Wong SECOND ROW Harriet Hatton, Adelaide Abernethy, Aryana Sah, Miranda Hudson, Stephy Liang, Ella Hu, Julia Zarlenga, Naoise Eadie Scott, Sofia Iezzi THIRD ROW Jody Feng, Eliza Kershaw MacDonald, Ella Wahltuch, Sarinna Cai, Isabelle Ng, Annabelle Mansfield FOURTH ROW Francesca Morrison, Briar Campbell, Dylan Rose, Sophia Grave, Charlotte Penny, Rebecca Beaton, Tessa Tomkins, Sophie Wilson, Olivia Alden-Hallit ABSENT Hannah Chessell, Mia Coady, Sophie Connolly, Lu Jin Cui, Amelia Hope, Sophia Ivannikova, Meena Kanthathas, Megan Kuit, Pascale Simington, Alessandra Spina, Isabel Warusavitarne, Angelina Xu
FRONT ROW Evie Papamanuel, Imogen Wong, Chelsea Sumich, Isabella Munoz, Liana Wai, Annabelle Banfield, Julia Zarlenga, Sasha Murray, Mikayla Woon, Holly Moore, Siena Jury SECOND ROW Rhiti Bhatta, Alexia Eliades, YanXi Chen, Annabel Twomey, Sophia Antipas, Abby Coxsedge, Zahli Harris, Eadie Scott, Charlotte Latham, Yasmine Kanagaratnam, Madeline McLean THIRD ROW Carina Savoca, Lucy Coxsedge, Ria Simone Farag, Mira Kalra, Tiana Roins, Alexandra Notaras, Victoria Grammenos, Grace Kuman, Jemima Blake, Vadeesha Kanagaratnam, Adelaide Abernethy FOURTH ROW Sandra Moussa, Aria Swan, Milla Newman, Adriana Re, Haegan Sitou, Hannah Shortus, Pandora Eliades, Matilda Banfield, Jaiden Sinozic, Giselle Timperi
FRONT ROW Taara Kotibhaskar, Julia Gough, Chelsea Hunt, Jacqueline Flett, Anna Gough, Alexia Wood, Annabel Twomey, Sarai Rollason SECOND ROW Elizabeth Wilkie, Ruby Tan, Sarah Furlan, Kyra Ioakimidis, Sophia Kang, Ashmini Ganesh, Madison Snowden
FRONT ROW Madison Chantler, Zoe Pollard, Rose Lin, Juliette Beattie, Jossie Liu, Annaliese Yan, Stephanie Keo, Elysse Diep SECOND ROW Ines Elise Prince, Yuuki Onuma, Chloe Miller, Christine Jin, Evelyn Kerr, Victoria Wan, Tracy Zhou, Kathleen Chrun THIRD ROW Aimee Goodridge, Serena Ha, Isabella Liu, Amelia McNamara, Alaska Durie, Suyi Yin, Kaylie Keogh ABSENT Sarinna Cai, Florence Jiang FRONT ROW Georgia Delis, Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Imogen Wong, Allegra Chiang, Lindsay Shi Han Zeng, Himani Gupta, Elora Nadarajah, Sarina Nagra, Genevieve Thai, Hannah North SECOND ROW Chloe Ha Eun Song, Mikayla Woon, Kyra Narang, Jodhi Bou, Angelina Xu, Hannah Olsson, Alyssa Corbett, Gurnaaz Kahlon, Carina Chu, Isabella Munoz, Yanxi Chen THIRD ROW Skyla Chau, Chloe Jing, Erica Chou, Lara Bazzi, Zoe Bigg, Lana McLean, Julia Lok, Zoe Proctor, Chantelle Farag, Dwaraka Raguparan FOURTH ROW Laura Kardasis, Esther Tonkinwise, Trinity Nguyen, Indianna Miller, Molly North, Ivana Dolenac, Zara Constance, Serena Ha, Mounica Akula, Christine Jin
FRONT ROW Madison Chantler, Yianna Fanos, Lucy Coxsedge, Zoe Pollard, Riley Chantler, Zoe Johnson, Eve Ireland, Sophie Ye, Lucia Barrington-Higgs, Aaliya Salim SECOND ROW Amy Fallick, Abby Coxsedge, Savannah Phengsavath, Alice van der Stel, Kaylie Keogh, Olivia Ebel, Rose Turner, Chloe Miller, Tascha Ireland, Luella Farah, Jemima Hardy THIRD ROW Zihan Joanne Chen, Ashley Denton, Hermione Campbell, Isabella Liu, Alaska Durie, Marirose Giann, Meera Rawal, Aimee Goodridge, Michaela Green, Evelyn Kerr
FRONT ROW Nikhita Kumar, Yuuki Onuma, Tascha Ireland, Trinity Nguyen, Zara Luong SECOND ROW Maya Al-Soufi, Joyce Zhang, Amelia McNamara, Isabella Liu, Ella Ma



Abbeythorpe has demonstrated outstanding House Spirit by partaking in the Chapel Service. This was a great opportunity for all students to cooperate, whether it be by participating in a reading, musical performance or assisting to organise the event. The service most importantly assisted in uniting students and families after returning from the COVID-19 lockdowns.

A key highlight was fundraising for the charity Uniting World to support girls in India who do not have access to high-quality education. To raise money for this cause, our Head of House brought in knitted accessories to sell during the Christmas Stall and during lunchtime. Given that we all pursued the same objective, this fundraiser essentially brought Abbeythorpe together.

Abbeythorpe’s performance in the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals highlighted our strong teamwork within the House. Our theme was ‘Abbeythorpe Army’ which allowed us to show our strength in unity.

For the Athletics Carnival we chose ‘Abbeythorpe Ahoy’, letting us dress up as pirates and win the gold in the races. As a team, we performed to the best of our abilities when competing and chanting (screaming) our cheers. Seeing our House succeed brought us both so much joy!

This spirit is accredited to our fantastic Head of House, Ms Martina Stolzi who constantly works extremely hard and is dedicated to Abbeythorpe. We show immense gratitude for a key to creating this united community and for mentoring us through this year. She will be a treasured memory as we look back on MLC School.

We wish Sofia Iezzi and Emma Ung, our new House Captains, all the best for a memorable and exciting 2023! Their dedication and zeal have demonstrated their capability of leading Abbeythorpe and carrying on the House Spirit.

Finally, we would also like to thank all students in Abbeythorpe who have been extremely supportive in every activity. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to lead the House this year. Although we are sad to leave this loving community, we are certain that the House Spirit will live on. We are appreciative of the friendships and memories made within Abbeythorpe and know that they are forever-lasting!

Trinity Elghitany

Abbeythorpe House Captain

Indianna Miller

Abbeythorpe Vice-House Captain



You can’t spell Booralee without B, and what else can’t you spell? Books! In Term 1, Booralee helped run a book swap to raise money for the people living in Lismore as they were affected by the floods earlier in the year. A few times a week, Library Captains and Monitors ‘worked’ in the Library at lunchtime to promote the cause. Booralee has helped make the Library a friendlier and more inviting place for all students.

In Term 2, we led a Tech House Challenge where we were all given a phrase to decode. There were different challenges specific to each grade and even though we didn’t win, we learnt how to work together and make new friends.

In Term 3, all four houses had a Singing Competition led by the Music Captains. A song was chosen for each House based on

one or many of our School values. Booralee chose the song Try everything by Shakira, focusing on the values of Growth and Courage.

In Term 4, we held a Portrait Competition Booralee came first! Additionally, at the end of Term 4, there was an Art Writing Contest. The winning piece of writing will be displayed in an art museum for all to see. A meaningful way to express your creativity! This year, Booralee has achieved so much. We won the Swimming Carnival, we had the return of our mascot Brutus the dinosaur, participated in and ran plenty of environmental activities, helped with the toy drive and we ran a Nude Food Day to highlight a few achievements! We like to think we’ve done right by our teachers, our

House and our School with our efforts this year. We trust the future of Booralee burns as bright as it did this year. Go Booralee!

Zara Stewart

Booralee Art Captain

Aditi Knowles

Booralee Environment Captain

Erin Banyer

Booralee Library Captain

Ariahna Giann

Booralee Music Captain

Arabella Kuo

Booralee Service Captain

Isabella Ritchie

Booralee Sports Captain

Amara Sivagurunathan

Booralee Technology Captain



2022 has been an amazing year for Booralee! It was the first year since 2019 that all House events were held and we had a very successful year. It was incredible being in person for all events so that Booralee’s culture of enthusiastic participation could shine through.

In Term 1 we had our Swimming Carnival, where everyone got very involved with our theme ‘Booralee Bachelorettes’. In nail-biting fashion, we came second in both the Spirit and Championship trophies.

We also held our Booralee Chapel Service with our wider house family. It was incredible to have everyone there for the first time in two years. We were very grateful for the generosity of the House for our charity, Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

2022 brought the introduction of the InterHouse Challenges, with Year 10 to Year 12 competing in Netball, and Year 6 to Year 9

in Soccer. Through the great ‘give it a go’ attitude of Booralee, we made it to the semifinals in both competitions.

Then in Term 2 we were given the great challenge of designing a playable putt-putt hole art installation for Illuminate. With the assistance of our Booralee Illuminate Committee, we crafted a PDHPE-themed hole that challenged many of the golfers at Illuminate

Despite Term 3 being tough for House times, with lots of exams and excursions, Booralee performed excellently in the House carnivals. Within a week, we won three trophies! In the Rowing Challenge, Booralee performed excellently, winning by over 100m! Then we had our Athletics Carnival, the first one since

2019. Booralee really lived up to our theme ‘Booralee Bosses’, coming out on top in both the Championship and Spirit trophies!

We are so proud for the amazing enthusiasm shown by all Booraleeans this year. We would love to extend a huge thank you to all the Booralee luminaries for their support during House time. We are especially grateful to Ms Tracy Getts who has been an incredible support through our captaincy. Finally, Congratulations to our 2023 House captains, Tara Gentle and Grace Scanlon, we know you will be amazing for the House.



2022 has been action-packed for the Churunga leadership team.

Art Report

It’s been such a fun year! Especially being Art Captain. One of the really important things that happened as an Art Captain was the Portrait Prize Competition. Sadly, Churunga didn’t come first, but we came second. Having a lot of competitions has been so fun and it has been interesting to pick out artworks.

Kaitlyn Yang

Churunga Art Captain

Environment Report

This year we attended a conference with other school environmental leaders who are helping the environment inside and outside their schools. This inspired us in our roles. During Term 4, we collected second-hand toys and we held a second-hand toy store in time for Christmas. All profits raised will go to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)

Angelyn Xiang

Churunga Environment Captain

Library Report

This year we showed leadership when we raised awareness and $700 for the flood-affected Lismore Library through a book swap. Book Week, however, was my proudest moment as a captain. We chose the winner of the Bookmark Competition, promoted events throughout the week and ran library activities each lunchtime. My advice for the Library Captain in 2023 is to try your best, work hard, have fun, and beat all the other Houses.

Euna Cho

Churunga Library Captain

Music Report

My biggest challenge this year was deciding on a song and bringing Churunga together for the House Sing Off. I chose the song, Roar by Katy Perry to celebrate the School

values of Courage and Growth. Winning this competition was my proudest moment as Music Captain. My advice for the 2023 Music Captain is to always contribute, try your best and never give up.

Aurora Sharma

Churunga Music Captain

Service Report

My proudest moments as the Service Captain were leading the organisation of the Churunga Chapel Service, Assembly and fundraising for our chosen charity, The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF). Our theme was ‘Listening to the words of others to help us grow’. We used flowers to spread our message and sold bracelets with a flower charm to raise awareness of our theme. I was so proud of Churunga, particularly when we were able to tell everyone that we had raised $805 for the ILF. My advice for the Service Captain in 2023 is to have fun and work hard for the best House, Churunga.

Bethany Haddad

Churunga Service Captain

Sports Report

This year I have assisted with lunchtime sports sessions and prepared our House for the athletics and swimming carnivals. Leading cheers and winning the House Spirit Award at the Athletics Carnival was one of my proudest moments as Churunga Sport Captain. My advice for the Churunga Sport Captain in 2023 is to attend meetings! They’re important! But remember to have fun and make sure your ideas are heard.

Nella Duncan Churunga Sports Captain

Technology Report

My proudest moment as Technology Captain was running the STEM Challenge with our technology monitors. We may not have won, but we worked to troubleshoot and ensure that every Churunga student was able to participate. My advice for the Technology Captain in 2023 is to remember to always achieve to the best of your abilities and though we might not win everything, we do win our own race.



Being Churunga’s Captains for 2022 has been both an honour and a privilege. We set out at the start of the year with three main goals: increase participation, have fun and develop our House spirit. Now at the end of the year, we are extremely proud to say that we have achieved all three goals. This year, Churunga participated in many challenges including House Soccer and Netball competitions, Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and House Chapel. A highlight of this year was placing 3rd in the Swimming Carnival Cheer Competition and 2nd in the House Netball Challenge, as these achievements captured each member’s dedication and commitment to the House.

Despite the start of our leadership being in lockdown, it is important to recognise and appreciate the efforts that students put towards the lockdown fitness challenge, NetFit, which helped us achieve first place.

The challenge introduced ideas of teamwork, strength and motivation which started our year leading Churunga on a positive note. We are immensely proud of how the Churunga students have adapted to the change from online learning to their normal school schedule, and we encourage all students to continue to be resilient and hardworking in everything they do.

We would like to thank Richard Coward, our Head of House, for providing us with the freedom to plan and lead the House independently, whilst giving us professional advice with organising events and equipment when needed. We would also like to thank our luminary Louise Piggott, for providing Year 12 with the guidance and care that was needed to complete this final year. We would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2022 for everything that they have achieved

throughout their MLC School experience, and look forward to seeing what they do in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank each and every member of the House for their tenacity throughout the year, and wish everyone all the best for their future endeavours. We encourage all students to aspire for any leadership opportunity that arises as we have had both a challenging and rewarding experience leading our House.

Chelsea Grace Hunt

Churunga House Captain

Mahibhana Mahinthan

Churunga Vice-House Captain



Art Report

We have had a great year of art. The art captains held Art Club every week on Monday where students could come and draw; there was a different theme every week. We also helped run the Portrait Prize and worked with the Senior School Art Captains with Illuminate and Operation Art I am most proud of helping other students become better artists by suggesting colours and ideas for styling and what to draw. I really enjoyed my role as Leawarra Art Captain this year.

Jasmine Chib

Leawarra Art Captain

Environment Report

The environment captains have been working very hard this year. We have been trying to implement new ideas and programs

and there were many challenges that we tried our best to overcome. In Term 4, we gained momentum and got on board with an idea we got from the Senior School. They did a Clothes Thrift Store and so we decided to do a Second-hand Toy Store, just in time for Christmas. We are now making progress and hope that our store will be a success and be able to raise enough money for Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Joumana Reehman

Leawarra Environment Captain

Library Report

As Leawarra Library Captain I worked with the other Library Captains and Monitors to run library events and run library activities at lunchtime. We ran a Book Swap fundraiser to raise money for the Lismore Library during the floods and helped with Book Week, which was a great event enjoyed by all the students. We also helped to choose the winner of the Bookmark Competition and helped run events throughout the week.

Layla Abdelrahim

Leawarra Library Captain

Music Report

It has been a wonderful year for music with the music concerts and the House sing-off. The sing-off in Term 2 was an excellent example of teamwork. The whole House participated and really enjoyed themselves. Leawarra did a fantastic performance to ‘High hopes’, coming in a close second to Churunga. I congratulate Churunga on winning the Sing-off singing ‘Roar’. The music concerts were also a great way to show the parents what we have learnt in music this year.

Imogen Bush

Leawarra Music Captain

Service Report

Leawarra has participated in many events this year, but one thing that I got to help do as Service Captain was running the fundraiser. Leawarra held a Crazy Hair Day for all students in the Junior School where

they were encouraged to bring in a gold coin donation to raise money for the Leukemia Foundation. This was held at the same time as the World’s Greatest Shave in the Senior School, and many girls cut their hair so that children with leukemia were able to have hair. It was an amazing fundraiser and I’m so glad I was able to help run it.

Aleeya Sharma

Leawarra Service Captain

Sports Report

It’s been a very exciting year in sport for Leawarra. MLC School has held two exciting events this year. The Swimming Carnival held at the MLC School Aquatics Centre and the Athletics Carnival held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre. As a Leawarra Sports Captain, it was such an honour leading and encouraging all girls to participate in these events. It was amazing seeing girls from all years participating and giving their absolute best. Flashes of purple… posters and streamers, girls cheering and screaming for their teammates will be my best memory. Such great teamwork with all Leawarra captains working together. We stand very proud of our efforts. Go Leawarra!

Raquel Gill

Leawarra Sports Captain

Technology Report

In Term 2, the Junior School STEM and Technology Competition was held. Together with Mrs Cassar and Mr Schofield, the Technology Captains and Monitors worked hard to make the competition fun, challenging and exciting. We had different activities for different year groups including WeDo robotics and paper aeroplane making. It was great to see everyone working together as a team to earn points for Leawarra. The best part was the smiles and enjoyment we could provide the girls whilst we learnt about STEM and technology along the way

Leawarra Technology



Leawarra is known year after year to be House that is essentially your second home, and this year was no different. What makes it so inspiring to be able to lead this House has been the passion and support from the students of Leawarra, through their commitment to events and their passion to accomplish many great things.

The main goal at Leawarra this year was to provide as much support as we possibly could for the students within the House, and for our foundation that we support, The Girl’s Refuge. As we have begun to return to normal life following the lockdown from COVID-19, we have been made aware of just how much support we receive from our friends and family. We strive to support the girls at the refuge in the same way we have been supported, which is why everything we did was in the best interests of the Refuge.

We have raised an amazing $3,000 for the Refuge alone, from our Mother’s Day Stall and Father’s Day Stall, and have donated an abundance of supplies, from school

supplies to general health which was made possible by the students and families of Leawarra House. Not only have we had this amazing victory for the Refuge, but the House has also performed well within the School. From placing 1st for the Spirit Cup and Synchronised Swimming, and third overall in the Swimming Carnival and winning the Junior Years’ Inter-House Soccer Competition, it certainly hasn’t been a quiet year for Leawarra.

A highlight for the House this year was the contribution from students for our carnivals. With a theme of ’Leawarra Lovers, everyone rocked up sporting physical hearts on their clothing, and the hearts within themselves full of love and passion to win. At the Athletics Carnival, our theme of ‘Leawarra Lads proved a popular theme, with a dedication to the theme the biggest we

have seen in a long time. This was a brilliant milestone to see that the students have so much love for this House, and we hope it continues in the future.

We have so many people to thank within the House, but the guidance from our Head of House Joseph Pfeffer is what made our time as leaders an enjoyable experience.



It has been an extremely successful year for Lester House as we have continued to grow as a community and strived to achieve many of our goals. As House Captains, we are proud of the enthusiasm and determination that everybody has shown throughout the year.

Lester’s Chapel Service followed the central theme of ‘Listening to the voice of God and the voice of others’, supporting our charity, WaterAid Australia. The theme entailed the importance of acknowledging collective hardships and offering support to those who need it. Lester demonstrated engagement in the Service by decorating the Chapel in orange and volunteering to perform and sing, creating a stronger sense of community.

This year held a milestone in Lester’s achievements as we organised our first large charity fundraiser event for WaterAid Australia. We took the initiative to create and promote a team relay obstacle course, involving students across the school from

Year 6 to Year 12 as well as teachers. We successfully raised awareness for the charity’s goals of clean sanitation, sustainable water supply and good hygiene, and were able to display Lester’s potential for future opportunities to demonstrate collective involvement and initiative.

Our theme for the Swimming Carnival this year was ‘Lester LAPD’. Everyone showcased an incredible sense of House spirit, and the day was filled with encouragement and support for one another. Notably, Lester placed 4th in the Synchronised Swimming Competition. Lester’s theme for the Athletics Carnival was ‘Orange Olympics’ and the House held even more victories. Everyone showcased a high level of enthusiasm and engagement in cheers, and eager involvement in all events.

This carnival marked a huge step in Lester’s success as we placed third overall and second in House Spirit.

We farewell our Head of House Kentaro Otani who has provided us with continuous support and incredible passion, and we welcome Richard Burgess, who has already displayed a strong Lester spirit. We are excited to hand over to the 2023 House Captain, Aria Swan, and House ViceCaptain, Ivy Brasher, who we have no doubt will excel as leaders next year and continue to lead Lester to greatness.


Zunairah Mahfuz

Lester Vice-House Captain



I’m sure we can all agree that Mooramoora was the best House this year (and in all the past years)! Even though Term 1 was still impacted by COVID-19, Mooramoora made a huge comeback and won the Athletics Carnival with flying colours (mainly green of course). All of Year 5 in Mooramoora helped make decorations, including giant frog posters, GO MOORAMOORA signs, and even some origami frogs.

Apart from being the best sporting House, Mooramoora showed great compassion while running the Wayside Chapel donations of toiletries and other items for people less in need. We ended up donating many boxes of items; thanks to all of Mooramoora who helped out. Thank you to everybody who contributed, I’m sure that they will be really appreciated.

The Swimming Carnival was lots of fun, and I’m sure we all tried our very best in all the races. During the break, the different Sports Captains had a swimming competition. Naturally, Mooramoora won (thanks to Olivia Burke!), but Churunga, Booralee and Leawarra all tried hard as well. There was also a House Cheering Competition, where we came second to Booralee. Overall, Booralee won by 11 points because it was a very close and intense heat.

Our Chapel Service earlier in the year was a success, with almost everybody in Mooramoora attending. We learnt all about having patience and listening to other peoples’ ideas and thoughts. These are important skills that everybody needs to learn.

In art, a lot of Mooramoora girls participated in the Portrait Competition, with some amazing end products. The Environment Captains treated us to a stunning fashion show, where they modelled some examples of correct and incorrect uniforms. Book Week this year was amazing, with a raffle, plenty of activities, and best of all, a Book Week Parade!

We saw many creative and innovative costumes, including a very convincing Queen of Hearts from Kindergarten. Mooramoora had lots of fun at the Sing-off and Cardboard Challenge, even though we didn’t come first. We built an awesome tower, which sadly fell apart from the ongoing rain; but if it hadn’t become all wet, soggy and broken, I’m sure we could have won. Besides, all of us had lots of fun (especially the dads, who got very competitive).

Overall, Mooramoora had an eventful year where we had lots of fun, participated in everything, won lots of competitions, and most importantly of all, tried our very best.

Ella Rose Zraika

Mooramoora Art Captain

Charlotte Yiu

Mooramoora Environment Captain

Audrey Buck

Mooramoora Library Captain

Frances Xie

Mooramoora Music Captain

Lexie Bellew

Mooramoora Service Captain

Olivia Burke

Mooramoora Sport Captain

Jenny Lin

Mooramoora Technology Captain



2022 has been a year full of new experiences for the Mooramoora House. We began with online house times and inter-House challenges, said goodbye to Annie Conway and welcomed our new Head of House Christopher Highman.

The Swimming Carnival was the first event of the year, with the theme of ‘Mooramoora Mafia’. Everyone showed amazing House spirit in their cheering and participation. The Year 12s ended it in style, placing equal fourth in the synchronised swimming and winning the Splash for a Sash. Our Chapel Service centred around ‘Listening to God’s Voice and the Voice of Others’, and brought awareness to our charity, Beyond Blue. It was a chance to bring people physically together to meet and enjoy the company of each other, which could not have been achieved without the help from all Mooramoora students and teachers. House times were full of fun activities, from bench ball to Just Dance, bringing everyone together with the occasional friendly interHouse competition.

Throughout the year, students participated in various new inter-House sport challenges including netball, soccer and rowing; amazing talent and sportsmanship earned the House third place for every challenge. Others were also able to share their creative skills by helping create putt-putt holes for Illuminate. We were fortunate enough to be able to hold the first Athletics Carnival in two years, a first for many students. The whole House immersed themselves in our theme ‘Mooramoora Minions’, as each Luminary came together to embody the characteristics, spirit and energy of minions. We would like to thank the whole of the Mooramoora House for their ongoing enthusiasm and commitment, which made leading this House incredibly rewarding.

We also thank Christopher Highman and all the Luminaries for their unconditional support and guidance throughout the year. This year was everything we expected and so much more; it has been a memorable experience that we will never forget. It was an honour to lead and be a part of this incredible House. We know that this journey will continue with the leadership of the 2023 House Captains, Mikaela Sitaramayya and Yianna Mitropoulos who we wish the best of luck.

Amelia Zoe Chan

Mooramoora House Captain

Grace Selim

Mooramoora Vice-House Captain



What a year it has been for Prescott!

Prescott’s tenacious and supportive nature has made the House what it is, and we feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed Prescott’s deserving successes. We are constantly in awe of the girls for their sustained participation over the course of this year.

It was a busy year when it came to interHouse sport competitions. Prescott started strong by demonstrating their outstanding strength in the pool by taking out the Swimming Carnival title for 2022. The success continued when we won the inaugural Netball Challenge as a result of the hard work and effort of our Senior girls. Similarly, our Prescottians must be commended for their competitive spirit and participation in the Soccer Challenge

As Term 3 drew to a close, one competitor from each year worked closely together to prove to the School that we are also a threat in the annual Rowing Challenge!

Our annual Prescott Puppy Pageant was again a huge success. For the first time in Puppy Pageant history, students were allowed to participate and bring their furry friends along to compete, assisting in our venture to raise funds for our charity Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. The Puppy Pageant was definitely a highlight of this year, and was made possible by the joint efforts of the Prescott collective.

We would like to acknowledge Christopher Eddleston, Andrew Simos, and Henry Wijanto for their dedication to Prescott and their assistance in leading the House. We feel very fortunate to have worked alongside each of them in our final year, and wish to thank them for their commitment and support.

One final thanks are for each of our Luminaries who have been an integral part of Prescott, acting as an ongoing point of guidance and support for our House through the ups, the downs and everything inbetween. To every single Prescottian, thank you. Without your drive and willingness, Prescott would be nothing; you bring meaning and significance. It has been our pleasure to serve as your 2022 Captains of Prescott. Once a Prescottian, always a Prescottian.



In 2022, Sutton House thrived in solidarity and spirit. Sutton remained unified as a team, and throughout the year, we continued to show our House Spirit at every event.

One of our goals this year was to create an environment where each Sutton student felt supported and encouraged to challenge themselves. We began the year with the Sutton Chapel Service, focusing on the theme ‘Listening to God’s Voice and the Voice of Others’.

Throughout the year, we witnessed the phenomenal involvement of Sutton girls in all aspects of MLC School life; whether that was by competing in the Swimming Carnival, Netball and Rowing competitions, creating friendships during House Time or defeating Booralee in dodgeball!

We finished an exciting year with the first Athletics Carnival since COVID-19. Our theme was ‘Sutton Survivors’ and each girl showed House Spirit wearing their bright pink bandanas and pink zinc! It was undoubtedly the sportsmanship, participation, and positive attitude of each girl on the day that led to such an outstanding outcome for Sutton House in the House Championship

We are extremely proud of the commitment and enthusiasm of the strong-minded and courageous students in Sutton House. We are proud of the support and kindness Sutton students have shown towards one another, and excited to see what each Sutton girl achieves in the future.

As House Captains, we are grateful for the opportunity we have had to lead and serve Sutton House in 2022. We would like to

thank our Head of House, Gavin Starr for his mentorship and guidance that was integral to the development of our leadership skills. We equally thank our new acting Heads of House, Emily Osborne, and Emily Marsh, and all the Luminaries who motivated, listened and supported their students.

Finally, congratulations to the House Captains for 2023, Mimi Jones and Abigail Latham. We have no doubt that you will shine in your new roles!



After having been elected during the COVID-19 lockdown period, we began 2022 on a rocky note. Unfortunately, there were few opportunities to form Big Sister, Little Sisters bonds; however, after our release from lockdown these relationships bloomed. Wade started out strong with the interHouse Swimming Carnival. It was amazing to see our students all together after spending so long online, only seeing Wade’s spirit shine through the screen. We saw the House spirit soar through the coordination of our ’Wadies of the Eighties’ theme, growing exponentially from past years. In addition, Year 12 Wade placed third in synchronised swimming, which was a huge win!

Our first in-person Chapel Service was also a great success, with our small but mighty community coming together to put on a beautiful service. With a huge contribution from each Wadie, it was amazing to see everyone work together to create a winning putt-putt hole for the Illuminate challenge. We are so thankful to 2022 Design, Art and Technology Captain, Sarah-Bronte Andrikis

(Year 12), for her dedication in organising Illuminate this year. After years without experiencing Illuminate in person, it was wonderful to see the MLC School community unite for such a display of creativity.

As for the various inter-House sporting competitions throughout the year, Wade made huge collaborative efforts across year levels towards challenges, including Netball, Soccer, and Rowing challenges. We finished off the school year with MLC School’s first Athletics Carnival since before COVID-19. Wade’s ‘Turquoise Tinkerbell’ theme absolutely sparked, with our efforts reflected through our victory in the House Cheer Competition, where Natalie Katherine Cavallaro’s saxophone skills bolstered our performance.

On that note, we would like to thank the devoted Robyn Langford, the backbone of Wade, for all her efforts, support, and late nights this year; Wade would not be where it is without her. To our Wadies, we know you are capable of everything you set your mind

to, and we cannot wait to see you continue to grow. We wish our lovely 2023 captains Ria Simone Farag, House Captain (Year 11) and Jana Edrees, House Vice-Captain (Year 11) all the best of luck - we know Wade is in good hands.

Briana Tran

Wade House Captain

Haya Yahia

Wade Vice-House Captain



We began our captaincy roles online, having to traverse House time online, from home, and online at School. Trivia sessions and guess the teacher games were a great success. Despite not being to meet face-to-face, Whitley began the year with enthusiasm and engagement.

Coming 2nd in the Year 12 Synchronised Swimming routine was a highlight of the Swimming Carnival, as well as coming fifth for the House Championship and fourth for House Spirit. We cheered our way up a place from last year, all the way from the back of the Aquatic Centre!

Within a week filled with rain and clouds, the skies cleared for our 2022 Athletics Carnival. Whitley House approached the day with spirit and House pride. The support for each other was incredible; a true display of what it means to be an MLC School girl.

Having the opportunity to meet with our House once a fortnight brought us together, and gave us the opportunity to connect with our fellow Whitlians. From colouring in to cheer practice, the House supported us as we ran our activities. With constant smiles and bright faces, we had the opportunity to engage with those in other years, creating tangible relationships within the wider School community.

A special thank you to our wonderful Head of House, Ingrid Smolka; your enthusiasm, dedication and hard work are infectious, and you constantly pushed us to keep working at being leaders to bring energy and joy to the House every week. And to our wonderful Luminary, thank you for your support, for coming to the countless cheer rehearsals, and for cheering the two of us on.

Congratulations to our newly elected 2023 Whitley House Captain, Aimee Goodridge and Vice-Captain, Lucy Lee. We are incredibly proud to be passing our captaincy roles to such capable young women, and we know that they will lead the House with pride and courage. We wish them all the best of luck for the coming year and can’t wait to hear of their plans for Whitley House.





ROW Olivia Huang, Victoria Bongiorno, Amelia Stillone, Mia Yao Reeve, Elizabeth Feng, Lakshmi Bedadam, Alyssa Trinh, Erika Ni, Angela Ge, Syra Advani, Isabel Zoghbi, Aisha Ashour, Harper Begnell, Mialina Angell, Yaya Chen SECOND ROW Marie Kristallis, Cassie Mackiewicz, Anaisha Sharma, Lauren Eggers, Riven Jay, Selina Lo, Aditi Knowles, Zara Stewart, Amara Sivagurunathan, Erin Banyer, Ariahna Giann, Isabella Ritchie, Arabella Kuo, Colette Obaid, Amelia Ko, Aimee Li, Caitlin Eadie, Vivienne Woon, Mariangel Corrales Solano THIRD ROW Mr E. Park, Ms E. Astle, Alexandra Southwood, Amanda Zhang, Zhiyan Wang, Anushkaa Thadani, Catherine Coorey, Qaylah Mohamed, Shantelle Nguyen, Alexandra Huynh, Emily Tu, Anaya Sharma, Alev Brennan, Emily Nie, Eloise Wong, Sienna Nguyen, Leila Chalak FOURTH ROW Anna Lieu, Lydia Ye, Camellia Yao, Niamh Gorman, Elizabeth Horvath, Magdalena Volikas, Adora Xu, Zara Nicholias, Cassandra Eadie, Ariana Paterson, Victoria Xuyi Wai, Indiana Hill, Lavinia Luoyi Xu, Mrs A. Otton, Mrs S. Clark, Mrs D. Keane FIFTH ROW Christa Jeyasingam, Abira Sanan, Ines Vieira, Lara Crystal Murray, Scarlet Akers, Maggie Ma, Caitlin O’Shea, Anna Pham, Daphne L’Estrange, Kelsey Pham, Lily Sugianto, Peta Bianchi-Howden, Mia Li, Sophia Correia SIXTH ROW Vera Papaluca, Cathy Ge, Sienna Munoz, Francesca Masters, Ella Le, Tèa Costin, Mariette Karam, Gaia Bigolin, Clara Southwood, Charlotte Sweeney, Izzy Horvath, Ivy Doan, Alisha Ji-Lee, Lucia Cicinelli


FRONT ROW Celine Ykmour, Lavinia Yeh, Ellie Park, Marina Chen, Ayla Sumantri, Caitlyn Law, Alana Jin, Mila Yuan, Yvonne Henderson, Amelia Huang, Jacqueline Ha, Annabelle Ling, Selina Doan, Yinuo Lyu, Noelle Liu SECOND ROW Maya Srisathkurunathan, Celine Wang, Annabella Xiang, Eloise Qiu, Chloe Mai, Aurora Sharma, Angelyn Xiang, Euna Cho, Nella Duncan, Kaitlyn Yang, Bethany Haddad, Beth Pidcock, Sum Yeung Cheng, Chloe Robic, Tara Kuhan, Myer Boulton, Doris Mai, Hayley Lam THIRD ROW Genevieve Nguyen, Jazelle Sayed, Sabine Woodhouse, Michelle Wang, Isabelle Ng, Chloe Huang, Eloise Woodhouse, Miranda Ho, Eloise Dastyari, Chelsey Gao, Shiloh Gao, Amelia Lee, Katherine Zhai, Alicia Wang, Taylor Bakir, Poppy Frederick FOURTH ROW Mrs J. Gilroy, Ms S. Blanche, Elissa Chami, Audrey Henderson, Larissa Pham, Yan Hei Rosanna Tsoi, Manjima Dutta-Gupta, Avni Narang, Latoya Iese, Vaani Narang, Vivienne Nguyen, Madeleine Cassidy, Hannah Girgis, Henrietta Britton, Jaiyanna Sayed, Averie Ling, Miss S. Edwards, Mrs D. Doyle FIFTH ROW Sateni Shoaib, Sienna Khouzame, Sophia Hall, Gisele Wayong, Chloe Zheng, Vy Truong, Halimah Bokhari, Emi Liu, Alana Bakir, Jocelyn Yao, Brianna Ai, Tara Siddharth, Eve Hutchison SIXTH ROW Kristy Che, Alicia Suen, Scarlett Innes, Jing Wen Qiu, Olivia Wang, Arianna Xu, Ruth Overton, Aasha Eva Pistilli, Hayley Trinh, Olive Rose Simmons, Juliet Anne McLean Crozier, Chelsea Keomanivong, Avery Lee



ROW Victoria Lim, Maya Ganda, Petrice Cassar, Zoe Huang, Catalina Baramilis, Leah Le, Bella Yao, Amelia Libdy, Naomi Ang, Caitlyn Wong, Isabel Selim, Tianna Sui, Maryam Refai, Vicki Nikolakopoulos, Amelia Lim SECOND ROW Naomi Singh, Sonia Chung, Nina Varkas, Victoria Cassar, Yisa Liang, Chuchu Huang, Raquel Gill, Layla Abdelrahim, Imogen Bush, Anna Poortvliet, Joumana Reehman, Jasmine Chib, Olivia Zhang, Tahra Peries, Charlotte Lim, Rhianna Sui, Leonie Nguyen, Isabelle Galilee THIRD ROW Eva Bangia, Aida Sidhom, Laura Chang, Camila Morcos, Peita Nikolakopoulos, Nia Immanuel, Avery Satchcroft, Jolyn Nassif, Anouk Thorley, Kyrani Countouris, Arielle McBrien, Olivia Smith, Fedra Nikolakopoulos, Ava Storey, Estella Tran, Daisy Han, Serena Yuchen Li, Emily Wong, Jasmin Ganda FOURTH ROW Mrs M. Cassar, Ms K. Tran, Georgie Varkas, Angelina Galilee, Jesselle Jiao, Charlotte Hing, Angela Thorn, Mia Licenblat, Maeve Judith Thornton, Amelia Lee, Larissa Pham, Keira Ritchley, Elle Monteleone, Elise Gao, Kathy Zhang, Frida Yao, Le Chan Gui, Mrs M. Hiss, Ms K. Beange

FIFTH ROW Angela Jabbour, Bella Yan Nguyen, Dora Cai, Audrey Lazar, Eva Rocca, Helen Liu, Sofia Callegaro, Joyce Guan, Felicity Wang, Selina Shan, Jaya Mehta, Emma Cardwell, Ashwini Kanesalingam, Sophie Hong SIXTH ROW Henriette Pitman, Anastasia Countouris, Sofia Kljajevic, Angie Xiang, Leela Das, Janani Kanthathas, Sophia Du, Evelyn Tran, Ketura Sun, Georgia Sioutas, Jessica Lim, Zining Jenny Chen, Zoe Fotoulis



Hodgson-Fopp, Hillary Gu, Chloe Tang, Evelyn Tsang, Olivia Cheng, Olivia Li, Hoi Cing Yong, Aurora Chau, Ruby You SECOND ROW Kate Alarcon Dominguez, Chloe Zheng, Emma Yan, Sammi Liang, Emily Zhong, Olivia Li, Charlotte Yiu, Ella Rose Zraika, Olivia Burke, Audrey Buck, Lexie Bellew, Jenny Lin, Frances Yi Wen Xie, Aleemah Trad, Jaiyana Habib, Isabella Cheng, Vy Nguyen, Gem McGuire, Madeleine Wong THIRD ROW Annika Bou, Sherry Wai, Delilah Anne Catherine Hodgson-Fopp, Carla Di Leo, Shruti Hasanat, Sienna Dib, Faith Huynh, Grace Liang, Aerin Kim, Ruby Tzouganatos, Michaela Sheung Yee Kwaan, Leanna Shen, Skye Nguyen, Nina Bai, Leah Maidment

FOURTH ROW Ms N. Hird, Mrs M. Bye, Mia Jin, Kiara Assassa, Mishika Kapadia, Lara Byrnes, Freda Xie, Aleena Habib, Valentina Palazzolo, Annaliese Bott, Queeny Guan, Irene Chau, Elina Yu, Stella Scott, Aaliyah Liu, Bailey Tong, Macy Bellew, Ms C. Tsokas, Ms M. Woods FIFTH ROW Gabriela Lim, Ava Lingxi Meng, Dora Weng, Sally Nguyen, Chantel Huda, Tia Spyropoulos, Evangeline Black, Megana Pasupati, Sherlyn Lin, Elana Lane Chrun, Claire Liang, Georgie Coutts, Leona Nadarajah, Clementine Lonergan SIXTH ROW Olivia Connolly, Elly Chen, Anny Xie, Yasmin Maidment, Lilian Zhang, Emily Ward, Amelia Hodges, Zoe Zlamal, Justine Cable, Nayana Vanza, Elisa Li, Kamora Edwards-Ware, Chloe Tiang

FRONT ROW Charlotte Qian, Savage, Grace Luo, Keira Dempsey, Olivia Ngo, Isabella Castillo Sun, Verity Anne Evelyn FRONT




ROW Amelia Kroehnert, Rhiti Bhatta, Megan Kuit, Nichole Wang, Ms E. Maling, Mr J. Truong, Trinity Elghitany, Mr R. Burgess, Indianna Miller, Ms C. White, Ms L. Macdonald, Soina Thind, Anna Constantinidis, Emma Ung, Chloe Kypreos SECOND ROW Grace Barnes, Nikhita Kumar, Tina Nguyen, Sofia Iezzi, Jocelyn Su, Allegra Chiang, Emma Sugianto, Luella Farah, Milla Papaluca, Priya Mohan, Julinar Alshehabi, Felicia Hannah, Stephanie Keo, Julia Zarlenga, Liesl Wong, Rachael Ming, Emma Kanaan, Eve Vantas THIRD ROW Jenna Chiang, Ashley Lee, Selina Chen, Hannah Grave, Zara Coates, Madina Ioakimidis, Summer Ryan, Juah Hyun, Hannah Koh, Jennisa Ha, Giselle Timperi, Saskia Roberts, Kate Peadon, Angelina Hu, Cleo Clark, Evelyn Gogos, Matilda Dugan, Chloe Lay FOURTH ROW CalistaGrace Savva, Amelia Armstrong, Savannah Phengsavath, Natalia Gadelrabb, Kiara Elghitany, Mia Gerbino, Harriet Campbell, Caitlin Zeilinga, Martine Zeilinga, Mia Grasso-Nguyen, Jessie Tang, Alexandra Varvarigos, Tia Van Den Borne, Sophia Bucci, Amreen Thind, Emily Ea, Sarah Kanaan FIFTH ROW Elena Tulloch, Kyra Ioakimidis, Selina Yang, Rebecca Mai Yue Wang, Sophia Grave, Haegan Sitou, Rebecca Beaton, Hannah Banks, Ella Van Den Borne, Sen Sen Xie, Evie Gallagher, Sienna Marriott, Renae Varvaris, Helen Liu, Ciara Hyland, Hermione Campbell, Isabella Gadelrabb


FRONT ROW Jemima Hardy, Sacha Jeyasingam, Georgia Sinclair, Ms K. Cogin, Ms S. Papachristoforou, Ms B. Kovats, Annabelle Banfield, Ms T. Getts, Isabella Chapman, Ms S. Mann, Ms S. Huang, Madison Clemens, Dwaraka Raguparan, Yianna Fanos, Jaslina Duong SECOND ROW Megan Ouyang, Yik Ki Lin, Zara Paterson, Bridget Cortis-Jones, Tulasi Kanani, Imogen Wong, Mikayla Woon, Isabel Floro, Liana Wai, Eleanor McKeough, Isabella Munoz, Adelaide Akers, Violet Le, Madison Chantler, Caydence Sumantri, Josephine Thien Tran Doan, Emily Van Der Westhuizen, Evie Fergus THIRD ROW Zoe Pollard, Sarah Carmody, Angelina Xu, Lucy Vu, Lily Clemens, Tiana Robinson, Uma Singleton, Stephanie Ivy Skilton, Alyssa Hur, Amelia Hope, Eloise Hope, Emily Duong, Aleksandra Lichaa, Elizabeth Faraj, Surabhi Parab, Soraya Phillips-Bates, May Nguyen FOURTH ROW Jade Di Girolamo, Chantelle Wan, Zahli Harris, Mia Eker, Riley Chantler, Isabel McKeough, Charlotte Trieu, Poppy Hardy, Megan Ebel, Jasmine Stavros, Jenaan Rajani, Laryssa Latt, Alicia Ding, Ruby Durant, Gabrielle Wilkie, Madura Gaikaiwari

FIFTH ROW Sophia Malas, Elizabeth Wilkie, Anna Obaid, Olivia Ebel, Tascha Ireland, Serena Ha, Vanessa An, Ashley Denton, Grace Farrow, Kate Forster, Layla

Van, Chloe Curtis, Eve Ireland, Helena Panos, Macy Tanner-Black, Hannah Chau SIXTH ROW Talia Suna, Lucinda Howlett, Isabella Kristallis, Cara Britton, Briar Campbell, Himani Gupta, Sally Obaid, Nia Richards, Meenakshi Nagarajah, Sophie Reid, Matilda Banfield, Jaiden Sinozic, Olivia Chapman, Pascale Simington, Grace

Scanlon ABSENT Ms F. Cassidy, Ms K. Calluaud, Tessa Britton, Isabelle Forster, Tara Gentle, Dahlia Issmail, Bonnie Karolis, Eliza Kershaw MacDonald, Vanessa Nguyen, Ella Tanner-Black



Dastyari, Celeste Ong, Taylor Lu, Elizabeth Ravens, Ingrid Henderson, Mr D. Posker-Hill, Mrs A. Conway, Chelsea Hunt, Mr R. Coward, Mahibhana Mahinthan, Mr B. Lindstrom, Mr G. Bricage, Audrey Boulton, Jilly Pidcock, Madeleine Girgis, Mara Nichols, Niamh Canadas SECOND ROW Tilly Ackland, Tiffany Chong, Chloe Jing, Anika Gupta, Kyra Narang, Joanna Tsoi, Gurnaaz Kahlon, Emma Sullivan, Claire Lee, Lola Jablonski, Amal Zogheib, Hazel Gohil, Jossie Liu, Allegra Carlini, Amritha Ravichandra, Aleeza Asif, Armita Dutta-Gupta, Marissa Tsaousidis THIRD ROW Kushla McCaul, Alyssa Corbett, Ines Elise Prince, Miranda Hudson, Alisha Dhaliwal, Hannah Kang, Cara Wu, Clementine Hendriks, Indigo Hannah, Rianne Saab, Annabelle Mansfield, Alexandra Lasovski, Gemma Qiu, Jasmin Srisathkurunathan, Sarah Lawrie, Yerina Kang, Eleanor Longcroft, Thea Grace Davis, Elysse Diep FOURTH ROW Sophia Au, Sanya Mehta, Ashmini Ganesh, Lily Rutherford, Olivia Gouganovski, Chiara Corbett, Camille Ong, Sylie Bhat, Alexia Wood, Laurelle Yim, Alannah Exarhos, Madison Snowden, Kaylie Keogh, Vishaalini Ravichandra, Olivia Cassell, Skyla Chau, Kira Hodgson-Yu FIFTH ROW Kirsten Moller, Anika Cuganesan, Jade Davis, Stephanie Megalli, Emily Davis, Aahana Singh, Elisabeth Bubalo, Helena Lu, Hannah Chessell, Poppy Yacoumatos, Emma Lawrie, Lucinda King, Zara Constance, Sophia Hendriks, Sophia Heyde, Ellie Girard


FRONT ROW Caitlin Hartnett, Anna Sundquist, Eloise Drake, Nikki Juffermans, Dylan Rose, Juliette Beattie, Kerry Fu, Mr J. Pfeffer, Tara Grasso, Charlotte McCrory, Ms S. Rowley, Christyn Cordato, Arya Sharma, Coco Huang, Zoe Brase, Tina Papamanuel, Brittany Warner SECOND ROW Ms R. Willemsen, Kimberley Chung, Chloe Lu, Zaina Verma, Hailey Truong, Liana Petrolo, Sienna Christodoulou, Stella Wallace, Jana Roy, Lucy Sulan, Sarina Nagra, Maya McBrien, Emily Hutchins, Georgia Delis, Ethelia Cassar, Mrs G. Goldberger THIRD ROW Ms B. Cooper, Kristina Bitar, Edith Hynes, Aashi Shah, Chloe Nguyen, Julia Saad, Krystal Karahontzitis, Abby Coxsedge, Stephy Liang, Abigail Bush, Sophia Antipas, Sophia Ivannikova, Lucy Coxsedge, Evie Papamanuel, Dr J. Drimatis FOURTH ROW Alannah Christodoulou, Jasmine Wolfe, Marita Tawadrous, Zoe Proctor, Matisse Liu, Bella Upcroft, Isabella Dodd Shipsey, Charla Howard, Mabel Ida Sherwin, Isabella Bednaic, Bellqees Daher, Jorja Papantoniou, Elena Sun, Jordan Vo FIFTH ROW Chloe Miller, Sameera Khatri, Zahra Yassine, Amisha Khatri, Milla Newman, Meena Kanthathas, Divya Sharma, Tiana Roins, Alina Cui, Anna Sulan, Lucinda Hutchins, Jemima Zoud, Grace Kuman, Ellen Gadsby, Dalia Alsaad SIXTH ROW Seraya Srikumar, Sarah Leeder, Evelyn Kerr, Athena Nikolakopoulos, Anna Devlin, Siena Cribb, Lucy Dickson, Stephanie Bombotas, Olinda Cao, Alice You, Olivia Zein, Phoebe Zein, Chloe Hui, Romy Dobbie ABSENT Riya Chib, Isabella Clark, Zara Kilborn, Georgia Pasas, Lucy Patterson, Ava Roins, Jade Scott-Rogers, Joanna Williams, Justine Zhang



Jacqueline Wang, Sanaya Nair, Bella Nguyen, Mrs R. Thompson, Mr T. Driver, Mrs D. Mastronardi, Zoe Johnson, Mr K. Otani, Zunairah Mahfuz, Ms K. Schurch, Mr W. Symes, Ms E. Osborne, Alessandra Spina, Zoe Andrews, Umaiza Mahfuz, Katelyn Lim

ROW Madhavi Chauhan, Emily Leung, Tasha Wong, Madelyn Phu, Tyra Riley, Chelsea Chen, Carina Chu, Heeseo Yeon, Rose Lin, Milla Caine, Yasmine Kanagaratnam, Yunqi Ellie Ni, Alana Mellare, Claudia Beattie, Cassia Davies, Ava McLean, Mia Coady, Sarah Zhang, Kathryn Bentley-Lampe THIRD ROW Layla Alameddine, Naoise Lynn-Black, Amanda Ou, Ava Dean, Harriet Scott, Aiesha Sivaranjan, Ella Mayne, Raeja Pashos, Sofia Cvetkovski, Lana McClean, Zara Dhawan, Claudia Scott, Kaliya EdwardsWare, Eadie Scott, Ella Hu, Lucia Barrington-Higgs, Stella Inthavong FOURTH ROW Laura Kardasis, Chantel Nguyen, Jessie Johnson, Talia Tsaloukas, Amelia Comley, Selena Read, Fiona Feng, Isabelle Lin, Jody Feng, Ruby Newton, Sanjana Natkunamanickam, Maggie Wang, Aria Swan, Elena Kotsis, Georgina Lim, Zoe Bigg, Aryana Sah FIFTH ROW Ella Ma, Pamela Kotsis, Adriana Re, Kate Cvetkovski, Lily Walker, Ivy Brasher, Annabel Andrews, Wisteria Hu, Pieta McMillan, Sophie Ciesielski, Tia Athanassiou, Lily Dunnallen, Marirose Giann, Hannah Shortus, Alexandra Robinson, Michaela Green, Rose Turner

Shen, Dr

Grace Selim, Mr C. Highman, Amelia Chan, Mr W. Jiang, Ms K. Smith Sergi, Ms C. Batista, Bariah Khaznadar, Layla Hamdan, Daisy Li, Gauri Nathan SECOND ROW Vivian Greenwood, Katie Goldring, Madeline Haller, Pip McGuire, Riya Singh, Chloe Ha Eun Song, Charlotte Priebbenow, Natasha Whitmont, Gigi Guan, Harriet Hahn, Elly Yu, Stephanie Kang, Angelina Huang, Elora Nadarajah, Genevieve Beattie, Imogen Walker, Sophie Connolly, Aurora Kang, Alexis Morcos, Danika Krekacs THIRD ROW Hope Selim, Nghi Nguyen, Adelaide Abernethy, Harriet Hatton, Tori Charalambous, Mia Tsaousidis, Alexandra Scherf, Fern Ryan, Keiralyn Dao, Eloise Ward, Vivian Pang, Tracy Zhou, Zihan Joanne Chen, Ashlee Hoang, Yianna Mitropoulos, Lucy Fickler, Jodhi Bou, Avery Dauphinee FOURTH ROW Isla Pavlakos, Anna Gough, Kaitlyn Hoang, Mia Johnston, Tika MacMaster, Ella Baker, Markella Krekacs, Sophie Thomas, Eda Haller, Francesca Morrison, Lara Taleb, Sophie Winnall, Hana Lee, Danielle Dib, Olivia Walker, Chloe Ho-Shon, Despina Stamoulos FIFTH ROW Julia Gough, Emily Ward, Mikaela Sitaramayya, Robin Phillips, Anisha Sivagurunathan, Myffy Barrett, Zoe I Johnston, Lily Hatton, Alexandra Walker, Sophie Walker, Samantha King, Samantha Brady, Bianca Krsnik, Sienna Dodd, Inez Murray, Aadhya Dhanpal, Sophie Beraldo ABSENT Dakota Dodd, Giovanna Lim, Isabella Liu, Lam Nguyen, Alexandra Notaras, Xin Yun Pang, Maria Stamoulos, Annaliese Yan, Tessa Tomkins, Isabella Townsend, Lola Whittaker

FRONT ROW Jessenia Habib, Seetha Nathan, Baylie P. Batten, Ms K. Meintjes, Mr T. Mee, Ms D. Rodrigues, FRONT ROW Molly Bentley-Lampe, SECOND

Djamhur, Roma Nadubeedi,

Leung, Alana


McLucas, Ava Brown, Maxine Hawkins, Maddie Hutchens, Zara Luong, Minh Thu Mai, Katie See, Olivia McGovern, Taara Kotibhaskar, Emily Zhou, Kayli Scott, Chelsea Sumich, Sasha Murray THIRD ROW Minda Wang, Krystal Phuong An Pham, Kathleen Chrun, Jemima Blake, Niamh Johnson, Defne Isikli, Amelia Norton, Julia Lok, Sahasra Bandi, Ivy Ross, Andrea Yixuan Wang, Charlotte Cleland, Lily Essex, Amy Lee, Vivian Qin, Le Yan Gui FOURTH ROW Rose Halliday, Lara Varol, Maeve Halliday, Sienna Strauss, Chloe Correia, Ynez Liauw, Trinity Nguyen, Sofia Jury, Georgie Roediger, Jenny Wu, Esther Kim, Giuliana McCluskey-Voigt, Isabella Correia, Doris Yang, Victoria Wan, Cameran Warner FIFTH ROW Cosette Cromer, Jasmine Balfour, Halle Hiss, Ruby Mitchell, Amelia Cosmidis, Charlize Hosking, Claudia Padman, Erini Stavroulakis, Elisha Matthews, Ivana Dolenac, Radhika Talekar, Willow Mair, Mei Yan Wong, Emma Mahant, Mia Sumich

Jiarui Song, Matisse Snaidero, Janice Leong, Marni Simring, Ms E. Marsh, Mr C. Moysa, Mrs J. Ferguson, Sasha Green, Mr G. Starr, Olivia Clowes, Mrs L. Bondar, Ms K. Backhouse, Evelyn Bell, Mia Rice, Tahlia Jeffery, Melisande Pitman, Eloise Martins do Vale SECOND ROW Georgina Solly, Phoebe Chee, Caitlin Tetley-Sutton, Misha Behi, YanXi Chen, Sienna Clark, Charlotte Latham, Saalbhinii Aravinthan, Cheylene Leung, Jessie Xu, Sophie Ye, Elizabeth Hazlewood, Yihan Zhang, Erin Clowes, Tina Guan, Sybilla Howes, Hannah North, Phuong (Janice) Pham THIRD ROW Amelia Chung, Elyse Vivash, Aalea Stephen, Sophia Shaikh, Jessie Zheng, Kate Morfoot, Sarinna Cai, Lok (Samantha) Chan, Ilaria Korompay, Laura Sherringham, Isabella Wang, Anikah Sanan, Aileen Leong, Anna Overton, Alice van der Stel, Zaz Tiglao, Quinn Tetley-Sutton FOURTH ROW Diar Kabaha, Maya Thomson, Claudia Kritzler, Sarah-Bronte Andrikis, Molly North, Carina Savoca, Isabel Garner, Jada Chaudhary, Ella Walters, Mimi Jones, Erykah Lakkis, Maria Gourlas, Zoe Clark, Annading Chen, Lia Al-Soufi, Nitya Nimalan, Ayushi Bhujel FIFTH ROW Maya Al-Soufi, Zoe Howes, Indiana Hodgkinson, Ruby Tan, Courtney Shi, Gisela Labraga, Eve Parker, Isabella Smith, Claire van der Stel, Laura Andrikis, Abigail Latham, Meera Rawal, Amalia Labraga, Sophia Sefein, Savannah Hazlewood

FRONT ROW Piya Kaur, Joycelyn Yong, Ilia Morelli, Amy Fallick, Ms O. Nolan, Mrs S. Marks, Zoe Churchill, Mr A. Simos, Ruby Smith, Mr T. Duncan, Mr V. Zurlo, Charlotte Isla Siluk SECOND ROW Rima Zhang, Christy Luo, Chloe Zhang, Isabella Camille FRONT ROW


FRONT ROW Eliana Joseph, Emma Rose Koeswandy, Isabel Warusavitarne, Ms H. Kondos, Mr H. Wijanto, Mr D. Odonohue, Briana Tran, Ms R. Langford, Haya Yahia, Mr J. Abi-Elias, Mr T. Lennon, Mrs A. Renwick, Ophelia Li, Catia Placanica, Anita Mohanan SECOND ROW Sofia Tzouganatos, Ada Savage, Sophia Hu, Seraphine McNamara, Ellie Li, Jiayi Li, Chloe Messih, Santina Signorelli, Kirsten Tran, Grace Likely, Madeleine Wood, Sallia Nguyen, Katrina Athanasiou, Phoebe Hoang, Kristella Miltiades, Bianca Xie, Anakha Nalliah THIRD ROW Charlotte Frith, Ananya Wakhare, Marah Tryphon, Ria Simone Farag, Lila O’Keeffe, Erica Chou, Lara Bazzi, Jasmine Fordyce, Vicky Zhang, Kristy Spyrakis, Maya Lecuna, Sara Akbari, Natalia Hollands, Hayley Ma, Hellen Ou, Madeline McLean FOURTH ROW Natalie Cavallaro, Amelia Bresolin, Mahi Shah, Elsa Pickering, Magdalene Miltiades, Sienna McCormack, Amelia Tchan, Amelie Rettig, Amelia Glastonbury, Scarlett McNamara, Sara Placanica, Chevonne Collins, Tess Wright, Liesel Kidley, Gauri Sharma FIFTH ROW Eva Diessl, Ashley Pagewood, Zara Poortvliet, Sophie Wilson, Charlotte Hughes, Alaska Durie, Courtney Roberts, Charlotte Penny, Zoe Likely, Ze Wong, Sima Tebbutt, Mounica Akula, Sarah Furlan, Persephone Wahltuch, Zoe Gao ABSENT Honey Alexander-Erber, Nicole Audi, Maalika Chalak, Zaara Chalak, Andie Comino, Jana Edrees, Elizabeth Giannacopoulos, Nicole Giannacopoulos, Eleni Giannacopoulos, Emma Guermanoff, Liliana Hollands, Taotao Jiang, Christine Jin, Marayah-Kai Johnson Clayton, Liesel Kidley, Amelia McNamara, Christina Messih, Anisha Miah, Emma Nguyen, Ava Tong, Chloe Wang, Sophia Westbrook, Jenna Wright

Vinoth, Harlow Elsibai, Amelie Cowling,

Layla Hare, Mr M. Condoleon, Ms E. Cribb, Ms S. Koulouris, Minna Yates, Sierra Rowe, Yasmine Teoh SECOND ROW Genevieve Thai, Maiee Hanna, Annabel Twomey, Claire Pepperell, Angela Pham, Fiona Pham, Gabriella Ayad, Imogen Johnstone, Joyce Mai, Annabelle La, Cassandra Tong, Jane Xia, Arabella Zeederberg, Katherine Woo, Tiana Michas THIRD ROW Georgina Rowles, Lindsay Shi Han Zeng, Elisha Brown, Nicola Keast, Aaliya Zhou, Isabelle Millgate, Jenny Nguyen, Khushii Varma, Mimi Pullinger, Shine Liang, Iris Ji, Grace Zhao, Serena Farley, Angelina Ng, Rebecca Ho-Bui, Aaliya Salim, Sarai Rollason, Holly Moore FOURTH ROW Ruby Mansergh, Freya Patterson, Angelina Zhang, Alexia Carisio, Allura Zhou, Hayley Pham, Moira Peach, Anna Xu, Jana Mourad, Caprice Huang, Chloe Shubei Lin, Lana Radwan, Eve Banyer, Isabella Zhao, Angelina Le, Alexia Eliades FIFTH ROW Ruby Varndell, Sasha Kovarik, Olivia Sun-Ryan, Alexandra Pajarillo, Veronika Czerniawski, Leah

Brigham, Dina Saeed, Joyce Zhang, Darah Elsawi, Lulu Habibullah, Angelina Mijakovac, Claire Taylor, Azzurra Zappacosta, Catherine Kong, Victoria Grammenos

SIXTH ROW Zara Cathcart, Shivani Spencer, Madeleine Lewis, Victoria Pachos, Jacqueline Flett, India Makovec, Amber Johnstone, Lucy Lee, Tamara Obradovic, Natalie Toomey, Sarah Pearson, Amelia Jubelin, Brooke Bucholtz, Pandora Eliades ABSENT Ilaria Blanco, Zyah De Araujo, Bayann Elsawi, Aimee Goodridge, Stella Sivyer

FRONT ROW Rithika Amelia Kaluza, Mr T. Coelho, Miss M. Lee, Ruby Scott-Wishart, Ms I. Smolka,




Year 3

Demonstrating the School Value

Carla Di Leo of Courage

Niamh Gorman

Jolyn Nassif

Audrey Barnes of Compassion

Demonstrating the School Value

Olivia Smith

Camellia Yao

Arielle McBrien of Respect

Demonstrating the School Value

Genevieve Nguyen

Shantelle Nguyen

Scarlet Akers of Growth

Demonstrating the School Value

Outstanding Academic Application

Outstanding Academic Achievement

Outstanding All-Rounder

Georgia Sioutas

Ruby Tzouganatos

Lara Byrnes

Audrey Henderson

Yue (Jesselle) Jiao

Peta Bianchi-Howden

Elissa Chami

Lily Sugianto

Elana Lane Chrun

Estella Tran

Vivienne Woon

Year 4

Demonstrating the School Value

Sophia Correia of Courage

Sophia Hall

Megana Pasupati

Sateni Shoaib

Chelsey Gao of Compassion

Demonstrating the School Value

Alexandra Huynh

Claire Liang

Emily Ward

Faith Huynh of Respect

Demonstrating the School Value

Vivienne Nguyen

Felicity Wang

Eloise Woodhouse

Charlotte Hing of Growth

Demonstrating the School Value

Christa Jeyasingam

Aerin Kim

Jing Wen Qiu


Outstanding Academic Anaahat Kahlon


Ashwini Kanesalingam

Mariette Karam

Valentina Palazzolo

Year 6

Demonstrating the School Value Madeleine Girgis of Courage

Tina Guan

Piya Kaur

Outstanding Academic

Maggie Ma Achievement

Kei Ting Sun

Hui (Elina) Yu

Chloe Zheng

Outstanding All-Rounder Dora Cai

Zara Nicholias

Abira Sanan

Lavinia Luoyi Xu

Year 5

Tsz Ham (Grace) Zhao

Demonstrating the School Value Vivian Greenwood of Compassion

Georgina Solly

Emma Sugianto

Rithika Vinoth

Demonstrating the School Value Kimberley Chung of Respect

Milla Papaluca

Jasmin Srisathkurunathan

Emily Van Der Westhuizen

Demonstrating the School Value

Anastasia Countouris of Courage

Jenny Lin

Elizabeth (Beth) Pidcock

Yan Hei Tsoi

Demonstrating the School Value Kathryn Bentley-Lampe of Growth

Zoe Brown

Kaliya Edwards-Ware

Sua (Aurora) Kang

Demonstrating the School Value

Clementine (Elizabeth) Lonergan of Compassion

Lara Murray

Larissa Pham

Charlotte Sweeney

Outstanding Academic Rachael Iridian (Pip) McGuire Application

Celeste Ong

Caydence Sumantri

Sarah Zhang

Demonstrating the School Value

Cailise Campbell of Respect

Ariahna Giann

Thuy Bich (Kelsey) Pham

Charlotte Yiu

Bethany Haddad of Growth

Demonstrating the School Value

Francesca Masters

Tia Spyropoulos

Jocelyn Yao

Outstanding Academic

Elizabeth Faraj Achievement

Ingrid Henderson

Surabhi Parab

Katherine Woo

Outstanding All-Rounder Bridget Cortis-Jones

Eva Diessl

Chloe Lu

Alana Siluk

Outstanding Academic

Leela Das

Euna Cho Application

Ava Meng

Aleeya Sharma

Outstanding Academic Zining (Jenny) Chen


Sofia Kljajevic

Aditi Knowles

Angelyn Xiang

Outstanding All-Rounder

Audrey Buck

Michaela Kwaan

Anna Poortvliet

Eloise Wong


Prizes for Excellence

Excellence in Music

Excellence in Visual Arts

Emma Rose Koeswandy

Frances Yi Wen Xie

Eloise Martins do Vale

Maeve Judith Thornton

Excellence in Languages Chelsea Keomanivong

Minna Yates

Excellence in Personal Development, Olivia Burke

Health and Physical Education Avery Dauphinee

The Grayson Book Prize for Librarianship Audrey Buck

Helen Weymouth (Stephinson)

Music Prize Zoe Zlamal

Prizes for Service

Junior School Captain Leela Das

Junior School Vice-Captain Eloise Wong

Booralee House Captain – Art Zara Stewart

Booralee House Captain – Environment Aditi Knowles

Booralee House Captain – Library Erin Banyer

Booralee House Captain – Music Ariahna Giann

Booralee House Captain – Service Arabella Sarah Kuo

Booralee House Captain – Sport Isabella Ritchie

Booralee House Captain – Technology Amara Sivagurunathan

Churunga House Captain – Art Kaitlyn Yang

Churunga House Captain – Environment Angelyn Xiang

Churunga House Captain – Library Euna Cho

Churunga House Captain – Music Aurora Sharma

Churunga House Captain – Service Bethany Haddad

Churunga House Captain – Sport Nella Duncan

Churunga House Captain – Technology Elizabeth (Beth) Pidcock

Leawarra House Captain – Art Jasmine Chib

Leawarra House Captain – Environment Joumana Reehman

Leawarra House Captain – Library Layla Abdelrahim

Leawarra House Captain – Music Imogen Bush

Leawarra House Captain – Service Aleeya Sharma

Leawarra House Captain – Sport Raquel Gill

Leawarra House Captain – Technology Anna Poortvliet

Mooramoora House Captain – Art Ella Rose Zraika

Mooramoora House Captain – Environment Charlotte Yiu

Mooramoora House Captain – Library Audrey Buck

Mooramoora House Captain – Music Frances Yi Wen Xie

Mooramoora House Captain – Service Lexie Bellew

Mooramoora House Captain – Sport Olivia Burke

Mooramoora House Captain – Technology Jenny Lin

Junior School Student Council Prize for Exceptional Service Ashwini Kanesalingam

Prizes for Citizenship

The Douglas Finlay Prize for Servant Leadership Michaela Kwaan

Lulu Thomas Memorial Prize for Citizenship Eloise Martins do Vale




Year 7

Achievement Across the Curriculum

Carina Chu

Josephine Doan

Meena Kanthathas

Eleanor Longcroft

Hannah Olsson

Jocelyn Su

Achievement Across the Curriculum

Resilience in Learning

Progress and Growth in Learning

Summer Ryan

Amelia Chung

Yerina Kang

Nicola Keast

Ines Prince

Amelie Rettig

Angelina Xu

Clarice Yeung

Resilience in Learning

Elisha Brown

Thea Davis

Georgia Delis

Lily Essex

Anika Gupta

Harriet Hatton

Amelia Kroehnert

Eleanor McKeough

Angelina Ng

Academic Distinction

Year 8

Achievement Across the Curriculum

Stephanie Keo

Kathleen Chrun

Umaiza Mahfuz

Isabelle Millgate

Nha Vi (Bella) Ngyuen

Jordan Vo

Achievement Across the Curriculum

Progress and Growth in Learning

Achievement Across the Curriculum

Resilience in Learning

Progress and Growth in Learning

Ella Hu

Eve Ireland

Allegra Chiang

Hannah French

Stephy Liang

Giuliana McCluskey-Voigt

Jillian Pidcock

Elena Tulloch

Resilience in Learning

Genevieve Beattie

Zoe Bigg

Ashley Denton

Jemima Hardy

Genevieve Thai

Valerie Tran

Academic Distinction

Harriet Hahn

Anna Obaid


Year 9

Academic Excellence

Angelina Le

Tasha Wong

Suyi Yin

Progress and Growth in Learning Hayoung (Lily) Kim

Isabella Dodd Shipsey

Chinese Isabella Liu



Sophia Bucci

Dance Erin Clowes

Design and Technology

Khushii Varma

Drama Emily Davis

French Anisha Miah

Indonesian Aiesha Sivaranjan

Industrial Technology: Multimedia Cassia Davies

Japanese Eleanor (Uma) Singleton

Mathematics 5.2 Tahlia Jeffery

Mathematics 5.3

Science Han Zhang (Helen) Liu

Music Sarinna Cai

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Photographic and Digital Media

Michaela Green

Religious Education (aeq) Amaya Karunakaran

Physical Activity and Sport Studies

Religious Education (aeq)

Academic Excellence

Textiles Technology

Visual Arts

Geography (aeq)

Chloe Ho-Shon

Anika Springford

Tascha Ireland

Outstanding Academic Distinction Maya Al-Soufi


Geography (aeq)

Outstanding Academic Distinction Eve Banyer

Mathematics Extension

Outstanding Academic Distinction Nitya Nimalan

Year 10

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Progress and Growth in Learning

Progress and Growth in Learning

Jody Feng

Sally Obaid

Isabella Bednaic

Photographic and Digital Media Lucy Vu

Chinese Kirsten Tran

Commerce Zara Poortvliet

Dance Food Technology

Santina Signorelli

Drama Anikah Sanan

English Olivia Chapman

French Sarah Furlan

Geography Divya Sharma

Information and Software Technology Kaylie Keogh

Japanese Mathematics 5.3 Yunqing (Amy) Zhao

Mathematics 5.2 Scarlett McNamara

Mathematics Extension Fiona Feng


Academic Excellence

Georgie Roediger

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Matisse Liu

Physical Activity and Sport Studies Riley Chantler

Visual Arts

The Jennifer Brown Year 10 Prize for Academic Distinction (aeq) Ruby Mitchell

Design and Technology

Global Studies


Indonesian Religious Education Science

The Jennifer Brown Year 10 Prize for Academic Distinction (aeq) Moira Peach


Year 11

Prizes for International Baccalaureate

Diploma Programme

Dance Yianna Mitropoulos

Design Technology Ella Tanner-Black


French B

Visual Arts


Claudia Padman

Sports, Exercise and Health Science Isabel McKeough

Indonesian B Chantelle Wan

Japanese ab initio Jessie Zheng

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL Cassandra Tong

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations SL Jorja Papantoniou



Chloe Jing

Physics Meera Rawal

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL


All-round Academic Excellence Seetha Nathan




All-round Academic Excellence Selena Read


Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL

All-round Academic Excellence

Runner-up Dux of Year 11

IB Diploma Candidature Erica Chou

Business Management

Italian ab initio

All-round Academic Excellence

Dux of Year 11

IB Diploma Candidature Keiralyn Dao

Prizes for Preliminary Higher School Certificate


Physics Elizabeth Wilkie

Design and Technology

English Advanced Entertainment (aeq) Romy Dobbie

Economics Mimi Jones

English Extension


Entertainment (aeq)

Esther Tonkinwise

Music 1 Jennisa Ha

Mathematics Advanced Ivy Brasher

Mathematics Extension

Lan (Selina) Yang

Music 2 Liesel Kidley

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Madeleine Hutchens

Studies of Religion II Emma Lawrie


All-round Academic Excellence Julia Lok

Mathematics Standard

Textiles and Design

Visual Arts

All-round Academic Excellence Claire van der Stel

Business Studies


French Continuers

Modern History

All-round Academic Excellence

Runner-up Dux of Year 11

HSC Candidature Sofia Jury

Ancient History


All-round Academic Excellence

Dux of Year 11 HSC Candidature Ruby Newton


Year 12

Prizes for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Chinese B

Design Technology


Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL

Lok Yung (Samantha) Chan

Haya Yahia

All-Round Academic Excellence Charlotte Trieu

French B


Natalie Cavallaro

Geography Lia Al-Soufi

Indonesian B

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL Tina Papamanuel

Italian ab initio


Japanese ab initio

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations SL

Sanya Mehta

Yanlan (Kerry) Fu

Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang

Mounica Akula

Sports, Exercise and Health Science Zunairah Mahfuz

Theatre Himani Gupta


Visual Arts



All-round Academic Excellence

Doris Yang

Runner-up to The Anne Louise Layman Award for the Dux of IB Christyn Cordato


Business Management


All-round Academic Excellence

The Anne Louise Layman Award for the Dux of IB

Laryssa Latt

Prizes for Higher School Certificate

Ancient History

Business Studies


Food Technology

Andie Comino


Chinese Continuers

Chinese Extension


Design and Technology

Zoe Clark

Amelia Bresolin

Madison Clemens

Industrial Technology: Multimedia Evie Gallagher

Drama (aeq) Ruby Scott-Wishart

English Advanced Music Extension

All-round Academic Excellence

English Extension 1

Jade Di Girolamo

Lola Whittaker

English Extension 2 Anna Gough

English Standard Hayley Ma

Entertainment and Studies of Religion II Tara Grasso

Mathematics Advanced

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Drama (aeq)

All-round Academic Excellence Layla Hare

Modern History

Music 1

Music 2

Visual Arts

All-round Academic Excellence

Tia Athanassiou

Chelsea Hunt

Jacqueline Flett

Physics Zizhuo (Alicia) Ding

Science Extension

Maeve Halliday

Textiles and Design Ruby Smith



History Extension

Mathematics Standard 2

All-round Academic Excellence

Runner-up to The George Lane

Prize for Dux of MLC School

HSC Candidature

French Continuers

Mathematics Extension 1

Mathematics Extension 2

All-round Academic Excellence

Shivani Spencer

The George Lane Prize for Dux of MLC School HSC Candidature Sarah Pearson

Sienna Strauss


Special Awards

The G.A. Davey Cup for Highest Overall Score in House Competition Booralee

Junior Athletics Champion Elysse Diep

Junior Swimming Champion

Intermediate Athletics Champion

Chloe Miller

Tara Gentle

Intermediate Swimming Champion Florence Jiang

Senior Athletics Champion

Kareen Healey Memorial All-rounder

Sports Award

Ria Simone Farag

Senior Swimming Champion Yunqi (Victoria) Wan

Professor Joan Beck Service to Sport Award

Thelma Coyne Long Award

The Joyce Denning Memorial Prize for Tennis

C.R Warne Prize for Sportsmanship and Proficiency in Sport

MLC School Blue for Sport

The Olive Cotton Prize for Photography

Madeleine Hutchens

Olivia Clowes

Erica Chou

Indianna Miller

Professor Ruth Corran Prize for Mathematics

Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang

Dr Denise Cole Prize for Science Zoe Clark

Connolly Trophy JiYang (Wisteria) Hu

Matthew Hindson Composition Award

Emma Mahant

Ross Edwards Trophy Ruby Scott-Wishart

J & N Murphy Memorial Prize for Music 2

MLC School Blue For Music

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Gold

Caltex Best All-Rounder Award Jacqueline Flett

Australian Music Centre Award for Outstanding Work in Composition Sarah Pearson

Grosman Trophy Jade Di Girolamo

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Gold Award

Helena Panos

Meenakshi Nagarajah

Mahibhana Mahinthan

Caitlin Hartnett

MLC School Blue for Sport Isabella Wang

The Robyn, Judy and Lyn Woolley

Encouragement Award

The Margaret Thomas Memorial Prize for Citizenship

The Jessie Douglas Prize for Visual Arts

Emma Sullivan

Amaya Karunakaran

Lily Hatton

Dr Alice Whitley Prize for Science Moira Peach

The Phyllis E Watt Prize for Leadership Vishaalini Ravichandra

The Aldyth Deer Memorial Prize for Visual Arts

Thea Notaras Memorial Prize for Textiles And Design

The Judith Olive Stephen Prize for Preliminary English Extension

Harvard Book Prize

Meryl Hilda Wright Award in Food Technology (aeq)

Annabel Twomey

Freya Patterson

Esther Tonkinwise

Claudia Padman

Sienna Strauss

Briar Campbell

Australian Defence Force Long

Tan Youth Leadership and Riley Chantler Teamwork Award

Raeja Pashos

A.N.P Award for Diversity and Inclusion Doris Yang

OGU Prize for Scholarship, Sportsmanship and Leadership Tina Papamanuel

King Constantine MedalRound Square

Helen Bagley Memorial Medal for Achievement, Generosity and Citizenship

Helen Bagley Memorial Medal for Achievement, Generosity and Citizenship

The Jennifer Carr (Grant) Memorial Prize for English Entension 2

Mounica Akula

Haya Yahia

George Brown Prize for Leadership Anna Gough



After their outstanding academic achievements, the Class of 2021 returned to School on Wednesday 23 February 2022 to celebrate their success at the Assembly for Academic Achievement.


MLC School girls achieved 6 State rankings in the following Higher School Certificate (HSC) subjects:

1st in Ancient History

Elsa Tonkinwise

2nd in Dutch Continuers

Nikki Juffermans

2nd in Indonesian Extension

Natalia Giannakos

3rd in Entertainment

Tara Mulholland

3rd in Visual Arts

Kittu Hoyne

5th in Music Extension

Ellery Joyce

First in State

2021 was the inaugural year for the awarding of a new recognition, the Ros Pesman Medal. The award goes to the student(s) who achieve First in State in a subject in the HSC. This award is named in honour of Old Girl, Emeritus Professor Ros Pesman AM (Cooper, 1954). Ros achieved many firsts for women in academia and has served the discipline with great distinction. It is fitting that girls who achieve great distinction within their subject receive an award named in her honour.

1st in Ancient History

Elsa Tonkinwise

ATAR Success

The Reverend Dr Charles J. Prescott Medal recognises the graduates with the highest university entrance score, Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) achieved for their year. It is proudly named in honour of the founder and first Headmaster of MLC School (1886–1899), who was a progressive educationalist and strong advocate for the education of women and girls.

In 2021, there were twelve recipients who achieved the maximum ATAR of 99.95:

• Kylie Becvarovski (99.95)

• Christie Ch’ng (99.95)

• Annie Chen (99.95)

• Montana Cominos (99.95)

• Evelyn Doan (99.95)

• Tarindhi Fernando (99.95)

• Cynthia Hu (99.95)

• Fiona MacKenzie (99.95)

• Mikaela Nguyen (99.95)

• Vanessa Ryan (99.95)

• Anica Shen (99.95)

• Amelia Whitmont (99.95)

Selections, Reserve List and Nominations in the Creative and Performing Arts

Students in the creative and performing arts areas of Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts and Design and Technology are acknowledged in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination process by being nominated for inclusion in a variety of public showcases.


ARTEXPRESS – Body of Work, ‘A Portrait in Frequency’

Kittu Hoyne

Texstyle – Major Textiles Project

Sarah Anne Carvolth

Zoomers – Body of Work, ‘A Moment in Time’

Sofia Carey

Ishwary Ramjeevan

Reserve List

OnStage Ana Trigg


Callback Lilia Coman

Vienna Durie

OnStage Ellery Joyce

Rachel Kardasis

Shape Kittu Hoyne


Sofia Carey

Ellery Joyce

Zoomers Cassidy Maher


Excellence in Academic Achievement for Subject

An Excellence in Academic Achievement Award for Subject is given to the student(s) who placed first in course for the MLC School cohort after the final examinations in the Higher School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Higher School Certificate

Ancient History

French Continuers

English Extension 1

English Extension 2 (aeq)

Latin Continuers (2020)

Latin Extension

English Advanced (aeq) Elsa Tonkinwise

Business Studies (aeq) Holly Herden

Business Studies (aeq) Charlotte Jones


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Tahlia Hatzisarantinos

Chinese Continuers

Chinese Extension (aeq) Jennipher Kong

Chinese in Context

Mathematics Extension 1 (aeq) Kelly Zhang

Dance Cassidy Maher

Design Technology

Visual Arts Kittu Hoyne

Dutch Continuers Nikki Juffermans

Drama (aeq)

Music Extension (aeq) Sofia Carey

Drama (aeq)

Music Extension (aeq)

Science Extension

Music 2 Ellery Joyce

Drama (aeq)

Entertainment Tara Mulholland


Mathematics Extension 2

Business Studies (aeq) Aarathe Ramraj

Chinese Extension (aeq) Jane So


English Adv (aeq) Johanna Lafoa’i

Mathematics Advanced

Mathematics Extension 1 (aeq) Lauren Millar

Mathematics Standard Nicola Oddie

Modern Greek Beginners Kayla Andreopoulos

Modern History

English Extension 2 (aeq)

History Extension

English Advanced (aeq) Lone Bromley

Studies of Religion II (aeq)

Textiles and Design

Indonesian Extension Natalia Giannakos

Studies of Religion II (aeq) Hayley Kenzler



International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme



Chinese B – Mandarin

Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches Christie Ch’ng

Business Management

Tarindhi Fernando

Dance Montana Cominos


English A: Literature

French B

Fiona MacKenzie

French B (aeq) Mikaela Nguyen

Vanessa Ryan

Excellence in Academic Achievement for University Entrance

An Excellence in Academic Achievement Award for University Entrance is given to the student(s) who achieved an ATAR of 98 or more in the Higher School Certificate or International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.*

Claudia Bean

Kylie Becvarovski

Lone Bromley

Sofia Carey

Christie Ch’ng

Charissa Chatnantawej

Annie Chen

Paris Chen


Annika Lee

History Sophia Murphy

Indonesian B

Visual Arts (aeq) Preeyangka Manogaran

Japanese Ab Intio Yang Jiao

Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation


Extended Essay (aeq)



Visual Arts (aeq)

Sports, Exercise and Health Science


Extended Essay (aeq)

Theory of Knowledge

Gracelyn Dao

Cynthia Hu

Gloria Lim

Amelia Whitmont

Evelyn Doan

Annie Chen

Paris Chen

Stephanie Abdennour

Olivia Codevelle

Montana Cominos

Kirsten Dao

Gracelyn Dao

Evelyn Doan

Nancy Faraj

Tarindhi Fernando

Jasmine Ferraby

Kayla Graham

Anika Grannall

Tahlia Hatzisarantinos

Kittu Hoyne

Cynthia Hu

Janelle Jiao

Ellery Joyce

Johanna Lafoa’i

Annika Lee

Gloria Lim

Fiona MacKenzie

Sophia Murphy

Neethika Naidu

Mikaela Nguyen

Audrey Nguyen

Tianka Parapuram

Jessie Phelps

Vanessa Ryan

Alyssa Scott

Anica Shen

Maya Simpson

Elsa Tonkinwise

Amelia Whitmont

*This may not be a full

representation of these achievements. ATARs are not made public or provided to the School. We rely on students confirming them. Some students elect not to share this information or prefer for it not to be published. In some instances, the UniScore has been used as the ATAR was not available.




Jordan Carattini

Alexis Choo

Alina Choy

Aurelia Christoff

Leah Gao

Annabel Han

Angelina Hord

Katherine Huynh

Nidhirupa Jaikanth

Kaira Lal

Elizabeth Lim

Elyse Ma

Charlotte McKenzie

Selena Nguyen

Sofia Nguyen

Lauren Nguyen

Emily Obaid

Hannah Omari

Joanna Pan

Opera Park

Ramida (Reily) Phanngam

Kylie Pita Culqui

Sharaya Kamala Ratnakumar

Cherry Ren

Riona Sengupta

Simone Sidhom

Julia Singh

Mavis Wang

Yumo (Belle) Weng

Olivia Yang

Oriana Zhao

Yingyi (Ruby) Zhao

Zoe Tianyue Zheng

Estelle Jixi Zhou

Bella Zhu


Syra Advani

Kate Alarcon Dominguez

Mialina Angell

Aisha Ashour

Ariela Barakat

Catalina Baramilis

Lakshmi Bedadam

Harper Begnell

Victoria Bongiorno

Petrice Cassar

Jingya Chen

Isabella Cheng

Evelyn Yuki Coomes

Keira Dempsey

Ha Kim Ngan (Selina) Doan

Lauren Eggers

Elizabeth Feng

Isabelle Galilee

Maya Ganda

Jaiyana Habib

Zoe Huang

Olivia Huang

Amelia Xiaohan Huang

Alana Jin

Amelia Libdy

Amelia Lim

Victoria Lim

Annabelle Ling

Noelle Liu

Grace Luo

Yinuo Lyu

Peixin Chloe Mai

Peili Doris Mai

Vy Minh Nguyen

Erika Ni

Vicki Nikolakopoulos

Ellie Park

Charlotte Qian

Maryam Refai

Isabel Selim

Naomi Singh

Alexandra Southwood

Shuchang Sui

Aleemah Trad

Hannah Wang

Celine Wang

Jiatong (Emma) Yan

Bella Yao

Lavinia Yeh

Celine Ykmour

Gaeun (Ruby) Qian

Olivia Zhang

Chloe Zheng

Isabel Zoghbi

Year 1

Eva Bangia

Myer Boulton

Isabella Castillo Sun

Leila Chalak

Aurora Chau

Marina Chen

Sonia Chung

Jasmin Ganda

Angela Ge

Hillary Gu

Jacqueline Ha

Shruti Hasanat

Yvonne Henderson

Riven Jay

Marie Kristallis

Tara Kuhan

Leah Le

Olivia Li

Aimee Li

Sammi Liang

Yisa Liang

Emi Liu

Selina Lo

Cassandra Ava Mackiewicz

Natasha Daneiris Ying Lyn (Gem) McGuire

Camila Morcos

Olivia Ngo

Jinnuo (Emily) Nie

Colette Obaid

Tahra Peries

Chloe Robic

Edith Savage

Anaisha Sharma

Aida Sidhom

Maya Srisathkurunathan

Amelia Stillone

Shuyuan (Rhianna) Sui

Ayla Sumantri

Chloe Tang

Anouk Thorley

Alyssa Trinh

Evelyn Tsang

Nina Varkas

Delaney Wiedner

Madeleine Wong

Emily Wong

Hoi Cing Yong

Mila Yuan

Jingxuan (Emily) Zhong

Year 2

Xiaoni (Nina) Bai

Zoe Baker

Mila Barakat

Alev Brennan

Henrietta Britton

Laura Chang

Moyi Chen

Olivia Cheng

Sum Yeung Cheng

Mariangel Corrales Solano

Caitlin Eadie

Angelina Galilee

Le Chan Gui

Miranda Ho

Delilah Anne Catherine Hodgson-Fopp

Verity Anne Evelyn Hodgson-Fopp

Chuchu Huang

Amelia Ko

Hayley Lam

Caitlyn Law

Amelia Lee

Olivia Li

Serena Yuchen Li

Charlotte Lim

Leah Maidment

Avni Narang

Vaani Narang

Skye Nguyen

Sienna Nguyen

Leonie Nguyen

Peita Nikolakopoulos

Eloise Qiu

Mia Yao Reeve

Isabella Rocca

Anaya Sharma

Leanna Shen

Avianna Tanios

Anushkaa Thadani

Zhiyan (Olivia) Wang

Wanxuan (Sherry) Wei


Yuxin Dora Weng

Caitlyn Wong

Sabine Woodhouse

Amanda Zhang

Year 3

Scarlet Akers

Naomi Ang

Kiara Assassa

Audrey Barnes

Macy Bellew

Peta Bianchi-Howden

Annika Bou

Lara Byrnes

Victoria Cassar

Elissa Chami

Irene Chau

Elana Lane Chrun

Catherine Coorey

Kyrani Countouris

Georgie Coutts

Eloise Dastyari

Carla Di Leo

Sienna Dib

Poppy Frederick

Hannah Girgis

Niamh Gorman

Joyce Guan

Daisy Han

Audrey Henderson

Elizabeth Horvath

Chloe Huang

Eve Hutchison

Nia Immanuel

Angela Jabbour

Yue Jesselle Jiao

Mia Jin

Mishika Kapadia

Sienna Khouzame

Mia Li

Grace Liang

Averie Ling

Aaliyah Liu

Arielle McBrien

Qaylah Mohamed

Jolyn Nassif

Isabelle Ng

Genevieve Nguyen

Shantelle Nguyen

Zara Pandher

Vera Papaluca

Ariana Paterson

Henriette Pitman

Avery Satchcroft

Souad (Jaiyanna) Sayed

Jazelle Sayed

Tara Siddharth

Georgia Sioutas

Olivia Smith

Clara Southwood

Ava Storey

Lily Sugianto

Bailey Tong

Estella Tran

Ruby Tzouganatos

Georgie Varkas

Ines Vieira

Victoria Xuyi Wai

Yuanke (Alicia) Wang

Michelle Wang

Gisele Wayong

Vivienne Woon

Annabella Xiang

Camellia Yao

Katherine Zhai

Kexin (Kathy) Zhang

Year 4

Taylor Bakir

Gaia Bigolin

Halimah Bokhari

Annaliese Bott

Dora Cai

Sofia Callegaro

Kristy Che

Elly Chen

Queena Chen

Sophia Correia

Manjima Dutta-Gupta

Cassandra Eadie

Kamora Edwards-Ware

Zoe Fotoulis

Shiloh Gao

Chelsey Gao

Peiyan (Elise) Gao

Qing (Queeny) Guan

Aleena Habib

Sophia Hall

Indiana Hill

Charlotte Hing

Amanda Grace Houltham

Faith Huynh

Alexandra Huynh

Latoya Iese

Christa Jeyasingam

Anaahat Kahlon

Ashwini Kanesalingam

Mariette Karam

Aerin Kim

Daphne L’Estrange

Ella Le

Claire Liang

Mia Licenblat

Anna Marie Lieu

Jessica Lim

Sherlyn Lin

Helen Liu

Maggie Ma

Yasmin Maidment

Elle Monteleone

Leona Nadarajah

Vivienne Nguyen

Zara Nicholias

Fedra Nikolakopoulos

Caitlin O’Shea

Valentina Palazzolo

Megana Pasupati

Quynh Anh (Anna) Pham

Jing Wen Qiu

Keira Dhegan Maya Ritchley

Abira Sanan

Stella Scott

Selina Shan

Sateni Shoaib

Alicia Suen

Kei Ting Sun

Angela Thorn

Evelyn Tran

Hayley Trinh

Bao Yy Truong

Emily Tu

Magdalena Anne Volikas

Olivia Wang

Felicity Wang

Emily Ward

Eloise Woodhouse

Angie Xiang

Freda Xie

Adora Xu

Arianna Xu

Lavinia Luoyi Xu

Frida Yao

Lydia Ye

Hui (Elina) Yu

Chloe Zheng

Zoe Zlamal

Year 5

Layla Abdelrahim

Brianna Ai

Alana Bakir

Erin Banyer

Lexie Bellew

Evangeline Black

Audrey Buck

Olivia Burke

Imogen Bush

Justine Cable

Cailise Campbell

Emma Cardwell

Madeleine Cassidy

Zining Jenny Chen

Jasmine Chib

Euna Cho

Lucia Cicinelli

Olivia Mae Connolly

Téa Costin

Anastasia Countouris

Juliet Anne McLean Crozier

Leela Das

Ivy Doan

Sophia Du

Nella Duncan

Cathy Ge

Ariahna Giann

Raquel Gill

Vita June Caruana Gohil

Bethany Haddad

Amelia Hodges

Sophie Hong

Isabella Horvath

Chantel Huda

Scarlett Innes

Alisha Ji-Lee

Janani Kanthathas

Chelsea Keomanivong

Sofia Kljajevic

Aditi Knowles

Arabella Kuo

Michaela Sheung Yee Kwaan

Audrey Lazar

Avery Lee

Elisa Li

Gabriela Lim

Jenny Lin

Clementine Lonergan

Francesca Masters

Jaya Mehta

Ava Lingxi Meng

Sienna Munoz

Lara Murray

Bella Yan Nguyen

Sally Nguyen

Ruth Overton


Thuy Bich (Kelsey) Pham

Larissa Pham

Scarlett Pham

Elizabeth Christine (Beth) Pidcock

Aasha Eva Pistilli

Anna Poortvliet

Chloe Price

Jade Qi

Joumana Reehman

Isabella Ritchie

Eva Rocca

Aurora Sharma

Aleeya Sharma

Olive Rose Simmons

Amara Sivagurunathan

Tia Spyropoulos

Zara Stewart

Imogen Sutton

Charlotte Sweeney

Giselle Tanios

Maeve Judith Thornton

Chloe Tiong

Yan Hei Rosanna Tsoi

Nayana Vanza

Eloise Wong

Angelyn Xiang

Anny Xie

Frances Yi Wen Xie

Kaitlyn Yang

Jocelyn Yao

Charlotte Yiu

Lilian Zhang

Ella Rose Zraika

Year 6

Tamara Abdelrahim

Adelaide Akers

Grace Barnes

Claudia Annabel Beattie

Kathryn Bentley-Lampe

Molly Bentley-Lampe

Arya Benton

Audrey Boulton

Ava Brown

Zoe Brown

Niamh Canadas

Ethelia Cassar

Kimberley Chung

Sienna Clark

Bridget Cortis-Jones

Amelie Cowling

Hannah Dastyari

Avery Dauphinee

Alisha Dhaliwal

Eva Diessl

Matilda Dugan

Kaliya Edwards-Ware

Stephanie El’Atrache

Harlow Elsibai

Elizabeth Faraj

Evie Fergus

Isabel Floro

Madeleine Girgis

Evelyn Gogos

Katie Goldring

Vivian Greenwood

Tina Guan

Jessenia Habib

Indigo Hannah

Ingrid Henderson

Ashlee Hoang

Sybilla Judith Howes

Angelina Huang

Stella Inthavong

Iris Ji

Amelia Rose Kaluza

Emma Kanaan

Sua (Aurora) Kang

Piya Kaur

Emma Rose Koeswandy

Danika Krekacs

Megan Kuit

Nikhita Kumar

Isla Leung

Grace Likely

Katelyn Lim

Yik Ki Lin

Taylor Lu

Chloe Lu

Eloise Martins do Vale

Maya McBrien

Olivia McGovern

Rachael Iridian Ying Kay (Pip) McGuire

Christina Messih

Kristella Miltiades

Rachael Ming

Ilia Morelli

Roma Nadubeedi

Anakha Nalliah

Yunqi Ellie Ni

Mara Nichols

Celeste Ong

Megan Ouyang

Jessica Pan

Milla Papaluca

Surabhi Parab

Zara Paterson

Phuong Linh (Janice) Pham

Melisande Pitman

Elizabeth Ravens

Sierra Rowe

Julia Saad

Ada Savage

Alana Siluk

Matisse Snaidero

Georgina Solly

Jiarui Song

Jasmin Srisathkurunathan

Aalea Stephen

Emma Sugianto

Caydence Sumantri

Maya Thomson

Sofia Tzouganatos

Emily Van Der Westhuizen

Rithika Vinoth

Elyse Vivash

Jacqueline Wang

Joanna Williams

Liesl Wong

Katherine Woo

Minna Yates

Sarah Zhang

Rima Zhang

Tsz Ham Grace Zhao

Year 7

Adelaide Abernethy

Sophia Antipas

Lucia Barrington-Higgs

Kiriki Beattie

Evelyn Bell

Jemima Blake

Ilaria Blanco

Jodhi Bou

Elisha Brown

Qianyu Olinda Cao

Madison Chantler

Skyla Chau

Zihan (Joanne) Chen

Chelsea Chen

YanXi (Amelia) Chen

Carina Chu

Amelia Chung

Lottie Cleland

Mia Elizabeth Coady

Sophie Louise Connolly

Alyssa Corbett

Lucy Cui

Thea Grace Davis

Georgia Delis

Charlotte Djamhur

Josephine Doan

Alaska Durie

Lily Essex

Amy Fallick

Yianna Fanos

Luella Farah

Lucy Fickler

Isabelle Forster

Charlotte Eloise Frith

Ellen Gadsby

Eleni Giannacopoulos

Hannah Grave

Gigi Guan

Anika Gupta

Harriet Hatton

Rebecca Ho-Bui

Charla Howard

Sophia Hu

Charlotte Hughes

Emily Hutchins

Defne Isikli

Sophia Ivannikova

Lola Jablonski

Sacha Jeyasingam

Niamh Johnson

Marayah-Kai Johnson Clayton

Eliana Joseph

Diar Kabaha

Gurnaaz Kahlon

Yasmine Kanagaratnam

Subin (Stephanie) Kang

Yerina Kang

Meena Kanthathas

Bonnie May Karolis

Nicola Keast

Stephanie Keo

Hannah Koh

Amelia Kroehnert

Grace Kuman

Charlotte Latham

Chloe Lay

Violet Le

Ashley Lee

Janice Leong

Tin Wing Cheylene Leung

Ophelia Li

Rose Lin

Chloe Shubei Lin

Eleanor Longcroft

Naoise Lynn-Black

Annabelle Mansfield

Ellen (Connor) Marshall

Eleanor McKeough

Ava McLean


Madeline McLean

Alana Mellare

Angelina Mijakovac

Chloe Miller

Priya Mohan

Holly Moore

Isabella Munoz

Sanaya Nair

Kyra Narang

Angelina Ng

Olivia Nguyen

Chloe Nguyen

Lam Nguyen

Hannah North

Lila O’Keeffe

Hannah Olsson

Angela Ong

Hellen Ou

Anna Overton

Alexandra Pajarillo

Isla Pavlakos

Kate Peadon

Hayley Pham

Angela Pham

Krystal Phuong An Pham

Soraya Ebony Phillips-Bates

Ines Elise Prince

Amritha Ravichandra

Amelie Rettig

Mia Rice

Georgina Rowles

Summer Ryan

Fern Olivia Ryan

Aaliya Salim

Aaliyah Sawan

Eadie Scott

Aashi Shah

Baylie Shen

Mabel Ida Sherwin

Georgia Sinclair

Riya Singh

Stephanie Ivy Skilton

Chloe Ha Eun Song

Alessandra Spina

Jocelyn Su

Lucy Sulan

Chelsea Sumich

Yasmine Teoh

Rose Turner

Alice van der Stel

Zaina Verma

Lily Marie Robb Vujcic

Liana Wai

Imogen Walker

Stella Wallace

Andrea Yixuan Wang

Isabel Warusavitarne

Imogen Wong

Mikayla Woon

Bianca Xie

Angelina Xu

Fubing Yang

Sophie Ye

Heather Yeon

Clarice Yeung

Kei Lok Yong

Alice You

Yue (Elly) Yu

Lindsay Shi Han Zeng

Lila Zheng

Allura Zhou

Aaliya Zhou

Year 8

Tilly Ackland

Layla Alameddine

Julinar Alshehabi

Zoe Andrews

Katrina Athanasiou

Gabriella Ayad

Erin Barrett

Rebecca Beaton

Genevieve Beattie

Annette Benn

Grace Bettar

Rhiti Bhatta

Zoe Bigg

Stephanie Bombotas

Leah Brigham

Tessa Britton

Allegra Carlini

Maalika Chalak

Phoebe Chee

Ching Huen (Jenna) Chiang

Allegra Chiang

Layelle Chmeisse

Laila Chopra

Sienna Christodoulou

Kathleen Chrun

Lily Clemens

Chevonne Collins

Isabella Correia

Abby Coxsedge

Ashley Denton

Elysse Diep

Sienna Dodd

Jaslina Duong

Emily Duong

Olivia Ebel

Kiara Elghitany

Polixeni Alexia Eliades

Serena Farley

Grace Farrow

Jessica Fichera

Hannah French

Isabel Garner

Hazel Gohil

Lulu Habibullah

Harriet Hahn

Jemima Hardy

Maxine Hawkins

Eliza Hazlewood

Clementine Hendriks

Phoebe Hoang

Indiana Hodgkinson

Adrian Hope

Angelique Anais Houltham

Ella Hu

Miranda Hudson

Edith Hynes

Juah Hyun

Aaliyah Iese

Eve Ireland

Siena Jury

Krystal Karahontzitis

Evelyn Kerr

Eliza Kershaw MacDonald

Markella Krekacs

Bianca Krsnik

Chloe Kypreos

Amalia Labraga

Sarah Lawrie

Emily Leung

Ellie Li

Jiayi Li

Stephy Liang

Ella Ma

Umaiza Mahfuz

Kushla McCaul

Giuliana McCluskey-Voigt

Camille McLucas

Seraphine McNamara

Chloe Messih

Isabelle Millgate

Alexis Morcos

Sasha Murray

Inez Murray

Gauri Nathan

Isabelle Ng

Tina Nguyen

Nha Vi (Bella) Nguyen

May Nguyen

Linh Phuong (Jenny) Nguyen

Han Nguyen

Sallia Nguyen

Anna Obaid

Camille Ong

Yuuki Onuma

Leylim Ozer

Xinyi (Vivian) Pang

Eve Parker

Georgia Pasas

Madelyn Phu

Jilly Pidcock

Zoe Pollard

Lilah Randall

Saskia Lily Roberts

Ava Roins

Dina Saeed

Aryana Sah

Carina Savoca

Katie See

Hannah Shortus

Haegan Sitou

Anisha Sivagurunathan

Stella Sivyer

Maria Stamoulos

Emma Sullivan

Qixuan (Elena) Sun

Olivia Sun-Ryan

Eri Takeshita

Claire Taylor

Amelia Tchan

Genevieve Thai

Isabella Townsend

Valerie Tran

Ivana Tsaloukas

Elena Tulloch

Layla Van

Jordan Vo

Chloe Yilin Wang

Sophie Winnall

Ze Wong

Tess Wright

Zheng Yan (Jane) Xia

Jessie Xu

Laurelle Yim

Julia Zarlenga

Phoebe Zein

Joyce Zhang

Yihan Zhang

Tracy Zhou


Isabella Zhou

Emily Zhou

Amal Zogheib

Jemima Zoud

Year 9

Maya Al-Soufi

Amelia Armstrong

Aleeza Asif

Nicole Audi

Ella Baker

Hannah Banks

Eve Banyer

Myffy Barrett

Lara Bazzi

Allegra Bechini

Misha Behi

Kristina Bitar

Sophia Bucci

Abigail Bush

Sarinna Cai

Alexia Carisio

Sarah Carmody

Olivia Cassell

Hannah Chessell

Riya Chib

Tiffany Chong

Erin Clowes

Christina Coffey

Isla Costin

Lucy Coxsedge

Alina Yujing Cui

Chloe Estee Curtis

Cassia Davies

Emily Davis

Zyah De Araujo

Zara Dhawan

Christina Maria Di Giandomenico

Isabella Dodd Shipsey

Ruby Durant

Emily Ea

Kirriana Edwards-Ware

Ava Eshragi

Ava Farah

Jasmine Fordyce

Natalia Gadelrabb

Madura Gaikaiwari

Zoe Gao

Philippa Gao

Marirose Giann

Ellie Girard

Sophia Grave

Michaela Green

Maya Gupta

Serena Eunjin Ha

Felicia Hannah

Halle Hiss

Chloe Ho-Shon

Kaitlyn Hoang

Liliana Hollands

Jay Hope

Sky Humphries

Alyssa Hur

Lucinda Hutchins

Madina Ioakimidis

Tascha Ireland

Tahlia Jeffery

Christine Jin

Jessica Hilary Anne Johnson

Mia Johnston

Vadeesha Kanagaratnam

Amaya Karunakaran

Sameera Khatri

Hayoung (Lily) Kim

Pamela Kotsis

Angie Lan

Imogen Langella

Angelina Le

Claire Lee

Amy Lee

Shine Liang

Ynez Liauw

Zoe Likely

Giovanna Lim

Isabella Liu

Han Zhang (Helen) Liu

Jossie Liu

Yinzhi Christy Luo

Tika MacMaster

Hoang Minh Thu Mai

Willow Mair

Sophia Malas

Ruby Mansergh

Gabriella Matthews

Safi McGuinness

Lana McLean

Amelia McNamara

Anisha Miah

Anita Mohanan

Elora Nadarajah

Sarina Nagra

Trinity Nguyen

Nghi Nguyen

Nitya Nimalan

Ashley Pagewood

Lefki Papadopoulos

Evie Papamanuel

Charlotte Penny

Charlotte Priebbenow

Miriam Lillice Gaudry (Mimi)


Lana Radwan

Nia Richards

Tyra Riley

Tiana Robinson

Amelia Roufas

Hattie Russell

Rianne Saab

Anastazia Samad

Harriet Scott

Mariyah Sfarjalani

Sophia Shaikh

Laura Sherringham

Lily Grace Simmons

Marni Simring

Eleanor Sudha Uma Singleton

Aiesha Sivaranjan

Anika Springford

Anna Sulan

Macy Tanner-Black

Seraphima (Sima) Tebbutt

Caitlin Tetley-Sutton

Priyanka Thanigasalam

Amreen Thind

Zaz Tiglao

Ella Van Den Borne

Khushii Varma

Olivia Walker

Rebecca Mai Yue Wang

Eloise Ward

Gabrielle Wilkie

Tasha Wong

Madeleine Wood

Annaliese Yan

Zahra Yassine

Suyi Yin

Olivia Zein

Justine Zhang

Angelina Zhang

Chloe Zhang

Isabella Zhao

Year 10

Vanessa An

Annabel Andrews

Saalbhinii Aravinthan

Edie Baker

Matilda Banfield

Isabel Baudille

Isabella Bednaic

Lizzy Bieri

Samantha Brady

Cara Britton

Elisabeth Bubalo

Milla Caine

Hermione Campbell

Riley Chantler

Olivia Chapman

Keyi (Selina) Chen

Ching Yee (Brianna) Chiang

Janice Chung

Cleo Clark

Zara Coates

Amelia Comley

Zara Constance

Chiara Corbett

Amelia Cosmidis

Siena Cribb

Sofia Cvetkovski

Veronika Maja Czerniawski

Ava Dean

Danielle Dib

Lucy Dickson

Dakota Dodd

Ivana Dolenac

Megan Ebel

Alannah Exarhos

Jody Feng

Fiona Feng

Kate Forster

Sarah Furlan

Isabella Gadelrabb

Nicole Giannacopoulos

Amelia Glastonbury

Olivia Gouganovski

Victoria Grammenos

Emma Guermanoff

Madeline Priya Haller

Rose Georgia Halliday

Lily Hatton

Savannah Hazlewood

Lucinda Howlett

Angelina Hu

Caprice Huang

Chloe Hui

Zoe Jameson

Florence Jiang

Imogen Johnstone

Mira Kalra

Tulasi Kanani


Thara Karthik

Kaylie Keogh

Bariah Khaznadar

Esther Kim

Catherine Kong

Taara Kotibhaskar

Sasha Kovarik

Isabella Kristallis

Annabelle La

Gisela Labraga

Hana Lee

Sarah Victoire Leeder

Aileen Leong

Daisy Li

Aleksandra Lichaa-Shornikov

Isabelle Lin

Matisse Liu

Choi Ying Chloe Luk

Zara Luong

Joyce Mai

Sienna Marriott

Ella-Rose Mayne

Sienna McCormack

Pieta McMillan

Scarlett McNamara

Ciara Middleton

Magdalene Miltiades

Ruby Erin Mitchell

Kate Morfoot

Jana Mourad

Sandra Moussa

Vaishnavi Nagarajah

Vanessa Nguyen

Amelia Norton

Alexandra Notaras

Keira O’Connor

Sally Obaid

Sophia Pavlovic

Moira Peach

Liana Petrolo

Fiona Pham

Savannah Phengsavath

Zara Poortvliet

Meilin (Vivian) Qin

Jenaan Rajani

Vishaalini Ravichandra

Georgie Roediger

Tiana Roins

Lily Rutherford

Alexia Saltirov

Anikah Sanan

Calista-Grace Savva

Isla Saxena

Yasmin Sayer

Kayli Scott

Sophia Sefein

Hope Selim

Divya Sharma

Yi Shan (Courtney) Shi

Santina Signorelli

Aahana Singh

Jaiden Sinozic

Madison Snowden

Kali Springford

Seraya Srikumar

Lara Stojkovic

Ruby Tan

Georgia Terzis

Giselle Timperi

Ava Tong

Kirsten Tran

Hailey Truong

Marah Tryphon

Mia Tsaousidis

Bella Upcroft

Eve Vantas

Serita Vargoczky

Ruby Varuni Varndell

Lucy Vu

Persephone Wahltuch

Alexandra Walker

Jessica Jing Jun Wang

Grace Williams

Cara Wu

Sara Yaqub

Zoe Yue

Azzurra Zappacosta

Yunqing (Amy) Zhao

Year 11

Sara Akbari

Dalia Alsaad

Laura Andrikis

Sahasra Bandi

Sylie Bhat

Ivy Brasher

Brooke Bucholtz

Harriet Campbell

Zara Cathcart

Zaara Chalak

Hannah Chau

Jada Chaudhary

Madhavi Chauhan

Erica Chou

Alannah Christodoulou

Isabella Clark

Anika Cuganesan

Kate Cvetkovski

Bellqees Daher

Keiralyn Dao

Jade Davis

Anna Devlin

Aadhya Dhanpal

Romy Dobbie

Jana Edrees

Mia Eker

Bayann Elsawi

Ria Simone Farag

Chantelle Farag

Tara Gentle

Mia Gerbino

Elizabeth Giannacopoulos

Aimee Goodridge

Mia Grasso-Nguyen

Le Yan Gui

Jennisa Ha

Layla Hamdan

Maiee Hanna

Sarah Haran

Poppy Hardy

Zahli Harris

Sophia Hendriks

Kira Hodgson-Yu

Charlize Hosking

Zoe Howes

Maddie Hutchens

Ciara Hyland

Sofia Iezzi

Kyra Ioakimidis

Dahlia Issmail

Taotao Jiang

Chloe Jing

Amber Johnstone

Mimi Jones

Sofia Jury

Hannah Kang

Laura Kardasis

Amisha Khatri

Liesel Kidley

Zara Kilborn

Samantha King

Lucinda King

Ilaria Korompay

Elena Kotsis

Alexandra Lasovski

Abigail Latham

Emma Lawrie

Maya Lecuna

Lucy Lee

Georgina Lim

Julia Lok

Helena Lu

India Makovec

Elisha Matthews

Isabel McKeough

Kirsten McLelland

Stephanie Megalli

Yianna Mitropoulos

Francesca Morrison

Lilli-Rose Nasr

Seetha Nathan

Sanjana Natkunamanickam

Milla Newman

Ruby Newton

Nha Nhu (Chantel) Nguyen

Athena Nikolakopoulos

Tamara Obradovic

Amanda Ou

Claudia Padman

Xin Yun (Selina) Pang

Jorja Papantoniou

Arachi Park

Freya Patterson

Lucy Patterson

Claire Pepperell

Elsa Pickering

Zoe Proctor

Gemma Qiu

Dwaraka Raguparan

Meera Rawal

Adriana Re

Selena Read

Ivy Ross

Jana Roy

Yijia Sang

Grace Scanlon

Alexandra Scherf

Claudia Scott

Mahi Shah

Pascale Simington

Mikaela Sitaramayya

Anais Siu

Isabella Smith

Despina Stamoulos

Jasmine Stavros

Talia Suna

Aria Swan

Radhika Talekar

Ella Tanner-Black

Marita Tawadrous

Ada Sophia (Quinn) Tetley-Sutton

Tessa Tomkins


Cassandra Tong

Esther Tonkinwise

Talia Tsaloukas

Annabel Twomey

Emma Ung

Claire van der Stel

Isobelle Vandenhoek

Lara Varol

Alexandra Varvarigos

Lily Walker

Ella Walters

Victoria Wan

Chantelle Wan

Minda Wang

Nichole Wang

Isabella Wang

Emily Ward

Sophia Westbrook

Natasha Whitmont

Elizabeth Wilkie

Jasmine Wolfe

Alexia Wood

Jenna Wright

Jenny Wu

Jennifer Xie

Anna Xu

Lan (Selina) Yang

Arabella Zeederberg

Caitlin Zeilinga

Martine Zeilinga

Jessie Zheng

Year 12

Mounica Akula

Lia Al-Soufi

Olivia Alden-Hallit

Sarah-Bronte Andrikis

Tia Athanassiou

Lok Yee (Sophia) Au

Jasmine Balfour

Annabelle Banfield

Juliette Beattie

Sophie Beraldo

Ayushi Bhujel

Zoe Brase

Amelia Bresolin

Sophia Cairns

Briar Campbell

Natalie Cavallaro

Amelia Chan

Lok Yung (Samantha) Chan

Isabella Chapman

Tori Charalambous

Annading Chen

Zoe Churchill

Sophie Ciesielski

Andie Clark

Zoe Clark

Madison Clemens

Olivia Clowes

Andie Comino

Anna Constantinidis

Christyn Cordato

Chloe Correia

Cosette Cromer

Jade Di Girolamo

Zizhuo (Alicia) Ding

Eloise Drake

Lily Dunnallen

Armita Dutta-Gupta

Trinity Elghitany

Pandora Eliades

Darah Elsawi

Kaitlyn Flanagan

Jacqueline Flett

Yanlan (Kerry) Fu

Evie Gallagher

Ashmini Ganesh

Anna Gough

Julia Gough

Maria Gourlas

Tara Grasso

Sasha Green

Himani Gupta

Eda Haller

Maeve Halliday

Layla Hare

Caitlin Hartnett

Sophia Heyde

Natalia Hollands

JiYang (Wisteria) Hu

Coco Huang

Chelsea Hunt

Mia Jameson

Zoe Johnson

Zoe I Johnston

Amelia Jubelin

Nikki Juffermans

Sarah Kanaan

Sophia Kang

Claudia Kritzler

Erykah Lakkis

Laryssa Latt

Madeleine Lewis

Hayley Ma

Emma Mahant

Zunairah Mahfuz

Mahibhana Mahinthan

Katrina Marquarding

Charlotte McCrory

Sanya Mehta

Tiana Michas

Indianna Miller

Kirsten Moller

Georgia Mouscas

Meenakshi Nagarajah

Emma Nguyen

Molly North

Victoria Pachos

Helena Panos

Tina Papamanuel

Raeja Pashos

Sarah Pearson

Robin Phillips

Sophie Reid

Courtney Roberts

Alexandra Robinson

Sarai Rollason

Dylan Rose

Ruby Scott-Wishart

Grace Selim

Arya Sharma

Gauri Sharma

Ruby Smith

Shivani Spencer

Kristy Spyrakis

Erini Stavroulakis

Sienna Strauss

Mia Sumich

Anna Sundquist

Lara Taleb

Jessie Tang

Soina Thind

Sophie Thomas

Natalie Toomey

Briana Tran

Charlotte Trieu

Marissa Tsaousidis

Yung Hei Joanna Tsoi

Tia Van Den Borne

Renae Varvaris

Ananya Wakhare

Sophie Walker

Maggie Wang

Brittany Warner

Cameran Warner

Lola Whittaker

Sophie Wilson

Mei Yan Wong

Sen Sen Xie

Penelope (Poppy) Yacoumatos

Haya Yahia

Doris Yang

Weizhi (Vicky) Zhang

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