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JUNE 2010



june 2010

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KnightWatch is published by Martin Luther College and is intended to inform, inspire, and motivate young people who are considering enrolling at MLC to prepare for public ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Comments are welcomed and should be directed to or Martin Luther College KnightWatch, 1995 Luther Court, New Ulm MN 56073.

The other day an MLC student stopped by my office to say hi. Pretty soon our conversation dove deeply into spiritual matters. My visitor told me that he and a fellow student had been talking, and both of them had come to this conclusion: “We don’t have any trouble ‘getting’ the law. We’re all too aware of the horrible things we have done in our lives and how totally we don’t deserve to be here at MLC. What we have problems ‘getting’ is the gospel, that God’s grace is really that—gracious! Past sins keep coming back to haunt us. They make us question whether we are worthy to serve in public ministry.” Can you relate? I can. So could the Apostle Paul. (See 1 Timothy 1:12-17.) Paul “got” the law. His past haunted him. He was the worst of sinners. He fully deserved the label “Unfit for Ministry.” And yet, Paul marvels, “Christ Jesus our Lord . . . considered me faithful, appointing me to his service!” It blew Paul away. Hard to believe, but true! And that’s precisely what made Paul such a powerful and passionate proclaimer of God’s Word. Are you considering training for the public ministry? Can you see yourself as a pastor, teacher, or staff minister? Maybe past sins are haunting you. You know how you have trashed others’ reputations, mistreated members of the opposite sex, abused your own body. Maybe your past leaves you questioning your fitness for the ministry. Maybe that’s good. Truth be told, no sinful human being is fit for such an honor and a privilege . . . apart from Christ. The more you see yourself as the worst of sinners, the more you will marvel over the truth that God considered you faithful, appointing you to his service.

On our cover: First-year Amber Krause (LPS) dives for a grounder.

And right there you will find all the motivation you will ever need to powerfully and passionately proclaim Christ with your life.

2 M a r t i n L u t h e r C o ll e g e

Chapel of the Christ Dedication It was an inspiring weekend, as 2,000 worshipers joined us to thank God for the beautiful new Chapel of the Christ. If you missed it, not to worry—the chapel is here waiting for you!

WELS President Mark Schroeder preached on 1 Kings 8:56-61, “A House Fit for a King.”

Preseminary students brought in the cross, lamp stands, Bible, and chalice: (from right) Gunnar Ledermann (Amador HSCalifornia), Justin Gran (Cromwell HS-Connecticut), Steven Pelischek (Lakeside), Ryan Kolander (WISCO), and Kendall Cook (Triway HS-Michigan).

The 57-rank, 3,300-pipe Schantz organ is encased in one of the largest wooden cases ever built by the Schantz Organ Company.

The Martin Luther College Choir, Chorale, Men’s Choir, and Women’s Choir presented the gospel in song under the direction of Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer.

“The Chapel of the Christ is the most amazing building ever! I absolutely love being in there! When I walk through the doors I look around and never want to leave!” Amanda Burk (MVL)

Will Dunn (Carroll HS-Texas), Bill Fuerstenau (KML), Brittany Jensen (FVL), Ashley Mozak (Paul Kane HS-Alberta, Canada) work as resident assistants on campus.

Globetrotting—from Your MLC Classroom

Where Could I Work?

So, an MLC grad in Southeast Asia emailed an MLC professor, Dr. Kermit Moldenhauer, who teaches an MLC class called Lutheran Worship, asking that MLC students write devotions for a Bible study the MLC grad is leading in Southeast Asia.

Most MLC students have jobs, either on campus or in town. Wondering what you could do? Here’s a sampling. Or go to, type “jobs” in the search box, and let MLC’s Jobs Express service hook you up with work that works for you!

MLC students—and cousins—Andrea Steinbrenner (LPS) and Kristin Steinbrenner (MLS) jumped at it. “Andrea and I immediately knew we wanted to take this on for our Lutheran Worship project,” Kristin said, “as it would prove directly beneficial to those actively serving the Lord in Southeast Asia now.”

New Ulm Area:

They put together a binder that included a dozen devotions, one for each season and major holiday of the church year, plus Bible passages for every other week of the year as well. Just goes to show . . . education at MLC is about touching real lives and doing real ministry, even global ministry, way before you graduate.

Coaching—all sports, grade school, high school, public school, private school Reffing—ditto New Ulm Journal sportswriter Babysitting Tutoring in homes and afterschool programs Working with adults with developmental challenges Vogel Recreation Center New Ulm Country Club Holiday Inn/Applebees/Perkins

Taco Bell/McDonald’s/Burger King KRAFT Target/Herberger’s/Kmart/WalMart Farmwork Lifeguarding

Campus: Resident Assistant (RA) Fitness Center Admissions Office Mailroom Academic Success Center (tutoring) Library Student Photographer Student Editor

Thank You, Artists!

MLC says thanks to all who submitted art to the Solus Christus juried art exhibit! The jury chose 56 pieces to exhibit, several done by WELS high school students. The three contest winners are all professional artists, and the grand prize winner’s piece (pictured) is now hanging in the Chapel of the Christ gathering place. To see all the pieces, go to and type “art brochure” in the search box. Revelation 21 by Karen Goetzinger

Grand Prize Winner: Karen Goetzinger (St. Paul-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) Revelation 21 (30" x 30" mixed media)


Runner Up: Jonathan Mayer (Risen Savior-Pooler, Georgia) Behold the Lamb of God (9.5" x 18" digital)

Amanda 4 (St. Croix LHS) Fogle

in their own words

People’s Choice Award: Charis J. Carmichael Braun (Sure Foundation-New York City) Study for “Creation” (36" x 24" oil)

Fitting in: I was a little worried when I first decided to try out for softball that I wouldn’t fit in, being a freshman. But everyone on the team was great and we became a close-knit family. She and 400 other MLC students: I was an athlete throughout high school and I knew I wouldn’t be participating at the collegiate level in many sports. Intramurals is a great way to still play the sports you love and have fun. Favorite time of day: Chapel. I enjoy the break from classes and getting the chance to remember why we are all here. One of the most amazing things is the singing of Christians around you, especially in the new chapel. The feel of MLC: It’s something you will not experience anywhere else. But wherever you choose to attend college, God will use you in the way he wants and it will all be part of his plan for your life.

First-Year, Elementary Ed, Social Studies Minor Softball

Senior award winners: Ryan Kolander, Brian Gephart, Dan Albrecht, Steven Springborn, Kerry Pamperin, Nicole Lehman, Evan Chartrand, Brianne Jeffers

Visit MLC! Focus on Ministry (for groups of juniors and seniors)

Senior Awards 2009-2010 Brian Gephart (Grace-St. Joseph MI)

Experience campus life. Sleep in the dorms. Talk to coaches, directors, and professors. Meet MLC students who faced the same choices you face today.

Leading Scholar (Preseminary)

November 4-6, 2010 February 10-12, 2011 March 24-26, 2011

Evan Chartrand (Bethlehem-Manassas VA)

Family Open House (for juniors, seniors, and their parents)

Leading Scholar (Education)

Brianne Jeffers (Cross of Glory-Peoria AZ) Ryan Kolander (Christ the Lord-Brookfield WI)

Tour campus. Take in a college activity. Learn about programs, financial aid, housing, and cocurriculars. September 25 (football game/volleyball match) December 4 (Readers’ Theater/Christmas concert) February 12 (Winter Carnival/basketball game) April 15 (Children’s Theater)

Fine Arts Award

Personal Visit (for juniors and seniors)

Steven Springborn (Christ-Cambridge MN)

Choose a day that works for you. Visit classes and enjoy cocurriculars. Experience campus life with your personal MLC student host.

Via Veritas Vita Award

Kerry Pamperin (St. John-Juneau WI)

Jerome Kruse Knight Awards (Athletics) Nicole Lehman (First-La Crosse WI) Ryan Kolander (Christ the Lord-Brookfield WI) Brian Gephart (Grace-St. Joseph MI)

MLC Scholar-Athlete Awards

Service Award Dan Albrecht (St. Paul-Winneconne WI)

For registration or more information, call 800.MLC.1995.

Parents Can Click Too They love you . . . they’re proud of you . . . they’re so glad you’re thinking about MLC! Why not ask the ‘rents to buy you a little start-of-the-schoolyear gift from the MLC bookstore? Do your shopping at, make your wish list, and then send the link to Mom and Dad. Sport your MLC apparel morning, noon, and Knight!

One of the few who always knew: I’ve known since grade school that I wanted to go to college at MLC. I asked my teachers if they thought I would make a good teacher. Then I came on two campus tours. I knew this is where I wanted to be. She’s a little shy: For me making close friends has always been hard. I was always shy when I was little, but something was different when I got here. The very first day here I started talking to a girl I did not know and now we are really good friends. It is not hard to make friends if you are willing to be friendly yourself. Why early childhood education? I love little children. I love seeing the face of a little child when she understands. The children at this age love to learn about Jesus.

w w w . m l cSophomore, - w e l s . e dEarly u Childhood Ed / Elementary Ed Intramurals, Handbells, Women’s Choir


Ashley (Winnebago Lutheran Academy) Freund5

in their own words

By Jessica Hegman ’08

While tying her shoe, a little girl looked up at me with a smile and said, “I love my Jesus!” This is why I love teaching preschool! Every day I have the gift of sharing Jesus with his little lambs. These childlike expressions of faith bring joy to my heart. If you become a preschool teacher, your days will be full of building castles in the block center, playing restaurant in dramatic play, exploring with magnifying glasses, getting messy in the art center, and taking care of boo-boos. But most important, you will have the joy of teaching children to pray, asking Jesus to heal their boo-boos, telling them “Jesus forgives you,” and listening to them sing praises to Jesus. The Lord will have chosen you, an ordinary sinful person, as his tool to share Jesus with the children and their families. Amazing! There is no greater joy! I learned so much from the dedicated professors, ECE classes, and my student teaching experiences at MLC. I enjoyed learning how to create a hands-on learning environment for my future classroom. I realized the importance of the partnership

between home and school, most importantly for the spiritual lives of the children. I had student teaching experiences in various environments and grade levels—at the MLC Early Childhood Learning Center, the kindergarten classroom at Lafayette Charter School, and the fourth-grade classroom at Atonement Lutheran School in Milwaukee. At MLC, it was a blessing to be surrounded by people who shared the same faith and love of teaching. I formed many wonderful friendships that I will keep for the rest of my life. We now share the joys and challenges of teaching with one another even though we are miles apart. MLC prepared me and got me excited to go out into the world and share Jesus with his little lambs. During high school, I never would’ve guessed I would be teaching preschool over 1,000 miles from home. The Lord knew. He had a plan for my life, just as he has a plan for your life. May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully consider serving the Lord as a preschool teacher. Jessica Hegman graduated from MLC in 2008 with a double major in elementary and early childhood education. Since July ’08 she has been the director and lead teacher at The Genesis Academy, which is a ministry of Prince of Peace-Houston TX.

rc Robert (WISCO) Ceasar 6

in their own words

Willing to serve: The WELS needs more African-American teachers and pastors as role models in the urban community, so I came to MLC to become that role model. I wish to go back to the inner city of Milwaukee and do God’s work there. And if not Milwaukee: Wherever God puts me, I will be fine, because he has a plan for me. He admits it: Yeah, now and again I get homesick. I miss my family and friends back home. Remembering why I am here is my cure. Straight talk: If you come up here to party and drink and all that, then MLC is not for you.

First-Year, ElementaryMEda /rSecondary Ede g e t i n L u tSocial h e rStudies C o ll Football

Daylight USA

Evergreen Eagles Partner with MLC Knights Daylight USA, a program that puts about 200 MLC students to work in ministry situations each year, got a new twist last March when five MLC students were joined by juniors and seniors from Evergreen LHS near Seattle WA in a joint ministry venture. We’ll let Evergreen graduate Megan Valerio, writer for the Evergreen Eagle Eye, tell us about it:

Evergreen juniors and seniors like Christa Weddle helped place door hangers in the neighborhood.

Evergreen was recently visited by five friendly faces from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota: Julianna Meyer, Rachel Dye, Dan Henselin, Andrew Seefeldt, and Stephanie Humann.

On March 11, they came to first-hour senior religion classes to prepare the seniors for canvassing. The goal was to hand out fliers for Evergreen and Holy Trinity. The students told the seniors some basic guidelines for door-hanging: no walking on lawns, be polite, etc. After chapel, the seniors were bussed out to nearby neighborhoods to hand out the fliers. They canvassed for two hours, then returned to school. On Friday, the junior class did the same thing in different neighborhoods. Overall, 2000 fliers were handed out to the community, a big help in spreading the news about the school and church. The MLC team has been trained to witness, and they did a great job. Evergreen is very grateful for the hard work of the MLC and Evergreen students.

Daylight in Indiana: Steve Pelischek (Lakeside, pictured), Kurtis Wetzel (Kewaskum HS-WI), Justin Heise (FVL), and Nathan Schulte (LPS) traveled to Light of Life Lutheran Church in Greenwood, Indiana, for their Daylight USA trip in March. They distributed 5,000 door hangers and 1,000 postcards to advertise a family fun carnival, and then helped assemble equipment and get everything ready for the carnival. “The highlight was worshiping with a mission church,” said Wetzel. “I had never been in that setting before. It was great to see the body of believers gather to worship in the Greenwood Community Center with folding chairs and a portable table for the altar. None of that mattered, because they came to hear the message of Christ crucified.” Pastor John Stelljes told us over and over, “There’s nothing better than starting a mission church!”

Preseminary Students Spread the Word Back at MLS, Doug Van Sice, Mark Voss, and Lucas Proeber called Mark Schroeder “Tutor.” But last March, as they visited Tree of Life Lutheran Church in Cary NC, they called him “Pastor.” Ross Chartrand (LPS) made it a quartet of MLC preseminary students who canvassed neighborhoods around Pastor Schroeder’s congregation, did some landscaping at church, sang and played piano for worship, and spread the word about MLC, MLS, and LPS. “The fact that such a small congregation had such a strong zeal to spread the Word—that was the highlight of the week for me,” said Proeber. Voss agreed, adding, however, that the day at Myrtle Beach (pictured) wasn’t bad either.


Four preseminary students volunteered in Cary, North Carolina, over spring break—and got a little beach time in too.

Where’s Mom? The hardest adjustment I had to make coming to college was doing things on my own, such as remembering to do laundry and keeping things orderly. And I miss home-cooked meals. Soli Deo Gloria: Choir is a big deal to me. The greatest thing about choir here is the dedication shown by the directors as well as the students to make a sound that really glorifies God.                    How to make friends: I found it easy to make friends because I got involved with different things. I made some of my closest friends through the musical I was in, the Pirates of Penzance. Get involved and friends will literally appear!

w w wFirst-Year, . m l c - wElementary e l s . e d u Ed / Secondary Choral Music Ed

Musical, Outdoor Classical Theater, Intramurals, Men’s Choir

Jon Kulhanek 7

(Northland LHS)

in their own words

It’s true that winters can be long here. (Have you read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books?) But March, April, and May bring rising temps— we hit the 90s in April this year!—and then everyone comes out to play:



Sand volleyball down the hill

Outdoor Classical Theater


Knight softball,

Children’s Theater

(Shakespeare in the amphitheater at New Ulm’s German Park)

(6,000 little munchkins invade campus to watch MLC students get silly on stage)

Arbor Day


Bonfires at Luther Hollow Swimming at Lake Hanska Luthapal SPaM SOFTBALL TOURNEY (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary students and M M a r t i n L u t h e r C o ll e g e




, baseball, track, and tennis

at M LC Ultimate Frisbee


Swine Sizzler (campus end-of-year picnic)

tubing on the Cottonwood

uthapalooza (MLC bands play at the outdoor rock festival over at that other Lutheran college in Mankato) MLC preseminary students face off on the field) Tanning on the mall w w



A Year in Like a handful of MLC students every year, Matt Evans (MLS) is spending five years in college so that he can graduate with a double major: elementary education and secondary Spanish education. But Matt’s five years will take six, because he’s putting the rubber to the road this year: applying his Spanish and education classes in his own classroom—in Colombia! He’s teaching grade 3-8 math, science, and English at El Colegio de los Ángeles, an all-girls school in Bogotá. Here’s what it’s like: An Average Day: Matt is up at 5:30 am for 7:00 class. Lunch at 12:20 is a big meal. “For the first few weeks,” he says, “everyone thought I didn’t like the food because I could never clear half my plate!” At 2:20, school’s over, and it’s time to prep for the next day—after a caffeine boost. “Coffee is a must in Colombia!” he says. After working out at the gym, he goes home to the apartment he shares with church member Gonzalo Delgadillo and watches a little TV. “Once I actually caught a Brewers game on ESPN Vivo, instead of the usual soccer, so that made my day!”

Scripture and Supper: Thursday means supper and Bible study with church members at the Anzola residence. “Dinner doesn’t start in Colombia until after 8:00 pm,” he explains. “Señora Anzola is a terrific cook and always puts together an elaborate supper—which is great, because at 8,500 feet above sea level, I can’t even boil water!” His Christian Classroom: He is teaching at the only confessional Lutheran school in Bogotá. Mornings begin with devotion, and God’s Word is present in the classroom all day. “It’s not always easy to include God’s Word into your math lesson on rounding numbers,” Matt says, “but it’s always worthwhile.” How MLC Prepared Him: “MLC makes sure you are over-prepared—which is especially important here, when you can never know what to expect. Writing lesson plans and spelling out exactly how you want class to go pays off, even when the lesson doesn’t go anything like planned. MLC also teaches different instruction and management theories, and encourages you to define your own. After a short while in your own classroom, you realize how important these theories are and how much your own personal theories affect what and how you teach.” No Chocolate Chips: Since Bogotá is very large and modern, his adjustments to life there were few—“other than the complete lack of chocolate chips!”

Matt Evans is teaching in Colombia at El Colegio de los Ángeles, an all-girls school in Bogotá, Colombia.

He adds: “Every once in a while, you randomly miss something from back home. Some days, for no particular

These fifth-grade girls enjoy Señor Evans for math, science, and English class.

Colombia reason, I want nothing more than a Grand Slam from Denny’s. But instead of moping around and focusing on what I’m missing, I remind myself that I’ll have years filled with pancakes and bacon when I’m back in the U.S. But I only have a short time here to enjoy Colombia.” Schedules are a bit less rigid in Colombia as well, which has taught Matt patience and flexibility. “For example, one man rings the school bell manually, telling when one class ends and another begins. So I could be wrapping up a lesson at 11:30, but now I have to find something to keep the students busy until 11:45. On the other hand, it also means he could add an extra fifteen minutes to my free period!” La Comunión de los Santos: “Working with the church and school has been such a blessing,” he says. “We may be speaking a different language here, but we say the same creeds, read the same Words of Institution, and sometimes even sing the same hymns! You get a true sense for what the ‘communion of all believers’ means. And working with a mission-status church is a unique experience. In such a small church, all members must do their part. Yet they’re eager to do even more, because they realize what a blessing the church really is.” His Future: Matt is in Colombia for one school year, which runs from February to December. Back at MLC, he’ll do student teaching in a secondary school, and then he’ll graduate with a double major in elementary education and secondary Spanish education. Then, “God-willing,” he says, “I will be taking a call.”

We Call It

Daylight International Matt is one of about 40-50 MLC students and grads teaching overseas through MLC Daylight International. MLC has sent teachers to El Colegio de los Ángeles for four years. April Alonte ’09 and Joel Carlovsky ’07 taught there last year. Next year, Luke Beilke (MVL) and Rachel Steinbrenner (LPS), who are engaged to be married, are planning to teach at the school. In May 2010, 19 MLC graduates opted for an international teaching post. Someday your name could be in this list! Rebecca Balge (MVL).....................................Southeast Asia Amy Georgson (LPS).........................Dominican Republic Brian Gephart (Michigan LHS).................Southeast Asia Jessica Gierach (WLA)...................................Southeast Asia Anna Greanya (MLS)......................................Southeast Asia Ryan Kolander (WISCO)................................................Mexico Nicole Lehman (Luther High)....................Southeast Asia Ashley Mozak (Paul Kane HS-Alberta, CAN)..........................Southeast Asia Micah Ricke (WISCO)......................................Southeast Asia Aaron Schultz (St. Croix)...............................Southeast Asia Andrew Seefeldt (Northland)......Dominican Republic Steve Springborn (St. Croix).........Dominican Republic Andrea Steinbrenner (LPS).......................Southeast Asia Philip Strong (West)........................................Southeast Asia Danielle Weber (LPS).....................................Southeast Asia Jonathan Weber (Michigan LHS)............Southeast Asia Matthew Werner (Lakeside).......................Southeast Asia Ho Yi Wong (MLS).............................................Southeast Asia Elise Wordell (West)........................................Southeast Asia

Matt Evans and other members of the church celebrated an authentic Passover meal on Maundy Thursday. Alfredo, the gentleman in pink, made the unleavened bread.

What’s your Story? Katelyn Hauf: A Tale of Two Colleges

At Manitowoc LHS, my weekdays consisted of school, sports, homework, food, and sleep. Weekends I hung out with friends, played in club volleyball tournaments, and went to congregations where our Lancer Singers helped conduct worship services. I enjoyed every minute of it. Senior year came quickly, and I had to make my college decision. I kept going back and forth between MLC and Lakeland College. Lakeland was very appealing; it’s close to home (35 miles) and has a top-shelf volleyball program and renowned teacher-training program. I was being recruited to play for their volleyball team, which had consistently made it to the Division 3 NCAA tournament. I went to visit the campus, and the coach showed me the brand new gym, fitness center, and volleyball locker room. Yes, a separate spacious locker room just for the volleyball team. It had a huge TV with Guitar Hero, and each girl had her own individual wooden locker with her name engraved on a name tag. The coach pointed to one of the lockers, and there was my name.

Word to my students. After all, our purpose here on earth is to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Attending Martin Luther College is a decision I’ve never regretted. I enjoy every minute of it. I feel privileged to be training to become one of God’s messengers. I honestly feel as if I’m at home. The love and compassion of everyone on campus astonishes me. And at MLC I can stay my busy self. I’m on the dorm council, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and intramurals, and I get to play volleyball, the sport I love.

I quickly became set on attending Lakeland College. One Sunday, while our Lancer Singers sang at a congregation, I realized that being surrounded by God’s people and his Word was extremely important and that if I wanted to become a teacher, I wanted to present God’s


Emily Haskell (Rapid City Christian HS-South Dakota)


in their own words

Katelyn says, “Playing volleyball allowed me to build friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Frankly, MLC was not her first choice: MLC was pretty much the last place I thought I would end up! I attended a nondenominational high school and also a nondenominational college the first semester of my freshman year. Then I began working at the Early Childhood Center at my home congregation and couldn’t believe how much I fell in love with the children. I love their excitement for life, and it makes me excited to get up every morning to spend time with them. I decided to give MLC a shot and see how it went. Well here I am, three years later, and loving it. Knight life: In the dorm is where the best times happen. Late nights, great talks, friends becoming family. It’s important to be responsible and get some sleep sometimes, but I wouldn’t give up those nights for anything.

Sophomore, Early Childhood Ed M a rZumba t i n LClass u t h e r C o ll e g e College Chorale, Teaching

Sarah Schumann:

great. We pray for each other and encourage each other in Christ.”

“I Never Looked Back”

After attending two of the largest universities in the country and spending a semester in Kenya, Sarah Schumann is at MLC—and loving it. Here’s her story: After graduating from Conserve School in Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin (a dorm school devoted to environmental stewardship), Sarah studied anthropology one year at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and two at the University of Wisconsin. But something didn’t feel right. A member of St. Andrew-Middleton WI, she’d been acquainted with MLC and had toured campus when in New Ulm for a wedding. But MLC had never been in her plans—until one morning in Kenya. “It was my 21st birthday,” she says. “We were camping in Masai Mara National Park, and I was sleeping in a tent with three other girls. I sat up straight and said, ‘I want to go to MLC.’ I woke up, and it was so clear.” Not many transfer students have experiences like that before coming to MLC. But when they do arrive at MLC, they’re struck by the same things: “Profs know your name. They know a lot about you. You’re not just a face and number. And the fellowship and support system is

Of the 90 credits Sarah had earned at the U’s, about 30 transferred in. “I came in as a sophomore,” she says. “I almost started over, but honestly, I look back on it now, and I see great significance in all the classes I’ve taken. Everything is taught with a Christian perspective.” Sarah will graduate in 2011 with a degree in elementary education and a science emphasis. “I hope to teach in a Lutheran school. But what I’ve learned here, I can take anywhere.” Sarah knows that other WELS students will choose big universities too. Her advice: “Be involved with campus ministry. Stay close to God’s Word. And always keep the idea of MLC in your mind. When I was at those other universities, I was constantly searching for something. When I came to MLC, everything clicked, and I never looked back.” Transfer student Sarah Schumann made her first friends on the cross country team. “It’s good to meet people in a smaller group. It’s not so overwhelming. Those are still my closest friends.”

Cementing the Decision If you come to MLC to study for the teaching ministry—whether as a new student or a transfer—you’ll get to evaluate your decision in a hands-on, real-world way. Early Field Experiences (EFE) put you into teaching situations your first year here and allow you to ask yourself, “Is this really for me?” “My EFE experience set in stone the fact that I want to be a teacher,” said Ashley Freund (WLA). “If you are unsure whether or not you should be here, wait until EFE to decide.” Jon Kulhanek (Northland) added, “I found EFE a great experience. It really helped solidify my thoughts into becoming a teacher. If there were any doubts, they’re gone now!”

The campus tour clinches it: When I came for the tour, every single person I passed in the hallway was incredibly nice. If you are considering MLC even the slightest bit, the least you can do is come to the campus and get a tour! Talk to some students and hear their stories. Mixing it up: You meet people fast here! The freshman mixer at George’s Ballroom gets you to reach out and spread your wings a little! Also, you don´t know anyone in your classes really, but by the end of the first week you’re already in a group doing a project. A bit of nerves: I´m not the greatest public speaker, so Early Field Experience was one of the most nerve-wracking things that’s ever happened to me. The second day of EFE I already had to teach a lesson to my classmates. It went SO well! Then the time came for me to teach my lesson to my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, and that went well also! It was a blast!

Ed / Secondary Physical Ed w w w . mFirst-Year, l c - w e l Elementary

Volleyball, Basketball, College Choir, Intramurals


(Minnesota Valley LHS) Amanda


in their own words


Knights at a Glance Senior Invited to NFL Combine

2010 graduate Ben Reichel (LPS) got an invitation a few months ago that could change his life. He was invited to compete at the NFL Regional Combine in Chicago on June 6. This event tests players’ size, speed, strength, quickness, and basic football skills to see if they are NFL draft-worthy. At 6'1" and 205 pounds, Ben has earned All-Conference honors three years in a row. Great as that is, it’s not enough to attract an invitation to the Combine. The NFL scouts look more closely at stats like these: • • • • •

40-yard dash: 4.6 seconds Bench press (225-pound reps): 12 Vertical jump: 41" Broad jump: 10'6" 20-yard shuttle: 4.1 seconds

If Ben does well in Chicago, he’ll be invited to the National Combine in Indianapolis in late June. All professional teams will have access to him. “To be honest,” Ben says, “it’s always been in my wildest dreams to play professional football. I never thought I would actually get the chance! But I wouldn’t say I’m depending on football for my future. If things work out and God blesses my efforts, I would love to play professionally. But I’m still planning on attending Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary next year.” If you’re a football player and you’re considering MLC, Ben says to go for it: “MLC football was a great experience for me. The focus is on the team and not the individual. Practices are intense, but we always have fun. “MLC is an academic institution first and an athletic school second,” he adds. “We don’t offer scholarships to attract athletes. Everyone who plays football here has bigger aspirations: to one day serve in the public ministry of our Lord and Savior. Ben Reichel (#2) takes down the St. Scholastica QB.

“I’ve made so many great friends here at MLC, I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I’ve learned so much more about God’s Word. The four years I’ve spent here at MLC have been a great blessing to me.” June 2010 could be a turning point for Ben. Could this MLC defensive back be NFL draft quality? MLC defensive coordinator Jim Hahn thinks he has the potential. “Ben is the best cover corner I’ve ever coached. He’s got a great work ethic, a great attitude, a great heart.” But if not, Ben’s excited about the seminary as well. “I’ve filled out all my paperwork, sent in my application, and I even have a job lined up for this summer. I am very excited to become a pastor someday, and that’s where I really want to be.”

14 M a r t i n L u t h e r C o ll e g e

Paul ’s Wall

Sand, Sun, and Softball This summer MLC students Karla Opperman (North Branch HS-North Branch MI) and Brittany Jensen (Fox Valley LHS, pictured) will play Olympicstyle softball in Aruba! The famous Caribbean island will host an international tournament, and Karla and Brittany have been invited to play on Team USA. “I’m really excited to go. It’ll be a chance of a lifetime,” Karla says. “I never thought I’d get to Aruba, much less play a game I love with other girls who love it too. And then to play other countries—that just tops it off.”

MLC Knights Brittany Jensen (pictured) and Karla Opperman will play softball in Aruba this summer.

In addition to games every night for a week, they’ll do an island jeep tour, go snorkeling, and shop till they drop on the hot white sand of the beach—just a little something to fill the time until they come back to MLC next year!

Spring All-Conference Athletes Baseball

Joseph Janke (WISCO, pictured) Greg Holzhueter-HM (MVL) Joshua Schultz-HM (LPS)

By Paul A. Hoversten, (Arizona Lutheran Academy)

I Am the Tortilla of Life Sometimes, in Texas, I eat stew made from a cow’s stomach lining. Sometimes, I eat a fish fried whole, head and tail intact. Sometimes, I unsuspectingly pour spoonfuls of seemingly innocent condiments in my tacos. (Incidentally, those are the same times that I spend the majority of the meal wiping rogue tears from my eyes with expert poise.) Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the tortillas. I’ve developed a game, called How many ways can I eat this tortilla before I get funny looks? So far, the record’s seven. But I skipped the important part. Cristo, nuestro pan de vida: Ven, bendice esta comida. Por los dones de tu amor Gracias te damos, Señor. Christ, our bread of life: Come, bless this food. For the gifts of your love We give you thanks, O Lord. Hold on . . . doesn’t God speak English? Yes. And Spanish. And Mandarin. And Swahili. Wow, there’s a world out here! Creo en la comunión de los santos. I believe in the communion of saints.


Karla Opperman-HM (North Branch HS-MI) Sarah Free-HM (LPS)

Food is different here. Language is different here. Traditions are different here. Thank your God that he is multi-cultural!

Tennis Scott Henrich (LPS) Rachel Niemi (Luther High) Karina Luthra (LPS) Track

Andrew Loescher (KML) Nicole Lehman (Luther High) HM-Honorable Mention w w

Joseph Janke’s bat earned him a slot on the All-Conference First Team.


Who’s teaching art in Florida? Who’s coaching sports in South Dakota? Who’s teaching Spanish at St. Croix Lutheran High? Who’s a youth director in Stillwater, Minnesota? Who’s coordinating school technology in Milwaukee? Who’s a choir director in California? Who’s teaching grades 1-2 in Dallas? Who’s teaching English in the Dominican Republic? Who’s a preschool director in North Carolina? Who’s teaching high school in Southeast Asia? Who’s an instructor at Nebraska Ev. Lutheran High? Who’s teaching K-12 music in Florida? Who’s a tutor at Michigan Lutheran Seminary? Who’s enrolling at Seminary? Who’s starting an exciting new life of service to the church?

The 2010 Graduates of Martin luther College


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