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A unique tool for modifying and extending DI-Guy character movement and behavior DI-Guy Motion Editor enables users to enhance the DI-Guy motion library by modifying existing motions or creating completely new motions. An innovative user interface, and seamless integration with the entire DI-Guy product line, makes changing DI-Guy behavior incredibly easy.

DI-Guy Services

Motion Editor Features: • A graphical timeline interface for visualizing and composing complex human motions

Timeline Window Multiple tracks enable the separation of a DI-Guy character's movement into independent controls. Polynomials and splines enable smooth interpolation between motions.

• Multi-track design allows independent control of character limbs and joints • Blending and interpolation functions create smooth, lifelike behavior

Posing Tool The posing tool can be used to isolate any specific joint(s) of a character. Here, simply dragging any of the three rings can reposition the left arm to any angle.

• Seamlessly integrated with DI-Guy and DI-Guy Scenario to save time

The realism made possible by DI-Guy products has helped to define new standards in the way simulation training is used today.

• Customized modeling and behavior development • Specific and detailed scenario generation • System integration support

• A graphical posing tool simplifies direct character manipulation and posing • Trim and stretch motions to match timing requirements

As creators of the DI-Guy product line, Boston Dynamics is uniquely skilled to provide customized services in support of a broad range of Human Simulation and Scenario Generation needs.

• User Training for the entire DI-Guy product line Joint Editor Window Using the resident joint editor window, users can review and edit character joint values for total control.

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DI-Guy Motion Editor Brochure  

Brochure for Human Simulation Software by Boston Dynamics

DI-Guy Motion Editor Brochure  

Brochure for Human Simulation Software by Boston Dynamics