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Parent Company JET SWAG Founder/CEO/Creative Director Clint Easthood VP/Chief Editor Ruth McClary Contributing Writer Miss NV ( Contributing Photographer Leland Moesley Graphic Designer Clint Easthood Advertising Sales JET SWAG D’VANESE PR

NEWMUSICPLUG.NET NCEVENTPLUG.COM TWITTER.COM/ THEMUSICPLUG919 FACEBOOK.COM/ THEMUSICPLUG “The most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, family, and never forgetting where you came from” - Frank Lucas

“I just started THINKING man what am I gonna name this. I’m REPPING the hood; 252 is the area code..I just put 2FIFTY2 RADIO…Simply repping the HOOD.”



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Letter From The Editor


wRITTEN bY cLINT eASTHOOD fOUNDER/EDITOR/CREATIVE DIRECTOR “FORGET EVERYONE AND LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s PEERS.” - 10DEEP That quote is the motto of a strong clothing brand that represents hip-hop; not the glamour or the materials but the true spirit and core of hip-hop. That’s what WE are. The Music Plug is not another failed idea. I stand true to the words above as if they were my own. Forget EVERYONE and listen to YOURSELF. If I listened to all the naysayers about the last issue I would have quit. To me the last issue was disappointing, not because of who or what was in it but because the product was rushed and ill put together. And for that I blame no one, but that shortcoming only made me and the Music Plug team work harder to set the standard from here on out. We received emails from people picking apart the negatives of the newspaper. Trashy, explicit, and error-filled were the descriptions given. Some even said we would be “just another wanna be magazine in Durham” and that “Hip-Hop is dead”. But guess what those same naysayers will frame this issue because it is our best one to date and we’re only elevating. This newspaper was put together to give a voice to the local, up and coming, independent and signed artists from North Carolina. Not for props, credit, or just to say we tried. We represent the artist, the struggling artist putting money together to invest in himself, for his mixtapes and studio time. The same artist who feels the need to go to Atlanta and New York just to be heard by the people outside of his hood due to the lack of available promotion and exposure. For those artists, we built the platform for them to stand and be heard inside and outside of North Carolina. We are building bridges that are connecting North Carolina with the world not just between Hwy 70, 85, 15-501 and I-40.

around real legends and building an accessible outlet (2Fifty2Radio) for artists in North Carolina to get their music heard worldwide. Along with 2Fifty2 Radio, Online Indie Promotion, and Straight Heat Radio, the Music Plug will be giving away a free online promotional package with over $1,000 worth of promotional services through two open mic events in the triangle area--Talent Search South and Kaze’s Sunday Night Sessions. Also featured in this issue and our cover artist for this month Raleigh native Shane Mosely. Shane had humble beginnings and with humility took advantage of opportunities and is now signed to Block Ent.-responsible for successful rap artists such as Young Joc, Gorilla Zoe and Boyz In Da Hood. A charismatic and confident Chad A from the Bull City is also featured as he discussed his ambitions; where he’s been and where he is headed with hip-hop.

This issue will feature industry executive Scott McDowell, the founder /CEO of Elv8 (Elevate) Entertainment Solutions and Global Attack Enterprises, who has an international plan to connect music lovers from around the globe with hip-hop artists from every major city, country and hot spot. Scott is releasing compliation CD’s through Island/Def Jam digital and coordinating a global tour and massive world wide DJ Coalition which he has extended an invitation for me to join. Connections and partnerships such as these will only broaden the scope on the North Carolina Hip-Hop market.

See I’m not sitting in an office suite in front of a $1,500 Mac Book with secretaries answering my phone. I’m in the trenches right along with these artists we interview. When I sit in front of an artist or have a phone conversation with a local DJ, I can empathize with that struggle to be heard. We’re right along with them fighting to open new doors or just busting through some. See I never interned, went to school, or had a connection, I just showed up at the front door. And when I knocked at the front door; no one answered. So I climbed through the window, moved in and took the master bedroom. Every artist featured on the pages of The Music Plug have the same mindset...Wait for NO ONE, do what it takes to make it happen without excuse. These artists don’t complain about radio play, about the lack of shows, about the lack of indie support from major outlets in the area. They just keep their heads down and grind to CREATE opportunities. If it means going 6 hours by car every week to perform an open mic in Atlanta, these artists will do it.

Last week I took a short drive to Henderson, North Carolina to talk to the Founder/CEO of 2Fifty2Radio, DJ Faab. In his feature, he talks about his humble beginnings as a DJ during the turntable era in N.Y., spending time

We’re going to keep making connections and representing for North Carolina on a GLOBAL scale. We didn’t set out to be the first to do it; we just want to be the ones who ACTUALLY do it!


Ear To The Streets SQUIRE- GLOBAL ATTACK MIXTAPES- DJ FAAB AND 2FIFTY2RADIO.COM @MissNVNC: “What are your must-have albums (top 5 of all time) - Last man on earth situation”

SQUiRE harlem world shawty I had an opportunity to get to know and learn more about SQUiRE, the leader of the “New Class” of rappers doing their thing worldwide. Already international, SQUiRE said “It’s all about being clutch” and he is definitely ready to take the world by storm. Check out some of the highlights of the interview. Read below for a closer look into the artist known as SQUiRE...... @MissNVNC: “Are there any highlights of your career that stand out or that you feel has been an integral part of where you are?” @iAmSQUiRE: The Storm B4 The Reign was like me crossing over from being a kid, coming up rapping, experiencing all the things I experienced in my life, from my family to me traveling straight after high school, filming videos and performing in front of people that couldn’t even understand my language. It was just a whole lot of stuff. I have always been moving around and I think that’s what made me who I am, collectively, the person I have been since I’ve been born, I’ve just been a rolling stone just being everywhere, soaking it all in. Usually I don’t talk much, I am just observant and creative.” 6

Written by Miss NV Contributing Writer Co-Founder of D’VANESE PR

@MissNVNC: The Storm B4 The Reign mixtape feedback has been great so it has to be rewarding when something you love is received well by your audience. @iAmSQUiRE: “Yeah that’s what I do it for. There is nothing better than that feeling, not money, not anything. It’s like knowing that God gave you that gift and people appreciate you sharing that with them. That’s real.” @MissNVNC: “Where are you currently located?”

@iAmSQUiRE: “This is a question that sums up my whole life and I have to answer it in a matter of I just picked the albums that have songs that have been played all throughout my life like since I was a kid...and they are also favorites of mine. #1 - Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z) #2 - Life After Death (Notorious B.I.G.) #3 - Blueprint (Jay-Z) #4 - Double Up (MASE) This one might be a shocker to some people but Double Up has a lot of dope that’s what I am all about... Double Up - Hustle! #5 - Stankonia (OUTKAST)”

@iAmSQUiRE: “Right now I’m in Atlanta.” @MissNVNC: “How do you like it in the the A?” @iAmSQUiRE: (laughing) “They call me “Harlem World Shawty” @MissNVNC: “How do you like being In the South vs the North?” @iAmSQUiRE: “It’s’s was so laid back at first, I’m not gon’ lie. I was very, very bored but once I dived right into the music scene...I felt at home...I am at home as long as I’m with the music. That’s what has kept me going all this time. No matter where I have been in my life, the music is really home to me.”

@MissNVNC: “What is the Role/ importance of the DJ in Hip-Hop to you as an artist especially?” iAmSQUiRE: “First and foremost let me shout out DJ Clint Easthood, and the Music Plug cuz that’s exactly what the DJ is. The DJ is the guy you wanna



pay respect to, pay homage to him and his craft.Especially if you can’t do it AND you are an artist. That is the person that has the keys to the city. If you have dope music then the DJ is the needle....period” @MissNVNC: “Who are some of your favorite DJ’s to listen to?” @iAmSQUiRE: “DJ Clue...yeah I grew up with a lot of Clue, Funk Master Flex, guys like Mister Cee, Kay Slay, all the NY DJ’s, and DJ Drama. The world is waiting. As I keep going and get my buzz up, we gotta make a Gangsta Grillz happen, me and DJ Drama. I got a lot of respect for DJ’s because I understand what they do. It’s that simple, some things are just necessary and those guys gotta get respected.” @MissNVNC: “With all the social media and outlets to broadcast yourself out there, is it a lot easier to get your music out to a lot more people than it was before?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Yeah but still what a lot of rappers don’t understand and they get caught up in, the Internet. It is just something that is really just a means of entertainment since it has become so saturated. It’s to make you feel like you are doing more than you are really doing so you gotta get out there in those streets, get in touch with the people. Like they gotta really hear your stuff, you know see your posters. See your face to really feel your music rather than you just clicking them and sending them messages.” @MissNVNC: “Are you open to working with other DJs? @iAmSQUiRE: “I am definitely open to working with more DJs. I just met DJ MLK when I was at Hustle and Flow, but the last DJ I worked with was Evil Empire & SOD Money Gang’s DJ Woogie, he’s pretty major. I am interested in working with all types of DJs, I’m about expansion and those are the bridges.” @MissNVNC: “How would they get in contact with you in regards to working with you?” @iAmSQUiRE: “They can hit me up on my email address squirepb@ and I respond to that all the time. Everything comes to my blackberry”...(laughing) @MissNVNC: “Music has had it’s various regional trends, and the South has been making noise for a while now, do you think New York/ North has re-established itself at the forefront of hip hop?” CONTINUED ON PG 16



Global Attack Mixtape Series

“Global Attack” is not your ordinary mixtape series; it’s a combination of top tier viral, grassroots marketing, and promotions with distribution through Island/Def Jam Digital. The music is fresh and the sound has a global appeal. Scott says his musical vision for the project is “world, cross-over, Top 40, and Hip-Hop fused with multiple genres of music.”


a new wave of mixtapes wRITTEN bY cLINT eASTHOOD

Fresh international talent is being unleashed on hip-hop fans everywhere with the release of “Global Attack” the mixtape series. Since conceiving the idea, Scott McDowell (aka Elevated Scott) and his team have been in attack mode putting the pieces in place to impact the world of Hip-Hop. One site… featuring one mixtape…used as a device to help several artists attack their grind globally. “The whole idea was to bring artist together, signed and unsigned artist from all over the world to leverage their fan bases and put together one big viral marketing campaign,” said McDowell.


Elevated Scott is a successful industry executive who has worked with many artists such as Colby Odonis, Ya Boy, T. Lopez, and Curtis Young. Through the course of his career he has prepared product placement for the BLNQ brand, and has worked with media outlets, CBS Sports Radio and The Baltimore Guide. Now Scott is taking his brands ELV8 Entertainment Solutions and Global Attack Enterprises world-wide.

“We take individual artists with singles and we kind of push them, and mesh them with other singles [from major artists],” he added. “So it’s mainly

“EVENTUALLY I would like to have an artist from EVERY COUNTRY, ALL AROUND THE WORLD and EVERY MAJOR CITY, even some 3rd world countries..” hit records; I guess the best way to describe it is more world, commercial, Top 40 kind of records.” Normally, people don’t think Top 40 when they hear mixtapes, but Scott is trying to change that mindset; altering the game like a true trendsetter. Taking the viral and grassroots marketing concept of the mixtape and combining that with the commercial appeal of a “Now That’s What I Call Music” compilation CD. Scott has developed a product that can receive global success. “The main thing is the commercial appeal, that is really what we’re going for,” said Scott. “We’re main stream commercial; we appreciate the streets

but we’re on a global attack. We really envisioned reaching all music lovers around the world, whether they are into Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, Euro, Techno— whatever it is, we cater to that.” “I consider myself a tastemaker, trendsetter, and kind of the second wave of executives to be making noise in this industry”, he added. “I’m definitely looking into making this a trend with commercial success, or whatever any artist wants to do. Typically mixtapes have kind of been more for the streets. I really respect Coast 2 Coast mixtapes and what they do as far as their grassroots, viral marketing. I wanna take a hybrid of “Now That’s What I Call Music” and the concepts of Coast 2 Coast mixtapes and make that into a Top 40 project; something for the world.” Aside from digital sales of the compilation, “Global Attack” is also putting together a DJ Coalition which Scott seemed very excited about as he said, “we’re definitely getting ready to blanket the market so to speak with our DJ Coalition, we’re gonna have the hottest DJ Coalition around the world.” When planning a project such as this, the right components need to be in place and Scott along with his team of A&R’s (artists and repertoire) will scour social media and music promotion sites such as Sonic Bids and Reverb Nation, searching for serious independent artists, personnel, and brands from every corner of the earth to incorporate into the project. The mixtape series will feature top independent artists, and major artists such as Curtis Young (Dr. Dre’s son), T. Lopez of Cash Money, Styles P, Swag, and Taylor Swift to name a few.

Global Attack Mixtape Series “Eventually I would like to have an artist from every country all around the world and every major city, even some third world countries in Africa,” said Scott. “We have seeds planted all around the world; we even have some artists in the U.K. It’s really a Global Attack.” The plan of attack all came together when Scott explained how international artists from the mixtape series will canvass the globe this summer on a world tour. “Right now we’re looking at Belgium, South Africa, New York, L.A, and St. Louis. A few of the artists on the project are helping coordinate some of the destinations throughout Europe, all over the world’” said Scott. “We’re also open to talking dates with promoters or venues that want to do a Global Attack event. We’ll be happy to come out.” Covering all aspects of media, Scott is also developing a reality TV series titled, International Hip-Hop TV, where he and the world famous DJ Stacey Styles will hit exclusive NYC and L.A. fashion boutiques, recording studios, backstage of concerts, and everywhere in between. “Basically we’re gonna be filming live in top fashion boutiques, hip-hop shops, anywhere the celebrities and artists shop,” said Scott. “We’re gonna have guests come out every week, kind of like a talk show format— International Hip Hop TV with DJ Stacey Styles and Elevated Scott.” Leaving no stone unturned, Scott developed a website,; which serves as a multimedia destination for worldwide fans to hear new music, hip-hop news, follow his TV segment, and listen to a live 24-hour radio stream. The website started as the official blog for the mixtape series. After


the overwhelming traffic and response it was getting from the international community, Scott expanded IHH dot com to incorporate all his endeavors. An aggressive move by all means—on media, music, and entertainment; Scott wants to breathe life back into an industry that just saw its lowest recorded album sales EVER! When a major industry such as the music industry starts to crumble on its foundation, it takes visionaries like Scott to take it out of the box with niche projects; engaging the consumer in a fresh and contemporary manner.

Elevated Scott sporting a pair of BLNQ sunglasses

Elevating into every facet of the business, Scott is also working on designer apparel with P.M. (Pure Madness) based in L.A., and co-manages 13-year-old teen pop sensation, Stephanie Marie Hanvey. Her portfolio includes performing over a 100 shows to include the New York Knicks halftime show at Madison Square Garden. Be on the lookout for the “Global Attack” mixtapes and tour, International HipHop TV and In Scott’s words, “You can really make anything happen when you put your mind to it.”—to include launching a global attack! 9



DJ Faab

mixtape slots available for dj clint easthood/dj b barnes “power play” mixtape series email

Building a platform In the streets the old saying is true “real recognize real”, to add to that—in business “real entrepreneurs recognize real entrepreneurs”. There is a true entrepreneur spirit in DJ Faab; I realized it as soon as I walked into 2Fifty2 Radio with roll ups and treats in hand. We were like kindred spirits, ready to light it up and talk it out; talking in length about the local talent scene, the lack of accessible promotional platforms for up and coming artists, and how that led to the creation of his internet radio station. Hold up, let’s take it back to the early years because you have to get the build-up to see how ambition is a mother f-- (fill it in!). Faab, originally from The Bronx, N.Y., talked about growing up during the turntable era of DJing hanging around DJ legends like Showbiz of DITC (Faab’s cousin), and how he grew up two blocks down from legendary DJ, Doo Wop. Although he grew up around legends and he had an interest in it, he didn’t want to jump right into being a DJ just yet. “You know how it is niggas don’t want you to DJ,” Faab wRITTEN bY cLINT eASTHOOD

said. “They like, get ya lil’ young ass outta here.” Although DJing was his first love, it took a backseat to the drumbeat as he sat in church. One thing about Faab, when he talked about it or aspired to do it; he was intrigued enough to figure it out and somehow make it into a business— like a true entrepreneur. “When I was coming up I was in the church, so I was into music from jump,” said Faab. “Real talk, one day I was in church and I don’t know why but the drummer just peaked my interest… it was like it just

hit me, like yo, that’s cool.” That interest led to a strong desire to become a church drummer and in his mind he had to master it. Faab immediately approached his parents about getting him a drum set. He practiced and got good enough for a group of older kids from another church to take notice of his talent and ask him to join their group. “When I moved here I started playing for my church and they sent my choir to go sing somewhere and I had to play,” said Faab. “There were some young dudes who were musicians and they hollered at me; they were starting a gospel group, a young group, just kids. That’s when I

started doing my gospel thing, playing drums with the group. Then I kind of graduated and started playing drums professionally on the gospel circuit wit Doc McKenzie and the Gospel Highlights out of South Carolina.” As a fidgeting teenager wanting to do more than sit in a church all day, Faab became rebellious left the church pew for the bar hop and that’s when he stumbled upon the art of DJing again. “I grew up a lil bit and I was being rebellious, I’m clubbing and all that,” he said. “I go in the club one night and my home boy is in the booth. I didn’t even know the nigga DJ. I don’t know, it just hit me like yo that’s it right there. The same thing with the drums, I just went and got me some equipment. And I bought these 12’s right here (pointing to the turntables); these are my original 12’s I bought way back 15, 16 years ago. “ Just like mastering the drums, Faab couldn’t half


Promote your music in The Music Plug Mixtape and music section for only $25 call or text (919) 986 4860

step; he had to be good at it. The young wanna be DJ would sit in his room and practice for hours on end to N.Y. radio personality and Disc Jockey Funk Master Flex’s 60 Minutes Of Funk mixtapes. Faab would follow along to Flex’s mixtapes and do every cut, scratch or blend that he did. Since this was before the digital age, if he messed up or his timing was off he had to start all over. All that time locked in his room practicing (voluntarily) actually led to the selection of his DJ name, Faab. “I had my equipment and I used to practice all day, every day,” said Faab. “I ain’t have no DJ name or nothing. My God-sister came to my crib one day. I had a blunt rolled and a 40 oz (He said as he cracked open a beer). She was like every time I come in here you got a 40 oz and a blunt. I was like yo’ that’s it right there. That’s how the F-A-A-B [pronounced Fab and short for] Forty And A Blunt; that’s where that came from.” In 2009, during a 9-month trip to New York to tend to his ailing father (R.I.P), Faab accepted his friend Bunky S.A’s invitation to check out “The Corner”, an internet radio show which sparked the birth of 2Fifty2 Radio. After pursuing and mastering the drums, and the art of DJing; he 12

had a new flame. “It was crazy though when I saw [the show online] because I thought [True Sun Ali] was just gon’ be on there talkin’,” Faab said. “What I noticed he was doing was playing a lot of his own music…it was his show… he was playing other shit but he was playing a lot of his own production. He was using that as his platform to get his music out there. I was like I got artists and all, maybe that’s what I need to do.”

2fifty2 radio…just simply the area code around here... simply repping the hood.” He had a plan and the name, all he needed was some help to implement it. They say teamwork makes the dream work, but finding a team is hard work. Finding people on the same page, who believe in what you are doing, and who will work as hard as you is a rare blessing. And that realization hits hard.

“I came back “It's hot fuckin' And that’s and just what he started tryna artists around did. After assemble a here and there's no the show, team, which platform…there's no was hard,” Faab and True Sun Ali said Faab. “I platform at all. It's exchanged don’t know if so much politics with it’s doubt but numbers and the regular radio” one phone niggas don’t conversation understand with the internet radio host and this is 2011; shit is moving and rapper gave him enough desire this is how it’s working now. to follow through and establish I had some niggas that was his own internet radio station. gonna fuck with me, but for He did his research; going different circumstances they through the proper channels wound up not fuckin’ with me. to get paperwork done and So I was just tryna foot it on returned to N.C with a plan. my own, doing it on my own.” Now all he needed was a name. Faab had no problems in the “I just started thinking man past doing it on his own, so what am I gonna name this why would it be an issue now? shit,”said Faab. “I aint wanna Well, he had to do it on his name it nothing too crazy. I’m own if he wanted it done. In like shit, I’m repping the hood; the end he filled a void— what 252 is the area code so instead started out as a platform for DJ of saying 252 radio, I just put Faab’s record label, “Wasted

DJ Faab


Talent”, was transformed into a platform for the entire state. “When I came back I’m seeing ain’t nobody really doing this shit down here like that, so shit we can use this for a bigger platform for all the artists,” said Faab. “It’s hot fuckin artists around here and there’s no platform…there’s no platform at all. It’s so much politics with the regular radio; what they can and can’t do or what they tell you they can and can’t do. It’s so much bullshit with it. I’m like we go on the internet nigga we do what we wanna do. We can do it how we wanna do it. Big up to my man True Sun Ali for showing me what’s going on.” Now that Faab is in the loop, he is roping artists in; helping them promote themselves through a “no holds barred” medium—his medium. Artists, this is your— Yo, that’s it right there moment! Has it hit you yet? If you’re an artist looking for promotion and exposure for your music email DJ Faab at and be on the lookout for my radio show “Jet Swag Radio” on 2Fifty2 Radio beginning February 18th.




THE DEFINITION OF NY URBAN FASHION Located at premium clothing outlets around New York City and online, for over 15 years now 10 Deep has been lacing the streets with unique pieces of clothing that embrace the hip hop culture. 10 Deep clothing has defined the hip-hop, skate, punk and graffiti urban fashion world with expressive patches, slogans, and designs on hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, hats and accessories. As they continue

Veteran’s Fleece Cardigan

Lodge Vest



to make their mark and expand 10 Deep has collaborated with Pro-Keds, Timberland, and Adidas to create a series of unique, alluring footwear, that screams hip-hop. Over the past few years 10 Deep’s focus’ has not mainly been on fashion. They have branched into the world of mixtapes and have been apart of some ground breaking mixtape projects incorporating fashion, music and events.

Fresh Look

A few mixtape projects they played a key role in are: 10 DEEP Wale’s, “Mixtape About Nothing” release which 10 Deep held a private event in NYC to showcase the 10 Deep and Wale Serenity Now tees. Distribution of the mixtape is promoted exclusively through 10Deep.Com. The clothing mega is also collab’ing with Kid Cudi’s, “A Kid Named Cudi”, and Donnis’, “Diary of an ATL Brave”.

Loose Cannon Cardigan $136 (Top Left) All City Baseball Varsity $149 (Bottom Left) Omega House New Era $45 (Top Right)

The brand captures the spirit of the hip-hop head, the urban fashion enthusiast, skaters, rockers and block huggers alike. For exclusive 10 Deep clothing, news, and project updates visit their website. k

Loose Cannon Varsity $158 (Bottom Right)


10 DEEP X PRO KEDS VETERAN PACK On their 15th Anniversary, 10 Deep did a series of collaborations and projects to celebrate this rare milestone for an urban fashion label. One collaboration included a sneaker release with Pro Keds dubbed the Veteran Pack. 10 Deep used the Pro Keds Royal High Plus as the house for their renovation. Originally introduced in the early 1970’s, The Royal Plus was worn by some of basketball’s greatest players, and was equally celebrated and worn by pioneers of NYC creative/music cultures of that time. The version created for this collaboration fuses the shoe’s heritage look with our perspective on current fashion, and features a padded collar, leather lining, metal eyelets, collaborative branding, a molded rubber toe cap, and comes in two colorways that employ fabrics from 10.Deep’s brand library - specifically a raw indigo denim and a Woodland camouflageprinted canvas. --Taken from 10 Deep website.

Woodland Camouflage Canvas


Raw Indigo Denim


Fashion Spotlight

MISS NV FASHION SPOTLIGHT Spring is right around the corner ladies, let’s talk about the shoe game and what should be on your feet come March. Here are my top two recommendations for any woman that has a shoe fetish... Miss NV Contributing Writer Co-Founder of D’VANESE PR

The Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 140 Python Slingbacks are another TO DIE FOR pair of the NEWEST “Girl’s best friend”...RED BOTTOMS!!!... definitely a must have in the MAKE-UP BAG fellas... Luxury french shoe and bag designer Christian Louboutin has made his way into the hearts of women all over the world. Beware of the KNOCK-OFFS ladies! For the 100% guarantee check out the official website and make sure you are ready to pay the price of beauty....these red souls are quite costly for the average chic :)

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 140 Python Slingbacks

Jessica Simpson has something for all women! Shop women’s shoes, boots, handbags, coats, clothing and more at the Jessica Simpson Collection official site featuring simple, sophisticated lines colored by her personal style. Jessica Simpson Shoes are in stores and on-line everywhere. From the SEXIEST stiletto to the CUTEST flats, boots, coats, accessories, and more, you will find something you will LOVE in the Jessica Simpson Collection. Great prices and high quality merchandise! What more can a girl ask for?? ;)

Pictures courtesy of and googleimages




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@iAmSQUiRE: “I def feel like it’s happening and I am playing a role in tha, bringing it back but I also play a role in bridging the gap. I don’t feel like there should be a gap because at the end of the day it’s just a bunch of diverse (by age, sex, and region) people who embrace a culture. We grew up/came up in a culture and we express ourselves through it, whether we grew up in the big city or the country, north, south whatever, its still the same culture. We still have the same oppressions, we still have the same struggles, we’re still the same men just different accents. But to answer the question, The north is always going to have the Kanye’s, the Jay-z’s, the Biggie’s, the Eminem’s. The guys from up there that are solid and they gonna rock until they pass, and their music is still gonna go on. But the South, they have a few of those guys too and it’s just that they boomin right now, like they’re producing new talent at a rate that’s kinda crazy. That much I can say.

@MissNVNC: “Going back to how it all started for you, what was the defining moment? When did you decide that this is what you wanted to do?” @iAmSQUiRE: (laughing) “Do you remember the song “If I Ruled the World” with Lauryn Hill and Nas? Yeah that video right there. I remember I recorded it on VHS off BET. Remembered the words, got my waves up...yeah..(laughing), I wanted a chipped tooth. I wanted to be like Nas and the funny thing is Jay was my favorite rapper, but Nas is the one that inspired me, he inspired me to do this. I was always very artistic, I was into poetry and stuff like that, so he definitely inspired me. @MissNVNC: “What was your first performance starting out? @iAmSQUiRE: “Poetry, I was doing Poetry Slams back in High School. I had a lil’ group called the “DIVINE POETS”, we were on our guerrilla poet stuff. Just goin out there, goin in with the words, schools, libraries, all types of different venues. Then from that, my natural love for music... (I grew up in a musical household, where we listened to all types of different music) and I guess those things just went hand in hand and it was a wrap from there pretty much. @MissNVNC: “Where can we find Squire in 5 years? @iAmSQUiRE: “Well (laughing) will probably be about four years after I just signed myself, PaperSet E-N-T. I’ll be putting out my other artist probably somewhere around my 3rd album, clothing line, you know. Just going into many different things, especially film writing opportunities. The talent that God blessed me with, in time as I work harder and gain more momentum, I will be able to open up more opportunities for myself, so there is no telling what I might have my hands in by then. I started out with the poetry like I said before, I had my own group called the “DIVINE POETS.” Creative writing was probably the only class I never skipped. I was making straight A’s in that class. I was doing poetry, writing stories, it’s crazy. You can create your own everything, you are in control of that universe.”   I invited SQUiRE to participate in “This or That” or what I like to call the “lightning round” of my interviews. The rules are simple. two opposite choices, pick your side. It’s crazy how much you can learn about someone just by their choices. Here we go with SQUiRE! @MissNVNC: “UNC or DUKE” @iAmSQUiRE: “UNC Definitely!” @MissNVNC: “North or South” (Who’s running it right now) @iAmSQUiRE: “Power - The North, &  Numbers - The South” 16



@MissNVNC: “Stilettos or Flats?” (what preference for the ladies) @iAmSQUiRE: “Stilettos man! I like to see the long legs, the Stilettos really represent the legs” @MissNVNC: “Mixtape or Street Album” - which should artists release first? @iAmSQUiRE: “Mixtape, you should warm up and get familiar with what you are doing before you go in.” @MissNVNC: “Biggie or Pac?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Biggie” @MissNVNC: “Nas or Jay-Z?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Jay” @MissNVNC: “T.I. or Gucci?” @iAmSQUiRE: “T.I. of course” @MissNVNC: “Early Bird or Night Owl?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Both cuz I don’t really sleep” @MissNVNC: “Pen & Pad or Smartphone?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Either one, doesn’t matter, whatever I have, I don’t need either one really. @MissNVNC: “Facebook or Twitter?” @iAmSQUiRE: “Facebook since it can do more, it connects with Twitter but they all go hand in hand now anyway.” HUGE Thanks to SQUiRE and his team for giving MissNV the exclusive interview! Be sure to check out the latest mixtape “The Storm B4 The Reign” and its reviews & Download “The REIGN - PaperSet Intervention”- Hosted By DJ Clint Easthood at datpiff. com.



the Shane Mosely brand. William King acknowledged Shane’s fire for rap by helping him develop his style and telling everyone about his son the rapper. In essence he literally spoke his career into existence by networking to get him in front of the right people in the industry, and then Shane took it from there. For instance, King, who works as a regional sales manager also manages his son’s career. He was linked to Russell Spencer (aka Block), the CEO of Block Entertainment in Atlanta, while sharing Camaro stories with a client.

SHANE MOSELY Story by RMC Performing in home videos lip-syncing with his brothers at age 11 sparked the interest. Rigging up a karaoke machine and tape deck to record his first writings fueled the drive and passion. All of that coupled with family support and a buzz in the street has ignited into 18

“[Block] found out about me through my pops,” said Shane. “My pops had a client who went to the gym with Block. They were actually talking about cars at first. They were talking about the new Camaro and my pops was like, my son likes the new Camaro. And his client was like, well I know this dude with a nice Camaro and he does music. So, Pops was like I got a son that does music. They got in touch and I was surprised it happened because it was a once in a lifetime thing.” That conversation led to a call from Block around 6 p.m. one evening asking them to report to the studio ASAP. They dropped everything and drove down to Atlanta. Shane spit three songs that night and was signed the next morning. Since that spontaneous trip, Shane has shared tracks with TI, Gorilla Zoe, Roscoe Dash, and locally Nyck Newz and Afficial Villain artist, Forte. He has opened up shows for Zoe and Juvenile

Who’s Next

Shane Mosely

and is currently working on deals to go on tours with Rick Ross and Travis Porter.

It all started when the native of Massachusetts who now resides in Raleigh, N.C., made his debut performing “My Style”, a song which boasts how fresh he is, in a talent show at Athens Drive High School. “I was kind of shy at first,” said Shane. “I had a little stage fright and then I got on stage, the lights were flashing, and I felt at home. The girls were going crazy calling my name and the next day at school they were like ‘Oh Shaaane’ and all this other stuff and it was a good experience, I really enjoyed it.” Big Spin, the producer of “My Style” and Shane’s current DJ, was one of King’s classmates. Spin was one of the many people he contacted when he realized his son seriously wanted to turn his art form into a career. Shane and Spin were in sync from their first meeting and that chemistry has turned random words and music into hits. “We get in the studio and it’s like we just click,” said Shane. “Our heads are in the same place, we know what we want and we know what the people want to hear. So when I get in the studio with Big Spin we don’t bump heads or anything, we just get right to the point and make hits.” The rapper feels that his signature is diversity; the flexibility of switching up his flow from rap to pop, to an up-top spit, a southern swag, or a lyrical surge— it’s whatever, whenever, wherever. That agility carried over into his new single “Koodie Kat” as he allowed creative input from Block and Gorilla Zoe to put a spin to the song that may not have developed otherwise.

Promote your music in The Music Plug Mixtape and music section for only $25 call or text (919) 986 4860

“Koodie Kat is a mature song,” said Shane. “It was more of a fast beat, flashy song. Block came in and said alright we gonna switch it up, we gonna talk about something different. So we switched up the hook and the verses. When Zoe came into the studio, he said I want to get on that. I had my Kool-Aid smile on and I was like ‘hey, that’s what’s up, a signed artist wants to get on my song’. It was cool.” “I like working with Zoe,” he added. “H e will get in the studio and he don’t need no paper, no pen, he just gets in the studio and do what he got to do. Zoe is a hard worker and I respect him for that. I learned a lot from Zoe down at Block ENT.” Working with national artists through Block ENT only expands Shane’s ambition. He vows not to be just another ordinary rapper. He wants to do “everything”; whatever the industry has to offer. Therefore he is putting in the long hours now; making it second nature so as the opportunities start rolling in, he will be ready. “This is a fulltime job but we are not getting paid from it right now,” said Shane. “So we just doing what we gotta do, working these night clubs, working in the studio, traveling to these places and we love what we do and eventually, soon, we will be making money but now we gotta put in this work, we gotta do this ground work.” The “we” in that statement mainly refers to his dad. He respects and appreciates all the work his dad has put into his career; takes his advice and follows his lead. It also refers to his management team hired to help his parents launch Shane into the spotlight. “The dual role gets tricky sometimes,” said King. “I have to take off the parent hat a lot to make sure we keep everything

in perspective. I’ve had the conversation several times that begins with ‘I’m your dad and I love you, but this is about business!’ It has worked very well so far!” He’s right, it is working; the spontaneous trips, all-night work sessions, the marketing and networking are all the right components to build a brand. New artists take heed; when you’re trying to make it in this business follow Shane’s lead. Talk it up, tell people what you do. It may lead to a new route in the direction of your success. In Shane’s words, “Stay on the grind, this business is all about relationships. It’s who you know. Don’t burn any bridges because you never know who you need or who will be there in the future. Stay hungry, stay humble and grind it out because that’s what you gotta do and that’s what we doing everyday.” Check for Shane at www. to get upcoming tour dates with Goriilla Zoe, more pics, videos, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Shane mosely with a fan

photos courtesy of


Chad A Gift Rap

Chad A. d


wRITTEN bY rmc

The season of giving may be over but that’s not stopping Chad A’s generosity to Plug readers. Slated to drop February 19, Chad is flooding the streets with a “gift” that’s nothing without the “rap”. “Gift Rap— I feel like this is my best work ever,” said Chad. “I never said that about my first, second, or third mixtape. Each song is a banger! I feel like it’s got more of that southern swag to it, but I’m spitting like a N.Y. n*gga on there as well. It’s nothing but fire on this mixtape. A new me as far as my style is concerned.” The concept of the mixtape is based on his “God given talent” and he’s rapping so that’s why he named it “Gift Rap”. “Gift R-A-P, that’s why I feel like it should be good,” said Chad. “I think the streets will love it. I’m dropping it on my birthday. I didn’t call it that because I’m dropping it on my birthday but it fits in anyway. I’m trying to have a release party for it too.” Born Chad Allison in Bedford Stuyvesant [Bed Stuy] Brooklyn, N.Y., his family moved to Durham, N.C. when he was three-years-old. After high school he moved back to N.Y., then Atlanta for a year, and then back to Durham in search of his spot in Hip-hop. “I realize I keep coming back to N.C., so I feel like as far as me putting my music out I need to start in N.C. first,” said Chad. “I mean I was born in N.Y. and lived in Atlanta but this is home.” “Musically I wanted to branch out; I wanted to go back to my roots,” said Chad. “Moving to Atlanta influenced my music by bringing more southern swag to my style and moving to N.Y. broadened my word play so I really look at myself as an up-top type dude with a down South swag.”


“Getting people familiar with my trademark,” he added. “You know Jigga when you hear ha…ha,ha,ha; when you hear [DMX] he got the bark. When you hear me, when I’m on the track and you hear Ch-Ch-Ch-Chad A or you hear a stutter on it or yurooom, that’s the Fast Lane Familia [sound]. Fast Lane Familia is a label Chad created to lead other artists into the ever-changing world of hip-hop. As stated in his Reverbnation Bio, “Hip-hop is changing, evolving in some areas and slowly decaying in others. I am a SOLDIER, and soon to be GENERAL in a fight to preserve this art.” This soldier marched in his brothers footsteps; trying to be a part of their group, “Illegal Assembly”, but he was dismissed; he was too young. In the 6th grade, fueled with the ambition to gain their approval, Chad kicked a little verse that made them take notice. They finally gave him his props; from that acknowledgment he evolved into a rapper, determined take the lead from there. Now Chad is putting it in; working hard to

achieve his lead-time. He thinks he has what it takes to put and keep N.C. on the map, and when that happens his name should be synonymous with the state, like every other prominent artist in the game. “When you speak of Atlanta I feel like you already have those stars in mind—TI, Luda, Outcast, people like that, Gucci Mane, Jeezy,” said Chad. “When you speak of N.Y. you think of Jay-Z, Fabolous, Nas, and you can keep going on, etc., but when you think of N.C. though, really no name comes up. You just think of Petey Pablo, but really we don’t rock with him at all in N.C. So I feel like when somebody say N.C. my name should pop up… Chad A.” Check for Ch-Ch-Ch-Chad A at www. Follow him on, Facebook, and Twitter. See you at the release party and don’t forget to unRap your Gift! Yur-roooom!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT how to make yourself hot pt 2 How To Make Yourself Hot pt 2 is filled with information I compiled over time after talking to various industry execs, DJ’s, artists, meshed with opinions and thoughts from my own experience. I don’t claim to know it all, but this is the purpose of the publication is to let you know whats real. 100 Hip Hop has changed with the times; evolving right along with the digital age. Everything from the way music is received to how artist distribute and promote music has changed; and so has the road to success. In order to be successful in any industry you must be able to adapt. With that said, the days of actually selling your CD or mixtape out your trunk are gone. In store CD sales are down and music fans are just not buying CD’s anymore. So, in order for an artist to make a big enough impact in the industry and sell a massive amount of CD’s; artists need to be creative in the delivery of music, invest a lot more in themselves to build a fan base, develop his/her brand, and create cash flow.

How To Make Yourself Hot Pt 2


brand; whether it’s another project or more effective promotion and marketing. Some independent artists fail to realize that the hip-hop industry is a business. It’s a business where products (music) and services (promotion, marketing, distribution, etc) are sold for money. So the old saying is true, “It takes money to make money”. Record Labels are like investment banks, they invest in your product (music) with money, time and resources to get you seen and heard not only so you can make money but so they can make a Return on Investment—In return for investing in your music they get a percentage of the sales, royalties and other things (shows, merchandise, licensing, etc); it’s a give and take situation.

Before they invest a substantial amount in your product you need to build and develop your product. Don’t look for someone to dump six figures in your lap for an undeveloped product in an oversaturated market. As an artist you need to put in the work to build your product and make them look for you instead of you looking for them. Don’t get me wrong wRITTEN bY cLINT eASTHOOD you NEED to network. But networking is not looking for people to just help you, but finding people on the same level In terms of cash flow I mean, if an artist invest a solid as you with you both having something to offer each other. $2,000 - $5,000 (over time) into a well put together And sometimes that does include you paying them for their service. project(s) with the right promotional and marketing plan it will put his/her music in position to make a return on investment (ROI) Everybody can’t help everybody. So don’t get upset or take it personal when someone who is further along than you doesn’t want to help through live show bookings, digital sales, and quality press. With or can’t help you for FREE. Working relationships are reciprocal, so that in place an artist can survive. don’t expect for someone to work for you free without you being able to offer them something or help them progress. The #1 problem up and coming and indie artists have is spending more money than they make on their image ; cars, clothes and Here are a few suggestions on how to put your money in the right bottles. While some artist OVERSPEND on their actual project, but don’t spend any money on promotion or marketing. What’s the place. Don’t jump at every opportunity out there that looks good. When companies want to invest money, spend money, or partner with sense of spending $100,000 on a new Mercedes if you can’t put another business; they perform a background check known as due gas in the car? Same thing with music! Why put all that money in diligence. They do their homework on a company, group or individual production and presentation but nobody hears your music or sees as far as references, who they have worked and done business with your video. Some artist consider a co-sign the “end all, be all” to and track record. You should do the same with whomever you do their promotion plan. A co-sign will only go so far, you still have business with in the industry; from A&R’s, managers, producers to put in the work to get it seen and heard. and studios, to online promotional and marketing companies. What FOOD FOR THOUGHT—A lot of artists come in the game with you’re looking for is to see if what they are offering matches the price they’re charging. Make sure that it’s parallel to what you’re trying to an external source of income and after investing in themselves accomplish. Remember, you have to ensure that people are who they they make the mistake of blowing that money instead of resay they are and know who they say they know. investing. Once you invest in yourself as an artist and make a profit take what you originally invested and put it back into your CONTINUED ON PG 29 21

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Hip-Hop Headlines

The Radar

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KANYE WEST STEALING THE HEADLINES Once again the hip-hop superstar Kanye West makes headlines. After another successful platinum album release “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, Kanye is set to headline the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California but not without backlash. Some fans of the Coachella Festival are threatening to boycott. In dismay of Kanye’s headlining annoucement, disgruntled fans have started an official Coachella 2011 SUCKS/ Boycott thread on Coachella’s own official :web forum. Some of the entries read Haters unite! This festival sucks. This lineup sucks. You know it does. Please join me in boycotting this bullshit! Help me give more room to those people I don’t like, listening to that music I don’t like! Make it happen. Last year we had Edward sharpe, Them Crooked Vultures, The Dead Weather, MGMT, The Specials etc... This year, we got all the leftovers from last year’s other festivals. I mean there is a definite lackage of rock ‘n roll here. Another hip-hop superstar Jay-z was set to headline a similar outdoor music festival the Glastonbury Festival in 2008 when he received backlash from Oasis front man Noel Gallagher. Saying “I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.” in which in turn Jay-Z responded by opening his act covering Oasis’ “WonderWall” which Gallagher wrote. When asked about Jay-Z’s performance sometime after



lupe fiasco from losers to lasers

the show Gallagher had changed his tune and responded, “I thought it was great. I love Jay-Z” Maybe the same fans who don’t want Kanye West to perform Coachella will change there tune as well after Kanye’s performance. Kanye is well known for his stage performances, and is considered one of the top performers in all of hip-hop along with Jay-Z, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. Alternative rock hip-hop and electronic music acts dominate Coachella and Kanye West isn’t the only Hip-Hop act set to perform, so we know Hip-Hop isn’t the issue. Maybe its Kanye’s image from the Taylor Swift incident or the fact that at another music festival where Kanye was to perform , Yeezy’s set started almost 2 ½ hours after its scheduled start time and ran for half the allotted time. Fans do not forget. Outside of Coachella 2011 Kanye West is making headlines with his plans to release a studio album with Jay-Z in March titled “Watch The Throne”. The first single from the LP “H.A.M (Hard As a Mother F*cker) was released 1/11/11. In addition the collaboration with Jay-Z, Kanye announced via his Twitter that he will be releasing another solo album this summer.

Its been a long road for Lupe .Fiasco leading up to Lasers Lupe was originally supposed to release his triple album LupEND as his third and final album, but his contract with Atlantic wouldn’t allow it. After that project was scrapped Lupe went back to the lab and was due to release The Great American Rap Album in June 2009. That album was delayed as well and he started on a new album, “We Are lasers” now titled “Lasers”. After riffs with Atlantic, label petitions, single leaks and more Lupe completed the album did his part and submitted the album to the label. After collecting dust on the desks of Atlantic Record executives a fan by the name of Richard Barker organized an online petition demanding Atlantic Records to release “Lasers”. The petition got the attention of major hip hop blogsites as well as attaining over 5,000 signatures on its first day. This was the beginning of a wave of public support from Lupe’s fan base. A week prior to the event Lupe announced “victory” via his twitter feed and announced that “Lasers” would be released March 8. Following that annoucement in October 2010, Lupe Fiasco fans organized a march

in NYC to support and celebrate the release of Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers album named “Fiasco Friday”. Over 200 fans showed up in Central Park in Manhatten and marched to Atlantic Record offices on sixth avenue. Fans showed up from as far as Los Angeles to support the recording artist. Talk about fan loyalty, two New Jersey natives Matt Morrelli and Matt La Corte who never met the rapper orgazined this grass roots rally and sparked a whole new movement of fan support. MTV, Lyor Cohen, and Lupe Fiasco himself showed up for the event and addressedhisloyalfans. With the Lasers in the on deck circle for a March 8 release his fans organized a bigger and larger rally for Lupe and dubbed it “Fiasco Friday 2”. Fans in four cities New York, Los Angeles, Houston and his hometown Chicago will rally and purchase Lasers. A new wave of fan support has begun.

lIL WAYNE I AM MUSIC 2 TOUR The hardest working artist in Hip-Hop is back in the swing of his never ending work schedule. After being released from prison, releasing another chart topping single and his cross country trek for New years Eve, Weezy has his eyes set on another successful major tour. Lil Wayne announced his I Am Music II tour featuring Rick Ross, fellow Young Money superstar Nikki Minaj and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. The tour is scheduled to kick off in Buffaloe, NY March 18th and end at the Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, NJ May 1st. Lil Waynes I Am Music tour held in 2008-2009 grossed approximately $42 Million, Cash Money.


Ban The Box Campaign

Keeping you informed of what›s happening around you

wRITTEN bY rmc

Local News Stories-Developments-Happenings

Can the Exclusion of a Little Box Really Help Ex-Offenders? A little box could be standing in the way of exoffenders receiving a fair shot at jobs. Having a criminal record excludes those convicted from voting, signing a lease or living in some apartment communities here in North Carolina, and the main revolving jail door contributor… obtaining a job with descent pay when released.

Here is your chance to sound off, log on to click on the Columns tab, comment and choose your answer for the survey below Do you believe the Ban The Box Legislation is Necessary if prisoners are to ever become productive members of society A good idea if they are qualified to do the job Acceptable only under additional employment scrutiny Not acceptable, an employer has the right to know an applicants past A bad idea its their own fault they chose the path that led to incarceration


DeAndre was accepted to Rhodes College near Memphis, on a full-academic scholarship. His plans to become a doctor fell short when he chose to mimic the activities of other young men in his neighborhood who were flaunting lots of cash, often gained through the sale of drugs. That choice led to his incarceration.

According to the Urban Institute Justice Policy Center, nearly 700,000 people are released from state and federal prisons each year. One year after release, only 37 percent have a full-time job, and most of those earn a lower hourly wage than they did before incarceration.

After DeAndre’s release, he said, “It was very hard.” He could not secure a job because of his record. “I can’t say that I’ve never had the desire to go back [to illegal ways],” because he knew he could make money that way. But he “didn’t let the desire take [him] under.”

Susan Burton, an ex-offender released in 2003 for drug convictions, started a re-entry program in Los Angeles for formerly incarcerated women due to problems she faced obtaining a job after her release. “I’ve watched the discrimination and experienced it firsthand when you have to check the box,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

Standing clear of the revolving door, DeAndre and his wife started a janitorial business. They won a large contract with a hospital, but he was told to immediately turn in his keys and leave the premises when the company ran a background check on him revealing his criminal record. It didn’t matter that he had put in two years; the contract was terminated three months later giving DeAndre reason to question the system.

‘The box’ refers to the square on a job application that sits next to the question: “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?”

That set-back prompted him to start a program training ex-prisoners with additional skills for re-entry into the workforce. When three of the graduates returned defeated with rejection, DeAndre asked city officials to ban the box for city jobs to give ex-offenders a chance to be recognized for their skills. DeAndre hopes that Ban the Box will eventually become a national movement. “It’s

While Susan’s efforts are often credited with starting the “Ban the Box” movement, another ex-offender, DeAndre Brown, launched a campaign in the city of Memphis when he and other ex-offenders were denied job opportunities.

important,” he adds, “because it gives [exprisoners] hope. The hope is what gives them the desire to do better.” That hope led to the passing of ban the box legislation in Memphis, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Connecticut, Minnesota, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco in public and/or private sectors. Legislation is still pending in California, Maryland, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, and nothing is pending in North Carolina thus far. The ban would also give applicants an opportunity to explain away charges that never became convictions that may be listed on criminal background checks. Some applicants have been rejected based on charges alone. “I am for Ban the Box. I know a person who got deferred adjudication for a misdemeanor, and now can’t get work because of it. He wasn’t even formally convicted! And it was a misdemeanor, no jail time, nothing, but he might as well have been,” posted by E

commenting to a previous article. “I have the same problem, damned if you do tell them you have a record and damned if you don’t. I had to give in my EMT license which I had and was working doing something good. Served in the military as a medic, can’t even get a job cleaning. it’s bad. Now you know why people do the same thing again. My record was 15 yrs ago,” posted by John Doe commenting to a previous article. Flipping the coin—”Ban the Box” opponents recite statistics that high percentages of convicted felons will return to prison regardless of social program availability. They argue that the ‘felony box’ was instituted to protect the law-abiding, and had the exoffender been concerned with their role in

damned if you do tell them you have a record, and damned if you don't

Ban The Box


society they would not have chosen to commit the crimes that led to incarceration. Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and Minnesota are some of the states that have adopted legislation reducing employment barriers for the previously incarcerated. They point out that government positions are first offered to applicants before employers conduct a criminal background check. If the applicant possesses a criminal record, city officials determine whether the past offense would affect the applicant’s ability to fulfill their job. Tit for tat can fuel a war of discussion for years to come, but the bottom line is this issue only puts the spotlight on yet another flaw in the judicial system. The more it is discussed the ex-offender remains stuck in the cycle with the scale tipped against those who have supposedly paid their debt to society. Banning the box gives ex-offenders an opportunity to explain discrepancies that may shed a shade of gray over the black and white labels that hover over them. It strips away perception to give employers facts and the decision to hire once the facts are revealed still remains with the employer. No harm or foul. The questions remain…Will getting rid of the question actually give those who have committed crimes a true chance of obtaining a job? How many ex-offenders will tell the truth if given the opportunity? The way the economy is now, people with degrees and no criminal records are having trouble finding work, so will the deletion of this question make a difference or will it give exoffenders false hope? The Plug would like to know your opinion in this matter? Should North Carolina push for the ban or should ex-offenders just fend for themselves? We value your feedback, log onto to fill out a five question survey or send us a response on our Face book or Twitter page.


Night Life

sometimes over extravagant figure like Diddy, it backs its claims up where it matters the most... in the product. Ciroc is set apart from other vodkas by the fact that it is derived from grapes, in contrast to competitors who use corn, sorghum, rye, wheat, or potatoes. With the newly added Red Berry and Coconut flavored varieties, Ciroc looks to corner the urban market. For now they are our NightLife Mixer of the month. Check out the cool cocktail recipes you can make at home or order at the bar.

your event FEATURED here


Diddy is one of the most influential and successful individuals in Hip-Hop history, so no wonder in 2007 Ciroc inked a deal with Diddy giving him 50% of the profits to take on the role of global product ambassador to increase brand awareness and redevelop the brand. Since then we’ve seen it in every rap video, heard it in many rap songs, it’s available everywhere and Diddy promotes the hell out of it. Remember his “Breakfast of Champions” Ciroc and Frosted Flakes You Tube video, and him boasting from a hot bubble bath how Ciroc is better than any other vodka on earth and he can prove it. But Ciroc is not only backed by a loud mouth, savvy and


Cool Cocktails-NC Event Plug

Cool Cocktails


Cテ山OC Red Berry Repartee 1.5 oz Cテ山OC Red Berry 4 oz Sprite 1 oz Sour Mix .25 oz Grenadine Glass: Rocks Garnish: Lime Wedge Ice: Yes Build in a rocks glass over ice. Shake. Garnish with a Lime Wedge.



How To Make Yourself Hot Pt 2


Investing in yourself also means creating opportunities. “Those who wait shall continue to wait; for opportunities were never given, they were made.” No one ever became successful by waiting. It is highly unlikely you will bump into an industry executive like Jimmy Iovine, of Interscope Records, at Wal-Mart, give him your CD and have a deal next week. You must constantly brainstorm and pound the pavement on legitimate ways to be seen and heard. And if one door doesn’t open, don’t keep banging your head against the door, move on to the next door. So if one media outlet such as your local radio station won’t play your music, find an internet radio station like or a blog talk radio show like Straight Heat Radio and submit your press kit…the right way. That’s what the press kit is for, use it. (If you need help developing your press kit, visit Look for up and coming blog sites that feature independent artist like NewMusicPlug. Net. Find out the submission process on how to get featured and submit your press kit the RIGHT WAY. (I cannot stress that enough) Also, once you’re featured DON’T wait on them to promote it. Promote it yourself and promote it hard. The way you promote your music on Facebook and Twitter is the same way you should do it when you’re featured on another website. That doesn’t mean randomly tagging people you don’t know (that shit is annoying and it’s not effective promotion) but let your people know that you have been featured somewhere and ask them to tell the people they know—effective grass roots marketing “word of mouth”. Look for online promotional companies like with a legitimate fan base and partnerships to effectively promote your music through multiple media platforms. Don’t stop there, use Google to find other internet radio stations, online magazines, blog sites, networks, forums, etc., in support of indie artists and send them your press kit. The entire world is at your fingertips but it’s up to you to use these resources. A lot of things are free but don’t expect everything to be. Just be prepared at all times to invest in yourself but be smart about it. In conclusion, you will only go as far as you take yourself. Networking, creating opportunities and spending your money smartly will only put you ahead in this industry. If you are constantly looking for ways to expand your fan base that only increases your odds of meeting the right person. The honest truth is every artist that sets out to be the next platinum success may never be that, but there are artists now that you never heard of making $5,000 a show. Food For Thought 29





HOSTED BY DJ sKEE AND FUNKMASTER FLEX Since Game came on the scene with G-Unit, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, he has always been a true student of hip-hop. The Documentary was a classic, Doctors Advocate was underrated but still highly successful, and due to the economy and volatile music sales, the feature (guest appearance) filled LAX wasn’t as successful as it should’ve been. But since his last album release Game has been back on his shit and back in the streets. He’s released a considerable amount of material but none better than his double disc lyrical decimation Purp and Patron. Hosted by his go to guy for mixtapes DJ Skee and the legendary Funk Master Flex., Purp and Patron is 29 tracks deep of raw hip-hop. Purp and Patron showcases a more focused Game than before when he was more concerned about beef. A while back Game said in an interview that he would talk to 50 in hopes of a G-Unit reunion similar to Dipset. Original members of G-Unit Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo disagreed and felt

as though Game only wanted to reunite due to G-Units revived relevance and his declining popularity. Since then Game has taken the higher road and not said anything about The Unit since then. Listening to Purp and Patron instantly reminded me of Game’s days with G-Unit, when he seemed focused and destined for greatness. For almost a year now Game has been talking up and speculating on the release of his fourth studio album, R.E.D, but there has been no official release date stated. In the meantime Game continues to burn-up the streets with consistent mixtape releases, both virally and in the hood. If R.E.D sounds anything like or better than Purp and Patron, Game could be adding another plaque to the collection. Purp and Patron features: Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Pharrell, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Mistah Fab, Fabolous, T-Pain, Ashanti, Lil Boosie, Clinton Sparks, Swizz Beats, Big Daddy Kane, Dre, Doug E. Fresh, KRS One, Travis Barker, Mike Epps, Jim Jones and more!

UP IN SMOKE What you know about Tity Two Chains? One half of the duo Playaz Circle Tity Boi has established himself in the digital underground and on the streets of atlanta as a fire spittin solo artist. His last mixtape effort Trapavelli 2 was one of his best projects to date and set the internet and streets on fire. This time Tity Boi drops a new banger for the streets Up In Smoke hosted by a gang of mixtape DJ’s , DJ 1Hunnit, DJ Fletch, DJ Cannon Banyon and DJ P Exclusivez. Up In Smoke features new original music and collaborations from Tity Boi along with Parlae, J. Futuristic, Yo Gotti, Rich Boy, Shawty Lo, Red Café, Rocko and Dolla Boi.



Fresh off the summer success of Teflon Don and his B.M.F world tour, on Christmas Eve Ross released a digital gift for the masses, Ashes to Ashes. Since then Ross has been killing the streets, the blogs and everywhere in-between even managing to snatch The Source’s Man of the Year 2010. On Ashes to Ashes Ross lyrical word play and witty punch lines only intensify rather than diminish. As a hip hop artist Ross has the rare ability to make a trap banger such as John Doe or 9 piece and still dance through sample laced instrumentals with immense

craftiness. Ross is on the road to superstardom in Hip-Hop if he hasn’t reached that status already. Regardless of his questionable past, Ross has managed to bury that and speak with his music, which at the end of the day is the only thing that matters.

Paper Set ENT captain SQUiRE linked up with DJ Clint Easthood to drop The REIGN the follow up to his previous banger The Storm B4 The REIGN available at NewMusicPlug.Net/TheREIGN

Always in grind mode DJ Clint Easthood feeds the streets with another shipment of quality uncut dope music. Dope Spot 3 features new music from Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, Big Champ, SQUiRE and more!!!


Ashes to Ashes features Drake, T.I, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Wale, Ludacris, Aaliyah, and Neyo.

Curren$y Return To The Winner’s Circle

Juicy J & Lex Luger Rubba Band Business

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The Music Plug Issue 5  

New issue of The Music Plug, the groundbreaking newspaper/magazine highlighting all the hottest indie, up n coming, and signed artists from...

The Music Plug Issue 5  

New issue of The Music Plug, the groundbreaking newspaper/magazine highlighting all the hottest indie, up n coming, and signed artists from...