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The Music Plug Issue 4 12.18.10 NewMusicPlug.Net

DJ E-Sudd High Point

Nyck Newz Raleigh

B-Stacks Bull City

North Carolina Hip-Hop Talent Search South Radio One Media & Entertainment Convention

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17. How To Make Yourself Hot

6. Young Jeezy Concert @ Raleigh Convention Center

19. Radio One Media & Entertainment Convention

7. Talent Search South @ Hush Bar & Lounge

15.Nyck Newz Global Pandemic

24. Sunday Night Sessions @ Jack Sprats Cafe


9. B Stacks Are The Odds Stacked Against Him? 22. DJ E-Sudd- The Golden Child


27. Good Value, Great Food Toreros Mexican Restaurant 27. Around The Hood- Squire

21. Young Nye

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Right now I’m listening to Christmas in Harlem (Kanye West) finishing up Issue 4 and I’m just realizing that before Thanksgiving I was excited about Christmas. But lately I’ve been so focused that the presence of the holidays escaped me. So to get back in the “holiday spirit” how about we drop this issue just in time for Christmas. The streets of the Triangle might be cold but the music that’s been coming out of the city lately has been straight heat. Cold weather never stopped our hustle before. We’ve made it to more open mics, more showcases, and heard a lot more material from the talented artists right here in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill that you probably don’t even know about. But that’s where we come in, we’re the “plug”, that link to all the hot new talent from this area. As the subtitle for this issue suggests this is all about North Carolina Hip-Hop. This is about DJ’s like E-Sudd who are not only building in North Carolina but are all over the world while still creating opportunities for NC artists with the Bridging The Gap mixtape. Rappers like B-Stacks who come straight from the Bull City and now doing shows across the South and working with some of the biggest mixtape DJ’s in the game. This is what the Music Plug is all about... promoting the hard working and motivating those aspiring.

“I don’t know what the future has in store, but all I know is I want more”- Clint Easthood

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Mixtape Hype

A great mix of R&B and HipHop. You can see the growth in Chris Brown with this mixtape. He went from making bubble gum tracks to grown man music. This mixtape features guest appearances from Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Kevin McCall, and Petey Pablo. Also hosted by DJ Drama and Babey Drew. And yeah that wasn’t a typo Petey Pablo jumped on a track with a rapping Chris Brown for a crazy jawn, most definitely one of In My Zone 2 stand out tracks , also joining other tracks like Ms. Breezy ft Gucci Mane, and Christmas Came Today.

J. Cole once again proves that he may be the next big thing in music..period. With only 2 mixtapes under his belt, a few singles and guest appearances J. Cole is building quite the resume. His album was tentatively scheduled for a 4th quarter drop but so far no release date has been announced. But Friday Night Lights certainly feels like an album, with tracks like Back To The Topic, You Got It featuring Wale, and In The Morning featuring Drake. Hip-Hop is definitely back in the building.

Trey Songz was always an amazing artist from his first hit song until he skyrocketed into superstardom just recently with his past two albums. But with this mixtape he shows off both his vocal and rhyming skills on one great piece of work.

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Mixtape Hype Trap Tapes of The Month

Leaks Of The Month Meek Mill ft Rick Ross I’m A Boss

Chris Brown ft Petey Pablo Drop Rap

Y.G ft B.I.G Krit, Big Sean and TY$In Da Morning Rocko Rocko Dinero hosted by The Empire

Mica Swain ft Willie B Bubble Gum Thang T.I Ft Drake Poppin Bottles Wiz Khalifa Real Estate

Curren$y ft Wiz Khalifa Huey Newton Lloyd Banks ft Eminem Where I’m At Big Champ The Rebirth hosted by The Empire

Nicki Minaj Did It On Em

Yo Gotti ft Rick Ross Teenage Numbers Travis Porter-

Broke N*ggas (Make Me Sick)

Yo Gotti Cocaine Muzik 5 hosted by Bigga Rankin’

Servin’ The Streets

DJ Clint Easthood drops his latest installment of The Dope Spot mixtape series which is dubbed from the popular Dope Spot column in this same publication featuring the hottest album and mixtape reviews. Well the mixtape doesn’t stray far from the concept of hot music and features new music from T.I feat Christina Augilerra, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Jae Millz, Mica Swain (Bubble Gum Thang), Wiz Khalifa and SQUiRE (My Whole Gang Sick).

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Concert raleigh Convention Center Featuring Roscoe Dash, Pooh Bear, Forte and Troop 41 B. Rose brought out Young Jeezy and Roscoe Dash for an explosive concert Saturday November 20, immediately following Radio One’s Media & Entertainment Convention also featuring local independent talent R&B singer Pooh Bear, HipHop artist Forte, and local group Troop 41. K97.5’s Brian Dawson held down the M.C duties and got the crowd going before the snowman hit the stage. If you missed it you missed a great performance by one of rap’s biggest names. Shout out to the 2 females I stood in front of to snap these pics. Sorry =) -Clint Easthood

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Talent Search South Open Mic Sundays hosted by Magic Obama I hear everybody talking about a movement, the North Carolina movement, South Carolina movement, and the Middle East movement. Which I’m in full support of, but what we’re about to talk about is an industry, a collection of movements with one common goal and purpose. Thats to build the same Hip-Hop market that other regions such as New York, Atlanta, Florida, Texas and California were successful at doing. With the game changing due to the over saturation of new rap artists, low record sales, and an almost accepted piracy issue, the chances of any one rapper “blowing up” and getting a million dollar deal is significantly slim. The work is that much harder but the reward is so much sweeter. But knowing where to start is a problem most aspiring artists have a problem figuring out. That’s where Talent Search South comes in.

even bring it to fruition. But we started in June of this year.

When was Talent Search South established? It was a pet project of mine that I brought towards the record label I was dealing with Sotti/Koch Records, but it took a year for me to

How can artists get involved with TSS? Because I understand you do showcases and open mics, right?

Don’t let the name allow you to only limit there functions to putting together “showcases”, “open mics”, or talent searches. TSS is building the Carolina’s music industry right in front of our eyes. They are more than a business they are an industry. With almost 300 artists, several managers, publicists, publications, producers, DJ’s and an Internet Radio Station they all share the same common goal and thats to build a business that will attracts the majors. I got a chance to attend one of their showcases and I recently spoke with the founder of Talent Search South Magic Obama aka The Down South Label Connect about Talent Search South, How it got started and where they’re taking the Hip-Hop game in the Carolina’s.

What made you want to start TSS or bring it to the attention of the record label? Through my travels back and forth to the south, I have family members down here. And you know everytime I go to a family function down there or a cook out.. they know im affiliated with the music business. And so many people were bringing me CDs and DVDs and stuff like that and it was well put together. So when I got home and really listened, it was good brands, good products, and good music. So I just thought about it why don’t I try to go down there and do a talent search for the record label. So it just started with my fam, me going back and forth to the South. Im not from down here but my family is deeply rooted down here.

What is the functions of Talent Search South? It started out to look for talent for Sotti Records so in the process of me doing that I seen another avenue. The things that we were searching for they already had. So I switched the game up and said lets try an build an industry down here, instead of just me comin’ through one label looking for one act or one group, lets build an industry of business people with Talent Search South. As you well know Talent Search South is a collection of managers, producers, with close to 300 artists, videographers, and magazine writers. Its also 29 independent record labels such as myself. We built the North Carolina, South Carolina industry and we’re still building as we go along. So now it went back to, I got minds off of getting record deals and their mind set on creating themselves as a deal already.

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8 NewMusicPlug.Net, Putting NC on the Map One Artist at a Time By Ruth Mc

Speaking with Chris Mims, co-founder of, his energy bounced from word to word as he gave the Plug an in-depth overview of the website he created to connect NC artists to the world.

Mims, an animated entity also known as “God Meta”, captivates as he articulates his passion for developing a stomping ground for serious NC artists. The site originated from his deep love and appreciation of good hip hop music which he has turned into a movement; giving “dope” NC artists a chance to be heard on the local tip and gain national momentum.

“So, I was going to a lot of underground shows,” said Mims. “And I was just taken aback about how dope these artists were but yet how small the turn out was. So I was thinking, somebody needs to come up with a site to put everybody on one road because you know in NC everybody is all spread out in the state. So, I said let’s put all the dope professional emcee’s under one website so if anybody wanted to support these cats they got a place to come and find everybody. So, that pretty much birthed the idea.” So, how did this Mt. Vernon, NY native find his niche here in NC? Like a lot of students, Mims remained in Greensboro after attending A & T University. Pursued the degree, and then entered the corporate world only to be laid off during a sketchy economy. After his lay off, the hip hop connect idea marinated on his brain long enough for him to take action. He contacted his now partner, Semaj Marsh, designer and site manager, not knowing the idea needed time to saturate his thoughts also.

“I have a business partner, he designs websites,” said Mims. “He actually designed; he owns and runs that which is the site for A & T’s football team. So, I pitched him the idea. It took him a year to finally get off his ass and really put it together and then we started tweaking everything.” “When we first launched, my partner, he’s a phenomenal writer. He came up with this story, a battle cry and he was like welcome to the movement,” said Mims. “It’s on the website. When you read it, you will get extremely hype; it’s very encouraging, very motivational. If we want this movement to be successful we need a professional site. It can’t be anything janky associated with this movement otherwise you’re stalling it, you’re hurting it.”

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B-Stacks; are the odds stacked for or against him? Blaring through the streets of Durham, N.C., there’s a Code Red alert on blast. It started on the south side, and it’s making its way through the city, block by block, school to school, ear to ear. It’s here, and B-Stacks is the one who is setting it off. If you are wondering who the hell is B-Stacks, then consider this your introductory code; and if you are already a fan then become reacquainted with this up and coming artist taking the city by storm. But the best way to get in on B-Stacks hype is to listen to his latest mixtape. “CODE Red 114, that mixtape is real big out here that’s with DJ Scream,” said Stacks. “The definition… came from the neighborhood I come from, 114 [on my block], so that’s where the name comes from and as far as the music that’s pretty much self explanatory.” Born Sandy Leadbetter, B-Stacks stumbled into rap at the age of 16 when he wrote some songs for a mixtape basically for fun. “I realized [I wanted to be a rapper] around 16 when I was making my first mixtape, Product of the South,” said Stacks. “The response from the mixtape was pretty big; it was something that I wasn’t expecting. I was really just looking at it as, oh yeah, Ima make these songs into a mixtape, you know what I’m saying… I was having fun with it and I was fortunate enough to link up with DJ Folk, who is a big DJ in Atlanta, that’s actually CTE’s (Corporate Thug Entertainment) DJ and the response from that was pretty big.” Stacks met DJ Folk when he hosted a mixtape for MOS, another artist from Durham, and Stacks was featured on one of the tracks. Needless to say the rapper has a style that commands attention from people knee-deep in the game. “I was featured on a track on that mixtape and he liked it…,” said Stacks. “He liked the song that I was on. My manager got up with him and we did some negotiating over the phone and it went from there.” There are many artists on the grind in this area; some who think there should be a NC movement to bring about well deserved attention to the talent in this state. B-Stacks sees a different type of movement in N.C.

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10 NewMusicPlug.Net . “I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s a N.C. movement because N.C. has close to zero exposure so I think everybody is just grinding,” said Stacks. “Like all the local artists are just making moves amongst themselves, you know what I’m saying, there might be a collab here, a collab there but everybody is like focused on themselves, everybody tryna get theres and then come back.” “If you hear about B-Stacks here Young Swift there, Chuck Breeze here MOS there, you know what I’m saying, all at the same time that will automatically grasp attention to N.C.,” he continued. “I think that’s more of the movement. As far as everybody being up under the same umbrella I wouldn’t say that’s going on.” Whether everyone is under the same umbrella or not the movement needed in N.C. is one of respect for each others craft. Respectful enough to have successful collaborations and for artists to be able to work together; which basically was the atmosphere at Carmen’s lounge in Morrisville, N.C., during a Source magazine showcase of local talent. B-Stacks performed and the crowd loved him. “When I perform…I literally blank out,” said Stacks. “I feel like no ones there but me. It’s just like I just go into my own zone. It feels great to have a crowd that’s actually involved you know you can go somewhere but the crowd feeds off your energy you know what I’m saying… and when its a good response from a crowd its like a dream come true. When you hear people chanting and cheering you on, that feeling is really indescribable.” Things seem to be going smooth for Stacks; his career is on track. He has a street team pushing his mixtape all over the Triad. He has been booked for shows, worked with DJ’s in major markets, and he had cameos in music videos. He was signed with Faculty Entertainment at the age of 17. So now at the age of 19, what are the odds he will have longevity in the business? Are the odds stacked for or against him? “From production to the fans, this Southern native gives 100% in whatever he does. Dedication and hard work is what the rap game needs; this MC has all the ingredients to be successful in this industry.” – Faculty Entertainment. Before “Code Red 114”, Stacks had a single hit from “All in or Cash Out”, hosted by DJ Chuck; that was played in 15 markets around the country. His first mixtape “Product of the South” was created in 72 hours, and he made his debut featured on 14 out of 17 tracks on the “Death B4 Dishonor Vol. 2” If Stacks continues to put in this type of work, the Plug is stacking odds in his favor. If he follows the same advice he gave to new rappers in the game, he should develop into the respected artist he aspires to be. “My advice for struggling artists is you got to just stay on your job,” said Stacks. “As an artist you gotta make music, you gotta put it out there and you gotta do that at all times. You can’t slack up, and you really can’t get no sleep, you just gotta grind.” “All my new mixtapes, old mixtapes, all the show dates, everything about me is on,” said Stacks. When asked what did he wants his fans to know about him, he just laughed and said, “Follow me on twitter.” -Written by Ruth Mc

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T.I.T.S have been popping out globally; now N.C. gets a special peep show. “Two In the Shirt” condensed to T.I.T.S. Brand markets provocative T-shirts designed to focus on the female body; encompassing various testosterone based fantasies of women. Finally a brand that gives men permission to get what’s on their minds displayed in perfect form on their chest. “Girls on shirts no more, no less,” said Mark Grubel, T.I.T.S founder. “Originally the main idea was to put girls on a shirt for guys to wear to clubs as a conversation starter.” Grubel, a graffiti artist from Seattle, WA, launched the line in August 2006. The idea for the brand was originally conceived while drinking 40’s of Mickey’s Malt Liquor. He wanted to bridge the gap between skater and hip-hop fashion and appeal to all consumers, and not be exclusive to those who wear street or urban fashions. It took two years to develop the brand after Grubel came up with the concept, starting out at the Magic tradeshow for retailers. Now the brand has come into its own; offering graphic tops (Tee’s, Crew Necks, Hooded Sweatshirts), and accessories to include fitted caps, beanies, beach towels, skins (Laptops, I-Phone, and I-Pod) and neck ties. The brand coupled-up with adult film stars Gianna Michaels, Tera Patrick, and upcoming collaborations with Sunny Leone and Courtney Cummz for an ingenious marketing strategy; giving them provocative models to feature on the shirts and a solid presence at Adult Trade shows such as AVN in Las Vegas. “Porn stars on shirts came because a

tax right off was needed one year so we got a booth at a porn convention and sold some gear,” said Grubel. “From there we started getting a lot of attention and support from the porn industry.” Put some beautiful half-naked women on a shirt and watch how many celebrities wear them, which is one of the reasons why the brand has become a household name. “Numerous artist and celebrities have been spotted wearing and loving TITS,” said Grubel. “Gucci is wearing the trendsetter tee on his album cover and is spotted all the time wearing the brand, slash, Robert Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Tank Johnson (Bengals), Trey Songz, Mack Maine, Rick Ross, Jay Sean, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Don Cannon, Tech Nine, and this is just to name a few.” Aside from the brands celebrity status, consumers were involved in one marketing strategy; after 1000 votes the “Wifey” series won hands down as the favorite. This series is a creative play on every mans portrayal of the “perfect” wife. This series has launched over 15 designs; stemming a coffee table book featuring different types of wifey’s. “Music, shit I do everyday,” said Grubel when asked about developing marketing concepts. “There is never a specific hunt for one concept or idea, it just happens.”

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Jet Swag

Street teams were developed to help spread the word on the brand and a lot of people, nawh straight up everybody, wanted to jump on board.

Whether real or fake, this brand is definitely turning heads; adding an intense look that is sure to entice a glance and some hard stares.

“People looking to join our street team must fill out an application that is reviewed,” said Gubel. “Right now we are currently revamping the entire street team because of the enormous amount of people that were applying we needed to have more structure. We had no idea that we would get so many applicants. We have street team members all over the world, once the new street team is announced it will be world wide.”

TITS is definitely making it harder for men to take their eyes off the two on the shirt, but the line also includes women’s fashions giving men double eye candy as women wear enticing female silhouettes over their own tatas. You would think some women might have a problem with the Tees but the only controversy to date is from one women’s group in Australia. As for Americans, they are in sweet tata heaven. So, in the words of Grubel, “Go buy the shit. Our tees bring on great conversations.” Visit Tata!

The TITS for TATAS campaign was launched Oct. 1 with four limited edition shirts, sticker sheets, bracelets, and buttons. The net profits from each item purchased will be donated to Breast Cancer research. Visit www. for more information on how to help TITS write a huge check for the cause.

Let me teach you how to stunt! Every issue the Music Plug team will pick out an outfit to give you some fly ideas and your swag some inspiration. This issue we went a little modest, but don’t let the modesty fool ya his girl will still break her neck tryna catch a glimpse of you in this fly burgendy attire. Cold blooded **Dave Chapelle Voice**

10 Deep/New Era The 10’s New Era Hat in Burgendy $45

Future brand collaborations and TITS series to watch out for are: “Good Karma, Bad Karma” featuring. model Kelly Karloff. T.I.T.S used Karloff to model its shirts on karmaloop which led to her being a model on the shirt. Check for the Karma’s a Bitch series. Also “True Blood” featuring Kelly Karloff and Gia Bueno is inspired by the HBO series True Blood. “Luxury Model” featuring Terra Patrick; she is the first in a series posing in front of a luxury car. The “King T.I.T.S” series with shirts stating, I’m King. “Estevan Oriol Wifey”; this is Estevan’s depiction of his perfect wifey. Dyme Def- Mix tape (Sex Tape); which will have graphic tops that are inspired by the title of songs that are released. “If all goes well we will continue until we reach a peak sort of like skull and cross bones,” said Gubel. “After the peak hopefully we will have a large enough following that will continue to purchase from” So it is obvious that ready to wear has received a facelift; to include implants, botox, and maybe even some real knockers.

IMKING Riot Jacket in Red Wine $120

Nike Nike Dunk High Premium Sneaker $108

Talent Search South Continued And I also do business seminars. See a lot of the artists down here were coming at me like “yo I want you to manage me” but see I don’t manage artists, I manage labels. We do have management that is within our industry. And you notice I’m not sayin movement because everybody got movements, we got a lot movements within this industry, so we are more than a movement we are an industry.

Now how do people get involved? Just bring your work ethic to the table, come to one of my networking venues, which is the shows and just keep rockin wit me. The main thing I suggest to be apart of it, is bring your business ethic, business quality to the table and stop looking for major labels to do something for you that you could do for yourself. Thats the key to being apart of Talent Search South. I sit with the majors, I know exactly what they can do, what they will do and what they won’t do. Case and point the MEC when Matthew Knowles was speaking, told everyone that’s producers stand up, writers stand up, everybody that’s publicist stand up and so on and said look around ya’ll, ya’ll gotta help each other. He’s a multimillionaire and he has a label himself. He said I can’t do nothing to help ya’ll I can only help the people that came along with me.

So ya’ll the next push which I was always saying, the next push of people. You (Clint Easthood) are the next Dave mays and Source magazine whether you know it or not. I maybe the next Russell Simmons but we all had to start somewhere. People tend to go by whats out there because they don’t know the background and i’m pretty sure you know cause you been in the game, but they don’t know the background. People see what they see on BET thinking because they’re on that week they don’t know that its 10 years of work behind that. So when you do see the Drakes know there’s alotta work behind that. I think alotta artists need to know about TSS and the things that you do because I didn’t even know you held seminars, and thats something that a lot of artists need to know and need to get into because a lot of artists don’t have publishing or their work copy written but want radio play

My primary thing is getting everybody business in order. This music game is 5% music 95% business. I know you know artists probably better than the people on the top 8 at 8 countdown, I know hundreds of people better than BET top 10 countdown this week, but guess what them 100 people business ain’t as correct as them 10 people business thats on the top 10 countdown.

Thats what TSS is here for, everybody that’s affiliated with me they mind set is not record deal no more. They mindset is build. You’ll get record deals. I see North Carolina as New York 15 years ago and Atlanta 8 years ago. The next push is the Carolinas. Thats what these artists need to hear if we can get they mind while they in developing stage on business and work ethics getting you the deal is the least of my problems. You can quote me on that. To contact Talent Search South call Magic Obama at 973 277 7442

NewMusicPlug.Net Local Indy Mixtape Spotlight

KOUIRVISIOUR RETURN TO THE GOLDEN ERA MIXTAPE is an artistic attempt to bring the listener back to The Golden Era of Hip-Hop; when lyrics were much more important than the repetitiveness of the hook, or the hard hitting bass line but actually what the artist was saying. The mixtape is hosted by Skazz Digga of BCF DJ’s and the mixtape is cosigned by a few legends in hip-hop such as Big Daddy Kane and Lord Finesse. If you’re a hip-hop head then this is the mixtape for you. You can download this mixtape on NewMusicPlug.Net for free.

The Music Plug

15 NewMusicPlug.Net

Nyck Newz Global PANDEMIC What really inspired you to get in the music. Start tryna take it to the next level? It was actually my dad, he used to rap a long time ago he used to try to get us to do hooks for him. I ain’t really know what it was just sounded hot. But I really started in middle school around 7th grade, with a couple friends just to do it. Thats when I used to do battle rap shit. Thats when I met Euro and that’s when I got into my writing stage. As the years moved up that’s when I grew up. What about your father? You said he used to rap did he take anywhere?

Back in his days he used to have a lil buzz, but I aint know too much about it. I just know he used to do shows and shit, but he stopped. I felt like I took it more serious than he did, felt like I took it and just carried it on from him. The first joint you did was “Take Me to Miami”? Tell me about that?

Yea that’s with Euro. Actually Young Euro found that song. It was like my first time writing actually cause I used to do a lot of freestyle and the beat click so I just wrote to it. Kinda made it a hit and promoted it. But that’s how that came about. When was this? About 2005, 2007.

Have you felt like you’ve grown since then as an artist? Of course. I used to freestyle, battle rap,

now I’m more commercial like more making songs, writing songs.

You used to be wit a group Mono Cartel? That was my first high school group. Everybody was basically solo in the group doing they own thing. Outta the whole group I collabed with them 1 time. Everybody just did they own thing. They ended up breaking up and I ended up starting my own called “Rehab”.

Me and Euro had made that up and we had 2 artists that’s when we was just freestyling a lot. We wrote it but it sounded like a freestyle. After that well we ain’t break up but everybody just kinda went they own way. But me and Euro started Starr Life, and with Starr Life we just got good artists, we all on the same level. We have lasted longer than any of the other groups I had. I decided to make it official. What clubs have you performed at? Velvet room, Capital V.I.P, I had some at Dolce, all the teen parties Garner rd, Clayton fitness center and I could go on.

Those were a lot of the shows you were booked for? Actually people didn’t use to book me they just put my name on a flyer and tag me on Facebook. And I just look on the flyer and my name be on there, and i’m like oh well I guess I gotta do this show. Then they’ll hit me up the day of the show, like hey you coming to perform? How is a typical Nyck News show? Schwag! Like you said I’m more of a

party artist but I can switch it up. But for shows I do party songs, so basically its jumping, we get it in, crunk. What other artists or producers have you worked with in the area and outside of the area? Well I can say Kia Shine, I just recently did something with him last weekend but we aint get to finish it, we was in Atlanta.

songs up there. I don’t write no more now, i’m not at my old stage like how I used to freestyle about anything but I stay on subject this time more. I make sure I stay on subject. So now your starting to not write your music, just hear the beat and go in? Yup.

How was the video shoot for Party Like An Animal at Velvet Room?

How did Global Pandemic series come about? Global Pandemic that means a problem to the world, like a devestation, so I had Global Pandemic 1 which was more album wise. Just going hard. Just means you a problem to the world and Global Pandemic 3 that was just too crazy, so that just means a problem to the world.

It was aight the video come out somtime next week, its getting edited right now. I had the video right before this one which was “Flyer” and that did good. My first video was this video called Slow Motion it was basically like a studio session. Me rapping in the booth that was good.

what was the response like? Have you seen your response increase? My first one. that did real good. My second one, I was kinda out for a minute and I rushed my tracks but it was still hot, but I don’t really like that one too much. Everything I do is hot but still I don’t feel like I worked hard on the second one but the third one I took my time and that’s what I went all out for got cds, made, covers made. My first one and third one buzzed the most.

Who directed party like an animal video?

You recorded 3? Yeah

So is party like an animal your official single? Yeah that’s the official single.

what made you pick party like an animal and what inspired that song? The felt like it was a party like an animal beat, I dont write none of my hooks. It just came to my head. You can ask Euro I don’t write none of my hooks, outta my whole Global Pandemic mixtape I probably wrote 2

there like everybody else. Im thinking more serious though.

Are you looking for a deal or trying to build your group/brand from the ground up? I don’t really want a deal, yea I do wanna build it up. Do you see yourself recording an album anytime soon?

Yea that’s what i’m working on next actually. I’ll see what an album feels like. It’ll be more of everything so be prepared. It’ll be more different too. Alotta different tracks. Im not just a rapper, I like everything pop, rap, rock, reggae, if you listen to my mixtape I mix that a lot.

Slow motion was off of GP3?

So how can the fans find your music or get at you?

Oh nah Slow Motion was off of GP1. That was my first video.

Twitter @RealNyckNewz Dat Piff or Google Nyck Newz

Dre Cannonz

He also directed your Flyer video? Yea, he’s done alotta famous people video too Whats a typical studio session like? I get beats sent to me. I go through em see which ones click first. I try to do something for every one of em, I’ll sing a hook to it or something and if it don’t sound right I click on the next one, once it click thats the one I choose. Thats the one I work with.

Has there been anybody you’ve come across in the industry that has motivated you or inspired you to go harder? To be honest I listen to myself more than I listen to regular artists. Unless its on the radio I just listen to myself.

Where do you see yourself taking it in the next two years? To the famous level. Yea im tryna get up

How To Make Yourself Hot- Press Kit Tips Every upcoming artist wants to be in the lime light, successful and on top of the game but it’s a long and arduous road and many independent artists don’t know where to start. One of our purpose’s with the Music Plug is to provide you the artist with information and resources that will help start or even further your career. So every issue we’ll provide you with information about the necessary steps you need to take to further your musical career. Realistically speaking every artist who jumps into this game won’t make it “big time” but if you take these necessary steps then you will definitely put yourself into position to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and most importantly make money. After speaking to a few DJ’s and industry professionals and some artists themselves, we’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of artists don’t have a press kit or even know what a press kit or EPK(Electronic Press Kit) is. To get almost anybody in the industry to listen to your music you will need a press kit. A press kit is basically your resume for record labels, booking agents, managers, DJ’s and anybody else that you want to do business with in regards to your talent. A press kit contains the following elements


This is your brief personal story, you can write it yourself or hire a publicist to write it. Publicists are another key element of getting publicity but we’ll get into that another segment. Your bio should include some personal life information pre-music, information about your music career, outling performances, album/mixtape releases, collaborations and more, the more work shown the better.


Since this is the age of the internet you would most likely submit your press kit or

EPK via email but it’s always good to keep a physical copy handy. The purpose of your press kit is to display your talent and the media element is the most important. For EPK you should include your best video taped performances, music videos, music, photos and any press clippings from newspapers, magazines articles done on you etc. This is your hard copy proof that you’re on your grind and that you’re as hot as you say you are. No point in telling someone you’re on top of your sh*t if you can’t show em. Don’t worry about if you don’t have a music video shot or a taped performance, have something. If your press kit is just a bio, music and photos then you are still one step closer.

Promo List

I call this a promo list because this where you will list what websites people can find your music including (Twiturm, ReverbNation, Myspace, Your own website) and websites you were featured on if any to include your music, music reviews and interviews. This promo list plays apart in your internet presence as an artist. The more websites your name is on and the more links to your music the better.


The key to your success in this industry is the ability to invest in yourself. And I say ability because it takes a dedicated individual to spend their hard earned money on their craft. Those that aren’t serious are the one’s looking for a hand out. With that said you should at some point invest in a photoshoot for your press kit and to have on hand for anything else media related (i.e flyer, mixtape cover etc) Investing in yourself can take you much further than waiting for a hand out and that’s another topic that we’ll talk about soon.

Key websites all Indie artists should check out Song Cast- Digital Distribution through Itunes, Amazon and other major digital music distributors. MP3Waxx- Digital Distribution. MP3 Waxx will blast your single, mixtape, or video to over 849,000 confirmed industry contacts. DigiWaxx- Disital Distribution. DigiWaxx will distribute your song to their community of DJs, A&Rs, Record Execs, and more. DigiWaxx also provides feedback to the client on the reception of the record. SonicBids- Gig Finder. Sonic Bids has a database of club owners, promoters and managers looking to book talent not only for live gigs like club performances and concerts, but movie soundtrack placements, TV & Commercial placements and more. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes- They are the largest Mixtape DJ Coalition on the planet and if you want to do a mixtape that will end up on all the major mixtape websites, and in the inboxs of industry execs then use their mixtape promotional services.

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With the internet going viral with the rise of YouTube and up and coming urban tube sites like World Star Hip Hop, videos of some sort are key. They begin to lay the seeds for your internet presence and help establish you as an artist. You Tube has millions of viewers a day from all over the world why not take advantage of that median.(and it’s free) But also for your press kit, videos give the visual proof of the work your putting in as an artist. But only put quality videos in your press kit of you actually performing at a booked show or a music video.


Your ultimate selling point is your music. You can have the best written bio, the most professional pictures and your music video could’ve been directed by Jordan Tower but if that music isn’t together right your kit will be trashed physically and virtually. Do not sleep on the importance of great sound quality. If you record in a home studio and you can’t mix down or master your work professionally then pay somebody to. There are studios that will take your music and give it the same quality as major artists and it won’t break your pockets. Even if you are talented but you submit a horrible sounding mix with your press kit you may not hear back from whomever. Always update your press kit music, photos and videos with your most recent work. It’s 2010 do not submit music with your press kit with references to 2008, that immediately tells the listener you haven’t made any music in 2 years. Constantly create new music, videos, and projects not only to grow as an artist but to build a catalog. Do not count out those songs from 2008 just don’t let that be your most recent music. That song from 2008 may be a hit in 2010. These are just the basic necessities to get your foot in the door with any industry professional whether it’d be a DJ , A&R or even a magazine at some point they will request a press kit. You also need to retain a digital copy of your press kit also known as an EPK, nowadays everybody interested in your music will contact you electronically and even if they’ve viewed your myspace page or reverb nation page they will still request a press kit to view your work before booking you. Don’t wait until the opportunity arises to make one in an hour and it’s unprofessional. Start getting your material together now. Next issue we’ll going to talk about taking that press kit and marketing it the right way to get noticed by booking agents, managers, and A&R’s. Until then stay on your grind and keep working, this sh*t aint over night but you’ll get there. -Written by Clint Easthood

Radio One

Media/Entertainment Convention

Written by Miss NV

I attended the Radio One Raleigh MEC (Media & Entertainment Convention) at the Raleigh Convention Center in November. Since I was was unable to attend last year, this was my first experience with the convention. My business partner and I attended at his suggestion. Since recently starting our Entertainment and PR Company - D’VANESE PR GROUP a year ago, we have been seizing every opportunity to network with likeminded individuals. The convention center was filled with entertainers, promoters, DJ’s, media, journalists and the like. I could just feel the energy in the room. Some were more motivated and/or prepared than others, but everyone there had already taken an important step in their career by attending the event. I exchanged several business cards, registered for free studio time at a local recording studio PLAYGROUND STUDIOS in Durham & witnessed history in the making all at the same time. It was empowering to see so many artists promoting their music/ art and really going after their dream by being everywhere all the time. North Carolina is on the rise in the entertainment industry, plus it’s great that local businesses are supporting this growth. The convention started at 11:00 am and had a jam-packed schedule of informational sessions/discussions, Key Note Speakers, networking/ business card exchange opportunities.

The schedule was broken up into AM and PM “sessions” that included many options for the attendees. One of the AM Sessions was Moderated by local radio personality, Brian Dawson, titled “MUSIC BUSINESS 101: THE 2010 REMIX. The focus of the session answered the question

that are making major moves in the industry. From managing Swizz Beats to creating the BET show “Masters of the Mix” just to name a few. Producing and directing masterpiece or managing the McDonald’s Brand, these women have been the force behind many great decisions for key players. The mood was relaxed and the audience was engaged and very interactive. The panel had different claims to fame but all seemed to agree that branding is the single My biggest take away from Mr. most important thing about steps Knowles was that he spoke towards greatness. There was a lot about marketing yourself at any of insight and advice exchanged opportunity you get. He also made as well. It was advised to carefully I attended the “Success & Diversity mention to those that are fairly new choose what you associate yourself in Media Entertainment” with to the game as well as those who and/or name with before it is Keynote Speaker, Mr. Matthew have been mastering their craft for too late if you have longevity and Knowles. Dr Derrick Greenfield years. Many often get discouraged maintain relevance. Unfortunately opened with a very insightful after failed attempts to get to next we live in a time of social media presentation. He fused motivational level. He asked that each of us mania, so mistakes and moments of speaking with Hip Hop which was consider that more time and effort poor judgment can become a viral perfect for his audience. Analogies may be needed before getting on The afternoon was full of various video in a flash. The ladies provided always make pictures clearer and the level of many that have made it sessions that included “The Art various examples of ways to “brand Dr. Greenfield hit us with a good big. He made mention of how he is of Branding” This session was on a budget” and shared stories of one. He held up a dollar bill and in the presence of artists that eat, moderated by NCCU professor Brett various challenges and triumphs went on to ask the audience about sleep, and breathe music and have Chambers and included Dalia Davies they have experienced along the it’s value, then he went on to ball done so for 10 + years. Being around - TV Producer/Writer/Director, way. Focus on what image you are the dollar bill up in his hands, threw that level of commitment and Alissa Constable, Brand Marketing trying to put in the public eye. it on the floor and proceeded to determination makes it easy for him Manger-Interactive One, Kim stomp on it. He picked up the beat to see how newer artists struggle to Cooper-King BG Unlimited One, BET, The event finished up with a town up bill, straightened it out and then compete, especially those who get and Syreta J. Oglesby, Principal SJO hall titled “Who is the Real A&R? asked us about the value again. It started at a much later time in life. PR. These are some hard working, The DJ, The Executive, or YouTube? was unanimous that the value had His best advice to the audience? Mr. influential, educated black women The moderators were Corey “CL” “What does it take to break into and maintain relevance in today’s music industry. The Panelists were National Recording Artist, Lupe Fiasco, Entertainment Attorney Paul Gardner, Senior Director, Licensing & Business Affairs/ Jive/RCA Label Group, Jeffrey Sledge, VP A&R, Jive Records and Battery Records, Derek “BIG D” Pearson - VP, Rap, Promotions, Universal Mo-town, Clay Evans, VP of Grand Hustle Records, Courtney Lowery, Manager, Media Relations Entertainment, One Music Group (formerly Koch), Block, CEO of BLOCK Entertainment.

not changed one bit. The message was simply this: No matter what you go through and/or what happens to you through life, you are still valuable. Challenging us all to not let life get us down but shape us as individuals. I was on the edge of my seat by then and in walks Matthew Knowles! He was suprisingly quite funny. Public speaking appeared to be a new career move, but nonetheless he had a very powerful messages to convey as well.

Knowles simply stated that we all need to stop looking up when trying to get recognized/noticed, pointing out that there is so much talent and potential synergy in the room to the left and right. It was so true, he went a little further and asked for all of the artists to stand up, then asked all the songwriters, producers, photographers, journalists, publicists, managers, DJs, etc to stand one by one. There was a huge presence from each group in the room! It was so powerful when he stated that he is busy and as a lot of people coming to him to shake his hand and offer him their business card, but what can he really do for you at that time? It would be much smarter to create your own team and work with like-minded individuals to get to the next level instead of shoving cards and demos in peoples faces all the time.

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Young Nye Young Nye; Naïve, Yearning, and Eager! Written by Ruth Mc Naï�ve was his childhood nickname. Young Nye has moved from an adolescent to develop an intense yearning for rap which led to a career that’s left him eagerly awaiting a stardom that’s inevitable. Whether his focus is putting his city on or doing what he loves, he is undeniably a new voice on the scene that needs to be heard.

“My mom actually gave me the name when I was young,” said Nye. “I wouldn’t listen and always used to get in trouble. I was getting into all kinds of stuff and she was like I was naï�ve. I started off being called “Naï�ve” and as I got older I just made it ‘Nye’.”

Growing up in Chester, PA., Nye recognized two chances at success; to play ball or rap. So he did a little of both. He started rapping after he heard his cousin rap, and then moved to Atlanta for a year with his father. When he returned he went in hard with rap. He feels that other artists are putting it down in Chester, but of course Nye is trying to put his city on the map, “I have been trying to work with artist outside my city to create a buzz,” said Nye. “If you only do stuff in your city then that’s as far as your name will go. That’s why I’m trying to work with artists outside the city and different states so I can create a buzz in different areas.”

In the past, Nye worked with Jahlil Beats, a producer and rapper from Chester City, who if anyone Nye credits for putting it on for their city even though he is known mainly for producing. Recently, he has been working with Omega 6, an emcee out of NC, and he met up with an artist through Twitter which led to a show in Times Square.

that’s just a few that I would like to hit,” said Nye.

His next album will drop sometime in February. So far, Omega 6, a guy named Spookz from NY, one of his homeboys is featured on the album. LDB is also working on this project. He is an up and coming producer who did “Chillin in the Cut”, one of Nye’s songs that’s in rotation on 103.1 radio in PA. “I hooked up with a guy named Slim Da Bank, who I met through “Chillin in the Cut” featuring Meek Twitter,” said Nye. “He hit me up Mill on the hook is also in rotation and told me he was having a show at NY radio stations. DJ Bigtyme in Times Square. We got together out of NY just accepted, “What’s on and made it happen. We were at your Mind Hater”, a track that Nye the Times Square Art Center and created and it will also be featured there are so many legends that on DJ Clint Easthood’s next mixtape have been there like Jamie Fox, like project. Nye is pushing for people to they do comedy in there too.” vote that track into rotation. “Every time I go to NY they show mad love,” he added. “They don’t really hate much up there like its all love. I came a long way from PA and did my thang and they showed mad love for me; won’t nobody hating. It felt good. I’d love to go back there and do another show. I just love the whole energy of NY.”

Keeping true to that national love and recognition, Nye has performed before audiences in several cities in NY and NC. He would like to expand his horizons by obtaining gigs in LA and Atlanta, and he definitely wants to see what the energy is like in Miami. “We are going on tour (promoting his next album) and we will be hitting more states than that but

”A few DJ’s already hit me back to say they liked it,” said Nye. “I’m about to take it to a whole different level. I’m definitely excited about what’s about to go down. Hopefully we get to make history this time.” Not only is Nye paving his road to success, he is opening doors for others to make their mark in the business. He performed at an upscale club in the Chester suburban area that now accepts rappers on a regular basis.

“Actually when I did that show I didn’t know that they didn’t allow hip hop artist there, said Nye. “I linked up with a guy from Philly that I know, and he meet up with somebody that worked in the club,

like a bartender or something. I didn’t really know too many details at first. But the guy liked how I do my music; you know my whole sound. He was like look I want you to headline this joint with me. He hit me up and we did it, but then after we did the show I found out artists from around here had been tryna get that gig, They were tryna do shows there and they never could get it. Artists coming up to us saying we been trying to get that for years. But every since we did it, they still been having hip hop shows there.”

Naï�ve has definitely matured and grown into his name. If his mother only knew then that getting into to stuff would lead to a career where curiosity and spontaneity can bring about fame and fortune. Nye, empowered by his childhood traits, is forging his way in the game, setting his own standards and making it happen. “I’m a grinder, I want to make my own lane I don’t want to get on using somebody else or by walking in anyone else shadow,” said Nye. I want to create my own moves, create my own situations.”

“We working crazy hard, I mean we grinding,” said Nye. “We got some crazy situations coming up in the near future so you definitely gonna hear about it. It’s definitely about to get real crazy. Just be on the look out.”

DJ E-Sudds The Golden Child

Written by Ruth Mc DJ E Sudds is a high profile N.C. disc jockey also known as “The Golden Child”. Whether his name originated from the golden tint of his skin or the fact that he seems to have that Midas touch, whatever the reason he’s putting it down hard; leaving an imprint on Hip Hop that can’t be ignored. This High Point, NC native basically launched his career in middle school by burning mixtapes for his classmates. From there he promoted parties, further branding E Sudds music. He started DJ’ing in 2005-2006 while attending A & T University; hanging around the local radio station and following the lead

of two mentors, Waleed and DJ Reflections, which laid the foundation to his DJ legacy. “I guess the first time I tested the waters was in 2006 at a venue on Randleman Road (G’boro),” said Sudds. “There was a big crowd and that’s when I started DJ-ing for real for real with actual scratching, mixing, and everything else instead of just playing songs.” “First gig…they knew me from opening up with DJ Reflection,” he added. “I guess you could say by just being in that college scene and them hearing me open up they was ready to rock with me one night cause Reflections was already

booked and they needed another DJ. Just knowing the right people and being around the promoters and everything, they was ready to rock with me.” With his brand established through an affiliation with Street Executives (a management, marketing DJ service), a steady gig DJ’ing for Travis Porter, and promoting artists Cream Team and Tigo B, Sudds still finds time to rep the Mid East with a mixtape series dedicated to “serious minded” NC, SC, and VA artists. The “Bridging the Gap” Mixtape is promoted through livemixtapes. com; giving artists an opportunity to gain exposure outside their area code. E Sudds tells the Plug how artists can be down with him

and the Mid East movement. “So, if somebody is serious and really talking about something to where it’s gonna make sense then yes, but other than that its all about the way somebody approaches me,” said Sudds. “Of course the music has to be good; the music has to be there. And it has to be something I can feel comfortable co-signing.” “So now with the response for this mixtape with the guy that put it out right, now we doing shows together, and it’s a long term thing instead of just a quick check,” he added. “I’m not really in it for the quick check now; I’m in it for the

23 NewMusicPlug.Net long run. That’s why I’m tryna work with the serious artist, if you’re not serious about it, there’s no point in you and I working together. I don’t need to work harder than you on your own project. That just don’t make no sense.” Although E Sudds is approachable and is willing to host mixtapes, both parties need to be able to benefit from the merger and there are some dos and don’ts artist need to know before they run up on him. “The presentation is the first thing,” said Sudds. “I know you don’t suppose to judge a book by its cover but, hey, you got to in some situations. So when they present the CD to me, present it the right way. Put print on the case; don’t just give me a white plastic case with your name written on it in a marker or something. You gotta make it nice; spend some money on your craft.” “On top of that, the worst time is really when I’m DJ-ing,” he continued. “Like don’t approach me when I’m working. It’s not the time or place to handle business, I’m up there working. Respect that, so don’t come up there sloppy drunk, this that and the third, (saying) yo play my record, yo, f*ck with me I got the hottest album in NC, like that’s not going to get you anywhere.” He continued, “Handle your business, like let’s treat it like a business cause that’s what it is. A lot of guys do this as a hobby but this is not my hobby. I’ve never had a job in my life. So, I mean this is all I got. But you got folks that do this as a second time thing but this is my

first thing, this is what’s supporting me. That’s why I expect to work with people that take it the same way as I take it” .” The main thing though,” he continued. “If they come to me at the club and I’m working say here is my card with my info on it, my manager’s info is on there, you got every way in the world on there how you can reach me. Holla at me, follow-up with me, and that’s the best thing you can do.” No matter what your niche is in the game, E Sudds just wants you to do you. He won’t judge or rag on you for how you choose to put food on your table. “I respect all the DJ’s; I got to. As long as I stay in my own lane, nobody sees me as competition,” said Sudds. “You do the club thing, you do the radio thing, you do the mixtape thing, and I’ll do my thing.” The mixtpe game has changed over the years and E Sudds still thinks it’s a viable vice for artists to secure fans and obtain gigs. “When DJ Drama got busted a few years ago,” said Sudds. “I think it scared a whole lot of people. It’s not a lot of money in the mixtape game because a lot of stores are scared to carry mixtapes now. You just gotta know the knowledge behind it and know what went wrong.” “Right now the mixtape is slowly coming back up because mixptapes are what’s keeping a lot of artist relevant right now,” he added. “You got some of the top artists doing mixtapes; you got Lil Wayne, Gucci, Jay-Z, TI, and Plies dropping mixtapes. These are all top selling artists and

they are all dropping mixtapes. And then you got your Travis Porter’s dropping mixtapes; their whole show is based off the mixtape.” “The mixtape game went down for a second but its coming right back up now.” He continued, “But I think that’s better for the artist business wise he not making as much money off of mixtapes like he used to but you’re giving the fans what they want to hear. And if you’re putting the mixtapes out the right way, that will result in more fans which will result in more shows. It’s just a better way of advertising music I feel. The mixtape game, it’s in a good place right now.” What should you take away from this interview; what’s the overall point? Invest in your craft, treat this as a business, and present yourself in a professional manner. “The game is a gamble and if you feel like your product is that winning poker hand then go all in with it,” said Sudds. “My music is all I got and I put my all in it, so I expect the artist to do the same. Put your all into the mixtape, your music, into the production, into the studio time, and promotions so everything goes out right.” The golden child has spoken. Indies take heed and proceed. No question the serious artists will recognize and follow his lead. Follow ESudds at: Myspace /djesudd Facebook/djesudd Twitter @djesudd336 Booking/mixtape info 6789337272

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Sunday Night Sessions @ Jack Sprats Cafe Written by Clint Easthood

I had the opportunity to check out REAL Hip-Hop out in Chapel Hill at Jack Sprats Cafe this past month. SRC/Universal recording artist Kaze invited The Music Plug to check out his weekly event, he and his team sponsors to shed some light on the areas hottest unknown talents. If you’ve been looking for a spot to go out and perform and rock with a decent crowd then Sunday Night Sessions is your best move. But don’t just take my word for it I’ll let Kaze tell it.

When did you start Sunday Night Sessions? We started Sunday Night Sessions in May of this year. I used to do this thing call Microphone Monday in Chapel Hill in about 2003 through 2005, and it was really outta necessity for me as an artist feeling like I didn’t have a place where I could go and rock on a weekly consistent basis. Shows are hard to get when your not known. Rarely do you get all the people in the area aspiring to do the same thing, in the same building, at the same time without it being tension or artists trying to outdo each other. We just took from that like let’s make a platform for up and coming artists in the area to make somewhere where they can go and get that weekly Hip-Hop in. That ties into my next question what made you start Sunday Night Sessions? Was it out of necessity, a place for artists to gain exposure?

Yeah I came up with it because at the same time other people need it, I need it too. It works both ways, we’re providing a platform for up and coming artists but for me being a little more established, I still need to be in tune with whats going on now in the street. You know the internet gives you one perspective but being in the street, you need both sides of it. In bringing Sunday Night Sessions together I got with the network of people I knew. It only made sense to bring in Bishop (Omega) he’s a radio personality at Duke Radio 97.3, and he also just has that comedian attitude. Then we got DJ A-Minor, and Third from Hustle Mill he handles a lot of the streaming online. And I was like lets make a team collaborative effort and make this

Good Eating, Great Value

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Toreros Mexican Restaurant

Toreros is a friendly mexican family restaurant and bar, which also makes for a great after work get away spot. If you’re looking for great value in this tough economy then Toreros may be your new hang out spot. Monday through Friday they have a food special for $9.95. If you’ve ever wanted to try any of their signature mexican dishes, then their dinner specials are your best bet. Not to mention they have drink specials everyday of the week from $2 Margaritas on Monday to $2.50 draft beer on Wednesdays. Whether treating your girlfriend to a nice evening out for the holidays, or taking the family out for dinner Toreros has the quality food you want to fit your budget nicely. Don’t forget to holla at the bartender Natashafor Torero’s signature Margaritas which are $2 every Monday.

Ultimate Ladies Night Out Presented by Foust House LLC. at The Republic Downtown Durham, NC

Who said the weekend had to start on a Friday Night? The Music Plug attended an eloquent night of great music, drinks and good times in the tucked away gem of Downtown Durham The Republic. The event was produced by Foust House LLC a Promotional and Marketing firm headed by NC A&T alum Barris Foust. The event was hosted by K97.5 Radio Personality Nikki Nicole and the non stop music was provided by DJ B.A Barawkus. Foust House was also celebrating the graduation of Genobia Baldwin and Tee Suggs from North Carolina Central University here in Durham.

But this isn’t the first time Foust House has put on an official upscale event in the Durham area. Foust House Founder/CEO Barris Foust has done other major events in the area to include the All Black Virgo Party, Halloween Masqurade Party, and the 2010 Hip-Hop/ R&B Explosion and has worked with other well known promotional and marketing companies like Velvet Entertainment, T-Neal Promotions, Encore Talent Agency and others on collaborative events. Foust House a full service promotional and marketing company and along with event planning provides corporate distribution (flyers, tickets, publications etc), business consultation and more. Foust House LLC can be reach via phone at 919 523 1008, Facebook: Foust House LLC, Twitter: @FoustHouse, and even Blackberry Chat Group: Pin-21D1D010.

Around the hood

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My Whole Gang Sick Video Shoot Last week Paper Set Ent. artist SQUiRE came to Raleigh, NC to shoot his video for “My Whole Gang Sick” off The REIGN mixtape dropping 1.11.11. Even though it was BRICK outside we still got it in. Be on the look out for the video dropping REAL SOON!! We started out at an empty parking lot at Crabtree Valley Mall, which seemed to make it much colder. But why am I complaining when Squire took off his hoody to put on a swagged out performance for his video. So I was good in my hoody. But then mall security came out like the swat team outta nowhere, so we had to make moves. We found our way down Glenwood Ave in Raleigh across the street from Solas and shot some of the video in the middle of live foot and car traffic. We kinda took that shit over for a second, and then made our way into Solas where our videographer got us to 2nd floor balcony to finish the video off. From the looks of it this is gonna be a dope video and its only a mixtape. Squire’s set to release the follow up to his last mixtape released over the summer “The Storm Before The Reign” with “The REIGN” dropping 1.11.11

Excerpt from bio Born & rasied in New York City is SQUiRE Harlem’s young, globetrotter, Emcee and songwriter. Here to shake up the young music crowd and bring a Brand New sound to Hip-Hop. Moving through states across the east coast, south west (New Jersey, to Philly, Connecticut, Chicago, Atlanta North Carolina and L.A.) and overseas has created SQUiRE’s unique one of a kind lyrical-but-catchy, swag-smothered flow. Most listeners compare SQUiRE to Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-z and Lil Wayne. SQUiRE is what you get when you mix the lyrical magic of Eminem and Soulja Boy’s sleepless swag. With SQUiRE music you get the excitement you look for in young artists but you also get the wisdom of a lyricist who has been schooled by the greatest emcees. Most known for his “Storm B4 The Reign” mixtape (2010), hits like “Bottles”, “Who Dat freestyle”, “TooMuchSwaGG” and “The Recipe” LP recorded with the “PaperBoyzINTL.” Still independent, the young entrepreneur is here hungrier and more flammable than ever armed and ready with enough hits and hustle to compete with the games chosen ones.

30 NewMusicPlug.Net Sunday Night Sessions Continued thing here where Hip-Hop in the area can start getting its legs back.

How is the open mic setup? And tell me about the other aspects of Sunday Night Sessions, I’ve heard about a producer battle. You know the thing that’s consistent is that artists can come out every week sign up and perform 1 or 2 songs. Then we get feedback and energy from the people in the building about your material. But at the end we open up the mic, and A-minor plays some instrumentals, and its just like a cipher. Thats something I’m proud that we do cause its a part of the game that’s been missing. A lot of cats act like they don’t have to freestyle anymore. You ask an artist to freestyle now he act like you asked him something crazy. Like “Nah I don’t do that shit”. What you mean you don’t do that shit? You rap don’t you? That’s part of the game that I’m proud of, that we’re bringing that back. That’s a lost part of the game, passing the mic in a cipher over a dope beat. Then every other week we have an MC battle or producer battle which is for the sake of competition it just makes you wanna go harder. Also to give the producer a platform, which I feel is step one in the game, so we couldn’t leave out that whole angle. Actually I think its more producers out here in the Carolina’s than rappers. So we just linked all that together, we’re definitely trying to touch all the aspects of the culture. We don’t want it to get mundane or worn out. How can artists get involved to perform? How and when do they sign up?

Artists can sign up at the door. First come first serve, doors open up around 9:30 $5 at the door and $5 to perform 2 songs. Sunday Night Sessions Jack Sprat’s 161 E. Franklin St. Chapel Hill, NC

MEC Continued Llewellyn, CEO of Digiwaxx Media & CoOwner of Answerman Management & Kim Cooper-King, BG Unlimited/BET. There was a panel of distinguished figures in the media & entertainment industry and they chimed in on the various questions that fill many board rooms and marketing meetings everyday. One question posed to the panel was “Who is most important in breaking records today, the Record Label, the DJ’s, or the Internet?”It was noted by many that the Internet has changed the industry in a major way. Necole Kane even commented on how she was instrumental in breaking Willow Smith’s hot single “Whip My Hair” via her popular blog site NECOLE BITCHIE. Also on the panel was Greg Street, DJ/ Radio Personality; Dana Dane, Entertainer/ CEO; Freeky Zeeky, President of Diplomat Records, CEO 730 Dips; Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, CEO,; Necole Kane,NECOLE BITCHIE; Ronald “Ron” Stewart, National Director of Mixshow Radio Promotion Interscope Records; Eric “EP” Parler, National Director of Mixshow Radio Def Jam Records; and Block, CEO of Block Entertainment. All in all, I enjoyed the conference and would attend again. My hope is that next year there will be an opportunity to attend more sessions, vendors with items for sale, catering, and a more concentrated area for all MEC events/rooms. After paying a registration fee for the event we were shocked to find out that we could not take advantage of every session if we wanted to. There was a break for lunch that was too long, especially if you do not live in Raleigh. There were several hours that we were roaming around trying to entertain ourselves while waiting for the next session. I encourage everyone to attend and support this event as well as give honest feedback on how to make it better. Be on the lookout for the 3rd Annual next year!

NC Hip-Hop Connect Continued An Aggie blue background displaying an atlas of NC cities pops up on the home page of the site; an instant reminder that these are the artists who can put NC on the map. The site offers music, videos, interviews, blogs and hyperlinks to related sites. It’s designed for artists to link up with industry reps, DJ’s, promoters, and anyone who is professionally representing NC hip hop. “I look around to see who’s doing what, who has a buzz and who has the talent; someone with a descent following in their home town and I think that other people would like it,” said Mims.

“The thing that we are running into is that although some of these artists are as nice as they are, the general public doesn’t care about them,” he added. “We can do all the interviews; cover how dope some of these guys are but the underground scene in NC is severely undeveloped. So what I have to do is develop that market.” He continued, “So, I have to be really careful who I interview, and what music to put on the site because I don’t want no trash or anything unprofessional. I don’t want to give anybody an excuse not to give these NC rappers a chance, because they deserve it. There are a lot of good guys out here that deserve at least 10 seconds, after 10 seconds you don’t like them then ok, but give them their 10 seconds.”

Although he can’t pinpoint a distinctive NC sound, Mims sees potential in NC artists and wants to launch a movement to unite like minds throughout the state. He can’t figure out why artists here aren’t making a living doing shows on their home turf and he plans to find a way to make that happen. “I think not only does NC has the potential I think they have artist that are absolutely ready for that type of limelight,” said Mims. “I mean I listen to like individually, Ricky Ruckus. I listened to “Head of State II” mixtape. I was in the gym working out. I played TI mixtape and then Ricky Ruckus mixtape right behind it. And it was no slack off in production, lyrics, catchy hooks, I’m like yo, this shit is dope! And the fact that this man, I mean he’s known but he ain’t as big as he should be. When he walks through the city, any city, people need to be like yo, that’s Ricky Ruckus.” “And that’s partly what inspired me,” he added. “Somebody as dope as Rain out of Fayettevllie; a lot of people don’t know who that is. He’s a monster; I mean his flow is crazy. To me those are the guys that just ring off the top of my head. You know Kaze, this lyrical beast; he’ll just eat you alive.”

“I think it’s absolutely retarded that a NC artist can’t make a living by doing shows here,” said Mims. “I think you should be able to tour in your own state just like they do in Houston, ATL, NY, Cali, I mean they got all kinds of venues for theses cats, underground artists,

31 NewMusicPlug.Net out there to survive. I want to develop that scene for these guys.”

Mims is willing to give artists 10 seconds to showcase their talent; therefore the rule should apply to his website as well. If the site doesn’t peak your interest within 10 seconds then step off; although the Plug can’t see that happening. This site challenges artists with contests and rap battles for emcees new to the game. Got a song; need a video? Check out the “Sweet 16” online contest to have your music video produced for free.

At the end of the day, this website is a catalyst for homegrown artists to gain recognition while aiming the spotlight at NC. As the movement explodes may not be the lone voice of NC hip hop but it will definitely unite the voices into a roaring chatter that eventually will be heard all around the world.

“It’s humbling,” said Mims. “I wouldn’t quickly say that I am the voice of NC hip hop yet, I just want to be a channel. Ultimately that’s what I want to be; I want to be a source, a reference. If anybody in the state wants to know about what’s popping off in NC hip hop, boom, they hit up the site. If that works and that happens then I’m happy.”

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The Music Plug Issue 4  
The Music Plug Issue 4  

Issue #4 of the popular Music Plug newspaper/magazine covering independent artists from the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill areas of North Caro...