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Long Time Comin’

Los Vegas has been quietly making a name for himself, but he doesn’t want to stay quiet much longer

So this was like my first complete mixtape where I didn’t write anything, all no pen no pad. This was to let n*ggas know how it is and how its gon’ be. How many mixtapes have you done? Four; Long Time Comin’, Red Hot v.1,

Can’t Fade The Photo by Moetography Los Vegas, a young aspiring artist from the West End of Durham (Gerard Street to be specific), has been quietly making a name for himself in the Bull City with hot consistent mixtape drops. This summer Los Vegas plans to take it to another level with the release of his latest mixtape project No Pen No Pad 2. Los Vegas released No Pen No Pad 1 on New Year’s Day 2010 through various internet outlets and anticipates NP2 to make a bigger impact.

Great, and Red Hot v.2

all released via my Facebook page, Reverbnation and online mixtape outlets.

recording to getting on the internet, it has to do with music. I just feel like it’s in my blood.

Are you signed right now or building your own brand?

Basically I wanna start my own. Right now I’m like f*ck a label, cause that’s what they’re basically saying to n*ggas. I wanna build my own empire, Family Bizness. I got my brother’s King Cuba and Young Bull riding.

How do you feel about labels tryna restrict artists from making mixtapes?

When did you stop writing yourF*ck the labels. How you music? gonna restrict an artist from I was always flirting with not doing what they love and writing my rhymes. I was workin trying to stay relevant. at Kroger’s and lost my job, so What are you looking to acI had nothing to do all day but hustle and work on my craft. That complish this summer? was around late 2007. But I reThis hustle is just a seed to ally started fuckin wit no writing grow an empire. I’m lookin completely, late 09’ which pushed to reach more people with me to release No Pen No Pad. my music locally and nationWhat made you want to pursue a ally. And just remain consistent with my material. I’m career as an artist? trying to build an empire so I felt like I had the talent to write, I’m tryna get the ball rollin, Why did you name your lastso I put 2 and 2 together. If I can because this hustle is just a mixtape No Pen No Pad? get paid to do something I love seed to grow an empire. It was basically a statement. I why not? But of course I was inhaven’t been physically writing spired by Jay-Z, B.I.G and others. How do you feel about North Carolina music? down my songs for awhile now. And no matter what I do from

I can honestly say labels are looking at North Carolina artists. I think n*ggas know on the low that NC about to pop and they ready for it to pop. Especially since Cole (J. Cole ) got his foot in the door with Hov, it’s like n*ggas is definitely lookin at North Carolina now. I think it’s time n*ggas really step it up. It’s time for n*ggas to really work together and step it up. We right in the middle of the shit, this ain’t New York or Atlanta, this North Carolina. It just take that one n*gga to blow, hopefully it be me or one of my n*ggas. What local artists have you worked with so far?

My n*gga King Cuba, E&J, I f*cks with Tony Braggs from 100 Proof. I did a track recently with Jozeemo. So I try to work with other artists, but it’s like n*ggas get intimidated when they hear a n*gga hop on the track. My n*gga King Crisis, and Chad A. That’s about it, because I really just got started doing tracks with other artists, because I was on some fuck n*ggas shit. But that aint how you gotta go about sh*t. try to show a lil unity in the city. That’s also what I wanted to show with the mixtape NP2, that I would do a mixtape with n*ggas in the city.

What mistakes wouldn’t you make in the industry that you see other artists making

I WON’T get caught up with a Kat Stacks, first off. I’ll definitely utilize my studio time, I’ll be one of the hardest working out there. Other than that I just feel n*ggas just get caught out there, which I won’t do. Story by Clint Easthood

Photo by Moetography

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Los Vegas featured in The Music Plug  

article from The Music Plug's first issue featuring Los Vegas an independent artist out of Durham, NC

Los Vegas featured in The Music Plug  

article from The Music Plug's first issue featuring Los Vegas an independent artist out of Durham, NC