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Whilst the current image of workplace collaboration is seen as open plan and funky furniture, so much still happens in the boardroom. The MEET experience, designed by Defurb, will pay homage to one of the oldest forms of getting folk together. Defurb are a small boutique design studio based in Cheshire who are passionate about understanding company DNA and approach for every project in a collaborative style. Defurb love to create smart environments, drawing on the energies and ideas of the surrounding landscapes and the people who occupy these environments.

Meet The Designer

Lesley McPhee Design Director Lesley is the founder of Defurb, a new boutique design studio that specialises in delivering creative interiors for workplace and retail environments. Lesley’s experience spans 26 years and reaches as far as South Africa, Ireland, Berlin and Paris. Projects closer to home have included The Hut Group, Majestic Wine and Protector Insurance. The studio is currently working on a number of exciting projects, including undertaking a project as the lead concept designer for a long-established high-street retailer.



Furniture & Lighting




My inspiration behind the design of the MEET experience was marshmallows – the good old fashioned sweet. Soft in colour and soft in texture. They make me smile so I’m hoping the experience will make people smile too!







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5 6 1. Buddy 2. Babila Stool 3. Snooze

4. Arki Table 5. Nolita Table 6. Babila Chair

Above An exampe of the array of flora provided to Meet by Moss Floral Artisry



IVC is the commercial division

Pedrali is an Italian company that

Moss Floral Artistry was created

of IVC Group, part of Mohawk

produces contemporary furniture

and founded by Hollie Normanton,

Industries, Inc. We are Europe’s

for contract and residential sectors.

providing truly bespoke blooms

largest manufacturer of carpet

Careful and accurate research is

with love, passion and rustic flare,

tile, LVT and sheet vinyl, and are

carried out to create functional and

using only the freshest high quality

committed to finding the flooring

versatile industrial design products

blooms. Whether it’s wild and

solution to meet the needs of any

made of metal, plastic, wood, as

whimsical or romantic and raw, she

project. Whether office, hospitality,

well as upholstery. Pedrali seating,

loves anything rustic, bohemian

retail, education or healthcare,

tables, complements and lighting

and earthy. The studio workshop

our floors excel in demanding

are exclusively manufactured in Italy

based within Greater Manchester, is

environments, and we’re keen

through a design process which

where all the magic happens. If you

to show you how at Mix Design

combines tradition, innovation,

are looking for something a little


engineering excellence and creative

out of the ordinary, her florals may


be just what you are looking for; perfect for every occasion, season and loved one.


With thanks to Our Designer: Defurb Our Partners: IVC Moss Floral Artistry Pedrali


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Mix Design Collective 2019 - Meet  

Mix Design Collective 2019 - Meet