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Nuisance Animal Control

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Your Problem Geese are Gonna’ Hate This! Coyote Decoy This life-size, light weight coyote decoy will have your problem geese headed out of town! Fully 3-dimensional, this coyote turns and moves with the wind as well as having a free moving furry tail to add realism. Frequently changing the location of your coyotes will keep the geese off balance and off your property.(SWt.10#) SE1400507

Coyote Decoy $49.99

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Safe, easy way to keep unwanted pests away! • Can be used around ponds, in the garden or anywhere you want to keep animals away • Motion detector senses animal and emits a loud, piercing ultrasonic sound at a frequency that people can’t hear • Weather resistant for years of outdoor use • Operates on six “C” cell batteries which provide up to 2,000 activations • Adjustable frequency and detection area • Includes mounting stake for ground use or can be hung on wall, posts, etc. ULTR6 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

$69.43 (SWt.2#)

Lifelike Great Horned Owl — Deters pests like geese and seagulls

Great Horned Owls are the natural enemies of many bird species. Having this owl around will discourage problem birds from congregating nearby. Place in a prominent location near problem areas, but remember to move the owl frequently to maintain effectiveness. GRD300 Great Horned Owl Decoy $25.99 (SWt.4#)

Great Blue Heron -

(for deterrent or aesthetic purposes) If you don’t want the real thing eating the fish in your pond, the Great Blue Heron decoy may be your best friend. Because Herons tend to be very territorial, you will rarely see two herons occupying the same area, making this decoy a great deterrent. Moving your heron once or twice a week is important to maintaining the effectiveness of this decoy. Includes a mounting stake, 30” tall. GMP167714


Great Blue Heron

$58.39 (SWt.4#)

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