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How did I feel?



Teacher and Students

Virtual class tour


Presentation in the Forum

1-I felt interested to know

I had not problem here.

Voki Learning theories Titanpad Googledocs

another sites. 2-It was very interesting.


3-I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t

No, but then I lost.

upload it. 4-At first, I didn’t know how


to send it, but then I achieved to do this. 5-Firstly, I felt disappointed

No, but with support.

because I didn’t understand how it worked. Then, I enjoyed using this tool. 6-I consider that this is


similar to Titanpad, but the first one is done in real time and this one no. It is o.k. too.


Introduction to ICT – Part 1

Forum: Teachers in wonderful ICT land Collaborative Powerpoint presentation about the articles

I was interested to participate


in the classroom. I felt involved to work with my partner.


Introduction to ICT –


Part 2

Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Forum


ICT integration models

Sugessted links visit Reading

I felt confident to reveal my


real situation with ICT. I spent a lot of time here. I felt interested to participate


Forum: Distribution Models Essay : Distribution Models

in the forum. I liked the topic. I felt involved to write about that.


A Call program in the Esl Class

Web 2.0 Resources browsing Wikispaces participation Delicious

I felt confused at first but


then I enjoyed it. I think that it gives me a lot

No, but I had doubt to add

Dropbox account

of information about

my link.


into the classroom.


It seemed to me interesting.


I felt attracted for this tool.

No account

valuables activities to develop No, but I must add my

It was nice. 6

Internet Web 2.0 and

Video Forum

Multimedia Resources

Web sites f贸rum Web sites evaluation Evaluation form

I was fine.




I felt engaged to evaluate, the No sites. I felt that it was a demanded

Yes, time.

work. 7

Edmodo task

Lesson Plan with Web 2.0 resources

I enjoyed doing it with my partners. It was wonderful.

Personal Reflective Journal Assignment

No, I understood very fast.

Many education experts see the teacher as a reflective practitioner. To reflect is to look back, to make connections and to build meaning out of your experiences. You will be required to reflect on your course work. At least once a week, write a brief journal entry that reflect on your course work and field experience observations. It should be at least. Make connections among all lessons and with your personal experiences. Write down your observations and list questions that come to mind. The act of reflective journaling will provide you with an opportunity to understand the stages in your own learning; identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a learner; adopt learning strategies which work best for you; overcome blocks or difficulties in your learning; and appreciate the importance of self-assessment in evaluating the quality and outcomes of your learning. (adapted from Reflective Learning Journal, How will your journal be evaluated? You will be asked to hand in your reflective journal at the end of the course. Simply listing events is not reflection. You must show that you are thinking about and what you are learning. Try to answer the next questions as you write each entry:  What are you learning?  How do you learn best?  Why are you learning some things more easily than others?  What obstacles have you encountered?  How can you remove those obstacles?  In what way is your personal and/or professional development enhanced by your learning in this class?  What does this learning experience mean to you?  What does this learning experience tell you about your potentials as an ESL teacher? Your reflective learning journal will contribute to your final grade for the subject


The management of thedifferent tools

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