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INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DEL PROFESORADO Date: 20-11-2012 Subject: C.A.LL Career: Profesorado de InglĂŠs Teacher: Matilde Oria Course: 4Âş Student: Mirian E. Ledesma

ESSAY: Final Self- Reflexion

Concerning to the experience in CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) was worthwhile going to the fact that the majority of the resources which were provided in this subject were relevant. Firstly, the ones that were beneficial to be applicable were those which gave us the opportunity to work collaboratively with my partners, for instance, Google doc, Popplet which allowed us to create stories, presentations, conceptual maps, insert images and so on. It was awesome to work with. It strikes me that CALL enhances the level of students because of this subject provides a numberless of resources which are valuable to use in the classroom. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to become an autonomous learner which was more challenging.

From the very beginning of the lesson everything was new for me taking into consideration that I consider myself a digital immigrant with basic knowledge in computers. But it was not a constraint factor to me; on the contrary it made me feel more encouraged to deal with the subject. Now I can say that I have

learned a lot despite the fact that some of the tasks were difficult to perform. In addition, the introduction of the technology in the classroom has changed the educators’ mind as well as the students’ mind. Therefore, the commitment to deal with is a priority for the future teachers who are the responsible to know how should be applied and introduced it in the classroom. Hence, the upcoming professionals must learn the use the different technological tools before to be included within the Education System. Dropbox is another handy tool which makes us easier the management of files, pictures from one computer to another one. Besides, the creation of a blog allowed me to learn how to publish different activities on the blog, for instance, power points, essays, videos, images among others. The subject has practical purposes which are designed to encourage learners its usage.

To sum up, the personal involvement in this issue was profitable taking into account the achievements that were carried out successfully. In my humble opinion, despite the fact that some of assignments were not so easy to accomplish it was highly valuable. Indeed, the technological world is unpredictable, for this reason, we have to be preparing for the innovative approaches. BY Mirian E. Ledesma

Final Essay  

Essay Self-reflexion

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