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Participating in the activity: Children from the Kindergarten Class, Grade 2

St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary, Malta

After the children have put their share of Gulbiena in the bowl…

… it looks just like this …

‌ and now we put some water

Now, one by one, the children take a small share of Gulbiena and place it in a small bowl‌ one for each student!

Click on the picture to play video

Now, we place the small containers of Gulbiena in a dark place and let them grow slowly, slowly as days go by . . .

This is the dark place

… After a few weeks

We have also placed a bowl with Gulbiena in a window to be exposed in a window to be expsed to daily light

. . . and this is the result . . .

The Gulbiena exposed to light



The final result

The Gulbiena placed near Baby Jesus’ Crib . . .


Videos and Pictures

Mary Vassallo and Charlene Catania Editing

Charlene Catania Comenius Malta Project 2009/2010 St. Thomas More Fgura Primary, Malta



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