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Prinjolata a traditional Maltese sweet for Carnival celebrations.

Created by

Monica Farrugia

Ingredients for the Prinjolata Sponge cake Biscuits Cherries Candied peel Icing sugar Margarine Condensed milk Vanilla essence Almonds Chocolate Whip cream

ne i r a g ar ry m d e e h t h Mix re with t nd well le u mixt e and b ave a h ur mixt ntil you dough u , both nd moist a soft ixture. like m

Beat togeth er sugar Margarine Condensed milk Vanilla essence

er h t e g o Mix t s all piece into sm t u c , e g Spon oken r b ly h g rou Biscuits, Cherries eel p d ie d n Ca Almonds

Mix th e ma r g ar mixtu ine re spon , with the ge and b mixture, lend w until a sof ell t, m o mixtu ist re is forme d

Line some containers with baking sheet and put some mixture in each one.

It is very important to press the mixture well into the container and leave for at least one night in the fridge.

Take fridg the mou e l dow , turn th ds out o n e f som on a dis m upsid the e e h off , thing sim or c shee arefully ilar and the b p t. akin eel g

Prepare the cream which you prefer for covering the prinjolata. A butter knife or spatula will be fine for this job.

Cherries ,a pieces a lmonds and cho nd used c for deco olate are cut int o small rating th e Prinjol ata.

And the Prinjolta is ready… some fun… let us get ready for Carnival, Caw!

Happy Carnival


A traditional sweet done at Carnival time.