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E D I T O r I A L

BC Municipal Elections, Opportunity for Muslims


s the Municipal Elections in BC on October 20, 2018 are fast approaching, let’s do our homework through thoroughly evaluating the track record of all the available candidates to help the best candidates to reach the public office. For the first time in 2018 BC Civic Elections, alhamdulillah, more than 11 Muslim Candidates (8 Male, 3 Female) are running for Mayor, City Councillors, School Trustees in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam. There may be even more outside the Lower Mainland. 2 of them, Mr. Adil Awan for City Council in Richmond and Nasima Nastoh for City Council ub Surrey) are running for the second time and one School Trustee, Mr. Sikander Hayat is running for second time in civic elections, this time from White Rock. This is good sign for BC city politics and it is just beginning. All candidates are working hard in their cities with their volunteer team. The response of the community is underwhelming but we hope that there is some awareness about municipal issues amongst the community and everyone will be looking at the platforms and track records of all candidates and voting.

We, as Muslims do feel that the social values and domestic policies of the current political parties fail to accurately represent and reflect our values and valid concerns. However, despite all odds, the Muslims have to struggle smartly to have their voice heard and that is through getting involved in the political system. Most probably, the Muslims can benefit from the lower turn out of the (non Muslims) to elect the right Mayor, Trustees and the councillors. Currently, the BC Muslims have the golden opportunity to make a meaningful difference on the outcome of the upcoming elections.

But, the only way to impact on all the municipalities with regard to policies and the political scenery is only through voting for the right candidate on the basis of merit alone. Let me stress upon the importance of an increased Muslim participation in the electoral process, as that only will help Muslims. The qualities to be seen in the potential candidate are integrity, efficiency, dedication, motivation and the past performance. Beyond doubt, the candidates’ presentations, mayoral debates including questions and answers help the electors (audience) make the brilliant choice in the polls. Finally, it is about time to review our reasons of inaction and remove the hurdles in order to move on along with the main stream before it’s too late. In reality, our concerns as members of the Muslim community remain voiceless at the proper forum - most of the time for lack of representation. This attitude adds salt to the misery of Muslims in general who already have hard time coping with the ongoing Islamophobia in the country. Furthermore, the main stream media hardly misses out any chance to hurt the Muslims’ sentiments; it never hesitates creating anti Muslim hype. This has been going on in the past and still continues. But, there is hardly anyone available to sell our side of the story which is none but in

nocence. When we are blamed for the criminal wrongs committed by the unknown in proxy or otherwise, we are in trouble in the eyes of general public. Unfairly, the non-Muslims build a negative opinion against Islam, as there is no one at the proper forum to advocate for our helplessness. Admittedly, a large majority of Canadian Muslims seem to be politically immature while some are fearful due to their historical background, also, many Muslims suffer from laziness, hence involvement is conveniently avoided in the latter case. Consequently, the whole community remains voiceless in legislatures and the city councils. Nevertheless, among the Muslim community, there is a lot of ongoing bickering that the authorities are not doing this or that - which does not make sense at all after what they have omitted carelessly or intentionally. Naturally, they have to pay the price of their wilful negligence. If they don’t care about the electoral system, they cannot do home work essential for evaluating credentials of the potential candidates. So they have to keep suffering. Hence, the after-shocks are irrelevant. Furthermore, ignoring to elect the right candidate clearly means taking chances, whereas, a wrong

person may end up in the electoral office. This surely is madness because you can’t have voice as said above. Clearly, it’s only through active participation which ensures that you will be heard. Certainly, through participating you shape your world around you. So, please be warned! If the wrong guys manage to get elected because of low turn-out, the office is likely to be occupied by the abusers. That is why, getting involved is crucially important as it means taking part as a candidate (if qualified) and exercising right of vote if so qualified. Rightly said, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel:” Thank God! There is some change for the better which has been noticed with regard to Muslim turn out in other locations in the recent days as mentioned above. Furthermore, it’s encouraging to note that the Muslim youths are gradually turning towards political awakening, yet the slow pace won’t help much as there is a lot of catching up to do in order to enter the mainstream political arena. Obviously, change of attitude is not easy, so it remains the toughest challenge for the Muslim community. Technically speaking, it’s not only about claiming our rights as Canadian citizens but also about sharing in the responsibilities and obligations as being part of the Canadian democracy. In other words, one must share the great experiences and learn new skills that will come in handy for the ethnic and multicultural society; this includes school, work and life, of course. The municipal election is the democratic process of selecting the City’s political representatives indeed. Importantly, it’s our duty to ensure that Muslims play an active role in all upcoming elections By: Tariq M Javed

Waan laysa lil insaniilla ma’ sa’aa That man can have nothing but what he strives for.

‘Most hated Sharia’! By: Gulshan Aalani No doubt Sharia/Divine Law is the most hated as much as Islam the religion of Prophet Abraham (AS): Of course by those who aren’t really aware of the Divine ‘Product’. Nobody is going to trust the product without knowing its effect, it’s ingredients, its genuine maker, or the approval by FDA and a certificate of safe product. Well, Since the beginning of the world mankind is given the prescription for living safely on this earth. One of the major signs given is the ‘Forbidden Tree’. Similarly, we have the warning of traffic ‘Signs’ on the streets for our safety. We are aware of the danger of rejecting the traffic lights. Avoiding or ignoring the ‘warning Signs’ would definitely lead to painful disastrous bitter results. Rejecting GOD’S’ law is visible in

the toxic environment, polluted life style and ‘dark alimate’ of our society, which is promoted as Pluralism and secularism. Apart from the Natures disasters of earth quake, flooding, Tornado, and Tsunami described as: “Judgement of GOD- earth is reacting for the sins of mankind” (Says: Loren Sandford), the tragic Tsunami of most common sexual abuse arising, due to the rejection of the law of ethics and moral values plus the permission of deadly Alcohol and Drugs that is ruining lives of many respectable people like Judge Kavanaugh. The recent nerve breaking tragic issue of Christine Ford alleging that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her more than 3 decades ago when they were High school students, she was 15 yrs. old and Kavanaugh 17. Obviously her testimony at this age is considered authentic but some memory flaws repeated: “I can’t remember”, She also doesn’t recall who owned the house or how she got there”. The reason could be the effect of drinking Beer as she too was drinking Beer but claims to remember the attack per-

fectly. “Kavanaugh and a friend — both “stumbling drunk,” Ford alleges — corralled her into a bedroom during a gathering of teenagers at a house in Montgomery County”. The Parents too are guilty of the crime for allowing a 15 yr. old to go to such unethical party of young naïve boys and girls. Though, this was the culture practice of the past and of today’s. The law has provided the license to young naïve people for such ‘lifestyle’, including the grown ups party organizers too have approved for such life style, so who is guilty and who can judge? In this case, all are guilty so either charge all or dismiss the case. If there is a fire burning no one in its right mind would jump in, but if he/ she did would right away labelled as ‘Mentally disturbed’. As alleged Judge Kavanaugh was stumbling drunk, so what does it mean? He was foggy, more than her as he had more Beer and didn’t know what he was doing of Harram/illegal. Blame the legal permissible of such disastrous social acts of mixed gathering of Alcohol drinking parties and to

have all kinds of fun. Obviously, his act was illegal but acted half consciously-drunken, according to his immature age, but since then he has led an ethical life, he has family and cannot be considered a ‘Pedophile’ as some comedian suggests. Just imagine the suffering of his wife and daughters, going through hell. They are all victims. Obviously, the female victims wouldn’t lie about such horrific experience of assault, which teaches a lesson to the guilty parents for not warning them of danger, and prohibition of touchingNegiah (Leviticus 18:6-19). Observers of this prohibition is often called a Shomer negiah. In Islam it is called Sharia-Divine law of Harram/illegal. If the followers of Sharia of ethicsand moral values reluctant to participate in such parties are abused as ‘Backward unsocial’. The fact is that they know the bitter result of rejecting the ‘Red Light’ established by the Higher Power Supreme Being. It is time for women to carry the ‘Defensive spray’ and use it if assaulted. Plea to President Trump and world leaders: before getting rid off the Nukes, get rid off the poisonous Alcohol and drugs.

Bringing THE


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‘I will steer you out of this difficult time’: PM Khan addresses economic uncertainty

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday sought to allay concerns regarding an impending economic meltdown in the country, saying he will take the country out of this “difficult time”.Addressing a ceremony in connection with

the launch of the Naya Pakistan Housing Programme, Khan said he will present a roadmap before the nation listing steps the government will take to stabilise the economy. “Have courage, there is nothing to worry about,” the prime minister told the audience, assuring the nation that the turbulence in the economy won’t last long. The premier said he will “guide” the nation every week on his government’s economic plans. Khan said an impression had been created in the last 48 hours “as if the sky is going to fall [or] the day of judgement is upon us”, but instead sought to explain the issues faced by the economy. He said the previous governments had taken loans recklessly, which has resulted in the country’s debt ballooning from Rs6 trillion to Rs30 trillion in the past 10 years alone.He said the previous PML-N government had started its term with a $3 billion current account deficit, but the 40-dayold Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government inherited an $18bn current account deficit. Source:

IMF warns Pakistan against ‘excessive loans’ from China 604.505.5452

NUSA DUA: Pakistan has not yet formally approached the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance, but if bailout talks get underway this week, the goal will be to help Pakistan reach its full potential, the IMF’s chief economist said on Tuesday. Addressing a news conference at the IMF and World Bank annual meetings in Bali, the IMF’s Maurice Obstfeld cautioned that increased Chinese involvement in Pakistan’s economy could bring both benefits and risks. Obstfeld said Pakistan is facing financing gaps as it has been hit by a large fiscal and current account deficit, a low level of

reserves and a currency he described as “too rigid” and overvalued. Finance Minister Asad Umar said on Monday the government would seek to open talks with the IMF in Bali this week for emergency financial assistance. Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier sought alternatives to a second bailout programme in five years from the IMF as it impose austerity and limit his vision of an Islamic welfare state. Obstfeld said that if the IMF does enter into talks with Pakistan this week on a possible new financing programme, the goal would be reforms that would help Pakistan reach its “immense potential” without providing specific details. “The government has expressed its desires to enact deep structural reforms that might break the cycle of Pakistan needing financial support from the Fund,” he said. Infrastructure needs Pakistan needs more infrastructure development, Obstfeld added, and the country could benefit from China’s role in supporting its project financing. But China’s involvement could also bring potential risks, he said. “It is important that the design of the projects... be solid and excessive debts which cannot be repaid are avoided,” the IMF chief economist said. Islamabad has cut the size of the biggest Chinese “Silk Road” project in Pakistan, Source:

Imran Khan promises ruthless accountability

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the government would ensure across the board accountability of the corrupt, while blackmailing and protests could not deter him from the hunt. In his first press conference as Prime Minister at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat here on Sunday, he said drives against corruption did not succeed in the past as these targeted the opposition only, adding the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was conducting across the board accountability as he was also summoned in the KPK government helicop-

ter case. Responding to political victimisation allegations by the opposition, the premier said Shahbaz Sharif was arrested in a reference which was filed almost 10 months ago by the NAB, adding Sharif should have been arrested a lot earlier, acknowledging he was rather flustered when the chairman of NAB had decided to put off all investigations against Sharif before the general elections 2018. About the press conference against Sharif ’s arrest, he said birds of a feather had got together for fear of their own crimes, adding many of those, who sat in the press confer-

Umer Realtor Butt Off:604.503.6629

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ence to show solidarity with Sharif, would be behind the bars soon as the FIA had got valid proofs of their corruption. Khan said he would not spare any corrupt, adding no National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was possible under him. If a cricketer committed ball-tampering, would the punishment be deferred till the end of the series, he questioned. “The PML-N was free to protest on roads and in the assembly and I may arrange a container for them if they like so”, the premier said, adding no blackmailing could save the corrupt. .......Source:

NA speaker calls session on Oct 17; production order issued for Shahbaz Sharif

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser on Wednesday issued directives to convene session of the National Assembly on October 17 following a requisition made by the opposition parties. Additionally, the NA Secretariat also issued production orders to ensure the presence of Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif, who is currently in the National Accountability Bureau’s custody. The opposition parties, however, are adamant to pro-

test outside the Parliament House on Thursday, saying the NA speaker did not accept their demand for calling the NA session this week.“We had requested for the NA session to be called ‘timely’ but the NA speaker did not accept our request,” said PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb. On October 5, the evening when Sharif was arrested, a requisition to call an NA session to deliberate the matter had been submitted to the NA secretariat. The next day, on October 6, a delegation of opposition leaders comprising the PML-N chairman and Leader of the Opposition in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq, former NA speaker Ayaz Sadiq, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl leader Abdul Ghafoor Haideri and PML-N lawmaker Rana Tanvir met the incumbent NA speaker at his residence and urged him to summon the session soon as they wished to raise the issue of Shahbaz’s arrest. Source:


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Crime, transportation among dominant issues in Surrey election It is the 12th most populated city in Canada and, as the Oct. 20 municipal election nears, Surrey is certainly having its share of big city issues. But when it comes to sparring topics for the eight people looking to ascend to the mayor’s chair, there are two that stand out above all others. “Surrey has some additional issues and challenges that maybe make it stand a bit apart (from the rest of the Lower Mainland) and one of them is the unravelling of the transportation options,” says Patrick Smith, a professor in the political science department at Simon Fraser University. It’s not that surprising in a city where eight in 10 commute by car or truck for an average of 33 minutes. Smith acknowledges a large number of people continue to see housing affordability as a major concern across the region, but points out that isn’t unique to Surrey. The second issue in the city with a population of around 517,000 is nothing new: “The other one (concern) that Surrey has had a particular interest in and experience of is gangs and crime,” says Smith. Surrey is often associated with violent crime. Long an advocate for better more and better policing, former Newton Community Association president Doug Elford is now seeking a seat on council alongside former mayor Doug McCallum. “Surrey has the largest RCMP under contract arrangement in Canada, and yet you’ve got major players in the election musing about having their own police force,” says Smith. The fact it is and remains such a hot-button issue doesn’t surprise the veteran political scientist. He says it’s an easy thing to campaign for it, but a much more difficult — and above all, expensive — proposition to implement on a practical level. Incorporated as a city back in 1993, Surrey has often been viewed as the poor cousin when it comes to transit and transportation, and a lack of growth — the last SkyTrain station in that city opened 24 years ago — is just one of the reasons people there take any talk of expansion so seriously. “We’ve had ceremonies indicating an agreement by all levels of government on an LRT and now we have major candidates who are saying ‘No, SkyTrain is the preferred option.’” Current councillor Bruce Hayne is among those who have said publicly they want to “push pause” on any LRT work. But such an election promise could prove dangerous if it’s followed through on. “You don’t stop something that you’re well

along in and have secure funding for. And you can look at Ottawa and Toronto as examples of what happens when you do that, you get less and you pay more. Those who want to change gears in Surrey’s transportation future with the LRT, have to explain how they justify getting less and paying more over the long run,” says Anthony Perl, a political science colleague of Smith’s who also teaches Urban Studies at SFU. “When they stop it (LRT), there will be penalties and costs that have already been spent that have to be committed and you don’t get anything to show for it. Stopping projects that are already well planned and funded along the way, the evidence is clear in Canada that just gets you less and costs more. And I really hope that Surrey won’t fall into that.” Other than Hayne, Tom Gill is the other current councillor looking to replace Linda Hepner after the 69-year-old decided not to seek re-election. Meanwhile, McCallum is looking to once again enter the political fray after more than a decade on the sidelines. McCallum, who lost to Dianne Watts in 2005, came in second to Hepner four years ago. But it’s Gill, running under the Surrey First banner, who at least appears to be in line to become the 37th mayor in the city’s history, according to Smith. “In the last couple of elections, if there was one thing that would be the best predictor of peoples’ likelihood to win, it was whether they were an incumbent or not. And that has changed.” “I would have to think that Gill is perhaps the front runner in the Surrey race. He’s got council experience. The parties are splintering a little but he’s got the main party that has been in power for the last bunch of years, with their endorsement, so I would think he would perhaps be the front runner,” says Smith. When she was elected in 2014, Hepner pledged to break ground on an LRT line in the city by this year, which hasn’t happened. But for her part, she does hope that whoever wins puts progress at the top of the list. “I just want the next council for Surrey to be as focused on visioning what the future will look like and how a great city develops,” says Hepner. “That’s the kind of vision I would hope that council has. We can do anything and we need the minds that are energetic enough and visionary enough to see all of that is possible.” Voters in Surrey are electing one mayor, eight councillors, and six school trustees. Source: News1130

Building The Surrey Of Tomorrow Starts October 20: Tom Gill


Imtiaz Popet, Asad Syed, Abubakar Khan, Adil Awan, Shakeel Gaya for Surrey for Surrey for Vancouver for Richmond for P.Coquitlam City Mayor City Council City Council City Council City Council

Nasima nastoh, Afshan Kamran, Mehreen Chaudry, Raza Mirza,Yousef, Ahmed for Surrey for Surrey for Burnaby for Vancouver for Maple Ridge City Council City Council City Council City Council City Council

available online at, highlights include:

• Public Safety:

“It’s time for the next generation of community leadership to step up and deliver the future we want for Surrey families.” Surrey, BC (Oct 10, 2018): Surrey First mayoral candidate Tom Gill and his team released their 15-page platform today as a “blueprint” for the Surrey of tomorrow. With 10 days to go before the municipal election on October 20th Gill said the platform puts emphasizes public safety, more community amenities for families, affordable housing options, better transit and a more approachable city hall. “We have a big decision to make this election,” said Gill, an accountant and chair of the city’s finance committee. “On election day we can keep moving forward or turn back the clock. These are exciting times for Surrey and we’re definitely not the city we were a generation ago. People like what they see here, which is why 300 families move to Surrey every month. We’ve accomplished a lot but there’s still plenty of work to do. It’s time for the next generation of community leadership to step up and deliver the future we want for Surrey families.” While the entire Surrey First platform is

•Five-year, $50 million public safety platform that includes prevention, intervention and enforcement. •125 new police officers. •More anti-gang programs for kids, including free access to pools, gyms and rinks for children and teens. •Create a Surrey Police Board, ensuring more local authority, control and accountability. •Police services review, ensuring right resources and tools for policing Surrey today. •Referendum on a made-in-Surrey police department. •Working with other cities to ban handguns. • Housing:

• Create a City Housing Corporation to construct long-term affordable housing. • Work with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC (CHF BC) to support Community Land Trust development in Surrey. •Develop purpose-built rental accommodations throughout Surrey. • Fast-track permits to four weeks for tenant suite repairs. • Economy: • Transportation: • Governance: • Families, Youth and Seniors: • Arts and Recreation: • Climate change: Media contact: Trevor Pancoust


Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018




Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018

N ational


Indonesians search for bodies of quake

Rescue workers in Indonesia stepped up their search on Wednesday for victims of a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, hoping to find as many bodies as they can before the deadline for their work to halt. The national disaster mitigation agency has called off the search starting on Thursday citing concern about the spread of disease. Debris will be cleared and areas where bodies lie will eventually be turned into parks, sports venues and memorials. The official death toll from the twin disasters stood at 2,010. Perhaps as many as 5,000 victims of the 7.5-magnitude quake and tsunami on September 28 have yet to be found, most of them entombed in flows of mud flows that surged from the ground when the quake agitated the soil into a liquid mire. Most of the bodies have been found in the seaside city of Palu, on the west coast of Sulawesi island, 1,500km northeast of the capital, Jakarta. More than 10,000 rescue workers are scouring expanses of debris, especially in three areas obliterated by soil liquefaction in the south of the small city. “We’re not sure what will happen afterwards so we’re trying to work as fast as possible,” said rescue worker Ahmad Amin, 29, referring to Thursday’s deadline, as he took a break in the badly hit Balaroa neighbourhood. At least nine excavators were working through the rubble of Balaroa, picking their way through smashed buildings and pummeled vehicles. At least a dozen bodies were recovered, a Reuters news agency photographer said. “There are so many children still missing, we want to find them quickly,” said Amin, who is from Balaroa and has relatives unaccounted for. “It doesn’t matter if it’s my family or not, the important thing is that we find as many as we can.” The decision to end the search has angered some relatives of the missing, but taxi driver Rudy Rahman, 40, said he had to accept it. “As long as they keep searching, I will be here every day looking for my son,” said Rahman,

I nt

who said he lost three sons in the disaster. The bodies of two were found, the youngest is missing. “This is the only thing I can do, otherwise I would go insane,” he said, choking back tears. “If they stop what can I do? There are four metres of soil here. I couldn’t do it on my own.” While Indonesian workers searched, the disaster agency ordered independent foreign aid workers to leave the quake zone. Indonesia has traditionally been reluctant to be seen as relying on outside help to cope with disasters, and the government shunned foreign aid this year when earthquakes struck the island of Lombok. But it has accepted help from abroad to cope with the Sulawesi disaster. The disaster agency, in a notice posted on Twitter, set the rules out for foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying they were not allowed to “go directly to the field” and could only work with “local partners”. “Foreign citizens who are working with foreign NGOs are not allowed to conduct any activity on the sites,” it said, adding foreign NGOs with people deployed should withdraw them immediately. A few foreign aid workers have been in the disaster zone, including a team from the group Pompiers Humanitaires Francais that searched for survivors, but they have spoken of difficulties in getting entry permits and authorisation. “This is the first time we encountered such difficulty in actually getting to do our work,” team leader Arnaud Allibert said, adding they were leaving on Wednesday as their help was no longer needed. Indonesian governments are wary of being too open to outside help because they could face criticism from political opponents, and there is particular resistance to the presence of foreign military personnel, as it could be seen as an infringement of sovereignty. “There are political sensitivities, especially with an election coming up, and sovereignty is another issue,” said Keith Loveard, a senior analyst with advisory and risk firm Concord Consulting, referring to polls due next year. Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s five main islands. The archipelago sees frequent earthquakes and occasional tsunami. In 2004, a quake off Sumatra island triggered a tsunami across the Indian Ocean that killed 226,000 people in 13 countries, including more than 120,000 in Indonesia. Source: Al-Jazeera

Saudi government planned Jamal Khashoggi hit: NY Times

Top Saudi leaders deployed a 15-man hit squad to lay in wait for dissident writer Jamal Khashoggi inside Riyadh’s consulate in Istanbul, The New York Times said in an explosive story. Among the assassination team was a forensic expert who brought a bone saw to dismember Khashoggi’s body after killing him, the Times reported on Tuesday, citing an unidentified American official as saying. Al Jazeera couldn’t immediately verify the news report. The hit squad finished the

murder operation within two hours and departed Turkey for various countries, said the Times’ source, citing information from “top Turkish officials”. “It is like Pulp Fiction,” the senior US official was quoted as saying, referring to the graphically violent 1994 Hollywood movie by director Quentin Tarantino . Accusations the Saudi leadership directly ordered the alleged assassination of Khashoggi will put further pressure on the United States and other allies to demand a transparent investigation, with possible serious repercussions to bilateral relations if it doesn’t come to fruition. Saudi officials have denied any involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance and alleged murder, saying he left the consulate on October 2. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has demanded Riyadh to prove his departure from the building. Turkey’s government hasn’t provided evidence after a spate of anonymous allegations that the Saudi writer was killed inside the Istanbul consulate.

‘More than a quarter of Vancouverites undecided ahead of election With less than two weeks left until Vancouverites choose their new mayor, a new poll suggests more than a quarter of voters remain undecided. According to the Research Co. survey, 26 per cent of residents said they were “not sure” who they would vote for. Research Co. president Mario Canseco said the uncertainty is likely the result of greater diversity in terms of candidates and political parties compared to previous municipal elections. “This election is a little bit different. It’s all over the place. You have a lot of new parties, lots of new candidates, lots of independents who’ve decided to run,” he told CTV News. “We have two very credible independent candidates who are now ranked number one and number three, so there’s definitely a lot of confusion for some voters—maybe those who haven’t been paying enough attention to the race, but also those who are still trying to figure out which one of the parties they want to support.” The number of undecided voters has shrunk compared to the results of his research from just a few months ago, Canseco added. Uncertainty was higher among women (31 per cent) compared to men (20 per cent). Kennedy Stewart, who is running as an independent, continues to lead in name recognition, according those polled. That’s likely part of the story behind his overall popularity. Stewart was followed by the NPA’s Ken Sim, who polled at 20 per cent. Stewart held a double-digit lead over the NPA candidate among the women polled (41 to 16 per cent), but the two were virtually tied among male respondents.The survey put independent Shauna Sylvester in third spot with 16 per cent and Hector Bremner of Yes Vancouver in fourth with 10 per cent.

ProVancouver’s David Chen and Wai Young of Coalition Vancouver both polled at seven per cent. Canseco said Vision Vancouver and the NPA have dominated past election. But the former isn’t running a candidate this time, and that could be working in Stewart’s favour. “You have about 50 per cent of them saying they’re voting for Stewart. He’s inheriting a lot of those votes from Gregor Robertson,” Canseco said. “We don’t see the same for Ken Sim. He’s only getting 39 per cent from those who voted for Kirk LaPointe, so if you have a high retention rate from a very popular incumbent in the last election, you’re going to be ahead.” Advance voting in Vancouver starts Wednesday and will continue for a week. Election Day is on Oct. 20 and what all candidates will be focused on is getting voters motivated to actually show up and cast their ballots. Canseco said his research will focus on how motivated voters are actually feeling between now and then. “I think this is going to be crucial for all candidates, not only Kennedy Stewart who is right now number one,” he said. Only four per cent of participants in the poll said they intended not to vote. Source: CTV News

Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper with close ties to the government, named and published photos on Tuesday of the alleged 15-member Saudi assassination team accused of travelling to Istanbul on the day Khashoggi disappeared. The suspects are wanted by Turkish authorities for questioning. American Senator Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on Tuesday “everything today points to” Khashoggi’s murder last week inside the Saudi consulate. Corker told The Daily Beast his view was reaffirmed after viewing classified intelligence about the disappearance. “It points to the idea that whatever has happened to him, the Saudis - I mean, they’ve got some explaining to do,” Corker was quoted as saying. Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane, reporting from Washington, DC, said the deluge of news reports will increase pressure on the US government to act. “This was a prominent American columnist who is beloved among a small group of the intelligence elite in Washington, DC and they are speaking out. This story is making front-page news. It is being greeted by a sense of outrage, and that is only growing as each story reveals new information,” she said. Meanwhile on Tuesday, the Washington Post - where Khashoggi wrote columns after fleeing Saudi Arabia over fears of retribution for his critical commentary - reported US intelligence intercepted communications of Saudi officials planning to abduct the prominent journalist. “Saudis wanted to lure Khashoggi back to Saudi Arabia and lay hands on him there,” the Post quoted a person familiar with the information as saying. It was not clear whether the Saudis intended to arrest and interrogate Khashoggi or to kill him - or if the United States warned

Khashoggi he was a target, the source told the newspaper. Khashoggi entered the consulate on October 2 to handle a routine paperwork issue but he never came out, according to family and friends, as well as Turkish authorities. The US resident has written articles over the past year in self-imposed exile that were critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Khashoggi, 59, has had a long career as a senior journalist in Saudi Arabia and also as an adviser to top officials. But since the emergence of Prince Mohammed, 33, as the centre of power in the kingdom last year, Khashoggi has been openly critical of the monarchy. He assailed the prince’s reforms as hollow, accusing him of introducing a new Saudi era of “fear, intimidation, arrests and public shaming”. Robert Pearson, a former US ambassador to Turkey, said the case could change the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. “They must give a transparent explanation very quickly, otherwise the tide will quickly turn against them. It’s now been a week and nothing has been shown to prove about his [Khashoggi’s] safety,” he told Al Jazeera. He noted 47 US senators recently voted to ban US arms sales to Saudi Arabia - four short of a majority. “It is beginning to reach a genuine crisis point now, which can be solved very quickly if the Saudis are really on the spot,” said Pearson. “The arms sales bill, the war in Yemen those are the kinds of things that can turn very quickly into a political statement that will damage Saudi’s relationship with the United States, and damage Saudi’s reputation worldwide.” Source: Al-Jazeera


Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018



Vote Oct. 20



This is an appeal from George Harvie, Param Grewal, Jessie Dosanjh and the entire Achieving For Delta slate for your vote on October 20th.



COUNCIL CANDIDATES —————————————————————————————

DAN COPELAND of North Delta



LOIS JACKSON of North Delta

DYLAN KRUGER of Tsawwassen

CAL TRAVERSY of North Delta

SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES —————————————————————————

ERICA BEARD of Tsawwassen



Advance poll dates: October 6, 10, 11










Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018

FAITH It was narrated that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: They used to think that ‘umrah during the months of Hajj was one of the worst evils on earth. They would make Muharram Safar and say: They would say: when the backs of the camels have healed and the tracks of the pilgrims have become erased and Safar is over, ‘Umrah becomes permissible for those who want to do ‘Umrah.Narrated by al-Bukhaari (1489) and Muslim (1240)

Islamic Law Through Distance Learning

By: Ziad Bin Talib Al-Mawali n today’s world of global communication and technological advancement, distance learning is a practical, convenient tool for many people around the globe. Through my years of experience in higher education and my regular visits to institutions of learning both in the East and the West, I have found that this kind of education has become a living reality that is thriving rapidly, despite of some challenges. In today’s world of global communication and technological advancement, distance learning is a practical, convenient tool for many people around the globe. Through my years of experience in higher education and my


regular visits to institutions of learning both in the East and the West, I have found that this kind of education has become a living reality that is thriving rapidly, despite of some challenges. beliefs and religions, is an inexhaustible flow that flows with great benefits for both worlds. We have decided with to provide all that is new in the data of this kind of education. The students will notice a progressive development in order to reach the optimal

situation and achieve the desired goal according to the international quality specifications available for this type of education, We always welcome creative ideas and constructive suggestions. In conclusion, I pray to Allah to give us victory and success. I also seize the opportunity to show my gratitude for the

Why We Must Study Hadith Once Again?


By: Dr Ovamir Anjum hy should we worry about authenticating the Hadith literature any more—given that we have the impeccable collections of sound traditions of the Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬in Bukhâri and Muslim, among others? Well, because in the light of new and increasingly damaging attacks against Islam from its enemies and critics, in addition to the efforts by world powers to rewrite Islam in accordance with their interests, it is essential that believing Muslims— who love Allah and His Din—also girdle up their defenses. Some of the most vehement attacks against the Din of Allah have been on the issue of authenticity of the Sunnah of the Prophet — which has been preserved in the form of a hadith (Prophetic reports). Why are Ahadith Attacked? There is a reason why the Hadith literature is often attacked both by the enemies of Islam as well as by those Muslims who are enchanted by other ideals and are trying to reinterpret Islam to fit their vision. To challenge the pure monotheism of Islam or its irrefutable appeal to good human nature is a lost cause; and the enemies of Islam know this well. To challenge the authenticity of the final Book of Allah—the Quran—is also hopeless for any reasonable person, even though attempts are now being made by some desperate enemies. The only option left is to reinterpret the Message of Allah—by assigning its words arbitrary, self-serving meanings. This becomes possible especially if the Quran is reduced to a book in a vacuum, by attacking and making suspicious the entire corpus of Hadith literature that tells us when, how, and why the various Qur’anic passages were revealed. Of course, the Quran explicitly demands that we follow the additional and independent legislation and instruction of the Final Messenger. If you detach the words of the Quran from the person of the truthful Messenger of Allah—from his example and his explanations—and suspend them in a vacuum—then of course a million interpretations of each verse are possible. Any word can have any number of meanings, so long as you can change its entry in your dictionary. Without the guidance of authentic Sunnah, the verses of the Quran are no longer real, alive and concrete words that were understood, applied and explained

by a real, living human being—known to us through richly documented history— and understood correctly by an entire community—a community, that, as a sign of God’s approval and blessing, soon became the world’s greatest power and civilization. Rather, they become reduced to enigmatic allusions whose meaning is anybody’s guess. In other words, they become like words of the Bible and other scriptures whose original texts were lost or utterly disfigured. The Rise of Western Scholarship of Islam and its Implications For the last two centuries, while the best and most dedicated minds among the Muslims have been busy learning engineering and medicine from the West, thousands of Western scholars have been engaged in studying, evaluating, reinterpreting and questioning the entire corpus of Islamic sciences. Not all non-Muslim scholars are malicious towards Islam, and a good number of studies coming out of Western universities invite Muslims to rethink a lot of what they have been taking for granted and a lot of what they have by now forgotten. However, and to no one’s surprise, most of these studies serve to cut at the roots of Islamic belief. A brief history is in order. Since the nineteenth century, as the Muslim world encountered Western modernity and as Western scholars began to critically study Islamic sources based on the methods of textual study (philology) which they had developed in their Biblical studies, questions were raised about the authenticity of Islamic sources, especially about the Quran and the Hadith literature. These Western scholars of Islam, called Orientalists, were influenced by the 19th century trends in a secularizing Europe where religion was fleeing from the intellectual and public sphere and religious texts were being, for the first time in Christian history, studied critically and historically. These philological scholars found plenty of evidence that these Biblical texts were written a few centuries after the actual events they describe took place, and were distorted by political and other considerations that surrounded the writers. These biblical studies devastated claims of the Christian Church for all practical purposes, so that Christianity was to become a religion of the laymen or of those who could have faith against all evidence. It could not be a faith of reason or history

any more. As the West colonized the Muslim world and came across Islam—a religion that the religious West had thus far feared and hated—the new kind of Western scholar, mostly secular and post-Christian, started to study Islam with a new interest, and for their own specific purposes. Those sympathetic to Christianity, like the famed Max Weber, wanted to show the superiority of their religion to Islam and give reasons why Islamic societies could not develop and modernize while the Christian ones could. Others wanted to study Islam for colonial purposes— to rule the Muslims better. Still others wanted to prove their atheistic theories about religion being a figment of human imagination and not based on God-sent message, and so attempted to show that Islam too, like Christianity, was a human product. To them, the Prophet was an intelligent man— someone who told brilliant lies to humanity for good intentions. This viewpoint is still widely embraced by Western scholars and writers today. Some others, who simply wanted attention perhaps, made claims that were laughable even to other Westerners, such as that Islam was created by the Arab imperialists to justify their rule. At the heart of all these claims about the human origin of Islam lay the basic Orientalist bias: just as the Christian texts were ‘invented’ a few centuries after the appearance of Jesus, so must Islamic texts be shown to have originated a few centuries after Muhammad.

support of the education given by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who began the march of science. under the shade of the tree. The great shadows and roots, and under it the types of science leafy fruit, which is what we earn in our time today. We ask Allah the Almighty to help us prepare for this nation of Oman, and to bless all Arab and Islamic nations with growth and prosperity. Ziad bin Talib Al-Mawali General Supervisor of the project of Distance Learning Advisor to His Excellency the Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Source: College Of Shariah Sciences Oman

Most of the attempts to discredit Islamic texts, however, have been frustrated, sometimes by other Western scholars who have pointed out serious problems with these kinds of claims. These days, the heat against Islam is once again back on, and on high, and so are attempts to ‘reform’ Islam in the image of the Western religions and to show that the Islamic texts, particularly the Hadith literature, are not authentic. The Muslim response, for the most part, has been to wait for some revivalist, some scholar, or some miracle that would prove to the world, and the coming generations of Muslims, that all the propaganda is baseless, fabricated, and incoherent. While there have been efforts by some scholars to engage the modern critics with reason, argument and historical research—and one brilliant example of that is Dr. Hamidullah’s work on ‘the Sahifah of Hammâm’—generally, our response has been to ignore and neglect the challenge. Source: To be continued in Next edition

Prayer Schedule in Greater Vancouver Oct 12-26, 2018 Saffar 2-16, 1440 H

Islm. Day Sunrise Fajar Sunr DhuhrAsarAsar Isha Date Fajar DhuhrZawal Asar (shafi) (hanfi) Maghrib Magrib Isha Date

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 For such Prayers are enjoined on believers at stated times: Quran ,n 4:103 Source: BCMA


Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018

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Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018





“ A2Z Team ” (Realtor)

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NEW LISTINGS R2277187 1005-10620 150 Street Surrey BC V3R7S1

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4 Bedrooms, 4 Washrooms, 3 Level 5 Yrs Town House, Spacious, Bright, Open Concept, Stainless Steel Appliances, Quartz Counter tops, Crown Mouldings, 2 PC Powder room on Main Floor, Sundeck on Main Floor, Upstairs Spacious Bedrooms, Master Bedroom has Closet Organizer, Below One Bedroom with Washroom. Tennis Court & Water Park Close by, Shopping & Medical Complex across. Clayton Heights Secondary & Hazel Grove Elementary Schools walking distance. Ellendale Elementary/Guildford Park Secondary. Transit Close by.

Location! 2 Bedroom 2 Washroom Town House Lincoln’s Gate, 2 Spacious Bedroom with an ensuite washroom, large Living Room with wood burning fireplace, New Kitchen Cabinets and Counter Tops, New Blinds, New Bedroom, closet & Washroom Doors, New Light Fixtures, New Sink in Master Bedroom Washroom, walking distance to Guildford Town Centre, Guildford Public Library & Recreational Centre, Bus Loop, Holly Elementary School, Complex has Outdoor Pool, Recreation Centre.


R2279142 14063 Grosvenor RdSurrey. V3R5G6

Newly Constructed 8 Bedrooms, 6 Full Washrooms, 6044 Sq. Ft Corner Lot, 3 Bedrooms Basement Suite with Laundry can be easily converted into 2+1 Bedroom Suites, Basement has Theatre Room. Main Floor has Spice Kitchen and 1 Bedroom with full Washroom, Bright Spacious Kitchen, Living Room and Family Room, Above 4 Spacious bedrooms with Washrooms. House comes with 2-510 Yrs Warranty. Schools - Surrey Traditional/Ellendale Elementary/Guildford Park Secondary. Transit Close by.

$1449000, 00

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Surrey Office: 115-13740 72A Avenue, Surrey BC V3W 1N5 Vancouver Office: 6241 Fraser Street, Vancouver BC V3W 3A2 604-839-7853 ~ ~


Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018


Tribute to Shuhada-e-Karbala at Bullay Shah Academy

By Tuaha Younas On Sep 29, Bullay Shah Academy and Anjuman Khudam-e-Suffiya in keeping with the grand traditions of Auliya Allah paid rich tribute to the Martyrs of the Karbala at its Academy at Scott Raod Surrey. The program began with a recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Ahmed Raza. Several prominent local Naat khawans, including Qari Anwar Naqshbandi, Muzammil, Shehrayar, Malik Farasat and Naseer Pirzada presented respectful salutations to the Imam Hussain A.S. and the Household of the Holy Prophet PBUH (Ahl-eBayat). Their laudations were widely appreciated by the many attendants of the program. The multifaith program was attended by people of multiple religion-ethnic backgrounds, united in their respect for Imam Hussain A.S. and indebtedness for His message. Maulana Al-Haaj Abdul Latif Naumani, participating as special speaker, recited various verses of the Holy Quran and Hadiths highlighting the importance and the illustrious status of Ahl-e-Bayat. He stressed the importance of learning from the example and the sacrifice of the Ahl-e-Bayat. Pir Afzal Ahmed Naqshbandi, who presided over the gathering, built and expanded upon the Holy Verses and Hadiths narrated by Maulana A.L.Naumani, in an impassioned and moving speech. He shed light upon the term ‘Ahl-e-Bayat’ and explained that there are three kinds of Ahl-e-Bayat. The Sakni, which include the Mothers of the Faithful, the Nasbi, which include Hzt. Ali, Bibi Fatima, Imam Hassan, Imam

Hussain(R.A) and their noble lineage, and Aizazi – those who are included in Ahl-e-Bayat due to their association and their love for the exalted children of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He expounded, with great conviction, that the salvation in this world and Hereafter is only possible by following the path of Ahl-e-Bayat – a feat only possible with fermentation of their love in one’s heart. He said that Allah does not reject any supplication made by any true lover of Ahl-e-Bayat in their Holy name. Pir Afzal also expatiated on the sacrifice of Imam Hussain and Ahl-e-Bayat, their bravery, fortitude and grace in the face of the horrors and savagery visited upon them by the bestial horde besieging them. No other group amongst the children of Adam have been tested by Allah the way Ahl-e-Bayat have been tested. Yet, all Imam Hussain requested in return for His great sacrifice was the forgiveness for the Muslim Ummah. He ended his poignant address by urging everyone to love Ahl-e-Bayat for just as Allah has purified them (Quran 33:33), they, too, purify anyone who comes to their door with faith in his heart. The program ended, as it had begun, with salutations on Holy Prophet and His Ahl-e-Bayat. He also made a special Dua for the stability and prosperity of Muslim Ummah in general and Pakistan in particular. Bullay Shah Academy, working under the banner of Astana-eAliya Shehanshah-e-Wilayat, Gujrat Pakistan, holds a monthly multifaith event on the last Saturday of every month. All are welcome to attend.

Inauguration of Pakistani Canadian Community Association of British Columbia

Oct 5,The of Pakistani Canadian Community Association of British Columbia, is a not-for-profit community service Organization, was officially inaugurated today by the Hon. Jinny Sims, Minister of citizen’s Services, Hon. Harry Bains, Minister of Labour, and Hon. Acting Counsellor General of Pakistan. The organization address of the Organization is at: 109-12827 76 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2V3, Canada. PCCA-BC is formed to support socioeconomic, community services and cultural activities of Pakistani Canadian Community. Promote and develop cultural understanding and harmony among other cultural groups. Motivate and involve PC Community to participate in the main stream activities of Canadian society. Our mission is to enhance, engage and represent our diverse community, where we share, support, educate, celebrate by facilitating community help and support programs and services. PCCA-BC is Proud to provide various community

services, discussed on website.

Thank You, Director Public Relations

President’s Khalid Hussain Chohan Inauguration Speech: “Community Members, Honourable Guests, it is true pleasure for me to welcome you all to the Inaugural ceremony of Pakistani Canadian Community Association. We all are here in an effort to service the Canadian society. it is true pleasure for me to welcome you to the Inauguration of Pakistani Canadian Community Association. We all are joined in an effort to service our society. Today, we appreciate your time for our community. We will bring all the communities together, preserving cultural heritage but, share and develop common values. The values of mutual respect, equality and cooperation. I am confident as always, we will get the job done. Today’s ceremony has very special meaning. We are at the eve of evolving new community culture of unity, and cooperation.

We aim to develop a quality leadership that will take the community to the highest levels of performance and cooperation. We will keep looking for new leadership talent. we will groom them and promote on merit. Pakistani Canadian Community Association will work to promote harmony and cooperation among all the community. It is important to participate in all social and political activities in the society. We have civic elections this month. Please take your time to review portfolio of group leader and individuals and vote for a qualified candidate, on merit. We have a lot of community issues unresolved. We thank to the Hon. Minister of Citizens services and Acting Consul General Pakistan for being with us today. We are seeking your help and support to deal with the community problems those will be brought to us and those we already know. Thank you so much media for promoting this. event”


Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018


Civic Elections Candidates Meet with community at Surrey Public Library

On Oct 5, The Pakistan Canada Association (PCA) organized an All candidate meeting spearheaded by Mahwish Yousaf to showcase Muslim candidates who are running for municipal elections. These type of events and platform in community also give courage to the emerging leaders and youth to apply for these seats in the future. PCA President Shaukat Khan introduced the agenda to all candidates. Amir Muneer from Canada Urdu Association, Shahzad Nazir from Committee of Progressive Pakistani Canadians, Bilal Cheema, Community Political Activist and Haroon Khan from PCA delivered speeches about: -Importance of our community getting involved in the political process -How our candidates can take our voices to the office -Difference between Councilors, Mayor and School Trustee duties and what they can do for our community -Why choose independent candidates over well-known slates. Candidates from different faiths and backgrounds attended this meeting. Shaukat Khan and Mahwish Yousaf introduced the candidates. Each candi-

date then told the audience about themselves and their platform for 4 minutes Everyone delivered their own thoughts about the current issues of their city and their vision. If elected as a Councilor or School Trustee, each of them showed commitment to proving themselves that they can bring the change. Everyone asked those in audience to vote for those who can fight for a more inclusive agenda at City Halls, whether it is Skytrain or other alternative transportation systems, LRT, Housing, Transparency in issue of big projects & Property permits, Land development, Local Police Force, Enhanced Community Programs, Youth Committee at Council, Active Diversity Committee, Affordable Housing, Schools , Class Sizes and Student/Teachers problems, Children and Youth, Park and Recreation Centres, Protection of Farm Land and Opening of City Halls to the People. 1. Imtiaz Popat for Surrey City Mayor 2. Mehreen Chaudry for Burnaby City Council 3. Afshan Kamran Candidate for Surrey City Council, 4. Felix Kongyuy for Surrey City Council 5. Raza Mirza for Vancouver City Council 6. Asad Syed Candidate

for Surrey City Council 7. Rick Macgowan of Burnaby, 8. Diana Ng, Surrey School Board, 9. Julia Poole’s Campaign, 10. Nasima Nastoh For Surrey City Council,11. Major Rasode for Surrey City Council, 12. Carey McLaren City Council, of Burnaby 13. Abubakr Khan Khan for Vancouver City Council At the end, the floor was opened for a Q and A session Mr. Pirzada from the Miracle Media raised the issue Homelessness in the city and asked what the past Mayor’s Team had done and what plans the Candidates have to deal with homelessness in certain perimeter in future. The Miracle Media Group highly appreciates the efforts of Ms. Mahwish Yousaf, who made great efforts in bringing some of community members and 13 Candidates at Surrey Public

Library in a short notice with the help of PCA. We also encourgage everyone to vote in these civic elections - Advance Polling is on Oct 13 and General Voting Day is on Oct 20.

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Candidates Profiles Continued from last edition

Raza Mirza ,

for council, City of Vancouver

Param Grewal ,

for council, City of Delta

on Achieving for Delta slate

Param is an entrepreneur, community activist and a passionate advocate for the underprivileged. Knowledgeable about Provincial and Federal politics having worked as political staff, community outreach specialist and strategist with MLAs, MP and Ministers. Education: Bachelors Degree in Arts (BA): Psychology and Sociology. Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA): Major in Marketing. Work experience: Extensive and Diverse work experience of over thirty years in the Corporate world as a Marketing Professional; Non-Profit Social

Jessie Dosanjh,

Service Organizations including PICS as a Director of Social Programs, as an Entrepreneur in the food industry and in Canadian Politics. Volunteer Services: Served on these Boards and Committees for over five years. 1.South Asian Community Coalition Against Youth Violence.(SACCAYV) 2.Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association (FARSHA) now know as AgSafeBC 3.BCPIAC: BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre (BCPIAC).

Param Grewal

Ph:604.767.8350, Em:

For Delta School Board Trustee

on Achieving for Delta slate

Jessie Dosanjh has volunteered with BC Athletics Association and the Canadian Athletics Association for several years. He has helped organise numerous Provincial, National and international Athletic events and Fundraisers. Awards and Accolades: Queens Diamond Jubilee Award Recipient. Surrey Now/Leader Newspaper highlighted his accomplishments in a Profiles of Excellence special edition publication. Recognized and felicitated as Executive of The Year, Coach of The Year by BC Athletics Association.

Jessie Dosanjh, a founding member of the Universal Athletics Club, BC is an outstanding coach who has dedicated his life to shape the future of our youth. He has been felicitated by BC Athletics Association numerous times for producing champion athletes who have excelled in education too. He has served as the Youth National Championship Team Coach for B.C. in 2010, 2013 and 2017. He is passionate about equipping the next generation of Delta Kids with the skills they need to succeed in sports and education and stay away from drugs and gangs. Education: Bachelors Degree in Arts(BA). Ph: 604.763.4232 Volunteer Experience:

Jessie Dosanjh

Mirza, 33, has worked as a Research and Development Manager at a Vancouver based tech company, which helps governments and Fortune 500 companies use technology for compliance with policies, and prevention of fraud and corruption. Mirza spent his early career working for companies like Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Amazon, and understand the importance of and challenges in growing the tech industries in Vancouver. It was when Raza joined, a company with a mission to “empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see”, that he realized the contribution he could make to impact the direction of housing policy. Mirza started his fight for a right to stable family housing with Generation Squeeze, raising awareness about challenges young people face, after his wife and he welcomed their first daughter. “Being a parent changed my priorities. Stable housing and a safe park, a school where teachers are less worried about their own living situation and having a family doctor took place of personal goals.” Volunteering for Dogwood, Mirza worked to raise awareness about the importance of voting, and campaigned to ban big money in politics and the need for a corruption inquiry in British Columbia. As a spokesperson, and Director of Gov-

Surrey Students NOW, Sonia Andhi, Cindy Dalglish, Charlene Dobie and Mary-Em Waddington are long-time residents of Surrey, each with their own unique skills and background. Surrey Students NOW formed over two years ago as an education advocacy group wanting to help find a solution to the overcrowded schools. After making many connections with other education advocates and politicians, they soon realized that they needed to take their advocacy to the next level. They are now candidates for School Trustee in the upcoming municipal election. They believe that Surrey kids matter and want to be the voice for all children and families in the Surrey School District.

Surrey Students Now believe the top three issues facing the Surrey School District are making sure we have safe and supportive schools, advocating for more funding and eliminating portables. Sonia, Cindy, Charlene and Mary-Em believe strongly in communication and working together with others. They want to work with students, families, staff, community partners and other Surrey politicians to make sure Surrey students get what they deserve. Surrey kids matter and they need a passionate, engaged Board of Education that will keep them at the forefront of every decision. For more information please visit their website

Contact: 778.899.9151

Raza Mirza


Mehreen Chaudry ,

for council, City of Burnaby

I am running for City Council with the Burnaby Green Party. I was born in Ottawa, Ontario and grew up in Pakistan. I moved to the United States to pursue my Bachelor of Arts with honors in International Business and Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. I have extensive professional experience working as a project manager with multinational organizations.For the past two years, I have been a member of the Burnaby community with my two young sons. Having faced issues in Burnaby myself, I understand the challenges and needs of young families. In addition, I am highly motivated, outgoing and fully capable to solve those problems to benefit the entire community. I want a better city for not only my children but for all the children to grow up in. The top three issues in Burnaby that I want to solve are:

Felix Kongyuy , Sonia Andhi, Cindy Dalglish, Charlene Dobie and Mary-Em Waddington Surrey Students NOW Surrey School Trustee Candidates

ernment Relations, for Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT) he also pushed the government to address speculation and foreign capital in the Vancouver housing market. Mirza has been the Secretary for the Standing Committee for Economy and Environment (SCOEE) for BC New Democratic Party (BC NDP) and a member of Non Partisan Association (NPA); he has volunteered for Vancouver Greens, and discussed policy resolution with Conservative Party of Canada local EDA. Mirza is recognized, even by his fellow candidates, as a great reconciliator and his ability to work across party lines makes him uniquely qualified to unite people to stand together for Vancouver. Mirza, a father of two, now rents a home in Marpole with his wife, a psychologist turned social support worker for people with special needs. His semi-retired parents also live with them to help offset the high cost of childcare that most young Vancouver families face today. You can find more about Mirza on his Facebook page ‘ElectRazaMirza’ and follow him on Twitter at ‘@razamirza’.

1.Affordable Housing: 2.Lack of daycare space and before and after school care: 3.Healthy, Accessible Public Spaces: Canada is the only western country to break into the top 20 most diverse, and I proudly represents that diversity as part of the Burnaby Community. So I would urge every Muslim brothers and sister to come out and Vote so we can make our city a better place to live. How you can help me is to please come out vote and urge your friends and family to vote. Please reach out to me with any questions you have and anything that you want to discuss.

Mehreen Chaudry /Mehreen4Burnabycouncil.

for council, City of Surrey

He is a Father, seasoned Social Service Executive and a proud resi-dent of Surrey. He holds a BBA and Masters Degree in Electoral Policy. Felix has solid experience in the nonprofit and business sector. He has been an active con-tributor to this community. He has served on several advisory committees, de-signed to address the need of Canadians, Newcomers, Students, and Immigrants. For years, Felix has developed successful programs for persons with disabilities, at-risk youths, refugees, women, children, and families. He has a proven track record of fighting for the voiceless. As a leader, he is the founder of Baobab Inclu-sive Empowerment Society and founding member of Global Peace Alliance Surrey Society. He also serves as Board Director for Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, rep-resenting British Columbia. As someone from a BI-Racial family, Felix will be the perfect blend for a city as diverse as Surrey. He speaks four Languages”

Please vote for an outside and someone who can fight for a more inclusive agenda at Surrey City Hall, Skytrain or other alternative transportation systems, Surrey Local Police Force, Enhance Community Programs, Youth Committee at Council, Active Diversity Committee, Affordable Housing, Free Pass at Recreation Centres in Surrey, Schools with integrated Daycare Space for families, Free Bus Ride for Athletic Children and Youths, Transparent Council, Protection of Farm Land and Opening of Surrey City Hall to the People. I am ready to fight for the Many, not the few. Spare one Vote for a social justice advocate and Community Organizer.

Felix Kongyuy

Phone:604.868.3459 E.Mail:


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"Feed, in the name of God, the needy, the orphan, and the captive, (saying), 'We feed you for the sake of God alone; no reward do we desire from you, nor thanks'" [Al-Qur'an 76: 8-9]

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MFB FUNDRAISER! sadaqah jariyah Your donations towards capital funding at the MFB fundraiser will help you to earn rewards even when you go back to Allah (SWT). We are purchasing a new warehouse for our Food Bank that will inshaAllah continue to feed the needy for generations to come. JOIN OUR FUNDRAISER

Friday, October 26th, 2018 @ 6:30 pm 8158 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1 Tickets $30 & $40 at the door Kids 12 and under $20 $500 for a sponsored reserved table.

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M iddle


Iran has ‘unclean hands’ in world court battle, US says

THE HAGUE: The United States accused Tehran Monday of having “unclean hands” as it fought an Iranian court bid to unfreeze billions of dollars earmarked by Washington for terror victims.Washington said Iran’s “support for international terrorism,” including bombings and airline hijackings, should rule out its case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. Iran dragged Washington to the UN’s top court in 2016 over a US Supreme Court ruling that the $2 billion should go to victims of attacks blamed on the Islamic republic.Iran said the case breached a 1955 “Treaty of Amity” between Washington and Tehran signed before Iran’s Islamic revolution. Washington tore up that treaty last week after the ICJ in a separate case ordered the United States to ease sanctions reimposed on Iran by US President Donald Trump after he pulled out of Iran’s 2015 international nuclear deal. “Iran comes to the court with unclean hands. Indeed, it is a remarkable show of bad faith,” Richard Visek, a US State Department legal official, told the court. “The actions at the root of this case center on Iran’s support for international terrorism... Iran’s bad acts include supports for terrorist bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and airline hijackings,” he said. Visek also accused Iran’s “most senior leaders” of the “encouragement and promotion of terrorism” and “violation of nuclear non-proliferation, ballistic missile and arms trafficking obligations.” Iran’s use of the 1955 treaty to lodge the case was an “abuse of process,” he added. The ICJ was set up after World War II to rule on disputes between United Nations member states. Its rulings are binding but it has no power to enforce them. At Monday’s hearing, a 15-judge bench is

listening to US arguments over whether the ICJ can take up the case under its strict rules governing its procedure. The US Supreme Court ruled in April 2016 that $2 billion in Iran’s frozen assets must go to American victims of terror attacks. These included the 1983 bombing of a US Marine barracks in Beirut, in which 241 soldiers were killed, and the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia. In total, the decision affects more than 1,000 Americans. Iran angrily accused Washington of breaking the 1955 treaty — even though it was signed at the time with the pro-US regime of the Shah — and called for the US “to make full reparations to Iran for the violation of its international legal obligations.”...... A decision by the ICJ’s judges could take weeks or even months before being made public. But Monday’s showdown risks deepening the Trump administration’s rift with international justice. That followed Iran’s shock victory last week when the ICJ ruled that the US must lift sanctions against Tehran targeting humanitarian goods like food and medicine. The step also came after the Palestinians went to the ICJ to challenge the US move of its Israel embassy to Jerusalem..... Source:

Extremist rebels in Syria withdraw heavy arms in Idlib

BEIRUT: Extremist factions including Syria’s former Al-Qaeda branch have withdrawn heavy weapons from parts of a planned buffer zone in Idlib province, a monitor said on Monday, two days ahead of a deadline.Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham “and other less influential jihadist groups have withdrawn their heavy weapons from large areas of the demilitarised zone” ringing Idlib province, said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The development comes ahead of Wednesday’s cut-off date for all rebels to withdraw heavy arms from a 15 to 20-kilometer demilitarised area ringing the Idlib region. The creation of a buffer zone is central to an agreement reached last month by regime ally Russia and rebel backer Turkey, which is aimed at staving off a massive assault on Idlib by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.The deal also foresees radical groups leaving the area by Oct.15. HTS, which is led by former Al-Qaeda fighters, has yet to comment on its reported withdrawal or announce its stance on the buffer zone deal. According to the Britain-based Observatory, the pullout quietly began two days ago.“Until now, heavy weapons have been removed from northern Hama and eastern Idlib” located in the proposed zone, Abdel Rahman said. The Idlib region includes most of the province of the same name, as well as adjacent parts of the Hama and Aleppo provinces.In recent weeks, Turkey has deployed troops at “observation posts” it set up in rebel-held areas of Idlib and neighboring Aleppo. A local source close to HTS said Ankara’s actions demonstrated that neither Turkey, Russia, nor fellow regime ally Iran plan to break the deal.

“The presence of Turkish forces and their posts will prevent any military action,” the source said. “So (HTS), like other factions, is moving heavy weapons and reinforcing its positions according to the agreement.” The source confirmed each faction “will remain in its position”, indicating that HTS and the other groups were “ready and prepared” to rebel any attack by the regime. HTS and other hardliners hold a large part of Idlib province and the proposed demilitarised zone, while the National Liberation Front is the main Turkey-backed rebel alliance in the area.On Monday, the NLF completed withdrawing heavy arms from the zone, according to Turkish state media. The start of the NLF pullout was confirmed to AFP by its spokesman Naji Mustafa. Despite progress in implementing the terms of the deal, Assad on Sunday said the arrangement would not become permanent. “The agreement is a temporary measure through which the state has realised many achievements on the ground starting with stemming the bloodshed,” he was quoted as saying by state news agency SANA. “This province and other Syrian territory still under terrorist control will return to the Syrian state,” the president said, referring to both rebels and jihadists.

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18 HEALTH Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October Safar 02,1440H October 12, 2018


By Emblem Cannabis evastating To All Of Those Who Are Diagnosed Or Have A Loved One Diagnosed, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in Canadian women (lung cancer is first). For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to do our part to spread the word on what exactly breast cancer is, who gets it and why regular screenings for early detection is key. What is breast cancer? Broadly termed, cancer is a class of diseases characterized by the appearance of abnormal, mutated cells that grow, multiply and invade healthy cells, forming cancerous (malignant) tumours. Specifically, with breast cancer, these tumours can be felt within the breast tissue as hard lumps. They can also be spotted in x-rays. How does it spread? The abnormal cells begin breaking away from the original tumour. They can then enter blood vessels or lymph vessels, which branch into tissues throughout the entire body. This process of cancer cells travelling to other body parts and damaging additional tissues and organs is known as metastasis, and it’s one of the reasons that early cancer detection is critical to a person’s survival

rate. What are the risk factors? Most women who get breast cancer cannot determine exactly why it happened to them, however there are some known risk factors associated with this disease. Obviously, gender is a huge factor, as breast cancer occurs nearly 100 times more in women than in men. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible for men to be diagnosed with breast cancer. So, men should still take notice of any unusual lumps in their breast tissue. Most cancer is diagnosed after the age of 55, and if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer you have an increased risk of being diagnosed. Other risk factors include dense breast tissue, making lumps harder to detect, as well as certain genome changes, which can be determined through genetic testing. Breast Cancer by the Numbers 1 in 8 Canadian women will be affected by breast cancer An estimated 26,300 women and 230 men in Canada will be diagnosed in 2017 There is a 1 in 30 probability that a Canadian woman will die from breast cancer in her lifetime Breast cancer mortality rates have decreased by 44% since 1987 In Canada, almost 5000 women and 43 men

will die from breast cancer in 2017 Breast cancer makes up 26% of the cancer diagnosed in Canada Although it’s still the most common cancer diagnosis in Canadian women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canadian women, fewer women are dying from breast cancer today than in the past. Thanks to earlier detection made possible by advances in screening technology, raised awareness about the importance of early detection, regular mammograms, and improved treatment methods, the mortality rates have declined from 41.7 deaths per 100,000 in 1987 to 23.4 deaths per 100,000 in 2016. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends women with an average risk of developing breast cancer to be screened starting at the age of 50, with new tests performed every two years. Women aged 40 and above who have a family history of cancer should talk to their doctor about early screening. Some researchers are exploring the cancer and cannabis connection, trying to determine if the active compounds in cannabis may help. These studies include: JunD is involved in the antiproliferative effect of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol on human breast cancer cells. The endogenous cannabinoid anandamide

inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation. Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits cell cycle progression in human breast cancer cells through Cdc2 regulation. Cannabidiolic acid-mediated selective down-regulation of c-fos in highly aggressive breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells: possible involvement of its down-regulation in the abrogation of aggressiveness. Cannabinoids and gliomas. Like with many other medical conditions, much more research needs to happen in order to help cure and completely eliminate breast cancer. In the meantime, awareness and support are important steps you can take personally and within your community, as well as making sure you and your loved ones are screened as recommended. SOURCES: Canadian Cancer Society (; National Breast Cancer Foundation (

Note:777 Pizza will be remain Closed from Oct 19-Nov 23, we will get back to serve our customers from Nov 24th Inshallah

Tuesday Closed

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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

* Mother of Br, Haider Khan (of Masjid Aulia Allah) has passed away in USA last week . * Father in-law of Hafiz Muneeb Arshid (of Barney’s Pizza ) has passed away few days ago in Lahore, Pakistan. * Father in-law of Arif Sheikh (of Fiber Tech ) has passed away on October 1st in Karachi , Pakistan. Miracle Media is deeply condolence with their families at this tragic death. We pray to Al mighty Allah(SWT) for their mercy, to forgive all their sins and reward them with the best place in paradise and to give patience to all families (Ameen)


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p ol i t i c s

Living up to our potential, and making sure everyone in B.C. has the opportunity to succeed

By Premier John Horgan Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to go to communities and meet with people in every part of B.C. The sheer scale of this province is incredible. It’s almost as the size of Germany and France combined. Yet there is something very powerful that holds us together: our pride in British Columbia. We believe in the potential of everyone who lives here, and we are determined to protect what makes this place so special. From Surrey, to Burns Lake, Vanderhoof, Smithers, to North Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Revelstoke, Fort St. James, Kelowna, Penticton and Comox, people in B.C. are working hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. A $40-billion investment by LNG Canada was announced this week. The investment in northern B.C. demonstrates that it’s possible to balance economic opportunity and job creation, while pursuing successful partnerships with Indigenous people, and forward-looking environmental action. The way I see it, our job as government is to make sure people have the opportunities they need to succeed in the communities they call home. We also need to live up to our respon-

sibilities to meet our climate action goals, and protect B.C.’s clean air, land and water for future generations. And we need to make sure people can afford to live here. That’s why we’re tackling the housing crisis and investing in people and infrastructure. We’re making big investments in education, from K-12 to trades training. We’re delivering better, faster health care, revitalizing the forest industry, standing strong on trade disagreements with the United States, and pursuing meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. And we’re meeting B.C.’s climate targets while working across all sectors to make the transition to a lowcarbon economy. We have a lot of work on our agenda for the fall legislative session, to make life better for people and to build a strong, sustainable economy in every part of B.C. Because the economy is not just about bottom lines and profit margins, it’s about people and the communities we live in. B.C. is powered by mining, gas and timber. It’s also powered by quantum computing, film, tourism, manufacturing, trade and innovation. It’s not resources or technology. It’s resources and technology, together. Over the past year, we’ve also shown that we can do politics differently. This fall we will have a referendum, where British Columbians will tell us if they want an electoral system that encourages cooperation, or more of the same-old. I believe we get better results when we focus on what unites us. If we want to fix problems and build a better B.C., we have to work together. We’re going to keep working hard to get results for people, and make life better, with more opportunities for everyone B.C.



VICE MINISTER Venezuelan Ministry of External Affairs for North America

STEVE ELLNER PROFESSOR Universidad de Oriente in Puerto La Cruz Venezuela

A Free Community Gathering

Sunday October 21 2018 Vancouver Public Library Central Branch 350 West Georgia St, Downtown Vancouver 5:00-7:00pm


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w ome n

Watch Your Thoughts!

By: Shabnam Khan -Family Counsellor he idea of watching your thoughts might sound odd at first, but you will soon see that this is a very accurate description of a very useful tool. Once you get the hang of watching your thoughts, it will become one of the most powerful tools available to you. This technique has been around for as long as people have been meditating. Watching your thoughts is a small change that offers you the amazing opportunity to stop the wheels from turning every second and gain critical perspective. The payoff will change your life for good. Imagine going to the theatre to watch a movie. You can be totally immersed in the movie and part of you is totally detached. The movie may not be of your in-terest and you are detached enough to know that the movie is just a movie. You are watching it but your attention is not there! When you start watching your thoughts as you would a movie, this same detachment allows you to witness the many thoughts that occur in your brain, but without being overcome by these thoughts. What you come to realize is that you have an infinite number of thoughts each day, and many needs your attention simultaneously. “It’s as if one is yelling out to you, “Pay attention to me,” while another is saying, “No, pay attention to


me.” This realization can be frightening. The good news, however, is that these are only thoughts! As you watch, thought after thought enters your mind. You realize that you can quiet the inner noise they make. This is where the importance of detachment comes in. Over time and with little practice, you can get to the point where you treat your own thoughts much like the movie. You can be totally responsive to them, yet detached enough to keep your bearings and not allow your thoughts to drive you nuts. Every-day we must deal with hundreds of competing thoughts. The small change we can make is to stop trying to engage every thought that pops into our mind and stop try-ing to figure out every drama in our mind. The next time you become agitated, worried or simply unable to focus, step back and watch your thoughts. The results will amaze you. With just this subtle shift, you can move from stress to uncertainty & to resolution, calm and joy!!!

Violence Seen By Our Children!


By: Asma Shmas iolence in our family has been long ignored. Everyone we speak to agrees violence is not the answer going as far as recounting instances where an individual was ‘taught’ a lesson via violence which was simply fruitless. Everyone we speak to agrees children need love and attention the most. Then why do we think it is okay to combine these opposites and give our acceptance to violence in our home? Violence is a cycle. It will repeat. Maybe not in the same manner it was received, but it will repeat. Our children being exposed to violence to others in their home and/or being subjected to violence themselves are affected not only in that moment but for the rest of their lives. Domestic and family violence affects their physical and mental wellbeing, development, schooling, and a potential avenue for escalated events in the future that results in jail or worse. Our culture has created situations where hitting your child ‘lightly’ is acceptable only to teach them a lesson. But why can we not use our words? We teach them to use theirs when they fight with their siblings or the neighbourhood kids. Who defines lightly? More importantly, who decides that it is time for teaching a lesson or a mistake has been made? Parents need to understand the ever changing environment children are growing up in currently. There are more pressures from the outside world to look a certain way, live a certain lifestyle, and present yourself with words and languages in a certain way. These situations will continue to arise with your

children and they will deal with exact situation with their children. This is the golden opportunity to be an actual parent and listen to them to come to a conclusion whether it requires them changing via your education or you changing with a refined perspective. It will help create a line of communication where your child can use when things are simply uncomfortable to outright unbearable. This is the way to make sure your children are not engaging in drugs, alcohol, or violence to release their emotions and will not continue when they have their own family. If anything, take this opportunity to identify possible or ongoing family violence in your home and strive to a more peaceful and respectful family life. Support them by having a conversation. Protect them when they are facing violence. Build a closer bond with them. Equip them with the most powerful tool they have; mouth. Teach them respect by respecting them. Be a parent. Info: Asma Shums <>

By Asma Shums :

Happiness is crazy mathematics because it is the only thing that multiplies when you divide it.

Commencing October 6, 2018, the following programs will be offered at Masjid AlHidaya: Islam 101: Intended for new Muslims but open to all needing such a program.  Beneficial for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals and tenets of Islam.  Programmatic learning, question and answers, analysis, discussions and support.  Saturdays 10:30AM - 12:30PM. Tuition Fee: none Women's Halaqa  Ongoing program for sisters. Programmatic learning from Al-Quran and Hadith.  Visiting Scholars, question and answers, analysis, discussions and support.  Saturdays 1:00PM - 2:00PM. Tuition Fee: none Language of Quran: Quranic Arabic Classes  Curriculum based program to learn Quranic Arabic  Systematic learning enables the student understand the meaning of the Quran as he/she reads it, engendering the intended relationship between the believer and the revelation.  Saturdays 2:15PM - 3:30PM. Tuition fee: $30/Month. Administration of Masjid Al-Hidaya Islamic Society of British Columbia

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Guest Speaker: Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi From Toronto



Darul Qurâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;an Institute of Islamic Studies Presents: The 7th Annual Jalsah& Graduation Ceremony of Khubeb s/o Iqbal | Ammaar s/o Zakir | Ahmed s/o Kamran

Saturday October 27 2018 $25 Per Person - Infants Free th

(0 to 12 months)



Royal King Palace Banquet Hall Payal Business Centre #366 8158 128 Street, Surrey BC

Door Prizes!

Tickets Also Available At Door

For Tickets and Information Please Contact: Shaykh Oves: 778 688-4640 Shaykh Anees: 778 688-8652 Tahir Sattar: 604 649-2358 Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Entrance Will Be Separate Program Begins: After Maghrib (6:00) Appetizers will be served from 6:15 to 7:00


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yo u th

33 Ways To Keep Kids Active At Any Age


s a parent, it can be challenging to help your kids get the physical activity they need every day. Make active play a little easier with these 33 tips from Participants.action Introduce Physical Activity Into Your Child’s Life Early 1. Choose a day care that spends plenty of time outside, in the park or at the playground. 2. Select a preschool or day care within walking distance of your home and leave the car at home every day. You and your child will both benefit from the walk. 3. Take your child to the local playground and encourage him or her to climb, swing and play. Arrange to meet up with friends so it’s fun, active and social for every member of the family. 4. Make use of the programs and facilities offered at your local community centre. 5. Let your child try different sports in ageappropriate classes, such as gymnastics, dance and swimming. 6. Avoid prolonged periods of time where your child is sedentary. 7. Encourage your child to play and explore the outdoors. Be A Good Role Model 8. Your kids are watching you, even when you’re watching TV! Keep TV viewing in moderation. 9. Make sure you live an active life. It’s important that your child sees you running, walking and playing sports.

10. Display a positive attitude that being active is fun and feels good. 11. Teach your kids to make the active choice—avoid the escalator at the mall and the elevator in your apartment building as often as possible. 12. Participate as a family team in a charity run, walk or car wash. Balance Screen Time With Fun Time 13. Remove TVs and computers from your child’s bedroom. 14. Let your child choose two shows or computer games they can watch or play a day. 15. “After-school” is a key timeslot for kids. School sports teams, active daycare, play dates with a neighbour and community programs all offer great after-school alternatives to screens. 16. Make screen time active time; challenge the family to see who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks or leg lifts during commercial breaks. 17. Explain to your kids the importance of outdoor play. Make sure they know decreased screen time is not a punishment. 18. Tell your babysitters when they’re with your kids, screens go off and active, fun time is expected. You’ll Also Love: How To Pack A Backpack For Active Play Sport Participation Is Part Of The Equation 19. Sign your children up for sports groups and teams at the earliest opportunity, so they can start learning important skills.

Make sure to keep it fun though. It’s the physical activity that counts – not the competition. Volunteer to help out with your child’s team or club. 20. Show your support and try to attend as many games as possible. 21. Consider walking a few laps around the field or arena with the other parents to get your own hearts pumping. 22. Join adult sports teams and encourage your kids to come and cheer you on at games and tournaments. Family Time Is Fun Time 23. Try an active vacation destination, with a hiking trail or hotel pool nearby. 24. Go for a family walk, bike ride or swim, take karate lessons or learn to throw a Frisbee together, or even challenge the neighbours to a baseball game. 25. Don’t forget that raking, vacuuming and gardening count as physical activity. 26. Do household activities as a family. 27. Build a family physical activity into every weekend. 28. Go for a hike or a bike ride, build a fort in a local wooded park, or play a family game of soccer or football. Physical Activity Is Smart 29. Tell your child’s principal and other parents that physical activity is a priority for you and not a “frill”. Advocate for P.E. classes and active opportunities offered every day. 30. Make sure your child always brings his or her running shoes and is ready to be active at school. 31. Pack your child’s backpack with a baseball glove or skipping rope so recess can be active time. 32. Join the school’s Parent Council and speak up for increased physical education classes and active opportunities offered every day. 33. Suggest seasonal yard days and annual sports play days. Source: cbc .ca



in School, Survey Find


By Stephanie Watson ired…bored…and stressed. High school students from across the country have weighed in on their emotional state in school — and overwhelmingly, they’re unhappy. The survey, called Emotion Revolution, is a joint effort between the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Born This Way Foundation, co-founded by Lady Gaga. Its goal: to take the emotional temperature of America’s youth, finding out how kids really feel about the time they spend in school. Through the networking power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the survey gathered data from a diverse sample of 22,000 students. Kids were male and female; gay, bisexual, and straight. They represented a cross-section of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.The survey started with an open-ended question: “How are you feeling?” To which most of the students—75 percent—responded with negative emotions. “To me this is a pretty staggering finding,” says Marc Brackett, PhD, the study’s lead author and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Students noted they were bored in school 70% of the time, and stressed 80% of the time. Kids who’d been on the receiving end of mean or cruel behavior were most likely to feel lonely, hopeless, or afraid. “To me, that’s something we need to think more about,” says Brackett. “What does it mean in terms of our nation’s education system?”Then students were asked how they want to feel in school. Their answers: “Happy, excited, and energized.” The minority of surveyed kids who felt their teachers engaged them in the classroom felt less bored, more respected, and happier.Brackett hopes the survey will empower young people and lead schools to incorporate more social and emotional learning. That type of learning helps kids manage their emotions in better ways to create a more positive learning environment.“We need to close the gap,” he says. “We need to make schools places where all students feel happy, excited, energized, inspired.” Source| WebMD Health News


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Pakistani Community and Sports Commonwealth Games: Wrestler Inam Butt wins first gold medal for Pakistan

Pakistani wrestler Mohammad Inam Butt once again bagged the Gold medal at the free style wrestling competition by overpowering his opponent Melvin Bibo of Nigeria in the final of 86kg weight category. Butt won the match 6-0 on points in just two rounds. Hailing from Gujranwala, the 29-year-old wrestler earlier clinched the title during Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 when he had defeated Jayden Lawrence in the first Ever growing sport of ‘Pickleball’ to British Columbia while he was settled in bout before overpowering demonstration and junior tennis camp at England to coach and provide consultation India’s Somveer in the quarthe Richmond Tennis Club Open House to various cricket organizations. He did this terfinal. By: Farooq Rai, Richmond for many years and is credited with promot- This is Pakistan’s first Gold medal and overall fifth medal. Earlier, two other wrestlers Mohammad Bilal and Tayyab Raza bagged the Bronze while weightlifters Talha Talib and Nooh We need to encourage our community ing cricket in British Columbia. I have fond Butt also won Bronze medals in their respective categories. Source:

members of all ages to participate in sporting activities. South Asians are particularly prone to many ailments which can be prevented through participation in sports. I was recently involved as a volunteer to promote sports among youngsters. I have always tried to assist as a volunteer during community picnics and other events held by our community organizations. It gives me great pleasure to see youth and women enthusiastically participating in sports oriented competitions. Sports have always been a big part of my life. At an early age we were exposed to playing sports. My father was a very good sportsman and he encouraged us to participate in all kind of sports. He was the captain of his college basketball team. He would say that participating in sports has many benefits and it is good for mental and physical health. It is an enjoyable pastime which keeps you away from other unhealthy distractions. Sports are a great way for families to get healthy exercise together. At that young age, I did not completely understand what was so great about exercise and sports, however, I have since come to fully appreciate its tremendous advantages. I have been actively involved in sports since coming to UBC in 1964. Over the years, I won several tournaments in squash and tennis in BC. I fondly recall some significant historical sporting events in British Columbia related to Pakistani sports legends. In my book, ‘Pakistan to Canada; A Journey,’ there is a section about the legendary world champion Hashim Khan‘s historic visit to Vancouver and test cricketer Khan Mohammad’s regular trips to British Columbia. I wish we as a Pakistani community recognize people like Khan Mohammad, a great Pakistani sports figure who contributed so much for the sports in British Columbia. The late Khan Mohammad holds the distinction of bowling Pakistan’s first bowl and taking first test wicket in test cricket. Khan Mohammad would come every year

memories of spending considerable time with him since we both were actively involved in sports. There are only a few people still around today who are familiar with that era. Is Pakistani Cricket Team Captain Sarafraz Ahmed According to the United Nations Office on decision of not taken follow on to Australia at its Sport for Development and Peace (UN- Ist inning total of 202 against Pakistan 482 total. OSDP), physical activity plays a substantial Now it seems to draw up to Lunch play on last day, role in the development of overall health while Australia batting from 136 to 212 for 3 in and prevents various diseases. Apart from second inning. This was the golden chance if Pakipreventing diseases, playing sports is an stani team miss to all out till this evening. excellent physical activity and thus assist in Hafeez come back with century score and new improving the functional capabilities of the text debt of Bilal Asif 6 wickets for 36 runs efforts body. Sports are not only beneficial to young could be waste in Dubi Ist test for Pakistan. people, but also for older generations. Sport is a worthwhile activity for all ages. Sports can bring a positive attitude to one’s life. It refreshes the mind and helps in developing a positive outlook and prepares us to face life’s challenges with more confidence. Playing any sport helps in building self-esteem and confidence. And when one improves in a particular sport or skill, naturally one feels good about it. Sports allows you to challenge yourself and set goals. Discipline becomes a natural part of life when you start spending time in playing sports. This is because sports inspire people to live life by certain rules and regulations PESHAWAR: The inaugural women Twen- ers, Peshawar Paighlay, Islamabad Blasters, and move towards a positive goal. Children ty20 Cricket Super League — the first such Kashmir Stars and Quetta Fighters will be event in the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa competing in the league,” he said. The parwho indulge in sports feel healthier, and de— will be staged here at the Arbab Niaz Sta- ticipating teams had been divided into two velop better relationships with other people dium from Oct 26 to Nov 2, it was officially groups, Saqlain added. Group ‘A’ comprises because a positive, team-based outlook is in- announced on Monday. Karachi Queens, Peshawar Angles, Rawalstilled in them. Director Operation Syed Saqlain Shah re- pindi Hitters, Fata Strikers while Group ‘B’ Playing sports helps you build effective re- vealed about the said event while speaking consists of Quetta Fighters, Kashmir Stars, lationships with people from diverse back- during a press conference at sports arena on Islamabad Blasters and Peshawar Paighly. grounds and all walks of life. It encourages Monday. Organising secretary of the league He said the directorate of sports has extendteamwork and helps in preparing one to Sadaf Khan, Director Sports KP Azizullah ed all-out support for staging the league by work with different people in a harmonious Jan, organising committee member Rehmat providing accommodation, food, transport Gul and coach Masood Khan were also pre- plus cash prize of Rs100,000 for winners manner. sent during the press conference. and Rs50,000 for runners-up. For sure, playing sports is a fantastic way He said, the opening ceremony of the event Saqlain said after successful holding of the to improve ones fitness and health. I urge will be held on Oct 26 at 3:00pm at the Arb- U-23 Games, the first Women T20 Super all of us to see the many benefits of sports ab Niaz Stadium before the trophy unveiling League would further enhance Khyber Paand actively participate in them for our own ceremony a day before the opening of the khtunkhwa’s reputation. well-being. I would also like to see our event. Speaking on the occasion, Sadaf said more community organizations facilitate sporting “Eight teams namely Karachi Queen, Pesha- 160 females would be taking part in the war Angles, Rawalpindi Hitters, Fata Strik- League. Source: activities.

What the Result of Bilal’s six-for gives Pakistan the grip despite late blows?

KP’s first Women T20 Super League from 26th



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