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FEB 2001-2017

Volume 16 Issue 434 - Jamadi ul Awaal 20, 1438 AH / February 17, 2017

2 Miracle completed its si teen years... 14 Vancouverites gather at vigil... 17 Masjid ur RahamahHosts neighbourhood


3 Lahore Blast several killed and injured....

4 B . Liberal

Government promises 4 Trump says A TA deal with anada...


Predictions for B. . politics in 1 20 Trump defends Travel ban... 23 ‘ B . Leads the push.. 25 istory of ashmir Day

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Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

E D I T O R I A L Bringing THE




Miracle Media Group Inc.© Contact Info

Proudly serving British Columbians and keeping them up to date with current affairs, informative articles and extensive coverage of local events in different communities, ultimately striving to

16 FEB 20012017

Mailing and Office Address 1

13 A treet urrey

B . 3


Ph a

Founder : usrat ussain Managing & Editor in-Chief: M. aseer Pirzada


Sub-Editors: Misbah



Our sincere thanks to Miracle’s

readers, writers, Advertisers and supporters in the last Sixteen years!

Editorial Board :

Feb 23, 2001 - Feb 17, 2017

nce again alhamdulillah, it is a great occasion in the Miracle Media Group Inc.’s history as it has completed si teen years a long journey that began on eb 3rd, 1. I want to thank the supporters and well wishers of The Miracle’ for pro viding continuous support through adver tisements of their businesses, sharing their thoughts in writing with our readers, espe cially Mr. usrat ussain, Mr. hams ilani, Mr. Aslam ayat, Mr. Azhar yed, Maulana Abdul Lateef aumani, Mr. Mian Tari aved Toronto , Mrs. hamim arim, Mrs. Alam Ara, Mrs. habnam han, Dr. uma Mir, Ms. atma adeem, Ms. Asma Ayyaz, Mrs. afisa iddi i, Mr. Mohammad Ali Wahlah and many others. The Miracle team feels proud to have estab lished and continued our tradition of special editions on occasions such as ederal, Pro vincial and ivic Elections, Independence Day of Pakistan, Eid ul itr and Eid ul Adha. In past few years, the Miracle conducted many successful Election orums on ivic, Provincial and ederal Elections debates. ecently at 1 ederal Elections the Mira cle Media did a vital role to conduct urrey andidates grand debate under the banner of B Muslim Print Media. We held irat and amad o aat competi tions, awards for Miracle outh, Advertisers, ponsors and Writers. Miracle Media also conducted three hours long e citing Mu sical ompetition programs for tributes the legendry Pakistani ingers Mehdi assan and usrat ateh Ali hanMi ed Pakistani songs, these programs engaged children, youth, adults and seniors of all communities. n eb 1 , 1 again Miracle Media ar ranged a uality program of Miracle’s Writers and Musicians awards with ham e Ghazal night to tribute the great legendry Pakistani singers, Mehdi assan and oor ehan at a large scale. The newspaper aims to provide a broad over view of the world through articles and imag es. ver the years, we have covered around 3 events from all communities in efforts to keep up with our slogan, “ B r inging H a r m ony to a l l th e c om m unities ” . We are also proud that when on Muslims read Miracle ewspaper, they learn more about Islam as well as the local and interna tional Muslim community.


eb 3, 1 was a remarkable day for the B Muslim community when Mr. usrat ussain launched the first Muslim ewspa per on biweekly basis. is family’s and his day and night struggle gave a voice to the community. Mr. usrat ussain, founder of Miracle, handed me over the responsibility to run this show alone from an . Thanks Mr. us sain I have been since trying to nourish your baby, The Miracle, to this day, eb 1 , 1 . ow successful my entire team and I have been in achieving this tasks Well, the Mira cle’s readers are the best judges. Miracle is the only one who cares and re spects all community members irrespective of colour, nationality and faith. During its si teen years of community ser vice in journalism, the Miracle took one step ahead from our fellows in the field, from past four year we decided to give each advertisement special attention rather than printing consecutive pages color ads and risk that readers will ip through all the ads without stopping. We have now divided each page in such a way so that the ads and articles are spread evenly on pages so our advertisers benefit from more e posure and our readers stay informed by reading articles and seeing what the busi nesses are offering at the same time. We also pay thanks to our Advertisers. eel free to comment on this issue about Miracle’s istorical 1 years journey, as your concerns and suggestions are highly ap preciated for improving our uality in future. At the end I will not be honest if I do not appreciate the efforts of my Miracle’s family hadija, Misbah, abeeh, Arslan, . eep up the good work not only for the Miracle, but for all the community. I thank everyone who took the time and sent their messages at Miracle’s1 th Anniversary, including politicians, advertisers and well wishing individuals from the community. May Allah WT accept your prayers for our success and may e help us in serving the community. azaakumu Allahu hairan. Ameen Mohammad aseer Pirzada (E ditor in-Chief)

Emails: miraclenews

Miracle Management

Thanks Allah(swt) on Completion of Miracle’s 16th year !

Ph 604-690-0400

From the pen of the Founding Editor

Long Live ‘The Miracle.’ S q n. L dr . ( R ) N us r a t H us s a in edia plays a significant role in the fast chang ing environment of modern times. It informs, entertains and campaigns in a manner that af fects the thought process of the people. William Bern bach said, All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgarize that society. We can brutalize it. r we can help lift it onto a high er level.’ Every revolution started from a thought and changed the character of an entire society. Media can help in the promotion of positive thought process. It is imperative that the media must enjoy the freedom to perform without personal preferences and dislikes. Peo ple should be able to communicate and discuss their is sues by using the power of words in a civilized manner. The Miracle has entered the seventeenth year of publication. It is the first bi lingual newspaper of Brit ish olumbia that consistently continues to serve the community. Mr. aseer Pirzada and his team deserve all the praise for their hard work. ormal letter writing, after the advent of email has al most diminished. imilarly, with the introduction of ocial media, print media too is losing its popularity. owever, it wouldn’t diminish in totality and would continue to serve the needs of many for more time to come. Many authors have been introduced who regularly serve the community through their thought provoking articles in the Miracle. Muslim businesses have ourished by advertising in the paper. All the different Muslim organizations regularly disseminate their events and programs through the pa per. Introduction of the Marriage Bureau’ through the paper has helped many to find the right spouse. The Miracle’ plays an instrumental role of introduc ing the young talent through different irat, aat ha wani, iuz and Musical programs. In my opinion the most important contribution of The Miracle’ is the realization of the presence of a vibrant Muslim community by all the other communi ties of British olumbia. The Miracle’s slogan and policy of Bringing harmony to all the communities,’ richly contributed towards the positive interaction between the different communities operating within and outside the sphere of religion. The Muslim community of anada has been recog nized as a vibrant political force by all the national and provincial political parties of anada. The Mira cle, like many other Muslim publications presented the thought of the Muslim populace. I wish all the best to the entire Miracle Team, its advertisers, writers and the readers. L ong L iv e ‘ T h e M ir ac l e.’


info Mr. hams illani, Mr Aslam ayat, Mr. Azhar yed, M.A.L. aumani, Mr Tari M. aved Graphic Design Design Teams Copyright ®

1 Miracle

Media Group Inc. All ights eserved Printed in anada


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Letters to the editor do not reflect the opinion of the Miracle media group. We do not publish anonymous letters or the letters of the people who do not disclose their identity to ‘The Miracle.’ A writer can use a pen name or request ‘The Miracle’ to withhold his / her identity. Please include your daytime telephone number for the confirmation of your letter. We regret the inconvenience.


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

ah re bla


e eral ille a uiprovince, i esaidb at leastb 13hipeopleahadi been ankilled rallyand

enior police officers among at least 13 people killed and dozens wounded during pharmacists’ protest at provincial assembly.Two senior police officers were among those killed by a suspected suicide bomb attack in the Pakistani city of Lahore. The blast on Monday ripped through a crowd of people who had gathered for a protest by chemists and pharmaceuti cal manufacturers outside the provincial assembly on Mall oad, Lahore’s grand aj era thoroughfare. Mushta ukhera, inspector general of police in Punjab

3 wounded. The victims included five police officers, two of them, ahid Gondal and Ahmad Mobin, senior police fig ures in Punjab, Pakistan’s largest and most in uential prov ince.Mobin, a deputy inspector general of police, had been on Mall oad to urge the manufacturers to end their protest. ome eyewitnesses told local media they saw a man on a motorbike cause an e plosion in the middle of the crowd. The force was such that a nearby television news van was al most entirely destroyed. Apparently it was a suicide blast, but police are still investigating to know the e act nature, a Pun jab police spokesman, ayab aider, told euters.A spokes man for amaat ul Ahrar, a faction of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack. Previous attacks have attracted multiple claims of responsibility from rival groups and it was impossible to immediately verify the claim. ecurity forces, including large contingents of soldiers, cordoned off the blast area. fficials in the city had been braced for an incident after the ational ounter Terrorism Authority issued a warning on ebruary that an unidenti fied terrorist group has planned a terrorist attack in Lahore . It urged e treme vigilance and heightened security meas ures .But ana anaullah, the provincial law minister, said it had been impossible to protect the crowd of protesters gathered on an open street. amaat ul Ahrar also claimed responsibility for an Easter Day bombing in Lahore last year that killed more than people in a public park. Source: The D

The gains of operations e ecuted by military, civil armed forces and police will not be let lost and the state would ensure that terrorists do not resurge, at any cost. It was agreed in a security meeting chaired by Prime Min ister awaz harif here at PM ouse on Wednesday to re view the security situation in the country. The meeting also made a resolve that terrorism emanating within the country or e ecuted and harbored from outside the country would be eliminated and those posing threat to peace and security of the country would be li uidated by the might of the state.

The meeting was attended by Interior Minister h. isar Ali han, Minister for inance Muhammad Isha Dar, hief of Army taff General amar aved Bajwa, ational ecurity Advi sor, Gen. retd asser han anjua, DG ounter Terrorism, DG IB and other senior government officials. The meeting condemned the recent terror attacks of Lahore, Mohmand agency, Peshawar and uetta and paid hom age to the great national heroes who laid down their lives for securing a peaceful future for Pakistan. The meeting reiterated the national resolve of complete physical and ide ological annihilation of terrorism and e tremism. The armed forces, police and other civilian law enforcement agencies and people at large have rendered unrivalled sacrifices in this war against terrorism. The narrative of terror has failed to prevail and the narra tive of peace, stability and prosperity has taken over. The meeting reinforced that the overall situation in the country has improved including ATA, Balochistan and arachi as a result of the state’s offensive against terrorists and miscreants. Source: AP P

i il ili ary ea er hi


le ely li ina e Terr ri

Panama Leaks case: SC seeks evidence n n a ran er

uestioning the court proceeding today, the counsel of Prime Minister awaz harif sons, alman Akram aja said it’s impossible now to present years old record be fore the court. an the bench reach a decision without in vestigations into the matter, he asked. A five member larger bench of the upreme ourt headed by ustice Asif aeed hosa resumed hearing the Panama on Wednesday The hearing had been put on hold for a few days due to ustice Azmat aeed’s health condition who is part of the upreme ourt bench hearing the Panama Leaks case. ustice Azmat

Basharat Shah




aeed was recovering from an angioplasty. During the proceedings today, counsel for assan and us sain awaz, alman Akram aja, continued his arguments. e began with wishing ustice Azmat aeed good health. e said that the Panama case had three aspects the Prime Minister’s speech, official records, and steps taken by the Prime Minister. In the last hearing on anuary 31, many uestions were put to assan and ussain awaz’s counsel regarding the London ats. Who owned the properties from 1 3 to 1 Where did the investment for the London ats come from ow did the harif family children main tain residence at the property In the proceedings today, alman Akram aja tried to address them. e argued that in 1 when the harif family was in e ile it faced trauma and lost several official records. It is not possible to present year old records, he said. e said that there was no charge against the Prime Minister and action against his children was not possible. e added that the issue could be sent to agencies for investigation.

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Answering uestions over money trail for the London ats, he argued that his client ussain awaz had purchased them through money obtained from his grandfather’s business. alman Akram aja added that the plaintiff had accused the Prime Minister of ac uiring the at through illegal money. e said that the harif family did not own the London ats in 1 . Between 1 3 and 1 they were owned by the Al Thani family, and in anuary they were transferred to ussain awaz. In uly the certificates were transferred to the Minerva firm. n this, utice Azmat aeed sought evidences of property transfer to harifs. Where are the proofs, he asked from the counsel. esponding to another uery regarding an investi gation by former interior minister ehman Malik into finan cial matters harif amily, alman aja said the minister conducted in uiry in his personal capacity while was sus pended from the office and leaked it to media, adding that the said report has no legal value as well. Later,. Source: G eo news



Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


& I N T .


Tru ay FT eal i h ana a ill nly be ea e

After his first face to face meeting with Prime Minister ustin Trudeau on Monday, U. . Presi dent Donald Trump said he only plans to tweak the orth American ree Trade Agreement with anada, while his administration has a lot more work to do with Me ico. Trump’s comments at a joint news conference are likely to provide some relief to anada’s busi ness leaders, who have been an ious about the president’s repeated promises to either renegoti ate A TA or scrap it altogether. In addressing reporters at the White ouse, both Trump and Trudeau praised the strong relationship between anada and the United tates, and said they will continue to build on current cross border trade and security agreements. We have a very out standing trade relationship with anada. We’ll be tweaking it, we’ll be doing certain things that are going to benefit both of our countries, Trump said when asked about A TA. It’s a much less severe situation than what’s taken place on the southern border, he said, adding that trade transactions with Me ico have been e treme ly unfair to the United tates over the years. We’re going to work with Me ico, we’re going to make it a fair deal for both parties, Trump said. The president said his administration is aiming for easier, faster trade with America’s northern neighbour. We are going to have a great relationship with anada, maybe as good or better, hopefully, than ever before. Trudeau said that the U. . and anada are fundamen tally linked as neighbours in a uni ue relation ship. We fought in con ict zones together, ne gotiated environmental treaties together ... and we’ve entered into ground breaking economic partnerships that have created good jobs for both of our peoples, he said. In a joint statement is sued before the news conference, the two leaders said they will work on their countries’ common interests, including labour mobility, energy, and border security. The statement also specifically mentions establishing a preclearance system for cargo crossing the border, as well as the e pan sion of current preclearance procedures for a nadian and American travellers. Asked whether he thinks that America’s northern border is se cure, Trump replied ou can never be totally confident. e said he’ll continue to discuss security and immigration with Trudeau, and that his administration has strong, tough ideas on how to combat terrorism. or his part, Trudeau said anada will pursue policies of openness towards immigration and refugees without com promising security. e also noted that anada

has accepted close to , yrian refugees. The last things anadians e pect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves, Trudeau said, adding that his responsibility is to re ect anadian values and be a positive e ample in the world. Before Monday afternoon’s news conference, Trudeau and Trump met privately in the White ouse, and also attended a roundtable discussion with female e ecutives, pledging their commitments to ensuring workplace e uality and advancements for women. A number of senior members of Trudeau’s government accompanied him to Washington, D. ., including oreign Af fairs Minister hrystia reeland, Defence Min ister arjit ajjan, Public afety Minister alph Goodale and inance Minister Bill Morneau. In an interview with T ’s Power Play Mon day, reeland said Trump’s comments on trade and A TA were very significant. The most important message from today’s meeting was a real reaffirmation from our American partners that they really understand the e tent to which we have a balanced, mutually beneficial trade re lationship, she said. Maryscott Greenwood, an e pert in anada U. . relations, said the Trump Trudeau meeting was an overall success. o far so good, she told Power Play. There’s plenty of time for this to go off the rails but as of today, their joint statement was uite good. Green wood said it was incredibly smart for Trudeau to also meet with Paul yan, the speaker of the U. . ouse of epresentatives, and Mitch Mc onnell, U. . enate majority leader. ecog nizing that apitol ill has as much power as the White ouse is a very savvy political move, she said. Interim onservative leader ona Ambrose said she was not surprised by Trump’s comments on A TA and the anada U. . trade relation ship. he told reporters in ttawa that, from her own meetings with congressional leaders in Washington, she understood that the U. . admin istration regards the relationship with anada in a very positive light. Ambrose said the onserv atives will play a constructive role in helping any kind of renegotiation of A TA. These are anadian jobs that Liberals, onservatives are going to fight for. owever, Ambrose said any kind of tweaking of A TA will likely target supply management agreements and could hurt anada’s meat, dairy and agricultural sectors. he also called on Trudeau to focus on his do mestic policies, and reconsider his government’s corporate and carbon ta plans.

Source: CTV N ews

iberal ern en r i e nan ial relie in hr ne ee h

B. . Premier hristy lark is promising last minute ta cuts as a way to boost her party’s re election chanc es, in a throne speech an nouncement her opponents denounced as a blatant bid to buy votes. lark of fered financial relief to ta payers in her govern ment’s speech from the throne Tuesday, which she said is a reward for British olumbians who’ve had to make sacrifices during dif ficult economic times in re cent years. The premier provided few details in advance of ne t week’s budget e cept to say the money would not be in the form of a rebate che ue. Instead, with less than three months be fore the May provincial election, lark spent most of her time Tuesday attempting to frame the pposition DP as the party that wants to grow government spending, in contrast with her proposal to return billions in budgetary sur pluses directly back to the wallets of voters. I just don’t believe government can spend people’s money better than they can, she said. o I want to find ways to give that back to citizens and let them make choices about their own hard earned money. DP leader ohn organ said ta payers won’t be fooled by the false comparison, because they’ve suffered through years of increases on things like Medical ervice Plan premiums, auto insurance and B. . ydro rates. The premier has been taking money from British olumbians for the past si years and now she wants them to believe on the eve of an election she’s somehow going to pay them back, said organ. It seems to me that the government is going to try to buy back support days before an election. I think that’s wrong. B. . Green leader Andrew Weav er said the Liberals have no plan for the economy. lark’s ta cuts could be e pensive for B. .’s treasury. A one percentage point reduction in the P T would cost around million. Eliminating M P fees would cost more than . billion. A five per cent cut to the bottom two personal in come ta brackets such as what was funded in using carbon ta revenue would cost more than 3 million. The government has also hinted at costly increases to education and child welfare services, as part of its eb. 1 budget. We’ve worked long and hard and thought long and hard about what we could do that will benefit


citizens most directly and how we could make sure that continues to contribute to growing the economy, lark told media at the legislature. o you’ll see that in a week. utside of the fi nancial promise, much of Tuesday’s speech from the throne was a recap of the Liberal efforts to ad dress hot topic items, such as Metro ancouver’s housing affordability, rural job losses, transit in vestments, mining and the environment. There was no direct mention of additional money for B. .’s child welfare system, after another scath ing report by the children’s representative last week into the suicide of teenager Ale Gervais while in government care. Ambitious plans to develop a li uefied natural gas industry which lark proposed in her pre election throne speech in 13 have failed to materialize but re main within reach, the Liberals claimed in the speech. The government also warned of looming economic uncertainty caused by the protectionist movement in the United tates, and a worsening softwood lumber dispute. B. . Business ouncil vice president ock inlayson urged government to first focus on ta reforms suggested by a recent ta competitiveness commission, which called for more e emptions on machinery and e uipment to increase productivity. The throne speech marks a return by the B. . Liberals to their traditional argument for small government and low ta es, but it can be confusing for voters to reconcile af ter years in which government increased ta es on lu ury homes and foreign buyers. They seem to be going back and forth on what their guiding philosophy is, said ordan Bateman, B. . direc tor of the anadian Ta payers’s ederation. I think this election is going to be battled on the ground of cost of living, ydro, I B , home ownership and ta es in general.

Source: V ancouver Sun

in a a r he ur be ie e n

A senior U official in yria has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe in four be sieged towns and called on all players in the con ict to allow safe passage for life saving aid to some , trapped civilians. Ali al aatari, the U humanitarian coordinator for yria, warned of dire conditions in abadani, Madaya, ua and efraya towns besieged by government troops and the Lebanese armed group ezbollah. i ty thousand innocent people are trapped there in a cycle of daily violence and deprivation, where malnutrition and lack of proper medical care prevail, he said in a statement released late on Monday. The situation is a looming humanitar ian catastrophe. The principle of free access to people in need must be implemented now and without repeated re uests. aatari added that the situation was complicated by the tit for tat arrangement between the towns, whereby no aid can be provided to Madaya and abadani without similar access to ua and efraya, and vice versa. The linkage makes humanitarian access prone to painstaking negotiations that are not based on humanitarian principles , he said. This has prevented medical cases from receiving proper treatment and evacuation. People are in need, and they cannot wait any longer. We need to act now. ua and efraya, the last two government held villages in Idlib province, are surrounded by a rebel alliance including abhat ateh al ham formerly al aeda’s yrian branch . The U ’s last humanitarian access to the four towns was in

ovember, the statement said, without directing blame for the lack of access on one side or the other. Earlier this month, the U said it had been able to deliver aid to just , people in be sieged and hard to reach areas in anuary, despite re uesting access to more than , people. That made anuary the worst month for humani tarian deliveries in nearly a year, with approval received for just one of 1 humanitarian convoys proposed by the U , the International ommit tee of the ed ross and the yrian Arab ed rescent. According to iege Watch, a moni toring group that tracks besieged communities, more than one million yrians live under siege in Damascus governorate, Idlib governorate, oms and Deir Az or. Source: Al-Jaz eera


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

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Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

Bringing Harmony To All The Co



16 FEB 2001-2017

HIGH COMMISSION FOR PAKISTAN 10 Range Road OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1N 8J3 Tel: (613) 238-7881 & Fax: (613) 238-7296 E-mail: Email: Website:

High Commissioner


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anc u er

Tariq Azim Khan

From The Desk Of The Consul General

Message For The Miracle

I would like to felicitate the entire team on the auspicious occasion of 1 th anniversary of the Miracle Media Group. Within a short span, the Group has gradually evolved into a mature and responsible medium to educate people, through objective, impartial and invaluable information on diverse subjects. The Group has been instrumental in projection of Pakistan’s cultural heritage it has covered a number of events about Pakistan in British olumbia. To a large e tent, it has filled the void created due to the lack of community’s venture into Community Office: the and Rajmedia Chouhan, MLAhas succeeded in giving a voice to the Pakistani Burnaby Edmonds community in Greater ancouver area. Rumble Street I 5234 would like to e press my best wishes to the Miracle Media Burnaby, BC V5J 2B6 Group for its continued successes in the future. Community Office:


Legislative Office: Raj Chouhan, MLA Dr. Muhammad Tari Burnaby Edmonds Raj Chouhan, MLA onsul of Pakistan 5234 RumbleGeneral Street Burnaby- Edmonds Burnaby, BC V5J 2B6 ancouver B Parliament Buildings


Legislative Victoria, BC Office: V8V 1X4 Raj Chouhan, MLA Community Office: BurnabyEdmonds Raj Chouhan, MLA Parliament Buildings Burnaby BC Edmonds Victoria, V8V 1X4 5234 Rumble Street Burnaby, BC V5J 2B6

oom 1 Parliament LegislativeBuildings ffice ictoria I oom , B1 2 Parliament 5 0 3 365Buildings 5 ictoria , B I 2 5 ommunity 0 3 365 5 ffice 102 7 3 ing George Boulevard urrey, B 3W ommunity ffice A 604 102 7 3 ing George Boulevard arry.bains.mla urrey, B 3W A 604 arry.bains.mla

ebruary 1 ,

Province of British Columbia Province of Legislative Assembly British Columbia Legislative Assembly

Harry Bains, MLA (Surrey-Newton)

Harry Bains, MLA (Surrey-Newton)

st January January 31 31st,, 2017 2017


ebruary , 1 Managing Editor M. azeer1 Pirzada, Miracle Media Group Inc. M. 1 azeer 13 APirzada, treet, Managing Editor Miracle urrey, BMedia 3 Group Inc. 1 13 A treet, urrey, B Pirzada, 3 Dear Mr. Dear Mr. Pirzada, ongratulations on this very auspicious occasion of the si teenth anniversary of Miracle Media Group Inc. Thank you for the e cellent job you have done reporting many issues to the ongratulations thisavery auspicious occasion of the si teenth anniversary Miracleand public. ou haveon done superior job covering a wide variety of topics at local,ofnational Media Grouplevels. Inc. Thank you for the e cellent job you have done reporting many issues to the international public. ou have done a superior job covering a wide variety of topics at local, national and international levels. depend on the Miracle Media Group to inform them of what is Many new immigrants happening in the community. The Miracle is a vital source of information that is essential to Manypeople new immigrants depend on the Miracle Media Group to inform them of what is keep updated and apprised of the current issues. happening in the community. The Miracle is a vital source of information that is essential to our people contribution to the shows incurrent the advancement of your paper and the growth in readership. I keep updated andpeople apprised of the issues. wish you continued success in the coming years. Again, congratulations on a job well done. our contribution to the people shows in the advancement of your paper and the growth in readership. I wish you continued success in the coming years. Again, congratulations on a job well done.


arry Bains , urrey ewton arry Bains , B ez urrey ewton BCGEU B ez BCGEU

Legislative Office: Raj Chouhan, MLA Burnaby- Edmonds Parliament Buildings Victoria, BC V8V 1X4




Congratulations to The Miracle, BC’s first and only bilingual English and Urdu newspaper. For over 15 January 31st, 2017 years you have been providing a voice for the community and news coverage of both international and Congratulations to The Miracle, BC’s first and only bilingual English and Urdu newspaper. For over 15 local stories.

years you have been providing a voice for theCongratulations community and news coverage of both international and Your message of “Bringing Harmony to All the Communities” is more important than ever. Thank you for local stories. making such a vital contribution to our region. Congratulations to The Miracle, BC’s first and only bilingual English and Urdu newspaper. For over 15 Your message ofbeen “Bringing Harmony All the Communities” is more important than ever. Thank you for For this special edition I to offer wishes for your continued success. years you have anniversary providing a voice for best the community and news coverage of both international and making such a vital contribution to our region. local stories.

Your message of “Bringing Harmony to All the Communities” is more important than ever. Thank you for For this special anniversary edition I offer best wishes for your continued success. making such a vital contribution to our region.

Yours sincerely, For this special anniversary edition I offer best wishes for your continued success.

Raj Chouhan, MLA Yours sincerely,

Yours sincerely, Burnaby-Edmonds New Democrat Official Opposition Assistant Deputy Speaker Raj Chouhan, MLA


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

Bringing Harmony To All The Co



The Miracle’s Journey of Sixteen Years Memories (Feb 2001- 2017) si teen

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Jamadi ul Awaal 20.H1438 Rabi ul Thani 21, 1435 February 17, M February 21, 20142017

Bringing Harmony To All The Co


July –Aug 2010: The Miracle joins The The Miracle’s Miracle’sjourney Journeyofof in fundraising efforts for ood relief Pakistan through radio thons and twelve years( F(Feb Fifteen Years e b2001 2 0–0Feb 1 -2013) 2 0 1 6 ) in newspaper.

quake in Pakistan, Miracle arranges a forum in its office to meet doctors and community members and discuss the current situation of Pakistan. The Miracle also presents appreciation plaques to members of Indian Media who fundraised for the relief efforts. Dec 31, 2006: Miracle Founder and Chief Editor Mr. Nusrat says goodbye the Miracle Media and hands over Miracle to the Managing Editor Mr. Mohammad Naseer Pirzada. The Urdu Editor, Mr. Mohammad Rafiq is asked to take the responsibilities as the honourable chief

July 20, 2011: Miracle met with BC Premier Christie Clark who marked

Sep, 2010: The Miracle publishes its largest Eid edition of 64 pages at the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Jan 20, 2011: Miracle Managing Editor and Hon. Chief & Urdu her Vote in the HST referendum as ” YES” on a copy of Miracle. Oct 2008: A special Election Edition of the Miracle is published to raise awareness about federal elections and voting. August 14, 2009: The Miracle appreciates its writers and advisors in an awards ceremony at first Pakistani Festival in Holland Park, Surrey.

Oct 31, 2010: Miracle Media Inc. organizes first ever tribute to Legendary Pakistani Singer Mehdi Hassan as a talent hunt competition. Pakistani Consul General, Moinul-Haq distributes the awards in Pakistan House, Surrey. Feb 23, 2010: At its 9th Anniversary, Miracle launches the new format of its

editor of the Miracle, which he graciously accepts. Mar 17, 2007: The Miracle arranges the first Tilawat, Hamd and Naat Rasool Maqbool competition for kids and adults in Pakistan House, Surrey.

Editor met with former President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Mushraf in downtown Vancouver

July 21, 2011 : The Miracle joins in fundraising efforts for ood relief in Pakistan . July 23, 2011: Miracle met with BC NDP leader Adrian Dix who marked his Vote in the HST referendum as ” No” on a copy of Miracle.

March 1, 2011: Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts recognized Miracle

Nov 26, 2011: Miracle`s 3rd Memorization of Quran Competition was

‘s 10 years publication in a public event.

held at Afghan Chopan Restaurant.

April 16, 2011: Muslim Community

Dec 30, 2011: The Miracle published its 300th Edition.

Forum for Federal Election 2011 was held and moderated by Miracle Media and coordinated by Pakistan Canada Association in Pakistan House, Surrey.

July 2012 Miracle was one of the team members who represented Pakistan in Fusion Festival at Holland Park Surrey August 2012 Miracle presented “Pakistan Movement through Camera Eye” and “Heroes of Pakistan Movement from

June 18, 2011: Miracle paid Tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, a

2007: The Miracle launches series of special editions including Canada Day Edition, Eid-ul-Fitr Edition, Pakistan-India Feb 23, 2010: At its 9th AnniverIndependence Day Edition and Eid-ulAdha Edition in the year. These editions sary, Miracle launches the new would become regular in the future years. format of its the second Hamd o

Naat Rasool Maqbool competition for all age groups in Afghan Chopan Restaurant, Surrey. Prizes are distributed among the winners of competition and appreciation awards are also given to Miracle sponsors. January 2010: The Miracle joins in fundraising efforts for Haiti Earthquake relief.

music legend of Pakistan with a singing competition at. Pakistan House. July 15, 2011: Miracle participated in Multicultural Celebrations of 5th Fusion Festival in Holland Park .

1906-1948” to educate the visitors about Pakistan History at their unique booth in Pakistan Festival 2012 held in Holland Park Surrey.

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Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


arrated Abu uraira The Prophet said, aith Belief consists of more than si ty branch es i.e. parts . And aya This term aya covers a large number of concepts which are to be taken together amongst them are self respect, modesty, bashfulness, and scruple, etc. is a part of faith. ahih Bukhari. Belief

Islam Speaking Against Terrorism B y : A s l am

A bdu l l ah

n terrorists attacks innocent lives are lost without any gain for those who perpetrate these unforgiving crimes against humanity and above all against God. Laws of God dictate that every human life deserves a dignified e istence and protection from all acts of violence, yet the attackers invoking the name of God seem to be determined to take innocent lives at will and show their sickening happiness at every drop of blood they shed in the name of their so called ideology. As a Muslim who believes in the ab solute power and wisdom of the divine for giving is guidance to humanity, I am horrified when I read that people who confess to be Muslim by name are involved in terrorist attacks. urly such people do not understand what it means to submit to God to attain peace. I feel outraged when I read that the killers used the name of Allah, the sustainer of the universe, the most gra cious and the most merciful for their nefarious acts. I feel enraged at their audacity to justify the killing for the in justices caused by others to their folks. I would have felt the same rage and shame if the perpetrators were mem bers of other religious communities. After all, sufferings of human beings cannot be divided on the basis of their religious identities and tears cannot be selectively shed only for those who belong to my faith or my ethnicity. I cannot fulfill my covenant with God if I cry only for those who are like me and turn my face the other way when the victims are ewish, indus, hris tians, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists or any other faith. I often wonder what I as an individual must do to stop these insane criminals from committing these acts. I have no way to communicate with them. Even if I get an opportunity to speak with them, I know they would not listen to me because they have not listened to even God, who demands that life must be protected from all harm. They do not realize the basics of their professed faith that says, God is the creator of


Last edition Al Names were

all life, e is the sustainer of each and every human, e does not discrimi nate among people in is mercy on the basis of their faith, e does not deny nourishment even to those who reject him and e describes the taking the life one person as a crime against all humanity. I speak against terrorism in the places of worship when I am invited to give the riday sermons. I write e tensively against terrorists and I constantly re mind my fellow Muslims that we must be in the forefront of our jihad against violence and terror and stand up for peace and justice. This is commanded by God when he says in the uran, ou who have attained to faith Be ever steadfast in upholding e uity, bearing witness to the truth for the sake of God, even though it be against your own selves or your parents and kins folk. Whether the person concerned be rich or poor, God’s claim takes prec edence over the claims of either of them. Do not, then, follow your own desires, lest you swerve from justice for if you distort the truth , behold, God is indeed aware of all that you do uran 13 I know that the people I speak with are absolutely against all forms of terror ism. I have not come across a single Muslim in my adult life who justifies violence because of the injustices per petrated against Muslims anywhere in the world. But, I also realize that governments and political parties and leaders use acts of terrorism to serve their political interests. They too have an agenda that is often determined by their religion, ethnicity or political goals. They may claim that they care for human life, but when it is time to act decisively they often show their blindness to the real ity and demands of justice. If we all had cared for human life and dignity, we would have not allowed millions of ews to suffer during the second world war, millions of Muslims in entral Asia to die as a result of bru tal communist policies, thousands of Bosnian men and women to be killed

Names Of A l l a h (SWT) & Mohammad (PBUH) Qadar




Al MamunMohammad(saw) name.

and raped, millions of wandans to be slaughter merci lessly, thousands of Darfurians to be brutalized, millions of Palestinians to live in refugees camps, and millions of people in Ira , India, Pakistan, Af ghanistan and other places to live in miserable conditions. We would have come together to show our determination to protect human life and human dignity. We would not have allowed hundreds of wars that have been waged during the last centu ry in the name of ethnicity, nationalism and cultural and economic superiority. We would not have e tolled the virtues of our nation to put down others. We would not have adopted a policy of economic and cultural imperialism to subjugate people. Don’t forget the fact that the rulers of Muslim counties are not absolved from this prevailing insensitivity to human dignity. In fact, their brutality can match anyone else in the world. They have killed at will anyone who appears to challenge them. They have destroyed their own people because they were afraid of losing power. They have pitched one against another to serve their own corrupt agenda. I realize all this and often wonder what can be done to stop this menace and insanity. peak, I will, write, I must, confront those who advocate violence, I shall and use every opportunity to challenge terrorists, I do. But in a world where leaders and parties often

use their self serving agenda to define terrorism and the nature of fight against violence and terror and injustice, I am left bewildered. I know I am not alone. Almost eve ryone within the Muslim community think the same way as I do, e cept those faceless and nameless, secret groups and individuals who have re fused to listen to the divine call for re specting all human life. et, we all find ourselves incapable of stopping this insanity. There are forces that are out there that we do not know and there are groups and individuals who are con stantly plotting to hurt fellow humans. There are people who are waiting to pour more fuel to add to the fire and there are countries that are keen to see wars and destruction. The Muslim community needs part ners in the fight against terror in de fense of human dignity and human life. We need people who are willing to stand up for the protection of every hu man life regardless of its cultural, eth nic nationalistic and religious origin. There are many who say that they care for humanity as a whole. But where are they Why do they speak only when someone like them is hurt Where are their voices when human beings other than their own lose their dignity and life God describes himself as the guaran tor of world peace to is creation. is guidance speaks to this clearly. But people acting on his behalf have done everything possible to destroy it. an we Muslims, ews, hristians, indus, Buddhists, atheists and everyone else come together to stand for each of us and fight the menace jointly rather than using religious or nationalistic labels to vent our anger and serve the politi cal agenda of the power elite The Muslim community is waiting to hear a call of unity in action in defense of all human life and dignity in any part of the world. D r. Aslam Abdullah is editor in chief of the weekly Muslim O bserve and director of the I slamic Society of N evada. Source: I slamiCity

Prayer Schedule in Greater Vancouver Islm. Date 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4

Feb 17- March 3, 2017 Jamadi.ul Awaal 20- J.u T-4, 1438 H Day Date Fajar

Fajar Sunrise

Sunr DhuhrAsarAsar DhuhrZawal Asar (shafi) (hanfi) Maghrib Magrib

Isha Isha

For such Prayers are enjoined on believers at stated times: Quran ,n 4:103 Source: BCMA


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017






A Team

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Facilitator arrested in Lahore blast case bomber enter Lahore through South Punjab raids to arrest other aides and facilitators of protests staged by chemists at Lahore’s Mall

Punjab police have arrested a man who allegedly facilitated the suicide bomber carry out the February 13 blast in Lahore, According to ARY News correspondent Babar Khan, the man was arrested for he helped the suicide

and carry out the deadly attack which killed 13 people including two senior police officers.The Counter Terrorism Department of the law enforcement agency is now carrying out

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi rageoun

the terror group behind the attack. At least 13 people, including two top police officers of Punjab, were killed and around 108 people were injured in a suicide attack during

Road. The FIR also mentioned that the suicide attacker was accompanied with three accomplices, who managed to escape from the scene of the attack following the incident

We pray to Al mighty Allah(SWT) for (all decease persons included DIG Traffic Ahmed Mobin, SSP Operations Zahid Gondal) their mercy, to forgive all theirs sins and reward them with the best place in paradise and to give patience to the all concerned families. (Ameen) Miracle Media


Print Media’s Uniqueness is its lifeline

rint media’ s main contribution is through keeping people updated about the latest news on topics such as politics, economics, sports, agriculture, forest, fishers, stock market and weather update etc. Newspapers, however, continue to face challenges and competition in their role as bearers of news in the information technology age. Despite the challenges, newspapers are doing excellent work through performing the job of giving the people what they want to know with clarity. In other words, newspapers are committed to operate in the public interest. This “ time sensitive print media” is the oldest form of mass communication. It comes in a wide variety of options. The most commonly circulated forms are newspapers, magazines and iers. The content of the pieces varies, and the products are distributed using different timelines and in different amounts. The content communicates the news, the retail sales or whatever message the sender is trying to covey to the intended audience. owever, its effect of advertisement is purely based on its content. No doubt, it still is one of the strongest medium of mass communication. But, the internet revolution has adversely affected newspaper reading, hence, keeping it under extreme pressure from electronic competition. Yes, it’ s true that the digital age is going too far too fast and is able to attract a large number of internet and social media users resulting in a decreased-audience for the print media unfortunately. But if Print can survive the Radio & TV, it’ s likely to sur-


vive the digital age too. A large majority of the older folks is still interested in enjoying benefit of print media for its tangibility . In other words the hard copy is palpable. Looking closely, one notices that with the rise of smart phones, tablets, and internet data access, much of digital content distribution and viewing cost keeps shifting to the end consumer whereas in most print these costs are still borne by the publisher and marketer. Types of print media: A weekly is published once a week and a monthly once a month. A fortnightly is published once in two weeks. A bi-weekly is published every two weeks. A tri-monthly is one which is published every three months. These are also known as quarterlies. Then there are certain publications that come out only once a year which are called annuals. Admittedly, preparation of printing is difficult and time consuming. Due to this very factor, the print media has become a less attractive source of information over the years. Products are to be designed; the text needs be written and thoroughly checked for errors before it’ s printed. Once the copies are printed, they are posted for mail delivery, dropped off at newsstands for purchase or delivered to offices as well as to the readers’ residences. Problem with the newspaper is its limitedvalidity (on daily basis) based on its freshness as it has to be read on the same day. No one wants a day old paper. Other problem: Frequency of distribution is a key characteristic of print media. Some publications that contain time-sen-

sitive information such as newspapers and magaz ines can be distributed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annually. Other media such as newsletters, booklets and pamphlets can be distributed as needed for individuals to pick up at their own discretion. Advantages: Print media is a type of communication that comes in many forms. Messages can be sent out and printed on iers, in newspapers, billboards and magaz ines. Once the pieces are printed, they are distributed to their proper audience. The communication can be used to send the updated information on promotions or news or events without bias. From a business perspective: Things have shifted, mass-media has shifted to digital and printing companies cannot dwell on things that worked in the past. Print marketing is the new non-traditional media. The rarity and physicality of print is making a comeback with consumers who are tired of online ads. Increasing the return of investment (ROI): There are a couple of ways one can use print to increase ROI. Not only is ROI better, but print advertising still shows promise for non profits, small businesses and more. (; it illustrates some more information about the benefits still being seen by Print Ads despite the industry-wide push for a more digital focus. If print is made available to advertising media, then return on investment (ROI) is bound to ourish. . esearch has shown that adding print to the advertising media mix will increase the ROI of the overall campaign. Print media will also enhance the ROI of TV or online in the mix.

Truly speaking, the effective marketing campaign works excellently when print is used with other media as one element of an integrated solution. Despite the print being under extreme pressure from electronic competition, people continue to be addicted in enjoying the print. And, it will be very costly for advertiser to market their product or brand every day on the newspaper. act Many print based media outlets offer deals to brands that tie sales of online ads to the print version. As some area printing presses move their production lines outside of their local businesses, reading population gets curious about the future of print-media, however, newspaper businesses claim to be transitioning with the new age of digital media. Fact: Let’ s not forget that newspaper circulation has been varying from year to year, yet the ethnic newspapers continue to enjoy a fairly good circulation especially for their being of multi lingual nature. Having successfully completed 16 years, the Bi-lingual Miracle News continues to remain as one of the best examples as paper in print. However, for the convenience of its readership, the Miracle News is also available online. The paper has been providing its intended audience with the latest updated information regarding all relevant areas including the news analysis, opinions and commercial Ads both in English and Urdu sections respectively. Quote: “ Sometime in the future, we will discover that paper is a miraculous product that enables communication and recycles back to paper.”

a a n l a y s a l i l i n s a n i i l l a m a ’ s a ’ a a T h a t m a n c a n h a v e n o t h i n g b u t w h a t h e s t r i v e s f o r.

An Open Letter to Muslim Community Congratulations of Miracle’s 16th Anniversary

By:Nafisa Siddiqui Congratulations to team Miracle for completing sixteen years of this miraculous journey. I joined your clan couple of years back and can see that each edition is better than previous one. There is more local, Pakistani and international news. Special editions on Independence Day of Pakistan, Eid Ul fitr and Eid ul Adha always attract readers. Miracle news has become an integral part of local Muslim community. Miracle news is not only keeping the Muslims informed but also playing an important role in keeping harmony between different ethnic groups. Mr.Pirzada and his hard working team truly deserve to be praised for their hard work and dedication.

An open letter of solidarity and condolence from members of the Jewish community to the Muslim community. After the massacre at the mosque in Quebec City, a small group of friends wrote this letter and distributed it to our networks inviting participating responses. Within three days we received 230 signatures from members of the Jewish community. The signatories represent many facets of our community - leaders, elders, youth, active members and ‘unaffiliated’ Jews. From:Mira Oreck & Robbie Chesick We, members of the Jewish community of Greater Vancouver,write to you in a spirit of support and condolence in the wake of the brutal massacre at the mosque in Quebec City. We stand in solidarity with you against the unjust vilification and attacks on Muslims across North America. We protest the current diatribe of hate, policies of exclusion, and acts of scapegoating being issued from the office of the president of the United States. We despair at how it is emboldening the Islamophobia that sadly exists in Canada as

well. We recognize that borders can’t filter out infectious rants of hate and opportunistic fear mongering. We also appreciate that the Jewish community, and all the distinct communities that comprise Canada, must take an explicit stand against the spread of hatred and fear. We, the undersigned, are not writing as representatives of any one organization. Rather, we have come together to express our outrage and concern over these recent events and to condemn the Islamophobia underpinning them. We want to offer our continuing solidarity as neighbours, friends and fellow citizens. In care and kindness,

‘Sadness & Solidarity’. By: Gulshan Alani Our heartiest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in Quebec Mosque massacre of hate crime. There is nothing that could replace their loved ones. May Allah bless their souls. Though, as true martyrs they are already in Paradise. Killing true Muslims who are praying and prostrating to their One Lord Creator, just

like Messiah Jesus (AS), and Prophet Moses (AS) prayed and prostrated to HIM: such can only end up in one place and that is Paradise. To enter Paradise we are all working so hard, and in some cases we pay thousands to buy the tickets from the Spiritual leaders to get in one of their 6 Heavens owned by them. But the hate-monger killer made it easier for the Muslim worshipers and opened up the doors of Paradise free of charge. Most amazing positive result is shown by the thousands of godly people consisting of Jewish Rabbis, Catholics and Christians, showing their solidarity with grieving Muslims and sharing their grief for loosing their loved ones in the evil shooting. Evidently, such tragedy has led to the most positive action of Solidarity and pluralism, and proving majority are the honest and caring people. Thank GOD. Such hate crimes will be in rise according to the Islamic and Biblical prophecies and the suffering of Believers will increase by such evil people including the fake Muslims-anti-Islam and ISIS anti-Islamic Sharia. May Allah-Creator-GOD save us from such evil ones.


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

Az im

Dahya &

C o m p any

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Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017

Bringing Harmony To All The Co



Jinny Sims’s Message at Miracle’s 16th Anniversary Jinny Sims,

Jagrup Brar’s Message ongratulations Miracle Media Jagrup Brar,

B C N D P Can didat e S ur r ey - P an or am a ongratulations to M. aseer Pirzada and the Miracle ewspaper for i teen years of publishing. The Miracle provides a valuable source of news and information for the Mus lim community in urrey and the rest of B . I appreciate the hard work you do to connect to community issues and provide a voice for Muslim news in B . It has always good to see staff from The Miracle at community events throughout the years. ongratulations on si teen years of publishing your newspaper, and I wish you the best in ne t si teen years.

B C N D P Can didat e S ur r ey - F l eetw ood ear ana ement ta at The Miracle N ewspaper I would like to e tend my sincere congratula tions on the 1 th Anniversary of The Miracle ewspaper The Miracle ewspaper provides great coverage of events, artwork and also pro vides e cellent content of English and Urdu sections. I am very pleased with your newspa pers’ focus featuring issues and interests of rais ing cultural and community awareness this is a most welcome addition to the publishing scene here in British olumbia. I believe that our entire community is enriched by your positive contributions. I wish both the taff and ubscribers of The Miracle all the best.


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Trudeau tells funeral service that Victims mosque victims won’t be forgotten

A mass shooting that killed si men at a uebec mos ue is a grim re minder that hateful words seeking to e clude or demean others can have tragic conse uences, Prime Minister ustin Trudeau told a funeral service riday for three of the victims. It’s high time those behind these messages whether they are politi

Names of Quebec mosque shooting

cians, radio or T hosts or other pub lic personalities realize the harm their words can cause, Trudeau said, prompting a wave of applause. onfronted with these words that hurt and e clude, it falls on us to de fend the values that are important to rs , haled Belkacemi rs , Mamadou Tanou Barry us, he told several thousand mourners Left to Right:Top: Azzedine oufiane rs , Aboubaker Thabti rs , Abdelkrim assane 1 rs , Mamadou Tanou Barry rs at the uebec ity convention centre. 3 We pray to Al mighty Allah(SWT) for their mercy, to forgive all theirs sins and reward them with the best place in paradise and to give patience to the all concerned families. (Ameen) M ir a c l e M edia

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi rageoun

Vancouverites gather at vigil for victims of Quebec mosque shooting Event to honour those killed in of, being labelled as radicals or tragic shooting, but also to speak Islamic terrorists. amadan said the Muslim community began to out against Islamophobia plan the event shortly after a shoot B y Ch a d P a w s on, M a r y s e Z eidl er , CB C N ew s It began with hundreds of people ing at a mos ue in uebec ity that at a ancouver mos ue and ended left si people dead. It’s just time with up to 1, at ancouver’s to do something about it because it lympic cauldron all joining to has gone to a really escalated level gether to honour those killed in the of danger when people get shot and recent uebec mos ue shooting and killed in ... the mos ue or get at tacked in the kyTrains or women speak out against Islamophobia. I think it feels good, this is what get bullied in the schools. It’s time to stop Islamophobia, he it’s like to be anadian, said Ai mee Berard, who was at the Al a said. Many different faith groups mia mos ue around 3 p.m. PT attended aturday’s vigils. Among on aturday with owers. o mat them was Martha oth with Inde ter what faith we believe in, what pendent ewish oices anada. As ews we feel a special bond nationality, we come together with Muslims at this time because and no matter what the weather’s like it’s important to be here to ews know what it is to be targeted and scapegoated over many centu show solidarity. aturday’s vigil began with a ries, she said. Like Muslims we prayer at the mos ue, then gathered too have been the butts of ridiculous people outside the ancouver Art prejudices, ignorant racism so we Gallery before moving onto ack wanted to reach out to our Muslim Poole Plaza. The events were or brothers and sisters. amadan en ganized by the mos ue, the oali courages those with ueries or con tion Against Bigotry and the Mus cerns about Islam to ask uestions and be informed. ave no fear of lim Association of anada. We Muslims, we’re pretty tired of the Muslim community. There’s the stereotypes, said Tarek ama nothing wrong with being a Mus dan, one of the organizers with the lim, he said. And absolutely nothing wrong association. We’re getting sick and tired of with Islam at all. It does not teach being stereotyped and blamed for hate or violence or terrorism. things that we’re totally innocent

Surrey Interfaith Council organized a Peace Pilgrimage

In celebration of World Interfaith armony Week, urrey Interfaith ouncil organized a Peace Pilgrimage to many places of worship in urrey, B , including urrey amea Masjid on unday, ebruary , 1 . Due to a divine inter vention snowfall , the pilgrimage was canceled. owever, despite the loads of snow, the spiritual folks of urrey Interfaith ouncil paid a kind visit to urrey amea Masjid to show the sincer ity in peace and harmony. Br. David Dalley, the onvenor of urrey Interfaith ouncil delivered the messages of solidarity, written from the heart by the members of Peace ouncil, to the Imam of urrey amea Masjid. Imam, heikh Abu Abdes alaam welcomed the guest delegation. e provided an Islamic per spective on the situation, and elaborated on the Islamic way to e press grief and honour the de ceased. r. Ida Tra ler gave the ladies a tour of the Masjid and imparted some practical knowl edge on Islam.According to the enior Imam, ari Abdul Wahab ahib, In the times of diffi

culty and crisis, Muslims follow the Way of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him which is, to be patient, to repent and ask for forgiveness, to turn to Allah .W.T for help, and to make Dua to ease or remove the burden and hardships. B MA urrey amea Masjid, Members of the lo cal community, and Muslims of British olum bia thank each and every community member and partner for their love and unconditional sup port after the tragic uebec hooting. It surely has brought us closer and renewed our collective faith in humanity. Br. afar of Al Ameen newspaper announced that a blood donation drive is being planned to honour the innocent victims of uebec Terror Attack. The members of the Interfaith ouncil observed the Asr Afternoon Prayer and then mingled in with the attendees of the congregation. The guest were served with ethnic delights. ot Masala Tea prepared by Masjid olunteers warmed all bodies and souls at the end of this auspicious ceremony.


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


Interfaith Vigil strengthens bonds of unity at Holland Park Surrey

n eb , Although Ale andre Bissonette made his voice heard through terror and violence by killing innocent and defenceless anadians, the overarching voice of the anadian spirit aspires to embrace the fruits of the spirit compassion, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, forbearance, fortitude, grace, healing, kindness, mercy, love, patience, peace, self control and understanding. A vigil prayer for the victims of uebec Islamic ultural enter at olland Park in urrey was attended by about one hundred people with the aim to show solidarity with the victims’ fami lies and to bring together generations of people from different faiths to promote peace and un derstanding in a world faced with e tremism and violence. Linda epner, Mayor of urrey, ouncillor Mike tarchuck and a myriad of MPs and MLAs condemned the savage attack in the strongest terms possible. A strong pres ence of faith based and non profit organizations made it clear that we will con uer hate with compassion, love, understanding and justice. ikandar and uzanne ayat re ect on why the Amazing Tutors hildren’s oundation organ ized this event ur sincere hope is to protect and help our communities cope and build resil ience in a rapidly changing world characterized

with high levels of e tremism. Terror has no place anywhere and it is a horrific crime com mitted against humanity. ne way to stop acts of terrorism is to educate children and young people about Islam and other faiths in accord with strong curricula based on research find ings. We can pursue a long term strategy which instills in them the desire to act intelligently, wisely and prevent them from becoming en emies of the state. The fruits of such an inclu sive, educational program will be a caring and giving community made up of compassionate, forgiving, respectful, tolerant, and trustworthy citizens. We feel that people who are involved in hateful and religiously intolerant activities do not represent the majority of anadians. rom across anada, the myriad stream of faith groups are promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation to end politically and religiously motivated violence. We aim to create cultures of compassion, respect, peace, understanding and healing for all living beings on earth. We feel that no one has the right to take away a per son’s spiritual free will and self determination, nor their underlying strength, and we are doing everything within our power to fight for peace and condemn this horrific attack. We need to be

engaged in a process of healing that is collabora tive, enhancing, inclusive, practical, pro active and responsible. We must stand united together to create a society of love and justice. These horrific attacks on innocent civilians are really meant to divide us however, with love and justice as our common shield, we can recognize our differences and strive to be the best human being. Any savage attacks on innocent civilians, whether they occur in anada, yria, Paris, Beirut, Brussels, Pakistan, U A or in any other city or country, are heinous and without justification. We stand in soli darity and condemn these demonic, horrific acts in the strongest terms possible. Today, our thoughts are with the loved ones of those killed and injured. We are e tremely gratified for the support we have re ceived from the local media in promoting the vigil. We e tend our gratitude to the staff at the ity of urrey for their gracious support. About the oun dation As a foundation advocating for children eve rywhere, The Amazing Tutors hildren’s ounda tion condemns violence against children regardless of the form it takes. The children at the Mos ue in the uebec Islamic ultural entre attended with their families to pray and worship. A threat to their lives should raise concerns for everyone about re ligiously motivated violence. These innocent lives must be protected, for within them are the seeds of the world we want to build. If we hope to create a society of tolerance, freedom and compassion, then we must secure the safety of all children and their families regardless of race, religion, or gender. and MLAs, community activists including hildren represent the future of our society and Linda epner, Mayor of urrey. We e community. iolence against them will only con tend our gratitude to all those representa tives and attendee who made an effort to come the igil. Especially, ouncillor Mike tarchuck, Br anif Mohammed of Masjid al oor, Br Asad yed from White ock Muslim Asociation, Among the speakers at the vigil prayer for the victims of uebec mos ueshooting organized by ikandar ayat were en ardie, Mayor Linda epner, Puneet andhar inny ims, MP ukh Dhaliwal, MLA arry Bains, MP andeep ingh arai, MLA ue ammell, arpreet ingh and achna ingh.

tinue the cycle of intolerance and hate that divides us as people. By standing together in condemnation against violence, we can help break the cycle, and create communities of understanding, caring, and compassion. The children attended prayers with their families, making the mos ue populated while the attack ensued. The timing of the attack only raises concerns about intolerance and violence within our communities. At a time when communication and diplomacy are needed more than ever, acts such as this only e ac erbate and in ate tensions between religious com munities here in anada. If we hope to create greater understanding between people, we must take steps to end violence that fosters intolerance and hatred. We call to everyone to help end violence, espe cially when it threatens the lives of children. As a community, we should strive to create a space for children to live that is safe, tolerant, and compas sionate. Acts of violence threaten us all, even when directed at specific groups, advocate the directors of the Amazing Tutors hildren’s oundation. We are grateful for everyone’s support and encourage ment in helping us build peace together. We seek to build communities by supporting youth and chil dren through educational and volunteer opportu nities in urrey, B . We involve our students and tutors in various programs, such as the leadership youth development program. We need more people to join us. or more information about this event, please contact ikandar or uzanne ayat at or AmazingTutors

B y : B a l w a nt S a ngh er a The tragedy in a uebec Mos ue on anuary has caused a lot of concern to anadians eve rywhere. At this time,our Muslim brothers and sisters need a lot of support and solidarity. With this in mind,the management committee of In dia ultural entre of anada Gurdwara anak iwas on ichmond’s ighway to eaven in vited leaders of the B Muslim Association and amea Mos ue in ichmond to the Gurd

wara on unday, ebruary to offer support in this hour of need. The Muslim community leaders were very ap preciative of this gesture and thanked members of the Gurdwara management committee for their on going support. It was mutually agreed to continue to work to gether in fighting the curse of racism , prejudice and hatred in our communities .

Radical Desi organizes a solidarity Rally with Quebec Mosque Shooting Victims

igil and prayers for the victims of ue bec Islamic ultural enter took place at olland Park In urrey. n eb th, Gurpreet ingh of adical Desi organized a rally as well as Br br ikandar ayat and his Wife uzanne ayat organized a igil on riday eb 3rd. Despite the cold Weather and snow, the events were well attended by about one hundred people with the aim to show soli darity with the victims’ families and to bring together generations of people from different faiths to promote peace and un derstanding in a world faced with e trem ism and violence. Among The Guests were a myriad of MPs

Support and solidarity shown at India Cultural Centre of Canada Gurdwara Nanak Niwas Richmond


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017




Sri Lankan Muslim Society (SLMS) Canada held a food and clothes distribution


Friday February 24 2017 4pm


Vancouver Art Gallery Robson St. at Howe St. Downtown Vancouver



Mobilization Against War & Occupation - MAWO

www. mawovan c o uve r. o r g

B y : F a h m i J a m a l deen P r es ident , S L M S Ca na da ebruary 13th, we at the ri Lankan Muslim ociety LM anada held a food and clothes distribution in the downtown eastside at the arnegie ouse. Between 1 and 3 3 , about people showed up for the generosity of our brothers who con tributed to the success of the event through their time and money. ur gratitude goes out to the donors and volunteers for their sup port, who made this project successful one.

please contact at slmscanada@ outlook. Let’s Build ur ommunity Together We are very pleased to welcome you to the com.or go online at

#101-14620-64th Av. Surrey Now Introducing Meat & Pizzeria

Come In Today & Enjoy Your Healthier Choice Meat & Traditional Italian Thin Crust Pizza made from in-house ingredients Marinated Meats: Beef. Chicken and Lamb

Fresh Burgers and Sausages

ri Lanka Muslim ociety of anada. As a new member of our hapter, we hope to serve you in many ways. There are so many ways for you to get involved. We are working on a number of conservation projects. ur apital project is a Mussallah project. We need your help to improve upon our services for the community, you can join with us as a member or volunteer. But we strongly encourage you to be a member of LM anada. Please click membership link for Membership orm.




Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


Masjid-ur-Rahamah Hosts neighbourhood Appreciation Day.

n eb th, Masjid ur ahmah organized a eighbourhood Apre ciation Day.Br Iltaf ahif, hair person of the B MA urrey East Branch said, Alhamdulillah, our neighbours have been really supportive and have stood in solidarity with us showing tremendous love and af fection for the loss of innocent lives taken away by the terror at tack at the Mos ue in uebec. e said he was touched by a let

ter received from Gordon andall, a school teacher in honor of the victims who have lost their lives in the uebec Mos ue hooting. Among the guests who paid their respects to the congregation were en ardie MP, ukh Dhaliwal MP, Bruce alston MLA, arry Bains MLA, Puneet andhar, or mer MP inny ims amd achna ingh. Br Musa Ismail, Past president and speaking for the the Branch management stated that, it was important that we show apprecia tion of our neighbours who have e pressed their condolencses in this senseless killing, and to sin pen ouse. participants for thier tremendous show of support and cerely thank our neighbours of Masjid ur ahmah. In this regard Br Waheed abir on of the Branch directors siad That solidarity and for all the lowers and letters of sympa The B Muslim Association ur the event was a success despite the heavy snow fall thy after the tragic attack in uebec ity. rey East Branch decided to hold an and, We wholeheartedly would lile to thank all the P hotographs and report courtesy B y AL AME E N P O ST.CO M

RCMP reassures the Muslim communities of BC their continued commitment to the safety of the public

n an 31st, ey Muslim ommunity members were invited at MP E Division ead uar ters at 1 Green Timbers Way, urrey, for a meeting between the MP and community leaders. The meeting was a result from the unfor tunate Terrorist Mos ue hooting on unday at uebec ity Islamic cultural centre where peo ple died as martyrs and several other worshipers were wounded. Mr. im .D. Gresham, Assistant ommissioner and members of MP senior management team took the opportunity to meet with key members of the Muslim community, in cluding Imams and cultural centre leaders from B MA, Pakistan anada Association, Az ahra Islamic enter, Ahmadiyya ama’at in Delta and Al Ihsan educational foundation in urrey. The purpose of this meeting was to reassure the communities of the continued commitment to the safety of the public. During this important meet

ing, the members addressed community ecurity concerns around the tragic event in uebec and implications to the Muslim community in British olumbia. The participants also discussed Education and some awareness and outreach initiatives as well as tips key to the identification and prevention of potential incidents were discussed. Mr. Gresham assured the community leaders saying that, at the moment there are no significant terror related suspicions that they are aware of in B . The B Muslim Association was truly thankful to the MP and ancouver and Delta Police Depart ment for their overwhelming support, leadership and direction at the most critical time. Br Daud Ismail, President of the B MA said, We are, indeed, grateful and very appreciative of their efforts and would like to say T A U to all divisions on behalf of the Muslim

community of British olumbia. Br aroon han on behalf of the board and trustees of the Pakistan anada Associ ation Al amia Masjid ancouver said, we were heartened by the engagement of the MP with a wide cross section of the Islamic community here in the lower mainland.

ur entire community remains vigilant and affirm to never close our doors to our friends and neighbours of every culture and religion. We will never give in to fear and intimidation. ur faith strengthens us in good times and bad. P hotographs and report courtesy B y AL AME E N P O ST.CO M

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SURREY OFFICE: # 203 - 7134 King George Blvd. Surrey BC V3W 5A3


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


Trump defends travel ban as Trudeau looks on


y eremy Diamond and

evin Liptak, da’s acceptance of tens of thousands of yrian refugees and made clear he differs with Trump Washington President Donald on the issue. But he stated it was not his place Trump offered an unapologetic defense of to come to the U and lecture Trump on the his travel ban during a joint news conference controversial policy. Monday with anadian Prime Minister ustin I’m just doing what I said I would do, Trump Trudeau, saying the U cannot let the wrong said, referring to his hardline immigration policies. people in. The two leaders, who are ideologically at odds Trudeau, meanwhile, made clear that he holds on a range of issues, played a delicate dance a different view of the issue but said it was Monday as they sought to focus on the com not his place to come to the U and lecture monalities between their two countries, rather Trump on the controversial policy. than the chasm between their personal philoso Both leaders, though, were careful not to cri phies and politics. ti ue each others’ fundamentally divergent ap There have been times where we have dif proaches, and instead sought to focus on their fered in our approaches and that has always shared goal of improving cross border trade. been done firmly and respectfully, Trudeau Trump called his e ecutive order now stalled said. The last thing anadians e pect is for in court common sense, adding he would me to come down and lecture another country continue to fight to keep the wrong people on how they choose to govern themselves. out of the U , even at the risk of casting too Trudeau said he would focus on governing in wide a net. Trudeau, meanwhile, touted ana such a way that re ects anadians’ approach.

is comments came after Trump defended his action to ban citizens of seven Muslim majori ty countries and put a stop to the entry of refu gees into the U a ban that has been stalled by a federal court. We cannot let the wrong people in and I will not allow that to happen during this adminis tration, Trump said. We’re going to give our selves every bit of chance. Both Trump and Trudeau said they hoped to continue strengthening the relationship be tween their two countries and both remarked on the important trading relationship the two countries share. eferring to his pledge to renegotiate A TA, Trump said the two leaders would be tweak ing their trade relationship, but he empha sized that the U ’s bones with the free trade deal were mostly centered on the U trading relationship with the third country in the deal Me ico.


The Liberals will aggressively make these pro jects a central theme in their campaign, much to the delight of the Green Party, which will glee fully oppose them all and will welcome the atten tion paid to them. Less enthusiastic to talk about them will be the DP, whose traditional base of supporters are split on things like this. The softwood lumber dispute with the U. . will not y under the radar for much longer. ome March, duties and countervails will be slapped on B. . shipments to the U. ., and that will translate into significant job losses in B. .’s forest indus try most of them in the Interior and the orth . esidents of Metro ancouver don’t uite have their heads around this ticking time bomb of an issue, but they soon will. istorically, B. . wins these arguments about softwood issues when they finally land in an international tribunal’s jurisdic tion, but that can take years. In the meantime, brace yourselves. The B. . economy will slow down significantly, but will still be near the top when compared to other provinces. The housing sector which it can be argued has been most responsible for the

7 predictions for B.C. politics in 2017

B y K eith B a l dr ey G l ob a l N ew s fter the craziness that characterized so much of the political world in 1 , I suppose I should be wary of making many predictions about what to e pect in the coming year. But where’s the fun in playing it safe o here we go. Look for at least some of these things to come true in 1 I won’t predict the outcome of the provincial elec tion in May, but I will predict this the leaders of all three major political parties will post personal re election victories with ease. All three won by large margins in 13 or, in Premier hristy lark’s case, in a subse uent by election after she was booted from her ancouver Point Grey riding and no matter the outcome of the general election, they should do so again. peaking of those leaders, whoever loses the elec tion between lark and DP leader ohn organ will likely pack it in and step down as leader. The one caveat to that is that lark is a political animal with enormous confidence and optimism who may argue for another crack at the title. organ, by contrast, seems frustrated at times with his

own party and he would greet a loss as the perfect e cuse to say sayonara to the old gang. The B. . Green Party will emerge as the real wild card in the election campaign, and if it repeats the growth in support in about a half dozen ridings that it enjoyed in 13, both the DP and the B. . Liberals could be denied seats they might have otherwise considered safe ridings. Party leader Andrew Weaver has the potential to have a big impact when he’s on the televised leaders’ debate, which can be a turning point in any campaign. All things related to the economy will be the dominant issue in the election campaign, but that can be a fairly broadly defined issue. ob creation, housing, fees and ta es, cost of living all can and likely will be part of the economic conver sation. The DP will undoubtedly add affordable daycare to that list, while the B. . Liberals will argue the ew Democrats’ plan is anything but affordable, and is a fiscal disaster in the making. That said, look for big industrial projects such as the inder Morgan pipeline e pansion, the ite dam, various L G projects and the Massey Bridge replacement to be major issues as well.

It’s a much less severe situation than what’s taking place on the southern border, Trump said, after calling the U anada trading rela tionship very outstanding. Trudeau made clear that the anadian econo my is very dependent on its relationship with the U and sought to draw closer to Trump’s populist rhetoric by noting that both men were elected on commitments to support the mid dle class, to work hard for people who need a real shot at success.

province’s red hot performance the past two years will cool down, but tourism and hi tech will remain strong. What’s hard to read on this front is the impact the policies of U. . President elect Donald Trump will have on anada, and by e tension on B. . While so much about him seems fake, his protec tionist and anti globalization attitudes seem genu ine, and that does not bode well for us. We remain the mouse sleeping ne t to the elephant, and we may get bruised or even s uashed. o there you go, my top seven picks. When have I ever been wrong K eith B aldrey is chief political reporter for G lobal B C.




Unit 203- 7750 -128th Street, Surrey


House of Operation Mon to

at 11am 1 pm

Tuesday un


olidays 1 pm pm


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


From the pen of the Founding Editor of ‘The Miracle.

LOST and F ound S n q .L dr . N us r at H us s ai n ( R ) nh .gu idings tar @ gm ai l .c om t is an interesting anecdote of lost and found e perienced by my course mate then light adet hahid Mah mud, popularly known as hira’ a male sparrow because of his love for ying. e was scheduled to y a solo night navigation mission on the T 3 aircraft. When he came out of the s uadron on his way to the ight lines towards the aircraft, he saw light cadet Ejaz Min has, popularly known as the Black heep’ of the course, running around the block his instructor scolding him from behind. Minhas had own the earlier mission, which took off at dusk and got lost. adar guided him back. ow his instructor was making sure he never loses the sight of isalpur by having him run around the uadron building. Thinking himself a hot rod pilot, ha hid, in his mind added the joy by com paring the thump of Black sheep’s boots to the sound of a goat on double march. Minhas was called Black heep’ be cause, on a few occasions of our junior days, he had reported late to the assem blies called by the seniors. It resulted in e tra punishment for the entire course. These popular names were also termed as ervice names’ and were liberally used with lasting love and temporary insult for each other. owever, every one took it in high spirit. rankly speak ing, I had earned service name akka,’ for my big nose. ow can one get lost with all the avail able navigational aids and by staying in visual contact of that familiar area hahid, after the briefing, had further studied the map and noted all the riv ers, canals and tributaries which might shimmer on that moonlit night to steer


the course in the intended direction. e took a mental note of all the towns whose ickering lights would assure him to the correctness of route. Brim ming with confidence, he shrugged off all apprehensions and headed to the tarmac. The ight path is familiar. o what if it is night time, Piece of cake e thought to himself as he climbed into the cockpit after carrying out the pre ight checks around the aircraft. A lecture once given by the ight sur geon about psychology of disorienta tion came to his mind. ou will not trust your instruments even if the com pass needle is pointing home. It was hard to believe though. If you are lost, why would you not trust your instru ments e later realized that in his case, the light urgeon sure was spot on. After getting airborne, he climbed out to Mardan and noticed the lights below dimming fast due to hanging dust in the air. After climbing to the assigned al titude, he set course towards southeast for the first leg. e nailed the two navi gation points in about fifty minutes and made it back to Mardan. It was after all, a piece of cake. e congratulated himself. After the descent, he leveled off at two thousand feet and reported position to the tower. e t up was to look for isalpur and head home. But where is isalpur ure it is only nine miles, but where in the world is it tonight e could not spot the isalpur beacon. ow he had the rude realization that the fat lady had not sung and mission was not over after arriving over Mardan. isalpur’s beacon ashes the Morse code signature who could forget dit da dit, dit dit dit. But that night he was not seeing the beacon. ure he was over Mardan. e had some sense which

Excerpt from the book

way was north because he could see the vertical outlines of Malakand hills. e estimated a direction and headed in. The darn place was just miles south and he did not see it. e turned back to soon find himself over Mardan again. aiza , report position , he heard the isalpur control tower calling him. Descending overhead Mardan, he lied. Tower did not uestion that he had already reported Mardan a while back. There is no way in the world I am go ing to be embarrassed and let Black heep’s punishment befall on me. e reminded himself. n top of that, he will be the laughing stock of the course, if not the academy, after having com pleted the mission but not been able to get back to isalpur just nine miles out. e had already tuned his instruments to isalpur and they were pointing in the direction he had just been. I must have tuned them wrong, he thought because he had just own in that direction. ow somewhat of panic set in. e headed east and soon noticed the gleaming Tarbela Dam. ow stu pid I am to come in this direction , he frowned at himself. oon he was again over Mardan and still could not make out where isalpur was. aiza , report position, called the ontrol Tower. e repeated, Descend ing over Mardan. Whosoever was on duty that night must not have noticed that he had been descending over Mardan for a while and still hadn’t hit the ground e t he turned north and as e pected soon came upon hilltops of Malakand. e turned around and was back over Mardan. e called an emergency meet ing of all his intellectual faculties. There was no danger to his life or the aircraft he was ying. There was still plenty of fuel. But it was the matter of honor and blemishing of his unblemished perfor

‘The Last Salute’

rom Left

Ejaz and hahid

mance during all his navigation missions. The added incentive was the sight of Black heep’s languid running around the block, a fate that he had to avoid. ince, in his mind, aircraft instruments were pointing in a wrong direction, and that he had visited Tarbela twice, Malakand once, perhaps owshehra as well, where the hell was he with reference to isalpur Mardan under neath notwithstanding. e was sure how his course mates would respond to his love for staying overhead Mardan. The reason he could not see isalpur was because of its invisible beacon. e should have spotted it when at ten thousand feet, not when he was at two thousand and somehow it wasn’t visible. Then it hit him. What about the Peshawar beacon It transmits P . e fi ed his position with the distant Malakand hills and Mardan, knowing that he was ying east to west. Pesha war must be at my 11 ’clock. e looked hard and found the faint Peshawar beacon. ow that he had three points, he knew where isalpur should be and looked that way. e doesn’t know if the dust over islapur had lifted, or settled, but after a long hard stare, he spotted the isalpur beacon. ust then, this time in rather stern tone, the tower demanded for his position. eading base, he replied with confidence back in his voice. oon he was on the ground. When he arrived back at the uadron, Black heep had been dismissed. Those who ew the same mission simply headed back to the transport. ot a soul knew what had transpired with him over Mardan. hahid left the Air orce as a Pilot fficer after ying the 1 3 aircraft. e lives in Maryland with his family. Minhas went on to become a successful ight navigator, deputed to audi Arabia as an instructor ending his career as a Group aptain. Minhas lives in argodha and is now actively involved in politics of Pakistan uite a distance from languid running around the block that night

Queen Elizabeth II marks record 65 years on throne

ueen Elizabeth, the world’s longest reigning living monarch, celebrated her apphire ubilee on Monday as Britain commemorated years since she ascended the British throne. The year old monarch, who became Brit ain’s longest reigning sovereign in 1 , did not publicly mark the occasion herself, but a 1 gun royal salute was fired in a central London park to honor the landmark. Today’s apphire ubilee marks yet another remarkable milestone for our remarkable ueen, Prime Minister The resa May said in a statement.

It is a testament to her sel ess devotion to the nation that she is not marking be coming the first monarch to reign for years with any special celebration, but instead getting on with the job to which she has dedicated her life. Elizabeth became ueen aged on eb. ,1 , following the death of her father George I, the th monarch in a royal line that traces its origin back to or man ing William the on ueror who claimed the throne in 1 . When she overtook her great great grandmother ueen ictoria’s record 3 years on the throne, she remarked it was not


something to which she had ever aspired, and Buckingham Palace said she would spend Monday at her residence in an dringham, eastern England, as was usual. owever, the ueen’s office released a 1 portrait showing her wearing a suite of sapphire jewelry she received from her father as a wedding gift in 1 . Elizabeth has cut back on international tours but still regularly performs official duties around Britain and remains hugely popular with Britons with an approval rating of about 80 pe rcent. Source:






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Food is the Cause of the Production of the 4 Humors

B y: N ada Adam he follow ing article has been made available to me to use here compliments of Dr. ijazi from one of his pres entations umor is a uid substance which food is first transmuted to it. umor substances are compiled into four categories the category of blood humor, which is the best the category of phlegmatic humor the category of yellow bile humor and the category of black bile humor. umors are derived from the nourishing food and drink. To clarify this we need to show the four digestive phases of food, and how the four humors are originated from food. According to humoral medicine, foods pass through digestive phases

the mesentery it turns into the vein which is called portal hepatis and goes into the liver, that is into sections and reduced damped capillary branches of the portal hepatis in side the liver, passing through the orifices of the sections of the origins of the ascending vein from the conve ity of liver. When the thin chyle is disassembled in the fibers of these veins, this becomes as if the whole liv er encounters this whole chyle, conse uent ly the function of the liver in transmuting the chyle into chymus which are the humors becomes stronger and faster. At that time in those veins which are inside the liver the second phase of digestion is completed, the substance which ascends like the foam is the yellow bile the substance which sediments as the turbidity and residue is the black bile the thin intermediate substance is the blood, and the thick substance like egg white is the phlegm.

irst phase of digestion Begins by mastica tion inside the mouth by teeth and tongue, the saliva helps the chewed to be digested and ready to be swallowed, at swallowing, the food is volplaned downward towards the esophagus to go into the stomach at which it completes the first phase of digestion.

1. econd phase of digestion The muscles of the stomach wall carry out the transmuta tion of food into chyle, then the residue of the first phase plunges into the small intes tine for digestion, then to be ejected from the large intestine to the anus. The thin chyle is pulled from the stomach and intestines as well, then is whooshed by the route of the loop so called the mesentery, which are narrow stiff veins connected to all the intestines, if the thin chyle plunges into

. Third phase of digestion The filtered and fully matured amongst these total sub stances of the four humors originated in the liver is the blood humor. The blood humor if it is originated in the liver goes by the blood vessels to nourish and o ygenate all parts of the body, and what is super uous of the blood humor is stored by the liver for e igency. The yellow bile humor if it is originated in the liver, is divided into two parts, one part goes to the blood to be intermi ed with it, to nourish the organs which need accord ing to its temperament a certain amount of the yellow bile like the lungs, and to make the blood thin and able to pass through nar row streams. The other part of the yellow bile is dispensable to the blood, thus it is e uded to the gall bladder, for the salvation of the whole body from the residue, and for the nourishment of the gall bladder organ. The yellow bile which is dispensable to the gall bladder is e uded to the small in testine through an orifice called bile duct, to wash the intestine from the residue, vis cous phlegm, to disassemble the fats, and to sting the intestine and muscle of the anus, to stimulate the sensation of the need to rise for defecation.

The black bile humor if it is originated in the liver, is divided into two parts, one part goes to the blood to be intermi ed with it, to nourish the organs which need accord ing to its temperament a certain amount of the black bile like the bones, to strengthen thicken and condensate the blood and pre vent it from being thin. The other part of the black bile which is dispensable to the blood, it is e uded to the spleen for the salvation of the whole body from the residue, and for the nourishment of the spleen organ. The phlegmatic humor if it is originated in the liver, goes to the blood for intermi ing with it to nourish the phlegmatic organs which in fact need to have in its nourished blood a certain amount of phlegm like the brain as well to adjoin the organs in order to be transmuted into blood when it is needed, and for the sake of wetting the joints and the organs which have considerable movement, preventing it from dryness due to the organ movement and friction. What is super u ous of the phlegmatic humor is stored by the lungs. Where the coldness of the stored phlegm in the lungs is connected with the respired air which enters through the throat to the pipes of the lungs then is brought to the heart for its ventilation and for diminish ing the vaporish hotness originated from the blood core. owever the four humors while still being in the liver they are thinner than they should be due to the e cessive wateriness needed for digestion, thus the liver works on sepa rating the e cessive wateriness from the four humors, the part of the blood humor which is stored in the liver is without wateriness, while the other part of the blood humor out goes to the blood with its wateriness the part of the black bile humor which is e uded to the spleen is without wateriness, while the other part of the black bile humor outgoes to the blood with its wateriness the part of the yellow bile humor which is e uded to the gall bladder is without wateriness, while the other part of the yellow bile humor outgoes to the blood with its wateriness whereas the

phlegm humor outgoes with its wateriness to the lungs after the outgoing parts of the four humors leave the liver and go to the blood. The te ture of the outgoing four humors with its wateriness is suitable and applicable to be mi ed with the blood present in the streams therefore the outgoing four humors with its wateriness plunge from the liver to the heart through the vein which is ascend ing from the conve ity of the liver to the in ferior vena cava. 3. ourth phase of digestion ubse uently the humors infiltrate from the orifices of the arteries to the organs, to be transmuted into the category of the nourished organ, whereat the cells absorb it through its membranes and use it according to its need, where its accumulation and disassembly is taken place once again. As a result some of the nourishments are used to provide the body with energy, some are used to build new tissues, some are used in growth pro cesses and other than that, whereat the fourth phase of digestion is completed. ur methodology concerning Medical Di agnosis is to know the causes and symptoms by Methods of umoral Medicine while, merging what is compatible from Phyto therapy with humoral medicine in detecting the symptoms as well. ur treatments are based only by using appropriate herbs, tak ing into account each herbal temperament in accordance to umoral Medicine, and herbal e tracts according to the principles of Phyto therapy. It is known, that the modern European Medicine is powerless in treating many causes of diseases and is preoccupied with diminishing only symptoms palliative care through the use of chemical remedies that are not e empt from harmful secondary effects. uch as hypertension, rheumatism, migraine, epilepsy, diabetes, stricture of the heart blood vessels and many others, or they choose the recourse of surgery. n the other hand, umoral Medicine through its magnificent principals and its splendorous sources, which we call the Genuine Medicine that was used and re garded by the mankind since the creation of humans until nowadays it’s the only refer ence with which we, the doctors who are practicing this methodology, have arrived to impressive results in the treatment and heal ing of illnesses, through elimination of their root causes, resulting in patient’s becoming healthy and being healed through the per mission of Allah. D r. K haled H ij az i Y our questions are always welcome. F or more information, please contact 604.314.6759.

B y D r . B r ian G ol dm an tatistics anada says more than half all adult anadians are either overweight or obese. They can use some help ful tips on how to eat healthy. But e perts in obesity say your doctor may not have the best advice. We don’t know about the advice provided in privacy of a doctor patient relationship. What we do know comes from studies in which doctors are uizzed on their knowl edge of nutrition. In a study of medical school graduates entering residency to be come paediatricians, they were tested on an 1 point nutrition uestionnaire. The aver age mark was just per cent. ther stud ies have documented that on average, the knowledge doctors have about obesity and how to manage it is out of date. The problem is that physicians not being taught the latest concepts in medical school. A study published in the journal Academic Medicine found that in the aca demic year, just per cent of 1 medical schools met the minimum re uirement of hours of teaching on nutrition. A more re cent study found the number of med schools keeping up with obesity and nutrition educa tion has gone down. Medical schools aren’t

people who make up licensing e ams aren’t testing that knowledge. A panel of e perts on obesity looked at the content of medical licensing e ams it found that the most im portant topics on obesity aren’t well tested on the e ams. hort of up to date teaching many doctors fall back on myths and misconceptions about obesity. Many believe obesity is caused by too many calories and not enough e er cise. They ignore other contributors such as psychological stress, hormonal factors, medications and lack of sleep. They don’t know that the anadian besity etwork endorses improving sleep for weight man agement. A second misconception is that people with high BMI are less active. The anadian ealth Measures urvey says just per cent of anadian children and youth and 1 per cent of anadian adults are active physically. If activity were that important, you’d e pect a much higher percentage of non obese anadians to be physically ac tive. Many doctors believe diets work, even though 3 of people who lose weight regain it within 1 year. Many MDs still believe weight loss is a matter of willpower. People with obesity have tremendous will power.

disease. The trouble isn’t with fat it’s with sugar. The knowledge and testing gap is important because rates of obesity have risen over the past generation. besity is a risk factor for diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, depres sion, osteoarthritis, and even can cer. We’re seeing these diseases at younger and younger ages. As physicians, we act as if we’re over burdened treating patients with all these kinds of diseases. We’re supposed to be in the business of preventing disease or minimizing its impact. By not addressing these issues, I think we’re missing in action on one of our most important tasks. ome medical schools are improving educa tion of medical students and residents. As welcome as that is, I don’t think it provides better access to the latest information uick ly enough to the patients who need it. egistered dietitians are the ones I’d ask. They have the re uisite knowledge and e perience to do the job. I also favour using health coaches to teach patients what they need to know about nutrition and about obesity provided they’re trained by Ds.

ealth coaches partner with patients to teach them and to set specific and achievable goals for health. ealth coaches are available in some family practices under pilot programs. ew Brun swick provides them free of charge to peo ple with diabetes. That program has helped people in that province to lose weight, eat better, with lower blood pressure and bet ter diabetes control. Elsewhere in anada, health coaches may be covered by e tended or employee benefits, and you can pay for them out of pocket. I think Ds and health coaches make enough of a difference that the system should pay for them. The investment would be well worth it. Source: CB C N ews

Don’t ask your doctor for advice on nutrition, unless... teaching enough about nutrition, and the Most doctors still think fat causes



Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


B.C. leads the push to eliminate letter grades from school report cards B y : D A V ID N IX O N hen the school district in Maple idge, B. ., asked for volunteers to pilot a new report card system that abandons traditional letter grades, offi cials e pected a few schools to sign up. In stead, 1 of the district’s 1 schools stepped forward. uddenly it was like, oly cow, how are we going to manage the service and make sure everyone gets through it ’ said Da vid andergugten, director of instruction for chool District o. , which includes , students in Maple idge and Pitts Meadows, east of ancouver. The pilot launched in 13, largely driven by teacher concerns that letter grades weren’t effective. tudents in Grades four through nine can choose to switch to a system that focuses on detailed feedback throughout the year, rather than simply whether a student earned a B or an A. ince the program’s launch, the number of families who still ask for letter grades has fallen from almost half to just 1 . A lot of parents said at first they thought they’d hate it, but they came around, Mr. andergugten said. British olumbia is at the forefront of ana dian provinces in the push to remove grades from report cards, with some districts hop ing to one day implement such a system in every school, from kindergarten to Grade 1 . But those efforts are constrained by the need to ensure students have standard ized marks for postsecondary applications, meaning that for the foreseeable future, stu dents in higher grades must remain in the old system. Maple idge was an early pioneer in the province in e perimenting with changes to its report cards. chools in omo alley and on ancouver Island also have their own programs now. urrey, the largest school district in British olumbia, won the 1 M LI oundation’s prize for enhance ment of public education for its grades free approach. The ea to ky school district be gan a grades free pilot in anuary this year. o uitlam, the third largest district in the province, is considering one of their own. The specifics vary by school district, but the


common thread is a shift away from tradi tional letter grade assessments in favour of more detailed evaluation and parent teacher engagement throughout the year, often ena bled by new online tools. The goal isn’t to soothe an iety or stroke self esteem rather, proponents argue that moving from letter grades to anecdotal reporting deepens en gagement and the soft skills needed to solve problems in the real world. These goals line up well with the new B. . curriculum cur rently being rolled out at schools across the province, which focuses on e ible learn ing. The new curriculum has helped the mo mentum of individual school e perimenta tion. B. .’s out front in many ways, said an dra Mathison, e ecutive director of British olumbia’s Institute for Public Education. hange doesn’t have to happen at the provincial level though, it really does re uire working it out at the local level lo cal conte t is really important. But I think what’s happening in B. . is districts are being given some space and an opportunity to try new things out. owever, there are limits to that space and opportunity. Grades free report cards must end by Grade 1 so students can receive marks to use on their applications for post secondary schools and scholarships. anada is late to the game in reforming the traditional grades focused approach to eval uation, Ms. Mathison said. U. . college admissions, for instance, involve far more than losing at just grades or college admis sions scores. The University of British olumbia is slightly ahead among anadian universities, having recently implemented broad based admissions. But grades are still a crucial part of that process. It certainly wouldn’t be a case where we go, o grades, we can’t admit you.’ We’d find a way to make it work, said Andrew Arida, UB ’s associate registrar of under graduate admissions. But our admissions have to be evidence based and grades are very helpful in that regard to assess merit and make decisions. Without them, we’d need to find some other way to do it.

In British olumbia, a coming government report may address the issue. Last all, B. .’s Min istry of Education launched our id’s Progress, a consulta tion that asks how parents prefer to learn about their children’s progress. To date, the site has received 3, visits with almost , surveys completed, according to the ministry. The consultation closed on eb. . ommunity meetings are also being held around the province. The ministry will publish a report on the feedback by the end of the school year, with the goal of creating a student reporting pro cess that gives parents a deeper understand ing of their child’s progress. ther provinces use a wide variety of re porting procedures, making direct com parisons difficult. uebec uses a numbered system. ntario has recently moved toward more detailed and ongoing parent teacher communication, but it’s in addition to tradi tional grades. The school district level e perimentation appears to be uni uely thriving in British olumbia. In 1 , algary’s board of education switched from letter grades to a numbered system, but it has been controversial and recently criticized by the Wildrose Party as too broad to be meaningful. Ministries of education across anada said they were not aware of any other similar district level e perimentation in their jurisdictions. At this point, this is not on our radar as a national issue and we do not have a sense of how many school boards may be doing this, loyd Marten, president of the ana dian chool Boards Association, said in an e mail. These are often based on the priori ties of each ministry along with local school boards they re ect the direction and cir cumstances in each province. British olumbia may lead the way in

anada with grade free e periments, but the handful of school districts doing so are still a minority among the province’s districts. Despite the progress in B. . , I don’t think it’s going to happen very uickly that we’re going to see no grades at all at the secondary level, said Ms. Mathison, of B. .’s Insti tute for Public Education. ow non traditional report cards work in the Maple idge school district or five years, Maple idge has opted out of traditional report cards. Instead, students build portfolios of their work throughout the year, allowing parents to see a sample of their children’s work in several areas over time. Maple idge teachers are re uired to communicate with the parents about student progress five times throughout the school year The first time is a conference involving the student, their teacher and their parents at the end of ovember. This in depth meet ing is based on the student’s portfolio. By the end of the conference, a future learning goal will be determined by the student, par ent and teacher. otes from each conference are put into a student file, a copy of which is provided to the parents. ust before spring break, the student, teacher and parents participate in another confer ence, identical to the first. A formal written report is issued at the end of the school year that details the third term and summarizes a student’s progress. In addition, teachers are e pected to provide two informal communications throughout the year, in the form of work samples sent home, phone calls, meetings or progress checklists. Source: The G lobe and Mail

Positive Risks B y : F a tim a N ade em , G r ade 8, S ur r ey n order to grow, we need to e perience challenges. This was a uote in an article I read the other. It seems weird because nowadays it seems that all we try to do is run away from challenges. I started to think, what is it that keeps us from e periencing challenges. The answer is easy fear. It hold us back and keeps us inside the four con stricting walls of our comfort zone. It keeps us from learning and improving and we nev er get anything productive done. Though, I believe that in order for us to get over that fear of failing and challenges we need to take positive risks. Positive risks are e tremely important and have a huge impact on our learning. In this case, learning can be both academic and the lessons we learn throughout or life. Even though many of us her and know this, we are still hesitant. I think the main reason is people don’t fully understand the meaning of positive risks. Positive risks do not nec essarily mean zip lining or going bungee jumping. It is actually much simpler than a lot of us believe it to be in fact, the e act


meaning o positive risks is to get out of your comfort zone and take risks that make you uncertain not unsafe. ear is helpful in many situations like when you are driving too fast or when it motivates you to do better, but a lot of times it holds us back. A positive risk can be as simple as trying a new type of food or making a new friend. It can be trying a new activity or trying out for a sports team even if you are not athletic. People don’t realize that by staying in that comfort zone we are not moving forward and not really achieving anything. Taking positive risks is actually one of the easiest things you can do yet many people don’t take that leap. With a little understanding and a few adjustments, you can break away from your routine and do great things. omeone once said, n the other side of fear, opportunity grows . This means that while we comfortably stay in our house and waste time, there are wonderful opportuni ties that we are giving up. Many times by taking positive risks, there are great, unfore seen opportunities. or e ample, you might need volunteer hours and decide to do it at an animal shelter. oon, you find that you actually enjoy this and even get offered a job. This is one of many e amples. Without changing the method of leaving and trying new things people cannot improve their

conditions. Apart from a whole world of opportunities, taking positive risks also have a great impact on your personality. ne of the most important is getting over the fear of failure. Many times, it’s this trait that holds us back. It is unreal to think that everything that we try, will like or be good at. But after trying again and again we develop the mind set of being open to failure sometimes be cause this is how we learn. By taking posi tive risks we become more open minded and are willing to try new things. This skill is important for many things because you learn and improve more and are more ac customed to changes. Taking positive risks also help with confidence because you no longer let fear guide your actions. Most of people avoid taking risks and they just try doing things which they already know how to do well. n the other hand, as far as I am concerned, the successful peo ple are uite different with ordinary people, they take risks and try new things in order to gain profit and achieve their goals. Although I really think that the only way that you will be fully convinced is when you e perience this yourself, as I have. I think the most ob

vious is the fact that the only reason I am in anada is because of a positive risk. If my parents hadn’t taken that chance, I would have never got to see and e perience so many things. I also discovered one of my passions because of trying something new. My teachers told me about a Drama lub when I went to a new school and this I show I discovered that I love public speaking and performing in front of an audience. Without taking that chance I would have never dis covered that. As a conclusion, trying new things give this opportunity to successful people to find out new horizons in their way to reach their goal and trying new ways are not safe all the time but without taking the risk of trying new things they cannot discover new ways. It is not something that is e tremely difficult or time consuming. It contributes to our learn ing and our personality. It helps us learn about ourselves. And most importantly its fun o go and try new things and discover more about yourself.


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


7 Parenting Behaviours That Stop Children From Being Successful

n the course of his research, leadership e pert and author of best selling psychology books Dr. Tim Elmore has discovered several major mistakes which parents often make when raising their children, which can reduce their self confi dence from an early age and limit their chances of becoming successful in their careers and personal lives. To help you avoid making the committing the same errors, we’ve reproduced them below. 1. Take a look. We don’t let our children e perience risk We live in a world that warns us of danger at every turn. The safety first preoccupa tion enforces our fear of losing our kids, so we do everything we can to protect them. It’s our job after all, but we have insulated them from healthy risk taking behavior and it’s had an adverse effect. Psychologists in Europe have discovered that if a child doesn’t play outside and is never allowed to e perience a skinned knee, they fre uently have phobias as adults. ids need to fall a few times to learn it’s normal teens likely need to break up with a boyfriend or girl friend to appreciate the emotional maturity that lasting relationships re uire. If parents remove risk from children’s lives, we will likely e perience high arrogance and low self esteem in our growing leaders. . We rescue too uickly Today’s generation of young people has not developed some of the life skills kids did 3 years ago because adults swoop in and take care of problems for them. When we rescue too uickly and over indulge our children with assistance, we remove the need for them to navigate hardships and solve prob lems on their own. It’s parenting for the short term and it sorely misses the point of leadership to e uip our young people to do it without help. ooner or later, kids get used to someone rescuing them If I fail or fall short, an adult will smooth things over and remove any conse uences for my mis conduct. When in reality, this isn’t even remotely close to how the world works, and therefore it disables our kids from becom ing competent adults. 3. We rave too easily The self esteem movement has been around since Baby Boomers were kids, but it took root in our school systems in the 1 s. Attend a little league baseball game and


you’ll see that everyone is a winner. This everyone gets a trophy mentality might make our kids feel special, but research is now indicating this method has unintended conse uences. ids eventually observe that Mom and Dad are the only ones who think they’re awesome when no one else is say ing it. They begin to doubt the objectivity of their parents it feels good in the moment, but it’s not connected to reality. When we rave too easily and disregard poor behavior, children eventually learn to cheat, e ag gerate and lie and to avoid difficult reality. They have not been conditioned to face it. . We let guilt get in the way of leading well our child does not have to love you every minute. our kids will get over the disap pointment, but they won’t get over the ef fects of being spoiled. o tell them no or not now, and let them fight for what they really value and need. As parents, we tend to give them what they want when reward ing our children, especially with multiple kids. When one does well in something, we feel it’s unfair to praise and reward that one and not the other. This is unrealistic and misses an opportunity to enforce the point to our kids that success is dependent upon our own actions and good deeds. Be careful not to teach them a good grade is rewarded by a trip to the mall. If your relationship is based on material rewards, kids will e peri ence neither intrinsic motivation nor uncon ditional love. . We don’t share our past mistakes ealthy teens are going to want to spread their wings and they’ll need to try things on their own. We as adults must let them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help them navigate these waters. hare with them the relevant mistakes you made when you were their age in a way that helps them learn to make good choices. Avoid negative les sons learned having to do with smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. Also, kids must prepare to encounter slip ups and face the conse uences of their decisions. hare how you felt when you faced a similar e peri

Life Transition & Acceptance

B y : S h a b na m K h a n - F a m il Couns el l or ometimes you’re an observer of oth er people’s lives and you may think you’ll never e perience what they’re living through, whether it is a positive or negative situation. ou may think, That will never happen to me. Part of real beauty of life is that it’s unpre dictable. othing is permanent, everything changes, and of course, a lot of things can happen that will transform who you are and have an impact on your life. We need to cul tivate the ability to truly accept whatever comes and embrace it. We need to develop the habit of looking at whatever happens through a positive mindset, instead of a neg ative and defeatist one. f course, life will bring many challenges and it’s not easy to embrace them when we’re suffering and wishing those things would have never happened. But if we start cultivating acceptance in our lives right now, we’ll likely to cope with future crisis in a different way and view them from a dif ferent perspective. We will accept instead or resisting. The reality is we might want things to be different in the future, but in the present mo ment we need to accept things as they are. That’s way you can make your life ow smoothly instead of roughly. As you go along, you will discover that you will be happier and more peaceful when you accept what had happened, instead of constantly fighting to change things. There are two ways out of a problem, ac cept what’s happening, see the positive, and choose a peaceful state of mind or fight against it. Be miserable and struggle against the universe. Learning to accept things as they present themselves is a helpful tool in different aspects of life. Whether it’s any loss, a missed opportunity, or a sudden change in your plans, being able to accept things as they come when they are out of our control will help you main tain inner peace and happiness.

Acceptance is the key to convert mo mentary happi ness to endur ing happiness. It helps you move from feeling happy to actually be ing happy. Practicing ac ceptance prepares you to live in this chang ing world, where you never know what’s going to happen ne t. Acceptance is like protecting yourself with your own shield. It’s helpful to learn how to identify when it’s time to persist and when it’s time to accept. ne thing that makes acceptance much eas ier is to list all the possible e planations for why you’re e periencing something. ind ing the purpose behind every challenge will help you embrace it, instead of fighting it. hoose not to judge what happens to you. Instead, believe that everything happens for a reason and that better things will always follow. That’s the beginning of true accept ance. The important thing is not to under stand why something happened. ur under standing can wait, but our obedience cannot. When something unpredictable happens, in stead of complaining and over thinking it, we need to choose to live with it. It’s hard to practice acceptance when you deeply wish things aren’t the way they are. But the truth is, sometimes we can’t change our reality, even though we try. Instead of staring at the closed door in front of us or getting tired and bruised while we try to break it down, let’s turn around and see how many other windows we could open. Acceptance is a choice a hard one most definitely but in the end, it’s a choice that only we can make at any given situation of our life. or More Info s h a b na m @ s k c ouns el l ing. c a

ence, what drove your actions, and the re sulting lessons learned. Because we’re not the only influence on our kids, we must be the best influence. . We mistake intelligence, giftedness and influence for maturity Intelligence is often used as a measurement of a child’s maturity, and as a result parents assume an intelligent child is ready for the world. That’s not the case. ome profes sional athletes and ollywood starlets, for e ample, possess unimaginable talent, but still get caught in a public scandal. ust be cause giftedness is present in one aspect of a child’s life, don’t assume it pervades all areas. There is no magic age of responsi bility or a proven guide as to when a child should be given specific freedoms, but a good rule of thumb is to observe other chil dren the same age as yours. If you notice that they are doing more themselves than

your child does, you may be delaying your child’s independence. . We don’t practice what we preach As parents, it is our responsibility to model the life we want our children to live. To help them lead a life of character and become dependable and accountable for their words and actions. As the leaders of our homes, we can start by only speaking honest words white lies will surface and slowly erode character. Watch yourself in the little ethi cal choices that others might notice, because your kids will notice too. If you don’t cut corners, for e ample, they will know it’s not acceptable for them to either. how your kids what it means to give selflessly and joy fully by volunteering for a service project or with a community group. Leave people and places better than you found them, and your kids will take note and do the same.




Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


History of Kashmir Day

B y :G O W H A R G E E L A N I ccording to rinagar based interna tional law e pert Dr heikh howkat ussain, ashmir Day has been observed historically right from 1 3 , af ter being first proposed by the then ash mir ommittee. In the 1 3 s, the day was observed to e press camaraderie with the ashmiris’ struggle against the autocratic Dogra ruler Maharaja ari ingh. In pre sent day conte t, ashmir Day is being cel ebrated to show solidarity with the struggle of ashmiris against India, heikh howkat says. Basically, it ashmir Day started from undivided Punjab and it has been cel ebrated ever since, with pauses in between. This day will continue to hold importance until the ashmiris achieve their objective of right to self determination, he says. The day was revived in the 1 s when in 1 ashmir’s then tallest political figure heikh Mohammad Abdullah agreed to be come hief Minister of ammu and ash mir after an accord was signed on behalf of heikh Abdullah by Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg and on behalf of the Indian government,


headed by Indira Gandhi, by G Parthasarathy in ew Delhi. ollowing the infamous heikh Indira accord of eb 1 , ashmiris had then observed a complete strike on the call of Pakistan’s then Prime Minister ulfikar Ali Bhutto to protest against the agreement. istorically, such has been Pakistan’s in u ence on ashmir’s political landscape. In 1 , Pakistan’s late amaat i Islami lead er azi ussain Ahmed had proposed that ebruary be observed as ashmir olidar ity Day in Pakistan.

Pak urges world to probe India’s gross HR violations in Occupied Kashmir

Pakistan has urged the international commu nity to take up with India its gross human rights violations perpetrated in ccupied ashmir at all levels to ensure the misery and suffering of the innocent people is al leviated. Additional ecretary for U of oreign f fice while briefing Ambassadors of foreign missions in Islamabad on Wednesday, called upon the international community to play its role in the resolution of the ammu and ashmir dispute in line with the U ecu rity ouncil resolutions. he briefed them on the continuous aggra vating human rights situation in Indian oc cupied ammu and ashmir in the backdrop of ashmir olidarity Day. The Additional ecretary highlighted that ashmir olidarity Day is observed every year on ebruary to e press Pakistan’s unwavering diplomatic, moral and political support to the oppressed people of Indian

occupied ashmir in their legitimate strug gle for right to self determination. he stressed the ashmir dispute is one of the oldest items on the agenda of the U ecurity ouncil. Indian brutalities in ccu pied ashmir had increased significantly af ter the e tra judicial killing of Burhan Wani. he said gross violation of human rights of the people of Io perpetrated by Indian oc cupation forces had resulted in 1 civilian deaths and injuries to more than , . he pointed out that the inhumane use of pellet guns has caused serious injuries to thousands of innocent people, including young girls and children, and blinded hun dreds completely or partially. he said India deprived more than 1. billion people of this region of peace and prosperity by refusing to resolve the ashmir dispute in accordance with the U ecurity ouncil esolutions and its own promises. ABA http

The ashmiri and Pakistani anadian com munity held a demonstration outside the a nadian Parliament to e press solidarity with the ashmiris and to condemn growing In dian atrocities against the innocent ashmiri people. The demonstrators, in chilling minus 3 de grees centigrade, held placards and banners highlighting sufferings of the ashmiris at the hands of Indian armed forces in held ashmir. They chanted slogans against hu man rights violations in the valley to draw the attention of the international community towards the gross human rights violations

and use of pallet guns against innocent ci vilians. They reminded the international community to fulfill the commitments made by the Unit ed ations ecurity ouncil for granting the right of self determination to ashmiris. The protestors urged the anadian Parlia mentarians, civil society and the govern ment to take up the issue of human rights violations with the Indian government and for immediate implementation of the United ation ecurity ouncil’s resolution for as certaining wishes of the ashmiri people to decide their own future.

The ashmir olidarity Day was observed in t tawa, anada, today, to e press solidarity with the people of ammu and ashmir. A large num ber of members of Pakistani anadian and ash miri anadian communities and their anadian friends participated in the event organized at the igh ommission premises. The special messages of the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, released on the oc casion, were read out. The speakers highlighted

various dimensions of the ammu and ashmir issue including the legitimate struggle of the oppressed people for their right to self determi nation and the gross human rights violations be ing committed by India in ccupied ammu and ashmir. In his comments igh ommissioner Tari Azim han dilated upon the genesis of the ashmir dispute and the recent spike of violence in the aftermath of martyrdom of social media activist

Canadians Express Solidarity With Kashmiris

Tariq Azim urges international community to probe human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir


U.N. Resolution August 13, 1948.

his is the most significant resolution passed by the U on the state of am mu ashmir. It clearly states that Pakistan was to vacate its troops from the whole of the state. It also mentions, albeit indirectly, that Pakistan had consistently lied on the uestion of whether or not its troops were involved in the fighting in ammu ashmir. nce the then Pakistani Prime Minister conceded that Pakistani troops were indeed involved, the U had no option but to ask for their withdrawal. That the withdraw al never took place, is another story. The United ations ommission for India and Pakistan. aving given careful consideration to the points of view e pressed by the representa tives of India and Pakistan regarding the situation in the tate of ammu and ash mir and Being of the opinion that the prompt cessa tion of hostilities and the correction of con ditions the continuance of which is likely to endanger international peace and security are essential to implementation of its en deavors to assist the Governments of India and Pakistan in effecting a final settlement of the situation esolves to submit simultaneously to the Governments of India and Pakistan the fol lowing proposal PA T I EA E I E DE A. The Governments of India and Pakistan agree that their respective igh ommands will issue separately and simultaneously a cease fire order to apply to all forces under their control and in the tate of ammu and ashmir as of the earliest practicable date or dates to be mutually agreed upon within four days after these proposals have been accepted by both Governments. B.The igh ommands of the Indian and Pakistani forces agree to refrain from tak ing any measures that might augment the military potential of the forces under their control in the tate of ammu and ashmir. or the purpose of these proposals forces under their control shall be considered to include all forces, organized and unorgan ized, fighting or participating in hostilities on their respective sides. .The ommanders in hief of the forces of India and Pakistan shall promptly con fer regarding any necessary local changes in present dispositions which may facilitate the cease fire. D. In its discretion and as the ommission may find practicable, the ommission will appoint military observers who, under the authority of the ommission and with the co operation of both ommands, will super vise the observance of the cease fire order. E. The Government of India and the Gov ernment of Pakistan agree to appeal to their respective peoples to assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere favourable to the promotion of further negotiations. PA T II T U E AG EEME T imultaneously with the acceptance of the proposal for the immediate cessation of hostilities as outlined in Part I, both the Governments accept the following prin

ciples as a basis for the formulation of a truce agreement, the details of which shall be worked out in discussion between their representatives and the ommission. A.1. As the presence of troops of Pakistan in the territory of the tate of ammu and ashmir constitutes a material change in the situation since it was represented by the Government of Pakistan before the ecurity ouncil, the Government of Pakistan agrees to withdraw its troops from that tate. . The Government of Pakistan will use its best endeavour to secure the withdrawal from the tate of ammu and ashmir of tribesmen and Pakistani nationals not nor mally resident therein who have entered the tate for the purpose of fighting. 3. Pending a final solution, the territory evacuated by the Pakistani troops will be administered by the local authorities under the surveillance of the commission. B.1.When the commission shall have no tified the Government of India that the tribesmen and Pakistani nationals referred to in Part II, A, , hereof have withdrawn, thereby terminating the situation which was represented by the Government of India to the ecurity ouncil as having occasioned the presence of Indian forces in the tate of ammu and ashmir, and further, that the Pakistani forces are being withdrawn from the tate of ammu and ashmir, the Gov ernment of India agrees to begin to with draw the bulk of its forces from that tate in stages to be agreed upon with the om mission. . Pending the acceptance of the conditions for a final settlement of the situation in the tate of ammu and ashmir, the Indian Government will maintain within the lines e isting at the moment of the cease fire the minimum strength of its forces which in agreement with the commission are con sidered necessary to assist local authorities in the observance of law and order. The ommission will have observers stationed where it deems necessary. 3. The Government of India will undertake to ensure that the Government of the tate of ammu and ashmir will take all meas ures within its powers to make it publicly known that peace, law and order will be safeguarded and that all human political rights will be granted. . Upon signature, the full te t of the truce agreement or a communi ue containing the principles thereof as agreed upon between the two Governments and the ommission, will be made public. PA T III The Government of India and the Govern ment of Pakistan reaffirm their wish that the future status of the tate of ammu and ashmir shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people and to that end, upon acceptance of the truce agreement, both Governments agree to enter into con sultations with the ommission to deter mine fair and e uitable conditions whereby such free e pression will be assured. Source: U nited N ations

Burhan uddin Wani in uly 1 . The igh om missioner paid tribute to the valiant ashmiris for their immense sacrifices. e stated that Pa kistan would never relent in rendering its moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of ashmir. The igh ommissioner called upon the international community to be cognizant of its responsibilities on ashmir dispute between Pakistan and India and urged it to demand an in dependent investigation into the ongoing gross

human rights violations in Indian ccupied ashmir and to fulfill its obligations under the relevant U ecurity ouncil U esolu tions on the ammu ashmir dispute. The igh ommissioner reiterated Pakistan’s commitment towards a peaceful settlement of the ashmir dispute with India in accordance with the relevant United ation ecurity ouncil esolutions and the aspirations of the people of ammu and ashmir.


Jamadi ul Awaal 20. 1438 February 17, 2017


Sethi uncertain about foreign players in PSL final after Lahore blast Congratulations! A bomb blast in Lahore has, according to the Pakistan uper League P L chairman a jam ethi, made it very difficult for foreign players to feature in the final of the second season which, until the bombing, was set to be played at Gaddafi tadium on March . peaking on his political talk show on Geo T ethi also said the uestion now of where the final should be played, was one that fans would have to decide. The e plo sion, which has so far claimed 13 lives, went off in Lahore’s busy Mall oad during a rally on Monday attended by hundreds of pharmacists protesting against changes to a drug sale law outside the provincial assem bly building. Ever since the P L announced that the final will be played in Lahore, the uestion of whether and which foreign players might attend has loomed. ethi briefed foreign players about the security situation in Lahore last week ahead of the start of the league in Dubai. e said on the show that though the players had a number of uestions and didn’t commit, they were mentally preparing to play in Lahore . By ebruary th or th, if the players had not decided or were not ready to travel, the league was going to hold another draft to see which foreign players from any of other franchises were willing to travel to Lahore play for the finalists. What can I tell you ethi said when asked what the reactions of foreign players were after news of the bomb ing. bviously people will be more wary and scared they were already and now will be more. o right now to say whether we can convince them easily is very difficult ow I will have to start all over again. I cannot say that we will be successful or not because they have families, they will have their associations which will guide them. Though ethi and the P B have insisted all along that the final will go ahead in Lahore, with or without foreign players, the increas ing probability that none may come now, would seem to have compelled a shift in that stance. n his show, ethi asked the public to decide whether they want to see a final in

Lahore most likely only with Pakistani play ers, or a final in Dubai with foreign players as well. ethi did e pand on his personal belief, that the final should go ahead and be played in Lahore. People were calling me up as well and saying that whatever the situation this is Pakistan’s resolve that the P L final has to happen in Lahore . That we have to show terrorists that we are not scared and we have to show we can do it because it is very important for us. I agree with this and this is my thought. I also think that these terrorists cannot think they can threaten us like this, that they can stop our businesses, stop our lives. o. We will stand firm, we will fight, we will do this. In that matter this is my resolve and I can see it is the resolve of every Pakistani, and their de sire of having the final in Lahore. This is our stance. I think the Punjab government will be the same. But the situation is this that the uestion Pakistanis have to answer is if the foreign players do not agree to come to Lahore, or a lot of them don’t, should we still have a final with just Pakistan players in Lahore, or should we have it with foreign players and do it in Dubai This is the ues tion the Pakistani public has to answer and whatever their wish we will see to it. My heart says we have to show the world. If for eign players come to Lahore then good and if they don’t, then with our Pakistani play ers we should have a P L final in Lahore. But I want public opinion on this, I want cricket lovers to tell me, cricket fans what do they want Whatever they want, we will do. Last month, the ederation of Inter national ricketers’ Associations I A issued a report warning that an acceptable level of participant security and safety can not be e pected or guaranteed in Pakistan. In response, the P B accused I A of do ing great disservice to the cause of Pakistan cricket in particular and called their ap proach careless and cavalier , which then prompted I A to issue a justification. Source: Cricinfo

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29 The Miracle’s Journey of Sixteen Years Memories ( F e b 2 0 0 1 - 2 0 1 7 )

July 18, 2013: Miracle Media was one of the team members who represented Pakistan in th usion estival at olland Park in urrey. March 2, 2013: n its 1 th Anniversary, Miracle Media launched its new edition of all colour pages. Awards were given to Miracle’s Writers. The awards were distributed by onsul General of Pakistan and Deputy onsul General Ms. Batool azim at Afghan hopan Ban uet all estaurant in urrey.

March 2, 2013: n its 1 th Anniversary, Miracle organized a Ghazal Eastern Music pro gram in which many young and senior singers participated. Miracle Media acknowledged their skills of singing and prizes were distributed by onsul General of Pakistan Mr. huja Alam.

March 26, 2013: Miracle Media participated in the Provincial Elections 13 by providing media coverage of each political party and interviewing many candidates for MLA. B Liberal party’s candidate hristy lark shared her views with Mr. Pirzada at Taj Ban uet hall in urrey.

April 24, 2013: A great debate between candidates of all Provincial political parties for May Elections was arranged by Miracle Media Group in collaboration with Pakistan anada Association in Pakistan ouse.

December 18, 2013: Managing editor of the Miracle Media met with Mr. ustin Trudeau, ederal Liberal party leader at that time, at the airmont Pacific im in ancouver and discussed many issues facing anada and Muslim communities. This interview was facilitated by Mr. Bilal heema.

July 18, 2014: Miracle Media was one of the team members who represented Pakistan in th usion estival at olland Park in urrey.

October 23, 2014: Miracle Media was one of the outh Asian Media who joined in Debate and A session of urrey mayoral candidates’ first candidate meeting at U urrey ampus Continued on pg 30

30 The Miracle’s Journey of Sixteen Years Memories ( F e b 2 0 0 1 - 2 0 1 7 ) March 2 4 , 2015: Miracle Media Founder and Editor in-chief appeared on a talk show on Joy Tv and discussed community issues.

August 16, 2015: Thousands came together to celebrate Pakistan’ s independence at British Columbia’ s Fourth Pakistan Festival in Holland Park Surrey. The event provided a window into Pakistan’ s arts and crafts, cuisine, fashion and music and was a joint effort led by the Pakistani onsulate in ancouver, Miracle Media was the major Print Media partner of this event. J uly 18 , 2 0 15 Jason Kenny, the Defence Minister at the time,with his staff and urrey ewton Conservative Candidate Mr. Harpreet Singh among them. Mr Naveed welcomed him and admired the Harper’ s Government policies. Maulana Naumani made Duaa for the prosperity of Canada. Mr. Naveed provided the opportunity to community members to ask any question from Hon. J. Kenny. Many topics were discussed in which Daesh, Al Qaidah, Immigration policy during 2 006-2 015 , Women’ s Veil, Education policy, Taxes and many other issues.

March 15 2015: Justin Trudeau Press Conference with South Asian Media The Leader of Federal Liberal Party of Canada Justin Trudeau had a press conference with South Asian Media From Muslim media, The Miracle, Al Ameen, Community Times Canada and Sohni Darthi of Pakistan were participants.. April 16, 2 0 15 : Miracle Media was one of the protesters against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, socalled rock-star politician and Prime Minister Stephen Harper at their visit of the Sikh temple on Ross Street in Vancouver. Protest was against his time as CM of Gujarat and his order of brutal killings of Gujarat Muslims in India.

J uly, 18 , 19 , 2 0 15 The 8th Fusion Festival took place at Holland Park. The new and interesting part of the parade was, that the Consul General of Pakistan Dr. Mohammad Tari raised the Pakistani ag throughout the parade along with Mr. M. Afzal Malik and M. aseer Pirzada of Miracle Media.

Septemb er 5 , 2 0 15 : Miracle Media Group announced the Grand Debate for Federal Election 2 015 as a joint venture with BC Muslim Print Media .

Octob er 3, 2015 BC Muslim Media held a Grand Debate of all parties Candidates in which Muslims participated in historical numbers. BC Muslim Media is a temporary group of three different and independent Muslim ewspapers, anada Times, Community Time Canada and The Miracle. D ecemb er 2 5 , 2 0 15 Alhamdulillah Miracle Media Group completed consecutive 4 00 Editions on December 2 5 ,

J uly, 2 3 , 2 0 16 The 9 th Fusion Festival took place at Holland Park. The new and interesting part of the parade was, that the Consul General of Pakistan Dr. Mohammad Tari raised the Pakistani ag throughout the parade along with Mr. ahad Amjad, Mr. M. Afzal Malik, Mr.Malik Irfan and M. . Pirzada of Miracle Media.

August 14 , 2 0 16, T he Miracle Media was the Media partner of F ifth P ak istan F estival 2016 at 70t h P ak istan’s independence D ay Continued on pg 35



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The Miracle’s Journey of


Sixteen Years Memories ( F e b 2 0 0 1 - 2 0 1 7 )




Miracle Media Celebrates 15th Anniversary




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