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everyone belongs.


We’re proud that generations of talented women have chosen to build their careers at Kenworth. In the nineties, women like Janis Bialko and Bridget Brewer led the way for women in trucking.


It’s no surprise that the industry also sees the best in Kenworth. Genevieve Bekkerus and Amanda Kremer have both been named a “Top Woman to Watch” in 2023 by Women in Trucking. Kenworth’s focus on developing female talent and promoting women into key leadership roles is foundational to achieve our mission of driving the next 100 years.

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Climb Your Own Ladder: The Many Career Paths in Trucking and the 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation MESSAGES 4 “Parting Thoughts” from WIT’s Founder FEATURE STORIES 10 What Makes a Leader Influential? 30 Diversity Matters: Building a Case Study 32 Women Mentoring Women: Strategies to Lift Us as We Rise 35 Shedding Light on the Power of Employee Resource Groups 37 Roll the Process Forward to Optimize Driver Recruiting Results 40 Stories of Women Road Warriors 42 Understanding Unconscious Bias and What to Do About It WIT NEWS 6 Who Leads Next? Frank Conversations with WIT’s New and Former President & CEO 45 WIT Announces 2023 Content Advisory Council 47 12th Salute to Women Behind the Wheel 48 WIT Technology Innovation Award Recognizes Achievements at Walmart 50 Snapshot: 2022 Accelerate! Conference and Expo 52 WIT Partners 52 WIT Calendar of Events 52 Buyer’s Guide 40 PAGE

“Parting Thoughts” from WIT’s Founder

Four years ago, I told my board of directors that my plan was to retire in July of 2023. It seemed that it would be a long time, but now I’m counting days, not months or years. Since 2007, I have been so blessed to meet such wonderful people who believe in our mission. We’ve grown from a concept to an amazing group of nearly 8,000 women and men around the world who share our passion to create a more gender diverse trucking industry.

I wish I could personally thank every one of you personally, but this column allows me to reach a greater audience to offer my sincere appreciation for your support. Thank you for being a member, a sponsor, a partner and a friend. I will truly miss the camaraderie and more importantly, the hugs!

Jennifer Hedrick will be taking over as President and CEO, so I ask that you welcome her with open arms as you have embraced me these past 16 years. Right now Jennifer is in a learning mode to better understand your challenges, your goals and your needs as a member of Women In Trucking.

As founder, I won’t be going too far, as I plan to continue my Sirius/XM radio show every Saturday on Road Dog 146 for the coming years. Be sure to call in and say hello. I also hope to serve on some of your boards and bring my 44 years of industry knowledge to your organization. My email remains the same (

Personally, I will be spending more time with my granddaughters (ages six, two and one on the way.) I also plan on spending more time in the air flying my Cessna Skyhawk. Reading and relaxing are also high on my list of things to do.

Please stay in touch with me and please continue to bring your enthusiasm and your support to our events. My plan is to wish you all farewell at this year’s Accelerate! Conference and Expo in November so I can thank everyone and give and get lots of hugs.

Ellen Voie, CAE, President & CEO Women In Trucking Association, Inc. WIT Founder Ellen Voie addresses more than 1,500 attendees at the 2022 Accelerate! Conference in Dallas.
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Who Leads Next?


In 2007, Ellen Voie sparked an idea to create an association that would bring gender diversity to the forefront of a malepopulated industry. Today, the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is 8,000 members strong and known by many as “the go-to source” for gender diversity in transportation.

In the past many months, Voie and the WIT Board of Directors have been working diligently on a succession plan to bring on board a new leader of the association as she officially transitions her responsibilities in March and ultimately retires June 30. Redefining the Road magazine recently sat down with Voie and incoming President and CEO Jennifer Hedrick to discuss the transition and what’s on their minds.

6 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE: WIT Leadership Transition

Hello Jennifer Hedrick, CAE

New Role at WIT: President & CEO

Philosophy: Members’ needs are my highest priority. “If something is important to them, it is to me as well.”

Past Experience: Over 15 years experience in association leadership

Industry Expertise: 5 years as Executive Director with the National Industrial Transportation League (NIT League). Eight years in leadership with the Pellet Fuels Institute, including nearly four years as PFI’s Executive Director. Received the PFI Industry Pillar Award for exemplary service to the pellet industry. Created and executed professional development programs for association executives across several industries.

Critical Strengths: Collaborative leader, team player, and empathic listener, with a keen understanding of the uniqueness of associations and their role in supporting an industry and its members.

Education and Training: Certified by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Master of Arts degree from Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Science degree from Bridgewater College

What professional industry experience has led you to be qualified as the leader of WIT?

Hedrick: I have more than 15 years association leadership experience, with focus on trade association management. From 2016 to 2021 I led the National Industrial Transportation League (NIT League), where we focused on issues across highway, rail and ocean transportation. While there I advocated on behalf of NITL before Members of Congress and federal regulatory agencies. On highway transportation specifically we led efforts to ensure that drivers and carriers had polices, tools and resources in place to succeed. In addition, I served as spokesperson before trade and national media and at international events and conferences.

What other strengths do you bring to the table as the new leader of WIT?

Hedrick: I enjoy building relationships and have had success with forming collaborative partnerships with corporate partners and sponsors that have created ROI for the associations I’ve worked with over the years. I’m also experienced at building and growing programs such as annual conferences, education and professional development initiatives and creating coalitions of likeminded organizations. I’m excited to bring these strengths to WIT and our members.

What are you most passionate about in your career roles?

Hedrick : I am energized by working with volunteer leaders and members, and building programs and opportunities to advance an association’s mission. I truly enjoy working with and mentoring on career goals and growth opportunities. And I’m always excited to speak about an organization with a strong vision and values, such as WIT, and encourage people to join our efforts.

What are your priorities in your new role as President & CEO?

Hedrick: I’ve already had the opportunity to meet with the WIT Board of Directors and Partners to collaborate on WIT’s three-year strategic plan and 10-year vision, and a key priority will be finalizing that and sharing this vision with members in the coming weeks. I’m getting up-to-speed on current industry issues, benefitting significantly from the mentorship of Ellen Voie as she prepares for retirement, and planning a ride-along and visits to member operations. I’ve been regularly meeting one-on-one with the leadership team, staff, members and key stakeholders. Meeting members, partners and collaborators is a key priority and I look forward to those opportunities at upcoming events including the Truckload Carriers Association, the Transportation Intermediaries Association, and Mid-America Trucking Show.

continued on page 8 7 FEATURE: WIT Leadership Transition
“I am energized by working with volunteer leaders and members, and building programs and opportunities to advance an association’s mission.”
- Jennifer Hedrick

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Farewell Ellen Voie, CAE

Role at WIT: Served as President & CEO since founding the association in 2007

Philosophy: Heavily focused on building relationships with WIT members and growth opportunities for the association

Industry Expertise: Internationally recognized speaker and authority on gender diversity in a male-populated industry. She has been invited to speak to audiences worldwide and has been interviewed by major networks including Fox News, Bloomberg News, and Voice of America.

Recent Recognition in 2022: 10 Most Visionary Business Leaders by Fortunes Crown; 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders to Follow by Insights Success magazine; Extremely Impressive Personalities to Watch by The CIO Today; and 10 Most Influential CEOs Reforming Business by Insights Success magazine.

Education and Training: Certified by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Master of Arts degree in Communications from University of Wisconsin-Stevens, CDL from Cuyahoga Community College.

WIT has come a long way since you founded it. What achievements are you most proud of?

Voie: When I started WIT in 2007, gender diversity wasn’t perceived to be an issue. Carriers repeatedly said they “just hire the best person,” regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity. It was rare to find a company that tracked data on female drivers, leaders or directors. But I began pointing out that trucks were designed for men, rest rooms and showers weren’t always accessible for women, and uniforms were all men’s sizes. We’ve made a tremendous difference in the industry. Today, companies are tracking their diversity and inclusion information, creating employee resource groups to support diverse and underserved communities, and they are celebrating and featuring women in all areas. There has been a huge shift from treating everyone the same to better understanding what women bring to the industry.

What are your most memorable moments during your tenure as WIT President & CEO?

Voie: When I was recognized by the White House as a “Transportation Innovator Champion of Change,” I was able to bring my Board of Directors to the White House for the event and we were the only group recognized from the trucking industry. I’m also extremely proud of the fact that we attracted 1,750 registrants to the 2022

Accelerate! Conference and Expo in Dallas –doubling it from the prior year.

What are the most impactful initiatives you worked on that will make a difference for women in the industry?

Voie: Our mission to encourage the employment of women in the industry, address obstacles, and celebrate success guides all of our initiatives. In each of these areas we have accomplished a great deal, from whitepapers, growing our communication and social media channels, creating dynamic recognition programs and annual events. All of these have impacted the industry in a positive way. I’m also proud of the work we’ve done with truck manufacturers to make the cabs more adaptable for smaller statured people and the partnerships we have with the truck stops to create a safer environment.

What are your plans as you retire from WIT?

Voie: My goal is to stay connected to WIT as its founder and plan to continue the weekly show on SiriusXM’s Road Dog channel 146. Also I would like to serve on a few boards and add my expertise of 44 years in the industry, both from the regulatory aspect and the gender diversity area. On a personal note, I’m looking forward to welcoming my third granddaughter in July and plan to spend more time with my family. n

8 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
FEATURE: WIT Leadership Transition
“Today, companies are tracking their diversity and inclusion information, creating employee resource groups to support diverse and underserved communities, and they are celebrating and featuring women in all areas.”
- Ellen Voie


Erin on being named a 2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation

Erin Van Zeeland is the Chief Commercial Officer, Group Senior Vice President and General Manager of Logistics at Schneider. Throughout her career, Erin has been a driving force in positioning Schneider as a transportation leader.

Alongside her day-to-day responsibilities, Erin helps lead the Schneider Women’s Network, which is focused on developing and retaining the best talent and providing mentorship and support to women across the company.

Erin’s leadership has a far-reaching impact outside of Schneider and is a distinguished example of how women can stand out the transportation industry.

Influential? What Makes a Leader

Being an “influential leader” undoubtedly is something of a buzzword these days with countless books, magazine articles, and courses on the subject – and with good reason, too. An influential leader is someone people look up to, respect and trust to guide them toward their desired results. Instead of coercing or forcing their team, the influential leader empowers their people and leads by example.

Four women in trucking embody these characteristics and were named last fall as finalists of the 2022 WIT Influential Woman in Trucking. Meet these incredible leadership powerhouses.

Trina Norman

Transportation Operations Manager, UPS

Norman oversees the Southern California and Vegas CDL Feeder Drivers Transportation Network at UPS. Because she manages four division managers, 463 managers and supervisors, and more than 3,100 CDL drivers, she takes her role of influential leadership seriously. This involves daily professional training, leadership and coaching.

“She is authentic, inspiring and optimistic about attracting women to the trucking industry,” according to Art Martinez, North Division Manager who nominated Norman for the award.

In 2016, she attended UPS DTS-Driver Training School in South Holland, Ill., where she became a Certified Feeder Driver Trainer. Three years later, she was appointed to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at UPS. In 2019, she helped charter the first Women in Operations Business Resource Group at UPS which helps women achieve their personal and business aspirations.

10 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE: Influential Women
Trina Norman is the 2022 WIT Influential Woman in Trucking.

In 2021, Norman and her team were recognized as the top UPS Feeder Transportation team in the country. Last year, she also received these awards: the Game Changer award for her leadership and game-changing methodology; the Corporate Trailblazer award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Women in the workplace; and the Visionary Leadership Award for excellence in undertaking extraordinary efforts to enhance the operational experience.

Norman believes women should take risks and pursue the unlimited possibilities available for them in the industry: “It’s our time to shine and we are called to bring about change and impact in the industry.”

Lindsey Trent President, Next Generation in Trucking Association

Trent is the cofounder of the Next Generation in Trucking Association, a non-profit trade organization with the mission to promote trucking as a positive career field and create trucking programs while encouraging training and employment of young people in the trucking industry; and connecting them to training and employment opportunities.

Trent fell in love with the trucking industry while learning about its vast employment opportunities when she started a job in truck driver staffing. She went on to work in business and customer development for Ryder. From professional drivers to technicians, equipment maintenance to warehousing, entry-level staff to leadership, Trent is passionate about introducing young people to the opportunities in trucking. Trent serves on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Trucking Association and the Advisory Board of Fairdale High School where she helped start their Diesel Technician program.

Mari Roberts CTP, Vice President of Transportation, Frito-Lay

Roberts leads a team of 3,000 employees in both the field and headquarters organization and is responsible for the safety, cost, and service performance of the 28 Traffic Centers and Third-Party Carrier Operations in the United States. She has held numerous field operations and corporate positions in transportation and logistics in her 22-year career with Frito-Lay. She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Supply Chain Management.

Mari received her Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) certification in 2009 and served as Chairman of the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Institute Board of Governors from 2014 -2022 and is currently the Secretary of the NPTC Board of Directors. She has been involved in and has held leadership positions with multiple Employee Resource Groups at Frito-Lay including the Women’s Inclusion Network, PepsiCo Asian Network and served as the Executive Sponsor for the EQUAL ERG.

Jill Quinn President, Centerline Drivers

Quinn also is the executive leader


Skilled Trades, and she drives business growth and performance excellence while cultivating customer partnerships for these two TrueBlue companies. With 25 years of leadership experience, Quinn leverages her knowledge and expertise to ensure that customers receive the skilled tradespeople or qualified drivers they need to keep their businesses moving forward. Her passion for making a difference in people’s lives by connecting them with work has led to many successful partnerships between customers looking to grow and members of a skilled workforce who deserve great opportunities.

Known for her collaborative leadership, she has received several honors and accolades, including Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Global Power 150 and WIT’s Top Women to Watch. Quinn sits on the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Board of Governors. n 11 FEATURE: Influential Women
Left to right: Receiving the 2022 WIT Influential Woman in Trucking award at the 2022 Accelerate! Conference in November from Kelly Martin of Daimler Truck North America (sponsor) is Trina Norman of UPS. Finalists also received their awards: Lindsey Trent of Next Generation in Trucking Association; Mari Roberts of Frito-Lay; Jill Quinn, President of Centerline Drivers. Ellen Voie, founder of WIT, also was present to honor the finalists.

Climb Your Own Ladder

The Many Career Paths in Trucking

As the transportation industry expands in importance to supply chains worldwide, career paths in trucking have exponentially expanded like never before. And talented women are making things happen. Today, approximately 34% of C-suite executives are women, and another 40% are company leaders with supervisory responsibilities, according to the 2022 WIT Index. Nearly 41% of safety roles are filled by women, while 75% of HR/talent management responsibilities are held by females. There’s a wide range of career opportunities for women in operations as well. For example, 45% of dispatcher roles are filled by women.

The bottom line: There are several career paths a woman can choose in the trucking industry, ranging from management and operations to sales, marketing, HR/talent management, and more. Take a look at the variety of roles and accomplishments made by those who have been named 2023 Top Women to Watch by Redefining the Road magazine. Read their stories to realize the many career opportunities that exist for females in this industry.

continued on page 14 13 COVER: Trucking Career Paths
“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.”
—Katharine Whitehorn, British Columnist

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Joanna Hutton Director of Sales, Ryder

Beginning her career with Ryder in 2014 as Manager of Sales, Hutton has excelled at her roles with Ryder and continues to be a major asset for the company as a mentor to female leadership. She finished in the Top Sales and Marketing Scorecard rankings in 2022, which marks her eighth consecutive year of Top 10 rankings performance. She is focused on recruiting more female talent to Ryder, and has directly mentored three sales leaders in the North Region. She is seen as an astute advisor and thought leader by her peers.

“Joanna is a valued and respected leader who is always willing to give of herself in order to help others grow and develop within their roles,” says Marc Thibeau, Vice President of Sales at Ryder.

Michele Rodgers Resident Engineering Manager, Peterbilt Motor Co.

She began her life-long career with the company, starting in 1995 as a Director for Peterbilt Motors after earning her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – not a career path traditionally considered for women. She then earned her MBA in Finance and worked her way through several project engineering and engineering supervisory roles at Peterbilt. “Michele understands the importance of increasing women in STEM roles and serves as a role model, mentor, and champion to increase female participation in these critical areas, in support of the industry’s need for top talent,” says Genevieve Bekkerus, Director of Marketing at Kenworth Truck Co. “Michele has broken ceilings at PACCAR too, serving as the first female Engineering Manager and Director of PMO

(Project Management Organization).” In addition to a thriving engineering career, she has completed multiple continuous improvement projects to improve efficiency and quality within her department, says Bekkerus. She notes that Rodgers also dedicates her time serving in the following organizations to advance women in the industry: PACCAR Women’s Association’s Outreach committee; University of North Texas SWE organization as a counselor; Women in Trucking as a Board Member; and the Peterbilt’s Protégé program as a mentor.

Sara Shah Director of Human Resources, Tri-National Inc.

She joined the TriNational (TNi) team 10 years ago to construct a Human Resources department from the ground up, ensuring all aspects of the company met federal and state labor laws for office employees, maintenance staff, and drivers.

As Senior Director of Sales and Agent Relations with The Evans Network, Jen enjoys achieving positive results for the company, agents and for her customers. We are proud to work with Jen and are excited to help her continue to grow and develop as a Top Woman to Watch in Transportation!

We have a proven track record, spanning decades, for providing best-in-class service to shippers, agents & independent contractors.

14 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
COVER: Trucking Career Paths
VISIT US ONLINE: The Evans Network provides asset-based, multi-modal solutions for: Intermodal Dray (Largest provider in the U.S.) Truckload Flatbed LTL / Final Mile Logistics & Transportation Solutions u u u u u
Congratulations Nina Eiland! AMX Trucking congratulates Nina Eiland, Vice President of People, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

Fast forward several years into her career: Shah has led her team to increase TNi’s driver count by 19%, which also allowed TNi to increase its fleet count by 11%. She has recruited five women into leadership positions with the company with no turnover. She also encourages continued professional development for female team members.

“Sara led the way early on as one of the first female executives at the company,” says Taylor Reinhart, TNi Marketing Coordinator. “Over the years Sara has mentored and trained several women who are new to the industry, showing them the ropes of recruiting and human resources.”

Brooke Weeks Senior Manager II, Fleet Sustainability Engineering, Walmart

She joined the major retailer in 2018 as an E-commerce Field Engineer. Over the years, she expanded her role to lead a team responsible for the strategy, testing, and deployment of zero-emissions vehicles. Today, Weeks is a major force behind Walmart’s efforts to de-carbonize its fleet, with a goal to eliminate all emissions by 2040. To reach this goal, Weeks is heading the initiative to replace more than 10,000 Class 8 tractors, 11,000 refrigerated trailers, hundreds of diesel yard trucks, and 2,000 small passenger fleet vehicles. She recently received the Walmart Internal Women in Technology Award in recognition of her fleet decarbonization efforts.

“Brooke is a model of what it means to be an advocate for promoting and empowering women in the Transportation industry,” says Erin Bergman, Senior Manager II for Supply Chain Talent Acquisition at Walmart. “Over the years, Brooke’s efforts have brought increased visibility to the opportunities available to women within the transportation industry, helping to increase the representation of women within these types of roles.”

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5.indd 1 1/23/23 1:20 PM
2023-0123 WIT RTR-Women Owned Business Ad-VER
Save the Date — Nov. 5–8, 2023

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Pam WillsWard Chief People & Strategy Officer, MW Logistics

This top-ranking executive is a newer addition to MW Logistics who has demonstrated success in building programs to enhance growth, development, and maximize profitability for the company. She has helped to redefine MWL’s culture and established a blueprint for organizational strategic growth. Thanks to Wills-Ward, MWL recently made a calculated decision to

“Joining MW Logistics full-time almost two years ago, Pam entrenched herself in learning about the robust talent required to ensure items reach their destination,” says Suzanne Dangelmaier, Director of Program Management at MWL. “Pam also determined that educating individuals both outside and inside of the supply chain and logistics industry was critical to increasing the female presence.”

Erin Van Zeeland Chief Commercial Officer, Schneider

Van Zeeland’s vision and leadership have been a catalyst for growth. Since Schneider’s IPO five years ago, the company’s operating revenue has grown from surpassing $1 billion to more than $5.6 billion. Her willingness to take on challenging multi-year programs focused on business transformation and change management is inspiring to not

only those at Schneider, but for the entire industry.

Van Zeeland started her career at Schneider in 1993 as a Service Team Leader and has held several roles across the company in areas of logistics, asset-based divisions and leadership focused on customers growth and business transformation. She has served as Group Senior Vice President and General Manager of Logistics since 2016 and more recently also assumed the role of Chief Commercial Officer in 2022. As CCO, she leads the company’s sales and marketing strategy and capability enablement to continue to take the enterprise to the next level. And as Group SVP and General Manager of Logistics, she is responsible for all aspects of Schneider’s Logistics service offering, ensuring that 64,000 third-party carriers and service providers are effectively utilized to meet the transportation needs of its customers.

“With over 29 years of operations and logistics experience, Erin is the definition of how to create and build a successful

16 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
COVER: Trucking Career Paths
by WIT’s Rede ning
Road Congratulations DONNA DEYO Vice President Operations Congratulations Azra Walter! Artur Express congratulates Azra Walter, Director of Safety, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

career in the transportation industry,” says Kara Leiterman, Media Relations Manager at Schneider. “She is a passionate, creative and intelligent leader at Schneider and proves every day that women can succeed in a male-dominated industry. She supports Schneider associates and helps them thrive, participating in mentor and leadership programs.” In fact, she assists in leading the Schneider Women’s Network, an organization developed with the intent to attract, develop and retain the best talent, and ensure that no artificial barriers stand in the way of women achieving this objective. Mothers, wives, daughters, friends, sisters across the entire company come together on a regular basis to discuss their real-world experiences working in the industry.

The 2023 Top

Congratulations to each of these outstanding women!


Thanks to Acosta’s efforts, GLT Logistics was named one of the 2022 Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation. She also was a speaker at the 2022 Accelerate! Conference & Expo.

Marcela Barreiro

President and CEO, Daimler Truck Mexico

Barreiro is the first woman president & CEO for Daimler Truck Mexico, and was recognized in 2021 and 2020 by Expansion as one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in the Industry.”

Candy Bass

Professional Driver, Transport Designs

A lifetime WIT member, Bass has been a long-distance truck driver for 50 years and has logged 5 million accident-free miles (and still counting!) at 78 years old.


Bates built the Advanced Analytics and Revenue Management team from scratch, and launched the Cowen/AFS Freight index, which provides pricing trends for parcel, LTL and truckload.

Bekkerus joined the PACCAR Women’s Association in 2019, co-founded the PWA’s Puget Sound chapter, and serves on Kenworth’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

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Women drivers who choose Schneider gain:

› Access to a nationwide facility network with secure parking lots and free amenities: showers, laundry, cafeterias, exercise equipment and more.

› Flexible scheduling with choices that get you home daily, weekly or other options.

› Industr y-leading solutions that improve driver safety and comfor t on the road.

› Great benefit options that include: health care, a leading 401(k) plan, paid time of f and more. 17 COVER: Trucking Career Paths
Women to Watch list includes many other note-worthy individuals. Highlights of their achievements are included here.
Flexibility and resources you need with advantages that follow you on and off the road
Fuel your ambition with Schneider today. 800-44-PRIDE
Perks that empower

COVER: Trucking Career Paths

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Soona Bernstein

Partner Program Lead, Kodiak Robotics

Bernstein plays a key role in the Kodiak Women group, led Kodiak’s effort to gain Truckers Against Trafficking certification, and represents Kodiak in the American Trucking Association’s DEI working group.

Gina Billings

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Averitt Billings helped to establish Averitt’s centralized customer service team and in 1993 was promoted to Director of Marketing & Communications until her most recent promotion as Vice President.

Monique de Boer

Reliability Manager, Peterbilt Motors Co.

As Reliability Manager she created an all-female reliability engineering group/team and is one of the original members of Peterbilt’s Diversity Council.

Christine Brown

Associate Vice President, Technology Delivery, Day & Ross Brown’s leadership, drive, and commitment has delivered

11 of 14 significant milestones in support of the Business Agility program’s objectives to enable growth and meet rapidly changing customer expectations.

Joanna Buttler

Head of Global Autonomous Technology, Daimler Truck AG Buttler was recently appointed head of Global Autonomous Technology Group for Daimler Truck AG. She leads the company’s global autonomous technology strategy, including vehicle programs, global rollout, and partnerships.

Endrea Davisson

Professional Driver, CFI Davisson is a military veteran, driver finishing instructor, mom and professional driver. While she has been with the company for less than two years, but already her impact has been incredible.

Desiree Caldwell

Director of Operations, People & Culture, Elite HR Logistics

Caldwell currently hires out of 30 states and has increased sales by 21%. She helps change people’s lives through their employment, lifestyle, and organizations, and by getting America back to work.

Mary Clarke

Enterprise Digital Media Manager, CDLLife

Clarke was recently promoted to Enterprise Digital Media Manager, managing a team of three and 40% of the CDLLife lead generation revenue. She also was a speaker at the CDLLife Turning Point Summit in 2022.

Jamie Creekmore

VP of Midwest Region for CHESI, Clean Harbors

Creekmore is an accomplished executive with more than 36 years of experience in quality control, material arrangement and export-import documentation of commercial goods and solvent waste.

Xcelente Trucking & Logistics congratulates Vontyna Durham, President, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

Team TNi congratulates Sara Shah, Director of Recruiting & HR, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s RedefiningtheRoad.

Your leadership has been instrumental in our company’s success. Thank

18 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
You for all that you do! 020822 WIT Top Women to Watch Shah Ad.indd 1 2/8/2023 3:21:46 PM
Congratulations Vontyna Durham!

Nina Eiland, PHR, SHRM-CP, CPLC, CPHRC Vice President of People, Alabama Motor Express

Eiland is the Head of people for Alabama Motor Express, specializing in diversity and inclusion, talent pool strategy and management, talent development, human capital alignment, people strategy, and compliance specialist.

Sara Ellis Operations Team Leader, Fraley & Schilling

Hired in an entry-level position just a few years ago, Ellis has worked diligently to earn her role as a leader of people. Today, she leads a team of six managers, as well as nearly 170 professional drivers.

Lisa Gonnerman President of Trucking, Bay & Bay Transportation Gonnerman was recently named President of Trucking for Bay & Bay Transportation, making her the first woman to hold that position in the 82-year history of the company.

Leanne Drummond Business Development Manager, CPC Logistics

Drummond is a member of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) and currently serves as 2nd Vice Chair of its Board of Directors. She is also the chairperson of the PMTC’s Young Leaders Group.

Vontyna Durham President, Xcelente Trucking & Logistics

In 2022, Durham was awarded the Leaders and Legends Award by the City of Memphis for the work she is doing to train young women and men to become professional truck drivers.

Angela Eliacostas

President and Founder, AGT Global Logistics Eliacostas shows that a woman owner of a male-dominated industry business can be both strong and compassionate. She is the person who can do it all at work and in life.

Janice Delvecchio

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, PLM Fleet

An accomplished Human Resource Executive with experience leading global HR teams, Delvecchio is driving organizational initiatives and change. She is on the Senior Leadership team, which is comprised of only 6 members.

Donna Deyo

Vice President Operations, PACCAR Winch

Deyo leads the PACCAR Winch Diversity Council, and is a member of the Winch Women’s Organization (and was instrumental in leading the organization in the first annual Winch Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion Summit).

Jennifer Edwards

Senior Director of Sales, The Evans Network of Companies

Edwards was promoted from Regional Director of Sales and Agent Relations to Senior Director leading a team that covers the Southeast and Southwest.

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COVER: Trucking Career Paths
Congratulations to Elizabeth Gomez Marketing Fleet Advantage Recently
named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the

Celebrating The Women Who Deliver Excellence

We’re proud to share in the mission of Women In Trucking, offering career opportunities for women in transportation. We’re thankful for the efforts of the many women on our team who help us deliver excellence each day. Congratulations to all of this year’s “Top Women To Watch In Transportation” nominees, and we look forward to continuing to be a place where women can make their career home.

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Madison Eschle

Chief People Officer, Andrews Logistics

Eschle has played an essential role in paving the way for growth, not only relative to female employment both on and off the road, but also on the education and empowerment of equality on all fronts.

Elizabeth Gomez

Marketing, Fleet Advantage Gomez helps to educate and promote programs and causes that are influential to the success of transportation, as well as her involvement of promoting community programs from Fleet Advantage’s foundation, Kids Around The Corner.

Amy Graves

Senior Driver Manager, May Trucking Co.

Graves has 30% of the same drivers in her fleet as she did day-one – an accomplishment that speaks volumes. She has discovered that the best way to connect with her drivers is sometimes done in the smallest of ways.

Vicki Green

Marketing and Sales Director - Global Connected Services, PACCAR

Green mentored others so they would be successful in creating other ERG teams, new diversity councils, and lead the annual Peterbilt Leadership Summit. She is known for her passion and willingness to support others.

Teri Greenwood

Chief Underwriting Officer, Northland Insurance Greenwood is the most senior female leader of the largest wholesale truck insurance company in the U.S., where she developed new telematic solution offerings to provide premium discounts or device subsidies to qualified policy holders.

Karen Hines

Senior National Sales Director, Conversion Interactive Agency

In December 2021, Hines was named Co-Employee of the Year – the first award of its kind in Conversion’s history.

Katie Griffin

Director of Fleet Safety, Leonard’s Express Griffin is a founding member of the Leonard’s Express Women in Trucking Committee. One of the committee’s first initiatives was to establish the annual Patricia Johnson Award, which honors the co-founder and pioneer in the industry.

Carrie Hall

Director of Client Services, Inflection Poynt

Hall has led an effort to create a job opportunity marketing engine that does not discriminate and works to help women find careers in trucking.

Jessica Hart

Vice President of Government Services, Traffix

As the company’s first and only female Branch Director, Hart launched its Oakville, Ontario location, and grew it to the #2 branch in the company and maintained that ranking over the next 3.5 years.

Leslie Karr

Group Director, Customer Success, Ryder System

Karr coaches her team individually and ensures they feel comfortable and confident with the customer. When Karr collaborates with internal teams and customers, she shows the same patience and understanding.

Jill Hostetter

Vice President of Product Management, Zonar

As a passionate advocate for creating career advancement pathways for women in technology, Hostetter is one of the founders of the company’s women’s affinity group, ASPIRE, which provides mentoring to women.

Stormie Janzen

Vice President of Safety and Recruiting, Total Transportation of Mississippi

Total Transportation believes that female role models are uniquely important in the workplace and in the industry. Janzen is at the forefront of the company’s efforts to attract, recruit, guide, and retain women.

Jessica Jasso

Director of Customer Experience, U.S. Xpress

Jasso is an active leader in the Women in the Workplace Employee Resource Group, which engages volunteers in internal mentoring, career development, and support for girls seeking professional guidance in local schools.

Mary Kearney

Director of Business Dev., Tucker Freight Lines

Kearney sits on the Board as the Motor Carrier Advisor for Food Shippers of America (FSA) and has been instrumental in getting Tucker Freight Lines certified as a Women-Owned Company.

Margaret Kennie Lead Driver, Bob’s Discount Furniture Kennie joined the company 2017 and quickly solidified herself as a dependable and hard-working driver. She was tapped as the new hire trainer and has served as Lead Driver for the past 3.5 years.

Samka Keranovic

Vice President & COO, U.S. Truck Driver Training School Keranovic is part of the leadership team and works in conjunction with the institutions board of directors and the president to execute the institutions 3 to 5-year strategic plan.

Jessica Kim

Head of Marketing, Pitstop Kim has spearheaded efforts to make the company’s brand appreciated for its innovation and continuing effort to evolve with paradigm shifts, improved efficiencies, and minimized costs - all while improving driver safety.

Samantha (Sam) McCracken

Executive Director Commercial Supply Chain, Bridgestone McCracken has worked relentlessly with her team to set up a new process with the field sales teams and customers to ensure products were supplied equitably to avoid customer shortages and fleet downtime.

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Trucking Career Paths

COVER: Trucking Career Paths

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Ashley Kordish CEO, Ralph Moyle

Kordish was promoted from Vice President of Operations to CEO in 2022, went through the company’s formal apprenticeship program, and received her CDL-A.

Amanda Kremer Senior Program Manager, Kenworth Truck Co.

In addition to managing PACCAR’s Level 4 autonomy project, Kremer leads other program managers in complex programs such as heavy-duty battery electric vehicles and hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV).

Lauren Kwan VP of Marketing, Plus

Kwan founded the Ladies In Tech (LIT) women’s resource group at Plus as a way to ensure that women receive the necessary resources and support to advance their careers in transportation and within the company.

Candace Latnie

Technical Project Manager, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Navistar

In 2022, she was identified as a “Woman to Watch” at Navistar - winning an internal award organized by their Women in Navistar (WIN) employee resource group.

Lori Lederman

Director of Warranty, Peterbilt Motors Co.

Lederman has proven to be ambitious, dedicated and passionate during her 23 years at PACCAR. During her career, she has held multiple roles of increasing responsibility and also earned her graduate degree (MBA).

Annie Lowery

Director of Financial Planning & Analytics, Saia LTL Freight

Over the years, Lowery has built out the Financial Planning and Analysis team to further drive success in the Finance organization and Saiaall while staying true to her core values.

Angela Lentz

Chief People Officer, Daimler Truck North America

Recently, Lentz took on a greater leadership role within Daimler’s Executive Women’s Roundtable affinity group, where she was instrumental in redefining the group’s mission and vision and establishing new work streams.

Alana Long

Executive Administration & HR, Candor Expedite

Long has been focused on personal growth, the betterment of the company, and uplifting the company’s foundation by creating employee programs.

Christiane Meyer

Director of Strategic Accounts, Penske Logistics

As Director of Strategic Accounts, the highest level of direct sales position at Penske Logistics, Meyer serves as the face of Penske to their automotive accounts, developing new business and supporting existing partnerships.

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22 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
Congratulations Margaret Kennie! Bob’s Discount Furniture congratulates Margaret Kennie, Lead Driver, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!


In addition to her promotion as Senior Director of Sales, Longan was named Vice President of J.B. Hunt’s employee resource group, GROW (Growing & Retaining Outstanding Women).

Molly Mangan

SVP of Sales, Echo Global Logistics

Mangan is a 13-year veteran of Echo Global Logistics with a passion for strategic leadership and driving change within the transportation and logistics industry.

Lisa Owens

Training Manager, UPS Owens was instrumental in the implementation of the Middleburg training department. She is the Women in Operations Chair for the East Zone, which allows her to teach other women leadership, communication, and operational skills.

Claire Mules

President, Assurance Resources

Mules has achieved high levels of success in many facets of the industry, including safety programs, risk management training programs for motor carriers, and insurance solutions for independent operators.

Laura Mendoza

Senior Director of Customer Solutions, DAT Freight & Analytics Mendoza leads DAT’s award-winning customer service department. Given the grueling nature of being a carrier in 2022, DAT’s industryleading support was essential to the trucking community.

Misti Olszewski

VP, Enterprise Safety, Covenant Logistics

Olszewski’s leadership has completely transformed Covenant’s safety culture. Her ability to work across diverse business verticals and provide a safety-first culture is inspiring.

Lauren Meneau

Director of Customer Service, R.E. Garrison

In September of 2022, Meneau supported many women on her team to participate in a month-long seminar given by Dale Carnegie Training of Birmingham titled “Women in Leadership.”

Loan Mansy

EVP of CHESI Sales & Services, Clean Harbors

Mansy is the only female EVP leading business units. She focuses on growing revenue and profits. Despite her heavy workload, Mansy dedicates time to mentor six female high potentials.

Lisa Mitchell

Regional Vice President, Western Territories, Transforce

Mitchell is a recognized subject matter expert on the topic of California AB5 and has been featured in multiple media publications for her exhaustive knowledge of the legislation and her solutionfirst approach for motor carriers.

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COVER: Trucking Career Paths Congratulations Rachael Partridge! Gordon Food Service congratulates Rachael Partridge, Transportation Safety & Compliance Analyst for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

COVER: Trucking Career Paths

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Elizabeth McMillan

District Parts Manager, Volvo Group North America

McMillan is an advocate for advancing women within the organization and for all her dealership groups by creating educational content cross-functionally.

Sarah Newman President, BM2 Freight Services

Newman was named President of BM2 after only being there for a short time, which is telling of her capabilities and the intelligence she brings to the operations and overall function of the company.

Rachael Partridge

Transportation Safety & Compliance Analyst, Gordon Food Service Partridge’s goal is to empower the women of Gordon Food Service and give them a voice, a group they can bounce ideas off or to express concerns, teach and train each other, and to celebrate their accomplishments.

Virginia Palafox

District Manager, Waste Connections

Palafox was recently promoted to District Manager for Waste Connections Green Team/West Valley, where she oversee 180 employees and 100+ daily routes in the greater San Jose area.

Kelly Parish

Director Technologies, Yellow Parish has a rare ability to unite others to a common purpose in everything she does by building collaborative relationships and optimizing diverse talent, so that people can thrive in the company’s culture.

Priscilla Peters

Vice President of Marketing & Training, Conversion Interactive Agency

A true champion of Conversion’s culture, Peters plays an essential role in guiding the vision of the organization through her genuine nature and wholehearted leadership.

Esther Parsons

Road Driver, Yellow

Parsons’ passion for bringing more women into the industry has led to her engaging in speaking engagements and introducing U.S. Secretary of Labor Martin J. Walsh at the opening of one of Yellow’s Driving Academies.

Antonia Popova

Director, Customer Accounts, RXO

Popova emigrated from Bulgaria to the United States, graduated college, and broke into a traditionally male-dominated industry— steadily rising from an entry-level call center role to a director-level position.

Chelsey Reynolds

VP, Finance, Envase Technologies

Reynolds has overseen the realignment of her company and its goals, taking management of not only finance and sales, but also customer success and marketing.

24 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
KAREN HINES PRISCILLA PETERS Conversion Interactive Agency Congratulates KAREN HINES and PRISCILLA PETERS on their well-deserved recognition as Women in Trucking’s 2023 Women to Watch in Transportation. As leaders in our women-owned business, Conversion is proud of your work exploring new horizons, building professional relationships, and serving as an inspiration to other women in the industry.

Denise Plumb

Feeder Division Manager, UPS

Plumb has made significant contributions to her communities both through mentoring and involvement to move forward causes improving gender and racial equities.

Kristin Ridley

Marketing Communications Manager, Rihm Family Companies

Ridley serves on the DakotaScott County Workforce Development Board and is a member of the Minnesota School District 197 Career and Technical Education Advisory Committee.

Ivelise Rodriguez

Corporate Accounts Business Development Director, Yellow Rodriguez is a standout leader in her sales role as well as Yellow’s Multicultural Inclusion Network employee resource group. She was recently promoted to Corporate Accounts Business Development Director.

Angie Schneider

Regional Sales Administration Manager, Premier Truck Group Schneider recently was invited to participate in the Dallas Regional Chambers Annual Women’s Business Conference, and as a result was included in a panel discussion at PTG with the executive team.

Emily Soloby

Founder & CEO, Juno Jones Soloby wakes up every day with the purpose of advancing women in malepopulated industries. Almost everything she does is to forward this mission in some way, from the way she raises her children, to the running of two businesses.

Kimberly Torres

Senior Service Center Manager, XPO

Within the past year, Torres was promoted to the position of senior service center manager at XPO’s facility in Hialeah, Fla., outside Miami.

Kate Speer

A proven business leader, entrepreneur, marketer, and community builder, Speer joined JLE to build a culture of performance, inclusion, and communication throughout a rapidly expanding organization.

Azra Walter

Director of Safety, Artur Express

In an industry where drivers can feel micro-managed and reprimanded frequently, Walter promotes accountability with care for the individual and fosters an atmosphere where open communication can exist across the organization.

Rose VanWey

Director of Van Services, Atlantic Logistics

In just under two years, VanWey took the helm of Atlantic’s Van Division, growing the team and increasing revenue.

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Trucking Career Paths


PACCAR is a global technology leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of premium light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks under the Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF nameplates. PACCAR also designs and manufactures advanced diesel engines, provides financial services, information technology, and distributes truck parts related to its principal business.

PACCAR is a company with a great culture and is dedicated to employee development. The PACCAR Women’s Association was created to provide resources through education, networking and mentoring to female PACCAR employees to promote equity and support their empowerment to achieve both career and personal success.

PACCAR congratulates Women In Trucking’s 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation. We thank those who were recognized for their impressive contributions to the trucking industry.


2023 TOP WOMEN TO Congratulations Pam


MW Logistics congratulates Pam Wills-Ward, Chief People & Strategy Officer, MW Logistics!, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

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Due to Tegmeyer’s hard work, experience, and leadership, she has been promoted three times in her 2.5-year career at Emerge.

Throughout 2022, Surber worked tirelessly to spread her knowledge all throughout the transportation industry, especially to women and younger generations.


Ryder’s Top Women to Watch in Transportation

Wilson was Private First Class, 77F Petroleum Supply Specialist who oversaw the use and distribution of petroleum products. She is an experienced recruiter with a consistent track record of hiring top quality talent. n 29
Sherryann Wilson Recruiter, Trimac Transportation Marilyn Surber Transportation Advisor, Tenstreet Mardi Tegmeyer Senior Manager of Customer Operations, Emerge Joanna M. Hutton, Director of Sales Leslie Karr, Group Director of Customer Success
We appreciate your contributions to Ryder and how you go the extra mile to support other women in our company and industry. COVER:
Career Interested in advancing in your own career? Develop strong sales, leadership and service skills through WIT’s Professional Development Certification Program. Save the Date! NOV. 5-8, 2023

Diversity Matters Building a Business Case

Making diversity and inclusion a cornerstone of an organization’s, culture, mission, and strategy is not only the morally justifiable approach, but it can lead to tangible benefits. Consulting firm McKinsey found that companies with ethnically and culturally diverse leadership teams were one-third more likely to outperform on earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margin.

The trucking industry historically has been a male-populated industry but it has made significant strides in the last several years. According to the 2022 WIT Index, the official industry barometer to benchmark and measure the percentage of women who make up critical roles in transportation, women now make up nearly 14% of professional drivers. The 2022 WIT Index also shows that 36.7% of women in are in leadership roles (in the C-suite and/or supervisory roles). The WIT Index is prepared each year by the Women In Trucking Association, a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize

obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry. However, the logistics industry still has a long way to go when it comes to gender diversity.

A diverse, inclusive company or industry “is one that values differing viewpoints,” says Ellen Voie, founder of the Women In Trucking Association. Individuals of different gender, age groups, racial or ethnic backgrounds tend to bring a greater variety of life experiences than do individuals with more similar backgrounds.

30 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE: Why Diversity Matters

That variety can inform their perspectives. “A more diverse and inclusive workforce will provide insight that the leadership might not have considered without these voices,” Voie continues.

Definition of Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity refers to the individual attributes everyone possesses, including gender, race, nationality, religion, education, marital status, and mental or physical abilities.

Inclusion refers to creating an environment in which all individuals and groups can feel welcome and confident that the diversity they bring is respected. Employees know they can speak up and their opinions will be heard.

To intelligently discuss diversity and inclusion, it’s critical to also understand what the terms don’t mean. D&I isn’t political, nor the province of a specific political party. It’s also not marketing or window dressing. To be meaningful, it must be baked into an organization’s culture, mission, and strategy. n

A number of steps are key when beginning a D&I journey. They include:

1. Clear commitment from leadership. “The initiative must come from the top and must be established in an environment that truly embraces a more diverse and inclusive workforce,” Voie says.

2. Create a strategic plan to ensure a positive corporate culture that attracts and retains women. This plan should ensure that your organization ensures the following: a corporate culture that supports gender diversity; flexibility in hours and work requirements; competitive and equitable compensation; quality benefits (i.e., paid maternity leave); training and continued education and professional development support; career advancement opportunities; and well-maintained and safe equipment and facilities for drivers.

3. Incorporating D&I within the hiring process. When considering resumes, “blind” the process and remove names that indicate race or gender, Voie recommends. This forces everyone to focus on each applicant’s experience and qualities. Similarly, evaluate only the skills required for the job, rather than subjective criteria, such as asking a candidate how he or she handled a challenge, she adds. “There is no right or wrong answer, so only the interviewer gets to decide if the response is good or bad.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to not only building a business case for gender diversity but incorporating it into your business for successful results.

For being named a “2023 Top Woman To Watch in Transportation” by Women In Trucking 31 FEATURE: Why Diversity Matters
Drummond | 314.542.2266
CPC Logistics Salutes Leanne
Successfully Incorporating D&I Into Your Business

Women Mentoring Women Strategies to Lift Us as We Rise

Today, women make up approximately half of the workforce and have proven they’re just as talented and capable as their male counterparts. However, while the percentages of women are increasing in the C-suite, board rooms, middle-management, and behind the wheel, the transportation industry still has progress to make in gender diversity and representation.

Many believe a lack of mentorship is holding back progress. While you can take advantage of such mentoring programs as the WIT Mentor Match Program, there are additional active steps you can take to leverage mentor and mentee relationships. During a special panel on mentorship at the 2022 Women In Trucking Accelerate! Conference & Expo last November, several women involved in mentoring relationships shared their experiences. This panel discussion consisted of facilitator Cynthia O’Neill, Founder, LeadHERalliance and panelists Sarah Statlander, Vice President Human Capital and Talent, Yellow; Eileen Dabrowski, Director of Learning and Development, ReedTMS Logistics; J-Ann Tio, Chief Strategy Officer, Arrive Logistics; and Mindy Brown, Transportation Consultant.

Throughout the panel discussion, attendees had the opportunity to hear stories of successful, productive mentoring relationships; learn various styles and formats of mentoring relationships; and gain an understanding of how to engage in a mentor and mentee relationship.

What do you look for in a mentor?

“I surround myself with people who challenge me to be a better version of myself,” says Dabrowski. “One of the things that I look for is someone who is going to hold me accountable in the same way that I hope to hold them accountable. It’s important to find someone who compliments you, is very real with you, and will be committed to challenging you to be the best version of yourself.”

32 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE: Mentoring Strategies Drive for BOB’s • DRIVE AT NIGHT • NO TOUCH FREIGHT • HOME EVERY DAY • EARN UP TO 100K/YR APPLY TODAY! Visit or call us at 855–928-4390 Photo featuring Margaret, awarded one of the 2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation! Contact us now to find out why Margaret and so many others love driving for Bob’s!
Eileen Dabrowski

How do you identify and recruit a mentor?

“In my own personal experience, I think it’s great how mentorship and networking have started to merge,” says Tio. “If it’s within your comfort zone, explore putting yourself out there in situations like going to conferences and participating in discussions and networking. The best mentor and mentee relationships are those that are undefined. The relationship starts with getting to know someone, while building trust and respect. Then you start asking questions and asking for advice and it just naturally evolves. At the end of the day, becoming a mentor requires simply putting yourself out there and building a greater network.”

Have you ever struggled in a mentor and mentee relationship?

“I have had to coach other people through those situations in a mentor and mentee relationship,” says Statlander. “It comes back to the foundation of having an open and honest relationship with each other and mutual respect to be able to have the difficult conversations. If those tenants exist, the conversations will be that much easier to have. I also recommend seeking out another trusted advisor to coach through that conversation.”

How has being a mentor to others impacted your life?

“I had a great mentor in the industry, and she told me you can’t control the weather, but you can control how you respond,” says Brown. “This is not an easy industry for women, but she taught me you’re not going to be defined by what happens to you. You are going to be defined by what you overcome, and the sky is the limit.”

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?

The WIT Mentor Match program reflects a commitment to our members and their professional development, according to

“This unique online networking and career development tool helps members find, connect, and share experiences with others within our community -- whether they’re in the same city or on the other side of the world.”

WIT Mentor Match Program

Interested in either becoming a mentor to an individual looking for guidance or support, or becoming a mentee who can learn from a seasoned professional woman

who has some advice and guidance to give?

The WIT Mentor Match Program can be a resource to find your match!

This service is available at no cost to WIT members. Simply sign up for the program in the Members Only section of which will lead you to the WIT Engage platform. There you will find a Mentor Directory, Mentee Directory, and a place where you can build your Mentor/ Mentee Profile. WIT will periodically check in to see how your Mentor/Mentee relationship is progressing and will provide you with beneficial tools and resources to maximize the value from this relationship. n 33 FEATURE: Mentoring Strategies
Jennifer Hedrick, WIT President and CEO.
J-Ann Tio Sarah Statlander Jennifer Hedrick

Shedding Light

on the Power of Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups, or ERGs, can help employees thrive and more effectively contribute to an organization’s success. Just what is an employee resource group? An ERG “allows a community with common interests or causes to come together inside an organization,” says Tami Allensworth, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at J.B. Hunt Transport Services, a provider of freight transportation services. Employees can gain professional development and mentorship opportunities, she adds.

ERGs also create space for community and give voice to groups that traditionally haven’t had a seat at the table, says Melissa Jass, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager with Yellow, a less-than-truckload company. Members typically share some affinity—say, they’re women or veterans. By coming together, many feel supported and empowered.

In some organizations, employees are the catalysts behind the ERG, Yass says. A few might have belonged to ERGs in other companies and believe the concept would benefit their current organization. In other cases, leaders may help launch an ERG as they’re pursuing a goal, like boosting employee engagement.

continued on page 36 35 FEATURE: Employee Resource Groups
Melissa Jass Tami Allensworth
“These groups help not only create an inclusive work environment, but also (in) attracting diverse talent to the company. It’s a win-win!”

continued from page 35

ERG Benefits

ERGs can benefit both employers and employees, says Seville Marquez, Senior Manager

Listen to your audience and provide programming and activities that speak to their needs, whether in personal or professional development, or in gaining practical skills, Marquez says.

Transportation Quality with Amazon.

“Affinity groups play an important role in building internal networks for creating a community, advising Amazon business units, leading in service projects, and reaching out to communities where Amazonians live and work,” Marquez says. “These groups help not only create an inclusive work environment, but also (in) attracting diverse talent to the company. It’s a win-win!”

ERG Guidelines

A few steps can help both ERG members and the companies sponsoring them achieve the benefits possible.

Research. “Engage with other companies that have created ERGs. Let them tell you what worked and didn’t work as they maneuvered a start-up ERG,” Allensworth says.

Recognize that less is more, especially at the start, and communicate often, including asking for feedback from members, Allensworth says. Don’t be disappointed if not all programs work, she adds.

Identify and understand your mission. Developing an ERG charter helps define the purpose of the group and clarify the work you’re trying to do, Yass says. Then, when ideas or potential events come up, you can intelligently debate whether the ERG is the place for them.

Identify an executive sponsor who’s not just a figurehead, but active in supporting and engaging with the group, “They have the social capital to help you reach more people,” Jass says.

An executive’s support also highlights the importance of the work being done by the ERG, Allensworth says.

Be inclusive. “We grow and improve when we can all come together and learn from each other,” Allensworth says.

Jass notes that her experience in the corporate office is different than that of women at the terminals, and their roles differ from those who are behind the wheel. All can gain insight from the others’ experience.

Marquez advises opening membership to all interested employees, even if the focus is on a specific group. “You never want to alienate those interested in supporting your cause.”

Create an active board of directors, and and clearly define the expectations for each board member. “There will typically be a lot of passion, but the passion needs to turn into positive action,” Allensworth says. In assembling the board, she said to include individuals who are influential within your organization.

Don’t assume that a hefty budget is key to a successful ERG. Many groups launch with low or no budgets, Yass says. The key is to leverage resources available. Her group, for instance, collaborated with Women

In Trucking to put together a webinar on recruiting women. For another event, her group asked vice presidents from within the company to participate in a leadership panel and discuss their careers. “Look for opportunities that are homegrown,” she adds.

ERG members who attend industry conferences are expected to share with other members what they learned and how it applies to their roles, Jass says.

Volunteers in leadership roles within the ERG should have their actions discussed during performance reviews and weighed when they’re considered for advancement or promotion opportunities, Jass says.

A thriving ERG can lead to bottom-line payoffs for both employees and the company by helping it address challenges. Say a company is having difficulty recruiting women drivers. An ERG can ask its women driver members what they like and what they find challenging about their roles, Jass says. Recruiters can draw on this insight when connecting with prospects. n

36 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
“We grow and improve when we can all come together and learn from each other.”
FEATURE: Employee Resource Groups
- Tami Allensworth
Seville Marquez

Roll the Process Forward

to Optimize Driver Recruiting Results

Finding reliable and loyal talent to work for a business is a struggle for any industry, and the stakes are even higher when talking about the truck industry. Companies are looking to recruit younger drivers to replace their outgoing workers. Several industry subject matter experts offer their advice on how to optimize driver recruiting results.

What Employers Say About Recruiting

Centerline Drivers has connected more than 50,000 professional drivers with Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies since its founding in 1975. According to the company’s annual State of the Trucking Survey, 72% of employers last year said they’re having a harder time recruiting drivers, according to Managing Director of Recruiting Shane Keller.

“That’s a significant increase from the previous year, when only 57% said they were having a hard time,” Keller says. “We learned during that survey that the problem may really lie in a lack of outside-the-box thinking. Less than 25% of companies surveyed reported doing anything creative when it came to recruiting drivers. Even among those 25% seem to be doing kind of the same old things.”

According to Heather Jewell, Director of Marketing Strategy for Fusion Now, an agency specializing in driver marketing and recruiting, a large part of her job is to identify those challenges in the recruiting process. She said most companies are missing the mark with conversion rates.

continued on page 38 37 FEATURE: Optimizing Recruiting Results
“The more an individual can picture working for your company, the more exciting your recruiting efforts will seem to others.”
- Shane Keller
Heather Jewell
Shane Keller

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“A large part of that has to do with the length of the process, and the time to hire that carriers have in keeping drivers interested and engaged during that process as well,” Jewell says. “On the process side of things, I always recommend at least monthly sitting down and looking at what your process is from a driver’s perspective and being a little bit more empathetic there.”


How to Get the Attention of Potential Drivers

The way drivers are drawn into the industry has to change. Strategies for engagement initiatives have evolved over time. Jewell says Fusion Now is taking the approach of telling stories to highlight driver efforts and offer them more acknowledgment for their successes.

“About 90% of companies are going to say that they have industry leading pay, or that

they treat drivers like a family member. That’s something that drivers have been fed for their entire career, even dating back to when truckstops were very popular for recruiting purposes,” Jewell says. “Instead of carriers really highlighting what those benefits are… they should let their driver’s success sell the position for them.”

Jewell mentions sharing pictures, videos, interviews, and celebrating the success of drivers based upon what companies have to offer is a new and creative way to grab potential drivers’ attention.

“If you do have industry-leading pay…show that a driver just purchased their first home because they’ve been driving with you for six months,” she says. “Show an example of where you’ve treated the driver like a family and really bring that home because if a consumer, or in this case a driver, is going to apply for a position…they’re going to see and want to see why that’s going to affect them and how that’s going to affect them.”

Use Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to Recruitment

To attract a diverse group of potential employees, Artur Express intentionally has several employees who speak different languages, as well as a large population of transgender drivers. The nationwide transportation and logistics company is very cognizant of using employees’ preferred names and pronounces, according to Sadie Church, Artur Express’ Director of Recruiting and Marketing. The company continues to look at alternative sources for driving talent.

“The more an individual can picture working for your company, the more exciting your recruiting efforts will seem to others,” adds Keller and suggests that non-traditional demographics can provide additional sources of candidates.

“As you’re positioning your advertising, think about who’s in your ads,” Keller says. “Use a variety of genders, use a variety of nationalities, use whatever diversity representation you can that will generate the candidates you’re looking for. This helps everyone see themselves at your company.” n

38 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE: Optimizing Recruiting Results
ODFL is an Equal
Whether your passion is being on the open road or building daily customer relationships, there’s an opportunity to grow your career path at Old Dominion Freight Line. Join a family with great pay and benefits. Start your new career today!
Opportunity Employer
Sadie Church 39 THE LANDSTAR ADVANTAGE You have the advantage when you become an independent owner-operator leased to Landstar. • Non-forced dispatch. • Earn a share of the revenue for every load hauled. • Thousands of loads available every day. • Big fuel discounts at the point-of-sale. WWW.LEASETOLANDSTAR.COM 1-877-237-3442 • VAN/REEFER • FLATBED • EXPEDITED • COLD CHAIN • STEP DECK • TEAMS • HOT SHOT • HEAVY/ SPECIALIZED LANDSTAR’S LIVE LOAD BOARD DEMONSTRATIONS or 1-877-237-3442 Congratulations Stormie Janzen! Total Transportation of MS congratulates Stormie Janzen, Vice President of Safety and Recruiting, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day! Congratulations to Annie Lowery Director of Financial Planning & Analytics Saia  Recently named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road magazine.

Stories of Women Road Warriors

What kind of woman is a professional truck driver? She typically has strong driving and navigational skills. She is organized, disciplined, trustworthy and patient. She is a good communicator with basic mechanical knowledge.

Redefining the Road tells the stories of four women who have chosen the career path as professional drivers. The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) has recently recognized all of these individuals as Members of the Month.

Jessica Olsen, Professional Driver for SRS Distribution, was introduced to the industry when she worked as a truck stop waitress. She wondered if a driving career would be a good fit and regularly questioned drivers about their careers. However, like many restaurant workers in 2020, Olsen was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With continued encouragement from her customers, she used the stimulus money she received to go to trucking school and obtained her CDL.

Shortly after earning her CDL, she accepted a position at ABC Supply driving a boom truck. She also learned how to operate a crane and became certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. NCCCO is an independent, nonprofit organization established by the construction industry in 1995 to develop and administer nationwide certification programs for load handling equipment operators and related personnel.

“Operating a crane is like stepping into the shoes of a much larger and more powerful

being and each job site is a puzzle to solve. I truly enjoy going to work every day and 18 months later, that magic still hasn’t worn off,” says Olsen. In May 2022, Olsen began her career at SRS Distribution as a Professional Driver and Logistics Specialist II boom driver and operator.

When Raquel Sanchez joined the Army National Guard in 2011, she was offered the opportunity to drive a truck. Inspired by her father, Jim Sanchez, who has been a driver for UPS for more than 38 years, she realized her desire for a career behind the wheel. Sanchez left the military after eight years and continued doing various jobs. However, she never felt completely satisfied in the work she was doing.

Sanchez began her career at UPS in August 2019 and loaded packages onto delivery trucks. Progressing quickly, she became a delivery driver, and eventually began driving a semi-truck for UPS in February

2022. Most recently, Sanchez and her father made history by being the first father and daughter long-haul team on the West Coast. Sanchez feels a sense of accomplishment driving a truck and encourages other women to pursue a career in this industry.

“More than 70% of goods and services are delivered by trucks and being able to deliver loads on time gives you a sense of self-importance and value,” she says. “I feel proud of the work I do after completing my last stop of the day.”

Olsen encourages other women to pursue a career in the industry: “Don’t be afraid to go after an intimidating specialty and always be confident in your own abilities.”

40 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
Raquel Sanchez is a Feeder Driver for UPS.
FEATURE: Member-of-the-Month Profiles
Jessica Olsen is a Professional Driver for SRS Distribution, one of the fastest-growing distributors of building products in the United States.

Although Kathy Tuccaro was a nurse for 13 years, she found herself on a destructive path and homeless. A wake-up call led her to a women’s recovery center, where she attended a career planning workshop and was handed a paper that read: heavy equipment operator. “I told the woman that her test was wrong,” remembers Tuccaro. However, the woman looked back at her and sternly said, “if you believe in yourself a little bit, you will see the test is right!”

Fast-forward to Tuccaro’s inspiring life story. From there, she was sent to Women Building Futures where ExxonMobil was

Haleigh Fickett, Transport Driver for R.H. Foster Energy, an energy company based in Hampden, Maine, has held a CDL for eight years but has only been actively driving for about five years due to difficulties getting hired at a young age with no experience.

After obtaining her Class A CDL at the age of 17, she spent a few years working various jobs, while constantly applying for different driver openings. At the age of 20, she took a position working for the Maine Department of Transportation.

Fickett is always up for a new challenge and jumped at the opportunity the following summer to begin her career at R.H. Foster Energy, obtain her HAZMAT license, and start learning how to haul fuel. Although this decision was a huge step for her, as she didn’t initially plan to haul HAZMAT freight, she believes it has been the best career decision she has ever made.

“If I could give any advice to other women interested in this industry, it would simply be to never underestimate yourself,” Fickett says. “I was nervous when I was getting started in my current position because it is a very physically demanding job, but I have proven that if I truly put my mind to it, anything is possible.”

sponsoring 16 women to take a 12-week Heavy Equipment Operator course. She was selected out of 170 applicants, hired by ExxonMobil in 2013, and now drives a 400-ton 797F Caterpillar Mining Truck, a 52,000-gallon water truck, and a 24M Grader. Not a traditional career path for a woman, to be sure.

Now 10 years sober, Tuccaro’s accomplishments include writing three books, including Dream Big! Which is available on Amazon, Kindle and in bookstores – and is even available in French, Spanish, and Hindi. She also wrote The

Mystical Swordsman of the Sugmad, which is about the spiritual journey of a little girl who is abused by her father. She travels the world working with women and youth, and also has been featured in magazines, on radio shows, podcasts, and TV shows, and is a cohost on a radio show, Women Road Warriors. She spoke at WIT’s Accelerate! Conference in Dallas last fall.

“You must believe in the person you want to become and work every day to reach your goals,” says Tuccaro. “You won’t regret the efforts put into building a new and better you. If I can do it, so can you!” 41
Haleigh Fickett, Transport Driver for R.H. Foster Energy, is making things happen in her career as a young adult in her early 20s.
FEATURE: Member-of-the-Month Profiles
Kathy Tuccaro is a Heavy Equipment Operator for ExxonMobil, a world leader in the production and sales of crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products.

Understanding Unconscious Bias and What to Do About It

What is unconscious bias? And what is the impact on the roles and performance of women in the transportation industry? This article will help you to understand this issue, the negative impact it can have on talent in the industry, and ultimately how you can mitigate its impact within your corporate culture – and your life overall.

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) says unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Everyone has their own unconscious beliefs about different social and identity groups, and these biases come from people needing to categorize each other in relation to social norms.

Women In Trucking Founder Ellen Voie gives a few examples of implicit biases against women seen in he trucking industry today.

continued on page 44

US Truck Driver Training School congratulates Samka Keranovic, Vice President & COO, for being named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road. You inspire us all to do better each and every day!

42 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 FEATURE STORY: Understanding Unconscious Bias
Congratulations Samka Keranovic!


Candy Bass

From All Your Friends at

continued from page 42

These include:

• Assume a young woman with a family is not interested in traveling for work

• Make judgments of people based on what they wear, drive, or economic status

• Assume women don’t want a career pulling flatbeds, trailers or containers.

Dr. Tanya Mathew, Co-Chair of Cultural Competency and Anti-Bias Education at the Diversity Council at The Ohio State University, says implicit biases can reinforce existing inequities and stereotypes.

“It insidiously and automatically seeps into a person’s behavior, and is outside of the full awareness of that person,” Mathew says. “It’s shaping decisions made and how they evaluate and interact with people.”

She says people need to be more conscious of perceptions and actively push back on them to fight off implicit biases.

“Understanding what implicit biases are, how they can arise and how to recognize them in yourself and others are all incredibly important in working towards overcoming such biases,” Matthew says.

Voie says women that are constantly reminded of their gender inequalities and workplace status are more likely to let unconscious bias hold them back from promotions and other career advancements. Mathew says overcoming unconscious bias is not easy, and training programs have some potential to help individuals relearn and reshape their behaviors. However, when training will not work on its own, she says companies have to make an effort to do more to generate real change.

“This has to be an organizational priority at all levels with tangible investment and support from senior leadership,” says Mathew. “Otherwise it will be another performative action without real outcomes.”

She also says learning how to combat implicit bias has to continue beyond the workplace and should be further developed at home. “Mitigation has to become a daily practice and skill that needs to be continually developed,” she says. n

44 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 ..
FEATURE STORY: Understanding Unconscious
Tanya Mathew

WIT Announces 2023 Content Advisory Council

The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) announces its 2023 Content Advisory Council, a volunteer group comprised of professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in transportation and logistics, and a passion for the mission of WIT.

The goal of WIT’s Content Advisory Council is to provide guidance and counsel regarding relevant and meaningful content for WIT’s annual Accelerate! Conference & Expo, as well as its Redefining the Road magazine and the WIT eNews member e-newsletter.

“It’s critical that WIT provides relevant, practical, useful information to our members and the industry at-large through our various communication channels,” says Brian Everett, Group Editorial Director and Publisher of Redefining the Road magazine and strategy advisor to WIT. “We rely heavily on this powerhouse group of industry experts to help guide, formulate and validate the content we produce and distribute.”

These individuals make up the 2023 Women In Trucking Content Advisory Council:

• Melissa Addis, Commercial Underwriters Insurance Agency

• Niki Bolton, American Truck & Rail Audits

• Laura Duryea, Boyle Transportation

• Madeleine Frume, Koppur Trailer & Chassis

• Molly Gibson, CDLLife

• Vanessa Hernandez, J.B. Hunt Transport

• Malaina Hudson, CPIM, Hillebrand

• Jeana Hysell, J.J. Keller & Associates

• Jerri Jarvis, Cheeseman

• Kesha Jones, Total Transportation of Mississippi

• Kelly Kirkpatrick-Lee, American Truck & Rail Audits

• Rachel Kremm, Kodiak

• Angelika Mangino, Clean Harbors

• Mark Mariano, SRS Distribution

• Samantha McCracken, Bridgestone Americas

• Josh Mecca, American Central Transport

• Claire Mules, Assurance Resources

• Martha Payne, Benesch, Friedlander, Copland & Aronoff LLP

• Kristin Ridley, Rihm Kenworth

• Amber Roy, former with Triumph Business Capital

• Laura Sayers, TRANSFLO 47 ...WIT News Briefs..................... 45
.. 48 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 Congratulations to our very own Lauren Meneau, Director of Customer Service, for being nominated as a Top Woman To Watch R.E. Garrison is proud to partner along with Lonestar Graphics to design and unveil one of our newest trucks. Coming soon to a road near you! New Truck Boaty's Transport Lauren Meneau 256-255-5500 We are so excited to announce the recent addition of Boaty's Transport Inc. This partnership was officially finalized in January of 2023. phone website building our legacy by Women In Trucking!

Celebrating Professional Female Drivers 12th Salute to Women Behind the Wheel

The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) will host its 12th Salute to Women Behind the Wheel on Friday, March 31st at 3:30 p.m. during the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, KY. This one-of-a-kind event recognizing female professional drivers for their efforts and successes as women in a male-populated industry is free for female CDL holders and their families and friends.

The event’s agenda will include the announcement of the winner of the 2023 WIT Driver of the Year award, sponsored by Walmart; the 2023 Truck Giveaway, sponsored by Arrow Truck Sales; the annual female professional driver group photo in the complimentary red t-shirts; drivers at the Expo and the expo game card; and the Women In Trucking Foundation will host “Door Prizes for Donations” with proceeds going to scholarships.

“The Salute to Women Behind the Wheel is our effort to acknowledge the challenging role our female drivers have had in a male populated industry,” says Ellen Voie, WIT founder. “Each of them is a pioneer and they continue to amaze me with their resilience and tenacity, and I truly enjoy celebrating their success at our event.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to make new friends in the industry, see some familiar faces, and be celebrated for your progress as a professional female driver. Stop by the WIT booth to register and receive your free red t-shirt for the group photo. For full details and the event schedule, visit and click “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” under “Events.” n

Thank you to our Sponsors: Landstar

Brenny Transportation


Howes Lubricator


Arrow Truck Sales

Trucker Buddy International Channel21 Ministries

Truckers Against Trafficking


TFC Global

PetroChoice Lubrication Solutions


Waste Management

J.B. Hunt

Trinity Logistics

Penske Logistics

Red Roof


Total Transportation of Mississippi

...WIT News Briefs..................... 47

WIT Technology Innovation Award Recognizes Achievements at Walmart

Walmart was selected for the innovation of NTransit, a mobile software application built to provide their fleet drivers with a worldclass, frictionless experience in the cabs of their trucks. NTransit starts by providing the drivers with a single platform for all the tools and information they need to move freight across Walmart’s supply chain, while staying connected with the dispatch office and other important stakeholders along their journey. This helps to minimize excess time spent at locations and enables the driver to efficiently move through their workday.

In 2022, the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) sought nominations for the first annual Technology Innovation Award, sponsored by Clean Harbors. This award recognizes innovation, vision, and technical achievements that support and advance the trucking industry.

NTransit is also a communication platform that informs the driver of any traffic incidents or unsafe conditions, so the driver has all the information needed to go about their day on the safest and most efficient routes. NTransit also provides realtime location tracking to provide ETAs to the Walmart stores on the driver’s route, ensuring the store is ready to receive and

unload their freight and get the driver back on the road quickly. Additional enhancements are in development to further digitize the driver’s experience, including the ability to make paperless deliveries and move right through the gate at warehouses without having to stop for paperwork review and seal validation.

“The technology innovation award helps promote our mission to address obstacles our members face in the trucking industry,” says Ellen Voie, founder of WIT. “The NTransit app provides Walmart fleet drivers with the technology to experience a more user friendly, simpler, and intuitive process to stay connected from start to finish for each trip. This removes much of the uncertainty drivers often experience during their daily deliveries.”

Finalists for the award, Relay Payments and REVOLOK USA LLC, also were recognized at the Accelerate! Conference

50 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 48 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
Carol Nixon, a professional driver for Walmart, accepted the 2022 Technology Innovation Award on behalf of the company at the Accelerate! Conference & Expo in November in Dallas.
...WIT News Briefs.................... SUPERIOR ADDITIVES FOR EVERY DIESEL. Delivering power, performance, protection and more, our full line of diesel additives are guaranteed to keep you rolling. EVERY DIESEL. EVERY DAY. EVERY SEASON. HOWESPRODUCTS.COM 1-800-GETHOWES (438-4693)


Women in Trucking ’s 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation

At Navistar, we’re proud to have Candace as part of our team. She’s helping drive our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems projects. Candace is also a member of Women in Navistar and Navistar Young Professionals, and was recently elected the Vice President of the International Community of African Americans at Navistar. Through her volunteer work, she was involved with Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry Black Creativity Showcase to talk with middle and high school students about opportunities in STEM, something she considers her biggest passion. 43 ....................
Join Candace and our next generation of changemakers and dreamers.

Snapshot: 2022 Accelerate! Conference and Expo

More than 1,700 transportation and logistics professionals registered to attend the 3-day event. Attendees from all roles, levels, and company types in the industry were represented - bringing perspectives, education, best practices and stories about gender diversity in transportation.

100-plus thought leaders and subject matter experts shared their expertise on issues ranging from leadership, HR/talent management and industry trends to operations, safety, technology, and driver issues.

52 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 Text 50 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023
...WIT News Briefs................................
to Antonia Popova Director, Customer Accounts RXO
named a “2023 Top Woman to Watch in Transportation” by WIT’s Redefining the Road magazine.

More than 150 sponsoring and exhibiting companies offered access to thousands of products and services through a comprehensive exhibition. A Photo Networking component offered a fun and interactive way to connect with exhibitors and attendees.

20-plus trucks and trailers were featured at the WIT Truck & Technology Tour, which enabled attendees to experience innovative new cabs, trailers, self-driving trucks, Big Data and AI technology, IoT devices and platforms, TMS and WMS solutions.

Participants expanded their industry networks and made new professional affiliates and friends through more than 50 networking opportunities, including speed networking, workshops, receptions, interactive roundtable discussions, and expo time.

Amazon was presented the Most Attendees Award. “Attendees from TOM, POST, AFP, Amazon Freight, Relay and MMPM came to the conference to show our dedication to women development,” says Monica Leonard, Amazon WaT Board Vice President and company champion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. “We’re so proud we could put our women leaders first and strive to be earth’s best employer here at Amazon.” n 51
Mark your calendar for these events! WIT ON THE AIR at SiriusXM 146 WOMEN IN TRUCKING SHOW WITH ELLEN VOIE Saturdays at 11a.m. Eastern ES (Expediter Services) Frito Lay TVC Pro-Driver United Sites Services DC VELOCITY GOLD BRONZE MEDIA SILVER For a full list of WIT Corporate Members, visit THANKS TO WOMEN IN TRUCKING PARTNERS: MARCH 29-APRIL 2 Mid-America Trucking Show/ Salute to Women Louisville, KY APRIL 12-14 Collaborate Conference Las Vegas, NV APRIL 18-20 PA Motor Truck Assn. Bedford, PA APRIL 19-22 Transportation Intermediaries Assn, Dist. Woman in Logistics Orlando, FL MAY 1-4 Waste Expo New Orleans, LA MAY 4 AWESOME Chicago, IL JUNE 5 IRMI Dallas, TX JUNE 13-15 Home Delivery World Philadelphia, PA JUNE 26 SMC3 Connections Orlando, FL JULY 21 Expedite Expo Fort Wayne, IN 52 REDEFINING THE ROAD Edition 1 | 2023 View our full partners list at Redefining the Road BUYER’S GUIDE Advertisers in this Edition Reach Qualified Buyers. Advertise. For more information, contact: Carleen Herndon: 615-696-1870 or AMX ............................................................................ 14 Andrews Logistics 25 ARI 34 Artur Express Incorporated 16 Averitt 20 Bob’s Discount Furniture 22, 32 Conversion Interactive Agency 24 Covenant Logistics................................................ 12 CPC Logistics ........................................................... 31 Day & Ross 1 Elite HR Logistics 51 (The) Evans Network 14 Expediter Services 15 Fleet Advantage 19 Gordon Food Service 23 Howes ........................................................................ 48 Inflection Poynt ...................................................... 31 J.B. Hunt 19 Kenworth 2 Landstar 39 May Trucking 22 MW Logistics 28 NASTC 36 Navistar ..................................................................... 49 Old Dominion ......................................................... 38 PACCAR 26-27 PACCAR WINCH 16 Performance Foodservice 33 Peterbilt C2 R.E. Garrison Trucking 46 RMI Transportation & Warehousing 23 Roehl 45 RXO ............................................................................. 50 Ryder 29 Saia 39 Schneider 9, 17 Total Transportation of Mississippi 39 Transport Design Inc. (TDI) 43 TRAFFIX 50 Trimac 42 Tri-National, Inc. (TNI) ..................................... 5, 18 Triumph ................................................................... C3 UPS 44 US Truck Driver Training School 42 Walmart C4 Xcelente 18

Congrats Brooke Weeks: WIT’s 2023 Top Women to Watch in Transportation

Brooke Weeks, one of WIT’s 2023’s Top Women to Watch in Transportation, has been a leader in Walmart’s initiative to create a more sustainable future and eliminate all emissions by 2040. We’re proud of Brooke’s contribution to Walmart and the world!

Walmart is proud to deliver the best jobs and rewards in the industry! Associates enjoy premium pay, flexible schedules, 401k match, growth opportunities & more to help you live better. Visit to learn more.

Articles inside

Snapshot: 2022 Accelerate! Conference and Expo article cover image

Snapshot: 2022 Accelerate! Conference and Expo

pages 52-55
WIT Technology Innovation Award Recognizes Achievements at Walmart article cover image

WIT Technology Innovation Award Recognizes Achievements at Walmart

page 50
Celebrating Professional Female Drivers 12th Salute to Women Behind the Wheel article cover image

Celebrating Professional Female Drivers 12th Salute to Women Behind the Wheel

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WIT Announces 2023 Content Advisory Council article cover image

WIT Announces 2023 Content Advisory Council

pages 47-48
Candy Bass article cover image

Candy Bass

pages 45-46
Understanding Unconscious Bias and What to Do About It article cover image

Understanding Unconscious Bias and What to Do About It

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Stories of Women Road Warriors article cover image

Stories of Women Road Warriors

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DRIVE FOR OD! article cover image


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Roll the Process Forward to Optimize Driver Recruiting Results article cover image

Roll the Process Forward to Optimize Driver Recruiting Results

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Shedding Light on the Power of Employee Resource Groups article cover image

Shedding Light on the Power of Employee Resource Groups

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Women Mentoring Women Strategies to Lift Us as We Rise article cover image

Women Mentoring Women Strategies to Lift Us as We Rise

pages 34-35
Diversity Matters Building a Business Case article cover image

Diversity Matters Building a Business Case

pages 32-33


pages 28-30
COVER: Trucking Career Paths article cover image

COVER: Trucking Career Paths

pages 26-27
Celebrating The Women Who Deliver Excellence article cover image

Celebrating The Women Who Deliver Excellence

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COVER: Trucking Career Paths article cover image

COVER: Trucking Career Paths

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The Many Career Paths in Trucking article cover image

The Many Career Paths in Trucking

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Influential? What Makes a Leader article cover image

Influential? What Makes a Leader

pages 12-13
Congratulations, article cover image


page 11
Who Leads Next? article cover image

Who Leads Next?

pages 8-10
“Parting Thoughts” from WIT’s Founder article cover image

“Parting Thoughts” from WIT’s Founder

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