2022 Annual Report

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The World’s Only Global Musical Instrument Museum® March–May 2023 Annual Report Edition
The Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy performs at Experience Mexico in October 2022.


Volunteer Team Member Spotlight: Terry and Eddie Miller

A Closer Look at the Musical Royalty in Rediscover Treasures

Mexico Exhibit Updated After Field Travels Resume

Donor List

Meet Executive Chef Paul Steele

Setting the Stage for 2023

Artist Spotlight: MusicaNova Orchestra

Express Your Love of Music

Create Your Musical Legacy through Planned Giving

Donor Spotlight: The Charro Foundation

MIM in 2022

What Your Generosity Achieved Over the Past Year


MIM features every country in the world

The Musical Instrument Museum® (MIM) enriches our world by collecting, preserving, and making accessible an astonishing variety of musical instruments and performance videos from every country in the world. MIM offers guests a welcoming and fun experience, incomparable interactive technology, dynamic programming, and exceptional musical performances. MIM fosters appreciation of the world’s diverse cultures by showing how we innovate, adapt, and learn from each other to create music—the language of the soul.

At Signature Events, guests enjoy music from all over the world. During Experience Mexico in October 2022, the Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy showcased many regional folkloric dance styles from the country, accompanied by its student mariachi academy. Upcoming Signature Event weekends will feature more live music and dance performances from around the world from audience favorites and brand-new events; we’re thrilled to introduce you to two artists joining us for Signature Events in 2023 on page 18.

Rated Phoenix’s #1 attraction and ranked in the top 12 museums in the United States.


How did the new acquisitions in the Mexico exhibit find their way to MIM? Read more on page 6.

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Forward-looking leaders keep MIM on track in its mission and strategic plan. Their vision guides us. Their enthusiasm inspires us. Their commitment carries us into the future.

Robert J. Ulrich

Founder and Board Chairman, MIM; Retired CEO and Chairman Emeritus, Target Corporation

Eric J. Bieber

Retired, Former President and CEO, Rochester Regional Health

Todd Blackwell

Senior Vice President, Head of Stores, T.J. Maxx

Richard T. Burke

Board Vice Chairman, MIM; Chairman and Founder, UnitedHealth Group; General Partner, Rainy Partners

Richard D. Burns

The Richard and Babette Addona Burns Charitable Fund

John D’Addario Jr.

President, D’Addario Foundation

Gail J. Dorn

Board Secretary, MIM; Executive Chair of the Board, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE)

Marc L. Felix

International Expert on African Art; Organizer and Curator of International Exhibitions on African Arts

Justin Karim

Director WW Critical Incident Operations, Amazon

Robert G. McMahon

Retired SVP, Property Development, Target Corporation

Judith C. Pelham

President Emerita, Trinity Health

Robert E. Smith

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Development Officer, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation and Arizona Public Service Company

Robert G. Weston Jr.

Board Vice Chairman, MIM; Chief Financial Officer, Alliance Residential Company


MIM’s Advisory Board is composed of individuals with a breadth of skills, leadership talents, and resources that help MIM move forward. We are thankful for their support.

Stacia Andersen

Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Customer Experience, PetSmart

Patrick F. Heigl

Brand Manager, Sanderson Lincoln-Ford

Jeanne L. Herberger, PhD

Vice President, Herberger Enterprises, Inc.; Honorary MIM Advisory Board Member

Nadia Karim

Chief of Staff, Microsoft

Matthew K. Mains

Senior Vice President and Market Manager, U.S. Bank Commercial Real Estate

Bruce Tominello

Retired Senior Brand Manager, Target Corporation

James J. Widland

Retired Attorney, Miller Stratvert P.A. Law Offices

“MIM is a wonderful and magical experience. We love music and history, and MIM is a great source of inspiration for creativity.”
Geoff H., MIM donor


Sharing the joy of MIM and its mission

When you arrive at MIM, you might see the cheery smiles of Eddie and Terry Miller beaming from behind the information desk or at the entrance to the Target Gallery. Eddie volunteered at MIM for three years before Terry joined her, and they have been volunteering together for the past six years. They were so impressed during their first visit to MIM that they thought the museum would be a great place to share their time. At MIM, they share their love of music with each other and with guests.

Neither plays an instrument, but Eddie and Terry enjoy watching and listening to others play—like when guests play on the Steinway piano in El Río. MIM’s mission, Terry says, is an important part of their lives, and giving

time to MIM helps support their interest in being active and useful.

“We love meeting the guests and getting them started on their visit,” Terry says.

When they volunteer in the Target Gallery, Terry and Eddie interact with guests enjoying MIM’s special exhibitions—such as Dragons and Vines, which was one of Terry’s favorites.

“A woman was moved to tears looking at a Martin guitar,” Terry says. “I asked if I could help, and she told me that her recently deceased father had been responsible for the paint booth at the factory. It made the visit surprising and bittersweet for her.”

Eddie and Terry Miller


Royally treasured instruments among objects on display in the Target Gallery

Many of the instruments in Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments have connections to royal figures—some to monarchs throughout history, and some to modern musical royalty. Discover the regal ties of these treasured objects on display in the Target Gallery.

Pedal harp

Jacob Hochbrucker invented the single-action pedal harp around 1720, revolutionizing the instrument. His innovation quickly became one of the most popular instruments in the mid-18th century among the French aristocracy—even Marie Antoinette owned one.


This hitoyogiri (right)—a Japanese flute once popular among samurai and refined nobles—is one of two known to be treasured by 14th -century emperor Go-Daigo. One of the oldest relics of its kind, it was believed to come in a pair; the other is preserved in the former imperial palace in Gojo City in Nara Prefecture.

Loan courtesy of the Takao Oikawa Family

Below: Portrait of emperor Go-Daigo

“Beautiful” grand piano and stage wardrobe

Visionary artist Prince Rogers Nelson was one of the world’s brightest examples of contemporary musical royalty. He was known for his dramatic stage performances; he often danced atop his custom-finished purple piano during his Jam of the Year Tour. In 1993, Prince famously changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, which is featured on the zipper pulls on these shoes (below) from his stage wardrobe.

Loan courtesy of The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson and Paisley Park

The zipper pulls on these shoes from Prince’s stage wardrobe were custommade in the shape of his personal symbol.



This gilt bronze bell was cast in 1715 in an imperial workshop for Kangxi, one of the most important emperors in Chinese history. Sets of bronze bells were important to imperial orchestras because they were tuned to scales, providing a musical foundation.

Loan courtesy of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, transfer from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Right: The bell bears a cast inscription identifying its tone, and the elaborate suspension loop on the top forms a doubleheaded dragon.

“King George” vibraharp

Custom-made in the 1930s for Lionel Hampton, the “King of the Vibes,” this one-of-a-kind vibraphone (below) is the only example built to the Deagan company’s deluxe trim level, visually highlighting Hampton as a sensational performer and one of the most important artists in jazz history.

Andrea Amati, the “Father of the Violin,” likely crafted the violin and viola displayed at MIM around 1559. They belonged to a set of instruments celebrating the marriage of Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of Valois, which unified the Catholic courts of Spain and France against the spread of Protestantism. The inscription on the viola’s ribs translates to “By this one bulwark religion stands and will stand.”

Loan courtesy of National Music Museum

These are just a handful of examples of the objects beloved by kings and queens in Rediscover Treasures. Whatever their connection to royalty might be, the instruments exemplify music’s enduring power. Explore pivotal moments throughout history and more of the world’s rarest and most historic instruments.

Presenting sponsor Sponsored by Arizona Office of Tourism, John & Joan DʼAddario Foundation, and John & Mary Ann Mangels

Portrait of the Kangxi emperor Violin and viola
Lionel Hampton performs on his stylish Deagan “King George” vibraharp.


New acquisitions exemplify the depth of Mexican traditions

When curatorial field travels resumed in 2022, Daniel Piper, PhD, curator for Latin America and the Middle East, went searching for new instruments to refresh the Mexico exhibit. He traveled to San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, and the Yucatán Peninsula and found 20 stunning objects for MIM’s permanent collection.

“What we are aiming for now, well into MIM’s second decade, is for our collection to be constantly improving,” Piper says.

Piper first traveled to the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosí in search of mid-20th century examples of the distinctive folk guitars played in the traditional son huasteco style. He visited elder instrument makers in mountain villages, but the guitars he found were not well maintained. Undeterred, he visited the home of Maria Rosa Martinez Ramirez, the president of the Council of Indigenous Elders of the Huasteca Culture, which has been receiving instruments from the people of the

region for decades. Among other instruments hanging in the dark in the rear corner of an outdoor structure Ramirez’s late husband had built, Piper spied a mandolin-shaped guitar with an armadillo resonator. Cleaning a thick layer of dust revealed a wonderful instrument ideal for MIM’s collection: a 1960s guitarra conchera, well made and distinctive in its design and subtle decoration.

After making an agreement for the guitarra and a three-string fiddle of the Tenek people native to the Huasteca, Piper asked Ramirez to help him search for more Tenek instruments, hoping her knowledge of the community and its history would uncover more treasures. They traveled to the village of a family Ramirez’s father had known and discovered that the son of harpist Lucas Santiago Cecilia had carefully guarded his father’s instrument for 18 years in the family’s thatched-roof bamboo home. The harp was elegantly crafted from Spanish cedar and

The Mexico exhibit revisions demonstrate greater historical narratives.

featured gut strings, carved squirrel and bird figures on the neck, and a bone tuner. Cecilia had carried it over his shoulder while playing in processions, ceremonies, and dances for more than a half-century before he died in 2004. This exceptional gem, preserving Tenek instrument traditions, is now a highlight of the revised Mexico exhibit.

Piper’s second trip was an extension of his daily networking with researchers, collectors, and makers. In September, Piper learned of the collection of Mexican ethnomusicologist Alejandro Alcocer Alvirde, who left behind more than 800 instruments when he died, and began corresponding with his widow, Manina Cervera Molina. A few days after determining the collection’s potential, Piper was on a flight to the Yucatán.

He arrived to rooms bursting with instruments. After 10 hours of inspection and discovery, Piper and Molina agreed that 14

instruments would make the trip back to MIM, including an 1897 tololoche string bass, a late 19th -century wooden marimba, and a 1960s Huichol fiddle. Alvirde’s handwritten notes provided information on instrument materials, dates, uses, and locations for the exhibit.

The instruments joining the Mexico exhibit are not just remarkable additions to MIM’s collection; they exemplify our curators’ dedication to MIM’s mission of preserving cultural heritages from around the world. By partnering with traditional communities and national institutions, MIM is helping to support and sustain the instrument traditions of underrecognized communities by sharing their most extraordinary examples with the world.

The animal figures on this harp reflect Tenek beliefs linking music with the natural world.

Maria Rosa Martinez Ramirez and MIM curator Daniel Piper hold two acquisitions: a three-string fiddle and the guitarra conchera.


Thanks to all who help sustain MIM and fuel its growth

This list reflects donors who gave $250+ between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022.


Bob Ulrich & Diane Sillik


Google K

Carl & Marilyn Mammel, Mammel Foundation


Richard T. Burke

Debra Prue Gerry

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

Jean Sifel

In memory of Larry Sifel C

Noel Stookey C

Karen & Curt Ulrich

$75,000+ The Molly Blank Fund

Tom G. P

Hearst Foundations

PNC Bank

$50,000+ Anonymous


Arizona Commission on the Arts

Arizona Office of Tourism

John & Joan D’Addario Foundation

The Revada Foundation of the Logan Family

Sanderson Lincoln

Peter Yarrow C


Uta M. Behrens

Institute of Museum and Library Services

MaryAnn & John Mangels

Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture

U.S. Bank


Alliance Residential Company

Robert Bergman & Christina Bolyard P

Arizona Buuck Family Fund

Tim & Jacqueline Byers

Gail Dorn & Steve Beddor

Al Bilali Soudan near MIM’s North Africa exhibits during a pop-up performance.

Evelyn and Lou Grubb

Charitable Fund

Jeanne L. Herberger, Ph.D.

Vitalogy Foundation



Eunice & Carl Feinberg

Jane & John Guild

The Moca Fund

Judy Pelham


Jerry & Jo Ellen Preradovic

Schneewind Family Foundation

Rev. Steven & Christy Ziegler


Bieber Family Foundation

The Blackwells

J. W. Kieckhefer Foundation


Ed Boleky & Sandy Scarsella

Joe & Maureen Brennan

Babette & Richard Burns P

Suzanne & Dimitri Haniotis

Jeffrey Heimer & Linda Brock P

Bill & Cathy Hurtle (Campbell Foundation)

Susan Shanbrom-Krabbe & Moe Krabbe

Christine Lindley

Robin & John Martellini

Martin Guitar

Charitable Foundation

Richard McDonald C

Teresa & Robert McMahon

Otto & Edna Neely Foundation

Lois & Moe Nozari

Lowell Pickett & Karen Sternal P

James L. Ratcliff & Barbara M.

Montgomery-Ratcliff P

John & Lois Rogers


Jean & Dick Savage

Snell & Wilmer LLP M K

Robert O. Swanson & Cynthia J. Shevlin

Ronald L. Turek & Ann M. Carlson

U.S. Bank Foundation

Hao and Michelle Wang Foundation

Robert & Mary Ward

Jan & David Wood


Stacey & Mark Chulew


Fifi & Ronald Levin

Linda McQueen

In memory of Joanne Carleton C

Laree & Arch Rambeau

April Salomon & Kara McVey

Season for Sharing

Bennet Serkin & Kathe Reitman C


Anonymous (6) P


Stacia & Steve Andersen

Jett & Julia Anderson

Kathleen & Steve Ashby

Forrest & Jennifer Ashley P

Norena & George Badway

Elizabeth Biaett & Gary Dickey P

Peggy J. Brehm

Katherine & Charles Case

The Charro Foundation

Gordon Collins

Charles & Eileen Dubroff

Char & Greg Duppler

Frances Emerson & Robert McClurg

Ira J. Gaines & Cheryl J. Hintzen-Gaines

Goodenow Family Fund

Geoff & Liana Habicht

Tom Harvey

Jane E. Hayoz

Jim & Kathy Henderson P

Katherine High & George Steele

Thomas P. & Genevieve M. Houlihan

Pamela L. Howard & Thomas F. Castle

Elaine & Steve Hull

Carolyn & David Johnston

Joan & Lenny Kalmenson P

Ken & Carol Kasses

James & Marilyn Kopp P

Jane & Bruce Lawson

Thomas & Sheri Levin

Shari & Robert Levitan

Dr. Robert F. Lorenzen & Mrs. Lucy Logsdon Lorenzen

Matt & Lynn Luger P

Gary & Laura Maurer P

Microsoft Corporation

Piper Family Fund

Phyllis & Dennis Propp

Craig & Julie Rauchle P

Lucia Renshaw & Bruce Covill

Kevin & Nancy Rhein

Patricia G. Rolfe

Mary & Paul Sauser

Barry & Ronda Schnur P

Doug & Mary Scovanner

M. Melanie Searle & Robert F. St. John P

Hannah Selznick; Hannah’s Oboes LLC P

Pam & Bob Serr P

Michael & Cynthia Simonson Family Foundation P

Rita & Mel Sorensen

Nancy & Roger L. Strong Jr.

The Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Foundation

J. Bruce Tominello & Lawrence E. Kirchner

Rick & Vivian Ueable P

Esther Villalobos & Manuel Jordán

Cathleen Walker

James Widland & Julie Neerken

Stephania & Bruce Williams P

Cap & Suzy Iliff Witzler


Arizona Cardinals Charities

Niranjan & Savita Chandragiri P

M – Money C – Collections K – In Kind P – Producer’s Circle – Flagbearer

$3,500+ continued

Colocation America

Carolyn & John Friedman

Paul Giancola & Carrie Lynn Richardson

Marcia & Jim Lowman

Mid Atlantic Arts

Merle & Michael Tarnow

Hugh & Diane Zentmyer P


Anonymous (8) P

Abby Atkins & Richard Komm

Carl & Patricia Bach

Dale Baker

Sid & Flo Banwart P

Shoba & Jay Bastani

Dr. Doug Bauer P

Yvette Beaulieu & Kipp Kreutzberg

Philip & Lydia Bell

David R. Bornemann

Elaine Campbell P

Barb Cecrle

Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Inc. P

Tim & Linda Dempsey P

Don Dixon & Shari Lewinski P

Daniel J. Dubrovich

Jay Dudley & Ron Dobry P

Dr. Jeannie Duncan & John Thompson

Lee Eberle & Lisa Vivian

David Ellis

Jane P. & Andrew J. Evans II

Brynn & Jeff Evanson

Matt & Michele Feeney

Ann & Robert Fippinger

George & Michelle Yules Fischler

Phillip & Jeanne Foussard P

Leslie Hall & Theodore Jarvi P

Rob & Joan Holinaty

Michael & Susan Hooley

D. Keith & Nancy Humphries


Linda & Ron Jones

Willa Kemp

Jane & John King

Jay & Dawn Layman P

Karen & Richard Maguire

The Mayes Arreguin Family

James & Jean Meenaghan

Naomi Caras-Miller & Alvin Miller P

Julia Mitchell

William Moeller

Bart Moser

Patrick Murphy P

Patricia & William Naumann P

Anne & Brad Niemiec P

Mindy J. Rosenberg P

Steve Rosenstock & Susan MacVean P

Susan Sacks & Jim Andrews P

Susan & Bill Sands

Paula & Arlie Sherman P

Pamela Sillars & Paul Nordberg

Andrew & Christy Smigielski

Perry & Teresa Pearson Foundation

Ann Phillips

Allan & Nancy Poster

Joc Rawls & Joseph Henry

Paul & Lynne Romeo

Cathy & Randall Smith P


William Stanton

Dan & Jill Stevenson

Randy Stone & Jim Hahn

Dr. Thomas & Tommye Taylor

Gail & Daniel Tenn P

Students visit MIM’s Europe Gallery during a field trip.

Daniel Terpack & Anita Wallace P

Genie Trotter & Jack Watson P

Bruce Ulrich & Oliver Zhou


Irene H. Vasquez

Richard & Linda Warren P

Pat & Larry Winthrop

Karen S. Wood-Nackard

Carole & John Wooldrik

Dr. Harry & Kathleen Zemel P


Deborah Counts & Robert Bevill

Paul & Patsy Ellsworth

Lucinda A. Harris & Scott C. Helmkamp

Intel Corporation

Barbara & David Kirr

John F. Long Foundation

Moore Family Foundation

Sharon Peters & Patrick Ciliberto

Dr. Robert Scott & Mrs. Marie Boykin Scott

Scottsdale Arts

Aaron White C

Barry & Barbara Zemel


Anonymous (14)

Abbott Laboratories

Mike & Cindy Adams

Angelo & Micheline Addona

Chris & J. Paul Amaden

Alan & Jeannine Arnold

Patricia K. AtLee

Linda S. Avery

Mary Ann & Looe Baker III

Dr. Kathryn L. Bates

David R. Beach & Carmen M. Rigau

Kerwine & Monique Bell

Berger Keikis

Carole Decker

Patricia Delano

Don & Jonae DeLong

Joel Dowling & Kay Jeffries

Robert & Kristin Dudacek

Arnett Duncan

Dr. John & Diane Eckstein

Jeff Edelstein

Dan & Carole Eitingon

Laura & Scott Eller

Gary & Kathy Falk

Mary & Bob Farmer

Ronald Feinstein

Anita Feld

Charles & Bernadine Fillipone

Ann & George Fisher

Jean Fitterer & Robbie Lance

Nanette & Burton Forester

Friedel Family Foundation

Charles A. Geer Family Fund

Alan Gibson

C. Rex & Ann M. Rice

Gail Rittenhouse

Steve & Cindy Roszell

Lyrna & Michael Schoon

The Tokeneke Foundation


Anonymous (3)

Michaelene & Steuart Barlow

Kathryn & David Bussman

Fein Foundation

Donna Gibson

Janet & Roger Hubbell C

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Clifford & Cerese Levenson

Madeleine Nowak

Robert B. Polacchi

Anne Prine

Merle & Steve Rosskam

Mary Lou Bessette

Bill & Christine Bluhm

George & Shirley Bruggenthies

Bruce & Janet Buchanan

Robert Bulla

Dawn Busby

The Carter Family

Mike & Cindy Caruso

Judy & Robert Cecka

Joe & Rose Circello

The Donald W. Collier

Charitable Trust II

Maj. Gen. A. B. Crawford

Barbara Crisp & Mark Nemschoff

Family Foundation

Drs. Mojan & Shahin Dabestani

Mark Dalton & Debra Ward

Patricia B. Dalton & Laurence Niederhofer

Joan & Ken Davies

Jane Gibson

Stephen Lee Gilbert & Elaine McCoy

Bruce Gilleland

Michael & Jordan Goerss

Leona & Daniel Goldfarb

Kristina & Daniel Goyette

Arthur & Marlene Greenberg

Robert & Susan Greenberg

Dr. Meryl H. Haber & Jeanne B. Haber

Susan & Phil Hagenah

Gavin Hardy & Drew Garvin

Ulrich & Lacey Hauser

Tracy Hedrick & Sarah Endres

Sharon & Larry Heitz

Hennessy Family

Barbara & Trey Higgens

Ellen L. Hirsch

Liz & Fred Hoffert

“We joined as members on our first visit because we were so impressed. . . . The diversity of instruments and musical styles displayed is phenomenal.”
MIM guest, Tripadvisor

$1,000+ continued

Laurel & Lee Hutchison

The Ierley Family

Brandon Irwin

Michael & Barbara Jones

Kalm Family

Margaret & Jamie Kapner

Kerry-Ben & Linda Kelly

Terriann & Rich Kleiner

Susan & Robert Lanting

Stephen & Debbie Lenzi

Dan & Jeanne Lind

Dr. Ryk Linden & Melanie Scofield

Evelyn Lucking

Kellie & Don Manthe

Barry Marcus

Mary Martuscelli

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Carol & Carl Matthusen

Maryann & Adam Mays

Larry Polhill

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“If you are highly passionate about music, you will love visiting! This is about the production of sound and how limitless and creative we can be. . . . I left excited to make music!”
MIM guest, Google review

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Kaimikahu Hale O Hula performs during Celebrate Music from Hawaii in May 2022.

$500+ continued

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Richard Neal & Jenai Trefny

Charles Neff

Rick & Nancy Nelson

Paul Neuman

Arnold & Anita Newman

Gail & John O’Brien

Brian O’Keeffe & Melinda Wilson

Morgan Olsen & Beth Saiki-Olsen

Nancy & Donald Orr

Elizabeth & Scott Kantor

Shirley & George Karas

Karl Kasowski

Gary & Sandra Keating

The Keiths

Kathleen Kelbley

Joel & Elaine Kellmanson

Janet Kern

Marti & Steve Kiely

Michael & Susan King

Ellen & Bob Kirschenbaum

Elayne Kitchen & Irwin Gorman

Joy Kleiman

Gabrielle Klein

Jeffrey & Wendy Klein

Steve Klein

Faye Klitsner

Danny Kong

Robert & Sandra Krause

Sandra & John Krisch

Richard & Mary Beth Kustra

Miriam & Gary Marcus

Richard & Heather Marmor

Joseph W. & Edith L. Marotta

Alex Marr

Irene & William Marsh

Gary Martin

Marvin J. Masset & Barbara A. Masset

Joseph & Carol Mattingly

Janice Maudlin

Merele & Karen May

Beth McDonald

Joseph McGovern

Mark McGraw

Coach McGuirk

Candace McNulty

MDCAV Associates, LLC

Suzanne & John Mead-Long

J. Mednik & K. Supman

Stephen & Lenore Micatka

Nancy & Jeff Millman

James O’Sullivan & Karen Gillen

Carla & Russell Paonessa

Vita Pariente

Jacques & Mary Patry

Cecil & Wilma Patterson

Nancy & Mike Paulson

Richard & Cheryl Pear

Mischa Cohen Peck

Marilyn & Harry Pelz

James & Rosemary Peters

John & Christina Pierce

Ellen & Walter Poor

Penelope & Richard Post

Gerald & Sue Quartana

Steve & Janie Radcliffe

Kyle D. Rakestraw

William & Gail Reisinger

Reginald C. Reyes & Jeffry Lusiak

Emily-May & Jim Richards

Clarke Rigsby & Mary Ann Kinsman

“A curious mind will require more than one day or one visit. If you have no other reason to visit Phoenix, this is worth it.”
MIM guest, Tripadvisor


Delivering culinary experiences from around the world

Growing up, Paul Steele admired his mother’s and grandfather’s cooking as he cooked alongside them. Now, as the executive chef at Café Allegro, he is inspired by the museum’s representation of music from every corner of the globe.

“With MIM’s monthly Signature Event weekends that feature themed food, it makes us cook out of our comfort zone while using ingredients that we may not use frequently,” Steele says. “Just as MIM’s mission statement is to provide culturally diverse instruments from around the world, I also want to be able to deliver culinary experiences from around the world.”

He loves the challenges that Signature Event weekends present and the opportunities

they bring to use interesting and indigenous ingredients in global dishes.

“My only big Signature Event weekend so far was Mexico,” Steele says. “I grew up in El Paso, Texas, so close to the border. Mexican food has been a staple in my life. Having the opportunity to make and serve Mexican cuisine during that weekend was an experience I loved.”

Steele is also looking forward to implementing creative and innovative techniques in the kitchen. For example, he has his eye on elevating MIM’s popular burgers.

“I want it to be the best burger anyone has had,” he says.

Café Allegro executive chef Paul Steele

Like many of MIM’s staff and volunteers, Steele grew up playing instruments: violin, viola, cello, and trumpet. He loves playing music, and he also enjoys walking through the halls and seeing guests enjoying themselves through music.

“At MIM, music is the language of the soul,” Steele says. “I would like food to be on the same level. Where, like music, food can be diverse and soulful, and have a common thread in society no matter where you’re from.”


Did you know you can host your next event at MIM?

We can harmonize with any occasion!

Since becoming MIM’s food service vendor, Guest Services, Inc., has partnered with educational institutions, banks and wealth management companies, medical organizations, world-renowned Fortune 500 corporations, and a variety of social groups to create spectacular and memorable events. Whether you’re planning a small reception or a large celebration, you can count on us to make your event sing.

Contact MIM’s private events team at 480.245.6913 or events@MIM.org to learn more!

Café Allegro’s MIM Deluxe Burger and Garden Green Salad
“At MIM, music is the language of the soul. I would like food to be on the same level. Where, like music, food can be diverse and soulful, and have a common thread in society no matter where you’re from.”
Paul Steele, executive chef, Café Allegro
your event at MIM!
Photograph by Savidge Photography


Meet musicians from upcoming Signature Event programs

This year’s exciting Signature Events lineup brings new artists and returning favorites to MIM. Already this year, guests have explored electronic music with Tony Obr and enjoyed music and dances from Spain with the Julia Chacón Flamenco Theatre. Upcoming events will feature even more music from around the world; here are just two of the incredible artists coming soon to MIM.


Audiences loved Stilicho’s dynamic song choices, humor, and energy when it performed at Experience Ireland in 2021, and the local band will return to MIM for this year’s Experience Ireland weekend on March 11 and 12. The band’s repertoire is born in the heart of Ireland and includes songs sung in rousing choruses at the pub and in quiet circles around the hearth.

Layale Chaker and Sarafand

New to MIM, Layale Chaker will be featured in lectures and performances at Experience Music of the Middle East on April 22 and 23. Chaker, a Lebanese violinist and composer currently in residence at Arizona State University, will perform with her ensemble, Sarafand, and she has also performed with the popular Silkroad Ensemble, whose members are featured in Rediscover Treasures.

Stay tuned for exciting new programming coming to MIM in 2023!
The AZ Beat Lab leads a workshop during Celebrate Electronic Music in January.


Appreciating the power and beauty of music

Since 2003, the MusicaNova Orchestra has enriched the community by playing new music, neglected works, and fresh interpretations of classics. Warren Cohen, the orchestra’s music director since its founding, shares how the orchestra’s upcoming concert at MIM reflects its mission.

Tell us about your upcoming performance, Contrasts for Strings: Barber, Farina, Cohen. Much of the music explores unusual and remarkable sounds that are possible on string instruments. We have included the very first piece of music ever written for modern string instruments, Capriccio Stravagante by Farina. It was a kind of advertisement for the newly invented violin and cello and shows off the extraordinary variety of sounds possible on these instruments, using devices that people associate with 20th-century music. It is mindblowing to think a work with those sounds was written in 1628! . . . Cohen’s Gamelan Suite for String Orchestra shows the ability of string instruments to sound like a wide

variety of percussion instruments, as it sounds uncannily like the gamelan orchestras of Indonesia. . . . The idea is to hear the new and unusual sounds in the context of that which is familiar, and in so doing better understand and appreciate it.

What is your favorite thing about performing at the MIM Music Theater?

We love playing at MIM because of the excellent acoustics, the intimate relationship you have with the audience, and the wonderful facility itself. It is a place that is so comfortable musically and physically that it inspires us to perform.

Why does music matter?

People have always had music. . . . The fact that people cannot imagine a wedding or funeral without music speaks to its power. Music brings together people who otherwise have nothing in common. It lifts people up. . . . It is our vehicle of expression when words cannot be precise enough.

MusicaNova Orchestra | March 5
Supported by Producer’s Circle member Hannah Selznick

Express Your Love of Music!

Our new T-shirt plays to your love of music and MIM. Shop in store or online at theMIMstore.org.

MIM T-Shirt, $36.00–$40.00

This classic T-shirt is available in black and pewter. Made of premium 100% long-staple combed cotton.

Members save 10% on most purchases in the Museum Store and online with the code MIM2023. Proceeds support MIM and its programs.


$500+ continued

Martha Ann Riley

Annabel Rimmer & Ron Cates

Scott & Catherine Roberts

Jim Robinson & Pam Gardner

Lisa & Larry Rogoff

Dr. Mary Rose & Mari Rose Tautimes

Alan & Lindy Rosenson

Forrest & Beth Russell

Ann & Tim Salutz

Colleen Sanger

Sarah Santana

Jeff Sater

Joshua Sawicki

Janet & Philip Schempf

Jacqueline Schenkein & Michael Schwimmer

Gail & Dan Schmidt IV

Arleen & Fred Schwartz

Mack Schwing

Tadd & Nancy Seitz

Robert & Celia Stretmater

Harry & Dorry Sunenshine

David Takemoto

James B. Tate

Martin & Colleen Taucher

Roslyn & Bret Tayne

David Thomas & Lynda Soucy

D. Thompson & B. Kellogg

Deanna Tonks

David & Meegan Tosh

Carolyn & James Tripp

Katherine Trontell & Keith Hunter, MD

Mark & Linda Truitt

Pat & Phil Turberg

John & Susan Twiggs

Al & Jane Underhill

Jay & Marianne Victor

Bob & Debra Warren

Carlton Watson & Anita Masterson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weatherby


Anonymous (125)

Tim & Sandra Aalderks

Bill & Cindy Abbott

Jeffrey S. Abrams & Lisa K. Schulman

Angela & Larry Adler

John & Sharon Ady

Gayla & Mike Ahearn

Kelsey & Diego Ahumada

Kim & Mark Albrecht

Leah Albrecht

Bryan Albue

Elizabeth Alexander

Joan & Brian Allen

Sandra Allen & Jim Perlow

Michael & Suzy Alpern

Frederick Altstadt

Pamela & Greg Amico

Charline Anderson

Gavin & Valia Anderson

Randy & Michelle Anderson

Eddie Vedder, Grammy-winning vocalist and guitarist of Pearl Jam

Daniel Shufelt & Cheryl Fehlner

Ray Shumway & Jacquie Bushong

Stuart Siefer

Barry & George-Ann Silverman

Lisa Simone & Robert James

Robb Sinert & John Johnson

Joseph M. Skozen & Lisa K. Misner-Skozen

Brian Smith

Ian Smith

Mel & Debra Smith

Joanne & Rick Soued

Robert Staley

Jim & Kathleen Stamatis

Melissa Stanton

Harvey Stedman

Stephens Family

Jim & Judy Stoddard

James Stoeckmann

Stuart & Marty Stoloff

Bonnie Strauss Carroll

Weiner-Levine Family Charitable Fund

Richard Weisberg

Nancy & Jeffrey Werner

The WeWan Institute

Alan & Robyn White

Karen L. Whitehead

William & Mary

Tom & Carol Williams

Timothy J. Windle & Anne Marie Windle

Greg & Sally Wingate

Phyllis Winters

Dr. Judith G. Wolf

Elaine & Marshall Wong

Diana & Del Worthington

Elizabeth & Steven Young

Carole & Alan Zeichick

Robert & Deborah Zucker

Camille & Michael Anglin

Ronald & Chriscinda Angulo

Dr. Sam Angulo & Mrs. Sue Angulo

Al Aragon & Tina Bailey

Ron Arieli

Marie & Orville Armstrong

David Ashby & Connie Cornelius

Karen Atha Dunn

Terri Auleta

Marie & Nate Ausberry

Teresa Babcock & Greg Edmunds

John Backlund

Victor & Elsie Badger

Vickie & Robert Baehner

Sandra Balderrama & Ricardo Escobar

Frank Balogh & Donna Reckitt

Elyssa & Chuck Baltazar

Lynda Barber

Rick & Nancy Barber

“One of my favorite, favorite places.”

$250+ continued

AJ Barnett & Max Richardson

Greg Barr

Jeanann & Bob Bartels

Joyce & Kenneth Bash

Kathleen & David Bauer

David Baumann & Barbara Herber

Frederick & Karren Beaubien

Annette & Patrick Becker

Greg & Linda Bedson

Shirley & Thomas Bekey

Patricia Bennett & Ron Barker

Paul & Candice Bennett

Marsha Bergeron

Suzanne Berndt

Ann Berry

Steven Berry

Mary & David Best

Brian & Peggy Bettini

Megan E. Bevill

Christopher Brown & Kristina Floor

Laura & Arch Brown

Rich Brown

Terry Brown

Kathryn Brumme

Trudy Bryson & Larry Vroom

Francine & Jeff Buchhalter

Emerson B. Bueno, MD PLC

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bunnett

Tom & Debby Burbeck

Peter Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Burrell

Francie Bush

James E. Bushey

Brian & Carolyn Butler

W. L. Button

Julianne Bye

Kenneth & Diane Bykowski

Cathy & Brooke Cainkar

Alisa Chatinsky & Craig Wells

Robert & Vera Ciancola

Suzy & Rick Clarke

A Classic Touch Piano Service

Christi & William Clay

Michael & Carla Cline

Kim Coeurlette

Betty & Jack Cohen

Craig & Sharon Cohen

Lauren & Jordan Cohen

Lynda Cohen

Gordon & Nancy Cohrs

Jim Cole

Paula & Dan Coleman

Kelly M. Collins

Mary & James Combs

Audrey Comstock & Scott Barclay

Marsha & Cary Cooper

Drs. J. Cooper & M. Friedman

Michael Cordova & Patricia Quinn

Steven & Linda Biddle

Michael Biehler

Gary & Janet Binder

Cecelia C. Bistner

Bart L. Black

Russell & Pat Black

Kent & Colleen Blaylock

Deborah Mather-Boehm & David Boehm

Ronnie & George Bohlander

Paula Bollogh

Sandy & Chuck Bonstelle

Henry & Roxanne Boryczki

Mr. & Mrs. Viktor Brandtneris

Elizabeth & John Brauneis

Christopher Brelje

Joseph & Julie Brennan

Jeff Brewitt

Wendy & David Brotman

Craig Calhoun & Pam DeLargy

Don Callender

Margaret Cameron & John Gibson

Terry & Ellen Campbell

Patrick Campion

Rees Candee

Keith & Debra Cantrell

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cardosi

Joseph & Mary Carlon

Ann & Rich Carr

Bob & Cathy Carr

William Carr

Patricia Carson & Stricker Family

Laurence & Jeannie Cavanaugh

Thomas & Lori Cecil

David & Susan Cenk

Fran & Steve Chadwick

Joanna & Mauro Chartuniewicz


Edward Corwin & Antonette Logar

Dave & Linda Costain

Alicia Cowdrey

James & Paula Cowley

Stewart & Bonnie Cox

Mark & Paula Crawford

Jan Crews

Jim & Dee Cross

The Malcolm M. Cutting Family

Wolfgang & Sue Dahnert

Richard Danais

Athelyn Daniel

Stephanie & Daniel Davee

Mr. Courtney Davis

Merri & Steve Davis

Joan De Jong & Bill Butkowsky

Virginia & Alvin Bruce Dees

Lee Ann Del Carpio

James & Debra Dennert

“We were there on a special day. It was the day that marked 500,000+ students having visited the museum. . . . We were there for two hours, and it wasn’t nearly enough. I look forward to returning to the museum with my own family.”
MIM guest,Yelp

Penny & Jim Deshur

Ann & Bill DeVinney

Stephen Dibitetto & Nora Welsh

Mark & Penny DiBrito

Mary Ellen Dirlam & S. Mark Hay

The Dombroskis

Brian & Carol Donahue

Karen M. Doolittle

David Dyer & Pat Conley

Violet & Mike Eason

Don Eginton

Thomas Eisiminger

Jillian & Austin Engle

Sandra & Malcolm Engstrom

Timothy Engvall

William Erchul & Ann Schulte

A field trip participant thanks MIM in this drawing.

Mark Dowling & Christopher Perrera

Duke & Elizabeth Ducoff

Regis & Ruth Dugue

Melissa & Robert Dupree

Allison Duquette & Ed Larkin

Daniel & Catherine Duregger

Mark & Kay Ercius

Andrew & Juanita Evans

Paul & Malen Eyerly

Perry Fanzo

Robin Farrell

Jack & Alice Fedor

Steven & Gwendolyne Feinberg

Bob Feinman

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Feinstein

Ira & Susan Feldman

Ira & Arlene Fertik

Justus Fiechtner & Karlene Gehler

Barbara & Warren Field

Lisa Field

Leonard & Diane Fine

Deborah & Lee Finkel

Charles Fiss & Jennifer Schuck

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Fitzgerald

Lesley & Greg Flaks

Joe & Marcy Flynn

M. Foglesong

Douglas Folk & Cynthia Lasko

Michael & Marsha Ford

Roger Ford

Mark Fredenberg

Rick & Lucy Fredrickson

Talie & Sam Freedman

Sandy & Larry Freeman

Richard & Judy French

Joan & Robert Freund

Dr. Howard Friedman

Leslie Friedman & Ellen Sacks

Robert & Anita Friesen

Karen Fritchie

Mark & Annette Frye

Amanda Fujibayashi & Wanda Schultz

Stephen & Karen Furbush

Sharon & Lou Gadless

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gardner

Deborah Garland

Paul Garry & Susan Rollins

Kent & Barbara Geist

John & Anita George

Steven George

Zach Gerbarg & Donna Garr

Page Gerrick Denny & Laurel Gerrick

Lisa & Brent Ghelfi

John Gimbel

Lee & Nancy Gleason

Peggy Glenn

Elizabeth & Edward Goff

Karen & Gary Goldberg

Cheri & Stu Goldstein

Janis Goldstein


$250+ continued

Stephanie & Adam Goodman

Ashu Goyle, DO

Bernadette Graham

Shelley & Larry Green

Rick & Kim Greenwald

Jeff & Robin Greeson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gregory

Rolanda & Matthew Griffin

Patti & Irwin Grossman

Peter Gunder

Carla & Curtis Gunter

John & Jill Gwazdauskas

Dean & Debbie Haagenson

Michael & Kathy Haake

Kay Halverson & Fred Walski

Kenji & Lillian Hamada

David & Jill Hamblen

Barbara Hamilton

Josh & Abby Hamilton

Trish Hamrick

Charles & Connie Hankins

Barbara Hannan

James C. Harris

Sheila & David Hart

Jeffrey & Aurelia Hartenberger

Milton Hathaway & Meredith Peabody

Steve & Elaine Hathaway

Dawson & Audrey Heck

Chris Heeder & Jacqueline Ridley

Bruce W. Heffner

Tony & Paula Heil

Joel Heiland

Mark & Kathryn Hellan

Debi Hendrix

Eric Henley

Jack & Doris Henness

Kathryn & David Herbst

Neil & Jo Hershfield

Dr. James & Amy Hertenstein

Glenn & Audrey Hickman

Thomas & Rita Higgins

John & Lynn Hill

Nedra & John Hill

Jacqueline & Ken Hillman

Brian & Beth Hindenburg

Steve Hinders

In memory of Barbara Hamann

Phyllis Hirsch

John Hodgson & Pat Beyer

Dominique & David Hoelzinger

David & Cara Holmberg

Kathleen Hope & Troy Axelrod

Carol & Wayne Hopman

Renee & Gordon Hornbaker

Dr. Ken & Michelle Horowitz

Bonnie & Mark Howard

Nancy Hulme & Tanya Tweden

Jean Hundley

Sherry & Robert Hunkler

William & Carolyn Hunter

Mike & Marcie Hutchinson

Fred & Cathy Hutton

Mary Kay & Eric Inglett

Jeff & Lacey Insel

Jim & Joan Howard

Mary Ellen Howe & Howard Baxter

Greg M. Hrasky

Jana Huggins & Lee Nickloy

Marilyn & Joe Hughey

Jack & Carol

Chuck & Madeleine Jackson

John Jackson

Kevin & Cheryl James

Susan & Mike Jeffreys

Judith Johansen

Yellow Bird Productions performs at the MIM Music Theater during its artist residency in December 2022.

Laura Johnson

Whitney & Janet Johnson

William & Ellen Johnson

Carlos A. Jones & Mary-Sara Jones

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Jones

Karen & Frick Jones

Michelle Jones & Callie Harriman

Rex Jones

Natalee Josephs

Fify Juliana

Leslie & David Kammerer

William & Helen Kasley

Leonard Katzenstein

Michael & Cindy Katzoff

Susan & Steve Kaufman

Lori Kavanaugh

Michael Keahon

Kenneth & Judith Keene

James & Rebecca Kereste

Robert L. Kern

The Kerr Family

Linda & William Langer

Suzanne Lansford & Christine Delort

Marcia & John Larson

Eric Lauenberg

Mary & Duwayne LeBlanc

James Ledford & Therese Price

Johnathan Lee

The Legeres

John & Linda Leng

Dr. Terry & Marcia Lenhardt

George & Connie Leon

Leone Family Charitable Fund

Marc Lerch & Geraldine Varela

Pnina Levine & Alan Gold

Tom & Margi Levitt

Linda Lewis

Nate Libby

Douglas Liebman

Tracie Lindeman

Hampton & Leslie Locklear

Mark McFadden

Dale & Cheryl McFarland

Michael & Jerilyn McGehee

Beverly & Jack McGoffin

Jo & Thomas McGraw

David & Suzi McGuffin

Moddy & Dave McKeown

Dennis McMillan

William McMillen

Beth McMullen

In memory of Randall Hageman

W.K. Means & Gary Fajack

Menasha Corporation

Tony & Nikki Mendes

Eric D. Mendoza

Greg & Linda Menz

Lynette & Kevin Merkell

Donald & Cheryl Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Meza

Alan & Judy Michaelson

Rochelle & Justin Kiggins

Jo Anne & Andrew Kindler

Brian & Anitra King

J. Colby & Nancy King

Penelope Kirk & Knute Knudson

Chuck & Colleen Klees

Dee & Dick Kling

John & Maureen Knapp

Jodi Kogan

Heather & David Kollar

Margaret & Anthony Koller

Susan & Dave Korkes

Roy & Kathryn Krause

Valerie & Don Kuechler

Henry & Eileen Kuller

Gina & Jake Kulp

CW Kyle Photography & Printing, LLC

Carla & Paul Labriola

Rich Lamarco & Silvia Benincaso

Rae Love

Robert Lundeen

Chris & Jeanne Luzzi

Lisa & Wally Maher

Roger & Susan Mandeville

Roger & Victoria Marce

Evelyn Marquez

Steve Marshall

Bruce Martin & Lynn Closway

Ralph & Roxanne Martin

Diane & Bradley Mautner

Donna McAlister

Patrick & Marilyn McBride

Chip & Jo McCarthy

Robert & Suzanne McClenachan

Diane & Larry McComber

Sanford & Barbara McCormick

Gail McCullom & Dave Bacon

Laura & Dennis McDonald

O’Neill & Vickie McDonald

Marysa Mikan

Ann Miller

Chuck & Judy Miller

Curtis & Joan Miller

Kate Miller

Keith Miller

MaryAnn & Duane Miller

Peggy & David Miller

Susan Miller

Ian S. Millett

Lucille Mills

Todd & Pamela Mills

JoAnn & Glenn Miner

Eleanor & George Mink

Marie Mitchell

Sharon Mittelman & Dr. Jeffrey Cook

Kelly & Mark Mollison


Everett & Julia Moore

“This museum is all about innovation, customs, culture, and the way all our lives are intertwined with the world through the magic of music.”
MIM guest,Yelp

$250+ continued

J. Mora

Patricia Mordigan Hawkins

Wendy & Michael Morris

Judee Morrison

Sandra C. Moses

Joyce Mouer

Anita Murcko & Mark Wallace

Debra Murphy

Therese Murphy & Andy Kay

Bob & Edit Murray

George & Susan Myers

Sondra Myers

Richard & Marcia Nadolny

Ed & Cheri Najim

David & Sharon Neff

Mark Nelson

Priscilla Nelson

Ron & Pat Nelson

Ronald & Georgia Nelson

Toni Ann & Eugene Nelson

Margy & Scott Owen

Suzanne Paetzer

Debra Paget & Jeff Berg

Glenn & Felicia Pahnke

Jonathan & Robin Painter

Bonnie Paisley

Susan & Richard Pallan

Julie & Tom Palmer

Katie Palmer

Charles Paquet Jr. & Tracy Mertens

Linton & Mary Park


George & Linda Parkins

David & Joan Parsons

Samuel Passamonte

Linda Patterson

Deborah & Darry Pearson

Haney & Lyn Pearson

Larry & Yolanda Penley

Bill & Barbara Pennock

Linda & Charles Redman

Tom & Janet Rees

Patrick Reid

Angelita D. Reyes

Brandi & John Reynolds

J. Reynolds

Jean M. Richau

Michael & Jacquie Richey

Stephen & Cindy James Richman

Jeff Ricken

The Ridolfis

Lisa & Robert Rimsza

Jim & Pamela Ripley

George Rnjak

Caren Robinson

Howard Robinson

Marion Robinson

Nancy & James Robinson

Joy Rodino

Faith & Robin Roelofs

Nickolas Neubauer

Thomas & Marita Neumann

Jason & Gina Neves

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Newman

Jaycee & Debbie Newman

Walt & Karen Nielsen

Joel & Lorrie Normand

Donna North

Greg & Sandi Novak

Robin Obenchain, M.D.

Jim & Terry O’Dea

Barbara & David O’Keeffe

Laurent Olszer

Judith & Donald Opatrny

Jeffrey & Susan Orchen

Alicja & Jerzy Orkiszewski

Melissa Orlov

Beatrice & Terry Orr

Eric & Victoria Ossowski

David C. & Cathleen J. Ostermeyer

Anne & Robert Oswald

Chris & Carol Perry

Randall & Roberta Perry

John & Jill Peterson

Caryl Pettit

Sandra & Elliot Philipson

Doug & Chiquita Pierce

Larry & Linda Pincus

Steven & Gayle Pincus

William & Karen Powell

Brian Powers

J. David & Shirley Prest

Michael & Suzanne Pugsley

Scott & Kathy Pursley

Missy & Bob Putnam

Jorge Ramirez

Nancy & Robert Ramsey

Martin Randall

Sonja & Michael Randall

Charles & Janice Rankin

Ray & Cathy Raymer

Aimee & Ben Readhead

Mr. Mario T. Romero & Mr. G. Lewis Penrose

Amy & Chris Rompalo

Sandy & Lawrence Rosen

Joan & Richard Rosenblatt

Carol Rosensteel

Marlene Ross

Chris Rossi

Shari & Thomas Rotherham

Mr. & Mrs. James Rubin

Richard & Dawn Ruehs

Cathy & Kirill Ruvinov

Jerry Rybnikar

John Rycraft

John Ryerson

Tom & Mary Sadvary

Dennis Sage

Michael & Debra Saling

Lynne Saltz

San Felipe Family

Stewart & Regina Sandoval

“Wow, this is the perfect place for a concert! The venue is small and soothing, and the sound is excellent.”
MIM guest, Facebook

Kathryn & Michael Sankey

Christine & Leonel Sarrico

Frank & Mary Sarwark

Mark Schaaf

Lori & Manfred Scharmach

Steven & Lois Scheiner

Peter Schindler

Karol & John Schlicher

Tom & Pam Schouten

Alexander & Virginia Schragel

Walter & Susan Schroeder

Robert & Jeanne Schulz

The Schwartz Family

Rhonda Schwartz

Cliff W. Schweitzer

Stephen & Laura Sciarrio

Nancy & John Settles

Scott & Judi Severson

John & Pat Seybolt

Christopher & Laurie Seymour

Joshua Shade

John Shanholt & Gail Kern

Mayor Shanken & Sharon Lewis

Todd & Elizabeth Sharp

Michael & Anne Sheehan

Nancy A. Shenker

Sandra Sherline

James Sherman

Joel & Sheryl Sherman

Margaret Shreves & Bill Marshall

Jayne & Allan Siegel

Leonard Silk

Anita & Steven Slaughter

David & Rebecca Small

Michael & Ruth Smilg

Bill & Allison Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Craig D. Smith

Jennie & Charles Smith

Linda Smith

Quentin P. Smith Jr. & Beverly Carter-Smith

Sally Smith & John Dunker

Margaret & Randall Snittjer

Phyllis & Arthur Soben

Rodo & Susan Sofranac

Jeff Sommers & Lara Hammel

Jason & Doreen Song

The Spatz Family

MarLynn Spears

Pamela & Rick Speer

Bonnie & John Stallone

Ava & Chuck Stanford Jr.

Rena Steele

Eric Stein & Debra Rabb

Lee Stein

Don & Colleen Stephens

Sherri & Russ Stephens

Jim & Monica Stern

Donovan Stevens

Dawn & Jay Schlott

David & Rosemary Schmertz

Thomas Schmit & Karin Evans

Robin & Harlan Schneider

Olin Schocket & Joan Sparber-Schocket

Dave & Ellen Schoenbeck

Anthony Scott

Darryl & Barbara Scott

Dave & Ann Scovil

Karen & Henry Seduski

Richard Seehuus & Carolyn Moon

Susan M. Sellars

Jane & Arthur Stewart

Mark & Susan Stodola

Carla Stone

Marcia L. Stout

Priscilla Stoyanof & David Roche

Janice Strong

Nancy & William Sumner

Julian Lage performs at the MIM Music Theater in September 2022.


Legacy Circle members sustain the power of music

Music accompanies some of the most pivotal moments of our lives. It shapes our life story in so many ways that truly matter and plays a role in so many important moments, from childhood to growing up, falling in love, celebrations, grief, friendships, and more.

Music can also become a powerful legacy. When you include MIM in your will or another planned gift, you are creating a legacy through music that will benefit future generations.

When you make a legacy gift, you receive recognition as part of MIM’s Legacy Circle and invitations to special events. You can learn more at MIM.org/planned-giving or by contacting donor engagement officer Stephanie Miller at stephanie.miller@MIM.org or 480.245.6933 for more information on how you can create a legacy through music.

“Many of our supporters are now choosing to make a gift in their will because they want to remember the person who inspired their love of music, honor the ways music has touched their lives, and share their passion with future generations,” Miller says. “I would be thrilled to meet with you to discuss creating your legacy with MIM.”

If you have already included MIM in your will, please let us know so you can be recognized as part of our Legacy Circle.

We extend our sincere gratitude to those who have invested in MIM’s future and are honored that you have chosen to make MIM part of your life story through music. It means the world to us and those we serve.

Guests enjoy MIM’s galleries.

$250+ continued

Marshall & Linda Sussman

Christopher Swainhart

Leon & Barbara Swerin

Michael Swindling & Kristine Trulin

Joseph & Eileen Talty

Kari Tannenbaum & Mark Pelofsky

Dan Tarkoff

Mike Tatarek

Julie A. Taylor

Lauren Taylor

Jefferey Templeton & Jill Davidson

Inge Terpening

Nancy & Terry Theken

Paul & Linda Thistlethwaite

Paul Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Thompson

Legacy and Endowment Gifts

Rich & Julie Thompson

Tim & Vicky Thompson

James Tinker & Amy Russell

Allen & Jill Tiongco

Larry & Darlys Tippie

Dr. Tokar & Mr. Jones

Elizabeth Tomboulian

Margie Torres

Jennifer & Gregory Toth

Ron & Beth Trachy

We extend sincere gratitude to those who have invested in MIM’s future either through a gift in their will, another planned gift, or a named endowment.

Legacy Circle Members

Shirley & Tom Bekey

Bieber Family Foundation

Babette & Richard Burns

Bart & Betsy Butzer

Tim & Jacqueline Byers

Paul & Annette Cardosi Charitable Trust

Donald R. Dixon Trust

Mary & Bob Farmer

Jill H. Ford

Debra Prue Gerry

Thomas R. Granfield

Rick & Kim Greenwald

MGySgt Derek Hayes, USMC (Ret.) & Mrs. Barbara Perry

Jane & Bob Hayoz

General Operating Endowment Fund

Uta Behrens Fund

Edward J. Claussen Memorial Fund

Bruce & Lily Heffner

Jim & Kathy Henderson

Ron & Linda Jones

Meredith V. L. Laubin

Christine Lindley

Dan Martin

Frank Michael & Mary Elizabeth Mazurco

Liz Merchant

Arlene & Steven Mirer

Dharani P. & Judith C. Narayana

John A. Nesbit

John & Mary Picken

Jerry & Jo Ellen Preradovic

James L. Ratcliff & Barbara M. Montgomery-Ratcliff

Gail Rittenhouse

Patricia Rolfe

Evie & Mark Rostvold

The M. and J. Schwing Trust

Janet C. Shepherd

Judith & Louis Stein

J. Bruce Tominello & Lawrence E. Kirchner

Ulrich Living TrustCurt & Karen Ulrich

Robert J. Ulrich & Diane Sillik

Irene H. Vasquez

Annette Voth

Cap & Suzy Iliff Witzler

Jan & David Wood

Robin & Stephen Woodworth

Joyce & Les Young

Education Endowment Fund

Miriam S. and Louis E. Brodian Education Fund

Dr. Donald W. Collier STEM Education Fund

Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Fund

Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Collection Acquisition Endowment Fund

Jill Dahlin Memorial Fund

Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

Music Theater Concert Endowment Fund

Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund

John and Joan D’Addario Fund

Handwerger Master Series Fund

Andrew C. Lim & Ruth T. Lim, MD, Education Fund

Judy Pelham Fund

Theodore R. Stephan Education Fund

Robert J. Ulrich and Diane Sillik Fund


$250+ continued

Jeffrey & J.R. Trevas

Wes & Tonja Triplett

William & Judith Trojan

Patricia Tschudy & Joseph Pickren

James & Karen Tubbs

David & Jenn Tubley

Phillip Turner & Rachel Turner

Allyn & Audrey Tuschen

Bert & Scott Umbreit

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Urban

Ernest & Michelle Urquhart

Katherine & Peter Uscinski

Julie & Fred Van Etten

Jerry & Joan Vandevoort

Nick Vasilopoulos

Veda Vaughn

John & Mary Versosky

Kathleen Versteegt

David & Donna Vessey

Catherine Villinski

Linda Vollstedt

Virginia & Darwin Voltin

Ann & Dan Von Hoff

Lorna & Duane Wadsworth

Charlie & Susie Waggoner

Debbie Wainwright

Patricia & John Waldman

Margo & Frank Walter

Richard Walter

Christine Walters

Gina Walters

Larry & Cherris Walton

Claire Warshaw

The Waters Family

Kevin Webb

Vince & Elizabeth Webb

Mark & Jennifer Weber

Larry Weinberg

Jeff and Ginette Weiner

Don & Sandy Weir

Gary Weiss & Debra Berkowitz

Harvey Weiss & Julia Vidock

Philip & Connie Welch

Lawrence Wellman & Barbara Aanonson

Beverly & Dennis Wells

Carolyn Welsh

James Wessel

Pamela & Richard West

Emily Westerberg

Edward Westerfield & Marissa Levenda

Western Union

Cory & Mary Wheeler

Jean & Dan Wheeler

R. Whiteaker & B. Crowe

Brian Wieland

James Winjum

Guy & Vickie Winters

Deborah Wiss

Gerald Wissink

P.J. & Gail Wolff

Margaret & Rob Wonhof

Migs Woodside


John & Jan Wilcynski

Annie Williams & Steve Sampson

Gary & Nicole Williams

Carol Wilson

Perry Wilson & Laura Bertrand

John & Naomi Woychick

Tim Wray

Jim, Jeanne & Megan Wright

Paul & Theresa Wurst

Melinda & Robert Xanthos

Pamela Yellen

Diane Wilbur & Jim Szalay The Navy Band Southwest’s Brass Quintet in the Main Courtyard during a pop-up performance in March 2022.

Raymon & Susan York

Mr. & Mrs. Walter K. Young

Patricia K. Zajac

Edwin Zalewski

Ronald & Debby Zambo

Diana & Joseph Zerella

Lynda & John Zimmer

Robert Zinkhan

Steve & Sue Zollner

Tanya M. Zuhri

Adam Zweiback


Anonymous (87)

Nicole & B. Wayne Abbott

Omonigho I. Abebe

Benjamin Abelson

James P. Abner

Allie Abram

Nazmiye Acikgoz & Selin Akbay

Lucy Adams

Roula Assaf & Azeez Saliba

Ronald Atkinson & Barbara Peterson

Shilpa & Neil Atodaria

Brandon & Jennifer Au

Mike & Cathy Aydelott

AZ Lions Vision & Hearing FD

Chrysten Baca & Nicholas Vallone

Debashis & Renni Bagchi

Shahram & Marina Bahadori

Nisha Bahatia

Jan Baker

The Balangue-Goodman Family

Joseph Balazs

Rebecca & Brandon Barakat

Daniel Barba & Diana Figueroa

Tricia & Chris Barger

Anthony Barlo & Lolita Larco

Todd & Scott Baughman

Joseph & Elizabeth Bayer

Milagros Bigelow & Eric Nakpil

Carlie Billmeyer

William Blaine

Gerry & Ken Blakeman

Denise Blanchette

Win & Meredith Blevins

Sylvia T. Block

John & Carole Blood

Andersen BloombergPiano Prodigy

Joseph Bloxham & Haylee Pomeroy

Kathleen Bogart

Keith Bol

Natally Bones

Danielle Bonilla-Foster & Katia Sweigart

Michael Bonnice

Alisa & Craig Bonsignore

Gundula & Peter Bosch

Heather & Steve Bossé

William & Marian Adcock

Stan & Linda Albert

Danelly Aleman-Enriquez

Jessica & Steve Alexander

Gladis Molina Alt

Taunya Altamirano - Live Love Drink Travel, LLC

Andres Alzate & Nitasha Chopra

Michelle Anderson & Rembrandt Quiballo

Rodney & Arthea Anderson

Talia Anderson

Jekaterina Andreicika & Vlad Andreiciks

Bob & Sheila Appleton

Liz & Eric Arenas

Dieter & Charlotte Armbruster

Kelly & Jason Armstrong

Cortney & Steve Arnold

Koki & Yolanda Arrington

Ali & Hina Asghar

Alice & Jim Bazlen

Harry & Deanne Beachler

Brad & Carole Beard

Sara & Alan Beaudrie

Margaret Beck-Harbort & Zachary Beck

Aden Beihl

Donovan & Janel Bell

Joanne & Michael Bellet

Ariane Ben Eli & Charles Hopkins

Troy Bender

Tim Benson

Jonah & Celia Bentz

Jean Berg & John Babick

Laurine Berger

Larry & Susan Bergstrom

Linda Beverly

Manoj Bhargaw

David & Bonnie Bickford

Floyd Bienstock & Beverly Beddow

Charlene Bottjen

Rachel & Matt Bottoms

Melinda & Robert Bowers

Joy & Ken Bowley

Calvin & Ellen Boyd

Martha Boyd

Courtney Bradford

Karissa Brady

Rick & Sue Braithwaite

David & Sandy Braun

Bredel Family

Paula Breen

Michele Bressler & Lisa Payne

Frank Brett

Lee & Eileen Brodsky

Danetta Bronnimann

Summer Brooks

John Brower

Ryan & Janis Brown

Stephanie Brown

Janet & Dan Bryan

“Whether you’re a casual music listener or a serious fan, the Musical Instrument Museum has something for you.”
MIM guest, Google review

$119+ continued

Keith & Janet Bryan

Roberta W. Buchanan

Samuel & Amanda Buckwalter

Christine Bull

Julie & James Burch

Suzanne & Ronald Burkey

Jessica Burn

Mike Burns

John Butler

Hannah & John Byrnes

Cameron Call

Margaret Campbell

Carlos Capetillo & Rosalva De Leon

Michael & Sandra Caputo

David Carlson

Morris & Marilyn Carmichael

The Carrillos

Reed & Tiffany Cartwright

Victor M. Castillo

JM Colello Family Trust

Antonio Colon

Julie Colvig

Phyllis & Pamela Conary

Deanna & Paul Conomos

Stephaine & Jesse Conrad

Chris Contino

Kirsten & Gary Cook

Cooper Family

Suzanne Cornell

Xylina Corvelle

Molly Cosio

Renae & Richard Costa

Monica Couch

Kendrick Counts

Jacqueline Craig

Sarah Crane

Lesley Hoyt-Croft & Lee Croft

Angela Crook & Karen Mineer

Christopher Crowley

Genevieve Cuevas

Stephanie De La Rosa

Daniel & Alicia Deets

Danielle & Cheri DeGruccio

Emily & Anthony DeKorte

Danielle & Savina Delfin-Lara

Jacob & Laura Delgado

Bozier & Gerald Demaree

Nina Dennison & Brian Rauch

Mandar Deshpande

Saurabh Deshpande

Nicolas & Haley Desmet

Jamie & Sheila Dessen

Matt & Mandie DeVries

Kristina & Moe Diab

Barbara & Jeffrey Dickerson

Christian & Bernadette Diegel

Dobbin/Fleck Family

Patrick & Nancy Dolan

Christopher & Paola Dorsey

Dimitrios Douros

Dr. Zhao & Dr. Yi

Bruce & Cathy Cavitt

Phil & Paige Chadwick

Nicole & Owen Chamberlin

Kam & Katie Chan

Kelly Chang

Idelle Cheeney & John Robinson

Xiyao Chen

Andrea & Ken Cherevka

Stephanie & Michael Chiesi

Choice Hotels International Inc.

Angel & Bryan Chow

Sandra & Coy Christensen


Marssia Cisneros & Christopher Billings

Jennifer & Michael Clark


Catherine & Philip Cochran

James Cogo & Chia-Chien Lee

Heather Cole

Craig Culy

Sandra Cundiff

Albert George Cursi & Corinne Cursi

Brandon & Taren Curtis

Robin & Matthew Cusick

Allison K. Dagenais

Jen & Mark Daker

Susan & Benjamin Dangerfield

Jeffrey Daniels & Stephanie Dinner

Yosef & Shoshana Danzger

Richard Dashiell & Miriam Tarcov

Andrew & Tiffany Daumueller

Aaron & Emily Davis

Jeanne Davis

Karen Davis

Paul & Belmina Davis

Adam Davisson

Joshua & Venus Davlin

Pablo De Jesus & Brenda Ernst

John & Tiffany Drain

Dawn Drake

Stephen Vincent Drehobl

Dronseiko Family

Suneet Dullet & Navkirat Bajwa

Jeffrey & Katie Duncan

Cameron & Lauren Dunlap

Lenay Dunn & Tisha Gonzales

Dustin & Katherine

Pat Dutcher

Pamela Duty

Jan & Bob East

Brian & Gia Eaton

Christopher & Miriam Eck

May & Brian Ehmke

Candace Ellis

Tiffany & William Ellis

Taylor & Katrina Ellsworth

Doris & Erin Eng

William & Wendi Ennis

“I could have spent days here. . . . Whether your interest is music, history, culture, travel, exploring how others live, design, or art, there is much for you here.”
MIM guest, Tripadvisor

Loren & Charlyn Enstad

David & Melissa Epstein

Jenny & Annika Erickson

Cynthia & Hazael Escobar

Erin & Curtis Estevo

Kirby & Kathyrn Everingham

Graydon & Rebekah Ewing

Stella & Gil Exler

Farina Family

Jason & Stephanie Farrington

Marian Farris & Jessica Flowers

Olubadewa & Rechel Fatunde

Donna Feilner

Tyler & Megan Feld

Ben & Tricia Feldman

Linda Ferington

Kelcie Fincham & Brett Stinson

Jacob & Leslie Findlay

Denise & Jay Finlan

Lisa Finn & Corey Johnson

Suzanne & Alec Fischer

Gail Fisher & Melvin Kessler

Carey & Michele Flamer-Powell

Jennifer & Douglas Flanders

Sarah & Dana Flannery

Renate & Theo Fleisch

Robert & Fran Fletcher

Joe & Christine Flood

Allyson & Ashleigh Flowers

Bob & Christine Flury

Jennifer & Chad Forbes

Lisa Fowles

Wendy & Phil Fox

Jane Frankie

Wayne Franklin

Perry Frantzman

Scott & Anita Freeborn

Lisa & Kevin Frick

Deborah & David Friedman

Linda Fuelling & Julian Jones

Guy & Karen Fujiwara

Kathryn Fuller & Hank Tomlinson

Sherri Jo Gallagher

Mike & Barbara Gallier

Shannon Gambee & Kara Holyoak

Donna Garcia

Mario Garza

Carol Gasser

Kathie Gates

Sean, Adrian & Alexandra Gaughan

Mary Ann & Richard Gayle

Tommy & Leslie Gearhart

Eva & Christophe Gehn

Emily Geho

Joseph & Elaine Geoghegan

Emily Gesell & Gwendolyn Strmic

Marguerita Gesler

Duffy & Julian Gibb

Ugonna & Audrey Ezeh

Shannon & Dawn Faber

Natalie Fabert & Nestor Pinillos

Roxie Fabry

Julianna Fallon

Fares Family

Christian & Elka Fernandez

The Fernando Family

Aiden & Linda Ferry

Mark & Kelly Feuerer

Jerry & Marva Fife

James & Barbra Fillmore

Sarah Gibson & Aaron Wyse

Alexandra & Zack Gilburd

Kathleen & Meg Giles

Chessa & Jay Gill

Glen Gill

Angela & Brian Gillespie

A student plays the arpa paraguaya in the Experience Gallery during a field trip to MIM.

Shirley Glickman

The Gnants

Anup Gokarn & Avanika Mahajan

Michael & Robyn Goldberg

Heather & Edward Goldman

Nancy Goldman

Desiree Gonzales

Jaime Gonzalez

Rosa Gonzalez

Janell Goplen

Bobette Gordon

Christian Gordon & Jason Chin

Michiko & Alexander Gordon

Howard & Mara Gossack

Shuang Gou & Thomas Britt

Matthew & Andrea Grannemann

Deborah Gray

Steven Gray

Thaivan Greenfield

Katharine & David Gregory

David Greschke

Julia & John Griffin

Angie & Lynne Grimwood

Arthur Gross

Timothy Gross

Matthew & Naomi Grossman

Daniel Gruber

Hyun Gu Kang & Shoko Hino

Charles & Elaine Gunderson

Patricia & Adrian Gutierrez

Daniel & Donna Gutman

Tammy & Todd Hafer

Tiffany & Harley Descheenie

Laurie & Jim Halfpenny

Judy Haller


Christian Hampson & Samantha Funk

Dianne Hampton & Candace Johnson-Hampton

Karen & Michael Handelman

Margaret Harman

Vishal & Junelle Harnal

Darcy & Tim Harper

Dane Harwood & Amy Uhrbach

Christy & Randal Hatch

The Hauer Family

Richard Havermale

Michael Hawthorne & Rita Craig

Peter & Marsha Heiman

Leah & David Henderson

William Hendricks

Zachary & Rebecca Hendrickson

Stephanie & Jackson Hendrix

Brian Hensley

Elizabeth Hensley & Silvano Lopez

Liz Hepper & Bob Shepler

Conrad Jon Herges

Emily Hernandez

Marciano Hernandez & Rocio Cruz

Robert Hernandez

The Hernandez-Loera Family

Sabestine & Rene Hernandez

Stacie Herrera

Tammy Elliott Heydari

Simon & Michelle Higgs

Johanna Hill

Sheiren & Robert Hillman

David & Kathleen Hillrich

Thomas & Shannelle Hindmon

Christine Hippensteel

Joanne Hirsch

Alison & Jim Hirshorn

Haumea Ho

Teresa Hoerres & Ravi Subramanian

Pat & Bob Holder

David & Carly Hong

Holly Hoxeng

Teresa Hsieh

John & Barbara Huff

Robert Hufford

Ann Hughes

Eric & Heather Humphrey

Brian & Shannon Hunt

Amber & Scott Huntoon-Colvin

Corey & Patricia Hutchinson

Eleanor Hutchinson

Sooyeon Hwang & Yongseong Choi

Mr. & Mrs. Pieter Hye

Stacey & Seizen Ikeda

Albert Ingallinera & Wendy Ellis

Gulnora Isaeva & Aziz Inoyatov

Carolyn Jackson & David Browning

Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Jacob

Atul Jain

Franz James & Sepideh Olausson

Unnati Jariwala

Tom & Karen Jenkins

William & Kathryn Jensen

Travis & Sarah Jewett

Germán & Audra Jimenez

Alice Johnson

Erica & Cade Johnson

Jill & Bruce Johnson

Joylene Johnson

Krista & Greg Johnson

Eugene & Lauraine Johnson

Ron & Pat Johnson

Bruce Johs

Dorothy & Clinton Jokerst

Martin Jolley

David Jones

Kanika Jones

Norma Jones

Erin & Dennis Jordan

Naomi Jorgensen & Josh Baker

Michael Joseph

Samantha & Jason Jourden

Peter Juang & Ya-lan Yang

Christopher & Suzanne Juneau

Elizabeth Jungkind

Toufic Kachaamy & Victoria Veilleux

Kahane Family Trust

James & Sara Kalso

Amanda Kaminskas & Jason Harper

Zheng Kang

Karen & Matthew Kaplan

Mickey & Ellen Kaplan

Samantha & Jeffrey Karr

Jason Kaufman

John Kelley

James & Tiffany Kelly

Jocelyn Kempe

Matthew & Lelah Kennedy

Nick Kerchavel

Susan Kewin

Moonsoo Kim & Eunju Lee

Sean & Diana Kim

Michael & Rebecca King

Erron Kinsler

Leslie Kirkhart & Sarah Rowles

Linda Kirsh

$119+ continued

Angeles Klein

Christa & Michael Klein

Kristina & Ben Klein

Lucas Klein & Shenxin Li

Lisa Knight

Andrea & Dan Knob

Jamie & Sherry Kofoid

Nancy Kohn

Katrina & Tyler Kokjohn

Laura Kooyman

Linda & John Koser

The Kramer Family

Adam Krefetz

Lindsey Kreider & Leigh Osiensky

Steven & Joyce Kressler

Meghna Krishnan & Ashish Phansopkar

Dan Kruse

Ellen Kryc & Shannon Kolacevski

Donna Kublin & Douglas Blaney

Martin Kudler

John & Rebecca Kuhle

Kurtz Family

The Kyambaddes

Kristin Kyle

Catalina & Aaron Lafrance

Lisa & Ryan Lakey

Danielle Lam

Mary Claire Lanser & Allan Ogorzalek

Maria & David Lapham

Richard & Diana LaPlante

Linzi Larsen

Nikolai & Rayonna Lash

Michelle Lauer

Joleen Law & Heather Magdelano

Rodrigo Ledesma & Adriana Sabate

Ryan Lee

Dr. Nancy & Walter Lees

Molly Lemke & Mark Cowley

Jessica & Joshua Lentz

Christine Lester

Rabbi Charles & Dr. Sandra Levi

Steven Levitsky & Kathy Farnsworth

Kelli Levy

Alice Lewis

Don & Connie Lewis

Kevin Lewis & Lenora Ham

Travis & Denise Lewis

Sara Li

Wei Li & Qi He

Wang Liao & Cuong Nhan

Sara & David Lin

Melanie & Dave Little

Yin Liu & Quwei Gan

Yu Liu & Hsin Yang

Mario & Nancy Lizaola

Lee & Shirley London

Erika & Aldie Lopez

Nereo & Melissa Loresto

Elizabeth Lucio & Daniel Gil

Chante & Gary Ludlow

Debbie Luna

Kyle Luna & Elizabeth Chan

Marcela & Richard Lustiger

Carol Lyons

Peggy Machen

Stephen MacKinnon & Anne Feldhaus

Andrew & Amy MacLeod

Erin Madsen

Merrill & Karen Madsen

Adam & Cristina Magana

Matt & Deb Mains

Kathleen & Ed Maltby

Sharolyn Manchester

Cheryl Mandala

Sumana Mandala

Jacqueline & Aaron Mangold

Jimmy & Nina Mann

Marella Family

Mike Marino

Patti Marshock

Mike Martin & Emily Woods

Rachel Martin

Alfonso Martinez Smith & Margarita Cortez

David & Nargiza Mashuri

Amy & David Mastbaum

Jason & Kerrie Mayans

Karen & Richard Mayfield

Edward & Nancy McCallum

Margaret & John McCauley

Mitchell & Lynne McCollom

Marc & Maria McCraig

Gretchen McCray

Carol McEnroe & Graham Phipps

Jill & Bryan McGann

Tammy McGee & Ray Fendley

Renny McGovern

Lori & Thomas McGrain

Holly & Curtis McKnight

Melinda & Brandon McLaughlin

Judi McLoughlin

Dusty Mcmahan

Nic McMurrry & Blancha Alonso

Sarah McNiece

Lynne McTaggart & Doug Goosey-Mctaggart

Sean McVicker & Cassandra Votruba

Louisa Medlin

Sheila Mehlem

Mehrotra Family

Rob Meisel

Brent Mekosh

Gwendolyn & Marc Melis

Emily & Adam Melnick

Paul Mendoza & Alison Wyrick

Cesar & Alina Meraz

Elizabeth Merrill

Rebecca Merritt

Donna Meyerovitz

Kevin & Haily Meyers

Camille Miake

Matthew & Megan Milana

Milham Family

Angela Miller & Marc Masters

Craig & Sylvia Miller

Ryan Miller & Sunday Shepherd

Grant & Gerrie Mills

Diego Miranda & Meghan Ruel

Anil Mody

Melissa & Adam Mokan

Vanessa Molina & Noe Galindo

Aaron Molletti

Linda Monheit

Ben Monte Calvo

Marianne Moore & Paul Mancuso

Alejandra Morales & Manuel Hernandez

Jose Morales & Sylvia Hernandez

Matthew & Linda Moran

Mayra Moreno & Natalie Nunez

Elisabeth & Thomas Morgan

Jennifer & Brecken Morgan

Morgan Family


$119+ continued

Carmen Diaz Morris & Jesse Morris

Sabrina & Jason Morris

Jana & John Morrison

Tom & Judy Mosher

Larry Moskow & Jody Bol

Shelley Mowry

Donna Mrowka

Christopher & Wendy Munger

Lisa Murphy & Anthony Garcy

Jeff & Laura Musfeldt

Sita Mutyala

Andrew & Stacey Myers

Lakshmana Nallamothu

Steve & Leah Nardi

Jackie & Tim R. Needham

Anjaneya Pratap Neeli & Tulasi Lakshmi Kopparthy

Rose Neese

Eileen & Dennis Neiman

Laura & Mark Nelson

Lynn Nelson

David Newman & Mark Winer

The Ng Family

Menolly & Spencer Nield

Walter Niewiadomski & Lauren Zuzic

Steve & Beverly Noettl

Paul & Mary Nordeen

Antigone & Travis Norgaard

Daryl Nucum

Katherine O’Neill

Chris & Janet O’Brien

Jeni & Mike O’Callaghan

Margaret O’Connor

Kathleen Oderkirk

Farrell & Bobbie Odom

Shawn O’Hara

Jim & Laura Ohm

Nicholas & Heather Olivas

Bill & Linda Orr

Heather & Victor Ortega

Karen Orwig

Jillian & Robert Oshana

James Oster

Yekaterina & Randy Packer

Richard & Mary Paine

Nikia & Christopher Palacios

Vinod & Smita Palejwala

John & Lou Palley

Rachel Paquette

Janet Paris & Rachel Stofocik

Jennifer & Hale Parisek

Tom & Diane Parsons

Susan & Greg Pasternack

Jennifer Patterson

Luana Patterson

Theresa Paulus & Rachael Mavis

Stacie Pawletzki

Roberta & James Pazol

Dan & Amber Pearce

Jeff Pearce & Anna Ulrich

Rolando Perez

Tracey Perkins & Vernon Morris

Connie Perlot

Deanna & Gabriel Peterson

Darnell & Donna Pettengill

Fred E. Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. James Phillips

Marietta Phillips

Shine & Janina Phinao

Lorence & Carol Pickens

Richard Pilo & Katherine Thompson

Lisa Piorczynski & Charlton Grant

Patricia & Christopher Pogemiller

Thor & Elle Pond

Sakada & Sara Pot

Julie & Jack Poucher

Jim Prater

Greg & Nikki Price

Michael Price

Alana Priesman

Nancy & Peter Prinsze


Amol & Deepika

Heidi & Russ Pyle

Zachary Pyle

Nissa Quanstrom

Gary Quinn

Quinn Family

Niki Liggins Rabo

Michael Radomski & Sue Elmer

Cory & Megan Ramsey

Linda Rand

Sara Randolph

Andrew Raney

Alfredo Rangel & Robyn Branzell

Jeff Rattiner & Diane Sweeney

Jarett & Ruth Ray

Razorsharp Communications, Inc.

Clayton & Heather Reed

Bob & Gayle Reed

Lori Reger

Peter Reilly

Donna & John Repaty

John Replogle & Marianne Buettner-Replogle

Jennifer Retterer

Cindy Rexroad & Jacob Strasser

Diana Richardson & Norma Hernandez

Julie & Michael Ridgeway

Daniela Riley & Family

David & Cindy Roach

Fay & Anne Roberts

Sally & Doug Robinette

Darnell & Olivia Robinson

Kelly Robles

Kristin Roepke

Tom & Cindy Rogers

Edward Roles & Meridith Snyder

Benjamin & Mary Rose Roloff

Al & MaryLou Ronca

Meegan Rooke

Doug Rooney

Rose Community Foundation

Yehuda Rosen

Kellie Rosinski & Shirley Vigna

Patricia Rossillo

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Roush

Kristi Rowley

Howard Rubin & Mary Imper

Zaneta & Ronald Ruff

Thomas Rutten

Freddy & Laura Saavedra

Wolf Safrin

Stacy Sais

Morgan Sanden & Nadia Neimanas

G. Shabazz Sanders & Mia Payraudeau

Betsy Sandlin

Brett Sapowith & Miya Maughan

Sargis Saribekyan & Sirarpi Sargsyan

Alla Sarkisova & William Tansey

Bob Saucedo

Diane & Jimmy Schaeffler


Joyce Schaffer & Gayle Jameson

Robert & Melissa Schell

Renee & Jed Schenck

Donald & Dana Schlichtmann

Erika Schmidt & Gavin Schermer

Barry & Willa Schneider

Kathleen & John Schnobrich

Whitney & Andrew Schonhoff

Ronald & Connie Schwartau

Philippa Schwendimann

Brian & Tracy Seabury

Frank Segall

Gary & Sue Sennett

Delice Serritella & Cathey Castro

Dean & Susan Seward

Nicholas Shade

Sara Shaheen & Jonathan Winnie

Barry & Robin Shalen

Tamera & Howard Shanker

Carolyn & Luke Shannon

Barry & Anne Sharp

Julie Sharpe

Tressia Shaw & Yebabe Mengesha

L.C. Shelton

Joseph Sherman

Susan Sherman

Brandy Shernock & Kateri Murgia

Rebekah Sherwood

Carol Shirley & Lori Ford

Geri & Bryan Shirma

Ilir & Sarah Shtylla

Lauren Shurson

Louise & Larry Shwartz

Sharyl & Rob Siegel

Tamara Siegfried & Kathleen Hughes

Justin & Natasha Sikonia

Sarita & Sanford Simmons

Harvey & Rita Simon

Harlow Sires & Laurence Herron

Matt Sitchanoff & Motoko Kitazumi

Gary Slama & Julianne Culey

Karin Smalkoski

Smart & Final

Cory Smith

Dori Smith

Michelle Smith

David & Mary Smitten

Connie Solera

Angelica Solis

Rosa Somohano

Claire, Elise & Iris Song

Christy Spackman

The Spatgen Family

Lucia Spears & Jay Smith

Stephen & Jennifer Spencer

The Stadjuhar Family

Sergei Stadnik & Victoria Uzhve

Linda Stark & Peyton George

Joe & Candice Steel

Mark & Christie Stegeman

Daniel & Anemone Stein Kokin

Carl Stein

Katherine Steuart & David Overton

Eric Stewart & Jamie Heller

Greg & Patricia Stewart

Deborah & Don Stoll

Daniel & Elana Storch

Eugene Stout

Landon Stribe & Pearl Stumpf

Strickland/James Family

Jeremy & Susan Stringer

Nicole & Jim Stringham

Stephanie & Levi Studer

Diana Suchoff

Nicole & Rajkumar Sugumaran

Linette & Mischa Sumrall

David & Gleniss Sundheimer

E M Sutton, L&L, LLC

Marlene & Melanie Swarts

Stephanie Sy & Gregg Daniel

Helen Tang & Andrew Torelli

Frank & Linda Tantone

Wendi Tardiff

Nidhi & Joseph Tassone

Teresa Tate

Sara & Anis Tayebali

Taylor Family

The Taylors

Nancy Taylor

Glenna Teel & Jessica Tatum

Teleb Family

William Terrill & Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill

Jenny Holsman Tetreault & Colin Tetreault

Claudia Thomas & Jacob Danley

Kim & Mia Thomas

Cara Thompson

The Thompsons

Diane & Bob Thomson

Kyle & Priscilla Thorson

Nishant & Prakriti Thukral

Zoe Todd

Lisa Tolentino & Robert Esler

Dr. Robert & Ms. Milana Tomec

David & Diane Tooke

Hilary Topalian

Artak Tovmasyan & Natalia Kyuy

Katarzyna Trebaska & Alicja Wroblewska

Brian Trumpatori

Keiko Tsuchiya & Tan Nguyen

Gordon Tuffin

Tobias & Maria Turon

Carlos Urtubey & Gladys Otalora

Andrej Urumov & Pelagia Kouloumberis


Teresa Valdez & Greg Uyesaka

Beatrix Van Olphen

Dave & Genevieve Vega

Thomas & Susan Vega

Pablo Velasquez & Elvira Ayon

William Villa & Debora Rangel

Milla & Igor Virtgaym

Leah Volk

Robert Von Hess

Chris & Carrie Wahl

Linda Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Walker

Michael & Jennifer Walker

Cara Wall O’Connell & Jayne Wall

Gil Wallace

Nicole Wallace & Alyssa Rex

Denise Walsh

Craig Walter

Robert Walter & Selena Stoichkov

Michael & Tonya Wanat

Hongcheng & Qi Wang

Siying Wang & Daihong Dai

Suzanne & Robert Wang

Barbara Ward & Retah Hicks

Sarita & Carl Ward

Indrakshi & Rahul Warikoo

Todd & Kelly Weber

Mark Webster & Bao Le


$119+ continued

Susan Weiner

Ellen Weiss

Jason & Sarah Weiss

Dianne F. Welchko-Covey

Renae & Daniel Wendt

Mark Wheaton & Vicki Copeland

Jenny Wheeler

Lisa Wheeler

Katie & Nathan Whitchurch

Marci White

Maria del Rocio Whitermore & David Whitermore

Shannah M. Whithaus

Ryan Wight

Louis Williams

Natalie & David Williams

Paul Williams

William & Rita Williford

Elizabeth Wilson & Cherre Rogers

Ruth & Ken Wilson

Virginia & Alexander Wilson

Susan & Timothy Wise

Jonathan & Kimberley Wong

Alex & Jennifer Wood

Leila & Jeff Woodard

Woolf-Botts Family

Chandra Wooten & Rachel Bachman

Kali Wraspir

Jojean Wright

Carolyn Wyatt

Kazi Xu & Akihiro Oizumi

Richard & Zeth Yabut

Jessica & Felix Yang

Gail Devaney Yates

Jack & Diane Zelinger

Cliff & Karen Zeller

Wendy-Irene & Nicholas Zepeda

Laibao Zhang & Peng Zhou

Jacob Zimmerman

Haochen Zumbrum

$100+ Anonymous (221)


Randall & Sandra Abbey

Walter Abbott & Linda Quartaro

Sharon Abel

Pam & Al Abrahamson

Christopher & Marie Abram

Lynn Abud

John & Mickey Adams

Katherine Adams

Sherry & Allen Adams

Phil & Jean Addante

Ray & Amelia Addington

Fran & Steve Adelson

Robert & Michelle Adler

Behrokh Ahmadi

Abe Albert & Kelly Gromoll

Betty Albrecht

John Albrecht

Denis & Kathryn Alcock

Christie Aldinger

Michael Alfonso & Renee Clausen

Sally Al-Hashimi

Barbara Allen

Bill & Mary Allen

Gary & Susan Allen

Leslie Allen

Mark & Carmen Allen

Merilyn Allen

Rick Allen

Wilma & Ken Allen

Carolyn & Brad Allenby

Jeff & Amanda Allerding

Kathy Allin

Michael & Diane Allison

Mark Allred & Kate Benjamin

David & Cheryl Almeida

Carol & Thomas Alpert

Lowell Alt

Richard C. Alter & Eric D. Johnson

Jonathan Altman

Isabella Aman

Lauren Amirhamzeh

Gloria & Jonathan Ammon

Tracy & Rick Anctil

Christie & Robert Anderson

Clifford & Beth Anderson

Curtis & Miranda Anderson

Lee Anderson & Kim Hinkle

Lynn Anderson

Herbert Andreen

Janet & Steve Andrews

Robert & Nexy Andrews

Beverly Angeli-Burch

Madeline Anna

David Annis & Beth Miller

Sharon Antes

Rosemary Apodaca

Anne & Gary Appel

Alvin Apple

Sharon Applewhite

Michael Arabia & Barbara Benn-Arabia

Kay Archer

Nicholas Archer & Monica Skonieczny

Gary & Sue Ardrey

Margaret Arico

Dawn & Greg Armey

Rosemary Armour

James Armstrong

Alyson & Amy Arnold

Sarah Arthurs-Fergis

Michael Artman & Anita Shagena

Donald & Linda Asakawa

Robert & Charlene Atack

Deb Aten

James Aten & Luz Marina Aten

Judy Auernheimer

Karen & Glenn Austad

Ferne Avery

Kenneth & Suzanne Axford

Parham Ayazi & Yumi Oh

Norayer Ayvazian & Christina Colbert

Marnie & Hratch Azadian

Ehiremen Azugbene

Carole Baali

Rochelle & Barry Bader

Patricia & Shawn Badie

Mary Baerg

Shohreh & Manouchehr Bahraini

Robert & Connie Bailes

Joseph Bailey

Ted & Clare Bailey

Charles & Beverly Baird

Ofelia & Herbie Bairnsfather

Gary & Janet Baker

Karen & Robert Baker

Roger & Jeri Baker

Heidi & Clay Baldwin

James & Nancy Baldwin

Todd Balfanz

Justin Baliles & Alison Conte

Jo Balk

Joshua & Haley Ballard


Stephen Ballard

Jim & Loretta Bannerman

Anastasia Bannikova

Jessica Banslaben & Kambiz Kamrani

Virginia Barker & Kenneth Gilbert

Barbara Barker & Mark Stoler

Della-Stein Barkus

Denis Barlow & Cathy Cole

Leslie Barnes

Jennifer Baronowsky

Andrea Barraclough

Wyndie Barrow

Phil & Wendy Barry

Jeff Barthold

Walter & Barbara Baturka

Frederick Baumgartner

Nancy Bausom

Brad & Tina Baxter

Gary & Teresa Baxter


Christina Bayley

Bruce Bayly & Aiden Fishbein

Thomas & Karen Bays

Sharon Beard

Brita & Dale Beatty

Patrick Beauperlant

Becca Bechtold

Bette Beck

Edward & Marshia Beck

Paul Beck

Stephanie & Abigail Beck

John & Lezlee Becker

Janice Beckerleg

Sydnie & Victor Beckman

Rian Beckwith & Vesna Matic

K. M. Bell

Catherine Belliveau & Sophia Ream

Jacqueline Benaroe

Evey Bendalin

Audrey & Joseph Benjamin

Kathleen & Allen Benjamin

Beverly Benka

Cindy & Dave Bennett

Margaret & Jim Bennett

Guy & Jeralynn Benoit

Ellen Benshalom

Abagail Berg

Jane & Dave Bergner

Brenda & Brayden Berish

Annie & Larry Berle

Barbara & Michael Berman

Norman Bernstein

David & Linda Bertelli

Bertsch Family

William & Betty Betts

Lynn Beuerke

Cynthia & Fazil Bhimani

Fred & Diane Bibeau

Gretchen Bickert

Nancy Bier

Richard Bilbrough

Gary & Miriam Billiard

Robert & Debra Bird

Teresa Bitler

William Black & Jeanne Harrelson

Patricia & Ronald Blackman

John & Linda Blackwell

Paul & Erlinda Blake

Marla Bloom

Cora Bloomberg Music Lover

Rebecca & Donald Blue

Richard & Barbara Blum

Diana Boatwright

Donna & John Bodensteiner

Elizabeth Bogner

J. & J. Bogner

Margaret Bohning

June & Matthew Bohr

Gabriel & Megan Bolanos

Suzanne Boldin

Bolivianos (Irene & Harry)

Don & Terri Bone

James Booth

Stephen & Christina Booth

Steven & Rita Booth

Angelique Bork

Bethjoy Borris & Arlene Hazelkorn

Cynthia Borum

Theodore Bosley

Kyle & Bobby Boston

Jeremy D. Bound

James Bowen & Audi Aniya

Bob & Prudy Bowers

William & Mary Pat Bowman

Connor Bowne

Kenlyn Boyd & William Otto

John Boyer & Patty Hackman

Marcia Boyer

Ann Boyum

Randy & Laurel Braa

Melissa Bradley & Payne Dahlman

Bill Brand

Diane Brandenburg

Arthur & Carol Brandon

Helen & Richard Brandt

John & Barbara Brannan

Sheri Bretan

James Breuer & Ellen Cherrill

David & Joanna Brewer

Laurie & Joel Brill

Jan Briski

Allan & Katharine Britt

Patricia & Warren Britt

Linda Brock

Stacie Brockman

Becky Brodin & Janet Dunn

Jed & Michelle Brody

Dorothy & Eric Bron

Brooke Brown

Ellen Brown

Evie Brown

Joseph & Mindy Brown

Judy & James Brown

Lisa & Lynell Brown

Terry & Michel Brown

Waynette & Mark Brown

Francine Brown

Patty & Hugh Brumley

Marlene Pontrelli Brumm & Stephen Brumm

Linda Bryant

Annie Bryson

Sheila & John Buchanan

Mary Jo Buerger

Suzanna Buesing

Deborah Bukala

Charles & Margaret Burch

Jeffrey & Emma Burch

Michele Burgad

Chris & Sandi Burgard

John & Debbie Burke

Marcia Burland

Brenda Burman

Christopher Burns

Linda & John Burridge

Nurit & Simon Burrow


$100+ continued

Stephen & Marilyn Burrows

Debra Burruel

Sharon & David Burry

Thomas & Pamela Burt

Leslie Burwell

Richard & Tina Busby

Seymour Butchin & Virginia Cruz

Dale & Melodi Butler

Kay Butler

Sue Cafferty

Janet & Andy Cahill

Sandra Cail

Rosanne Cain

Emily Calcagno

Steve Calhoon

Sharron Callaghan

Carol & Rene Camacho

Nina & Zarine Camay

Polly Cameron

Amanda Campos

Melanie & David Candia

Larry & Karla Card

Jerry & Stefanie Cargill

Deborah Carlos & Michael Goodrum

Marilyn Carlson Nelson

Kenneth & Virginia Carlson

Shelley Carlson

Linda Carneal

Patricia Carroll & Richard Strahota

J.P. Carter & Cynthia Carter

Mary Carter & Rachel Allen

Linda Caruso

Joan Carver

Jim & Lili Cascino

Patricia Casey

Susan & Andrew Casmer

Charles A. Castle

Gerri Catalano

Linda Cawley

George & Kathy Cawman

Winfried Cechovic & Roberta Russell

Robert & Chad Chadderton

Robert & Elspeth Chambers

Joe & Elizabeth Chan

Ruth Chao

Lynne & Shawneen Chapman

Melinda Charlton

Sharon Charlton

Paru Charndramouly

Jane & Dane Chavers

Michael Chavez

Cynthia Chen & Tom Zervos

Concetta & Sean Chess

Debra Chester

Kevin Chester & Erin Walter

Mandarin Cheung Yueh

Chihming Chiang & Tehling Chiang

Dale & Marilyn Childs

Daryl & Michelle Childs

Sandra & Donald Chiodo

Nicholas Chocas

Richard Choi & Gayle Nakashima-Choi

Yoo Na & Jin Choi

Bianca & Vincent Cholewa

Jill Christensen

Eric Christianson

Gilbert & Deborah Christopher

Julie Christopher & Sandy Jewell

Lara & Daniel Citron

Karen & John Clark

Larry Clark

Patricia & Paul Clark

Catherine & Robert Clark

Timothy & Deborah Clark

Wayne & Diana Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Wade Clarke

Edward & Maggie Cleinman

Will Clipman & Shery Christopher

Jody Clovis

Dawn & Robert Coberly

Kathy Coburn

Alfred Cocanower & Trina Reilly

Claudia Cocco & Denny Dick

Howard & Michele Cohen

Linda Cohen

Donald & Kathy Cohlman

Elizabeth Colby & Patricia Rigby

Pamela Cole

Christine Coleman & Bill Robart

Katherine Coles

Joanne & Richard Coley

Rosemarie Colledge

Candace Collier & Terry Pistole

John & Jayne Collins

Kathleen & Phil Collins

Nathaniel Collins

Collins Family

Michael Combelick

Sally & Richard Compton

Confer Family

Camille Conforti

Sharon Connors

Kitty & Neal Conover

Susan Contino

Karen Cool

Anna & Roger Coor

Timothy Cope & Michelle Hazelip

William Cope

Donald & Nancy Coppin

Bill & Claudia Cordes

Alexis Corelis

Nicole Cortes

Shay Corvidae

Emmett & Valerie Cosgrove

Susan Cotner

Paul T. & Elaine D. Cottey

Robert & Marsha Cotton

Catherine Covert & Peter Gow

Catherine Cowen

Mr. Thomas C. Cox

Vanessa & Jason Cox

Martha Cozzi

Robert & Karen Crane

Tammy Cravit

Dennis & Barb Crawford

Kay & Barry Crawford

Catherine Crelin

John Crone

Kathryn Cronwall

Eileen Crowley


Pam & Ken Cumpston

Bob & Debbie Cunningham

Donald Curran & Teresa Grant

Michael & Sue Curzio

William & Pamela Cutter

Patricia & Dave Cyr

Doug & Adrienne D.

Kerri & Jeff Daigle

George Dallas

Will Daly

Mark & Diana Damon

Steven Daniels

Meryl & Larry Dannenberg

Cheryl & Dan Darragh


Steven & Kim Darrow

Donita Daugherty

Rachel Davidson

Bill & Judy Davidson

Joe & Colleen Davies

Alex & Michelle Davis

Ann & Zack Davis

Richard Davis

Wayne & Melissa Davis

Kevin & Kathy Daviscourt

Merrill & Barbara Davison

Robert & Mary Dawson

Sara Day & Robert Baer

Paula Deanda & Bruce Grant

Terry & Jodi Deane

Mary Debo-Brehm

Diane Dechaine

Jena Decker-Xu & Julie Hupke

Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Gina Degraw

Bruce Dehaven & Helene Sheptin

Julio & Carmen Delgadillo

Vicki & Paul Dell

Carol DeLong & Jim Johler

M.H. DeMers

Richard Demers

Laura & Tim Demko

Melissa & William Dempsey

Dianne Denenberg

Sharon Dennis

Rosemarie & Ludwig Deppisch

Richard Derrick

John Dever & Sandi Blake

April Devine

Yukiko Devine

Connie Devivic Nokes

Charles & Jean Dew

William & Vicki Diamond

Michael & Melody Dickens

Barbara Digges

Xue Ding & Da Dong

Donald Dingledine & Vicki Seaman

Kristi Dinner

Bernice & Bethany Dizon

Teresa & Matthew Dlouhy

Robyn & William Dodd

Madelyn Doerr

Samual Dollar & Angel Zhang

Marie Donner

Sylvia Dorosh

Kimberly Dorris

Barb Dorsett & Jeff Stegge

Eileen & Bob Dorsey

Robert Dowd & Terry Dowd

Phil & Joni Doyle

Robert & Melanie Drake

Michael & Linda Drawsky

Paula & Ted Driscoll

Dr. Margaret Drugay

Ashley Dryer

Alex & Annie Duarte

Rondi DuBrock

Sean & Diann Ducharme

Sandy & Kent DuCray

Jennifer Duke

Greg Dumonthier & Donna Schafer

Deborah Duncan

Megan & Adam Duncan

Tammi & David Dunlap

Len Duran & Stephanie Martinez

Sean Durkin

Karl Dutson & Rene Louvrier

Chaumanix Dutton

David & Barbra Eacret

Brindi Ebarb

Lynda & Ray Edger

Karl Edmark

April Edwards

Tom Edwards & Sharon Legge

Sean Edwards-El

David & Susan Efros

James & Cornelia Eichorn

Gerald Elgarten & Janet Scheer

Stan & Donna Elianow

Robert & Barbara Elk

Jane & Rod Ellickson

Sarah Elliott

Fern & Howard Emmerman

Dennis Emond

Geriann C. Engle

Pamela Engler & Peter Zeitler

Ranette Engstom

Wayne & Linda Engstrand

Hector Enriquez

Joshua & Chauntel Ensey

Allan Ephraim

Leah Erickson

Mitchell Erickson & Martin Klein

David Erwin & Dwandollye Jones

Jenny Erwin

Marla Escobar & Clint DeWorth

Robert J. Esparza & Teresa Crawford

Eric & Lou Ann Estell

Dennis & Betsy Estep

Anita & Tim Everhart

Noreen Eversmeyer

David Eyester

Suzanne Fair

Richard Falconer

Stanley Falkowski & Renate Koszulinski

Robert Fambrini

Lisbeth & Jim Fandrich

Delores Fangman

Bettijune Fanning

Seija Farber

John & Marie Farinacci

Mary B. Farone

Charles & Judy Farrar

Geraldine Farrell

Kris & Bruce Fasbinder

Maria & Caleb Faul

Lynda & Howard Faye

Iris & Randy Feldman

Karen Feldman

Adrienne & Robert Z. Feldstein

Judy & Murray Feldstein

Elizabeth & Carlos Feliciano

Wayne Fellows

Edith & Todd Felte

Elizabeth & Alexander Ferrando

Ramona Ferrara

David Ferrebee & Jeanne Hardie

Marcia & Jonathan Feuer

Charles Fiala

Charles Filipek & Sandy Luedke

Anne & Barnaby Finch

Mary-Jeanne & Richard Fincher

Kathy Fine-Dare & Byron Dare

Carolyn Fischer

Margaret Fish

Marian & Ken Fisher

Ronald & Pam Fisher

Laurence Fishman

Kate Fitzgerald & Marshall Craig

Sharyn Flanagan

Thomas Fleischner & Edie Dillon

Jim & Patti Flint


$100+ continued

Jeffrey Foerster & Kim Millar

Roland Fontaine

Ben & Jen Force

Beverly Ford

Scott & Corinne Forman

Margaret & Gary Forster

Rose Ann Forte

Theresa Fountain

Fountainhead at Lakeside Village

Meredith Fowler

James Fox & Sandra Marrero

Laura Fox

Louis Francavilla

Epifania Carter-France & Donald France

David Francis

Thomas & Patricia Francis

Suzan Frangos

Mary Ann Franklin

Ken & Carol Fransen

Mark & Debbie Fraser

Alex Fredericks & Qian Liu

Terry Eugene Fredrick

Vicki & Ronni Fredrickson

Richard & Tina Freeberg

Melanie Freeman

David Fregeau & Bo Lomahquahu

Susan French

Dee Fretwell

Andrew J. Frew

James & Cheryl Frey

Judy Fried & Arthur Weinfeld

Paul Fried

Ilene & Nathan Friedland

Loren Friedman & Rodgers Wilson

Neil & Adam Friedman

Sam Friedman

Stuart & Aviah Friedman

Frances Friehauf & Griffith Noel

Shawn Friend

Margaret Frihart

Austin Fritzke

Genevieve & John Frost

Threasa & Christophe Frouge

Timothy & Lee Ann Frye

Andre & Kim Fuchs

Thomas & Carol Fuller

Brian Fullerton & Frances Emrick

Sandra Furr

David & Joanne Futcher

Sandra Gabel

Glenn Gabin & Linda Murphy

Jean Gabrenya

Pamela & Robert Gagen

Dominic Gagliano & Mariyan Skhred

Darin Gailey

Marian Gallagher

Marino Galluzzo & Nancy Gordon Galluzzo

Mike & Liz Galpin

Ruth Gamble

Cynthia Garcia

Hortencia Gardea

Joseph & Barbara Gardner

Marybeth Gardner

Ronald Gass & Leslie Johanna Pfund

Cynthia S. Gatza

Helyn & Randall Gault

Rodney & Wendy Gay

Carolyn Gaye

Suzanna Gee & Ann Coller

Jeff Gelb & Terry Gladstone

Michael Gellar & Meribeth Persson

Maureen & Kenn Gennari

Maureen George

Zach Gerbarg & Donna Garr

Lyn Gerner & Kenneth Yoshimoto

Dolores Gettens

Elizabeth Giannini

Mitch & Gloria Gibbs

Greg & Johanna Gibson

Mae & Fred Giesner

John Giger & Mary Tangen

Anne Gill

Glenda Gillingham

Barbara Gilmore

Anne Marie Glaros

Brian & Kathy Glassel

Deborah Glocksien

Garry & Carolyn Goddette

Amye Godfrey

Cathy & Cliffe Godsey

Clay & Nancy Goehring

Vivian & Glenn Golbus

Nickie Golden & Melinda Tucker

William & Rachel Golden

Martin Goldfarb & Betsy Bogin

Sandi & Paul Goldstein

Martha & Marcelino Gomez

Geoffrey Gonsher

Kelly Good

Dean & Jodi Goodman

Drs. Jeanette & Leonard Goodstein

Patricia & Nakul Gopalan

Nellie Sonya Gopaul & Marie Gopaul

Mark & Jody Gordon

Henry Gostony

David Gould & Diane Shah

Jim & Deb Graber

John & Carol Graham

Lori & William Graham

David Gralnek & Peggi Hageman

Robert Graul

Michael & Susan Graves

Jack & Heather Gray

Santo & Joan Graziano

Kathryn C. Grazzini

Robert Grebe

Mary Jane Green

Paulet & Angel Green

Mark & Sandra Greenberg

Susan Greenberg-Englander

Daniel Greene & Andy Smithers

Kerima Greene

Deborah Greenwood

Karin Gregorec

Susan & Scott Gremmert

Cordelia Grey & Dominic Woods

J. R. Griffin

Robert Grill & Leisa Luis-Grill

Steve Groce

Natalie & Steve Groff

Thomas & Joan Gronstal

Mary & Charles Grube

Pamela & Curtis Gudmundson

Walter & Anne Guenther

Daniel Guile

Philip & Pamela Gustafson

Rick Gustafson & Dottie Anderson

Judy Segall Guten

Nancy Gwilliam

Robin & Patty Haas

Kim & Daniel Hagood


Thomas Haladyna

Douglas Hall & Dael Kaufman

James & Midori Hall

Robert & Jacqueline Hall

Trudy Halla

Bruce Hallberg

Nedra Halley & Gene Nickerson

John & Pam Hamilton

William Handshy & Susanne Zavala

Allen & Sandra Hank

Martine & Hany Hannallah

Robyn Hansen

Neil Hanson & Darnelle Hoge

The Happy Haoles

Dr. Paulette Harar & Ms. Mary Ellen Opalinski

Kenneth & Frances Harder

Judith Harding

Jacqueline Hardy

Jack & Stephanie Harkness

Sandra & William Harper

Jean Harris

Paula Harris

Ron & Danielle Hart

Paul & Lorraine Hartnett

Sue & Terri Harvey

Robert & Sharon Hasler

Connie & Alan Hatfield

Charless Hathorn

Stacey & Madeline Hawley

James & Stephanie Hayes

Gary Hays

Maya Hazan & Lior Redman

Gary Heath & Irene Richards Heath

Mariah Heck

Julie & Paul Heinrich

Katie & Paul Heinrich

Don Heinz

Charles Helander

Steven & Patti Helfand

Janice Heller & Patricia Kinner

Nancy Heller

Kayleen Helms

Elizabeth Dockery Helton

Jeanine & Edward Hembd

Diane Henebry

Bev & Peers Henes

Michael Henley

Richard & Paula Henry

Donna Heppermann

Dana Herazo & Peter Suszkiw

Robert Hercey & Michelle Maldonado

Octavio Heredia

Richard Herman & Sally Kelen

Christine Hermanson

Kathryn Marotta Hertzfeld & Ben Hertzfeld

Maris Herzog

William Herzog

Judith Hess Kelley

Barbara Hettinger

Suzanne Hetts & Daniel Estep

Linda & Joe Heutmaker

Hewitt Family

Peter & Barbara Hewitt

Steven & Patti Hibbeler

Candace & Paul Hickey

Brian & Donna Hicks

Pamela Hill & Ken Ramey

Bradford & Katie Hillam

Don & Charlene Hillman

Susan & Steven Hillman

Gloria Hills

Desiree Hils & Tom Scanlon

Hannah Hinkley & Birkin Yavuz

Karen Hodges

Asher & Margot Hodgson

Steve Hodgson & Richard Corson

Samantha & Shelby Hoebee

Tom & Sue Hoecker

Cyndi & Dennis Hoffman

Therese & Michael Hoffman

Sophia & Tad Hofkin

Corinna Hogan

Peter & Linda Hogg

Dottie Holb

Marlou Holgerson

Marilyn Holland

Ron Holligan

Brian & Lenora Holmsten

Michael Holt & Monica Zheng

Pat Holt

Diane L. Holte

Melanie Homar

Jane Hood

Deborah Hooker

David & Gabriel Hopkins

Chris & Calista Horan

Steve James Horler & Jeffrey West

Deborah & Michael Horn

Fred & Audrey Horne

Richard & Donna Horne

John Horsefield

Kathleen & Edward Horstmeyer

Heather Horton

Audrey Horvath & Logan Matthews

John Horwitz

Kristin Houser

Alan Houston & Heidi Bayer

Milena Howell

Louis Howley

Steffy Hristova

Wu Yang & Cynthia Hsiung

Keith & Sandi Hudson

Lora Huff

Stephanie & Will Huff

Terence Hughes & Tim Donnelly

Elaine K. Hugunin

Susan Hull & James Connell

Matt & Amanda Hulsing

Perry & Patricia Humbert

Dawn Humes & Chris Kinsman

Gloriana Hunter & Valissa Witmer

John Hunter

Daniel & Irene Hunting

Patrick & Karen Huston

Danielle & Sperry Hutchinson

Lorian Hyatt

Marilyn Hyder & Marty Lanning

Kenneth & Cathy Hyman

Laurie & Robert Ihry

Haekyung Im & Kyomin Oh

Robin & Stephen Inskeep

John D. Irvine

Mary Ann & John Iwanski

Parker & Chandra Jackson

Janet Jacobs & Chris Jaron

Jaymie Jacobs & Bill Brantley

Jacob & Maureen Jacobsen

James Jacobsen & DeAnn Drottz

Song Jaeha & Hyun Joo Lee

Jahner Family

Dylan Jakupovic


$100+ continued

Will James

Alvina Janda & William Riley

Jane & Jim

James Janidas & Natalie Carpenter

Kirsten Janosek & Asher Janosek-Albright

John Janowiak

Paul Jarand & Paulette Eaton

Lawrence & Peggy Jaros

Edna Jasperson

Kathleen Jeffrey & Camille Newman

William & Patricia Jeffries

Mari Jenefsky-Titus

Barbara Jensen

Kathy Jensen & Wayne Case

Knut & Christine Jensen

Linda & Ralph Jensen

Mo Jensen

Cindy Jepsen

Robert & Toni Jewell

Jim & M.B.

Christa John

Jean & Lee Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Ken Johnson

Michael & Karen Johnson

Percell & Tina Johnson

Erika Johnston & David Boyce

Karen Johnstone & Tahina Ramiaramanansoa

Barbra Jones & Ben Hardy

Christopher Jones

Earline Jones & Michael Prescott

Jeryl & Steve Jones

Philip & Patrice Jones

Sandra Jones

William & Linda Jones

Jan Jorgensen

Teresa & Mark Jorgensen

Maggie & Howie Jorgenson

Kathryn Jost & Tucker Horne

Leslie D. Oliver Judd, Composer

Alice & Jeffrey Kahn

Susan Dicker Kahn & Kenneth Kahn

Ellen Kaitz

Diane Kalas

Tracy & Ziad Kallassy

Bill & Sue Kamm

Fern & Larry Kane

Masayo Kaneko & Scott Page

Sandra Kanowitz

Bruce & Laurie Kaplan

Karen Kaplan

Mark & Allison Kaplan

Sanford & Bunny Cherish Kaplan

Julie & Rod Kaseguma

Dawn Kast

Jeffrey Kastner

Ellen Katz

Richard Katz

Ann & Martin Kaufman

Thomas Kaufmann & Catina Crum

Kay Kays

Francis & Melissa Kazakwic

Shawn & Pamela Keane

Charles & Janet Kear

Mary & Roger Kearney

Jim Keef & Becky Markle

Rosemary Keenan

Jerri Kehdi & Mark Masters

Jo Keller

George Kelly

Karen M. Kelly

Mary Lynn & John Kelly

Diana & Reed Kempton

Virginia Kennaway

Jane & Bill Kennedy

David Kenney

Victoria Kerns

Patricia Kersey & Charles Erlichman

Heather Kerstner

Stuart & Laurie Kessler

Phyllis Khao & Jared Jacobsen

Donna & George Kidwell

Joshua Kim

Joel & Nancy Kindle

Elyse King

Golda King

Laurel King & Janice Chamberlain

Kristi Kinnison

Teresa Kinsey

William Kirby

Charles Kirchner & Jillian Allard

Sue Kirkman

Shari & Andrew Kirshner

Marijo & Virginia Kist

Paul & Monica Klapper

Regan Klarenbeek

Grace Klees

Lisa & Jay Klein

E. Kletter

Duncan & Lois Kline

Ethel Kloos

Claudia & Peter Klossner

Tanya Kne

Jenna Kneepkens & Matt Susen

Jessie & John Knievel

Carter & Alicia Knight

Damon D. Knight

Jud & Jodi Knittel

Kathy & Donald Knoop

Gary & Susan Knopp

Carol & Charles Knoppow

Elizabeth Knowles

Patti & Derek Knowlton

Catherine Ko

Ken Kobre & Betty Grill

Harry Koehnemann & Jennifer Helgeson

Ann Koenig

Lara & Christian Kolberg

Mark Konecki

Cynthia & David Koraleski

Gloria & Alan Kornbluth

Halina & Angelina Korsun

Smita Kothari

Mario Kowalski

Joe & Deborah Kozak

Natalie Krafft

Kevin & Sue Kraft

Alicia & Brent Krah

Alexander Kramer

Andrea Kranitz

Mark & Jan Krause

Willa Kravitz

Theresa Kresge

Bridgette & Jim Kroll

Timothy Kroll

Michael & Jennie Kronenfeld

Bryan & Briana Krueger

Margaret & Richard Krueger

Krueger III

Barbara & Rob Krupp

Janice Kruse

Mandi Kruse


Linda & Doug Kuchera

Laura Kuchler

Jeff Kurtz & Judith Knapp

Gail & Neil Kuslansky

L. & M. Ridge

Ellen LaBelle

Robert & Linda Labenz

Jodie Labowitz & Howard Abrams

Donna Lachow & J.R. Kingsland

Barbara A. Lack

David & Debra LaFleur

Thomas & Sharon LaFleur

Peter Laframboise & Taehyeon Yu

Stacy LaFrance

Nan Lander

Emily & Adrian Lane

Jeannine Lane

Matthew Laney & Konrad Rykaczewski

Michael Langer & Bradley Sosinski

Stacy & Zane Lankford

Eric Larsen & Nicole Wyckoff

Beth Larson

William & Joyce Larson

Janice Larue & Chris Soderman

Victor & Thelma Lasan

Mark & Jean Lasee

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Lassner

Teresa & Michael Lauver

Peter Lawrence

Jonathan & Cassandra Lawson

Debra & Doug Lay

Judith & Fred Layberger

Daniel Leahy

Amy & Stephanie Leanse

David & Patricia Lebowitz

Karen & Tom Leclair

Diana Lee

Gladys Lee

Larry Lee

Linda Lee & Larry Bremner

William & Marylou Leedale

Jeanette Leglu

Cindy & Dan Leiro

James & Marilyn Leis

Margaret Mary LeMoine

Carol Leneway

Cindy & John Lenihan

Michele Lenz

Pat LePage & Jesse Whitaker

Michael & Irene Lerner

Becky Leroy

Sharon Leuthauser

Gene & Judy Leutz

Mark Levine & Candice Alper

Martin & Susan Levy

David Lew

Henry & Janice Lewandowski

David & Linda Lewin

Doug Lewis & Libby Favour

Janet Lewis-Aarons

Earl & Sharon Lichtenstein

The Estate of Myron & Rachel Lieberman

Rita & Robert Liegl

Karen Lilly & Robert Dewey

Al & Carolynn Lindeman

Arthur & Karen Lindenberg

Christopher Lindner

Bill & Phillis Lindsey

Laurie & Ruskin Lines

Michelle Linhares-Stephens

Maurice & Rita Linnens

Thomas & Ruth Linton

Danielle Liscia

Steven & Nancy Lisook

Gail Litton & Carla Bertilson

Peter & Ping Liu

Mark & Laura Lizak

Natalie Lizarraga

Meredith Lloyd

Barbara Lombardo & Jeff Romeo

Judy & Bill Long

David & Mary Lontchar

Cindy Lopatynski

Darlene & John Lopez

Mina Lopez

Judy Lopez

John & Alinda Lord

Ms. Gail Lorenzen

Marlene Loringer & Jeff Nelson

Chandra Love

Ken & Barbara Love

Tracy Love

Bob & Diana Lowery

Timothy Lowery

Megan Lowrance

Joy & David Lubeck

David & Peggy Lucas

Ron & Debbie Lucas

Robert & Diana Luscher

Clark & Grace Lusk

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lyles

Valerie Lynch & Nickolas Reachmack

Moira Lynn & Jeff Schwartz

Mitzi Lynton & Ron Peer

Nancy Lyon & Gary Hansel

Michael Lyons

Doris Ma

David & Alice MacArthur

Christian Macasero & Christine Carrasco

Kimberly MacEachern

Jennifer W. Machamer

Mark Mackeben

Keith & Karen MacKenzie

Trisha Mackenzie & Stanley Fuelscher

Wendy Maclennan

Vicki Maenchen

Mitch & Elisa Magee

Constance Mahaney

Sydel Maher

Maria & Paul Maheras

Mains Family

Hanny & Lana Maisonette

Domani Maldonado

Maria Mancano & Araxi Hovhannessian

Mangelsdorf Family

Carolyn Mani

Vicki Mann

Barbara Manners & Morgan M. W. Weber

Edward & Margaret Mansfield

Kamala & Lokesh Marashettyhalli Shankarappa

Sheila & Ralph Marchetta

Marion Marcian

Robert Mariano & Katherine Ludwig

Daniel Marin & Charlene Arrillaga

Mary & David Maring

Helen Mark

Tom & Ellie Marks


$100+ continued

Rick Markson & Jytte Methmann

Marlene & Jerry

Roberta Marsh & Linc

Cheryl & Richard Marshall

Leandra & Sandra Marshall

Roy Marshall & Eileen Lopez

Dan Martin

Nancy Martin

Nancy & Bruce Martin

B. J. Martindale

Kathie Martine & Gayle Kirkeby

Robin Martinez

Vanessa Martinez

Barbara & Martin Marx

Stanley Marx

Pamela Maskell

Daniel Mason Luedders & Jessica Davlin

Nicole Mason & Michael Harrison

Esther & Tony Massimini

Peter Mather

Satgur & Sarup Mathur

Christine Matsche

Richard & Margaret Matsuishi

Joseph & Pamela Matt

John & Ruth Mattek

Alison & Nicholas Matthees

Heather & Gert Mattisson

Barry & Claire Maultasch

Lisa Maxcy

Les & Nancy Maxwell

Holly & Delcie May

Roger May & Tim Edwards

David Mayer & Michele Schneiderman

Jeanne & Timothy Mayes

Robert & Laurel Mayfield

Byron & Theresa Maynes

Rebecca Mazza

Susanne McAlister & Daniel Spitzberg

Eric McAllister

James & Amy McAuley

Trish & Vince McCalley

Fred McCall-Perez & John Howard

Tim & Janice McCann

Kip & Stefanie McCleary

Jacquelyn McClintock

Dawn McDonald

Graham & Susan McDonald

Jacquelyn & Jason McDugle

Adrienne & Dave McGill

Arch & Jeanne McGill

Jenny McGinnis

Cathy McGowan & Patricia O’Neill

Kevin McHenry

Jennifer McKee

Jerry & Patricia McKenna

John & Diane McKiernan

Beverly McLaggan

Robert & Miriam McLaughlin

William McLean

Kristina McLeod

Mary McMorrow

Margaret & Benjamin McNally

Nan McNally

Kenneth McNeil

T. Troy McNemar

Karin & John McQuillan

Carol McSweeney & William Haring

Gregory McTavish & Joy Douglas

Georgia Meacham

Lydia Medina

Jim & Jane Meeker

Smriti & Ujjwal Mehta

Joye & Lynn Melby

Scott & Rosemary Melnick

Pat & Steve Melnicki

Liz Merchant

Bradley & Karen Meredith

Richard & Kristine Merkens

Kathleen Merrigan & Mike Selmi

Cheryl Merrill

Avery & Meg Merriman

Richard & Harriet Mesh

Alicia & Henry Messing

Mr. David Meyer & Dr. Camilla Ann Mican

Paula & Steve Meyer

Rich & Debbie Meyer

William Michaels

Cindy Mick

Donald & Sharon Mickus

Karl Milbauer

Alice & Richard Mildenberger

Alice & Gary Miles

Joshua & Amy Millard

Barbara Miller & Lauren Wilcox

Betty & Sutton Miller

Brian Russell Miller

David Miller

Edna & Terry Miller

Gus & Margaret Miller

Julius Miller

Karl Miller & Aveline Berry

Matthew Miller

Patricia & Michael Miller

Robert Miller

Scott Miller

Darrell & Susen Mills

Donna & Steven Mills

Maryanna Milton & Edwin McDonald

Jazz & Akim Mimoun

Antoinette Minarich

Paul Minear & Elizabeth Riley

Janet Miner

Cynthia & David Minor

Regina Marie Miskewitz

Sumita Misra

Julie Mitby

Jacquie Mitchell

Mitofsky Family

Dragan & Slavica Mladenovic

Chuck & Felicia Durden

Debbie & Steve Modzelewski

Dr. Michael & Kathy Moffitt

Jim & Lyn Molinari

Carl & Sherry Momberger

Richard Moncrieff

Ava Monson

Loren Monson, M.D.

Ruben & Linda Montoya

Adelia Moore

Ken Moore & Tara Murphy

Michael & Joy Moorhead

Ashton Moreno & Aaron Hum

Brooke & Shelly Morgan

Julie Mori

Mahesh & Kiran Morjaria

Donald & Helen Morris

Steven Morrissey

Amy Mosier

Carlie & Charles Moss

David Moss

Scott Motyka & Tana Luger Motyka


Larry & Debbie Moudy

Tom Mozdzen

Steve & Cindy Muhl

Roger & Donna Muhlenkamp

Carol Mulder & Jennifer Carter

Fred & Catherine Muldoon

Margaret & Edward Muller

Dana & Michael Mullikin

Debra & Terence Munley

Dana Murdock & James Bacigalupi

Jim & Donna Murphy

Gary & Pamela Murrer

Mike & Debbie Murtha

Wendy Murwin

David Muschler & Ann Becker

Donna Myers & Michael Hartfield

Margot Myers & Gordon Helm

Sue & Ross Myers

John & JoAnne Nadalin

Jim Nahra & Anna Capaldi

Wali & Jackie Naibi

Starr Naines & Guy Sherman

Joseph Najjar

Dale & Mercedeh Nance

Linda Nance

Mona Nance & Hayedeh Rowshangah

Catherine Napoli & Eric Bruce

Diana Nashban

David & Roni Nassberg

Bob & Robin Naylor

Teresa & Brian Neilson

Alan Nelsen

Jean & Randy Nelson

John A. Nesbit

Charles Nessel & Suzanne Kraincz

Carol & Ron Netta

Steven & Erika Neuberg

John Neville & Jawn McKinley Neville

Joy & Chris Newborg

Carol & Joe Newman

Suzanne Lois Newman

John Nicholas

William Nichols & Barbra Parker

Linda & Robert Nicholson

Wendy & Richard Nickel

Summer Nickerson

Jenny Nightingale & Noah Logsdon

Tom & Lorraine Nist

Mark & Isabel Noel

Patricia E. Nolan

Gregory Noll

Brian & Amy Noonan

Patricia Nordahl & Robert Schmidt

Dal & Susan Norris

Hugh & Mary Norsted

Thomas & Katie Northup

Molly Norwood & Ellen Paone

Rosemary Nugent

João & Kellie Nunes

Daniel Nunez

Marilyn & Sigmund Nussbaum

Ronell & Robert Nygaard

Catherine O’Brien

Larry & Mary O’Brien

Marianne O’Carroll & Timothy Fautsko

Jon & Dalida O’Connor

Shawna O’Connor & Melissa Handley

Candace Oehler

Greggory Ohannessian

Mattie Ohl

Margaret O’Leary & Glenn Tremper

Cary & Helen Oleisky

Thomas & Wendy Olenski

Natalia Olivares

Cleiton & Eleuza Oliveira

Rosemarie & Hans Oliver

Faye Olivieri & Ronald Kozich

Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Olson

Edward & Tracey Olulenu

Kevin O’Malley & Christie Dames

Paul O’Moore & Robert O’Shall

Michael & Carolyn O’Neal

Riley O’Neil

Gary & Judy Onnen

Patricia Orlowitz

Susan Orris & Cindy Hart

James Orth

Michael Ortiz & Brittani Brady

Linda Osse

Krista Osterberg & Patrick Pfaltzgraff

Bill Otis & Marythea Grebner

Kathleen & John Otjens

Jeanette Ourada

Andrea Ouse

William Owen

Bruce Packer & Brenda Sipes

Michael & Helen Padgett

Penelope Padmore

Michael Page & Trish Murray

Cheryl Pagel

Hsin Pai

Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Pakula

Ronald Palmer

Jane Pampel

David Panchisin & Thaddeus Dygus

Anthony Panico & Mary Ann Reinckens

Marilyn & Edward Pappas

Donald & Valerie Paquet

Paquet Family

James Parchert & Virginia Pfeiffer

Kenneth & Paula Paris

Dan & Elise Parish

Sooyoung Park & Matthew Osteen

Jonathon Parker & Danielle Marck

Karen Parker & Ria Morales

Stanley Parzen

Stuart & Judith Passon

David & Linda Pastor

Christine & Robert Pastorek

Diane Pataki & Will Holoman

Angela Patisaul & Josh Liberty

Louis Patler

Gianni & Ana Maria Pattas

Elizabeth Patterson

Stephen & Jacob Patterson

George & Bonnie Paul

Mark & Yvonne Pawlowski

Emily & Lisa Pawluk

Cynthia Payant & James White


Wilda Payton

Pearl Works

Susan & Hal Pearlman


$100+ continued

Cassandra Pearson & Noreen Baca

Heloise Pechan

Donna Peck & Raymond Davis

Cheryl Peden

Louise Pela

Louise Pelissier & Emma Luna

Ann Penfield

Xianhao Peng & Xiaoou Li

Tonya Penkrot & Shawn Zack

Marilyn Perez

Marjorie Perkins

Michael Perkins & Marian Reisman

Gary & Linda Perlman

Nina Perlmutter & Tom Brodersen

Amy & Aaron Perry

Rachel Perry

Martin & Sandra Persky

Cary & Barbara Peskin

Charles & Eniola Peters

Ruth Peters

Steven & Donna Peters

Diane & Norman Petersen

Phil & Lisa Petersen

Celeste & Benjamin Peterson

Diane & Michele Petersen

Maureen & Baird Peterson

Randal & Debra Peterson

Stephen & Karen Petrie

Holly & Anthony Petruso

William & Linda Pettit

Melinda & Earl Petznick

Mike Pfannenstiel & Rex Oberheim

Kim Phan & Roddy Kim

Phillips 66

Barbara Phillips

Susanna Phillips

Piyapong Phongpatanakhun

Joseph & Andrea Piacentine

Harold & Kathleen Piazza

Amy Pierce & Fred Weitherson

Stephen & Alison Pierce

Marie Pierre

Helen Pierson & Duane McClanahan

Dennis Pike & Diane Felton

Mary Ann Pikulas

Ronald & Christine Pikus

Morgan Pinkerton

Kevin & Kara Pint

Marianna Pinter

Kim & Frederick Pitt

Michele Pitzer

Ken & Kathy Player

Tara & Anthony Plese

Terry & Susan Pletkovich

Lauren & Stephen Pockers

Tiffany Poetsch

Eddie & Denise Poindexter

Nancy Polcyn

Dennis & Debby Polhill

George & Ellie Pollard

Melissa & Jordan Pollock

Adrienne Polster

Paul Pomerantz & Nancy Beaumont

Barbara Poole & Bud Andrews

David Poole & Heather Nelson

Carolyn Pope

Michele Popelka & Chris Richardson

Howard & Wendy Posner

Alex Potolicchio

Bettina Potter

Rick & Maria Poulton

Francine Powell

John Powers & Susan Smith

Marissa Prakash & Kimberly Johnson

Brian Primeau

Donna Petzold Pritchard

Andra & Peter Privert

Anthony Privitera

Mike Prokes & Jo-Anne Meltzer

Philip Pugsley

Linda Pulaski & Alison Carter

Steve & Debbie Purtell

James & Charlene Puryear

Frederick Pyle

Christine Pytlarz

Marjorie Quiatchon & Rodilynn Garay

Karen B. Quick

Monica Quijada

Lori Quinn

Pam & Bob Quinn

Tom Rafferty

Kristjan & H. Ragnarsson

Lincoln Ragsdale

John & Kathleen Raife

Tribhawan Ram

Sheryl Ramstead & Lee Larson

Becky Rand

Monica Rao & John Piatek

Gene Rathbun & Christopher Helms

Kenneth Raupach

Jill Rausch

Radhika Rawal & Victor Vellon

Steve & Kathy Ray

Irith & Samuel Raz

Laura Read

Scott & Barbara Reader

Karen M. Rebb

Jennifer Reddall

Sravanthi Reddy & Peter Johnston

Kimberly Redhage

Linda Reese & Tracy Stansberry

Albert Regal & Diana Litton

Larry Reineck

Andy & Lisa Remack

Barry Renaud & Halina Jarosz-Renaud

Adriana Reneau

Mark & Rebecca Rentz

Sandy & Don Rex

Thaddeus Reycraft & Thomas Saudargas

Jerriold & Debra Reylek

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Reynard

Colin Reynolds & David Harrison

James & Kally Reynolds

Barbara & Joseph Rhein

John & Sylvia Rice

Judith Richardson

Laura & Marc Richman

Francine Richter & Rachel Rabinovich

Paul Riedell

John & Pat Riesenberger

Stephanie Ringler & David Devenport

Paul Rippens

Lori Ritz & James Russell

Vivian Rivera

Pat Roach

Margo Robenstein


Campbell & Cynthia Roberts

Jenny Roberts

Mardell Roberts

Michael & Hilary Roberts

Rick Roberts

Paul & Patty Robertson

Barry & Patti Robinson

Michael Robinson

Robert & Vickie Robinson

Amy Rodney

Teresa Rodrigues

Lourdes Rodriguez

Sheila & Bob Roe

Elise Roenigk

Diana J. Roitman

Sharon Rooker

Alaina & Scott Roper

Michelle Rorvig

Evelyn Roseberry

Karen Rosen

Betty Rosenbaum & Diane Swab

Robert & Brenda Rosenberg

Robert Rosenblatt & Mina Jafarpoor

Sara Rosengren

Holly Rosenthal & Anna Tepper

Earl Ross

Jeff & Rachel Ross

Richard Rossbach

Tracy Ross-Harder

Ellen & Alan Rothbart

Melvyn & Barbara Rothman

Jamie Rothschild

Jeannie & John Rotner

Janine Roumain

Ken & Chris Roundtree

Ed & Janet Roush

Spencer & Tara Rowland

Elizabeth Royalhouse & Doug Elbert

Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Ruben

Shari Rubin

Diane Ruebling

Janet Runkel & Liz Hague

Jonathan Russell & Deborah Cotlarek

Steve Rust & Mary Brown

Jon Ruterman

David & Kathleen Rybarczyk

Jack Saba

Bob Sachs & Merle Daniels

Maryann & Thiru Sadagopan

Judy Sadler & Marcia Gonyea

Miki Safadi

Jessica Safier & Jeff Miller

Bernard Sakowicz & Kathy Naifeh

Karen & Rory Saleh

Ronald Salica

Libby Salisbury

Michael & Carol Salter

Arnold Saltzman & Robin Rolfe

Christina & Louis Salute

Richard Sammet

Tom Samp & Mark Johnson

Donna & Jim Sampanes

Karen Sampson & Ken Johnson

Justin & Allison Samuel

Judith Samuels

Wendy & Mike Sanchez

Anne & Jon Sand

Bob Sanders

David & Gwen Sanders

Marcia Sandground

Lara Sands

Adam & Emily Sankey

Raghu Santanam & Alka Arora

Emily & Aaron Santin

Brant & Linda Saperstein

Patricia Saracco

Holly Sarkissian & Terrence Trapp

Claudia Sassaman

Carey & Linda Sasser

Debbie & Gary Sattler

Michael Savenelli

Wilhelmina Savenye & Joe Springer

Christopher Sayles

Cynthia Sayles & Richard Chisum

Steve & Sejung Scalzo

Bradley Schaick

Larry & Audrey Schander

Jodi Scheiterlein

Lorie A. Schenck

Don Scherer & Lee Hanson

Ellen Scherer

Chris & Marcia Schermann

Shirley & Douglas Schermer

Gary Schimmeyer & Jennifer Allansmith

Arlene Schindler

Esther Schindler

Cheryl Schloerke

Michael Schmich & Maria Tammaro

Greg Schmidt

Trisha & Richard Schmidt

Gina & Steve Schmitz

Dr. Wendy Miller-Schneider & Richard Schneider

Sue Schnitzer

Donna Schober

Kathy & Charles Schock

Lane & SarahJane Schonour

Shawn Schoolcraft

Kathryn Schrag & Martin Levowitz

Jane & Everett Schreiber

Mark & Janet Schreier

Carol & Curt Schreur

Nikki & Billy Schrum

Leandro & Julia Schuab

Mary Schulte

James & Sheila Schultz

Suzanne Schultz

LuAnne & Carl Schurtz

Karen & Robert Scott

Stephanie & Patrick Scott

Darryl & Yvonne Scotti

Rita & Elizabeth Scriba

Margie & Rod Scrivener

Jeanne & James Seabold

Sean & Tammy

Ed Sedivy & Gail Weingart Sedivy

Ellen & Gunter Seefeldt

Howard Seftel & Kathleen Ingley

Lidia Segura

Helen & Herb Selby

Robin Seltzer

Jeffery Selzer & Wendy Rogers

Evan Senat

Karen Marie Sendelback & Judith Nichols

Henry Sendele

Larry & Libby Senderhauf

Susan & Mark Sendrow

Joan Senitz

Yoojin Seong & Chris Main

Cathleen & Sam Serrapede

Marco Serrato Garcia & Yuliya Hrushyk


$100+ continued

Christian Serre

David Sewell & Aurora Baker

William & Mary Seymour

Karen Shafer & Stephen Murphy

Alpa Shah

Patricia & Jami Shah

Arlene Shapero

Jerry & Deborah Shapiro

Merle Shapiro

Richard & Joan Shaw

Sandra Sheinbein

Paul & Martha Shepard

Janet Shepherd

Jewel Shield

Mary & Mike Shiners

Bonnie & Nouri Shirakhoon

Gowridevi Shivpprakasam

Steven Shoen

Mike Shteamer & Linda Jordan

Cathleen Shyers & Christopher Lobdell

Janet Sickler

Jason E. & Leigh Siebert

Caryn Siegel & Alyssa Cornelius

Martin & Barbara Siegel

John & Susan Siegesmund

Rev. Maddie Sifantus

Richard & Terri Silberer

Tina Silberman

Larry & Karen Sill

Michael Sillyman

Yvonne Silva & Greg Conwell

Jamie Silver, EFT & Coralee McKay, M.D.

Jamie & Dhara Simons

Lisa & Dennis Simpson

Theron & Bonita Sims

Dawn Sinclair

Barry Singer & Donna Hodax

Dean & Linda Skaret

Frank Skinner

Jessica Skinner & Zack Weddig

Daryl Skobba & Kathleen McLaughlin

Eric & Deadra Skundrick

Elizabeth Slikas & Craig Miller

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Sloan

Jean Sloan

Mary & Ed Slomba

Meredith & Karl Slosberg

William & Claudia Smietana

August Smith

Charles & Emily Smith

Corinne & Art Smith

Cristi Smith

David Smith & Vanessa Jackson

Frank Smith

Jeffrey & Laurie Smith

Joyce Smith & Brian Standley

Katherine Smith

Marilyne Smith

Mark & Anne Smith

Seri Smith & Kraig Tolliver

Stacy Smith & Jen McAlonan

Teresa Smith

Keith Sniatecki & Doris Huang

Amanda & Adam Snowden

Ernest Snyder

John Soby & Cydney Demodica

Arik Sokolowski & Sarah Cadwallender

Audrey & Frank Soldano

Pat Solski

Denise Sommerville

Adam Sonnenklar & Anne Grabois

John & Lillian Sorce

Elaina & Jeffrey Soule

Steve & Janet Speisman

Roy & Karen Spezia

Charles Spilman & Allen Siu

David Sprentall & Karen Beckvar

Steven Squier

Millie & Marv Stammen

Saundra Stampley

Gary & Peggy Stanaway

Natasha & Harvey Starbuck

Richard & Laurie Starr

Michael & Marilyn Starrett

Lou Stavris & Staci Payne

Samantha Stein & Mike DiTomasso

Steven Steinbrecher

Bernd & Jeanne Steinebrunner

Brigitte & Daniel Steinken

Dave Stelzner & Nicki Krafft

Linda Stephens

Myrna & James Stephens

Nancy Steriotis

Nancy Stern

Elaine Stevens & Sandee Nemiere

Kevin Stevens

Patricia & Roger Steward

Sheila R. Stewart

Meghan & Daniel Stinson

Dragan & Svetlana Stojisavljevic

Dave & Sandy Stoker

Tyler Stoltz

Connie Stone

Pamela & Gregory Stone

Jane & George Stoneback

Debra Stoner & Steve Wise

David Stong

Kirstin Story

John Stein & Barbara Stratford

Marcy Strauss

Linda Strauss-Miller

Tyra & Connor Street

Connie Struempf

P. Stults & D. Nicholson

Fred Styles

Katherine Sullivan & Jason Ackley

Susan Sullivan

Tim Sullivan & Susan Doeer

Claudia Summers & Joel Pattee

Russ & Denise Surber

Alina Suyurov

Mark Martin Svetik & Jamie Svetik

Sanjeev Swamy

Mark & Anne Swartz

Gary Swaty

Roberta & LeRoy Swedlund

Rob Swenhaugen

Tara Swinehart & Rebecca Ripley

Dorothy Sydnor

Richard Symchak & Marceline Lavelle

David Syre & Becci Camp

Lon Reiman & Mary Ann Szulinski

Christie Taggart & Eric White

Marcia Tague

Craig Talbert & Sharon Nail

Jeffrey Tang

Omar Tapia

Thomas & Christina Tatalovich

Betsy Tatlock

Betty Tatro & Frank Romaglia

Georgia Taylor Splinter & Larry Splinter

David & Isaac Taylor


Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence & Susan Taylor

Margaret Taylor

Pamela Taylor

William & Betty Taylor


Eric Teitel & Eloyse Jackson

Francis & Monica Tenbarge

Claudette Tesfay

Eric & Gabrielle Theilmann

Malorie Thies

Hannah Thigpen

Jim Thomas

April Thomas & Julius Tomasi

Jack & Nancy Thomas

Marianne Thomas & Elisha Dillon

Robin Thomas

Kathleen Thompson & Colleen Gallager

Linda & Chuck Thompson

Luella Thompson

Lynda Thompson

Teresa Thornley & Eric Martin

James & Elena Thornton

Richard Thorson

Gwendolyn & John Tierney

Werner & Peter Tillinger

Ken & Sheila Tingley

Donn-Allan Titus & Tiffany McVeety

Allison Todd & Dave Peterson

Kirsten Tollefson & Jeffrey Serra

Woo Tom

Lita & James Tope

Yeganeh Torabi & Arash Safavi

Matthew & Hilah Torres

Georgiana & Carmelo Tortorici

Nancy & Michael Townsend

Thomas Trainor & Deborah Sullivan-Trainor

Debora Tranter

Ann Marie Trask

Burton & Gwen Traub

Mary Tripp

Ralph Trovillion

Polly & John Truzzolino

The Tucker Family

Tucson Chandlers

Abraham Tunison

Thomas Tuoti

Dawn Turner & Donna Matteucci

Carol Turpen

Pat Tweedy & Annette McQuain

Ginger Tweten

Mary Tyler & Peter Mann

Beverly Tyson

Kim Ulland

Vivian & Jim Ullman

Don Umlah

Paul Underwood & Nashira

Dudley-West Household

William Unkefer Jr.

Peter Urias

Zerrin Uzum

Virginia Vadnais

Joanne Vago & Freyam Hasselbach

S. Valdez

Mark S. Valenti

Tim Valley & Christy Valek

Richard Van Cleave & Deborah Jepsen

Jonathan Van Der Henst Solis

Rhonda & Don Van Dyke

Jo Van Loo

Daniel & Kimberley Van Natta

Kim & Bill Van Nimwegen

Randy & Jan van Ryswyk

Karen & Roger Van Santen

Bruce & Karen Van Sickle

Clague & Marjorie Van Slyke

Michelle & John VanDuynhoven

Tom & Diane VanDyke

Carol Vanpuymbroeck

Stefanie Vartabedian

Wendy & Malissa Vasilev

Kara & Hector Vasquez

Nancy & George Vavricka

Evelyn Vazquez

Zlatko & Enisa Velic

Rosita & Nick Baltazar


Patricia Vest

Stephanie & James Vetromila

Karen Vibe & Karen Goody

Sandra & Rinalgo Vicalvi

Betty & Robert Victoreen

Sarah Vidales

Ramona Vigna & Sydney Bell

Ana Maria & Mariana Villegas

Shelly & Peter Vinsant

Nancy Virden

Steve & Cynthia Virissimo

Hannah Voic & Jackson Taylor

Mary & Dave Voytek

Phong & Donna Vu

Judy Vuich

Eileen Brill Wagner & Michael Wagner

Jolanta Wagner

Louis & Linda Wagner

Jack Wahlen

David Waite

Karen Waldron

Bill & Angela Walker

Nadine & Jim Walker

Robert Wall & Linda McDowell

Dulcenee Walsh & Michael De Rosa

Martha Walsh & Samuel Hirsch

Shannon Walsh

Jim & Sandy Walt

Don & Cidney Walter

Elizabeth & William Walters

Benjamin Wang

Howard & Chris Ward

Ginger & Douglas Ward

Caroline Ware & Marcus Simmers

Colleen & John Warner

Kathy Warpole

Elaine & William Watson

Margaret Watson

Terri Waugh

Kathleen Wavering

Patricia Webb

Shari Webb

Tamara & Helenor Webb

Elizabeth & Angelo Webber

Todd Webster

Karen Wechsung & Aubrey Neal

William Weese & Lynn Wetherbee Weese

Joie & Patrick Weiher

Eric & Adriana Weiner

Jolene & Harv Weisblat

JoAnn & John Weisel

Glenda & Randy Weisman

Hope Weiss & Richard Reinkall


$100+ continued

John Weiss

Tim M. Weisse


Jerry & Helayne Weissman

Hartmut Weissmann

Kathryn Welch

Nola & Walter Wellman

Diane Wells

Laurie & Gordon Wells

Paul & Maril Wells

E. Diane & Dave Wendt

The Wensley Family

Tammy Wentworth

Rose & David Wertheim

Steven Wertheim & Pamela Paine

Leslie Ann Westbay

Joanne Westphal

Nancy Wheeler

Valerie & Steve Whetter

Marc & Jeanne Whipple

Courtney White

Jane White

Mary White & Dave White

Nancy & Michael White

Douglas Whitney & Nancy Engler

Joel Wichtendahl

Joseph & Ellen Widoff

Clara & John Wiklanski

Eileen & Terrence Wiley

Larry & Ann Will

James & Sandra Williams

Larry & Andrea Williams

Larry & Jane Williams

Martha Williams & J. P. Blackmon

Richard Mark Williams

Kelli Williamson

Eva Willis

David Willoughby

Inez Willoughby & Kacey Evans

Tory & John Willoughby

Robert & Mary Jo Wilmes

Bambi Wilson

Joe & Barbara Wilson

John & Vicki Wilson

Judy Wilson & James Schornak

Rodgers Wilson

Thomas & Margo Wilson

Susanne Wilt-Cusick

Kathy Winegarner

Kenneth & Donna Wirt

Paul & Helen Witt

Dwayne Witten

Nick, Kathleen, & William Wo

Betty Woelfel

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With your gift of $100 or more, you become part of our Circle of Friends membership program. Visit MIM.org to see a complete list of member gifts.

Because of you, MIM continues to transform lives through the joy of music. Please consider making an additional gift in any amount.

$250 provides access for 125 K–8 students to discover the science of sound through the virtual STEM tour.

$500 brings more than 50 students to the museum on a field trip.

$1,000 helps add a new artist to our concert lineup.

$2,500 supports MIM’s galleries and collection.

Contributions may be sent to: Musical Instrument Museum 4725 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix, AZ 85050 Visit MIM.org/individual-gift to make a gift online.

If we have inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed your name, please accept our apology and contact MIM’s Institutional Advancement team at 480.478.6062 or advancement@MIM.org We will correct our records immediately.



Sponsoring schools, teachers, and the next generation of music makers

Formed in 1961, the Scottsdale Charros are an all-volunteer nonprofit group of business and civic leaders who help build their community by supporting youth sports, education, and charitable causes. Since 2019, the Scottsdale Charros have supported MIM’s education initiatives, particularly our field trips. In October 2022, the Charros awarded MIM a $5,000 grant that will support field trips for participants from Scottsdale schools during the 2022–2023 school year.

“We are proud to support the programs at MIM that spark an interest in music because it aligns directly with our mission to support youth, education, and charitable causes in our community,” says Dennis Robbins, executive director of the Scottsdale Charros.

The Charros’ support of MIM follows their rich history of supporting educational programming for Scottsdale Unified School District schools and education and youth

programs delivered through communitybased nonprofits. At their annual education banquet, the Charros honor music teachers and students who plan to pursue music in higher education.

“We know that music is essential for child development of skills for school readiness, including social-emotional skills, motor skills, and overall literacy,” Robbins says.

During MIM field trips, students deepen those skills while enhancing their learning experience.

“We are most appreciative of the generous support provided by the Charro Foundation, which will allow even more schools to enjoy a field trip to the museum,” says MIM board member and Scottsdale Charro Bob Weston.

“The Charro Foundation has been a strong partner of MIM’s for years, and we look forward to their continued involvement.”

MIM team members Brian Dredla, Annabel Rimmer, and Tabi Branson pose with a check from the Charro Foundation in MIM’s Orientation Gallery.

MIM IN 2022

What your generosity achieved over the past year

51,500+ guests explored the Treasures special exhibition

28 new loans and acquisitions from 14 countries added to Rediscover Treasures

Guests in Rediscover Treasures: Legendary Musical Instruments

116 exceptional instruments acquired to celebrate the cultures of 30 countries

54,311 guests heard the music of the world at a concert at the MIM Music Theater

239 performances at the MIM Music Theater by artists from 21 different countries

Best Onsite Experience

Top 20 Museums in the U.S.

Best Museum

Phoenix magazine

16,515 guests celebrated global cultures and genres at 12 Signature Events

Above, left: Sampradaya Dance of India

Above, right: Junior Museum Guide ukulele workshop The Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Students during a STEM field trip on the day of MIM’s 500,000 th on-site field trip participant

33,347 students were enriched through on-site field trips

In September, the 500,000th participant visited—a milestone 12 years in the making! Over 730,000 students with access to MIM’s virtual education content

654 educators became equipped to teach a variety of lessons through music

3,926 children attended nearly 400 on-site MIMkids classes


Musical Adventures

The Artist Residency student concert series returned in the fall 2022 semester, serving approximately 1,200 students and teachers.

32,000+ hours served by more than 350 dedicated volunteer team members


4725 E. Mayo Boulevard

Phoenix, AZ 85050

“If ever in Phoenix, definitely take a trip to the Musical Instrument Museum. . . . One of the best curated I have been to in the United States.”

MIM guest, Twitter 5

Exhibition Open Now!

Discover the power of music across 6,000 years of history.

Details at MIM.org

Presenting sponsor

Eric Claptonʼs “Brownie” Fender Stratocaster Fullerton, California, 1956 Courtesy of MoPOP, Seattle, WA