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“My idea for Mill & Mortar is simply this: to give you spices full of flavour. I believe spices should be treated with the same respect as good wine, coffee or olive oil. That is why we work hard to find the best spices and spice farmers I started Mill & Mortar in 2008 because I wanted to renew the way we look at spices. We had all started drinking microbrews and craft ales, choosing high-quality chocolate and buying exotic and expensive salts – and yet spices remained an unchanged territory. Pepper without power. Dusty dried herbs. Spice mixes full of additives. So I went out into the world to find the real deal. Spices that smell and taste as Nature intended. I have personally tasted and chosen my spices from small, local farmers and suppliers in places like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Spain. My spices are all picked and sorted by hand and many are produced under fair trade conditions. Most are organic. If, like me, you enjoy good eating, I encourage you to play with new ways of spicing up your food and making it extra flavourful. And I promise you will be able to taste the difference when you cook with Mill & Mortar. IBEN BÜCHERT Owner & Founder of Mill & Mortar


Mill & Mortar is all about giving you the desire and the ingredients to spice your food deliciously. We always aim for exquisite quality, and we select our spices according to a set of principles that we call ‘Product of Origin.’

PRODUCT OF ORIGIN SPICES FROM THE YEAR’S HARVEST that look, smell, and taste as they did when they were harvested. We follow the spices from year to year and so buy only small quantities to ensure we can deliver the freshest product possible. SPICES WITH AN ORIGIN that lets us know how and where the spices were cultivated and processed. We know the spices have been grown with great respect, without exhausting the resources of the land or harming people, animals, or other eco-systems. UNIQUE PRODUCTS THAT TELL STORIES about the people who work with great pride to create them. We prefer to work with the same farmers year after year and try to make raw materials and products a little better each year. Many raw ingredients are bought according to Fair Trade principles, which provide greater revenue for the farmers and, in fact, promote better product quality. EXQUISITE AND OPTIMAL PACKAGING that ensures the spices maintain their oils and aromas from field to kitchen (remember: always keep your spices dark, dry, and air tight). ORGANIC AND SUSTAINABLE FARMING. The vast majority of our products are organic. Fortunately, excellent quality is usually synonymous with organic farming principles. Some suppliers, however, are too small to have certified products, but are still able to meet our strict requirements. Flavour above all else.


We buy most of our spices directly from cooperatives of independent spice farmers in Sri Lanka. What makes their spices so special? Two things: Respect for the land. The farmers are passionate about their woodlands and cultivate them according to the ‘Kandyan Forest Garden’ principles of preserving forest ecosystems. This means each farmer cultivates many different roots, plants, and trees in their forest gardens, using only manure and natural pest control. As a result, the gardens thrive and the soil is not worn out. This method of farming is one of the world’s oldest, and honours sustainability, multiculturalism, and ecology. Organic spices simply have a better and stronger taste when their essential oils can develop naturally instead of being rushed by artificial fertilizers. Incentives to promote quality. We pay the farmers 30%-100% more than world market prices for their produce, and part of this premium goes to continuing education and improving production conditions. We pay in advance before the harvest. This lets the farmers concentrate on the crops, without being tempted to harvest and sell before the spices are fully ready. This gives you spices that are optimally grown, harvested, and refined. We call it sustainable trading.


We select classic and exotic spices from around the world for all kinds of cooking. Most come from small farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka that cultivate their small, organic forest gardens to produce spices of excellent quality.

While the Sri Lankan spices are the core of our basic spices, you can also marvel over our exquisite Spanish paprikas and saffron, our selection of spices from around the world, as well as the “salts� of the dessert kitchen: liquorice and vanilla.

FUSION Our delicious spice blends make it easy for you to pack your everyday cooking with new, unexpected flavour profiles. Here, both classic and new flavour combinations and techniques are at play. The blends are all based on spices and herbs of our expected outstanding quality and origins. Almost all are organic. FUSION spice blends distinguish themselves by being salt-free, gluten-free, and additive-free: you are buying pure spices. With FUSION spice blends from Mill & Mortar, your dishes will be bursting with flavour – without much effort. Use FUSION blends for vegetables and casseroles, for BBQs and stir-fries, marinades and dressings, or as a rub or sprinkle.

NaCL FINISHING SALTS Our salts are made from salt crystals gently harvested from the salinas, or salt ponds, near Alicante in Spain, a saltmaking area since the Middle Ages. The head salt farmer of La Salina La Fortuna is inspired by the locality, and infuses our salt with flavours and minerals of the surroundings: wine, citrus, seaweed, active coal, and smoke. Enjoy the salts as they are or use them in a salt mill. NaCl Finishing Salts add an eye-catching finishing touch to your food. Presented at table or in your dishes, the small flakes are a delight to the eye and melt in your mouth.

Mill & Mortar is a Danish spice company offering you organic, estate, and wild-harvested spices of the highest quality. You can find our spices and snacks in speciality shops, delicatessens, top food halls, and supermarkets. Check out our full line of products at

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