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Our cover artist, Joan Boryta perfectly captures the essence of Barbados in her landscapes, seascapes and people. Her work is available at Gallery of Caribbean Art, The Tides Art Gallery, Pelican Craft Centre, Island Tings, The Waterfront Café, and also at her home. On sale there is a range of her prints and notelets. Joan also accepts commissions. An art teacher by profession, Joan offers art classes to groups at her home studio, or if preferable, a private lesson at your hotel or villa.

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The Ins & Outs of Barbados

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The Barbados Experience “At the top of the list, of course, is THE PEOPLE, and one of our characteristics is that we’re all full of ideas and opinions, all passionately chauvinist, and all with our own views of what makes us special.”

Prof. Henry Fraser

The Barbados Experience

by Professor Henry Fraser

Past Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI; President Emeritus, Barbados National Trust; and Chairman of the Task Force for the nomination of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a World Heritage Site.

People come to Barbados for many reasons. Many come, of course, for the well known sun, sand and sea. “Travellers” come to explore, often for much longer spells, to learn, to sample, perhaps to be restored, renewed and return! In fact one of our most famous early visitors came for health reasons – young George Washington, America’s Hero of Heroes, came with his TB stricken half-brother Lawrence in 1751, and spent seven weeks. Here George learnt all about military fortification and went back home to join the militia. But he also caught what we might euphemistically call the mild Bajan variety of small pox, survived with merely a few pox marks, and went on to win the War of Independence when all around him his troops were dying of small pox! How different history might have been if he’d not experienced our gentle small pox and become immune ... We used to be called Barbadoes, and many still assume we’re plural, like the Bahamas. We’re not.... our biggest little “dependency”, Pelican, just about an acre in size, was a few hundred yards off the Fontabelle beach and was used as the local Ellis Island for isolating arrivals with suspicious fevers. It’s now part of the docks of our Deep Water Harbour, a stone’s throw from the luxury liners home-porting here every day. So, in fact, we’re a SINGULAR island (pun intended!)

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience What makes us singular – and so special? What’s contributed to the transformation of a “little rock” of 166 square miles, with no minerals, vast fertile fields or much oil to speak of, into the unique Barbados of today, “punching well above its weight”? Here are the TOP TEN THINGS about the Barbados experience – the experiences we’ve had over nearly 400 years to make us what we are, and the experiences we have today, and share with visitors: At the top of the list, of course, is THE PEOPLE, and one of our characteristics is that we’re all full of ideas and opinions, all passionately chauvinist, and all with our own views of what makes us special. Much is due to our history .... and fierce pride in the fact that we’ve never been invaded by a foreign power; the only ones who tried, the Dutch in 1665, withdrew after a cannon shot from Charles Fort (by the Hilton Hotel) struck the Admiral in command! In fact, the reputation of being “the brightest jewel in the English Crown” by the 1660s has sustained the Bajan psyche ever since! And our personalities are still steeped in the religions of our ancestors – Anglicanism, Catholicism, Methodism and Moravianism – plus a hundred newer denominations! The ancient Gothic churches are never far from a new evangelical place of worship – even tents! And Sunday-go-to-meeting finery “can’t done”, to put it in Bajan dialect. Much credit must go to ancestors who believed in education. The first bishop to Barbados, Bishop Coleridge, masterminded church schools, benefactors created secondary schools, and the governments of the last 60 years have ensured comprehensive secondary education, producing the much boasted 98% literacy – unique for a developing country. So we read AND talk! Of course, OUR BEACHES are number 2: pristine, glorious and world famous. The magnificent Crane Beach is repeatedly listed in the 10 best beaches of the world. But there’s also the spectacular Soup Bowl, surfing centre at Bathsheba; the miles of golden sand and surf from Cattlewash to Morgan Lewis; world famous Accra Beach; the mile and a quarter stretch of Carlisle Bay, linking historic Bridgetown with the Garrison and the Hilton Hotel; the crystal clear and heavenly blue waters of Sandy Lane and Paradise; and many, many more beautiful beaches and secret, crystal coves around the island ... at least one for every 166 square miles of this tiny treasure island. But the whole island is a TROPICAL GARDEN, more manicured than most Caribbean islands. In the “mountains” (highest point 1,115 feet!) are five enchanting gardens – the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, the Flower Forest, Hunte’s Gardens at Castle Grant, Orchid World, and Welchman Hall Gully, each providing a different view of God’s most beautiful creations. And beyond, to the East, is the magnificent Scotland District, so named because these craggy hills resembled the Scottish highlands, from which so many Scottish prisoners and defeated clansmen were sent as serfs or indentured servants, to labour and often worked to death, before they could receive their freedom and acre of rocky land. These hills, cliffs and rugged Atlantic coastline have long been under review as a National Park – an area of unique natural beauty.

The dramatic East Coast of Barbados and the magnificent Scotland District in the distance Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience

Traditional Bajan fish cakes are made with “salt fish” (salted cod), which for centuries was imported from Nova Scotia, in exchange for sugar, rum and molasses

Next comes our fabulous FOOD (fried flying fish especially) but there are now scores of world class restaurants and even more simple hostelries, bars and cafés with sumptuous local fare, eloquently described in the book Barbados: Caribbean Street Food, by Peter Laurie and Mike Toy. Traditional fish cakes are made with “salt fish” – salted cod, imported for centuries from Nova Scotia as the cheap staple protein source in slavery days, in exchange for sugar, rum and molasses. Deep fried and full of salt they’re absolutely sinful! Bajans are also passionate about pork – “proper pork” is the word – and highly peppery pork chops and pork cutters are irresistible. Our condiments are equally special, and coconut cakes (grated coconut and sugar) and coconut bread or sweet bread are all “to die for”. At the other end of the spectrum, Bridgetown and its South Coast and West Coast (the Platinum Coast) have the largest collection of fine restaurants in the Caribbean. Set in the sugar cane fields of St. Thomas, the fabulous Fisherpond Great House received Winners Dinners 2009 Award - “Best Very Personal - wife cooks, husband does front of house”. John and Rain have captured the grace and style of old Barbados and melded the Bajan culture into a sensory feast. The Waterfront Café, on the edge of the water in the centre of Bridgetown, deserves special mention not just for the food, service and charming hostess, but the jazz nights and the magical ambiance in a restored old sugar warehouse, against the backdrop of shimmering water, boats and Gothic Parliament buildings.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Number 5: FESTIVALS – Cropover, Holetown Festival and Oistins Fish Festival, and our Jazz Festival. We used to be described as “filled with starch and Anglicanism”, but our love for Trinidad and its Carnival and party spirit has “carnivalised” us! Cropover is the traditional celebration of the end of the sugar harvest and all kinds of events, including a continuing summer of calypsos – competing tents with many singers (calypsonians) vying for the titles. The most famous – Red Plastic Bag and the Mighty Gabby – vie with cricket legends like Sir Garry Sobers as the heroes of the people. It all culminates in “the Grand Kadooment” – costume band parades - on August Bank Holiday – the first Monday in August. Of course, calypso is not the only Bajan music. The folk song has long been a popular expression of local legends, popular beliefs and practices, merging into the calypso form in later years. And the Merrymen, the hugely popular and successful group, performing for nearly 50 years and still evergreen, have integrated folk song, ballad and calypso in their own inimitable way. While many Bajans have made it big in the musical world, Rihanna and Shontelle to name two of several young Barbadian stars currently making number 1 hits in the international pop scene, jazz aficionados can’t get enough of today’s Arturo Tappin and André Woodvine. Then there’s cricket and other SPORTS – from the traditional English sports of cricket, polo and horse racing to the new excitement of surfing, windsurfing and those we’ve made our own – road tennis, warri, dominoes and draughts.

The Barbados Experience Cricket, of course, remains top dog: Saturdays see hundreds of young men (and now women’s teams) on cricket fields across the island. Cricket was our great sporting heritage, and the famous trio of the three Ws, Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes and Sir Frank Walcott brought the West Indies team great glory, followed by our famous pacers Wes Hall and Charlie Griffith, and the extraordinary Right Excellent Sir Garfield (Garry) Sobers, our only living national hero. Sir Garry continues to inspire both our youngsters and the rest of us! Polo now dominates the lives of those who can afford the horses and the life styles of the rich and famous, and our polo fields play host to royalty and the ravishing beauties who follow the horses and their riders! Horse racing used to take place at several pastures on plantations, but for over a hundred years the historic Garrison Savannah, the old parade pasture of the army, has been the historic home of the Barbados Turf Club. Race meetings are held several times a year, with racing on Saturdays and public holidays. The Sandy Lane Gold Cup is now a star international attraction, although the first Gold Cup race was held in 1921 and won by Lady Lucille, owned by the famous turfite, planter and parliamentarian Mr. Frederick Fitzherbert Cornelius Gill. Brian “deAction Man” Talma, like Sir Garry Sobers, has been an amazing sporting ambassador for Barbados. I can’t describe this Olympian and world beater better than with this extract from the web: “Born and raised in Barbados, West Indies, Brian represents all that is Caribbean. His distinctive West Indian appearance and warmth garnered him instant popularity among his peers and the fans. And practically from the start of his professional career, Brian's sincerity and positive outlook gained him international sports celebrity status a mere handful of windsurfers enjoy today.” Similarly, Suki King, draughts King of the World, has won many honours for Barbados, although perhaps with less flair than Brian Talma and less honours than Sir Garry. And with world class body builders and chess players to add to the heroes’ gallery we have to ask what it is that produces so many world class acts! HARRISON’S CAVE – the beautiful complex of subterranean caverns and waterfalls in the centre of the island – is in a category all its own. The coral limestone cap of Barbados is intersected and permeated by gullies and underground streams, which have created a huge network of caves. Harrison’s is the most extensive and spectacular of these cave systems. It was first described by a visitor, Dr. George Pinckard in 1796 and was more or less forgotten, while Cole’s Cave, not far away, was much better known and explored by locals. The Danish speleologist Ole Sorensen rediscovered it in 1970 through a hole in the floor

The beautiful subterranean caverns and waterfalls of Harrison’s Cave Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Andrew Hulsmeier

The Barbados Experience

The Royal Barbados Mounted Police at the Historic Garrison Savannah during the annual Independence Day parade. The Main Guard, with its distinctive clock tower, can be seen in the background. The historic Garrison area, is now home to the George Washington House Museum, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society which is housed in the old military prison, and underneath the bastion of St. Anne’s Fort is a splendid Cannon Museum.

of Welchman Hall Gully, and the Barbados National Trust and then the Government began its development in earnest into the island’s biggest tourist attraction. Millions of dollars have been spent to provide a unique experience, descending from the clifftop by glass walled elevator, for an orientation and then a drive on solar powered trams through the vaulted halls, pools and waterfalls. Unforgettable! But what’s less well known about Barbados is its extraordinary BUILT HERITAGE. The personality of the people, the games we play and the way we worship, the food we eat and the way we celebrate are all the result of nearly four hundred years of plantation society, with the rigidly organised social hierarchy, in which merchants and planters dominated an agricultural society. Sugar was precious and Britain, France, Holland and Spain were in a long struggle for supremacy and wealth from the Caribbean. Although Barbados was never the site of these European battles, it was the staging post for the struggle in the Caribbean for 200 years. The “jewel in the crown” is the Garrison, with 141 acres of fortifications and barracks, well preserved and used as museums, offices and home of the nation’s Defence Force. The old military prison is now the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, perhaps the finest museum in the CARICOM region. Underneath the bastion of St.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Anne’s Fort is a splendid Cannon Museum, while the parade pasture is the modern race track, and scene of jogging, sports and many spectacular events. And the George Washington House Museum is absolutely five star! Here you immerse yourself in the Barbados of 1751, and discover the story of Washington’s visit, and of sugar and slavery. Sit in the window seat by Uncle George and listen to him read from his famous diary of the Barbados trip! And check out the Garison’s satellite sites. The Gun Hill Signal Station in St. George is almost at the centre of the island, and the little museum and magnificent views make it a muststop. At Hastings, in Pavilion Court, formerly the Military Hospital of the Garrison, is the unique Mallalieu Motor Collection, a treat for motor car enthusiasts to visit and have a guided tour by Mr. Bill Mallalieu. Historic Bridgetown itself, with its splendid churches, the ancient Jewish Synagogue with newly discovered ritual bath – the Mikvah - old balconied shop houses, bridges, sugar warehouses and Neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, on the waterside of the Careenage, is the heart of the nation. The Jewish Synagogue was built in the 1650s (it’s shown on a site plan of 1660), badly damaged in the Great Hurricane of 1831 and rebuilt and blessed with much pomp and ceremony in 1833. But by

Mediterranean Sea, 1940s. "Gamma" men in training. The diver emerging from the water is wearing a Panerai compass on his wrist.

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#8 Broad Street, Bridgetown - Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown St. James - GALLERIA BOUTIQUES: Sandy Lane Golf & Country Club, St. James-Royal Westmoreland Golf & Country Club, St. James Tel: 430-2400 1-800-51-JEWEL

The Barbados Experience 1929 virtually all of the Jewish community who had not intermarried and aculturised into the Barbadian community had emigrated, and the artefacts sold to museums in North America and the Synagogue sold to become solicitors’ offices. The new Jewish community of Barbados – post Nazism – led by Paul Altman, have achieved an amazing restoration of the Synagogue and the cemetery, and converted the old school building into a state of the art museum of Jewish history. And just last year the most amazing archeological discovery was made. Archeologist Dr. Karl Watson of the University of the West Indies, and his team, digging in the forecourt, discovered a splendid mikvah – the ritual Jewish bath of purification. Steps descend to a spacious marble bath, still supplied by freely flowing pure spring water! What an extraordinary find . . . it’s easy to understand why Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison have now been nominated as a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. But all across Barbados are historic churches and houses, which the Barbados National Trust, the Chief Town Planner and the Ministry of Culture strive to see survive! There are almost 50 historic Neo-Gothic churches – mostly Anglican, but also some splendid Moravian and Methodist churches, and the beautiful St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, on Bay Street in Bridgetown. For cemetery buffs, the churchyards of St. Michael’s and All Angels Cathedral, St. John’s Church, All Saints Church and St. George’s Church especially are rich in the history of Barbados. And St. John’s Church, with its beautiful carvings and funerary monuments, the tomb of Ferdinando Paleologus, descendant of the last Greek Emperor of Constantinople, its famous sundial and magnificent views of the entire dramatic east coast, is an experience not to be missed. Barbados has one of the most comprehensive “collections” of surviving historic architecture of any Caribbean island. The jewel in the crown, of course, is the Garrison, but the historic core of Bridgetown includes several 17th and 18th century buildings – town houses or shop houses with residences and warehouses above, in old Dutch style, and many characteristic, robustly built 19th century coral stone warehouses, built when sugar was king. In the old days everyone lived “above the shop”, and had a front balcony over the street to sit out and enjoy the breeze, or “shoot the breeze” with the neighbour across the street. Many of these old town houses were modest hotels, and the story is told of a famous beauty of mixed race, called Caroline Lee, after whom the beautiful local yellow sweet potato was named.... the Caroline Lee potato.

Historic Bridgetown – with its Neo-Gothic Parliament Buildings, splendid churches, the ancient Jewish Synagogue, old balconied shop houses, bridges and sugar warehouses – is the heart of the nation Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience collapse of the sugar industry most plantations went bankrupt and the great houses often decayed. The restored last surviving complete working sugar mill in the Caribbean, Morgan Lewis Mill in the Scotland District, and the Arlington Museum in Speightstown tell the fascinating story of sugar. There are two outstanding historic mansions that also showcase the history of sugar, and that every visitor should see: St. Nicholas Abbey and Sunbury Plantation House. Both are 17th century in origin. St. Nicholas is not an abbey at all ... in fact there is no religious connection, and ironically, the original builder in 1658 – 60, Sir John Yeomans, was apparently someone of great controversy and ill repute, reputedly poisoning his business partner and co-owner to marry his wife! He was commissioned as the first Governor of the Carolinas in its settlement by the Anglo-Barbadian expedition, but reneged, and then proceeded to Charleston and deposed the second Governor! But I won’t spoil it by saying too much about the rich history of Nicholas. Today, well known Barbadian architect Larry Warren and his wife Anna have bought the property, restored it, restored the syrup and sugar factory, bottle fine rum in the old stables, and provide a daily Open House experience that is out of this world.

Courtesy St. Nicholas Abbey

Family lore relates that my great, great aunt was married to a gentleman who tired of the matrimonial bliss and took up residence with Ms. Caroline Lee at her hotel in Broad Street. Whereon my great grandfather forbid Caroline Lee potatoes ever to be eaten in his house, so that “that woman’s name should never be called!” The old suburbs leading out of Bridgetown still feature many of the 19th century Palladian style villas with elegant double staircases and pedimented porches, but unless the Town and Country Planning Department acquires more teeth, many are doomed. In the countryside, apart from the profusion of churches, the landscape is dotted with plantation sites and villages, mansions, shops and chattel houses. Every parish church had an adjacent rectory for the parish priest, and the girls and boys schools of the parish. The plantation sites have no-longerworking factory buildings and stables, often a surviving old windmill, and the “great house” – the manager or owner’s house. One of the socio-economically important aspects of Bajan plantations was that there were few expatriate owners, and the local owners kept a tight ship and lived in comfort, maintaining the property in good shape. With the virtual

An interesting angle of Nicholas Abbey and the estate with the parishes of St. Peter and St. Lucy in the background, taken just before the Warren family restored the house, the syrup and sugar factory, the stables and the gardens


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience Other Open House experiences are provided by the Barbados National Trust Open House programme in the winter season, when every Wednesday a historic house or an elegant mansion is opened to the public, courtesy of generous owners, with all proceeds going to the Trust to help maintain our heritage. And around every corner you will find hidden treasures ... gardens, Georgian mansions, picture postcard chattel houses like those of the Heritage Village at Tyrol Cot, another “must see”, and much more. You can even stay at the historic Sweetfield Manor, a sumptuous historic inn on the cliffs overlooking the Garrison, or rent a magical Oliver Messel villa like the historic Fustic House. There are two more things about Barbados that make it very special, that keep most Bajans here, and bring our emigrants back, and make it so attractive to the “snow birds” from up north and to our Guyanese, Trinidadian and other Caribbean cousins. One is the GREAT CLIMATE, and the other is the fact that things work! Our maximum temperature in the summer is 32 degrees Centigrade, compared to the peaks of high 30s and 40s in so many tropical countries and even North American summers. And the minimum in the mountains (yes, the mountains) only occasionally drops to 20 degrees Centigrade. And those famous cooling trade winds DO help to keep us cool ... to experience them at their best, visit the Crane Resort – that too is an unbelievable, out of this world experience. Unfortunately it does rain, but we do need it for farmers, gardens and to supply that pure Bajan water known as “Bowmanston” after the pumping station at the underground lake in the parish of St. John. So carry an umbrella in September, October and November, the three rainy months. But hey, when it’s raining just go swimming ... warm sea water and showers of blessings are an amazing experience! And a word about hurricanes. The tropical storms of the Atlantic form off the African coast between mid-June and early November ... there’s an old rhyme that says: “June too soon, July stand by, August it must, September remember, October all over”. But the proud boast that “God is a Barbadian” was born from the rarity of hurricanes hitting us here. They head west and turn gradually further North before reaching us, occasionally striking the Northern Antilles, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Jamaica or Cuba, but heading for the United States and the most frequent target of Florida. We’ve had occasional mild storms but hurricanes only every 50 to 100 years.

The magnificent Crane Beach was named “one of the top ten beaches in the world” by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Photo: Courtesy The Crane Resort


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Jon Farmer

The Barbados Experience

Andrew Hulsmeier

The restored Morgan Lewis Mill in the Scotland District is the last surviving, complete working sugar mill in the Caribbean

A wonderful way to experience the heritage of our special island, is to join the Barbados National Trust Sunday hikes, the locations of which are listed in the Calendar of Events


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

And last but not least there’s that unusual-for-the-tropics experience that “EVERYTHING WORKS!” Over the years, perhaps, we’ve been most proud of our roads ... a profuse network of paved roads, running from all corners – North, South, East and West – to Bridgetown. And it’s always said “all roads lead to Bridgetown, so you can never get lost”! You may well end up “beyond God’s back”, Bajans’ fond name for Boscobelle in the far distant hills of St. Peter, and arrive an hour late for dinner, but you WILL get there eventually. But visitors should carry a map, because they’ll never understand what a Bajan means when he says “Take the above road” or “turn below the fustic tree.” That kind of understanding comes in the genes! But our water supply, electricity supply and telephones all work, and although we gripe a lot, we know how lucky we are. We’re small, and our chief resource is our people. Our education has been solid and we like to be progressive – who doesn’t have a cell phone, use a computer or drive a car? But we’re deeply influenced by the experiences of our past. From the iconic chattel houses to the plantation great houses like the famous St. Nicholas Abbey – the greatest Treasure of all – and Sunbury Plantation House; from the abandoned sugar mills to the 50 historic Gothic churches; from the fishermen casting nets, to the unique Barbados black belly sheep; from Merrymen music to calypso; driving around Barbados reveals treasure after hidden treasure. The heritage of our Treasure Island is experienced everywhere we go, and a wonderful way of seeing it all is to join the Barbados National Trust Sunday hikes (Call the Trust in normal working hours at (246) 4262421 or 436-9033 or pay them a visit at their historic Wildey Great House headquarters).

Lower Broad Street, Bridgetown; West Coast Mall, Sunset Crest, St. James; Grantley Adams International Airport Tamarind Cove Hotel, St. James; The Cruise Terminal, Bridgetown The Fairmont Royal Pavilion, St. James; Turtle Beach Resort, Dover, Christ Church; Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Tel: 430-2400 1-800-51-JEWEL

The Barbados Experience Barbados Books We are pleased to offer you these ‘World Class Books about Barbados by Barbadians’. Over the course of more than 25 years, Miller Publishing Company has established a solid reputation for the consistently high standards and world-class quality of its publications; including a broad range of beautifully designed and produced photo-based coffee table books covering many aspects of Barbados. These books are available at leading bookstores on the island or at the Miller Publishing Company office. #2 Williams Industrial Park, Edgehill, St. Thomas | Tel: (246) 421-6700 | Fax: (246) 421-6707 |

The Way to Anyone’s Heart Two excellent Caribbean cookbooks with tried and tested recipes of all the favourites - wonderful gifts!

Redefining Dining Paul Owens shares many of his culinary secrets in his recipe book The Cliff. Now in its fourth printing, chefs and home cooks alike have praised this publication. The Restaurants of Barbados offers a peep inside many of the island’s top fine dining restaurants, with the chefs sharing their favourite recipe.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience

More Than Just a Good Read Our diverse collection of books covers many aspects of Barbadian life and culture; including modern and traditional architecture, plants and gardens, history and heritage, food and dining, the fascinating underwater world of our coral paradise and diving, beautiful art and even some of our favourite prayers. One of the distinct and most distinguishing features of these books is that they are all packed with truly superb photographs. So, as well as being a great read, all of these books are just beautiful to look at.

Three is Company A Bajan Cookbook, A Bajan Prayer Book and a Bajan Photo Book = the perfect little Bajan Trio to take home as a thoughtful gift or a meaningful souvenir.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Sailing The Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race (75th Anniversary) Fri. 21st (Errol Barrow Day) - Starting at Pebbles Beach, Aquatic Gap, St. Michael at 8am.



6 Goal Tournaments Fri. 7th @ Clifton Sat. 8th @ Lion Castle Sun. 9th @ Apes Hill Wed. 12th @ Buttals Fri. 14th @ Holders Sat. 15th @ Clifton Sun. 16th @ Lion Castle Wed. 19th @ Holders ‘Athina’ in the Round Barbados Race in 2007. 2011 will be the 75th anniversary of Fri. 21st @ Apes Hill the staging of the event Sat. 22nd * Photo: Peter Marshall Sun. 23rd @ Clifton Apes Hill Tour Music Festivals Horse Racing Wed. 26th @ Apes Hill Barbados Jazz Festival For more info Tel: 426-3980. Fri. 28th @ Lion Castle Tue. 11th to Mon. 17th Sat 29th * Sun. 30th @ Apes Hill Barbados National Trust * Please call 230-1308 for Music & Drama 50th Anniversary Open Houses confirmation of venue. The Gale Theatre of London & Wed. 12th - ‘Elsewhere’, Sandy Lane For more info see their website: Barbados 4th Season: “The Estate, St. James (courtesy of Importance of Being Ernest” by Altman Real Estate). Oscar Wilde Wed. 19th (TBA) & Wed. 26th (TBA). Public Holidays Sat. 22nd & Sat. 29th at The All open houses from 2:30 - 5:30pm. New Year’s Day - Sat. 1st Barbados Museum at 8pm. For more info Tel: 426-2421. Errol Barrow Day - Fri. 21st For further information go to: Full Moon Police Band Concert Wed. 19th The Royal Barbados Police Force Horticulture Band - A Community Concert Gun Hill by Moonlight Barbados Horticultural Society Sun. 2nd at St. Mary’s Church, Fri. 21st at the Signal Station, Gun Annual Flower & Garden Show Bridgetown at 4:30pm. Hill, St. George. Gates open at Sat. 29th to Sun. 30th, 11am-6pm 5:30pm. Lowering of the flag Art Shows daily at Balls Plantation, Christ ceremony at sunset. Complimentary Gallery of Caribbean Art, Church. Tel: 428-5889. drinks and cocktails included. Speightstown, St. Peter Barbados Horticultural Society Featured artist of the month Open Gardens Hike Barbados Sun. 9th - Dr. & Mrs. John Webster, Denzil Mann 2nd - Cove Bay #1 First Avenue, Walkers Terrace, 9th - Hackleton Cliff Top St. George 16th - Holetown (Moonlight) Museum Events Sun. 16th - Mr. & Mrs. Richard 23rd - Skeete’s Bay Ashby, The Abbey, Abbey Lane, ‘Sonis Art’ - Runs Jan. through Mar. 30th - Bulkeley Plantation Harmony Lodge, St. Philip A collection of over 60 paintings of (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, Both Open Gardens are from 2-6pm. well-known Barbadian artists at The except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s For more info call The Barbados Garrison, St. Michael. For more National Trust at 426-2421. information Tel: 427-0201.



The Ins & Outs of Barbados


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Windsurfing International Windsurfing Championships/Waterman Festival Silver Sands, Christ Church. Sat. 12th to Sun. 13th

Agricultural Show Agrofest (The National Agricultural Exhibition) Fri. 25th to Sun. 27th at Queen’s Park, Bridgetown.


The waters off Barbados are ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing


Photo courtesy Brian Talma/de Action Beach Shop

Music & Drama

Police Band Concert

The Gale Theatre of London & Barbados 4th Season: “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde ‘Ben Mar’, Pine Hill, St. Michael (British High Commissioner’s Res.) Sat. 5th & Sat. 12th at 8pm. The Barbados Museum, St. Michael Fri. 18th & Sat. 19th at 8pm. Sunbury Great House, St. Philip Fri. 25th at 8pm (Pre-theatre dining at 6:30pm). Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Sat. 26th at 8pm (Pre-theatre drinks at 7pm). For further info:

The Royal Barbados Police Force Band - A Community Concert Sun. 6th at Holders Hill, St. James at 5pm.

Horticulture Barbados Horticultural Society Open Gardens Sun. 6th - Mr. & Mrs. Rey Royer, “Les Champs”, Hopewell, St. Thomas and Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Brewster, #3 Hopewell, St. Thomas Sun. 13th - Mrs. Linda Cooper, Pollards Mill, St. Philip Sun. 20th - Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gilkes, Hopewell House, St. Thomas Sun. 27th - Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Thomas, “Concord”, Rockley New Road, Christ Church All Open Gardens are from 2-6pm.

Barbados National Trust 50th Anniversary Open Houses Wed. 2nd - Hopefield Manor, Christ Church, home of Sir David & Mrs. Ann Seale. Wed. 9th (TBA). Mon. 14th - Congo Road Plantation House, St. Philip, home of Mr. & Mrs. Robin Hunte (including an international exhibition of shell art & Sailors’ Valentines). Wed. 23rd - Woodland Plantation House, St. George, home of Mr. & Mrs. Damian McKinney. All Open Houses from 2:30-5:30pm. For more information Tel: 426-2421.

Art Shows Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Heidi Berger

Buttals Tour Wed. 2nd @ Holders Fri. 4th @ Buttals Sat. 5th * Sun. 6th @ Buttals Polo Club Tour Wed. 9th @ Lion Castle Fri. 11th @ Clifton Sat. 12th * Sun. 13th @ Holders Clifton Tour Wed. 16th @ Apes Hill Fri. 18th @ Holders Sat. 19th * Sun. 20th @ Clifton Polo Club Cheshire Sun. 27th @ Holders * Please call 230-1308 for confirmation of venue. For more info see their website:

Full Moon Fri. 18th

Gun Hill by Moonlight Fri. 18th at the Signal Station, Gun Hill, St. George. Gates open at 5:30pm. Lowering of the flag ceremony at sunset. Complimentary drinks and cocktails included.

Hike Barbados 6th - Turner’s Hall 13th - Drax Hall (Moonlight) 20th - Independence Square (Colin Hudson Great Train Hike at 6am only) 27th - Lester Vaughn (Park in open field next door) (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.


Horse Racing

at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Cultural Festivals Holetown Festival Sun. 13th to Sun. 20th

Track & Field

Barbados Relay Fair (Regional and International Teams compete at the National Stadium). Sat. 12th

Horse Racing Sandy Lane Gold Cup Sat. 5th at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.

Game Fishing Barbados International Fishing Tournament Fri. 18th to Tue. 22nd at Port St. Charles, St. Peter.

Special Olympics Track & Field Events Tue. 15th at the National Stadium, St. Michael. The Gold Cup dancers performing before the start of the annual Sandy Lane Gold Cup race


Photo: Keith Miller

Music & Drama The Gale Theatre of London & Barbados presents their 4th Season: “The Importance of Being Ernest” by Oscar Wilde - uniting professional actors from London and Barbados to create innovative work: Sunbury Great House, St. Philip Fri. 4th, Fri. 11th & Fri. 18th at 8pm (Pre-theatre dining at 6:30pm). Lime Grove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Sat. 5th, Sat. 12th & Sat. 19th at 8pm (Pre-theatre drinks at 7pm). For further information go to:

Barbados National Trust 50th Anniversary Open Houses Wed. 2nd - Pollards Mill, St. Philip, home of Linda Cooper. Wed. 9th (TBA); Wed. 16th (TBA); Wed. 23rd (TBA); Wed. 30th (TBA). All Open Houses from 2:30-5:30pm. For more info Tel: 426-2421.


Polo Club Cheshire Wed. 2nd @ Clifton Fri. 4th @ Lion Castle Sat. 5th * Sun. 6th @ Holders Apes Hill Tour Wed. 9th @ Buttals Fri. 11th @ Clifton Sat. 12th * Sun. 13th @ Apes Hill Wed. 16th @ Lion Castle Fri. 18th @ Holders Sat. 19th * Sun. 20th @ Apes Hill Clifton Barbados Open Wed. 23rd @ Lion Castle Fri. 25th @ Apes Hill Sat. 26th * Sun. 27th @ Clifton Wed. 30th @ Buttals * Please call 230-1308 for confirmation of venue. For more info see their website:

Art Shows Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Mark Maynard

Barbados Junior International Tournament (ITF Junior Circuit) Mon. 28th to Sat. 2nd Apr. at the Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, St. Michael.

Dog Show The Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breed Championship Dog Show Sun. 20th at Waterford Plantation (Judge - Mr. Albert White, UK). For more info Tel: 417-0607.

Full Moon Sat. 19th

Gun Hill by Moonlight Fri. 18th at the Signal Station, Gun Hill, St. George. Gates open at 5:30pm. Lowering of the flag ceremony at sunset. Complimentary drinks and cocktails included

Hike Barbados 6th - Harrison Point Lighthouse 13th - Robert’s Manufacturing 20th - St. Thomas Post Office (Moonlight) 27th - Barclays Park (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.


HRH Prince Edward’s Golf Tournament Sun. 20th at Apes Hill Golf Club, St. James The Rockley Cup Sat. 19th at Rockley Golf Club, Christ Church




The Ins & Outs of Barbados


HRH Prince Edward’s Regatta Sat. 19th For more info see the Barbados Sailing Association website at:

Triathlon National Triathlon Championships Sun. 10th at Spring Garden, St. Michael



Clifton Barbados Open Fri. 1st @ Lion Castle Sat. 2nd * Sun. 3rd @ Clifton Polo Club Ladies Sun. 10th @ Holders Wed. 13th @ Apes Hill Fri. 15th @ Holders Sat. 16th * Sun. 17th @ Holders Lion Castle Mexico Sun. 24th @ Lion Castle Swimming at dawn in the warm Caribbean Sea - National Triathlon Championships Wed. 27th @ Holders Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier Fri. 29th @ Apes Hill Sat. 30th * Music & Drama Museum Events * Please call 230-1308 for Holders Opera Season ‘Iconic Vehicles’ - Runs Apr. through confirmation of venue. Sat. 2nd to Sat. 16th at Holders Jun. at The Barbados Museum, St. For more info see their website: House, St. James. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael. For For more info Tel: 432-6385. more information Tel: 427-0201. Public Holidays Good Friday - 22nd Cultural Festivals Fashion Easter Monday - 25th Oistins Fish Festival Barbados Fashion Week Heroes Day - Thu. 28th Sat. 23rd - Mon. 25th at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael. Full Moon For more information see The Barbados Reggae Festival Sun. 17th including Vintage Reggae Show & Dance and Reggae on the Hill Gun Hill by Moonlight Horse Racing Sun. 24th Apr. to Sun. 1st May Fri. 15th at the Signal Station, Gun The Barbados Guineas For more information see Hill, St. George. Gates open at (1st Jewel in the Triple Crown) 5:30pm. Lowering of the flag Mon. 25th at The Garrison Savannah. ceremony at sunset. Complimentary For more info Tel: 426-3980. Golf drinks and cocktails included. Sir Garfield Sobers Festival of Golf Fri. 29th to Sun. 1st May Hike Barbados Trade Shows 3rd - Gun Hill Re-discover The Caribbean Show 10th - Codrington College Film Festival Fri. 29th to Sat. 30th at the 17th - Haggatts Old Factory Yard Bridgetown Film Festival Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two (Moonlight) Local & Caribbean films shown at Mile Hill, St. Michael. 24th - Foul Bay the open-air cinema at Ocean Spray For more information see (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, Apartments, Inch Marlow, Christ Church. except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more information see For more info call The Barbados Chess National Trust at 426-2421 Heroes Day International Cup Art Shows Thu. 28th to Mon. 2nd May For more information see website Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Mark Philips



The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Mount Gay Rum Barbados Regatta


Photo: Peter Marshall



Cultural Festivals

Sol Rally Barbados Scrutineering: Sat. 28th Shell V-Power King of the Hill: Sun. 29th

Mount Gay Rum Barbados Regatta Thu. 12th to Sun. 15th at Carlisle Bay, St. Michael For more information see the Barbados Sailing Association website at:

Celtic Connections Barbados Mon. 23rd to Mon. 30th. For further information see:

Museum Events

Full Moon

‘Museums & Memory’ Exhibition Opening on Wed. 18th (International Museum Day) - ‘Open Day’ at the Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael. For more info Tel: 427-0201.

Tue. 17th

Music Festivals Gospelfest Sat. 21st to Sun. 29th

Art Shows Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Samaia Moussa


at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.


Labour Day - Mon. 2nd

Gun Hill by Moonlight Fri. 20th at the Signal Station, Gun Hill, St. George. Gates open at 5:30pm. Lowering of the flag ceremony at sunset. Complimentary drinks and cocktails included.


The Ship Inn Fun Run Sun. 1st at 4pm from Independence Square, Bridgetown to the Ship Inn, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.

Horse Racing

Public Holiday

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Lion Castle Mexico Sun. 1st @ Lion Castle Clifton Charity Event Sun. 8th @ Clifton For more info see their website:

Hike Barbados 1st - Archer’s Bay 8th - Rock Hall Plantation 15th - Pool (Moonlight) 22nd - Wildlife Reserve 29th- Bath Beach (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.

Motor sport attracts more spectators than any other sport in Barbados, as well as top international drivers


Photo: Sean Chandler



Police Band Concert

Sol Rally Barbados Sat. 4th to Sun. 5th

Barbados International J24 Open Championships Sat. 11th to Sun. 12th For more info see the Barbados Sailing Association website at :

The Military Cemetery Association presents The Royal Barbados Police Force Band and The Barbados Defence Force Band Sat. 4th at Prince Cave Hall, District ‘A’ Police Station, St. Michael at 7:30pm.

Horse Racing The Barbados Fillies Guineas at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.

Trade Show

Football Wanderers International Masters Football Fri. 10th to Mon. 13th at Wanderers Football Club, Dayrells Road, St. Michael.


Full Moon


Hike Barbados

Sagicor International Junior Championships Mon. 27th to Thu. 30th For more information see website

5th - Andrews Sugar Factory 12th - Spring Hall Old Sugar Factory (Moonlight) 19th - Long Beach 26th - Indian Ground Sports Field (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421

Wed. 15th

Public Holiday Whit Monday - 13th


United Insurance Barbados Open Fri. 24th to Sun. 26th at Royal Westmoreland Golf Club, St. James.


BMEX Trade Show Fri. 10th to Mon. 13th at The Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Junior Kadooment at The National Stadium


Photo courtesy The National Cultural Foundation


Cultural Festivals Crop Over Festival Begins with The BNB Crop Over Opening Gala and Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes Sat. 2nd at Balls Plantation, Christ Church Pan Pun De Sand Sun. 17th at Brandons Beach, St. Michael Pic-o-de-Crop Semi Finals Fri. 22nd at Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, St. Michael Junior Kadooment Sat. 23rd at The National Stadium, St. Michael Party Monarch Finals Sun. 24th (venue TBA) Pic-o-de-Crop Finals Fri. 29th at The National Stadium, St. Michael Foreday Morning Sat. 30th - 12am at Independence Square, Bridgetown Bridgetown Market Sat. 30th & Sun. 31st at Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael Cohobblopot Sun. 31st at the National Stadium For further information contact

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The National Cultural Foundation Tel: 424-0909.

Rallying Barbados Historic Rally Carnival Scrutiny: Fri. 15th at Bagatelle at 3pm Rally Sprint: Sat. 16th at 12noon Historic Rally: Sat. 23rd at 12noon

Museum Events ‘Crop-Over’ Exhibition Runs from July through September at the Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael. For more info Tel: 427-0201.

Chess Umada Cup International 22 regional countries participating Sat 2nd to Wed. 6th For more information see website

Full Moon Fri. 15th

Public Holiday Emancipation Day - Sun. 31st

Hike Barbados 3rd - Orange Hill Pavilion 10th - Applewhaites Plantation Yard (Moonlight) 17th - Cove Bay 24th - Brighton Farms, St. George 31st - Hackleton Cliff Top (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.

July Horse Racing

Midsummer Creole Classic (2nd Jewel in the Triple Crown) Sat. 2nd at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.


Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament Fri. 1st to Fri. 22nd

‘Cohobblopot’ is a spectacular show held at the National Stadium on the night before Kadooment


Photo courtesy of National Cultural Foundation

Cultural Festivals


Hike Barbados

Crop Over Festival Continues Grand Kadooment Mon. 1st

Banks Hockey Festival Sun. 21st to Sat. 27th at various venues including the hockey astro-turf at the Sir Garfield Sobers Sports Complex

7th - Carrington’s Factory Yard 14th - Heywoods (Moonlight) 21st - Turner’s Hall Woods 28th - Bathsheba Community Centre (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.


Motor Racing

Williams Industries Inc. International Race Meet & B’dos Auto Racing League Championship at Bushy Park, St. Philip

Horse Racing

United Insurance Barbados Derby (3rd Jewel in the Triple Crown) Sat. 6th at The Garrison Savannah For more info Tel: 426-3980


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Public Holiday

Kadooment Day - Mon. 1st

Full Moon Sat. 13th

Hiking on the east coast


Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier


Full Moon

Barbados Golf Club Anniversary Week of Activities For more info Tel: 428-8463

Mon. 12th

Horse Racing at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.

Hike Barbados 4th - Conrad Hunte Cricket Ground 11th - Codrington College (Moonlight) 18th - Barbados National Trust Headquarters, Wildey House 25th - Indian Ground Playing Field (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421.

September 48

Health & Fitness

Mr. Caribbean Barbados Fitness Competition Sat. 17th at the Boatyard Complex, Bay Street, St. Michael.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Telephone: (246) 426.4000 Fax: (246) 429.2400



The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Volleyball Sizzlin’ Sand Barbados Sunsplash Beach Volleyball National Championships Mon. 31st to Sun. 6th Nov. at Brandons Beach, Spring Garden, St. Michael.

Health & Fitness Sagicor Run for Life Weekend Fri. 21st to Sun. 23rd For more info call Surfside Wellness Centre at 436-1024.

Dog Show The Barbados Kennel Club’s All Breed Championship Dog Show Sun. 9th at Waterford Plantation, (Judge - Mr. Jeff Horswell, UK). For more info Tel: 417-0607.

Sailing Barbados J24 Invitational Sat. 29th to Sunday 30th For more info see the Barbados Sailing Association website at: Beach volleyball action at the annual Sizzlin’ Sand Barbados Sunsplash National Championships


Photo courtesy Leisure Entertainment

Art Shows Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Stephen Smith - Photo Dynamics

Culinary Arts

Tue. 11th

Hike Barbados

2nd - Castle Plantation 9th - Lodge School (Moonlight) Museum Events 16th - Oistins Car Park ‘Natural History Exhibition’ 23rd - Bottom Bay ‘Sir Garfield Sobers 75th Anniversary’ 30th - District ‘C’ Police Station October through December at The (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s except moonlight hike at 5:30pm). Garrison, St. Michael. For more For more info call The Barbados information Tel: 427-0201. National Trust at 426-2421.


Tastes of Barbados Food Festival For more information call The Barbados Tourism Authority at 427-2623.

Horse Racing

at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.


Full Moon

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Sun, Sea and Slams International Bridge Festival Tue. 18th to Sat. 22nd

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Surfing Independence Surf Festival at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba. For more information:

Sailing Barbados J24 Match Racing Championships Sat. 26th to Sunday 27th For more info see the Barbados Sailing Association website at:

Horse Racing at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980. Brian ‘deAction Man’ Talma enjoying some surfing action off the coast of Barbados


Photo courtesy Brian Talma/de Action Beach Shop:

Independence Celebrations Independence Lighting Ceremony & Bajan Folk Brew Tue. 1st at Hero’s Square, B’town. Lighting ceremony at 5:30pm and Bajan Folk Brew at 7pm. Spirit of the Nation Show Sat. 19th at The Garfield Sobers Gymnasium at 6pm.

National Festivals N.I.F.C.A. Performing Arts Finals Fri. 4th to Mon. 7th at The Frank Collymore Hall, Bridgetown. N.I.F.C.A. Performing Arts Gala Sun. 20th at The Garfield Sobers Gymnasium. N.I.F.C.A. Photography & Visual Arts Exhibition Thu. 10th to Thu. 24th N.I.F.C.A. Culinary Arts Cookoff Sat. 12th at the Dining Club, Manor Lodge, St. Michael. N.I.F.C.A. Literary Arts Reading Gala Sun. 13th at UWI, Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael. For further info contact The National Cultural Foundation Tel: 424-0909.

Museum Events

Health & Fitness Nation Fun Walk Sun. 20th For more info Tel: 430-5400.

‘Natural History Exhibition’ Public Holiday ‘Sir Garfield Sobers 75th Anniversary’ Independence Day - Wed. 30th October through December at The Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s Full Moon Garrison, St. Michael. For more Thu. 10th information Tel: 427-0201. Hike Barbados

Annual Lecture Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture at the Frank Collymore Hall. For more info Tel: 436-9083.

Golf The RBTT Classic Sat. 26th to Sun. 27th at Barbados Golf Club, Durants, Christ Church.

6th - Hayman’s Factory Yard (Moonlight) 13th - Searles Old Factory Yard 20th - Portvale 27th - Andrews Sugar Factory (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421

Cricket Sir Garfield Sobers International Masters Cricket Festival Sat. 5th to Sat. 19th For more info call the Barbados Tourism Authority at 427-2623.

November 52

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Art Shows

Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Melanie Bishop

Prince Harry, playing in the Sentebale Charity Polo match, drew a large crowd of spectators at Apes Hill Polo Club


Photo Courtesy Apes Hill Polo Club

Horse Racing

Police Band Concert

Public Holidays

Mon. 26th - Boxing Day at the Races! Championship Race in the 11th Annual Diamonds International Challenge Series for 2- year-olds and the Victor Chandler Stakes and Trophy at The Garrison Savannah. For more info Tel: 426-3980.

The Royal Barbados Police Force Band - A Christmas Concert Sun. 25th at Queen’s Park, St. Michael at 7am.

Christmas Day - Sun. 25th Boxing Day - Mon. 26th

Distance Running Run Barbados International Marathon & 10k Series Fri. 2nd to Sun. 4th For more info call The Barbados Tourism Authority at 427-2623.

Art Shows Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, St. Peter Featured artist of the month Vishni Gopwani

Museum Events Barbados Museum Craft Fair Sat. 3rd at The Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael.

Full Moon Sat. 10th

Hike Barbados 4th - Ministry of Agriculture, Graeme Hall (Moonlight) 11th - Kendal 18th - Brandons Beach 25th - Barclays Park (All hikes are at 6am & 3:30pm, except moonlight hike at 5:30pm) For more info call The Barbados National Trust at 426-2421

December ‘Natural History Exhibition’ ‘Sir Garfield Sobers 75th Anniversary’ October through December at The Barbados Museum, St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael. For more information Tel: 427-0201.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience

“Barbados offers an irresistible medley of Caribbean flavours and sounds, echoes of the British era on the cricket pitch and at the race track, all in a remarkably pristine natural setting.�

Eva Holland

Writer of Island Life: In Search of the Real Barbados

sports Barbados is blessed with a healthy environment where the benign climate and good facilities encourage an active outdoors lifestyle; so Bajans naturally love sport. During the last five years Barbados has successfully hosted seven major world sporting championships, including high profile, globally televised sports such as golf and cricket, which is truly an incredible feat for such a small island. With great confidence and a profound sense of self-belief, Barbadians have never been afraid of ‘stepping up to the plate ’ on the world stage. Throughout its rich history, Barbados has consistently exerted a significant influence on global affairs that may seem totally disproportionate to its very modest 21 miles by 14 miles physical dimensions. Thus it was in April 1994 that Barbados hosted the Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, welcoming representatives from some 125 States and territories from around the world, including Kofi Annan who was the United Nations Secretary General at the time. At the end of the conference and after he had left the island, clearly impressed with what he had experienced, Mr. Annan famously made the observation that Barbados was a country “punching above its weight”. When he chose to use that boxing terminology to describe the aspirational quality of Barbados, he did not know that this island was destined to become the first developing nation to ever host the prestigious AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship. That major global sporting event took place in September 2010, when some 600 athletes and officials from 72 countries converged on the island. What was very noticeable during interviews with the lady boxers themselves was that the majority of them, along with their large entourage of supporters, had clearly enjoyed the opportunity of spending some leisure time in Barbados just as much as they had enjoyed the actual competition. That aspect of international sports competitors, administrators and spectators enjoying the Barbados experience is not a new phenomenon, nor is the fact that this island had won the right to stage such a world championship event. This section contains information about the island’s world-class golf courses and polo clubs, while page 64 features the various World Championships hosted by Barbados. Contact details for some of the Sports Associations in Barbados can be found in the Quick Reference Directory at the back of the publication.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Sports Golf in Barbados For such a small Caribbean island, Barbados is truly blessed with an incredible richness of golf courses; especially on the west coast, where the quality of the courses and their very close proximity to each other represent a veritable ‘Golfer’s Paradise’. Sandy Lane is home to two magnificent Tom Fazio designed, 18hole championship courses and a very attractive 9-hole resort course. The Green Monkey is an ultra-exclusive, 7,343 yards, par-72 course that is considered by many to be the finest course in the Caribbean. The adjacent Country Club course, the host venue for the World Cup of Golf in December 2006, is a very scenic course that can be thoroughly enjoyed by golfers of all levels. Both of these courses are served by an immaculate central clubhouse that looks out across the green and the lake of the Country Club’s par3, 18th hole, and on to the coastline and sea below. The Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar are popular with both golfers and non-golfers alike. Tiger Woods chose the Country Club as the venue for his wedding in 2004. The appropriately named Old Nine is made up of nine of the original holes from the very first Sandy Lane golf course that was opened in 1961. It is a pleasantly challenging course that encourages players to think carefully about their game. Royal Westmoreland is a beautiful and very impressive Robert Trent-Jones Jr., designed par-72, 7,045 yards course, that is sure to test golfers of all abilities and demand use of every club in the bag. The magnificent natural environment of Royal Westmoreland has been cleverly crafted into a golf course that is both challenging and visually spectacular. The elegant, colonial style Clubhouse has a superb setting overlooking the 9th hole, with outstanding views across the course to the ocean. Exciting plans are currently in place for the creation of a second 18-hole course at Royal Westmoreland,

The Green Monkey Golf Course at Sandy Lane


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

designed by Rees Jones, Robert’s equally famous brother. Royal Westmoreland will become the only destination in the world where two golf courses sit side by side originally designed by the Jones brothers. On the south coast can be found the Barbados Golf Club, a wellmaintained 18-hole course that is open to the public, where visitors are made very welcome. The Barbados Golf Club has become the soul of Barbados golf with its friendly atmosphere, coaching programmes and charming terraced clubhouse, which opens onto a unique and expansive triple green. Re-designed by notable architect Ron Kirby and re-opened in 2000, the Barbados Golf Club is the island’s first public 18-hole championship golf course. This links-style 6,705 yd., par-72 golf course features gently rolling hills, wide open fairways, a series of coral waste bunkers which add character to several holes and mature ‘mile’ trees. A large central lake adds intrigue on three holes and is the cornerstone of the Bajan ‘Amen Corner’. The greens are superb, the welcome is truly Barbadian and there are great specials on Beer Cooler Packs for those intent on having a day of fun! This is an ideal outing for golfers of all abilities. The Barbados Golf Club has an extensive tournament calendar. The Banks Monthly Medal is held throughout the year around the middle of each month. Group outings are welcome and golf events can be tailor-made on request. Amenities include a pro-shop with an array of golf and leisure wear, a bar and restaurant, the perfect vantage point from which players and non-golfing guests can enjoy the setting of the Bajan sun, as well as practice putting and chipping greens, warm-up nets and rental equipment. With a packed annual calendar of golf events, the Barbados Golf Club really offers Golf for All! Club Rockley maintains a fun 9-hole resort course, where once again visitors are welcome.


The 12th hole at Apes Hill Club

Golf at Apes Hill Club Using cars as metaphors, the Apes Hill Club championship golf course must be a Rolls Royce merged with a Ferrari and a hint of Volkswagen Beetle – an absolute gem of a course that can excite the pros, challenge the top amateurs and yet still delight the high handicapper. What a golf course! It is no wonder that the famed Wentworth Club of England was happy to associate itself with Apes Hill Club. Apes Hill Club is situated on 470 acres of some of the most beautiful land in Barbados, on an elevated ridge some 1000 feet above sea-level that provides truly spectacular views of both the west and east coasts. The natural topography, geology and vegetation of this area make it a perfect location for a magnificent golf course; and the world renowned designers from Landmark Land Golf Developers have taken full advantage of nature’s benevolence to create a golf course that is destined to become #1 in the Caribbean. Apes Hill Club has demonstrated a strong commitment to its environmental program and the provision of a sanctuary for wildlife. In recognition of its outstanding Environmental Stewardship, Apes Hill Club has been designated as a "Certified


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary", thus becoming one of only 2% of all golf courses in the world to earn such certification. Officially opened on December 5, 2009, the course offers a treasure chest of interesting features: undulating pasture-land, coral stone quarries, sheer cliffs, wooded ravines, incredibly tall Royal Palms, sparkling lakes, unsurpassed panoramic views and, of course, superb golf holes! The top quality layout of the 7150 yards, par-72 course has been implemented with tremendous regard to the various strategies that players need to adopt when facing each hole. As would be expected at a venue of such high aspirations, the course is maintained in immaculate condition. This course is special. As described by Golf World magazine in February 2010: “Holes 11 to 14 provide an Amen Corner every bit as dramatic and invigorating as the one we all know in Georgia. These holes tiptoe over the brow of the island, disappear amongst jungle and rough coral outcrops, to provide the most sensational string of holes that can be found anywhere. It’s that good”. Access to the course is restricted to Apes Hill Club Golf Members and their invited guests. Golf Membership is offered exclusively to Apes Hill Club Property Owners.


Polo The polo scene in Barbados seems to go from strength to strength. There are now five polo clubs with the introduction of Buttals Polo Club in the parish of St. George. Visiting clubs from overseas keep coming back for more, as the facilities expand, the players improve and the crowds grow in numbers. The Cheshire Club in England will repeat their annual visit with the first match on February 27th at Holders with matches continuing into March. Spectators can look forward to the usual entertaining rivalry against our local teams. The advent of high-handicap tournaments, involving some of the world’s top professional players and increased corporate sponsorship, along with the accompanying international media coverage that goes with such a high profile event, helped to propel polo in Barbados in the early stages. The local stables have about 300 playing polo ponies, both thoroughbreds and Argentinean mounts. The thoroughbreds tend to have more power and speed and they need larger quantities of feed, while the Argentine ponies are generally smaller and tougher and have better handling ability. Sir Charles Williams, a local businessman and veteran polo player, has contributed greatly to the sport of polo in Barbados. He is the mastermind behind the Apes Hill Polo and Golf development, a Wentworth Lankmark Community. This is due to become the most advanced polo club in the West Indies.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The 2011 Polo Season includes an excellent variety of handicap levels. The four fields will be working together this year, with tournaments being played at all four locations, Holders, the home of the Barbados Polo Club, Apes Hill Club, Clifton and Lion Castle. The season begins with a flurry of matches in the 4-goal tournament that kicks off at Holders in December 2010. This low goal tournament, which involves the majority of the members of the Barbados Polo Club playing with the professionals throughout the teams, makes for some very exciting polo. Mexico is due to come for the fifth time in April and will bring with them the usual exuberant festive spirit their tour has become known for. The Battle of The Sexes, which started in 2002, gets a huge turnout of spectators who all come to support the ladies. Both teams have proven victorious in previous years, so the 12 and 14goal tournaments will once again supply an incredible level of polo, with two professionals on each team playing some fast, exciting games. These occasions always make for a full afternoon of entertainment, ranging from sedate afternoon tea to amiable social imbibement, often rocking on well into the evening with a full bar, a delicious dinner, which is often a BBQ, and then some lively dance music to cap off a complete day of fun. Some days have purposely been left open to allow for flexibility in the scheduling and also allow for more friendly matches with thus far unscheduled visiting teams and players.

Peter Marshall

The Barbados experience

World Championships in Barbados Barbados hosted the 2006 World Cup Golf Championships on the Country Club Course at Sandy Lane, won by Germany’s Bernhard Langer and Marcel Siem. The tournament was a huge success and Barbados’ reputation as an excellent golfing destination has been steadily growing ever since. Following the great success of the World Cup of Golf, Barbados then submitted a superb bid document that won the right to host the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup Finals, when Australia defeated Sri Lanka in the final. Part of the preparation for this massive event was the complete rebuilding of Kensington Oval, to transform the traditional ‘mecca’ of West Indies cricket into a modern and well-appointed stadium. Once Barbados had that world-class facility, coupled with proven management skills and a long and famous cricket heritage, it was no great surprise when we were later also awarded the 2010 ICC World Twenty20 Cricket Tournament, when England defeated Australia in the final. The Barbados Sailing Association hosted the International One-Metre World Championship 2009, with 69 boats from 15


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

countries enjoying near perfect conditions. Barbados then took a much bigger step up the sailing ladder by very successfully staging the 2010 Fireball World Championships, with over 70 entries from 15 countries enjoying some fabulous competitive sailing. The British winners, Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend, described Barbados as ‘champagne sailing’. In 2010, as well as hosting the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship, Barbados was also the popular venue for the World Segway Polo Woz Challenge Cup. Segway machines are stand-up personal transporters and Segway Polo, which started as a leisure sport for the likes of Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple Inc., has now become a world-recognized sport. The Woz Challenge Cup was hosted at the Lion Castle Polo Esate, with over 80 players from around the world enjoying fabulous playing conditions and the ultimate in off-field socializing. And Barbados won the championship! The successful hosting of these various world championships has cemented Barbados’ ever growing reputation in the international market as a leading sports destination; a place where sports enthusiasts from around the globe can all come to experience and enjoy the best the island has to offer and return home laden with happy lifetime memories.


Apes Hill Polo Club Hosts Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso On Sunday 31st January 2010, a bumper crowd of enthusiastic supporters and a huge contingent of reporters, photographers and cameramen representing media agencies from around the world, witnessed the magnificent Apes Hill Polo Club at its absolute best. This grand occasion was the launch of the Sentebale Polo Cup by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho; and the Apes Hill Polo Club proved to be a most worthy venue for such an illustrious event. The weather conditions were perfect, with clear blue skies, radiant sunshine and a pleasant breeze; the lush green carpet of the playing field was immaculately prepared; and the happy throngs of stylishly attired spectators that packed the stands and lined the perimeter of the field buzzed with excitement throughout the day. During his gap year, Prince Harry spent some time doing voluntary work in the Kingdom of Lesotho, a landlocked enclave within South Africa. While there he developed a friendship with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho and the two young princes discovered that they shared a common passion for wanting to improve living conditions and life opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children – a passion that had also been a driving force for their respective mothers. Suitably inspired, the Princes founded a

charitable trust in April 2006, choosing the name Sentebale, which means ‘forget me not’ in Sesotho, the language of Lesotho. The Sentebale Polo Cup was initiated as a means to raise funds and generate awareness for the charity and its work with orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho, particularly those who have been orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS. Sir Charles Williams generously hosted the event at Apes Hill Polo Club, having kindly invited Sentebale to stage the inaugural Sentebale Polo Cup here in Barbados. With numerous distinguished people in attendance, the high profile gathering was treated to a memorable day of enjoyable entertainment, a splendid champagne lunch and some very exciting polo. Playing against a South African Team, Prince Harry captained the Sentebale Team comprising himself (1-goal handicap), Mark Tomlinson (7-goal handicap), Teddy Williams (3-goal handicap) and Steven Williams (2-goal handicap). Quite fittingly, in a pulsating match that went right down to the wire, His Royal Highness managed to score a goal as his team earned a narrow half goal victory. Thanks to Apes Hill Polo Club, the biggest winners on the day were the orphaned children of Lesotho.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience “The Barbados experience exceeded all our expectations. We can’t find enough words to describe it. It was that fabulous...It’s what we call in Europe, ‘champagne sailing’, picture perfect.”

Chips Howarth

2010 Fireball World Championship winning British Team of Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend

One of the most memorable Barbados experiences is swimming with the turtles Courtesy Brian Talma/deAction Beach Shop

islandescapades Try swimming with the turtles, a Sunday hike with the National Trust, tour the Concorde, or go scuba diving. Drive to North Point, cool out and watch the Atlantic waves crash against the cliffs. Be a part of the surfing action – learn to surf, windsurf or kitesurf. Take an easy sail on a catamaran and feel the tradewinds propel you. Try something you’ve never done, eat something you’ve never tried. Zip through the tree tops over Jack-in-theBox Gully. Or just relax on a balmy evening and marvel at the abundance of stars in the sky. On this warm and friendly island, there is never a shortage of things to do. Whether it’s serenity or excitement you seek, Barbados offers an exceptional range of holiday activities to fill your days. Sportsmen, sailors and landlubbers alike will all find a bounty of choices from which to plan their days. Spend a glorious day aboard a luxury catamaran, swimming with the turtles in the morning, snorkeling and beachcombing in the afternoon. Hire a car, pack a picnic and go island touring; if you want to explore off-the-beaten-track, check out Island Safari’s 4x4 tours. For the nature lovers... visit Orchid World and the Flower Forest; stop by Hunte’s Gardens for a rum punch with Anthony Hunte – the character who created this enchanting garden. Mingle with the monkeys at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Welchman Hall Gully and discover the underground wonders of Harrison’s Cave. The history buffs will enjoy our wonderful museums and extraordinary historic treasures like St. Nicholas Abbey and Sunbury Plantation House – discover the rich heritage of this unique and singular island. The action seekers can learn to surf, windsurf or kitesurf, go zip-lining through the tree tops, scuba dive on sunken shipwrecks, or for an underwater experience without getting wet, try a tour on the Atlantis Submarine! Of course, if you choose to, you can simply relax in the sun on one of our abundant white-sand beaches – there are enough for you to try a different one every day!

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Island Escapades

Island Safari

Coconut Tours

The adventure of a lifetime! Welcome to Island Safari, the pioneer in Jeep Safari 4 x 4 Island Tours in Barbados. Step into one of their comfortable safari rigged Land Rovers and prepare yourself for the Island Tour of your life! Island Safari shows you the island like no one else can! They promise to take you to some of the most beautiful places on the island, places inaccessible to others, but no problem to our 4x4 Safari Land Rovers. Along the way, their professional guides will keep you entertained and informed as they share the island’s folklore, culture, history, and some of the many visual perspectives and astounding photo opportunities you will ever encounter! While on safari, you will experience many sights, both on and off the beaten track–gullies, coastal views and many hidden secrets which the first settlers would have encountered. Truly a day of adventure and exploration!

Tel: (246) 429 5337 Fax: (246) 429 8147


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Coconut Tours proudly offer two wonderful tours of the island in the comfort of their spacious, air-conditioned coaches and tour buses, so if you wish to explore Barbados and learn about its history and culture, Coconut Tours is the ideal choice. Their guides are knowledgeable and friendly, keeping passengers entertained with their interesting, and often humorous commentary! The 360 Degree Island Tour takes in the island from coast to coast. Some of the notable stops along the way include North Point with its rugged cliffs, pounding surf and awesome blow holes; the fascinating St. Nicholas Abbey plantation–built in 1658, it is one of only three remaining Jacobean-style mansions in the entire western hemisphere; enjoy a traditional Bajan lunch at Bathsheba–the surfers’ paradise, and visit the historic St. John’s Church. The main attraction of the Cave Tour is of course, the breathtaking Harrison’s Cave with its massive caverns, underground streams and magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, but this tour also offers so much more… historic Speightstown in the north, Chalky Mount and beautiful Bathsheba on the east coast, and Hackleton’s Cliff, at 1,000 feet above sea level offers sweeping views of the entire Atlantic coastline. Be sure to ask about their Customised Private Tours. Tel: (246) 437-0297 e-mail:

Island Escapades Zed’s Surfing Adventures Surfers Point, Inch Marlow, Christ Church Tel: (246) 428-7873 or 262-7873 email: Zed offers a complete range of surfing packages and surfboard rentals for beginners and experienced surfers. Lessons are designed to teach all the basics of surfing, whether it’s the ‘Get Wet’ two hour session–a good starter for those who just want to try it and experience the thrill, or the three day ‘Be A Surfer’ Package which covers all the basics and is the best option for becoming a surfer. Round-the-Island Surfing Tours are available for experienced surfers, offering the opportunity of getting the best waves of the day – includes equipment, light lunches and beverages. Surfer's Point is considered one of the best spots for beginners and longboarders and they are equipped with a wide range of beginner, intermediate and advanced boards, ranging from 6ft.–10ft. Lesson times are 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm. Surfers Point also offers accommodation right on the beach.

deAction Beach Shop Silver Sands, Christ Church Tel: (246) 428-2027 e-mail: Come experience Barbados Beach Culture with Brian “deAction Man” Talma and his professional crew at deAction Beach Shop. It’s located on the best beach in Barbados for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Surfing Lessons and Rentals: guaranteed within an hour you will be standing up!! Kitesurfing Lessons and Rentals: 6-hour packages divided up into 2 to 3 sessions which will get you to the beginning stages of kitesurfing. Stand Up Paddling (SUPing): after a five minute introduction you will be into deAction!! Windsurfing: equipment rentals for people wishing to test their skills in waves and also professional beginners lessons. Food: after a session on the water, relax with a drink and some tasty grilled fish.

Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures Jack-in-the-Box Gully, Walkes Spring, St. Thomas Tel: 438 – TREK (8735) email: Aerial Trek has received near perfect scores from the wellregarded Zagat Survey. The thrill of the zipline adventure begins at the base where guests are given a safety briefing and outfitted with their harness system, helmets and gloves. The tour takes guests over eight platforms with experienced guides who provide interesting information on different areas of the beautiful eco-system over Jack-in-the-Box Gully in the parish of St. Thomas. At Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures you’ll discover why they are “Above it All”!!!!

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Photos: Lucy Agace/Barbados Dive Guide

The Barbados experience

Our Underwater Life The diving exprience in Barbados has many attractions. Not only are there flourishing, brightly coloured reefs covered in a variety of hard and soft corals, but there is a superb selection of wrecks – old and new, large and small. They are all complemented by a profusion of beautiful Caribbean reef and pelagic fish. If a reef has a multitude of healthy corals it usually follows that the fish life is equally rich. There are rare species of fish such as seahorse and frogfish, along with schools of common reef fish like snappers, yellow goatfish and creole wrasse. Barbados is also home to many large pelagic fish such as barracuda, and various species of jacks, tarpon and mackerel. Sting rays, eagle rays and many eels are common residents, ready to dazzle even the most worldly divers, plus the occasional sightings of manta rays. Adding vibrancy to the reefs, the orange, yellow, green and purple sponges rival anything that I have seen in the Caribbean islands. Until recently I thought that the Caicos Islands and Dominica displayed the biggest and brightest sponges, but in fact Barbados surpasses them all. The reefs around Speightstown are famous for the beautiful falling arms of the brown octopus sponge, and some barrel sponges have grown so big they are the size of a bath! Present year-round, and particularly popular with everyone, are Hawksbill turtles. They are common on most dive sites and even venture onto the many wrecks.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

From The Barbados Dive Guide by Lucy Agace Barbados is blessed with two distinct barrier reefs and fringing reefs, both of which are ideal for diving. The inner sites on the fringing reefs tend to be shallow, flat and sandy but are often broken up by large ‘islands’ of branching or finger coral communities. Soft coral growth such as sea plumes, sea whips and large sponge appear less frequently and there are quite a few upturned dead coral boulders. However it is here that the rare and smaller species of fish have more frequently been seen. Everything from atlantic squid, frogfish, sea horses and bright red coral crabs to eagle rays, turtles and tiny flamingo tongue snails have been sighted. The majority of the basket star population inhabit the southern reefs and spend most of the day bundled up in the arms of sea plumes. There are also many crinoids to be found. Barbados undoubtedly has the best collection of wrecks in the Caribbean. Standing above all others, quite literally, is the SS Stavronikita, a 365 foot long freighter which was purposely sunk in 1978. She was so skillfully sunk that she lies upright, intact on a sandy bed with her keel resting at 130 feet. This impressive wreck needs 5 or 6 dives to see all of it and is the most often re-dived site in Barbados. The picturesque Carlisle Bay lies just south of Bridgetown and is the resting place of six wrecks of varying age and size. The whole area has recently been made into a marine park and is one of the few places where divers and snorkellers can access the wrecks from the beach. There is such a variety of diving experiences on offer in Barbados that any keen scuba diver or underwater photographer should leave the island knowing that their dives have not only been worthwhile but challenging, fascinating, rewarding and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Island Escapades Atlantis Submarines Celebrating 24 Years in Barbados Now you can experience a great underwater adventure with an Atlantis Submarine Expedition tour, and NEW FOR 2011: you can now pay a little extra to be pampered by opting for a VIP Guest Upgrade. Sit back and enjoy a tour like no other... explore the amazing sea life surrounding Barbados on this fascinating voyage aboard a real submarine, where a knowledgeable co-pilot will inform you about the wonders of the deep. As the submarine dives to 55 feet, passengers can view a spectacular coral reef with dancing sea fans and an abundance of marine life through the sub’s large, clear viewing windows. Before returning to the surface, the submarine descends to depths of 115 to 150 feet to view – what has in the past been reserved for scuba divers only – a sunken shipwreck! Enjoy the underwater world in airconditioned comfort with your family, friends or group. NEW FOR 2011: Celebrate any significant event by upgrading to our VIP Guest option which provides priority boarding and seating in the submarine, complimentary canapés and, on returning from your underwater journey, you will receive a souvenir that is both unique and unforgettable. Atlantis Submarines was awarded Achievement of Excellence at the National Tourism Awards 2006 & 2009 from a field that included the island’s top attractions, and The Environmental Excellence Award 2009. The Atlantis Submarine is Zagat rated and is the first attraction in the world to achieve the double award from Green Globe and Green certifications in January 2009. For more information call (246) 436-8929 or after hours at (246) 243-1069

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Island Escapades

Speightstown, St. Peter Tel: 262 6677 / 422 5450 or 234 1377


Reefers & Wreckers

The Dive Shop

Reefers & Wreckers Dive Shop, situated in historic Speightstown, is the most northerly dive shop, offering easy diving access to the unspoilt reefs around the north of Barbados – definite favourites among locals and visitors. They also make regular visits to the wrecks of the Stavronikita, the Pamir and the wrecks in Carlisle Bay. The family owned business, run by brothers Philip and Michael Mahy, offers diving in small groups – no crowds and a flexible personalised and friendly service that has earned them a loyal following of clients. Instructors are PADI certified and courses range from “Discover Scuba” to Divemaster. Be sure to visit their new Scuba Bar above the dive shop!

Founded in 1965 by "Paki" Degia, The Dive Shop was the first full-service dive operation in Barbados. It has been a leader and pioneer in SCUBA diving and marine conservation in Barbados for over 45 years! Today, The Dive shop is still a Degia family-run operation, continuing to provide exemplary service and offering dive trips to over 25 dive sites along the west and south coasts of Barbados. The Dive Shop is a PADI, NAUI & ACUC Training Facility, located on the beach in beautiful Carlisle Bay, just a stone’s throw from the Carlisle Bay Marine Park, and minutes from some of the best dive sites in Barbados! They cater to any level of diver – from first time explorers to seasoned dive professionals. All dive packages include transportation to and from the dive shop.

Speightstown, St. Peter Tel: (246) 262-6677 or (246) 422-5450 or (246) 234-1377 e-mail:

Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, St. Michael Tel: (246) 426-9947 or (246) 231-6331 e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Island Escapades

A Cruise w ith a Difference Small Cats

El Tigre

As the name suggests, this company specialises in smaller, more personalised cruises with the emphasis on intimacy, carrying a maximum of 12 people on their popular coastal cruises. As with most catamarans, this sleek 30' vessel gives a smooth, stable ride under sail, making it the perfect choice for the average landlubber! They offer a 3-hour Snorkeling Cruise and a longer 5-hour Lunch Cruise, both including stops for snorkeling on a magnificent coral reef along the west coast, where you can swim with thousands of colourful reef fish and see a shallow shipwreck. The second stop, in a tranquil bay, offers a unique opportunity to swim, play with and feed a family of green back turtles - a totally awesome experience! Drinks and snorkel gear are provided on all cruises along with a free transportation service to and from the dock. Private Charters are available for groups of up to 12. For further information & bookings call (246) 421-6419 or 231-7306 e-mail:

This 60-ft. catamaran will excite the sailor with her exhilarating performance while soothing the timid with her stability and comfort. El Tigre was among the top scoring attractions in Zagat’s Best of Barbados Survey: “A very attentive, warm-hearted crew with a fabulously contagious Bajan spirit enhances the three and five-hour tours aboard this spacious catamaran…” Their 3-hr. Snorkel Cruise is perfect for families with small children, the 5-hr. Lunch Cruise is loads of fun for all ages, and the romantic Sunset Cruise is a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends. The Lunch and Snorkel El Tigre crew member Cruises operate daily, and the blowing the conch shell Sunset Cruise sails on Wednesdays. All cruises visit the island’s friendly sea turtles for a swim and snorkel. Drinks, snorkeling gear and transport are all included. Be sure to ask about their Private Cruises. For bookings & information, Tel: (246) 417-7245 or (246) 231-1585 Fax: (246) 421-7582

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Island Escapades

Silver Moon Catamarans So much more to enjoy... Sail the translucent waters of the ‘platinum coast’ in the elegant style and comfort of the Silver Moon catamarans. Silver Moon Catamarans are owned and operated by Nick Parker, who has over 30 years experience in the sailing and hospitality industry. Enabled by a team of keen and enthusiastic girls and guys, his Silver Moon cruises set the standard for warm, friendly and efficient service. Coastal cruises are offered for a very limited number of passengers on the Silver Moon catamarans. The Deluxe Cruise, sails with a maximum of 12 guests and the Exclusive Cruise with a maximum of 24, both allowing guests ample space to relax in the shade, or bask in the sunshine on the spacious decks as the crew caters to your every need. Silver Moon excels at providing an unmatched level of comfort and service on all of their cruises. Transportation from your hotel, all drinks, lunch and snorkeling equipment are provided.

Silver Moon Private Charters The possibilities are endless with the Silver Moon catamarans. You choose the setting – day or night, special menu and refreshments – and they take care of the rest. There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding party or just a romantic evening for two. For information and bookings Tel: (246) 438-2088 Fax: (246) 438-3650 e-mail: www.silvermoonbarbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Island Escapades

Cool Runnings Experience one of the most pleasurable days of your holiday... This unique charter company specialises in personalised cruises, ensuring the utmost in comfort, service and enjoyment. These elegant, custom-built catamarans sail with a limited number of passengers, to guarantee a superb day of sailing in an uncrowded atmosphere. Owners, Robert and Annika Povey, run a professional operation – this is apparent from the moment you step aboard – the captain and crew are a good humoured group of well-trained, experienced sailors who know how to look after, and entertain, their guests; the boats are immaculately maintained, spacious and comfortable, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. • Lunch Cruise: A 5-hr. sailing cruise with three stops along the way... swim in a secluded bay; snorkel with the sea turtles; explore a shallow shipwreck where you can feed schools of tropical fish. • Sunset Cruise: This 4-hr. cruise is a wonderful way to enjoy a dazzling tropical sunset. Includes stops for swimming, snorkeling with the turtles and an old shipwreck. • Private Cruises: These are ideally suited for weddings and corporate entertaining with many options available for specialized catering. • Lunch/Sunset Cruises: Delicious meals are served with wine, and there is an open bar. Transport included.

For reservations, contact your tour rep, hotel activities desk, or Tel: (246) 436-0911 Fax: (246) 429-2596 email:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Captain Robert Povey and his wife Annika

a day on Cool Runnings...

t: (246) 436-0911

The Barbados Experience “The sunshine and the moist Caribbean air provides the perfect climate for a singer. Barbados is very rejuvenating and therapeutic, for both the mind and the body.�

Sir Cliff Richard

health&beauty Not so very long ago the concept of visiting a Spa was unheard of in Barbados. This is actually quite ironic as historically, even as far back as 1751 when George Washington brought his ailing brother to convalesce on the island, Barbados has long been renowned as a healthy destination and Spa resort.

In those bygone days it was mainly the invigorating fresh-air, sea breezes and peaceful coastal locations that attracted people to Barbados. A 1911 advertisement for The Crane Hotel claimed: “The Crane Hotel is a Seaside Resort for families, invalids and pleasure seekers. The fresh and invigorating air of the Atlantic restores health without the aid of medicine...” Today, thankfully, we still have those lovely fresh breezes and welcoming coastline, but we can now also offer the exceedingly enticing combination of some of the world’s finest and most luxurious Spa facilities, accompanied by the Caribbean charm and tropical ambiance of a premier vacation destination. As you journey around the island, you’ll probably notice that Bajans pay a lot of attention to looking and feeling good. They’ll spare no expense on primping, manicures, hairstyles, and other beauty and therapeutic treatments, especially prior to special occasions. This (plus stress relief) helps account for the popularity of spas. All over the island we’re getting massaged, scrubbed, steamed, painted, conditioned and styled. From extravagant to modest, you’ll find spas in many of our luxury hotels, or in premises of their own. They use top international products as well as local potions made from our own healing and fragrant plants. So, while you’re here, do treat yourself to a Barbados spa experience!

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Health & Beauty


The Spa at Coral Reef Club

The Spa at Sandy Lane Hotel

The Spa at Coral Reef Club is housed within a beautiful colonial inspired building with clean, modern lines, set within a tropical garden paradise. Exotic vegetation and waterfalls weave throughout the spa, from the four multipurpose treatment rooms to the Outdoor Couples Pavilion. Classic charm has been combined with a modern aesthetic and the interior design has brought widespread acclaim to The Spa. The facilities include a luxurious Relaxation Room overlooking the outdoor Hydro-pool with shaded cabanas for post treatment leisure, a Thermal Suite with a serene Crystal Steam Room and Experience Shower and a Spa Lounge offering secluded relaxation. Finally, a chic Manicure, Pedicure Room commands striking views over the treetops of the property. For the ultimate indulgence opt for a Spa Day, selecting from an impressive array of exclusive Spa Collections. In between treatments enjoy a light lunch and luxuriate in simply captivating surroundings. Guests at sister hotel, The Sandpiper, are provided with complimentary luxury transfers for the two minute drive to The Spa, ensuring that they arrive relaxed and return revitalized from their treatment. This exquisite Destination Spa captures perfectly the beauty and charm of its Caribbean surroundings and is the ultimate complement to such a unique family treasure as the Coral Reef Club. Coral Reef Club, St. James Tel: (246) 419-4121 e-mail:

The beautifully appointed Spa at Sandy Lane Hotel is open to resident and non-resident guests. Within its spectacular 47,000 square foot Romanesque-style surroundings, a blissful experience awaits. With a delightful array of treatments, performed by highly trained therapists committed to providing personalized care, each guest can expect unsurpassed pampering. Facilities include 14 VIP treatment suites with honed granites, warm woods, mood enhancing lights and either private landscaped garden or hydrotherapy pool; relaxation room; panoramic sauna; crystal cold room; experience showers; Rhassoul; hydrotherapy pool and John Frieda hair salon. The Spa at Sandy Lane is designed to treat your body to the ultimate in decadent relaxation.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

To make a reservation, please call: (246) 444-2100 or e-mail:

Health & Beauty

Chakra Spa Welcome to the tranquillity of Chakra Spa, a place where healing, relaxation and rejuvenation await you. Immerse yourself into the Chakra Spa lifestyle where every service, product, amenity and even your personal Spa Ambassador is here to cater to your every need. The therapists at Chakra Spa are both internationally trained and experienced and use only the most effective and luxurious products for their therapeutic services. Among these is Sothys, a Parisian line used for Facial Luxuries and Body Rituals (which includes body polishes and wraps). Other exotic treatments such as Massage Journeys and the Chakra Ceremony utilise the signature Chakra Essentials product line, while O.P.I is the product of choice for Nail Beauty Services. Each product line is available for purchase, as are Chakra Gift Certificates, redeemable on any of Chakra’s products and services. Any service can be specially customised to accommodate couples and groups. Call: (246) 435-8690 or 435-8920 ext. 5176 The entire Spa Menu can be viewed online at: Chakra is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, Saturday from 9am to 7pm, and Sunday from 11am to 5pm


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Sass Salon and Mobile Service Donna Smith has excelled when it comes to hairdressing in Barbados. With over 28 years experience, Donna has been fortunate to have met and worked with many celebrities worldwide, people like former US President Bill Clinton and US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, Simon Cowell, Michael Flattley, Nick Faldo and Ryan Seacrest, to name a few. She has also worked with many celebrity weddings. Her seal of approval has been endorsed not only by her local clientele, but by the many international clients who repeatedly use Donna’s mobile service, and her salon at the 5-star Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel. Donna also works with the prestigious Sandy Lane Hotel and is now commissioned by many at home and abroad. Donna offers full hairdressing services, bridal services, manicures and pedicures, and an after hours service which includes Sundays and bank holidays.

HAIR BY DONNA Sass Salon: (246) 422-4052 Mobile Service: (246) 234-3731 email:

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The Barbados experience

The Faculty of Medical Sciences’ new Laboratory and Teaching Complex on opening night

Healthy Barbados - Cutting Edge Clinical Care in the Caribbean Professor Henry S. Fraser Immediate Past Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados “THE MAYO CLINIC OF THE CARIBBEAN.” That’s the vision I’ve often expressed for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown – the country’s only public and tertiary care hospital, and a teaching hospital of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. Barbadians are proud of their comprehensive health care, even though they fuss if things aren’t perfect every time. Indeed the health services in Barbados are without doubt the best in the English speaking Caribbean and the envy of many, with many Bajans and others coming home from New York for care and medication here. There are several reasons! Health care in the days of slavery was the responsibility of the planters, and doctors in that era looked after both the planter and his slaves (although with the mixture of bleeding, purging and toxic or useless drugs they may have been better off without them!) After emancipation, the 11 vestries (one for each parish) set up 11 independent health care systems, with an infirmary near to the church. They each employed a parish doctor, matron and other auxiliaries. After the Second World War, Barbados led the way in the Caribbean in setting up public


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

health clinics under Dr. (later Sir) Maurice Byer. And after Independence in 1966 came many “Polyclinics”, which combined primary care and public health functions. In 1980 the Government introduced a Drug Benefit Service, expanding it to provide free drugs for the over 65s, under 16s and the many thousands with chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, asthma and epilepsy. And one of the great features of our health care system is the mix of public and private care, so that all care, including tertiary or intensive care, can be entirely free, or the well-healed can choose private care. Even then, they can receive the free drugs for the chronic diseases! The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with about 550 beds, was conceived in 1948, ground was broken in 1960 and it was opened in 1964. At that time the human resources were scarce, with hardly any junior doctors and a mere handful of consultants; but thanks to its transition to a teaching hospital in 1967, in partnership with the University, it’s now moderately well staffed, with 85% of its doctors locally trained at the UWI, and specialists in almost every field. Because of the excellent road network in Barbados, few places are more than 45 minutes away, so there’s no need for duplicating resources with “district hospitals” – indeed one such experiment a few years ago proved a failure. On the other hand, private emergency clinics have sprung up near to Bridgetown and in Holetown, the town at the centre of the “Platinum Coast” and most of our luxury hotels and villas, while doctor’s offices for private care, like the free Polyclinics, are found in every parish.

The Chronic Disease Research Centre at Lower Collymore Rock

What has perhaps ensured the continuing development of medical care and up-to-date treatments has been the ethos of the Barbadian doctor in wanting to acquire special skills (i.e. postgraduate specialty training) and “return to the rock” and make a difference. This has seen the development of our cardiac unit and our invasive cardiology programme – an outstanding programme ripe for further development to serve the region; neurosurgery and neurodiagnostics; state of the art orthopaedic procedures, including joint replacement and scoliosis correction; haemodialysis; retinal procedures, and so on. A world famous Barbados Fertility Centre (featured on the following pages) has set the tone for an international, state-of-the-art referral centre. Collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the University of the West Indies is another major contributing factor to our outstanding progress. The Chronic Disease Research Centre or CDRC was established in a modest way in 1992, to tackle the burgeoning epidemic of lifestyle and nutrition-related chronic diseases (Barbados and the Bahamas have the highest rates of obesity in the Caribbean, and among the highest in the world). Today the Centre’s cutting edge research in chronic diseases, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, systemic lupus and prostate cancer, under Director Professor Anselm Hennis, is funded by the National Institutes of Health in the USA and by the Barbados Government; and it’s now internationally recognised and one of the shining stars of our multi-campus University of the West Indies. A recent discovery was the glaucoma gene, contributing to the very high incidence of the eye disease, glaucoma in our people. Meanwhile, the 40 year old School of Clinical Medicine and Research has upgraded to a full Faculty of Medical Sciences,

Sandy Crest Medical Centre at Sunset Crest in Holetown

training doctors for all five years of the modern British-style medical programme, and expanded its postgraduate specialty training offerings to 10 programmes. A spanking new Research and Teaching Complex provides state of the art facilities overlooking the Paradise Park Campus at Cave Hill. Collaborations with the Montreal Neurological Institute, King’s College in London, and others, are creating fruitful educational and research opportunities. And there are two Continuing Medical Education Conferences a year in Barbados, in the third week of May and the third week of November every year (check the website or e-mail Similarly our Caribbean Dental Program hosts two conferences – the last week in April and the last week in November (check the website Visitors are welcome to register for any of these cutting edge conferences. All of the clinic and hospital facilities cater for locals and visitors alike, and Barbados has become an important referral centre for the neighbouring islands – St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Grenada et al. But we could do so much more, and given the several million patients going from North America and Europe half way around the world for treatments to avoid long waiting lists, Barbados has a unique opportunity, as the airline hub of the southern Caribbean, to develop a hugely successful medical tourism Centre of Excellence. This writer envisions Centres of Excellence in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Radiotherapy, Rehabilitation and other disciplines, to serve the Caribbean and our thousands of visitors, coming for recreation or medical reasons, in the footsteps of George Washington and his ailing brother Lawrence on their historic visit to Barbados for a medical cure in 1751!

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Barbados Fertility Centre Passport? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hormone injection kit? Check. Wait . . . hormone injection kit? Isn’t there something a bit strange about this holiday packing list? Not according to the many patients of Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC), who travel away from their busy lives, knowing they are in for much more than a medical procedure once they land in this carefree paradise. These couples originating from neighbouring Caribbean islands, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and even Europe will discover a state of the art facility, and the very best in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment, topped off with a few stress free vacation days and romantic nights in Barbados. The clinic itself is located directly across the street from the island’s sparkling South Coast beaches. Now who could ask for anything more? However, the uniqueness of this experience begins way before these patients, or perhaps they should be called guests, even step onto Barbadian shores. In true reflection of legendary Bajan hospitality, BFC is famed for excellent, personalised patient care extended by its entire staff, from the specialists who carry out the variety of medical treatments offered, to the receptionists who make their visitors feel welcome, comfortable and at home. Once initial contact is made by a couple who need an IVF cycle, Dr. Juliet Skinner conducts a telephone consultation where their full medical and fertility history is reviewed. Dr. Skinner then decides on their best course of treatment, and the couple liaises


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

with Anna Hosford, Clinic Director, about the ideal timing for the IVF cycle and how it can best be coordinated with travel plans. In these professional and thorough, yet friendly consultations, time is taken to set one at ease, and to carefully explain what can be expected from the IVF process. Much of the preparation, however, is done in the patients’ home territory. BFC works with their personal physician or gynaecologist to have preparatory lab tests, ultrasounds and evaluations performed. Then, just a few weeks later, patients pack their suitcases for their muchanticipated Caribbean “holiday with a purpose”. Not only can guests look forward to being warmly received into an expertly managed medical centre, but for those who choose one of the holiday packages offered, complimentary transfers are provided from the airport to their chosen accommodation. There, they sit down with BFC’s personable Patient Liaison Manager, Rachel de Gale, for an informal familiarization meeting. Patients who take advantage of the centre’s tailor-made “Holiday Packages” enjoy the luxuries of being chauffeur driven to and from appointments, the use of a local mobile phone, and even massage, acupuncture and other wellness treatments during their stay. While stress has not been proven to prevent pregnancy, BFC believes it certainly does not aid the process of getting pregnant. BFC therefore attempts to accommodate its patients as much as possible to reduce or even eliminate stress, and procure optimal chances of becoming pregnant. BFC also

Health & Beauty offers private counselling to aid in the vital decision-making that can present itself during this delicate process. One couple that found themselves in need of such counsel was Scott and Sarah McGinley (aliases used), a couple who until visiting Barbados Fertility Centre had had no success with getting pregnant. Wanting to be a mother so badly, Sarah had never even used birth control. The couple contacted BFC and began preliminary preparation. As they made the journey to Barbados, they were excited and hopeful, even more so when their first appointment on location revealed Sarah had six eggs with the potential to become fertilised. When Scott and Sarah weren’t at the centre they made the most of their sun-kissed locale, but there was still an important matter to be discussed. They must choose whether they would have two or three embryos placed into Sarah’s womb. More embryos meant a greater likelihood of getting pregnant, but it also meant a greater possibility that all three embryos could implant! After careful counselling at the centre, and a few moments of prayer at a parish church while on a tour of the island, together Scott and Sarah were able to make the difficult decision. One catamaran sail, a day in Bridgetown and many new Barbadian acquaintances later, five days after returning home, the couple found out they were pregnant. A few picture perfect ultrasounds revealed a gorgeous baby girl was on her way, and nine months later an uneventful pregnancy made the McGinley’s deepest wishes come true. Lily McGinley (alias used) fits perfectly into the powder pink nursery Scott and Sarah had so lovingly prepared for her arrival. In 2009, BFC boasted a pregnancy rate that is 10 - 20% higher, depending on the age of the patient, than similar averages in the USA and UK. Since opening in 2002 BFC has prided itself on providing individualised care tailored to the needs of its patients,

and this certainly seems to have contributed to their resounding success. Offering world-class fertility care, BFC is the only Caribbean based fertility centre that has met the lofty accreditation standards of the USA-based Joint Commission International (JCI), accepted worldwide as “a recognized world leader in health care quality and patient safety”. However, besides the Barbados based centre, which is the region’s first full-time fertility unit, local and Caribbean patients (and those from farther afield) can make use of a growing number of satellite units operated by BFC within the Caribbean. If you are struggling to conceive please call an IVF Nurse Coordinator for a free confidential consultation. Tel: +1 246 435-7467 or visit the website at To find out more about the prestigious JCI accreditation program please visit

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Gina Francesca Photography

The Barbados experience

Aloe is a hardy succulent, cultivated both as an ornamental plant and as a virtual medicine chest

Andrew Hulsmeier

Hallo, Aloe


Although its origins are in Africa, aloe has been on the island long enough for one major species to bear the name Aloe Barbadensis. Plump and lovely with saw-tooth edges, the versatile plant is found all over Barbados, and quite possibly all over your body. Along with aloe vera, it’s a highly-regarded ingredient in many hair and skin cleansers and creams, and has been for millennia. Nicodemus brought some to Jesus, and Cleopatra used it to maintain her legendary beauty. In Barbados, aloe was farmed in St. Philip for export from as far back as 1693. The reduced juice was bottled in gourds and shipped primarily to England, where it was a popular treatment for constipation. Of this, some have observed slyly that “Barbados purged England!” The hardy succulent is now cultivated both as an ornamental plant and as a virtual medicine chest. The translucent inner pulp and

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

by Sarah Venable the gooey yellow ooze that comes from just under the skin are both used to relieve skin discomforts, especially sunburn. Local men often sell the juicy leaves to reddening tourists on the beach. And freed from their green covering of skin, the slippery gelatinous pulp is indeed soothing. The goo, or latex, however, can create other problems; it leaves stubborn, brownish stains on fabrics and other surfaces. That’s why many hoteliers ask you not to bring the plant on their premises. Aloe is also known as an antibiotic and anti-fungal healer, as a tonic, an anti-parasitic, blood lipid balancer, and as a purgative of the digestive system. It is also used as a bittering agent in alcoholic beverages. Never mind that medical research disputes many claims and that safety doubts have been cast on aloin, the latex’s key ingredient. This is a plant that Barbadians believe in. We not only smear it on burns and skin irritations, we also use a good dose to clean out our insides. Using the gel and avoiding the bitter latex, aloe is also found in some delicious, regionally-made bottled drinks. And then there’s the morning smoothie, where it adds extra body and goodness. If you haven’t tried aloe, do.

Health & Beauty Healing Holidays in Barbados by Sarah Venable Well-being. Such an elemental and essential thing it is—a healthy body, mind, and spirit, working holistically in harmonious balance. Life in Barbados is already conducive to well-being. Even so, we who live here sometimes need a bit of repair, or a tune-up from time to time. We are fortunate: somewhere between the doctor and the spa, there’s a world of healing modalities that assuage our aches and soothe our spirits. How perfect, too, for visitors! If holidays are for rest, recreation, and renewal, then just think of the added boost that a bit of healing therapy can provide. The array Barbados offers is astounding, ranging from known and accepted treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and osteopathy to alternative practices that many might consider exotic or improbable. Here are some you might like to try. Yoga’s benefits are well-known—health, fitness, de-stressing, pain relief, etc.—but it is perhaps the post-class experience that accounts for yoga’s increasing global popularity. People leave feeling energized, uplifted, more likely to move through the day with joy. Barbados has several well qualified yoga teachers. Could this be the cherry on top of your holiday sundae? Acupuncture and acupressure are based on an ancient Chinese theory of energy flowing through pathways, or meridians, of the body. By stimulating specific points on these meridians, practitioners seek to rebalance that energy, and to stimulate nerves, muscles, and connective tissue. Measurable results include an increase in blood flow and a boost in the body’s natural painkillers. In acupuncture, the stimulation is done through the insertion of very fine needles, while acupressure applies physical pressure. Coaching: When you face change or seek growth in your personal or business life, it helps to have a confidential partner who knows behavioural patterns, and who is perceptive, supportive, and solution-oriented. A good coach helps you to really see yourself, then define and achieve your goals. Follow ups can take place via phone and email. Yoga massage awakens and stimulates your innate ability to heal and flourish. Assisted yoga stretches are blended with Thai and Swedish massage techniques, along with chiropractic and osteopathic interventions. Can you say “Ahhh?” An ancient Eastern healing art, Reiki uses the concept that humans are infused with subtle forms of energy. Reiki practitioners seek to transmit universal energy to a person, in order to balance her whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dynamic. Akin to “laying on of hands,” but without necessarily touching, Reiki has been found to relieve pain, promote healing, and bring tranquillity. Reflexology’s premise is that all of the organs and body parts are reflected in the hands and feet, and that stimulating them sends signals through the nervous system to the areas under focus. This is done to help the blood flow properly, expel toxins, improve lymphatic circulation, and restore homeostasis. Experiencing this intensive foot massage brings immense release from tension. Iridology: Whereas an opthamologist’s examination of the whole eye can reveal the presence of other bodily problems, iridology purports to detect conditions in every part and organ of the body by examining the iris.

Raw food: For a number of reasons, raw foodists believe that the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits. Our main local raw food chef has created some delicious concoctions to supply this market. Feng Shui: Ancient Chinese viewed the land as alive and filled with energy, and oriented structures accordingly. Now, the concept also applies to arranging interiors in ways that promote harmony, prosperity and good health. Whether or not you see it as a metaphor for life, de-cluttering is a pragmatic aspect of Feng Shui that even a sceptic can love. The aesthetics work too. Oxygen holds electrical energy, and ozone—the gas that makes you feel good at the seashore or when rain breaks—is a form of oxygen with an extra atom. Ozone therapy is very popular in Europe, where they cite a number of effects: Detoxification, stress relief, rejuvenation, improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients within the body, and more. Sound and breath healing is based on the idea that each emotion, organ, gland and system of the human body has its own frequency that resonates to particular nutrients, minerals and vibrations required for their function. After diagnosing weaknesses, the practitioner uses specifically calibrated sound as a tool to help restore health and balance. If you sing, you’ve already glimpsed the joy. Imagine it targeted. This is but a fraction of what’s offered on this magical island. Add aromatherapy, Ayurveda, herbalists, energy workers, shamanic healers, colour therapy and more, and you could even construct a healing-themed holiday that sends you home both glowing and with experiences to dine out on for months.

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The Barbados Experience “Bridgetown possesses something about it that grows on one, ...The world is punctuated with other towns, generally better looking, often more uncomely, but circle the globe and you will find no place resembling Bridgetown..”

George H H McLellan 1907, Barbados Back in Time

The Colonnade in Bridetown which was opened in 1898, houses Tiffany & Co, Little Switzerland, The Runway and forty other interesting, and for the most part, owner run stores The clock over the façade of the building was made in November 1898 by the Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut, USA. This building is a handsome example of the architecture of that period with its cast iron work, ornate parapet, central pediment and its arched first floor door openings. It is probably one of the only early remnants of traditional architecture remaining on Broad Street. Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier

shopping Barbados has been an entrepôt and trading centre ever since the English settlers arrived in 1627. Drawing on this proud legacy and their many years of experience, Barbadian retailers have successfully established this island as the Tax Free Haven of the Eastern Caribbean, where prices can generally be 30% to 50% less than the regular prices in Europe and North America. The opening of the splendid Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown in 2011 has taken tax free shopping in Barbados to an exciting new level. The overall quality of shopping in Barbados continues to improve and all indications are that this trend will continue, with the opening of the dynamic new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown. It’s exciting because it answers so many longstanding needs of the residents and visitors of Barbados’ west coast, all in one remarkably well thought out facility. International designer brands have opened what are their flagship stores in the Caribbean now, chic boutiques and gallerys selling tasteful hand-picked items, several interesting restaurants, two luxury cinemas and a trendy night club are some of the attractions there. The other exciting news is the interesting events Limegrove will be having throughout the year where people can meet up and socialize. Holetown has always had good shopping malls, such as The West Mall and the Cave Shepherd Mall, so the overall area has now become a major shopping destination in Barbados. Of course, our ancient captial Bridgetown offers a wonderful shopping experience as well. You can spend the morning enjoying some excellent retail therapy on Broad Street, relax over a tasty lunch at one of the many quaint Bridgetown establishments or at the breezy Waterfront Café overlooking the water and boats of the careenage. You will still have the afternoon free to relax on the beach. The south of Barbados has some great shopping too. Sheraton Mall, just off the ABC Highway in Christ Church, is fully air-conditioned and houses over 120 specialty stores, an elegant food court with 15 restaurants and a cineplex with 6 movie theatres and a VIP movie theatre. On the coast itself the new Lanterns opened in 2010 with popular places to pick up food and a number of shops. Further east The Crane Village has a small variety of very good shops and an art gallery.

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Andrew Hulsmeier

West Coast Retail Therapy

At Indigo Courtyard in Holetown there is Gaye Boutique and Heather Harrington Jones

The charming Chattel Village is a colourful cluster of interesting chattel house shops in Sunset Crest, Holetown. Nestled in this attractive shopping village is a Best of Barbados Shop, Sarah Hamilton’s Gourmet Shop, Lola Beach Swimwear and Accessories and Beth & Tracie who produce an impressive selection of high quality, stylish resort wear and semi-precious jewellery. Nearby, is the Cave Shepherd Plaza, which houses a department of Colombian Emeralds International and Cave Shepherd’s main west coast store. They stock an impressive range of duty free merchandise including designer clothing and swimwear, perfumes, cosmetics a full range of quality souvenirs. In the heart of Holetown, the Indigo Courtyard with its buttercup yellow buildings, is where you'll find Gaye Boutique and Leonard’s Menswear with their fine array of renowned designer clothing and footwear from around the world and Heather Harrington Jones with her incredible selection of one of a kind designer jewellery and watches. Café Indigo and Tides Restaurant are wonderful choices for a delicious lunch.

Speightstown, once a bustling port, is a quiet seaside town that is fun to wander around. Gallery of Caribbean Art, Mango’s Fine Art Gallery and The Old Pharmancy Art Gallery showcase a fine array of art. The Town Square is a cluster of useful shops. There is a selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables for sale from the roadside hucksters and fresh fish from the fish market. Mangos By the Sea Restaurant are now renting beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach there so after shopping you can relax and have a swim and a light lunch. The Shell Gallery is located just off Highway 1 in Gibbs, St. Peter. The warm and friendly owner, Anne Smith, has an outstanding selection of shells from around the world and lovely shell related gifts. Speightstown

The Jewellers is a small exclusive boutique featuring stunning creations from the world’s foremost jewellers all presented in the fabulous surroundings on the upper level of one of the Caribbean’s most luxurious resorts, Sandy Lane Hotel. They carry jewellery collections from Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, Theo Fennell, Michael Werdiger and Gregg Ruth. For watches - Bvulgari, Ebel, Baume & Mercier, Van Cleef & Arpel, Jaeger-Le-Coultre, Tag Heuer, Omega and Theo Fennell. They are pleased to offer personal viewings. Please contact The Jewellers, Sandy Lane Hotel Shurland or Joanne 420-2077 .


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Clockwise: Galleria, the exclusive jewellery store at Sandy Lane Golf and Country Club and Diamonds International’s fine stores at West Coast Mall

The modern West Coast Mall has an excellent range of tax free stores, including a Diamonds International, Diamonds International Outlet store, Little Switzerland boutique store, Pages Bookstore, Cave Shepherd, Bean ’n’ Bagel Internet Café, Gregory Paul Salon and of course the Super Centre Supermarket. Diamonds International continues to add more glitz and glamour to the golden west coast of Barbados with the grand opening of their collection of their luxury brand boutiques at the Limegrove Centre featuring The Cartier Boutique, Piaget, Audemar Piguet, IWC, Breitling, Chopard and John Hardy. The Diamonds International West Coast Mall store has a beautiful selection of diamonds and designer jewellery, timepieces, writing instruments and an exquisite collection of art du table. Diamonds International has well-appointed diamond and watch boutiques at Fairmont Royal Pavilion and Elegant Hotels’ Tamarind Cove Hotel.

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Shopping Luxuriate in a Remarkable Retail Shopping Environment Limegrove Lifestyle Centre will surely qualify as the most stylish place to shop, dine, lime and live in the Caribbean. This exciting project will roll out in 2011 and will accommodate many of the world’s leading retail brands, ultra chic boutiques, a carefully selected variety of successful Barbadian brands, as well as top quality specialty stores and gourmet food outlets..


Calibre de Cartier

Roadster Diamonds International Cartier Boutique Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Holetown, St. James


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Modern Barbados has evolved into the vacation destination of choice for some of the world’s most affluent individuals, including high profile names that would ordinarily be more associated with the annual ‘Rich Lists’ of the London Times or Forbes Magazine. Along with these celebrity guests, Barbados generally attracts significant numbers of sophisticated and discerning visitors – people who are accustomed to enjoying the very best that the world has to offer, wherever they may be residing at the time. It is against this increasingly demanding and progressive background that the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre is poised to provide the most unique and exciting ‘living’ experience ever witnessed in Barbados. Limegrove has been conceptualized to provide major improvements in the upper echelons of life in Barbados: such as the opportunity to purchase the world’s leading brand, luxury goods; a superior level of general shopping; a broader choice of fine dining and good food; higher quality health and wellness facilities; more sophisticated leisure and entertainment options; and the injection of greater vitality and variation into the island’s calendar of social events. The unparalleled Limegrove Lifestyle Centre has been planned and created with a tremendous depth of detail, specifically to provide a diversity of sumptuous offerings at a level of quality never before experienced in Barbados. After the much anticipated, gradual unfurling of the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, initiated during the Christmas Season 2010, visitors and locals alike can luxuriate in a remarkable 85,000 sq. ft. retail shopping environment that accommodates many of the world’s leading retail brands, ultra chic boutiques, a carefully

selected variety of successful Barbadian brands, as well as top quality specialty stores and gourmet food outlets. This extensive and varied mix of retailers has been carefully compiled to provide something for everyone. The outstanding Limegrove leisure and entertainment facilities include restaurants, delis, cafés, bars, a roof deck ‘club’ and cocktail lounge, a VIP High Definition cinema, an art gallery, a world-class fitness centre, a spa, a cosmetic clinic and a medical centre. In a nutshell, 'everything one could desire'. Limegrove has been cleverly schemed around three distinct and very attractive courtyards, Water Court, Palm Court, and Garden Court, all of which are conveniently interconnected while still retaining their own individual ambiance. While walking around this magnificent complex, one of the striking characteristics of Limegrove is that there always seems to be something different and exciting going on around every corner – and there are lots of corners! To make life at Limegrove even more interesting and appealing, a regular events programme will ensure that there is always something new happening; ranging from art shows to wine tastings to live entertainment to cultural displays - indeed anything that the public will find engaging. Limegrove can even provide concierge services, from a location in the Altman Emporium building at the entrance to the Lifestyle Centre. When Limegrove is completed, including parking for some 300 plus vehicles and 56 planned adjacent residences, it will surely qualify as the most stylish place to shop, dine, lime and live in the Caribbean. For more information about The Grove, the exciting residential aspect of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, please refer to page 259.

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Shopping Shocking Seduction Agent Provocateur was founded by Joe Corre and Serena Rees in 1994 opening its first boutique in Soho, London. Since that time Agent Provocateur has become an iconic globally recognized brand, breaking new ground with every collection and rightfully earning its place as a benchmark brand in the world of lingerie. It is a brand that is confident, sensual and irreverent. It is known for its craftsmanship, its fit, its appreciation and use of beautiful fabrics and its playfulness. Agent Provocateur’s unique brand image is renowned for being provocative and yet always leaves something to the imagination. Agent Provocateur celebrates and empowers women. AP’s first free standing Caribbean store, situated in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Barbados, consists of signature Agent Provocateur baby pink and black high gloss lacquer furniture and is offset with lace print rugs and black lacquered wooden floors. Bevelled mirror details, Vintage deco hanging stands against decorative lacquered bamboo feature wall with a 1970’s crystal chandelier complete the glamorous boudoir look. Along with the Classics Collection, the 60 square metres boutique opens with the seasonal lingerie collection, jewellery and beauty.

Agent Provocateur has a retail network of 50 outlets throughout Europe including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and Scandinavia as well as in the United States, Canada, UAE and Asia. Each boutique is a luxurious emporium featuring boudoir inspired furnishings that complement the collections and indulge the customer. The sales staff wear the iconic pink house coat designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Now encompassing swimwear, beauty, hosiery and accessories in addition to lingerie, Agent Provocateur continues to excite and inspire on a global scale. Agent Provocateur’s campaigns, cinema advertising and events have all attracted extensive media coverage. In 2010, AP joined forces with Johan Renck and Ridley Scott & Associates (RSA) to create a new Campaign under creative Director Sarah Shotton. Agent Provocateur Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Shopping Sophisticated Shimmer Conversation pieces almost as classic and stunning as you are. Jewellery shown on this page is available at Diamonds International 1-800-51-JEWEL (1-800-515-3935) | www.

John Hardy

In Barbados Diamonds International can be found at the following locations: Bridgetown - Lower Broad Street/ 8 Broad Street/ Cruise Terminal; West Coast - Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown / West Coast Mall, Sunset Crest Tamarind Cove Hotel/ Fairmont Royal Pavilion/ Galleria, Sandy Lane Country Club; South Coast - Turtle Beach Resort/ Grantley Adams Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Shopping Simple Elegance Form follows function with these gorgeous pieces. In Barbados Colombian Emeralds International can be found at the following locations:


Bridgetown - 24 Broad Street/ Cave Shepherd, Broad Street/ Cruise Terminal; Diamond Boutique - Nicholas House, Broad Street West Coast - Cave Shepherd, Sunset Mall/ Almond Beach Village South Coast - Hilton Hotel/ Vista Complex/ Almond Casuarina Beach Hotel/ Grantley Adams Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport/ Crane Resort & Residence

Beluga Lady Updated icon. Stainless steel case with progressive gem setting and mother-of-pearl dial. Diamond markers and bezel. Triple link bracelet.

Beluga Tonneau Lady Silky smooth stainless steel case and bracelet. Mother-of-pearl dial with diamond markers. Progressively set diamond bezel. Discreet recessed crown.

Gucci U-Play

U-Playâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Interchangeable bezels and wristbands.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Panerai Royal Oak Ladies

Luminor 1950 3 Days

Luminor 1950 Marina

Audemar Piguet New-Wave SuperOcean Royal Oak Offshore Diver

Chronomat Bo1


Perfect Timing Keep perfect time with a timepiece that perfectly compliments your style and lifestyle. Timepieces shown on this page are available at Diamonds International 1-800-51-JEWEL (1-800-515-3935) | www. Bridgetown - Lower Broad Street/ 8 Broad Street/ Cruise Terminal; West Coast - Limegrove Lifestyle Centre / West Coast Mall / Tamarind Cove Hotel/ Fairmont Royal Pavilion/ Galleria, Sandy Lane Country Club; South Coast - Turtle Beach Resort/ Grantley Adams Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Shopping Shops of Distinction in Bridgetown For a full listing of all shop addresses and telephone numbers see our Quick Reference Guide at the back of this guide Offering a breathtaking selection of fine jewellery and brand name watches from the fabulous to the affordable, Colombian Emeralds has an enviable reputation for quality, integrity, service and value. Cave Shepherd in Bridgetown, Sunset Crest on the West Coast, Vista Complex in Worthing and Almond Casuarina Resort on the South Coast,The Village at The Crane, as well as locations at both the Bridgetown Port and Grantley Adams International Airport.

Colombian Emeralds on Broad Street, Bridgetown

Cave Shepherd, the island's lone department store, is situated on Broad Street in the heart of Bridgetown. This 104 year old store is determined to keep its store front fresh and trendy with all the latest international brands all available at great duty free prices with savings of up to 44% on US retail prices. Bridgetown, Sunset Crest, The Crane Village, Vista Complex in Worthing, Grantley Adams Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport and the Bridgetown Port. Free Bridgetown shuttle service from most hotels. Call Cave Shepherd at Tel: 227-2200.

Cave Shepherd, Broad Street, Bridgetown

DaCostas Mall, the largest mall in Bridgetown has an extensive variety of tax free shops offering jewellery, designer sunglasses and handbags, china, crystal, beachwear, cool fashion and accessories, souvenirs, mobile phones, shoes, cosmetics, video games, a health store and also Mall Mart supermarket, where you can pick up all your groceries and essentials. Satisfy your hunger in either of the Mall's two air-conditioned food courts where specialty coffees, subs and sandwiches and authentic Caribbean and international dishes to tempt any palate, are available. In the north wing on the second floor is where you will also find Broad Street's only KFC.

Tiffany & Co in Little Switzerland, DaCostas Mall

Harley-Davidson of the West Indies sells clothing for men, women and children with specially designed imprints available only in Barbados. They also sell souvenir collectibles, combing scenes unique to Barbados and the Harley-Davidson brand. Located in the historic Mount Gay Rum buildingâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Horizon House, adjacent to the Careenage and a block south of Broad Street. Known for high quality and nostalgic designs, the merchandize appeals to all Harley enthusiasts both owners and to those who dream of riding one. Tel: 436 2489


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Harley Davidson, Horizon House, McGregor Street, Bridgetown


Diamonds International Watch and Design, 8 Broad Street

Diamonds International retails the finest timepieces from Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Girard Perrageaux, Piaget and Panerai to Breitling, Chopard, Bulgari, Hublot and IWC. Diamonds International Watch & Design store at No. 8 Broad Street caters to the discerning shopper who knows and appreciates the world of luxury brands. Their VIP Lounge, upstairs Watch & Design, offers you a cool, comfortable and private ambience in which to shop. Outfitted with a wine and champagne bar and paintings by local artists, you will enjoy the experience!

Diamonds International is the leading loose diamond, diamond jewellery, designer jewellery and luxury watch retailer in the Caribbean, Mexico and Pacific Riviera. With 11 conveniently located stores in Barbados, Diamonds International offers you the widest selection of loose diamonds, diamond jewellery and designer diamond brands, including Crown of Light, Gift, Hearts on Fire and 88 Cut. If you are a diamond aficionado, Diamonds International offers you the unique opportunity to create your very own selfdesigned piece which can be ready within hours after choosing a gemstone (e.g. diamond, tanzanite, topaz) and setting from their fabulous collection. And should you, in time, wish to change your design their trade-in and upgrade policies offer you that flexibility. You can surely discover your treasure at Diamonds International! And if you take pleasure in the art of writing, Diamonds International's Pen World will crave your indulgence with the finest writing instruments from Visconti, Delta, Graf von Faber-Castell, Pelikan and Porsche Design to name a few.

VIP Lounge at Diamonds International Watch and Design

Defining luxury across the Caribbean â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Little Switzerland is one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most trusted duty free retailers with twentyfive stores across the Caribbean offer an unprecedented showcase of the most desired collections of respected names in fine jewellery, watches, china, crystal and accessories. Visit Little Switzerland in Barbados at DaCostas Mall on Broad Street, Bridgetown (246) 431-0030 and in the West Coast Mall, Sunset Crest, St. James (246) 432-6791. Tiffany & Co in Little Switzerland, DaCostas Mall

A must see jewellery store on Broad Street is The Royal Shop. They carry a wonderful selection of watches: Rolex, David Yurman, Raymond Weil, Chopard, Longines, GirardPerregaux, Maurice LaCroix and Movado. They also have a certified Rolex repair centre right here in Bridgetown. There is also a wonderful selection of fine jewellery and pearls. This excellent family-run business also has the finest display of bone china figurines that make wonderful gifts. The Royal Shop, Broad Street, Bridgetown

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Shopping The Royal Treatment Kings and queens should be so lucky! Timepieces and jewellery shown on this page are available at The Royal Shop. Bridgetown - 32 Broad Street - (246) 429-7072 / Cruise Terminal - (246) 431-0296

David Yurman Left: Chopardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Classic Racing Superfast Chrono - An ultrapowerful chronograph with an imposing 45 mm-diameter case.



Above: From the Happy Diamonds collection, Very Chopard earrings and pendant in 18 ct rose gold and Very Chopard ring in 18 ct white gold featuring a heart set with diamonds and one floating diamond.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Right and above right: Longines is known for the elegance of its timepieces, and can look back on more than 175 years of non-stop craftsmanship, as well as a solid heritage as timekeeper for world sports championships.

Shopping Keep Them Guessing The Runway in DaCostas Mall offers the widest GUESS collection on the island at excellent duty free prices. The Runway also has a superb selection of outstanding swimsuits by Guess. You will also be tempted by the most stylish names in sunglasses: Gucci, Armani, Christian Dior, Prada, Versace, YSL, Ray Ban and Oakley.


Guess Accessorize your world with the trendiest bags, wallets, belts, shoes, watches and jewellery, all from the latest GUESS collection.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Shopping Charming Gems Tropicana Jewellers Bridgetown - 42 Swan Street - (246) 431-9164 Christ Church - Sheraton Mall - (246) 437-1983

Traffic-Stopping Fashion Harley Davidson children's clothes range from bibs for newborns to hoodies for 'tweens. Made of easy care cotton and a Harley-Davidson logo, they are perfect gifts. For both boys and girls, speciality items include swim suits and cover ups, back packs and sets for infants. Directions - The blue building next to the Careenage, one block south of Broad Street on McGregor Street - (246) 436-2489


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Out of Barbados


Shopping Shopping on the South Coast

Colombian Emeralds at the Vista Complex, Worthing, Christ Church

Sheraton Mall has the distinction of being the first as well as the largest mall on the island with over 120 stores and services including a Food Court and multiplex cinema. The mall features two floors and several outside shops that carry accessories and apparel, electronics, health and nutrition, home accessories and more. The mall is centrally located on the South Coast, only a few minutes from St. Lawrence Gap, with ample free parking and late shopping until 9pm, Monday through Saturday. With one-stop duty free shopping and a contemporary style, Sheraton is truly the mall that has it all. Tropicana Jewellers at Sheraton is renowned for their outstanding selection of fine sterling silver and Italian gold jewellery, jewellery in Guyanese gold including the popular West Indian Bangles and an extensive variety of brand name watches such as Anne Klein. Known for their classic-chic attire and ever-changing range of stock, Dingolay is always brimming with an amazing array of the latest styles and some of the hottest resort collections in the world of fashion. In the Vista Complex in Worthing, there is a fourth branch of Cave Shepherd which offers an outstanding assortment of designer perfume and cosmetics, cameras and electronics, liquor and cigars, sportswear and beachwear, local music and quality souvenirs, all available at great duty free prices with savings of up to 44% on US retail prices. There is also a branch of Colombian Emeralds International with a tempting array of designer jewellery and brand name watches. Diamonds International also has a beautiful jewellery and watch boutique at the Turtle Beach Resort in Dover.

Shopping at the Grantley Adams Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport The landside courtyard is the centrepiece of the departures terminal. The shops, bars and restaurants of this area are open to all airport users. The service offerings include the Barbados Postal Service and the Barbados National Bank, The Tamarind Seed, a beautiful art and craft store and a couple of convenience stores. The Departure Lounge offers some of the best duty free shopping in an airport terminal in the Caribbean. Passengers who have cleared security have a choice of fine jewellery stores like Colombian Emeralds, Cave Shepherd and Diamonds International. Also in the Departure Lounge youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find Best of Barbados, a perfect place to find tasteful and authentic souvenirs and gifts featuring the well loved Barbadian art of Jill Walker. There are also liquor and tobacco stores, a bookstore, music, perfume and cosmetics, leather and luggage, confectionery, convenience stores along with two restaurants, a very relaxing bar and a coffee shop.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Out of Barbados


Shopping The Very Best of Barbados If you’re looking for authentic Barbadian designs and lovingly made local handicraft with a warm Bajan smile, the Best of Barbados Gift Shops are the perfect place. This family-run company, successfully spanning 35 years, was founded by artist Jill Walker and her husband Jimmy. Jill’s outstanding talent is brought to you in her extensive range of art and giftware along with an exciting selection from talented local suppliers . . . and some from her daughter Sue Trew, who is proudly continuing the family tradition.

Jill Walker & her Art Read Jill Walker’s inspirational story in her own words, sketches, drawings and paintings in her beautiful book, now reprinted with a new last chapter. Jill’s many designs also appear on our quality homewares.

Spa and Bath Inspired by our beautiful island, this luxurious range of hand-made soaps, lotions and gels is all locally-made and is of the highest quality.

Rum Gift Sets Everything you need to mix your very own rum punch. One of many great rum gift sets, seasonings and hot sauces.

Screenprinted Reef Set Hand screenprinted, the Reef set is one of their beautiful, locally-inspired ranges for your kitchen.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Specially Gifted Ins and Outs Gift Emporium at Earthworks Complex stocks the best quality traditional Bajan preserves, confections, condiments, sugar and seasonings all beautifully packaged for gift giving. Gifts for children, locally made soaps and creams, coffee table books, prints, candles and carved mahogany items are also great there.

A Slice of Heaven


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Redefining Dining The team of diligent potters at Earthworks have expanded their repertoire to display over 100 unique Earthworks designed shapes, in all sizes, and dozens of Earthworks patterns. All pieces are designed for constant use, everything is dishwasher and microwave safe and of course, lead free.

A Lovely Setting


The Ins & Out of Barbados



Andrew Hulsmeier

The Gourmet Shop

The Gourmet Shop in The Chattel Village, Holetown

Established in 1991, The Gourmet Shop is a multiple award winning, specialty store providing good food, good wine & good, friendly service to discerning customers wanting top quality, branded products and serious foodaholics seeking those hard to find items. On offer are the best meats, seafood, paté, cheese, deli meats and produce available anywhere in Barbados. Shelves are stocked with a staggering array of oils, vinegars, sushi ingredients, jams, honey, fine chocolates, olives, truffles, even edible gold and homemade Bajan treats. There is an impressive selection of reasonably priced champagnes, wines, liquors & beers. Tabletop accessories, kitchenware, chef knives and beautiful custom gift baskets for special occasions or a simple ‘thank you’ are available too. You are invited to stop by Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm. Their knowledgeable staff is always willing to go ‘the extra mile’ to satisfy customers and special orders are a daily routine…just ask. Tel: (246) 432-7711 or e-mail:

Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh in Holetown offers gourmet meals to go

Brought to you by the Sassafras team, this gourmet fresh food newcomer is fast becoming an essential shopping stop. Posh Nosh is a full-scale gourmet deli offering everything you need for a perfect BBQ, picnic or dinner party. Their weekly gourmet dinners are a hit with the “too busy to cook” crowd and the cocktails are becoming a party prerequisite. The homemade ice creams and desserts, as well as an outstanding collection of gourmet salads and appetizers are sure to find their way to your table! Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Sunset Blvd, Holetown, St. James (just behind the Texaco station) Tel: (246) 432-5865 or e-mail:


Singapura at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

Located on the ground floor of the spanking new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in the heart of Holetown, Singapura is an exclusive supplier of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Singaporean food products. They carry a fantastic variety of top quality, specialty food items, perfect for creating meals with an Asian influence. Owner-run by Dora Song, and a division of the highly successful Nature Foods Ltd. (the wholesale store in Bridgetown), Singapura imports only the finest quality products, many of which are preservative free, cholesterol free, have no MSG and are healthy and convenient. In addition to the many Asian items, there is also an outstanding selection of frozen seafood, including hamachi, king crab legs, salmon and shrimp. Limegrove, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 826-3918 or e-mail:

Super Centre Supermarkets

Super Centre offers a convenient online and delivery service


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Super Centre grocery chain has 5 excellent supermarkets conveniently located on the South and West coasts of the island. Renowned for their vast selection of both local and international brands, Super Centre also offers a variety of shopping services to make life that much easier. E-mail, fax, or call in your orders and enjoy a free delivery service for orders over $100; pick up your groceries from your nearest Super Centre location and allow their reliable Super Centre Shuttle Service to take you and all of your purchases back home, or shop online at and order your goods to be delivered or collected. Locations: JB’s - Sargeant’s Village, Big B - Worthing, Super Centre Oistins, Super Centre Sunset Crest & Super Centre Warrens


Purveyors of distinguished specialty foods, wines & liquors from around the world


Gourmet Shop Established 1991 The Chattel Village #5 Holetown, Barbados Tel (246) 432-7711 Fax (246) 432-7715

creative cuisine from our kitchen to your table

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Andrew Hulsmeier

The Barbados experience

In Cheapside Market, Lolita sells a selection of farm fresh okras, breadfruit and sugar apples

Barbados’ Top Ten for Good Health A popular trend recently has been to highlight the ‘top ten healthiest foods’ - those that are the best for brain health, have the most antioxidants or the best nutritional value for example. These research projects are often done in societies with temperate climates and therefore do not take into account many of the tropical crops that are grown in the Caribbean. Here’s a list of Barbadian food and drinks that traditionally are thought to promote great health! 1. Fish - Caught daily from the waters around Barbados and served fresh are flying fish, barracuda, mahi mahi (also called dolphin, but not the mammal as some people are horrified to think), king fish, marlin, tuna, snapper, amber jack and many others. While on the subject of fish there’s also shark oil, sold in the Cheapside Market. Fish is an excellent source of protein and the fish oils are good for just about everything, especially brain function. 2. Ground Provisions - Almost weekly local newspapers feature photographs of centenarians being visited by the Governor General. When interviewed about the secrets of their longevity the first answer is usually ‘the Lord God in heaven’ often followed by ‘ground provisions’. Yam, sweet potato, eddo and cassava, and other tropical root crops, are the staples in the traditional Barbadian diet, served in a variety of delicious ways. Cassava flour has surged in popularity as a wheat free alternative for baking. Cassava bread is sold in most supermarkets and there’s a small shop in St. George Street in Bridgetown that brings in the large, frying-pan-sized ones from Guyana. They keep, without refrigeration, for months. 3. Local Herbs and Spices - Ginger and cinnamon have recently been credited with reducing arthritic pain. The royal herbs of parsley, basil, broadleaf thyme and marjoram are all grown in Barbados and available fresh year round. Numerous wild plants are dried and used for making “bush tea” which is prescribed for just about any ailment. There are ladies that sell dried bush of various types in Bridgetown’s Cheapside Market.


The Ins & Out of Barbados

4. Honey - The extraordinary healing properties of honey are myriad and it is an excellent sweetener. Farmed locally and also brought in from neighboring islands, honey is often sold in the market in recycled rum bottles. 5. Barbados Fruit - Many of our weird and wonderful local fruit will probably be unfamiliar to visitors. Research has begun on their properties and some are being proclaimed to be miracle fruits. At the top of the list is soursop, hailed as a benefit in the diet of cancer patients. The Barbados cherry has vitamin C content that is record high. Guavas, dunks, ackees, hog plums, gooseberries, fat porks, cashews, chili plums and sugar apples are just some of the local fruits that can be found being sold by street vendors or gracing small backyard orchards. Citrus fruit are delicious here starting with the gloriously juicy limes and enormous local lemons used to make the infamous Barbados Rum Punch or the alcohol-free equivalent, The Bentley. But how many people know that the grapefruit was created in Barbados in the nineteenth century by crossing orange with shaddock. Shaddocks are still grown here too, with the appearance of a large grapefruit. We don’t just have bananas in Barbados, we also have figs and the delicious plantain, a very large version of banana that has to be cooked. In addition we cook up under-ripe (or aptly named green) bananas as an iron-rich starch in meals. Coconut, the water sold street-side, the jelly (lesser developed meat of the coconut) or the hard coconut are all so good for you. Coconut water was used as plasma in WW2 because it is sterile and the kidneys just can’t get enough of the stuff. 6. Goat’s Milk - If you can’t tell the goats here from the sheep a simple way is to remember that the goat’s tails sticks up and the sheep’s hangs down. Gentle enough on the stomach to be given to babies, locally produced fresh goat’s milk is sold island wide in supermarkets. 7. Local Vegetables - Breadfruit is a delicious staple starch grown on large trees throughout the island. It can be served pickled, with cucumber, onion, fresh lime juice and parsley, in a creole butter sauce or mashed in a cou cou. Spinach, pumpkin, christophene, finger squash, string beans, pigeon peas, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, corn, cauliflower, carrot, lettuce, beetroot, breadfruit, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, a local dark green variety of celery, radish and eggplant are all grown in Barbados, sold at reasonable prices and available freshly harvested from supermarkets, markets and roadside hucksters. 8. Pork and Black Belly Lamb - Bajan Pork, the other white meat is really delicious - best roasted, soused or stewed down in a tasty gravy. Black Belly Lamb is a very lean and cholesterolfree red meat. 9. Molasses and Local Yellow Crystal Sugar - Black Strap Molasses, a by product of sugar is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B6 - its fed to race horses. If you must have a little sweetness in your life, Barbados sugar is also a good way to get it. Oh, and another health secret often mentioned by our centenarians is . . . the occasional nip of Barbados rum, another by-product of our legendary cane sugar. And last but not least, 10. Water - Barbados is blessed to have one of the best natural water systems and cleanest water supplies in the world. Our water is naturally filtered through the coral limestone cap as it makes its way to and from vast underground aquifers. It is therefore completely purified and perfectly safe to drink, fresh, cool and delicious, straight from the tap.


All Photos: Andrew Hulsmeier

Cheapside Market The Cheapside Market hums and buzzes as early at 6:30 a.m. on Saturdays and goes on all day with banter, laughter and the customary hum of a traditional city market. Saturday is the busiest day but it is also open Monday to Friday and the regulars are there come rain or shine with their trays piled high. Among them are items you rarely, if ever, find in supermarkets: fresh pulses, often being shelled on the spot; snake gourd and bitter karela; guavas; passion fruit; golden apples; shaddock; Bajan cherries; Jamaica ackees and breadnuts when in season. Occasionally, there’s lemongrass or fresh horseradish root. The air-conditioned butcher section with over twenty butcher stalls sells fresh local government inspected and stamped pork, beef, black belly lamb and chicken at unbeatable prices - many of the butchers raise their own livestock.

Brighton Farmers Market What started out as an effort by Michael and Alison Pile to sell excess produce from their St. George valley plantation has grown into a Saturday morning ritual for quite a crowd. Artists, craftspeople and enterprising producers of homemade goodies are ready to receive their first customers around 6:00 a.m. just as Michael gets his impressive coffee/hot chocolate contraption gurgling into action. It’s a family occasion with lots of chatter and plenty of seating to relax and enjoy the pretty country estate setting, while tucking into a sizzling pork sausage hot off the grill. Fresh is the common adjective that would apply to the baked bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables, local juices and hot food that sells at a pace, petering out around 9:30 a.m. to a trickle of stragglers. It’s all cleared up and packed away by 11. Take the road east at the Harris Paints (Hothersal) Roundabout on the ABC Highway and follow the signs. There’s only one right turn and you arrive in less than ten minutes.

Redland Farmers Market This farmers market is tucked away in a picturesque and prime agricultural area of Barbados known as the St. John valley. Redland, which dates back to 1675, is enthusiastically run by owners Charles and Linda Herbert and their energetic manager Adrian Moore. Their produce and that from nearby farmers is sold six days a week in a converted stable. Their fruit orchards include mango, avocado, shaddock, grapefruit, orange, lime, tangerine, sugar apple, golden apple, sour sop, mammie apple, banana, fig, plantain, five finger, plumrose, cherry, cashew, Jamaica ackee, coconut and passion fruit. Many of these fruit are used to produce fresh juice concentrates, sold frozen with no preservatives. They also sell traditional Barbadian condiments. Open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and Saturday from 6:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

The Fish Markets Smelly, noisy, bustling and bloody - fish markets always present an interesting experience and the same is certainly true in Barbados. The government-constructed, well-equipped, modern fishing terminals in Bridgetown and Oistins (on the South Coast) are where the largest fish markets can be found. However there are smaller fish markets along the coasts as well - at Speightstown, Half Moon and Shermans in St. Peter, Paynes Bay in St. James, Tent Bay in St. Joseph and Consett Bay and Skeete’s Bay in St. John, to name a few. Oistins and Bridgetown handle most of the ice boats where day boats tend to use the smaller terminals. Flying fish are expertly boned and sold in packages of ten. The larger fish is sold in chunks or whole and you pay the fish cleaners a small fee to filet the fish into neat steaks. Oistins and Half Moon Fort have also become famous for their fish fries - a misnomer because most of the fish is grilled.

The Ins & Out of Barbados


The Barbados Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jacquie Onassis once came into the boutique with Caroline Kennedy. Clothes flew through the air from fitting room to fitting room as they bought up a storm .â&#x20AC;?

Dot Spikings

Memories of Sandy Lane Hotel

Courtesy Lola Beach

island style Barbados has become increasingly renowned as the preferred vacation destination for many of the biggest names in the celebrity world. With all of this exposure to ‘glitz and glamour’, Barbados has developed a unique sense of style, a harmonious and tantalising blend of fashionable international elegance and exciting Island Style. This means that a trip to Barbados can offer visitors a chance to buy some very special clothing and accessories.

As may be expected in one of the world’s leading and most fashionable leisure destinations, the focus of many of the island’s boutiques is on elegant, high quality resort-wear. If you want to be sure that you have the ‘right look’ in Barbados, then it clearly makes sense to buy your clothes here, especially since many of the items can be purchased tax-free. Indeed, when taking into consideration the excellent value for money on the tax-free prices, it can be argued that the boutiques in Barbados provide an even more attractive opportunity for the purchase of high quality apparel and accessories. Even though catering to the variable tastes of world travellers is no easy task, Barbados has risen to the occasion in great style and the island can now offer even the most selective of shoppers an enticing array of duty free shops and boutiques.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Island Style Clothing that’s Fun, Fresh & Chic for all Occasions Known for their classic-chic attire and ever-changing range of stock, Dingolay is always brimming with an amazing array of the latest styles and some of the hottest resort collections in the world of fashion. A store as unique as its name – Dingolay never disappoints! Sheraton Mall, Christ Church | Tel: (246) 435-6482

Style for Life

An Outstanding Reputation for Selection & Quality Gaye Boutique is especially known for their fabulous lines of imported designer beachwear, including top swimwear designers like Gottex. Indigo Courtyard | Holetown | St. James | Tel: (246) 432-1396

Leonard’s caters to the well-dressed man. A wide-ranging selection of casual menswear, beachwear and footwear. Indigo Courtyard | Holetown | St. James | Tel: (246) 432-1396


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Island Style

sunglasses • handbags • wallets • shoes • belts • swimwear • watches The Runway at Da Costa Mall, Broad Street, Bridgetown, Tel. (246) 43-STYLE The Runway at Sheraton Mall, Christ Church, Tel. (246) 435-8895

Two Great Shops – One Great Location!



The Indigo Courtyard, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 432-1396

• Beach Wear • Casual Men’s Wear • Shoes

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Island Style Easy and Effortlessly Sophisticated Beth & Tracie is an exclusive Caribbean label marrying stylish but relaxed resort-wear with unique â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;one-offâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; pieces of semi-precious jewellery. Step inside this effortlessly sophisticated yet relaxed boutique and you will discover an array of Tracie Lamb jewellery alongside the Beth & Tracie beach-wear collection of all the holiday essentials you could need for women and girls. #2 Chattel House, Holetown, St. James | Tel: (246) 422-0401

Stylish Kaftans, Tunics, Cover-ups & Sundresses in Beautiful Tropical Hues The signature to this brand is the exquisite embroidery and sequins in patterns of swirling bougainvillea flowers, dragonflies and orchids.

duty free shopping

From barefoot beach chic to poolside glamour... Lola Beach offers an outstanding selection of designer swimwear for ladies, men and children. #11 Chattel House, Holetown, St. James | Tel: (246) 422-1594


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Island Style

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Photos: Coast Caribbean Images

The Barbados experience

Our Cotton - Outstanding in its Field Speckled brown and white during harvest time, Barbados’ cotton fields remind us of the uniqueness of Barbadian heritage. Held in the hand, a fully bloomed seedpod resembles the tiny brown purse that an old lady might carry; and stuffed into it, almost falling out in fact, the delicate white cotton handkerchief that might find its way to a child’s face. Yet this cotton, resplendent in the countryside of Barbados, is not your ‘garden-variety’ Gossypium. West Indian Sea Island Cotton (WISIC), a unique strain of the standard Gossypium Barbadense, boasts a rich heritage, distinguished reputation, and endless possibilities. So what’s the gossip on Gossypium? World over, cotton is appreciated for its coolness, versatility and durability. The famed WISIC is sought-after not only for these qualities but also for what sets it apart: its strength and length (twice that of some other cottons), its suppleness, smoothness and softness. This internationally certified fibre is considered to be the strongest, most brilliant of its family. With regards to texture and quality, it is comparable to both silk and cashmere. WISIC is also the most rare of cottons, composing only a fraction of 1% of the world’s supply. Grandfather of the American Supima and highly desirable Egyptian Giza cottons, WISIC commands the highest price. Already rare and of top quality, its value is further increased because of the special treatment it receives. In Barbados WISIC is painstakingly hand harvested, put through a special ginnery, and shipped abroad to be spun into threads by industry experts. Its resulting yarn and fabric are crocheted, knitted and painted locally, also by hand. No wonder that this luxurious textile has been called “The Cloth of Kings!” It’s hard not to feel like royalty when wrapped in a supple


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

robe, caressed by a fine, fluffy towel, or reclining on satiny white bedding made of West Indian Sea Island Cotton. In Barbados, WISIC is managed and developed by Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Inc. (ECCI), a company formed in 2004 through the joint effort of local growers and the Ministry of Agriculture. ECCI facilitates the cotton production process from the ground up, resulting not only in finished 100% WISIC goods and textiles, but by-products such as cottonseed oil. This relationship is key as WISIC has certainly had a tumultuous past. With origins in Barbados as early as 1650, WISIC’s fortunes waxed and waned. The crop found itself vying for field space when sugarcane became the nation’s primary asset. However, ECCI believes that WISIC’s viability has tremendously increased in recent years. To prove this, in 2006 ECCI made efforts to augment the industry, including work with Caribbean fashion designers to produce a line of high-end tropical couture, gift items, and opulently comfortable soft furnishings. With the introduction of the ECCI came the relocation of Barbados’ only remaining cotton ginnery from the airport to Groves in St. George. This newly-built facility houses a 500-pound capacity baler, a 30-ton capacity weighbridge along with six cotton gins that survived the relocation and ably carry the weight of production during harvest-time. The Cotton Ginnery and Visitor Centre have recently been upgraded to facilitate guided tours, arranged by appointment. It’s a rare and intriguing experience. Year-round tours are available Monday to Friday hourly between 10am and 2pm. Calling ahead is recommended. At the Visitor Centre there is a display room and gift shop where WISIC articles can be purchased or ordered, including but not limited to ladies’ and gentlemen’s attire, linens, shower mitts and wash cloths, interior decor and novelty items. These can be further personalised with handpainting or embroidery. Visitors will see the work of a local artist who creates art on the West Indian Sea Island Cotton fabric. To arrange an exclusive tour of the Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean’s ginnery and visitor centre, please call 433-3108. Friendly and knowledgeable guides look forward to sharing more with you about Barbados’ remarkable and regal cotton!

Using the West Indian Sea Island Cotton fabric, Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean produce beautiful hand painted wraps and â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;made to measureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; shirts.

Meet a

Photos: Andrew Hulsmeier


Jean Ellison, pictured here with her beloved husband, Owen

Jean Ellison: Hello Sunshine Jean Ellison looks pretty in pink on the day we speak. It’s her birthday; she has just turned 82. Her skin speaks of sun, her smile radiates, and her gleaming white hair is the icing on the cake. If asked, she’s not afraid to tell a virtual stranger what makes her happy (dancing with her husband at the Waterfront) or sad (losing her dog to cancer.) It’s no wonder she made her mark in the hospitality industry. Nor is it a surprise that she has always attracted people—husbands, adoring family, and stars. Even the birds will eat from her hand. Jean grew up in Strathclyde “when it was a private village,” she says, and attended Queens College. Formal education did not agree with her, so she left at the age of sixteen and soon found work in a law office, learning as she went along and always excelling. “You don’t need a lot of letters after your name to do well,” she said. Then came chapter two of her adult life. To her surprise, a business contact of her second husband expressed an interest in her the instant she was divorced. She was 37, and Wing Commander C. Owen Ellison was to become her lasting love. After a seven-month honeymoon touring England, they took jobs as managers of Southern Palms Hotel.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

by Sarah Venable

This was the start of a golden career. Two years later, they bought Coconut Creek, an exclusive, 50-room, St. James property, which they ran until a recession struck in 1982. “All of our business was repeat customers and their friends,” said Jean. “They would arrange to come at the same time each year and spend two or three months. It was great fun.” Oliver Reed, Tom Jones, and Englebert Humperdinck were among the regulars who were drawn into Jean’s orbit. “Ollie wouldn’t go places unless I went with him,” she said. “And we did the stupidest things, like jumping off a boat and swimming to shore, which we could hardly even see, we were so far out.” The Ellisons also used to stage cabarets, gleeful events with plenty of costumes, music, and hamming it up. Now in retirement, life is quieter, but they still enjoy socializing with their many friends who spend winters here, and dancing. Jean is also learning to play the piano, a white baby grand that is topped with photos of the once, currently, and to-be-powerful. To them, she sends friendly notes and occasional advice. “Stay out of Iraq,” she told Tony Blair graciously, but in no uncertain tone. Did he listen? No, and now he has lost popularity. She keeps a thick volume of her two-way correspondence with him, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and President Obama. The latter paid careful attention. When Jean added, “Give my regards to Hillary,” he did. Jean has proof. It’s easy to think that if the world were her hotel, it would both behave itself better and have more fun, basking in the sunshine of her smile.

Island Style "Gregory-Paul has an innate sense of what makes a woman beautiful" His salon is an eclectic mix of everything Gregory-Paul encompasses, somewhat flamboyant and avant garde, a perfect reflection of his work. West Coast Mall, Sunset Crest, St. James | Appointments: (246) 432-2220 | email: | Closed Mondays.

Semi-precious Necklaces

2011 Winter Collection Unset, fine quality, faceted semi-precious gems are fast becoming a new interest for Gregory-Paul. Several clients have been truly delighted with their purchases and even more surprised by the market value of their treasures. With Gregory-Paul's experience and contacts in Thailand there is very little that cannot be found or made upon request. Keep your eye on his website for more 'must haves' during the year.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience "It was just sheer luck for the island that he was there at the right time.... His houses stand as a wonderful memorial to him."

Lord Snowdon, Speaking of Oliver Messel

Knowledge of ageless craftsmanship and detail reverberates in every piece of Timothy Oulton furniture Courtesy Timothy Oulton Gallery

interiors For centuries Barbados has maintained a wonderful tradition of stylish homes, from stately plantation great houses to the charmingly ornate chattel houses. This tradition was enhanced in the early 1900's when wealthy British families built superb houses with lavish interior designs. Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous upsurge in property development and more fine homes are being constructed in Barbados than ever before. Traditional Barbadian homes have polished wood floors, jalousie windows, china ornaments, old fashioned (if not antique) furnishings and lots of lace and crochet. Modern interiors tend to be less “fussy” and more open, with social spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor living. Local materials have helped shape the Barbadian style–as walls, carved tables, or accessories. Coral limestone has a big presence in many of the island’s homes, as does mahogany – an introduced species that became prized by our long line of skilled joiners. The British stage designer, the late Oliver Messel, lived here for many years and left his distinctive mark on a number of properties. More recently, both local and international designers have too – in villas, condos, hotels and restaurants – all over the island. The advancement of contemporary architecture, interior design and landscaping on the island has been quite phenomenal. This has all resulted in an increased demand for tropical styled home furnishings and the services of interior design specialists. In response to this demand, some very enticing specialty shops and services have been springing up all around the island. Note: If you’re visiting Barbados between January and April, be sure to attend a National Trust Open House to get an inside view of some of the island’s most magnificent homes.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Interiors Rooms of Memorable Distinction Designers’ Choice is one of the Caribbean’s leading full-service interior design companies with associate offices in Toronto and London. Heading up the exceptional interior design team are co-founders, Aubrey Carew and Charlie Brooks, who started the company fourteen years ago. Over the years the Designers’ Choice team has worked on many prestigious projects in the ‘Platinum Coast’ areas of St. James and St. Peter, at resorts such as Royal Westmoreland, Sandy Lane, Sugar Hill and Port St. Charles and also throughout the Caribbean.

Design for Living Designers’ Choice mission – to provide exquisitely detailed interiors for your home – is certainly evident in the work they have produced for their growing list of clients. After all this time, they still find themselves ‘on call’ with most of these projects, as clients constantly upgrade their homes. It is therefore not surprising that their work has graced the covers of such high profile trade publications as Architectural Digest! Designers’ Choice #8 Frangipani Row, Sunset Crest, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 432-2093


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

At Designers’ Choice they work in close alliance with Barbados’ top architects and maintain close links with a network of carefully selected artisans who supply custom-designed furnishings and unique creative support.

design for living




# 8 Fra n g i p a n i R ow, S u n s e t C r e s t , H o l e t ow n , S t . Ja m e s . Te l : ( 2 4 6 ) 4 3 2 - 2 0 9 3 Fa x : ( 2 4 6 ) 4 3 2 - 0 4 0 2 d e s i g n e r s ch o i c e @ c a r i b s u r f . c o m w w w. d c d e s i g n e r s ch o i c e . c o m

Interiors Exceptional Design at your Service

Every attention to detail creates a truly personal, unique home Jenny Blanc is a well known and respected name on the island, receiving four notable awards for her professional, knowledgeable approach to every aspect of living elegantly in the Caribbean. Creating a home which is personal and unique with every attention to detail is the benchmark for the team’s design and project managing skills. The International Interior Design Service includes the designing, ordering, shipping and complete installation of a property. The company has excellent, proven local links with architects, brokers, landscapers and contractors on the island enabling a smooth completion of every project whatever the size or scale. The uniqueness and successful formula comes from the company having strong bases in London and Barbados. At both locations, the company is an invaluable sourcebook of international concepts for interiors which British, European and American clients love to tap into. Bespoke design ideas capture the spirit and beauty of the Caribbean

Jenny Blanc Barbados In 2011 everyone living in or visiting Barbados can enjoy the Jenny Blanc experience. The company’s exciting new lifestyle showroom will be a window on the varied services Jenny is passionate about, alongside the most beautifully sourced items you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Interiors “We use original, time-honoured techniques, & I wanted to bring all of that inspiration & more to Barbados.” – Timothy Oulton New to the Barbados shopping scene is a comprehensive destination for the home, Timothy Oulton Gallery. While Oulton and his family have been Barbados residents for many years, he was recently inspired to bring his life’s work to one of his most beloved destinations. A native of England, Oulton’s father established Halo Antiques in 1976 and Oulton joined the family business when he was 18. His experience working for his father ensured a solid grounding in the skills, expertise and craftsmanship of fine furniture. These principles cultivated in him an understanding and appreciation of design that naturally led to the development of his own collection. “The world of antiques has provided me with endless inspiration. Being surrounded by great, handcrafted products most of my life has definitely had an impact on how I manufacture and produce my furniture,” explains Oulton.

Knowledge of ageless craftsmanship & detail reverberates in every piece of furniture... As hospitality is a hallmark of the Timothy Oulton brand, Oulton wanted to create a gathering place for local residents to shop, relax and enjoy themselves. Timothy Oulton Barbados is much more than a fine furnishings shop, and boasts an artisanal café, fresh cut flower boutique and comprehensive design library. As one enters the shop, a soaring staircase separates the two levels. The first floor is traditional in style, but with a rock n’ roll twist. Oversized leather furniture, black walls and a “mammoth” communal table greet visitors, along with scents of local chef Gianluca’s delicacies in the café. The second floor, which is decorated in a more modern, metro taste, includes a design room where designers and their clients can meet to brainstorm ideas and plan living spaces.

Timothy Oulton Barbados #1 Millhouse Complex, Canewood, St. Thomas, Barbados BB11005 Tel: 246 620-8467 or 620-TIMS |


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Interiors A unique gem that brings European charm to the villa & home-owners of Barbados Whether you are looking for a one of a kind gift, or furnishing your home or villa, DB Home at Sheraton Mall is a destination that you will not want to miss! Quality and subtle elegance is seen in their linens, towels, bedding, bedroom furniture and accent pieces.

Their lamp collection features a variety of contemporary and eclectic designs that complement their lovely range of side tables. So whether you are looking for a chandelier fashioned with intricate shells, a French crystal pendant or a plantation glass lantern, DB Home has lighting that is distinctively different. Sheraton Mall, Christ Church | Tel: (246) 435-4268 |

Barbados Time Everyone loves Barbados Time and these attractive fused glass clocks are hand made in Barbados using colour and texture to provide truly beautiful, contemporary pieces of functional art. Available from The Ins & Outs Gift Emporium | Earthworks Complex, St. Thomas | Tel: (246) 438-3438 or 262-5868 e-mail:

Time Honoured At Greenwich House Antiques there is a constant turnover of vintage mahogany furniture, a variety of Art Deco pieces, large wardrobes, classic dining tables and a whole room full of dining room chairs. A vast range of fine, elegant 3-mirrored mahogany dressing tables, planters chairs, lovely Morris armchairs, rockers, settees and tub chairs. Antique lovers can also choose from a large selection of Wedgwood dinner sets, tea services, a wide range of silver plate, entrĂŠe dishes and hundreds of crystal glasses in all shapes and sizes. Greenwich Village, St. James | Tel: (246) 432-1169


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Interiors The Finest Quality Antique Reproduction Furniture made from Exquisite Mahogany The Dasrat Sugrim Design Centre specializes in the reproduction of antique furniture and custom designed pieces, kitchens, as well as solid hardwood windows and doors. Amazingly, you will find no nails in furniture made by Dasrat Sugrim, other than for decorative accents. Producing these top quality, beautiful and functional pieces–guaranteed to last a lifetime–requires vision, attention to detail and patience.

The company employs a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen whose aim is to maintain the highest possible standards of furniture making, using techniques practiced by artisans of the 18th century.

Kitchens & Cabinetry of Outstanding Quality The Dasrat Sugrim Design Centre produces a range of high-quality, bespoke kitchens and cabinetry that are not only attractive and functional, but can also be tailored to your unique lifestyle. Every kitchen includes your choice of wood, cabinet colour and handles. These are perfectly complimented by an extensive range of worktops, sinks and hardware to provide an almost limitless number of combinations.

Windows & Doors A wide selection of doors and windows are available – all tailor made to your exact specifications.

They also carry a lovely selection of paintings and mirrors to accessorize the home. Dasrat Sugrim Design Centre & Showroom, St. Lawrence Main Road, Christ Church Tel: (246) 420-4079 | e-mail: |


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;For the thirsting artist, Barbados offers a lively and colourful palette, rich with endless ocean scenes, filling the need to portray Caribbean life.â&#x20AC;?

Joan Boryta

Cover artist: Ins & Outs of Barbados 2011

Artist: Everick Lynton Courtesy Gallery of Caribbean Art

art&craft The island’s ‘artsy side’ provides a cultural haven among the action-packed activities on offer, so be sure to take some time to explore and meet our art and craft producers to enjoy, not only their work, but also their stories which paint vivid pictures of Barbados life.

Barbados is a fount of artistic talent - the Bajan-born, artists ‘from away’ who leave the northern climes for tropical colours and magical light, the visiting residents and those who have shaped new lives here, all add to the mix, their work and their many styles of painting, portray views of local life with realism, mystery or whimsy, with respect and joy – together they create a wonderful picture of this blessed little island. There is also a wide variety of beautiful local craftwork to be found, much of it created out of the island’s most readily available natural resources such as clay, mahogany, pandanus grass, coconut, palm fronds, bamboo, shells and leather. Pottery, batik, basket making, jewellery and wood carving are among the prominent local skills. In addition to the numerous art galleries and craft shops around the island, there are several annual festivals held to celebrate various aspects of the island’s culture, and many local artists and craftspeople showcase their work at these festivals. These include the Holetown Festival in February, the Oistins Fish Festival at Easter, Bridgetown Market held during the Crop Over Festival in July/August and the Barbados Museum’s Christmas Craft Fair in early December. On your travels around the island you’ll discover that some treasures are sought, others are chanced upon, so be sure to visit some of our art galleries and talented local artists and crafts people. They will be delighted to show you their work and you will have an interesting glimpse at Bajan life. Perhaps you’ll find a unique treasure as a reminder of your visit to our ‘island in the sun’.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Courtesy Gallery of Caribbean Art

Art & Craft

Artist: Neville Oluyemi Legall

Art Galleries and Studios Gallery of Caribbean Art Speightstown, St. Peter - Tel: (246) 419-0858 e-mail: The Gallery of Caribbean Art is the largest and best appointed fine art gallery in the Caribbean. It is located in the scenic northern point of Speightstown and encompasses a large selection of Barbadian and Caribbean art with impressive exhibition space and continuously changing art pieces. The Gallery hosts monthly exhibitions by individuals or groups of artists. These shows attract visitors from every section of the local community as well as providing a haven for collectors and art enthusiasts from beyond our shores. A wide selection of media from metal, clay and wooden sculptures to batiks and silk painting, make the Gallery a must see for all art lovers. The Gallery is open weekdays from 9:30am – 4:30pm and Saturdays from 9:30am – 2:00pm. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and make a visit to the Gallery a memorable experience. Shipping to anywhere in the world is easily arranged and all major credit cards are accepted. You may also visit the Gallery’s website at to get a preview of all that is available.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Art Gallery at Limegrove Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James An elegant new gallery on the first floor of the new Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown featuring art from Barbados and the Caribbean. A series of exciting events are planned for 2011.

The Old Pharmacy Gallery Speightstown, St. Peter - Tel: (246) 432-0458 or (246) 234-2494 In what is perhaps one of the most important unrestored heritage buildings in Speightstown, Roger Chubb has created an art gallery to promote Barbadian and Caribbean art.

The Galleries at Lancaster Great House Lancaster, St. James - Tel: (246) 423-0458 A series of high quality exhibitions and events are held throughout the year. Viewing strictly by appointment.

Mangos Fine Art Gallery Queen’s Street, Speightstown, St. Peter - Tel: (246) 422-0704 Located at Mango’s By The Sea Restaurant, this gallery features the work of internationally renowned artist, Michael Adams. His pieces are intricate, magnificent representations of everyday experiences in the sun-kissed islands.

Art & Craft Barbados Arts Council Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-4385 e-mail: Established in 1957, the Barbados Arts Council is home to several of the island’s most accomplished artists. Located in Pelican Craft Centre, the Gallery features original paintings in a variety of media and also offers for sale a wide range of prints. The gallery opens Monday to Friday from 9:30am until 5pm and on Saturdays from 9:30am until 1:30pm.

The Bridgetown Gallery James Fort Building, Hincks Street, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 430-0054 or (246) 826-4875 A small, intimate gallery owner run by Therese Hadchity who is committed to the works of some of the most distinguished artists in the English-speaking Caribbean. Parking is available in the car park behind the building.

Queen’s Park Gallery

Courtesy On the Wall Gallery

Queen’s Park, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 427-2345 Run by the National Cultural Foundation, this gallery exhibits the work of well established and emerging artists. The annual ‘Air Supermarket’ showcases work of excellent design at affordable prices to attract new collectors. Open until 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Art & Stage Artist: Sophie Barnard

On The Wall Gallery & Art House Café Earthworks Pottery, Edghill Heights, St. Thomas - Tel: (246) 438-9246 or (246) 234-9145 Champers Restaurant, Worthing, Christ Church - Tel: (246) 426-3380 e-mail: On The Wall Gallery’s well known location at Earthworks Pottery in the breezy hills of St. Thomas, features the work of many of the island’s best known painters and offers a wonderful selection of fine craft from talented Caribbean craftspeople. The adjoining Art House Café is a lovely spot to sit for a chat and enjoy their delicious range of sandwiches, paninis, wraps and garden fresh salads, all served on their al fresco gallery with panoramic views across the island. Owner and curator Vanita Comissiong, a well known artist herself, also runs the gallery at the superb Champers Restaurant on the south coast.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Satjay Mall, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 228-0485 Authentic Barbadian art featuring originals and limited edition prints by John W.F. Walcott. Corporate lease packages are also offered.

Gang of 4 Art Studio Springvale Plantation, St. Andrew Tel: (246) 438-7883 Contemporary Caribbean art and sculpture on display in the home studio of artist Gordon Webster. In addition to Gordon’s pieces, this informal studio also features the work of Lillian Sten, Aziza and Ras Bongo Congo.

Art & Craft Frangipani Art Gallery Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, Maynards, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-5026 e-mail: A lovely, spacious gallery tucked away in the grounds of the recently refurbished Sugar Cane Club in St. Peter. Here visitors will find an outstanding selection of artworks by owner/curator, Marilda Weatherhead, as well as other artists from Barbados, the Caribbean, and as far afield as Peru, Bali and Vietnam. A selection of prints and greeting cards are also available, as well as ready-made frames to go with your artwork. Shipping can also be arranged.

Aweipo Gallery

Courtesy Frangipani Art Gallery

The Crane Village, The Crane Resort, St. Philip Tel: (246) 271-2839 e-mail: Located in the beautiful Crane Village at The Crane Resort, Aweipo Gallery promotes the work of Barbadian and Caribbean artists in a wide range of media. Exhibitions offer paintings, ceramics, prints, sculpture, and photography. They have exhibitions on a regular basis, so visitors can contact them to find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on. The gallery is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Artist: Marilda Weatherhead

The Tides Art Gallery The Tides Restaurant, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 432-8356 The curator of this gallery offers strong Caribbean flavours with a lush display of Caribbean talent! On the menu are acclaimed artists John Stuart, Simon Menzies, Heather-Dawn Scott, Corrie Scott, Rebecca Ali, Susan Alleyne Forde, Joanne Boopsingh, Lou Miller, Kate Burrows, Alcina Nolley, Annalee Davis, Arthur Atkinson, Sarah Beckett, Jeannie Taylor, Leo Glasgow, Judith Shaw, Virgil Broodhagen, Jeffrey Pataysangh, Mosera, Jonathan Guy Gladding, Janice Brock, Patrick Chevailler, Martin Superville, Rachel Superville, Sundiata Stewart, Angie Teversham, craft by Fred Odle and Jewellery by Fiona Hanton. It is located within The Tides Restaurant and open 12-3pm Monday to Friday and 7-11pm daily and by appointment.

A Gallery

Courtesy Aweipo Gallery

Royal Westmoreland, St. James The Mews Restaurant, 2nd Street Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 262-6241 or (246) 262-6238 e-mail: Artist and curator Catherine Forter-Chee-a-Tow welcomes all art lovers to her lovely little art gallery, nestled in the Club House at the exclusive Royal Westmoreland Golf Estate. A Gallery, with its quaint, chic dĂŠcor and warm atmosphere, welcomes visitors to the vibrancy of tropical living through a prestigious pallet of renowned international and Caribbean artists. Catherine also hangs her selection of artists at The Mews Restaurant in 2nd Street Holetown. Artist: John Walcott


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Art & Craft

Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa Maynards, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-5026 â&#x20AC;˘

Barbados Arts Council

Tel: (246)426-4385 Pelican Craft Centre, Harbour Road, Bridgetown

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Art & Craft

Artist: Winston Kellman

Manipura The Milking Parlour, Walkers Dairy, St. George Tel: (246) 435-1952 or (246) 230-8897 e-mail: Run by well known Barbadian artist, Annalee Davis, the Manipura studio is located under a grove of mahogany trees on a dairy farm in the St. George countryside.

Brocklands Gallery Halcyon Heights, St. James Tel: (246) 432-6061 or (246) 237-7670 e-mail: The studio gallery of acclaimed artist Janice Sylvia Brock. Much of her recent work is on display, as well as prints of selected paintings, in over 500 square feet of exhibition space overlooking the ocean in St. James. You can also see work in progress and chat with Janice about her art. Viewing is by appointment only.

#17 Art Gallery

Artist: Janice Sylvia Brock


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Tel: (246) 424-3695 e-mail: Corrie Scottâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s studio/gallery. Original fine art and photography, limited edition lithographs, prints and cards. Corrieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website is a fountain of information about art happenings in Barbados.

Sailor’s Valentine: Daphne Hunte/Photo: Andre Williams

Art & Craft

Sailors’ Valentines: Hearts on Fire Sailors’ Valentines are extraordinarily intricate shell mosaics set into octagonal wooden shadow boxes, and often hinged together in pairs. Their origins, their almost miraculous beauty, and the sentiments they convey all tell a story of romance. Produced in the Victorian era, Sailors’ Valentines were sentimental gifts brought home from sea voyages for loved ones in England and all along North America’s eastern seaboard. Equally sentimental is the lore that rose up around them, painting a picture of lonely sailors crafting masterpieces. Actually, the Valentines were made on land. As shown in the book, Sailors’ Valentines by John Fondas, a label from an 1829 Valentine complains: “Reader, pity the unfortunate soldier who, after exhausting his scanty library, is thus obliged to employ his time in order to save himself from dissipation and gambling whilst ingloriously serving his country in a sugar island between the tropics.” That island was Barbados, then a bustling port of call. The majority of Sailors’ Valentines originated here, and were made for sale. The main vendors, as well as the employers of craftspeople who created the Valentines, were the Belgraves, who operated the New Curiosity Shop on McGregor Street, right here in Bridgetown! Now very rare and highly collectible, Sailors’ Valentines are enjoying a resurgence of interest. At auctions and

by Sarah Venable

antique fairs, they can fetch up to US$35,000. Shell artists and collectors alike have caught the Valentine fever, igniting a widespread revival of this old Barbadian craft now turned into a painstaking fine art. Daphne Hunte, from the popular Daphne’s Sea Shell Studio, is now our local expert on the craft. In 1980 she won first prize at the world-renowned Sanibel Island Shell Show for her stunning designs using shells, sea eggs, coral and sea moss, and by 1990, she had become a judge there. Passionate to teach Barbadians about this unique aspect of their heritage, Daphne has set wheels in motion. In collaboration with the Barbados National Trust, she will host an important international exhibition of Sailors’ Valentines at Congo Road Plantation, St. Philip, on Valentine’s Day, 2011. For this occasion, seven of North America’s very best contemporary Valentine artists will exhibit alongside Daphne’s exquisite collection, which features many of her own formidable creations. Put the date in your calendar! If you miss the one-day exhibition, you can still see a few examples of common Sailors’ Valentines at St. Nicholas Abbey and the Barbados Museum. Or head to the post office - the Philatelic Bureau’s series of Sailors’ Valentines stamps make their debut on February 14, 2011.

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Art & Craft Catherine Forter-Chee-A-Tow Catherine paints a vibrant and colourful Caribbean with tropical sensitivity and exoticism. The Creole theme is a very intricate part of her body of work with the depiction of Caribbean women in their very feminine antics and apparels. She also paints lush and graceful vegetation as well as market scenes in full rhythm and movement. Her art is sought after by Caribbean and international collectors. She has shown in London, Brussels, France and has had several solo exhibitions in Barbados at the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Speightstown where her work is currently exhibited, as well as in her own Gallery, A Gallery at Royal Westmoreland, St. James. Catherine also has created a spectacular display of her works alongside the works of many other artists at A Gallery at The Mews Restaurant in 2nd Street, Holetown.

Tel: (246) 262-6241 or 262-6238 e-mail:

Crystal Forms

Marilda Weatherhead Born in Venezuela, of an artistic family, Marilda is a citizen of Barbados by marriage and has been residing here since the late 60s. Her passion for art began in 1987 when she started art classes under the tuition of well known local artist, Indrani Whittingham. She enjoys depicting scenes from everyday Barbadian life, using oils, pastels and acrylics. Marilda is the owner of the lovely Frangipani Art Gallery located at Sugar Cane Club Hotel and Spa, Maynards, St. Peter, where her work is exhibited alongside the works of a number of Barbadian, Caribbean and International artists.

Tel. (246) 422-5026

Gina Foster "I use bold colours and simple shapes to capture a feeling. It is in this simplicity that the beauty of what I see is reflected."

For centuries, the world-over, fire has been closely connected with the cultural development and artistic expression of mankind. This tradition continues in Barbados with exotic flair through the work of Crystal Forms – talented designers specializing in the delicate medium of crystal. With a torch flame, these young craftsmen bring transparent, opaque and coloured creations to life in a process known as ‘lampworking’. Handcrafted, tailor-made pieces include exquisite contemporary jewellery, paper weights and attractive ornaments. Their dazzling new Luxury Collection is now available online. Crystal Forms immortalizes unique ideas in tangible, functional and exceptional crystal expression.

Shop #17, Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 435-3865


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Barbadian artist, Gina Foster, studied in England where she completed her Degree in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. She uses vivid colour, bold strokes and texture to depict movement and mood. She paints in acrylics capturing the vitality of life on the island. Gina’s book, “Sweet Bajan Days” is a wonderful depiction of the true essence of life on our island – an absolute must for all lovers of Barbados. For original work please visit our local galleries or meet Gina personally by contacting her at:

Tel: (246) 430-0338 or (246) 233-0999 e-mail:

Art & Craft Wayne Branch

Vincent Francis Castellanet

Emile Straker 1999 Oil - 23 x 34

Wayne Branch has long been regarded as one of Barbados’ foremost artists. Initially self taught and influenced by the impressionistic genre, he later studied in the USA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Yale University Graduate School of the Fine Arts. Originally known for his vibrant, light-filled landscapes of Barbados, his paintings now encompass subject matter of a more complex figurative nature. Wayne’s North American and, more recently, South American canvases chronicle the human condition and culture as it relates to the people’s existence. His work is highly regarded and sought after in Barbados, the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia where it has found a home in many important collections.

Interested parties can contact the artist at: (246) 428-7242, (246) 230-5127 or (718) 880-6540

And All That Jazz Oil - 36 x 46

Bridgetown Sunset Oil - 30 x 38

Painting of Emile Straker by Vincent Castellanet, taken from a photograph by Felix Kerr in 1999. Emile was instrumental in starting the renowned musical group known as “The Merrymen” in 1962; today, they are still the pride and joy of Barbados, with countless fans across the globe. This painting, and other paintings by Castellanet, can be enjoyed at the Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown Tel: (246) 4190858. Additional art by Castellanet, can be viewed at: A Gallery, Royal Westmoreland Golf Estate Tel: (246) 262-6241, On the Wall Gallery, Champers Restaurant, Rockley Tel: (246) 426-3380, Aweipo Gallery, The Crane Village, St. Phillip Tel: (246) 423-6220, as well as additional galleries in Boston and New England.

e-mail: website:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Art & Craft John Stuart

Winston Kellman

John Stuart was born in London in 1932, however it was here in Barbados, in his mid-sixties that he started to paint seriously. Through his exposure to such Barbadian artists as Fielding Babb and Wayne Branch, whose work he greatly admires, John has developed a style which is uniquely his own, using a palette knife and oils to render, with tiny strokes, bright and cheerful rural scenes in a lyrical almost fairy-like style. John is a full time artist and continues to produce work with enormous personal pleasure and great joy. His work totally reflects the amazing love and identification he feels for his adopted homeland.

Barbadian born, British trained artist Winston Kellman has been painting the landscape since his return from Europe in 1992. Winston has now turned his gaze towards the Atlantic Ocean ...Bathsheba in particular. This series of expressive drawings, watercolours and oil paintings explores this iconic image of Barbados capturing the fascinating and timeless beauty of this location with his trademark intensity and involvement.

John can be contacted at his St. George home Tel: (246) 437-7829

By appointment, The Studio, Little Buckden Plantation, St. Joseph Tel: (246) 433-2101 e-mail:

Jacqueline Hinds

Ellon Lewis

A practicing fine artist for over 25 years, Jacquelineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current work covers a broad spectrumâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;from representational to abstract: cubist, expressionist, mixed media subjects and themes. She also incorporates a wide variety of artistic genres and techniques in her works. Her professional experience is seen in various media including painting in oil, acrylic and water colour, pyrography, sculpture and printmaking, wood sculpture, relief carving, screen printing, lino- and mono-printing, jewellery and ceramics.

A graduate from the Edna Manley School of the Visual Arts, Jamaica and Pennsylavania Academy of the Fine Arts (P.A.F.A.), Philadelphia. His well regarded talent extends far beyond his artist's Brush and palette to include other media such as printmaking and ceramic-sculpting. Original prints and miniature ceramic-sculptures available in limited editions. Art packaging & shipping offered to all destinations.

34 Apes Hill, St. James Tel: (246) 432-9956 or (246) 262-2067 e-mail:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Viewing by appointment: Call: (246) 237-7148/824-2173 e-mail: or

Art & Craft Lorna Rose

Janice Sylvia Brock

Pushing the boundaries of ‘still life’, Lorna Rose uses flora to symbolize our deep human longing to find a paradise. The medium is oil, painted with a smooth intensity of colour that illuminates the pulse and interconnectedness of our visual world, the one we see directly, and the interior one we are free to create. Lorna Rose is a Barbadian artist, who has painted and exhibited in England, although she resides here. Her work is available through the galleries on the island, or she can be contacted for appointment and commission at her work place.

Lorna Rose can be contacted by calling: Tel: (246) 427-7622

Heather-Dawn Scott

She has been known and loved for many years for her exquisite watercolour technique. Heather-Dawn’s extraordinary talent is now rebelling against tight shapes and dreary colour. She is using raw colour, heavy impastos, textured canvases, moving away from drawing, and letting the brush and the paint go in a series of very spontaneous, uninhibited pieces. Her work is available at the Tides Art Gallery, On The Wall Art Gallery, Gallery of Caribbean Art and The Bridgetown Gallery.

Heather-Dawn can be contacted by e-mail:

The vibrant hues, the sense of movement, the free style and the sometimes offbeat treatment of subjects, imbue Janice Sylvia Brock’s paintings with joie de vivre. Brock’s vibrant paintings are keenly sought after by discerning collectors worldwide. Many of her paintings, recently completed or still in progress, are displayed in her St. James studio, with over 500 square feet of exhibition space overlooking the ocean.

Viewing by appointment. Brocklands Gallery, St. James Call: (246) 432-6061 or (246) 237-7670 e-mail:

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Art & Craft

Earth & Fire

Jill Walker’s Barbados

At Earth & Fire customers can be assured of the highest quality in design, construction and complete customer satisfaction. All of their products are individually hand-crafted with the emphasis on detail and authenticity. The entire range of Earth & Fire products is inspired by everyday life in Barbados, featuring many aspects of the island’s beautiful people, architecture and fauna. Visit their workshop in Connell Town, St. Lucy where you can see the artisans at work and even try your hand at making this unique and colourful, hand-painted pottery. Be sure to look out for the lovely La Cuevita Souvenir Shop when visiting the Animal Flower Cave.

This fascinating autobiography, now in its second edition, is packed with over 400 paintings, drawings and photographs. It is the true story of a young English woman who decided to leave the UK in the early fifties to seek her fortune as an artist, who bought a one-way ticket on a freighter to South America, who met her husband on the very first night she arrived and who came to Barbados initially in 1956 because of a hurricane. It portrays a very personal view of Barbados over more than fifty years and her artistic record of many aspects of Barbadian lifestyles. Readers’ comments include, “Your book is marvelous, quite marvelous. It positively exudes the spirit of this unique Caribbean island”; “I couldn’t put this book down, and when I did, I found myself returning to it almost every day.”

Tel: (246) 439-9318 e-mail: website:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Art & Craft

The Shell Gallery “It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire.” Robert Louis Stevenson The Shell Gallery is truly an exceptional place to visit, with its fascinating display of sea shells from all over the world. It is arguably the largest sea shell shop in the Caribbean, and in her tireless search to obtain shells that are unique, owner Anne Smith offers some of the world’s most rare and exotic sea shells. The Gallery also carries a selection of ceramics, picture frames, jewellery, elegantly crafted shell boxes and other unique gifts all with a sea shell theme. Complementing the spectacular display of shells and gifts are an attractive array of locally hand crafted shell related items, and the exclusive Atlantis and Seaboard lines of exquisite imported china. Since its inception, this delightful gallery continues to captivate the avid shell enthusiast and all who visit. Anne and her charming staff are very knowledgeable and helpful - it’s no wonder so many visitors return year after year. The Shell Gallery is located at “Contentment”, Gibbes, St. Peter. To get there, take Highway 1 north to Gibbes in St. Peter, turn right at the sign post which reads, “Highway 2A, Gibbes Glade, Rock Dundo”. The gallery is the third property on the right. Alternatively, you can travel north on Highway 2A/ABC Highway, make a left turn before Bakers Woods (sign posted Rock Dundo, Gibbes Glade, Highway 1) and follow the winding road towards the coast until you see the Shell Gallery sign on your left. The gallery is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturdays 9am–2pm.

A Wonderful World of Sea Shells

• • • •

Sea Shells of all Shapes & Sizes Chests adorned with Shells Exquisite China and Ceramics Shell Frames • Jewellery

Open Mon. to Fri. - 9am - 5pm Sat. 9am - 2pm Closed on public holidays

6Contentment7 Gibbes, St. Peter Tel: 246 422-2593 Tel/Fax: 246 422-0943

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Art & Craft Works of Art Earthworks is no ordinary pottery! Its beginnings were in the mid 70s, founded by Goldie Spieler as a project designed to revive the tradition of pottery-making in Barbados, evolving into a co-operative during the 80s when several independent potters shared costs in the small studio, then growing into its present form, where the Earthworks ‘crew’ and David Spieler passionately continue to create functional works of art. Custom orders are also welcome and can be shipped to any destination. Location - Earthworks Complex, St. Thomas - (246) 425-0223 | |

Platters Dishes

From small to very large you can even get super bowls!

For all kinds of everything and anything at all, from paté to pudding and souse

Novel teas

Sushi Plates Available in 16 off the shelf patterns


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Build your own set

Art & Craft Present Meets Past Step into Barbadosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; past and find the very best quality products. Traditional Bajan pepper sauce, spicy mango chutney, rum cakes, fudge, coconut fudge, guava cheese, guava jelly, mango fruit jelly, orange and rum marmalade, lime marmalade with coconut rum, Bajan spices, pure vanilla essence, Barbados sugar and seasonings and a host of other goodies are available. Everything is uniquely packaged for gift giving and beautifully displayed.

Crunchy buttered toast and .... Add a Little Flavour

Guava Jelly and homemade Marmalades made with locally grown oranges, limes or grapefruit ... sometimes with Barbados rum ... ... always with Barbados sugar! - the best!

Finest Barbados Pepper Sauce Pure Vanilla Essence

Barbados Time Unique glass kitchen clocks handmade in Barbados

Savour Sweet Moments Coconut Fudge, Chocolate Coconut Balls and Chocolate Monkey Balls


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Spice Up Your Life Blackened Fish Seasoning, Pinch of Barbados All Purpose Seasoning, Whole Nutmegs, Fish, Chicken and BBQ Rubs and Curry Powder using the healthy herbs and spices of the Caribbean

Andrew Hulsmeier

Art & Craft

Left: Roslyn Watson from Roslyn of Barbados Right: Judy Jordan from The Monkey Pot

Pelican Craft Centre Princess Alice Highway, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-0765 0r (246) 427-5350 e-mail:

The Shops The refreshing aspect of the shops at the Pelican Craft Centre is that, like the workshops, all the craft is authentic and made and designed by crafts people in Barbados or the Caribbean. Here is a brief synopsis of what you can find at Pelican Craft Centre: Pelican Variety Shoppe offers a variety of convenience items such as confectionery, coffee, suntan lotion and other sundries. Phillipe Mayers of Blahnik’s The Salon, provides hair and aesthetics services. Renowned photographer, Ronnie Carrington's Tropical Rhythms features his stunning black and white photography of rustic Barbados along with a full selection of Caribbean music. Island Crafts displays a wide variety of fine crafts, including fused glass works and their own line of kitchen accessories. Judy Jordan's shop, The Monkey Pot, has been a long-standing feature of Pelican with a wide selection of small Caribbean ornaments including miniature steel pans. Jefferson Skinner of Tings Bajan offers a selection of ceramics and miscellaneous crafts. Anna Legall of Collectors' Treasures has a selection of unique hand-


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

painted pottery and miscellaneous crafts. At Roslyn of Barbados, Roslyn Watson, an icon in Barbadian craft, has a well-stocked craft shop featuring her figurines and the work of many talented people. Jamal Ifill of Crystal Forms fashions jewellery and figurines using a flame glass technique. Facilitators Inc. is a tour company that facilitates a variety of island tours. Kently Gill provides on-the-spot lessons on steel-pans. Diane Bourne-Daniel of Diane Crafts is usually busy sewing her colourful Bajan dolls, Christmas decorations and oven mitts. At Hewitt's Metal Art, Neville Hewitt creates an impressive variety of wrought iron Barbadian figurines and models made of scrap metal. Deshakk Boutique has cool tropical clothing including wraps and men's shirts. Art's Art is a well stocked arts and crafts supplies shop. Organic Earth is a health shop with freshly-made tasty natural juices and shakes and raw food. Light Body Wholistic Clinic provides iridology services and saunas. Last but not least are the two Councils; the Barbados Arts Council with their constant turnover of new exhibitions from the island’s leading artists, and Barbados Crafts Council, with their members' work, brings a whole new selection of different items not seen in any of the other shops.

Neville Legall and his son Josiah ‘Donte’ Legall at the Barbados Arts Council Gallery

Hidden Treasures Located on the main road near the Deep Water Harbour in Bridgetown, just outside of the main shopping district, is the Pelican Craft Centre. This is the largest arts and crafts centre in the Caribbean with 25 shops and countless workshops where visitors can watch the craftsmen making pottery, basketry and straw work, flame glass work, carving, weaving, sewing, tuning steelpans and cigar making. Sylvesterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant and Cork & Bottle Bar and Bistro both serve really tasty Bajan food at very reasonable prices. The Centre is very well appointed with air-conditioned shops, disabled facilities and spacious parking.

Masks Delightful masks from Monkey Pot

Woodwork Mahogany salad bowls and mortar and pestle from Harwood Woodworks

Glasswork Paper weights from Crystal Forms

Dolls and Figurines Basketry Traditional Barbadian baskets are available from Roslyn of Barbados, Annâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Craft Centre and Roots and Grasses

A selection of dolls and outstanding figurines are available from Roslyn of Barbados, The Barbados Crafts Council, Island Crafts, The Monkey Pot, Collectors Treasures, and Diane Crafts

Art & Craft

Top Left: Emiliano Cuselli of Tropical Art Glasses Above Left: Rolling cigars using the finest cuban tobacco at Caribbean Cigar Company

Top Right: Carving at Harwood Woodworks Above Right: Diane Bourne-Daniel with her Bajan dolls

Workshops Wendell Weatherhead of Pottery Palace showcases a line of pottery ware, consisting of bowls, vases and cups. He specializes in teapots with rattan handles and unusual shapes. Vallis Kellman renders a wide array of leather craft items. Frank Harwood of Harwood Woodworks produces wonderful mahogany salad bowls and mortars and pestles. Angelique Custom Creations is where exquisite jewellery is made on site from precious metals. Valda Clarke of Val's Manufacturing makes colourful cotton clothing. The unique trinket and jewellery boxes crafted in mahogany by Kenny Williams of Williams Legacy are a collectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s delight. Emiliano Cuselli of Tropical Art Glasses showcases very decorative and interesting fused glass work. At Ann's Craft Centre, Gloria Gaskin's colourful straw bags continue to capture the spirit of the island. Next door at Roots and Grasses, Ireka and Princepine Jelani produce their unique and very high quality baskets. Upstairs the ladies at Caribbean Cigar Company are hard at work rolling cigars from Cuban tobacco. Fine Art Framing, the oldest framing company in Barbados, has a display of local art for sale. Next door youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find Glass Creations, where trophies and glass work is produced. Exstrawdinary continues to make quality straw bags and loom-woven mats and hangings.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Barbados Experience

“The innate good manners and courtesy of the population are noted by every visitor to the island, and in the countryside a wave of the hand and a broad smile are the order of the day.”

Ronald Tree Founder of Sandy Lane Hotel

Barbados is considered one of the Caribbean’s best choices for destination weddings Wedding Photography by Steve Cumberbatch of Magical Moments

specialevents Barbados is a truly enchanting place to celebrate any special occasion, whether you are planning a grand corporate affair or an intimate wedding on a secluded beach. With its sophisticated hotels and resorts, exquisite beaches and consistently great weather, the island has all of the necessary ingredients for a spectacular island event. It should come as no surprise that Barbados is now considered one of the Caribbean’s top choices for destination weddings. As the island’s popularity continues to grow as a destination for celebrating special occasions, so too has all the various support services: wedding and event planners, rental services, photographers and videographers, top-rated caterers, decorators, florists and some of the most stunning venues to be found anywhere in the Caribbean. Barbados has a long tradition of hosting newlyweds and the island can provide all the necessary ingredients to ensure the intimate sojourn you’ll always remember with great pleasure. Interestingly, many couples who have chosen Barbados as their wedding and honeymoon venue will tell you that they actually saved money by marrying ‘away from home’. Recent legislation has eliminated the advance notice requirements to marry on the island, allowing couples to marry as soon as a licence is obtained. The general requirements for couples wanting to get married in Barbados are as follows: valid passports; original or certified copies of the applicants’ birth certificates; if either party is widowed, a certified copy of the marriage certificate and death certificate in respect of the deceased spouse will be required; if either party is divorced, an original Decree Absolute, (NOT the Decree Nisi) is required. If the Decree Absolute is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a certified translation; and a letter, or written indication, from the Marriage Officer (including the church to which he belongs) who has agreed to perform the marriage ceremony. Application for a marriage licence must be made by the bride and groom, in person, at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs located on the 5th Floor of the General Post Office Building, Cheapside, Bridgetown. If neither the bride nor groom is a citizen or resident of Barbados, the license fee is BDS$150 cash and a $25 stamp. Return airline tickets must also be presented.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Special Events

Ellco Rentals Ellco Rentals are the professionals in the rental business in Barbados. Take advantage of their free consultation so that no detail is overlooked. A service much praised by their clients is their comprehensive range of products and services, managed by friendly, experienced staff. Whether you are planning a small home party, a wedding or a major event, you will find that Ellco has the best selection of equipment and accessories. All items are chosen on the basis of the highest standard of design and appearance. Conscientious maintenance and the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only sanitizing service for cutlery, crockery and glasses means that you can be free to focus your attention on yourselves and your guests. The range of stock varies from tents of many sizes from 10ft. to the largest in the Caribbean, including clear tops, liners and draping to many types of ambient lighting. Portable cooling fans


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

and misters help keep guests cool as the party heats up! Stateof-the-art bathroom trailers fully air conditioned and even piped music; commercial barbeques, colourful linens and overlays; various table and chair designs, wedding arches, candelabras, dance floors and garden flambeau all create a romantic atmosphere for your special day. For extra guests, rollaway beds, cribs, strollers and car seats are available. The children are not left out with cotton candy and popcorn machines and many games will make their parties outstanding. Ellco has everything you could possibly need to make your event a great one. After all, if your event is a success, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a success for Ellco too. Be sure to visit their website for more information. Ellerton, St. George - Tel: (246) 434-RENT (7368) e-mail:

Special Events Weddings By Malissa Weddings by Malissa is owned and operated by professional bridal consultant, Malissa Blackman, who has been planning weddings in Barbados for the past six years. Malissa’s personalised service and attention to detail, along with her knowledge and understanding of the island, ensures that your dreams are turned into wedding day reality! Several wedding packages are available to suit all budgets, whether it’s a grand event for two hundred guests or a small intimate gathering. Malissa will coordinate as much or as little of your wedding day activities as you desire, always working within your ‘dream’ plans. You will enjoy personalised attention from the very first meeting right up to your perfectly orchestrated wedding day, allowing you more time on our beautiful beaches or sightseeing recommended and booked by Malissa. The services offered cover every aspect of your wedding, including all legalities (marriage licence application, etc.), bridal bouquets and floral arrangements, decorations, transportation, music, entertainment, aesthetic services and children’s entertainment. Malissa is the official wedding planner for The Cliff Restaurant. So you can have your ceremony on the beach at sunset, followed by a gorgeous reception at one of the island’s most renowned restaurants on the scenic west coast with dinner and dancing. Weddings for cruise ship passengers and wedding vow renewal can also be arranged. Weddings By Malissa now offers individual wedding services, stationery, rentals and coordination which includes set up and clean up of your wedding.

Tel: (246) 435-3331 or 262-1450 e-mail:

Sunflower Events Your wedding, is the most important day of your life, and getting it right is what Sunflower Events does! Their slogan ‘we take care of absolutely everything’, tells you just how committed and dedicated they are to making your wedding event memorable. Their services don’t stop at weddings, they cater to all types of events; such as family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, renewal of vows, christening parties, baby showers, cocktail functions and anything else you can think of, they can make it happen! Sunflower Events also offers a variety of items for rent for your special occasion - candle shades, cutlery and china, mirrors, chair covers, coloured sashes, bowls, vases and many more special decorative items. Leading the dynamic team at Sunflower Events is Donna Simpson, her vision and creativity is unmatched and with over 20 years experience, you know it will be done right!

Tel: (246) 423-2693 e-mail:


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Special Events Island Bliss Weddings Experience the Bliss! Relax… close your eyes and imagine your wedding with a feeling of pure joy. The colours, textures and tastes are all perfect. Every detail is outstanding and precise. That’s an Island Bliss Wedding! Island Bliss has rightfully earned a first class reputation for their personalized planning service, friendly approach and high level of professionalism. With their experience in bringing to life those “happy dreams”, the Island Bliss team of Jean Hill and Lisa St. John will create a unique and memorable event tailored to your individual style. Their knowledge of venues on the island, together with their extensive network of reliable service providers, who also share their vision and high level of service, make it all possible. They can also assist in booking accommodation, on island activities, pre and post wedding functions and even nanny services. Their philosophy is simple: “we create a signature style for each couple by infusing your passions with our impeccable attention to detail.” With Island Bliss Weddings, you are assured that every detail comes together with efficiency and style. Here is what one recently married couple had to say: “Island Bliss’ expertise, warmth and care have made us feel safe, special and above all stress free!” - Nkechi & Angel London

Tel: Jean Hill (246) 266-4399 / Lisa St. John (246) 243-0549 e-mail:

Weddings... beyond your imagination!! Hailed as Barbados’ premier wedding planner by OK! Magazine following their exclusive coverage of Westlife’s Kian Egan’s celebrity wedding in Barbados in May 2009, Lisa StC. Hutchinson runs a top notch, full-service destination wedding company. With over 20 years experience, Lisa specialises in the orchestration of customized events for romantics from all over the world, ensuring that every couple is a guest at their own celebration. She takes pride in designing creative entertainment and customized events, all at hand-picked venues, to compliment any occasion. Catering to cruise ship passengers, as well as long stay visitors, Lisa works with only the most reputable service providers offering an extensive menu of optional services including video/photography, florals, catering, décor, music, children’s entertainment, babysitting and aesthetic services. She will also happily arrange accommodation, transportation and group excursions, providing a personal concierge service for your entire wedding party, along with traditional or ‘island stylee’ welcome parties, private cruises, rehearsal dinners, beach barbecues and farewell brunches. Lisa’s services have been applauded internationally in several newspapers and magazines including USA Today & Beach Houses. In fact, she was appointed the official Bridal Coordinator of the grand prize wedding, ‘Love is in the Air’, hosted by BRIDES MAGAZINE in Barbados. So relax and enjoy your very own island affair… with every detail personally designed with you in mind. Lisa promises your very own Barbados Wedding... beyond your imagination!!

Tel/Fax: (246) 420-4832 USA Phone: (620) 860 0045 e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Special Events Meet

a Bajan

Alison Hinds Roll it Model

By Sarah Venable

Who doesn’t know Alison Hinds? Maybe not personally, but her arresting voice, her musical acumen, her raunchy-meets-regal persona, and her bountiful booty. This local girl has emerged from her Caribbean chrysalis as the global Queen of Soca, the jubilant, infectiously rhythmic music that represents our region just as much as reggae does. Born in England in 1970 to Barbadian parents, Alsion moved here at the age of 11 with her mother. About that she said, “I had already visited family here a lot, and loved Barbados.” Here comes the ironic part: “I assimilated quickly. I wanted to fit in, not stand out.” So what did she do? Become an icon! As soon as she finished secondary school, she joined the band Square One. At 18 she began winning competitions and has moved upwards ever since. Because of 20 years’ exposure with Square One, her Party Monarch and Road March titles, 11 albums, and a stream of hits that began erupting with Ragamuffin in 1996, it seems to us in Barbados as if she’s always been around. It’s just that the rest of the world is now catching on to popular hits such as Aye Aye Aye, Faluma, Iron Bazodee, and Togetherness. We were apprehensive when Hinds took a break from the band in 2004 to get married and start a family with her husband, who


The Ins & Out OutsofofBarbados Barbados

manages a successful race-horse farm. Would her energy go down the domestic drain? She hardly missed a beat. By 2005 she had formed her own band, The Alison Hinds Show, and returned to the scene with Roll it Gal, an anthem of female empowerment. By 2006 Roll it Gal had become an international hit, gaining fans for “our gal Al” in North America, Europe and the Far East. The new band cranked it up several notches, with special effects and dancers adding to the overall impact. Yet Alison had not gone and become just another packaged product. “I have a lot of input,” she explained. She remains authentic, and like the title of her latest album, is a Caribbean Queen. What is that, exactly? “No one thing can describe her,” answered Alison. “We’re long suffering, struggling to raise families on our own. We’re power women up in the boardroom making decisions. Some of us choose not to have children, and society can’t get used to that. Caribbean queens are strong, but not because they don’t cry; they do. And once they get it out, they continue.” Alison doesn’t want to just sit (or roll it) on her soca throne, nor just continue to tour. “I’m not getting any younger,” she remarked. “I want to stretch, improve, explore what I’m capable of.” One path could lead to Broadway shows, a goal for which she is embarking on acting classes. Another could lead to Las Vegas. “My ultimate goal is to perform at one of the big Vegas hotels with a true Caribbean show—not the way the world sees the Caribbean, just Day-O and flowered shirts—but the way it truly is, and with a story line. It would also have a Caribbean cast who understand what we are trying to portray. We are different to black Americans. We have our own experience. It would end in a huge carnival, so that people leave feeling that there is still joy in the world.” Alison still rolls de bumper, but is also a spokesperson in the fight against HIV-AIDS, a champion of disabled children, and a vocal advocate for women’s rights. As she said of Roll it Gal’s message, “I’m telling women to take pride in themselves, don’t take any abuse, look after your kids, do your studies, believe in yourself and look to God.” Meanwhile, you can still be sexy. She wants to go further. “I want to start a club for girls, a space where they can do homework, play games, relax, be a girl, and enjoy the things that make you a young woman. We can decorate it with feminine colours and cushions and feathers. I would like to involve some positive males who are examples of how to treat women right, and a psychologist too, because not all girls are able to speak with their mums. They need someone to guide and encourage them” so they don’t fall prey to “some hungry l’il horny boy telling her ‘You pretty,’ and wanting to get up under her skirt. Girls with babies are ill-equipped to raise them. Low self esteem allows that to happen. I want to do something about that.” Knowing her, she will. In the meantime, she’s on a roll with her music. Represent! In addition to her Caribbean Queen album, Alison Hinds has a new single out, Can’t Let my Love Go, featuring Shaggy. You can find her on Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Twitter, and at

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Pollards Mill

Soulmates Barbados

Pollards Mill is a former plantation built in 1712. It is nestled amongst sugar cane fields and has stunning sea views. The property boasts a charming eighteenth century sugar mill, surrounded by 2.5 acres of beautiful tropical gardens. It is the perfect setting for weddings or any other bespoke event. Pollards Mill also has luxury accommodation perfect for a romantic honeymoon or simply a relaxing holiday to get away from it all.

Soulmates Barbados is a full service wedding coordination company that works closely with a highly reputable group of local service providers to assist couples with the planning of their wedding day. Their range of wedding coordination services is designed to suit wherever their clients are at in their planning process. From transportation and accommodation, to flowers and music, no detail is too small, no request too large. Just say “Yes” and let Soulmates Barbados do the rest!

Pollards Mill, St. Philip Tel: (246) 423 6530

P.O. Box 151W, Worthing, Christ Church Tel (246) 435-3860 e-mail:

Chandelier Weddings

Chandelier Weddings John and Rain Chandler are the ideal team to work with you to make your dream day perfect. Their plantation home, Fisherpond Great House, is over 350 years old and has been lovingly restored to enhance its old world charm and romance. It is a magical venue for weddings and special events. The beautiful gardens offer many exquisite settings for any occasion. Wedding luncheons and dinners can be enjoyed in the antique setting of their home or in the splendour of their tropical ‘Secret Garden’. While the premiere location for weddings is Fisherpond Great House, John and Rain are happy to work with you to find the location of your dreams. In fact, they can coordinate it all… from exotic florals and sensational table settings, to exquisite gourmet cuisine – in beautiful locations – delivered with style, panache and meticulous planning.

Fisherpond Great House, St. Thomas, Barbados (246) 433-1754

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


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Steve Cumberbatch

Gina Francesca Photography

Magical Moments “The Sharpshooter of Romance”, Steve Cumberbatch, is one of the leading wedding photographers in Barbados and the Caribbean. An outstanding photographic storyteller, Steve's images are relaxed, natural and romantic slices of a wedding celebration. Steve is warm and friendly and has a special knack for making his subjects feel relaxed and comfortable. He has a great eye for memorable shots and this is certainly reflected in his photographs.

Gina Francesca is a self-taught photographer and graphic artist, specializing in wedding and portrait photography. Gina has a finely honed eye for capturing the moment, and a keen perception of beauty – whether it’s an infant’s first smile, a child’s endearing expression, or the moment you say ‘I do’, Gina creates images to tell a story. Her relaxed and subtle approach immediately puts her subjects at ease allowing her to capture them in a candid and natural manner. So if you’re looking for unique and creative, quality images from a photographer who aims to exceed all expectations, Gina Francesca is the one for you.

Tel: (246) 230-3732 e-mail: Visit Steve at

Tel: (246) 244-5095 e-mail:

Jon Farmer Photography

Eleanor Chandler

Have your portrait or wedding photographs taken professionally by Jonathan Farmer who, for the past forty five years, has been actively involved in the production of fine images; during this time he has earned a wealth of experience in not only the composing of images, but also has mastered the art of processing and rendering fine prints in both color and black and white. Check out some of his work at and let his photographs speak for themselves.

A top class photographer whose superb work has appeared in international publications such as Brides, Vogue, Harpers, Town & Country, Hello and OK. Capable of producing exceptional wedding photography, Eleanor has become a very popular choice with newlyweds. In October 2004 she was photographer for the much publicized wedding of celebrity golfer, Tiger Woods at the prestigious Sandy Lane Hotel.

Tel: (246) 418-9792 or (246) 231-5008 e-mail:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Tel: (246) 432-0113 Fax: (246) 432-7325 e-mail:

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Elite Sound Systems The Company of choice when it comes to “Sound Advice”

DJ Dusty “Music for your Soul” DJ Dusty is renowned throughout the Barbados wedding and party scene for his efficiency and reliable professionalism, his good humour and easy-going manner, and his special ability to get people onto the dance floor. From the best of the Golden Oldies to all of the latest hits, Adrian “Dusty” Payne knows how to spin the right tunes, at the right time, to get any crowd into a happy party mood.

Tel: (246) 239-2972 e-mail: or

Over the years Elite Sound Systems has built its reputation on equipment rentals, sales, design and installation of professional systems. Supplying the necessary infrastructure for concerts and special events, by way of technical requirements, including sound systems and special effects lighting, for both indoor and outdoor venues. They will evaluate, advise and implement all the necessary components to create a successful event, while supplying the latest cutting edge technology as it relates to equipment and technical know how, for any permanent installation.

Tel: (246) 420-9617 e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


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Golden Grove Great House

Sunbury Plantation House

Romantic wedding or private celebration; Golden Grove within 4 acres of secluded grounds hosts a special, tranquil day. Entertain within the historic “Great House”; stylish yet informal, combining its traditional mahogany staircase with current Barbadian art. Don’t rush away, the “Honeymoon Suite” balcony overlooks bougainvillea-covered arches to the swimming-pool, deck and bar. Select up to four further guest suites and child’s room. For a larger wedding or intimate gathering, Golden Grove allows you to relax, celebrate and enjoy!

Set in the heart of the St. Philip countryside, Sunbury is a superb example of a Barbadian plantation house. Built over 300 years ago, it has a rich and varied history and has been lovingly maintained and magnificently furnished. The house is surrounded by sprawling tropical gardens and mahogany woods making it an ideal setting for weddings and other special functions.

Tel: (246) 423 7493 or (44) 1453 752348 e-mail: website:


Bagatelle Great House

Set in the beautifully landscaped grounds of an elegant, 200 year old plantation house, this award-winning restaurant makes a wonderful backdrop for the perfect wedding. Full of charm and character, with wonderful Eastern accents and zenlike water features throughout the lush tropical garden creating a welcome feeling of serenity. Apsara offers you the perfect venue for your perfect day.

Located within a lush 5-acre property, featuring a lawn gazebo with terraced gardens, and a quaint wooden bridge above a 100 ft. water course. The exquisite old house has many charming rooms and areas for all kinds of functions. The gardens provide the perfect backdrop for saying “I Do” and for turning perfect moments into unforgettable memories. Bagatelle provides full catering services, including wedding cakes, wines and champagnes. Contact their event planners today to get started on your road to happiness.

Morecambe House, Worthing, Christ Church Tel: (246) 435-5454 or 435-5446 e-mail:


Tel: (246) 423-6270 e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

circa 1645

Bagatelle Great House, St. Thomas Tel: (246) 421-6767 Fax: (246) 421-8158

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Champers Restaurant Champers is one of the leading restaurants on the south coast, with a solid reputation for their consistently good food. The dramatic cliff-top setting, with superb panoramic views over the ocean and Accra Beach make Champers a magical setting for weddings and private functions. Alive with vibrant Caribbean design and atmosphere, there are few settings as stunning as Champers for any special occasion.

Skeetes Hill, Rockley, Christ Church Tel: (246) 434-3463 or 435-6644 e-mail:

The Cliff The stunning, oceanfront, cliff top setting and ambience are what make The Cliff a truly magical venue for your wedding. The Cliff, along with the islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top wedding planners work together to ensure that every aspect of your wedding is taken care of from the moment you step off the plane, for a truly customizable, hassle-free wedding experience. While Chef Paul Owens consistently gains accolades from top food writers, praising his creative talents, he and his team of 12 chefs remain committed to improving upon their performance and to using only the finest fresh ingredients and producing consistency of quality.

Derricks, St. James Tel: (246) 432-1922

Simply Flowers Simply Flowers can take care of all the floral requirements for your wedding or any special occasion from simply elegant to lavishly extravagant; bridal bouquets, head pieces, corsages, buttonholes, floral arrangements, baskets of petals and fresh flower decorations for the wedding cake. They provide an early delivery service to your hotel or the church to help remove some of the anxiety from your special day. They also offer a delivery service of floral arrangements to your villa or hotel room. Christina Foster of Simply Flowers has deservedly earned an excellent reputation for the consistent high quality of her beautiful floral work. Trained at Constance Spry in England, Christina makes full use of her creative ability and a dependable supply of local and imported fresh flowers. One of the highlights of Christinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s career was in 2004 when she was hired to create the floral arrangements for the wedding of golf superstar Tiger Woods at the Sandy Lane Golf and Country Club. Delivery charge. Payment by Visa, MasterCard or cash. (This can be left at reception).

Rockley New Road, Christ Church Tel: (246) 437-6597 Fax: (246) 435-9742 e-mail:

Simply Flowers

christina foster 246 437-6597

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience

“Shaped like a ham (or, for vegetarians, an off-center pear), Barbados measures about 22 miles from top to bottom and at most 14 miles across – too big to get bored in, too small to get lost in… My favorite spot by far was the sparsely populated east side, where surfers – and few others – flock.”

Seth Kugal

For The New York Times

The Atlantic rollers pounding Barbados’ east coast in the parish of St. Joseph with Cattlewash in the foreground and the cliffs of Cove Bay in the distance Andrew Hulsmeier

touring With so much interest and variety packed into a small, neatly packaged space, Barbados ranks as a perfect destination for visitors to go touring. Whether for a random exploring adventure or a planned visit to some sightseeing attractions, Barbados offers a compelling range of scenic surprises, a rich architectural heritage and a chance to interact with our friendly people. It is truly extraordinary how each of Barbados’ eleven parishes can be so unique. St. Joseph is perhaps one of the best examples, with its verdant hills, quaint coastal villages and stunning views of the east coast, making it a favourite with Barbadians for picnics and weekend excursions. In St. Lucy, the least developed parish, the full fury of the Atlantic Ocean pounds the steep, weathered cliffs of the northern coastline. The resulting erosion provides countless photo opportunities with dramatic rock formations, powerful blowholes and sea caves. The ‘Scotland District’, in the neighbouring parish of St. Andrew, is a striking bowl-shaped area spilling down to the east coast. The early Scottish settlers found the area to be much like their native Scotland, hence the name. St. Peter, the only parish that crosses Barbados from west to east, is home to the island’s most charming town, historic Speightstown, as well as a coastline that is dotted with charming fishing villages. Further inland can be found one of the island’s most outstanding historic treasures, St. Nicholas Abbey. Known as the ‘platinum coast’, the bordering parish of St. James, is where many of the island’s luxury hotels, exclusive villas and top restaurants are located. The parish of St. Thomas has Barbados’ only mountain, Mt. Hillaby, which rises to 1,115ft. above sea level. The surrounding central highlands are green and lush and home to an array of horticultural delights, as well as the magnificent Harrison’s Cave. The parish of St. John is best known for its rolling fields of sugar cane, a crop which thrives in this area of rich soil and ample rainfall. The historic St. John’s Church, with its fascinating graveyard and stunning views, is the pride of that parish. St. George is one of only two parishes with no coastline (St. Thomas being the other). It is best known for its prime farmland, old sugar estates and plantation great houses. St. Philip, in the south-eastern portion of the island, is the largest parish. It is almost entirely flat but blessed with spectacular beaches of powdery white sand and aquamarine sea. The southern parish of Christ Church is home to many of the island’s hotels and is renowned for its famous Oistins Fish Fry and St. Lawrence Gap and its vibrant nightlife scene! The heavily populated parish of St. Michael encompasses the nation’s distinguished capital city, Bridgetown, and the Garrison Historic Area.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Touring Attractions by Parish St. Lucy • Little Bay • River Bay • Animal Flower Cave • Half Moon Fort • Segway Barbados • Cove Bay

St. Peter • Speightstown • Arlington House Interactive Museum • Barbados Wildlife Reserve • Grenade Hall Signal Station, Forest & Nature Trail • Farley Hill Park • Cherry Tree Hill • St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Andrew • Chalky Mount Potteries • Barclays Recreational Park • Springvale Museum and Eco Heritage Tour

St. James • Barbados National Trust Sugar Museum • St. James Parish Church • Folkstone Underwater Park & Museum • Holetown Andrew Hulsmeier

St. Joseph • Cattlewash • Bathsheba • Andromeda Gardens • Hunte’s Gardens • Flower Forest Gun Hill Signal Station

St. Thomas

Freedom Footprints: The Barbados Story

• Earthworks Pottery • Ins and Outs Gift Emporium • Canefield Plantation • Welchman Hall Gully • Harrison’s Cave • Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures

Certain sites around Barbados have now been identified as places of memory related to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery experience, to form the nucleus for this unique cultural experience, Freedom Footprints: The Barbados Story. In 2003, the Ministry of Tourism launched a Barbados Slave Route Signage Project as its contribution to a global UNESCO/WTO Cultural Slave Route Signage Project. The concept of the Freedom Footprints tour has emerged from this project and is similar to the African Diaspora Heritage Trails that have been established in various countries. Sites that celebrate survival and freedom from enslavement are featured on the tour. Individuals who misbehaved, both free and enslaved, were kept in the holding cell in Bridgetown called “The Cage”. Runaway slaves were also imprisoned there while awaiting the arrival of their owners to claim them. The signal station at Gun Hill offers a fantastic panoramic view of the island, but it was constructed primarily for the relay of information on any impending slave revolts. Freedom (manumission) and property bequests were sometimes granted by plantation owners to their slave mistresses and children. Bourne’s Land is one of several villages across the island developed in this way, and Sweet Bottom is one of the oldest villages bequeathed to enslaved individuals. The only known and excavated communal enslaved burial ground in a plantation setting in the Western Hemisphere is Newton Burial Ground in Christ Church. These and other sites linked to stories of triumph over adversity are marked by prominent signage that outlines their significance. For more information contact the Ministry of Tourism at 430-7500.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

St. John • St. John’s Parish Church • Martin’s Bay • Bath • Codrington College

St. George • Orchid World • Gun Hill Signal Station and Lion • St. George Parish Church

St. Michael • George Washington House • St. Ann’s Fort • Barbados Museum and Historical Society • St. Patrick’s R.C. Cathedral • Museum of Parliament • Nidhe Israel Museum and Synagogue • St. Michael’s Anglican Cathedral • Kensington Oval • Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum • Banks Brewery • Mount Gay Rum Distillery • Tyrol Cot House and Heritage Village • Medford Craft Village

St. Philip • The Rum Distillery & Heritage Park at Foursquare • Sunbury Plantation House • Bottom Bay • The Crane Beach • Kendal Sporting • Harrismith • Foul Bay • Ragged Point & East Point Lighthouse

Christ Church • Mallalieu Motor Collection • The Boardwalk • Barbados Concorde Experience • Oistins • Silver Sands • Miami Beach

Sweet potato field at Fisherpond in the parish of St. Thomas Andrew Hulsmeier

The Barbados experience

Sir David and Lady Ann leading in “Inherit The Wind”, ridden by jockey Kyle Carter

Seale of Approval “Experience is the greatest knowledge,” declares Sir David Seale, and his accomplishments bear witness. Rum producer, head of a distribution dynasty, race horse breeder, and President of the Barbados Turf Club, Seale’s was already a household name by the time he received his knighthood in the 2000 New Year’s Honour. What was it for? To borrow a tourism term, it would have to be ‘all-inclusive’. He has achieved so much that it’s hard to pinpoint the reason. His education in business started at the age of five or six, when he would hang around his father’s provision shop and primitive rum bottling room to help put on labels. By 1954, at the age of sixteen, he finished school and in his father’s words “sowed his wild oats working for other companies” until joining the “one door shop” in 1962. Founded by his grandfather, R.L. Seale, the company has now grown from its depression-era origins on hardscrabble Roebuck Street to a multiple industrial warehouse complex at Foursquare, St. Philip. “I changed Roebuck Street in 1962,” said Sir David, “with something called customer service. It used to take four days from placing an order to getting a delivery. Now you get it same day.” No wonder the Foursquare site is a whir of forklifts, thumps of rubber stamping, and the groan of delivery truck movements. Sir David is also known as an innovative rum producer. R.L. Seale had been bottling fine rum since 1926, eventually selling more rum in Barbados than any other company. In 1996, Sir David bought Foursquare, formerly one of the island’s oldest sugar factories, and restored it to become what is recognised as the most advanced rum distillery in the world. He is justly proud of this facility, whose modern technology permits production of a finer product, with reduced environmental impact. “This Rum distillery...represents our goal of bringing Barbadian rumdistilling screaming with pride into the 21st century,” Seale told the opening ceremony in November 1996.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

by Sarah Venable

R.L. Seale accounts for such an array of brands as Foursquare Spiced, Old Brigand, Premium Doorly’s (whose XO is particularly delicious,) E.S.A. Field White Rum, and the super premium R.L. Seale Finest Brand. Sir David built a Heritage Park around the facility, and spun off side businesses, such as a bottled water plant. Out of waste he makes products: The spent wash from distillation is converted to a product for animal feed use. Carbon dioxide from the fermentation vats is captured and converted to liquid CO2 and sold to soft drink manufacturers. His taste for challenges isn’t restricted to business. An ownerbreeder of race horses for much of his life, he has once again taken over as President of the Barbados Turf Club. “That’s my hardest job,” he said. “You’ve got to be a dictator, while having the interest of racing at heart. Our racing stood still from 1997 to 2008. The club was bankrupt. The Prime Minister wrote off the debt in 2008, and by doing so has given the Club the opportunity to once again grow the sport of racing, an integral part of the tourism industry.” But to grow such an entity, you must have a plan. What is his? Night racing. Alternate Saturdays doesn’t cut it. “We have to race at the time and day that people will come in great numbers. Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is run off, went from crowds of 3,000 to 30,000 when they switched to night racing.” There is some consternation in heritage circles about the lights disturbing the historic ambience, but to alleviate that Sir David suggests that the poles be decorated with hanging plants. Besides, he says, they wouldn’t be big banks of lights like the ones at Kensington Oval. True to form, he sees a side benefit too: The joggers’ track will be lighted to give Barbadians a chance to jog in the evening. As he reminds us, “The joggers’ track was constructed by the Turf Club; it is the club’s social conscience at work.” So, for which of his ideas, efforts and achievements did Sir David Seale get knighted? Horse racing and business. He already had his compatriots’ seal of approval. Or should that be Seale?

Touring Places of Interest in Barbados North Point Animal Flower Cave River Bay

Little Bay Cove Bay Harrison’s Point Lighthouse

ST. LU C Y St. Lucys Parish Church

Half Moon

St. Nicholas Abbey Cherry Tree Hill Morgan Lewis Mill BarbadosWildlife Reserve Grenade Hall Signal Station & Forest


Six Mens Bay

Arlington Museum

Farley Hill National Park St. Andrews Parish Church



Mullins Bay


Mount Hillaby

ST. J A M ES Folkestone Marine Reserve St. James Parish Church HOLETOWN Sandy Lane

Barclays Park & Picnic Site

Chalky Mount Potteries


Rock Hall Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum & Portvale Sugar Factory

Soup Bowl (Surf Spot) Bathsheba Flower Forest Botanical Gardens Springvale Eco Heritage Museum Andromeda Botanic Gardens CO Wiliams Flowers at Canefield HighlandOutdoor Tours Bath Welchman Hall Gully Hunte’s Gardens Harrison’s Cave Aerial Trek Zip Line St. John’s Parish Church Codrington College

St. Thomas Parish Church


Paynes Bay

Earthworks Pottery

ST. J O H N Sweet Vale Orchid World East Point Lighthouse

Gun Hill Signal Station Batts Rock Paradise

BRIDGETOWN Pelican Craft Centre Cheapside Market


ST. M I C H A E L Medford Craft Village Tyrol Cot Heritage Village Mount Gay Visitors Center Kensington Oval Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum


St. George’s Parish Church

Harrismith Kendal Sporting Foursquare Rum Factory

Nidhe Synagogue and Museum

St. Michael & All Angels Cathedral

Emancipation Monument

The Crane

Museum of Parliament National Heroes Gallery

Carlisle Bay

Foul Bay

Banks Breweries Garrison Historic Area George Washington House Barbados Museum & Historical Society St. Ann’s Fort Mallalieu Motor Collection

South Coast Boardwalk

Bottom Bay

Sunbury House

Barbados Concorde Experience Grantley Adams Int’l Airport

C H R I ST C H U R C H Slave Buriel Ground at Newton

Worthing St. Larence Surfer’s Point OISTINS South Point Lighthouse

The Barbados Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are too many reasons why I love Barbados....I could write a book about all the great things referring to the Island.â&#x20AC;?

Brett Whitworth Ins & Outs of Barbados Facebook Fan

The Barbados Green Monkey Andrew Hulsmeier

attractions Wherever you decide to visit in Barbados, the journey is never more than forty five minutes and there’s always something else to visit nearby. Harrison’s Cave, the Flower Forest, Hunte’s Gardens and Earthworks Pottery are within minutes of each other. The Wildlife Reserve, St. Nicholas Abbey and the east coast are all easy to cover in a morning of touring. In 2010, Harrison’s Cave re-opened after undergoing extensive refurbishment. Glass elevators descend down the side of the gully to the level of the cave’s entrance. As you travel underground in the comfortable solar powered trams, you see rushing streams and calm glassy pools, stalactites and stalagmites of all different shapes and sizes and delicate flowstone formations growing everywhere in this living cave. Harrison’s Cave is a wonderful new experience. The beautiful mahogany forest at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is home to a large troop of Barbadian Green Monkeys and a reserved habitat for a number of other wildlife. The Brocket Deer and Mara, Tortoises, Caiman, Pelicans, an endangered species of Cuban Iguanas, the colourful Peacocks and their hens are usually all busily going about their business. This natural habitat is enjoyed by the animals and visitors are therefore asked to respect their peace they are not pets and one should keep a safe distance while appreciating them. The Monkeys are very inquisitive and will attempt to interact with visitors but do not be tempted by their cute, intelligent ways be sure to keep a safe distance at all times. The nature trail in the surrounding forest at The Grenade Hall Signal Station is like stepping from a sundrenched street into a hushed cathedral and the tranquility is all encompassing. The nature trail consists of an easy-to-follow, educational, coral-stone pathway, with sign boards displaying entertaining questions with answers revealed by lifting the flap. Some of the more fascinating information involves plants that were used by slaves as ‘cures’ and how those same plants are now used in modern medicine – a wonderful opportunity to learn about Barbados’ natural environment. There are usually monkeys cavorting all over the forest. The Grenade Hall tower, one of six signal stations erected to relay intelligence information and other messages from Bridgetown to the north of the island in a matter of minutes, was restored with a series of interesting exhibitions, artefacts and audio tapes that explain the signal system.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


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Andrew Hulsmeier


Andrew Hulsmeier

Earthworks Pottery


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Here you will be treated to a spectacular working pottery and their irresistible, functional works of art. For many visitors Earthworks becomes one of the unique and wonderful memories of a Barbados holiday. At Earthworks there is also The Ins and Outs Gift Emporium, On the Wall Art Gallery, Tulis Batik and Art House Café. On the Wall Art Gallery carries the work of talented Bajan artists and craftspersons. At Tulis Batik you can watch Henderson and his staff at work creating beautiful Batiks. The Art House Café specializes in the tastiest gourmet sandwiches around as well as great salads and pastas. Another great place to visit at Earthworks is the Ins and Outs Gift Emporium. A tribute to ‘old time’ Barbados, selling high quality Barbadian items including beautiful coffee table books, local preserves and spices, condiments, Bajan sugar, table linens to match the Earthworks pottery, and high quality gifts with interesting displays of Barbadian heritage. Open Monday to Friday and half day on Saturday. For more information telephone (246) 425-0223.


Barbados Concorde Experience

Tel: (246) 420-7738

Explore the amazing sea life surrounding Barbados on this fascinating voyage aboard a real submarine diving down to 150 feet. Passengers can view a spectacular coral reef with dancing sea fans, an abundance of marine life and a sunken shipwreck through the sub’s large, clear viewing windows. Enjoy the ocean in air-conditioned comfort. Celebrate any significant event on an underwater journey that is both unique and unforgettable. Tel: (246) 436-8929 After hours: (246) 243-1069

Aerial Trek Zipline

Animal Flower Cave

Aerial Trek has received near perfect scores from the well-regarded Zagat 2009 Survey. The thrill of the zipline adventure begins at the base where guests are given a safety briefing and outfitted with their harness system, helmets and gloves. The tour takes guests over eight platforms with experienced guides who provide interesting information on different areas of the beautiful eco-system over Jack-inthe-Box gully in St. Thomas. At Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures you’ll discover why they are “Above it All”! Tel: (246) 438-TREK (8735)

The Animal Flower Cave, located on the rugged cliff tops at the northernmost point of the island, is a large sea cave with several huge chambers filled with pools, unusual rock formations and a few sea anemones. Guides accompany visitors through the cave. The informal café serves cold drinks and sandwiches and there are numerous cliff top benches with shade provided by coconut leaf shed roofs to sit and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Open daily. There is an entrance fee.

Barbados was one of only four regularly scheduled Concorde destinations along with London, Paris and New York. The stunning exhibition centre adjacent to the Grantley Adams International Airport is a state-of-the-art interactive exhibit where you can actually step aboard that legendary supersonic aircraft, the grace and elegance of which won hearts around the world. Open Tue. - Sat. 9am - 5pm. Admission: Adults Bds$40/Children 2-12 Bds$25.


Atlantis Submarine

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Tel: (246) 439-8797 e-mail:

Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest rum, dating back to 1703. Friendly guides take you on a tour of its rich and colourful history, show you how rum is made and fittingly culminate with a fun-filled, tastetesting session. Regular Tours every hour Monday to Friday 9:30am-3:30pm. Bajan Buffet Lunch Tours - noon on Tuesday and Thursday. Special Cocktail Tour 2:30pm on Wednesdays. Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael Tel: (246) 425-8757

Banks Brewery Tour and Souvenir Shop Banks Brewery was opened in 1961 and has made fine Barbadian beer ever since best served beastly cold. They also make a range of stoutes, malts and shandys. A half hour tour of Banks Brewery is followed by one hour and fifteen minutes to relax and enjoy the ambiance and complimentary products. Located in Wildey, St. Michael just off the ABC Hway. Open Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 4:30pm. Admission: Adults Bds$16/Children Bds$10. Tel: (246) 228-6486 e-mail:

Attractions Harrison’s Cave Harrison’s Cave has been transformed into a world-class recreation experience with a brand new facility as of January 2010. The breathtaking underground journey takes you past the bubbling streams and cascading waterfalls whose pure clear water help create the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites spread throughout the cavern. You cannot help but be amazed by nature’s mastery as you journey through this living sanctuary. There is a ten minute pre-show that takes you on a historical tour of Barbados and the origins of the cave, prior to boarding the trams and taking the ride of your life. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the World’s Wonders! Open daily (except certain bank holidays) from 8:45am to 3:45pm. Call for more info and entrance fees. Tel.: (246) 417-3700 The ceiling of the Great Hall in Harrison’s Cave

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The Barbados Experience “The Barbados team at the Chelsea Flower Show in the late 1980’s first introduced me to the charm, stunning colour, luxuriant growth and sheer delight of gardens and gardening Barbados-style. Trips to Barbados with TV cameras soon followed.”

Peter Seabrook

Writer and host of BBC TV’s Gardeners World

At Hunte’s Gardens in the parish of St. Joseph, visitors can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of Anthony Hunte’s labour of love. Jenny Blanc Interiors have several displays of their high quality lines of outdoor furniture throughout the gardens. Andrew Hulsmeier

gardens One of the aspects of the tropics that most amazes visitors is the flora - the incredible variety, the vivid colours and just how big the plants can grow. The five gardens that are open to the public year round are all quite different and for that reason each one is well worth a visit – all five of them will amaze you. The Flower Forest, formerly Richmond Sugar Plantation, is situated in the verdant highlands of St. Joseph. It was turned into a botanic garden by a group of passionate horticulturalists in the 1970’s. David Speiler, well known in his role at Earthworks Pottery, recently bought the property and has thrown himself into preserving and improving this natural treasure. Flower Forest offers a relatively easy wander through a haven of lush tropical flora with sweeping views of the Atlantic coastline. The tranquillity of the place is pervasive and the calming influence is nature’s gift to everyone. There is a spacious central facility and a garden gazebo that are suitable for weddings and other events. Nearby, Anthony Hunte has lovingly created an extraordinarily beautiful garden in a natural amphitheatre. Like all truly devoted gardeners he and his assistant Anita work unstintingly and can usually be found in the garden. There is also a very extensive plant nursery with tropical plants from all over the world. Jenny Blanc are displaying one of their new outdoor furniture lines, so visitors can choose their favourite view point to relax. Orchid World has one of the finest collection of orchids in the Caribbean. It is a wonderful place to photograph these extraodinary tropical blooms in colours that are quite rare in the plant world. There are thousands of plants from all over the world on display in tastefully designed grounds. Historic Welchman Hall Gully was one of the Barbados National Trust’s first acquisitions after it was established in 1961. Today it is under the energetic stewardship of Deborah Branker who works tirelessly to keep the gully in good condition. A wild troop of Barbados Green Monkeys reside there. Like the Greek maiden for whom the gardens are named, Andromeda Botanic Gardens clings to the rocky hillside of the picturesque seaside village of Bathsheba on the east coast. Founded over fifty years ago by world renowned horticulturalist Iris Bannochie, Andromeda’s lush gardens span 6½ acres and host a horticultural collection containing about 650 species from the Caribbean, Tropical Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands. It is now owned by the Barbados National Trust under the stewardship of Vicky Goddard.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Welchman Hall Gully

Hunte’s Gardens

Flower Forest

Take a stroll through one of Barbados’ true tropical treasures. Located in the heart of the island, only 2 minutes from Harrison’s Cave, Welchman Hall Gully is a uniquely special place and definitely well worth a visit. It is now filled with an abundance of flourishing, exotic tropical plants and trees. In the peaceful hush of the gully, visitors can often see troops of Green Monkeys frolicking in the trees – a good time to see them is around 10am and 1:30pm when they are usually fed. Open daily 9am-4pm. Admission: Adults Bds$20/Children Bds$10. Tel: (246) 438-6671.

In the lush hills of St. Joseph, Anthony Hunte has lovingly landscaped an arena sized natural amphitheatre into what can only be described as a truly stunning tropical garden. It is literally breathtaking. There are small seating areas to relax and take it all in while listening to Anthony’s classical music which is broadcast on a garden wide sound system. There is also a very extensive plant nursery with specialist tropical plants from all over the world. Open daily 10am - 4pm. Admission: Bds$20. Tel: (246) 433-3333

Located in the lush ‘Scotland District’, the Flower Forest Botanical Garden is a must visit for nature lovers of all ages! Take a peaceful stroll through a mature rainforest of majestic palms, colourful tropical blooms and more! This 53 acre nature reserve and garden offers spectacular views of the east coast - some of the best panoramic photo ops in Barbados. There is a small café and art gallery/gift shop with special works by local artists. Open daily 8am - 4pm. Admission: Adults Bds$20/Children 5-13 Bds$10. Tel: (246) 433-8152 e-mail:

C.O. Williams Flowers

Orchid World

Andromeda Gardens

This is a vibrant supplier of local flowers to the island’s hotels, florists and interestingly the gold medal Barbados exhibits at The Chelsea Flower Show in London. Visitors are welcome to drop in and the manager Trevor Hunte will be happy to show the small but interesting show garden. Visitors can’t go into the green house but are welcome to take photos and buy whatever cut flowers are available. There is no entrance charge.

Orchid World is one of the finest orchid gardens in the entire Caribbean, perched some 800 feet above sea level, overlooking the sugar cane fields of St. John and St. George. The vast array of orchids on display includes imported varieties from Thailand, Singapore, Hawaii and the USA, as well as Barbadian specimens. There are both the terrestrial varieties and the epiphytes. The extensive collection is breathtaking. Bring your camera. Orchid World is also available as a venue for weddings and other events. Open daily 9am-5pm. Admission: Adults Bds$20/Children Bds$10.

Nestled on a cliff overlooking the coast, Andromeda was originally developed in 1954 by the late horticulturalist, Iris Bannochie, with exotic plants and blooms from around the world creating one of the finest botanical gardens in the Caribbean. The property was left to the people of Barbados following her death in 1988. It is now under the capable stewardship of horticulturalist, Vicky Goddard, who has taken over the care and development of the property for the B’dos National Trust. Open daily 9am-4:30pm. Admission: Adults Bds$20/Children 6-12 Bds$10.

Tel: (246) 433-0306

Tel: (246) 433-9384

To order flowers Tel: (246) 438-6297 e-mail:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Gardens Barbados Wins its 14th Gold at Chelsea The Chelsea Flower Show is the biggest, most prestigious flower show in the world and the UK’s premier PR occasion. Each year over 600 British exhibitors participate in this magnificent horticultural extravaganza, where they are joined by a select group of overseas teams which this year included Barbados, Grenada, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Thailand. Tickets for the week-long event are sold out long before the opening day and the show attracts phenomenal media publicity, including BBC TV coverage every day and every night. Barbados is represented at Chelsea by a team of volunteers from the Barbados Horticultural Society, ably assisted by UK based Bajans or ‘friends-of-Barbados’ who help to build the stand and provide back-up to the official team. Barbados is one of the few international exhibitors that actually bring their own flowers and foliage with them - all collected from private gardens and commercial flower growers around the island close to the day of departure. On Wednesday 19th May, a fascinating variety of blooms and foliage was very carefully packed into fifty, very large shipping boxes and delivered to British Airways to accompany the team on the journey to London. Upon arrival, undaunted by the tiring effects of the overnight flight, the team travelled directly from Gatwick to the Chelsea showground to immediately unpack the flowers and put them into water, ready for inclusion in the display. The plan for this year’s exhibit, ‘Sugar Factory Ruins Reclaimed’, was designed by renowned Barbadian artist Arthur Atkinson. The theme reflected the fact that as Barbados’ cane sugar production has been streamlined over recent years, many of the old sugar factories have fallen into disrepair. Arthur Atkinson’s artistic interpretation of a factory ruin provided a wonderful backdrop for the magnificent and exotic display of bright and colourful flowers; including classic Caribbean favourites such as heliconias, ginger lilies, anthuriums, tuber roses, orchids and banana flowers to name a few, as well as many different varieties of foliage. Additionally, long strands of the aerial roots of the bearded fig-tree (ficus citrifolia) were draped from the crumbling factory walls. Interestingly, it is these roots that provided the origin of the island’s name. As early as 1511 maps showed the island as ‘Los Barbados’, which is Spanish and Portuguese for ‘The Bearded Ones’. It seems that the pendulous aerial roots of the Ficus Trees found all over the island reminded these Iberian visitors of the long beards that were popular in their own country at that time. Even after having previously won a staggering thirteen Gold, eight Silver-Gilt and one Silver in a highly commendable twenty-two consecutive years at the Chelsea Flower Show, the Barbados team was still highly motivated to produce a superbly designed, expertly crafted, floral exhibit for 2010, because the prized Chelsea Gold Medal had proved elusive in recent years. Thus it was that after months of nurturing a myriad of exotic blooms and plants; weeks of preparation, careful packing and shipping of their precious cargo; seven days of adorning the exhibit with stunning floral arrangements; the BHS team woke up on the morning of Tuesday 25th May to discover that the Chelsea judges had rewarded them with the highest possible accolade – a coveted Gold Medal. During the special Press and Celebrity Day there was a real buzz around the Barbados stand that attracted a steady stream of TV film crews, radio interviewers, photographers, journalists, celebrities and the general public. At the centre of this prolific media activity stood our invited UK Celebrity Guest Ainsley Harriott, the popular chef and TV personality, and our own Miss Barbados, Leah Marville. While special kudos should be given to the team of Jean Robinson, Audrey Thomas, Hetty Atkinson, Mona Walker, Trevor Inniss, John Leach and President of the BHS, Jenny Weetch; we must also commend the many other BHS members who assisted in one way or another; all the UK based volunteers; all the people who donated the flowers; and all the sponsors such as the Barbados Tourism Authority and private donors. Well done all of you. Well done Barbados!


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

President of the BHS Jenny Weetch, members of the Barbados team, Trevor Inniss, Audrey Thomas, Jean Robinson, Michael Leach, Mona Edwards and Hetty Atkinson, pose with Petra Roach, Manager of the Barbados Tourism Authority in London, Ainsley Harriott, well known BBC TV personality, and Miss Barbados 2010, Leah Marville on the Press and Celebrity Day at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010 Keith Miller

The Barbados Experience “Of the English speaking Caribbean, Barbados is perhaps the most fortunate in its profusion of old buildings of all types. These are chiefly late Georgian or Victorian, but include a significant number of earlier structures, including, astonishingly, at least eight major seventeenth century houses and several from around 1700.”

Prof. Henry Fraser

The café courtyard at St. Nicholas Abbey, where visitos can relax and enjoy the tranquility of surrounding woodlands, along with a light meal or drinks after the tour. Andrew Hulsmeier

historic treasures

By the late seventeenth century, Barbados was acclaimed as the “richest spote of ground in the worlde.” The direct result of that fiscal wealth is a treasure of architectural wealth. Many of the splendid buildings have survived and today they represent a very important aspect of the history and heritage of this small nation.

St. Nicholas Abbey is a unique and extraordinary relic – a magnificent historic house, sugar mill wall, sugar boiling house and ancient outbuildings, and wonderful woodlands of silk cotton, sandbox, the tallest cabbage palms in the island, and of course, the romantic mahogany avenue of Cherry Tree Hill. It is truly a treasure of the Caribbean. A tour of the house and the rum making and bottling facilities with a light lunch and a little shopping is always an absolute treat. See overleaf. Set in the heart of the St. Philip countryside, and built over 300 years ago, Sunbury is a superb example of a Barbadian sugar estate great house. Filled with beautiful antiques, every room is open to the public from the cellars to the bedrooms. Throughout the extensively landscaped grounds can be found fine authentic examples of old carts, machinery and mule and oxen drawn equipment once used on the plantation. According to the time of day you visit you may wish to enjoy lunch, afternoon tea or a refreshing drink in the garden setting of the Courtyard Restaurant and Bar. Tyrol Cot House and Heritage Village was the home of Sir Grantley Adams, the first premier of Barbados and the only Prime Minister of the Federation of the West Indies. The home is also the birthplace of his son, Tom, the second Prime Minister of Barbados. A Heritage Village located here includes a slave hut, several chattel houses and a rum shop. It is located close to the Barbados National Stadium. Open Mon. to Fri. 8am to 4pm. Ent. fees: Adults Bds$16/Children Bds$10. Tel: (246) 424-2074. George Washington House is the only house outside the USA where Washington ever resided. The handsome Georgian-style house has been restored and furnished as a typical, but not luxurious, plantation residence of the mid-18th century. A Museum has been installed on the upper floor and focuses on the story of the rich, cultural heritage of the island in the 17th and 18th centuries, a time when Bridgetown was one of the three biggest cities along with Boston and London.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Historic Treasures

The Mallalieu Motor Collection Barbados’ first motor car arrived in Barbados in 1903. It was a 1903 Orient Buckboard built in the USA and imported by a Dr. F.S. Dimmick, a dentist. Mr. Bill Mallalieu has a photograph of it as well as a photograph of the island’s first police car, given to the island by the British Government in 1937 and the first two buses, Diamond T’s, brought in by brothers, Reggie and George Eckstein. These are just a few of the fascinating photographs dotted around his “garage” at Pavillion Court, the former Military Hospital of the British Garrison. Bill Mallalieu has had a love affair with automobiles all his life and his passion for the subject is catching as he shows you around his tangible record of Barbados motoring history, in particular the story of the Barbados Rally Club. Number 1 in his star studded line up of automobiles is a one and only of its kind, a Bentley, made for Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands in 1947 and driven in the ‘49 Monte Carlo Rally. Number 2 is another Bentley bought for the sentimental reason that it goes by the name of ‘A Mallalieu’ - hand built by Durham “Derry” Mallalieu, a very distant cousin, using a MK6 Bentley. Derry threw away the original bodies because they rusted and then built sports cars like this one, to order. Mr. Mallalieu’s Mallalieu is #29 of a total of 34 ever built. Number three is a 1953 Daimler Roadster. They only built 54 of these stylish machines and there are only 35 know to exist today. Despite the fact that the Roadster was an outstanding motor car, it was a marketing disaster. The competitor, the Jaguar XK 120, with a bigger engine, sold for a thousand pounds sterling in 1953 and the Roadster hit the road at eighteen hundred. Another very interesting car is the Austin Atlantic, or A90, another marketing failure because it was launched just after, and appeared very much like, the doomed Tucker, of the infamous Tucker fiasco. But of all the vehicles in his impressive collection the one he would choose in a heartbeat, if he had to, is the Volvo 1225, 1963 model, his record breaking rally car. He’s made many records in the Barbados Rally Club that will never be broken, like the Hill Climb at Spa Hill - it’ll never be broken because they don’t do those anymore! Other interesting displays abound like a cabinet donated to the collection by David “Woodie” Goddard of a display of miniature Fiat vehicles of exceptional detail, given exclusively to Fiat dealers years ago. Mr. Mallalieu is still acquiring beautiful old cars that tell stories. Certainly the best way to tour his collection is with him in attendance and you can usually find him there in the morning. Luckily, he says, he has a man devoted to their daily care who is there at 6am to polish and tune. But he feels most fortunate to be able to meet his many interesting visitors and share his passion. To quote him, “I’ve been having fun with motor cars all my life but you can’t enjoy anything if you can’t share it.”


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Historic Treasures

Sunbury House Set in the heart of the St. Philip countryside, Sunbury is a superb example of a Barbadian sugar estate great house. Built over 300 years ago, Sunbury has a rich and varied history. Originally known as Chapmans, then Branckers, the house was eventually called Sunbury some time around 1767 when the new owners named it after their family home in England. The historically listed building is magnificently furnished and it contains one of the country’s superior collections of antiques, china and silver, as well as a most interesting display of old prints. The cellars, originally used for storing root vegetables grown on the plantation, now house the Caribbean’s finest collection of antique carriages. In addition there is a fascinating assembly of household items that many years ago were part of everyday domestic life on a plantation. Apart from the house itself and the beautiful antiques, the one factor that really makes Sunbury stand out amongst the plantation houses of Barbados is that this is the only one where every room is open to the public, and visitors are able to view everything from the cellars to the bedrooms. A leisurely stroll through Sunbury Plantation House in the company of an informative guide, will give you a very vivid impression of the gracious lifestyle of a by-gone Barbadian era. Throughout the extensively landscaped grounds can be found more fine authentic examples of old carts, machinery and mule and oxen drawn equipment once used on the plantation. According to the time of day you visit you may wish to enjoy lunch, afternoon tea or a refreshing drink in the garden setting of the Courtyard

Restaurant and Bar. For a special occasion you may have a very special five course candlelight dinner in the very same dining room where the notorious Sam Lord used to come for dinner way back in the 1830’s. Sunbury is also an ideal location for any size wedding. Call (246) 423-6270 for further information.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados experience

The Nutmeg grove in Welchman Hall Gully - The Barbados National Trust acquired this treasure in 1962, just one year after the formation of the Trust

Barbados National Trust at 50 No matter what we already know, there’s always something else to be discovered. Did you know that as of November 2010, the Barbados National Trust has been preserving our island’s historic buildings and sites, and places of natural beauty or environmental importance for 50 years? It’s a major milestone, and to mark it, the heritage organisation is hosting a year of special activities. You might know the National Trust through visiting its properties: lush Andromeda Gardens, serene Welchman Hall Gully, lofty Gun Hill Signal Station, stately Tyrol Cot, informative Arlington House, intriguing Nidhe Israel Synagogue & Museum, the fascinating Sugar Museum at Portvale, awesome Morgan Lewis Mill, or Trust headquarters at Wildey House. You might know it best through its Sunday Hikes, which give both visitors and locals a guided trek through some of the island’s little known nooks and crannies, pausing at times to divulge interesting historical facts. Or you may have been to an Open House, a programme that opens private homes—and sometimes a fort or other place of interest—to public view. Featuring a garden party on the lawns, along with occasional lectures or musical performances, these weekly winter events are very revealing and popular. You might have gone to Gun Hill by Moonlight, the hilltop cocktail parties under the full moon, where the signal station’s panoramic view takes on another aspect. You may not have participated in any of these, but instead have heard of the Trust’s activities in the media, particularly through President Karl Watson’s informed and impassioned


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

By Sarah Venable

communiqués, or the actions of the Sentinel Committee who guard significant buildings from destruction. In any case, in its 50th year, the Barbados National Trust is alive and kicking, raising public awareness and appreciation of our unique heritage, and negotiating with the proverbial powers that be to preserve places where the multiple meanings of Barbados reside. Several events will mark this half-century of effort. Look for illuminating lectures, a fund-raising gala in March, documentaries on CBC-TV8, and a coffee table book featuring different facets of the Trust. Did you know that Barbados abounds with intriguing antiques? The Trust also plans to stage a home-grown version of Antiques Road Show, something they’ve done once before, to a packed house. A number of Open Houses will also have very special features. For example, Daphne and Robin Hunte’s Congo Road Plantation, a fascinating venue in itself, will host an exhibition of the world’s best Sailors’ Valentines. Have you heard of them? These elaborate shell-work mosaics housed in octagonal mahogany cases originated in Barbados in the early 19th century and are now important collectors’ items worldwide. Sir David and Lady Seale’s Hopefield Manor includes a tour of the stable block, where their race horses are treated as the prize athletes that they are. And for luxury, there’s a seven-bedroom villa in Sandy Lane. Did you know that Ronald Tree, who founded the Barbados National Trust, was also a principal in conceiving Sandy Lane as a vast area comprising an elite hotel, a series of private holiday estates, and a splendid golf course in the middle? Here’s another fact: for a fraction of what it would cost to join a national trust elsewhere in the Commonwealth, you can join in Barbados and enjoy membership privileges worldwide! The Barbados National Trust hopes to see you at its 50th Anniversary events.

Historic Treasures

St. Ann’s Fort

Gun Hill Signal Station

There are over 50 historic churches in Barbados. St. James Parish Church on the west coast is the oldest consecrated church on the island and has been lovingly restored and is well run by an enthusiastic group of members who give daily tours. Tel: (246) 422-4117. Beautiful St. John’s Parish Church has spectacular views of eastern Barbados. Tel: (246) 4335599. Built in 1784, St. George’s Parish Church is the oldest church building on the island to survive intact. St. Michael’s Anglican Cathedral in Bridgetown is commencing an ambitious restoration programme.

St. Ann’s Fort in the Garrison Historic Area contains the finest collection of 17th Century English iron cannon known to exist in the world, including England. Major Mike Hartland offers personalized tours for up to 3 people of this splendid 17th Century fort. Recently converted into an interesting museum which houses some particularly fine examples of cannon including an Elizabethan gun of 1593, the only one known to exist in the world, and a cannon with Cromwell’s Republican Arms of 1652, one of only two known to exist. Call Major Mike Hartland at: (246) 427-1436 or (246) 244-1219

This signal station has been wonderfully restored and landscaped by the Barbados National Trust. It now houses a collection of military memorabilia and affords captivating views of the entire island. There is also a small café. January to May the Trust holds cocktail parties on Friday evenings nearest to the full moon, complete with sundown taps, from 5:30pm. All visitors are welcome. The entrance fee is Bds$40 for non-members/Bds$30 for members and includes drinks and hors d’ouvres. Open Mon.-Sat., 9am-5pm. Admission: Bds$10/Children Bds$5 Tel: (246) 429-1358

Codrington College

Foursquare Rum Distillery Morgan Lewis Windmill The Morgan Lewis Windmill is the only & Heritage Park one of more than 500 sugar mills that

Jon Farmer

Parish Churches

The buildings of Codrington College seem to have been lifted straight from an Oxford quadrangle yet blend perfectly with the surrounding hills and trees of St. John. Christopher Codrington, planter, scholar, soldier and philanthropist, died at Codrington in 1710 leaving his two estates in Barbados to an institution of higher education. The College is now affiliated with the University of the West Indies (UWI) and functions as the theological college of the Anglican church of the Province of the West Indies. Open daily. No entrance fee.

Located near Six Roads in the parish of St. Philip is one of the most advanced rum distilleries to be found anywhere in the world, housed in a splendid old sugar factory. They produce several brands of popular Barbadian rum. On the grounds there is an old folk museum, a sugar factory museum and an historic bottling plant.

Open Mon. - Fri., 8am - 4pm Tel: (246) 420-9954

existed in Barbados that still remains intact. It was recently struck by lightning and is undergoing repairs but is due to reopen in 2011. This Barbados National Trust property, whose design and means of operation can be determined during a visit, also has a small museum. The view of the Scotland District from the top of the windmill is magnificent. For more info on opening hours and entrance fees contact: The Barbados National Trust at (246) 426-2421 e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience “History explores and explains pasts grown even more opaque over time; heritage clarifies pasts so as to infuse them with present purposes.”

Alissandra Cummins

Director, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society President, the International Council of Museums

The new shop at The Barbados Museum and Historical Society, located in the Garrison Historic Area. They stock a wide selection of the museum’s annual journals, Barbadian literature and coffee table books along with an interesting selection of Barbadiana. Andrew Hulsmeier

museums As a result of Barbados’ incredibly rich heritage there are now nine museums dotted across the island: - The Barbados Museum and Historical Society - Museum of Parliament and The National Heroes Gallery - Nidhe Israel Museum - Arlington House Museum - George Washington House Museum - Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum - The Cricket Legends Museum - Folkstone Underwater Park and Museum - Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum The Barbados Museum and Historical Society was established in what was once the military prison of the British Garrison. How prisons have changed! The elegant buildings surround a landscaped garden and upper courtyard that make the museum ideal for functions of all kinds. Check their website to find out what’s happening. Their smart new Museum shop offers a selection of interesting books on Barbadian heritage and culture. George Washington House is so much more than an 18th century house - the impressionable 19 year old George kept a detailed diary recording his interesting and very pleasant sojourn in Barbados. While enjoying the retail tax free delights of Bridgetown it is easy to drop in to the state of the art Museum of Parliament and The National Heroes Gallery in the Parliament Buildings at the top of Broad Street in Heroes Square. A five minute walk away is the Nidhe Synagogue and another stunning museum. The synagogue is the oldest in the western hemisphere and a mikvah has just been carefully restored. To commemorate Speightstown’s prosperous past, a merchant’s villa there has been turned into an entertaining interactive museum. A great place to go for a morning of snorkelling is Folkstone Underwater Park and Museum. The Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Machinery Museum pays a tribute to the ingenuity of the engineers of old in the manufacture of Barbados golden crystal sugar. Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum in St. Andrew has creative displays demonstrating the way of life in Barbados’ past and a lush nature trail leading to a fresh water stream.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Museum of Parliament and The National Heroes Gallery The national Parliament of Barbados is the third oldest in the Commonwealth, having been established in Barbados in 1639. This exhibition tells the story of great achievements. The clever use of interactive audio and video, with the exceptionally high quality exhibits, make a visit to this small museum a pleasure. Closed Tue. & Sun. Admission: Bds$10 Tel: (246) 310-5400


George Washington House and Museum

Arlington House Interactive Museum

The George Washington House is the only house outside the USA where Washington ever resided. A Museum has been installed on the upper floor of the house. During the 17th and 18th centuries Barbados was one of the wealthiest countries in the hemisphere, Bridgetown one of the three biggest cities with Boston and London. Open Mon. - Fri. 9am-4.30pm. Call for information on entrance fees. Tel: (246) 228-5461

Located in the heart of historic Speightstown in an 18th century building featuring three floors of exhibits, including interactive and audio visual visitor communications. The museum provides an abundance of interesting information, while entertaining and educating all ages about the Barbados sugar heritage and the prominence of Speightstown as an ocean trading â&#x20AC;&#x153;hubâ&#x20AC;? to the New World. Open Mon. - Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 10am-3pm. Admission: Bds$20/Children half price. Tel: (246) 422-4064. Email:

Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum

Nidhe Israel Synagogue Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum and Museum

Fans of the game will thoroughly enjoy the memorabilia and cleverly curated information about West Indies cricket over the past century in the Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum, located across the road from the hallowed ground of West Indies cricket, the newly rebuilt Kensington Oval. There is also a small souvenir shop. Open Mon. - Fri., 10am-4pm, Sat. 10am2pm. Admission: Bds$20/US$10. Tel: (246) 227-2651

The Nidhe Israel (Scattered of Israel) Synagogue and Museum are situated a few minutes walk from Broad Street in Bridgetown. The synagogue was founded in 1654, making it the earliest constructed synagogue still in use in the Americas. In 2010 a mikvah, a ceremonial bath with a natural spring, was restored. A tour of the state of the art museum and renovated synagogue provides an enlightening and interesting experience. Open Mon.-Fri. 9am-4pm. Admission: Bds$25 (Adults). Tel: (246) 436-6869

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum, set on a 200 acre plantation, takes you back in time to witness Barbadian life from a byegone era, with its rich culture and folklore. In addition to the small museum there is a trail leading up to a stream through bamboo groves, with wild eddoes and cassava dispersed between coconut and banana trees. Open Mon. - Sat. 10am-3pm and Sundays by appointment. Entrance fee: Bds$10. Tel: (246) 438-7011


The Barbados Museum & Historical Society The Home of Barbadian Culture and Heritage


Where can you experience the authentic history and culture of Barbados? At the Barbados Museum & Historical Society, of course! Seven galleries set the stage for a fascinating journey through the rich heritage of the island. Explore natural history, Barbadian social history, decorative arts, military history, African artefacts, and prints and paintings all within the Museum’s nineteenth century buildings. Discover uniquely Barbadian mementos such as prints, eighteenth century maps, books, and postcard reproductions of art, all in the Museum Gift Shop. Located in the heart of the Garrison Historic Area, on the outskirts of Bridgetown, the Museum regularly offers special exhibitions and exciting activities and events. These include the Fine Craft Festival, the island’s premier Christmas showcase of local art and craft, traditionally held on the first Saturday in December.

Adults BDS $15, children BDS $7.50 All Caricom nationals are free.

Special Events The Museum’s lush gardens and cobblestone courtyard provide the perfect setting for weddings, special celebrations and photo shoots. Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm & Sundays 2 - 6pm Closed on public holidays Tel: 427-0201 or 436-1956 Fax: 429-5946 e-mail:

Research Local History Delve into rare West Indian documentation, archival documents, genealogical records, photographs, maps and books in the Shilstone Memorial Library, open Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Educational programmes for local schoolchildren are conducted regularly and a range of talks and other public programmes are also offered. The Museum welcomes members and volunteers to help them preserve Barbadian heritage. Check for further information on current services and programmes or check them out on Facebook.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience “Barbados has a great combination of conditions for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUPing and bodysurfing for beginners to experts. This blended with the night life, music, culture and a dynamic mixture of locals & visitors makes it perfect for me”

Brian ‘de action man’ Talma

From his book, “A Week In Barbados Beach Culture”.

Accra Beach Andrew Hulsmeier

beaches Barbados is surrounded by over 70 miles of glorious palm-fringed, white sand beaches; warm, sparkling clear waters in just about every shade of blue imaginable, and a year-round climate that is as close to perfection as you can get. The island is naturally blessed with all the ingredients to make everyone’s dream of that idyllic tropical vacation a reality. Barbados law stipulates that all beaches are public so Barbadians and visitors alike therefore have no shortage of choice when it comes to sand, sea and sun - from the tranquil Caribbean Sea to the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal scenery in Barbados is wonderfully diverse. The sea on the west coast is idyllic for lazing, snorkelling and enjoying watersports like skiing. The south-west coast is a little more choppy and breezy with some beaches having small waves for boogie boarding. The south-east coast gets more breezy with slightly bigger waves - perfect for the action-packed waterman sports - surfing, paddlesurfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. You can try these - boards are available for rent, along with lessons from trained professionals. The east coast welcomes the Atlantic rollers - the Soup Bowl in Bathsheba has become world renowned for surfing. When particularly good waves are forecast large numbers of professional surfers fly in for the occassion. But days in Barbados can be spent as leisurely or as action-packed as you choose – take a long stroll along the shore, join in a friendly game of beach cricket or volleyball. Hire a car for a few days and explore, there are so many beaches that you’ll never have to visit the same one twice – unless, of course, you want to! Pack a picnic lunch, or stop at one of the countless bars and restaurants scattered along the coastline. Don’t forget to take along your sunscreen, and remember, topless sunbathing is against the law in Barbados!

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Accra Beach

A spectacular crescent shaped bay extending from Bridgetown to the Hilton Hotel - over a mile - with a wide beach and calm water. Food, drinks, parking, beach umbrellas and deck chairs are available at the Boatyard, Harbour Lights, Lobster Alive and the Bayshore Complex. There is good snorkelling but be sure to have a colourful marker whenever you snorkel to alert watercraft of your presence. Hazell’s Waterworld sells good quality snorkelling gear. This is an ideal bay for distance swimming and an informal group meet at the southern end on Saturdays at 8am. Pier to pier is approx 1.2 km.

With the new south coast boardwalk it is now possible to walk from Accra for a couple of miles to Hastings. This is a marvellous stretch for rock pooling at low tide. Barbadians walk around sunrise and sunset for their daily exercise. There are several small beaches along the way for swimming. Tapas is open for dining or just stopping off for drinks and snacks from 11am into the evening and there are several excellent restaurants within striking distance - 39 Steps Wine Bar, Champers, Fusion, Bert’s, Brown Sugar, Apsara, Lucky Horseshoe and Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil.

One of the most popular beaches on the island with plenty of parking, great swimming, trees for shade, lots of people and lots of activity. It’s a great place for body surfing and body watching! There are boogie boards, beach chairs and umbrellas for rent and a number of beach stalls selling hot food, cold drinks, clothing, locally made jewellery and souvenirs. Lifeguards are on duty and public facilities and showers are also available. Shopping and supermarkets are also very closeby.

Miami Beach

Silver Sands and Long Beach

Jonathan Farmer

Andrew Hulsmeier

Photo: Courtesy Brian Talma - deAction Beach Shop

Carlisle Bay

Dover Beach and Sandy Beach These are lovely expanses of beach with good swimming conditions on either side of St. Lawrence Gap. Hobie Cats, kayaks, lounge chairs and umbrellas are available for rental at Dover - check with Charles Watersports. Sandy Beach is great for families with young children because of the shallow, calm water and picturesque lagoon. Beach chairs, umbrellas and towels are available for rent from ‘Spock’, who hangs out in his ‘office’ under the trees near the Carib Beach Bar.


Andrew Hulsmeier

Andrew Hulsmeier

Andrew Hulsmeier

South Coast Beaches

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Located close to Oistins, this is a lovely beach with crystal clear water. There is a groin there and on one side the sea is very calm, while the other it is choppy with small waves. This is a very popular beach, especially on weekends. The Mr. Delicious canteen there sells cold drinks including their special rum punch and tasty Bajan food, such as fish cutters. There are also very good lunches available from Café Luna at Little Arches Hotel.

This is a lovely white sand beach with excellent conditions for windsurfing, wave-riding and kitesurfing. Many international windsurfing events are held here due to the ideal wind and wave conditions. DeAction Beach Shop, run by world-ranked Barbadian windsurfer Brian Talma, can be found near Silver Rock beach. They offer lessons and surf boards and windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment is also for sale or rental.

All Photos on this page by Andrew Hulsmeier

South-East & East Coast Beaches

Crane Beach A truly stunning beach. There are boogie boards, umbrellas and beach chairs available for rent and excellent body surfing conditions. There is a moderately challenging public access to the beach by the roundabout. You can pick up a picnic lunch nearby at Cutters of Barbados, a Bajan gourmet deli. Cold drinks, including a good quality rum punch, are also sold on the beach. L’Azure Restaurant at The Crane Resort presents a spectacular view of the beach and serves food all day including a lovely afternoon tea.

Bottom Bay and Harrismith Bottom Bay is everyone’s dream of the perfect tropical beach – cliffs, coconut palms, a cave, soft white sand, brisk breezes and aquamarine sea. A first class picnic venue with chairs for rent. Harrismith has much less beach area but does have a shallow lagoon for a calm dip at low tide and is also very beautiful. Both beaches have formidable steps. An excellent new hand rail has been erected at Bottom Bay.

Foul Bay This is a long, wide, open expanse of beach on a ruggedly attractive stretch of relatively undeveloped coastline. Care should be taken when swimming here as the waves are big and they break onshore – there can be a strong undertow at times. There are large shady areas suitable for picnics. There are no chair rentals or refreshments on sale. Refreshments can be purchased at either Cutters of Barbados, a Bajan gourmet deli, The Palms Restaurant or the Texaco Gas Station which are all nearby.

Bathsheba & Tent Bay Cattlewash


Although these two bays on the east coast are stunningly beautiful and the sea appears to be quite inviting, swimming is very dangerous with strong and unpredictable undercurrents and no life guards on duty. It is best just to take a dip at low tide in the rock pools. As Bajans often say, "The sea ain't got no back door!” The Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba, recently re-opened and serves tasty lunches and punches! There is also a nice picnic spot with shade and tables in Bathsheba around the public facilities.

Although Bath is on the Atlantic coast, swimming here is quite safe because it is shallow with an expansive reef which makes the sea appear green. This is a popular picnic spot with Barbadians, especially on weekends and public holidays because there’s plenty of shade, a pleasant breeze, a small playground, a car park and brand new public facilities. There is a picturesque coastal footpath that runs from Bath to neighbouring Martin’s Bay. It takes approximately an hour and a half to walk there and back.

Cattlewash is one section of several miles of beach that run from Joe’s River in St. Joseph to Cove Bay in St. Lucy. Swimming here is extremely dangerous due to very strong and unpredictable currents and undersea rock shelves. There are a few rock pools at low tide that are lovely for both exploring and ‘sopsing’ sitting in and relaxing. Laurel Ann Morley and her family serve delicious Barbadian lunches and drinks at The Cove Restaurant. Call 433-9495 to make a reservation. Luncheon buffets are served on Thursdays and Sundays.

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a Bajan


Carla takes measurements as this turtle lays her eggs

Carla Daniel’s Night Shift

by Sarah Venable

Tw e n t y- f i v e -y ea r- o l d Carla Daniel works from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. and is an MPhil student in Biology at the University of the West Indies. What’s the connection? With an ultimate focus on conservation, Carla is a working member of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project — you know, the people with the hotline for you to call when you spot disoriented hatchlings, nesting females, or a turtle in distress. Barbados’ sea turtles—mainly green turtles—rose to increased prominence several years ago when enterprising water sports operators realised that people loved swimming with them. “It’s a sexy species,” Carla remarks, “right up there with whales and dolphins.” Sea turtles are now important not only for their role in biodiversity and the land-sea nutrient cycle, but also as one of our island’s main tourist attractions. But now, all of the planet’s sea turtles are threatened or endangered. A project of UWI-Cave Hill, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project works to restore local marine turtle populations and to support similar efforts across the Caribbean. They do this by employing conservation methods, monitoring programmes, education and public awareness campaigns.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Here’s where Carla comes in. She’s one of the local gals on the team of international volunteers who patrol the beaches and respond to hotline calls, primarily during nesting season, from May to November. Patrol entails detecting and recording signs of recent activity. If it’s a nest, you put in a piece of tape with information on it, such as the date and whether the female was known or not. “Turtles return to lay their eggs in the same general location each time,” explained Carla. “There may be a tag on her flipper, so we record information from it. If not, we put one on.” Then they cover up all signs of the turtle’s activity, which prevents them from recording it twice and ensures that no poachers find the eggs. If a nest is threatened by high seas or idiots driving on the beach, the team will relocate the eggs to a safer spot. When they hatch, a release may be staged, with visitors welcome. The sight of a hundred or so wiggly little creatures scuttling like mad towards the sea is unforgettable. But the odds are against them. Within five years, most will have been eaten by something. In an unassisted emergence, some babies don’t even make it from the nest to the water; crabs or cats might get them. In many cases, bright lights from the shore lure them away from the sea, into streets where they are at the mercy of traffic. Even when larger and in their proper habitat, turtles are vulnerable; contamination, loss of foraging areas, and predators (including humans) all take their toll. Only one in a thousand eggs will produce a turtle that reaches reproductive age about 25 to 30 years later. Sometimes callers report a turtle in distress. This is the exciting aspect of the job. “You never know where you will go on any given night, or what problems you will encounter,” Carla said. And here is the really good part: People have become aware, and they do care. Carla says, “We get the kindest, most helpful Barbadians. I saw a man bodily stopping traffic to keep disoriented hatchlings from being run over. He nearly got hit himself. Another time we had a turtle that had gotten into an empty swimming pool on a construction site and there was no way the team could lift her out. So I went to the nearest rum shop...” (Smart girl.) Deserting their drinks, the patrons rushed over to help lift the distressed creature out and guide her to the safety of the sea. In Speightstown, a turtle had swum inland up the drainage canal all the way to the gas station on the bypass road. Now there was a real pickle. A bystander joined in, and found a piece of plywood to use as a raft. With the help of other concerned citizens, the team manoeuvred the turtle onto it, managed to drag it to the end of the drain, hoisted the turtle into the trunk of the car, and drove her back to the beach. All in a night’s work... Needless to say, this schedule destroys your social life. What’s more, Carla adds, science is neither glamourous nor lucrative, especially in Barbados, where the main opportunities are restricted to laboratories. She would have to go abroad. That’s okay. “I’d love to travel. Tourists tell me how blessed we are here, but I’d like to see for myself.” When Carla finishes her studies, she plans to publish and eventually lecture. “I’m not a tree hugger,” she says, “but I want to right some of the wrongs that humans have done. They don’t seem to understand that most extinctions are the result of our actions, and through small steps are utterly preventable. Some things I can’t do anything about, but I know I can help to make a difference.” You can too. That hotline number is 230-0142.

Photo: Jonathan Farmer

All Photos on this page by Andrew Hulsmeier except The Garden and Heron Bay

West Coast Beaches

Mullins, Gibbes and Reeds

Paynes Bay has a beautiful white sandy beach and the calm water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling with turtles, however, it can be a bit crowded at times. There is a well maintained public access between The Sands and Sandy Lane with limited roadside parking. Cold drinks are sold in Paynes Bay and chairs are available for rent.

The Garden and Heron Bay Between Royal Pavilion Hotel and Carlton in St. Peter is a lovely stretch of beach with several little paths through which you can gain access. For a delicious lunch there is the wonderful Lone Star or for an economical light bite or just a few drinks on the beach, Juju’s is a very cute ‘no frills’ beach bar. It’s best to take your own deck chairs or just use your towel here. There is nice swimming and sometimes there are turtles around.

Photo Courtesy: Mangos By the Sea Restaurant

These beaches make up a magnificent stretch of beach in St. Peter with glassy, turquoise water; good area for snorkelling and a variety of watersports on offer. Mullins Beach Bar offers service right to your beach chair. At the southern end of the beach there is a good area for picnics. Gibbes Beach has no beach chairs for rent nor refreshments for sale but lovely peaceful swimming. Reeds Bay in Lower Carlton has the best parking with chairs for rent and refreshments on sale.

Paynes Bay

Holetown and The Boardwalk

Batts Rock and Prospect

There is a new boardwalk along the waterfront of Holetown - great for walking at sunset! Holetown has one main beach and a couple of small ones further south. Holetown is the shopping centre of the west coast. Three of the best places to have a delicious lunch located right on the beach are The Tides Restaurant, Sandpiper Hotel and Spago Restaurant at Settlers Beach Hotel. Folkstone Marine Park and Museum, located just past Settlers Beach has a snorkelling trail and a small museum about the marine life in Barbados.

Just past the northern end of Spring Garden Highway, there is a public access to this superb beach with parking, shade and great swimming. The Cockspur Beach Club at Brighton Beach has beach chairs and umbrellas, lunch and drinks as well as loads of watersports. Brighton Beach runs all the way to Bridgetown. Caution - the area known as the ‘hot pot’, where warm water from the rum distillery flows into the sea, sometimes has dangerous currents.

Speightstown Beach Speightstown has a gem of a beach quiet and peaceful, which makes it the perfect spot to relax. It is also now possible to walk along the coast as far as the Cobblers Cove Hotel thanks to newly constructed walkway. Mangos By The Sea Restaurant is now hiring some of the best quality chairs and umbrellas and serving light lunches and drinks on the beach in Speightstown . Further along, the quaint Cassareep Café serves good lunches, snacks and delicious coffee and the Fisherman’s Pub sells hearty portions of very tasty Bajan specialties.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience “ looked fabulous, all lush green hills and secluded white sand beaches. Just off shore lies one of the world's largest coral reefs.”

Darren Gough

Retired English cricketer and former Captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, speaking of his experience in the Grenadines.

There remain few places on earth today that can match the unblemished natural beauty, easy accessibility and ‘feel good’ tranquillity of the uninhabited Tobago Cays Wilfred Dederer

islandhopping Although the numerous islands that make up the Caribbean are quite closely strung together, they are nevertheless vastly different and offer many stark contrasts, both geographically and culturally. So, having already journeyed as far as Barbados, it seems a shame not to take advantage of this golden opportunity to do a bit of “island hopping” and see the other world that exists on our doorstep. In particuar, just some 45 minutes flight-time from Barbados can be found one of the world’s few remaining true paradises – The Grenadines, a delightful string of about 30 small islands and cays found between St. Vincent and Grenada, where exquisite settings, deserted beaches and abundant coral reefs await your discovery. Until fairly recently, many of the Grenadine islands were accessible only by sea, by way of inter-island schooners and ferries. Now, with the addition of small airports on the islands of Mustique, Canouan, Bequia and Union, these enchanting hideaways are within quick and easy reach of Barbados. Barbados is the gateway to these islands and there are a number of options available to get you there. These range from private jet and exclusive yacht charters, to all-inclusive, one-day, or one-week packages offered by tour companies like Chantours Caribbean, who specialize in island hopping adventures and exclusive yacht charters in the Grenadines and other Caribbean islands. They can arrange anything from the exceptional and exclusive to the simple and sublime. You can enjoy a one-day sailing excursion aboard a 45-ft catamaran and discover the islands of Mustique, Bequia, Canouan, the Tobago Cays... or escape for a few days aboard a crewed yacht, or perhaps in an island villa or hotel. Chantours can customdesign packages for special events like corporate incentives, group excursions, weddings, or any special occasion for that matter, which can include private jet charters throughout the Caribbean, Europe or North America, luxury yacht charters in the Grenadines, British Virgin Islands and French West Indies and personalized packages to exclusive resorts and villas throughout the entire Caribbean.

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Courtesy Basil’s Bar, Mustique

Island Hopping

Named one of the World’s Ten Best Bars by Newsweek, Basil’s Bar in Mustique still lives up to that reputation

Chantours is committed to the pursuit of excellence guaranteeing their customers exceptional service every step of the way. For the past 20 years SVG Air, based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has been taking many a satisfied customer from one Caribbean destination to another. They operate scheduled and charter flights to and from the Grenadines and a number of other Caribbean destinations. Specializing in charters and shared charters, SVG Air offers a personalized service second to none. Their fleet of aircrafts, flown by highly professional pilots, also offers an air ambulance service, a freight service and a handling service for any aircraft wishing to visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Private charters offer the convenience of no crowds, no queuing up and no waiting around airports and the short flight times enable you to make the most of your precious holiday days. So, depending on the degree of luxury you seek, the amount of time available and of course your budget, these exquisite islands are just a short hop away!

Are you looking for a vacation with a difference, with a big emphasis on natural beauty, peace and quiet and rest and relaxation? If so, you need to know about one of the best-kept secrets in the Grenadines – the privately owned homes on Palm Island that are available for vacation rentals. These comfortable beach cottages, ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, are located right on the beach with spectacular views of the surrounding Grenadine islands. It is an ideal holiday for families, couples or anybody who just wants to get away from it all.


Palm Island, St. Vincent & t h e G r e n a d i n e s


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

For reservations and further information: Tel: (246) 262-5874 e-mail:

While holidaying in the Caribbean, indulge in our: • One day sailing excursions in the Grenadine Islands. Explore Union, Mayreau, the Tobago Cays and Palm Island or perhaps Morpion and enchanting Petit St Vincent.

• NEW ! Explore the Grenadines on board a luxurious crewed catamaran for 2 nights / 3 days with our new Stateroom PLAZA 2, SUNSET CREST, ST.JAMES, BARBADOS. T: (246) 432-5591 E:

packages. No need to charter your own yacht, sail the islands in style.

• Day excursions to Mustique, Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica. • Enjoy a private luxury yacht for a day in Barbados, we will tailor everything from the cuisine and bar to your itinerary! • Sail & Stay….The ultimate indulgence! Combine an exclusive villa or hotel with as little as 2 nights on a luxury crewed yacht!

Create the memory of a lifetime on board one of our luxurious yachts Photo by Bugsy Gedlek

If you seek an exclusive holiday tailored to meet your every desire…….you have come to the right place. For the ultimate luxury experience get on board one of our preferred yachts. From sleek motor yachts for those who desire the super yacht lifestyle to luxurious sailing yachts for those who prefer the trade winds to dictate their pace. Wherever your preferred destination, we have the right yacht for you. Simply choose your guests and we will take care of the rest…. ST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES • FRENCH WEST INDIES • BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS • MEDITERRANEAN

PLAZA 2, SUNSET CREST, ST.JAMES, BARBADOS • T: (246) 432-5591 • E: • everything you need to know about st. vincent & the grenadines

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The Barbados Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am a man of simple tastes, easily satisfied by the best.â&#x20AC;?

Winston Churchill Speaking as a guest of Sir Anthony Eden at his home in Barbados

Solana - a beachfront property Photo Courtesy Island Villas

property There are generally three main reasons why international investors buy a home in Barbados. Knowledgeable investors recognize that Barbados is a leading vacation destination and therefore it is a good choice for investing in a property that they can rent out sufficiently to cover their expenses and possibly generate a profit, while also benefitting from appreciation of its value. Other purchasers acquire a home in preparation for the enjoyment of their retirement. These buyers might aspire to cover some of the mortgage and running expenses by renting out the property part-time but using it themselves the rest of the year. However, the majority of vacation-home buyers in Barbados are looking for a property where they can derive maximum benefit from a secure and enjoyable location, to create lifetime memories for their family or spend quality time with friends. For most people, buying a home in Barbados is undoubtedly a lifestyle decision; with the overriding desire being to enjoy life in an exotic ‘tropical paradise’ without having to relinquish their customary comforts and first class amenities. Perhaps the greatest strength of Barbados is that the country has managed to establish the sophisticated infrastructure of a more developed nation, while retaining the natural beauty and charm of a small island in the Caribbean. The fact that more than two thousand non-residents have purchased properties in Barbados over the last few years, ranging from modest condominiums to fifty million dollar mansions, suggests that Barbados is now the premier luxury, vacation home destination in the Caribbean. It is also worth noting that five of the UK’s largest real estate companies are represented in Barbados, all associated with well-established and highly reputable local agencies who offer excellent professional services including property management, rentals and sales. Barbadians understand that tourism and foreign investment are essential for our economy, so we have developed a culture that embraces visitors to our country. This hospitable environment, along with the secure nature of doing business in Barbados and the many pleasurable advantages of ‘Living the Barbados Dream’, make a compelling case for investing in property on this island.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Property Living The Barbados Dream An Island with Star Appeal

Photo Courtesy Altman Real Estate

Measuring just 21 miles by 14 miles, Barbados is by any standards a mere speck on the globe; yet our tiny island has established itself as the destination of choice for generations of A-List celebrities; including royal families, leading statesmen, film stars, top supermodels, world sports icons and eminent business personalities. This elite love affair with Barbados is a longstanding relationship, dating back to the 1900’s when members of the British aristocracy and celebrities such as Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Edward Cunard, Aristotle Onassis and Noel Coward clearly enjoyed the natural beauty and charm of Barbados, but they also greatly valued the peace and privacy they were afforded by their island escape. By the time Sandy Lane Hotel had opened its doors in 1961, Barbados was attracting even more of the world’s rich and famous to visit the island. Scripts in Hollywood movies often make pointed references to the lead character enjoying the luxury of ‘jetting off to Barbados’; international gossip columns love to keep the public up to date with ‘who has been seen’ in Barbados; while British newspapers regularly report lists of celebrated names who have either bought or are looking to buy a home in Barbados. However, while the international media may strive to track down celebrities when they are in Barbados, Barbadians themselves are renowned for protecting the privacy of our VIP visitors to the full.

Generally speaking, you only hear publicly in Barbados that a celebrity has visited the island after they have already left; and most times you just don’t hear about it at all. Ranked #1 in the Caribbean for the greatest percentage of repeat visitors, Barbados has become one of the world’s most aspirational destinations. While there are many tangible reasons that can help to explain this phenomenon, the underlying factor that consistently resonates at the very heart of this issue is undoubtedly the reality that Barbados can provide a particularly enjoyable way of life. Perhaps influenced by the very compact physical nature of the island and the generally warm personality and open disposition of Bajans, Barbados has willingly developed a culture that embraces visitors. So, rather than remaining isolated in tourist enclaves, visitors to our country tend to find themselves mixing regularly with local people in a wide variety of circumstances. The welcome end result of this everyday interaction is that when people come on a trip to this island they are not here just for a break away from home, they are also here to enjoy a real Barbados experience. One of the most gratifying and rewarding ways to truly experience the benefits of the enviable Barbados lifestyle is to spend your time on the island living in one of the many luxurious villas that are available for rental or purchase. Apart from being one of life's finer luxuries, enjoying leisure time in a beautiful home as an owner or a visiting guest undoubtedly offers an extra degree of flexibility, with increased opportunity to take full advantage of the many pleasures that Barbados has to offer.

Verbeia at Royal Westmoreland


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

so much more than an extraordinary vacation home Spectacular location. Unparalleled residences. World-class amenities and services. Profitable rental pool. Proven track record. Smart investment. From US$445,000 - $3,000,000. Shared ownership from $12,500.

Property Villa Life in Barbados

Photo: Mike Toy - reproduced from Architecture and Design in Barbados

In keeping with its capacity to provide a surprisingly wide spectrum of scenic beauty within a relatively small area, Barbados can also offer a variety of beautiful villas that can accommodate the most demanding of requirements and tastes. Whether it be beachfront or wooded garden, classical or whimsical, sprawling or small and intimate, there is something here to please everybody: couples, families or groups of friends. The extensive choice of properties available for sale or rental ranges from modest studios, to luxury villas, to palatial beachfront mansions to grand private estates in the countryside. Indeed Barbados is home to some of the most magnificent houses and villas to be found anywhere in world, with a significant number of them available for short or long term rental. Interestingly, the cost associated with renting these magnificent properties in Barbados often represents very good value when compared to houses of a similar standard in other desirable locations around the world. With the advent of a number of world-class, recreation and lifestyle themed residential communities in Barbados, visitors now have greater opportunity to select a specific location that best suits their own individual needs and preferences. For example, golfers may opt for the Sandy Lane Estate, Royal Westmoreland or Apes Hill; with the latter also representing the ideal choice for polo enthusiasts. Tennis players might prefer Sugar Hill; those who sail have the option of Port St. Charles; while anybody who simply loves being next to the sea might consider Saint Peterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay on the west coast, the Crane Resort & Residences on the magnificent south-east coast or Ocean Reef and Ocean Two on the south coast. And new for the island, the Limegrove Lifestyle

Centre in Holetown now offers a further choice for people who prefer to be in a more urban-living environment, while still staying on the coast. One of the greatest advantages of Villa Life is that it offers both the relaxed environment of a private home and the attentive service of a top resort. Residents have the liberty to do what they want when they want, without any need to consider the sensibilities of strangers around them; and yet still be able to enjoy the full benefit of dedicated helpers whose sole aim is to make sure their guests relax and enjoy themselves. This wonderful best-of-both-worlds scenario can clearly be advantageous for anybody, but it can be especially valuable for family groups in search of spending some rare quality time together. There is nothing quite like a villa vacation to inspire positive family bonding; with everybody having more time for each other as individuals, while also enjoying more time, and inclination, to participate in group activities. These family vacations often provide lifetime memories, especially for the children. Many years down the road, people will find themselves reminiscing, fondly looking back with great joy at relatively simple events â&#x20AC;&#x201C; perhaps a game of charades, a fullmoon barbeque, a day fooling around in kayaks, a birthday celebration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all made so much more enjoyable, meaningful and memorable simply because they were done together as a family while staying in your own private villa. It is because of this particular aspect of Villa Life that many families actually book a villa vacation every year, just to guarantee a chance to spend that high level of quality time together. And when the children themselves become adults, they often want to return to the scene of their happy childhood holidays. A villa vacation can be the ideal choice for a family reunion or any other special occasion.



The Ins & Outs of Barbados

The professional staff at the private villas provide excellent service Photo: Andrew Hulsmeier

Property Nowadays, the vast majority of rental properties in Barbados are looked after by highly accomplished management companies or real estate agencies, operated by dedicated professionals who benefit from many years experience of taking good care of both the houses and the guests who stay in them. As such, the villas are generally very well maintained and kept in immaculate condition by carefully trained staff; usually comprising a butler, cook, housemaids, gardener and watchman. In the case of any high profile individuals who might request additional privacy or a heightened level of protection, there are a number of very professional, highly qualified security experts now offering their services in Barbados. This means that all owners and visitors alike can just leave all their worries behind, totally unwind and concentrate on enjoying themselves. The Barbadian staff working in the villas are generally very amiable, efficient and loyal; and it is not unusual for villa renters to develop a mutually respectful and endearing relationship with the staff of a particular house, which often results in repeat visits. Such is the strength of these bonds that over the years there have been many examples of villa staff being invited back to a family’s home in their own country or even to join them on a vacation. In recent times the overall quality of the trained staff in the houses and villas has improved considerably, especially in the kitchens. Nowadays there is not only a good supply of Bajan cooks who can expertly produce a variety of delicious local dishes, there now also exists a sizeable cadre of very gifted, fully trained chefs who are well capable of producing top class cuisine of an international standard; so much so that many villa residents are quite content to ‘eat in’ most nights, saving trips to our many excellent local restaurants as more of a treat or as a special occasion. One of the extra advantages of this kind of arrangement is that you not only choose the kind of meals that you would like to eat but also the ingredients that will be used to prepare them. Apart from the obvious point of this allowing you to eat exactly what you want, it also gives the cook/chef an opportunity to serve some very healthy and wholesome, fresh, ‘home-cooked’ food, including of course some of our truly delicious local Bajan dishes. To further add to your enjoyment of local food, and as a way to broaden your Barbados experience, you could go to one of the main produce markets and shop with the locals. There are a number of markets spread around the country, but Cheapside Market in Bridgetown is one of the best, especially on a Saturday morning when there will be a huge selection of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, fresh meat and sundry items. At the same time you could go to the fish market across the road to buy fresh seafood. It might all seem a bit ‘strange’ at first but the more you go the more you will understand and enjoy it. To further enhance the already tremendous appeal of Villa Life, it is now possible to book house-call appointments for an extensive range of service providers such as hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists, personal exercise trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors. The leading real estate and villa management companies generally have a system whereby they will interview and appraise the abilities of the various service providers for prior approval. It is worthy of note that many of these various professionals are very highly qualified and extremely competent and provide a truly international standard of service. There are in fact a number of instances of some of them being flown overseas to provide their services to clients who have been suitably impressed with their exceptional quality and wish to continue treatments or training at home. All in all, Villa Life gives renters and owners alike a wonderful opportunity to savour all of the very best that life has to offer. And, in its turn, living the Villa Life also opens up every possibility for the residents to experience the Barbados Lifestyle.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Apes Hill

Property Enjoying the Barbados Lifestyle While you are staying at your villa you might also enjoy making the most of ‘living in the tropics’ by undertaking to do some gardening, working with new plants and blooms in a completely different environment. Most plants tend to grow faster and bigger in the tropical climate so, if you are a gardener, you could find this exercise very rewarding. If you have any larger scale ambitions, Barbados has a lot of very skilled and experienced landscape architects and garden designers who are accustomed to working on huge projects. Barbadians are by nature very sports and fitness oriented and they genuinely enjoy the rigours of physical exercise, especially when combined with a good social scene with lots of fun and laughter. Wherever you go around this island you will find the landscape dotted with sports fields and facilities of every kind. Visitors to Barbados are made very welcome within the sporting community, whether as players or spectators, and should always feel free to get involved. Just look for your sport and go along. Bajans love to walk or hike and there are several regular weekly events. The National Trust Hikes take place every Sunday, using a different route each week. They provide a superb way of getting some exercise while at the same time seeing parts of Barbados that you would never see otherwise, as well as getting to learn about the island’s history and ecosystem. Similarly, the Barbados Hash House Harriers walk, trot or run a different course each Saturday afternoon, always finishing with their customary convivial ‘social gathering’. In both cases, visitors are made most welcome and it’s an easy way to meet new people and find new friends.

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With a long and distinguished history as being one of the most hospitable and healthy places on earth to enjoy life, it seems almost inevitable that Barbados can boast of the distinction of having more centenarians per capita of the population than most other countries in the entire world. The majority of Barbadians who live for over 100 years traditionally credit their longevity to any combination of the following four factors: putting trust in God, keeping active, eating wholesome food and taking an occasional nip of Barbados Rum. Luckily for you, while you are here in Barbados you too can partake in any or all of these lifeextending activities: just be sure to get the balance right! Thanks to a year-round climate that provides near perfect weather conditions, combined with a salubrious natural environment, Barbados is tailor-made for outdoor pursuits and a generally very healthy outdoors lifestyle. Even at the simplest levels of everyday life – eating, drinking, relaxing, reading, and chatting – it can all be enjoyed outdoors in the fresh air. Over the course of time, architects in Barbados have made a fine art of designing beautiful buildings that fully embrace the concept of indoor-outdoor living; creating lots of spacious, open-plan rooms that provide sufficient shelter from the elements but still provide a seamless link between the interior living spaces and the world of nature outside. It really is a lot easier to enjoy life when even regular meals are enhanced simply by being eaten outdoors in beautiful conditions – maybe lunch under the shade of a breezy gazebo alongside the sea or dinner on a garden terrace under the stars at night.

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The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Fustic House

A grove of palms at the Barbados Flower Forest - Photo Derek St. Romaine, reproduced from the book Barbados in Bloom


Residents and guests of Port St. Charles and St. Peters Bay have the exclusive use of the yacht club at the Port St. Charles Marina

Amazingly for such a small island, Barbados enjoys the luxury of 4 world-class polo fields – Apes Hill Polo Club, Barbados Polo Club at Holders, Lion Castle and Clifton. Polo in Barbados has a big following and there are plenty of high-octane tournaments played throughout the season, involving some of the world’s top professionals. A day out at polo is always an enjoyable affair and a great way to meet locals and visiting residents alike. In 2010 Apes Hill Polo Club hosted the illustrious launch of the Sentebale Polo Cup by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. Barbados has a long tradition of fine horsemanship and there are many good stables in operation. Many of our international homeowners in Barbados have become actively involved in horse racing on the island and race days at the Garrison Savannah are always popular, especially on the occasion of the prestigious Sandy Lane Gold Cup. Golfers are very well catered to as Barbados has five championship courses, with some of them ranking amongst the very top courses in the Caribbean. Many villa owners play the game and thoroughly enjoy the world-class golf facilities and the amiable 19th Hole camaraderie that invariably follows the game. Indeed people will often buy a home at a residential community, such as Apes Hill and Royal Westmoreland, specifically to access restricted golf membership privileges. Apart from enjoying regular games, entering competitions and developing new friendships, one of the more unusual perks of golf membership in Barbados is that you might be pleasantly surprised by who else you find in your 4-ball. As just one small example, there are many tales of visiting golfers who have been blown away to find themselves teeing off with their schoolboy hero, the legendary cricketer Sir Garry Sobers. But that is Barbados; those things happen here.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

A similar story happened for tennis fans who were at Sugar Hill last November, when the residential community’s courts were graced with the presence of Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki, there to play a match and mingle with guests. Barbados recently hosted the World Fireball Sailing Championships, based at the Barbados Yacht Club on the south coast, with 70 teams from around the world enjoying what was widely acknowledged as a very successful event. The winners, Britain’s Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend, described the conditions as perfect “champagne sailing”. The sailing community in Barbados is very convivial and visitors are made welcome at the Yacht Club. If you have an interest in bigger boats you might be interested in Port St. Charles, a residential community developed around a marina. Port St. Charles is an official port of entry into Barbados, with its own immigration and customs facility, so residents here are able to enter and leave the island from here if they wish. Many of the resident boat owners take advantage of this facility as an opportunity to sail to neighbouring islands, especially the stunning Grenadines. Port St. Charles has a number of megayacht berths and in the season, especially around Christmas, it plays host to some of the finest yachts in the world today. Many of the owners of these super-yachts will fly into Barbados by private jet, via the dedicated IAM Jet Centre at the airport, to then join up with the yacht or to stay in a villa and use the boat for local sailing. Port St. Charles also has its own heli-pad, thus facilitating swift transfers to and from the airport. Port St. Charles is also the base for the annual Barbados Game Fishing Championships, another sport that is very popular here. Other watersports that you can enjoy in excellent conditions are diving, windsurfing, paddle boarding and surfing, all practiced at a high level, often with international competitions.

Port St. Charles

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Cricket has long been associated with Barbados and there are matches played at various levels throughout the year. Even watching just a lower division match that you might happen to pass can provide great entertainment – both on and off the field. For the top international matches you would need to visit Kensington Oval, the ‘mecca’ of West Indies cricket and the venue for the Cricket World Cup Finals in 2007 and the ICC Twenty20 World Cup Finals in 2010. The successful hosting of world sporting events such as the two cricket world cups, the World Golf Championships in 2006 and the World Fireball Sailing Championships as mentioned earlier, has encouraged Barbados to take responsibility for staging more of these major championships, including most recently the AIBA World Women's Boxing Championships. Barbados is rapidly becoming a world events centre and this will continue to provide great interest and entertainment for villa residents for may years to come. Barbados has also firmly established itself as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’, with an ample and diverse range of top class, fine dining restaurants; many modest but clean and comfortable locations that serve truly sumptuous local food; and some of the best ‘street food’ that you’ll ever taste anywhere. Right on your doorstep you also have a multitude of very high quality hotels, including some of the world’s leading properties. While the hotels are primarily for the guests staying there, they nearly all offer use of their facilities to outside clients; notably their restaurants but also their spa services, with Sandy Lane and Coral Reef being particularly good examples. If you are interested in using the facilities of any hotel, all you need to do is to make a quick phone call and enquire. The Barbados social scene tends to be varied and vibrant throughout the entire year, but especially so during the Christmas and Easter seasons when the island becomes a hive of entertainment activity. Look out for some of the bigger Charity Evenings, Art Shows and Fashion Shows, which are always also top social events. Supporting local charities, and better still getting directly involved with them, is a wonderful means of enjoying your time in Barbados while also making a valuable contribution to our society. This of course can also prove to be very spiritually rewarding for those who contribute and it can add


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

to the sense of belonging in your new home away from home. The brand new, very upmarket Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown is destined to become an important fulcrum of the Barbados social scene. Apart from the obvious attraction of the luxurious stores and boutiques purveying the very top lines of the world’s leading brands and a host of epicurean delights, cinemas and a variety of entertainment facilities, Limegrove will also be hosting regular high quality special events. In Barbados there is usually some form of the performing arts taking place just about every month, with the Holders Season around Easter time and the Jazz Festival in January possibly topping the list, with both attracting mainstream international performers. For a more local cultural experience, throughout July the Crop Over Festival stages multiple events and culminates on the first Monday in August with Grand Kadooment Day ‘jump up’. It is important to try to be aware of what is going on by looking around for information and asking questions, as there are often unusual events taking place that you would not want to miss. One such example might be the Open Air Cinema in Speightstown, where old movies are shown at night on an outdoor screen. As in most events in Barbados, you never quite know who you might bump into. One screening this year featured the old classic ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and the lucky audience was treated to a live review of the film by the New York Times film critic, who just happened to be in the island. It turned out to be a very special night with an unexpected twist – but that’s the kind of special experience that happens in Barbados. If like most of our centenarians you would like to include regular worship in your weekly routine then, once again, you are in the right place. Barbados is famous for the depth of its long established religious tolerance, with a profusion of different religions all co-existing peacefully in this tiny area of land we call home, and all resolutely respectful of each other’s rights. The country was founded as Anglican but we still boast of the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, established even before there was any such temple in London. Catholics, Muslims and Hindus all live side by side, along with representatives of numerous other worldwide religions too long to list here. Barbados is the #1 place to live, work and play. Barbados is good for you.

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Property What’s Hot on the West Coast in 2011 incorporating 100,000 square feet of space for quality shopping and leisure facilities. The Limegrove Residential Garden Community, The Grove, will comprise 56 luxury residences: 32 garden and penthouse condominiums, 8 loftstyle townhouses and 16 hillside villas. A good example of a resurgence of re-sales opportunities can be found in the case of Port St. Charles, which is unique in Barbados as the island's only beachfront residential marina. Port St. Charles offers superb beach and waterfront villas and apartments, each with its own berth. Battaleys Mews, situated just 500 yards inland from the famous Mullins Beach, is set back in a quiet, secluded position and is particularly suited to families who wish to holiday with children but do not wish to compromise on the quality of their comfort. A little further inland, located on the Mount Brevitor ridge overlooking the coastline, Vuemont offers a range of luxuriously and elegantly planned two and three-bedroom villas and twobedroom apartments which are available freehold. All of the aforementioned residential developments are covered within the pages of this property section. For further information about any of them, or any individual houses or properties that occasionally come on the market, please contact the relevant sales office or the real estate company that is identified as the representative sales agent for the property.

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At first glance the property market in Barbados appears to be quieter than it has been for many years, but closer examination will reveal that even though volume is down – which is hardly surprising given the recent state of the world’s economy – there are a number of signs of a recovery, with a significant amount of activity taking place, especially within re-sales and the luxury market on the West Coast. Several prestigious projects, that are all quite different to each other, have already been completed or are about to complete construction and have show-units ready to present to prospective buyers. Saint Peter’s Bay, located as the name suggests on 4.5 acres of the St. Peter coastline, comprises six elegant, 5-storey buildings strategically spaced along 500 feet of spectacular beachfront; offering a total of fifty-seven desirable homes, including six spectacular penthouse suites and three deluxe penthouse suites. For purchasers interested in a luxurious, sports lifestyle community, the relatively new and very exciting Apes Hill Club, a Wentworth Landmark Community built around a superb golf course and polo facility; and the longer established Royal Westmoreland, with its outstanding Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf course; are both very vibrant right now and have a variety of lots and beautiful homes for sale. The almost completed Limegrove, located in the heart of Holetown, is the island’s first mixed-use, lifestyle centre,

Schooner Bay is located on the west coast between Speightstown and St. Peter’s Bay


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Property Saint Peter’s Bay When driving along the west coast road in St. Peter, the impressive Saint Peter’s Bay can be easily distinguished by virtue of its attractive Caribbean yellow façade. Interestingly, this is reminiscent of the typical colour applied to most of the main buildings in Barbados during the 18th century, when the paint was hand-mixed using natural pigments. Saint Peter’s Bay has been developed by a team of highly experienced professionals, all with proven track records in successful real estate development in Barbados. The key team members, such as developer Bjorn Bjerkhamn, architect Ian Morrison and contractor Jada Builders Inc., have all been involved in numerous successful developments throughout the Caribbean, including notably the prestigious Port St. Charles Marina located just north of Saint Peter’s Bay. The developers are fully utilising their invaluable collective experiences to ensure that Saint Peter’s Bay becomes one of the Caribbean’s premier beachfront communities. Seldom can the expression ‘you have to see it to believe it’ have been more appropriate than when used today in reference to the amazing work that has been completed over the past 12 months at Saint Peter’s Bay. While some recent projects in Barbados have been stalled as part of the fallout from the global recession, the Barbadian developers of Saint Peter’s Bay have forged confidently ahead and brought their beautiful, beachfront, residential community to a hugely successful completion.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

This positive approach means that potential purchasers can now visit the property and see exactly what they are buying; indeed they can actually enjoy a first hand experience of the quality of the community prior to purchasing. In addition to adding a substantial degree of security to the investment process, the fact that Saint Peter’s Bay is completely finished also removes the frustration that can sometimes result from purchasing a property prior to completion; and it also means that when residents occupy their new homes they are not going to be disturbed by the continued presence of workers and construction equipment on the site. So the excellent news for would-be buyers is that the Saint Peter’s Bay community is now in full operation and there is a selection of furnished show apartments open for viewing. There can be no better way to get a good feel for the quality of Saint Peter’s Bay than to spend some time relaxing in the actual apartments themselves, personally soaking up the peaceful ambiance of discrete elegance and sophisticated tropical indooroutdoor living. Something else that ‘has to be seen to be believed’ at Saint Peter’s Bay is the stunning revelation that takes place literally before your very eyes when you enter the property from the road and then emerge on the other side of the buildings. The spacious 4-acre area of beachfront land has been enhanced by skilfully landscaped and carefully maintained gardens, designed around a beautiful 160 feet freeform swimming pool. This first captivating scene, including the expansive width of the Saint


Peter’s Bay shoreline, can often take first-time visitors by surprise; but it is the truly magnificent view of the classic ‘picture postcard’ beach, lined with the tallest, most majestic coconut trees on the west coast, and the azure blue, crystal clear ocean, that can really capture your heart. This is Barbados at its finest; the epitome of the idyllic Caribbean location. Life is for living. That is the whole essence of the Saint Peter’s Bay lifestyle; and so it is imperative that all residents, couples, friends and families alike, are given every opportunity to derive maximum enjoyment from each day they are here – be it for a week, a month or a year. The carefully planned and diligently constructed Saint Peter’s Bay comprises six striking buildings, strategically spaced along an ample 500 feet of beachfront. Four of the residential buildings overlook the swimming pool, which offers residents a very attractive alternative location for relaxation and recreation. Adjacent to the pool is a spacious gazebo that makes a perfect spot to find some shade during the day or to watch the sun set in the evening. The other two residential buildings are located on the southern end of the property, providing additional privacy from the pool area. In total, Saint Peter’s Bay incorporates fifty-seven desirable homes, including six spectacular penthouse suites and three even more spectacular, deluxe penthouse suites. Every single residence enjoys glorious views across the beach and out to sea. The homes display traditional architecture and finishes, with floor plans that maximize open living spaces, breathtaking ocean views and privacy. Generous terraces with spa pools, fully equipped kitchens and beautiful bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are accented with marble tiles, white washed cedar joinery and coral mouldings.

Facilities at Saint Peter’s Bay include a Pool Bar, Beauty Salon, Fitness Centre, Concierge Services, and on-site security and property management. An extra and extremely attractive bonus of the developers’ excellent relationship with Port St. Charles is that all home-owners will be presented with a membership of the superbly located and well-appointed Port St. Charles Yacht Club, which is a members-only club, as part of their purchase package. The Yacht Club offers casual dining seven days a week. Saint Peter’s Bay owners will be able to enjoy travelling by water-taxi to and from the club, as well as to Historic Speightstown. When selecting finishes and designing the residences and common areas, the Saint Peter’s Bay team has carefully considered the ongoing operations of the property to facilitate effective common services operations and ensure that common expenses are minimized, so that the owners’ investments are protected and the high standards are carried forward for all to enjoy. An on-site property management team handles the operation and maintenance for the community. The advent of Saint Peter’s Bay represents a rare opportunity for the discerning investor to purchase a quality home on one of the very finest beaches in Barbados. As an added incentive, potential purchasers should also take note of the fact that the neighbouring area surrounding Saint Peter’s Bay is gradually being upgraded by the same developer, thus creating potential for a future increase in property values and also assuring a very pleasant local environment well into the future. The special introductory pricing starts at US$2.3 million for the 2,700 square feet standard 3 bedroom residences. For further information please contact: Tel: (246) 419-9601 or Fax: (246) 419-9606 E-mail: Website:

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Property Apes Hill Club From the first warm greeting by members of staff as you reach Apes Hill Club and pull up at the Welcome Centre; to the pleasant surprise that many people experience when first driving along the entrance road, flanked by lush foliage and rugged coral rock; it is immediately apparent that you have arrived somewhere very special. Apes Hill Club is made up of 470 acres of the most beautiful land in Barbados. With its ideal location on an elevated ridge some 1,000 feet above sea-level, resulting in cool temperatures and extraordinary views of both the west and east coasts, it is easy to understand why Apes Hill Club has been recognized as one of the leading sporting and residential communities in the entire Caribbean. Apes Hill Club is a Wentworth Landmark Community: a joint venture between Sir Charles Williams, a highly successful Barbadian entrepreneur; Landmark Land of the USA, one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading golf resort and residential developers; and Wentworth, the world renowned golf and country club. The vibrant Apes Hill Club, a people-oriented community, is being built around a spectacular, world-class 18-hole golf course, the magnificent Apes Hill Club Polo Centre, a central Club House, a luxurious spa, a tennis centre, fitness centre and gardens. Life at Apes Hill Club will be all about enjoying a healthy outdoors lifestyle, with residents participating in activities such as golf tournaments, tennis matches, nature walks and yoga; or simply relaxing around the pool.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Upon completion, some 300 luxury residential homes will be discretely nestled throughout the community, with great emphasis placed on the ideal of living in green, open-space. To engender this sense of freedom and country living, only 35% of the 470 acres will be developed for real estate. Furthermore, Apes Hill Club is one of only 2% of golf courses in the world that qualify as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary". A number of homes have already been constructed; with some occupied and others available for purchase or short and long term rental. At the time of writing, a further 50 sets of house plans have been approved and owners are in a position to commence construction. The majority of the original lots have been sold, though a few remain and there could be some re-sale opportunities. What may be of special interest to prospective purchasers are the most recently released half-acre lots of land at Holders Meadow and the very attractive and popular range of Garden Wall Villas, which may qualify for a Sale/Leaseback Incentive Programme. There is also a choice of special homes at Moonshine Ridge, ranging in size from 4,100 sq. ft. to 8,000 + sq. ft. Apes Hill Club offers a Project Management Program, to provide a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;one-stopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; solution for owners by guiding them through the process of designing, tendering, constructing and fitting-out their home. Property owners will automatically become members of the Country Club, which will allow them access to the tennis, fitness and spa facilities, with a further option to enhance their membership to include golf, polo and beach.


Vuemont At a time when investors are looking more and more for financial security, it is encouraging to know that Vuemont is a Barbadian owned and managed, prime residential community; a product of two of Barbadosâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; premier developers, Rotherley Construction Inc. and C.O. Williams Construction Ltd. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the elevated Mount Brevitor ridge in St. Peter, with landscaping to further enhance this already attractive natural environment, Vuemont is offering a range of elegantly planned, well-appointed, two and threebedroom villas and two-bedroom apartments, which are all available freehold. The Vuemont apartments are spacious, 1,134 sq. ft., 2bedroom/2-bathroom units, providing ample living space for individuals or families. Dedicated parking spaces are provided for each apartment. The luxury villas at Vuemont provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy contemporary Barbadian living in either the 3-bed/2bath or 2-bed/2-bath styles, ranging in size from 1,218 to 1,560 sq. ft. Wooden decks and plunge pools are optional. All the units have spacious patios, are securely fitted with wooden shutters, finished with porcelain tiles and the Italian kitchens feature full appliance packages and granite or corian countertops. Attractive furniture packages are also available and all units are cable and Internet ready. In addition, optional airconditioning and ceiling fans are available for bedrooms. Residents at Vuemont can make full use of a wide range of lifestyle facilities, including two community swimming pools, tennis courts and a central clubhouse for the exclusive use of members, residents and their guests. Vuemont is open for viewing with only a few units remaining for sale. If you are interested in investing or have long dreamed of living in a beautiful home in Barbados, then please contact: Vuemont, Mount Brevitor, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-6639 E-mail:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Property Battaleys Mews Island Villas has recently taken over the management of the exclusive development, Battaleys Mews, located 500 yards inland from the famous Mullins Beach, St. Peter. Battaleys Mews is in a quiet secluded location, perfect for a romantic getaway or group vacation. Each unit offers natural stone floors, a fully fitted Italian kitchen, European appliances, a large covered terrace, manicured garden and private plunge pool. The development also features a Club House, tennis courts and communal swimming pool. Shortterm rentals are available at 1,2 and 3-bedroom rates. Under the management of Island Villas, property sales and long term leasing have just been launched with two successful sales and six long term leases already established. Battaleys Mews is now coming to life once again and Island Villas looks forward to its continued success. Contact: Island Villas Telephone: (246) 432-4627 E-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



The Grove Residences The Grove is the exciting residential aspect of the equally exciting and spectacular Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. When completed, The Grove will be made up of a combination of luxury apartments with penthouse suites and hillside villas. In all cases, the emphasis will be on spacious design concepts, contemporary styles, natural materials and quality finishes. At the time of writing, the first eight hillside villas have been completed, are currently available for purchase and have been competitively priced for the Barbadian market. Inspired by the popular concept of urban loft living, each villa benefits from a generous 3,400 sq. ft. of open-design, living space distributed over three levels, with 12 ft. high ceilings throughout. Each villa has 3 bedrooms and its own private pool. Designed to maximize the pleasures of a tropical living environment, The Grove will feature lush gardens and communal park-like spaces, along with inspirational architecture. Thanks to its optimum location adjacent to the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre - complete with its unparalleled shopping experience, bars, restaurants, VIP Cinema, gymnasium, art gallery, roof deck and regular special events - The Grove provides for an extraordinary lifestyle as well as for an excellent investment opportunity. The finest finishes and sublime setting of these bespoke residences will ensure that life at The Grove will appeal to those people who enjoy living well. As an added bonus, The Grove residents will have their own

direct access to the nearby beach via a beautifully landscaped boardwalk. Limegrove will offer a Concierge Service for guests staying in The Grove villas, while the business services available on-site will include the provision of meeting rooms and a teleconferencing facility. Please also refer to pages 96 - 97 for detailed information about the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. For further information about The Grove, please visit the Limegrove Sales Office on the 2nd Floor, Tower Building, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James or contact Altman Real Estate at Tel: (246) 432-0840. E-mail: or visit

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Property Port St. Charles Ideally situated on a beautiful stretch of the St. Peter coastline, in an area that is peaceful without being remote, Port St. Charles encompasses a modern, well-managed marina within an exclusive community of very attractively designed and luxuriously appointed waterfront homes. Residents enjoy a wide range of superb ‘lifestyle’ facilities, including the members-only Port St. Charles Yacht Club with a restaurant and pool, as well as water taxis, tennis courts, a gym and a beauty salon. With an emphasis on quality, this prestigious residential property represents the ultimate in gracious coastal living. Each residence has its own berth, thus affording homeowners the rare convenience of being able to moor their boat literally on their own doorstep. There are also six berths for vessels between 60 200 ft., plus three mooring facilities for hosting mega-yachts. These mega berths are often occupied by some of the world’s most outstanding top-of-the-line yachts, thus adding yet another dimension of interest to life at Port St. Charles. Since Port St. Charles has its own Customs and Immigration facility located on the breakwater, residents are free to sail directly into or out of Barbados. Many homeowners take full advantage of this opportunity by using Port St. Charles as a very convenient gateway to the relatively nearby, beautiful islands of the Grenadines. A helipad on the breakwater also facilitates rapid transfers to the airport should they be required. Life at Port St. Charles is all about total convenience and the optimum comfort of the residents. With this ethos strongly in mind, starting with a VIP ‘Meet & Greet’ service at the airport, the


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

staff constantly strive to do all they possibly can to allow their guests to completely relax whenever they are on the property. Port St. Charles has consistently displayed all the hallmarks of a highly successful venture and offered all the prerequisites of a good investment opportunity. Conceived and developed by a mature local investor group with a well-established, long-term commitment to Barbados, strict quality controls have always been in place to ensure that owners gain both good value for money and immense satisfaction with their home. There are a number of attractive re-sale opportunities currently available at Port St. Charles, ranging from luxurious 1-bedroom homes overlooking the lagoon to spectacular 3-bedroom homes that enjoy the dual advantage of both a marina and a beachfront aspect. Since homeowners are invited to include their property in the optional Port St. Charles rental/management service, with potential for financial return on their capital investment, there is a range of accommodation available for short or long stay visitors. Port St. Charles has proven to be popular for long-term rentals amongst residents of Barbados, especially expatriates working in the international business sector, who can also rent office space on-site. Apart from giving a more stable source of income, these long-term residents also provide the community with a ‘village’ type atmosphere of added security and homeliness. Prospective purchasers are more than welcome to spend some vacation time at Port St. Charles as a way to get a first-hand appreciation of just how pleasant and enjoyable life can be in this wonderful environment.

Property Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hot on the South Coast in 2011 utility room. Palm Beach offers on-site amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness centre, shops, restaurant, conference room, storage units, and an on-site Property Management facility. Ocean Reef Suites is a brand new, beachfront residential development overlooking St. Lawrence Bay in one direction and Worthing lagoon in the other. With just 12 spacious apartments on five levels, Ocean Reef Suites is a small and intimate community in a stunning location with 150 ft. of ocean frontage. The design and decor is ultra modern minimalistic and each apartment is fully furnished and equipped to be move-in ready. The Ocean Two Residences, located on Rainbow Beach in St. Lawrence Gap, comprise 60 sophisticated and stylish studios, and one, two and three-bedroom beachfront residences. Ocean Two is just steps away from a plethora of fine dining restaurants, entertainment and activities, and yet it is still far enough away from the action to enjoy total tranquillity. Both of these two aforementioned residential developments are featured in the following pages. For further information about them, please contact the relevant sales office or the real estate company that is identified as sales agent for the property.

Photo: Leslie St. John

The South Coast has become the new hot spot on the island for just about everything: great beaches, the Boardwalk, live entertainment, restaurants, golf, superb sailing, exciting conditions for watersports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and paddle boarding, horse racing, visitor attractions, shopping, movies, gyms and fitness centres, spas and so much more. The South Coast can now offer a happy blend of island magic coupled with first world conveniences. Accommodation on the South Coast used to be limited to hotels and guesthouses, but that has now all changed with the advent of a number of high-end, luxury residential properties that can provide West Coast standard comforts at more affordable prices. As a result of this growth, there are currently some very good property investment opportunities available on the South Coast. The Condominiums at Palm Beach, located on approximately 4.5 acres of prime beachfront property in Hastings, has a number of residences available for purchase in two and three-bedroom designs, with en-suite bathrooms, a spacious master suite, large outdoor terrace, open-plan living and dining area, kitchen and

Ocean Reef Suites


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Property Ocean Reef Suites Superb contemporary design, quality finishes, fabulous location and excellent value combine to create a genuine, rare opportunity for the discerning person to acquire one of the few suites available. Ocean Reef is conveniently located at the heart of the vibrant south coast, close to the many facilities of the area. Just 12 two or three-bedroom suites, five with private pools, Ocean Reef is an exclusive yet friendly, ownermanaged community for people who appreciate hearing the waves or watching a full moon over the reef. There is no better coastal location in Barbados and the architect has designed an outstanding building that takes full advantage of the oceanfront position. Spacious open-plan rooms, expansive glass doors, and large, cleverly oriented, ‘liveable’ patios, provide spectacular ocean views – including local fishing boats in the picturesque St. Lawrence Bay and Worthing Lagoon. Suites at Ocean Reef are move-in ready; fully equipped and furnished with fastidious attention to detail, using top quality appliances, materials, finishes and furniture. Additional comfort and peace of mind are provided by fire and security surveillance systems. A secure garage and a large storeroom with every suite provide additional convenience. The suites are unbelievably quiet and tranquil, thanks to their design and the extremely high quality doors and windows that eliminate most external sound. Ownership or long-term rental of a suite at Ocean Reef not only ensures a beautiful, executive home, but also a relaxed lifestyle that captures the very best of the ‘Barbados Experience’ - including a barbecue area and access to the palm fringed ‘Carib’ beach and the spectacular, turquoise shallow waters of the reef enclosed Worthing Lagoon.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Property The Crane Resort and Residences The Crane Resort and Residences is one of the biggest, most dramatic, most prestigious and most successful developments in Barbados. Overlooking the magnificent Crane Beach, the Crane Hotel has been transformed into a world class, private residence resort, offering superb one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all of which are generously sized and have been stylishly appointed. The Crane residences can be purchased outright and participate in a rental pool programme or they can also be purchased for just the amount of time that they will actually be required each year by the owner. The Crane is also home to a Barbadian retail village that acts as the heart of the resort. The Crane Village, constructed as uniquely and beautifully as the Crane itself, features many elements of historical Barbadian architecture; such as steep gable roofs, wooden shutters, ornate fretwork, coralstone walls, breezy verandahs and fine mahogany features. The grandeur of Barbadian Victorian design has also been captured with gas lamps, ironwork, arches and internal ceiling cornices. The Village offers the trusted Crane quality, for dining with a splash of Village Style. For those Crane people wishing to enjoy superb shopping, the Village incorporates some 3,000 sq. ft. of Duty Free shopping. Also available in The Village is the Town Hall meeting and function space, offering over 2,500 sq. ft. of flexible space for meetings, receptions and private functions. For further information please call (246) 423-6220 or E-mail: or visit:


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Property Ocean Two Residences Ocean Living continues to raise the ‘bar’ in beachfront living in Barbados. The breathtaking view from the rooftop patio, plunge pool and bar at Ocean Two highlights just how spectacular this new condominium-hotel is for potential investors! The unique structure of Ocean Two allows owners to own beachfront property in Barbados without the logistical hurdles and hassles of overseas ownership by having an experienced team dedicated to the rental of their units through traditional real estate channels as well as international tour operators and online travel agents and booking engines. Ocean Two is a 4-star property located in Dover, Christ Church. The property boasts a wide range of amenities and facilities including a meeting and conference room, concierge lounge, fitness room, spa services, pool, private cabanas on the pool deck, swim-up pool bar, bar lounge, restaurant and a magnificent rooftop patio and plunge pool. It is the ideal location for weddings, events - corporate and personal or just a getaway! All residences at Ocean Two will afford the owner panoramic views of the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. The stunning, natural setting of Ocean Two is encompassed in the captivating architecture and interior design of the development which comprises of 70 residences – 50 one bedroom units and 20 two bedroom units. Contact Details: Ocean Two Showroom Tel: (246) 428-9441 E-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Property Buying Property in Barbados the sale proceeds is exempt from property transfer tax provided that there is a building on the property. Attorney’s fees for both the seller and the purchaser are approximately 1.5% to 2% of the sale price. The real estate agent’s commission fees are normally 5% of the sale. Both fees are subject to 15% VAT. Any owner of land in Barbados is required to pay an annual land tax at the following rates for residential properties: - First BDS$150,000 = 0% - Next BDS$250,000 = 0.10% - Next BDS$600,000 = 0.45% - Excess over BDS$1,000,000 = 0.75% On Vacant Land = 0.6% (regardless of whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) On any other improved value other than residential = 0.65%. There is a cap of BDS$60,000 on land tax rates, provided that the house is used exclusively as a residence by the person who owns the land upon which the house is erected. For up to date information and to learn about possible rebates and discounts for various situations, please refer to: All money brought into Barbados should be registered at the Central Bank, which facilitates repatriation if the property is sold. The importance of this procedure makes it essential to conduct transactions through a reputable real estate agent and a local attorney-at-law.

Photo Courtesy Altman Real Estate

In Barbados there is no restriction on the purchase of property by persons who are not citizens or permanent residents, but nonresidents must ensure that all funds for the purchase of real estate are available from external sources. These funds must be registered with the Central Bank of Barbados and the permission of the Exchange Control Authority must be obtained for the sale or purchase of property by a non-resident, whether such nonresident is a Barbadian citizen or not. Property must pass conveyance of title, evidenced by the recording of the deeds and certified survey plans at the registry of title. A purchaser will require a registered Barbadian attorney to search the register and establish title to the property prior to the completion of sale. The parties sign a binding contract and the vendor’s attorney holds the deposit until completion, at which time the balance of the price is paid. Once an agreement has been made and a 10% deposit of the agreed price has been paid, then the deal must proceed or the deposit is forfeited. The title may be taken in a person’s name or through a corporate vehicle set up to own the property. It is possible for non-residents to purchase property through a company that may be incorporated outside Barbados but which must be registered in Barbados. The sale of property by all persons, including citizens or permanent residents, is subject to property transfer tax of 2.5%, plus approximately 1% stamp duty. However, the first $125,000 of

Windfall at Apes Hill Polo Estate


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Bajan Services Limited “Newton House”, Battaleys, St. Peter, Barbados Tel: (246) 422-2618 Fax: (246) 422-3506 Email: To view our complete listings, visit Lime Villa - Desirable Residential Neighbourhood • Attractive two-storey residence with inviting pool • 4 bedrooms/2½ bathrooms – permission for 1-bed cottage • Floor area approx. 2,500 sq. ft. • Well-landscaped gardens – approx. 8,825 sq. ft. • Near beach, golf, restaurants & Holetown • Excellent holiday let potential US$975,000 - Furnished (Includes a car)

Grandview - East Coast Beachfront • A spacious, traditional Bajan-style residence • 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms (1 en suite) • Located along the rugged East Coast at Bathsheba • A very popular holiday spot & surfing haven • Nestled amidst mature tropical gardens - approx. 15,328 sq. ft. • Beachfront property with direct access to a picturesque beach US$1.5 Million - Furnished

Glitter Bay 302 - Elegant Penthouse Apartment • On a peaceful stretch of beach along the West Coast • 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms • Positioned on the 2nd & 3rd floors - elevator/stair access • Beds open to private balconies with garden & sea views • Floor area approx. 2,000 sq. ft • Resort swimming pool with waterfall & children’s pool US$1.6 Million - Furnished

Happy Daze - Exclusive Sugar Hill Community • 3 bedrooms/3½ bathrooms • Well-appointed residence with private swimming pool • Two-storeys with sea views – approx. floor area 2,558 sq. ft. • Beautifully landscaped gardens – approx. 39,000 sq. ft. • Permission for the construction of a cottage • Amenities include clubhouse, restaurant, tennis & gym US$2.95 Million - Furnished


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Island Villas/Savills International P.O. Box 3129, Trents Building, Holetown, St. James, Barbados Tel: (246) 432-4627 Fax: (246) 432-4628 Email: The Residence at Clearwater Bay, St. James • Outstanding beachfront site on one of the best beaches in Barbados • Stunning views • Located in Clearwater Bay neighbouring the famous Four Seasons Hotel & private residences • Private access • Unique investment opportunity on the West Coast of Barbados • Approximately 4.5 acres • Price on application

Mahogany Drive 9 • Newly built, two storey villa located in the Mahogany Drive neighbourhood of the renowned Royal Westmoreland Golf Resort • 5 bedroom main house with open living and dining areas and fully equipped kitchen • 2 bedroom cottage with direct access to swimming pool and views of the sea and fairway • Exquisitely furnished and decorated to a modern, Caribbean taste • Finished to the highest standard with materials such as marble, granite, hardwood and other natural stones • Access to expansive resort pool and private gym • Price USD$4,500,000

Luxury Beachfront Penthouse Rental 8 Leith Court, Worthing, Christ Church, Barbados Tel: (246) 257 2900 Fax: (246) 435 3979

Leith Court 8 Penthouse • Magnificent sea views. • 2 air conditioned bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. • Plunge swimming pool. • Beautifully landscaped gardens. • Close proximity to south coast’s superb amenities, restaurants and shopping • Maid Service 3 times weekly For bookings contact Ann Pilgrim 1 246 257 2900

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Altman Real Estate (Exclusive Affiliate of Christies Great Estates) “Rosebank”, Derricks, St. James, Barbados Tel: (246) 432-0840 email: Swept Away, Durants, Christ Church • Elegant 3 bedroom home on the outskirts of Durants Golf Course • Designed for spacious indoor/outdoor living • Swimming pool, hot tub & large pool deck amid beautifully landscaped gardens • Land Area: 19,930 sq. ft. • Price US$1.45 million - furnished

Blue Waters, Sugar Hill Resort, St. James • Colonial style 4 bedroom villa with exceptional sea views • Detached one bedroom cottage overlooking the pool • Located within the prestigious Sugar Hill Resort • Price: US$4.2 million - furnished

Green Monkey, Queen’s Fort, St. James • Distinctive 5 bedroom property in desirable West Coast location • Open plan design offers ample entertaining space • Pool & gazebo set in private, fully enclosed tropical garden • Footsteps away from beach access • Land Area: 25,241 sq. ft. • Price: US$6.5 million - furnished

Sandy Cove #402, St. James • Stunning 4 bedroom penthouse apartment on West Coast • Includes a study, wine cellar & private plunge pool • Covered, open plan lounge and patio • Exceptional views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea • Fitness centre & sauna among other amenities • Price US$6.75 million - furnished


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Altman Real Estate (Exclusive Affiliate of Christies Great Estates) “Rosebank”, Derricks, St. James, Barbados Tel: (246) 432-0840 email: Mon Caprice, Sandy Lane Estate, St. James • Enchanting 5 bedroom coral stone luxury villa • Located within the prestigious Sandy Lane Estate • Private & direct access to the island's most beautiful beach • Swimming pool set in a lush tropical garden • Price: US$7 million - furnished

Mangrove Plantation, St. Peter • Stately 4 bedroom traditional plantation residence • Located on 25 acres in the Island’s tranquil North • Scenic countryside and ocean views • 2 bedroom cottage on grounds • Uniquely renovated sugarcane mill • Price: US$9.8 million - unfurnished

Sunwatch, Sugar Hill Resort, St. James • Thoughtfully designed 4 bedroom pavilion-style villa • Set on a ridge within the prestigious Sugar Hill Resort • Stunning infinity edge pool with slide to a second pool below • Children’s playhouse, games room and 2 bedroom guest cottage • Land Area: 70,914 sq. ft. • Price: US$11 million – furnished

Solana, Holetown, St. James • Majestic 5 bedroom residence featuring 155 ft. of beach frontage • Thoughtful design maximizes breathtaking sea views • Beach access via private pathway • Land Area: 24,000 sq.ft. • Price: US$16 million - unfurnished

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience “I think there is a big opportunity for this island in international business. There are attractive, well-regulated tax treaties but it’s not just about the tax advantage. It is also because there is a well-educated population, a low crime rate and an enjoyable environment in which to live.”

Neville Isdell

Former Chairman and CEO of The Coco-Cola Company

Port St. Charles

business For millions of travellers the world over, the name Barbados connotes a pleasurable oasis of sun, sea and sand. However, for a discerning selection of those travellers, the name Barbados means a safe, stable, well-regulated jurisdiction of choice for conducting a range of business activities. These discerning travellers represent individual and institutional investors who have chosen to come to Barbados over other similar jurisdictions in this hemisphere for the unique value proposition that it offers.

An Oasis for Discerning Investors A host of location advantages stemming from its history and culture have combined to make Barbados a premier choice for many investors who have recognised the benefits that operating aspects of their business outside of their domestic space can bring. It is not by accident that Barbados was the only independent Caribbean nation listed on the top tier of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) “Progress Report on the Jurisdictions Surveyed by the OECD Global Forum in Implementing the Internationally Agreed Tax Standard”. For several decades, Barbados has actively pursued its designation as an international business centre, negotiating two dozen double taxation agreements and passing several pieces of legislation designed to create an attractive business environment for international technology companies, manufacturers, banks, insurance firms and trust companies seeking alternative jurisdictions from which to operate. This commitment by successive government administrations since Barbados’ Independence in 1966 to provide a legislative framework and comprehensive tax treaty network has served this island well as it is now home to over 3,000 registered international businesses.

The Ins & Out of Barbados


Andrew Hulsmeier


However, the decision to choose Barbados as a location for carrying on international business rests on more than its low tax regime, its strong regulatory reputation and its international agreements that pave the way for businesses registered here to access business all over the world. Barbados continues to distinguish itself from other similar neighbouring jurisdictions through the high quality of its most abundant indigenous resource – its people. Over the past four decades, Barbados has transitioned from attempts to follow the “industrialization by invitation” model, which attracted low-costlabour-seeking international manufacturing plants, to a strategy for attracting international companies who value the competencies of Barbados’ skilled workforce. Through its commitment to statesponsored education right up to tertiary-level, Barbados has a deep talent pool from which businesses can draw upon not only for their in-house employment, but also requisite legal, financial and other professional services. While there are many other factors beyond the ones previously listed that make setting-up in Barbados a good business decision, it must not be forgotten that people lie at the heart of every business. International businesses can establish in Barbados with the confidence that their management team will enjoy a desirable quality of life. Barbados was ranked 5th in the Americas by the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Quality of Life Index for 2005. The island has a long history of political and social stability that promises a safe and secure environment in which to work and live. Its position as an international hub for major carriers flying from international destinations across Europe and the Americas ensures easy connections abroad for those who reside in Barbados. The telecommunications infrastructure on the island is robust enough to ensure uninterrupted connection between parties across the globe when flying is not an option. In fact, Barbados was ranked 1st in Latin America and the Caribbean for its network


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

readiness by the World Economic Forum’s 2009-2010 Global Information Technology Report; and 2nd in the hemisphere for the availability of latest technologies in the 2009-2010 Global Competitiveness Report. Apart from its educational services, Barbados’ social services include a healthcare system that is world-class and the public health system is bolstered by private clinics offering state-of-the-art care in many specialist fields. And, of course, as one of the leading tourism destinations in the region, Barbados has quality beaches, Zagat-rated restaurants, luxury resorts and golf courses, and a variety of social and cultural activities throughout the year that could equally be found in the most cosmopolitan of settings. With all that the island has to offer, it might be harder to find an answer to the question - “Why would you NOT choose Barbados?” Some time ago the catchphrase: “We are known by the companies we keep”, was used to promote Barbados as a jurisdiction of choice for discerning investors. This statement perfectly sums up Barbados’ unique advantage. International businesses that choose to locate here can be confident in knowing that they are joining other responsible, legitimate companies that value Barbados’ pursuit of quality not quantity in its drive to attract foreign investment. For those who have made the choice, and for those who will make the choice, Barbados’ commitments to transparency, international regulatory compliance and legitimacy ensure that any individual or institutional investor can be proud to let the world know that they are operating from Barbados. Mohammed E. Patel President, Barbados International Business Association President, Cidel Bank & Trust Inc. Reproduced from Business Barbados 2011


The Barbados Experience “All I can say is that I’ve never been so proud to be a Bajan as I am today.”


During the celebration in recognition of winning her first Grammy

Barbados is known as the nightlife capital of the Caribbean Courtesy Harbour Lights

nightlife Barbados boasts some of the very best nightlife in the entire Caribbean. Taking into account its small size, there are few places that can rival the scale and scope of after dark activities. No matter what time of the year you come, you will have a great time partying on this little island of ours, so take advantage, get out there and embrace the night!

Whether it’s a visit to one of the friendly roadside rum shops or the flamboyance of a spectacular dinner show, the night time entertainment of Barbados runs the full gamut of choice: beach-bars, pubs, wine bars, sports bars, jazz clubs, reggae clubs, discos, floorshows, nightclubs, Latin parties, karaoke bars, live theatre and even a drive-in cinema. Interestingly, just 25 years after the settlement of Barbados in 1627, there were already over 100 drinking houses in Bridgetown alone. Today, there is a profusion of ‘watering holes’ to be found around the island, approximately 12 per square mile! Many of the bars feature daily Happy Hours, usually around sundown – a fine time to sip on a cocktail and await the ‘green flash’! The nightclub scene varies from one club to another and from one night to another. Live bands and DJs belt out the latest tunes until the wee hours, from calypso and reggae to R&B and contemporary. Most night clubs open their doors around 9:30pm, although they don’t actually start sizzling much before 11pm. It should be noted that recent legislation now prohibits the smoking of tobacco in public places in accordance with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Nightlife Harbour Lights Harbour Lights offers some of Barbados’ best nightlife – as a matter of fact, they were recently voted #1...“Most Popular” nightclub in the Zagat Survey “Best of Barbados” nightlife. This world famous nightclub has a distinct Caribbean difference with a superb open-air beachfront location, making it the perfect spot for dancing on the beach and under the stars! From the entrance it may look like a typical Barbadian beach house, but as you walk through the doors it opens out onto a beach boardwalk lit by flaming torches and full of life, laughter and fun! The entire club is on the beach – openair to keep you cool whether dancing or relaxing to local and international music. Beyond the large ‘wrap-around’ main bar and elevated dance floor, lies the late night BBQ Grill on the beach, serving up a range of meals for you to enjoy, along with one of three large, well-stocked bars, where their team of ‘on-the-ball’ bartenders serves the legions of locals and tourists that fill the place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

So whether you want to shake a leg to some of the best club music around, or just ‘lime’ by the bar on their ‘all you can drink’ nights – you are guaranteed a great time at Harbour Lights!

Nightlife Recommended Nights at Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza Dinner Show on Mondays & Wednesdays - A truly tropical evening with free flowing exotic drinks, a sumptuous Bar-B-Que dinner and fish fry, complete with roasted marshmallows and a lively local entertainment package. Be blown away by the amazing performances of the 15-ft. tall acrobatic stilt men, the limbo dancer, the flaming fire eater and the tantalizing caribbean dancer. Join us on the journey back in time with the traditional tuk band which keeps you moving with its infectious rhythms, while the break-dancing green monkey and a loose limbed shaggy bear keep the party jumping. Enjoy the sounds of a live local band and dance barefoot in the sand. Go in your shorts and sandals and be prepared for a night to remember. Transfers are included to and from your hotel. All ages welcome between 7pm and 10:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Age limit enforced after 10:30pm. The party continues until 2am with DJ music and free drinks; dinner show guests are welcome to stay on at no extra cost.

Club Nights Mondays and Wednesdays - Popular with Bajans and visitors alike, the entrance fee gets you into the club and all you can drink is FREE from 9:00pm to 2:00am. Guaranteed Great!!! Outdoor Caribbean Nightlife by the beach! Oh! What A Friday - Experience the best party on the island! Your rum, gin, vodka, beer, rum punch, soft drinks and juices are all included with your admission fee.

The partying starts at 9:30pm and drinks are free until 3am. Harbour Lights has a dedicated team of taxi drivers available for transportation to your hotel, at reasonable rates. Enjoy the non-stop action at the hottest nightspot in town - itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all happening at Harbour Lights! Dress code: Guys, no sleeveless shirts or hats. Call 436-7225 for updates on weekly happenings e-mail:

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Nightlife The island is widely known for its outstanding restaurants and superb cuisine so it’s not surprising that most evenings usually start with a nice meal and some fine wine. Should you wish to continue your night out, we have attempted to highlight some other options to help you in your quest.

The Gap Situated on the south coast, in the Worthing area, St. Lawrence Gap, or ‘The Gap’ as it has come to be known in recent years, is a brick-paved street about a mile or so long, illuminated by antique street lamps and lined with bars, lounges, pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels. Ever since the early fifties St. Lawrence Gap has been renowned for its nightlife. Today the island beat still permeates and everyone dances to it: locals and visitors, the young and the old and everyone in between! It pulsates to the various sounds of live, late night entertainment – from the mundane to the insane!

First & Second Streets Located in Holetown on the west coast, First and Second Streets are a horseshoe shaped configuration of streets lined with a wonderful mix of bars and restaurants. Particularly lively on Fridays and Saturdays when some of the establishments like Lexy Piano Bar and The Mews Restaurant feature live entertainment.

Sunset Cruises A romantic alternative to the usual daytime cruises, this is a wonderful way to enjoy a dazzling tropical sunset on the water. Generally there are stops along the way for swimming and dinner and drinks are served onboard. Try to book your cruise around the full moon as this makes it doubly romantic! Silver Moon, Cool Runnings and El Tigre all offer brilliant sunset cruises in addition to their regular lunch cruises.

Jon Farmer

Cinema al fresco

After the sun goes down is when the island really heats up


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Drive-ins provide a romantic and nostalgic alternative under the stars so why not take in a movie at the Globe Drive-In. Somewhat an institution in Barbados, the Drive-In has entertained countless courting couples, teenagers and families over the years. Hot food (fries,

Courtesy Brian Talma/deAction Beach Shop


The Oistins Fish Fry provides a great opportunity to soak up some real Bajan atmosphere, enjoy the local music and sample all types of fresh fish, deliciously seasoned the Bajan way, and eaten hot off the grill

burgers, hotdogs, chicken etc.) and munchies are available from the snackette. Featured movies change every week and usually they run double features (two movies for the price of one), so check the local press for movie listings and times.

Dinner Shows Children and adults alike will love the Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza lively dinner show on the beach, complete with roasted marshmallows and amazing performances by 15-ft. tall acrobatic stilt men, limbo and fire eating, the break-dancing green monkey and a loose limbed shaggy bear!! The Bajan Roots & Rhythms Dinner Show at the Plantation Garden Theatre is a spectacular show of song and dance, with dazzling costumes that will delight all ages.

Friday Night Fish Frys On Friday and Saturday nights hundreds of Bajans and visitors flock to various venues around the island for the famous fish frys. These open-air events are centred around the fishing communities and provide a first class opportunity to soak up some real Bajan atmosphere, enjoy the local music and sample all types of fresh fish, deliciously seasoned the Bajan way, and eaten hot off the grill. These fish frys are held in just about every island parish on weekends, but the Oistins Fish Fry is perhaps the most renowned and has gained much recognition as a truly cultural event. There are numerous bars and food stalls offering all manner of rum based drinks and fresh-from-the-sea fish which can be eaten grilled or fried and accompanied by a variety of local sides like macaroni pie, sweet potato, breadfruit and salad.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados experience

Fifty Years of Merry Music Almost 50 years ago the musical group The Merrymen produced their first recording. It was a four song record known then as an extended play mini album. This was long before compact discs came along. Since that time, the Merrymen have recorded some 450 songs. After some discussion, it was decided to put together a box set of ten CDs starting with the early years and including our latest album. We ended the box set with a live recording which was made at the Ontario Place Forum in Toronto, Canada. The Merrymen played at this venue for some twelve consecutive years – always the first Saturday in July, and usually to a crowd of around eighteen thousand. Also included in the box set is a DVD of video recordings which were filmed over the years at various venues the band played at, along with some interesting interviews and stories of a band on the road. We had no idea the amount of research and studio time that would be involved in the production. First we had to source all the old recordings dating back almost 50 years. Part of this came about because a local studio had an unfortunate fire and took with it Merrymen master tapes, along with those of other artists. Thankfully many friends and collectors of the band’s music came to our rescue. It turned into a painstaking work of love over a period of two years, to edit and revive the older recordings, to make sure the sound was up to accepted quality. Our toughest call was to choose from the 450 songs and come up with the 225 plus tunes on the ten discs. We hope you enjoy what we have done. For many of you that may not be familiar with the career of The Merrymen over all these years here are some highlights of this musical journey. 284

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

by Robin Hunte

We started at a tiny venue in St. Lawrence Gap called “The Driftwood Cellar Bar”. We thank the owner of this very small club for having the confidence to let us play. We earned US$17.50 per night. Who could ever have imagined that after playing at The Driftwood and other south coast night spots over a two year period, we would be playing at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City. It was a dream come true. From then on the dream got better. In the years that followed we played at Madison Square Garden and The Super Bowl half time show in Miami. In Canada we played from Halifax to Vancouver sometimes twice a year coast to coast. The names that come to mind are Ontario Place and Massey Hall. In England we played concerts in Trafalgar Square, The Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Albert Hall, the Blackpool Opera House and a host of other venues. We toured Germany and Holland, where we had a song that made it to number 2 on their charts. In the Caribbean we played almost every island, some of them twice a year. All of the above came about because of one song, “The Big Bamboo”, which exploded upon the Caribbean scene. The song took us by surprise as we all had day jobs and the music at that time was played for fun. We had to hastily give up our jobs and follow our dream. What a dream it turned out to be. It allowed us to record all these songs and see the world – laughing all the way. Doing what we loved to do best. Just playing music. It allowed us to connect with many hundreds of thousands of people over the years from many nations and share with them our love for the music we played. We thank you all for listening. With love from The Merrymen.

Nightlife Waterfront Café Bridgetown Marina, The Careenage, Bridgetown Tel: 427-0093 Without a doubt, the Waterfront Café is one of the best values for a night out in Barbados. In the season, Monday through Saturday, you will experience free live dinner-time music of the best quality. Locals and visitors alike return time after time for the casual atmosphere and buzzing energy. Mondays: Live Piano; Tuesdays: Authentic Caribbean Buffet with Steel Pan Music; Wednesdays: Standard Jazz Piano with Ebbie Gilkes; Thursdays: VSOP Dixieland Big Band; Fridays: Caribbean and Latin Jazz trio; Saturdays: Contemporary Alternate Jazz. Closed Monday evenings during the summer months.

Bert’s Rockley, Christ Church Tel: 435-7924 Pizza Hotline for takeout: 431-1111 e-mail: Open from 11:30am. Happy Hour-and-a-Half Daily 4:30–6pm. Major credit cards accepted. Eat, Drink & Chill at Bert’s - the House of the Daiquiri since 1976. At Bert’s, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a great meal in the dining room, pull up a stool at the island bar to catch the game or chill poolside with a daiquiri. Dig into a Bert’s authentic stone- fired pizza, experience traditional Bajan fare or enjoy one of Bert’s original favourites. With state-of-the-art international sports coverage and more than 24 flat screens inside & poolside, sports fans won’t miss any of the action! Come early to catch the pre-game excitement!

McBride’s Pub & Cookhouse St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Tel: 435-6352 e-mail: The one and only authentic Irish Pub in Barbados located in the heart of St. Lawrence Gap. McBride’s offers casual dining in a fun, friendly atmosphere on their torch-lit deck or in the air-conditioned comfort of the dining room. After dinner it transforms from a laidback pub with great grub into a late night hot spot with live, rocking entertainment! Widely known for their broad variety of nightly themed entertainment, McBride’s recently rated number 3 for “best nightlife in Barbados" by Zagat’s Best of Barbados survey. Current line-up: Happy Mondays – DJ party all night, 2 for 1 drinks 9pmclose; Tuesdays – Live alternative rock with Look Who's Left; Wednesdays – Live Reggae featuring Buggie & the Fully Loaded Band; Thursdays – Live Caribbean Pop with Nexcyx; Fridays – Ladies Night with live Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Soca & Calypso by Masala; Saturdays – 70's & 80's Dance Party; Sundays – Hip Hop, R&B, House & Techno Dance Party. At McBride's every night is a party!!

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


a Bajan Photo Courtesy The Barbados Advocate


33 percent of the finalists in the 2010 Junior Calypso Monarch competition were students of Anthea Maxwell at the Hilda Skeene Primary School. Pictured here is the 2010 winner in the junior age category, Myles Z (farthest left), and runner up Jazz Z (front row with bow tie) posing with some of the other young calypsonians

Calypso Cultivator, Anthea Maxwell A dynamic music teacher at Hilda Skeene Primary School in St. Philip, Anthea Maxwell draws our applause for cultivating the skills that produced high-scoring Junior Calypso Monarch contestants in the 2010 Cropover Festival. Thirty-three percent of the finalists were her students. So were the winners of first, second, and fourth places. In a country where calypso is integral to the culture, this makes Anthea someone to watch. Under her tutelage, her students, who are mostly ten-year-olds, don’t merely get up and sing, they write their own material. She makes it her policy to nurture a long term musical crop. “When calypsonians like Plastic Bag and Gabby go, who will do the writing? If I can start the children’s interest now, at least a few will carry on.” With parents who were a primary school Head Teacher and a Principal, it was only natural that Anthea, now 43, would follow into the field. Besides, she says, “I just love children.” She loves music too, and can play the euphonium, French horn, steel pans, a little piano, and—by the time this article goes to print—a bit of violin as well. Her path has been the circuitous one of following the heart, with lots of learning as the need or urge arose. She didn’t study music in school but learned anyway while playing in the band. She started teaching before getting certified at Erdiston Teachers’ College. She took a degree in theology at Codrington College simply out of personal interest. Then there was the matter of calypso. Roger Gittens (one of Barbados’ premier composer-arrangers, keyboardists, and teachers) had two children at Anthea’s school, and started a calypso project there, but soon left it. Anthea tried to continue, but didn’t yet know enough about that musical form, and kept calling him for advice. Finally Gittens said, “Anthea, why don’t you just come to Community College and get a degree?” So she did. She 286

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

by Sarah Venable

laughs as she reflects: “When I re-started the programme two years ago, I actually knew what I was doing! Then I said ‘Okay, we are going to write words and music.’ They do that, and I just fine tune what the children come up with.” Gittens still ends up arranging, and lays down a backing track so the children can sing for their school competition. This serves the winners well when they are ready to go on and compete for the Junior Monarch title; they’ve got their music recorded, and have practiced, with Anthea coaching their performance skills. It’s a winning formula, not just for competitions but also for the childrens’ development. Anthea tells the parents, “This is your child, you must support him in what he wants to do.” The nicest result she remembers is a parent saying, “Miss Maxwell, I thank you. This girl used to cry if you just looked at her. Now she has confidence.” That springs from discipline, says Anthea. It’s another thing they learn. “You can’t learn music if you don’t listen.” And it is definitely music that she teaches. “Music in schools used to be just singing hymns and songs,” she points out. “We do some of that, but we also play instruments. And to do that, they learn theory— time signatures, notation, and so forth—even the little ones. We start by walking in time to marches and waltzes. When they go to secondary school, there is one course they will not have to worry about passing: music.” Anthea herself is still cultivating her own talents. For school, there’s violin, so that she can teach that and add a string section to the band. Did we mention that she sings? Not only is she a member of the highly proficient Myriad Singers, she’s also taking voice lessons and has reached Grade 8 on the English Royal School of Music’s curriculum. For this she is working on lieder, or European art songs that became popular in the Romantic Era. They tend to be in German, a language that gives her fits. “My friends ask, ‘Why you don’t stop spitting and cursing when you sing?’ Ach du lieder! There are two things Anthea Maxwell admits to. Being a late bloomer is one. The other? “I’m a classical person teaching calypso!” Both notions make her laugh. That’s part of her charm. So are her commitment and enthusiasm. We applaud her.

Nightlife Careenage Bar Hilton Barbados, Needham’s Point, St. Michael Tel: 426-0200 Ext #5971 e-mail: The Careenage Bar, located on Hilton Barbados’ lobby level, creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere just minutes away from Bridgetown and the south coast. With drinks specials and live local musical entertainment on selected nights, the bar is ideal for early evening cocktails or a late night-cap. Also choose from a bar menu which ranges from the popular Hilton Burger to the Asian Sensation Tapas Plate to good ole Bajan fish cakes. Whatever your urge, it’s happening at the Careenage Bar.

The Mews Second Street, Holetown, St. James Tel: 432-1122 e-mail: Definitely a favourite with the west coast crowd and many south coasters as well. The Mews, although primarily known for their food, has rapidly developed into one of the more popular bars on the west coast. After hours it becomes a bustling after dinner rendezvous and drinking spot. Proprietor, Chris Hoad is a good humored character who manages to keep patrons entertained into the wee hours! Enjoy the friendly atmosphere in this charming, and sometimes surprising, little place! Suitably lively on Fridays and Saturdays with live entertainment on Fridays. Dinner served Monday to Saturday from 6:30pm. Complimentary parking.

Elbow Room Second Street, Holetown, St. James Tel: 432-1927 or 826-3957 e-mail:

A favourite with locals and visitors, Elbow Room is everything that a good restaurant and bar should be! After dinner, and especially on weekends, the laid back atmosphere is kicked up a notch as it transforms into a buzzing nightspot on the popular 2nd Street strip in Holetown, with an atmosphere in and around that’s hard to beat. Open Monday to Saturday from 6:30pm.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Barbados Experience â&#x20AC;&#x153;Barbados is a culinary paradise.â&#x20AC;? Michael Winner

Restaurant critic, film maker and columnist

xxxx xxx Photo compliments: Coral Reef Club

restaurants One of the greatest attractions of Barbados is that this small island has so much wonderful variety to offer, all neatly packaged into a very compact and easily accessible space. This is perhaps never more evident than when considering the incredible range and diversity of restaurants and other dining options currently available in Barbados. Anybody who appreciates good food will relish the dining experience in Barbados, a country that is widely acclaimed as the unofficial ‘Restaurant Capital of the Caribbean’. Barbados has been blessed with a rich culinary heritage that has been fashioned over the centuries by the different styles and influences of Amerindians, Africans, Europeans and Asians. This wonderfully diverse mix of multi-cultural cuisines has been further enhanced by the handing down of knowledge from generations of cooks, including the well-practiced and skilful use of a profusion of Caribbean herbs and spices. Bajans from all walks of life have always loved preparing and eating good food. In recent times, with the growth of tourism as an increasingly important part of the island’s economy, Barbadian chefs and restaurateurs, ably supported by the input of some excellent international chefs and advanced training overseas, have successfully raised the standards of our fine dining establishments to truly world-class levels. It is a huge endorsement of the calibre of the top restaurants in Barbados that they have been able to satisfy the dining requirements of a new wave of more sophisticated and discerning clients who are accustomed to eating in the top establishments in the major cities around the globe. From modest cafés to spectacular locations, from seaside to country, from casual to elegant, from quiet romance to lively entertainment, from quick snack to lavish buffet, from Bajan to Japanese, Barbados offers one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan dining experiences in the world. In order to help you enjoy the Barbados dining experience, the following Restaurant Guide has been designed to help you find the restaurants that might most appeal to you.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Eclectic Azul Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) Café Luna Cariba Champers Coral Reef Club Daphne’s Fish Pot Fusion L’Acajou (Sandy Lane Hotel) L'Azure (The Crane) Lone Star Mangos By the Sea Mullins Beach Nishi Sandy Lane Hotel Sassafras at Sugar Hill Tapas The Cliff The Mews The Sandpiper The Tides

320 298 319 309 293, 315 300, 301 296, 297 304 316, 317 298 323 304 305 305 302 298, 299 307 314 295, 296 309 300, 301 303

Breakfast Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 Café Luna 319 Coral Reef Club 300, 301 Fish Pot 304 L'Azure (The Crane) 323 Lone Star (Winter months only) 304 Sandy Lane Hotel 298, 299 Sunbury House 324 The Atlantis 325 The Garden Terrace (Southern Palms) 320, 321 The Sandpiper 300, 301

Afternoon Tea Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) Coral Reef Club L'Azure (The Crane) Sandy Lane Hotel Sunbury House The Atlantis The Sandpiper


298 300, 301 323 298, 299 324 325 300, 301

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Open for Lunch

Angry Annies 306 Azul 320 Bert’s 285, 292, 315 Brown Sugar 312, 313 Café Luna 319 Café Sol 319 Cariba 309 Champers 293, 315 D’Onofrio’s (The Crane) 322 Elbow Room 306 Fish Pot 304 Flying Rabbit 324 Groots 307 Lobster Alive 308 Lucky Horseshoe 310, 311 Mangos By the Sea 305 Mullins Beach 305 Nishi 302 Paulo’s Churrasco do Brazil 310, 311 Sunbury House 324 Tapas 314 The Cove 325 The Good Life 318 Thirty Nine Steps 314 Waterfront Café 312, 313

Azul 320 Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 Bert’s 285, 292, 315 Brown Sugar 312, 313 Café Luna 319 Cariba 309 Champers 293, 315 Coral Reef Club 300, 301 Daphne’s 296, 297 Fish Pot 304 Fisherpond Great Hse. (Thu. & Sun. only) 308 Flying Rabbit 324 Fusion 316, 317 L'Azure (The Crane) 323 Lobster Alive 308 Lone Star 304 Mullins Beach 305 Nishi 302 Sandy Lane Hotel 298, 299 Sandy Lane Country Club 299 Sandy Lane Spa Café 299 Sassafras at Sugar Hill 307 Sunbury House 324 Tapas 314 The Atlantis 325 The Carriage House (The Crane) 322 The Cove 325 The Garden Terrace (Southern Palms) 320, 321 The Good Life 318 The Sandpiper 300, 301 The Tides 303 Thirty Nine Steps 314 Waterfront Café 312, 313

Special Sunday Lunch West coast Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 Coral Reef Club 300, 301 Fish Pot 304 Lone Star 304 Sassafras at Sugar Hill 307 Sandy Lane Hotel 298, 299 East coast L'Azure (The Crane) 323 The Atlantis 325 The Cove 325 Countryside Fisherpond Great House 308 Flying Rabbit 324 Sunbury House 324 South coast Brown Sugar 312, 313 Lobster Alive (Live Jazz) 308 The Garden Terrace (Southern Palms) 320, 321

Private Functions Brown Sugar Champers Fisherpond Great House Mangos By The Sea Nishi Sunbury House Tapas The Cliff The Cove Zen

312, 313 293, 315 308 305 302 324 314 295, 296 325 323




Bert’s 285, 292, 315 Brown Sugar (Daily Buffet) 312, 313 Coral Reef Club (Weekly Buffet) 300, 301 David’s Place 316, 317 Fisherpond Great House 308 Sunbury House 324 The Atlantis 325 The Cove 325 The Sandpiper 300, 301 Waterfront Café 312, 313

Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) Café Luna (Thurs. & Fri.) Fusion Nishi Zen (The Crane)

Caribbean Azul 320 Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 Brown Sugar 312, 313 Cariba 309 Champers 293, 315 Coral Reef Club 300, 301 David’s Place 316, 317 Fish Pot 304 L’Azure (The Crane) 323 Lobster Alive 308 Mangos By the Sea 305 Mullins Beach 305 The Atlantis 325 The Cove 325 The Garden Terrace (Southern Palms)320, 321 The Sandpiper 300, 301 Thirty Nine Steps 314 Waterfront Café 312, 313

Italian Daphne’s D’Onofrio’s (The Crane) Tapas

296, 297 322 314

Daphne’s D’Onofrio’s (The Crane) Sassafras at Sugar Hill Tapas Thirty Nine Steps Waterfront Café

Apsara (Classic Thai) Cariba Flying Rabbit (Thursday only) Fusion Lone Star (Oriental Room) Nishi Sassafras at Sugar Hill Zen (The Crane)

296, 297 322 307 314 314 312, 313

318 309 324 316, 317 304 302 307 323

Indian Apsara


French Coral Reef Club L’Acajou (Sandy Lane Hotel) Sandy Lane Hotel

300, 301 298 298, 299

Vegan The Good Life


Lounge/Bar Azul Fusion Tapas The Mews The Tides

320 316, 317 314 309 303

Jazz Bar 308 312, 313

Sports Bar Bert’s Lucky Horseshoe

Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) Elbow Room Paulo’s Churrasco do Brazil

285, 292, 315 310, 311

323 306 310, 311

Brazilian Paulo’s Churrasco do Brazil


Lobster Alive Waterfront Café


Steak/Grill 323 319 316, 317 302 323

310, 311

Mexican Café Sol


English Groots 307 The Cove (Sunday Roast - last Sunday of every month) 325

Seafood Azul Restaurant 320 Bajan Blue (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 Café Luna (Fri - Lobster night) 319 Cariba 309 Champers 293, 315 Coral Reef Club 300, 301 Daphne’s 296, 297 David’s Place 316, 317 Elbow Room 306 Fish Pot 304 Fusion 316, 317 L’Acajou (Sandy Lane Hotel) 298 L’Azure (The Crane) 323 Lobster Alive 308 Lone Star 304 Mangos By the Sea 305 Mullins Beach 305 Nishi 302 The Atlantis 325 The Cliff 295, 296 The Cove 325 The Mews 309 The Tides 303 Thirty Nine Steps 314 Waterfront Café 312, 313 Zen (The Crane) 323

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


South Coast Restaurants


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

West Coast Restaurants


The Ins & Outs of Barbados



The Cliff

Paynes Bay, St. James

Derricks, St. James

Daphne’s, one of the top restaurants in Barbados, reflects the style and grace of its sister establishment, the famous Daphne’s of London. Manager Marco Pavone is an excellent host and he will welcome you to this elegant beachside restaurant, which offers ‘al fresco’ and covered dining in a friendly atmosphere. Though the menu is based on classic Italian cuisine, Chef Marco Festini Cromer adds his modern style to better suit contemporary tastes. The signature characteristics of Marco’s dishes are the freshness of his ingredients – seafood lovers can even choose from a display of fresh fish – his inspired flavours and his careful preparation. He creates simply delicious food. Extensive wine list Italian, New World and Classical French Wines. The Cocktail Bar at Daphne’s offers half-price Cocktail Hours from 5-7pm and bar snacks are also available. Open daily.

Long established as one of the very top restaurants in the Caribbean, The Cliff is the first choice of many people for any special celebration. The stunning, oceanfront, cliff top setting and ambience are truly magical but it is the food itself which makes The Cliff so special. While Chef Paul Owens consistently gains accolades from top food writers, praising his creative talents, he and his team of 12 chefs remain committed to improving upon their performance and to using only the finest fresh ingredients and producing consistency of quality. Affable waiters and knowledgeable wine stewards strive to provide service of the highest standard. The restaurant was recently renovated, bringing many stylish refinements to the overall dining experience. Available for private functions. Reservations are required.

Reservations: 432-2731

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $35-$59

Endive & Pears Salad With walnuts, pecorino and grain mustard dressing.

Italian Antipasto Parma ham, salami, coppa, parmigiano, home made pickles.

Marinated Fish Carpaccio of the day

Menu Sample Bds$ set price menu: 2 courses $245 • 3 courses $285 Appetisers:

Carpaccio of Beef Tenderloin (Raw) with Truffled Rocket Leaves Aged parmesan, capers & English mustard mayonnaise.

Avocado, red onion and tomato salsa.

Potato Gnocchi & Penne Pasta

Mains: $61-$120

with proscuitto ham, baby spinach & parmesan sauce.

Spaghetti with Lobster


Flambé with brandy, finished with herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

14oz Veal Rib Chop

Oven Roasted Duck Breast

with mustard & tarragon sauce, gratin potatoes & asparagus.

With cannellini beans and parma ham.

Chargrilled Barracuda

Red Snapper in crust of salt

On saffron mash with smoked haddock sauce, wilted greens and fresh garden peas.

With sauteed broccoli and potatoes, sauce tartare.

Desserts: $28

Honey and Saffron Poached Pear With mascarpone and caramelized almonds.

please enquire about our special discount offers Beachside • Classic Italian Cuisine • Cocktail Bar


Reservations: 432-1922

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Hot Chocolate Pudding With Mount Gay rum sauce and vanilla ice-cream.

Warm Bread & Butter Pudding With vanilla sauce.

Dinner • Oceanfront • Clifftop Setting


Bajan Blue at Sandy Lane

L’Acajou at Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Hotel, Sandy Lane, St. James

Sandy Lane Hotel, Sandy Lane, St. James

Located on the Lower Terrace, this informal restaurant offers all day dining and a mélange of European, Caribbean and Asian influenced cuisine. The elaborate Sunday Brunch is a must, as are the spectacular themed buffet evenings. Other features include the modern wine bar, sushi station and state-of-the-art grill. Enjoy all day dining in a stunning waterside setting.

Overlooking the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea, L’Acajou is Sandy Lane’s signature restaurant. The stunning open-air beachfront setting of this chic fine dining restaurant is magical. The romantic L'Acajou specialises in light cuisine paired with an impressive range of Old and New World wines. Dining under a canopy of mahogany trees with the gentle sounds of the ocean is a very special experience.

Reservations: 444-2030 PBX: 444-2000

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: Bds$40-$80

Reservations: 444-2030 PBX: 444-2000

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: Bds$55-$120

Terrine of Hudson Valley Foie Gras

Antipasti Buffet

Black fig soaked in rum, toasted brioche.

Selection of salads, tapas, grilled – marinated vegetables.

Beetroot and Roquefort Salad

Sushi & Sashimi

Hazelnut praline.

California roll, spicy tuna roll, hamachi, salmon.

Poached Maine Lobster

Malaysian Chicken Satay

Citrus fruit, asparagus, herb salad.

Rice crackers, lemon grass peanut sauce.

Mains: Bds$95-$160

Mains: Bds$45-$160

Caribbean Lobster Cinnamon roasted pumpkin, garlic spinach, mango lime butter.

12oz NY Steak Red onion marmalade, goat cheese potato skins, natural jus.

Grilled Tenderloin of Beef Roast parsnips, fondant potato, red wine jus.

Grilled Tuna Loin Confit of red pepper and tomato, sage and creamed potato.

Cannon of Colorado Lamb

Seafood Saffron Risotto

Glazed root vegetables, shepherd’s pie.

Lobster, shrimp, scallops, English peas.

Desserts: Bds$30-$40

Desserts: Bds$40

Warm Pain d’ Epice, Chocolate Churro

Enjoy a tempting selection of delicious desserts from the dessert buffet

Hibiscus Rose Pavlova

Cardamon espresso ice cream, hot chocolate coffee sauce. Raspberry chantilly, lychee hibiscus sorbet, marshmallows.

Hot Valrona Chocolate Soufflé Pistachio ice cream, salted butterscotch. *Menu items and prices are subject to change.

Beachfront • Elegantly Casual • Sunday Brunch


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

*Menu items and prices are subject to change.

Oceanfront • Elegant • Light, Gourmet Cuisine


Country Club at Sandy Lane

The Spa Café at Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane Hotel, Sandy Lane, St. James

Sandy Lane Hotel, Sandy Lane, St. James

High above the coastline with stunning panoramic views across the rolling fairways of the Tom Fazio designed Country Club and Green Monkey courses to the Caribbean Sea below, The Clubhouse Restaurant is the perfect place for light leisurely lunches, relaxed coffees or cocktails while watching the sun go down.

Adjacent to the magnificent swimming pool and cocooned by the cascading waterfall, The Spa Café offers a casual menu throughout the day, from soups and greens to sandwiches and light mains. The soothing atmosphere of the Café is a perfect complement to a day at The Spa or for simple relaxation.

Reservations: 444-2030 Golf Pro Shop: 444-2500

Menu Sample Bds$

Reservations: 444-2030 PBX: 444-2000

Starters: Bds$50-$65

Menu Sample Bds$

Mini Beef Sliders

Lunch Bds$35-$90

Mild Scottish cheddar, black pepper buns.

Mesclun Salad

Shrimp Cocktail

Tear drop tomatoes, avocado, basil, citrus vinaigrette.

Tomato horseradish emulsion.

Daily Chilled Soup

Mains: Bds$50-$90

Spicy Grilled Chicken Wrap

Pan-Roasted Scottish Salmon

House made chips, avocado, cucumber tomato raita.

Mashed potatoes, buttered greens, shallot crème fraîche.

Ground Sirloin Burger

Breaded Paillard Chicken Breast

Choice of cheese, cole slaw, French fries.

Crispy fried potatoes, tomato, melon salsa.

Catch of the Day

Grilled Vegetables Green zucchini, asparagus, charred red peppers. V*

Desserts: Bds$40

Manjari Chocolate Cheesecake Blood orange compote.

Granny Smith Apple Tart Vanilla ice cream. *Menu items and prices are subject to change. *V - Vegetarian

Lunch • Casual • Private Functions

Mixed greens, grilled asparagus, tomato basil relish.

Minute Steak Mixed salad, cole slaw, parsley butter, French fries.

Desserts: Bds$30-$50

Natural Yoghurt Mousse Basil citrus salad.

Chocolate Brownie Vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge. *Menu items and prices are subject to change.

Lunch • Casual • Light Cuisine

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



The Sandpiper

Reservations: 422-2251 St. James Beach, St. James The Sandpiper has long been regarded as one of the top restaurants in Barbados, highly rated for serving consistently excellent cuisine, with a wide menu and professional yet friendly service. Owner-managed with great attention to detail, this charming restaurant places great emphasis on delivering quality at every level – use of the finest fresh ingredients, meticulous preparation of the food, service that is both genial and efficient, enjoyable and comfortable surroundings. Chef Christophe Poupardin and his dedicated team take great pride in preparing a variety of popular dishes that cater to a broad range of tastes and appetites.

Coral Reef Club Reservations: 422-2372

St. James Beach, St. James Thanks to the devotion of its Barbadian owners, the O’Hara family, and their outstanding staff, Coral Reef is one of the most recommended hotels in Barbados. The affable O’Haras are all lovers of fine food and they have set high standards to ensure a reliably enjoyable dining experience for guests at their restaurant. Under the leadership of Executive Chef Graham Licorish, a team of accomplished and experienced chefs creates a new a la carte menu each day, offering a variety of fresh seafood, prime meats and vegetarian dishes that combine classical cuisines with the exotic herbs and spices of the Caribbean. There is a Bajan Buffet on Mondays, while Thursdays are Barbeque Night with a Floorshow and Steelband.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $30-$45

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $24-$35

Bresola With marinated goat’s cheese and artichokes.

Pan Roasted Sea Scallops Beetroot infused risotto with black truffle.

Sandpiper’s duo of Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio with radish leaves, marinated with a soy dressing.

Warm Goat’s Cheese Tart On tomato wafers with baby mesclun, pickled beetroot and balsamic dressing

Crispy Pork Belly With a mango, apple and watercress salad and a chilli sweet and sour sauce

Duo of Foie Gras

Seared foie gras with caramelized onions & foie gras custard with a crisp marinated quail egg nested on a petit salad.

Mains: $70-$95

Mains: $76-$90

Pan Fried Fillet of Mahi Mahi

Pan Roasted Fillet of King Fish Presented with asparagus, slow roasted tomato and salsa verde.

With sautéed mixed new potatoes, wilted greens, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander butter sauce.

Sugar Cane Skewered Caribbean Shrimp

Crispy Duck Legs & Seared Duck Breast

With steamed jasmine rice and a roasted pineapple/mango salsa.

Roasted Loin of Pork Stuffed with Pancetta Whipped violet potato, honey roasted carrot and parsnip with apple sauce.

On a crisp potato disc with caramelized red cabbage, roasted apples and Madeira sauce.

Grilled Tournedos of Beef

Desserts: $25-$32

With creamy spinach, duchesse potatoes, glazed baby carrots, gorgonzola cheese salsa verde and pinot noir jus.

Baked Apple & Rosemary Soufflé

Desserts: $20-$35

Accompanied with a Calvados sorbet.

Deep Fried Filo Wrapped Banana Fritter

Iced Mocha Parfait

With coconut ice cream, drizzled with golden syrup

Set on a coffee bean anglaise.

Individual White Chocolate Truffle Cake With dark chocolate glaze and dark chocolate sorbet

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner • Bar • Entertainment


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner • Bar • Entertainment


Nishi Restaurant Reservations: 432-8287

2nd Street, Holetown, St. James The latest gastronomic delight on Barbados' Platinum Coast offers something completely new. A sophisticated twist of informal eating and drinking with a diverse and creative menu of Asian and Caribbean Cuisine. Sushi Bar upstairs featuring top Sushi Chefs from the far east. The menu is comprehensive and encompasses both traditional as well as the latest evolution of Japanese cuisine. In the chic bistro downstairs featuring a western Caribbean Menu, diners are offered a choice of air conditioned or outdoor dining under the stars. The bar offers an extensive range of cocktails. Open 7 days a week for dinner only. Sunday - Thursday: 6pm - 11pm Friday & Saturday: 6pm - 1am Families Welcome! Reservations Recommended.

Menu Sample Bds$ Sushi Bar (8 pieces): $32-62

Dynamite Spider Softshell crabs with spicy tuna, chilli Mayonnaise, cucumber & wasabi tobiki sauce.

Volcano California roll topped with salmon, tuna, shrimp and avocado.

Crouching Tiger Softshell crab, crabmeat, asparagus and avocado.

Starters: $16-$36

Wild Mushroom Crepe Wafer thin pancakes, au cratin sauce, parmesan cheese, mushrooms and julienne of carrot.

Tempura Shrimp Nobashi shrimp deep fried with a light batter and served with our special tempura sauce.

Mains: $45-$85

Thai Prawn Green Curry Fresh tiger prawns, peppers, onions, ginger, coriander and Thai seasoning with jasmine rice, julienne of carrots and leeks.

Asian Grilled Beef Salad Sliced sirloin of beef on a bed of arugula and chargrilled vegetables drizzled with a mango ponzu dressing.

Desserts: $16-$22

Chocolate Trio White, plain, milk chocolate mousses with a twist, served in double shot glasses.

Air Conditioned â&#x20AC;˘ Sushi Bar â&#x20AC;˘ Late Night Dining


The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Tides

Reservations: 432-8356/7 Holetown, St. James With a magnificent location on the edge of the sea, The Tides was voted second most popular restaurant by Zagat 2009. The Zagat report contains compliments such as “never an off-day”, “imaginative”, “consistently excellent”, “beautifully presented” and “doting staff that are the epitome of excellence”. By virtue of their hard work and dedication, Chef Guy Beasley, his wife Tammie, manager Henry Sealy and their first-class team have developed a restaurant of the highest order that has earned its right to be a must-do dining experience for both lunch and dinner. A cool and comfortable, coral stone lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere for cocktails and houses the Tides Art Gallery with an excellent private curator.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $25-$50

Poached Egg with Asparagus With sautéed baby red skin potatoes, artichokes & slivers of Parma ham crowned with a chive hollandaise.

Sautéed Spiced Jumbo Shrimp & Thai Scented Crab Cakes Served with a red curry coconut coriander cream.

Mains: $78-$85

Chargrilled Lollypop Centre Cut 10 oz Veal Chop Stuffed with bacon, mushroom & smoked cheese resting on a sweet potato mash finished with a ceps white wine sauce.

Blackened Tuna

Served with mango salsa, orange & toasted coconut rice & passion fruit sauce.

Desserts: $27-$35

Trio of Crème Brulees Mango & spiced rum, rich milk chocolate and Tahitian vanilla bean glazed with cane sugar.

Decadent Peanut Butter Mousse Enrobed in milk chocolate topped with a crunchy peanut brittle and finished with a roast coconut crème Anglaise.

Oceanfront • Valet Parking • Bar • Art Gallery

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Lone Star Restaurant Reservations: 419-0599 Mt. Standfast, St. James

Fish Pot Reservations: 439-2604

After thirteen very successful years, Lone Star continues to offer a spectactular beachfront setting with a wonderfully elegant yet relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. There’s now the new Desperados bar & lounge area by the beach. Not to be missed! Lunch: $25-$115. Full wine list. Tip at your discretion. Visa/MasterCard accepted. Open every day. Bar open from 10:30am. Lunch from 11:30am, last orders for dinner at 10:30pm. Every Sunday, three course ‘English Sunday Roast’ available at set price of BDS $130.

Shermans, St. Peter This delightful seaside setting in the picturesque Six Men’s fishing village is one of the last remaining undeveloped corners of the west coast. The Fish Pot at Little Good Harbour is a very attractive alternative to the usual glitz and glamour of this fashionable side of the island. Even Michael Winner likes it! Housed in part of a converted fort, The Fish Pot is stylishly casual in appearance and offers friendly, efficient service. Chef Stephen Belgrave’s menu is inspired by the sea and he makes good use of the freshest produce available, infused with local herbs, spices and fruit, to create a fresh and exciting array of dishes.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $20-$40

Seared Scallops

Menu Sample Bds$

On lentil couscous with a cucumber dill dressing.

Appetisers (Dinner): $25-$55

Pickled Conch Salad

Lobster & Prawn Salad

Blue Shelled Crab Cakes

Beef Carpaccio

On a thai seaweed salad with a red curry aioli.

Angus beef on rocket with parmesan shavings.

Mains: $48-$120

Mains (Dinner): $45-$120

A Hai-Tuna

Blackened Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Seared herb crusted tuna with wasabi butter.

Sweet potato mash, papaya lime salsa.

Grilled Caribbean Lobster

Balti Chicken Tikka Masala With steamed rice and poppadums.

Seared Tuna With Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic and soy.

Desserts: $25-$30

Lone Star Dame Blanche Light chocolate brownie & vanilla ice cream, chantilly & chocolate sauce.

Tempura Banana Kebabs With cinnamon sugar and ice cream.

Lunch & Dinner • Beachfront • Bar


With an avocado & mango salsa.

With papaya salsa & cucumber mint dressing.

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

With a garlic & tarragon butter.

Pan Roasted Loin of Pork With a warm apple cider dressing.

Desserts: $20-$30

Traditional Home-Made Apple Pie With cinnamon ice-cream.

Iced Berry & Fruit Cocktail With warm chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Decadence With vanilla anglaise and homemade sorbets.

Oceanfront • Lunch & Dinner • Private Functions


Mangos By the Sea Reservations: 422-0704 Speightstown, St. Peter This award-winning fine restaurant is passionate about service excellence. Their ever popular grilled steak, lobster and ribs, creative fish and seafood dishes, extensive choice of wines and must-have cocktails keep happy customers coming back for more. Set amongst swaying bamboo trees and hanging palm leaves, candle-lit tables occupy a terrace overlooking the tranquil Caribbean Sea, close enough to hear the relaxing sound of the waves as you dine. The new rooftop terrace is perfect for intimate gatherings and private parties. Mangos is definitely Speightstown's Hot Spot! Lobster available in season. 10% service charge. Visa, MasterCard & AmEx accepted. Open every evening from 6:00pm.

Mullins Beach Restaurant Reservations: 422-2044

Mullins, St. Peter Nestled on a beautiful palm fringed, crescent shaped shoreline on the most famous of all West Coast Beaches… shoes are optional at this casually trendy, yet elegant daytime Beach Bar. Experience a delightful gourmet lunch or an elegant dinner at this dining hotspot just a footstep from the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Perhaps you will choose to relax as you sip a tropical cocktail while watching the sun go down on another day in paradise. Friendly staff look forward to serving their guests in a serene atmosphere. The selection of food ranges from both traditional Caribbean to International cuisine prepared by one of Barbados’ finest chefs. Lunch - 11:30am - 3:30pm Dinner - 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Menu Sample Bds$ Menu Sample Bds$

Appetisers: $22-$48

Pan Seared Scallops on Cream Potato

Appetisers: $18-$49

Served with maple cured bacon and prawn cream sauce.

Soup of the Day

Chinese Dumplings Cooked Three Ways

Always fresh, imaginative and tempting.

With assiette of dipping sauces.

Mille Feuille of Smoked Marlin & Salmon

Mushroom Risotto with White Truffle Butter

Smoked marlin and smoked salmon, layered between filo pastry disks, mixed greens and drizzles of tomato, red onion & caper salsa.

Topped with a sunny-side up egg.

Mains: $54-$110

Tropical Blackened Fish Our fresh daily catch prepared with blackening spices nestled on savory calypso rice with a panache of vegetables and drizzles of tropical fruit salsa.

Filet Mignon Absolutely the best steak you will ever try! This choice US filet mignon is complemented with a red wine, herb & mushroom peppercorn cream sauce.

Grilled Caribbean Lobster Mango’s is the home of the best lobster dishes! Simply Outstanding! Grilled in a white wine, lemon & garlic butter sauce.

Desserts: $18-$24

Tropical Carrot Cake

Mains: $64-$95

Pork Ribs coated with a Hoisin & Orange Glaze Served with a tomato & onion Salad.

Filet of Red Snapper On a summer vegetable ratatouille served with tomato & basil puree, wilted garlic spinach and tapenade sauce.

Panko Crusted Shrimp With spicy thai chilli sauce, basmati rice, scallions and peanuts

Desserts: $24-$28

White Chocolate Cheesecake With chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis.

Warm Bread And Butter Pudding

With a unique blend of nuts & spices and a cream cheese frosting. Served with vanilla ice-cream.

With rum soaked currants and vanilla sauce.

Caramelized Granny Smith Apple Tart

Layered with café patron mousse.

Dark Chocolate Gateau

This upside down tart is served piping hot with home-made vanilla ice-cream.

Oceanfront • Private Dining Room • Bar • Art Gallery

Oceanfront dining • Lunch & Dinner • Casual & Trendy

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Elbow Room

Reservations: 432-1927 or 826-3957 2nd Street, Holetown, St. James e-mail: Sit back in this casual dining establishment and prepare yourself for a unique treat. Diners become the chefs when they are presented with generous cuts of their favourite meats and seafood sizzling on a searing hot, lava rock, ready to be cooked to perfection! After dinner and especially on weekends, the restaurant’s laid back atmosphere is kicked up a notch as Elbow Room transforms itself into the most buzzing nightspot on the popular 2nd street strip with an atmosphere in and around that’s hard to beat. Open from 6:30pm Mon - Sat.

Menu Sample Bds$

Angry Annies Reservations: 432-2119 1st Street, Holetown, St. James Dine in this cheerful and romantic restaurant in Holetown or just call in for a drink. The exciting menu includes chicken, fresh fish served in blackened seasoning or local Bajan style, lobster in mornay or garlic sauce, U.S. fillet steak, ribs, lasagna, rasta pasta, jumbo shrimp, lamb shank served in a minty sauce and lots more. Angry Annies has become well known for their curries and they now serve a wide variety nightly - chicken, shrimp and vegetable with popadums. Private parties can be organised by arrangement. Your hosts are Annie and Paul Matthews from Birmingham. Wine $45-$85. Tip at discretion. Master/Visa cards accepted. Take away available.

Starters: $12-22

Today’s Soups Ask server for choices. Two soups each day & right through the evening for when you need a pick me up!

Ceviches Calamari, Shrimp or White fish. A blend of cirtrus marinated seafood salad.


Appetisers: $14-$25

Blackened Shrimp Prepared in a skillet with cajun dipping sauce.

A house salad as a starter or side salad. Ask their servers for choice of dressing.

Goughons Flying Fish

On the Stone: $39-$75

Breaded, seasoned and pan-fried.


Mains: $40-$70

10oz Rib Eye, 8oz Tenderloin or 8oz NY Strip.

Chicken Breast

Shrimp Curry

Tender juicy skinless breast of chicken with that unique stonegrill taste.

Served with saffron rice.

Jumbo Shrimp

Local Fish

Caribbean shrimp lightly marinated in lime served sizzling on the stone. ~ All meals are served with fresh ready to grill vegetables and a choice of rice or garlic potato mash ~

Desserts: $10-$15

Blackened or Bajan style mix of garlic, onions & chives.

Desserts: $15-$18

Apple Pie & Ice-Cream

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Brownie

Warm apple pie served with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

Served with Vanilla ice-cream.

Banana Split

Oreo Cheesecake Served with your choice of ice-cream.

Dinner • Entertainment • Late Night Bar/Drinks


Menu Sample Bds$

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

A sweet treat.

Dinner • Take-away available


Groots Bar & Restaurant

Sassafras at Sugar Hill

Trents, St. James

Mount Standfast, St. James

Awarded well-deserved praise in the prestigious Winners Dinners column of the Sunday Times, including Michael Winner advising his readers: “If you go to Barbados, never mind all the restaurants trying to be clever, visit Groots.” Serving classic favourites such as cod, chips and mushy peas; a variety of curries and chinese dishes; local seafood, soups and rotis; and even gourmet bacon butties. Groots is a fun, friendly, laid-back place to go for good food at reasonable prices. Visitors are made very welcome by hosts Hans and Ailene. Of course you might meet a celebrity or two, but don’t worry they won’t bother you! Full Wine List. Tip at your discretion. Credit cards not accepted. Open Mon. to Sat. 5:00pm until; Sun. 6:00pm until; last food orders at 10:00pm.

Above the roar of the West Coast, set in the exclusive environs of the Sugar Hill Resort, the breezy, open-air dining room serves as a gourmet backdrop. Blending island ingredients with a pan-Asian sensibility & Mediterranean flair, the kitchen redefines modern Caribbean cuisine. Under the guidance of West Indian chef Sandra Toppin, the traditional is transformed into a contemporary rift on plantation fare.

Reservations: 432-7435

Reservations: 422-6644 or 419-9100

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $20 - $35

Crawfish Cakes Green Papaya Jam and Rocket Salad.

Gnocchi Pan-tossed gnocchi, parmesan and caramelized onion alfredo, with garden peas.

Tandoori-Spiced Shrimp Date & tomato chutney, with vegetable samosa.

Oven-roasted Beetroot salad Asparagus, pine nuts, feta cheese.

Menu Sample Bds$

Mains: $65 - $85

Appetisers: $6-$32

Curried banana spring roll, yam mash, sticky chili glaze.

Stuffed Crab Back Battered Shrimp & Tartar Sauce

10 oz Rib Eye Steak

Mains: $22-$52

Cod or Haddock with Chips & Mushy Peas Homemade Steak & Kidney Pudding & Pies Curried Shrimp with Rice

Macadamia Coated Snapper BBQ rubbed with grilled asparagus and a choice of gorgonzola butter or bearnaise butter served with hand cut chips or scalloped potatoes.

Island BBQ Sauce Dunked Port Tenderloin Fried plantain, chilli spiced chive’n’bacon mashed potatoe.

Linguini Topped With A Selection of Shellfish Lemon chili oil, capers, basil and anchovy butter.

Desserts: $20

Duet of Cholocate Paté


Bread ‘n’ Butter Pudding Treacle Sponge with Custard Apple Crumble & Custard

Dark chocolate pate and white chocolate pate with a cacao Crème Anglaise.

Pavlova Crispy meringue topped with fresh cream and mixed berries.

Frozen Lime Pie An island lime pie with fresh lime custard and baked lime zest.

Bar • Take Away Available

Lunch • Dinner • Sunday Brunch • Bar

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Fisherpond Great House Reservations: 433-1754 St. Thomas

Reservations: 435-0305

Fisherpond Great House, the home of John and Rain Chandler, is open to the public for the Planters Lunch on Sundays and from December 15th to April 15th, also on Thursdays. As Michael Winner says in his latest edition of Winner’s Dinners - “Best very personal, wife cooks, husband does front of house. Set in an elegant mansion in the sugar cane fields, a touch of the very best of old Barbados. Tasty local food, brilliantly prepared by Rain Chandler. Hubby, John is host with the most. An example of everything a restaurant should be.” The flowers, china and crystal are perfection. This is an experience of total delight. The also specialize in private parties.

Planters Buffet Soup Course

Callalou Soup Pumpkin Carrot & Ginger Soup Fish Course

Red Snapper Paté Salt Fish & Ackee Baked Flying Fish with Breadfruit Cou Cou Main Course

On the beach in Carlisle Bay 400m south of Bridgetown Caribbean Spiny Lobster, flown in from The Grenadines to a big central distribution tank at the restaurant on Carlisle Bay. Good parking; wheel chair friendly. Come by boat? Wade ashore anchorage! Beach umbrellas, Jet Skis, dive shop. Open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday (Jazz Lunch only). Live Jazz piano trio some nights in season. Varied Menu! Kids meals/Veggies. Enquire for Cooked takeaway/delivery. Reduced Summer openings. Reservations strongly advised.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $20-$30

Conch & Callaloo Chowder Subtly sweet.

Pickled Sea Cat Caught in front.

Lobster Mains:

Lobster live from the tank - pick your own: Parboiled in fresh sea water, finished on the barbeque with garlic butter - minor variations at your request. 1 1/2lbs to 2 1/2lbs. Extra large can be shared for two. 5-8lb big lobster - central platter for three or more sharing - good economy for the adventerers (crab pickers will know)

Roast Tenderloin of Pork, Freshly Fried Flying Fish, Pepperpot, Fricassee of Chicken, Curried Green Bananas, Stewed Pigeon Peas, Corn Soufflé, Maceroni Cheese, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Brocolli Salad, Pickled Cucumber and Avocado Salad, Tossed Salad, Plantain Fritters

Lobster Thermidor Lobster Salad Lobster Pasta Lobster Crepe

Desserts: $25-$30

Creole Classic

Guava Bread Pudding, Rum Trifle, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Torte, Coconut Flan, Traditional Barbadian Confection Available for Private Functions


Lobster Alive

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Other Mains: $32-$58

10 oz N Z Cube Roll Steak Conch au Vin Desserts: $20-$35

Bernadette’s Bread and Butter Pudding

Lunch • Dinner • Take-away Lobster Dinners


The Mews

Cariba Restaurant & Bar

2nd Street, Holetown, St. James

#1 Clarkes Gap, Derricks. St. James

Definitely one of the quaintest restaurants on the island. The Mews excels in excellent and alluring international and European dishes presented with classic simplicity and style. The Mews has an enchanting setting with private dining areas and exquisite balconies. After hours the cosy bar becomes a bustling after-dinner rendezvous and drinking spot. Enjoy a friendly, intimate atmosphere in this charming and sometimes surprising place! Dinner: Monday to Saturday from 6:30p.m. Live entertainment on Friday nights. Complimentary parking. Reservations recommended.

Tucked away on a quiet west coast side street, in a traditional chattel house setting, Cariba offers ‘modern Caribbean cuisine with an Asian twist’. Internationally trained Executive Chef/proprietor, Glen Bent has worked in 5-star establishments all over the world, including the prestigious Sandy Lane Hotel right here in Barbados. He and his wife Faye opened Cariba in January 2008 and already they have earned a loyal following. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere combined with Glen’s innovative flair in the kitchen and Faye’s warmth and hospitality make Cariba a favourite with resident and visiting gourmet food lovers. Private catering available.

Reservations: 432-1122

Reservations: 432-8737

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $18-$36

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $22-$40

Carpaccio of Beef Tenderloin With thyme flavoured extra virgin olive oil, capers & shaved parmesan cheese.

Seared Sesame Crusted Tuna With soba noodles and a soy-wasabi vinaigrette.

Mains: $58-$105

Thai Green Curry Shrimp With coriander rice, fried basil and grilled zucchini.

Thai Chicken Satay With cashew nut and mango sauce on a carrot, alfalfa and coconut salad.

Lobster, Shitake Mushroom, and Pineapple Spring Roll With sweet chilli and coriander dipping sauce.

Mains: $40-$75

Shrimp Curry With coconut rice, herb flatbread and mango and tamarind chutney.

Jerk Pork Chop Plump Chicken Breast

With lobster and spring onion pancake and sweet and sour sauce.

Stuffed with a cream cheese, smoked salmon & herb paté, served on garlic & chive sauce with mashed potato.

Grilled Dorado

Desserts: $20-$30

Desserts: $22

White Chocolate Baileys Cheesecake Served with raspberry coulis.

With roasted vegetables, basil infused potato croquettes and pineapple sauce.

Banana Spring Rolls With vanilla ice cream and coffee caramel sauce.

Carmel Centred Mousse.

Mango Cheesecake

Accompanied by blackcurrant sauce.

With coconut shortbread and malibu custard.

Dinner • Bar • Friday Night Entertainment

Chef/Owner • Relaxed Dining • Private Catering

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil Indulge in the Real Taste of Brasil!


Bagatelle Great House, St. Thomas - 421-6767 St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church - 428-6767 Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil is a true Brazilian Churrascaria (steakhouse) serving a wide selection of unlimited top quality meats and poultry traditionally seasoned and charcoal fried the way the gauchos (cowboys) did in Southern Brasil centuries ago. The meats are flame-grilled to perfection on huge skewers by the “Passadors”, who keep a keen eye on the cooking process, constantly brushing them with Paulo’s famous Brazilian marinade. After helping yourself to the extensive salad bar offering typical Brazilian hot and cold dishes, our well trained Passadors will bring the meats to your table. When you say “NO MORE” only then will they stop. Paulo’s Chocolate Fountain is legendary with fruits and marshmallows waiting for you to drown in rich, thick hot chocolate. The fountain is complimented with other mouth-watering desserts to tantalize your palate. Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil’s flagship restaurant is located at Bagatelle Great House with old world elegance and charm, with their second location in the popular St. Lawrence Gap.

Menu Sample Bds$ Buffet and continuous table service of carved meats by passadors Extensive Salad Bar, including unlimited shrimp and fish, and continuous table service of carved meats by Passadors Paulo’s Fixed Price Menu at $99 Vat Inclusive

Lucky Horseshoe Open 24 Seven ~ Saloon ~ Steakhouse ~ Slots Worthing, Christ Church - 435-5825 Bagatelle, St. Thomas - 421-5825 Warrens, St. Michael - 425-5825 The Lucky Horseshoe now open at 3 locations – Warrens, Worthing and Bagatelle - offers great dining and entertainment for the whole family with American influenced food prepared freshly on the premises at any time of day or night. Their unique 24-hour menu offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner around the clock. For dining, there is a choice of open-air or air-conditioned comfort. This is backed up by a full bar selection, either served to your table, or you can just enjoy your favorite beverage at the sizeable bar. Either way you won’t be far from one of a multitude of large screen TV’s showing the latest in sports or music via satellite. For adult entertainment there are a range of slot machines, while families should check out the Super Value Kids Menu or the Kids Eat Free special for children 10 years and under. Now serving you better at 3 locations – Warrens, Worthing and Bagatelle. They look forward to welcoming you soon!

Menu Sample - Bds$ Fore Play: $6-$25

Hot Flashes – Tex-Mex Spicy Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese and deep-fried

Chicken Wings – Buffalo, New York Classic finger-lickin’ chicken wings with blue cheese dip. Choose Buffalo Hot, Mild or BBQ sauce.

Mains: $26-$85

The Volcano Burger – Yucatan An 8oz wrangler topped with a breaded onion ring, lava sauce and jalapeno peppers. Explosive!

The Big Apple – Manhattan A center-cut 20oz striploin grilled to how you like it.

Blackened Snapper – New Orleans, Louisiana “The real thing” fillet of red snapper covered with an authentic Louisiana spice rub, pan seared in a cast iron skillet and served with rice

Includes soup and salad bar with traditional Brazilian dishes

Great Salad bar • Brasilian Churrasco


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Open 24hrs • Slots • Sports Bar


Brown Sugar

Reservations recommended, Walk-ins always welcome! 426-7684 or 436-7069

Waterfront Café Reservations: 427-0093

The Careenage, Bridgetown, Barbados

Brown Sugar is the place to sample the authentic flavours of Bajan cuisine. This charming Barbadian home has been beautifully restored with lush fern covered patios and cascading water gardens. Their Planter’s Buffet Luncheon is an all-you-can-eat four-course feast of Barbadian and Caribbean specialties including flying fish, cou cou, fish cakes, bul jol, souse, the famous pepperpot and the largest array of freshly made in-house homemade desserts. At dinner, taste the Bajan culinary delights such as creole fish chowder, coconut beer shrimp, plantain crusted mahi mahi or broiled pepper chicken. Enjoy live entertainment on selected nights. Daily Buffet $52; Sunday Buffet $65. A la Carte Dining Mon-Sun 69:30pm (10pm in season). Major credit cards accepted. See full menu online.

World renowned watering hole & eatery in historic Bridgetown, nestled on the banks of the marina. This owner operated café is a centre of live music and indigenous art exhibitions. Locals and visitors alike return for the casual atmosphere and buzzing energy of this 26-year old establishment. Specialising in Caribbean cuisine, an extensive menu can be found featuring fresh local flying fish & cou cou, melts, crab cakes, jerk pork, shrimp and fresh fish. Experience the authentic Caribbean Buffet on Tuesday nights with Steel Pan Music. All other nights feature Live Jazz in its varying styles. Call for details. Kitchen open from 10am-10pm. Full wine list & cocktail menu available.

Menu Sample Bds$

Menu Sample Bds$

Appetisers: $11-$27

Appetisers: $14-$30

Cou Cou & Flying Fish (Our National Dish)

Sea Island Shrimp

A smooth blend of cornmeal and okra served with, lightly seasoned and poached flying fish roll-ups in a court-bouilon.

Cajun spiced and chargrilled with ginger-soy glaze.

Coconut Beer Shrimp Large Guyana shrimp crispy fried in a coconut batter flavoured with beer, with a spicy cucumber yoghurt relish.

Caribbean Crab Cake Blended with potatoes & herbs, lightly crisped on the griddle with cream horseradish sauce.

Mains: $28-$85 Mains: $36-$85

Plantain Crusted Mahi-Mahi Dolphin Filet of mahi-mahi dolphin coated with a blend of plantain chips & cornmeal, sautéed & served with a plantain & pineapple chutney.

Stuffed Roast Pork Caribe Lean Barbados pork with a plantain & bacon stuffing, served with traditional Bajan pan gravy.

Calypso Sea Food seared shrimp, scallops and seasonal flish flamed in pernod and finished with a spicy tomato broth.

Pepperpot Hot & spicy meat pot pourri, seasoned with sour-sharp cassareep.

Desserts: $18

Carrot Cake Desserts: $12-$18

Warm Paw Paw Pie Served with vanilla ice-cream.

Bajan Bread Pudding

With walnuts, pineapple & coconut, enveloped in cream cheese frosting.

Stewed Guava a la mode.

Baked with rum-plumped raisins, served with a local rum sauce.

Bajan Cuisine • Lunch & Dinner • Entertainment


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Lunch • Dinner • Evening Entertainment


The Ins & Outs of Barbados




39 Steps Wine Bar & Bistro

Reservations: 228-0704

Reservations: 427-0715

Hastings Main Road, Hastings, Christ Church

Chattel Plaza, Hastings, Christ Church

This trendy south coast restaurant not only known for its breathtaking view, but for its exceptional service and delicious cuisine, is more than enough to satisfy any palate offering a wide variety of Tapas dishes as well as an A la carte menu. Whether your choice is fine dining on the stylish upper lever or a more casual yet chic atmosphere on the lower level, Tapas is a favorite amongst the locals and tourists alike.

A notable south coast bistro and wine bar, popular with wine afficionados and lovers of good food. The excellent range of wines, by the bottle and by the glass, complement the consistently well prepared international and Caribbean dishes which represent some of the best value around. The reasonably priced food is consistently delicious and is the favourite spot of many residents! 39 Steps is owner run by Monica Boland, her son John is the chef, while his wife Amanda is the hostess. Most of the staff have been there since it opened twenty years ago. Live jazz every other Saturday night. Open Monday-Friday for lunch, Monday-Saturday for dinner.

Open daily from 11.30 until late: Last orders at 10:30pm. Week end Tapas until midnight.

Menu Sample Bds$ Tapas: $8-$16

Shrimp Panko, Smoked Marlin with Orange, Mini Cannelloni Starters: $14-$28

Pulled Ox Tail Off the bones, with dolcelatte cheese, served with grilled red onions & Parsnip.

Tuna Tataki (Raw) With ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

Main Course: $40-$75

Lobster Ravioli Lobster parcel pasta with cherry tomatoes, garlic & white wine.

N.Z. Rack of Lamb

Parsnip & pumpkin mash, fried zucchini & mint jus.

Grill Sea Food Kebab

Closed Sundays and public holidays.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $12-$30

Deep Fried Calamari With a homemade tartar sauce.

Chicken Liver Paté With a cranberry coulis.

Mains: $42-$75

Blackened Fresh Catch With basmati rice and salad.

Shrimp Sautéed in a Garlic Chive Cream Sauce Served with angel hair and topped with chilli flakes.

Steak and Kidney Pie Served with French fries.

Dolphin, tuna, jumbo shrimp & stir fried vegetables in sesame oil.

Desserts: $10-$18

Desserts: $16-$26

Creme Brulée

Napoleon Layers of dark, milk & white chocolate mousse, studded with caramel.

Apple & Almond Tart

Bread Pudding Stewed guava purée.

With cinnamon ice cream and vanilla crème Anglaise.

Wine Bar • Dinner Nightly • Seaside setting


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Lunch • Dinner • Wine Bar



Tel: 435-7924 Pizza Hotline: 431-1111


Reservations: 434-3463 Your host - Bert Inniss

Rockley, Christ Church For a perfect mix of sports and island ambience, Bert’s is one of the best places on the south coast to Eat, Drink & Chill. Featuring state-of-the-art international sports coverage, authentic stone-fired pizza and Bert’s world famous banana daiquiris since 1976, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a great meal in the dining room, pull up a stool at the island bar to catch the game or chill poolside with a daiquiri. Bert’s extensive menu offers traditional Bajan fare, Bert’s original favourites and a great selection for kids. Try a $25 weekday lunch combo in the air-conditioned dining room or call the pizza hotline to order takeout! Open every day from 11:00am (even earlier for big matches). Happy Hour-and-a-Half Daily 4:30 6:00pm. Major credit cards accepted

Torrington, Skeetes Hill, Christ Church One of the leading restaurants on the south coast, with a solid reputation for consistently good food and value for money. Champers is nestled in a quiet lane off the main south coast road, in an attractive, traditional Barbadian building, with a beautiful cliff-top setting and outdoor bar that overlooks Accra Beach. Alive with vibrant Caribbean design and atmosphere, Champers offers a choice of ‘bubbly fun’ in its downstairs area or the enhanced elegance of its spacious dining room upstairs. Champers has original art on display, as well as a dedicated gallery. Beautiful new private dining room. Open seven days a week. Closed for lunch on Sunday. Visa and MasterCard. Lunch: Starters $20-$40 Mains $40-$70. Wine $50-$550. Champagne $190-$550.

Menu Sample Bds$

Menu Sample Bds$

Starters & Salads: $9-$45

Appetisers (dinner): $17-$36

Nacho platter Layered with diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeno, green pepper & melted cheese, served with salsa & sour cream

Warm Duck Breast & Apple Salad Served with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Pear & Gorgonzola Salad

Camembert baked in Puff Pastry with Spiced Apples

Sliced Anjou pear with gorgonzola & walnuts, mixed with crispy romaine & rocket leaves, tossed with balsamic dressing.

Coconut Shrimp Served with a chilli sauce.

Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers & Pizza: $19-$33

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Mains (dinner): $48-$95

Thinly sliced grilled beef with chopped onion and green peppers, topped with provolone cheese, served on a toasted hoagie bun.


Authentic Stone fired pizza - “Wicket Keeper” Grilled zucchini, eggplant, peppers, roasted red onion& feta

House Specialities: $30-$54

Bert’s Sizzling Steak Platter 8oz top sirloin steak, char-grilled and topped with sautéed onions.

Bert’s Honey BBQ Ribs with vegetables & peas ’n rice or fries.

Parmesan crusted barracuda with wholegrain mustard sauce.

Pork Roasted pepper crusted pork tenderloin with sweet potato croquette and guava demi glaze.

Desserts: $14-$18.50

Bread Pudding Warm bread pudding with Bajan rum sauce and ice-cream.

Cheesecake White chocolate cheesecake with strawberry coulis and vanilla ice-cream.

Int’l Sports Coverage • World Famous Daiquiris • Stone-fired Pizzas

Cliff Top Setting • Private Dining • Art Gallery

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



David’s Place

Fusion Restaurant & Lounge

St. Lawrence Main Road, Worthing, Christ Church

South Beach Hotel, Rockley, Christ Church e-mail:

Reservations: 435-9755

David’s Place can be relied on for authentic Barbadian cuisine. Personal attention by David and his staff with excellent friendly service. Soft-strains of semi-classical music, soothing sounds of waves gently rippling across the glittering waters of St. Lawrence Bay and sophisticated decor, all come together to provide an unforgettable Barbadian dining experience. Signature dishes include Cheddar Cheese Bread, Pickled Chicken Wings, authentic Arawak Pepperpot and Steak or Lobster cooked in a traditional Bajan way. Large selection of delicious fresh fish, prepared in a variety of ways and numerous appropriate dishes for the vegetarian diner. Please dress for dining. Parking available. Open 6pm to 10pm Tuesday to Sunday. Major credit cards accepted. Dinner: Starters $18-$40; Mains $55-$95. Extensive Wine List: $41-$150.

Menu Sample Bds$

Since its opening in 2008, Fusion has raised the bar for dining on the island’s south coast. The elegant fusion-styled menu has a notable Asian influence, offering an outstanding selection of Japanese, Thai and Cantonese cuisine. Their famous Fusion Sushi is geared to be shared, and lends to the contagious social atmosphere! Diners have the choice of being served in the spacious, air-conditioned dining area with its chic, contemporary décor, or al fresco on the outdoor lounge area – perfect for lounging and enjoying cocktails from their extensive cocktail menu. A great night out with superb food, first class service and plenty of atmosphere. Lunch: Tues - Sat 11am - 3pm Dinner: Tues - Thurs, & Sunday 6:30pm–11pm and Friday & Saturday 6:30pm–1am Closed Mondays.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $16-$40

Lolly Pop Chicken

Appetisers: $18-$40

Seasoned Drumettes.

Flying Fish Melts

Rock Shrimp Tempura

Deep fried and crunchy, served with a pepper jelly dip.

With creamy, spicy sauce poured over shrimp tempura.

Pumpkin Fritters


A sweet and savory aperitif, a wholesome taste tempter.

Chicken or Pork dumplings steamed and wok fried served with tempura sauce.

Mains: $55-$95

Mains: $28-$98

Flying Fish

Gan Shao Long Xia

Barbados’ most popular delicacy, battered and fried to perfection, grilled over open flame or tenderly steamed with onions, tomatoes & seasoning.

Szechewan Lobster with onions in tomato chili sauce.

Wu Xi Pai Gu


Tender Pork Ribs with five spice mix sauce and bok choi.

Barbadian lobster tail, ocean fresh, sautéed in a light garlic sauce with sweet pepper, onions, herbs & tomato.

Miso Chicken


Pan fried chicken breast in a sweet miso sauce served with eggplant, broccoli & bell peppers.

Served four different ways - curry, créole, sautéed in garlic sauce or deep fried with a breadcrumb batter.

Sushi (8 pieces), Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces) & Sashimi: $26-$60

Desserts: $18-$40

Tempura soft shell crab.

Coconut Cream Pie

Sashimi Moriawase

A David’s Place favourite.

Assorted sliced fish served with wasabi, soy sauce& gari.

Bajan Banana Split

Ebi (Shrimp)

A tempting treat done the Bajan way.

Dinner • Private Car Park • Bar


Reservations: 436-1538

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Soft shell crab maki

Two pieces Sushi topped with tiger prawns.

Japanese • Thai • Cantonese• Outdoor Lounge


The Ins & Outs of Barbados



The Good Life

Meriville Apartments, Rockley Reservations: 435-6322 Christ Church For the very best in vegan cuisine you have to experience The Good Life. This new spot is redefining the look and taste of healthy foods in Barbados. It offers a creative, delectable and attractive menu with a wide selection of internationally inspired dishes. Breakfast includes a variety of fruit salads, bagels, croissants or vegetable patties. For lunch there are panini sandwiches, wraps and island cutters prepared with your choice of stuffed, grilled, raw or sautéed vegetables and if desired a succulently prepared “vege meat”. This innovative space offers a casual, intimate dining experience, with House specialties that include the Portobello platter, Sea food surprise, and their renowned chocolate cake. After the sun sets a mixology of cocktails are created from local wines, natural juices and premium alcohol. Located right next to Quayside Centre it offers not only a lifestyle but an experience.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $18-$34

Tatale (Ghanaian) Fritters made with sweet plantain, whole wheat flour, seasonings and spices served with our special sauce.

Oriental Shrimp Salad (Chinese) Grilled vege shrimp on a bed of vermicelli, mixed lettuce, bean sprouts, snow peas, carrots, and a sesame-ginger dressing.

Mains: $26-$65

Classic Indian and Thai Cuisine

Reservations: 435-5454/5446 Morecambe House (Behind Cave Shepherd at The Vista) Worthing, Ch. Ch. Contained within an exotic walled garden on Barbados’ busy south coast lies a culinary nirvana which richly deserves its heavenly name. Native dishes of the sub-continent are prepared by authentic chefs in the setting of a gracious Indian home where you can be assured of a memorable dining experience. Delight your tastebuds, engage all the senses and embrace the warm hospitality. Lunch: Monday to Friday Dinner: Monday to Sunday Facilities for the disabled. Major credit cards accepted.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $25-$35

Murgh Malai Tikka Mild and aromatic boneless chunks of chicken in a cream & cashew nut paste.

Apsara Mussels Sautéd in garlic butter topped with a light curry sauce.

Bharwan Tandoori Aloo Whole potatoes stuffed with raisins, nuts and cooked in the tandoor.

Mains: $60-$65 All main courses served with steamed basmati rice.

Grilled Platter (Italian)

Laal Maas

Grilled panini sandwich made of; grilled marinated vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, carrot), grilled vege chicken with steak cut grilled breadfruit and island dressing.

Zinga Kadhai

A Rajasthani lamb delicacy... lamb married with spices and simmered in a tomato based sauce.

Curry Special (Caribbean)

Delectable shrimp sautéed with onions, sweet peppers, ginger, coriander and tomato sauce.

Curried vegetables in coconut milk with dhal (curried split peas) and buss-upshot (griddled unleavened bread).

Khaas Shakahari Platter

Desserts: $12-$30

Oneka’s Special Double delicious chocolate cake with vegan ice cream.

Fresh fruit sorbet Made with seasonal fruits. ~ Specialty Items: Natural wines made from local fruit. Power shakes, Herbal teas and Natural juices from local fruit ~

All Vegan Menu • Cocktail Bar • Intl’ Cuisine



The Ins & Outs of Barbados

An assortment of vegetarian kebabs.

Desserts: $15-$18

Kulfi A delicious almond & cardamon Indian ice cream.

Gulab Jamon Spongy golden milk balls soaked in rose scented syrup.

Classic Indian & Thai Cuisine • Private Parking


Café Sol Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar Tel: 000-0000 St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Fax: 420-7645 In the heart of The Gap, Café Sol is the island’s original Mexican restaurant. This lively, fun spot bursts to life 7 days a week and features an extensive "Tex-Mex" menu in an easy-going and informal atmosphere. Enjoy 2 happy hours nightly: 5-7pm & 10-12pm. Margaritas are a specialty with 15 fruity flavours on offer! The menu boasts a wide variety of Mexican favourites, from cheese nachos to sirloin steak soft tacos. Also available is a “Gringo” menu, featuring char grilled chicken and steak, BBQ Burgers and more. Wild Fiesta Fridays: On the last Friday of every month, from 5pm until close, 2 for 1 tequila shots, 2 for 1 Margaritas and 2 for 1 Corona beer! Also a Super Stuffed Piñata loaded with vouchers for free drinks and meals! Open for dinner 7 nights from 6pm to 11pm. EAT, DRINK & BE MEXICAN!!!

Menu Sample Bds$

Café Luna

Tel: 428-6172/420-4689 Fax: 418-0207 Little Arches Hotel, Enterprise Beach Road, Christ Church One of Barbados' most charming and distinctive boutique hotels. Little Arches is nestled away from the hustle and bustle, just south of Oistins Bay and overlooks the sweeping vistas of Enterprise Beach. Here you will discover one of the best-kept secrets in Barbados: located on the rooftop of this romantic property is an open-air, terracotta terrace restaurant; Café Luna, features al fresco dining and guests can enjoy international cuisine served with a unique flair and sample sushi specials on Thursday and Friday nights. Café Luna is open for dinner nightly. Zagat Survey hails Café Luna as a top-rated hotel dining experience, top-rated Mediterranean food and ranks it in the top three for decor and excellence in food overall for Barbados in their 2010 guide.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $20-$35

Appetisers: $14-$18

Smoked Mahi Mahi

Cheese Nachos

On a warm potato cake with green horseradish cream & capers.

A plateful of crunchy tortilla chips topped with zesty 3-cheese sause and served with spicy salsa.

Fresh Flying Fish & Vegetable Wontons

Mini Taquitos 2 corn tortillas wrapped tight around your choice of chicken or beef filling, deep fried and served with sour cream and guacámole.

Mains: $30-$44


Fried with a Asian plum wine demi-glace.

Mains: $55-$90

Beef Tenderloin Steak Grilled with foie gras pate, cabernet sauvignon jus, roasted baby potatoes, mushrooms,green beans, tempura onion rings.

Your favourite filling served in a soft flour tortilla, with crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh salsa, cheese, beans and topped with sour cream, guacamole and zesty cheese sauce.

Lamb Rack Chops

Mexi Burger

Fresh Chicken Breast

Delicious hamburger topped with a dollop of sour cream, guacámole and finished off with some sliced jalapeno peppers.

Shrimp Ajo

Marinated with fresh herbs and garlic, grilled with dijon Rosemary demi-glace, balsamic syrup, asparagus & scalloped potatoes. Filled with pine nuts and brie cheese fried in panko breadcrumbs, served with sweet potato pie, bruinoise of vegetables in a roasted tomato & Frangelico demi-glace.

Flame grilled South American shrimp, brushed with butter & garlic and simply served on a bed of lettuce with spanish rice & beans.

Fresh Mahi Mahi & Calamari filled with Shrimp

Sol Soft Tacos

Grilled with lemon garlic buerre blanc, grilled red pepper, steamed broccoli & mashed potato.

Either tender top sirloin strips or plump South American shrimp, served fajita style, on soft flour tortillas with sides of pico de gasso salsa, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese and sour cream... make them however you like them!!!

Tex Mex Menu • Margarita Bar

Fresh Scallops & Big Shrimp In panko breadcrumbs with a port mushroom demi-glace.

Ocean Views • Rooftop Terrace • International Cuisine

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Azul Restaurant

The Garden Terrace

Reservations: 428-2825

Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church

Reservations: 428-7171

With breathtaking views of the ocean and the twinkling lights of Oistins Bay by night, Azul Restaurant offers a seductive atmosphere with an eclectic menu to tempt any palette. Whether you are looking for a romantic evening for two seated along the cliff overlooking the sea, or a cozy area to lounge with friends over cocktails and their sampling menu, Azul offers a chic twist on Caribbean fine dining. Their creative team of local chefs provide not only fascinating and delicious food but a truly memorable experience through their interaction with guests and fine display of their skills in Azul’s open-concept kitchen.

Southern Palms Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Southern Palms is a delightful beach front hotel in St. Lawrence Gap and the restaurant, The Garden Terrace, overlooks a magnificent beach. There is a buffet lunch with steelband on Sundays which is popular with both visitors to the island and residents. Monday night may be buffet or a la carte selection, (changes seasonally) with live band for dancing, and on Thursday night its BBQ with live Steelband underneath the stars. Popular band ‘Syndikyt’ plays on Saturday night with a la carte dining or roast beef menu. Buffet Breakfast. All Day Snack Menu 11am-10pm.

Appetizers: BDS$15–$40; Entrees: BDS$50–$125; Desserts: BDS$18–$35.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $15-$40

Carpaccio of Beef Thin slices of raw beef tenderloin topped with tomato, roasted corn salsa and an orange sesame peanut oil

Pan Fried Foie Gras Served on toasted brioche with a grape confit and sherry emulsion

Mains: $50-$125

Best-End of Lamb

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $12-$22

Fried Goat Cheese Ravioli with pineapple coulis.

Trio of Fish with pepper jelly and seaweed salad.

Honey roasted lamb tenderloin served on a ratatouille of Mediterranean vegetables, fresh herb couscous and glazed with a fresh mint rosemary jus.

Mains: $40-$62

Chilean Sea-Bass

In a Thai curry sauce.

Crusted with macadamia nuts and served with wanton skin filled with sautéed exotic mushrooms, freshly roasted dill new potato and finished with a Burgundy caper reduction.

Seared Red Snapper,

Tiger Prawns Grilled vegetables in balsamic vinaigrette.

Desserts: $18-$35

Desserts: $8-$15

Classic Italian Tiramisu

Flambé Banana a la Mode

Served with a frozen centre sitting on a white chocolate & vanilla bean sauce.

White and Dark Chocolate Mousse

Mango Brulée

Served with a fruit coulis.

Served with orange and mango crisp.

Dinner • Eclectic menu • Breathtaking Views


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Sunday Buffet Lunch • Entertainment • Beachfront


The Carriage House


The Crane, St. Philip

The Crane, St. Philip

Reservations: 423-6220

The Carriage House Bar & Restaurant was once the official stable of the historic “Crane Beach Hotel” over 100 years ago. In keeping with the continued expansion and development of what is today known as The Crane Residential Resort, it has been transformed into a modern day poolside bar and grill. Overlooking four waterfalls, infinity edge pools with a panoramic ocean view and waterfall pond in the surrounding back drop, this facility serves a variety of light and delectable food items and refreshments. The “ruins”, as The Carriage House is often referred to, still maintains remnants of its architectural past and rich history, in keeping with the overall style of the resort where modern day amenities are constantly melding with old world charm. Reservations are not recommended.

Menu Sample Bds$

Reservations: 423-6220

For a taste of home cooking, head to D’Onofrio's, Barbados’ newest Italian restaurant located within the charming Crane Village. Toast to good friends and good health with a glass of Prosecco while you savor the aromas of authentic Italian cuisine being prepared to your liking. An extensive selection of fine wines complement classic regional dishes inspired by the simple flavours and old-world traditions of Italy. For more casual fare, enjoy a selection of antipasti and pizzas in our garden terrace, open for lunch and dinner. Create your own special occasion and discover the meaning of la dolce vita at D’Onofrio’s. Reservations recommended.

Menu Sample Bds$

Appetisers: $20 - $32

Antipasto: $12 - $28

Mixed Leaves

Salmone Affumicato

Tossed with bell peppers and tear drop tomatoes and refreshed in a house dressing.

Caesar Salad With chicken.

Wraps: $25 - $32

Blue Star Crab Meat Crisp lettuce in a herbed aioli with French fries or tossed salad.

Balsamic Marinated Grilled Vegetables With romaine lettuce and a pink mayo splash, with French fries or tossed salad.

Sandwich Bar: $26 - $32

Club Sandwich

Thinly sliced smoked salmon seasoned with lemon juice, extra virgin oil, salt and pepper served with mesclun mix and capers.

Caprese Sliced fresh tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper

Mains: $40 - $80

Fritto Misto Mixed fried calamari, shrimp and fish fillet.

Gnocchi Served with pesto sauce.

Orzo Risotto With roasted shrimp & crustacean sauce.

With grilled chicken, ham and bacon with French fries or tossed salad.

Scallopine di Pollo

6 oz. Beef Burger

Thinly sliced chicken breast in a choice of lemon or mushroom or marsala sauce.

With a sesame burger bun, American cheese and sautéed onions with French fries or tossed salad.

Traditional Bajan Flying Fish Cutter In Salt Bread with French Fries or Toss Salad.

Desserts: $7 – $38

Mousse Special Chocolate caramel coffee mousse with an amaretto cookie.

Pannacotta con Frutta di Bosco Pannacotta with berries.

Poolside Bar & Grill • Lunch • Dinner • Casual


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Casual al fresco & elegant airconditioned



Reservations: 423-6220 The Crane, St. Philip

Top Food Award Zagat 2010

Experience the world of Zen. Zen offers authentic Thai and Japanese delicacies in a magnificent setting on the island’s south east coast. Zen’s sophisticated, Asian-inspired architecture and interior décor complement its dramatic setting, complete with an all-glass frontage offering spectacular views of the sea. The centrepiece of the restaurant is a 12-person sushi bar overlooking the sea 50 feet below. Watch the Sushi chefs prepare delicious, exotic fare as you relax, chat and enjoy the amazing view. A special and intimate Tatami room, in traditional Japanese style, provides a good option for parties up to fourteen people who want to dine in privacy. Reservations required.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $12-$46 Thai - Ka Nom Pang

Na Moo


Reservations: 423-6220 The Crane, St. Philip Celebrating 120 years of hospitality, The Crane has been renowned for over a century for both its deliciously prepared seafood and its breathtaking scenic beauty. Lunches feature an excellent and varied International and Caribbean menu in a relaxed atmosphere, featuring spectacular panoramic views of Crane Beach, named "one of the top ten beaches in the world" by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. In the evening, the restaurant's romantic candlelit ambiance is the perfect complement to any special occasion. Sundays at The Crane are an extra-special, well-established tradition, offering a Sunday Gospel Breakfast with live performances and a steel-pan accompanied Bajan buffet lunch. Reservations required.

Menu Sample Bds$ $69 - 99 for a two or three course fixed menu.

Crisp deep-fried pork spread on a sliver of toast and served with chopped cucumber in a sweet vinegar.


Japanese -

Red oak salad, red chili & garlic mayonnaise.

Kane Age

Blue Swimmer Crab Cake

Deep fried soft shell crab.

Mains: $26-$59 Thai - Phad Mee

Fire Roasted Vegetables “Zen”

With tomato crudiola, caprese dressing .

Wok-fried egg noodles with fresh mixed vegetables, prawns, chicken and ham topped with fried seaweed and a hint of hot sesame oil.


Japanese/Sushi -

With papaya, pineapple salsa,bean sprouts, mesclun mix & cumin vinaigrette.

Caribbean Sails

Tempura, teriyaki chicken, california roll.

Desserts: $16-$24

Tempura Alaska Vanilla ice cream lightly battered, quick fried and coated in a roasted almond paste.

Tempura Cheesecake Creamy baked cheese cake coated with tempura batter, quick fried to a golden brown crisp and topped with chocolate sauce.

Oceanfront • Thai & Japanese Cuisine • Sushi Bar

Tamarind Glazed Snapper Bajan Herbed Infused Pork Tenderloin With Four Square Spice Rum, herbed polenta, sautéed spinach & apple chutney.


Lovers Delight Strawberry Parfait Served in a vanilla tulip cup.

White Chocolate Mousse Wrapped in dark chocolate with glazed berries.

Beachfront • Seafood & Caribbean Delicacies

The Ins & Outs of Barbados



Flying Rabbit

Sunbury House

Carrington, St. Philip Nestled within the Clubhouse of Kendal Sporting is The Flying Rabbit Restaurant & Bar. A beautifully restored transmitter substation used in World War II now boasts a relaxing atmosphere amongst plush gardens on the 72 acre property. Have a swim in the pool, or keep abreast of sports on their TV screens while you have lunch/dinner from their international menu with its unique bajan flare. Famous for their traditional bajan fish cakes, fresh fish dishes, steaks and homemade pure beef burgers. Evening bar menu with salads and pie from 4 till 8pm daily. It is the perfect location for weddings, private and corporate functions of any size, parties for all ages, lunch or the intimate dinner for two. The Flying Rabbit Restaurant is open for lunch Tuesday thru Sunday from 11am until 4pm and for dinner on Fridays ONLY from 6:30pm until 10pm. They also handle offsite catering as well as home catering. Call for details.

St. Philip

Reservations: 437-5591

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers: $10-$32

Fish Cakes

Cod fish fritters with herbs, deep fried & served with Mary Rose sauce.

Chicken Wings

Reservations: 423-6270

Set in the heart of tranquil St. Philip countrside, Sunbury is over 300 years old and is a superb example of a Barbadian Sugar Estate Great House. The Courtyard Restaurant blends harmoniously with its 300 year old history, providing a delightful setting for family outings and group functions. After your tour enjoy their buffet lunch with tasty Bajan specialities (BDS$50), or choose from their a la carte menu or indulge in a Sunbury High Tea. The Pavilion, adjacent to the mahogany woods, lends itself to any function seating up to 300 guests. Inside the house, Sunbury also do delightful private five-course candlelight meals for up to 28 guests seated at the 200 year old mahogany table, where the famous Sam Lord was often a guest.

Menu Sample Lunch Bds$ Appetisers: $15

Homemade Pumpkin Soup Bajan Fish Cakes

8 golden friend wings tossed in homemade sauce prepared to your request: mild/medium/madd.

Mains: $30-$40

Mains: $32-$85

Grilled shrimp, mahi mahi and flying fish platter.

Catch of the Day Pan fried, grilled or blackened served with a tomato & red onion salsa and served with your choice of side from the menu.

Panko & Coconut Crusted Shrimp Fresh water shrimp, panko & coconut bread crumbs, deep fried & served with sweet chili sauce and your choice of side from the menu.

Sunbury House Combo Traditional Bajan Beef Stew With peas and rice.

Homemade Desserts: $6-$10

Bajan Rum Trifle Coconut Cream Pie

A selection of salads,sandwiches & paninis are also available.

Homemade Desserts: $10-$15

Bread & Butter Pudding Served with a custard & vanilla ice-cream.

Chocolate Brownie

Afternoon Tea: $25

Freshly Baked Scones, Served with butter, fresh cream and jam Mini Sandwiches, Slice of Cake, Freshly Brewed Pot of Tea or Coffee

Served with vanilla & chocolate sauce & vanilla ice-cream.

Private Functions • Easy Parking • Lunch & Dinner


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Daily Buffet • Fascinating Tours • Private Functions


The Atlantis Reservations: 433-9445 or 439-3000 Tent Bay, St. Joseph The historic Atlantis Hotel, which overlooks picturesque Tent Bay in Bathsheba, has been restored to its former glory by the same team that has made the Fishpot at Little Good Harbour so popular. The new owners are committed to ensuring that the revived Atlantis will be famous for serving the same high quality, traditional Barbadian cuisine as it did in its heyday. The legendary Atlantis Buffet Lunches, on Sundays and Wednesdays, offer the perfect opportunity to savour the many delights of local food, while the regular menu offers a selection of delectable Barbadian dishes served in a more modern style. Atlantis, with its delicious food and dramatic coastal setting, is a real Barbados experience.

Menu Sample Bds$ Appetisers

Pickled Sea Cat

The Cove Restaurant Reservations: 433-9495

Atlantic Park, Cattlewash, St. Joseph e-mail: Overlooking the breathtaking east coast of Barbados, The Cove has, for over 11 years, been serving up authentic Caribbean cuisine to a growing repeat clientele of both locals and visitors. Renowned cookbook author, Laurel Ann Morley and her family treat their guests to delicious traditional specialities beautifully prepared and served in a relaxing and charming setting. The service is warm and friendly and their delicious Cove Rum Punch is a special family recipe of lore. Laurel Ann’s cookbook, Caribbean Recipes Old & New, won Best Woman Chef Book at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The Cove is also available for private parties and catering.

On avocado & tomato salsa.

Menu Sample Bds$

Conch Fritters

Sunday Bay House Buffet

With red pepper relish.

Cold Cocktail Salads: Shrimp - Lobster Chicken - Conch - Sea Cat Served with local lettuce and Mount Gay marie rose sauce.


Rotis: Curry Chicken - Beef - Shrimp - Goat Channa & Lentil Served with dahl pourri skins or rice. Stews: Pepperpot - Chicken - Salt Fish - Seafood Served with field peas & rice, cou cou, yam pie, sweet potato or breadfruit mash

Cutters: Honey Baked Ham - Flying Fish Chicken Salad - Pepperpot - Grilled Fish of The Day Each sandwich is served in their own homemade salt bread, hand cut fried and carrot slaw

Roasted Black Belly Lamb With thyme and garlic gravy.

May include some of the following:

Caribbean Split Pea Soup, Soused Pork, Pepperpot, Flying Fish, Curry Chicken, Roast Pork, Salt Fish Stew, Breadfruit, Macaroni Pie, Pumpkin Fritters, Spinach Fritters... The last Sunday in every month is Sunday Roast Buffet. A la Blackboard Menu - Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Appetisers: $14-$36

Crab Backs Soup of the Day Mains: $37-$52

with a Bajan seasoning butter sauce.

Caribbean Coconut Curry Shrimp Pan Seared Catch of the Day

All served with a choice of spinach rice, fries, yam pie, candied sweet potato, breadfruit salad or eggplant lazagna.

Desserts: $16-$18

Fresh Catch of The Day Fried or Grilled


Daily Homemade Pies, Ice Creams, Sorbet Oceanfront • Caribbean Cuisine • Private Functions

with orange and ginger glaze

Cove Fudge Pie Special Rum & Raisin Bread Pudding with Rum Caramel

Caribbean Cuisine • Lunch Only • Ocean View • Bar

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Jon Farmer

Car Hire

Car Hire

For a small island there is an intriguing number of places to visit and things to do. What may be equally appealing, however, is the fact that everything is less than half an hour’s drive away! Hiring a car is the best way to appreciate the beauty and character of Barbados. Bajans are friendly and always willing to point you in the right direction.

Driving in Barbados In Barbados we drive on the left. Drivers must have a local Driver’s Permit which can be obtained from most car rental offices or from any local police station for BDS$10. They are valid for six months from the date of issue. Seat belts are compulsory and drivers incur a hefty fine if caught with passengers not using seat belts. Visitors to the island are easily identifiable on the road by the ‘H’ number plate. Locals are usually accommodating of your confusion with directions, roundabouts, road signs, etc. and make allowances. However, since the ‘H’ does identify you as a visitor you can be targets for pickpockets and harassing vagrants. Authorized security personnel at all locations are usually in uniform, so do not pay anyone else who claims to be ‘security’ to guard your vehicle. Please be careful with your possessions and place them in the boot/trunk wherever possible and ensure that the vehicle is always locked when unattended. Speed Limits In built up areas or the city - 40 km/h Rural areas outside the city - 60 km/h ABC Highway - 80km/h


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Map Reading This can be challenging as Barbados is one of the most densely roaded countries in the world. The island maps are based on place names. The new black and white signs identifying districts give the map reader a point of reference and the name of the highway you are on. Highways 1-7 all commence in Bridgetown and fan out across the island. Highways A-Z are the smaller roads in between. The main ABC Highway runs from the airport in the south to the north of the island. It runs parallel to the coastal highways.

Car Hire Information The agent will show you the vehicle’s features. Pay attention to this demonstration since most models are different in the Caribbean. This is a good time to ask about any safety features you require. Note the emergency hot line number of your company and check that they offer breakdown assistance. All of the rental companies featured on the opposite page offer unlimited mileage, free delivery and pick-up to hotels, villas, airport and seaport, baby seats and free maps. All vehicles are covered by insurance including unlimited liability for passengers and third party personal injury coverage. The Collision Damage Waiver is also available and highly recommended. This gives you comprehensive insurance in the event of an accident. CDW does not usually cover damage to rims and tyres. Though credit card insurance covers you for most motor vehicles it is recommended that you check which vehicles are exempt. If you have an accident, you must leave your vehicle in its position and call your car hire company and the police immediately – do not admit liability or agree to costs or compensation. For Police dial 211 and ambulance 511.

Car Hire

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Accommodation The Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association Tel: (246) 426-5041

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The Art Gallery at Limegrove Tel: (246) 620-5463 Page Nos. Insert, 97 & 144

Artists Catherine Forter-Chee-A-Tow Tel: (246) 262-6241 or (246) 262-6238 Page No. 152 Ellon Lewis Tel: (246) 237-7148 Page No. 154 Gina Foster Tel: (246) 430-0338 or (246) 233-0999 Page No. 152 Heather-Dawn Scott Page No. 155 Jacqueline Hinds Tel: (246) 432-9956 or (246) 262-2067 Page No. 154 Janice Sylvia Brock Tel: (246) 432-6061 or (246) 237-7670 Page No. 155 Jill Walker Tel: C/o Best of Barbados Ltd. (246) 421-6900 Page No. 156 Joan Boryta Tel: (246) 436-8803 Page No. 2 John Stuart Tel: (246) 437-7829 Page No. 154 Lorna Rose Tel: (246) 427-7622 Page No. 155 Marilda Weatherhead Tel. (246) 422-5026 Page No. 152

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Vincent Francis Castellanet Page No. 153 Wayne Branch Tel: (246) 428-7242, (246) 230-5127 or (718) 880-6540 Page No. 153 Winston Kellman Tel: (246) 433-2101 Page No. 154 Email:

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Shops See shops under ‘Shopping Art and Craft’ on page 333

Attractions Gardens Andromeda Gardens Tel: (246) 433-9384 Page No. 194 C.O. Williams Flowers Tel: (246) 438-6297 Page No. 194 Flower Forest Tel: (246) 433-8152 Page Nos. 194 & 195 Hunte’s Gardens Tel: (246) 433-3333 Page No. 194 Orchid World Tel: (246) 433-0306 Page No. 194 Welchman Hall Gully Tel: (246) 438-6671 Page No. 194

Places of Interest Barbados Wildlife Reserve & Grenade Hall Signal Station Tel: (246) 422-8826 Page Nos. 185, 186 & 187 pbrc& Earthworks Pottery Tel: (246) 425-0223 Page Nos. 115, 158, 159, 188, 189 Harrison’s Cave Tel: (246) 417-3700 Page No. 191

Submarine Tours Atlantis Submarines Tel: (246) 436-892 After Hours: (246) 243-1069 Page Nos. 71 & 190

The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Historic Treasures Mallalieu Motor Collection Tel: (246) 426-4640 Page No. 202 St. Nicholas Abbey Tel: (246) 422-8725 Page Nos. 198, 199, 200 & 201 Sunbury House Tel: (246) 423-6270 Page Nos. 176, 203 & 324

Museums Arlington House Interactive Museum Tel: (246) 422-4064 Page No. 208 Barbados Museum & Historical Society Tel: (246) 427-0201 Page No. 209 Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum Tel: (246) 227-2651 Page No. 208 George Washington House & Museum Tel: (246) 228-5461 Page No. 208 Museum of Parliament & The National Heroes Gallery Tel: (246) 310-5400 Page No. 208 Nidhe Israel Synagogue & Museum Tel: (246) 436-6869 Page No. 208 Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Machinery Museum Tel: (246) 425-1941 or (246) 432-0100 Page No. 207 Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum Tel: (246) 438-7011 Page No. 208


Financial Services International Pension Advisory Services Limited Tel: (246) 825-8050 Page No. 269

Courier Services Fedex Express Sheraton Mall, Ch. Ch. Tel: 1-800-744-3339 DHL (B’dos) Ltd. Grantley Adams Int’l Airport Tel: (246) 418-7800 Barbados Express Postal Serv. General Post Office, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 431-9527 / 427-5772

Ambulances Ambulance Service - QEH Tel: 511 Fox Flight Air Ambulance Tel: (246) 435-8667 Get-Help Ambulance Tel: (246) 438-4357 Island Care Ambulance Tel: (246) 435-9425 Islandwide Ambulance Tel: (246) 217-3218 Medic Response Ambulance Tel: (246) 228-8633

Dentists Hospitals

Car Hire Coconut Car Rentals Tel: (246) 437-0297 Page No. 327 Courtesy Rent-A-Car Tel: (246) 431-4160 Page No. 327 National Car Rentals Tel (246) 434-8450 Page No. 327

Cinemas Globe Cinemas Ltd. Roebuck St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-4692 Globe Drive-In Adam’s Castle, Christ Church Tel: (246) 437-0479/0480 Limegrove Cinemas Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 620-5463 Page No. 97 Olympus Theatres Tel: (246) 437-1000/1003

Barbados Dental Association Gertz Plaza, Upper Collymore Rock, St. Michael Tel: (246) 228-6488 For your dental needs call the BDA for referral to a dentist in your area.

Emergency Services Emergency Clinics Decompression Chamber Barbados Defence Force Medical Unit, St. Ann’s Fort, The Garrison, St. Michael. Tel: (246) 436-6185/6/7/8 ext. 2556 FMH Emergency Centre 3rd Ave., Belleville, St. Michael Open 8am - midnight. Tel: (246) 228-6120 Island Dialysis Bayside Plaza, Bay Street, St. Michael. Tel: (246) 228-5311 Sandy Crest Medical Centre Sunset Crest, St. James. Open 24 hours every day of the year - Tel: (246) 419-4911

Police/Fire Police - Emergency Only Tel: 211 Fire Tel: 311

Bayview Hospital St. Paul’s Ave., Bayville, St. Michael Tel: (246) 436-5446 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Martindales Road, St. Michael Tel: (246) 436-6450

Gyms Surfside Wellness Centre Wildey, St. Michael Tel: (246) 436-1024 Warrens, St. Michael Tel: ( 246) 424-0424

Health & Beauty Salons Sass Salon Tel: (246) 422-4052 Mobile Service: (246) 234-3731 Page No. 83 Gregory-Paul Salon Tel: (246) 432-2220 Page No. 129

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Complementary Therapists Coaching Globally Tel: (246) 826-6003 Page Nos. 90 & 91 Feng Shui Matters!/ Reiki School of Natural Healing Tel: (246) 420-6382 Page No. 90 & 91 Mataji Healing Tel: (246) 422-6405 or (246) 266-8697 Page No. 90 Natural Energy Centre Tel: (246) 429-1901 Page Nos. 90 & 91 Organic Earth Health Store Tel: (246) 426-7521 Page No. 90 Ozone Therapy Centres Inc. Tel: (246) 228-2206 Page No. 91 PBHC Clinic/School of Holistic Therapies Tel: (246) 424-1127 Page Nos. 90 & 91 Sacred Circles Tel: (246) 419-0595/831-2490 Page Nos. 90 & 91 Sunshine Kula Tel: (246) 231-4468 or (246) 424-1036 Page No. 91 The Chi Centre Tel: (246) 429-3686/252-0039 Page No. 90 The Healing Tree Tel: (246) 256-6175 Page Nos. 90 & 91


The Light-Body Wholistic Clinic Tel: (246) 426-7521 Page No. 90 The Maas Clinic Tel: (246) 431-9415 Page Nos. 90 & 91

Fertility Centres Barbados Fertility Centre Tel: (246) 435-7467 Page Nos. 86 - 87

Spas Chakra Spa Tel: (246) 435-8690 or (246) 435-8920 ext. 5176 Page No. 82 brochure.html Royal Westmoreland’s Indulgence Spa Tel: (246) 419-4507 The Spa at Coral Reef Club Tel: (246) 419-4121 Page Nos. 80 & 81 The Spa at Sandy Lane Hotel Tel: (246) 444-2100 Page No. 80

Island Escapades Catamaran Cruises Cool Runnings Tel: (246) 436-0911 Page Nos. 76 & 77 El Tigre Tel: (246) 417-7245 or (246) 231-1585 Page No. 73 Silver Moon Tel: (246) 438-2088 Page No. 74 & 75 www.silvermoonbarbados Small Cats Tel: (246) 421-6419 or 231-7306 Page No. 73

Diving Reefers & Wreckers Tel: (246) 262-6677 or (246) 422-5450 or (246) 234-1377 Page No. 72 The Dive Shop Tel: (246) 426-9947 or (246) 231-6331 Page No. 72

Land Tours

Internet, Mobile Phones & Land Lines LIME Customer Contact Centre Tel: 1-800-804-2994 Page Nos. 49 & 51

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Coconut Tours Tel: (246) 437-0297 Page No. 68 Island Safari Tel: (246) 429-5337 Page No. 68

Submarine Tours Atlantis Submarines Tel: (246) 436-8929/After Hours (246) 243-1069 Page Nos. 71 & 190 /barbados

Surfing Lessons deAction Beach Shop Tel: (246) 428-2027 Page No. 69 Zed’s Surfing Adventures Tel: (246) 428-7873 or 262-7873 Page No. 69

Ziplining Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures Tel: (246) 438-TREK (8735) Page No. 69

Island Hopping Airlines SVG Air Tel: (246) 247-3712 (B’dos) or (784) 457-5124/5777 Page No. 221

Villa Rentals Chantours Caribbean Inc. Tel: (246) 432-5591 Page No. 219 www. Palm Villa - Palm Island Tel: (246) 262-5874 Page No. 218

The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Yacht Charters Chantours Caribbean Inc. Tel: (246) 432-5591 Page No. 219 www.

Medical Supplies Barbados Speech & Hearing Centre 4th Ave., Belleville, St. Michael Tel: (246) 426-3093 Carib Rehab Centre Friendship Plantation, St. Michael Tel: (246) 427-9687/429-8266

Elbow Room Tel: (246) 432-1927 or (246) 826-3957 Page No. 287 McBride’s Pub & Cookhouse Tel: (246) 435-6352 Page No. 285 The Mews Tel: (246) 432-1122 Page No. 287 Waterfront Café Tel: (246) 427-0093 Page No. 285

Newspapers Newspaper Direct Tel: (246) 436-1314

Nightlife Night Clubs Harbour Lights Tel: (246) 436-7225 Page No. 280 & 281 contactus@harbourlights Priva Night Club Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Tel: (246) 620-5463

Bars with Restaurants Bert’s Tel: (246) 435-7924/Pizza Hotline for takeout: (246) 431-1111 Page Nos. 285 & 292 Careenage Bar Tel: (246) 426-0200 Ext. #5971 Page No. 287

Opticians Anka Optical/Eye Care Specialists C.O.B. Business Centre, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-5719 Belleville, St. Michael Tel: (246) 436-0101 Speightstown, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-1775 Express Optical Cave Shepherd, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 227-2164 Sheraton Mall, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 437-0896 Wildey, St. Michael Tel: (246) 426-3677 Harcourt Carter Optical Belleville, St. Michael Tel: (246) 429-5565 St. Michael’s Row, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 436-6494 Warrens, St. Michael Tel: (246) 417-9600 Super Centre JB’s, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 228-1940

Pharmacies Collins Limited Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-4515 Warrens, St. Michael Tel: (246) 425-4550

Knights Pharmacies Six Roads, St. Philip Tel: (246) 423-3700 Worthing, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 435-0020 Super Centre JB’s, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 429-7107 Oistins, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 428-6057 Sunset Crest, St. James Tel: (246) 432-1290 Warrens, St. Michael Tel: (246) 417-5232 Lewis Drug Mart Wildey, St. Michael Tel: (246) 435-8090 Pearsons Pharmacies Collymore Rock, St. Michael Tel: (246) 427-5521 Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 432-0118 Sargeant’s Vlge., Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 436-3784 Worthing, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 435-8363

Property Real Estate Agents Villa Rentals Property Management Property Sales Altman Real Estate Tel: (246) 432-0840 Page Nos. Insert, 272 & 273 Bajan Services Limited Tel: (246) 422-2618 Page Nos. 245 & 270 Island Villas Tel: (246) 432-4627 Page Nos. 256, 257 & 271 Realtors Limited Tel: (246) 432-6930 Page Nos. 252, 253 & 255

Resort Developments Apes Hill Club Tel: (246) 432-4500 Page Nos. 250 & 251 Battaleys Mews Tel: (246) 432-4627 Page No. 256 & 257 Limegrove Lifestyle Centre & The Grove Residences Tel: (246) 620-5463 Page Nos. 96, Insert, 97 & 259 Ocean Reef Suites Tel: (246) 420-2613 or (246) 234-3117 Page No. 265 Ocean Two Residences Tel: (246) 243-6543 or (246) 233-4803 Page No. 267 Port St. Charles Tel: (246) 419-1000 Page Nos. 260 & 261 Royal Westmoreland Tel: (246) 419-0394 UK Office: +44(0)1524-782-649 Page Nos. 262 - 263 St. Peter’s Bay Tel: (246) 419-9601 Page Nos. 246 - 249 The Crane Resort & Residences Tel: (246) 423-6220 Page Nos. 225 - 231, 266, 322 & 323 Vuemont Tel: (246) 422-6639 Page No. 254

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Restaurants Angry Annies Tel: (246) 432-2119 Page No. 306 Apsara Tel: (246) 435-5446 Page No. 176 & 318 Azul Tel: (246) 428-2825 Page No. 320 Bajan Blue at Sandy Lane Tel: (246) 444-2030 PBX: (246) 444-2000 Page No. 298 restaurantreservations Bert’s Tel: (246) 435-7924 Page No. 285 & 292 Brown Sugar Tel: (246) 426-7684 or (246) 427-2329 Page No. 312 & 313 Café Luna Tel: (246) 428-6172 or (246) 420-4689 Page No. 319 Café Sol Tel: (246) 420-7655 Page No. 319 Cariba Tel: (246) 432-8737 Page No. 309 Champers Tel: (246) 434-3463 Page Nos. 293 & 315 Coral Reef Club Tel: (246) 422-2372 Page Nos. 300 & 301


Country Club at Sandy Lane Tel: (246) 444-2030/Golf Pro Shop: (246) 444-2500 Page No. 299 restaurantreservations Daphne’s Tel: (246) 432-2731 Page Nos. 296 & 297 David’s Place Tel: (246) 435-9755 Page Nos. 316 & 317 D’Onofrio’s Tel: (246) 423-6220 Page No. 322 Elbow Room Tel: (246) 432-1927 or (246) 826-3957 Page No. 306 Fish Pot Tel: (246) 439-2604 Page No. 304 Fisherpond Great House Tel: (246) 433-1754 Page No. 308 Flying Rabbit Tel: (246) 437-5591 Page No. 324 Fusion Restaurant & Lounge Tel: (246) 436-1538 Page No. 316 & 317 Groots Bar & Restaurant Tel: (246) 432-7435 Page No. 307 L’Acajou at Sandy Lane Tel: (246) 444-2030 PBX: (246) 444-2000 Page No. 298 restaurantreservations

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

L’Azure Tel: (246) 423-6220 Page No. 323 Lobster Alive Tel: (246) 435-0305 Page No. 308 Lone Star Tel: (246) 419-0599 Page No. 304 Lucky Horseshoe Tel: (246) 435-5825 or (246) 425-5825 or (246) 421-5825 Page Nos. 310 & 311 Mangos By The Sea Tel: (246) 422-0704 Page No. 305 Mullins Beach Tel: (246) 422-2044 Page No. 305 Nishi Tel: (246) 432-8287 or 432-2112 Page No. 302 Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil Tel: (246) 421-6767 or (246) 428-6767 Page Nos. 310 & 311 Sassafras at Sugar Hill Tel: (246) 422-6644 or (246) 419-9100 Page No. 307 Sunbury House Tel: (246) 423-6270 Page No. 324 Tapas Tel: (246) 228-0704 Page No. 314 The Atlantis Hotel Tel: (246) 433-9445 or (246) 439-3000 Page No. 325

The Carriage House Tel: (246) 423-6220 Page No. 322 The Cliff Tel: 246) 432-1922 Page Nos. 295 & 296 The Cove Tel: (246) 433-9495 Page No. 325 The Garden Terrace Tel: (246) 428-7171 Page Nos. 320 & 321 The Good Life Tel: (246) 435-6322 Page No. 318 The Mews Tel: (246) 432-1122 Page No. 309 The Sandpiper Tel: (246) 422-2251 Page Nos. 300 & 301 The Spa Café at Sandy Lane Tel: (246) 444-2030 PBX: (246) 444-2000 Page No. 299 restaurantreservations The Tides Tel: (246) 432-8356 Page No. 303 Thirty Nine Steps Tel: (246) 427-0715 Page No. 314 Waterfront Café Tel: (246) 427-0093 Page Nos. 312 & 313 Zen Tel: (246) 423-6220 Page No. 323

The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Sports Clubs & Associations Amateur Athletic Association President: Mrs. Esther Maynard Secretary: Ms. Catherine Jordan Tel: (246) 427-4684 Amateur Boxing Association President: Mrs. Joyce Bowen Secretary: Mrs. Rowena Farley-Walcott Tel: (246) 823-0791/234-3206 Barbados Amateur Basketball Association President: Mr. Carlos Moore Secretary: Mrs. Rosalind Davis Tel: (246) 427-6840 Barbados Amateur Gymnastics Association President: Mr. Shane DeFreitas Vice Pres.: Ms. Alison Jackson Tel: C/o BOA (246) 429-1998 Barbados Amateur Swimming Association President: Mrs. Sonia Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neal Secretary: Mr. Haresh Gopwani Tel: (246) 429-7946 Barbados Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation President: Dr. Andrew LeR. Forde Secretary: Ms. Shirley Garnes Tel: (246) 427-5863 Barbados Amateur WeightLifting Association President: Mr. Andrew Callender Secretary: Mrs. Diana Hamati Tel: C/o BOA (246) 429-1998 Barbados Archery Association President: Mr. John Annel Tel: (246) 253-6240 Barbados Badminton Association President: Mr. Kevin Wood Secretary: Mr. Mervin Gordon Tel: (246) 231-7390 or 420-1800 Barbados Bridge League Inc. President: Mrs. Roglyn Hinds Secretary: Dr. Charles Hollingsworth Tel: (246) 427-4839

Barbados Chess Federation Inc. President: Mr. Rohan Waithe Secretary: Ms. Hetty Wilson Tel: (246) 425-3974 / 269-3607 Barbados Clay Target Shooting Association President: Mr. Geoffrey Browne Secretary: Mr. Peter Reece Tel: (246) 437-4930 Barbados Cricket Association President: Mr. Joel Garner Secretary: Mr. Gregory Nicholls Tel: (246) 274-1325 Barbados Cruising Club Commodore: Mr. Mike Krimholtz Vice Commodore: Mr. Ian Hickling Tel: (246) 426-4434 Barbados Cycling Union President: Mr. Keith Yearwood Secretary (Ag.): Mrs. Heather Forde Barbados Dance Council President: Mr. Robert Boyce Secretary: Mr. Livingstone Alleyne Tel: (246) 428-1097 Barbados Darts Association President: Mr. Reuben Gibson Secretary: Mr. Dave Gittens Tel: (246) 256-2821 Barbados Equestrian Association President: Dr. Nicole Tull Sec.: Mrs. Naomi Roachford-Holder Tel: C/o BOA (246) 429-1998 Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes President: Mr. Peter Gibbs Secretary: Mr. John Evelyn Barbados Fencing Federation President: Mr. Joseph Rodriguez Secretary: Mr. Wilfred Abrahams Tel: (246) 429-5200 Barbados Football Association President: Mr. Ronald Jones Secretary: Mr. Charles Husbands Tel: (246) 228-1707 Barbados Game Fishing Assoc. President: Mr. Frank Armstrong Secretary: Mr. James Peirce Tel: (246) 230-2684

Barbados Golf Association President: Mr. Birchmore Griffith Secretary: Mr. Trenton Weekes Tel: (246) 826-3626 Barbados Hockey Federation Inc. President: Mr. George Bennett Secretary: Ms. Sasha Sutherland Tel: (246) 437-2056 Barbados Judo Association President: Mr. Hoskins Caddle Secretary: Ms. Roslyn Turney Tel: (246) 263-7792 Barbados Karate Association President: Mr. Paul Bernstein Secretary: Mr. Mark Perkins Tel: (246) 435-6734 Barbados Karate Federation President: Mr. Joel Linton Tel: (246) 245-5454 Barbados Karting Assoc. Inc. Chairman: Mr. Stephen Mayers Secretary: Mr. Chris Read Tel: (246) 428-4390 Barbados Motoring Federation Inc. President: Mr. Andrew Mallalieu Tel: (246) 436-0962 Barbados National Domino, Whist & Hearts Club President: Mr. Rodney Inniss Secretary: Mr. Anthony Cadogan Tel: (246) 243-7350 Barbados Netball Association President: Ms. Octavia Gibson Secretary: Ms. Alicia Jemmott Tel: (246) 423-4189 Barbados Olympic Association President: Mr. Steve Stoute Secretary: Mr. Erskine Simmonds Tel: (246) 429-1998 Barbados Polo Club President: Mr. Keith Melville Secretary: Mr. Jason Gonsalves Tel: (246) 432-1802 Barbados Rally Club Chairman: Mr. Geoffrey Noel Secretary: Mr. Neil Corbin Tel: (246) 426-0790

Barbados Rifle Association President: Mr. Michael Holder Secretary: Ms. Debbie Skinner Tel: (246) 428-0158 or 230-2391 Barbados Rifle & Pistol Federation Inc. President: Mr. Antonio Rudder Secretary: Mr. Curtis Smith Tel: (246) 427-0966 Barbados Sailing Association President: Mrs. Penny McIntyre Secretary: Ms. Renata Goodridge Tel: (246) 432-5695 Barbados Special Olympics President: Mrs. Marguerita Young Secretary: Ms. Vernetta Browne Tel: (246) 426-9064 Barbados Squash Club President: Mr. David Foster Secretary: Mr. Frank Jordan Tel: (246) 427-7913 Barbados Table Tennis Association Vice President: Mr. David Harris Secretary: Ms. Margarita Felix Tel: (246) 427-5662 Barbados Tennis Association President: Dr. Raymond Forde Secretary: Mrs. Eleanor Brown Tel: (246) 427-5300 Barbados Turf Club President: Sir David Seale Secretary: Mrs. Rosette Peirce Tel: (246) 426-3980 Barbados Volleyball Association President: Mr. John Griffith Secretary: Ms. Wendy Reid Tel: (246) 231-1848 Sizzlinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sand Beach Volleyball Chairman: Mr. Paul White Tel: (246) 256-7588 Barbados Water Polo Club President: Ms. Cheryl Forde Tel: (246) 230-3441 / 423-3881 Barbados Windsurfing Association President: Mr. Roger Millar Secretary: Mr. Brian Talma Tel: (246) 262-7086

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Shopping Jewellers Cartier Boutique Barbados Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Page Nos. 17, 96, Insert & 97 Tel: (246) 430-2400 Colombian Emeralds International Tel. PBX: (246) 227-1300 24 Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 227-1310 Cave Shepherd, Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 227-2193 Cave Shepherd, Sunset Crest, St. James Tel: (246) 419-3120 Grantley Adams Int’l Airport Tel: (246) 420-7190 Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Tel: (246) 430-1331 Almond Beach Village, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-1048 Worthing, Christ Church Tel: (246) 228-3512 Hilton Hotel, St. Michael Tel: (246) 228-5528 Page Nos. 7, 9, 11, 33, 102 & 104 CEI Diamond Boutique Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 431-2015 Almond Casuarina Beach Hotel, Ch. Ch., Tel: (246) 420-1840 Crane Resort & Residences, St. Philip, Tel: (246) 416-6516 Diamonds International Ltd. Lower Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 430-2400 #8 Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 430-2422 or 430-2423 Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Tel: (246) 431-9217 Sunset Crest, St. James Tel: (246) 419-2505 Tamarind Cove Hotel, St. James Tel: (246) 419-2508 Grantley Adams Int’l Airport, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 418-2300 or 418-2301 Fairmont Royal Pavilion, St. James Tel: (246) 419-2503 Turtle Beach Resort, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 418-1331 Galleria, Sandy Lane Country Club, St. James, Tel: (246) 419-4505 Page Nos. Inside Front Cover, 1, 21, 25, 29, 100, 101, 103 & 105 334

Gregory-Paul Tel: (246) 432-2220 Page No. 129 Little Switzerland DaCostas Mall, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 430-4843 West Coast Mall, St. James Tel: (246) 432-6791 Page Nos. 55, 105 & Back Cover The Jewellers Sandy Lane Hotel, St. James Tel: (246) 444-2077 Page Nos. 63 & 94 The Royal Shop #32 Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 429-7072 Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Tel: (246) 431-0296 Page Nos. 3, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 105, 106 & Inside Back Cover Tropicana Jewellers #42 Swan St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 431-9164 Sheraton Mall, Christ Church Tel: (246) 437-1983

Earth & Fire Workshop Tel: (246) 439-9318 Page No. 156 Earthworks Pottery Tel: (246) 425-0223 Page Nos. 115, 158, 159, 188, 189 Ins and Outs Gift Emporium Tel: (246) 438-3438 or (246) 262-5868 Page Nos. 160 & 161 On the Wall Gallery Tel: (246) 438-9246 (Earthworks); (246) 426-3380 (Champers) or (246) 234-9145 Page No. 146 & 147 Pelican Craft Centre Tel: (246) 426-0765 or (246) 427-5350 Page Nos. 162 - 165 The Shell Gallery Tel: (246) 422-2593 Page No. 157

Page Nos. 108, 110 & 111

Art & Craft

Best of Barbados Gift Shops Head Office, Welches, St. Thomas Tel: (246) 421-6900 Chattel Vlge., Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 432-4691 Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Tel: (246) 431-0909 Quayside Centre, Rockley, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 435-6820 Southern Palms Hotel, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 420-8040 Grantley Adams Int’l Airport Tel: (246) 420-4209 Page Nos. 112 & 113 Cave Shepherd See listing below “Department Stores” Crystal Forms Tel: (246) 435-3865 Page No. 152 Highland Pottery Chalky Mount, St. Andrew Tel: (246) 422-9818

The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Department Stores

Cave Shepherd Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 227-2121 Almond Beach Village, St. Peter Tel: (246) 422-4900 Ext. 5865 Grantley Adams Int’l Airport Arrivals (Liquor & Tobacco) Tel: (246) 420-2536 Departures (Bijoux Terner) Tel: (246) 428-0926 or 420-4423 Bridgetown Cruise Terminal Tel: (246) 431-2098 or 431-5554 West Coast Mall, Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 419-3110 Sunset Mall, Sunset Crest, St. James Tel: (246) 419-3102 or 419-3103 Vista Complex, Worthing, Ch. Ch. Tel: (246) 228-0018 The Crane Resort, St. Philip Tel: (246) 416-6580 Page Nos. 35 & 104

Fresh Produce Markets Brighton Farmers Market Brighton Plantation, St. George Tel: (246) 429-2629 Page No. 119

Bridgetown Fish Market #3 Bridgetown Fisheries Complex Tel: (246) 228-0121 Page No. 119 Cheapside Public Market Cheapside, Bridgetown Tel: (246) 426-4463 Page No. 119 Oistins Fish Market Oistins, Christ Church Tel: (246) 428-7180 Page No. 119 Redland Farmers Market Redland, St. George Tel: (246) 433-5541 Furnishings Page No. 119

and Interior Designers

DB Home Fine Furnishings Tel (246) 435-4268 Page Nos. 138 & 139 Dasrat Sugrim Design Centre Tel: (246) 420-4079 Page Nos. 140 & 141 Designers’ Choice Tel: (246) 432-2093 Page Nos. 132 & 133 Greenwich House Antiques Tel: (246) 432-1169 Page No. 139 Jenny Blanc Interiors Tel: +44(0)2-8943-4440 Page Nos. 134 & 135 Timothy Oulton Tel: (246) 620-8467 Page Nos. 136 & 137

Gourmet Foods Posh Nosh Tel: (246) 432-5865 Page Nos. 116 & 117 Singapura Tel: (246) 826-3918 Page Nos. 116 & 117 The Gourmet Shop Tel: (246) 432-7711 Page Nos. 116 & 117

The Ins & Outs of Barbados Quick Reference Directory Malls DaCostas Mall Broad St., Bridgetown Tel: (246) 431-0936 Page Nos. 104 & 109 Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Holetown, St. James Tel: (246) 620-5463 Page Nos. 96, insert & 97 Sheraton Mall Sargeant’s Vlge., Christ Church Tel: (246) 437-0970 Page Nos. 110 & 111 West Coast Mall Holetown, St. James Page No. 95

Tax Free Fashion Agent Provocateur Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St. James Page Nos. 98 & 99 Beth & Tracie Tel: (246) 422-0401 Page Nos. 124 & 125 Cave Shepherd See Department Stores Dingolay Tel: (246) 435-6482 Page Nos. 122 & 123 Gaye Boutique Tel: (246) 432-1396 Page Nos. 122 & 123 Harley Davidson of the West Indies Tel: (246) 436-2489 Page Nos. 47, 104 & 108 Lola Beach Tel: (246) 422-1594 Page Nos. 124 & 125 The Runway Tel: (246) 437-8953 or (246) 435-8895 Page Nos. 107, 109 & 123

Special Events Entertainment DJ Dusty Tel: (246) 239-2972 Page No. 175 or

Equipment Elite Sound Systems Ltd. Tel: (246) 420-9617 Page No. 175 Ellco Rentals Tel: (246) 434-7368 Page Nos. 168 & 169

Florists Simply Flowers Tel: (246) 437-6597 Page No. 177

Photography Eleanor Chandler Tel: (246) 432-0113 Page No. 174 Gina Francesca Photography Tel: (246) 244-5095 Page No. 174 Jon Farmer Tel: (246) 418-9792 Page No. 174 Steve Cumberbatch Tel: (246) 230-3732 Page No. 174

Venues Apsara Restaurant Tel: (246) 435-5454 or (246) 435-5446 Page No. 176 Bagatelle Great House Tel: (246) 421-6767 Page No. 176 Champers Restaurant Tel: (246) 434-3463 or (246) 435-6644 Page No. 177 Golden Grove Great House Tel: (246) 423-7493 or (44) 1453- 752348 Page No. 176 Sunbury Plantation House Tel: (246) 423-6270 Page No. 176 The Cliff Tel: (246) 432-1922 Page No. 177

Wedding Planners Chandelier Weddings Tel: (246) 433-1754 Page No. 173 rain@chandelierweddings www.chandelierweddings Island Bliss Weddings Tel: Jean Hill (246) 266-4399 Lisa St. John (246) 243-0549 Page No. 171 Pollards Mill Tel: (246) 423-6530 Page No. 173 Soulmates Barbados Tel: (246) 435-3860 Page No. 173 Sunflower Events Tel: (246) 423-2693 Page No. 170

Weddings... Beyond Your Imagination Tel/Fax: (246) 420-4832 USA Phone: (620) 860-0045 Page No. 171 Weddings By Malissa Tel: (246) 435-3331 or (246) 262-1450 Page No. 170

Sports Golf Apes Hill Club Tel: (246) 432-4500 Page Nos. 60 & 61, 250 & 251 Barbados Golf Club Tel: (246) 428-8463 Page No. 59 Royal Westmoreland Tel: (246) 422-4653 Page Nos. 262 & 263 Sandy Lane Golf & Country Club Tel: (246) 444-2500

Polo Apes Hill Club Tel: (246) 432-4500 Page No. 65

Supermarkets Super Centre Ltd. Super Centre Big B, Worthing, Ch. Ch., Tel: (246) 435-7927 Super Centre JB’s, Sargeant’s Vlge., Ch. Ch., Tel: (246) 426-9830 Super Centre Oistins, Ch. Ch., Tel: (246) 428-1920 Super Centre Sunset Crest, St. James, Tel: (246) 432-1127 Super Centre Warrens, St. Michael Tel: (246) 417-5200 Page Nos. 116 & 117

The Ins & Outs of Barbados


Index Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures 69 & 190 Agent Provocateur 98 & 99 Altman Real Estate Insert, 272 & 273 Angry Annies Restaurant 306 Apes Hill Club 60 & 61, 250 & 251 Apsara Restaurant 176 & 318 Architecture & Design 31 & 258 Atlantis Submarines 71 & 190 Audemars Piguet IFC, 1 Aweipo Gallery 148 & 149 Azul Restaurant 320 Bagatelle Great House 176 Bajan Blue Restaurant at Sandy Lane 298 Bajan Cooking in a Nutshell 31 Bajan Services Ltd. 245 & 270 Barbados A Coral Paradise 31 Barbados Arts Council 146 & 149 30 & 31 Barbados Dive Guide 31 Barbados Fertility Centre 86 & 87 Barbados Golf Club 59 Barbados In Bloom 31 Barbados Museum 209 Barbados Time 138 & 139 Barbados Wildlife Reserve 186 & 187 Battaleys Mews 256 & 257 Best of Barbados 112 & 113 Bert’s 285, 292 & 315 Beth & Tracie 124 & 125 Boryta, Joan 2 Branch, Wayne 153 Breitling 25 & BC Brock, Janice Sylvia 155 Brown Sugar Restaurant 312 & 313 277 Café Luna Restaurant 319 Café Sol Restaurant 319 Careenage Bar, Hilton Barbados 287 Cariba Restaurant & Bar 309 Caribbean Cookbook - A Lifetime of Recipes 30 Cartier 17 Castellanet, Vincent Francis 153 Cave Shepherd 35, 104 Chakra Spa 82 Champers Restaurant 177, 293 & 315 Chandelier Weddings 173 Chandler, Eleanor 174 Chantours Caribbean 219 Chopard 39 Coaching Globally 90 & 91 Coconut Car Rentals 327 Coconut Tours 68 Colombian Emeralds Int’l 7, 9, 11, 33, 102, 104 Contemporary Caribbean Cooking 30 Cool Runnings 76 & 77 Coral Reef Club 80, 81, 300 & 301 Country Club at Sandy Lane 299 Courtesy Rent-a-Car 327 Crown of Light 101 Crystal Forms 152 Cumberbatch, Steve 174 DaCostas Mall 104 & 109 Daphne’s Restaurant 296 & 297 Dasrat Sugrim Design Centre 140 & 141 David Yurman 3 David’s Place Restaurant 316 & 317 DB Home 138 & 139 deAction Beach Shop 69 Designers’ Choice 132 & 133 Diamonds International IFC, 1, 21, 25, 29, 100, 101, 103, 105 Dingolay 122 & 123 DJ Dusty 175 D’Onofrio’s Restaurant, The Crane 322 Earth & Fire 156 Earthworks Pottery 114, 115, 158, 159, 188 & 189


The Ins & Outs of Barbados

Ebel 33 El Tigre 73 Elbow Room 287 & 306 Elite Sound Systems 175 Ellco Rentals 168 & 169 Feng Shui Matters! 90 Fish Pot Restaurant 304 Fisherpond Great House 308 Flower Forest 194 & 195 Flying Rabbit Restaurant 324 Forter-Chee-a-Tow, Catherine 152 Foster, Gina 152 Frangipani Art Gallery 148 & 149 Fusion Restaurant & Lounge 316 & 317 Gallery of Caribbean Art 144 & 145 Gaye Boutique 122 & 123 Gina Francesca Photography 174 Golden Grove Great House 176 Grand Barbados 49 Greenwich House Antiques 138 & 139 Gregory-Paul Jewellery & Salon 129 Groots Restaurant & Bar 307 Gucci 7 Guess 109 Harbour Lights 280 & 281 Harley Davidson of the West Indies 47, 104 & 108 Harrison’s Cave 191 Hilton Barbados 51 Hinds, Jacqueline 154 Historic Houses of Barbados 31 4&5 220 Ins & Outs Gift Emporium 114, 115, 160 & 161 International Pension Advisory Serv. Ltd. 269 Island Bliss Weddings 171 Island Safari 68 Island Villas 257 & 271 It’s a Bajan ‘Ting 31 Jenny Blanc Interiors 134 & 135 John Hardy 29 Jon Farmer Photography 174 Kellman, Winston 154 L’Acajou Restaurant at Sandy Lane 298 L’Azure Restaurant, The Crane 323 Leith Court 271 Lewis, Ellon 154 Lime 49 & 51 Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Insert, 96 & 97 Little Switzerland 55, 105 & BC Lobster Alive 308 Lola Beach 124 & 125 Lone Star Restaurant 304 Longines 45 Lucky Horseshoe Restaurant 310 & 311 Mallalieu Motor Collection 202 Mangos By the Sea Restaurant 305 Marco Bicego 43 Mataji Healing 90 McBride’s Pub & Cookhouse 285 Military History of Barbados 31 Mullins Beach Restaurant 305 National Car Rentals 327 Natural Energy Centre 90 & 91 Nishi Restaurant 302 Ocean Reef Suites 265 Ocean Two Residences 267 On The Wall Gallery 146 & 147 Organic Earth Health Store 90 Ozone Therapy Centres Inc. 91 Palm Villa 218 Panerai 21 Paulo’s Churrasco do Brasil 310 & 311 PBHC Clinic/School of Holistic Therapies 90&91 Pelican Craft Centre 162 - 165 Pollards Mill 173 Port St. Charles 260 & 261

Posh Nosh 116 & 117 Prayers from Barbados 31 Raymond Weil 37 Realtors Limited 252, 253 & 255 Reefers & Wreckers 72 Reiki School of Natural Healing 91 Rolex IBC Rose, Lorna 155 Royal Westmoreland 262 & 263 St. Nicholas Abbey 200 & 201 Saint Peter’s Bay 246 - 249 Sacred Circles 91 Sandy Lane Hotel 53, 298, 299 Sass Salon & Mobile Service 83 Sassafras at Sugar Hill 307 Scott, Heather-Dawn 155 Sheraton Mall 111 Silver Moon Catamarans 74 & 75 Simply Flowers 177 Singapura 116 & 117 Small Cats 73 Soulmates Barbados 173 Southern Palms Beach Club 321 Stuart, John 154 Sunbury Plantation House 176, 203 & 324 Sunshine Kula 91 Super Centre Supermarkets 116 & 117 Sunflower Events 170 SVG Air 221 Tag Heuer 9 Tapas Restaurant 314 The Atlantis 325 The Carriage House Rest., The Crane 322 The Chi Centre 90 The Cliff Barbados - Recipes By Paul Owens 30 The Cliff Restaurant 177, 295 & 296 The Cove Restaurant 325 The Crane Resort & Residences 225-231, 266 The Dive Shop 72 The Garden Terrace Restaurant 320 The Good Life Restaurant 318 The Gourmet Shop 116 & 117 The Great Guns of Barbados 31 The Grove Residences Insert & 259 The Healing Tree 90 & 91 The Jewellers at Sandy Lane Hotel 63 The Light Body Wholistic Clinic 90 The Maas Clinic 90 & 91 The Mews Restaurant 309 The Restaurants of Barbados 30 The Royal Shop 3, 37, 39, 41, 43, 45, 105, 106 & IBC The Runway 107, 109 & 123 The Sandpiper Hotel 300 & 301 The Shell Gallery 157 The Spa at Coral Reef Club 80 & 81 The Spa at Sandy Lane 80 The Spa Café at Sandy Lane 299 The Tides Restaurant 303 Theo Fennell 11 Thirty Nine Steps Restaurant 314 Tiffany & Co. 55, 105 Timothy Oulton 136 & 137 Tropicana Jewellers 108 & 111 Tudor Watch 41 Van Cleef & Arpels 63 Vuemont 254 Walker, Jill 112 & 156 Waterfront Café 285, 312 & 313 Weddings Beyond Your Imagination 171 Weddings by Malissa 170 Weatherhead, Marilda 152 West Coast Mall 95 Williams Flowers, C.O. 194 Zed’s Surfing Adventures 69 Zen Restaurant, The Crane 323



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No other watch is engineered quite like a Rolex. The Submariner, introduced in 1953, was the first watch to be water resistant up to 100 metres. It was later strengthened by its patented triple-seal Triplock winding crown, making it capable of withstanding depths of up to 300 metres. The new 40 mm Submariner is fitted with a blue Cerachrom disc and is presented here in Rolex signature Rolesor, a unique combination of 904L steel and 18 ct yellow gold.

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Ins and Outs of Barbados 2011  

The Exclusively Recommended In Room Guide of The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association

Ins and Outs of Barbados 2011  

The Exclusively Recommended In Room Guide of The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association