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Ins & Outs Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & The Grenadines

of St. Vincent & The Grenadines

2018 Edition

2018 Edition

Ins & Outs

of St. Vincent & the Grenadines | 2018 AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO St. Vincent | Bequia | Mustique | Canouan | Mayreau Tobago Cays | Palm Island | Petit St. Vincent | Union Island

PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY Miller Publishing Company Limited EDITOR Christine Wilkie ADVERTISING SALES

Ins & Outs is the Official Publication of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Hotel & Tourism Association


On our

Calvert Jones

Tel (784) 533-2783 Casson Hill, Box 1778 Kingstown, St. Vincent

Born in the St. Vincent countryside, Calvert Jones believes SVG is a great place to be an artist. His subject matter is broad and ranges from local scenes, still life and landscapes to regional, and international, political, religious, entertainment and educational icons. He also captures scenes of Caribbean sports and pastimes—like pitching marbles, West Indies cricket and fishing. As evident in our cover painting The Struggle, The Scenery, his art reflects all these with a bold and vibrant colour pallet, and the loose flow and weave of his brush strokes are synonymous with our laidback Caribbean lifestyle. This is why he refers to his style as “Tropical Realism”. Calvert is also a talented photographer, interior design consultant, director of photography, entrepreneur and restaurateur.

Miller Publishing Co. Ltd. Edgehill, St. Thomas, BB22118, BARBADOS Tel: (246) 421-6700 e-mail: | While every care has been taken in the compilation of information contained in this guide, such information is subject to change without notice. The publishers accept no responsibility for such changes. © 2018 MILLER PUBLISHING CO. LTD. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher.



Christine Wilkie Liz Cordice Sally Miller PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Janelle Bryan PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Lyn Armstrong ARTWORK & LAYOUT Christine Wilkie Sally Miller Tao Howard Janelle Bryan DESIGN Tao Howard COVER PAINTING Calvert Jones PHOTOGRAPHERS Wilfred Dederer Calvert Jones Jeremie Tronet - DISTRIBUTION Ins & Outs is distributed throughout St. Vincent & the Grenadines by the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association. Copies of the publication are placed in hotel rooms, villas, charter yachts and visitor information centres. Ins & Outs is also available through the SVG Tourism Authority and their overseas offices in London, New York and Toronto. ONLINE Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines can be viewed online at Follow us on Facebook: /insandoutsofSVG

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Photo: Patrick Hutchins



Meet a Vincy: Dr. Cecil Cyrus



Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines



Welcome to St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Invest SVG An exotic blend of leisure and business, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a multiisland destination with 32 islands and cays – perfect for leisure and business opportunities. Invest SVG, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ investment promotion agency, is a statutory body operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Planning, Sustainable Development, Industry, Information and Labour – with the Hon. Camillo Gonsalves as Minister. Invest SVG is overseen by a Cabinetappointed Board of Directors, whose members are drawn from both the public and private sectors. Invest SVG functions as a gateway, which connects the world to St. Vincent and the Grenadines – affording local and foreign investors alike the opportunity to invest in all our economic sectors. The institution stewards seven main sectors, namely: -


Tourism Development Agro-Processing Renewable Energy Light Manufacturing Information & Communications Technology The Creative Industry International Financial Services

Invest SVG

Photos: Calvert Jones

In meeting the needs of our clients, Invest SVG provides the following key services: Identification of business opportunities, arrangement of site visits for investors, provision of tailored networking specific to each investor, detailed sector research, aftercare support, policy advocacy and assistance with export development. St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a strong base of professional services, and a competitively priced labour force which is hard-working, disciplined, trained and trainable. Our basic infrastructure is sound, with upgraded sea and air ports to facilitate easy access to major markets, inclusive of North America and Europe. As a destination, we are new and unspoiled. An excellent location for investments that are outside the ordinary, with a focus on environmental sustainability. The world is looking for something new – the world is looking for St. Vincent and the Grenadines! Tel: (784) 457-2159 2nd Floor, Administrative Building, Bay Street, Kingstown email:



The location, the style, the feeling you get when you walk through the door... Every aspect of your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and the life you aspire to live. Your best life begins with a home that inspires you. January 2018 Exquisite Modern Design On Union Island Built By Modern-Villas

PHASE 1 5 Bedroom Flagship Residence PHASE 2 4 Bedroom Residences Property ID: S3LV5E


Inquire Today (214) 288 3299 or (784) 497 7185



OFF THE GRID IMPECCABLE MODELS Private Pier Dual Masters Infinity Pool Gourmet Kitchen Private Entrance

Inquire About Incentives & Financing

Campbell Beach, Union Island Property ID: S3LV5E

Inquire Today (214) 288 3299 or (784) 497 7185


January FULL MOON BEACH PARTY & MOONLIGHT KITESURFING SHOW 2nd & 31st at the JT Pro Center, Kite Beach, Clifton Lagoon, Union Island. Great party atmosphere - music, dancing, light show, food & drinks. Visit GRENADINE WILD SEA SALT: ‘THIS SALTLIFE’ - A LECTURE & TASTING 6th at Firefly Hotel Bequia at 1pm. Learn the processes of locally harvested gourmet sea salt from company founder Jerry Simpson. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres included plus discounted product for purchase. EC$50 per person. Call Firefly Bequia at (784) 458-3414. BEQUIA MOUNT GAY MUSIC FEST Thu. 18th to Sun. 21st Schedule: Thu. 18th: 9pm at Frangipani Hotel - Elite Steel Band - 14-piece Orchestra. Fri. 19th: 8pm at Bequia Plantation Hotel on Admiralty Bay - Line up includes: Barracuda Band of Carriacou; Sean Harkness (American Guitarist); Shaun Munday (American Blues guitarist); Andy Cruickshank and the Impac Band, featuring Deeana Mussington; Toby Armstrong Band. Sat. 20th: 12:30pm at Bequia Plantation Hotel - Cloud Gooding Acoustic Guitar; Stefan Roach (Trinidad Spanish/flamenco type music); Onika Best (Bajan congo drums); Rodney Small (Vincentian Electronic single pannist); Darron Andrews (Vincentian Violin player); Barracuda; Rob Zii & Phyness of St. Lucia. Sat. 20th: 9pm at De Reef, Lower Bay DJ Shatta; Rockstone (Bequia Reggae Band); Rodney Small; Mr. Gwada (Dominica Buyon Soca); King Bubba & Teddyson John. Sun. 21st: 3pm at De Reef, Lower Bay - Kids on Pan; Denzil Bacchus Band; Lennox (Bajan Band); Surprise Guest Jam Session; K-Nectic featuring Luta and Dynamite (Vincentian Soca). MUSTIQUE BLUES FESTIVAL 24th Jan. to 7th Feb. This popular event with daily live music promises to be another classic year with headline acts such as Joe Louis Walker, Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the year, the celebrated Zac Harmon, and Dino Baptiste. Tel: (784) 488-8407. ART GALLERY EXHIBITIONS For further details contact The Oasis Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth, Bequia at Tel: (784) 497-7670. YOULOU ARTS FOUNDATION Let’s Paint Tonight - Once a month the Youlou Art Centre offers special evenings


for adults to sip and paint. Here’s a chance to relax, socialize and flex your artistic muscles as well as enjoy a drink. For more info call 457-4493 or email

February GRENADINE WILD SEA SALT: ‘THIS SALTLIFE’ - A LECTURE & TASTING 1st at Firefly Hotel Bequia at 1pm. Learn the processes of locally harvested gourmet sea salt from company founder Jerry Simpson. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres included plus discounted product for purchase. EC$50 per person. Call Firefly Bequia at (784) 458-3414. PRIMARY SCHOOL PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL For further details call (784) 451-2180. SUNSHINE SCHOOL AUCTION 11th at Fig Tree Restaurant, Belmont, Bequia. Auction starts at 1pm. For further details call the Sunshine School at (784) 457-3794. or visit: ACTION BEQUIA GALA PARTY & ART AUCTION Sat. 17th at Bequia Plantation Hotel. Tickets by invitation at EC$275 per head available from the Sotheby’s office. ART GALLERY EXHIBITIONS For further details contact The Oasis Art Studio in Port Elizabeth, Bequia at Tel: (784) 497-7670.

March NATIONAL HEROES & HERITAGE MONTH 37TH BEQUIA EASTER REGATTA 29th Mar. to 2nd Apr. Contact Bequia Sailing Club Tel: (784) 431-7262. 52ND ANNUAL EASTERVAL CELEBRATIONS, UNION ISLAND 25th to 31st Contact: Union Island Tourist Board. Tel: (784) 458-8350. FULL MOON BEACH PARTY & MOON-LIGHT KITESURFING SHOW 1st & 31st at the JT Pro Center on Kite Beach, Clifton Lagoon, Union Island. Great party atmosphere - music, dancing, light show, food and drinks. Visit

Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest Photo: Patrick Hutchins

Calendar of Events: January to March 2018






29th Mar. to 2nd Apr. Contact Bequia Sailing Club Tel: (784) 431-7262. GOSPEL FEST

1st to 30th A series of concerts around the islands. For further details email: 52ND ANNUAL EASTERVAL CELEBRATIONS, UNION ISLAND 1st & 2nd

Contact: Union Island Tourist Board. Tel: (784) 458-8350 YOULOU ARTS FOUNDATION

“Let’s Paint Tonight” - Once a month the Youlou Art Centre offers special evenings for adults to sip and paint. Here’s a chance to relax, socialize and flex your artistic muscles as well as enjoy a drink. For more info call 457-4493 or email

22nd to 25th A delightfully informal and spontaneous event. Check with the Bequia Tourism Office. Tel: (784) 458-3286. VINCY MAS CELEBRATIONS

29th & 30th Vincy Mas festivities include King and Queen of the Bands, Junior Carnival, Miss SVG, Miss Carnival, Steel Band and Calypso competitions, Old Mas and J’ouvert street parades. Contact the Carnival Development Corporation at Tel: (784) 457-2580. YOULOU ARTS FOUNDATION

Let’s Paint Tonight - Once a month the Youlou Art Centre offers special evenings for adults to sip and paint. Here’s a chance to relax, socialize and flex your artistic muscles as well as enjoy a drink. For more info call 457-4493 or email






30th April

MAYREAU REGATTA (TBA) Four fun-filled days for the whole family. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy the traditional sail boat races, fishing competition, may pole dancing. four-day Kiddy Regatta Corner, kite flying competition, lionfish derby, lionfish cooking competition, and traditional cooking contest. CANOUAN REGATTA (TBA)

Boat races, sports and games, calypso competitions, street jump-up and beauty pageants. Contact: Mr. Carlos McLaurean, Commodore, Canouan Sailing Club at Tel: (784) 458-8197.


Annual festival held 3 days before or after the full moon, marking the start of the planting season. Activities include the Big Drum, Nation Dance and traditional folksongs. Call Union Island Tourism Association (784) 458-8350.


9th - an early morning street jump-up. T-shirt bands participate in a great street jump-up in the afternoon and into the evening. CARNIVAL TUESDAY

10th - Mardi Gras Mas Bands parade on stage at Carnival City (Victoria Park) competing for the Band of the Year Award and then on to the streets of Kingstown. BEQUIA ANNUAL FISHERMAN’S DAY COMPETITION

14th - Contact: Bequia Tourism Association: Tel: (784) 458-3286 or email: CANOUAN CARNIVAL (TBA) YOULOU ARTS FOUNDATION

Let’s Paint Tonight - Once a month the Youlou Art Centre offers special evenings for adults to sip and paint. Here’s a chance to relax, socialize and flex your artistic muscles as well as enjoy a drink. For more info call 457-4493 or email

Calendar of Events: April to July 2018






1st - Events to commemorate the abolition of slavery. BREADFRUIT FESTIVAL

Includes various food fair presentations in different parts of the country, showcasing a variety of breadfruit dishes. There are also mini exhibitions which explain the potential uses of the plant, from lumber and function as toys, to medicinal use. Contact the Ministry of Culture at Tel: (784) 451-2180 or email: GRENADINE WILD SEA SALT: ‘THIS SALTLIFE’ - A LECTURE & TASTING 25th at Firefly Hotel Bequia at 1pm. Learn the processes of locally harvested gourmet sea salt from company founder Jerry Simpson. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres included plus discounted product for purchase. EC$50 per person. Call Firefly Bequia at (784) 458-3414. SEAFOOD FEST

12th - Keegan’s Beachside, Lower Bay, Bequia. Tel: (784) 458-3530 or (784) 530-4959.


Performance events of a competitive format. Community and School groups are all invited to participate. This is an opportunity for national presentation of the groups. For further info contact the Ministry of Culture at Tel: (784) 451-2180 or email: LOBSTER SEASON OPENS

Fri. 1st

39th Anniversary of Independence - various shows, rallies and other celebrations occur across the country. There are internal school programmes and national programmes. INDEPENDENCE CYCLING COMPETITION

26th & 27th


Dates to be announced.


This is an opportunity for community groups and schools to present dramatic work within a festival programme. For further info contact the Ministry of Culture. Tel: (784) 451-2180 or email:


16th to 24th This is a unique Vincentian tradition celebrated annually during the nine mornings before Christmas. Vincentians awake in the early morning hours, (usually 4am), and take part in activities including concerts, dances, bicycle riding and sea baths. In the rural areas, the final morning usually ends with a steel band ‘jumpup’. Contact the Ministry of Culture at Tel: (784) 451-2180 or email: urban@ ART GALLERY EXHIBITIONS

For further details contact The Oasis Art Studio in Port Elizabeth, Bequia at Tel: (784) 497-7670. NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATIONS

31st Midnight fireworks display over the Harbour in Port Elizabeth, Bequia. Midnight New Year’s Eve Fireworks over Admiralty Bay, Bequia Photo: Christine Wilkie


Calendar of Events: August to December 2018

St. Vincent St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Porter Point


Baleine Bay

P Police Station


*Falls of Baleine

Places of Interest Church Hospital

Sion Hill Old Sandy Bay P

Tro’s Loups Bay

New Sandy Bay Village

Larikai Bay


Soufriere Mountains ∆1,234m/4,048ft

* La Soufriere Volcano iere

Airport r rn T

ste We


Petit Bordel Bay Chateaubelair Richmond Peak Troumaka Bay Rose Troumaka Sharpe’s Bank Coulls Hill *Petit Bordel Falls Coulls Bay



L‘Anse Mahaut Bay Wallilabou Bay

Petit Nevis Ile de quatre

Wallilabou Anchorage Hotel

Keartons Bay


P Princes Bay


Mayreau Jetty Jetty Jetty Jetty

Union Island



Cumberland Bay

Peter’s Hope Bay


Cumberland Rose Hall


La S Orange Hill Estate Orange Hill oufr iere Waterloo


Rabacca Dry River

Langley Park St. Vincent Distillers Caratal Village

Mt. Brisbane

Ferdies Footstep Restaurant

P Georgetown




Diamond New Ground

Forest Reserve


Vermont Nature Trail

P Colonaire

Sans Souci


Grand Bonhomme



Black Point

* Black Point Tunnel


South Rivers


Three Acres




Chester Cottage

P Gordon Yard Wallilabou *Wallilabou FallsGrove Keartons Grove


Overland Village

*Hell’s Gate

Spring Village


Mt. Wynne Bay

Petit Mustique Canouan

rd T rail to

Morne Garu Mountains ∆3,523ft

Sandy Bay

Tourama Point


*Trinity Falls

*Dark View

Thirteen Stones P (Petroglyphs)


Walisou Dry River

Richmond Vale Fitzhughes

Richmond Vale

Chateaubelair Is.

oufr La S ail to


Chateaubelair Bay

Young Island

Point Village

Tucker Bay

Recreational Facilities

St. Vincent

Comnantawana Bay P *Owia Salt Pond Owia Bay


Colonaire Bay North Union Bay

Lower Lomans

South Union Bay

Cedars Francois Gardens Leveth Queensbury Retreat Bridgetown P Penniston Grant’s Bay Layou Bay P Layou Biabou Golden Grove Mesopotamia Rillion Hill Valley Dubois Compulsion Biabou Bay Buccament Bay ∆ 2,413ft Clare Valley Pembroke Hopewell Mt. St. Andrew Resort Camel Peruvian Spring Petit Byahaut Vale Questelles Chauncey Dumbarton Meek Anse Cayenne Riley’s P


Tobago Cays Palm Island



Questelles Bay

Questelles Point

Green Hill Camden Park Lowmans Bow Wood

Camden Park Bay Lowmans Bay

Petit St. Vincent



Redemption *BotanicalQueens Drive Ashburton

Mesopotamia *Arawak Evesham Akers

Montrose Gardens Orange Victoria Belair Grove Edinboro Park Fairhall Victoria P McKies Dorsetshire Charlotte Village Fountain Hill Hill Sion Vigie Hill Arnos



Cane Garden

Greathead Bay


Rose Glen Cottage

Rock Carvings

Calder Argyle Argyle International Airport Yambou Beach Mt. Pleasant


Stubbs Stubbs Bay


Brighton Indian Bay Villa Ratho Village Ribishi Point Calliaqua Bay P Mill Prospect Brighton Bay Calliaqua Young Island Resort Blue Lagoon Fort* Duvernette

Johnson Point

White Sands

Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina

Man Point L‘Anse Chemin TradeWinds Charters (Bequia Marina)


Coco’s Place

Laura’s Bar & Restaurant Mac’s Pizza & Kitchen Jack’s Beach Bar


Maritime Museum

Bullet Cay Bullet Bay

Bends Bay Diable Point Shark Bay Brute Point Sal Bay Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary * Park Bay French House Industry Bay Sugar Reef Café Spring Bay Spring Hotel Firefly Plantation Hotel

© Miller Publishing Co. Ltd. All rights reserved

Cinnamon Northwest Point Garden Site of Hamilton Frangipani Hotel Hamilton The Friendship Rose Devils Table Fort Ocar Anse La Coite Ferry Dock Grenadine Villas / SAIL RELAX EXPLORE Rocky Bay * Port P Gingerbread Hotel Hope Bay Estate Elizabeth The Village Apts Dragonfly Villa Sotheby’s Admiralty Bay Hope Bay Mount Cassava House Pleasant Kingsville Apts Keegan’s Beachside Princess Margaret De Reef Apts Bell Low Up e Po The Old Fort/Dream Views Restaurant Lower Bay per int er B Big Mount Pleasant Bay igh Lower Bay ht t Belles Rocky Bay Ravine Bay Moonhole Big Cay Dock Bequia Museum West Cay Friendship Sta Dock Adams Bay Paget La rk R Bay Playing Farm avin Pompe Field e Saint Hilaire Dock J.F.Mitchell Airport Point

* *


Whaling Station

Bequia Beach Hotel & Blue Tropic

Balliceaux Ile de Quatre


Fast Facts


Petit Nevis

North Point

Point Lookout

Honor Bay The Cotton House Hotel Mustique Watersports Endevour Bay The Cotton House Spa Plantain Bay

Lovell Village P Fishermen’s Village/Fish Market

Basil’s Bar & Boutique

Ramier Bay L‘Ansecoy Bay Bird Sanctuary Airport

Rutland Bay

Brooks Rock

School Library Tennis Courts

The Mustique Company Mustique Equestrian Centre Lime Kiln Bay


Marconi Bay

Firefly Britannia Bay

Simplicity Bay

Old Plantation Pasture Bay


FastFacts Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, forming

Rabbit Island

Lagoon Bay

Black Sand Bay

Gelliceaux Bay

part of the Windward Islands, St. Vincent & the

Wilks Rocks

Deep Bay


Obsidian Bay

Grenadines comprises 32 islands and cays extending 72 km (45 miles) to the southwest like a kite’s tail.

Point Jupiter Hyambook Bay

Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau,

Point Moody

Mahault Bay

The Tobago Cays Marine Park, Union Island, Palm

Dry Point Mount Royal Cloey Hole

Corbec Bay L‘Ance Guyac Bay

Little Bay

Billy Hole

Whaling Bay Ramean Bay Cato Bay

Island and Petit St. Vincent are the main islands.

Canouan Estate

St. Vincent is located at Latitude 13° 15’ N, Longitude


Carenage Point de Jour Bay Quarry Point Pink Sands Club Godahl Bay Point Siz Windward Bay Grand Cois



Charlestown Charles Bay Bay Ocean View Inn Grand Bay Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club Glossy North Glossy Bay Bachelor’s Hill Hall Bay Taffia Bay Nen’s Bay Riley Bay Charlestown South Glossy Bay Lukee Point Canouan Airport Jim Barbruce Bay Glossy Bay Marina Taffia Hill Hill Dallis Bay Friendship Point L‘Islot

61° 12’ W and situated 160 km (100 miles) west of Barbados, 120 km (75 miles) north of Grenada and 40 km (24 miles) south of St. Lucia. St. Vincent, the


Canouan Baleine

largest of the islands comprising the nation, covers roughly 390 sq. km (150 sq. miles). The population of St. Vincent & The Grenadines is

Union Island

approximately 110,007. About 25% of the labour force Bloody Head

works in agriculture, 10% in industry and over 50% in

Bloody Bay Sparrow’s Beach Club & Restaurant

Mount Olympus ∆640ft

Richmond Bay

Miss Irene Point


∆1,000ft Jetty Mount Taboi Fort Irene



Ashton Jetty

Ashton Harbour

Frigate Island Marine View Hotel/Apts.

Queensbury Point


Ruin Ruin

Mount Cambell ∆790ft

Belmont Bay Big Sands


Chatham Bay

services, based mostly on a growing tourism industry.

David’s Beach Hotel

Jetty Jetty Jetty

Fort Hill Ruin ∆400ft Jetty

Clifton Market

Point Lookout Airport

Jetty Jetty

Green Island

Clifton Harbour Happy Island J.T. Pro Center Anchorage Yacht Club Bougainvilla Hotel Mare Blu Boutique Petit Bay Waterfront Restaurant & Bar C & A Enterprises La Cabane Juice & Sushi Bar SVG Tourism Bureau Wind & Sea Sailing Charters Snack Shack Salty Girl Boutique Grenadines Dive Jetty

Agricultural produce includes bananas and

Newlands Reef

plantains, coconuts, sweet potatoes, spices, citrus

Coast Guard Station

© Miller Publishing Co. Ltd. All rights reserved

and mangos; a small number of cattle, sheep, pigs and goats are reared; and there is a small fishing sector. Industries include food processing, blockmaking, furniture, clothing and starch.

Fast Facts


Climate & Geography

The Government


Mountainous interior Sheltered indented Leeward coastline

SVG is a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations

Eastern Caribbean Dollar

1,220m (4,000’)


Average yearly daytime temperature

La Soufriere: coolest nov-feb active volcano in the north

Airports | Departure Tax The new Argyle International Airport is the newest and largest of five SVG airports. Serviced by Liat (St. Vincent and Canouan), SVG Air, Grenadine Air Alliance, Mustique Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Sunwing, Air Canada, Easy Sky, Trans Island Air, One Caribbean. Other Airports: Bequia Mustique Canouan *inclusive in Liat ticket fare Union Island

Departure Tax


Official Ports of Entry

st. vincent Kingstown, Chateaubelair, Wallilabou, Blue Lagoon

bequia Port Elizabeth union island Clifton Harbour canouan Charlestown Bay mustique Britannia Bay Ports are operated by the SVG Port Authority Emergency Call (784) 456-1830 or Johnny Ollivierre at (784) 533-0016

Yacht Clearance Procedures đƫVisiting yachts must complete clearance formalities at a designated port of entry before docking at any other anchorage đƫWith Q flag hoisted, only the captain should go ashore with: 1. Three crew lists 2. Clearance from the previous port 3. Passports 4. Ship’s papers đƫBoats must clear out of an official port đƫPrivate vessels may pay a Cruise Tax for unlimited stay in SVG waters đƫCharter boats must possess an SVG Cruising Licence

Queen Elizabeth II Head of State Governor General Queen’s Representative

10.27.79 Independence 5 yrs Parliamentary term of office 21 Members of Parliament* *15 elected, 6 appointed senators 4 by PM, 2 by Opposition Leader

Getting Here by Air St. Vincent is reached by air from N. America and Europe through 6 gateways with daily connections to Union, Canouan, Mustique and Bequia: 2hr 20 mins 1hr 45 mins 35 mins 30 mins 20 mins

puerto rico trinidad martinique barbados grenada st. lucia

To find out more about airlines, flights and inter-island travel, visit the ‘Getting Here’ page at


SVG arrivals must present: 1. a valid passport (at least 6 months) 2. sufficient funds to cover their stay A return or onward ticket is required Visas are required for nationals of: Dominican Republic, China, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria Work permits are available from the Prime Minister’s Office, Bay Street, Kingstown

Telecommunications State of the art fibre optic digital telephone system internet • boatphone • cellular

1-784 + local 7 digit number International Direct Dialing (IDD) service is available. International calls can be made through the operator by major credit card

220/240 volt *Petit St. Vincent & Palm Island 110 volt, 60 cycle Standard plug Pack an adaptor

Potable Water

in abundant supply due to high levels of rainfall

safe to drink * Rainwater collected/ stored in cisterns on most islands

Bottled mineral water is readily available at groceries and restaurants

Seaport | Shipping đƫNatural deep water harbour at Kingstown đƫWharf accommodates two oceangoing ships đƫRegular services: kingstown St. Vincent north > Major america europe ports caribbean

Legal System


the Grenadines) Supreme Court comprises a high court and a court of appeals đƫ 11 courts in 3 managerial districts đƫ The judicial committee of Her Majesty’s Privy Council in London is the court of last resort

Clothing Casual dress is best


đƫ The Eastern Caribbean (or St. Vincent &

Fast Facts


in reliable supply


đƫ Post-secondary education is provided


Major credit cards accepted

phone cards / online ‘top ups’ available islandwide

The legal system is derived from English common law and statutes.

through a Community College and polytechnics đƫ 4 medical universities affiliated with hospitals for UK, US and Caribbean-based clinical programmes

= US$1

50 cycle

flying time to St. Vincent

Education đƫ School is compulsory up to 15 years old đƫ Government funded primary and secondary schooling is free


Topless sunbathing discouraged. Swimsuits must not be worn in towns, public streets or business places.

*illegal to wear or import

344 (29 x 17.7km) st. vincent/km2 44 the grenadines/km2

Getting Around By Taxi đƫ Government sets the rates for fares, but taxis are unmetered đƫ Always check the fare before setting off đƫ Fares are raised for journeys late at night or early in the morning đƫ A full list of fares is available at the SVG Tourism Authority offices or from the dispatcher at the airport and cruise terminal. The rates are correct at the time of going to press but they are subject to official change. Always check the fare with the driver before starting your journey. By Car đƫ Driving is on the left. đƫ Driving on the narrow, twisting roads can be an adventure, but you will soon enjoy the challenge and start driving like a “Vincy” đƫ Road signs are limited but locals are usually happy to direct you đƫ Remember to sound your horn at sharp curves and turns đƫ Most local companies will happily collect you at your hotel or airport By Bus đƫ Flamboyantly painted buses travel the principal roads of St. Vincent, linking the major towns and villages with the central departure point, the bus terminal at the New Kingstown Fish Market đƫ In the six towns and on major highways Minibuses must stop at the designated bus stop, however, in the villages they may stop on demand. đƫ Fares range from EC$1 to EC$7 (US.40¢ to US$2.20). đƫ Buses run frequently between Kingstown and the popular hotel areas of Indian Bay and Villa but with limited frequency to Owia and Fancy in the north đƫ The best way is to take the early bus to Georgetown and catch a van running between Georgetown and Fancy (approx. EC$7-EC$10). To get to Richmond in the northwest take a bus to Chateaubelair ($6) and then onto Richmond from Chateaubelair. A day trip to Mesopotamia (Mespo) by bus (EC$2.50) is a worthwhile experience.

Drivers Licences A temporary driving licence, costing EC$100 (US$38) and valid for 6 months, can be obtained from the police station on Bay Street, the Licensing Authority on Halifax Street or from the special branch officer at the Argyle International Airport, with the presentation of a valid overseas drivers licence. Your car hire agent will assist you with getting a permit. If you have an International Driving Licence you must visit the Traffic Department in Kingstown to have it registered - There is no charge. Caricom nationals may drive with a valid Caricom drivers licence.

Ins & Outs Tip Sam’s Taxi & Tours (784 456-4338) is one of the more popular choices for sightseeing and getting around in general. Their drivers are courteous and friendly and offer entertaining commentary as you explore, and they offer a good selection of rental cars and jeeps should you wish to chart your own course.

Safety Tips CENTIPEDE/SCORPION BITES - While not lethal, severity and degree of discomfort depends on individual sensitivity. If there is any doubt, see a doctor, especially if a child has been bitten. SEA URCHINS - A black sea egg with long black spines. If the spines are protruding from your skin you can try to carefully remove them; if they are beneath the skin DO NOT try to “pick” them out as this could cause infection. Leave them in your skin and they will eventually dissolve. To be safe, soak with vinegar or some form of antiseptic. COCONUT PALMS - Never leave a baby or small child beneath a coconut palm because of the possibility of falling coconuts. ILLEGAL DRUGS - Severe penalties for possession of illegal drugs like Cannabis (weed or ganja) and cocaine exist – up to life imprisonment and yacht confiscation. Customs officials are well equipped and trained, so no attempts should be made to

import or export even small quantities for “personal use.” MANCHINEEL - Avoid contact with the fruit commonly known as Manchineel Apples. They look and smell like small apples, but are very poisonous. Sap from the tree and fruit blisters the skin and raindrops falling from the tree can produce the same unpleasant effect. Do not shelter under a manchineel tree when it is raining.

Fast Facts


A sailing holiday in St. Vincent & the Grenadines is perfect for a “get-away-from-it-all� experience Photo:

Clifton Harbour, Union Island Photo:

Take A Break From The “Real World” Offering the most perfect blend of dramatic land and seascapes, abundant marine life, friendly people and unspoiled white sand beaches, St. Vincent & the Grenadines are known for some of the world’s greatest sailing waters. Ideal sailing conditions and lack of crowds make it one of the best spots in the world for a vacation on the water. Comprising some 32 islands and smaller cays, and stretching 85 miles (137 km) from St. Vincent in the north to Grenada in the south, the Grenadines have long been home to a rich tradition of seafaring and, to this day, sailing remains an integral part of everyday life for most islanders. As such, this special part of the world is tailor-made for safe but adventurous cruising all year-round. Each island is different, offering its own unique character and attractions, and sufficiently close to each other that you can usually see your next destination as you make your way from point to point during daylight hours. The diversity of the various islands automatically provides a wide variety of scenic beauty, natural anchorages and commercial moorings. To match the diversity of the islands, the types of boats available for charter in the Grenadines include a wide variety of monohulls and catamarans, ranging in size from 30 to 130 feet, and cover the full spectrum from small sailboat, with or without a skipper and crew, all the way up to a fully-staffed luxury super-yacht. There is something to cater to every taste and budget. The most economical way to charter a yacht is to opt for a ‘bareboat’, which essentially means no skipper or crew included. Clearly this only applies to seasoned sailors and should not be considered by anybody with little or no experience. In some cases it is possible to charter a bareboat with a skipper but no crew, thus benefiting from a knowledgeable captain while still saving

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The impressive new Glossy Bay Marina in Canouan is considered the most exclusive yachting destination in the Caribbean. For yacht owners and their guests, Glossy Bay is a boating paradise with deep, calm waters and tranquility unmatched in the region. Shenanigan’s Beach Club, set on the beach at the marina’s entrance, features a wide range of cuisine with an Italian theme.

some expense. By far the safest option, and most relaxing even for those with lots of experience, is to go for a full charter with a good skipper and crew. Beginning with the establishment of Barefoot Yacht Charters over Glossy Bay Marina, 30 years ago, today there are a number of reputable yacht charter Canouan companies operating out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These companies generally offer starts in St. Vincent, Bequia or Union Island. Sailing out of any one of these locations puts you immediately on the doorstep of the Grenadines without the 65-mile sail (including a 5-hour open-water passage) from St. Lucia, or the 6 to 7-hour sail (often against the wind) from Grenada. The yacht charter industry has benefited tremendously from the recent opening of a luxury Superyacht Marina in Canouan. The new Glossy Bay Marina is the charter pick-up berth of choice for the Southern Caribbean as it is directly adjacent to Canouan Airport. Just a few miles from the Tobago Cays, Canouan is the perfect base for a yachting holiday. And in St. Vincent, the Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina facility is another upscale marina and resort facility. The magnificent, breezy waterfront setting is home to a lovely 19 room hotel, the charming Café Soleil at the dockside, along with bars, restaurants, boutiques, a grocery and wine store, a dive centre and Horizon Yacht Charters. If you are a land-based holiday maker, you can still enjoy a day out on the water exploring the surrounding islands. Chantours Caribbean specialize in island hopping adventures and exclusive yacht charters in the Grenadines – enjoy a day of sailing aboard a luxury catamaran visiting many of the Grenadine islands, all in one glorious day. The historic Bequia-built sailing schooner, Friendship Rose operates day charters to the Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and Mustique, while Sail Grenadines, also based in Bequia, offers RYA Sailing instruction along with bareboat, skippered and all-inclusive yacht charters. In the Southern Grenadines, Wind and Sea, Scaramouche and Yannis all offer memorable day trips in the Grenadines. Many of these also offer private charters, over-night trips and charters for a week or more. The charter companies listed on the following pages will be happy to assist you in planning your ideal getaway.

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princess margaret


cumberland bay

Peaceful beach with lots of shade, excellent swimming and snorkeling. Drinks and food available from Jack’s Bar, which has its own jetty.

A beautiful beach with excellent swimming. Worth visiting to go to Sparrow’s Beach Club. Day moorings available. Free shuttle from Clifton Harbour.

A deep, natural anchorage in a very picturesque bay, surrounded by lushly vegetated hillsides and close to nature trails and forest reserves.

Photo: Calvert Jones

Photo Sparrow’s Beach Club, Union Island

Photo: Calvert Jones

Princess Margaret Beach Bequia

Sparrow’s Beach Club & Restaurant at Bigsands Union Island

Cumberland Bay St. Vincent

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Wash day by the river in Owia Photo courtesy Calvert Jones

St. Vincent

A Brief History

The Kalinago (or ‘Caribs’ as they were named by the Europeans) knew St. Vincent as ‘Hairouna’: The Land of The Blessed.

Garifuna leader, John Nero

Ancient petroglyphs at Yambou Photos: Kay Wilson Photography


he first inhabitants of the Caribbean were Amerindians who journeyed here in ocean-going dugout canoes from the mainland of what we today call South America some 4,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence indicates that by 500 BC these highly skilled navigators, mariners, pottery makers, weavers and basket makers, had introduced agriculture into the islands, mainly in the form of cassava, their staple crop. Their name for the island that the Europeans would later call St. Vincent was ‘Hairouna’ – ‘The Land of the Blessed’. Extensive research, conducted under the auspices of the National Trust of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has shown that Amerindians settled here at least as early as 160 AD. Pottery from that Saladoid period, which can be found extensively across the island but particularly in low lying coastal areas, bears the same patterns as pottery from the Saladero region of the Lower Orinoco, providing a direct link with mainland Amerindian culture. The Europeans who came to the Caribbean after Columbus had first visited in 1492, called the indigenous


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people ‘Island Caribs’. The Caribs vigorously defended their Hairouna homeland against any attempts at foreign occupation and, thanks to the valiant resistance of its inhabitants, St. Vincent was not colonized until long after most other Caribbean islands had well-established European settlements. Interestingly, the Amerindians from the Lower Orinoco were not the only people who arrived in St. Vincent prior to colonial conquest. As early as 1676, Philip Warner wrote that St. Vincent had “some 3,000 negroes and no other island as many indians”. The most popular explanation as to why the island had so many negroes is that they were slaves from the Bight of Benin in West Africa who escaped from a Dutch ship, wrecked off the east coast of Bequia in 1675. However, it is hard to believe that slaves chained to the bottom of a ship could have survived a wreck in such high numbers. Another theory is that Caribs lured Spanish ships to their shores in order to capture the negroes to enslave them. A more plausible theory is that they were escaped slaves from

Barbados and other European held islands who sought refuge in St. Vincent, the land of the free. There is another theory, albeit difficult to prove, that Africans may have navigated their way to St. Vincent, even before the Europeans, by following the Trade Winds and ocean currents. However they got to St. Vincent, the ‘Black Caribs’ were reported by the British to be more warlike than the ‘Red or Yellow Caribs’ and they provided the fiercest resistance against the colonists. The term ‘Black Carib’ has today become synonymous with the term ‘Garifuna’, (or ‘Garinagu’ in the plural), which means ‘cassava eating people’. It is the commonly held belief that the ‘Black Caribs’ evolved from the intermarriage of Caribs from the Lower Orinoco with Africans. However, another reading of history indicates that the Caribs actually kept Africans as slaves and that there Garifuna Chief was great animosity between the Joseph Chatoyer two groups. It could therefore be - the nation’s first possible that the Black Caribs were National Hero in fact people of African descent. This version of history does not deny both sides suffering heavy losses. Finally, after an that there was some intermarriage arduous last battle at Vigie, the Caribs approached the between Caribs and the Africans, but not British with a flag of truce on June 10th, 1796. to the extent depicted by many historians. The British, convinced that they and the Black Caribs could Despite sustained resistance from the Black not both inhabit St. Vincent, ordered them all to be deported. Caribs, both the British and the French pursued During the next four months, nearly 5,000 Garinagu were exiled their attempts to occupy the richly fertile island. to the tiny island of Baliceaux off the coast of Bequia. In March The French eventually became St. Vincent’s first 1797, those who survived the ordeal – and almost half did not – European settlers, when permitted by the Caribs were loaded onto a convoy of eight vessels and transported to to establish small communities on the Leeward the island of Roatan off the coast of Honduras. The few remaining side in the early 1700s. However, the 1763 Treaty Yellow Caribs left in St. Vincent scattered to the northern of Paris, which ended the Seven Years War, extremities of the island, where their descendants can still be compelled France to cede St. Vincent to the found today, around the villages of Sandy Bay, Owia and Fancy. British, along with Grenada and the Grenadine Not surprisingly, given the mountainous relief of St. Vincent, the Islands. Over the course of the next 33 years, the attempted round up of all Black Caribs was not totally successful. French continuously tried to regain St. Vincent, Approximately 300 Garinagu fled up into the high ranges of the with the support of the Black Caribs who engaged island where the British could not reach them, and thanks to their in guerrilla-like warfare and destroyed plantations intimate knowledge of agriculture and nature, they continued by setting them on fire. The French did take back to survive and thrive from generation to generation. Today, the control for the short period from 1779–1783, but descendants of those Garinagu live in a mountainous agricultural lost it again. The ongoing dispute finally came to village known as Greiggs. The people of Greiggs have very much a head in 1795. With the aid of French rebels from kept their history alive and they welcome visitors who wish to Martinique, the Caribs, led by their two main chiefs, explore the lush hills and remote surroundings that proved to be Chatoyer and Duvalle, plotted the removal of the their fortress. The Greiggs Founders’ Day Agricultural Festival is British by systematically attacking the settlers and held each year on June 19th to celebrate the date when Greiggs engaging the British militia. Despite losing much was declared an exclusive territory for the Garifuna in 1905. of the French support and having their Chief Another festival, which showcases all aspects of the community’s Chatoyer killed in battle on March 14th 1795, the culture, is held in the village on National Heroes Day, March 14th, to Caribs continued fighting for another year, with honour Chief Joseph Chatoyer as the nation’s first National Hero.

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meet a Vincy

Dr. Cyrus and his wife Kathryn

The first SVG team to participate in a regional squash tournament – the 2nd Southern Caribbean Squash Championships held in Barbados in 1979. Back row from left: Jim Lockhart, Captain Cecil Cyrus, Tony Sardine Front row from left: David and John Barnard


Meet a Vincy

The Surgeon with the green thumb

Dr. Cecil Cyrus Caribbean Surgeon Extraordinaire By Senator Professor Emeritus Sir Henry Fraser

Dr. Cecil Cyrus, surgeon extraordinaire of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is a legend in his own lifetime. His work has performed near miracles for over forty years, while his presentations at conferences and in his books have enthralled his colleagues, old and young, across the Caribbean and beyond. And he’s amazed us with yet another magnificent book, while in his ninth decade but looking not a day over fifty… thanks to a healthy lifestyle and an angel of a wife! I really mean that – he looks middle aged at most, and his lovely wife Kathryn DOES look like an angel. He’s just published a splendid new book “A Harvest Richer than Gold – The Odyssey of a Caribbean Surgeon”. It’s his fourth major work, not counting some earlier, small booklets. His first magnum opus was “A Clinical and Pathological Atlas”, a lifetime collection of photographs, with patients’ permission, of pathological specimens, X-rays and medical miscellanea from an astonishing surgical career in St. Vincent, where it took a long time to recognise that health care is key to development. That book received outstanding reviews from the British Medical Journal and the Royal College of Pathologists, and his collection of specimens and artefacts became the Cecil Cyrus Museum, which sadly our University of the West Indies has not found the funds to acquire. His second book was “Dr. Grandad – A Caribbean doctor and his little patients and family”. This is a heart-warming account of both the children he cared for and cured and the social context of that care. His third book was “A Dream Come True – the Autobiography of a Caribbean Surgeon”. And Dr. Cyrus’s life story is truly remarkable - from a small boy of a humble family in a rural St. Vincent village to a life of accomplishment under the most challenging

circumstances. When you read his books, and his ability to produce near miracles by “making do”, you can’t help but recall the life and work of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and his missionary hospital in what is now Gabon. And while Dr. Cyrus may not have contributed to the fields of music, philosophy or religion as Dr. Schweizer did, he is very much the Renaissance man, with wide ranging skills and interests – horticulture, squash, reading and photography, and a photographic memory. He’s been described as the ‘small island surgeon’, the ‘isolated surgeon’ and ‘Caribbean country doctor’. And he’s enthralled listeners, entertained friends and fascinated audiences everywhere almost as much as he’s saved lives, worked miracles and supplied the milk of human kindness in caring for his people. In my citation for his Honorary D.Sc. of the University of the West Indies in 2005, I said: “This incredible surgeon brings similar skills of love and a tender touch to his own Botanic Garden. Rumour has it that he talks to his plants, and gives them an anaesthetic when he has to cut and prune them!” I love one of his philosophical bits of advice – for the “Isolated Practitioner” - but it surely applies to every man: “One of the lessons learnt on survival … is the absolute necessity of a wife on whose shoulder to cry, and a hobby to ensure the preservation of peace of mind and sanity.” Amen, and a bouquet from his garden to Kathryn Cyrus! A Harvest Richer than Gold can be obtained from Amazon or directly from Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus, who can be reached by telephone at 1 (784) 457 9781 or email

Meet a Vincy


Transporting goods donkey-style and enjoying the ride

View from Fort Duvernette

All Photos: Calvert Jones

Exploring St. Vincent

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St. Vincent

Take time to explore St. Vincent – a stunningly beautiful island with some dramatic scenery, both along the coast and the interior. You will no doubt discover why the Caribs named it “Hairouna” meaning “land of the blessed”. From St. Vincent, Bequia and the Southern Grenadine islands can easily be reached by ferry. There’s a smorgasbord of diving adventures, with hundreds of dive sites and year-round good visibility.

Harvesting Dasheen

Wallilabou Heritage Park

The Botanic Gardens

Abundant reef-life, normally found at 80-ft. in most dive destinations around the world, flourishes here at depths of only 25-ft., with an extraordinary variety of “critters” and tropical reef fish. It is little wonder that St. Vincent has become known as “the critter capital of the Caribbean”. The shallow-water reefs surrounding almost every island also make snorkeling an exciting adventure. If land activities are more to your liking, contact Sam’s Taxi & Tours – their informative tours are the perfect way to get “off-the-beaten-track” and discover the ‘real’ St. Vincent. Guides are always recommended for the various hiking excursions, especially for Trinity Falls (temporarily closed at time of writing), the Vermont Nature Trail and La Soufrière volcano.

St. Vincent’s Botanic Gardens are the oldest in the Western Hemisphere.

The Botanic Gardens Located on 20 acres of land on the outskirts of the capital, Kingstown, the Botanic Gardens are the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Among the wide variety of tropical trees and shrubs are several breadfruit trees from the original plants brought by Captain Bligh (of The Bounty fame) in 1793. Conservation of rare species of plants has been practiced since the Gardens were founded in 1765. Other conservation works involve the captive breeding programme for the endangered St. Vincent Parrot (Amazonia Guildingii), the national bird.

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St. Vincent’s lush and fertile interior Photo: Calvert Jones

The Heritage Museum and Science Centre Situated just outside the top gate of the Botanic Gardens. Aimed at cultivating interest in biodiversity conservation and heritage preservation, it houses a collection of artefacts, antiques and environmental exhibits. A minimum donation of US$2 per person is requested. Fort Duvernette Also known as Rock Fort, this defensive structure was built around 1800 to protect the town of Calliaqua. About 50 yards off Young Island Resort, it still has many of its armaments intact. Fort Charlotte Completed in 1806, Fort Charlotte is on a ridge 600 feet above the sea, providing a magnificent view across Kingstown and down the Grenadines. Wallilabou Heritage Park Located on the leeward coast of St. Vincent, near to Wallilabou Bay – the site of the film Pirates of the Caribbean. It is also close to Cumberland Bay, one of the best known anchorages on the island. Layou Petroglyph Park A cultural landmark with an Amerindian Petroglyph, Rutland River and natural vegetation. It is pre-Columbian in origin, of unknown age. The Layou petroglyph most likely dates to between 300 & 600AD.

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St. Vincent

Cumberland Nature Trail This nature trail passes through the Cumberland Valley, traversing a variety of forest vegetation and farmlands. Its biggest attractions are the rainforest and the opportunity for bird and other wildlife watching. Dark View Falls The major attraction here is its two waterfalls – a twin fall experience is uncommon for one site. The geology and hydrology giving existence to the falls and the vegetation are also part of the site’s heritage. Lava and pyroclastic flows produced the rock formation and sustain the cascading water. A natural bamboo bridge spans the tumbling river. Black Point Park Black Point Park is home to the unique Jasper Tunnel. This tunnel is over 300 feet long and links Grand Sable with Byera Bay. The tunnel was ordered built by the British and constructed by slave labour around 1815 to provide an access route for sugar exports. The black sand beach and picnic area is thickly vegetated with coconut trees and is one of the most popular recreation sites on the island. Belmont Lookout & Montreal Gardens This lookout provides visitors with the opportunity to view one of St. Vincent’s most productive and picturesque landscapes, the Mesopotamia Valley.

Windward Coast





Blue Lagoon

Indian Bay Photos: Calvert Jones

LEEWARD COAST Blue Lagoon - Surrounded by palm trees, with a lovely beach, this area provides a very pleasant anchorage. Moorings available at Barefoot Yacht Charters. Young Island Cut - The anchorage here, lying in clear water, is a favourite with yachtspeople. Anchor with care, as the current sweeps both ways and the centre of the cut is 65 feet deep. Moorings are available, but stay clear of the sea bed close to Young Island itself. Villa Beach and Indian Bay - These two white sand beaches, divided by a small hilly projection, are easily accessible. Both offer good snorkeling and provide lovely views of Young Island and some of the Grenadine islands to the south. Kingstown - Customs and Immigration can be cleared at Kingstown Harbour between 8:30am and 4pm; there is a tie-up for yachts. Petit Byahaut - Four moorings are available at the resort at Petit Byahaut. There is a small beach, diving and snorkeling are superb. At Dinosaur Head (face of Byahaut point) you will find a 120-foot wall covered in sponges, seafans and coral. Buccament Bay - A well-protected, very calm bay with an excellent anchorage shelf in the eastern corner close to the beach. Exceptionally good snorkeling. The Buccament Bay Resort is located here. Wallilabou - This picturesque bay is a good diving spot and reliable line handlers are available to help secure yachts. Customs and Immigration can be cleared here between 4pm and 6pm (up to 7pm during the busier winter season). Cumberland Bay - This bay is very deep and those boats wishing to anchor will need to do so with a bow or stern rope to a palm tree.

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St. Vincent

Troumakar Bay - This small well-protected bay, with room for only a handful of yachts, has some mooring posts on the beach. There is good snorkeling along the northern shore. Chateaubelair - The bay here, with its 40-foot deep reef and array of brightly coloured fish, is a snorkeler’s dream. While usually a good anchorage, especially on the eastern half of the bay, the northerly swells in the winter months can cause difficulties. Customs and Immigration clearance is also available in Chateaubelair. WINDWARD COAST On the windward side of the island there are a number of beautiful black sand beaches. Because of strong undercurrents, most Windward beaches are not recommended for swimming. Brighton Salt Pond – Brighton is a beautiful black sand beach and fascinating mangrove swamp. This site attracts many visitors and is a popular recreational and entertainment spot. Owia Salt Pond – On the northeastern coast, close to the Carib village of Owia. The 2-hour drive runs along the scenic coastline. This unusual gift of nature consists of a huge bathing pool enclosed by lava peaks and ridges. The pounding waves of the Atlantic crash into this barrier and then gently cascade into the pool. Surrounded by mountains and the thunderous surf, the area is an ideal spot for picnics, swimming and snorkeling. Facilities include gazebos, bar, shower and washrooms, children’s play area, craft centre and fire pits.

Wake up in paradise Exquisite Wood Furniture. Timeless, Like Nature Itself.

Antique Reproduction Four-Poster Bed The perfect marriage of nostalgia and grandeur is the signature of this Barbadian and British tradition. Established in the 1500’s and known as the bed of royalty, the four-poster bed has timeless appeal and is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Our master craftsmen use time-honoured techniques practiced by artisans of the 18th Century - you will find no nails in our antique reproduction lines.

S ∙ Villa Main Road, St. Vincent ∙ (784) 457-6299 ∙

Enjoy Island Hospitality at its best with good friends, great food and beautiful surroundings at Sunset Shores Restaurant, Bar & Grill. We serve the freshest fish and lobster, fine meats and tempting desserts. Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner.Take in fantastic views while you dine by the sea or upstairs on the Terrace. Happy hour begins daily at 6pm. Group reservations call: T: 784 458 4411 Villa Beach, St. Vincent


Enjoy True Vincentian Dining!

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Grenadine Wild Sea Salt a taste of perfection By Liza Stewart

Out of the pristine and azure Caribbean water, something delightfully natural and ‘truly wild’ has recently emerged. Grenadine Sea Salt is one sea salt that may soon be recognized as the world’s finest tasting gourmet sea salt, and by lab tests, it remarkably may be the very healthiest too, containing even more trace elements and minerals than the leading brands. Jerry Simpson, who’s enjoyed a lifelong love affair with all things seaworthy to food-worthy, from sailing and crafting his own surfboards, to his renowned career as a commercial film food director, honed his passion and ingenuity by creating Grenadine Sea Salt. Simpson’s mantra: “You’ve got to sprinkle the love.” Situated on a lush plantation, brilliantly large salt crystals mesmerize the eyes as they bask in abundant sunlight via a solar harvesting and contaminant-free proprietary production technique. “It’s a finishing salt,” Simpson says. “You can use just a little to powerfully and evocatively enhance and enliven flavour on any plate, in any glass, or enjoy more in a decadent salt massage.” Realizing his quintessential product, the “Original

Wild One”, might not be enough to illicit a highly competitive gourmet market’s attention, Simpson set about expanding his brand. The result? Five wholly organic sea salt blends, each named for a Grenadine island and celebrating indigenous ingredients. ‘St. Vincent’ is a fusion of healthy turmeric and zesty chili pepper, ‘Bequia’ features tropical toasty coconut, ‘Mustique’ pairs succulent mango with lime, ‘Canouan’ blends rich cinnamon with sweet nutmeg, and there’s ‘Mayreau’, a tantalizingly sensuous dark rum sea salt. Simpson shares simple and luxurious foodie tips, like drizzling fresh sashimi with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of ‘Mayreau’, salt factoids, and his curated evaporation methods amidst mixologist drink specials and hors d’oeuvre samplings at the Firefly Hotel Bequia. What’s now floating the proverbial boat of professional chefs and home cooks alike? The answer is simply Grenadine Sea Salt. Find out more and make an order at

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Villa bay is home to many of the island’s hotels Photo: Wilfred Dederer

An Impossibly Romantic Private Island …

The Grenadines, St. Vincent, W.I. For more infor # ( & 784-457-4567 www.young " ( ! # " ' US & Canada - Tel: 3 1 310-440-4220 UK & Europe - Tel: 3 + , +va-$)(, 2oung$,& ( )'

Where to Stay in St. Vincent 63 MAYREAU

(784) 456-2016 Office in Diamond, close to AIA Intl Airport

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Island Hospitality At Its Very Best!

Villa Beach, St. Vincent T: 784 458 4411 F: 784 457 4800

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Bequia has enormous appeal, and although visitor traffic has increased in recent years, the island remains relatively untouched Photo: Wilfred Dederer

Admiralty Bay Photo: Wilfred Dederer

Wooden Boats & Iron Men Rugged individualism and resourcefulness still flourish here; the sea and maritime activities will always be the lifeblood of the island and its people. Boat building remains an honoured calling, whether in life or miniature size, using tools and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Bequia’s outstanding natural harbour, tucked deep into Admiralty Bay, and richly stocked waters made it a perfect location for the widespread development of marine skills – fishing (including whaling), boat building and navigation. Bequia enjoys the distinction of having once been pre-eminent in the region’s whaling industry in the last quarter of the 19th century. It’s no surprise that many of its inhabitants today can trace their heritage to two of the island’s great whaling patriarchs, Joseph Ollivierre and William Wallace Jr., whose whaling stations on Bequia quite literally saved the life of the island and its people. From the earliest days of Bequia’s settlement and until quite recent times, boatbuilding has lain at the heart of the island’s success. Critical to the survival of Bequia’s small, close-knit community, this homegrown ‘industry’ was the cornerstone of the development of inter-island trading, whaling and fishing – all of which sustained the island and its people in the difficult post-sugar years and on into the twentieth century.

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A New BellTower

for St.Mary’s

St. Mary’s Anglican Church Photo: Wilfred Dederer

This 1866 bell, like the church itself, is one of Bequia’s oldest surviving artefacts and each are worthy of preservation and recognition. A rare French chart of Admiralty Bay dated March 1751 includes a depiction of a small wooden cross in the easternmost head of the bay where St. Mary’s Church now stands. This suggests that there has been a place of worship in Bequia’s harbour since the earliest days of European settlement, and over ten years before the island came under British control. Today, the St. Mary’s Bell Tower and Garden Project has been designed to enhance this fine Georgian church and provide a new communal space for islanders and visitors. The present day St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Bequia was erected in 1829, replacing the earlier wooden church that was destroyed by a hurricane. It was constructed from imported English ballast bricks and local limestone at a total cost of 4,779 pounds currency (then about

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£2,000 sterling), which in today’s terms represents the equivalent of about £1.6 million in labour costs alone. The fact that such a substantial investment was made in a church on so small an island, speaks to the significance attached to the teaching and practice of Christianity to the island’s inhabitants. It is surely no coincidence that its construction came at a time when about 85% of the population of Bequia were enslaved workers, for whom emancipation was only a few years away. Despite enduring many architectural modifications in the intervening years, the church still stands on the waterfront with its simple beauty and imposing elegance more or less intact - a testament to the importance of the church in the community. Thick, double-height masonry walls, beautifully proportioned Georgian windows with small square-patterned glass panels and a majestic gable roof combine to convey a sense of its history. A cross stands on the north peak of

The Princess Margaret Trail and snorkeling platform

The Bequia Boat Museum

Crescent Beach on Industry Bay, home of the lovely Sugar Reef Café All photos: Wilfred Dederer

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to collect and deposit their passengers. Bequians of all walks of life gravitate here to discuss the topic of the moment, usually politics or some colourful island gossip. Discussions can be loud and passionate, deviating quickly and unpredictably, often interspersed with boisterous bouts of laughter. The delightful Belmont Walkway is a coastal boardwalk meandering along the south shore of Admiralty Bay, with a number of inviting little bars and restaurants all along the way. Continuing on from the walkway, is the Princess Margaret Coastal Trail to Princess Margaret beach and over the hill to Lower Bay, just beyond. There is a snorkeling platform at the base of the trail, so take advantage of the excellent snorkeling to be enjoyed along the cliff and around the headland. On the south-east coast is Friendship Bay and St. Hilaire Point, where many a Bequia boat has taken shape along the shores, including the much loved Friendship Rose, which operated as the main ferry between Bequia and St. Vincent for 25 years. Located on a slope at St. Hilaire Point, overlooking Friendship Bay is the Bequia Boat Museum which houses an interesting collection of unique Bequia boats and boat building tools of a bygone era. For guided tours contact the Bequia Tourism Office at (784) 458-3286. As you make your way along the winding south side road you’ll come to the colourful fishing community of Paget Farm where there are beautiful views across the sea to the uninhabited islands of Petit Nevis, site of the old whaling station, and Isle a Quatre. The James F. Mitchell Airport which was opened in 1992 is just beyond. About a mile past the airport is Moonhole, the extraordinary vision and creation of American, the late Tom Johnston, which resulted in a private development of over twenty imaginatively built, ‘free-form’ homes that cling to the natural curves of the hillside. There are no windows, no doors – just openings. The ceilings and walls tend to go their own way, no straight lines, some even have trees growing right in the living room! The windward side of the island is also the most fertile, and it was here in the 18th and 19th centuries that several of Bequia’s nine sugar plantations were situated. Firefly Plantation Hotel at Spring is a charming boutique hotel set in the grounds of a 225 year old, 30-acre working plantation. The ‘Great House’, where the elegant yet informal bar and restaurant are now located, is built on the foundations of the original 18th century sugar plantation’s estate house. Plantation Tours of the estate are offered, giving visitors an excellent insight into the fascinating history of the old Spring Plantation and the adjoining sugar mill and indigo processing plant. Visitors will also have the opportunity to sample many of the seasonal fruits and vegetables and learn about the various crops, herbs and flowers you will encounter. Afterwards, stop at Crescent Beach (Industry Bay) for a swim and snorkel in the bay and have lunch at the charming Sugar Reef Café. Great care has been taken in the details to make Sugar Reef a oneof-a-kind gem, morphing laid-back charm with a noticeable degree of elegance. Located beyond Spring and Industry, at Park Beach, ‘Brother’ King nurtures endangered Hawksbill turtles, of all sizes, until they are able to fend for themselves in the open ocean.

admiralty bay

One of the best harbours in the Caribbean because of its deep protected ‘U’ shape, calm, clear waters and ample depth, allowing large boats to come close to shore for maintenance. When anchoring stay clear of the ferry route to the main jetty.

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princess margaret

A popular anchorage – generally calm with a glorious stretch of beach and perfect swimming conditions. (Yachts are required to anchor at least 200 yards off shore for the safety of swimmers). Jack’s Beach Bar offers drinks and a great menu and there is a dinghy dock.


friendship bay

On the south side, Friendship Bay is a sheltered, crescent shaped bay with lots of shade. The stylish Bequia Beach Hotel is located here – enquire about their day passes and take advantage of the hotel’s first class facilities.


lower bay



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One of Bequia’s best beaches. A long stretch of powdery white sand with crystal clear water, excellent for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing with beach chairs available for rent. A stretch of on-shore reef provides an area of shallow pools along the shoreline making it especially suitable for children. Keegan’s Beachside Bar & Restaurant and De Reef Beach Bar are situated in the middle of the bay. Photos: Wilfred Dederer

spring bay

On the eastern side of the island this stretch of often deserted coastline is shaded by wooded hills and countless coconut palms – good conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing and perfect for picnics!

industry bay

Also on the eastern side, Crescent Beach on Industry Bay is the best for swimming and snorkeling on this side of the island. The delightful Sugar Reef Café is right by the waterside, offering cold drinks and delicious meals.

hope bay

This windswept bay on the east coast of the island is pounded by the Atlantic surf - good for body surfing but beware of strong undercurrents and be sure to stay within your depth.

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Port Elizabeth is full of colour and charm Photo: Wilfred Dederer

Art & Craft in Bequia

Top left: Painting by Julie Savage Lea Top right: Painting by Anna Landry Bottom left: Painting L.D. Lucy Bottom right: Local coconut boats on display under the almond trees in the harbour Photo: Wilfred Dederer

Eprature perovit aturest aut eaque sunto explab ius re, quunda Photo: Photographer


Craft in Bequia

Bequia’s got talent! This will be made clear as you walk through the harbour town of Port Elizabeth; the imaginative signage and wall paintings that adorn many of the buildings and the bright array of items for sale ‘under the almond trees’ create the first impression that this little island has a lot to offer.

Indeed, whether you are a connoisseur looking to add to your collection of Caribbean fine art or folk art, or in search of unique handmade gifts and trinkets to take home, there is plenty of choice. If you collect model boats this is certainly your island, for this is Bequia’s most famous art. A short walk north from the main ferry wharf will take you first to Mauvin’s and then the Sargeant Brothers’ model boat shops where you will find scale replicas of Bequia built schooners and sailing boats. More boats for various budgets can be found along Front Street and under the almond trees, alongside fish and figurines carved from wood or bone and jewellery fashioned from coconut shell. Mango Art Studio is the home-studio of Julie Savage Lea, the artist who created the delightful book Bequia Reflections – An Artist in the Caribbean. Her original works in acrylics and oils plus cards and giclée prints are on sale at the Studio as are paintings by Peter Carr, an exceptional watercolour artist who visits Bequia regularly from Australia. Julie also offers fun and informal art classes during the season in the wonderful natural setting of Sugar Reef Café – what lovelier souvenir than a watercolour painting, and you are the artist! The Oasis Art Gallery and Gift Shop located behind the Porthole Restaurant is curated by well-known Bequia artist L.D. Lucy. Established as one of the region’s leading artists, her intriguing ‘goddess’ paintings of mermaids and nature spirits, capture in brilliant tropical colours the mystery and humour of island life. She is an accomplished portrait artist too whose commissions also include large wall paintings. If your travels take you to Lower Bay, follow the signs to Claude Victorine’s Art Studio (by appointment call 458-3150) where she hand-paints exquisite designs onto silk that is crafted into scarves, pareos and cushion covers. A recent newcomer to Bequia is the well known “sailing doctor” and artist, Patrick Chevailler. A medical doctor by profession and a professional artist by choice, “Doc” has long been renowned for the superb quality and painstaking detail of his underwater scenes. While he still does practice as a doctor, most of the time he can be found at his new Art Gallery (next door to his Medical Office adjoining the Frangipani Hotel), in front of his easel, with brush in hand, working on a dramatic close-up of a Parrotfish or a sweeping panoramic view of a reef teeming with fish. On some beaches or on village streets you may chance upon other craftspeople at work; they love to share stories about what they are making and maybe make a sale.

Above: Painting by Patrick “Doc” Chevailler Left: Faye makes jewellery, carved bolleys and colourful beach wraps which she sells on Princess Margaret beach Below: Painting by Peter Carr

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Wherever you choose to dine in Bequia, you’ll find all of the restaurants on the island enjoy a happy, informal and relaxed atmosphere with lovely island views Photo: Wilfred Dederer/Mac’s Pizza & Kitchen

Bequia Beach Hotel

This season, hotel upgrades include a brand Travel back in time to the authentic Caribbean! Your journey begins as you board their private new spa, coralstone pool deck, plane in Barbados or St. Lucia and fly to Bequia Beach Hotel in fine style. Warm smiles and a cold yoga and table tennis pavilions. drink welcome you to an island where, in many ways, time has been standing still for over three Bagatelle Restaurant offers improved decades. An ample, well-appointed colonial style room or suite awaits you at this world class family-run resort, with the golden sand of Friendship Bay beach right at your feet. views and extended Caribbean Rest awhile on one of their beach loungers soothed by the sound of gently rolling surf and ingredient infused menus. palms swaying overhead. Read a favourite book and recline by the grand swimming pool, try A daily shuttle will be offered to your favourite drink at the bar where you can swap stories with some of their regulars or pay a Princess Margaret Beach, where visit to the spa—pamper yourself with a massage, sit in the sauna, work out in the gym—or take more fun in the sun - watersports, a late afternoon stroll on the beach and have a chat with one of the local fishermen. More active guests can try one of eight recommended hikes, go on a biking tour, paddle board or go kayaking loungers and changing in the bay, or play a game of table tennis. The hotel offers complimentary early morning yoga classes facilities - await guests. twice weekly; various water sports are also available, as well as snorkeling–try it on the reef just offshore. At Bequia Beach Hotel you can let your hair down ... Dance barefoot in the sand to the tunes of a local Reggae band. Stroll the beach after dark and be guided by the light of the moon. There are myriad other options for entertainment nearby ... Ride a local ‘dollar bus’ (50 pence) to Bequia’s main hub, Port Elizabeth. Stroll through the town, do some local shopping, pause at one of the many small cafés. Sip a sundowner at Jack’s Beach Bar on Princess Margaret Beach; have a swim, or dance the night away to live music. Bequia Beach Hotel now also boasts a 35m private Super Yacht that you can book to explore the nearby Grenadine islands. Request more information about availability and schedule from their Guest Relations Manager. The staff at Bequia Beach Hotel are like a big family, and their guests are the centre of attention. The aim is to fulfil all their guests’ expectations over and over again ... and that’s perhaps why they keep returning year after year!

Tel (784) 458-1600 | | Friendship Bay, Bequia

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ustique’s sugar plantations were soon abandoned and became overgrown by the encroaching jungle leaving only the sugar mill at Endeavour and its cotton house. The island was eventually purchased in 1958 by Lord Glenconner (the Honourable Colin Tennant) under whose guidance the island began to flourish again. Mustique remained relatively quiet although its reputation as an idyllic getaway was growing. In 1960, HRH The Princess Margaret accepted a 10-acre plot of land as a wedding gift from Colin Tennant and a new era began. The Mustique Company was formed in 1968 and the airport opened the following year. It was around this time that the first new villas (mainly designed by Oliver Messel and Arne Hasselqvist) were built and the Cotton House opened as an inn. Improvements continued, including new roads, reliable electricity and communications, a desalination plant, a medical clinic and air transport services. An educational trust provides local children with schooling and a medical trust provides all islanders with medical insurance. The Mustique Company acts as custodian for the entire island and its mandate is to protect the environment and retain the privacy and tranquillity that has made Mustique the ideal, peaceful and secure Caribbean hideaway. Mustique is such a peaceful island you may find yourself totally alone on its white sand beaches; even renowned spots such as lovely Macaroni Beach remain tranquil and uncrowded. Apart from a large plain in the north, the island is essentially composed of seven valleys, each with a white sand beach and wooded hills that rise to a height of 495 feet.

The only anchorage in Mustique is Britannia Bay, which is also where the public jetty and wharf are located. There is a Mooring Fee of EC$200 (US$75) for up to three nights. Mustique is a port of entry to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Customs and Immigration are located at the airport. Mustique Moorings (call VHF 16/68) control the 28 moorings. Vessels carrying more than 25 people are prohibited. Rental jeeps, ‘mules’ (heavy-duty golf carts), motorbikes and mountain bikes are available from Mustique Mechanical Services. There are a few taxis available in Lovell Village and at the airport. Nature walking and equestrian trails are in abundance and a great way to experience the island at your leisure. The Equestrian Centre has horses to suit every riding level and offers treks up into the hills, or rides through the surf on a white sand beach. There is a clinic across from the airport with an oncall doctor available (Tel: 488-8353). With a harbour front focal point, Lovell Village is the commercial heart of the island. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased from Stanley Junior’s stall on the waterfront and groceries can be bought at Corea’s Food Store and the Mustique General Store. The famous Basil’s Bar & Restaurant is just across the road. Now in its 22nd year, the annual Mustique Blues Festival is held every year in late January/early February at Basil’s. The only hotels on the island are the exquisite Cotton House & Spa, and Firefly, a small, exclusive, privately-owned boutique hotel with just six intimate fantasy rooms. The Firefly bar is a wonderful spot to enjoy their famous cocktails while taking in the sunset!

Beaches & Anchorages Britannia Bay – Although rather choppy, Britannia Bay is the only suitable anchorage in Mustique. The water is sparkling clear and is wonderful for snorkeling and swimming. Take care entering by boat as the Montezuma Shoal (just west of the bay) is quite hazardous. There is a red and black beacon on the reef, stay at least quarter of a mile away. Lagoon Bay – If you follow the southward road out of the village and then the shoreline path, you will happen upon this delightful beach with perfect swimming conditions. Gelliceaux Bay – This is one of the ten marine conservation areas in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. These areas are important marine habitats set aside for special management. The snorkeling here is sublime. Macaroni Bay – One of the most spectacular beaches on the island, which also makes it one of the most popular. There is a covered picnic area here and the swimming is delightful. L’Ansecoy Bay – This wide beach is located at the north end of the island. Offshore lies the jutting hulk of the French liner, Antilles, which went aground in 1971. Endeavour Bay – Ideal conditions for picnicking, swimming, paddle boarding and snorkeling.

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The ultra luxurious Pink Sands Club on Canouan Island will be rebranded as Mandarin Oriental Canouan in the first halfw of 2018


andarin Oriental’s renowned hospitality has arrived in the Caribbean for the first time at Pink Sands Club, Canouan. Following the implementation of Mandarin Oriental service standards, systems and processes, as well as several new design and branding elements, the resort will be rebranded as Mandarin Oriental, Canouan in the first half of 2018.

The exclusive resort is expansive while being intimate and secluded, nestled on the powder white sands of Canouan Island which is only five square miles in total. The whole island is dedicated to leisure pursuits including sailing, kayaking, diving, fshing, tennis and hiking, as well as golf at an 18-hole Jim Fazio-designed golf course. The hotel comprises 26 suites, 6 Lagoon Villas and 8 new Patio Villas. All the suites and villas are ocean-facing to showcase stunning views. The suites are steps from the sea with gardens or spacious terraces. All of the villas are located on the hillside with private pools and outdoor terraces or patio areas. A variety of restaurants and bars provide a range of cuisines and al fresco dining. The property also features an outdoor infinity pool, a spa and health club. The Group will also brand and manage a portfolio of new Residences at Mandarin Oriental, to be located near the hotel and scheduled to be available in 2020. Canouan is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago, surrounded by pristine beaches, warm turquoise waters and emerald green hills. The resort is situated on the east coast of the island on the soft sands and crystal clear waters of Godahl Beach. The protected waters of theTobago Cays Marine Park, which has a number of globally significant habitats including coral reefs and sea turtle nesting sites, is a 30 minute boat ride away. The resort is easily accessible by a short 20 minute flight in one of the hotel’s private jets from Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as other Caribbean gateways. Regular flights and yacht charters are also available. The west coast of Canouan, which is blessed with some beautiful stretches of beach, is home to a number of charming places to stay. The Tamarind Beach Hotel has two restaurants, a wonderful spa, a popular little boutique and an outstanding Italian deli offering the very best Italian fare. There is also a selection of comfortable apartments and guest-houses offering rental accommodation in the village. Several shops stock a good selection of general supplies and the small market next to the ferry dock sells freshly caught fish and fruit and vegetables shipped in daily from St. Vincent.



Union Island (a close neighbour)

Petit Bateau Jamesby


Few places on earth can match the unblemished natural beauty, easy accessibility and ‘feel good’ tranquillity of the Tobago Cays.

The Tobago Cays The Tobago Cays are a cluster of five tiny, uninhabited cays, collectively sheltered from the open sea by the appropriately named Horseshoe Reef, considered to be the most scenic anchorages in the Grenadines and, for many people, the entire Caribbean. The Tobago Cays Marine Park is located just a short boat ride from Palm Island, PSV, Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island and is also easily accessible for day trips from Bequia, Mustique and St. Vincent. It encompasses nine islands, including the five uninhabited islands of the Tobago Cays, namely Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac and Jamesby, plus the populated island of Mayreau as well as Catholic Island, Jondall and Mayreau Baleine. The highlights include Catholic Rock Bird Sanctuary: Various sea-bird nesting and roosting colonies can be observed from a boat, ideally using binoculars or telescope. Purunia Wreck: This wreck of a 140-ft World War I British gunship that sank in 1918 just off the western coast of Mayreau offers a good opportunity for scuba divers.


Mayreau Gardens: An excellent coral reef with lots of fish and colourful sponges for viewing by scuba divers. Horseshoe Reef: Snorkelers can visit this outstanding coral reef with an abundance of fish and coral inside the reef, while scuba divers can explore the magical world on the ocean side. Baradal Turtle Sanctuary: This is a protected area, designated by marker buoys, where snorkelers can observe green and hawksbill turtles foraging freely. Petit Tabac: This isolated beach and wild tropical garden was the location where the desert island scene in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” was filmed. Petit Bateau, Jamesby and Petit Rameau: Each of these delightful small islands offer surprisingly interesting hiking trails with an abundant variety of tropical flora, including bromeliads; as well as fauna such as iguanas, hermit crabs and birds. They also provide excellent panoramic views of the Grenadines. With shady areas and picnic tables, Petit Bateau provides the perfect picnic spot!

Tobago Cays Marine Park


Union Island Located at the heart of the Southern Grenadines, and surrounded by some of the best sailing and diving waters in the world, Union Island moves very much to the beat of its own drum. The British Crown bought Union Island from the last private owner in 1910 and set up a Land Settlement Scheme to sell 2 and 4-acre lots to the islanders at peppercorn prices. While the tiny landed society survived on subsistence farming and fishing, many inhabitants had to leave in search of better opportunities. Today, the improved economy revolves around fisheries, exporting several thousand pounds of conch per week, and tourism, which has created sufficient jobs to allow more locals to remain at home. With a population of approximately 3,000 souls, well ministered to by 12 churches of various Christian denominations, Union Island also has a primary and secondary school, a medical clinic, a bank, a post office, a police station and an airport. Radio Grenadines, a non-profit online radio station, shares local news and community insights. The main

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crops are corn and pigeon peas, but local farmers also grow a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that are sold at the Clifton market, along with produce from the mainland. Union Island is also famous for its high quality salt, produced under drought conditions at the Belmont Salt Pond, which is sold for EC$10 per lb. The small but busy Clifton Harbour is the centre of the day-chartering industry in the Southern Grenadines. Scaramouche, Wind and Sea, Yannis Sail, Chantours and Grey Goose provide a good selection of tours. This sheltered anchorage is the most popular mooring in Union as it is close to Bougainvilla Hotel, Anchorage Yacht Club, C&A Enterprises Supermarket, several very good restaurants and bars, and a few guest-houses. Clifton Harbour offers amazing conditions for kitesurfing and kiters flock to the excellent facilities at JT Pro Center’s Kitsesurfing School on Kite Beach, including a beach bar, which is a cool place for non-kiters to go to relax or enjoy some stand up paddling. The reefs in this area are in wonderful condition and Glenroy Adams of Grenadines Dive has been successfully taking divers to the many nearby superb dive sites for over 30 years. Just 5-minutes drive from Clifton is Bigsand, a sheltered, white, crescent-shaped beach, where the new Sparrow’s Beach Club and Restaurant provides day moorings, good general facilities, delicious food

of the local community who have developed steep trails that climb through lush greenery to Parnassus and Mt. Olympus, where the extra effort is rewarded with some truly spectacular views of the entire Grenadines. Turtle watching expeditions provide another enjoyable option. Water taxis are a popular mode of transport and are available in Clifton Harbour. For a reliable and efficient service call Jude James: (784) 526-6891.

Useful Information

and cocktails and excellent swimming and snorkeling. Their convenient 5-minute shuttle from Clifton runs constantly from morning until night. With 10 luxurious rooms David’s Beach Hotel has recently opened here, offering a good all-inclusive experience as a new option for visitors. Sun, sea and beach lovers might prefer the tranquillity of Chatham Bay, which is much less crowded with boats than Clifton Harbour, and offers excellent snorkeling in crystal clear, teal coloured water, beautiful sunsets and seasonal flocks of Pelicans. Several small beach huts serve local food and cold drinks. The best way to get there is by boat, though a 4-wheel drive vehicle can make the trip. Union Island has a network of well-paved roads and a 1-hour taxi tour can give visitors a good overview of the island, with stops at the island’s second town, Ashton, and the small fishing centre of Campbell. While passing through the various communities, visitors often witness traditional practices such as making gravel by hand at the stone quarry or slow burning wood to make charcoal for cooking. There is also the chance of spotting indigenous animals like iguanas, donkeys, agouti and wild goats. Off-road, Union Island’s interesting scenery offers good conditions for hiking, with the most popular hike being from Clifton over to Chatham Bay. The fitter and more adventurous hikers can join members

WiFi is available at JT Pro Beach Bar on Kite Beach, Anchorage Yacht Club, Captain Gourmet, The Waterfront Restaurant & Bar at Bougainvilla, Snack Shack and Sparrow’s Beach Club. Erika’s Marine provides wireless Internet and the use of their computers, marine services such as laundry, travel arrangements, customs clearance and a good book exchange service. Information and assistance can be obtained from Erika’s Marine Services in Clifton Harbour at (784) 485-8335 or the Tourism Bureau in Clifton Tel: (784) 458-8350 open Mon. to Fri. 9am - 4pm (Lunch 12noon - 1pm) or Tobago Cays Marine Park office in Clifton Tel: (784) 485-8191 open Mon. to Fri. 8am - 4pm. Ferry services operate to and from St. Vincent, Bequia, Canouan and Mayreau with the MV Gem Star and Barracuda. Clifton is the southern port of entry for customs clearance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Customs is located by the main wharf in Clifton Harbour (open Mon. to Fri. 8:30am - 4pm) Tel: (784) 485-8294, and at the Airport (open daily from 7am - 6pm) Tel: (784) 458-8360. Immigration service for yachtsmen is now also offered in the Union Island Tourist Information Office Mon. to Fri. 9am - 4pm (closed for lunch 12 noon 1pm). The immigration office is also at the airport. The Bank of St. Vincent & the Grenadines is open Mon. to Thu. 8am - 2pm and Fri. 8am - 5pm. There is a 24-hr ATM machine. Medical Services - Union Island Health Centre, Clifton Hill, Clifton (784) 458-8339; Harvey’s Pharmacy, located on Back Street in Clifton is available for medications and more (784) 458-8596. Pharmacy hours are Mon. to Sat. 9am - 7pm (closed from 1pm - 4pm). Manicures, Pedicures, Massage and Reflexology Sparrow’s Beach Club has a small spa. Phone (784) 458-8195. Complimentary shuttle - Tel: (784) 454-1888. Top left: Campbell and Ashton on Union Island’s west coast Photo:

The jetty at Bougainvilla

Photo courtesy Jean-Marc Troillard

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JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School The JT Pro Center on Kite Beach in Union Island is a global sensation in the world of kitesurfing. Run by Jeremie Tronet, a professional kitesurfer, this kiteschool has redefined Union Island as ‘the’ action spot in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, and indeed the world, for water board sports. The combination of the absolutely amazing Full Moon conditions, the facilities and unique services offered by Jeremie and his Beach Parties and team create a fantastic experience. Kitesurfing Shows. Although some beginners learn faster than others, Jeremie says 3 to 4 hours will get you up on the board and feeling the sensation. Have fun, eat, dance and For the experienced kiteboarder there are photo and video shoots enjoy the spectacle of the using professional camera equipment, advanced lessons to improve full moon, fire and lasers! style from the most basic trick to the most advanced handle passes and boat tours to hidden spots. Imagine you and your friends, the Tourists and locals - all only people riding, assisted by pro kiters ready to shoot all your moves ages. See page 14 for and give you the best advice to land any of your tricks – kiter’s heaven! Advanced lessons given by Jeremie are the way to go to progress and land 2018 dates. new tricks faster. Kite Beach is also a lovely spot to have fun and enjoy the most decadent day hanging out at their Beach Bar with free Wi-Fi, lounge day beds, beach chairs and beach toys while being served ice cold drinks. They do a great JT Rum Punch for 4 served in a beach bucket! For those who come to Union Island with one of the packages, the accommodations are a mere 100 metres from the kite spot and 15 metres from the beautiful blue lagoon. The kiteschool provides an air compressor for kiters to fill their own kites. Any kitesurfer coming to kite should check in at the kiteschool to find out about the rules. If the wind isn’t present for a day or two or you are not a kiter, you will be able to experience deep sea fishing, surfing and SUPing tours. JT Pro Center offers wonderful SUP tours paddling downwind with the currents from Kite Beach around to the Frigate Island lagoon and mangroves with clear water and bird life, through the quaint village of Ashton, finishing on Campbell

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Anchorage Yacht Club First opened in 1975 and long renowned as one of the stop-off points for anybody cruising or visiting the Grenadines, Anchorage Yacht Club on Union Island has recently undergone a complete rejuvenation under new management. Seasoned travellers have always valued AYC’s central location right in the heart of the Grenadines and today, since reopening after renovations, a new wave of happy sailors and vacationers are enjoying this casual and comfortable hotel that provides an ideal Caribbean escape far away from the everyday hullabaloo and crowds of busy tourism destinations.

Hotel Marina Services: Dockage, Water, Ice, Laundry & Electricity. Restaurant & Bar, Free WiFi, Great Service and Good Vibes Only!

Situated on a magnificent white sand beach with ideal swimming conditions and a splendid view across the turquoise waters of Clifton lagoon, AYC is both a great place to stay and enjoy a great meal and a cold beverage and obtain supplies for more sailing adventures. Distributed over 10 acres of beachfront property, the 15 rooms at AYC all benefit from a seafront location – some on the first floor with a panoramic view over the marina, while the rest are directly on the beach. Whilst refurbishing AYC to offer improved amenities and services, the property’s new owners have also invested in employing and training helpful and friendly members of staff who are ever willing to look after their guests and ensure that they have a happy experience from the minute they arrive at Union Island airport. At the AYC Bar and Restaurant chefs make good use of local ingredients, especially locally grown fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and seasonal lobster from their lobster pond. Some of the kitchen’s specialties include its ciabatta sandwiches, croissants, fresh pasta and excellent burgers. The popular AYC bar serves international favourite brands and delicious tropical cocktails. Happy hour

132 Union Island 132 UNION MAYREAU ISLAND

specials are available daily featuring assorted rums and beers and culminates every Friday with BBQ nights and live steel pan music. Once a month in season, as a special treat, the JT Pro Center organizes fantastic beach parties at full moon, featuring a night kitesurfing show and dancing all night long. The performance includes an amazing light show and everyone carries glow sticks, fire flares and fun lights, creating one of the highlights on Union Island’s social calendar. For those who just want some rest and relaxation, AYC’s Benji Beach is a perfect spot to soak up the sun on a beach chair or bathe in calm, crystal clear water. On the other hand, anybody who enjoys an active holiday can choose from a wide range of exciting activities. Kite Beach is blessed by constant winds that are ideal for kitesurfing. The JT Pro Center is located at AYC and they offer beginner kitesurfing courses, advanced lessons and private pro clinics. Anyone interested in learning kiteboarding can sign up for a three-day course. The lagoon is also ideal for stand up paddling. Divers, from complete beginners to professionals, can experience some of the best diving conditions in the world conveniently close to Union Island. AYC also works closely with professional fishermen who specialize in deep-sea fishing. For a more leisurely activity, guests can enjoy the magical experience of sailing in the Grenadines, including snorkeling with sea turtles in the Tobago Cays and visiting Salt Whistle Bay in Mayreau or many other stunning beaches. In all cases, daily excursions can be reserved in the AYC reception and the trips all start at the resort’s own jetty. Life at Anchorage Yacht Club moves at real ‘island time’, providing a happy balance of good service and the relaxing vibe of an authentic Caribbean holiday. Restaurant and room reservations or information (784) 458-8221

Photo compliments Tel (784) 526-6891 Clifton Harbour, Union Island

Union Island 133 MAYREAU UNION ISLAND 133

Bougainvilla Hotel Visit the Bougainvilla Hotel located in the heart of the Grenadines on Union Island. This charming hotel, surrounded by a colourful tropical garden, is located on the sea in Clifton Bay just 2 minutes walk from the main village on one side, and the beach on the other. Bougainvilla Hotel has 14 en-suite rooms, 6 rooms equipped with kitchen facilities and 8 standard rooms. All rooms are equipped with AC and cable TV. Bougainvilla is tastefully decorated to provide the most comfortable experience for guests. The Waterfront Restaurant and Bar is located in Bougainvilla Hotel with beautiful views overlooking Clifton Bay and a constant cool sea breeze. Their two large sea water aquariums are a beautiful feature - one containing lobsters during the season and the other containing fish. Located in the heart of Clifton, Bougainvilla Dock provides water, ice and a laundry service for the yachts. You can also stay with them and overnight on the dock with your boat. Bougainvilla Hotel offers a free dinghy marina. Located near the airport and right next to the village, it is the best location to park your dinghy and go for a walk around the village. Don’t miss the Sushi party every Thursday evening at La Cabane and Reggae night every Friday in The Waterfront Restaurant. Both at the Bougainvilla hotel.

Docking Facilities Ä‘Ĺ? !Ĺ?Ä’Ĺ? 0!.Ĺ? Ä‘Ĺ? 1* .5Ĺ? !.2% ! Ä‘Ĺ? 1% !Ĺ? . Ä‘Ĺ? !3Ĺ? 1/$%Ĺ? . Ä‘Ĺ? , .0)!*0/Ĺ?Ä’Ĺ? ++)/ Ä‘Ĺ? 0!.".+*0Ĺ? !/0 1. *0Ĺ?Ä’Ĺ? . Ä‘Ĺ? .!!Ĺ? %*#$5Ĺ? .%* Ä‘Ĺ? +# Ĺ? ( //!/

134 Union MAYREAU

NEW - Yoga Classes. Join in their new Yoga Shala located in the middle of the tropical garden. Classes every Tuesday and Friday from 5pm to 6pm. All levels welcome.

Tel (784) 458-8678/8878 After Hours (784) 493-3128 Clifton, Union Island


Enjoyment guaranteed GRENADINES CRUISES WITH YANNIS Having sailed the Southern Grenadines for 27 years, the Yannis Sail catamarans’ experience is second to none. They will take you to the best beaches and escort you to the amazing reefs of the Tobago Cays, considered to be the Jewel of the Grenadines. Sailing everyday of the year, join Yannis Sail for an experience that will provide wonderful lifelong memories. The tour includes: Pick-up and drop off, including from Union Island airport if needed, Breakfast and Buffet Lunch on board Drinks all day Complimentary use of Snorkel gear Stops at Mayreau & Tobago Cays Swimming with turtles.

PRIVATE CHARTERS ALSO AVAILABLE Reservations: (784) 458-8824 or 458-8513


Union Island

Shopping in

Union Island

Like so many other aspects of Union Island today, the shopping is also steadily improving. Stephanie Browne has taken over the running of the main supermarket opposite the bank, now called C&A Enterprises and it’s now very well stocked. Zoe Jennett has expanded her boutique which is now next door to the Snack Shack. Her sassy Salty Girl line of swimsuits, beach attire, towels and beach accessories are unique and trendy. Since opening her first boutique at Anchorage in 1986, Charlotte Honnart has always chosen gorgeous beach and tropical wear from her suppliers in Italy, France, Panama and the USA. Her Mare Blu boutique at Bougainvilla is well worth a visit to get some lovely vacation wear and hats. Captain Gourmet has relocated next to L’Atelier in the pretty yellow building in Clifton Harbour. They always have a superb array of gourmet treats and Annie France’s stunning jewellery. An array of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh bread is always available from the brightly coloured market stalls in Clifton Harbour and in the public market. From the top - Mare Blu Boutique at Bougainvilla; Panama hat from Mare Blu Boutique; painting by Dannis Coy; the extensive liquor selection at C&A Enterprises; the market in Clifton.

Photos courtesy and Sally Miller

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Dining & Nightlife in

Union Island

The great quality restaurants coupled with the perfect mooring conditions in Clifton Harbour make Union Island a great Grenadines choice for lunch or a night out. Thanks to the exciting efforts of a new wave of enterprising restaurateurs and bar owners in Union Island, visitors can find something to suit every taste and occasion – from local favourites to sushi or French and Italian, from tapas to fine dining, from cocktails to full-moon beach parties! Union Islanders grow good quality produce, which is supplemented with fresh supplies brought in from mainland St. Vincent, along with high quality imported international goods. And, as befits an island with a great seafaring tradition, there is a good supply of freshly caught fish and lobster when in season. A selection of the island’s best restaurants and bars are featured in these pages. Many of them are conveniently located in a compact area along the main street of Clifton and the waterfront, which makes it easy to go for a stroll, day or night, and look for something that appeals to you. It’s also perfect for those who enjoy a bit of bar hopping or like to check out the live entertainment scene. And for dining right on the beach with particularly good fish, you can take their complimentary shuttle for the short drive to the beautiful Bigsand beach, home to Sparrow’s Beach Club and Restaurant. For something out of the ordinary, try Union Island’s biggest nightlife attraction, the Full Moon Beach Party and Kitesurfing Show, which will be held twice in January and twice in March 2018. From the top - The Waterfront Restaurant and Bar at Bougainvilla; Giancarlo and Tiziana at their Italian restaurant, The Barracuda; Tuna Carpaccio at Sparrow’s Beach Club & Restaurant; Kitesurfing Show at the Full Moon Beach Party; The Snack Shack in Clifton All photos courtesy

140 Union MAYREAU


PalmIsland The Pearl of the Grenadines The chic new Sunset Restaurant & Bar welcomes daily visitors to try the delicious cuisine and famous Palm Island Rum Punch. The Spa, in the stunning new beach location, offers an exclusive range of treatments. Call for reservations: (784) 458-8221.

146 Private 146 MAYREAU

Part of the Grenadines archipelago, located between St. Vincent and Grenada and comprising 135-acres of pure paradise, Palm Island is not only a private all-inclusive resort but also a fascinating, charming and idyllic island literally at guests’ disposal. After a 45-minute flight from Barbados to Union Island, followed by a smooth 8-minute boat trip, you will reach your dream destination. Palm Island, which features an elegant and refined resort with five pristine white sand beaches, incredibly blue turquoise sea and truly perfect swimming conditions, is very close to the world famous Tobago Cays, a place not to be missed by any nature or sea lover. The resort offers 41 rooms and 2 luxury villas, all carefully designed to blend in complete harmony with the untouched natural environment of their beautiful island setting. All the rooms are air-conditioned and elegantly appointed with custom bamboo furnishings and woven rattan ceilings. Each room is equipped with kettles, coffee makers, mini-fridges, safes, hairdryers and comfortable cotton bathrobes. The all-inclusive Palm Island Resort includes 3 superb meals a day, with a choice of 2 restaurants, daily afternoon tea, weekly manager’s cocktail party, top-shelf beverages, various barbecues and live entertainment at night. General facilities include a boutique, a spa, a library, a satellite TV lounge, internet access and a freshwater swimming pool. For those guests who enjoy some activity, Palm offers

Island Resorts

DAY PASSES & SPA PACKAGES Ask about day passes which allow visitors use of the facilities and the newly renovated Sunset Restaurant and Bar. Luxurious spa packages are available upon request.

complimentary tennis, fitness centre, croquet, table tennis, cycling, snorkeling and an array of non-motorized water sports. Palm Island can also organize memorable excursions to the nearby Tobago Cays, Mopion Island or Chatham Bay, as well as scuba diving, kitesurfing, deep-sea fishing charters or a beautiful sunset sail on board Pink Lady. A member of the Green Globe initiative, Palm Island plays an active role in the protection of its environment, flora and fauna. Don’t be surprised to meet many tortoises, interesting birds and their famous indigenous iguanas during your walks. Recent additions to Palm’s environmental programme include a greenhouse and compost system. Palm Island also actively supports the local community by sponsoring famous crab racing and cricket matches. Dedicated to customizing each guest experience, the resort offers an amazing personalized service. People may arrive as guests but often leave as friends. If you want to be pampered and to experience total relaxation, Palm Island is the right place to completely disconnect and re-energize. Their seaside Sunset Restaurant & Bar has been revamped with a chic new look to welcome day visitors. Don’t miss the

opportunity to try the best of creole cuisine in a paradise setting. Palm Island Resort is now offering a range of lunch/spa packages and day passes to visitors. The Spa, which opened on a stunning new beach location in 2016, has selected what they consider to be the best quality products from Aromatherapy Associates and Caribbean Blue Naturals. Their Hibiscus Package introduces the amazing Botox of the Caribbean while they also offer Reflexology, Caribbean Traditional Massage, Harmonized Massage, Anti Cellulite and the Palm Island Massage. For your beauty needs they also pamper guests with wonderfully relaxing pedicures, manicures, rejuvenating facials and hair styling.

Restaurant and Spa Reservations Tel: (784) 458 8824

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Palm Villa

Palm Villa on Palm Island Palm Villa is a privately owned 2 bedroom beach house on Palm Island with a remarkable oceanfront location on a superb beach with stunning It’s just a 5 views of the neighbouring islands. Surrounded by coconut trees and steps away from the sea, Palm Villa is a true beach house that has minute water-taxi been furnished and equipped for a comfortable and enjoyable to Union Island for vacation that offers all the pleasures of tropical indoor-outdoor kiteboarding, diving, living. dining and shopping. Palm Villa is a haven for people who enjoy quiet, natural beauty, stunning seascapes, sailing, snorkeling, diving, beachcombing, Jude’s Boat Taxi is always walking and running, birds, wildlife and photography. on standby to pick up Guests do not qualify for general use of the Palm Island Resort guests or bring facilities but can dine at the Sunset Restaurant and Bar, and enjoy the supplies. superb Palm Island Resort Spa, Salon and Boutique. The much loved housekeeper, Elizabeth, will make your stay easily managed and memorable. Assistance can be provided with boat transfers and pre-ordering food and supplies. A variety of shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment, kiteboarding, diving and other watersports activities are all available just a 5 minute water-taxi ride away on Union Island. | Palm Villa, Palm Island, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

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Island Resorts

Jeremie Tronet of JT Pro Center, kiting just off Palm Villa in Palm Island Photo courtesy JT Pro Center

Discover Petit St. Vincent Resort A member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, PSV is the epitome of a ‘secluded and unplugged’ private island paradise. Tucked away in a tranquil corner of the southern Grenadines, and recognized as a 2015 Andrew Harper’s Readers’ Choice Winner in the International Hideaways and Top Beach Resort categories, the hallmark of PSV is barefoot elegance accompanied by unobtrusive attentive service. With just 22 spacious 1-bedroom cottages and 2-bedroom beach villas, discretely nestled amongst 115-acres of tropical beauty, PSV caters predominantly to discerning guests in search of an exclusive vacation experience that combines both luxury and escape. All of the accommodations benefit from absolute privacy and offer the ultimate in serene seclusion. There are no TVs, telephones or Wi-Fi in the rooms and there is no need to hang up the Do Not Disturb sign: a red flag flying outside guarantees guests are not interrupted, while hoisting a yellow flag summons room service and the prompt arrival of a waiter in a mini-moke. Residents can dine in private or at either of two restaurants, one hillside and one beachside, where accomplished chefs offer a variety of creative cuisine inspired by locally-caught seafood and PSV’s organic island-grown herbs, fruit and vegetables. There are weekly beach barbecues with great local music, and occasional special culinary events hosted by

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Island Resorts

visiting chefs and vintners who give wine and rum tastings as well as cooking lessons. And to create an extra special vacation memory, PSV guests can enjoy a private picnic lunch or candlelight dinner anywhere on the island. Blessed with over a mile of delightful white sand beaches and surrounded by the clearest, bluest, most crystalline seawater imaginable, PSV is a haven for outdoors relaxation or leisurely activities such as non-motorized water sports or day trips to surrounding islands. For the more adventurous, the resort is particularly proud of its excellent, state-of-the art Dive Centre, operated by Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, which caters to both divers and snorkelers and offers underwater safaris with on staff marine biologists and naturalists. Of course PSV is all about savouring life, so guests can unwind in two yoga pavilions or enjoy unadulterated pampering at the Balinese-run luxury spa and wellness centre. Getting to Petit St. Vincent has never been easier, as the resort now utilises a private aircraft charter with Mustique Airways (the longest operating airline in the Grenadines), which provides a round trip Barbados-Union Island route exclusively for PSV guests. Those guests who prefer to fly in their own private jet can be accommodated at the nearby Canouan Island airport, from where they will transfer to PSV by private boat.

For beach restaurant reservations: (784) 458-8801 For hotel reservations: +1 (800) 654-9326 or +1 (954) 963-7401



in Paradise

Photo: Kimean Castello


t. Vincent and the islands of the Grenadines has become a popular choice for destination weddings in recent years. As a result, there are now a number of professional wedding coordinators, catering companies and photographers, along with a trusted network of reputable and reliable suppliers, whose combined experience and local knowledge ensure that the couple and their guests have ample time to relax and enjoy these lovely islands at their leisure. St. Vincent & the Grenadines possess all of the necessary ingredients to ensure a perfectly romantic wedding day. There are countless venues from which to choose: sandy white beaches, a hilltop at sunset, sailing around a picturesque harbour, a lush tropical garden surrounded by colourful blooms, a charming island church, or even a deserted island – the choice is all yours.

What You’ll Need

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the few countries where you can obtain a marriage licence after being in the country for only one day. This licence is issued in one day and can be obtained



through the office of the Solicitor General in Kingstown which is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3pm. The following documentation is required: valid passports; if either party is divorced, both original and copy of Decree Absolute; in the case of a widow/widower, original and notarized copy of Death Certificate of spouse; if adopted, certificate is required. Couple must be resident in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a minimum of one day, not including the day of arrival, before applying for a marriage licence. All documents must be in English. If the originals are in another language, they must be translated into English and certified.


Adams Apartments

Barefoot Suites

Bay Hill Apartments

L: Arnos Vale, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4656 | F: 784 456-4728 E: Distance from airport/mins. 25 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$36 - $55 Rooms: 9

L: Blue Lagoon, Ratho Mill, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-9526 / 9334 | F: 784 456-9238 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$90 - $140 Rooms: 5

L: Cane Garden, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-5419 / 4480 | F: 784 456-1301 E: Distance from airport/mins. 25 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$65 - $95 Rooms: 10

Beachcombers Hotel

Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina

Cobblestone Inn

L: Villa Beach, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4283 | F: 784 458-4385 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer • US$115-$357 | Winter • US$126-$357 Rooms: 48 | Page No.: 64/65

L: Blue Lagoon, Ratho Mill, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4308 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 19 | Page No.: 69

L: Kingstown, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-1937 | F: 784 456-1938 E: Distance from airport/mins. 30 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$80 - $100 Rooms: 26

Eco Bay Guest House

Fort View Apartments

Grand View Beach Hotel

L: Arnos Vale, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-1844 / 011 44 794 601 6186 (UK) E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$160 - $260 Rooms: 3

L: Edinboro, St. Vincent T: 784 451-2005 E: Distance from airport/mins. 35 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$40 - $45 Rooms: 7

L: Villa Point, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4811 | F: 784 457-4174 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$129 | Winter • US$154 Rooms: 19 | Page No.: 62

Grenadine House

Haddon Hotel

Hillside Apartments

L: Kingstown Park, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-1800/593-0996 | F: 784 458-1333 E: Distance from airport/mins. 30 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$139-$235 Rooms: 18 | Page No.: 62

L: Kingstown, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-1897 | F: 784 456-2027 E: Distance from airport/mins. 30 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$105 - $165 Rooms: 19

L: Villa, St. Vincent W: T: 784 457-5134 | F: 784 457-4678 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$60 - $115 Rooms: 6 | Page No.: 66

Hotel Alexandrina

Mariners Hotel

Paradise Beach Hotel & Spa

L: Prospect, St. Vincent W: T: 784 456-9788 / 528-6000 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 27 | Page No.: 66/67

L: Villa Beach, St. Vincent W: T: 784 457-4000 / 1-800-223-1108 (USA) | F: 784 457-4333 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20-25 Rates: Summer • US$85-$155 | Winter • US$95-$175 Rooms: 21 | Page No.: 62/63

L: Villa Beach, St. Vincent W: T: 784 457-4795 / 570-0000 | F: 784 457-5577 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$85 - $125 Rooms: 17 | Page No.: 64

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this accommodation guide, some information is subject to change without notice. Unless stated otherwise, prices shown are daily rates, double occupancy, quoted in US dollars and subject to local taxes and service charge.


Accommodation GUide - St. Vincent

Ridgeview Terrace Apartments

Rosewood Apartment Hotel

L: Sion Hill Bay, St. Vincent W: T: 784 482-9500 / 533-4137 E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$80 - $90 Rooms: 18 | Page No.: 66

L: Ratho Mill, St. Vincent W: T: 784 457-4153 / 430-1015 | F: 784 457-5959 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$70 Rooms: 5

L: Rose Cottage, Villa, St. Vincent W: T: 784 457-5051 | F: 784 457-5141 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$78 - $86 Rooms: 10

Seasplash Apartments

Sky Blue Beach Apartments

Sunset Shores Beach Hotel

L: Indian Bay, St. Vincent W: T: 784 431-1085 | F: 784 451-2777 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$100 - $110 Rooms: 7 | Page No.: 64

L: Indian Bay, St. Vincent T: 784 457-4394 | F: 784 457-5232 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$60-$70 Rooms: 7

L: Villa Beach, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4411 | F: 784 457-4800 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 32 | Page No.: 66/67

Tranquillity Beach Apt. Hotel

White Sands Cottages

Young Island Resort

L: Indian Bay, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4021 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$72-$84 Rooms: 7

L: Ratho Mill, St. Vincent W: T: 784 528-9855 / 433-3334 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$120 Rooms: 16 | Page No.: 62

L: Young Island, St. Vincent W: T: 784 458-4826 | F: 784 457-4567 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 29 | Page No.: 62/63

Grenadine Island Villas

Real Grenadines

Sotheby’s International Realty

For villa rentals throughout St. Vincent & The Grenadines W: T: 784 529-8046 / 457-3739 E: Rates: Refer to Website | Page No.: 108

For villa rentals throughout St. Vincent & The Grenadines W: T: 784 485-8888 or (784) 533-1122 E: Rates: Refer to Website | Page No.: 3, 108, 109

For villa rentals throughout St. Vincent & The Grenadines W: T: 784 458-3118 / 214 288-3299 (Cell) E: Rates: Refer to Website | Page Nos.: 1, 10, 11


Richview Guest House




Some hotels have peak periods within the Winter Season when rates may vary. A number of the hotels offer specials during the Summer Season - these rates are available on request. Please check with the individual property or the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association. Tel: (784) 458-4379, or visit their website at, for up-to-date information.

Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & the Grenadines



Bequia Beach Hotel

Bequia Plantation Hotel

Bleu Hotel

L: Friendship Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-1600 | F: 784 457-3243 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$265-$330 | Winter • US$368-$450 Rooms: 56 | Page No.: 103

L: Admiralty Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-4308 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 9

L: Belmont, Bequia W: T: 784 494-2348 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer/Winter • See Website for details Rooms: 7 | Page No.: 102

Bob’s Place

Caratal Apartments

Cassava House

L: Lower Bay, Bequia E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$950pw | Winter • US$1,000pw Rooms: 3

L: Bequia Estate, Bequia T: 784 457-3739 / +44 (0) 800 0484814 (UK) E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • From US$700 p/wk Winter • From US$1,000 p/wk Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 104

L: Lower Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 527-9188 / UK: 00 44 7836 256750 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • Rates on Request Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 107

De Reef Apartments

Dragonfly Villa

L: Lower Bay, Bequia T: 784 458-3484 / 3412 / 784 494-3688 (Cell) F: 784 457-3103 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$90 | Winter • US$120 Rooms: 5 | Page No.: 104

L: Lower Bay, Bequia W: T: UK 00 44 7836 256750 / SVG (784) 527-9188 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • Rates on Request Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 107

L: Spring, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3414 or 430-6813 | F: 784 457-3305 E: Distance from airport/mins. 30 Rates: Summer • US$395 | Winter • US$495 Rooms: 4 (+ 2 Bedroom Cottage) | Page No.: 105

Frangipani Hotel

Gingerbread Hotel

Island Inn Apartments

L: Belmont, Admiralty Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3255 / 784 528-8560 | F: 784 458-3824 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$65-$245 | Winter • US$92-$285 Rooms: 15

L: Belmont, Admiralty Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3800 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$100 | Winter • US$230 Rooms: 10 | Page No.: 104

L: Friendship Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 457-3433 | F: 784 457-3431 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$85 | Winter • US$95 Rooms: 6

Keegan’s Beachside

Kingsville Apartments

Lime House Villas

L: Lower Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3530 / 530-4959 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$50-$120 | Winter • US$100-$190 Rooms: 16 | Page No.: 104

L: Lower Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3932 | F: 784 458-3000 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$85 | Winter • US$110 Rooms: 8

L: Spring, Bequia W: T: 784 457-3092 | F: 784 457-3092 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 107

Firefly Plantation Hotel

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this accommodation guide, some information is subject to change without notice. Unless stated otherwise, prices shown are daily rates, double occupancy, quoted in US dollars and subject to local taxes and service charge.


Accommodation GUide - St. Vincent & Bequia

Ravenala House

Sea Shells Apartments

L: Spring, Bequia W: T: 784 457-3092 | F: 784 457-3092 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 107

L: Lower Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 531-4142 / 784 570-1946 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Winter • US$3,000pw | Summer • US$2,600pw Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 106

L: Belmont, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3656 | F: 784 458-3656 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer • US$79 | Winter • US$105 Rooms: 4

Spring Hotel Bequia


Ocean Breeze House

L: Spring Estate, Bequia W: T: 784 457-3707 / 784 454-4260 / UK: (+44) 2035-140-002 / USA: 800 324-9530 E: / Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 10 | Page No.: 105

Sugar Reef Bequia

Sugarapple Inn

L: Crescent Beach, Bequia W: T: (784) 458-3400 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer • US$120-$240 Winter • US$150-$330 | Rooms: 8 | Page No.: 105

L: Friendship Bay, Bequia W: T: 784 457-3148 | F: 784 458-3985 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$96-$150 Winter • US$132-$200 | Rooms: 8

The Nest & Treetop

The Village Apartments L: Belmont, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3883 / 784 458-3885 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$75 | Winter • US$145 Rooms: 7

Tropical Hideaway

L: Belmont, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3667 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$100 | Winter • US$155 Rooms: 2 | Page No.: 106

L: Bequia Estate, Bequia W: T: 784 532-1690 / 784 458-3676 E: Distance from airport/mins. 20 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 6 | Page No.: 106

Villa Barbara

Villa Bellegarde

Villa Helianthus

L: Ocha, Bequia W: T: 784 593-5703 / 784 493-7333 E: Distance from airport/mins. 30 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 3

L: LaPompe, Bequia W: T: 784 497-7186 / 214 507-2718 (USA) E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 3

L: Mount Pleasant, Bequia W: T: 784 458-3255 E: Distance from airport/mins. 15 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 4 | Page No.: 106

Some hotels have peak periods within the Winter Season when rates may vary. A number of the hotels offer specials during the Summer Season - these rates are available on request. Please check with the individual property or the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association. Tel: (784) 458-4379, or visit their website at, for up-to-date information.

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The Cotton House

Firefly Hotel

L: Mustique W: T: 784 456-4777 | F: 784 456-5887 E: Distance from airport/mins. 3 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 15 | Page No.: 113

L: Mustique W: T: 784 488-8414 | F: 784 488-8514 E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$595 - $695 Rooms: 5

Pink Sands Club, Canouan L: Canouan W: T: 784 458-8000 | F: 784 458-8885 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 26 suites, 6 Lagoon Villas and 8 Patio Villas | Page No.: 116

Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club

Starfish Haven

L: Canouan W: T: 784 458-8044 | F: 784 458-8851 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer • US$270 | Winter • US$320 Rooms: 39 | Page No.: 117

L: Mayreau W: T: 784 458-8006/784 458-8065/902 542-1922 E: Rates: Summer/Winter • US$125 - $200 Rooms: 3 | Page No.: 124

Anchorage Yacht Club

Bougainvilla Hotel

The Clifton Hotel

L: Clifton, Union Island W: T: 784 458-8221 E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Rooms: 15 | Page No.: 132/133

L: Clifton Harbour, Union Island W: T: 784 458-8678 / 8878 E: Distance from airport/mins. 4 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$110 - $165 Rooms: 14 | Page No.: 134/142

David’s Beach Hotel

The Islander’s Inn

L: Bigsand Beach, Union Island W: T: 784 485-8447 E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer • US$845 Winter • US$925 - $1,095 Rooms: 10

L: Big Sand, Union Island W: T: 784 527-0944 | E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer/Winter • US$90 - $130 Rooms: 8

Palm Island Resort

Petit St. Vincent Resort

L: Palm Island | Rooms: 41 W: T: 784 458-8824 | F: 784 458-8804 E: Distance from airport/mins. 10 Rates: Summer/Winter • Refer to Website Page No.: 146/147

L: Clifton, Union Island T: 784 458-8235 E: Distance from airport/mins. 5 Rates: Summer • US$70-$90 | Winter • US$80-$100 Rooms: 12

L: Petit St. Vincent | Rooms: 22 W: T: 1 800 654-9326 / 954 963-7401 | F: 954 963-7402 E: Distance from airport/mins. 25 Rates: Summer • US$1,100 Winter • US$1,400 - $1,700 | Page No.: 150-151

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this accommodation guide, some information is subject to change without notice. Unless stated otherwise, prices shown are daily rates, double occupancy, quoted in US dollars and subject to local taxes and service charge.


Accommodation GUide


Property on the Beach

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Conference/Meeting Rooms

Television Kitchen Facilities/Kitchenette in all or some rooms Coffee/Tea Making Facilities Private Balcony/Patio

Wheelchair Accessible

Room Service

Pool Free Wi-Fi/Wired Internet in Rooms or Public Areas



Property Near the Beach

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LIAT (1974) Ltd. SVG Air LOG Enterprises Ltd. St. Vincent Brewery SVG Solidarity in Action Inc. Bequia Dive Adventures Dive Bequia Dive St. Vincent Grenadines Dive Serenity Dive SVG Ministry of Tourism Health Solutions Inc. Gonsalves Liquors Fantasea Tours Mustique Company SVG Tourism Authority A.I. Real Estate All Islands Recycling Jamaica Bickles Flow Wine Bar/Flowt Beach Bar Vee Jay’s Restaurant St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. Guardsman SVG C.K. Greaves & Co. Ltd. SVG Taxi Drivers Association LIME (Cable & Wireless) Coreas Caribbean Adventures Chic Concepts Going Places Travel A Caribbean Wedding Exquisite EventSVG Barefoot Yacht Charters Ltd. Glossy Bay Marina Ltd. Sail Grenadines Tradewinds Yacht Club

784 458-4841 784 457-5124 784 456-2936 784 457-2800 784 456-4762 784 458-3826 784 458-3504 784 457-4948 784 458-8138 784 528-8030 784 457-1502 784 451-2836 784 457-1881 784 457-4477 784 488-8000 784 456-6222 784 457-2087 784 453-4150 784 451-2029 784 457-0809 784 457-2845 784 458-6221 784-453-1160 784 457-1074 784 526-2586 784 457-1901 784 456-2158 784 496-2442 784 457-1841 784 528-7444/457-3209 784 494-8100 784 456-9526 784 431-2828 784 533-2909 784 457-3361

Beverage and Distributor Beverage Manufacturer/Distributor Car Park & Event Rental Venue Dive Shops/Operators

Government Ministry Hemodialysis Clinic Liquor Stores/Distributor Marine Tours Mustique Island Management Company Parastatal Authority Real Estate Agent Recycling Agency Restaurants & Bars/Wine Bar

Rum Distillery Security Company Supermarket (Wholesale/Retail) Taxi/Transport Services Telecom Tour Operators/Cruise Agents Travel Agent Wedding and Event Planners Yacht Charters/Sailing

Some hotels have peak periods within the Winter Season when rates may vary. A number of the hotels offer specials during the Summer Season - these rates are available on request. Please check with the individual property or the SVG Hotel & Tourism Association. Tel: (784) 458-4379, or visit their website at, for up-to-date information.

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Anchorage Yacht Club Argyle International Airport

132, 133 24


Backyard Adventures 45 Bagatelle Restaurant 97 Barracuda Restaurant & Bar 142 Beachcombers Hotel 64, 65 Beachcombers Restaurant 56 Bequia 70-109 Bequia Beach Hotel Inside Front Cover, 103 Bequia Beach Hotel Day Passes 82 Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 14 Bleu Bistro & Bar 96 Bleu Hotel 102 Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina 69 Bougainvilla Hotel 134, 142 Brendon’s Taxi Service 83 Buon Appetito 117


C&A Enterprise 139 Calendar of Events 14-19 C.K. Greaves Supermarkets 49, 50 Café Soleil Back Cover, 58 Canouan 114-117 Caratal Apartments 104 Caribbean Lifestyles 50 Caribbean Wedding Photography by Edson Reece 153 Carr, Peter - Paintings of Bequia 90 Cassava House 107 Chantours Caribbean 30, 121 Chartering 26-33 Chevailler, Patrick “Doc” 91 Coco’s Place 98 Cotton House, The 113 Coy, Dannis 139


Dasrat Sugrim Lifetime Furnishings 52, 53 Dawn’s Café 99 De Reef Apartments 104 Digicel 49, 50 Doris Fresh Food 87 Dragonfly Villa 107 Dream Views Restaurant 98 Duncan, Silma 90


Fantasea Tours 43, 45 Fast Facts 20-25 Firefly Plantation Hotel 105 Firefly Plantation Restaurant 97 Firefly Plantation Tours 83 Firefly Cross Country Golf 83 Flow Inside Back Cover, 5 Frangipani Restaurant 99 French Verandah Restaurant 56 Friendship Rose, The 79, 83


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Gingerbread Café Gingerbread Hotel Grand View Beach Hotel Grenadine House Grenadine Island Villas Grenadine Weddings Grenadine Wild Sea Salt Grenadines Dive Grey Goose Sailing Tours

98 104 62 68 108 153 59, 87 137 137


Ravenala House Real Grenadines RE/MAX Results Realty Richview Guest House

106 3, 108, 109 64, 65 66


Keegan’s Beachside 98, 104 Kimean Castello Photography 153

Sail Grenadines 31, 82 Sail Relax Explore 30 St. Vincent 34-69 St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. 5, 50 Saltwhistle Bay 125 Salty Girl, The 139 Sam’s Taxi Tours Ltd. 45 Sapodilla Room 58 Scaramouche 31, 137 Seasplash Apartments 64 Snack Shack, The 142 Sotheby’s International Realty 1, 10-13 Sparrow’s Beach Club & Restaurant 141 Spring Hotel Bequia 105 Starfish Haven 124 Subway 57 Sugar Reef Bequia 105 Sugar Reef Café 97 Sunset Shores Beach Hotel 66, 67 Sunset Shores Restaurant 56, 57 SVG Yacht Services 30




Hillside Apartments Hotel Alexandrina


Invest SVG

66 66, 67 8, 9


JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School130, 131 Jones, Calvert 2, 51 Jack’s Beach Bar 94 Jude’s Boat Taxi 137


La Cabane Sushi & Juice Bar Laura’s Bar & Resto Lea, Julie Savage Lime House Villas Lucy, L.D.

142 99 91 107 90


Mac’s Pizza & Kitchen 97 Mango Art Studio 91 Maranne’s Homemade Ice Cream 99 Mare Blu 139 Mariners Hotel 62, 63 Mayreau 122-125 Mustique 110-113


Nest & Treetop, The


Oasis Art Studio, The Ocean Breeze House Our Tours


Palm Island Resort Palm Villa Papa’s Bar & Bistro Paradise Beach Hotel & Spa Paradise Restaurant & Spa Petit St. Vincent Resort Pink Sands Club Private Island Resorts

106 90 107 82 146, 147 148 95 64 58 150, 151 116 144-151

Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club 117 Tobago Cays Marine Park 118-121 Tropical Hideaway 106 Tropical Realism, Fine Art by Calvert Jones 51


Union Island


Villa Helianthus Vincentian Chocolate

126-143 106 51


Waterfront Bar & Restaurant 143 Weddings in Paradise 152-153 White Sands Cottages 62 Wind and Sea 30, 82, 113, 135


Yannis Sail Young Island

136 56, 62, 63

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