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st Ju wed 13th - Thu 21


INCLUSIVE 02871 264455 Derry City and Strabane District Council Application of Corporate Brand Draft Copy: 1

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A new modern logo has been created for Derry City and Strabane District Council.

The ‘DS’ icon from the logo is made up of two core elements. A ‘D’ for Derry and a flowing ‘S’ for Strabane. When paired together the two letters create a visual representation of the River Foyle that links both regions. The new logo highlights the coming together of two distinct regions in a representative and balanced approach. All proportions of the logo are fixed and should not be altered. It must always be



education at the forum forumeducation 7

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Develop your skills for life and work and get: • Free qualifications in over 50 areas • Work experience • Block placements • £70 EMA and WEP a week • £120 sign up and stay bonus • Cash bonuses up to £640 • Flexible attendance • Driving and theory lessons • All travel costs paid • Free tools and equipment • Full time jobs and apprenticeships CONTACT US ON 02871 88 00 44 or via Facebook Craft NI-Training

WELCOME Welcome to the 14th year of InterAct Youth Arts Festival 2022 – brought to you by the Millennium Forum, a really exciting festival for you young people aged 12 to 21 to get involved in. “As Youth Patron of the Millennium Forum, I would like to wish InterAct 2022 every success and invite the young people of our city to get involved. This fully inclusive festival provides a brilliant opportunity to access the best the arts has to offer for free as well as the experience to perform on the iconic Millennium Forum stage. Well done Youth Forum on another class InterAct Festival!” Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Youth Patron of the Millennium Forum.

We are excited to host the Festival this year along with the Millennium Forum’s Youth Forum. This year we have a fully inclusive festival offering assistance for any additional needs or carers for any workshop. If you would like to avail of this service please advise the Millennium Forum Education Officer when booking. We would like to thank our community partners St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre, Tullyally Community Centre and Fountain Street Community Centre, Strabane. Our funders, dedicated Millennium Forum staff, parents, guardians, teachers and facilitators. A special thank you to our Youth Forum who have inspired, informed and helped lead this project. We hope you enjoy this year’s InterAct Youth Arts Festival.

Mags Anderson Education & Schools Marketing Officer Join us for an outstanding experience exploring the fantastic work each workshop has developed through the festival outreach and in-house activities. This is a chance for the talented and creative young people to showcase all their hard work to family and friends from our main stage and colourful piazza.

interact showcase when THURSDAY 21ST JULY time AFTERNOON TBC where MILLENNIUM FORUM

Expect colour, noise, laughter, energy and lots of surprises. 2


outreach workshops

13-15TH JULY - Play in a Day in the Community

An outreach partnership with the following community centers as part of InterAct 2022. We are challenging our community participants with putting a play together in one day...

Mindfulness & Yoga Sessions

Locations and Dates


Fountain Street Community Centre, Strabane – 10-3PM


Tullyally Community Centre, Waterside – 10-3PM


St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre, Creggan – 10-3PM

3 Fantastic Facilitators

Costume and Design - Amy Carroll is a professional costume designer/maker. For Interact this year she will be leading our groups in the full process of designing and producing costumes for a Play in a Day, guiding each of our groups in designing, sourcing, producing and executing the costumes for our play. Hair, make up and special effects techniques may also be included. Acting and Performance – Andrew McCracken, is a professional actor and facilitator, who has worked all over the UK and Ireland with companies including the BBC, Lyric Theatre Belfast and Northern Ireland Screen. Andrew is excited to be leading the groups in acting for the ‘Play In A Day’ project, working on acting techniques, characterisation skills and vocal work to create entertaining and unique characters for the final performance of our brand-new play! Dance and Movement – Claire Harkin, is a dance facilitator, choreographer and movement therapist. As part of Interact’s ‘Play in a Day’ she will be assisting young people to develop choreography and physical movement to enhance their performance while developing movement techniques and exploring various genres of dance. 4

Date & Times

Monday 18th July 10.30am -11.30am Tuesday 19th July – 3-4pm Wednesday 20th July 10.30am-11.30am

venue Millennium Forum Mindful Little Yogis delivers yoga and mindfulness sessions to young people using an inclusive approach. It encourages young people to explore their natural abilities and creativity in an active and safe way. The practice is a combination of adapted asanas, neuro sensory techniques, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to meet the diverse needs of those who attend the sessions. Themes such as strength, balance, resilience, compassion and gratitude will be taught and discussed through music, stories, and games. Tools to manage stress and anxiety will be shared during the sessions to help kids and young people negotiate life’s challenges a little easier. Most importantly, the aim of the sessions is to have as much fun as possible! 5

MAKE IT! Costume Design


Date & Times Date & Times

Mon 18th July - 2pm - 4pm Tues 19th July - 2pm-4pm Wed 20th July - 2pm -4pm

venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office

Learn the basics of costume design and sewing in this fun multiday workshop with designer Kit Rees. Sketch your designs, construct your garment and show it off on the catwalk! Materials and tools provided. Facilitator Kit Rees is a designer/illustrator whose work centers around sustainable fashion, bold colours, prints and bespoke designs. 6

Mon 18th July - 10.30am- 12.30pm Tues 19th July - 10.30am-12.30pm

venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office

Participants will make imitation stained glass window decorations and mobiles to represent each aspect of the Interact festival, adding a splash of colour to the theatre’s large Piazza space. Our mobiles will be made from cardboard and coloured tissue paper. Everyone from all ages can join in to help create. The workshop focuses on making Art within a team of people helping each other.


Musical Theatre

Hip Hop and Street Dance

Date & Times Mon 18th July 10am-1pm Tues 19th July 10am-1pm Wed 20th July 10am-1pm venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July

Date & Times Mon 18th - 2pm-4pm Tues 19th July - 2pm-4pm Wed 20th July - 2-4pm venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July

Team Musical Theatre promises to put the Interact cast through their paces bringing a modern twist to a well-known musical. Over the 3 day act, sing, dance workshop the cast will rehearse for the showcase production. Maybe it seems far away, but the sun will come out when we lift the curtain on our show stopping montage from our favourite Broadway musical!

Urban Shock Dance will teach the hottest and latest dance steps, style, funk and street moves. Learn the latest dance moves from the music videos, Tik Toks and much more. We are going to create a high energy, street grove by using razor sharp action choreography. Great for fun, great for meeting new people with similar interests and exercise!

Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office


Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office


The Write Stuff

SFX Makeup

Date & Times

Mon 18th July - 3.30pm-5pm Tues 19th July - 3.30pm- 5pm Wed 20th July - 3.30pm- 5pm

venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office

A series of 3 writing workshops with Gráinne from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club focusing on language: an opportunity to show young people the fun that can be had with words; looking at how language has changed using Friel’s ‘Translations’, Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ and poetry from W.B. Yeats and more. Participants will rewrite in contemporary language from earlier times and write some six-wordstories, descriptive paragraphs and short poems about and using, todays language. Is lol really language? You decide. This is a fun opportunity to encourage young people to really play with words and language and to appreciate language, all its forms and all its changes today- all done in a laid back, non-structured way and fun guaranteed. Let’s play with words this summer at InterAct.

Date & Times

Mon 18th July - 3pm -5pm

venue Millennium Forum Special make-up effects (also called prosthetic make up) is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, moulding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. From small realistic bruises and injuries to full face prosthetic make-up and character creation. These advanced make up techniques are widely used in film and television as well as stage shows and photo shoots. Only professional, safe for skin SFX materials such as – latex (alternatives available in case of allergy) ,silicone, fx prosthetic gelatin, fake bloods, alcohol based and grease based paints will be used during this session.

All work will be showcased on ‘Showcase Day’. 10


Energy Train – Djing Workshop

Finding Your Voice

Date & Times

Date & Times

Tues 19th July - 11.30am-1.30pm Wed 20th July - 1-3pm

venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office

Participants will learn DJ skills from Oliver Brown and well-known DJ, Kevin Boyle (aka Silver Fox). Your music, your mixes, learning skills that will allow you to find tunes that connect with your inner rhythm and future dancefloors. Whether you’re DJ’ing for the first time, wanting to rock a party or start your own podcast, Energy Train Tutors will show you how to select and mix the right tune, at the right time. 12

Tues 19th July - 11.30am-1.30pm Wed 20th July - 11.30am- 1.30pm

venue Millennium Forum Afternoon showcase Thurs 21st July Tickets - £3 booked from Box Office

‘Finding Your Voice’ workshops will help young singers improve pitch, tone, range, breathing and song delivery, along with providing advice and insight to those wanting to break into the music industry. Vocal coach Aideen is a professional singer with extensive gigging, recording and touring experience. She has been vocal coaching for over 16 years, prepping novice and professional singers from all genres, for auditions, performances and recording sessions. 13

Millennium Forum Youth Productions presents An Amateur Youth Production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.



Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by Charles Hart Additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe Book by Richard Stilgoe & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Based on the novel Le Fantome de ‘l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux Originally directed by Harold Prince Orchestrations by David Cullen & Andrew Lloyd Webber Original production by Cameron Mackintosh Ltd. and The Really Useful Group Ltd

1 DEC 2022 - 2 JAN 2023 14

r Nominated fo 21 Best Panto 20 UK Panto Awards

Wed 3rd - Sat 6th Aug Box Office (028) 71 264455


at a glance



Fountain Street Community Centre, Strabane



Tullyally Community Centre, Waterside



St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre, Creggan




Free Workshops at the Millennium Forum Time MONDAY 18TH JULY

Musical Theatre 10am – 1pm Mindfulness & Yoga Sessions 10.30am –11.30am ART 10.30am –12.30pm Hip Hop and Street Dance 2pm – 4pm MAKE IT! Costume Design 2pm – 4pm SFX Makeup 3pm – 5pm The Write Stuff 3.30pm – 5pm


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Musical Theatre 10am –1pm 8 ART 10.30am –12.30pm 7 Finding Your Voice 10.30am –12.30pm 13 Energy Train – Djing Workshop 11.30am –1.30pm 12 MAKE IT! Costume Design 2pm – 4pm 6 Hip Hop and Street Dance 2pm – 4pm 9 Mindfulness & Yoga Sessions 3pm – 4pm 5 The Write Stuff 3.30pm – 5pm 10


Musical Theatre 10am –1pm 8 Mindfulness & Yoga Sessions 10.30am –11.30am 5 Finding Your Voice 10.30am –12.30pm 13 Energy Train – Djing Workshop 1pm – 3pm 12 MAKE IT! Costume Design 2pm – 4pm 6 Hip Hop and Street Dance 2pm – 4pm 9 The Write Stuff 3.30pm – 5pm 10


Afternoon Showcase - time TBC Tickets available from Millennium Forum Box Office. Price £3

Book your free workshop at Box Office tel 02871 264455 or at

‘Play in a Day’ in the Community WEDNESDAY 13TH JULY

Places are limited in some workshops and commitment/full attendance is required for all booked workshops. For further info email