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Volume 34 • Issue 12 •June 15, 2010 • Ser ving Active and Retired Militar y and DoD Workers for Over 34 Years



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Page 2 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS


Volume 35 • Issue 12 • June 15, 2010

The Mortal Politician By Cal Thomas

Even the BP oil spill, which he says There is a scene in the film “Superman II” where the Man of Steel chooses to is his responsibility, isn’t really, you see. give up his powers and become mortal Earlier this month, the president said, “When Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for Lois Lane, the woman he loves. A major part of President Obama’s took office ... he found a Minerals and attraction, especially to the many Management Services agency that had young people who voted for him, was been plagued by corruption for years.” The president has blamed the his supposed difference from other politicians. To those naive worshippers, Bush administration for a $1.3 trillion he seemed so above it all, a super- deficit, though his administration and a liberal Democrat Congress that keeps apolitical man. The president’s declining poll spending and borrowing money we numbers reveal the disillusionment don’t have, created much of it. The president’s decline in popularity that has begun to sink in among the politically unsophisticated. They are goes beyond blame. He also does not starting to realize that not only is this tell the truth. Recall during the debate president not above politics, but that over government health care his he, in fact, practices the lowest form of repeated assurances that if you like the the profession known as Chicago-style insurance you have, you can keep it. But Politico reports, “Part of the health care politics. In a commencement speech to overhaul due to kick in this September graduating seniors at Kalamazoo could strip more than 1 million people Central High School, the president of their insurance coverage, violating a exhorted, “Don’t make excuses. key goal of President Barack Obama’s Take responsibility not just for your reforms.” And Politico continued, “Employer successes, but for your failures as well. ... It’s the easiest thing in the world to groups say the ban could essentially start looking around for someone to wipe out a niche insurance market that many part-time workers and retail and blame.” Wise words. Too bad the president restaurant employees have come to rely doesn’t practice what he preached to on.” And, “Depending on how strictly the graduates. In remarks last November when he the administration implements the visited Norfolk, Va., the president said, provision, the ban could in effect outlaw “When I showed up after Inauguration, the plans or make them so restrictive they had left a big mess on the floor. that insurance companies would So I got a mop and I started cleaning raise rates to the point they become up their mess.” In fact, he has been unaffordable.” Critics of Obama’s health reform law spreading the mess around, causing a predicted exactly that, but the president bigger mess. In March, the president said, “By any accused them of misleading the public. measure, my administration inherited a Who is misleading whom? There is a point in every presidency fiscal disaster.” Repeatedly to the point of denying when the public discerns when a his own shortcomings, the president president is succeeding, or whether has blamed the Bush administration he is in over his head and is failing. for virtually every problem that has That point is rapidly approaching for confronted him. Seeking to explain the President Obama. It is not good for Massachusetts Senate victory of Scott the country to have a failing president, Brown, the president told ABC News especially this early in his term, but that last January, “People are angry and they is a conclusion being reached by more are frustrated not just because of what’s than conservative talk show hosts. It happened in the last year or two years, is one now increasingly shared by a but what’s happened over the last eight disappointed public. . years.” For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 3


Shinseki stopped hearing on Agent Orange decision VA Secretary Eric Shinseki met with Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, last month to ask that he cancel a hearing on the secretary’s controversial decision to add three diseases to the list of Vietnam veteran illnesses presumed caused by exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in that war. Akaka reluctantly agreed, an informed source told Military Update. The VA thus avoided a brighter public spotlight, so far, on a decision that will help tens of thousands of veterans but also will add $13.6 billion to VA compensation claims in a single year. Akaka and Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), a committee member, are pressing Shinseki outside of the hearing process to explain last October’s decision to add heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and B-cell leukemia to the list of illnesses presumed caused by Agent Orange.

Several weeks after their meeting, Akaka followed up on a March letter to Shinseki with a new one, this one asking the secretary for more details on the consequences of presuming service-connection for ischemic heart disease to any veteran who can show he stepped foot in Vietnam. Katie Roberts, Shinseki’s press secretary, had no comment on whether the private meeting occurred. She did note in an e-mail that “VA’s primary mission is to be an advocate for veterans of all eras” and that “veterans who endure health problems as a result of their service deserve better.” “Throughout the entire Agent Orange review process,” Roberts added, “VA has followed the rules created by Congress. A spokesman for Akaka could not say “what was discussed in a personal meeting.” But the committee had schedule an April 21 hearing on Shinseki’s Agent Orange decision. At VA’s request that was reset to May 5. But the hearing topic changed again

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Page 4 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS


when VA refused to provide witnesses. “Chairman Akaka remains concerned about the decision and still intends to pursue this matter in the committee,” said Jesse Broder Van Dyke. “The hearing could be rescheduled again in the late summer or fall.” Veterans diagnosed with a presumptive Agent Orange disease can file for a service-connected disability rating and monthly compensation. Surviving spouses too can file claims, for dependency and indemnity compensation, if married veterans die of service-connected ailments. VA issued an interim regulation in March for implementing Shinseki’s

Today, almost 10 percent of veterans who served in Vietnam are compensated for Type-2 diabetes, Webb said. Adding ischemic heart disease will be “a new dramatic expansion of disability compensation.” Webb, like Shinseki, is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran. But on this issue he is being attacked bitterly through letters, e-mails and online chat rooms by ailing veterans who expected by now to be drawing VA compensation. It was Webb, in his letter, who revealed that VA twice had declined to testify on Shinseki’s Agent Orange decision. It was another source who said Shinseki met with Akaka to ask that

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki met with Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii), chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, last month to ask that he cancel a hearing on the secretary’s controversial decision to add three diseases to the list of Vietnam veteran illnesses presumed caused by exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in that war. decision, even cutting the 60-day comment period in half. However, because of the large cost involved, Webb in late May attached an amendment to a war supplemental bill to prevent claims under the newly presumptive diseases from being paid until 60 days after a final regulation is published. That final rule likely won’t be published until fall, at the earliest, but when claims can be paid they will be retroactive the date first filed. Webb’s maneuver is to give Congress more time to study the science behind Shinseki’s decision and how the hefty cost -- $42.2 billion over 10 years -could impact other VA services. It’s a particular concern for Akaka. To stop the regulation from taking effect, both the House and Senate would have to pass a blocking resolution. Veterans’ service organizations say that is not likely to happen. Some critics say Congress, in effect, abdicated its responsibility to stay atop these compensation issues when it passed the Agent Orange Act of 1991, giving the secretary authority to make presumptive disease decisions. But Webb complained in a June 4 letter to Shinseki that the law was intended “to establish presumption of service connection for relatively rare conditions.” Instead, “presumptions have expanded to include common diseases of aging.” He noted that the VA secretary added prostate cancer to the list of Agent Orange diseases in 1996 and Type-2 diabetes in 2001.

no such hearing be held. In an April 26 letter, Shinseki advised Akaka that ischemic heart disease, also known as coronary artery disease, could generate 76,000 new claims this year and retroactive payment for 75,000 claims filed earlier. Another 41,600 heart disease claims are expected in 2011, VA calculated, and another 44,000 could be filed from 2012 through 2015. Under the Agent Orange Act, VA hires the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review the latest scientific evidence that associates herbicide exposure to disease. An updated IOM report is issued every two years. Akaka’s letter to Shinseki May 28 indicates it’s the decision on heart disease, the third most common illness among the elderly, that so concerns the committee. The IOM found “inadequate or insufficient evidence” of a link in 2006. In its 2008 update, IOM put heavier emphasis on studies showing a more rigorous tracking of exposure levels. Five of them showed a “strong statistically significant association.” So IOM switched ischemic heart disease from a category of “insufficient evidence” to “limited or suggestive evidence.” Veterans waited months for Shinseki to act on the 2008 report. His decision, when finally made, delighted many Vietnam veterans. Akaka and Webb now want to learn a lot more about what went into that decision.

OP/ED By Cal Thomas I MP

Sinking ‘Climate Change’

Three modern myths have been sold to the American people: the promise of a transparent administration (President Obama); the promise of a more ethical Congress (Speaker Pelosi); and the myth of “global warming,” or climate change. The first two are daily proving suspect and now the third is sinking with greater force than melting icebergs, if they were melting, which many believe they are not. After spending years promoting “global warming,” the media are beginning to turn in the face of growing evidence that they have been wrong. The London Times recently reported: “Britain’s premier scientific institution is being forced to review its statements on climate change after a rebellion by members who question mankind’s contribution to rising temperatures.” It gets worse, or better, depending on your perspective. Newsweek magazine, which more than 30 years ago promoted global cooling and a new ice age -- and more recently has been drinking the global warming Kool-Aid -- headlined a story, “Uncertain Science: Bickering and Defensive, Climate Researchers Have Lost the Public’s Trust.” Newsweek does its best to cling to its increasingly discredited doctrine, but the growing body of contrary evidence only adds to the public’s disbelief. In Canada, the polar bear -- which has been used by global warming promoters to put a cuddly face on the issue -- is in danger of not being endangered any longer. CBC News reported that the polar bear’s designation as a “species of special concern” has been suspended “while the government reviews the polar bear’s status and decides whether to renew the classification or change it.” The New York Times recently lamented “global warmism’s loss of credibility” in a story about hundreds of “environmental activists who met to ponder this question: “if the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed, why have so many people turned away from the idea that human activity is warming the planet?” The “consensus” never was a consensus. Most of us may not have gotten an “A” in science, but we can sense when we are being bamboozled. The German online news magazine “Focus” recently carried a story, “Warm Times Will Soon Be Over!” Commenting on the “new NASA high temperature record,” which may be set, the magazine blames it on El Nino. Meteorologists, like Joe D’Aleo of The Weather Channel, are publicly distancing themselves from the false doctrine of global warming. D’Aleo says, “We’ll have La Nina conditions before the summer is over, and it will intensify further through the fall and winter. Thus we’ll have cooler temperatures for the next couple of years.” Remember the scare ignited in 2007 by supposed melting Arctic ice caps? The Star Canada says a new analysis shows that the apparent change was the result of “shifting winds,” while an expedition last year to the North Pole discovered the ice “100 percent thicker than expected.” Much of this information -- and more -- is available at the useful Website www. It is a given that America needs new sources of energy. Environmentalists have inhibited efforts at exploration by supporting policies that have forced some domestic exploration too far offshore (thus increasing chances of an ecological disaster as is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico). Instead of trying to sell us a dubious doctrine at an estimated cost of $100 billion a year worldwide (so far), environmentalists would have done themselves and the world more good had they chosen a different strategy, such as not sending oil money to countries that want to destroy us. This would have increased our patriotic spirit and had the additional benefit of not only diversifying our energy supply, but also depriving our enemies of money they use to underwrite terrorism. Watch for the hardcore “global warming” cultists to continue clinging to their beliefs; but also watch increasing numbers of scientists and eventually politicians to abandon this once “certain” faith and to look for other ways to control our lives. In that pursuit, the left never quits. Rather than acknowledge their error, they will go on to make new mistakes, knowing they will never be held accountable. For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 5


U.S. Secretary of Navy visits service members at African Lion By Maj. Paul Greenberg, Marine Forces Reserve

AGADIR, Morocco — On his way home from a trip to Afghanistan, the Honorable Ray Mabus, 75th Secretary of the Navy, paid a visit June 5 to troops participating in exercise African Lion 2010 here. For the past seven years, African Lion has been conducted annually between the U.S. and Moroccan militaries to further develop joint and combined capabilities between the two countries, which have been allies for more than 200 years. This year’s African Lion includes about 700 Marines and sailors from Marine Forces Reserve units throughout the United States, as well as teams of active duty Navy SEABEEs and explosive ordnance disposal technicians. Although he is a civilian, as Secretary of the Navy, Mabus is the second most senior person in the Marines’ and sailors’ chain of command, next to the President of the United States. The day started early for Mabus on the morning of June 5. He met with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Col. Anthony Fernandez, the Task Force

African Lion commanding officer, and received an in-brief from the task force staff in the command operations center. He then addressed a formation of Marines, sailors and Tennessee National Guardsmen, thanking them for their hard work over the past several weeks and explaining the strategic importance of their work with the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces. “Things that happen in places like Morocco affect the overall national security of the United States,” said Mabus, who himself served in the U.S. Navy as a surface warfare officer during the Vietnam War. He was also the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996. “You can surge people. You can surge equipment. But you can’t surge trust,” explained Mabus. “And that is what you’ve been doing here; establishing a key (military to military) relationship that will pay dividends in the years to come…. I understand how this deployment can disrupt your lives, especially for reservists. The things we do around the world today, we couldn’t do without the reserves…. Less than one percent of the population of the U.S. wears the uniform. That one percent

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protects the other 99 percent. It’s important that Americans understand who you are, and what our military is capable of.” Marines from Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234, a Marine Forces Reserve unit based in Fort Worth, Texas, flew their KC-130 Hercules aircraft into the Agadir military airfield from their base several hundred miles north in the town of Kenitra to pick up Mabus and his staff. They flew the group down to Tan Tan, a rural desert region in the southwest of Morocco. Marines from the task force conducting operations in the Cap Draa Training Area nearby convoyed Mabus out to see the troops conducting livefire mortar and machine gun training in the desert. Mabus met the Marines from Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, based in Chicago, and Company F, 4th Tank Battalion, headquartered at Camp Lejeune, N.C. They were training alongside their counterparts from the Moroccan Army. The Marines and sailors, most of whom have been living in small pup tents in an austere bivouac site for the past two weeks, were covered in dust and soot from training. “I know it’s hard work,” Mabus told the service members. “I know you are a long way from home. But it’s important work you’re doing. The skill level you have and the dedication and confidence you show is something no other country can match. Thank you for your willingness to serve. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice. Thank you for your service to the people of the United States of America.” Mabus promoted Capt. Todd Schunk, a reserve Marine from Jacksonville, Fla., to the rank of major in a field ceremony about a hundred meters away from where Schunk, the Company F executive officer, had been firing machine guns with his Marines just minutes earlier. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have the SecNav do this in the field with my Marines present,” said Schunk. “It was really a great honor.” Mabus took the time to speak oneon-one with some of the Marines from his native state of Mississippi, where he served as governor from 1988 to 1992. “I think it’s important that he came all the way out here to visit us and explain how it all comes together, how

we fit into the big picture,” said Cpl. Nathan Cooley, a reserve Marine with Headquarters Battalion, 4th Marine Division. “The Marines can see that we’re not just out here getting dirty for nothing. They can see that it’s being recognized back in Washington D.C., and around the country. What we’re doing is not going unseen.” Mabus and his staff then moved on to the logistics support area (LSA), which Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 scraped and leveled on the desert floor in late April and early May to prepare for the main body of reservists who are temporarily living there during the exercise. Although the troops staying in this dusty, barren bivouac site typically have Meals-Ready-to-Eat for lunch, the food service Marines from 4th Marine Logistics Group prepared a special lunch of T-ration “chili mac,” corn and fresh salad for Mabus and his entourage, as well as for more than 400 troops staying on the logistics support area. After lunch, Mabus toured the 4th Marine Logistics Group’s Forward Resuscitative Surgical Suite trauma center. This new medical capability, which was first employed in its current form in 2003, provides trauma and surgical care to both U.S. service members and host country nationals in an expeditionary environment. After doing an on-camera interview with an American Forces Network crew that had flown in from their base in Germany, Mabus and his crew headed back to the Tan Tan airfield, where the KC-130s were waiting to take them back to the task force headquarters in Agadir. “We could not do what we do today without the reserves,” concluded Mabus. “You make so much possible. You’ve got reserve Marines out here who bring all their skills sets and share them with the Moroccan military. You’ve got Navy Reserve corpsmen and doctors who can do surgery in a tent in the middle of Morocco. You’ve got National Guardsmen out here hauling supplies and equipment. Every time we call on the reserve, hands go up. You’ve been living hard out here. It’s hot. It’s dusty. But you are the face of America. You’re showing how good the Armed Forces of America really are.”


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June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 7


A member of the Miramar Marine Lock and Load: Macedonians, Marines hone combat marksmanship skills By Cpl. R. Logan Kyle, Black Sea Rotational Force

BABADAG TRAINING AREA, Romania — “Stand by, targets!” shouted Cpl. Mitchell Staats to a line of U.S. and Macedonian troops holding their rifles with steady hands. A fraction of a second later, just as the Marine finished his words, the targets appeared and the air erupted with the pop of dozens of Kalashnikov rifles. U.S. Marines currently deployed to Eastern Europe conducted a combat marksmanship program training exercise with Macedonian Army soldiers at Babadag Training Area, Romania, June 3. Macedonian Army Lt. Dushko Stookoski, a soldier with Scorpion Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, said the exercise was a good way for the company to enhance its marksmanship skills before deploying to Afghanistan in July. “I learned a lot today,” said Stookoski.

“It was nice to have a lot of time behind the trigger.” Staats, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the range, with scout platoon, Headquarters and Service Co., 1st Tank Bn., out of Twentynine Palms, Calif., said the exercise ran smoothly. “We learned what we did well with the Romanians and what we didn’t do so well,” said Staats, a Columbus, Iowa, native. “So this time, things went a lot better. As we go through these next few weeks of training with other nations, we should have a pretty good grasp on how we run these ranges.” The training marked the halfway point of the Macedonian’s peacekeeping operations training, and also of the deployment for the Marines and Sailors of Black Sea Rotational Force 2010, the Security Cooperation Marine Air-Ground Task Force which is fulfilling Marine Corps Forces Europe’s commitment to a rotating presence of Marines in Eastern Europe to meet U.S. European Command’s theater security objectives.

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Page 8 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

The Marines are working in the Black Sea, Balkan and Caucasus regions to promote regional stability, build

enduring partnerships and build the capabilities of partner nations’ military forces.

Birth of a Motto: In Helmand province, 3/3 H&S Marines prove their versatility, mettle By Sgt. Mark Fayloga, Regimental Combat Team 7

FORWARD OPERATING BASE GERONIMO, Helmand Province, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan — The phrase, “every Marine a rifleman” is so overused it’s gone from motto to cliché, but if Cpl. Eric Ramirez has his way a new battle cry will emerge — every Marine an infantryman. Ramirez is no stranger to the life of a grunt. His boots have seen more than 600 dismounted patrols in Iraq, but for his current deployment, the third in just as many years, the 21-year-old infantryman wanted something different. Instead, Ramirez ended up in the same scene, but with new characters. He still patrols. He still stands post and sets up vehicle checkpoints. He still denies the enemy movement, only now it’s with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, Headquarters Company Guard Force, a group of mostly non-infantrymen who perform infantry duties in the H&S battle space. “The deployments I’ve been on before, H&S has never had its own battle space,” Ramirez said. “When they decided to give H&S its own space they needed infantrymen to step up to the challenge and help lead the guard force.” An H&S battle space isn’t new. The current area of operations 3/3 occupies was inherited from their sister battalion 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, who also had a guard force. The 1/3 guard force didn’t take over its own battle space until near the very end of the deployment. Of the 12 men in Ramirez’s squad, only three, counting him, are infantrymen by trade. The rest hold billets like truck driver, administrative clerk, radio operator … all grunt support. But for Ramirez their military specialty doesn’t matter as much as another title — Marine. “A lot of grunts would put these guys down,” Ramirez said. “They’d say, ‘they’ve never patrolled, they’ve never done this or that, blah, blah, blah …’ Yeah, they’ve never patrolled but we’re still all Marines. You can train a Marine to be an infantryman. If they haven’t had the same training as you of course they won’t be on the same level, but I guarantee by the end of the deployment they will be. It’s just how much time and how much effort do you want to put into these Marines, and I’m teaching them everything I know.” At first Ramirez worried the Marines under his charge wouldn’t be enthusiastic about their new positions. They already had jobs they’d been trained to do. Who would want to be dropped into an unfamiliar role? But the men surprised him with their motivation and eagerness to head outside of the wire, a term used to describe the uncertainty outside of a forward operating base. His squad completed their first patrol without being accompanied by a platoon sergeant or commander May 30 near Forward Operating Base Geronimo, and Ramirez was pleased by how quickly they had absorbed his training. For some in Ramirez’s squad, like with many Marines, there’s always been grunt envy. Pfc. Aramis C. Sandoval went to his local recruiting office in Bronx, N.Y., just a little more than a year ago hoping to enlist as an infantryman. When his recruiter told him he’d have to pick a new military occupational specialty, Sandoval settled on administrative clerk. He hopes to be a lawyer one day and figured a chance to work as a clerk in a base legal office would help him build experience. With less than a year in the Marine Corps, Sandoval, the trained office worker, is a rifleman in Afghanistan — a white-collar warrior.


Pat Tillman foundation announces NFL -Tillman Scholarships Last week the inaugural Pat Tillman Foundation Legacy Summit brought forty Tillman Military scholars to our nation’s capital to meet with their members of congress, attend leadership programs and support their fellow veterans recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Summit represents the beginning of an important effort by the Pat Tillman Foundation to increase public awareness of the hardships endured by military families, and raise funds to further the Tillman Military Scholar program. Key speakers at the

summit’s events included Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Mark Pryor (D-Ark.). While in Washington, The Pat Tillman Foundation announced the 2010 Tillman Military Scholars. This new class of 60 scholars will receive a total of $720,000 in pledged scholarship support to complete their higher educational goals. Over 1,500 applications were received by the Foundation this spring. The 2010 Tillman Military Scholars represent almost every branch of the armed forces and attending 31

universities across 23 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Washington D.C. Also while in Washington the Pat Tillman Foundation and the NFL announced the creation of a special NFL-Tillman Scholarship to honor one individual each year that exemplifies Pat Tillman’s enduring legacy of service. The NFL has been a long-time supporter of the Pat Tillman Foundation and the creation of this new scholarship extends the foundations reach even further. More about the Pat Tillman

Foundation: The Pat Tillman Foundation was established to carry on Tillman’s legacy by providing resources, scholarships and advocacy to veterans and their families committed to becoming the next “greatest generation.” The scholarships are intended to cover direct study-related expenses such as tuition, fees, and books, as well as other needs such as room and board and childcare. The Pat Tillman Foundation allocates scholarships to individual applicants through the Foundation and through select university partners with existing service member support programs and enrollment. For more information, please visit

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June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 9


Support to Navy Spouses topic of latest family gram From Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

Educational and information resources, as well as support information for spouses are the subject of the latest “Family Gram,” NAVADMIN 195/10 released June 2. Navy spouses, often called the Navy’s unsung heroes, endure frequent moves to unknown towns, long deployments and wartime fears. The Navy provides an array of programs and resources to prepare spouses and family members to meet the unique challenges of military life. Spouses who are new to the Navy, far from home or starting a new chapter in their life, may be unsure about what support is available or how to take advantage of it. “Just call your nearest Fleet and Family Support Center,” Kathy Turner, a program analyst at Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC), said. “Even if you’re too far from a base to come in, just call. The staff will be happy to answer your questions. In fact, when you’re sure that there’s no help available, that’s a good time to call us. We’ll get you headed in the right direction.”

The Navy’s goal is for spouses to be resilient, well-informed and adaptable to the Navy environment. CNIC helps spouses reach this goal with its Child and Youth Program, Ombudsman Program and Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs). FFSCs assist military spouses in obtaining employment and maintaining a career. They teach personal financial management, with topics ranging from car and home buying to the financial impact of deployments. They provide guidance on making permanent change of station moves, helping a family learn about their new duty station, the cost of living, availability of housing, even the cultural changes they will encounter. FFSCs also offer clinical counseling and classes on a variety of topics, including anger management, stress management and couples communication. “A spouse may have effectively dealt with anger, sadness or stress when they lived in a familiar town with family and friends they have known their whole life,” Turner said. “But, leaving this personal support system may be

stressful and require adjustment. Fleet and Family Support Centers offer life skills classes and services that show how to adjust and even thrive in these situations.” Short-term clinical counseling helps Sailors and families obtain the tools necessary to cope with the challenges of daily living. The courses and the counseling are free. People are welcome to come in anytime, without an appointment or a referral from the command. For children and youth ages four weeks to 18 years, the Navy’s Child and Youth Programs provide high quality educational and recreational programs. Teams of caring, knowledgeable professionals provide developmentally appropriate programs that respond to the unique needs, abilities, and interests of children. “Military children face more than the usual challenges of growing up, such as moving every few years and establishing new friendships, while worrying about family members who have been deployed,” Chuck Clymer, of the Navy’s Child and Youth Programs, said. “We provide children and families with trusted programs and services that assist in coping with these challenges, making the difference between stress and success.” Child development homes offer quality care in a loving, learning home environment for children ages 4 weeks to 12 years. The flexible hours, 24/7 care, low child-to-adult ratios and convenient locations make this a viable

option for families whose “normal” workday is anything but normal. School-age care programs provide quality before and after-school programs and camps for children ages six to 12 years in 86 centers worldwide. Youth and teen programs offer developmental and recreational programs that provide a safe place to learn and grow. The Navy’s Family Ombudsmen are Navy spouses who volunteer to serve as a vital two-way communication link between the command and Navy families. They offer support and guidance to families in their role as the official liaison between the command and its families. When families respond to the challenges of deployments, natural disasters or family emergencies, ombudsmen are there to provide guidance and to help them regain a sense of normalcy. Ombudsmen help families find the answers to their questions, promoting their resiliency and self reliance. Ombudsmen serve families of Active duty and Reservists, whether they deploy as a unit or as an individual augmentee; whether they live right on a base or hundreds of miles from any base. “They serve with a genuine desire to help,” Kathy Rock, manager of the Navy Family Ombudsman Program, said. “These are extraordinary times for spouses. Whether it is for surge or individual augmentee deployments, or even natural disasters, ombudsmen keep the information moving.”

Brown signs Supreme Court brief to stop an AntiGay hate group from disrupting Military Funerals Saying that “disrupting a private funeral with vicious personal attacks goes too far,” California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. has signed a friend-of-thecourt brief filed today in a Supreme Court case that will test whether families grieving at a funeral have a right to be free of hate-filled attacks from fanatical protesters. Brown is one of 48 state attorneys general who gave their support to Albert Snyder in his lawsuit against Fred W. Phelps, Sr. and the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Near the 2006 Maryland funeral of Snyder’s son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, the vehemently anti-gay Phelps and his parishioners demonstrated and waved signs that said “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and some that employed even more offensive language. Matthew Snyder, 20, was killed in a Humvee accident a month after he arrived in Iraq. “Free speech is a cherished American right,” Brown said, “but disrupting a private funeral with vicious personal attacks on the grieving family goes too far.” Phelps believes that U.S. military deaths represent God’s judgment on the country’s tolerance of homosexuality. He and his church members have staged their hate-filled protests at some 200 military funerals across the country. Albert Snyder filed a civil suit against Phelps for invading his family’s privacy and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on them. A U.S. district court awarded Snyder $10 million, but a federal appeals court overturned that verdict and ordered Snyder to pay Phelps’ legal costs. Forty states have enacted “funeral picketing” or “funeral protest” laws regulating the time, place and conduct of demonstrations near funeral services. The amicus brief, submitted by Kansas Attorney General Steve Six, argues that such laws are necessary to protect the traditional “sanctity and privacy” of funerals and to prevent mourning families of veterans from being “attacked viciously and personally.” The picketing, the brief says, “amounts to emotional terrorism” directed at a “captive audience.” Freedom of speech does not permit hate groups to espouse hate-filled vitriol at a private funeral service for the purpose of intentionally inflicting emotional distress on mourners. “All we wanted,” Albert Snyder told a reporter, “was a private funeral for my son. They turned it into a three-ring circus.” Page 10 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS


Celebrate Flag Day by protecting Old Glory By Clarence E. Hill

One sure way to light up The American Legion’s switchboards is for an overzealous homeowners association to ban the display of Old Glory within its community. While these disturbing incidents seem to be on the rise in recent years, I find it completely ironic that while a ban can exist on flying the flag of our country, no such ban is allowed to exist on desecrating it. “Sorry, Mr. Veteran, you’re not allowed to fly the flag on your private property, but the Constitution says you can urinate on it, spit on it, and burn it all you want,” is what the government seems to be telling us. The American Legion finds this unacceptable. In fact, for 21 years now, dating back to the Supreme Court’s flawed Texas v. Johnson decision, we’ve been pretty fired up about it. In that case, a narrow 5-4 majority ruled that flag desecration was permitted by the First Amendment. Essentially, a margin consisting of one Supreme Court Justice invalidated flag protection laws enacted by 48 states and the federal

government. The high court removed from the people the right to protect their nation’s foremost symbol – a right that the people have enjoyed since the birth of this nation. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist usually voted on opposite sides, but they were both right about flag desecration. “In my considered judgment, sanctioning the public desecration of the flag will tarnish its value – both for those who cherish the ideals for which it waves and for those who desire to don the robes of martyrdom by burning it” Stevens said. “That tarnish is not justified by the trivial burden on free expression occasioned by requiring that an available, alternative mode of expression – including uttering words critical of the flag … be employed.” Rather than “free expression,” Rehnquist compared flag desecration to an “inarticulate grunt,” and wrote, “I cannot agree that the First Amendment invalidates the Act of Congress, and the laws of 48 of the 50 states, which make criminal the burning of the flag.”

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Fortunately, there is something we can do about it. Measures sit in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives that would allow for a narrowly drawn constitutional amendment which would return to the people the right to protect Old Glory. It simply says “The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.” Flag protection amendments have passed the House of Representative six times in the past, only to fall short of the necessary two-thirds supermajority required in the Senate. Flag Day during an election year represents the perfect opportunity to urge your congressional delegation to vote to protect our flag, the embodiment of what Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf called our “national identity.” While the Constitution is supposed to protect us from the tyranny of the majority, a strong case can be made that protecting flag desecration as free speech represents a “tyranny of the minority.” Polls repeatedly show that Americans support this amendment. Fifty state legislatures have called for the amendment’s passage. Overwhelming majorities in Congress have passed it in the past and the amendment fell only one vote short last time in the Senate. When is the last time that 66 percent of the Senate agreed on anything of

substance? Don’t be swayed by phony arguments about desecrating red, white and blue neckties, underwear or beach towels. These are not flags. Would anyone consider putting these items on the caskets of our fallen heroes? Would you run a scarf up a flagpole? The beauty of the flag amendment is its narrowness – it covers the flag, not its likenesses. It also covers “desecration,” not the respectful “burning” of it during its retirement, as opponents would have you believe. The amendment is worth repeating: “The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.” Nothing more, nothing less. By encouraging Congress to support House Joint Resolution 47 and Senate Joint Resolution 15, we can make the statement that our flag is important and that “We the people” matter. You can reach your members of Congress by calling the U.S. Capitol, toll free, at 1-877-762-8762. It’s time to make somebody else’s switchboard light up. Clarence E. Hill is national commander of the 2.5 million-member American Legion, the nation’s largest wartime veterans organization. A high resolution photo of Cmdr. Hill is available at

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Where and What is Neverland? Over the past several years there have been a few different versions of the famous story of “Peter Pan” and his entourage of Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook and others. What has made this such a compelling story for so many years? I remember being a kid and seeing the Disney cartoon version and being spellbound. Then Robin Williams stared in a very relatable version of “Peter Pan” in a film called “Hook.” A few years ago, there was another version of “Peter Pan” with live actors and, then, more recently, the Johnny Depp film entitled, “Finding Neverland.” So again, what is the fascination with this story? Maybe, in a quiet New England churchyard lies the answer, on a headstone with the epitaph that profoundly states... “Here lies a woman twice blessed; She was happy, and she knew it.”      The key to Peter Pan, and all who joined him, was in finding their happy thoughts. It gave them the ability to fly and to never grow old. To never let one’s childhood dreams die. This happiness creates the power of imagination and the ability to accomplish what is needed. In the movie “Hook,” the Clock boys couldn’t recognize Peter until one Se habla español

of the boys pushed his face back into a smile. Maybe we need to continue to remember to push back our faces into smiles and remember our happy thoughts. The woman with the epitaph was twice blessed, indeed. We know that happiness is the real and proper pursuit of mankind. We are here on earth that we might experience joy and happiness. However, for many of us, that pursuit of happiness is often complicated by not recognizing what really our happy thoughts are, and by never allowing that smile to be discovered. Instead, we seem to be in a continual state of waiting for happiness to come at some future time. As we go through life, we can’t wait to be old enough to drive a car, or find our true love, or have children. Each of these, we feel, will bring us to our happy points in life. But, we see even in “Hook,” that Peter goes through his life achieving many of these things, but is also caught up in the worldly rat race. Peter, like many of us, requires a crisis to realize what his happy thoughts truly are. Peter, in that crisis of needing to find his happy thoughts so he can fly and fight Captain Hook, finds himself,



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Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, “Happiness is...a butterfly which when pursued is just beyond your grasp but...if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” like many of us, looking back and remembering when he was happy and wishing he could be there again. Maybe we are a bit like Peter. He, like many of us at times, feel like lost boys…lost souls, who have to fight our demons, such as Hook, and wishing we could always be a kid, who doesn’t have to deal with all the grownup things of the world. Peter finally realizes that he’s had his happy thoughts within him all the time. They are his children. If we could all realize this great truth realizing that we have happiness within us at all times—we could create the joy, energy and strength to overcome our struggles and be happy…since it is not by pursuing the external things we think will bring happiness; happiness has nothing to do with those “times” in our life… true happiness is simply a state of mind. Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote, “Happiness is...a butterfly which when pursued is just beyond your grasp but... if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” This doesn’t mean we sit back and passively wait for happiness to descend upon either. It is important that we seek to know the source and sources of that happiness in our life. The real source comes from our God. We can find many references of how we can be happy in the scriptures. Throughout Proverbs we learn that happy is the man who finds wisdom, has mercy on the poor, keeps the law, and trusts the Lord. One of His greatest teachings is that we can find some of our greatest joys by loving and serving others. That is, again, what Peter found to be true. It wasn’t his high-flying, mega money making lawyer job, but

his kids whom he had been neglecting which brought him true happiness. Peter’s wife, Moyra, makes a profound statement about this often repeated part of life. She says, “We only have a few special years when our children want us around, after that, we will be running around for their attention.” Let us not take life so seriously that we lose the childhood dreams and joys that we have within us. We don’t have to wait till we are looking back to remember our happy times. We can enjoy them in the here and now. I have an old poster with a saying that I have tried to live by, “Dreamers live forever.” And I pray we can try and do as Tink tells Peter to do, “To remember that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming,” that we may create our own “Neverland,” where dreams never grow old. May we seek to remember our happy thoughts and dreams, daily recognizing the joy within ourselves so we may contribute to the happiness of those we share our days with, is my prayer for all this week. As always, it is my hope that this message will help you this week to, “mount up as on eagle’s wings”, and renew a little of your strength to keep moving forward and find joy... (Isaiah 40:31) Until next time, may God bless you and may God continue to bless our great nation… SEMPER FI Chaplain Ringo, is the Command Chaplain at MCRD H&S BN, holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling, and is a Certified Trauma Specialist.


2010 Nissan cube SL

Base Price: $17,130 Price as tested: @0,170 This week, we’re driving Nissan’s popular 2010 cube SL (lower case “c” intended), a box-like design Nissan that draws attention regardless of where you take it. Be it food market, restaurant or even a drag strip – Nissan cube is a main attention getter. One stop at a meat market found us parking directly next to Nissan’s largest vehicle, the Titan 4-door full size pickup. Yes, the Titan owners got a good laugh, but it was all in fun. With styling that is more “washing

machine” than aerodynamic, cube enters its second season of attracting the young set, especially those in the college crowd. However, regardless of age, anyone can have fun driving Nissan’s cube, as it’s built for everyday trips and does so with excellent fuel economy. Available in four distant trims and built stateside in Los Angeles, cube starts with an entry 1.8 ($13,990), then moves upward to a 1.8 S ($15,330) 1.8 SL ($17,130), and tops out with a specialty 1.8 S Krom Edition ($20,120). All cubes come with front-wheel drive and a 122-horsepower, 127-lb.

ft. of torque 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine. Granted, 122-horses isn’t much, but when you combine cube’s light weight to the mix the car gets moving in an acceptable manner. Our tester SL came with the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) automatic instead of a 6-speed manual, the latter available only on the base and “S” models. As for fuel mileage, CVT cubes delivers 27 city and 31 highway, much to our liking as we drove many miles during our test week. Notable is the 6-speed manual’s less EPA fuel mileage figures of 25 city and 30 highway. For 2010, a Bluetooth® Handsfree Phone System, leather-wrapped steering wheel and steering wheel audio controls are now standard for cube S and SL. All expected powers are included, as is air conditioning, 6-speaker stereo CD and cruise control. Other noteworthy standard features include Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition, cargo area on-off light, halogen headlamps and a sliding and reclining rear bench seat with 60/40 capability. Our tester had the $1,600 SL preferred package, adding a 4.3-inch color audio display with USB connectivity, XM Satellite, rearview monitor, upgraded stereo system, and fog lamps. A $200 interior designer package and $490 interior illuminator package brought the final total to $20,170 with the $720 for

destination included. The boxy cube comes with an odd size rear window, vintage “refrigeratorstyle” rear door and a wide range of amenities. The cube’s interior is another high point, as many onlookers were surprised how big the interior really is. With room for five passengers, (four adults will fit nicely), there are six cup holders, five bottle holders, Fine Vision gauges, detachable multi-hooks and cargo space that expands from 11.4cu. ft. to 58.1 with the back seat folded. Tailgate party anyone? As for safety, the 2010 Nissan cube received a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Every cube includes numerous safety features, including six air bags with side curtains, 4-wheel ABS, Traction Control, Vehicle Dynamic Control, Electronic Brakeforce and Brake Assist. The suspension is independent strut up from with torsion beam in the rear with stabilizer bars fore and aft. As for driving impressions, cube SL did OK, but suffers from lots of wind noise and a lack of “feeling” in the steering wheel. Handling is acceptable, but, just as you can’t expect any nosebleeds from acceleration, fast corners are also out of the question as cube is not built for road racing. Overall, Nissan’s cube indeed does have a niche market, and battles competitors Kia Soul and Scion xB for consumer approval. Overall, cube is novel, offers great fuel mileage and delivers the “let’s have fun” personality in a multi-task manner.


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The tools of my trade

“The tools of the trade” is a common phrase, and I’ve been looking around my office at the tools I use in my trade, writing. The pencil was the basic tool when I started writing when I was 6 or 7 years old. I always recall how exciting it was when Miss Kay, my teacher, who I thought was beautiful, sat next to me in my little chair and guided my hand as I learned to write in the second grade. “Learning how to write” means two things, of course, and I mastered one but not the other. If they hadn’t invented the typewriter, I’d have been in some other line of business because, to this day, I cannot write a totally legible paragraph on a sheet of paper with a pen or pencil. Searching for a column idea today, I started looking around my office and on my desk for all the various tools enabling me to earn my living. The typewriter I used for almost 50 years, my old Underwood No. 5, now sits unused in a remote corner across the room. I can’t bear to throw it away. I wrote hundreds of stories on that machine for the Army newspaper, The Stars and Stripes. After the war, I wrote a book on it that Metro Goldwyn Mayer bought for $55,000. I wrote perhaps 50 magazine stories on it that

I sold for a living before I went to work for television’s first superstar, Arthur Godfrey. Godfrey read what I wrote on my Underwood No. 5 for TV and radio. Later, I wrote for Harry Reasoner on the same machine. Someday I might donate it to a museum. It was very good to me, and I never needed to call anyone to help me reprogram it if something went wrong. What I use now is a DELL laptop computer, and it makes me feel disloyal to say but it’s better than a pencil, a pen, or my Underwood No. 5 typewriter ever were. I can’t imagine the invention that could replace it. (Of course, I couldn’t imagine the computer 50 years ago.) I start over a lot when I write. Not having to use an eraser or carbon paper are part of what makes a computer so easy and good to use. Also on my desk is a big, wooden cup. I can’t imagine what it was supposed to be used for because I wouldn’t put anything liquid in it. It holds about 30 pens and pencils, so it’s perfect for me. I have pens and pencils in it that I haven’t used for decades. One pile on my desk is a small heap of pads and notebooks on which I’ve written ideas I’ll never use. There are several calendars, even though I don’t pay much attention to what day or month it is. I know when it’s Wednesday, because that’s the day my column is due. Several of today’s newspapers are on the corner of my desk. Some days, I read all of the papers I get, and some days I don’t read the newspapers at all. If the world came to an end, I wouldn’t know -- so call and tell me. There’s a big notebook with important telephone numbers in it. I see that I phoned the White House at one time, although I don’t remember the call. Everyone should have the telephone number for the White House. (I also have the number of my home, just in case I need to call and tell them that I’m leaving for the day.) My most prized “tool of the trade” is behind me on my bookshelf -- “The New Fowler’s Modern English Usage.” But, I must say that my editor in Chicago should also be recognized as an important tool of my trade.

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Some thoughts on saving...and spending Some people are good at throwing things away, but I save things. Saving things doesn’t make sense because you hardly ever use what you save, but I can’t help myself. I keep everything. There are shirts and ties in my closet that I haven’t worn in 10 years but they’re too good to throw away. I have several suits that I never wear but I think I may wear them again some day. Maybe not tomorrow but someday, I’ll try them and if they fit, I might wear them again. I have clothes I bought in a store that’s been out of business for 12 years, and never worn. I’ve never thrown away a suit yet and I certainly would never discard a necktie. My cellar is big, but full. Our cars stay in the driveway. I should buy a new house with an empty garage, an empty attic and lots of empty closets. There are all sorts of items everywhere too good to throw away that I haven’t used in decades and may never use again, but I’ll never throw them away. In my basement workroom, where I write when I’m home, my file cabinets are full. There’s nothing worth much in them, but there’s no room for anything else, either. I also have at least 8 or 10 wallets people have given me over the years. I don’t use them but I don’t discard them, either. People know I don’t carry a wallet but they give them to me anyway. What I do carry is a small, green leather holder the size of a credit card that holds five cards and nothing else. I keep some cash in my pockets, so it’s there when I need it. In New York City, you don’t need a lot of small change because paying the fare with a $20 bill doesn’t bother a cab driver. I sometimes take buses or the subway long distances, but I take cabs for short rides. I often think of the money I’ve spent on things and I wish I had what I’ve spent over the years on taxicab rides. I’m sure I could buy a cab with it. There are unwritten rules about tipping people for various services, Vehicles As Low As $2995

and nowhere is tipping more universal than in taxis in New York. It would be interesting to hear from a cab driver about who tips and how much, and who doesn’t tip at all. I usually give the driver $1 when the meter reads over $5. Maybe it isn’t enough because the cabbies don’t always thank me. Grocery stores must have to be careful when they price things. I waste a lot of money when I’m in a grocery store. It’s unfair, but I look at the price of everything and compare it with the price of the same thing I saw in another store. I end up saving 34 cents in one store and overpaying somewhere else. There are things that always seem expensive to me. Recently, I found a movie ticket stub in my jacket from 10 years ago. The theater charged $6. We’ve gone to the movies a few times in the last six months and I can’t get over how expensive the tickets are now. You’d think television would have driven down the cost of a movie but this hasn’t happened. I read where some theaters in New York are charging $19.50 to get in to see a 3-D movie. I clearly remember when I was a kid, the Pine Hills Theater cost 15 cents on Saturday afternoon. And that was for a double feature. Downtown, the Palace Theater charged 35 cents admission. So, there are some good reasons for not throwing stuff away. Occasionally it’s good to be reminded how much cheaper prices were years ago.

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SPORTS NEWS By Adrian Wojnarowski I MP

Lakers wither under Kobe’s stare

On his way into the losing locker room, the most angry man in the Garden was heard to bellow a spontaneous stream of curses into the ears of his Los Angeles Lakers. As the door slammed behind them, a witness heard Kobe Bryant(notes) screaming that he needed some-bleeping-one to make a stand with him. The Lakers have been pushed to the edge and Bryant to the brink. Here it was, the most important night of these NBA Finals, a Game 5 with everything even, and it felt like the post-Shaq Lakers with Bryant left to fend for himself. Bryant had gone for 38 points at the Garden, one tough shot after another, a great Celtics defense daring him to make baskets from one more odd angle, one more contested circumstance. The loneliest Laker had to be Bryant, watching one breakdown after another, a procession of Celtics getting baskets and rebounds and loose balls when they most needed them. He needed someone to grab a defensive rebound, stop Paul Pierce(notes) and get between Rajon Rondo(notes) and the rim.

A little more than an hour after the 92-86 loss, the surliness was gone, replaced with pursed lips and a glare gone to Game 6 now. Bryant wore unlaced high-tops for an ankle that had been hurt again as he walked to a waiting bus on the loading dock. “We’ve regressed since Game 1,” Bryant confessed to Yahoo! Sports. “Our defense belongs on milk cartons in the last two games.” All around him, these Lakers were unraveling. Andrew Bynum(notes) struggled on one knee. Lamar Odom(notes) felt sick. Kevin Garnett(notes) destroyed Pau Gasol(notes), and Paul Pierce obliterated Ron Artest(notes). Rondo made dramatic, defining plays. The Lakers let down everywhere. This looked like 2008 again, looked like the manhandling that doomed the Lakers to a humiliating Finals loss in Boston. When the game was truly lost, the Celtics scored on 12 of 13 possessions in the third quarter. All too easy, all impossible for Bryant to answer, even with what was the hottest hand in the

game. He would go for 19 points in the third, and the degree of difficulty had Celtics coach Doc Rivers turning to his two assistants, Tom Thibodeau and Armond Hill, and saying simply, “Those are tough shots. … He’s making tough shots.” This was Rivers’ way of saying: What else can we do with him? Rivers could tell his players wanted to change the defense, wanted to start trapping Bryant, but he resisted. “It’s only two points each time he scores. Not 10,” Rivers said. The shots kept falling and Bryant kept burning for someone on the Lakers to start playing with him. The rest of them – save for Andrew Bynum, who’s playing in excruciating pain – can be so bendable on the road. The teeth of the Celtics’ defense can be beastly, and the rest of the Lakers wanted little to do with it. Here’s what’s delicate now for these Lakers and what they have to fear as the Finals return to Los Angeles for Game 6 and perhaps Game 7. Just how fragile are they as a team? Privately, the Celtics believed a Game 5 victory would have Bryant tearing into his teammates, thrusting them back into shells when they needed to be strong. The Celtics are playing for each other now, and it’s easy to see in so many ways. Just watch how Rondo reacted when Artest knocked Garnett to the floor with a hard foul. He walked up and shoved Artest back, absorbing a technical foul but letting K.G. – and the Lakers – know that he had his back. Everyone wonders how Bryant goes about these next hours until Game 6 at the Staples Center. On the eve of Game 1, Bryant told me how the development of these Lakers, their growth, allowed him to channel his aggression, his time, into his own game. Two years ago, Bryant said, the Lakers weren’t good enough to beat the Celtics. He hated losing to them, but he could live with

it. This one, he’ll take to his grave. This one, he’ll never get over. Through the past two years, through the ’09 title over the Orlando Magic, the Lakers had become largely selfsufficient. Bryant no longer needed to rail so hard. Now, falling down to the Celtics 3-2, you wonder how much has changed, how much Bryant must do in Games 6 and 7 to win his fifth championship. The idea of this moment becoming too enormous for the Lakers troubles him. “Just man up and play,” Bryant sniffed. “What’s the big deal? If I have to say something to them, then we don’t deserve to be champions.” The big deal is unmistakable: The Lakers need to get tougher, stronger and smarter to beat Boston. Yes, they’ve regressed, Bryant confessed. Milk-carton defense, he called it. For that to happen this deep into the Finals, against this team, it was downright disconcerting to the best player on the planet. He was walking toward the bus Sunday night, on his way out of the Garden and back to L.A. for Game 6, trying to come back on a championship series, on a Celtics franchise that has been the bane of these Lakers for 50 years. All that screaming in the locker room, all that angst over a Game 5 that felt like ’08 again, and Bryant stopped walking and stood for a moment. He had to start building back these Lakers, building back the fragility of a defending champion on the brink of elimination. His eyes narrowed now, his lips stiffened, and Kobe Bryant would say late in this chase for a back-to-back championship, “Listen, if you told me at the beginning of the year that we’ve got two games at home to win a championship, yeah, I’ll take that [bleep].” Two games in Staples Center and two final chances for Bryant’s wrath to deliver these Los Angeles Lakers an epic NBA title. All the cursing, all the screaming, was finally done as Bryant walked calmly, quietly to the purring bus. His words still hung inside the Garden, though. Still loomed over these Lakers. Someone has to make a stand with Kobe Bryant. Someone has to fight to save a championship season.

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Lakers / Celtics rivalry is the best in all of sports!

To understand how influential and far reaching the Lakers-Boston Celtics rivalry really is, and why it now stands alone as the greatest rivalry in all of sports, just consider the impact it has had on the current participants. From this group alone, the drama, intrigue and magnitude of the epic L.A.-Boston NBA Finals matchups of yesteryear helped spawn an All-Star, a legend and the greatest European center of all-time. Can any other sports rivalry boast the same sort of influence? “I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been into, or affected by, this rivalry in one way or another,” said Lakers forward Lamar Odom. That is what happens when two teams face each other 12 times in the NBA Finals. The 12 th meeting surpasses the great YankeesDodgers rivalry, the two storied baseball franchises having played each other 11 times in the World Series, the last way back in 1981. “It’s the best rivalry in all of sports, bar none,” Odom said. And no one more than the players themselves have been affected by it. Growing up a mere stone’s throw from the Great Western Forum, where so many Lakers-Celtics dramas played out, Inglewood’s Paul Pierce was inspired to pick up a basketball while

watching his hero, Magic Johnson, take on Larry Bird. “It’s what got me into basketball,” said Pierce, now an All-Star forward for the Celtics. Across the Atlantic Ocean in Italy, where his father played professional basketball, Kobe Bryant watched Lakers-Celtics games on videotape, immersing himself in them as he honed his understanding and passion for the game. “You understood you were watching the two best players in Magic and Bird, and two great teams,” Bryant said. “You were watching greatness.” And in Spain, a young boy named Pau Gasol was first introduced to basketball while watching images of the Lakers playing the Celtics flicker across his television set. “Even as a kid, you knew it was special,” Gasol said.” As a youngster growing up in Queens, N.Y., Odom played the Lakers vs. Celtics Sega Genesis video game in the early 1990 s, and Derek Fisher studied Johnson and Bird as a little kid in Little Rock, Ark. It was Celtics coach Doc Rivers developing an appreciation

for the rivalry, first as a kid, then as an NBA player in the 1980 s. “I watched the Magic hook shot and the Rambis takedown. You do - you remember all that stuff. It was awesome,” Rivers said. “As a kid, you couldn’t wait to watch it, and then as an NBA player, when I was playing and they played, you still loved it. It was great basketball, because there was a lot of passion. Passion in sports is phenomenal.” Fact is, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry has touched every single player and coach from the current teams, not to mention anyone who considers themselves a fan of the NBA or a sports fan in general. It’s a rivalry that offers us a little bit of everything, and has just enough to grab the attention of everyone. The plot lines are everywhere. It’s hardboiled, blue-collar Boston against glitzy, laid-back LosAngeles. It’s Hollywood glamour versus Massachusetts stoicism, it’s East Coast against West Coast. It’s about contrasting lifestyles, personalities and habits. And it’s about




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two teams that epitomize the cities they play in. As Chuck Klosterman wrote in his book, “Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs,” fans actually embody the personas of either the Lakers or the Celtics. Or maybe it’s the other way around, who knows. According to Klosterman, you’re either a Celtics person or a Lakers person, the line in between as clear and distinct as the Lakers’ purple and gold and the Celtics’ green and white. Celtic People get their news from the New York Times’ web page, the print edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Grit magazine, anecdotal conversations with drug dealers, The Bill Simmons podcast, John Stossel, the subtext of Cormac McCarthy novels, and their own dreams. Laker People get their news from episodes of 24, The Huffington Post, billboards, the users guide for GTA4, unicorn-themed Tarot cards, Diablo Cody’s tumblr account, Chinese menus, and Andrew W.K. Can any other sports rivalry say the same?


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SPORTS NEWS I MP Auerbach arrogantly puff on his victory cigars, his Celtics somehow, some way figuring out a way to beat the more talented Lakers. And yes, it’s even about race relations, the trailblazing Celtics the first team to use an all African-American starting five, and later the city-bred Magic leading the glitzy Showtime Lakers against country-bred Bird and the gritty Celtics. It was Bird successfully overcoming the perception he was nothing more than a great white hype, and Magic and the Lakers

Dodgers-Yankees probably comes the closest, having met so many times in the World Series, but that was a rivalry unique to a particular region, as the clubs shared NewYork as their home the majority of the time. Since the Dodgers moved west to Los Angeles, they’ve played the Yankees just four times in the World Series, and it has been 29 years since the past meeting. In college football, USC and Notre Dame is the biggest rivalry, but the two teams rarely play for a championship, their meetings confined to the regular season. In the NFL, the New York Giants and Chicago Bears met for the title, before anyone knew about the AFL and then the Super Bowl. The Cowboys and Steelers have played three times in the Super Bowl, and In hockey the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins have played more than 600 times in the regular season, and met 31 times in the playoffs. The Canadiens and Bruins played in seven Stanley Cup Finals, Montreal winning each time. That ties them with the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, who also played for the Cup seven times, the Leafs winning six. But none of those rivalries have captured our imagination quite like the Lakers and Celtics. The two teams are meeting for the 12 th time in the NBA Finals, and Since 1959, only two decades have passed without them playing each other to determine a title - the 1970 s and 1990 s. They’ve combined to win 32 of the NBA’s 63 overall championships, and between them they’ve won 52 conference titles. Their players, accordingly, are among the best to ever play the game, the sheer volume of their individual greatness breathtaking. No list of the top 10 all-time great NBA players is complete without former or current Lakers or Celtics Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic, Bird, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant or Shaquille O’Neal. The influence of the teams just grows as you start talking about the 20 greatest players of all-time, or the 50 best. Combined, the two teams have sent 30 players to the Hall of Fame - 15 each “It’s just amazing how these two franchises have produced so many great players,” Fisher said. “And when you’re talking about what draws fans in to a great rivalry, the talent of the teams is a huge factor.” But it’s also the drama that unfolds when these two teams meet in the Finals, and the way fans have embraced it over the years. It’s the appreciation for the pain the Lakers experienced conceding championship after championship to the Celtics through the 1960 s, despite often going into the Finals as the favorite. It’s the pleasure - or hatred - in watching Red For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

proving their flashy style of play belied an unequivocal mental toughness, one that carried them to five NBA titles two coming against the Celtics. And it all played out on basketball’s biggest stage, the NBA Finals, while drawing in record-breaking viewership and unprecedented interest among sports fans. “It’s every component you can imagine that goes into making a great, great rivalry,” Odom said. And everyone, it seems, has a stake in it. Ultimately, it’s about great players

and great teams competing for championships, and the fascination in two franchises that have helped define an entire league. When they meet, it is special. And history shows the world usually tunes in - in record numbers to watch. “Celtics-Lakers means more because of the history,” Rivers said. “Even the young guys know the history. You feel like when you’re a Celtic, you want to defend the Celtics, and they feel like when they’re Lakers, they want to defend the Lakers.”

June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 19


Boston Celtics win to move closer to NBA title Celtics edge ahead of Lakers in finals Paul Pierce scored 27 points as Boston Celtics beat Los Angeles Lakers 92-86 to take a 3-2 lead in the NBA finals. The Celtics, who had trailed 2-1, will take the title if they win game six in Los Angeles on Tuesday, with a possible

to the seventh match, and am hoping the Lakers win it “For them they still have two home games, and they understand that. You don’t want to go into LA down 3-2 with two games in. So this was the biggest game of the year. Every game gets bigger.”

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said: “This was huge for us. Let’s just be honest. We had to win this game, and that’s the way we felt going into it. game seven decider on Thursday. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant scored 38 points but received little support. Boston led 73-65 going into the final period and although the Lakers closed the gap, the home side are now within one win of a record 18th championship. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said: “This was huge for us. Let’s just be honest. We had to win this game, and that’s the way we felt going into it. I think that it will go down to the wire,

Pierce, the Celtics captain, was their star player but there were sparkling cameos from Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, who both scored 18 points. A disappointed Bryant said: “We have a challenge, obviously, down 3-2. We let a couple of opportunities slip away. “But it is what it is. Now you’ve got two games at home that you need to win, and you pull your boots up and get to work.”

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Much ado about n-ring If this basketball thing doesn’t work out for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, they could probably form the world’s tallest duo of magicians. How else do two humans make the NBA’s conference finals disappear into thin air? In case you’ve been too focused on basketball news that actually happens on the court, James and Wade are finally just weeks away from their much hyped free agencies. And with both stars now home for the remainder of the postseason, the media has completely opened the Where-To floodgates. Because after all, who cares about the most important games of this season when we can talk about what might affect next year? In all seriousness, yes, the free agent class of 2010’s final destinations are hugely relevant. The futures of at least a third of the league’s franchises will swing violently based on which pieces of paper a few humans autograph. But the current coverage is madness. The conference finals are rife with great parallel storylines. In the Western Conference, Steve Nash and the Suns, left for dead at the trading deadline, have exorcised demons of their playoffs past. In their path, Kobe Bryant continues to build his post-Shaq legacy. In the Eastern Conference, theCeltics are the ones risen from the dead, as most wrote off Boston as a casualty of time’s devastating erosion of talent. And like the Lakers, the Magic return to this stage with legacy and rings on their minds. Yes, we’ve seen these four teams before, but that’s no excuse to take them for granted. Not when the Seven Seconds or Less Era has one last shot at vindication. Not when Kobe and Phil Jackson might be making their last title push together. Not when The Big Three raise their games one last time in their brief but historic Boston run. And not when Vince Carter finds himself in position to erase so many of those doubts. All four of these teams and what their title hopes represent should rivet us as sports fans. But by the level of LeBron/Wade-mania, you wouldn’t know it. Somewhere we lost track of what is important in sports. Consider the popularity of the NFL draft and college recruiting. For all of the attention those feeder processes get, you would think first round draft picks and blue chip recruits are guaranteed success. But many ignore the ugly truth, that for all of our “who’s next?” hysteria, we often miss out on the stories at hand. Remember A-Rod’s 2007 resigning during Game 4 of the World Series? Critics skewered Rodriguez for stealing the Fall Classic’s thunder, but why? Sure, Rodriguez could have announced it at another time, but he didn’t force anyone to care more about next year’s games than a championship at hand. He simply took advantage of a situation where we as sports fans simply couldn’t help ourselves. In the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, we wanted to know what was for dessert next Turkey Day. What’s especially striking about LeBron and Wade is that neither has had much to do with the NBA title over the last few seasons. For all the hype and all of the Summer of 2010 obsession, you would think we were talking about guaranteed entries to the NBA Finals. So don’t worry, LeBron and Wade will still be there come July 1st to obsess and speculate over. But if this season is any sign, they might not have anything to do with next year’s NBA title, either Courtesy of For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

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SPORTS NEWS By Brad Oremland I MP

Are perfect games being de-valued? Something weird is happening. From 1900-2008, there were 15 perfect games in Major League Baseball, about one every seven or eight years. In the last 320 days, there have been four. Before this season, there had never, throughout baseball’s modern era, been more than one perfect game thrown in a single year. We just had three in one month. The perfect game — defined as a game which ends with one team allowing no baserunners — was an especially rare feat in the early 20th century, with only one official perfect game from 1909-1955. Since then, they’ve become slightly more common, with fans seeing one about every five years, on average. This remains an incredibly rare event, the sort of thing destined to pass into history. When Mark Buehrle blanked the defending World Series champions on July 23 of last year, it was the first time in more than five years that a pitcher had thrown a perfect game, and Buehrle’s accomplishment was the top story on every sports page in the country. So monumental was this deed that substantial coverage was also given to backup outfielder Dewayne Wise, a ninth-inning defensive replacement who helped secure the victory. On May 9th of this season, A’s left-hander Dallas Braden completed a perfect game, the first time in the modern era that two perfect games had been completed within a year of each other. Shockingly, Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay threw his own perfect game less than three weeks later, the first time two pitchers had reached perfection in the same season. Exactly four days after Halladay’s accomplishment, the Detroit Tigers’ Armando Galarraga hurled a perfect game. Galaragga’s accomplishment is unofficial due to an umpiring error acknowledged by all

parties, but he did the same thing to opposing batters that Buehrle, Braden, and Halladay did. This article is not about Galarraga’s stolen perfect game. A great deal has already been written on that subject, and I don’t have anything to add. What interests me is that the perfect game — which used to be literally a once-in-a-lifetime event — has been almost commonplace over the last year. Buehrle’s perfect game was something to celebrate. We were due for a dose of 27 up, 27 down. Braden’s game less than a year later was a fluke, Halladay’s a coincidence. Galaragga’s makes this a trend. Prior to 2010, we’d never had two perfect games in less than a year, and now we’ve had not just two, but four? Something is happening. I’ll be up front about this: I don’t know what. In fact, I have no idea. Some have suggested that diminished offense and dominant pitching performances signal the end of MLB’s steroid era. I don’t buy that as an explanation, or at least not entirely. Offense has diminished in recent years, and the home run explosion of the late ‘90s and early 2000s appears to be over. From 1997-2002, the heart of the steroid era, we saw 12 seasons of at least 50 home runs. In the 7½ years since, only three, with none in the last two seasons. But that doesn’t explain Buehrle, Braden, Halladay, and Galarraga. If this was just about the end of the steroid era, perfect games would return to a normal pace: approximately one every five years. This is a swing in the other direction, domination by defense. Besides, it’s ludicrous to imagine that batters were the only ones juicing up. With so many players — even middle infielders — swinging for the fences these days, it makes sense for averages to be down, but in the post-Moneyball era, walks are up.

Armando Galarraga

The perfect game — defined as a game which ends with one team allowing no baserunners — was an especially rare feat in the early 20th century, with only one official perfect game from 1909-1955. Since then, they’ve become slightly more common, with fans seeing one about every five years, on average So, I don’t know why we’ve seen so many dominating pitching performances in the last year. I’m confident, though, that it’s not a coincidence. Does the perfect game mean as much as it once did? Twenty years from now, will Braden and Halladay’s accomplishments be viewed with the same reverence as those of Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson? Something else strange, which may or may not be related, is that another extremely rare baseball feat has become more common recently, this one on the offensive side. Last season, a single-season record eight players hit for the cycle, tying the mark set in 1933, when stadiums with huge outfields accommodated more doubles and triples. Think of the rarest feats in

baseball: perfect games, natural cycles, unassisted triple plays ... they’ve all been weirdly common recently. From 1968-92, we went more than 24 years without an unassisted triple play. As of 2009, there’s been one for three seasons in a row. Prior to that, there had never been two seasons in a row to feature unassisted triple plays. That’s an awful lot of “first time” and “only time,” in every phase of the game: pitching, batting, and fielding. Are great accomplishments being cheapened? Are today’s fans simply being spoiled by an incredible streak of rare performances? I don’t know what, but something weird is happening. Enjoy it while you can, baseball fans. Courtesy of

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Leaving is the easy thing to do Heading into this year’s playoffs, the conventional wisdom was that if the Cavs won a title, or at least made it to the Finals, LeBron James would likely re-sign to continue his quest for a championship. But if the Cavs suffered another pre-Finals flame out like last year’s Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Magic, he would sign elsewhere. Well, we all know what happened. An aging but experienced (and cohesive) Celtics team basically dismantled the Cavs in the last three games of the series. Every Celtic knew his role and team flat out executed better, both offensively and defensively. Where does this leave LeBron? He said after the game that his team had “a plan” and was going to execute that plan. Forget the fact that a few questions before he was asked if he had a plan and answered with a resounding, “No.” Of course he has a plan. He’s being disingenuous when he says that he hasn’t thought about the different scenarios that could play out this postseason and offseason. He’s clearly not happy with Mike Brown. And he can’t be happy with Antawn Jamison, Shaquille O’Neal or even Mo Williams, who scored well in Game 6, but was very up and down in

the series. Shaq won’t be back, and Brown is probably on his way out too. He had a tough task of trying to keep team cohesion with the mid-season introduction of Jamison and the lateseason loss of O’Neal. But the bottom line is that over the past two seasons he’s had more talent than his opposition and hasn’t gotten it done. If Dan Gilbert thinks that firing Brown increases the possibility that LeBron will re-up, then he’ll do it in a New York minute. Lately, we’ve been hearing the rumors that John Calipari is at the top of LeBron’s list, which is funny because he’s a far better recruiter than he is a coach, and recruiting isn’t going to help him at the NBA level. Over the past three seasons — two at Memphis and one at Kentucky — he has taken teams with superior talent and failed to win big games. He is a silver-tongued maestro at getting great prospects to play for him, but they’re usually gone after a year or two and end their collegiate careers with a loss. What about this spells NBA championship? Cal doesn’t even need to come to Cleveland to coach the King. There’s also the rumor that the Bulls would hire him if they thought it gave them an inside track at signing LeBron. So even before the race for LeBron begins, there may be a mad scramble to pry Calipari out of Kentucky, where he’s spent just one-plus season with a revolving door

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of a roster. There’s no doubt about it — LeBron loves this attention. His ego is justifiably immense, and as Adrian Wojnarowski wrote, LeBron and his entourage are going to milk this courtship for all it’s worth. Now that the Cavs’ early exit is complete, everyone expects the King to leave town… …and that’s the easy thing to do. If LeBron wants to play on a bigger stage, like New York or Chicago, or even Los Angeles, this is chance to do so. Nearly everyone would understand if he bailed on the Cavs given the way that the team played against the Celtics. Sure, LeBron is partially to blame — his Game 5 performance was pathetic and his nine turnovers in Game 6 largely offset his triple-double — but no one in his camp is going to point the finger at the King. In his world, he is never to blame. He has said that he has “spoiled” us with his usually wonderful play, so when he has a bad game or two, everyone acts like the sky is falling. But the sky is falling, at least in Cleveland. To paraphrase Bill Simmons, if LeBron bolts, basketball is dead in The Forest City. It will deal another blow to an area of the country that is still reeling from the latest recession. Does this matter to LeBron? Does he feel responsible to the city of Cleveland? Only he knows. But make no mistake about it — the

easy thing to do is jump ship. It wouldn’t be difficult to leave the incohesive, overpaid roster behind and start anew somewhere else. To stay is to keep fighting, to finish what he started, to embrace the adversity and frustration of the last few seasons and use it as motivation to finally bring the city of Cleveland a championship. No matter how comfortable LeBron is in northeast Ohio, sticking with the Cavs is the tough thing to do.

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England 1-1 USA World Cup 2010: England to monitor Ledley King injury England’s Ledley King will be monitored on a daily basis after it was confirmed he suffered a “groin strain” against the United States on Saturday. The defender did not take part in training on Monday and England boss Fabio Capello said King would miss Friday’s Group C game against Algeria. A minor tear could take three weeks to heal but the Football Association said it was a “groin muscle strain”. Wayne Rooney did not take part in the session because of an ankle knock. The Manchester United striker and left-back Ashley Cole appeared for training with the rest of the squad but after an initial address by Capello, they and King headed back indoors to work in the swimming pool. Rooney’s injury is not thought to be serious, while Cole has been missing full training after a game to help his recovery from a broken ankle he suffered in February. The rest of the group, meanwhile, began training on the pitch, with midfielder Gareth Barry - who sat out England’s opener against the US because of an ankle problem - among them.

While it has not been confirmed whether he could play again in South Africa, the minimum recovery period for a minor tear would be three weeks, meaning King would be unable to play until the quarter-finals, which begin on 2 July.

Gerrard ‘shocked’ by USA goal England can also call upon Matthew Upson or Michael Dawson to partner former captain John Terry in the heart of their defence. However, the news about King has further exposed the limitations at centreback after Rio Ferdinand was ruled out of the World Cup when injuring his knee only a few days before the tournament started. England cannot now call upon another player to join their squad because any replacements could only be made up to 24 hours before a nation’s first game. King has had long-standing problems with his knee, limiting his ability to train as often as other members of the squad and play back-to-back matches. But those fears were allayed after the Londoner came through three games in a week for Spurs towards the conclusion of the 2009/2010 Premier League season.

Germany 4-0 Australia Australia midfielder Tim Cahill broke down in tears after describing his harsh dismissal against Germany as “one of the saddest moments of my career”. The Socceroos were 2-0 down when Cahill was shown a straight red card for tackling Bastian Schweinsteiger, with the Germans going on to win 4-0. And the dismissal proved too much for Cahill when Schweinsteiger told him he should not have been sent off. “Dreams can be made and crushed in the space of hours,” said the Everton star. “To hear Schweinsteiger say that, it’s very nice of him to say it wasn’t a red card. “It’s one of the lowest points of my career but this is the beauty of football. One day you are a hero, the next day you are at the bottom.” Cahill sees red against Germany “My leg stayed bent all the way. Never once did I try to straighten it. What do you want me to say?” stated Cahill, 30. “A lot of credit goes to the German team and for us, it makes it worse. I feel that maybe that decision changed the

game, even though we were 2-0 down, I felt the momentum was with us.” Australia coach Pim Verbeek conceded his side had been outplayed, although he refused to criticise the referee for Cahill’s red card. Germany took the lead through Lukas Podolski and were 2-0 up by half-time when Miroslav Klose’s header earned him his 11th World Cup goal. “We were outplayed,” added Verbeek. “The way we handled the game was definitely not good. We were disorganised. “We didn’t play the way we need to in order to challenge. Germany are one of the candidates to win the World Cup.” Further goals by Thomas Mueller and Cacau sealed an impressive display by the young German team and Verbeek conceded Cahill’s mishap made it impossible to launch a comeback. “They showed they have a better team, they are much stronger than in the past,” commented Verbeek. “In the second half, I thought we did much better but when you have a player sent off then it becomes very difficult.” The Dutchman added: “I don’t talk about referees. “I didn’t see the replay but I have seen a lot of yellow cards today and I didn’t think it was a harsh game.”

Attention All Military! Karz Plus offers you the very best deal . . . guaranteed! No matter what your credit situation. If there’s a sports team in San Diego, you can bet they have a player or players affiliated with our local Military. Just ask GS12 Kelly Rubio-Loftis who is assigned to the USS Carl Vinson. She plays on the offensive line for the So Cal Scorpions of the Women’s Independent Football League. Friday, June 11th, her team loaded up their things for the long bus ride to Sacramento to play in the WIFL West Division title game against the Sacramento Sirens. Another lady, Vanessa Levoit’s husband is in the Naval Reserve. From dads to sisters, they all have family who have served. Saturday, the Scorpions will be making their sixth playoff appearance in seven seasons. Go Scorpions photo by James Wyatt

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Want to know you can land a job after graduation? Try massage therapy

Finding a job she loves didn’t take recent massage therapy graduate Megan Mackie nearly as long as she thought it would. Mackie, 27, used her school’s job portal website to speed and streamline her search. “When I received my license in the mail a whole slew of possible jobs came up and I went on enough interviews to discover exactly the kind of massage therapy position I wanted,” says Mackie, who graduated from Cortiva Institute. Shortly after, she landed her first job in the massage therapy field.

For the Cortiva Institute’s busy job portal, more than 6,000 clicks per month are not unusual. And for students like Mackie, who visit the job portal hoping to find positions as professional massage therapists, the results are very encouraging. Students earning a diploma in professional massage therapy have excellent chances of landing a rewarding job in their chosen field upon graduating. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2009-2010 Occupational Outlook Handbook states that employment for massage therapists is expected to increase 20 percent through 2016, faster than average for all occupations. “There are currently more than 500 active job postings covering employers within our markets - Chicago, Seattle, Tampa, Boston - to name a few,” says Brian Jeran, director of career services and continuing education for Cortiva. Jeran oversees the school’s job portal. Since postings expire after 90 to 150 days, Cortiva has been averaging more than 100 postings per month.” Through Cortiva’s online job portal and frequent campus job fairs, massage therapy school grads can find employment in established private massage therapy and acupuncture, health care, chiropractic and/or wellness centers. Within the medical


Programs Offered Include: • Dental Lab. Technician ( 4 w e e k s l o n g , Tu e s - T h u r s 9 - 4 ) • Dental Assisting Training ( 4 w e e k e n d s l o n g , S a t & S u n 8 - 5 ) • Dental CEU's Courses Availible

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community, there are continuous part-time and full-time employment opportunities within private chiropractic and/or acupuncture centers. Alongside the clinical applications for massage therapists, there are jobs in day spas, fitness centers, destination resorts/spas and even cruise ships. And much of that success can be attributed to the quality and range of employers that use the site to recruit employees. “I absolutely seek out Cortiva grads for their qualifications,” says Shannon Klemp, co-owner of a Massage Envy franchise in Hoffman Estates, Ill. “They are very prepared when they graduate, they are ready to go and their professionalism is second to none.” In addition to using Cortiva’s busy job portal, Klemp also makes use of the school’s ongoing job fair, held in various locations near Cortiva campuses. But for Klemp, Cortiva’s job portal is “my No. 1 recruiting tool next to our internal careers website.” For Cortiva graduate Anne McGrath, 56, of Winchester, Mass., in addition to the job portal and relationships with employers, it’s Cortiva’s willingness to go the extra mile that makes the difference. “A particular massage therapy studio I contacted did not have a job opening, but they were willing to refer me to other studios in the greater

Boston area who might be hiring without even meeting me. I can only surmise that this willingness to help a grad out was based solely on the fact that I graduated from Cortiva,” says McGrath. Cortiva’s efforts on behalf of its students and graduates have become even more important as the country slowly recovers from the recession and concerns about job security continue to linger. Many of those seeking jobs and job security will likely find both in the health care industry. Some health care fields, like massage therapy, offer greater flexibility and variety in career opportunities. A massage therapist can achieve certification in approximately one year and work in a wide range of settings, from a chiropractor’s office to an upscale hotel or day spa. Mackie is now working at Balanced Body Integrated Wellness in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, close to where she makes her home. “I really like this job because it is geared toward the clinical side of massage and the treatments I give help people recover from injuries and live a better quality of life,” she adds. For more information on Cortiva Institute’s School of Massage Therapy, call or visit


Emerging careers in science and health care Growth in technology is contributing to career options at an increasing rate. Many industries, from information technology to environmental science to health care, benefit from new and enriching career opportunities afforded by rapid advancements. Ten of the 20 fastest-growing careers are health care-related, with 26 percent of all new jobs created falling into this category, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s “Career Guide to Industries, 2010-11 Edition.” New career possibilities are opening for individuals with vocational training, college diplomas and advanced degrees. Growing demand for health care professionals “In terms of health care, the speed of change is anywhere from two days to six weeks. Knowledge is doubling faster than in the 1990s when IT was producing software on average every few days,” says Micki Holliday, director of career services at Brown Mackie College - Kansas City, located in Lenexa, Kan. “In addition to knowledge expansion, research indicates that the

aging population is pushing science and health care to the forefront in needs. New people, new habits and skills and new orientation to the world are bringing in new opportunities.” The unique baby boomer population represents a large demographic that, despite growing older, is staying active longer. “It isn’t just young people jogging and exercising today. It permeates all generations. Technological advances in medicine are helping people stay active longer. We’re building bodies better,” she says, referring to the ability to replace hips, knees, and organs with more advanced technology. “The demand for a higher quality of life through technology drives innovation. Most things involving health care are considered a boom industry.” While scientists and doctors are in demand, it is critical that health care facilities hire correctly trained support staff so that others can do what they do best. Doctors need others to

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provide care. Entry-level employment opportunities arise at hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and home health care companies, says Holliday. “Industry can’t move forward without trained professionals. They want to hire workers with education, knowledge and certifications.” Health care positions in growing demand include all types of medical and lab technicians, as well as insurance, financial and administrative professionals. Advancements in science spawn new opportunities Growth in the science and engineering sectors feed the health care boom. The biotech industry is huge and growing in every area, from operations and manufacturing to clinical research and quality control. This opens the door for a myriad of trained professionals to find employment. To learn more about health care career opportunities, visit “What type of people are needed to support biotech companies? Everyone from lab technicians and research associates to cabinet-makers who build lab-safety storage,” Holliday says. “One scientist I know of was about to culminate a two-year research project when a lab tech walked by with a test tube in hand and scratched his head. That single act negated the whole

project. It is of the utmost importance for companies to hire people who are trained and certified in lab protocol.” Biotech companies also need trained, entry-level people to fill positions in administration, billing and research. “You can contribute to this growing industry without becoming an engineer,” Holliday says. “The title isn’t new, but the work is new due to advances in technology.” In all disciplines, health care and science industry employers need workers who are educated and are skilled in protocol. Schools provide the foundation for working in a specific environment. Companies and device manufacturers then provide additional training on the job. “That’s another career opportunity,” adds Holliday. “There is a growing need for trainers, too.” Holliday’s father was a research assistant in the late 1940s. “Can you imagine what he’d think of today’s equipment? Tests taking minutes instead of weeks. Noninvasive surgery that enables patients to go home a few hours later,” she says. “Our students are contributing to these miracles of time and science by providing businesses with the manpower needed to run the experiments, provide the treatments and create the tools and remedies.”

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Textbook wars By Cal Thomas

Public interest in wars and “mancaused disasters” (formerly known as the war on terror) isn’t what it used to be, except when men try to cause disasters, as in the recent attempted bombing of Times Square. But one war that always attracts public attention is the war over textbook content. Shaping how the next generation thinks is as much about politics and the way one views the world as it is about education. The Texas State Board of Education last week adopted new social study and history curricula. After weeks of comments from the public and heated rhetoric between Republicans and Democrats on the Republicancontrolled board, board members voted

along party lines on what to teach 4.8 million Texas public school students about history, social studies and math over the next 10 years. The vote is important because Texas is the secondlargest textbook buyer in the country and influences textbook content for much of the rest of the nation. The only unanimous vote by the board came over math textbooks. You can’t get a political argument going over the sum of one plus one. This war has been going on since 1961 when a Texas couple, Norma and Mel Gabler, launched their textbook crusade. According to the Washington Post the Gablers, “guarded the schoolhouse door against factual errors and what they perceived as leftwing bias. Usually one and the same in their view, the transgressions they

spotted were often enough to knock the offending book from the running for statewide adoption.” The firestorm they helped ignite has been burning ever since and flares up each time textbooks are to be revised. At the heart of it all is a dispute over what kind of nation America was and is. Some conservatives claim it was -- and is -- a “Christian nation.” But what does that mean? What would a Christian nation look like? Would individuals love their enemies, instead of denouncing them? Would people live within their means? Would individuals, rather than government, be doing more to feed the hungry, visit prisoners and care for widows and orphans? Would there be fewer abortions, less sex outside of marriage, not as many divorces and less cohabitation? Would more of us hunger

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after truth instead of watered-down syncretism? Would there be harmony among the races in a Christian nation? None of these describe modern America and so defenders of the “Christian nation” belief cling to references by the Founders to “Divine Providence” and similar euphemisms for the Almighty and want them in textbooks. To prove what? The left started this war by attacking what was for years taken for granted about America, most especially that we are an exceptional country. The proof is the number of people who want to come here and the selflessness displayed by our citizens in the treasure we’ve spent and the blood we’ve spilled on behalf of others. Too many on the left seem embarrassed by America’s prosperity and standing in the world. The right seems just as committed to tearing the country down, literally and figuratively. When liberals rewrite textbooks, inserting their own spin on history, they are said to be engaging in academic freedom. When conservatives attempt to do the same, they are called censors, bigots, anti-scientific and worse. Surely conservatives can acknowledge that slavery and the civil rights movement are important subjects to study. And just as surely, liberals ought to acknowledge the contributions made to America by people who were motivated by their faith in God; that Ronald Reagan was a force in bringing down Soviet communism; and that the sovereign state of Israel is a democracy and beacon of freedom in a tough neighborhood. These were among the subjects over which Texas State Board of Education members and the public argued. California, the largest purchaser of textbooks in the country, is in financial trouble and so has put off purchasing new textbooks until 2014, meaning that as Texas goes, so goes most of the nation. It’s too bad that people of different political stripes can’t agree on a common approach to history and the ever-changing social scene. And because they can’t, the textbook wars are likely to continue. (Direct all MAIL for Cal Thomas to: Tribune Media Services, 2225 Kenmore Ave., Suite 114, Buffalo, N.Y. 14207. Readers may also e-mail Cal Thomas at 2010 TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES, INC.

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Military Press Café a place of community

Ferrellgas introduces camouflage bobtail to support military families Generally, the purpose of camouflage is to help the wearer to better blend in with their surroundings. Employees at Ferrellgas Partners, L.P. have taken that definition and turned it upside down. The company, which is one of the nation’s largest propane distributors, rolled out its new camouflage bobtail truck in San Diego last week in recognition of the men and women serving in the military. The specially designed bobtail has been painted in camouflage colors as part of an innovative fund-raising campaign launched by Ferrellgas to raise funds for the Navy Wives’ Food Locker — a charity that provides food pantrylike services to the families of deployed service men and women. In addition to a $2,500 contribution Ferrellgas made to the Navy Wives’ Food Locker, the company also will donate 1 cent for every gallon of propane pumped through the camouflage bobtail each year. Ferrellgas, which employs more than 500 veterans nationwide, including Chairman Jim Ferrell, created the camouflage bobtail to honor the memory of Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy Bowles, who was killed in action March 15, 2009 in Kot, Afghanistan. Bowles’

Ferrellgas charity trucks, visit http:// Charity-Trucks.

father, Louis Bowles, is a Ferrellgas driver in Pecos, N.M. “We make no secret about our support for our men and women in uniform and we’re proud to have so many of them now wearing the Ferrellgas uniform,” said Steve Wambold, Ferrellgas President and Chief Executive Officer. “We can never repay them for their service to us all, but we’re going to keep finding new ways to try.” The camouflage bobtail was dedicated to Staff Sergeant Bowles during a special celebration Thursday, May 27 hosted by the San Diego Ferrellgas Service Center. Ferrellgas leaders and representatives from the Navy Wives’ Food Locker were on-hand to unveil the new truck to the Bowles family for the very first time. The camouflage bobtail is the newest of several charity trucks launched by Ferrellgas throughout the country to help support various causes, including medical research, United Service Organizations (USO) and green initiatives. To learn more about

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San Diego based production company, Unconventional Films, to Debut Indie Mexican Boxing Film in 11 Cities Nationwide

Unconventional Films, a full service production company specializing in genre movies, television and new media films, announced today its indie boxing film, Chamaco, will debut in AMC theaters throughout 11 cities nationwide in July. Directed by celebrated Mexican filmmaker, Miguel Necoechea, Chamaco (“The Kid”) was filmed exclusively in Mexico City and tells the story of “a father and son who overcome their differences to rescue a young Mexican teen, with big dreams of boxing, off the hard streets of Mexico City.” Unconventional Films’ motion picture will be part of Maya’s Blockbustersponsored Indie Film Series and will be shown in 11 cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Miami. “With the debut of ‘Chamaco’, Unconventional Films establishes itself as a real player in the independent film business,” announced Vernon Mortensen, Senior Partner of Unconventional Films. The indie film, set to debut in July, is one of only three United States independent productions that have qualified for Mexican film fund money. The cast of Chamaco includes Martin Sheen, Kirk Harris, Alex Perea, Danny Perea, Michael Madsen, Gustavo Sanchez Parra, Sofia Espinosa and Raul Mendez. For more information on Unconventional Films, visit www.

AMERICAN AIRLINES THANKS U.S. TROOPS THROUGH SPECIAL TV COMMERCIALS A simple thank-you can go a long way. American Airlines has taken that sentiment a step further, introducing two new television commercials as a public expression of gratitude and a tribute to those in uniform, veterans and their families.

The new TV spots, called, “Thank You” and “Putting Them First,” aim to emotionally connect viewers with active military service members during their travels. The commercials will air beginning Memorial Day weekend. “Support for U.S. troops and veterans runs deep at American Airlines,” said Roger Frizzell, American’s Vice President – Corporate Communications and Advertising. “Since World War II, when our first CEO, C.R. Smith, joined the Army Air Forces to oversee the wartime efforts of the nation’s commercial airlines, American’s commitment has never wavered. These TV spots are a way for all of us within the American Airlines family to say thank you – for your commitment, your dedication, your sacrifice and your service to the United States.” Created by TM Advertising, American’s long-time advertising agency of record, the new 30-second commercials were filmed on location at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, one of American’s hubs. “As always, our best work for American Airlines grows from their own operation. These TV spots allowed us to elegantly tell the stories of what happens countless times every day on their aircraft,” said Bill Oakley, Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer for TM Advertising. “They are a testament to American’s long-standing support and commitment to all the men and women in uniform.” “Thank You” tells the story of a traveling solider – unfailingly polite and respectful, as is typical of military in uniform. As he begins his journey with American Airlines, he thanks everyone he meets, including the American employees who help him with selfservice check-in, at the Admirals Club®, and at the gate. As he boards the plane, a passenger offers him his window seat, and the soldier quietly replies, “I’m fine. But thank you, sir.” As the young solider exits the aircraft upon arrival, he begins to say thank you to the pilot, who stops him and says, “No … thank you,” – in an expression of thanks to every man and women in uniform for their service to the United States. “Putting Them First” follows a young Marine, seated in a busy gate area prior to boarding a flight. As she is reviewing her documents, an American Airlines gate agent approaches the Marine to tell her the airline is pre-boarding military passengers. As the Marine makes her way to the gate, fellow passengers step aside, smiling and acknowledging her. She makes eye contact with an elderly veteran who rises, saluting her in perfect military form. She pauses, holds his gaze for a moment, then nods. As she boards the aircraft, viewers hear, “To those who put our country first, we’re honored to do the same for you.” The commercials close with an invitation to join American in its support of military/veterans as well as other key causes. This month, American launched its new “Join Us” website – – which houses information about several of American’s important causes, including military/ veterans, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, children’s charities and other community efforts. Visitors to the Join Us website can learn more about American’s community relations programs and opportunities to support causes that are important to them.


Foolish Risks of Youth, and Parents Who Can’t Say ‘Wait’ Most parents worry if their teenagers are an hour late. Just imagine if they were lost at sea. For several tense hours Thursday, that was the case for a 16-year-old Californian named Abby Sunderland. Communication had been lost. Two distress beacons had been reported. Sunderland was in stormy waters on a yacht somewhere in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 miles west of Australia and 500 miles north of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. And she was alone. When I first saw the reports, my heart sank, imagining the worst. A teenager, attempting an around-the-world solo sailing trip, lost at sea forever. Her body never found. Some piece of her boat washing up years from now, reminding her grieving family of her watery grave, her funeral without a body. I knew her journey would be scrutinized, and I thought it would be a long time before any parent allowed a kid that young to try a trip that dangerous. How naive. Young, younger, youngest Do a Web search on “youngest person to sail around the world.” It reads like a “Can You Top This?” competition. In 1996, a 20-year-old Hawaiian named Brian Caldwell set the mark. A few months later, it was broken by an 18-year-old Australian named David Dicks. Three years later, Jesse Martin, another 18-year-old Aussie, did it with no assistance, thus upping the bar. His mark was broken last year by a 17-year-old named Zac Sunderland. Yes, he is the older brother of Abby. You wonder what this family is feeding the kids. Of course, Zac’s mark was broken that same summer by a Brit who was -- aha! -- three months younger. And his record was bested last month (under some protest) by a 16-year-old Aussie girl named Jessica Walton. Maybe Abby Sunderland, who has been at sea for six months, was trying to win back the family honor -- before stormy waves knocked her boat over and left her adrift. The ocean doesn’t really care how old you are. Her rigging was broken. Her sail was in the water. Luckily, her distress beacons were detected and the storm abated enough for rescue operations to locate her. Very luckily. Because different weather might have meant a different story. And her parents would be answering some pretty tough questions right now, instead of posting the headline on her blog: “Abby is fine!” Abby is fine. Can we say the same about Mom and Dad? Danger, within reason Let’s face it. We’re in a world of super-early achievement. A 13-year-old just climbed Mt. Everest. But no matter how much parents tell you “we don’t push” and “this is my child’s dream,”

no kid gets to these levels without Mom and Dad encouraging, if not prodding. Where else does the money come from? The organization? Dealing with school? Oh, and something we used to call “permission?” The obvious question then is, why couldn’t Abby’s journey wait? If you want to see what sailing around the world is like, what’s the matter with trying it when you’re 21? Because this isn’t only about sailing. Abby’s dream “since she was 13” (according to her publicity machine) was to be the youngest to sail around the world. She has a clothing product line called “Abby16.” That wouldn’t sell as well if it were “Abby21,” would it? Of course, a year from now, when a 15-year-old beat her mark, it wouldn’t mean much, either. Which is where parents come in. A 16-year-old may want to be a stunt pilot, a racecar driver or spend a winter alone at the North Pole. This is why the words “not yet, honey” were invented. Instead, her father, Laurence, said, “You obviously don’t know Abigail,” when asked by “Good Morning America” about criticism. He also said: “Let’s face it, life is dangerous. How many teenagers die in cars every year?” If he really thinks a drive to the movies and six months alone at sea are the same thing, he’s hopeless. But instead of a network TV appearance, he and his wife should be on their knees right now thanking heaven they’re not mourning a child in an empty coffin. There are normal risks. There are foolish risks. And there are risks done in the name of fame, records and clothing lines. Kids may not know the difference. Parents should.

slowed to a stop, in a sea of cars, looking out the window and wondering, “What if I never move any farther than this? Do I have to live here now? This patch of road? Do I send for my family? Can I get mail here?” Before anyone official answers, before the folks from government agencies dash off notes about the value of these important projects, or the difficulties of a cold weather city, or the actual statistics that show it’s not EVERY year that Telegraph Road gets ripped apart (even if it feels that way), before anyone does that, please, as I scream at the dashboard every afternoon: LET. ME. VENT. If only because it makes me feel better. Why, Road Construction People, if you are working on an area that is 50 feet long, do you need to start merging traffic NINE MILES AWAY? Why, if these projects are so vital, are so many of them WITHOUT HUMAN BEINGS ON THE JOB? Why, if potholes are such a predictable problem, can’t we come up with concrete or asphalt that actually RESISTS THEM FOR MORE THAN A YEAR? For heaven’s sake, we drill for oil miles below the sea, and there’s never a problem with-Never mind that. A road that nobody can love Back to venting. Why can’t crews work from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., pick up their barrels, and come back the next night? You know, when there’s NO RUSH HOUR?

Why isn’t there some OFFICIAL RULE as to when you shift lanes, so we don’t have some people merging the moment they see “Road Construction Ahead” signs and others zooming in the soon-to-be-closed lane until they nearly crash into a crane, then glaring if you don’t let them in? Why is this the 10th time I’m asking these questions? Now, I’m sure folks around the country think their area is the worst for roadwork. But it seems we in Michigan may be justified in our whining. A recent trucker survey rated the roads in our state the second worst in the country. A Web site devoted to urban planning labeled Telegraph Road one of the 10 Worst Streets in North America, calling it a “scar-upon-the-earth.” That’s harsh. Maybe the writer was stuck in traffic. That’s what happens when you let people stare at a street for hours. Look. It would be one thing if this happened once every 10 years. Even every five years. But summer after summer, the calendars are dotted with closings of ramps, bridges, lanes and boulevards. Piles of dirt take over the landscape. Cement is king. Heavy machinery rules the roads. And those who yearn for carefree summers can only dream about the days when we used to step on the gas pedal, not the brake, and the only barrels were the ones filled with beer.

Sure Sign of Summer: Construction Season Returns I sit. I sigh. I crane my neck and scan the windshield. All I see is a horizon full of stuck cars and the most hated color of summer. Orange. As in barrels. Every year it is the same thing. The weather gets warm. We finally leave our driveways without a snowplow. We take a turn, ready to hit the open roads and.... Bang! Orange barrels. We reach the highway, windows open, maybe the top down, ready to feel the warm air whipping through our hair, and.... Bang! Orange barrels. Summer should be renamed “Merge.” Highways should offer valet parking. There are, once again, more lanes closed than open. It is as regular as the tide. As annoying as ants. As endless as paying taxes. My simple question is: Why? The proper protocol for merging Why does there have to be, every summer, major construction on the roads around here? Why does seemingly every highway and often the same major boulevards require annual destruction and reconstruction? Why do I find myself year after year,

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ary Personnel Special Discount to Milit

ng to: ww Receive a $99 rate by goi promo field. and entering “militar y” in the nion? Mention this AD Planning a Wedding or Reu es, lished Food & Beverage pric & receive 20% off the Pub rlight Ballroom. Sta the in nt Eve t nex r When you book you 0/10. through 12/3 lability and are available Rates are subject to avai ary ID must be shown) to 12/30/10. (Valid Milit prior e plac take must ts All Even

The Starlight Ballroom

Contact: ’s has Southern California f! roo le ab act Lisa Knoer - 619.232.1472 only retr om or lknoer@thebristolsandiego.c 92101 1055 First Ave. San Diego, CA

Forever Faithful Special Offer for Our Armed Forces Wedding Reception Package ~ $50/person Reception Displays | Two Course Plated Meal | Champagne Toast

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MP_foreverfaithful.indd 1

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s k c o R d Sacre K R RV PA ES



Our beautiful new hotel has opened up our doors and hearts to take special care of our military!


Chances are, wha tever brand of fun Lots and lots of it— you’re into, we’ve dining options. A from great entertainment to delic got it. ll at really afforda into that? ble rates. And whoious isn’t 3/4 Day Cruise 7 Day Cruise

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The Hilton offers the largest pillar free ballrooms in San Diego, which can accommodate events from 200 to 3000 people with large dance floors and staging.

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F IR M (2 6 6 .3 4 7

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It would be our pleasure to offer a very special package for your upcoming Marine Corps Birthday Balls, Change of Command Dinners, Dining-outs/ins, Picnics or Holiday Parties!


Our 65,000 sq.ft. Bayfront park is the perfect waterfront location for Summer Picnics!

Special guestroom rates available. Contact: Kristi Saffery tel: 619.321.4444

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AT THE MOVIES With Roger Ebert I MP

GET HIM TO THE GREEK Aldous Snow is the sort of rock star who can seriously propose himself for the role of White African Jesus. What would his duties be? He has no idea. It’s just the sort of thing he throws out to keep people on their toes. Aldous was first seen as a rock star, clean and sober, in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008), and he returns in “Get Him to the Greek” as a wild man deep into a relapse. It is the task of an earnest and square young man, Aaron Green, to fly to London and in exactly three days get him to New York for a “Today” show appearance and then to Los Angeles for a comeback concert at the Greek Theater. “Get Him to the Greek” is the story for those three days, and nights, which pass in a blur for the innocent Green. They are a blur for Aldous as well, but then, that’s his lifestyle. The movie is funny in the way of “The Hangover” about what trouble lads can get into when their senses are whirling. Unlike some depictions of binges, it doesn’t shortchange vomit. The adventures of Aldous and Aaron remind me of a friend I used to meet on Saturday mornings for what we called Drunch. “Sometimes,” she said, “it can be really exhausting having a good time.” Aaron (Jonah Hill), who has been threatened with flaying if he doesn’t deliver Aldous (Russell Brand) on time, panics when he can’t get him to Heathrow airport for the right flight, can’t get him to the “Today” show on

time, can’t get him to the sound check at the Greek, and very nearly can’t get him to the Greek. Aldous, for the most part, floats benevolently above these small misunderstandings. When it comes to himself, he’s a very understanding man. There are really two movies here. One is a gross-out comedy that grows lyrical

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in its exuberant offensive language, its drug excesses, its partying, its animal behavior. The other movie, which comes into focus, so to speak, in the last half, is surprisingly sweet, and shows that Aldous and Aaron arrive at a friendship that has been tempered in the forge of their misbehavior. Both movies were

produced by Judd Apatow, who does a nice line in gross-out comedies. The lads share loneliness and a feeling of failure with women. Aaron is in love with Daphne Binks (Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men”), a hospital intern who works endless shifts and gets a great job offer in Seattle, far from the music biz. Aldous has split from Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) as a consequence of his spectacular fall from sobriety. We learn they earlier collaborated on an album voted the worst of all time, but while Aldous has plunged, Jackie Q has soared. In a movie jammed with celebrity cameos (Paul Krugman?), we see bits of her music videos, which, incredible as they may be, aren’t entirely improbable. We are so deep into postirony that it’s hard to be sure if a video is INTENDED to be bad. The reason the friendship works is that Russell Brand and Jonah Hill are good actors. Hill’s character is required to be blotto half of the time, but there’s the sense that he’s desperately trying to do the right thing. Russell Brand is convincing as a rock star, imperious, self-destructive, smarter than he seems, calculating, measuring out wretched excess in survivable portions. When it comes time for him to sing, he does it convincingly, with songs that sound like real rock songs. I was reminded a little of Rod Stewart. The urgency of Aaron’s mission depends entirely on his fear of Sergio Roma (Sean Combs), the owner of Aldous’ record label. Combs is convincing in an early scene as an egotistical, hard-driving music executive. Then his character has a comic flowering in later scenes, as he reveals his true rock ‘n’ roll roots. He can party at top speed AND send Aldous onstage at the Greek despite a bleeding wound from a jump from a rooftop. That Aldous may collapse on stage doesn’t occur to him. And indeed Aldous rises to the occasion, as from many reports a lot of rock stars are able to do. They may not remember their performances, but they were great. What I’m backing into here is that under the cover of slapstick, cheap laughs, raunchy humor, grossout physical comedy and sheer exploitation, “Get Him to the Greek” is also fundamentally a sound movie. The writer-director, Nicholas Stoller, who also directed “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” carefully places the foundations of the story and restrains himself from making Aldous and Aaron into COMPLETELY unbelievable caricatures. The fundamentals are in place.

AT THE MOVIES With Roger Ebert I MP

The Karate Kid If you’ve seen “The Karate Kid” (1984), the memories will come back during this 2010 remake of the original. That’s a compliment. The original story was durable enough to inspire three sequels, and now we have an entertaining version filmed mostly on location in China, with 56-year-old Jackie Chan in the role of Mr. Miyagi. The original film was one of its year’s best movies. The new one lacks the perfect freshness of that one; there aren’t many surprises as it follows the 1984 almost point by point. But here is a lovely and well-made film that stands well on its own feet. The Chinese locations add visual interest, there are scenes of splendor in mountains and on the Great Wall, and the characters are once again engaging. The original film’s greatest asset was the Oscar-nominated performance by Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi. Jackie Chan is so famous that it can come as no surprise here when Mr. Han, a reclusive janitor, reveals a hidden talent for the martial arts. But Chan has never been a strutting, macho fighter onscreen; his charm comes from a self-kidding quality. Here he does a good job of cooling down his usual cheerfulness

and keeping his cards hidden. In the role of his young pupil, Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, has a natural screen presence that glows. Dre Parker is calmer than the skitterish kid played by Ralph Macchio, but so much smaller than his opponents that we can well believe his fear of a bully at school. And when that happens, we can forget obsessing about the 1984 film and enjoy this one. That was then; this is now. The story once again involves a kid being packed up by his divorced mom and forced to leave his hometown and friends and move far away -- from Detroit to Beijing, this time. He hates it. Then a cute young violinist named Mei Ying (Han Wenwen) smiles at him, and life looks more promising -- if it weren’t for the school bully, Cheng (Wang Zhenwei). This creature is so hateful and sadistic it’s hard to explain, until we meet his brutal kung fu coach, Master Li (Rongguang Yu). The monstrous Li teaches a new form of child abuse: Kids beating up on each other. The story proceeds, as it must, with Dre slowly softening the heart of Mr. Han, who saves him from a beating by Cheng and agrees to teach him the

secrets of kung fu. Training goes well, and Dre and Mei Ying make a pact to attend each other’s big days: his kung fu tournament, her recital. There’s the usual nonsense about her parents disapproving of him. Gee, why in the world would the parents of a worldclass classical musician disapprove of a kung fu student from Detroit who doesn’t speak Chinese? Luckily for Dre and the movie, everyone in China who needs to speak English can do so, even the little monster Cheng. Many Americans not only have small interest in learning another language, they have small interest in reading subtitles of their own. We believe, as Mark Twain put it in “The Innocents Abroad,” that any foreigner can speak English if it is only spoken slowly enough and loudly enough. It goes without saying that the

whole film leads up to a climactic kung fu tournament, and that Dre is pitted against Cheng for the championship. The lineage of the film is distinguished; the ‘84 version was directed by John Avildsen, director of “Rocky.” This film’s climax is unusually well-handled; the tension is constructed in a careful way, the characters are developed, and use of a scoreboard makes it seem orderly, not rushed. It’s one of the better Obligatory Fight climaxes I’ve seen. The director, Harald Zwart, has not been one of my favorites; he made last year’s “The Pink Panther 2.” But here, with a robust script by Christopher Murphey and cinematography by Roger Pratt (who filmed two Harry Potters), he makes a handsome, absorbing movie. It runs a little long, but during the championship, that’s the last thing you’re thinking of.

Save over $7 on regular admission $23.99 (13 & older)

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This offer applies to active and veteran military personnel and up to 6 guests (13 years & older) juniors (3 to 11) and seniors (62+) are always just $19.99. (Children 2 & under are free) Valid military I.D. or proof of military service (DD214), Veteran's Administration, Hospital I.D. or Active Military Service I.D.) required. Eligible person must be present. Government-only dependent I.D.'s will not be accepted. Offer not valid for special ticket events. Soak City Water Park offer valid through the end of 2010 operating season.

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AT THE MOVIES With Movie Maven - Jeri Jacquin I MP

A-TEAM Now playing in theatres is a blast from the past with “A-Team”. This film tells the story of Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) the leader of a highly trained and highly insane group of men who will do the impossible. Along with Smith are Face (Bradley Cooper), Baracus (Quinton Jackson) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley) who will follow him into anything. During a mission in Iraq, Smith and his men work with Lynch (Patrick Wilson) from the CIA and Gen. Morrison (Gerald McRaney) to retrieve moneymaking

plates stolen during the war. Warning them is Agent Charis Sosa (Jessica Biel) telling them to stay out of it. Still Smith and his men go forward and everything goes wrong and, after a trial are found guilty of a crime they didn’t commit and sent to jail. After six months Lynch reappears offering the men a chance to reclaim their lives and their honor. The chase begins as Smith and his men again go after the plates and Agent Sosa goes after the A-Team. Its down to who wants the truth more!

Let us help you meet your measurements!

FINAL WORD: This was so much fun I can’t stand it! Neeson as Hannibal Smith was a grand choice. He is bold, brash and all with a sense of humor and ideas that are insanely brilliant. Since his role in “Taken”, Neeson has proven his ability to be as cool as a cucumber while still being tough as nails. Cooper is equally as talented in the role of Face and, if I may say, the women love him! He’s charming, he’s a rogue and he gets the job done. Biel as Agent Sosa holds her own against the guys but this isn’t a huge stretch for her either. The character works and that’s enough. Jackson is calm and to the point as Baracas. This is a more sensitive Mr. T than some might be use to but that’s what makes him good! The role now officially belongs to Jackson. The winner here is Copley as Murdock – his is awesomely insane! In his character lies a humor that is outrageous and laugh out loud good. Who knew that he was so versatile after

his success with the winning alien film “District 9”. Copley dons a southern accent and, in the midst of comedy, uses his South African accent that brings more laughs. Other cast include: Henry Czenry as Director McCready, Yul Vasquez as Gen. Javier Tuco, Mary Sterling as Gammon, Terry Chen as Ravech, Jacob Blair as Agent Blair and, Brian Bloom as Pike, the leader of the Black Forrest. This is director Carnahan’s vision and it is a fantastic one. Filled with action, blow ‘em up, kiss the girl, showthe-muscle without actually showing off, playful banter with intelligence to bring the film full circle. The film is what going to the movies to have a good time is all about. TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The A-Team” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This was a down right surprise and more fun than I could have expected. Truth be told there is something frightening about re-creating a television series most of the time but this film has hit dead center for fun! From start to finish it is an old fashioned wild ride with fun and laughs. When leaving the film you can’t help but have a smile on your face. As Hannibal would say, “you gotta love it when a plan comes together” – and this one certainly has. In the end – there is no plan B!

Holy Rollers ng Financi O.A.C

looking good feeling great

320 Santa Fe Dr. Suite 104, Encinitas 92024

800-662-1055 Breast Enhancement Male Breast Reduction Mommy Make Overs Body Contouring + Many Other Procedures Free Consultation Special Military Discounts Page 36 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

One function of any traditional religious costume is to enforce the wearer’s separation from the greater community. Those male Hasidic Jews who choose to dress in black and wear distinctive hats never seem to be anything else than Hasidic Jews. When they dress in the morning, they’re making a decision to set themselves apart. This is not required in Jewish law, but is a sign of their devotion. Apart from the hats, the side curls and their religious beliefs, Hasidim are, well, a lot like everybody else. Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) is a kid about 20 who is devout, naive, shy around women, loves his mom, respects his dad, and plans to go into the family business. Then his best friend’s brother takes advantage of those qualities -- and very specifically his dress style -- to trick him into being a drug courier. “Holy Rollers” is said to be based on a true story, circa 1990, of how Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn Heights were used to smuggle millions of Ecstasy pills from Amsterdam to New York. They weren’t stopped by customs because they were so far from the profile of drug runners. In the movie, Sam is frustrated in his plans to build his father’s business and accepts $1,000 from the brother to fly to Amsterdam and return with some “medicine.” Come on, you’re thinking: How innocent can this kid possibly be? You should see him tongue-tied, sitting at the other end of a sofa from the girl he hopes to marry. Or even in Amsterdam, trying to avoid any body contact with women in a disco. Yes, the first trip he really does think the pills are medicine, and doesn’t ask himself how what he’s

doing could possibly be legal. He’s a sweet kid as played by Eisenberg, who specializes in that line of work. The brother, Yosef (Justin Bartha), is persuasive, smooth and hard to refuse. In Amsterdam, Sam meets a man named Jackie (Danny A. Abeckaser) and his girlfriend, Rachel (Ari Graynor), and is brought into their world of late-night clubs and loose living. On his second trip, things click into place, and he begins to put his good business sense to work. It’s that click that throws the movie off. Sam is moral and law-abiding, then changes seemingly overnight into a canny player in the drug trade. Before long he’s instructing new Hasidim recruits on how to get past customs: “Act normal and look Jewish.” It becomes apparent to his father and indeed his community what he’s up to, but he’s making good money and it seems so easy. For a long time he never even experiences Ecstasy. The story may sound sensational, and you’re possibly picturing traditional crime scenes: shoot-outs, chases, that sort of thing. But “Holy Rollers” is surprisingly matter-of-fact. The film expects us to assume too much. Eisenberg is convincing as an essentially nice person who sounds confident but turns into a kid again when things start going wrong. But Kevin Asch, the director, keeps his distance from too many scenes; there’s no particular suspense involved in getting past customs, for example. The movie relates to its story as Sam relates to women: look, talk, but don’t get too close.


QUESTIONS FOR THE MOVIE ANSWER MAN Q: Is there the slightest possibility that SATC2 is actually satirizing the shallow absurdity of its protagonists, but a large fraction of its audience has not realized that they are the target of its mockery? I suspect that the cast is also not in on the joke. If not, I may have to abandon my last shred of hope for the multiplex-going public. -- Carl Zetie, Waterford, Va. A: Whatever else it is, it’s not a satire. I suspect some of its box-office appeal can be explained because it’s like a social occasion: Women enjoy dressing up and wearing great shoes to attend it. A lot of that is a tribute to their fondness for the characters as they were seen on the original HBO series. The women of SATC2 are apples who have fallen far, far from the tree. Q: I respect Ebert’s opinion most of the time on movies, everyone has one so it’s great. But when will the time come that he admits a generational change has occurred when it comes to cinema or even “art” for that matter. I understand that “Sex in the City 2” is going to be a terrible movie, but it’s a cable show that many women love. Good for them that they get to pay $12 to see a 2 hour long episode. It makes them happy. But to read him discussing the ratings on thrusting and saying he knows about taste makes me heartily laugh. I’m sure he does. In his old codgery way I’m sure he does know what taste means to him. I’m not going to be taking serious movie advice from my grandmother. God love her, she still thinks Obamas the antichrist. It’s a generational thing. This guy is reviewing poppy, bubble gum movies and acting surprised that they are terrible. -- David W., Edmond, Okla. A: I wasn’t complaining about thrusting and pumping. I was complaining about the hypocrisy of the MPAA ratings board. It has long been informally understood that graphic thrusting and pumping, so to speak, should be limited to two (2) thrusts and/ or pumps per one (1) R-rated movie. Why wasn’t that enforced here when it has been applied to many better films? Now about my age. I was the youngest daily newspaper film critic in America, and now I may be the oldest. Live with it. Years of reviewing movies may possibly have been useful to me. There are countless movie critics your age, which I am guessing is between 8 and 18. They will see things as people of your age do. You already know those things. Consider me a change of pace. And don’t despair: As you grow older, you learn stuff. You really do. Q: If I am not mistaken, when I was a kid, I saw a movie you made with a Fisher-Price Pixelvision

camera. I believe you screened it on your show. My parents would not buy me one of those cameras, so I spent the next 10 years of my life trying to find one (more complicated in those days before eBay). I am happy to say that today I still have a working Pixelvision camera I picked up in high school for $20, and have recently earned an MFA in film production. You made a difference in my life! I would really like to see the movie you made again. I remember almost nothing about it except a shot of your lips filling the screen. Do you still have that movie? Is it available online anywhere? Have you made any others? -- David R. Witzling A: Damn! You’re remembering SISKEL’S movie! He used that gimmick from the Conan O’Brien show where you saw lips moving in a photograph, and filmed his own lips behind a photo of me. Of my own Pixelvision film, I will say only that it ended with a close-up of a license plate saying “ROZEBUD.” We were having a contest for one of our Holiday Gift Guides, which may still be online somewhere. Q: Having heard a lot about the movie “Hello, Dolly!” and having listened to the songs from the “Wall-E” soundtrack, I liked it so much I saw it twice (and a half) on the same day. I loved Barbra Streisand, I loved Walter Matthau, Michael Crawford, etc., the costumes, the art direction, the cinematography, but what I can’t understand is how a lot of people hated the movie, based on a pile of reviews in IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, so that’s why I am writing to you, to know if I have to like this movie or not, for I usually agree with your reviews, which have always assisted me in times of great confusion and indecision. Please help this 15-year-old movielover to realize what’s wrong with this masterpiece that makes lots of people hate it. -- Juan Manuel Cafferata, Argentina A: Not much, according to me. I gave it a four-star review, but my review seems to be missing online. I’m looking for it. I see the IMDb rating is 6.8, not bad. The comment boards on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes are often interesting and useful, sometimes appalling. Q: Just saw “Robin Hood.” Sat thru the whole movie thinking about “Which century are we in?” and not really getting involved in the movie. In the written introductory plot setup it was written that the action in the movie was taking place “at the turn of the 12th century.” However, the place/time setting on a scene a few minutes later indicated the action was taking place in “1199.” Isn’t 1199 the turn of the 13th century? My trying to justify this possible error, due to my advanced age, took me the rest of the movie, and indeed to this very moment (and perhaps beyond), to worry

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

about -- is it me or them having a memory/reasoning lapse? It’s not nice to do this to old people. A: It’s them. Hollywood sometimes has problems counting centuries. Give a moment’s thought to 20th Century-Fox. Q: I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of “Robin Hood,” except I refuse to see the new remake on principle. “My Robin Hood” is Errol Flynn and his costume has green sparkles. Why mess with perfection? What will be next? A remake of “Gone With the Wind” or “The Wizard of Oz”? Oh the horror. -- Stefanie Rehbein A: Political correctness might make a modern remake of “Gone With the Wind” impossible. I can imagine Prissy saying, “Lawzy, we don’t need a doctor. I’m a skilled obstetrician.” Q: I’m so glad you reviewed “Robin Hood” as a “loss of innocence.” I couldn’t agree with you more. I would much rather see people laugh, love and be absurd in movies, rather than hate, fight and disembowel. I’m so glad you felt this way, because most of what Russell Crowe does falls into the latter. Modern guys feel they have to have a certain level of intensity about them or else they are wimps I guess. I for one am glad I retain something of the dreamer, the wanderer, and the lazy laugh of my

childhood. I rarely go to the movies anymore because I don’t want images of violence or gore impressed upon my subconscious, regardless of whether they are “real” or not. -Stephen Sian, North Vancouver, B.C. A: Robin Hood always used to have fun in the movies. Now even his Merry Men are pissed off. Do you sometimes think Russell Crowe acts as if he has a hangover?

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DENNIS HOPPER DENNIS HOPPER: IN MEMORY Dennis Hopper’s career began as an actor of alienation in movies like “Rebel Without a Cause.” His career as a director began with “Easy Rider.” His career as an art collector began when he bought one of Andy Warhol’s soup can paintings for $75. His career as a drug abuser began at around the same time, and he told me, simply and factually, “I spent some time in a rubber room.” Then he got clean and sober, and his careers started all over again, as an actor, as a director, as a photographer much in demand, as a painter, as an icon. Hopper’s death came Saturday at age 74, surrounded by family and friends in the modernist house he built on Venice Beach in Los Angeles and filled with modern art. For Hopper, life was an art form. His acting took such shape because he was able to reinvent himself as a character. More than many actors, he created characters we remember vividly for themselves: James Dean’s sidekick in “Rebel,” Marlon Brando’s drug-crazed acolyte in “Apocalypse Now,” the terrifying gas-sniffing pervert of “Blue Velvet,” the town drunk in “Hoosiers,” a hit man in “Red Rock West,” the villain in “Waterworld.” He was also an intellectual, although that side was masked by his somewhat notorious drug abuse, gradually escalating from the 1960s until about 1983. Some of those years were lost. “I was thinking I had no life or any memory really until now,” he told me one day in 1990. “There’s always this fear of not being able to make the films, not being able to do the work. I don’t think anybody, no matter how successful they get, ever loses that fear. If you’ve ever had a period of time where you weren’t allowed to work -- maybe because you were doing drugs and alcohol, but you didn’t know that was their reason -then the fear is always with you.” He was an honor student in school, he developed an early love of Shakespeare, he studied under Thomas Hart Benton as a child, he studied Method acting with Lee Strasberg, his photographs

commanded gallery prices, and as an art collector he was early onto Pop Art and his collection became famous and influential.

Page 38 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

As a director, he practiced a classic style. “I’m back with John Ford and Huston and Hawks -- and Hathaway,” he told me. “I learned a lot from Henry

Hathaway when I was acting in ‘The Sons of Katie Elder.’” That would have been gratifying for Hathaway to hear; Wikipedia reports that on “From Hell to Texas” Hopper refused Hathaway’s instructions for 80 different takes over a few days. The turning point of his professional career came when he directed “Easy Rider” (1969) and starred in it with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson; it was the movie that lifted his close friend Nicholson from obscure B movies into a stardom that lasts to this day. “We left America with a little motorcycle picture,” he recalled, “we took it to the Cannes Film Festival, and we came back with a hit in our hands.” The picture won the festival’s Camera d’Or award for best first film. “All of a sudden I was an auteur,” he said. The film cost $400,000 and grossed $60 million (in 1970s dollars) in its first three years in release. When I was writing a screenplay at 20th CenturyFox at the time, a producer moaned to me: “We’re making these war movies and Westerns, and every producer in town has his nephew out in the desert shooting a motorcycle picture.” Dennis Hopper had no affectations. He was friendly, accessible, easy to talk with. He’d had great success without the affliction of great stardom. He was only 18 when he was signed by Warner Bros., 19 when he made “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955), and in those days when Hollywood was a studio town, he made friends and found work quickly, especially in countless episodes of TV dramas. Among his pals as a young man was John Wayne; they had their Republican politics in common. At the end it was widely reported that he was broke, but in part that was because of a deathbed dispute with his wife, Victoria Duffy, about the disposition of his art collection. Visibly ill, he made one of his last appearances on March 26 at the dedication of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Describing himself as “a farm boy from Dodge City, Kansas,” as he accepted his star, he said, “Hollywood was my college.”


Natalie Cole Happy, Healthy and Honored She and my father just adored each other. Nancy Wilson is another who had a great impression on me, and my mom, who used to sing for Duke Ellington. Her name was Maria Hawkins then. She influenced my taste in music. It was my mom who turned me on to Dinah Washington and Billie Holiday. So, you see, both my parents were extremely influential when it comes to music.” Natalie spoke of how much she missed the late Luther Vandross and also of those she admires today: “Gladys Knight, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys. They consistently do good work. It is hard to be consistent in this business. It’s not about the glamour or everybody seeing you all over all the time. You have to kick b---, artistically. It’s a tough lesson for the younger ones coming up. You have to be tough and good.” Natalie is also writing a book about her two years of illness and the donor family who gave Natalie not only a kidney but also restored her active life. The book is titled “Love Brought Me Back.” P. S. At the Ella Awards, the legend herself, Doris Day was also honored. Naturally, the shy Day did not appear to pick it up in person. But she did send a lovely note: “What can I say about you giving me the Lifetime Achievement Award other than I think your volunteers and workers deserve it more than I do. I was privileged to have a wonderful career as a singer and actress. That’s all the award I need. “Also, I am happy to announce that my Doris Day Animal Foundation is giving Society of Singers a grant to help singers who have dogs and cats and need help caring for them. Our grant will pay for food, vet care or whatever the singers need to take care of their best friends. You were some of my best friends. The least I can do to say thank you is to help some of yours. I am humbled and proud to be one of you.” Just the mention of Doris Day sparks our insistence yet again that this iconic woman be awarded an honorary Oscar. If awarding her is contingent on her appearing at the Kodak Theater, I say shame on the Academy. Give her what she deserves, whether she can show up or not. VANITY FAIR was a bit tardy reaching our office this week, but the issue is finally in hand, and there she is on the cover in all her 28-year-oldwhite-bathing-suit glory: Liz Taylor. And that’s what it says, in giant letters. Not Elizabeth Taylor and certainly not Dame Elizabeth. “Liz Taylor” is the name that dominated the fan magazines the daily newspapers and the supermarket tabloids for 50 years. It was the way the public spoke and thought of her -- Liz! And there is some appropriate irony in the fact that even though VF is excerpting “Furious Love,” which tells

“IF YOU harbor struggle and unhappiness like a badge and wear it on your shoulder it doesn’t work, at least not for me. I’m a pretty joyous person. I’m a happy girl!” That’s Natalie Cole, luminous and indeed joyous at the recent Ella Awards in Beverly Hills. This organization helps musicians in need. Natalie was being honored for her musical and humanitarian efforts. Gladys Knight, Patti Austin and James Ingram were on hand to applaud and perform. Miss Cole, who recently underwent a kidney transplant, looked the picture of health and when the event was nearly over she got up on stage and sang a number of her hits, including her super-famous father’s standard, “Unforgettable. “Natalie had a huge success with this some years back, singing “with” her father, on the record and in the wonderful video that mixed Natalie with vintage film of her dad. This time, her friend Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds did the Nat King Cole parts of the duet. Natalie said, “This is the first time I’ve ever let anyone sing that with me.” Our girl in L.A., Cathy Griffin, caught a few minutes with Natalie, and asked her about her own musical heroes: “Well, of course, Ella Fitzgerald. She’s the first person I really got to know as a woman of song and a lady of jazz. For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280

of the tempestuous union between Elizabeth and Richard Burton, it is Taylor alone who occupies the cover. Well, that was a big problem in their marriage -her out-of-bounds fame. Whatever one thinks of the “appropriateness” of Elizabeth sharing her love letters from Burton, they have reminded the world that once she was the siren of all time, the irresistible femme fatale. The image of the fragile lady in the wheelchair, tweeting from her Bel Air home, has retreated for now. She is again the voluptuary emerging from the sea, a “scandal to the jaybirds” in Tennessee Williams-speak.

ENDQUOTE: “Fred Astaire was just magic, and really he was my introduction to dance, back in the 1950s on TV and in those wonderful movies of the ‘30s. His unique grace and poetry in every motion clearly influenced entire generations, and most notably Sammy Davis Jr. and Michael Jackson in their choreography, so whenever I see one of them tipping his top hat I think of Fred.” That is singer Roberta Flack, raving about the dancer’s dancer, Mr. Astaire. Roberta was one of the throng who attended the recent Fred and Adele Astaire Gala the other night in New York’s Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John

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ON THE COVER By Elysa Gardner I MP

‘Bionic’ reveals the inner workings of Christina Aguilera Janet took control; Madonna opened her heart and got erotic. Now another icon is asserting her creative and sexual autonomy with a post-feminist manifesto on love and lust. And her name is ... Christina Aguilera? Don’t snicker just yet. Like her forebears, Aguilera, whose Bionic arrives today, has shown an affinity for adapting her persona to the winds of mass culture. On previous albums, the ex-Mouseketeer — set to make her big-screen debut this fall in Burlesque— has been a soul-savvy teen idol, a trashy tease and a born-again chanteuse. But Aguilera never blurred the lines between cipher and chameleon as artfully as Madonna or Jackson. And since she took time off to have a baby in 2008, the field for female attention-seekers has become more crowded, with Lady Gaga now the leading proponent of blond ambition. Still, Aguilera possesses an asset that many competitors lack: a superior vocal

instrument. And on Bionic, she harnesses her prowess with greater maturity and imagination. The songs are hardly revelatory, their naughty references seldom more provocative than the accessibly electro-edgy textures. But Aguilera’s singing lends color and character to what might have been banal diva vehicles. In Glam, she chants deadpan before letting loose a creamy belt that evokes an earthier version of Whitney Houston in her prime. The thumping, funk-kissed Des Nudites features similar eruptions, applied with the intuition and taste that distinguish singers from showboats. It’s when Bionic gets past sex, though, that Aguilera impresses most. On the ballads I Am and You Lost Me, she respectively offers her soul to a lover and, after a betrayal, reclaims it, sounding as raw as an open wound. Her nuanced beauty here may surprise fans as much as critics.

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Terraza at Otay Ranch


What’s so shocking about Al and Tipper? theater critic Pia Lindstrom and outburst performer Lee Roy Reams gave up their toasts to Tommy. In this fun-filled atmosphere where nobody bothers to watch exactly what they say and do (hey, it is the Friars Club; so shades of Sinatra, Milton Berle and company) I just happened to be the Mistress of Ceremony. (I didn’t know they had “Mistresses” anymore but at the Friars, anything can throw back!) Tommy -- modest, affable, curious, charming -- really had his mind elsewhere. He was all geared up for his show of giraffes at the Peter Glebo

The central fact surrounding Ron’s fame is the question of invasion of and right to privacy, which the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee. The documentary features champions on all sides of this issue, including such greats as Floyd Abrams and Harry Benson. But I told Ron I didn’t think his story was about this issue at all. I think it’s the story of an unrequited love. Ron’s for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and how he pursued, hounded and scrutinized her for years. I don’t know if his preserving for us an invaluable archive of pictures of Jackie’s years in New York is justified or not. I tend to think it is. On the other hand, Jackie insisted she was a “private person” as, all the while, newsmen, photographers and the public stormed the courts whenever she was suing Galella to lay off.

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“Capital shocker: Gores to split after 40 years!” says USA Today. Hmmm, well, looking at the photos of the Gores hands uplifted in a wave, one is impressed with the sense of their mutuality and well-being. Usually, in these domestic dramas, we unintentionally side with one partner or the other. It’s always -- She’s fine, but he done her wrong. He’s aces but she was an impossible harridan. In the Gore case there seems to be no blame, no hidden agenda, no scandal -- merely the inevitable attrition of four decades of togetherness. The Gores seem sensibly to have eschewed the resigned compromise of staying together because it looks/ seems/appears to be the thing to do. They now embark on separate lives of their own and, while, of course, we don’t know “everything,” they seem to be doing so without acrimony. This just leads to the old 101 philosopher’s theory that, inevitably, most people are not meant to stay stuck together like glue till death do them part -- the Bible notwithstanding. People grow up and grow apart. And growth has everything to do with this. TOMMY TUNE stood still yesterday for the Theater Hall of Fame’s tribute to him at the Friars Club with Enid Nemy, Marian Seldes and Lynn Lane offering up student fellowships in his name. Then the gorgeous Dee Hoty, his “Will Rogers” star, costumer Willa Kim,

Gallery at 526 West 26 Street in the West Chelsea Arts Building. Tommy’s work is called “Longnecks” and he is a terrific artist like so many of his fellows in show business. You have through Aug. 29 to catch this show. The Glebo Gallery is home to Celebrity Artworks! P.S. Thanks to the generosity of actress Celia Lipton Farris of Palm Beach for underwriting this appealing event. BY NOW you know that HBO offers up its “Smash His Camera” documentary on the world-famous paparazzo Ron Galella. As the one who asked Ron a few questions afterward at the Museum of Modern Art where his controversial talents were examined, I noted that Ron and I began in the business together about 40 years ago and we had quite different color hair then. Both of us.




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In the eye of the camera with

Jennifer Beals ”I VANT to be alone.” So said Greta Garbo to John Barrymore in the fabulous 1932 MGM movie, “Grand Hotel.” Garbo was playing an exhausted prima ballerina. (Come to think of it, Garbo always seemed exhausted onscreen.) Joan Crawford and a dozen other MGM luminaries also appeared. The movie was based on Vicki Baum’s bestselling novel. MGM remade it as “Week-End at the Waldorf” in 1945 and the genre of a glam ensemble cast in glam surroundings was truly launched. (The 1967 movie “Hotel” and the ‘80s TV series of the same named followed the same pattern.) Now, author Alix Strauss has written, “Based Upon Availability,” a novel about eight women who pass through NYC’s plush Four Seasons Hotel. It is “Grand Hotel” for the 21st century. This is the classic read-it-in-one-big-gulp book. Or spend several days at the beach with it. It’s compelling from first page to last -edgy, moving and human. Tomorrow Ms. Strauss and friends will celebrate the book’s release with a party at -- where else? -- The Four Seasons restaurant. There will be nibbling and noshing and sipping. Oh, and I predict before the last hors d’oeuvres is consumed “Based Upon Availability” will be on the fast track to big-screen option. This movie has eight, count ‘em eight fascinating female characters. By this time next year eight great actresses might be toiling on location right here in Manhattan, bringing Alix’s book to life. BACK IN 1983, a pretty girl in leg warmers and a loose sweater appeared in a movie titled “Flashdance.” She played an iron welder/exotic dancer.

(Hey, I didn’t write the script! But “Flashdance” does have a mythic history. It was rumored to have come “over the transom.” Some even said it was dumped unceremoniously and anonymously on the lawn of the house where Dawn Steel, the enfant terrible protege of Paramount’s Barry Diller lived. Dawn became a legend and a power after the movie’s success, but died all too young in 1997.) So yes, the movie became iconic, the soundtrack became iconic, and the

Page 42 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

pretty girl became an icon too. But who knew that more than a quarter century later, the pretty girl would have become a beautiful woman and that in the fickle show biz world, still a hot item? Of course I am talking about Jennifer Beals, one of the very few “instant sensations” of the big-haired, bigshouldered ‘80s who managed to carve out a long and interesting career. Her resume is jam-packed; she is never long out of sight. She has been celebrated most recently as one of the ensemble

cast of Showtime’s nifty lesbian soap opera, “The L Word,” which ended last year. Now she is releasing a photo book, chronicling her six years on “The L Word.” Jennifer says: “I’ve often taken pictures during a shoot, putting them into a scrapbook for the cast and crew. But because this was such a long association with one project, I really feel we are a family. I was really inspired to do this when I attended one of the ‘L Word’ conventions, which are kind of like ‘Star Trek’ gatherings for ... well, lesbians! I’m not a social person, I am kind of phobic in large crowds, but the reaction to me -- to all of us -- was so supportive, I was blown away. I’d made up some prints to sell at the convention for charity, and within 20 minutes they were sold. For $20,000! $20,000 in 20 minutes! So, I figured why not do something for the fans and also help raise money for charity, too?” Jennifer protests that she is “not nearly as adept” as Jeff Bridges whose photographic work she admires. But she has been involved with photography for a long time -- since high school. She took a formal class in college, but was still unsure of her talent. So much so that she allowed her boyfriend at the time to submit her photograph of him as his own self-portrait (they were taking the course together). The picture won the class prize. “We had a good laugh about that!” Jennifer prefers to use “real cameras and real film.” Nothing instant. Nothing digital. “I love the anticipation, I love waiting to see what I’ve captured.” The actress can develop film herself, but says, “I had to stop. I really would find myself spending days in the darkroom, in a virtual dream state -- the smell of film developing!” Fans of Miss Beals can find her on DVD when “The Book of Eli” hits the stores. This 2010 feature film reunited her with Denzel Washington -- they did “Devil in a Blue Dress” back in 1995. Jennifer said, “He is exactly the same. The same incredible talent, so wonderful to work with. And also -- he never seems to age!” (The same might be said for Miss Beals, who actually looks better than she did in “Flashdance.”) Up next for Jennifer -- a gritty FOX series titled “Ride Along” in which she’ll play a superintendent of police in Chicago. Her co-star is Jason Clarke. FOX has committed to 13 episodes. You can update all things Jennifer by logging onto Miss Beals herself seems mildly surprised at her own longevity. But more than that, she is grateful that her roles “continue to represent complex situations and people. “It’s the quality more than the quantity, or the mere fact that ‘I’m still here.’ The mint on the pillow is work that really means something.”


Madonna - Pulling strings and doing good deeds “TELL ME what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are,” said Anthelme BrillatSavarin. I WONDER how much stock to put into this one? It sounds almost too stereotypical, but here goes. As anyone who has ever clapped eyes on Victoria Beckham can attest, the woman is thin to the point of emaciation. (Although some actually find her pinched visage glamorous.) Apparently, Victoria -- once the Spice Girl named Posh -- hardly eats enough to keep a sparrow alive. Dining out with her hunky hubby David Beckham and their three sons at Bouchon restaurant in Hollywood, Vicki told the waitress to bring her a plate of lettuce. Nothing else. No dressing, no tomatoes, no slivers of carrots or celery -- no spice! David and the boys dug in and ate normally. Vicki consumed her lettuce with the gusto of someone chowing down on a double Whopper with cheese. She passed on dessert. (One wonders what could constitute dessert for her -- a different kind of lettuce?) Friends say Mrs. Beckham very much wants to have another baby. She’s hoping for a girl. Honey, eating like that ain’t gonna kill the rabbit! THOSE WHO never want to credit Madonna for anything, insist it was the presence of top echelon U.N. types in Malawi who managed to free that gay couple sentenced to 14 years in prison. Those in the know believe that Madonna

pulled every string, made every ominous call suggesting her famous support for the country might evaporate if the men weren’t released. Now, Madonna says, “I just hope to hell they get out of Dodge, fast!” WOODY ALLEN is the quintessential New York filmmaker who immortalized Manhattan in so many of his movies

-- including, of course, “Manhattan.” But in recent years, Woody has gone all European, with ventures such as “Match Point” set in London and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” Well, Woody’s still in a foreign frame of mind. His next screen opus is “Midnight in Paris.” It will shoot in the City of Light this summer and it stars Kathy Bates,

Adrien Brody, Marion Cotillard, Michael Sheen, Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson and Carla Bruni. Yes, that Carla Bruni, the first lady of France. Well, she used to be a model, and is still a songwriter. So why not act? (Bruni confirmed this gig last year. But I’d completely forgotten about it, so maybe you have, too?) Poor Princess Grace must be spinning. She gave up her glittering movie career to become princess of Monaco. Then, when she desperately wanted to escape and make movies again, her subjects would not allow it. Too undignified! Nobody really cares what Carla Bruni does. We’ve seen her in the nude, how outre could a Woody Allen movie be? JUST 24 hours after being fitted with her new alcohol-detecting accessory, Lindsay Lohan went out and had her Morticia Addams black hair bleached blonde again. She looks much, much better but still not as good as she does as the natural redhead she is. And she has gained a few attractive pounds. (Naturally, TMZ and Perez Hilton are complaining that Lindsay is now “too round-faced.” Can’t win!) The actress has been photographed shopping, reading (really!) and ostentatiously showing off her ankle-wear. She wants to know if she can decorate it with Chanel stickers or something girly. Forget the fashion aspect, honey, just stay off the sauce and stay in for a change.

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‘FURIOUS LOVE’ “ANTONY, WHAT has happened?!” “To me? You have happened to me.” So it went between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in “Cleopatra” the Joe Mankiewicz movie that was supposed to tell the life of Egypt’s last ruler, but was really All About Liz. AT ONE point while I was devouring the new book, “Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century,” which chronicles the epic love affair, marriages and divorces of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, I said out loud to no one in particular, “This is harrowing!” (I was approaching the end of the second Taylor/Burton marriage.) Perhaps that’s a little strong, but not by much. By the time, near the end of the book, Richard is kissing Suzy Hunt in Sardi’s right in front of Elizabeth and she has stormed out of Manhattan for the second time in two years, to escape her marital miseries, the reader is exhausted. But, I hate to say it -- in a fun way. “Furious Love,” written by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger reminds me of William J. Mann’s recent Taylor bio, “How to Be a Movie Star,” in that, while there’s a fresh anecdote here and there (Elizabeth actually cooperated on “Furious Love”), those who know the story won’t be overwhelmed by fresh

material. But it is excitingly written and the authors attempt to provide real insight into what made this coupling so passionate and why that passion soured is admirable. (To use an analogy Elizabeth would appreciate, it’s like the most deluxe fudge sundae ever!)

Page 44 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

for the other partner’s mind and talent; real love. Richard was a deep, dark and brilliant man. Elizabeth is far more intelligent and sensitive than she usually cares to show. They liked to read together, believe it or not! The minus side: booze and fame; the bottle and the flashbulb. Richard was an alcoholic. Elizabeth was an alcoholic (if, at first, to a lesser degree and not as obviously disabled by drink.) Richard wanted to be famous, just not as famous as his association with Elizabeth had made him. Who knew what that first hot tryst during the filming of “Cleopatra” would spawn? In time he felt trapped, suffocated and embarrassed. World attention did not salve his insecurities or the realities of his upbringing -- he grew up a poor boy in Wales. Elizabeth? Fame was all she’d known. True, the intensity of it had grown exponentially as she matured from child star to princessy ingenue to powerful leading lady, grieving widow, and then, finally a woman for whom a new shade So, what was it that caused the world of scarlet had to be invented. to shake, the Vatican to condemn and But it was all the same to her -- the Eddie Fisher to put a gun to Elizabeth’s fuss, the crowds, the intrusions. She head? (That’s one of the little tidbits barely noticed. It was the perks that Elizabeth herself provided.) fame brought her that she truly adored. The plus side: tremendous sexual And as much as she loved Richard, she attraction, genuine mutual admiration could never really understand where he came from. Her life had always been one of privilege and pampering. There had been trauma -- her father’s beatings, her mother living through her, vicariously -but no struggle to success. “FURIOUS LOVE” is sympathetic to both Taylor and Burton. But the oceans of drink that flow, page after page, year after year -- in triumphant times or at low tide -- lead the reader to an inevitable speculation: would the world have experienced “Le Scandale” and a decade of “Liz ‘n’ Dick” had drink not accompanied them on their fantastic journey? The authors write: “Their drinking 15 had been a third partner in their Escondido marriage, and when Burton gave it up, even for a couple of weeks, a gaping hole appeared. Drinking had kept them in the same house of the Encinitas spirits, cocooned from the sometimes unbearable pressures of their celebrity. It was, quite simply, something they Poway could do together.” Perhaps the only shadow cast on Elizabeth here is the fact that she never 1 Miramar stopped drinking, even when Burton Marine Base Santee was on the wagon. She would insist she 805 had no problem and that it was Richard 2 El Cajon who needed to straighten up and fly 3 right. She would continue to deny her 8 alcoholism right up to her first visit to Lemon Grove Betty Ford in 1983. (And even now she San Diego 6 demurs on how visibly affected she 32nd Street was, “Nobody ever saw me drunk” is Naval Base her story, and at 78, she’s sticking to it.) 4 For me, “Furious Love” is also a wild nostalgia ride. I knew the Burtons 5 during their halcyon days; I traveled all Chula Vista over the world to interview them. I had, and I’m still proud to say it, privileged access to them. They were fabulous. It

ENTERTAINMENT with Liz Smith I MP was glamorous. They did indeed seem mad for each other, even if the famous bickering could become tiresome. Although I am quoted throughout the book, I wonder why the authors didn’t bother to reference some of my Cosmopolitan articles on the pair? I think they are pretty damn perceptive. Younger people today cannot fathom in their wildest imagination what Elizabeth and Richard were to the world, the extent of their power, glamour and public interest. Brad and Angie? Tom and Katie? Pikers. (The paparazzi were invented in Italy in the spring of 1962, as Liz and Burton lolled in their bathing suits, kissing, unaware they were being photographed.) But, in referring to their fame, let’s be honest and admit that Elizabeth supplied most of the power, glamour and intense public interest. She was the catalyst for Richard’s greatest achievements as an actor and for his role as the man so enslaved by Elizabeth’s sex and beauty that there was no diamond too big, no fur too rare, no words of love too extravagant. (His letters to her and his diary entries reveal a man besotted.) When Richard was mobbed, the mob was inevitably looking for Elizabeth. He was conflicted over his Faustian bargain -- as he often saw his life after “Cleopatra.” He had traded a more respectable and legitimate career for the excesses of universal fame, in the form of this ravishing siren -- his Helen of Troy. But no matter her oft-stated desire to retire and her insistence that he ruled their roost, she was the dominant partner. The Devil hadn’t warned him how potent this full-fleshed, very real Helen could be. And when their intimate relationship was well and truly over, Richard attempted to lead the life of a serious actor, his light less florescent -- much to his pleasure. But they kept in touch, and even worked together again -- in the wonderful/terrible, very successful/ much-maligned “Private Lives.” Elizabeth continued as The World’s Most Famous Woman, elevating used car salesmen, ambitious politicians and construction workers to international fame -- much to her pleasure. (Though she would say, later, “All the men after Richard were really there to open the door, hold the coat.”) “Furious Love” concludes with a true revelation. According to Elizabeth, a letter arrived from Richard, dated Aug. 2, 1984, two days before his death. Elizabeth did not have the heart to open it until she returned from London and his memorial service. The authors’ state: “It was a love letter to Elizabeth, and in it he told her what he wanted. Home was where Elizabeth was, and he wanted to come home. She’s kept that letter by her bedside ever since.” Well, that pretty much proves what I’ve always believed -- had Richard not died, they would have reconciled and re-married yet again. And I think the third time would have been the charm, because by then they were both sober, had suffered agonies together and apart. But they were indeed, as Elizabeth remarked after their odd second marriage in the African bush: “Stuck together, like chicken feathers to tar!”

Kim Cattrall and Darryl Hannah – Beauties in Barcelona “WOMEN NEED a reason to have sex. Men just need a place,” said Billy Crystal. After the “Sex in the City 2” premieres in New York and London, Kim Cattrall -aka the perennially hot-to-trot Samantha Jones, a woman who “just needed a place” -- traveled to Barcelona, Spain. There she is shooting a four-part miniseries called “Any Human Heart,” an adaptation of William Boyd’s novel of the same name. Kim is filming with Matthew Macfadyen, her colleague in Noel Coward’s “Private Lives,” which played London’s West End recently. Also in the cast is Gillian Anderson, known to millions as agent Dana Scully from the TV series “The X-Files.” The plot is about Logan Gonzalo

store located in the famous avenue, Las Ramblas. These clothes, created by Custo and David Dalmau, can be seen every year at the New York Fashion Week and among their clients are Charlize Theron, Antonio Banderas and Christina Aguilera. Kim was staying at the magnificent Casa Fuster, a hotel in the heart of the city and close to some of Barcelona’s most important jewelry stores where the actress went to pick up a few baubles. But because of the paparazzi that were waiting for her at the hotel’s main door, the producers rented a more private apartment for her in the Ramblas section of the city.

Mountstuart, the Uruguayan-born, British-bred writer who was the witness to almost the entire 20th century. Macfadyen plays Logan in his middle age and Jim Broadbent -- Academy Award for best supporting actor for “Iris” -- plays Logan in his last years. Kim plays Gloria, one of Logan’s mistresses and Gillian is the duchess of Windsor. (Ms. Anderson is a wonderful actress -- remember “The House of Mirth”? But she will have to go a long way to top my favorite fictional characterization of Wallis Simpson -- Sian Phillips in “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.”) Kim told our source in Spain: “It is always a great pleasure to come to Barcelona and whenever I have some days off I love to travel to this wonderful city. I am a very European woman.” Kim shopped at the Custo Barcelona


ALSO IN Barcelona -- Darryl Hannah, who was there for the 17th Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival. She remains close to “French Fries to Go” director Charris Ford. “I travel with him because he enjoys other cultures and people. He is fascinated about learning, well -- everything!”


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Taylor Morrison’s North River Townhomes coming soon to Oceanside Offering affordably priced townhomes in a conveniently located gated community, Taylor Morrison’s North River is coming soon to the coastal city of Oceanside, and model homes are already under construction. Prospective buyers may learn more about pre-grand opening prices and start the pre-qualification process by calling 760-433-8091. Located at North River Road and Vandegrift Boulevard, North River will have it all: Attainable prices starting in the $230,000s FHA & VA financing No Mello-Roos taxes Gated privacy Dining, shopping and recreation within walking distance Bike trails leading directly to the beach “If it’s price, location and lifestyle you’re looking for, move forward to North River,” advised Steve Wolpin, vice president of sales and marketing for Taylor Morrison. “You won’t find a better value anywhere else this close to the coast.” North River will feature two distinctive

three-story floor plans ranging from approximately 1,133 to 1,372 square feet. Living spaces will encompass two to three bedrooms and two and one-half to three baths plus a private deck. Every home will include a two-car attached garage. For most of their needs, residents will be able to leave their cars in those garages. A brand-new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is directly across

the street, along with dining choices ranging from fast food to a popular family Mexican restaurant. Additional shopping opportunities are nearby at Mission Marketplace, which features a Kmart, Henry’s Farmers Market and 13-screen movie theater, and Town Center North, which is anchored by a Walmart Supercenter and Vons supermarket. North River is also within walking

distance of two community parks. The 16-acre Melba Bishop Park and Recreation Center features baseball and soccer fields, a new skate park and a gymnasium with two full-size basketball courts, locker and shower facilities, auditorium, dance/fitness room, weight room, and preschool room. Activities offered at the Recreation Center include basketball, volleyball, soccer, sports camps, day camps, tiny tots, afterschool programs, teen programs, field trips and a variety of dance, educational and fitness classes. Also nearby, the 29-acre Mance Buchanon Park offers five athletic fields, two of which are lighted for night use, two tot lots, picnic areas and more. This park adjoins the brand-new Cesar Chavez Middle School, which children living at North River will attend. Another brand-new school, Del Rio Elementary, is next to Melba Bishop Park, making it easy for students to walk to their classes there. Even if residents need to travel to more distant destinations, they’ll be less than eight miles from the I-5 Freeway, and to commute to San Diego and Orange County, the convenient Coaster, Metrolink and Amtrak Surfliner trains operate regular schedules serving the Oceanside Transit Center, which is also less than eight miles from North River. To learn about pre-grand opening pricing start the pre-qualification process to become a homeowner at North River, call 760-433-8091 or send e-mail to

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Builder Brookfield Homes has just announced up to $20,000 in incentives for new home buyers at five of its San Diego County neighborhoods. “We have a $20,000 reason to buy a new home from Brookfield Homes right now,” said Lora Heramb, vice president of sales and marketing for the premiere San Diego builder. “Up to $10,000 in California tax credit is available now, and we are giving an extra $10,000 incentive that buyers can use for upgrades. We have homes in different locations and price ranges, in addition to more than 50 years of homebuilding experience.” Brookfield Homes has new homes now selling at Rockrose at The Foothills in Carlsbad, Mahogany at Old Creek Ranch in San Marcos, Serenity at The Estates at StoneBridge, Trellis at Windingwalk in Chula Vista and Cordova at Windingwalk in Chula Vista. All five neighborhoods have homes available to close this summer. And all five neighborhoods have homes that may qualify for up to $20,000 in incentives. For more information, visit Rockrose at The Foothills features eco-savvy new Carlsbad homes priced from the low $600,000s. In addition, Rockrose homeowners could save more than $1,000 per year on electricity costs with San Diego’s most energy efficient new homes. The $1,000 savings per year in electricity is based on a Rockrose Plan 2 bill analysis prepared by SDG&E, a Sempra Energy Utility. Brookfield’s single-family detached homes at Rockrose have approximately 2,116 to 3,167 square feet and three to four bedrooms. Residents at The Foothills have access to a 2.6 acre Swim Club including a resort style pool, kiddie pool, spa, two paddle tennis courts, barbecues and picnic tables, tot lot and fireplace relaxation area. For more information, visit the sales office at 3538 Glen Ave. in Carlsbad. Sales information also is available by calling 888-284-8861. Mahogany at Old Creek Ranch in San Marcos is located just east of Carlsbad and offers homes value priced starting from the low $600,000s, according to builder Brookfield Homes. Mahogany’s one- and two-story single-family detached homes have 2,410 to 3,875 square feet and three to five bedrooms. For more information, call 888-559-7734 or visit the sales office at 1756 Burbury Way, San Marcos. Serenity at The Estates at StoneBridge in San Diego offers single-family detached homes within the Poway Unified School District. With prices from the low $900,000s and open-space vistas, Brookfield’s Serenity homes span approximately 4,040 to 4,759 square feet and have five bedrooms. For more information, call 888572-5861 or visit the sales information center at 14426 Old Creek Road, San Diego. Trellis at Windingwalk in Chula Vista features two-story, single-family detached homes with prices starting in the mid $400,000s. Trellis at Windingwalk has four floor plans ranging from approximately 2,361 to 2,620 square feet and with four to five bedrooms. For more information about Trellis at Windingwalk in Chula Vista, visit the model homes at 2346 Trellis Street, Chula Vista, or call 888-520-3599. The Windingwalk community boasts two impressive recreation centers with multiple pools, meeting rooms, an exercise room, a wedding garden and much more.  


9 Habits that will shrink your middle 1. Calm down. Too much stress can contribute to a potbelly. Stress increases levels of cortisol, a hormone that seems to direct fat to our middle, says Jacob Seidell, PhD, of the National Institute of Public Health in Bilthoven, Netherlands. To keep levels low, try this 5- to 10-minute stress reducer: Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Next, take several slow, deep breaths to help clear your mind. Continue breathing deeply and repeat the word one to yourself as you exhale. (If you get distracted, just bring your focus back to the word one.) Practice this for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice a day. 2. Skip the alcohol for a week or so. That glass of wine with dinner may be part of the reason your jeans are too tight. Alcohol also tends to raise cortisol levels, sending fat to your belly, Seidell says. 3. Stop smoking. “It keeps me thin,” proclaim many smokers. But the truth is that smokers tend to have more abdominal fat than nonsmokers, says Seidell. (The stress hormone cortisol seems to be the culprit here too.) “When people stop smoking, the amount of abdominal fat actually decreases,” he says. 4. Eat more fiber. Not only is fiber great for overall weight loss (it fills you up so you don’t eat as much), but it also prevents constipation, which can cause your tummy to bulge, says Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, a gastroenterologist and

director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center in Baltimore. To stay regular, aim for 22 to 25 g of fiber a day by eating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables 5. Drink up. For premenstrual bloating, drink lots and lots of water. This will actually help flush away bloating, not make it worse 6. Keep bones strong. Osteoporosis can lead to fractured bones in your spine, causing you to slump. That shortens your abdominal cavity, giving your belly no place to go but out, says Willibald Nagler, MD, physiatrist in chief emeritus at the New York HospitalCornell Medical Center in New York City. Be sure to get 1,000 mg of calcium every day from the foods you eat and/or from supplements. 7. Get your heart rate up. All the ab exercises in the world won’t do a thing unless you get rid of the fat hiding your abdominal muscles. The best way is to do aerobic exercise for 45 to 60 minutes, 5 times a week. 8. Tuck your tummy. Imagine there’s a magnet pulling your belly button back toward your spine. Practice the tuck until it becomes comfortable, and soon it will come naturally--like breathing. Do it every chance you get. 9. Get a bonus ab workout. Stand as much as possible when doing weightlifting exercises. That way your abs work too. “They help to balance and stabilize your body,” says Tammy Strunk, an Emmaus, PA, fitness instructor. Concentrate on keeping your abs tight and maintaining good posture, but don’t hold your breath.

Health Clubs combining diet counseling with training programs It’s not that there is a lot of good news for the health club industry, but there just isn’t any real bad news either. Revenues for the industry held at $23.8 billion in 2009, only off 2008’s pace by 1.5 percent. When you consider the recession, the high unemployment rate and the massive numbers of foreclosures and loan defaults, that’s not a horrible statistic, according to industry expert ( and former 8 Minute Abs guru Jaime Brenkus. In fact, he even knows why the industry is reasonably healthy amid a weak and floundering economy. “It’s called wellness,” Brenkus said. “The industry, as a whole, is shifting its focus from just getting well-defined and fit toward the more general concept of wellness. As people are losing jobs and losing health benefits, they are realizing it is much less expensive to invest in their wellness than it is to pay for doctor visits when they get sick. If people are fit and healthy, they are far less prone to succumb to whatever bug is going around. That’s money in the bank for a lot of people, and they get to enjoy a better quality of life, as well.” Brenkus understands that paradigm well, as he is also behind a chain of health clubs called Slim & Fit, which has combined the functions of personal training with the weight loss counseling and meals usually associated with outfits like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

Brenkus is currently expanding into new markets around the country, and is already seeing the difference in the members who join. “With a lot of people, they’ll join a gym, and go religiously for a few weeks, and then disappear, and they never get the value out of their membership,” he said. “Our members have a high usage rate, because we’re not just about making them fit with a personal training program, but we’re also about making them fit with our diet program. We’re trying to deliver wellness, not just muscles, and that’s the trend that kept the industry from tanking during the recession.” “We are the most obese nation on Earth,“ Brenkus said. “According to a series of reports from the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the percentage of overweight and obese children aged 10 through 17 years old is at or above 30 percent in 30 states. We’re completely in step with First Lady Michelle Obama’s mission to reduce childhood obesity in the United States, so we think the rest of the industry should do what we’re doing, which is create programs that are safe and effective for kids as well as adults. For years, parents have been told that children are too young to work out or diet, and that they could stunt their growth or something silly like that from too much exercise, and that’s just a horrible myth. Being slim and leading a fit and healthy life should be something the whole family can enjoy, and not just mom and dad. ”

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Carlsbad’s newest Community-

AlcÈa at the foothills by D.R. Horton. Amazing Architectural details. Sizes from 1,753 to 2,052 sq ft. Make us your new home. Call for details-760-434-2651




Ionic Foot Detox $30

3333 Midway Dr. #201 • SD, CA 92110

Call 619-226-2056

To Place an ad Call:

858.537.2280 MObIlE HOME FOr SAlE

Fallbrook (55+)

2Br/2Ba, 1250sf, W/D, A/C, Clubhouse & Pool. Covered 32' Deck & Carport. Big Br's, Wall to Wall Closets. Huge Yard, 3 Sheds. Close to: Hospital/ Shopping/Beach. 2 Pets OK $55,000 OBO 760.468.7101 or 760.728.8751


NeeD CasH? In shape guys 18-35 for Adult Photo/Video Shoots.

Immediate Cash!!!

Call 11am-9pm Daily! San Diego Models

619-395-6889 No

Nudity / Porno


MALE MODELS WANTED U Hot? Military or Jock Looking? Male 18-30? Fit? Up to $500/hr Paid. CASH. More info or apply call Steve: 619-573-3605 no nudity • no porn


Need to make money NOW? Sierra Blue Internet is seeking young, attractive men for adult web, print, and video work. Flexible schedules. Make up to $500-$1000. For more information or to set up an interview, please cal us at

$20 Off



inches slimmer

mee m t yo mea ilita ur req sure ry uir men eme t nts o Av idmp’ a ‘Fat C

o PT)


Fat Burner or Double Mineral Wrap

*New Customers Only

ur Try o uction Not a Temporary Water Loss! Suddenly Slimmer The Body Wrap d As Seen on Tyra Banks & Ellen shows! e Fat Reatment r T 858.551.5196 Page 48 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

Live in the Country & still be close enough to the base 2Br/1Ba House, lakefront property in Aguanga. Gated community, fireplace, W/D hookup, private airstrip, fishing & boating. 2 mi. from a great MX track & casino. Perfect for a single person or a couple. $

795/mo. + utilities & deposit 760.716.4467

Rent: $ 1,695

military special ½ OFF 1st full mo. Rent

3Br's, EZ Fwy access, minutes to Camp Pendleton. Lg. pool & Jacuzzi.

Call us at: 760-434-5257

ss: 662 Tamarack Ave. Addre Carlsbad, CA 92008

Eucalyptus Grove Apts. Studio Apartments, 1BR Apts., 2 BR Apts. 67 East Flower St Chula Vista, CA 91910 Call for Move-in Special 877.255.7320


MIlITARy SPECIAl Unfurnished studios & 1Br’s $ 700-$775, only $500 deposit Gated parking, heated pool, laundry facility. Pets OK.


- 619.754.5931

beautiful Carlsbad home 3-Story 2Br/2Ba, bonus rm., tile/hardwood floors. Ceiling fans, surround, 2-car gar. (built-in cabinets). HOA pymt, W/D/fridge incl. Community pools. No smoking. Avail. early/mid June.

PErSONAlS Pregnant? Available to take part

Angelina Terrace

½ OFF 1st Month's Rent

Offers very spacious 2Br townhomes filled/w features you will appreciate, incl. pool & sauna - all in a beautiful landscaped park-like setting.

Starting at: $1325 - $1450 Phone: 619-426-5393

2BR/2Ba $1095/mo. 1st month FRee Gated Community Patio/Balcony Dual Master Layout 619.922.6930

college terrace apts Remodel 1BR/1BA $875 2BR/1BA $975-$1100

in a paid clinical study? PrecisionMed is seeking healthy volunteers, between the ages of 20 & 45, who are at least 7 wks pregnant and who would like to participate in a research study.

Garages avail., playgrounds & lndry facilities. Close to Fwys 94 & 8. Newly renovated shopping ctr. Bus, minutes from SDSU & other colleges.

Participation involves no medication or treatment and requires: - one short visit to our offices for a blood draw and a urine collection for a pregnancy test. - 1 follow up telephone contact which we will make for information on your new baby. As compensation for participating, volunteers will receive $50 for the office visit and an additional $10 for information on your baby once he/she is born.

Ocean Front Del Mar Studio

For further information and to check if you qualify, please call Tracy Savra at:




Avail. Now. Call for Move-in Special. Newly Remodeled 1br $775 Avail. Mid June, Lg. 3br, Private Balcony, MUST SEE! $1475

853 Cherrywood Way



2 Bedroom, 1.5 Ba/$1100. Freshly painted, Newer Appliances, Carpet, Patio. Small Gated Community. Laundry Facilities. Pool, No pets.

$400 OFF IST MONTHS RENT 1397 E. WASHINGTON 619-593-6602


escondido Luxury 1-2 Br’s starting at $995

ask aBout our speciaL!

Country Club Villas


FALLBROOK Spacious 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts

Country Like Setting, Laundry Facility

Minutes from Pendelton NEW PHASE 1 & 2 BDRM

519 Ammunition Rd


FALLBROOK $800 & up. Spacious 1Bedroom, private patio/balcony, A/C, refrig., NO PETS! 145 W. Clemmens Ln


CONTACT TOM 619-823-8537


Oriental Massage Deep Tissue Jacuzzi

Open 7 days – 10:00 am - 11:00pm 3134 El Cajon Blvd.

Leave the Madness Behind

181 E Orange Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91911

Oriental 1 Spa 1 hr Massage


email: website:


in just 1 hour

$10 OFF

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Sports, Couples

619.295.5729 no nudity • no porn




The E-Spot

NO FILLING OR DELIVERING PAPERS 8hrs. wk. (approx), $150/wk.


No. 66; Exp. 2/27/11 County San Diego


Call 619-423-8315 or 619-805-6337 19 YRS Paralegal Experience Former Sup. Court Supervisor P.O. Box 62; Julian, CA 92036 BONDED AND REGISTERED


Edmunds Law Firm


Month to Month Leases Call Now 619-265-8090

Private gated drive. Fully furnished. Recently remodeled.

ImperIal Beach Large 1Br/1Ba On quiet cul-de-sac, close to Beach, Bay & Bases military Special, $825/mo call mgr. 619-429-9338

LAKeside 1br $725 • 2br $925

Quiet, Clean, Owner Managed, Pool, Spa, Ldry.

Call Kris 619.390.0625 MiLiTARY disCOUNT

Hillside Terrace Lemon Grove FANTASTIC

619.698.2000 Move-In Specials

1 & Br Units w/All Amenities..... Pool, Gym, Laundry Facility, Pets OK, Gated & Secure, Reserved Covered Parking, WITHIN 15 min. of Major Bases, Close to Shopping, Trolley & MTS

Awesome Ocean Views!

1yr Lease, incl. util. $1700/mo.

Call John 541-653-7402

Ask About our

military special El Cajon, 1Br $800 and 2BR $1000

Karen: 619-593-7715




Lemon Grove

Point loma- 2 Apts Avail. 7/1 ea. 2Br/1Ba + 1 Outdoor Car Spc. &

Lrg. Living Rm & Kitchen. Fridge, Stove, DW, Trash Compactor, W/D. Fenced Prop w/Gate, RV Parking $ 1750/mo + $1500 dep.

Storage Cabinet. Newly renovated w/DW, (no W/D). Corner of Cadiz St. & St. Charles Pl., SD 92106. Close to Liberty Station.


Call to see: 619-298-4031


1,2 & 3 Bedroom apartment homes available in Falbrook, Oceanside, Poway, Lakeside and La Mesa, Dogs welcome at several properties upon approval. Military Programs available. Please call 619.956.6341 for more information

MoVe in iMMediately to river oaks 1 Month FRee Rent

Beautiful newly renovated Homes in oceanside. Conveniently located near Camp Pendleton.

Call today 760.721.8585

NO PETS, $1300/mo. Call 619-701-5107 for appt.

dorado plaza apts

More than just a place to live, a home to love. Beautiful 1 & 2 Br Apts. starting @ $900. 3 Pools/Jacuzzis, ½ block to Vons, 1mi. from I-8, 9mi. to Dwntn. On-site Mgr/Maint. Tours Avail. Everyday. Provides E.O.H. 6283 Acorn St, SD, CA 92115

CASA Arguello

located in the Heart of Poway 1Br/1BA 1st Month Free Refrig., Stove, D/W, Ceiling Fan, Vertical Blinds, A/C in gated community. Close to all. 4 mi. E of the I-15. Just $995/mo + $400 Security deposit. No Pets.

Call 858-578-0114

or, Stop by 3891 San ramon Drive

Newly Remodeled 2 br/1 ba Units 995 sqft. $850/mo.

$250 oFF rent w/1yr lease Friendly & Quiet neighborhood Pets ok. Close to Pendleton

CAll: 760-728-8080 Condo For Rent 4br/2ba, 1837sf

No Pets/Smoking. AC, W/D incl. Nice location!! Close to Camp Pendleton 2-car gar, Pool $ 2,000/mo. + $2,000 dep. Call Jimmie @ 760-688-6428

citrus court

3br/2ba Luxury Condos

1495+ per mo. + $500 dep., Full size W/D, 1-car garage Small Pets Welcome.

$ Office: 760-489-1349

creekside Villa apartments 2BR's, 4BR's Call for Move-in Specials 888.875.0638 220 47th Street, #C San Diego, CA 92102

Banker's Hill living: Walk to Hillcrest, minutes to Gaslamp. Our apartments have everything you'll need. We have studio & 1Br apt homes!! 2927 4th ave., sD 858-344-5025 Call TODaY! MILITARY WELCOME

Unfurnished Studio, Walking distance to the Gas Lamp and Balboa Park. Rent $875, Pets Welcome. deposit $500, all utilities incl.

$1850/mo + $1850 dep. 760.500.0759

camp pendleton 3Br/2Ba w/Att. Gar. & Assigned Pkg. Space. W/D, Fridge, DW, Fplc, Cable ready, New Flooring, Pool/Spa, Plygrd, Walking Trails, Priv. Patio. Close to 76 & College. $1595/mo.

760-729-9400 Avail. Now!!!

lowest PRiCes in town Storage old town $$ call for Rates $$ 4835 Pacific Coast Hwy


3865 Rosecrans Street


*MilitarY Discounts*


1Br, 1Ba, w/ all Amenities, onsite lndry, pool/spa. Close to major shopping & dinning. Close to 52 & 125. Pet friendly. No applic. fee/ deps for active duty military. 619-449-5616


1Br, 1Ba, 2Br, 1Ba, Gated Comm., Pets OK.


Serra Mesa

•3/2 Upper Apt 1400 •2/1 $1000 & up •1/1 $900 •Studio $800 $

Bright & Airy. Lg. patio, Laundry, Carports. Near all.

Talmadge area 1st month Free Spacious 1 & 2Br's starting @ $780/mo*. A/C, Gated Entry, Pkg Garage Elevator, Laundry Facility, North of El Cajon Blvd.

Foreclosure Forgiveness Credit Friendly

Granite, W/D (optional), garages, fplc’s, gated, resort size pool, fitness center, tennis, theatre & more!


601 S. twin oaks Valley rd.


For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280


Hors D'oeuvres! 7-8pm

*Up to 250 singles! 39+ Great dJ & dance Music *Free Parking! special 5/16 & 5/23

*FREE ADMISSION *with this ad by 7:30 sharp!

for more info

760-S•i•n•g•l•e•S (24 hrs)

selling or Renting, advertise it Here. to Place an ad Call:


Call NOW!

san diego

877-390-1110 SAN FERNANDO 818-264-4200 ORANGE COUNTY 714-793-8378 MALIBU 310-464-1118 LONG BEACH 562-472-0626 INLAND EMPIRE 909-962-8292

Try our 900 number: 1-900-287-2200 at $20/45 min. †Carrier charges may apply.






for BUY-SELL-TRADE 420 3939 Iowa Street, North Park $


VISTA Studio, 1br & 2br apts.

For pictures:

Cats Ok w/Pet Deposit. 1515 Date St., Vista 92083

Call for details 1Br from $1345 2Br + loft $1495 townHoMe + gar. $1675


8110 Aero Drive 7-11pm



1st Month FREE!-



$ 1099 2Br/1Ba, immediate Move-in. Cov'd Prkg, Lg Storage, BBQ Area, Oversize Pool, Priv. Patios, Lush Landscaping. 915 Brooktree ln., vista, 92081

Bella Vista First Month FRee!


SunDAyS June 20th, 27th & 30th & July 4th Sheraton Four points Hotel

Move-in specials Rancho Hills apartments

Spacious 1 & 2Br's Available $ 300 MOVe-in SPeCiAL

to Place an ad Call:

singles party!

*Ask About Specials

GREAt MovE-In SpEcIAlS! call today 760.295.1062

1, 2, 3, & 4br‘s thru-out s.D. EZ Acess to Fwys & Bases. Minutes to Shops & Schools 858.271.8007 -Mention Ad.

Sunday Night

4471 44th Street

welcome to

Call us at 619.285-9910

SPOrtS & reCreatiOn

Office - 619-255-8084 Cell - 619-569-6395

With garage or carport. Close to Restaurants/Shops Pet Friendly, under 25lbs.

Solana Vista


Move-in Special


Call us at: 619-237-7611

3% oFF- Military/Student disc. Beautiful Oceanside single Home 3Br + office/2Ba. 2069sf. W/D incl. Comm. pool & park. No pets/ smoking. Close to Back Gate



2BR/2BA, W/D in unit. Pool & Jacuzzi. $1195/mo. 760.630.1515


2br/1 ½ba townhomes 960 sq ft, Patio, D/W, Central Air/Heat, Xtra Storage Pool/Fitness Ctr, Laundry, Gated Comm. Close to shopping/schools

Call for Specials. Pet friendly.



We Want You! CruiSe Book PuBliSHing provided by U.S. Military retirees specifically tailored to U.S. Naval ships, U.S.M.C. units, especially MEU’s, U.S. Army, USAF and all British forces. Includes those deployed June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 49

Universal Crossword COMICS & FUN STUFF

THE LAST WORD IN ASTROLOGY BY EUGENIA LAST ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your do-it-now attitude and outgoing nature put you ahead of everyone you meet. Make a concerted effort to help those in need and you will gain popularity and all the support you need to reach your goals. Romance is on the rise. 5 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Take note as to what everyone is doing before you complain, are stubborn or force your way on others. Organize your own game plan and don’t interfere with what’s going on around you and you will bypass interference. 2 stars GEMINI (May 21-June 20): An impulsive move will be costly. Find out where you stand long-term before signing documents. Your assets will grow as long as you are patient. Volunteer or make a selfless gesture and you will make a lasting impression. 4 stars CANCER (June 21-July 22): Avoid living in the past or thinking you can recapture a moment you had with someone way back when. Instead, move forward, especially when dealing with business or personal partners. Don’t make a move or change for the wrong reason. 3 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You need to move about and meet people who can motivate you to get involved in something exciting. Love is on the rise and enjoying common interests with someone special will help to build a solid union. 3 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Take any opportunity you get to make your money grow. Don’t be fooled by someone offering you half the information you need to make a decision. It’s best to walk away and find out what you need to know first hand. 3 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Take on as much as you want, but make sure you can deliver the goods you’ve promised. You may end up wanting to spend more pleasurable time with someone you are attracted to instead of meeting your responsibilities. 4 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Put your emotions and energy into doing something creative. Doing a favor for someone is fine, but don’t take on too much of a burden or you will feel used. Make an unusual or unexpected change at home. 2 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The more control you have over your financial situation, the better. Don’t get angry if someone is negative regarding your plans. Move ahead alone instead of starting a partnership. Love is on the rise. 5 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You’ll be inclined to go overboard when it comes to relationships. An unexpected burden may catch you off-guard and be very expensive. Don’t get involved in a high-risk cash scheme. 3 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): As long as you keep in mind that a step in the right direction will be the beginning of a better life and future, you will reach your goal. Romance or a partnership will develop while traveling or if you get involved in a group project. 3 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Doing things with children or friends who are young at heart will be inspiring. Listen and experiment with the information you receive. Now is not the time to debate, lecture or complain. An interesting proposition will evolve. 3 stars

ACROSS 1 South Beach city 6 Emit fumes 10 Kind of income 14 Lion in Narnia tales 15 Wrinkled citrus 16 Eliza’s ‘Iggins 17 FOOT 20 “Julius Caesar” costume 21 Wine’s bouquet 22 Fishing net 23 Villain in “Back to the Future” 25 Busybodies 26 FOOT 31 Resist authority 32 Just hired 33 Silken wrapper 37 Wrath 38 Tastefully beautiful 42 Sleepytime land 43 Start of something big? 45 Cause one’s jaw to drop 46 P/E, e.g. 48 FOOT 52 World of Warcraft fans, e.g. 55 “I ___ Teenage Werewolf” 56 Place to call home 57 “Family

Guy” mom 59 Wal-Mart wholesale club 63 FOOT 66 Less filling, to an adman 67 Cabinet dept. 68 Brit’s boob tube 69 Film lioness 70 Come together as a unit 71 Where to find a Smith DOWN 1 Mizzen or main 2 SAT analogy words 3 Easy as falling off ___ 4 Ghoulish 5 Printer’s buy 6 Election tiebreaker 7 Baker’s ingredients 8 Final word in a threat 9 Drum set 10 Sticks up for 11 Out of shape 12 Sports site 13 Ancient Greek instruments 18 Data, casually 19 One with a laptop 24 On the couch 25 Impatient

gesture 26 Take a little off the top 27 Zeus’ queen 28 Mountain goat 29 37-Across 30 House vote 34 Freeze front 35 Muddy the water 36 Fox favorite, for short 39 U.K. bathrooms 40 She had a little lamb? 41 Dos follower 44 Southerners like it sweet 47 Embarrasses 49 Cookie Monster treat, maybe 50 Muscle spasm 51 Side with 7-Down, maybe 52 Victorian

house feature 53 Hot and bubbling 54 Big name in applesauce 57 Rich deposit 58 “Just the Two ___” (1981 hit) 60 Takes sick leave 61 Daughter of a mons. 62 Stone and Stallone 64 Thirteenth Hebrew letter 65 When Cannes heats up

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Edited by Timothy E. Parker July 06, 2009

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FOUR FEET by Betty Keller

Flight Jacket Sudoku 6x6 - Puzzle 5 of 5 - Hard


If the new American father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right. ~ Bill Cosby




1 4


6 3


Military Press Newspaper Publisher Richard T. Matz

Customer Service Manager Carol Williams

Account Representatives:

General Manager Colleen Mata

Advertising Manager Kelly McClellan

Michelle Hull, Valerie Swain, Trina Estes

Design / Editorial Trevor Watson

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James Wyatt, Maggie Curella, Amy Vega

9715 carroll centre road, suite 104


Page 50 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

san diego


ca 92126

Tel 858.537.2280


UP TO $18K IN TAX CREDIT INCENTIVES* D. R. Horton is proud to assist qualified military personnel with the financing of their new homes. VA LOANS MAY OFFER THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: No down payment option Private mortgage insurance not required

A variety of fixed rate and adjustable loan options

VA funding fee can be included in loan

Flexible income, debt and credit requirements

Competitive Interest Rates

Visit any D.R. Horton community for our best rate and payment on your new home. Alcéa at the Foothills Carlsbad 3 to 4 bedrooms From $499,000 760-434-2651 Torrey Ranch San Diego 3 to 4 bedrooms From the Mid $500,000s 858-538-0821 53 Melrose Carlsbad 3 to 5 bedrooms From the Low $500,000s 760-591-0634

Seacliff Oceanside 2 Bedrooms From the $500,000s 760-721-3989

Sage at Sedonia Corona 3 to 5 Bedrooms From the High $300,000s 951-582-0094

Lexington Menifee 3 to 7 Bedrooms From the Upper $200,000s 951-672-7682

Prado at Elm Park Rialto 3 to 5 Bedrooms From the Low $200,000s 909-562-0127

Biarritz at Country Roads Murrieta 3 to 6 Bedrooms From the Low $300,000s 951-926-0397

North Oaks Murrieta 2 to 3 Bedrooms From the High $100,000s 951-679-1492

The Willows at Sedonia Corona 3 to 4 Bedrooms From the Low $300,000s 951-582-0094

Latour at Country Roads Murrieta 4 to 5 Bedrooms From the Mid $300,000s 951-325-2473

Reflections at Temecula Lane Temecula 2 to 3 Bedrooms From the High $100,000s 951-694-0790

StoneRidge at Rancho Vista Wildomar 3 to 5 Bedrooms From the Mid $200,000s 951-678-7559 Canyon Village Wildomar 3 to 5 Bedrooms From the High $200,000s 800-646-7866 Crestview at Rosetta Hills Lake Elsinore 3 to 5 Bedrooms From the Mid $200,000s 951-245-9015 All rights reserved. Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. *Federal tax credit of up to $8,000 available to first-time, qualified service member homebuyers (or up to $6,500 for repeat buyers) who enter into a binding contract to purchase a home on or before April 30, 2011, and close escrow on or before June 30, 2011. A “qualified service member” is a member of the uniformed services of the United States, a member of the U.S. Foreign Service or an employee of the U.S. intelligence community, who served overseas for at least 90 days between January 1, 2009 and April 30, 2010. Income limitations apply. Amount of tax credit, if any, is not paid to buyer upon close of escrow. Buyer must claim the tax credit on buyer’s federal income tax return. Not all buyers will qualify. This information is provided for general guidance only and does not constitute tax advice. Please consult an accountant or attorney for your particular situation. Visit for complete details. California state tax credit of up to $10,000 available to new home buyers who close escrow on a qualified new home on or after May 1, 2010 and before August 1, 2011 (as long as a binding contract is signed by December 31, 2010). The amount of any CA state tax credit is applied in equal amounts over three successive tax years and is allocated by the state on a first-come, first-served basis. Amount of tax credit, if any, is not paid to buyer upon close of escrow. Buyer must claim the tax credit on buyer’s state income tax return. Not all buyers will qualify. This information is provided for general guidance only and does not constitute tax advice.Please consult an accountant or attorney for your particular situation. Visit for complete details. Financing offered by seller’s affiliated lender, DHI Mortgage Company, Ltd., CA Dept of Corporations License # 4130364. Licensed under the CA Residential Mortgage Lending Act. Additional restrictions may apply. Please see a D.R. Horton sales agent for complete details. D.R. Horton Los Angeles Holding Company, Inc. – CA DRE License #01258550. Western Pacific Housing Management, Inc. – CA DRE License #01256083. CADO Real Estate Group – CA DRE License #01525182. 6/10

For advertising information call: (858) 537.2280



June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS Page 51


AT&T salutes all those who let freedom ring.

15% MILITARY SERVICE DISCOUNT FOR ALL ACTIVE DUTY, RETIRED, AND RESERVE U.S. ARMED FORCES. See store for details. Special restrictions may apply.

VISIT A STORE AT&T STORES ▲◆ Carlsbad 2525 El Camino Real, Ste.162, (760) 729-9215 ▲◆ Carmel Mountain 11954 Carmel Mountain Rd., (858) 674-0774 ▲◆ Chula Vista 555 Broadway, (Suite #1070), (619)-691-9709 ▲◆ 878 Eastlake Parkway, (Suite 1510), (619) 421-2397

▲◆ Clairemont 3998 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.,, Ste. A, (858) 490-8840 ▲◆ Del Mar 12873 El Camino Real, (858) 793-4888 ▲◆ Downtown 252 Broadway, (619) 238-3638 ▲◆ Encinitas 1560 Leucadia Blvd., Ste. D, (760) 635-4363 ▲◆ Escondido 1268 Auto Pkwy., Ste. B, (760) 432-4200 ▲◆ La Jolla 8657 Villa La Jolla, #115, (858) 638-1440

▲◆ Mira Mesa 10754 Westview Pkwy., (858) 621-2000 ▲◆ 8225 Mira Mesa Blvd, (858) 693-0815 ▲◆ Mission Valley 2011 Camino Del Este North, (619) 293 4630 ▲◆ National City 3030 Plaza Bonita Rd #1470, (619) 267-8147 ▲◆ Oceanside 2530 Vista Way, Ste. N, (760) 967-0134

▲◆ Point Loma 3361 Rosecrans Blvd., (619) 758-0819 ▲◆ Rancho San Diego 2883 Jamacha Rd, (619) 660-6075 ▲◆ San Marcos 133 S Las Posas Rd., (760) 752-3273 ▲◆ Santee 50 Town Center Parkway, (619)-448-1798 ▲◆ Vista 347 Vista Village Dr., (Suite 101), (760)-940-9851 ▲ Servicio en Espanol ◆ Phone, Advanced TV and Internet from AT&T Sold Here

Monthly Discount: Service discount applies only to the monthly service charge of qualified plans and not to any other charges. See store for details. Special restrictions may apply. Coverage is not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. ©2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo, and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Page California/LVS/HWI 52 June 15, 2010 THE MILITARY PRESS

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Jun 15, 2010  

News, Sports and Entertainment Tabloid for Military, Veterans and Dod Workers

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